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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-18

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00:00 mman454 tgg Is this racist?
00:00 billlyboob ok
00:01 mikemol CaptainBoden: Where did the link to all the old videos go? I'm not seeing it on the website any longer.
00:01 LeadHead Who the hell is quick
00:01 billlyboob i laughed way harder than is socially acceptable.
00:01 mikemol LeadHead: I am, at certain things. Such as typing. :)
00:01 cctoide I know CaptainBoden pointed at Quick once
00:01 Arruid_ not personally, but i have seen him in the blogs
00:01 CaptainBoden The website is being overhauled ;)
00:01 cctoide I don't know who he is
00:02 Arruid_ no idea
00:02 mikemol CaptainBoden: Is it safe for me to offer a suggestion about the live streaming page? (Specifically, it's possible to auto-fill-in a username for the 'nickname' field)
00:02 CaptainBoden sure
00:02 LeadHead So terrible, they're good?
00:02 CaptainBoden post ideas and intelligent solutions to a thread
00:03 mman454
00:03 Billy so, like saw?
00:03 Billy more violent? awesome
00:04 Ponko92 driller killer?
00:04 billlyboob owsom soo cool watched it yesterday
00:04 exor674 ... why do I keep playing with capless pens
00:04 mikemol CaptainBoden: I'm more than a bit gun-shy on offering website suggestions. :)
00:04 mikemol But will do. :)
00:05 Ponko92 its a EXTREME movie about a guy killing people with a drill
00:05 billlyboob the rocky horror picture show
00:05 mman454
00:05 mman454
00:05 mman454 Creper van's new job
00:05 mman454 captainboden we need to make one of these:
00:05 mman454
00:05 mman454
00:05 mikemol Ack!
00:05 mikemol mman454: pastebin!
00:06 LeadHead great scot
00:06 mman454 last time I do that ever... Thought it was going to keep them all in one line
00:06 * mikemol looks at dagnyscott.
00:06 billlyboob cool table
00:07 mman454 the mist
00:07 LeadHead The ending of the mist
00:07 LeadHead was horifyingly awful
00:07 LeadHead how could a writer even do that to a character
00:07 mman454 so true
00:07 Billy the beginning of fred the movie, I ran out of there screaming :L
00:08 LeadHead That's what im saying
00:08 CaptainBoden Get me prints to make one of those tables, we have the technology to do it.
00:08 Seroster I had this WIERD dream about people using Qtips to clean their ears, toothbrushes for brushing teeth and matches to light stuf... Yeah I know, kinda freaky!
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00:09 cctoide it's a DB Fletcher Capstan Ilona apparently
00:09 CSMonster Seroster... wtf are you on about now
00:09 LeadHead Anyone have a suggestion what I could use for a replacement engine
00:09 LeadHead on my hovercraft
00:10 LeadHead It needs to be around 40HP
00:10 Seroster I use brushes qtips and matches for pretty much anything but their intended use.
00:10 Seroster And many others too
00:10 CSMonster ...okay
00:10 mman454 seroster: remind me never to smell your breath
00:10 wannabe1987 awkward
00:10 wannabe1987 lol
00:10 Seroster N I know you do too!
00:10 CSMonster so in other words seroster doesn't clean his teeth or ears
00:11 Seroster .... Yes I do =P
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00:12 LeadHead Here's a couple pictures of the hovercraft if anyones curious
00:12 LeadHead
00:12 Peter____ joined #thegeekgroup
00:12 LeadHead
00:12 LeadHead
00:12 LeadHead
00:12 cctoide His toothbrush probably has q-tips for hair
00:12 billlyboob goodbye cruel world
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00:14 Billy anyone excited about portal 2 coming out?
00:14 Yaotzin Bacon and Cupcake flavored toothpaste?
00:15 Yaotzin why would you do that
00:15 wannabe1987 ewwww
00:15 LeadHead I except the TGG will have a recreation of this
00:15 LeadHead in short order
00:15 LeadHead
00:15 CSMonster how can anyone *not* be excited about portal 2?
00:15 tggKyle No, no one ever is excited for that
00:15 Billy sorry, didn't know... :(
00:15 cctoide I'm... not :(
00:16 wannabe1987 hey guys...question for you
00:16 wannabe1987 whats something really disgusting in the house to be cleaned via toothbrush?
00:16 CSMonster ....nothing as long as you don't go back to brushing your teeth with it afterward
00:16 tggKyle
00:17 cctoide electric frying pan?
00:17 wannabe1987 CSMonster - nope...its a  spare toothbrush
00:17 wannabe1987 and our frying pans are clean
00:18 CSMonster i have three toothbrushes: one for my teeth, one for tile grout, and one for firearms.
00:18 Yaotzin wannabe1987: How about the grout in the bathroom tile?
00:18 Yaotzin lol
00:18 Yaotzin groutmind
00:18 wannabe1987 hmmmm
00:19 tggKyle
00:19 DruidicRifleman Make him wash the toilet with it?
00:19 wannabe1987 it was just cleaned friday
00:20 DruidicRifleman hmmm
00:20 tggKyle GLaDOS looks like Venus upside down
00:20 tggKyle JUST SAYING.
00:20 Yaotzin I'm not seeing it
00:20 Yaotzin Venus upside down looks like 5nuaA
00:21 tggKyle hahahaha
00:21 Billy I'm heading off, its 1:20am here in england :L night/morning depending on your timezone
00:21 LeadHead 1:20 AM?
00:21 LeadHead That's the start of evening!
00:21 Billy how?
00:21 wannabe1987 PARTY!!!!!
00:22 LeadHead I'm saying, that is not all that late
00:22 CSMonster  o.0
00:22 Billy meh, got work tomorrow :L
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00:22 Billy left #thegeekgroup
00:22 wannabe1987 CSMonster - wtf?
00:22 CSMonster ostan glados.
00:23 wannabe1987 odd
00:23 CSMonster anyway FOOD
00:23 cctoide anyone tried out Ace of Spades?
00:24 wannabe1987 CSMonster - food is good.  what kind?
00:24 DruidicRifleman awww she's cute CSM
00:26 tggcory See ya kids~
00:26 wannabe1987 night cory!
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00:28 cctoide yeah, it seems pretty cool
00:28 cctoide has potential at any rate
00:29 cctoide worth getting in on the ground floor
00:29 CSMonster wannabe1987: apple strudel
00:29 cctoide yeah
00:29 DruidicRifleman 4 chan There's your problem
00:29 cctoide picturing what it could be like with artillery and flying bombs, heh
00:30 DruidicRifleman cctoide whats this game?
00:30 cctoide yeah... though land vehicles in a block world are kinda iffy
00:30 cctoide unless it's going to be like mecha hitler
00:31 cctoide DruidicRifleman: it's been called a cross between Minecraft and Red Orchestra
00:31 DruidicRifleman I see
00:31 cctoide though a more accurate description would be a WWI-ish first person shooter in a Minecraft setting
00:31 DruidicRifleman Ah
00:31 DruidicRifleman cool
00:32 cctoide gameplay video:
00:32 cctoide just a beta at this point though, and really buggy
00:32 cctoide plus the graphics engine can be kinda nausea inducing
00:33 cctoide seems kinda 2.5D sometimes
00:34 cctoide it's like hemispherical distortion
00:34 cctoide or something
00:34 cctoide the interesting thing here is that if he manages to make big enough maps
00:34 cctoide you can have WWII Online style persistent battles
00:35 DruidicRifleman the game looks interesting
00:35 cctoide Cory sounds tired ;P
00:36 LeadHead Remember to say this is Cory and Kyle signing off for 92.1 THE SHARK
00:36 cctoide heh, it's closer to Infiniminer with everyone trying to kill eachother
00:37 cctoide cory a doctor of video games?
00:38 LeadHead Don't forget the shark!
00:39 cctoide pretzel mafia signoff
00:39 DruidicRifleman they leave the feed on all night?
00:40 ol10ol lol
00:41 cctoide livin' large
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00:48 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
00:48 lwq1996 hello
00:48 wannabe1987 hi
00:49 exor674 hi lwq1996
00:49 lwq1996 can anyone explain what a code is
00:49 LeadHead code
00:50 LeadHead what do you mean
00:50 wannabe1987 what kind?
00:50 DruidicRifleman bored druid is bored
00:50 wannabe1987
00:50 lwq1996 like the kind that paul did in the geiger cid
00:50 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
00:50 wannabe1987 hi batsteve!
00:50 lwq1996 sorry vid
00:50 BatSteve wannabe1987: clicked link.  was disappointed.
00:51 wannabe1987 me too!
00:51 wannabe1987 sorry
00:51 LeadHead code
00:51 LeadHead is basically "words" that tell the arduino what to do
00:51 BatSteve .w programming code
00:51 BotSteve "In computer science, source code is text written in a computer programming language." -
00:51 lwq1996 code as in writing one on a computer code....paul kidwell coding
00:52 LeadHead The code to make an arduino work in that video
00:52 LeadHead is very differnt than say the code
00:52 LeadHead for a piece of software
00:52 lwq1996 sorry i just know codes control stuff and need insite on like how to make one and what it does and why
00:52 lwq1996 like for an arduino
00:53 cctoide it's a mass noun, btw
00:53 lwq1996 ah
00:53 LeadHead lwq1996: try this
00:53 LeadHead
00:55 cctoide apparently BF3 TV ads have begun in the US already :/
00:56 LeadHead what channel?
00:56 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
00:56 cctoide TNT
00:56 wannabe1987 hi steve____
00:56 cctoide
00:57 Ponko92 hello and i am back and yes i know they have left
00:57 cctoide so skeptical of this attempt to shoot for the CoD playerbase
00:57 wannabe1987 HI PONK92
00:57 wannabe1987 ponko92*
00:57 Ponko92 HAI WANNABE1987
00:58 Ponko92 lol
00:58 wannabe1987 i failed first time
00:58 wannabe1987 :'(
00:58 Ponko92 its cool
00:58 Ponko92 with me no1 fails
00:58 wannabe1987 lol
00:58 LeadHead TNT?
00:58 wannabe1987 orly
00:58 LeadHead Isn't that Spike now?
00:58 Ponko92 COZ IM TNT
00:58 Ponko92 IM DYNAMITE
00:58 wannabe1987 lol
00:58 cctoide don't know, not in the US
00:58 Ponko92 IM A POWER LOAD
00:58 LeadHead Canada?
00:59 cctoide Portugal
00:59 Ponko92 lol
00:59 Ponko92 your on the same time as me then
00:59 lwq1996 omg
00:59 cctoide we had a TNT channel here ages ago, don't know if it was the same thing
00:59 Serostern joined #thegeekgroup
01:00 wannabe1987 SEROSTER!!!  o balls, its him again
01:00 lwq1996 hi serostern
01:00 Ponko92 i think that had cartoon network on it didn't it?
01:00 BatSteve wannabe1987: you know, we have a bot for that
01:00 LeadHead Oh, I'm thinking of TNN
01:00 BatSteve :P
01:00 wannabe1987 i know
01:00 wannabe1987 but he didn't say anything cuz he's not spelled right
01:00 wannabe1987 so i did it!
01:01 BatSteve Serostern: congratulations.  you are not spelled right.
01:01 BatSteve I have never heard anybody described that way before.
01:01 steve_____ hello wannabe
01:01 wannabe1987 @ batsteve - thanks
01:01 BatSteve By the way, I'm pretty excited, eightbitbrad is helping me with BotSteve, so there should be new insults on the way shortly.
01:01 lwq1996 hes a wannabe
01:02 wannabe1987 noone is me
01:02 BatSteve Relatedly, anyone who'd like to contribute an insult is welcome to PM me.
01:03 BatSteve (:
01:03 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
01:03 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
01:03 cctoide you should make him more antisocial, make it have a tiny chance of popping out a random insult every x minutes if Seroster's online
01:03 Ponko92 wow i'm blitzed lol
01:03 BatSteve-Away cctoide: way ahead of you
01:03 Ponko92 kyle and cory what a comedy duo
01:03 BatSteve-Away
01:03 BatSteve-Away added april 05
01:05 cctoide heh, cool
01:06 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
01:06 wannabe1987 hi eightbitbrad
01:07 eightbitbrad hiya wannabe1987
01:07 wannabe1987 hows life?
01:07 DruidicRifleman an insult to who???
01:07 eightbitbrad not bad... dreading going back to the office tomorrow though.
01:07 wannabe1987 what state you in>
01:07 wannabe1987 ?*
01:08 eightbitbrad GA
01:08 eightbitbrad originally from PA
01:08 wannabe1987 ahhh
01:09 cctoide I wonder if YouTube changed their view counting methods in the past year
01:10 cctoide it seems to have gone from the most viewed video being some Avril Lavigne thing with 19 million views to something else with 300 million views way too fast
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01:11 lwq1996 hey its red
01:13 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
01:13 BigTank hola! im back...
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01:14 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
01:15 Obtuse_ and gone
01:15 Obtuse_ but Obtuse is here
01:15 wannabe1987 hi obtuse_
01:15 wannabe1987 hows life?
01:15 Obtuse_ good. just got wendys chilli and a frosty
01:15 wub left #thegeekgroup
01:15 wannabe1987 hi red_
01:16 Ponko92 Ponko is watching his fiancee sleep on skype :)
01:16 wannabe1987 mmmm frosty
01:16 Ponko92 she so pretty
01:16 wannabe1987 creepy!
01:16 HoeDown joined #thegeekgroup
01:16 wannabe1987 hey hoedown :D
01:16 Obtuse_ its not creepy if its your fiance
01:16 HoeDown howdy geeks and geekettes!
01:16 wannabe1987 obtuse_ my bf thinks its creepy if i watch him sleep in person...
01:16 Ponko92 its time for a hoedown
01:16 wannabe1987 PARTAY!!!!
01:16 HoeDown lol, always. that's where i got the nick, actually
01:17 Ponko92 its personal preference
01:17 Ponko92 lol ;) could of guessed that
01:17 wannabe1987 lol  i like watching ppls leep
01:17 wannabe1987 they're so peacful
01:17 wannabe1987 (sorry hoedown)
01:18 Ponko92 wannabe1987 i can see what you mean :)
01:18 HoeDown i feel like watching people sleep is only okay if they know you're doing it.
01:18 HoeDown otherwise, you be creepin'
01:18 wannabe1987 thats why i apologized to you...sorry :(
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01:19 Ponko92 don't apologise
01:19 wannabe1987 well, he slept on my i watched him!
01:19 ol10ol
01:19 Ponko92 lol my fiancee fell asleep on top of me lol
01:20 Ponko92 lucky it wasn't during intimacy
01:20 wannabe1987
01:20 Ponko92 "Laura wake up." wouldn't of been fun
01:22 Ponko92 would i of kept going
01:22 Ponko92 umm possibly lol
01:23 wannabe1987 ...
01:23 Ponko92 lol was waiting for a reply
01:23 Ponko92 might of woken her up
01:24 * wannabe1987 doesn't know what to say
01:24 Ponko92 is there anything to say?
01:25 * wannabe1987 no. but how to discuss anything after you fucking your sleeping fiancee
01:25 Ponko92 i didn't btw
01:25 wannabe1987 iknow but still awkward...
01:25 Ponko92 yeah
01:26 Ponko92 but i knew someone would of asked sooner or later
01:26 Ponko92 umm garlic is SOO NICE
01:26 Ponko92 garlic bread8
01:26 Ponko92 *
01:26 wannabe1987 i love sniffing garlic.  lol
01:26 Ponko92 yeah smells great
01:27 Ponko92 ever cut up garlic
01:27 wannabe1987 so is REPO what they're gonna do to us when we are in so much debt we cannot pay for anything? -
01:27 Obtuse_ wannabe, where is the closest wendy's to you?
01:27 wannabe1987 no...i use precut stuff
01:27 wannabe1987 on alpine
01:27 Obtuse_ i shall have to explore that street
01:27 wannabe1987 by  meijer...
01:27 Obtuse_ oh nvm
01:27 wannabe1987 OMG SO MUCH STUFF ON ALPINE
01:27 wannabe1987 hi :)  sorry
01:27 Ponko92 cutting up garlic is fun and so is compressing it
01:27 Obtuse_ i live on garfield
01:27 wannabe1987 yeah...idk where that his haha
01:27 wannabe1987 is*
01:28 Obtuse_ way to know streets of GR
01:28 Ponko92 the fat cat who likes Lasange?
01:28 Obtuse_ lol. yea, i live on the fat cat
01:28 Ponko92 he lives on you i think ;)
01:28 wannabe1987 obtuse_ i grew up in hudsonville...not GR
01:28 Obtuse_ but you live here now
01:28 Ponko92 actually he lives on Lasange
01:28 wannabe1987 since october..
01:28 Obtuse_ you should like map out the streets
01:28 Obtuse_ and see what is surrounding you
01:29 wannabe1987 the ghetto
01:29 wannabe1987 surrounds me
01:29 Ponko92 i live on Lansdowne
01:29 Obtuse_ its not that ghetto
01:29 wannabe1987 not safe for me to go out alone after dark...
01:29 Ponko92 Marsh Farm is ghetto
01:30 Obtuse_ lol. i have a hard time of taking a farm as ghetto
01:30 Ponko92 no its an area in the town i live in
01:30 compwiz878 joined #thegeekgroup
01:32 exor674 is it just me, or would anyone love to watch an Equiptment Vivisection >_< ( actually no, because we'd probably get to see an electrocution )
01:33 compwiz878 is theer a way for you guys to  show colorbars with the annoying tones while off air ???
01:33 LeadHead They've played color bars before
01:33 compwiz878 or even make a slide of the test patter thats on paper and have some tones with it ??
01:34 LeadHead or just don't watch the stream
01:34 compwiz878 omg i cant typ tonight
01:34 LeadHead when nothing is going on?
01:34 compwiz878 lead i done sit heer and watch around the clock
01:34 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 speedrunnerG55 hi geeks
01:35 compwiz878 ive heard they broadcastes the color bars but i missed that broadcast
01:35 speedrunnerG55 yes they do
01:35 speedrunnerG55 when off air
01:36 exor674 no, the colorbars were when they were calibrating things
01:37 Ponko92 yeah the audio was buzzing
01:37 compwiz878 i will say this the live stream has came along way in the last few days  hope they keep up makeing improvements to it
01:38 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
01:40 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
01:42 steve_____ yes, we can do bars
01:42 steve_____ I have done them
01:42 steve_____ and talked about them
01:42 Ponko92 was that you with the oscilliscope?
01:43 steve_____ last night, yes
01:43 Ponko92 thought so
01:43 Ponko92 well that and the name
01:43 steve_____ and the GVG unit is working now
01:43 Ponko92 hoorah XD
01:43 Obtuse_ what does GVG stand for?
01:43 steve_____ so we can have transitions that rip the frame apart
01:44 steve_____ until I sync everything
01:44 steve_____ Grass Valley Group
01:44 Ponko92 will we have a way to not be deafened by boden?
01:44 Ponko92 and the snapper
01:44 steve_____ they are a manufacturer of broacast gear
01:44 steve_____ no, the DBX compressor is in bypass mode becasue it was inducing a lot of noise
01:45 LeadHead I bet that thing needs new caps
01:45 Ponko92 ahh
01:45 steve_____ we were trying to feed it an unblanced signal, I don't think it liked it
01:45 LeadHead oh
01:45 Ponko92 hmmm i wonder will the bDn level go over a certain number
01:45 Ponko92 being 9000
01:46 steve_____ it could
01:46 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
01:46 LeadHead What, does it use TRS connectors
01:46 LeadHead or something
01:46 steve_____ nuclear explosion at 1ft
01:46 Ponko92 ITS OVER 9000!!!!
01:46 steve_____ it uses trs or xlr, we just need to dig up a couple at the lab
01:46 steve_____ I have seen some around
01:47 Ponko92 bet you can't remember there location though
01:47 Ponko92 you see them and think oh i might need a use for them then when you do you cant find them
01:47 steve_____ I was a couple 6 ch trs snakes in master control, but thats a bit exsessive
01:47 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
01:48 exor674 mm snakes
01:48 steve_____ as I need 2 channels
01:48 HoeDown left #thegeekgroup
01:48 Ponko92 sods law am i right
01:48 Ponko92 no more hoedowns :(
01:49 wannabe1987 he disappeared :(
01:49 wannabe1987 idk where to...:(
01:49 exor674 which law is it "Everything works when you test it, then when you are trying to show it off, everything goes to hell in a chartruse-colored handbasket"
01:49 exor674 is that murphy? or an extension of such
01:49 Ponko92 to have a hoedown
01:49 steve_____ another name for I supppose
01:50 Ponko92 maybe
01:50 Obtuse_ Rose on Dr. Who is so hot
01:51 Obtuse_ Billi piper, that's the name
01:51 steve_____ random, but true
01:51 Ponko92 ok who make the best electrical components for cars?
01:51 Whisperingwolf Rose? What no love for Pond?
01:51 steve_____ unless your watching Dr who
01:51 LeadHead Not Lucas
01:51 steve_____ Pond is lovely too
01:51 Obtuse_ I am watching dr who again on netflix
01:51 Ponko92 what a Nyssa or Teagan
01:52 Obtuse_ Amy Pond is deffinetly lovely
01:52 Ponko92 damn i'm going back
01:52 steve_____ I need to watch it again, I watched most of the back episodes from when it was aired in color to current
01:52 steve_____ sorry I mean colour, can't spell tonight
01:53 Ponko92 hey your american right?
01:53 Whisperingwolf Netflix has the first 4 arcs of Bleach on right now that's what I've been watching
01:53 steve_____ yes, is that a problem
01:53 Ponko92 no but how you spelt colour first was correct for your nationality
01:53 steve_____ I like that spelling better, so many think it;s wrong
01:53 CaptainBoden KD*PZH in
01:54 steve_____ nice consoring there
01:54 LeadHead Colour is wrong
01:54 Ponko92 it's the actually spelling
01:54 Whisperingwolf I spell a lot of things by the British spelling
01:54 steve_____ any ham can fill in the missing
01:54 Ponko92 who was first USA or UK?
01:54 LeadHead I've been using the british spelling in a lot of papers for school lately
01:54 LeadHead not sure why
01:54 Obtuse_ I'm american
01:54 steve_____ hmm tough one I would say UK, but only by a couple days
01:55 Ponko92 because UK is a hell of alot older and thats the same language you use and colour is correct
01:55 LeadHead I'm going to say the Germans, upon which English's framework is rooted
01:55 LeadHead came first
01:55 Ponko92 yep
01:55 LeadHead and their spellings are quite a bit different then yours
01:55 Ponko92 und ich sparche Deutscher
01:55 steve_____ but english basterdizes many languages
01:56 Ponko92 that it does
01:56 LeadHead So its no biggy if the Mer-ri-kenz bastardize it some more
01:56 steve_____ CaptainBoden, you get my message?
01:56 CaptainBoden We have suitable cables in stock for a balanced feed through the comp, but I don't know where. We have some 2' XLRs
01:56 CaptainBoden What message?
01:57 Ponko92 well don't say our way is wrong when your way si the wrong of ours
01:57 steve_____ bot must be acting up
01:57 Obtuse_ hey guys, i'm getting a pc fan and the noise is measured in dBA .. what does the A stand for?
01:57 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
01:57 CaptainBoden Weighting of the average singnal
01:57 steve_____ I'll plan on syncing camera's as soon as we have the termination kit becasue I would rather not do it twice
01:57 LeadHead average
01:57 CaptainBoden no problem
01:58 CaptainBoden I got that message, but it was a while ago
01:58 steve_____ ok
01:58 Obtuse_ noise level is about 8-24 dBA, what could this be compared to?
01:58 LeadHead I'll tell you waht
01:58 CaptainBoden So Steve, I need some radio suggestions.
01:58 LeadHead They're lying
01:58 CaptainBoden I'm thinking Yaseu
01:58 LeadHead if the fan moves any kind of air at all
01:58 CaptainBoden I want something good.
01:58 steve_____ radios, yes one monent
01:58 CaptainBoden I'm ME, so, it has to be respectable.
01:59 LeadHead 30 db would be around a library background nise for comparison
01:59 steve_____
01:59 CaptainBoden Because if I'm going to do a class on them, and have a million people ask about it, it has to be something with at least a modicum of Awe.
01:59 Ponko92 when will the shark come back on air?
01:59 LeadHead CaptainBoden: You have your ameteur license?
01:59 CaptainBoden I was looking at those earlier
01:59 Obtuse_ I need to stop procrastinating and get that ham operator license
02:00 CaptainBoden Yes, KD8PZH
02:00 Ponko92 ham operator license?
02:00 LeadHead In most countries, to legally use high powered ameture radio
02:00 LeadHead you need to get a license
02:00 Ponko92 is that what that means?
02:01 Ponko92 HAM
02:01 Ponko92 not the pork product
02:01 Ponko92 it is pork right?
02:01 Thermoelectric .wik HAM
02:01 BotSteve "Ham is a cut of meat on an edible mammal's rear, usually from a pig." -
02:01 Thermoelectric Pfft.
02:01 LeadHead I believe ham is just what they call
02:01 LeadHead someone who uses ameture radio
02:01 Ponko92 gottcha
02:01 steve_____ coderjoe has that radio
02:02 Ponko92 i fancy a pork pie now
02:02 CaptainBoden ok, what do YOU think of it?
