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Results for 2014-09-28

11:40 salv0 joined #perl6
11:40 lizmat but we'll take just 'use strict' for now  :-)
11:41 leont joined #perl6
11:41 FROGGS vendethiel / lizmat: the spec is very vague about what no strict is
11:41 dalek rakudo/nom: 38453d1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ChangeLog:
11:41 dalek rakudo/nom: Finally lax arrives!   FROGGS++
11:41 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
11:42 FROGGS so, strict is all about variable declaration at this point
11:42 lizmat yeah... it's a nice to have in -e right now
11:43 lizmat but perhaps not wise yet to have your code depend on 'no strict'  :-)
11:44 tinyblak joined #perl6
16:17 tony-o IO::Path
16:18 lizmat tony-o: how ?
16:19 lizmat how do they use $*CWD as an IO::Path ?
16:20 tony-o i use it for finding plugin modules
16:20 dalek specs: c29d697 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
16:20 dalek specs: -> dirname, for clarity
16:20 dalek specs: review:
16:20 tony-o or, possible plugin modules
16:21 dalek rakudo-star-daily: d8575cf | coke++ | log/MoarVM-version.log:
16:21 tony-o oh nvm. i abandoned doing it that way
16:21 dalek rakudo-star-daily: today (automated commit)
19:28 yoleaux I saw perltricks 4 Jul 2014 01:25Z in #perl6: <perltricks> hey EVAL is missing from perl6/doc and I want to add it, but I'm not sure where it should go. Should it be in routines? All the routines seem to be extracted from a parent file - what would the parent of EVAL be? thanks!
19:30 dalek Heuristic branch merge: pushed 24 commits to panda/CPAN by FROGGS
19:30 * raiph wonders if perltricks sent to the http::// project
19:32 SamuraiJack_ joined #perl6
19:36 dalek panda/CPAN: cce7978 | (Tobias Leich)++ | .gitmodules:
19:36 dalek panda/CPAN: replace NativeCall clone with proper submodule
19:36 dalek panda/CPAN: review:
19:41 xenoterracide joined #perl6
19:43 dalek rakudo/nom: 29de963 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | / (4 files):
19:43 dalek rakudo/nom: Change order in which we parse IO::Spec c.s.
19:43 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
19:45 Psyche^_ joined #perl6
19:54 dalek panda/CPAN: 3b16437 | (Tobias Leich)++ | / (5 files):
19:54 dalek panda/CPAN: make all dependencies git submodules
19:54 dalek panda/CPAN: review:
19:56 dalek panda/CPAN: d5b92ae | (Tobias Leich)++ | ext/File__Tools:
19:56 dalek panda/CPAN: removed File::Tools
19:56 dalek panda/CPAN: review:
20:00 dalek panda/CPAN: 4bcc5b5 | (Tobias Leich)++ | ext/ (3 files):
20:00 dalek panda/CPAN: update submodules
20:00 dalek panda/CPAN: review:
20:05 nbrown_ joined #perl6
20:07 nine v6-inline is currently only in a branch since I want to gather some experience with the interface before merging. It's proven useful so far :) I'm just not sure if generating a class is always the right thing.
20:10 rmgk_ joined #perl6
20:11 dalek rakudo/nom: f02bf8f | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/core/
21:31 gtodd geekosaur: ^^HEAD would make more sense but git has plenty o' options it's like exploring a cave
21:51 lizmat seems 6cd83e532e93 has broken the JVM build
21:52 lizmat trying to fix that one now
22:00 lizmat testing fix on moar
22:04 dalek rakudo/nom: b13069b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
22:04 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix JVM build breakage
22:04 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
22:42 _slade_ joined #perl6
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Results for 2014-09-26

09:32 brrt anything that relies on a lot of calls to a lot of subroutines is going to hurt
09:32 moritz aye
09:32 moritz there are 99k lines here in /usr/share/dict/words
09:33 moritz and it seems we have at least 5x as many invocations
09:33 dalek roast: 4b5dd97 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-filehandles/open.t:
09:33 dalek roast: Unfudge now passing test on rakudo
09:33 dalek roast: review:
09:33 moritz actually, a lot more
09:34 moritz just looking at the numbers, we seem to invoke ~13 frames per list item
09:34 Ven :(
09:35 moritz on the plus side, we spend only 11% of the time GC-ing
20:15 lizmat .seen cognome
20:15 yoleaux I saw cognome 25 Sep 2014 21:55Z in #perl6: <cognome> lizmat++, I am trying to keep pace with your changes. In S32/IO.pod, should not the @text be slurpy?
20:15 lizmat selfupping karma  :-)
20:15 Ven take it :)
20:16 dalek rakudo/nom: 1613b0b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
20:16 dalek rakudo/nom: Remove old parrot wart
20:16 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:16 [Coke] ^^ fixing that would get you more karam!
20:16 [Coke] ... karma.
20:17 lizmat .oO( karamba karma! )
20:20 njmurphy joined #perl6

Results for 2014-09-25

12:08 moritz m: gather { (class { method sink { say 'sunk' } }).new }
12:08 camelia rakudo-moar 5d8eeb: OUTPUT«sunk␤»
12:08 moritz not just technically :-)
12:12 yeahnoob joined #perl6
12:12 dalek roast: bc10238 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S03-operators/misc.t:
12:12 dalek roast: Fix unquoted fudge message
12:12 dalek roast: review:
12:19 lizmat open() shouldn't work on directories at all, right ?
12:23 kurahaupo joined #perl6
12:31 cognome joined #perl6
12:34 Ven joined #perl6
15:03 nine py2-over-ip-over-avian-carriers-over-py3
15:08 telex joined #perl6
15:10 mberends joined #perl6
15:14 gtodd nine: cool py2+3 in perl5+6 !  ... but do you still have to do all the careful  indents and stuff ? ;-)
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: 17a13c7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (4 files):
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: First part of making IO up to spec
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom:
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: with S16 | S32/IO synopsis updates.
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom:
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: This set of changes makes the .IO coercer return an IO::Path, rather than an
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: (unopened) IO::Handle.  Minor roast changes were necessary, but just because
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: the spec changed.  Hope that any problems in the ecosystem, will become clear
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: quickly: I don't expect many issues, though, apart from some features now
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: actually working  :-)
15:21 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
15:22 dalek roast: 114dd17 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S (3 files):
15:22 dalek roast: Minor IO related tweaks
15:22 dalek roast: review:
15:22 moritz m: sub native(Sub $x) { }; native sub foo() { say 42 }; foo
15:23 camelia rakudo-moar 5d8eeb: OUTPUT«[31m===[0mSORRY![31m===[0m Error while compiling /tmp/0MlIyWykQVâ�¤Unable to parse native definitionâ�¤at /tmp/0MlIyWykQV:1â�¤------> [32msub native(Sub $x) { }; native sub [33mâ��[31mfoo() { say 42 }; foo[0mâ�¤    expecting any of:â�¤        state…»
15:23 moritz why doesn't that work?
15:23 moritz m: sub n(Sub $x) { }; n sub foo() { say 42 }; foo
20:53 dalek rakudo/nom: 9a57a36 | (Tobias Leich)++ | tools/build/NQP_REVISION:
20:53 dalek rakudo/nom: bump nqp rev for C global support on parrot/jvm
20:53 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:54 lizmat hmm... seems that a XCode upgrade gave me a new clang:  Apple LLVM version 6.0 (clang-600.0.51) (based on LLVM 3.5svn)
20:55 dalek rakudo/nom: 85c4c02 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
20:55 dalek rakudo/nom: Temporary unlazy introduction of $*SPEC
20:55 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:55 kjs_ joined #perl6
20:56 lizmat alas, apparently still no asan support: clang: error: unsupported argument 'address' to option 'fsanitize='
20:59 * brrt afk
20:59 brrt left #perl6
21:51 lizmat argh: Stage mbc        : At Frame 5526, Instruction 75, op 'decont', operand 1, MAST::Local of wrong type (7) specified; expected 8
21:51 BenGoldberg joined #perl6
21:53 nbrown joined #perl6
21:55 cognome lizmat++, I am trying to keep pace with your changes. In S32/IO.pod, should not the @text be slurpy?
21:57 dalek specs: 2dcaf6d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
21:57 dalek specs: @text should be slurpy, cognome++
21:57 dalek specs: review:
22:04 lizmat m: sub a { say %_.perl }; my %h = a => 42; a( |%h, :a<foo> )   # expecting a => 'foo', is that a wrong thought ?
22:04 camelia rakudo-moar 85c4c0: OUTPUT«("a" => 42).hash␤»
22:08 lizmat m: sub a { say %_.perl }; a( :a<foo>, :a<bar> )  # here the later overwrites the earlier
22:08 camelia rakudo-moar 85c4c0: OUTPUT«("a" => "bar").hash␤»

