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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-12

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00:05 cctoide back, my bowels are not happy :[
00:05 cctoide so what adventure are they on now?
00:07 MoxieMike they seem to be setting up for video recording tomorrow
00:08 cctoide ah, damn, it's 2000 there already
00:09 cctoide heh, the feed from the gallery cam looks very 90s
00:10 cctoide for some reason I always thought that color was due to the transmission equipment or whatever else they had back then, not the cameras themselves
00:10 Seroster Ooooo
00:10 Seroster I love that coloring
00:10 Seroster Maybe because I grew up with it
00:10 cctoide yeah, I was about to say the same
00:10 Coderjoe lighting also contributes
00:10 cctoide it looks rather depressing though
00:11 Seroster Hey, there's even a porn genre that focuses on it =P
00:12 cctoide whites turn into a shade of grey, and everything red turns into hot pink
00:13 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
00:14 NeWtoz didn't know there was an irc channel for this until now...
00:14 westmi now you know
00:14 NeWtoz I DO!
00:14 Coderjoe and knowing is half the battle
00:14 Coderjoe G I JOOOOOOOE
00:15 westmi I think they have 1990'ish equiptment there
00:15 NeWtoz Ice cream is the other half
00:15 westmi wires everywhere
00:15 NeWtoz I didn't even know they were working in there until I got home. If I did, I would of stayed and helped...
00:15 Seroster Hello NeWtoz, welcoe to the TGG chan, have a spatula =)
00:16 NeWtoz 0.0
00:16 NeWtoz yey
00:16 cctoide Welcome... welcome to
00:16 westmi it looks a lot different on cam
00:16 NeWtoz they got to do some cool stuff. I painted...
00:16 Seroster I bet it does
00:16 Seroster Lol
00:16 cctoide That's why they need to have small flat panels spread around the place with a feed of stuff that's happening around the place
00:16 westmi I was down there saturday and it looks like they're still moving into the new building
00:17 NeWtoz a lot of stuff left to do
00:17 MoxieMike the moving hasn't really begun yet
00:17 NeWtoz but it's getting closer every day
00:17 MoxieMike they still need the overhead door to start moving the big stuff from kzoo
00:17 westmi yeah, they are still getting it ready, lots of repairs
00:18 MoxieMike i'm having a lot of fun watching the progress
00:18 NeWtoz man, now I want to go back and help...
00:19 NeWtoz doubt they need it though
00:19 cctoide Kidwell TV. A dream come true.
00:19 cctoide eh, we should get Cory in here
00:20 NeWtoz def
00:20 cctoide this social stream business feels like what I imagine people emailing eachother in the 80s felt like :|
00:20 MoxieMike he's on the ustream social chat
00:20 Coderjoe i hate the social stream crap... I do not want to give ustream access to other accounts
00:20 cctoide or as this quote puts it:
00:30 NeWtoz need more ham radio, less police
00:33 cctoide Ahahah, that's great
00:34 cctoide I think that sheet of paper on the laptop there is a printout of the Indian Head test card
00:34 MoxieMike i think you're right
00:37 NeWtoz heh, that's me that connected and disconnected
00:37 NeWtoz cool, it scans the WMPORN
00:38 cctoide What's up with the text-to-speech on the scanner?
00:38 Coderjoe repeater ID
00:38 cctoide Is it saying "connected" at the end or something else?
00:38 Coderjoe that's also what the morse is
00:39 NeWtoz It said, KD8NRP connected
00:39 NeWtoz aka, me :)
00:39 Coderjoe the connected and such are reporting link connections and stuff like that
00:39 NeWtoz an echolink connection
00:39 cctoide ah
00:39 NeWtoz ham radio stuff
00:39 Coderjoe I've installed echolink on my phone, but haven't used it (or echolink in general) at all
00:40 NeWtoz I don't use it much, but it was easier to use my phone right now then grab my raido
00:40 NeWtoz radio
00:40 Coderjoe that would be true for me as well... I left my HT at home
00:41 NeWtoz I want to install a radio in my vehicle, but just haven't bought one yet
00:42 Coderjoe I do to, because my HT (even with an external antenna) seems to be a little weak
00:43 NeWtoz indeed, with the right battery I can get at most 5w
00:43 * NeWtoz goes and gets ice cream
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00:45 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
00:47 MoxieMike welcome back rahlon
00:50 Rahlon ahh ty
00:50 Rahlon IRC drops like crazy for me
00:50 Rahlon every hour or so
00:50 Rahlon anyway it's like 2am here, I should go bed
00:51 Seroster Ooooo
00:51 Seroster Britain?
00:51 Rahlon yes
00:51 Seroster Swoody
00:51 Rahlon Nottingham to be precise ^_^
00:52 Seroster Swoooody
00:52 Seroster Same town as Marty Poliakoff
00:53 Rahlon yeah works at my rival university (a quick wikipedia shows)
00:54 Cprossu hey I need a pic of chris with a mohawk, front view
00:54 Cprossu stat.
00:54 Rahlon 2 universitys in nottingham, (Nottingham Trent University, and The university of Nottingham)
00:54 Rahlon anyway really gotta dash nn
00:55 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
00:57 Coderjoe haha
00:57 Coderjoe "twist-ons suck big time :("  is "inappropriate language"
00:57 MoxieMike hahaha
00:57 Seroster Eh
00:58 Coderjoe so is "twist-ons are crap :("
00:58 Seroster "Those fucking twist-ons are the mucus that secretes from Satan's asshole after he's ben slammed in the ass by a thousand rabid dogs"  < That's inappropriate.
00:59 cctoide Cprossu: looking through the old videos
00:59 Coderjoe haha
01:00 cctoide doesn't seem to be any with the full mohawk though
01:00 Coderjoe wtf is that?
01:00 cctoide just a high and tight gone really bad
01:00 Coderjoe that sounds like rtty and then something else
01:02 cctoide good profile view here at 1:45;t=1m45s
01:02 Cprossu thanks
01:04 Seroster Fucking cats. I leave my sofa for a second and poof, the big one is there, innocently taking a nap.
01:05 exor674 you mean "I leave *their* sofa"
01:05 Seroster Ah, sorry, I had it confused
01:06 exor674 cats own you! and everything in your place
01:06 exor674 they just mae you think you own them
01:06 Seroster Dogs have owners. Cats have servants.
01:07 exor674 also, speaking of cats... I am so tempted to build a scale model city, acquire a kitten
01:07 exor674 let one loose in the other
01:08 Seroster Lol
01:08 exor674 and then upload video
01:08 Seroster So you want the kitten to eat the city?
01:08 Seroster :D
01:09 cctoide That used to happen when I was a kid and I'd build "cities" from Kodak slide boxes
01:09 exor674 if I had the means to record it well, it'dbe an awesome video
01:10 cctoide Heh, someone's having a baby on the scanner
01:13 MoxieMike wow
01:13 Seroster well exor674, sounds like a great TGG project
01:31 NeWtoz I guess they don't need me :(
01:31 MoxieMike guess not
01:49 Cprossu cctoide: that didn't turn out well
01:49 Cprossu
01:49 Cprossu don't photoshop and play fps games at the same time
01:50 cctoide hehe
01:50 Cprossu attempt 1
01:50 cctoide it's Bionic Boden
02:03 NeWtoz This camera reminds me of the 80s
02:03 Cprossu I love the old sonys with the backpacks
02:03 Cprossu if given proper lighting the sensors still kick ass
02:19 Coderjoe a lot of live tv cameras need mucho light
02:20 Coderjoe I helped set up lighting at three ESPN live telecasts of the PBA. lots and lots of light
02:20 MoxieMike i bet
02:21 Coderjoe you might wonder why some pba bowlers that make the telecast wear sunglasses... that would be why
02:25 MoxieMike cool
02:26 Seroster Aight
02:26 Seroster Goodnight
02:27 Coderjoe hmm
02:27 Seroster Cya folks
02:27 Coderjoe i wonder if ustream lets one account have two simultaneous live feeds...
02:28 Coderjoe then tgg could "air" both the program and behind-the-scenes at the same time
02:28 Seroster; around 3:00 DAMN THAT IS HUGE!
02:29 wannabe1987 twss
02:30 Seroster Whatever the heck it is used for I want some of those pipes
02:30 wannabe1987 i have acquired almost every season of how its made
02:30 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
02:30 Seroster Want to build something BIG fro them
02:30 wannabe1987 hai batsteve
02:30 BatSteve heyo wannabe1987
02:30 Seroster Elloh BatSteve
02:30 Seroster And BotSteve
02:31 cctoide Sepia cam
02:31 Coderjoe wtf? where is the guy who says "robut"?
02:31 BatSteve gotta do it the other way, tell him hello
02:31 wannabe1987 hello botsteve
02:31 BotSteve Hello wannabe1987!
02:31 Seroster I know
02:31 BatSteve oh, ok
02:31 Seroster ohai BotSteve
02:31 BotSteve Yo Seroster
02:31 MoxieMike hi steve
02:31 wannabe1987 wussup botsteve
02:31 MoxieMike hello botsteve
02:31 BotSteve Yo MoxieMike!
02:31 wannabe1987 ooo :(
02:31 Coderjoe is this uk or canadia version of how?
02:31 Seroster Lol
02:31 Seroster Coderjoe, what?
02:31 wannabe1987 i'm eating dark chocolate :D
02:32 Coderjoe when?
02:32 Seroster Better that than...
02:32 Seroster WHY?!
02:32 wannabe1987 seroster is the swede version :P
02:32 Seroster Waitwhat who wtf?
02:32 Seroster NipTitSchabbat!
02:32 wannabe1987 your mom
02:32 Seroster Yarr, she coming here tomorrow, with an anvil.
02:33 wannabe1987 just how you like it, eh?
02:33 Seroster With a 90kg anvil? Yup
02:33 Coderjoe the narrator for the us/ca version of how its made is a guy that pronounces "robot" as "robutt"
02:33 Seroster I dunno, ask him =P
02:33 wannabe1987 o lol
02:33 wannabe1987 i don't know what versions i have...its all on the external :D
02:34 wannabe1987 which is down in my room, not up in TJs room
02:34 Seroster Exacyly WHAT are you doing in TJs room?
02:35 MoxieMike sitting
02:35 wannabe1987 he's my boyfriend...we're watching tv :D
02:35 wannabe1987 on his couch
02:35 Seroster Yeah right!
02:35 wannabe1987 you know it...
02:35 Seroster "Watching TV in the sofa" Yeah, I know what you are watching... You dirty girl!
02:36 wannabe1987 its a show about con artists called "the riches" or somethin
02:36 Seroster HA! I bet it is an entirely different kind of "artists" in that program... And you mistyped "cum" as "com" =P
02:37 BatSteve Seroster: I'm reading the backlog right now. Don't you start on spatulas.  I've just about gotten monks to quit bringing them up every other conversation
02:37 Seroster I know you hate it. That's why I brought it up.
02:37 Coderjoe come on down to SPATULA CITY
02:37 Seroster All hail the spatula day!
02:37 BatSteve oh I see
02:37 wannabe1987 . . .
02:38 MoxieMike what's the deal with the spatulas?
02:38 BatSteve Well that's fine then, just as long as you were doing it deliberately to annoy me
02:38 Seroster MoxieMike, Don't ask. :O
02:38 BatSteve MoxieMike: random addition of spatulas to conversation bugs me.  Monks started it and now all these guys have decided to jump on.
02:38 BatSteve it's kind of a #TGG tradition though
02:39 BatSteve so feel free to do it any time
02:39 BatSteve I'll threaten you but it won't ever actually result in kicks or anything
02:39 Seroster Unless it annoyed BatSteve to no end it would never have caught on. It's like a RickRoll that is specifically targeted at Bat. =)
02:40 wannabe1987 :D
02:40 BatSteve exactly
02:41 MoxieMike ok, cool
02:42 wannabe1987 so sometime on live stream, if i know bat steve is watching, i can hold up a spatula and say "here, this is for you"?
02:42 Cprossu woo
02:42 MoxieMike awesome
02:43 MoxieMike but, beware the spatula
02:43 BatSteve wannabe1987: correct
02:43 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
02:43 Seroster Yes you should, wannabe1987!
02:43 MoxieMike but the spatula is a requirement for "the aunt jemima treatment"
02:44 MoxieMike if you have no idea what i'm talking about, watch "Stripes"
02:44 Seroster But since most of the IRL crew never comes here and doesnt know about the spautla thing they'll probably send you to a mental institution.
02:44 wannabe1987 at TGG? most people there probably belong in one...
02:44 Cprossu did we get any model #'s?
02:44 wannabe1987 for?
02:44 NeWtoz nope
02:44 BatSteve nope
02:45 Seroster You could have a huge geek gathering, and then just put a lock on the door, cross over the TGG sign and replace with "Leonardo street mental institution"
02:45 NeWtoz and I don't belong to a mental institution...
02:45 wannabe1987 practically
02:45 wannabe1987 NI!
02:45 Seroster Would be hillarious until the food in the cafeteria ran out
02:45 wannabe1987 there is no food right now :P
02:45 Seroster NeWtoz, they ALL say that!
02:46 NeWtoz :|
02:46 Seroster I don't belong in a mental institution, and neither does the voices that speak to me and only me. =D
02:46 BatSteve I think I have Kidwell's cell phone number somewhere.  I'm astonishingly tempted to wait till he's on camera and call him.
02:46 Seroster Err
02:46 Seroster Well, yeah, that would be.. fun?
02:46 * BatSteve shrugs
02:46 Seroster Then we'll only let him in on the spatula thing and he will harrass your ass in all upcoming vids
02:46 BatSteve I didn't say it made sense
02:47 exor674 speaking of voices that speak to me, I totally want to get a inert model of a bluetooth headset ( that is one of those cheapo empty shell ones that they use for display models sometimes )
02:47 Seroster If I ever got money enough to buy a football team I would call it "The spatulas"
02:47 exor674 and walk around with it, so i can talk to myself and not get weird looks
02:48 Seroster Lol
02:48 Seroster I always assume that bluetooth users talk to me. So I respond.
02:48 Seroster And even after I know they are on the phone I keep talking to them. Because that makes me happy. Makes me feel loved.
02:49 wannabe1987 lol
02:49 exor674 ?
02:49 NeWtoz heh, I remember that on
02:49 NeWtoz e
02:50 wannabe1987 lol
02:50 Seroster =P
02:51 Seroster
02:54 Seroster And with this link I'll leave you for the night.
02:54 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:56 BatSteve as long as we're linking XKCD's...
02:59 BatSteve ...hmm...Japan now rating Fukushima reactor accident at the same level as Chernobyl
02:59 Coderjoe so, it WAS the indianhead
02:59 Cprossu I thought so
02:59 Cprossu I need to make a better bodenhead now
03:01 wannabe1987 boden head for what?
03:02 Coderjoe need a titler/graphics system to output the pattern directly
03:03 MoxieMike he's replacing the indian head on the indian head test pattern with Chris' mohawked head
03:03 wannabe1987 lol
03:03 NeWtoz with a spatula?
03:04 Cprossu
03:04 Cprossu ^heres the fast one I did up
03:04 Cprossu I need to make a better one
03:05 Coderjoe need a higher quality source
03:05 Cprossu I got it
03:05 Cprossu
03:05 Cprossu woot
03:05 Coderjoe nice
03:06 cctoide
03:06 Cprossu fuckin left audio only?!
03:06 wannabe1987 website/forums are messed up...anyone else denied access while logged in?
03:07 cctoide they alternate between having left or right audio
03:07 cctoide today's a left channel day
03:07 Cprossu yep forums are trashed
03:07 Cprossu for the moment
03:08 Cprossu raise your hand if you increased volume while leaving the livestream up and got blasted with the scanner beep
03:08 wannabe1987 not me...i'm not watching right now...
03:09 BatSteve wannabe1987: yes
03:10 Cprossu also I didn't notice that one of the segments  of that counter was messed up
03:13 NeWtoz man, I missed all of the fun stuff while I was slaving away in the basement
03:17 cctoide There's some weird noise in the audio
03:18 cctoide for that youtube video that is
03:38 cctoide night
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03:54 Cprossu
03:54 Cprossu anyone still here?
03:54 BatSteve yes
03:54 Cprossu Coderjoe:
03:58 Coderjoe haha
03:58 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
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04:00 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:01 speedrunnerG55_ hi
04:01 BatSteve hey
04:01 speedrunnerG55_ i got a test tomorow about computer security and general pc troubbleshooing
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ joy
04:02 wannabe1987 hi speedrunner
04:02 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ wannabe, what do you want to be
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ xD
04:02 wannabe1987 when?
04:02 wannabe1987 o lol
04:02 wannabe1987 i started using wannabe before i drove stick on the stick forum...
04:03 wannabe1987 and nowi'm not really a i'm a wannabe geek
04:06 speedrunnerG55_ what is  
04:06 speedrunnerG55_ i cant see it
04:06 speedrunnerG55_ dam 802.11 wireless wifi
04:07 wannabe1987 ?
04:07 speedrunnerG55_ ?
04:07 wannabe1987 ok
04:08 speedrunnerG55_ i thought my connection diied
04:08 wannabe1987 o lol
04:08 speedrunnerG55_ what is  
04:08 wannabe1987 im confused
04:08 speedrunnerG55_ you know wifi (a,b g,and n) right
04:09 wannabe1987 yes
04:09 speedrunnerG55_ "wifi" is the ieee 802.11 protocall for wireless
04:11 BatSteve wannabe1987: you're explaining the wrong thing
04:11 BatSteve he's asking about your quote characters
04:11 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
04:12 wannabe1987 hello
04:12 mman454 hello
04:12 BatSteve hello
04:12 wannabe1987 how u?
04:12 mman454 good
04:12 wannabe1987
04:13 mman454 Indeed
04:13 mman454 :-D
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ so there is generally 802.11a. 802.11. 802.11g 802.11n
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ a is old with fast speeds of 54 mb/s but its range is 150 feet
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ b is slow but with range up to 300 feet
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ g is boath fast and wide with 54mb/s and 300 feet
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ n is the best from 600-1200 feet and.....i think 700mb/s
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ b came out first
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ but before b there was just 802.11 with 2 mb/s
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ i have 802.11
04:14 mman454 dayum
04:20 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
04:25 BatSteve .trope batman logic
04:25 BotSteve BatSteve:
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05:42 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
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06:57 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell batsteve "spatula" when he comes back
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06:59 DavidJKuhr I see the forum is not being nice today
07:12 Thermoelectric That sucks.
07:13 Thermoelectric wannabe1987: He's probably still case sensetive, try BotSteve: tell Batsteve "spatula"
07:13 Thermoelectric E.g.
07:14 Thermoelectric BotSteve: tell wannabe1987 spatula
07:14 BotSteve Thermoelectric: I'll pass that on when wannabe1987 is around.
07:14 DavidJKuhr not sure what happened but hopefully Tysk or whomever is working on it will be able to get things back up and running
07:16 DavidJKuhr argh i have been working on a customers laptop for the last 7 hours and i think it hates me
07:18 NeWtoz maybe it's playing hard to get
07:18 DavidJKuhr hah funny
07:20 Thermoelectric What makes you think it hates you?
07:22 DavidJKuhr its a pretty typical replacement of a failed hard disk but some of the drivers i am installing for it keep getting overwritten by drivers from HP and seem to be causing issues so I am reinstalling everything but the HP software update garbage to try and keep it from overwriting the drivers I am installing on it
07:24 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
07:24 DavidJKuhr I would just keep the installation vanilla but the customer wants all the HP crap back on it
07:25 Electronics is now known as Electronics|ipod
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07:26 Electronics Well apperently my iPod doesn't like sendin commands on IRC
07:26 DavidJKuhr ah
07:27 Electronics And doesn't pick up on many spelling errors
07:28 DavidJKuhr i did not know that their was an IRC client for the iPod
07:29 DavidJKuhr but then again I don't own one so thier are many things I probably don't know about them
07:29 Electronics I just picked the free one =P, this ones IRC999 I think
07:29 Electronics Heh
07:31 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
07:31 DavidJKuhr on the plus side today I think I figured out my issues with my computer blue screening with my new video card
07:45 Thermoelectric Well that's always nice to hear.
07:46 DavidJKuhr turns out the video card was heating up the case just enough for the cpu to throw an error randomly which would crash the display driver oddly enough
07:47 DavidJKuhr at least from what I can figure since I have improved the airflow a bit and it seems to have helped
07:50 DavidJKuhr for the last few days I was thinking it was a buggy driver since the processor and other temps accept the video card never went over 55 °C
08:03 DavidJKuhr have a good one everyone I am off
08:03 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
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09:01 * NeWtoz goes to bed
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09:24 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream: | Kahn Academy Videos: | Channel log: | BotSteve now searches TVTropes.  Try it out using .trope
09:25 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
09:25 BotSteve I know, I hate him too.  Oh, oops, he's here.  Hi Seroster.
09:38 Seroster =)
09:38 Seroster Fuck! They got the camera gear from Fox17!
09:38 Seroster FROM FOX!
09:38 Seroster FILTHY cameras!
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13:26 Cj1corbystarlet Website is back up
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13:49 cctoide well, seems the Fukushima accident as a whole has been upgraded to INES level 7
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15:20 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
15:20 MoxieMike ahoy
15:20 Rahlon mourning
15:20 MadManMarkAu Dammit, Steve, beat me to it lol
15:21 Rahlon dam did you just hear that on raido
15:21 MadManMarkAu The World Wide Friendship Net this morning was fun
15:22 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
15:23 Captain__ joined #thegeekgroup
15:23 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
15:23 Captain__ test
15:23 wannabe1987 hi captain
15:23 Captain__ ok, now it works
15:23 BotSteve wannabe1987: At 07:14Z, Thermoelectric asked me to tell you spatula
15:23 BotSteve wannabe1987: At 07:14Z, Thermoelectric asked me to tell you spatula
15:23 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
15:23 MadManMarkAu We hear you
15:23 MoxieMike it works
15:23 MadManMarkAu lolwut?
15:23 Captain__ ok, as I was (attempting) to say.
15:23 Captain__ Crew is on site now, I'm heading in shortly.
15:23 Electronics oh heya
15:23 MoxieMike cool
15:23 Captain__ If you listen you can hear teh contractors in the MDH working on the door.
15:23 MadManMarkAu Yeah, the camera moved a few mins ago
15:23 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
15:24 Captain__ Yeah, BA moved the camera, Cory and Paul are headed in now.
15:24 MoxieMike how does the mdh floor look?
15:24 Captain__ They'll be doing preproduction and we'll be shooting at noon.
15:24 MadManMarkAu [Captain__ TIME reply]: Tue Apr 12 11:24:12 2011
15:24 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
15:24 Captain__ I did NOT quit
15:25 MoxieMike interesting
15:25 MadManMarkAu no, but your ghost stopped haunting the chat
15:25 Captain__ Today you'll get to see (and perhaps interact with) live production for the first time.
15:25 Electronics awesome
15:25 Captain__ But for now, I have to go get pretty.
15:25 Captain__ Have fun guys, and enjoy the show!
15:25 MadManMarkAu Awse, I'll have to stay up for this
15:25 MadManMarkAu Okies, you too
15:25 wannabe1987 maybe i'll stop in today :D
15:27 Maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
15:27 Maglinvinn yar
15:27 wannabe1987 well, hello there :)
15:27 wannabe1987 haven't seen you in a while...
15:27 MoxieMike Hey Captain, I'm going to have a lot of photo flash caps and I'm wondering what kind of interesting projects can be done with them.
15:27 MadManMarkAu Yo Hag
15:27 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
15:27 MadManMarkAu *Mag
15:28 Maglinvinn haha.  trying totell me something?
15:28 MadManMarkAu Moxie: that has been posed to death on the forums.
15:28 MoxieMike ok
15:28 MadManMarkAu The forums may be the best place to try
15:28 MoxieMike i'll take a closer look
15:29 Hazmatt joined #thegeekgroup
15:29 MoxieMike are there any camera parts i.e. inner bits (flash strobes, flash charging transformers, etc.) that TGG would want?
15:29 Maglinvinn junque is junque.  could be stashed in the electronics dept, which isn't up and running yet...
15:30 Hazmatt left #thegeekgroup
15:30 MoxieMike I'm stripping down a few boxes full of broken point and shoot cameras
15:31 MadManMarkAu Cool
15:31 MadManMarkAu Things I'd try: impulse generator (either thumper or a ring launcher), a voltage multiplier, umm
15:32 MoxieMike those would be fun, but it would need to stay relatively small scale
15:32 Maglinvinn small scale isn't nessessarily bad.
15:32 MadManMarkAu I know!