02:02 steve_____ hmm, BACON
02:02 CaptainBoden And it says it's Bluetooth optional, but not Bluetooth, pick one, lol
02:02 Ponko92 hmmm bacon sarnie
02:02 steve_____ it looks like a good radio, duel recieve so you can listen to 2 things at once
02:02 steve_____ it needs a internal bluetooth modual
02:03 steve_____ 5th accesory listed on that page
02:03 LeadHead Ponko92: Another interesting thing is your average handheld radio, walkie-talky if you want to call them one
02:03 LeadHead you also need a license to use most of the channels, but no one ever does
02:03 CaptainBoden Steve, PM me
02:04 Kiwifrog joined #thegeekgroup
02:04 Ponko92 yeah not really lol
02:04 DruidicRifleman Chris i responded
02:04 Ponko92 steve if i'm ever in GR i'm gonna make you a british bacon sarnie
02:04 steve_____ sounds tasty
02:05 Ponko92 ooooo bacon and chips (thick fries) with brown sauce
02:05 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
02:05 Obtuse_ what is a sarnie?
02:05 Ponko92 sandwich
02:05 Obtuse_ ah
02:05 Coderjoe the vx8 has the software to do bluetooth, but you have to add a module in a compartment under the battery. I don't have the module, so I don't know how well it works
02:05 steve_____ and that didn't work
02:05 LeadHead Ponko92: What's crazy is the fines involved, at least in the US if you use ameture radio without a license
02:05 LeadHead You can be fined in the thousands to tends of thousands of dollars range
02:06 steve_____ whats the PM command in this chat?
02:06 Ponko92 bloody lovely and a good hanover cure
02:06 Coderjoe there are at least two bluetooth modules, last I looked. the 001 had some quirks and didn't work with a number of headsets, leading to the 002
02:06 IIsi50MHz ./msg username messagetext
02:06 LeadHead You should just be able to double click their names in most modern IRC programs
02:06 karmicthreat Usually the FCC just tells you to knock that shit off in a letter first.
02:06 Ponko92 yeah your a bit stricter over there
02:06 Coderjoe steve_____: /msg nickname text
02:06 steve_____ thanks
02:06 Coderjoe steve_____: it should also open a new chat tab for you at that point
02:07 Ponko92 oh gawd who fancies a chip butty?
02:07 LeadHead chip
02:07 LeadHead as in french fries?
02:07 Ponko92 even a crisp sandwich
02:07 Ponko92 yeah
02:07 Ponko92 but thicker
02:09 Ponko92 most the time they're handmade
02:09 Ponko92 peel a potatoe and cut it in 3 things
02:09 karmicthreat For a kit/build to plan radio this one is neat:
02:09 Ponko92 then 3 again to get an even cut
02:10 Ponko92 wow my fiancee looks SOOO gorgeous sleeping
02:10 Ponko92 soo sweet
02:11 LeadHead CaptainBoden: Did you learn morse too, or just go for the license only?
02:11 Ponko92 anyway
02:11 LeadHead I know morse is no longer a requirement
02:11 Ponko92 i'd love to learn that
02:13 Kiwifrog Is there anyone there especially from the US that can do me a wee favour
02:13 Ginger joined #thegeekgroup
02:13 wannabe1987 possibly
02:13 wannabe1987 what?
02:13 LeadHead possibly
02:13 Ponko92 impossibly
02:13 Ponko92 lol
02:13 Kiwifrog I need you to log on to a site i'm workin on ane see if it can work from the us
02:14 wannabe1987 sure
02:14 wannabe1987 linky?
02:14 LeadHead sure
02:14 karmicthreat Why wouldn't it?
02:14 Kiwifrog
02:14 Kiwifrog or .com
02:14 LeadHead slow, but works
02:14 Thermoelectric Works from AU.
02:14 wannabe1987 i see a website...
02:14 wannabe1987 about airplanes
02:14 Kiwifrog can you got the cart
02:15 Kiwifrog go to
02:16 Thermoelectric The URL for it is weird... (the cart, that is);option=com_virtuemart&amp;Itemid=55&amp;cartReset=N&amp;redirected=1&amp;Itemid=55
02:16 karmicthreat Yep.
02:16 karmicthreat Can add stuff to the cart as well.
02:17 Kiwifrog it's secure
02:17 Kiwifrog log on using joetest   pw: testpw
02:18 Ponko92 lol my nickname for my fiancee on skype is 'ponkobaby <3'
02:18 Ponko92 lol random but hey ;)
02:18 Kiwifrog once you log on go through as far as payment options.
02:21 Kiwifrog Did that work for everyone?
02:23 Kiwifrog anybody still there?
02:24 wannabe1987 i'm here, but not there
02:24 Kiwifrog lol
02:24 Ponko92 i am but i'm gonna go to sleep and hope i wake up the same time as my fiancee does
02:25 wannabe1987 ok
02:25 wannabe1987 night
02:25 Kiwifrog are you Schr�dingers cat
02:25 Ponko92 i'm leaving this on
02:26 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
02:27 Kiwifrog well thanks guys, good to know it's working over seas
02:28 Kiwifrog left #thegeekgroup
02:28 Obtuse_ hey guys, i need a wifi card for my tower that can handle wpa2 connections. It must work under linux. any suggestions?
02:30 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
02:30 speedrunnerG55__ hi geeks
02:31 wannabe1987 hey speedrunnerG55__
02:31 speedrunnerG55__ collor bars = lol
02:32 speedrunnerG55__ so is botsteve alive?
02:32 speedrunnerG55__ hi botsteve
02:32 BotSteve Greetings speedrunnerG55__
02:33 speedrunnerG55__ :D
02:33 Serostern 61.3 KPh
02:33 Serostern On a pedal bike.
02:33 compwiz878 joined #thegeekgroup
02:33 wannabe1987 hi compwiz878
02:33 speedrunnerG55__ .g 61.3 kph =
02:33 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__:
02:33 Serostern Full rehaul of all bearings, all 14 of them.
02:34 compwiz878 hello wanabe
02:34 Serostern 61.3 kph = 38.3 MPH
02:34 speedrunnerG55__ thnx
02:34 speedrunnerG55__ wow thats fast
02:34 speedrunnerG55__ down hill?
02:34 Serostern I think that is a record on that bike on a flat surface
02:35 Serostern I've hit over 80 sloped
02:35 speedrunnerG55__ that would scare me
02:35 Ponko92 gotta love riding a bike downhill
02:35 Serostern Gotta love riding a good bike.
02:35 speedrunnerG55__ thres nowere i could really do that in newjersey
02:35 Serostern Especially one with freshly overhauled bearings =)
02:36 Ponko92 but riding it down hill
02:36 Serostern Depend on the hill too.
02:36 Ponko92 steep
02:36 Serostern a 45* hill will be too damn fast, a 25* hill boring.
02:36 Ponko92 road
02:36 Serostern =P
02:36 speedrunnerG55__ 45, i would fall over
02:36 Ponko92 too damn fast is fun you just need to make sure you can slow down
02:37 Ginger left #thegeekgroup
02:37 Ponko92 when the hill levels out
02:37 Serostern The problem with bicykles and hills is that to get the easy way down a hill you'll die on the way up
02:37 dtrooper joined #thegeekgroup
02:37 dtrooper left #thegeekgroup
02:37 speedrunnerG55__ lol^^
02:37 LeadHead Nothing like cranking the throttle open on a 450CC MX Dirtbike
02:37 Serostern The highest I've gotten up (with speed) was something like 60 deg =P
02:37 LeadHead and having the front end lift off the ground through all 5 gears
02:37 Serostern LeadHead, pussy.
02:38 Ponko92 no a dirtbike is different
02:38 LeadHead and then have twin-piston hydraulic brakes to bring it all back down to a nice controlled stop
02:38 Ponko92 a push bike is fun
02:38 Ginger_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:38 Serostern Fuck yeah Ponko92!
02:38 Serostern A motorbike can only go a preset speed. There is no way to set a new record on it
02:38 speedrunnerG55__ i ride my biike everywere, i cant drive
02:38 LeadHead Yes there is, change the sprocket sizes, modify the engine, improve the aero
02:39 Serostern ...
02:39 speedrunnerG55__ lol
02:39 LeadHead Much like on a bicycle, change the sprockets
02:39 Ponko92 yeah but thats not the point leadhead
02:39 LeadHead improve your fitness
02:39 speedrunnerG55__ no effort
02:39 Serostern That is not the point lead.
02:39 LeadHead no effort?
02:39 compwiz878 theres alot of hill around heer for rideing bicycles down  but then theres the going back up the hills unless ur a fast peddler and can keep speed up whils climbing another hill
02:39 Ponko92 you want to have fun
02:39 Serostern Doubling your speed on a dirtbike is easy. On a pedal bike, not so much.
02:40 Serostern And leadhead, changing the engine on your motorbike is a one day job.  Improving fitness is measured in months.
02:40 Ponko92 yeah but it improves your fitness
02:40 LeadHead You guys have no idea of the rush you get hurtling to 60 MPH in under 5 seconds
02:40 Serostern Yes I have.
02:40 LeadHead On what
02:40 speedrunnerG55__ i have in a car
02:40 Serostern Motorbike.
02:40 compwiz878 from ages 16 thru 21 i used to ride an 18speed mountain bik every wwheer
02:40 Ponko92 going 170mph in a 911 GT2 RS
02:40 LeadHead Motorcycle is completely different
02:40 Ponko92 round a bend
02:41 speedrunnerG55__ i envy u
02:41 Serostern Lol
02:41 Ponko92 it was at night in a 24 hour race
02:41 Ponko92 which our team won :)
02:41 speedrunnerG55__ so mutch
02:41 speedrunnerG55__ much
02:41 LeadHead Serostern, dirt-bike, motocross, harescrambles, etc.. are some of the most physically demanding sports out there
02:41 Ponko92 thanks to my help :)
02:41 compwiz878 leanerd  some trick on how to climb hills with the bikes gears
02:42 Ponko92 i needed to go that fast to catch up
02:42 Serostern LeadHead, I don't know if I am supposed to laugh or cry.
02:42 compwiz878 down shifting / upshifting
02:42 Serostern And please define demanding for me.
02:42 Cprossu hey there IRC. what's up?
02:42 Serostern Tour de france on a motorbike! YAY! It's all the physical work of a pedal bike, except for the... PEDALING.
02:43 LeadHead An average 450cc dirt bike weighs around 240 pounds, and has 50-60HP
02:43 LeadHead whipping 240 pounds + controlling that much power
02:43 LeadHead in tight woods, or on tracks
02:43 LeadHead is one of the most physically demanding things you can do
02:43 Serostern The gasoline does the work for you.
02:44 LeadHead The gasoline gets you moving
02:44 LeadHead YOU have to control the bike
02:44 LeadHead YOU have to hold onto the bike
02:44 speedrunnerG55__ ^^^^^^^ i always see them in 1 position all the time
02:44 speedrunnerG55__ no work
02:44 Ponko92 i weigh almost the same as that bike
02:44 Serostern If you have to fight your bike to steer... There is something wrong either with you or the bike...
02:44 compwiz878 how about compareing a dirtbike to a moped ?
02:44 compwiz878 lool
02:44 Serostern Maybe you need some new bearings =)
02:44 thesessionman joined #thegeekgroup
02:44 Cprossu steve_____: you there?
02:45 steve_____ yes
02:45 LeadHead Actually, fighting a bike around a corner in the woods is very common
02:45 Cprossu anything new?
02:45 Photon939 lol these guys have never gone over more than a speed bump at 10 mph
02:45 Photon939 to say crap like this
02:45 Cprossu did you get your term kit yet?
02:45 LeadHead You have 60HP trying to shoot out from underneath you
02:45 Ponko92 i'm a muscular guy
02:45 Ponko92 grrr
02:45 thesessionman Is the live feed down? I'm just getting pictures of the indian head right now.
02:45 Ponko92 lol
02:45 steve_____ I am planning syncing once I have termination supplies so I only have to do it once
02:45 LeadHead Actually the bigger you are, the easier it is to control heavier bikes
02:45 Ponko92 220 lbs
02:45 Serostern I bet, Ponko92! *Feels muscles*
02:46 LeadHead A 450cc Motocross bikes will wear most guys under 160 pounds out
02:46 LeadHead in about 30-45 minutes
02:46 LeadHead or less
02:46 Serostern LeadHead, Indeed. You know, this guy Newton found that out before there even was bikes. what are you trying to say?
02:46 Ponko92 ;) don't feel my other big muscle ;P lol thats Laura's job
02:46 speedrunnerG55__ i have a question. how does this hav annyhting to do with the geekgroup in anny way. if we were talking about dirtbikes and how they work or how its done thats one thing but not this
02:46 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
02:46 IIsi50MHz Bragging right?
02:46 IIsi50MHz Maybe.
02:47 Arruid_ left #thegeekgroup
02:47 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55__ who cares...its IRC...we get off topic
02:47 Ponko92 nope
02:47 LeadHead Bragging? Nonsene, I am not a good rider by any means
02:47 Serostern speedrunnerG55__ We are geeks. We care about the trivial. That is what being a geek is about.
02:47 speedrunnerG55__ ok
02:47 LeadHead but saying dirtbiking requires no physical effort at all, is just straight up ignorant
02:47 Ponko92 lol that is very true serostern
02:47 Serostern And if you want to you can whenever you want to come in and say "Stfu all of you, Let's talk about NST phasing!"
02:47 IIsi50MHz I have a ridiculously heavy mountain bike, that hasn't seen a trail in a few years.
02:48 Ponko92 yes
02:48 Serostern No physical effort at all? Well, you need some effort to turn your head. That's about it.
02:48 IIsi50MHz I can't talk about powered bikes. /-:
02:48 Ponko92 that would shut us up
02:48 Serostern Probably a heavy blunt object =P
02:48 thesessionman serostern, you obviously haven't ever rode a bike to be competitive
02:48 exor674 I think a NST would qualify there, speaking of NSTs
02:48 speedrunnerG55__ not none at attl when you are preforming tricks, i guess it wouldnt be so easy
02:49 Serostern What about them exor674?
02:49 speedrunnerG55__ but when **^^
02:49 exor674 heavy blunt object?
02:49 thesessionman I used to take my 1980 yz 250 into a gravel pit. after about 30 minutes of riding, I'd stop and have the bike fall on top of me because i was too tired to hold it up
02:49 Serostern I've always wanted to open up a NST with an anglegrinder,
02:49 Ponko92 i've driven cars with 10 times Hp then Leadheads bike
02:49 Serostern is now known as Seroster
02:49 Ponko92 omg its fun
02:49 Seroster =)
02:50 LeadHead 10x the weight too ;)
02:50 Ponko92 i want a dirt bike now
02:50 Ponko92 yes 10x better too :P
02:50 speedrunnerG55__ lol
02:50 Seroster LeadHead, I don't say it's no effort to drive your lil cute dirtbike. But it doesnt take half of the effort of a real bike.
02:50 Ginger_ left #thegeekgroup
02:50 thesessionman get something more usefull like an enduro bike, so you can use it on the roads as well as in the trails
02:50 Ponko92 10x less of getting wet in the rain
02:50 speedrunnerG55__ ^^^so tru
02:50 LeadHead Rain, mud, whatever
02:50 LeadHead Never stopped me
02:51 Ponko92 we don't get it in cars
02:51 Seroster You can count the calories on tour de france real bike vs motorbike.  Then get back to me.
02:51 Ponko92 but it won't stop me
02:51 LeadHead Cars are fun
02:51 LeadHead but bikes are just something else
02:51 thesessionman a push bike and a motorcycle is like comparings apples to rocket ships.
02:52 LeadHead Hey Seroster, do you know what "arm pump" is?
02:52 Seroster Here in Sweden we call that masturbation.
02:52 thesessionman haha
02:52 speedrunnerG55__ LOL
02:52 LeadHead Clever
02:52 Ponko92 hahaha
02:52 thesessionman so thats a no
02:53 speedrunnerG55__ i can solve this, .wiki arm pump
02:53 Ponko92 i'm guessing that too
02:53 speedrunnerG55__ .wiki arm pump
02:53 BotSteve "Jeremy McGrath (born November 19, 1971, San Francisco, California) is a Supercross racer and has won a record of 72 250cc Main Event wins and captured 7 250cc Championships between 1993 to 2000." -
02:53 Seroster;t=1    arm pump.
02:54 thesessionman .how slightly related that was.
02:54 Seroster "arm pump is when your forearms get sore while your riding"
02:55 Ponko92 guessed as much
02:55 LeadHead Now, if there is no physical activity
02:55 LeadHead how could you arms get sore?
02:55 Seroster Now... Google Delayed onset muscle soreness.
02:55 Ponko92 isn't that same as masturbation?
02:55 speedrunnerG55__ arm pump is when you are partying in newjersey
02:55 Seroster And apply that to your calves
02:56 LeadHead thats fist pump
02:56 LeadHead speedrunner
02:56 speedrunnerG55__ lol i was joking
02:56 Seroster And your thighs
02:56 Seroster And your ass
02:56 Seroster And your arms
02:56 Seroster And your lounges
02:56 Seroster And your heart
02:56 thesessionman riding motocross is like jumping up and down as high as you can for an hour per race
02:56 thesessionman how does your lounges get sore?
02:56 Seroster You don't want to know.
02:56 thesessionman haha
02:56 Seroster What happens in vegas stays in vegas.
02:57 speedrunnerG55__ 0_0
02:57 LeadHead If you weigh 90kg, and you have the balls to hold a 450 4stroke bike, or a built 250 2 strike bike wide open
02:57 Seroster And I'll leave you with that, I'm off to hit the hay.
02:57 LeadHead you'll have something around 300 newtons of force trying to rip you from the bike
02:58 Seroster You know all that bike specs means nothing to us who don't give a rat's ass about bikes?
02:58 Seroster Tsk.
02:58 Seroster Goodnight.
02:58 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:58 thesessionman true, but put it in perspective
02:58 speedrunnerG55__ so tru, i dont ride anything but pedal bikes
02:58 LeadHead I <3 Trolls
02:58 * Photon939 highfives LeadHead
02:59 thesessionman he wasn't even a good troll. he truly believed what he was saying
02:59 speedrunnerG55__ i thought you said google night at first
02:59 thesessionman so what bikes do you have leadhead?
02:59 LeadHead I had a little Honda XR200 as my 1st bike
02:59 LeadHead loved it
03:00 LeadHead I have a 2002 Honda CRF450 now
03:00 LeadHead yikes, what a difference between the two
03:00 thesessionman haha
03:00 LeadHead the little XR was like a toy in comparison
03:00 thesessionman I like 2-strokes. mostly because of the aroma of it
03:00 LeadHead yeah, thats how my buddy feels
03:00 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
03:00 LeadHead he's got a 250 and loves it
03:00 thesessionman but I have 9 bikes on the farm here
03:00 thesessionman ill list them off
03:00 speedrunnerG55__ super novas are awesome
03:01 LeadHead oh wait
03:01 LeadHead I have this too
03:01 LeadHead
03:01 LeadHead I've done a verified 40 MPH on it, but the last time I tried a top speed run, the back wheel felt it wasn't fit for this world
03:01 LeadHead and promptly vacated the frame
03:02 thesessionman haha
03:02 LeadHead So what bikes do you have
03:02 thesessionman a 9200cc no name bike, (honda motor in it)
03:02 thesessionman 200cc*
03:03 thesessionman a  1977 honda xl 175
03:03 LeadHead wow
03:03 thesessionman a 1982 cm 450 custom honda
03:03 LeadHead 2 stroke?
03:03 steve_____ to the Hams out there, it looks like Chris would like to register a club station as TGG
03:03 thesessionman four
03:03 LeadHead oh
03:03 thesessionman 1980 yz 250
03:03 thesessionman yamaha
03:04 thesessionman 2002 dr 400 suzuki enduro
03:04 LinuxH4x0r cool steve
03:04 LinuxH4x0r kf5ghm
03:04 thesessionman 2005 harley ultra classic trike
03:04 steve_____ I sudgested KD8TGG
03:04 LeadHead do they make trikes from the factory?
03:04 steve_____ for the station, as of now it looks like it's avaliable
03:04 LinuxH4x0r that would be awesome
03:04 thesessionman no, bought a kit
03:04 LeadHead oh
03:04 LinuxH4x0r get it!
03:04 thesessionman real nice though
03:05 LeadHead yarh
03:05 steve_____ looking at paperwork now, he hopes to file this week
03:05 thesessionman a 1985 yamaha venture royal 1400cc
03:05 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
03:05 LinuxH4x0r i wonder if I can pull 1500 miles out of my 50w 2-meter XD
03:05 thesessionman a 1970-something yamaha rt 340 2 stroke flat track racer
03:05 LeadHead that's awesome
03:05 LinuxH4x0r i might have to upgrade my license
03:06 thesessionman AND a 1984 yamaha rz500 2-stroke crotch rocket
03:06 LeadHead sounds like a death machine
03:06 * Thermoelectric wants to get a HAM license and radio even more now.
03:06 thesessionman it has a really high first gear
03:06 LinuxH4x0r but I'd lose my 4-20 date one it
03:06 LinuxH4x0r both my ham and drivers license are on 4-20 :P
03:07 LeadHead I remember I first got my 450 back in june
03:07 thesessionman but get to 6000 rpm, and it'll roast the tires off in any gear
03:07 LeadHead two strokes are mad
03:07 Thermoelectric .g 4-20
03:07 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
03:07 LeadHead which is why I'll never own one
03:07 LeadHead :P
03:07 Thermoelectric Oh, the date. Then just wait till 4-20 next year, LinuxH4x0r?
03:08 LeadHead but yeah, when I got my 450 last june, went out with a few buddies into the power lines
03:08 thesessionman the RZ was the last 2 stroke crotch rocket ever made, and was illegal in USA because it couldn't meet fuel ratings
03:08 LeadHead there was a little kludged together MX track in the power lines
03:08 LinuxH4x0r i don't really care too much about it
03:08 LeadHead we spent about 15 minutes on that track
03:08 LinuxH4x0r I've stopped my 4-20 activities
03:08 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
03:09 LeadHead and I was so spent that I didn't even feel like riding back.
03:09 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
03:09 LeadHead Wanted to just lay the bike down and sit there on the ground
03:09 thesessionman haha
03:09 LeadHead The power difference between it and my old 200 was just incredible
03:09 thesessionman no kidding
03:09 LeadHead sessionman, where are you located?
03:09 thesessionman saskatchewan canada
03:09 LeadHead ah
03:10 LeadHead I will say though, having "real" suspension, and nice disc brakes has really helped my riding confidence
03:10 LeadHead on my old bike, you had to plan stops well ahead because of its drum brakes
03:11 thesessionman yeah. I do like drum brakes because they are easy to work with, but that about all thats better with them
03:11 LeadHead pop the wheel off and everything is just right there
03:11 thesessionman yep
03:11 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
03:11 LeadHead that XR got scary when the brakes got wet though :|
03:12 LeadHead Grab a handful of lever, nothing
03:12 LeadHead nothing
03:12 LeadHead nothing
03:12 LeadHead then they would just suddenly grab as if god himself slammed his fist into the front of your bike
03:12 thesessionman My dad has studded tires for the yz250 that he used to race on the ice. I plan to put them on and bring them to the race track next winter to try it out
03:13 thesessionman haha the reminds me
03:13 LeadHead I wanted to stud my tires this year, but I couldn't bring myself to destroy my almost new tire :(
03:13 thesessionman my CM 450 cruiser that I'm working on for a summer bike had front brak issues.
03:14 thesessionman once you squeeze them about twice, the front brake would lock up. 3 family member have went over the bars in two years
03:14 thesessionman that's what i'm fixing right now
03:14 LeadHead lol wont realease
03:14 LeadHead I guess
03:14 thesessionman no.
03:14 LeadHead not the problem then?
03:15 thesessionman that is the problem
03:15 LeadHead oh
03:15 LeadHead hanging caliper or something
03:15 thesessionman i cleaned the calipers, and opened up the master cylinder
03:15 thesessionman nothing but rust
03:15 LeadHead :(
03:15 LeadHead that's depressing
03:15 thesessionman so I replaced the cylinder, but I'm having a bitch of a time bleeding the brakes
03:16 LeadHead try unbolting the master and holding it in the air
03:16 thesessionman yeah.
03:17 thesessionman there was just so much air that needs to be bled out
03:17 LeadHead I've only gone over the bars once on my bike
03:17 Yaotzin  Moose could make these, sell them for $5
03:17 thesessionman me too
03:17 LeadHead but that's because I was being a doof, and hit a stump while going about 35 MPH
03:17 Yaotzin shit you can get the USB cables for less than a buck from monoprice
03:18 LeadHead the whole front end just started shaking
03:18 LeadHead next thing I knew, I was on the ground and my bike was 8 feet away from me
03:19 LeadHead Moose's USB petrocks could perhaps do something more though
03:19 LeadHead maybe have a thumbdrive inside of them
03:19 thesessionman went over an approach, wasn't paying attention when i hit it, next thing I knew I was on my face with the bike laying ten feet behind me
03:19 LeadHead ouch
03:19 thesessionman didn't hurt, scared the piss out of me
03:19 LeadHead I have to say the funniest one I've ever seen
03:19 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
03:19 LeadHead was when my friend on his big manly mean 4wheeler
03:19 thesessionman first thing you do when you crash is check the bike. then you check yourself
03:19 LeadHead tried to go through this mud bog
03:20 LeadHead lol yup, I reach over and hit the kill switch
03:20 LeadHead then everything starts to ache and hurt once the bikes okay :P
03:20 mman454-mobile would you mind backtracking?
03:20 thesessionman yeah haha.
