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Results for 2014-12-12

14:00 smls Well they're still different in the sense that from the point of view of script writers, they're not supposed to be *called*, they're supposed to be *defined* (in custom classes).
14:00 jnthn Oh, the typecasting-long.t tests were just skipped instead of updated :(
14:00 smls So that might be a potential line to draw for different naming schemes
14:02 smls To discourage people from writing  in normal code... L)
14:03 dalek roast: 1c69e62 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-io/
14:03 dalek roast: Properly do []
14:03 dalek roast: review:
14:03 dalek roast: da9a349 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-io/IO-Socket-INET.t:
14:03 dalek roast: Make sure test runs on OS X (again)
14:03 dalek roast: review:
14:04 lizmat jnthn: fwiw, I don't see any mention of at_pos/key in specs or roast anymore
14:05 jnthn Arrrghh *sigh*
14:05 jnthn Dammit.
14:05 lizmat what, that it is not mentioned ?
16:40 lizmat PerlJam: doing that right now
16:41 lizmat m: my $a = 42; say "$a[]"  # it even works on scalars
16:41 camelia rakudo-moar 3fa1bd: OUTPUT«42␤»
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16:44 dalek specs: 9222ac6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
16:44 dalek specs: Add "Zen slice" lemma
16:44 dalek specs: review:
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16:48 dalek mu: e398180 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | misc/perl6advent-2014/schedule:
16:48 dalek mu: Day #13: Interpolation and the Art of Zen Slicing
16:48 dalek mu: review:
16:49 lizmat hmmm....
16:50 dalek mu: e1bfbf8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | misc/perl6advent-2014/schedule:
16:50 dalek mu: Make that "String Interpolation"
16:50 dalek mu: review:
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16:53 lizmat m: my $args = \3; say @$args; say Array($args)   #  S02:2302 claims they should return the same
16:53 synopsebot Link:
16:53 camelia rakudo-moar 3fa1bd: OUTPUT«3␤\(3)␤»

Results for 2014-12-11

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09:33 dalek roast: 5a1239a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S05-modifier/perl5_0.t:
09:33 dalek roast: Unfudge passing TODO, TimToady++
09:33 dalek roast: review:
09:34 lizmat afk&
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Results for 2014-12-10

22:26 * lizmat does not know what you mean with "bind lowering"
22:26 jnthn lizmat: Signature binding naively goes through a bunch of code that interprets the signature.
22:27 jnthn lizmat: Bind lowering "compiles" signatures that are simple enough (which is the majority thta show up in real code)
22:27 jnthn And the bug is in that bit of compilation, somewhere around the code that handles attributive parameters.
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: 37b37fd | jonathan++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: NQP bump to get MoarVM with callbacks changes.
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: c91a583 | (Geoffrey Broadwell)++ | src/core/
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: Loosen to to simplify subclasses
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: c9eecf9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: 21aee6b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: Workaround for #123407
22:27 synopsebot Link:​ic/Bug/Display.html?id=123407
22:27 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
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Results for 2014-12-09

12:58 tadzik masak: unping, nevermind :)
13:02 * moritz hopes tadzik sent a revocable ICMP paket the first time :-)
13:03 tadzik me too :)
13:03 Timbus he left you hangin; thats a syn
13:06 dalek rakudo/newio: 2e16662 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO (5 files):
13:06 dalek rakudo/newio: Implement IO::Locally role + IO::Local class
13:06 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
13:07 dalek rakudo/newio: fbc87d2 | (Rob Hoelz)++ | src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp:
13:07 dalek rakudo/newio: Parse closure parameters
13:07 dalek rakudo/newio:
13:07 dalek rakudo/newio: See SO6/Closure parameters.  For example:
13:07 dalek rakudo/newio:
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13:08 moritz Timbus: if it was a SYN, he can just (SYN) NACK :-)
13:11 smls re "<rjbs>  Surely today's Advent post should say p6 isn't installed on most unix systems *yet*. :)"   I don't know about that...
13:11 smls Distros don't bundle scripting language interpreters based on how awesome the language is, they bundle things that are required to boot and run the base system.

Results for 2014-12-08

16:29 colomon nickpatch: I've been fighting with Unicode (for $work rather than p6) since Thursday.  And as long as you're here: utf16 in wchar_t on Linux: Wrong or Very Very Wrong?
16:29 Ulti nickpatch:​.html#Composition_from_Pairs
16:30 TimToady STD calls foo:bar<baz> a longname
16:30 Ulti that way you have typeness and you dont pollute the namespace of someone using the module and you get helper methods like .invert
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: 6b53d38 | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/core/CompUnitRepo/Local/
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: fix last .IO.path.basename leftover
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: 4a9ebae | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/core/
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: fix CompUnitRepo.files
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio:
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: When asking for an installed file (i.e. a script) then we basically ask for a filename, and
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: optionally for distname/auth/version. In contrast to asking for packages where we tend to ask
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: for packagename, and optionally for a filename/auth/version.
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: 8a9791d | moritz++ |
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: Configure: warning on missing --prefix option
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio:
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: requested for star in rakudo/star#40, and added here for consistency
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: dfcf9fc | moritz++ | src/core/
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: Preserve warning message "0"
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: bef54c7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (4 files):
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
16:31 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
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16:32 psch TimToady: i'll call the parameter to use a "longname consisting of the module name and a colonpair" then, thanks
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Results for 2014-12-05

14:08 colomon carlin: last three overnight smokes also failed Crypt::Bcrypt, IO::Socket::SSL, LibraryMake, OpenSSL, and Questhub.
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14:23 dalek roast: 8dd72c2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | integration/advent2014-day05.t:
14:23 dalek roast: Skip the test as it apparently can also hang
14:23 dalek roast: review:
14:25 dalek rakudo/newio: 206edcb | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
14:25 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix tiebreaker on slurp()
14:25 dalek rakudo/newio:
14:25 dalek rakudo/newio: Why this way?  Because apparently it is legal / ok to put an IO::Handle into
14:25 dalek rakudo/newio: $*ARGFILES.
14:25 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:27 [Coke] S32-io/io-spec-unix.t has 5 deprecated calls.
14:33 lizmat [Coke]: looking at that now
14:34 raiph joined #perl6
14:38 dalek roast: 355e77b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-io/io-spec-unix.t:
14:38 dalek roast: Fix deprecations
14:38 dalek roast: review:
14:42 b2gills .tell timotimo to improve the quality of the embroidery you could try adding a backing material, perhaps using some water soluble fusible web. ( I don't know if the paper backed stuff would work on its own, or if you would have to fuse some fabric to the back )
14:42 yoleaux b2gills: I'll pass your message to timotimo.
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18:19 mr-foobar masak: neat ! my idea is to try for a data flow interpreter. any way I can get nqp to give me a graph ?
18:20 mr-foobar the hardware architecture guys have actually figured out how to interpret a graph on real hardware.
18:21 mr-foobar it's possible in software too !
18:22 TimToady where does the "tape" live in a dataflow machine?
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: 36eb98c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: Introduce FORWARD/BACKWARD-SLASH primitive
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio:
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: Actually, the TRANSPOSE-ONE primitive.  For quickly switching between forward
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: and backwards slashes in paths.  Abour 500x faster than equivalent .trans.
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: b5caaa1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: Make sure dir entries are forward slashed
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: 1c14e3e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: Make sure paths to dir() are forward slashed
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: b71da38 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: Make sure .IO forward slashes
18:22 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:22 TimToady or more specfically, how do you implement an algorithm that requires a stack?
18:24 TimToady how 'bout referential types?
18:24 mr-foobar TimToady: you have the ram with you.
18:24 mr-foobar so stack becomes an array.
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19:19 moritz I guess​ge/Networking#public_bridge is what I want
19:19 moritz further configuration will have to wait until Monday :(
19:20 dalek rakudo/newio: 89b568a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
19:20 dalek rakudo/newio: homdeir() only takes a path
19:20 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:21 TimToady we've waited 14.5 years, we can wait 3 days :)
19:21 treehug8_ joined #perl6
19:22 mr-foobar TimToady: gotto sleep now. my ideas are mostly from --​wdoc/summary?doi=
19:23 * mr-foobar will try to mess with nqp + data flow dsl if time permits
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22:36 psch hi #perl6
22:37 smls moritz: Doesn't the shebang line already take care of that?
22:38 moritz smls: not in my experiments :-)
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: 69e59a2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: Make sure we remember any extra params
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: c024797 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: Make chdir/tmpdir/homedir take backslashes
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: cd9e5e8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/ (3 files):
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: Various Win32 related fixes
22:43 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
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22:48 smls moritz: I added a note.
22:48 murthybalu joined #perl6
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22:52 smls hello
22:54 murthybalu_ Is this perl6 development area ?
22:55 lizmat well, perl 6 developers hang out here, if that is what you mean  :-)
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22:58 dalek rakudo/nom: 6345f4f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (5 files):
22:58 dalek rakudo/nom: Introduce IO::Locally/Pathy roles
22:58 dalek rakudo/nom:
22:58 dalek rakudo/nom: Empty here, for easier switching between nom and newio branches
22:58 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
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23:02 dalek rakudo/newio: 6345f4f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (5 files):
23:02 dalek rakudo/newio: Introduce IO::Locally/Pathy roles
23:02 dalek rakudo/newio:
23:02 dalek rakudo/newio: Empty here, for easier switching between nom and newio branches
23:02 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:02 dalek rakudo/newio: e7c967a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (5 files):
23:02 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
23:02 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
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23:11 dalek mu: 389def2 | smls++ | misc/perl6advent-2014/schedule:
23:11 dalek mu: Claim day 9 of the advent calendar
23:11 dalek mu: review:
23:12 raiph smls: Looks great. I suggest you add a link to the last para ("Concurrency/Parallelism"); maybe​14-fosdem-perl6-today.pdf?
23:13 gfldex joined #perl6
23:21 kurahaupo joined #perl6
23:27 smls raiph: Thanks; I used though ('cause it gets to the concurrency primitives faster and drives the point home more clearly).