15:32 MoxieMike true
15:32 MadManMarkAu Coil gun
15:32 MadManMarkAu Do that
15:33 beep joined #thegeekgroup
15:33 MadManMarkAu Projectiles are ALWAYS fun
15:33 MoxieMike yes they are
15:33 Maglinvinn lul
15:33 wannabe1987 lol
15:33 MoxieMike I've also been trying to figure out how to make a rail gun
15:33 MadManMarkAu You'll need more caps than you have
15:33 MadManMarkAu And it a horrible task to undertake
15:34 MoxieMike ya
15:34 Thermoelectric joined #thegeekgroup
15:34 Thermoelectric1 left #thegeekgroup
15:34 MoxieMike these aren't small boxes and they all seem to be 330V 160 uF caps
15:34 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
15:34 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
15:34 MadManMarkAu Noise on the stream
15:34 MadManMarkAu Hello, random long haired lout
15:35 Electronics ^
15:36 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:36 rastarogue joined #thegeekgroup
15:36 SparkyProjects Haha, this will take some getting used to, couln't find the reply box :P
15:37 MadManMarkAu Haha, what?
15:37 MadManMarkAu HEY!
15:37 Electronics It's Paul!
15:37 MadManMarkAu GOOD MORNING!
15:37 Electronics I hope he's watching this one
15:37 Roly joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 renswat joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 Electronics and not just the Social stream
15:38 MadManMarkAu Someone post this in the social stream
15:38 MadManMarkAu My twitter followers chewed me out for spamming thme
15:38 MadManMarkAu *them
15:38 wannabe1987 theres a way to make it not go i theonly one who figured it out?!
15:39 MadManMarkAu How?
15:39 MoxieMike well, it happened to me on FB too
15:39 MadManMarkAu I can't send without a social stream
15:39 MoxieMike but i removed it's permission to post to wall
15:39 wannabe1987 yes that
15:39 wannabe1987 the permission
15:39 wannabe1987 so it won't spam
15:39 MoxieMike but now it won't post to ustream
15:40 geek joined #thegeekgroup
15:40 wannabe1987 no?
15:40 wannabe1987 weird...
15:40 geek is now known as Guest74361
15:40 wannabe1987 i'll trt this again
15:40 MadManMarkAu Dan: Is the Master Control Console on this chat?
15:41 Captain__ no, but it will be, and so will the studio.
15:41 MadManMarkAu Ah, cool
15:41 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
15:42 MadManMarkAu There were rumblings about TGG having a Minecraft server on the forums. Did anything come of that? I haven't really been back there since the great website breakage.
15:42 cctoide There are unofficial servers
15:43 MadManMarkAu Ah
15:43 cctoide .minecraft
15:43 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
15:43 Guest74361 hi all
15:43 MadManMarkAu 'lo guest. Change your name by typing: /nick <yournicknamehere>
15:43 wannabe1987 he did that
15:43 wannabe1987 he was "geek"
15:43 MadManMarkAu Ah?
15:43 MadManMarkAu Oh right
15:44 exor674 probably was using someone elses nic *g*
15:44 cctoide geek is probably protected, he got changed out of it
15:44 Maglinvinn MadMan - answer- no clue
15:44 Maglinvinn hahaha
15:44 wannabe1987 ahhh all the good nicks are "taken"
15:44 Maglinvinn lol.  yeah
15:44 MadManMarkAu Speaking of minecraft, I have some more administration to attend to, and a couple of plugins to finish writing. brb
15:44 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
15:44 wannabe1987 o hai :)
15:44 exor674 HELO CONSOLE!
15:44 ekim4 joined #thegeekgroup
15:45 wannabe1987 is that batman on teh console?
15:45 MoxieMike yup
15:45 Maglinvinn yes
15:45 cctoide we have established contact
15:45 wannabe1987 hi batman :)
15:45 exor674 I wonder how far behind the stream is
15:45 critterpal funny
15:45 Maglinvinn stream is approx 15 seconds lag.
15:45 Maglinvinn TGGCONSOLE - can you ask paul a questio nfor me
15:45 asnopus Chris said it was about 5-7sec on one of the captains blogs
15:45 MadManMarkAu Yah, uStream is always 15-30 seconds lag
15:45 wannabe1987 i ustream-spam my twitter...cuz i dont' care.  junk follows me...:P
15:45 Guest74361 is now known as geek101
15:45 * MadManMarkAu pokes the console, proceeds to see things break
15:46 wannabe1987 no!!!!!
15:46 Maglinvinn gah, he got up.
15:46 wannabe1987 i don't want to hear chris swearing from here :P
15:46 MadManMarkAu lol
15:46 * wannabe1987 still lives near the lab
15:46 cctoide hook up a USB ringer to the console
15:46 * MadManMarkAu WANTS to live near/in the lab
15:46 MadManMarkAu If I had a job and somewhere to live in GR, I'd fly over from AU
15:46 MadManMarkAu *Australia
15:47 Maglinvinn *nods*  i hear that.  i live in lansing, but no job makes even that short of a trip hard.
15:47 MadManMarkAu HI CONSOLE!
15:47 wannabe1987 you could pitch a tent somewhere...
15:47 Maglinvinn Hey corey!
15:47 MadManMarkAu He hears us! *swoons*
15:47 tggconsole Sorry about that, this is Cory, was running something, what do you need to ask Kidwell?
15:47 Maglinvinn Corey - seriously.  lol.  Dan Eakin here... dude!  ask paul if he sent the mosfet boards.
15:48 Maglinvinn i want to continue development on the gantry motor controllers
15:48 Maglinvinn and i need those cards
15:48 tggconsole It's Cory :P and lemme ask
15:48 Electronics =D
15:48 wannabe1987 lol
15:48 Cprossu2 nice.
15:48 MoxieMike haha
15:48 Maglinvinn GAD AMNI!
15:48 Maglinvinn sumbitch.  lol.  tell pual he sucks.
15:48 wannabe1987 haha
15:48 Maglinvinn can he drop them off in lansing on his way home?
15:48 Maglinvinn does he have them with him?
15:49 Maglinvinn GADDAMIN!
15:49 Maglinvinn lol.
15:49 zgasma joined #thegeekgroup
15:49 MoxieMike Just not your day is it Dan
15:49 Maglinvinn have a good one cory.
15:49 Cprossu2 hey, here's a new test pattern for you if you didn't see it already:
15:49 Maglinvinn apparently not  Moxie
15:49 Maglinvinn btw, moxie, who are you on the forums, IRL, wahtever?  you a local?
15:49 MadManMarkAu By console, I shall never forget you. You've made a home in all out hearts *sniff*
15:50 MadManMarkAu *Bye
15:50 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
15:50 MoxieMike not local by any nick here is the same in the forums
15:50 SparkyProjects Can you turn the scanner down ? no need for station ident
15:50 Rahlon could you get them to turn the raido off so we can hear better? unless anyone disagrees
15:50 Rahlon oh
15:50 MoxieMike irl...
15:50 Rahlon lol
15:50 wannabe1987 eakin - for me to go there tho i have to clean up :P  somedays that requires more work than it should :(
15:50 Maglinvinn Console Stood up.  do this if you want console's attention:
15:50 Electronics "Where's the off button?" XD
15:51 Maglinvinn "tggconsole - xxxx"   xxxx being your message.
15:51 MadManMarkAu I doubt he had time to set up highlighting
15:51 exor674 hey, where is the best place to buy a security-torx driver
15:51 Maglinvinn it'll show up red on their screen, if they're using web chat, or ding and special other crap if they're using client
15:51 MadManMarkAu Depending on which IRC client he's using
15:51 wannabe1987 it does nothing if anyone mentions my name.  stupid.  mirc sucks for that reason
15:52 Rahlon tggconsole - can you turn the raido/scanner off please
15:52 MoxieMike i'm using the irc part of trillian
15:52 wannabe1987 ahhh
15:52 asnopus Trillian is epic
15:52 MoxieMike i like it a lot
15:52 * wannabe1987 wanders over totell them toshut the scanner up :P
15:52 MadManMarkAu wannabe: You need to set up highlighting for that to work
15:52 Cprossu2 wannabe1987: my mirc is old and it still flashes when someone says my name
15:52 wannabe1987 orly
15:53 wannabe1987 madmanmarkau
15:53 wannabe1987 i'll check into that
15:53 Cprossu2 mirc options, irc, flash on something perhaps
15:53 Rahlon fair enough dude, first person I've heard pronouce my nick right the first time :D
15:53 Rahlon + 5 points to you
15:54 Maglinvinn pffft
15:54 MadManMarkAu Tools -> Address Book -> Notify
15:54 Maglinvinn my nickname is an internet sensation
15:54 Maglinvinn mahhhhhgalhhhhhvahhhhnnnn
15:54 MadManMarkAu Err
15:54 Maglinvinn lol.
15:54 MadManMarkAu Tools -> Address Book -> Highlight
15:55 Maglinvinn people don't pronounce your nick right
15:55 cctoide do we get to interfere with video production today?
15:55 Maglinvinn people purposely pronounce mine wrong.  hahah
15:55 wannabe1987 try it...
15:55 wannabe1987 someone say my nick
15:55 MadManMarkAu Dan eeeken
15:55 MadManMarkAu wannabe1987
15:55 MadManMarkAu wannabe1987: yo
15:55 wannabe1987 ...
15:55 Maglinvinn haha.
15:55 wannabe1987 its not highlighting
15:55 wannabe1987 fuck
15:55 Maglinvinn Eakin, actually
15:56 Maglinvinn but yeah, pronounced hard E-kin
15:56 Cprossu2 someone ask kidwell why the counter clock has a defective digit
15:56 MadManMarkAu Yah, I was trying to phonetically write it
15:56 Maglinvinn burned out LEDs?
15:56 MadManMarkAu I heard "female to female." I'm interested now...
15:56 tggnle1 joined #thegeekgroup
15:57 wannabe1987 try my nick again plz
15:57 Cprossu2 yesterday he said male, female, female on the top
15:57 MoxieMike haha
15:57 asnopus hooray for dirty minds
15:57 Maglinvinn wannabe1987
15:57 MoxieMike wannabe1987: what's up
15:57 wannabe1987 it worked!
15:57 wannabe1987 thanks!
15:57 Maglinvinn grats
15:57 MadManMarkAu awse
15:58 wannabe1987 thanks aussie
15:58 MadManMarkAu So, how was the b&w video problem solved? Or, wasn't it?
15:58 Cprossu2 uhhhh
15:58 Cprossu2 they had other issues
15:58 Maglinvinn they lost audio switching to second and third
15:58 Cprossu2 like a power surge took out that computer I think
15:58 MadManMarkAu Ouch
15:58 MadManMarkAu Hence the laptop
15:58 Maglinvinn yeah, the storm we had up here was wild.
15:58 Cprossu2 so they are running on a different cap card
15:59 Cprossu2 much cruddier qual too =(
15:59 MadManMarkAu This one seems to work so much better
15:59 MadManMarkAu I mean, it has color :P
15:59 Cprossu2 we had color
15:59 Cprossu2 with the old one
15:59 Cprossu2 just not through the switcher
15:59 nevm left #thegeekgroup
15:59 MadManMarkAu Ah
15:59 MadManMarkAu I'M DEAF! D:
15:59 Electronics ...
15:59 Cprossu2 no more farting!
16:00 rastarogue and we lost audio
16:00 wannabe1987 ...
16:00 Cprossu2 yay!!!
16:00 wannabe1987 they counted down and it went away!
16:00 wannabe1987 :(
16:00 Cprossu2 I hated that farting buzzing noise!
16:00 tggconsole we know, we're working on it
16:00 exor674 lol if you were paying attention :P
16:00 wannabe1987 hai :)
16:00 rastarogue and back
16:00 wannabe1987 no...
16:00 MadManMarkAu I'M CURED :D
16:00 Electronics and we have it bak
16:00 wannabe1987 i'm not paying attn...too many things going on :P
16:00 Cprossu2 turn that scanner off it's irritating lol
16:00 wannabe1987 byebye cops!
16:00 MadManMarkAu I'm paying attention, I knew it was coming
16:00 MadManMarkAu Just playing
16:00 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
16:00 wannabe1987 TWSS
16:00 Electronics that scanner is driving me crazy XD
16:01 Maglinvinn yup.
16:01 Cprossu2 farting noise is back =(
16:01 Electronics ahhhh silence
16:01 nevm joined #thegeekgroup
16:01 * MadManMarkAu wants to set mode +o tggconsole
16:01 tggconsole we're trying to get the audio from the mic downstairs working, so [please bear with us
16:01 Cprossu2 <127hz for farting noise
16:01 Maglinvinn i hope it works!
16:02 Maglinvinn it'd suck not being able to listen in on the ground floor.
16:02 Electronics do I hear who I tihnk it is?...
16:02 Maglinvinn yup
16:02 rastarogue Captian on Deck!
16:02 Maglinvinn and now he's singing
16:02 Electronics ^
16:02 MoxieMike Captain on site
16:02 MadManMarkAu ^
16:02 MoxieMike ^?
16:02 Maglinvinn means that they 'ditto' last message
16:02 Maglinvinn ... i think.
16:02 MoxieMike ah
16:02 MadManMarkAu ^ == "I agree with the above post. My sentiments exactly."
16:03 Maglinvinn yup, see.  i know internet lingo!
16:03 MoxieMike wasn't sure if it was a GG irc salute or something
16:03 MadManMarkAu Ah, Mag explained it better
16:03 rolyd joined #thegeekgroup
16:03 rolyd left #thegeekgroup
16:03 Rahlon yay
16:03 wannabe1987 has anyone seen red on there yettoday?  chick with red hair...
16:03 Electronics Woooo
16:03 rastarogue TY
16:03 wannabe1987 thanks corey!
16:03 Rahlon ty
16:03 asnopus :D
16:04 SparkyProjects Peace at last, now i can turn my volume up :P
16:04 rastarogue The power of the internets
16:04 rdadd joined #thegeekgroup
16:04 rastarogue we ask and they deliver
16:04 Rahlon if we moan enough in here anything could be done
16:04 cctoide that area needs sound deadening applied with a large hose
16:04 MadManMarkAu ^^^^^^^^^^
16:04 MoxieMike i do
16:04 Cprossu2 of course
16:04 wannabe1987 lol
16:04 MadManMarkAu I HATE terminating cat5/6 cable :<
16:05 arran-g yes
16:05 Rahlon let's moan at chris to do a dance, for erm... laughs yeah laughs
16:05 MoxieMike i didn't say i liked it, but i know how
16:05 arran-g tia-568a or b ?
16:05 MoxieMike either one works
16:05 Roly left #thegeekgroup
16:05 Cprossu2 I prefer b
16:05 arran-g here in the uk we use b
16:05 Cprossu2 leading with ow makes me happy
16:06 MoxieMike me too
16:06 Maglinvinn there's red, on cam now
16:06 Cprossu2 hrmm
16:06 wannabe1987 ...
16:06 wannabe1987 i see her!
16:06 cctoide having IRC in a computer in the middle of the room decreases productivity by about 5%, I'm pretty sure
16:07 MadManMarkAu lol
16:07 Electronics hehe
16:07 asnopus haha
16:07 Cprossu2 is now known as Cprossu
16:07 wannabe1987 lol
16:07 MadManMarkAu We're watching you. I can see you blink.. Hehehh heh heh
16:07 rdadd is now known as Roly
16:07 MadManMarkAu Oh yeah
16:08 geek101 left #thegeekgroup
16:08 MadManMarkAu INB4 ASCII ART during the shoot
16:08 Cprossu So what's the prospect of removing the <120 hz noise from the audio going out?
16:08 MadManMarkAu Is that a Pikachu?
16:08 Cprossu sounds like a fart every 4 seconds or so
16:08 Maglinvinn i dn't hear that cpro
16:08 critterpal someone change to camera 2
16:08 Maglinvinn but
16:08 asnopus I dont hear it
16:08 Maglinvinn i know that they're switching to the downstairs mic, so yeah
16:08 cctoide Captain-dar activating
16:08 Cprossu amplify it you'll hear it
16:09 MadManMarkAu HI DUCK!
16:09 Electronics Hiya
16:09 cctoide There goes Pikachu.
16:09 Cprossu hey lol
16:09 arran-g Hi
16:09 wannabe1987 so loud up there :P
16:10 Cprossu what the hell ARE you doing?! xD
16:10 wannabe1987 ...
16:10 rastarogue we are on the camera to your right
16:10 MoxieMike brb...need to terminate a cat5 cable
16:10 wannabe1987 lol
16:10 mtearle in .au, the pictures upside down! :)
16:10 wannabe1987 ..
16:10 rastarogue Hi red!
16:11 Electronics Hi!
16:11 MadManMarkAu HI RED!
16:11 wannabe1987 lol
16:11 * arran-g waves
16:11 mtearle G'day red!
16:11 critterpal my video is a little choppy.
16:11 Cprossu do we still have the worlds crappiest camera attached?
16:11 MadManMarkAu Paull's butt
16:12 Cprossu woot!
16:12 Cprossu nice
16:12 wannabe1987 paul...
16:12 Electronics DON'T ZOOM!
16:12 Rahlon is the quality of that camera anygood?
16:12 MadManMarkAu Zoom zoom zoom...
16:12 arran-g lol
16:12 cctoide uh-oh, huge user controlled camera
16:12 MadManMarkAu IT looks decent
16:12 asnopus product placement
16:13 Cprossu I was refering to a camera that's inside the room that is perhaps the worst camera in the world
16:13 Electronics Can we have an overview of the room?
16:13 MadManMarkAu I'm imagining all the videos from now on having a "whrrrrr.. whoooooor.. Whiiiiirt" noise in them
16:13 Cprossu you haven't seen it yet if you weren't on yesterday
16:13 cctoide I take it there's nothing in the broadcasting chain that can be set to cycle between cameras?
16:14 Sjogerst joined #thegeekgroup
16:14 Cprossu that power supply you got up there for that camera reminds me of my younger days
16:14 wannabe1987 camera that we can control?  sounds like a bad idea...
16:14 wannabe1987 #justsayin
16:14 MadManMarkAu #lolhashtags
16:14 MadManMarkAu #lolhashtagsonirc
16:14 cctoide I'm thinking that's probably the largest internet controlled camera I've seen
16:14 cctoide until they set up the weather cam
16:14 Cprossu Woz had a cool one up a long time ago
16:15 cctoide someone's going to get smacked in the head by that one :p
16:15 Electronics Wooo
16:15 Sjogerst sup ya'll
16:15 Android joined #thegeekgroup
16:15 MadManMarkAu Soup, Sjogerst
16:15 wannabe1987 nm...u?
16:15 Android is now known as Guest6427
16:15 Sjogerst chillin, all this progress is pretty cool
16:15 Cprossu <fail>camera 3</fail>
16:16 Cprossu ?
16:16 cctoide "Camera 6? ... come in Camera 6! CAMERA 6!?"
16:16 MadManMarkAu I wonder if they'll have a wireless camera for when interesting things are going on elsewhere
16:16 MadManMarkAu "The power of love" "There's no love for you?
16:16 MadManMarkAu "
16:16 Rahlon where else are they planning to set cameras up?
16:16 Cprossu just add more wire to create illusion of wirelessness
16:17 wannabe1987 ...
16:17 asnopus Iduuno, theres alot of cement in that place
16:17 cctoide Heh, now they can hook up the CCTV to the internet and crowdsource security instead of hiring a guard
16:17 rastarogue the hell is he singing?
16:17 Sjogerst my ears are bleeding...
16:17 MadManMarkAu ^00 this
16:17 wannabe1987 lol
16:17 MadManMarkAu @ cctoide
16:17 Cprossu well they could put a kuka on a trolley
16:17 cctoide ahahah
16:17 Cprossu internet controlled bouncer
16:17 cctoide with cattle prods
16:17 h3po joined #thegeekgroup
16:17 Sjogerst paul prolly took it aprt to see how it worked
16:18 asnopus remote controlled poking pole
16:18 MadManMarkAu Oooh
16:18 Sjogerst haha
16:18 MadManMarkAu robotics lab
16:18 MadManMarkAu Controlled from the 'net
16:18 asnopus so many shenanigans
16:18 Cprossu To the power brick and mortar store
16:18 MadManMarkAu lol
16:18 rastarogue General Badass in the house
16:19 h3po i wonder if the geekgroup considers itself as a big "hackerspace"?
16:19 MadManMarkAu That... is an EPIC beard
16:19 MadManMarkAu We need a closeup of that beard... for posterity, and such.. yah
16:19 rastarogue ^
16:19 Electronics Do we, do we really?
16:19 MadManMarkAu h3po: I believe it does
16:19 wannabe1987 yay!!! BA!
16:19 Cprossu ok, so how do we control this, we need to give those motor driver boards a thorough testing
16:19 Sjogerst no! not the beard!
16:19 mtearle you should set mumble/murmur up as a set of cans
16:20 MadManMarkAu Omni!
16:20 Electronics who's Trip?
16:20 Maglinvinn lul.  wannabe, i didn't knwo that was you
16:20 wannabe1987 r u serious?!
16:20 wannabe1987 LOL
16:20 Electronics ?
16:20 wannabe1987 he connected my nick w/ my IRL name :D
16:20 Electronics hmph
16:20 cctoide Does this camera focus any better than this?
16:21 wannabe1987 hmmmm
16:21 MadManMarkAu Will be grabbing my TGG membership soon, as soon as I'm paid
16:21 Electronics Is it the focus or just the quality? =P
16:21 cctoide or maybe it's just 90s SD :p
16:21 asnopus bit of both
16:21 wannabe1987 haha
16:21 Electronics Best of both worlds
16:21 Billy joined #thegeekgroup
16:21 Electronics hey Billy
16:21 cctoide it's bokeh. really.
16:21 Electronics no I tihnk that's the focus
16:21 wannabe1987 i love bokeh!
16:21 MadManMarkAu I think this is ficus, or a horrible lense assembley
16:21 wannabe1987 sarcasm lost!
16:22 MadManMarkAu *focus
16:22 Sjogerst this is all to catch chris on camera when he loses his marbles and goes on a shooting spree
16:22 cctoide there's a plant in the lens?
16:22 asnopus lol
16:22 Electronics New method of growing plants
16:22 wannabe1987 time to shower so i can head into the lab and look my  best...:D
16:22 wannabe1987 cuz...i might be on camera!
16:22 MadManMarkAu lol
16:22 MadManMarkAu See you there, litterally :P
16:22 wannabe1987 i look like crap
16:22 h3po there must be some small webcam and a linux router with integrated usb host around... can't believe they're doing it with analog camera+capture card+software
16:23 cctoide tomorrow's telescreens, today!
16:23 MadManMarkAu wait, what happened?
16:23 Maglinvinn wat?!
16:23 Electronics E51 Ministries?
16:23 wannabe1987 someone screwed chris :P
16:23 exor674 they didn't pay some fees for permits or something
16:23 asnopus :C
16:23 exor674 I think that's what i heard
16:23 wannabe1987 and not the way he likes to be screwed
16:23 MadManMarkAu Permits?
16:23 Electronics something like that
16:23 MadManMarkAu Billy? On the IRC?
16:23 Electronics he jsut joined?
16:24 Electronics [17:21] * Billy (52472283@gateway/web/freenode/ip. has joined #thegeekgroup
16:24 wannabe1987 who is billy
16:24 Maglinvinn what... errrr.... i thought the building permit was obtained?
16:24 MadManMarkAu I saw
16:24 MadManMarkAu I didn't make the conenction
16:24 Electronics uh oh
16:24 MadManMarkAu Need confirmation
16:24 Guest6427 left #thegeekgroup
16:24 Electronics who pulled the plug
16:24 Cprossu Rule 1)
16:24 Electronics =P
16:24 Cprossu when in doubt light the piss outa it
16:24 MadManMarkAu We can hear you, just...
16:24 rastarogue yes
16:24 exor674 sorta
16:24 Maglinvinn its faint.
16:24 cctoide we hear you as if you're in a sewer tunnel
16:24 mtearle yes, with lots of echooooooooo
16:24 cctoide but we hear you
16:24 Maglinvinn lul... ah... wat?!
16:24 MadManMarkAu My damaged hearing can't pick up what he's saying
16:24 Electronics what the
16:24 wannabe1987 what?!
16:24 Cprossu echo echoo echooo echoooo ooooechoooo
16:25 Maglinvinn he wants the pin out on the pin tilt controller???
16:25 Electronics ^
16:25 cctoide That's not a camera.
16:25 wannabe1987 lol
16:25 wannabe1987 theres a camera up there tho
16:25 Maglinvinn LUL.  uhm.  yeah.  i'm gonna need a really long minute.  i gotta find the EEE and pull up the code....