03:20 thesessionman oh we are talking about motor cycle crashes
03:20 LeadHead but yeah, he was going to try and impress me by hitting this huge mud bog from a high speed roll
03:21 LeadHead Don't know what happen, but the front wheels just went right in
03:21 LeadHead back wheels went to 12 o' clock
03:21 LeadHead and it tossed him face first right into the mud
03:21 thesessionman haha
03:21 speedrunnerG55__ im back
03:21 LeadHead it was hilarious
03:21 thesessionman haha
03:21 LeadHead It wasn't hilarious though when the quad stopped moving
03:21 mman454-mobile ah i damn near threw a guy i knew off an atv lol
03:22 BatSteve .yt jetlev
03:22 LeadHead its belt drive got wet :<
03:22 BotSteve BatSteve:
03:22 speedrunnerG55__ hi batsteve
03:22 thesessionman my friend hit a barbed wire fence. I laughed until I realized he just ran into a barbed wire fence
03:22 speedrunnerG55__ .yt nyan cat
03:22 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__:
03:22 BatSteve hi speedrunner
03:22 BatSteve I want a jetpack like this
03:22 LeadHead That reminds me a lot of super mario sunshine
03:22 LeadHead on the gamecube
03:22 BatSteve Yeah!
03:23 Yaotzin LeadHead: could get one of those vibrator motors to put in the rock
03:23 Yaotzin have a vibrating rock
03:23 BatSteve That's what it reminded me of!
03:23 Yaotzin vibrating pet rock
03:23 LeadHead It vibrates when it wants attention
03:23 Thermoelectric Don't let it near Seroster.
03:23 LinuxH4x0r lol
03:24 thesessionman haha
03:24 wannabe1987 ...
03:24 LinuxH4x0r vibrates when you have email, etc
03:24 LinuxH4x0r i had a rock flash drive
03:24 Yaotzin vibrates when it's hungry
03:24 LeadHead feed it bits and bytes
03:24 LinuxH4x0r was a pain to carve
03:24 BatSteve I'm imagining it having a Tamagotchi personality
03:24 Yaotzin eatin bits like spaghetti-oh's
03:25 Yaotzin 0 and 1's
03:25 Yaotzin holy shit binary spaghetti-oh's
03:25 Yaotzin fund it
03:25 Yaotzin raise your kids right
03:25 LinuxH4x0r dude
03:25 thesessionman I  just watched "on any sunday" today. forgot how good it was
03:25 LinuxH4x0r :D
03:26 speedrunnerG55__ i hear a voice in the bakround
03:26 speedrunnerG55__ i think
03:26 LeadHead whens portal 2 coming out?
03:26 speedrunnerG55__ 19nth
03:26 speedrunnerG55__ i preordered it
03:26 Yaotzin Hmm
03:26 Yaotzin I wonder if anyone has made a pet game like tomagatchi for PC with a USB creature that comes with it
03:26 Yaotzin that reacts to what you do in the game
03:27 BatSteve might come out sooner
03:27 LinuxH4x0r lets make it
03:27 Yaotzin by vibrating, barking/meowing, backflipping, pawing at something
03:27 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
03:27 Yaotzin could even put a motion sensor on it
03:27 mman454-mobile .seen CaptainBoden
03:27 BotSteve mman454-mobile: I last saw captainboden at 2011-04-18 02:03:57 UTC on #thegeekgroup
03:27 LinuxH4x0r hack an aibo
03:27 mman454-mobile .t UTC
03:27 BotSteve 2011-04-18T03:27:50Z
03:27 wannabe1987 .t EST
03:28 BotSteve Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:27:59 EST
03:28 LinuxH4x0r
03:28 BatSteve
03:28 Thermoelectric .t AEST
03:28 BotSteve Mon, 18 Apr 2011 13:28:20 AEST
03:28 mman454-mobile .t ANUS
03:28 BotSteve mman454-mobile: Sorry, I don't know about the 'ANUS' timezone.
03:28 mman454-mobile too bad
03:29 Yaotzin dot-t anus?
03:29 LinuxH4x0r *insert bad your mom joke here*
03:29 Yaotzin sounds serious
03:29 Yaotzin No one wants a dotty anus
03:29 Thermoelectric He had an ID10T error.
03:29 LeadHead the bots EST time zone
03:29 LeadHead seems off
03:29 mman454-mobile lol... i love IRC
03:30 speedrunnerG55__ who here is getting portal 2
03:30 Yaotzin .t pst
03:30 BotSteve Sun, 17 Apr 2011 19:30:05 PST
03:30 Yaotzin uh
03:30 LeadHead .t est
03:30 BotSteve Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:30:16 EST
03:30 LeadHead yeah
03:30 speedrunnerG55__ ?
03:30 Yaotzin yeah it's off
03:30 LeadHead its 23:30
03:30 exor674 no, EST = eastern standard
03:30 exor674 .t edt
03:30 BotSteve Sun, 17 Apr 2011 23:30:34 EDT
03:30 speedrunnerG55__ 11:30
03:30 mman454-mobile .t -5
03:30 BotSteve Sun, 17 Apr 2011 22:30:39 -5
03:30 Yaotzin its 2030 PST
03:30 Yaotzin not 19:30
03:30 speedrunnerG55__ 11:30 PM
03:31 wannabe1987 11:30 est = 8:30 pst
03:31 Yaotzin ^
03:31 speedrunnerG55__ est FTW
03:31 wannabe1987 i have relatives over there
03:31 speedrunnerG55__ -5 FTW
03:31 LeadHead It might hage to do with daylight savings
03:31 exor674 .t America/New_York
03:31 BotSteve Sun Apr 17 23:31:26 EDT 2011
03:31 LeadHead Yeah, that's it
03:31 BatSteve LeadHead: how so?
03:31 BatSteve yeah
03:31 BatSteve it's currently EDT
03:31 BatSteve not EST
03:32 steve_____ I have posted a topic on the Forums regarding a TGG amateur station, feel free to add to i
03:32 thesessionman OKay, I got to go. Nice chatting with you Leadhead.
03:32 speedrunnerG55__ ops caps
03:32 LeadHead cya later the
03:32 LeadHead sessionman
03:32 thesessionman left #thegeekgroup
03:32 LeadHead steve_____: If the lab had a station
03:32 LeadHead wouldn't only licenced people be able to use it
03:32 speedrunnerG55__ tv station?
03:32 speedrunnerG55__ radio station?
03:32 LeadHead ameture station
03:32 steve_____ yes, then get your license
03:32 steve_____ Amateur station
03:33 speedrunnerG55__ tv or radio
03:33 LeadHead I thought stations were only licensed to individual operators
03:33 LeadHead or are there special group permits
03:33 LeadHead or something like that
03:33 LinuxH4x0r there are group stations
03:33 Sidrop joined #thegeekgroup
03:34 LinuxH4x0r i have my personal license
03:34 mman454-mobile steve i know it was in the plans for some point of time
03:34 steve_____ if a licenced operator is overseeing non-licenced can transmit
03:34 LinuxH4x0r so when I call from my radio I use KF5GHM
03:34 LeadHead Interesting
03:34 LeadHead I did not know that
03:34 LinuxH4x0r but if I where to use tgg's radio I'd use kf8tgg
03:34 LinuxH4x0r or something like that
03:35 LinuxH4x0r I forget exactly how it works
03:35 steve_____ the group license is not for an operator licence just a group call to be used collectivly
03:35 steve_____ or KD8TGG
03:35 LeadHead So if you have a license, you can legall use that radio
03:35 LeadHead then
03:35 LeadHead *legally
03:35 LeadHead even though it is not your own
03:35 LinuxH4x0r the unlicensed operator can talk
03:35 steve_____ You are the operator/primary station license,known as Direct participation by an interested 3rd party-FCC R&R 97.115(b)-97.115(b)1 Please look up these Rules & Regulatins. All you need to do is be present to monitor all communications making sure no R&R are violated and incompliance with your license class.the 3rd party-who you disignate can transmit and ID with your call "you must be Present at all Times"If talking to a for
03:35 LinuxH4x0r but can't touch adjust the adio
03:35 LinuxH4x0r *radio
03:35 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
03:35 steve_____ basicly
03:36 LinuxH4x0r dude
03:36 steve_____ anyone could talk if they follow the rules with supervision
03:36 LeadHead So Chris or someone would just have to be standing next you
03:36 LeadHead neat
03:36 LinuxH4x0r the 20th is my one year anniversary for becoming a ham :D
03:36 steve_____ it would be a great way to introduce people to ham
03:37 LinuxH4x0r theres only one problem
03:37 steve_____ congrats on 20 years
03:37 LinuxH4x0r 1 year
03:37 LeadHead Do you guys channel "surf", or do you mainly just transmit/listen
03:37 LeadHead on a single channel
03:37 Yaotzin I'm honestly surprised that ham is still around
03:37 steve_____ and I can;t read
03:37 dr_jkl hmmm
03:37 LinuxH4x0r I hang around on 146.68
03:37 dr_jkl i should spring for my ham
03:37 LinuxH4x0r local repeater
03:38 dr_jkl i had a gprs license but i let it lapse
03:38 LinuxH4x0r its vital in for me in search and rescue
03:38 steve_____ there are a number of local repeaters but some DX contesting would be fun
03:38 LinuxH4x0r when all else fails ham still works yaotzin
03:38 steve_____ keep a map off all long range contacts
03:38 mman454-mobile ok i have a question for you licensed gurus
03:38 LinuxH4x0r cell phone towers go down as do land lines
03:39 LeadHead Nobody gets a GMRS license
03:39 steve_____ license question go ahead
03:39 LinuxH4x0r but if all else fails 6 AAs in my radio and I'm good to go
03:39 LeadHead even though you're supposed to
03:39 LinuxH4x0r iirc you don't use a call sign on gmrs
03:39 LinuxH4x0r so its harder to check
03:40 LeadHead That and almost every FRS capable radio
03:40 steve_____ mman454-mobile whats your question
03:40 LeadHead does GMRS too
03:40 mman454-mobile When the jazz groups for my school go on a jazz trip there is always a seperate radio on the bus with "repeater" on its screen. whats it for?
03:40 LeadHead so when john doe goes to walmart and buys a set of radios
03:40 LeadHead he doesn't even read the indstructions
03:40 mman454-mobile steve calm down im on a cell phone remember?
03:40 steve_____ sorry
03:41 Sidrop left #thegeekgroup
03:41 LinuxH4x0r a school bus would probably be land-mobile
03:41 LinuxH4x0r not quite ham
03:41 speedrunnerG55__ 1000 seconds
03:41 Kiwifrog joined #thegeekgroup
03:41 LinuxH4x0r for example on SAR we use 155.280 here in socorro
03:41 mman454-mobile what do you mean?
03:41 LinuxH4x0r its outside of the ham band
03:41 steve_____ the radio on the bus most likly talks to a radio on a tower that re-transmits it back to the bus garage or operations office
03:41 LinuxH4x0r so no call sign, different rules
03:42 LinuxH4x0r if you aren't supposed to be on that frequency you get in tons of trouble
03:42 LeadHead You occasionally hear ameture guys stumbling onto the lmrs radios
03:42 mman454-mobile so we could be in indianapolis and the grarge back on the northwest region of indiana could hear us?
03:42 LinuxH4x0r yep
03:43 mman454-mobile lmrs?
03:43 LeadHead land-mobile
03:43 Sidrop joined #thegeekgroup
03:43 LinuxH4x0r MARS hacked radios FTW
03:43 LeadHead every once in a while we'll hear morse code over the radios on the bus
03:43 steve_____ lmrs is comercial licensed radio
03:43 LinuxH4x0r $10k fine if they catch you though
03:43 speedrunnerG55__ :D
03:43 LinuxH4x0r thats the repeater getting lonely
03:44 steve_____ that morse is the repeater IDing itself
03:44 LinuxH4x0r most repeaters send out their call sign in morse every 10 mins
03:44 LeadHead Hum
03:44 LeadHead
03:44 speedrunnerG55__ moose code?
03:44 Yaotzin That sort of thing just kind of makes me lose interest in having a ham radio
03:45 Yaotzin "Oh yeah someone dicks around with it? enjoy your 10k fine"
03:45 mman454-mobile but how does that work? how would the repeater communicate with home? Gms cell towers?
03:45 LinuxH4x0r no one ever gets caught
03:45 LinuxH4x0r its one of those things that can't be checked
03:45 mman454-mobile "re-pet-er phone home"
03:45 steve_____ it's a high power transmiter at high elevation with a good preamp
03:45 speedrunnerG55__ tv or radio
03:46 LinuxH4x0r for example the socorro repeater is on 146.68
03:46 LinuxH4x0r but when you hold down the key on my radio it transmits at 146.08
03:46 mman454-mobile so its still transmitting on the local bus barn frequency?
03:46 LinuxH4x0r so the repeater listens for a 123hz subaudible tone
03:47 steve_____ the bus probably has a 6m (50mhz) range unit that has a rather long range
03:47 speedrunnerG55__ gahh
03:47 LinuxH4x0r when it hears that it repeats what it hears on 146.08 on 146.68
03:47 mman454-mobile im confused...
03:47 steve_____ yes it's the same frequency unless they are using a trucking system, and that just complicated
03:47 speedrunnerG55__ .wiki amature transmitter
03:47 BotSteve "Homebrew is an Amateur radio slang term for home-built, noncommercial radio equipment." -
03:48 LeadHead Why not just transmit on 146.68
03:48 speedrunnerG55__ a friend of mine wants me to make him a tv
03:48 mman454-mobile but wouldnt they stumble upon a frequency they arent authorized to in the area theyre in?
03:48 LinuxH4x0r
03:48 exor674 so it can be full-duplex, duh
03:48 LinuxH4x0r yep
03:48 steve_____ a radio can't simaltaiasly transmit and recieve on the same frequancy, it would be like audio feedback
03:49 LeadHead gotcha
03:49 LinuxH4x0r exactly
03:49 BatSteve Well, it *can*.  It's not fun when it does.
03:49 * BatSteve has been in an airplane with a malfunctioning comm set
03:49 mman454-mobile what was the answer directed to me?
03:49 steve_____ transmiting and recieving 600k apart is hard enough
03:49 BatSteve You get off the Push-to-talk switch real fast.
03:49 steve_____ I imagine so
03:50 steve_____ mman the full duplex/ feeback responses
03:50 Yaotzin I've been in auditoriums with feedback loops
03:50 mman454-mobile [22:48] (@mman454-mobile) but wouldnt they stumble upon a frequency they arent authorized to in the area theyre in?
03:50 Yaotzin good god
03:50 LinuxH4x0r no
03:50 LinuxH4x0r they are usually pretty good about keeping them far apart
03:50 LinuxH4x0r unless you go out of state, etc
03:51 steve_____ there is group that help coordinate reapeater frequancies to prevent overlap on a frequancy
03:51 mman454-mobile Yaotzin welcome to my elementary/middle school gymnasium where they held the friday mass
03:51 Yaotzin heh
03:51 mman454-mobile i went to a private catholic school
03:52 exor674 couldn't some jerkface just ignore that group, though?
03:52 Yaotzin Well this was with a professional stage production I was doing catering for
03:52 speedrunnerG55__ how would i amoplify the signal out of a vcr to create a transmitter
03:52 LeadHead I have a little Unided GMRS/FRS radio
03:52 LeadHead *Uniden
03:52 LeadHead apparently GMRS base stations can get quite high in power
03:52 steve_____ there is a linked repeater system that covers most of western michigans lower peninsala it has many different frequancies that are assigned to it
03:52 Yaotzin and during a sound test I swear the god they shock the building
03:52 mman454-mobile what?
03:52 LeadHead because I was recieving fairly clear sound from someone around 45-50 miles away
03:53 steve_____ if you are an uncoorindated repeater interfering with a coordinated one you are requred to change or shutdown
03:53 Yaotzin shook*
03:53 speedrunnerG55__ ??
03:53 Yaotzin from how loud the loop got
03:53 mman454-mobile uncoordinated, cordinated?
03:53 LinuxH4x0r offical tower, some jackass with a trailer
03:54 mman454-mobile ah
03:54 steve_____ yes register vs unregistered repeaters
03:54 LinuxH4x0r for example my HT can repeat
03:54 mman454-mobile HT?
03:54 LinuxH4x0r handheld
03:54 steve_____ cross band most likely hand held
03:54 steve_____ 2m / 70cm
03:55 steve_____ there is no room for a cavity set in an HT
03:55 LinuxH4x0r so I can camp out on ridge and have everyone in the area covered
03:55 speedrunnerG55__ how would i amoplify the signal out of a vcr to create a transmitter\
03:55 mman454-mobile cavity set?
03:55 LinuxH4x0r although thats not usually a problem since most areas are well covered
03:56 LeadHead You'd need to build an amplifier
03:56 LinuxH4x0r speedrunnerG55__:  you wouldn't
03:56 LeadHead and then get the proper certs
03:56 LeadHead to be a TV station
03:56 LeadHead a la, you wouldn't
03:56 steve_____ cavity set is a very selective filter allowing a transmitter and reciver to be on the same antenna w/o exploding the reciever
03:56 speedrunnerG55__ oahh
03:56 speedrunnerG55__ caps
03:57 LinuxH4x0r aka very expensive
03:57 mman454-mobile but that just takes out the excitement
03:57 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
03:57 LinuxH4x0r yes, and my friend in nigeria wants me to help him manage his multi million dollar estate -_-
03:57 speedrunnerG55__ how easy is it to be caught
03:57 LinuxH4x0r very
03:57 steve_____ easy enough
03:57 steve_____ look up radio direction finding
03:57 Hydroelectric Hey everyone.
03:57 mman454-mobile how would they do that?
03:57 steve_____ hello
03:57 LinuxH4x0r hey
03:58 BatSteve LinuxH4x0r: Really?  I have that friend too!
03:58 speedrunnerG55__ hi
03:58 LinuxH4x0r triangulation
03:58 LinuxH4x0r lol
03:58 LeadHead They can triangulate you down to your exact house
03:58 LeadHead lol
03:58 speedrunnerG55__ .g radio direction finding
03:58 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__:
03:58 exor674 do they have antennas that directional
03:58 steve_____ I know someone who accidently left a moble keyed up in there car on a repeater, ws found in about an hour
03:58 mman454-mobile i mean the FCC isnt going around "whose violating some radio ordinance?"
03:58 LinuxH4x0r
03:58 exor674 or just lotsa measurements?
03:58 steve_____ most amateur is self regulated
03:58 LeadHead no, but people will reprt them
03:59 LinuxH4x0r we will find you
03:59 mman454-mobile to who?
03:59 steve_____ FCC
03:59 LinuxH4x0r and you will suffer for it if you fuck with our repeaters
03:59 tesla4d Really, when somebody's BLASTING silence, it tends to piss off other users.
03:59 steve_____ and you don't piss off the FCC
03:59 LinuxH4x0r nooo
03:59 mman454-mobile and they trust every report to be accurate? i could have fun with this...
04:00 LeadHead No you can't have fun with this
04:00 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
04:00 LinuxH4x0r You don't piss of a govt agency that charges $10,000 for modding a radio
04:00 mman454-mobile mod it to do what?
04:00 LinuxH4x0r MARS
04:00 mman454-mobile .w mars
04:00 BotSteve "Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun in the Solar System." -
04:00 LinuxH4x0r extended frequencies
04:01 LeadHead mars would be military channels
04:01 LeadHead right
04:01 LinuxH4x0r so I can transmit on search and rescue frequencies
04:01 mman454-mobile oh...
04:01 LeadHead Yeah, don't screw with the ameture radio guys
04:01 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
04:01 mman454-mobile ive always wanted to do that... not to transmit, just to say i know how
04:01 LinuxH4x0r we will find you
04:01 LeadHead They're old grumpy old men, and they will find you
04:01 LeadHead :P
04:02 steve_____ we will find you
04:02 LinuxH4x0r and you will suffer
04:02 LinuxH4x0r lol
04:02 tesla4d "You will know pain, and then you will know fear, and then you will die"
04:02 mman454-mobile what is the range on a good HAM radio?
04:02 LinuxH4x0r you have no clue how intimidating a big diesel suburban with 5 antennas and flashing lights can be
04:03 LinuxH4x0r i've gone 50 miles on 2m
04:03 tesla4d mman454-mobile, it depends on the band
04:03 steve_____ if we get a Station running we could do fox (hidden transmiter) hunting
04:03 LinuxH4x0r you can go all the way around the world
04:03 tesla4d from "across the city" to "across the oceans"
04:03 LeadHead ham can very a lot
04:03 LinuxH4x0r that would be cool
04:03 LeadHead you can go thousands of miles
04:03 steve_____ to bounced off the moon
04:03 LeadHead with enough power
04:03 LeadHead on the right frequencies
04:03 LinuxH4x0r my ft-530 handled does 20 or so miles
04:04 steve_____ bounced off meteor
04:04 LinuxH4x0r *handheld
04:04 * tesla4d really should jump on the bandwagon and get his technician-class license.
04:04 mman454-mobile i want to go to michigan from indiana... get the lab HAM certified
04:04 LinuxH4x0r repeater satellites :D
04:04 steve_____ it's not hard
04:04 * BatSteve should get his Restricted Radiotelephone Operator's permit
04:04 LinuxH4x0r $15 and an hour of studying
04:04 LinuxH4x0r I studied for an hour
04:04 LeadHead I've heard of people transmitting morse only across the ocean
04:05 LinuxH4x0r and got 34/35
04:05 steve_____ so did chris, maybe
04:05 LeadHead with something like 5 watts
04:05 LinuxH4x0r sounds right
04:05 steve_____ QRP
04:05 exor674 LinuxH4x0r: I thought he said he went in there w/o any study
04:05 mman454-mobile .w qrp
04:05 BotSteve "QRP operation, transmitting at reduced power levels while aiming to maximize one's effective range while doing so" -
04:05 LinuxH4x0r ? exor674
04:05 mman454-mobile ah
04:05 steve_____ it's like a game how for can you go with little power
04:05 exor674 er, steve_____
04:05 steve_____ yes
04:05 exor674 mishilight, sorry
04:05 LeadHead Like I said, those ameture guys are crazy
04:05 LinuxH4x0r ahh
04:06 exor674 steve_____: I thought Chris said he went int othe test without any studying
04:06 mman454-mobile he did... this year
04:06 LeadHead Just go to a local HAM Fest
04:06 LeadHead and you'll see
04:06 steve_____ I think about 20 min he said
04:06 steve_____ dayton has the hamfest to end all hamfests
04:06 LinuxH4x0r 1000 miles per watt is a fairly common goal for qrp
04:06 steve_____ may 20-22 I think
04:07 steve_____ seems about right it's usualy morse only, maybe you could do ssb (single side band, a voice mode) but wouldn't have nearly that range
04:07 LinuxH4x0r idk
04:08 LinuxH4x0r I've never tried
04:08 LinuxH4x0r I can usually see the socorro repeater
04:08 steve_____ CW has a deviation of 600hz ssb more like 3k so I image it would be a bit shorter
04:08 mman454-mobile gtg guys. catch you later
04:08 steve_____ ok, have fun
04:08 LinuxH4x0r later
04:08 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
04:09 LinuxH4x0r I think I'm going to try to convince my renters to get licenses once I get the house
04:09 LinuxH4x0r I want to set up a station
04:09 LinuxH4x0r get another 2m/70cm radio
04:10 LinuxH4x0r my ft-2500m in my suburban is 2m only
04:10 LeadHead I know a guy who is just about ready for the world to end
04:10 LinuxH4x0r you know me?
04:10 LeadHead HAM licensed, multiple radios in his truck
04:10 steve_____ don't we all
04:11 LeadHead big ol' huge base station setup in his house
04:11 LinuxH4x0r I used to have 3
04:11 steve_____ I'm in the process of adding a 100 watt 2m amp/preamp to my car
04:12 steve_____ just need to finnish mounting then hook up the power
04:12 LeadHead That's more than enough to give you RF burns if someone were to grab the antenna
04:12 LeadHead right?
04:12 steve_____ yes, it would hurt
04:12 steve_____ if it was keyed up
04:12 LinuxH4x0r hehe
04:12 steve_____ even a few watts under the right conditions could burn
04:13 LinuxH4x0r I'm tempted to try to cook hot dogs on my antennas
04:13 LeadHead I wonder how many guys go the full 1500 watts
04:13 LinuxH4x0r oof
04:13 LinuxH4x0r thats no bueno
04:13 steve_____ TV station often reduce power when they have ice on the anntena becasue it prvents cooling
04:13 LinuxH4x0r I could want that FAR away from me
04:13 LinuxH4x0r haha
04:13 LinuxH4x0r wow
04:14 LeadHead Yeah, Ice is a surprisingly good insulator
04:14 steve_____ the ice melts away from the anntena creating an air gap too
04:14 LinuxH4x0r ahh
04:14 steve_____ so it's air then ice
04:14 LinuxH4x0r I'd think it would cool it
04:14 steve_____ no very little convecton
04:14 LinuxH4x0r but the air gap is what gets it
04:15 steve_____ no they reduce power to prevent heat build up under the ice
04:16 steve_____ granted TV stations often are 100s of kw
04:16 LinuxH4x0r hehe
04:16 LinuxH4x0r makes my 50w seem weak
04:16 LeadHead There's an FM Radio station up in maine
04:16 LeadHead that was grandfathered in
04:16 steve_____ yes it does, but they have ahuge signal deviation
04:16 LeadHead They broadcoast @ 100kw
04:16 LinuxH4x0r right
04:16 LeadHead I'd be be wary of being in the same town as that thing
04:16 LeadHead :P
04:16 steve_____ nice, thats rediculas for a 100k deviation
04:17 LinuxH4x0r tgg needs to get a real station
04:17 steve_____ that it does
04:17 steve_____ we need ham sponsors
04:17 steve_____ we could do videos
04:17 LinuxH4x0r theres tons of transmitting stuff for TV iirc
04:18 LeadHead Most of the radio stations around here are 50kw
04:18 steve_____ we have a 1k transmitter for TV, analog channel 52
04:18 LinuxH4x0r cool
04:18 LinuxH4x0r dammit
04:18 LinuxH4x0r analog :/
04:18 steve_____ but can't plug it in
04:18 wub joined #thegeekgroup
04:18 LinuxH4x0r wub!