Results for 2014-12-04

09:03 masak it did.
09:03 masak (the waterbed cost for that is that lack of hygiene will be tricky to implement)
09:04 masak but yeah, I don't think we'll need gensyms for anything right now.
09:07 masak or, let me put it like this.
09:07 dalek specs: 111c2b5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
09:07 dalek specs: Add empty gensym lemma (hint hint)
09:07 dalek specs: review:
09:07 masak gensyms give you the ability to create something and then uniquely refer to it (a very little bit) later.
09:08 masak I believe we'll get that ability already by dint of Qtree nodes being uniquely identifiable.
09:11 dalek specs: c562974 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
09:11 dalek specs: Fill gensym lemma (masak++)
09:11 dalek specs: review:
09:12 raydiak 'night * o/
09:12 lizmat gnight raydiak
09:12 masak lizmat: hm. do you have a source for "gensym" being "generic symbol" rather than "generated symbol"? the latter would make more sense to me.
09:12 lizmat ah, ok
09:12 lizmat no
09:13 masak I went to Wikipedia and could find no confirmation either way.
09:13 dalek specs: 5ab4260 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
09:13 dalek specs: Fix thinko, masak++
09:13 dalek specs: review:
09:13 lizmat generated makes more sense to me in this context
09:14 lizmat in the old S17 spec, there was even a mention of a gensym() function
09:15 masak wow.
09:15 masak in the async/parallel synopsis?!
22:52 colomon so I think lue is right that max is supposed to do what bartolin thinks it should
22:52 lue r: say IntStr
22:52 camelia rakudo-{parrot,moar} 6edc31: OUTPUT«[31m===[0mSORRY![31m===[0m Error while compiling /tmp/tmpfileâ�¤Undeclared name:â�¤    IntStr used at line 1â�¤â�¤Â»
22:55 ab5tract colomon: oof.. actually, the situation is not so rosy. i was mistaken earlier :(
22:57 dalek roast: 4b7c128 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | integration/advent2014-day05.t:
22:57 dalek roast: Tests associated with 20141205 blogpost
22:57 dalek roast: review:
22:57 colomon lizmat++
22:59 davido__ joined #perl6
23:00 ab5tract in order to be a bit more DRY, i'd like to create a helper function for converting to the correct QuantHash type
23:02 ab5tract is it ok to define a local sub a la "my Sub" ?
23:32 colomon %% doesn't chain
23:32 lue I'm not %% should/could be chaining, but I think somewhere underneath | at least.
23:33 lue *not sure
23:34 colomon I'm not at all convinced.
23:34 dalek rakudo/nom: 4c353cd | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
23:34 dalek rakudo/nom: Add Supply.close to close all known taps
23:34 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
23:34 dalek rakudo/nom: da7ff70 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/
23:34 dalek rakudo/nom: Add 20141205 advent tests
23:34 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
23:34 lue m: say "a" eq "a"|"b"
23:34 camelia rakudo-moar 6edc31: OUTPUT«any(True, False)␤»
23:34 dalek rakudo/newio: dd27056 | TimToady++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
23:34 dalek rakudo/newio: bump nqp
23:37 camelia rakudo-moar 6edc31: OUTPUT«1␤»
23:38 lue colomon: % is a math operator, %% isn't (unless you consider converting a Bool to 1 or 0 part of math)
23:38 colomon m: say 34 % 3 + 1
23:38 camelia rakudo-moar 6edc31: OUTPUT«2␤»
23:38 dalek mu: 412970c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | misc/perl6advent-2014/schedule:
23:38 dalek mu: Claim day #19, fix day #5
23:38 dalek mu: review:
23:39 * lizmat calls it a day...  advent post should be visible in 20 mins
23:39 lue ♞ lizmat o/
23:45 colomon yeah, it isn't really comfortable thinking of %% as a math operator, I guess, because it takes you out of the realm of math
23:47 lue To be fair, it's a fairly specialized test operator, for a built-in at least :) .

Results for 2014-12-03

14:18 tadzik mvuets: panda readme talks a bit about proxies
14:20 mvuets tadzik: wget and git work on their own (aside of panda)
14:20 tadzik hm
14:20 tadzik panda doesn't use wget though
14:21 dalek rakudo/nom: e395e87 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
14:21 dalek rakudo/nom: Give IO::Path an .extension, spotted by colomon++
14:21 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
14:21 mvuets tadzik: README lies? (-:
14:21 colomon lizmat++
14:22 tadzik mvuets: well, did you set up a proxy according to its instructions? :)
14:22 tadzik if yes, it might, someone else wrote that part :P
21:59 bartolin o/
21:59 moritz m: say 'which version?'
21:59 camelia rakudo-moar f0ea06: OUTPUT«which version?␤»
21:59 moritz TimToady: ^^
22:04 dalek rakudo/nom: 1632658 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
22:04 dalek rakudo/nom: Naive fix for getting $ on linux
22:04 dalek rakudo/nom:
22:04 dalek rakudo/nom: Please test, as I on OS X and cannot really test this myself
22:04 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
22:04 ab5tract okay folks, if i can trouble you for one last read-through..​8&amp;preview=true&amp;preview_id=2308
22:06 bartolin lizmat: there seems to be a typo: s/lb_release/lsb_release/
22:06 tony-o FROGGS_: what method do i have to keep a CURLI in @*INC or ... how do i make the CURLI i created available as a CURLI via environment variable?
22:07 dalek rakudo/nom: 725e26e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
22:07 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix typo, bartolin++
22:07 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
22:07 lucas_ joined #perl6
22:07 lizmat tony-o: if I understand your question correctly, you would typically @*INC.unshift it
22:08 colomon ab5tract: seems like there's a spurious CR / <br> in the middle of the third paragraph past the XKCD comic?
22:09 lizmat ab5tract: there seems to a newline in "the duct tape
22:25 gtodd lizmat: wait ... you just wrote a oneliner advent article ;-)
22:26 lizmat almost, but there is more nowadays  :-)
22:28 dwarring ab5tract: associativty => associativity
22:29 ab5tract dwarring: thanks!
22:30 dalek mu: 6ca2ba2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | misc/perl6advent-2014/schedule:
22:30 dalek mu: Provisionary title for different advent post
22:30 dalek mu: review:
22:31 lizmat "Supplies without Demand"
22:31 ab5tract lizmat++
22:34 ab5tract i've been looking forward to as many concurrency-related posts as possible. this is kind of p6's first advent where the recommended interpreter supports it, if i'm not mistaken?
22:38 virtualsue joined #perl6

Results for 2014-12-02

08:48 TimToady \o
08:49 immortal joined #perl6
08:49 vendethiel joined #perl6
08:54 Mso150 joined #perl6
08:58 dalek rakudo/newio: 6e8aaa2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
08:58 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix some spurt() related spectest glitches
08:58 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
08:58 mathw o/
09:00 molaf_ joined #perl6
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21:05 PerlJam masak: though, you mentioned "elder beings" twice, but only changed the first to say "elder non-beings"
21:05 masak added the point about return type declarations:
21:05 masak PerlJam: oh, good catch.
21:05 masak fixed.
21:06 dalek rakudo/newio: 03d1599 | TimToady++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
21:06 dalek rakudo/newio: bump nqp
21:06 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
21:06 dalek rakudo/newio: 8f804a9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
21:06 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
21:06 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
21:07 TimToady what the...oh... :)
21:07 masak merges. they're tricky. :)
21:08 lizmat I haven't backlogged yet, but the parse stage of the settings went for me from ~30 seconds to ~21 seconds
21:09 lizmat so TimToady++