Results for 2014-09-24

09:45 lizmat ok, if it's that confusing, maybe it's just a bad idea
09:46 brrt :-)
09:46 lizmat even the dictionary is in two minds about it  :-(
09:48 brrt well.. xor and nor are clear enough
09:49 dalek specs: 12f5bf6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
09:49 dalek specs: Small rearranging
09:49 dalek specs: review:
09:54 virtualsue joined #perl6
09:59 sergot FROGGS:​perl6/2014-09-10#i_9326947
09:59 sergot found it!
09:59 sergot :)
10:03 lizmat sergot FROGGS: where is this about?
10:04 lizmat *what
10:04 lizmat the @(Bag) change ?  is it causing problems ?
10:15 nbrown joined #perl6
10:23 dalek specs: 0c34759 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
10:23 dalek specs: Forget chmod() + some cosmetics
10:23 dalek specs: review:
10:24 pmurias joined #perl6
10:26 xinming_ joined #perl6
10:26 pmurias hi
10:26 yoleaux 04:59Z <ingy> pmurias: I'll explain my acmeist thoughts on translation tomorrow when you are about.
10:47 masak bring it! :D
10:47 philh If I'm in a REPL, how do I load a .pl?
10:47 jnthn eval slurp ''
10:47 masak om nom nom
10:47 dalek specs: f75e1a3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
10:47 dalek specs: IO::Path.contents is ambiguous, use .dir instead
10:47 dalek specs: review:
10:47 lizmat EVAL perhaps ?
10:48 masak perhaps :(
10:48 philh @lizmat: got it
10:48 lizmat ''.IO.slurp.EVAL
12:27 muixirt hmm, some modules lack documentation
12:27 nine This also seems to work and shouldn't depend on the call stack: EVAL("module $package \{\n$code\n\}", context => OUTER::OUTER::OUTER::OUTER::);
12:28 FROGGS bbiab
12:30 xenoterracide joined #perl6
12:35 dalek specs: 812d1ac | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
12:35 dalek specs: Add IO::Path.slurp + some cosmetics
12:35 dalek specs: review:
12:35 dalek specs: f153027 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
12:35 dalek specs: Part 3 of S32/IO revamp
12:35 dalek specs:
12:35 dalek specs: Done IO::Path, IO::Handle still to come.
12:35 dalek specs: review:
12:35 zakharyas joined #perl6
12:35 bjz joined #perl6
12:36 pmurias jnthn: re nqp::serialization hack it think I keeping the ability to cross compile will be usefull even after the bootstrap, but the hack doesn't seem to have significant bad sideffect so I think it's best to just keep it until we come up with some elegant solution
12:37 pmurias do we want to use a '.pl' extension for Perl 6 scripts?
15:45 bjz joined #perl6
15:48 zakharyas joined #perl6
15:57 oetiker joined #perl6
15:58 oetiker joined #perl6
15:58 dalek specs: 5b8d701 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
15:58 dalek specs: Minor tweaks, had forgotten .spurt
15:58 dalek specs: review:
15:58 dalek specs: 6ea0174 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
15:58 dalek specs: Part 4 of S32/IO revamp
15:58 dalek specs:
15:58 dalek specs: Finished with IO::Handle now.  Leaving the rest of the dragons for a later
15:58 dalek specs: time.  My head hurts.
15:58 dalek specs: review:
15:59 lizmat Hopes people will have time to review S32/IO   ^^^^
15:59 lizmat (and S16, but that is more general)
16:00 dalek rakudo/nom: ecf1acd | jonathan++ | src/Perl6/ (2 files):
16:00 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix class GLOBAL::Foo { } declarations.
16:56 nine lizmat: thanks!
16:56 nine That's a bit more complicated than I'm used to :)
16:57 lizmat yeah, but then P5 only has undef
16:57 kaleem joined #perl6
16:59 dalek rakudo/nom: 5d8eebf | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/Perl6/World.nqp:
16:59 dalek rakudo/nom: Naive fix for build crash on OS X
16:59 dalek rakudo/nom:
16:59 dalek rakudo/nom: Apparently during the building of the setting, @!components[0] can be
16:59 dalek rakudo/nom: something on which you cannot do an "eq" reliably.
16:59 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
17:00 lizmat .tell jnthn this fixes the build breakage for me:
17:00 yoleaux lizmat: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
17:02 mberends japhb: agreed, particularly if simultaneous parallel rebuilds. If a server is initially overspecced, it could do optional work like smoke testing, benchmarking etc.
17:06 mberends japhb: if it's the hosting provider I think you might be considering, I wonder if we could experiment with packaging a service such as evalbot in a Docker container?

Results for 2014-09-23

04:13 nbrown joined #perl6
04:15 anaeem1 joined #perl6
04:20 [Coke] m: say 6
04:20 camelia rakudo-moar 0412f5: OUTPUT«6␤»
04:21 dalek perl6-roast-data: 525a94e | coke++ | bin/ (2 files):
04:21 dalek perl6-roast-data: Re-enable rakudo.jvm runs
04:21 dalek perl6-roast-data: review:​-roast-data/commit/525a94ec0a
04:21 dalek perl6-roast-data: 08f93fe | coke++ | / (2 files):
04:21 dalek perl6-roast-data: Belatedy run the rakudo.jvm daily.
04:21 dalek perl6-roast-data: review:​-roast-data/commit/08f93febad
04:32 tinyblak joined #perl6
04:32 sftp joined #perl6
04:35 _slade_ joined #perl6
05:06 xenoterracide joined #perl6
05:11 vladtz joined #perl6
05:13 dalek specs: 626b042 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
05:13 dalek specs: Added some stragglers
05:13 dalek specs: review:
05:13 dalek rakudo/nom: e5e9286 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
05:13 dalek rakudo/nom: Minor streamline of prompt()
05:13 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
05:14 nbrown joined #perl6
05:14 lizmat LHF: there are apparently no tests for prompt()
05:17 dalek specs: eaffff8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/IO-OLD.pod:
05:17 dalek specs: Old version of S32/IO, for future reference
05:17 dalek specs: review:
05:21 chenryn joined #perl6
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07:24 Akagi201 joined #perl6
07:24 lizmat others: uniq, squish, rotor  (which would make current specific Supply methods possibly obsolete)
07:25 virtualsue joined #perl6
07:26 chenryn joined #perl6
07:28 dalek specs: 0ba7481 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
07:28 dalek specs: Some minor movement, tweaks
07:28 dalek specs: review:
07:28 dalek specs: 9d5747d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
07:28 dalek specs: Not sure we need glob at all
07:28 dalek specs:
07:28 dalek specs: If you really want a systems's glob() semantics, we should probably just do
07:28 dalek specs: a Proc::Async to the file system and return a lazy .lines from that.
07:28 dalek specs: review:
07:30 chenryn joined #perl6
07:36 dalek specs: da6c654 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
07:36 dalek specs: Oops, forgot one Testable -> FileTestable
07:36 dalek specs: review:
07:43 Ven joined #perl6
07:44 Ven o/, #perl6
07:45 lizmat Ven o/
08:02 dalek specs: abb19a5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
08:02 dalek specs: Add "extension"
08:02 dalek specs: review:
08:13 kjs__ joined #perl6
08:13 fhelmberger joined #perl6
08:16 nbrown joined #perl6
08:17 ghostlines joined #perl6
08:23 dalek specs: 594cb70 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
08:23 dalek specs: Eradicate IO::FileTestable role
08:23 dalek specs:
08:23 dalek specs: There is no point keeping this functionality in a role, as it only just works
08:23 dalek specs: on an IO::Path really.  In the IO::Handle case, it works on the $!path of the
08:23 dalek specs: IO::Handle object: which should be easily installable with "handles".
08:23 dalek specs: review:
08:27 chenryn joined #perl6
08:27 dalek specs: a2a2524 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
08:27 dalek specs: Part 1 of S32/IO revamp
08:27 dalek specs:
08:27 dalek specs: Got as far as slurp()
08:27 dalek specs: review:
08:27 dakkar joined #perl6
08:27 lizmat afk for a few hours&
08:34 brrt joined #perl6
08:38 [Sno] joined #perl6
16:46 [Coke] m: my @data; my @row = (1,2,3); say +@row; @data.push:@row; say +@data;
16:46 camelia rakudo-moar e5e928: OUTPUT«3␤0␤»
16:47 * leont can now parse nested TAP subtests (something I think no other TAP harness can do yet) :-)
16:48 telex joined #perl6
16:48 dalek specs: cd1ca78 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
16:48 dalek specs: Eradicate chtmpdir/chhomedir in favour of chdir
16:48 dalek specs:
16:48 dalek specs: With extra :test capability.
16:48 dalek specs: review:
16:50 colomon nine: how do you build Inline::Perl5 by hand?
16:50 * colomon thinks it has gotten more complicated since the last time he tried
16:50 [Coke] m: my @data; my @row = (1,2,3); say +@row; @data.push([@row]); say +@data;
16:50 camelia rakudo-moar e5e928: OUTPUT«3␤1␤»
17:01 ingy but not until ~2015
17:02 pmurias heh
17:02 ingy say -Fizz*-%3+-Buzz*-%5|- for 1:100
17:04 pmurias that's your translate to everything language?
17:04 dalek specs: 5741ebe | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
17:04 dalek specs: Remove islink/readlink, add L (readlink) file test
17:04 dalek specs: review:
17:04 ingy I had it as: 1:100.for{say{(%3)&s+='Fizz';(%5)&s+='Buzz';s|-}
17:05 ingy but then saw the p6 genius
17:05 ingy pmurias: yes
17:05 ingy translate to many things
18:23 gfldex joined #perl6
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18:24 bartolin joined #perl6
18:26 dalek roast: 8ceaf34 | (Tobias Leich)++ | S03-operators/bit.t:
18:26 dalek roast: unfuge now passing test, skids++
18:26 dalek roast: review:
18:28 dalek rakudo/optimatch: 9aa8f6e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/Spec/
18:28 dalek rakudo/optimatch: Fix another case of double slurpy
18:28 dalek rakudo/optimatch:
18:28 dalek rakudo/optimatch: There shouldn't be any more in the core now.
18:28 dalek rakudo/optimatch: review:
18:29 dalek joined #perl6
18:30 _slade_ joined #perl6
18:31 [Sno] joined #perl6
18:35 skids \o/ now I can upload Sum::Tiger.  Well, at next star I guess.
19:16 lizmat the latter seems more likely, judging from the commit message
19:18 nine m: BEGIN GLOBAL::<Test> = class { };;
19:18 camelia rakudo-moar e5e928: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤Object of type <anon> in QAST::WVal, but not in SC␤»
19:20 lizmat nine: I guess that "class Test {}" does something more than GLOBAL::<Test> = class { }
19:22 dalek roast: 9e8d44e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S03-operators/numeric-shift.t:
19:22 dalek roast: Unfudge now passing test on parrot
19:22 dalek roast: review:
19:25 vendethiel o/, #perl6
19:25 nbrown joined #perl6
19:28 rurban joined #perl6
19:28 lizmat vendethiel o/
20:57 camelia rakudo-moar 682e03: OUTPUT«[31m===[0mSORRY![31m===[0m Error while compiling /tmp/mpQ9hbFWDKâ�¤Undeclared name:â�¤    SIMPLECATCH used at line 1â�¤â�¤Â»
20:57 Ven NYI then? or implem. details?
20:58 lizmat NYI/rakudobug: probably NYI
20:59 FROGGS gnight
21:02 dalek specs: 7ddb1f4 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
21:02 dalek specs: Fix alphabetical ordero
21:02 dalek specs: review:
21:05 lizmat good night, FROGGS!
21:19 ssutch joined #perl6
21:20 pmqs joined #perl6
21:22 telex joined #perl6
21:23 Ven Not even sure what fail vs die
21:26 Ven hehe "THE_END"
21:26 nbrown joined #perl6
21:28 Ven kay, that's a bit more explanations WRT exceptions
21:36 dalek specs: 785ccf7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
21:36 dalek specs: Added curupdir
21:36 dalek specs:
21:36 dalek specs: As alternative to no-parent-or-current-test
21:36 dalek specs: review:
21:36 dalek specs: 6c22187 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/IO.pod:
21:36 dalek specs: Part 2 of S32/IO revamp
21:36 dalek specs:
21:36 dalek specs: Got as far as doing all of IO::Spec.  IO::Path and IO::Handle still to follow.
21:36 dalek specs: review:
21:37 * lizmat can't wait to start implementing all this  ^^^
21:37 lizmat but first, some sleep
21:37 lizmat so good night, #perl6!
21:39 [Coke] lizmat++~~