04:18 LeadHead Don't ahve the certs?
04:18 steve_____ it would be a federal crime ( don't piss of FCC)
04:19 LinuxH4x0r i think we made that point clear today
04:19 steve_____ not for there, it from the fox donation
04:19 steve_____ ok, I suppose we did
04:19 LeadHead Can't you still broadcast analog TV
04:19 LeadHead for local use only
04:20 LinuxH4x0r idk
04:20 LinuxH4x0r not at 1k i don't think
04:20 steve_____ not that I'm aware of there id Amateur TV (aTV)
04:20 steve_____ that can still use analog
04:20 steve_____ but you need to be in the right amatuer band to do it
04:20 LinuxH4x0r i'd either make it a display piece of turn it into a badass ham amp :D
04:21 steve_____ that would be fun becasue it's 100% DC
04:21 LinuxH4x0r :D
04:21 LeadHead ?
04:21 LeadHead DC fed?
04:21 LinuxH4x0r no 60hz hum
04:21 steve_____ 100% duty cycle
04:21 LeadHead oh
04:21 LeadHead Guessing you'd make some people angry
04:21 LeadHead broadcasting all the time
04:21 LeadHead :P
04:21 steve_____ yes it could
04:21 LinuxH4x0r don't piss off hams
04:22 steve_____ most transmitters can't transmit 100% duty cycle for heat resons
04:22 steve_____ they would find that very fast
04:22 LinuxH4x0r right
04:22 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
04:22 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
04:22 LinuxH4x0r that reminds me
04:23 steve_____ we must be boring, people are leaving :(
04:23 LinuxH4x0r I need to print a new  list and take the old one thats taped to my radio off
04:23 LeadHead Looks like 2012 is the cut-off
04:23 LeadHead for low power stations to broadcast analog TV
04:23 LinuxH4x0r the previous owner taped it over the heat sinks
04:23 steve_____ intersting
04:23 steve_____ why would they do that
04:23 steve_____ do they like fire?
04:23 LinuxH4x0r convenient spot
04:23 BatSteve Because life without risk is dull?
04:23 LinuxH4x0r its done fine for 15 years
04:24 LeadHead Maybe they didn't want their transistors to get cold
04:24 LinuxH4x0r hehe
04:24 steve_____ true 50 watts doesn't get that hot
04:25 LinuxH4x0r i also need to reprogram presets in both radios
04:25 LinuxH4x0r and reprint lists for my ht
04:25 LeadHead lists?
04:25 steve_____ so what companies should we have chris try for station donations from?
04:25 LinuxH4x0r i keep a paper copy taped to the battery for when it loses memory
04:25 Cprossu steve_____: man I've seen some awesome linear amps in my day
04:25 steve_____ alpha amps?
04:25 LinuxH4x0r lists of frequencies i use
04:25 LeadHead oh
04:25 LeadHead the ones all your ham buddies
04:25 LeadHead are on
04:26 LinuxH4x0r yaesu might do something
04:26 LinuxH4x0r naw
04:26 LinuxH4x0r the ones for SAR
04:26 LinuxH4x0r and a few repeaters
04:26 steve_____ one (or two) of those would be ince
04:26 LinuxH4x0r don't use ham much
04:26 LeadHead I'd say you should try soliciting Leviton
04:26 LinuxH4x0r leviton?
04:26 steve_____ leviton?
04:27 LinuxH4x0r Yaesu or Icom or Kenwood
04:27 steve_____ start with the big 3
04:27 steve_____ and MFJ for accesories
04:27 LinuxH4x0r yeah
04:27 LinuxH4x0r dude!
04:27 steve_____ maybe DX engineering too
04:27 LinuxH4x0r we have the Haas CNCs
04:27 LinuxH4x0r we can make custom antennas :D
04:28 steve_____ that we do :)
04:28 LeadHead I meant Leviton in general
04:28 LinuxH4x0r hams love antenna porn
04:28 steve_____ I an think we has a welder donated recently
04:28 LeadHead They have some very sophisitcated commerical building liighting control systems
04:28 LinuxH4x0r tig?
04:28 LinuxH4x0r meh
04:28 steve_____ with some luck a tig
04:28 steve_____ idk
04:28 LeadHead TIG's are nice to have for precission work
04:28 LeadHead but MIGs are far more practical
04:28 LinuxH4x0r I make my own lighting control using opto-22s
04:29 steve_____ and add metals
04:29 LinuxH4x0r had all of SF_X arduino controlled for a show
04:29 steve_____ *odd metals
04:29 LinuxH4x0r I don't much like mig
04:29 BatSteve so long team
04:29 LinuxH4x0r tig or stick for me
04:29 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
04:29 steve_____ have a good evenign
04:29 LeadHead I love mig
04:29 LeadHead point and shoot
04:29 LeadHead :P
04:29 LinuxH4x0r thats why I don't like it
04:29 LinuxH4x0r i want control
04:29 steve_____ never tried stick, I intend to some time
04:30 LeadHead I personally enjoy MIG welding
04:30 LinuxH4x0r its not too hard
04:30 steve_____ tig is best for control
04:30 LeadHead I've got the control I want on the front of my welder
04:30 LinuxH4x0r yep
04:30 LinuxH4x0r not really
04:30 steve_____ it right under your foot all the time
04:30 LinuxH4x0r try adjust ing half way through
04:30 LeadHead not always
04:30 LeadHead cheaper tig has a dial on the torch itself
04:30 LeadHead which is a bitch
04:30 steve_____ good point, forgot about those
04:30 LinuxH4x0r yeah
04:31 LeadHead But why would I need to adjust my mig halfway through?
04:31 LinuxH4x0r i hear the thumb ones are good
04:31 steve_____ a good tic vs a good mig then
04:31 steve_____ never tried a thumb one
04:31 LeadHead If I set my welder up properly before hand for the metal I'm welding
04:31 LinuxH4x0r varying metal thichness
04:31 LeadHead I almost never have to adjust it
04:31 LinuxH4x0r it has its uses
04:31 LinuxH4x0r its just not for me
04:31 LeadHead Not a big deal for me to stop and crank up the current and feed speed
04:31 LeadHead but whatever
04:32 LinuxH4x0r thats also why I love stick
04:32 LeadHead I'm fairly proficient at stick welding
04:32 LeadHead 6011 rods make a big mess though
04:32 LeadHead :(
04:32 LinuxH4x0r eww
04:32 LinuxH4x0r 7018 is where its at
04:32 LeadHead most of the stuff I weld is all rusty
04:32 LeadHead so 6011 is about all I can use
04:32 LinuxH4x0r DCRP is so much better
04:32 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
04:32 LinuxH4x0r I guess
04:33 LinuxH4x0r i clean first
04:33 LeadHead meh
04:33 LinuxH4x0r or just melt the rust off
04:33 LeadHead That's what the 6011s do for me
04:33 LeadHead :P
04:33 LinuxH4x0r do you do mostly repair or fabrication?
04:33 LeadHead if the metals clean, we'll use 6013s
04:34 LinuxH4x0r I do mostly fabrication where I have new metal and want a bit more precision with a clean bead
04:34 LeadHead a little of both I guess
04:34 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
04:34 LeadHead I'm just 18, with no jerb, so I take whatever steel I can get
04:34 LinuxH4x0r I can't wait till my dad gets back on thursday
04:34 LinuxH4x0r If I get the new house I'm getting a welder
04:35 LinuxH4x0r
04:35 LeadHead We built a go-kart using 1.25" steel tubing
04:35 LeadHead mostly MIG'd
04:35 LinuxH4x0r 2 two car garages
04:35 LinuxH4x0r one will be parking for my friends that are renting
04:35 LinuxH4x0r the other is my shop :D
04:35 LeadHead but the rear axle and engine support assembly was sticked using some rediculous
04:35 LeadHead 1/6th to 1/4" thick steel tubing
04:35 LinuxH4x0r hehe
04:35 LeadHead square stock
04:35 LeadHead and angle
04:36 LeadHead needed to break out the AC-225 for that
04:36 LinuxH4x0r doing 1/2 inch plat is fun
04:36 LinuxH4x0r *plate
04:36 steve_____ BotSteve tell coderjoe: check the forums for a post about a TGG Ham club station and helping found it
04:36 LeadHead I personally only have a little 125 amp mig
04:36 * LinuxH4x0r has nothing yet :(
04:36 LeadHead my friend has a Lincoln AC-225 Stick, that he build a bridge rectifier for
04:36 LeadHead if he wants to stick DC
04:36 LinuxH4x0r my roommate's dad was my welding teacher is school
04:37 LeadHead hes got a 125 amp mig
04:37 LinuxH4x0r so whenever I'm back in santa fe I can use that
04:37 LeadHead and hes also got a Stick/Tig/Plasma Cutter
04:37 LeadHead solid state
04:37 LeadHead but the plasma cutter function doesn't work quite right on it
04:37 LinuxH4x0r hehe
04:37 LeadHead We're not sure why
04:37 LinuxH4x0r I was about to comment that most combo machnes suck
04:37 LeadHead It won't start the arc out the tip of the torch
04:38 LeadHead and it just starts acing to the side of the nozzle
04:38 LeadHead we got it to cut properly once
04:38 LeadHead and it worked awesome
04:38 LinuxH4x0r tig and stick is the only combo i'l get
04:38 LeadHead the tig and stick portion of it work great
04:38 LinuxH4x0r 4'x4' plasma CNC
04:38 LeadHead My TIG experience wasn't with his welder though
04:38 LinuxH4x0r can cut 2" steel :D
04:38 LeadHead it was at my dads work
04:38 LeadHead with a huge 3 phase
04:38 LeadHead Miller TIG
04:39 LeadHead well over 200 amps of current
04:39 LeadHead Welded aluminum with it, was my first time ever welding with TIG
04:39 LeadHead or aluminum
04:39 LeadHead It's surprising how much heat aluminum needs to weld properly. I had to really lay into the "throttle" to get a nice pool going
04:40 LeadHead That was the only time I've ever gotten UV burns from welding, I had to lay into the pedal so much
04:44 LinuxH4x0r haha
04:45 LinuxH4x0r i use a leather jacket, bandana, vest, everything
04:45 LinuxH4x0r I hate people that weld with bare arms and sunglasses
04:45 LeadHead I usually weld bare arm
04:45 LinuxH4x0r crazy
04:45 LeadHead always with jeans and a full face mask though
04:46 LinuxH4x0r i like my skin...
04:46 LinuxH4x0r good
04:46 LeadHead Eh, Can't be any worse than the local girls who hit the tanning salon
04:46 LeadHead every week
04:46 LinuxH4x0r haha
04:46 LinuxH4x0r this is tru
04:46 * LinuxH4x0r lives in NM
04:46 LeadHead I actually have a full welding suit
04:47 LinuxH4x0r i get plenty of UV as is
04:47 LeadHead but its hot
04:47 LeadHead and a hastle
04:47 LeadHead and i never wear it
04:47 LinuxH4x0r idk
04:47 LinuxH4x0r I just can't wait to get the house
04:47 LeadHead Usually wear my gloves though
04:47 LinuxH4x0r and shop :D
04:48 steve_____ you think aluminum is vad, try copper
04:48 steve_____ I never did get it to pool nicely
04:48 LeadHead Nice thing about TIG
04:48 LinuxH4x0r I have solder for that....
04:48 LeadHead can weld just about everything
04:48 LeadHead or baziing for copper as well
04:48 steve_____ I have been building a duplexer and wanted to weld the cavites
04:49 LeadHead I saw a crazy guy build a refrigeration system once
04:49 LeadHead he TIG welded each and every copper pipe together
04:49 steve_____ but I may end up soldering because 250 amps was not enough
04:49 steve_____ for 1/8" capper
04:49 LeadHead did you try preheating it with a torch
04:50 steve_____ regrigeration is brazed most of the time, and no, I didn't try a preheat, I should try that
04:50 steve_____ as the oxy is right next to the tig at school
04:50 LeadHead Hell, you could even try just straight gas welding
04:50 LeadHead not a lot of guys do that anymore
04:51 LinuxH4x0r oxy?
04:51 LinuxH4x0r screw that
04:51 LinuxH4x0r I *can* do it
04:51 LinuxH4x0r but it sucks
04:51 LeadHead I had a book on welding from the 70s
04:51 LeadHead It stated that for most home owners
04:51 LinuxH4x0r its hard to get a good weld that isn't brittle
04:51 LeadHead gas welding was far more practical than arc welding
04:51 LeadHead times have changed
04:51 steve_____ that they have
04:52 LeadHead Most welds, by their nature are brittle LinuxH4x0r
04:52 LeadHead even arc welds
04:52 LinuxH4x0r acetylene is so pricey now
04:52 steve_____ a preheat would be a good idea though
04:52 LinuxH4x0r i mean even more
04:52 LeadHead Yeah, coppers heat conductivity defintely isn't working with you
04:52 steve_____ at least GR has it's own refinery at purity
04:52 LinuxH4x0r in school we could put them in a vice and test by bending
04:52 LeadHead If you could get the thing to 500-600*F before you started
04:52 LeadHead I bet it would go a lot better
04:52 LinuxH4x0r most failed
04:52 steve_____ that it is, it is hard to keep hot
04:53 steve_____ and isolate it from the steel welding bench
04:53 steve_____ hard to clamp and isolate any thoughts?
04:54 LeadHead solder a wire to it
04:54 LeadHead perhaps?
04:54 LeadHead and run it to the bench
04:54 LeadHead short runs of wire can handle pretty high current
04:54 LeadHead unless you meant physically clamp the parts together
04:54 steve_____ physicly clamp
04:55 LeadHead how big is the part
04:55 steve_____ it's a tube and a bottom plate
04:55 steve_____ 3" dia tube and 3x5 bottom plate
04:55 LeadHead how long is the tube
04:55 steve_____ all 1/8" thick
04:55 steve_____ about 1 foot
04:56 LeadHead Hmm
04:56 LeadHead odviously you'd lift the base plate off the welding table
04:57 LeadHead maybe just put something heavy on top of the tube
04:57 steve_____ but some small spacers under it
04:57 LeadHead to keep it against the base
04:57 steve_____ might work
04:57 LeadHead or if you have a brave friend
04:57 steve_____ but heat it first
04:57 LeadHead have him hold it down
04:57 LeadHead :-P
04:57 LeadHead Oh yeah
04:57 steve_____ might want gloves
04:58 LeadHead the heating part might make the holding thing
04:58 LeadHead hard
04:58 steve_____ 2 small steel blocks under it, weight on top and evenly heat with torch?
04:58 LeadHead That should do the trick
04:58 LeadHead you could have a friend keep the torch on it, while you weld
04:59 steve_____ make the whole thing hot then weld
04:59 LeadHead Reminds me of this one time where I went to quickly tack something, I didn't have my gloves on
04:59 steve_____ ouch
04:59 LeadHead piece of slag wedged itself between my hand in the gun
04:59 LinuxH4x0r ooh
04:59 LeadHead burning skin doesn't smell great
04:59 LinuxH4x0r not fun
04:59 Thaery_Away is now known as Thaery
04:59 LinuxH4x0r hehe
05:00 steve_____ winces
05:00 LeadHead Yeah, I'd heat it evenly as possible, and start welding
05:00 LeadHead a foot long piece of 1/8" copper would sink a lot of heat away from the weld
05:00 LeadHead if it were stone cold
05:00 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
05:00 steve_____ that it did
05:00 steve_____ at room temp
05:01 Thaery I never knew that.
05:01 LeadHead It's kind of sad looking at the gokart project my friend and I have been working on for the past two years
05:01 LeadHead we started right when we both got our MIGs
05:01 LeadHead You can tell which part of the kart was done when
05:01 LeadHead by the quality of the welds
05:01 LeadHead @_@
05:01 steve_____ nice
05:02 LeadHead the older stuff looks real ugly
05:02 steve_____ the school does the mini baja aes competition
05:02 Cprossu I like arc, you can't fake a good weld
05:02 steve_____ there car is all tig welded cromaly steel
05:03 Cprossu I just wish my folks would let me wire up a 800 3 phase lincoln
05:03 Cprossu I can get one for $600 and have it moved for $100
05:03 steve_____ all the welders must bring weld samples for testing at the competition
05:03 exor674 ( I really want to throw my dryer off my roof right now
05:03 LeadHead 800 amp?
05:03 Cprossu 100% duty cycle
05:03 Cprossu @ 750 too
05:04 LeadHead at 800 amps?
05:04 LinuxH4x0r what school does baja
05:04 LeadHead holy
05:04 LeadHead thats a big guy
05:04 LinuxH4x0r NMT also does
05:04 steve_____ GVSU
05:04 LeadHead what kind of testing to they do?
05:04 Cprossu I'd rather have an old linde, but that one is damn awesome
05:04 LeadHead physical testing?
05:04 LeadHead X-Ray testing?
05:04 Cprossu as it stands I can't have anything
05:04 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
05:05 steve_____ idk, I assume destrucive, I think they cross section a sample and maybe destrocive force
05:05 LeadHead How much to have 3-Phase ran to your home?
05:05 Cprossu I have 3 phase already
05:05 LeadHead Oh?
05:05 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
05:05 LinuxH4x0r i have a feeling my dorm room can't handle enough power for a welder...
05:05 steve_____ but that much service?
05:05 LeadHead well 800 amps on the output
05:05 Cprossu house was built in 1953 or so
05:05 LeadHead Why does it have 3 phase?
05:05 Cprossu AC
05:05 steve_____ I wish I wad 3 phase
05:05 LeadHead For the air conditioning?
05:06 LeadHead how big is the house?
05:06 Cprossu you bet your ass
05:06 steve_____ motors are more efficiant that way
05:06 LeadHead true
05:06 Cprossu ~3300 sq ft
05:06 LeadHead Oh weird
05:06 Cprossu but remember it's arizona
05:06 Cprossu it gets fucking hot
05:06 LeadHead True
05:06 Cprossu our unit was custom built here
05:06 LeadHead 3-Phase to my house would be trivial, since we actually have frontage
05:07 LeadHead the poles in front of my house have all 3 phases on top, which makes things a lot cheaper if we ever wanted it
05:07 Cprossu by a company called Goettl
05:07 Cprossu and a lot of the houses in our area had that system
05:07 steve_____ no 3 phase by me, that I know of, its all underground
05:07 LeadHead If you only have single phase on your street, having 3 phase ran out costs a lot
05:07 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
05:07 LeadHead Goettl
05:07 LeadHead I've heard tha tname mentioned on some youtube videos before
05:08 LeadHead from some HVAC Technicion in arizona
05:08 LeadHead odly enough.
05:08 Cprossu we shoulda had the compressor replaced in ours when it went
05:08 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
05:08 Cprossu it was a much better unit than the piece of crap we got stuck with
05:08 LeadHead is it a goodman
05:09 Cprossu the one we got stuck with is the low end lennox... air flo
05:09 Cprossu I was too young to understand what we had at the time we replaced it
05:09 LeadHead Yeah
05:09 LeadHead Lennox isn't that bad
05:09 * LinuxH4x0r will only have swamp coolers in the new house :/
05:09 steve_____ you seed the lated captains blog with another hvac unit set backwords
05:09 Cprossu bit aire flo (or whatever)
05:09 Cprossu is terrible
05:09 Cprossu the fan motor for an example
05:10 Cprossu was only rated for 95F usage
05:10 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
05:10 Cprossu over here that shit doesn't fly
05:10 LinuxH4x0r hehe
05:10 LeadHead lawl
05:10 LinuxH4x0r not at all
05:10 steve_____ ?? that is very low
05:10 Cprossu so it baked the bearings in a year and a half
05:10 LinuxH4x0r I'm tempted to build all my own systems
05:10 LeadHead evaportaive coolers can work very well LinuxH4x0r
05:10 LeadHead if you have the water to supply them
05:10 steve_____ took  that long?
05:10 LinuxH4x0r yeah
05:10 Cprossu and if it's not august
05:10 LinuxH4x0r sometimes
05:10 LinuxH4x0r maintenance can be a pain
05:11 Thermoelectric Evaporative coolers are only useful in dry environments.
05:11 LinuxH4x0r yeah
05:11 Cprossu rusty ducts suck too
05:11 LinuxH4x0r no way in MN
05:11 LeadHead Isn't new mexico dry
05:11 Cprossu and you should see what happens when it mixes with cigarette smoke inside a computer, omg
05:11 LinuxH4x0r yeah
05:11 LeadHead Over here in Rhode Island
05:11 LinuxH4x0r eww
05:11 LeadHead Humidity can be well into the 90% range during the summer
05:12 LeadHead and let me tell you how awful 98*F is
05:12 LinuxH4x0r hehe
05:12 LeadHead when its 98% Humid out
05:12 LinuxH4x0r I used to live in Minnesota
05:12 LeadHead :P
05:12 LinuxH4x0r trust me , I know
05:12 steve_____ it's a swamp
05:12 LeadHead You can practically drink water out of the air
05:12 LeadHead it gets so bad
05:13 Thermoelectric Now that's when a vapor compression A/C would be best. I could so see a swamp cooler working in that weather.
05:13 Photon939 i heard hvac
05:13 Cprossu man I remember when the fan motor went out on our goettl
05:13 Cprossu the fan motor was 3 phase too
05:13 Cprossu GE motor
05:13 Cprossu beefy as hell
05:13 Cprossu original to the unit
05:13 Cprossu failed in 2000
05:13 LeadHead thats what
05:13 Photon939 Cprossu - your house?
05:14 LeadHead 47 years of service?
05:14 Cprossu yeah on both cases
05:14 LinuxH4x0r those things die hard
05:14 Photon939 you sure it wasn't just a PSC motor?
05:14 LeadHead Nope Photon
05:14 LeadHead hes got 3 Phase
05:14 Photon939 fancy
05:14 Photon939 if I had 3 phase at home I'd get a new tube for my Lexel 95
05:15 LeadHead Maybe if Cprossu's parents kick him out, you can move into his place?
05:15 LeadHead :-p
05:15 Photon939 heh
05:16 LeadHead Just how common are the evaporative coolers though, LinuxH4x0r
05:16 LinuxH4x0r pretty common here in New Mexico
05:17 LinuxH4x0r My parent's house in Santa Fe didn't have anything
05:17 Photon939 if you live in a desert city it probably works pretty well
05:17 LinuxH4x0r we put a window unit in the back room
05:17 LinuxH4x0r,_New_Mexico
05:18 Skyjumper_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:18 LeadHead 4500 feet
05:18 LeadHead you're pretty well up there
05:18 Skyjumper_ sup
05:19 LinuxH4x0r not at all
05:19 LeadHead not much
05:19 LinuxH4x0r 7200 in Santa Fe
05:19 Thaery Our AC is a stand of Japanes elm at 20 feet tall and a Willow the same size
05:19 Thaery :/
05:19 LinuxH4x0r haha
05:19 LinuxH4x0r i know the feeling Thaery
05:19 LeadHead I use this guy in the months where its not quite hot enough to turn the AC on, but still hot
05:19 Thaery It does work though
05:19 LeadHead
05:19 LeadHead It's all cleaned up now, of course
05:19 LinuxH4x0r the house in Sfe has ac, but its never on
05:19 Kiwifrog left #thegeekgroup
05:20 LinuxH4x0r nice!
05:20 LeadHead 1957 Hunter IIRC.
05:20 LinuxH4x0r the ones big enough for a finger or two :D
05:20 LeadHead 16"
05:20 LeadHead It moves a ridiculous amount of air, without being very loud
05:20 LeadHead but yeah
05:20 Cprossu nice fan
05:20 LeadHead its quite inviting to fingers
05:20 Cprossu I've got a '57 or '59 edison
05:21 Cprossu mcgraw-edison box fan
05:21 Skyjumper_ I feel like I could fit a hand in there
05:21 Cprossu let me see if I can find it
05:21 Skyjumper_ Emerson window fan, 2009
05:21 LeadHead I've got a small fan collection
05:21 LeadHead here is my oldest one
05:21 Cprossu I also have a nice hunter 2 speed (robinson or something) 7 blade plastic box fan
05:21 LeadHead
05:21 LeadHead It's a 1929 Graybar/GE
05:21 Skyjumper_ How does one get into collecting fans?
05:21 Thaery Safest Fan I ever saw
05:21 Cprossu
05:22 Skyjumper_ Like, why'd you decide to collect them
05:22 Cprossu ^ I love this fan
05:22 LeadHead those old box fans are cool
05:22 LeadHead I really ought to get around to putting that Graybar/GE back together
05:22 Cprossu I still hate lakewoods though
05:22 LeadHead I started stripping it down because someone painted it a horrific blue
05:23 LeadHead with a brush using house paint
05:23 LinuxH4x0r eek
05:23 LinuxH4x0r not good
05:23 LinuxH4x0r looks nice though
05:23 LinuxH4x0r definitely worth restoring
05:23 LeadHead I've got 3 antique fans that I actually use on a regular basis, beacuse they work so well. That white Hunter i showed earlier
05:24 LeadHead this small little GE
05:24 LeadHead wearing a hat
05:24 Cprossu omg
05:24 Cprossu youtube is full of people who turn fans on and off
05:24 LinuxH4x0r ?