Results for 2014-11-30

09:39 TimToady well, at best it would be about a 1% improvement, since the nfa is only about 10% of the parse time
09:40 TimToady but there's still a bunch of improvements that can be made, lots of useless epsilons and such that can be eliminated
09:40 TimToady zzz really &
09:55 JimmyZ_ good night
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: 1385296 | coke++ | tools/update (2 files):
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: prefer -'s
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio:
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: (most of the other tools use -, not _)
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: 25796d2 | TimToady++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: bump nqp
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: dd6fc0a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/ (3 files):
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: 0f4ec52 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: PIO.say should return True, not 1
09:56 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
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13:11 psch looking at topic-brainstorming that should probably come before NativeCall-jvm, if anyone writes about that
13:13 noganex joined #perl6
13:13 psch i'll try to pin down a date until this evening, got some other stuff to do about now o/
13:13 spider-mario joined #perl6
13:20 dalek mu: c3bb8dc | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | misc/perl6advent-2014/schedule:
13:20 dalek mu: Commit to doing an advent piece on 5 dec
13:20 dalek mu: review:
13:25 moritz anybody else in need of a invite?
13:28 lizmat having claimed 5 dec, please note that I'm not stuck to that date and could do it later  :-)
13:29 colomon we don't have a day 1 on the schedule?
13:29 moritz we have
14:05 tony-o ok
14:05 timotimo [Coke]: if i write an article about GTK::Simple - maybe in combination with cairo - could you help me make sure everything works on OSX, too? IIRC you got it to work on your machine
14:06 tony-o i have gtk working on my machine too ..
14:06 tony-o (osx)
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: b0605fc | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO (2 files):
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: Add missing .spurt methods
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: 8b565a6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: Streamline spurt functionality
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: db00491 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: Set that on successful open/mkdir/spurt
14:06 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:06 ab5tract lizmat: so that begins to explain why they don't even necessarily appear consistent
14:06 lizmat indeed...
14:07 ab5tract makes chasing down the bugs pretty difficult .... :(
14:07 timotimo tony-o: did you have to change anything, like the library name in "is native"?
14:09 * [Coke] does not like this dizzy symptom. yikes.
14:09 tony-o are you sick too [Coke] ?
14:09 ab5tract lizmat: that is indeed good news
14:10 timotimo jnthn already found a few things on os x and made them better
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: a9d4c84 | masak++ | lib/
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: [] remove outdated comment
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: 91d8995 | masak++ | lib/
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: [] update copyright date
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: 0bdd9f3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | lib/
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
14:10 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:10 * lizmat was pretty sick yesterday and this morning...
14:10 lizmat some sleep here at the hackathon helped me a lot
14:10 lizmat fortunately, the office here has a nice area for a quick nap
14:10 tony-o i got sick yesterday on a bike ride still about 2 hours away from home
14:42 ab5tract which, in the context of memory, start to make more sense... 'Malformed UTF-8', 'Could not open file: {$impossible-location}', etc
14:43 JimmyZ_ that's different thing..
14:43 cosimo mvuets: pong
14:53 zakharyas joined #perl6
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: 8c062d1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: Pass any extra .new parameter on through
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: c73c0b1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: A child of Dir is not necessarily a Dir
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: 54d2711 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/CompUnit (3 files):
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: Initial IO::Path sanitation of CompUnit and friends
14:54 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:56 dalek rakudo/newio: d027745 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
14:56 dalek rakudo/newio: Remove superfluous reference to $*SPEC
14:56 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:59 ab5tract JimmyZ_: oh?
15:00 Vlavv joined #perl6
15:00 denis_boyun_ joined #perl6
15:01 lizmat ab5tract: fwiw, what you describe, sounds familiar to me
15:36 camelia rakudo-moar 91d899: OUTPUT«foo␤  in sub a at /tmp/oVOsj4nTzY:1␤  in block <unit> at /tmp/oVOsj4nTzY:1␤␤»
15:36 virtualsue joined #perl6
15:42 vendethiel joined #perl6
15:45 vendethiel o/, #perl6
15:46 dalek rakudo/newio: d8fe25a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/CompUnitRepo/
15:46 dalek rakudo/newio: Make sure we get a Str for a CompUnitRepo
15:46 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
15:46 dalek rakudo/newio: 31040e6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
15:46 dalek rakudo/newio: Handle path -> abspath migration
15:46 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
15:47 anaeem1 joined #perl6
15:48 lizmat Patch -p2 hackathon dwindling down...
15:48 anaeem1_ joined #perl6
15:51 kjs_ joined #perl6

Results for 2014-11-29

16:34 arnsholt Just implicitly load and import all the stuff from the builtins module
16:36 masak I think so.
16:38 arnsholt Although wrapping stuff in the lexical scope of __builtins__ might avoid a bit of computation on startup. Hard to tell a priori
16:38 arnsholt Anyways, that requires a fair chunk of infrastructure I don't have yet
16:57 dalek rakudo/newio: b78a931 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
16:57 dalek rakudo/newio: Move STDIN/OUT/ERR init to a more logical place
16:57 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:57 dalek rakudo/newio: 1db1c24 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
16:57 dalek rakudo/newio: $*ARGFILES initialization in a more logical place
16:57 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:58 dalek rakudo/newio: c11b2a7 | moritz++ |
16:58 dalek rakudo/newio: Complain if nqp-m is too old
16:58 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:58 dalek rakudo/newio: 0b64cc4 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ |
16:58 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
16:58 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
17:21 raydiak o/
17:23 mr-foobar joined #perl6
17:26 ugexe did feather change dns settings again? im getting Connection Refused on one specific machine now for nickl@localhost:~/perl6/panda$ perl6 -e '<>, :port(3000))'
17:27 dalek rakudo/newio: 3be8fcd | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
17:27 dalek rakudo/newio: Streamline IO::ArgFiles.get
17:27 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
17:27 dalek rakudo/newio: 17e652f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
17:27 dalek rakudo/newio: Str.path should make an IOU, not an IO::Path
17:27 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
17:28 moritz ugexe: might be an ipv6 problem
17:29 ugexe moritz: any hints on how i can tell? my sysadmin skills are lacking
17:30 tony-o ugexe: there is no ipv6 on that box, i have it disabled
17:30 tony-o oh that's on your machine
17:36 ugexe yeah now its not working on other machines (when it was ~15 minutes ago)
17:36 * raydiak gets same from his web browser even
17:36 moritz seems that server process died
17:38 tony-o full dump for MVMStaticFrame error is here:​ny-o/6de78fe91379a2501415
17:40 dalek roast: 4d13580 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S10-packages/basic.t:
17:40 dalek roast: s/
17:40 dalek roast: review:
17:43 dwarring joined #perl6
17:45 TimToady timotimo: NFA graph might be interesting, though dunno how useful, unless to motivate someone to implement DFA
17:46 TimToady speaking of implementing DFA, why does the NFA never remove epsilons from the NFA, except over and over again in the results
17:46 TimToady seems like it'd be more efficient to guarantee there are no epsilons, and then we wouldn't have to check for them at NFA run time
18:09 dalek ecosystem:
18:09 dalek ecosystem: Reserializes AST data, as produced by CSS::Grammar etc
18:09 dalek ecosystem: review:​cosystem/commit/3ea5b8908a
18:09 colomon mvuets: that's from midnight EST or so
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: 873e88a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: Add obsolete .directory for API consistency
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: fd1ee99 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: Allow "foo" if "foo" doesn't exist
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: c4d1f1f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: Make mkdir() work again
18:10 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:10 xiaozeng joined #perl6
18:11 mvuets colomon: sweet, thanks!
18:12 xiaozeng what's going on here
18:14 lizmat xiaozeng: welcome, we're working on perl 6 here
18:17 xiaozeng May i join you, or where can i get to know more?
18:19 lizmat xiaozeng: you probably should start with or so
18:19 lizmat that should be a good introduction into perl 6
18:20 mvuets xiaozeng: another nice page you may want to check out:
18:21 dalek rakudo/newio: 21731f5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:21 dalek rakudo/newio: Apparent "bin" means don't set encoding
18:21 dalek rakudo/newio:
18:21 dalek rakudo/newio: Rather than "binary".  Wonder if it's possible of needed to be able to change
18:21 dalek rakudo/newio: the encoding of a PIO during its lifetime.  If it should be possible, I don't
18:21 dalek rakudo/newio: think we can revert to "binary" at the moment.
18:21 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:22 xiaozeng thanks : )
18:23 SevenWolf joined #perl6
18:28 j4jackj joined #perl6
18:30 sftp joined #perl6
18:32 dalek rakudo/nom: 62c092f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
18:32 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix deprecated Supply.more (to .emit)
18:32 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
18:35 dalek roast: ab7cddd | (Elizabeth Cholet)++ | S17-supply/watch_path.t:
18:35 dalek roast: Fixed deprecated "uniq" to "unique".
18:35 dalek roast: review:
18:35 dalek roast: 8167450 | lizmat++ | S17-supply/watch_path.t:
18:35 dalek roast: Merge pull request #50 from zrusilla/master
18:35 dalek roast:
18:35 dalek roast: Fixed deprecated "uniq" to "unique".
18:35 dalek roast: review:
18:36 lizmat joined #perl6
18:40 dalek roast: 98d86f1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-io/io-path-unix.t:
18:40 dalek roast: Fix obsolete .directory -> .dirname
18:40 dalek roast: review:
18:46 ilbot3 joined #perl6
18:46 Topic for #perl6 is now »ö« Welcome to Perl 6! | | evalbot usage: 'perl6: say 3;' or rakudo:,  niecza:, std:, or /msg camelia perl6: ... | irclog: | UTF-8 is our friend!
18:47 mvuets cosimo: ping
18:51 denis_boyun_ joined #perl6
23:19 mvuets S24 reads: The skip() function is called instead of the some tests (usually because they would die), and emits $count SKIP markers in the TAP output.
23:25 mvuets btw that test still fails, but due to some other reason now.
23:26 mvuets does it look very lame?
23:29 raydiak mvuets: looks great, and now I understand why I was confused too :)
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: e84fb7e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix CHANGE-DIR (don't make an IO::Path)
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: 7ed1673 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: Some whitespace fixes
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: 4697967 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: Make use of primitives without IO::Path
23:31 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:33 lizmat and on that thought, I'm calling it a night
23:34 Juerd -
23:34 Juerd s/-//
23:35 raydiak FROGGS_: that test.cgi just seems to print out a few env vars from the supposed to be a json-rpc service providing an 'echo' method

