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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-15

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00:00 CSMonster LOL not really.  he wanted to know if it had HDMI and optical out because apparently he couldn't find this information himself.
00:00 thebatman now he can kick my ass in COD
00:00 Julepalme my next console better take LP's :(
00:00 CSMonster lol
00:00 DruidicRifleman i bought my mom a wii
00:00 DruidicRifleman she touched it once
00:00 compwiz878 lp's as in vynil ?
00:00 compwiz878 lol
00:00 * CSMonster snickers
00:01 CSMonster MOVEMENT
00:01 Julepalme i wonder if any geeks out there ever modded LP's for datastorage.. say connected it to an oldschool console and loaded games from them :/ that would be soo wicked
00:01 DavidJKuhr a rolling slideshow of important announcements, information, weather and/or videos would all be good
00:01 mman454 .seen Captain_
00:01 BotSteve mman454: I last saw captain_ at 2011-04-14 22:57:42 UTC on #thegeekgroup
00:01 mman454 .t
00:01 BotSteve Fri, 15 Apr 2011 00:01:22 GMT
00:01 Captain_ I'm here
00:01 Seroster Julepalme, well, ones and zeros
00:01 mman454 oh
00:01 Seroster EY capn!
00:01 * CSMonster salutes
00:01 cctoide I wish there was a cheap/easy way of doing eye tracking
00:01 DavidJKuhr once they get a feed from a computer that should be doable
00:01 Seroster While doing the mot ballast vids you've got to talk about some inductive ballasts.
00:01 cctoide been looking at some eye tracking heatmaps on YouTube and they're kinda interesting
00:02 Julepalme exactly.. i mean the basic principle is still in use today on CD's.. i wonder how much data you could store on an LP
00:02 thebatman hey captain i got inventory done in cafe and even got the trash out of ur office and it got vacuumed
00:02 thebatman lol
00:02 Captain_ Thank you!
00:02 Captain_ It's needed that for a while
00:02 Seroster Trying for a promotion?
00:03 Captain_ He's pretty high up as he is.
00:03 thebatman lol
00:03 Captain_ So what's next to inventory?
00:03 thebatman i am already in management
00:03 Julepalme to what.. police captain. ? :P gordon ?
00:03 thebatman umm
00:03 Seroster Lol =P
00:03 DruidicRifleman Captan boden
00:03 Julepalme dont think anyone is above batman :/
00:03 CSMonster pretty high up, and still vacuuming the boss' office
00:03 DruidicRifleman check your IRC pm
00:03 thebatman i could start working on the studios or woodroom
00:03 Seroster Lol CSMonster  =D
00:03 thebatman lol
00:03 compwiz878 lol
00:04 aEx155 joined #thegeekgroup
00:04 Captain_ oooh! Video production!
00:04 compwiz878 the bats flyin high now lol
00:04 cctoide doesn't that get hazard pay due to the potential boden levels inside?
00:04 Captain_ But you have to do it when Cory's there, he can set values for you on things
00:04 thebatman k
00:04 mman454 Hey do you guys know if I would be able to use a preamp to connect my cable box to my stereo? Cable box has rca out, stereo has rca in. I have to crank the volume pretty high to get anything from the stereo.
00:04 thebatman will do
00:04 CSMonster lol
00:04 Seroster oooh! Video production! I don't have the schoolin' for that!
00:04 DavidJKuhr he coudl take the lesser title of zinc saucier but it comes with double the prize money
00:05 CSMonster i seriously, SERIOUSLY hope cory doesn't edit out the climbing-on-the-table part.
00:05 Julepalme futurama reference.. woo :D
00:05 CSMonster that made me happy
00:05 compwiz878 mman54 it depends does the cable boxes remote have volume on it
00:05 Seroster .t -5
00:05 BotSteve Thu, 14 Apr 2011 19:05:48 -5
00:05 mman454 yes and I have it set to control the volume of my stereo instead of my tv :)
00:06 compwiz878 hmm
00:06 Captain_ I need a PCI video card that has a simple Composite out. I'm SURE someone has to make this. Help?
00:06 DavidJKuhr the cable box might have an internal volume level
00:06 aEx155 what if you just set the cable box's volume as high as possible and control the TV volume?
00:06 thebatman cctoide_: don't worry i have been exposed to boden enuff the high boden levels don't effect me
00:06 DavidJKuhr but the ports out of the cable box should already be at line level
00:07 compwiz878 iof u have comcast ull have to call them and have the give u the code to unlock the remote to allow u control the cable boxes volume n not ur tvs volume
00:07 CSMonster limiting exposure time
00:07 mman454 aEx155 I get better sound through my stereo
00:07 compwiz878 theres a code for the remote thatll allow controlling of the cable boxes volume
00:08 mman454 compwiz878 They can do that? I thought the options for the audio output was just several presets that didn't do a damn thing.
00:08 SparkyProjects Captain
00:08 compwiz878 yes they can do that mman454
00:08 SparkyProjects oops, just a sec
00:08 aEx155 you probably could use some kind of amplifier to increase the volume but it would need power and other stuff and it might be a hassle
00:09 compwiz878 callem tell em ur volume is realy low and u have to have the tvs volume all the way up
00:09 SparkyProjects Captain
00:10 Captain_ thoughts?
00:10 Julepalme i believe old old nvidia FX5000 series had svideo / composite outputs..
00:10 compwiz878 after getting the unlock code u can also mute the audio with the cable box
00:10 Julepalme had an FX5600 that was connected to my TV via that port
00:11 Julepalme it was agp.. but back in those days there was probably pci versions of the same cards
00:11 ZoOMBeE joined #thegeekgroup
00:11 DavidJKuhr a lot of the older video cards came with multiuse svideo/composite/component plugs with a dongle
00:11 Julepalme yeah
00:11 thebatman a dongle?
00:11 mman454 Did someone leave mic 4 from studio C on? I can hear white noise...
00:12 thebatman left #thegeekgroup
00:13 ZoOMBeE I there. my 1st time here. whats going on that i should be aware of?
00:13 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
00:14 Captain_ ordering that one
00:14 Julepalme creepy.. i just found that link aswell :p
00:14 Julepalme was the composite plug directly without the adapter.. the only concer could be the 64mb vram.. is it enough ? :)
00:15 mman454 compwiz878: You mean these?
00:15 ZoOMBeE quit
00:15 ZoOMBeE left #thegeekgroup
00:15 compwiz878 yes its about time they where posted online
00:16 SparkyProjects Captain, is there a reason the stream keeps freezing ? I thought at first it was the amount of viewrs (50+), but at 37 viewers it still freezes.
00:16 compwiz878 bookmarkes that page
00:16 Captain_ I have no idea, lol
00:16 CSMonster your connection?
00:17 SparkyProjects If it  was my connection, shouldn't it show the loading symbol ?
00:17 Captain_ HEY! :)
00:17 Captain_
00:17 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:18 steve_____ cq kd8pzh kd8llk
00:18 RED_ Hi zer
00:18 tggCory RED GET OUT OF IRC >:C
00:18 aEx155 lol
00:19 Captain_ Steve, I guess I'm gonna have to get a radio now huh
00:19 mman454 compwiz878 so what do I do? Lock the volume to the box?
00:19 steve_____ I suppose so
00:19 Captain_ Cory, could you please turn the scanner up and Mic-4 down?
00:19 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
00:19 compwiz878 make it operate the boxes volume not ur tvs'
00:20 steve_____ what type you thinking about?
00:20 aEx155 thats better
00:20 mman454 Much better
00:20 Captain_ Steve, you and I should make some basic radio-101 videos on how to USE my new callsign. There's a series here :) I can see them being popular.
00:20 CSMonster LOL
00:20 Captain_ Something like what you carry.
00:20 steve_____ yes it is
00:20 Coderjoe steve_____: weird. my call is different from yours by one letter
00:20 mman454 What is your new callsign?
00:20 Seroster Aiight, give me a number between 0 and 10.
00:21 Julepalme 7
00:21 aEx155 7
00:21 steve_____ when did you take your test?
00:21 aEx155 woah
00:21 Seroster Seven it is!
00:21 Julepalme the majority has it
00:21 Seroster That means I'll have to get a healthy snack today
00:21 Captain_ A week ago? It was the one you sent me to
00:21 Coderjoe july 2009, iirc
00:21 steve_____ no, coder joe
00:21 steve_____ june of 2009 for me
00:21 IIsi50MHz Ha, I just found out that my client's "mention" filter is rather weak. "Callsign" triggers the "llsi" mention event.
00:22 lwq1996 any guys from the geek group on
00:22 IIsi50MHz Thought somebody was talking to me.
00:22 Coderjoe mine preceeds yours, though
00:22 Captain_ I am
00:22 Captain_ We're ALL Geek GRoup
00:22 CSMonster srsly
00:22 * CSMonster begins gnawing on DECserver
00:22 hubzcaps sounds loke token
00:22 Julepalme I am spartacus!
00:22 lwq1996 u guys are the ones actualy at the set
00:22 Coderjoe oh
00:23 CSMonster chris and tggcory are
00:23 compwiz878 mmna454 after the unlock is done ull be able to c a volume bar either at the top or bottom on ur tvs screen  and when u press mute ull c the word mute also
00:23 Coderjoe looking it up, it was 2008
00:23 IIsi50MHz Seriously, if people would just use proper typefaces that don't make capital i and lowercase L indistinguishable, I wouldn't have to add "llsi" and "Ilsi" to the list.
00:23 Captain_ No, the people on the stream right now are Red, Liz, Cory, and Batman
00:23 Coderjoe my how time flies
00:23 Captain_ I'm at GH4 about to overhaul my main computer. It's running Vista and when I built this thing we were still editing from TAPE.
00:23 RED_ That was special.
00:23 IIsi50MHz So...I'll just stop talking to...myself, apparently...and go back to lurking
00:23 Captain_ Cory, bring the table mic up a bit.
00:24 steve_____ Captain_ last night someone, was intersted in a ham license so I know there is interest
00:24 steve_____ maybe a get your license series
00:24 Julepalme guess i'll go bed 2:24 at night here :) looking forward to a video tomorrow then
00:24 Julepalme nn all
00:24 Captain_ I think you and I are going to make a series of videos then :)
00:24 steve_____ teach the stuff needed
00:24 Captain_ Exactly!
00:24 Julepalme left #thegeekgroup
00:24 Captain_ and, basic how-to stuff.
00:24 CSMonster bye
00:24 Coderjoe kcraces occasionally has "ham in a day" cram classes
00:24 steve_____ exactly
00:24 lwq1996 omg vista sucks the only reason it sucks tho is because bill gates was hacked and they had to make it different
00:24 Captain_ I know how to operate a transmitter on a commercial site, I know nothing of ARRL.
00:25 steve_____ not a ham in a day, but a quality intro
00:25 Captain_ yeah, a series set of a dozen videos.
00:25 aEx155 vista isn"t too bad
00:25 Captain_ Steve, start putting together ideas :)
00:25 aEx155 i still prefer linux
00:25 steve_____ sounds like  aplan
00:25 Captain_ But for now, I think my first step is to get a decent radio.
00:25 steve_____ good point
00:25 lwq1996 i personaly like mac
00:25 aEx155 but there isn"t a true linux version of itunes
00:26 steve_____ see if you can get one donated
00:26 Captain_ I run Linux on ALL my computers except for one, my main computer is for video editing, and that requires Windows.
00:26 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
00:26 aEx155 i just dual boot so i can switch back and forth
00:26 steve_____ make a instructional video on the unit
00:26 Captain_ I can't get it donated, I want one for personal use. It's against the law for me to get something donated for personal use.
00:26 Coderjoe doesn't require, but does make it less painful.
00:26 steve_____ good point
00:26 Captain_ I want my OWN radio, that I can carry around.
00:27 DavidJKuhr I think I have windows 7 or server 2008 R2 on most of my machines
00:27 steve_____ but a TGG station would ne nice
00:27 steve_____ for us hams in GR
00:27 Captain_ totall;y, a big ICOM rig ;)
00:27 CSMonster i dual boot so that when windows takes a crap, i can fix it with linux
00:27 lwq1996 lol
00:27 Coderjoe you plan on carrying around a big tabletop HF rig?
00:27 CSMonster the captain is strong like that
00:28 aEx155 tggcory say something loud when you read this so i can test the lagtime on the stream
00:28 SparkyProjects Backpack rig, like the army :D
00:28 Captain_ CORY!
00:28 lwq1996 i dont got a mac but i got a cheap chinese computer u can take apart for a vid
00:28 Captain_ Why haven't we posted the first of the radiation videos yet?
00:29 aEx155 i guess it doesn"t work if he doesn"t read it right away< though
00:29 lwq1996 omg i love all the stuff about radiation u should totaly post
00:29 Captain_ Na, I just want a little pocket one like Steve carries. It's pretty decent.
00:29 Captain_ YAY! :) Thank you sir.
00:29 Seroster lwq1996, err... There has already ben two laptop autopsys, what more can you ask for?
00:29 Captain_ Oh if he only knew.....
00:29 CSMonster LOL
00:29 Seroster :P
00:29 cctoide what's your porn name?
00:30 Captain_ I don't know actually.
00:30 Seroster ThunderCock?
00:30 steve_____ I have a yeasu vx-6r
00:30 Captain_ Pigfucker?
00:30 Captain_ I mean sure Cory, it was just the one time....but, people remember when you do something like that.
00:30 lwq1996 i know but this is a cheap one that windows ce.6 and is 2gb solid state and the screens 7in and broken
00:30 CSMonster red's laugh is amusing
00:30 Captain_ Cory is known as "Son of Mr.Hands"
00:31 cctoide the compressed air...
00:31 Seroster Lol
00:31 Captain_ I think we broke Red.
00:31 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
00:31 aEx155 left #thegeekgroup
00:31 SparkyProjects I've got th Yaesu FT 290R that i should dust off and get working again
00:31 RED_ Why am I broken?
00:31 steve_____ how about an ICOM with Apha
00:31 steve_____ *alpha amp
00:31 Seroster I want the entire compressed air story... And if you don't want to tell it.. So be it =P
00:31 cctoide what kind of radios are you talking about?
00:31 Captain_ You were laughing so hard I thought you were gonna stroke out or something.
00:31 Coderjoe i mostly like my vx8
00:31 mantere left #thegeekgroup
00:31 Captain_ The compressed air story?
00:31 Captain_ OH THE CANNED AIR!
00:32 Captain_ oh god.....
00:32 Captain_ I remember that.
00:32 DavidJKuhr well I am off you all have a good one
00:32 Seroster The one involving pressurised air and sensitive female parts?
00:32 SparkyProjects cctoide, Ham radio
00:32 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
00:32 cctoide ah
00:32 lwq1996 is the live video thing gona be more advanced like u can have like 6live shots in one web browser so u can see lots of stuff
00:32 Captain_ Eventually there will be multiple cameras.
00:32 CSMonster beardy
00:32 cctoide there will be more information being pumped into your visual cortex than you can process
00:32 Captain_ Ladies and Dave.
00:33 lwq1996 yea that would be awsome
00:33 Seroster Btw boden, how many cameras were watching you during the breadmachine autopsy? A dozen or so?
00:33 lwq1996 is captin chris
00:33 Captain_ Red, Blue and Overhead for the production shoot.
00:33 CSMonster yes
00:33 CSMonster RED
00:33 cctoide so what happened earlier that caused the loud crash? I heard something about a bench?
00:33 Captain_ Plus the Studio camera for stream, plus the gallery camera
00:34 Captain_ There's another one in there (trolly spar camera for stream) but it wasn't live.
00:34 steve_____ class is out tttyl
00:34 Seroster Something like six then?
00:34 Captain_ something like that
00:34 lwq1996 so whens that autopsy gona be poste
00:34 DruidicRifleman how long will trolley cam be?
00:34 RED_ What?
00:34 J_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:34 Captain_ Trolly cam is live now, movement will take a while.
00:34 Captain_ Batman, it's only funny if you show the BACK of it too.
00:35 Seroster And how many cameras were covering the moon landing? =P
00:35 RED_ @<CSMonster>
00:35 RED_ what?
00:35 Captain_ Cory, zoom the camera in to the Group there.
00:35 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
00:35 CSMonster idk.  everyone was yelling your name so i joined in.  feel free to ignore
00:35 lwq1996 lol
00:35 DruidicRifleman to small
00:35 Seroster erk.
00:35 RED_ Hi. People tend to scream my name ;)
00:36 cctoide so where is Cory's haircut
00:36 lwq1996 RED
00:36 CSMonster i'm seeing red.
00:36 Captain_ wow that's a good lens.
00:36 lwq1996 dont cut his hair....its awsome
00:36 Captain_ I love the depth of field.
00:36 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
00:36 lwq1996 dont cut the hair its awsome
00:37 CSMonster camshow ever.
00:37 DruidicRifleman Captan i can do a CF military haircut
00:37 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
00:37 lwq1996 yes i agree
00:37 DruidicRifleman i'd need someone to hold him down
00:37 cctoide haircut by committee?
00:37 wannabe1987 yes!
00:37 lwq1996 dude i vote not cut the hair
00:37 mman454-mobile compwiz878, volume is all the way up. still need to crank the stereo
00:37 lwq1996 need a better mic for the ustream
00:38 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
00:38 DruidicRifleman Press 1 for forced hair cut 2 for no
00:38 CSMonster 2
00:38 DruidicRifleman 1
00:38 lwq1996 2222222222
00:38 RED_ 3
00:38 mman454-mobile 3
00:38 lwq1996 omg
00:38 J_ left #thegeekgroup
00:38 DruidicRifleman there wasn't a 3 option
00:38 lwq1996 ok 3 to shave him bald
00:39 mman454-mobile ok jeesh 4
00:39 CSMonster still 2
00:39 RED_ NO
00:39 RED_ 0
00:39 SparkyProjects Captain, i posted an idea for the trolley drive here
00:39 lwq1996 ok i vote 3 to shave him bald
00:39 RED_ We should give him extensions, lol.
00:39 mman454-mobile what were we talking about?
00:39 DruidicRifleman LOL if maglinvin doesn't mind sharping it i'll use my bowie knife if he gets it razer sharp
00:39 cctoide ask Billy
00:39 CSMonster okay yes red_ i vote for extentions
00:40 aEx155 joined #thegeekgroup
00:40 Seroster That reminds me my swizz army knife needs an overhaul
00:40 Captain_ Make sure Dan knows about that drive idea
00:40 lwq1996 can some one tell me how to load a os on a computer without a cd rom
00:40 CSMonster LMAO
00:40 aEx155 you can use a thumb drive
00:40 Coderjoe netboot?
00:40 Coderjoe usb thumbdrive
00:40 lwq1996 yep
00:40 SparkyProjects Captain, will do
00:40 lwq1996 i want to download xp on a dell
00:40 aEx155 but I don't think you can do that with anything except linux
00:41 Coderjoe er
00:41 lwq1996 oh ok where do i get a linux download for os
00:41 * mman454-mobile facepalm
00:41 Coderjoe xp, you'll have to use MS' netboot installer
00:41 DruidicRifleman I think we should shave his head with a bowie knife
00:41 aEx155 tggcory this is your nickname right?
00:41 tggCory Yep
00:41 lwq1996 do it
00:41 CSMonster i still approve of extensions
00:41 wannabe1987 yay you changed your nick :D
00:41 Cprossu holy crap it's an editing convention
00:42 Cprossu (has to go away as soon as he came back)
00:42 DruidicRifleman They are not doing much editing
00:42 lwq1996 whos doing the cirus music
00:42 aEx155 tggcory i'll try again: reply and say something loud when you read this
00:42 mman454-mobile you dont download an operating system to make it run, you install it lwq1996
00:42 DruidicRifleman OOOOOH batman is kinky
00:42 cctoide we did that yesterday, it's about 4-5 esconds
00:42 cctoide seconds even
00:42 wannabe1987 lol
00:43 aEx155 yup, seconds
00:43 Cprossu TF2 ftw?!
00:43 aEx155 thanks
00:43 cctoide hm... when was the last viewer mail video?
00:43 lwq1996 sorry im like self taught and dont know anymore than to use a computer and hack
00:43 Cprossu if they were reading the IRC they'd even be more screwed up
00:43 DruidicRifleman I knew there we';re allot of perverts in the eastern part of michigan but i didn't know the west half of the state was peverted
00:43 wannabe1987 LOL
00:43 Captain_ Hey guys
00:44 CSMonster druid EVERYONE is perverted
00:44 wannabe1987 hey captain
00:44 CSMonster face it
00:44 Captain_ Someone find that batch of mics sitting over by the console.
00:44 Captain_ there's a pile of them, like 5 or 6
00:44 aEx155 if you want to load an os but don't have an optical drive maybe you can put the hard drive in another computer that has one?
00:44 Cprossu pile o' mics... not a bucket o' mics eh?
00:44 Coderjoe aEx155: bad idea for windows.
00:44 Captain_ Get one, and HANG it from the ceiling, about 3 feet over the desk.
00:44 CSMonster bucket-o-mice
00:44 Cprossu stream is dead?!
00:44 cctoide nope
00:44 CSMonster stream is not dead.
00:45 Cprossu ahh fail interent
00:45 Captain_ If we hang the mic pointing down, in the center of you guys, it'll sound a LOT better.
00:45 Cprossu *net
00:45 Captain_ yes
00:45 Captain_ I know, I put it there
00:45 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
00:45 Captain_ but it's a UNIDIRECTIONAL MIC
00:45 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
00:45 lwq1996 thats a steper motor yo....sorry looking at my collection....may donat few
00:45 Captain_ So it only gets sound from one direction.
00:45 Captain_ So we need it pointing DOWN.
00:45 Captain_ Yes, but you may have to add cable
00:45 Cprossu_Laptop I need this computer!
00:45 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
00:45 Captain_ You want to run the cable along the ceiling, and come down back behind the console.
00:46 Captain_ It has to hang in teh center of you guys
00:46 lwq1996 just use the mic boom and put it over the table
00:46 Captain_ We don't have a boom.
00:46 Captain_ Well, we do, but it's broken.
00:46 aEx155 how many geeks does it take to hang  a microphone?
00:46 CSMonster how many geeks does it take to hang a microphone
00:46 CSMonster oh dear
00:46 lwq1996 what that thing with a mic on it in the shoot
00:46 Captain_ I deeply desire a set of big Atlas mic booms with the triangle wheeled bases.
00:46 Captain_ Oh, I know, but it's entertaining.
00:46 cctoide throw the other end of the cable?
00:47 NeWtoz put the mic on a motorized Lazy Susan!
00:47 Captain_ no, you can't
00:47 Captain_ no tripod
00:47 Captain_ Oh, you're very just don't know shit about mics
00:47 Captain_ *sigh*
00:47 Captain_ ok, well...not Batman...I like that table.
00:47 lwq1996 just have somone hold it
00:48 Captain_ I AM YOUR SODIUM!
00:48 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
00:48 lwq1996 use chris as a mic stand
00:48 Captain_ oh this should be entertining.
00:48 critterpal This is rather entertaining.
00:48 aEx155 yes, it is
00:49 Captain_ I can't even get you to plug in a computer.
00:49 SparkyProjects Can't they throw the cable over something ?
00:49 Captain_ no, the ceiling is obstructed.
00:49 CSMonster LOL
00:49 Captain_ HA! It's STILL not plugged in.
00:49 lwq1996 point the camera where they are working
00:49 aEx155 instead of actually plugging the computer in, hes sending red
00:50 aEx155 nice
00:50 lwq1996 well putting the mic
00:50 lwq1996 the easy button
00:51 lwq1996 that was easy
00:51 Captain_ Cory, put "Japan Remote Radiation Monitoring (part 1)" as that title. And make sure to use a lot of tags on it, like Japan, Nuclear, Reactor, etc.
00:51 lwq1996 i love cinnomine rolls
00:51 CSMonster cinnomine?
00:52 CSMonster cinnominecraft
00:52 lwq1996 i cant spell
00:52 lwq1996 im illiterit
00:52 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
00:52 Captain_ This ends badly.
00:52 lwq1996 just tape the mic to a boom or something
00:52 Captain_ That stand will work, let the mic hang pointing down, use Zip ties
00:53 Captain_ hang it by it's cable
00:53 Captain_ There's no mount on that stand, it's broken.
00:53 lwq1996 yea then it will unclip and break
00:53 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
00:53 lwq1996 duct tape will work
00:53 Captain_ no it won't
00:53 Captain_ it wont' unclip, it'll be fine
00:53 CSMonster duct tape and jbweld
00:53 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
00:53 Captain_ and if it falls, it won't break, it's an ENG mic, it's been dropped before.
00:53 lwq1996 yep
00:54 lwq1996 ahh thought maby ceramic
00:54 NeWtoz 0.0
00:54 mman454-mobile Captain_, why do you have a _ in your nick?
00:54 Captain_ no idea
00:54 CSMonster a meager 0.4 bodens there
00:54 lwq1996 is battman the dude with the suspenders
00:54 Captain_ yes
00:55 aEx155 awkward waving
00:55 Bat-Mobile Captain_: it's because someone else already has the "captain" nick
00:55 JA12 umm.. like.. holy crap..