05:25 Cprossu
05:25 Cprossu mine has white blades, yellow grating and olive green casing
05:25 Thaery I just realized one of our cats HAS to be a geek, he refuses to sleep anywhere else but on my tools
05:26 LinuxH4x0r haha
05:26 Cprossu <- and that's my other one
05:26 Photon939 I'm running my 1930 R&M fan right now
05:26 Thaery And it can't be comfortable
05:26 Cprossu I love the noise my mcgraw makes
05:26 LeadHead Robbins and Meyer
05:26 LeadHead Eskimo box fan
05:26 LeadHead awesome
05:26 Cprossu robbins and meyer, that's who made my hunter 2 speed
05:26 LeadHead Yeah, same thing with my Hunter as well
05:26 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
05:27 Cprossu but yeah my mcgraw is an eskimo... hell of a fan
05:27 CSMonster -_-
05:27 * CSMonster is back
05:28 Cprossu;feature=related
05:28 LeadHead I just realized that video you sent cprossu
05:28 Cprossu I used to have one of these
05:28 LeadHead was by maxxarcade
05:28 Cprossu who is?
05:28 Cprossu lol
05:28 LeadHead the eskimo fan
05:28 LeadHead I'm already subscribed to him
05:28 LeadHead he does all kinds of geeky things
05:28 Photon939 Cprossu -
05:28 Photon939 I just got that one
05:28 Cprossu I always liked the noises the galaxy fans made
05:29 Cprossu nice
05:29 Cprossu split phase? just curious
05:29 Photon939 my bigger R&M is PSC
05:29 Photon939 the one in that pic is between split phase and PSC
05:29 Photon939 it uses an inductor in the base to create phase shift
05:30 Cprossu I had a toastmaster fan at one point
05:30 LeadHead my '57 Hunter is PSC, runs nice and cool
05:30 Cprossu man that thing was a piece of SHIT
05:30 Photon939 lol
05:30 Cprossu when I get my own house
05:30 eightbitbrad Evening all.
05:30 Photon939 yeah the PSC motors run very cool
05:30 Cprossu I'm hanging cast iron hunters
05:30 LeadHead i love those cast iron hunters
05:30 Cprossu they kick ass
05:30 Cprossu (the oil bath ones)
05:30 LeadHead Here's arguably my favorite fan
05:30 LeadHead
05:30 LeadHead but that is probably my great grandfather gave it tome
05:31 LeadHead *probably because
05:31 LeadHead 1930s Diehl 3 speed
05:31 LeadHead Runs real hot though
05:31 LeadHead so I don't like to use it that much
05:31 Cprossu do you remember that one company, 3 letters long, starting with D(DTE???) that made industrial fans for places like swiming pools?
05:31 LeadHead ILG
05:31 Cprossu ILG!
05:31 Cprossu yeah
05:31 Cprossu fucking awesome fans
05:32 Cprossu I've never come across one for sale
05:32 LeadHead They're pretty rare
05:32 Photon939 ILG makes the bestest exhaust fans
05:32 Cprossu I remember as a kid asking someone if I could buy one since it wasn't ever used
05:32 Photon939 there was one for sale at the PA fan meet, but it was already sold by the time i found it
05:32 LeadHead The only reason I'm into antique fans really is because they're so interesting to look at
05:32 LeadHead and
05:33 LeadHead they just work so much better than modern fans
05:33 Cprossu modern fans are such junk
05:33 LeadHead Like the new Laskos that have little buttons on the grill
05:33 CSMonster modern fans are they way they are because they are way more safe.  but where's the fun in that?
05:33 Cprossu I took the blade and cage of a solus and current matched it with a leftover plastic blade fan I had
05:33 Photon939 there are two white pedestal fans in the room where i had psychology class
05:33 Cprossu hell no they aren't safe
05:33 Cprossu they're a fire hazard
05:33 Photon939 they were held together with duct tape
05:34 LeadHead You can have a safe, and good fan
05:34 LeadHead the problem is modern fans all are junk with undersized motors, and shit build quality
05:34 Cprossu before I got that mcgraw edison fan ($2 at a goodwill due to frayed cord)
05:34 CSMonster that too
05:34 Cprossu I killed 10 wal mart box fans
05:34 Photon939 lol those things are trash
05:34 LeadHead Modern Lasko fans have little buttons on the grilles
05:34 Cprossu (all returned under 30 days)
05:34 LeadHead that push against the hub
05:34 Cprossu the thermal fuse blew
05:34 Cprossu each time
05:34 LeadHead because the tolerances are so bad
05:34 Cprossu and they DON'T RESET
05:35 Cprossu WTF?!
05:35 LeadHead yup
05:35 Photon939 if you want serious ventilation, find an old Vornado
05:35 Cprossu;feature=related
05:35 Cprossu that thing is neat
05:36 LeadHead I didn't know ILG was still making fans
05:36 LeadHead into the70s
05:37 LeadHead how about this , 42" ILG
05:37 LeadHead;feature=related
05:38 Photon939 Cprossu -
05:38 Photon939 that's the best air mover I have
05:38 LeadHead blade pitch is nuts on that thing
05:38 Skyjumper_ left #thegeekgroup
05:39 Cprossu I can't decide if my industrial 3 bladed metal fan of death or my eskimo moves more air
05:39 Cprossu wait...dt forums?
05:39 LeadHead I'm not on dangerous tacos
05:39 LeadHead I'm on AFCA though
05:39 CSMonster by safer i meant all newer commercial fans i've seen have very dense grills to keep kids from sticking their fingers in them; that's a lot more airflow resistance
05:39 LeadHead Photon is on AFCA as well
05:39 Cprossu oh my fucking god
05:39 Cprossu
05:40 Cprossu there's a fan forum... o_O
05:40 CSMonster LOL
05:40 LeadHead yeah, thats dangerous tacos
05:40 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
05:40 LeadHead I'm on
05:40 LeadHead
05:44 Cprossu damn
05:44 Cprossu;feature=related
05:44 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
05:44 LeadHead Vortalex's are awesome
05:44 LeadHead looking
05:45 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
05:46 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
05:47 eightbitbrad .wa 42
05:47 BotSteve 42;forty-two;XLII;101010_2;2&times;3&times;7;m->2->3->4->5->6->7->8->9, 42 mod m->0->0->2->2->0->0->2->6;42 is an even number.;42 has the unique representation 42 = 1^2+4^2+5^2 as a sum of 3 squares.;42 is the 5th Catalan number (C[5]).;42 is the number of integer partitions of 10 (p(10)).;42 = 222_4 repeats a single digit in base 4.;e^(pi sqrt(42))~~695295413.0301 is a near-integer, and the ring of integers of the as
05:47 LeadHead what does .wa do?
05:48 Thermoelectric Blah .wa searches Wolfram Alpha
05:48 LeadHead oh
05:49 eightbitbrad heh
05:49 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
05:49 eightbitbrad Sorry, just playing around.
05:49 eightbitbrad I'm working on implementing some quote stuff for BotSteve next
05:50 LeadHead 42 should return the life, the universe
05:50 LeadHead and everything
05:50 eightbitbrad .wa The meaning of life, universe and everything
05:50 BotSteve Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything;42, (according to Douglas Adams\' humorous science-fiction novel The Hitchhiker\'s Guide to the Galaxy)
05:50 eightbitbrad there ya go :)
05:50 LeadHead the were go
05:51 exor674 .wa sqrt(The meaning of life, universe and everything)
05:51 BotSteve sqrt(Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything);sqrt(42)~~6.48074, (according to Douglas Adams\' humorous science-fiction novel The Hitchhiker\'s Guide to the Galaxy)
05:51 LeadHead lol
05:51 eightbitbrad lol nice.
05:52 steve_____ impressive
05:52 LeadHead Suprised wolfram is that "smart"
05:53 eightbitbrad LeadHead: It's interesting to play around with.
05:54 Cprossu wow
05:54 Cprossu;feature=related
05:54 LeadHead 1/3rd HP is a lot.
05:54 eightbitbrad hehe now that's a fan
05:55 eightbitbrad you should see the fans the fire departments use to evac smoke from houses
05:55 eightbitbrad good stuff there too
05:55 steve_____ .wa farnsworth fuser
05:55 BotSteve Couldn't grab results from json stringified precioussss.
05:55 LeadHead Back in the 10s, and 20s
05:55 LeadHead when electricity (and fans) were still rare and expensive
05:55 Cprossu .wa ILG fan
05:55 BotSteve i log(Fn  (fan));i log(1 Fn  (fan))
05:55 Cprossu O_O
05:55 eightbitbrad steve_____: That result means... Wolfram has nothing lol
05:55 Cprossu hahah
05:55 LeadHead GE and a few other companies actually had coin operated fans
05:55 LeadHead for public places, put a nicle in
05:56 steve_____ I suppsoe so
05:56 LeadHead nickle
05:56 LeadHead get like 10 minutes of air
05:56 steve_____ .w farnsworth fuser
05:56 BotSteve "The Farnsworth–Hirsch Fusor, or simply fusor, is an apparatus designed by Philo T. Farnsworth to create nuclear fusion." -
05:56 steve_____ wikidoes though
05:56 Cprossu wow, I had one of these
05:57 LeadHead check this out Cprossu
05:57 LeadHead
05:57 LeadHead Chrome, from the factory
05:57 LeadHead They were used in places like hospitals and pharmacys to give a sense of cleanlieness
05:58 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
05:59 DruidicRifleman A fan debate
05:59 Cprossu;feature=related
05:59 LeadHead debate?
06:00 LeadHead More like show-and-tell
06:00 Cprossu I want several of these
06:00 steve_____ I'm a real fan of this too
06:00 DruidicRifleman ? Does Any one have any info on the people who build the like 1 meter scale fusor and how they're experiment turned out
06:00 steve_____ ok, I have my bad pun of the night, time for sleep
06:00 Cprossu heh I hear that
06:00 LeadHead Hunters are nice
06:01 Cprossu my school had some very weird looking hunters
06:01 LeadHead this is the weirdest cieling fan i've ever seen
06:01 LeadHead
06:01 DruidicRifleman the discussions in here... Random
06:02 Cprossu they were like brushed gold colored with large slots
06:02 DruidicRifleman i wonder if there is a commerical cealing fan spcificly designed to be able to remove a persons head
06:03 LeadHead Yes
06:03 Cprossu I have a 3 blader that might be able to
06:03 LeadHead
06:03 Cprossu hahaha
06:03 DruidicRifleman though i would be kinda tempted to paint blood on the white blades of my Celing fan for the fun of it
06:03 LeadHead I dind't make that up btw.
06:03 LeadHead It's a real company
06:03 Cprossu we have some at one of the colleges I did work at
06:03 Thermoelectric Got two of those fans in my school's hall.
06:03 Cprossu they really are big ass
06:04 Thermoelectric The ones at my school go up to 60RPM.
06:04 Photon939 my dad has posters for BAF in his office
06:04 LeadHead a whole revolution per second
06:04 LeadHead damn!
06:04 exor674 it's not a true fan till it can spin up a mini tornado in your room
06:04 Cprossu Anyone here been to toys are us?
06:04 LeadHead Heh, they most move quite a bit of air
06:05 LeadHead even at 60 RPM
06:05 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
06:05 Cprossu remember the three bladed fans of death (32") they had?
06:05 eightbitbrad Cprossu: lately, or ever?
06:05 eightbitbrad oh yes... those things.
06:05 Cprossu like a long ass time ago
06:06 Cprossu
06:06 DruidicRifleman I hope i can get the hard facing i need done to my anvil
06:06 Cprossu ^ that look like those
06:06 Photon939 i remember seeing fans like that
06:06 DruidicRifleman i think they ha those in my highschool
06:07 Cprossu I have a shitty version that's 56".. but it can't chop a head off
06:07 LeadHead Why do you need your anvil hardfaced
06:07 Cprossu I think that other one could though
06:07 DruidicRifleman Just mainantace I want a larger one but i can't find one i can afford
06:07 LeadHead I thought anvils would naturally get harder
06:08 DruidicRifleman AND then i am gonna make A set of of black smithing tongs
06:08 LeadHead just from work hardening
06:08 DruidicRifleman Not when they are cheap
06:08 DruidicRifleman and even then you need to maintain them
06:08 DruidicRifleman AND i am thinking a ORK Short saber
06:08 LeadHead knife smithing?
06:08 DruidicRifleman Kinda
06:09 Cprossu;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1303106927&amp;sr=1-35
06:09 Cprossu ^running your head into that might be a bad idea
06:09 LeadHead $300
06:09 LeadHead hope it does my laundry
06:09 LeadHead and walks the dog too
06:09 LeadHead for that price
06:09 DruidicRifleman Cprossu do you have a celing fan fetish or some thing not that i judge but lol
06:10 Cprossu actually I like box fans better but I have 2 spaces for ceiling fans in my room
06:10 DruidicRifleman TMI dude i don't need to know about that :P
06:10 LeadHead I prefer 1920s-1950s Desk Fans
06:11 Cprossu RPM @ 60 Hz315 CFM @ 60 Hz46,000
06:11 Cprossu for that dayton
06:11 eightbitbrad
06:11 exor674 I really wish I could use my ceiling fan in my bedroom, speaking of fans
06:11 Cprossu at least it's a psc motor
06:11 LeadHead smoke ejector
06:11 eightbitbrad or there's this one... 1.5 horse
06:11 eightbitbrad
06:12 exor674 except nooo, apparently the idiots who installed it decided to use a normal electrical box, nowhere near a joist, sitting inbetween too
06:12 LeadHead 1.5HP
06:12 LeadHead That's a lot
06:12 DruidicRifleman LOl epic dumb
06:12 exor674 I think I've almost pulled it out of my ceiling by pulling the pullcord to turn the light on
06:12 LeadHead lolwtf
06:12 DruidicRifleman LOL
06:13 DruidicRifleman dumb contractor is dumb
06:13 exor674 yes
06:13 DruidicRifleman I am guessing that above your room is another floor?
06:13 exor674 DruidicRifleman: no, attic. -- and oh yeah, and I'm not sure this was the contractor/whatever or the previous homeowner
06:14 exor674 but apparently in my bathroom they *drilled out a stud* to install a hollow-wall anchor to put in a towel rack
06:14 LeadHead they drilled into a stud
06:14 LeadHead and put a drywall anchor in it?
06:14 exor674 yes
06:15 LeadHead Interesting...
06:15 DruidicRifleman LOL
06:15 eightbitbrad WTG
06:15 eightbitbrad WTF even
06:15 exor674 which i promptly just yanked out of the wall once when I slipped in my bathroom
06:15 DruidicRifleman Ummm From the front door at my cotage theres my sisters room the batth room my room and our parrents room
06:15 LeadHead rofl
06:15 exor674 I mean, those things aren't rated for support *but* still
06:15 Cprossu what in the hell would you use this for?
06:15 Cprossu;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1303107298&amp;sr=1-4
06:16 DruidicRifleman the wiring for my room goes out to the my parrents room And rthen doubles back
06:16 LeadHead fume evacuation
06:16 DruidicRifleman the guy was an idiot he had 4 live wires ALLL going into the same box
06:16 Cprossu 5 hp though, lol
06:16 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
06:17 DruidicRifleman If i ever need a Vent hood for high risk chemical weapons experiments I'll have you build it
06:17 LeadHead The exhaust fans for the paint booths at my dads work
06:17 LeadHead have something like 15HP direct drive
06:17 LeadHead motors
06:17 LeadHead 3 phase of course
06:17 DruidicRifleman exor go into the addict and then re enfoce the box or atleast attach a rope to it for your saftey
06:17 exor674 so of course I ended up reinstalling the towel rod like an inch lower
06:18 LeadHead Yeah, a box supported just by the drywall on the cieling
06:18 LeadHead really isn't all that kosher
06:18 exor674 thankfully it isn't right over my bed
06:19 exor674 yeah, I should go up there and look at it at least
06:19 DruidicRifleman I had a shelf come off the wall 2 minutes after i woke up and drop my Shrine woth a couple glas items not to mention the selff onto my pillow OOOH and my athame....
06:19 DruidicRifleman make sure it's wired properly
06:19 DruidicRifleman Better then the wireing
06:20 DruidicRifleman The chimney for the wood stove
06:20 DruidicRifleman you there was a 1/4 inch gap between the sections
06:20 DruidicRifleman AND the idiot used Oil furnace chimney
06:20 LeadHead should be double walled
06:20 LeadHead stainless prefeered
06:21 exor674 and I hired someone to fix this, but -- so when the last person who owned my place installed a gas dryer
06:21 DruidicRifleman it was It was double walled Stainless oil furnace exhost pipe
06:21 exor674 they removed the drip leg on the gas line to install it
06:21 LeadHead oh
06:21 DruidicRifleman that wasn't even installed properly
06:22 exor674 they apparently removed the cap on the end, and put the hose right there
06:22 LeadHead quality\
06:22 Thermoelectric left #thegeekgroup
06:22 DruidicRifleman We're lucky the place didn't burned down we replaced it when afriend of our said to her husband "cliffy Come in side and look at the chimney i think the Sections are upside down"
06:23 DruidicRifleman exor.... your place sounds like a bit of a death trap
06:23 exor674 DruidicRifleman: well, that was fixed at least -- dad made sure it was before I was allowed to move in
06:23 LeadHead yes
06:23 exor674 a fan falling in my bedroom I guess wasn't that vital
06:24 DruidicRifleman Ah
06:24 Thermoelectric joined #thegeekgroup
06:24 DruidicRifleman Do you know under candian federal law you can be sent to jail on a federal erapons offence for possession of an un registred block of alluminum
06:25 DruidicRifleman ? i live in a country with laws written by blonds
06:25 LeadHead oh.....
06:25 Thermoelectric Stupid Pidgin.
06:25 CSMonster is wannabe1987 here?
06:25 wannabe1987 yes CSMonster i'm here now...
06:26 CSMonster just curious.
06:26 wannabe1987 lol
06:26 wannabe1987 i was stuck for a bit...
06:26 DruidicRifleman IF Your caught by the RCMP with a block of aluminum largenough to machine an AR15 lower and it's not registered It's a federal crime because it's illegal to have in your possession an unfinished receaver or any thing that can be turned into a receaver
06:26 DruidicRifleman if it isn;t registered
06:27 DruidicRifleman you lie you fell asleep
06:27 LeadHead I forgot how often people machine their own AR 15 lowers
06:27 LeadHead out of billets
06:27 DruidicRifleman Yeah
06:28 wannabe1987 so...what we talkin bout tonight?
06:28 LeadHead surprised they dont have one against round steel billets
06:28 LeadHead for making barrells
06:28 DruidicRifleman Berrel is non controlled part
06:28 LeadHead Guns, Box Fans, Cieling Fans, Desk Fans, Shoddy House Work
06:28 DruidicRifleman It's not the registered part
06:28 LeadHead is what we're talking about tonight
06:28 wannabe1987 what?
06:28 DruidicRifleman you know wannabe the useual
06:28 wannabe1987 spell shit right sir
06:29 DruidicRifleman Where as a lower receaver is
06:29 LeadHead Good thing I don't live in Canada
06:29 LeadHead I've got enough aluminum and steel to make an AR15
06:29 DruidicRifleman don't rub it in :( i hate it here
06:30 CSMonster ...i have an ar-15.
06:30 CSMonster i beat all of you.
06:30 LeadHead I've fired one
06:30 LeadHead close enough
06:30 exor674 I mean idealy, I'd want to have the box up in my attic replaced with a box with a bracket, right?
06:30 LeadHead yes
06:30 LeadHead mounted into a joist
06:30 wannabe1987 move to michigan, be by the lab :D (@ druidicrifleman)
06:31 DruidicRifleman i might I'd really need to look at michgans state laws it Isn't on the short list
06:31 DruidicRifleman though this last year SO many factors have changed i really need to Revise my shortlist
06:32 DruidicRifleman Any thing not canada is better then canada
06:33 DruidicRifleman i wonder if milling out an Unfinished AR15 lower would break any of the rules for the gee group
06:33 LeadHead i'd say so
06:33 Photon939
06:33 LeadHead wut
06:33 LeadHead wat
06:34 NeWtoz wait a few years until we get health care ;)
06:34 wannabe1987 NeWtoz - what is "healthcare"?
06:34 DruidicRifleman Newtoz I read obama care... it's worse then what you have now
06:34 NeWtoz though I can't complain, I have good health insurance
06:34 DruidicRifleman Trust me
06:34 exor674 ( oh yeah, speaking of death traps, my stair railing had the same issue too, drilled-through studs
06:34 wannabe1987 i don't have any...
06:35 exor674 I corrected that too after the stair raililg fell out of the wall heh
06:35 exor674 I want to find whoever did that and stab 'em
06:35 DruidicRifleman I'll sell toy an epicly cool stabbing implement to do it with exor
06:36 exor674 either that or drop my ceiling fan on 'em
06:36 DruidicRifleman sell you*
06:36 exor674 that way I can have an alibi "oh but occifer, it just fell!"
06:36 exor674 maybe alibi isn't the right word but
06:36 DruidicRifleman "he was the guy who installed it"
06:36 DruidicRifleman get out of jail free card
06:37 DruidicRifleman If i pick up and move to the US i know i'll piss a few people of
06:37 wannabe1987 so?
06:38 DruidicRifleman Cause I am currently Trying to set up a scenario paitn ball series and the guy who runs the national organisation i am doing it for has basicly Spat in my face because i Called him out for posting bull shit pollitcal lies for the second time in 2011
06:39 DruidicRifleman And there are like 40 guys who really like my idea's But i am like Meh Fuck it
06:39 wannabe1987 its trev_'s birthdaytoday...
06:39 DruidicRifleman the one scenario Involes terrorists trying to destroy ottawa with a 50 foot wall of water
06:40 exor674 DruidicRifleman: uh
06:40 exor674 wut?
06:40 DruidicRifleman PST who is trev_
06:40 wannabe1987 some dude from tggonline
06:40 DruidicRifleman
06:40 exor674 oh okay, lol, I thought that was one of the lies
06:41 DruidicRifleman NOOOO thats the premise of one of the events
06:41 DruidicRifleman SEEE some idiot
06:41 wannabe1987 hey guys...shut up about guns kthxbai
06:41 DruidicRifleman DECIDED that the province of ontario Should build a MASIVE hydro Damn net wotk above the nations capital
06:42 DruidicRifleman AND i was like THIS WOULD BE A KICK ASS scenario for a paint ball scenario
06:42 Thermoelectric As long as there is not a discussion of shooting people and living things going on, talking about guns is just like talking about HV, wannabe1987.
06:43 LeadHead or fans
06:43 DruidicRifleman what is the dish every one would want to See in the cafe at the lab
06:43 wannabe1987 HV?
06:43 Thermoelectric High voltage
06:43 CSMonster high voltage
06:43 CSMonster ...that
06:43 DruidicRifleman "tggcory wants tacos"
06:43 wannabe1987 ok thats it i'm going to be
06:43 wannabe1987 bed*
06:43 wannabe1987 night all
06:43 DruidicRifleman What did i do?
06:43 DruidicRifleman i was trying to change the subject?
06:44 DruidicRifleman any ways wannabe that does sound like a good idea...
06:44 * CSMonster has totally not been paying attention
06:45 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
06:47 wannabe1987
06:47 wannabe1987 night all
06:48 wannabe1987 night CSMonster
06:48 CSMonster night
06:48 exor674 niiiight wannabe1987
06:48 wannabe1987 night exor674
06:49 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
06:49 wannabe1987 haha
06:49 wannabe1987 he pinged
06:49 CSMonster LOL
06:49 CSMonster (yay!)
06:49 wannabe1987 and for the record, i don't care what food the lab will serve, i'm too poor to buy what do i care :D
06:50 CSMonster i don't care what food the lab serves because i'm 1600 miles away.  but tacos are totally where it's at
06:50 eightbitbrad mmmm tacos
06:50 Thermoelectric They should start a farm on the roof and sell produce aswell. :)
06:51 CSMonster someone already suggested a living roof
06:51 CSMonster i suggested putting an oak tree on the roof
06:51 Thermoelectric I could see the roots of that as being bad.
06:51 CSMonster not if you make the planter big enough.
06:52 CSMonster now weight, that might be a problem
06:52 Thermoelectric I was just about to mention that.
06:52 Thermoelectric Weight of an oak tree would be quite difficult for the roof to handle, especially over a place like the MDH.
06:52 CSMonster but you could put an oak tree on the roof, then build a treehouse in it, then put another living roof on the treehouse.  :O
06:53 eightbitbrad Oh no, not this discussion again.
06:53 CSMonster LOL
06:53 eightbitbrad Trees on roof = bad.
06:53 Thermoelectric Again? I need to read the log more. :/
06:53 CSMonster this was a couple days ago
06:53 eightbitbrad Thermoelectric: I think a day or two ago this came up
06:53 CSMonster i was proposing it to seroster
06:53 Thermoelectric Yeah, plant stuff like veggies and fruit etc.
06:53 Thermoelectric Ah
06:53 Photon939 repeat for infinite trees and quantum scaling?
06:54 CSMonster YES.
06:55 CSMonster sounds like an aperture science idea.
06:55 CSMonster in all seriousness, yeah growing produce on the roof would be awesome.
06:56 Photon939 LeadHead: I'm gonna show that tiny pneumatic cylinder to my pneumatics professor
06:56 Photon939 he'd probably get a laugh out of it
06:57 LeadHead lawl
06:57 LeadHead psht
06:57 LeadHead pshh
06:58 Photon939 i should make a tiny model of an air handler
06:58 Photon939 with pneumatic dampers
06:58 LeadHead lul
07:00 CSMonster aaaaand there's the day change.  webcomics are now updated, and i'm going to bed as soon as i finish reading.  night ppl
07:01 exor674 ooo webcomics!
07:01 Thermoelectric Oh, wait. Chris said that they were considering solar power in the not-too distant future, that means the plants would fight the solar panels for the roof.
07:01 Photon939 lol they should just forget about solar unless they get a grant to do it for free or something
07:02 Thermoelectric It doesn't have to be photovoltaic.
07:02 Photon939 thermal?