Results for 2014-11-28

09:40 jnthn brrt: It's not the end of the world. I've written a lot of Perl 6 modules and only one of them uses macros...
09:41 jnthn If we are really uncomfortable with the design not being final but want to ship some macro support anyway, we do have options there.
09:41 jnthn (Like an opt-in pragma, on the understanding there are likely to be changes down the line.)
09:42 brrt hmm yes
09:44 dalek specs: 9057025 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
09:44 dalek specs: Add lemma for PIO
09:44 dalek specs: review:
09:44 dalek rakudo/newio: 58f79c1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
09:44 dalek rakudo/newio: Finally found the magic incantation, jnthn++
09:44 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
09:44 dalek rakudo/newio: a6b3d5d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
09:44 dalek rakudo/newio: Make PIO attribute private again
09:44 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
09:46 Mso150 joined #perl6
09:49 lizmat Is there a reason we don't have a .print and .say on IO::Socket ?
09:52 zakharyas joined #perl6
09:55 dalek rakudo/newio: c079105 | TimToady++ | src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp:
09:55 dalek rakudo/newio: allow whitespace inside capture
09:55 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
09:55 dalek rakudo/newio: 9e57f55 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/Perl6/Grammar.nqp:
09:55 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
09:55 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
10:24 sergot joined #perl6
10:24 Ven joined #perl6
10:25 sergot hi o/
10:25 Ven the thing that's the most difficult when jumping from one language to another is remember the truthiness/falsiness rules
10:26 camelia rakudo-moar c07910: OUTPUT«Perl6::Metamodel::Par​␤»
10:26 smls is Buf supposed to be a role or a class?
10:29 smls S32/Containers:1142 suggests a class, but Rakudo^^ seems to consider it a role...
10:29 synopsebot Link:​2/Containers.html#line_1142
10:29 dalek rakudo/newio: 0520651 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
10:29 dalek rakudo/newio: Add SeekType enum, deprecate seek(x,Int)
10:29 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
10:30 virtualsue joined #perl6
10:33 smls p6doc is confused about Buf as well, calling it a class on its own type page but a role in the type graph / type index.
10:34 lizmat I think it was originally a class, but became a role later
10:35 abraxxa joined #perl6
10:40 itz whats newio?
10:40 Ven itz: new s17 I guess
10:41 Ven erm, not s17...
10:41 Ven It's s16.
10:41 dalek rakudo/nom: 28cfa02 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
10:41 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix warning on unset HOME env variables
10:41 dalek rakudo/nom:
10:41 dalek rakudo/nom: Inspired by pull request #334 (carbin++).  This approach has fewer dynamic
10:41 dalek rakudo/nom: variable lookups than the pull request.
10:41 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:41 Ven lizmat++ # rewriting s16
10:43 danwyn joined #perl6
10:44 denis_boyun joined #perl6
10:46 smls m: say[2, 4]).WHAT;    say[2, 4]).WHAT
11:36 camelia rakudo-moar 28cfa0: OUTPUT«3.4CCCCC␤»
11:36 Ugator what's the rule for auto-closure?
11:37 jnthn Happens to operands or invocants
11:37 jnthn *.foo is an invocant example, *+1 is an operand one.
11:37 dalek rakudo/newio: 832bfac | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
11:37 dalek rakudo/newio: Introduce internal set-PIO-attributes method
11:37 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
11:37 dalek rakudo/newio: 584a583 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
11:37 dalek rakudo/newio: Deprecate :enc in favour of :encoding
11:37 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
11:38 Ugator ok... thx :-)
11:38 lizmat so I have a role with 2 multi methods "foo"
11:39 lizmat and I have a class in which I compose that role, and want to have a single method "foo" masking the multi's from the role
11:39 lizmat how do I do that ??
11:44 jnthn This evening.
11:44 lizmat cool
11:45 jnthn Distracted with teaching again for a little bit... :)
11:45 lizmat okidoki  :-)
11:48 dalek rakudo/newio: cf051eb | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
11:48 dalek rakudo/newio: Cannot mask a multi method from a role (yet)
11:48 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
12:03 dalek rakudo/newio: e364b33 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
12:03 dalek rakudo/newio: Add SLURP-PATH primitive
12:03 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
12:04 FROGGS m: role R { multi method _m() { say 1 }; multi method _m($a) { say 2 } }; class C does R { method m($a?) { $a ?? self.R::_m($a) !! self.R::_m() } }; C.m
12:04 camelia rakudo-moar 28cfa0: OUTPUT«Cannot invoke this object (REPR: P6opaque, cs = 0)␤  in method dispatch:<::> at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:1292␤  in method m at /tmp/TXvydmaqEc:1␤  in block <unit> at /tmp/TXvydmaqEc:1␤␤»
12:05 woolfy left #perl6
12:05 FROGGS hmmm, was that invalid syntax?
16:06 jluis_ joined #perl6
16:08 chenryn joined #perl6
16:09 anaeem1_ joined #perl6
16:10 * [Coke] gives up trying to make jnthn's macro-ized like work for now.
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: abef531 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: IO::File can now slurp
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: 937b277 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: Some further slurp/spurt updates / fixes
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: 58f0e4d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: Don't need to make it an IO object
16:13 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:26 dalek rakudo/newio: bb40426 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
16:26 dalek rakudo/newio: Use the proper way for closing a pipe
16:26 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:28 telex joined #perl6
16:53 dalek rakudo/newio: 9d568c7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
16:53 dalek rakudo/newio: Made (PIO).say a bit faster
16:53 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:53 dalek rakudo/newio: ad27de1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
16:53 dalek rakudo/newio: Make sure we always close on destruction
16:53 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
16:54 anaeem1 joined #perl6
16:56 anaeem1_ joined #perl6
16:58 guru joined #perl6
17:03 timotimo perl5i seems cute
23:23 psch i
23:23 psch i'll do that tomorrow or so though...
23:23 jnthn psch: I'm also pretty tired, and I suspect my slides explain it better than I can right now :)
23:24 psch jnthn: i'm okay with that, i do need rest about right now :)
23:24 dalek rakudo/newio: 9151432 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
23:24 dalek rakudo/newio: The new IO::Handle, consuming the PIO role
23:24 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:24 dalek rakudo/newio: 2b592c9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
23:25 dalek rakudo/newio: Simplifications since we have the new IO::Handle
23:25 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:25 psch jnthn: thanks for the slides
23:25 denis_boyun_ joined #perl6
23:31 psch well, i did read half of the slides before realizing again i wanted to put away the laptop and turn of the lights...
23:31 psch i'll do the latter two things now though o/