00:55 CSMonster hi beard guy
00:55 lwq1996 he uses the volcano ecig
00:55 lwq1996 he has the hat
00:55 Whisperingwolf lol gen badass
00:55 Captain_ LEave it up, the levels are set
00:55 Captain_ it'll be fine
00:55 Bat-Mobile if you signed on as "CaptainBoden" you'd have a unique name
00:55 Whisperingwolf Hey tell gen badass he's short
00:55 CSMonster yes
00:55 Captain_ NO!
00:55 Captain_ Don't UNPLUG>>>>>FCUK!
00:55 Bat-Mobile Or...really anything
00:56 lwq1996 hes just stumpy
00:56 Whisperingwolf well you are compared to me
00:56 Captain_ *headdesk*headesk*headdesk*
00:56 Whisperingwolf you know that gen badass
00:56 NeWtoz HI BA
00:56 NeWtoz I love you
00:56 Captain_ It does BAD THINGS to the mixing console.
00:56 Whisperingwolf do the robot badass
00:56 wannabe1987 who is BA?
00:57 lwq1996 lol
00:57 NeWtoz the guy doing the robot
00:57 aEx155 nice
00:57 Captain_ I said don't turn it down, what the fuck makes you think UNOPLUGGING IT was a good idea?
00:57 lwq1996 do it again
00:57 Captain_ no!
00:57 Captain_ Don't run the updates.
00:57 lwq1996 yes it made me laugh
00:57 CSMonster pop'n'lock
00:57 wannabe1987 o he's on the stream?
00:57 Captain_ Plug the mic back in.
00:57 TheSessionMan joined #thegeekgroup
00:58 Captain_ Hang the cable.
00:58 Captain_ Then sit in a dark room, listening to Bright Eyes,a nd cut yourself for a while.
00:58 CSMonster LMAO
00:58 Captain_ tiny mic doesn't work
00:58 lwq1996 emo :)
00:58 wannabe1987 ...
00:58 TheSessionMan hello. anything going on in the ustream right now?
00:58 Bat-Mobile .stream
00:58 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
00:58 Phu very emo .. evenig captain :)
00:58 Bat-Mobile turn it on and find out
00:58 lwq1996 yep
00:59 Whisperingwolf yes badass just did the robot
00:59 Captain_ You need to TELL me you want to add a cable (or tell Cory and he can turn phantom off for a bit).
00:59 CSMonster lots of amazing things happening on the stream
00:59 Captain_ Pull that tighter, get the mic higher
00:59 lwq1996 funny shit
01:00 lwq1996 spin faster
01:00 Whisperingwolf think we can get ba to do the robot again?
01:00 TheSessionMan connecting right now
01:00 Captain_ That's better
01:00 Captain_ now it's gonna tp over though
01:00 mman454-mobile Let me guess he was trying to use the console mic to talk on live stream? [19:58] (@Captain_) tiny mic doesn't work
01:00 Captain_ Batman is about to learn a lesson on Levers.
01:01 Captain_ *grumbles*
01:01 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
01:01 CSMonster angry boden is angry
01:01 Captain_ so....very...ghetto
01:01 Phu I sense a lesson in pivot points.
01:01 cctoide fishing pole setup
01:01 TheSessionMan i am soo glad i joined to see this.
01:02 NeWtoz yeah, I can't see someone tipping that over
01:02 Captain_ There's about $12,000 in cameras sitting on that table.
01:02 Whisperingwolf lol ghetto is what tgg does I remeber a duct tape computer once
01:02 wannabe1987 :o
01:02 CSMonster what happened to red?
01:02 Phu 12 thousand, not hundred :P
01:02 Captain_ TWELVE THOUSAND.
01:02 wannabe1987 she went to work maybe?
01:02 critterpal The sound isn't really any better. lol
01:02 lwq1996 u want conter weight then have ba stand on it
01:02 Captain_ It will be when they're all sitting there talking.
01:02 lwq1996 yep
01:03 Bat-Mobile Caps lock is cruise control for cool
01:03 aEx155 doesn't afraid of anything?
01:03 wannabe1987 lol
01:03 lwq1996 nah ur not fat big boned
01:03 Captain_ Caps lock is cruise control for cool.
01:03 lwq1996 Q
01:03 lwq1996 LWQ
01:03 Phu caps lock is the work of the devil.
01:03 Coderjoe someone say something? I'm wondering if I have sound
01:03 aEx155 they're already saying stuff
01:03 lwq1996 im a 14 year old kid
01:03 Coderjoe oh hi mute button!
01:03 CSMonster they're all yelling at eachother
01:03 SparkyProjects Caps lock is shouting at 1 boden :D
01:03 Seroster Hii little boy...!
01:03 critterpal bocsy only will tell if they signed in using their gg name
01:03 lwq1996 yea im mean i know
01:04 lwq1996 perv again
01:04 Whisperingwolf hi youngin'
01:04 * tesla4d wonders idly about cities in Japan
01:04 CSMonster what do.
01:04 cctoide Ecks my zot?
01:04 NeWtoz irc has never been so cool
01:04 Seroster The candycar joke would be so inappropriate it might even be illegal.
01:04 Coderjoe Captain_: I'm amused that you want a hyperactive add teenager controlling your building
01:04 Whisperingwolf freenode duh
01:04 Coderjoe ADD/ADHD
01:04 Seroster Who got add?
01:04 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
01:04 Phu or you can connect your favourite IRC client to and /join #thegeekgroup
01:05 Captain_ The person there in charge right now is Dave.
01:05 lwq1996 i wonder if i can hack the ustream server
01:05 lwq1996 jk
01:05 wannabe1987 ...
01:05 Seroster I didnt know Dave had ADHD =P
01:05 Coderjoe Captain_: I meant bocsy (boxxy)
01:05 Whisperingwolf do something exciting BA
01:05 aEx155 why would you?
01:05 Captain_ Ok, how do I ban someone?
01:05 lwq1996 no echo
01:05 lwq1996 im kidding jess
01:05 Seroster Where do you want to ban, Captain_?
01:05 aEx155 GIYF
01:05 cctoide what client?
01:05 Captain_ lwq1996
01:05 Bat-Mobile Captain_: I just pm'd you.
01:05 lwq1996 was kicked by Bat-Mobile: lwq1996
01:05 thebatman joined #thegeekgroup
01:05 Seroster In here? Then talk to the chanops.
01:05 Captain_ Thank you
01:05 Red_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:06 cctoide He's opped
01:06 Whisperingwolf lol
01:06 Red_ The computer on set it all hooked up and works. Hi boys.
01:06 Whisperingwolf Hi Red
01:06 aEx155 hi
01:06 Phu hi Red
01:06 TheSessionMan hello
01:06 Seroster Dang, Bat-Mobile  just kicked someone FROM HIS PHONE! That's badass.
01:06 MC_Bolton left #thegeekgroup
01:06 aEx155 hi batman
01:06 Whisperingwolf Kill any cd-rom drives lately Red?
01:06 CSMonster is the computer plugged in now red?
01:06 Bat-Mobile Seroster: I'm hardcore like that
01:06 Captain_ Draconian moderation is authorised here in this IRC. Mods, keep a handle on the stupid please. We have plenty of dumb on the set. ;)
01:06 Red_ Shhh, is legend.
01:06 Red_ and that was art.
01:06 lwq271996 joined #thegeekgroup
01:07 lwq271996 hello
01:07 Phu ah, the revolving door.
01:07 Red_ Ass.
01:07 lwq271996 another name
01:07 CSMonster LOL
01:07 wannabe1987 hey red_
01:07 Red_ Yes??
01:07 aEx155 he just added 27 to his nick
01:07 Phu what you want is /mode #thegeekgroup +b lwq*!*@*
01:07 wannabe1987 sayin "hi"
01:07 Red_ hi
01:07 lwq271996 i dont know how o hack im 14 for god sake
01:07 wannabe1987 so?
01:07 NeWtoz no, cause then he could just change his name Phu
01:07 CSMonster plenty of 14yo's know how to hack.  badly
01:07 Whisperingwolf So?
01:07 Seroster lwq271996, well, I know 12year old hackers =P
01:07 Captain_ ban his IP
01:07 Phu Dave, thats one evil bond villian beard stroke you got there.
01:07 NeWtoz you want to go by ip
01:07 lwq271996 damn
01:07 Red_ Wait, which Kelly is wannabe? Is it the one dating Rory or the one dating Drew?
01:08 Seroster Either one
01:08 Phu NeWtoz: well yeah, but since he's webchat, you can't really ban on hostmask.
01:08 JA12 just ban all web clients. that'll do it :)
01:08 Seroster The one with the blue hat
01:08 Coderjoe /mode #thegeekgroup +b *!*@
01:08 Whisperingwolf Maybe he can do a evil Dan laugh now
01:08 * wannabe1987 is dating drew, red_
01:08 NeWtoz oh, shens
01:08 Phu oh wait.. they do have IPs in them don't they.
01:08 mman454-mobile Seroster I can do it too. rather quickly. would you like a demonstration?
01:08 Seroster I thought you were dating TJ?
01:08 lwq271996 was kicked by Bat-Mobile: lwq271996
01:08 Bat-Mobile there we go
01:08 Seroster mman454-mobile, Sure! As long as you don't ban me
01:08 wannabe1987 drew = tj
01:08 Phu there ya go :)
01:08 Coderjoe or more likely @gateway/web/freenode/ip.blahblah
01:08 Bat-Mobile forgot my ban syntax for a while
01:08 cctoide needs an extra asterisk
01:08 CSMonster wannabe is poly
01:09 cctoide the host isn't just the IP
01:09 wannabe1987 no!
01:09 wannabe1987 i'm not!
01:09 CSMonster LOL
01:09 DruidicRifleman When will cory finish editing the next video
01:09 TheSessionMan OKay, i learned one important rule of this IRC
01:09 Captain_ ?
01:09 CSMonster deny deny deny
01:09 Coderjoe cctoide: yay freenode crazyhosts
01:09 Seroster Don't fuck with the captain!
01:09 wannabe1987 i will
01:09 wannabe1987 till the day i die!
01:09 Bat-Mobile hm. yeah.  needs another asterisk I think
01:09 Red_ lol, no you won't.
01:09 TheSessionMan NEVER under ANY circumstances be an idiot and talk about hacking
01:09 lwq276991 joined #thegeekgroup
01:09 Bat-Mobile haha I was right
01:09 Seroster Unless you are hot and asian. ^^
01:09 Phu /mode #thegeekgroup +b *!*@*98.17.32.*
01:09 Captain_ Hacking is great, I'm all for hacking, I just hate stupid ;)
01:09 Red_ what about hot, and caucasian?
01:09 Phu unless you trust his ISP to be using statics.
01:09 lwq276991 was kicked by Bat-Mobile: lwq276991
01:09 CSMonster lol
01:09 IIsi50MHz This network supports /mode #chan +q usermask, right? To mute a user without ban?
01:10 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
01:10 aEx155 you could use a proxy
01:10 aEx155 to change your ip
01:10 Bat-Mobile yeah, we'll never get it completely clean
01:10 Coderjoe he didn't change his IP, the ban wasn't covering the right hostmask
01:10 compwiz878 joined #thegeekgroup
01:10 Whisperingwolf Need moar sand sandstone takes way to much sand in Minecraft
01:10 Seroster mman454-mobile, Don't you want to demonstrate your �berphoneskills by kicking me? =P
01:10 Fulsy what happened?
01:10 NeWtoz everything
01:10 TheSessionMan I know nothing about hacking, or computer in general. I only know how to set up infinite reboot loops and such using CMD
01:10 Seroster It would be fine, because I love my greeting message so much =P
01:10 Captain_ k
01:11 DruidicRifleman what is your greeting message
01:11 aEx155 what chemical burned your arm?
01:11 CSMonster 90% of what i know about computers has to do with the i80486.  :(
01:11 * wannabe1987 is SOOOO CONFUSED
01:11 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
01:11 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
01:11 BotSteve All right, show us on the doll where Seroster touched you.
01:11 Seroster ^That is my greet =P
01:11 CSMonster LOL
01:11 Seroster was kicked by mman454-mobile: yes
01:11 Fulsy hah
01:11 cctoide wasn't there a blue box on the old set at one point?
01:11 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
01:11 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again...
01:11 aEx155 bittergent in canned air
01:11 compwiz878 lol @ a 486 lol
01:11 wannabe1987 theres soooo many convo's going on i get lost
01:11 Seroster That was rude. :(
01:11 Captain_ Best IRC for Ubuntu?
01:11 DruidicRifleman I not see it
01:12 Seroster Captain_, I suggest Xchat
01:12 Whisperingwolf That's the first step to wisdom wanna aknowledge that your confused
01:12 mman454-mobile my bad... delay
01:12 NeWtoz irssi!
01:12 NeWtoz :)
01:12 Red_ left #thegeekgroup
01:12 Phu Captain_: I use X-chat.
01:12 JA12 Captain_: xchat
01:12 NeWtoz xchat is nice too
01:12 Seroster Irssi is purely controlled by keyboard. Xchat is actually sane.
01:12 Phu I concur with Seroster
01:12 Captain_ Thank you gentlemen :)
01:12 Bat-Mobile xchat.  it's better than what I use
01:12 CSMonster RED COME BACK
01:12 Captain_ Installing xchat on my laptop, desktop is about to be nuked.
01:12 mman454-mobile i use pidgin for windows... its on ubuntu as well
01:12 DruidicRifleman How long till you Finish the Tesla coil video
01:12 Fulsy Never quite heard of x-chat
01:13 NeWtoz it's the bestest
01:13 Seroster CSMonster, do you also like my greet message? =D
01:13 aEx155 bestest? reminds me of freshershist from old spice
01:13 * NeWtoz gets ready for work
01:13 CSMonster "oh balls it's him again"?  yes, that's cute
01:13 Fulsy So, from what I can gether here, IRC is becoming a mess?
01:13 Seroster The doll one
01:13 Fulsy *Gather*
01:13 Fulsy I can't spell..
01:13 NeWtoz irc is always a mess
01:13 NeWtoz that is the fun about it
01:13 Whisperingwolf I think we should make Red into tgg mascot
01:13 Seroster Agreed, NeWtoz
01:14 DruidicRifleman Soooo boden how long till you finish the Tesla coil video
01:14 Captain_ Omni is the mascot
01:14 * CSMonster is not batman
01:14 thebatman CSMonster who are you?
01:14 Captain_ We're shooting the next episode of that on Saturday.
01:14 Seroster CSMonster is our phunnyman
01:14 mman454-mobile Seroster how did you get BotSteve to be cool when you join?
01:14 Whisperingwolf hmm human mascot?
01:14 CSMonster my name is Kaitlyn and i live in WA state.  good enough?
01:14 Phu Captain_: nice. I was watching those with keen interest before the big upheaval :)
01:14 TheSessionMan Chris, where are you joining us from today? the lab?
01:14 aEx155 .w 1+1
01:14 Captain_ CSMonster is the pivot man.
01:14 Bat-Mobile mman454-mobile: he asked nicely
01:14 BotSteve "1+1 (Ukrainian: Один плюс один, Оdyn plyus odyn) is a national Ukrainian-speaking TV channel." -
01:14 DruidicRifleman when will it get posted
01:14 thebatman ?
01:14 thebatman lol, single/
01:14 Seroster mman454-mobile, I was a major asshole to BatSteve-Away, to the point he made his bot be rude to me ;P
01:14 aEx155 .wa 1+1
01:14 BotSteve 1 1;1;one;\x2A
01:14 * CSMonster rolls eyes
01:15 Captain_ I'm at GH4 right now, in my office.
01:15 Whisperingwolf .wa pi
01:15 mman454-mobile jealous
01:15 Seroster Tbh, I just asked him and he made the greets for me.
01:15 aEx155 .wa 2^564
01:15 BotSteve pi;3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993751058209749...;pi is a transcendental number;\x5B3\x3B 7, 15, 1, 292, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 3, 1, 14, 2, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2, 2, 1, 84, 2, 1, 1, ...\x5D;pi \x3D 180 \x26deg\x3B;pi \x3D -i log\x28-1\x29;pi \x3D cos\x5E\x28-1\x29\x28-1\x29;pi \x3D 4 sum_\x28k\x3D0\x29\x5Einfinity\x28-1\x29\x5Ek\\\x2F\x282 k\x2B1\x29;pi \x3D -2\x2B2 sum_\x28k\x3D1\x29\x5Einfinity2\x5Ek\\\x2F\x282 k\,
01:15 Captain_ My main computer is dying and I'm overhauling it.
01:15 BotSteve 2\x5E564;60383398797144661635864873295812302254670739526663046854019300803929986598274381633378027602842540280663494000492221518396329354078796682120982948022923136698390325231616;6.0383398797144661635864873295812302254670739526663046... \x26times\x3B 10\x5E169;170 decimal digits;\x7E\x7E 0.13 \x26times\x3B the number of Go positions \x28\x7E\x7E 4.6\x26times\x3B10\x5E170\x29
01:15 Fulsy what the christ
01:15 Whisperingwolf lol I win
01:15 NeWtoz SPAM
01:15 Phu beware of runaway bots ;)
01:15 Seroster Stop with the .wa please. Or take it in private message.
01:15 Fulsy You dun goof'd
01:15 aEx155 sorry
01:16 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:16 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
01:16 NeWtoz could code that into a notice instead of the channel
01:16 cctoide a tiny sliver of the Matrix
01:16 DruidicRifleman How many people play a game like wow or DDO?
01:16 Bat-Mobile NeWtoz: most of the time it's not a problem
01:16 TheSessionMan consequences will NEVER be the same!
01:16 Seroster Way ahead of you NeWtoz
01:16 cctoide around 11 million
01:16 Whisperingwolf :P WoW
01:16 CSMonster MMOs eat your soul
01:16 Whisperingwolf world of warcraft
01:16 MoxieMike hey captain_, on those cameras I'm taking apart, do you want to optics in separate pieces of glass or as optical assemblies?
01:16 Whisperingwolf duh
01:16 Fulsy I play Minecraft. Enough for me.
01:16 DruidicRifleman OK how many Strieght guys wanna look at a guys ass all day every day for a month or so
01:16 Whisperingwolf Uh sure you were
01:16 Captain_ assemblies is fine
01:16 RED_ Mmmm
01:16 MoxieMike ok
01:16 NeWtoz ok, quick shower, then work
01:17 cctoide Is this a telemarketing script?
01:17 Whisperingwolf Nethack ftw
01:17 NeWtoz I'll be back in 3 hours
01:17 RED_ Lots of Bi girls do.
01:17 Captain_ I love how nobody is harassing Liz, she's just sitting there, editing, being good.
01:17 TheSessionMan I can't afford runescape right now, cancelled my sub a month ago
01:17 DruidicRifleman Red thats why Most of the time female wow toons Are males
01:17 CSMonster oh just so we're clear though, i *am* hot for red.
01:17 DruidicRifleman Dungions and dragons
01:17 DruidicRifleman online
01:17 wannabe1987 dungeons*
01:17 CSMonster :D
01:17 DruidicRifleman Runescape still exists supprisingly
01:18 Seroster It does?
01:18 Seroster Swoody
01:18 DruidicRifleman ywah
01:18 Captain_ Bring that mic up a bit.
01:18 Fulsy Runescape lol
01:18 Seroster I had the #25 rank for thieving once.
01:18 MoxieMike are there any fun projects that can be done with lytic caps or are they just too prone to go poof?
01:18 DruidicRifleman yeah they just did an update
01:18 wannabe1987 i tried it twice...i nedver had good enough computers
01:18 RED_ ;)
01:18 Fulsy My brother played that ages ago
01:18 Seroster I used to
01:18 RED_ .
01:18 Fulsy Minecraft pretty much sapped runescape
01:18 CSMonster seroster: you keep using that word.  i do not think it means what you think it means.
01:19 Seroster Then JaGEx fucked their users with a massive dick. So I kept my five bucks a month.
01:19 cctoide he doesn't use words so much as abuse them
01:19 Seroster There is nothing I won't abuse ;)
01:19 TheSessionMan the wilderness is back to normal now.
01:19 Seroster Sweet
01:19 Seroster And trade?
01:19 TheSessionMan yep
01:19 aEx155 just wondering, anyone looking forward to Portal 2?
01:19 TheSessionMan had a reform. 98% of people wanted it back
01:19 Bat-Mobile aEx155: oh yes
01:19 CSMonster how can you NOT be looking forward to portal 2?
01:20 Whisperingwolf I am I wish I could afford it
01:20 TheSessionMan excited for portal 2
01:20 Seroster Well, it took care of the bot problem when EVRYONE ragequitted.
01:20 Fulsy Anyone looking forward to DUKE NUKEM FOREVER?
01:20 Seroster No, DukeNukem 3D was the best of the series
01:20 JA12 CSMonster: Seroster uses many words that I just wish I wouldn't know what they mean
01:20 Whisperingwolf Which is really coming out now
01:20 CSMonster THANK you someone got it
01:20 wannabe1987 no its not
01:20 Seroster JA12, I could speak swedish if you want to =P
01:20 wannabe1987 they delayed it
01:20 Whisperingwolf well duh
01:20 JA12 Seroster: please don't :)
01:21 Seroster ^^
01:21 Fulsy No more Broussard to delay DNF every chance he gets
01:21 cctoide it already got delayed once
01:21 qwertyboy1_ left #thegeekgroup
01:21 compwiz878 duke nukem is a nice sweet game
01:21 Fulsy Yea I know
01:21 cctoide after getting shifted onto Gearbox
01:21 Fulsy Cmon, Pitchford
01:21 Whisperingwolf Anyone remember Shadow Warrior?
01:21 cctoide looking forward to Battlefield 3, but they're trying really hard to screw it up
01:21 Fulsy Anyone remember....Daikatana?
01:22 CSMonster EEEEW
01:22 Whisperingwolf lol
01:22 Phu dn3d rocked :)
01:22 CSMonster daikatana
01:22 thebatman dadudadaudda
01:22 * CSMonster throws up in her mouth just a litle bit
01:22 Fulsy lmao
01:22 Fulsy John Romero is gonna make you his B*TCH
01:22 Phu I've never played daikatana because i heard it was shit.
01:22 TheSessionMan bad company 1 and 2 were unreal. I sure hope BF3 still keeps the same feel, and doesn't turn into call of duty
01:23 CSMonster big-budget shovelware
01:23 Fulsy Unreal Tournament
01:23 Fulsy I know how to make Maps in UnrealEd
01:23 cctoide eh... I'm hoping for a sequel to BF2, and not a BC3
01:23 Fulsy like the classic Unrealed
01:23 RED_ do do do dod odosdodododod
01:23 RED_ dodoododododd
01:23 aEx155 everyone is talking about games now
01:23 Whisperingwolf so if DNF comes out does that mean episode 3 will come out as well?
01:23 cctoide seems to be edging towards the latter
01:23 TheSessionMan has anyone played Bulletstorm?
01:24 Fulsy Maybe I should make the Leonard Street Labs in Hammer?
01:24 Fulsy or minecraft?
01:24 cctoide heh, thought about that
01:24 Whisperingwolf minecraft duh
01:24 cctoide might rank a bit too high on the creepiness scale
01:24 Fulsy maybe for the official TGG server?
01:24 aEx155 I contemplated making my school in minecraft
01:25 kiwifrog joined #thegeekgroup
01:25 aEx155 then I could blow it all up with TNT
01:25 CSMonster nice grill
01:25 Fulsy Be careful with that
01:25 CSMonster dammit
01:25 Fulsy Some kid got arrested for making his school in counterstrike
01:25 Phu aEx155: see thats the kind of thing that gets you arrested
01:25 Fulsy and he got expelled in school
01:25 cctoide unless you wanted to play pretend-zomb in a Source mod
01:25 Seroster Fulsy, that is fucked.
01:25 Fulsy But this happened directly after virginia tech
01:25 Phu well yeah.. authorities are a little paranoid.
01:25 Seroster Not from his standpoint, but from the police standpoint.
01:26 Fulsy so everyone was still like AAAARGH
01:26 aEx155 I guess that could be one result
01:26 CSMonster last 15 minutes the stream has been really jittery for me :/
01:26 Seroster Stupid
01:26 Seroster Is tehre anything in the lawbook that states "Thy shalt not make CS maps based on your school!"
01:26 cctoide now someone made an actual "school shooter" Source mod
01:26 Seroster Lol
01:26 cctoide called "School Shooter". so it's come full circle... kind of
01:26 Fulsy That's a pure product of trollin
01:26 Fulsy tbh
01:26 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
01:27 cctoide well, yeah, you just shoot HL2 civilians
01:27 Fulsy lol
01:27 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
01:27 Phu welcome to the cliented Captain Chris :)
01:27 Fulsy like they look anything like normal schoolkids
01:27 CaptainBoden ok, laptop is now on
01:27 Seroster Well, Concidering what kind of assholes I went to school with I could have gone the very same path. I doubt I would have, but i could.
