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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-19

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00:00 Cprossu shrapnel woulda come out
00:00 Cprossu lol
00:01 steve_____ then x250 if thumper failed
00:01 wannabe1987 yaotzin - if chicken stock has been sitting out for a day or two, is it still good?
00:01 Cprossu lol super duper russian roulette
00:01 Yaotzin Sitting out for a day or two?
00:02 steve_____ ya, I'm not sure if I would want to be there if thumper failed
00:02 wannabe1987 on thestove...i didn' thave a container to stick it in
00:02 Yaotzin no way ma'am
00:02 wannabe1987 ok
00:02 steve_____ yes it would be intersting but dangerious
00:02 wannabe1987 i'lldump it then
00:02 Yaotzin Honestly you need to cool it down and get it stored pretty quickly after it hits room temp
00:02 wannabe1987 lol
00:02 wannabe1987 i didn't...
00:03 Yaotzin microbial growth can be pretty rapid in stocks, but it should be alright for like a couple hours
00:03 Yaotzin Not days tho, :p
00:04 wannabe1987 good to check
00:04 Yaotzin You don't have gladware to put it in and freeze?
00:04 wannabe1987 i use LARGE coolwhip containers...
00:04 wannabe1987 and the one i used was dirty
00:04 Cprossu steve_____:
00:04 wannabe1987 now its clean...but the stock is old
00:04 Yaotzin Oh
00:04 Yaotzin heh
00:04 wannabe1987 o well..i have some chicken to boil for next weekend anyway
00:04 Yaotzin shame
00:05 wannabe1987 what...wasting stock?
00:05 Yaotzin yeah
00:05 wannabe1987 i know *hangs head in shame*
00:05 tggRED Someone come keep me company while I paint....rawr.
00:06 wannabe1987 you still there?!
00:06 Yaotzin tggRED_: Get me a quick bus ticket and I'll be there in about 3 days
00:06 cctoide so as soon as the transistor pops in that photonicinduction video, a big glob of wax lifts off in my lava lamp
00:06 Yaotzin :p
00:06 cctoide making the room a whole lot brighter
00:06 Yaotzin actually that's not true I still have things to ship
00:06 wannabe1987 lol
00:06 cctoide freaky for a second or two
00:06 tggRED ^_^
00:06 steve_____ umm where did the cap go?
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00:07 tggRED that explains why there were two o fme
00:07 Yaotzin I mentioning popping a cap once in conversation to a neighbor as I was fixing her computer
00:08 Yaotzin mentioned*
00:08 Yaotzin she was rather confused
00:08 Yaotzin It took me a minute to get it
00:08 Cprossu damn
00:08 wannabe1987 tggRED  -  were there left overs?  or not?
00:09 tggRED mhmm.
00:09 wannabe1987 ok
00:09 tggRED Why?
00:09 tggRED Did you really think I'd eat THAT MUCH soup? lol.
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00:11 Yaotzin Can't put away a gallon of soup? Sounds like someone needs to try harder
00:12 tggRED lol.
00:12 tggRED I could, but I would definetely throw up afterwards.
00:12 Yaotzin at least you'd be throwing up delicious soup
00:12 Yaotzin you could save it for later
00:13 tggRED Yuck. I'd rather put it back int he fridge and eat more later than eat soup vomit.
00:13 Yaotzin I was at a party with someone who did that with vodka
00:13 Yaotzin it was interesting to watch
00:14 Ponko92 i might have a pina colada
00:14 Yaotzin I don't like coconut or pineapple
00:14 Ponko92 if you like pina coladas and getting caught in the rain
00:15 Yaotzin so pina coladas are pretty much my bane
00:15 Ponko92 oh too bad :(
00:15 Ponko92 i love em
00:15 tggRED ommm nom nom
00:16 Yaotzin I'll take some Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 anos on the rocks
00:16 Yaotzin or with diet coke
00:16 Yaotzin :D
00:17 Yaotzin I love aged dark rum
00:17 Yaotzin If only it wasn't $45 a fifth, so I end up getting it once every couple years
00:17 Yaotzin but hey
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00:19 wannabe1987 my fav rum comes from haiti...:(
00:20 Yaotzin Zacapa is from guatemala
00:21 Ponko92 GGAAAAAA damn you batman
00:21 Ponko92 i play that at college
00:21 Phu i heard that u asshole!
00:22 Yaotzin However, the next time I'm in or run a Cthulhu game, I'm buying a couple of these
00:22 Yaotzin We have a bottle in our bar right now, and it's actually really good
00:23 wannabe1987 really.  my rum is barbancourt
00:23 wannabe1987 rhum
00:24 Yaotzin barbancourt?
00:24 tggRED om nom nom
00:24 wannabe1987 yep
00:24 wannabe1987 its haitian
00:25 Yaotzin hmm
00:25 Yaotzin Haven't heard of it
00:27 Seroster ...Accuracy!
00:33 LeadHead Apparently Niclas Cage was arrested
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00:33 LeadHead "Cage is actually renting a house three doors down, according to Bennett.  When cops arrived, the bartender says the actor started to get into the  back passenger-side door of the police car."
00:33 Yaotzin Got him caged up eh?
00:33 LeadHead ""But the cop got out, walked around, and Cage ran a block south toward  the river, where he tried to get into a cab," he says. "There was a  woman outside with a baby in her arms shouting, 'Please don't hurt us.' ""
00:34 LeadHead Why do all actors have to be bat-shit insane?
00:34 Yaotzin because they can get away with it
00:34 Yaotzin because they have money
00:34 cctoide
00:34 LeadHead Apparently Dog the Bounty Hunter
00:34 LeadHead bailed him out for $11,000
00:35 Cprossu what was that noise?
00:35 Cprossu lol
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00:42 wannabe1987 is now known as wannabe-afk
00:43 DruidicRifleman hello geeks
00:43 Seroster Hello
00:45 Phu time for bed. goodnight and see you tomorrow.
00:47 tesla4d I'm going to be really sad if we don't start hosting Lan parties in the new lab, and I'm going to be REALLY, REALLY sad if I never get a chance to come to one.
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00:49 Ponko92 hmmm i'm tired but not tired :/
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00:49 NeWtoz I'd love to help out with the LANs
00:49 NeWtoz if there are some
00:49 Ponko92 i'd love to help out with the cars they drive
00:49 Ponko92 YEAH
00:49 Cprossu I am
00:50 Cprossu want -1?
00:50 Cprossu xD
00:50 Ponko92 yo Kyle
00:50 Ponko92 i am
00:50 Cprossu hahaha
00:51 Cprossu good luck
00:51 Ponko92 hey call me Ponko or ryan lol
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00:51 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK
00:52 cctoide oh, kyle is there
00:52 cctoide what are they playing?
00:52 cctoide ah, killing floor
00:53 Seroster Where is my CSmonster?!
00:55 Ponko92 tggkyle lets talk about the stanley cup?
00:55 Ponko92 you've got Pheonix in the playoffs
00:55 Cprossu so we're close to portal 2 I hope
00:55 cctoide he's not here
00:56 Ponko92 we have Tampa Bay
00:56 Ponko92 winning 2-1 in the 2nd period
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00:57 Ponko92 tggkyle you watching the game at half 10?
00:58 cctoide <cctoide> he's not here
00:59 tggRED I'm back,
01:03 DruidicRifleman yay
01:04 Cprossu wait backburner can air blast now?
01:04 Cprossu *loads up TF2)
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01:04 Cprossu tggconsole: up for some TF2? lol
01:05 DruidicRifleman the leafs winning the stanley cup will trigger the end of the world as we know it
01:05 Ponko92 oh god no
01:06 Ponko92 the pens might have a chance if Malking and Crosby weren't out
01:07 Ponko92 Sid has been out since feburary
01:07 Ponko92 but Dan Bylma is a good coach
01:07 Ponko92 im sure i got that wrong
01:08 Ponko92 Mark Letestu is doing alright
01:08 Ponko92 yeah sure
01:08 Ponko92 your lot are on in 20 mins
01:09 Ponko92 oh god stream fek up
01:09 Cprossu I tried to change weapons in TF2
01:09 Cprossu it didn't work
01:09 Cprossu their servers are messed up now
01:10 DruidicRifleman ponko if the leafs win the riots intoronto would trigger martial law
01:10 Ponko92 right ti ca'nt  hear the stream right now
01:11 Ponko92 give me a few
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01:12 DruidicRifleman the toronto police Hand book in the event of such a thing happening Take off your uniform and take part
01:12 DruidicRifleman Don't try and prevent it
01:12 Cprossu good point
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01:12 Ponko92 ok kyle start the convo of the stanley cup when i say
01:12 Cprossu still I cannot verify that point yet, but the backburner NOT BEING useless would be nice
01:12 Cprossu hopefully I'll be playing portal 2
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01:12 Cprossu there are exceptions
01:13 Cprossu but I mean air blast has an ability to screw with people
01:13 Cprossu which I like doing
01:13 Cprossu the degreaser is unfair
01:13 Cprossu yeah
01:13 Cprossu AX
01:13 Cprossu 100%
01:13 Cprossu axtinguisher
01:13 Cprossu mine is named "The Askinguisher" though
01:14 Cprossu "May I Axe you a question" is the caption
01:14 Cprossu they are good at pinning people
01:14 Cprossu really good
01:15 Cprossu and if you are playing on a modded server (eg sourcraft), it can be really annoying
01:15 Cprossu I think for how fragile they are they should have a limited repair
01:15 Cprossu with like a cooldown
01:16 Cprossu or the main and your little one
01:16 Cprossu loosing your guns
01:16 Cprossu melee is great
01:16 Cprossu southern hospitality + spy
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01:16 Cprossu = awesome
01:17 Cprossu what about demomen?
01:17 Cprossu demospam!
01:17 Cprossu it's doable
01:17 Cprossu I like burning things, so I do pyro
01:18 Cprossu w+m1 heavy
01:18 Cprossu lol
01:18 Cprossu yeah I know
01:18 Seroster Schizo.
01:18 Cprossu Buffalo steak sandwich + metal glove things is killer though
01:19 Cprossu rappeeee
01:19 Cprossu a medic
01:19 Cprossu if you have a medic on you though
01:19 Cprossu ooh that... sun cutter pos
01:19 Cprossu whatever it was
01:19 Cprossu fragmented sun sword thing?
01:19 Cprossu I can't remember
01:20 Cprossu so much shit to keep track of
01:20 Cprossu same here
01:20 Cprossu a million billion
01:20 Cprossu scouts are so much fail
01:20 Cprossu they are good at capping shit
01:20 Cprossu but a whole team of them
01:20 Cprossu fuck
01:21 Cprossu flare gun takes care of any scout issue I ever have
01:21 Cprossu they jump into them!
01:21 Cprossu sandman
01:21 Cprossu bat and ball gun?!
01:21 Cprossu lol
01:21 Cprossu nice
01:22 Cprossu I've gotten better at reflecting arrows
01:22 Cprossu in one stats I looked at
01:22 Cprossu I was horrified when I found out that one of those reflect arrows was a HS
01:22 Cprossu headshot
01:22 Cprossu yeah reflect arrow, hs
01:23 Cprossu wow. I don't think I can use enough words to describe how stupid it is
01:23 hubzcaps lol
01:23 Cprossu for the most part
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01:24 Cprossu All I know is that we should round them up
01:24 Cprossu eyes bug outa my head when that shit happens
01:24 Seroster ....Either he is talking to himself. Or to someone in the stream, or to someone I blocked.
01:24 Seroster Wich one is it?
01:24 Cprossu 17 year olds?
01:24 Cprossu 4-7 max
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01:25 Cprossu see pross you
01:25 brando hello
01:25 Cprossu yeah
01:25 Cprossu the SN is a long story
01:25 brando left #thegeekgroup
01:25 Cprossu one day I'll tell it though
01:26 Coderjoe time is 9:25pm eastern
01:26 Cprossu your bets on a Portal 2 delay?
01:26 Coderjoe last I knew, the encoding computer was off by an hour
01:26 cctoide did you play transformice when it was big last year?
01:26 hubzcaps are there goin to be any thumper runs soooon?????
01:26 Cprossu what's your high score on QWOP?
01:27 Cprossu hahaha
01:27 Cprossu that's so fucked up
01:27 CaptainBoden Thumper will be back up and running in a week or so, they're doing HVAC work in the HVL right now and we have it down for repairs.
01:27 Cprossu I have a buddy who wrote a java app to do it
01:27 Cprossu good deal
01:27 Seroster Do you have to pay extra for them fucking up, CaptainBoden?
01:27 Cprossu CaptainBoden: greetings
01:28 Cprossu hahaaha
01:28 CaptainBoden Oh don't even get me started.
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01:28 CaptainBoden Cory, did you fix the video yet?
01:28 Seroster I suppose that's a "yes" :c
01:28 Cprossu so you want to tell that joke from yesterday the right way?
01:28 Cprossu 'no fuck in chocolate'
01:28 CaptainBoden k
01:28 codfish left #thegeekgroup
01:28 Cprossu fair enough
01:28 CaptainBoden Thank you gentlemen.
01:29 Seroster ...When telling a joke, don't START with the punchline.
01:29 Cprossu you'll learn or you'll go off the end of the balcony with some help
01:29 LeadHead CaptainBoden: Did they reverse that duct, or are you just letting them do their own thing?
01:29 wannabe-afk is now known as wannabe1987
01:29 cctoide A razor sharp taco
01:30 TheSessionMan Leadhead
01:30 Seroster I'd love to see an in depth video about what they fucked up... Because either they are insanely stupid, or they had incredibly bad luck
01:30 Cprossu all I know is I think the HVAC guys have been reading too much Dr. Seuss
01:30 CaptainBoden HEY CORY! I fucking told you.
01:30 TheSessionMan Bought another motorcycle today.
01:30 LeadHead What kind?
01:31 DruidicRifleman Does any one know if the defligration of Black powder Is hot enough to ignight KNO3 sucrose?
01:31 Seroster Yes
01:31 TheSessionMan A true blue pro flat tracker with a TT500 yamaha motor
01:31 Cprossu I don't know but it sounds like the resultant would make one hell of a hot sauce
01:31 Cprossu later
01:31 LeadHead It doens't take much to light that stuff
01:31 LeadHead as far as I know
01:31 Seroster Saltpetersugar will burn pretty damn easy
01:31 TheSessionMan The head of the flat track association died, and his wife was selling it, so we bought it\
01:31 LeadHead TT500
01:31 LeadHead thats a thumper right?
01:32 Cprossu I think that's asking a bit much
01:32 DruidicRifleman Any chemists?
01:32 Seroster Takes more to ignite newspaper than Rcandy =P
01:32 Cprossu try #chemistry
01:32 Cprossu *##chemistry
01:32 LeadHead 4 Stroke
01:32 TheSessionMan Big old four stroke, crazy bottom end
01:32 cctoide Is the creepy toy still up there?
01:32 LeadHead rather
01:32 LeadHead I bet
01:32 TheSessionMan I'm getting excited to pick it up
01:33 Cprossu you too
01:33 LeadHead Did this to my 450 the other day
01:33 LeadHead Need a new chain now
01:33 LeadHead
01:33 TheSessionMan hahaha
01:33 Cprossu don't let the door with the working lock hit you on the way out
01:33 TheSessionMan what did you do?
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01:33 DruidicRifleman that channel is not working
01:33 tggcory joined #thegeekgroup
01:33 LeadHead The clip for the master link fell off somehow
01:34 LeadHead was facing the right direction, and this chain had been on for 6 months
01:34 Cprossu ./join ##chemistry
01:34 TheSessionMan bit it was a bitch to get out of there
01:34 Cprossu you authed?
01:34 LeadHead Yes it was
01:34 Seroster DruidicRifleman,  That is because you are a noob. =)
01:34 Seroster Or, because they have an insane safety system that is truly annoying
01:34 injektion DruidicRifleman: Have you registered your nickname?
01:34 DruidicRifleman Ugh i have to go through that registering thing don't i
01:34 DruidicRifleman No
01:34 Seroster You have to register and identify.
01:34 Cprossu hrmm the stream is stuttering for me every 10 seconds or so
01:34 TheSessionMan Anyways, I think I'm going to go out to try to bleed that break right now
01:35 DruidicRifleman ugh
01:35 TheSessionMan talk to you later
01:35 Cprossu still worth it
01:35 wannabe1987 sounds fun...
01:35 LeadHead at least while the bike is down
01:35 Cprossu there's very good experts there
01:35 LeadHead it gives me an excuse to work on my truck
01:35 Seroster DruidicRifleman, It takes a minute or two
01:35 LeadHead
01:35 LeadHead did this today
01:35 DruidicRifleman I don't fell like going through that right now
01:35 Seroster Three if you have to make a new email account
01:35 Seroster Tsk
01:35 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 Seroster Anything specific you wanted to ask them
01:35 Seroster Elloh Ponko92!
01:35 wannabe1987 PONKO92!!!!hi
01:35 TheSessionMan looks nice
01:36 Cprossu lol is that a part of the EGR going up?
01:36 LeadHead Yeah lol
01:36 Ponko92 oh damnit i missed jyle
01:36 LeadHead the heads and intake are off
01:36 Ponko92 kyle*
01:36 LeadHead Body work on the cab will start wednesday
01:36 TheSessionMan what the heck is that little red thing on the other side of the yard?
01:36 LeadHead Hovercraft.
01:36 TheSessionMan now ay
01:36 Seroster My hovercraft is full of eels!
01:36 Ponko92 wanted to him about the Stanley Cup
01:36 LeadHead I posted about it last night, but no on eseemed to care about it
01:37 injektion I spent my day removing emissions control devices from my 25 year old car because they are failing and it's hard to find replacements.
01:37 Cprossu you should get that engine running again and mount a seat on that chassis and just drive it around
01:37 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
01:37 Ponko92 tggcory where did kyle go?
01:37 TheSessionMan looks awesome. I saw it by your bigs and scrap iron bike, and wasn't sure what it was
01:37 Cprossu weld up some supports for the steering
01:37 tggcory Had to go home!
01:37 Cprossu lol
01:37 Ponko92 ah man
01:37 LeadHead If it was carb'd
01:37 wannabe1987 tggcory - didn't he leave a long time ago?
01:37 LeadHead I could easily put a seat on
01:37 Ponko92 bloody laptop crashed
01:37 LeadHead the EFI makes it difficult to run without the cab
01:37 wannabe1987 lol
01:37 wannabe1987 sucks
01:37 TheSessionMan anyway, I got to go. talk to you later
01:37 LeadHead Peace
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01:38 Cprossu nah it's simple enough with ford's systems
01:38 Ponko92 wanted to talk hockey with him
01:38 tggcory Not really :P
01:38 LeadHead Yeah
01:38 tggcory See ya!
01:38 LeadHead I have the entire EFI harness out of the cab
01:38 LeadHead actually
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01:38 Cprossu is it MFI or CPI?
01:38 Ponko92 tggcory has he gone home to watch the game?
01:38 LeadHead Just would have to apply +12V to ECU, Coil and fuel pump
01:38 LeadHead It's multiport
01:38 tggcory Yeah he has :P
01:38 LeadHead kind of surprising for 87.
01:38 Cprossu nice, so 302?
01:38 LeadHead I wish lol
01:38 LeadHead 2.9L V6
01:39 Cprossu dear got that was a terrible engine
01:39 LeadHead They cracked heads
01:39 injektion ^
01:39 Cprossu thought about at least getting a 4.0?
01:39 LeadHead and had lifter issues
01:39 LeadHead Possibly, I'm putting explorer axles front and rear on it
01:39 LeadHead and it'd be cake to drop a 4.0 into it with the body off
01:39 Ponko92 had a feeling that was the guess
01:39 Cprossu hell it'd be cake to drop a 302 in it
01:39 Cprossu with the body off
01:40 Ponko92 the case rather
01:40 LeadHead I did find some interesting things out about the 2.9 though
01:40 Cprossu besides the fact it's a pile of shit?
01:40 LeadHead If you fix their flaws, mainly by upgrading the cooling system
01:40 LeadHead They'll take crazy amounts of abuse.
01:40 LeadHead They'll run upto 20 PSI of boost all day long on stock internals
01:40 Cprossu well 4.0's do too
01:40 cctoide
01:41 LeadHead I've seen these 2.9s belt out 450RWHP on stock internals
01:41 Cprossu but it's not worth it to run that much boost on a 2.9
01:41 Cprossu still not worth it
01:41 LeadHead 450HP?
01:41 Cprossu probably more like 390 at the wheels max
01:41 LeadHead Hell 302's start to split the block around that much power
01:41 Cprossu not if you build them right
01:41 injektion left #thegeekgroup
01:41 LeadHead If you use a Boss block they won't
01:42 LeadHead Regular production 302 blocks, especially the truck blocks are very, very weak
01:42 Cprossu not as weak as some of the 4.6's
01:42 LeadHead non sense
01:42 LeadHead put good internals in a 4.6, and the blocks are good for 800HP
01:42 LeadHead if not more
01:42 Cprossu if you get the right one
01:42 Cprossu mustang GT 4.6 already has the low compression pistons
01:43 Cprossu the truck 4.6 however
01:43 Cprossu has those powered metal rods
01:43 LeadHead thats internals, not block
01:43 Cprossu iirc
01:43 Cprossu yeah but it fucks shit up
01:43 LeadHead no doubt
01:43 Cprossu and costs just as much
01:43 Cprossu now about boost
01:43 LeadHead but I've seen a 302 putting out around 500HP
01:43 Cprossu my chrysler 2.5 turbo
01:43 LeadHead block split right in half around the crank
01:43 LeadHead nuts
01:43 Cprossu can take 24psi on it's stock internals
01:44 LeadHead Please tell me
01:44 LeadHead thats in a minivan
01:44 LeadHead and not a kcar
01:44 Cprossu of course it is
01:44 LeadHead +1
01:44 Cprossu I need to really built mine up though
01:44 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
01:44 Cprossu haven't had the time or money
01:44 Cprossu the cool thing though
01:44 Cprossu is the commonblock 2.5
01:44 Cprossu same block.
01:44 Cprossu for turbo and k car
01:44 LeadHead But yeah, there's nothing inherent about the 2.9 that makes it a POS
01:44 Cprossu so a 'new' engine runs you $150 or less
01:44 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
01:44 Cprossu well low displacement
01:44 compwiz878 those chrystler 2.2 / 2.5 turbo 4cyclender engines cant take some abuse tho
01:45 LeadHead yes, low displacement is a shame
01:45 LeadHead but a nice big turbo can fix that :-P
01:45 steve_____ .seen bat-man
01:45 Cprossu they can take some pretty big abuse
01:45 Cprossu I've seen them with holsets attached
01:45 steve_____ and there is no bot
01:45 LeadHead Theres a 2.5 minivan on youtube
01:45 LeadHead that runs 11s iirc
01:45 Cprossu and DOHC neon heads will bolt right up (although you have to plug a coolant or oil passage or two)
01:45 Cprossu yeah there is
01:46 Cprossu I just want 13.5's
01:46 LeadHead , if you look at that truck in the background
01:46 LeadHead It's got a 460 in it
01:46 LeadHead my friends truck actually
01:46 Cprossu which is enough to give your average fox body mustang one shitted driver
01:46 LeadHead but we have a 58mm Garett turbo waiting to go into it
01:46 compwiz878 tell ya what else is a nice ride to build is a dodge omni or plymouth horizon with a v6 in it
01:46 Cprossu one day when I have money I'll dump a holset turbo on a specially built 2.5 block
01:46 LeadHead the mitsu V6?
01:46 compwiz878 well 3.0 or a 3.3
01:46 Cprossu omni only if you fix the body
01:47 LeadHead oh
01:47 compwiz878 either one
01:47 LeadHead the minivan engines
01:47 Cprossu I still hate 3.0's
01:47 Cprossu mitsu 3.0's
01:47 Cprossu hate that engine
01:47 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
01:47 compwiz878 but ive drove one with 3.0 mitu v6 in it tho
01:47 Cprossu the 3.3/3.8 is the nice pushrod engine
01:47 LeadHead hm
01:47 compwiz878 yeh
01:47 compwiz878 i know
01:47 Cprossu although
01:47 Cprossu it'd be killer to get one of those 3.7 pentastars
01:47 LeadHead 4.0 in the latest minivans has quite a bit of grunt
01:47 compwiz878 i have a nice caravan
01:47 Cprossu in an omni
01:48 compwiz878 that needs atranny fixed
01:48 LeadHead but the new 3.6 pentastars are supposed to be some of hte nicest V6s around
01:48 compwiz878 has the 4spd suto in ti
01:48 compwiz878 3.0 v6
01:48 Cprossu I thought they were 3.7
01:48 LeadHead every review I've read about them say they just sing at the high revs
01:48 LeadHead nope, 3.6
01:48 Cprossu damn I've been misquoting that then
01:48 LeadHead lol
01:48 LeadHead the challenger 3.6 makes 305 HP
01:48 LeadHead damn impressive
01:48 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
01:49 Cprossu it'll even be better when they direct inject it
01:49 LeadHead yes
01:49 LeadHead and put that fiat multi-air on it
01:49 wannabe1987 hi eightbitbrad :)
01:49 eightbitbrad Oh no!  Botsteve is gon!
01:49 Cprossu and there's rumors of a twin turbo version too
01:49 eightbitbrad hiiiii wannabe1987
01:49 LeadHead They're supposed to be making a twin-turbo 420HP
01:49 LeadHead yeah
01:49 eightbitbrad *gone even
01:49 LeadHead Eco-Boost fighter
01:49 Cprossu can you imagine an alpha romeo with a hopped up direct injected twin turbo pentastar?
01:49 Cprossu that would kick ass
01:49 LeadHead Nuts
01:49 wannabe1987 :O  my friend would lovve hat...