Results for 2014-11-27

10:11 lizmat hmmm..... t/spec/S17-procasync.kill.t is reliably hanging for me now   :-(
10:12 lizmat ah no, it just got unbelievably slow
10:13 lizmat ah, I realize now: many more signals to check than before   ....
10:13 lizmat and all timing out because they fail  :-(
10:14 dalek rakudo/nom: 456d8f0 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/
10:14 dalek rakudo/nom: Remove t/spec/S17-procasync/kill.t for now  :-(
10:14 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:22 woolfy joined #perl6
10:25 dalek rakudo/nom: 482cc32 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
10:25 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix for #123308, raydiak++ for spotting
10:25 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:25 synopsebot Link:​ic/Bug/Display.html?id=123308
10:28 pecastro joined #perl6
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: cd9001e | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/Perl6/Actions.nqp:
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: loop { } doesn't need to inspect lexical "True" each iteration
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: 456d8f0 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: Remove t/spec/S17-procasync/kill.t for now  :-(
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: 482cc32 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix for #123308, raydiak++ for spotting
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
10:30 synopsebot Link:​ic/Bug/Display.html?id=123308
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: 6c09d1e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (3 files):
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
10:30 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
10:33 Ven Erm, do we have some kind of WSDL client?
10:33 * Ven would very much rather use p6...
10:34 moritz Ven: my experience with WSDL and SOAP is that most libraries suck so much that you want to select your language by library, not by language preference
10:34 moritz Ven: and no, I don't think we have WSDL stuff for p6 yet
12:09 jnthn For project management things, it's about the folks being managed.
12:10 jnthn And markdown files or similar kept in the Git repo alongside the project have tended to work out better.
12:11 moritz lucas_: I agree with jnthn. We had a gitit wiki on, it became abandonded and technical debt to run
12:13 smls joined #perl6
12:14 dalek rakudo/nom: 1e4fe4a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
12:14 dalek rakudo/nom: Simplify Failure creation
12:14 dalek rakudo/nom:
12:14 dalek rakudo/nom: I assume the original code is very old and predates any implicit BUILD
12:14 dalek rakudo/nom: functionality.
12:14 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
12:14 lizmat moritz: any comments on ^^^ ?
12:15 jnthn Yeah. It's not even that I dislike wikis...I have one to keep personal planning etc in and other such things... But to be useful they need a purpose and target audience who actually want to use it to get something done. And we've not found a niche so far where a wiki filled that.
12:15 moritz lizmat: looks sane
12:16 smls On my system, «perl6 -e '[*] 1..10000'» takes 0.5 seconds, and «perl6 -e 'say [*] 1..10000'» takes 2.7 seconds.
12:22 camelia rakudo-parrot 482cc3: OUTPUT«2.0447831␤»
12:22 jnthn Sure, but I wonder if it's spending the time in libtommath producing the chars, or in something else that is just overhead.
12:22 FROGGS p: my $before = now; ([*] 1..10000).Str; say now - $before
12:22 camelia rakudo-parrot 482cc3: OUTPUT«2.0437427␤»
12:22 dalek rakudo/newio: 1e4fe4a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
12:22 dalek rakudo/newio: Simplify Failure creation
12:22 dalek rakudo/newio:
12:22 dalek rakudo/newio: I assume the original code is very old and predates any implicit BUILD
12:22 dalek rakudo/newio: functionality.
12:23 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
12:23 dalek rakudo/newio: 942ffba | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
12:23 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
12:23 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
12:23 FROGGS m: my $before = now; ([*] 1..10000).Str; say now - $before
12:23 camelia rakudo-moar 482cc3: OUTPUT«1.8593922␤»
12:23 jnthn m: my $before = now; (INIT [*] 1..10000).Str; say now - $before
12:23 camelia rakudo-moar 482cc3: OUTPUT«1.64522877␤»
13:01 jnthn arnsholt: Taht is, making a copy of a code-ref that closes over teh curent context
13:01 prime joined #perl6
13:01 jnthn arnsholt: But if you are using the blocktypes declaration and immediate, code-gen inserts things for you pretty neatly
13:01 jnthn So it's only if you're using immediatestatic/declarationstatic that you need to manually manage it.
13:03 dalek rakudo/newio: 8bbcb2f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
13:03 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix dir "/" (for new code)
13:03 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
13:03 arnsholt Ah, right. I only have immediate and declaration blocks, so I should be good then. Cheers!
13:07 torbjorn joined #perl6
13:10 lizmat FROGGS: am I correct in seeing that PIO doesn't have an accessor for nqp::setinputlinesep ?
13:11 lizmat there is no PIO.inputlinesep?
15:26 chenryn joined #perl6
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15:38 lizmat joined #perl6
15:39 dalek rakudo/nom: 5823369 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
15:39 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix deprecation warnings
15:39 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
15:39 dalek rakudo/nom: 70df096 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
15:39 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix "slurp", spotted by Mouq++
15:39 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
15:39 lizmat Mouq: ^^^
15:39 jnthn .win 11
15:39 jnthn oops :)
15:40 FROGGS wow, jnthn++'s secret project is Win11!!
15:41 jnthn Or I'll need a new secret project for FOSDEM!
15:41 jnthn :P
15:42 FROGGS *g*
15:42 colomon lizmat++
15:44 dalek rakudo/newio: 73b2124 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
15:44 dalek rakudo/newio: Adapted merge
15:44 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
15:45 dalek roast: 3c44a25 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-io/slurp.t:
15:45 dalek roast: Fix one deprecation warning
15:45 dalek roast: review:
15:50 smls lizmat: I remember a few months ago, you were trying to come up with a good way to re-use the same `stat` system call for multiple file test operations. What system did you end up designing/implementing?
15:50 pecastro joined #perl6
15:50 lizmat none...
15:51 lizmat the stat buffer is not available to Perl6  or nqp at the moment (afaik)
15:58 rurban I'm implementing now the qrpa optimizations into parrot rpa proper. so that qrpa can be removed. and sorting parent PMC (from threads) will also work better.
16:06 pecastro joined #perl6
16:09 [Sno]_ joined #perl6
16:10 kaleem joined #perl6
16:11 dalek rakudo/nom: 2b2857d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
16:11 dalek rakudo/nom: We don't need no Junctions  :-)
16:11 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
16:14 [Sno]_ joined #perl6
16:24 TimToady at the precaffeine moment, I'm thinking an IO should just stat once implicitly, then never again; subsequent stats would be done with a .stat mutator or so that just returns the same IO with a new statbuffer
16:24 TimToady which you could use explicitly the first time too, if you're nervous
16:25 TimToady this assumes that most uses of a given statbuf are one-shot
16:57 lizmat is there something special I should do?
16:57 lizmat seems like I need to decont it on the receiving end
16:58 lizmat (as passing it will automatically put a container around it, no?)
16:59 anaeem1_ joined #perl6
17:05 dalek rakudo/newio: 5823369 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
17:05 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix deprecation warnings
17:05 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
17:05 dalek rakudo/newio: 70df096 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
17:05 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix "slurp", spotted by Mouq++
17:05 dalek joined #perl6
17:06 lizmat sorry, dalek
17:08 * lizmat just did​udo/commit/86fb968c23f6c698d
17:09 lizmat and​udo/commit/5675210ca6df5467ba

Results for 2014-11-26

08:43 [Sno] joined #perl6
08:50 ptc_p6 joined #perl6
09:05 Alina-malina joined #perl6
09:07 rindolf joined #perl6
09:10 dalek rakudo/newio: 124cab4 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
09:10 dalek rakudo/newio: First version of PIO role (untested as yet)
09:10 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
09:10 dalek rakudo/newio: 8af1338 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
09:10 dalek rakudo/newio: IO::Pipe first consumer of PIO role
09:10 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
09:10 sven_123 perl6: say 3+4
09:10 camelia rakudo-{parrot,moar} e1aa07: OUTPUT«7␤»
09:11 lizmat commute to Lyon&
09:15 fhelmberger joined #perl6

Results for 2014-11-25

08:43 dalek mu: Sign up for 2nd
08:43 dalek mu: review:
08:44 Mouq p6: say i**2
08:44 camelia rakudo-{parrot,moar} ac27d2: OUTPUT«-1+1.22464679914735e-16i␤»
08:46 dalek rakudo/newio: 316f993 | TimToady++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
08:46 dalek rakudo/newio: bump nqp rev to enable longlit for parrot and jvm
08:46 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
08:46 dalek rakudo/newio: b3ef1ea | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
08:46 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
08:46 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
08:46 lizmat and a good *, #perl6!
08:46 raydiak \o lizmat
08:51 virtualsue joined #perl6
08:56 molaf_ joined #perl6
18:22 lizmat lucas__: 'excludes-min' is enough
18:22 lizmat the rest of the text is added
18:22 lizmat automagically
18:23 lucas__ Oh, interesting
18:24 dalek rakudo/newio: ec07261 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
18:24 dalek rakudo/newio: We need to decont PIO as passing it conts it
18:24 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
18:24 jnthn TimToady: I need to get some food and drink inside of me right now, but will take a look at it when I'm back :)
18:26 jnthn Hah, cool...0C! :D
18:26 jnthn bbiab o/
18:26 timotimo now i need some noms
19:11 eternaleye joined #perl6
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19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: 5c66966 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: Introduce SPURT-PATH()
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: da34880 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: Use new SPURT-PATH
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: 63dd732 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: We need PIO's to be Mu when passing
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio:
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: Otherwise we get a very strange error message, which is a type binding error
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: gone awry.
19:30 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:36 dalek rakudo/newio: 55e38be | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
19:36 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix issue with open(:rw :w :r)
19:36 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:43 gfldex joined #perl6
19:45 lucas__ A little note on the negative/affirmative names on ranges: "not includes" means "excludes" and "not excludes" means "includes". Maybe "not excludes" sounds like a double negation. After doing the deprecated methods, I saw that it would be easy to do: method includes-min() { not $!excludes-min }
19:45 lucas__ But I'm just thinking... I'm not clear if having both synonyms/antonyms in a language is a good thing.
19:48 masak I can sort of see how 'excludes' was the first one that came to mind when writing the synopsis.
20:09 timotimo slangs
20:09 timotimo yeah, pretty much the only way to do it properly is use the actual implementation. which means running code that's potentially untrusted
20:10 eternaleye joined #perl6
20:11 [Coke] don't need to run it in the same executable that the IDE is running in. could exec a new copy with a restricted setting.
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: e1aa077 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (5 files):
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: Add role PIO and class IO::Pipe placeholders
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: 68d05b4 | TimToady++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: bump nqp
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: e1aa077 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (5 files):
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: Add role PIO and class IO::Pipe placeholders
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: c775050 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (6 files):
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
20:13 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
20:13 vendethiel [Coke]: definitely; but still, that sounds dangerous
20:14 timotimo the restricted setting is a complete and utter joke
20:15 lizmat ssshhhh :-)
20:15 timotimo the parser needs to be more restrictive and prohibit, for example, nqp and pir ops

