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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-20

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00:00 * KB3NZQ is glad i have no attennas up out side now
00:00 BatSteve :D
00:00 BatSteve KB3NZQ: is it raining where you're at?
00:00 BatSteve Also, where are you?
00:00 masterofmonks Looks like Pennsylvania.
00:00 KB3NZQ thunder storms i'm in mars PA approx 20 miles N of pittsburgh
00:01 SparkyStudio KB3NZQ, is there lightning ? surely you have the antennae protected
00:01 KB3NZQ yep there is lightning
00:01 KB3NZQ what i'm saying is i don't have any attennas up now
00:02 SparkyStudio What i meant was that if you did have them up, you would have them protected
00:02 KB3NZQ i had a 15 foot attenna for 144-148 MHz untill dad ruined all the coax for it that fed it to my house
00:03 SparkyStudio That sucks
00:03 KB3NZQ the only proection i would have is to unhook it when not in use
00:03 SparkyStudio G6KFY here btw
00:03 KB3NZQ ok
00:03 Ponko92 batsteve how does your bot really work
00:03 Ponko92 i'm curious
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00:06 BatSteve Ponko92: how much detail do you want?
00:06 Ponko92 uh private message me on here if you want
00:06 BatSteve ok
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00:07 Ponko92 ooo pepsi bottle
00:07 BatSteve hi Andromedan
00:08 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
00:08 Andromedan Morning BatSteve :D
00:08 wannabe1987 nap complete...
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00:10 Seroster Does gasoline soaked rags pose the same difficultys as turpentine soaked ones?
00:11 SparkyStudio As in being flammable ? yes
00:11 Seroster Ponko92, I have no idea what BatSteve uses to code BotSteve, but the mIRC coding system is way easier.
00:11 Seroster ....As in spontaneus combustion
00:11 Ponko92 hes telling me now
00:12 SparkyStudio Gasoline soaked rags give off vapour, if it gets hot enough, yes it could ignite,
00:12 Seroster You don't say.
00:13 Ponko92 no need for sarcasm
00:13 Seroster What I mean is 'is there a large threat of spontaneous ignition dealing with gasoline soaked fabrics?'
00:14 SparkyStudio flash point of gasoline is 43C, autoignition point it 246C
00:16 Seroster 43c?
00:16 Seroster I think you got that one mixed up
00:16 SparkyStudio, that's what it says, i was surprised too
00:16 BatSteve .c 43 c to f
00:16 BotSteve 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit
00:16 Cprossu Hey Chris, Was playing portal 2, heard your laugh, was freaked out thinking it was a part of the game for a sec
00:16 BatSteve
00:17 maglinvinn portal 2 is out?
00:17 Seroster That is pretty strange, SparkyStudio
00:17 Cprossu you bet your ass it's out
00:17 Ponko92 yeah
00:17 SparkyStudio I know
00:17 Ponko92 is out on PS3
00:17 Seroster I mean, my car still starts in -35c =P
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00:17 cctoide ah, hatless Chris
00:17 Seroster AH!
00:17 Seroster It says MINUS 43 c!
00:17 Ponko92 yeah steve
00:17 Ponko92 if it was 43 Kelvin umm
00:18 Ponko92 damn thats cold
00:18 Seroster 43k?
00:18 Seroster Aye. Sure is.
00:18 Ponko92 Liquid Nitrogen is colder
00:18 Seroster Minus 43 is still painful
00:18 Seroster Depends
00:18 Thermoelectric .c 43K in C
00:18 BotSteve -230.15 degrees Celsius
00:18 KB3NZQ kd8pzh DE KB3NZQ
00:18 Ponko92 .c Liquid Nitrogen
00:18 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
00:19 Thermoelectric .def liquid nitrogen
00:19 Seroster Nitrogen can be a liquid still at -200
00:19 Seroster -196 to be precise
00:19 KB3NZQ DE ment this is in cw
00:19 Ponko92 yeah ain't that its boiling point
00:19 maglinvinn DE -Dan Eakin
00:19 * maglinvinn bows
00:20 * maglinvinn goes back to playing Dwarf Fortress
00:20 Ponko92 freaking Dan Eakin to be precise :P
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00:20 Ponko92 .c -196C in K
00:20 BotSteve 77.15 kelvin
00:20 DruidicRifleman maglinvin nooo DE stands for desert eagle
00:21 Ponko92 .50
00:21 Ponko92 ?
00:21 DruidicRifleman So had the Dbdn scale been devised
00:21 KB3NZQ so that would have been KD8pzh DE (this is) KB3NZQ
00:21 DruidicRifleman ponko your from the UK correct?
00:21 Ponko92 yes i am :)
00:21 SparkyStudio Interesting fact: Morse for V is ..._, now listen to Beethovens 5th symphony
00:22 SparkyStudio V is also roman for 5
00:22 Cprossu lol I was gonna say
00:22 Ponko92 that is true
00:22 Cprossu teletype is a bit advanced for back then
00:22 cctoide little alexander graham boden
00:22 DruidicRifleman explains why you assume the Desert eagle is only .50 AE it also comes in a .357 and .44
00:22 SparkyStudio Bodenstein :D
00:22 Seroster ...Jeeesus.
00:22 Ponko92 i wanted to make you think that ;)
00:23 Cprossu rofl
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00:23 Ponko92 roman numerals
00:24 Ponko92 didn't they do enola gay Chris?
00:24 SparkyStudio ELO
00:24 DruidicRifleman I think for that botsteve would be cool if He could compair say the sound from a boeing 747 or air bus a380 to the boden scale
00:24 DruidicRifleman that it would be coo
00:24 Ponko92 tggcory ask chris if the ELO sang Enola Gay
00:25 DruidicRifleman what happend with the twitter telitype project
00:25 Cprossu so is exposure to reactor fission products
00:25 Hackbat tggcory My boyfriend wants me to make yall say hi to him. His name is Shane and he's from Virginia.