01:27 TheSessionMan i spent well over an hour bleeding the brake on my motorcycle today. still not finished. I replaced the master cylinder and cleaned the calipers, so all that air has to come out.
01:27 Coderjoe you can register the nick, too
01:27 Captain_ This is my desktop, it's going to die soon
01:27 CSMonster cpt'n bodenduck
01:27 Fulsy RIP Boden's Desktop
01:27 Bat-Mobile Heyo!
01:28 Phu Captain_: die a la equipment autopsy, or just get brutally reinstalled?
01:28 Seroster CaptainBoden looks way better than captain_ =P
01:28 Bat-Mobile agreed
01:28 Bat-Mobile stick with CaptainBoden
01:28 Captain_ reinstallation
01:28 Fulsy You're on your laptop?
01:28 kiwifrog Desktops never die, they can be used for doorstops
01:28 Captain_ I'm on my desktop AND my laptop
01:28 Fulsy Are you on your eee or some other laptop
01:28 aEx155 or, like in portal, as a heat source for cooking
01:28 CSMonster or target boards
01:28 Captain_ I'm on my Lenovo T61
01:28 Fulsy oh
01:28 maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
01:29 Captain_ My Eee is upstairs, I use it mainly for meetings.
01:29 Fulsy ah
01:29 mman454-mobile i gotta disagree with seroster. Captain_ is much simpler than CaptainBoden
01:29 maglinvinn yar!
01:29 * Bat-Mobile updates the bot to recognize CaptainBoden
01:29 aEx155 I found it:
01:29 CSMonster or Capducken
01:29 Fulsy People will easily be able to know who CaptainBoden is tho
01:29 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
01:29 Seroster The _ looks crappy
01:29 cctoide Captain Boducken?
01:29 Phu yeah.. I agree with Fulsy "CaptainBoden" is more recognizable.
01:29 RED_ You look crappy
01:30 Seroster I sure do, RED_
01:30 Captain_ (just stopped watching the stream)
01:30 mman454-mobile Bat-Mobile, updates the bot? what?
01:30 RED_ Aw, that's sad.
01:30 Coderjoe popcorn
01:30 Seroster And "CaptainBoden" instantly tells you who it is, Captain_ isnt as precise.
01:30 maglinvinn normally, i wouldn't do it, but...;feature=related
01:30 RED_ but we all know who captain is
01:31 Seroster Never underestimate stupids
01:31 Bat-Mobile mman454-mobile: I had the bot set up to provide an attention message when Captain_ signed in
01:31 Bat-Mobile Now I've got it set up for CaptainBoden as well
01:31 kiwifrog Dan that video was shocking
01:31 maglinvinn its epic
01:31 maglinvinn i have had it on loop for about an hour now.
01:31 cctoide synchro nyan cat with the stream people
01:31 * maglinvinn smiles
01:31 kiwifrog not in a crowed workshop
01:31 mman454-mobile I feel left out!
01:31 TheSessionMan where did General BA go?
01:32 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
01:32 aEx155 I opened the video that dan just posted and it scared me since my volume is high so I can hear you guys
01:32 cctoide excellent
01:32 Hackbat lol can you repost ti?
01:32 mman454-mobile lol we all know the feeling
01:32 Hackbat *it
01:32 cctoide
01:32 * Phu watches
01:32 aEx155 pooping a rainbow
01:33 aEx155 nice
01:33 Phu maglinvinn: that is officially evil.
01:33 mikemol;gclid=CObhhcS3nKgCFUXe4AodsDl2Gg
01:33 TheSessionMan some people's children....
01:33 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
01:33 Whisperingwolf epic youtube?
01:33 mikemol Android tablets for <$85/pc.
01:33 mman454-mobile Bat-Mobile, how difficult is it to make bot steve give a welcome message?
01:34 steve_____ hello
01:34 RED_ Android tablets for <$85/pc. ????
01:34 mikemol Probably absolute _crap_ for hardware spec, but they'd make pretty neat portable wireless thin clients around LStL.
01:34 aEx155 wait, what is the link to the countdown?
01:34 Seroster CSMonster, you there and active?
01:34 mman454-mobile sorry steve i put a space in botsteve
01:34 CSMonster i am
01:34 Bat-Mobile mman454-mobile: difficulty is as close to zero as you can get without actually being zero
01:34 CSMonster druidicrifleman has me distracted in private chat re: firearms
01:34 Fulsy I can't stop listening to this:
01:35 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
01:35 Phu right... its 2:35am Friday here in the UK.... I gotta go to bed. goodnight and see you tomorrow.
01:35 Fulsy cya
01:35 bschaefer joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 sjogerst joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 cctoide email nyan cat to gaben, delay Ep. 3 another 2 years?
01:35 sjogerst evenin folks
01:36 Fulsy Sorry...
01:36 bschaefer left #thegeekgroup
01:36 maglinvinn HEHEHEHE
01:36 TheSessionMan Dont you dare do that?
01:36 maglinvinn mwuhaahahahahaha
01:36 TheSessionMan .
01:36 JA12 meh. it's gmt+2 here.. 4:36 am
01:36 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
01:36 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
01:37 TheSessionMan that somg makes me envy the deaf and the blind
01:37 CSMonster lol
01:37 RED_ It happens
01:37 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
01:37 RED_ try looping it over and over until you vcan't stand it anymore
01:37 RED_ and then turn it off
01:37 TheSessionMan rebbecca black is the feces produced when SHAME eats too much STUPIDITY
01:37 RED_ you won't be able to not hear it?
01:37 Fulsy In soviet russia, Friday gets down on you
01:37 Fulsy :c
01:37 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
01:37 RED_ I bet.
01:37 cctoide question is, how does it compare to Colin's Bear?
01:38 SparkyProjects maglinvinn, Chris wanted you to know about this, i PM'd but not sure if pm works
01:38 CSMonster food ingestivating time, bbl
01:38 cctoide
01:38 CSMonster is now known as CSMonster_away
01:38 Whisperingwolf In Soviet Russia, shirt wears YOU!
01:38 JA12 russian? I would say fuck you, but I won't ;)
01:38 kiwifrog When will the next installment of that project be published?
01:38 Fulsy In soviet russia, Equipment autopsies you
01:38 JA12 Finland
01:39 sjogerst really?...
01:39 TheSessionMan
01:39 Fulsy :3
01:39 TheSessionMan Hey Scotty, Jesus Man!
01:39 maglinvinn SparkyProjects thats fakin awesome.  need one for the pendulum bot too
01:39 maglinvinn haha
01:40 Fulsy LMFAO
01:40 Captain_ How IS the pendulum going?
01:40 Whisperingwolf everyone was kung-fu fighting
01:40 SparkyProjects I had already thought about wrapping  a cord round the drive, but thought it would snag, but that idea works better
01:40 Fulsy All sequels suck
01:40 Arruid joined #thegeekgroup
01:41 aEx155 yeah
01:41 aEx155 Cory is right
01:41 Hackbat maglinvinn,; Perfect next project for the Lab :D
01:41 maglinvinn Captain_  pendulum is on absolute hold for a faster DC montor
01:41 aEx155 Hackbat that would be great for guarding the lab
01:41 Captain_ k
01:41 Fulsy Need to make a nerf tf2 sentry
01:41 maglinvinn current one turns out has a rotation of 2400rpm
01:42 maglinvinn SLOW.
01:42 Captain_ Well, how hard is it to order a motor?
01:42 Whisperingwolf the cake is a lie!
01:42 Captain_ I mean really, what $20?
01:42 aEx155 In soviet russia, the lie is a cake
01:42 maglinvinn dunno.  ask me how much money i got.  :)
01:42 maglinvinn i don't even shop
01:42 maglinvinn makes me go to bed in tears
01:42 Captain_ find a place you can order a suitable motor and get me a price.
01:42 Captain_ We need that working ;)
01:42 Fulsy THE LAMP
01:43 maglinvinn lol.  ok.
01:43 RED_ Red wants some monies.
01:43 maglinvinn uhm.  give me a few days.
01:43 Captain_ k
01:44 DruidicRifleman Hackbat I'd use a GOG envy or Dangerous power E1
01:44 RED_ Did you both just agree to give me monies?
01:44 RED_ yaya
01:44 Hackbat I seriously think a Web controled nerf gun could be a wonderful source of donations
01:44 maglinvinn ok GEEKS!  i need a way to put a animated gif as my desktop background, win 7
01:44 maglinvinn kgo!
01:44 RED_ Boden, we need a hotplate so we can make homemade fries...
01:44 Hackbat 1 per dart
01:44 Captain_ Goodbye Vista!
01:44 maglinvinn i found the gif for that video
01:44 Hackbat *$1 dollar
01:44 ellercom joined #thegeekgroup
01:44 Hackbat Over corrected
01:44 TheSessionMan Why do babies have soft spots?
01:45 TheSessionMan so you can pick them up 5 at a time!
01:45 Whisperingwolf too late it's on the internets forever
01:45 Fulsy what the christ
01:45 sjogerst left #thegeekgroup
01:45 steve_____ I have motors out of old printers, I think they do about 4k @ 12v
01:45 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
01:45 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
01:46 tommy_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:46 Fulsy You dun goof'd
01:47 tommy_ left #thegeekgroup
01:47 Whisperingwolf er....wha?
01:48 Fulsy Choir mario?
01:48 Coderjoe yes
01:48 RED_
01:48 Coderjoe i forget the school
01:48 RED_ ^_^
01:48 Whisperingwolf come on this is the best mario ever
01:48 Fulsy My school will never have a music program this good
01:49 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
01:49 Fulsy Especially when we play our music with IPADS
01:49 Fulsy not real instruments
01:49 Fulsy :c
01:49 Whisperingwolf I might be a bit bias though
01:49 Fulsy The state gave our school a grant for 15 ipads
01:49 Fulsy Only to be used in the music program
01:49 Fulsy WHY?!
01:49 Qabach joined #thegeekgroup
01:50 Seroster Cus they are stupid?
01:50 Fulsy plus they released the Ipad II like 4 months later
01:50 Fulsy wait
01:50 Fulsy is it even out?
01:50 Bat-Mobile .seen Sgt_Lemming
01:50 BotSteve Bat-Mobile: I last saw sgt_lemming at 2011-04-14 22:01:53 UTC on #thegeekgroup
01:50 mman454 yes
01:50 Fulsy oh
01:50 Seroster Hooking up my stack atm...
01:50 mman454
01:50 Seroster I will hook it up, contemplate, look at it, tweak it, think about what will happen and then NOT fire it up
01:50 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
01:51 Fulsy only when our band director isn't around, can I learn to play instruments
01:51 Fulsy I picked up the accordion and learned it the other day
01:51 Seroster I will be most sincerely pissed if this motstack crashes and burns.
01:51 Qabach Nice moustache twist there.
01:51 Seroster But I'll wait until my fiance is awake =P
01:52 Fulsy I'll wait
01:52 Fulsy That's a Van Halen song
01:52 Fulsy That I had to play for a concert
01:52 I joined #thegeekgroup
01:52 I is now known as Guest43409
01:53 Qabach left #thegeekgroup
01:53 Fulsy wat
01:54 CaptainBoden is expanding windows files.....
01:54 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
01:54 Whisperingwolf lol
01:54 Fulsy In soviet russia, windows files expand you
01:54 Fulsy Sorry duck, had to...
01:55 Hackbat We need one of these with an arduino and aiming motors somewhere in the Lab.
01:55 CaptainBoden yes
01:55 Hackbat Motivater
01:55 Whisperingwolf ok stupid sand keeps falling on my head in minecraft
01:55 aEx155 you're doing it wrong then
01:55 Fulsy Team Fortress 2 NERF sentry gun
01:55 Hackbat Whisperingwolf, put a torch where the sand should fall
01:56 Hackbat the sand willbreak itself
01:56 CaptainBoden batman dancing could be a great transition bit
01:56 Whisperingwolf well I'm a moron
01:56 Whisperingwolf and now my tunnel flooded
01:56 CaptainBoden Cory, you can reply with some LCD sound system
01:56 Fulsy Can't unsee
01:56 Seroster Another instance where you could make a great dirty joke
01:57 cctoide oh dear
01:57 aEx155 I think I'll just make a light-activated nerf turret and put it in a dark hallway
01:57 Fulsy LOL
01:58 Fulsy Someone on the U-Stream wants you to do YMCA
01:58 Fulsy Fitting because you're in an old YMCA
01:58 Guest43409 left #thegeekgroup
01:58 Bat-Mobile Gots to go homeboys, back later
01:58 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
01:59 Fulsy LOL
01:59 Whisperingwolf no you can't go home I won't have anymore entertainment corey is to boring
01:59 CaptainBoden so very wrong
01:59 cctoide the beard metronome
01:59 CaptainBoden lol, I think you need sleep
01:59 CaptainBoden though we could stat doing shows for the live stream
02:00 NeWtoz no fear, I'm back
02:00 CaptainBoden Hey batman, can you do the scrap run in the orning?
02:00 aEx155 bodens are now a scale for measuring sound levels
02:00 CaptainBoden from the cafe kitchen?
02:00 Fulsy A chemical truck exploding, for example, is 0.1 bodens.
02:00 RED_ We should have talk shows. lol
02:00 CaptainBoden you can do it BEFORE the fish fry
02:00 CaptainBoden like, in the AM
02:00 RED_ where we sid around and just alk to eachother
02:01 CaptainBoden you do fish at 3
02:01 CaptainBoden how low is petty cash?
02:01 MC_Bolton joined #thegeekgroup
02:01 CaptainBoden k
02:01 CaptainBoden I'd appreciate it
02:01 CaptainBoden ok
02:01 CaptainBoden they're not OPEN on sat
02:01 CaptainBoden gnite guys
02:01 steve_____ good night dune
02:01 Fulsy Good night
02:01 Hackbat Night!
02:01 Fulsy Sleep tight
02:01 CaptainBoden k
02:01 Fulsy n stuff
02:02 Hackbat huh?
02:02 MC_Bolton night!
02:02 Hackbat I'm not leavin D:<
02:02 Fulsy night
02:02 aEx155 what time is it over there?
02:02 Hackbat oh >_<
02:02 Hackbat my bad
02:02 Whisperingwolf Is that Red making that girlish noise?
02:02 CaptainBoden cory, movew the mic closer to you two
02:02 climberex joined #thegeekgroup
02:02 SparkyProjects G'night guys :)
02:03 CaptainBoden hang it right over your heads beween you
02:03 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
02:03 CaptainBoden lower the bottom boom, don't angle it down
02:03 CaptainBoden it'll tip
02:03 steve_____ is that mic zip tied to the stand?
02:03 tyrok1 Anyone going to be there around 12- to 1-ish Saturday?
02:03 tyrok1 Cool.  Thanks!
02:04 Fulsy I'm tempted to remix "Stepper Motor Yo"
02:04 tyrok1 Maintenance at the Coopersville and Marne Railway's going to be short that morning, so I may be able to stop by early.
02:04 Fulsy oh that's still going?
02:04 aEx155 remix contest?
02:04 CaptainBoden cory, zoom in
02:04 cctoide what are you listening to?
02:04 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
02:05 steve_____ can you move the mic by the switcher out of the fram?
02:05 Hackbat St-st-st-ste-e-eper mo-o-ter yo
02:05 Fulsy Won't have to worry about Copyright and stuff cuz I'll use my Midi controller for a background tech track
02:05 tyrok1 Better.
02:05 steve_____ thanks
02:05 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
02:05 Hackbat why does this song sound familiar
02:06 Hackbat Oh yeah!
02:06 Hackbat Fuck yeah
02:06 aEx155 you are so awesome
02:06 cctoide pjanoo
02:07 climberex left #thegeekgroup
02:07 Fulsy maybe I should stick some...HAMMOND ORGAN in the remix somewhere
02:07 Hackbat you guys Ill be back in a bit. Dishes need cleaned.
02:07 Fulsy yea, if you haven't noticed yet, I'm horribly obsessed with hammonds
02:07 Fulsy alright, hack
02:07 steve_____ ooh B3?
02:07 cctoide there should be a fair amount of sampleable stuff in all the videos
02:08 cctoide at least the blooper reel
02:08 Fulsy I don't have a B3
02:08 Fulsy I have an E-100
02:08 steve_____ anyone else here that backgroud noise
02:09 Fulsy which still uses the same tonewheels and stuff
02:09 cctoide yes
02:09 Fulsy yea, there's some background noise
02:09 steve_____ you have a leslie on it?
02:09 CaptainBoden Cory, what are you editing?
02:09 CaptainBoden k
02:10 guest3 joined #thegeekgroup
02:10 Fulsy Yea
02:10 Fulsy Mine's kind of a Janky homemade leslie
02:10 Fulsy but it works
02:10 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
02:10 Fulsy I basically bought a baffle assembly off ebay and cobbled something out of it
02:10 steve_____ it's just the dopper effect so homemade will still do it
02:10 Fulsy Aside from my hammond, I have an M-Audio Oxygen 49 midi controller
02:11 Fulsy Yea
02:11 Fulsy I also love messing with the power switch to pitch bend it
02:11 steve_____ CaptainBoden, what community was that
02:11 Whisperingwolf how did this cow get down here?
02:12 guest3 left #thegeekgroup
02:12 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
02:13 aEx155 still playing Minecraft, Wolf?
02:13 CSMonster_away BACK
02:13 CSMonster_away is now known as CSMonster
02:13 CaptainBoden LMFAO
02:14 Whisperingwolf yep 16 blocks above bedrock and found a cow
02:14 Fulsy also had to play this van halen song
02:14 Fulsy
02:14 Fulsy for the concert I was in
02:14 RED_ COW
02:15 RED_ Welcome back, CS
02:15 Whisperingwolf mooo
02:15 CSMonster ty red
02:15 RED_ Meeeooowwwww
02:15 CSMonster how much awesomeness did i miss
02:15 CSMonster lol
02:15 cctoide awesomeness is starting now
02:15 RED_ just batman and BA left.
02:15 CSMonster ah
02:15 RED_ now Corey and I are hanging out, it's been quiet.
02:16 djrock9000 joined #thegeekgroup
02:17 CSMonster fascinating: i sign out of FB and the stream starts working well again.
02:17 RED_ lol. I'm a FB addict.
02:17 CSMonster fucking FB and its flash from hell
02:17 RED_ lol
02:17 Fulsy Fucking FB and Youtube and their random UI updates that do nothing to enhance the experiance
02:18 RED_ Find me. I'm Red Boertman. Me and my Facebook addicted self. lol
02:18 Whisperingwolf FB is a huge resource hog
02:18 CSMonster yes, that too.  i said NO to FB theater mode though.  installed greasemonkey and a plugin to stop theater mode from popping up
02:18 CSMonster and it slows my system down like mad any time i try to leave a comment that contains a line-break
02:19 Whisperingwolf darn it the minecraft server I was on just crashed
02:19 CSMonster your phallus statue was too tall wolf
02:20 Whisperingwolf lol
02:20 RED_ Minecraft always gives my laptop herpes and makes it run slow.
02:20 CSMonster "Send Red Boertman a friend request?"
02:20 aEx155 what is the song now?
02:20 CSMonster hmm
02:20 Whisperingwolf hard crash it's not coming back up
02:21 CSMonster yes?
02:21 RED_ Yesh.
02:21 CSMonster lol
02:21 RED_ You should see a pic of my face, since you've been should know what that looks like. lol
02:21 CSMonster lol, yes, i see it.
02:21 Whisperingwolf ok red I'm going to send you a friend request on FB
02:21 aEx155 that's a great DRM
02:22 aEx155 the creator is supporting the actual game
02:22 CSMonster gaaaaah channel is janked again
02:22 cctoide well, if you're going to pirate a game, don't be dumb
02:22 CSMonster i blame DSL
02:22 cctoide and don't try to get support for a pirated game :V
02:22 Whisperingwolf yep pirate a good game
02:22 aEx155 electornic house is good
02:23 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
02:23 DavidJKuhr joined #thegeekgroup
02:23 Whisperingwolf trip hop please
02:23 CSMonster not picky.  more of what you were playing
02:23 cctoide do you know audioporn central, tggCory?
02:23 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
02:23 tggCory Nope
02:23 RED_ ;)
02:23 wannabe1987 tggcory - you still at the lab?!  i'm almost asleep...
02:23 cctoide pretty good site
02:24 wannabe1987 night all...
02:24 CSMonster corey doesn't sleep
02:24 Fulsy cya
02:24 Whisperingwolf Night wanna
02:24 RED_ I'm here too. lol
02:24 aEx155 if he wasn't there who would be in the stream?
02:24 wannabe1987 i figured that out...
02:24 CSMonster he doesn't sleep and he lives at the lab.  he is an editing MACHINE
02:24 wannabe1987 i'm not watching the stream...
02:24 CSMonster which means eventually chris will have to do an autopsy on him.
02:24 wannabe1987 i cannot watch the stream, it bogs down my (slow) computer
02:24 aEx155 well then
02:24 Seroster 10 megaohm! Thats nice
02:24 RED_ He's totally editing right now...*cough* *cough*
02:24 wannabe1987 yay!!!!
02:24 Fulsy lmao
02:24 Whisperingwolf alright try my other minecraft server
02:24 wannabe1987 right home safe tonight, ok?
02:24 Fulsy I'm workin on my remix right now
02:24 Fulsy got the midi controller out
02:24 cctoide check out the Mathias Mental remix of Paparazzi
02:24 CSMonster lol
02:25 RED_ yeah, hopefully i won't fall asleep again. lol
02:25 wannabe1987 ...
02:25 DruidicRifleman is the next geek group video done yet :(
02:25 wannabe1987 don't crash!  people would miss you!!!!
02:25 cctoide d'aww, he got my nick right :p
02:25 Coderjoe ... i know these lyrics... but I can't remember what the song is
02:25 aEx155 if you guys end up playing music for the stream, it would be nice to setup some script to post song names to the IRC
02:26 CSMonster geez druid, patience
02:26 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
02:26 aEx155 nice
02:26 aEx155 funny, though, since not all people watching the stream are on IRC
02:26 aEx155 and vice versa
02:27 DavidJKuhr i need a life other than watching the stream and working on computers
02:28 wannabe1987 is now known as wannabe-ZZZzzz
02:28 Fulsy Now to get the video so I can autotune Boden
02:28 aEx155 I just suggested a script since it was hard to catch the name sometimes
02:28 aEx155 oh well
02:28 RED_ ;)
02:29 DavidJKuhr if he is going to DJ he needs to use all the mixing equipment to route the sound from his laptop to the stream lol
02:29 aEx155 does the stream record a video file?
02:29 Whisperingwolf No only BA can dance
02:29 aEx155 or is that only
02:29 RED_ It is a sexy gay man dance., lol
02:29 maglinvinn left #thegeekgroup
02:29 CSMonster red looks sleeeeeepy
02:29 DavidJKuhr the stream can but it depends on what they have setup
02:29 RED_ She is
02:29 aEx155 lol, third person
02:29 RED_ I'm running on 3 hours of sleep, and I woke up at 7 this morning.
02:30 CSMonster 3rd person is the best person
02:30 aEx155 maybe getting that paintball turret would make things less terrifying
02:30 BeforeToday910 joined #thegeekgroup
02:30 CSMonster is the swede still here?
02:30 Seroster Right. When I hook in my six MOT stack it SHOULD work, in theory. And it shouldnt catastrophically fail... In theory.
02:31 CSMonster that's a yes
02:31 cctoide ahahah
02:31 cctoide perfect timing
02:31 Seroster Anyhow, I think I'll wait until tomorrow before I plug it in
02:31 exor674 Seroster: should we hide in a bunker?
02:31 RED_ Can you guys hear Corey singing?
02:31 Seroster Perhaps!
02:31 cctoide not enough
02:31 CSMonster not quite
02:31 BeforeToday910 I thought it was the scanner
02:31 Fulsy lol
02:31 aEx155 you can't see if he's singing since his head is blocked
02:32 Fulsy "You've never had spam Corey? It's like never having bacon!
02:32 aEx155 sometimes
02:32 BeforeToday910 by his MOP :)
02:32 RED_ is my face in front of his face?
02:32 BeforeToday910 ueaj
02:32 CSMonster kinda
02:32 Seroster exor674, last time I tried the 6mot stack it blew all my breakers, and the main fuse of the damn house. (8 storeys, 4 apartments per storey) not to mention that it resulted in a nice green and blue fire....
02:32 aEx155 only sometimes though
02:32 RED_ oops, which way do you want me to move?
02:32 BeforeToday910 ur good
02:32 CSMonster corey's head moves around a lot when the music is going
02:32 aEx155 it depends on where cory is too
02:33 tggCory This song is Hotdog, by Simian Mobile Disco
02:33 aEx155 thanks
02:33 RED_ I find it oddly strange that you're all just...watching us. lol
02:33 Seroster exor674, Catastrophic just begins to describe what happened.
02:33 aEx155 what do you use to play your music? maybe there is something out there already
02:33 tggCory Just iTunes right now
02:33 BeforeToday910 we are creepersss
02:33 CSMonster well, technically my IRC window is completely covering the video right now, just listening to the music.
