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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-16

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00:00 Ponko92 wait G boobs?
00:00 Seroster Yer.
00:00 speedrunnerG55_ what?!
00:00 Ponko92 what have i missed
00:00 wannabe1987 BOOBS
00:00 Seroster A B C D E F G... you know, the alphabet? G == Double F
00:00 speedrunnerG55_ ....
00:00 Ponko92 yes i know
00:00 Seroster =P
00:00 Seroster When a man and a woman like each others a lot, sometimes the man's.... Eh,.
00:00 Ponko92 i won't say what my fiancees are
00:00 Thaery left #thegeekgroup
00:01 BatSteve scared Thaery off, ya did.
00:01 wannabe1987 lol
00:01 wannabe1987 he's easily scareable
00:01 Ponko92 lol he must of been disgusted
00:01 Seroster Lol
00:01 wannabe1987 he was the only male here before...
00:01 LinuxH4x0r yay for Gs
00:01 Seroster Ponko92, Double A minus?
00:01 Thaery_Away is now known as Thaery
00:02 LinuxH4x0r I'm pretty sure my friend Kayln had Gs
00:02 LinuxH4x0r I'm regretting passing that up...
00:02 Ponko92 seroster how do you do that?
00:02 wannabe1987 hi thaery :)  wb
00:02 Seroster Type? Well, I use my index fingers for the keys in the middle of the keyboard, and then I work myself out to the sides... Or what did you mean?
00:02 wannabe1987 my sister takes after me...she talks a lot
00:03 wannabe1987 lol @ seroster
00:03 Ponko92 the whole sending me the private message thing
00:03 Seroster Insufficient question!
00:03 Seroster I didnt send you any private messages....?
00:03 Thermoelectric Or beeping you, like this? Ponko92
00:03 BotSteve Thermoelectric: At 15 Apr 20:38Z, Seroster asked me to tell you Hooked up the MOTstack, and it didnt burn out this time. But I got no amps with one ballast. But the concept works, and I have to upgrade to the new bigger board =)
00:03 Ponko92 yes
00:03 Seroster Lol
00:03 wannabe1987 hi
00:03 Seroster That's a highlight.
00:03 Seroster Beeps you when someone types your name, Ponko92
00:03 wannabe1987 sorry ponko92...i was messing with you
00:04 Thermoelectric Seroster: Sure your ballast was shorted?
00:04 wannabe1987 no
00:04 Seroster I could run it without a Ballast
00:04 Ponko92 ah and no not minus double a
00:04 Seroster SMALLER?!
00:04 Seroster Dang mate, She a man!
00:04 LinuxH4x0r lol
00:04 Ponko92 -_- no
00:04 Ponko92 Double E
00:04 wannabe1987 i have "average" sized boobs :D
00:05 Thermoelectric Don't tell Seroster that.
00:05 Seroster Thermoelectric, I got viritually NO amps, I have no way of measuring, but I doubt I got over 200ma
00:05 Seroster wannabe1987, Well... I COULD get dirty here.
00:05 BatSteve (be careful, it's a trap. he's going to ask for photos as "proof" next)
00:05 Seroster Diry-er....
00:05 wannabe1987 no photos allowed
00:05 Thermoelectric *snicker*
00:05 Seroster Oh, webcam it is then!
00:05 Seroster =D
00:05 Ponko92 hey seroster take it to the cam girl channels lol
00:05 wannabe1987 i'm laughing outloud...and my sister wants to know why...i told her i couldnt tell her...
00:05 Ponko92 lol
00:05 wannabe1987 she says to stop laughing...
00:05 wannabe1987 i cannot!
00:06 Seroster Wait what wannabe1987?
00:06 Seroster Ah
00:06 Seroster Well, tell her.
00:06 wannabe1987 i can't
00:06 SparkyProjects There's always ustream :
00:06 Seroster ON ONE CONDITION!
00:06 wannabe1987 she's sheltered
00:06 wannabe1987 she says for you to stop making me laugh
00:06 Seroster That SHE proves she has boobs!
00:06 Thermoelectric Seroster: I'm guessing it's the ballast not being shorted.
00:06 wannabe1987 i can take a pic of me w/ a shirt on...
00:06 wannabe1987 i'm sure i can find pics of me swimming somewhere :P
00:06 Seroster Sure, that'll work =P
00:06 Seroster Lol
00:06 Ponko92 wow this has gotten interesting lol
00:07 Seroster Hahahaha =D
00:07 wannabe1987 i'll find them afte rpople go to bed
00:07 wannabe1987 sorry ponko92
00:07 Seroster ...Riiight.
00:07 Thermoelectric He'll photoshop the shirt off, as a typical Seroster would.
00:07 Ponko92 ;) its cool
00:07 Seroster Aye!
00:07 wannabe1987 i'm in charge of kids right now
00:07 Seroster And then I would send it to my gay lover Thermoelectric, ofcourse.
00:07 * Thermoelectric hides in a corner
00:07 Seroster ;D
00:07 wannabe1987 awww poor thermoelectric
00:07 Ponko92 wow we need boden in on this
00:07 wannabe1987 NO!
00:07 * LinuxH4x0r directs seroster to corner
00:07 Seroster Heh. No. =P
00:08 wannabe1987 he calls me evil
00:08 Thaery lol
00:08 wannabe1987 cuz i'm a virgin
00:08 tggCory Damn kids :P
00:08 Ponko92 lol cory
00:08 Seroster If we let boden in on this it would get REALLY dirty!
00:08 wannabe1987 hi tggcorey
00:08 Ponko92 i'm 19 not a kid lol
00:08 wannabe1987 tggcory*
00:08 Seroster LinuxH4x0r, Can I be in the same corner as Thermoelectric? =)
00:08 wannabe1987 ye!
00:08 wannabe1987 yes!
00:08 LinuxH4x0r of course :)
00:08 tggCory Am I gonna have to supervise this channel from now on? x3
00:08 Seroster Hiii lil Thermoelectric! Want some caandy? =D
00:08 LinuxH4x0r and perhaps other things that end in "course"
00:08 Thermoelectric After I break through the wall, ofcourse.
00:09 Seroster tggCory, Well, if you want to. Or you can just join in on the fun^^ Grab a spatula!
00:09 Ponko92 hopefully not cory
00:09 wannabe1987 i told my sister what we were talking about...and she didn't want to know :P
00:09 Ponko92 lol
00:09 tggCory x3
00:09 Seroster Well, she ASKED...
00:09 tggCory Damn kids, *grumbles*
00:09 LinuxH4x0r don't worry I'll use my op powers to keep it clean
00:09 Seroster How old are you cory?
00:10 tggCory 20, 21 in sept :P
00:10 Thermoelectric Get a haircut tggCory.
00:10 Ponko92 shake your fist cory
00:10 LinuxH4x0r but not when you aren't looking :P
00:10 Seroster Hahaha, BatSteve!
00:10 LinuxH4x0r bastard!
00:10 BatSteve :D
00:10 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
00:10 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
00:10 Seroster Damn, that's freaky.
00:10 LinuxH4x0r Hah!
00:10 Seroster You don't only look identical to my brother, you are within half a year of him.
00:11 tggCory Who?
00:11 Seroster You
00:11 wannabe1987 sorry guys...
00:11 tggCory Weird :V
00:11 Seroster No boobies?
00:11 wannabe1987 idk yet...prolly not
00:11 wannabe1987 fell off, see
00:11 Seroster Eep
00:11 Seroster Well, that explains where <random fat dude> got his!
00:11 wannabe1987 thats what happens when they're stuck on with velcro
00:12 tesla4d God, I'm an idiot sometimes.
00:12 BatSteve tesla4d: ?
00:12 Seroster Who isnt, tesla4d?
00:12 wannabe1987 i am an idiot!
00:12 wannabe1987 (sometiems)
00:12 BatSteve wannabe1987: good self esteem is essential for a happy life
00:12 Ponko92 seroster go to cam sites for boobs
00:12 Seroster Let's share idiotic moments! Once I got stuck in my fly zipper. That sucked A LOT.
00:12 tesla4d My friend James mentioned that he's from Hawaii, and I said, "Oh, so that'd explain why you look half-Asian" and everybody stared at me...
00:12 Seroster Ponko92, or I go across the room to my fiance that is sleeping topless in my bed?
00:13 Ponko92 ahh well played
00:13 tggCory Oh god xD Nice, tesla4d :P *hugs*
00:13 Thermoelectric Seroster, just be glad it wasn't a bug zapper you got caught in.
00:13 Seroster Well, talking about a bug zapper I accidentaly zapped my cat.
00:13 ol10ol Cory. say hello to the camera please :D
00:13 tesla4d Then I found out from his facebook that his full name is "James Takashi Yamafuji Morris"
00:13 Seroster _chirp chirp *tumbleweed*_
00:14 Seroster DAMN, tesla4d!
00:14 masterofmonks wannabe1987: We are all idiots, just at different times and about different things, the thing is to realize when  you have been an idiot.
00:14 Thaery Nicely done!
00:14 ol10ol Cory. say hello to the camera please :D
00:14 tesla4d He doesn't *look* half-Asian, he *is* half-Asian, and his name is even half-Japanese. >.<
00:14 Seroster Lol
00:15 tesla4d And he and his wife are huge anime fans.
00:15 Seroster tggCory, move the camera or summing.
00:15 Seroster xD
00:15 Ponko92 lol
00:15 Seroster And they love tentacle porn?
00:15 Ponko92 O_O
00:15 tesla4d I don't know. We're not quite *that* close.
00:15 Seroster ...You missed that viral video I see.
00:15 ol10ol love u cory :DD
00:16 Seroster .g youtube stereotype song
00:16 BotSteve Seroster:
00:16 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
00:16 ol10ol u are cool
00:16 Seroster NO! MOVE IT NAOH!
00:16 ol10ol coyr
00:16 Ponko92 hmmm
00:16 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
00:16 Seroster Havent you got another camera already plugged in that you can switch to?
00:16 Fulsy what's the address of the TGG minecraft server?
00:17 wannabe1987 .minecraft
00:17 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
00:17 Fulsy The server I usually go on is being jank
00:17 BatSteve type .minecraft and find out
00:17 wannabe1987 I DID
00:17 Fulsy oh thanks
00:17 Seroster Lol
00:17 wannabe1987 ...
00:17 BatSteve wannabe1987: if you do it for them, they never learn
00:17 wannabe1987 i don'te ven PLAY minecraft
00:17 Seroster wannabe1987, can I have your sister's number?
00:17 Seroster =D
00:17 wannabe1987 she's 9.  she doesn't HAVE anumber
00:17 Seroster Heh. Well.
00:17 Fulsy Connection Refused: Connect
00:18 Seroster Offer her a lollipop, tell her I have a shitload of them in my car =)
00:18 Fulsy Bloody marvelous, are they down?
00:18 wannabe1987 ...
00:18 wannabe1987 she knows you're in sweden
00:18 Thermoelectric I'm 15, I don't have a number either.
00:18 Seroster WHAT?! She's nine! That's legal! kind of. In some country... somewhere.
00:18 Ponko92 hmmm  GET TO THE CHOPPER
00:18 Seroster Well, from now you are 2190.
00:18 Hackbat it's legal to cavemen
00:18 Seroster That is your body mass index and IQ!
00:19 wannabe1987 multiplied?
00:19 Seroster Hackbat, omish you mean?
00:19 wannabe1987 added?
00:19 wannabe1987 divided?
00:19 Seroster One after another
00:19 wannabe1987 subtraced?
00:19 Seroster 21 90
00:19 wannabe1987 oooo ok
00:19 Seroster Don't make this overly complicated... =P
00:20 Seroster BTW! Snack time, wannabe! Gimme a number!
00:20 Ponko92 hahah
00:20 Ponko92 lol
00:20 Hackbat I gotta install all 69 of my games on my stea list @_@
00:20 Seroster ...Not what you think, Ponko92
00:20 Hackbat *steam
00:20 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
00:20 Seroster Elloh brad!
00:20 Hackbat takes forever
00:20 Fulsy so TGG minecraft is down?
00:20 Seroster Find out at
00:20 Seroster .minecraft
00:20 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
00:21 eightbitbrad hello :)
00:21 Seroster Derp.
00:21 BatSteve hi brad
00:21 Fulsy .minecraft
00:21 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
00:21 Ponko92 no seroster at cory
00:21 Hackbat think it is
00:21 Fulsy Yes
00:21 Fulsy I tried the address
00:21 tesla4d By the way...
00:21 Fulsy Get Connection Refused: Connect
00:21 ol10ol boden
00:21 Ponko92 oh god
00:21 Seroster tggCory, be interesting!
00:22 Fulsy To Catch A Boden
00:22 Seroster Dance for us! Or talk about your childhood, either one would be appropriately humiliating
00:22 Ponko92 you gotta think like a boden
00:22 ol10ol cory what do you think about Portal 2 ?
00:22 Ponko92 LA Noire
00:23 IIsi50MHz .minecraft
00:23 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
00:23 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
00:23 Fulsy So I can't play minecraft because both Aprilon and TGG are down apparently
00:23 ol10ol HL 2
00:23 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
00:23 Fulsy Can't play RF:G because it crashes and makes me upset
00:23 tesla4d BatSteve, I'm shutting down my minecraft server. I might restart one when I have more time to manage it.
00:23 cctoide been romping around in RF:G
00:23 cctoide lackluster PC port though
00:23 exor674 ugh, I hate that youtube bumps the subscription thing before the video is actually avaliable
00:23 BatSteve tesla4d: stand by
00:23 Fulsy quite
00:23 Seroster Damn this is pathetic, I am sitting here, watching another man sit in front of a computer =P
00:23 Fulsy GFWL Makes me cry
00:24 cctoide It's the mobius strip of internet conversation
00:24 Fulsy Games For Windows Live
00:24 cctoide at least it's not as bad as GTA IV
00:24 Seroster NipTitSchabbat!
00:24 cctoide need like 4 different services running for that one
00:24 Fulsy How bad is GTA?
00:24 Fulsy oh lmao
00:24 Seroster And what happened to wannabe1987? She ran away to protect her little sister?
00:24 BatSteve tesla4d: try .minecraft now
00:24 cctoide GFWL and RGSC
00:24 Fulsy BodenCraft
00:24 tesla4d .minecrafd
00:24 tesla4d MEH
00:24 tesla4d .minecraft
00:24 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
00:24 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** tesla4d also hosts a roleplay-oriented server at
00:25 BatSteve
00:25 BatSteve that's not right at all
00:25 tesla4d Why does "minecrafd" work, anyway?
00:25 Fulsy I hear a very distant Boden
00:25 tesla4d .mine
00:25 tesla4d .minecraf
00:25 BatSteve there we go
00:25 cctoide .1 Boden at 80m
00:25 BatSteve .minecrafd
00:25 Fulsy .bodencraft
00:25 tesla4d .minecraft
00:25 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** The server may or may not be down right now.  Try it and let us know.
00:26 tesla4d I think it works now.
00:26 SparkyProjects Turn your speakers down for an incoming boden
00:26 BatSteve tesla4d: random error
00:26 masterofmonks cctoide: those are unusually low levels of background Boden.
00:26 Fulsy So we would be playing Spleef in my spleef stadium right about now
00:26 Fulsy But Aprilon keeps timing me out
00:26 wannabe1987 one child in bed...
00:27 cctoide maybe there's a big sporting event in GR
00:27 Thaery By bed you mean locked up in the basement right?
00:27 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
00:27 cctoide the background Boden might be being drawn to that area
00:27 Fulsy The Boden noise has dropped
00:28 cctoide they don't Zomb in the offices, do they?
00:28 Fulsy It's coming back
00:28 wannabe1987 not allowed
00:28 wannabe1987 no nerf guns are even allowed through the office
00:28 cctoide heh
00:29 cctoide so eventually they won't be allowed to zomb anywhere
00:29 cctoide as rooms come online
00:29 wannabe1987 well
00:29 wannabe1987 come thawe'd ground
00:29 wannabe1987 we zomb outside :D
00:29 wannabe1987 in a field/forest :D
00:29 wannabe1987 its much tougher...
00:29 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
00:30 * BatSteve readies molotov
00:30 BigTank SUUP
00:30 wannabe1987 BIG TAAAAAAAANK
00:30 Fulsy LOL
00:30 Fulsy PILLS
00:30 Ponko92 lol having a bit of fun banter with the fiancee
00:30 cctoide wait 40 seconds
00:30 BigTank Sup from RAINY seattle...steriotypical...
00:30 Fulsy not much
00:30 BigTank is Captain Boden in the room?
00:30 Fulsy No
00:31 Fulsy They're Zombing I think
00:31 cctoide has anyone played Dwarf Fortress recently?
00:31 tesla4d Wait, if they're ZOMBing, I might want to watch the stream
00:31 BatSteve BigTank: technically yes, but he's not active
00:31 cctoide tesla4d: apparently they don't zomb anywhere the cameras might go
00:31 Fulsy They don't Zomb in the offices
00:31 Ponko92 hang on a min
00:31 BigTank ok well i was going to tell him i could not find the wireless mic system i had... my storage has become a disaster area...
00:31 cctoide so unless Chris has a radio cam lying around..
00:32 Fulsy But I am hearing unusual traces of Background Boden
00:32 BatSteve BigTank: type the following:   BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden <YOUR MESSAGE HERE>
00:32 BigTank sounds like a .65bDn scale
00:32 BigTank ha wow i just made that up
00:32 Ponko92 hmm i'd say about that Sherman
00:33 Seroster blah blah blah
00:33 Fulsy I hear General Badass
00:33 BigTank BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden <negative on the rf mic system, couldent find it...>
00:33 BotSteve BigTank: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
00:33 ol10ol looooooooooool
00:34 Ponko92 you do that ;)
00:34 ol10ol yes
00:34 BatSteve technically the < > are not needed, I suppose I didn't make that clear.  Oh well, he'll get the message
00:35 Seroster lol
00:35 Seroster Gimme a number 0-10!
00:36 BigTank i propose calling the Boden noise scale "bDn's" from .0 to 1,0, .0 being absolute silence to 1.0 being Captain Boden kicked in the
00:36 eightbitbrad 5
00:36 Seroster Except for that one :(
00:36 BatSteve 0
00:36 Seroster Well, uneven. Crappy food!
00:36 eightbitbrad 2.5865465
00:36 wannabe1987 i just called my dog my brothers name. help?
00:36 Fulsy 0.0 BDN's for me
00:36 Thermoelectric 0b111
00:37 Fulsy 0.1 BDN's
00:37 BigTank ha ha
00:37 Seroster Why is there always an asshole that either uses a crapload of decimals or goes beyond the boundaries of the question?
00:37 Thermoelectric Because we are geeks.
00:37 Fulsy :c
00:37 DavidJKuhr lol
00:37 Thermoelectric What else id you expect, a civilised answer?
00:37 Thermoelectric did*
00:37 Seroster Kind of. Yes.
00:37 wannabe1987 whats a "civilized answer"
00:37 wannabe1987 ??
00:38 Thermoelectric One that a 'normal' person would give.
00:38 BatSteve Seroster: next time, ask for an integer between 0 and 10
00:38 Seroster An even damn number =P
00:38 eightbitbrad So I'm an asshole now... thanks.
00:38 wannabe1987 no ur not\
00:38 Seroster We all are from time to time
00:38 BatSteve don't take it personally brad, I was about to suggest pi but I realized that someone had done that yesterday
00:38 ol10ol is `t me
00:38 BigTank no boden?
00:39 ol10ol ok
00:39 eightbitbrad Eh some people just need to relax a little... when you say number, you get a number!
00:39 BatSteve .coin
00:39 eightbitbrad :)
00:39 DavidJKuhr @Thermoelectric  I'm slowly catching up to you in F@H
00:39 wannabe1987 i always suggest pi :D
00:39 eightbitbrad quick!  implement that in BotSteve
00:39 BatSteve eightbitbrad: way ahead of you
00:39 eightbitbrad .integer 0-10
00:39 Thermoelectric That reminds me... *brings back online this i3*
00:40 Thermoelectric There we go, more competition for ya DavidJKuhr :P
00:40 DavidJKuhr lol
00:40 eightbitbrad BatSteve: Is BotSteve in python?
00:41 ol10ol
00:41 eightbitbrad errr, written in.
00:41 ol10ol ops
00:41 BigTank @seroster 32
00:41 eightbitbrad ugh, long day.
00:41 BatSteve eightbitbrad: yep
00:41 eightbitbrad oooo
00:41 DavidJKuhr i wish F@H supported my HD6990 but then again AMD cards don't perform as well as Nvidia
00:41 BatSteve eightbitbrad: want to help contribute?
00:41 eightbitbrad yeah, I need something to brush up my skills
00:41 Thermoelectric Sooner or later I'm going to invest in a folding box, now that I have a job and all.
00:42 eightbitbrad can you throw me an email with details...source repo, etc?
00:42 eightbitbrad me (at) eightbitbrad (dot) us
00:42 BatSteve stand by for pm
00:42 BatSteve .coin
00:42 BotSteve NameError: global name 'random' is not defined (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 50, in coinFlip)
00:42 BatSteve hahaha awesome
00:42 eightbitbrad lol
00:42 eightbitbrad You picked the NameError coin!  Nice!
00:43 BatSteve teach me to implement without testing
00:43 Fulsy Brb, building the leonard street labs in Duke Nukem 3d map editor
00:43 BigTank awesome
00:44 Fulsy would love a floorplan tho
00:44 Fulsy because I've..kinda never been there
00:44 wannabe1987 what will a "wii system update" do?  do they erase settings/goals/records?
00:44 BatSteve trying again!
00:44 BatSteve .coin
00:44 BotSteve Heads!
00:44 Thaery nope just updates OS
00:44 BigTank .coin
00:44 BotSteve Heads!
00:44 Thaery .coin
00:44 BotSteve Tails!
00:44 cctoide I made a rough floorplan when they did the first walkthrough videos :E
00:44 wannabe1987 it'd be good to do, thaery?
00:44 BigTank .coin .coin
00:44 BotSteve Heads!
00:44 wannabe1987 cctoide - wanna send it to me, i can verify...
00:45 BigTank .coinh
00:45 BigTank ... hmm
00:45 Thaery Wannabe1987: Go for it
00:45 wannabe1987 kk
00:45 Fulsy yes, because we love when explorer.exe fucking freezes
00:45 Fulsy Don't you love that?
00:45 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: System update just updates system software, it should keep yoru settings.
00:45 eightbitbrad *your
00:46 Fulsy when the desktop just HAS to refresh itself?
00:46 wannabe1987 lol ok
00:46 Fulsy or just HAS to freeze?
00:46 cctoide heh, I remember when I used to play BF2 on a computer with 512MB RAM
00:46 cctoide closed everything, including explorer, to try and scrounge up more memory
00:46 wannabe1987 i put our wii online so they can get netflix :D
00:46 BigTank i have successfuly gotten W7ult on a P3 1ghz machine with 512m ram... its slow but it works
00:46 cctoide and now W7 uses 1GB just idling :X
00:46 BigTank ya
00:47 Ponko92 haha gotta love losing at pool lol
00:47 Fulsy oh wow
00:47 BigTank well with aero off and it set to classic mode, it only uses 265-270m
00:47 Fulsy the map editor now doesnt work
00:47 Fulsy fucking brilliant
00:48 Fulsy FINALLY
00:48 Fulsy aprilon is back up
00:48 wannabe1987 ...
00:48 BigTank i cant even open photoshop cs3 "not enough system rescourses"
00:48 wannabe1987 lol
00:49 Seroster BigTank, 32?
00:49 BigTank ya, P3 is a 32
00:49 BigTank P3 1ghz
00:50 BigTank lol ya 32... i forgot it was for your 1-10 thing...
00:51 BigTank .45bDn
00:52 wannabe1987 goodness...takes a while to update...i remember, tho the ps3 does the same thing...
00:52 wannabe1987 time to go gather darts...
00:53 BigTank I WANT TO ZOMB...but alas, i live in Seattle. Does anyone have a nerf gun powerful enough to shoot to Seattle? lol
00:55 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
00:55 Cj1corbystarlet You computer  guy's will like this
00:55 Ponko92 if someone did bigtank they would be a millionaire and that would be one powerful nerf gun
00:56 Fulsy I hear pool balls clacking
00:56 Ponko92 not anymore
00:56 Ponko92 Snooker Balls
00:56 Fulsy 0.12 BDN
00:56 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
00:56 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
00:57 cctoide I find it interesting that Adblock also blocks ads in the YouTube, UStream,, etc. players
00:57 Seroster If chocolate was invented today it would probably be illegal.
00:57 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
00:57 Fulsy youtube shouldn't even be running ads in the first place
00:58 Fulsy kind of a middle finger to the face
00:58 Seroster Well
00:58 Seroster How should it be paid for then
00:58 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:58 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
00:58 Fulsy I know
00:58 Fulsy but still
00:58 eightbitbrad heya Captain_
00:58 Seroster Right
00:58 Fulsy Heya Boden
00:58 wannabe1987 hi captain_
00:58 Cj1corbystarlet Yo
00:58 Fulsy How was Zomb
00:58 Seroster So you'd rather pay a monthly fee than have some ads?
00:58 TheSessionMan hi Chris B
00:58 Fulsy alright you're right
00:59 Fulsy monthly fees are worse.