00:25 SparkyStudio enola gay was OMD
00:25 Ponko92 that was it
00:26 compwiz878 yaw
00:26 compwiz878 lol
00:26 Hackbat Screw you chris >_<
00:26 Ponko92 lol
00:26 Cprossu .69 Bdn
00:26 DruidicRifleman I'll look up the 5th
00:26 compwiz878 howdey partner
00:26 compwiz878 lol
00:26 Hackbat me and him are falling onour ass laughing
00:26 Ponko92 brb
00:27 Cprossu 1bn=120dB
00:27 Hackbat Inversive log!
00:27 cctoide wasn't it 195dB?
00:27 Cprossu I think it was 120
00:27 cctoide "Chris Boden, louder than Krakatoa!" and all that
00:27 compwiz878 lolcctoide
00:27 cctoide hence Volcano ecigs
00:28 Cprossu well first we need a sample of your avg 'oh shit I fucking hit my hand with a hammer' scream
00:28 Fulsy LMAO
00:28 compwiz878 lol cprossu
00:28 Hackbat I'm still laughing from that
00:28 Cprossu then we can calibrate against that
00:28 compwiz878 did ya learn anything from that ??
00:28 cctoide Mating calls?
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00:28 DruidicRifleman HIII SHADE!!!
00:28 SparkyStudio tggcory, tell chris we should update wiki, needs to include the boden scale, also on the wiki page is an entry for 'Bodenstein'
00:29 Cprossu I think every thing we've put on a wiki has been taken down several times
00:29 Cprossu a wiki=the wiki
00:29 DruidicRifleman .w chris boden
00:29 BotSteve "Chris Boden (born October 13, 1973 in Wolverhampton, England) was an English professional footballer." -
00:29 cctoide wikipedia != wiki
00:29 cctoide but either way, GG is not notable
00:29 compwiz878 can u guys please zoom in a lil ??
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00:30 SparkyStudio tgg could have its own wiki style page :D
00:30 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
00:30 cctoide there's a wiki
00:30 Cprossu Who did the HVAC? You ever seen the honeywell systems that have the photomultiplier tubes for flame detection?
00:30 cctoide it's all fucked up since the forums imploded
00:30 cctoide because the logins were linked
00:30 Hydroelectric Morning everyone.
00:30 eightbitbrad hello all.
00:30 wannabe1987 hi
00:30 ubergoober dubstep is legit
00:30 eightbitbrad Go go gadget Python hacker
00:30 Hydroelectric Hey
00:30 eightbitbrad wannabe1987!  hi.
00:31 SparkyStudio Cprossu, yeah, worked with tose
00:31 cctoide I don't know how I feel about dubstep
00:31 Cprossu SparkyStudio: man I hate those
00:31 Cprossu lol
00:31 wannabe1987 :)
00:31 SparkyStudio We rewired with a new controller and sensor
00:31 DruidicRifleman i thought Dbdns we're the scale of how much my ears we're bleeding?
00:31 BatSteve I like jumpstep better than dubstep
00:32 Fulsy When Is Chris doing a video on that breadmaker motor?
00:32 Hackbat Fun fact, Fire wire was inspired by the old Gameboy link cable connector
00:32 Cprossu SparkyStudio: getting everything calibrated correctly after one blows sucks though. and that's if you can even get the part
00:32 BatSteve oops
00:32 BatSteve sorry
00:32 cctoide there's some interesting sounds, but it sounds trashy sometimes
00:32 BatSteve Jumpstyle
00:32 eightbitbrad lol
00:32 SparkyStudio That's why we changed them :D
00:32 Cprossu anyway be back in a bit heh
00:32 compwiz878 omg this tv show on discovery fit n heath channel called my strange addictions is realy weird
00:32 DruidicRifleman Lol yeah i remember when portible gamind device's needed to be physicly attached to eachother
00:33 compwiz878 ewwww
00:33 Cprossu The company that owned the unit......was specialized in the way that modifications took lots of paperwork and studies to complete
00:33 compwiz878 this lady likes to eat soap
00:33 compwiz878 and cleaning soaps
00:33 compwiz878 like comment
00:34 Hydroelectric @DruidicRifleman Until the gameboy was able to communicate wirelessly. I have the cable and wireless connectors.\
00:34 eightbitbrad Get to the choppa!
00:34 eightbitbrad hi CaptainBoden!
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00:34 Fulsy Hi Chris
00:34 cctoide ah, he's in the Bluetooth Gang
00:35 Fulsy HOLY HELL
00:35 eightbitbrad rollers!  awesome!
00:35 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
00:35 eightbitbrad genius!
00:35 Fulsy that's awesome
00:35 SparkyStudio That's a cool idea :)
00:35 eightbitbrad LOL
00:35 Hydroelectric Haha.
00:35 eightbitbrad I bet the rollers require less tacos, too
00:36 maglinvinn nifty
00:36 SparkyStudio We also used 'wire pulling lubricant'
00:36 Fulsy lol
00:36 eightbitbrad uh oh
00:36 cctoide uurrghhghhhh
00:36 Fulsy What do
00:38 eightbitbrad oooo stuff.
00:38 Ponko92 and i'm bacl
00:38 Ponko92 back*
00:38 compwiz878 wb ponko92
00:38 Ponko92 i sware i've heard an ELO song somewhere
00:38 Ponko92 hey thanks compwiz878 :)
00:38 Fulsy I just stumbled upon hell on the normal world in minecraft
00:38 masterofmonks Fire on HJigh
00:38 Fulsy Yes?
00:39 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
00:39 Ponko92 oh yeah should i be in Derby?
00:39 dtrooper joined #thegeekgroup
00:39 masterofmonks
00:39 eightbitbrad damn
00:40 Fulsy Is that outdoor camera working?
00:40 Fulsy the one with the windshield wiper?
00:40 eightbitbrad LOL give us a clock tonight!