16:25 Cprossu that's a camera yo
16:26 Electronics lost signal again =(
16:26 MadManMarkAu Is it driven by stepper motors?
16:26 MadManMarkAu :3
16:26 Electronics noooo the laggg
16:26 Maglinvinn no mad man
16:26 wannabe1987 that was evil
16:26 Maglinvinn its dc motors
16:26 Billy I'm some english guy, late response, looking at other stuff
16:26 Cprossu so those are servo motors, yo
16:26 MadManMarkAu I was making a "THat's a stepper motor, yo!" reference
16:26 Maglinvinn 4 wires.  one for each direction
16:26 Maglinvinn lol.
16:26 wannabe1987 hi billy
16:26 wannabe1987 where in the UK r u from
16:26 Billy afternoon :)
16:26 exor674 I'm assuming it's driven by connecting two pins, isn't it? common and whichever move pin
16:26 Billy norfolk
16:26 wannabe1987 is afternoon
16:27 MadManMarkAu Haha, Duck has pockets... IN HIS HAT?!?
16:27 wannabe1987 creepy
16:27 Electronics ...
16:27 MadManMarkAu That's... AWESOME!
16:27 wannabe1987 ASS
16:27 asnopus he has storage everywhere
16:27 Maglinvinn tggconsole   does he have the breakout board there we made for it?
16:27 Electronics Lag is happening now from increase of viewers
16:28 MagneticCow seems fine to me
16:28 crazzzik joined #thegeekgroup
16:28 Maglinvinn tggconsole  my code has comments, but not comments for which color wire was which!
16:28 Sjogerst no lag here
16:28 rastarogue It means crap!
16:28 Electronics lol
16:28 Maglinvinn tggconsole i left all that hardware with him, due to the fact he was redesigning the H-bridge circuit to have PWM speed control
16:29 MadManMarkAu Ack!
16:29 Electronics woah
16:29 MadManMarkAu Better audio
16:29 Sjogerst dam
16:29 cctoide That's good
16:29 asnopus tinny
16:29 Maglinvinn lul.  hello paul.
16:29 Electronics Very tinny
16:29 cctoide still sounds like a silo though
16:29 rastarogue we had kidwell for a second
16:29 * wannabe1987 should go up there, right outside the door, and watch the stream and the live at the same time...
16:29 Sjogerst hello downthere
16:29 MadManMarkAu We can't see him panning/tilting
16:29 MadManMarkAu He's okay
16:29 rastarogue okay
16:29 Electronics Tinny
16:30 Maglinvinn tggconsole  thats why we were goign to put a 45 degree block in that pantilt cam up high
16:30 Maglinvinn we talked about that already.
16:30 Cprossu kinda sorta
16:30 MadManMarkAu LOL, that's crap
16:30 Electronics hahaha
16:30 cctoide Technology!
16:30 rastarogue The top half of Kidwells head
16:30 Maglinvinn lul
16:30 arran-g lol
16:30 Maglinvinn yes,
16:30 Sjogerst lol "you're screwed paul!"
16:30 Cprossu hey Captain, we got tired of the indian head test pattern last night!
16:30 cctoide that's a really good shot of the whiteboard
16:30 asnopus yay, yellowness
16:31 MadManMarkAu lol
16:31 rastarogue It's a good view of the white board
16:31 critterpal I can hear him clearly
16:31 Electronics fine
16:31 Cprossu sounds washed out
16:31 Cprossu needs more bass
16:31 arran-g ^
16:31 MadManMarkAu A little more volume, but not much
16:31 Maglinvinn he sounds like he's yelling at us from the end of a long open corridor... oh, wait.  hahahaha
16:31 Electronics more bass
16:31 Maglinvinn turning him up a bit wouldn't hurt
16:31 cctoide bumpupthebass
16:31 Sjogerst perfect
16:31 Sjogerst ish
16:31 Electronics turn it to 11
16:31 Sjogerst fine
16:31 Maglinvinn paul is good.  chris is strong
16:31 MadManMarkAu Duck, you sound sexy
16:31 rastarogue chris is good
16:31 SparkyProjects If kidwell talks normally, he neds to be louder and more bass
16:31 Electronics Chris is perfectly fine
16:31 Rahlon your good chris
16:31 Cprossu you sound like you are talking through one of those blueprint tubes chris
16:32 NiFe joined #thegeekgroup
16:32 Sjogerst hollow tube
16:32 mtearle there's lovely low frequency noise on the audio ... blame a dodgy laptop audio section with bad reference earthing ...
16:32 Cprossu can't hear anything
16:32 MadManMarkAu can't understand it at all, too much reverb
16:32 Electronics Quiet, echoy
16:32 Electronics Reverb that's the one
16:32 Sjogerst talking through a drum
16:32 rastarogue lot of echo
16:32 Cprossu sounds like he's eating a drum
16:32 critterpal yeah. not as good now.
16:32 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
16:32 Cprossu and trying to talk
16:32 asnopus oops is 2AM here
16:32 MadManMarkAu I see an armpit
16:32 Sjogerst audio chaos?
16:32 Electronics Seems so
16:33 * mtearle waves hi to the other side of Australia!
16:33 * Cprossu wonders if that's where kidwell is yelling from
16:33 asnopus Gotta love south aus
16:33 Maglinvinn lol cory headphones.
16:33 MadManMarkAu mtearle: HI! :D You in Germany?
16:33 MadManMarkAu And, I'm in Perth, Western Australia
16:33 Sjogerst any other geeks out in california?
16:33 Electronics hahaha epic Ring tone
16:33 rastarogue Im in SoCal
16:33 mtearle also Perth!   most isolated capital in the world
16:33 Roly adelaide rep!
16:33 Maglinvinn <- Lansing MI USA here
16:34 Cprossu don't twist the cables!!!!!
16:34 Electronics <- UK
16:34 h3po left #thegeekgroup
16:34 Sjogerst thats not cali, thats northern mexico lol jk
16:34 mtearle but probably not as bad as Kalamazoo! :P
16:34 MadManMarkAu 180deg, not too bad
16:34 rastarogue <- LA to be general
16:34 Maglinvinn yeah.  180 (plus a litt) LR pan, tilt is 30 in either direction
16:34 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
16:34 Sjogerst nice, im up by frisco
16:34 Cprossu hey we can see the power brick from there
16:34 cctoide that's a lot of wasted elevation
16:34 MoxieMike am i the only one in maine?
16:35 Maglinvinn yes, we need to put a 45degree wedge between camera and pan/tilt module.
16:35 MadManMarkAu Kidwell is doing with Wilson wilson impersonation
16:35 Electronics Still with the reverb
16:35 ekim4 left #thegeekgroup
16:35 mtearle yeah, the PTZ head is probably not designed to be upside down
16:35 Billy left #thegeekgroup
16:35 Maglinvinn bye billy.
16:35 Cprossu designed smasigned
16:35 Electronics It's not THE Billy though
16:35 Electronics =O
16:35 cctoide it's EuroBilly
16:35 Electronics hehe
16:35 critterpal funny
16:36 MadManMarkAu Gah, my eCig is out of battery. brb, smoking an analogue
16:36 Cprossu this calls for a zoom out and triangular shims if there isn't any adjustment
16:36 MadManMarkAu Need to pick up a volcano. This brand is china-tastic and horrible
16:37 Electronics brb
16:37 MadManMarkAu Oh yeah! Gotta speak to Chris
16:37 PP joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
16:37 MadManMarkAu Chris! If I send you monies, can you send an eCig to Australia? Volcano doesn't ship out here
16:37 Maglinvinn TGGCONSOLE  - switch cam off pan/tilt please.
16:37 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
16:38 Sjogerst so on the controller, the stick does pan/tilt, and the d-pad does x/y rails?
16:38 tggnle1 Why do you wanna do that, Dan?
16:39 Maglinvinn lul, tired of looking at the whiteboard?
16:39 Maglinvinn who is tggnle1?
16:39 Vizjournalist joined #thegeekgroup
16:39 MadManMarkAu Non-leanear Editing
16:39 Maglinvinn got it.  hi cory.
16:39 cctoide ow
16:39 tggnle1 HI DAN :D
16:39 Sjogerst my ears.....
16:39 tggnle1 :3
16:39 Electronics lol back and all I get from unfreezing is ARGHHHHHHHHH
16:39 Sjogerst blood everywhere
16:39 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
16:40 mtearle oh well, work tommorow, g'night all
16:40 Sjogerst aaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrgggggggghhhh to you as well sir.
16:40 Electronics cya
16:40 cctoide Boden roar
16:40 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
16:40 MadManMarkAu [00:39] -Roly- DCC Chat
16:40 MadManMarkAu O_o
16:41 MadManMarkAu Oh, nevermind
16:41 Electronics not again...
16:41 cctoide I think he's going to do that every time we annoy him
16:41 rastarogue Please don't do that
16:41 Electronics hehe
16:41 Sjogerst omg... make it stop
16:41 rastarogue my speakers will break
16:41 Sjogerst lol
16:41 asnopus fuuuuuu
16:41 Electronics Still with the Reverb Paul
16:41 Sjogerst yeah pauls still talking through a tube
16:42 wannabe1987 did i miss anything?
16:42 cctoide Chris is playing technical director now
16:42 exor674 bullshit *g*
16:42 Cprossu I've got some Cs137 sources... did it rain out there??? go get some and evap it
16:43 Sjogerst someone wanna grab a am241 smoke alarm source?
16:43 Electronics hehe
16:43 Electronics stop shouting!
16:43 wannabe1987 why are we looking at coffee?
16:43 Electronics Coffee?
16:43 rastarogue Red is the talent!
16:43 Electronics probably an advert?
16:43 wannabe1987 it was zomed in on coffee
16:43 wannabe1987 no...the coffee by the computer
16:43 Maglinvinn thats caue red is awesome
16:44 * wannabe1987 doesn't like shouting :(
16:44 Electronics Cause we were?
16:44 Vizjournalist Chris peaks out and overmodulates really quickly. Makes it hard to unerstand.
16:44 wannabe1987 well, tell him to stop?
16:44 Vizjournalist I think his levels need to go down a bit.
16:44 Electronics Biscuits?
16:45 wannabe1987 yeah
16:45 MoxieMike mmm...toast
16:45 wannabe1987 the thin pieces of wood holding the console together
16:45 Electronics ohh
16:45 wannabe1987 know what i'm talking about?
16:45 wannabe1987 chris/cptn educated me
16:45 Cprossu I'll bet theres some bubblegum too
16:45 Electronics Reverbbb
16:45 wannabe1987 lol
16:45 Sjogerst dont do it paul!
16:46 Cprossu redneck intercom!
16:46 asnopus tin can and some string?
16:46 Maglinvinn very good.  very very good.  yay master control.
16:46 Cprossu got to involve screaming that makes it on the shoot
16:46 Vizjournalist There is nothing they can do about the reverb unless they use lav or shotgun mics.  The rooms needs to be dampened eventually.
16:47 wannabe1987 its all cement
16:47 wannabe1987 sucks:P
16:47 asnopus thatll be so hard to do
16:47 Electronics anyone recording this?
16:47 cctoide do they still use the lavaliers for on-set stuff?
16:47 Vizjournalist Yeah.  A huge job...
16:47 Rahlon mute kidwell a mo
16:48 Vizjournalist It's work it though.
16:48 Vizjournalist worth
16:48 Rahlon ah nvm he's not talking at the same tiem now
16:48 Cprossu kidwell sounds like he's yelling into a cheap radio shack mic with a clothespin on his nose
16:48 Electronics ^
16:48 Electronics and I'm goign to work on recording the stream
16:48 asnopus fraps will do it
16:48 Electronics Fraps hates me
16:49 Electronics like LAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG
16:49 rastarogue wow, nice throw
16:49 Sjogerst so loud
16:49 wannabe1987 whatcha gonna do w/ recorded stream?  bloopers? gag reel?  blackmail?
16:49 Cprossu need an audio compressor pronto!!!!!!!!!!!!
16:49 Steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
16:49 Cprossu you guys are blasting us lol
16:49 cctoide sounds like rage central
16:49 Electronics turn it down or something
16:50 cctoide in a real console would there be some sort of proxy keyboard for the switcher?
16:50 cctoide seems uncomfortable to have to hit the buttons on the rack
16:50 rastarogue can you get a compressor for the mic's?
16:50 MadManMarkAu Duck needs to yell out "By the power of Greyskull, I have the power!!"
16:50 Sjogerst hi
16:51 cctoide hi TD
16:51 Maglinvinn lul.  you guys have never been on set there before.  he's really not being loud
16:51 Olivius joined #thegeekgroup
16:51 Maglinvinn you should have been there when the magnets were in his nose
16:51 arran-g Electronics: about recording, what about saving the flv/rtmp stream ?
16:51 Maglinvinn ~that~ was loud
16:51 Mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:51 Electronics I can't really find anything to do that
16:51 MoxieMike i can only imagine
16:51 rastarogue kay, I have to got to class farewell
16:51 MadManMarkAu baibai
16:51 Sjogerst bye
16:52 asnopus im off, see ya later
16:52 arran-g hmm
16:52 rastarogue left #thegeekgroup
16:52 MoxieMike later
16:52 Mashpriborintorg Hello all
16:52 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
16:52 MadManMarkAu So, what's the video shoot today?
16:52 Steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
16:53 Steve______ Hello
16:53 tggnle1 Hello Internet, Love Red.
16:53 MadManMarkAu 'lo Steve_____
16:53 Steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
16:53 Electronics brb researching recording flv streams
16:54 MadManMarkAu rtmpdump
16:54 Maglinvinn lul.  i think i don't like steve's nicknae
16:54 Maglinvinn its very trolly
16:54 Maglinvinn therefore....
16:54 Maglinvinn is now known as maglin______
16:54 maglin______ heh
16:54 MadManMarkAu is now known as Meeko_______
16:54 exor674 maglin: I think you just grew a tail
16:54 maglin______ i'm a horrible person
16:54 maglin______ really.
16:54 wannabe1987 cats!  this place is full of CATS!
16:54 cctoide must be the radiation
16:54 wannabe1987 hi red
16:55 Meeko_______ "I think you just grew a tail" "cats!  this place is full of CATS!" And every furry in this chat goes "DOINK!"
16:55 Meeko_______ <-- housecat
16:55 MoxieMike it's either the radiation or the water
16:55 wannabe1987 lol
16:55 Meeko_______ is now known as MadManMarkAu
16:55 * maglin______ headscratches.
16:55 tggnle1 Hi Wannabe.
16:55 wannabe1987 there are FURRIES in here?!  i cannot get rid of them
16:55 Electronics righty
16:55 wannabe1987 you know me IRL....:P  its kelly
16:55 MadManMarkAu I can't tell what he's asking for
16:55 Electronics I can't really hear you with the stuff behind you
16:55 Sjogerst cant hear ya
16:55 wannabe1987 furries follow me...gah
16:55 Sjogerst peak up
16:55 Vizjournalist We can't hear you
16:55 maglin______ tggnle1, tell chris his audio level is low
16:55 tggnle1 Hi Kelly ^_^
16:55 Rahlon chris, turn off the other mic
16:55 maglin______ right now
16:55 MadManMarkAu It's just a mumble in amongst lost of room noise for me
16:55 Sjogerst speak*
16:55 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
16:55 maglin______ he's trying to tell us to 'crowd source' something
16:55 maglin______ can't tell what he's saying
16:55 wannabe1987 mumble mumble mumble
16:56 Electronics tggconsole - Can't hear you
16:56 MadManMarkAu Multi-stream to uStream or soemthing
16:56 Sjogerst lookup multiple sstreams for ustream
16:56 Electronics clip now
16:56 MadManMarkAu Clippage
16:56 Cprossu clipping now
16:56 Sjogerst horry shit...
16:56 maglin______ slight clipping now, but ican hear you.  LOL
16:56 Whisperingwolf talking way to fast Boden
16:56 Cprossu that's not slight
16:56 SparkyProjects Chris, your mic was fine, kidwell is too loud
16:56 Cprossu he could whisper now and he'd clip
16:57 Steve______ I wonder if they had any compressers donated?
16:57 MadManMarkAu I agree with Sparky
16:57 Whisperingwolf lol
16:57 Rahlon ^^
16:57 Cprossu now everyone's mic is terrible X_x
16:57 Sjogerst controlled chaos! lol
16:57 MadManMarkAu I thought he said "I have 4 bars" referring to his phone
16:57 Whisperingwolf Ow
16:57 Steve______ there is nothing controlled about this
16:57 Sjogerst lol
16:58 Sjogerst fair enough
16:58 Cprossu LOL
16:58 MadManMarkAu Organized chaos
16:58 MadManMarkAu VUVUZELA!
16:58 MadManMarkAu Need moar soccerball
16:58 Cprossu read your irc
16:58 Cprossu fix your mics
16:58 Sjogerst chris turn ur mic back down!
16:58 Whisperingwolf Nothing organized about it just chaos
16:58 wannabe1987 i hate vuvuzelas
16:58 Steve______ don't we all
16:58 Cprossu chris your mic was fine, kidwells was boosteeeeeeeeed
16:58 rastarogue joined #thegeekgroup
16:58 MoxieMike trouble is, i think it was EMT
16:58 MadManMarkAu I used to live with Kenyans, I really don't mind them. In fact, I kinda like thme.
16:58 cctoide They don't have the computer on the set yet, do they?
16:58 Sjogerst whats the video about?
16:59 Cprossu and while you are at it ask kidwell for a CPM
16:59 Sjogerst dont think so
16:59 MoxieMike we don't know yet
16:59 MadManMarkAu I see a radioation hazard sign and a Geiger counter
16:59 Whisperingwolf Wow it is kidwell.....what is he doing there on a Modnay?
16:59 MadManMarkAu It's going to be fun
16:59 Whisperingwolf er tuesday
17:00 Whisperingwolf I kinda wish I had mutliple monitors
17:00 Cprossu yay I have lots of data now
17:01 Cprossu I'm still running my 2x 22" crt's
17:01 Cprossu I totally recc'd having multiple monitors
17:01 MadManMarkAu Wow, that is a lot
17:01 Whisperingwolf whelp all I have is my laptop
17:02 Whisperingwolf tab tab tab
17:02 Cprossu I got my measurable increase so I was happy
17:02 Electronics I miss my dual moniters
17:02 critterpal Just have two windows open side by side
17:02 Cprossu but I'll keep on logging for the hell of it I think
17:02 Whisperingwolf I should really go to class but this is more fun than learning about IPSec
17:02 MadManMarkAu o-scope
17:02 MadManMarkAu The good one
17:03 crazzzik left #thegeekgroup
17:03 Steve______ no, I have 24 scopes behind me
17:03 MadManMarkAu I want one :<
17:03 Steve______ 6 100mhz LCD
17:03 Cprossu I've got my 50mhz tek 547
17:03 MoxieMike i don't have a scope
17:03 Electronics I don't have one
17:03 rastarogue one 20 amp breaker
17:03 rastarogue holy crap
17:03 Steve______ neither do I, I'm just at school/work
17:04 MadManMarkAu lol
17:04 MoxieMike i'm at work
17:04 Steve______ if you could see the shelves behind me
17:05 tggconsole Red: Who is maglinvinn?
17:05 MadManMarkAu tggconsole: Hit the record button on the broadcaster, please
17:05 MoxieMike Eakin
17:06 Whisperingwolf I thought you were going to get Cory a haircut Boden
17:06 Steve______ current web cam could use master pedistal decreased a bit
17:06 MadManMarkAu Move, Cory
17:06 wannabe1987 so loud!
17:06 Electronics attempting to record
17:06 MadManMarkAu MOVE
17:06 Steve______ maybe the iris a but too
17:07 cctoide This would be a good time to have the Kuka with a cattle prod
17:07 Whisperingwolf They really need a new slate
17:07 critterpal He'll move. let them work
17:07 Steve______ ooh Dr. Who
17:07 rastarogue nice job on the switching there
17:07 MadManMarkAu ^
17:07 Electronics Cory taking over =P
17:07 tggconsole Red: He always does... ^_^
17:07 maglin______ Cory usually does.  he is director...
17:08 MadManMarkAu When was the IRC screen going to be on set?
17:08 Cprossu Actual video(     (())     )    blooper( ((((()))))) )
17:08 Electronics since now?
17:08 cctoide I think that's what he's going to do now
17:08 MadManMarkAu Ah
17:08 Electronics I presume that's what the laptop is for
17:08 MadManMarkAu Bless you
17:08 Steve______ ok, I need to get in there and get the sync the timing on the studio camera's
17:09 MadManMarkAu Yeah
17:09 Steve______ that sync roll is getting annoying
17:09 tggconsole Red: Thank you for the bless you.
17:09 MadManMarkAu Switching cameras, it's kinda obvious they're not synced
17:09 Electronics woo Captain's Blog
17:09 MadManMarkAu HI INTERNET!
17:09 Whisperingwolf Woot
17:10 MadManMarkAu HI INTERNET!
17:10 Electronics HI!
17:10 Rahlon hi
17:10 Steve______ hello
17:10 MoxieMike Hi from the internet
17:10 Electronics oh the crew
17:10 Steve______ switch cam
17:10 Electronics nah it's good
17:10 InteliWasp joined #thegeekgroup
17:10 MadManMarkAu Don't worry, ma'am, I'm from the internet.
17:11 maglin______ ...  i don't think i've seen IRC so far off the hook yet.
17:11 Electronics I just hope my recording is recording properly
17:12 maglin______ you recording the ustream electronics?
17:12 Electronics so what is today's video on?
17:12 Electronics ya
17:12 Cprossu Windows: Dumb as shit
17:12 Electronics well hopefully
17:12 Whisperingwolf I miss my switcher job at pbs now
17:12 maglin______ ah, cool.
17:12 MadManMarkAu Linux: the slow learner
17:12 exor674 how exactly do they sync cameras?
17:12 Electronics I'm trying Camstudio for the moment
17:12 cctoide PC vs Mac fight incoming
17:12 MadManMarkAu Max: The retarded autistic child
17:12 MadManMarkAu *Mac
17:12 Steve______ there is a sync genrator that creases a black burst signal
17:12 Cprossu OsX: It takes me $3000 of software to do anything
17:12 Electronics Fraps freaked out and some flv streamers just failed
17:12 MoxieMike PC's are better
17:12 Cprossu mac's are pc's now
17:13 Cprossu so what's the point
17:13 Rahlon can't they set ustream to record it?
17:13 Cprossu they can and probably did
17:13 Electronics maybe
17:13 MadManMarkAu They can, but I'm not sure the Adobe Broadcaster supports it
17:13 Steve______ then you have to adjust the horizontal and SC phase of each device so they all line up
17:13 maglin______ is paul on IRC
17:13 Electronics I believe so
17:13 Electronics bt I haven't seen anyone join
17:13 cctoide neither of them are on yet, I don't think
17:13 Cprossu Paul, you on irc??
17:14 MadManMarkAu What the hell was that?
17:14 cctoide I think they're still waiting on an ethernet cable being terminated
17:14 Electronics they got Wifi
17:14 Electronics I should record the IRC embed as well if I figure out how
17:14 MadManMarkAu INB4 someone messaging Duck on his IRC client so it dings on camera
17:14 Whisperingwolf ow
17:14 Electronics *embeded
17:15 Electronics OWWww
17:15 Cprossu Come on, I could do that in 10 seconds
17:15 cctoide His hands are shaking
17:15 MoxieMike ow, O, gw, BL, blw, G, brw, BR
17:15 MoxieMike quite simple
17:15 wannabe1987 ok...time to walk to the lab now :D
17:16 Steve______ is this the peanut gallery or is that master control?
17:16 Whisperingwolf are we really getting started now?
17:16 Cprossu do we have irc yet to paul and chris??
17:16 MadManMarkAu No, I didn't see a client connect
17:16 cctoide I think they gave up
17:16 Electronics now they've started
17:17 Whisperingwolf Radiation? Too bad Tracy isn't on
17:17 maglin______ right?
17:17 Electronics hmm
17:17 tggconsole Red: We know nothing except chaos in this building.
17:17 Cprossu yeah no kidding
17:18 Steve______ are those ion chambers or tru guigers
17:18 MoxieMike not sure
17:18 Steve______ we need Tracy
17:19 MadManMarkAu Who is Tracy?
17:19 Electronics ok compressing audio..
17:19 tggconsole Red: Yes, who is Tracy?
17:19 Whisperingwolf TGG radation expert
17:19 Cprossu Actual video(     (())     )    Blooper( ((((()))))) )
17:19 maglin______ tracy, known as radioactive on the forums, is probably the forum's leading dude on radioactive everything
17:19 MadManMarkAu Cprossu: we got it :P
17:19 mikemol What capture card are they using, now?
