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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-14

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00:00 Captain_ k
00:00 steve_____ how does it mount?
00:00 Shortcirc_phn left #thegeekgroup
00:00 Captain_ also have a line on 2 more CCU's that are duplicates to our big one, and a MUCH better mixer ;)
00:00 Captain_ sorry, Switcher
00:00 steve_____ also has anyone ID'ed the coax
00:00 tyrok Hi Mike!
00:00 steve_____ ya switcher and CCU
00:00 Captain_ no
00:01 steve_____ as soon as I know what we have I can start looking for connectors
00:01 test hi
00:01 thebatman joined #thegeekgroup
00:01 test hi
00:01 steve_____ batman, I have something for you
00:01 thebatman yeah?
00:01 Captain_ Mikem, get a haircut hippy.
00:02 medic lol
00:02 steve_____ it's 5" long and has an ID of .505"
00:02 steve_____ it should fit nicly
00:02 Captain_ I love how he keeps hiding off camera.
00:02 medic and a shave
00:02 thebatman not sure steve
00:02 thebatman just tell me lol
00:02 steve_____ a piece of pipe
00:03 steve_____ 5" long with an inside dia of .505"
00:03 Captain_ A piece of half-in pipe at that
00:03 thebatman OH
00:03 thebatman Sweet
00:03 thebatman lol
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00:03 qwertyboy5 lolwut
00:04 steve_____ no it's .505 not .500
00:04 thebatman thats awesome
00:04 steve_____ so the batgun can get un upgraded barrel
00:05 thebatman did u ream some .5" cpvc?
00:05 steve_____ yes
00:05 steve_____ I reamed iy good
00:05 steve_____ *it
00:06 thebatman giggity
00:06 Seroster What is this called in english?    A device that you plug in between your oven and the wall, with a timer
00:07 masterofmonks Seroster: a timer?
00:07 CSMonster ...a timer?
00:07 CSMonster i'm going with timer.
00:07 Seroster Crud
00:07 CSMonster why?
00:07 masterofmonks I'm going for "Obscure Swedish torture device."
00:07 arran-g yeh like a thing you might have for you lighys
00:07 arran-g *lights
00:08 masterofmonks But why would you have it on the oven?
00:08 masterofmonks Most ovens come with timers...
00:08 CSMonster i take it that's meant to be a safety device to kill power to the oven at night?
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00:08 test hi from Sweden
00:09 CSMonster hi to sweden
00:09 test no
00:09 IIsi50MHz Hejsan
00:09 test from
00:09 masterofmonks test: meet Seroster, he's your neighbor, (the strange one).
00:09 CSMonster lol
00:09 Seroster Eeek
00:09 Seroster Is test swedish?
00:09 CSMonster so what were you talking about before?  a .50 cal potato gun?
00:10 test yes
00:10 steve_____ nerf gun
00:10 CSMonster ah
00:10 Seroster Eep
00:10 CSMonster you sound terrified seroster
00:10 steve_____ he should be if he knows what I have built
00:10 CSMonster is the ustream live right now or is this recorded
00:11 SparkyProjects Live
00:11 CSMonster damn.  the're there late
00:11 CSMonster i think
00:11 Seroster arran-g, this is exactly like the one you have for your lights, but FAR more advanced. It got three seperate fidgets that measure amps, three solid state relays, a lot of brain mojo, a bunch of heavy duty transistors....
00:11 CSMonster that sounds like a surge protector
00:12 masterofmonks Seroster: Exactly the same but different?
00:12 qwertyboy5 fidgets?
00:12 Seroster Surge protector with a timer on it?
00:12 CSMonster possible
00:12 Seroster Aye, masterofmonks!
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00:12 Seroster It is a safety device. Cuts power after you are done cooking
00:12 CSMonster that's what i thought
00:12 Seroster Three phases, 75 amps, 380volts
00:13 CSMonster big oven
00:13 Seroster Wouldnt surprise me if you needed mains to turn the relays
00:13 Seroster O, no, it's dc.
00:14 Seroster time to cut some zipties, figure out wtf is going on
00:14 arran-g Seroster: ah, so quite a bit more involved then.
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00:15 steve_____ _captain can you have someone at some point check out that coax, I know I keep nagging, I just want to get stuff working soon
00:15 thebatman it is just a surge protector with a timer. these are actually relativly common u can get them in all stats
00:15 test hi Seroster
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00:16 Seroster Hall� d�r
00:16 test hej
00:16 test läget
00:16 Seroster thebatman, it is sold as an "oven guard"
00:16 CSMonster never seen or heard of one.  then again i've never seen or heard of swedish fish either so apparently there's something wrong with the world i live in
00:16 Seroster Stick to english, anniying when people ignore the designated language of the channel.
00:17 Seroster CSMonster, Winegum then?
00:17 test ok sory
00:17 CSMonster nope.  but they look like ordinary gummy candies
00:17 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
00:18 CSMonster then again i don't eat a whole lot of candy.
00:19 masterofmonks CSMonster: I have not heard of them, but I predicted their existence via a modified Rule 34 that applies to electronics.
00:19 CSMonster but seriously a 3 phase surge protector for an oven?  that has to be a bigass oven
00:19 CSMonster LOL
00:19 CSMonster fair enough
00:19 Seroster CSMonster, well. I've ben a repairman, here in sweden there are a looot of old threephasers
00:20 CSMonster huh.
00:20 Seroster Sometimes you get the stove as three parts of one unit, the oven on one phase, the cooktop on second phase and the fan on the third. =P
00:20 CSMonster that's just strange
00:20 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
00:20 exor674 three phase resedential power?
00:20 CSMonster ^ this
00:21 masterofmonks That isn't as uncommon as you might think.
00:21 SparkyProjects Unless you go for industrial ovens :P
00:21 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
00:21 CSMonster never heard of a home in the western US that was wired for more than 2 phase.   ....are these ovens/stoves electric-only?
00:21 masterofmonks A fair number of people here have 3 phase residential.
00:21 TheSessionMan joined #thegeekgroup
00:22 DavidJKuhr a few here do
00:22 CSMonster and by western i mean WA CA and OR
00:22 Seroster I have never ben in a home in my LIFE that had power in anything but three phases
00:22 masterofmonks And if you have a shop in your house having three phase service makes a lot of sense.
00:23 Seroster I almost dont want to kill this unit for parts...
00:24 CSMonster every home i've lived in or worked on was wired for 2 phase 220v and 90% of the appliances are 110v
00:24 Seroster O
00:25 IIsi50MHz Every one I've lived in has been wired for 110V, and sometimes had a few circuits for 220V for special appliances.
00:25 CSMonster then again the way you do it is probably better anyway.  this is the US afterall
00:25 Seroster Well, most ovens I have seen have a diff of 420 phase-phase on the big heating element
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00:25 exor674 yeah, I've got 110V with.. 3 220V devices ( stove, Dryer, AC )
00:25 CSMonster ^ same
00:25 exor674 and a horribly wired house ( I want to shoot whichever electrician wired things
00:26 CSMonster except in my old place where the dryer and oven were natural gas and thus only 110v
00:26 exor674 I've got so much random stuff on breakers
00:26 Seroster Lol )
00:26 sup joined #thegeekgroup
00:26 exor674 like my kitchen ceiling light is on the same circut as my bathrooms
00:26 sup death rules
00:26 CSMonster lol
00:26 CSMonster nice.
00:26 Seroster My parents house is a nightmare. I've tried to point it out to my father that it WILL burn some day... But he doesnt want to pay for ripping it all out
00:26 sup cool
00:26 sup 42
00:26 TheSessionMan This is the most bizarre converstion I've witnessed on ustream so far.
00:27 steve_____ TGG console, what are you looking at there?
00:27 CSMonster LOL good
00:27 exor674 I really need to map my outlets one ofe these days
00:27 masterofmonks When I build my house I am going to pull 220 into every room.
00:27 exor674 er, map my circuts
00:27 sup you should here some that dont make it to ustream
00:27 Seroster The house has settled about a foot, cracks on a lot of places, copper showing evrywhere, the wires cant handle the juice...
00:27 exor674 and yeeeeeah, I need to get my breaker panel at some point I think
00:27 CSMonster you should put 4 phase in every room
00:27 Seroster 4 phases would be great
00:27 sup ye
00:27 sup s
00:27 NeWtoz 10 PHASES
00:27 sup fuck youtube
00:28 exor674 esp, since it's old, not sure if I can find replacement breakers and the biggest problem
00:28 CSMonster put a milling machine and a dynamometer in every room.
00:28 exor674 exposed bus bars
00:28 sup id rather watch DW
00:28 IIsi50MHz Lets put DC in every room, and just have one giant AC-DC converter at the main drop. No more power bricks!
00:28 Hackbat I oddly would enjoy a stream of Cory and whats his name talking
00:28 CSMonster and you could use said converter as a stove range as well.
00:28 sup hi dan
00:28 Hackbat I was not sure
00:28 python50 left #thegeekgroup
00:29 Hackbat Fuck yes
00:29 sup NO
00:29 steve_____ yes you could cook with it
00:29 CSMonster lol
00:29 TheSessionMan left #thegeekgroup
00:29 sup NO!!!!!!!
00:29 arran-g haha
00:29 exor674 I just know I am going to blow a breaker some day, have to reset it
00:29 Seroster In my utopia mains will be 480v at 120hz (480volts being pretty much the highest still being dividable by 3, 6, 12, 24 and 48, but still under the breakdown of air) and 120hz for less flickering in lights, and it is dividable by 60, making home made clocks easier =)
00:29 * CSMonster is paying no attention to the Ustream despite it being right in front of me
00:29 sup COOL
00:29 exor674 and slip and plunge my hand into happy happy live 120v metal
00:29 sup lol
00:30 CSMonster oh dear, it sounds like company is here.  i'll bbl
00:30 Seroster .... I have 240v phase - ground here :(
00:30 TheSessionMan joined #thegeekgroup
00:30 sup i dont
00:30 DavidJKuhr it is very common for electricians to wire the lights of one room to the outlets of annother if they do not have enough space in the panel
00:30 CSMonster is now known as CSM_is_away
00:30 Seroster Electricians are assholes then =P
00:30 NeWtoz doesn't make it right though
00:30 sup roght
00:30 exor674 DavidJKuhr: yeah, except the light in the next room ( like mabye 10ft away ) is on a totally diffrent breaker ( it's own breaker too! )
00:31 exor674 maybe there was some code requirement for that but...
00:31 DavidJKuhr its considered fine by most codes
00:31 DavidJKuhr i have done it before when the homeowners were cheapasses
00:32 TheSessionMan I wish I knew how to really use IRC
00:32 tyrok So, what's going on this Saturday (besides the GRLUG meeting)?
00:32 NeWtoz when is that?
00:32 sup tomorrow??????
00:32 DavidJKuhr code in most places in wisconsin residential just says that the lights in a room cannot be on the same circuit as the outlets in that room for safety
00:32 tyrok NeWtoz: The GRLUG meeting?
00:32 SparkyProjects Th uk system for electrical supply is  much better, each floor's lights on their own CB, same for sockets (ring circuit), the only things with their own breaker are oven, central heating, electric shower, immersion heater.
00:32 NeWtoz yeah
00:33 tyrok NeWtoz: 2-6
00:33 SparkyProjects you can wire a house with just 10 breakers
00:33 NeWtoz aww
00:33 tyrok NeWtoz: Mike's kinda in charge of that.
00:33 sup ok
00:33 NeWtoz by GRLUG I'm guessing LUG as in a linux user group?
00:33 sup what the hell are they talkin about
00:33 DavidJKuhr most of the time devices being used on outlets are the cause of a breaker blowing
00:33 tyrok NeWtoz: Yep.
00:33 sup not that
00:33 sup you
00:33 tyrok NeWtoz: See also: #grlug
00:33 steve_____ left one
00:33 Captain_ Left one
00:33 NeWtoz I'll have to work :(
00:34 NeWtoz oh, channelage
00:34 tyrok Mike: Meant "in charge of the meeting", as in "you should talk to Mike".  :)
00:34 * tgg pokes mikemol, finds him vacant.
00:34 DavidJKuhr but i do personally like having more circuits
00:34 tgg Heh
00:34 sup nice
00:34 NeWtoz more circuits means bigger LANs
00:34 tgg It's just a period where a bunch of folks with a common interest in Linux get together...and talk about whatever they want
00:34 sup i like big lans
00:34 Hackbat In reference to Ramstein, after you release a porno in music video form it might be time to retire.
00:35 tyrok tgg: Noticed the link in the topic.  What's that about?
00:35 sup nice
00:35 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
00:35 tgg tyrok: Which link?
00:35 tgg The one that says 'mikemol needs help with this'?
00:35 tyrok Yep
00:35 sup left #thegeekgroup
00:35 beep left #thegeekgroup
00:36 tgg It's a Google spreadsheet I set up for trying to track local sources for electronics and computer parts.
00:36 tgg I've been watching the activity up here in the master control area, and they often need to go somewhere near and get something _now_.
00:36 tgg That spreadsheed is part of an attempt to index places someone might do that.
00:36 tgg *spreadsheet
00:36 tyrok Ah.  There are a couple good electronics (as in parts) places around town I know of that I could probably add.
00:37 tgg As far as the 'wishlist' tab...that's obviously not a "I wish someone would someday bring X right now"'s a bit longer term.
00:37 steve_____ T&W, have less than they used too
00:37 tyrok That was the first one that came to mind, actually.  :)
00:37 DavidJKuhr well you all have a good one I have to finish cleaning up at work
00:37 tyrok Seemed pretty good a year or so ago.
00:37 tgg It's just something I threw together. I'd leave it as public edit, but then there'd be no way to disallow vandals. It has to be access-granted, not access-removed.
00:38 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
00:38 tyrok SF Electronics is pretty good for rack mount stuff, connectors, and A/V.
00:38 tgg Thing is, I don't want to be a funnel for people's pointers...I'd rather grant write access to anyone who wants it, and retract it if something silly happens.
00:38 test by by
00:38 test left #thegeekgroup
00:38 TheSessionMan I have a question. I have a high pressure sodium light in my shop that's been buzzing very loudly for years. Is there anything I can do to fix that?
00:38 tgg tyrok: /msg mikemol names and URLs, and I'll add them when I'm at home.
00:39 tgg Anyone want a description of what I see at this massive console?
00:39 TheSessionMan sure
00:39 tyrok Sure
00:39 steve_____ no, I set it up, I'm good
00:40 tgg I'm not wandering behind it until there's someone with a moment or three spare to watch and make sure I'm not at fault if something goes quirky. :)
00:40 Seroster nice!
00:40 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
00:41 Captain_ Cory, zoom the camera out so Mike can give a tour
00:41 tyrok tgg: mikemol's down at the moment.
00:41 tgg grr
00:41 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
00:41 Captain_ Mike, throw a rock at Cory
00:41 guest3 joined #thegeekgroup
00:41 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
00:42 tyrok Yeesh.  Fun.
00:42 Captain_ That's an editor
00:42 steve_____ it's an edit unit
00:43 Captain_ yes
00:43 Captain_ it's the trolley
00:43 Hackbat Yall got Red and blue hooked up yet?
00:43 steve_____ inputs 5&6
00:43 Captain_ That's an encoder
00:44 Captain_ IT's a SDI to HDI transcoder
00:44 steve_____ multi FX unit
00:44 Captain_ That's an FX processor
00:44 Captain_ no no no
00:44 Captain_ The thing below it is a Mackie mixer
00:44 tyrok Stream just went offline here.
00:45 NeWtoz just you then
00:45 Hackbat yeah
00:45 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
00:45 Captain_ IT's an audio FX generator
00:45 exor674 no you are live
00:45 Captain_ no it's fine
00:45 tyrok Okay, there we go.
00:45 Captain_ It is
00:45 jj3502 left #thegeekgroup
00:45 Captain_ no, it's a new happaugh that REALLY sucks
00:45 Captain_ look at the input resoltuon
00:46 Captain_ This is a TOTALLY different computer
00:46 Captain_ That's an intercom
00:46 Captain_ It's not plugged in
00:46 Captain_ no, that's output
00:46 Captain_ look at the INPUT resolution
00:46 Captain_ it's like 300 something
00:46 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
00:47 karmicthreat Ugh.  I'll switch the machine at my desk in the office on friday.  I can probably get away with a P4 anyway.  Then we can put the black magic intensity in that and be good to go.
00:47 Captain_ left side
00:47 Captain_ yes
00:47 Captain_ ahh, I matched them
00:47 Captain_ That SHOULD be 640x480
00:47 Captain_ Which is what the cameras are generating
00:47 Captain_ The CARD is shit
00:47 Captain_ it's.....weedly
00:48 karmicthreat Oh the card not the computer blew?
00:48 Captain_ both
00:48 guest3 left #thegeekgroup
00:48 Captain_ Every mic in the room is working
00:48 Captain_ no
00:48 Captain_ it's nice actually
00:48 Captain_ They're balanced, we set levels well.
00:48 tyrok Yeah, the sound's much improved from earlier.
00:48 Captain_ I set levels with Ben
00:48 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
00:49 Captain_ I don't know, the card is hosed, the computer is ont he set for now
00:49 steve_____ yes it needs blanking and color burst
00:49 Captain_ Cory, move the camera to the other end of the console so people can see that side
00:50 Captain_ Thank you Cory
00:50 steve_____ tomarrow is hair cur day?
00:50 steve_____ *cut
00:50 Captain_ So, who want's to see Cory get a haircut?
00:50 Hackbat Three stooges
00:50 exor674 me
00:50 Hackbat :D
00:50 NeWtoz I need a hair cut...
00:50 cctoide definitely
00:50 tyrok tgg: Okay, so apparently there's another need for that BarCamp telepresence system.  :)
00:50 steve_____ there will be video right?
00:50 exor674 yay videofeedback
00:51 Rahlon Don't you love it when you think it's like midnight, and then you realise it's actually like 2 am :D gah need sleep nn
00:51 steve_____ power cord on that unit is shortest
00:52 steve_____ yes
00:52 karmicthreat Oh hey, Mike Mol stopped by.  Hi Mike Mol.
00:52 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
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00:53 cctoide who emailed GVG?
00:53 tyrok That's too bad.
00:53 steve_____ TBC units
00:53 test joined #thegeekgroup
00:53 steve_____ they sync unsynced video
00:53 Captain_ Those are Timebase correctors
00:53 Captain_ It's a sync thing
00:54 Captain_ Those are PIP and SMPTE generators
00:54 Hackbat so make sure to press buttons and turn knobs on it
00:54 Captain_ the next two are camera remote extenders
00:54 steve_____ those gens might be needed for the blanking and burst for the GVG
00:54 qwertyboy5 hey
00:54 Captain_ The Camplex thing is for remote camera use
00:54 cctoide heh, is the weather cam still hooked up to that PTZ controller?
00:55 Captain_ Below that is the controller for the roof camera
00:55 steve_____ CCU
00:55 Captain_ The black thing is the roof camera controller
00:55 Captain_ The bottom is the CCU for the studio camera.
00:55 Captain_ That's a camera control unit
00:56 SparkyProjects cctoide, meinesst did
00:56 Captain_ It will work with the camera you're on right now actually
00:56 steve_____ we could do a whole video on CCU
00:56 cctoide Ah. I was wondering if everyone over there saw that yet
00:56 steve_____ SDI waveform / vectorscope
00:56 Captain_ That's a waveform/vectorscope
00:56 Captain_ It's for signal testing
00:56 steve_____ and it's only SDI
00:56 steve_____ :(
00:56 Captain_ It can control any of the cameras that connet with the giant cable
00:56 Captain_ yes you can
00:57 Captain_ turn on that monitor there ont he end
00:57 Captain_ um....guys
00:57 Captain_ it's running now
00:57 Captain_ guys
00:57 Captain_ christ
00:57 Captain_ ok
00:57 Captain_ I know I know
00:57 Captain_ ok, is that the set?
00:57 steve_____ and there it is
00:58 Hackbat wiggle wiggle
00:58 Captain_ Now, twiddle the big knob on the right of the CCU and you'll see that change
00:58 test he e
00:58 Captain_ no, that's the output of that CCU
00:58 cctoide "twiddle the big knob"
00:58 Cprossu took me longer than I thought, my mom's POS sentra blew a heater hose
00:58 NeWtoz so technical
00:58 Captain_ turn the bottom knob as well
00:59 Captain_ Change the shutter control ;)
00:59 Captain_ or flip the switch on the left to BARS
00:59 roadran322 joined #thegeekgroup
00:59 exor674 Hi Mike's brother!
00:59 test hi
00:59 steve_____ hi mikes brother
00:59 Cprossu hi mikes brother
00:59 tyrok Hi, Mike's brother!
00:59 Hackbat Hi
00:59 cctoide hello!
00:59 compwiz878 hi mikes brother
00:59 arran-g Hi
00:59 roadran322 Hi!
00:59 Captain_ Mike's brother raped and murdured a young girl in 1990
01:00 tyrok Not well.
01:00 Cprossu his name sounded like moviephone
01:00 Hackbat lol
01:00 compwiz878 aloha mikes brother
01:00 Captain_ lol
01:00 Captain_ , yeah we can hear him
01:00 Captain_ it's low, but it's there
01:00 cctoide Speak up Mike's brother.
01:00 compwiz878 lol
01:00 roadran322 Hi Captain
01:00 Cprossu Hey Captain_, what's up. Do you have any suggestions how I can legally drive a 1999 nissan sentra off a cliff with a brick upon the accelerator?
01:01 Captain_ don't have it insured
01:01 Captain_ have the area totally cleared
01:01 Captain_ have the permission of the property owner
01:01 cctoide Cory going to do Coast to Coast AM?
01:01 Captain_ clean up your mess
01:01 test who is Captain_ !
01:01 Cprossu sounds good
01:01 roadran322 Boden? IDK
01:01 test oookkk
01:02 Cprossu now I just need to find a cliff
01:02 tyrok Well, I dunno, this is pretty interactive.  :)
01:02 Cprossu that is under private property
01:02 Captain_ *bows*
01:02 roadran322 This is Hy Diep. Everyone!
01:02 Captain_ Cory isn't allowed to suck up to anyting of mine.
01:02 cctoide Captain Underscore's dashing looks captivate audiences
01:03 wannabe1987 ...
01:03 compwiz878 isnt it hard to find a cliff in michigan ?
01:03 wannabe1987 yes
01:03 Cprossu I think your guys hotclock has lost a few seconds
01:03 compwiz878 the land is mostly flat
01:03 tyrok compwiz878: No, I know someone named Clifford.  :)
01:03 Seroster
01:03 Seroster SEVENTY DOLLARS?!
01:03 Cprossu What motherboard do you have?
01:03 Seroster Jesus fucking christ forget that.
01:04 Cprossu evga classified?
01:04 Seroster Yeah, I'll pay seventy bucks plus shipping for a damn PDF...
01:04 Cprossu you run a ramcheck already?
01:04 Hackbat Captain_, Yall need one of these
01:04 Hackbat
01:04 cctoide you need to set up mIRC with an agent :V
01:04 Cprossu test 2gb at a time
01:04 Cprossu if possible
01:04 exor674 memtest86?
01:05 thebatman left #thegeekgroup
01:05 NeWtoz mirc :\
01:05 Hackbat Arduino + paintball gun = fun with cory
01:05 compwiz878 lol
01:05 arran-g remote controlled nurf gun?
01:05 Hackbat Yes! :D
01:05 Captain_ GOD YES!
01:05 Cprossu did he test 2gb of ram at a time?
01:05 Hackbat actally no
01:05 Captain_ EAKIN!!!! KIDWELLL!!!!!!
01:06 arran-g haha lol
01:06 exor674 -1?
01:06 cctoide ball magnet cannon?
01:06 Captain_ Hey, does his computer have an S-Video out?
01:06 Captain_ yeah
01:06 thaery buckyball canon of death?
01:06 thaery sorry OF SCIENCE!
01:06 * NeWtoz gets ready for work
01:06 Captain_ if we can find a computer with a composite video out, we could broadcast that new video to the stream :)
01:07 Cprossu bent?
01:07 cctoide the buckyball cannon should be saved for Captain_, seeing as he smashed TMB's balls :p
01:07 roadran322 Who is those guys talking to?
01:07 roadran322 On the video?
01:07 Captain_ behind the console, to the left, is a Svideo to Composite cable, it's silver in colour
01:07 steve_____ their might be a silver one behinf the console
01:07 Cprossu it's a special cable it's component out
01:08 Captain_ lol
01:08 Cprossu it uses a dongle
01:08 Captain_ well you're fucked then
01:08 exor674 is it?
01:08 Captain_ oh well
01:08 Captain_ Hey MIKE!
01:08 exor674 is it like a... svideo-esque thing with 6 pins?
01:08 Captain_ I have a project for the lug nuts
01:08 steve_____ output it via a camera
01:08 Hackbat you could so make some money if you made a web enabled nerfgun
01:08 Captain_ MIKE!
01:08 Cprossu what card is it exactly?
01:08 Captain_ *throws a rock*
01:08 tyrok Captain_: Well, there are a number of us here.  What's up?
01:09 Cprossu you might get lucky
01:09 Cprossu
01:09 Captain_ I totally need that paintball remote
01:09 Cprossu what video card is that one?
01:09 cctoide female-dongle-cable-xxx-detail.jpg
01:09 Captain_ Mike, read closely.
01:09 roadran322 left #thegeekgroup
01:09 Captain_ We need a box, with Composite video capture
01:09 tgg NVidia 9800 GT "I believe".