00:40 eightbitbrad Fulsy: no
00:40 cctoide Ah, the security outsourcing program
00:40 Fulsy oh
00:40 eightbitbrad It needs mounted
00:40 eightbitbrad they need a tower for it first
00:40 SparkyStudio The main thing with security cameras is the lens, needs good quality lenses.
00:40 Fulsy I lol'd at the fact that it was just a camcorder
00:41 compwiz878 yeah me to
00:41 compwiz878 lol
00:41 cctoide wouldn't they be better off with real cheap walkie talkies and headsets for the camera crew?
00:41 cctoide seems easier than having a computer by each camera operator
00:42 wannabe1987 why is it rainy out?  why is the sky crying/depressed?  why can it not be sunny for once, help out the depressed folk!
00:42 eightbitbrad cctoide: I think the goal is everyone on the same channel and potential to feed into the live stream.
00:42 cctoide plus they'd have to use PTT for mumble since the stage would be way too noisy for voice activation
00:42 Fulsy Does the lab have an intercom?
00:42 eightbitbrad cctoide: They've be PTTing with headsets I bet too
00:42 BatSteve wannabe1987: the sky's not crying, it's helping the flowers grow
00:43 cctoide oh god, ground vibrations
00:43 SparkyStudio wannabe1987, it's been sunny in Wales for the last few days :D
00:43 cctoide floor rather
00:43 wannabe1987 i don't care what its doing...i want sun!  sun is needed to grow flowers too
00:43 wannabe1987 wales never has :P
00:43 maglinvinn tggcory you there/
00:43 wannabe1987 well, england doesn't :P
00:43 cctoide eightbitbrad: yeah, I just don't see where they're going to put computers for the camera people
00:43 tggcory Yes!
00:43 SparkyStudio Rain in summer is called 'wet sunshine'
00:43 cctoide even if it's like an Eee or something
00:44 maglinvinn tell captain i talked to Paul.  i'm going to ride in with paul when he comes to GR from now on
00:44 maglinvinn and make at least one trip out there a month otherwise
00:44 maglinvinn that should keep the gas problem to a minimum
00:44 maglinvinn :)
00:44 eightbitbrad cctoide: Like I said, I think they eventually want to feed the chatter into the stream
00:44 * wannabe1987 is making pancakes for dinner
00:44 eightbitbrad mm I want some
00:45 wannabe1987 come on over
00:45 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
00:45 BatSteve I already made pancakes
00:45 BatSteve they were amazing
00:45 maglinvinn its not exactly what Chris and i talked about, but its close :)
00:45 tggcory Did you just hear all that, Dan?
00:45 maglinvinn fraid not
00:45 BatSteve I hope yours are as good as mine
00:45 maglinvinn captain isn't coming through the best
00:45 maglinvinn he's behind the counter...  heh
00:45 tggcory Basically, see if Paul or DART can subsidise the gas for you
00:46 * Hydroelectric now wants pancakes.
00:46 compwiz878 tell boden to raise the boden levels
00:46 compwiz878 lol
00:46 BatSteve SLIGHTLY
00:46 BatSteve VERY SLIGHTLY
00:46 wannabe1987 batsteve - pancakes?  better...probably
00:46 cctoide adjust Chris' knob?
00:46 compwiz878 lol steve
00:46 Fulsy LOL
00:46 wannabe1987 @ hydroelectric - where do you live?
00:46 Ponko92 wow cctoide inappropriate
00:46 maglinvinn right, thats what i talked to him about, but i really couldn't get a response from paul about ~that~ idea.  meanwhile, how in the seven lower hells would i get dart to give me any money for anything?  lol.
00:46 wannabe1987 lol
00:46 Hydroelectric wannabe1987 In Australia.
00:46 wannabe1987 start swimming
00:47 Ponko92 lol
00:47 cctoide thatsthejoke
00:47 compwiz878 or start rowing the boat lol
00:47 maglinvinn to be honest, paul kinda sidestepped my question, regarding 'subsidization'
00:47 Fulsy Cory wh-oh nvm that was the drill
00:47 maglinvinn lol.
00:47 maglinvinn are they drilling through to MDH, or ?
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00:48 cctoide think it's a breaker box in the space just under the roof
00:48 cctoide for power
00:48 SparkyStudio They are running conduit along the back wall
00:49 SparkyStudio The feed is the other side of Cory's desk
00:49 DruidicRifleman the studio
00:49 Fulsy Am I immature for thinking that the drill sounds like someone breaking wind?
00:49 SparkyStudio the far wall
00:49 compwiz878 grr the drill level
00:49 cctoide sigh, GFWL is the most broken thing ever
00:49 compwiz878 lmao
00:50 BatSteve Fulsy: the fact that you recognize it means you're probably not
00:50 Fulsy oh
00:50 beep_ left #thegeekgroup
00:50 BatSteve So you're good
00:50 BatSteve (grin)
00:50 compwiz878 fulsy the drill is called a hammer drill
00:50 Fulsy GFWL? What game are you playing that has it?
00:50 cctoide red faction: guerrilla
00:50 Fulsy oh yes
00:50 Fulsy love that game
00:51 DruidicRifleman maglinvin whats the most i should pay for 1075
00:51 Fulsy but the PC port SUCKS
00:51 Fulsy how far are you?
00:51 cctoide indeed
00:51 DruidicRifleman since no one local stocks it
00:51 cctoide I just did the mission for the badlands
00:51 Fulsy oh
00:51 Fulsy I beat the game, but I had a trainer because I just wanted to complete everything to have an EDF-free experiance
00:52 cctoide yeah, they're really annoying
00:52 cctoide it just seems to disgorge a neverending stream of mooks on you
00:52 Fulsy if you pass gas out in the middle of badlands, a tank will show up
00:52 cctoide considered getting a trainer because I kept getting swarmed
00:52 cctoide but in a way it's more satisfying to take a dumper truck and plow through their shit instead of bothering with on foot combat
00:53 Fulsy the thing that REALLY pisses me off is that the community is so nonexistant
00:53 Fulsy you would think a game like this has SOME community support to make it a bit better
00:53 Fulsy but nope
00:53 cctoide maybe it's too locked down?