17:19 Cprossu Tracy is 'radioactive' on the forum
17:19 MadManMarkAu Ah, him, yah he's cool
17:19 Electronics apt name
17:19 tggconsole Red: Who knows at this point...? They might be using the one that just came in the mail./
17:19 MadManMarkAu A nut, but cool
17:20 Cprossu too bad he's on dial up
17:20 Electronics lol failed at joining the audio and video
17:20 Whisperingwolf We are all nuts at TGG
17:20 tggconsole Red: They sure ramble a lot. Damn.
17:20 MadManMarkAu ^
17:20 MadManMarkAu @ Whisperingwolf
17:20 MoxieMike no they don't
17:20 tggconsole Red: Is there any other way to be other than crazy? What is this normal you speak of?
17:20 Cprossu speaking of which I just contacted him
17:20 MadManMarkAu I prefer not to ride the boring bus
17:21 MadManMarkAu *snerk*
17:21 cctoide DJ Geiger?
17:21 MadManMarkAu Goddamnit, Chris
17:21 Electronics lol
17:21 mikemol hehe
17:21 tggconsole Red: 0.o
17:21 Steve______ only Chis
17:21 maglin______ naturally chris.
17:21 DJKevin joined #thegeekgroup
17:21 tggconsole Red: This is true.
17:21 MadManMarkAu Speaking of...
17:21 cctoide the new fragrance
17:21 maglin______ DJ, .... irony has spoken....
17:21 mikemol They need to put a splitter on that headphone out and mix it in with their audio feed
17:22 xmtgx joined #thegeekgroup
17:22 Cprossu know
17:22 Electronics ok Camstudio failed
17:22 maglin______ dawwww.
17:22 Mashpriborintorg For some interesting radiation related videos, check "bionerd23" channel onto youtube it is a german woman working in nuclear medicine
17:22 Cprossu with their luck the hv psu would leak into the equip
17:22 MadManMarkAu I'm watching her
17:22 tggconsole Red: That doesn't sound creepy at all...
17:22 thegamer579 joined #thegeekgroup
17:22 tggnle1 This is amazing guys, just wanna say, I am so impressed at the fact that his is the first video shoot I've done in months where I am not behind a camera
17:22 Electronics I think it tries to store all the video while it records into RAM so when it hits the top, bam corruption
17:22 Whisperingwolf nope not at all
17:22 MadManMarkAu Yeah, should elaborate on that
17:22 luke joined #thegeekgroup
17:22 mikemol Cprossu: Hm. Shouldn't be terribly difficult to build an optoisolater.
17:22 tggnle1 I couldn't be happier with the people we have here now, so make sure to thank them!~
17:22 MadManMarkAu I'm watching bionerd on youTUBE
17:23 luke is now known as Guest45789
17:23 Electronics She's quite good
17:23 maglin______ lol tggnle1 yeah, its weird looking at set, from here, and then you're not there to boot?  lul.
17:23 Whisperingwolf lol
17:23 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
17:23 xmtgx left #thegeekgroup
17:23 ashlog joined #thegeekgroup
17:23 maglin______ tggnle1 is your camera wide frame today, and left hand camera close shot?
17:23 Electronics ok lets try crappy fraps
17:24 MadManMarkAu Oooh, thinwire
17:24 Cprossu thinnet lol
17:24 Mashpriborintorg Geek world is small :)
17:24 maglin______ OH,  tggnle1, who is that on your camera?
17:24 Cprossu I had 10B2 and 10B5 run in my house back in '01
17:24 tggconsole Red: Liz, Jason, and some other guy are on the floor cameras. I'm on the main console camera in the fallery.
17:24 mikemol My family had 10B2 through our apartment.
17:24 Electronics ok Fraps is going alright at about 50 FPS
17:24 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
17:24 mikemol Was great for family games of Red Alert. :D
17:25 DruidicRifleman OK this is where the chatting is
17:25 maglin______ red alert for the win.
17:25 Electronics locked at 30 I think
17:25 exor674 fallery? fail gallery? ( yeah, I know that was a typo )
17:25 cctoide interesting how the viewer count is so stable around 50 people
17:25 maglin______ yes, druidic, welcome to the party.
17:25 Cprossu I miss my cabletron gear
17:25 mikemol Not so great when they got their hands on a 10base-T hub, my parents got on the 10base-T, and my brother and I were stuck on the 10B2.
17:25 Mashpriborintorg I have only some crappy russian made world war geigers :D
17:25 kevvan joined #thegeekgroup
17:25 DruidicRifleman Party? :( i didn't know there was a party i'd of brought canadian beer then :(
17:25 mikemol Sync issues kept killing our game until they got their hands on a 100mbit switch. Then they got the switch and my brother and I got the hub...
17:25 Electronics ok fraps is happy
17:26 Cprossu fraps is never happy
17:26 MadManMarkAu Sexual innuendo
17:26 MadManMarkAu *in your end-o
17:26 kevvan i broke bocsy...
17:26 tggconsole Red: lol.
17:26 kevvan is now known as wannabe1987
17:26 Electronics gonna try a longer test of fraps
17:27 tggconsole Red: Have fun!
17:27 Electronics heh
17:27 Electronics ah the adds
17:27 tggconsole Red: ^_^
17:27 Electronics I jsut have to figure out how to record the IRC as well
17:27 MadManMarkAu tggconsole: Is "Red:" your user designation? so IRC users can tell who's talking on the console?
17:27 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
17:27 Peter_ joined #thegeekgroup
17:27 Electronics *just
17:28 DruidicRifleman Psst can someone explain whats going on in the Ustream some thing about glowing japainse people
17:28 Electronics advert
17:28 MadManMarkAu lol
17:28 MadManMarkAu Electronics: AdBocker Plus
17:28 DruidicRifleman OOOOOH do japanise people glow in the dark?
17:28 Electronics linky?
17:28 mikemol You guys with control of the UStream have UStream recording, or just doing passthru?
17:28 tggconsole Red: Red is my name, and i'm on the same line as Corey, so i'm letting you know that I'm the one talking,
17:28 Electronics clip clip clip
17:29 MadManMarkAu
17:29 Electronics remind me later actually
17:29 tggnle1 Actually I'm on a different feed :P
17:29 Electronics lol
17:29 DruidicRifleman we had a friend who worked at a nuklear plant and we picked on him with comments like Hey turn of the lights so we can see you glow
17:29 SparkyProjects Chris needs a 'board monitor'  :D
17:29 MadManMarkAu tggconsole: Ah, cool. Thanks.
17:29 Cprossu tggconsole:
17:29 Cprossu this is what I have rigged up for mine, lol
17:29 tggnle1 Very cool, Cprossu!
17:29 Sjogerst ewww yellow
17:30 Mirolav joined #thegeekgroup
17:30 Electronics I hear people in the gallery!
17:30 mikemol "That's working out pretty good" <-- Really good quality audio.
17:30 MadManMarkAu And we're getting conversation in the peanut gallery.
17:30 Sjogerst hey gallery throw some popcorn down at them
17:30 Electronics Possible swithch to the board cam?
17:31 MadManMarkAu It needs to be moved
17:31 Whisperingwolf They need a easy way to get from the gallery to the studio.
17:31 Cprossu tggconsole: and Tracy uses a blackcat GM-10 which has a serial connection
17:31 MadManMarkAu OH! THey need a board cam!
17:31 Electronics Well the overhead cam is almost a board cam
17:31 MadManMarkAu I mean a dedicated board cam
17:31 Electronics hmm
17:31 MadManMarkAu Not one that user-controllable
17:31 DruidicRifleman Soooo how much band width does tgg use a day?
17:31 maglin______ my geek has overridden my curiosity.  time for some dwarf fortress
17:31 Electronics alot? =P
17:32 maglin______ is now known as maglinvinn
17:32 Electronics woo DF
17:32 mikemol Electronics: They don't have that great an Internet connection.
17:32 MadManMarkAu Duck said earlier they need moar internets
17:32 Electronics better than mine
17:32 wannabe1987 lol
17:32 Whisperingwolf :P DF Minecraft!
17:32 mikemol I think they can do as much as 1-2Mb up.
17:32 tggconsole Red: Is this what you wanted? As far as board cam goes?
17:32 Electronics well that's the peanut gallery so...
17:32 MadManMarkAu mikemol: That's horrible. I'm getting that at my residential ADSL connection
17:32 mikemol tggconsole: Awesome view. Can you do splitscreen?
17:32 MadManMarkAu But then again, I'm betting 18mbit up
17:32 Electronics not really, the controllable one that paul was fiddeling with ealier
17:32 tggconsole No, We dont' have the technology for that yet. soon, hopefully.
17:32 maglinvinn 16 down 2 up
17:32 mikemol MadManMarkAu: They're going with Comcast atm.
17:32 maglinvinn thats teh lab
17:32 cctoide I think they have a mixer on one of the racks
17:32 Whisperingwolf TGG runing Comcrap?
17:33 mikemol And 18mb UP?! You mean, down, right?
17:33 MadManMarkAu Er, down, yeah
17:33 Electronics 2 down 0.4 up on a good day
17:33 MadManMarkAu Ouch D:
17:33 mikemol maglinvinn: You guys should contact Michwave and see if they're willing to go for a bandwidth record. :)
17:33 maglinvinn i'm 6 down .8 up here at my house.
17:33 Steve______ I thought we were the peanut gallery,that would be comcast
17:33 Roly 10 / 2
17:33 mikemol Get a multi-channel aggregated point-to-point link going. :)
17:33 maglinvinn mikemol  Michwave?  they a local isp ?
17:33 tggconsole Red: We're not the peanut gallery, we're hard at work.
17:34 mikemol Local 802.11 ISP
17:34 Whisperingwolf LOL sure Red Sure
17:34 MadManMarkAu Eugh... Not sure I'd want that
17:34 Steve______ sure working hard, hardly working same thing
17:34 Electronics so , how would we go around recording and syncing the IRC if we were recording the video?
17:34 maglinvinn mikemol  you got a website/contact info?  post it on the forums...
17:34 maglinvinn we'll let chris decide and make contact if he wants to try it
17:34 mikemol I happened to pick them up while running a wardriving app while driving down Chicago Drive last week.
17:34 MadManMarkAu Elec: timestamp the IRC
17:35 tggconsole Red: I wish I knew who the people are who are talking to me, lol. All i know is Kelly and Eakin
17:35 Steve______ you know me
17:35 Electronics yeah but then integrate in video?
17:35 MadManMarkAu I'm nobody, just an Australian programmer/sysadmin
17:35 tggconsole well, oh course i know you, your name is steve.
17:35 MadManMarkAu My IRC name is Mark
17:35 maglinvinn <-Dan Eakin
17:35 Steve______ yes, it is
17:35 MadManMarkAu *IRL
17:35 Electronics <- Laurie
17:36 mikemol My name is Mike Mol. IRL. :)
17:36 Roly <- Roly
17:36 Whisperingwolf You know me I'm the guy that showed up a bit ago that was taller than Gen Badass
17:36 tggnle1 <=== Cory :P
17:36 tggconsole Red: The one who helped me with my "sculpture"?
17:36 MadManMarkAu int 13h
17:36 MadManMarkAu <4
17:36 MadManMarkAu *<3
17:36 tggconsole Red: and no dip corey.
17:37 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
17:37 tggnle1 So help me, Red :P
17:37 tggconsole Red: <== Red.
17:37 Mashpriborintorg The control room looks a little like the one they have at the Nasa :-D
17:37 MadManMarkAu 13h... that's disk access, isn't it?
17:37 Whisperingwolf You mean watch you take your anger out on old CD-ROM drives yes
17:37 tggconsole Red: ^_^
17:37 maglinvinn tggnle1 is master control going to be pushed against the wall eventually upstairs?
17:37 maglinvinn or are you going to leave it pulled out for servicing?
17:37 tggnle1 No, because we need to be able to get behind it
17:37 MadManMarkAu INT 13H or INT 19 is shorthand for BIOS interrupt call 13hex, the 20th interrupt vector in an x86-based computer system. The BIOS typically sets up a real mode interrupt handler at this vector that provides sector based hard disk and floppy disk read and write services using cylinder-head-sector (CHS) addressing.
17:37 MadManMarkAu :D
17:38 Whisperingwolf Thanks Mad my brain just shut down
17:38 Electronics wa, INT13H
17:38 Electronics or is it not that?
17:38 MadManMarkAu That's it
17:38 MadManMarkAu If we're talking about the same thing
17:38 mikemol tggnle1: Maybe you could put it on locking rails. Normally affixed to the wall, unlock and slide out if you need to get behind it.
17:38 Electronics I mean Botsteve looking it up
17:38 maglinvinn i wonder if the overhead detail camera can be split to the ustream feed.
17:39 maglinvinn mike, thats a great idea...
17:39 Steve______ maybe, I could possibly loop it through a TBC
17:39 mikemol Product placement! :D
17:39 Electronics a new Gerber =O
17:39 MadManMarkAu Aww, the old nasty blue one is gone :<
17:39 Cprossu I still prefer my leathermans
17:39 maglinvinn lol.  he wants gerber sponsorship so bad
17:39 Whisperingwolf I think Gerber said no
17:39 Electronics booop
17:39 maglinvinn cpro - i tottaly snapped hte head on my leatherman the other day.
17:40 Cprossu maglinvinn: wow which one?
17:40 maglinvinn lol.  see?  there he goes.
17:40 tggnle1 beep boop!
17:40 MadManMarkAu I broke the bottle opener/screwdriver on mine the other day
17:40 maglinvinn cpro - a leatherman that i've owned since i was a 12 year old.  got it while i was a boyscout
17:40 Mashpriborintorg This large red counter seems to use an exotic vintage display technology, looks like Panaflex or something like, not regular leds, can you confirm ?
17:40 maglinvinn <- 27 years old now,
17:40 Cprossu pity
17:40 maglinvinn and, yes, i did get my Eagle Scout
17:40 MadManMarkAu <-- 27 too
17:40 Whisperingwolf lol youngin'
17:41 Rahlon lol though why would they sponsor, he advertises them for free
17:41 maglinvinn yes, true wolf, but i can apprecaite 'well aged'
17:41 Cprossu I still have my first leatherman, and I carry multiple around depending on the job
17:41 maglinvinn i'm a hobbyist wine/mead maker
17:41 maglinvinn hehehe.
17:41 Whisperingwolf mmm mead
17:41 Electronics Chrome's being retarded
17:41 MadManMarkAu Mulled wine ins the BOMB!
17:41 maglinvinn tggconsole  did cory come down to camera ?
17:41 MadManMarkAu *is
17:41 Electronics won't load any pages
17:41 Cprossu I still think my favorite one is a tie between my super tool and original wave
17:41 Sjogerst left #thegeekgroup
17:41 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
17:41 Cprossu I'm not that big of a fan of the redesigned wave
17:42 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
17:42 MoxieMike i miss my original wave
17:42 tggconsole Red: When is chrome not retarded?
17:42 Electronics sometimes
17:42 MadManMarkAu Who is mman454?
17:42 Electronics I don't want to use Firefox because it's recording the vid
17:42 cctoide hm... where is Captain__ logged in from?
17:42 Cprossu man I need to get outa here lol
17:42 Electronics Laptop?
17:42 maglinvinn i don't think captain is on IRC right now
17:42 maglinvinn paul is, i think
17:43 Electronics PM him and really annoy him on set
17:43 cctoide well, he's logged on
17:43 eightbitbrad hey all.
17:43 MadManMarkAu HI DUCK!
17:43 Electronics Hi!
17:43 rastarogue Hi Chris!
17:43 MoxieMike Hi back
17:43 eightbitbrad hola!
17:43 Rahlon hi duck
17:43 mman454 MadManMarkAu I'm a person who can kick you if I want
17:43 Electronics haha
17:43 maglinvinn herp a derpa hello
17:43 MadManMarkAu I don't see any link....
17:43 MadManMarkAu :3
17:43 arran-g oh hi
17:43 cctoide should shorten the link
17:43 Electronics magic editing
17:43 Cprossu lol sharades
17:43 maglinvinn get a tinyurl or something...
17:43 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: The Xbox should be on it's way here in the next week or so.
17:43 tggconsole Red: I love charades.
17:43 maglinvinn eightbit - awesome!
17:44 maglinvinn i hope i get to set it up
17:44 maglinvinn but i imagine  no one else will know what to do with ti
17:44 Cprossu they still haven't terminated it?! !?!?!? ?!?! !??!
17:44 eightbitbrad heh :)  yeah, it should be a lot of fun to mess around with, I'm thinking.
17:44 maglinvinn does it have a controller?
17:44 rastarogue left #thegeekgroup
17:44 eightbitbrad yeah, I have a controller, the DVD remote receiver and the DVD remote is somewhere.
17:44 MoxieMike yay viewer comments
17:44 cctoide ready for heckling?
17:44 maglinvinn cause i tore my old controllers apart for the bits
17:44 MadManMarkAu I should call mine, too...
17:45 maglinvinn so i don't have a way to interface with a older XBOX handy
17:45 eightbitbrad It's the translucent green controller.  Should work fine
17:45 maglinvinn great.  i'm looking forward to it
17:45 Electronics cliip
17:45 eightbitbrad worst case lop off the end of the controller and wire it to a standard USB controller.
17:46 maglinvinn hahahahaha
17:46 Electronics hahaha
17:46 MadManMarkAu lol
17:46 MadManMarkAu BYE DUCK!
17:46 Electronics Bye!
17:46 eightbitbrad yes! we've got a video!
17:46 maglinvinn LIES you're never gonna leave!
17:46 Electronics here comes the Chaos
17:46 cctoide ready for clipping
17:47 Cprossu Actual video(     (())     )    Blooper( ((((()))))) )
17:47 tggconsole Red: That was horrible.
17:47 MadManMarkAu Wait,w hat?
17:47 eightbitbrad LOL
17:47 Electronics lol
17:47 Electronics I got that on camera =P
17:47 maglinvinn lul.
17:47 Electronics I hope...
17:47 cctoide Too bad there's no music producers on the forums
17:47 maglinvinn there's a couple
17:47 cctoide or we'd have a dance remix already
17:48 MadManMarkAu My ears hurt D:
17:48 eightbitbrad Hark, I believe I hear a moose in the background.
17:48 MoxieMike you can dance if you want to
17:48 Electronics yep I got it
17:48 MadManMarkAu You can leave your friend behind
17:48 mikemol re auth to services
17:48 cctoide Duck incoming
17:48 eightbitbrad Auth to services = nickserv
17:48 kevvan joined #thegeekgroup
17:48 maglinvinn but if you're friends don't dance?
17:48 mikemol Means that you can reserve your username.
17:48 Cprossu Actual video(     (())     )    Blooper( ((((()))))) )
17:48 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
17:48 MadManMarkAu 'cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, then they're no friends of mine
17:48 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
17:48 MoxieMike but your friends don't dance
17:48 Rahlon heyo
17:48 Cprossu Actual video(     (())     )    Blooper( ((((()))))) )
17:48 kevvan omg
17:48 mikemol "Captain" is probably already registered.
17:48 eightbitbrad It's a Captain!  run!
17:48 tggconsole Red: There is no moose here yet.
17:48 mikemol Which would be why you get message about that.
17:48 kevvan no internets up there :(
17:48 cctoide Captain_Duck
17:49 maglinvinn uh oh.  haha
17:49 MadManMarkAu 'lo Duck
17:49 maglinvinn no we gotta behave.  captain is here.
17:49 tggconsole Red: Gotta go, boys. See you alter.
17:49 MoxieMike ahoy captain
17:49 tggconsole later*
17:49 kevvan is now known as wannabe1987
17:49 cctoide Well, just don't make him crack up on camera
17:49 mikemol Yes
17:49 DJKevin yes
17:49 exor674 yes
17:49 MoxieMike yes
17:49 maglinvinn yes, captain
17:49 Electronics Yes!
17:49 mman454 yup
17:49 cctoide yes hi
17:49 eightbitbrad Ah, my mistake, I heard Laura.
17:49 mikemol Yes
17:49 eightbitbrad yes, we see ya!
17:49 eightbitbrad and hear you
17:49 Whisperingwolf Captain My Captain
17:49 MadManMarkAu We can see you, around Cory's large backside
17:49 mikemol Though the audio clips a bit
17:49 MoxieMike it's noisy, but we can hear you
17:49 Electronics I'm recording the IRC now =P
17:49 Roly clip
17:49 mman454 I am so tempted to set this so only voiced or ops can speak...
17:49 mman454 You need to adjust the high frequencies of audio on the live stream.
17:49 wannabe1987 ...
17:49 maglinvinn i got ustream one one side, irc on the other, and dwarf fortress running in teh background...
17:50 Electronics only BotSteve is Voiced =(
17:50 MadManMarkAu Nice
17:50 wannabe1987 crazy eakin
17:50 Mashpriborintorg lol cory is very visible
17:50 maglinvinn voice?
17:50 MadManMarkAu Voice = +v
17:50 MadManMarkAu The "+" in front of the nick
17:50 wannabe1987 none of us have voice
17:50 maglinvinn well... we don't need it
17:50 Electronics yet...
17:50 Rahlon mman454 that might a good idea, if G2 and up are all voiced
17:50 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: That's a nice grouping!  I wish I weren't at work...  I'd be minecrafting.
17:50 MadManMarkAu Exactly
17:50 maglinvinn cause we can all 'read' each others comments.
17:50 maglinvinn lol eightbit, i got minecraft.
17:50 InteliWasp the voice is if the channel is moderated
17:51 mikemol Go CUBS!
17:51 maglinvinn but, i don't play minecraft anymore
17:51 mikemol (To whoever's wearing the NY shirt)
17:51 maglinvinn dwarf fortress is SOO much more sandbox.
17:51 MadManMarkAu brb, smoke-o
17:51 MadManMarkAu <-- really needs a volcano
17:51 maglinvinn the loss of a 3d enviroment doesn't hurt my feelings either
17:51 Mashpriborintorg so many people up there !
17:51 maglinvinn cause i grew up playing better dead than alive on an orange monochromatic ti
17:51 maglinvinn lol.
17:51 Cprossu ok I'm out, I may be back later
17:51 maglinvinn bye cpro
17:52 eightbitbrad I mess with it at times when I get bored.  My wife keeps bugging me to Twitter-enable the coffee pot...(no joke) so I might work on that.
17:52 Whisperingwolf Alright off I go got to get to school TTFN
17:52 maglinvinn your coffee pot has an ethernet port?
17:52 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
17:52 Cprossu my coffee pot is a perc, so it would need temperature reistant electronics if I were to twitter it lol
17:52 mman454 PROPOSAL: During video production any chatter not related to the video will result in an instant kick.
17:52 Rahlon what so you trigger it to brew by tweeting to it?
17:52 wannabe1987 lol
17:53 Cprossu mman454: I'm gonna have to think not lol
17:53 Electronics I suggest the G2/+ = Voice Plan
17:53 maglinvinn i thick a second IRC if you want to be that strick MMAN
17:53 cctoide We did ok with no rules so far
17:53 maglinvinn cause people do use this to idle chatter
17:53 Electronics well we do havae the Ustream set up IRC  for the stream
17:53 mman454 I just joined and my computer is freaking out...
17:53 maglinvinn i think DERPY chattery could be unvoiced
17:54 maglinvinn but just idle conversation, not so much
17:54 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: no, but I've got an Arduino with an Ethernet shield on it.  I need to get a relay going or something
17:54 maglinvinn and of course, devoicing would be removed the moment set is not live
17:54 Bh420 joined #thegeekgroup
17:54 Bh420 left #thegeekgroup
17:54 Bh420 joined #thegeekgroup
17:54 maglinvinn ah, eightbit, cool plan.
17:54 mman454 Oh wait lol pidgin was freezing... everything was showing up like 5 posts at a time.
17:54 DruidicRifleman Hmmmm I wish deadlyest warrior would have new episodes allready
17:54 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: It would be simpler if it didn't have pushbuttons, so I gotta interface with the controls on that... All this, while I learn electronics :)
17:55 maglinvinn if you need help eightbitbrad, you let me know
17:55 maglinvinn your project would be VERY easy to implement.
17:55 Electronics IRC recording is fine
17:55 Electronics brb
17:55 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: I certainly will.  :)  My last little project was reading a temperature sensor and outputting to a 16x2 LCD
17:56 maglinvinn ah. groovy!
17:56 Rahlon geek raido?
17:56 maglinvinn the N64 project is finished, and i used a screen for it
17:56 maglinvinn did you see the vid?
17:56 eightbitbrad hmmm, I don't think I did... throw me a link?