01:09 Captain_ and composite video OUTPUT
01:10 tgg Composit or component?
01:10 Captain_ that can record the daily stream
01:10 Captain_ Composite
01:10 Captain_ all composite
01:10 tgg Ugh
01:10 tgg Hm.
01:10 Captain_ and rebroadcast it later
01:10 Captain_ and also hold GG videos (like, finished one, the youtube library)
01:10 Captain_ and broadcast them when nobody is there
01:10 tgg I brought in an old AGP card with composite out a few weeks ago. Not sure that would be especially helpful, though.
01:10 Hackbat The paintball gun wouln't be much different from the trolly cam.
01:10 Captain_ IT would be a programming control compuiter.
01:10 Cprossu 9800GT yes you should have svideo, that's the dongle you need. it could have come in your graphics card box
01:11 compwiz878 could a vcr or dvr be connected to the consols vid output  b4 the computer ??
01:11 test Captain_  are you boden?!
01:11 Captain_ iew, no
01:11 Cprossu it might also look like
01:11 Captain_ We can do this with a composite capture card, and .....hang on
01:11 Captain_ !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01:11 Captain_ Mike, left of teh console, the tan shelves, the Cory side of them
01:11 Captain_ Top left
01:12 Captain_ There's a nuclear DVR unit there.
01:12 Captain_ Find it ;)
01:12 Captain_ not the PCI card
01:12 Captain_ the big black box
01:12 Captain_ nope
01:12 Captain_ This is a black box, about 8" square
01:12 tyrok All you need for composite out is S-Video, which I've seen in a bunch of old video cards.  Capture's easy - there are tons of devices out there for that.  All you'd need is a computer with both.
01:12 Cprossu be back in a moment, we'll diagnose that fail computer later
01:12 Captain_ 3" thick
01:13 Captain_ Is that 8 inches?
01:13 Captain_ If you think that's 8 inches....I'd hate to see what you think your dick is.
01:13 Cprossu rofl
01:13 compwiz878 lmao chris
01:13 thaery lol
01:13 wannabe1987 LOL
01:13 arran-g rofl
01:14 critterpal time to give it up
01:14 exor674 8" square
01:14 Captain_ That's it....I'm going to go start drinking heavily.......goodnight campers
01:14 Sgt_Lemming night
01:14 Cprossu you need a remote controlled robot with a pneumatic arm with a boxing glove on the end
01:14 steve_____ have fun
01:14 tyrok Captain_: See 'ya!
01:14 Sgt_Lemming it's 11:13 am here :-P
01:14 compwiz878 chris go drink a few for me to
01:15 compwiz878 lol
01:15 critterpal lol
01:15 compwiz878 btw i like long islands lol
01:15 cctoide master clutter console
01:15 Cprossu you break it you buy it.
01:16 Cprossu eat here and get gas.
01:17 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
01:17 Cprossu btw I think your hot clock is a bit slow
01:17 Cprossu on the seconds
01:17 qwertyboy5 bye
01:18 Cprossu it was right on this morning, now it's not =/
01:18 qwertyboy5 hi cory
01:18 wannabe1987 LAG
01:18 TheSessionMan hello
01:18 roadran422 The guy in the back in the ustream looks like he is wearing a hood and a mask, scares me al ittle
01:18 steve_____ mooses?
01:18 tyrok Moosen
01:19 cctoide mooses
01:19 qwertyboy5 haha
01:19 tyrok Meese
01:19 exor674 meesen!
01:19 Cprossu it's lost like 20 seconds since this morning
01:19 tyrok Can get one.
01:19 test no
01:19 qwertyboy5 nope, sorry
01:19 tyrok Go ahead.
01:20 tyrok Mark
01:20 cctoide mark
01:20 Cprossu mark
01:20 qwertyboy5 mark
01:20 Captain_ Mark
01:20 tyrok Mark
01:20 Cprossu mark
01:20 cctoide mark
01:20 tyrok 5 seconds
01:20 qwertyboy5 mark
01:20 Captain_ makr
01:20 Hackbat mark
01:20 steve_____ make
01:20 cctoide mark
01:20 Cprossu whoops
01:20 cctoide maker
01:20 Hackbat mark
01:20 steve_____ mark
01:20 test mik
01:20 steve_____ marker
01:20 Captain_ A room full of harelip dogs.....
01:20 tyrok Actually, 4 seconds.
01:20 cctoide shake
01:21 exor674 it's 4-6 seconds
01:21 cctoide break
01:21 Captain_ Mark = The sound of a harelip dog
01:21 tyrok Not bad.
01:21 qwertyboy5 shake n bake
01:21 test mark mik
01:21 roadran422_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:21 Cprossu and mirc has a few ms delay too
01:21 Seroster   what is the purpose of that? And what the fuck happened to "never point a gun at something you do not intend to destroy"?
01:21 exor674 and everyone has their own buffer too
01:21 tyrok Except you're not in the channel.  :)
01:21 Cprossu still not too bad
01:22 test mik mark
01:22 qwertyboy5 mmm. data
01:22 tyrok Oh, yeah, this channel's logged.
01:22 Cprossu does the log have seconds?
01:22 Cprossu I never looked
01:22 steve_____ your right, he never did leave
01:22 Cprossu the web log.
01:22 Cprossu yeah I thought so
01:23 roadran422 left #thegeekgroup
01:23 Cprossu mine is in minutes
01:23 Cprossu sorry
01:23 steve_____ minutes
01:23 qwertyboy5 minutes
01:23 Cprossu man I wonder how big this irc log is now
01:23 qwertyboy5 HUGE!
01:23 tyrok I should probably get going.  I've got some stuff to do tonight.
01:23 Hackbat okay mine has second abilty
01:23 Hackbat I'm now logging
01:24 roadran422_ How do you check the logs?
01:25 tgg Hackbat: Depends on the IRC client.
01:25 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
01:25 tyrok Yep
01:25 Hackbat that was roadan
01:25 SparkyProjects yes
01:25 roadran422_ Yes that was me lol
01:25 tyrok tgg: Just type it at the same time.
01:26 arran-g lol
01:26 tyrok Yep
01:26 tgg mark1
01:26 arran-g detla t between the two marsk?
01:26 tyrok A
01:26 roadran422_ a
01:26 cctoide A
01:26 tgg mark2
01:26 Cprossu Mark
01:26 exor674 A
01:26 Hackbat mark
01:26 qwertyboy5 mark
01:26 steve_____ a
01:26 tyrok A
01:26 Hackbat mark
01:26 Cprossu Mark
01:26 exor674 B
01:26 steve_____ no
01:26 qwertyboy5 mark
01:26 roadran422_ mark2
01:26 SparkyProjects mark
01:26 arran-g a
01:26 steve_____ a
01:26 Captain_ 5.46sec
01:26 arran-g a
01:26 steve_____ a
01:26 test mark mik
01:26 Cprossu Up arrow and enter
01:26 Cprossu No big deal
01:26 cctoide uh... same second here
01:26 tyrok 3s difference on mark1 here.
01:27 Cprossu Up arrow to repeat what you said
01:27 Cprossu no big deal
01:27 Cprossu no big deal
01:27 Cprossu no big deal
01:27 Cprossu no big deal
01:27 tyrok 4s difference on mark2 here.
01:27 qwertyboy5 om nom nom!
01:27 qwertyboy5 tehe
01:27 Cprossu I'm hungry... meatloaf!!!!!
01:27 test is that a nixi clock!
01:27 Cprossu (dashes to his microwave)
01:27 steve_____ no :(
01:27 qwertyboy5 pizza!
01:27 Hackbat
01:27 TheSessionMan I had to have missed something. seems like people are racing who can type faster..
01:27 roadran422_ estoy hambre!
01:27 steve_____ tacos
01:27 Cprossu and it's out a segment
01:28 Cprossu pastebinm for log
01:28 tyrok I've got to get going.  I'll stick around the channel, but won't be active for a while.
01:28 roadran422_ taco fetish again!
01:28 exor674 yeah, 5 seconds by mine
01:28 ASHLOG left #thegeekgroup
01:28 steve_____ the clock is a  umm, not sure
01:28 Captain_ It's a Nixie tube clock
01:28 Hackbat yeah
01:28 Captain_ yes, that was a Neon lamp
01:28 steve_____ it is a nixie
01:28 Captain_ It was
01:28 Hackbat they're fucking awesome
01:29 Captain_ No, they didn't touch
01:29 steve_____ so it's neon
01:29 SparkyProjects Candle lamp is a neon with shaped electrodes mike
01:29 Captain_ it's not incandesant, it was a neon lamp
01:29 Captain_ nope, if they touched it would short out
01:29 Captain_ I'll autopsy one, you can still buy them
01:29 aEx155 joined #thegeekgroup
01:29 test I collect nixis
01:29 Captain_ Hell, Meijer sells them
01:29 Captain_ nope
01:29 Captain_ no bend
01:30 SparkyProjects the neon lamp hasn't got bi metalic electrodes.
01:30 roadran422_ Kids?
01:30 qwertyboy5 im 16
01:30 aEx155 me too
01:30 roadran422_ I am 13 ish
01:30 steve_____ it the candle lamp more related to a jaccobs ladder?
01:30 test i am 19
01:30 qwertyboy5 ish?
01:30 SparkyProjects i'm 55 and still a kid :D
01:30 roadran422_ Tengo trece anos! anyone understand?
01:30 Hackbat D: screw you cory, I'm only a yar under you.
01:31 aEx155 you have 13 years
01:31 aEx155 oh wait
01:31 aEx155 3
01:31 roadran422_ In spanish it means i am 13 years old.
01:31 Captain_ I have Scotch older than you....
01:31 aEx155 oh wait
01:31 roadran422_ I have a spanish class.
01:31 steve_____ nice
01:31 aEx155 I had spanish last year
01:31 roadran422_ 2yrs or 4 yrs
01:32 aEx155 half of two
01:32 qwertyboy5 chinese is better!
01:32 aEx155 next year I'm going to try and finish
01:32 aEx155 I wish my school offered japanese
01:32 thaery All you youngsters and your youth *shakes fist*
01:32 roadran422_ Me 2 just begining to finish my first year.
01:32 Captain_ In fact......gnite gentlemen. I'm off to read a book and sip some MaCallan 18.
01:32 wannabe1987 night captn
01:32 aEx155 bigh
01:32 roadran422_ Night.
01:32 qwertyboy5 good night
01:32 wannabe1987 maybe i'll come in tomorrow for a few hours
01:32 aEx155 night
01:32 steve_____ sounds tasty
01:33 SparkyProjects G'night Captain
01:33 critterpal nighto, don't forget the bagel
01:33 roadran422_ Aex155 comprehend this. Hoal, me llamo hy. ME gusta comer pollo y papas fritas. Estoy cansado y yo uso la computadora
01:34 wannabe1987 iunderstand that...
01:34 qwertyboy5 google translate!
01:35 roadran422_ hah no.
01:35 aEx155 Hello, my name is "hy" (?). I like to eat chicken and french fries. I am tired and I use the computer
01:35 qwertyboy5 Hoal, my name is hy. I like to eat chicken and fries. I'm tired and I use the computer
01:35 roadran422_ Yes my name is hy, pronouced he literally!
01:35 aEx155 cool
01:35 qwertyboy5 bye mike!
01:35 tyrok See 'ya!
01:35 exor674 BYE MIIIIIKE!
01:35 cctoide bye, Mike Internet
01:36 arran-g bye Mike
01:36 steve_____ bye mike
01:36 roadran422_ Bye!
01:36 wannabe1987 night
01:36 aEx155 I wonder where the next live camera is going to go
01:36 roadran422_ Yah I am triligualish, i learning spanish know english barley speak vietnameese barley read but can't write at all.n
01:37 wannabe1987 lounge/cafe
01:37 test good night
01:37 qwertyboy5 how? why?
01:37 Cprossu lol Captain_, I misread that as ' I'm off to read a book and sip some Magellan 18.'
01:37 Hackbat Dancd for us slave boy!
01:37 cctoide How many times did Chris pelt you with ball magnets?
01:37 Hackbat ;-;
01:38 cctoide but there's video evidence
01:38 aEx155 ball bearings
01:38 aEx155 the rods are the magnets
01:38 cctoide o
01:38 aEx155 quarter bounce!
01:38 qwertyboy5 what is the square root of pi?
01:38 Cprossu it certainly makes it a cheaper toy if they don't have to make sphere magnets
01:39 cctoide I guess the new set means no more throwing stuff at the cameraman :(
01:39 jj_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:39 exor674 what is the square of the square root of pi?
01:39 aEx155 why not?
01:39 Hackbat can you move the mic away from the view of your head?
01:39 Sgt_Lemming sifn't!
01:39 Cprossu .w Sqrt(pi)
01:39 BotSteve "The Gaussian integral, also known as the Euler-Poisson integral or Poisson integral,[1]| is the integral of the Gaussian function e|−x|2|| over the entire real line." -
01:39 Shockmebabby joined #thegeekgroup
01:39 cctoide there's expensive stuff behind the cameras now
01:39 cctoide I think
01:39 exor674 .wa sqrt(pi)
01:39 roadran422_ Hey, I have a question why the tacos?
01:39 BotSteve sqrt(pi);1.7724538509055160272981674833411451827975494561223871282138...;sqrt(pi) is a transcendental number;[1; 1, 3, 2, 1, 1, 6, 1, 28, 13, 1, 1, 2, 18, 1, 1, 1, 83, 1, 4, 1, 2, 4, 1, 288, 1, ...];sqrt(pi) = 2 sqrt(sum_(k=0)^infinity(-1)^k\/(1+2 k));sqrt(pi) = sqrt(sum_(k=0)^infinity-(4 (-1)^k 1195^(-1-2 k) (5^(1+2 k)-4 239^(1+2 k)))\/(1+2 k));sqrt(pi) = sqrt(sum_(k=0)^infinity(-1\/4)^k (1\/(1+2 k)+2\/(1+4 k)+1\/(3+4
01:39 Cprossu holy crap
01:39 aEx155 oh wow
01:40 roadran422_ Homemade or not?
01:40 wannabe1987 um.....
01:40 Cprossu one of my geiger counters just got oversaturated again
01:40 Cprossu damn thing
01:40 roadran422_ Hahaha.
01:40 critterpal This is the geek version of "want to see my webcam?"
01:40 Cprossu it was probably detector 2 again
01:40 roadran422_ Yah lol critterpal.
01:41 Cprossu this outta look rather funny ->
01:41 Cprossu caption zomg we're all gonna die ^_^
01:41 Shockmebabby left #thegeekgroup
01:41 Cprossu yep it's detector 2 again
01:41 cctoide
01:41 CSM_is_away dear god is someone still there at the lab
01:42 aEx155 yes
01:42 tggnle1
01:42 tggnle1 GOOD SONG <3
01:42 Cprossu I need to see why that detector does that though
01:42 roadran422_ What is the clock for?
01:42 jj_ left #thegeekgroup
01:42 Cprossu it only happens once every like.... 2-5 days
01:42 qwertyboy5 tggnle1_
01:42 exor674 Cprossu: powersupply cutout or something?
01:42 Cprossu hv saturization
01:43 Cprossu is my best guess
01:43 Hackbat Cory! Will you marry me? :D
01:43 aEx155 is it just me or is the audio a bit soft?
01:43 Cprossu the next readings will be 0
01:43 wannabe1987 ...awkward
01:43 Cprossu (2 readings total)
01:43 cctoide I think Cory is the soft one
01:43 CSM_is_away cory do you sleep?  do you have a home?  or are you the night guard?
01:43 Hackbat D:
01:43 roadran422_ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
01:43 Cprossu then the third reading will be normal
01:43 Hackbat The sadness
01:43 roadran422_ Gtg, Crossfire you play cory?
01:43 Hackbat Fuck yes
01:43 roadran422_ I can't hear by the way so..
01:43 CSM_is_away lol
01:44 SparkyProjects Hackbat, you wouldn't be able to keep him in taco's :D
01:44 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
01:44 roadran422_ left #thegeekgroup
01:44 Hackbat What if I own a taco bell? :D
01:44 CSM_is_away you should be
01:44 Hackbat lol j/k
01:45 aEx155 baja blast
01:45 qwertyboy5 pizza > tacos
01:45 CSM_is_away is now known as CSM_kinda_away
01:45 aEx155 unless it's a taco pizza?
01:45 CSM_kinda_away pizzataco
01:45 aEx155 or a pizza taco
01:46 Hackbat what about a taco made form a pizza?
01:46 CSM_kinda_away aka calzone
01:46 Cprossu pizza rocks
01:46 Cprossu lol
01:46 qwertyboy5 meat lovers pizza
01:47 CSM_kinda_away meat haters pizza
01:47 aEx155 is vegetarian
01:47 qwertyboy5 is carnivorus
01:47 CSM_kinda_away i'm not vegetarian, but </3 sausage on pizza
01:47 dan_the_man joined #thegeekgroup
01:48 Cprossu to those waiting in anticipation the next reading will be at :00, and will read 0 for detector 2
01:48 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
01:48 aEx155 waiting in anticipation? for radiation levels?
01:48 Cprossu if it follows the pattern set since I started logging (the 18th last month)
01:48 CSM_kinda_away what detectors for what?
01:48 * CSM_kinda_away is lost
01:49 Cprossu They are simple geiger counters
01:49 Cprossu taking readings every 15min
01:49 Cprossu I set it up to see if there was going to be a 'measurable' increase from background due to fukushima
01:49 Cprossu and I did get a 'measurable' increase starting the 23'rd
01:49 aEx155
01:50 CSM_kinda_away ah
01:51 * exor674 is tempted to find where you live and throw a brick of uranium through your window
01:51 exor674 just to screw with your results!
01:51 Cprossu that's find
01:51 Cprossu *fine
01:51 Cprossu the detectors are outside
01:51 Cprossu not in my home
01:51 exor674 heh
01:51 aEx155 wondering where you'd get your hands on a brick of uranium, though
01:51 Cprossu I have a piece of containment building for a DOE reactor
01:51 Cprossu (inner steel liner)
01:52 qwertyboy5 ive got plutonium for my delorean
01:52 wannabe1987 win
01:52 Cprossu that would be difficult to explain at an airport come to think of it
01:52 CSM_kinda_away lol
01:52 aEx155 psh, why haven't you upgraded to a Mr.Fusion
01:52 Cprossu if I come over there with my hunk I'll have to drive
01:52 qwertyboy5 havent had the time
01:53 Cprossu damn
01:53 CSM_kinda_away food scraps > plutonium
01:53 Cprossu I've got pictures of it on my dead web server
01:53 [1]sigh joined #thegeekgroup
01:53 Cprossu which I am too lazy to resurrect
01:53 dan_the_man left #thegeekgroup
01:54 aEx155 1,1,2,3,5
01:54 Cprossu 2 geiger counters, one box
01:54 CSM_kinda_away lol
01:55 Cprossu
01:55 qwertyboy5 how do they like each other?
01:55 Cprossu and there's a fan in it too
01:55 aEx155 anyone catch that bit of morse code?
01:55 qwertyboy5 yep
01:55 Cprossu #2 seems to bitch every so often and freak out
01:55 Cprossu don't know what it's problem is
01:56 qwertyboy5 the nerve of some geiger counters!
01:56 Cprossu that's why I ran 2
01:56 Cprossu so far #1 hasn't had the same anomoly
01:56 Cprossu I took them apart to calibrate them
01:56 Cprossu but they were close to spot on
01:57 Cprossu which freaked me out
01:57 qwertyboy5 why
01:57 Cprossu so I left them alone
01:57 Cprossu because these as far as they go were cheapies locked in a cabinet with corroded batteries for a decade
01:57 aEx155 I guess I'll be going now, since things have gotten a bit slow
01:57 CSM_kinda_away okay fooding time.  bbl again.
01:58 Cprossu see, the reading is 0
01:58 exor674 how's the editing going Cory?
01:58 aEx155 no problem, Cory
01:58 CSM_kinda_away is now known as CSM_away_eating
01:58 Cprossu and it looks like the lab pro has it's own clock too
01:58 aEx155 see ya
01:58 Cprossu because it's 3 minutes off now o_o
01:58 aEx155 left #thegeekgroup
01:59 qwertyboy5 what kind of computers are you running?
01:59 [1]sigh left #thegeekgroup
01:59 qwertyboy5 sounds nice
01:59 exor674 om nom nom tons of RAM
02:00 qwertyboy5 exor674_ i've only got 2 gigs
02:00 exor674 I've got 14GB
02:00 exor674 and want mooooore
02:01 exor674 one day, I am going to stick 32GB in this beast
02:01 Cprossu I'm still in 4gb's'ville
02:01 qwertyboy5 win 7?
02:01 Cprossu xp x64 for me
02:01 qwertyboy5 im stuck with a pemtium d 3GHz and XP
02:01 DavidJKuhr joined #thegeekgroup
02:02 Seroster Gnight
02:02 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:02 qwertyboy5 i wish IRC worked at school
02:02 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
02:02 DavidJKuhr hi all
02:02 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
02:03 dr_jkl my wife has a laugh just like sybil fawlty.
02:03 dr_jkl OMG.
02:04 qwertyboy5 serhbkljhggcj
02:04 Cprossu qwertyboy5: what ports do you have open?
02:04 Cprossu you could do a vpn tunnel
02:05 qwertyboy5 what do you mean?
02:05 Cprossu aka remote desktop at the very least
02:05 BatSteve SSH is the poor man's VPN
02:05 Cprossu ssh is awesome
02:05 qwertyboy5 why would i do that?
02:05 Cprossu you wished irc would work at school
02:05 thebatman joined #thegeekgroup
02:06 qwertyboy5 oh! do i need to know what ports the computers at school have open?
02:06 thebatman anyone know the price of a Digital Processing system inc. Universal Synchronizer?
02:06 qwertyboy5 google!
02:07 thebatman google has failed me on accurate prices
02:07 qwertyboy5 bad idea then
02:08 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:09 thebatman but ebay has something nvm!
02:10 qwertyboy5 anyone play gt5?
02:10 Cprossu left #thegeekgroup
02:11 RED_ I want homemade french fries...Om, Nom, Nom.
02:11 DavidJKuhr 199 plus shipping on ebay
02:11 qwertyboy5 why cant i use the same nickname over again?
02:11 DavidJKuhr for a used one
02:11 DavidJKuhr \;item=200557583718#vi-content
02:12 thebatman Thanks
02:12 qwertyboy5 ask him on the IRC
02:12 DavidJKuhr i suppose model number would be important
02:13 JuicyBeetle left #thegeekgroup
02:13 tggnle1 RED, is that you from the lab?
02:14 RED_ Is that me from the lab?
02:14 tggnle1 Yes!
02:14 RED_ What do you mean by that?
02:14 tggnle1 As in, are you the Red from the TGG lab!
02:14 RED_ I'm Red. I'm the only Red I know.
02:15 tggnle1 And do you go to the lab? x3
02:15 RED_ So yes, I is the Red you know and love.
02:15 tggnle1 Ewwwwww
02:15 tggnle1 :P
02:15 thebatman who is the tgg nle1?
02:16 qwertyboy5 cory
02:16 thebatman off
02:16 thebatman ohh
02:16 tggnle1 tgg non linear editing :P
02:16 RED_ lol.
02:16 thebatman i get it now
02:16 tggnle1
02:16 tggnle1 what
02:16 RED_ You know you'd want me if I was a man, Corey...I'm just that Kickass. lol
02:16 tggnle1 I feel like Red would easily be amused by this
02:16 thebatman batman sure is ROTFLMAO!
02:17 RED_ Lol, I'm in love with it so far. It's a POPTART CAT
02:17 thebatman its funnier than it shoudl be
02:17 RED_ it really is
02:17 thebatman i like the part where it said nyan
02:17 qwertyboy5 does the stream run all night?
02:18 qwertyboy5 black screen here i come!
02:18 RED_ lol
02:18 graceful_willow joined #thegeekgroup
02:18 cctoide you can look forward to the bouncing clock show
02:18 qwertyboy5 you leave the lights on?
02:19 thebatman Cory is prob still there lol
02:19 cctoide a creature of the night
02:19 qwertyboy5 oh gooddy!
02:19 DavidJKuhr sounds like me
02:20 cctoide you know, random people are going to flip to this stream and think this is actually related to Fox 17
02:20 DavidJKuhr lol
02:20 exor674 random people are idiots
02:20 RED_ LIke RiffRaff
02:20 qwertyboy5 anyone else noticed taht the views have been at 3,100 since 3pm?
02:20 cctoide yeah, they tend to be
02:20 biotek joined #thegeekgroup
02:21 thebatman i feel compelled to play the nyan cat video again lol
02:21 RED_ Some people, need help:;NR=1
02:21 Cprossu_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
02:22 Cprossu_Laptop grumble my power flickered
02:22 Cprossu_Laptop and my desktop rebooted and decided to chkdsk itself
02:22 exor674 lol, that would be better if they actually stabalized that damn camera
02:22 exor674 if you are gonna make something fake, try to at least make it look good
02:22 qwertyboy5           <-- plug
02:22 DavidJKuhr after the command center is completed we should see just how much juice all that hardware needs just to stream a tv camera
02:23 tyrok left #thegeekgroup
02:23 qwertyboy5 bye everyone!
02:24 qwertyboy5 left #thegeekgroup
02:24 cctoide hm
02:24 cctoide nyan cat might be better than Colin's Bear
02:25 cctoide
02:27 thebatman Nyan Cat for the win!