00:53 Fulsy Kinda
00:54 cctoide would have thought at least some amateur game artist would have tried to make some destructible buildings
00:54 Fulsy Do you have the steam version or the box version
00:54 Ponko92 hmmmm
00:54 Ponko92 how come the stream sound REALLY quiet
00:54 cctoide box version, I think
00:54 Fulsy oh
00:54 Fulsy I got mine off steam
00:55 Fulsy I really WISH it was entirely steam based
00:55 Fulsy not GFWL
00:55 cctoide I guess it didn't get mod tools either
00:55 Fulsy Microsoft, keep making your operating systems. And maybe your consoles.
00:55 Fulsy PLEASE
00:56 cctoide it does have the typical floaty gunplay of a badly ported 3rd person shooter...
00:56 cctoide much like Just Cause 2
00:56 Fulsy yea
00:56 Fulsy Or Mercs 2
00:56 wannabe1987 yay,...none of the yolks cracked :D
00:56 Fulsy the destruction is the only redeeming part of this
00:56 BatSteve Hey, Just Cause 2 was a masterpiece of gaming.  On par with Deus Ex and Half-Life
00:57 Fulsy I have the reconstructor mod for RFG
00:57 BatSteve In fact it was the best game ever, of all time
00:57 Fulsy but using it makes the game shit itself and crash
00:57 BatSteve Playing it cures cancer and brings kittens back to life
00:57 BatSteve (grin)
00:57 wannabe1987 ...
00:57 cctoide I'm playing through Deus Ex
00:57 Fulsy at least on the big buildings in Oasis and Eos
00:57 wannabe1987 who killed the kittens in thefirst place, batsteve?
00:58 wannabe1987 2.25 + 2.25 = 4.5, right?
00:59 BatSteve correct
00:59 cctoide ... y-yes, I hope
00:59 wannabe1987 thanks.  my math sucks, and i'm doubling food
01:00 DruidicRifleman i had poutined spicy taters 3 peaces of fride chick a thing of macaronni salid and A brisk ice tea
01:01 cctoide I want to try poutine some day
01:01 cctoide doubt it'll ever happen unless I make it myself though
01:02 KB3NZQ sparkystudio that 15 foot wip i was talking about has a 7.5 db gain it is a mfj-1516 made by mfj
01:03 SparkyStudio Looks nice :)
01:03 SparkyStudio One day i'm going to resurrect my FT290 and get back on the air
01:03 KB3NZQ i feed it with a kenwood tm-2530a 25 watt
01:03 wannabe1987 ugh ugh ugh i hate the smell of buttermilk :puke:
01:04 DruidicRifleman ? any one know if ham radio operators licence's from canada Are good in the USA
01:04 Fulsy I hate the smell of puke :buttermilk:
01:04 wannabe1987 lol
01:04 DruidicRifleman tggcory will the cafe have sausgae and buttermilk biscuits?
01:04 Fulsy wait what
01:05 DruidicRifleman like for breakfast?
01:05 eightbitbrad I hate the buttermilk of puke :smell:
01:05 Fulsy lol
01:05 KB3NZQ i think thay are check with the ARRL at
01:05 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
01:05 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
01:05 Fulsy I smell the buttermilk of puke :hate:
01:05 KB3NZQ sorry wrong window
01:06 wannabe1987 ...
01:06 Fulsy Reminds me of that thread in a forum that was like 50 pages long
01:06 Fulsy all of the posts were misspellings of "Gordon Freeman"
01:06 Fulsy Gordam Freechman
01:07 DruidicRifleman Ugh i wish learned to spin rifle's as a cadet but they kinda frowned upon it some thing about getting hit in the face with the but of a Mk4 Lee enfield hurting
01:07 Fulsy ...
01:07 Fulsy Chrisdon Bodenman
01:08 cctoide Boden-san
01:08 wannabe1987 my mouth still hurts....
01:08 wannabe1987 how do you spell gordan freeman wrong?!
01:08 Fulsy GorChris FreeBoden
01:08 Ponko92 Boden-Tsung
01:09 cctoide wannabe1987: most often like that
01:09 wannabe1987 time to cook the pancaokes
01:09 wannabe1987 like what, cctoide?
01:09 Fulsy Gordan Freemen
01:09 cctoide gordan
01:09 Fulsy Gordon
01:09 wannabe1987 oops.  still
01:09 Fulsy Nah it's ok
01:10 eightbitbrad Goreduhn Fhreeemahn
01:10 wannabe1987 they say it wrong
01:10 cctoide "... found wepon"
01:10 wannabe1987 see?
01:10 dtrooper a better angle on this camera wouldn't be such a bad idea.
01:10 Fulsy It's totally Gordem Freemont
01:10 ubergoober joined #thegeekgroup
01:10 wannabe1987 i don't know what game he's from, but i've heard of him...
01:10 Fulsy He's from the Half Life series
01:10 cctoide so GorChris FreeBoden... would that make Moose Alyx?
01:10 Fulsy lol
01:10 Hydroelectric Half Life series.
01:10 * KB3NZQ is 22.0425855801 years old
01:10 Fulsy Would it make Cory Barney Calhoun?
01:10 wannabe1987 ahhh thanks
01:10 Fulsy and Kidwell Dr. Kliener?
01:11 cctoide ahahah
01:11 Fulsy and Leonard Street Black Mesa?
01:11 cctoide the mental image of Kidwell as Kleiner is amusing
01:11 cctoide or even just an evil Kidwell
01:11 Hydroelectric No, Michigan -> Black Mesa
01:12 cctoide and the Kuka robot is Dog in his early stages
01:12 Hydroelectric And Omni is?
01:12 Fulsy Who will be Eli Vance?