17:56 wannabe1987 holy crap its 2 already?!
17:56 DruidicRifleman the one you posted on your you tube mag?
17:57 maglinvinn yeah
17:57 maglinvinn link incoming
17:57 maglinvinn
17:57 maglinvinn should do it
17:58 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: Thanks!  Will give it a look tonight.  I've been following the camera trolley project too.  Found the circuit design video very interesting
17:58 DruidicRifleman You need a blacksmithing video
17:58 maglinvinn thank you
17:58 maglinvinn the circuit is upgraded
17:58 maglinvinn but we'll cover that in the next installment
17:58 maglinvinn lul druidic, i need a forge, and i will
17:59 critterpal "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..."
17:59 mman454 maglinvinn are you currently at the lab?
17:59 maglinvinn fraid not.  like you guys, i'm signing in from home
17:59 maglinvinn :)
17:59 MadManMarkAu I agree, Duck!
17:59 DruidicRifleman I Can probly get My potible one set up in the next couple of weeks
17:59 MadManMarkAu Tell it, preacher man!
17:59 maglinvinn i was sick this last weekend.  so... yeah.  no lab for me for a week
17:59 maglinvinn don't wanna get people sick
17:59 DruidicRifleman or just come to oshawa
17:59 eightbitbrad ick, sick = evil.  I'm fighting pollen counts in the 2000s down here in Atlanta
18:00 maglinvinn i have GOD AWFUL alergies
18:00 MoxieMike ew, pollen
18:00 maglinvinn yup
18:00 Mr_NoLife joined #thegeekgroup
18:00 maglinvinn hello nolife
18:00 eightbitbrad yeah, it's HORRIBLE down here
18:01 DruidicRifleman ? Mag How hard would it be to USE an ardiono To control a paint ball tank?
18:01 maglinvinn easy sauce
18:01 maglinvinn very easy sauce
18:01 maglinvinn what do you want it to do?
18:01 MadManMarkAu Oh, mag!
18:01 eightbitbrad okay, brb, need to do some of that evil work stuff.
18:01 eightbitbrad is now known as eightbitbrad-awa
18:01 MadManMarkAu Once you're done with him, I have a question, too
18:01 maglinvinn haha.
18:01 mman454 New video crew: Can you please introduce yourselves so we know who the new staff are?
18:01 maglinvinn mman, do this:
18:01 maglinvinn tggconsole - request- introduce the staff to ustream
18:02 maglinvinn tggconsole  pings/redtexts their screen
18:02 maglinvinn so they notice it
18:02 MadManMarkAu Ah
18:02 DruidicRifleman Speed control for twin Motors Turret traverse and Gun elivation if possible gyro stabilisation
18:02 Mashpriborintorg Chris Boden warranty removal service, Can I help you X-D
18:02 tggconsole tim jeff
18:02 tggconsole i like to wave
18:02 tggconsole at cameras
18:02 maglinvinn so, tggconsole, lets see your faces!  come over to mastercontrol camera and say hi!
18:02 tggconsole robis behind me
18:02 mman454 tggconsole- No on camera
18:02 wannabe1987 ...
18:03 tggconsole hes the camera man
18:03 MadManMarkAu HI ROB!
18:03 wannabe1987 i don't wanna go back up there...
18:03 maglinvinn haha.   who's behind the camera?  anyone?
18:03 tggconsole laura is master control
18:03 MadManMarkAu HI LAURA~!
18:03 mman454 tggconsole Go up to the camera. And say your names.
18:03 MadManMarkAu They're discussing that now
18:03 wannabe1987 i don't want to....i'm back downstairs :P
18:03 MoxieMike and da da ta da
18:04 maglinvinn yeah. wannabe, you on site?
18:04 eightbitbrad-awa is now known as eightbitbrad
18:04 wannabe1987 yep :D
18:04 MadManMarkAu Moxie: The Zelda "get" sound?
18:04 mman454 tggconsole BTW You guys on production are awesome!
18:04 wannabe1987 i don't have internet up there...
18:04 maglinvinn <- healous
18:04 wannabe1987 so i'm in the cafe
18:04 maglinvinn jealous actually
18:04 eightbitbrad say hi! yay
18:04 MoxieMike i was mocking chris
18:04 cctoide it's fine
18:04 Electronics come up to the gallery!
18:04 MadManMarkAu Ausio is fine
18:04 Rahlon yes it is
18:04 maglinvinn tggconsole  audio is rocking fine
18:04 MadManMarkAu *Audio
18:04 Vizjournalist left #thegeekgroup
18:04 MadManMarkAu If you use the mic as a handheld, you'll need to turn it down
18:04 cctoide ready for the karaoke
18:05 maglinvinn yeah, tggconsole  mic is a little hot for voicing direct into it!
18:05 eightbitbrad shouldn't tggconsole be more like tggbridge?  with the Captain on the bridge? heh
18:05 maglinvinn hehe
18:05 tggconsole no karaoke
18:05 maglinvinn don't clip us... please?
18:05 Electronics recording
18:05 MadManMarkAu Anyone recording?
18:05 MadManMarkAu Awse
18:05 InteliWasp too bad they don't asl orc...
18:05 InteliWasp asking*
18:05 maglinvinn LUL!  your famous now!
18:05 MoxieMike Smile damn it
18:05 maglinvinn just like me!
18:05 eightbitbrad hi guy with hat!
18:05 * maglinvinn chuckles
18:05 wannabe1987 lol
18:05 MadManMarkAu Thanks, Rob!
18:06 maglinvinn get ready Ustream... we're gonna experience an 'earthquake' now
18:06 DruidicRifleman Someone tell cress to stop growning loudly into the mic?
18:06 Electronics haha
18:06 maglinvinn lol.
18:06 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
18:06 maglinvinn lol what druidic?
18:06 cctoide Earthquake?
18:06 maglinvinn shaking camera syndrome
18:06 wannabe1987 lol
18:06 Electronics Where on he Richter Scale?
18:06 maglinvinn 4.0
18:07 maglinvinn ish
18:07 MadManMarkAu Mag: I have a project someone wants me to do. An RGB LED controller to control 24 channels. It's to go underneath a car. It must be PC controlled. Which MCU do you suggest I use?
18:07 maglinvinn ... 24 channels?
18:07 MadManMarkAu Yeah
18:07 Electronics 0_o
18:07 maglinvinn arduino mega can do it off the shelf.
18:07 mman454 tggconsole Is your nick registered on the IRC?
18:07 maglinvinn or you can dueminlove it with a shift register
18:07 MadManMarkAu It has the outputs for that?
18:07 MadManMarkAu Oh, awse
18:07 MadManMarkAu I'll Mega it
18:07 maglinvinn arduino mega has freakin 54 digital outputs
18:07 mikemol tggconsole: If not... /msg NickServ Help
18:07 MadManMarkAu Oh, nono
18:07 maglinvinn w/ transistors you could trigger/control 54 different perifrials.
18:08 MadManMarkAu It's RGB and fades
18:08 maglinvinn <spelling sucks>
18:08 MadManMarkAu So I thought I'd need to use shifts
18:08 cctoide that's right, Omni hasn't been on the stream yet
18:08 MadManMarkAu Or proper RGB controller ICs
18:08 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
18:08 MadManMarkAu cctoide: She was on the set warlier
18:08 MadManMarkAu *earlier
18:08 Electronics darbit not recording
18:08 eightbitbrad Ah, she's who I was hearing...
18:08 maglinvinn hi laura!
18:08 cctoide ah
18:08 maglinvinn you're awesome, don't sell yourself short!
18:08 mikemol Laura, you'll need a lapel mike or slightly more volume up there. >.>
18:08 mman454 tggconsole ask someone who is more familiar with IRC
18:09 mman454 lol
18:09 MadManMarkAu Thanks, Laura, you rock!
18:09 mikemol Hehe
18:09 maglinvinn wow!  serviced.
18:09 mikemol Keep rollin' rollin' rollin', yeah!
18:09 wannabe1987 lol
18:09 MadManMarkAu That's how I roll
18:09 tggconsole haha! yep!
18:09 wannabe1987 ...
18:09 critterpal stay still.
18:09 * wannabe1987 wanders upstairs...
18:09 Electronics hehe
18:09 mman454 tggconsole yep what
18:09 mman454 ?
18:09 MadManMarkAu Go wannabe!
18:10 mikemol tggconsole: wannabe1987 can help you with registering with NickServ. I think she did that last week for her account.
18:10 MoxieMike wannabe needs to be interviewed
18:10 tggconsole yep-rollin rollin rollin
18:10 mikemol Though I'd avoid saying the password aloud; we can hear you...
18:10 MadManMarkAu Moar wannabe!
18:10 Electronics , it's like /ns Register <email> <pass>
18:10 mikemol Electronics: More specifically, /msg NickServ Register <email> <pass>
18:10 eightbitbrad The ominous "roof thing"
18:10 MadManMarkAu SHe has Jack Daniels?
18:10 MadManMarkAu Oh, it's an orange drink bottle
18:10 maglinvinn i'd say its icedtea
18:10 Electronics ./ns is easier =P
18:10 tggconsole hi i'm wannabe
18:11 MoxieMike and Kidwell is being productive
18:11 Rahlon hiya
18:11 NeWtoz -NickServ- Syntax: REGISTER <password> <email>
18:11 Electronics heya
18:11 maglinvinn hi wannabe!
18:11 mikemol Electronics: Not sure if it's an ircd command or an IRC client command.
18:11 mman454 tggconsole by registering others can use your nick on irc but you can take it back from them
18:11 NeWtoz password then email
18:11 MadManMarkAu It's an IRCD command
18:11 mikemol Ah
18:11 MadManMarkAu Some networks don't support it
18:11 maglinvinn tggconsole  please tell chris cory audio isn't coming through?
18:11 maglinvinn tggconsole is it even plugged in?
18:11 NeWtoz /msg nickserv register <password> <email>
18:11 MadManMarkAu Audio is fine here...
18:11 tggconsole no audio?
18:11 Steve______ and BNC
18:11 critterpal I have audio
18:11 mman454 maglivinn its fine on my end
18:11 beep left #thegeekgroup
18:11 maglinvinn hmmm.
18:11 Electronics fine here
18:12 maglinvinn i'm gonna reload the ustream page.
18:12 eightbitbrad I've got some RCAs to throw in with the Xbox I'm sending out.
18:12 tggconsole yay!
18:12 mikemol k, I'll bring my remaining excess of RCA cables in this Sat, if I didn't get it all last weekend.
18:12 MadManMarkAu YAY!~
18:12 eightbitbrad ah, that must be wannabe1987
18:12 Electronics yep
18:13 eightbitbrad LOL
18:13 maglinvinn lul wannabe!
18:13 eightbitbrad bus-ted
18:13 MadManMarkAu wannabe1987: INTRODUCE YOURSELF!
18:13 tggconsole no
18:13 mikemol HAI!
18:13 MadManMarkAu DO IT! DO IT NAO!
18:13 maglinvinn HAHAH
18:13 mikemol lol
18:13 eightbitbrad LOL
18:13 maglinvinn camera shy
18:13 critterpal funny
18:13 Electronics lol
18:13 eightbitbrad ROFL
18:13 MadManMarkAu She's cute...
18:13 eightbitbrad oh hai!
18:13 maglinvinn and recently un-single.
18:13 NeWtoz drama
18:13 MadManMarkAu lol
18:14 MadManMarkAu I'm gay, so it doesn't bother me
18:14 wannabe1987 i'm back down here
18:14 maglinvinn oh, well, that makes everything easier i guess
18:14 eightbitbrad okay, I have to ask, what's with the counter on top of the monitor on the console
18:14 MadManMarkAu You're cute, wannabe1987!
18:14 wannabe1987 ...
18:14 cctoide ejected? :(
18:14 wannabe1987 i was dissed out of there...
18:14 maglinvinn eighbit - its a live clock so we know the frame isn't locked
18:14 MadManMarkAu You ARE! Don't deny it :P
18:14 wannabe1987 whatever
18:14 maglinvinn if it stops tickingup, we know ustream crashed
18:14 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: ah, makes sense to me
18:14 wannabe1987 have my boyfriend tell me it...
18:14 cctoide They put it up there during the burn-in
18:14 cctoide because the frame was 100% static before
18:14 MadManMarkAu Just sayin...
18:15 maglinvinn tggnle1 are you watching irc?  can you mic check us?
18:15 maglinvinn cause i see you guys talking, but i don't hear anything.
18:15 MadManMarkAu I have audio fine, no change
18:15 Mr_NoLife ahhh look, cory's eating. haha
18:15 MadManMarkAu It's on your end, maglinvinn
18:15 maglinvinn thats totally weird
18:15 maglinvinn i can hear some but not all
18:15 eightbitbrad and there's Cory, nomming away
18:15 Steve______ OOOH rack focus
18:15 MoxieMike it's very quiet compared to Chris
18:15 MadManMarkAu Everyone is eating
18:16 MoxieMike it's lunch time
18:16 cctoide Is that a jumbo candy bar?
18:16 critterpal beef jerky?
18:16 Steve______ now I'm hungry
18:16 Mr_NoLife they all must have skipped lunch
18:16 wannabe1987 i'm out of water :(
18:16 MadManMarkAu I just had cerial
18:16 MadManMarkAu at 2AM
18:16 mman454 tggconsole what is kidwells handle in IRC?
18:16 MadManMarkAu Ooh, what's that box?
18:16 wannabe1987 does he have one?
18:16 Mashpriborintorg Oh no... I'm installing ustream player onto my smartphone...
18:16 critterpal Hi Kyle!
18:17 wannabe1987 o god
18:18 wannabe1987 i like running the ustream, but it bogs down my computer.  anyone have spare ram they can send me?
18:18 Mr_NoLife look, theres people. haha
18:18 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: What kind of compy you got?
18:18 wannabe1987 nb205
18:18 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: Or better yet, what kind of ram do you need?
18:18 wannabe1987 how the fuck would i know...
18:18 eightbitbrad hmmm how much do you have in it now?
18:18 wannabe1987 1gb
18:18 Mr_NoLife good luck upgrading a netbook
18:18 wannabe1987 lol
18:18 mman454 wannabe1987 You're at the lab you are at the lab why do you need ustream?
18:18 wannabe1987 i know
18:18 wannabe1987 cuz theres no wifi up there...
18:19 eightbitbrad Well, the eeePCs I got were pretty easy to upgrade
18:19 wannabe1987 it won't hook up to my computer. i is sad
18:19 Mr_NoLife i sorry :(
18:19 MadManMarkAu Wow, 4,500+ downloads on my Minecraft plugin O_o
18:19 wannabe1987 it was a free computer...this net book was :D
18:19 wannabe1987 christmas present
18:19 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: Free is good. :)
18:19 wannabe1987 yes
18:20 wannabe1987 it was less than a year old when i got it...
18:20 wannabe1987 bought jan 13, 2010, day after Haiti quakwe
18:20 Mr_NoLife anything for free is worth saving up for
18:20 wannabe1987 quake*
18:20 wannabe1987 lol
18:21 MadManMarkAu I keep seeing the Social Stream update
18:21 mikemol tggconsole: You've got a 'status' on UStream. Currently, it reads "Test *updated 22 days ago*"
18:21 MadManMarkAu They need to put this IRC on the channel description
18:22 Steve______ if people are still there I will try to head into the lab around 6 to work on video system engineering
18:22 Steve______ but now I have class
18:22 wannabe1987 skip class!
18:22 Steve______ :( and am not going to enjoy it
18:22 wannabe1987 wheres class at...
18:22 MoxieMike stay classy steve
18:22 wannabe1987 cc?
18:22 Steve______ GVSU engineering
18:22 wannabe1987 o
18:22 wannabe1987 so many colleges around here
18:22 wannabe1987 :P
18:22 Steve______ that there is
18:23 Mirolav left #thegeekgroup
18:23 Steve______ if I can get in there tonight I am hoping to work on camera sync for the ustream
18:23 Mr_NoLife dont just press random buttons. haha
18:24 maglinvinn gawd.   i wanna see the master controll on rollers now.  lol.
18:24 Mr_NoLife small countries dissapear off the world when a random button gets pressed
18:24 maglinvinn even 24 in drawer slides to the floor would let it move enough to squeeze someone in there to work
18:24 wannabe1987 i took some pictures while i was up there...
18:24 mman454 magllinvinn Why?
18:24 maglinvinn that room looks SOOOO cluttered now
18:24 wannabe1987 yeah
18:24 wannabe1987 it is
18:24 wannabe1987 :(
18:24 cctoide ooh, live Dreamhack SC2
18:25 Steve______ you side sliders are good yes make it go out even further
18:25 maglinvinn put it on a track that traveles the width of the room
18:25 Steve______ I have a feeling I will be living back there soon
18:25 maglinvinn like stock shelves that can roll
18:26 wannabe1987 lol
18:27 maglinvinn i had a bunch of shelf rollers from a mcdonalds inventory management system
18:27 maglinvinn but i gave them all to my dad.  they had awesome bearings in the wheels.
18:27 maglinvinn used inverted v track bolted to the floor
18:27 maglinvinn and the shelves 'glide' over the track.  the wheels were solid steel, w/ a bearing pressed into the center
18:27 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
18:28 maglinvinn if those shelves could hold HUNDREDS of fry oil, i'm pretty sure they could support master control.
18:28 maglinvinn hundreds of gallons
18:28 maglinvinn ... that is
18:28 maglinvinn haha
18:28 wannabe1987 lol
18:28 wannabe1987 fail
18:28 maglinvinn i'm a horrible person, don't you know that
18:28 wannabe1987 yes?
18:29 MoxieMike maybe
18:29 maglinvinn well now you do.
18:29 MadManMarkAu What was that password?
18:29 MadManMarkAu >:D
18:29 Electronics google is failing me, how do you embed a video inside a video?
18:30 Steve______ left #thegeekgroup
18:30 Electronics any ideas
18:30 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
18:30 NeWtoz I heard you like videos, so I put a video inside your video so you can watch while you watch
18:30 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
18:30 Electronics heh
18:30 exor674 picture in picture is probably be a better search term
18:31 Electronics hm
18:31 maglinvinn yeah, meanwhile, it depends on the software
18:31 maglinvinn window movie maker can't do it
18:31 SparkyProjects do you mean 'picture in picture' ?
18:31 steve_____ well I am back
18:31 Electronics whatever =P
18:31 eightbitbrad PiP!
18:31 steve_____ and will probably be bored with calss
18:32 wannabe1987 lol
18:33 eightbitbrad I'm bored at work, so here I am hehe
18:33 eightbitbrad Quick, someone get Mr. Kidwell to sit at the console and IRC with us!
18:33 Mr_NoLife lol
18:34 eightbitbrad Mr Kidwell to the courtesy IRC client please. lol
18:34 tggnle1 he'll be on in a sec :P
18:34 eightbitbrad lol
18:34 MadManMarkAu We want Kidwall! We want Kidwell!
18:35 tggconsole kidwall will be on in  a sec from downstairs
18:35 MadManMarkAu Downstairs..
18:35 MadManMarkAu Beat me
18:35 tggnle1 Kidwall? :P
18:35 MadManMarkAu Yeah
18:35 MadManMarkAu My brain is massively broken
18:35 eightbitbrad The super-secret downstairs IRC bunker
18:36 MadManMarkAu Oh, *THIS* downstairs
18:36 MadManMarkAu Mr. Kidwell, you're told us how long you've been a part of TGG in a video before, but how long have you been an EE?
18:37 wannabe1987 lol
18:37 eightbitbrad Just had a weird geek idea.  Write a script to monitor IRC for questions, and interface to one of those scrolling LED message boards.  Not practical but might be fun
18:37 wannabe1987 theres lag...
18:37 guest3 joined #thegeekgroup
18:37 MadManMarkAu I think that's him
18:37 Electronics I think so
18:37 MadManMarkAu Oh, nope
18:37 MadManMarkAu Wrong provider
18:38 TMB_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:38 MadManMarkAu That's sgc global
18:38 Electronics hey Paul
18:38 cctoide hey
18:38 TMB_ Hiya everybody!!!
18:38 MadManMarkAu TMB == Kidwell?
18:38 Mashpriborintorg this is better
18:38 cctoide yes
18:38 TMB_ yup
18:38 MadManMarkAu Mr. Kidwell, you're told us how long you've been a part of TGG in a video before, but how long have you been an EE?
18:38 wannabe1987 ohi
18:38 MoxieMike cool
18:38 cctoide the mad bomber
18:38 maglinvinn hey paul!
18:38 * eightbitbrad waves at TMB_
18:38 maglinvinn paul.  seriously.  where's those mosfet boards
18:38 maglinvinn i'm dyin here
18:38 maglinvinn haha
18:38 DJKevin lol
18:38 TMB_ graduated class of '83 from Michigan
18:39 maglinvinn and my first package of 3 showed up for my business card project.
18:39 maglinvinn these little tilt switches are AWESOME
18:39 TMB_ started playing around when I was about 11 or 12. (that'd be 1971 or so)
18:39 TMB_ kewl on the tilt switches!
18:39 wannabe1987 laura left
18:39 TMB_ can't wait to see your cards
18:39 MadManMarkAu That's.. a long time ago
18:40 wannabe1987 thats before i was born!
18:40 MadManMarkAu Anywho
18:40 wannabe1987 :P
18:40 MadManMarkAu (makes him around 52)
18:40 bubsy joined #thegeekgroup
18:40 MoxieMike that's when i was born
18:40 TMB_ 50, actually (51 this July)
18:40 wannabe1987 i was born in 87...
18:40 eightbitbrad I was 6 in 83
18:40 MadManMarkAu Ah, cool!
18:40 wannabe1987 we shall throw you party
18:40 wannabe1987 i see me a moose
18:40 SparkyProjects I started playing at about 7, and that's 1962, so i beat Kidwell :D
18:40 Mr_NoLife in 83 i was -3. hahah
18:40 MadManMarkAu Mr. Kidwell, you're pretty private about your job and who you ork for, but what do they do?
18:41 MadManMarkAu *workl
18:41 TMB_ *that'll* be kewl :)
18:41 TMB_ I'm 33.33% owner of an engineering firm that manufactures test equipment for the auto industry...
18:41 MadManMarkAu Oh, that's insanely cool
18:41 MoxieMike cool
18:42 Mr_NoLife thats cool
18:42 Electronics nice
18:42 TMB_ Preferred Engineering is the company, is the website.
18:42 Mr_NoLife there should be a setting on the console to auto switch the camers
18:42 MadManMarkAu Mr. Kidwell, what's the one thing that Duck does that really gets on your nerves? :P
18:42 TMB_ hmmmm....
18:42 MadManMarkAu Hard one, I know :P
18:43 Electronics everything/
18:43 Mashpriborintorg smashing big magnet ball you put 1 hour to create ?
18:43 SparkyProjects He's just trying to decide which to say annoys him HAHA
18:43 TMB_ I've been dealing with him so long that I know what to expect. So mostly he doesn't "get on my nerves"...
18:44 TMB_ about the only thing would be when I'm trying to tell him something and he doesn't want to listen.
18:44 MoxieMike how long have you two known eachother?
18:44 eightbitbrad TMB_: Just want thank you and maglinvinn for sparking my interests in Arduino stuff.
18:44 TMB_ crushing the magnet ball was irratating, but kinda expected.
18:44 Electronics Someone change the Topic to Q&A With Paul Kidwell
18:44 MadManMarkAu I remember that...
18:44 TMB_ going to be covering how do do a hardware interrupt in the next video.
18:45 MadManMarkAu Oh, awesome
18:45 MadManMarkAu Mr. Kidwell, on your keyring, you have three hard plastic fobs. You refused to tell the world what they were, but can you give us a hint? My curiority is burning about them.
18:45 Electronics I forgot about those =P
18:45 TMB_ each has a pair of usb thumb drives...
18:45 bubsy I never noticed that, you guys have an eye for details
18:45 MadManMarkAu A pair...
18:45 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:45 Electronics ...
18:45 Mr_NoLife oohhh, sneaky
18:45 TMB_ one's nothing special, one's BT4
18:46 Electronics ?
18:46 TMB_ the otheres.... kinda put things on peoples computers that they really don't want :)
18:46 MadManMarkAu Ah, got you
18:46 Electronics haha
18:46 Bh420 TMB what about the time in that video when chris was stiocking all those ice sockets on you?
18:46 Bh420 sticking
18:46 Bh420 that was funny
18:46 MadManMarkAu Last Q. from me. How much experience have you had with programming? How many languages do you know?
18:47 TMB_ ok.... *That* was irratating
18:47 MadManMarkAu lol
18:47 bubsy MORTAL KOMBAT in the background :D
18:47 MadManMarkAu lol, yes
18:47 TMB_ oh.... crap.... I started programming in 1974 on an HP 2000 mainframe.