02:27 cctoide the bass is what makes it
02:28 RED_ If someone wants to come over and chop up potatoes, I'll make us THE MOST EPIC homemade french fries ever. It is a skill I possess.
02:28 RED_ I just dont' like cutting hte potatoes.
02:28 thebatman Tempting..... but thats a bit of a drive.
02:28 exor674 RED_: if I lived anywhere near, GR I'd take you up on that
02:28 tggnle1 alright, leaving IRC!
02:29 tggnle1 See ya kids :3
02:29 tggnle1 Bye red :P
02:29 DavidJKuhr that is why we have fry machines
02:29 RED_ Bye Coreyy
02:29 tggnle1 And Red. I'll come over some time soon, I love homemade fries <3
02:29 RED_ yaayyy
02:30 thebatman bye cory
02:30 tggnle1 bye! :3
02:30 tggnle1 left #thegeekgroup
02:32 graceful_willow left #thegeekgroup
02:33 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
02:33 Cprossu_Laptop nothing to see here, move along
02:33 Cprossu_Laptop lates
02:34 mikemol joined #thegeekgroup
02:34 cctoide one of the CRTs is still on
02:34 cctoide looks like
02:34 Cprossu_Laptop FOCUS
02:34 Cprossu_Laptop lol and lock
02:34 DavidJKuhr lol the fluid head looks like it needs to be tigher locked heh
02:35 Cprossu_Laptop and no bodenhead either
02:35 exor674 or do we want to do bounchign clock again?
02:35 cctoide the out of focus test card along with the toneout was very atmospheric though
02:35 Cprossu_Laptop bouncing clock is better
02:35 Cprossu_Laptop rofl
02:36 DavidJKuhr we are laughing with you not at you
02:36 cctoide you might have the next Lost here
02:36 arran-g bye
02:36 mikemol Haha
02:36 cctoide heh, shimmering in the center circle
02:36 mikemol I think something just walked in front of the cam
02:37 thebatman it was prob the damn ghost of that building or a hobo cus cory didn't lock down right lol
02:37 Cprossu_Laptop haha
02:38 RED_ hooobbboooo
02:38 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
02:38 Cprossu_Laptop so who's still at the lab?
02:38 DavidJKuhr need to output the test picture from a computers video card reather than a piece of paper on the ladder
02:38 DavidJKuhr then the cameras could be shut off at night
02:39 mikemol If anyone's still at the lab, it's Cory.
02:39 cctoide they might still want to do "soak" testing
02:39 mikemol Dan left shortly before I did.
02:39 Cprossu_Laptop I still think we need 'bodenhead' up
02:39 RED_ I like how 34 of us are watching a picture and listening to a police scanner
02:39 mikemol The nixie clock was awesome...
02:39 cctoide once they get the weathercam up I'd just point it at the street and leave it on at night
02:39 cctoide so you can see... traffic, I guess
02:39 thebatman lol
02:39 DavidJKuhr yeah that weathercam will be nice
02:40 exor674 I thought the plan was to run replays or the yt vids in the off hours
02:40 DavidJKuhr or point it towards the sky to watch the stars
02:40 Cprossu_Laptop it's just a handycam though
02:40 Cprossu_Laptop probably won't see stars very well
02:40 mikemol A decade and a half ago, my bio-dad set up his own weathercam by taking an outdoor security cam and mounting it on his TV antenna mast...and used his TV antenna aimer to turn the camera.
02:40 DavidJKuhr yeah true
02:41 thebatman a lot of things go to plan but nothing really can happen when nothing is hooked up to anything
02:41 DavidJKuhr yeah
02:41 thebatman once we get our mast the weather cam will be up and running
02:41 Cprossu_Laptop thebatman: isn't it amazing how you put a whole bunch of cables nicely wrapped up in a box
02:41 Cprossu_Laptop and when you go to get them out
02:41 thebatman lol
02:42 DavidJKuhr and thier are more things to do than can be accomplished in a few days
02:42 Cprossu_Laptop they are completely tangled with every single other cable in the box?
02:42 DavidJKuhr i drape cables over hooks when i can
02:42 Cprossu_Laptop it's like "how the fuck did it get like this!? I didn't put them in this way!"
02:43 DavidJKuhr but i did wrap up and tie all the cables i sent to the lab
02:44 Cprossu_Laptop I was just thinking about the raw amount of gear that sits boxed up and the current coax shortage
02:44 Cprossu_Laptop which can be rectified with moving and unboxing and curse words
02:46 steve_____ batman, do you know if we have a sync pulse generator?
02:47 Cprossu_Laptop you may need to make his chat blink-> thebatman
02:48 steve_____ thebatman ^^
02:48 thebatman there is one somewhere
02:48 thebatman i just actually got done looking up the price of one
02:48 steve_____ can you take a look around for it and move it to master control
02:48 steve_____ I belive it's the magic piece to get the GVG working
02:48 thebatman thats what i have heard
02:48 thebatman when i get to the lab i will check for it
02:49 steve_____ and can look see what types of coax we have
02:49 mikemol Everyone enjoy me making a fool of myself on camera this evening? :)
02:49 steve_____ it should be printed on the spool or wire
02:49 * mikemol had fun. :)
02:49 thebatman We have a sigma electronics color sync generator
02:49 steve_____ that might be it
02:50 thebatman i also have a videotek system timing generator
02:51 steve_____ is that the times six or times six plus?
02:51 RED_ Just saying.
02:51 thebatman and a DPS transcoding synchronizer
02:51 steve_____ sounds like a TBC
02:51 thebatman yup
02:52 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
02:52 thebatman also a DPS universal synchronizer
02:52 * mikemol puts a large electromagnet near MagneticCow.
02:53 MagneticCow lol
02:53 steve_____ another TBC
02:53 steve_____ there should be 3 total
02:53 steve_____ @RED_ I say, we can dance if we want to We can leave your friends behind 'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance Well they're no friends of mine
02:53 steve_____ 2 of them are the same model
02:53 * BatSteve doesn't dance
02:54 mikemol We can go where we want to. Patty's young and so am I. We can dance real neat from our hearts to our feet, and surprise them with a victory ride.
02:54 Cprossu joined #thegeekgroup
02:54 mikemol That probably deserves an entry in some "Misheard Lyrics" database somewhere...
02:54 DavidJKuhr i am off i guess, later all I have to get some 200mm fans installed into the machine I am on
02:54 RED_ ^_^
02:54 thebatman DO THE BATMAN!
02:54 thebatman lol
02:54 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
02:54 thebatman un tiss un tiss
02:55 Cprossu what brand?
02:55 Cprossu nm
02:55 thebatman brand of what?
02:55 steve_____ I assume fan
02:55 RED_ if you insist ;)
02:55 Cprossu not too many 200mm fans
02:55 mikemol So, I had an odd sight at the video control console.
02:56 Cprossu what did you see?
02:56 mikemol There's a small mixer sitting on the table.
02:56 mikemol I pointed it out while I was looking at it.
02:56 mikemol It looks _exactly_ like my Xenyx 802.
02:56 Cprossu does it say 60hz noise maker (aka berringer?)
02:56 steve_____ if it's silver then yes
02:56 steve_____ there is a hum box there
02:56 mikemol Yeah, mine's a Behringer.
02:57 Cprossu 60hz noise maker lol
02:57 mikemol I haven't discovered a ground loop from it, though.
02:57 mikemol Well, at the times I've had ground loops, there were enough potential paths that it wasn't the only likely culprit.
02:57 mikemol I take it it's a crappy mixer?
02:58 Cprossu still dealing with their equipment I laughed my ass off when captain was saying "Q: and what do we do when we hear buzzing?" "A: Remove any boxes that say berringer on them"
02:58 mikemol Heh
02:58 steve_____ yes, by all standards most behringer stuff is crappy and noisy
02:59 mikemol Probably best I didn't donate mine, then. It's worked well enough for me, but it wouldn't be used/wanted. :)
02:59 westmi left #thegeekgroup
02:59 Cprossu I'll deal with a chinese pevey that's been kicked around an elementary school before most berringer gear anymore
02:59 steve_____ Midas, Allen and heath, soundcraft those are mixers
02:59 Cprossu well that might be a bit extreme
02:59 steve_____ and of course SSL
02:59 Cprossu but still you get the point
03:00 mikemol Yeah, I get the point. Now stop twisting it. :)
03:00 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
03:01 steve_____ it's ok, I assume most of us have at one point purchased a berhringer something, becauseit was cheap and wanted to give it a try
03:01 Cprossu I personally like mackie a lot for 'cheap' gear
03:01 mikemol The weird thing is that I got it because it was _recommended_. I guess the guy who recommended it to me had an odd sense of humor.
03:02 steve_____ mackie is a nice midline
03:03 Cprossu I love the fact I can reccomend a mackie and it never comes back to bite me in the arse
03:03 mikemol Well, what was recommended to me was a USB sound card. I happened to get the mixer because I needed a mixer, and I recognized the brand as one that had been recommended to me for another purpose.
03:04 Cprossu does tascam (teac) still make usb sound stuff?
03:04 Cprossu I loved using their gear
03:04 steve_____ IDK, I have a handheld SD recorder, nicelittle unit
03:05 Cprossu I love the fact that the tascam stuff plugs in and does what it's supposed to do
03:05 aEx155 joined #thegeekgroup
03:05 steve_____ it is very close to setup and go
03:05 mikemol It was one of these that had originally been recommended to me:
03:06 Cprossu ewww
03:06 mikemol USB audio devices _should_ generally be 'plug in and go'.
03:06 steve_____ I heard those are really noisy
03:06 Cprossu I can feel their cheapness through the monitor
03:07 mikemol USB has standardized profiles for audio devices, and all major operating systems suppport those profiles.
03:07 Cprossu
03:07 steve_____ here is my external capture unit
03:07 mikemol Well, when I say 'audio devices', I mean audio DACs and ADCs.
03:07 Cprossu ^here's an older tascam I used once
03:07 Cprossu for voiceover work (lol)
03:08 Cprossu worked freaking great too
03:08 steve_____ USB ausio devices tend to have a high latency, my io:26 is firewire
03:08 brousch left #thegeekgroup
03:08 mikemol I have mixed feelings about firewire audio devices.
03:09 mikemol On one hand, I'm sure they're wonderful once you get them working.
03:09 TheSessionMan Gone for the night, catch y'all sometime tomorrow.
03:09 Cprossu lates
03:09 TheSessionMan left #thegeekgroup
03:09 mikemol On the other, they get obsolete quickly enough that I've had friends have difficulty finding Windows drivers for used models...and I hope you're not thinking about using them with Linux. :-|
03:10 steve_____ yes, they take a bit to setup and linux support is spotty at best
03:10 steve_____ but when they work they are great
03:10 mikemol Coderjoe and I did a little bit of for-fun foley recording at a firing range using his fw audio capture device.
03:10 mikemol Came out sounding lovely.
03:11 mikemol Hm
03:11 steve_____ with 8 XLR ins and 8 additional via fiber it's a nice little unit
03:11 mikemol USB 3 uses a very, very different protocol (non-polling!) on the wire.
03:11 steve_____ I don't have any experiance with usb3
03:11 mikemol I wonder if audio devices which come out targeting USB3 will be good enough to replace fw devices.
03:12 steve_____ idk
03:12 mikemol USB3 isn't widely supported on motherboards yet, and they haven't finished standardizing connectors, it seems, either.
03:12 steve_____ apple/intels thnuderbolt could be intersting it almost sounds like an external exenision of a pci-e bus
03:12 mikemol We already have that...ExpressCard.
03:13 mikemol Unless they're just taking one or two lanes and speccing it into a cable assembly of some sort.
03:13 thaery What do you guys think is the best cooling method for computers. Positive or Neagative air pressure?
03:13 thaery *Negative
03:14 steve_____ I know but this fromat is diasy chainable to 6-8 dev if i remeber right
03:14 Cprossu considering we've got the optical usb coming around sometime soon
03:14 steve_____ hmm cooling
03:14 Cprossu it outa be interesting
03:14 steve_____ transformer oil
03:14 mikemol thaery: I don't think + or - pressure matters there, really.
03:15 steve_____ with pos you can place a filter on the intake
03:15 mikemol AFAIK, + or - pressure is only really relevant if you're worried about contaminents escaping somewhere else. (i.e. you'd use negative pressure in a chem lab hood)
03:15 mikemol OIC
03:15 thebatman alright i am outski!
03:15 thaery I was thinking that negative pressure would suck in more dust. Whereas with + pressure you could filter the air better
03:15 steve_____ with neg it can be pulled in the holes and a filter would be less affective
03:15 thebatman left #thegeekgroup
03:17 RED_ Bye Boys.
03:17 djrock9000 joined #thegeekgroup
03:17 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
03:18 mikemol Heh
03:18 mikemol Got an email from my brother.
03:18 mikemol He was kinda surprised about how that phone call turned out.
03:18 wannabe1987 .weather kgrr
03:18 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 53.6℉ (12℃), 30.06in (1015mb), Light breeze 4kt (↑) - KGRR 02:53Z
03:18 BatSteve "Dear Mike.  Stole your car.  Took your wallet.  Moving to France.  See you at Christmas.  Love Fred"
03:19 BatSteve (it would be weird if mikemol's brother's name is actually fred)
03:20 mikemol Grr
03:21 * mikemol has more than had it with LJ.
03:21 mikemol Need to find a different way to shuffle my blog posts around.
03:23 wannabe1987're still at livejournal?  never had one...but i have a blogspot...
03:23 mikemol I've got half a dozen blogspots, a Wordpress or two, an LJ and a Multiply account.
03:24 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:24 mikemol Different blogs for different purposes, but most of my stuff goes straight to Multiply, which crossposts to LJ. LJ's RSS feed gets imported into Facebook as notes.
03:24 mikemol The spam problem on LJ is getting untenable, though.
03:25 wannabe1987 ahhh
03:26 Sgt_Lemming <--- do want!
03:28 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
03:29 mikemol What would be _really_ great would be if I could use something like 'planetplanet' and tack on Disquis for a really lightweight personal aggregator.
03:31 djrock9000 left #thegeekgroup
03:33 mikemol Hm. disquis isn't _quite_ going to work with planetplanet...It'd need URIs for each entry I wanted to attach comments to.
03:33 mikemol Ah well.
03:33 * mikemol is tired.
03:33 mikemol Sleep time.
03:33 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
03:35 BatSteve laterz mike
03:36 techie1 joined #thegeekgroup
03:40 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
03:44 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
03:46 aEx155 left #thegeekgroup
03:52 techie1 left #thegeekgroup
03:54 kevvan joined #thegeekgroup
03:55 kevvan is now known as wannabe1987
03:56 wannabe1987 there...fixed my nick issues
03:58 Yaotzin;feature=player_detailpage   not safe for work or sanity
03:59 BatSteve BotSteve: Break Time!
03:59 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
04:02 steve_____ .weather kgrr
04:03 Woshin left #thegeekgroup
04:03 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
04:03 BatSteve steve_____: you need to use dot weather
04:03 BatSteve put a period in there
04:03 BatSteve .weather kdet
04:03 BatSteve oh
04:03 BatSteve hahahaha
04:03 BatSteve I'm an idiot
04:03 BatSteve steve_____: never mind
04:04 BatSteve I just took BotSteve down for maintenance
04:04 steve_____ is the bot offline?
04:04 BatSteve and then promptly forgot
04:04 BatSteve he'll be back up in about 2 minutes
04:04 steve_____ it's ok
04:04 steve_____ what commands does he support
04:05 steve_____ is there a man page for him?
04:05 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:05 BatSteve oh, he's got a metric buttload of them
04:05 BatSteve I'm currently trying to implement youtube search
04:05 BatSteve .jt leeroy
04:05 BatSteve bugger
04:05 steve_____ nice
04:05 BatSteve .youtube leeroy
04:05 BatSteve nope
04:05 BatSteve ok
04:05 BatSteve off my head, the most useful ones.
04:05 BatSteve .g google search
04:05 BotSteve BatSteve:
04:05 BatSteve .w wikipedia search
04:05 BotSteve "A web search engine is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web and FTP servers." -
04:06 BatSteve time in a certain place
04:06 BatSteve .t -4
04:06 BotSteve Thu, 14 Apr 2011 00:06:13 -4
04:06 BatSteve leave messages for someone
04:06 BatSteve BotSteve: tell steve_____ he needs to get a better nick
04:06 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when steve_____ is around.
04:06 BatSteve wolfram alpha search
04:06 BatSteve .wa distance from perth to Detroit
04:06 BotSteve distance->from->Perth, Western Australia, Australia, to->Detroit, Michigan;11175 miles;17984 km  (kilometers);1.798&times;10^7 meters;9710 nmi  (nautical miles);aircraft  (550 mph)->20 hours  20 minutes, sound->14 hours  40 minutes, light in fiber->84 ms  (milliseconds), light in vacuum->60 ms  (milliseconds), (assuming constant-speed great-circle path);0.449 ~~ 1 \/ 2
04:06 steve_____ I know I need a better ninck
04:06 BotSteve steve_____: At 04:06Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you he needs to get a better nick
04:07 BatSteve weather in a location
04:07 BatSteve .weather kgrr
04:07 BotSteve Cloudy, 51.8℉ (11℃), 30.08in (1015mb), Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KGRR 03:53Z
04:07 BatSteve he also does reminders
04:07 BatSteve .minecraft
04:07 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
04:07 BatSteve .stream
04:07 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
04:07 BatSteve etc etc
04:07 Yaotzin Hmm
04:07 steve_____ sudo make me a sandwich
04:08 Yaotzin We have a bot in #/v/ that'll give you all the information on a youtube video that someone links
04:08 BotSteve steve_____: make it yourself
04:08 steve_____ that took a while
04:08 Yaotzin Pretty sure it was based off a premade script
04:08 Yaotzin Same with our Uno bot
04:09 BotSteve that's because BatSteve hasn't told you about puppet mode yet
04:09 BatSteve I can also sockpuppet him
04:09 steve_____ ah nice
04:10 BatSteve He's got a bunch of other obscure commands
04:10 BatSteve calculators and such
04:10 BatSteve .c 5+17
04:10 BotSteve 22
04:10 BatSteve etc
04:10 exor674 .killsomehumans
04:10 BatSteve oh!
04:10 exor674 aw
04:10 BatSteve almost forgot
04:10 steve_____ ln(exp(1))
04:10 BatSteve if you're a linux user you'll know of fortune
04:10 BatSteve .fortune
04:10 BotSteve A modem is a baudy house.
04:10 tesla4d .fortune
04:10 BotSteve You are an insult to my intelligence!  I demand that you log off immediately.
04:11 Yaotzin .c 2^18-1
04:11 BotSteve 262 143
04:11 Yaotzin :D
04:11 steve_____ .c ln(exp(1))
04:11 BotSteve 1
04:11 Yaotzin .c 2^8-1
04:11 BotSteve 255
04:12 steve_____ .c int(sin(x),x,-pi,pi)
04:12 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
04:12 steve_____ no integration?
04:12 BatSteve I don't know a lot of calculus.
04:12 BatSteve You're welcome to write some integration code if you know python.
04:13 steve_____ did you write the whole bot, and no, I don't know pythin
04:13 steve_____ import antigravity
04:13 BatSteve steve_____: no, I forked the main bot base from sbp's phenny bot
04:13 BatSteve But I wrote most of the modules
04:15 steve_____ you you have it search xkcd?
04:15 Yaotzin heh
04:15 Yaotzin I'm getting a korean friend of ours into The Red Green Show
04:15 BatSteve steve_____: not yet, though it probably wouldn't be hard to implement
04:15 Yaotzin I feel like I am helping society as a whole
04:15 steve_____ nice, Canadian humor
04:16 steve_____ that could be an intersting feature
04:16 Yaotzin I love the red green show
04:16 Yaotzin grew up watching it
04:16 Yaotzin It's not just canadian humor, it's Michigander humor
04:17 steve_____ that too, although wasn't made in NY
04:17 steve_____ or boston
04:17 Yaotzin uh
04:17 steve_____ I assume you have saw this last year
04:17 steve_____
04:18 steve_____ no it is canada
04:21 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
04:21 mman454-mobile hey guys
04:22 mman454-mobile Captain_, What does it take to get FCC certification?
04:22 steve_____ the tech license/
04:22 mman454-mobile .seen captain_
04:22 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen captain_ around.
04:23 steve_____ mman454-mobile I should be able to help yo
04:23 mman454-mobile steve_____, the what?
04:23 steve_____ the FCC ham cert correct?
04:24 BatSteve mman454-mobile: botsteve's database went away for maintenance a little earlier
04:24 mman454-mobile Ham, gsm or whatever i need for select channels on publicaly available radios
04:25 steve_____ .man
04:25 steve_____ well there are 2 licenced radio systems
04:26 mman454-mobile oh and CB radio
04:26 steve_____ GRMS is a family license you pay for it and you can use higher power on the upper channels of frs/grms radios leagaly
04:26 konst joined #thegeekgroup
04:26 steve_____ CB does not require a license
04:26 steve_____ Ham requires a test of basic operating rules and electronics
04:26 mman454-mobile the GRMS was what i was referring to
04:27 mman454-mobile as well as HAM
04:27 BatSteve GMRS is just a fee.  no test
04:27 steve_____ GRMS is I think about $100 for a perminate family license
04:27 steve_____ a ham test will be $15
04:28 mman454-mobile i dont need a family license, just a personal one. lol
04:28 mman454-mobile they dont offer that?
04:28 steve_____ the tech license is fairly easy
04:28 CSM_away_eating whatdimiss
04:28 steve_____ no It's a you and your family license
04:28 CSM_away_eating is now known as CSMonster
04:28 steve_____ Ham and GRMS licensing
04:29 thaery anyone here have experience hacking routers?
04:30 mman454-mobile do you know if The Geek Group has a orginization GRMS license?
04:30 moxiemike-away is now known as MoxieMike
04:30 steve_____ here is a link  to a sample test generator
04:30 steve_____ see how you do
04:30 BatSteve thaery: Be aware that this channel is being logged by at least 3 people.  If you get the FBI after us, I will be extremely annoyed.
04:30 BatSteve (grin)
04:30 steve_____ you want the technician test
04:30 thaery Nothing malicious, plus I'm in Canada
04:30 test bye bye
04:30 test left #thegeekgroup
04:30 konst left #thegeekgroup
04:31 steve_____ so it will be an international incident, great
04:31 sjogerst joined #thegeekgroup
04:31 thaery I have a router with crippled firmware
04:31 Yaotzin the FBI is nothing, so long as this channel doesn't get too spam happy and we get a ircop in the channel
04:31 Yaotzin then we have problems
04:31 mman454-mobile I WILL BOMB RANDOM SHIT... consisting of a firecracker under a green armyman toy
04:31 Yaotzin Just don't mention football
04:31 sjogerst howdy folks
04:32 BatSteve hiya sjogerst
04:32 sjogerst whats up all?
04:33 BatSteve chilling, trying to fix a borked router
04:33 mman454-mobile steve_____, do you know ig The Geek Group has a cooperate GRMS license?
04:33 thaery I'm looking for a way to get official D-Link firmware on this router, but thecurrent firmware is crippled so updating throu7gh the interface is not an option
04:34 steve_____ I do not know
04:34 sjogerst nice, the router not routing? lol
04:34 thaery nah It shuts itself off if not connected to that specific ISP
04:35 steve_____ you need a tftp most likly
04:35 thaery It has telnet, but no pwd
04:36 thaery login is most likely telus
04:36 CSMonster YAY i have real speakers now.
04:38 mman454-mobile night all. steve_____ ill talk to you later on how to apply for testing
04:39 steve_____ the red cross ofers monthly test
04:39 CSMonster OH FUCK that's why my PC shell wouldn't close: there's a 7.62x54R casing now jammed in it.
04:40 mman454-mobile is that a coax connector?
04:40 BatSteve No it's a rifle round
04:40 BatSteve :D
04:40 thaery lol
04:40 mman454-mobile O.o
04:40 CSMonster it's a Mosin rifle cartridge.  and now because of it i cannot reinstall the DVD drive.
04:41 CSMonster D:
04:41 CSMonster oops.
04:41 mman454-mobile i just saw the 5somthing R. i think that has to do with coax stuff
04:41 mman454-mobile lol
04:41 CSMonster you're probably right
04:42 steve_____ well I'm off for the night, you guys have fun
04:42 CSMonster night steve
04:43 thaery night
04:43 mman454-mobile i once spent five minutes trying to close my car hood... I went back out to it a couple hours later in search of my leatherman. it was under the hood.
04:43 Yaotzin woah shit
04:43 Yaotzin I shorted my atomizer somehow
04:43 CSMonster amusingly the shell casing is not damaged at all while the drive stack on the chassis is bent to fuck now.  cheap dell is cheap
04:44 sjogerst left #thegeekgroup
04:44 Yaotzin that was weird
04:44 thaery atomizer?
04:44 Yaotzin On my e-cig
04:44 thaery ah
04:44 mman454-mobile Yoatzin You do realize theres a reason you can buy replacements right?
04:45 thaery Chris would not approve
04:45 Yaotzin it looks like a small piece of the filament broke off or somesuch, and somehow it caused it to stick on. However I thought that it was a microphone switch of some sort
04:45 Yaotzin either way that was weird
04:45 Yaotzin it was just sizzling like no tomorrow and all kinds of angry with me
04:46 Yaotzin It's fine now, but still
04:46 Yaotzin mman454-mobile: I just got the Magma like, shoot, three weeks ago?