00:59 wannabe1987 yeah
00:59 cctoide I forget they have ads sometimes :E
00:59 wannabe1987 they cost money
00:59 Seroster And the ads are a good way to drag content producers to the site
01:00 Seroster I doubt RayWilliamJonson would dedicate 8 hours a day six days a week to editing unless he made a BOATLOAD of money from it.
01:00 wannabe1987 who?
01:00 Seroster He got like 2 million subs
01:01 wannabe1987 YT?
01:01 Seroster I think he is $1 subbed
01:01 Seroster Yep
01:01 wannabe1987 i just rejoined convosry
01:01 Seroster Its aight
01:01 wannabe1987 now you sound black!
01:01 Seroster ....I assure you I am the palest white you'll ever see.
01:01 wannabe1987 i know
01:02 wannabe1987 you live in sweden
01:02 Seroster So?
01:02 wannabe1987 are there blacks there?
01:02 Seroster We got black people here...
01:02 * wannabe1987 is ignorant
01:02 Seroster But.. To be honest, it is RARE
01:02 wannabe1987 lol
01:02 wannabe1987 what about MEXICAN'TS?
01:02 Fulsy 0.49 boden
01:03 Seroster So rare you actually notice it "Ey! A black dude!"  Like you'd notice someone with a black insanely studded leather jacket =P
01:03 Seroster Mehicans are rare here too. But we got plenty of mid-easterns, who fled because of... well. You.
01:04 Ponko92 lol
01:04 wannabe1987 not my fault
01:04 wannabe1987 blame bush
01:04 * BatSteve wishes he could settle on either git or mercurial instead of bouncing back and forth between the two
01:04 Seroster Arent most mexicans poor?
01:04 Seroster Most immigrants tahtis.
01:04 wannabe1987 seroster - yes
01:05 Seroster I think it is a far to great expense to travel to europe, possibly being sent back, when you can go to america
01:05 wannabe1987 lol
01:07 Seroster Right, time for some torrentz. Recomend me something
01:07 Seroster The Big Lebowski coming down
01:09 wannabe1987 gonna go play wii...bbl :P
01:09 Seroster Lol
01:10 Seroster
01:14 Cj1corbystarlet haha
01:15 moose joined #thegeekgroup
01:15 BatSteve howdy moose
01:15 moose is now known as Guest15726
01:15 Seroster Lol
01:16 Guest15726 left #thegeekgroup
01:17 tysk joined #thegeekgroup
01:17 BatSteve Hi tysk!
01:17 tysk hey guys. I have something for you to test for me.
01:18 exor674 oo?
01:18 tysk
01:18 tysk I have embedded the IRC into the page, so you can view the video and chat at the same time
01:18 exor674-test joined #thegeekgroup
01:18 Seroster Niiice
01:18 Seroster Thankyou TyskKvinna
01:19 tysk I'm not going to hang around tonight, but I'd like you all to try it out and let me know if it's comfortable, how much bigger to make the boxes, if it's crashy, etc
01:19 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
01:19 Seroster Gimme a sec
01:19 Cj1corbystarlet_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:19 NeWtoz I like big boxes and I cannot lie
01:19 exor674-test the webchat box seems to be a bit truncated on the bottom ( by like... 2px? )
01:20 exor674-test left #thegeekgroup
01:20 Sero joined #thegeekgroup
01:20 NeWtoz that page needs more iframes
01:20 Sero I can see one problem right away
01:20 Sero The video is on top of the chat
01:20 Cj1corbystarlet_ Moose, the live vido feed is paused, when i click on it it takes me to the ustream site
01:20 SparkyTest joined #thegeekgroup
01:20 tysk When I click on it, it plays the video inline.
01:20 Seroster That is not a problem I am having, cj1corbystarlet
01:20 exor674 not having that problem either
01:21 NeWtoz Cj1corbystarlet, you have to click ON the button
01:21 NeWtoz ON the play button
01:21 Cj1corbystarlet_ Disregard you have to log in to irc, then click play then it works
01:21 cctoide Nah, I got that too
01:21 cctoide think it was because I had the stream open before, popped out
01:21 Seroster But tysk, unless you have an insanely long screen you won't be able to view both the chat and the videp
01:22 BatSteve Initial thought - most people's monitors are wider than they are tall.  Side-by-side is better than up-and-down
01:22 Sero Having them side by side would be better =)
01:22 cctoide or just make it liquid
01:22 BatSteve ...balls, that's the second time you've beaten me to a thought, Seroster
01:22 tysk I'm not particularly comfortable making it significantly wider than the rest of the website
01:22 Sero Great minds think alike, BatSteve
01:22 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
01:22 Cj1corbystarlet_ left #thegeekgroup
01:23 Sero Well, alt+tab is about as annoying as pgup pgdwn =P
01:23 Sero left #thegeekgroup
01:24 SparkyTest I generally have the stream on my netbook, and chat on the desktop (don't ask :P ), but if i was just using the desktop (1680x1050), it works for me. not sure if it would work well on the netbook
01:24 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
01:24 Cj1corbystarlet Disregard my comments it does work :)
01:25 tysk Okay, for testing purposes, I made another page with the chat on top
01:25 tysk
01:25 tysk Try them out. Give it a few days. Give me feedback.
01:25 tysk I just popped in to share that, I have to head out
01:25 tysk Think about how big or small you need the video and/or chat box
01:25 Seroster Right, better than nothing =)
01:26 Seroster Well, having evrything liquid would be completely awesome
01:26 tysk And feel free to share with anybody
01:26 ol10ol_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:26 tysk As I said, I am REALLY not keen on having parts of the site significantly wider than the rest. So before I do that, I'd like some other feedback
01:26 sero joined #thegeekgroup
01:26 Seroster chat on top is much better than chat below
01:26 tysk Ok, I'm out all. Have fun playing with that!
01:27 Seroster Cya, have fun
01:27 tysk left #thegeekgroup
01:27 Cj1corbystarlet Catch ya
01:27 sero NIP TIT SCHABBAT!
01:27 Seroster Ey shutup!
01:27 sero HUH?! You shutup!
01:27 Seroster Ey! You're going down motherfucker!
01:27 sero EEEK!
01:27 sero left #thegeekgroup
01:27 Seroster That's what you get for talking back to me, asshole!
01:28 wannabe1987 are you talking to yourself?
01:28 wannabe1987 what is s stand for?
01:28 Seroster Are we what?
01:28 SparkyTest left #thegeekgroup
01:28 cctoide secret, doesn't show up on /whois
01:28 wannabe1987 lol
01:28 Seroster Secret
01:28 wannabe1987 ahhh ok
01:28 wannabe1987 thanks cctoide :D
01:29 Seroster And... Why he did that is a damn mystery
01:29 wannabe1987 its secret!
01:30 BatSteve so long team, good work today
01:30 BatSteve handshakes all around.
01:30 Seroster Cya BatSteve
01:31 Seroster No fapping!
01:31 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
01:31 wannabe1987 ...
01:31 Thaery confused?
01:32 wannabe1987 no.  i was dotting the "no fapping"  back to the wii!
01:32 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
01:32 Seroster When you ask Yea... A bit... I think I like guys :O
01:33 Seroster Or you didnt mean that kind of confused?
01:33 Thaery lol
01:35 wannabe1987 um
01:35 wannabe1987 no
01:36 DavidJKuhr lol
01:36 Cj1corbystarlet ok
01:37 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
01:40 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
01:42 Ponko92 oh crap
01:43 Ponko92 who is suffering from insomnia answer again
01:43 Ponko92 ie me
01:43 Cj1corbystarlet See you all later, i'm of to the shooting range
01:44 Seroster Aye
01:44 Seroster Ponko, location?
01:44 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
01:46 wannabe1987 ponko lives in the UK
01:47 wannabe1987 ponko92, why insomnia...
01:47 wannabe1987 :(
01:47 wannabe1987 i hate that...
01:47 Ponko92 because its 3 am and we are still awake
01:48 Ponko92 Luton Seroster
01:48 Thaery I find a rubber mallet works wonders
01:48 wannabe1987 we?
01:48 Seroster Lol, Ponko92, I have one hour more insomnia than you do! SUCKER!
01:48 Ponko92 your in manchester
01:48 wannabe1987 no
01:48 wannabe1987 sweden
01:48 Seroster I hope not
01:48 Ponko92 not you
01:48 Seroster Lol
01:48 Seroster Waitwhat
01:49 Seroster Wannabe is in grandrapids, I am in sweden.
01:49 wannabe1987 SEROSTER LIVSE IN SWEDEN
01:49 wannabe1987 I LIVE IN AMERICA
01:49 Seroster HE DOES DOES HE?!
01:49 Thaery Which America?
01:49 Seroster And I was faster than you! Bwah!
01:49 wannabe1987 YES HE DOES!  you all do!
01:49 wannabe1987 shut up
01:49 Ponko92 says your location on is in Manchester
01:49 wannabe1987 i'm on the phone...
01:49 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
01:49 wannabe1987 lol
01:49 wannabe1987 north america :D
01:49 Seroster Says my location is manchester?
01:49 Ponko92 on here
01:49 Thaery Below the 49th?
01:49 Thaery :P
01:50 Seroster That is pretty fucked. Either they moved manchester to sweden, or they expanded it A LOT
01:50 Seroster Damn, 5mb/s download =D
01:50 Ponko92 idk its server says Manchester England
01:50 Seroster Well, the server is wrong
01:51 Ponko92 idk i'm hanging on in there
01:52 Ponko92 where is everyone?
01:52 Seroster Right here in the chatroom with you
01:52 Thaery Somewhere
01:52 Ponko92 no in the lab
01:52 Ponko92 home?
01:53 Seroster My home is my lab.
01:53 Thaery Most likely
01:53 Seroster Or, my lab is my home.-
01:53 Seroster Either one works.
01:53 Ponko92 yes i was about to say that
01:53 Seroster Say what?
01:53 Seroster And why?
01:54 Ponko92 what you did
01:54 masterofmonks Seroster: Keep talking I am testing something.
01:54 Ponko92 because
01:54 Ponko92 oh? what you testing @masterofmonks?
01:54 ellercom left #thegeekgroup
01:55 masterofmonks The +q mode.
01:55 Thaery What does it do?
01:55 exor674 quiet!
01:55 masterofmonks It mutes a user.
01:55 Ponko92 oh ok
01:56 Coderjoe it's like +b, except they can still join the channel.
01:56 Thaery Should've guessed that :/
01:56 wannabe1987 danr
01:56 wannabe1987 darn*
01:57 wannabe1987 remind me why i was looking for a knife when i carry one?
01:57 Ponko92 lets all settle down and lay our heads and rest
01:57 * masterofmonks pokes Seroster
01:58 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
01:58 wannabe1987 ...
01:58 wannabe1987 o god...ikea furniture...seroster...wanna put it together for me?
01:58 Ponko92 oh good god
01:58 masterofmonks Wow that is a stereotype....
01:58 wannabe1987 lol
02:00 wannabe1987 sorry seroster
02:00 wannabe1987 its white too
02:00 wannabe1987 :P
02:02 * wannabe1987 killed chat
02:02 DavidJKuhr well i am off i have to finish closing at work
02:02 wannabe1987 ok
02:02 DavidJKuhr later all
02:02 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
02:03 Ponko92 good night all
02:04 ol10ol cory what do you think about Portal 2 ?
02:04 wannabe1987 night ponko92
02:05 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
02:05 ol10ol and hl2
02:10 ol10ol please anser
02:11 wannabe1987 use tggcory for him to see it...
02:11 tggCory I also spoke it :P
02:11 tggCory But yes, both are good, and I preordered Portal 2
02:12 wannabe1987 i'm not watching/ i didn't know
02:12 wannabe1987 i can''s on and my headphones are at home
02:12 ol10ol_ me to :D
02:13 wannabe1987 lol
02:13 wannabe1987 tggcory fail :D  (sorry)
02:13 tggCory :<
02:13 wannabe1987 and...time to head home
02:13 wannabe1987 ((hugs))its ok
02:13 wannabe1987 you didn't konw
02:13 * tggCory cries
02:14 ol10ol_ i am ol10ol_ and ol10ol Just so you know
02:15 tyrok That clock seems quite a bit off.
02:16 Thaery left #thegeekgroup
02:16 Seroster Err
02:16 Seroster Sorry masterofmonks, I was away vomiting for a while. What can I do for you?
02:17 tggCory Why were you vomiting? D:
02:17 masterofmonks Staart talking
02:17 Seroster I AM TALKING !
02:17 masterofmonks Keep talking
02:17 Seroster tggCory, Well. I COULD be mean to you now. But I won't
02:17 Seroster Why should I masterofmonks?
02:17 Seroster I dont like when you experiment on me.
02:18 Seroster Especiall when it involves speculums
02:18 tggCory I...appreciate it?
02:18 Seroster :c
02:18 Seroster Lol, amateur
02:18 Seroster Can I quit spamming now?
02:19 Seroster I suppose thats a no
02:19 Seroster Well.
02:19 masterofmonks Yes
02:19 Seroster I hope this experiment leads somewhere.
02:19 Seroster And why can't I have any q?
02:19 masterofmonks Did anyone else see Seroster declaring that he was gay?
02:20 Seroster Are you surprised?
02:20 tggCory Why does it matter? :/
02:20 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
02:20 masterofmonks No, just asking if anyone else saw it.
02:20 Seroster Why does what matter?
02:20 tggCory No, I didn't
02:20 Seroster The fun part is that I am straight
02:20 ol10ol_ do something cory it is boring on ustream
02:20 masterofmonks Seroster: +q mutes a user.
02:21 Seroster I know...
02:21 Seroster Did it work?
02:21 tggCory I'm editing, it's not the most interesting
02:21 masterofmonks I wasn't testing that, I was testing +z
02:21 Seroster Too bad.
02:21 Seroster Are you gay, cory?
02:21 tggCory Yep
02:21 Seroster Good for you!
02:22 Seroster How big of a percentage of the high geeks are gay? =P
02:22 tggCory Thanks :P
02:22 tggCory No idea :P
02:22 Seroster Right
02:23 masterofmonks Seroster: I would suspect a fairly signifigant percentage.
02:23 Seroster AYe.
02:23 Seroster I wonder if they were gay before they met boden, or if that just grew on them
02:25 tggCory I was gay before I met him :P
02:25 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
02:25 Seroster You have a boyfriend?
02:25 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
02:25 Seroster If not, I might be able to hook you up with someone^^
02:26 TheSessionMan I like gay people, but very flamboyant people can get on my nerves after extended periods of time
02:26 tggCory I have one, but thanks xD
02:26 Seroster Like a swedish blonde, that would be pretty awesome
02:26 cctoide hm, they're shutting down Google Video for good
02:26 Seroster TheSessionMan, Agreed, but I find girls that act in that manner just as annoying.
02:26 cctoide just got an email warning they're going to remove all hosted content soon
02:26 TheSessionMan true
02:27 Coderjoe google video the hosting platform or google video the search engine?
02:27 TheSessionMan i agree with you.
02:27 Seroster So what cctoide?
02:27 cctoide ballsacks!
02:28 masterofmonks tggCory: Never considered polyamory?
02:28 Seroster Sorry, I cannot assist you with that.
02:28 Seroster Master, Please keep your sexual fantasies to yourself...
02:28 cctoide I have a couple of videos there from 06/07
02:28 Seroster Get them the fuck down from there then =P
02:28 cctoide I actually thought at the time it was better than YouTube because the quality was better
02:29 masterofmonks Seroster: I have to ask, how long have you waited to turn that line around on me?
02:29 Seroster Months?
02:29 Seroster I have used it on you before
02:29 cctoide eventually it got spammed to hell with random 320x240 and conspiracy theory crap
02:29 Seroster Lol
02:29 Coderjoe i liked that for a majority of the content, it was possible to download the original uploaded file (avi mpg or whatever)
02:29 tggCory No, but I also believe in open relationships
02:29 tggCory Similar, but different
02:29 TheSessionMan I havent ever been to a gay bar, but I was told they sell beer for $2 a pint
02:30 cctoide I guess once they bought YT it was moot though
02:30 Coderjoe (at one point in time, anyway)
02:31 Seroster tggCory, Whatever works for you, If you want to be in a relationship with a dozen men, a honda and a banana I'm all for it, provided you videotape it for me =D
02:31 Coderjoe "I haven't been to (insert place that serves beer), but I was told they sell beer for (some value)"
02:31 cctoide hm... was it GVid that let you download in like 3 formats, or was that YouTube
02:31 tggCory xD
02:31 tggCory Fantastic, Seroster
02:31 Seroster I'd love to see that tape
02:31 TheSessionMan the local gay bar. the rest of the bars are $5 a pint.
02:31 Coderjoe cctoide: with youtube (and hacks) you can can only download the files the player uses
02:32 Seroster Daaamn
02:32 Seroster TheSessionMan then I will buy beer at the gaybar for $2, and sell in the straight bar for $4 and keep the dollar in between! YEAH!
02:32 Thaery joined #thegeekgroup
02:32 Seroster Hello Thaery, we were just discussing gaybars.
02:32 TheSessionMan i WISH
02:32 cctoide I think YouTube let you download in a few formats at one point, one of them was "PSP compatible"
02:33 Coderjoe well that's somewhat silly... why does the 74595 have QA on pin 15 and QB-QH on 1-7?
02:33 cctoide Google must have gotten rid of the original files at some point because they added a download option due to the shutdown and it's FLV only :V
02:33 Thaery Damn PSU died on me
02:33 Seroster I have had worse things die on me.
02:33 Coderjoe i don't remember youtube having downloads in their UI. GV did, though
02:33 Seroster Once a rhino died on me, when I tried to milk it. That sucked.
02:34 Thaery ....
02:34 cctoide heh, the GV library must be chock full of copyrighted stuff
02:34 cctoide got so many links to full documentaries on it over the years
02:34 TheSessionMan The most flamboyant gay person I've ever met was named Harley. I got a nice laugh when I learned that.
02:34 Seroster Did I mention it was a male rhino?
02:34 cctoide also, check out the google doodle
02:34 Coderjoe a number of years ago, I pulled down all kinds of crazy commercials
02:34 Seroster Lol
02:35 Seroster TheSessionMan, well. Cris crocker is annoying. I don't care if he packs fudge or if he's squezing titties, HE IS ANNOYING
02:35 Coderjoe TheSessionMan: that leads to the pickup line "How would you like to ride a Harley?"
02:35 TheSessionMan hahaha
02:35 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
02:35 Coderjoe TheSessionMan: (regardles of sexual orientation)
02:35 Seroster EY! Hello speedrunnerG55!
02:36 speedrunnerG55 Hi
02:36 Coderjoe +s
02:36 ol10ol_ Hi speedrunnerG55
02:36 speedrunnerG55 Hi
02:36 TheSessionMan I watched Pulp Fiction for the first time last night. Don't know why i didnt watch it before
02:36 Seroster I WANT PILLS
02:37 speedrunnerG55 Well. Hi there bill
02:37 ol10ol_ ha ha
02:37 tyrok left #thegeekgroup
02:37 speedrunnerG55 Pills here
02:37 tggCory peelz here
02:38 speedrunnerG55 P-p-p-PILZ
02:38 ol10ol_ here pills
02:38 ol10ol_ :D
02:38 ol10ol_ :)
02:38 Seroster Lol
02:38 speedrunnerG55 now all we need is a chocolate helicopter
02:39 TheSessionMan So Cory, what new happened at the lab today?
02:39 tggCory New video, lava lamp broke, Zomb :P
02:39 speedrunnerG55 ^^^^?
02:39 TheSessionMan what does a broken lava lamp look like?
02:39 tggCory A big wetspot :P
02:39 Coderjoe a big oily mess
02:40 speedrunnerG55 Waxy?
02:40 TheSessionMan i'd expect.
02:40 speedrunnerG55 Is it like a broken candle
02:40 tggCory Kinda
02:41 speedrunnerG55 Once a candle broke and it caused it to burn alot mor( 6 imch flame) there was wax everywere
02:41 speedrunnerG55 I have a picture of it
02:41 TheSessionMan what's the new video about?
02:41 TheSessionMan more radiation?
02:41 Seroster A broken lamp
02:41 speedrunnerG55 Somewere let me look for it. Ill post it sometime
02:41 Seroster =D
02:41 Seroster YAY
02:42 Seroster Omnomnom! RUPHY!
02:42 Seroster Tasty shit
02:42 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
02:43 cctoide so did it actually get dropped or was it knocked off of something?
02:44 speedrunnerG55 I cant find it :(
02:45 TheSessionMan that's  okay, we won't hold you against it
02:46 TheSessionMan haha, dead baby jokes.
02:47 speedrunnerG55 I wonder what els i should donate.. I have an old gamecube that stoped working
02:47 speedrunnerG55 Autopse?
02:47 speedrunnerG55 Lol
02:47 TheSessionMan turn it into a lunch box
02:47 speedrunnerG55 Oh yes
02:48 speedrunnerG55 I should do that
02:48 speedrunnerG55 I just need screws. I took all the screws out and keptthem out
02:48 TheSessionMan you'd be the coolest kid in school ( to other nerds)
02:48 speedrunnerG55 Since i used to like to yake it apart regularly
02:49 TheSessionMan I've never took apart any gaming systems. Most i've done was open shorted power cables.
02:50 speedrunnerG55 I tried to fix it. (clean it out) all i was able to do was get the main menue working
02:50 TheSessionMan I've had old tube amps apart to fix, but that's about all
02:50 speedrunnerG55 Tuubbbbeeees
02:51 TheSessionMan yep. I like tubes
02:51 speedrunnerG55 The space pirateswould be proud
02:51 speedrunnerG55 Space pirates
02:51 Seroster You know I love you all.
02:51 TheSessionMan they just sound so nice, that's why I use them
02:51 TheSessionMan and i love you
02:52 speedrunnerG55 <3
02:52 Seroster Especially tggCory TheSessionMan Thermoelectric masterofmonks cctoide Cprossu  BatSteve-Away and whomever I might have forgot.
02:52 Seroster But fuck this shit, I'm off to bed =D
02:52 tggCory Thank you :D And sleep well!
02:52 TheSessionMan haha
02:52 TheSessionMan 'night
02:53 TheSessionMan I think I'm going to get off, take a shower, watch reservoir dogs, and get some sleep. Going to a motorcycle show in the cuty in the morning
02:53 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:53 speedrunnerG55 Space pirates like science and tubes, TTUUBBEESS. ( metroid reference)
02:54 TheSessionMan I love metroid, but I didnt catch the reference
02:55 TheSessionMan Have any of you ever watched Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction?
02:55 speedrunnerG55 Next time you play it. Notice tubes everywere
02:55 TheSessionMan Which metroid?
02:56 speedrunnerG55 Super. Prime 1,2,3
02:56 speedrunnerG55 Anywere there are space pirates
02:56 TheSessionMan I have Super, Prime trilogy and the newest one. I'm sure ill see tubes
02:56 TheSessionMan and recollecting on them, I do remember lots of tubes
02:57 speedrunnerG55 I didnt like the last one as a story. But the gameplay was epic
02:57 TheSessionMan I havent finished it yet. I just like the cutscenes with zero suit
02:57 speedrunnerG55 LOL
02:58 TheSessionMan Am I wrong?
02:58 speedrunnerG55 i wont spoil. But what part u in. She iis verry atractive yes
02:58 speedrunnerG55 X_x
02:58 TheSessionMan I'm just where it turns into the ice place. not too far yet
02:59 speedrunnerG55 Ohh ok
02:59 TheSessionMan and I haven't finished the Prime games yet either. I really need to work on them
02:59 speedrunnerG55 I beat it with 100%
02:59 speedrunnerG55 Xd
03:00 TheSessionMan I just can't get used to not collecting HP now
03:00 speedrunnerG55 Charging is cheep.
03:01 TheSessionMan I've always found it harder, usually in a big fight I don't have time
03:01 speedrunnerG55 I didnt like that at all. Grrr badmemories of all the flaws comming at me
03:01 speedrunnerG55 Game flaws
03:02 TheSessionMan It still is a very fun game, but not with the perfection that Retro studios made
03:02 speedrunnerG55 Oh ye
03:03 speedrunnerG55 With what retro did it rivals even the half life series with me
03:03 TheSessionMan huh?
03:03 TheSessionMan yeah
03:03 TheSessionMan i guess
03:03 TheSessionMan They are both pretty close
03:04 speedrunnerG55 ( i grew a beard because of hl2)
03:04 TheSessionMan hahaha
03:04 speedrunnerG55 No joke
03:04 TheSessionMan I've only played HL2, not any of the episodes
03:05 TheSessionMan but it was very good
03:05 TheSessionMan loved throwing saw blades at zombies
03:05 speedrunnerG55 Yes xD
03:06 speedrunnerG55 Throwing explosives at ant lions
03:06 TheSessionMan haha
03:06 kellyEv joined #thegeekgroup
03:06 kellyEv is now known as wannabe1987
03:06 speedrunnerG55 .wiki ant lion
03:06 BotSteve "Antlions are a group of insects in the family Myrmeleontidae (sometimes misspelled as 'Myrmeleonidae')." -
03:06 speedrunnerG55 There real
03:06 wannabe1987 i came (home)
03:06 TheSessionMan hello
03:06 speedrunnerG55 Wb
03:07 wannabe1987 hi and thanks
03:07 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
03:08 TheSessionMan Okay, now I have a strong urge to play Metroid, then some Half Life
03:09 wannabe1987 go ahead!