Results for 2014-09-22

09:28 lizmat .tell raiph anybody can write their own distribution manager (CompUnitRepo) as long as it adheres to the specced API
09:28 yoleaux lizmat: I'll pass your message to raiph.
09:28 dakkar joined #perl6
09:34 tinyblak joined #perl6
09:44 dalek rakudo/nom: 171fbe1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
09:44 dalek rakudo/nom: Eh, and what about (u)int2 and (u)int4 ?
09:44 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
09:50 kjs_ joined #perl6
09:51 dalek rakudo/nom: 416969d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
09:51 dalek rakudo/nom: Auto-sense 32/64 bitness
09:51 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
09:51 nbrown joined #perl6
10:11 jerrycheung joined #perl6
10:18 dalek specs: 347fa05 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io-OLD.pod:
10:18 dalek specs: Move current S16 to OLD version, for reference
10:18 dalek specs: review:
10:25 timotimo a complete IO overhaul? :3
10:25 carlin is the result of CompUnit.precomp-path supposed to be a Str, or should it be a Path?
10:26 FROGGS timotimo: to catch stats etc
10:27 lizmat carlin: good question, I'm still in 2 minds about that
15:22 gtodd nine: hmm Inline::Perl5 was getting faster on simple little scripts I had but some just dropped from 5+ to 4 seconds ... I should rm -rf more often :)
15:22 brrt jnthn: with regards to your native array stuff... what will that be like?
15:22 yoleaux 19 Sep 2014 14:35Z <timotimo> brrt: when we have proper jit code production for invoking NativeCall stuff .. that could be super amazingly cool :)
15:22 yoleaux 19 Sep 2014 14:36Z <timotimo> brrt: i'm not sure if that'd end up super easy because we already have the code that emits regular calls to MVM_* functions, or if it's going to be harder because we have to be converting data types back and forth?
15:22 dalek specs: 083a1a2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
15:22 dalek specs: First part of S16 rewrite
15:22 dalek specs:
15:22 dalek specs: Features of IO::Spec, IO::Path and IO::Handle will follow
15:22 dalek specs: review:
15:23 brrt timotimo: yes
15:23 lizmat cycling&
15:23 brrt \o
15:23 jnthn brrt: If I knew that, there'd be a lot more code by now ;-)
19:06 nbrown joined #perl6
19:09 nine Coke: would access to a machine with ~ 7GiB of free RAM and 8 cores help you in some way?
19:14 camelia joined #perl6
19:14 brrt joined #perl6
19:14 dalek rakudo/nom: 4e88d9d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
19:14 dalek rakudo/nom: Simplify CompUnit construction
19:14 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
19:15 camelia rakudo-moar 416969: OUTPUT«3␤»
19:16 gtodd nine:  with -I  or does/will I::P5 grab things from my env (e.g. PERL5LIB) one day  ?
19:17 kjs_ joined #perl6
19:18 nine gtodd: Inline::Perl5 should already behave like plain old perl. I know it supports PERL5LIB for example.
19:21 brrt .tell jnthn that i think it'll be possible to find a compromise :-)
19:21 yoleaux brrt: I'll pass your message to jnthn.
19:22 gtodd wow OK ... :-)  I'll be more careful then :-)
19:23 gtodd nine: since I'm just trying to do stuff with oneliners -MPerl5  short scripts etc.
19:23 dalek rakudo/nom: 0412f5f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/CompUnitRepo/
19:23 dalek rakudo/nom: Simplify CompUnitRepo::Locally construction
19:23 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
19:28 nine [Coke]: would access to a machine with ~ 7GiB of free RAM and 8 cores help you in some way?
19:31 bartolin joined #perl6
19:32 [Coke] nine: sure, but this machine should be ok once we bubmp the swap.
19:33 [Coke] stmuk?
21:59 kurahaupo joined #perl6
22:02 FROGGS[mobile]2 joined #perl6
22:02 telex joined #perl6
22:05 brrt left #perl6
22:08 dalek specs: e1d9ceb | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S16-io.pod:
22:08 dalek specs: Final part of S16 rewrite
22:08 dalek specs:
22:08 dalek specs: S32/IO to follow soon.
22:08 dalek specs: review:
22:08 nbrown joined #perl6
22:09 lizmat and on that thought, good night #pelr6!
22:09 timotimo gnite lizmat :)
22:15 leont joined #perl6