18:47 * MadManMarkAu boes down to Kidwell
18:47 MoxieMike how much progress are they making on the MDH door?
18:47 MadManMarkAu *bows
18:47 wannabe1987 none
18:48 wannabe1987 :P
18:48 NeWtoz real programmers know fortran!
18:48 TMB_ No idea how many languages I've learned and forgot in that time....
18:48 MadManMarkAu Oh, God, Fortran is for all intents and purposes, a dead language
18:48 thegamer579 left #thegeekgroup
18:48 Bh420 does chris really get you in trouble talking about the wife in video's?
18:48 MadManMarkAu ^
18:48 Electronics why am I even listening/watching the livestream now..
18:48 bubsy 1974? Wow. Kinda low-level I guess? Like typing in the opcode bytes without an assembler or so?
18:48 eightbitbrad I remember converting a Fortran program to COBOL back in... 97.. *shudders*
18:49 wannabe1987 TMB_ you should wave to us
18:49 TMB_ first language was HP2000F basic, second was Fortran, third was Basic on my Exidy Sorcerrer computer (got that in '79)
18:49 bubsy oh, basic
18:49 MadManMarkAu BASIC <3
18:50 TMB_
18:50 MadManMarkAu *click*
18:50 bubsy z80 cpu :)
18:50 MadManMarkAu Oh, wow, Z80
18:50 MadManMarkAu I... think I just had a nerd-gasm
18:50 bubsy same as the game boy!
18:50 Rahlon TMB_ hows the teletype twitter project going?
18:50 Bh420 and TI83
18:50 TMB_ the thing had a cartridge that plugged into the side with basic on it. The cartridge was made from an 8 track tape case.
18:51 MadManMarkAu Heh
18:51 bubsy TMB_, you didn't learn any low-level languages like assembly or mid-level C?
18:51 MadManMarkAu I love assembley
18:51 TMB_ I wired up the full handshaking interface to it and gave that to Maglinvinn, I haven't played with it since.
18:52 bubsy it would make a big difference in speed on such machines, but I have no idea if there was assemblers for it (and doubtfully any C compiler for it back then)
18:52 bubsy and it depends on what you wanted to make though, basic fits a lot actually
18:52 maglinvinn wait, what did you give me?
18:52 maglinvinn lol.
18:52 MadManMarkAu They had assemblers on punched tape machines using valves, I think they had them on the mainframe
18:52 TMB_ first assembly language was z80 assembler on the Sorcerer... (it had a lousy random number generator, so I wrote my own :)
18:52 bubsy :D
18:52 maglinvinn OH!  i plugged that in TMB, couldnt' get anything to be happy
18:53 maglinvinn won't even give me a login prompt now
18:53 maglinvinn i mentioend that, last time, but we were busy with gantry.
18:53 TMB_ hmmmm.... have to look at that if I get a chance.
18:53 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
18:53 maglinvinn yup, pleaswe
18:53 Electronics When's the next vid starting?
18:53 maglinvinn i'd love to continue development on that project.
18:53 wannabe1987 boden just asked if ready to do production :P
18:53 bubsy how do you even make a random number generator? Do you fetch timer values from the hardware I/O?
18:53 maglinvinn woot.
18:53 TMB_ Chris just yelled.
18:53 Electronics wasn't listening =P
18:53 MadManMarkAu mag: <-- The layout for the car lighting. 24 RGB full color LED strips
18:54 maglinvinn oh, great, lemme look at it
18:54 Rahlon it's cool project, once I get a bit better at electronics I'm gonna try and make somethign similar
18:54 Electronics oh yeah
18:54 maglinvinn ij,
18:54 Electronics cliiiippppp
18:54 maglinvinn mad man
18:54 Mr_NoLife noise bad
18:54 maglinvinn do you wanna control each led separately
18:54 maglinvinn or all at the same time
18:54 MadManMarkAu Each of the 24 strips
18:54 bubsy Oh man. Chris + microphone = pain
18:54 MadManMarkAu Individually
18:54 maglinvinn cause you could PWM red, blue and green
18:54 exor674 I really want to figure out if/how I can do a FFT on a FPGA
18:54 Electronics losing internet speed....
18:54 maglinvinn and therefore make any color, but it'd all be linked
18:54 MadManMarkAu I'm planning on PWMing them, 3 PWN channels for each strip
18:55 maglinvinn thats a LOT of pwm
18:55 MadManMarkAu It is
18:55 MadManMarkAu It's for a show car
18:55 maglinvinn arduino with a metric ton of 555 timers could do it
18:55 maglinvinn 24x3 555 timers
18:55 bubsy AAAAAAAAAAA The noise, it's so bad
18:55 MadManMarkAu How do you link an arduino to a 555? Any idea?
18:56 MadManMarkAu I'm thinking of using proper RGB PWM controller ICs
18:56 Mr_NoLife noise dampening needed
18:56 wannabe1987 i have my volume down cuz of the "noise"
18:56 maglinvinn yeah, with that many outputs i would
18:56 MadManMarkAu Kewl
18:56 maglinvinn its over the top of an arduino
18:56 Electronics Lagging badly now
18:56 bubsy NO CHRIS
18:56 MadManMarkAu JESUS!
18:56 MadManMarkAu LOUD!
18:56 DJKevin AHHHH
18:56 MadManMarkAu FUCK ME!
18:56 bubsy he should not be allowed to wear one of those
18:57 cctoide It works better without the bullhorn
18:57 Mr_NoLife wow
18:57 bubsy why is he even doing that
18:57 eightbitbrad AHHHHHH
18:57 exor674 I've theoretically got a ADC on the dev board, and I Want to do an audio -> RGB led thing with tons of channels, I've right now got a SPI interface, but it's slow enough that with 12 channels I can see the refresh scroll across ( barely, but )
18:57 maglinvinn even with 14 pwms on a mega, it wouldn't be enough
18:57 Mr_NoLife that was very bad
18:57 MoxieMike that was not nice chris
18:57 eightbitbrad At least he didnt use the siren on us.
18:57 wannabe1987 please don't, chris...
18:57 maglinvinn don't give him ideas brad
18:57 wannabe1987 shhh!  don't give him the idea!
18:57 DJKevin someone smack duck!
18:57 MadManMarkAu God dammit, someone tak e that off him
18:57 MadManMarkAu PLEASE
18:57 bubsy :( this is real torment right there
18:57 eightbitbrad lol well tggconsole would have to tell him.
18:57 Rahlon someone take it off of him
18:57 maglinvinn tggconsole is right behind him
18:57 eightbitbrad and no one's watching. lol
18:57 wannabe1987 im not going back up there...
18:57 Electronics basically lost feed now =(
18:57 Rahlon beat him with a stick if you have to
18:58 MadManMarkAu tggconsole : TAKE THe MEGAPHONE OFF DUCK
18:58 eightbitbrad oh lord.
18:58 joe_____ joined #thegeekgroup
18:58 cctoide someone's torturing an AIBO
18:58 maglinvinn lol.
18:58 maglinvinn i should warn you
18:58 MadManMarkAu You lost your megaphone priveledges
18:58 maglinvinn nothing about what we're seeing here is 'abnormal'
18:58 bubsy lol you can hear Chris laugh for himself in the distance
18:58 bubsy he's such a duck
18:58 maglinvinn this is what we usually live with at lab
18:58 MagneticCow tie him down
18:58 wannabe1987 moolo
18:58 maglinvinn lul.
18:58 Electronics "Beat you with a stick" XD
18:58 wannabe1987 mooo*
18:58 Mr_NoLife duct tape ducks mouth. lol
18:58 wannabe1987 BA
18:59 maglinvinn meanwhile, cory is hating all the cooks in the kitchen
18:59 wannabe1987 LAG
18:59 maglinvinn we need a 'studio is live' light on the doors
18:59 wannabe1987 lol
18:59 Mr_NoLife ya an "on air" sign would be cool
19:00 DJKevin durka durka
19:00 maglinvinn put a small revolving red light in rooms, 5 amp relay to trigger it.
19:00 maglinvinn lets people know the set is live
19:00 maglinvinn would be stupid easy, and cheap
19:00 steve_____ but the light would always be on
19:00 cctoide it'd also be nice if Moose could have a small "on air" image on the main page
19:00 cctoide on
19:00 maglinvinn no, the light would not be
19:00 cctoide that lights up when they're doing production
19:00 maglinvinn the light would only be on while cameras are rolling
19:00 steve_____ if there are online they are "on air"
19:00 Electronics Maybe a motion sensing script which will notify IRC or somthing?
19:01 maglinvinn online ustream isn't production video
19:01 maglinvinn heh.  otherwise the entire lab will have to be quiet 24/7
19:01 MadManMarkAu More Cory butt
19:01 maglinvinn lul
19:01 cctoide The stream is always online
19:01 Yaotz joined #thegeekgroup
19:01 wannabe1987 you like cory butt?
19:01 MadManMarkAu I.. kinda do
19:01 MadManMarkAu It's a nice butt
19:01 Yaotz Wow this channel grew pretty big eh
19:01 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: One little switch hidden under the set tables would do the trick I bet
19:01 beep joined #thegeekgroup
19:01 eightbitbrad *click* lights on!
19:01 maglinvinn absolutely
19:01 bubsy someone must give duck his candy so he stay calm under recording
19:01 maglinvinn 1 little switch, set is live
19:01 bubsy and hide the megaphone
19:02 MadManMarkAu ^^^^^^^
19:02 Electronics whatever you do don't give him Caffeine
19:02 maglinvinn captain  are you live on IRC
19:02 Mashpriborintorg Have to go to sleep, see you soon
19:02 wannabe1987 ok
19:02 MadManMarkAu TMB_ is still online
19:02 maglinvinn tggconsole is captain live on IRC
19:02 Mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:03 Yaotz Hmm, so I need to figure out the freenode password recovery so I can go back to my Yaotzin nick
19:03 NeWtoz /msg nickserv help
19:03 DJKevin lol
19:03 Yaotz yeah I looked through there
19:03 exor674 stop blocking the caaaaaaaamreaaaa
19:03 Electronics I remember using something like that in a production for the followspots and stuff
19:03 maglinvinn lol.
19:04 maglinvinn he'll be off frame in a sec exor
19:04 MadManMarkAu Yaotz: I don't think there is any. Speak to an admin
19:04 MadManMarkAu Use the /helpop command
19:04 MadManMarkAu Oh wait
19:04 MadManMarkAu That command doesn't exist on this network :<
19:04 Yaotz heh
19:04 Yaotz I'm used to Rizon my own self
19:05 maglinvinn hehe
19:05 Electronics Everything
19:05 MadManMarkAu Duck needs moar internet
19:05 Electronics MOAR
19:05 maglinvinn how much are the pwm led controllers
19:05 Electronics HE's got wifi and wired, what more does he need?
19:05 Electronics oh not wired then
19:05 MadManMarkAu mag: looking them up now
19:05 maglinvinn i can totally imagine a MUCH cheaper solution to doing it
19:05 TMB_ ok, getting ready to start shoot.
19:05 Yaotz After my mishap with my desktop I kind of forgot about this channel until Chris mentioned it on his facebook this morning
19:06 maglinvinn 30 dollar arduino, 23 more 4 dollar Atmega chips
19:06 maglinvinn netweork the TX to RX through them
19:06 maglinvinn use the arduino to do the boot loading
19:06 maglinvinn each led module gets its own arduino chip
19:06 maglinvinn you'd need 30 16mhz clocks
19:06 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 maglinvinn and a single 5 volt power supply circuit
19:06 maglinvinn 14.5 car dc is a little much for the chip
19:06 captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 Electronics Voltage Regulator time?
19:06 maglinvinn yay!  captain!
19:07 Electronics Hey Captain
19:07 Rahlon heyo
19:07 MadManMarkAu captain on deck!
19:07 DJKevin yes
19:07 MoxieMike yes we did
19:07 MadManMarkAu We heard
19:07 eightbitbrad yes
19:07 Yaotz Needing what
19:07 maglinvinn microphones - yes
19:07 Mr_NoLife yep
19:07 Electronics ya
19:07 Electronics Model number?
19:07 Yaotz I just turned the stream on
19:07 maglinvinn yao, he needs the intercom mics and commponents for master control.
19:07 Yaotz like just this moment
19:07 Mr_NoLife the intercom thing so they can talk to the camera men
19:07 Yaotz Hmm
19:07 maglinvinn captain, do we have a model number or connector standard for those components
19:07 steve_____ they have a clear com base unit
19:08 steve_____ so any clear-com compatable will do
19:08 steve_____ they hook up via xlr cables
19:08 eightbitbrad *snap* owwww!
19:08 Yaotz Ha
19:08 maglinvinn rough opener.
19:08 steve_____ many CCUs support com over them too
19:09 Yaotz Oh hey are they finally taking apart that yellow geiger counter?
19:09 maglinvinn yeah
19:09 maglinvinn they did it in the last video
19:09 beep left #thegeekgroup
19:09 Electronics partially
19:09 maglinvinn nwo they're expanding on it
19:09 MadManMarkAu maglinvinn:
19:09 Yaotz Nice
19:09 the66block joined #thegeekgroup
19:09 MadManMarkAu This looks possible
19:09 tggconsole the control unit is a clear com rm 120a
19:09 guest3 left #thegeekgroup
19:09 MadManMarkAu i2c
19:09 MadManMarkAu Nice
19:10 MadManMarkAu Blah, only 4 configurable addresses
19:10 maglinvinn no good
19:10 Electronics stupid people messaging me >:(
19:10 maglinvinn yup
19:10 wannabe1987 ...
19:10 maglinvinn the atmegal128 per led unit would be much better
19:10 wannabe1987 i found a computer lab
19:10 DJKevin
19:10 maglinvinn :)
19:11 Cprossu_Elsewher joined #thegeekgroup
19:11 maglinvinn welcome back cpro
19:11 Cprossu_Elsewher hello all, how have things been going? (No audio here)
19:11 Electronics good
19:11 Electronics Recording second part atm
19:11 Cprossu_Elsewher any good meltdowns that I missed?
19:11 linus joined #thegeekgroup
19:11 steve_____ megaphone
19:11 Electronics Chris managed to obtain a megaphone, you can guess what happened
19:12 Cprossu_Elsewher bloooorp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:12 Electronics yeah....
19:12 Hackbat woo
19:12 Hackbat just tuned in
19:12 MadManMarkAu That's why you use either a schmitt trigger or a rising/falling edge trigger
19:12 MadManMarkAu @ TGG
19:13 Rahlon Or on the forums afterwords
19:13 Electronics everyone loves editing!
19:13 NeWtoz heh. 30/40
19:13 maglinvinn RBG LED control circuits for a show car captain
19:13 MadManMarkAu ^
19:13 Yaotz So are they using an arduino to record data from a geiger counter to a data table?
19:13 Hackbat O.o I just found a speaker in my pocket
19:14 Electronics New Thing: Get a shoutout in a video from IRC
19:14 MoxieMike good for you hackbat
19:14 maglinvinn lul electronics, that'd be awkward...
19:14 Electronics We can't see the board =(
19:14 Hackbat I...I don'r remeber putting it in there
19:14 Yaotz Yeah I guess we'll have to wait for the actual video for that
19:14 eightbitbrad Interesting thought: any way to feed the stream the video coming from the cameras shooting the video?
19:14 maglinvinn Yaotz - i think thats what paul is doing.
19:15 MadManMarkAu Thank you Captain :D
19:15 Yaotz Nice
19:15 Electronics Yes Please!
19:15 wannabe1987 yay  he listens!
19:15 maglinvinn geiger counter -> arduino (counts pulses) -> pc logging software
19:15 maglinvinn i think.
19:15 Hackbat Nah it's fine, It's doing it's job as a White board :D
19:15 Guest45789 left #thegeekgroup
19:15 Electronics Thanks guys
19:16 Phu joined #thegeekgroup
19:16 maglinvinn pretty good captain
19:16 Hackbat but yeah, thats much better
19:16 DJKevin glare sucks but still way better
19:16 MoxieMike can you get it with camera 4?
19:16 the66block left #thegeekgroup
19:16 tggconsole Cory here, sorry about the glare, but that should be a good enough shot!
19:16 maglinvinn camera 4 controller is a little academic... and it can't look "low" enough on the frame
19:16 maglinvinn we need to machine a wedge for it
19:16 Cprossu_Elsewher didn't someone make a simple circuit a few years ago to connect a serial port to a CDV-700?
19:16 Electronics Thanks Cory!
19:16 Cprossu_Elsewher that wouldn't require an arduino though
19:17 MoxieMike i thought it could look low enought for the white board
19:17 maglinvinn i dn't know cpro, but we're doing it with arduino so we can produce a working modern solution for fellow geeks
19:17 maglinvinn w/ video!
19:17 Phu evening
19:17 eightbitbrad IRC: just another level of awesomeness for TGG
19:17 Yaotz I know right
19:17 eightbitbrad hey someone did read my idea! hehe
19:17 exor674 splittter!
19:17 Peter_ left #thegeekgroup
19:18 maglinvinn captain  - i hope that works!  it would be awesome!
19:18 Cprossu_Elsewher wow
19:18 Cprossu_Elsewher
19:18 eightbitbrad yeah, it sounds like it could be epic if it works.
19:18 Cprossu_Elsewher ^this is as easy as it gets
19:18 Cprossu_Elsewher pc soundcard ftw
19:19 maglinvinn lol
19:19 maglinvinn requires pc on site w/ counter
19:19 wannabe1987 how many times to i have to tell the volunteers that "we're recording" means "BE QUIET" and how many times will it take for them to understand?! /rant
19:19 maglinvinn this allows you to log to arduino free of the pc
19:19 maglinvinn and then dump
19:19 maglinvinn its a question of freedom
19:19 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: Yeah, on air lights are definitely needed.
19:19 Electronics Wannabe, Grab the megaphone
19:19 wannabe1987 LOL
19:19 wannabe1987 i'm supposed to be quiet...not loud
19:19 Electronics =P
19:20 cctoide whisper shouting
19:20 eightbitbrad time to hit up fire departments and the like and see if they have old warning lights lying around hehe
19:20 maglinvinn quiet isn't hte right word... 'non existant' sound wise is the right way
19:20 wannabe1987 we're out in the lounge..and they can hear us...
19:20 Electronics it would work
19:20 maglinvinn lol.
19:20 wannabe1987 yeah
19:20 Cprossu_Elsewher "On air" is too subtle. Recc'd replacing with "STFU" light
19:20 wannabe1987 apparently
19:20 wannabe1987 amen!
19:20 maglinvinn LUL!
19:20 eightbitbrad Cprossu_Elsewher: Nice!
19:20 maglinvinn stfu lights would be awesome.
19:20 wannabe1987 STFU n00b
19:20 wannabe1987 light
19:20 critterpal close the door to the studios
19:20 captain_ who is wannabe1987?
19:20 BotSteve captain_: At 10 Apr 15:07Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you that the guy in the video was shooting at a piece of railroad iron that they stood up and braced.  They were trying to see if the rifle would penetrate it.
19:20 maglinvinn wouldn't help
19:20 eightbitbrad Reminds me of a Rollins bit about airplanes
19:20 wannabe1987 kelly
19:20 captain_ ah ok
19:21 eightbitbrad "They should have another light.  They should call it the sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up light".
19:21 wannabe1987 the volunteers in question are taking out a ceiling...
19:21 Cprossu_Elsewher wow that was ages ago that he put that into the bot
19:21 maglinvinn oh, well, folks knwo the lab is 'in renovation' during these shoots
19:21 MoxieMike true
19:21 wannabe1987 cory told me to tell them to i did my job
19:21 maglinvinn captain don't get on much...
19:22 MoxieMike what are the plans to reduce the echo?
19:22 maglinvinn yay wannabe!
19:22 wannabe1987 :D
19:22 Cprossu_Elsewher he was on earlier but "captain____" wouldn't trigger his bot
19:22 maglinvinn moxiemike - sound dampening solutions on the walls and cieling
19:22 eightbitbrad "Ladies and gentleman, the Captain has turned on the STFDSTFU light... so please return to your seats and STFD and STFU"
19:22 Yaotz Blue siren lights throughout the building
19:22 wannabe1987 lol
19:22 Cprossu_Elsewher ST FD/FU
19:23 wannabe1987 :( i'm out of twizzlers
19:23 MoxieMike i was wondering about the specifics...foam based, rubber based, etc
19:23 Yaotz Right little signs under each light
19:23 eightbitbrad Red revolving light and an Scrolling LCD sign
19:23 eightbitbrad Yaotz: Yes!
19:23 Roly what about flashing strobe lights in every room
19:23 Cprossu_Elsewher how about not
19:23 maglinvinn;hash=item519882a34f   this
19:23 eightbitbrad anyway, time to me to pack up here and head off.  I'll be back later though. :)
19:23 maglinvinn combined with a trigger switch on set tables
19:23 maglinvinn see ya brad
19:23 wannabe1987 you cannot leave!
19:24 Mr_NoLife i like eightbit's idea
19:24 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: uh, yes I can, I no wanna sit in my fabric covered box anymore today
19:24 maglinvinn it has a siren even, to 'start' the notice, and then blue silent light to let people know shit is still going on
19:24 wannabe1987 lol
19:24 Roly;hash=item41554b1dc4
19:24 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
19:24 Roly i like the look of these
19:24 wannabe1987 someone wandered in to the lab...they found a flyer :D
19:24 wannabe1987 (that i helped make)
19:24 maglinvinn cheaper too
19:24 wannabe1987 must have a donation...
19:24 steve_____ just use the air raid siren, everyone will know
19:25 Yaotz Oh god
19:25 maglinvinn hahaha.  heck yeah
19:25 maglinvinn the entire side of town would know
19:25 maglinvinn haha
19:25 MagneticCow they shoud attach a nerf gun to cam3,  the one members can contorl :)
19:25 MadManMarkAu maglinvinn:
19:25 Electronics Mount it to the top of the building
19:25 MadManMarkAu 8-channel PWN driver
19:25 MadManMarkAu *PEM
19:25 MadManMarkAu blah
19:25 Hackbat *woooooooo* "Better tune into the ustream"
19:25 Yaotz However hooking the air raid siren up to the control box for thumper would be hilarious
19:25 Cprossu_Elsewher I think the residents who complained about previous tennants would likely complain about air raids
19:26 Yaotz That is a possibility
19:26 maglinvinn mad man, perfect
19:26 cctoide Fourth of july?
19:26 maglinvinn one chip controls 2 units
19:26 maglinvinn 1 pin left over
19:26 maglinvinn you can have analog overrides
19:26 MadManMarkAu Awse
19:26 exor674 from watching recent vids of thumper, I am still thinking that the red flasher thing on top of thumper's control cabinet should be based off the voltage, not the arm state
19:26 exor674 speaking of thumper and red lights
19:26 maglinvinn or you can use another MCU like the atmega to stream binary strings to them and trigger light events
19:26 maglinvinn so 12 of those, ... oh god
19:26 Yaotz Oh no
19:26 maglinvinn mega phone
19:26 maglinvinn lol.
19:27 Yaotz Who gave Chris a megaphone
19:27 Electronics oh god
19:27 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
19:27 wannabe1987 .
19:27 arran-g uh oh
19:27 Yaotz lol, blow the ears out of all of his cameramen.
19:27 maglinvinn we have a radioation problem in the lab.
19:27 MadManMarkAu Yaotz: Should have been here earlier
19:27 Whisperingwolf Alright now I'm at school
19:27 MadManMarkAu It was HORRIFYING
19:27 Yaotz Oh geeze
19:27 Electronics that's quite alot of counts actually...
19:27 maglinvinn there's a calibration sample in the system
19:27 Electronics ohhh
19:27 maglinvinn i think ...
19:28 Electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
19:28 Whisperingwolf you got the gain to far the wrong way
19:28 Electricguy hey lads! :)
19:28 Electronics I don't think so... Chris said he didn't have any an Paul hasn't got them out yet
19:28 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
19:29 Hackbat They need a Radon water jug :D
19:29 Fulsy So yea, Hi. I'm just some random lurker who stumbled across the geek group on youtube
19:29 Electronics Heavy Water Jug
19:29 maglinvinn hahaha
19:29 maglinvinn derp derp derp
19:29 Whisperingwolf Welcome to TGG Fulsy
19:29 Android joined #thegeekgroup
19:29 MadManMarkAu Heya Fulsy
19:29 Fulsy thanks
19:29 maglinvinn <- glad to be of help!