03:09 TheSessionMan I'm waiting until my holidays to play it.
03:10 wannabe1987 o y?
03:11 TheSessionMan Don't feel I have enough time
03:11 TheSessionMan I need to wash the primer out of my hair
03:11 wannabe1987 ...
03:11 wannabe1987 where were you priming?
03:12 wannabe1987 if you say the lab i'll get confused cuz then i'm supposed to know you :P
03:12 TheSessionMan At the highschool. They wanted me to paint a 10x15 mural on a wall.
03:12 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
03:12 wannabe1987 oooo
03:12 wannabe1987 fun!
03:13 TheSessionMan I kinda owed the art teacher a favor. I live in Saskatchewan, so you don't know me
03:13 wannabe1987 you sure?
03:14 wannabe1987 i know canada...but not saskatchewan
03:14 TheSessionMan then you shouldn't know me. I don't think I know you
03:14 wannabe1987 never know
03:14 * wannabe1987 is a stalker
03:14 wannabe1987 the nice kind tho!
03:15 TheSessionMan you like to think of it as "possesively shadowing"
03:15 wannabe1987 yeah
03:15 TheSessionMan anyways, It's been nice talking to you. Real nice. I'll see you some other time, I'm sure.
03:16 Thaery Hmm SK eh? I'm in BC
03:17 TheSessionMan Neat. never been outside of SK and ALB. but I really have to go
03:17 TheSessionMan bye!
03:17 TheSessionMan left #thegeekgroup
03:17 wannabe1987 fine...leave
03:18 Photon939 hi all
03:18 Photon939 i picked up the laser flow cytometer :)
03:19 wannabe1987 which is?
03:19 Photon939 big analytical piece of equipment
03:19 wannabe1987 oooo
03:19 wannabe1987 for?
03:19 Photon939 for autopsy purposes
03:19 wannabe1987 like of humans?
03:19 Photon939 nope
03:19 wannabe1987 :(
03:19 Photon939 for me to take apart
03:19 Photon939 lol
03:19 wannabe1987 *sigh*
03:19 wannabe1987 i want to watch a hooman get autopsied
03:20 wannabe1987 its like on my bucket list if i were to have one
03:20 Photon939
03:20 Photon939 I think once I strip it down, the cabinet will become an awesome PC case
03:21 wannabe1987 nice
03:21 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
03:21 wannabe1987 huge pc case...
03:21 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
03:21 Photon939 yup
03:21 Photon939 lotsa space
03:22 Photon939 it is currently home to an argon laser power supply, an air compressor/vacuum pump, and several large regulated linear power supplies
03:23 wannabe1987 only think i understand is "air compressor"
03:24 Yaotz joined #thegeekgroup
03:24 wannabe1987 wb yaotz
03:24 Yaotz ty
03:24 Yaotz I have Yaotz and Yaotzin regged and I couldn't remember the password to either of them
03:24 wannabe1987 lol
03:25 Photon939 should be interesting what lies in the main unit of the cytometer
03:25 wannabe1987 take pics!
03:25 Photon939 but it's in my car and is too heavy for me to lift alone
03:26 Photon939 roommate is out and about
03:26 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
03:26 Photon939 wb speedrunnerG55
03:26 wannabe1987 oh no! :P
03:26 wannabe1987 jk
03:26 speedrunnerG55 What is sasl
03:26 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
03:27 wannabe1987 sasl?
03:27 mman454 .wiki sasl
03:27 BotSteve "Simple Authentication and Security Layer, a framework for authentication and data security in Internet protocols" -
03:27 wannabe1987 lol
03:27 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
03:27 speedrunnerG55 Ull never catch me alive NickServ
03:27 speedrunnerG55 Lol jk
03:28 wannabe1987 ...
03:29 speedrunnerG55 Anyho
03:29 wannabe1987 i made
03:29 wannabe1987 a sticky note for the cake that says "caek.  eat it ??? profit" in order :D
03:29 mman454 speedrunnerG55 what?
03:29 Thaery But it's a lie
03:30 wannabe1987 it exists!
03:30 mikemol BotSteve: tell BatSteve Ah...understood.
03:30 BotSteve mikemol: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
03:30 BotSteve mikemol: At 15 Apr 23:51Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you that me and ilbot are voiced at the request of masterofmonk s, who mentioned that it's easier to keep track of who's a bot when we're voiced.
03:30 speedrunnerG55 There really was a cake
03:30 wannabe1987 i shoulda done "caek.  its not a lie"
03:32 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:32 wannabe1987 bye!
03:32 Yaotz ?
03:32 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:32 wannabe1987 GUESS WHAT?!
03:32 Yaotz Chicken butt?
03:32 speedrunnerG55_ Yessss
03:33 wannabe1987 i got gas for 3.63...everywhere else here is 3.89-3.99 :D
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ The first time in a few moths i connected to freenode via 3G
03:33 wannabe1987 yaotz...thats what livefiretj says...
03:33 Thaery hmmmm it's $1.32 a liter here
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ Frakin SASL
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ lol
03:33 Yaotz livefiretj?
03:33 Photon939 nice wannabe1987
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ .wiki SASL
03:33 BotSteve "Simple Authentication and Security Layer, a framework for authentication and data security in Internet protocols" -
03:33 wannabe1987 yes...a member/my boyfriend
03:34 Photon939 it was $3.93 in NY but I got gas for $3.85 on the way back
03:34 Yaotz I see
03:34 wannabe1987 yay!  i had to drive like 5 miles out of my way to get it...but 30 cents/gallon is WORTH IT!!!!
03:34 wannabe1987 i got 28 dollars instead of more than that :P
03:35 speedrunnerG55_ I dont drive
03:35 Thaery yeah it's 4.98 here... christ
03:35 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
03:35 speedrunnerG55_ is now known as speedrunnerG55
03:35 wannabe1987 too young, eh?
03:35 speedrunnerG55 I ride my bike
03:35 wannabe1987 too young?
03:35 speedrunnerG55 Ughh no. To be honist
03:36 speedrunnerG55 I never passed the permit test. To buissy
03:36 wannabe1987 or areyou doing like the californians and not getting your lic till your 20s?
03:36 wannabe1987 :(
03:36 speedrunnerG55 Im 18
03:36 speedrunnerG55 I want to this year
03:38 speedrunnerG55 But anyho. Sasl. Is that a tcp/ip servise
03:39 speedrunnerG55 Reminds me of ssl. And https
03:39 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
03:40 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
03:40 speedrunnerG55 Operator?
03:40 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
03:41 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
03:42 speedrunnerG55 What should we use as an alternitive to gasolene
03:42 tggCory Goodnight~
03:42 speedrunnerG55 Night
03:42 mman454 night
03:42 mman454 with how late you were there, there better be a new video posted within 24hrs
03:43 speedrunnerG55 ..
03:43 tggCory making demands isn't polite~
03:43 speedrunnerG55 Dont demand. Let him take his time
03:43 wannabe1987 you tell them, cory
03:43 wannabe1987 :D
03:44 exor674 and isn't there a video pending? or is YT just on crack
03:44 speedrunnerG55 Quality. Not quantity
03:44 wannabe1987 we want quality...
03:44 mman454 now, now cory you know it's a sign of affection
03:44 exor674 because I am seeing " Uploaded by thegeekgroup   (3 hours ago)" but it's yesterday's vid
03:45 speedrunnerG55 Also. Video preduction is expencive
03:45 speedrunnerG55 And people still use film. And its super expencive
03:51 speedrunnerG55 I got a fishing licens for this year
03:51 speedrunnerG55 :)
03:53 {{{localhost}}} left #thegeekgroup
03:54 {{{localhost}}} joined #thegeekgroup
03:54 exor674 lol?
03:58 wannabe1987 ...
03:58 wannabe1987 odd
03:59 dr_jkl left #thegeekgroup
04:00 speedrunnerG55 I like ph- i mean fishing
04:00 speedrunnerG55 Lol jk
04:01 NeWtoz i need to get my fishing license
04:02 DavidJKuhr joined #thegeekgroup
04:04 wannabe1987 i hate being short...
04:04 DavidJKuhr i hate being fat lol
04:05 wannabe1987 i hate having extra weight...
04:06 wannabe1987 i also hate the dog crying...
04:06 wannabe1987 cuz noones paying him any attn cuz he's in his crate...
04:09 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
04:10 speedrunnerG55 Im just right
04:10 speedrunnerG55 XD
04:11 wannabe1987 about?
04:11 speedrunnerG55 Boddy weight and size
04:11 wannabe1987 ooo lol
04:11 wannabe1987 lucky
04:11 wannabe1987 prolly cuz you ride bike
04:12 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:14 NeWtoz I'm cool with myself
04:14 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
04:14 wannabe1987 only excercise i get driving is moving my clutch and my shifter
04:14 wannabe1987 hi csmonster :D
04:14 CSMonster hi
04:14 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
04:14 wannabe1987 hi mman454
04:15 speedrunnerG55 Hi everyone what a reunion
04:15 mman454 hi
04:15 wannabe1987 yay people!
04:15 CSMonster lol
04:15 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:15 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
04:15 mman454-away is now known as mman454
04:15 CSMonster i finally figured out how to work with my alphastation.  but it requires a null modem serial cable, and i don't have one of those :(
04:16 CSMonster nor do i feel like hacking up an existing cable to make one.
04:16 wannabe1987 y?
04:16 NeWtoz sounds like a life stopper
04:16 CSMonster cause.
04:17 CSMonster that's y
04:17 CSMonster i have a huge and antiquated server machine that's been sitting unused for the last several years.  i want to try to start it up
04:18 wannabe1987 ooo
04:18 CSMonster but there's no VGA out; i have to use a serial terminal
04:18 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
04:19 speedrunnerG55 Whats the specs?
04:19 NeWtoz I have one
04:19 NeWtoz but not on me
04:19 speedrunnerG55 Ssspppeeecccsss
04:19 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:20 NeWtoz I have it for monkey around with some switches
04:20 NeWtoz managed switches
04:20 CSMonster specs on the server?
04:20 speedrunnerG55 Yes plez
04:21 CSMonster DEC AlphaStation 600 5
04:21 CSMonster 233mhz 64bit alpha CPU
04:21 speedrunnerG55 And switches > Hibs
04:21 speedrunnerG55 Hubs
04:21 CSMonster that's about all i remember
04:21 NeWtoz all hubs should be destroyed by now
04:21 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
04:21 speedrunnerG55 Cool. Before my time
04:21 speedrunnerG55 I think
04:22 wannabe1987 minecraft player: stupid animals...stop pushing me around
04:22 NeWtoz hubs should be museum pieces
04:22 CSMonster yeah, i ripped it out of a TV advert injector 4 or 5 years back.
04:22 speedrunnerG55 Hubs= buss in a box pritty much
04:25 CSMonster it was a HUGE rack of SCSI drives full of adverts, and it's job was to automatically play them in when signaled to do so during commercial brakes.  i no longer have the drives or tower, just the CPU
04:26 CSMonster they got rid of the whole rack because a power surge i guess melted the connection where the 220v cable plugs into the UPS, but because it was so damn old already, rather than fix it, they wrote it off as a loss to insurance and replaced it with a newer machine
04:26 speedrunnerG55 Cool
04:26 CSMonster one of the employees brought it home from the station, and gave it away at a garage sale.
04:26 CSMonster the sign on the front said "if you can move it, you can have it"
04:26 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:27 CSMonster but the CPU by itself weighs about 70lb
04:27 CSMonster and i have to pull the panel off and clean it all out; i hope heat and bugs and mice haven't destroyed it over the years :(
04:27 wannabe1987 :(
04:27 wannabe1987 stupid mice
04:28 CSMonster yep
04:28 speedrunnerG55 ?!? The cpu?
04:28 speedrunnerG55 Wow
04:28 CSMonster it's a BIG machine.
04:28 speedrunnerG55 Tubes? XD
04:28 CSMonster lol, no, no tubes.
04:29 wannabe1987   WHAT IS IT?!?!???? :(
04:29 CSMonster but it's pretty neat; the copper heat spreader on the alpha processors have two big threaded lugs formed into them so you can bolt the heat sink down tight
04:29 CSMonster big ol spider
04:29 CSMonster catch it
04:29 wannabe1987 GET IT AWAY FROM ME!!!!!
04:29 CSMonster i caught 3 bugs today
04:29 masterofmonks That is a Huntsman Spider
04:30 masterofmonks They are native here in Florida.
04:30 wannabe1987 my friend said he'd pull out the shotgun for it
04:30 wannabe1987 i know
04:30 speedrunnerG55 What?! That that
04:30 wannabe1987 ewwww
04:30 speedrunnerG55 That...MONSTER
04:30 masterofmonks They run about 30 miles an hour and are sight based predators.
04:30 CSMonster >:( i hate black beetles because they are the hardest insect to capture without injuring, mainly because they are so big and dumb
04:30 speedrunnerG55 Oh. Those
04:30 wannabe1987 masterofmonks - r u srs?
04:31 speedrunnerG55 Thats an army legond
04:31 masterofmonks wannabe1987: I'm sorry I don't speak that language.
04:31 speedrunnerG55 Ive herd
04:31 * wannabe1987 squirms in her seat
04:31 wannabe1987 i'm sorry
04:31 speedrunnerG55 It forgot the name
04:31 wannabe1987 masterofmonks - are you serious?
04:31 masterofmonks Yes.
04:31 wannabe1987 ....
04:31 * wannabe1987 is n't going back to FL
04:31 speedrunnerG55 Thats a legend
04:32 speedrunnerG55 From the army.
04:32 masterofmonks
04:33 masterofmonks I use a pellet rifle to kill them.
04:33 speedrunnerG55 Well then
04:33 * wannabe1987 is still squirming
04:33 wannabe1987;t=9265&amp;p=328098#p328098
04:33 speedrunnerG55 I stand- sit actually. Corrected
04:34 speedrunnerG55 You can stop squirming. And move to canada
04:34 wannabe1987 no
04:34 speedrunnerG55 XD lol jk
04:34 wannabe1987 too cold there
04:34 wannabe1987 fuck the cold
04:34 wannabe1987 cold enough here in MI
04:35 * wannabe1987 isn't squirming anymore...just cold
04:38 CSMonster
04:39 masterofmonks wannabe1987: For reference.
04:39 wannabe1987 i'm glad i didn't see any when i was in florida over christmas break
04:40 wannabe1987 woulda screamed.  LOUD
04:40 CSMonster wuss
04:40 wannabe1987 girl
04:40 wannabe1987 i don't like spiders
04:40 CSMonster so?
04:40 wannabe1987 normal sizedones i'm ok w/...
04:40 masterofmonks I once saw one eat a lizzard.
04:40 wannabe1987 HUGE ASS ONES?  fuck no
04:40 CSMonster just means i need a bigger bucket to catch them with.
04:40 wannabe1987 yep
04:41 masterofmonks CSMonster: that is exactly what it is saying about you.
04:41 CSMonster LMAO
04:41 CSMonster bucket duel
04:41 masterofmonks I know these beasts, they will literally go after anything that moves.
04:42 CSMonster it does look funny with its legs sticking out from behind that clock though
04:42 masterofmonks So does anyone play Dwarf Fortress?
04:42 wannabe1987 maglinvinn does
04:43 masterofmonks Besides him.
04:43 wannabe1987 nope
04:43 wannabe1987 neverhear of it until him
04:44 CSMonster but hey.  i'm a woman with a bucket and an AR-15, and i'm a god damn Sea Monster.  it'll take it on >:D
04:45 NickelFerrum left #thegeekgroup
04:45 * NeWtoz takes CSMonster's bucket
04:45 NeWtoz oh noes, I be stealin your bucket
04:45 * CSMonster shoots newtoz in the knees
04:45 * wannabe1987 takes CSMonster 's rifle
04:45 * CSMonster hits wannabe1987 in the head with a bucket
04:46 wannabe1987 what bucket?!
04:46 CSMonster the one i took back from newtoz after shooting him in the knees.
04:46 NeWtoz too bad you weren't 2 seconds faster
04:46 NeWtoz I'd still have knees
04:46 wannabe1987 i was...i had an itch
04:46 CSMonster LOL
04:46 wannabe1987 damn
04:46 wannabe1987 *sigh* i failed...yet again
04:46 CSMonster and the sea monster wins again.
04:47 wannabe1987 sea monster?
04:47 CSMonster yes
04:47 wannabe1987 not that evil spider, is it?
04:47 CSMonster nope
04:47 masterofmonks Spatula.
04:47 CSMonster <- Caspian Sea Monster
04:47 wannabe1987 ok
04:48 CSMonster been using that name since........ i don't remember.  at least 10 years.
04:48 wannabe1987 nice
04:48 masterofmonks Sounds familiar.
04:49 Thaery Oooh the Ekranoplan
04:49 CSMonster yep
04:49 CSMonster you got it
04:49 wannabe1987 hi thaery!
04:49 CSMonster
04:49 NeWtoz I used to go by Jimmy, but then I felt bad because everyone called me Jimmy when my name wasn't really Jimmy
04:49 Thaery Hi wannabe!
04:49 wannabe1987 lol
04:49 wannabe1987 hows life, novel?
04:49 CSMonster lol, novel.
04:49 Thaery lol
04:49 wannabe1987 :D
04:50 CSMonster speaking of which i need to read house of leaves.
04:50 Thaery Not to good I hurt my paper back
04:50 CSMonster LOL
04:50 wannabe1987 awww that sucks.  you need a hard cover
04:50 wannabe1987 or a protective sleeve
04:50 wannabe1987 :P
04:51 Thaery hehehe
04:51 wannabe1987 its usually the hard covers that have protective sleeves...
04:51 wannabe1987 ...
04:51 CSMonster protective sleeves?
04:51 wannabe1987 yeah
04:51 Thaery book condoms
04:52 wannabe1987 the dust covers they call them
04:52 wannabe1987 lol
04:52 CSMonster i think you and i are talking about something totally... okay nope we're on the same page.
04:52 CSMonster :O
04:52 wannabe1987 lol
04:52 CSMonster personally...
04:52 CSMonster i prefer my books bound in leather.
04:53 Thaery LOL
04:53 Thaery not vinyl?
04:53 NeWtoz I like sheepskin
04:53 CSMonster vinyl is good too
04:57 Thaery lol
04:58 CSMonster so did i miss anything good on the ustream today after i left?
04:58 wannabe1987 probably not
04:58 wannabe1987 i haven't watched at all since...1pm
04:58 CSMonster nothing after chris did sony betacam part 2
04:58 CSMonster ?
05:01 Thaery I guess none of us actually watched
05:01 CSMonster lol
05:01 CSMonster okay.
05:01 Thaery Well you can only process so much Boden a day
05:02 Thaery Before your eardrums give out
05:02 CSMonster see my solution is speakers instead of headphones (as much as it bothers my housemates)
05:02 Thaery LOL Share the Boden!
05:03 CSMonster and them limit it the same way you limit radiation exposure
05:03 CSMonster distance
05:03 Thaery lol
05:03 CSMonster the inverse square rule
05:03 Thaery is now known as Thaery_Away
05:05 CSMonster also, unrelated:
05:05 CSMonster olive garden is trying to murder me
05:06 exor674 did they feed you nuts?
05:06 CSMonster i have never had a restaurant bring me that much food before.
05:06 CSMonster holy FUCK that's a lot of food.
05:08 wannabe1987 lol
05:10 wannabe1987 lol about the stream - it bogs down my poor 1gb ram net book and it SUCKS so i try to avoid it unless i'm in my room...then the stream is ok cuz the noise bothers people :P
05:10 wannabe1987 and my mom thinks its "strange" to be watching random people all day :P
05:10 CSMonster well i think ur mom's strange
05:10 wannabe1987 i do too
05:10 wannabe1987 wait
05:10 wannabe1987 you said you were her!
05:10 CSMonster LMFAO
05:11 * wannabe1987 doesnt forget
05:11 CSMonster wannabe is an elephant?
05:11 wannabe1987 baby elephante
05:11 wannabe1987 .g baby elephant
05:11 CSMonster and am i not allowed to think of myself as strange?
05:11 BotSteve wannabe1987:
05:12 wannabe1987 you are
05:12 CSMonster BABIES
05:12 wannabe1987 awwwwwwwww
05:12 CSMonster 400 BABIES
05:12 speedrunnerG55 Im back
05:12 wannabe1987 omg
05:12 wannabe1987 nowai!
05:13 CSMonster speedrunner needs to move faster
05:13 wannabe1987 lol
05:13 wannabe1987 .define uncouth
05:13 BotSteve uncouth — adjective: 1. (archaic) Unfamiliar, strange, foreign, 2. Clumsy, awkward, 3. Unrefined, crude
05:13 speedrunnerG55
05:13 Thaery_Away is now known as Thaery
05:13 wannabe1987 .define dolf
05:13 BotSteve dolf — verb: 1. singular past indicative of delven
05:13 wannabe1987 what???
05:13 speedrunnerG55 .define durp
05:13 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for durp.
05:13 CSMonster LMAO, that doesn't help
05:13 CSMonster .define delven
05:13 BotSteve delven — verb: 1. to delve, dig, excavate
05:14 wannabe1987 ...
05:14 CSMonster dolf = dug?
05:14 CSMonster is there a list of commands for botsteve?
05:14 Thaery nope
05:14 speedrunnerG55 .help
05:14 wannabe1987 rose - colored uncouth dolf is aware of the nature of precipitation, darling
05:14 speedrunnerG55 .?
05:14 speedrunnerG55 Grr
05:14 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell batsteve we need a list of commands
05:15 Thaery BatSteve hasn't implemented it yet
05:15 Thaery He keeps adding anyway
05:15 wannabe1987 doesnt help
05:15 wannabe1987 i know
05:15 wannabe1987 but still
05:15 speedrunnerG55 It needs the standard cli help commabd
05:15 CSMonster sneezy elephant is sneezy
05:15 Thaery yeah everything need man
05:16 Thaery I'm trying to leanr to add to BotSteve
05:17 Thaery But I last did programming a long long time ago
05:17 Yaotz "On April 29, 2011 videos that have been uploaded to Google Video will no longer be available for playback. "
05:17 Thaery .........................
05:17 Thaery what?
05:17 Yaotz google video is closing up shop
05:17 wannabe1987 ...
05:17 wannabe1987 y?!
05:17 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
05:17 Yaotz;hl=en
05:17 Thaery youtube i imagine
05:18 Yaotz yeah probably switching to youtube
05:18 Thaery why run to similar products
05:18 wannabe1987 hi leadhead
05:18 Thaery *two
05:18 LeadHead HI.
05:18 * Photon939 bashes LeadHead over the head with a battle-cactus
05:18 Yaotz Same reason why Machinima did it?
05:18 Yaotz dunno
05:18 Thaery not a lead pipe?
05:18 Yaotz Either way, google video much like ED is KIA
05:18 CSMonster battle cactus?
05:18 Photon939 yes.
05:19 Thaery Okay then
05:19 LeadHead Better than battle-toads.
05:20 Yaotz Battletoads
05:20 wannabe1987 battle toes?
05:20 CSMonster balto?
05:20 wannabe1987 PUPPY!
05:20 CSMonster .define balto
05:20 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for balto.
05:20 Thaery If uou have battle toes, you better clip your toe nails
05:20 Photon939 clip?
05:20 wannabe1987 .define battle-toads
05:20 Photon939 or sharpen?
05:20 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for battle-toads.
05:20 wannabe1987 lol
05:20 Thaery lol
05:20 Yaotz Altercation Amphibians
05:20 CSMonster .define bot
05:20 BotSteve bot — noun: 1. The larva of a bot fly, which infests the skin of various mammals, producing warbles, or the nasal passage of sheep, or the stomach of horses — verb: 1. (UK, slang) To bugger, 2. (Australian, informal) To ask for and be given something with the direct intention of exploiting [...]
05:21 Yaotz Fighting Frogs
05:21 Thaery ninja turtles?
05:21 Thaery been done
05:21 Yaotz Frogs are not turtles
05:21 Thaery nope
05:21 Thaery but they are amphibians
05:21 LeadHead K gais, we all know that the bot has a built in dictionary. No need to .define every word(s) that sound funny.
05:21 CSMonster pretty sure you can play as a battle toad in mariokart
05:22 wannabe1987 .define mariokart
05:22 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for mariokart.
05:22 Yaotz nein
05:22 CSMonster i was trying to get him to define himself.  one step closer to self-awareness and enslaving humanity.
05:22 Thaery .wiki mariokart
05:22 BotSteve "Mario Kart (マリオカート, Mario Kāto|?|) is a series of go-kart-style racing video games developed by Nintendo as a series of spin-offs from its trademark Mario series of platformer adventure-style video games." -
05:22 wannabe1987 botsteve needs a life
05:22 wannabe1987 and yes i know what mario kart is
05:22 Thaery :D
05:22 Thaery do you really?
05:22 wannabe1987 we have crash nitro kart...a knockoff
05:23 wannabe1987 cuz my 'rents are cheap
05:24 Yaotz I'm waiting for google to buy a major news organization
05:24 Yaotz so they can host their news on youtube live
05:24 wannabe1987 lol
05:24 CSMonster crash nitro kart = crash bandicoot game?