04:46 Yaotzin if that
04:46 mman454-mobile post a picture on the fourm because im not sure what the atty looks like up close
04:48 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
04:48 Yaotzin I don't have a camera, didn't Chris do a autopsy on one?
04:48 mman454-mobile If you were to buy e-juice with no nicotine. would you have an e-hookah?
04:48 wannabe1987 hallo
04:48 CSMonster HI
04:49 Yaotzin i see the joke, but as someone who smoked hookah and now smokes e-juice I can't help but notice what's wrong with that
04:49 mman454-mobile yes but i dont understand/ dont have the time to look it up
04:49 mman454-mobile i havent done either so... yea
04:49 Yaotzin You still get nicotine with hookah
04:49 Yaotzin a lot of nicotine
04:50 Yaotzin shit I'd go out and smoke hookah for 2-3 hours and not want another cigarette for the rest of the night
04:50 mman454-mobile theres nicotine free hookah right?
04:50 BatSteve ugh.  gotta be up in 6 hours.  so long all.  Don't have too much fun without me
04:50 Yaotzin uh
04:50 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
04:50 Yaotzin Later Batsteve
04:50 wannabe1987 night batsteve-away
04:51 mman454-mobile its just water, flavoring, and whatever shit you add right?
04:51 Yaotzin mman454-mobile:  Hookah is taking tobacco soaked in glycerin and flavoring and heating it up to the point where the glycerin vaporizes and goes through the water in the chamber which cools it down and makes the smoke heavier
04:51 CSMonster;l=1
04:51 Yaotzin the amount of tobacco being burned is very minute but
04:51 Yaotzin either way I've never heard of nicotine free hookah
04:52 Yaotzin unless you smoked pot in a hookah
04:52 mman454-mobile NO
04:52 Yaotzin woah
04:53 Yaotzin Hookah still has tobacco involved
04:53 mman454-mobile ive never smoked, drank, or gotten high on anything more than a sharpie
04:53 Yaotzin Oh, alright
04:53 wannabe1987 yay sharpies!
04:53 Yaotzin Well my teenaged years were filled with more than my fair share of all of the above
04:53 Yaotzin and then some
04:54 mman454-mobile and that was just cuz i was in a poorly ventilated room where a girl was using one of the ones thats like 1 inch in diameter
04:55 LinuxH4x0r theres tea hookah
04:55 LinuxH4x0r not all that impressed by it
04:56 mman454-mobile I have been medically stoned. AKA anesthesia
04:56 Yaotzin Tea hookah? never heard of it
04:56 mman454-mobile lol
04:57 Yaotzin You cant aerosolize caffeine so
04:57 LinuxH4x0r yes you can
04:57 LinuxH4x0r there has to be a way
04:57 Yaotzin hogwash
04:57 IIsi50MHz Hogwarts
04:57 exor674 oh come on, I'd prefer IV caffeine
04:57 CSMonster linuxh4x0r is now going to invent the e-coffee
04:57 Yaotzin Caffeine turns into a powder when you boil away all the moisture
04:58 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
04:58 LinuxH4x0r you can vaporize it
04:58 CSMonster with enough plutonium you can vaporize anything
04:59 Yaotzin Yeah I think we're reaching non-reasonable levels here
04:59 mman454-mobile what you would consider a small number of mg's of powder caffine can kill you
04:59 exor674 I thought oyu needed a gram or two
04:59 exor674 .wa caffeine LD50
04:59 BotSteve caffeine->lethal dosage LD_50;192 mg\/kg  (milligrams per kilogram)  (oral dose for rats);192 g\/t  (grams per metric ton);0.192 kg\/t  (kilograms per metric ton)
04:59 Yaotzin Oh I've played with powdered caffeine before. We've made our own caffeinated beers and mixed drinks
04:59 exor674 .wa caffeine LD50 * 151lbs
04:59 BotSteve caffeine->lethal dosage LD_50&times;151 lb  (pounds);0.02899 lb  (pounds);13.15 grams;0.01315 kg  (kilograms);0.4639 oz  (ounces);7.422 drams
05:00 mman454-mobile IDK wtf im talking about this late at night
05:00 CSMonster lol
05:01 exor674 I don't deny it'd be easy to kill yourself with powdered caffiene
05:01 exor674 but I still think you'd have to do a lot more then a few mg ( unless I am wrong )
05:01 mman454-mobile is now known as mman454-mobile_s
05:02 * IIsi50MHz imagines the evening news: "Troubling new suicide method choice among depressed teens..."
05:02 exor674 and if they screw up, they're just bouncing off the walls for a few days
05:02 mman454-mobile_s is now known as mman454_away
05:02 mman454_away lol
05:02 IIsi50MHz :-D
05:02 CSMonster caffeine is the new razors?
05:03 exor674 I really wonder if anyone has been stupid enough to try and kill themselves by caffiene from energy drinks or sodas
05:04 CSMonster i'm still troubled by the movement of teens trying to get high off of R134 out of refrigeration systems
05:04 exor674 they'd probably just make themself really really sick on thesugar or something
05:04 Yaotzin Well I hear that 4 locos or whatever nonsense is popular with kids now
05:04 Yaotzin Back in my day we got high off of pot and we were happy with it. Some went for coke and PCP but nobody was huffing paint and freon
05:05 Yaotzin rabble rabble
05:05 CSMonster people have always huffed paint.  and glue.
05:05 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
05:05 exor674 freon? wtf
05:05 exor674 that can not be healthy
05:06 CSMonster yes, freon.  apparently.  there was a brief blurb about it on NPR i think like 6 months ago.
05:06 IIsi50MHz Maybe they think it's free...
05:06 * IIsi50MHz ducks and hides behind ChanServ
05:06 exor674 "Theft of air conditioner units spike as the freon-huffing epedemic continues
05:06 CSMonster teen found dead with black plastic trash bag wrapped around head, filled with freon leaked out of the A/C circuit
05:07 Yaotzin Well there was those idiot kids who burned themselves to hell and back when they were huffing gasoline and lit a cigarette
05:07 exor674 ...
05:07 exor674 yay stupidity
05:07 Woshin joined #thegeekgroup
05:07 CSMonster stupid should hurt.
05:08 exor674 as long as they didn't hurt anyone else ( I hope? )
05:08 exor674 if you want to kill yourself in a stupid way, just don't involve anyone else >_<
05:08 CSMonster
05:10 CSMonster yeah i was somewhat dumbfounded when i first heard about it.
05:10 exor674 ... why don't we just sell things that are perfectly safe to inhale and sell them to teens and tell them it'll get them really really high
05:11 exor674 and see if the placebo effect works
05:11 CSMonster LOL
05:11 exor674 er perfectly safe *and* inert
05:11 CSMonster i approve of this idea
05:11 Yaotzin Because lying to kids is what has them huffing stupid shit in the first place
05:11 CSMonster only thing i got high on was hoppe's number 9, and that's an involuntary side effect of using it.
05:13 CSMonster oh win.
05:14 exor674 "hey kids, you know that breathing room air will give you the most awesome high ever"
05:14 CSMonster lol
05:17 thaery Huffing tulips makes you high
05:17 thaery Cuz tyhe dutch grow them you know
05:17 thaery *the
05:18 exor674 lol whut?
05:19 Ender joined #thegeekgroup
05:19 thaery " According to one Gamma Squad writer, "The true purpose of the ruling seems to be to discourage the misrepresentation of historical figures in films and TV shows, including in time travel movies.""
05:20 CSMonster they
05:20 CSMonster what?
05:20 exor674 still
05:20 CSMonster ...
05:20 CSMonster what?
05:20 exor674 it's called FICTION FOR A REASON!
05:20 thaery yup still dumb
05:20 exor674 If i wanted to write a movie where I traveled back in time and met, I dunno, George Washingtion riding dinosaurs with lasers
05:20 exor674 I WOULD!
05:20 exor674 and okay, it'd probably be a horrible movie but
05:21 thaery In china you could to, you just couldn't get it made ;)
05:21 IIsi50MHz Maybe they polled Americans to see how many people believe wrong details of films like JFK, Malcom X, and even...Forest Gump
05:21 IIsi50MHz Then they despaired.
05:21 IIsi50MHz So they banned it all. (:
05:22 CSMonster lol
05:22 mman454_away left #thegeekgroup
05:22 thaery Well they just don't want any time-travel show depicting mao as a ruthless dictator (fictionally of course)
05:23 exor674 I wonder what people would say if they were asked "What side did the dinosaurs take in the (american) revolutionary war"
05:24 thaery The Conferacy of course, that's why they died out
05:24 CSMonster LOL
05:25 thaery :D
05:26 exor674 heh
05:26 thaery Hmmm my spelling is deteriorating
05:26 wannabe1987 happense at 2 am...
05:26 wannabe1987 or 1:30am
05:26 thaery 22:26
05:27 wannabe1987 you're in the past
05:27 thaery ........................
05:27 thaery are you calling me outdated!?
05:27 CSMonster you're in the future
05:27 wannabe1987 seroster is in the future
05:27 wannabe1987 yes...i am
05:27 wannabe1987 we have flying cars
05:27 CSMonster FINALLY
05:27 wannabe1987 but theres still gasoline cars...
05:27 thaery </end enthusiasm>
05:27 wannabe1987 lol
05:27 CSMonster i can live with gasoline cars as long as they fly
05:27 wannabe1987 no...
05:28 wannabe1987 the flying cars take other fuels...
05:28 wannabe1987 i dont' quite understand it...
05:28 exor674 What do flying cars run on? unicorn pee?
05:28 wannabe1987 i'm too poor to afford a flying car
05:28 thaery Mr Fusion?
05:28 thaery Oh wait no time travel......
05:28 Woshin left #thegeekgroup
05:28 wannabe1987 no, no plutonium
05:29 IIsi50MHz Wait. Was that the end of the end of enthusiasm? Or the enthusiastic end of the end?
05:29 thaery Maybe I meant both.......
05:29 wannabe1987 ...
05:29 IIsi50MHz <g>
05:29 thaery or Maybe my made up html tags are retarded
05:31 * IIsi50MHz hugs pseudocode
05:35 cerberus joined #thegeekgroup
05:35 cerberus is now known as realmz
05:35 wannabe1987 hi
05:35 CSMonster hello?
05:36 wannabe1987 anyone home?
05:36 CSMonster lights are on
05:36 wannabe1987 i can't see them from here
05:36 wannabe1987 lab is dark
05:36 CSMonster lol
05:36 CSMonster what time did cory finally go home?
05:37 wannabe1987 no clue we were gone for a while...i have to walk to the end of the alley to see the lab :P
05:37 CSMonster he was still there editing at 2200 local time
05:37 wannabe1987 wow
05:37 wannabe1987 10pm?
05:38 Ender left #thegeekgroup
05:38 CSMonster yeah
05:38 wannabe1987 ender?  as in enders game?  (a book i'm supposed to read)
05:39 CSMonster i asked him if he slept or if he even had somewhere to go home to but he refused to answer.  i think he might live at the lab
05:39 wannabe1987 cory?
05:39 wannabe1987 probably
05:39 CSMonster you have to read ender's game?  are you in high school?
05:39 IIsi50MHz I thought Ender was on (:
05:39 wannabe1987 no...
05:39 Photon|Zzz is now known as Photon939
05:40 wannabe1987 but a friend said it was good
05:40 CSMonster who says you have to read it?
05:40 CSMonster oh
05:40 wannabe1987 so its on my "to read" list
05:40 CSMonster yeah, it is
05:40 exor674 +1
05:40 CSMonster it was required reading sophomore year
05:40 wannabe1987 hi photon939
05:40 Photon939 hi
05:40 wannabe1987 not at my school...we were weird
05:40 CSMonster best required reading they ever gave us
05:40 IIsi50MHz I like Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow equally.
05:41 exor674 Photon939: I've always wondered. are you a particle or a wave? :P
05:41 IIsi50MHz I'm glad it wasn't required reading. Required reading ruins books for me.
05:41 IIsi50MHz Let me read it on my own if you want me to enjoy it. I'm quit capable of critical thinking without 3 hours of classroom debate and a 30 page paper about it.
05:41 Photon939 both >_>
05:42 IIsi50MHz Although...not "quit" capable of typing.
05:43 CSMonster_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:43 realmz is now known as mantere
05:44 CSMonster_ the hell
05:44 wannabe1987 ...
05:44 wannabe1987 are they on mute?
05:44 CSMonster_ whowhat?
05:44 CSMonster_ i fell off
05:44 wannabe1987 off of?
05:45 CSMonster_ connection reset
05:45 wannabe1987 ah
05:45 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
05:45 CSMonster_ fell offline
05:45 wannabe1987 ping!
05:45 CSMonster_ is now known as CSMonster
05:45 exor674 pong?
05:46 wannabe1987 only if you're still here do you pong
05:46 CSMonster not a fan of table tennis
05:46 wannabe1987 same
05:46 wannabe1987 my hand/eye coordination sucks
05:47 mantere left #thegeekgroup
05:47 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
05:47 wannabe1987 ...
05:47 wannabe1987 hai
05:47 * CSMonster is confused
05:47 wannabe1987 don't worry about it...:)
05:48 wannabe1987 here, have a twizzler
05:48 * IIsi50MHz offers Oreos
05:48 wannabe1987 what kind?
05:48 CSMonster nom
05:48 IIsi50MHz Normal
05:48 wannabe1987 not even double stuff?
05:48 wannabe1987 i am disappoint, son
05:48 CSMonster i <3 oreos.  even original
05:48 wannabe1987 same
05:49 wannabe1987 but mint and pb are good (not together)
05:49 IIsi50MHz They're from the family pack; there is no double-stuff.
05:51 wannabe1987;t=11681&amp;start=270  read the last post on pg 19...
05:51 IIsi50MHz Back To Nature makes some good Oreo-likes.
05:51 IIsi50MHz Target makes some that only look like imitation Oreos on the bottom, but fancy on the top.
05:52 wannabe1987 target is good stuff, man
05:52 IIsi50MHz Target also makes some crappy imitation ones that are just like Hydrox. Blegh
05:52 IIsi50MHz I love the Target ginger beer. Haven't seen it in a while though.
05:52 thaery *is freaked out by forum post*
05:53 wannabe1987 o thaery...its ok
05:54 thaery ........
05:54 thaery Still scared
05:54 wannabe1987 y r u scared?
05:54 wannabe1987 thems all boys...they're nice
05:54 CSMonster LOL
05:54 wannabe1987 what...i'm the lone (active) girl
05:54 thaery LOL
05:55 CSMonster no, you aren't.  i think.
05:55 CSMonster i thought the conversation about the nuclear powdered vaporized coffee was better though.
05:55 CSMonster *powered
05:55 wannabe1987 i wasn't here for that
05:55 wannabe1987 CSMonster - i'm teh lone active girl on the ss forums...
05:56 wannabe1987 not here...
05:56 wannabe1987 theres dagnyscott
05:56 CSMonster ah
05:56 CSMonster okay
05:56 wannabe1987 :D
05:56 wannabe1987 and red_...she's here too :grrr:
05:57 wannabe1987 i have personal issues against red...nothing out of the ordinary tho
05:57 thaery <.<
05:57 * CSMonster pulls down pants to confirm own gender
05:57 wannabe1987 you sure?? could be fake!
05:57 wannabe1987 see...these boobs?  thems real
05:58 CSMonster okay good, still female.
05:58 exor674 you had to check?
05:58 CSMonster the thought of spontaneous change terrifies me sometimes
05:58 wannabe1987 ...
05:58 wannabe1987 well, i keep getting told to "grow a pair" ...
05:58 IIsi50MHz Well, wannabe1987 seemed so certain about being the only one.
05:58 CSMonster lol
05:58 wannabe1987 i'm trying guys!  i really am!!!!
05:58 exor674 I still think that would be an awesome sci-fi plot
05:59 wannabe1987 i'm used to being the only girl...
05:59 thaery lol\
05:59 wannabe1987 and noone knows gender on here...srsly
05:59 CSMonster i think it's already been used a few times.  mostly in H anime
05:59 * exor674 is a girl toooooo! girlgeeks of the world uniiiite!
05:59 wannabe1987 YA!!!!
05:59 exor674 or untie, I don't care which
05:59 CSMonster lol
05:59 thaery wait I'm the only guy?
05:59 CSMonster LOL
05:59 wannabe1987 untie what...bras?
05:59 wannabe1987 HAHAHA
05:59 wannabe1987 poor theary
05:59 wannabe1987 thaery*
05:59 wannabe1987 fuck
06:00 wannabe1987 why'd you do it BACKWARDS!
06:00 thaery lol
06:00 wannabe1987 my dyslexic brain hates you
06:00 thaery
06:00 exor674 and ugh, I need to work on something I've been meaning to if I am not going to be getting to bed anytime soon
06:00 exor674 and since I've got to stay up fro another HOUR AND A HALF...
06:00 thaery It's a secret I tell no one about the origin of my nick
06:01 wannabe1987 how is it said?
06:01 wannabe1987 why do you have to stay up, chica?
06:01 * CSMonster 's attention span is not long enough to read the summary
06:01 exor674 laundry
06:01 * wannabe1987 thinks the others could be wrong about bein girl #justsayin
06:01 exor674 my one pair of pants I have clean has an incriminating hole in it
06:01 wannabe1987 i mean...i've been seen on stream
06:01 exor674 and my dryer is known for not drying things
06:01 wannabe1987 sucks
06:02 thaery lol
06:02 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
06:02 wannabe1987  this is me...
06:02 thaery Actually I know one thing to be fact
06:02 thaery On the internet ther are NO females
06:02 CSMonster the sheer volume of estrogen scared away iisi50mhz
06:02 wannabe1987 no?
06:02 wannabe1987 lol
06:02 wannabe1987 what am i then?!
06:03 thaery A figment of my imagination
06:03 wannabe1987 or issi50mhz died :(
06:03 CSMonster on the internet, the men are men, the women are men, and the children are fbi agents
06:03 wannabe1987 ooo hows the imagination working?
06:03 wannabe1987 lol
06:03 wannabe1987 true dat
06:03 thaery shoddy
06:03 wannabe1987 awww :(
06:03 thaery :P
06:04 wannabe1987 well
06:04 wannabe1987 let me help you out
06:04 wannabe1987 i have two boobs
06:04 wannabe1987 some bellyfat
06:04 wannabe1987 and a vagina
06:04 wannabe1987 :D
06:04 thaery hmmmmm
06:05 * CSMonster is still confused
06:05 thaery is that a literal or figurative vagina
06:05 NeWtoz I started reading at a weird time
06:05 wannabe1987 lol
06:05 CSMonster LOL yes you did.
06:05 wannabe1987 sorry NeWtoz
06:05 wannabe1987 i stick tampons in it to go swimming
06:05 CSMonster are you scared?  you'd be crazy to not be scared
06:06 wannabe1987 lol
06:06 thaery hmmmmmmmmmmmm
06:06 * wannabe1987 is gonna change thaery's name to therapy
06:06 thaery noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
06:06 wannabe1987 yes....i need some!!!!
06:07 thaery lol
06:07 CSMonster i'm still confused as to who is what.  wannabe is female, exor is female, thaery is... a novel?
06:07 wannabe1987 but its too much
06:07 wannabe1987 male!
06:07 wannabe1987 lol
06:07 thaery >.>
06:07 wannabe1987 a male book end!
06:07 wannabe1987 haha hi
06:07 thaery yes, yes I'm novel
06:08 CSMonster what is newtoz?  and i mean that in the most basic sense; what the hell is a NeWtoz?
06:08 wannabe1987 you sound boring
06:08 wannabe1987 no clue
06:08 thaery lol
06:08 wannabe1987 something newtonish?
06:08 thaery Pick one of me up some time
06:08 wannabe1987 i love books!
06:08 CSMonster i can't
06:08 wannabe1987 in fact
06:08 thaery you'll find it not boring
06:08 CSMonster i'm illiterate :(
06:08 wannabe1987 i'm going to the library tmorrow
06:08 wannabe1987 no your not
06:08 wannabe1987 if you were
06:09 wannabe1987 you wouldn't be on a computer :D
06:09 wannabe1987 FAIL!
06:09 thaery Libary! I loves the Libary!
06:09 NeWtoz NeWtoz is a sexy creature
06:09 CSMonster ...wait...
06:09 NeWtoz sneaky, but cuddly
06:09 CSMonster furry?
06:09 wannabe1987 ineed batman comic books
06:09 wannabe1987 NOOOOOOO
06:09 thaery *Feels rejected*
06:09 wannabe1987 no furries allowed!
06:09 wannabe1987 i have enough in my life
06:09 wannabe1987 thems cats tho
06:09 CSMonster LOL
06:09 wannabe1987 what r u?
06:10 NeWtoz nope, not a/are furry
06:10 thaery Whos' what now?
06:10 CSMonster we are not discriminatory toward people in fur suits.  no matter how f'ing weird they are.
06:10 wannabe1987 no
06:10 wannabe1987 we're not
06:10 wannabe1987 *sigh*
06:10 thaery lol
06:10 CSMonster you wish we were?
06:10 wannabe1987 i have enough in my life
06:10 exor674 we are nice to everyone! Except those free energy freaks?
06:10 CSMonster catz
06:10 CSMonster LOL
06:10 CSMonster yes
06:10 CSMonster that
06:11 CSMonster there's many things wrong with that
06:12 NeWtoz for one, it's all caps
06:12 wannabe1987 i'm sure there are
06:12 CSMonster one of them being the word "invent"
06:12 wannabe1987 lol
06:12 thaery
06:12 wannabe1987 i don't understand most of it
06:12 wannabe1987
06:12 CSMonster LOL
06:12 thaery I SURE do
06:13 exor674 ... HAHA, THAT IS AWESOME
06:13 wannabe1987 "i'd be careful of naming and sahming a kat.  they have pointing ends.  and this on is orange.  the orange ones are poison"
06:13 D214 left #thegeekgroup
06:13 wannabe1987 that comment is more awesome :D
06:13 wannabe1987 and yes i translated it from lolspeak
06:14 thaery Orange cats are the embodiment of evil
06:14 wannabe1987 GINGER CATS
06:14 thaery Gingers are evil
06:14 CSMonster kick a ginger cat day?
06:14 wannabe1987 sure
06:16 exor674 be careful! you might anger the evil cat empire enough to cause an uprising
06:16 thaery Guys!
06:16 exor674 we'll all be slaves! and it'd be all your fault
06:16 CSMonster Guys?
06:16 thaery A little respects for our feline overlords!
06:16 thaery yes guys!
06:16 CSMonster respect is earned.
06:17 CSMonster and i'm still lost
06:17 wannabe1987 whats there to be lost about?!
06:17 thaery They've dominated us since ancient egypt
06:17 NeWtoz I'm not into being dominated
06:18 thaery CSMonster: Why lost?
06:18 CSMonster not sub and not furry.  newtoz sounds boring
06:18 exor674 if my dryer does not dry my pants, I will find a way to throw my dryer off my roof!
06:18 CSMonster i'm usually lost.  don't read too much into it.
06:18 NeWtoz :/
06:18 thaery ah
06:18 wannabe1987 defenestrate the dryer!!!!!
06:18 CSMonster mostly because of my small amount of attention being stretched across multiple conversations, all of which are *weird*
06:19 wannabe1987
06:19 CSMonster lol, defenestrate.
06:19 thaery Maybe YOU are the "weird" one
06:19 wannabe1987 i love the word defenestrate :D
06:19 CSMonster i never made any claim to the contrary
06:19 wannabe1987 you're hanging out with us...
06:19 thaery point taken
06:19 thaery but you are the wannabe
06:19 wannabe1987 yeah?
06:19 wannabe1987 and your poinT?
06:20 thaery wannabe what?
06:20 CSMonster trust me, i'm PLENTY weird.
06:20 wannabe1987 wannabe stick shift driver (now am), now wannabe geek
06:20 thaery hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
06:20 thaery tell me about your mother
06:20 wannabe1987 she looks like me
06:20 wannabe1987 we keep getting asked if she's my older sister
06:20 thaery And your feelings about her?
06:21 wannabe1987 lets not go there while publicly logged :D
06:21 thaery LOL
06:21 wannabe1987 i love her to death :D
06:21 * CSMonster ...deleted question
06:21 thaery cool
06:21 * wannabe1987 has too many siblings
06:21 thaery Can be bad
06:22 CSMonster 1 is too many
06:22 thaery I gotta go.. bed time
06:22 wannabe1987 only 4..but two are trauma related from adoption
06:22 wannabe1987 but...i was just getting  started
06:22 CSMonster bye bye thaery faery
06:22 wannabe1987 typical therapist!
06:22 thaery LOL
06:22 wannabe1987 night book
06:22 thaery Night guys REMEMBER ME!
06:22 CSMonster NO
06:22 wannabe1987 if you come back
06:22 wannabe1987 i will try
06:22 CSMonster okay
06:22 thaery lol
06:22 CSMonster can't forget a name like that.
06:22 thaery Night all
06:23 CSMonster nighty
06:23 wannabe1987 lol true
06:23 thaery left #thegeekgroup
06:23 CSMonster roll call
06:23 wannabe1987 "we all live in a yellow submarine"
06:23 wannabe1987 i want butter on my roll, thanks!
06:23 CSMonster lol
06:23 CSMonster is non-fuzzy newtoz still with us?
06:23 wannabe1987 so where r u from?