01:49 wannabe1987 he has a 1974 alfa
01:50 LeadHead Probably be a great deal more reilable
01:50 LeadHead than any alfa too
01:50 LeadHead :-P
01:50 Cprossu it'll be the first reliable alfa engine ever
01:50 LeadHead lul
01:50 Cprossu unless they redesign it
01:50 LeadHead With the cab/bed off the ranger as well
01:50 LeadHead makes axle swaps easy
01:50 Cprossu yeah I gotta say, I'd dump a 4.0 in there
01:50 LeadHead The pinion bearing in the 7.5" is blown, and i was looking
01:51 LeadHead I can get a new pinion bearing,seals, etc.. for like $50-70
01:51 LeadHead or a much larger explorer 8.8" axle that drops right in
01:51 LeadHead for $150
01:51 Cprossu how much does a run of the mill ford 9" cost these days?
01:51 LeadHead no idea
01:51 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
01:51 LeadHead but you can run upto 37" tires on an explorer 8.8, so that's good enough for me
01:51 LeadHead Plus, amost every explorer axle is posi :)
01:52 Cprossu just means a stinky mess if you take it apart
01:52 Cprossu xD
01:52 LeadHead My neighbors have a couple old explorers
01:52 Cprossu I hate the smell of ford's friction modifyer
01:52 LeadHead I might talk to them to see if they might be willing to let go of one of them for cheap
01:52 steve_____ tggRED, is batman at the lab still?
01:52 Seroster;feature=related   That sucker said RAM memory, didnt he?!  I bet he enters his PIN number into ATM machines to get his money cash too...
01:52 LeadHead That would get me a 4.0, and the bigger front/rear axles
01:52 Seroster ARRGH!
01:53 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
01:53 Cprossu I hear old videos being played and rerun on the camera one
01:53 Cprossu and perhaps a nicer frame =P
01:54 Cprossu I was helping someone build a street rod
01:54 sjogerst joined #thegeekgroup
01:54 Cprossu we rhino-linered the frame
01:54 LeadHead eh
01:54 Cprossu it was awesome lol
01:54 LeadHead the chassis is solid
01:54 LeadHead surface rust
01:54 LeadHead but no holes/rot
01:54 LeadHead the chassis was undercoated when the truck was new
01:54 LeadHead I've seen like '95 rangers with holes in the frame already
01:54 LeadHead shame
01:54 sjogerst left #thegeekgroup
01:55 Cprossu maybe you can answer this
01:55 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
01:55 LeadHead I plean on rhino-lining the frame actually
01:55 Cprossu why does every S10 and ranger out there
01:55 LeadHead hmm?
01:55 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
01:55 BotSteve Welcome back, boss
01:55 Cprossu rattle like a bucket of nails in a paint mixer after 2 years?
01:55 LeadHead I don't know about the S10
01:56 Cprossu My next car will likely be a cummins powered dodge though of some year to haul around my other garbage
01:56 LeadHead but for the Rangers, the chassis has been almost the same
01:56 LeadHead since 83
01:56 LeadHead they changed the front suspension in 98
01:56 LeadHead and that's about it
01:56 LeadHead The cab has been about the same since 93 too, just minor tweaks
01:57 LeadHead Ford basically abaonded the ranger
01:57 LeadHead who knows why
01:57 BatSteve LeadHead: because a significant fraction of their profits come from the F-150
01:57 LeadHead Yup
01:57 Cprossu I actually saw a ranger around with a 1.9 sohc engine
01:57 Cprossu man who the hell would want to do that?
01:57 LeadHead wasn't that early 80s?
01:57 Cprossu no it was a '94 and screwed with
01:57 LeadHead oh
01:58 LeadHead so they took the 2.3/3.0/4.0 out
01:58 LeadHead and put a 1.9 in
01:58 Cprossu yes
01:58 Cprossu why the fuck
01:58 LeadHead @_@
01:58 wannabe1987 "You and I wake up in a psychiatric ward together. Using FOUR words only, what would you say to me?"
01:58 Cprossu what the fuck, man?!
01:59 LeadHead iwas shocked to find out
01:59 LeadHead that in 86, Ford offered a turbo diesel on the rangers
01:59 BatSteve wannabe1987:  dibs on your clothes
01:59 compwiz878 yeh but the old 2.3 engines have been around a long time tho
01:59 wannabe1987 lol
01:59 eightbitbrad long live BotSteve
01:59 Cprossu '86 would have been mazda though
01:59 Cprossu which means mazda diesel with throttle control
01:59 Cprossu if I recall
01:59 LeadHead oh no
01:59 LeadHead the Mazda B series
01:59 LeadHead in 86 was still Mazda
01:59 LeadHead the Ranger was ford
02:00 BatSteve eightbitbrad: how goes it?
02:00 Cprossu but the engine for the diesel
02:00 Cprossu in-line 4? would have been mazda
02:00 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:00 LeadHead yeah
02:00 * LeadHead goes to wikipedia
02:00 LeadHead 2.3L Mitsubishi 4D55 Turbo Diesel
02:01 Cprossu good I'm not crazy
02:01 compwiz878 just like gm used that izuz engine in the early 21o's
02:01 DruidicRifleman YAY!!!!!!!!!!!! being human is back!!!!!!!!!!! and not the Lame ass twilight garbage that was madein the US the propert decent british version
02:01 LeadHead 86 HP for the mitsuturbo
02:01 LeadHead oh lawd, 83-85 they had a 2.2L non turbo mazda/perkins diesel
02:01 LeadHead 59HP
02:01 Cprossu man the 5.7 olds diesel was a load of crap
02:02 LeadHead can you imagine 59HP
02:02 LeadHead in a 3000 lb truck
02:02 Cprossu they didn't even have torque to yield bolts
02:02 Cprossu for the heads
02:02 Cprossu they took a gas engine
02:02 * wannabe1987 already has one car IRC...
02:02 Cprossu mounted some 'high compression' fucked up heads
02:02 wannabe1987 now this one too?  :P
02:02 Cprossu and called it a diesel
02:02 LeadHead to be fair, the diesel blocks were slightly stronger
02:02 LeadHead people convert them back to gas
02:02 LeadHead and use them for drag racing
02:02 Cprossu damn straight
02:03 * DruidicRifleman i missed this show the british version was garbage
02:03 LeadHead LOL
02:03 LeadHead 2.2 non turbo ranger, 0 60
02:03 LeadHead
02:03 LeadHead 1 minutew
02:03 Cprossu still do you know what the saying about diesel olds and cadillac owners is?
02:04 LeadHead nop
02:04 Cprossu Every one of them has 2 such vehicles, one is to push the other off a cliff.
02:04 LeadHead lol
02:05 Cprossu or the saying about cameros back before '85
02:05 Cprossu ?
02:05 LeadHead mullets?
02:05 Cprossu no. Cameros then were like assholes, everyone had 1 or 2 of them.
02:05 LeadHead rofl
02:06 Cprossu tggconsole: what's the song playing right now?
02:07 tggcory Container Park, by the Chemical Brothers, off the Hanna soundtrack
02:16 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
02:19 BatSteve a whole 10 minutes of silence in channel.  this is amazing.
02:19 wannabe1987 lol
02:20 eightbitbrad sorry
02:20 eightbitbrad RAAAAAWRRRRR
02:21 eightbitbrad better?
02:21 cctoide why do we have two users called localhost in here?
02:21 cctoide unless my client is terribly confused
02:22 cctoide or the ircd is
02:22 LeadHead No locahlhosts here
02:22 BatSteve They're aliases of TheGeek1024
02:22 eightbitbrad BatSteve: Did you say we wanted to move the greeting stuff to sqlite, too?
02:22 BatSteve uhhhhhh
02:22 Thaery joined #thegeekgroup
02:23 wannabe1987 THAERY!!! HI :D
02:23 Thaery Hi all
02:23 * BatSteve 's mental gears make grinding noises as he switches contexts
02:23 eightbitbrad lol sorry about that
02:23 wannabe1987 i'm watching south park...
02:23 eightbitbrad just gonna start working on some stuff
02:23 BatSteve Sure, if we sqlite the greetings we can have more of them without cluttering up the hardcode
02:24 eightbitbrad Yeah, my thinking exactly
02:25 maglin_home CaptainBoden you watching IRC/
02:25 maglin_home ?
02:25 cctoide wouldn't flatfile be less complicated? unless it's for practice/extensibility
02:25 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
02:25 eightbitbrad cctoide: sqlite will be a bit more extensible, especially if the table design is flexible enough.
02:26 BatSteve Agreed.  Flat files would get things running faster, but they're a pain in the behind to do anything clever with.
02:26 maglin_home and if you guys are interested:;feature=player_embedded   Alphabet Soup Suit project is underway.  that video is the introductio nfor it
02:26 BatSteve especially because eventually the database is going to hold other stuff besides greetings as well.
02:26 BatSteve like join / part times and whatnot probably
02:27 eightbitbrad yeah, I'm thinking the .lastseen functionality will benefit from a db
02:28 BatSteve .calc
02:28 BotSteve 0?
02:28 BatSteve crap
02:28 BatSteve you fail BotSteve
02:29 BatSteve BotSteve: Break Time!
02:29 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
02:29 LeadHead aww
02:29 DruidicRifleman Am i the only fan of the show being human here?
02:29 LeadHead cna botsteve divide by zero?
02:29 BatSteve LeadHead: after I get done updating him (5 minutes or so), we'll find out
02:31 * eightbitbrad makes note to do another git pull later
02:31 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
02:32 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
02:33 BatSteve eightbitbrad: I've done a bunch of work in calc
02:33 BatSteve and a little bit in search
02:33 BatSteve nothing really in any of the others
02:33 BatSteve so if you're touching those files you should probably pull.  otherwise you'll be good
02:33 eightbitbrad ah yeah, I'm working in tgg right now
02:33 eightbitbrad well, I will be.  Working on formulating a table layout
02:34 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
02:34 * BatSteve summons BotSteve!
02:34 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
02:34 eightbitbrad .calc 246 / 2 + 5 - 3 * 7
02:34 BotSteve 107
02:35 eightbitbrad nice.
02:35 * wannabe1987 is afk...outside holding a flashlight for tj
02:36 LeadHead .calc 52 / 0
02:36 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:36 LeadHead Aww
02:36 wannabe1987 lol
02:36 eightbitbrad BatSteve: I'll create a tggtables.sql file for the DB too
02:36 wannabe1987 you cannot divide by zero...if youdo, it snows in may!
02:36 eightbitbrad .calc 0 / 52
02:36 BotSteve 0
02:36 LeadHead Any way to make it say anything
02:36 exor674 .wa 52 / 0
02:36 Cprossu tggcory: damn that's a good cut, I almost want to go dig out some shitty synth equip and attempt a cover
02:36 BotSteve 52\/0;infinity^~
02:36 LeadHead if you try to divide by zero
02:37 tggcory thank you :P
02:37 BatSteve LeadHead: oh yeah, there's a way to do anything
02:37 eightbitbrad .wa Metallica
02:37 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
02:37 BatSteve it all depends on the amount of work we feel like doing
02:37 eightbitbrad bah
02:38 eightbitbrad .calc y = 2 x = 2  y + x
02:38 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:38 eightbitbrad darn
02:38 Cprossu .calc 999999999999999999999!
02:38 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:38 Cprossu .calc 9!
02:38 BotSteve 362 880
02:38 Cprossu .calc 99!
02:38 maglin_home .calc x+2=4
02:38 BotSteve 9.33262154 × 10^(155)
02:38 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:38 Cprossu .calc 999!
02:38 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:38 Cprossu .calc 300!
02:39 maglin_home .calc |-1|
02:39 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:39 BotSteve ...
02:39 Cprossu .wa 999!
02:39 BotSteve 999!;4023872600770937735437024339230039857193748642107146325437999104299385123986290205920442084869694048004799886101971960586316668729948085589013238296699445909974245040870737599188236277271887325197795059509952761208749754624970436014182780946464962910563938874378864873371191810458257836478499770124766328898359557354325131853239584630755574091142624174743493475534286465766116677973966688202912073791...;4.0238726007
02:39 Cprossu holy crap
02:40 BatSteve Weren't expecting that?
02:40 maglin_home .calc √9
02:40 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:40 maglin_home your calc can't do much, can it
02:40 maglin_home haha
02:40 eightbitbrad maglin_home: I dig the alphacoat idea.
02:40 maglin_home thanks eightbit
02:40 maglin_home should be an awesome project
02:40 eightbitbrad Wish i could find my Arduino, I wanna hack now
02:40 eightbitbrad it's buried in a box somewheer
02:40 eightbitbrad *somewhere
02:40 maglin_home haha. yup yup!
02:42 Cprossu .calc sqrt(9)
02:42 BotSteve 3
02:42 Cprossu .calc sqrt(log(90))
02:42 BotSteve 1.39794224
02:42 Cprossu .calc sqrt(log(90))*pi!
02:42 BotSteve 10.0485245
02:42 eightbitbrad maglin_home: I blame you partially for inspiring me again.
02:43 maglin_home i can take that blame with a certain amount of fortitude.
02:43 Cprossu hrummm
02:43 Cprossu .calc sqrt(log(90))(pi!)
02:43 BotSteve 10.0485245
02:43 Cprossu .calc sqrt(log(90))
02:43 BotSteve 1.39794224
02:43 DruidicRifleman mglin_home whats up
02:43 Cprossu .calc sqrt(log(90))(pi)
02:43 BotSteve 4.39176507
02:43 Cprossu .calc sqrt(log(90))(6pi!)
02:43 BotSteve 60.2911469
02:43 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
02:44 Cprossu .calc 80 to hex
02:44 BotSteve 0x50
02:44 Cprossu nice!
02:44 Cprossu .calc 80 to bin
02:44 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:44 Cprossu .calc 80 to binary
02:44 BotSteve 0b1010000
02:44 BatSteve maglin_home: the only way I can respond to this -> maglin_home: your calc can't do much, can it <- is by asking how much calculating your bot can do
02:44 BatSteve and that would be rude
02:44 Cprossu what the hell?
02:44 Cprossu 0b???
02:44 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
02:45 exor674 .calc 0x5 + 010
02:45 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:45 exor674 aw
02:46 TheSessionMan joined #thegeekgroup
02:46 maglin_home haha bat.  i used to rock out bots in IRC, but i'm not particularly fond of IRC anymore.  so yeah.
02:46 maglin_home i used to have dice rollers, and news, random response stuff, all coded by hand
02:46 BatSteve Yeah, we're still working on news.
02:47 BatSteve we've got dice though.  that's slightly cool.
02:47 BatSteve would be cooler if it did other dice besides d20s
02:47 BatSteve .d20
02:47 BotSteve 10
02:47 TheSessionMan Still made no progress bleeding the break. I'm going to see if I can find a bleeding pump when I go to the city.
02:47 Cprossu .d20 / 20 + 6
02:47 BotSteve 8
02:48 Cprossu .d20 / 20 * 6
02:48 BotSteve 14
02:48 Cprossu .calc d20 / 20
02:48 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:48 eightbitbrad is the dice stuff in tgg?
02:48 exor674 .d4
02:48 eightbitbrad I'll work on that too while I'm at it.
02:49 Cprossu .calc (8/20)*6
02:49 BotSteve 2.4
02:49 Cprossu see I rolled a low 2 lol
02:49 Cprossu .calc rnd(pi)
02:49 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:49 Cprossu .calc rnd
02:49 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:49 eightbitbrad .d20
02:49 BotSteve 6
02:49 Cprossu .rnd
02:49 eightbitbrad vs ac
02:49 eightbitbrad yeah, no hit.
02:50 BatSteve eightbitbrad: checking now
02:50 BatSteve correct, it's in
02:50 BatSteve
02:50 eightbitbrad nice.
02:51 injektion I have never used my car's horn as I did when I went to pickup my brother. People were not using turn signals, blocking intersections, etc.
02:51 eightbitbrad I'm focusing on trying to get some table action now, but at some point I'll look into the dice stuff
02:53 exor674 .wa Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.
02:53 BotSteve Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.;A peck of pickled peppers Peter Piper picked., If Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers, how many peppers did Peter Piper pick?, (according to the tongue twister)
02:53 shockmebabby joined #thegeekgroup
02:53 BatSteve Oh hey cool!
02:53 BatSteve I can close issue #11!
02:53 BatSteve .c 10 mm -> in
02:53 BotSteve 0.393700787 in
02:54 injektion People need to learn how to drive and realize that when your brakes are grinding you have a serious saftey issue
02:54 BatSteve .c 7.26 mm -> in
02:54 BotSteve 0.285826772 in
02:54 BatSteve crop
02:54 BatSteve *crap
02:54 BatSteve .c 7.62 mm -> in
02:54 BotSteve 0.3 in
02:54 injektion safety*
02:54 DruidicRifleman is there a commande to divide?
02:54 Cprossu .c -273C to F
02:54 BotSteve -459.4 degrees Fahrenheit
02:54 Cprossu .c -273C to K
02:54 BotSteve 0.15 kelvin
02:55 Thermoelectric .c 0K to C
02:55 BotSteve -273.15 degrees Celsius
02:55 TheSessionMan 4 + 5
02:56 Cprossu .c log(e^x)
02:56 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:56 LeadHead .c 5 miles to km
02:56 BotSteve 8.04672 kilometers
02:56 Cprossu .c dxdy e^x
02:56 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:56 LeadHead .c 2^2
02:56 BotSteve 4
02:56 Thermoelectric .c 256^512
02:56 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:56 Cprossu .c f'(e^x)
02:56 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:57 Cprossu .c der(e^x)
02:57 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:57 Cprossu .c derrive(e^x)
02:57 BotSteve ...
02:57 LeadHead .c i^2
02:57 BotSteve -1
02:57 Thermoelectric .c sin123
02:57 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:57 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: yes
02:57 Thermoelectric .c sin(123)
02:57 BotSteve -0.459903491
02:57 BatSteve .c 15/3
02:57 BotSteve 5
02:57 Cprossu .c (e^x)^-1
02:57 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
02:58 Cprossu .wa DXDY(e^x)
02:58 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
02:59 LeadHead .wa The Geek Group
02:59 Cprossu .wa DYDX(e^x)
02:59 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
02:59 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
02:59 LeadHead .wa 42
02:59 BotSteve 42;forty-two;XLII;101010_2;2&times;3&times;7;m->2->3->4->5->6->7->8->9, 42 mod m->0->0->2->2->0->0->2->6;42 is an even number.;42 has the unique representation 42 = 1^2+4^2+5^2 as a sum of 3 squares.;42 is the 5th Catalan number (C[5]).;42 is the number of integer partitions of 10 (p(10)).;42 = 222_4 repeats a single digit in base 4.;e^(pi sqrt(42))~~695295413.0301 is a near-integer, and the ring of integers of the as
02:59 Cprossu the ring integers of the ass?!
02:59 Cprossu hahaha
02:59 exor674 that's... an awesome truncate point
02:59 Cprossu .wa plank's constant
02:59 BotSteve h  (Planck constant);6.626069&times;10^-34 J s  (joule seconds);4.135667&times;10^-15 eV s  (electronvolt seconds);~~ 6.3 &times; reduced Planck constant (~~ 1.1&times;10^-34 J s );action;[mass] [length]^2 [time]^(-1)
03:00 Cprossu well at least it caught my misspell
03:00 exor674 .wa c in cubits per fortnight
03:00 BotSteve convert 1 c  (speed of light in vacuum) to cubits per fortnight;7.932&times;10^14 cubits\/fortnight;2.998&times;10^8 m\/s  (meters per second);6.706&times;10^8 mph  (miles per hour);1.799&times;10^13 L\/min\/m^2  (liters per minute per square meter);5.901&times;10^10 ft^3\/min\/ft^2  (cubic feet per minute per square foot);1.799&times;10^10 m^3\/min\/m^2  (cubic meters per minute per square meter);climate change veloc
03:00 Cprossu .wa plates
03:00 BotSteve plates  (English word);1->noun->(baseball) base consisting of a rubber slab where the batter stands; it must be touched by a base runner in order to score, 2->noun->a sheet of metal or wood or glass or plastic, 3->noun->a full-page illustration (usually on slick paper), 4->noun->dish on which food is served or from which food is eaten, 5->noun->the quantity contained in a plate, 6->noun->a rigid layer of the Earth\'s
03:01 LeadHead .wa The Geek Group
03:01 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
03:01 LeadHead .wa YouTube
03:01 BotSteve  (domain);company name->Google, Inc., location->Mountain View, California, United States, market cap->$169.4 billion, employees->24400 people;name->Google Inc., location->Mountain View, California, United States;daily page views->~~ 5.3 billion , daily visitors->~~ 400 million , site rank->3rd, domain online->February 15, 2005  (~~6 years ago), (based on Alexa estimates, as of  April 18, 2011);page title->
03:01 Cprossu .wa kaboom
03:01 BotSteve Kaboom  (movie);title->Kaboom, director->Gregg Araki, release date->January 28, 2011  (80 days ago), runtime->86 minutes  (1 hour 26 minutes), writer->Gregg Araki, genres->comedy -> horror -> sci-fi;total receipts->$116478  (US dollars)  (as of April 10, 2011), latest receipts->$848  (US dollars)  (weekend ending April 10, 2011), latest rank->100th  (weekend ending April 10, 2011), latest number of screens->4   (weeke
03:01 Cprossu .wa useless crap
03:01 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
03:01 Cprossu REALLY?!
03:01 Thermoelectric .wa Stephen King
03:01 BotSteve Stephen King  (novelist);full name->Stephen Edwin King, date of birth->Sunday, September 21, 1947 (age: 63 years), place of birth->Portland, Maine
03:02 exor674 .wa Birthdate of Stephen King * Death date of George Washington
03:02 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
03:03 BatSteve probably because you can't multiply a date
03:03 LeadHead .wa Bacon
03:03 BotSteve bacon->amount->1 slice;| mean value->% daily value->range, total calories->37 Cal->2%->(35 to 38) Cal, fat calories->26 Cal->->(24 to 27) Cal;| mean value->% daily value->range, total carbohydrates->95 mg->0%->(73 to 105) mg, dietary fiber->0 g->0%->, sugar->0 g-> |;| mean value->% daily value->range, total fat->2.9 g->4%->(2.6 to 3) g, saturated fat->939 mg->5%->(0.85 to 0.99) g, trans fat->0 g-> |;| mean value->% da
03:04 exor674 .wa Birth year of Stephen King * Death year of George Washington
03:04 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
03:04 Thermoelectric .wiki The Geek Group
03:04 BotSteve "This page has been deleted." -
03:04 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
03:04 BatSteve Really?
03:04 BatSteve Cool!
03:05 BatSteve ::goes poking around::
03:05 Thermoelectric ...That was 5 years ago, though.
03:06 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
03:07 TheSessionMan .c 3 + 0
03:08 TheSessionMan damn I always make a mistake
03:08 LeadHead .v
03:08 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | BotSteve now searches youtube!  Try it out with .yt
03:08 LeadHead .c
03:08 BotSteve LeadHead: Could not calculate. Missing terms?
03:08 LeadHead no space maybe
03:08 eightbitbrad I <3 Python so hard.
03:09 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
03:09 DruidicRifleman sorry steve AFK watching tv
03:09 Hydroelectric Hey all.
03:09 steve______ good evening
03:10 BatSteve hiya
03:12 TheSessionMan left #thegeekgroup
03:12 Hydroelectric No more streaming for TGG.
03:12 LeadHead ?
03:12 Hydroelectric He said goodnight.
03:20 djrock9000 joined #thegeekgroup
03:21 djrock9000 left #thegeekgroup
03:21 maglin_home left #thegeekgroup
03:22 ubergoober joined #thegeekgroup
03:23 eightbitbrad BatSteve: do me a favor and join #eightbittest for a moment
03:24 eightbitbrad nevermind
03:24 shockmebabby left #thegeekgroup
03:27 Cprossu two more games to go in the portal ARG thing
03:28 Cprossu man they musta made bank off of those noobs
03:28 LeadHead how much did those games cost
03:28 Cprossu like $50-60 for the whole pack
03:28 LeadHead just to release portal like a day earlier?
03:29 Cprossu gabe just got lots of monies lol
03:29 Cprossu although they did do portal2 content in those games I don't play
03:30 injektion It doesn't matter now there is about an hour to go
03:31 * BatSteve pictures gabe swimming in a giant room full of money
03:31 injektion I knew that it would take until release day and I'm not surprised that it took so long
03:31 BatSteve (there's a VGCats about that, but I can't remember it now)
03:32 Cprossu BatSteve: The idea of gabe swimming is terrifying
03:32 Hydroelectric Is this Portal 2?
03:33 Cprossu oh god
03:33 Cprossu the vgcats is worse than my imagination was
03:33 Cprossu
03:34 Hydroelectric @Cprossu Haha.
03:35 Cprossu but yeah portal 2, in either 1 hour or 1 year delay
03:35 Cprossu choose your side
03:35 LeadHead hmm?
03:36 Cprossu well last april the deploying surprise in 3..2..1 was we're gonna RL portal2 next year some time instead of later this month =P
03:36 BatSteve HAHA that's the one!
03:36 BatSteve I can't look at that picture and be sad.  He looks so jolly.
03:36 Cprossu well either way gabe got my $45
03:37 Cprossu (but no more =P)
03:37 Cprossu and I haven't spent a nickel on the TF2 store lunacy either
03:41 cctoide night
03:41 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:46 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
03:47 Toastdude Hi
03:48 Thermoelectric Hello.
03:48 injektion Hello
03:49 Toastdude Does anyone know whats on the UStream camera?
03:49 Cprossu the RCA test pattern
03:49 BatSteve hi toast
03:49 Cprossu
03:50 Toastdude Oh, thanks. :) I'm 13, so I don't know much about that....