07:02 LeadHead Thermal won't do much for them in the summer months
07:02 Photon939 nope
07:03 Thermoelectric It could be thermal, which would be much cheaper, as all you would need would be either parabolic troughs or fresnels to concentrate the light, heating a working fluid, to run a heat engine (aka Stirling engine or similar)
07:03 LeadHead The costs of that
07:03 LeadHead would be astronomical
07:03 Photon939 yeah, not really any cheaper than a PV system
07:03 Thermoelectric Would be less than a photovoltaic system of the same size.
07:03 Thermoelectric In what way?
07:03 LeadHead A stirling engine big and effecienct enough to put out a meaninful amount of power
07:03 LeadHead would be rediculously expensive
07:04 Thermoelectric Who said they would buy one?
07:04 LeadHead How else would they get one
07:04 Thermoelectric TGG has big awesome CNC machines. TGG is full of Geeks and engineers.
07:04 Thermoelectric Get the train of thought?
07:04 LeadHead You need to think realistically here
07:05 LeadHead You're talking thousands upon thousands of dollars to machine a stirling engine of the kind of power level
07:05 LeadHead you're talking about
07:05 Thermoelectric I don't see how hard it would be to make a small prototype then just scale it up.
07:05 LeadHead Because metal is expensive as fuck/
07:05 LeadHead ?
07:06 Thermoelectric And silicon isn't?
07:06 LeadHead I'm saying your idea
07:06 LeadHead would not be any cheaper
07:06 LeadHead than a PV system
07:06 LeadHead and you'd probably have to go through many, many design revisions of a large stirling engine
07:06 LeadHead before it was reliable enough
07:06 LeadHead TGG just does not have that kind of money to do such things right now
07:07 Thermoelectric Okay then, scrap the Stirling engine idea. A steam turbine of that capacity would be much cheaper...
07:07 LeadHead They don't even have enough money to run 3-phase into the HV labs or to the MDH for the CNC machine
07:07 Thermoelectric Because they are a non-profit organisation, if the volunteers could do it, they would.
07:08 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:08 LeadHead I'm saying, the $4000-5000 it would cost to have the 3-phase electric run
07:08 LeadHead is cheap compared to the man hours, electricity, metal, and tooling
07:08 LeadHead it would require to make a working stirling engine of the size we're talking about
07:09 Photon939 even if the roof was covered in PV
07:09 Photon939 they wouldn't have the capacity to run the whole place
07:10 Photon939 3 phase grid tied inverters? lol
07:10 LeadHead TGG really needs to get the place up and running, and secure steady funding because they start putting effort into alternative energy projects that will likely never break even
07:10 Thermoelectric Who ever thought it would? Offsetting some of the operation costs of the building would be useful in such a building though.
07:10 Photon939 all it would do is tie up money
07:10 LeadHead Unless they get the stuff donated to them, the PV panels would have to be replaced
07:10 LeadHead before they broke even
07:10 Photon939 the panels wouldn't pay for themselves for 10+ years
07:11 LeadHead PV Panels start to drop in effeciency as they age, I believe 10-15 years is all they have in them really
07:11 Thermoelectric Which is why one mentioned thermal.
07:11 Photon939 the stirling engine would require maintenance
07:11 LeadHead Stirling engine will need constant attention in terms of lubrication and replacement parts
07:11 Photon939 mirrors would need constant cleaning
07:12 Photon939 although I agree a small system for proof of concept and education would be neat
07:12 LeadHead but it would never break even
07:13 Thermoelectric What about a steam turbine?
07:13 Photon939 steam turbine would probably be more reliable
07:13 LeadHead upfront cost would be much larger
07:13 LeadHead thousands of tiny precission machined blades
07:13 LeadHead precission shafts and bearing
07:13 LeadHead and they still need to be overhauled every so often because of corrosion and stuff like that
07:14 LeadHead Really the only practical thing you can do with solar, and actually save money
07:14 LeadHead is to heat hot water
07:14 Photon939 or make a hot air furnace for the winter
07:14 LeadHead Yes
07:14 Photon939 do like the supermarkets do
07:14 Thermoelectric Which would be impractical, as the solar irridation drops significantly in the winter.
07:14 Photon939 dump AC heat into the hot water
07:15 Photon939 it drops, but it's still quite useful
07:15 Thermoelectric Yeah.
07:15 LeadHead We played with a small home made 3x6 solar water panel at school a few years ago
07:15 LeadHead it got 5 gallons of water hot within about 30 minutes
07:15 LeadHead in the middle of the winter
07:16 LeadHead in an uninsulated bucket
07:16 LeadHead outside.
07:16 LeadHead and it was assembled with junk materials that were just lying around.
07:16 Photon939 those vacuum insulated tubes on ebay can boil water in like 5 minutes
07:17 Thermoelectric evacuated tube solar collectors.
07:19 Photon939 I need to find a busted projection tv
07:20 Thermoelectric Mmm, fresnel.
07:20 Photon939 yup
07:21 Photon939 Thermoelectric:
07:22 Thermoelectric What's that?
07:22 Photon939 laser flow cytometer
07:23 Thermoelectric Ahh.
07:25 Thermoelectric Wow.
07:27 Photon939 tons of tiny pneumatics
07:28 Thermoelectric Pulling that part and putting it back together would have been quite the challenge.
07:28 Photon939 i don't even want to know how much someone paid for that thing originally
07:32 Photon939 Thermoelectric:
07:36 Thermoelectric That's... not cheap.
07:44 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
07:44 LemLap evening all
07:45 Thermoelectric Evening Lemming
07:51 Photon939 is now known as Photon|Zzz
07:52 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
07:55 BatSteve-Away left #thegeekgroup
07:55 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
07:55 BotSteve Welcome back, boss
07:55 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
08:00 Noise_Marine Thermoelectric o/
08:00 Thermoelectric What?
08:00 Noise_Marine just wanted to say hi lol
08:00 Thermoelectric Oh, hi, haha.
08:01 Noise_Marine o/ = hey
08:01 Thermoelectric Never knew that.
08:01 Noise_Marine or wave however you wanna look at it
08:02 Noise_Marine lol you learn alot when youve been on IRC and the nets for 7 years
08:02 Noise_Marine well nets longer...
08:02 Thermoelectric Yeah, I haven't been on the nets that long. Think I did have a computer when I was 7, 7 years ago though.
08:03 Noise_Marine :o your only 14 damn
08:03 Thermoelectric Yeah, just a youngin in this channel.
08:03 Noise_Marine lol 19 here so not that mush older
08:04 Thermoelectric I wish I was 19, then I'd probably be able to get away from school and all this boring stuff.
08:04 Noise_Marine lol 19 boring college uni
08:04 Thermoelectric Ugh, yeah, forgot about that.
08:05 Noise_Marine I took a year off though its nice
08:05 Noise_Marine 11-12 is nice
08:05 Thermoelectric Year 11-12?
08:06 Noise_Marine grade
08:06 Thermoelectric Ah.
08:06 Noise_Marine I had Co-op so it was awesome
08:06 Thermoelectric Mmm.
08:06 Thermoelectric What's a co-op?
08:07 Noise_Marine you go  out and do a work placement
08:07 Thermoelectric Ahh.
08:07 Noise_Marine while getting credits for school
08:07 Thermoelectric We call it something different over here.
08:07 Thermoelectric Vocational Ed, IIRC.
08:07 Noise_Marine lol sounds weird
08:07 Thermoelectric Yeah.
08:08 Thermoelectric Not too sure, though, that's next year.
08:08 Noise_Marine try it or look into it its funs
08:09 Noise_Marine s-
08:09 Thermoelectric I'm going to, just not too sure what I'll try...
08:09 Noise_Marine I did computer store
08:09 Noise_Marine fun did it for 3 years
08:09 Noise_Marine now the guy wants to hire me and retire
08:09 Thermoelectric I wonder if we can do that... I've only seen people doing trades.
08:11 Noise_Marine damn this 46 GB movie is gonna hammer my connection :|
08:12 Thermoelectric Oh yeah, you're the guy who has unlimited interwebz. *glare*
08:12 Thermoelectric Also, 46GB movie, as in a *single* movie? Damn...
08:13 Noise_Marine bluray rip someone wants it
08:13 Noise_Marine so downloading and upploading it for him lol
08:13 Thermoelectric Cool.
08:13 Thermoelectric What resolution are bluray movies at?
08:14 Noise_Marine 1080p
08:14 Noise_Marine 720p
08:14 Noise_Marine this is a 1080p
08:14 Noise_Marine takes alot to play it though
08:14 * Thermoelectric ponders. I wonder why these 1080p torrents are close to 10x smaller than that.
08:15 Noise_Marine lol compress
08:15 Thermoelectric Ah, yes.
08:15 Noise_Marine and removing the DTS audio
08:15 Noise_Marine 5.1
08:15 Noise_Marine and menus
08:15 Noise_Marine audio alone is like 15 GBs
08:15 Noise_Marine around there
08:15 Thermoelectric Wow.
08:16 Thermoelectric I take it the compression of the video reduces the quality?
08:16 Noise_Marine nope
08:16 Noise_Marine if you do it right
08:17 Noise_Marine might on anime from the raw format
08:17 Noise_Marine movies not so much
08:18 LemLap sigh
08:18 LemLap hope it's not raining tomorrow
08:18 LemLap got very very very very very wet this morning
08:18 LemLap my shoes are still wet...
08:18 Noise_Marine I slept all day
08:18 Thermoelectric Noise_Marine: In that case, why don't they compress the videos before they put them on the disks?
08:18 Noise_Marine only reason I'm up right now
08:19 Thermoelectric Didn't rain up here, though it's nice and overcast.
08:19 LemLap slacker!
08:19 Noise_Marine because it would take a faster reader to read the disc
08:19 Noise_Marine bluray drives average at 5 x read speed
08:19 LemLap bluray compression isn't that great
08:19 LemLap and the disks aren't often all that full either
08:20 Noise_Marine that too
08:20 Thermoelectric I'm a noob when it comes to all this media stuff.
08:20 LemLap putting a highly compressed video on the disk would require a more powerful decoder in the player
08:20 LemLap making the player more expensive
08:20 Noise_Marine I've only seen like 20 of them actually fil them
08:20 LemLap and why bother when you have have 50GB of space to play with?
08:21 Thermoelectric To piss off people with limited interwebz?
08:21 Noise_Marine lol
08:21 Noise_Marine thats why you find 5 GB 1080p movies
08:21 Noise_Marine for your crappy webs :P
08:21 Thermoelectric It's not my fault I was born in a place with crappy webs.
08:21 Noise_Marine and blurays actually go to 128 GB LemLap
08:22 LemLap whereas torrents are optimised for higher compression as few people want to download a 50GB movie
08:22 Thermoelectric And most computers can handle the decompression.
08:22 Noise_Marine actually I dont think they do alot of torrents of movies that size
08:22 LemLap yeah for double layer double density discs Noise_Marine
08:23 Noise_Marine scene maybe
08:23 LemLap biggest torrent movie I have is 20GB
08:23 Noise_Marine yup :D
08:23 Noise_Marine I'm usenet so its a bit different
08:23 Noise_Marine you dont have usenet if you have crap webs
08:24 LemLap 128GB is BDXL  as well
08:24 LemLap which bugger all players support afaik
08:24 Noise_Marine yup
08:25 * Thermoelectric just realised that none of his monitors are big enough to display 1080p movies.
08:25 Thermoelectric Oh well, can always scale it.
08:25 Noise_Marine can it even run them
08:25 Noise_Marine ...
08:25 Noise_Marine it takes some power
08:26 Thermoelectric Oh I doubt my box could run them. Looking into a new build sometime soon, so that won't be a problem. (as it'll be a quite a few months before I can download all these torrents, at 60GB up+down metered monthly)
08:27 Noise_Marine lol
08:28 Thermoelectric Not sure if I really want this Stephen King torrent though... That's like 100 or so GB's alone.
08:30 Noise_Marine lol
08:30 Thermoelectric It's easy to get carried away when browsing Demonoid.
08:31 Noise_Marine ewww
08:31 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
08:31 Noise_Marine I need to invite you to some real sites
08:31 Thermoelectric Mmm.
08:35 Thermoelectric I'm curious, do you worry about all this legal shit that arises when torrenting is mentioned?
08:37 LemLap_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:37 Thermoelectric Welcome back Lemming.
08:38 LemLap_ yeah
08:39 LemLap_ was changing something on the laptop and had to switch off the wifi
08:39 Thermoelectric Ah.
08:39 LemLap_ is now known as LemLap
08:41 Noise_Marine lol no canada laws are pretty easy to get by
08:41 Thermoelectric Ah.
08:41 Thermoelectric Never really looked into the laws over here about it.
08:42 Thermoelectric Dinner time, be back soon.
08:42 Noise_Marine kk
08:43 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
09:00 Thermoelectric And back.
09:01 Noise_Marine wb
09:01 Thermoelectric Thanks.
09:03 shinanigans hey do any of you guys know a thing about torsion?
09:03 Noise_Marine no clue sorry
09:04 shinanigans no prob
09:04 Thermoelectric The only thing I know about torsion is the stuff on the Wiki page about it.
09:06 shinanigans From the wiki page: "If the shaft is loaded only in torsion then one of the principal stresses will be in tension and the other in compression"
09:06 shinanigans does that mean one of the principal stresses is equal to the negative of the other?
09:07 shinanigans in other words, is their average zero?
09:07 Thermoelectric I'm not really sure, sorry.
09:07 shinanigans no prob
09:20 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
09:40 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
09:58 Thermoelectric Geeze, small steam turbines are even harder to come across than Stirling engines. Any links, anyone?
10:00 LinuxH4x0r nope
10:00 Thermoelectric Damnit,
10:00 LinuxH4x0r what do you want one for
10:00 Thermoelectric Solar thermal power.
10:00 Thermoelectric Either that or a Stirling engine, or I admit defeat and look into photovoltaic systems.
10:00 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
10:01 LinuxH4x0r cramer junction style?
10:01 LinuxH4x0r
10:01 Thermoelectric Probably
10:01 LinuxH4x0r cool
10:01 LinuxH4x0r for where?
10:01 Thermoelectric Looking into the generating methods moreso than the collecting methods at the moment.
10:02 Thermoelectric Mah house.
10:02 LinuxH4x0r I guess it would work pretty good in australia
10:02 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
10:02 Thermoelectric If one could find a god damn heat engine of a *small* capacity.
10:02 LinuxH4x0r build one
10:03 Cj1corbystarlet Hello peoples
10:03 LinuxH4x0r hi
10:04 Thermoelectric A Stirling engine of that size, would be, as pointed out earlier, quite difficult, and expensive to make, of a reasonable efficiency
10:04 Thermoelectric Hey Cj1corbystarlet.
10:05 Cj1corbystarlet Finally home from work  uggh......
10:07 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
10:13 Thermoelectric LinuxH4x0r: If one could find resources on building or atleast designing a few horsepower Stirling engine that has a good efficiency, I'd sure try, but realistically, there is not too much info that I could find
10:39 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
10:40 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
10:40 BotSteve ***Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!***
10:53 Cj1corbystarlet Hello Captain
10:53 Cj1corbystarlet Botsteve your back from holidays
10:57 Cj1corbystarlet                            For all you Watermelon Haters
10:59 Electronics|Away joined #thegeekgroup
11:00 Electronics|Away Cprossu you here?
11:00 Electronics|Away is now known as Electronics|Lapt
11:00 Electronics|Lapt >:(
11:00 Electronics|Lapt is now known as Elec|Laptop
11:03 Elec|Laptop left #thegeekgroup
11:42 shinanigans left #thegeekgroup
11:57 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
12:03 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
12:15 Noise_Marine 2 hours of sleep lovely hours :D
12:15 Jaydubbs joined #thegeekgroup
12:16 Jaydubbs left #thegeekgroup
12:29 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
12:49 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
12:49 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
12:55 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
12:55 Ponko92 ok who is here
12:55 Thermoelectric I.
12:56 Ponko92 location?
12:56 Thermoelectric Australia.
12:56 Ponko92 blimey
12:56 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
12:56 Thermoelectric Yourself?
12:56 Ponko92 whats the future like? ;)
12:56 Ponko92 UK
12:56 Thermoelectric Ah.
12:57 Ponko92 has the world ended for you (being your in the future)
12:57 Thermoelectric The future is bleak, insanity and trying to kill a fly, atleast where I am. :/
12:57 Ponko92 ahh ok
12:58 Ponko92 new years eve if by the time its midnight for you and you quit from here we're all f**ked
12:58 Ponko92 well forced to quit
12:58 Thermoelectric :)
12:58 Ponko92 it is 8am in GR
12:59 Ponko92 tggkyle tggcory are nowhere to be seen
12:59 Cj1corbystarlet 9.00pm for me in Australia
12:59 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
13:00 Ponko92 tggconsole is here but no1 has access to it
13:00 Thermoelectric 11pm for me, you're in WA or close to it, aren't you, Cj1corbystarlet?
13:00 Ponko92 its 2pm in the sunny yet cloudy UK
13:00 Cj1corbystarlet Yep Perth WA
13:00 Thermoelectric Cold over there?
13:01 Ponko92 not really
13:01 Ponko92 16 C
13:01 Cj1corbystarlet Brr its like 17 deg c tonight  Brr
13:01 Ponko92 oh god
13:01 Thermoelectric 16C, not cold? Are you insane Ponko92?
13:01 Ponko92 for you thats cold for us thats a nice break from freezing
13:01 Cj1corbystarlet Was 32 at about lunchtime
13:01 Ponko92 in Fairbanks AK its -1
13:02 Ponko92 Alaska
13:02 Thermoelectric We probably only hit 30 at lunch.
13:02 Cj1corbystarlet and this is going into our winter :)
13:02 Ponko92 it was -35 a few days ago
13:02 Ponko92 in Fairbanks
13:03 Thermoelectric Mmm
13:03 Cj1corbystarlet F**K that, the world stops for me at 5 deg c
13:03 Ponko92 lol i've been in colder
13:03 Ponko92 played football rugby and soccer in colder
13:03 Ponko92 builds character
13:03 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
13:03 Ponko92 also frostbite
13:04 Thermoelectric The coldest I've been is like -20C, and that's in the walk in freezer at work. After about 5 minutes my fingers go numb.
13:04 Ponko92 yeah thats the highest it can be
13:04 Cj1corbystarlet I slept in -10 at Wagga Wagga in a tent, i nerely died
13:04 Ponko92 -63 is the bottom limit
13:04 Thermoelectric That would have been interesting.
13:05 Ponko92 of a freezer that is
13:05 Thermoelectric O_o
13:05 Ponko92 go to Fairbanks and see the Auroa Boralis
13:05 Cj1corbystarlet *Luck*  had it i had someone warming me up :)
13:05 Ponko92 beautiful
13:05 Ponko92 oh a female i take CJ
13:05 Ponko92 and good morning Steve
13:05 Cj1corbystarlet Ohh yeah !
13:06 steve_____ good mornign
13:06 Cj1corbystarlet Still froze
13:06 CaptainBoden G'morning gentlemen.
13:06 steve_____ still snowing here
13:06 Ponko92 yeah you didn't copulate then
13:06 Cj1corbystarlet Evening Chris
13:06 Ponko92 in GR?
13:06 CaptainBoden It would appear that god is not without a sense of humour.
13:06 steve_____ Morning captain
13:06 steve_____ in GR
13:07 Cj1corbystarlet No tried got hut down
13:07 Ponko92 well its Snowing in GB (Green Bay) so not surprised there
13:07 Cj1corbystarlet *shut
13:07 Roly joined #thegeekgroup
13:07 CaptainBoden Isn't it always snowing in Greein Bay?
13:07 Ponko92 hahaha yep
13:07 steve_____ Chris you get that info I sent last night?
13:07 Ponko92 watching a game at Lambeau in the last end of the season is ALWAYS snowy
13:07 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
13:07 CaptainBoden yes, I did, thank you
13:08 CaptainBoden
13:08 Ponko92 if only Hawaii had an NFL team
13:08 Ponko92 bliss to play for thwm
13:08 steve_____ rest of the week looks like a cool but average sprin
13:08 Thermoelectric .weather Grand Rapids
13:08 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 30.2℉ (-1℃), 29.96in (1011mb), Light Snow, Freezing Fog, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KGRR, 12:53Z
13:08 Cj1corbystarlet Om on a flight into the desert tommorrow going into 46 Dec C for 3 days
13:08 Ponko92 apart from when the waves get high
13:10 Cj1corbystarlet Lucky TGG has heat in the lab
13:10 Ponko92 yeah no kiddibd
13:10 Ponko92 yeah no kidding
13:10 Ponko92 yeah no kidding
13:10 Ponko92 yeah no kidding*
13:10 Ponko92 grrrr
13:11 Ponko92 sorry for spaming
13:11 Thermoelectric I find it hard to believe they didn't during the colder parts of winter...
13:11 Cj1corbystarlet Yeah no licking poles in the lb !
13:12 Cj1corbystarlet *lab
13:12 Ponko92 be glad your nowhere near this certain city
13:12 Thermoelectric Heehee.
13:12 Cj1corbystarlet Haha  howmany years left on your sentence?
13:12 Ponko92
13:13 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:13 Ponko92 well thats quite high for there
13:14 Cj1corbystarlet If i cant walk around in a tee shirt and jeans, knocking a beer off in the dead of winter, I aint living there !
13:14 Ponko92 lol
13:14 Ponko92 you could
13:14 Ponko92 but it would be the last thing you did
13:15 Cj1corbystarlet And not get goose bumps, or stiff nipples!
13:15 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
13:15 Ponko92 theres another way you can do that but its a tad rude
13:15 eightbitbrad .weather Atlanta
13:15 BotSteve Clear ☼, 57.2℉ (14℃), 30.08in (1015mb), Calm 0kt (↑) - KATL 12:52Z
13:16 Cj1corbystarlet I love it ...... Calm 0 Kts of wind ........ Derr
13:16 Ponko92
13:17 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
13:17 Ponko92 highest was 6C
13:18 Cj1corbystarlet That is what my beer fridge is set to !
13:18 Ponko92 4C gives better results
13:19 Ponko92 yeah lowest was -35
13:19 Ponko92 they've got the northern lights which are beautiful to witness
13:19 Cj1corbystarlet Back in Sec.......... gotta move on a cat at my front door setp
13:19 Ponko92 has anyone ever seen the northern lights?
13:20 Ponko92 ok brb
13:20 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
13:26 Cj1corbystarlet Howdy Mark
13:27 Ponko92 ok i'm back
13:28 Ponko92 when will the indian cheif disappear?
13:28 Ponko92 when Cleveland are at Progressive Field again?
13:28 Cj1corbystarlet Another 2.5 hours im guessing
13:29 CaptainBoden When someone brings the stream online, Typically noon or a little earlier.
13:29 Ponko92 ah ok
13:30 Ponko92 so not on 26th April when Kansas City Royals are in town? at 7.05pm
13:31 Ponko92 moving on
13:33 steve_____ Captain, one of these night we should do bars and 1k tone, that would be fun
13:34 Ponko92 the transitions from the top deck to recording studio floor
13:34 steve_____ split screen?
13:34 Ponko92 uhh yes possibly
13:34 Ponko92 or the screen cut in
13:35 Sgt_Lemming steve_____ do 2600Hz to fuck with everyone
13:35 Ponko92 haha no
13:35 steve_____ not a bad idea, wiht 10k trown in for fun
13:35 Ponko92 will that cause our ears to bleed?
13:35 steve_____ right now a split screen will not look pretty
13:36 steve_____ no, justbe annoying
13:36 Ponko92 ah ok
13:36 MoxieMike no, the average human ear can pick up to around 20K Hz
13:36 Ponko92 will my cat hear it?
13:36 MoxieMike yes
13:36 steve_____ very likely
13:36 Ponko92 even though im wearing headphones
13:36 MoxieMike ok, maybe not
13:36 steve_____ depends on the headphones
13:36 Ponko92 Philips SHP2000
13:37 Sgt_Lemming open or closed?
13:37 Ponko92 what do you mean by that?
13:37 steve_____ looks open to me
13:37 steve_____ sealed or unsealed to outside noise
13:37 Sgt_Lemming open means the headphones aren't sealed
13:37 Sgt_Lemming closed means they are
13:38 Ponko92 as in can i move them?
13:38 * Sgt_Lemming waits for first bot flood join/quit flood during a live streak
13:38 Sgt_Lemming stream*
13:38 steve_____ if there is no signal can you hear someone next to you?
13:38 Ponko92 sort of
13:39 steve_____ then most likely open
13:39 Ponko92 but if there to my left i'm stuffed
13:39 Ponko92 my left ear is blocked
13:39 Ponko92 :(
13:39 Ponko92 olive oil isn't doing the trick
13:39 steve_____ then yes, your cat might be able to hear it
13:39 Thermoelectric Sgt_Lemming: That's easy to fix, there are settings which can limit the amount of joins in a certain period of time.
13:40 Sgt_Lemming yeah
13:40 Ponko92 ahh she flips out at anything will this make even more Physcotic?
13:40 Sgt_Lemming someone will still try though
13:40 Thermoelectric And will succeed at first, until we implement that setting.
13:40 Sgt_Lemming someone will still try though
13:41 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
13:41 Thermoelectric I'd copy what I said last, but that seems stupid.
13:42 Yaotzin simple fix of .kb
13:42 Ponko92 hmm if my cat is in my room i best mute the stream then eh steve
13:43 steve_____ if I ever feel evil :)
13:43 steve_____ or someone else in the studio does
13:43 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
13:44 Yaotzin why do you need to mute the stream if your cat is in the room?
13:44 steve_____ if we add a 10k tone to the the test pattern
13:44 Ponko92 my cat will scratch my face off then
13:44 steve_____ most everyone would probably mute the stream
13:45 Ponko92 i'd rather hear my ex drone on about stuff that i don't care about
13:45 Yaotzin Then you wouldn't do that?