05:24 Yaotz and come that much closer to pretty much taking over the world
05:24 wannabe1987 csmonster - probably
05:25 Thaery But............ "Don't be Evil"
05:25 CSMonster that's not so much a cheap knockoff as an expy
05:25 Thaery If anything google should hook up with NPR
05:26 wannabe1987 expy?
05:26 CSMonster look it up on tvtropes
05:26 wannabe1987 .tropes expy
05:26 CSMonster or have botsteve do it.  <forgot the command for tvtropes>
05:26 wannabe1987 .tv expy
05:26 wannabe1987 FUCK
05:26 wannabe1987 .fuck
05:27 CSMonster LOL
05:27 wannabe1987 <botsteve> never heard of that command
05:28 speedrunnerG55 Language!!
05:28 wannabe1987 you're not too young
05:28 wannabe1987 you can deal
05:28 Thaery .define language
05:28 speedrunnerG55 ...
05:28 BotSteve language — noun: 1. (countable) A form of communication using words either spoken or gestured with the hands and structured with grammar, often with a writing system, 2. (uncountable) The ability to communicate using words
05:28 wannabe1987 did i break botsteve?
05:28 wannabe1987 o no ok :)
05:28 CSMonster .define botsteve
05:28 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for botsteve.
05:28 CSMonster ^see, that's a problem.
05:29 Thaery lol
05:29 speedrunnerG55 LOL
05:29 wannabe1987 lol
05:29 wannabe1987 when you cannot define yourself...
05:29 CSMonster botsteve lacks sense of self.
05:29 wannabe1987 .define robot
05:29 BotSteve robot — noun: 1. (chiefly  science fiction) An intelligent mechanical being designed to look like a human or other creature, and usually made from metal, 2. (figuratively) A person who does not seem to have any emotions
05:29 wannabe1987 .define bot
05:29 BotSteve bot — noun: 1. The larva of a bot fly, which infests the skin of various mammals, producing warbles, or the nasal passage of sheep, or the stomach of horses — verb: 1. (UK, slang) To bugger, 2. (Australian, informal) To ask for and be given something with the direct intention of exploiting [...]
05:29 CSMonster i already did define bot
05:29 wannabe1987 and it failed
05:29 speedrunnerG55 .define life
05:29 CSMonster yes
05:29 BotSteve life — noun: 1. The state that follows birth, and precedes death; the state of being alive and living, 2. The period during which one (a person, an animal, a plant, a star) is alive
05:30 wannabe1987 .define and
05:30 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for and.
05:30 wannabe1987 fail
05:30 CSMonster lol
05:30 wannabe1987 .define fail
05:30 BotSteve fail — noun: 1. a failure, especially of a financial transaction, 2. a failing grade in an academic examination — verb: 1. (intr.) To be unsuccessful, 2. (trans.) Not to achieve a particular stated goal. (Usage note: The direct object of this word is usually an infinitive.)
05:30 speedrunnerG55 .define the imposible
05:30 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for the imposible.
05:30 wannabe1987 .define speedrunner
05:30 BotSteve speedrunner — noun: 1. (video games) A player who performs speedruns
05:31 speedrunnerG55 YESS
05:31 wannabe1987 .define wannabe
05:31 BotSteve wannabe — noun: 1. someone who wishes to be or do something, but lacks the qualifications or talent; an overeager amateur; an aspirant
05:31 CSMonster LMAO
05:31 Thaery Veni, Vidi, Ventum
05:31 CSMonster very nice.
05:31 CSMonster .define sea monster
05:31 BotSteve sea monster — noun: 1. (mythology) A large and aggressive creature living in or under the sea that attacks ship
05:31 speedrunnerG55 .define the unknown
05:31 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for the unknown.
05:31 wannabe1987 its unknown
05:32 speedrunnerG55 XD
05:32 Thaery .wa the unknown
05:32 BotSteve unknown;An unknown is an independent variable of a function. A function with n independent variables is said to be a function (open curly double quote)in,(close curly double quote) (open curly double quote)with,(close curly double quote) or (open curly double quote)of(close curly double quote) n unknowns.;indeterminate -> variable;terminology -> functions -> polynomials;08A40 -> 11Cxx -> 33-XX
05:32 speedrunnerG55 .wa?
05:32 Thaery Wolfram Alpha
05:33 CSMonster .wiki wolfram alpha
05:33 BotSteve "Wolfram Alpha (styled Wolfram|Alpha) is an answer engine developed by Wolfram Research." -
05:34 Thaery yes, yes it is
05:34 CSMonster <shrug> i didn't know
05:34 speedrunnerG55 .wa .wa
05:34 BotSteve Couldn't grab results from json stringified precioussss.
05:35 speedrunnerG55 .define .define
05:35 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for .define.
05:35 speedrunnerG55 Do you know what you are doing?
05:35 speedrunnerG55 ..nope
05:35 wannabe1987 do you?
05:36 LeadHead Yello.
05:36 wannabe1987 mello
05:37 Thaery jello?
05:37 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
05:37 wannabe1987 hi stigern :)
05:37 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
05:37 wannabe1987 dafuc
05:37 wannabe1987 k?
05:38 IIsi50MHz Wolfram Alpha and Google Calculator are integrated into Chromey Calculator, an extension for Google Chrome.
05:38 IIsi50MHz It's fairly handy.
05:38 IIsi50MHz But then, I'm biased. I worked on part of it.
05:38 Thaery Wolfram Alpha is cool, if you are interested in CS read a new kind of science
05:40 djrock9000 left #thegeekgroup
05:45 Thaery Everybod is dead. Everybody is deade Dave.
05:45 * CSMonster is dead
05:45 Thaery Ctrl+z
05:46 Thaery Everybody is dead. Everybody is dead Dave.
05:46 * CSMonster is restarting from last save point
05:46 wannabe1987 sucks
05:46 Thaery What? Peterson?
05:46 wannabe1987 at least you have savepoints!
05:46 Thaery Yes Dave.
05:46 Thaery Everybody is dead.
05:47 CSMonster novel is watching and/or reading 2001SO
05:47 wannabe1987 lol
05:47 CSMonster or just reminiscing
05:48 Arruid left #thegeekgroup
05:50 LeadHead v
05:52 wannabe1987 w
05:52 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
05:55 Thaery nope red dwarf
05:55 wannabe1987 ginger dwarves?  o gosh
05:55 wannabe1987 world ending!
05:55 wannabe1987 :P
05:55 Thaery lol
05:55 CSMonster lol
05:55 Thaery Don't tell me you guys don't know Red Dwarf!
05:55 wannabe1987 i don't
05:56 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
05:56 wannabe1987 i'm sheltered!
05:56 Thaery Get it!
05:56 wannabe1987 what is "it"?
05:56 CSMonster i don't pay attention to culture-stuff
05:56 wannabe1987 altho, you can find "it" on ebay...
05:56 Thaery British Sci-Fi sitcom at it's finest
05:56 wannabe1987 or you could...
05:56 Thaery I thought you got "it" on craigslist.......
05:57 wannabe1987 that too :P
05:57 Thaery Sriously though if you like British humor like "the IT crowd" give "Red Dwarf" a go
06:01 Hackbat
06:01 Hackbat Want
06:01 Hackbat D:
06:02 wannabe1987 hi hackbat
06:02 wannabe1987 i keep reading "hackbot"
06:02 wannabe1987 sorry
06:02 Hackbat also this has exposed me to Tau which kicks pi's ass in usefulness
06:02 Hackbat It's cool
06:02 Hackbat and Hi :D
06:03 wannabe1987 hows life?
06:03 CSMonster ooooooohohohoh yes *want bad*
06:03 Hackbat Any of yall ever heard of Tau?
06:03 Hackbat I'm good  :3
06:03 wannabe1987 no
06:03 wannabe1987 mrow?
06:03 * CSMonster can hardly count to 10
06:04 DruidicRifleman i saw the nicest pair of boobs tonight
06:04 Hackbat Pi = Tau/2
06:04 wannabe1987 really
06:04 wannabe1987 so pi*2 = tau?
06:04 Hackbat yes
06:04 Thaery DruidicRifleman: did you really
06:04 Hackbat pi = C/D
06:05 Hackbat Tau = C/r
06:05 Hackbat Tau fits into math better than pi does
06:05 wannabe1987 ...
06:05 CSMonster but pi is tastier
06:05 Thaery how about phi?
06:05 DruidicRifleman Yeah
06:05 wannabe1987 whats botsteve's math thing?
06:05 Hackbat
06:05 wannabe1987 .c 3.14156*2
06:05 BotSteve 6.28312
06:05 Hackbat thats Tau!
06:06 Hackbat radians make more sense too
06:06 Hackbat in radians a 1/4 revolution is Pi/8
06:06 Hackbat in Tau radians a quarter revolution is Tau/4
06:07 * wannabe1987 is confused again
06:07 * CSMonster measures angles in MOA and Mil-radians
06:08 * wannabe1987 has no clue what those are
06:08 CSMonster measurements of how well you can hit targets at long distances.
06:08 wannabe1987 cool.  i dont' know how to use it
06:10 CSMonster IE if i say i can shoot with 1 MOA accuracy, it means i can approximately hit a 1" circle at 100 yards, or a 2" circle at 200 yards.  its how you measure the accuracy of ballistic weapons as a spread cone; using minutes of angle (one 60th of a degree) or milradians (one 1000th of a radian)
06:11 CSMonster i think.  (is better with MOA than Milrads)
06:14 * CSMonster is better at shooting stuff than at math :(
06:14 * wannabe1987 thinks shooting stuff is fun
06:17 * Thaery could hit the side of a barn with a shotgun
06:17 Thaery *couldn't
06:17 wannabe1987 lol
06:17 CSMonster lol
06:17 wannabe1987 c-c-c-combo breaker!
06:17 CSMonster could be worse
06:18 Thaery Where i grew up firearms were illegal
06:18 * CSMonster knows people who couldn't hit the broad side of a barn from the inside, and yet insist that they are good marksmen
06:18 wannabe1987 lol
06:18 CSMonster where did novel grow up?
06:18 Thaery Netherlands
06:18 wannabe1987 canadia land
06:18 wannabe1987 o lol
06:18 CSMonster aha
06:19 wannabe1987 but pot is legal?  wtf...
06:19 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
06:19 Thaery Was 22 when i moved to Canada
06:19 Thaery yup
06:19 Thaery Pot kills less people than guns
06:19 wannabe1987 true
06:19 CSMonster that's a shame.  the Dutch-built AR-10s from the 1950s are pretty sick
06:19 Thaery lol
06:21 Thaery know what, I had no cue about he dutch version of the AR-10
06:21 Thaery *clue
06:21 CSMonster
06:22 CSMonster they were the original Mfg.  Armalite was an R&D company, they never mass-produced anything.  they first mass-produced version of the AR-10 was made under license by AI Nederland
06:22 CSMonster until... late 50s or early 60s, i can't remember.  dutch law changed and said they couldn't produce military weapons anymore, so they shut down.
06:23 CSMonster and they are SUPER rare in the US
06:23 Thaery Dutch police nowadays use FN guns. Belgian company
06:23 CSMonster yep
06:23 CSMonster everyone uses FN
06:23 Thaery even though we "hate" each other
06:24 CSMonster FN is the current producer of the M16A2 for the US military; Colt lost the contract due to union problems
06:25 CSMonster or rather, in 84, when they switched from the M16A1 to the M16A2, they gave the new contract to FN because they were sick of Colt's BS
06:25 DruidicRifleman CSM what do you think about this kit as shwon in the photo
06:25 DruidicRifleman;category_id=181
06:25 DruidicRifleman BTW i think loud boden broke my head phones
06:26 CSMonster loud boden is good boden
06:26 wannabe1987 lol
06:26 CSMonster i don't like the quality of most of the stuff Model 1 sells
06:26 wannabe1987 druidicrifleman - he might buy you new ones (or just laugh) when you tell him :P
06:26 DruidicRifleman Bursted speakers are not goods
06:26 * CSMonster is reading specs
06:26 wannabe1987 reading glasses?  how do you do that?
06:27 CSMonster LOL
06:27 DruidicRifleman I want an AR15 stupid blond bitch :(
06:27 Woshin left #thegeekgroup
06:27 wannabe1987 what'd i do now?!
06:27 DruidicRifleman LOL no the only canadian female priminister
06:27 DruidicRifleman she was a blond bitch
06:27 wannabe1987 o ok
06:27 CSMonster Извините?
06:27 CSMonster oh
06:27 CSMonster i was going to say "don't call me blonde"
06:28 DruidicRifleman She took a hit of acid and Sat down with a Copy of gun digest and Banned all the guns that scared her
06:28 CSMonster everyone has to have a hobby
06:28 wannabe1987 yeah
06:28 DruidicRifleman yeah sadly kim cambles was legislating while high on acid
06:29 DruidicRifleman which is why the AR15 is restricted
06:29 wannabe1987 i am blond and can be bitchy...depends on time of month :P
06:29 CSMonster yeah, not crazy about the kit.  if you're looking at it because of price, you can do a lot better for a little more money.
06:30 DruidicRifleman yeah.
06:30 DruidicRifleman I kinda like the SPR style i don't like the 16 inchers
06:31 CSMonster a lot of the "upgrade features" they offer are dumb (never get any kind of extended charging handle latch that isn't a BCM Gunfighter) and i don't like the barrel
06:31 DruidicRifleman I don't like the flash hider
06:31 DruidicRifleman if i had the cash to drop I'd Love a Keltec RFB
06:32 CSMonster stainless is fine is peak accuracy is your goal but if you can't hit what you're aiming at at 500m with a chrome-lined barrel, you don't need a stainless barrel, you need more practice.  4140 is suck (4150 is milspec) and they don't say if the 4140 is chrome-lined
06:33 DruidicRifleman Every gun i own is more accurate then me
06:33 DruidicRifleman my savage .223 is M.O.A. at 100 yards
06:33 CSMonster that's not terrible.
06:34 DruidicRifleman that group i shot the Day i mounted the scope
06:34 DruidicRifleman My cousing bought his .17HMR from the same store and they said they bore sighted it
06:34 DruidicRifleman it was 1 foot of at 10 feet
06:34 CSMonster terrible would be my Mosin, which shoots 7moa. it needs to be counterbored
06:35 DruidicRifleman Mosin are minute of deer for the most part
06:35 CSMonster no, it'll shoot 1/2MOA
06:35 DruidicRifleman yeah it's capable
06:35 CSMonster after i counterbore it to get rid of all the cleaning rod wear, and find ammo it likes
06:36 Hackbat hah
06:36 Hackbat from math to guns
06:36 DruidicRifleman A chick who hand loads... you single?
06:36 CSMonster yep, that happens
06:36 Hackbat only on the internet
06:36 CSMonster yes, but you're barking up the wrong tree.
06:36 wannabe1987 woof
06:36 CSMonster ^
06:37 DruidicRifleman lol no i've seen conversations go from gardening to the best way to dispose of a human corpse
06:37 wannabe1987 which is?
06:37 CSMonster i can very perfectly see how those two are related.
06:37 wannabe1987 same
06:37 CSMonster rotting corpse makes great fertilizer
06:38 DruidicRifleman Lol
06:38 CSMonster not that it's the BEST way mind you
06:38 DruidicRifleman Well you've seen the 4.5K are i want
06:38 CSMonster eh?
06:38 DruidicRifleman
06:38 DruidicRifleman This one
06:38 DruidicRifleman :)
06:38 CSMonster oh, that
06:39 DruidicRifleman the also sell the stock i'd want for it
06:39 CSMonster i'd rather have the ares shrike.
06:39 CSMonster which is NO LONGER VAPORWARE
06:39 CSMonster (yay!)
06:39 DruidicRifleman Either or personally
06:42 CSMonster if you're talking belt-fed, you're talking machine gun (semiauto be dammed) and any self-respecting machine gun has quickly and easily replaced barrels (because you burn them like cigarettes).  the shrike has this feature, the valk doesn't.
06:43 CSMonster anyway i think we scared away everyone else again.
06:43 wannabe1987 no
06:43 wannabe1987 i just don't know guns personally
06:43 wannabe1987 i've shot them (with, and without hearing protection) but thats about it
06:43 wannabe1987 he does hand load some of his bullets tho...pretty awesome i hear
06:44 CSMonster no one likes to take part in a convo about something they know absolutely nothing about, and so it gets boring for everyone else.  if i want gun chat, i'll go somewhere else.
06:45 * CSMonster is currently researching mechanical watches
06:45 wannabe1987 i would have to take one apart to know how they work...i love/hate being a hands-on learner
06:49 wannabe1987 *sigh*
06:49 CSMonster ?
06:49 exor674 Iiii... totaly read that as "hands-on lover" and was wondering what being a hands on lover had to do with watches
06:50 CSMonster LMFAO
06:50 exor674 that might be a sign I should be in bed
06:50 CSMonster it had to do with guns, not watches.  therefore it may have *everything* to do with being a hands-on lover.
06:50 CSMonster at least... i think.
06:51 exor674 also (disclaimer I know nothing about guns besides random shit I've watched on YT), aren't most guns quite easy to take apart to yaknow, clean?
06:51 wannabe1987 the "*sigh*" is cuz of my derpession...
06:51 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987 if she desires it?
06:51 wannabe1987 thanks :)
06:52 wannabe1987 and lack of communication from certain male housemates (aka boyfriend0
06:52 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
06:52 CSMonster yes, ease of disassembly is kind of important for cleaning and maintenance.  ease of disassembly does not necessarily mean being not-complicated
06:52 exor674 silly boys
06:52 wannabe1987 agreed
06:53 wannabe1987 ilive with 4 moved intoday so it went from 3 to 4
06:53 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
06:53 BatSteve aw I missed guns
06:53 BotSteve BatSteve: At 03:30Z, mikemol asked me to tell you Ah...understood.
06:53 CSMonster well...
06:53 CSMonster not really.  i'm still here.  though i don't like hogging the public channel with guntalk
06:53 BatSteve it's 3am
06:53 BatSteve hog away
06:53 BatSteve (grin)
06:54 CSMonster LOL
06:54 BatSteve nobody's awake to care
06:54 BatSteve except me
06:54 wannabe1987 :(  then i might as well go to bed then
06:54 BatSteve and I should be asleep, except that guns are sufficient to keep me up
06:54 CSMonster lol
06:54 exor674 wannabe1987: that's a lot of boys! hide >_
06:54 exor674 <
06:54 CSMonster nah, don't go wannabe
06:54 wannabe1987 exor674 - iknow, right?!
06:54 wannabe1987 CSMonster - i have to get up around 9 or 10...
06:55 CSMonster so?  it's only midnight.  :D
06:55 DruidicRifleman I was reading the deranged lunitic writings of a CBC employie trying to claim if canada didn't register non restricted firearms that therew would be Massive gun battles In the street
06:55 CSMonster "it's always five o'clock somewhere"
06:55 wannabe1987 LONG ASS DAY ahead...going to the theatre store...and hanging out with my friend who can't walk yet...and putting together a bookshelf and ZOMB
06:55 CSMonster yeah, there are plenty of people who think that way, DR.
06:55 wannabe1987 CSMonster - its almost 3am
06:55 CSMonster can't.... walk?
06:56 wannabe1987 my depression deepens around 2-3 am
06:56 wannabe1987 she rolled her car
06:56 CSMonster ouchies.
06:56 wannabe1987 she's relearning how to walk :D
06:56 CSMonster you should take her flowers
06:56 CSMonster and chocolate
06:56 exor674 erk :(
06:56 BatSteve wannabe1987: all the more reason to be unconscious between 2 and 3 am
06:56 wannabe1987 no, i'm giving her my time...i've been a BAD BAD friend lately
06:56 BatSteve and yes, flowers are important
06:56 DruidicRifleman And they Say i am crazy for... beleaving that The registry had nothing to do with holding up the sky
06:56 wannabe1987 i know...but Tj doesn't get off work until 2-2:30...
06:56 wannabe1987 and if i don't see him then...when will i?
06:57 wannabe1987 he starts his new job soon, which is a graveyard shift job...
06:57 wannabe1987 and my house doesn't really wake up till 2ish anyway...
06:57 wannabe1987 noon-2
06:57 CSMonster long distance relationship in the form of time travel?
06:57 wannabe1987 i normally get up around...10
06:57 wannabe1987 i wanted a hug...he walked right past my room "too tired"
06:57 wannabe1987 ...
06:57 exor674 I'd agree, time is more important then things.
06:57 exor674 wannabe1987: jerk!
06:57 DruidicRifleman Hmmm maybe it's encoding
06:58 DruidicRifleman reboot
06:58 exor674 ( not you, ofc! )
06:58 BatSteve go chase him down
06:58 BatSteve tackle
06:58 wannabe1987 he's upstairs in his "man cave"
06:58 BatSteve hug into submission
06:58 wannabe1987 can't
06:58 wannabe1987 he has space issues
06:59 CSMonster pfft
06:59 CSMonster "issues"
06:59 exor674 depression sucks
06:59 CSMonster depression sucks the life out of you.
06:59 exor674 ( I've needed a hug all day and don't have anyone to procure one from :( )
06:59 wannabe1987 (((HUGS)))
06:59 wannabe1987 there
07:00 exor674 thanks!!!!! ( not the same as a real life hug, sadly but better then noting! 0
07:01 wannabe1987 :D
07:01 wannabe1987 i know whatcha mean
07:01 BatSteve this is the musical version of a hug
07:01 BatSteve
07:01 CSMonster lol, i love that thing.
07:01 wannabe1987 anyway...since he's not coming down here, and i'm not going up there and hoedown isn't coming online......i'm going to bed...
07:01 BatSteve awesome plan
07:01 CSMonster okey
07:01 exor674 sleep well wannabe1987, have fun with your friend!
07:02 CSMonster sleep well.
07:02 wannabe1987 i will  thanks guys
07:02 wannabe1987 and gals
07:02 CSMonster in the mean time, rest well, and dream of *large* women.
07:02 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
07:02 BatSteve ::blink::
07:02 CSMonster lol
07:02 CSMonster :D
07:02 wannabe1987 ...
07:02 CSMonster oh come on.  no one can tell me what that's from?
07:03 BatSteve apparently not
07:03 CSMonster princess bride
07:03 BatSteve OH!
07:03 CSMonster LOL
07:03 CSMonster yeah
07:03 BatSteve hahahah that's right
07:03 CSMonster duh
07:04 Yaotz I already dream of large women
07:04 CSMonster lol
07:04 CSMonster as you should.
07:04 exor674 neh, I want to sleep so I can be awake during people hours, and maybe tomorrow will be a better day for me but ugh, do not want to sleep >_<
07:05 BatSteve exor674: what would you rather do instead?
07:05 exor674 sit here and watch TV episodes till I can't physically stay up anymore? >_<
07:06 CSMonster batsteve votes for talking about guns.  caspianseamonster votes for talking about something that won't drive other people away.   what does exor vote for?
07:07 BatSteve ( BatSteve *always* votes for talking about guns.  He won't mind if tonight is not a night for them. )
07:07 exor674 I don't really care because I probably will only pay attention here on and off
07:08 CSMonster lol okay
07:08 BatSteve must be a good show then
07:08 CSMonster exor is watching the 3am GGW adverts.
07:08 exor674 well, that and I'm probably going to be doing other things *and* my multitasking kinda fails at this hour
07:08 exor674 heh :P No, I'm watching downloaded dirty jobs eps
07:08 Yaotz Videogames and cooking
07:08 CSMonster ah, just as good
07:09 Yaotz either works
07:09 BatSteve woot Mike Rowe
07:09 CSMonster AHA late night Cooking with Yaotz
07:09 exor674 and snacking!
07:09 * exor674 is weird
07:09 CSMonster i approve
07:09 Yaotz I'm playing a Diablo 2 clone on PSN
07:09 Noise_Marine left #thegeekgroup
07:09 Yaotz at the moment
07:09 CSMonster lol, there are certain parts of that show during which a normal person should not allow theirself to eat
07:10 Yaotz Bizarre foods is a good show
07:10 Yaotz I'd try the majority of the stuff on that show
07:10 CSMonster i will have absolutely nothing to do with septic waste in any way
07:10 exor674 CSMonster: pretty much nothing can gross me out
07:10 exor674 at least, nothing *On tv*
07:10 CSMonster lol
07:11 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
07:13 BatSteve actually...
07:13 BatSteve seroster is gone
07:13 BatSteve changed my mind
07:13 CSMonster the swede
07:13 BatSteve ignore guns
07:13 CSMonster lol
07:13 CSMonster okay... why?
07:14 BatSteve I need to think of new insults for BotSteve
07:14 BatSteve for when Seroster joins
07:14 CSMonster lol, dunno what to tell you there.
07:15 BatSteve drat
07:15 BatSteve who was it then who seroster was talking about...
07:15 CSMonster i thought "oh balls" was good
07:15 CSMonster oh... that would be me
07:16 CSMonster he asked me for help, and i told him later when my brain was less fried.
07:16 CSMonster my brain is never less fried
07:16 BatSteve Help with insults?
07:16 BatSteve or with something else?