Results for 2014-09-21

10:26 nine ggoebel11111113: I'm not sure if that would be really useful. Right now you couldn't use any Perl 6 modules in your script if Inline::Perl5 were executing it right from the start. Since you need to have Perl 5 installed to use Inline::Perl5, it would be more useful to specify perl 5 in your shebang line.
10:28 nine ggoebel11111113: But now that I think of it: accessing Perl 6 modules from Perl 5 code running in Inline::Perl5 would be rather simple. I'd just have to create a virtual "Perl6" module with useful methods like "use" and "invoke" same as I do it with Perl6::Object already.
10:34 kjs_ joined #perl6
10:34 denis_boyun_ joined #perl6
10:34 dalek rakudo/nom: 9aa8f6e | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/Spec/
10:34 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix another case of double slurpy
10:34 dalek rakudo/nom:
10:34 dalek rakudo/nom: There shouldn't be any more in the core now.
10:34 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:44 carlin ... It's alive!
10:44 carlin
10:45 lizmat carlin++
10:46 lizmat m: say 0 ...^ *>5   # why is this warning ?
11:08 jaffa4 do you have other lives as well?
11:08 lizmat some might argue I also have a life online
11:09 * grondilu thinks that's the point of the expression "IRL"
11:09 jaffa4 virtula life
11:16 dalek rakudo/nom: e71a9c1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
11:16 dalek rakudo/nom: Give a better error for 'my int $a is default(*)'
11:16 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
11:20 lizmat TimToady: S02:1409 (Each) feels like a fossil
11:20 synopsebot Link:
11:21 lizmat at least I see no other mention of it apart from there, and no sign of any implementation work
11:21 lizmat shall I eradicate Each ?
12:05 pmurias the only way to give up the sister languages nonsense it to improve the implementation and ecosystem of Perl 6 to a point where it surpasses Perl 5
12:06 carlin vendethiel: could too, will have to look at that
12:06 vendethiel pmurias: well, got to give it some time
12:06 lizmat pmurias++  :-)
12:08 dalek specs: 3ceec03 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-bits.pod:
12:08 dalek specs: Remove a bit of BagHash fossil
12:08 dalek specs:
12:08 dalek specs: Bags return pairs in list context now, as mentioned above.
12:08 dalek specs: review:
12:08 nine pmurias: I disagree. as soon as we become downward compatible again, we can start calling Perl 6 the newer version of Perl and Perl 5 the legacy version of Perl. Newer versions of anything don't necessarily have to be better at everything. Though of course it helps adoption a lot if they are.
12:10 jnthn FROGGS_: I think writing prefix:<~> in NQP actually gets you the MoarVM coerce_si equivalent
12:12 dalek specs: 7101879 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-bits.pod:
12:12 dalek specs: Elaborate a bit about MixHash
12:12 dalek specs: review:
12:12 jnthn FROGGS_: As in, ~$foo
12:12 lizmat TimToady: seems like PairSeq is a bit of a fossil
12:12 lizmat unless you want to call the .list of Hash/Bag/Mix that ?
12:13 jnthn lizmat: iirc, the each thingy is some kind of junction-like construct that retains ordering
12:53 jnthn Yeah. Looks like fossil
12:53 jnthn Just toss it or pick a more apporpriate example type
12:53 jnthn Also
12:53 jnthn uh, no also :)
12:54 dalek specs: f9ac5c9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-bits.pod:
12:54 dalek specs: Remove reference to PairSet, considered a fossil
12:54 dalek specs: review:
12:58 lizmat "    $^foo       self-declared formal positional parameter"
12:58 lizmat the ^ twigil ???
13:00 FROGGS[mobile] yes
13:01 lizmat ah, of courtse
13:10 lizmat is that a NYI or a rakudobug of anon sub
13:10 jnthn It was added to spec some time after anon subs worked in Rakudo, sa I remember.
13:10 jnthn LHFish
13:11 lizmat :-)
13:13 dalek specs: 886b1ec | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-bits.pod:
13:13 dalek specs: Make examples more cut/pastable
13:13 dalek specs: review:
13:15 dalek nqp-js: 46fc11b | (Pawel Murias)++ | src/vm/js/ (4 files):
13:15 dalek nqp-js: Implement nqp::{open,tellfh,readlinefh​,readallfh,printfh,closefh}
13:15 dalek nqp-js: review:​/nqp-js/commit/46fc11ba6d
13:15 dalek nqp-js: a7ad086 | (Pawel Murias)++ | src/vm/js/QAST/Compiler.nqp:
13:15 dalek nqp-js: Use a :sideffects modifier instead of add_sideffect_op.
13:15 dalek nqp-js: review:​/nqp-js/commit/a7ad086e51
13:15 dalek nqp-js: cf8a087 | (Pawel Murias)++ | src/vm/js/QAST/Compiler.nqp:
13:15 dalek nqp-js: Extra blank line.
13:15 dalek nqp-js: review:​/nqp-js/commit/cf8a087f35
13:15 dalek nqp-js: dc54025 | (Pawel Murias)++ | src/vm/js/QAST/Compiler.nqp:
13:15 dalek nqp-js: Refactor for the DRY principle.
13:15 dalek nqp-js:
13:15 dalek nqp-js: Omit the code generation callback for ops that just call a nqp.op.$opname
13:15 dalek nqp-js: review:​/nqp-js/commit/dc54025dff
13:16 pmurias masak: I think moe was abandoned
13:17 masak lizmat: looks like PairSet was supposed to go away as of cf42c47703cc126f6cad2c82d5d923e8ab00a85e
13:18 dalek specs: 281d8f1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-bits.pod:
13:18 dalek specs: Mention handling circular references in .perl
13:18 dalek specs: review:
13:18 masak lizmat: also, looking at the commits involved, I'm not at all sure it wasn't all a misspelling of "PairSeq"...
13:18 lizmat ah, hhmmm....
13:19 lizmat could be, but PairSeq also seems a fossil
13:19 masak yeah.
13:20 masak I don't particularly like the meme "kill it with fire"... but at this point, I don't think we need the Seq type.
13:20 pmurias masak: looking at the moe tests it looks like a Perl5/Perl6 hybrid or some very early version of Perl 6
13:20 masak pmurias: aye.
13:21 masak pmurias: I get the feeling stevan realized that his project basically ended up borrowing a lot of ideas from Perl 6.
13:23 dalek specs: 66e6fe9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S03-operators.pod:
13:23 dalek specs: Assume PairSeq was typo for fossil PairSet
13:23 dalek specs: review:
13:23 lizmat #dammitstevan  :-)
13:24 teodozjan joined #perl6
13:24 masak something like "a project that wants to be a linear combination of p5 and p6, but looks to p6 for sanity tiebreakers... ends up converging on p6"
13:25 masak or at least it becomes p6 without the risky/interesting parts, like roles and grammars.
13:29 camelia rakudo-moar e71a9c: OUTPUT«(Seq) (List) (Iterable) (Cool) (Any) (Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)␤»
13:29 tadzik :D
13:31 timotimo m)
13:31 lizmat .oO( in dutch, the pronunciation of "Mu" very much sounds like the word for "tired" )
13:36 dalek rakudo/nom: 3eae3c3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (3 files):
13:36 dalek rakudo/nom: Eradicate Seq with fire
13:36 dalek rakudo/nom:
13:36 dalek rakudo/nom: Oddly enough, src/core/ was not included in an backend setting.
13:36 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
13:37 jnthn m: Mu.^set_name('M' ~ 'o' x 100); say Mu # anything you can do, I can do meta :P
13:37 camelia rakudo-moar e71a9c: OUTPUT«(Mooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo​oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo​ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)␤»
13:37 dalek roast: c37d1b7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-types/WHICH.t:
13:37 dalek roast: Eradicate Seq with fire
13:37 dalek roast: review:
13:42 lizmat m: say (item <a b c>, <d e f>).WHAT   # would have expected Parcel here, not Array
13:42 camelia rakudo-moar e71a9c: OUTPUT«(Array)␤»
13:44 jnthn m: say (item <a b c>, <d e f>).perl
13:44 camelia rakudo-moar e71a9c: OUTPUT«["a", "b", "c", "d", "e", "f"]␤»
14:19 gtodd why it was faster
14:19 jnthn m: role Foo {}; say .WHAT for pi but Foo, [pi] but Foo;
14:19 camelia rakudo-moar e71a9c: OUTPUT«(Num+{Foo})␤(Num)␤»
14:20 ajr joined #perl6
14:20 dalek rakudo/nom: aac70ae | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
14:20 dalek rakudo/nom: item() returns Parcel, like .item already did
14:20 dalek rakudo/nom:
14:20 dalek rakudo/nom: This part of the Seq cleanup
14:20 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
14:20 jnthn The reason it's Num the second time around is because the but does .clone() on what it receives
14:21 jnthn And so we lose the itemization and flatten the but'ed thing...
14:21 dalek roast: 0bc42d6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S03-operators/context.t:
14:21 dalek roast: item() returns a Parcel, not an Array
14:21 dalek roast: review:
14:22 jnthn It's not entirely clear to me where to fix this. We typically have a policy that .method busts its way through item distinctions.
14:22 jnthn Real hinges on
14:22 jnthn m: say [1,2,3].clone().perl
14:22 camelia rakudo-moar e71a9c: OUTPUT«, 2, 3)␤»
19:41 grondilu is there a simple way to check which module in the ecosystem depends on a given module?
19:41 _slade_ joined #perl6
19:41 SamuraiJack joined #perl6
19:42 raiph grondilu: simple: just move it to CPAN and use CPAN's nice new dependency display ;)
19:42 dalek specs: 82431de | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S (4 files):
19:42 dalek specs: Eradicate Seq
19:42 dalek specs: review:
19:43 * grondilu is sorry to say he does not like CPAN
19:43 raiph grondilu: I'm thinking the outcome re the old digest is that it will be deleted. i'm mostly wondering about cherry picking from it
19:44 grondilu raiph: do you want to be added as a contributer to my version of Digest?
19:45 Psyche^ joined #perl6