13:45 steve_____ it might be fun some evening, see how many people can hear it
13:46 Sgt_Lemming 10K, most people
13:46 Sgt_Lemming make it 18K
13:46 steve_____ or if it's lost in transmition
13:46 Ponko92 then when you ask people shout WHAT?
13:46 Yaotzin I'm tone deaf
13:46 Yaotzin so *shrug*
13:46 Sgt_Lemming tone deaf != can't hear high frequencies
13:46 steve_____ for all I know ustream uses a low pass
13:46 steve_____ to limit bandwidth
13:46 Sgt_Lemming it means you have trouble distinguishing one frequency from another
13:47 Ponko92 will it do what my phone did when i put the mic next to my mobile it went nuts and swicthed off
13:47 Yaotzin a feedback loop?
13:47 Sgt_Lemming that's a feedback loop
13:47 Ponko92 after i blew a high pitched whislte
13:48 mikemol steve_____: Just replied to your ham thread.
13:48 Ponko92 yes isn't it fun ;)
13:48 steve_____ probaly not
13:48 steve_____ thanks mike
13:48 Sgt_Lemming Video feedback loops > Audio Feedback Loops
13:48 Sgt_Lemming Audio feedback loops hurt
13:48 Ponko92 oh god yes
13:48 Sgt_Lemming video feedback loops just look awesome
13:48 Ponko92 painfull
13:48 Ponko92 trippy as heck
13:49 mikemol Sgt_Lemming: Want to have some fun? Load up VLC, set it in a streaming monitor mode, with the video source being the local desktop. :)
13:49 Yaotzin Need an equipment autopsy on a speaker, and get a feedback loop to burn it up first
13:49 CaptainBoden I can do that
13:49 CaptainBoden Also, we need speakers, lol
13:49 Ponko92 isn't that the infinite mirror effect?
13:49 steve_____ you only have 120 tries
13:49 Sgt_Lemming do it with an 18" 1ohm woofer CaptainBoden :-P
13:49 Ponko92 put 2 mirrors in front of each other
13:49 CaptainBoden We have a serious need for some specific ones at that, we need Monitor Speakers suitable for use in the studio.
13:50 steve_____ that we do
13:50 CaptainBoden I don't have an amp that's stable that low, that's basicly a short circuit.
13:50 Sgt_Lemming blowing one of those is impressive
13:50 Sgt_Lemming yeah
13:50 steve_____ maybe get a couple Lab:Gruppens
13:50 CaptainBoden oh, btw Steve, I went to RAdio Shack and got a bunch of goodies yesterday.
13:50 steve_____ ya goodies
13:50 Sgt_Lemming guy I used to know had a krell master reference amplifier
13:51 Sgt_Lemming 16000w into 1 ohm
13:51 CaptainBoden LOTS of adapters and 3 desk mic stands.
13:51 Sgt_Lemming it's the size of a coffee table
13:51 steve_____ ooh fun
13:51 steve_____ ttyl
13:54 Cprossu GOD DAMN
13:54 Cprossu 1 ohm?
13:54 Sgt_Lemming yup
13:55 Ponko92 wow thats an amp that chavs with car sound systems will love lol
13:55 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
13:55 Ponko92 brb got work to do
13:57 Sgt_Lemming "The biggest and most power reference monoblocks ever made in the history of high-end audio; 1,000 Watts into 8 Ohms, 2,000 Watts into 4 Ohms, 4,000 Watts into 2 Ohms, 8,000 Watts into 1 Ohm, and 16,000 Watts into 0.5 Ohm. 64.8 x 47 x 88.9 cm 310 kg"
13:57 Sgt_Lemming sorry, 16Kw into .5ohms
13:57 Sgt_Lemming <--- scroll down a lot
13:57 mahirh joined #thegeekgroup
13:58 Yaotzin What would one do with 16Kw into .5ohms?
13:58 mikemol There's absolutely no audio coming through the stream for me.
13:58 Sgt_Lemming power one hell of a speaker stack
13:59 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
13:59 steve_____ ok, I'm back
13:59 Sgt_Lemming i've seen 4000w 1ohm speaker stacks
13:59 Sgt_Lemming they're fun :-D
13:59 Sgt_Lemming steve_____ <--- scroll down a lot
14:00 Yaotzin A feedback loop of that magnitude could reach the level of two, maybe three bodens
14:00 Sgt_Lemming lol
14:02 steve_____ maybe
14:02 mahirh left #thegeekgroup
14:02 steve_____ into a .5 Ω load
14:02 steve_____ what would you do with 16000 watts into .5Ω
14:02 Sgt_Lemming run 4 4000w into 1ohm stacks in parralel
14:03 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
14:03 steve_____ yes, you could do that, I ment practicly
14:03 Sgt_Lemming you could practically do that
14:03 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
14:03 Sgt_Lemming lare numbers of speaker in parralel is why those amps exist
14:04 Sgt_Lemming large*
14:04 steve_____
14:04 steve_____ 4 channels of 5k in 2 RU
14:05 Sgt_Lemming yeah
14:05 Sgt_Lemming seen stuff like that
14:05 steve_____ that is crazy stuff
14:06 steve_____ you ever work with the L acustic kudo line of speakers?
14:06 Sgt_Lemming nope
14:06 Thermoelectric CaptainBoden: Not sure if anyone has said so already, but those spade connectors that wouldn't come apart, have a clip in them, grab them by that plastic thingy instead of the wire when you try again.
14:06 Sgt_Lemming most of my audio work is design and production, not setup
14:07 steve_____ ok, they are the often brown or black line arrays used at many concerts
14:07 steve_____ interestingly they have internal baffles to stear the output pattern
14:08 steve_____ but when those are setup right they cover a room very nicely
14:08 steve_____ great to mix on
14:08 Thermoelectric I'd love to get into concert audio and all that awesome.
14:08 CaptainBoden Oh thanks.....could you teach me how they connect to the wire?
14:08 steve_____ by room I mean gymnasium or larger
14:09 steve_____ connect what to the wire?
14:09 CaptainBoden Yeah, Thermoelectric was teaching me about those magical plastic things on the end of the wire.
14:09 steve_____ yes, insulated spade connectors
14:10 CaptainBoden *headdesk*
14:10 CaptainBoden I try so hard.
14:10 steve_____ it's ok
14:10 Thermoelectric CaptainBoden: It's just a normal spade connector that crimps normally, but the little plastic thingy unclips the clip when you pull it.
14:10 CaptainBoden Steve...I was fucking with him.
14:10 Thermoelectric Thought you were.
14:10 CaptainBoden Thermoelectric, I know....I've been doing industrial electrical for for a while now.
14:10 * Sgt_Lemming pats CaptainBoden on the shoulder consolingly
14:10 Yaotzin lol
14:10 steve_____ sorry multitaking between this and semiconductors HW
14:10 Yaotzin *pat pat*
14:11 CaptainBoden I wasn't ever intending to use it again, I was ripping it apart. I don't take the time to do it gently.
14:11 Thermoelectric You must enjoy annoying the viewers by messing with the overhead cameras zoom and ripping apart spade connectors then. :/
14:11 mikemol BotSteve: tell KarmicThreat that he left vt0 logged in on the twitter machine, so I left a "find that AWOL script" process running on Saturday.
14:11 BotSteve mikemol: I'll pass that on when KarmicThreat is around.
14:11 CaptainBoden I do indeed.
14:11 CaptainBoden Though, once we have the Autopsy set working, that won't be an issue.
14:12 Yaotzin It's not an equipment autopsy until chris climbs on the table
14:12 Thermoelectric Mmm
14:12 Sgt_Lemming it's not the right table for an autopsy!
14:12 steve_____ agreed
14:12 CaptainBoden Climbing on tables is a useful skill. You should see me in a board meeting.
14:12 Yaotzin Xray head video, planetary drive video from the kuka robot
14:12 Yaotzin planetary gear drive even
14:13 Yaotzin also I don't know, that metal autopsy table is kind of hard to get a read on with small parts
14:13 Yaotzin I'm sure it's easier to clean but
14:14 steve_____ I hope lighting doesn't glare off it
14:14 Yaotzin Or things rolling all over the table since it's curved
14:14 eightbitbrad Damn, who knew there was fun stuff in a breadmaker. heh
14:14 CaptainBoden You'll never have to look at small parts on it, and the lighting is about to get overhauled in a big way.
14:15 Thermoelectric .t EDT
14:15 BotSteve Mon, 18 Apr 2011 10:15:53 EDT
14:15 Yaotzin Oh yeah I forgot about that projector
14:16 Yaotzin well, that backlit projector stand with a camera above it
14:16 steve_____ new lighting toys?
14:16 Sgt_Lemming CaptainBoden, protip, stick the pcb on that document camera with the underneath lights on
14:17 Sgt_Lemming the copper traces will be visible on the other side of the board, it's an awesome way to show how everything links together
14:17 Yaotzin Those large spot lights from the television studio?
14:17 CaptainBoden I need a way to record that video before we can use it. It wants a computer with an SVIDEO capture card, we'll get there.
14:17 Sgt_Lemming floods, not fills
14:17 Sgt_Lemming can't feed svideo into the camera switching system?
14:18 steve_____ no, unfortunatly not
14:18 steve_____ RGB possibly
14:18 Sgt_Lemming bugger
14:18 Sgt_Lemming that one doesn't have RGB out?
14:18 CaptainBoden Don't need to, I need to record it, it's a different workflow.
14:18 Sgt_Lemming most of them do
14:18 CaptainBoden You know, if you wanna come here and work on it, or send the parts to do it, you're welcome to.
14:19 Sgt_Lemming I would, but you know, being half a world away makes that a bit hard :-P
14:19 Thermoelectric And it's that same reason the lab is not full of people helping out.
14:19 CaptainBoden I know, but imagine how annoying it is to have 50 people telling me how to do things I already have a pretty solid understanding of and just lack the funding or materials to do properly. ;)
14:20 Sgt_Lemming point taken
14:20 CaptainBoden Thank you ;)
14:20 Cj1corbystarlet I have one here somewhere not being used
14:20 Sgt_Lemming if I could afford it I'd just up stumps and move there to help out, but the whole money flow problem :-P
14:21 Sgt_Lemming i.e. I'd need to be assured I'd have a job over there before I could come
14:21 Yaotzin I wouldn't will Michigan in its current state to anyone
14:21 Sgt_Lemming lol
14:21 CaptainBoden I had a 15 year old railing on me about the microphones yesterday. He didn't know that not only was the mic fine (the editors fucked up the video), but he got rather quiet when I explained to him that I built my first recording studio when I was 12, and sold it years later for $400,000. I know what I'm doing.
14:22 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: Was he on IRC?
14:22 Sgt_Lemming yeah well aware of how fucked things are there economy wise  Yaotzin
14:22 Yaotzin Yeah
14:22 CaptainBoden No, I made the mistake of replying to a youtube commentor and engaging him in discussion.
14:22 Sgt_Lemming considering our dollar is higher than yours for like the first time in 40 years or something
14:22 Sgt_Lemming lol
14:22 Yaotzin Granted southern california isn't any better, which is why I'm having to move back to Michigan
14:22 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: Ah, that explains it.
14:22 Yaotzin Just hope I can find some catering work or something to get me back on my feet when I get there
14:23 steve_____ is it lunch time yet
14:23 Cj1corbystarlet No keep working ~
14:23 steve_____ :(
14:23 Cj1corbystarlet :)
14:23 mikemol steve_____: It's always lunch time somwhere. :)
14:23 CaptainBoden Our single biggest problem is funding, yes, but that's not the only one. Look at our production quality. Now, I'm the one people see, so they think it's all me, it's not. The production took a shit when I stopped doing everything myself, I handed editing off to people with FAR less experience and they're busting major ass trying to learn and get better as fast as possible.
14:23 Thermoelectric .t UTC
14:23 BotSteve 2011-04-18T14:23:52Z
14:23 CaptainBoden I simply don't have the time to do it all myself anymore, it's a GOOD thing, it means we're growing.
14:24 steve_____ good point, it is lunchtime somewhere, it's always lunchtime somewhere
14:24 CaptainBoden Cory has heart, but he doesn't have the years of doing this that I do, he'll learn, and so will the new team, but that takes time.
14:25 Cj1corbystarlet The team has to start somewhere,
14:25 steve_____ I'm sure videos will improve as people are more experinaced and the studio improves
14:25 CaptainBoden This is a place to explore and to learn, it's not a place for perfection. I expect our production to go to hell from time to time. That's what we're here for.
14:25 eightbitbrad Regardless of experience, it's awesome how things are progressing.
14:25 CaptainBoden It certainly is, we've done incredible things with zero budget.
14:25 Sgt_Lemming noooo, don't destroy the motor!
14:26 CaptainBoden The landlord dropped $100k into upgrades for the building. We've done ORDERS OF MAGNATUDE more than he did and we've done it with a fraction of that funding.
14:26 Cj1corbystarlet That motor should be high torque also
14:26 Sgt_Lemming indeed
14:26 Sgt_Lemming although the gearing on it was pretty sever
14:26 CaptainBoden But still, we could be doing a hell of a lot better with some real funding.
14:26 Sgt_Lemming must have been at least 5:1
14:26 CaptainBoden I have a whole building full of little $10k problems. Like fucking DOORS.
14:26 CaptainBoden And don't even get me started on electrical.
14:26 steve_____ yes, doors
14:27 Cprossu CaptainBoden: yeah sad to say but there's a lot of people who think they are super experts on the internet.... never mind if they are 5 years old, or act that way
14:27 CaptainBoden The videos are a part of what we do, and the majority of what people see, but there's so much else going on.
14:27 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: Someone mentioned we couldn't order membership cards.  Do you know when that will return?
14:27 CaptainBoden SHould be today with any luck, Moose is working on it right now
14:27 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
14:27 eightbitbrad Awesome, I'll keep a lookout.
14:27 steve_____ Chris any ideas on where in the lab you would put an amateur station?
14:27 Cprossu everyone has their own opinion and preaches it like dogma...
14:28 Yaotzin Hmm, I wonder what sort of licensing is required to open a concession stand in a public building in Michigan. I know California is a little more stringent on catering but I'm curious what kind of peddlers license if any would be needed.
14:28 CaptainBoden Hmmmmmm, not offhand, but we'll figure something out.
14:28 squeak joined #thegeekgroup
14:28 steve_____ Fairly close to the tower and needed a good ground (for HF)
14:28 Sgt_Lemming hanyways, off to bed. night all
14:28 Yaotzin Cause I can tell you, I've done a lot of fundraisers down here, and homemade confections and selling bottled water is a good way to get cash clow
14:28 Sgt_Lemming it is 00:30 here after all
14:28 CaptainBoden Btw, Steve here deserves a GREAT deal of credit. He's incredibly talented and is a MAJOR REASON in why that console is working so well.
14:29 CaptainBoden Rich is also a huge help, he's done most of the computer stuff.
14:29 steve_____ thanks, but there is a lot to still do on it
14:29 Yaotzin Night Lem
14:29 CaptainBoden oh I know, but I also know you'll be there to do it.
14:29 steve_____ say that when the switcher doesn't rip the frame apart
14:30 CaptainBoden I find it hilarious the effort you're putting into that switcher. It's going to be replaced, and pulled from the rack within 2 weeks.
14:30 steve_____ I'm going to try to stop by tomarrow evening, so we can look at that club license paperwork
14:30 eightbitbrad I wish there were more I could do to contribute from afar, but I do what I can.
14:30 CaptainBoden It has probably had more air time for us already than it ever will in the future.
14:30 steve_____ yes, but it all help in getting the next one runing faster
14:31 CaptainBoden The best things people can do from afar is simply spread the word. SHARE the videos, tell your friends, the more people that know about us the better it gets.
14:31 eightbitbrad I've been pointing people around, and once I get my site the way I want, I'll be throwing links up
14:31 eightbitbrad Hell, my 4 year old loves watching you, CaptainBoden :)  Every time I watch a log with her around, she comes and sits on my lap
14:31 steve_____ if we have room in the console we should keep that unit, or put it in the cafe' for people to pay with
14:32 steve_____ *play with
14:32 CaptainBoden :)
14:32 CaptainBoden I think we should have a console in the cafe
14:32 steve_____ give it a few feeds from master and let people mix with it there
14:32 eightbitbrad That'd be awesome.
14:33 steve_____ how many people can walk in and play with a broadcast switcher
14:33 Yaotzin CaptainBoden: Are you planning in putting in an actual snack vendor in the cafe? Were you thinking just pushing bulk depot stuff or having a working kitchen?
14:33 eightbitbrad okay, back in a bit.  Need to swap out KDE for XFCE on the work desktop.
14:34 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
14:34 mikemol CaptainBoden: You need cam and omni mic in the cafe area, for the sat. soc. meetings. :)
14:35 mikemol That's just my opinion, though. I don't know how many of the luggers would be keen on it. :)
14:35 steve_____ if I genlock everyhing in master and run same length cables to it in the cafe' I can shift phase in the color burst gen. to sync it back to everythign else, it seems doable
14:35 mikemol sound in master control...
14:36 mikemol It occurred to me that the test card should be modified so that parts of it rotate.
14:36 mikemol Many parts of it. In different directions. :)
14:36 steve_____ then it would be like the everytings connected sculpture
14:39 SparkyStudio mikemol, i've already sugggested having an analogue clock in the middle
14:39 mikemol SparkyStudio: Ya, I remember that. I pointed out you can get the parts for $10 at any hobby store.
14:39 SparkyStudio or free from an old clock :D
14:39 Photon|Zzz morning geeks
14:40 steve_____ morning
14:40 Photon|Zzz my stepper motor driver arrived :)
14:40 Photon|Zzz is now known as Photon939
14:40 Photon939
14:41 steve_____ nice, how many motors will it drive?
14:41 Photon939 four
14:41 steve_____ impressive, explains the heatsinc
14:43 CaptainBoden I'm already working on getting a camera station in several places in the lab. The cafe is high on that list.
14:43 steve_____ Captain, do you have any info on the switcher that will be arriving in a couple weeks?
14:43 CaptainBoden nope
14:43 CaptainBoden I know it fits that hole in the console.
14:46 steve_____ I might wait on scyncing for it then, so the cabeling doesn't need to be changed if we move the main switch frame
14:47 steve_____ you ever find that 4" coring saw?
14:47 mikemol How the frell...I just stabbed myself with my own beard.
14:47 Cj1corbystarlet Steve, I'm impressed with your level of work for your age
14:48 Yaotzin Stabbed yourself with your own beard?
14:48 mikemol Felt like a metal shaving.
14:48 steve_____ thanks, I dable in a lot of stuff
14:49 steve_____ all the way back in HS I was doing color correction and video work for a small sports photographer
14:49 steve_____ been a long time scence I did any FCP editign
14:50 tggcory joined #thegeekgroup
14:50 tggcory Hallo~
14:50 Cj1corbystarlet Yellow
14:50 SparkyStudio Hi Cory
14:50 wannabe1987 hi tggcory
14:50 steve_____ I have worked with broadcast gear, ran a full size broadcast cam sholder-moble for a live show once a year back then too
14:50 tggcory Mellow |B
14:51 steve_____ now I'm studing EE
14:51 steve_____ and hang out in the machine shop
14:51 Cj1corbystarlet Ahh that elplains a lot :)
14:51 Cj1corbystarlet *explains
14:52 steve_____ I'm a jack of all trades, master of none (for now)
14:52 SparkyStudio
14:52 wannabe1987 tggcory - did you order this white  stuff?
14:52 tggcory white stuff?
14:52 wannabe1987 SNOW
14:52 wannabe1987 its all over the place!
14:52 tggcory No! D:
14:53 wannabe1987 get it away!!!!!
14:53 tggcory Chris woke me up
14:53 tggcory "Look out side :D :D :D"
14:53 Cj1corbystarlet If you do any EE design, before you release a product, sit back and think how easy would it be for a dum shit tradie to fix this?
14:53 tggcory I was sad :<
14:53 wannabe1987 i'm sad too.
14:53 wannabe1987 should i fire up the heat gun?
14:53 Yaotzin Hopefully it's still snowing by the time I make it back
14:53 steve_____ oh and currently I build PLC panels for industrial equipment
14:53 wannabe1987 shhhh yaotzin
14:53 tggcory Yes :D
14:53 steve_____ not programing just lots of wiring
14:53 Yaotzin I haven't seen snow in two years
14:53 LinuxH4x0r can we have your snow?
14:53 wannabe1987 you guys have one?
14:53 Yaotzin lol wannabe1987
14:53 LinuxH4x0r lucky bastards
14:54 wannabe1987 I HATE SNOW...well, at this time of year
14:54 wannabe1987 and its not supposed to be sticking!
14:54 Cj1corbystarlet Wiring can be fun, untill i have to fix something i designed 10 years later
14:54 steve_____ but it's michigan, it could snow in july and no one would be supprised
14:54 wannabe1987 yes we would :P
14:54 Cj1corbystarlet And you think WTF was i thinking when i built this
14:54 wannabe1987 have you heard all the bitching on facebook?!
14:55 steve_____ yes, I try to keep the wiring neat titety and well labeled
14:55 Yaotzin I remember not having snow for a couple christmases in Michigan
14:55 wannabe1987 ginger says "he came", somoene eslse said they divided by zero...
14:55 SparkyStudio Cj1corbystarlet, you should try fixing something someone else wired 20 years ago, and no diagram
14:55 Yaotzin Yeah when I woke up I was seeing a lot of people bitching about the snow on facebook
14:55 steve_____ the Biggest panel I worked on had to have 8 or 9 3-phase motor drives
14:55 Cj1corbystarlet Haha Sparky,  yes i doo that all to often in my job
14:55 olivius joined #thegeekgroup
14:56 steve_____ how about seting up a 25 year old video mixer with no manuals, that count?
14:56 Cprossu it should
14:56 steve_____ thanks
14:56 Cj1corbystarlet many of the diagrams that float around the tech's in australia are drawn by me on 20+ year equipment
14:56 Yaotzin :( toothache
14:57 steve_____ CJ what type of equipment do you work with?
14:57 wannabe1987 i'm going to the dentist today :D  hopefully start work..cuz of...part of a tooth that cracked off and now i have toothach
14:57 SparkyStudio Cj1corbystarlet, the first thing i always did was spend some time tracing through and making a diagram for it, fun when there's a lot of old control gear, and yeah, 3 phase as well
14:57 Yaotzin I've had a root canal in the past, I did have a tooth crack on me but I have no idea which tooth. Got a front tooth with a hole in it
14:58 Yaotzin and a back tooth aching like hell
14:58 Yaotzin but no insurence
14:58 Yaotzin insurance even
14:58 wannabe1987 same.  my dentist is $20/visit
14:58 wannabe1987 yay for clinics for the uninsured! P
14:58 wannabe1987 :P*
14:58 Cj1corbystarlet I'm a lisenced industrial electrician, Most of my work is on plant machinery and automated processing equipment, Think washing machines that can was 100 tonns per hour
14:58 Cprossu licensed I hope =D
14:59 steve_____ nice, I build panels for pallet wrapping equipment
14:59 * LeadHead knows he's a geek when right after he rolls out of bed, he hops right on the PC
15:00 wannabe1987 leadhead...i sleep next to my laptop in bed...
15:00 wannabe1987 i haven't gotten out yet...
15:00 Yaotzin ^
15:00 steve_____ I know that feeling
15:00 Cj1corbystarlet Licensed Yes, Very Licensed,   Electrical, HV, Lineman, Telecom, power generation ...... and so on
15:00 steve_____ except laptop goes under the bed
15:00 Ponko92 ok i have cleaned my sisters car with washing up liquid and changed her battery and now it runs a treat :)
15:01 wannabe1987 mines a its tiny!
15:01 Ponko92 aha
15:01 Ponko92 we have a cory :)
15:01 tggcory Yep :3
15:01 Ponko92 where is kyle?
15:01 SparkyStudio Guess why i'm called sparky :D Yeah, most of my work was industrial sized, Air handling units, Grain handling (huge motors), plus all the normal lab supplies, i worked at a research site (animal health), so if something went wrong, we had to get something working very quickly (Disease isolation)
15:02 Ponko92 that guy is funny lol
15:02 tggcory Not here :P
15:02 Yaotzin
15:02 Ponko92 ah well your here thats a good thing :)
15:02 steve_____ is it wrong that that looks like agood burger
15:03 LeadHead They all look good
15:03 LeadHead When you get it in store
15:03 Thermoelectric That'd be even more annoying to make.
15:03 LeadHead you'll get this squished, depressing hunk of sadness
15:03 Yaotzin 2,300mg of sodium
15:03 Yaotzin just in that one burger
15:03 Yaotzin 1,160 calories
15:03 Ponko92 wow
15:03 steve_____ it's only 2.3 grams
15:04 Ponko92 yeah if he said giga grams O_O
15:04 Ponko92 "what the hell is a gigawatt."
15:04 Yaotzin steve_____: The daily allotment of sodium is like 1,500mg
15:04 steve_____ ya, so
15:04 Ponko92 lol
15:05 Yaotzin You're eating like two cups of ramen on a frozen pizza's worth of sodium
15:05 Ponko92 i eat like a pig and i still have a 6 pack
15:05 Yaotzin in a single burger
15:05 Cj1corbystarlet Ive spent a lot of time and money in my body, gotta keep up the intake
15:05 Thermoelectric "Burger King briefly in 2009 offered the Whopper Seven in Japan: seven meat patties stacked 13 centimetres high. The seven-day promotion was tied in with the Windows 7 Microsoft introduction."