02:33 tggCory if I could figure out why Traktor was fucking up, I'd be ACTUALLY DJing right now
02:34 Whisperingwolf well hello lava.....I'm on fire....and not in a good way
02:34 Seroster Lol @ cory dancing
02:34 steve_____ Fulsy, Ive got a B3 clip you might enjoy
02:34 Fulsy Alrighty
02:34 DavidJKuhr is it bad if I have the stream, IRC, and Second LIfe all on at the same time lol
02:34 exor674 Seroster: apocalyptic?
02:34 Seroster Pretty much
02:34 Whisperingwolf got any daft punk cory?
02:34 Arruid I would love to see Cory dancing. lol. n___n
02:34 tggCory Yes I do!
02:34 Seroster 18kv of umph that went somewhere else than I wanted it to
02:34 tggCory What would you like to hear by them?
02:35 Seroster I WISH I captured it on camera
02:35 Whisperingwolf anything you want to play is fine
02:35 aEx155 when its mostly music and not everyone talking, I can actually do my homework to the stream
02:35 Whisperingwolf DJ cory all night long lol
02:35 Seroster exor674, Inferno would be a rather nice description
02:35 Whisperingwolf sure
02:36 CSMonster aaaaaaall niiiiiiiiight looooooooong
02:36 BeforeToday910 You should put the demon pig up tonight instead of the time stamp screensaver
02:36 cctoide
02:36 RED_ we should put the evil bunny
02:36 Whisperingwolf ???
02:36 RED_ up
02:36 cctoide Boys Noize
02:36 BeforeToday910 something..or a picture of captain
02:36 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
02:37 CSMonster >:( it's just cutting out too much, i gotta close the stream
02:37 CSMonster for now
02:37 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
02:37 Fulsy had to reset firefox
02:37 RED_ :(
02:37 Chrisp left #thegeekgroup
02:38 cctoide
02:38 MC_Bolton left #thegeekgroup
02:38 BeforeToday910 left #thegeekgroup
02:38 aEx155 tggcory you're on a mac, correct?
02:38 tggCory Yep!
02:38 RED_ Who isn't ?
02:38 Seroster Sane people.
02:38 aEx155 Chris
02:39 Whisperingwolf lol
02:39 cctoide Technologeee!
02:39 RED_ Mac is love.
02:39 Seroster OOOO! Technology!
02:39 DavidJKuhr I need bigger internetz tubes going to my home
02:39 aEx155 I aint got the schooling for that
02:39 Seroster So fun I get the IRC message, and then I can watch you type it on ustream =P
02:40 cctoide it's like a live Skinner box
02:40 DavidJKuhr lol
02:40 RED_ My mac. FOR THE WIN
02:40 DavidJKuhr trust fail
02:40 Seroster The last mac product I liked was the mac classic
02:41 Fulsy hng
02:41 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
02:41 Fulsy remix stepper motor or OOOO TECHNOLOGY?
02:41 aEx155 I think you guys would be good on defense; you're on a second story with the only entrance a stair case
02:41 cctoide stepper motor
02:41 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
02:41 DavidJKuhr the last apple product i liked was the apple II
02:42 aEx155 Chiptunes sound good
02:42 cctoide Unreal Superhero 3?
02:42 aEx155 I have that song!
02:42 aEx155 I have that album, actually
02:42 RED_ Shameless plug:   *Hides in the corner in shame.
02:42 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
02:42 cctoide
02:44 CSMonster >:(
02:44 aEx155 I spent the longest time figuring out how to pronounce Anamanaguchi, though
02:44 CSMonster i had to violently murder firefox.  it was giving me problems
02:44 Seroster Well. Time to hit the hay.
02:44 Seroster .t -1
02:44 BotSteve Fri, 15 Apr 2011 01:44:17 -1
02:44 CSMonster bye swede
02:44 Seroster Eh.
02:44 Seroster That is... inaccurate.
02:44 RED_ violence is usually the answer.
02:44 exor674 .t gmt
02:44 BotSteve Fri, 15 Apr 2011 02:44:57 GMT
02:44 Seroster YES!
02:45 Seroster .t gmt -1
02:45 BotSteve Seroster: Sorry, I don't know about the 'gmt -1' timezone.
02:45 Seroster ....
02:45 CSMonster LOL
02:45 aEx155 lol
02:45 CSMonster .t gmt-1
02:45 BotSteve CSMonster: Sorry, I don't know about the 'gmt-1' timezone.
02:45 CSMonster pos
02:45 IIsi50MHz Iceland? Somewhere over the Atlantic?
02:45 RED_ positive
02:45 CSMonster "then what good are you?"
02:45 aEx155 .t ect
02:45 BotSteve Fri, 15 Apr 2011 03:45:53 ECT
02:45 Seroster Well, I am located at utc +2... Atleast so it says. Just three hours off what I have ben told for the past 18 years.
02:46 aEx155 .t pct
02:46 BotSteve aEx155: Sorry, I don't know about the 'pct' timezone.
02:46 * CSMonster stuffs pillow in botsteve's face and shoots him in the head
02:46 kiwifrog I'm using the net bassed irc becasue i'm at work any recomendations for a stand alone irc util
02:46 aEx155 .t utc
02:46 BotSteve 2011-04-15T02:46:17Z
02:46 Seroster Anyhow. It is 4.46 am here, goodnight.
02:46 aEx155 night
02:46 IIsi50MHz Eastern U.S. is GMT-5, generally.
02:46 IIsi50MHz They're indecisive.
02:46 Seroster NYC is 7..
02:46 tyrok1 Seroster: See 'ya!
02:46 kiwifrog 2:46 pm friday here
02:47 aEx155 FRIDAY FRIDAY
02:47 aEx155 lol j/k
02:47 Seroster Damn, kiwifrog in australia?
02:47 kiwifrog new zealand
02:47 RED_ ribbit
02:47 Seroster That's australia.
02:47 IIsi50MHz Hint was "kiwi", I guess.
02:47 kiwifrog No its not thats like calling canada the usa
02:47 RED_ meeeoooowwww
02:48 CSMonster lol
02:48 aEx155 I still have the poptart cat video going
02:48 aEx155 on a loop
02:48 Seroster Wait, isn't canada a part of the USA?
02:48 Seroster (Y)
02:48 IIsi50MHz Right, Kiwifrog
02:48 CSMonster canada is the USA's hat.  NZ is Australia's backpack
02:48 kiwifrog lol
02:48 Seroster And Denmark is sweden+norways cumshot.
02:48 CSMonster where they keep the sheep.
02:48 Seroster No, sweden+finlands*
02:48 Seroster sorry
02:48 CSMonster HA
02:49 Seroster If you look at scandinavia without norway finland is the balls, sweden is the dick and denmark is the cum. I asure you.
02:50 CSMonster yes, i noticed that in the 4th grade
02:50 CSMonster my norwegian teacher insisted that it was a tiger chasing a ball
02:50 CSMonster all i saw was scrotum.
02:50 Hackbat Baaack
02:51 Seroster And it is a well known fact in sweden and norway, but very silenced in Denmark =P
02:51 Seroster "What? Who? Me? Cum?"
02:51 RED_ If you like. ;)
02:51 aEx155 what chat client is making that noise? I forget
02:51 Coderjoe bloop
02:51 RED_ Faacebook
02:51 aEx155 oh wow
02:51 RED_ Boys is talking at my face.
02:51 MoxieMike is now known as moxiemike-asleep
02:51 mrmaigo joined #thegeekgroup
02:51 aEx155 no wonder, I always turn FB chat off
02:52 CSMonster boys?
02:52 CSMonster boys to men?
02:52 Seroster Cya
02:52 CSMonster beastie boys?
02:52 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:52 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
02:53 mrmaigo left #thegeekgroup
02:53 RED_ ;)
02:53 * CSMonster sings
02:54 CSMonster Shapes made of four colored blocks like a T or a box come down like falling bricks.  You can place them in rows but everybody knows that they made this game for chicks.
02:54 RED_ MmmSharpies.
02:54 Arruid Sharpies are the best. I use them to draw.
02:54 Fulsy Sharpies smell good
02:54 Kiwi_frog joined #thegeekgroup
02:55 kiwifrog left #thegeekgroup
02:55 Kiwi_frog Thats better
02:55 Arruid if they were scented, they might smell nice.
02:55 Fulsy If there was a heaven, it would smell like sharpies
02:56 Arruid lol. that would be intersting
02:56 RED_ They are scented.
02:56 tyrok1 Boy, the audio on that stream's still pretty low.  I just started playing some music and had to turn it way down to match the level so it wasn't blasting out of my speakers.  I'm not watching the stream now, but it was pretty low as of a few minutes ago.
02:56 IIsi50MHz I keep a set of fineline sharpies for drawing.
02:56 RED_ like sharpies
02:56 Arruid lol.
02:56 IIsi50MHz The regular Sharpies are more like dull-ies.
02:56 aEx155 I prefer BIC permanent markers
02:56 Arruid i meant like the markers when I was a kid that smelled like blueberry and granny smith apples
02:56 Fulsy I loved those
02:56 Arruid i use the BIC also
02:57 Fulsy I would smell gluesticks too
02:57 Fulsy .....I'm weird like that
02:57 Arruid where i work, we sell scented pencils but it isnt the same
02:57 CaptainBoden cory, logon to yahoo
02:57 Arruid does glue smell?
02:57 Fulsy now everytime I smell a gluestick, I get flashbacks to kindergarten
02:57 aEx155;id=1629440044&amp;l=b4ec0d720b
02:57 aEx155 that's my work so far
02:58 aEx155 I'm aiming for the whole 646
02:58 Arruid nice
02:58 Arruid i only do like a drawng a year...
02:58 RED_ I totally just red scented penis, not scented pencils.
02:58 CaptainBoden red, please poke cory
02:58 RED_ brain twich
02:58 Arruid
02:58 tggCory I'm on yahoo
02:58 Coderjoe sharpies for drawing are not really the best... the black will turn green over the years
02:58 tggCory I got your IM
02:59 CSMonster in one of my high school yearbooks someone wrote "wow this pen is really nice"
02:59 CSMonster their spacing was off.
02:59 Arruid well they do have flavored condom..i guess that would cover that
02:59 aEx155 nice
02:59 Arruid lol
02:59 DavidJKuhr my media center computer at home officially sucks for multitasking
02:59 RED_ Boden, must we cover the word: "please" again?
02:59 Fulsy 65535
02:59 Arruid they turn green? really. hm. well i like color
02:59 CSMonster FFFF?
02:59 Fulsy that number is gonna be stuck in my head
03:00 * CSMonster is lost again
03:00 aEx155 why?
03:00 Fulsy it's in the stepper motor hard drive vid
03:00 CSMonster fried mozzarella sticks?
03:00 aEx155 let's play the related word game
03:00 aEx155 breadsticks
03:01 cctoide hmm... wonder how much for a dunking bird
03:01 IIsi50MHz painsticks
03:01 aEx155 painpills
03:01 Fulsy BodenPhonesticks
03:01 cctoide 4 bucks
03:01 thebatman_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:01 Fulsy Boden Phone = pain
03:01 IIsi50MHz Starbuck
03:01 aEx155 coffee
03:01 Whisperingwolf FF0000
03:01 IIsi50MHz Frodo
03:01 Fulsy Sam
03:01 aEx155 ring
03:01 thebatman_ BATMN
03:01 IIsi50MHz Wize Wizard
03:02 Fulsy SORCERER
03:02 thebatman_ BATMAN!
03:02 IIsi50MHz apprentice
03:02 Fulsy BATARANG
03:02 CSMonster F Zero?
03:02 thebatman_ lol
03:02 aEx155 Metroid
03:02 IIsi50MHz Force zero storm
03:02 RED_ pc
03:02 Fulsy Mac
03:02 RED_ star wars
03:02 IIsi50MHz daddy
03:02 RED_ apple
03:02 RED_ camera
03:02 thebatman_ Red are u still at the lab?
03:02 RED_ yeah
03:02 aEx155 banana
03:02 RED_ hi
03:02 CSMonster lol i'm lost.
03:02 Fulsy phone
03:02 IIsi50MHz radioactive fruit
03:02 CSMonster LOL
03:03 Arruid aEx115 have L as your icon. n__n
03:03 Arruid it is easy to et lost
03:03 IIsi50MHz Next time, on Lost...
03:03 aEx155 so, bananaphone
03:03 Fulsy NAOOOOO
03:03 aEx155 rejected comics
03:03 RED_ Swing dancing
03:03 thebatman_ U guys are boring on the ustream lol
03:03 aEx155 ballroom dancing
03:03 Coderjoe my spoon is too big...
03:03 IIsi50MHz Magic Spoon +1
03:03 aEx155 golden spoon
03:03 Whisperingwolf that's what she said
03:03 IIsi50MHz golden egg
03:03 aEx155 titanium spork
03:03 Fulsy Bronze spoon
03:04 aEx155 bronze armor
03:04 RED_ Monty Python
03:04 masterofmonks Coderjoe: Unfortunately your spatula is narrow.
03:04 Fulsy Holy grail
03:04 mman454-away left #thegeekgroup
03:04 aEx155 nights
03:04 Fulsy days
03:04 aEx155 who say ni
03:04 Fulsy NI
03:04 IIsi50MHz CoderJoe gets to clean the jars, then
03:04 Coderjoe masterofmonks: I am a banana
03:04 Fulsy THE GEEK GROUP
03:04 aEx155 geekgruop
03:04 IIsi50MHz Bill Me Later
03:04 Fulsy CHRIS BODEN
03:04 Fulsy YOURE
03:04 Fulsy NOT
03:05 aEx155 physicsduck
03:05 Fulsy STEPPER
03:05 Fulsy MOTOR
03:05 Fulsy YO
03:05 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
03:05 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
03:05 aEx155 shirt
03:05 IIsi50MHz Micromo miniature drive
03:05 RED_ naked.
03:05 DavidJKuhr its amazing how many people use the IRC room now that the stream is live
03:05 IIsi50MHz nekked
03:05 Fulsy Nekkud
03:05 IIsi50MHz neck thud
03:05 Fulsy Theck Nud
03:05 aEx155 thud thud
03:05 Hackbat lol :3 69 peoples
03:06 Whisperingwolf tprachet
03:06 Fulsy Trebuchet
03:06 aEx155 french
03:06 IIsi50MHz Prachett Theatre
03:06 Fulsy fries
03:06 IIsi50MHz with that
03:06 aEx155 potatoes
03:06 Fulsy famine
03:06 aEx155 ireland
03:06 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
03:06 Fulsy scotland
03:06 Fulsy CHRIS
03:06 IIsi50MHz butterscotch
03:06 RED_ boobs
03:06 aEx155 what?
03:06 IIsi50MHz the?
03:06 Fulsy HOT
03:06 Arruid how do you make fries on a hot plate?
03:06 steve_____ Sorry about that, cascading software crases
03:07 aEx155 epic
03:07 IIsi50MHz [WIN | FAIL]
03:07 Arruid you should make a video of that. i am curious
03:07 steve_____ 25day uptime and my laptop needed a reboot
03:07 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
03:07 thebatman_ left #thegeekgroup
03:07 Fulsy Chris Boden just told me that I am not Chris Boden :c
03:07 aEx155
03:07 Fulsy
03:07 TheSessionMan i'm going to go watch the new video! see you all tomorrow! bye Cory!
03:07 Phragdor joined #thegeekgroup
03:07 IIsi50MHz
03:08 Fulsy Locutus of Borg
03:08 Fulsy You
03:08 Fulsy Are
03:08 IIsi50MHz fail weapons
03:08 Fulsy Borg
03:08 aEx155 star trek
03:08 Fulsy Picard
03:08 IIsi50MHz Star Wreck
03:08 thaery There are FOUR LIGHTS!
03:08 TheSessionMan 'night everyone
03:08 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
03:08 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
03:08 CSMonster bye
03:08 Fulsy There are FIVE lights
03:08 IIsi50MHz Say goodnight, Gracie
03:08 RED_ goodnight gracie
03:08 * CSMonster salutes
03:08 CaptainBoden Desktop is ONLINE!
03:08 TheSessionMan good night gracie!
03:08 Fulsy night
03:09 IIsi50MHz line
03:09 Fulsy Awesome
03:09 aEx155 hooray
03:09 RED_ cyborg.
03:09 aEx155 android
03:09 IIsi50MHz Sideborg
03:09 steve_____ Fulsy, here is that B3 link
03:09 thaery data
03:09 steve_____
03:09 Fulsy What was wrong with the desktop in the first place?
03:09 TheSessionMan left #thegeekgroup
03:09 Phragdor anyhting interesting on the scanner?
03:09 Fulsy oh that's awesome, steve
03:09 RED_ nope
03:10 IIsi50MHz We just got a letter.
03:10 steve_____ that man can make a B3 sing
03:10 RED_ steve from blues clues?
03:10 Phragdor LOL
03:10 IIsi50MHz :-D
03:10 Fulsy lol
03:10 Fulsy Magenta
03:10 aEx155 purple
03:10 steve_____ thanks guys
03:10 IIsi50MHz Fuscia
03:10 steve_____ Puce
03:10 Phragdor Perriwinkle
03:10 aEx155 you spelled fucsia
03:10 aEx155 wrong
03:10 Fulsy Soviet russia
03:11 aEx155 the motherland
03:11 * IIsi50MHz reboots fingers
03:11 Fulsy Captain
03:11 Whisperingwolf james bond
03:11 IIsi50MHz Nemo
03:11 RED_ bitch
03:11 Fulsy Leagues
03:11 aEx155 he touched the butt
03:11 IIsi50MHz of ordinary gentlemen
03:11 Fulsy Mentlegen
03:12 aEx155 engrish
03:12 CaptainBoden
03:12 IIsi50MHz Psycho hose beast
03:12 thaery Bored geeks are scary
03:12 Phragdor watchin now Captain
03:12 Fulsy awesome!
03:12 aEx155 nice timing
03:12 Coderjoe KERCHUNK
03:12 IIsi50MHz Scored beaks are hairy
03:12 RED_ Bored geeks are horny.
03:12 RED_ Do you know what geeks do with other geeks when they are alone and bored?
03:12 RED_ exaccctly.
03:13 thaery TMI Red
03:13 IIsi50MHz Bemoan the dirth of gamer girlfriends?
03:13 RED_ I'm good at TMI.
03:14 thaery Teenage Mutant Insecurity?
03:14 cctoide Three Mile Island
03:14 Phragdor somebodys on FB lol
03:14 RED_ mmmm
03:14 Woshin left #thegeekgroup
03:14 IIsi50MHz FBI
03:14 RED_ I'm a FB addict, of COURSE i'm on FB.
03:15 RED_ sexy gamer ladies ^_^
03:15 Phragdor lol
03:15 Phragdor me too
03:15 * CSMonster is no longer paying attention to the channel
03:15 Phragdor now im confused who the IM is from
03:15 IIsi50MHz Kelsey Grammar ladies?
03:15 thaery lol
03:16 Fulsy "And call your mom"
03:16 Fulsy Is that a new thing?
03:16 RED_ no.
03:16 RED_ mmm.
03:17 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:18 Fulsy Alright well I'm gonna go
03:18 RED_ byes!
03:18 Fulsy Cya guys tomorrow because talking to you guys is just awesome
03:18 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
03:20 Hackbat Ah, the new video is awesome
03:20 Hackbat Great job guys
03:22 Phragdor left #thegeekgroup
03:22 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
03:22 BotSteve Welcome back, boss
03:23 Photon939 sucks that with all the events going on in japan
03:23 Photon939 i left my CDV-700 at home
03:23 Arruid i haven't watched the new video yet. figures that is a good save for tomorrow. it looked intersting though
03:23 Photon939 i did something similar a few weeks ago
03:24 Hackbat ooooo, pauls o-scope has a parralel port
03:24 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
03:24 Arruid i just stumbled across all this. it is super new and shiny to me. lol
03:24 RED_ ooh, new toy!
03:24 Kiwi_frog When will the rest of the trolly series be uploaded?
03:24 Photon939
03:24 Whisperingwolf good night all
03:25 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
03:25 Hackbat nice
03:25 Hackbat I wonder why noone uses the sparkfun version of this?
03:26 Photon939 version of what?
03:26 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
03:26 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
03:26 moxiemike-asleep left #thegeekgroup
03:26 Hackbat
03:27 LinuxH4x0r|mini joined #thegeekgroup
03:27 moxiemike-asleep joined #thegeekgroup
03:27 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
03:27 Hackbat
03:27 biotek the arduino scheme will be a nice random number generator, if nothing else
03:27 Photon939 ahh
03:27 Phragdor joined #thegeekgroup
03:27 Photon939 that's expensive for a geiger tube
03:27 Kiwi_frog left #thegeekgroup
03:28 aEx155 its cheaper than the $250 that paul said in the video
03:28 RED_ I'm going away now guys...g'night.
03:28 Hackbat adios!
03:28 aEx155 plus, they're sold out, so people probably are using it
03:28 aEx155 bye red
03:28 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
03:28 Photon939 right, that's just because dumb people pay a lot of stuff they don't know about
03:28 Photon939 pay a lot for stuff*
03:28 Photon939;hash=item2562ddfe41
03:28 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
03:29 Hackbat Sparkfun is meant for newbie engineers more than anything
03:29 Photon939 and there's nothing wrong with sparkfun
03:29 aEx155 how are you supposed to interface to that and calibrate it?
03:29 Hackbat didn't say their was
03:29 Hackbat where do you think i get my stuff
03:29 Photon939 you can't really calibrate it
03:30 Photon939 unless you have access to professional equipment
03:30 Photon939 but it will give you a way to compare radiation levels
03:30 aEx155 to what?
03:30 aEx155 the advantage of a precalibrated reader
03:31 aEx155 Cory is heading out
03:31 steve_____ still no boden head :(
03:31 Photon939 the sparkfun kit doesn't give you values either
03:31 Photon939 just counts per minute
03:31 aEx155 hmm
03:31 Coderjoe
03:31 Hackbat isn't that what their doing in the video?
03:31 Photon939 yes
03:31 Photon939 just obtaining counts per minute
03:32 Photon939 which is all you get out of a geiger tube anyway
03:33 Photon939 now theoretically the sources on the CDV-700s should be fairly calibrated
03:33 Photon939 and should still be accurate as long as you have the kind that uses depleted uranium for the check source
03:33 Photon939 and you could obtain a rough calibration to mRoentgen/hr with that
03:35 Hackbat I need more prototyping stuff
03:36 aEx155 left #thegeekgroup
03:36 thebatman left #thegeekgroup
03:36 Hackbat mainly reuseable hookup wire
03:37 Hackbat the kind with the single header pin on the end that wont break off in your board
03:37 CSMonster ...i caught a moth.
03:37 Hackbat what level is it?
03:37 CSMonster hi photon
03:38 Arruid left #thegeekgroup
03:38 CSMonster 2
03:38 Photon939 hi CSMonster
03:41 Phragdor left #thegeekgroup
03:42 steve_____ For prototyping I like the boards with the spring clips, like this
03:42 Photon939 steve_____: that looks nice
03:42 steve_____ those clips are nice
03:43 Photon939 i mostly do prototyping on breadboard though
03:43 steve_____ fits lots of wire sized and if you bust a wire in one puch the release and flip it over, it falls right out
03:43 joblessalex joined #thegeekgroup
03:45 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
03:45 joblessalex hi guys
03:45 steve______ having issues here sorry about that
03:46 joblessalex issues?
03:46 steve______ here is another version of that quick connect
03:46 steve______ I accidently logged myself out
03:47 joblessalex oh well im kinda new to this chat
03:47 Bat-Mobile hi alex
03:47 joblessalex hi
03:47 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
03:47 NeWtoz Welcome to the best side of the internet
03:48 Bat-Mobile agreed, we're pretty great
03:48 joblessalex I can agree to that
03:49 steve______ Bat, has anyone looked at what that coax is yet
03:49 Bat-Mobile I'm not the one to ask, steve______
03:49 steve______ ok, somehow I doubt it
03:50 joblessalex do you have a link to this coax?
03:50 steve______ I suppose I will saturday, along with everything else I want to get done
03:50 steve______ no, it's spools at the lab
03:50 CSMonster is now known as CSM_away_shower
03:50 steve______ I need to know what type to locate connectors
03:50 Coderjoe aww
03:50 joblessalex oh im assuming you guys are actually there then
03:51 Coderjoe no bouncy-utc-clock?
03:51 steve______ I'm at home, but will be there saturday
03:51 steve______ and no boden head either
03:51 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
03:51 joblessalex if only I lived closer
03:53 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
03:53 Photon939 damn bitcoins are heading for an all time high
03:54 joblessalex school soldering rule #1 never leave a dangerous looking red handled caution signed thing laying in the back corner of the room. Someone will grab onto it with their entire hand
03:55 tesla4d ?