Results for 2014-09-20

10:37 vendethiel o/, #perl6 :)
10:37 lizmat vendethiel o/
10:39 pmurias vendethiel: hi
10:39 vendethiel masak: do macros in P6 (currently) have sublexical scope?
10:48 dalek nqp: 783e870 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ops.markdown:
10:48 dalek nqp: Add documentation stub for nqp::encode
10:48 dalek nqp: review:
10:51 jaffa4 joined #perl6
10:52 jaffa4 hi all
10:54 jaffa4 How can I reference aub parameter by position?
10:55 petercommand joined #perl6
13:04 jnthn lizmat: Did you figure out what you wanted with the string/buf thing?
13:05 jnthn timotimo: Nice, we do better on all the push benchmarks now, it seems :)
13:05 timotimo yup, i'm impressed
13:05 timotimo good work!
13:06 dalek rakudo/nom: 48244cc | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
13:06 dalek rakudo/nom: Implement IO::Handle.words
13:06 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
13:06 lizmat jnthn:  ^^^
13:06 timotimo i don't have the time necessary to get the parse json benchmark bisected or something
13:07 jnthn timotimo: You could maybe see if it's the CAPHASH elimination patch. While in theory it should be a speedup, it's maybe possible something in it is accidentally costly...
13:08 jnthn lizmat: Why read a buf and decode it, ooc?
13:53 Ven I'll just finish my sentence then :)
13:53 masak Ven: the mechanism today is the COMPILING:: namespace.
13:54 Ven there are several solutions: scheme allow you to fall back to a "cl-like defmacro", elixir has a `var!()`, but racket has another very interesting mechanism: `define-syntax-parameter`
13:54 Ven (actually, scheme should have it now too, but it's a pretty recent addition. around 2011)
13:55 dalek rakudo/nom: 6499f8d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
13:55 dalek rakudo/nom: use nqp::readcharsfh on Moar, fix some logic issues
13:55 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
13:55 Ven​/2011/papers/Barzilay2011.pdf <- the basic idea is that you predefine, outside of the macro, the reserved identifiers, and you give them a "default value" (when they've not been by-macro-shadowed) (which might be a `(raise)` if you only want it to be used in said macros), and then in the macro you override their value
13:55 masak by the name alone, `define-syntax-parameter` sounds like something TimToady has proposed numerous times.
13:56 masak ok, I clearly need to research all of the above a bit.
13:56 masak thanks for the pointers.
14:37 FROGGS ohh wow
14:37 timotimo 239032 Scalar in gimme, 110556 in reify, 38798 in bind_one_param
14:38 JimmyZ yeah, as I said, run reify once causes a GC, while twice didn't, which is odd
14:39 JimmyZ err, I meant samecase, which runs reify
14:40 dalek nqp: 53515d6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ops.markdown:
14:40 dalek nqp: Add documentation stub for nqp::readcharsfh
14:40 dalek nqp: review:
14:40 PZt joined #perl6
14:41 timotimo FROGGS: for comparison, the numbers i gave were from entering MATCH 167103 times
14:41 timotimo and we spent 6.81% exclusive time there
14:41 timotimo The profiled code ran for 6920.76ms. Of this, 1014.51ms were spent on garbage collection and dynamic optimization (that's 14.66%). - OTOH, it doesn't seem like allocation alone would be responsible for such bad performance?!
14:47 pmurias joined #perl6
14:47 MikeFair joined #perl6
14:48 lucvn joined #perl6
14:51 dalek rakudo/nom: ae35377 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/ (2 files):
14:51 dalek rakudo/nom: Make $limit always imply eager
14:51 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
14:52 timotimo m: say "that's { (489876 + 167103) / 167103 } Int objects per run of Match. "
14:52 camelia rakudo-moar 6499f8: OUTPUT«that's 3.931581 Int objects per run of Match. ␤»
14:53 FROGGS joined #perl6
14:53 FROGGS time perl6 --profile perl6/parse-json components.json 128 # 13.9s without my patch
15:20 FROGGS It is hard to concentrate on that train...
15:21 timotimo don't concentrate on the train, concentrate on your code! :P
15:22 timotimo i'll be AFK for a bit.
15:22 FROGGS *g*
15:28 dalek rakudo/nom: 9926536 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ChangeLog:
15:28 dalek rakudo/nom: Mention IO::Handle.words
15:28 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
15:28 TimToady timotimo: my new pushme test didn't show up :'(
15:29 TimToady did you not pull it, or did it not work?
15:29 anaeem1_ joined #perl6
15:38 guru joined #perl6
15:41 dalek specs: 8d48f69 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-setting-library/Str.pod:
15:41 dalek specs: The basis of changes I'd like to make to IO spec
15:41 dalek specs:
15:41 dalek specs: - Str.IO gives an IO::Path that only does absolutifying paths *once*
15:41 dalek specs: - IO::Path gets a caching "isDir" and "exists" attribute
15:41 dalek specs: - IO::Path.lines/words open/close handle from IO::Path.path
15:41 dalek specs: - IO::Handle.lines/words give lines / words from current file position
15:41 dalek specs: - $*SPEC contains the appropriate IO::Spec::filesystem object
15:41 dalek specs: - IO::Path gets a $.SPEC from a given IO::Spec object, default to $*SPEC
15:41 dalek specs: - IO::Path.methods become wrappers around $!SPEC rather than $.SPEC
15:41 dalek specs:
15:41 dalek specs: This should allow for better optimizations (e.g. doing rel2abs only *once*)
15:41 dalek specs: and for better resource usage (e.g having .lines/words close handles).
15:42 dalek specs: This should also make all filetest methods much faster.
15:42 dalek specs: review:
15:43 FROGGS lizmat: IO::Spec::*file*system?
15:44 lizmat ::Unix, ::Win32   what would you call that?
15:44 lizmat perhaps just IO::Spec::system ?
15:44 FROGGS I can't say OS, because TimToady would slap me :P
19:20 panchiniak joined #perl6
19:21 anaeem1_ joined #perl6
19:42 anaeem1 joined #perl6
19:45 Psyche^_ joined #perl6
19:45 dalek rakudo/nom: 8a55aea | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
19:45 dalek rakudo/nom: Implement Range coercer for Int types
19:45 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
19:50 vendethiel joined #perl6
19:55 raiph joined #perl6
19:56 dalek rakudo/nom: 77e4f64 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
19:56 dalek rakudo/nom: Add Range coercers for unsigned int types
19:56 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:00 raiph .ask grondilu Does it make sense to you to remove​blob/master/Digest/lib/
20:00 yoleaux raiph: I'll pass your message to grondilu.
20:06 vukcrni joined #perl6
20:07 xragnar_ joined #perl6
20:08 anaeem1 joined #perl6
20:09 anaeem1_ joined #perl6
20:11 dalek rakudo/nom: 8ad504c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
20:11 dalek rakudo/nom: Remove type.min/max/minmax experiment
20:11 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:13 kurahaupo joined #perl6
20:14 panchiniak left #perl6
20:28 dolmen joined #perl6
20:28 raiph .ask pmurias Does it make sense to remove ?
20:52 lizmat it could be
20:52 colomon m: my $a = [1, 2]; dd $a
20:52 camelia rakudo-moar 77e4f6: OUTPUT«[31m===[0mSORRY![31m===[0m Error while compiling /tmp/7U8740cBgbâ�¤Undeclared routine:â�¤    dd used at line 1â�¤â�¤Â»
20:54 Ven joined #perl6
20:54 dalek rakudo/nom: e630782 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
20:54 dalek rakudo/nom: Naive implementation of dd() tiny data dumper
20:54 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:54 lizmat colomon: ^^^
20:55 colomon lizmat: good service!  ;)
20:57 colomon lizmat: Just finally followed all your links.
20:57 colomon afk # family

Results for 2014-09-19

07:55 dalek specs: d82d22a | (L. Grondin)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
07:55 dalek specs: lcfirst for Machine code to unbreak links
07:55 dalek specs: review:
07:56 FROGGS_ itz++ # though, I'm travelling around germany tomorrow, so I can't even support you guys :(
07:57 dalek specs: fa5d124 | (L. Grondin)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
07:57 dalek specs: add entry for argument
07:57 dalek specs: review:
07:58 dalek specs: 59858ca | (L. Grondin)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
07:58 dalek specs: lcfirst for oopcode to unbreak links
07:58 dalek specs: review:
08:00 dalek specs: 3f14910 | (L. Grondin)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
08:00 dalek specs: unbreak links to symbol
08:00 dalek specs: review:
08:01 dalek specs: c0f9b26 | (L. Grondin)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
08:01 dalek specs: lcfirst for arity
08:01 dalek specs: review:
08:03 dalek specs: 55e2fd6 | (L. Grondin)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
08:03 dalek specs: lcfirst for category
08:03 dalek specs: review:
08:14 sqirrel joined #perl6
08:33 slmult0_z joined #perl6
08:37 zakharyas joined #perl6
08:42 fhelmberger joined #perl6
08:47 dalek rakudo/nom: 13b9595 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
08:47 dalek rakudo/nom: .words also Cool, like .lines, pass any parameters
08:47 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
08:47 * lizmat wonders what travis will think of this
08:47 lizmat and good *, #perl6!
08:48 Woodi joined #perl6
08:54 travis-ci joined #perl6
09:22 lizmat that would break as soon as you break the breakablePromise
09:23 sergot this may help, thank you lizmat++ ! :)
09:24 sergot yeah, it works, thanks again!
09:40 virtualsue joined #perl6
09:42 dalek rakudo/nom: 44b3e14 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/S (2 files):
09:42 dalek rakudo/nom: Code esthetics
09:42 dalek rakudo/nom:
09:42 dalek rakudo/nom: Make all .lines methods use same sane variable scheme and use fewer
09:42 dalek rakudo/nom: calculations.
09:42 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
09:51 sergot m: try EVAL "nqp::is_bindable(1)";
09:51 camelia rakudo-moar 13b959: ( no output )
09:51 sergot m: nqp::is_bindable(1);
09:51 camelia rakudo-moar 13b959: OUTPUT«===SORRY!===␤No registered operation handler for 'is_bindable'␤»
10:38 timotimo oh, AFK
10:39 lizmat so I think I need to change the $past to only return the 0-element of the returned value
10:40 sergot m: for 1..2 { my $tout =; my $p =; start { loop {}; }; await Promise.anyof($p, $tout); }; say "alive";
10:40 camelia rakudo-moar 44b3e1: OUTPUT«alive␤»
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: ec3b836 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: Make Str.words lazy and according to spec
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom:
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: The spec does *not* mention that the first word should be returned instead of
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: the list, if there is only one word found.  This causes a problem with << >>
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: interpolation at the moment, which is under investigation.
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom:
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: Also add add :eager / :count parameters.  The :eager version is about 10%
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: faster than before.  The :count version is about 30% faster than the
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: equivalent (:eager).elems.
10:46 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:46 FROGGS_ lizmat: don't ask ti ask, just qast!
10:46 FROGGS_ to*
10:46 FROGGS_ damn
10:46 lizmat :-)
10:55 lizmat how would the past then look ?
10:56 FROGGS_ $past := :op('callmethod'), :name('words'), :node($/), $past, :value(1), :named('first') ) )
10:56 lizmat FROGGS_++  :-)
10:56 FROGGS_ :o)
11:07 dalek rakudo/nom: fbf229c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/ (2 files):
11:07 dalek rakudo/nom: Fix problem with << >> interpolation, FROGGS++
11:07 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
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11:58 virtualsue joined #perl6
12:02 bartolin .tell rurban I was able to build parrot and perl6-p an OpenBSD 5.5. On NetBSD 6.1.4 I had two problems with dyncall. I just created a pull request which should fix these issues.
12:02 yoleaux 00:05Z <gtodd> bartolin: /me successfully built parrot aond perl6-p on two FreeBSD 9.2
12:02 yoleaux bartolin: I'll pass your message to rurban.
12:02 dalek rakudo/nom: ec65b9d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
12:02 dalek rakudo/nom: Prevent minor issues Str.lines
12:02 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
12:02 leont joined #perl6
12:02 lizmat cycling&
12:03 bartolin gtodd: \o/
12:04 bartolin .tell rurban (The pull request is for nqp:
17:40 tinyblak joined #perl6
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17:41 Akagi201 joined #perl6
17:43 bartolin joined #perl6
17:46 dalek rakudo/nom: a874439 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
17:46 dalek rakudo/nom: Implement Supply.words, according to spec
17:46 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
17:47 dalek roast: 1aa3c11 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-supply/words.t:
17:47 dalek roast: Add tests for Supply.words
17:47 dalek roast: review:
17:53 dalek rakudo/nom: 197d0a5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/
17:53 dalek rakudo/nom: Add Supply.words tests to spectest
17:53 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
17:53 dalek rakudo/nom: 7a381fd | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ChangeLog:
17:53 dalek rakudo/nom: Some initial ChangeLog entries for 2014.10
17:53 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
18:01 grondilu_ so, this GRL thing you guys keep talking about, is it coming soon?  I can't wait now :P
18:01 pmurias joined #perl6
18:01 dalek nqp-js: 1a083d0 | (Pawel Murias)++ | src/vm/js/bin/run_tests:
18:01 dalek nqp-js: Add passing test 46.
18:47 lizmat "The Great List Refactor: a refactoring of the reification of lazy lists, so that lazy evaluation is only done when it is really needed.  Expected to provide a performance benefit of several factors in certain, loop-like situations."
18:49 itz ah
18:50 * nwc10 is so glad that GLR isn't
18:53 itz I thought it was a pre-nationalisation railway company :)
18:53 dalek specs: 364a50a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-bits.pod:
18:53 dalek specs: Fix typo
18:53 dalek specs: review:
18:58 gtodd itz: hehe
18:58 xinming joined #perl6
18:58 gtodd wasn't that GNR ?
18:59 ajr_ GWR