03:50 LinuxH4x0r1 joined #thegeekgroup
03:50 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
03:50 LinuxH4x0r1 is now known as LinuxH4x0r
03:50 Cprossu
03:50 Cprossu ^check out the test pattern generator
03:50 Toastdude Hi, Steve
03:51 Toastdude Thanks!
03:54 chunks left #thegeekgroup
03:57 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
03:59 injektion left #thegeekgroup
03:59 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
03:59 NeWtoz they should of used the bunny instead
04:02 Toastdude For the test?
04:04 DruidicRifleman Bunneys taster good
04:04 DruidicRifleman taste*
04:04 DruidicRifleman Raost em up with bacon in the oven
04:05 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
04:10 Hydroelectric Be back later.
04:13 Toastdude Does Mr. Boden have any type of schedule for making videos?
04:14 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
04:15 BatSteve toast - none that I know of, and it's ok to call him Chris.
04:15 BatSteve I think he tries to get at least one out every couple of days
04:16 Toastdude Ok, thanks. I'll just have to watch and see. I just didn't want to be disrespectful
04:17 Toastdude Just wondering, are you Batman?
04:17 NeWtoz He used to do them every day, and I miss them :(
04:18 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: Are you still around?
04:18 eightbitbrad is now known as bytebrad
04:19 bytebrad is now known as eightbitbrad
04:19 DruidicRifleman yeah whats up?
04:19 BatSteve I am not the batman you're thinking of, no
04:19 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:19 wannabe1987 red_!
04:19 Toastdude Oh,ok. sorry
04:19 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: Can you join other channels?  I need someone to join a test channel
04:19 DruidicRifleman it's the patro saint of white paint
04:19 DruidicRifleman patron*
04:19 eightbitbrad trying out some updated code I want to merge into BotSteve
04:19 DruidicRifleman and Send it in a PM
04:19 eightbitbrad RED!
04:20 NeWtoz I ended up with paint all over my body, and I don't know how
04:20 NeWtoz I thought I was being real good
04:21 RED_ Hey guys.
04:21 RED_ That sounds a bit kinky, NeWtoz.
04:21 RED_ lol.
04:21 eightbitbrad lol
04:22 eightbitbrad I haz a happy.
04:22 NeWtoz ;)
04:22 BatSteve no need to be sorry
04:22 BatSteve and everyone should give eightbitbrad a round of applause
04:22 BatSteve he rocked out just now
04:22 eightbitbrad :D
04:23 eightbitbrad BotSteve's gonna have some decent greet functions
04:23 eightbitbrad and that's just the beginning :)
04:23 Toastdude thanks :) (applause to eightbitbrad)
04:23 eightbitbrad probably won't be merged for another day or so, I need to add a few things
04:24 eightbitbrad I'm also going to implement some better tell functionality while I'm at it.
04:24 BatSteve cool.  just make sure to keep your commits small and logical.
04:24 BatSteve giant wad o' code commits are less than optimal
04:24 BatSteve (grin)
04:24 * Thermoelectric has a new love towards magnet wire, ran out of the normal insulated wire a long time ago.
04:25 eightbitbrad yeah, I'm gonna commit the greeting stuff tomorrow. :)
04:28 RED_ :)
04:29 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
04:30 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
04:30 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
04:30 Fulsy Portal 2 is out
04:30 Toastdude Already??
04:30 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
04:30 Toastdude I need to buy it....
04:30 Fulsy on steam
04:31 Toastdude Thats awesome!
04:33 DruidicRifleman i helped test it *nod nod*
04:33 Cprossu woot portal 2
04:33 Cprossu decrypt faster you piece of shit!
04:34 Toastdude woot woot!
04:34 Toastdude what needs to decrypt faster?
04:34 eightbitbrad ah, my work for the night is done
04:35 Cprossu Toastdude: the portal 2 game files
04:35 Toastdude Ahh... are you getting it now?
04:36 Roly left #thegeekgroup
04:37 Fulsy I cant cuz I'm a 15 year old with no credit card
04:37 wannabe1987 portal 2 is out!  /nerddddddddddddddds
04:37 eightbitbrad I'm gonna get Portal 2 for PS3... then I'll also get it for PC for free.
04:37 eightbitbrad :)
04:37 Toastdude Nice :)
04:39 Toastdude Have any of you been to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago?
04:39 tanilolli joined #thegeekgroup
04:40 BatSteve hey tanilolli
04:40 tanilolli Hey :)
04:40 BatSteve Toastdude: nope
04:40 eightbitbrad Toastdude: It's been a good 12 years or so for me
04:40 RED_ since you got laid?
04:41 eightbitbrad RED_: ha ha, funneh :P
04:41 Toastdude I'm going there with my geek-in-crime tomorrow
04:41 eightbitbrad and I thought you liked me... *sniffles*
04:41 RED_ lol
04:41 eightbitbrad *sniff* said hi to me on the stream and everything... but alas..
04:41 * eightbitbrad goes to the corner
04:42 RED_ Dont' be sad, starshine...the snow is all melting.
04:44 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
04:44 eightbitbrad yay
04:44 eightbitbrad :D
04:45 Toastdude the snow's already melted here...
04:47 tanilolli left #thegeekgroup
04:47 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
04:51 Toastdude Does anybody use mindstorms nxt?
04:52 Cprossu wow 36k people already playing portal 2
04:54 eightbitbrad :)
04:54 eightbitbrad Lots of people waiting on it
04:54 eightbitbrad I'll pick it up at some point
04:55 eightbitbrad I've got so many games I need to finish it's not funny
04:57 Cprossu 45,000 now
04:59 DruidicRifleman :( that pooor kuka robot that chris murdered :(
05:00 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
05:03 RED_ We are all just...Code Monkeys:
05:04 eightbitbrad lol nice
05:04 DruidicRifleman LOL i don't write code
05:04 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
05:04 DruidicRifleman I was like 17 last time i did code
05:05 LeadHead The only games I've actually even able to finsih
05:05 LeadHead are the Half Life Series
05:05 LeadHead and CoD 4 Original
05:05 LeadHead I just loose interest with most other games
05:05 Cprossu DruidicRifleman: one letter off and it would be funnier
05:06 Thermoelectric :D Got a inverter out of an old laptop working, takes a bit of pushing to get the bastard going (control pulses and the such), but it still works! The first inverter I've had running without blowing it up, for a long time.
05:06 DruidicRifleman what would i have said then
05:06 DruidicRifleman ???
05:07 BatSteve coke
05:07 BatSteve Congrats thermo!
05:08 DruidicRifleman Soooo Project TGG Killer robot !
05:08 Cprossu it's still funny to think of doing code like drugs
05:08 DruidicRifleman 1 i was wondering if the Dalek base reallty the best design for Global conquest
05:08 DruidicRifleman they Have issues with stairs with out over technolodgy
05:09 DruidicRifleman A 1 inch ledge could Stope they're advance
05:09 DruidicRifleman
05:09 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: Uh... they've overcome that.
05:09 DruidicRifleman this track system Scaled down
05:09 DruidicRifleman Yeah I don't have the capability to make hover daleks
05:10 eightbitbrad hmmm yeah, good point
05:10 eightbitbrad old-school Dalek it is then!
05:10 DruidicRifleman I am thinking A track based System till we Can make a hovering Dalek
05:11 DruidicRifleman this Solves two issues
05:11 DruidicRifleman 1 Mobility
05:11 DruidicRifleman the tracks would mean very little would slow our robot army down
05:11 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
05:12 DruidicRifleman 2 Since we lack allot of the technolodgy a track based low Center of gravity system WOULD be harder to knock over and immobilies
05:13 DruidicRifleman them
05:16 DruidicRifleman the baby Daleks Would probly Be more Canon in shape As they would be Most likly deploied as Indoor security bots
05:16 DruidicRifleman though they would have enough mobility to get around on side walks and such
05:17 CSMonster .....druid, who are you talking to?
05:17 BatSteve himself?
05:17 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
05:17 CSMonster fair enough.
05:17 BatSteve I dunno
05:19 DruidicRifleman What I am Asking for opionons on the design of a killer robot
05:19 Yaotzin wait
05:19 Yaotzin Are Batsteve and Batman not the same person?
05:19 CSMonster what's cookin, Yaotzin?
05:19 BatSteve Yaotzin: correct
05:20 BatSteve sorry for any confusion
05:20 LeadHead There is also another eteve
05:20 LeadHead who is not batsteve
05:20 LeadHead *steve
05:20 BatSteve yeah
05:20 Yaotzin CSMonster: What's cookin? confusion at high 10 o'clock
05:20 BatSteve We got more steves than we got tesla coils right now
05:21 CSMonster it's that left flank every time.  gotta watch out.
05:21 Yaotzin Man I'm going to confuse batman and batsteve so much
05:21 DruidicRifleman thats atleast 5 steaves
05:22 Yaotzin Eh? Steve!
05:26 RED_ lol
05:26 Yaotzin I'll keep making that reference until someone gets it
05:27 RED_ lol
05:27 BatSteve I did
05:27 BatSteve when your name is Steve, you hear it a lot
05:27 BatSteve (grin)
05:27 Yaotzin So what's batmans name?
05:28 RED_ the batman
05:29 Yaotzin T. Batman is how he signs his paperwork
05:29 LeadHead BatMan
05:29 LeadHead BatSteve
05:29 LeadHead Steve____
05:30 LeadHead Who else has  similar/identical names in TGG?
05:31 Yaotzin At least there wont be another Yaotzin
05:31 Yaotzin except some damn swedish death metal band that stole my name
05:32 RED_ or another Red
05:32 Yaotzin Maybe a r3d
05:33 RED_ \oooh
05:33 RED_ sneak
05:33 RED_ y
05:33 LeadHead What abou a TED_
05:33 Yaotzin RedTed the mattress salesman
05:34 Yaotzin see cause RedTed is the bed guy...
05:35 RED_ he's good in bed, lol.
05:36 ekim4 joined #thegeekgroup
05:36 LeadHead Is he?
05:36 Yaotzin RedTed he's good in bed and owns a sled?
05:37 RED_ good head.
05:37 Yaotzin and is well fed?
05:37 CSMonster ....
05:38 LeadHead did someone say my name?
05:38 BatSteve and isn't dead?
05:39 RED_ That's what she said.
05:39 RED_ ^_^
05:39 LeadHead That's what you said?
05:39 Yaotzin So RED are you still RedWhite?
05:40 RED_ oh yes.
05:40 RED_ my hair is horrifically full of paint.
05:41 LeadHead Aww
05:41 * BatSteve would stay to explore this topic
05:41 BatSteve but I haz a tired
05:41 BatSteve goodnight all
05:41 Yaotzin lol, you'd think after doing all that painting you'd be used to not getting covered in it
05:41 Yaotzin Later batsteve
05:41 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
05:42 RED_ nighttt
05:42 RED_ lol,.
05:43 RED_ I'm just clumbsy. I ALWAYS paint myself, and i'm a pro painter...been doing it foreevvver
05:43 LeadHead Sleep is for chump
05:43 LeadHead s
05:43 LeadHead tbh.
05:43 Yaotzin I see, heh
05:44 Yaotzin Well white highlights work with red hair I guess?
05:44 Yaotzin Wouldn't work on me too well, I pretty much have Cory's hair only it's naturally black cause lol german
05:45 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
05:45 RED_ I've hadd those before.
05:45 Yaotzin What, white highlights?
05:46 RED_ I've had all colors in my heiar, it's fun
05:46 RED_ yep.
05:46 RED_ they were there just a week ago actually.
05:46 Yaotzin So what's your natural hair color?
05:46 RED_ it was an accident with hair bleach, but looked cool - so i leftt t
05:46 Yaotzin ouch bleach, I'm not a fan of it
05:47 RED_ lol
05:47 RED_ it can be fun
05:47 Yaotzin No joke when I was a teenager I wanted to bleach my hair so I could dye it blue
05:47 Yaotzin since blue is my favorite color
05:47 LeadHead Why.
05:47 Yaotzin and I even bleached my goattee
05:47 Yaotzin hurt so much
05:47 RED_ lol.
05:47 Yaotzin Never again
05:47 RED_ that was intelligent
05:47 Thaery LOL
05:47 LeadHead Why was there even a first time!?
05:47 Yaotzin Yeah
05:48 Yaotzin Hey what else is there to do during Michigan winters?
05:48 DruidicRifleman ... Not put bleach on your face?
05:48 Yaotzin That seems obvious now
05:48 LeadHead It should have been from the onset
05:49 LeadHead Especially being Male
05:49 RED_ computer games, do some painting, photography, demolition of buildings, get laid, smoke pot, write computer codes, explore new music, kill yourself.
05:49 Thaery Agreed ^
05:49 Yaotzin Yeah I wasn't going to mention it but all the pot throughout middle and highschool didn't help
05:49 LeadHead Uh huh
05:49 LeadHead SUre
05:49 Yaotzin in my choice to throw bleach on my face
05:49 Thaery excuses excuses
05:49 LeadHead I've never seen a stoner here
05:49 LeadHead throw bleach on the face
05:50 Yaotzin Well clearly you don't know enough stoners
05:50 Yaotzin but that's a good thing
05:50 Yaotzin I gave that up a long while ago
05:50 Thaery Dude I'm from the Netherlands.... never seen ANYONE do that
05:51 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
05:51 RED_ I've never had pot. I feel left out.
05:51 Thaery Don't worry
05:51 Yaotzin All you're missing is disappointment
05:51 Thaery RED: It's overrated
05:51 DruidicRifleman Says the special brownie addict?
05:52 Thaery I smoked it for 10 years then gave up, shit gets depressing
05:52 Thaery It's nothing mre than a downer
05:53 DruidicRifleman I opened a door Told someone they had a message they we're waiting for on MSN closed the door walked 5 Feet and Was seeing little green irish people
05:53 Yaotzin Hallucinating from pot? That sounds dubious
05:54 wannabe1987 interesting
05:54 * wannabe1987 is back
05:54 Yaotzin But yeah someone close to me ran into legal trouble when I was 17 or 19 and I gave it up
05:54 wannabe1987 i tried it once, red_ its not all its cracked up to be...
05:55 DruidicRifleman yaotzin not according the the head of a medical mary jane dispencyery intoronto ontario
05:55 RED_ lol
05:56 Yaotzin Now I'll have a drink on the odd weekend that I'm out doing Rockband or D&D or having a couples night
05:56 Yaotzin and that's about it
05:56 DruidicRifleman I have an adverse reaction with THC
05:57 Yaotzin Near the end it just made  me paranoid
05:58 wannabe1987 made my x paranoid :(
05:59 DruidicRifleman lol
05:59 wannabe1987 everysingle time we saw a cop while out and a bout...
05:59 Yaotzin It made me paranoid to the fact that it was illegal
05:59 wannabe1987 went crazy
05:59 DruidicRifleman Yeah Sitting in a computer chair spinning in circles seeing little green people runnign around the room it doesn't help to gave a stoner Say to you "WTF man why is he tripping and i'm, not"
05:59 Yaotzin Yeah I couldn't enjoy it anymore
06:00 Yaotzin Its good anyway, I'd rather not dump my money into pot, god I'm only just now finally putting cigarettes down
06:00 Yaotzin after smoking for 8 years
06:01 Yaotzin 9 even
06:01 Thaery Ha,,ucinations and THC not so much, but paranoia and depression for sure
06:01 Thaery *Hallucinations
06:02 wannabe1987 lol
06:02 wannabe1987 i like your creative spelling, thaery
06:03 Thaery Not too mention my KB is under my desk and I'm not exactly a touch typist
06:03 Yaotzin not a touch typist?
06:03 Yaotzin o_o
06:03 Thaery nope
06:04 Thaery sucks eh?
06:04 Thaery not native english either
06:04 Yaotzin I grew up with a keyboard in one hand and a videogame paddle in the other
06:04 Yaotzin Ah
06:05 Yaotzin I didn't even notice
06:05 * wannabe1987 still has gaping hole in mouth :P
06:05 Yaotzin aw
06:05 Thaery Dutch is my native language, moved to canada 10 years ago
06:05 Yaotzin Don't stick your tongue in it
06:05 wannabe1987 awww theres noone to play tooth fairy :(
06:05 wannabe1987 but it naturally goes to my hole :P
06:05 Thaery But some words still trip me up
06:06 Yaotzin Maybe RED_ can give you a dollar tomorrow
06:06 Yaotzin for your tooth
06:06 wannabe1987 red_?  would you do that?
06:07 RED_ I have no idea what's going on,....
06:07 RED_ lol
06:07 Yaotzin Red you get to dress up as the tooth fairy
06:07 Thaery Well Wannabe has a gaping hole in her mouth worth a dollar apparently
06:07 Yaotzin Just stay off the livestream or all of the awkward male teens will explode
06:08 wannabe1987 lol
06:08 Thaery You mean 90% of tgg members
06:08 wannabe1987 yes
06:08 Yaotzin That became apparent today
06:08 Thaery you mean the comments about Liz?
06:08 wannabe1987 holy crap yes it did
06:08 wannabe1987 what did batman do?
06:09 Yaotzin Did batman do something?
06:09 Yaotzin I wasn't watching the stream that much
06:09 wannabe1987 yeah.  he did.  i had the stream paused for a sec
06:09 wannabe1987 i think he mighta lifted his shirt, shown moobs
06:09 Yaotzin Oh geeze
06:10 RED_ Do I get to be a seeexxxyyyy tooth fairy/?
06:10 wannabe1987 if you want to be...
06:10 Thaery ................................
06:10 wannabe1987 max and i will be stopping by the lab tomorrow afternoon
06:10 Yaotzin You can get a wand with streamers on it
06:11 * Thaery wishes he could visit the lab
06:11 Yaotzin Even when I move back to Michigan I'm still going to be a good two hours away
06:12 wannabe1987 better than 3k miles!
06:12 Yaotzin so it'll probably still be a while before I get to drop in
06:12 wannabe1987 saturdays!
06:12 Yaotzin aye
06:12 Thaery But it aint gonna happen
06:12 wannabe1987 shhh
06:12 wannabe1987 yes it will!
06:12 Thaery Apprantly Dutch citizens cn't get into the US without a visa..
06:12 wannabe1987 orly
06:12 Thaery yup
06:12 wannabe1987 stupid usa
06:13 Thaery YUP!
06:13 wannabe1987 wanna see something cute?
06:13 Thaery :P
06:13 Thaery likeÉ
06:13 wannabe1987
06:13 wannabe1987 that
06:13 Thaery wtfÉ
06:13 Yaotzin Is it a puppy?
06:13 wannabe1987 yes!
06:13 Thaery É
06:13 Thaery the hell
06:13 Thaery my KB layout just randomly changed
06:13 Yaotzin That's not a puppy, that's a cotton ball
06:13 wannabe1987 cotton ball on legs, qtip on legs, etc yep
06:14 Thaery looks like a bichon
06:14 wannabe1987 cuz it is
06:14 Yaotzin bichon?
06:14 Thaery frisee
06:14 wannabe1987 bichon frise
06:14 wannabe1987 french
06:14 Yaotzin bur?
06:14 wannabe1987 bur?
06:14 Yaotzin bur?
06:15 wannabe1987 you said "bur?"
06:15 wannabe1987 and i don't know what "bur" means
06:15 wannabe1987 other than "brrrr i'm cold"
06:15 Yaotzin yeah like, abur? said in a questioning manner
06:15 Yaotzin as in what the hell are you two on about?
06:15 wannabe1987 abur?  i don't understand
06:16 RED_ :)
06:16 Yaotzin Oh bichon frissee is a breed of dog?
06:16 wannabe1987 yessir
06:16 Yaotzin I had no idea
06:16 wannabe1987 french
06:17 Yaotzin Hell I've been living with cats for 22 years and I couldn't name a cat breed besides tabby
06:17 Thaery Rebooting, comp dead
06:17 wannabe1987 ll
06:18 Yaotzin the smallest game of pong
06:20 Yaotzin but yeah Abur? is like Huh? or Aroo? or buh?
06:20 DruidicRifleman I wonder how large a fusor can be Before it produce's radiation
06:21 wannabe1987 i dunno...but i got xray'd today...
06:21 wannabe1987 yaotzin  - never heard of that...weird
06:21 LeadHead If you have fusion, you'll have radiation iirc
06:21 LeadHead on small scale
06:21 LeadHead not enough to matter
06:21 Thaery left #thegeekgroup
06:23 * wannabe1987 is playing 1 song by bob marley
06:23 Yaotzin My tooth finally stopped hurting, but if I accidentally chew on it will kill me again
06:23 Yaotzin Oh you mean that song that sounds completely different from any other song he's ever done?
06:24 Yaotzin you know, that one
06:26 RED_ left #thegeekgroup
06:26 wannabe1987 yaotzin - lol no
06:26 Yaotzin Yeah me neither
06:26 wannabe1987 but it goes along w/ the pot convo from earlier :P
06:27 Yaotzin :p
06:27 wannabe1987 night red_
06:27 LeadHead ````+++++++++++++++
06:27 Yaotzin I guess Red was plum tuckered out
06:27 wannabe1987 and i know what you mean about accidentally chewing on it and it hurting...
06:27 wannabe1987 too much painting/paint fumes
06:27 Yaotzin indeed
06:31 DruidicRifleman Sigh i was having a nice chat with red in PM and she poofed
06:31 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
06:32 wannabe1987 happens
06:33 Yaotzin hmm
06:33 DruidicRifleman meh i should probly try this sleep thing people keep talking about
06:33 Yaotzin Nothing on PSN to play, PC is out of commission
06:33 Yaotzin I'm bored
06:34 wannabe1987 make food!
06:34 Yaotzin at 11:30 at night?
06:34 Yaotzin Actually I could make ramen and drop an egg in it with some sriracha
06:34 wannabe1987 or 2:30a
06:34 wannabe1987 sriracha?
06:34 Yaotzin chinese hotsauce
06:34 Yaotzin really really good
06:34 Yaotzin Never had it until I came down to california
06:35 wannabe1987 ahhh
06:35 wannabe1987 heatlevel?
06:35 Yaotzin Pretty gatdamn hot. I wouldn't eat it straight
06:35 Yaotzin although it is very flavorful which is the important part
06:36 DruidicRifleman lol i know people sooo poor they can't afford ramin
06:36 DruidicRifleman ramin
06:36 DruidicRifleman grrr
06:36 DruidicRifleman ramen
06:36 wannabe1987 RAMEN
06:36 DruidicRifleman there got it before wannabe corrected me
06:36 DruidicRifleman MUWAHAHAHA
06:36 wannabe1987 i have i can buy food :D
06:36 wannabe1987 and i can afford to feed people at the lab too :D
06:36 Yaotzin I fear I might be living off of foodstamps when I get back
06:36 Yaotzin I really rather not
06:37 DruidicRifleman yaotzin i think the geek group needs to invent the replicator
06:38 Yaotzin I reckon
06:38 DruidicRifleman I mean Whats the worst that could happen? we solve world hunger
06:38 DruidicRifleman OOOOH evil free food for all
06:38 wannabe1987 omg no hungry ppl in haiti?  yes please
06:39 DruidicRifleman It's not like it could ever be used for any thing illegal
06:43 wannabe1987 *pin drop*
06:44 Yaotzin *CRASH*
06:45 wannabe1987 *explosion*
06:45 Thermoelectric *implosion*
06:45 wannabe1987 *sexplosion?*
06:46 Thermoelectric Hmm.
06:46 Yaotzin That'll happen
06:46 * wannabe1987 wouldn't know
06:46 * wannabe1987 is possibly the only virgin in the room w00t
06:46 Yaotzin Possibly
06:47 Thermoelectric What's so good about being a virgin? You miss out on all the fun.
06:47 wannabe1987 religious reasons
06:47 Thermoelectric Oh yeah.
06:48 Yaotzin I wouldn't call every sexual experience fun
06:48 Yaotzin So much as a life experience
06:49 Yaotzin Turned me into someone who'd rather settle down than play the field so to speak
06:49 wannabe1987 "they see me mowin, my front lawn"
06:49 wannabe1987 :D
06:50 Yaotzin Gettin kind of white and nerdy?
06:50 wannabe1987 lol
06:51 Yaotzin Amish paradise was a dirty pleasure
06:51 Yaotzin I remember recording it off the radio on cassette
06:51 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
06:51 Yaotzin That's how I got all of my weird al music
06:51 wannabe1987 dude...i did that last year...:P
06:52 wannabe1987 i blared amish paradise in amish country
06:52 Yaotzin I still don't have an mp3 player
06:52 Yaotzin oh lol
06:52 wannabe1987 i have an ipod...but only a cassette player/radio in the car...
06:52 wannabe1987 apparently cds weren't popular in 1997
06:53 Yaotzin I had a cassette player, then I got one of those CD players that read mp3s way back when
06:53 Yaotzin and I've never owned another music player since then
06:53 Yaotzin and that was back in early highschool
06:53 Yaotzin or middleschool, hell if I remember
06:53 wannabe1987 which was when
06:54 Yaotzin I don't remember? I dropped out of school when I was 16 or 17
06:54 Yaotzin highschool starts at what, 14? 15?
06:54 wannabe1987 o ok.  you don't remember the year?
06:54 wannabe1987 14
06:55 Yaotzin Not really no, I remember when I finally replaced my 56k modem with cable, that was in 04
06:55 Yaotzin but remembering when I was in school? no way
06:55 Yaotzin I was born in 89, I can give you that much
06:55 Yaotzin lol
06:55 DruidicRifleman night geeks
06:55 Yaotzin night drood
06:55 wannabe1987 ook
06:55 DruidicRifleman Druid
06:55 wannabe1987 younger than i am
06:56 Yaotzin Going by your handle? Yeah I reckon
06:56 wannabe1987 lol
06:56 wannabe1987 yep...
06:56 DruidicRifleman I remember people Saying "dude you have your own computer"
06:56 Yaotzin i turned 22 in March
06:56 wannabe1987 i turned 24 on the 24th
06:56 Yaotzin the 24th of what?