06:23 wannabe1987 idk
06:23 NeWtoz yup
06:24 CSMonster originally Mojave, now Spokanistan
06:24 wannabe1987 WA?
06:24 CSMonster yeah
06:24 wannabe1987 wet much?
06:24 NeWtoz sounds like a different country
06:24 CSMonster not that bad.  inland, over the mountains.  much drier than seattle
06:24 wannabe1987 ahhh
06:24 wannabe1987 cool
06:24 CSMonster but much wetter than mojave
06:24 CSMonster which is GOOD
06:24 wannabe1987 isn't that a desert?
06:25 CSMonster yes.  yes it is
06:25 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
06:25 NeWtoz a country with a bunch of bikers
06:25 wannabe1987 are there native americans there?
06:25 CSMonster in spokane?
06:25 wannabe1987 no
06:25 wannabe1987 the desert
06:25 CSMonster not really.
06:25 wannabe1987 o ok
06:25 CSMonster it's in Los Angeles County
06:25 wannabe1987 hi new person
06:25 wannabe1987 oooo ok
06:25 * wannabe1987 failed
06:25 CSMonster lol
06:26 wannabe1987 hey...its 2:30 am i gotta be upat 10...when i normally get up
06:26 asnopus hey
06:26 CSMonster so you still have an hour and a half.  i think.  humans need 6 hours of sleep right?
06:26 wannabe1987 yeah
06:26 wannabe1987 i get 7ish
06:26 CSMonster ah
06:26 wannabe1987 i live/deal with boys...i need the extra hour :P
06:26 CSMonster here, hold on
06:26 wannabe1987 *holds*
06:26 NeWtoz I just go to sleep and wake up whenever
06:27 wannabe1987 same...but i have things to
06:27 NeWtoz as long as I get to work
06:27 wannabe1987 most places close by 5...or 8:P
06:27 wannabe1987 whens work?
06:27 wannabe1987 i want work!!!!
06:27 NeWtoz 10pm-6:30am
06:27 NeWtoz I'm at work right now
06:27 NeWtoz on break
06:27 wannabe1987 lol right..
06:27 CSMonster
06:28 wannabe1987 que  es?
06:28 CSMonster that's on the ridge overlooking the mojave desert from the southwest
06:28 CSMonster the town and artificial lake visible is palmdale, which is an hour south of mojave proper
06:28 wannabe1987 cool
06:29 CSMonster it is a hive of scum and villainy
06:29 CSMonster but home is still home.
06:29 Yaotzin So I'm watching trailer park boys for the first time
06:29 wannabe1987 is the scarecrow and the riddler and crew from there?
06:29 Yaotzin Honestly I could turn this show into a drinking game
06:29 CSMonster probably
06:30 CSMonster lol yaotz
06:30 Yaotzin Drink every time I see something on the show that I've seen in person
06:31 wannabe1987 .
06:32 CSMonster
06:32 NeWtoz photoshopped
06:33 CSMonster and yay! there's my high school.  it looks like a military prison camp and is potentially the only school in the US named after a convicted felon
06:33 wannabe1987 wow
06:33 CSMonster :D
06:33 CSMonster i come from a happy background.
06:33 Yaotzin My highschool had woods for getting high in during lunch
06:33 Yaotzin and getting lost in
06:33 wannabe1987 i went to a christian High school
06:34 CSMonster ew
06:34 NeWtoz poor you
06:34 wannabe1987 i also grew up under a rock inside a cave
06:34 CSMonster lol
06:34 wannabe1987 i was rather sheltered
06:35 CSMonster welcome to the cold clear light of day where the darkness is in men's hearts rather than their environments.
06:35 Yaotzin Anyway, I grew up on a farm, but I've been around trailer parks quite a bit when I was younger
06:35 Yaotzin and man is this show extra funny because of it
06:36 wannabe1987 you could name a 90s tv show/movie and theres a 75% chance (or so) i haven't seen it
06:36 * exor674 was quite sheltered because my parents thought it would be an awesome idea to homeschool me from 2nd grade on, and didn't give me any outlets for social interaction and lived in the middle of nowhere yay
06:36 Yaotzin I was playing videogames in the 90's
06:37 CSMonster well tv will rot your brain anyway
06:37 CSMonster don't feel bad about it
06:38 NeWtoz unless they are really large TVs
06:38 wannabe1987 you're like the first person who hasn't gone "OMG YOU HAVEN'T SEEN A B C AND X Y Z?!!???!?!!  NEED TO ACQUIRE ASAP!!!!"
06:38 wannabe1987 lol
06:38 CSMonster LOL
06:39 Yaotzin lol
06:39 CSMonster i was in a private kindergarten, followed by public school from 1 to 5, homeschooled for 6 through 8, private catholic high school from 9 to half way through 11, and finished at the illustrated prison-camp public high school, and have since dropped out of two community colleges five times.
06:39 CSMonster i get around.
06:39 Yaotzin I can be like that with videogames, wannabe1987
06:39 Yaotzin but I'm a gaming nerd
06:39 Yaotzin always have been
06:39 wannabe1987 lol
06:39 wannabe1987 i can't do video games...i tried gears of war 2 and i couldn't do the killing...
06:39 wannabe1987 the wii is fine tho :D
06:40 Yaotzin Gears of War is a pretty crappy game series
06:40 CSMonster aaaw softie
06:40 wannabe1987 and....i'm falling asleep :P
06:40 CSMonster GoW is crap
06:40 wannabe1987 i can't run in a straight line
06:40 wannabe1987 its the killing that bothers me...
06:40 wannabe1987 i had to stop before the save point
06:40 CSMonster ah.  play portal then
06:40 wannabe1987 console?
06:40 wannabe1987 what system...
06:40 NeWtoz you can die in portal..
06:40 CSMonster console or PC
06:40 wannabe1987 my netbook won't handle mario...
06:40 CSMonster you can die in portal, but there's really no killing, and lots of dark humor
06:41 NeWtoz she just needs something like a tamagachy pet
06:41 wannabe1987 what console?
06:41 CSMonster LOL
06:41 wannabe1987 TETRIS!!!!!
06:41 wannabe1987 i love tetris...
06:41 wannabe1987 we have consoles here...i live with boys
06:41 CSMonster i think it's on XB360
06:41 wannabe1987 :P
06:41 wannabe1987 got one of dem...its tj's (boyfriend)
06:41 Yaotzin Portal is on 360 and PS3
06:41 Yaotzin as well as PC
06:41 CSMonster there you go.
06:42 wannabe1987 1 360, 3 ps3, and 1 sega genesis.  and a ps2
06:42 CSMonster i <3 portal.
06:42 wannabe1987 and my 'rents have wii and ps2
06:42 wannabe1987 and i has a sleep
06:42 wannabe1987 NIGHT!!!!
06:42 CSMonster lol
06:42 * wannabe1987 zzzzzzz
06:42 CSMonster okay
06:42 CSMonster night.
06:42 Yaotzin Right now we have 2 PS2's, a PS3, a 360, a wii, and three windows machines for gaming in the livingroom
06:42 Yaotzin Night
06:42 wannabe1987 :)
06:43 CSMonster i have two original PSX (a 7501 and a 7001 i think), a non-working original xbox, and i sold my Wii and PS3
06:43 NeWtoz I just have a PC
06:43 NeWtoz all I need
06:43 CSMonster i prefer different kinds of games on different systems.  i can't do FPS on console
06:43 Noise_Marine all xconsoles plus a gaming pc
06:43 NeWtoz I want a muffin
06:43 CSMonster A NEW CHALLENGER APPROACHES.  hi noise
06:43 Noise_Marine PC is favorite ^.^
06:44 Noise_Marine Hello o/
06:44 Noise_Marine plus I can watch anime at the same time as gaming so its a plus ^.^
06:44 CSMonster lol
06:45 Noise_Marine not to mention IRC
06:45 CSMonster i miss having a second monitor.  and a laptop next to the desktop.
06:45 CSMonster IRC is pretty rock.  i should have started using this years ago
06:45 Noise_Marine I mess my 3-5 montiors...
06:45 Noise_Marine school is dulling my senses by making me use 2 :|
06:46 CSMonster lol
06:46 NeWtoz I don't mess mine
06:46 CSMonster you shouldn't mess your monitors
06:46 CSMonster use kleenex or something
06:46 Noise_Marine miss*
06:46 NeWtoz I have 4
06:46 NeWtoz 4 19 inchers
06:46 Noise_Marine although the internet connection here far outways the cons of having to use 2 monitors
06:47 Noise_Marine weighs*
06:47 Roly 2x40
06:47 Roly inch
06:47 CSMonster speaking of sensory input
06:47 Noise_Marine 2 x 23.6 2 x 19 and one old 19 inch CRT
06:48 CSMonster anyone have recommendations on a corded headset or headphones that don't suck IE the cable won't break after 6 months of use?  (i'm old fashioned and don't like wireless stuff)
06:49 Noise_Marine you have a budget?
06:49 CSMonster if not i'm going to be doing some serious armor-up to this last set.
06:49 CSMonster let's go with "no".  i'm broke, but i'll save up because you know "buy nice or buy twice"
06:49 Noise_Marine ya
06:49 Yaotzin CSMonster:  Seinheiser HD555's
06:49 Yaotzin bam
06:49 Noise_Marine ^^ those
06:50 Yaotzin enjoy your quality headphones
06:50 CSMonster sweeet.  thanks
06:50 Yaotzin All I ever use
06:50 Noise_Marine 650 are bit batter
06:50 Yaotzin Had the same pair for two years
06:50 Noise_Marine better*
06:50 NeWtoz I use a cheap pair of seinheisers
06:50 NeWtoz have had them for a long time
06:50 Noise_Marine I use none I dont like headphones
06:50 Yaotzin I think I spent $95 on mine
06:50 Noise_Marine ^.^
06:50 Yaotzin open air over the head comfortable as hell cans
06:51 CSMonster that's not too bad.  i was expecting someone to say something like $400
06:51 Yaotzin nah HD555's are $100 +/-$10
06:51 Yaotzin at least they were a few years ago
06:52 NeWtoz I have some hd2xx something
06:52 MadManMarkAu1 left #thegeekgroup
06:52 NeWtoz got them from a friend for really cheap, so I haven't bothered getting something better
06:52 Noise_Marine buy those it'll only put you in debt 30k ^.^
06:52 CSMonster faaaaancy
06:52 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
06:53 CSMonster electron valves are sexy.
06:53 Noise_Marine ya and amazing sound quality
06:53 CSMonster no doubt
06:53 Noise_Marine I only had the honor of touching them once
06:53 Noise_Marine and I wanted them right away
06:53 CSMonster hmmm anyone make a vacuum tube pc audio card?
06:54 * CSMonster assuming no
06:54 Noise_Marine :| your kidding right....
06:54 CSMonster but it would be SEXY and you know it
06:54 Noise_Marine that would be massive
06:54 CSMonster i'm okay with massive.;
06:54 Noise_Marine ya but my case is already full enough
06:54 Noise_Marine cant fit anymore
06:54 CSMonster probably pull a ton of power too
06:55 Noise_Marine nothing the silverstone strider cant handle
06:56 NeWtoz CSMonster likes them big
06:56 CSMonster :D
06:56 Noise_Marine mmm to go to sleep or not too :|
06:56 CSMonster
06:56 CSMonster on-board valve audio
06:57 Noise_Marine old school
06:57 * CSMonster adds to wish list
06:57 Noise_Marine would add to the towering pile of motherboards if I bought that
06:57 CSMonster lol
06:58 Noise_Marine not to mention I got away from Intel
06:59 CSMonster idk what i'm going to do when i upgrade.  electronics aren't at the front of my want list though; building a liberty training rifle
06:59 Noise_Marine <-- computer engineering tech student
06:59 CSMonster after that, and maybe a couple more ARs, then i'll deal with my 5 year old PC and 7 year old cell phone and non-working headphones.
06:59 Noise_Marine I love me computers
07:00 NeWtoz back to work
07:00 Noise_Marine I even name them ^.^
07:00 CSMonster lol
07:00 CSMonster i used to name my 486s
07:00 CSMonster newtoz and noise both leaving me?
07:00 Noise_Marine mines a sexy beast so she deserves a name
07:00 CSMonster lol
07:00 Noise_Marine nope
07:00 NeWtoz If I don't go back to work, my boss won't like me too much
07:01 NeWtoz so yup
07:01 CSMonster lol okay later newtoz
07:01 Noise_Marine I should sleep I have exam tomorrow lol
07:01 CSMonster okie dokie
07:01 Noise_Marine but i wont ^.^
07:01 CSMonster LOL
07:01 CSMonster okay
07:01 Noise_Marine sorting and moving stuff for moving back home is better
07:02 CSMonster ah
07:02 CSMonster hmm brb
07:04 Noise_Marine all alone
07:04 Noise_Marine >.>
07:04 Noise_Marine <.<
07:06 Yaotzin lol, man
07:06 Yaotzin The bumming of and leaving of cigarettes, giving cigarettes to kids
07:06 CSMonster not all alone
07:06 Yaotzin Trailer park boys takes me back
07:07 Yaotzin I can't get over it
07:08 Noise_Marine never seen it
07:08 * Noise_Marine doesnt watch tv
07:08 * CSMonster doesn't watch tv either
07:08 * CSMonster is also back
07:08 Yaotzin It's on netflix
07:08 CSMonster netflix totally counts as tv.  or something.
07:09 Yaotzin nope
07:09 CSMonster i lie.  i watch burn notice on hulu
07:09 Noise_Marine requires you paying
07:09 CSMonster but that's it
07:09 Yaotzin Yeah netflix requires a whole $12/mo
07:09 Noise_Marine lets see if its on Usenet
07:11 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
07:11 Yaotzin Netflix doesn't have adverts, and I only watch what I want
07:11 Yaotzin Pretty much better than tv
07:11 CSMonster that's fair
07:12 Noise_Marine its streaming right you cant download them?
07:12 Yaotzin Yeah it's streaming but there is nothing stopping you from downloading them like you download youtube videos
07:13 Noise_Marine 1080p?
07:13 Yaotzin Depends on the show
07:13 Yaotzin but it has HD and 480p
07:14 Noise_Marine I'll have to borrow my friends account then for a bit
07:15 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
07:15 Cprossu_Laptop exor674: the freon huffing comment makes me remember that R12(you know the really nasty ozone depleating one) is...well harmless
07:16 CSMonster unless you spray it in your eyes from the high pressure tap
07:16 Cprossu_Laptop breathing it in anyway
07:16 CSMonster frosty eyeball = bad
07:16 Cprossu_Laptop R12 is rather inert to humans
07:16 Cprossu_Laptop which is why it was so 'cool'
07:17 CSMonster lol refrigerant pun
07:17 exor674 inert to humans, but eats our atmosphere?
07:17 CSMonster clearly the solution is to engineer a better atmosphere.
07:18 Cprossu_Laptop if you ever see a newer car (1996+) that had an engine fire, better not to touch anything in the engine bay
07:18 exor674 meh, I say screw the atmosphere! let's just live in a giant dome
07:18 Cprossu_Laptop do you know why?
07:18 CSMonster r134a + heat = mustard gas, correct?
07:19 CSMonster i remember something like that
07:19 Cprossu_Laptop something worse than phosgene gas happens at a certain temp
07:19 CSMonster but auto shop was years ago
07:19 Cprossu_Laptop but that's why you don't use a flame to check for leaks
07:19 CSMonster that's all they told us about it
07:19 exor674 even after it's cooled off a lot
07:19 exor674 ?
07:19 Cprossu_Laptop but you get hydrofloric acid
07:19 CSMonster ah.
07:19 CSMonster yeah that's not fun
07:19 Cprossu_Laptop because of interaction with a few other things
07:19 exor674 because touching it when it's uh, just done being on fire is bad for another reason
07:19 Cprossu_Laptop but yeah
07:20 Cprossu_Laptop it's the most not fun one could have at a wrecking yard
07:20 Cprossu_Laptop I mean weeks later
07:20 exor674 lovely
07:21 Cprossu_Laptop GM is gonna go to r1234....some letter
07:21 Cprossu_Laptop h?
07:21 CSMonster r1234?
07:21 Cprossu_Laptop yf
07:21 exor674 which has some other dangerous interaction
07:21 exor674 probably?
07:21 Cprossu_Laptop I don't know actually
07:22 Cprossu_Laptop but there will be less than 1lb for even a big car
07:22 Cprossu_Laptop and it's fucking expensive
07:22 Cprossu_Laptop r1234YF
07:22 Cprossu_Laptop the compressor alone is $800
07:22 CSMonster >:( chatzilla needs a keep on top function.
07:23 Cprossu_Laptop It technically is flamable iirc
07:23 Cprossu_Laptop which is why.....
07:23 Cprossu_Laptop they have to include a plug which blows when the airbags deploy
07:23 Cprossu_Laptop to release it
07:23 CSMonster WOW.
07:23 CSMonster kinda like when people try to recharge their refrigerators with propane
07:24 exor674 how flamable? because cars are already full of flamable things, will one more really hurt?
07:24 Noise_Marine chatzilla why not something like mIRC or xchat CSMonster ?
07:24 CSMonster because it was convenient, really
07:24 Cprossu_Laptop not really flamable
07:24 CSMonster supposedly there's a way to use pidgin for irc but i haven't looked into it
07:25 Noise_Marine yup
07:25 Cprossu_Laptop don't even bother
07:25 * CSMonster is new to irc
07:25 exor674 that'd be worse
07:25 Cprossu_Laptop it's a pile of trash
07:25 Noise_Marine you on linux?
07:25 CSMonster no, XP
07:25 Noise_Marine icechat is decent
07:25 Noise_Marine xchat is paid but really nice
07:25 Cprossu_Laptop if on xp, mirc reigns king.... or something
07:26 CSMonster XP with an Ubuntu partition for emergency recovery, specifically
07:26 Noise_Marine mIRC is free if you want to put up with half a minute before it allows you to use when trial ends
07:26 Cprossu_Laptop mine is on like 750 days
07:26 CSMonster ah
07:26 exor674 lol wait, they use r134a as a pharmaceutical propellant
07:26 Cprossu_Laptop I should really consider buying it
07:26 exor674 oO
07:27 Cprossu_Laptop for me though I rarely reboot or anything
07:27 CSMonster i'm just stubborn and don't like browsing while windowed, and don't have a second monitor to move all my chat boxes to
07:27 Noise_Marine xchat is best if running more then  40 channels on some servers
07:28 Cprossu_Laptop I've got 2 monitors just for my desktop, and sometimes I suppliment it with another 2 monitors and 2 netbooks and this laptop
07:28 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
07:28 Cprossu_Laptop and whatever else I may need at the time
07:28 CSMonster honestly i just started using IRC a few days ago, and just because of interest in TGG
07:28 Cprossu_Laptop you should go exploring, here on freenode there's anything you could imagine
07:28 Noise_Marine oh a newbie to IRC ^.^
07:29 Noise_Marine and other servers
07:29 Cprossu_Laptop this network is very nice
07:29 Yaotzin heh
07:29 CSMonster yes, a noob.  i am *so* not an electronics person
07:29 Yaotzin Go to Rizon
07:29 Cprossu_Laptop it's where all the linux dev gets done
07:29 Cprossu_Laptop rizon if you're into anime
07:29 Yaotzin anime?
07:29 Yaotzin eh
07:29 Cprossu_Laptop and like netsplits
07:29 Yaotzin rizzoffs
07:29 Cprossu_Laptop (specifically japanese anime/manga/etc)
07:29 Noise_Marine I'm on p2p and some private ones and a bunch of free ones
07:30 Yaotzin rizon is home to #/v/ and #/b/ and #/b/tv among other things
07:30 Cprossu_Laptop and other terrible things
07:30 Noise_Marine really nice people around if you find the right places
07:30 CSMonster unrelated: oh dear, the sennheiser hd800 is QUITE expensive.
07:30 Cprossu_Laptop and you can /ignore the jerks
07:30 Noise_Marine yup ^.^
07:30 Noise_Marine oh banne dthem if your a OP
07:31 Cprossu_Laptop I got tired of getting DDOSed on rizon though
07:31 Noise_Marine or *
07:31 CSMonster i know what /b/ is, what's /b/tv and /v/?  dare i ask
07:31 Cprossu_Laptop doing some fansubbing totally ruined anime to me...if you like anime, for god sakes don't do fansubbing
07:31 Yaotzin well, actually /b/radio if it's even still around
07:31 Noise_Marine fansubbing ewww
07:32 Cprossu_Laptop I picked up some good skills though
07:32 Cprossu_Laptop that I use more often than not
07:32 Cprossu_Laptop like how to
07:32 Cprossu_Laptop 'talk' to translators
07:32 Yaotzin And how do you know what /b/ is but you don't know what /v/ is?
07:32 CSMonster i haven't watched anime in a few years.  basically not since i finished samurai champloo
07:32 CSMonster because i'm retarded.
07:32 Yaotzin I don't really watch anime
07:32 Noise_Marine I love anime
07:32 Noise_Marine ^.^
07:33 Cprossu_Laptop there are really nice tech minded people in them
07:33 Cprossu_Laptop but....
07:33 Yaotzin CSMonster: /v/ideogames
07:33 CSMonster got it
07:33 Cprossu_Laptop the SNR is quite low if you catch my drift
07:34 exor674 lol, are those sprinklers turning on?
07:34 CSMonster ?
07:34 exor674 it's been raining all day, and it's gonna probably snow tonight
07:34 exor674 GREAT IDEA!
07:34 Yaotzin lol
07:35 Yaotzin /v/ is usually a hole, but /tg/ /g/ and /ck/ are worth going to
07:35 Cprossu_Laptop g is sometimes good for a laugh or two
07:36 Yaotzin that it is
07:36 Cprossu_Laptop but it's been year(s) since I last looked
07:36 Cprossu_Laptop I need to resurect my web server
07:36 Cprossu_Laptop so I can show you some random bits from my years geeking around
07:37 Cprossu_Laptop I got shit that goes back to '01 on there
07:37 Cprossu_Laptop well I'm off for now
07:37 Cprossu_Laptop lates
07:38 CSMonster bye
07:38 Noise_Marine >.>
07:38 Noise_Marine <.<
07:38 CSMonster what?
07:38 CSMonster you look confused.
07:39 Yaotzin later
07:39 Noise_Marine me confused never
07:39 CSMonster lies
07:40 Noise_Marine you sound like another person I know >.>
07:40 CSMonster lol oh?
07:40 Noise_Marine yes and hes lies statements :P
07:40 Noise_Marine his*
07:40 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
07:42 CSMonster asnopus
07:42 asnopus hey
07:42 CSMonster hi.
07:42 asnopus my PSU over heated :(
07:42 CSMonster uncool
07:42 CSMonster ....
07:43 asnopus 3 fans on that thing and none of them work
07:43 asnopus time to go shopping
07:44 CSMonster i need a new PSU.  it started making angry noises so i looked into it and found it was badly underdriving the system, so i pulled out all unnecessary peripherals.  so all i have in there now is a hard drive and a vid card
07:44 CSMonster .....and the onboard USB is 1.1
07:44 * CSMonster cries
07:44 CSMonster i need a new PC
07:44 Noise_Marine 0.0
07:44 Noise_Marine ya you do
07:45 Noise_Marine I'm at USB 3
07:45 Noise_Marine ....
07:45 asnopus I have USB3, but nothing that uses it
07:45 Noise_Marine my SSDs externals do
07:46 CSMonster the important thing is it runs L4D2.  just barely, with all graphics settings turned down, but it does run
07:46 * CSMonster starts up cpu-z
07:47 CSMonster Pent. 4 Northwood, socket PGA-478, .13um, 2.00ghz
07:47 Noise_Marine AMD phenom thuban
07:50 CSMonster with 768BM RAM (do they still call it RAM or is that uncool now?)... one stick running at 133mhz and the other at 200
07:50 Noise_Marine eww....
07:50 Noise_Marine and yes RAM
07:50 CSMonster and a 512MB GeForce 6200, AGP
07:50 Noise_Marine :O old
07:50 CSMonster the word 'archaic' comes to mind
07:51 Noise_Marine the words cant run anything anymore come to mind
07:51 CSMonster like i said: it can just barely run L4D2
07:51 CSMonster which honestly is all i need it to do, but yes i'm well aware i need to upgrade
07:52 Noise_Marine;current=HPIM0225.jpg mine..... >.>
07:52 Noise_Marine <.<
07:53 CSMonster faaaaancy
07:53 CSMonster big chassis
07:53 Noise_Marine full tower
07:53 Noise_Marine not big enough
07:53 CSMonster oh and that reminds me: onboard audio output is normally through the chassis speaker.  all i have to say about that is: fuck you, dell
07:54 CSMonster like, the normal audio out jack doesn't work.  i have to plug the speakers into the headphone port on the front.  however much sense that makes
07:54 Noise_Marine weird
07:54 Noise_Marine I have no speaker inside
07:55 Noise_Marine dont have a port for it
07:55 CSMonster it's wired to the motherboard ie like the BIOS buzzer on older systems
07:55 Photon939 CSMonster: maybe the switch inside the headphone port is busted
07:56 Photon939 usually the sound card routes audio only to the front panel if you have something plugged in
07:56 CSMonster hmm
07:56 CSMonster yeah i know
07:56 CSMonster but if nothing is plugged into the headphone port, it's routed to the chassis buzzer/speaker instead
07:57 CSMonster which is dumb
07:57 asnopus That just reminded me of the turbo button
07:57 Photon939 i've never seen a system do that
07:57 CSMonster LOL
07:57 CSMonster this is actually not the first system i've seen do that.  my dad brought home a couple of retired dell and compaq workstations from Raytheon that did that too
07:57 Noise_Marine starting to think his is unigue...