Results for 2014-09-18

07:34 slmult0_z joined #perl6
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07:45 cognome joined #perl6
07:48 dalek roast: 3b63d6f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-procasync/print.t:
07:48 dalek roast: Fudge 2 more flapping tests
07:48 dalek roast: review:
07:50 FROGGS # Failed test 'checking X::Proc::Async::AlreadyStarted.WHICH'
07:50 FROGGS # at t/spec/S02-types/WHICH.t line 313
07:50 FROGGS # expected: 'X::Proc::Async::AlreadyStarted'
07:50 FROGGS #      got: 'Failure|1018962658'
07:50 FROGGS :o(
07:50 dalek roast: 7321365 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-procasync/basic.t:
07:50 dalek roast: Also test return value
07:50 dalek roast: review:
07:50 lizmat FROGGS: will check
07:51 FROGGS I'll fix t/spec/S10-packages/precompilation.t, which should be easy
07:51 lizmat what's wrong with that?
07:51 lizmat and where ?
07:52 lizmat ah, ok
07:52 lizmat I see...
07:52 FROGGS here is the list of problems:​OGGS/78c5203d0b145ca57196
07:53 FROGGS you can scratch the output of moar though
07:56 dalek roast: bfb5f8a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-types/WHICH.t:
07:56 dalek roast: Fix JVM, Proc::Async related doesn't work there
07:56 dalek roast: review:
07:59 lizmat FROGGS: ^^^ that should fix the pb on JVM, building uptodate JVM now
07:59 lizmat (and parrot for that matter)
07:59 FROGGS will also rebuild and test
07:59 FROGGS lizmat++
08:04 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
08:08 telex joined #perl6
08:09 lizmat FROGGS: I guess we need to encapsulate access to input parameters somehow, to prevent the same issue propping up at different places...
08:10 FROGGS lizmat: yeah, we probably want to hllize it for the user, like we do with %*ENV and others
08:11 dalek roast: dfeebad | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-types/WHICH.t:
08:11 dalek roast: Oops, forgot Proc::Async itself
08:11 dalek roast: review:
08:12 fhelmberger joined #perl6
08:12 erkan joined #perl6
08:12 erkan joined #perl6
08:14 lizmat FROGGS: not sure what the issue is with S10-packages/precompilation.t
08:17 nine I wonder how DBIish deals with binary data.
08:19 dakkar joined #perl6
08:22 lizmat FROGGS: t/spec/S17-scheduler/every.t  seems a flapper that doesn't get enough CPU when run in the spectest
08:23 FROGGS tests about timers are always dangerous...
08:24 dalek roast: bbb789b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-scheduler/every.t:
08:24 dalek roast: Be a little more lenient in interval checking
08:24 dalek roast: review:
08:28 lizmat Hmmm....  the failure of t/spec/S17-supply/uniq.t on JVM I can only explain if sleep 1 sleeps less than a second
08:28 lizmat sleep isn't integer based on JVM, is it ?
08:29 kaleem joined #perl6
08:29 lizmat afk for a few hours&
13:08 carlin nine++ \o/
13:15 rurban joined #perl6
13:18 timotimo nine: with what you've learnt so far, would Inline::Python for perl6 be harder than for perl5? and would it be harder than Inline::Perl5?
13:18 noganex joined #perl6
13:18 dalek roast: 670d41a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-supply/uniq.t:
13:18 dalek roast: Give expiry test some more time
13:18 dalek roast: review:
13:19 lizmat FROGGS, masak ^^^   hope that fixes it in a less flappy way
13:19 lizmat FWIW, I've never been able to complete a 'make spectest' on JVM  :-(
13:20 FROGGS lizmat: I was able to over night
13:20 FROGGS with TEST_JOBS=1
14:08 lizmat this is bad and will need to be fixed (and is on my list as soon as I unblock from S11)
14:10 virtualsue joined #perl6
14:11 tadzik hmmm
14:12 tadzik that sounds really weird
14:14 dalek roast: a804241 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-supply/lines.t:
14:14 dalek roast: Add tests for Supply.lines
14:14 dalek roast: review:
14:18 masak oh, I didn't see ec17e06ba53e643623dc200d4e116fc97323c45a until now.
14:18 masak ...not sure I think it's a good idea.
14:18 masak m: say ().min
14:18 camelia rakudo-moar dde0dc: OUTPUT«Inf␤»
14:34 FROGGS jnthn:
14:34 FROGGS not much to read
14:34 jnthn Danke
14:34 FROGGS gern geschehen :o)
14:34 dalek roast: ae5b750 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-supply/lines.t:
14:34 dalek roast: Add tests for unchomped lines
14:34 dalek roast: review:
14:35 lizmat masak: it just seemed like a logical "niche"
14:37 FROGGS[mobile] joined #perl6
14:37 Ven joined #perl6
14:38 raiph joined #perl6
14:49 FROGGS[mobile] that's what I like to fix next, 32bit issues
14:49 FROGGS[mobile] so OpennSSL becomes portable
14:49 FROGGS[mobile] and my XML::LibXML
14:50 slavik joined #perl6
14:53 dalek rakudo/nom: ed1d46c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
14:53 dalek rakudo/nom: Add support for Supply.lines, as per spec
14:53 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
14:53 dalek rakudo/nom: 807dcb5 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ChangeLog:
14:53 dalek rakudo/nom: Mention that Str.lines/IO.lines take an :eager
14:53 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
14:54 lizmat I didn't want to push ed1d46c5a2
14:54 dalek rakudo/nom: 8970769 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
14:54 dalek rakudo/nom: Revert "Add support for Supply.lines, as per spec"
14:54 dalek rakudo/nom:
14:54 dalek rakudo/nom: Not for this release
14:54 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
14:54 FROGGS[mobile] dereferencing a shout is not yet supported
14:58 tere joined #perl6
15:00 dalek Inline-Perl5: 5789415 | nine++ | / (3 files):
15:00 dalek Inline-Perl5: Support passing blobs and Bufs from P6 to P5 as binary strings.
18:07 * lizmat doesn't know that much of the innards of feeds, but assumes they're gather / take implemented
18:08 lizmat and that's exactly the difference between the :eager and non eager version of .lines
18:08 gtodd nice
18:08 gtodd very ... consistent
18:09 dalek rakudo/nom: 9850adc | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/
18:09 dalek rakudo/nom: Implement IO::Handle.lines(:count)
18:09 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
18:09 gtodd ... which to me (non engineer) suggests something well designed is going on inside p6
18:10 dalek nqp: 5ed99d2 | usev6++ | 3rdparty/dyncall/configure:
18:10 dalek nqp: add CFLAGS=-fPIC to compile dyncall for backend gen-parrot on FreeBSD
18:10 dalek nqp: In order to install perl6-p on FreeBSD 10.0 I had to compile dyncall with CFLAGS=-fPIC.
18:13 gtodd bartolin: FreeBSD nqp-p yay
18:14 vendethiel bartolin++ # `use v6`-ing; ;-).
18:15 bartolin I managed to install perl6-p on FreeBSD. But there is a second tweak with parrot, which I have not coded properly.
18:15 bartolin (yet)
18:15 dalek rakudo/nom: c6c539f | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:15 dalek rakudo/nom: Implement Str.lines(:count)
18:15 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
18:17 gtodd ooh lines(:count)  ....
18:20 gtodd bartolin: I will build on some 9.2 and 9.3  boxes and vms this evening
18:21 raiph joined #perl6
18:22 gtodd lizmat: is  lines(:count) for users or for the GLR   ... I'm trying to grok the commit a little ...
18:27 lizmat but an numeric sink instead of a Nil sink
18:27 TimToady right
18:27 TimToady one more thing tossed into the GLR hopper :)
18:28 Ven ingy: hahaha just realized your regexp couldnt fail :(
18:28 dalek rakudo/nom: c15fc49 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:28 dalek rakudo/nom: Implement Supply.lines
18:28 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
18:28 gtodd I was wildly guessing that there would be something we little users could manually with :args to make p6 lists less lazy before the GLR ... but maybe that *is* the GLR ?
18:29 TimToady well, an explicit eager helps in some cases already
18:29 lizmat gtodd: no, the GLR should change evert gather / take into an eager push construct autmagically when it can
18:29 gtodd :-)
18:30 TimToady though not as much as the push rewrite
18:31 dwarring joined #perl6
18:31 gtodd count as a "context" for eager lazy is mentally/linguistically pleasing  .. tells p6 just how lazy or how eager to be
18:32 FROGGS jnthn: ummm, there is a thinko in my cglobal code :/
18:32 dalek rakudo/nom: 51986e8 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/
18:32 dalek rakudo/nom: Add Supply.lines tests
18:32 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
18:33 gtodd lizmat++ automagic++ ;-)
18:34 FROGGS jnthn: which is a design issue in nativecall me thinks...
18:34 FROGGS arnsholt: still there?
18:41 FROGGS jnthn / arnsholt: nvm
18:47 FROGGS​3c00e7e19969971383e50fb58d31ace46a702828
18:47 gtodd bartloin build is continuing
18:47 FROGGS that included that patch as well
18:47 bartolin gtodd: :-)
18:48 dalek rakudo/nom: 696a24b | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
18:48 dalek rakudo/nom: Make sure lines() passes on named params
18:48 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
18:48 bartolin FROGGS: Ahh. Now I see.
18:48 gtodd bartolin: build is continuing with that fix ... did "gmake" inside parrot dir ... and it finished
18:48 bartolin FROGGS: Could you add the #include <sys/sysctl.h> as above?
18:49 dalek roast: baae261 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S32-str/lines.t:
18:49 dalek roast: Add tests for Str.lines(:count)
18:49 dalek roast: review:
18:49 * gtodd waist for 20 minutes to do a new git pull  ... lately when I have lunch perl6 gets faster while I eat  :-)
18:50 FROGGS bartolin: I also just can pull request it...
18:50 wollmers joined #perl6
18:51 bartolin FROGGS: Ah. Then I will do it. (Getting familiar with p6, parrot, git, freebsd ...)
19:11 bartolin FROGGS: I made a pull request:
19:12 FROGGS I forwarded it to #parrot :o)
19:13 bartolin FROGGS: Ah. Thanks! :-)
19:18 Ven joined #perl6
19:18 dalek nqp: 4b7e77a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ops.markdown:
19:18 dalek nqp: Add documentation stub for nqp::killprocasync
19:18 dalek nqp: review:
19:18 bartolin rurban++ FROGSS++ Well, this is amazing (patch committed to parrot)
19:19 FROGGS bartolin: welcome to open source *g*
19:19 spider-mario joined #perl6
19:19 Ven that was quick :)
20:08 brrt joined #perl6
20:09 jaffa4 it has informational value
20:09 FROGGS jaffa4: the replace &cb with &render
20:09 FROGGS then*
20:11 dalek roast: ea2cd25 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-procasync/kill.t:
20:11 dalek roast: Simplify the Proc::Async.kill tests
20:11 dalek roast:
20:11 dalek roast: Unfortunately, the actual kill can not be done here, as it causes the
20:11 dalek roast: current process to lose the remote process, so the P::A promise is never
20:11 dalek roast: kept or broken.  This even affects it being a part of an anyof with a timeout,
20:11 dalek roast: so we cannot make the test continue.  :-(   Hope this will help jnthn find
20:11 dalek roast: what the heck is going on.
20:11 dalek roast: review:
20:11 jaffa4 ok
20:11 FROGGS jaffa4: and I guess you also have to strip the return type of the callback
20:11 FROGGS but I'm not so sure about that
20:11 [Coke] who has access to camelia's runtime?
20:12 [Coke] j: say 3
20:12 camelia rakudo-jvm 696a24: OUTPUT«Can't call method "syswrite" on an undefined value at /home/p6eval/jvm-rakudo/ line 32.␤»
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: c2ca930 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: Make sure we return Int's with .signal()
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: 3176369 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: Remove premature optimization
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom:
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: $*KERNEL.signal has all the mapping we need
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: 7c9a978 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: Add Proc::Async.kill tests back again
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom:
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: They shouldn't hang anymore
20:12 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:12 [Coke] ^^ for something that is chewing 4 cpus, that's a pretty unsatisfactory answer.
20:13 [Coke] whoops, 3.
20:15 [Coke] m: say .WHAT
20:15 camelia rakudo-moar 696a24: OUTPUT«Nil␤»
20:54 lizmat but that is temporary until the implementation of S11 and S22
20:54 tony-o ahh okay, thank you
20:55 lizmat but even then, it probably won't be system wide
20:56 lizmat each CompUnit (type) will be responsible for remembering if it has been loaded before already
20:58 dalek rakudo/nom: 71de9d1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/Socket/
20:58 dalek rakudo/nom: Normalize (chars|bytes)_supply handling
20:58 dalek rakudo/nom:
20:58 dalek rakudo/nom: Step #1 in ensuring the order in which we "more" values.
20:58 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:58 tony-o i was more curious from a plugin perspective if i could 'discover' stuff that has been loaded by another module
20:59 lizmat that info may or may not be available yet
20:59 lizmat but that type of introspection *should* be possible, I would think
21:01 bartolin gtodd: This worked for me on FreeBSD 10.0
21:02 rurban —gen-parrot=master should be easier
21:03 bartolin rurban: Ah, that way I would get the parrot patch as well?
21:06 lizmat .oO( read that as "parrot sketch" :-)
21:06 bartolin ;-)
21:09 dalek rakudo/nom: 36badaa | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/IO/Socket/
21:09 dalek rakudo/nom: Apply ordering logic, same as with Proc::Async
21:09 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
21:10 lizmat ^^^ should hopefully fix many of the issue with async sockets
21:10 lizmat *issues
21:16 travis-ci joined #perl6
21:16 travis-ci [travis-ci] Rakudo build failed. Elizabeth Mattijsen 'Apply ordering logic, same as with Proc::Async'