06:56 wannabe1987 MARCH
06:56 DruidicRifleman august 21st i turn 24
06:56 Yaotzin No shit? My birthday is on the 28th
06:57 wannabe1987 lol yep
06:57 wannabe1987 march is popular...
06:57 wannabe1987 i dunno why tho...
06:57 wannabe1987 lol
06:57 Yaotzin must be the blue birthstone
06:58 wannabe1987 lol
06:58 wannabe1987 what happens 9 months before?
06:58 Yaotzin june happens
06:59 wannabe1987 summer sex..
06:59 Yaotzin Well I mean, when it's cold outside and you're cooped indoors the whole time during winter
06:59 Yaotzin Seems like it'd be more likely then
06:59 wannabe1987 yeah
07:00 wannabe1987 thats what i don't understand :P
07:00 Yaotzin I reckon going out for vacation in June
07:00 wannabe1987 posssibly
07:01 wannabe1987 or "schools out...lets fuck" sex
07:01 Yaotzin heh
07:01 DruidicRifleman Both are actually valid
07:01 Yaotzin Nice boots
07:01 DruidicRifleman whats 9 months before august
07:01 DruidicRifleman specially august 21st
07:02 Yaotzin add three months to august
07:02 Yaotzin get your answer
07:02 wannabe1987 lol
07:02 wannabe1987 thanksgiving :D
07:03 DruidicRifleman I am sleepy any ways
07:03 DruidicRifleman night
07:03 DruidicRifleman not where i am from
07:03 DruidicRifleman you Silly yankies and your november thanks giving
07:03 wannabe1987 stupid canadians
07:03 DruidicRifleman don't you know it's in october
07:03 wannabe1987 lol sorry
07:04 Yaotzin stupid canadians and their eating spaghetti for thanksgiving
07:04 Yaotzin because that makes sense
07:04 DruidicRifleman I don't do that and i am part italian
07:04 DruidicRifleman I shave i look like a wise guy
07:04 DruidicRifleman ok i'm signing off
07:05 wannabe1987 night
07:06 wannabe1987 fuck why is muskegon so far away?!
07:06 Yaotzin lol
07:06 wannabe1987 damn damn damn
07:06 Yaotzin;oe=utf-8&amp;client=firefox-a&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;hl=en&amp;hq=&amp;hnear=Ross+Lake&amp;t=h&amp;z=14
07:06 Yaotzin I grew up fishing in this lake
07:06 Yaotzin I'd love to retire up there
07:07 Yaotzin My grandparents home is not two minutes from it
07:07 wannabe1987 nice
07:07 Yaotzin And I'm taking the laptop to the bathroom with me, so I might end up cutting in and out
07:07 {{{localhost}}} left #thegeekgroup
07:07 wannabe1987 lol ok
07:07 Yaotzin but yeah, great lake
07:07 Yaotzin I love fishing
07:08 {{{localhost}}} joined #thegeekgroup
07:08 Yaotzin I got to be too tall for my grandfathers little metal boat however
07:08 Yaotzin would kill my knees something fierce
07:08 wannabe1987 lol
07:09 ekim4 left #thegeekgroup
07:09 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
07:13 wannabe1987 crisis is back to semi-normal for today
07:14 Yaotzin crises?
07:14 Yaotzin what happened
07:14 Yaotzin crisis even
07:19 wannabe1987 night all!
07:20 * wannabe1987 sleeps
07:20 wannabe1987 is now known as wannabe1987--zzz
07:28 Hydroelectric Night.
07:34 Yaotzin_ joined #thegeekgroup
07:34 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
07:34 Yaotzin_ is now known as Yaotzin
07:36 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
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07:59 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
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08:01 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:01 asnopus_ is now known as asnopus
08:19 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
08:25 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
08:30 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
11:05 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
11:05 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again...
11:06 Seroster BatSteve-Away, your bot is stuck on that one, like an LP...
11:24 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
11:25 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
11:27 mtearle
11:34 Seroster Is there anyone with an  nst that hasnt done that?
11:35 Seroster And it is that retarded damn scottish dude
11:54 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
11:54 dr_jkl left #thegeekgroup
11:54 mantere left #thegeekgroup
12:01 dr_jkl joined #thegeekgroup
12:01 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
12:03 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
12:05 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
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12:14 Guardianzozo joined #thegeekgroup
12:39 Seroster;  damn that is a good question
12:45 pegasus Seroster: i think it would tunnel through your hand without incedent. the speeds are just too high for proper atomic interactions.
12:46 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
12:47 pegasus oic, there are multiple questoins
12:47 * pegasus switches the i and o
12:49 Thermoelectric Would it even be possible to get your hand within the tube to have a collision?
12:50 pegasus not without some reengineering
12:51 pegasus and i just thought of something....
12:51 * pegasus digs around
12:55 pegasus man, i can't find it to cite it, but i read something once upon a time about high energy nuclear medicine and how they can impart a stream of protons with just enough energy to have it tunnel X deep into tissue and then a "breakdown energy" level is reached where it dumps the remainder of its (still impressive) momentum into the surrounding tissue
12:55 pegasus but it has nearly no effect on the tissue it passes through before then
12:56 pegasus so yeah, right through your hand
12:56 pegasus really wish i could find the thing i read about it
12:57 Seroster pegasus, I am most interested in the LHC vs hand experiment
12:58 pegasus right, i'm saying that that's a technology that uses very similar technology to deal with medical problems
12:58 Seroster Ye
12:58 pegasus high-speed tunneling protons and whatnot
12:58 Seroster Thermoelectric, well, the total vacuum in the tube might fuck you up a bit =P
12:59 pegasus my vote is definitely on "right through your hand, no issue"
12:59 Seroster But would the protons even react with the hand? it's mostly empty space between atoms
12:59 pegasus they would, but only marginally
12:59 pegasus you'd probably feel pressure on your hand, and it might even hurt, but i don't think it would be a problem
13:01 Seroster OR it deposits a fuckload of energy and your entire hand explodes
13:02 cctoide There was a guy who stuck his head in a particle beam
13:02 cctoide but I'm guessing that's different
13:02 pegasus the speed that the protons are moving is well above their breakdown threshold though
13:02 cctoide
13:02 pegasus no way your skinny little hand is going to be dense enough or thick enough to slow them down enough to take the brunt of the force
13:03 Seroster cctoide, I once stuck my hand in a particle beam....
13:03 Seroster A beam of particles that came out of my faucet thatis
13:04 pegasus now that is interesting
13:04 pegasus thank you for that link, cctoide
13:05 Seroster Dang thats sweet
13:05 Seroster I love people that get famous for failing
13:05 pegasus heh
13:05 Seroster ...Who would have remembered Titanic unless it sunk?
13:05 cctoide or the Vasa. :p
13:06 Seroster =P
13:19 Sgt_Lemming evening all
13:25 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
13:25 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
13:37 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
13:43 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
13:43 wannabe1987--zzz morning
13:43 wannabe1987--zzz is now known as wannabe1987
13:46 MoxieMike_ morning
13:56 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
13:57 Seroster Fuck!
13:57 Seroster Either my nice shiny solid state relays are pooched, or I am doing this wrong
13:58 Seroster Its supposed to run on 4-32 volts
13:58 Seroster They RUN on 5.
13:58 Seroster I put 15 into it.
13:58 Seroster Nothing
14:04 SparkyStudio The one i have in fron of me is 3-18 volts, the 'contacts' are AC, you're not trying to switch DC are you ?
14:05 Seroster Waitwhat
14:05 Seroster Ive ben trying to switch with my ohm meter connected to it
14:05 Seroster And that is dc
14:07 SparkyStudio Once you operate the relay, it may latch in the operated position
14:07 Seroster ...Eh?
14:08 SparkyStudio Solid state relays are usually triacs i believe
14:08 * wannabe1987 will be afk all day...till like...4 or 5 or 6 anyway :(
14:08 Seroster Eh
14:09 Seroster .g G480DD25
14:09 BotSteve Seroster: No results found for 'G480DD25'.
14:09 Seroster Grrr
14:09 Seroster
14:09 SparkyStudio
14:09 cerberus joined #thegeekgroup
14:11 SparkyStudio A triac or thyristor will latch on with dc passing through once triggered
14:14 dr_jkl_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:16 mantere left #thegeekgroup
14:16 dr_jkl left #thegeekgroup
14:17 Seroster Right?
14:17 Seroster But it should be as easy as apply DC to coil, and then the contacts should short?
14:17 SparkyStudio Seroster, i just checked my relay with a meter, the meter didn't pick up the change, i'm now thinking you need a certain amount of voltage passing through the relay 'contacts' to power the zero crossing and control circuit.
14:17 Seroster Ah
14:18 SparkyStudio See the diagram i posted ^
14:18 Seroster Didnt make much sense to me ;P
14:18 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
14:18 * Sgt_Lemming is covered in metal shavings
14:18 Sgt_Lemming playing with a lathe tonight, that was fun
14:18 Seroster Lol
14:18 Seroster What metal and how thin?
14:19 SparkyStudio hmm, shaving plus heat might be fun
14:19 Seroster Maybe I should sending something in series with that relay
14:19 Sgt_Lemming Steel about 14mm Diameter, Aluminium about 75mm diameter
14:19 Seroster Right
14:19 Seroster Thats fine
14:19 Sgt_Lemming pretty thin shavings
14:19 Seroster =P
14:19 Sgt_Lemming it's a lathe after all
14:19 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
14:19 SparkyStudio Seroster, yes, apply a voltage to a lamp or something
14:20 BatSteve Seroster: it's cause me and eightbitbrad are working on a better greet module, so I haven't updated it.
14:20 Sgt_Lemming Seroster <--- that's the lathe
14:21 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
14:27 tggKyle joined #thegeekgroup
14:27 tggKyle Hey guys
14:27 tggKyle I'm in at the offices early, anyone else on?
14:27 Seroster Hi kyle
14:27 SparkyStudio Hi Kyle :)
14:27 Sgt_Lemming lo kyle
14:27 tggKyle Soup guys.
14:27 Seroster xD
14:28 tggKyle I'll be in and out a bit on IRC, I'm cleaning up a bit
14:28 tggKyle *should change his name to tggMaid
14:28 tggKyle I kid of course
14:28 Sgt_Lemming /nick tggCleaningBitch
14:29 tggKyle Hahahah
14:29 Guardianzozo left #thegeekgroup
14:29 SparkyStudio tggkyle should get a maids uniform :D
14:29 tggKyle And wear it on camera
14:29 tggKyle And act like nothings wrong
14:31 tggKyle And I killed IRC
14:32 Sgt_Lemming sorry, reading about lathe safety ideas
14:32 Sgt_Lemming the lathe we just got here has no e-stop
14:32 Sgt_Lemming none at all
14:32 Sgt_Lemming bit WTF at that one
14:32 tggKyle ...Whut.
14:32 tggKyle Yeah, my reaction as well
14:32 Ponko92 oh hey kyle :)
14:33 tggKyle Hey ponko!
14:36 Ponko92 yeah i had a feeling i know where you were you went last night
14:37 tggKyle Hahahah, yeah, I rushed home
14:37 tggKyle Watched the game
14:37 tggKyle Played some smash bros
14:37 tggKyle Watched Tron with the fiance
14:37 tggKyle Then went to bed
14:37 Ponko92 it was funny because i just told you about then
14:37 Sgt_Lemming Tron original or the new one?
14:37 BatSteve New or old?
14:37 tggKyle The new one
14:37 Sgt_Lemming like it?
14:37 tggKyle Eh, it's pretty much the bible...inside a computer
14:38 Sgt_Lemming rofl
14:38 Sgt_Lemming how do you figure that?
14:38 Yaotzin The Game is a good movie, Seems like it would be a crazy ARG
14:39 tggKyle @Sgt_Lemming Jeff Bridges = God
14:39 Sgt_Lemming right....
14:39 Sgt_Lemming yes because god is going to sacrifice himself to save his son...
14:39 tggKyle I figured it when the "ISO" came from nowhere when, quote, "They sprouted like a flame"
14:40 Ponko92 tggkyle 4-2 Detroit 3-0 ahead i can't see anyway the Red Wings will blow that lead
14:40 Ponko92 oh god no
14:40 BatSteve meh.  if you look hard enough for the bible you can find it in anything
14:40 * Sgt_Lemming nods
14:40 tggKyle >brofists Ponko92
14:40 Sgt_Lemming like someone telling me that "matrix" is a bible movie
14:41 Sgt_Lemming yes....
14:41 tggKyle @@BatSteve True, perhaps it's just an epic narative and I'm looking into it too much
14:41 Ponko92 tbh if it was the pns i'd see them blowing that
14:41 tggKyle All and all, I enjoyed myself quite a bit watching it, My fiance...she's more of a "Breakfast at Tiffany's" kind of girl
14:42 Ponko92 i always think of that song
14:42 tggKyle Ponko92: Dude, Um...Imagine Anaheim.
14:42 Yaotzin huh what about anaheim
14:42 Ponko92 oh no the actually mighty ducks
14:43 tggKyle Ponko92: The actuall mighty ducks with would the cup just on the basis that they're a team of space monster fighting anthropomorphic ducks. THAT FIGHT WITH HOCKEY EQUIPMENT
14:43 Ponko92 haha
14:43 Ponko92 too true
14:43 Yaotzin And the red wings pucks..with wings...that have something to do with octopuses
14:44 BatSteve Yaotzin: look again
14:44 Ponko92 you know when penguins huddle up it ain't to keep warm its to swarm flyers fans
14:44 BatSteve It's actually a wheel, not a puck
14:44 BatSteve Comes from "Detroit - motor city"
14:44 Yaotzin huh
14:44 Yaotzin All this time and I never noticed that
14:44 Ponko92 being Detriot is the home of the American Car
14:45 Yaotzin Kind of like the arrow in the FEDEX logo
14:45 BatSteve Yes!
14:45 BatSteve I can't unsee that!
14:45 Yaotzin I know right
14:45 tggKyle Hahahahha, Oh IRC...never change
14:45 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
14:45 Yaotzin Oh bonds face on the goldeneye 64 box
14:45 Yaotzin for those other gamer nerds
14:46 Yaotzin or*
14:46 Ponko92 Lions & Tigers but no bears oh my
14:46 BatSteve ?
14:46 BatSteve .g goldeneye 64
14:46 Yaotzin I'll show you BatSteve
14:46 BotSteve BatSteve:
14:46 eightbitbrad good $localtime_of_day everyone.
14:46 Yaotzin Who isn't batman
14:46 BatSteve yeah yeah
14:46 Yaotzin Yeah look at the boxart
14:46 BatSteve hiya brad
14:47 * BatSteve is looking
14:47 Yaotzin good %t eightbitbrad
14:47 Ponko92 Detroit Lions NFL Detriot Lions MLB Detroit Red Wings NHL Detroit Pistons NBA
14:47 Yaotzin that's his mouth ticking off the side there
14:47 Yaotzin sticking*
14:47 Ponko92 Detriot Tigers MLB
14:47 Yaotzin not his hand
14:47 BatSteve .....
14:47 BatSteve whoa
14:47 Yaotzin
14:48 BatSteve no way
14:48 Yaotzin just to make sure you'll never unsee it
14:48 Yaotzin You're welcome
14:48 Ponko92 Mark Kennedy is my hero now Kyle
14:48 Yaotzin Then try seeing it as a hand again
14:48 Yaotzin it'll never happen
14:48 BatSteve Nope.
14:48 BatSteve its over
14:49 Ponko92 well it was his goal that gave the pens a 2-1 lead
14:49 Ponko92 in the playoff series
14:49 tggKyle Ponko92: Don't talk to me about the penguins.
14:49 tggKyle It's a sore spot
14:49 tggKyle As a Detroit fan
14:49 Ponko92 yeah i know 2009
14:49 Ponko92 sorry about that
14:50 Yaotzin As someone who's grown up in Michigan the red wings is all we have
14:50 tggKyle Eh...we dropped the ball a bit
14:50 Yaotzin Pistons haven't done shit since the 90's far as I know
14:50 Yaotzin Lions? pffbt
14:50 Yaotzin Tigers? I don't know what they're doing. They're up and down all over the place
14:50 BatSteve Lions were great to watch as long as you didn't come in with expectations
14:51 BatSteve know...competency
14:51 tggKyle It takes two to...fuck up an entire dynasty which not only your whole state, but all of Hockey fandom is watching you.
14:51 Yaotzin At least I get to normally see Michigan mop the floor with Michigan State
14:51 Yaotzin that's always worth it
14:51 Ponko92 glad the Blackhawks won it last year
14:51 Ponko92 ain't won it since 1961
14:51 Ponko92 you miss Gordie Howe
14:52 Ponko92 hey i might be playing football for Michigan
14:52 tggKyle >Gordie Howe
14:52 tggKyle >Football
14:52 tggKyle Wtf am I reading
14:52 Ponko92 nooo
14:52 Yaotzin I saw someone wearing a michigan state jersey down here and I still had to yell at them
14:53 Yaotzin even 3 thousand miles away from home
14:53 tggKyle Yaotzin...where are you?
14:53 Yaotzin Anaheim California at the moment
14:53 Yaotzin I'll be in Bridgeport in <2 months
14:54 Yaotzin Or Saginaw if you don't recongize bridgeport
14:55 Ponko92 i know he's a Red Wings legend Kyle
14:56 Ponko92 most ever apperances
14:56 Ponko92 and the octopuss throwings
14:56 Ponko92 thats detriot right?
14:59 Ponko92 the IRC is silent
15:00 * mikemol is pondering trolling the channel by wearing sports shirts next time he might be on camera. :)
15:00 SparkyStudio Ponko92, there is no audio on IRC :D
15:00 Ponko92 go for it
15:01 BatSteve do it!
15:01 * eightbitbrad is at the evil that is work
15:01 eightbitbrad mikemol: Make it a Phillies jersey and I'd be set.
15:02 Ponko92 oh good god
15:02 Ponko92 how about the Pack?
15:02 Ponko92 GO PACK GO
15:03 BatSteve (holy crap, I'm in the top 10% of all stackexchange gaming users)
15:03 eightbitbrad Go Pack go... right outta the playoffs
15:03 tggKyle brb guys
15:03 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
15:04 DruidicRifleman morning geeks nerds ect
15:04 BatSteve cheers
15:07 mikemol Actually, someone should be coming up with new shirt designs each week, making sure CaptainBoden wears them during that week's videos, and have tGG sell them through cafe press or similar.
15:07 Ponko92 eightbitbrad we won the playoffs if i can recall
15:08 BatSteve mikemol: we need to get you like a direct line to moose, that's the second really good idea I've heard from you just today
15:09 eightbitbrad meh, I don't follow them,,  I'm a good one to talk though.  My teams get to the big dance and choke.
15:09 Ponko92 the bears?
15:09 eightbitbrad Steelers
15:09 eightbitbrad Phillies
15:09 eightbitbrad Flyers
15:09 * mikemol doesn't remember what the first one was.
15:09 eightbitbrad the PA teams
15:09 Ponko92 i have respect for the steelers
15:09 BatSteve it was on the forums, tagging the webchatters with tggw
15:09 eightbitbrad I've been in GA for 4 years, still can't get behind any of the teams down here.
15:10 BatSteve which, by the way, I disagreed with the choice of letters used, but the idea itself is great
15:10 mikemol BatSteve: I'm never dry for ideas. That's kinda why I wanted you to implement .suggest
15:11 eightbitbrad mikemol: .suggest?
15:11 BatSteve Well now that BotSteve has an SQLite database that's looking more like a possibiilty.
15:11 * eightbitbrad is one of the hacking members of team BotSteve
15:11 Ponko92 hey anyone got any car troubles private chat me on here :)
15:11 BatSteve hm.  it just occurred to me that now we need to protect BotSteve against sql injection
15:11 Yaotzin .2d12+6
15:11 BatSteve balls
15:12 Ponko92 eightbitbrad how come your not an Eagles fan?
15:12 BatSteve Yaotzin: you can roll any dice you want as long as it's a d20
15:12 Yaotzin :p
15:12 eightbitbrad eightbitbrad: not sure... I think because my parents were, and I just wanted to rebel. lol
15:12 eightbitbrad Yaotzin: That's on my hack-list for tonight
15:12 Ponko92 because of Vick
15:12 eightbitbrad Ponko92: No
15:12 eightbitbrad this was years ago I decided not to watch them
15:12 mikemol BatSteve: As long as you use parameter binding, you should be OK.
15:12 Ponko92 oh ok
15:13 Ponko92 that would also be a good reason
15:13 eightbitbrad BatSteve: I think the SQL should be clean enough that we can't get injected
15:13 eightbitbrad easy enough to test tonight
15:13 Ponko92 and how annoyinf DeSean Jackson is
15:13 eightbitbrad lol
15:13 eightbitbrad I'm really enjoying being able to work on something that people get use out of for once.
15:13 BatSteve Nothing scares me more than someone else saying "I *think* we can't get injected" about code that I'm going to run on my local machine
15:14 BatSteve (:
15:14 Ponko92 is the stream down? i hear no audio from it
15:14 eightbitbrad BatSteve: LOL
15:14 BatSteve especially since I know that as soon as I put it live in *this* channel, three people are going to try it.
15:14 eightbitbrad BatSteve: well, don't implement my changes until we test it tonight then.
15:15 BatSteve Your current changes aren't a problem
15:15 BatSteve I've got no issues with them because they don't take user input
15:16 eightbitbrad My plan tonight is to work on dice and expand the greetings to do random
15:16 Seroster Yay
15:16 eightbitbrad speaking of, i commented on a couple of the issues with my thoughts.
15:16 BatSteve it's the ones where someone goes BotSteve:  tell ' OR 1=1; DELETE DATABASE;
15:16 Seroster Makinga new driver/switch/ thing of doom and happiness for my stack
15:16 Seroster All revolving around 3 ssr s
15:16 eightbitbrad I think the stream needs to go back to using the live clock
15:16 eightbitbrad or something that changes
15:17 Seroster There's gonna be INDICATOR LIGHTS, Bitches!
15:17 eightbitbrad Seroster: Indicator lights.... OF DOOM?
15:17 BatSteve oh man, every back off...he's got indicator lights...
15:17 Yaotzin Put maglivins binary clock there
15:17 Yaotzin bam
15:17 BatSteve *everybody
15:17 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
15:17 Seroster Yes! OF DOOM!
15:17 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK
15:17 mikemol eightbitbrad: .suggest <some suggestion -> goes to a list of queued, attributed suggestions.
15:17 Seroster And I'll get a BIG RED BUTTON if I can!
15:17 Seroster BWAHAHA!
15:18 mikemol eightbitbrad: Would probably be a good idea to scrape the channel log an hour or so later to pull up a URL to point to context.
15:18 Seroster Btw
15:18 Seroster Gimme the chanlog URL
15:18 mikemol Seroster: /topic
15:18 Seroster :c
15:18 BatSteve .history
15:18 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
15:19 eightbitbrad mikemol: Oh, I dig it.  I'm not sure about the web page though, would add some overhead to the bot possibly
15:19 mikemol eightbitbrad: The contextual URL would be invaluable in order to understand the meaning.
15:19 eightbitbrad maybe a .suggest .summary or something
15:19 eightbitbrad oh, I misunderstood
15:19 tggKyle And I'mmmmmmmmmmm back
15:19 BatSteve Not necessary
15:19 BatSteve Just record the exact timestamp
15:19 eightbitbrad wb tggKyle
15:19 tggKyle Soup.
15:20 BatSteve you can trace back to the context from that
15:21 Ponko92 its Kyle on 92.1 THE SHARK
15:22 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK
15:22 tggKyle 92.1 THE SHARKKKKKKKK.
15:24 Ponko92 YEAAHHHHH
15:25 Ponko92 oh yeah eightbitbrad i was at the super bowl XD
15:25 DruidicRifleman lol
15:25 eightbitbrad Ponko92: Nice!
15:26 Ponko92 was SOO good
15:27 xanh joined #thegeekgroup
15:28 Ponko92 as a GB my heart was thumbinh i went to watch the winter classic which was a disappointment
15:28 Ponko92 hienz field is nice
15:28 Yaotzin heh
15:28 Yaotzin I like the IRC logs
15:28 Ponko92 who doesn't
15:29 xanh i like itk, but don't know what to do whit it
15:30 cctoide reading usually works
15:30 cctoide hm, wonder what you'd get out of running dissociated press on the logs
15:31 mikemol cctoide: You mean a markov bot?
15:31 Yaotzin Yaotz
15:31 Yaotzin TTS really really loud, like blasting loud, and then it could be TTB
15:31 Yaotzin Thats where the boden levels came frome
15:31 cctoide dissociated press is a lot more rudimentary, though it does kind of the same thing
15:31 cctoide "The algorithm starts by printing any N consecutive words (or letters) in the text. Then at every step it searches for any random occurrence in the original text of the last N words (or letters) already printed and then prints the next word or letter."
15:32 Yaotzin Someone mentioned having TTS for IRC, then it was TTS over the PA system for security if someone broke in
15:32 Yaotzin which I still think would be hilarious
15:32 cctoide Yaotzin: link to the first line?
15:32 mikemol Yaotzin: Using the Glados voice?
15:33 mtearle mikemol, oh yes!
15:33 Ponko92 time a safety dance
15:33 BatSteve .yt safety dance
15:33 BotSteve BatSteve:
15:33 xanh left #thegeekgroup
15:33 Ponko92 lol
15:33 Yaotzin cctoide:
15:34 Ponko92 .yt DVNO
15:34 BotSteve Ponko92:
15:34 mikemol Actually, Glados IRC TTS over IRC after hours wouldn't be a bad idea. Something of a deterrant for hanging around after hours...