07:57 Noise_Marine unique*
07:58 CSMonster :O hers
07:58 CSMonster and that's not the worst piece of tech i'm using.
07:59 CSMonster look up Samsung SGH-E105
07:59 Noise_Marine they is no girls on the interwebs though ^.^
07:59 CSMonster of course
07:59 CSMonster silly me, i forgot
07:59 Photon939 my system is fairly recent, but after upgrading my graphics card for bitcoin mining I'm severely CPU bottlenecked
07:59 CSMonster i've been using the same cellphone for 7 years.
08:00 Photon939 I'm still using a Nokia 6102i
08:00 Noise_Marine my system has no bottlenecks ^>^
08:00 Noise_Marine I made sure
08:00 Photon939 well it's what happens when you upgrade a 4+ year old system with a $250 graphics card
08:00 CSMonster okay i don't feel so bad then
08:00 CSMonster lol
08:02 Noise_Marine damn caps
08:02 Photon939 current system is an Athlon64 X2 6000+ Windsor core with 6gb of ram, a Radeon hd5870 and a 15,000 RPM SCSI drive for the OS
08:02 Noise_Marine thats the next thing on the list a new keyboard
08:02 Noise_Marine I like the video card
08:02 Noise_Marine same as mine
08:03 Noise_Marine AMD Phenom x6 1090T here
08:03 Photon939 my dedicated mining rig has a Sempron 140 unlocked to a dual core AthlonII, 2gb of ram, and two hd5870s
08:04 Photon939 the unlocked $38 sempron is faster than the Windsor core in my main rig :(
08:06 Photon939
08:07 CSMonster puuuurdy
08:07 Noise_Marine mines agaming rig so no need for crossfire
08:07 Photon939 im not using crossfire
08:07 Photon939 each card runs its own instance of the computing program
08:13 Photon939;_trksid=p4340.l2557&amp;rt=nc&amp;nma=true&amp;item=190489279583&amp;si=sMF9cyCAqXFeAxd8XT2uB5N2crM%253D&amp;viewitem=&amp;sspagename=STRK%3AMEWNX%3AIT
08:13 Photon939 gonna go pick this up on friday :)
08:13 CSMonster it's
08:13 CSMonster a thing.
08:13 CSMonster what's it do?
08:14 Photon939 "Flow cytometry (abbreviated: FCM) is a technique for counting and examining microscopic particles, such as cells and chromosomes, by suspending them in a stream of fluid and passing them by an electronic detection apparatus"
08:14 Photon939 according to wikipedia
08:14 CSMonster interesting.
08:15 Photon939 i mainly bought it
08:15 Noise_Marine mmm i need louder speakers so I can wake my roommates at god awful hours ^.^
08:15 CSMonster $120 does seem like a damn good price for something that specialized
08:15 Photon939 because it has an argon laser peeking out of the unit
08:15 CSMonster ah
08:15 Photon939 CSMonster: it used to be $2700 OBO
08:15 CSMonster fuck
08:15 Photon939 they dropped it to $800 OBO
08:15 Photon939 i offered $120 just for the hell of it
08:15 Photon939 lol
08:15 CSMonster LOL they were happy to get rid of it then
08:16 Photon939 yup
08:17 Photon939;hash=item4cf4c518fa
08:17 Photon939 @_@
08:18 CSMonster wow
08:18 Photon939 ooh that one has a Coherent Enterprise argon laser
08:18 Photon939 and a green HeNe
08:19 CSMonster fancy stuff
08:19 CSMonster something tells me they aren't parting with that one for $120
08:19 Photon939 haha yeah
08:19 Photon939 it wouldn't fit in my jeep either
08:19 CSMonster lol
08:20 * CSMonster cries
08:20 Photon939 ?
08:21 CSMonster gun parts i want that cost waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much money
08:21 Photon939 ahh guns
08:21 CSMonster $700 for a set of handguards for the Colt Model 750
08:21 Photon939 wtf
08:21 Photon939 I want to pick up a handgun when I turn 21 next month, but it seems rather silly to drop $300 on something I wouldn't really get to use
08:22 CSMonster <shrug>
08:22 Photon939 although I do think buying a handgun is a better use of money than getting piss drunk for my 21st
08:22 CSMonster it's a hobby.  unless/until the zombies/nazis/north koreans come, there's not much practical application to them but they are fun
08:22 CSMonster lol
08:22 CSMonster i'm inclined to agree
08:23 Photon939 lasers and computers are bad enough
08:23 CSMonster you can get some form of 9x18mm Mak for around $200 though
08:23 CSMonster i think
08:23 Photon939 don't think I could afford to add guns to that list
08:23 CSMonster nice to have at least one around though
08:23 Photon939 indeed
08:23 CSMonster lemme find a price for you
08:24 CSMonster what state are you in btw
08:24 Photon939 PA
08:24 CSMonster k
08:26 CSMonster Impact Guns: Hungarian FeG PA-63 surplus 9x18mm Makarov, very good to excellent condition, $189, out of stock but accepting orders
08:26 CSMonster
08:27 Photon939 hmm
08:27 CSMonster that's a hard deal to beat.  CZ-52s aren't that cheap anymore, and aren't particularly nice guns anyway.  i think Nagant revolvers are still pretty cheap but in very few ways do they not suck
08:27 Photon939 yeah, the local shop was looking at like $250 minimum for any kind of handgun
08:28 CSMonster after adding tax and shipping and their dealer fee and such that's what it would about come out to out-the-door, but it's still not that bad.
08:29 CSMonster if it makes you feel any better, i recently dumped $1100 into building an M4.
08:30 Photon939 pfft, I know guys on the laser forum that spend more than that on a handheld laser
08:30 CSMonster lol
08:30 CSMonster i don't doubt it.
08:30 Photon939 I'm not a fan of handhelds though
08:30 Photon939 I prefer the big commercial stuff
08:30 Photon939 also more outdated technology like gas lasers
08:30 Photon939 sorta like tube amps versus solid state
08:31 Photon939 glowing glass = fun
08:31 CSMonster i could of course spend more than that if it were available to me.  i want an M107CQ but that costs as much as a decent motorcycle :(
08:31 CSMonster lol, yes.
08:31 CSMonster i've got...
08:31 Photon939 heh
08:31 CSMonster krypton
08:31 CSMonster a krypton spectrum tube
08:31 Photon939 I have a krypton laser :)
08:31 CSMonster which i got just because it was cool
08:31 CSMonster lol
08:32 Photon939 but it doesn't work yet : \
08:32 Photon939 need to align the mirrors
08:32 CSMonster but i don't have a power supply to light it up
08:32 CSMonster i want to build a nixie clock but i pretty much fail at electronics.  i've never met an IC i didn't kill
08:32 Photon939 you can probably power those up with a fairly small HV source
08:32 CSMonster yeah
08:32 CSMonster thought about rubbing my socks on the carpet and seeing if i can spark it with my body :D
08:32 Photon939 lol
08:33 Photon939 i did that with a HeNe laser once
08:33 Photon939 made it light up from static
08:34 Photon939 I got bitten by the nixie bug a while back
08:34 Photon939 still haven't finished my clock, although it is moderatey functional
08:34 CSMonster i think it would be cool to turn this into a small table lamp but i gotta wonder about how much noise it would make.
08:34 Photon939 the krypton tube?
08:34 CSMonster yeah
08:34 Photon939 you could probably get one of those $15 USB plasma globes
08:35 Photon939 pop the globe off
08:35 Photon939 and connect the krypton tube
08:35 CSMonster lol
08:35 CSMonster that could work i suppose
08:35 CSMonster
08:35 CSMonster like that
08:35 Photon939 yeah
08:36 Photon939 I want to try making my own discharge tubes
08:36 CSMonster hmm
08:36 Photon939 tried it before, but the glass tubing i got was too small and I couldn't make a tube with a port to pull a vacuum
08:37 CSMonster i wish i were good at this stuff
08:37 Photon939
08:37 Photon939 that's my nixie clock setup
08:37 CSMonster that's
08:37 JA12 an error
08:37 CSMonster lol
08:37 CSMonster you added a 3 to the end of the link
08:37 CSMonster russian tubes?
08:38 Photon939
08:38 Photon939 yeah
08:38 CSMonster very cool
08:38 Photon939 might replace the colon LEDs with neon bulbs later
08:38 CSMonster of course
08:38 Photon939 also though about adding a seconds display in binary with neon bulbs
08:38 Photon939 thought*
08:38 CSMonster that would also be cool
08:39 Photon939 my clock is essentially arduino based
08:39 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
08:39 Photon939 it runs on an ATMEGA328 with the arduino bootloader
08:39 Photon939 and a DS1307 RTC for timekeeping
08:40 CSMonster you lost me at 328
08:40 CSMonster i know what an ATMEGA processor is, beyond that...... o.o
08:40 Photon939 same chip the arduino uses
08:41 Photon939
08:41 Photon939 glass tube argon lasers are my favorite
08:41 CSMonster oh damn
08:41 CSMonster that is pretty fancy
08:42 CSMonster so how close are you to weaponization? :D
08:42 Photon939 lol
08:42 Photon939 I do have a 60 watt diode brick that sets most objects on fire
08:42 CSMonster lol nice.
08:43 Photon939;feature=channel_video_title
08:43 Photon939 video of the laser
08:43 CSMonster that SOB is BRIGHT
08:43 CSMonster not that i expected otherwise
08:45 Photon939 yeah his laser was doing at least 2 watts I think
08:47 Photon939 welp I need to go sleep
08:47 Photon939 almost 5am
08:47 CSMonster okie
08:47 Photon939 nice chatting CSMonster
08:47 CSMonster lol
08:47 CSMonster same.
08:47 CSMonster rest well.
08:47 Photon939 is now known as Photon|Zzz
08:50 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
09:11 Sgt_Lemming_ joined #thegeekgroup
09:11 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
09:11 Sgt_Lemming_ is now known as Sgt_Lemming
09:16 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
09:17 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
09:17 MadManMarkAu1 is now known as MadManMarkAu
10:07 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
10:09 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
10:16 Julepalme joined #thegeekgroup
10:16 Thermoelectric Morning/evening Julepalme.
10:17 Noise_Marine ..
10:17 Noise_Marine <<
10:17 Thermoelectric What?
10:17 Noise_Marine >>
10:17 Noise_Marine its alive again :D
10:17 Julepalme noon here :) hello
10:18 Noise_Marine I wish it was noon here :|
10:18 Thermoelectric You'd be surprised, you just need to give a seed for the conversation.
10:18 Noise_Marine its 6 am here
10:18 Thermoelectric 'Tis 8:20PM here.
10:20 Noise_Marine I wish it was that time I started this HW at lol
10:20 Thermoelectric Oh yeah, procrastination. I also know all about that. :/
10:21 Noise_Marine yup ^.^
10:21 Noise_Marine CCNA cert exam today
10:21 Yaotzin suddenly dingos
10:21 Thermoelectric CCNA cert sounds interesting.
10:21 Thermoelectric The dingo ate my baby!
10:22 Noise_Marine lol its interesting but a pain to do the subnet address table by hand
10:23 Thermoelectric Mmm, that probably takes a bit of the fun out of it.
10:24 Noise_Marine so i made a excel spreadsheet that does it for me ^.^
10:24 Thermoelectric Nice work.
10:24 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
10:24 Electronics Mroning all
10:24 Electronics *morning
10:24 Thermoelectric Mornin'.
10:24 Noise_Marine morning
10:25 Noise_Marine ya i wasnt about to write out 5000 addresses by hand :|
10:26 Electronics anyone seen this?
10:26 Thermoelectric I wonder how many others would write out the 5000 addresses by hand...
10:26 Noise_Marine my team member did
10:26 Noise_Marine ......
10:27 Electronics what's this addresses thing?
10:27 Thermoelectric That's quite the redundant website
10:27 Noise_Marine subnet address tables
10:27 Noise_Marine boring work...... basically
10:27 Thermoelectric .g CCNA
10:27 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
10:28 Electronics mm fun
10:28 Noise_Marine ya fun....
10:28 Noise_Marine most of the stuff I cant do here the schools residents firewall blocks me >.<
10:28 brousch joined #thegeekgroup
10:29 Noise_Marine doesnt block torrents and usenet but it blocks the school work actually needed
10:29 Noise_Marine ......
10:29 Thermoelectric Is it that hard to use a proxy or do the technicians not like those?
10:29 Thermoelectric Morning brousch
10:29 Noise_Marine the server downstairs would shut me down tried
10:30 Thermoelectric Damn
10:30 Electronics hmm
10:31 Electronics what are you trying to view that the school blocks?
10:31 brousch left #thegeekgroup
10:31 Noise_Marine pings
10:31 Noise_Marine and traces
10:31 Noise_Marine I'm tempted to kick the bloody thing downstairs :|
10:32 Electronics ssh into a server you own or can access?
10:33 Noise_Marine I logged into a friends thats how I'm doing most its slow work though
10:33 Noise_Marine he doesnt know hehehe
10:33 Electronics haha
10:34 Noise_Marine although the school might be getting a big bill soon
10:34 Noise_Marine >.>
10:34 Noise_Marine <.<
10:35 Electronics ?
10:35 Noise_Marine I doubt they intended for the students to be able to download 10 TBs a month.....
10:37 Thermoelectric Wow...
10:39 Electronics that's quite alot
10:40 Noise_Marine I like downloading.....
10:41 Noise_Marine and they just had to give me a 1000 Mbit line....
10:42 Thermoelectric Rub it in why don't you. How much storage space have you accumulated to be able to get 10TB's per month?
10:42 Electronics is now known as Electronics|Away
10:42 Noise_Marine I have in the desktop right now 9.5 TBs
10:43 Noise_Marine another at parents for about 20 TBs
10:43 Noise_Marine and then my friends drives
10:46 Noise_Marine I like my computers so I've been collecting....
10:47 Thermoelectric I see.
10:47 Noise_Marine my NIC card is dying though sadly
10:47 Thermoelectric You get charged for power usage in dorms?
10:47 Thermoelectric That sucks.
10:47 Noise_Marine Nope :D
10:47 Ovidiu joined #thegeekgroup
10:48 * Thermoelectric wishes he were in a dorm. Server farm. >:D
10:48 Noise_Marine yup :D
10:48 Thermoelectric Morning Ovidiu
10:48 Ovidiu morning
10:48 Noise_Marine I made this desktop a seed box here
10:49 Noise_Marine beating 10 gbit lines because i'm closer to the downloaders
10:49 Sgt_Lemming listening to my housemate have a lovers tiff... about programming
10:49 Sgt_Lemming it's quite amusing :-P
10:49 Noise_Marine programming really?
10:49 Noise_Marine record that shit
10:49 Sgt_Lemming yes
10:49 Sgt_Lemming it's quite amusing
10:50 Cj1corbystarlet record that ! .... Hi all
10:50 Ovidiu hi
10:50 Noise_Marine then upload to youtube :D
10:51 Noise_Marine or BLACKMAIL
10:52 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
10:55 Noise_Marine found the only problem about the speed though its starting to overload the disks and utorrent is running to many torrents now :|
10:57 Thermoelectric You RAID'ing them?
10:58 Noise_Marine no only green drives they crap out in raid when idling
10:58 Thermoelectric Oh.
10:59 Noise_Marine but it does have a buffer of 32 GBs on the SSD
11:00 Thermoelectric Mmm.
11:02 Noise_Marine adding 560 torrents at one time , I think it broke it lol
11:03 Thermoelectric That's quite a bit more than I run. Stupid 60GB monthly limit. >_<
11:03 Noise_Marine who you with?
11:03 Thermoelectric
11:04 Noise_Marine no clue lol
11:04 Thermoelectric Quotas and stuff suck in Aus.
11:04 Noise_Marine oh AUS you do suck for internet lol
11:04 Thermoelectric Yep.
11:04 Noise_Marine even the fiber there sicks
11:05 Thermoelectric Also true.
11:05 Thermoelectric THey're bringing out the 'National Broadband Network' at the moment, which includes fiber to most houses, but I think the ISP's will still charge way too much.
11:06 Noise_Marine ya its like 30 bucks for unlimited here
11:07 Thermoelectric Bet if you downloaded 10TB's your ISP would show you the 1px text on the contract.
11:07 Noise_Marine lol
11:07 Noise_Marine cogent
11:07 Noise_Marine look them up
11:07 Thermoelectric .g cogent
11:07 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
11:08 Thermoelectric *sob* Lucky *censored*.
11:09 Noise_Marine LMAO
11:09 Electronics|Away 40GB download limit here >:(
11:09 Thermoelectric Ouch
11:09 Electronics|Away is now known as Electronics
11:10 Noise_Marine >.>
11:10 Noise_Marine <.<
11:10 Electronics hmm
11:10 Noise_Marine unlimited at both here and parents
11:10 Noise_Marine ^.^
11:10 Electronics I really want unlimited
11:10 Thermoelectric As do I.
11:10 Electronics it's one of the few things which stops me running a server 24/7
11:10 Noise_Marine hehehe
11:11 Ovidiu left #thegeekgroup
11:11 Noise_Marine I've been running a personal seed box for the past 8 months
11:11 Thermoelectric The only thing that stops me running a server is power usage. 0.17c/kW really bites you when you only have old Pentium boxes.
11:12 Electronics hmm I worked it out running an old HP costs about £235 a year or something
11:12 NeWtoz I just have a "random box doing nothing illegal" at a data center
11:12 Noise_Marine oh I have this baby;current=HPIM0225.jpg
11:13 Electronics =O
11:13 Electronics I want it
11:13 Noise_Marine it handles the loads
11:13 NeWtoz and all the servers I have at home are all mini-itx boxes
11:13 Thermoelectric That's quite the nice setup you have there, Noise.
11:13 Noise_Marine OS: Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate  (6.1.7601)
11:13 Noise_Marine HDD: T:8.67TB U: 7.13TB (82.3%) F: 1.54TB (17.7%)
11:13 Noise_Marine CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T Processor @ 3.61GHz (19%)
11:13 Noise_Marine Cooled by Corsair H50 Liquid Cooler
11:13 Noise_Marine RAM Total: 8GB Used: 5.82GB (72.8%) Free: 2.18GB (27.2%)
11:13 Noise_Marine Display: 2 Monitors on ATI HD 5870  and Nvidia 8800 GTX @ 3840x1080
11:13 Noise_Marine Case: Thermaltake Spedo Advanced(Custom Paint Job)
11:13 Noise_Marine ^
11:14 NeWtoz HAH! You paid for your OS!
11:14 Noise_Marine nope
11:14 Noise_Marine I get them free
11:14 Thermoelectric You should fold on that box.
11:14 NeWtoz well, meh
11:14 Noise_Marine I need a HD 6990
11:17 Thermoelectric That would be nice, though I don't think your desk would fit six more monitors. O_o
11:17 Noise_Marine those are maounted :P
11:17 Thermoelectric My bad.
11:17 Noise_Marine mounted*
11:18 Thermoelectric 5.
11:18 Noise_Marine ^.^
11:18 Noise_Marine actually I can have up to 12
11:18 Noise_Marine if I buy the 6990
11:18 Thermoelectric 12 LCD's would pull more power than the whole box.
11:18 Noise_Marine I have the eyefinity version of 5870
11:19 Noise_Marine lol so....
11:19 Thermoelectric Oh yeah, you are in a dorm, where you don't get charged for every damned watt you use.
11:19 Noise_Marine ^.^
11:19 MadManMarkAu Haha, my housemate just got out of the shower. As he was stepping out of the bathroom, I heard him say "This child... is clean."
11:19 MadManMarkAu xD
11:19 Noise_Marine LMAO
11:20 NeWtoz sorry about that
11:20 NeWtoz it was a good shower though
11:21 Noise_Marine mmm reminds me I have to blare my music ....
11:23 Noise_Marine serves my roommates right for having music late at night
11:24 NeWtoz I'm going to go watch all the tv shows I missed last night while at work
11:24 Woshin joined #thegeekgroup
11:24 NeWtoz mythbusters here I come
11:24 Electronics is now known as Electronics|AFK
11:26 Noise_Marine whoever made bit masks deserves to die for making them so long
11:26 Noise_Marine ....
11:27 Sgt_Lemming ...?
11:28 Noise_Marine I have to write out 50 bit masks now....
11:29 Thermoelectric ^ Complaints about the CCNA thing
11:33 Yaotzin They're still doing new mythbuters?
11:33 Yaotzin I just see it on netflix thesed ays
11:33 Yaotzin these days
11:34 brousch joined #thegeekgroup
11:34 Thermoelectric They're still going.
11:35 Noise_Marine well i'm off for a bit
11:35 Thermoelectric Later.
11:35 Noise_Marine fun talking to you Thermoelectric
11:36 Thermoelectric As with you.
11:36 Thermoelectric ...If that makes any sense.
11:36 Noise_Marine lol probably be back in like 10 mins on laptop
11:42 Julepalme left #thegeekgroup
11:47 Woshin left #thegeekgroup
11:47 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
11:53 Noise_Marine I iz back thank god for logmein
11:53 Thermoelectric Mmm. I personally use variations of VNC.
11:54 Noise_Marine school firewall
11:54 Noise_Marine ....
11:54 Thermoelectric Oh, yeah. I forgot some people have to live with shit like that. The disadvantages of unlimited quota and electricity.
11:54 Noise_Marine :p
11:54 Noise_Marine I could punh though
11:55 Noise_Marine punch*
11:55 Thermoelectric I'd assume that punching the firewall may get you in more trouble than it's worth.
11:56 Phu left #thegeekgroup
11:56 Noise_Marine lol nope there dont monitor
11:56 Thermoelectric Heehee.
11:57 Thermoelectric Just go tie the ethernet (I assume) leading into it and out of it, together.
11:58 Noise_Marine lol
11:58 Thermoelectric That'd be easier, sorta. :P
11:58 Noise_Marine its fiber
11:58 Noise_Marine harder to dothat
11:58 Thermoelectric Thought it may have been.
11:58 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
11:59 mman454-mobile hello world
11:59 Thermoelectric 739 emails from Facebook... Glad I have a message filter throwing all them into their own folder.
11:59 Thermoelectric Morning mman454-mobile
12:00 mman454-mobile same here
12:01 mman454-mobile although im getting alot of spam from facebook survey. its obviously not from facebook itself and its filling up my folder
12:02 Thermoelectric I don't even know what mine is from.
12:02 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
12:03 mman454-mobile i have my filter set up to move anything that has "Facebook" in the from line to my facebook folder
12:03 Thermoelectric Morning zer00
12:03 Thermoelectric Pretty sure mine does the same.
12:04 guest3 joined #thegeekgroup
12:04 Thermoelectric Mine just grabs all the stuff from *
12:04 Thermoelectric Morning guest3.
12:04 zer00 yawn
12:04 guest3 goodmorning
12:06 mman454-mobile gtg
12:06 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
12:09 brousch left #thegeekgroup
12:10 Phu joined #thegeekgroup
12:11 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
12:12 Thermoelectric Ooh, an IPv6 address. Sup Phu?
12:13 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
12:16 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
12:17 ptenhoopen joined #thegeekgroup
12:26 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream: | mikemol needs help with this, contact him if interested: | Channel log: | BotSteve now searches Wolfram Alpha.  Try it out with .wa <request>
12:27 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
12:28 eightbitbrad Morning everyone.
12:28 Thermoelectric Morning Brad.
12:31 Cj1corbystarlet how good is Wolfram Alpha
12:32 Thermoelectric I'm not too sure.
12:32 Thermoelectric You can always try it out though.
12:32 Cj1corbystarlet so we can give it a request
12:33 eightbitbrad .wa The meaning of life, the universe and everything
12:33 BotSteve Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything;42, (according to Douglas Adams\' humorous science-fiction novel The Hitchhiker\'s Guide to the Galaxy)
12:33 Thermoelectric Yup.
12:33 Cj1corbystarlet .wa sex
12:33 BotSteve sex  (English word);1->noun->activities associated with sexual intercourse, 2->noun->either of the two categories (male or female) into which most organisms are divided, 3->noun->all of the feelings resulting from the urge to gratify sexual impulses, 4->noun->the properties that distinguish organisms on the basis of their reproductive roles, 5->verb->stimulate sexually, 6->verb->tell the sex (of young chickens), (6 mean
12:33 Cj1corbystarlet hmm not very satisifying ...... ;0
12:34 Thermoelectric It works.
12:34 Thermoelectric .wa trolling
12:35 BotSteve trolling  (English word);noun->angling by drawing a baited line through the water;tr\'ohling  (IPA: tr\\:02c8o\\:028al\\:026a&#331;);troll;angling;bowling -> cajoling -> consoling -> controlling -> enrolling -> extolling -> foaling -> growling -> holing -> paroling -> patrolling -> poling -> polling -> rolling -> strolling -> tolling   (total: 16), (based on typical American pronunciation)
12:39 Sgt_Lemming mmm,
12:39 Sgt_Lemming stuffed chicken thigh fillets in puff pastry
12:39 Sgt_Lemming that was an awesome meal
12:41 Thermoelectric Puff pastry... Reminds me of all those pizza ads on TV.