Results for 2014-09-17

08:59 cognome joined #perl6
09:11 mr-foobar joined #perl6
09:13 fhelmberger joined #perl6
09:21 lizmat leont: are you seeing an improvement with my interpretation of your fix?
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: 46a0d29 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: We don't need a hash for extra promises
09:31 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
09:39 denis_boyun_ joined #perl6
09:47 dalek specs: 3a9b7a1 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-concurrency.pod:
09:47 dalek specs: Promise.keep/break no longer need explicit values
09:47 dalek specs: review:
09:51 Ven re: features matrix: "Argument coercion" - did we fix the syntax?
09:52 Ven LoL - what's missing?
09:52 Ven m: my @a = 1, 2, 3, 4; say @a[].perl; say @a[*].perl
09:52 camelia rakudo-moar 567da3: OUTPUT«, 2, 3, 4)␤(1, 2, 3, 4)␤»
10:03 Ven m: for 1, 2, (3, (4, 5)[*], 6)[] { .say }
10:03 camelia rakudo-moar 567da3: OUTPUT«1␤2␤3␤4␤5␤6␤»
10:10 lizmat​se/mac/releasenotes/InterapplicationCommunic​ation/RN-JavaScriptForAutomation/index.html   # nice for when we have rakudo on JS
10:11 virtualsue joined #perl6
10:13 dalek rakudo/nom: 0c54522 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/
10:13 dalek rakudo/nom: Bring Promise up to spec wrt keep/break
10:13 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:14 dalek rakudo/nom: 79b6cec | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | docs/ChangeLog:
10:14 dalek rakudo/nom: Beef up the ChangeLog a bit
10:14 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:20 leont joined #perl6
10:39 [Sno] joined #perl6
10:39 dalek rakudo/nom: 9d2cfad | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
10:39 dalek rakudo/nom: Don't need to pass values to .keep/.break anymore
10:39 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
10:46 cognome joined #perl6
10:51 lizmat jnthn, brrt: this might interest you:​zmat/4012dd0819e30dd8196b
10:51 lizmat Making Str.words always return a Parcel breaks building core setting with a malloc error
10:52 lizmat (from 9d2cfad1b369c1d5)
17:06 TimToady well, I *was* going to go work on STD some more, but you folks keep sayin' interesting things :P
17:07 * lizmat is back
17:07 lizmat leont: that would be a copy/pasto on my side
17:07 lizmat will fix
17:09 dalek rakudo/nom: f0a4b50 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
17:09 dalek rakudo/nom: We should only do .done at the end, leont++
17:09 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
17:09 lizmat leont: ^^
17:10 leont :-)
17:10 [Coke] TimToady: thanks. seems mostly clean.
17:10 zakharyas joined #perl6
17:13 [Coke] IWBNI someone else could fudge those. :)
17:26 dalek specs: 075aec9 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-concurrency.pod:
17:26 dalek specs: Spec Supply.lines/words
17:26 dalek specs: review:
17:32 dalek Inline-Perl5: d22f0eb | nine++ | / (3 files):
17:32 dalek Inline-Perl5: Support floats passed from P5 to P6
17:32 dalek Inline-Perl5: review:​ine-Perl5/commit/d22f0eb7aa
17:32 dalek Inline-Perl5: 764ec13 | nine++ | / (3 files):
17:32 dalek Inline-Perl5: Support passing floats from P6 to P5
17:32 dalek Inline-Perl5: review:​ine-Perl5/commit/764ec13e35
17:32 slmult0_z joined #perl6
17:34 nine So this is it. I'm out of ideas.
17:35 nine Now I need some real world usage of Inline::Perl5 to find out what's missing.
17:36 avuserow nine++
19:27 anaeem1_ joined #perl6
19:28 slmult0_z_t joined #perl6
19:28 bartolin I am planning to set up a freebsd box to run spectests on.
19:28 FROGGS bartolin++
19:29 dalek rakudo/nom: 20193d2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
19:29 dalek rakudo/nom: Normalize stdout/stderr handling to a single sub
19:29 dalek rakudo/nom:
19:29 dalek rakudo/nom: So we can be sure we will handle both the same way in the future (as there
19:29 dalek rakudo/nom: were subtle differences in the past).  This does *not* fix any problems yet,
19:29 dalek rakudo/nom: it just makes sure I need to fix it at only 1 place.
19:29 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
19:29 lizmat this will also make sno very happy
19:29 awwaiid sorry if I missed it earlier -- am I the only perl6 advocate here at StrangeLoop?
19:29 lizmat (the freebsd smoke)
19:29 anaeem1 joined #perl6
19:48 gtodd is the "-n" of  perl6 -n -e 'say so True '     just  wrapping what -e  sees in   for lines() { }  ?
19:49 gtodd so it becomes  perl6 -e 'for lines() { say so True }'
19:49 mberends joined #perl6
19:51 FROGGS gtodd: yes, exactly
19:51 dalek rakudo/nom: 8d45e69 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
19:51 dalek rakudo/nom: Make sure we .quit only if we're completely ready
19:51 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
19:51 FROGGS carlin: try it :o)
19:51 gtodd carlin: because perl5  or Perl5:: is doing something bad w/ UTF-8  that perl6 won't accept?
19:51 FROGGS (I really have no idea)
19:54 dalek rakudo/nom: dae02a4 | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/core/
21:56 yoleaux lizmat: I'll pass your message to tony-o.
21:57 lizmat tony-o: do you need more ?
21:58 tony-o nope - just didn't know what the command was, thank you
21:58 yoleaux 21:56Z <lizmat> tony-o: Here are your messages
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom: df69aa6 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom: Initial stab at serializing stdout/stderr on P::A
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom:
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom: I'm still not sure whether I covered the case that data may come in *after*
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom: the pipe has been closed.  Probably not.  But at least this is an initial
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom: stab at it.  FWIW, the associated test file fails about 1 in 5 times still
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom: with segfaults and all sorts of other strange messages.  So there's still
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom: work to be done!
22:02 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
22:02 lizmat leont: ^^^
22:03 lizmat jnthn: pretty sure there are still some race conditions, but I can't see them at the Perl6 level anymore now  :-(
22:03 lizmat jnthn: wouldn't be surprised we have some at a very deep Supply.more level
22:03 lizmat and on that thought, goodnight #perl6!