15:34 Yaotzin man this page does not like to be moved when it's loading
15:34 cctoide heh, wow
15:34 cctoide
15:35 cctoide I guess we came up with the same joke within an hour of eachother, because I wasn't playing off anyone else when I said that :p
15:37 Yaotzin I still think .333~ should be normal talking levels
15:37 Yaotzin .333~ bodens
15:37 eightbitbrad Cause if you're friends don't dance then they're no friends of mine....
15:37 Ponko92 YEAHH XD
15:38 cctoide interesting toy
15:38 cctoide been running it for a few hours
15:38 Yaotzin Normal conversation is 50-65 dB
15:38 Yaotzin so .333~ boden is 65 dB lets say
15:39 Ponko92 oh shit just missed a call from my fiancee O_O
15:39 Yaotzin that means 1 boden is 195 dB
15:39 tggKyle Nice work sir
15:39 BatSteve Because of safety dancing?
15:39 Ponko92 yes
15:39 tggcory left #thegeekgroup
15:39 BatSteve hahaha that's awesome
15:39 Yaotzin as a reference, a jet taking off is 130 dB
15:39 Ponko92 cory was outraged
15:39 BatSteve fiance will understand
15:39 Yaotzin there we go, boden levels graphed
15:39 Yaotzin someone put it on a t-shirt
15:39 Yaotzin with a picture of Chris's head yelling
15:40 Ponko92 she was listening to me sing it a moment ago
15:40 Ponko92 .yt Have I The Right
15:40 BotSteve Ponko92:
15:41 cctoide apparently Chris =~ a Saturn rocket launch
15:41 Yaotzin Loudest sound in history is believed to be the explosion of the island of Krakatoa in 1883. Physicists estimate the noise of that cataclysm at 190 decibels.
15:41 Yaotzin Read more:,9171,847769,00.html#ixzz1Jz4rB8s1
15:41 Yaotzin So Chris Boden is officially louder than the loudest sound in history
15:41 Yaotzin according to Time magazine and their source
15:42 xanh joined #thegeekgroup
15:42 Yaotzin this assumes that .333~ bodens is normal conversation level, which means that 1 boden is 195 dB
15:42 cctoide Makes sense, he uses Volcano ecigs.
15:42 Yaotzin that he does
15:43 Yaotzin "Louder than Krakatoa! It's Chris Boden!"
15:43 Yaotzin probably a comma in there but whatever
15:43 mikemol Yaotzin: What would the db of the shockwave of Hiroshima been?
15:44 Yaotzin I haven't the faintest
15:44 Yaotzin 183 dB
15:46 mikemol I guess that'd put the USSR's 50 megaton blast somewhere in the vicinity of 186-187db.
15:46 Yaotzin "One hundred and forty decibels is not 40% louder than 100 decibels, but 10,000 times louder"
15:46 Yaotzin Just figured I'd point that out for scale
15:48 SparkyStudio Don't forget that Chris pointed out 'DeciBodens' (Dbdn)
15:49 Yaotzin 144 HUMAN NOSE ITCHES -REF.1.1983
15:49 Yaotzin lol
15:50 Yaotzin at 143 decibels you feel like you just got run over by a football player
15:50 Yaotzin at 144 decibels? your nose itches
15:50 DruidicRifleman We're figuing out accurate bodens
15:50 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
15:50 SparkyStudio someone will need to update the wiki, i like the reference (down to the right) 'Bodenstein' :D
15:51 cctoide I wonder if there's anything non-obnoxious they can legally put up on the camera pole over LSL
15:51 DruidicRifleman how was chriss not allready on wikipedia thats fail wiki actually fails
15:51 cctoide something appropriately geeky
15:52 Yaotzin I reckon a blue flag with the geek group logo?
15:52 Yaotzin seems like the obvious answer
15:52 asnopus I think we need to add a page :P
15:52 cctoide was thinking IR strobe, but I don't know if one powerful enough to be seen from a decent distance would be legal
15:52 DruidicRifleman a red flaf with A beacer and crossed test tubes on it?
15:52 asnopus "The Geek Group" spelt out with RAM cards?
15:52 Yaotzin If I was on my windows machine with MSpaint I'd already have a boden graph made
15:52 Yaotzin I really don't like this macbook
15:52 Yaotzin not one bit
15:53 cctoide well, something non-obvious would be interesting
15:53 cctoide the IR strobe would be visible through a fair amount of cameras
15:54 cctoide at night, obviously
15:54 DruidicRifleman keep in mind any thing that Puts out 20% more amiant visable light becomes a navigation aid for pilots i know a guy and during the winter his home is listed In the navigation manual for airforce and commercial piliots flying into the niagra airport
15:54 DruidicRifleman i personally think we should Just put a single 200 millon candle power light like the did at the luxor as a becon
15:55 LeadHead Legal issues with that
15:55 Yaotzin Not only that but cost issues
15:55 cctoide I guess there might not be much astronomy going on in GR, but it'd be kinda shitty to contribute to light pollution in the area
15:55 LeadHead Legal issues with the FAA
15:55 SparkyStudio Would be cool yo have a cube on top of the mast, each face with the logo, but will show as IR at night
15:55 DruidicRifleman you can do any thing you want if you fill out enough paper work
15:55 LeadHead is what I meant
15:55 LeadHead not to mention the costs associated with keeping a carbon-arc lamp running for any length of time
15:56 DruidicRifleman ah
15:56 Yaotzin Zomb Wars Tshirt
15:56 Yaotzin Price $0.00
15:56 Yaotzin I'll take twelve
15:57 Yaotzin Oh, all the shirts are marked as $0
15:57 DruidicRifleman The are some damn bright LED technolodgies from 4 sevens maybe they'd donate like they're new tactical twown blinding system for free promotion actually make it two so chris can autopsie one
15:57 cctoide I like SparkyStudio's idea
15:57 BatSteve time to go - see you!
15:57 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
15:57 cctoide make an IR outline of the logo
15:57 LeadHead LEDs at the power level needed to blast a beam into the sky
15:58 cctoide wonder if you could make an outline from LEDs and have it visible from the street, though
15:58 LeadHead would be rediculously expensive, and not much more effeciency than a carbon-arc lamp
15:58 LeadHead The higher-powered LEDs are, the less effecient
15:58 LeadHead not sure why.
15:58 SparkyStudio They only need to be visible, not blind a police chopper in the area :P
15:58 asnopus
15:58 asnopus build one on them
15:59 Ponko92 LED's are soo much better than tungsten when will they replace headlights we use today?
15:59 cctoide Maybe make the cube phosphorescent as well
15:59 LeadHead when they aren't so expensive
15:59 mikemol Ponko92: When they're cheaper.
16:00 cctoide I imagine it'd have to be way in the future once they have the Haas machines in and cash to spend, though
16:00 DruidicRifleman if the police chopper pilot is dumb enough to fly over a building that can serve as a night time nav aid  Stick his haid out the window And look down at it directly HE probly shouldn't be flying
16:00 LeadHead Druidic, its the same thing with laser pointers
16:00 mikemol DruidicRifleman: What of reflection off his blades?
16:00 LeadHead Many planes also have windows below the pilot for better visibility
16:01 mikemol And, actually, there aren't any police choppers in GRR.
16:01 mikemol We do have Aeromed, though.
16:01 DruidicRifleman hmmm
16:01 DruidicRifleman What about a like 1 meter wide working Fusor
16:01 cctoide either way, the point is to make something non-obnoxious
16:01 mikemol (Correction, I've never seen nor heard of police choppers in GRR in the 27 years I've lived in the vicinity)
16:01 cctoide and preferably with some sort of "geek cred"
16:01 LeadHead I don't thing GR would enjoy being irradiated at night
16:02 DruidicRifleman A masive working fusor
16:02 Ponko92 yeah figures
16:02 LeadHead A fusor like effect, sure
16:02 LeadHead actual working fusor outside?
16:02 LeadHead No.
16:02 DruidicRifleman not safe?
16:02 Ponko92 when they are we shall dance the safety dance :P
16:02 cctoide maybe a large binary clock on the pole
16:02 DruidicRifleman
16:02 mikemol cctoide: I like that one.
16:03 eightbitbrad cctoide: I like it.
16:03 Ponko92 im listening to it now lol
16:03 mikemol Little-endian UNIX timestamp, most significant bit at the top.
16:03 DruidicRifleman make the pole look like a Scale saturn 5
16:04 cctoide how hard would it be to weatherproof it?
16:04 DruidicRifleman the pole or the model?
16:04 mikemol Though if you want to have fun with it in trinary using non-regulated colors.
16:04 DruidicRifleman or the clock?
16:04 eightbitbrad clock!
16:04 mikemol Clock's easy enough; just use weather-safe components and connectors.
16:04 eightbitbrad heh
16:05 DruidicRifleman I'd love to convert the roof to a vegitible garden plant A shit load of plants up there which would Also Clearly Distingish the building from the rest of the area
16:05 mikemol Though if you want to make it _really_ nonobvious...Set up eight wifi SSIDs on the same wifi channel.
16:06 mikemol Mm.
16:06 mikemol Meant 32, and maybe not.
16:06 DruidicRifleman wait what would that do?
16:06 mikemol I was thinking have each broadcast their beacon on an edge trigger for the corresponding bit in the unix timestamp.
16:06 cctoide I suppose you'd just use LED panels for each digit?
16:07 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:07 cctoide or... maybe use a few LEDs to light up fogged acrylic blocks
16:07 DruidicRifleman thats what i'd do
16:08 DruidicRifleman i personally think if the military don't start using it as a navigation aid It's not epic enough
16:08 xanh left #thegeekgroup
16:08 mikemol cctoide: I like it. Use tunable RGB LED packages for flexibility.
16:08 mikemol That way they can be used for other things as the idea bulbs light up.
16:11 cctoide Heh, if there's ever a videogame competition of some sort it could be used as a scoreboard
16:11 cctoide or even for Zomb
16:12 cctoide variable brightness would be pretty useful/necessary
16:12 eightbitbrad realtime zomb tracking
16:12 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: Just no oak trees, huh?
16:12 eightbitbrad heh
16:12 cctoide so it can be turned up when there's an event or whatever, and you don't become "the assholes on Leonard with the blinking shit on the roof" the rest of the year
16:15 DruidicRifleman Ypould destroy the buildign by trying to grow an oak tree on the roog
16:15 DruidicRifleman roof
16:15 DruidicRifleman i doubt Chriss wants tree roots growing through the ceiling of the high voltage lab
16:16 DruidicRifleman almost done the kuka robot autopsy Chiss murdered that innocent geratric robot....
16:16 Yaotzin heh
16:17 Yaotzin I'm glad someone other than myself is finding use of my playlists
16:17 Yaotzin I like having them just to put on play as I fall asleep
16:17 Yaotzin background noise and all that
16:17 DruidicRifleman i never used it yaotzin
16:17 Yaotzin aw
16:17 Yaotzin Why you hatin?
16:18 DruidicRifleman Cause it wasn't done when i started watching
16:18 SparkyStudio DruidicRifleman, i meant the IR camera on the chopper, if the IR leds were too bright, it would flare the camera from a long distance
16:18 Yaotzin wasn't done?
16:18 mikemol cctoide: The light pollution can be partially resolved by building the device so that the light is sent laterrally and downward, and none upward.
16:18 DruidicRifleman Why would that be an issue nothing illegal ever happens at the lab it's not like they'd need to look at it
16:19 Yaotzin A device? like a hood?
16:19 SparkyStudio They might look in that direction, it would then attract the police's attention, and would probably mean it gets turned off.
16:19 mikemol DruidicRifleman: LSL is not in the best of neighborhoods. It's not in a bad neighborhood, but the bad neighborhoods aren't far.
16:19 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:20 mikemol Yaotzin: "device" -> LED clock assembly.
16:20 DruidicRifleman Would a 200 million candle power light illiminating the area detur crime?
16:20 cctoide mikemol: yeah, I was more concerned about the light pollution for stuff like the "200 million candlepower spotlight"
16:20 Yaotzin oh, I misread what you said
16:20 mikemol A hood isn't ideal, because it doesn't necessarily ensure the light efficiently heads to where people who should see it, will.
16:20 Yaotzin I thought you said you needed to build a device to diffuse the light
16:20 Yaotzin and I'm like, buh? a cover?
16:21 Yaotzin or rather
16:21 cctoide for the clock it should probably be just bright enough to be readable at night with ambient streetlight
16:21 Yaotzin stop the light from radiating up
16:21 cctoide not so bright that it'll actually light up the street
16:21 tggKyle brb guys
16:21 tggKyle left #thegeekgroup
16:21 mikemol Yaotzin: Sure. I'm thinking it should be designed not to just stop light, but to redirect it to amplify its utility downward.
16:22 mikemol Even better, it should point north, east and west, not south. (South points into a residential area)
16:22 cctoide the entrance to the building faces north, right?
16:22 * mikemol nods
16:22 mikemol The 'public' entrance, the one that sits on Leonard itself.
16:23 cctoide yeah, it could either go over the main doors or over the large block to the west of the entrance
16:23 cctoide (I think those are the racquetball courts?)
16:25 Ponko92 how about Jai Alai
16:25 DruidicRifleman isn't that sport kinda dangerous
16:26 Ponko92 yep watch Miami Vice a bloke gets killed playing it
16:26 Ponko92 i know thats not real but the danger would be
16:27 DruidicRifleman i like jack ass when they whent to a jai alai court
16:27 Ponko92 ooooo that was painful to watch
16:27 DruidicRifleman I wonder where i shoul dprose a thread to discuss an offical TGG killer robot project
16:27 DruidicRifleman robtics... or pipe dreams
16:27 Ponko92 why?
16:28 Ponko92 uhh i would say pipe dreams
16:28 DruidicRifleman why build killer robots?
16:28 Ponko92 yes
16:28 DruidicRifleman why not
16:28 DruidicRifleman you Could give them a watter cannon And program them to fight fire's
16:28 Ponko92 .yt LOST who's on first
16:28 BotSteve Ponko92:
16:28 DruidicRifleman OR cool down radio active nuclear reactors
16:29 DruidicRifleman Or help TGG take over planet earth
16:29 CaptainBoden Tell Cory to IM me please
16:30 DruidicRifleman get chriss
16:30 DruidicRifleman hey*
16:30 mikemol tggconsole: Hey!
16:30 DruidicRifleman BRB need caffeen
16:30 Ponko92 hmmm
16:31 Ponko92 you want a Pepsi pal you gotta pay for it
16:31 LeadHead Why would you want a pepsi?
16:31 Ponko92 ever watched Back To The Future LeadHead?
16:32 Ponko92 well?
16:32 eightbitbrad Pepsi: Perfect!
16:32 LeadHead Oh, yeah now I know your reference
16:33 Ponko92 good
16:33 DruidicRifleman why would i pay for a pepsi when i have 2 case's of energy drinks in the celler
16:33 LeadHead McFly
16:33 Ponko92 i thought i told you to stay in here?
16:33 Ponko92 oh McFly
16:33 Ponko92 yeha
16:33 Ponko92 oh McFly
16:33 Ponko92 what
16:34 Ponko92 your shoes unvelced
16:34 Yaotzin Out of left field, I really have D&D on the brain
16:34 Yaotzin I haven't done a game in so long
16:34 Ponko92 dungeons and dragons Yaotzin?
16:34 Yaotzin Yeah
16:35 Yaotzin Dungeons and Dragons
16:35 Ponko92 Paladdin?
16:35 CaptainBoden The first staff member to punch Cory in the shoulder gets a dollar. tell him to turn on his damn phone.
16:35 arran-g haha
16:35 Ponko92 haha
16:35 DruidicRifleman I am definalty trying to figure out how to mound a bubble blowing machine an airsoft P90 A hard drive and Awwww i wish i was in GR and was a G4
16:35 Yaotzin Honestly I think it's great for both children and adults to use their imagine and have fun with. If I can afford it I'm so footing the supplies for a group
16:35 Yaotzin also Ponko92 I've played plenty of classes
16:36 Yaotzin it generally depends on the story I've come up with
16:36 Ponko92 so you could anything
16:36 mikemol Who's that sitting behind him? Liz? txt her?
16:36 Ponko92 could be*
16:36 Ponko92 yeah thats Liz
16:36 DruidicRifleman is she on the IRC if she punches him now would she get a dollar
16:36 Yaotzin Well in terms of the rule books there are set classes and abilities, talking from 4e. However the great part about D&D is that everything can be customized and houseruld
16:37 DruidicRifleman i never liked 4e
16:37 Yaotzin Change the fluff and your ranger is now a marine sharpshooter
16:37 Yaotzin 4e is really easy to get into
16:37 Ponko92 i never played it :(
16:37 mikemol DruidicRifleman: If you want a flexible system, play GURPS.
16:37 Yaotzin and I like it for that reason
16:37 * mikemol is loving GURPS.
16:37 CaptainBoden Watch the stream ;)
16:37 * mikemol watches
16:37 Yaotzin Oh, turning the stream on now
16:37 CaptainBoden This should be interesting
16:38 mikemol Anyone recording?
16:38 * LeadHead is watching
16:39 arran-g lol
16:39 * LeadHead half expects Chris to run in with a paintball gun
16:39 CaptainBoden Spooky Actiona, at a distance.
16:40 Ponko92 brb time for a safety dance
16:40 Yaotzin Anyway GURPS is great if you need to be able to roll for the circumference of the backside of a bull for a halfling to climb into but uh
16:40 Ponko92 and killing terrorists
16:40 Yaotzin I don't know, I've never really played with it
16:40 Yaotzin I just kind of stole settings from 3.5 and pathfinder and thrown them into 4e
16:41 Yaotzin Like Spelljammer
16:42 * mikemol was going to say something, and completely forgot what it was.
16:42 LeadHead1 joined #thegeekgroup
16:42 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
16:42 cctoide something happening?
16:42 Yaotzin I honestly believe that it's much easier to get people into 4e
16:42 Yaotzin and you're not really losing anything
16:43 DruidicRifleman did cory get punched did i mist the interesting
16:43 LeadHead1 I think he just got yelled at
16:43 Yaotzin lol
16:43 LeadHead1 oh
16:43 Yaotzin ow
16:43 LeadHead1 punched
16:43 Yaotzin I turned my volume way up
16:43 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
16:43 Yaotzin then suddenly cory speaking right into the mic
16:44 Yaotzin lol
16:44 * LeadHead1 is too lazy to change nick
16:44 eightbitbrad lol
16:44 eightbitbrad i missed the Cory beatdown? dammit.
16:44 eightbitbrad Where's instant replay?
16:44 DruidicRifleman Yeah
16:45 DruidicRifleman I'd like to See actual programming added to the stream
16:45 Yaotzin Poor guy, Cory gets picked on a good deal. He's my favorite camera guy tho
16:45 Yaotzin The videos with him and chris in the basement are generally pretty funny
16:45 DruidicRifleman Like the geek love help show
16:46 eightbitbrad Call for  Help, reborn!
16:46 mikemol CaptainBoden:
16:46 Yaotzin I'm trying to think of a way of making teaching people how to cook geek group related
16:46 Yaotzin and yet it's not really striking me
16:46 mikemol I'd make a forum thread, but it'll take a day or two before I find time, probably.
16:46 cctoide cooking with coils
16:46 Yaotzin No, not cooking with coils
16:46 Yaotzin That's bad
16:46 Yaotzin well
16:47 DruidicRifleman Cooking hot dogs with thumper?
16:47 Yaotzin I bet you could melt sugar with it
16:47 Yaotzin on a creme brulee
16:47 Ponko92 gonna play syphon filter be back in an hour or so
16:48 cctoide Red alert.
16:48 Yaotzin Oh hey Redwhite
16:48 DruidicRifleman I wonder has any one ever used a hot dog as the bridge in a thumper experiment?
16:48 LeadHead1 I'm guessing its along the same lines as a coke can
16:48 Yaotzin DruidicRifleman: I'm
16:48 Yaotzin damn
16:48 LeadHead1 You can do it if you want to clean it up
16:48 Yaotzin lend stole the words right out of my mouth
16:49 Yaotzin verbatum
16:49 Yaotzin lead*
16:49 DruidicRifleman LOL ooooooooooh Could i thumper a live bunny rabbit?
16:49 Yaotzin No
16:49 DruidicRifleman :(
16:49 cctoide .
16:50 DruidicRifleman Sooooo any code monkeys willing to help with killer robot programing?
16:50 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: If it's Python, sure, anything else and I'm gonna need time to get up to speed.
16:51 DruidicRifleman brad I am a weapons tech
16:51 DruidicRifleman I make things that maim wound and kill
16:51 Yaotzin if alive = 1 ; then kill = 1
16:51 DruidicRifleman I don't do code
16:51 Photon939 DruidicRifleman: is it autonomous?
16:51 DruidicRifleman the coding needs to include IFF or things will end badly
16:51 DruidicRifleman Evenually i'd want it to be
16:51 Photon939 then i wouldn't be able to help
16:52 DruidicRifleman but thats 10 years Post First test
16:52 Photon939 and what controller are you using?
16:52 DruidicRifleman not sure what i would use
16:52 eightbitbrad import death
16:52 Photon939 so you aren't even ready for code then
16:53 eightbitbrad or better yet
16:53 Yaotzin death = yes
16:53 eightbitbrad from death import kill, maim, destroy
16:53 tggcory joined #thegeekgroup
16:53 DruidicRifleman photon i am still In Concept stage
16:53 Yaotzin That's almost a D&D mem
16:53 Yaotzin man I really got it on the brain
16:53 Yaotzin meme*
16:53 eightbitbrad hey, it's tggcory!
16:53 DruidicRifleman Hey cory
16:54 cctoide tggcory, Chris said IM him
16:54 cctoide don't know if that still applies :V
16:54 Photon939 DruidicRifleman: what kind of scale are you talking?
16:54 DruidicRifleman I know if i use Say Arduino's it would be like 4 or 5 of them to run various systems
16:54 Photon939 toasterbot?
16:54 Photon939 full size battle bot?
16:54 Photon939 small vehicle?
16:55 DruidicRifleman
16:55 DruidicRifleman Something like this for the tactical model
16:55 Photon939 uh
16:55 DruidicRifleman I'd probly shorten the track base
16:56 * eightbitbrad has images of killdozer in his head
16:56 Photon939 i hope you have a significant amount of money for this project
16:56 DruidicRifleman Yeah a working car costs less then this project will
16:56 Photon939 well something that size will definitely need to be gasoline driven
16:56 tggcory I know :P I called him
16:57 Yaotzin;feature=player_detailpage
16:57 DruidicRifleman Yeah thats a later project
16:57 Yaotzin Go Bigdog or go home
16:57 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
16:57 Photon939 makes things simpler a bit
16:57 DruidicRifleman Red gave me the idea for
16:57 Ponko92 anyone that needs me just IM :)
16:57 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:57 DruidicRifleman what i will refur to as a baby Dalek
16:57 DruidicRifleman Speaking of the devil her self
16:57 RED_ is now known as tggRED
16:58 DruidicRifleman tggRED morning
16:58 tggRED Good Morning!
16:58 DruidicRifleman i mention you and you logged on LMAO
16:58 tggRED Creeepy. What'd you say?
16:58 DruidicRifleman that you gave me the idea for a small scale killer robot which will be named the baby Dalek
16:59 Photon939 a mini tank wouldn't really have all that much stuff to control, an arduino would probably work
16:59 tggRED babbby Dale
16:59 tggRED ^_^
16:59 tggRED Dalek*
17:00 DruidicRifleman Incorerating the buble blowing machine will be a pain
17:00 Yaotzin hmm, you know I haven't heard anything about the Big Dog robot in a long time
17:00 DruidicRifleman My killer robot program has 3 models
17:00 eightbitbrad hiiii RED
17:01 Yaotzin AKA metal gear
17:01 DruidicRifleman The heavy tactical version which wil have a tank tred based lower body
17:01 DruidicRifleman Baby dalek will Be Sort of like an evil tin dog from doctor who
17:01 DruidicRifleman And the command model
17:02 DruidicRifleman Which will basicly look like your standard old school Dalek
17:02 tggRED Hey Brad
17:03 LeadHead1 left #thegeekgroup
17:03 Geek101 hi red
17:04 tggRED Heyyy
17:04 DruidicRifleman;products_id=32210 red what do you think of this for the baby Daleks armourment package
17:04 Geek101 him in the UK
17:05 tggRED seexxyyy
17:05 Ponko92 red if you need me IM us
17:05 eightbitbrad What's going on in the lab today?  I keep hearing banging.
17:05 DruidicRifleman And the upside it's a 50 minute conversion to go from BB's to live 5.7x28mm rounds Simple weapon swap
17:05 eightbitbrad :)
17:05 tggRED okie.
17:05 DruidicRifleman they are de nailing the Maple
17:05 eightbitbrad ah
17:06 tggRED we're working on tearing down the computer lab still
17:06 Yaotzin that massive pile of wood?
17:06 eightbitbrad The woodpile... OF DOOM
17:06 Ponko92 .lol
17:06 DruidicRifleman Did moose ever fix the PM system?
17:06 DruidicRifleman i was going to send her a PM about the wood but i couldn't figure out how
17:06 tggKyle joined #thegeekgroup
17:06 Ponko92 yes kyle is here
17:07 tggKyle How the IRC responds when tggRED comes online
17:07 DruidicRifleman tggRED do you know how hard it will be to intergrate A bubble blower into The baby dalek with out the bubble solution leaking and damagin the ellectonics
17:07 tggRED Love you, Kyle ^_^
17:07 tggKyle <3
17:08 tggRED It takes can do it, I promise.