07:16 CSMonster help with botsteve insults
07:16 BatSteve oh, okay
07:16 BatSteve ....why you?  Are you friends or something?
07:16 BatSteve (just wondering)
07:17 CSMonster nope, he just seems to think i'm funny and intelligent.  i have no clue why
07:17 BatSteve I'd go with because you seem funny and intelligent.
07:17 BatSteve But that's just my guess.
07:17 CSMonster :)
07:18 * CSMonster is still playing with the sound sequencer board
07:19 BatSteve I know right?!
07:19 tggosc left #thegeekgroup
07:19 CSMonster "*THIS IS THE SOUND OF A HAPPY FACE!!!1*" >:|
07:20 CSMonster it's like a singing etchasketch
07:25 CSMonster so what's going on?
07:25 BatSteve wasting precious moments of my life until I'm sleepy enough to go to bed
07:25 CSMonster lol ok
07:26 BatSteve Which is less than optimal, really
07:26 BatSteve I usually try to be up early and go to bed early
07:26 BatSteve But I got sick a while ago and it threw my schedule off.  And I haven't really had the discipline to get it back
07:26 BatSteve which is annoying
07:27 CSMonster i gave up on being synchronized to the world a long time ago.  my body is in Washington but my circadian rhythm is somewhere in the indian ocean
07:27 CSMonster ah, yeah, that sucks.
07:28 exor674 yeah, I keep winding up in one of my online friends timezones
07:29 exor674 I live in Colorado, she lives in the Phillipines -- doesn't make for great "being awake for a normal person locally" time
07:29 CSMonster LOL
07:29 CSMonster no i imagine not.
07:29 BatSteve Wow, that's a pretty spectacular one
07:30 BatSteve Then again I live in michigan and I'm friends with folks in Australia
07:30 BatSteve So I guess I can't talk too much
07:32 CSMonster anyone here know anything about mechnical watches?
07:32 CSMonster *mechanical
07:32 BatSteve sadly no
07:33 exor674 they're quite tiny and complex?
07:33 exor674 other then that, no
07:33 CSMonster they are that.
07:34 exor674 anyone here know what voltage range audio signals sit in ( I totally wish I had an o-scope... )
07:34 * CSMonster is looking for robustness and longevity in a wind-up pocket watch
07:34 CSMonster no idea.  i'm fail at electronics :(
07:35 BatSteve anybody here know what six plus seven is?
07:35 CSMonster LOL
07:35 BatSteve (:
07:35 exor674 015 :P
07:35 CSMonster .c 6+7
07:35 BotSteve 13
07:36 exor674 or 0xD, whichever you prefer
07:36 CSMonster 6+7=15 in base 8...
07:37 BatSteve Aw man, you're pulling out the hexadecimal on me now
07:37 CSMonster :/
07:37 BatSteve ::thinks back to remember how to do hex::
07:37 exor674 hence the 0 prefix, CSMonster *g*
07:37 CSMonster *g*?
07:37 exor674 I have NO idea where I picked that up, but it's kinda a version of :)
07:38 exor674 at least as I understoodf
07:38 BatSteve I figured it out
07:38 CSMonster LOL
07:38 CSMonster okay
07:43 BatSteve ugh
07:43 BatSteve I suppose I'm done
07:44 BatSteve so long everyone, have a good night
07:44 CSMonster yeah, i'm getting pretty tired too
07:44 CSMonster you too
07:44 CSMonster later
07:44 CSMonster night exor
07:44 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
07:44 exor674 I probably should curl up in bed too
07:44 exor674 night
07:44 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:45 Hackbat Sadface D:
08:06 JA12 left #thegeekgroup
09:09 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
09:14 wannabe1987 hackbat...don't be sad :(
09:14 Hackbat lol I'm not anymore
09:15 Sgt_Lemming mesa back!
09:15 Hackbat wb
09:19 Sgt_Lemming some ahole smashed the front glass on my bike headlight today :-(
09:20 Thermoelectric That sucks.
09:20 Sgt_Lemming yeah
09:20 Sgt_Lemming not even sure if I can get replacement glass
09:20 Sgt_Lemming and with it not there the reflector is loose and rattles like a bitch...
09:21 Thermoelectric Gah, that would be even more annoying
09:21 Sgt_Lemming oh yes
09:21 exor674 can not sleep sigh
09:21 Sgt_Lemming considering just spinning some metal off the cap with the lathe to make it snug up against the reflector, but worried about water getting into it then..
09:23 Sgt_Lemming <--- it's that
09:23 Sgt_Lemming damned decent light for the price.
09:24 wannabe1987 exor647 i sorry :(
09:25 exor674 wannabe1987: you failing at sleep too?
09:25 wannabe1987 no i slept, dog next door woke me up and now i'm talking to a friend about our sucky days...he had one, i had a sucky depressed spell...
09:28 wannabe1987 he's the one i wanted to talk to while depressed...but he was off at some chicks house
09:28 exor674 silly dog
09:28 wannabe1987 .define glasgow
09:28 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for glasgow.
09:28 wannabe1987 fail
09:28 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
09:29 wannabe1987 hello frenchie
09:29 mashpriborintorg Hello
09:29 Hackbat charlieplexing a 8x8 matrix on paper sucks
09:29 mashpriborintorg just registered my nickname, it's safer
09:29 wannabe1987 charlieplexing?  never mind...its mathy, i'm sure
09:29 Hackbat nah
09:29 Hackbat
09:30 Sgt_Lemming a method of controlling large numbers of LED's or other polarity dependent devices with fewer IO lines
09:30 Hackbat yep
09:30 mashpriborintorg I saw a youtube video about make
09:30 pegasus
09:31 mashpriborintorg onto makemagazine channel if I remember well
09:31 exor674 heee
09:31 mashpriborintorg simple explanations for led multiplex
09:32 Hackbat mashpriborintorg, 3x3x3 led cube?
09:32 mashpriborintorg the multiplex of thousand RGB leds, for larger display systems, must be quite complex :D
09:32 wannabe1987 see, IO lines is something ELSE i don't understand...i hate this channel sometimes
09:32 mashpriborintorg nope, just for making 2D matrix
09:33 Sgt_Lemming IO line is easy wannabe1987
09:33 wannabe1987 no its not
09:33 Sgt_Lemming it's something you use as an input or an output
09:33 Hackbat yeps
09:33 Sgt_Lemming it's quite literally that simple
09:34 * wannabe1987 hates being a HANDS ON even work...
09:34 * wannabe1987 goes away
09:34 Sgt_Lemming best way of learning is hands on
09:34 exor674 aw don't go away
09:34 Sgt_Lemming by far and away
09:34 Hackbat what sucks is when I explain to ther people what I'm doing with a microcontroler they're not the impressed >_<
09:34 * Sgt_Lemming listens attentively
09:36 exor674 yeah, do tell what you are doing!
09:36 Hackbat "What ar you doing" "Programming my microcontroller" "Whats that do?" "lets me turn stuff off and on with the pins" "ah *walk off*" "I swear it's cool D:"
09:36 Sgt_Lemming Hackbat, I'm building my own MCU based brushless motor controller that has rs485 comms, can do ABS and co-ordinates with other MCU's to do traction control on a multi wheeled vehicle :-P
09:36 Sgt_Lemming ABS Braking*
09:37 Hackbat fuck yes
09:37 Sgt_Lemming wanna see what it's going on?
09:37 exor674 I've gotten more into playing with FPGAs now, micros are boring >_<
09:37 Sgt_Lemming oh also, it can handle 2.4Kw
09:37 Sgt_Lemming 30V 80A
09:37 Hackbat sure :D
09:38 Sgt_Lemming
09:38 Sgt_Lemming the observant will notice there is a drive pulley on each wheel :-P
09:38 Hackbat exor674, a $100 fpga is kinda too much for most things ;p
09:38 Sgt_Lemming yeah
09:39 Hackbat nice
09:39 * wannabe1987 became confused again...
09:39 Sgt_Lemming ALL the components I need for 4 motor controllers and the charge/battery controller is less than $100 for that thing
09:39 wannabe1987 i'm ranting about mental health "funding" on facebook and technical crap here...hmmm
09:39 exor674 yeah I know, ofc the first real thing I did with an FPGA was this:
09:39 wannabe1987 one's more important to me...
09:39 Sgt_Lemming the killer is the batteries, $100 each... and I need 16 of them...
09:39 exor674 which could totally be done with a micro with sufficient PWM channels
09:39 Sgt_Lemming an arduino mega for instance
09:40 exor674 ( all that was was a SPI interface and 12 PWM channels
09:40 * wannabe1987 figured out the issue...ACRONYMNS
09:40 Sgt_Lemming you could probably do it on a normal arduino with some finangling
09:41 exor674 I was gonna add a few more RGB leds, but now the problem is the SPI interface was too slow ( you can sorta see the redraw
09:41 Sgt_Lemming wannabe1987
09:41 Hackbat software pwm?
09:41 wannabe1987 thats too much work, sgt_lemming when ya'lls throwing thems around like candy
09:41 Sgt_Lemming if you want one explained just ask
09:41 Sgt_Lemming or
09:41 Sgt_Lemming .w PWM
09:41 BotSteve "Probability Weighted Moment, a concept from Statistical inference" -
09:41 wannabe1987 no...i'll annoy someime
09:42 wannabe1987 someone*
09:42 wannabe1987 i can't do that
09:42 exor674 lol
09:42 exor674 pulse width modulation!
09:42 wannabe1987 whats that mean
09:42 Sgt_Lemming .w Pulse Width Modulation
09:42 BotSteve "Pulse-width modulation (PWM), or pulse-duration modulation (PDM), is a commonly used technique for controlling power to inertial electrical devices, made practical by modern electronic power switches." -
09:42 wannabe1987 well, whtas it do
09:42 wannabe1987 whats this mean
09:42 Hackbat ARG it'd be easier to actually wire up the matrix
09:42 wannabe1987 why that
09:42 Hackbat lol
09:42 wannabe1987 why this
09:42 wannabe1987 OMG
09:42 wannabe1987 SHUT UP!!!!!
09:42 wannabe1987 ...
09:42 Hackbat o.o
09:43 Sgt_Lemming Hackbat, there is a way to control a brushless motor from an atmega using one PWM channel and 6 GPIO's
09:43 Hackbat I forget what gpio means
09:43 exor674 wannabe1987: in this case, make pretty little red-green-blue objects that create light dim/brighten and change color
09:43 Sgt_Lemming you use nand switches, feed the pwm signal into one side of the switches, and then use the GPIO's to switch them as needed
09:43 wannabe1987 oooo
09:43 wannabe1987 i like colors
09:43 Sgt_Lemming General Purpose IO
09:43 wannabe1987 ok
09:44 wannabe1987 (why are you trying to teache me at 6am?
09:44 exor674 I really should get a better video of that
09:44 Hackbat oh yeah>_<
09:44 Sgt_Lemming exor674, put a better diffuser over it
09:44 Yaotz left #thegeekgroup
09:44 Sgt_Lemming ping pong balls work well
09:44 exor674 and also, louder music
09:44 Sgt_Lemming or a white plastic container
09:44 exor674 good advice, might dig that out and try it
09:44 exor674 er dig one out
09:45 Sgt_Lemming Hackbat, that board I linked is designed to be made into an Electric 4WD Offroad skateboard with Traction Control and ABS braking all done in software
09:45 exor674 ( also before I do I should fix the darn FPGA "code" bug that prevents me from fully turning off a channel
09:45 exor674 oops
09:45 Sgt_Lemming not to mention a Peak Power Output of 9.6KW
09:45 wannabe1987 off road skateboard?
09:45 exor674 even with it set to "off" i still get a pulse every so often
09:45 * Sgt_Lemming nods
09:45 Sgt_Lemming othewise known as a
09:45 wannabe1987 skateboards don't have brakes
09:45 Sgt_Lemming .w mountainboard
09:45 BotSteve "Mountainboarding, also known as Dirtboarding, Offroad Boarding, Grass Boarding, and All-Terrain Boarding (ATB), is a well established[1]| if little-known extreme sport, derived from snowboarding." -
09:46 wannabe1987 scootersdo...
09:46 Sgt_Lemming skateboards 1.5 metres long, 40cm wide and weighing 20kg doing 60KM/h NEED brakes
09:46 Hackbat I wish you could just sorta sleep by showering
09:46 wannabe1987 holshit
09:46 wannabe1987 lol @ hackbat
09:46 Hackbat you step in shower off and boom no need to sleep
09:46 exor674 aw, but breaking by slamming into something sounds like SO MUCH FUN
09:46 Sgt_Lemming rofl
09:47 Sgt_Lemming exor674, there is a reason my nickname is Lemming
09:47 Sgt_Lemming I can attest to that not being the case
09:47 wannabe1987 ...
09:47 * Sgt_Lemming has broken every limb at least... twice
09:47 Hackbat I need some food
09:47 wannabe1987 hey...maybe my housemate would shower then, hackbat :P
09:47 wannabe1987 ouch.
09:47 Sgt_Lemming including breaking my leg so badly my big toe was touching my knee
09:47 wannabe1987 i haven't broken ANY :D
09:48 Sgt_Lemming and breaking both heels
09:48 Hackbat I broke my foo by falling back on it
09:48 Hackbat *foot
09:48 Sgt_Lemming breaking both bones in my arm cleanly
09:48 Hackbat smashed the ends of two bones together
09:48 Sgt_Lemming basically the only bones I've never broken are skull, jaw, vertebrae, pelvis and sternum
09:48 wannabe1987 um...
09:48 Sgt_Lemming broken at least one of everything else
09:48 wannabe1987 don't do the vertrbrae
09:49 wannabe1987 plz
09:49 Hackbat arg the pop i felt in my foot
09:49 wannabe1987 my friend dislocated her neck
09:49 Sgt_Lemming including more ribs than I care to remember
09:49 Sgt_Lemming ribs suck
09:49 exor674 vertebrae suck worse
09:49 Sgt_Lemming apparently sternum is really painful
09:50 Sgt_Lemming and quite often instantly fatal cause hitting the sternum hard enough to break it tends to compress the heart
09:50 exor674 no dying!
09:50 Hackbat Hey guys, whats the opposite of christopher walken?
09:50 Sgt_Lemming "Sternal fracture can interfere with breathing by making it more painful; however, its primary significance is that it can indicate the presence of serious associated internal injuries, especially to the heart and lungs."
09:51 Sgt_Lemming Hackbat, Christopher Reeve, cause he ain't walken no more :-P
09:51 Hackbat heh
09:51 Sgt_Lemming badum tish :-P
09:51 mashpriborintorg wow, I did just reset my cable modem but I remainded logged on irc
09:51 wannabe1987 lol
09:52 wannabe1987 and...
09:52 * wannabe1987 is going back to sleep for 4 more hours
09:52 wannabe1987 night all!
09:52 wannabe1987 see you when its FUCKING BUSY in here...
09:52 exor674 I should ry to sleep agian *sigh
09:52 Sgt_Lemming exor674, I know it sounds counterintuitive, but go for a walk or something
09:53 Hackbat I gotta wake up in like 2-3 hours @_@
09:53 Sgt_Lemming if I can't sleep I often go for a ride, come home and just pass out
09:53 exor674 when my knee and back are screaming at me, not a great idea :(
09:53 Sgt_Lemming ah fun
09:53 Sgt_Lemming take some tramadol then
09:53 wannabe1987 in the cold and rain and wind???????
09:53 exor674 lol, I wish :P
09:53 wannabe1987 tylenol...benadryl...alcohol...
09:53 exor674 the dosage one of my docs did didn';t work at all
09:53 Sgt_Lemming not cold or rainy or windy here atm wannabe1987
09:53 wannabe1987 they all work!
09:53 exor674 ( stupid chronic pain! )
09:53 wannabe1987 it is here :(
09:53 wannabe1987 i sucks
09:54 wannabe1987 my x's mom has fibromyaldgia
09:54 Sgt_Lemming it's also only 8pm here
09:54 wannabe1987 6am
09:54 wannabe1987 NIGHT!
09:54 Hackbat 6am here too
09:59 Thermoelectric 8pm here too.
10:01 exor674 ( also I really wish I had booze right now )
10:01 exor674 also not, because i'd probably drink myself sick
10:01 exor674 >)<
10:05 Hackbat ARG! fuck it all
10:05 Thermoelectric I shall go see if I have any carbonated beverages, as you have made me thirsty.
10:05 Thermoelectric Run into a wall, then you will magically fall asleep.
10:06 Hackbat if I just could get my hands on two 74hc244's
10:06 Hackbat only 50 cents of parts
10:06 Hackbat I'd have to pay a 5 dollar fee to get them to me
10:06 exor674 heh, I hate that
10:06 Sgt_Lemming do what I do
10:07 Sgt_Lemming scavenge them from something else
10:07 exor674 I had to buy like 200 resistors when I needed 12 ( 100 of each type ) to get above shipping
10:07 Hackbat >>
10:07 exor674 at least resistors are useful in other stuff
10:07 Sgt_Lemming our hackerspace has a box of unloved resistors
10:07 Sgt_Lemming unloved pcbsb
10:07 Sgt_Lemming gha
10:07 Hackbat I'm sure this one chip will be in EVERYthing
10:07 * Sgt_Lemming gives up and goes back to his boredom
10:07 Sgt_Lemming if it's 50c it's probably fairly common
10:08 Hackbat no
10:08 Hackbat it's just not that expensive to make
10:08 Hackbat octal buffer/line driver
10:09 Thermoelectric 35W metal halide lamps are more expensive than 1.5kW lamps. Stop complaining. :P
10:09 Hackbat it's not the price
10:09 Hackbat it's the way I have to get them
10:09 Thermoelectric Can't you get more parts with them to make it more worthwhile?
10:10 mashpriborintorg And now it you want a 15 inch lcd display, it's more expensive than a beautifull 19 inch one
10:10 Hackbat Jobless 19 year old college student
10:10 Hackbat I'd love to splurge 10 bucks on parts
10:11 Hackbat if I didn't make the cash I have toask permission ot spend it
10:11 Sgt_Lemming mashpriborintorg, I have two 20" 4:3 displays
10:11 Hackbat and if it aint food or tutuion it's usally no
10:11 mashpriborintorg Taking apart old electronics is a good source of poarts, il you can pick up pre-smd technology stuff
10:11 Sgt_Lemming they cost more singly, than my 1920x1200 24" LED edge lit display
10:12 Sgt_Lemming $600 per monitor, the 24" cost $500
10:12 Sgt_Lemming it's totally worth it though, cause it rocks
10:12 mashpriborintorg nowaday stuff is just crap, especially with this crappy rohs solder
10:15 mashpriborintorg I remember the days back when a flat panel display was just unaffordable luxury
10:15 Sgt_Lemming I remember when a Hard drive was unaffordable luxury :-P
10:16 Hackbat I still use a crt as my Aux moniter
10:16 mashpriborintorg I got a 19 inch led backlight display for 69 euros at the last discount sale :P
10:16 Sgt_Lemming sorry, but fuck having a 3 monitor CRT array
10:16 Sgt_Lemming so much heat/power/weight/radiation/deskspace
10:17 mashpriborintorg So crappy, so heavy, so dusty, I ddrop crt moniters long time ago
10:17 Hackbat 23" lcd + 19" crt
10:18 Sgt_Lemming I haven't had a CRT for.... 4 years
10:19 Hackbat this lcd was my HS graduation gift
10:20 mashpriborintorg mine was a Minolta X-9 slr camera
10:20 mashpriborintorg it's gone now ;'(
10:56 Thaery left #thegeekgroup
11:05 mashpriborintorg .w ping
11:05 BotSteve "Ping is a computer network administration utility used to test the reachability of a host on an Internet Protocol (IP) network and to measure the round-trip time for messages sent from the originating host to a destination computer." -
11:17 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
11:17 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
11:27 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
11:59 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
12:14 Sleepurrr left #thegeekgroup
12:18 Sgt_Lemming nice
12:18 Sgt_Lemming I now have 181 HD movies
12:23 Sgt_Lemming make that 214 :-P
12:31 Thermoelectric Mmm.
12:40 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
12:42 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
12:45 mashpriborintorg .w RTG
12:45 BotSteve "Radioisotope thermoelectric generator" -
12:46 Sgt_Lemming .w longest word
12:46 BotSteve "The longest word in any given language depends on the word formation rules of each specific language, and on the types of words allowed for consideration." -
12:56 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
12:58 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
13:03 masterofmonks Who is talking about RTGs?
13:04 Sgt_Lemming nasa
13:04 masterofmonks Other than them.
13:05 masterofmonks I thought someone was wanting to build one.
13:06 Thermoelectric Well, Mash mentioned them, but you would already know that.
13:09 masterofmonks Ja.
13:13 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
13:21 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
13:47 tesla4d left #thegeekgroup
13:50 Obtuse so the captain says live tesla coils at noon?
14:13 masterofmonks That sounds like an odd choice of dueling weapons.
14:19 mikemol
14:19 mantere left #thegeekgroup
14:23 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
14:23 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
14:25 ol10ol_ hi
14:27 masterofmonks Morning.
14:27 asnopus Hello
14:38 cctoide is the remix guy in here?
14:38 cctoide I forget his nick
14:42 asnopus search the logs
14:46 masterofmonks That would be Obtuse
14:53 cctoide hm... looks like it was Fulsy
14:53 cctoide is that the same person?
15:05 arruid joined #thegeekgroup
15:09 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
15:11 Sjogerst joined #thegeekgroup
15:11 Sjogerst hi peoples
15:12 Sjogerst cricket cricket...
15:12 Sjogerst left #thegeekgroup
15:12 arruid All is quiet this morning it seems
15:12 Photon939 *tumbleweed*
15:13 arruid lol. i haven't seen a tumblewed in years. it would be a lone deer in my years or something here.
15:13 arruid yard
15:14 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
15:14 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
15:14 CaptainBoden oh and NOW it lets me in
15:14 BotSteve CaptainBoden: At 00:33Z, BigTank asked me to tell you <negative on the rf mic system, couldent find it...>
15:14 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:14 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
15:15 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
15:19 konst joined #thegeekgroup
15:21 Captain_ ok what the hell
15:21 arruid it is a slow morning?
15:22 Captain_ no, it's a fast morning here, but why did my nick change?
15:22 arruid no one i is actually moving here yet
15:22 wannabe1987 you're two people...captain_ and captainboden
15:22 arruid hm, not sure. i thought for a moment it kicked you off again
15:23 Cj1corbystarlet Evening all
15:23 wannabe1987 morning :)
15:23 arruid hello
15:23 Cj1corbystarlet Sorry i'm from the future
15:23 asnopus Hey hey
15:24 rastarogue joined #thegeekgroup
15:24 Cj1corbystarlet Yo
15:26 ol10ol;feature=feedu
15:27 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:28 ol10ol;annotation_id=annotation_167505&amp;feature=iv
15:28 konst left #thegeekgroup
15:29 rastarogue yo
15:29 rastarogue left #thegeekgroup
15:36 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:37 RED_ Corey, are you at the lab?
15:37 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
15:39 ol10ol;annotation_id=annotation_167505&amp;feature=iv
15:39 mashpriborintorg back from shopping and all the stuff
15:39 RED_ Is a Corey at the lab?
15:40 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
15:41 arruid no idea
15:42 arruid it has been slow in here and the only one i have seen was boden for a moment
15:43 mashpriborintorg some background noises however
15:43 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
15:45 Phu afternoon fellow geeks.
15:47 Phu afternoon Cory :)
15:47 SparkyProjects Hi Cory and Red
15:47 Phu and Red :)
15:47 mashpriborintorg and Focus :)
15:48 RED__ joined #thegeekgroup
15:48 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
15:48 Phu nice one
15:49 mashpriborintorg yes quite weird irc event
15:50 mashpriborintorg oh the double _ red replaced the mono _ red ok
15:52 masterofmonks mashpriborintorg: Are you thinking about constructing a RTG?
15:52 mashpriborintorg no, just interested in it
15:53 mashpriborintorg solar panel power source will be safer I believe
15:53 mashpriborintorg In Siberia they used huge RTG for remove lighthouses
15:53 mashpriborintorg remote
15:54 masterofmonks Yes, Strontrium based RTGs
15:54 mashpriborintorg metal stealers found these huge lead conteners interesting
15:54 mashpriborintorg and cracked open some of them
15:55 mashpriborintorg and soon after, they died :/
15:55 masterofmonks I am considering an Americium 241 based RTG
15:55 mashpriborintorg obviously they were not knowing that it was
15:55 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
15:56 SparkyProjects The Titan space probe uses an RTG
15:57 mashpriborintorg yes very usual in space ships since Voyager, lunokhod robots
15:57 mashpriborintorg and at a little scale in some cardiac pacemakers too
15:58 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:58 SparkyProjects Usually in space ships that won't get enough sun
16:00 mashpriborintorg It should have been usefull for Spirit and Opportunity robots
16:01 mashpriborintorg or just a way to remove dust from the solar arrays, with compressed air blowers or something like that
16:02 konstantin__ joined #thegeekgroup
16:03 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
16:04 Roly joined #thegeekgroup
16:05 ol10ol_ left #thegeekgroup
16:05 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
16:05 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again...
16:05 Seroster Elloh!
16:06 ol10ol_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:07 Phu afternoon Seroster :)
16:07 wannabe1987 o again?!