Results for 2014-11-24

12:04 dalek rakudo/newio: c40c1b8 | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/Perl6/ (2 files):
12:04 dalek rakudo/newio: fix chained colonpairs in curlies, resolves RT #123215
12:04 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
12:04 synopsebot Link:​ic/Bug/Display.html?id=123215
12:04 dalek rakudo/newio: f55a607 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/Perl6/ (2 files):
12:04 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
12:04 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
12:05 jnthn Also, Array ~~ List, and Array not being lazy when List is seems like a pretty clear Liskov violation...
12:06 fhelmberger joined #perl6
12:08 lizmat perhaps Array !~~ List?
12:09 lizmat just playing devil's advocate here
19:32 timotimo TimToady: how stable does it seem to be?
19:32 TimToady passes all the tests except the pairs test, which doesn't seem to be my problem
19:33 TimToady though it probably only works right for moar, now that I think on it
19:34 Ugator joined #perl6
19:34 dalek rakudo/newio: 00535f7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (7 files):
19:34 dalek rakudo/newio: .IO now does an
19:34 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:34 TimToady probably should have checked in the branch instead, but got lost in a maze of merge conflicts
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: f526b08 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp:
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: optimize METAOP_ASSIGN in-place (benefits += in sink context)
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: a3cf223 | moritz++ | src/core/
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: Avoid scalar allocations in DIVIDE_NUMBERS
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio:
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: timotimo++ for coming up with the idea, and benchmarking/profiling
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: c238291 | (Timo Paulssen)++ | src/core/
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: make DIVIDE_NUMBERS friendlier to block inlining
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: f6eea6e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/ (2 files):
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
19:35 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
19:35 moritz timotimo: those BOOTCodes, are they from if statements?
19:35 moritz timotimo: and what benchmark do you use?
19:35 timotimo they are from taking closures
19:36 timotimo rat_mul_div_cancel from perl6-bench
22:27 panchiniak left #perl6
22:36 chenryn joined #perl6
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22:46 Mouq joined #perl6
22:46 dalek rakudo/newio: 7b96bac | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
22:46 dalek rakudo/newio: Copy all file open logic to open()
22:46 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:46 dalek rakudo/newio: 327ef78 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
22:46 dalek rakudo/newio: PIO is a public attribute (at least for now)
22:46 dalek rakudo/newio:
22:46 dalek rakudo/newio: We need to be able to set it with .new
22:46 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: bf6f157 | moritz++ | src/Perl6/World.nqp:
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix error reporting inside the setting
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio:
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: without thsi patch, at least r-m always printed the last key for all elements
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: ac27d2f | TimToady++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: bump nqp
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: ef6e3b9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (2 files):
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
22:48 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:48 timo joined #perl6
22:50 jnthn Sleep time...'night
22:50 TimToady good night
22:50 timotimo seems like the machine i'm using for irc, mail, web hosting, jabber and other stuff has fallen off the 'net
23:46 timo joined #perl6
23:52 tony-o with nativecall, is it possible to dereference a sub and pass that into the library (as a mechanism for a callback, for instance)?
23:53 tony-o i'm looking at the microhttpd example here:
23:53 tony-o trying to figure out in what way i can abuse MHD_start_daemon to run a perl6 sub
23:54 dalek rakudo/newio: d64b919 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
23:54 dalek rakudo/newio: pipe() now has all the logic it needs
23:54 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:54 dalek rakudo/newio: 130fd21 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
23:54 dalek rakudo/newio: IO::Handle.encoding fixes
23:54 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:54 FROGGS tony-o: yes
23:54 lizmat and with that, good night, #perl6!
23:54 FROGGS tony-o: look at NativeCall's test suite, there are examples for callbacks
23:54 FROGGS gnight lizmat

Results for 2014-11-22

14:47 tadzik you mean modules that talk to C?
14:47 netstar yes
14:47 timotimo so NativeCall?
14:47 tadzik not a guide, but I can guide you through that :)
14:47 dalek panda: d581951 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | ext/ (2 files):
14:47 dalek panda: Update submodules
14:47 dalek panda: review:
14:47 FROGGS[mobile] tadzik: btw, I wanna merge pande/reporter soonish
14:47 tadzik FROGGS[mobile]: okay, I will look into it
14:48 tadzik netstar:​12/21/native-libraries-native-objects/ may interest you
14:48 netstar thanks

Results for 2014-11-21

20:07 woolfy nine++
20:11 beastd joined #perl6
20:11 BenGoldberg joined #perl6
20:12 guru joined #perl6
20:20 dalek roast: 0db5a86 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-types/deprecations.t:
20:20 dalek roast: Remove tests for Increase/Decrease depreciation
20:20 dalek roast: review:
20:20 [Coke] weird: Bump NQP_REVISION for Moar nqp::[ceil|floor]_n fix is shown as the first bad commit breaking integration/advent2011-day10.t ... but my bisect never rebuilt nqp...
20:20 [Coke] is that the brokenness from earlier in the day, I wonder.
20:23 beastd|2 joined #perl6
20:26 dalek rakudo/nom: b059a8a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
20:26 dalek rakudo/nom: Remove Increase/Decrease
20:26 dalek rakudo/nom:
20:26 dalek rakudo/nom: They were deprecated for over a year now.
20:26 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:28 PerlJam nine: Should Python's None map to Any, or should it really be Nil?  None is supposed to represent that absense of value and that very much sounds like Nil to me.
20:28 PerlJam s/that/the/
20:29 nine PerlJam: I've always seen None as the exact equivalent to Perl 5's undef.
20:31 nine >>> a = [None]
20:31 nine 1
20:31 PerlJam nine: Then, maybe it should be Mu rather than Any.
20:32 PerlJam nine: see S02:1340
20:32 synopsebot Link:
20:32 dalek rakudo/nom: a75337b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
20:32 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix internal deprecation message
20:32 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:33 nine PerlJam: then the same should be true for undef <-> Mu in Inline::Perl5
20:33 nine instead of undef <-> Any
20:33 PerlJam aye, I guess I just didn't notice it in Inline::Perl5 for some reason
20:34 TimToady the absence of a value should really be Nil, but we haven't fixed its interpolating to () in a list yet
20:37 TimToady but these days Mu is more like the mother of all concepts, not the absence of a value
20:37 moritz fwiw when I'd use undef in p5, I tend to use Any in p6
20:38 nine Oh, have to start cooking right now. Girlfriend's coming home in < 30 minutes
20:38 TimToady you'd think it was a friday or somethin'
20:49 dalek panda: 1184fef | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (6 files):
20:49 dalek panda: Fix deprecations
20:49 dalek panda: review:
20:50 lizmat panda should be free of deprecation messages now
20:50 lizmat please let me know if you see any nonetheless
20:52 btyler I'm seeing deprecation messages from inside m-CORE.setting about path; I did 'make clean/realclean' for moar, nqp, and rakudo and built everything over again, but they're still popping up. am I missing an important step? all repos are at HEAD
20:53 moritz btyler: sounds like a bug
21:00 lizmat btyler++  :-)
21:00 lizmat .oO( note to self: need to fix lodging as well )
21:03 anaeem1__ joined #perl6
21:13 KCL_ joined #perl6
21:14 dalek rakudo/nom: 849e3c1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ChangeLog:
21:14 dalek rakudo/nom: Mention demise of Increase/Decrease
21:14 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
21:21 treehug88 joined #perl6
21:22 treehug88 joined #perl6
21:22 Diederich joined #perl6
21:28 [Coke] seems like the generation of perl6 should depend on the core setting finishing.
21:37 dalek roast: review:
21:37 synopsebot Link:​ic/Bug/Display.html?id=118501
21:37 timotimo i have no idea
21:37 timotimo all i know is i can't run it %)
21:39 dalek panda: 0be4b82 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | TODO:
21:39 dalek panda: Mention magic incantation for updating submodules
21:39 dalek panda: review:
21:45 Ugator joined #perl6
21:48 Diederich ~~~
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: 0c89d51 | jonathan++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: Bump NQP_REVISION for Moar nqp::[ceil|floor]_n fix
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: Fixes bug reported in .round.
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: 5850d0a | jonathan++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: Get fixed NQP Moar.
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: b059a8a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: Remove Increase/Decrease
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: They were deprecated for over a year now.
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: a75337b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: Fix internal deprecation message
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: 849e3c1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ChangeLog:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: Mention demise of Increase/Decrease
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: 96b9a86 | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/Perl6/Actions.nqp:
21:52 dalek rakudo/newio: compile EXPORT::ALL to EXPORT::<ALL>
21:53 dalek rakudo/newio:
21:53 dalek rakudo/newio: This has the benefit that it does not blow up anymore. Resolves RT #118501.
21:53 synopsebot Link:​ic/Bug/Display.html?id=118501
21:53 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
21:53 dalek rakudo/newio: e90a169 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (5 files):
21:53 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
21:53 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
22:05 FROGGS_ TimToady: can you please judge?
22:05 FROGGS_ m: say EXPORT::ALL
22:05 camelia rakudo-moar a75337: OUTPUT«Could not find symbol '&ALL'␤  in method <anon> at src/gen/m-CORE.setting:13777␤  in any find_method_fallback at src/gen/m-Metamodel.nqp:2725␤  in any find_method at src/gen/m-Metamodel.nqp:988␤  in block <unit> at /tmp/YGzRAQfvZ6:1␤␤»
22:06 lizmat FROGGS_: I'm still getting that at HEAD
22:07 FROGGS_ m: sub a is export { "r_a" }; say EXPORT::ALL::
22:07 camelia rakudo-moar a75337: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Object of type ALL in QAST::WVal, but not in SC␤»
22:07 FROGGS_ m: sub a is export { "r_a" }; say EXPORT::ALL
22:07 camelia rakudo-moar a75337: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Object of type ALL in QAST::WVal, but not in SC␤»
22:08 dalek rakudo/nom: 113ede5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (4 files):
22:08 dalek rakudo/nom: Introduce placeholder
22:08 dalek rakudo/nom:
22:08 dalek rakudo/nom: To facilitate switching between nom and newio branches
22:08 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
22:08 FROGGS_ so, for that case only sadly
22:08 FROGGS_ well okay, it says "Could not find symbol '&ALL'", which is okayish
22:09 FROGGS_ perl6-m -e 'sub a is export(:blörg) { "r_a" }; say EXPORT::blörg::'
22:09 FROGGS_ "\&a" => sub a () { #`(Sub|74795960) ... }
22:40 lizmat good night, FROGGS_ !
22:40 bartolin o/
22:47 esaym153 joined #perl6
22:52 Mso150 joined #perl6
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: 113ede5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (4 files):
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: Introduce placeholder
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio:
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: To facilitate switching between nom and newio branches
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: 42c7c32 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (4 files):
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: Merge branch 'nom' into newio
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: 4539bdd | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: Initial setup of
23:07 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:08 lizmat on that note, /me goes to sleep
23:08 lizmat good night, #perl6!
23:08 lizmat &
23:09 colomon o/