03:56 joblessalex other words idiots will grab it no matter how it looks
03:57 steve______ .w kgrr
03:57 BotSteve "Kgrr | Talk Page | Bio | Contributions | Sandbox | Userboxes | Barnstars | Links | Todo | Notes" -
03:57 steve______ .weather kgrr
03:57 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 35.6℉ (2℃), 30.29in (1022mb), Fresh breeze 18kt (↑) - KGRR 03:53Z
03:58 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
03:58 Coderjoe brrr
03:58 steve______ it has cooled of here
03:58 NeWtoz there is a lack of captain videos
03:58 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
03:58 steve______ but there is a offical TGG video
03:59 NeWtoz well, for only 1 part of the building
04:01 Photon939 wtb portal to LsL
04:01 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
04:01 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
04:04 tyrok1 left #thegeekgroup
04:06 Bat-Mobile you're back
04:07 CaptainBoden I just finihed rebuiding my computer, and now, it's time for bed. Gnite gentlemen.
04:07 Bat-Mobile so long cap
04:07 joblessalex typo police
04:09 Hackbat I'm havin fun trying to figure out what these boards I have do
04:09 joblessalex I cant even make a working board so have fun
04:10 Hackbat no I mean these are old boards I got for free
04:10 Hackbat have a ton of chips on them
04:10 Cprossu woot I got money
04:10 Hackbat have 82 identical boards
04:10 joblessalex from a computer?
04:10 Cprossu snap some photos of the front and back, preferably high res
04:11 Cprossu night CaptainBoden
04:11 Hackbat no they obviously go in a machine
04:11 Hackbat well
04:11 Hackbat they're part of some sorta control or such
04:12 Hackbat prolly plc
04:12 joblessalex im terrible with the boards im only good at hv and blowing things up
04:12 LinuxH4x0r|mini left #thegeekgroup
04:13 Photon939 Hackbat: I just desoldered two large boards circa 1985
04:14 Hackbat it has 555s, op amps, counters, frequency dividers and one o two things I forget
04:14 Photon939 so many through-hole ICs
04:14 Hackbat these HAVE to be 80 era
04:14 Hackbat I had a thread about the chips on them on the forum
04:14 joblessalex goldmine sounds like
04:14 Photon939 Hackbat:
04:14 Hackbat these ALL are on chip templates
04:15 Hackbat I mean
04:15 Hackbat fuck
04:15 Hackbat forgot the name
04:15 joblessalex wow old
04:15 Hackbat socket
04:15 Hackbat give me a second
04:15 Hackbat I need to use my webcam since my phones are dead
04:16 Photon939 joblessalex: it has a Z80 processor lol
04:16 joblessalex thats what the charger is for
04:16 Hackbat >_>
04:16 Cprossu U20 the z80?
04:16 joblessalex Z80 must be old
04:16 Photon939 yeah
04:16 Cprossu z80's are awesome
04:16 Photon939 Z80 was released in the late 70s afaik
04:17 Hackbat don't TI 84's us a z80?
04:17 Cprossu that board is awesome too
04:17 * IIsi50MHz ponders what to do with an old Palm III and Palm IIIx
04:17 Cprossu sort of
04:17 Hackbat *use
04:17 Cprossu low power versions
04:17 Hackbat ah
04:17 IIsi50MHz Make a couple Roombas?
04:17 Cprossu The TRS80 was a z80 though
04:17 Photon939 gameboy color used a Z80 clone
04:17 bubsy joined #thegeekgroup
04:17 Cprossu *radio shack 'trash' 80 lol
04:18 Hackbat I'd love to own a TRS80
04:18 joblessalex I have a tandy hard drive that is so old it didnt have neo mags in it
04:18 joblessalex 20mb
04:18 Hackbat @_@
04:18 Photon939 i've got a seagate hard drive with a stepper motor to move the read/write head
04:18 Hackbat I need a better light source
04:19 joblessalex I think mine is a stepper too
04:19 CSM_away_shower is now known as CSMonster
04:19 CSMonster >.=.<
04:19 joblessalex got a strip of magnesium?
04:20 joblessalex that should solve lighting
04:20 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
04:20 Cprossu I've got several
04:20 Photon939 Hackbat:
04:20 Cprossu Also I have a computer that has 2 z80's
04:20 Cprossu xD
04:20 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
04:21 Cprossu It's a heathkit!
04:21 joblessalex partsbox
04:21 Photon939 that's what I got from desoldering the two boards from the DNA sequencer
04:22 Cprossu
04:22 Cprossu ^heres one of my neater ones
04:22 Hackbat DNA sequencer?
04:22 Cprossu 0 hours on that drive
04:22 Hackbat like shotgun DNA sequencing?
04:23 Photon939 Hackbat:
04:23 Photon939 Applied Biosystems 370A DNA Sequencer
04:24 Hackbat welp no pictures for awhile
04:24 Hackbat webcam doesn't have a focus feature
04:25 Hackbat at least not auto
04:25 joblessalex wow that drive is nice
04:25 Hackbat not meant for cluse up stuff really
04:25 Cprossu yeah it's in the best condition I've seen one in
04:26 Cprossu I have some really beat up drives in my rigs
04:26 Cprossu and you won't hear one that sounds better
04:26 Cprossu (as far as ST-251's go)
04:39 Hackbat theres only three peices of text on these boards: bauteilseite, loetseite, Barmag Electronic ER103E
04:40 Hackbat and none of them give me anything useful
04:40 joblessalex have em blown up
04:41 joblessalex got a small cap bank over here
04:42 Hackbat oh my god...
04:42 Hackbat I feel so stupid
04:43 Hackbat loetseite isn't a name
04:43 Hackbat loet seite = solder side in german
04:44 Hackbat and guess what side of the board it's on >_<
04:44 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
04:44 joblessalex the side you didnt look at
04:44 Hackbat bauteilseite = Cpmponent side
04:45 Hackbat I succesfully figured out which side the solder goes on
04:45 Hackbat go me :\
04:45 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
04:46 joblessalex I love infecting virtual pcs with viruses
04:48 joblessalex I gotta go cya
04:48 joblessalex left #thegeekgroup
04:48 Photon939 man the market is going nuts again today
04:51 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
04:51 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
04:51 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
05:12 {{localhost}} joined #thegeekgroup
05:18 TheGeek1024 joined #thegeekgroup
05:21 {{{localhost}}} joined #thegeekgroup
05:25 TheGeek1024 left #thegeekgroup
05:25 TheGeek1024 joined #thegeekgroup
05:25 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
05:26 TheGeek1024 left #thegeekgroup
05:28 TheGeek1024 joined #thegeekgroup
05:38 thaery dead stuff without ustream i here
05:39 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
05:41 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
05:42 Hackbat also the whole round midnight thing in amaerica
05:42 BatSteve that too
05:42 BotSteve BatSteve: At 14 Apr 19:10Z, mikemol asked me to tell you we need a '.suggest', which appends to some visible, timestamped, credited list.
05:42 BatSteve BotSteve: tell mikemol that .suggest is a pretty darn good idea.  I'll see about implementing it soon
05:42 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when mikemol is around.
05:42 Hackbat custom scripted bot?
05:43 BatSteve Hackbat: yeah, I based it off phenny
05:43 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
05:43 BatSteve But I keep adding modules as people suggest things
05:44 gaurdro_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:47 thaery BatSteve: How do IRC bots atually work?
05:48 BatSteve thaery: um...the answer I give depends greatly on what context you're looking for.
05:48 BatSteve do you mean how does the IRC network work...?  or how does the programming code work?  or what?
05:48 thaery My only experience in programming lies in GWBasic, MSX Basic and QB
05:49 BatSteve oh, okay
05:49 BatSteve Basically BotSteve is a python bot, which runs on my computer.  He connects to an IRC channel and then sits idle
05:49 BatSteve When there's traffic on the channel, he analyzes it, and if it matches certain criteria (like containing his name, or beginning a line with a dot) he takes some action
05:50 BatSteve .stream
05:50 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
05:50 BatSteve like that
05:50 Photon939 welp I just sold 200 bitcoins at $1.077 :)
05:51 thaery So you parse all IRC input until something comes along it recognizes as a command
05:51 BatSteve thaery: correct.
05:52 thaery I've been interessted in python, but it seems hard to get a good source of "practical" starting points
05:52 thaery btw sorry english is not my first language
05:52 Hackbat I am bitcoinless sadly
05:53 thaery ditto
05:53 thaery I ran bitcoin for 5 weeks
05:53 BatSteve thaery: would you like to contribute to BotSteve?
05:53 Hackbat not powerful enough to generate
05:53 thaery I'd be interresting
05:54 NeWtoz I've messed with a perl bot that we have on another network
05:54 NeWtoz but haven't messed with python
05:55 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
05:55 BatSteve Are you running Windows?
05:55 NeWtoz .help
05:55 NeWtoz I see...
05:55 thaery Currently yes. I also have a GNU/Linux machine running
05:56 BatSteve Cool.  You might or might not find it easier to get started on the linux box.
05:56 NeWtoz first thing to create is a .help ;)
05:56 BatSteve NeWtoz:   .commands
05:56 thaery Cool
05:56 NeWtoz oh that is silly
05:56 NeWtoz .commands
05:56 BatSteve send it to him as a private message
05:56 BatSteve thaery: download the source from here
05:56 NeWtoz this bot must be a female
05:57 thaery got the source
05:57 BatSteve what makes you say that?
05:57 BatSteve ok.
05:58 NeWtoz so complicated ;)
05:58 BatSteve Here's a super condensed how-to-create tutorial
05:58 BatSteve
05:58 thaery hehehe
05:58 BatSteve NeWtoz: simple bots are boring
05:58 thaery lol
05:58 thaery simplicity is boring
05:59 Hackbat lol, I thought you meant a tutorial on how to make a tutorial for a second
05:59 Hackbat idk why
05:59 BatSteve oh, and if you don't have a python environment and you're on your windows machine, you'll need that too
05:59 BatSteve
06:00 thaery I've got Python
06:01 NeWtoz which version of python?
06:01 thaery Kinda funny its not requiered on MS, but I have #! so I make it a matter of habit to install it
06:01 NeWtoz oh, you answered that
06:01 NeWtoz 2.7.1 ish
06:02 BatSteve awesome
06:03 NeWtoz If I'm ever bored, I'll monkey around with it
06:03 Test_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:03 Test_ left #thegeekgroup
06:04 thaery brb
06:10 thaery ]back
06:11 BatSteve cool
06:11 thaery Had to take care of my mother in law
06:11 thaery tmi I know
06:11 BatSteve no problem
06:12 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
06:12 BatSteve Anyway, poke around at the phenny code, ask me about anything you don't understand
06:12 thaery I will
06:12 BatSteve cool.
06:12 BatSteve And on that note, have a good night one and all
06:12 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
06:12 thaery Night
06:14 moxiemike-asleep left #thegeekgroup
06:15 JamesMR joined #thegeekgroup
06:17 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
06:39 valhallasmith joined #thegeekgroup
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07:23 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
07:24 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
07:24 BigTank hmm whos here?
07:25 BigTank loodedoo
07:25 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
07:27 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
07:33 hauser joined #thegeekgroup
07:38 wannabe-ZZZzzz left #thegeekgroup
07:51 NeWtoz I am, but that doesn't help you now
07:51 JamesMR 'Ello Folks :)
07:51 JamesMR I'm new here
07:51 asnopus hoi
07:53 NeWtoz Hi new dude
07:59 JamesMR What happens round here?
07:59 JamesMR general geekery?
08:00 asnopus pretty much
08:02 JamesMR fantastic :)
08:03 NeWtoz and a lot of comments on the ustream stream
08:03 JamesMR hehe
08:03 NeWtoz we treat it like a zoo
08:03 NeWtoz we are visiting, and they are all the monkeys
08:03 JamesMR Hahaha, I like that idea
08:03 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:04 JamesMR not much on at the moment by the looks of it
08:04 JamesMR the winders of reality TV -.-
08:04 JamesMR wonders*
08:05 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
08:05 NeWtoz not much will happen for another 10 hours or so
08:05 JamesMR night time over there?
08:06 NeWtoz 4am
08:06 JamesMR crikey
08:06 NeWtoz It only happens once a day, we deal with it
08:08 JamesMR I hear sounds over the stream, are they meaningfull sounds?
08:08 exor674 I'm not listening, but it's probably the scanner
08:08 NeWtoz nope, you probably are hearing the police and amature radio
08:09 konstantin_ clock how much it is with you
08:13 konstantin_ this make no sense
08:13 konstantin_ how much clock is in your time zone
08:17 NeWtoz um?
08:17 NeWtoz what time is it?
08:17 NeWtoz what time zone are we in?
08:17 NeWtoz are oranges orange?
08:18 konstantin_ sorry
08:20 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
08:20 NeWtoz hmmm...
08:22 JamesMR My oranges were yellow, turned out they were lying, I'd bought lemons.
08:26 NeWtoz wow, talkign lemons
08:35 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
08:35 akeeh joined #thegeekgroup
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09:04 Julepalme joined #thegeekgroup
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10:08 Hackbat oh wow
10:12 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
10:26 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
10:26 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
10:27 LinuxH4x0r Hello captain
10:27 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
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12:14 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
12:26 wannabe1987,0,4429355.story  crazy
12:30 moxiemike-asleep is now known as MoxieMike
12:32 NeWtoz that is why I don't like the news
12:33 Yaotzin I guess I'm lucky my hair can never grow past my shoulders
12:33 Yaotzin it's far too curly
12:33 NeWtoz the news is practically always depressing to me
12:33 Yaotzin Try watching Law and Order SVU
12:33 Yaotzin That'll harden you up
12:33 NeWtoz I'm good
12:34 NeWtoz I'll just get my news from Jon Stewart
12:34 Yaotzin lol
12:36 NeWtoz bed time for me
12:36 Yaotzin I just woke up myself
12:36 NeWtoz most people are this time of day
12:36 NeWtoz here
12:38 wannabe1987 lol i am ready to get out of the house (not really) but i'm going to go grocery shopping with my mom...she's good at it and i like hanging out with her :P  sounds crazy...i'll be back
12:38 wannabe1987 o and i got my tax return today :D
12:39 wannabe1987 so i can now pay 1/2 of what i owe for rent!  w00t
12:39 Yaotzin heh
12:40 Yaotzin I'm good at grocery shopping
12:40 wannabe1987 i'm good at buying meat that i'm not :P
12:40 wannabe1987 i got 9.5 hours of sleep las tnight :D
12:41 Yaotzin lol, nothing that hard with buying meat. Infact the prices and the cuts available usually dictate the majority of what I'm planning that week for dinners
12:41 Yaotzin be it curry or fajitas or roulade or roast or stew or steaks or tips
12:46 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
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12:50 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
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12:59 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
12:59 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
12:59 steve______ HELLO
13:00 steve______ listens for echo
13:00 speedrunnerG55 hi
13:00 speedrunnerG55 hi geeks
13:02 speedrunnerG55 hi
13:02 steve______ hello
13:03 steve______ anything interesting happening in here?
13:04 steve______ .weather kgrr
13:04 BotSteve Cloudy, 37.4℉ (3℃), 30.18in (1019mb), Strong breeze 23kt (↑) - KGRR 12:53Z
13:07 MoxieMike is now known as moxiemike-away
13:07 mikemol BotSteve: No need to give me my messages; I already saw them.
13:07 BotSteve mikemol: At 05:42Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you that .suggest is a pretty darn good idea.  I'll see about implementing it soon
13:07 mikemol BotSteve: I said no need...
13:12 Yaotzin I'm in a good mood this morning
13:13 Yaotzin My cousin was giving me all kinds of shit for quitting smoking and switching to the e-cig, despite him being a regular smoker himself. Well turns out for his surgery tuesday he has to stop smoking and drinking two days before the surgery
13:13 Yaotzin and I'm smirking hard as hell because of it
13:25 speedrunnerG55 .minecraft
13:25 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
13:26 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
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13:35 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
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13:46 PP__ joined #thegeekgroup
13:46 Cj1corbystarlet Ok who is online, who is a Bot and who is watching T.V ??   :)
13:46 dagnyscott I'm playing WoW
13:48 mashpriborintorg I'm on-line, waiting for action to happen
13:48 Thermoelectric I'm awake, but only barely.
13:50 Cj1corbystarlet <slap>
13:50 mikemol Cj1corbystarlet: I'm online, and a bot.
13:50 mashpriborintorg let's share some cool geeky links
13:50 mashpriborintorg really worth to see
13:52 mashpriborintorg this too for lovers of weird electronics
13:52 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
13:52 Cj1corbystarlet anyone got a quick reference guide to IRC commands
13:52 Thermoelectric Such as Nickserv?
13:53 Thermoelectric There are a few
13:54 mashpriborintorg and last for now, stuff that is just not available at your local retailer =D
13:54 mashpriborintorg Thanks, irc is somewhat obcure for me
13:54 Thermoelectric No problem.
13:55 dagnyscott1 joined #thegeekgroup
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13:56 Cj1corbystarlet is now known as Thelongestdong
13:56 Yaotzin Cj1corbystarlet:  I'm half paying attention to this, facebook, 4chan, and a SA let's play on viddler
13:56 dagnyscott1 joined #thegeekgroup
13:56 Yaotzin of course that mean I have 4 halfs
13:56 Thelongestdong is now known as Cj1corbystarlet
13:56 Yaotzin That's just how I roll
13:56 Cj1corbystarlet :)
13:56 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
13:57 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
13:57 speedrunnerG55 .minecraft
13:57 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
13:58 dagnyscott1 is now known as dagnyscott
14:11 Chrisp joined #thegeekgroup
14:13 mashpriborintorg Does somebody knows if the second part of the video camera autopsy shoot was made yesterday ?
14:15 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
14:16 tyrok1 joined #thegeekgroup
14:16 Captain_ No it wasn't
14:16 cctoide don't think so
14:16 Captain_ We may shoot it today.
14:18 Yaotzin Have to take a hammer to it yet?
14:18 Cj1corbystarlet Captain have you sourced a video out card to record the live shows yet ?
14:18 mikemol You know what might be marginally more interesting than the police scanner for overnight audio?
14:18 mikemol A geiger counter and a uranium sample. :)
14:18 christopher__ joined #thegeekgroup
14:19 Chrisp left #thegeekgroup
14:19 christopher__ left #thegeekgroup
14:19 Chrisp joined #thegeekgroup
14:19 Captain_ I think we may have a card to recrod, the hard part is playback.
14:19 Captain_ And I ordered that one yesterday.
14:20 Cj1corbystarlet how much was the cost of it ?
14:20 mikemol Captain_: Could someone set the ustream status to ""? Then you can turn off the UStream social stream...
14:20 Captain_ What I'd like to do is give all the parts to the LUG nuts for a meeting and see if they can build a working solution in a day.
14:20 Captain_ The card? About $30-40
14:20 Captain_ I posted the link to it here yesterday
14:20 mikemol Right now, it says 'Test', and indicates that was put in place 25 days ago.
14:20 Captain_ oh that wishing made it so, there are only so many things I can disable on there.
14:20 Cj1corbystarlet id be happy to drop a $100.00 donation to make it happen
14:21 Captain_ Though, we DO have something better in the works ;)
14:21 Captain_ not ready yet, but coming.
14:21 mikemol Captain_: I'm currently entertaining fantasies of abusing Asterisk into behaving as a video switcher.
14:22 Captain_ It'll have the IRC embedded below
14:22 Captain_ I don't need a switcher, I need a programming controller box. Think Tivo on crack.
14:22 mikemol And, really, multicast RTP is the most efficient way to do a one-to-many video stream.
14:22 mikemol Unfortunately, it's no the best supported.
14:23 Captain_ I don't need a one to many stream, we post to ustream, I DO NOT WANT to host the main distribution point, it would kill our bandwidth.
14:23 Captain_ I like spending Ustream's money.
14:23 mikemol Captain_: That's the thing about Multicast. You push out only one copy of the data, and the Internet itself does the splitting.
14:24 mikemol Hence why I called it the most efficient method.
14:24 Captain_ wtf?
14:24 Captain_ teach me
14:24 mikemol Hm
14:24 Captain_ What's the downside of this?
14:24 Captain_ Can we do it in HD?
14:24 Captain_ Is it compatible with everything?
14:24 mikemol Compatibility is the real problem.
14:25 mikemol It's been standardized since god knows when, but many networks don't route it.
14:25 Captain_ If it isn't something that your grandmother can click on a webpage and see, we can't use it.
14:25 mikemol You'd still need a compatability shim for the laggarts.
14:26 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
14:26 Captain_ Mike, build a box. I'll give you a feed from the console and an uplink, if it can be made to work well, we'll use it. But it has to meet or exceed ustream in useability.
14:26 mikemol Captain_: I've been thinking really, really hard about this problem. It's the most interesting aspect of all of this to me, and so it tends to tickle my mind whenever I'm not actively thinking about something else.
14:26 Captain_ You can use parts from the computer lab.
14:26 mikemol Captain_: *nod*
14:26 Captain_ You've got me interested though.
14:27 Cj1corbystarlet Chris if you need funding let me know
14:27 mikemol I can't guarantee a timeframe. You'll want to pursue other avenues and hope this gets good enough eventually.
14:27 Captain_ And if it can be made to work, you'll be staring in some videos on how you did it. ;)
14:27 Captain_ I need funding.
14:27 mikemol lol
14:27 Captain_ We need massive funding.
14:27 * mikemol has to get back to his real job for now.
14:27 Captain_ I cannot express how seriously our need for funding is hampering our operations.
14:28 Cj1corbystarlet if you need money to buy cards let me know,
14:28 Captain_ In a couple weeks we'll be moving all of the major equipment to the new lab. I cannot plug it in because of funding.
14:28 Captain_ Gemini is sitting in the new high voltage lab, we can't put it together because of funding.
14:28 Captain_ Funding is my major pain, the cause of 80% of my stress.
14:29 Captain_ If I could get 1000 members paying $40 a month, we would be fine.
14:29 Captain_ But right now if the hardest part, we have MASSIVE expenditures to establish infrastructure, and zero income.
14:29 Captain_ This is business hell.
14:29 Cj1corbystarlet I'm happy to send some money for the usteam project,  When you guy's go live i'm asleep and would like to view the stream the next day
14:30 Cj1corbystarlet business of any description can be hell :)  i know
14:30 Captain_ Well my goal is to never broadcast the test card, to always have something airing, mostly live content, but when that isn't possible, youtube videos.
14:30 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
14:30 mashpriborintorg Since I get a correct photo of my face, I order my gg card, promised, maybe for next week, but i'm bying a house in the same time, lots of stress also, and it will be much smaller than the lab :)
14:31 Captain_ Eventually the lab will be 24hrs to members, and we'll have cameras moving around to show what people are working on.
14:31 Captain_ but to do that, I need a lot more cameras, and miles of cables.
14:31 lwq1996 yeah
14:31 Captain_ It's a very serious project.
14:31 Captain_ But I'm on it.
14:31 Yaotzin I still have to order a GG member card, but I'd rather do it in person since I don't own a camera other than the rather gnarly one on this laptop
14:31 Captain_ I also need a 4" coring drillbit that will fit our Boschhammer.
14:31 Cj1corbystarlet well when i come over later on in the year you have a sparky at your disposal
14:31 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
14:32 lwq1996 hey chris
14:32 lwq1996 how do u put an os on a computer that alredy has one....i want to put 2 os on one computer
14:33 mikemol Captain_: btw, I liked the 'CaptainBoden' nick you used last night. You could probably register that with NickServ and not deal with this username_ crap.
14:33 Sgt_Lemming depends on the OS lwq1996
14:33 mantere you should consider moving the live stream to i heard they give better share of the ad revenue. also there
14:33 lwq1996 it has win, vista on it already and it is a toshiba
14:33 lwq1996 i want to put 2 operation systems on it like linux
14:34 Captain_ I have this;hl=en&amp;client=firefox-a&amp;hs=DIQ&amp;rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&amp;prmd=ivns&amp;biw=1920&amp;bih=930&amp;bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.&amp;um=1&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;cid=16301683780026840924&amp;sa=X&amp;ei=PVeoTc_EDtCCtgfC94zeBw&amp;ved=0CF8Q8gIwAA#
14:34 Captain_ or something similar
14:34 mikemol lwq1996: You can probably use an Ubuntu live CD and have it all work automagically.
14:34 Captain_ I need a bit for it (it has a funny chuck that uses special bits) that will make a 4 inch hole.
14:34 mikemol lwq1996: Make absolutely sure to back up your data, though.
14:34 Sgt_Lemming lwq1996, there are a number of guides on the net, I suggest googling it
14:34 Cj1corbystarlet SDSS bits ?
14:35 mikemol Captain_: God, I can't wait until you've got your regular equipment live. Then you could make your own parts as needed...
14:35 Captain_ To do that I need $5000 just to MOVE it.
14:35 lwq1996 ok what is a ubuntu live not all that up on software
14:35 Captain_ And $20,000 to plug it in.
14:35 mikemol lwq1996:
14:35 Cj1corbystarlet how long do you  want the 4" core bit
14:36 mikemol lwq1996: Browse around on there a bit and read.