17:08 ValveBoy joined #thegeekgroup
17:08 DruidicRifleman Though A bobble blowing bullet shooring killer robot will be just SO cute
17:08 tggRED ^_^
17:08 mashpriborintorg Druidic, I only use AK-47's and RPG-9 when I'm on battlefield, cannot advice about capitalist weapons
17:08 DruidicRifleman People will be like awe it's a robot that goes around blowing bubbles and they will never suspect it's true intention's muwahahahahahaha
17:09 tggKyle How the IRC responds when I come in
17:09 DruidicRifleman ALL HAIL ALEXANDER TIMOVICH KALISNICOVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
17:09 DruidicRifleman I love AK's but baby dalek is not Large enough to Handle one
17:10 DruidicRifleman I'm probly gonna Use a soft air AR for the larget models SINCE i'd likely use some kinda Beld fed AR system probly valkiry armerment
17:11 eightbitbrad I have my own style of tggRED-is-here dancing:
17:11 DruidicRifleman the goal is to make the System's easily addaptible to a leathal version
17:11 DruidicRifleman I wonder what the laws refuring to killer robots are....
17:13 tggKyle Here's a regular experiment at TGG
17:14 DruidicRifleman LMAO
17:14 DruidicRifleman I'd also wanna make the robot's Bocsy compatable to identify TGG member's
17:14 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: At 17:14Z, BatSteve-Away asked me to tell you that you cannot create any device which would do something that you cannot legally do in person. This applies to things like tripwire-fired shotguns, but would almost certainly apply to killer robots.
17:15 ValveBoy left #thegeekgroup
17:15 tggKyle Here some video footage of us celebrating getting the Offices
17:15 DruidicRifleman Awww :( does this mean we cant discuss killer robots any more :(
17:16 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
17:16 BatSteve No, discuss them all you want
17:16 BatSteve you just asked what the laws were
17:16 DruidicRifleman Ah i see
17:16 BatSteve Same reason you can't rig a shotgun at your front door to shoot burglars
17:16 Ponko92 yo tggkyle im doing the Syphon Filter challenge
17:17 DruidicRifleman But what if i live in a place where it's perfectly legal to shoot an intrudter with out warning?
17:17 BatSteve Then you're good to go.
17:17 eightbitbrad
17:17 DruidicRifleman And does this mean that i have to program the robots to only deploy lethal force with justifable cause
17:18 mikemol Huh
17:18 DruidicRifleman Such as a mad man has taken boden hostage?
17:18 mikemol "You cannot create any device which would do something you cannot legally do in person." <-- So much for building sentient robots.
17:18 BatSteve Considering you're planning to take over the world with them I think you can probably pardon yourself retroactively .
17:18 DruidicRifleman wait he'd just scream and blow up the guys head with a 2.0 Dbdn shout
17:19 Yaotzin So BatSteve: Legality of ASP's in Michigan
17:19 BotSteve Yaotzin: At 17:06Z, BatSteve-Away asked me to tell you that what he mentioned about halflings and backsides of bulls reminded him of this:   (caution, occasional NSFW images)
17:19 Yaotzin oh geeze
17:19 BatSteve, I'm all over the place today
17:19 DruidicRifleman Hmmm
17:19 BatSteve Yaotzin: ASP is a collapsing baton, yeah?
17:19 Yaotzin yeah batsteve this was exactly what I was referencing
17:19 Yaotzin yeah BatSteve
17:20 DruidicRifleman They suck buy a smart lock 2000000X better weapon
17:20 Yaotzin Thing is that the laws I've seen, batons, clubs, blackjacks, etc are all illegal
17:20 Yaotzin yet I saw a video of Chris carrying an ASP, and ASP's aren't specifically mentioned
17:20 Yaotzin so
17:20 DruidicRifleman wait they sell clubs in every wall mart when i was in michigan
17:20 DruidicRifleman and that wasn't that long ago only 2008
17:21 DruidicRifleman i know cause I saw CNN talking about the spendulous bill
17:22 BatSteve hm
17:22 BatSteve I seem to recall reading something about that in the MCL
17:22 BatSteve give me 5 min to check
17:22 DruidicRifleman Is ther an exhemption for the possession of a base ball bat?
17:22 Yaotzin You can't exactly carry a baseball bat on your person on the street
17:23 mikemol Yaotzin: Sure you can...
17:23 terqual joined #thegeekgroup
17:23 Phu evening.
17:23 Phu i see Pause to Flash apparently also means "... and restart randomly during the day when bandwidth charges are higher".
17:24 terqual good afternoon
17:24 DruidicRifleman Why not My friend marty walked down Highway two which is a streat that runs from kingston to niagrafalls With a Semi autop PE90
17:24 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
17:24 DruidicRifleman Pissed the judge off when there was nothing in the criminal code that said he couldn't do it to
17:24 Phu I should stop whinging so much.. it'll get me a reputation ;)
17:25 DruidicRifleman the only person in canada ever given a weapons propation fro not breaking the law
17:25 Yaotzin I catch myself using whinging every now and then
17:25 tggKyle Ponko92: Dude...SYPHON FILTER.
17:25 Phu DruidicRifleman: defeating the corrupt justice system? I approve :)
17:25 Yaotzin and rarely anyone picks up on it
17:26 DruidicRifleman Phu you have to love libertarians
17:26 DruidicRifleman another friend ran for Mp as a libertarian
17:27 Phu well.. sometimes :)
17:27 Phu I try not to get aligned with any political ideology.
17:27 BatSteve Yaotzin: reference MCL 750.224
17:27 BatSteve;objectname=mcl-750-224
17:27 Phu almost all of them have some flaws.
17:27 BatSteve Part 1d
17:27 DruidicRifleman Double master's student comes from a jewish family and had a fetish for ww2 interigation
17:27 BatSteve Can't possess a "bludgeon"
17:27 BatSteve depending on whether an ASP is a bludgeon or not
17:28 Yaotzin Yeah that's the thing
17:28 Yaotzin I figured that an ASP would fall under that
17:28 DruidicRifleman Is a baseball bat a Bludgeon?
17:28 Ponko92 yeah tggkyle basically i aim to finish the game in under 2 hours
17:28 BatSteve how bad do you need to know?
17:28 BatSteve I can check with the state cops later this afternono
17:28 BatSteve *afternoon
17:28 tggKyle Under two hours...doable
17:28 Ponko92 or 1 1/2 hours
17:28 DruidicRifleman I am curious about the legality of a base ball bat
17:28 Ponko92 done it befoe
17:28 Yaotzin Well I wouldn't ask you to go out of your way
17:29 BatSteve That's the nice part, it's actually on my way to work
17:29 DruidicRifleman Video games need to stop realying on Online play to fill out content
17:29 Phu i notice the stream seems a lot better tonight since increasing the mtu :)
17:29 Ponko92 in 1080p 60Hz goodness :P
17:29 Yaotzin Although it would be nice to know if I would be committing a felony.
17:29 Yaotzin And if Chris is committing a felony
17:29 BatSteve What I'm asking is, is this just curiousity, or are you actually going to be making a decision to bring it to michigan?
17:30 Yaotzin Yeah I'm going to be living in Michigan
17:30 BatSteve Oh.
17:30 BatSteve Yeah, I'll find out later today and let you know tonight.
17:30 Yaotzin I'm moving to Saginaw in less than two months
17:30 Yaotzin well Bridgeport but no one knows where bridgeport is
17:30 Yaotzin so I just say Saginaw
17:30 mikemol The worst I can think of wrt ASPs is that they may count as concealed weapons, necessitating a CCW.
17:30 BatSteve yeah.  I'll let you know.  I'm curious to.
17:31 Phu Yaotzin: Its on the Devon coast, near to Exeter :P
17:31 BatSteve mikemol: The thing is there's no such thing as a CCW permit.
17:31 BatSteve You can get at CPL
17:31 tggKyle brb working time
17:31 Phu (ya place name stealin american... ;) )
17:31 BatSteve concealed *pistol* license
17:31 tggKyle left #thegeekgroup
17:31 BatSteve But that doesn't apply to other stuff
17:31 Yaotzin Phu: lol
17:31 mikemol BatSteve: Hm. Yeah, that would be a problem.
17:32 BatSteve I thought the same thing.  I was all excited that my CCW was going to let me carry my knives around.
17:32 Phu although to be fair, there's a region of Canada that makes America's name inspiration look truly original.
17:32 mikemol My understanding is that, in general, you can have anything you want as long as you pay through enough body parts for the licenses.
17:32 BatSteve Turns out it doesn't work like that
17:32 Phu I mean, the River Thams flowing through London, in Canada?
17:32 BatSteve in general yes.  There's a few things that you definitely can't have (in michigan)
17:32 mikemol What the needed licenses are, I dunno.
17:32 BatSteve Silencers are one of them
17:32 BatSteve Which annoys me greatly
17:32 ubergoober joined #thegeekgroup
17:33 BatSteve Even though the federal government is perfectly happy to give you a license for them
17:33 Yaotzin A lot of people don't understand that for range shooting silencers would be great
17:33 MoxieMike_ i thought you could have a silencer with the appropriate ATF tax stamp
17:33 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
17:33 BatSteve MoxieMike_: "except where prohibited by applicable state or municipal law"
17:34 BatSteve Which is all of Michigan
17:34 BatSteve Yaotzin: pest control too.  Kill rats without bothering the neighbors
17:34 BatSteve rats / groundhogs / etc
17:34 Yaotzin Well I lived on a farm so that wasn't much of a problem
17:34 BatSteve yeah
17:34 mikemol BatSteve: Ech. I wouldn't want to use a projectile weapon to kill rats.
17:35 Yaotzin scaring off the coyotes and the foxes
17:35 Yaotzin used spike traps for the gophers myself but
17:35 terqual left #thegeekgroup
17:35 Yaotzin They're not pretty to clean
17:35 BatSteve But anyway I'll find out about your ASP for you.
17:35 mikemol Ah, groundhogs and the like.
17:36 Yaotzin Thanks, would be good to know
17:36 mikemol My uncle used a .22 for that.
17:36 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
17:36 Yaotzin mikemol:  We had traps to put in the line of their tunnels
17:36 Yaotzin if they crossed under it a spike would spring down into the earth
17:36 Yaotzin and skewer them
17:36 mikemol Hard to tell the difference between that and firecrackers. The big difference is that, with firecrackers, you'll usually hear more than one in a short period of time. :)
17:36 Yaotzin that's if the dogs didn't get to them first
17:39 Phu right... feeding time.
17:40 Yaotzin My dogs wouldn't eat what they killed
17:40 Yaotzin just snap the neck and leave it at the door
17:40 Yaotzin possums and gophers
17:40 Yaotzin they protected the cats
17:49 mashpriborintorg OMG the Sony camera Autopsy is released :-D
17:50 mashpriborintorg buffering for fullscreen HD
17:52 Colt4547 joined #thegeekgroup
17:57 tggRED_ joined #thegeekgroup
17:58 tggRED_ It is too cold in this building
17:58 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
17:58 Phu mashpriborintorg: I must be missing something I don't see it yet...
17:58 tggRED_ is now known as tggRED
17:59 Phu ok. why has youtube decided that geekgroup videos no longer qualify to appear under "new videos" ?
17:59 Phu evening/afternoon Red :)
18:00 eightbitbrad Phu: are you subscribed to the channel?
18:00 Phu both of them
18:00 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
18:00 mman454 hey guys
18:00 eightbitbrad showed up in my list okay
18:00 eightbitbrad kinda watching/listening to it now
18:01 mman454 Is that tggcory on cam?
18:01 Phu the breakmaker autopsy and the geiger videos do appear under "New" either
18:01 DruidicRifleman whats up geeks
18:01 Phu but if I go to thegeekgroup, they show fine.
18:01 Phu weird.
18:02 eightbitbrad I blame youtube
18:02 eightbitbrad heh
18:03 eightbitbrad Is it wrong that I want my workday to be over so I can go home and hack on BotSteve code?
18:03 Phu nope
18:03 Phu coding > work
18:03 Phu well recreational coding is
18:03 mman454 I'm closing the stream to watch the latest equipment autopsy. highlight me if anything interesting happens on the stream
18:04 DruidicRifleman tggcory you and liz get up and dance for 5 seconds?
18:04 Yaotzin If only we had some kind of alert system in IRC to let us know when shows are being recorded on the livestream
18:05 DruidicRifleman Like bot steve highlighting every one?
18:05 eightbitbrad I need to bug BatSteve-Away, we should change the bot's name to GeekBot
18:05 mikemol Yaotzin: Have BotSteve monitor the 'status' line of the UStream channel. And have someone up in Master Control actually *change* the darn thing once in a while.
18:05 eightbitbrad Yaotzin: if someone were at the console when recording started, they could change the topic or something.
18:05 tggRED change what?
18:05 tggRED what it's pointed at?
18:05 mikemol tggRED: It just says 'test'. Has for a month.
18:07 Yaotzin mikemol: Yeah that would pretty much solve it
18:07 eightbitbrad tggRED: mikemol is talking about the status on the UStream channel itself.
18:07 eightbitbrad camera is okay
18:07 pongs joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 eightbitbrad in theory the bot could be coded to check a file or something, but again, someone would need to remember to change the file or status
18:08 Yaotzin I wonder if a variable could be set so batsteve will change the topic to reflect the ustream status
18:08 Yaotzin the IRC topic
18:08 Yaotzin without removing what's already there
18:08 Ponko92 safety dance
18:08 tggRED I don't watch the stream usually...i see enough of cory. lol
18:08 Phu red: painting still?
18:09 tggRED Nope, i haven't started painting yet today, it's too cold in this damn building.
18:09 Colt4547 left #thegeekgroup
18:09 DruidicRifleman Yeah if she wanted to look at cory he's just up stairs from here
18:09 DruidicRifleman her
18:09 eightbitbrad Yaotzin: The bot would need to have ops status to change the topic, I think, but it could be done.
18:09 Yaotzin No reason not to give the bot .access
18:09 DruidicRifleman .yt high desert trip bowling ball cannon
18:09 BotSteve DruidicRifleman:
18:09 tggRED Actually, I'm in the same room as him. I'm just sitting underthe camera by the heater.
18:10 Yaotzin or add a couple more ops in general
18:10 Colt4547 joined #thegeekgroup
18:10 DruidicRifleman Ah lol
18:10 eightbitbrad who edited the camera autopsy vid?
18:10 eightbitbrad some awesome cuts
18:11 tggcory I did, and thanks :3
18:11 Yaotzin i'll have to watch that tonight
18:11 mashpriborintorg yeah the timecode part is great
18:11 Phu hey Cory.
18:11 tggcory Hi!
18:11 mashpriborintorg congrats cory
18:11 Yaotzin I'm watching  Metroid Fusion LP nursing my sore tooth atm
18:12 mikemol tggRED: If he's going to be interacting with IRC much, you should see about having VLC screencast or record his webchat view, so you can incorporate that.
18:12 mikemol er.
18:12 mikemol tggcory: ^^
18:12 mikemol tggcory: Possibly useful for comic releif every now and then.
18:12 mikemol *relief
18:12 eightbitbrad tggcory: Excellent work
18:14 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
18:15 DruidicRifleman is giving a robot this legal;products_id=32210
18:15 mikemol We need a frelling lawyer in here...
18:17 DruidicRifleman and if i built a like desk top PC sized robot that roamed the lab would the TGG waver cover being shot with BB's in the leg by an armed robot?
18:18 mikemol DruidicRifleman: I might not go after tGG, but I might go after you. :)
18:18 eightbitbrad .stream
18:18 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
18:19 eightbitbrad I think I can modify that
18:19 eightbitbrad Return the stream, and what's playing
18:19 DruidicRifleman what about  dot Stream live filming
18:19 eightbitbrad Now playing on the Stream: Live feed from the production center
18:19 eightbitbrad I don't want to add a ton of different commants.
18:20 eightbitbrad It's only going to be able to be changed by a bot admin anyway
18:20 DruidicRifleman .stream1 and .stream2
18:20 DruidicRifleman make the notice bot stream two and make it admin linked
18:21 eightbitbrad Well, I'm thinking more like this:  The live stream is viewable on | Now playing: Live equipment autopsy shoot
18:21 DruidicRifleman tggcory are the circuits Sticking around from the camra autpsie
18:22 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
18:22 DruidicRifleman As long as TGG consoul has the ability to set it incase the mods are away
18:22 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: They will, i can set the bot to key off of nickname
18:23 tggcory I believe so
18:23 eightbitbrad the "Now playing:" section would change.
18:23 DruidicRifleman hmmm Has some one claimed them?
18:24 Ponko92 .wiki syphon filter
18:24 BotSteve "Syphon Filter is a stealth third-person shooter video game for the PlayStation released in 1999." -
18:24 eightbitbrad Then people like Yaotzin can see what's playing and determine if they want to watch
18:25 eightbitbrad Essentially it'll check the command, and if the user is one of the admin users, it will allow the change
18:25 eightbitbrad Does that sound good to you guys?
18:26 eightbitbrad Right now, anything we do would rely on human interaction for now.
18:27 Ponko92 .wiki Hitchin Town FC
18:27 BotSteve "Hitchin Town Football Club are an English semi-professional football club based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire." -
18:27 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
18:29 MoxieMike_ Hey Cory, what's all the noise in the background from?
18:29 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
18:29 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
18:29 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
18:30 DruidicRifleman OK irc crashed
18:30 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
18:30 hubzcaps woooot
18:30 Phu liz needs to be on irc.... don't fear the irc :)
18:31 mikemol tggcory: You should hide the lapel mic in his baseball cap. :)
18:31 DruidicRifleman yes phu yes she does
18:32 hubzcaps shes  secretive...=  hot!!!!
18:33 mashpriborintorg I just Ordered my member kit, and Moose tells me the card is already printed, and in the outgoing mail bin,  incredible  :)
18:33 DruidicRifleman I should order's mine
18:33 hubzcaps mega
18:34 hubzcaps mmmmmm 16 bit techno
18:34 hubzcaps <bumpin
18:34 * DruidicRifleman throws hubzcaps in a very cold deconamination shower.
18:34 hubzcaps arrgh...washn off all my bud smoke
18:34 steve___ joined #thegeekgroup
18:35 hubzcaps its the Lawww
18:36 eightbitbrad I haven't ordered my card yet... apparently the process is b0rked.
18:36 Ponko92 ok im back
18:36 Ponko92 damn
18:36 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
18:37 Ponko92 beat syphon filter in 1:46 mins :P
18:38 hubzcaps_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:38 hubzcaps_ hmmmmmmm
18:39 hubzcaps_ Hubzcaps .    dances under a homemade laser scanner !
18:39 Ponko92 .wiki Ninjutsu
18:39 BotSteve "Ninjutsu (忍術|?|) sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpō (忍法|?|) is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside [...]" -
18:39 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
18:39 hubzcaps_ hlkj
18:40 hubzcaps_ left #thegeekgroup
18:40 mikemol hubzcaps_: You succeed? I remember someone (you?) was asking about it a while ago.
18:40 Ponko92 yeah all ninjas of the stream click that link and you'll see what you really need to be a ninja
18:40 mikemol Oh, right. That conversation was about an IR beam scanner.
18:40 mikemol nm.
18:40 Ponko92 lol
18:40 mashpriborintorg Shop is back online today, after ordering you receive a mail, you clic a link and you get a form for filling the details on the card, and uploading your photo, worked flawlessly for me
18:41 eightbitbrad ah, see, I had no clue.  Who runs the twitter for tgg?  Might be something to post to it.
18:41 DruidicRifleman can we have a no ruining peoples ninja fantsys rule?
18:41 mikemol DruidicRifleman: Naruto isn't real, sorry. :P
18:41 eightbitbrad or not: error id: "bad_httpd_conf"
18:41 eightbitbrad website is teh crash.
18:42 DruidicRifleman Ew naruto sucks
18:42 DruidicRifleman worst ninja franchise ever
18:42 DruidicRifleman Ninjas do not wair orange for 1
18:42 DruidicRifleman naruto is the like twilight of the ninja world
18:43 DruidicRifleman tggcory who is leaving?
18:43 Phu ok... test card.
18:43 DruidicRifleman ooooooh i know what tgg needs A taco making robot
18:43 tggcory Liz
18:43 DruidicRifleman Ah BYE LIZ!!!!
18:44 tggcory I dunno who moved the camera :V
18:44 Phu yay.. CoryCam is back *g*
18:45 tggcory It feels weird to know I have fans :V
18:45 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
18:45 DruidicRifleman tggcory do yu think the geek group needs a robot specificly built to make tacos?
18:45 Phu if you spend that much time on camera (what is it, a year now?) you get fans ;)
18:45 eightbitbrad We need a tggcory themed tshirt
18:45 tggcory Good point Phu  x3 and I have no idea Druid
18:46 tggcory Double weird :V
18:46 eightbitbrad "Shooting, editing, and tacos.."
18:46 DruidicRifleman Don't worry i like tacos
18:46 DruidicRifleman :P
18:47 Phu even my TV is joining in... just had a Mexican food advert ;)
18:47 DruidicRifleman I just thing robots are cool
18:47 CaptainBoden New video out :)
18:47 DruidicRifleman OK sooo i lost my connection to IRC for a bit When did red vanish
18:47 Phu Cory eating tacos makes me hungry though.
18:47 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: Just finished it.  Awesome edit work by tggcory
18:47 CaptainBoden Cory is the Taco Ninja
18:47 DruidicRifleman Grrr i want tacos now
18:47 mashpriborintorg Already seen it :)
18:47 tggcory Thanks Brad!
18:47 eightbitbrad np :)
18:48 Phu hi Chris.
18:48 Phu whats being banged on today?
18:48 Ponko92 Chris is Gerber Ninja
18:48 mashpriborintorg The website did just broke, chris
18:48 tggcory "did just broke"
18:49 Phu Cory appear to also be a grammar ninja ;)
18:49 tggcory DING DING DING Grammar winner!
18:49 DruidicRifleman you know We should get a bunch of people to dress up like ninjas and like In like a bunch of city's Just randomly run accorss the city to raise awarement about child obesity
18:49 Phu appears even
18:49 eightbitbrad yeah, site throws this: error id: "bad_httpd_conf"  Did someone upgrade something
18:49 mashpriborintorg sorry, not my mother language :)
18:49 Phu ah, forgivable then mashpriborintorg
18:49 mashpriborintorg or downgrade,
18:50 tggcory Aww, now I feel bad
18:50 * tggcory hugs a mashpriborintorg
18:50 mashpriborintorg no matter
18:50 mashpriborintorg I'll know it's not the correct way to say it
18:51 mashpriborintorg well, it's kaputt :-D
18:53 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
18:53 Phu kaput: adj. broken, not working, not performing primary function, not meeting expections of functionality, dead, malfunctioning, no longer useful, etc.
18:54 Phu I have no idea why I did that.
18:54 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
18:54 tggcory left #thegeekgroup
18:54 Ponko92 hmm who here can get me some US 1/4s
18:55 eightbitbrad .wa kaput
18:55 BotSteve kaput  (English word);adjective->destroyed or killed;ka-put  (5 letters ->2 syllables);1895  (Victorian Era)  (116 years ago);German -> French;done for -> gone;(none among common words);input -> kapok -> kappa;Dead -> Dead, as an engine -> Done for -> Fini -> Finito -> No longer working -> Not working -> On the fritz -> Shot -> Utterly destroyed   (total: 10), (based on all New York Times crossword puzzles 1994 to 200
18:55 mikemol Phu: This is a kaput parrot!
18:55 eightbitbrad Utterly destroyed!
18:55 Phu Phu: no its not! its sleeping!
18:55 Phu they do that these exotics birds... sleep lieing on their side!
18:56 Ponko92 .wa pillock
18:56 pongs left #thegeekgroup
18:56 Phu and that was supposed to be directed to mikemol, not back to myself.
18:56 BotSteve pillock  (English word);noun->a person who is not very bright;dolt -> dullard -> poor fish -> pudden-head -> pudding head -> stupe -> stupid -> stupid person   (total: 8);berk -> blockhead -> dunce -> dunderhead -> fuckhead -> hammerhead -> knucklehead -> loggerhead -> lunkhead -> muttonhead -> numskull   (total: 11);simple -> simpleton;(none among common words);hillock -> pillocks; -> -> pillo
18:56 Phu Clearly, I am not designed for Tuesdays.
18:56 Ponko92 .wa plonker
18:56 mikemol Phu: I just figured you're weird. And left you talking to yourself. :)
18:56 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
18:56 mashpriborintorg ok, it's just "Temporarily unavailable", seems we need to wait
18:56 mikemol mikemol: You do that sometimes, don't you?
18:56 mikemol mikemol: Yeah, we do.
18:57 Phu Ponko92: Describing Rodney.
18:57 Seroster Paranoir?
18:57 Ponko92 ye[
18:57 Ponko92 yep* XD
18:57 * Phu watches all the americans go "huh?"
18:57 Ponko92 lol
18:57 Ponko92 .wa wally
18:57 BotSteve wally  (English word);noun->a silly and inept person; someone who is regarded as stupid;w\'awlee  (IPA: w\\:02c8\\:0254li);wal-ly  (5 letters ->2 syllables);fool -> muggins -> saphead -> tomfool   (total: 4);(none among common words);bally -> dally -> pally -> rally -> sally -> Sally -> tally -> walla -> walls -> welly -> willy   (total: 11);Astronaut Schirra -> Beaver\'s nearest relative -> Boston Red Sox mascot -> T
18:57 Phu actually... the opening line of the theme song would confuse most people outside the UK.
18:57 Phu "Stick a Pony in me pocket"
18:58 Ponko92 5 pound
18:58 Phu (not to be confused with "Stick a deck chair up your nose" which is the theme tune to a totally different (and somewhat psychotic) series)
18:58 Seroster Ponko92,  you are paranoir? xD
18:58 Ponko92 am i?
18:59 Seroster Are you?