19:29 Yaotz haha
19:29 Electricguy hey! i''m also new here! :P
19:29 maglinvinn no problem
19:30 maglinvinn :)
19:30 Yaotz Water jugs and sirens
19:30 Electricguy welcome electricguy! XD
19:30 maglinvinn mwuahahahahaha
19:30 Android is now known as Guest9915
19:30 cctoide Good first show by IRC
19:30 Phu hI from the uK Chris :)
19:30 Roly ;)
19:30 Fulsy LOL
19:30 MoxieMike yay
19:30 Fulsy awesome
19:30 Electronics Me?
19:30 MagneticCow pie
19:30 MadManMarkAu W00T!
19:30 maglinvinn question
19:30 Yaotz Enjoying the Magma, Chris, thank you
19:30 DruidicRifleman Ahhhh soooo much lag
19:30 DJKevin <-portland, OR
19:30 maglinvinn do you have a sample on site to read
19:30 Roly Adelaide
19:30 * MoxieMike is from maine
19:30 Electronics UK! Wooo
19:30 Guest9915 hiya everyone
19:30 MadManMarkAu Roly: Adelaide, AU?
19:30 Whisperingwolf He called us cool
19:30 Mr_NoLife and MR_NoLife!! haha
19:30 arran-g UK
19:30 Roly yeah man
19:30 Hackbat Used to have water jugs theat were designed to fill the water with radon gas. :D
19:30 Electricguy jeez, hard to play minecraft and chat at the same time XD
19:30 Olivius left #thegeekgroup
19:30 Bh420 Yo Chris congrats on the ham ticket
19:30 Electronics oh did he get it?
19:30 Hackbat so you're kids will grow up to be healthy
19:31 Electronics Awesome
19:31 maglinvinn tggconsole is there another video scheduled?
19:31 Yaotz Also, I don't know about anyone else but the reason why I didn't have any questions for the video is because the audio is a little hard to understand at times on the live stream
19:31 Electricguy ham ticket? ham RADIO? :P
19:31 maglinvinn captain?
19:31 Yaotz maybe that's just me
19:31 wannabe1987 we got wire in :D
19:31 MadManMarkAu I posted a QSO on his YouTUBE :P
19:31 maglinvinn another video planned for today?
19:31 Yaotz so I couldn't really follow it too well
19:31 Guest9915 left #thegeekgroup
19:31 Electronics I think Chris wanted to do 4 today
19:31 wannabe1987 i dunno what kind...but its heavy
19:31 NeWtoz yeah, it takes like maybe a few hours of studying to get one
19:31 Electricguy radio amateur SA7BHV from Sweden here! =)
19:31 MadManMarkAu wtf?!?
19:31 cctoide How will they switch more than 4 cameras?
19:31 Hackbat Overdriven!!!
19:31 Electronics arghhhhh
19:31 Yaotz Haha ho shit
19:31 MadManMarkAu What the hell was that about?
19:32 Yaotz Apparently Chris needed to get some energy out
19:32 cctoide Chris being Chris?
19:32 MadManMarkAu lol
19:32 Phu right... time to fix some retro-computing electronics while I leave this running in the background :)
19:32 steve_____ KD8LLK here in GR
19:32 cctoide plus, he has an audience now :P
19:32 Electronics compressing vid...
19:32 NeWtoz I got so bored with the tech studying that i started studying for the general
19:32 maglinvinn captain!
19:32 MadManMarkAu Nice, Steve
19:32 MadManMarkAu Yet to go for my ticket
19:32 NeWtoz KD8NRP in GR
19:32 speedrunnerG55 hi
19:32 maglinvinn lol.  is there another video planned?
19:32 steve_____ I took tech and gen in one sitting
19:32 NeWtoz so did I
19:32 Electronics I should get one, but not really sure how about I should do it in the UK
19:32 speedrunnerG55 oh wow, lots of traffic, whats up
19:33 maglinvinn live ustream
19:33 Electricguy this channel should have a speech bot! :)
19:33 Yaotz Oh no
19:33 wannabe1987 cory
19:33 NeWtoz I took the extra afterwards, but didn't pass that one ;) didn't even study for it though
19:33 maglinvinn w/ live irc in the video they just produced
19:33 Electronics
19:33 MadManMarkAu God nod again
19:33 Yaotz Put it down
19:33 Yaotz lol
19:33 MadManMarkAu CHRIS! DIAF KTHX BAI~!
19:33 Yaotz Someone tackle him
19:33 Hackbat My poor Speakers
19:33 maglinvinn chris is a troll
19:33 cctoide the Boden horn
19:33 maglinvinn look at him
19:33 maglinvinn trolling the world.
19:33 MadManMarkAu Die in a chemica fire, Chris
19:33 exor674 I think what we really need is a remote control tazer taped to Chris's skin
19:33 MadManMarkAu *chemical
19:33 Yaotz The Boden horn does not...bode...well for livestream
19:34 MadManMarkAu LOL
19:34 MadManMarkAu dammit, that was bad
19:34 Bh420 yes it is ...... annoying
19:34 speedrunnerG55 finally i can see it
19:34 MoxieMike i don't think it bodes well for anybody
19:34 speedrunnerG55 this is epic
19:34 cctoide who's turning their butt on?
19:34 wannabe1987 it sucks IRL
19:34 Fulsy It didn't bode well for my headphones
19:34 Fulsy :c
19:34 speedrunnerG55 do they see us?
19:34 Electronics sometimes
19:34 Yaotz but yeah like I said the audio is kind of hard to understand over livestream during the shoot, so I had no idea what in the hell they were going on about
19:34 Electronics there's 4 computers monitering the IRC
19:35 speedrunnerG55 cool
19:35 Electronics two laptops on set, 2 at the gellery
19:35 Electronics (Pauls, Chris's Cory, and the Video Switcher)
19:35 speedrunnerG55 this is quite epic, true behind the sceenes
19:35 Roly 1 in gallary just for encoding?
19:36 Hackbat Chris's cory? :p
19:36 DruidicRifleman Hmmmmm;feature=fvst any machinists people on Mind analising this video Quicly and letting me know what matirials i'd need to build my own?
19:36 wannabe1987 ewww
19:36 wannabe1987 boden just walked past me.:P
19:36 Electronics I missed a ',' ok?
19:36 Electronics oh and Wannabe's there
19:36 MadManMarkAu lol
19:36 VTS-80 joined #thegeekgroup
19:36 wannabe1987 but i'm in teh cafe
19:36 maglinvinn hey IRC!  anyone here good with SVG files and editting?
19:36 Cprossu_Elsewher left #thegeekgroup
19:36 speedrunnerG55 wanabes on set?
19:36 cprossu_wifi_sti joined #thegeekgroup
19:36 Electricguy i got my own channel here on freenode too :) #electricguy (captain obvious) about electronics and stuff :D
19:36 maglinvinn i need a free editor
19:36 cctoide Inkscape?
19:36 exor674 inkscape
19:36 MadManMarkAu Eugh, SVG, not me
19:37 maglinvinn ok.  second question
19:37 wannabe1987 wannabe is NOT on set...she was booted out :(
19:37 Yaotz ha
19:37 MadManMarkAu Yah, more's the pity
19:37 wannabe1987 i was...
19:37 maglinvinn
19:37 Electronics I think I got it on video as well =P
19:37 wannabe1987 just so they could see me.
19:37 VTS-80 Does anyone know if Ubuntu Linux can use a parallel port?
19:37 cprossu_wifi_sti I just caused a wifi point here at the college to overload/reboot
19:37 maglinvinn i need that, printed on a 8x11
19:37 maglinvinn w/ multiples per page
19:37 Electricguy i got a speech bot for my channel and a LIVE stream from ym lab too XD
19:37 maglinvinn haha
19:37 Yaotz But yeah did anyone else have that problem watching the stream? Like they kind of get drowned out or hard to understand?
19:37 MadManMarkAu Oh, AWESOME
19:37 Yaotz Maybe it's just me being hard of hearing
19:38 Yaotz but it seems like something is off where it's hard to understand
19:38 speedrunnerG55 nice command center
19:38 TMB_ running stuff out to the car, brb
19:38 MadManMarkAu no, the uStream audio is bad, but nothing they can do in this environment
19:38 Yaotz Ah
19:38 Electronics Better than nothing
19:38 Yaotz Right
19:38 speedrunnerG55 is that a clock in the backround?
19:38 cprossu_wifi_sti I've always wanted to dump one of these -> on my alarm clock
19:39 cctoide That's a hot clock
19:39 speedrunnerG55 hot clock?
19:39 Electronics I just find the Command Centre is facing the wrong way...
19:39 NeWtoz a sexy clock
19:39 speedrunnerG55 how long its been on air?
19:39 cprossu_wifi_sti no relation to time
19:39 cprossu_wifi_sti and it will roll over
19:39 cctoide It just counts up, it's there for when there's nobody in the shot
19:39 Electronics darn ninjas ^
19:39 Hackbat it shows how long a second is
19:39 cctoide it's also missing a segment
19:40 cprossu_wifi_sti or 2
19:40 MadManMarkAu HI RANDOM PEOPLE!
19:40 speedrunnerG55 giant , what?
19:40 wannabe1987 those two
19:40 MadManMarkAu HI THERE! :D
19:40 cctoide hi person
19:40 exor674 hello!
19:40 wannabe1987 brought us wire :D
19:40 Yaotz Hi
19:40 speedrunnerG55 hi!
19:40 DJKevin HI
19:40 MoxieMike hi new person
19:40 Electronics Hi?
19:40 Fulsy Hi.
19:40 speedrunnerG55 HI
19:40 Yaotz lol
19:40 maglinvinn hello new person.  hehe.
19:40 Mr_NoLife hi
19:40 Electronics Hello!
19:40 maglinvinn persons!
19:40 maglinvinn hi MOM!
19:40 speedrunnerG55 HI steves mom
19:40 MadManMarkAu Hi, Steve's mom + sister
19:40 Electricguy howdy! XD
19:40 MoxieMike Hi steve's family
19:40 Yaotz Hello mom and sister
19:40 steve_____ why is my mom and sister there?
19:40 wannabe1987 dropping off wire
19:40 MadManMarkAu lol
19:40 speedrunnerG55 LOL
19:40 Bh420 lol
19:40 guest3 joined #thegeekgroup
19:40 maglinvinn well steve... thats a good question
19:40 Fulsy XD
19:40 maglinvinn tggconsole  you there?
19:41 Yaotz haha
19:41 steve_____ it really is
19:41 MadManMarkAu Hi Steve's sister, you ditzy thing
19:41 Electronics haha
19:41 * arran-g waves back
19:41 Yaotz haha
19:41 speedrunnerG55 it would be wierd if you were his mom
19:41 Mr_NoLife not camera shy at all
19:41 Electricguy i think she like the camera XD
19:41 DJKevin lol
19:41 cctoide hehe
19:41 exor674 is the stream being stuttery or is my internets?
19:41 wannabe1987 i think she feels awkward
19:41 speedrunnerG55 xD
19:41 MadManMarkAu exor674: It's fine  here
19:41 Yaotz Although I don't think the IRC is up there
19:41 Electronics @exor both
19:41 Yaotz lol
19:41 Electricguy think it's your int3rw3bz
19:41 cctoide it's on the far monitor
19:41 Seroster Eek
19:41 qwertyboy joined #thegeekgroup
19:42 maglinvinn lol steve, your mom is up in your internets stalking your projects.
19:42 maglinvinn :S
19:42 MadManMarkAu lol
19:42 wannabe1987 OMG its the swede!
19:42 Roly hahahah
19:42 Electronics ?
19:42 qwertyboy is now known as Guest99595
19:42 steve_____ i know, it's weird
19:42 speedrunnerG55 LPOL steve
19:42 wannabe1987 hi seroster
19:42 Electricguy swede? :P i'm a swede XD
19:42 maglinvinn oh god, its seroster
19:42 steve_____ I'm in class so no sound for em
19:42 Seroster Nip Tit Schabbat!
19:42 wannabe1987 it really your mom?
19:42 cprossu_wifi_sti U;ve got stuttering but I am also on an unstable connection on a netbook that's multitasked too far with 11% battery remaining because I forgot to charge it before leaving
19:42 Guest99595 left #thegeekgroup
19:42 steve_____ yes
19:42 Seroster Even the bot hates e =)
19:42 MadManMarkAu That lady has SO MUCH BLINK on
19:42 speedrunnerG55 "you kids have fun" xD
19:42 guest3 left #thegeekgroup
19:42 MadManMarkAu *BLING
19:42 Yaotz lol
19:42 cctoide Don't act stupid, or we'll get the Boden roar again
19:43 cprossu_wifi_sti u;ve=I've
19:43 cctoide or the horn
19:43 speedrunnerG55 on it
19:43 wannabe1987 omg i hear both sides of the radio :P
19:43 Seroster Lol, cctoide
19:43 cprossu_wifi_sti is that a kazoo?
19:43 cprossu_wifi_sti oh nm I see now
19:43 speedrunnerG55 .....??!
19:43 Fulsy lmao
19:43 TMB_ Maglinvin... you still listening???
19:43 speedrunnerG55 google maps isnt live
19:43 Electricguy lulz
19:43 Seroster Kazoo cpr?
19:44 cprossu_wifi_sti nah, AZ
19:44 maglinvinn whats the address where he is
19:44 cctoide what are we doing?
19:44 maglinvinn lol.
19:44 Yaotz Yeah what's his address
19:44 wannabe1987 steve___ they say  they'll see you at home
19:44 MadManMarkAu That's... insane
19:44 Yaotz Holy
19:44 steve_____ great..
19:44 Yaotz I've heard of 2 mile walkies
19:44 steve_____ and class is done
19:44 wannabe1987 lol
19:44 Yaotz but 4 and a half?
19:44 Yaotz nice
19:44 VTS-80 Those must be some badass radios to get 4 miles away with reception.
19:44 Electricguy just had to XD
19:44 cctoide Vat is zis?
19:44 cprossu_wifi_sti they even have 5 mile frms's
19:44 cprossu_wifi_sti so it wouldn't shock me
19:44 qwertyboy1 joined #thegeekgroup
19:44 NeWtoz if they all had ham radios, they could go hundreds of miles
19:44 MadManMarkAu That's not 5/5, that's closer to 5/3
19:45 Electronics I've got 5 mile Radios
19:45 qwertyboy1 cool
19:45 Yaotz lol
19:45 MadManMarkAu Might he the room and mic, though
19:45 wannabe1987 some nice guys bought  me diet coke
19:45 qwertyboy1 lulz
19:45 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
19:45 steve_____ commerial use and ham doesn't work well
19:45 wannabe1987 hi photon!
19:45 Electronics yello
19:45 cprossu_wifi_sti with a little uh.... modding..... they are 5/5
19:45 TMB_ Maglinvinn, I have three circuit cards for you. they use 74hc595 chips for serial input, and have relays for outputs.
19:45 VTS-80 Zipties, zipties everywhere.
19:45 steve_____ regulation wise
19:45 speedrunnerG55 was he asking us to look for something on google maps that was happening in real time?
19:45 wannabe1987 zipties are awesome
19:45 Yaotz Yeah
19:45 cprossu_wifi_sti yeah I'll go with you there xD
19:45 Yaotz speed
19:45 Yaotz this is all live
19:45 Electronics something like that
19:46 speedrunnerG55 wtf, lol
19:46 maglinvinn what TMB?
19:46 MadManMarkAu speedrunnerG55: He wanted to know the distance between the lab and the tower
19:46 Electronics was it Bridgewater? cause I just found stuff in the UK
19:46 speedrunnerG55 well this is. google maps the last time i checked wasnt
19:46 maglinvinn TMB_  lol.  are they the cards for the gantry?
19:46 TMB_ I have circuit boards for you...
19:46 Electronics I think I misheard him
19:46 cctoide New mike for 25% more effective Boden roar?
19:46 MoxieMike too soft
19:46 MadManMarkAu Sounds the same, it's great
19:46 Yaotz sounds the same
19:46 exor674 can't even tell a new mic was added
19:46 Yaotz at the moment
19:46 Fulsy sounds alright
19:46 Electronics ...
19:46 Yaotz oh
19:46 Fulsy oh
19:46 speedrunnerG55 the lab and the tower, idk were those are so i couldnt really help. addresseS?
19:46 TMB_ not the motor drivers for the gantry, but something I think you'll like
19:46 maglinvinn TMB_ and can you drop them in lansing when you come past?  i'm about 20 minutes total out of you way (10 to detour to me, and 10 to detour back to 96)
19:46 Fulsy no difference
19:46 Whisperingwolf Exciting todays class learning about VPN
19:46 Electricguy gosh, how the hell can you even have a conversation? :P it's just spamming in random messages
19:47 maglinvinn oooh, right on
19:47 MoxieMike can't quite tell which mic is picking you up
19:47 MadManMarkAu Wrong mic
19:47 cprossu_wifi_sti my batt meter informs me I have 10 minutes left
19:47 Electronics still no difference
19:47 cctoide I think you need people raging again to tell if this is any better
19:47 Yaotz Oh hey
19:47 MadManMarkAu Or, it's too soft/muted
19:47 speedrunnerG55 radio?!
19:47 Roly better
19:47 maglinvinn not yet
19:47 DJKevin still same
19:47 speedrunnerG55 oh my
19:47 Yaotz Geekgroup live radio? Make this happen
19:47 wannabe1987 o shit
19:47 wannabe1987 a firetruck
19:47 MadManMarkAu DCC send
19:47 speedrunnerG55 xD
19:47 cctoide preferably away from the mike
19:47 Fulsy I hear firetrucks
19:47 Electronics starting a live Radio show?
19:47 cprossu_wifi_sti hey, that's how NASA did it,
19:47 NeWtoz it's called a pm
19:47 MadManMarkAu Oh!
19:47 Yaotz /msg nick
19:47 NeWtoz /msg nick
19:47 cctoide do /query nickname
19:47 maglinvinn OH!
19:47 cprossu_wifi_sti everything was streamed
19:47 MadManMarkAu /query <user>
19:47 maglinvinn TMB_  query
19:47 DruidicRifleman Speed runner check your PM's
19:47 exor674 /msg nick rawr
19:47 Yaotz /msg Yaotz  for example
19:47 MadManMarkAu NO!
19:47 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
19:47 maglinvinn so in my case,   ./query maglinvinn
19:47 cprossu_wifi_sti you just had to be able to pick out what you needed
19:47 MadManMarkAu Use /query
19:47 speedrunnerG55 ye / msg
19:47 MadManMarkAu /msg will not opena  window for it
19:47 cprossu_wifi_sti if it's good enough for them it;s good enough for us
19:47 VTS-80 Why use an arduino if you can use a Z80 CPU?
19:48 Electronics Try plugging it in the right one...
19:48 Yaotz Or depending on the client you should just be able to doubleclick on their name in the user list
19:48 Seroster /msg wont open up a window, until they reply..
19:48 Fulsy oh wow
19:48 MadManMarkAu Oh, audio changed
19:48 Yaotz Oh hey
19:48 Fulsy it sounds more painful
19:48 Yaotz ow
19:48 Electronics ok now there's a difference
19:48 MoxieMike something changed
19:48 Electricguy Z80 kicks the shit out of the arduino!! :P
19:48 VTS-80 Audio's a bit fuzzy...
19:48 Photon939 lol
19:48 Yaotz a bit fuzzy? I think it needs a shave
19:48 Electronics I'm getting clipping
19:48 MoxieMike yay
19:48 Photon939 I just salvaged myself a Z80 the other day
19:48 MadManMarkAu two mics are a bad thing
19:48 MoxieMike it works
19:48 MadManMarkAu Audio works well
19:48 Yaotz hello
19:48 cctoide BASS
19:48 Electronics awesome
19:48 Electronics bit of clipping
19:48 Yaotz unce unce unce
19:48 DJKevin got you duck
19:49 exor674 works nowwww
19:49 maglinvinn confirm audio check 1/2/3
19:49 Fulsy need to remix that
19:49 NeWtoz noise
19:49 MadManMarkAu Kill the little mic
19:49 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
19:49 qwertyboy1 ARG! why wont the live stream load!
19:49 Seroster I GOT A NEW VISE! And it is huge and black!
19:49 Seroster BWAHAHHAA
19:49 exor674 a little bit of hum
19:49 SparkyProjects It's working but quiet, and a bit of hum
19:49 Electricguy bit of clipping? i think it's clipping all the time :D
19:49 maglinvinn yeah, we got a hum now
19:49 TMB_ time for another trip out to the car... brb
19:49 qwertyboy1 not working for me
19:49 Fulsy a bit staticky
19:49 Yaotz yeah a hum and it's not picking up as much
19:49 DruidicRifleman seroster post or machinists vice?
19:49 Fulsy lots of clipping
19:49 Electronics Directional Mic I'm guessing
19:49 wannabe1987 lol
19:49 Yaotz Ah
19:49 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
19:49 Hackbat I need a PC board vise
19:49 SparkyProjects Also because you pick up from several mics it's more echo
19:50 * MadManMarkAu mutes his audio
19:50 Electronics which seems to be picking up the set
19:50 Roly sounds bad if anyones listening
19:50 Fulsy Ow.
19:50 wannabe1987 BA used my computer (ustream) to see whats going on up there beforegoing upstairs :P
19:50 MadManMarkAu Too painful
19:50 Electricguy left #thegeekgroup
19:50 Fulsy OW
19:50 wannabe1987 i have my volume issues :D
19:50 NeWtoz ECHO(bad);
19:50 Electronics owwww
19:50 Yaotz holy jumping
19:50 qwertyboy1 what browser are you guys using?
19:50 Yaotz ow
19:50 Hackbat Chrome
19:50 Electronics I just turned down my treble =P
19:50 DJKevin the room is too live for that mic
19:50 Fulsy Smashed in the mute button
19:50 qwertyboy1 anyone using firefox?
19:50 Fulsy I am
19:50 Electronics yep
19:50 Yaotz Yeah
19:50 NeWtoz Iceweasel!
19:50 speedrunnerG55 whats all that space to that command center going to be used for?
19:50 wannabe1987 omg paul walked past haha
19:50 Electronics well I'm moving from chrome to firefox 4 atm
19:51 Mirolav joined #thegeekgroup
19:51 speedrunnerG55 i use firefox
19:51 qwertyboy1 not loading
19:51 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
19:51 Roly audios terrible!
19:51 ashlog_ joined #thegeekgroup
19:51 speedrunnerG55 its working fine with me
19:51 ashlog left #thegeekgroup
19:51 maglinvinn hey guys, the inkscape thing works great
19:51 maglinvinn thanks!
19:51 qwertyboy1 its probably my computer
19:51 VTS-80_ joined #thegeekgroup
19:51 speedrunnerG55 connection maybe?
19:51 Captain__ left #thegeekgroup
19:51 speedrunnerG55 the audio is bad
19:51 Electronics dropouts alot
19:51 tggconsole_ joined #thegeekgroup
19:52 NeWtoz they need to mute one of those mics
19:52 MadManMarkAu ^^^^^^^
19:52 maglinvinn wb tggconsole
19:52 cprossu_wifi_sti left #thegeekgroup
19:52 VTS-80_ Audio is too pre-amplified.
19:52 maglinvinn yeah
19:52 Fulsy oh yay
19:52 maglinvinn looks like break time
19:52 speedrunnerG55 huh
19:52 Mr_NoLife left #thegeekgroup
19:52 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
19:52 Fulsy the buzzing noise from yesterday is back
19:52 Electronics we got a ghost tggconsole?
19:52 speedrunnerG55 LOL
19:52 VTS-80 left #thegeekgroup
19:52 joe_____ left #thegeekgroup
19:52 Electronics used to be a command to kill ghost connects
19:52 Cprossu_Batt_dyi joined #thegeekgroup
19:52 Electronics can't remember
19:53 wannabe1987
19:53 Roly mixer > headphones to monitor to test audio quality!
19:53 mikemol They need a monitor set.
19:53 Electronics something like /ns KILL <nick> <pass?
19:53 VTS-80_ I think someone tripped over an ethernet cable...
19:53 NeWtoz /msg nickserv ghost
19:53 MadManMarkAu /ns GHOST <nick> [password]
19:53 Electronics that's it
19:53 Yaotz yup
19:53 Hackbat oh? I just use /ghost nick pass
19:53 Yaotz so now the audio is just kind of rubdub
19:53 MadManMarkAu I hear chains a-rattling
19:53 Yaotz It's the ghost of boden past
19:53 DJKevin its the ghost
19:53 Hackbat its a-a-a-a-a gggg ghost!
19:53 qwertyboy1 tehe
19:53 NeWtoz /ghost nick pass would be client specific I'm guessing
19:54 MadManMarkAu Haha
19:54 Yaotz he's here to join a cult and shut down buildings
19:54 Roly it will eat you!