14:36 mantere also justin tv allows users to choose the quality of the stream
14:36 mikemol I don't like to recommned Ubuntu, but it's not a horrible place to start.
14:36 Captain_ I need it long enough to get through a cinderblock wall, so 12" is good.
14:36 mikemol Captain_: Any of the local places have one for rent? You might try poking Casey DuBois to see if he knows of one you could borrow.
14:37 lwq1996 by the way im the one....that one of your guys banned my ip and i would like it unbanned please
14:37 Captain_ That's not a bad idea
14:37 lwq1996 im on a diff computer
14:38 lwq1996 it was like 9pm last night they did it
14:38 mikemol Captain_: I tend to liken Casey to non-threatening Godfather analog...everyone seems to owe him a favor, and he's the guy everyone oughtta know.
14:38 mikemol I've also described him as a 'fixer' in the past.
14:38 mikemol Though all-legal, AFAIK. :)
14:39 lwq1996 when are u gona upload the second part of the radiation bit they put on lastnight
14:40 Cj1corbystarlet about 100 bucks will get your core bit
14:40 lwq1996 wow thats a bit pricy for a bit
14:40 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
14:41 Cj1corbystarlet
14:41 lwq1996 btw do u guys have any sections in central pa
14:42 mikemol lwq1996: Nearest chapter I know of to you is in NJ or MA. (I forget was a category on the forums)
14:42 dagnyscott look on the forums, maybe some folks will start one
14:43 lwq1996 ok because i may start a "chapter" if i can get someone to let me use their place for it
14:44 livefiretj ping
14:44 eightbitbrad Morning all.
14:44 Cj1corbystarlet Evening
14:44 livefiretj morning or afternoon
14:44 lwq1996 man im still tired
14:45 eightbitbrad okay...  Good $local_time_equivalent!
14:45 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
14:45 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
14:45 Cj1corbystarlet :)
14:46 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
14:46 eightbitbrad Ugh, I'm looking at some evil Perl code this morning.  I think my brain wants to implode.
14:47 lwq1996 btw i would like to be a major part of the geek group help with stuff....but im in pa....and really stuppid when it comes to some stuff but not all
14:47 lwq1996 lol
14:48 livefiretj lol
14:50 Chrisp left #thegeekgroup
14:53 mashpriborintorg Captain, where in the lab are you willing to store all the stuff currently hidden in the gaylords in kzoo ?
14:55 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
14:56 DruidicRifleman morning geeks
14:57 Cj1corbystarlet Howdy
14:57 asnopus hey
14:57 PP__ Hello there!
14:57 eightbitbrad s/morning/$local_time_equivalent/
14:57 eightbitbrad hiya DruidicRifleman
14:57 eightbitbrad :)
14:58 DruidicRifleman :( gieger counter video isn't very entertaining :( when's the next will it fry
14:58 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
14:59 PP__ i liked it..
14:59 Cj1corbystarlet i liked it
15:00 PP__ Soo.. where are ppl from? : )
15:00 livefiretj is the captin still here?
15:01 asnopus South Australia :D
15:01 Cj1corbystarlet prolly off having a e-cig
15:01 asnopus the Cap might be making his way to the lab
15:01 livefiretj I got some cameras for him
15:01 Cj1corbystarlet Western part of Australia
15:01 livefiretj just not HD like he wants
15:01 livefiretj Michigan
15:02 livefiretj like a rock throw away
15:02 PP__ Denmark
15:02 eightbitbrad <---- Atlanta, GA, USA
15:02 Cj1corbystarlet Who need HD when you can turn off the light and use candles
15:02 livefiretj lol
15:02 Cj1corbystarlet *So ive been told*
15:03 tyrok1 Captain_, mikemol: Any reason you couldn't use an offsite VM as a fan-out point, e.g. an RTSP server?  Then it wouldn't eat up the connection, your bandwidth quota would be huge, and you'd be able to have multiple video streams.
15:05 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
15:07 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
15:10 DruidicRifleman oshawa ontario canada the birthblace of the Concept which evoled into the mega corperation GM and the Home of the former #1 #2 #3 rated automotive plants in the world according to JD power and associates
15:11 * eightbitbrad waves at wannabe1987
15:11 speedrunnerG55 hi
15:12 * wannabe1987 waves back at eightbitbrad
15:12 wannabe1987 hi speedrunnerG55
15:12 speedrunnerG55 i got some controller motors, should i donate them?
15:12 wannabe1987 why is the captain drilling holes in cinderblock?
15:12 wannabe1987 and yes
15:12 speedrunnerG55 car controller motors
15:12 wannabe1987 i dont' know what they are, but donate them :D
15:12 moxiemike-away_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:13 wannabe1987 hi moxiemike
15:13 speedrunnerG55 how come there is only collor bars on the stream
15:13 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
15:13 wannabe1987 i don't know...its not noon yet...
15:14 asnopus Theres no one at the lab yet
15:14 wannabe1987 and i'm not in GR today
15:14 wannabe1987 but...
15:14 wannabe1987 when i was driving past...i saw people on a skytrak working on cement walls on teh back by the <---DOOR---> thingys :D
15:15 moxiemike-away left #thegeekgroup
15:15 mashpriborintorg cool big stuff will soon come in
15:15 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
15:15 wannabe1987 oooo
15:16 wannabe1987 oooo a bossman...better behave
15:18 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
15:22 Captain_ back
15:23 LinuxH4x0r welcome back captain
15:23 PP__ Welcome back Cap.
15:23 wannabe1987 welcome back, cptn
15:23 Captain_ Thank you
15:23 Captain_ What is this about cameras and throwing rocks?
15:23 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
15:24 Cj1corbystarlet rocks ?
15:24 bubsy left #thegeekgroup
15:24 wannabe1987 i dont' think i was here for the rocks convo...
15:24 speedrunnerG55 how should i donate the motors
15:24 wannabe1987 where do you live
15:24 wannabe1987 i'd ship them to the lab...
15:24 speedrunnerG55 newjersey
15:25 wannabe1987 ooo!
15:25 wannabe1987 drive them here...
15:25 wannabe1987 :D
15:25 speedrunnerG55 ...i dont drive,
15:25 wannabe1987 you dont?
15:25 speedrunnerG55 but i do have a week of of school next week
15:25 wannabe1987 kids these days...
15:26 Cj1corbystarlet haha if you were born in 1987 yor a kid;)
15:26 wannabe1987 i'm 24 :D
15:26 speedrunnerG55 i do have priority flat rate shipping boxes
15:26 wannabe1987 yay!!! boxes!
15:26 wannabe1987 i am the 2nd oldest at my house...oldest is like 25 or 26...he moves in this weekend :D
15:26 speedrunnerG55 let me count the motors
15:27 Cj1corbystarlet i was born in to 70's, i feel it to tonight
15:27 LinuxH4x0r what are the motors?
15:27 LinuxH4x0r anything special or just a bunch of random dc ones?
15:27 mashpriborintorg I love boxes when they are filled with stuff
15:27 wannabe1987 something awesome...
15:27 speedrunnerG55 these motors are just like the ones eing used for the camera thing
15:28 DruidicRifleman CJ No i is not a kid
15:28 LinuxH4x0r cool
15:28 DruidicRifleman I feel old some days
15:28 LinuxH4x0r I need to get my hands on the code for that
15:28 asnopus the windscreen wiper ones?
15:28 LinuxH4x0r I'm too lazy to write my own for my pan and tilt
15:28 speedrunnerG55 i have 10 motors
15:28 asnopus nice
15:29 wannabe1987 zomg
15:29 DruidicRifleman I wanna UAV
15:29 * LinuxH4x0r is buiding one
15:29 speedrunnerG55 build one with y motors
15:29 speedrunnerG55 my
15:29 DruidicRifleman Armed or just a photo taking flying robot
15:29 * wannabe1987 is confused already ...shucks
15:30 LinuxH4x0r actually not a uav
15:30 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
15:30 DruidicRifleman i know CJ is building a plane
15:30 LinuxH4x0r just converting an old mobility scooter into an epic RC car
15:30 LinuxH4x0r armed :D
15:31 DruidicRifleman LOL Yeah i was tempted to take EVERY once of fire power out of a full Scale paint ball tank and doing something simmilar
15:31 LinuxH4x0r Its going to we controlled from my laptop over wifi if i can make that work
15:31 speedrunnerG55 create these suiside bomb rc cars
15:31 LinuxH4x0r bad idea
15:31 DruidicRifleman Yeah the whole BATFE terrorism arrests
15:31 * LinuxH4x0r lives across the street from 40 square miles of bomb range
15:32 DruidicRifleman Have fun being islamic bubbahs new wife in GITMO
15:32 DruidicRifleman BTW if you end up in gitmo I am looting every thing you have in mine craft
15:32 LinuxH4x0r being half Iranian doesn't make me look innocent either
15:32 speedrunnerG55 what should i put as the mailing address for it
15:33 bubsy joined #thegeekgroup
15:33 wannabe1987 902 leonard NW grand rapids mi 49504 (lab addr)
15:34 Captain_ Stream is live
15:34 mashpriborintorg cory in sight
15:34 bubsy left #thegeekgroup
15:34 DruidicRifleman You know someone should tell google there is no longer a ymca there and that they need to redo the street view
15:34 wannabe1987 LOL
15:34 DruidicRifleman Hey boden?.... if i get a fairday suit... can the next will it fry be live armoured druids?
15:35 DruidicRifleman Someone who's on canada do something entertaining
15:35 DruidicRifleman Camera*
15:35 DruidicRifleman i need caffeen
15:35 speedrunnerG55 ill go packing now
15:35 wannabe1987 canada?!
15:35 * wannabe1987 waves back
15:36 DruidicRifleman yeah it sucks here i want out cause i have a feeling may 3rd will suck even more
15:38 wannabe1987 why?
15:39 DruidicRifleman the lieberals might un seat harper and Despite what the media like's to Say the other options for priminister are worse
15:40 tggCory liberals, ftfy
15:40 DruidicRifleman FTFY?
15:41 mashpriborintorg The 2012 presidential pool in France should be quite catastrophic also
15:41 tggCory fixed that for you
15:41 DruidicRifleman NO i ment lieberal;s
15:41 mashpriborintorg sure I will not vote for Rolex again
15:41 DruidicRifleman They have this habbit of lying in parlement
15:42 tggCory I'm not getting into politics, sorry x3
15:42 mashpriborintorg Jeager lecoultre and Patek candidates are not better
15:42 mashpriborintorg ok next discussion
15:43 wannabe1987 politics = bad :D
15:43 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
15:43 Electronics Afternoon all
15:44 asnopus Hi
15:44 wannabe1987 hey
15:44 mashpriborintorg year especially when wear expensive watches annybody could not afford with 1 year of income
15:44 DruidicRifleman I just wish there was a canadiate with the balls To walk through down town with an assualt rigle slung over his Sholder
15:44 DruidicRifleman But allas i doubt that will happen
15:45 DruidicRifleman SOOOOO can i get Shocked by the tesla coils whereing a fairday suit????
15:45 speedrunnerG55 the small box dosent fit all of them but i can get i think 7 in it
15:45 speedrunnerG55 is that good?
15:46 DruidicRifleman 7 of what and who are you saying that to
15:46 speedrunnerG55 anyone
15:46 mashpriborintorg it will make a small but heavy box :-)
15:46 speedrunnerG55 motors
15:46 mashpriborintorg I remember sending a transformer in a parcel
15:47 mashpriborintorg the guy at the post office just could not believe the weight / size ratio on the box :)
15:47 DruidicRifleman I hate UPS they Bent my Cold steel Shambok And both ends of of the box we're open and then Charged me 30 vucking bucks in fee's
15:48 DruidicRifleman they we're lucky for the sake of the delivery person it wasn't missing any thing
15:48 asnopus Wow, that really sucks
15:48 speedrunnerG55 i cant get the live stream
15:49 asnopus Youll only be watching Cory in the corner :P
15:49 speedrunnerG55 oh
15:49 mashpriborintorg My worst parcel issue was a percel with 10-15 aircraft instruments in in.. no filling materail or anything... all the glass of the dials arrived broken
15:49 speedrunnerG55 hi corey
15:49 tggCory Hi speedrunnerG55 :P
15:50 mashpriborintorg and it is very tricky to replace
15:50 fadedshadows1 joined #thegeekgroup
15:51 LinuxH4x0r gotta run
15:51 LinuxH4x0r calculus :/
15:51 DruidicRifleman OK now i kinda like the IDEA of an automated nerf gun turret
15:51 fadedshadows1 this is uh interesting chat thing
15:51 DruidicRifleman "dance cory dance"
15:51 wannabe1987 nerf?
15:51 mashpriborintorg yeah :D
15:52 wannabe1987 i 'm buying a gun off my brother so i can paint/mod it but not buy my own...too expensive
15:52 biotek left #thegeekgroup
15:52 mashpriborintorg east-german borders had automated rifles
15:52 mashpriborintorg very simple set-up with photoelectric sensors
15:53 DruidicRifleman Nods hackbat thinks we should have A vuclan but i am thinking Something more like the Pump action Scar N with a motifyed Pnumatic set off a ebladed auto cocker
15:53 mashpriborintorg It must have a 360 ° rotating head, and motion detection
15:53 wannabe1987 i'm painting mine red and black with some green...crap, now i have to buy paint :(
15:54 wannabe1987 my stupid computer rebooted overnight :(  pissed
15:54 DruidicRifleman Naw R/C
15:54 mashpriborintorg and a huge stock of nerf cardriges
15:54 fadedshadows1 left #thegeekgroup
15:54 DruidicRifleman Make it into a arcade game
15:54 Arruid joined #thegeekgroup
15:54 Captain_ Cory, zoom in
15:54 DruidicRifleman mash a pnumatic Belt fed with a 300 round belt
15:55 wannabe1987 whats that dangling by cory's puter/desk?
15:55 wannabe1987 ooo mics :D
15:55 DruidicRifleman microphone
15:55 mashpriborintorg ok, that a way to see it, there are other options :D
15:55 Cj1corbystarlet thats better corey
15:56 Cj1corbystarlet love the getto mike stand
15:56 DruidicRifleman And if we get the ram moving fast enough WE could realisticly  hit 1200 rounds a minute
15:56 wannabe1987 nerf?!
15:56 wannabe1987 or IRL
15:57 DruidicRifleman nerf wannabe
15:57 wannabe1987 if nerf...i want you on my team
15:57 DruidicRifleman LOL
15:57 wannabe1987'll kick butt at zomb :D
15:57 mashpriborintorg is that an Apple power pack ? piece of crap
15:57 speedrunnerG55 i cant hear annyuthing
15:57 DruidicRifleman Nods i am so tempted to Butcher a bunch of auto cocker parts and do that
15:58 DruidicRifleman A well dunned auto cocker Can break 20 BPS
15:58 speedrunnerG55 is that a zip tie holding that mic??
15:58 mashpriborintorg just do it :p
15:58 DruidicRifleman but i think being able to make 300 bucks a in 15 seconds would rock
15:58 Cj1corbystarlet looks like a zip tie to me
15:58 DruidicRifleman Buuck a nerf dart
15:58 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
15:59 wannabe1987 wb
15:59 mashpriborintorg The wires arrangements at the lab were made by an italian designer :D
15:59 DruidicRifleman when cory is just sitting there being boared log into the turret
15:59 DruidicRifleman and make the Ustream more interwsting
16:00 mashpriborintorg yeah
16:00 DruidicRifleman I am pretty sure darts could survive a 100 FPS flight at cory
16:01 wannabe1987 lol
16:01 DruidicRifleman Log on put 20 dollars into your credit on the gun set it to semi and make xcory dance
16:01 Cj1corbystarlet What are the guy's working on ?
16:01 wannabe1987 poor cory...
16:01 DruidicRifleman it would also make filming more fun with proactive audence participation
16:02 DruidicRifleman I personally think we should build Our own verson of asumo AND give it the nerf gun
16:02 Cprossu talking about nerf guns?
16:02 DruidicRifleman Nerf gun turrets in the gallery to make ustream more fun and raise money for tgg
16:02 Cprossu I got myself a barricade the other day
16:02 Cprossu you can modify that one really easily
16:03 Cprossu since it doesn't use pneumatics
16:03 DruidicRifleman a full auto Pnumatic nerf gun thats the bastard love child of A custem home made nerf gun and an auto cocker
16:03 DruidicRifleman with a 300 round belt
16:04 Cprossu;feature=player_embedded
16:04 DruidicRifleman I am thinking a max rate of ffire of like 20 BPS would be good
16:04 Cj1corbystarlet i got a barricade rv-10, working on a pwm controller for the motor to double the wheel speed
16:04 Cprossu nice
16:04 Cprossu I put CD ejection motors in mine
16:04 tyrok1 left #thegeekgroup
16:04 Cj1corbystarlet ohh thats a idea
16:04 Cprossu I never got the clips working with it well though
16:05 DruidicRifleman I wish they'd make the pistol that people modifyed that into from the start
16:05 DruidicRifleman and double the velocity out of the box on all nerf guns
16:07 Cprossu all I know is the RV10 hands down beats the stuffings out of any mofified nerf gun I've seen
16:07 Spoontallica joined #thegeekgroup
16:07 Cj1corbystarlet mine is a 10 round revolver style mag
16:07 mashpriborintorg yes, we're watching you
16:08 DruidicRifleman wasn't the building so cold it would frease the balls of a bras monkey before they added heat red?
16:08 Captain_ Red, could you please paint the cafe kitchen today?
16:08 Spoontallica Hey guys, what's cookin?
16:08 DruidicRifleman Captan does the geek groups insurence cover people dancing to musical tesla coils in fairday suits?
16:09 wannabe1987 lol
16:09 Spoontallica Only if they are fighting with neon tubes at the same time
16:09 DruidicRifleman We're debating the Best base nerf gun to use in a turret to mount in the gallery
16:09 wannabe1987 ...
16:09 DruidicRifleman to much risk of them breaking
16:09 Captain_ no idea
16:10 Captain_ doesn't matter, we have a ferocious waiver, if you hurt yourself in our lab it's your ass, not ours ;)
16:10 Spoontallica Build your own nerf's pretty easy.
16:10 Cprossu nice
16:10 Captain_ The Geek Group is an Assumed Risk Environment.
16:10 DruidicRifleman Nods i am planing to bitcher an ebladed auto cocker though
16:10 Cprossu no matter what you guys do it can't be worse than the crowd I used to hang out with (the guy had a blowdart gun and real darts)
16:10 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
16:11 DruidicRifleman And make a full auto belt fed
16:11 Spoontallica sweet...I'm working on one now that uses the guts out of a beeman
16:11 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
16:11 DruidicRifleman Cprossu
16:11 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
16:11 Cj1corbystarlet i have half designed a cyclic weapon similar to a gattling gun on C/A
16:12 DruidicRifleman ti could porobly do that with this since they make .50 inch blow guns
16:12 Cprossu yes but you wouldn't aim it and shoot it at someone right?
16:12 DruidicRifleman Not unless they broke in durring the midel of the night
16:12 Spoontallica I have bigger bang bangs for that occurance...
16:12 Cprossu point is that guy did... alot... and sometimes he mixed up his dummies and sharp ones
16:13 Spoontallica ouch
16:13 DruidicRifleman LOL
16:13 DruidicRifleman That didn't end well
16:13 Cprossu he never hit me with one of the sharp ones
16:13 Spoontallica bet that lead to some pointed remarks
16:13 DruidicRifleman LOL
16:13 Cprossu but one did whiz by my side and stick in the wall once
16:13 Cprossu asshole
16:13 Cprossu lol
16:14 Cprossu he hit one of my buddies though in the knee with one and he got tossed in the swimming pool shortly there after
16:14 DruidicRifleman but yeah imagine You in say australioa or new zealand and you think Cory shoyld be dancing you log into the turret top of your credit and light cory up for a dollar a dart
16:14 speedrunnerG55 i got the box readdy
16:14 Spoontallica heh, I'll stick to nerf hard feelins ever...haven't yet gotten one of the sucker darts to leave a mark...but the whistlers will...
16:14 speedrunnerG55 and packed. now to address it
16:14 DruidicRifleman then pack it up and mail it
16:15 speedrunnerG55 902 leonard NW grand rapids mi 49504
16:15 DruidicRifleman Yeah thats the address
16:15 speedrunnerG55 ?
16:16 speedrunnerG55 ok
16:16 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
16:17 Spoontallica dang...that reminds me...I gotta remember to go pick up my rifle from the gunsmith tomorrow...
16:18 rastarogue joined #thegeekgroup
16:18 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
16:19 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
16:19 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:20 Cj1corbystarlet Ladies and gents, I'm off to bed catch ya all laterz
16:20 asnopus night
16:20 mman454-mobile .seen masterofmonks
16:20 BotSteve mman454-mobile: I last saw masterofmonks at 2011-04-15 03:04:15 UTC on #thegeekgroup
16:20 Electronics night
16:20 mman454-mobile .t
16:20 BotSteve Fri, 15 Apr 2011 16:20:31 GMT
16:20 DruidicRifleman ooooooh? what is it spoon
16:21 mman454-mobile any admins on?
16:21 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
16:22 RED_ Hey there.
16:22 Spoontallica A Savage .17HMR...had the guts swapped out to a competition resin stock, adjustable comb...yada yada yada, and had the trigger reworked, cut the pull back to just over1.5 lbs
16:24 mman454-mobile karmicthreat, you there
16:24 RED_ Corey, why must you break shit?
16:24 RED_ lol.
16:25 mantere !minecraft
16:25 mman454-mobile what did he break?
16:25 mantere oh
16:25 mantere .minecraft
16:25 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
16:26 mikemol Hey, the camera's zoomed in on the NLE corner. Much better. :)
16:27 wannabe1987 cory did that
16:27 wannabe1987 per captians orders
16:29 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
16:29 wannabe1987 ping!
16:29 asnopus Pong
16:30 wannabe1987 ding
16:30 mashpriborintorg Well I am very happy with my new Samsung 551 smarphone :)
16:31 mashpriborintorg cost effective, handy and seems quite powerfull
16:31 asnopus samsung makes really good phone
16:31 asnopus s
16:31 mashpriborintorg Allow to watch TGG videos from anywhere
16:31 mikemol BotSteve: tell tyrok that VPS providers put on monthly throughput limits. A colo setup with 'N gigabyte/s' but no monthly counter would work, but that's freakin' expensive. This one stream has had as many as 60 people on it at the same time, and if that got pumped up to 720p or 1080p, I'm not sure 60 streams could fit in a 10Mb/s pipe without godawful compression artifacts. It's a very interesting stepping point, and could probably work enough do
16:31 BotSteve mikemol: I'll pass that on when tyrok is around.
16:31 mman454-mobile samsung made my grandmother deaf in one ear
16:31 mman454-mobile the volume controll didnt work
16:32 asnopus :/
16:32 mashpriborintorg too bad
16:33 mashpriborintorg mine works but the "stop spending tile watching youtube videos" control doens't work
16:33 SparkyProjects @mman454-mobile your grandmother was probably using it on speakerphone, seen a few doing that with the phone to their ear, everyone can also hear the convo
16:33 PP__ For anyone who likes portal, check this out!
16:34 asnopus Vavle = Ultimate Trolls
16:35 asnopus I was actually expecting them to do something like that
16:35 SparkyProjects Saw this posted on another forum, bt they don't know why the E and F are missing from the url
16:36 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
16:36 SparkyProjects hmm, was just a counter before
16:36 asnopus That auto writing console script is awesome, so i nicked it :)
16:36 steve______ .weather kgrr
16:36 BotSteve Cloudy, 46.4℉ (8℃), 30.13in (1017mb), Strong breeze 24kt (↑) - KGRR 15:53Z
16:36 mman454-mobile SparkyProjects nope it wasnt speakerphone, just bad volume controls
16:36 wannabe1987 hmmm still sitting in circles doing nothing
16:37 roadran42 joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 tyrok joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 wannabe1987 why is it so cold out?
16:37 Thaery joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 mikemol wannabe1987: Your house has insulation.
16:37 roadran42 you would think so
16:38 wannabe1987 mikemol: you sure?  its old...
16:38 mikemol wannabe1987: If it didn't, it would be cold inside and outside. :)
16:38 mikemol Since you said it's cold out, I assume it's not cold inside. :)
16:38 roadran42 My point, they make houses without insulation?
16:38 roadran42 Haha
16:38 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
16:38 wannabe1987 mikemol - it is cold inside...the house is built in the like 1930s/40s/50s
16:39 mikemol wannabe1987: First step...plastic over the windows to deal with draftiness.
16:39 wannabe1987 no...
16:39 SparkyProjects temperature is relative, if you came from a -20 room to outside you'd say it was warm outside :D
16:39 wannabe1987 housemate/landlord dosen't like that
16:39 mikemol As long as you don't have to pay the heating bill, I guess it's their problem. Just dress warmly. :)
16:40 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
16:40 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
16:41 roadran42 Yah taht is true
16:41 westmi left #thegeekgroup
16:41 roadran42 *electic bill
16:42 wannabe1987 i use an electric blanket and huddle up under that
16:42 roadran42 a
16:42 wannabe1987 or i cuddle up w/ TJ :D
16:42 roadran42 ?