01:12 cctoide that's tough
01:12 Fulsy LOL
01:12 wannabe1987 PUPPY!
01:12 dtrooper Omni is Lamar
01:12 wannabe1987 what about max the dog?
01:13 BatSteve The kuka robot is also Eli Vance.
01:13 Fulsy And the Anomalous Materials lab is the HVL
01:13 Fulsy Hello Creepy Cory
01:13 Ponko92 hello cory
01:13 wannabe1987 i'll try to bring max up to the camera tomorrow...
01:13 * KB3NZQ slaps tggcory around the head with .
01:13 compwiz878 hiya cory
01:13 wannabe1987 cuz i'll be over there working tomorrow
01:13 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK with Cool Cat Cory
01:13 Fulsy I'm sure Chris would want to mess with an Anti-Mass Spectrometer like the one in Half life
01:13 cctoide Kzoo tax assessor is the G-man then
01:13 DruidicRifleman hey cory when chris isn't busy i have a like music law question for him
01:14 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
01:14 Fulsy Whoever broke into Kzoo is the Combine
01:14 cctoide I forget the name of the tax lady that's on the Board
01:14 cctoide but I guess she would be Judith
01:14 Fulsy I swear, I need to make Leonard St. in Garry's Mod
01:15 Fulsy LOL
01:15 DruidicRifleman OOOOH set cory on fire!!!
01:15 Fulsy It's funny because Gordon Freeman is silent and Boden is...welll
01:15 wannabe1987 why?!
01:15 Hydroelectric :-)
01:15 wannabe1987 we need cory
01:15 Ponko92 fulsy i can think of another  c word to describe the person who broke in but your here
01:15 DruidicRifleman so he can learn to do stunt burns?
01:16 wannabe1987 no people on fire
01:16 Fulsy so you can't swear because I'm in here?
01:16 wannabe1987 keep that to canadia land
01:16 DruidicRifleman ooooh k
01:16 Ponko92 well its kind of a bad c word
01:16 wannabe1987 i live with two semi-canadians
01:17 Fulsy I'm about to be 16 years old
01:17 DruidicRifleman canada is a dirty word
01:17 Fulsy but ok
01:17 Ponko92 c u next tuesday
01:17 wannabe1987 fuck no this place is rated R
01:17 Ponko92 ok then
01:17 wannabe1987 omg hes so young
01:17 Ponko92 the operson who broke in is a cunt there i said it
01:17 DruidicRifleman yeah
01:17 DruidicRifleman ^ agree;s with ponko92^
01:18 Fulsy oh that word
01:18 Fulsy yea
01:18 Ponko92 its the bloody truth though
01:18 wannabe1987 what other one is there?
01:18 Fulsy yea it is
01:18 Fulsy Don't worry, I don't drop the C-Atom-Bomb
01:19 Ponko92 yeah im british its kind of a thing we do lol
01:19 Fulsy lol
01:19 Fulsy Wash yer mouth out with Oxy-clean -_-
01:19 wannabe1987 lol
01:19 Fulsy RIP billy mays :c
01:19 wannabe1987 ewwwww
01:19 Ponko92 but i only use that word when i'm really pissed off and i genuinely don't like someone
01:20 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
01:20 Fulsy yea, that kinda word breaks glass
01:20 * KB3NZQ hits Fulsy with a scary camel
01:20 dtrooper there's worse words
01:20 Ponko92 it does you can get kicked out of places for it
01:20 KB3NZQ was just testing something
01:20 Fulsy oh jeez
01:21 Ponko92 dtrooper pm those words
01:21 DruidicRifleman I remmebr when i used to be abble to kill flies with one of these;cat=253&amp;page=1
01:21 dtrooper not even the internets its self can handle it
01:21 Fulsy you can keep those to your self
01:22 Fulsy don't want my mind tainted with that.
01:22 cctoide I'm guessing you never saw a shock site either...
01:22 Fulsy I've stumbled upon a few
01:22 BatSteve And you won't see one linked here.
01:22 Fulsy more than I wish to remember
01:23 Fulsy Let's end this here
01:23 Fulsy New convo
01:23 BatSteve Good plane.
01:23 BatSteve *plan
01:23 BatSteve haha
01:23 Cprossu what's up tgg?
01:23 * BatSteve can't type
01:23 Fulsy lol
01:23 wannabe1987 lol
01:23 Fulsy I haet keaybords
01:23 Cprossu Fulsy: Get an IBM Model M
01:23 Cprossu if you hate it, you can always beat someone to death with it
01:24 Fulsy lol
01:24 Cprossu and it'll make clicky clicky noises as you do
01:24 Fulsy or a c64
01:25 BatSteve Bah.  Sun Type 6 keyboard.
01:25 Fulsy maybe one of them metal steampunk keyboards
01:26 Fulsy it'll make a nice clang
01:27 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
01:28 Ponko92 who has a PS3 here?
01:29 Ponko92 add me on there :P lol
01:29 Ponko92 same name as it is on here
01:29 Fulsy My brother's the one with a Ps3
01:29 wannabe1987 i cant add people...not my ps3 :P
01:29 Hydroelectric I do
01:29 Fulsy And my xbox 360 is jank
01:29 wannabe1987 not my ps3(s)*
01:30 Fulsy and I stopped paying for Live ages ago
01:31 Fulsy lol Chris
01:31 Cprossu you know your a geek when you have a livestream of tgg, IRC, and portal 2 running at the same time on one computer
01:31 Fulsy You know you're a geek when you build a stadium on a server just for spleef
01:31 Cprossu *you're lol
01:32 Cprossu all the right tools helps
01:32 Cprossu Doing shit with the wrong tools is the worst
01:32 Ponko92 lol Cprossu
01:33 Fulsy Meh.
01:33 Fulsy I can unscrew stuff with a fork if I WANT to...