Results for 2014-09-16

13:06 [Coke] aye
13:06 jnthn Repetitive Spec-change Nausea
13:06 aindilis joined #perl6
13:07 brrt jnthn: ok, good to know. thanks :-)
13:07 dalek specs: 59013c3 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S99-glossary.pod:
13:07 dalek specs: Add lemma for RSN
13:07 dalek specs: review:
13:08 eternaleye joined #perl6
13:08 travis-ci joined #perl6
13:08 travis-ci [travis-ci] Rakudo build failed. Tobias Leich 'fudge problematic optimization for parrot
13:08 travis-ci [travis-ci]​ompare/e99b04b67a06...e1ae1db0005c
13:08 travis-ci left #perl6
13:08 dalek rakudo/nom: decb9aa | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
13:08 dalek rakudo/nom: Proc::Async methods used as instance methods only
13:08 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
13:08 dalek rakudo/nom: 7d62b8d | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
13:08 dalek rakudo/nom: Bring Proc::Async.kill up to spec
13:08 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
13:09 FROGGS :o(
13:09 lizmat $is-parrot undeclared
13:09 LLamaRider joined #perl6
13:10 dalek rakudo/nom: 9517345 | (Tobias Leich)++ | src/Perl6/Optimizer.nqp:
14:07 camelia rakudo-moar e99b04: OUTPUT«use of uninitialized value of type Nil in numeric context  in block <unit> at /tmp/WC_Le_ZAB0:1␤␤Trying to unwind over wrong handler␤»
14:11 masak got a TODO: passed on test 12 of t/spec/S17-procasync/print.rakudo.moar
14:11 masak otherwise, all-passing stresstest suite. moritz++ others++
14:11 eternaleye joined #perl6
14:12 dalek roast: e3291a2 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S02-types/nil.t:
14:12 dalek roast: Add some Nil related tests, as per S02:491
14:12 synopsebot Link:
14:12 dalek roast: review:
14:19 lizmat masak: I'm afraid that's a flapper  :-(
14:20 kaleem joined #perl6
19:49 timotimo vendethiel: cute. but did it also have an ascii art gallows?
19:50 vendethiel timotimo: no clue what a gallow is! tho I can guess
19:53 timotimo i think the singular i sactually "gallows"
19:53 vendethiel timotimo:​i-Doc/67dc9304a75d4980b16d 9 lines actually
19:54 dalek roast: 40a7cc7 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-procasync/kill.t:
19:54 dalek roast: Add tests for Proc::Async.kill
19:54 dalek roast:
19:54 dalek roast: Which basically fails because signal(SIGNAL).act seems busted
19:54 dalek roast: review:
19:55 PerlJam vendethiel: Did you try running it?
19:55 PerlJam vendethiel: because $word.substr(-1) doesn't make any sense.
19:55 vendethiel PerlJam: right :P
19:55 vendethiel I know I tried to run it; because else I wouldn't know about substr-rw
19:57 PerlJam nine: |@stuff  ?
19:57 lizmat flatten it!
19:58 nine Can you give me some example? I think I've tried all permutations of |, @, *@, .list, |flat and whatever else I could find.
19:58 nine This is absolutely over complicated
19:59 dalek rakudo/nom: abbd376 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | t/
19:59 dalek rakudo/nom: Add Proc::Async.kill tests
19:59 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
20:01 lizmat m: sub a(|c) { b(|c) }; sub b(*@_,*%_) { say @_.perl; say %_.perl }; a( 23, a=>42 )  # an example for nine ?
20:01 camelia rakudo-moar 6b8aac: OUTPUT«␤("a" => 42).hash␤»
20:02 jaffa4 hello all, I found a problem, if I called a function in a module like this modulename::functionname(); and the function was not found...
20:02 nine lizmat: this gives me => (5,))
20:11 dalek Inline-Perl5: Thanks to PerlJam++ and lizmat++ for helping with Perl 6 syntax.
20:11 dalek Inline-Perl5: review:​ine-Perl5/commit/8462b03e89
20:13 nine ^^^ this was the last big feature on my list.
20:14 carlin golf of what in Inline::Perl5 does that stops precomp:​rbin/25b38908d8df607c33ee
20:14 dalek roast: cc38937 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-procasync/kill.t:
20:14 dalek roast: Make sure we will never hang
20:14 dalek roast: review:
20:14 carlin if have a file that uses a file that uses Inline::Perl5 it won't precompile
20:16 lizmat carlin: is the add_fallback needed for this problem?
20:17 carlin lizmat: yes. removing the add_fallback lets it precompile
20:17 lizmat and Kaboom by itself precomps ok
20:35 vike joined #perl6
20:35 tony-o colomon: thank you!!!
20:36 cognome_ joined #perl6
20:36 ggoebel11111110 joined #perl6
20:36 dalek roast: c41eb8a | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-procasync/kill.t:
20:36 dalek roast: It helps if you actually try to kill the process
20:36 dalek roast: review:
20:37 timotimo ohai tony-o
20:42 timotimo i feel like the .IO method on Cool should accept named parameters and pass them on to the open call
20:43 timotimo so i could do things like "my @lines_with_nl = 'foobar.txt'.IO(:!chomp).lines"
20:43 lizmat fwiw, I feel that .IO should return a IO::Path, rather than an unopened IO::Handle
21:00 timotimo it should be able to
21:01 diakopter I don't think it's libuv immaturity; these cases sound like things for which there are quick-for-jnthn-to-find-given​-suitable-available-attention corner cases with obvious fixes. :)
21:01 timotimo you put a "returns" thingie there, right?
21:01 diakopter [and/or corrective user education]
21:07 dalek rakudo/nom: fa7a1cc | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
21:07 dalek rakudo/nom: Bring Proc::Async up to spec
21:07 dalek rakudo/nom:
21:07 dalek rakudo/nom: I wanted to make sure we don't bring out a documented release of Proc::Async
21:07 dalek rakudo/nom: of which the API may change later.
21:07 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
21:08 dalek roast: 52c0144 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | S17-procasync/ (3 files):
21:08 dalek roast: Bring Proc::Async tests in line with specced API
21:08 dalek roast: review:
21:08 lizmat leont: ^^^^ Proc::Async flag day
21:08 [Coke] lizmat: an appropriate phrase to spell wrong! :)
21:09 [Coke] (mono font) source code pro is nice.
21:09 lizmat it made me chuckle when I fixed that in the spec  :-)
21:18 lizmat but it felt premature for thst
21:18 PerlJam leont: good point.
21:18 lizmat *that
21:18 lizmat leont: looking at applying your patch
21:38 dalek rakudo/nom: 124893c | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
21:38 dalek rakudo/nom: Add deprecation cycle for Proc::Async
21:38 dalek rakudo/nom:
21:38 dalek rakudo/nom: So that jnthn's examples from the YAPC::EU presentation still work
21:38 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
21:39 lizmat but with a deprecation message  :-)
21:39 lizmat $ 6 'my $<echo>,:args<Hello World>)'
21:39 lizmat Saw 1 call to deprecated code during execution.
21:39 lizmat ========================================​========================================
22:02 bjz_ joined #perl6
22:02 FROGGS tomorrowish I'll look into the nqp::substr optimizations on hot paths
22:03 FROGGS gnight #perl6
22:03 lizmat good night FROGGS++
22:08 dalek rakudo/nom: 5620d40 | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
22:08 dalek rakudo/nom: Oops, forgot one sanity check
22:08 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
22:10 lizmat .tell FROGGS feels like 4c7922850a is adding ~ .5 second to setting parsing
22:10 yoleaux lizmat: I'll pass your message to FROGGS.
22:24 ingy vendethiel: re:lisp, most certainly
22:24 ingy attempt to do it using similar OO idioms if possible
22:58 aborazmeh joined #perl6
23:02 lizmat ok, something definitely wrong in the order of things:
23:02 lizmat every now and then I get 'Hello World\nStarted\nDone"
23:03 lizmat which would indeed imply that the channel back to the P:A object is not being fed in order
23:03 dalek rakudo/nom: ee805ae | (Elizabeth Mattijsen)++ | src/core/Proc/
23:03 dalek rakudo/nom: Make stdout handling same as stderr handling
23:03 dalek rakudo/nom: review:
23:04 lizmat $ perl6 t/spec/S17-procasync/print.t
23:04 lizmat run that a few times, and you should see it about 1 in 10 times
23:05 cognome joined #perl6
23:05 diakopter [Coke]: no, I didn't; someone else may have though

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