16:43 wannabe1987 TJ = boyfriend
16:43 wannabe1987 to stay warm
16:43 roadran42 Oh hahahahaha
16:43 wannabe1987 its supposed to be srping tho...
16:43 wannabe1987 spring is supposed to be WARM, not cold winds bearing rain!
16:44 mikemol wannabe1987: What state did *you* grow up in? :P
16:44 roadran42 Me?
16:45 wannabe1987 michigan :D
16:45 wannabe1987 i hate cold weather
16:45 roadran42 Haha, Well I was born in La, now in Fl
16:46 wannabe1987 LA?
16:46 mashpriborintorg I've alredy been in
16:46 roadran42 Los Angeles
16:46 wannabe1987 ok
16:46 mashpriborintorg morocco, damn hot
16:46 roadran42 JAJAJAJAJAA
16:46 mashpriborintorg just like stnading in front of an open oven !
16:46 roadran42 On or Off Hahaha
16:46 mashpriborintorg on il grill mode
16:47 roadran42 on or off?
16:47 mashpriborintorg on :-D
16:47 wannabe1987 and ohio isnt much warmer
16:47 roadran42 Hahaha
16:47 DruidicRifleman How many Vids is the video editing team working on?
16:48 mashpriborintorg I prefer tropical weather, like in west indies, except for the cyclonic events
16:48 roadran42 Tenog trece anos!
16:51 wannabe1987 tenog?
16:51 roadran42 .tengo sorry
16:51 wannabe1987 tengo
16:51 wannabe1987 lol
16:51 wannabe1987 unless you got weird spanish...
16:51 roadran42 you speak spanish ahhaahah
16:51 tyrok roadran42: You're pretty bright for someone that age.  :)
16:51 BotSteve tyrok: At 16:31Z, mikemol asked me to tell you that VPS providers put on monthly throughput limits. A colo setup with 'N gigabyte/s' but no monthly counter would work, but that's freakin' expensive. This one stream has had as many as 60 people on it at the same time, and if that got pumped up to 720p or 1080p, I'm not sure 60 streams could fit in a 10Mb/s pipe without godawful compression artifacts. It's a very interest
16:52 wannabe1987 cuatro anos en mi escuela...
16:52 roadran42 uno anos en mi escuela. Second year next
16:52 mashpriborintorg I see a blinking light on the camcorder, firewire data  transfert in progress ?
16:52 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
16:52 wannabe1987 incluyende A.P. spanish
16:52 CSMonster 'morning
16:53 mashpriborintorg 'evening
16:53 mikemol tyrok: Very interesting stepping stone, and could conceivably work with enough RTSP servers to share the load.
16:53 roadran42 Cool. Cuantos tienes anos?
16:53 mikemol And, er. Instead of N gigabytes/s, N megabytes/s.
16:53 wannabe1987 que?  i took four years in highs chool...Spanish 1, 2, 3, and A.P
16:54 roadran42 I took in middle school. Also cuantos tienes anois?
16:54 wannabe1987 and then 1/2 semester in ADD addled brain couldn't keep up
16:54 wannabe1987 :P
16:54 wannabe1987 tengo deciequatro anos...
16:54 wannabe1987 no
16:54 wannabe1987 venticuatro
16:54 wannabe1987 fail!
16:54 roadran42 lol 24?
16:55 mashpriborintorg Only had two yers of spanish, also forgot everything
16:55 roadran42 HAHAHA
16:55 steve______ anyone know the status of the nig hole in the lab wall?
16:55 steve______ *big
16:55 Noise_Marine I failed french so I said no to spanish...
16:56 mashpriborintorg French is somewhat easy to me :)
16:56 DruidicRifleman I have a tesla coil ?
16:56 wannabe1987 i want to learn haitian creole...its spoken at church....
16:56 Noise_Marine polish did come to me easy though forgot it havent used in like 4 years
16:56 wannabe1987 do you?
16:57 mashpriborintorg yeah creole
16:57 mashpriborintorg An ka palé kreyol !
16:57 wannabe1987 its like french...
16:57 wannabe1987 ...
16:57 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
16:57 wannabe1987 mwen pale petit kreyol
16:57 mashpriborintorg my girlfriend is from west indies
16:58 DruidicRifleman muscial tesla coils How much room so you need to Safely Set them up AND Could one construct a fairday Cage made in 4 sections with a way to rapidly Change the path of least resitance So that you could in general make the arc move around with in the cage
16:58 mashpriborintorg fow koute mizik la sa ke ede'w
16:58 wannabe1987 where in west indies?
16:58 mashpriborintorg Guadeloupe
16:58 DruidicRifleman google translate has a hatian creole section
16:58 wannabe1987 i dont know much...
16:58 wannabe1987 i know :)
16:58 mashpriborintorg I've alredy been there 6-8 times
16:58 roadran42 Any advice on spacers?
16:58 DruidicRifleman i LOVE"S croele cooking OM NOM
16:58 wannabe1987 i use the haitian creole google a LOT on facebook..
16:59 wannabe1987 GR has an AWESOME haitian restaurant
16:59 roadran42 Any advice on spacers?
16:59 mashpriborintorg I am a big fan of haitian voodoo music
16:59 DruidicRifleman OOOOOH does it have any thing like the heart attack cafe in arizona?
16:59 wannabe1987 ahhh my siblings are from haiti...hence haitian creole
16:59 roadran42 Any advice on spacers?
16:59 wannabe1987 i don't know...
16:59 wannabe1987 stop ASKING
16:59 DruidicRifleman they have a burger called a Quadruple bypass
16:59 roadran42 Sorry lagged.
16:59 mashpriborintorg Boukman Eksperyans and RAM bands
16:59 DruidicRifleman Advice on my tesla coil ?
17:00 Spoontallica left #thegeekgroup
17:00 mikemol DruidicRifleman: That's probably a good question for the forum. Sparky and a few other guys can reply when they see it.
17:00 roadran42 Yah called the quadruple bypass because it starts at one end bypasses everything ends up on the other end....
17:00 DruidicRifleman lol it looked so epic
17:00 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
17:01 DruidicRifleman OOOOH OOOOH and they have an all you can eat french fry bar
17:01 DruidicRifleman XD!!!!
17:01 mashpriborintorg Quadruple bypass burger ? :9
17:01 roadran42 left #thegeekgroup
17:01 wannabe1987 nah...they have acutal haitian food...stuff you'd eat if you were in haiti
17:01 DruidicRifleman
17:01 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
17:01 DruidicRifleman I ment like A restoraunt like this
17:02 DruidicRifleman See link that is about one of the 7 deadly sins
17:02 wannabe1987 gluttony?
17:02 wannabe1987 lol
17:02 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
17:02 wannabe1987 no but the baseball field here has the 5/3 burger...5/3 lbs of meat...*puke*
17:02 DruidicRifleman
17:03 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
17:03 wannabe1987 lol bunch of fat people eating :S
17:03 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
17:04 mashpriborintorg OMG pure fat
17:04 wannabe1987 holy crap...
17:04 DruidicRifleman lol
17:04 * CSMonster feels sick
17:04 * wannabe1987 isn't hungry anymore
17:04 DruidicRifleman It's a CS monster
17:04 wannabe1987 hi CSMonster :D
17:04 CSMonster hi wanna
17:04 * wannabe1987 waves
17:04 mashpriborintorg A kid died here in france, after a fast-food meal
17:05 wannabe1987 ...
17:05 mashpriborintorg Quick restaurant
17:05 wannabe1987 you live in france?!
17:05 wannabe1987 i love lettuce...
17:05 wannabe1987 poor kid!!!!
17:05 mashpriborintorg yeah, northern near belgian border
17:05 wannabe1987 cool
17:05 wannabe1987 we have an exchange student from south spain...thats nearish you :D
17:05 CSMonster ...
17:06 DruidicRifleman But yeah I love's food
17:06 wannabe1987 8000 calories?!
17:06 CSMonster south of spain and north of france..... are... not... nevermind.
17:06 wannabe1987 closer to you than me!
17:06 DruidicRifleman You'll have to give me the info of this creole place
17:06 wannabe1987 :D
17:06 mashpriborintorg 2000 kilometers
17:06 wannabe1987 when you come here, we'll go there...
17:06 DruidicRifleman though i am more use dto Some of the lusiana stuff
17:06 wannabe1987 its HOT!
17:06 DruidicRifleman it's a date and then we'll nerf gun people
17:06 DruidicRifleman :P
17:06 CSMonster HI
17:07 wannabe1987 they ask you your heat level...
17:07 wannabe1987 HI!
17:07 mikemol lo
17:07 DruidicRifleman I wonder If i could make a nerf land mine
17:07 wannabe1987 mikemol - have you been to chez olga on wealthy?
17:07 wannabe1987 you should go sometime...
17:07 mikemol wannabe1987: No, just the Olga's Kitchen at Rivertown.
17:07 CSMonster does chris have a scally cap?
17:07 DruidicRifleman :( paint ball and airsoft land mines are a pain :( real ones are so much easyer to make
17:07 steve______ much though has been put into that here too, a nerf mine would be amazing
17:07 mashpriborintorg No creole restaurants here, mainly sushi, chinese, north african restaurants, some indian also
17:07 wannabe1987 mikemol - you should check it out sometime
17:08 wannabe1987 we went there on my birthday...:D
17:08 wannabe1987 7 people ate for about 60 dollars...
17:08 wannabe1987 and then i bought some picklez for TJ
17:08 DruidicRifleman lol
17:08 wannabe1987 and he LIKED it...
17:08 wannabe1987 ugh...
17:08 wannabe1987 too much heat for me...
17:09 wannabe1987 yay...floor is dry...i can vacuum and be done!
17:09 mashpriborintorg cheap, a basic menu in a restaurant is between 15-20 euro
17:09 mikemol Someone should order an anchovy pizza and have it delivered to the NLE guys. :P
17:09 DruidicRifleman Is there a cracker barrel in GR? a trip to the US isn't right if i don't get a Blackend catfish from them
17:09 mashpriborintorg count 8-10 for fast food
17:09 wannabe1987 yes there is
17:09 wannabe1987 holy crap gust of wind!
17:10 CSMonster ....cracker barrel... was there ever a more appropriate name for a business?
17:10 wannabe1987 lol
17:10 mashpriborintorg Cory, stop playing Wow, boss is here :D
17:10 wannabe1987 lol
17:10 DruidicRifleman LOL
17:11 DruidicRifleman Nods I'd love to Spend some volentire time helping out in the cafe
17:11 steve______ you shoud hear the wind here
17:11 wannabe1987 making food?
17:11 mikemol DruidicRifleman: I-196 and 44th street.
17:11 wannabe1987 i'd LOVE cooking :D
17:11 DruidicRifleman yeah
17:11 wannabe1987 mikemol - i think theres one on alpine too...not sure
17:11 DruidicRifleman YAY cracker barrel XD!!!
17:11 wannabe1987 :P
17:11 steve______ I have 3 flags 5ft outside the 2nd story window
17:11 DruidicRifleman they have really good buttle milk biscuits
17:11 wannabe1987 and its actually off kenowa...
17:11 wannabe1987 butter*
17:12 speedrunnerG55 how exactelly do i address it and, how do i pay for the shippping x_x
17:12 mikemol speedrunnerG55: ?
17:12 DruidicRifleman i visited a GF in toledo ohio on the way home from visiting one in utah And she was like no Your only goin to there 1once
17:12 CSMonster LMAO
17:12 wannabe1987 money
17:12 speedrunnerG55 the shpping box
17:12 wannabe1987 go to the post office,pay shipping
17:13 mikemol speedrunnerG55: Send it to 902 W Leonard St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 4945...1? I think?
17:13 wannabe1987 ihave to old are you?!
17:13 wannabe1987 49504
17:13 speedrunnerG55 do i just write the return adress and the destintin on it?
17:13 wannabe1987 YES
17:13 wannabe1987 with SHARPIE
17:13 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
17:13 speedrunnerG55 i did that,
17:13 mashpriborintorg I've laready sent and received hundreds of parcels :D
17:13 mikemol speedrunnerG55: Write down the address on a piece of paper and take it to a post office; they'll help you.
17:13 speedrunnerG55 ok ill get a sharpie
17:13 mikemol Brad?
17:13 mikemol What's his nick?
17:13 wannabe1987 i think he pinged
17:13 wannabe1987 eightbitbrad
17:14 Electronics what they opening?
17:14 mikemol Focus!
17:14 CSMonster btw nice hat chris, sexy
17:14 wannabe1987 lol
17:14 Electronics ahh donations
17:14 mashpriborintorg I have the same one !
17:14 mashpriborintorg keeping home when I'm out
17:14 Phu evening fellow geeks :)
17:14 mikemol CaptainBoden, might be good top-down view above the NLE team. :)
17:15 wannabe1987 hi phu
17:15 cctoide I swear in a couple more years it's going to take a blowtorch to get into the packaging on memory cards
17:15 mikemol If you guys haven't learned how to make ethernet cables yet, I've got to train more of you, it seems.
17:15 CSMonster i imagine red and liz might not like a top-down camera there.
17:15 wannabe1987 lol
17:15 DruidicRifleman yeah beter NLE monitoring camra angle would rock
17:15 CSMonster just saying
17:15 Electronics Captain_:I remember one of those Serial to TRS for a PDA sync connectiosn to the computer
17:15 wannabe1987 BOOBS
17:15 speedrunnerG55 ill ship it next week
17:15 Phu I don't think those were twin s-videos... I think they were the KM part of a KVM cable.
17:15 wannabe1987 not soon enough!
17:15 speedrunnerG55 ...
17:16 DruidicRifleman Ship it today
17:16 cctoide they had the camera over by the NLE computers before, maybe they don't want it on top of them
17:16 DruidicRifleman I might ship my old NVIDA 8800 video card
17:16 speedrunnerG55 thats waht i use
17:16 DruidicRifleman Dpeends if only one of em burned out
17:16 DruidicRifleman Worse comes to worse it can be autopsied
17:17 mashpriborintorg Now when you buy new computer stuff they put those ugly ans useless UK power cord in the bundle
17:17 mikemol lol
17:17 DruidicRifleman No point giving chris a burned out card
17:17 CSMonster fancy
17:17 Electronics Captain_: I remember one of those Serial to TRS for a PDA sync connectiosn to the computer
17:17 Phu nice DA
17:17 Phu ow
17:17 arran-g ahh
17:17 CSMonster LOL
17:17 steve______ .8 bodens
17:17 DruidicRifleman Pissed me off that the company won't replace them life time warrenty my gun toting ass I want replacements
17:17 arran-g lol
17:17 dcrand not light hard to see
17:17 Electronics Captain_: I remember one of those Serial to TRS for a PDA sync connectiosn to the computer
17:17 DruidicRifleman i paid for the warrenty i wants what i is paid for
17:17 nikonlover joined #thegeekgroup
17:17 Electronics Read the IRC!
17:17 mikemol TRS? Zoom in on that.
17:17 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
17:18 mikemol I might be able to see it.
17:18 Electronics Centronics?
17:18 mikemol Centronics...
17:18 Phu amphenol
17:18 speedrunnerG55 parallel
17:18 arran-g scsi
17:18 nikonlover serial port!
17:18 steve______ yes, centronics
17:18 speedrunnerG55 scsi
17:18 wannabe1987 ijust realized my "youngest" sister turns 19 this year...
17:18 CSMonster ooooold parallel... don't remember the name of the connector type
17:18 Phu scsi or parallel depending on how big it is
17:19 speedrunnerG55 0_0 corey
17:19 eightbitbrad Someone blew up a SCSI controller back in school years ago by trying to plug a printer into it.
17:19 wannabe1987 wasn't me...
17:19 speedrunnerG55 LOL
17:20 CSMonster i don't think it's big enough to be a SCSI cable
17:20 speedrunnerG55 thats nice
17:20 eightbitbrad Centronics IEEE 1284 36 pin printer cable... of doom.
17:20 Electronics Centronics!
17:20 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
17:20 mashpriborintorg I have some connectors that are just not available anywhere :-D
17:20 mikemol Centronics!
17:20 Electronics wooot
17:20 speedrunnerG55 i was trying to remember 1284
17:20 speedrunnerG55 bidirectional?
17:20 steve______ look up about 4 inches
17:20 wannabe1987 bbl in 30 min
17:20 Electronics I remember one of those Serial to TRS for a PDA sync connectiosn to the computer
17:20 mikemol calculator adapter
17:20 Electronics can't find anything else though
17:20 CSMonster idea :(
17:21 mikemol Connects a TI-83 or similar.
17:21 wannabe1987 orly
17:21 dcrand i have onr too what is it
17:21 steve______ calcs use 2.5 mm
17:21 mashpriborintorg old digicam data transfer
17:21 mashpriborintorg onto rs-232
17:22 * mikemol cheers for eightbitbrad
17:22 speedrunnerG55 well im off to the post office.
17:22 eightbitbrad not me :)
17:22 wannabe1987 montanna is MT
17:22 mikemol ah
17:22 Arruid missouri, yes
17:22 wannabe1987 MN is minnesota
17:22 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
17:22 mikemol yeah
17:22 wannabe1987 captn fail!
17:22 Arruid that is where i was  born. lol
17:22 eightbitbrad <----  Atlanta GA..  but not to worry, there's a box from me heading out there soon
17:22 mikemol Chris knows I was there; he asked you guys to let me in. :)
17:22 * speedrunnerG55 tring to set status
17:22 * eightbitbrad = Brad Peters
17:23 speedrunnerG55 is now known as speedrunnerG55-a
17:23 Electronics that would be awesome
17:23 mikemol Heh
17:23 mikemol Kinda what I was thinking.
17:23 eightbitbrad Arch!
17:24 eightbitbrad Gentoo!
17:24 Phu gentoo. for those who have lots of time.
17:24 mikemol Ubuntu's fine for this; it'll be easier to set up Pulse. :)
17:24 DruidicRifleman A knife sharping how to video
17:24 CSMonster how convenient?
17:24 mikemol Phu: I run Gentoo. Doesn't take a lot of time. :)
17:24 Phu mikemol: try running in on a 100Mhz PowerMac 8500 ;)
17:24 eightbitbrad i haven't tried Gentoo in years.  I may do it again, but I <3 Arch of late.
17:24 Electronics yeah, the 9 pin serial to TRS is a sync cable for something
17:24 mikemol Phu: I think that's what distcc is for.
17:25 cctoide Is there going to be any special camera setup for Zomb?
17:25 Phu granted this was a few years ago..
17:25 cctoide maybe put it somewhere where it can see people going through that area
17:25 mikemol Phu: tbh, I haven't tried it on non-x86, though, so there might be a few other issues.
17:25 steve______ there should be camera's for zomb
17:25 Phu when gentoo was more generic and more source-orientated.
17:25 eightbitbrad oh Zomb on cam, that would be fun.
17:25 SparkyProjects tgg, how many pins in the dsub to trs ?
17:25 Arruid i want to see a game of Zomb to see what it is. they should totally record it
17:25 mikemol Phu: I'd bet it'd be godawful today, though. I wouldn't want to try it except as a thin client.
17:26 eightbitbrad Arruid: There's a couple of examples on the Youtube channel I think
17:26 steve______ Ya cables trays
17:26 Arruid aah. i'll have to look again then. i dont remember
17:26 Phu I converted to ubuntu when an old gentoo install absolutely refused to upgrade. Broke portage emerge and everything.
17:26 mashpriborintorg I picked up a Neoware thin client in a flea market, any possibility to put a laptop hard disk in it ?
17:26 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
17:26 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
17:26 mashpriborintorg It as 130 megas of flash disk :(
17:26 DruidicRifleman I would love to Mount a weapon cam to a nerf gun
17:26 mikemol Phu: Happened to me, too. Eventually, I couldn't stand Ubuntu any longer, and went back to a fresh Gentoo setup. :)
17:27 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
17:27 Phu interesting reversal of fortunes between us there ;)
17:27 eightbitbrad I cannot deal with ubuntu's defaults, and for as much time as i'd spend customizing Ubuntu, I can get my ARch set up the way I want it.
17:28 eightbitbrad did the stream just stop for anyone else?
17:28 CSMonster :( lost stream
17:28 Electronics yep
17:28 DruidicRifleman OOOOh to many laptops
17:28 cctoide "The world w---"
17:28 nikonlover :9
17:28 mashpriborintorg The ladder did unplug something
17:28 Arruid stopped on my end
17:28 Phu *bork*
17:28 cctoide it's not saying off air though
17:28 eightbitbrad someone pressed the history eraser button!
17:28 CSMonster as red would say: things is janked
17:28 mashpriborintorg or it's just a bug in the matrix
17:29 nikonlover off air
17:29 Electronics What would be the best way of obtaining a ham radio license (in the UK). Course or just take the exam or what?
17:29 DruidicRifleman great going cory i'll never know what chriss was saying now
17:29 InteliWasp what were they doing before they lost the stream?
17:29 SparkyProjects It's aa TMC (too many cables ) :D
17:29 CSMonster putting up a ladder
17:29 CSMonster and organizing shit
17:29 Electronics woooo
17:29 nikonlover ayy!
17:30 DruidicRifleman i kinda want my licence problem is if i wanna Use it For emergency's i need to know someone In the area my cottage is has one or i am totally screwed
17:30 mashpriborintorg seems to be more people
17:30 CSMonster yay we're back
17:30 eightbitbrad yay back!
17:30 Electronics so any ideas on how to obtain it?
17:31 DruidicRifleman whats wrong with gingerism
17:31 CSMonster LOL
17:31 CSMonster niiice
17:31 eightbitbrad countdown to light fixture falling in 5....4....
17:31 DruidicRifleman os there gonna be a zomb on november the 15th
17:31 DruidicRifleman ???
17:31 Electronics ...
17:31 cctoide another GR earthquake?
17:32 DruidicRifleman which is in 214 days 10 hours and 28 minutes
17:32 CSMonster a lizquake
17:33 DruidicRifleman No zomb on kick a gunger day?
17:33 Electronics anyone know if they're planning on doing a vid or two tonight?
17:33 DruidicRifleman ginger
17:33 mashpriborintorg Yes maybe the second part of camera autopsy
17:33 Electronics hm
17:33 DruidicRifleman I think Maglinvin should do a knife sharpening how to video
17:33 mashpriborintorg they need to free the table for next stuff anyway
17:33 DruidicRifleman I have one or two he could use for it to
17:34 DruidicRifleman brb i need food to nom
17:35 Valve joined #thegeekgroup
17:35 mashpriborintorg what a beautifull desk, pure colonial style
17:36 Valve left #thegeekgroup
17:36 ValveBoy joined #thegeekgroup
17:36 rastarogue lock the ladder before you climb on it
17:37 Electronics turn the mic down before moving it?]
17:37 mikemol I get the impression I'm going to need to do a "this is how you make an Ethernet cable" video.
17:37 Electronics hehehe
17:37 rastarogue That mic is live people
17:38 CSMonster will you twist and insulate the wires by hand?
17:38 rastarogue turn it off beofre messing with it
17:38 mikemol CSMonster: Nah. Bulk cable spool. :)
17:38 CSMonster lol ok
17:38 mikemol I've got a spool of cat6 at home.
17:38 mashpriborintorg together with some "There I fixed it" duct tape monsters
17:39 Electronics I got like a spool of about 300m left of 500m of audio cable for £3 a while back. now that was a good deal
17:39 mikemol Yes!
17:39 mikemol Everything's better with benny hill!
17:39 mikemol Er. Yakkity Sax.
17:39 Electronics lol
17:39 rastarogue left #thegeekgroup
17:40 mashpriborintorg last saturday I found a 8 port Netgear ethernet swith for 3 euros, working great
17:40 mashpriborintorg In the sema time at my company the pay 100 euros for same stuff
17:40 Electronics hehe
17:41 eightbitbrad mikemol:
17:41 eightbitbrad pull that up and then watch the feed.
17:41 eightbitbrad lol
17:42 mikemol eightbitbrad: Yakkity Sax is easy to find. :)
17:42 eightbitbrad indeed. :)
17:42 arran-g lol
17:42 eightbitbrad one query and bingo!
17:42 Electronics hmm
17:42 Electronics .g Yakkity Sax
17:42 BotSteve Electronics:
17:42 Electronics =P
17:43 ValveBoy nice benny hill--- classic
17:43 eightbitbrad I'm better than BotSteve though, I haz a heartbeat
17:43 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
17:43 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
17:44 CSMonster you don't know that botsteve doesn't have a heartbeat
17:44 wannabe1987 time to put the lab in "mute"
17:44 CSMonster it's amazing what they can do with bots these days.
17:44 eightbitbrad mute?
17:44 eightbitbrad noooooooo
17:44 mashpriborintorg No mute, I cannot miss a single word from the Captain
17:44 Electronics not again
17:45 eightbitbrad Good thing we've got a soundtrack preplanned.