01:33 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
01:34 Fulsy That would be a good idea for next year's april fool's joke
01:34 CSMonster what's up
01:34 Fulsy Make Chris autopsy something with no tools except a fork
01:34 Fulsy and he can't leave until he gets it open
01:35 Hydroelectric I'm watching the livestream. Since I got this old laptop, it's only been turned off twice. It always has the livestream, facebook, etc open on it.
01:36 Fulsy oh wow
01:36 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
01:37 Fulsy One of these days, I want to cobble a server out of misc. PC parts lying around the garage
01:37 Fulsy we have this one Motherboard just sitting there with no CPU
01:38 wannabe1987 PENGUINS R TAKING OVER THE WORLD kthxbai
01:38 Hydroelectric Finally I got my samba server to work again.
01:38 Hydroelectric :-)
01:38 CSMonster wannabe1987
01:38 Coderjoe send in the pigs
01:38 CSMonster wtf are you talking about
01:38 wannabe1987 CSMonster
01:38 Fulsy just to host game servers on it
01:39 wannabe1987  this
01:40 Hydroelectric Brb.
01:40 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
01:40 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK
01:40 CSMonster LOL okay that was cute
01:40 wannabe1987 was
01:40 wannabe1987 hi photon939
01:40 KB3NZQ who here knows how to calculate ip addresses ie is the router and the subnet mask is
01:40 Photon939 evening ladies and gents
01:40 Hydroelectric That penguin has quite the laugh.
01:41 Hydroelectric Evening Photon939.
01:41 Photon939 anyone around that is familiar with digital logic circuits?
01:41 KB3NZQ what would be the broad cast address for the network
01:41 ubergoober joined #thegeekgroup
01:41 KB3NZQ i was just asking i already know the answer
01:41 wannabe1987 :D
01:41 BatSteve KB3NZQ: what do you need?
01:42 BatSteve oh
01:42 BatSteve never mind then
01:42 KB3NZQ the boradcast address would be
01:42 Ponko92 botsteve who won the FA Cup in 1971
01:43 KB3NZQ i have an associates in computer networking and i'm working on my bachlors
01:43 Ponko92 .w 1971 Cup Final
01:43 BotSteve "In the finale to the 1970-71 FA Cup season, the 1971 FA Cup Final was contested by Arsenal and Liverpool at Wembley on the 8 May 1971." -
01:43 Ponko92 oh yeah XD
01:43 Ponko92 good old Arsenal
01:43 Ponko92 .w 26th October 1985
01:43 BotSteve Can't find anything in Wikipedia for "26th October 1985".
01:43 wannabe1987 you do it wrong
01:44 wannabe1987 .w october 26th 1985
01:44 BotSteve "October 26 is the 299th day of the year (300th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar." -
01:44 Ponko92 ok
01:44 wannabe1987 see?  american way is the bestway!
01:44 CSMonster hah
01:44 Ponko92 nope
01:44 CSMonster american way is rarely the best way.  and i say that as an american.
01:44 Ponko92 british way gave you that way
01:45 wannabe1987 yeah...i know
01:45 Ponko92 .w 1985
01:45 BotSteve "1985 (MCMLXXXV) was a common year that started on a Tuesday, in accordance with the Gregorian calendar." -
01:45 tesla4d I learned something interesting today... The 1812 Overture was written to commemorate the repulsion of Napoleon's army by the Russians...
01:45 * BatSteve wishes the metric system would catch on here.
01:45 Photon939 anyone familiar with digital logic at all?
01:45 dtrooper left #thegeekgroup
01:45 Ponko92 i was born XVII/III/MCMXCII
01:46 snapper joined #thegeekgroup
01:46 tesla4d This is why it sounds so much like the French national anthem. In the music, the french anthem is symbolically replaced by the sound of Russion cannon fire.
01:46 Cprossu hi
01:46 Fulsy Hello Chris
01:46 snapper how goes it?
01:46 Ponko92 i was born XVII/III/MCMXCII what is that in numbers?
01:46 Ponko92 hey chris
01:46 compwiz878 welcome back chris
01:46 wannabe1987 ponko92 no thanks
01:47 DruidicRifleman hey chriss?
01:47 Ponko92 .wa XVII
01:47 BotSteve XVII (Roman numerals);17;(Mayan);(Babylonian);iotazeta  (Greek);(Japanese abacus)
01:47 Ponko92 .wa III
01:47 CSMonster 17/3/something, i forget what M and C represent
01:47 BotSteve 3I Group PLC  (III);&pound;2.63 ($4.30)(III->London Stock Exchange->April 19, 2011);day->month->YTD->year->5 year, -1.72%->-11.7%->-21.96%-> |;| III->SP500, III->1->0.353;, , alpha->-60.56%, beta->0.750, R^2->0.164
01:47 Ponko92 .wa MCMXCII
01:47 BotSteve MCMXCII (Roman numerals);1992;(Mayan);(Babylonian);_,alphasampikoppabeta  (Greek);(Japanese abacus)
01:47 CSMonster 1962?
01:48 CSMonster damn
01:48 Ponko92 noo
01:48 Ponko92 lol
01:48 Ponko92 im 19 not 38
01:48 Ponko92 im 19 not 39
01:48 * KB3NZQ is 19.0910770903 years old
01:48 Ponko92 im 19 not 49
01:48 Ponko92 yay
01:48 CSMonster lol
01:48 KB3NZQ is how old ponko92 is
01:48 CSMonster i blame the time difference.
01:48 Ponko92 i said 3 times lol
01:48 * wannabe1987 is 24
01:49 * Thermoelectric is 14
01:49 Ponko92 how do you do that
01:49 wannabe1987 type /me
01:49 wannabe1987 omg  another yougun!
01:49 Thermoelectric :)
01:49 * CSMonster hates children
01:49 wannabe1987 fuck
01:49 wannabe1987 i failed at spelling that
01:49 Ponko92 is 19 /Ponko92
01:49 CSMonster lol
01:49 Ponko92 oh god
01:49 KB3NZQ i'm 22
01:49 wannabe1987 no
01:49 wannabe1987 type /me is and then keep typing but the /me is first
01:49 Ponko92 14 youngest
01:49 masterofmonks I'm 12 what ios this?