Results for 2014-11-20

12:18 * timotimo will be driving the car around for a big chunk of $day
12:18 FROGGS timotimo: or in short: panda does not work yet with CUR::Installation, its PERL6LIB is wrong IIRC
12:19 timotimo that's good enough for me :)
12:22 vendethiel joined #perl6
12:25 dalek rakudo/nom: 553e633 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/announce/
12:25 dalek rakudo/nom: Initial version 2014.11 release announcement
12:25 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
12:33 kaare_ joined #perl6
12:41 Ven joined #perl6
12:41 Ven lizmat++
12:41 Ven "Force calling method for <.foo> even if sub foo exists" not sure I get that?
13:01 jfredett joined #perl6
13:01 lizmat FROGGS++  :-)
13:02 FROGGS lizmat:​perl6/2014-11-15#i_9667282
13:03 FROGGS lizmat: I'll be quite busy for the next five or six hours... but then I will have time for panda@win32, if that's not too late
13:04 dalek rakudo/nom: a50bb2e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/announce/
13:04 dalek rakudo/nom: Add paragraph about problems on OS X in release
13:04 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
13:04 lizmat FROGGS: that would be excellent  and not too late at all  :-)
13:05 FROGGS what a relief :o)
13:14 vendethiel joined #perl6
13:15 Ven what's going on here, vendethiel ?
13:38 lizmat me and my big mouth
13:38 FROGGS ahh :o)
13:38 FROGGS hehe
13:40 dalek rakudo/nom: bcdf988 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/announce/
13:40 dalek rakudo/nom: s/Octover/November/   woolfy++
13:40 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
13:42 FROGGS Ven: ETMA?
13:42 Ven *g*
13:53 masak ooh, a release is brewing?
13:54 masak amazing that Helsinki wasn't taken. lizmat++
19:54 timotimo raydiak: my dictionary suggests it's a shorter version of "desire to urinate"
19:55 raydiak timotimo: heh I see
19:55 * TimToady has never seen that word
19:55 timotimo okay :)
19:56 dalek rakudo/nom: 8af3ebe | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
19:56 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix for Panda breakage on Win32, FROGGS++
19:56 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
19:56 timotimo i know that cats can sense when someone needs to go to the toilet soon and they then get on that person's lap or something
19:56 TimToady the weird thing is that it seems like alternations are building the NFA twice, according to my debug output
19:56 jdv79 moritz: of course
19:57 TimToady so maybe there are some cheap cycles to cut out there
20:11 FROGGS TimToady: that was the commit I was talking about:​90094405e880179b7ae4379e78f28d0994823ff3
20:13 ptc_p6 joined #perl6
20:14 timotimo lizmat: looking forward to it :)
20:14 timotimo thanks for taking the time
20:16 dalek rakudo/nom: 294d5ab | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/release_guide.pod:
20:16 dalek rakudo/nom: Move release into place in release_guide
20:16 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:17 rurban joined #perl6
20:20 dalek nqp: f36a441 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | VERSION:
20:20 dalek nqp: bump VERSION to 2014.11
20:20 dalek nqp: review:
20:23 jdv79 it not complete but here's what i'm talking about:
20:24 vendethiel .tell hoelzro
20:24 yoleaux vendethiel: I'll pass your message to hoelzro.
20:25 hoelzro vendethiel: great =/
20:45 moritz (it's a shot in the dark, really)
20:45 FROGGS you can run his command in these clones later, no?
20:45 moritz lizmat: oh, and please do it in nqp too
20:45 moritz yes
20:46 dalek nqp: 4230e03 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/release_guide.pod:
20:46 dalek nqp: Mention building separately for different backends
20:46 dalek nqp: review:
20:47 arnsholt What's the lexotic op in NQP for, apart from returning stuff?
20:47 * moritz notices that the rakudo-m build on linux produces a dynext/container.o and a dynext/perl6-ops.o, both of which don't have any 'moar' or 'm-' in the name
20:49 moritz arnsholt: seems to be about lexically restricted exception handlers
20:49 moritz arnsholt: does that make any sense to you? :-)
20:59 lizmat now
20:59 lizmat I don't think I can upload it though
20:59 FROGGS I can
21:00 lizmat kewl
21:01 dalek nqp: bef19e0 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/release_guide.pod:
21:01 dalek nqp: Mention FROGGS++ as one of the people to upload
21:01 dalek nqp: review:
21:03 PerlJam lizmat: are you liz@LizyPro?
21:03 vendethiel Lizy Pro (TM)
21:03 PerlJam from the authorized_keys file, it looks like Coke, timotimo, and sergot (and lizmat if that's her) can also upload
21:04 timotimo o/
21:07 PerlJam make "exec select * from stuff where id > $blah" Just Work
21:08 arnsholt moritz: More or less. Thanks!
21:08 PerlJam (I don't have a clue how hard that would be, but I can dream a little bit, I think)
21:08 tony-o PerlJam: ahh, yea that might be iteration 2, that is probably not that hard - find variables pop them onto an array and replace with '?'
21:09 dalek nqp: 14905e2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/release_guide.pod:
21:09 dalek nqp: Mention 'make release' only for parrot Makefile
21:09 dalek nqp: review:
21:11 PerlJam tony-o: Where did you come up with the "exec ... with" syntax from?   (I would guess one of the embedded SQL flavors)
21:11 tony-o i'm sure it exists somewhere but it seemed more natural than what i started with
21:12 tony-o i originally had perform (vars) <sql> <block>
21:14 tony-o the only language i've used with inline sql is ABAP and that starts off with just your sql
21:20 timotimo yays
21:21 PerlJam tony-o: that it's also familiar-ish because of its resemblance to embedded SQL dialects is a plus too.
21:30 PerlJam tony-o: actually, after thinking about it a little more, you /might/ want to s/exec/SQL/ to make it super clear about which universe is impinging upon the Perl 6 code.  Or at least something other than "exec" as that's kind of generic as far as terms go.
21:32 * raydiak was thinking about 'sql' instead of 'exec' too
21:38 dalek rakudo/nom: fd96de9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
21:38 dalek rakudo/nom: [2014.11] bump NQP revision
21:38 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
21:39 tony-o PerlJam: raydiak: i'll change it so it's clear when reading
21:40 dalek rakudo/nom: f195135 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | VERSION:
21:40 dalek rakudo/nom: [2014.11] bump VERSION
21:40 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
21:41 PerlJam tony-o: do you have to export the perform sub in order for it to be called?  That seems like an implementation detail that shouldn't necessarily be part of the interface.
21:41 tony-o PerlJam: i'm trying to figure that part out before i release it
21:42 tony-o i don't like having the sub floating around either
21:42 ugexe tony-o: i dont think you can use placeholders everywhere in a sql query
22:05 jdv79 or does .gist vary that much from .perl that its not well suited
22:06 grep0r joined #perl6
22:13 kjs_ joined #perl6
22:14 kurahaupo joined #perl6
22:22 dalek rakudo/nom: 7191e49 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/release_guide.pod:
22:22 dalek rakudo/nom: Mention FROGGS++ as one of the uploaders
22:22 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
22:22 raydiak my main complaint with .gist is that it's often not pretty enough for output to users, and not detailed enough for debug output for developers, so it's good for...what?
22:22 lizmat to give you a gist ?
22:23 raydiak if it at least preserved brackets and list separators, I'd get a it is, I often don't get the gist from .gist
22:23 lizmat "the substance or general meaning of a speech or text"
23:20 lizmat it only has the parameters that Perl6 itself understands  :-(
23:22 kurahaupo1 joined #perl6
23:23 prime joined #perl6
23:24 prime moritz: I'm interested in implementing ilbot, but HINRIK/Bot-BasicBot-0.81.tar.gz seems outdated as 0.82 is all that seems to offer. Is there a reason you used that version?
23:27 dalek roast: cc95f52 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S11-modules/export.t:
23:27 dalek roast: Fix failing export tests for JVM backend
23:27 dalek roast:
23:27 dalek roast: I'm not sure whether the tests are bogus or not, but an exported sub in the
23:27 dalek roast: EXPORT::ALL namespace has a different .WHICH from the original on the JVM.
23:27 dalek roast: The exports themselves appear to be working as expected, from cursory testing.
23:27 dalek roast: review:
23:33 vendethiel joined #perl6
23:34 telex joined #perl6
23:40 lizmat Helsinki has been released!
23:40 woolfy lizmat++