12:42 Sgt_Lemming meh
12:42 Sgt_Lemming this is awesome
12:42 Sgt_Lemming and easy to make
12:42 eightbitbrad .wa square root 0t 144
12:42 BotSteve sqrt(0 t) 144;0;zero;sqrt(0 t) 144 = 144 sqrt(z_0) sum_(k=0)^infinity((-1)^k (-1\/2)_k (-z_0)^k z_0^(-k))\/(k!);sqrt(0 t) 144 = 144 exp(i pi (left floor)(arg(-x))\/(2 pi)(right floor)) sqrt(x) sum_(k=0)^infinity((-1)^k (-x)^k x^(-k) (-1\/2)_k)\/(k!)  for (x element R and x&lt;0);sqrt(0 t) 144 = 144 (1\/z_0)^(((left floor)(arg(-z_0))\/(2 pi)(right floor))\/2) z_0^((1+(left floor)(arg(-z_0))\/(2 pi)(right floor))\/2) sum_
12:42 eightbitbrad lol yeah, I can type.
12:42 Thermoelectric ...
12:43 Thermoelectric That's a big result.
12:43 Sgt_Lemming get thigh fillets, unroll them, stuff with ingredients, roll them back up, wrap with ham/bacon/proscuitto, paint with a beaten egg, cook at 180°c for 45 - 60 minutes
12:44 Cj1corbystarlet Thats usually the missuses job, but she just walked out on me , so Grand rapids here i come
12:44 Yaotzin Btw, fishing trolling I've always heard pronounced trawling
12:44 Sgt_Lemming wow
12:45 Sgt_Lemming trolling != trawling
12:45 Yaotzin Having your line out as your boat is actually moving through the lake?
12:45 Yaotzin Thts trolling
12:45 Sgt_Lemming trawling is done with a net
12:46 Sgt_Lemming trolling is done with a line
12:46 mikemol Sgt_Lemming: Didn't I see that on "This is why you're fat"? Sounds delicious.
12:46 Sgt_Lemming mikemol, it is
12:46 Cj1corbystarlet mmmm bacon wrap
12:46 ptenhoopen left #thegeekgroup
12:46 Sgt_Lemming <--- pics from a previous one
12:47 Yaotzin trawling might be done with a net but I've never heard anyone call it trolling in anything but writing. Also I haven't been to foodporndaily or this is why you're fat in a while
12:47 Yaotzin The deepfried butter balls pretty much finished it for me
12:47 Yaotzin worst thing I have ever heard
12:48 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
12:50 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
12:51 steve_____ .weather kgrr
12:51 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 46.4℉ (8℃), 30.18in (1019mb), Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KGRR 11:53Z
12:53 MoxieMike where is the .weather command pulling info from?
12:55 Sgt_Lemming .weather ybbn
12:55 BotSteve Scattered, 21℃, 1013mb, Calm 0kt (↑) - YBBN 12:30Z
12:55 steve_____ it's an airport code (kgrr) so the info is reported from kent county int' airport, what weather server, I don't know
12:55 Sgt_Lemming .weather brisbane
12:55 BotSteve KeyError: 'geonames' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 26, in location)
12:55 Sgt_Lemming heh
12:56 steve_____ .weather grand rapids
12:56 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 46.4℉ (8℃), 30.18in (1019mb), Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KGRR 11:53Z
12:56 eightbitbrad .weather Atlanta
12:56 BotSteve Cloudy, 57.2℉ (14℃), 30.05in (1014mb), Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KATL 11:52Z
12:56 steve_____ he must have added some city names
13:02 MoxieMike .weather portland maine
13:02 BotSteve Clear ☼, 46.4℉ (8℃), 29.86in (1008mb), Gentle breeze 7kt (↑) - KPWM 12:51Z
13:03 MoxieMike yup...pwm is the airport
13:04 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
13:04 ptenhoopen joined #thegeekgroup
13:10 Electronics|AFK .weather Exeter
13:10 BotSteve Scattered, 13℃, 1017mb, Gentle breeze 10kt (↑) - EGTE 12:50Z
13:11 ptenhoopen left #thegeekgroup
13:22 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
13:26 ptenhoopen joined #thegeekgroup
14:01 mikemol Should use something like this for the test image overnight:
14:01 asnopus god no
14:05 guest3 left #thegeekgroup
14:08 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
14:09 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
14:12 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:18 Cprossu lol no.
14:18 Cprossu they should use that xD
14:20 mikemol tgg: Don't kill the scanner just yet; there's some kind of ongoing thing about a shooting.
14:21 Cj1corbystarlet cant turn up the volume :(
14:23 mikemol They're responding to a report of someone named 'Charlie' shooting someone else. As things get more specific, it sounds like somebody saw 'Charlie' shoot at someone, but they don't know who 'Charlie' was shooting at.
14:23 mikemol Yay.
14:23 mikemol Windows update today includes 14 updates before one considers 'Microsoft Update'.
14:26 mikemol One that's a 'cumulative security update'. Two updates to .Net to deal with a risk that an attacker 'could gain complete control of your system', seven non-.Net updates where an attacker 'could gain control' of your system, and one where an attacker 'could gain access to information'. Then there's an IE9 bugfix, the monthly MSRT update, and something that 'fixes' (removes) the ability of an administrator user to install unsigned drivers.
14:34 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
14:35 Cprossu ActiveX and .net framework need to be set on fire, the ashes from the fire burned 3x, and the remains of that shot into the sun.
14:37 mikemol ActiveX, yes. .Net, I don't hold any animosity.
14:37 mikemol ActiveX was always a bad idea, from a technological standpoint.
14:38 mikemol (Well, technological+security)
14:40 mikemol Is the streaming acting weird for anyone else? I keep hearing what sound like audio compression artifacts.
14:49 MoxieMike is now known as moxiemike-away
14:57 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
14:57 BatSteve cheers
15:02 Cprossu I don't personally like .net because of all the differing framework version, management, and 'fixes' done to it, and the fact that platform to platform .net ends up being different. The error checking of precompiled binaries also fails hardcore, sometimes you need to recompile/reinstall the whole framework just to get a program to work right. You can't just take 2 random computers and expect something to work right on the client side...
15:02 * mikemol nods
15:02 wannabe1987
15:02 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
15:03 BatSteve Now that's a nose
15:03 mikemol I actually deal with similar problems with MFC, Microsoft's C++ gui app-and-widgets framework.
15:03 wannabe1987 yep...TJ's dog's nose...
15:03 wannabe1987 :D
15:04 mikemol It comes down to needing to ensure you deploy redistributables with your binaries.
15:04 BatSteve My one image link of the day.  -
15:04 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
15:05 * mikemol ponders the problem of guided swarm missiles.
15:05 mikemol There's an old text game you can find in the 'bsdgames' package, called 'robots'.
15:05 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
15:06 mikemol The robots follow shortest-path routes to your position, and explode if they hit each other.
15:06 wannabe1987 hi sparky
15:06 BatSteve I've played that
15:06 mikemol Of course, your job is to get all the robots to run into each other before they get to you.
15:06 wannabe1987 lol
15:06 mikemol Seems like there'd be a similar problem with swarm missiles.
15:07 BatSteve I would think so, yeah.  Additionally, after the first one goes off, all the rest are done as well.
15:07 BatSteve Because missiles explode into clouds of shrapnel, not directed explosions
15:07 mikemol Now you're thinking of 'missile command'. :)
15:08 BatSteve Similar, yeah.
15:08 SparkyProjects Hi everyone :)
15:08 Sgt_Lemming <--- swarm missiles already exist :-P
15:08 mikemol Though that might be countered by having all the rockets explode simultaneously, to create a more powerful buzzsaw cloud. Any kind of remote syncing mechanism becomes a target for countermeasures, though.
15:08 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
15:09 mikemol I'm guessing Starstreak depends on there being few missiles in the swarm to avoid missile-missile collisions.
15:11 BatSteve Oh wow.  That's cool
15:11 BatSteve this one actually hits the target first and then explodes
15:11 * Sgt_Lemming nods
15:11 Sgt_Lemming yeah
15:11 Sgt_Lemming explodes inside the target to wreak havoc
15:12 BatSteve I'm used to it being the other way around
15:12 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
15:13 Sgt_Lemming there is another awesome one
15:13 Sgt_Lemming can't remember the name of it
15:13 Sgt_Lemming but they take a bunch of metal rods, lay them parralel and then weld alternating ends together
15:14 Sgt_Lemming then weld them into a cylindrical shape, and put a charge in the middle
15:14 Sgt_Lemming when the warhead is set off you end up with a big spinning metal ring flying through the air
15:15 Sgt_Lemming these are used on anti-aircraft missiles btw
15:15 BatSteve Wild
15:16 BatSteve Was / is it actually effective?
15:16 BatSteve Has it been tested?
15:16 Sgt_Lemming oh yes
15:16 Sgt_Lemming they rip shit out of aircraft
15:16 wannabe1987 scary
15:16 Sgt_Lemming keep in mind these things are like Mach 3
15:17 BatSteve (unrelated, if you have sound, this is pretty zen: )
15:17 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
15:18 Sgt_Lemming heading to bed, night all
15:18 Sgt_Lemming it
15:18 BatSteve night sarge
15:18 Sgt_Lemming 0116 here
15:18 wannabe1987 night!
15:18 MagneticCow morning
15:18 wannabe1987 morning cow
15:19 wannabe1987 i think being a magnetic cow would be better than being a holy cow...(i have a friend whose NICK is "theholycow" aka THC or the divine bovine, or the perforated bovine.)
15:19 MagneticCow lol
15:23 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
15:24 Yaotzin MagnetCows? How do they work?
15:29 Coderjoe miracles, fairydust, and unicorn poop
15:31 InteliWasp left #thegeekgroup
15:33 BatSteve Later all.
15:33 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
15:34 SparkyProjects Yaotzin, they always point north
15:36 InteliWasp joined #thegeekgroup
15:36 wannabe1987 omg why is both channels full of techies this am?!
15:36 wannabe1987 lol
15:37 wannabe1987 anyway...that link someone posted with sound?  you made my morning...omg love it!
15:40 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
15:41 zgasma joined #thegeekgroup
15:43 cctoide nyan cat on loop for GG stream off-hours
15:43 Yaotzin techies?
15:43 Yaotzin Hey, Star Trek wasn't that good
15:43 Yaotzin oh
15:44 mikemol ?
15:44 Yaotzin man
15:44 wannabe1987 no
15:44 Yaotzin I've been up all night
15:44 wannabe1987 tech people = techies
15:44 wannabe1987 GET SOME SLEEP
15:44 Yaotzin I missread that
15:44 Yaotzin pretty hard
15:44 wannabe1987 you were here when i went to sleep...
15:44 wannabe1987 at 3
15:44 Yaotzin yeah
15:44 mikemol "techies"->"Hey, Star Trek wasn't that good" -> ??
15:44 mikemol Wouldn't that have been "trekkies" followed by the troll statement? :P
15:45 wannabe1987 it was very good mike :P
15:45 wannabe1987 so you'll be at the lab this weekend?  when...
15:45 mikemol wannabe1987: I know ST was very good. I've seen all of TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and the first three seasons of ENT.
15:45 mikemol wannabe1987: GRLUG Saturday Social is 2-6PM this weekend.
15:45 mikemol More specifically, this Saturday.
15:46 wannabe1987 all i see is acronyms
15:46 wannabe1987 what they're about IDK
15:46 wannabe1987 i've seen the 2009 movie
15:46 wannabe1987 :D
15:46 wannabe1987 and some episodes, but what of, IDK
15:46 mikemol TOS -> The Original Series. TNG -> The Next Generation. DS9 -> Deep Space Nine. VOY -> Voyager. ENT -> Enterprise. :)
15:46 wannabe1987 well, i know they're startrek and they had jonathen archer in them
15:46 mikemol wannabe1987: That's just ENT.
15:47 Yaotzin woah
15:47 Yaotzin woah
15:47 mikemol *keneau*
15:47 wannabe1987 woah?
15:47 Yaotzin woah
15:47 wannabe1987 ok
15:47 Yaotzin Too much trek
15:48 wannabe1987 so there IS such a thing...
15:48 wannabe1987 good
15:48 Yaotzin Well I admit
15:48 mikemol I stopped following the movies after Insurrection. Though I did see the 2009 movie, and I enjoyed it.
15:48 Yaotzin I never really liked sci-fi
15:48 Yaotzin at all
15:48 Yaotzin I've always been a fantasy guy
15:48 gaurdro_ left #thegeekgroup
15:48 mikemol My parents were/are heavily into Trek, so I saw it all on their VHS and/or DVDs.
15:49 wannabe1987 i have the 2008 and 2009 movies to watch on mycomputer/external
15:49 wannabe1987 my parents have never seen star wars
15:49 wannabe1987 i'm very disapointed in them
15:49 Yaotzin I've only seen the first star wars
15:49 Yaotzin well
15:49 Yaotzin episode 4
15:49 mikemol Yaotzin: Define 'first'. And then tell us how old you are. :)
15:49 wannabe1987 ok
15:49 Yaotzin or whatever it is
15:49 mikemol Ah. :)
15:50 wannabe1987 lol
15:50 Yaotzin The real first
15:50 mikemol Yeah, first in real-world chronology. 4th in Lucas's series concept.
15:50 Yaotzin by release
15:50 Yaotzin I liked spaceballs more
15:50 wannabe1987 my parents only own II...which is stupid
15:50 Yaotzin ;)
15:50 mikemol :)
15:50 wannabe1987 i have that tow atch also
15:50 wannabe1987 to watch*
15:50 mikemol Yaotzin: I can see that your shwartz is as big as mine...
15:51 Yaotzin They're jamming our scanners
15:51 mikemol Raspberry! Only one man would...dare...give me the raspberry.
15:51 * mikemol puts his helmet down.
15:51 mikemol LONE STAR!
15:51 dagnyscott my dad saw Star Wars in the theatre (ep 4) He was working at Cedar Point so he'd never heard of it, was just like, sure, some random sci-fi thing, I'll see that
15:52 Yaotzin Besides shows like spaceballs the only sci-fi show I've really enjoyed was Firefly
15:52 mikemol My brother and I, at one point, were able to recite Spaceballs line by line from start to finish.
15:52 dagnyscott Firefly is a Western in space
15:52 Yaotzin Otherwise space as a setting just doesn't interest me
15:53 mikemol It can't be any worse than reciting Monty Python and the Holy Grail...
15:53 Yaotzin It's just a model
15:54 wannabe1987 i heart monty python/holy grail
15:54 Whisperingwolf .wa ni
15:54 BotSteve What do the knights say?;NI., (according to the 1975 film Monty Python and the Holy Grail)
15:54 mikemol Yaotzin: Star Trek wasn't generally set in space, or, at least, that wasn't its plot vehicle. Take Star Trek politics and throw it into the 1700s, and you've got a sea story.
15:54 mikemol The first time I saw MP&tHG, I was unimpressed. However, it grew on me.
15:55 wannabe1987 it does that...
15:55 mikemol I hang around a couple guys who were reciting it long, long before I ever saw it, so it was semi-spoiled already.
15:55 mikemol Time to reboot to deal with this Windows Update.
15:56 dagnyscott that's why you gotta not resist seeing these things
15:56 wannabe1987 lol
15:56 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
15:57 westmi whodonit=yuk
15:58 westmi dont care for murder/mystry
15:58 westmi done to death
16:01 wannabe1987 lol i love NCIS tho :D
16:06 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
16:08 wannabe1987 STIG?!
16:08 wannabe1987 OMG YOU EXIST!!!!!
16:09 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:18 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
16:21 Yaotzin Oo
16:22 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
16:28 Electronics|AFK is now known as Electronics
16:30 * mikemol breaks down and re-enables Windows Aero, in the hope that it masks some of these Firefox bugs.
16:30 mikemol And indeed it does.
16:30 mikemol FF4 on Win7 without Aero is a POS, UI-wise.
16:30 guest3 joined #thegeekgroup
16:32 guest3 left #thegeekgroup
16:36 Thermoelectric left #thegeekgroup
16:37 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
16:38 DruidicRifleman Hurray it worked today
16:38 DruidicRifleman silent IRC is silent...
16:39 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
16:39 BotSteve All right, show us on the doll where Seroster touched you.
16:39 Seroster =D
16:40 JA12 :D
16:48 tyrok_laptop joined #thegeekgroup
16:49 mashpriborintorg Do anybody knoes if progress have been done about the large MDH door ?
16:49 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
16:50 wannabe1987 no...but i'll look as we drive past :D
16:51 mashpriborintorg thanks, it helps, I did not hack a spy satellite yet :-D
16:52 mashpriborintorg and the google street view photos seem quite old
16:53 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
16:54 DruidicRifleman He tried to shove a fire cracker up my mung hle :(
16:54 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
16:54 mikemol Argh.
16:54 mikemol No wonder my leg's burning.
16:54 exor674 yeah, despite how fun it would be, streetview isn't live
16:54 * mikemol had a lithium ion battery shorting out in his pocket.
16:54 DruidicRifleman I've wanted my own survalence UAV for years
16:55 Thermoelectric joined #thegeekgroup
16:55 mikemol Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA.
16:55 DruidicRifleman LMAO Roasted mikemol
16:55 exor674 neh, I'd settle for my own network of spy sattelites!
16:55 mikemol Guessing it wasn't happy sharing pocketspace with my keys.
16:55 exor674 mikemol: ouch, I did that once as a kid! battery pack + keys in my pocket
16:55 DruidicRifleman I'd settel for an armed predator UAV
16:55 JA12 globalhawk
16:56 * mikemol inspects for punctures, in case the short is internal.
16:56 mashpriborintorg chunky spy sat made from old russian cameras and Migs parts :)
16:56 mikemol Ugly dings and abrasions, but nothing that looks incredibly serious.
16:56 SparkyProjects there's movement on ustream :)
16:57 tgg the finally let some interns into master control!
16:57 mashpriborintorg and a RTG of course
16:57 mikemol tgg: Remove the static thing from in front of the camera. :)
16:58 Electronics Please?
16:58 mashpriborintorg yeah
16:58 SparkyProjects tgg, you need to find an old battery clock with second hand and fit to the testcard
16:58 tgg how about I turn the camera... if i remove the static "thing" you'll just see a ladder and the wall..
16:58 mikemol SparkyProjects: You can pick that up for under ten bucks at any major craft store.
16:58 exor674 that works! ( Oh, but I was SO looking forward to the ladder and wall show!
16:59 mikemol Focus, man, focus!
16:59 DruidicRifleman SOOOOOO i night be Getting a lift to the geek group XD!!!
16:59 mashpriborintorg blurblurry
16:59 mikemol Hehe
16:59 tgg He's working on it..
16:59 mikemol Yup. We can hear you. :)
16:59 mikemol So who's sitting at tgg console right now?
16:59 * mikemol doesn't recognize him.
16:59 tgg rob......
16:59 * mikemol hasn't met many of you in person yet.
16:59 DruidicRifleman Yay No 1.3 boden bursts of pain to my ear drums
17:00 tyrok_laptop left #thegeekgroup
17:00 mikemol Who's standing behind you?
17:00 tgg jason....
17:00 mikemol And who's back in the NLE corner?
17:00 tgg .... liz? I think...
17:00 Electronics XD
17:00 DruidicRifleman nooooo not moose she has like blond hair
17:00 mikemol Only if she died her hair.
17:00 mikemol *dyed
17:01 critterpal not Lis, Liz
17:01 mikemol Or if there are multiple Liz's.
17:01 critterpal Lis is Moose
17:01 critterpal Liz is Liz
17:01 DruidicRifleman ah...
17:01 Electronics silly
17:01 mikemol ok, good to know. :)
17:01 Seroster Damn, I just let loose a burp that has its place in the guinnes book of world records.
17:02 * mikemol wishes the camera would show whoever's banging on stuff.
17:02 tgg i understand.... however the camera is too stationary to show that.
17:02 * mikemol nods
17:02 mikemol Is there a camera where they work is being done?
17:02 exor674 so how's the hole in the wall coming along?
17:02 tgg no, but i can describe it for you... lol
17:03 mikemol Heh
17:03 mikemol Yeah, being a fly on the wall at the hole in the wall would be pretty neat. ;)
17:03 * mikemol gets back to getting work done.
17:03 tgg we have a HUGE room full of wood... litterly what looks like gym floor planks... a guy is hammering out all of the nails of every one of them..
17:04 critterpal They are gym floor planks
17:04 exor674 they look like the gym floor planks probably because they *are* the gym floor planks?
17:04 critterpal lol
17:04 tgg they may be... they're from all over the building.. most likely the racketball courts.
17:04 IIsi50MHz My school auctioned off sections of the old floor when they put in a new one.
17:05 IIsi50MHz You wouldn't happen to have the center logo in that heep, would? (-;
17:05 DruidicRifleman Nods I might Buy a plank or two For making knife handles.
17:05 critterpal No they ARE gym floor planks. The ones we spent hours pulling up from the MDH
17:05 IIsi50MHz Actually, it was a few years ago. And the logo section sold for way too much money
17:05 DruidicRifleman Nods I am so happy turns i have a couple friends WHO love tesla Coils
17:05 DruidicRifleman Local people to
17:10 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
17:11 DruidicRifleman hmmm does the feed change from time to time?
17:11 cctoide not really
17:12 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
17:14 CSMonster hello
17:15 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
17:16 tyrok_laptop joined #thegeekgroup
17:16 DruidicRifleman haro
17:16 mashpriborintorg I was wondering, how many post-production time is needed, between the shooting og a GG video and its Youtube upload ?
17:18 DruidicRifleman We have a boden on deck
17:18 * mikemol snorts
17:18 mtearle it's a wild boden!
17:18 Rahlon oh god better mute my speakers
17:18 Coderjoe your speakers cannot handle sounds of 1.0 boden
17:19 SparkyProjects "Captain on the bridge" should be the term used
17:19 DruidicRifleman Today we observe the boden in it's natural habitat obsever his alpha male standing in the groupClearly this one Is some kindof leader
17:19 * mikemol tries to remember which company that whistled theme is from.
17:19 CSMonster is it some kind of duck?
17:19 mikemol Yeah.
17:19 CSMonster enzyte?
17:19 DruidicRifleman Mash it's a day or two it seams from what i have seen
17:20 mikemol Either that or a deoderant.
17:20 DruidicRifleman Wow 20 amp speaker
17:20 mtearle 20A @ 110V ... crazy!
17:20 CSMonster breaker, not speaker
17:20 DruidicRifleman LOL they need like A box for there whole area
17:20 CSMonster they need a box for each room
17:20 mtearle actually, that's not very much in the real world ....
17:20 Seroster Blablablabla... Dodedo... .Anything going o live?
17:20 mikemol tgg: hey, for $25/pc, you can get Tripp-Lite 1500VA UPSs on the corner of Ivanrest and 28th.
17:21 mashpriborintorg 1 hour long videos must requite huge computer time :-p
17:21 CSMonster yes, duck is there
17:21 mikemol Put those on the render boxes!
17:21 CSMonster also HI SEROSTER
17:21 mikemol They've got 4-5 left. I just ran into the store manager yesterday.
17:21 Seroster HAI THARR CSMonster!
17:21 Seroster Didnt you see me join?
17:21 CSMonster nope
17:21 DruidicRifleman I think they techincally have they're own Section of the local power grid deticated to the lab
17:21 mikemol Turns out he's an old buddy of my brother and mine. Though I don't anticipate any favors.
17:21 Seroster Freeeaky, CSMonster
17:22 CSMonster i joined after you did.  i think.
17:22 mikemol He's in the process of pulling them back out of the slump they were under under the previous store manager.
17:22 DruidicRifleman I would be scared if they DID a chrismast Display
17:22 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
17:23 CSMonster $40k for a bagel and coffee
17:23 DruidicRifleman LMAO
17:24 tyrok_laptop mikemol: They've under new management?  I may have to stop by there again sometime.
17:24 CSMonster oh that's the old spice whistle
17:24 Coderjoe did the old spice whistle come form the scanner?
17:24 CSMonster ...i doubt it
17:24 mikemol tyrok_laptop: Yeah, now run by a guy named Matt Dahm.
17:24 mikemol tgg: Hey, about UPSs.
17:24 Noise_Marine CSMonster o/
17:24 CSMonster loud boden is loud
17:25 Seroster That is only half a boden
17:25 mtearle oh, PDUs
17:25 DruidicRifleman Loud boden is very loud
17:25 mtearle APC?
17:25 exor674 basicly rackmount powerstips?
17:25 SparkyProjects like the Olson
17:25 CSMonster :) we like loud boden. i will look, i think i have a few
17:26 mtearle of course, I know how to source Australian powerstrips .... not much use to you though  :P
17:26 Coderjoe they are made by many companies.
17:26 mikemol tgg: No idea. However, near i said, $25/pc gets you 1500VA UPs which could carry those render boxes for a couple minutes to re-flip a breaker.
17:26 DruidicRifleman Just not on head phones
17:26 CSMonster i know i have a strip that splits a 220 into 110 outlets that came out of a server rack
17:26 CSMonster BYE CHRIS
17:26 mtearle and now for a walk in the black forest ...
17:26 mikemol :)
17:27 mashpriborintorg donut machine :)
17:27 cctoide vape the universe
17:27 MadManMarkAu1 left #thegeekgroup
17:28 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
17:29 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
17:29 * CSMonster belches
17:29 mtearle
17:29 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
17:29 mashpriborintorg So the construction of the galactic control center is halted because of some missing crappy powerstrips
17:29 CSMonster apparently yes
17:30 DruidicRifleman If he doesn't get an Industrial dish washer i am NOT gonna volentitre to work the Cafe
17:30 CSMonster lol
17:32 CSMonster i have a 220 to 110 splitter with breaker and two strips that i gutted out of an advert injector a couple years ago
17:32 DruidicRifleman Heck i will litteral make a rocket ship cake every day and try and do a differant rocket every time Kid wells around when i have a chance to visit But hand washing dishes F that
17:32 CSMonster lol
17:32 mashpriborintorg There is already a dishwasher I think from previous building owner
17:32 mashpriborintorg not tested yet ?