01:50 Ponko92 really?
01:50 tesla4d No
01:50 wannabe1987 you can't be a master and be 12
01:50 tesla4d Not really
01:50 masterofmonks No.
01:50 Ponko92 figured ;)
01:50 brando joined #thegeekgroup
01:50 Ponko92 i don't want to say what i was doing at 12
01:50 arruid joined #thegeekgroup
01:50 Ponko92 or who
01:51 Thermoelectric O_o
01:51 * KB3NZQ hits Ponko92 with a large camel
01:51 Ponko92 lol
01:51 wannabe1987 ...
01:51 brando hello
01:51 Ponko92 yeah i did get a hump from that
01:51 Fulsy Experimenting with some FM synth VstI's
01:51 Whisperingwolf So who gets to pick up the screws after an equipment autopsy? or is that what interns are for?
01:51 brando <hello>
01:51 masterofmonks Ponko92: at the age of 12 I had already accomplished 66.66666% of the things that I would regret for the next 18 years.
01:51 Fulsy or is it VSTi
01:51 arruid hi
01:51 wannabe1987 poor camel...what'd he do?
01:51 brando left #thegeekgroup
01:51 Ponko92 how old are you?
01:52 * CSMonster older than wannabe1987, Ponko92, Seroster, KB3NZQ, and Thermoelectric
01:52 CSMonster *is older
01:52 Fulsy I'm 15
01:52 Fulsy about to be 16
01:52 Fulsy so yes
01:52 Fulsy I might be the youngest one on here
01:52 Ponko92 no masterofmonks
01:52 Fulsy oh lol
01:52 wannabe1987 no fulsy
01:52 Fulsy Second youngest?
01:52 Ponko92 nope we have a 14 yr old
01:52 Fulsy oh
01:52 wannabe1987 see?
01:52 Thermoelectric *raises hand*
01:52 Whisperingwolf I'm most likely one of the oldest here
01:53 CSMonster how old is the Whisperingwolf?
01:53 masterofmonks I might add that Thermoelectric has displayed much more maturity than some 30+ year olds I have seen.
01:53 Ponko92 this is what i had at 9 years old
01:53 Whisperingwolf I'll be 34 this year
01:53 wannabe1987 its a good thing noones waiting on me for dinner...i keep failing :(
01:53 Ponko92 .w necrotizing fasciitis
01:53 * CSMonster is younger than Whisperingwolf
01:53 BotSteve "Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), commonly known as flesh-eating disease or Flesh-eating bacteria syndrome,[1]| is a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous tissue." -
01:53 masterofmonks Whisperingwolf: You have me by 4 years.
01:53 * wannabe1987 knows how old CSMonster is
01:53 BatSteve I agree with masterofmonks regarding thermo
01:53 CSMonster that's because wannabe1987 is cheating.
01:54 wannabe1987 :D
01:54 * wannabe1987 won't say
01:54 Ponko92 yeah NF is something a 9 year old should EVER experience or even anyone younger
01:54 KB3NZQ i have a friend who is 12 hours older than me
01:55 CSMonster O_o Ponko92, NF is something no one, of any age, should ever have, ever.  EVER. /squick
01:55 KB3NZQ i was 4:30 AM 4/4/89 he was 5PM 4/3/1989
01:55 Fulsy so I'm the 3rd youngest?
01:55 Ponko92 well
01:55 Ponko92 i did
01:55 maglinvinn did i miss anything
01:55 Ponko92 uh the fact i had NF at 9 years old
01:55 Fulsy NF?
01:56 CSMonster i'm sorry for everything that has ever happened to Ponko92.
01:56 Thermoelectric .w NF
01:56 BotSteve "Neurofibromatosis, a medical disorder in which nerve tissues grow tumors" -
01:56 Ponko92 .w Necrotizing Fasciitis
01:56 BotSteve "Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), commonly known as flesh-eating disease or Flesh-eating bacteria syndrome,[1]| is a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous tissue." -
01:56 Fulsy oh jesus
01:56 Ponko92 yep
01:56 maglinvinn that sjust bad news
01:56 Ponko92 yes it is
01:56 Fulsy I'm sorry man
01:56 Ponko92 10 years ago
01:56 Ponko92 anyway
01:56 Hydroelectric Did I miss something while I was afk?
01:56 masterofmonks The world ended.
01:57 Ponko92 i did this because Ninja Gaiden gave me hope
01:57 wannabe1987 we blew up
01:57 Hydroelectric Ah.
01:57 Ponko92 .w Ninjutsu
01:57 BotSteve "Ninjutsu (忍術|?|) sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpō (忍法|?|) is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside [...]" -
01:57 Ponko92 yep i am an Ninja
01:57 DruidicRifleman Naruto is to ninjas as what twilight is to vampires
01:57 * wannabe1987 see's lightning:D
01:57 Hydroelectric .w Ninja
01:57 BotSteve "A ninja (忍者|?|) or shinobi (忍び|?|) was a covert agent or mercenary of feudal Japan specializing in unorthodox arts of war." -
01:57 wannabe1987 lol
01:58 Ponko92 well
01:58 Ponko92 they knew it was coming though
01:58 Whisperingwolf .w The Game (mind game)
01:58 BotSteve "The Game is a mental game where the objective is to avoid thinking about The Game itself." -
01:58 * CSMonster ...
01:58 Whisperingwolf you lose
01:58 BatSteve DOH
01:58 Hydroelectric Dam, I just lost the game.
01:58 wannabe1987 shut up
01:58 * wannabe1987 /ignores you
01:58 Ponko92 all the Ninjas disappeared that should of given the rest of Japan a clue
01:58 DruidicRifleman ,,,, i put forth a motion to put forth wisperingwolf to give him a time out
01:59 wannabe1987 lol
01:59 wannabe1987 like u gave seroster?