18:59 Ponko92 idk what is it
18:59 Seroster ....Sigh. =P
18:59 Ponko92 .wa tosser
19:00 BotSteve tosser  (English word);1->noun->terms of abuse for a masturbator, 2->noun->someone who throws lightly (as with the palm upward);jerk-off;masturbator -> onanist -> thrower;(none among common words);bosser -> dosser -> tossed -> tossers -> tosses   (total: 5); -> -> ->;Flipper -> Pitcher -> Pitchman? -> Salad preparer, maybe   (total: 4), (based on all New York Times crossword
19:00 Ponko92 ahhhh god
19:00 Ponko92 .wa durchfall
19:00 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
19:00 Ponko92 oh come on
19:00 Phu tosser: adj. used by Clive Anderson to describe The Bee Gess in a famous incident on "Cliver Anderson Talks Back" where in they responded with "You're the tosser mate" and walked off stage during the live show.
19:01 Seroster I am on another chat where  a dude randomly typed "SWEDE! =O" and his name was paranoir. And since there is nothing there that implies my nationality it would make sense if it was a person from another IRC. Here  I am known as the swede, and when I said "paranoir?" you replied within 3 seonds with "ye" - if you are NOT the person in question I'll be rather disappointed.
19:01 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
19:01 Ponko92 .wa waster
19:01 BotSteve waster  (English word);1->noun->someone who dissipates resources self-indulgently, 2->noun->a person who destroys or ruins or lays waste to;w\'eyster  (IPA: w\\:02c8e\\:026ast\\:025d);wasters;wastrel -> destroyer -> ruiner -> undoer -> uprooter   (total: 5);annihilator -> diversionist -> iconoclast -> image breaker -> saboteur -> vandal -> wrecker   (total: 7);prodigal -> profligate -> squanderer -> bad person   (tota
19:02 Phu Seroster: I can confirm that its not me.
19:02 Ponko92 .wa bastard
19:02 BotSteve bastard  (English word);1->noun->insulting terms of address for people who are stupid or irritating or ridiculous, 2->noun->the illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents, 3->noun->derogatory term for a variation that is not genuine; something irregular or inferior or of dubious origin, 4->adjective->fraudulent; having a misleading appearance;b\'asterd  (IPA: b\\:02c8&aelig;st\\:025dd);bas-tard  (7 letters ->2 syllab
19:02 Phu ok... stop abusing the bot now ;)
19:02 Ponko92 lol
19:02 Ponko92 can't help it
19:02 SparkyStudio Ponko92, maybe go goole it instead ?
19:03 Phu otherwise cory will set omni on you
19:03 Ponko92 ah
19:03 Ponko92 *walks away*
19:03 eightbitbrad hmmm I don't seem Omni as the attack type
19:03 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
19:03 Phu hi Fulsy
19:03 Ponko92 every dog attacks its form of defense
19:04 Fulsy all I hear is occasional hammering
19:04 Fulsy Hi
19:04 Phu right... since my soldering iron died last night, and since I refuse point blank to solder with lead-free solder and a non-temp-controlled iron, I am calling tonight a "night off".
19:04 Ponko92 yay
19:04 Phu and I'm gonna go watch a movie.
19:05 Fulsy No Bodens yet
19:05 eightbitbrad Fulsy: I think it's de-nailing day
19:05 Ponko92 not yet
19:05 mashpriborintorg Poor Omni, she seems so gentle
19:05 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden was here earlier.
19:05 cctoide Chris must be busy denailing by shouting at the wood full volume
19:05 Fulsy oh
19:05 Fulsy lol
19:06 Ponko92 probably cctoide ;)
19:06 Fulsy If they hook him up to the old Bogen tube amplifier, he can denail them all by whispering
19:07 mashpriborintorg Oh no, there's nails stuck in the concrete walls now, Red will no find it usefull for the painting job
19:07 Fulsy I see a Cory
19:08 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
19:08 cctoide
19:08 cctoide I... what
19:09 Fulsy A Buick?
19:09 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
19:09 Fulsy I always thought of buicks as a stereotypical grandma car
19:10 eightbitbrad cctoide: Now paint it orange and slap a black 01 on the side and you've got something.
19:11 Seroster .g buick dragrace
19:11 BotSteve Seroster:
19:11 Seroster =)
19:13 Fulsy .minecraft
19:13 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** The server may or may not be down right now.  Try it and let us know.
19:13 steve___ I think chris might be drilling holes
19:13 steve___ "Chris Boden Just got a 2-inch Coring Bit for my hammerdrill. I am now officially a "Danger to myself and others". :)"
19:14 Fulsy lol
19:14 steve___ 2" is awful small for coring
19:14 steve___ unless thats all his drill will turn
19:15 MoxieMike_ it depends on what you're coring...and what for
19:15 steve___ most likely concrete block
19:15 Fulsy god damnit notch
19:15 sitectrl joined #thegeekgroup
19:15 Fulsy Minecraft 1.5 released
19:15 steve___ wire feeds I would assume
19:15 Fulsy meaning aprilon is gonna take a whole fucking week to update
19:16 MoxieMike_ data wire right?
19:16 steve___ that or camera feeds maybe both
19:16 steve___ data and AV
19:16 steve___ caould live together
19:17 MoxieMike_ a 2" hole gives you a hole big enough for 1.5" pvc conduit
19:17 MoxieMike_ or a larger piece of EMT
19:17 Fulsy hello
19:17 Fulsy Hey Chris
19:18 MoxieMike_ hey chris
19:18 DruidicRifleman CAPTAIN MY CAPTAIN!!!
19:18 steve___ thats true, no only 1 1/2 emt
19:18 sitectrl left #thegeekgroup
19:19 Ponko92 our bountiful Captain
19:19 Fulsy 0.1 milliboden
19:19 Fulsy 0.5 Deciboden
19:19 Phu wtf is going on
19:19 Ponko92 ow i just dropped a football on my head
19:20 Phu oh chris turned up. that explains it.
19:20 * eightbitbrad grabs a stick
19:20 MoxieMike_ 1.5" emt doesn't have .25" walls like the pvc does
19:20 steve___ yes but 2" emt is 2.1 ish in dia, and won't fir
19:20 MoxieMike_ right
19:20 Ponko92 .time
19:20 Fulsy lmao
19:21 Ponko92 tggcory what time is it there?
19:21 eightbitbrad 15:21 hours
19:21 eightbitbrad they're GMT -4
19:21 steve___ lots of people
19:21 steve___ 3:20 pm
19:22 eightbitbrad do we have a tggRed sighting?
19:22 Ponko92 ok i've got till 7pm ET
19:22 Phu oh here we go. its evening time, so the UK goes online to facebook, and ustream get prioritised to "welcome as a fart in a spacesuit" level.
19:22 Ponko92 yeah kyle and red are here
19:22 steve___ it does apear to be a red sighting
19:22 mashpriborintorg Too bad, I have to go to sleep when the fun starts
19:23 Ponko92 its the fall of the red mist
19:23 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK
19:23 Fulsy the HEATER is down?
19:23 Fulsy WHAT
19:23 steve___ maybe we need to make  a red log
19:23 Colt4547 left #thegeekgroup
19:24 Ponko92 make that a shirt please lol
19:24 steve___ whats happening, I can't turn on sound?
19:24 Phu more stuff is leaving...
19:24 Colt4547 joined #thegeekgroup
19:24 Ponko92 why's that steve
19:24 steve___ and Chris has a EMT bender
19:24 steve___ in calss
19:24 steve___ *class
19:24 Ponko92 ahh
19:24 Phu chris looks dangerous with that
19:24 steve___ working on a lab
19:24 Ponko92 what do you do?
19:24 mashpriborintorg yeah, it's a blue thing
19:25 xanh joined #thegeekgroup
19:25 eightbitbrad now there's lots of cable
19:25 eightbitbrad someone needs to narrate for the stream.
19:25 steve___ well right now I'm contemplating a how to do some matlab stuff and convolution
19:26 steve___ I wonder if he is bending star or dot?
19:26 emmet joined #thegeekgroup
19:26 Ponko92 so you do stuff with electricity so in fairness you can become an electrician
19:26 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK
19:26 steve___ I'm going to school for EE
19:27 eightbitbrad I suspect they're going to run some cable through the wall
19:27 steve___ that could be
19:27 eightbitbrad mark that down... Kyle is an emotional terrorist, per CaptainBoden
19:27 Fulsy I want a pretzel stick
19:27 tggcory joined #thegeekgroup
19:27 steve___ pretzel does sound good
19:27 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
19:27 eightbitbrad oh snap, drilling action
19:27 eightbitbrad tggcory!
19:28 Fulsy I AM
19:28 eightbitbrad tggcory: Tell Red that IRC, and in particular me, says hello
19:28 eightbitbrad We're watching some epic action.
19:28 mashpriborintorg seems there will be some noise
19:28 Fulsy LOL
19:28 eightbitbrad ROFL
19:28 mashpriborintorg argh
19:28 Fulsy LMFAO
19:28 eightbitbrad Proper care and feeding of your cory.
19:28 eightbitbrad oh lord no.
19:28 Phu Cory is everyone's friend :)
19:28 Fulsy He hasn't had a poo
19:29 mashpriborintorg bretzels is secondary food after tacos
19:29 eightbitbrad I bet eventually he'll need TP for his bunghole.
19:29 Fulsy 0.1 Boden
19:29 eightbitbrad Thus spake the Boden
19:29 eightbitbrad So it is written, so it is done.
19:29 Ponko92 haha YEAH
19:29 steve___ and what did he spoke
19:29 eightbitbrad 11th Commandment: Don't step on Cat5 cable... EVER!
19:30 eightbitbrad EVER being at about .75 Bodens
19:30 steve___ an important one
19:30 Fulsy poptarts lol
19:30 Ponko92 haha wow
19:30 Phu apparently there is a lot of shit
19:30 Phu and poptarts.
19:30 eightbitbrad lol
19:30 cctoide oh snap
19:30 MoxieMike_ well...92.1 around me is WFNX
19:30 Phu which suggets Cory has very odd habits.
19:30 xanh i do not know why but puttted some 1000 pound gasbottles on the cables but it diddent harm it at all
19:30 Fulsy LOL
19:31 Ponko92 tggcory red get them to make that a shirt
19:31 Fulsy "I'll sell you this for 10 bucks" *is holding an xbox 360"
19:31 cctoide is that a 360?
19:31 MoxieMike_ but 105.3 is the Shark:
19:31 eightbitbrad xbox?
19:31 Ponko92 wow
19:31 eightbitbrad cctoide: looks like it
19:31 Ponko92 92.8 BBC Radio 1
19:31 Phu pfft.
19:31 Colt4547 ooo "shark" thought they said shard or shart
19:31 Phu 92.1 is closer to Radio 3.
19:32 Fulsy yay
19:32 Ponko92 lol
19:32 Fulsy a creeper in minecraft
19:32 Seroster The reason I often play The Devil's Advocate is that Satan and I have ben pals since grade school, and I'll have to defend my old buddy...
19:32 Phu it might be the top end of Radio 2 in some areas
19:32 eightbitbrad *waves at Red watching over Cory's shoulder* hehe
19:32 Ponko92 103.8 Radio 3 Counties
19:32 eightbitbrad could it be... satan?
19:32 cctoide what glass is this?
19:32 Fulsy NOOOO
19:32 Fulsy ok
19:32 eightbitbrad NOOOOOOOO
19:32 Seroster A swedish one, involving large ammounts of lard and wild animals.
19:32 cctoide I'm ok with this.
19:32 * eightbitbrad twitches
19:33 Ponko92 97.6 THIS IS HEARRRRT
19:33 Phu uh
19:33 eightbitbrad send help
19:33 eightbitbrad SOS
19:33 Fulsy Boden went apeshit
19:33 steve___ um, where did the stream go
19:33 Phu Geek Group</ustream>
19:33 Fulsy and thus it went down
19:33 eightbitbrad Moving cables
19:33 cctoide stream got dammed up by someone's foot
19:33 eightbitbrad I think epic drilling is going to commence.
19:33 Phu Chris: Don't step on that one either!
19:33 steve___ and should we start forming a search party
19:33 Ponko92 828 mw THIS IS GOLD
19:33 Dtrooper joined #thegeekgroup
19:33 Phu Ponko92: Capital Gold?
19:33 soks joined #thegeekgroup
19:34 Ponko92 yep
19:34 Ponko92 Classic Gold
19:34 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:34 Phu ah is that what they call it these days.
19:34 cctoide search and rescue?
19:34 Ponko92 6 from the 60's
19:34 cctoide start hoofing it to master control, I'll be there in two days.
19:34 Phu I remember trying to receive CG in my car on MW.
19:34 Phu The engine inteference was legendary.
19:34 Ponko92 909 Radio 5 Live
19:34 steve___ yes, S&R
19:35 steve___ find them and recover the stream
19:36 eightbitbrad I bet the stream comes back after the epicness is over
19:36 Ponko92 which car was that Phu?
19:36 Ponko92 how old are you may i ask
19:37 Phu it was a Citroen AX at the time. And I'm 31.
19:37 Ponko92 ahh ok
19:37 Ponko92 i remember those cars
19:37 Ponko92 like all citroens the had adjustable suspension
19:37 Colt4547 stepped on the CAT5. crossed the streams.
19:38 Phu boom boom.
19:38 eightbitbrad No, they did say they were taking the stream down on purpose before it cut out
19:38 eightbitbrad They're moving cables around.
19:38 xanh damn i feld over the wireless internet
19:38 Colt4547 yuppers
19:39 Ponko92 bring back the old stream
19:39 steve___ good, it was/is a mess up there
19:40 Colt4547 will be for a while.
19:40 steve___ they need redundent network to the stream computer
19:40 Ponko92 .yt bring back my bonnie to me
19:40 BotSteve Ponko92:
19:40 Colt4547 dhas chris said anything bout the door install lately?
19:40 emmet left #thegeekgroup
19:41 steve___ last I heard the header beam was in and the wall mostly cut or cut but not removed
19:41 Colt4547 sweet!
19:41 steve___ they want to remove the wall and install the door all in one day
19:41 xanh i see it will be possible
19:42 steve___ or "secerity reasons
19:42 steve___ *for
19:42 steve___ I hope to stop by the lab this evening and work on some stuff myself
19:42 steve___ it will be intersting to see what has happened
19:43 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
19:43 steve___ console is back
19:43 steve___ does that mean stream soon
19:44 steve___ I need to relocate so I will be offline for  a bit
19:44 Colt4547 k
19:46 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
19:46 xanh left #thegeekgroup
19:46 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
19:47 Geek101 wots gowing on
19:48 steve___ left #thegeekgroup
19:48 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
19:51 eightbitbrad tggcory, tggconsole:  Somebody set us up the informations
19:52 eightbitbrad stream's back
19:52 Colt4547 kinda
19:52 Colt4547 cam's away
19:52 eightbitbrad wait, that's not the control room
19:52 Colt4547 nvmnd just dark and fa
19:52 Colt4547 far away
19:52 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
19:52 eightbitbrad did we miss epic drilling?
19:54 Fulsy they're taking an awful long time to relocate a cable
19:54 eightbitbrad that's not the control room
19:54 Colt4547 Drilling!
19:54 eightbitbrad unless I'm totally blind
19:56 eightbitbrad driiiiiiilll drill drill drill
19:56 Colt4547 deaf!
19:57 Ponko92 wow its dark
19:58 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
19:58 BotSteve Welcome back, boss
19:59 eightbitbrad oh, the cam's pointing downstairs at a studio
19:59 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
19:59 eightbitbrad oops
19:59 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
20:00 Fulsy oh nice
20:00 Fulsy had to refresh it
20:00 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
20:00 steve___ joined #thegeekgroup
20:00 Fulsy so I most likely missed alot
20:01 Colt4547 @ <Fulsy> only deafing Hammer drill sounds. nothing to see
20:01 steve___ I assume that is studio D on the Stream?
20:01 Fulsy OH SWEET JESUS
20:02 eightbitbrad steve___: I suspect so.
20:02 Colt4547 nevermind there's the deafing sounds
20:02 Fulsy My ears lost their virginity
20:02 Ponko92 oh F**K
20:02 eightbitbrad LOL we whine when the stream's off, whine when it's on. lol
20:02 steve___ what fraction of a boden is that drill?
20:02 Colt4547 1.0
20:02 eightbitbrad i'd say .35
20:02 Ponko92 can't win can they
20:02 Bat-Mobile .seen Yaotzin
20:02 BotSteve Bat-Mobile: I last saw yaotzin at 2011-04-19 18:11:53 UTC on #thegeekgroup
20:02 Yaotzin Yo
20:02 Bat-Mobile about 2 hours ago
20:03 Bat-Mobile Oh hey there you are
20:03 steve___ hello batman
20:03 Bat-Mobile batSTEVE
20:03 Bat-Mobile batman's a different dude
20:03 eightbitbrad .seen eightbitbrad
20:03 BotSteve eightbitbrad: I last saw eightbitbrad at 2011-04-19 20:02:33 UTC on #thegeekgroup
20:03 Ponko92 .seen tggkyle?
20:03 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen tggkyle? around.
20:03 steve___ sorry wrong bat
20:03 Bat-Mobile He's about this tall?
20:03 Bat-Mobile Anybody .seen tggkyle?
20:03 Ponko92 .seen tggkyle
20:03 BotSteve Ponko92: I last saw tggkyle at 2011-04-19 17:31:13 UTC on #thegeekgroup
20:03 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
20:03 Ponko92 thank you
20:04 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
20:04 Yaotzin buh?
20:05 Fulsy pretty cool guy
20:05 Fulsy eh has a mustang and doesnt afraid of anything
20:05 Ponko92 .seen Captain_
20:05 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen captain_ around.
20:05 Ponko92 .seen captain
20:05 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen captain around.
20:05 Ponko92 ok i'm gonna stop
20:05 steve___ .seen CaptainBoden
20:06 BotSteve steve___: I last saw captainboden at 2011-04-19 18:47:40 UTC on #thegeekgroup
20:06 Bat-Mobile Ponko92: helps if you use the tab key
20:06 arran-g yes
20:06 Bat-Mobile also, I laughed a lot at .seen kyle
20:06 * Bat-Mobile wonders if anyone else did
20:06 Bat-Mobile Yaotzin: I talked to the state cops
20:06 Ponko92 o_O ok then
20:06 Fulsy All the construction sounds in the background kinda fits what I'm doing in minecraft
20:06 Yaotzin Oh yeah?
20:06 steve___ yes we can
20:06 Ponko92 i'm playing Formula 1
20:06 Fulsy Yes
20:06 Ponko92 yes
20:06 eightbitbrad yep
20:06 Fulsy I'm busy in minecraft renovating my stadium
20:07 steve___ .01 milliboden
20:07 eightbitbrad hi CaptainBoden
20:07 Geek101 yes
20:07 Ponko92 should i be getting to derby?
20:07 eightbitbrad we see you
20:07 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
20:07 steve___ studio D
20:07 Fulsy Hello Chris
20:07 eightbitbrad dark, but we see you
20:07 Geek101 yes
20:07 Fulsy I have an image
20:07 steve___ we see Studio D
20:07 Geek101 yes
20:07 eightbitbrad Studio D for dark
20:07 SparkyStudio We can see you
20:07 Ponko92 oh wow
20:07 eightbitbrad there, much better
20:07 SparkyStudio Studio D
20:07 Ponko92 .help Derby
20:08 Ponko92 .weather Derby
20:08 BotSteve Clear ☼, 13℃, 1016mb, Gentle breeze 7kt (↑) - EGNX 19:50Z
20:08 Ponko92 wow there all wearing hoodies
20:08 eightbitbrad okay, well, have a good one all, time for me to cut out and head home.
20:09 eightbitbrad Bat-Mobile: I'll be hacking more code tonight :)
20:09 Ponko92 ok good luck man
20:09 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
20:09 Fulsy LOL
20:09 Fulsy "Cory also picks his nose and eats it"
20:10 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
20:12 SparkyStudio Boden is louder than the drill :D
20:12 Yaotzin i found out this afternoon that 1.0 boden is 195 dB
20:12 Yaotzin which is louder than the theorized loudest noise produced on earth
20:12 guest3 joined #thegeekgroup
20:13 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
20:13 w0vha OK, JAWS is still acting funny with Ustream, but I'm listening to the live stream.
20:14 SparkyStudio Jaws ?
20:14 SparkyStudio The shark ?
20:14 cctoide screen reader
20:14 Phu oo. Studio B.
20:14 SparkyStudio Ah, ok
20:14 Phu or so I thought.
20:14 SparkyStudio Studio D i believe, the girly room
20:14 Phu isn't it B, the sound studio?
20:14 cctoide Studio Rock.
20:17 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
20:20 soks left #thegeekgroup
20:21 w0vha I'll send you a cookie...
20:22 SparkyStudio Just checked the blog, it's Studio D, Studio B will be the sound studio, but the mirror is in D
20:22 SparkyStudio;feature=channel_video_title
20:24 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
20:27 ValveBoy joined #thegeekgroup
20:27 guest3 left #thegeekgroup
20:29 Seroster;NR=1&amp;feature=fvwp  the "2 kv" things he thinks is capacitors... Isnt that surge protector smurfs?
20:29 Seroster ...The dude I worked with always called them surgesmurfs =P
20:29 Seroster And... They are ALWAYS close to mains
20:32 ValveBoy left #thegeekgroup
20:33 Fulsy what are those big orange boards on the walls?
20:33 Fulsy sound proofing?
20:33 Yaotzin surgesmurfs?
20:33 Yaotzin so like, green energetic smurfs?
20:33 Colt4547 smurfs on red bull
20:33 Yaotzin well smurfs on Surge
20:34 Colt4547 word
20:34 Yaotzin if you remember that pop
20:34 Colt4547 i do
20:34 Yaotzin or Jolt
20:34 Yaotzin haven't seen either in a long time
20:34 Colt4547 was crck for nine year olds
20:34 mikemol Ugh.
20:34 Seroster Err......
20:34 Seroster No.
20:34 Seroster Power surge protection
20:34 mikemol Sometimes, my hands proceed faster than my mind.
20:35 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
20:35 mikemol I don't know what I was trying to type, but what came out was 'borken bubble tape'.
20:35 Thaery joined #thegeekgroup
20:36 Yaotzin I liked the geeked out green smurfs better
20:36 Fulsy Omni!
20:36 Yaotzin geeked in this sense meaning hopped up on uppers
20:36 Fulsy I got scared because I was in a cave on Minecraft
20:37 Fulsy I thought Omni was some new cave mob in minecraft
20:37 Colt4547 with mid-evil blades
20:38 Yaotzin I think geeked is the word I'm looking for
20:39 SparkyStudio the 102k 2kv things sound like capacitors, they would be in a filter config
20:40 Yaotzin Oh hey what's with this studio
20:40 Seroster Oooo! Safety screws! I'm scaaared!
20:41 Yaotzin well that was interesting
20:42 SparkyStudio the K means a tolerance of 10%, the 102 reads like resistors, so 102 would be 10 and 2  0's
20:42 Fulsy yay, dropping metal poles
20:43 Yaotzin Yeah I think I'd rather watch the LP I've been watching, clanking metal over speakers
20:43 Yaotzin that's a special kind of annoying
20:43 codfish joined #thegeekgroup
20:43 DruidicRifleman Wow i whent into the dollar store for BBQ skewer's walked out of there with a mini camp stove 12 little glas vials that will make Kick ass potion phys reps at larps a massive ring 4 pepperets and what i whent in for
20:43 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
20:44 mikemol zomb starting already?
20:44 mikemol Sounded like a chainsaw or something. :)
20:44 Yaotzin DruidicRifleman: I kind of lost you half way through that
20:44 DruidicRifleman tggcory is there any Chance when i can get down to michigan to get help to Do a Good youtube opening sequence?
20:44 DruidicRifleman i bought 5 things on impluse
20:45 mikemol and stream died
20:45 mikemol or is dying. Might be my local pipe.
20:45 Colt4547 Mine is dropping too
20:45 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
20:46 mikemol Have chainsaw audio back, but video is still hung.
20:47 codfish video back
20:48 dcrand duh
20:49 mikemol I think I'm going to not watch the stream for a while...
20:49 DruidicRifleman i don't think the internet at LSL is ment for the ammount of traphic it receaves
20:49 mikemol Hehe
20:49 Fulsy Yay, I hit Diamond on minecraft
20:49 codfish cool i found 3 an hour ago
20:50 DruidicRifleman whos in master control?
20:50 DruidicRifleman and who broke the tool?
20:50 DruidicRifleman donation of?
20:50 DruidicRifleman I have a bosch hammer drill
20:51 DruidicRifleman LETS SEE THE DRILL!!!
20:51 Yaotzin Oh yeah I was mentioning Chris blowing a speaker with a feedback loop, and it just dawned on me that I have a bass amp with a faulty switch that I'll never use
20:51 Yaotzin I reckon once I make it back I'll donate it for exploding
20:51 Yaotzin and autopsying
20:51 DruidicRifleman LOL
20:51 Ponko92 lol
20:52 Yaotzin I'm poor as the dickens so, I can't really donate much
20:52 SparkyStudio DruidicRifleman, the stream is uploaded to Ustream, and it's Ustream that suffers the traffic
20:52 DruidicRifleman I see
20:53 DruidicRifleman How much traphic does a 24 hour Ustream bdoarcast use?
20:53 SparkyStudio Depends how you set it, and what quality you upload at, you could do a livestream on a webcam if you wanted
20:54 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
20:54 Ponko92 yeah red is here :P
20:54 DruidicRifleman AHHHH it's red RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20:54 DruidicRifleman :P
20:54 tggRED Hey guys.
20:54 mikemol DruidicRifleman: If I don't get shot for touching the streaming machine, I can set up a bandwidth counter on it and extrapolate.
20:54 Ponko92 *hugs RED*
20:54 tggRED lol
20:54 tggRED yay, hugs.
20:54 Ponko92 yay ^_^
20:55 mikemol It'd be as easy as hitting Ctrl-Shift-Esc, switching over to the 'network' tab, and changing which columns are visible.