17:32 DruidicRifleman I can DO some amazing Dishes I did that in like grad 7 and 8
17:33 mikemol Hi guys. :)
17:33 DruidicRifleman which like midel school
17:33 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
17:34 DruidicRifleman made sure that bake sales and hot dog days DIDn't get screwed up by an idiot Grating his hand into th carot cake
17:34 CSMonster ew
17:34 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
17:35 Phu evening
17:35 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
17:35 DruidicRifleman My class mates we're not very smart
17:35 DruidicRifleman most had criminal records
17:35 CSMonster that sounds about right
17:35 CSMonster where at?
17:37 DruidicRifleman Oshawa ontario 45 minutes west of toronto
17:37 exor674 also belatedly, o.O at the price on that thing mtearle
17:37 CSMonster ah
17:38 exor674 that seems v. expensive for a bunch of plugs heh
17:38 DruidicRifleman But yeah i might have Friends that would wanna travel to TGG soooo XD!!!!!!!
17:38 CSMonster it does
17:38 DruidicRifleman heck i'll Split gass and hotel
17:38 mashpriborintorg "pro" stuff is often overpriced
17:39 * CSMonster will not be visiting LSL for a loooong time probably.
17:39 DruidicRifleman Yeahhave you looked at A professional kitchen supply store?
17:39 mtearle for commercial grade stuff, that's about right (in comparison to .au prices)
17:39 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
17:39 DruidicRifleman I definantly hope that they can get the roof fixed to the point to Do a living roof
17:40 CSMonster grass roof?
17:40 mashpriborintorg It's nothing but some plastic ans metal strips, made in china
17:40 DruidicRifleman Hell no i am thinking wild straberries tomatos letice and such
17:40 CSMonster lol
17:40 CSMonster i was thinking an oak tree for the sake of uniqueness
17:40 DruidicRifleman The tomatos and Stuff Could be used in the Cafe
17:40 mashpriborintorg great idea !
17:41 DruidicRifleman LOL I don't tink an oak tree is possible
17:41 CSMonster anything is possible
17:41 thaery joined #thegeekgroup
17:41 CSMonster and if anyone is both crazy and resourceful enough to do it, it would be tgg.
17:41 DruidicRifleman LOL if we fill the heating shaft Boden wants to make into an elviator it might bne possible
17:42 DruidicRifleman Personally if we're doing something that crazy WE might as well Do something like OCAD intoronto
17:43 CSMonster what about OCAD?
17:44 DruidicRifleman It's the art collage They ran out of space So they put in an addition
17:44 DruidicRifleman Above the building
17:44 CSMonster wait, i think i may have seen that
17:44 mtearle
17:44 CSMonster yep, i 've seen that
17:44 DruidicRifleman
17:45 CSMonster yeah
17:45 CSMonster that's insane.
17:45 DruidicRifleman We could do more insane
17:45 CSMonster yes.  with oak trees.
17:45 DruidicRifleman I want A robotic parking garage like some kinda massive Vending machine
17:45 eightbitbrad something insane but practical would rock.
17:46 CSMonster put a tree on the building then build a treehouse in it then put another tree on the treehouse.
17:46 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: That's be awesome, until someone's car gets stuck mid-vend. lol
17:46 CSMonster lol
17:46 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
17:46 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
17:46 CSMonster
17:46 DruidicRifleman Today on the geek group UM we had an accident with the car storage robot... SOOOOO we're gonna autopsy kid wells car
17:47 CSMonster LOL
17:47 IIsi50MHz Japan has mechanised multi-story garages.
17:47 CSMonster poor kidwell.
17:47 IIsi50MHz They're kinda like giant car vending machines.
17:47 IIsi50MHz No ramps.
17:47 CSMonster i am not surprise
17:47 DruidicRifleman it'd basicly be a 100X scaled verson of The Tape changing robot
17:47 mman454 An accident on the UM? What's that?
17:48 CSMonster he said UM like "ummm, no."
17:48 CSMonster i think
17:48 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
17:48 DruidicRifleman Or like Um how do i say this with out soundign like an idiot
17:48 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
17:49 CSMonster there is no way, don't bother trying
17:49 DruidicRifleman we're discussing a Car storage robot like in japan
17:49 DruidicRifleman Think about it the parking could be trippled
17:49 CSMonster giant tape changing robot that changes cars instead of tapes
17:49 DruidicRifleman Basicly
17:49 mman454 .t UTC
17:49 BotSteve 2011-04-14T17:49:43Z
17:50 IIsi50MHz Yup. No driving lanes in the garage. No ramps. Just a lift.
17:50 mashpriborintorg Yay we haven't got it in France
17:50 CSMonster a lift mounted on a transfer table
17:50 mashpriborintorg but I think ther are some in UK
17:50 DruidicRifleman basicly
17:50 CSMonster or a transfer table mounted on a lift.
17:50 guest3 joined #thegeekgroup
17:50 CSMonster or a turntable mounted on a lift in a giant cylindrical parking building
17:51 DruidicRifleman Another version would be an elivator that you Drive in and it basicly looks like a stack of Sea conatainers
17:51 CSMonster multi-story roundhouse.  that would be awesome
17:51 Seroster Damn I hate this town
17:51 DruidicRifleman what town
17:51 Seroster The one I am currently in
17:51 DruidicRifleman I hate this entire coutry
17:51 DruidicRifleman Well IS it um dutch harbour alaska?
17:51 Seroster I'm not that impressed with this planet
17:52 CSMonster oh, canada: the only national anthem that begins with an expression of frustration and dismay
17:52 DruidicRifleman LOL
17:52 DruidicRifleman YEP
17:52 Seroster Anyone here heard the swedish national anthemn?
17:52 mman454 tgg Could you guys turn the scanner down so we can hear you?
17:52 CSMonster nope
17:52 Seroster That is the only song that makes me want to shoot myself
17:52 Seroster CSMonster, you probably have, but it is fucking garbage
17:52 CSMonster lol
17:52 DruidicRifleman i am amaised people things IT"S good to spend 50 million a week on an ellection that will end With the exact same or worse then the current system
17:52 CSMonster if it's not in english i'm sure i wouldn't understand it if i'd heard it
17:52 Seroster One of the few songs that makes me want to stab the royal family
17:53 Seroster Cs, the lyrics are retarded, but the music itself is BAD
17:53 IIsi50MHz The Japanese anthem sounds like sad and lonely, to me. Like a dirge.
17:53 CSMonster ah
17:53 Seroster The best anthemn is either russia or france
17:53 CSMonster i've not heard the russian anthem.  and should be ashamed of myself for that
17:53 DruidicRifleman the only good thing that comes out of this ellection is that i need to replace my supply of target backings
17:54 Seroster Never heard the russian?
17:54 Seroster DAAAMN
17:54 CSMonster lol
17:54 CSMonster i don't spend a lot of time listening to national anthems
17:54 Seroster Youtube. NOW�
17:54 mman454 Does anyone here know the cell phone numbers of any of the production crew? If so could you text them to turn down the police scanner?
17:54 CSMonster america, remember?  we're supposed to be ignorant of other cultures.
17:54 IIsi50MHz I don't remember the Russian one. I'm trying...and all I can think of is the Hymn To Red October. >.<
17:55 Seroster Lol
17:55 Seroster  << Rawwsia.
17:55 * mtearle bops
17:55 * mtearle disappears into the night
17:55 CSMonster i can't hear it over the police scanner
17:55 mashpriborintorg Lol Red October. The control room of the submarine was large as an opera
17:55 CSMonster :O
17:56 mashpriborintorg with design flat displays everywhere
17:56 Seroster The swedish national anthemn is so fucking bad I don't even remember the lyrics on the top of my head
17:56 Seroster
17:56 CSMonster that was a beautiful bridge.
17:56 mashpriborintorg K-19  movie is mush more realistic
17:56 CSMonster well duh
17:56 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
17:56 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
17:57 CSMonster that is a good anthem.  but that's the soviet anthem, not the federated russian anthem.  unless they didn't bother to change it?
17:57 IIsi50MHz heh
17:57 Seroster I have no idea, that was the top result for "russian national"
17:57 DruidicRifleman Yeah I am allready on the edge... And me VS an antire police divission that so wouldn't be fair
17:57 mashpriborintorg Putin, Puuutin¨, Putiiinnnnnn
17:57 CSMonster modern russia is weird.  they tear down the CCCP from the Kremlin palace but leave the red stars up on the wall towers
17:58 DruidicRifleman the swedish one is really bad
17:58 Seroster YES IT IS
17:58 Seroster Does that make you think of vikings?
17:58 Seroster -.-
17:58 CSMonster lol
17:58 * CSMonster is still listening to the Soviet anthem
17:59 Seroster I hate the national anthem, I hate the army, I hate the goverment, I hate the king. I hate the population. I don't give much of a fuck about the country =P
17:59 mman454 Cory turn the damn police scanner down!!!
17:59 CSMonster move to Norway?
17:59 Seroster Norway sucks almost as much
17:59 CSMonster lol okay.
17:59 tyrok_laptop left #thegeekgroup
18:00 DruidicRifleman Canadas not much better
18:00 DruidicRifleman I want high capacity magazines
18:00 CSMonster come south, DR
18:00 mman454 tgg
18:00 Seroster DruidicRifleman, well, better than swedens
18:00 DruidicRifleman :( stupid dumb blond
18:00 mman454 You, new guy!
18:00 CSMonster the swedish anthem doesn't sound any more retarded than the US anthem
18:00 mman454 Check IRC
18:00 Seroster The american anthem int bad, but americans overhype it as the best ever...
18:01 DruidicRifleman the US has a loot of reasonible patriot stuff they like Kicked the british empires ass
18:01 CSMonster americans overhype everything
18:01 IIsi50MHz Americans overhype everything about themselves.
18:01 CSMonster LOL we did do that.
18:01 mman454 tgg
18:01 CSMonster except the AR-15.  we tend to downplay that one.
18:01 CSMonster TGG
18:01 mashpriborintorg But at least swedish people seem more opened to other cultures
18:01 CSMonster TGG
18:02 CSMonster TURN AROUND
18:02 Seroster Thats because we know our own sucks pretty bad
18:02 CSMonster YOU!
18:02 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
18:02 mman454 tgg trun down the damn scanner!
18:02 CSMonster THERE!
18:02 mashpriborintorg There is even a swedish band making haitian voodoo music !
18:02 CSMonster turn down the police scanner PLZ
18:02 DruidicRifleman nods HEY when the Head of state litterallly has to stand up in parlement ond go OK people this olyimpics we Kinda NEED TO chear loudly for our team
18:02 DruidicRifleman feeds glitching
18:02 CSMonster YAY THANKS
18:02 mman454 thank you
18:03 mman454 and keep an eye on irc
18:03 CSMonster as he walks away
18:03 mashpriborintorg Well the only things I know about swedish culture is from IKEA marketing culture :)
18:03 CSMonster the hell is he playing with a giant scsi cable?
18:03 Vecc joined #thegeekgroup
18:03 CSMonster LOL
18:03 Vecc hello
18:03 Seroster mashpriborintorg, well.. Yeah.
18:03 DruidicRifleman I wanna see red neck chariot race's in the robotics lab
18:03 CSMonster everything i know about scandanavia i learned from reading SatW
18:03 Seroster Hello Vecc
18:03 CSMonster hi
18:03 mman454 or keep that computers speakers turned up so you can hear when we call you
18:04 Coderjoe cable hump, i think
18:04 mikemol mman454: It's the web interface. It doesn't make sounds when it's pinged.
18:04 Vecc left #thegeekgroup
18:04 Seroster CSMonster, SatW?
18:04 CSMonster DR, you should come south.  we have all the cool guns.  except Norinco.
18:04 DruidicRifleman OOOOH I wonder if TGG could start a robot fighting league... what ever happend to battle bots and robot wars on TV?
18:04 mman454 It use to
18:04 Seroster ScandinaviaAndTheWorld?
18:04 CSMonster yes
18:05 CSMonster the comic
18:05 DruidicRifleman CSM OOOOH i know I visited Salt lake I threw a fit when i didn't get to go to impact
18:05 CSMonster you should go to knob creek when they have the big shoot then.  you'd wet yourself.
18:05 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
18:05 DruidicRifleman Also the fact that MOSTLY us Gun laws make sense and we're not written by a dumb drunk blond bimbo
18:06 eightbitbrad They need to put an IRC monitor over in the secluded editor's corner
18:06 DruidicRifleman Nods one of my DDO Guild mates Shoots cowboy action there
18:06 Seroster Well, the time those gunlaws were written down "arms" was a revolver. Not a smg. =P
18:06 CSMonster actually a lot of it was.  there are a few minor things that Canadia still has better regarding the US NFA laws
18:06 mman454 eightbitbrad They would if someone would donate a large enough monitor
18:07 DruidicRifleman
18:07 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 CSMonster lol
18:07 DruidicRifleman A few but thats cause i can Hunt chimp monks legallly with the little lady in that video
18:07 Seroster druid Valkyries makes evrything more interesting
18:07 guest3 left #thegeekgroup
18:08 DruidicRifleman AND hunting rodents with a howizter is Stupid BUT perfectly legal
18:08 Seroster It's Wagner that made that, huh?
18:08 mashpriborintorg yes
18:08 mashpriborintorg My little brother used to wake up with some wagner musinc
18:09 Seroster Lol
18:09 CSMonster the thing in the US is that civilians aren't allowed to own any fullauto made after (May 14th?) 1986, and there are a LOT of stupid, arbitrary laws regarding barrel length.
18:09 mashpriborintorg very efficint for waking up... the whole house
18:09 DruidicRifleman The Later portionwhere they do the 1812 overature is my favorite part
18:10 DruidicRifleman Yeah but you can Shoot the stuff you can own
18:10 Seroster I actually called the police if I could shoot a salute cannon (only BP) - I got a negative response :(
18:10 CSMonster yep, we can do that.
18:10 * CSMonster softly caresses M4
18:11 CSMonster they wouldn't let you fire a blank cannon?
18:11 DruidicRifleman See i Can't own an AR15 but a Bowling ball Cannon with a 3 mile range Thats fine
18:11 CSMonster lol
18:11 DruidicRifleman Not like i could do any dammage with artillery...
18:11 eightbitbrad mman454: Even just one of those machines over there running an IRC client would be fun!  tggvidcrew!
18:11 Seroster I got the ENTIRE 1812 overtyre here
18:11 Seroster overure*
18:12 thebatman joined #thegeekgroup
18:12 CSMonster they have editing work to do which is probably more important than entertaining us
18:12 CSMonster hi batman
18:12 DruidicRifleman A 16 LBS bowling ball Flying at 400 Feet persecond.... it's not like i could break or damage any thing
18:12 thebatman hi there
18:12 mashpriborintorg yeah we are all waiting for the geiger video :)
18:12 CSMonster certainly not.  we all know it needs to be moving at least 900fps to do any damage
18:12 DruidicRifleman I mean Bowling balls are harmless Just drop it on your foot next time you go bowling with friends
18:12 Coderjoe haw
18:13 DruidicRifleman LOL i like your additude CSM
18:13 CSMonster :D
18:13 eightbitbrad nananananananana batman!
18:13 DruidicRifleman But yeah My friend who shoots cowboy is friends with the sherif of bullet county kentucky
18:13 CSMonster and of course it's still not as awesome as .45 acp which will throw a guy around like a ragdoll and make his heart and brain explode if you hit him in the thumb with it.
18:14 * CSMonster is jaded
18:14 DruidicRifleman I really wanna Double Stack Paraordence DA/SA
18:14 DruidicRifleman but there are to many hoplohobes in canada So it's not with the PITA
18:14 tyrok_laptop joined #thegeekgroup
18:15 DruidicRifleman If i moved to the US I'd probly pick up a Suppresed glock 36 and a Suppresed souble stack 1911
18:16 CSMonster you could totally do that if you are made of $$$$$$$
18:16 Coderjoe in many areas, supressors are illegal
18:16 DruidicRifleman Meh Suppresser co 45 with a 9mm adapter
18:16 CSMonster no
18:16 DruidicRifleman coder In most
18:16 DruidicRifleman they are legal
18:16 DruidicRifleman 36 states if my memory is correct
18:16 CSMonster in a few areas suppressors are illegal.  in most areas they are legal but VERY TIGHTLY regulated by the ATF
18:17 CSMonster BUT I AM SO HAPPY
18:17 DruidicRifleman I hope the ATF gets illiminated
18:17 CSMonster in WA state you could legally own them but it was a misdemeanor to actually fire through one
18:17 Coderjoe haha
18:17 CSMonster they knocked that law down finally a couple days ago
18:17 IIsi50MHz ha
18:17 DruidicRifleman The Crap they pulled with fast and furious
18:18 DruidicRifleman should be obamas watergate
18:18 CSMonster re: the atf being disbanded, it won't happen, but we can all dream.  although they are in a lot of hot water about the mexican gun running thing.
18:18 DruidicRifleman Yeah I mean it's only Serious violations of the ITAR treaties
18:19 CSMonster but the thing with the suppressors is they cost just as much as the pistols, sometimes more, and each comes with a $200 federal tax
18:19 thebatman left #thegeekgroup
18:19 DruidicRifleman Aiding and abbeting Criminals
18:19 DruidicRifleman Nods
18:19 DruidicRifleman thats what i like about these ones
18:19 CSMonster what company?
18:19 DruidicRifleman;page=Osprey
18:20 DruidicRifleman you can thread the 45 onto a 9mm pistol
18:20 CSMonster yes, SilencerCo is pretty sweet.
18:20 LittleGreenFlame joined #thegeekgroup
18:20 DruidicRifleman Won't work as well as a deticated 9mm
18:20 DruidicRifleman BUT
18:20 LittleGreenFlame Are they just editing?
18:20 DruidicRifleman Save's you 600 bucks
18:20 CSMonster yeah but keep in mind shooting .355" out of a .451" baffle stack will SUCK in terms of sound reduction
18:20 CSMonster i mean BAD
18:21 DruidicRifleman I am not hopping for silence
18:21 Serostern joined #thegeekgroup
18:21 CSMonster of course not.  silence isn't possible.  but still
18:21 Serostern EY!
18:21 Serostern You!
18:21 LittleGreenFlame left #thegeekgroup
18:21 Serostern FUCK OFF!
18:21 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
18:21 Serostern Good!
18:21 Serostern is now known as Seroster
18:21 DruidicRifleman I am hopping for not blowing my ear drums out if i had to shoot someone at 2 am
18:21 CSMonster ..........what just happened to the swede?
18:21 Seroster Talking to meself
18:22 CSMonster i can see that
18:23 CSMonster i think we scared everyone else away
18:23 DruidicRifleman Yeah
18:24 * IIsi50MHz peaks out from behind MoM
18:24 CSMonster LOL
18:24 CSMonster druid:
18:24 exor674 why do my hairbrushes always run away from me?
18:24 * DruidicRifleman puts out a tray of home made Cookies i make yo lure stoner chicks over to hang out
18:24 mashpriborintorg the guy with the hammer doesn't matter, he keeps hammering
18:24 DruidicRifleman whats her name
18:24 CSMonster lol stoner chicks?
18:25 DruidicRifleman LOL i have allot of really good cooking skills and was told a while ago i am a stoner's best friend
18:25 CSMonster lol okaythen
18:26 DruidicRifleman whats your rifles name though?
18:26 CSMonster she hasn't told me yet.
18:26 DruidicRifleman and one of the things i'ld like to Do SBR one of the pistol length Piston guns from RRA and then Put a slide fire stock on it
18:27 CSMonster actually the only firearm i ever named was a Remington 870 named Alice because i was listening to Jefferson Airplane on the way home from the gunshop
18:27 CSMonster ew.
18:27 DruidicRifleman My SKS i named her SASHA
18:27 DruidicRifleman what CSM that would be a nice little toy With some victory brad 100 rounders
18:28 CSMonster i just don't like piston ARs
18:28 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
18:28 DruidicRifleman Neither do i Which is why i'd SBR the thing
18:28 DruidicRifleman Oh piston i though you said pistol
18:28 CSMonster yeah
18:28 DruidicRifleman Meh I like the Though of having a folding stock .223 PDW
18:29 CSMonster get a paraordnance TTR instead
18:29 DruidicRifleman Nods
18:29 DruidicRifleman They don't make a pistol lenth upper though
18:29 CSMonster this is true
18:29 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
18:29 DruidicRifleman they have a plant that i coudl walk to
18:30 CSMonster lol
18:30 DruidicRifleman Apparently I am crazy for trying to walk to impact guns from the Utah state capital building
18:30 CSMonster <shrug>
18:30 DruidicRifleman If i had a bus map I'd probly of taken transit
18:30 CSMonster i'd call you crazy for being in Utah to begin with but that's just me
18:30 DruidicRifleman Only like 25 miles
18:31 wannabe1987 so someone asked about the door in the MDH?  its not being worked on...
18:31 CSMonster that's not that bad unless you're trying to do round-trip in one day.
18:31 CSMonster WANNABE there you are.
18:31 wannabe1987 NO i left
18:31 wannabe1987 i walked there
18:31 wannabe1987 in the rain
18:31 DruidicRifleman I took transit the way back
18:31 wannabe1987 so i left my computer at home
18:32 wannabe1987 sorry
18:32 wannabe1987 but i took a pic of the MDH :P
18:32 DruidicRifleman If these we're legal in canada i'd buy one in a heart beat
18:32 CSMonster the only word i have to describe that thing is "cute"
18:32 CSMonster it feels like a toy
18:32 CSMonster (because it is)
18:33 DruidicRifleman Yeah it's not a serious weapon
18:33 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
18:33 DruidicRifleman It's stricly for lols
18:33 CSMonster but yes toys can be fun
18:34 DruidicRifleman Movement!!!!
18:34 DruidicRifleman there is movement on the stream
18:34 * CSMonster and druidicrifleman moved weapon discussion to private chat: you may now go about your business
18:36 wannabe1987 lol
18:36 DruidicRifleman meh i don't wanna hijack the Convo with weapons
18:36 CSMonster really we already did that.
18:36 DruidicRifleman NOW a geek group related comment...
18:37 DruidicRifleman WHO want's to help me built that cannon i posted?
18:37 CSMonster but hey weapons are technical things and technical things are what tgg is about, right?    ......right?
18:37 CSMonster no?  okay....
18:37 CSMonster :(
18:37 DruidicRifleman there's this Chip monk at my cottage HE's WAY to confident
18:37 DruidicRifleman he's taunting me
18:37 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
18:38 CSMonster wannabe1987 HOW ARE YOU MA'AM
18:38 DruidicRifleman for those who haven't had they're minds blown
18:38 wannabe1987 CSMonster - i'm doing good.  you?
18:38 DruidicRifleman thats good wannabe
18:38 CSMonster i am peachy.  i think
18:38 wannabe1987 yep :)
18:38 DruidicRifleman We're you bown in 1987?
18:39 wannabe1987 yes sir/ma'am
18:39 DruidicRifleman I am a dude
18:39 steve______ Good morning
18:39 DruidicRifleman And same here lol
18:39 wannabe1987 does anyone know where to get facemakeup (black, red, white) during the REST of the year?
18:39 steve______ theatrics
18:39 wannabe1987 druidicrifleman - are you sure?!
18:39 steve______ or is it theatixs
18:39 DruidicRifleman Umm mcouls Costuming down the road from the OCAD campus in tronto...
18:40 DruidicRifleman i am pretty sure i am a guy
18:40 wannabe1987 better check
18:40 dagnyscott theatricks
18:40 CSMonster don't feel bad.  i had to physically check last night to confirm my own gender
18:40 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
18:40 wannabe1987 lol
18:41 steve______ Theatricks  2136 Plainfield Avenue Northeast, Grand Rapids, MI 49505-4204 (616) 363-4259 ‎
18:41 wannabe1987 steve___ really?!
18:41 wannabe1987 cool...
18:41 dagnyscott Yup. My dad knows the owner. Also I got some green facemakeup there once to LARP as an orc
18:41 steve______ what?
18:41 wannabe1987 makeups
18:41 CSMonster face paint?
18:41 dagnyscott they have good stuff.
18:41 steve______ no, theater suppy too
18:41 wannabe1987 i need face paint
18:42 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
18:42 steve______ and in a prior life I was a film video major
18:42 hubzcaps meee
18:42 wannabe1987 ahhh ok :)
18:43 hubzcaps i was cam operator for public acess 32
18:43 wannabe1987 coool
18:43 steve______ GRTV?
18:43 CSMonster youuuuuuuu?
18:43 steve______ I have work with GRTV
18:43 wannabe1987 i will wander into the theatricks store...anyone have pricing?
18:43 steve______ run sholder portable
18:43 hubzcaps sure was cool to do this on school grounds..and see the huge 40 mhz sat relay !
18:44 steve______ 40 mhz?
18:44 hubzcaps gigantic dish
18:44 hubzcaps i dunno the exact wavelanth
18:44 DruidicRifleman why do you need face paint?
18:44 steve______ I imagine so
18:45 wannabe1987 because i do