Results for 2014-11-11

09:03 * masak spectests
09:03 GibbaTheHutt joined #perl6
09:24 tinyblak joined #perl6
09:28 Sqirrel joined #perl6
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: 0c2affd | masak++ | src/core/
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: [] require .truncated-to arg be defined
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom:
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: itz++ moritz++
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
09:31 dakkar joined #perl6
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: 41fe4f9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: Unbreak chdir on Win32
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom:
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: This reverts commit 2b57f3f48812528280e6d7371517083712ff69f1.
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
09:32 lizmat FROGGS: ^^  I won't have much time in the next days to fix this in any other way
09:32 moritz masak++ # one down, two to go
09:33 lizmat afk for a few hours&
09:35 Mso150 joined #perl6
14:41 masak ...and then we can discuss taking a well-oiled solution wholesale and maybe putting it in core.
14:42 gtodd so could there be a role that has methods which can be overridden or augmented by loading a cpanda module ?
14:43 masak "cpanda"?
14:43 masak tadzik: you're a freaking genius!
14:43 dalek rakudo/newio: 4e45909 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
14:43 dalek rakudo/newio: Eradicate :test again
14:43 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:43 dalek rakudo/newio: a8e368f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
14:43 dalek rakudo/newio: dir() now returns IO::Local objects
14:43 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
14:44 masak all these years, I hadn't noticed that "CPAN" and "panda" have three letters' overlap!
14:44 gtodd oops ...  errm "ecosystem" ...
14:44 gtodd comprehensive perl archive network distributed archive ??
14:44 gtodd hmm
15:18 FROGGS ahh, we can just precompile the json files
15:18 FROGGS (or the .perl of our hash later)
15:19 lizmat yes, but again, I'm afraid json will be short on features that we need
15:19 FROGGS that's why I mention the .perl :o)
15:20 dalek rakudo/newio: cfefdaf | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
15:20 dalek rakudo/newio: $*EXECUTABLE is now an IO::File
15:20 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
15:20 lizmat FWIW, I'm going to do *all* of the changes I think are needed in the branch
15:20 lizmat and then check panda again
15:21 lizmat my assumption is now that the panda problem is really caused by an incomplete migration
15:30 FROGGS yeah
22:47 leont joined #perl6
23:03 * araujo looks around
23:04 * araujo has not used rakudo in a while and wonders how mature it is for a (pseudo)production project
23:05 Mouq​perl6/2014-11-07#i_9626379
23:05 dalek rakudo/newio: c51e844 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (9 files):
23:05 dalek rakudo/newio: $*CWD is now an IO::Dir
23:05 dalek rakudo/newio: review:
23:08 FROGGS araujo: I'd say that rakudo-on-moar is worth a try at least
23:09 araujo FROGGS, I will check
23:09 araujo it's mainly for parsing magic
23:11 Alina-malina joined #perl6

Results for 2014-11-10

15:10 TuxCM it is not ansi-compliant
15:10 TuxCM IIRC ^\s+define\s+foo(a,b)\s+... is misinterpreted
15:11 TuxCM IIRC ^\s+#define\s+foo(a,b)\s+... is misinterpreted
15:11 TuxCM or ^\s+#\s+define\s+foo(a,b)\s+...
15:29 dalek rakudo/nom: 7ecf691 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
15:29 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix problem with MAKE-ROOT
15:29 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
15:35 bowtie joined #perl6
15:36 mirjam joined #perl6
15:38 peteretep I am trying to understand at a high level
15:38 peteretep How does it get around the fact that Perl "can't be parsed", in terms of barewords and sub signatures?
17:49 panchiniak left #perl6
17:49 panchiniak joined #perl6
17:51 panchiniak left #perl6
17:54 denis_boyun joined #perl6
17:59 dalek rakudo/nom: cb1b1c5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
17:59 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix issues with MAKE-CLEAN-PARTS
17:59 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
18:03 dalek doc: b8d0d4d | (Steve Mynott)++ | lib/Type/Date.pod:
18:03 dalek doc: truncated-to args as spec and code
18:03 dalek doc: review:
18:06 vendethiel o/,#perl6
18:12 denis_boyun_ joined #perl6
18:12 FROGGS joined #perl6
18:15 guru joined #perl6

Results for 2014-11-07

11:07 lizmat ?
11:07 azawawi A cool comment # Add a user friendly message to signify the demise of a promise :)
11:10 ori joined #perl6
11:11 kjs_ joined #perl6
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom: a0304c3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom: Deprecate $handle.slurp -> slurp-rest
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom:
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom: As discussed on IRC between
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom:
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom:​perl6/2014-11-06#i_9621920
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom:
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom: and
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom:
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom:​perl6/2014-11-07#i_9622383
11:12 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
11:15 lizmat azawawi: when you break a promise, you can state why that is
11:16 lizmat are you saying that somewhere in the bowels of Proc::Async promises are broken with less then user friendly messages?
11:16 azawawi no at all
11:16 lizmat or are you looking something more qmail like, like "Sorry it didn't work out" ?  :-)

Results for 2014-11-05

10:31 grondilu brrt: not really.  More that I'd like a C parser to automate X11 bindings
10:32 brrt i see
10:32 brrt :-)
10:33 jack_rabbit joined #perl6
10:41 dalek specs: edb565d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
10:41 dalek specs: Revert "Spec dir() default exclusion to all /^\./"
10:41 dalek specs:
10:41 dalek specs: It appears the consensus is to just ignore . and ..
10:41 dalek specs:
10:41 dalek specs: This reverts commit 91c184fbb816b642b9ac724db65352e6cfd2eb3a.
10:41 dalek specs: review:
10:42 dalek rakudo/nom: 1ad58fc | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
10:42 dalek rakudo/nom: Revert "dir primitives exclude anything starting with ".""
10:42 dalek rakudo/nom:
10:42 dalek rakudo/nom: It appears the consensus is to just ignore '.' and '..' by default
10:42 dalek rakudo/nom:
10:42 dalek rakudo/nom: This reverts commit f7c7b06a98fdd89ab8686ed52d4d9746fb0b0189.
10:42 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:42 grondilu FROGGS: added a comment on your fork:​GGS/5268178#comment-1331609
10:43 grondilu meh nevermind.  I removed it.  I suspect it was dumb.
10:44 araujo joined #perl6
10:44 araujo joined #perl6
11:01 camelia rakudo-moar 315ec6: OUTPUT«[31m===[0mSORRY![31m===[0m Error while compiling /tmp/qzLW5hSsJb�Colon pair value ''8'' too complex to use in name�at /tmp/qzLW5hSsJb:1�------> [32mmmar { token integer-constant:radix['8'][33m�[31m { .* } }[0m�»
11:01 FROGGS m: grammar { token integer-constant:radix[8] { .* } }
11:01 camelia rakudo-moar 315ec6: OUTPUT«[31m===[0mSORRY![31m===[0m Error while compiling /tmp/XbYIEfq_XH�Colon pair value '8' too complex to use in name�at /tmp/XbYIEfq_XH:1�------> [32mrammar { token integer-constant:radix[8][33m�[31m { .* } }[0m�»
11:01 FROGGS hmmm
11:01 dalek specs: 1d0834c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
11:01 dalek specs: Remove :test parameter from chdir/tmpdir/homedir
11:01 dalek specs: review:
11:05 Mso150 joined #perl6
11:06 chenryn joined #perl6
11:12 esaym153 joined #perl6
11:13 Grrrr joined #perl6
11:18 dalek nqp: 92f6783 | (Tobias Leich)++ | tools/build/MOAR_REVISION:
11:18 dalek nqp: bump moar rev (#122896)
11:18 dalek nqp: review:
11:18 synopsebot Link:​ic/Bug/Display.html?id=122896
11:18 dalek rakudo/nom: d2e301e | (Tobias Leich)++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
11:18 dalek rakudo/nom: bump nqp/moar rev (#122896)
11:18 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
13:45 lizmat lucas__ o/
13:45 PerlJam greetings lucas__
13:45 lucas__ thanks!
13:46 thou joined #perl6
13:47 dalek specs: 4e09ab8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
13:47 dalek specs: Some more :test eradication
13:47 dalek specs: review:
13:47 lucas__ So, following the conventions of traditional Unix and Perl 5 manpages, would it be interesting to move AUTHORS sections to the very end of the file, instead of leaving them at the very beginning?
13:48 lucas__ Having said that, I have to say I fully admire the hard work of the original authors. I hope this is not disrespectful.
13:49 lucas__ But I think nowadays, the specs are community-property, rather than the work of sole-authors like it was "In The Beginning".
13:50 lizmat I guess the AUTHORS section also predates anything like "git blame"  :-)
15:49 timotimo what's wrong? is their certificate self-signed? or expired?
15:49 ClarusCogitatio joined #perl6
15:50 FROGGS we can install their cert, that should also do I guess
15:50 timotimo i would prefer that, but i don't know how to handle certificate storage and stuff ...
15:50 dalek rakudo/nom: 0f77ebe | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
15:50 dalek rakudo/nom: Introduce CHANGE-DIRECTORY primitive
15:50 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
15:50 dalek rakudo/nom: 2b57f3f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
15:50 dalek rakudo/nom: Eradicate :test from chdir/indir/tmpdir/homedir
15:50 dalek rakudo/nom:
15:50 dalek rakudo/nom: As per current consensus / spec
15:50 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
15:51 PerlJam lizmat++ yay!
15:51 tadzik github cert in my browser verifies perfectly well
15:51 FROGGS tadzik: for me too
15:51 tinyblak_ joined #perl6

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