20:55 Ponko92 red where you at?
20:55 SparkyStudio mikemol, doesn't the upload software tell you that  (adobe or whatever)
20:55 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
20:56 DruidicRifleman Well It would be neat to Do like Geek Love talk And then like the anthropology geek hour AND if there are geek group member's At like Cern or something and there is a big discovery Then we could do like A Breaking science news update
20:56 mikemol SparkyStudio: I dunno. Probably not. That adobe live streaming app is...remarkably designed for the underinformed.
20:56 codfish left #thegeekgroup
20:56 tggRED I'm at the lab.
20:56 tggRED Duuh.
20:57 tggRED That would be quite interesting.
20:57 tggcory ooo girl
20:57 Ponko92 -_- where in the lap then lol
20:57 tggRED Late night geek talk shows...oh the horror. lol
20:57 tggRED Cafe.
20:57 Ponko92 ooookay
20:57 tggRED Crreeeping. are we?
20:57 tggRED lol
20:57 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
20:57 Ponko92 yes
20:58 Ponko92 look behind you ;)
20:58 tggRED Such a creep.
20:58 Ponko92 oh thanks :(
20:58 DruidicRifleman And Chris could do a cooking show called cooking loudly with chris boden
20:58 tggRED lol.
20:58 tggRED that would be something of epicality
20:58 Ponko92 he's barry scott of science
20:59 Yaotzin I haven't heard if Chris can cook or not
20:59 DruidicRifleman .w barry scott
20:59 BotSteve "This page has been deleted." -
20:59 Ponko92 hahaha
20:59 SparkyStudio mikemol, i have the adobe live encoder (just playing with it to uderstand how it works), with the resolution i have set (320x240) , it tells me the bandwidth with audio is 348kbps,
20:59 tggRED gotta go. bye.
20:59 Ponko92 cya
20:59 DruidicRifleman awww :(
20:59 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
20:59 DruidicRifleman by red
21:00 mikemol SparkyStudio: k. Someone at master control can look at it. Or I can when I'm next up there (which won't bee for about two weeks)
21:00 Ponko92 you must have a crush ;)
21:00 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
21:00 Ponko92 .wiki Ricky Gervais Show
21:00 BotSteve "The Ricky Gervais Show is a comedy audio show in the UK starring Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant, and Karl Pilkington, later adapted into an animated televised version debuting for HBO and Channel 4 in 2010." -
21:00 tggcory Stephen Merchant is AMAZING in Portal 2
21:01 Ponko92 lol you should watch that show tggcory
21:01 tggcory I can't stand the show
21:01 tggcory but I LOVE An Idiot Abroad
21:01 Ponko92 oh god
21:01 Ponko92 i love the show
21:02 Ponko92 "i mean, you are a mental man."
21:02 tggcory xD
21:02 tggcory Yes
21:02 Ponko92 love it soo much
21:02 Yaotzin I haven't heard of either
21:03 Ponko92 how would i know which one i was.
21:03 Ponko92 .search Ricky Gervais Show
21:04 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
21:04 Ponko92 .wiki Lee Evans
21:04 BotSteve "Lee Evans (comedian), English comedian and actor" -
21:05 wannabe1987 my quest was successful;  i am back
21:05 Ponko92
21:05 Ponko92 there you go tggcory
21:06 tggcory Sad to say, I can't stand Ricky Gervais
21:06 Ponko92 ahhh
21:06 Ponko92 fair enough
21:06 Ponko92 you like the american office
21:06 Seroster I want a clean room :c
21:07 * wannabe1987 didn't get any welcomes :(
21:07 Seroster Aww
21:07 Ponko92 hey wannabe1987
21:07 Fulsy Hello Wannabe1987
21:07 wannabe1987 thanks ponko92, fulsy :)  how u guys?
21:07 mike4 joined #thegeekgroup
21:07 Yaotzin heh
21:07 Fulsy Pretty good
21:08 wannabe1987 good.  my quest for the day ended happily; its good...for now.  we shall see for the night hours.
21:08 Yaotzin I constantly forget Russell Brand's name, however I do remember to google "british hair boots comedian"
21:08 Yaotzin he will always be the first hit on image search
21:08 Yaotzin I love that
21:09 dcrand yes audio
21:09 Fulsy so
21:10 Fulsy any of you guys play the minecraft 1.5 update yet?
21:10 Ponko92 .wiki 1988 Littlewoods Cup Final
21:10 BotSteve "The 1988 Littlewoods Cup Final,took place at Wembley Stadium on 24 April 1988, and was contested between Luton Town and Arsenal." -
21:10 Colt4547_mobile joined #thegeekgroup
21:10 Ponko92 what was the score +botsteve?
21:12 dicalcium joined #thegeekgroup
21:12 Ponko92 .wiki Super Bowl XLV
21:12 BotSteve "Super Bowl XLV was an American football game between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Green Bay Packers to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2010 season." -
21:12 mike4 left #thegeekgroup
21:13 dicalcium is now known as w0vha
21:13 wannabe1987 sucks
21:13 Seroster Sure does.
21:13 wannabe1987 saw a movie today...had dicks in it
21:13 w0vha Jeez... I may have to install ircii on the linux box again...
21:13 Seroster lol
21:13 Ponko92 was it a porno?
21:13 Seroster What movie?
21:13 wannabe1987 "your highness'
21:13 * Seroster runs to the pirate bay mobile
21:13 wannabe1987 "*
21:14 Ponko92 oh god that film looks HILARIOUS
21:14 Seroster I saw a great film the other day
21:14 Seroster "Teeth"
21:14 wannabe1987 it is...hilarious
21:14 wannabe1987 so many "fuck yous"
21:14 Seroster About a chick with vagina dentata that gets raped
21:14 Ponko92 "suck your venom"
21:14 Seroster =D
21:14 Seroster .wa vagina dentata
21:14 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
21:14 Yaotzin Now I'm not gay, but if I ran into Russell Brand in a hotel
21:14 wannabe1987 i saw it with hoedown in skegon today
21:14 Yaotzin well
21:14 Ponko92 and....
21:14 Ponko92 what
21:15 Thaery left #thegeekgroup
21:15 Yaotzin British comedian
21:15 Colt4547 left #thegeekgroup
21:15 Seroster Whens the dick at, wannabe?
21:15 wannabe1987 when he chops it off the creature he slain
21:15 Ponko92 -_-  i do know who he is
21:15 Seroster Cus Ill download the entire movie, then cut the dick out with an editing program.
21:15 Yaotzin What he's a hot dude
21:15 Ponko92 lol
21:15 Ponko92 married to Katy Perry
21:15 wannabe1987 its nearish the middle
21:16 Seroster I lost my old dick, boob n ass collection in a HDD crash a couple of months ago
21:16 wannabe1987 she's coming to GR
21:16 Seroster That video was awesome
21:16 Yaotzin Katy Perry?
21:16 wannabe1987 yes
21:16 wannabe1987 sept 11
21:16 Seroster I cut out dicks tits and asses from hundreds of movies =D
21:16 Yaotzin Who is Katy Perry?
21:16 Ponko92 .wa dickhead
21:16 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
21:16 Ponko92 ahhhh
21:16 Ponko92 lol
21:16 wannabe1987 .wiki katy perry
21:16 BotSteve "Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson (born October 25, 1984), better known by her stage name Katy Perry, is an American singer-songwriter." -
21:16 Yaotzin never heard of her
21:17 wannabe1987 has a song about exploding boobs
21:17 wannabe1987 (fireworks)
21:17 Ponko92 lol
21:17 Yaotzin she looks like sylvester stalone in this picture
21:17 Ponko92 my fiancee loves that song
21:17 Seroster WTF
21:17 Yaotzin well it's more the thumbnail
21:17 Seroster Why does ALL demonstration videos have porn music in them?;feature=related
21:17 Colt4547_mobile left #thegeekgroup
21:18 Yaotzin meh
21:18 Seroster Cept for this, and it is btw my all time favourite demo of industrial appliances!
21:18 Ponko92 .wa porno
21:18 Seroster That would take care of the old kitty food cans in a hurry!
21:18 BotSteve porno  (English word);noun->creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire;p\'awrnoh  (IPA: p\\:02c8\\:0254rno\\:028a);pornos;erotica;child pornography;creation -> creative activity;(none among common words);Dirt -> Graphic start -> No family fare -> Skin flicks -> Smut -> X-rated   (total: 6), (based on all New York Times crossword puzzles
21:19 Seroster Damn, BotSteve away for a wanker break?
21:19 Ponko92 lol
21:19 Ponko92 wow
21:19 Seroster BatSteve-Away! I think your bot is doing "grown up stuff"....
21:19 Seroster What, the Monster? =D
21:19 Seroster I LOVE taht damn machine!
21:20 Ponko92 Seroster how old are you?
21:20 Seroster About your age
21:20 DruidicRifleman my bet is mentally 13
21:20 Ponko92 19
21:20 Ponko92 hahahaha roflysst
21:20 Seroster Mentally I won't touch on.
21:20 Seroster I was born -92
21:20 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
21:20 Ponko92 st paddys day 92
21:21 Seroster Wb bat
21:21 BatSteve there something you need to tell me?
21:21 BotSteve I blame Seroster, boss!
21:21 Seroster xD
21:21 DruidicRifleman soooo the racet ball cort that i see into now thats the "girl geek lab?"
21:22 BatSteve wasn't even him, it was ponko.  I'm looking at the backlog right now.
21:22 Ponko92 how do you work botsteve
21:22 Seroster xD
21:22 Seroster SEE!
21:22 BotSteve Magic
21:22 Seroster He works with one hand...
21:23 Ponko92 ahh
21:23 Ponko92 bahahahaha
21:23 Yaotzin Bots don't need hands
21:23 SparkyStudio DruidicRifleman, Girly Dance Studio
21:23 Ponko92 wow just wow
21:23 DruidicRifleman I see
21:23 Seroster Yaotzin, well, how the fuck are they supposed to type if they haven't? duh.
21:23 Yaotzin Seroster: With their mind
21:23 Ponko92 by means of Telekenisis
21:23 Seroster AND! IF nobody talks to him he will be idle 24/7. He would self destruct if he didnt have a hand to.. pass the time
21:23 Ponko92 as Yaotzin said
21:23 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
21:23 Ponko92 haha
21:24 DruidicRifleman Bot's actually Psychokeneticly manipulate the data with they're mind
21:24 Seroster And masturbate.
21:24 Ponko92 -_- enough already lol
21:24 Seroster
21:25 Ponko92 what on earth is that
21:25 Yaotzin They're walking there with their umbrellas.
21:25 Seroster That is... odd.
21:30 Seroster And it's wonderful in a fucked up way. And you could imply a deeper meaning than wanking. Or not.
21:30 Ponko92 ok ok stop now please lol
21:30 DruidicRifleman Can an admin time out seroster till he start's beghaving as much as i Openly support all kinds of sexual debotchery from time to time minoirs do use this server AND it should be kept atleast at a maturity level of a child that i'd leave allone with a BB gun
21:30 Seroster Beghaving? Is that like.. Begging for... Havens?
21:30 DruidicRifleman tggcory i owe you two tacos now
21:30 Phu I second DruidicRifleman's motion.
21:30 Seroster DruidicRifleman, How long do you suggest this timeout should last?
21:30 SparkyStudio I third it
21:30 DruidicRifleman Motion has 3 supporter's
21:30 tggcory I don't know what's happening
21:30 Seroster And 58 ambivalent.
21:30 Ponko92 sorry i have to 4th it i'm afraid
21:30 Seroster DruidicRifleman, how long do you suggest a timeout would last?
21:30 Seroster Tsk
21:30 Phu tggcory: seroster is dragging the tone too low for too long :(
21:30 DruidicRifleman bat steve you there?
21:30 Ponko92 the length of a hockey match
21:30 Seroster Tsk.
21:30 * BatSteve is right here
21:30 tggcory Bringing it
21:30 Seroster How long is a hockey match? I aint that into sports. 90 minutes?
21:30 tggcory Bringing down the house?
21:30 Ponko92 60
21:30 DruidicRifleman the correct term is hockey game
21:30 tggcory .wiki bringing down the house
21:30 BotSteve "Bringing Down the House (film), a romantic comedy" -
21:30 tggcory Boom
21:30 Seroster I'll throw in an extra 30 just to make you happy
21:31 cctoide one against ;o
21:31 Ponko92 wow
21:31 Seroster Fair enough, democracy provail!
21:31 Phu tggcory: his choice of conversation right now seems to be masturbation in all its forms.
21:31 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
21:31 DruidicRifleman Come back in an hour
21:31 Dtrooper left #thegeekgroup
21:31 Phu ah there we go. self-correcting problem :)
21:31 Ponko92 haha
21:31 Yaotzin Wasn't it Ponko who started it?
21:31 Yaotzin oh well
21:31 Ponko92 yeah but i knew to keep to a level
21:31 DruidicRifleman He has taken a few things to far
21:31 Phu well seroster has been building up for days
21:31 Phu even Chris called him a douche.
21:31 Fulsy lol
21:31 Fulsy he did
21:32 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
21:32 SparkyStudio tggcory, why are we looking at an empty room ?
21:32 Phu SparkyStudio: blink with enough frequency and you get a real-time time-lapse ;)
21:32 BigTank i just got here, who is captain talking to?
21:33 Phu no! not the test card again!
21:33 DruidicRifleman is it just me or did the matury level go up when seros log out?
21:33 Ponko92 yes
21:33 DruidicRifleman yeah view of empty room is boring
21:33 Ponko92 it most certainly has
21:33 Phu I concur.
21:34 Ponko92 i agree
21:34 BigTank does anybody know who he is talking to?
21:34 Phu it sounds like he's given someone a tour again
21:34 DruidicRifleman I normally don't Care what people do BUT i know children or worse some kids parrent might log in here and they don't need to see that
21:34 Phu potential new hires?
21:34 Ponko92 possibly
21:34 DruidicRifleman who's the new victim!!!!
21:34 Phu tggcory: whats Chris up to?
21:35 Ponko92 lol who's the new victim
21:35 Ponko92 sure thats not victims
21:35 SparkyStudio Nooo
21:35 Ponko92 oh no not the Indian
21:35 SparkyStudio spin it further
21:35 Ponko92 speaking of which
21:36 tggcory Stuff, iunno
21:37 Phu Cory is good. Cory is wise.
21:37 DruidicRifleman Like i've helped run fetish parties BDSM munches furry gatherings I've Loaded a mini van with so much boose the springs would bottom out for the local HIV/AIDS charity dance's to raise funds there isn't much that offends me But i've been told that people wanna PG13 channel and i have toagree
21:37 Phu "I dunno" - Cory Grzyb
21:38 DruidicRifleman Cause imagine if the next billy's dad logs into the IRC to ask a couple questions and see's Inapropreate sexual posts?
21:38 Darwin-- joined #thegeekgroup
21:38 SparkyStudio Or if a parent looks over a kids shoulder
21:38 DruidicRifleman nods
21:38 Fulsy wow
21:39 DruidicRifleman Corrupting a minor IS a serious offence... AND one the geek group does not need it's member's Charged with.
21:39 Yaotzin lol
21:39 DruidicRifleman Mind you if you Wanna talk about perverted Sex talk there are options MSN creating your own channel AND the private message system
21:39 JA12 left #thegeekgroup
21:39 SparkyStudio I've always believed anything public should be PG13, unless you have to verify age, and yeah i know a lot of kids lie to view porn :P
21:40 DruidicRifleman Sparky i realised i liked tying chicks up at  age 11 when i accidently discovered bondage porn
21:40 Phu SparkyStudio: it always amuses me how parents are like "don't swear around my kids!". My only thought is "look, they knew every swear word by the age of six. You protection is meaningless."
21:40 tggcory Druid...sounds like a case of practice what you preach :V
21:41 Phu tggcory: I don't get the :V emoticon... what is that supposed to be?
21:41 DruidicRifleman Sorry
21:41 BatSteve ....
21:41 Fulsy pac-man?
21:41 wannabe1987 om nom nom
21:41 Ponko92 lol
21:42 BatSteve All right, guys, for the next 15 minutes...just leave the sex discussion alone.
21:42 SparkyStudio phu, that's true, they probably learn half of it from the parent that's telling us not to swear, but that's no reason for TGG members to drag the conversation into the gutter
21:42 DruidicRifleman And to an age appropreate topic the TGG killer robot army development program
21:42 steve___ well this is the part of the evening I log off and show up at the lab shortly
21:42 Fulsy Topic changing to: Minecraft :<
21:42 Phu SparkyStudio: oh I agree, it was just an observation on your "kids lie to view porn" comment :)
21:42 tggcory Sexy, sexy Minecraft?
21:42 Fulsy NO
21:42 DruidicRifleman NOOOO KILLER ROBOTS fulsy
21:42 DruidicRifleman :(
21:42 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
21:42 Fulsy sexy creepers?
21:43 Phu you know... minecraft has completely passed me by... I don't even know what it is (aside from a game of some kind).
21:43 Ponko92 hmm i'd like to get into minecraft
21:43 DruidicRifleman LOL chris is funny
21:43 Fulsy it's 15 bucks
21:43 Fulsy only it's through paypal
21:43 Ponko92 is it?
21:43 Fulsy which rules everyone without a  credit card out pretty much
21:44 Fulsy I asked my parents, tho
21:44 Fulsy and they got me it
21:44 Ponko92 fulsy your 18 yes?
21:44 Yaotzin I'm not a fan of how monster spawns are treated in Minecraft
21:44 Fulsy no..
21:44 Yaotzin I dislike having to put torches up everywhere
21:44 Ponko92 how old?
21:44 Fulsy I guess I should leave ?
21:44 Fulsy 15
21:44 Yaotzin Fulsy you're fine
21:45 Ponko92 yeah your fine mate :)
21:45 Fulsy ah
21:45 compwiz878 joined #thegeekgroup
21:45 Yaotzin Anyway it drives me nuts that if you don't throw torches everywhere you'll be swimming is monsters unless you have it on peaceful
21:45 wannabe1987 fulsy why would you leave?
21:45 Fulsy I remember back when I was 11 I got booted off a forum because of COPPA's 13 year old age requirement
21:45 Phu Fulsy: you're old enough to play with Tesla coils with Billy ;)
21:45 Fulsy thought I wasn't old enough or something
21:45 wannabe1987 lolno
21:46 Fulsy 16 years old in a month
21:46 Ponko92 yeah i'd not want to see that
21:46 Fulsy forgot to add
21:46 Ponko92 lol
21:46 Ponko92 19 :P
21:46 BatSteve Fulsy: stay, you're fine
21:46 steve___ left #thegeekgroup
21:46 Fulsy alrighty
21:46 Ponko92 steve___!!!!!!!
21:46 Ponko92 no
21:46 Hyper-Core joined #thegeekgroup
21:48 Fulsy but I started on the internet when I was like...9
21:49 Ponko92 lol
21:49 Yaotzin Yeah I was about the same, playing dungeon delves I downloaded from AOL's game trials on my windows 95 then 98 machine
21:50 Hyper-Core left #thegeekgroup
21:50 DruidicRifleman i was the same
21:50 Yaotzin chatting in AIM chatrooms
21:50 Yaotzin that I shouldn't have been in
21:51 DruidicRifleman red allert was sort of new when i Started with computers
21:51 Ponko92 brb
21:51 Yaotzin Still having fun with the couple games I had on dosshell
21:51 DruidicRifleman LOL
21:51 Yaotzin Monkeys throwing bananas
21:51 Yaotzin snakes
21:52 Yaotzin Don't hate on dosshell
21:52 compwiz878 dosshell is a nice app
21:52 Yaotzin yeah I know it's just DOS but I still remember typing the cd to get to the games folder
21:52 DruidicRifleman Dispite the fact that the tred system i posted a video of Would burn... the robot could totally be turned into a fire fighting robot
21:54 DruidicRifleman ... this killer robot idea has like allot of use's
21:54 DruidicRifleman tggcory don't pic on OMNI!!!!
21:55 tggcory I'm not D:
21:55 compwiz878 i still have a copy of msdos 6.22 with the suplimentl diskete that has other doss tols/utils and dosshell
21:56 DruidicRifleman speaking of cory the robot could also be used to wake cory up in the morning with out exposing chriss or moose to his stinky room :P
21:56 Mr_NoLife joined #thegeekgroup
21:56 Yaotzin I remember having those massive diskettes
21:56 DruidicRifleman Killer robot is killer epic
21:56 DruidicRifleman I remember those
21:57 Yaotzin and playing where in the world is carmen sandiego
21:57 Yaotzin or prince of persia
21:57 DruidicRifleman like when floppy disks we're floppy
21:57 Yaotzin off of them
21:57 Yaotzin Carmen came with pretty large book
21:57 Ponko92 who here likes Sim City 4?
21:57 wannabe1987 where in the world is carmen sandiego...i had that on cd
21:57 Yaotzin heh
21:58 Ponko92 and knows how to kick its bum hard
21:58 DruidicRifleman my dad had one of the early versions of windows recalled... microsofts devolopment beta testing standards have gon to shit
21:58 Yaotzin I had it on, what were they? 5 and a quarter inch floppies?
21:58 DruidicRifleman Yeah i think we have A computer that takes those in the grave yard
22:00 DruidicRifleman Ugh i have to Clean the dust out of my PC and ad the new HDD
22:00 Ponko92 lol won't you need a DeLorean to use the computer?
22:00 DruidicRifleman i was gonna ge a 500 gig
22:00 DruidicRifleman but a TB
22:01 DruidicRifleman was only 5 bucks more for 500 extra gigabits
22:01 Yaotzin So many gigglebits
22:01 DruidicRifleman Nods
22:01 Coderjoe man... i remember when 10MB hard drives were expensive
22:02 DruidicRifleman we still have a 10 MB hard drive from that time
22:02 Yaotzin shoot my desktop still has a 128gig HDD in it
22:02 DruidicRifleman We have 3 gig hard drive boxes
22:02 Yaotzin everyone is rolling around with all these terabyte drives
22:02 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
22:03 Yaotzin My gaming rig between its two drives doesn't even reach a TB
22:03 DruidicRifleman yaotzin i also have Pretty much 50% of every publication produced by palidin press IN PDF form
22:03 DruidicRifleman tones of gamming manuals
22:03 Yaotzin oh snap
22:03 Yaotzin oh in PDF
22:03 DruidicRifleman And allot of immaghes
22:03 BatSteve I know, I got all excited too
22:03 BatSteve and then I was like oh, pdf
22:03 Yaotzin lol BatSteve
22:03 DruidicRifleman I want hard copy's
22:04 DruidicRifleman :I the mean boarder agents keep confiscating my books
22:04 Yaotzin Considering it's paladin press
22:04 Yaotzin that's not surprising
22:04 Coderjoe the agents living with you?
22:04 DruidicRifleman Actually some of they're authors are canadian
22:05 DruidicRifleman No they confiscate them when i order them
22:05 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
22:05 DruidicRifleman it wasn't even that extream
22:05 Yaotzin Just a technician manual
22:05 Coderjoe oh. the border agents. :P
22:05 Yaotzin Nothing to see here officer
22:05 DruidicRifleman it was a manual on how to judge win values for ISSF 300 meter olymic rifle shooting
22:06 Coderjoe no gunfun for you
22:06 DruidicRifleman yeah why do you think i'd do any thing to move to the US
22:06 Yaotzin The grass is always greener
22:07 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
22:07 DruidicRifleman the problem with canada is there are to may stupid people and nothing to eat them
22:09 Fulsy The problem with Canada is Justin Bieber came from it
22:10 dagnyscott And Celine Dion
22:10 dagnyscott That is pretty bad
22:10 Yaotzin and uh, whats her names
22:10 DruidicRifleman averal lavine
22:10 Yaotzin That woman doing pop punk
22:10 Yaotzin there you go
22:10 Yaotzin avril
22:10 DruidicRifleman allot of local teens hated her
22:11 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
22:11 DruidicRifleman i used to go through napanee every weekend
22:11 eightbitbrad aww crap did I miss the rest of the fun on stream?
22:11 DruidicRifleman boring steem is boring
22:12 wannabe1987 lol
22:12 wannabe1987 i was active in life irc/stream for me
22:12 Yaotzin
22:12 Fulsy Should livestream me playing the hammond
22:12 Yaotzin something to watch
22:12 Yaotzin and I really need to nap before dinner
22:12 BatSteve wannabe1987: oh yeah?  what'd you do all day?
22:13 Yaotzin I hate cooking when I'm tired
22:13 wannabe1987 i hung out in muskegon w/ hoedown...we went to a movie
22:13 Yaotzin I end up cutting and or burning myself
22:13 wannabe1987 and wandered the mall
22:13 wannabe1987 and he bought portal 2, i bought a DS game
22:13 mikemol For those who want to see Chris wearing cool things while he's in videos, see this thread:
22:14 wannabe1987 and i brought him to his job too
22:14 BatSteve Yaotzin: if you don't want to cook then I guess....
22:14 Yaotzin :|
22:15 Yaotzin This is me deadpanning so hard
22:15 wannabe1987 hmmm i might be making pancakes tonight later when i'm hungry...homemade buttermilk pancakes
22:15 Yaotzin I'm terrible at pancakes
22:15 BatSteve win some, lose some
22:15 Yaotzin really am
22:15 Yaotzin Breakfast isn't my bag
22:16 Yaotzin honestly
22:16 wannabe1987 i'm not...i learned moms recipe and i win from there :D
22:16 wannabe1987 ooo and i have bacon also :D
22:17 BatSteve wannabe1987: you've *almost* talked me into driving to Grand Rapids, breaking into your house and stealing your pancakes
22:17 wannabe1987 i'll feed you...
22:17 Yaotzin If I was working breakfast I'd do it just fine