16:07 Seroster How
16:07 Seroster how'sit phu?
16:07 wannabe1987 i thoguht we got rid of you...:P
16:07 wannabe1987 hi
16:07 Phu a disc interface PCB is giving me an arseache.
16:08 Seroster I am like a brain tumour, you NEVER get rid of me!
16:08 RED__ left #thegeekgroup
16:08 Phu Hey Billy! :)
16:08 mashpriborintorg Hello Billy
16:08 Phu guess the tesla coil shoot's' going ahead then :)
16:08 wannabe1987 yeah...and i cannot be there for it :(
16:08 mashpriborintorg He's the next generation of geeks :)
16:09 konstantin__ how old is billy
16:09 konstantin__ ?
16:09 Phu 13 I think?
16:09 aEx155 joined #thegeekgroup
16:10 konstantin__ cool
16:11 mashpriborintorg he's dad's here too
16:11 mashpriborintorg his
16:12 SparkyProjects His Dad is Jim
16:12 mashpriborintorg all the 4 small camera screens are lighted up now
16:14 konstantin__ Why
16:15 aEx155 hey, it's billy
16:15 SparkyProjects Hi Jim and Billy
16:15 wannabe1987 do they even know your'e saying hi?
16:16 * wannabe1987 doesn't watch the stream very often
16:16 Phu depends what Cory is showing him ;)
16:16 wannabe1987 oooo
16:16 aEx155 CaptainBoden, which linux distro do you run on your laptop and desktop?
16:16 Photon939 masterofmonks: how would you get enough Am241 to generate anything?
16:20 aEx155 left #thegeekgroup
16:20 aEx155 joined #thegeekgroup
16:21 aEx155 have you guys already done the shoot or is it later?
16:21 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
16:22 mashpriborintorg I believe the shoot is for later, looks like if they're just arriving ?
16:23 aEx155 yeah, cory is probably bringing those cameras down to the set
16:23 aEx155 hey Billy
16:25 mashpriborintorg I'm currently ordering pizzas and trying to find a very cheap broken broacast camera, for autopsy purposes, onto ebay
16:26 mashpriborintorg geek hobbies in fact :)
16:27 Photon939 sounds fun mashpriborintorg
16:27 Photon939 I'll be autopsying a Coultier Epics XML Laser Flow Cytometer in the next few days :)
16:28 mashpriborintorg wow
16:28 mashpriborintorg my last victim was a 42 inch plasma display
16:28 mashpriborintorg not so interesting in fact
16:29 mashpriborintorg pro and scientific equipment is more exciting than crappy consumer stuuf
16:29 Photon939 indeed
16:30 Photon939 mashpriborintorg:
16:30 Photon939;item=190489279583&amp;ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT
16:33 Phu did the stream break, or is it just my connection being crap again?
16:34 Phu oh there it goes... *sigh* I do believe Flash is being normal again.
16:38 {{{localhost}}} left #thegeekgroup
16:40 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
16:41 TheGeek1024 left #thegeekgroup
16:41 Seroster Blah blah blah
16:42 {{localhost}} left #thegeekgroup
16:44 {{{localhost}}} joined #thegeekgroup
16:44 ol10ol boden is back
16:44 mrmaigo joined #thegeekgroup
16:46 ol10ol_ left #thegeekgroup
16:46 konstantin__ you can hear it
16:47 mrmaigo sweeet logged on right in time for a video
16:47 {{localhost}} joined #thegeekgroup
16:47 Phu I sense a tesla coil shoot :)
16:47 mrmaigo didn't want to jinx it
16:48 tyrok joined #thegeekgroup
16:48 tyrok Got called into work for a bit today, so I may not be able to make it over there before the GRLUG meeting.
16:49 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
16:49 Tinker joined #thegeekgroup
16:50 Phu hey everyone destroys stuff when they're Billy's age :)
16:50 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
16:50 DruidicRifleman Ugh I need to find a new USB drive that isn't junk
16:51 {{localhost}} left #thegeekgroup
16:51 {{localhost}} joined #thegeekgroup
16:51 tyrok Ah, the UStream camera's pointing at the set now.
16:51 LeadHead Pentium 3s, hum.
16:53 Tinker_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:53 DruidicRifleman the power was out for like 5 hours ;(
16:54 Tinker_ left #thegeekgroup
16:54 Phu USB drive like flash, or an actual hard drive?
16:54 Tinker_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:55 aEx155 left #thegeekgroup
16:55 Tinker left #thegeekgroup
16:58 DruidicRifleman Soooo what are geeks up to today
16:59 Tinker_ left #thegeekgroup
16:59 Cj1corbystarlet 0100hrs and i'm off to bed, seeya all laterz
16:59 Photon939 bye Cj1corbystarlet
17:00 asnopus Cya
17:00 LeadHead peace
17:00 ol10ol bulding a tesla coil
17:00 DruidicRifleman Cool
17:00 ol10ol maybe
17:00 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
17:01 SparkyStudio Continuation of Billy's coil, looks like they are going to wind the secondary
17:01 LeadHead Contemplating removing the rest of the body bolts on my truck.
17:02 ol10ol;feature=channel_video_title  tesla coil video
17:03 DruidicRifleman YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am glad i decided to wait till they finish the video to start
17:03 ol10ol this is part 2
17:04 SparkyStudio This will be part 2 of that vid
17:04 ol10ol yes
17:05 maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
17:05 DruidicRifleman Yeah I am probly gonna end up needing two and Full budy chain maile
17:05 Photon939 they should just hang some bed sheets or generic fabric to cut some of the echo
17:06 DruidicRifleman FML i hate chain maile such a pain
17:06 maglinvinn yar
17:06 DruidicRifleman Plate is much more of a pleasureable armouring medium
17:06 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
17:07 DruidicRifleman this would actually rock for me on A Busical tesla coul
17:07 LeadHead sheets would probably work well
17:07 Vladdeh left #thegeekgroup
17:07 DruidicRifleman musical*
17:07 Photon939 the tapestry in my room is just a thin sheet of fabric
17:07 LeadHead They really need more light than anything else though. Really surprised they haven't started using the studio lights they got
17:07 Photon939 but when I take it down at the end of the year I notice the room suddenly echos a lot
17:09 DruidicRifleman Hey wannabe
17:09 SparkyStudio LeadHead, the problem with studio lights is that they get hot, they would sweat in that room without serious aircon
17:09 wannabe1987 ohno...not you...i'm leaving in a bit :P
17:09 wannabe1987 ;)
17:09 DruidicRifleman you know that wind storm was GR got hit with?
17:09 SparkyStudio Chris says he wants to be halogen free
17:09 DruidicRifleman took the power out here
17:09 wannabe1987 ye
17:09 maglinvinn leadhead - no, the problem is the amp draw per lamp.  they can't POWER them.  there's no considerable power supply on that side of the building
17:09 wannabe1987 o shit
17:09 wannabe1987 i wonder if my friend in london lost power
17:10 LeadHead I thought I saw some flourescents in that lot
17:10 DruidicRifleman Maybe
17:10 DruidicRifleman rarely happens in this part of ontario
17:10 wannabe1987 lol
17:10 maglinvinn they haven't even been tested yet, and even when they are, the service to that room is restrictive
17:10 wannabe1987 hey eakin
17:10 maglinvinn to be perfectly honest, i'm surprised all that stuff in there is running without tripping breakers.
17:10 maglinvinn lol.
17:11 DruidicRifleman LOL agreed Dean
17:11 Hackbat Someone owns toshiba now
17:11 Hackbat I think sp
17:11 DruidicRifleman :( i wish i had Access to larger welding gear
17:11 Tinker joined #thegeekgroup
17:11 DruidicRifleman No they are shit
17:11 wannabe1987 DEFEMESTRATE
17:11 LeadHead Where did Chris learn about harddrives?
17:11 Phu The hard drive nicknamed the "Death Star" because of how frequently they died?!
17:11 LeadHead Yes!
17:12 DruidicRifleman they are instuutional garbage
17:12 LeadHead They don't call them deathstars because they're world-class drives
17:12 Vladdeh joined #thegeekgroup
17:12 Hackbat someone bought another HDD compnay in the past year
17:12 Hackbat who was it
17:12 Phu And the mobile version the TravelStar (known as the TroubleStar).
17:12 mashpriborintorg The amount of wires behind my stereo system is alraedy freaking, so I just imagine how it will be behind the galactic console, one finished
17:13 LeadHead @maglinvinn, how much are they actually using on the set?
17:13 Photon939 I should donate a pack of wire ties
17:13 LeadHead I only see maybe 300-400 watts worth of flourescents
17:13 LeadHead the CRT monitors are probably around 100-120 watts a piece
17:14 mikemol LeadHead: Don't forget the power spike when CRTs are turned on.
17:14 Photon939 insignificant
17:15 maglinvinn hm.
17:15 mikemol Not really.
17:15 LeadHead Yeah, but who is going to turn on 2-3 CRTs at once?
17:15 maglinvinn sorry, i didn't see my name lash
17:15 Tinker left #thegeekgroup
17:15 Photon939 but yeah
17:15 mikemol I had a UPS trip on me when I turned it on during a power outage so I could shut down the machine.
17:15 Photon939 all the stuff they're running could easily run on a single 15A breaker
17:15 mikemol This was years and years was a Win95 box.
17:15 mikemol er.
17:15 konstantin__ try ist out
17:15 mikemol When I turned on a CRT.
17:15 maglinvinn the cameras, 5 flourescents, plus the howevermany in the cieling, a couple computers.
17:15 Tinker joined #thegeekgroup
17:15 SparkyStudio They say they are on a 20 Amp breaker for the Gallery
17:15 Photon939 well UPSes aren't exactly high powered
17:15 LeadHead Yeah, but any UPS from 1995 besides some very, very high end APC units
17:16 LeadHead is probably only going to put out 200 watts max
17:16 mikemol I don't know when it was manufactured. Also, FYI, Win95 came out in '96. :)
17:16 Hackbat you know you need to cut your nails when they're too long for you to safly pull two things apart
17:16 LeadHead maglinvinn, how many bulbs are in each flourescent fixture?
17:16 mikemol And I was using it as late as 2000.
17:16 maglinvinn some of them are four
17:16 maglinvinn 2 are 2 bulb
17:16 maglinvinn don't know about hte cieling ones
17:16 SparkyStudio UPS's can be very high power, i've worked with 6KW UPS's
17:16 Tinker left #thegeekgroup
17:16 LeadHead sounds about 400-450 watts of flourescents
17:17 LeadHead Yes, no doubt they can,
17:17 LeadHead but anything a homeowner had in 96
17:17 mikemol It stopped being my primary in '99, but I didn't manage to completely get rid of it for a bit after that.
17:17 LeadHead would be lucky to be over 200 watts
17:17 Tinker joined #thegeekgroup
17:17 SparkyStudio The company that supplied our UPS had them up to 40KW i think
17:17 mikemol LeadHead: Don't make assumptions about the kind of crap my family had laying around. :) Although in this case I think it was a 500VA.
17:17 Photon939 yeah you can get them big
17:17 Hackbat Stabbed my hand with a micrcontroller! :D!
17:17 LeadHead maglinvinn, are you telling me that the outlets are on the same branch as the lights?
17:18 tggosc joined #thegeekgroup
17:18 wannabe1987 careful!
17:18 maglinvinn i do believe so leadhead.  remember, these rooms were only meant to be racketball courts.
17:18 maglinvinn don't need appliances in a court with you
17:18 DruidicRifleman SOOOOO mag when is chriss gonna have An ellectrician Install A couple extra breakers for Video production
17:18 maglinvinn ... unless you're weird
17:18 maglinvinn hahaha
17:18 maglinvinn when you donate money?
17:18 Photon939 well they'll definitely need to run a new power drop for the racketball courts
17:18 LeadHead Still, there is a certain idiocy of wiring outlets to the same branch as outlets
17:18 Hackbat I unly scratched the top layers of the skin so no blood! heh
17:18 LeadHead err
17:19 wannabe1987 ok good
17:19 LeadHead same branch as lights
17:19 maglinvinn hahaha
17:19 maglinvinn yeah,
17:19 DruidicRifleman Let me see if i can round up some hookers how much Do you guys need
17:19 maglinvinn i feel ya
17:19 Miroslav joined #thegeekgroup
17:19 LeadHead Generally you keep outlets seperate, so you know, if you have to maybe work on on the lights, you can plug a light in...
17:19 maglinvinn druidic, i know he need 5-9k to run power into HV lab
17:19 maglinvinn or something like that
17:19 maglinvinn <- not privvy to the dollar sign side of TGG
17:19 wannabe1987 lol
17:19 wannabe1987 who is?
17:19 maglinvinn CHris.
17:19 Miroslav lol
17:19 maglinvinn Paul
17:20 maglinvinn Vikcie
17:20 maglinvinn Moose
17:20 LeadHead Shame I'm not in the michigain area
17:20 maglinvinn , oh wait, was that rhetoric?  hahahaha
17:20 DruidicRifleman lol Hmmmmm OK soooo how much to add a Standard power ro the Sdudio lab?
17:20 LeadHead my grandfather is a licensed master electrician, sure he'd be glad to help
17:20 Hackbat You know,The people who actually matter
17:20 LeadHead but I'm over on the east-coast
17:20 tggosc Studio c checking in, about to go live with the video shoot
17:20 tggosc We're winding a tesla coils econdary
17:20 Hackbat :D no offense eakin
17:20 wannabe1987 wooooo
17:20 maglinvinn ahahaha
17:20 maglinvinn its all good Hack
17:20 maglinvinn i'm along for the ride :)
17:21 mikemol maglinvinn: When my family built their house, I wired my own room. Electrician inspected it, approved it, and then did the final connection to the incoming service. That approach could save you a _crapload_ of labor cost.
17:21 wannabe1987 i'm not there...and i won't be there...and i won't be watching the stream :(
17:21 LeadHead In public places
17:21 LeadHead you can't do your own wiring
17:21 LeadHead the legal ramifications would be huge
17:21 maglinvinn right Mike, and definately considered, but Leadhead has it right there
17:21 LeadHead if the building burned
17:21 wannabe1987 "codes"
17:21 mikemol ah
17:21 DruidicRifleman Nods thats what my dad did when he had me help wire in the Garage door opener to his shop at the cootage
17:21 Hackbat Seriuosly if 2-3 of those four people died the enitre geekgroup might be fucked.
17:21 maglinvinn insurance, and whatnot,
17:21 DruidicRifleman that guy was an ass He stood behind me goo BZZZZZ
17:21 LeadHead At least here in Rhode Island, you can wire your own home, and only your own home
17:22 Thaery joined #thegeekgroup
17:22 LeadHead if you are not licensed
17:22 mikemol Even if the electrician inspects and certifies all the wiring? Seems odd.
17:22 maglinvinn but if you have a registered installer do the entire thing, the electrician's insurance and whatnot
17:22 LeadHead You can "help" other people wire their homes
17:22 mikemol Ugh
17:22 LeadHead Yeah, even if it is inspected 100%,
17:22 LeadHead if the building burns, and its found to be electrical
17:22 LeadHead you are screwed.
17:22 mikemol Too many buddy-boy licensing systems around here.
17:22 DruidicRifleman Also if the place burns down the insurence can't blame the geek group
17:23 maglinvinn no, they can't blame tgg for negligence
17:23 maglinvinn at which point they could deny or some bullshit
17:23 LeadHead One thing I found is that being a building inspector is pretty sweet job
17:23 maglinvinn if its a certified install, it can't be the geek group fault
17:23 maglinvinn haha
17:23 LeadHead If you inspect the wiring, approve it
17:23 LeadHead and the wiring burns down
17:23 mikemol maglinvinn: Is it possible to get 3rd-party cert of self-install?
17:23 LeadHead It's the installers fault, not yours for approving it ;)
17:23 LeadHead if by 3rd party cert, you mean a master electricians license
17:23 LeadHead then yes
17:24 maglinvinn mikemol  i don't know.  i think thats where the entire roadblock is in this conversation
17:24 Hackbat woo red and blue :D
17:24 maglinvinn hehe
17:24 mikemol k
17:24 * mikemol is heading down to the lab soon.
17:24 maglinvinn and we've started
17:24 LeadHead There is just no easy way around this in a building that will be accessed by the public
17:24 mashpriborintorg seems just about to start
17:24 mikemol GRLUG Saturday Social from 2-6PM today.
17:24 mashpriborintorg yeah
17:25 maglinvinn yeah, i won't be coming down today, but definately wanna come down for one of those soon Mike
17:25 maglinvinn i wanna tackle the teletwitt project
17:25 LeadHead That still isn't working?
17:26 maglinvinn nope
17:26 maglinvinn <- linux stupid
17:26 Photon939 I should make a baby SSTC one of these days
17:26 Photon939 put it on my desk
17:26 maglinvinn and i can't find the damn TTY conf file i set up (yes, i built it and lost it) cause i need to change terminal from vt100 to dumb
17:27 mashpriborintorg It will not work if you dont use blue towels :D
17:27 Photon939 blue paper towels
17:27 maglinvinn i know enough linux to make it do stuff, but not enough to make it do MORE stuff
17:27 maglinvinn haha
17:27 LeadHead Does this *nix install have a window manager
17:27 LeadHead installed
17:27 LeadHead or is text mode only
17:27 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
17:28 maglinvinn ubuntu 10.10 with gnome
17:28 maglinvinn i think
17:28 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
17:28 LeadHead use the search
17:28 maglinvinn tried
17:28 maglinvinn haha
17:28 maglinvinn <- linux stupid
17:28 maglinvinn i KNOW the file name was ttyS0.conf
17:28 maglinvinn for a fact.
17:28 tggconsole Hello kids~
17:28 maglinvinn yet when i search for ttyS0, nothing.  when i search for tty, nothing,  when i search for .conf
17:28 maglinvinn nothing.
17:28 maglinvinn brutal right?
17:29 LeadHead .conf should show something
17:29 maglinvinn haha  its cause i literally don't know how to use the search tool, even if the GUI is up
17:29 LeadHead are you sure its not just searching your home folder
17:29 maglinvinn right?  no?  i'm not sure
17:29 maglinvinn hahaha
17:29 LeadHead I've got a box in the other room running 10.10, give me a second
17:29 maglinvinn tggconsole who's master control switcher
17:30 maglinvinn don't tell me now, or post it to the forum
17:30 maglinvinn <- is an hour drive from that machine
17:30 tggconsole Cory :D
17:30 maglinvinn haha
17:30 maglinvinn tggconsole  can we get blue camera on ustream?  i'm curious
17:30 tggconsole done :P
17:30 maglinvinn hmm.  tggconsole whats with the fuzzy edges on the blue and red?
17:31 maglinvinn the old analog camera doesn't have the same 'fuzz'
17:31 Phu its thought the video signal is swapping fields.
17:31 * maglinvinn is just curious
17:31 tggconsole no idea
17:31 maglinvinn blue camera angle is better anyways
17:31 maglinvinn less glare
17:31 Hackbat blue ans red are the same cam right? modelwise
17:32 Phu tggconsole: Does that camera have any control for field order swapping?
17:32 tggconsole I don't know what that is, and it's no ime to do that now :P
17:32 Phu well I know that, I meant to look into later :)
17:32 LeadHead @maglinvinn, the default search location in the GUI search
17:32 LeadHead is your home folder
17:32 maglinvinn HU-100?  right?
17:32 tggconsole HM 100u
17:33 maglinvinn right leadhead, i know that the conf file is somewhere like dev/etc
17:33 Tinker left #thegeekgroup
17:33 maglinvinn or something like that, but i cant' rmemeber exactly.  i built the thing at 11.30pm after a 12 hour day at the lab
17:33 LeadHead Make sure you set it to search the "FileSystem"
17:33 maglinvinn and THEN drove an hour home
17:33 maglinvinn haha.
17:33 Tinker joined #thegeekgroup
17:33 LeadHead it will say something like xxGB FileSystem on the drop-down.
17:34 maglinvinn tggconsole, not asking for a switch, but did the overhead ever get enabled to live streaming?
17:34 tggconsole I know you weren't here yesterday
17:34 tggconsole but for the 500th time
17:34 tggconsole no :P
17:34 maglinvinn oh
17:34 maglinvinn i feel bad now
17:34 Phu and while we're at it, chris' mic isn't wired in yet either :P
17:34 maglinvinn i'm gonna go cry in the corner
17:34 tggconsole yay :D
17:34 LeadHead So who's manning tggconsole?
17:35 maglinvinn Corey
17:35 Phu Cory the magnificent
17:35 maglinvinn i'm spelling it wrong, on purpose
17:35 LeadHead Oh, him.
17:35 tggconsole Thank you Phu
17:35 tggconsole for spelling my name right >:C
17:35 maglinvinn mwuhahaha
17:35 maglinvinn thats why you should be named 'Dan'
17:35 maglinvinn you can't mispell that
17:35 tggconsole Dann
17:35 tggconsole Daahn
17:35 maglinvinn see, people know better
17:35 tggconsole Dahn
17:35 Phu tggconsole: "Cory" is easy... all I know about your last name is at has G R Y Z B but I can't remember what order or how you pronounce that...
17:35 Hackbat Dahn
17:35 tggconsole I could go on :P
17:35 maglinvinn my way of spelling corey COULD be the right way to spell it
17:36 cctoide damn, encoding mangled Billy
17:36 tggconsole wrong :P
17:36 cctoide Grzyb?
17:36 LeadHead You should hear the name we call my buddy Cory here
17:36 tggconsole nope :P
17:37 LeadHead Not you Cory, a different cory
17:37 konstantin__ left #thegeekgroup
17:39 Miroslav lol
17:39 tggconsole beep boop
17:40 Thewhite joined #thegeekgroup
17:40 tggconsole which camera should I choose next
17:40 tggconsole uptop, down below, or blue
17:40 Phu ah coil winding. Chris and Billy will be back in 5 hours when the winding is done ;)
17:40 cctoide blue
17:40 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
17:40 LeadHead I know they're trying to do it like a homeowner would
17:41 Hackbat D: and we get to sit here and watch the boredom
17:41 LeadHead but damn, I'd chuck that thiing in a lathe, and setup the autofeed
17:41 mashpriborintorg yeah
17:41 Phu I concur with LeadHead.
17:42 Phu Or at least get a handle of the end Billy's turning.
17:42 LeadHead Flatbelt and a motor
17:42 maglinvinn DC motor, spinnin realllllly slow
17:42 LeadHead slow?
17:42 Hackbat Chris is the opposite of Micheal Jackson :D got 1 left glove
17:43 LeadHead Crank it upto 11
17:43 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
17:43 cctoide think of it as a progress bar :E
17:43 Hackbat thats the most horrible noise ever
17:43 Phu WD-40 that rod!
17:44 pupak joined #thegeekgroup
17:45 pupak new teslacoil vid in production?
17:45 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
17:45 Obtuse yay. wire winding!
17:45 cctoide didn't they purposely leave a rod or something sticking out on one end so they could attach a handle?
17:45 LeadHead Yeah.
17:45 cctoide or a motor or something
17:45 Obtuse what did the man say to the irc channel?
17:45 Phu Love 'em loads!
17:46 ol10ol PART 1 tesla coil video;feature=channel_video_title
17:46 LeadHead Something about IRC
17:46 Bth8 Love them!
17:46 cctoide Cory is barfing into the mic again :p
17:46 Hackbat :D
17:46 LeadHead tggconsole, get your head inthe game
17:46 cctoide haha
17:46 Obtuse _I_
17:46 Obtuse sort of a middle finger
17:46 mrmaigo and billy was never seen again
17:47 LeadHead I can't picture billy being able to stand there turning that.
17:47 SparkyProjects Winder needs oil
17:47 Miroslav lol
17:47 LeadHead for any length of time
17:47 Obtuse lol. wonderful quote " Red, Unfuck my coil"
17:47 LeadHead Hey look, it can read
17:48 mrmaigo lol
17:48 Hackbat Silver Winder Needs Oil Badly
17:48 ol10ol lol
17:48 emmet joined #thegeekgroup
17:48 cctoide Unfuck my Coil would be a decent song title
17:48 maglinvinn tggconsole  what was yesterdays shoot?
17:48 cctoide or maybe just a GG version of Pimp My Ride
17:48 LeadHead Anyone else have an IBM Model M?
17:49 Hackbat Yeah red, thats's billy's job to break stuff up
17:49 SparkyProjects Or shoot the mice :P
17:49 maglinvinn taking apart the what corey?  you're really faint on ustream audio
17:49 LeadHead Guess not
17:49 LeadHead Betamax Camera
17:49 cctoide they took apart the rest of the camera
17:49 maglinvinn camera?  lol.  i must have missed the first part of that!  haha
17:49 cctoide lots of junk crashing to the ground
17:49 maglinvinn i'll see it in post
17:50 mashpriborintorg yes a Sony broadcast camera
17:50 maglinvinn hmm... i guess that sucks to be you
17:50 maglinvinn hahaha
17:50 mashpriborintorg and just before, a piece of crap
17:50 Obtuse hey, what is the status of the garage door installation?