15:05 steve_____ it can still look good I never claim it looked healthy
15:05 Yaotzin could choke a horse
15:05 Ponko92 lol
15:06 LeadHead That's about the equivalent of 1 cubic centimeter of salt
15:06 LeadHead in that burger. That's quite a bit
15:06 Ponko92 hmmm interesting
15:06 SparkyStudio Just remove the salad and bun, that should reduce the calories :D
15:06 LeadHead So it's like a sugar cube
15:06 LeadHead Except salt.
15:06 Cj1corbystarlet And no butter!
15:06 steve_____ exacly
15:06 Ponko92 imagine a whole Porsche 911 Turbo engine of salt
15:06 MoxieMike hahaha
15:07 Ponko92 thats many you could have over a decade or so
15:07 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
15:07 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again...
15:07 Thermoelectric XD
15:07 Seroster =)
15:07 Seroster Elloh 'fermo!
15:07 steve_____ nice
15:07 Seroster That aint the best greet he can give.
15:08 Thermoelectric Ello Seroster.
15:08 Thermoelectric I'm going to be waiting to see the rest, heehee.
15:08 Ponko92 oh hai seroster
15:08 Cj1corbystarlet "Nobody drop the soap __________ is in the house"   was one ive seen on another irc
15:08 Seroster Lol Cj1corbystarlet
15:08 Seroster Elloh Ponko92
15:08 Ponko92 wow
15:08 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
15:08 Thermoelectric Yeah, that would suit Seroster well.
15:08 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
15:09 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again...
15:09 Ponko92 =D
15:09 Seroster Damn bot, I think he is stuck on that one
15:09 Ponko92 lol
15:09 Ponko92 possibly
15:09 steve_____ looks like the only one right now
15:09 Seroster BatSteve-Away, I thing Botsteve is broken
15:09 Thermoelectric I bet he knows you're trying to fool him.
15:09 Seroster There is "Please show us on the doll where Seroster touched you" =P
15:09 Ponko92 fave burger from BK
15:09 Cj1corbystarlet haha
15:10 Seroster Wich is my favourite by far
15:10 Yaotzin I haven't had burgerking in years
15:10 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
15:10 Ponko92 oh dagnyscott must not like BK
15:10 Yaotzin After eating in n out for the last two years I had Mcdonalds again recently
15:10 Yaotzin and god
15:10 Yaotzin Mcdonalds is pretty bad
15:10 LeadHead Well duh
15:10 Yaotzin I remember the bigmacs being bigger
15:10 Ponko92 yeah i'm going there for the monopoly game
15:10 Yaotzin Oh the monopoly game is going on again?
15:11 Ponko92 my fiancee has mayfair i have park lane
15:11 asnopus I remember all the burgers being bigger
15:11 Cj1corbystarlet Me too.
15:11 Yaotzin aka the fraud game
15:11 Ponko92 so me and her are 500K richer XD
15:11 steve_____ all the reduction of caleries and salt in them
15:11 Ponko92 i'm gonna donate 2K to tgg :)
15:11 Ponko92 at the least
15:11 wannabe1987 but we need 50k for captainboden to stick his hand in a box of wasps...
15:12 Yaotzin ha
15:12 Ponko92 hahahaha
15:12 Yaotzin haha
15:12 Ponko92 ok 55K
15:12 Ponko92 or 50K leaves me with 200K
15:12 Yaotzin I still say I'd do it for 10k
15:12 Photon939 yeah, I think I'd do that for 10 grand
15:13 Ponko92 tggcory 50K for Boden to put his hands in a box full of hornets
15:13 Yaotzin I could use the money for a dentist, a doctor, and a car
15:13 Ponko92 cheap car though
15:13 MadManMarkAu Looking at the stream, Cory is always in his dark little alcove
15:13 steve_____ are the wasps alive, I don't see that as a condition?
15:13 MadManMarkAu He needs more light in there, or his eyes will go bad
15:13 Ponko92 yes they are alive
15:13 tggcory I know, I was there :P
15:14 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
15:14 Cprossu do they have their stingers? have they been pissed off?
15:14 asnopus yay loopholes
15:14 Ponko92 yes and yes
15:14 Cj1corbystarlet "Shakes the box"
15:15 Ponko92 hornets (unlike the football team of Watford who are shit) sting harsher than wasps
15:15 Yaotzin Ponko92: for someone who doesn't even make 10k a year, I'd take that for a car among a lot of other things
15:15 Ponko92 who you or me?
15:15 Yaotzin Me
15:15 Ponko92 ah
15:15 Yaotzin Why would I know how much you make in a year
15:15 Ponko92 idk lol
15:15 Ponko92 i work for Porsche do the maths
15:16 Yaotzin I'd rather not
15:16 Ponko92 8K a week :P lol
15:16 Ponko92 i wish
15:16 Ponko92 oh sorry#
15:16 Ponko92 i worked*
15:16 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
15:16 Ponko92 :(
15:17 Ponko92 any baseball fans in
15:17 Ponko92 NHL?
15:17 Yaotzin who's on second
15:17 MoxieMike no, who's on first
15:17 Ponko92 idk is on third
15:18 CaptainBoden You know, donations are tax deductable, lol
15:18 Ponko92 i know
15:18 Yaotzin who's on first?
15:18 Cj1corbystarlet Ladies  and gents, im off to bed got to catch a early flight tommorrow
15:18 Ponko92 thats why i said 55K
15:19 Ponko92 goodnight CJ
15:19 Cj1corbystarlet Captain What about from outside of the US ?
15:19 Seroster That's a STEPPER MOTOR Yo!
15:20 CaptainBoden What outside the US?
15:20 Ponko92 55K in pounds would clear the US equivalent of 50K
15:20 Ponko92 by a fair amount
15:20 Seroster Sure would
15:20 Cj1corbystarlet donations from outside the Us
15:20 Seroster Since one pound is two bucks
15:20 CaptainBoden We are a US based 501(c)(3) non-profit. you'd have to ask your accountant.
15:20 CaptainBoden But if you donate $50k we're going to do something a lot more serious than just send you a t-shirt.
15:21 Seroster xD
15:21 CaptainBoden That would be pretty epic.
15:21 Ponko92 2 dollars to the pound we get 2 dollars to the pound lol
15:21 Cj1corbystarlet Hmm every time i talk to her it costs me money
15:21 Ponko92 no £50K
15:21 Ponko92 thats what i'd send
15:21 Seroster CaptainBoden, weren't you going to grab a handfull of bees for $50k? =D
15:21 Yaotzin lol
15:22 Seroster I would pay $50k for that video ;P
15:22 CaptainBoden $50k in pounds is $81,000 USD
15:22 Yaotzin I'll get back to playing the lotto
15:22 Seroster Yep
15:22 Seroster So.. One and a half handfull of bees? =P
15:22 CaptainBoden If you're serious about doing that, you should call me and we can discuss arrangements.
15:22 Ponko92 yep i HOPEFULLY can get that not making any promises
15:23 Seroster You happen to have 50k laying around?
15:23 Ponko92 it depends on what happens my end
15:23 CaptainBoden Because that happening would solve a MASSIVE amount of our problems, get power to the labs, and nearly get us open for business.
15:23 wannabe1987 :)
15:23 CaptainBoden That's the kind of donation that has a radical impact on people's lives over here.
15:23 Seroster That's a luxury car...
15:24 Ponko92 yeah a rolls royce
15:24 Cj1corbystarlet I could sell a house, that would kick the ex wife out ...............hmmm
15:24 Seroster Lol
15:24 Seroster Go for it cj
15:24 Ponko92 lol
15:24 CaptainBoden Car hell, that's JOBS for people, that's the High Voltage lab, the Machine Shop.
15:24 LeadHead CaptainBoden: Is the door install happening this week?
15:24 CaptainBoden oh shit, I ahve to call them...brb
15:24 Ponko92 the VSL?
15:25 Ponko92 ok captain
15:25 Cj1corbystarlet and donate all the profits to TGG that would shit her !
15:25 DruidicRifleman i wish i had 81k to donate
15:25 Yaotzin Wish it was more entry level work
15:25 Seroster I wish I had 81k. Period. =P
15:25 wannabe1987 i wish i had 1k....
15:25 Yaotzin I know right, I'd love to be able to put myself through school
15:25 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
15:25 DruidicRifleman Heck at the point of donating 81K i think chris would probly help you move to the USA
15:25 Yaotzin and actually be able to afford the doctor
15:25 wannabe1987 lol
15:25 Seroster wannabe1987, One night in town with skimpy clothes and you could probably get 500....
15:26 wannabe1987 nope
15:26 Ponko92 i'd love to have my 959 back
15:26 wannabe1987 i wouldn't...
15:26 Ponko92 i rebuilt that mo'fo
15:26 DruidicRifleman After reporting a crime to crime stoppers how long should one wait to see if your gona get reward money
15:26 wannabe1987 all the good corners are taken........
15:26 Seroster Damn, people get rewarded for reporting crime?
15:26 DruidicRifleman yeah
15:27 Seroster That's fucking awesome! I'll shoot obama, get away with it, then you report me, and donate the reward to the geek group!
15:27 tggcory left #thegeekgroup
15:27 Seroster And for all you FBI agents watching... That's a joke.
15:27 DruidicRifleman i reported a registred sex offender who i used to larp with that i found on a fetish site
15:27 wannabe1987 lol @ seroster
15:28 steve_____
15:28 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:28 Cj1corbystarlet And you were on the fetish site for what reason ?
15:28 DruidicRifleman I'm supprised he hasn't been shot yet
15:28 Seroster Aye steve_____!
15:28 Seroster Lol Cj1corbystarlet
15:28 DruidicRifleman Keeping up with friend sin the fetish community
15:28 wannabe1987 hi red_
15:28 Yaotzin Eh Steve!
15:28 RED_ Mmmm, fetishes...
15:28 steve_____ HI Red_
15:28 DruidicRifleman that should be friends in
15:28 RED_ yummy
15:28 RED_ Hi internet.
15:28 Ponko92;feature=fvst
15:29 Ponko92 who's on first
15:29 Ponko92 hello RED_
15:29 Ponko92 not big are you?
15:29 Yaotzin what's on first?
15:29 Seroster 21 inches?
15:29 Ponko92 O_O you monster
15:29 Seroster That's my head.
15:30 Ponko92 yes umm thats what i meant
15:30 DruidicRifleman Red_ not so yummy if you heard the firt part of the discussion Pm in bound so i don't repost how the convo started
15:30 Yaotzin 20 people are watching cory
15:30 Ponko92 yay
15:30 Yaotzin staring at a monitor watching a guy staring at a monitor
15:30 Yaotzin would make it better if he was playing the sims
15:30 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
15:30 Yaotzin and his sim was playing a computer game
15:31 xanh joined #thegeekgroup
15:31 RED_ does someone out there have a Cory getish, is that what i'm hearing?
15:31 RED_ fetish*
15:31 tggcory joined #thegeekgroup
15:31 Yaotzin cory getish?
15:31 tggcory ?
15:31 Yaotzin It's like Cory Get! and then a chime plays
15:31 DruidicRifleman red rule 34
15:31 wannabe1987 lol
15:31 RED_ shh cory, its okay.
15:32 tggcory wat
15:32 tggcory i don't even
15:32 Yaotzin Lets not and say we didn't
15:32 wannabe1987 you don't want to know
15:32 DruidicRifleman rule 34 if it exists there is porn
15:32 LeadHead They're asking if anyone gets off watching yu sit at the computer, cory.
15:32 Yaotzin no Cory and Chris rule 34
15:32 tggcory Probably
15:32 Seroster Tampering with a distance traveled meter from a car. Great fun
15:32 DruidicRifleman Sopme where there is badly drawn cory chris boden / fan fiction
15:32 Yaotzin oh god
15:32 Ponko92 RED_ you also missed the possiblity of me donating 50K in pounds
15:33 Yaotzin I don't even want to imagine
15:33 Ponko92 it depends if i get it
15:33 DruidicRifleman did you win the lotto
15:33 Yaotzin Cory x Chris slashfic
15:33 RED_ red has no rules.
15:33 Ponko92 well not really
15:33 DruidicRifleman but yeah Did you get the PM? red?
15:33 Yaotzin And that's when kidwell busts in
15:34 steve_____ we all did read his april 1st post
15:34 Yaotzin which one
15:34 RED__ joined #thegeekgroup
15:34 steve_____ second one, him and kidwell
15:34 wannabe1987 the gay one? lol
15:35 Ponko92 what would i have to do if i get my hand on that money?
15:35 DruidicRifleman ooooon no there are two reds... she's multiplying
15:35 Yaotzin Two reds?
15:35 Yaotzin Oh no
15:35 RED___ joined #thegeekgroup
15:35 wannabe1987 oshit  3...
15:35 Yaotzin three reds?
15:35 wannabe1987 red___ whatch adoin?!
15:35 steve_____ ther is 3 now
15:35 Thermoelectric The world is coming to an end!
15:35 DruidicRifleman ..... Is red half triphid?
15:35 Ponko92 i'm seeing red
15:35 wannabe1987 ponko92 - you would have to email chrisb
15:36 steve_____ any more reds and there might be a singularity
15:36 Ponko92 yeah i had a feeling
15:36 DruidicRifleman RED___ did you get the PM i sent to RED_
15:36 Yaotzin Any more reds and we can start charging
15:36 Ponko92 would get me G3 instantly lol
15:36 wannabe1987 prolly more...haha
15:36 Ponko92 the RED mist has fallen
15:36 RED___ no DruidicRifleman, I did not,..the internet died.
15:36 RED___ try again.
15:36 Yaotzin Oh that's dirty
15:36 nikonlover joined #thegeekgroup
15:37 Yaotzin She's fallen to the communists
15:37 DruidicRifleman sent it
15:37 xanh left #thegeekgroup
15:37 DruidicRifleman So does any one know how long i should wait to call about my reward money :(
15:37 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
15:37 wannabe1987 no, never heard of that
15:37 Yaotzin I wouldn't hold your breath
15:37 xanh joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 Ponko92 tggcory i'd buy you 1000 tacos if you wanted ;)
15:38 wannabe1987 druidicrifleman - i would assume a week or so...cuz they'd have to check to see if its a real thing or not
15:38 tggcory Yes :D
15:38 wannabe1987 1000 tacos, eh?
15:38 tmb joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 Yaotzin 1000 tacos and a haircut
15:38 RED__ left #thegeekgroup
15:38 DruidicRifleman reporting a dangerous sexual predator looking for a new victim has to net me atleast 500 bucks maybe 750 it should be a good tip which will make people safer
15:39 Yaotzin derp
15:39 DruidicRifleman Red___ you get the PM that time?
15:39 DruidicRifleman Some one in grand rappids find red and poke her.... wannabe i volentold you for this mission
15:39 wannabe1987 but that means i have to go out in the white stuff
15:40 wannabe1987 i don't remember where my boots are...
15:40 wannabe1987 i hope i didn't bring them home already
15:40 wannabe1987 ...
15:40 wannabe1987 i assume she's at the lab...
15:40 DruidicRifleman it's a dangerous mission but someone has to do it
15:40 Yaotzin I came to california wearing boots
15:40 wannabe1987 have tggcory do it!
15:40 Yaotzin and I get so many odd looks
15:40 wannabe1987 he's closer
15:40 DruidicRifleman girl on girl poking is cuter though
15:40 Yaotzin lol steal cory's keyboard
15:41 wannabe1987 no...don't anger thecory!
15:41 DruidicRifleman but if we do that ttgcory won't be able to edit the video's
15:41 Yaotzin He's like an aloof shaggy dog
15:41 Yaotzin I don't see the problem
15:41 Ponko92 lol
15:41 wannabe1987 and then CaptainBoden would get mad at me and i don't want that to happen
15:41 RED___ Cory sent me on a mission, I couldn't help it.
15:41 Ponko92 lol
15:41 wannabe1987 then say "brb"
15:42 wannabe1987 its not THAT hard
15:42 wannabe1987 ...
15:42 Ponko92 is it an impossible one RED___
15:42 Yaotzin I hate cats
15:42 RED___ Rawrwwwwrrrr.
15:42 Yaotzin I really do
15:42 wannabe1987 all i see is a blue screenand a dark room...
15:42 nikonlover growl
15:42 Yaotzin I've been living with cats for 22 years, I'm really over them
15:42 Ponko92 snarl
15:42 nikonlover Crazy cat home
15:43 nikonlover lick
15:43 wannabe1987 mrow
15:43 RED___ Also, if I wasn't at the lab - you wouldn't find me in GR....just saying.
15:43 nikonlover purr
15:43 Yaotzin Suddenly the furries come out
15:43 wannabe1987 no, not a furry
15:43 wannabe1987 my friend is tho
15:43 Yaotzin I'm sorry
15:43 Yaotzin *pat*
15:44 wannabe1987 itsok.  he livs in cali also!
15:44 Yaotzin Oh geeze
15:44 CaptainBoden Cory is a Furry
15:44 Yaotzin !
15:44 wannabe1987 tggcory i'm sorry...
15:44 Yaotzin Cory are you into the yiff? Is that what you do?
15:44 Yaotzin Play nintendo and yiff?
15:44 Yaotzin Son I am dissapoint
15:45 Ponko92 sorry
15:45 Ponko92 lol
15:45 wannabe1987 i see red___!
15:45 DruidicRifleman No offense but cory does fix the description of many Furries i know
15:45 Yaotzin Is that a macbook
15:45 wannabe1987 red is on a mac computer yes
15:46 Ponko92 the red___ mist is upon me
15:46 DruidicRifleman fit*
15:46 Ponko92 lol
15:46 nikonlover it looks like a macbook with one of those totally epic Camera mode dial decals
15:46 RED___ 0.o\
15:46 tggcory I can already tell this is going to be a bad day :|
15:46 wannabe1987 why tggcory?
15:46 Ponko92 omg it soon does
15:46 wannabe1987 should i bring inbrownies?
15:46 RED___ my macbook is epic, this is true.
15:47 wannabe1987 she's also got poison ivy on there, yes?
15:47 RED___ only if they're...special brownies ;)
15:47 Ponko92 omg it soo does*
15:47 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
15:47 wannabe1987 can you acquire it?
15:47 Ponko92 mmmm brownies
15:47 Pandasox joined #thegeekgroup
15:47 Pandasox PANNNDDDAAAAA
15:47 Yaotzin Bring pot brownies to the lab and then tell Chris he has no heart
15:47 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
15:48 RED___ Yes I has poison ivy on here
15:48 Ponko92 do you know Kung Fu?
15:48 wannabe1987 lol
15:48 wannabe1987 that was a good movie
15:48 Ponko92 Pandasox?
15:48 Pandasox PAAANDA
15:48 DruidicRifleman Pot might be removed from the controled drugs list
15:48 Ponko92 hmmm yes
15:48 wannabe1987 medical mj is allowed in MI
15:49 DruidicRifleman Cause police can't legally explain between Criminalsed use religious use and medical
15:49 Ponko92 oh the 'herb' brownies?
15:49 RED___ Poison Ivy is my superheroine...she must be on my laptop - for we are one in the same. muahaha.
15:49 LeadHead I find it interesting, that I opened my fridge, and there are 3 bottles of mexican coca-cola with real sugar
15:49 DruidicRifleman and a supream cort has said you have this long or fuck you
15:50 wannabe1987 leadhead - thats thegood stuff!
15:50 Ponko92 in holland its a delicasese
15:50 Pandasox You have long time.
15:50 Ponko92 i fail at spelling
15:50 Pandasox cheesy potatoes.
15:50 wannabe1987 i love cheesy potatoes
15:50 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
15:50 Ponko92 oooo there lovely
15:50 wannabe1987 i'm going to go make brownies now...seems like tggcory and the group might need them soon
15:50 wannabe1987 appt isn't till 1...
15:50 Ponko92 MagneticCow does not like cheesy potatoes
15:51 wannabe1987 apparetnly not
15:51 Ponko92 sad face
15:51 wannabe1987 speaking of MJ...i'm playing bob marley :P
15:51 Ponko92 i have rejoined
15:51 DruidicRifleman if you ever make special brownies and i am at the lab please warn me about the specialness of the brownies.... you don't want me running around the lab trying to kill lephrecauns
15:51 wannabe1987 ok
15:51 RED___ :)
15:51 Ponko92 i want my nick to just be ponko
15:51 wannabe1987 brb
15:51 LeadHead Way to many Apples
15:52 RED___ asldkfj
15:52 ol10ol hi red
15:52 Ponko92 hmmm
15:52 RED___ hi
15:52 Ponko92 hey tggcory how can i change my nickname on here?
15:52 MoxieMike ponko92, "slash" nick <new nick>
15:52 Ponko92 ah thank you
15:52 tggcory boom
15:52 RED___ is now known as RED_
15:52 RED_ asdflksd
15:52 RED_ asdf
15:52 RED_ \Gah
15:52 LeadHead qwerty
15:53 Ponko92 do you need the <> bit?
15:53 RED_ is now known as tggRED
15:53 tggRED ;slkfjsad
15:53 MoxieMike no
15:53 Ponko92 ok
15:53 LeadHead ok
15:53 steve_____ dvorak
15:53 BatSteve aoeui
15:53 Ponko92 right
15:53 LeadHead Oh shi-
15:53 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
15:53 tggRED The internet is really something great....
15:53 BatSteve for porn!
15:53 LeadHead I tried dvorak
15:54 Ponko92 \ Ponko92 <Ponko>
15:54 LeadHead I couldn't get used to everyone elses computer being qwerty
15:54 Ponko92 grrrr
15:54 DruidicRifleman Sooooo can some one from grand rapids Answer something whats the robotics lab gonna be like when finished
15:54 steve_____ I tried it too, not too much luck though
15:54 BatSteve Ponko92: just copy and paste this   /nick ponko
15:54 MoxieMike ponko, /nick <new nick>
15:54 * BatSteve is using dvorak right now
15:54 CaptainBoden test
15:54 xanh left #thegeekgroup
15:54 ol10ol turn off the radio. please
15:54 Ponko92 testing
15:54 BatSteve CaptainBoden: we can see you
15:54 CaptainBoden k
15:54 Ponko92 is now known as ponko
15:55 ponko is now known as Ponko
15:55 MoxieMike there you go
15:55 Ponko Ponko92
15:55 Ponko is now known as Guest52476
15:55 Guest52476 no
15:55 BatSteve bummer!
15:55 Rahlon I actually got pretty good with dvroak
15:55 BatSteve Someone already has ponko
15:55 BatSteve (which amazes me, it doesn't seem like that common of a nick)
15:56 Guest52476 is now known as Ponko92
15:56 Ponko92 grrr
15:56 Rahlon pointless though as I ended up having to use qwerty 70% of the time
15:56 LeadHead Yup
15:56 Rahlon so I hjust stick with qwerty now
15:56 SparkyStudio Would that have happed because ponko changed to ponko
15:56 LeadHead That and the keyboard I was using at the time was ergonomic
15:57 LeadHead so switching the keys around, made the keyboard look quite interesting
15:57 Ponko92 idk it happened once before
15:57 BatSteve SparkyStudio: happened because someone else already owns "ponko"
15:57 MoxieMike Ponko92, it appears that someone has registered the name ponko
15:57 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
15:57 Ponko92 god damnit
15:57 BatSteve so when ponko92 switched names, it took the name back
15:57 Ponko92 grrr
15:57 Rahlon hmm you could have tip-exed it out I guess (I think it's called white all in the us)
15:57 steve_____ hmm, I have 3 min to get to class, I better start walking
15:58 LeadHead white-out
15:58 Rahlon ah
15:58 LeadHead I just put electrical tape
15:58 LeadHead over each letter
15:58 BatSteve steve_____: seeya!
15:58 SparkyStudio Yeah, but ponko92 changed to ponko, then changed to ponko again, ah well :P#
15:58 Rahlon even better
15:58 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
15:58 tmb left #thegeekgroup
15:58 MoxieMike you could probably be ponko_
15:58 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
15:58 BatSteve nooo that's even worse
15:58 wannabe1987 wb yaotzin
15:58 nikonlover left #thegeekgroup
15:58 wannabe1987 hello frenchie
15:59 wannabe1987 _
15:59 wannabe1987 's are annoying
15:59 Ponko92 lol
15:59 LeadHead ++++++++++++
15:59 Rahlon so captainboden I noticed you've taken steps to keep the boden scale down. :D
15:59 wannabe1987 lol
15:59 LeadHead Sorry, that's just a fun key to press on the IBM Model M
15:59 mashpriborintorg Hello all
15:59 mashpriborintorg back form work
15:59 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
15:59 BatSteve mi mashpriborintorg
15:59 BatSteve *hi mashpriborintorg
15:59 Ponko92 my fiancee likes Hello Kitty tggred what should i do?
16:00 steve_____ ok, I'm at class
16:00 Ponko92 huzah
16:00 LeadHead Torch that metal
16:00 LeadHead and get welding
16:00 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
16:00 wannabe1987 ...
16:00 tggRED ....kill her?
16:00 Yaotzin Sorry about that, my laptop doesn't like it if I take it to the bathroom or outside
16:01 Ponko92 lol
16:01 Yaotzin wait what
16:01 wannabe1987 lol
16:01 Yaotzin who are we killing
16:01 wannabe1987 ponko's fiance.  she likes hello kitty
16:01 wannabe1987 send her to japan
16:01 Ponko92 my fiancee for liking HK
16:01 tggRED anyone who likes that little devil....with fire.
16:01 Ponko92 and a speed boat
16:01 MoxieMike to some of us, HK is a firearms manufacturer
16:01 Yaotzin My roommate's debit card is pink with hello kitty on it
16:01 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
16:01 BatSteve MoxieMike: I read HK as hello kitty
16:02 BatSteve er
16:02 SparkyStudio Yaotzin, why would you take the laptop to the bathroom, would get steamed up :D