17:45 mashpriborintorg the stream is playing onto my stereo right now
17:45 wannabe1987 lol
17:46 wannabe1987 what time is it in france, sir mashpriborintorg?
17:46 mashpriborintorg 7:46 pm
17:46 Electronics 6:46 here
17:46 wannabe1987 1:46 here...
17:46 wannabe1987 you in portugal?
17:46 wannabe1987 or spain...
17:47 Electronics <-- UK
17:47 wannabe1987 lol
17:47 wannabe1987 ive been there!
17:47 eightbitbrad So, what are they doing on the stream?  I assume rearranging?
17:47 mashpriborintorg I need to figure out how to connect a pc to my DVR, too bad
17:47 Electronics something like that
17:47 CSMonster electronics:
17:48 wannabe1987 hey
17:48 wannabe1987 does anyone know how to take VHS tapes and convert them to DVD?
17:48 Electronics haha
17:48 CSMonster put them in a VCR and play the VCR into a DVD recorder?
17:48 mashpriborintorg VHS are long time gone here
17:48 wannabe1987 same here
17:48 mashpriborintorg VCRS sell for 1 euro or so in fleamarkets
17:48 wannabe1987 but we have family videos that we need
17:49 mashpriborintorg and the DVd players are following the same way
17:49 Electronics stream lagging alot for anyone else?
17:49 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: Take the video output from a VCR into a video capture card, record DVD.
17:49 mashpriborintorg people only want divx holy crap
17:49 CSMonster or that
17:49 wannabe1987 i don't have a "video capture card"
17:49 CSMonster get one
17:49 Electronics ^
17:50 Electronics that was ment for one line up =P
17:50 Electronics *meant
17:50 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: Well you might be able to take it to a camera shop or the like and have them convert it for you
17:50 CSMonster you ask how to do a moon trip but don't own a rocket, we tell you to get a rocket.
17:50 wannabe1987 why not to the lab?
17:50 eightbitbrad well, if the lab has the equipment, go for it!
17:50 eightbitbrad I don't know, I'm way down here in GA
17:50 eightbitbrad :)
17:51 CSMonster i have no doubt that the lab has the equipment
17:51 wannabe1987 i don't know if they do....
17:51 mashpriborintorg All the video capture cards at thel ib are busy I believe :)
17:51 wannabe1987 you're in the wrong place, brad...
17:51 wannabe1987 well, not RIGHT NOW
17:51 wannabe1987 i'm not in GR
17:51 mashpriborintorg very good focus on the mic
17:51 eightbitbrad interesting shot.  The camera is focused on the mic! hehe
17:51 wannabe1987 lol
17:51 eightbitbrad it's a pretty mic
17:51 wannabe1987 def
17:51 CSMonster it is
17:53 ValveBoy time to install the web controls for the camera...
17:54 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
17:54 wannabe1987 grrr spelling issues on the stream's chat..
17:54 ValveBoy get the weather cam with pan tilt and zoom up and running
17:56 ValveBoy zoom out please
17:57 Cprossu lol
17:58 mashpriborintorg A stream from a POV camera, mounted onto captains head should the great also
17:58 wannabe1987 lol
17:58 Cprossu lies
17:58 wannabe1987 into his head?
17:59 wannabe1987 i don't want to watchin him peeing
17:59 Roly onto his hat
17:59 mashpriborintorg lol
17:59 ValveBoy lol, he'll love that
17:59 Electronics time lapse of a day in Chris' head?
18:00 cctoide constant shouting at 3.0 Boden?
18:00 mashpriborintorg should be interesting to see the hidden side of TGG, administrative stuff and so on
18:00 CSMonster if it's timelapse, there should be no audio
18:00 wannabe1987 lol
18:00 ValveBoy the Boden cam... brought to you by the Geek Group
18:00 Electronics no, just high pitched audio =P
18:01 cctoide well, it wouldn't just be loud, it'd also be high pitched
18:01 Cprossu you obviously don't know how time lapse works, Electronics xD
18:01 Electronics well if you record at normal time then speed it up....
18:01 cctoide like a very angry bee
18:01 Electronics instead of doing an actual timelapse
18:01 Cprossu but if you speed it up to that factor not even dogs will be able to hear it
18:01 Cprossu think of the hz
18:02 Electronics hmmm that could be one possible flaw
18:02 IIsi50MHz Hmm, this client is sooo much faster than my other one.
18:02 mman454 what client?
18:02 IIsi50MHz But without alert sounds, I'm kinda screwed.
18:02 Cprossu I don't see how 30 minutes of audio would fit into less than 1 second lol
18:02 IIsi50MHz Bowser
18:02 wannabe1987 my mom thinks that the stream is creepy :P
18:02 IIsi50MHz The other one I've been using in BaxterY
18:02 ValveBoy lol
18:02 CSMonster because it is
18:03 mman454 Issi50MHz please check pm
18:03 Electronics 30 mins in one second? the whole thing would be like 20 seconds long
18:03 Cprossu that's time lapse for you
18:03 ValveBoy it is a bit
18:03 Electronics meh
18:03 Cprossu besides it would be <60 seconds
18:04 Cprossu for a 24 hour period
18:04 mashpriborintorg here is a great time lapse, for ake-apart afficionados
18:04 ValveBoy voyeuristic one might say
18:04 mashpriborintorg anymay the stream is somewhat boring right now
18:04 Cprossu more stop action than time lapse =P
18:05 mashpriborintorg The guy wo did it is just crazy
18:05 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
18:05 mashpriborintorg just for getting the idea of doing it :D
18:05 Cprossu;feature=relmfu
18:05 DruidicRifleman i will soon have nom noms XD three chease liption side kicks with extra cheese and BACON
18:05 Cprossu ^ time lapse
18:06 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
18:07 mashpriborintorg with huge buildings demolitions it is great to see
18:07 wannabe1987 true
18:08 ValveBoy whne they put the big door in
18:08 ValveBoy when that is
18:08 robVILE joined #thegeekgroup
18:09 robVILE hi IRC
18:09 eightbitbrad ValveBoy: I think that's being worked on this week.
18:09 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
18:09 ValveBoy cool
18:10 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
18:11 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
18:11 Electronics I bet this wifi dongle thing will die in a minute...
18:11 mashpriborintorg waiting for the official captains blog info about it
18:11 DruidicRifleman Hmmm I wonder if it would be Doable to Do square hamberger buns
18:12 IIsi joined #thegeekgroup
18:12 mashpriborintorg i
18:12 robVILE geek interns say square hamburger buns are possible
18:12 ValveBoy left #thegeekgroup
18:12 IIsi Of course
18:12 wannabe1987 i have to close the is too slow with it up :(
18:12 DruidicRifleman LOL
18:13 Elec|Desktop joined #thegeekgroup
18:13 robVILE intern liz says we should do a cube hamburber bun.
18:13 DruidicRifleman lol red it will be a cube when it's finished
18:13 mashpriborintorg I've already eater square hambugers !
18:13 Elec|Desktop said so, the dongle works fine on my other computer, just this one keeps dropping it
18:13 DruidicRifleman Ok Liz
18:13 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
18:13 Elec|Desktop is now known as Electronics
18:13 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
18:13 DruidicRifleman Coming up with food for the cafe
18:14 Electronics somoen give me the link to ustream please?
18:14 CSMonster lizquake
18:14 DruidicRifleman
18:14 Electronics ty
18:14 DruidicRifleman The popes an idiot
18:14 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
18:14 mashpriborintorg there are blurry people chating and a focused microphone
18:14 wannabe1987 i love day old JJ bread....
18:14 DruidicRifleman And a nazi yes he was a nazi
18:15 wannabe1987 crap
18:15 wannabe1987 part of my tooth broke off...
18:15 CSMonster ...that... you should have that looked at
18:15 DruidicRifleman wow thats old bread
18:16 CSMonster PERFECT
18:16 mashpriborintorg last time it occured to my, it ended in a tooth removal :(
18:16 wannabe1987 lol its new bread...i have bad teeth
18:16 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
18:16 wannabe1987 i need most teeth pulled and funds :(
18:17 wannabe1987 it's been ready to fall off for a bit...
18:17 wannabe1987 and...
18:17 wannabe1987 its black underneath :P
18:18 mashpriborintorg at least in France with have a medical warranty
18:18 mashpriborintorg for regular dental care you lose almsot no money
18:18 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
18:18 CSMonster wannabe: that's fucking gross
18:19 wannabe1987 CSMonster - sorry :(
18:19 baldbrad joined #thegeekgroup
18:19 wannabe1987 another brad?  cool
18:19 baldbrad There can't be too many Brad's, IMO. :-)
18:20 wannabe1987 i dunno...
18:20 wannabe1987 i don't know many IRL tho...
18:20 wannabe1987 i think theres one at zomb tho
18:20 DruidicRifleman i propose a max brad allotment
18:21 DruidicRifleman for the IRC room
18:21 DruidicRifleman make em come on in shifts :P
18:21 eightbitbrad ?
18:21 eightbitbrad lol
18:22 eightbitbrad baldbrad: It's funny, because I just shaved my head bald last night.
18:22 baldbrad I'll have to find an IRC client that plays well with JAWS.  This doesn't work properly.
18:22 baldbrad left #thegeekgroup
18:22 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: So which brad has seniority? :P
18:22 wannabe1987 the fuck...
18:22 DruidicRifleman who ever donated the most that week to the geek group???
18:23 eightbitbrad lol
18:23 DruidicRifleman :P
18:23 DruidicRifleman sooooooo when is the Cafe gonna be up and running?
18:23 eightbitbrad Speaking of.  I need to get that modded Xbox and first-gen iPod boxed and sent
18:23 DruidicRifleman i wanna use TGG people for culinary experimentation
18:24 DruidicRifleman Mom says we can't eat the easter bunney at easter dinner :(
18:24 wannabe1987 me too!!!
18:24 wannabe1987 why tno!
18:24 DruidicRifleman apparently some friend of her's has young children and they will cry
18:24 wannabe1987 so?  there'll be a new one next year..
18:25 Psi left #thegeekgroup
18:25 wannabe1987 i love using people as experimental subjects in cooking!
18:25 DruidicRifleman I am really tempted to Do triple maple syrope basted bacon wrapped rabit in the cafe
18:25 wannabe1987 ...
18:25 DruidicRifleman that or cajion rabbit
18:25 PP__ left #thegeekgroup
18:26 wannabe1987 you made him/her leave!
18:26 DruidicRifleman Kill the easter bunny wannabe Wrap him in bacon Dry rub with brown suger and then glaze with mayble syrope
18:26 wannabe1987 mayble
18:26 wannabe1987 LOL
18:27 DruidicRifleman HEY but head is a member of the candian parlement
18:27 DruidicRifleman Literaly
18:27 mman454 tggcory what are you rambling about now?
18:28 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
18:29 mashpriborintorg I hope they are working onto yesterdays videos
18:29 Phu did I miss much while having dinner?
18:29 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
18:29 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again...
18:29 Seroster =D
18:29 Seroster Damnit botsteve, that was tame!
18:30 wannabe1987 cory wont accept my facebook friend request...:(
18:30 wannabe1987 hi seroster
18:30 DruidicRifleman Ahhh cory doesn't like you
18:30 DruidicRifleman poor wannabe you are the weekest link
18:30 Phu wannabe1987: offer him a taco as a bribe :)
18:31 wannabe1987 no...not liking me would make him deny it and say "cancel"
18:31 wannabe1987 not "not now"
18:31 wannabe1987 tacos?
18:31 Seroster Hi wannabe
18:31 wannabe1987 hmmmm
18:31 wannabe1987 i could offer him other food...not tacos
18:31 DruidicRifleman LOL we'll make a 4 lbs taco of DOOOOM!!!
18:31 wannabe1987 you...are in canada land...
18:31 wannabe1987 not michigan land
18:31 Phu there is video evidence of cory the taco-monster.
18:31 DruidicRifleman yeah but i travel and hate where i live
18:31 wannabe1987 you should move tom ichigan then :D
18:32 wannabe1987 to michigan*
18:32 wannabe1987 specifically GR
18:32 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
18:32 DruidicRifleman And depending on the 5th federal ellection in like 10 years I might not live in canada
18:32 wannabe1987 cuz we're more "alive" than detroit
18:32 wannabe1987 ?
18:32 Seroster Well, nothing is less alive than detroit.
18:32 wannabe1987 lol
18:32 Seroster Concidering the ammount of killings there
18:32 DruidicRifleman chicagos worse
18:33 DruidicRifleman I wouldn't leave the Bus station when i had a stop on my trip to utah
18:33 DruidicRifleman the only way you could get me to go to chicago is if you Hired a 10 person military overt Security detail from forum security group
18:35 jking joined #thegeekgroup
18:35 jking i has nothing to do
18:36 DruidicRifleman Follow the step by stel tesla coil how to video and build a tesla coil ooooh wait... Boden needs to finish it :P
18:37 Phu yay.. just introduced myself on the forums. At least I'm not *just* a non-entity in a random IRC channel now :)
18:37 mashpriborintorg first get the beer bottles for the capacitors, and empty them the way you want
18:37 DruidicRifleman Sooo when will the geek group carry out our true goal of taking over the world?
18:37 mashpriborintorg It is rthe best part of the job
18:38 Phu DruidicRifleman: already in progress.. just slowly and subtlely :)
18:38 tesla4d And benignly
18:38 Phu but of course
18:38 DruidicRifleman there is this really good stuf the LCBO sells called growers cider 7% alc and it doesn't taste like it has booze in it
18:38 DruidicRifleman it's like the Ultimate panty solvent
18:39 wannabe1987 :(
18:39 wannabe1987 my mouth hurts now...chocolate/sugar on the open spot sucks...fuck
18:39 tesla4d I was actually just thinking about writing a short story about a fungus that affects people's brains so they think it's aesthetically pleasing and cultivate it.
18:40 nikonlover left #thegeekgroup
18:41 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
18:41 DruidicRifleman oooooh and there is this like epic malt beer i got in quebec this one time OOOOOH was it good
18:41 DruidicRifleman that stuf was killer like 8% and a 500 ML bottle
18:41 DruidicRifleman i think i have a maple beer in the celler
18:41 mashpriborintorg In Belgium they have a beer, which name is "instant death"
18:42 DruidicRifleman i've been told i am not allowed to decided the beer menu when hanging out with american friends something about them wanting to keep they're liver's
18:42 mashpriborintorg 15° or so
18:42 Whisperingwolf Grand Rapids is home to Founders which has some pretty epic beer to choose from
18:43 DruidicRifleman On the go i have two Differant kinds of absinth an irish whisky and a scotch a bottle of captan morgan private stock a bottle of cinnimon whisky
18:43 DruidicRifleman then i have a bottle of like pagan festival mead in the fruit celler
18:43 wannabe1987 thansks cory...
18:45 robVILE left #thegeekgroup
18:45 mashpriborintorg I have to go, someone to pickup at the airport, then sleeping, see ya
18:46 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
18:47 Sleepurrr joined #thegeekgroup
18:47 wannabe1987 hi sleepurrr
18:47 mikemol Bulldogs?!
18:47 mikemol Grandville?!
18:47 wannabe1987 maybe
18:47 mikemol With the maroon cap?
18:48 DruidicRifleman i wonder if this could be played on a musical tesla coil
18:48 wannabe1987 moron?
18:48 wannabe1987 you must be thinking of holland christian...they're maroons
18:48 mikemol wannabe1987: I hail from GPS myself. Maroon is their color. Bulldog's their mascot. :)
18:48 Phu what software does TGG use for video editing?
18:48 wannabe1987 i know.  but holland chr they'remascot is maroons :P
18:49 mikemol Heh
18:49 DruidicRifleman i've heard final cut  think
18:49 mikemol Looks like GPS's color is "UP maroon"
18:50 Whisperingwolf maroons? really?
18:50 DruidicRifleman Maglinvin wants to do this one
18:50 wannabe1987 yes...really
18:50 Phu right time to geek out with a soldering iron and some PCBs.
18:51 Whisperingwolf Cory is that a dr who t-shirt?
18:53 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:59 mikemol craaackle
18:59 wannabe1987 pop
19:01 DruidicRifleman any one have good idea's for make up for a psychotic gothic clown?
19:02 DruidicRifleman going to a club evont on friday the 13th
19:02 wannabe1987 ...
19:02 DruidicRifleman it's a costume party
19:03 DruidicRifleman i killed the convo didn't i?
19:03 SparkyProjects Phu, take a look at the comments here
19:03 wannabe1987 maybe
19:03 * Phu looks
19:04 Phu gotcha.
19:05 Seroster Looool! bordercollie fed on fisn n chips xD
19:05 DruidicRifleman ustream feed needs more entertainment
19:06 wannabe1987 like dancing goth clowns?
19:06 JA12 DruidicRifleman: here's something for costume inspiration :P
19:06 Seroster wannabe1987, YES! Go dress like a goth clown and dance a bit
19:06 wannabe1987 no...i'm not by the lab...and i don't have makeup
19:06 wannabe1987 or a costume
19:07 DruidicRifleman s to be one of those like friendly ballon animal clowns? i mean we al know clowns are evil why pretend your not evil?
19:08 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
19:09 Seroster I can do some ballon animals.
19:09 Seroster For the simple reason I want to make them from condoms
19:09 Seroster D
19:09 Seroster =D*
19:09 wannabe1987 ...
19:10 DruidicRifleman LMAO condom baloon animals
19:10 IIsi Ooh, a starship.
19:10 wannabe1987 i have no respons
19:10 IIsi (:
19:10 DruidicRifleman LOL
19:10 DruidicRifleman Wanna play eith my rocket shit :P
19:11 IIsi Ew, I don't want your model garbage scow
19:16 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
19:17 DruidicRifleman Ship*
19:17 DruidicRifleman Ugh i wanna run the forge but i have to go out tonight
19:18 wannabe1987 "some dude caught fire while watching porn in san francisco...i wonder if it was the friction" - crazy finn (seroster, do you hear this?!)
19:19 wannabe1987 forge for???
19:21 DruidicRifleman Making knives and daggers and eventually swords
19:21 wannabe1987 oooo
19:21 wannabe1987 nerf swords?
19:21 wannabe1987 lol
19:21 DruidicRifleman NO Steal ones that can behead 4 condemned peasents
19:21 wannabe1987 ouch
19:22 DruidicRifleman Or Make a rifle barrel vanish for ever
19:22 DruidicRifleman That sounded exepensive
19:23 DruidicRifleman what fell?
19:23 tgg that  explostion was a volcano lamp.. can you see the mess in studio b?
19:23 DruidicRifleman i think so
19:23 DruidicRifleman Ouch
19:24 tgg yeah.... that was untrained interns..
19:24 DruidicRifleman Damn those interns
19:24 DruidicRifleman someone should train them
19:25 tgg lol, yeah they should
19:25 moxiemike-away_ is now known as MoxieMike
19:25 DruidicRifleman You could probly get electro shock dog training collars fairly cheap or make them your self
19:25 DruidicRifleman ooooh i wonder if there is an arduino dog training circiut,,,,,
19:27 mikemol snaap crackle pop
19:27 DruidicRifleman who ever is chewing on the microphone wire's for the ustream plase stop
19:30 Whisperingwolf who broke the lava lamp? that thing was huge
19:31 tyrok t
19:32 mikemol *applause*
19:32 wannabe1987 lol
19:32 DruidicRifleman Great going jason
19:32 mikemol Wait, this isn't like hearing dishes break at a restaurant?
19:32 wannabe1987 yeah
19:34 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
19:34 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
19:34 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
19:34 Electronics bleh trying to get this old PA to work is damn hard
19:35 Electronics it like only amplifies to a tiny amount
19:35 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
19:36 Seroster .c 27*2
19:36 BotSteve 54
19:36 Seroster .c 54*3.141592
19:36 BotSteve 169.645968
19:36 Seroster Yay
19:37 Phu damnit what is sapping my bandwidth ?
19:38 wannabe1987 sorry...
19:38 mikemol Phu: net rogue
19:38 AndroUser2 joined #thegeekgroup
19:39 AndroUser2 is now known as mashpriborintorg
19:39 wannabe1987 ohai
19:39 wannabe1987 i thought you were going to bed...
19:40 mashpriborintorg just testing from my phone
19:40 wannabe1987 in bed?
19:40 wannabe1987 ...
19:41 DruidicRifleman Sigh i wanted to play with my forge today grrrr stupid party
19:41 mashpriborintorg no waiting for an airplane to land i pick up my gf back from studies
19:41 wannabe1987 ahhhh ok
19:42 DruidicRifleman how long does it take to mail a box of motors to the geek group... not that i am complaining but... i think speedrunner might of gone missing...
19:42 wannabe1987 mr forge - dont go party?
19:42 DruidicRifleman Meh i need to i said i'd be there
19:42 wannabe1987 speedrunner decided to do it "next week"...
19:42 mikemol oi. Just hearing "chris will kill you" tells me someone was doing something really stupid...
19:42 wannabe1987 its not that hard to mail a box...
19:42 wannabe1987 uh oh...
19:43 DruidicRifleman Some one broke the lava lamp
19:43 mikemol This was more recent.
19:43 wannabe1987 there was a lava lamp?  that would suck to clean up...
19:43 DruidicRifleman move the camra so we can see what was damaged on set b
19:43 mikemol "crash" "crash" "crash" "don't--" "crash" "don't do that. Chris will kill you."
19:43 DruidicRifleman quick quick
19:43 DruidicRifleman ooooh. the light's?
19:43 mikemol I heard about a broken lava lamp. Think it was on or similar.
19:44 mikemol Guy knocked it off his bedside stand. Indicated it was like picking up hot mashed potatos...
19:44 wannabe1987 owwww
19:44 mikemol wannabe1987: caps lock is sometimes useful. :)
19:44 wannabe1987 lol
19:44 wannabe1987 sorry, but i "disappear" and people ask me where i've gone...
19:44 wannabe1987 just cuz i'm silent, doesnt mean i'm not here (soemtimes)
19:44 DruidicRifleman right wannabe Calling the michigan state national gaurd and I'll have the Citizins militia activated to look for you WE will find you and get you home alive
19:45 wannabe1987 ok...
19:45 mashpriborintorg lol just living irl
19:45 wannabe1987 sometimes
19:45 wannabe1987 or i'm talking to people on facebook
19:45 wannabe1987 or IRL
19:45 DruidicRifleman lol
19:45 wannabe1987 or my family
19:45 wannabe1987 or...making dinner at somepoint :P
19:45 DruidicRifleman Me i am playing with glowing peace's of steal and fire!!!!!!
19:45 DruidicRifleman but sadly not today
19:47 DruidicRifleman I need some tongs for grabbing large 1 inch bar stock
19:47 DruidicRifleman So i can make Hatchets and war hammers
19:47 mashpriborintorg well it works great i go now bye
19:47 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:47 DruidicRifleman Sooo i wonder what broke
19:52 Electronics you would have thought a public address amplfier was quite beefy wouldn't you...this one does lef=ss amplifing than my stereo. What do you think's wrong with it?
19:54 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
19:58 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
19:58 Arruid left #thegeekgroup
19:58 Cprossu Where's wannabe1987? Should we send a rescue party?
19:59 mikemol ow
20:00 Cprossu I heard someone yell "NOOOOOOOOOOOOo!
20:00 Electronics hahahaha
20:00 mikemol Two interns just got fired.
20:00 Electronics I think Chris just found out
20:00 * mikemol nods
20:00 SparkyProjects 1.5 bodens at i metre
20:00 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
20:01 arran-g did something, what just...."you're fired"
20:01 mikemol Take a 'you break it you buy it' approach, and you can get a replacement...
20:01 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
20:04 tggonsetcomputer joined #thegeekgroup
20:04 tggonsetcomputer is now known as tggosc
20:05 Electronics yello
20:05 tggosc When we're doing a video
20:05 tggosc if you wanna get our attention on the video
20:05 Electronics I'll be gone =(
20:05 tggosc mention this screenname in your message
20:05 mikemol tggosc: Take a 'you break it you buy it' approach, and you might be able to get an replacement lamp.
20:05 * mikemol nods
20:05 tggosc not a bad idea :P
20:05 Arruid joined #thegeekgroup
20:06 mikemol Also, you don't run out of interns so quickly; at least the guy claimed responsibility. >.>
20:06 Electronics changing computers again...
20:06 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
20:06 * NeWtoz missed something
20:07 NeWtoz what did I miss
20:07 Phu NeWtoz: the on set computer is running
20:07 mikemol NeWtoz: Jason (intern) dropped lava lamp.
20:08 * Phu beats the crap out of the stream
20:08 SparkyProjects DruidicRifleman can you delete that post about the cage and create a new topic to avoid confusion ? thanks
20:08 mikemol Phuuuuuuuuuuuuu!
20:08 Phu miiiiiiike :)
20:09 Phu I end-process'd the 973MB out-of-process chrome running flash... lets see if the stream is less juddery as a result
20:09 Phu nope. guess the wet string between here and the US is outa bandwidth :(