17:50 maglinvinn i'll get it right eventually
17:51 maglinvinn :S
17:51 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
17:51 maglinvinn <- types by muscle memory, which is bad
17:51 maglinvinn hehe
17:51 LeadHead corey
17:51 LeadHead cory
17:51 LeadHead cori
17:51 cctoide Corée
17:51 Hackbat Wizard Needs Food Badly
17:51 mrmaigo muscle memory sucks
17:52 LeadHead Not really, It would be a bitch to type on a keyboard without it
17:52 Hackbat Kore E the fresh rapper from GR
17:52 cctoide heh, Corée's actually French for Korea
17:52 pupak yes try to learn math using only muscle memory
17:52 Phu freekyn dan eekyn? :P
17:53 mrmaigo i always type 'and' instead of what i mean other words (an, of, or etc.)
17:53 Hackbat better than ans
17:53 jeremys The adventures of Kore E and Bo Den.
17:53 mrmaigo lol
17:53 Hackbat Fuck yes jeremys
17:54 Hackbat It has both time and adenture
17:54 Bth8 The show?
17:54 Hackbat *adventure
17:54 Obtuse i mean, its coil winding
17:54 Phu whats adventure time?
17:54 mrmaigo regular show
17:54 Obtuse its just as exciting as paint drying
17:55 Obtuse both are neccesary for good things to happen
17:55 Obtuse lol
17:55 cctoide we didn't get paint drying cam when they were painting the gallery :(
17:55 LeadHead I wonder how big the delay is between when Cory actually says something
17:55 LeadHead and we hear it
17:55 Hackbat 4-5 seconds
17:55 Obtuse ok, coil winding is slightly more exciting
17:55 Obtuse than paint drying
17:56 jeremys so the paint would be dry 5 seconds before we knew
17:56 LeadHead Yes
17:56 cctoide I'm surprised that the stream is almost always exactly at 50 viewers during business hours
17:56 cctoide really consistent
17:56 Hackbat it's the time it takes the light to travel through the ethernetcable
17:57 mrmaigo what about through optical cable?
17:57 Obtuse during buisnuess hours is where the europeans have recreation time
17:57 LeadHead The speed of light being 186,000 miles per second
17:57 squeak joined #thegeekgroup
17:57 LeadHead TGG would have to be be darn close to 800,000 miles away from me
17:57 jeremys when you get the smell-o vision up and running, how long will the delay be on that
17:58 mrmaigo light is soooooo slow
17:58 cctoide wouldn't the main reasons for lag would be encoding/decoding buffers?
17:58 Photon939 mostly
17:58 Photon939 plus ustream's relay
17:58 Hackbat Fuck mps Meters PS ftw
17:59 Photon939 when i did some ustream stuff the lag could be 20 seconds or more
17:59 mrmaigo Bazinga!
17:59 jeremys well and Al Gore has not put the turbo on his internet yet
17:59 LeadHead Hey, when did the squeaking stop?
17:59 mrmaigo when they stopped using the light stand
18:00 cctoide well, the internet's a big truck
18:00 cctoide it's kinda slow
18:00 SparkyProjects If it was purely light speed, then a delay of 5 secs means the lab is about 968750 miles away :P
18:00 mrmaigo piff, it's cat tubes
18:00 JA12 joined #thegeekgroup
18:00 LeadHead That's only around 5 moon distances away!
18:00 LeadHead Not that far!
18:01 JA12 I agree
18:01 JA12 :P
18:01 tggconsole [RED]: If you come volunteer, you can come paint with me and watch paint dry - I need all the help I can get painting this building...
18:01 sporks5000 joined #thegeekgroup
18:01 pjuke joined #thegeekgroup
18:02 JA12 at least no one has to choose the color
18:02 LeadHead Sure, pay for the plane ticket
18:02 cctoide it still blows my mind that they managed to lay a telegraph cable across the Atlantic in the 1850s
18:02 Obtuse i would RED, but i have to move into a new house
18:03 Obtuse is now known as Obtuse-Away
18:03 tggconsole [RED]: Hey, I drive here every day from Muskegon..don't talk to me about a commute. lol]
18:03 LeadHead East coast over here
18:03 cctoide it's very much like installing Windows XP
18:03 jeremys if you watch carefully you can see Chris's hair grow
18:03 cctoide as far as speed goes :V
18:03 LeadHead I'm like in a totally different time zone, mannnnn
18:04 tggconsole [RED]: Duuuddddeeee.
18:04 DruidicRifleman I am hopping to make it out to TGG before moose season
18:05 DruidicRifleman If i Kills me a bullwinkle i promised maglinvin Some moose meat to try and i'd like to have Him Give my skinner the best edge it can have
18:05 sporks5000 The problem with Chris Boden is that it turns out he isn't exciting ALL the time - sometimes he's in the middle of a boring preparation to be REALLY exciting.
18:05 tggconsole [RED] blah blah blah waaaaaah
18:06 cctoide well, I think people knew that
18:06 mrmaigo i'm excited, this is riviting
18:06 LeadHead Heh, that's all I hear whenever cory starts talking
18:06 cctoide the amount of bullshitting they do before they start rolling is impressive :P
18:06 sporks5000 bullshitting is an important part of the process.
18:06 cctoide at least two days ago it was
18:07 LeadHead Coray
18:07 tggconsole [RED]: Cory says touche ,<Leadhead>
18:07 mrmaigo Yeah Cory! Stop reading the dang chat!
18:08 jeremys use the maroon camera
18:08 cctoide glue the adventure cam on the tube
18:08 LeadHead Just have red randomly push the switcher buttons
18:08 sporks5000 heh. nice.
18:08 tggconsole {Red]: that.'s what i'm going.
18:08 mrmaigo Sure, make the girl do all the hard work
18:09 Hackbat jeremys, your name sacares me
18:09 LeadHead Cory is doing the hardwork
18:09 LeadHead Reading text
18:09 Bth8 ah!
18:09 cctoide Batman's soaking up the rays
18:09 SparkyProjects If you ever watch a maseusse, that's what Jim reminds me of
18:09 tggconsole {RED}: actually he's just tring to break an old nextel phone by hitting it on everything in sight,.
18:09 tggosc billy here. this is so boring
18:09 jeremys batman probably has a really handy tool on his belt for winding coils
18:09 Cprossu if it weren't for my CRT monitors I'd get no sun at all
18:09 Hackbat cause it's my First name and the first letter of my lastname
18:09 cctoide hehe
18:09 jeremys use the boomerrang
18:10 Phu only a few inches to go...
18:10 Seroster Dodedo
18:10 Hackbat Thats what she said
18:10 tggosc batman is holding a 20 pound coil
18:10 cctoide how has Chris not lost his thumbtip to the cheesewire
18:10 maglinvinn who is TGGosc?
18:10 LeadHead Gloves
18:10 SparkyProjects Billy, next projec is to motorise the winder with a cordless drill
18:10 Hackbat Billy
18:10 Seroster Damn my knee is sore.
18:10 cctoide on set computer
18:10 Phu In case anyone tries I have an automatic mental filter on "Thats what she said" and "Your mom" jokes ;P
18:10 cctoide only one glove
18:10 Hackbat at this point
18:10 maglinvinn oh, got it
18:10 tggconsole {RED]: What were you doing that your knees hurt, duude?
18:11 DruidicRifleman I guess the harwoods are TGG's heavy lifting crew
18:11 mrmaigo I couldn't think of anything dirty to say about a 20 pound coil of wire:C
18:11 tggosc we have a lathe, the reason why we arent using it is the fact that most people dont have one
18:11 Seroster I "broke some wood" with that knee.
18:11 Seroster Heh
18:11 Seroster D
18:11 LeadHead Guys, you were doing so good
18:11 Phu tggosc: we get the idea, Billy :)
18:11 LeadHead Let's not fall back in the hole you were in last night
18:11 LeadHead with the terrible jokes and meme spamming
18:11 Seroster That was fun =P
18:11 cctoide I'm curious, how easy is it to do it on a lathe without fucking it up?
18:12 SparkyProjects Yep, i realise that Billy, but now you've done it the hard way .....
18:12 Seroster Do WHAT on a lathe? ^o)
18:12 maglinvinn how many phases are being done on this tesla coil today?
18:12 DruidicRifleman Did any one see the Myth buster's episode where grand tried to destroy a bridge with some magnetic linier acutator thingy?
18:12 Phu Seroster: coil winding
18:12 LeadHead If you got apply some tension to the wire
18:12 tggconsole [RED]: EVERYTHING.
18:12 Seroster To be honest cctoide, I don't even want to know =O
18:12 LeadHead you could pretty much set the auto feed to the correct speed
18:12 JA12 oh they're making tesla coil. it's cool that whole billys family is participating, not just billy himself
18:12 LeadHead and it would wind the coil itself
18:12 JA12 I wish I had that kind of family
18:12 maglinvinn druidic, yes, its grant, magnetic linear servo, and it was Tesla's earthquake device
18:12 maglinvinn hehe
18:13 tggconsole [RED]: We are family, I got all my sister with me....we are family...get up everybody and SIING
18:13 DruidicRifleman Tesla had some crazy idea's later in life
18:13 Seroster ...Don't even MENTION the earthquake machine...
18:13 cctoide pretty reflection
18:13 maglinvinn lol why not sero?
18:13 Seroster He was a genious, and batshit insane. Kind of like most geniouses.
18:13 Hackbat Holy shit, look at those trees move
18:13 tggconsole Tesla <3
18:13 jeremys Tesla invented the swiss cheese omelette
18:13 Hackbat serious fucking wind
18:13 Seroster Because that's in the category of bedini motors, crystals and aura readings.
18:14 sporks5000 Corey, if you're going to say something, at least say it loud enough that we can understand you.
18:14 Thaery And scalar waves?
18:14 Phu If Cory speaks too loudly, it'll end up on the video
18:14 LeadHead ---and we're back!
18:14 mrmaigo You'll hear him say you're selling his name wrong
18:14 tggconsole thank you Phu~
18:14 Phu though right now, it might not matter so much...
18:14 LeadHead Yeah, but this video doesn't really matter
18:14 DruidicRifleman You know those free energy people If tesla's free energy machine works.... why do they need  the Help of TGG to get it out to the people
18:14 LeadHead what they're recording right now
18:14 Hackbat The cory goes, "murfmurmurf"
18:14 SparkyProjects The earthquake macine is in the realms of resonance, much like the 'break step bridge' in mythbusters
18:14 Seroster I remember the topless video log. That was gooood =P
18:14 LeadHead just b-roll, which typically has music playing over it
18:15 Seroster Well, the topic sucked. But the toplessness rocked.
18:15 cctoide Wasn't that the K-zoo robbery one
18:15 Seroster Sure was
18:15 Miroslav left #thegeekgroup
18:15 Seroster And you'll have to agree being robbed sucls
18:15 mrmaigo rail thin men don't do it for me
18:15 Phu Shit 3.5 bodens
18:15 maglinvinn lul
18:15 cctoide In hindsight there are funny conclusions you could draw just looking at the video thumbnail
18:15 pjuke Thank you Boden for destroying my ears lol
18:15 Seroster Is boden always that acoustical?
18:16 sporks5000 He can get much louder than that.
18:16 tggconsole "acoustical" win
18:16 mrmaigo lol
18:16 LeadHead I was going to say "austistical"
18:16 Hackbat Chris sounds like a dog I used to have when he yells mark
18:16 LeadHead but I decided it was in poor taste.
18:16 Seroster That was just a nice way to say "god damn loud"
18:16 Thaery that was only .5 dBn
18:16 cctoide Boden unplugged
18:16 tggconsole Leadhead
18:16 tggconsole you just made both of us die of laughing
18:17 Seroster DECIBoden?!  Damn thery, you just said 0.5 ten bodens, that is... FIVE bodens.
18:17 Thaery lol
18:17 Seroster Tape coat it! Because this is going to be a first coil
18:18 pupak they need to try mute echo a bit .... it realy noticable that they are in big room
18:18 mashpriborintorg The neighbors of the lab should take an insurance against windows breakdown :)
18:18 tggconsole and how do you suggest we do that, pupak? :3
18:18 Seroster You don't start off with shiny nice 'poxy, you want it to be ghetto
18:18 pupak egg containers on walls?
18:18 Photon939 tggconsole: I already suggested putting up some bed sheets
18:18 LeadHead Photon939 suggest hanging bed she
18:18 LeadHead yeah
18:18 tggconsole You two are funny :3
18:18 Seroster Who?
18:18 Seroster '-'
18:18 mrmaigo egg containers works for me, should i donate some?
18:18 LeadHead Mythbusters had an episode, and bed sheets worked great
18:19 LeadHead for absorbing sound
18:19 tggconsole pupak and Photon939
18:19 Seroster Lol, lead.
18:19 tggconsole Chris ran a recording studio
18:19 tggconsole He knows how to do it :P
18:19 pupak isnt Cris expert with building audio recording studios?
18:19 Seroster Pretty much anything soft anywhere in the room will get rid of echo.
18:19 LeadHead Yeah, but he probably wants to do it the right way, and properly
18:19 LeadHead but that requires money
18:19 LeadHead Quick fix = eggcrates and bedsheets
18:19 pupak true
18:19 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
18:19 Seroster Aye
18:20 Seroster Quickfixes are always better than nothing.
18:20 mrmaigo Mark!
18:20 LeadHead 'cause this echo is brutal
18:20 Seroster I also want a roll of epoxycoated copper wire :(
18:20 mman454 Damn I keep getting on when they are just finishing off the videos
18:20 Phu I've only just noticed that I connected to IRC over IPv6.
18:20 LeadHead song reference
18:20 sporks5000 lol
18:21 pupak are stream lagging for you?
18:21 mman454 no
18:21 Seroster Billys locker of science!
18:21 cctoide Billy going to lose a finger?
18:21 Seroster That sounds naaughty
18:21 mman454 or a tooth
18:21 Seroster cctoide, Pft, if he fucks one up he got 9 left.
18:21 cctoide Not anymore!
18:22 mman454 seroster you're thinking of captain
18:22 LeadHead Hank Hill
18:22 LeadHead what a guy
18:22 Seroster mman454, err?
18:22 Seroster OW! Half a boden
18:22 mman454 watch him eat sometime ;)
18:22 Phu multi-boden
18:22 Seroster "sounded like a freight train" YEAH YOU KINDA DO
18:22 jeremys we all coulda died OR EVEN WORSE
18:23 mman454 tggcory
18:23 Hackbat there are worse things tan dieing
18:23 Hackbat *than
18:23 LeadHead It's spelt Corey
18:23 Seroster And cory! You can't quote me to the boden without namedropping me, so he knows that I am the one being an asshole to him!
18:23 mrmaigo And now for something compleaty different
18:24 jeremys I wonder if my card is in yet
18:24 LeadHead Praise the lord he didn't mention the autistic comment
18:24 mman454 LeadHead not how his nick is
18:24 pupak Cory's surename is Grzyb
18:24 sporks5000 left #thegeekgroup
18:24 LeadHead No vowels, interesting.
18:24 maglinvinn tggconsole  can we please have a wide shot... hehehe
18:24 Seroster I wonder if that is fake for the lulz or if it actually is
18:24 pupak grzyb = mushroom in polish
18:24 mrmaigo Dat ass!
18:24 jeremys wow
18:25 asnopus ass shot
18:25 jeremys MONEY SHOT
18:25 cctoide` joined #thegeekgroup
18:25 Seroster Wtf
18:25 LeadHead There is no money in this camera view?
18:25 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
18:25 cctoide` is now known as cctoide
18:25 Seroster No semen either
18:25 jeremys did i just hear peirced nipples?
18:25 Seroster I hope!
18:26 LeadHead And here begins the down-hill slope
18:26 Phu uh try not to lower the conversation guys ;)
18:26 LeadHead Maturity level is nose-diving
18:26 cctoide there always seems to be a disconnect between the viewership Chris mentions and the actual YT stats :/
18:26 Seroster Newspaper dude on set?
18:26 maglinvinn tggconsole  who is that on set?
18:27 Phu chris loves explaining the live stream
18:27 tggCory People!
18:27 Seroster I think he just loves the main stream
18:27 mrmaigo He loves explaining
18:27 mashpriborintorg I watched some of the videos 5, - times
18:27 DruidicRifleman eeeewwwwwwwww people???
18:27 mashpriborintorg 3 times for the entire Kuka robot disasembly
18:27 cctoide They do have over a million cumulative video views, but like 80% of that comes from the first Tesla coil videos
18:28 pupak thegeekgroup needs more expousure .... try Digg and Redit
18:28 Seroster Hi there newspaper dude! You are famous on the interwebz!
18:28 maglinvinn yup
18:28 maglinvinn so it is a newspaper guy?
18:28 cctoide heh, I actually watched the SMB video years before I found GG
18:28 Thaery The first rule of reddit is..
18:28 pupak i found out about TGG from nerd rage
18:28 Seroster I have no idea, but Chris talks to him as if he was a reporter
18:28 SparkyProjects tggconsole, move the gallery cam
18:28 cctoide I don't know that the average redditor is ready to watch 30 minute long videos
18:28 Hackbat Hi greg!
18:28 Phu hey Chris :)
18:28 cctoide hello Greg
18:28 Seroster Hi there greg
18:28 Phu hi greg :)
18:28 maglinvinn Hiya greg!
18:28 LeadHead Greg
18:28 mrmaigo GREG!
18:29 DruidicRifleman Same nerd rage is how i found out
18:29 SparkyProjects Hi greag
18:29 cctoide Ring a bell, we'll salivate.
18:29 Seroster From now on you are called Greg the paperboy!
18:29 LeadHead No.
18:29 Hackbat Wooo! peoples
18:29 mrmaigo Hi papeboy
18:29 Seroster Peoples!
18:29 LeadHead You're famous
18:29 cctoide hello Famous Greg
18:29 Seroster He waves kind of like the english queen =P
18:29 maglinvinn greg the paperboy.
18:29 Phu Hi Miranda :)
18:29 mrmaigo lol
18:29 * maglinvinn sage nod
18:30 SparkyProjects Hi Greg and Miranda
18:30 Seroster Because you come from the newspaper!
18:30 LeadHead Come together
18:30 jeremys RINGO
18:30 Seroster Or.. Not. I thought you might be a reporter. =P
18:30 mrmaigo he's still going to be the paperboy
18:30 Seroster Even if he isnt, yes, he will be
18:30 Phu Becomeing a TGG video editor requires giving Cory a taco bribe
18:30 jeremys hi Miranda I am single
18:31 jeremys not really but I can be
18:31 Seroster That will stick with him for the next 30 or so years =D
18:31 beep joined #thegeekgroup
18:31 cctoide is their steadicam unpacked?
18:31 LeadHead It's been
18:31 cctoide actually, it has to be, they did the walkthrough videos with it
18:32 Phu cctoide, : chris has used the steadicam for some captains blogs in the new lab
18:32 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
18:32 Seroster cctoide, I doubt it was ever packed
18:32 cctoide haven't seen a steadicam video in a long tim, though, it's always the Boden Facebook angle :(
18:32 Phu but its heavy as hell, so it generally does both ;)
18:32 cctoide *time, even
18:32 Phu damn keyboard.. that shoulda been "he generanlly doesn't bother"
18:32 mashpriborintorg It comes with a transit case, no ?
18:32 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
18:32 eightbitbrad hey all :)
18:33 Seroster Hi eightbitbrad
18:33 Phu evening eightbitbrad
18:33 mrmaigo Captain is giving and interview with paperboy
18:33 mashpriborintorg He knows how to sell his stuff
18:34 Seroster like a gigolo
18:34 jeremys I wonder if Kore E made the mic bock his face on purpose
18:35 jeremys block even
18:35 Seroster Cory! Ye there?
18:35 pupak left #thegeekgroup
18:35 mashpriborintorg nobody at the editing computers :(
18:35 Seroster yes there is
18:35 Seroster Two even
18:36 Seroster Cute ponytail girl and... Probably cory
18:36 Seroster Lol ^^
18:36 mashpriborintorg ok, you keep cory
18:36 Seroster Maybe my name is hard to pronounce for americans.
18:37 jeremys MOVE THE MIC lol
18:37 Seroster is now known as Seros
18:37 Seros Crud
18:37 Seros is now known as Seroster
18:37 Seroster Sero and Seros are both in use
18:37 Seroster :c
18:37 SparkyProjects Seroster
18:38 Phu Seroster: the "cute ponytail girl" is Liz :)
18:38 eightbitbrad sorry if I'm quiet... working on getting my Linux setup put back together :)
18:38 Seroster Lol sparky
18:38 Seroster Phu, Swoody. She's still cute
18:39 Phu agreed :)
18:39 cctoide did they move like 3 computers out of the NLE corner?
18:39 Seroster Cory, can't you talk a bit about your childhood? =D
18:39 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
18:39 Phu cctoide: I think they just rearranged
18:40 Electronics Evening all
18:40 Seroster Elloh Electronics
18:40 asnopus hey
18:40 Phu evening Electronics
18:40 Electronics oh lol, brb
18:41 beep left #thegeekgroup
18:41 mashpriborintorg Chris away, mic quiet
18:41 Seroster Thats why we want cory to talk about his childhood
18:42 Seroster Or his coming out story
18:42 jeremys lol
18:42 Obtuse-Away so i see they sell LED lightbulbs at Lowes now
18:42 Obtuse-Away is now known as Obtuse
18:42 cctoide do they make wall clock-sized needle meters?
18:42 Seroster Measuring what?
18:42 cctoide if Batman makes the Bodenmeter it should definitely be one like that
18:42 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
18:43 jeremys can we call her QT-Liz as a comprimize?
18:43 tggCory I might talk about my coming out story on cam sometime :P
18:43 Seroster cory, has boden always ben that loud?
18:43 cctoide apparently "we haven't seen(heard) nothing yet"
18:43 Seroster Or has it increased since people made fun of him on the internets for it?
18:44 eightbitbrad "It's a story.... of a guy named Cory... sitting back in the corner...  editing away.."
18:44 Seroster Lol
18:46 Seroster But really, cory, how did you break it to your folks? =P
18:46 LeadHead "Mom, this is Mike"
18:46 tggCory It requires silly voices, it'll be on cam soon :P
18:46 Seroster Lol
18:46 tggCory How did you know his name was Mike? xD
18:46 Seroster xD
18:46 jeremys we saw your taco mike tattoo
18:46 Seroster Well, if I was to come out as gay for my parents I would do it in a raw way
18:47 Seroster Hi mom, Hi dad. I like to pack FUDGE! Nothing gets me as stiff as a trucker's balls! BWAHAHAH!
18:47 LeadHead Yeah, that really wasn't funny
18:47 LeadHead Nice try though
18:47 asnopus I leave for 5 mins and return to this...
18:47 Seroster Wasnt supposed to be funny, but that is what I would do
18:48 jeremys its hard to make a sentence with truckers balls in it and not be funny
18:48 LeadHead He managed
18:48 Seroster I'm a pro!
18:49 jeremys swap camra angles
18:49 jeremys pleeeeease
18:50 Seroster Btw, cory, it's pronounced more like Seerosster, with a really sharp o
18:51 Phu anyone here know much about the signal handling capabilities of digital KVM switches?
18:51 cctoide
18:51 Seroster It got NOTHING to do with potroast.
18:51 jeremys 7
18:52 Seroster Please tell me when something interesting happens in the live feed
18:53 mrmaigo left #thegeekgroup
18:53 jeremys if corey and liz get married I want to be the flower girl
18:53 Seroster Good luck
18:54 Seroster YEAH that's right Youtube! EAT ADBLOCK!
18:54 creep joined #thegeekgroup
18:54 DruidicRifleman ooooh geek group weeding? will it be a star trek wedding?
18:55 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
18:55 mashpriborintorg with small electronics parts as party favors :)
18:55 Whisperingwolf hello all
18:56 Phu "with this ring of LEDs I thee wed..."
18:57 mashpriborintorg please exchange your token rings
18:57 Tinker Dammit!  Swap cameras...please...
18:58 arran-g lol
18:58 cctoide hey Mike
18:59 Phu anyone want to donate a motherboard to me that doesn't suck?
19:00 jeremys I can give you my mother-in law
19:00 Phu will she run Ubuntu ?
19:00 creep left #thegeekgroup
19:00 jeremys no but she will try to run your life
19:00 Phu hmm. too much power. Got anything less powerful ?
19:01 mashpriborintorg ruin you mean :)
19:01 jeremys both really
19:01 eightbitbrad wow, people are dressy at the lab today
19:01 Phu good beardage. Not quite at general badass's level though.
19:01 cctoide are there two mikes on that arm?
19:02 Tinker left #thegeekgroup
19:02 Hackbat Do I hear Kidwell?
19:03 Tinker joined #thegeekgroup
19:05 jeremys left #thegeekgroup
19:06 djrock9000 joined #thegeekgroup
19:07 djrock9000 left #thegeekgroup
19:08 Electronics back!
19:10 tggCory left #thegeekgroup
19:15 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
19:17 Bh420 joined #thegeekgroup
19:18 pjuke left #thegeekgroup
19:19 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
19:20 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
19:22 Tinker We definitely need some way to switch cameras...
19:23 Tinker Maybe multiple feeds?
19:23 Phu its a live feed for watching... not a geek group version of big brother :) its fine as it is :)
19:23 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
19:24 * wannabe1987 came back
19:24 exor674 hai wannabe1987
19:24 wannabe1987 hi exor674
19:24 eightbitbrad brb
19:24 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
19:24 wannabe1987 ...