19:54 NeWtoz some clients don't use those "shortcuts"
19:54 Cprossu_Batt_dyi no kidding
19:54 speedrunnerG55 what os was that?
19:54 Yaotz That was a fun april first
19:54 VTS-80_ XP
19:54 wannabe1987 they have signs that say "video production in use"
19:54 speedrunnerG55 lol xp
19:54 Yaotz Hey I still use XP on my gaming rig
19:54 qwertyboy1 xp is the shit!
19:54 Yaotz don't hate
19:54 NeWtoz so do I
19:54 Cprossu_Batt_dyi wannabe1987: that won't stop anyone lol
19:54 wannabe1987 lol
19:54 VTS-80_ Yes, there are still some computers that use win XP.
19:54 Yaotz mmm
19:54 wannabe1987 BA thinks they will
19:54 Fulsy I still use it
19:55 Hackbat I use xp on my game server pc
19:55 MadManMarkAu That's a LOUD mouse
19:55 Yaotz Man I don't think I'll ever switch from bluewater punch
19:55 Cprossu_Batt_dyi I still use XP and X64
19:55 speedrunnerG55 yes
19:55 Yaotz delicious e-cig juice
19:55 Yaotz is delicious
19:55 Cprossu_Batt_dyi Win 7 isn't stable enough for my liking
19:55 speedrunnerG55 someone should invent quiet mice
19:55 MadManMarkAu OH! My eCig is charged, time to vape
19:55 Fulsy I have XP on my home rig, windows 7 preinstalled on my eee
19:55 VTS-80_ I use 7 and it's pretty stable.
19:55 Cprossu_Batt_dyi specifically the print spooler crashes alot I noticed
19:55 NeWtoz I use XP for gaming, Debian for everything else
19:55 Yaotz Speaking of I need to recharge my e-cig pack
19:55 Electronics I use 7  Ultimate x64
19:55 Hackbat I've never had problems with & 32bit
19:55 speedrunnerG55 i use ubuntu
19:55 Hackbat *7
19:55 qwertyboy1 everything is compatible with xp
19:55 speedrunnerG55 and windows 7
19:55 MadManMarkAu I use Windows 7/Fedora 14/Debian Squeeze
19:56 Cprossu_Batt_dyi I like gentoo, but gentoo is no picnic to use
19:56 VTS-80_ Speaking of linux...
19:56 Fulsy Hey, at least it's not vista
19:56 Cprossu_Batt_dyi or live with
19:56 Yaotz Everything is compatible with windows XP except direct x 10/11
19:56 Yaotz Because how else would they sell vista
19:56 VTS-80_ Does anyone know if ubuntu linux can use a parallel port?
19:56 NeWtoz can't beat apt
19:56 thaery joined #thegeekgroup
19:56 SparkyProjects I use XP, it works ....
19:56 Cprossu_Batt_dyi I got the preview drivers installed on my xp x64 box for dx10
19:56 MadManMarkAu lolwut?
19:56 NeWtoz I don't see why it couldn't...
19:56 MadManMarkAu Oh course it can
19:56 Cprossu_Batt_dyi oddly enough it works for some dx10 games
19:56 Hackbat linux has support for basicly everything
19:57 VTS-80_ Thanks. I have an EEPROM programmer I built, and the programming software runs on linux.
19:57 qwertyboy1 if you know how to use it
19:57 Cprossu_Batt_dyi other games I've forced to use the methods which they 'call' dx10/11 but aren't
19:57 MadManMarkAu Linux still has support for my ISA FM radio tuner card that hasn't worked since Win98
19:57 mikemol Sunday, there was wishful thinking (and sticker shock frustrations) about Tricasters.
19:57 NeWtoz unless ubuntu has messed up the distro even more ;)
19:57 Yaotz Sure I've done that as well, going through the registry to "force" directx10 options
19:57 Yaotz Which is hit or miss
19:57 Electronics Cpro, how's the battery doing?
19:57 mikemol It'd be really, really, really slick to put together a homebrew Tricaster on Linux.
19:57 Cprossu_Batt_dyi We have a tricaster here at the college, we only use it for titling though
19:57 maglinvinn hey tggconsole.
19:57 speedrunnerG55 someone is /msg ing on freenode web querbic
19:58 speedrunnerG55 lol
19:58 MoxieMike i'm off for a bit.  I'll be back on later
19:58 Electronics cya
19:58 Cprossu_Batt_dyi waste of such an expensive machine
19:58 Yaotz Lunch sounds like a good idea
19:58 Yaotz well, I gues it's 5pm in Michigan
19:58 Cprossu_Batt_dyi but we sent for the hd one and someone at the district changed the order ang got the sd one because it was $600 less
19:58 Yaotz er
19:58 NeWtoz 5pm in MI
19:58 Yaotz 4pm in michigan
19:58 VTS-80_ It's 1:00 here in california.
19:58 qwertyboy1 its actuall 4
19:58 NeWtoz 4***
19:58 Yaotz Yeah I'm in California too
19:58 NeWtoz wow, go go eyes
19:59 Electronics 21:00 here in UK
19:59 Yaotz for a few months anyway then I'm heading back to Saginaw
19:59 speedrunnerG55 everytime i hear that noise i instictively check the irc
19:59 Cprossu_Batt_dyi on a $15,000 box, $600 is nothing
19:59 Cprossu_Batt_dyi stupid idiots
19:59 Yaotz I'll be in Michigan to stay in a few months
19:59 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
19:59 Cprossu_Batt_dyi ok I'm going down
19:59 speedrunnerG55 god dam
19:59 NeWtoz best time of year for michigan
19:59 qwertyboy1 yes! got the stream on my laptop
19:59 Cprossu_Batt_dyi probably
19:59 Yaotz Saginaw is still like a hour+ from grand rapids
19:59 NeWtoz snow is gone
19:59 maglinvinn LOL
19:59 NeWtoz way more then an hour
19:59 VTS-80_ I wonder if I can watch ustream on an 8-bit computer...
19:59 maglinvinn that beep is me talking to paul
19:59 Yaotz NeWtoz: Grew up in Michigan, I'm very aware lol
20:00 NeWtoz same
20:00 Yaotz I get grand rapids and uh
20:00 DJKevin left #thegeekgroup
20:00 Yaotz I'm used to going to soaring eagle
20:00 qwertyboy1 i live in michigan
20:00 Cprossu_Batt_dyi VTS-80 you could watch it on a 16bit computer
20:00 Yaotz From Bridgeport to Soaring Eagle casino is a little over an hour
20:00 VTS-80_ But not 8-bit?
20:00 Yaotz ish
20:00 qwertyboy1 what are they doing?
20:00 DruidicRifleman Any one know If it's possible to Carpool from like detroit to grand rapids To Spend less on grey hound?
20:01 Electronics Editing atm I think
20:01 Cprossu_Batt_dyi Because with an AppleIIGS it could be in RGB color
20:01 kevvan joined #thegeekgroup
20:01 Yaotz DruidicRifleman: I can tell you this, it cost me $90 to take a greyhound from Michigan to California
20:01 NeWtoz soaring eagle is mt pleasant, saginaw is a little past that
20:01 Yaotz and it's going to cost me like $112 to get back from California to Michigan
20:01 VTS-80_ I could put together an RGB grapnics card...
20:01 tggnle1 left #thegeekgroup
20:01 Yaotz Gas is, what, $4 a gallon right now?
20:01 VTS-80_ graphics*
20:01 NeWtoz yeah :(
20:02 Cprossu_Batt_dyi yeah but at what speed would your processor need to go to feed all that data with an 8bit or less external bus?
20:02 VTS-80_ I get 45+ MPG in a TDI Jetta.
20:02 Cprossu_Batt_dyi 4 bit color max.
20:02 Yaotz NeWtoz: That's right, I get mt pleasant and grand rapids confused
20:02 DruidicRifleman LOL I have to take the grey hound from toronto ontario If i can avoid the 1 stop in Detroit I'd be happy
20:02 VTS-80_ Also, my CPU is rated at 10MHz, so it can go pretty fast.
20:02 Electronics Anyone know if they're planning anymore videos?
20:02 Yaotz I know my way around saginaw/bridgeport/bay city/frankenmuth
20:03 Yaotz oh and the UP
20:03 Yaotz otherwise eh
20:03 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
20:03 NeWtoz I know the west side more
20:03 westmi 10MHz aint fast
20:03 kevvan i came back :)
20:03 kevvan walked home
20:03 NeWtoz Big Rapids, Grand Rapids, Traverse City and the like
20:03 Bh420 left #thegeekgroup
20:03 qwertyboy1 10MHz hauls!
20:04 VTS-80_ First game for my Z80 will be Zork. I don't care if I have to use a seperate computer as a terminal, I'm going to do it.
20:04 Steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
20:04 VTS-80_ Also, for a Z80, 10MHz is fast.
20:04 kevvan hi steve____
20:04 westmi lol
20:04 Steve_____ I am back, class was no fun
20:04 kevvan :(
20:05 Steve_____ I don't like convolution
20:05 kevvan damn nick
20:05 kevvan is now known as wannabe1987
20:05 speedrunnerG55 what are they doing?
20:06 Hackbat maybe editing
20:06 Yaotz Speaking of soaring eagle man I miss those ribeye sandwiches
20:06 Electronics brb
20:06 qwertyboy1 beeping
20:06 Yaotz So good
20:06 speedrunnerG55 cool
20:06 maglinvinn alrighty guys!
20:06 Steve_____ yes?
20:06 Yaotz I'll take those over In n Out anyday
20:06 maglinvinn i'm outta here
20:06 wannabe1987 i'm a gal, but what?
20:06 wannabe1987 i LOVE in-n-out :D
20:06 Hackbat adios
20:06 maglinvinn TMB_ see ya later paul!
20:06 wannabe1987 whyyyyy
20:06 wannabe1987 ok
20:06 wannabe1987 bye :)
20:06 Cprossu_Batt_dyi left #thegeekgroup
20:06 Steve_____ see ya
20:06 speedrunnerG55 it would be funny if irc was featured in a video
20:06 maglinvinn gonna go visit with my family
20:06 Yaotz Cheers
20:06 wannabe1987 fambly is good
20:07 maglinvinn meanwhile, if you wanna see wat the video lag is:  type in TMB_
20:07 maglinvinn haha
20:07 maglinvinn his laptop beeps when he recieves a notification from IRC
20:07 Yaotz Oh is that what it is
20:07 qwertyboy1 TMB_
20:07 maglinvinn :)
20:07 Yaotz ah
20:07 maglinvinn haha
20:07 maglinvinn see ya guys.
20:07 speedrunnerG55 i know waht the beeps are
20:07 wannabe1987 ...
20:07 Hackbat dang
20:07 Yaotz beep
20:07 Hackbat lol
20:07 TMB_ oh, the mike is that good???
20:07 Steve_____ TMB_
20:07 MagneticCow would it be possable to do  an irc overlay on the bottom
20:07 speedrunnerG55 why every time i hear it i get an instinct to check the irc
20:07 MadManMarkAu What what?
20:08 speedrunnerG55 what?
20:08 MadManMarkAu We can't understand you
20:08 Yaotz The one chris just added
20:08 Yaotz on the swing arm
20:08 speedrunnerG55 omg
20:08 Yaotz pretty sure
20:08 maglinvinn TMB_ i don't know, but yeah, no shit
20:08 maglinvinn hahahaha
20:08 MadManMarkAu Turn the volume DOWN
20:08 MadManMarkAu WAY down
20:08 speedrunnerG55 i hear nothing you say
20:08 maglinvinn its prolly the mic on the set video
20:08 Hackbat I mean I have the volume WAY down
20:08 Fulsy All I hear is "#$(*#$(*#($*^#($ustream"
20:08 Yaotz lol
20:08 Fulsy AH
20:08 Fulsy much better
20:08 Hackbat wow
20:08 maglinvinn there we go
20:08 MadManMarkAu Oh, that's SO much better
20:08 maglinvinn yeah
20:08 NeWtoz OH WOW
20:08 speedrunnerG55 YESSSSSS
20:08 maglinvinn TMB_
20:08 Yaotz How is it that paul is much louder
20:08 MadManMarkAu Thank you
20:08 qwertyboy1 audio MUCH bettyer
20:08 maglinvinn seriously
20:08 maglinvinn that mic
20:08 Yaotz and now they're louder
20:08 speedrunnerG55 THANK YOUUUU
20:08 maglinvinn they just turned down
20:08 wannabe1987 went all quiet
20:08 Electronics back
20:08 Yaotz weird
20:09 NeWtoz day and night
20:09 maglinvinn it was WAY overdriven
20:09 Yaotz Nice
20:09 maglinvinn but turning up a LITTLE wouldn't hurt
20:09 Yaotz holy cow I can understand paul now
20:09 Yaotz amazing
20:09 Fulsy Digital distortion makes lots of people sad
20:09 captain_ left #thegeekgroup
20:09 Fulsy thank god it's gone tho
20:09 maglinvinn he completely zero'd out that mic, it was completely over driven
20:09 MadManMarkAu They need a VU meter on the pic
20:09 arran-g my ears thank you
20:09 MadManMarkAu *mic
20:09 maglinvinn but it was too far in extreme
20:09 qwertyboy1 he knows we understand him
20:09 maglinvinn the mic on set floor needs SOME volume
20:09 maglinvinn just not as much
20:10 Electronics keep dropping out of the stream >:(
20:10 maglinvinn hehe
20:10 speedrunnerG55 no im having to deal with my bad speakers x_x
20:10 Yaotz yeah
20:10 speedrunnerG55 now8
20:10 speedrunnerG55 *
20:10 MadManMarkAu Okay, back up looking up PWN chips
20:10 MadManMarkAu *PWM
20:10 Yaotz So is this IRC embedded into the website yet?
20:10 qwertyboy1 beep
20:10 SparkyProjects Overdrive was because you used several mics and created an echo, but mic 5 had a 'helicopter' noise
20:10 speedrunnerG55 **beepp**
20:10 Fulsy blip
20:11 MadManMarkAu That's it
20:11 Fulsy worse
20:11 speedrunnerG55 great,
20:11 Yaotz hmm
20:11 Yaotz maybe
20:11 Yaotz a little hissy
20:11 qwertyboy1 a little distortion
20:11 maglinvinn mad man, i gotta go, but hit me up on the forums but yup
20:11 Electronics ya good
20:11 maglinvinn MUCH BETTER
20:11 MadManMarkAu maglinvinn: sure
20:11 Yaotz hahaha
20:11 Steve_____ it bit of clipping
20:11 maglinvinn its not overdriven
20:11 speedrunnerG55 i have bad speakers. so the volume makes it good
20:11 Fulsy well it's clipping a bit
20:11 qwertyboy1 uber!
20:11 Fulsy but it was absolute horror before
20:11 wannabe1987 sounds great!
20:11 Yaotz sounds good
20:11 Fulsy still a step up
20:12 MadManMarkAu That's better, Paul
20:12 maglinvinn yeah.  we need to do some level work in there, but yeah
20:12 maglinvinn hahaa
20:12 speedrunnerG55 we can her u with normal voice
20:12 Electronics Über
20:12 Yaotz normal voice is fine
20:12 maglinvinn see ya guys.
20:12 MadManMarkAu ttyl mag
20:12 qwertyboy1 go do that spreadsheet :)
20:12 Fulsy cya
20:12 wannabe1987 bye
20:12 Yaotz Just keep Chris away with the megaphone
20:12 MadManMarkAu ^^^^^^^
20:12 Yaotz and it'll be gold
20:12 speedrunnerG55 xD
20:12 maglinvinn is now known as maglin_away
20:12 speedrunnerG55 yes^^^
20:12 Electronics Didn't chris strap the megaphone to himself?
20:12 tesla4d left #thegeekgroup
20:12 speedrunnerG55 nuuu
20:12 Yaotz So you're saying he's at like Taco Bell right now with a megaphone strapped to his chest?
20:13 Electronics yep
20:13 wannabe1987 this Is not the megaphone you are looking for
20:13 qwertyboy1 haha
20:13 Fulsy lmao
20:13 Electronics ?
20:13 qwertyboy1 roflmao
20:13 speedrunnerG55 lol
20:13 Electronics rofl
20:13 exor674 I want tacos now :(
20:13 Fulsy maybe that's why we heard all the sirens earlier
20:14 Fulsy the BodenPhone probably blew out all the windows at taco bell
20:14 speedrunnerG55 lol
20:14 wannabe1987 no
20:14 wannabe1987 the fire truck was going teh opposite way of tacohell
20:14 wannabe1987 sorry guys
20:14 speedrunnerG55 is that corey?
20:15 Electronics no
20:15 wannabe1987 beige shirt?
20:15 Electronics he's at the back I think
20:15 Seroster DruidicRifleman, Err, a bigass vise. not a machine vise
20:15 wannabe1987 ben has long hairish, red jacket
20:15 speedrunnerG55 yes
20:15 wannabe1987 corey has longish brown hair, beige shirt
20:15 Mirolav left #thegeekgroup
20:16 wannabe1987 POWER!  i'm plugged in again *happy computer*
20:16 Electronics oh god lag in the stream
20:16 qwertyboy1 whare are they going!
20:16 Fulsy No idea.
20:16 wannabe1987 bye!!!!
20:16 Yaotz out
20:16 Fulsy but they told us to donate
20:16 Hackbat Away, qwertyboy1
20:16 Hackbat Away
20:16 qwertyboy1 come back!
20:17 wannabe1987 they want RCA cables
20:17 wannabe1987 and moneys
20:17 wannabe1987 and taco-hells
20:17 wannabe1987 *nods*
20:17 qwertyboy1 i want money
20:17 wannabe1987 so do i
20:17 Hackbat I want a burger
20:17 Yaotz uh oh
20:17 mikemol Holy...crap.
20:17 wannabe1987 i have food, but i don't want to make it :(
20:17 mikemol There's a lot of people in here.
20:17 speedrunnerG55 lunch?
20:17 MadManMarkAu THey were there 5 mins ago
20:17 Electronics CAN I HAZ CHEEZBURGER?
20:17 wannabe1987 boden, kyle
20:17 Hackbat Poor Chris
20:17 Yaotz So alone
20:17 speedrunnerG55 you still have uss bowden
20:17 qwertyboy1 your too loud
20:17 speedrunnerG55 i mean you still have us chris
20:17 MadManMarkAu We're here, and we still love you Chris
20:18 wannabe1987 we do?
20:18 Yaotz Well he's got to shout across a room
20:18 Hackbat USS Bowden?
20:18 Yaotz he's going to be loud
20:18 speedrunnerG55 we do?
20:18 wannabe1987 we love him?  really...
20:18 qwertyboy1 hrm...
20:18 speedrunnerG55 us xS
20:18 mikemol For audio off-hours, they should use a text-to-speech synth pulling from this channel. :)
20:18 cctoide Are you ready to rumble?
20:18 Yaotz lol no
20:18 mikemol Possibly with a bowlderizing filter...
20:18 Electronics lol
20:18 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
20:18 cctoide That'd be much better than the scanner
20:18 speedrunnerG55 hi batsteve
20:18 cctoide Also much creepier
20:19 BatSteve holy crap, 65 people?  what's going on in here?
20:19 BatSteve hey speed
20:19 wannabe1987 ustream
20:19 speedrunnerG55 live stream
20:19 Yaotz BatSteve: That's what I said
20:19 NeWtoz there were more...
20:19 speedrunnerG55 its live
20:19 wannabe1987 hi batsteve
20:19 cctoide
20:19 wannabe1987 ITS LOUD
20:19 Yaotz apparently livestream and facebook is uber popular
20:19 Fulsy ding
20:19 qwertyboy1 ding!
20:19 wannabe1987 dong
20:19 speedrunnerG55 ding
20:19 wannabe1987 dong
20:19 cctoide if they're using mIRC they can use that
20:19 qwertyboy1 yay! xp
20:19 NeWtoz mirc, bah
20:19 cctoide just hook up cheap speakers to that
20:19 wannabe1987 i like mirc :D
20:19 Electronics I use mIRC
20:19 Fulsy critical stop.wav
20:19 wannabe1987 me too:)
20:20 mikemol BatSteve: I'm beginning to think having #thegeekgroup on a GeekGroup-specific ircd would be a good thing.
20:20 cctoide we can be the lab's artificial Stephen Hawking
20:20 Electronics woo video time?
20:20 Steve_____ I wish I was there now
20:20 BatSteve mikemol: That suggestion has been discussed previously but that was a while ago.
20:20 Steve_____ geekyness is happening
20:20 qwertyboy1 doin' work now
20:20 mikemol BatSteve: The time for it may come again soon. :)
20:20 Yaotz I'd say it depends on how many people come in here
20:20 speedrunnerG55 japan?
20:21 speedrunnerG55 is that the news?
20:21 wannabe1987 hi mikemol
20:21 MadManMarkAu lol, crap flying everywhere
20:21 NeWtoz yeah, after so many people it gets chaotic in irc
20:21 Fulsy OH JEEZ
20:21 Electronics I hear Moose =D
20:21 qwertyboy1 hahaha!
20:21 Yaotz Eh
20:21 cctoide baawww?
20:21 MadManMarkAu Don't yell :<
20:21 Steve_____ what is goign on
20:21 Yaotz lol
20:21 Electronics ???
20:21 qwertyboy1 funny
20:21 cctoide Chris being assaulted
20:21 Yaotz It only gets chaotic after like 220+
20:21 speedrunnerG55 omg chris
20:21 Fulsy Even if you turn the mics down to the lowest level, Boden will still be too loud
20:21 Yaotz since not all of them are active
20:21 Electronics hahahaha
20:21 Yaotz haha
20:22 arran-g does Chris have a mute button?
20:22 mikemol wannabe1987: "Hi" :P
20:22 Yaotz Boden voice
20:22 Roly left #thegeekgroup
20:22 speedrunnerG55 i thin its funny how paul remains calm
20:22 Yaotz +m Chris
20:22 wannabe1987 lol
20:22 NeWtoz They clearly need to do some audio adjustments
20:22 speedrunnerG55 chriss losses 15 points charisma
20:22 Steve_____ they need a compressor on the stream feed
20:22 NeWtoz yes
20:22 Electronics Compresser/Limiter
20:23 Yaotz Chris's handlers are there, but apparently they're downstairs
20:23 Steve_____ good point
20:23 mikemol Chris has handlers?
20:23 arran-g lol
20:23 Yaotz Moose and Pual
20:23 Yaotz paul
20:23 Steve_____ limiting would be needed too
20:23 NeWtoz they don't do a good job
20:23 qwertyboy1 you didnt know that?
20:23 cctoide Chris Boden: Unleashed
20:23 Electronics haha
20:23 speedrunnerG55 LOL
20:23 Fulsy LMAO
20:23 Electronics Horror Movie
20:23 mikemol Fulsy: Then what you need are better mics, or some kind of an auto-duck for Duck. :)
20:23 speedrunnerG55 whaT HAPPENED THO
20:23 speedrunnerG55 ops caps
20:23 Fulsy ha
20:24 Fulsy OMNI
20:24 speedrunnerG55 the wonder dog
20:24 Electronics dropouts...
20:25 Seroster Drodedo
20:25 wannabe1987 i love omni dog :)
20:25 MadManMarkAu Ack!
20:25 qwertyboy1 no!
20:25 NeWtoz ....
20:25 Steve_____ it just died
20:25 Yaotz And we're off
20:25 wannabe1987 ...
20:25 Fulsy audio is goned
20:25 Electronics anyone else get BLACKSCREEN
20:25 wannabe1987 NO!!!!!!
20:25 wannabe1987 :(
20:25 MadManMarkAu STREAM GONE!
20:25 Fulsy and so is vid
20:25 Yaotz lol
20:25 MadManMarkAu HALP!
20:25 wannabe1987 ...
20:25 MagneticCow im blind
20:25 arran-g bam
20:25 qwertyboy1 rich broke it!
20:25 Electronics nuuuuu
20:25 Yaotz and IRC freaks out
20:25 Steve_____ who tripped on the cable?
20:25 Fulsy I think Boden lost it
20:25 wannabe1987 lol
20:25 Electronics I'm dyinggggg
20:26 qwertyboy1 i'm meltinggggggg!
20:26 MadManMarkAu I'M BLIND
20:26 tesla4d joined #thegeekgroup
20:26 Yaotz Well considering he was working back there
20:26 Fulsy Brb, getting elevator music
20:26 Electronics hahahaha
20:26 Yaotz I'm sure he's just working on something
20:26 MadManMarkAu tggconsole_ TMB_ The stream died!
20:26 Electronics PM them!
20:26 MagneticCow internet couldent handel the boden roar