19:25 CSMonster hey, it's people.
19:25 exor674 ...?
19:25 mashpriborintorg I don't know what they are doing, but obviously it's not somethnig about the foor
19:26 * CSMonster is referring to the people in IRC, not the people on camera
19:27 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
19:27 * exor674 is trying to decide if I want to go to a movie toay
19:28 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
19:29 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
19:29 squeak left #thegeekgroup
19:29 eightbitbrad okay, better now. :)
19:29 Tinker Is there anyone in the control room?
19:29 Seroster Prolly cory
19:29 Seroster He lives there.
19:29 Seroster He is chained to the computer
19:30 Seroster Sometimes, if he is nice, boden gives him some food
19:30 Seroster :c
19:30 CSMonster but not without yelling at him
19:30 Tinker Let's see if I can get his attention...
19:30 Tinker HEY CORY!
19:30 cctoide` joined #thegeekgroup
19:30 Tinker switch to a better camera angle...please...
19:31 Seroster lol
19:31 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
19:31 cctoide` is now known as cctoide
19:31 CSMonster tggcory isn't online
19:31 CSMonster tggosc is
19:31 CSMonster but i kinda doubt anyone is manning it
19:32 CSMonster we are totally being ignored.
19:32 tesla4d joined #thegeekgroup
19:32 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
19:33 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
19:34 Hackbat okay guys
19:34 maglinvinn tggconsole tggcory tggosc can someone fix ustream feed camera?
19:34 Hackbat I was 1 hallway and a room away
19:35 Hackbat and all of a sudden I hear chris yell WHAT?
19:35 CSMonster LOL
19:35 CSMonster yes
19:35 Hackbat the power of the boden
19:35 Hackbat gotta go back to folding uniforms now
19:36 CSMonster what kind of uniforms?
19:36 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
19:39 wannabe1987 seroster...why is swedish furniture held together with wooden pegs?   is something wrong with screws?
19:39 DruidicRifleman any one online?
19:39 CSMonster nope.
19:39 Seroster We swedes get enough of screwing already, wannabe1987.
19:40 CSMonster wannabe, you have problems with wood dowels?!
19:40 Seroster CSMonster, she is a virgin. ofcourse she has problem with wood...
19:40 CSMonster lol
19:41 wannabe1987 lol @ all of  u
19:42 CSMonster hey, i takes a lot of skill and a good understanding of physics and structural engineering to build a 3 story house without the use of glue, wood, or nails.
19:42 CSMonster don't dis the peg.
19:42 Seroster Lol
19:42 maglinvinn hehehe
19:43 Seroster Well, wannabe1987, the real answer is that IKEA didnt get famous becauuse they produce quality products, they got famous because they provide cheap furniture that is easy to transport. Dowel is cheaper than screws, hence the use of them
19:44 Seroster But that aint half as fun answer as the previous ones.
19:44 CSMonster :D
19:45 CSMonster found the watch i want.
19:45 CSMonster
19:45 Seroster Built in dildo?
19:45 CSMonster heh
19:45 mashpriborintorg 80% of my furniture is from ikea
19:45 CSMonster no, i have one of those for my MP3 player
19:46 Seroster Ah,
19:46 Seroster mashpriborintorg, Lol
19:46 CSMonster
19:47 DruidicRifleman Ah interesting
19:47 mashpriborintorg wtf is that
19:47 CSMonster that is a vibe with a 3.5mm audio in jack
19:47 Seroster And you got one? =D
19:48 CSMonster best $65 i ever spent.  and i will never feel the same about NIN again.
19:48 Seroster BWAHAHAHAHA D
19:48 Seroster CSMonster, I love you. Please have my firstborn child
19:49 CSMonster LMAO, sorry, i'll have to pass.
19:49 DruidicRifleman I remember when the ivibe came out
19:49 Seroster Lol
19:49 DruidicRifleman Personally i find a Audio activated tens unit more fun
19:50 Seroster Well, CSMonster, what is the wierdest thing you have watched while having sex?
19:50 Seroster Personally, my number one will probably be Finding Nemo.
19:50 CSMonster that's for me to know, and you to wonder about. :p
19:50 Seroster Dawn of the dead?
19:51 Seroster I suppose that lack of a reply is a yes =P
19:51 CSMonster lol
19:51 CSMonster not telling.
19:52 * wannabe1987 isn't paying attn
19:52 CSMonster LOL
19:52 mashpriborintorg well, going to sleep, too bad I will surely miss some more interesting things :D
19:52 CSMonster lol, bye mash
19:52 Seroster Lol
19:52 Seroster Cya mashpriborintorg
19:52 Seroster No fappin!
19:53 mashpriborintorg lol
19:53 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:53 Electronics cya
19:53 Electronics darnit
19:53 CSMonster i think we embarrassed wannabe1987
19:53 Seroster Hah! Yer too slow Electronics  =)
19:53 Seroster CSMonster, Maybe so. Shall we talk about something less sensitive?
19:54 Seroster Like... The wierdest fruit you have made love to?
19:54 Seroster I volounteer the coconut.
19:54 CSMonster LOL
19:54 JA12 :D
19:54 Seroster Damn that was painful
19:55 CSMonster were you on top or bottom?
19:55 exor674 ... I am amazed at how long this buttoncell in my temp longer has lasted
19:55 wannabe1987 CSMonster - no, i
19:55 wannabe1987 i'm putting together ikea furniture!
19:55 CSMonster ?
19:55 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
19:55 CSMonster LOL
19:55 BatSteve word
19:55 CSMonster okay
19:55 CSMonster bi batsteve
19:55 Electronics hiya
19:55 CSMonster her
19:55 CSMonster *er
19:56 CSMonster *hi
19:56 Seroster You like putting pegs in holes, wannabe1987?
19:56 exor674 temp logger that is, I've had this thing since early 2007 and the battery is apparently still giving 2.97v
19:56 * CSMonster is suddenly unable to type
19:56 Seroster Ohai BotSteve
19:56 BotSteve Hi Seroster
19:56 wannabe1987 seroster - tj is doing it...not me
19:56 Seroster Hard to type with only one hand? ^o)
19:56 wannabe1987 and we're doing screws now
19:56 wannabe1987 YES
19:56 exor674 ( *and* this thing has had a hard life, being thrown in fridges and freezers its entire life
19:56 Seroster Well yeah, ofcourse he is putting pegs in your holes.
19:56 Obtuse left #thegeekgroup
19:56 Seroster What thing, exor674 ?
19:56 exor674 my temp logger
19:56 Seroster Oryte
19:57 exor674 it actually finally whine at me "BAD BATTERy LOL" when I dumped it out just now
19:57 exor674 but letting it warm up, it's back up to 70% accoring to the device
19:58 wannabe1987 anyway...we're going home now...the pegs and teh screws are in their holes
19:58 Seroster Dang
19:58 CSMonster i thought you said there were no screws?
19:58 Seroster You a dirty girl
19:58 Seroster HA!
19:59 DruidicRifleman OOOOH if you like Ohmibod on face book you get 10% off
19:59 DruidicRifleman neat
19:59 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
20:00 eightbitbrad hiiii Cap!
20:00 Phu hi vaping Chris
20:00 CSMonster chris looks fancy
20:00 arran-g hey Chris
20:00 CSMonster collared shirt and tie and everything.
20:00 ol10ol Chris
20:00 BatSteve wut
20:00 Seroster New shoot comin up?
20:00 * BatSteve logs in to see *this*
20:00 Phu he dresses up for the Billy videos... sign of adult responsibility and all that
20:00 Seroster lol
20:00 CSMonster i miss the kodachrome shirt
20:01 CSMonster LOL
20:01 Electronics I hear Chris
20:01 Seroster I hear chris from the other side of the damn globe, without even watching the stream =P
20:01 CSMonster HI
20:01 Electronics HIYA!
20:01 maglinvinn Heya Chris
20:01 exor674 ooh we gonna o a billy vieo today? or did we already?
20:01 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
20:02 maglinvinn already did exor
20:02 Ponko92 hello all :)
20:02 exor674 aw
20:02 Phu exor674: earlier. Chris and Billy wound the secondary of the tesla coil
20:02 BatSteve hi Ponko92
20:02 CSMonster ponko
20:02 Electronics darnit missed that
20:02 Whisperingwolf Hmm the whole first season of Bleach is on Netflix instant
20:02 CSMonster lol
20:02 Phu lol
20:02 Phu "No I need a COMPLETE mouse"
20:02 maglinvinn tggconsole  idea - lets put together a TGG playlist and stream it while the lab is done for the nite
20:02 Ponko92 *nods at @batsteve & CSMonster*
20:03 Phu maglinvinn: but I leave the stream running and fall asleep in my chair... your plan will wake me up!
20:03 CSMonster chris is far more interested in the mouse atm
20:03 SparkyProjects tggconsole should be uploading the other vids :P
20:03 Ponko92 lol Phu
20:03 maglinvinn i'm not saying blare it... but something more than just the indian head
20:03 BatSteve He's not wearing his glock either.  I am disappoint.
20:03 SparkyProjects or should that be tggcory
20:04 maglinvinn its prolly concealed steve
20:04 Ponko92 he has a Glock?
20:04 Ponko92 not the german gun?
20:04 Electronics da?
20:04 CSMonster german gun?
20:04 DruidicRifleman Glocks are OK i prefur sigs For Design but the glock is practical
20:04 BatSteve Glock is austrian, not german, I believe.
20:05 BatSteve .w glock
20:05 * CSMonster rolls eyes
20:05 BotSteve "The Glock Safe Action Pistol, colloquially known as the Glock is a series of semi-automatic pistols designed and produced by Glock Ges.m.b.H., located in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria." -
20:05 Ponko92 Glocks are a german gun manufacturer
20:05 cctoide well, issue with that is that someone might complain about copyright issues
20:05 Electronics I have a serial mouse =P
20:05 Seroster haaa HAA!
20:05 CSMonster no
20:05 CSMonster glock is Austrian
20:05 Ponko92 thats the one +BotSteve
20:05 CSMonster austria =/= germany
20:05 Phu Chris.. actually first gen mice were "manufacturers descretion"
20:05 Seroster Lol
20:05 Seroster You are all so cute
20:05 Phu c.f Amstrad Bus Mouse.
20:05 Ponko92 same thing lol
20:05 DruidicRifleman LOL on Friend I knew her department issued glocks another friend in law enforcement issued Sigs the Sig fan was issued a glock and the glock fan worked in a department that issued sigs.
20:05 cctoide other ideas were IRC on TTS and geiger counters with a radioactive sample
20:05 LeadHead Was it the Xeroke that had a mouse made out of wood?
20:05 LeadHead *Xerox
20:05 exor674 were there any mice that needed a custom controller
20:05 Ponko92 oh blimey the child of alan sugar
20:06 maglinvinn PHU - in modern computers that generation of 'mouse' isn't considered
20:06 Ponko92 the Amstrad
20:06 maglinvinn it takes a very special installation to require someting like that
20:06 maglinvinn hahah
20:06 Phu ya, so? ;)
20:06 Ponko92 oh sorry
20:06 Ponko92 Sir Alan Sugar
20:06 * CSMonster will carry the P7M8 for life, bitches.
20:06 exor674 also ugh, my eyboard is angerng meeeee haha
20:06 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: I'm not a fan of either, but if I had to choose, I'd take a glock over a sig
20:06 exor674 maybe I should swap it out
20:07 LeadHead Independently, Douglas Engelbart at the Stanford Research Institute invented the first mouse prototype in 1963
20:07 BatSteve CSMonster: Ever shot a p30?  How's the p7 compare?
20:07 LeadHead They christened the device the mouse as early models had a cord attached to the rear part of the device looking like a tail and generally resembling the common mouse.[4] Engelbart never received any royalties for it, as his patent ran out before it became widely used in personal computers.
20:07 DruidicRifleman Meh i am kind of a fan of the Para USA P14 with 14 rounder but the Glocks are nice
20:07 Ponko92 lol that reminds me of an arnold schwarzenegger quote
20:07 CSMonster P7 is the greatest thing ever if your hands are heatproof.  that is all.
20:07 DruidicRifleman I'd seriously consider a 45 full sized with Victory 27's
20:07 Ponko92 "Between your faith and my Glock 9mm, i'll take my Glock."
20:08 CSMonster p30 doesn't compare.  nothing compares.
20:08 Ponko92 to you?
20:08 CSMonster :( i wish they were still in production
20:08 CSMonster nothing compares to the H&K P7 series
20:08 DruidicRifleman Hk P7?
20:08 BatSteve You're in washington, right?
20:09 CSMonster yesiam
20:09 DruidicRifleman Thought so
20:09 BatSteve All right, you grab your 7 and I'll grab my 30 and we'll both start driving.  Meet in south dakota and we'll compare.
20:09 BatSteve Ready?  Go!
20:09 Ponko92 its weird how things back in the day didn't really matter but later down the line there like a rare thing to have
20:09 CSMonster LOL
20:09 chunks joined #thegeekgroup
20:09 eightbitbrad I'ma working on the Linux box... alll the live-long afternoon....
20:09 CSMonster i'd have to sell my P7 to buy a car :O
20:10 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
20:10 * CSMonster is actually not picky about guns at all, as long as it isn't a Jennings family firearm, but will still always prefer the P7 over everything else
20:10 BatSteve aw sadday
20:10 Ponko92 get a moped
20:10 eightbitbrad Sorry, I'm in an odd mood...  working on rebuilding ye olde Linux install so I can hack Python properly
20:10 BatSteve :D
20:10 DruidicRifleman the P7 is a neat one
20:11 DruidicRifleman I'd Kinda like the FF five seven
20:11 * BatSteve knows an op in this room who just purchased a Raven Arms MP-25!
20:11 DruidicRifleman FN*
20:11 CSMonster LOL
20:11 Ponko92 what about smith & wesson?
20:11 CSMonster eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew raven
20:11 Ponko92 thats how its spelt right?
20:11 CSMonster my AR is built on a S&W lower.  that doesn't really count
20:11 CSMonster yes
20:11 DruidicRifleman EWWWW
20:11 DruidicRifleman is right
20:11 LeadHead Five-Seven is a great gun
20:12 LeadHead I've fired thousands of rounds through one
20:12 LeadHead - in counter strike
20:12 LeadHead :D
20:12 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: hold a Five-Seven first, and then make up your mind.  I hated it when I held it.
20:12 CSMonster lol
20:12 Ponko92 the gun Crockett had in Miami Vicwe is one i like
20:12 DruidicRifleman I like the round more then the Design
20:12 CSMonster the Bren Ten?
20:12 Ponko92 hold on
20:12 * CSMonster hasn't watched Miami Vice in over a decade, doesn't remember
20:13 BatSteve .w firearms in miami vice
20:13 BotSteve "In the television series, Miami Vice, firearms took a key role in the series." -
20:13 CSMonster i see no point in the Five-seveN except as a VERY EXPENSIVE TO SHOOT range toy
20:13 BatSteve I love the internet.
20:13 Ponko92 yes the bren ten pistol
20:15 BatSteve I've never fired anything in ten.  I really should someday.
20:15 BatSteve ...rather, I should lift a bunch of weights and get buff, and then I really should.
20:15 CSMonster in actuality, i don't own a P7.  i've shot them several times, and I WANT ONE SO BAD but HOLY GOD THEY ARE NOT CHEAP.
20:15 DruidicRifleman I personallaly like the idea of a suppressed Ruger .22/45 for close in work
20:15 CSMonster LOL
20:16 CSMonster close in work doing what? :/
20:16 eightbitbrad argh.  back later. :)
20:16 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
20:16 Ponko92 i'd have a Walther PPK and Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred
20:16 BatSteve (grin)
20:17 Ponko92 and a speedboat
20:17 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
20:17 LeadHead Only thing I've ever fired as an AR-15 chambered in 5.56
20:17 CSMonster i want the speed boat with the hang glider that pops out of it
20:17 Ponko92 only thing is you have to say that with a Sean Connery accent
20:18 Ponko92 Moneypenny
20:18 BatSteve LeadHead: how'd that go for you?
20:18 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
20:18 Woshin joined #thegeekgroup
20:18 * BatSteve thinks of something
20:18 CSMonster ?
20:18 BatSteve .c 5.56 mm to caliber
20:18 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
20:18 BatSteve bugger
20:19 CSMonster lol
20:19 * BatSteve adds unit conversions to the list
20:19 Ponko92 i fired the machine gun the use in the SAS
20:19 CSMonster the MP5?
20:19 DruidicRifleman CSM the kind of work that was done to gerald bull
20:19 LeadHead It was only about 5 rounds, but the rifle itself felt pretty good
20:19 Ponko92 yes
20:19 LeadHead not much recoil, but that is expected with such a small round
20:19 CSMonster yep, AR is fun.
20:19 DruidicRifleman Not a fan of the MP5 if i had to carry a Sub gun i'd pick the kriss super V
20:19 CSMonster ew.
20:20 Ponko92 "Who Dares Wins"
20:20 DruidicRifleman Ew MP5 or Ew SuperV
20:20 LeadHead "Open House" days at your local rod & gun clubs are great if you want to get your hands on a variety of weapons
20:20 LeadHead and try them out
20:21 CSMonster i consider the Super V an answer to a question no one asked.  it's pretty neat from a mechanical standpoint, and well balanced, but the size and shape is awkward as hell.  also, i'm told they are *very* easy to limp-wrist the action.
20:21 BatSteve I've held a super V, but never fired it.  it seemed....really clunky.
20:21 CSMonster ^
20:21 CSMonster that
20:22 CSMonster it would make a pretty awesome briefcase gun probably.
20:22 LeadHead @_@
20:22 Ponko92 i also fired the MG3 and a HK G3
20:22 CSMonster leadhead's leadhead is spinning.
20:22 Ponko92 and a Browning
20:22 DruidicRifleman with it's  low recoil hell yeah
20:22 LeadHead how was the browning
20:22 Ponko92 bloody powerful
20:22 * BatSteve is now jealous of Ponko92
20:22 CSMonster which browing?  P35 hipower?
20:23 DruidicRifleman I would love a M1919
20:23 CSMonster browning designed *A LOT* of guns.
20:23 DruidicRifleman rotflmao thats an understatement
20:24 CSMonster "i fired a browning" could cover probably 40% of all firearms made in the 20th century :O
20:24 Ponko92 oh the M1919 is epic how its air-cooled
20:24 DruidicRifleman We know it's probly one of the one's that we're produced for and not bought by winchester for the point of blockign competition
20:24 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
20:24 Ponko92 i shouted fire and die in german when firing the MG3
20:25 CSMonster lol
20:25 LeadHead When someone says I've fired a browning, most people who know anything about guns probably jump right the automatic rifle
20:25 CSMonster the M1919 is.... a little bit problematic
20:25 Seroster Dodedo
20:25 Seroster FEUER! STIRBT!
20:25 CSMonster not really, no.
20:25 Ponko92 ;) that it Seroster
20:25 * CSMonster automatically jumps to the FN P35 "Browning HiPower" pistol
20:25 Ponko92 thats*
20:26 CSMonster ...........why is it that every time i'm in here the conversation eventually gets steered toward guns?
20:26 Ponko92 the Bren Gun was on of the Machine guns we brits used in the 2nd World War
20:26 Ponko92 proud to fie one of those
20:26 DruidicRifleman I liked the bren
20:26 CSMonster yes, but it wasn't a brit design, it was a czech design
20:26 BatSteve CSMonster: Technically I started it by asking about Chris's Glock
20:26 CSMonster lol
20:26 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
20:26 CSMonster fair enoug
20:26 CSMonster h
20:26 Ponko92 i know
20:26 Seroster Daaamn
20:26 CSMonster i take no responsibility this time
20:26 LeadHead That's the goofy one that's "upside down"
20:27 Seroster This ball bearing
20:27 LeadHead right
20:27 DruidicRifleman Partly my fault to
20:27 Seroster Is ooooold
20:27 Ponko92 but you have to know where i'm coming from though with a HUGE Army background
20:27 Ponko92 REME
20:27 CSMonster ah
20:27 CSMonster what about the swede being old?
20:27 Ponko92 eh?
20:27 CSMonster idk.
20:27 Seroster Sometimes old is good, but this time...  no..
20:27 Ponko92 lol
20:28 CSMonster i'm trying to figure out wtf seroster is talking about
20:28 Ponko92 SKF Co Ball Bearings?
20:28 CSMonster i think he's still a few pages back on the vibrator conversation
20:28 Seroster Dug the ball bearing out from my front bike wheel
20:28 LeadHead SKF Bearings are nice
20:28 Seroster I tried it and it feels like... PAIN
20:28 Ponko92 built in Luton XD
20:28 LeadHead Tried it on what?
20:28 Seroster Does acetone dissolve grease?
20:29 Seroster I tried running it freely
20:29 LeadHead Not really.
20:29 Seroster Felt like gravel between the balls
20:29 LeadHead It's junk
20:29 CSMonster LOL
20:29 LeadHead new grease won't help it
20:29 Seroster Lead
20:29 Seroster I will remove old grease
20:29 Seroster Clean up the old gunky nasty grease
20:29 Seroster Look if the bearings are fine and replace those who arent
20:30 Seroster Make it new, make it shiny, make it good.
20:30 LeadHead You're going to replace the balls of a bearing
20:30 LeadHead that's worth $3 tops?
20:30 Seroster ...
20:30 Seroster YES!
20:30 Ponko92 thats gonna be a bitch
20:30 wannabe1987 so seroster...i have a question
20:30 DruidicRifleman Sooooo whats a good State to live in the US
20:30 CSMonster WANNABE IS BACK.
20:30 LeadHead That's idoitic, espeically when you'll have to remove the spot welded ball-spacer
20:30 wannabe1987 are teh swedish cars held together with wooden dowels and screws too?
20:30 Ponko92 Wisconsin
20:30 wannabe1987 CSMONSTER - yes i am!!!
20:30 CSMonster Alaska
20:30 wannabe1987 MICHIGAN!
20:30 Ponko92 haha
20:31 LeadHead and the fact that races on both sides will have damage
20:31 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
20:31 Seroster wannabe1987, YES, unlike american cars that are held together with chewingum.
20:31 Ponko92 -1 In Fairbanks right now
20:31 Ponko92 wait 1 C
20:31 wannabe1987 lol ok
20:31 LeadHead "Structual" adhesive is common
20:31 eightbitbrad uh oh, did I walk into "car wars
20:31 eightbitbrad ?
20:31 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
20:32 Ponko92 the germans are so precise in the Car department
20:32 CSMonster lol
20:32 wannabe1987 no, eightbitbrad, car wars is on my other channel, i think
20:32 wannabe1987 however, STARWARS is awesome
20:32 Seroster And LeadHead I don't replace the balls in the bearing for any kind of cost efficiency. I do it because it is a chi thing.
20:32 CSMonster eightbitbrad: it started with sex and vibrators, then firearms, now motorcycles i think.
20:32 Ponko92 is that like Darth Vader Chasing after Luke in a DeLorean
20:32 * CSMonster goes back to researching watches
20:32 Photon939 CSMonster: you should get a watch with tritium vials in the hands
20:33 CSMonster well duh
20:33 * LeadHead gives up on Seroster
20:33 Ponko92 lol
20:33 Ponko92 you just gave have you ;)
20:33 Seroster Lol
20:33 Ponko92 oh what feeling
20:33 Photon939 CSMonster:
20:33 Seroster You are only about a week behind the rest of the world, LeadHead
20:33 Ponko92 when were...
20:33 * CSMonster totally understands seroster's chi thing
20:34 DruidicRifleman OK does any one othe then kid well travel from detroit semi regularily
20:34 CSMonster .....gezus photon
20:34 LeadHead German Cars
20:34 LeadHead don't remind me
20:34 LeadHead Helped a buddy on his 98 Audi A4 Quattro
20:34 Seroster Taking apart something that doesnt work, poke around a bit and then put it together and it WORKS... That's nice.
20:34 LeadHead 5 ball joints per wheel Audi, really?
20:34 Ponko92 ;)
20:34 Ponko92 Audi are stupid
20:35 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: I go to Detroit on occasion
20:35 wannabe1987 i'm sorry
20:35 BatSteve say once every month to six weeks
20:35 Ponko92 i go to Detriot and go to ford field
20:35 Ponko92 to watch the Pack play there ;) lol
20:35 LeadHead How far is TGG from Dearborn?
20:35 JA12 Seroster: if you do try ro remove grease with acetone, tell us how it worked :)
20:35 Ponko92 Google Maps LeadHead
20:36 Seroster It didnt work at all
20:36 Seroster However, gasoline worked just fine
20:36 Ponko92 yeah you lit a match afterwards?
20:36 LeadHead 134 miles
20:36 LeadHead well thats not happening
20:36 Ponko92 lol my fiancee is currently 101 miles from me in Derby
20:36 Seroster Ponko, did I mention I am a pyro?
20:37 Ponko92 no but i guessed ;)
20:37 Ponko92 i am too
20:37 LeadHead Well I'm in Rhode Island, but might possibly be goign to dearborn
20:37 BatSteve Seroster: that describes 75% of the people in this channel
20:37 LeadHead for a competition
20:37 Ponko92 ahh ok
20:37 LeadHead Ferd AAA Troubleshooting competition
20:37 Ponko92 Ford