01:59 Hydroelectric Haha.
01:59 Whisperingwolf *g*
01:59 DruidicRifleman hey That wasn't just me
01:59 Whisperingwolf I'll go back to watching Portal 2 on youtube
01:59 Ponko92 .w Ninjutsu
01:59 BotSteve "Ninjutsu (忍術|?|) sometimes used interchangeably with the term ninpō (忍法|?|) is the martial art, strategy, and tactics of unconventional warfare and guerrilla warfare as well as the art of espionage purportedly practiced by the shinobi (commonly known outside [...]" -
01:59 Ponko92 .w Ninja Gaiden
01:59 BotSteve "Ninja Gaiden (NINJA 外伝|?|) is a series of video games by Tecmo featuring the ninja Ryu Hayabusa as its protagonist." -
02:00 Ponko92 those 2 things CHANGED my life forever
02:00 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: shut up
02:00 Hydroelectric On DS, Ninja Gaiden sucked.
02:00 DruidicRifleman ok
02:01 Ponko92 the NES version
02:01 Hydroelectric Never played the NES version
02:01 Ponko92 played it in bed during my incarcaration with NF
02:01 Ponko92 beat it and it was SUPER hard and that gave a 9 year old hope
02:01 Ponko92 being me
02:01 Ponko92 llol
02:02 Obtuse_lappy joined #thegeekgroup
02:02 Hydroelectric Lol.
02:02 maglinvinn left #thegeekgroup
02:02 Obtuse_lappy i actually froze ubuntu
02:02 Ponko92 lol alot of pee are seeing into my personal past
02:02 BatSteve The whole thing or just the GUI?
02:02 Obtuse_lappy the whole thing
02:02 Hydroelectric Going out for the afternoon with my family. Will be on later.
02:02 Hydroelectric Bye everyone.
02:02 CSMonster have fun.  not too much fun.
02:03 Obtuse_lappy ctrl-alt-f1 didn't do anything
02:03 Hydroelectric I'm leaving the house, what fun?
02:03 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
02:03 Obtuse_lappy I just participated in a two hour music compo.
02:04 Obtuse_lappy
02:05 {{{local1ost}}} joined #thegeekgroup
02:05 CSMonster hey steve
02:05 Obtuse_lappy its a neat little system. in 5 min music starts playing
02:05 Obtuse_lappy so everyone listens to music at the same time
02:05 Ponko92 yeah the place that i got food poisoning i'm glad it was closed down
02:05 * wannabe1987 is gonna die...look!
02:05 dr_jkl_ arg
02:06 tggconsole thats a nice looking radar
02:06 wannabe1987 yeah...
02:06 Obtuse_lappy ug, more snow rain mix?
02:06 Ponko92 because that can lead to NF
02:06 Obtuse_lappy bleh
02:06 wannabe1987 wheres the weather cam when you need it?!
02:06 dr_jkl_ is now known as dr_jkl
02:06 tggconsole it's on a desk
02:06 {{{localhost}}} left #thegeekgroup
02:06 Ponko92 tggconsole hope the person who broke in at Kzoo gets NF
02:06 wannabe1987 lol
02:07 tggconsole I hear thunder :)
02:07 Ponko92 .w Necrotizing Fasciitis
02:07 BotSteve "Necrotizing fasciitis (NF), commonly known as flesh-eating disease or Flesh-eating bacteria syndrome,[1]| is a rare infection of the deeper layers of skin and subcutaneous tissues, easily spreading across the fascial plane within the subcutaneous tissue." -
02:07 Ponko92 thats it tggconsole
02:07 Ponko92 i had that at NINE years old
02:08 Ponko92 ummm
02:08 Ponko92 .w happiness
02:08 BotSteve "Happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy." -
02:08 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
02:09 Ponko92 tggcory where's chris?
02:13 Ponko92 ok umm am i the only guy left on here?
02:13 tggconsole Chris has left the building
02:13 Ponko92 apart from you steve
02:13 BatSteve you're not the only one on IRC
02:13 Ponko92 yes no1 types
02:13 Ponko92 you driving steve
02:14 Ponko92 ahh
02:14 Ponko92 in the pissing down rain
02:14 CSMonster ponko92 you scared everyone away talking about your necrosis
02:14 BatSteve yeah you did
02:14 BatSteve I'm still scared.
02:15 Ponko92 yeah sorry folks
02:15 dr_jkl hey steve
02:15 dr_jkl what's up? :)
02:15 mman454 tggconsole who did the editing on the camera autopsy video?
02:15 Ponko92 ;( theres alot of things that will scare people
02:15 Ponko92 in my life
02:15 Ponko92 and past
02:15 snapper weebols wobble but they don't fall down.
02:16 tggconsole Corey edited iy
02:16 tggconsole *it
02:16 Ponko92 because it's jelly
02:16 wannabe1987 HOLY CRAP THAT WAS EPIC!
02:16 CSMonster geez i can hear the thunder over there
02:17 wannabe1987 yeah
02:17 wannabe1987 it was EPIC!
02:17 Obtuse_lappy so much thunder!
02:17 mman454 tggcory: Remember how I said Id give you a donought if you did something awesome?
02:17 Ponko92 oh god thats a bad sign
02:17 Cprossu tggcory: lates
02:17 mman454 tggconsole Wait
02:17 Ponko92 steve you got a brolly
02:17 arruid be careful!
02:17 Cprossu so anyway I've been useless today
02:17 Cprossu Portal 2 rocks
02:17 snapper left #thegeekgroup
02:17 mman454 Told him he missed his chance for a donought
02:17 Ponko92 yo steve
02:18 Cprossu I'm over 1/2 way now
02:18 compwiz878 take care bee safe chris
02:18 Ponko92 have a brolly?
02:18 Ponko92 (umbrella)
02:18 mman454 I was going to give him one for the excilent timing during Bodens rant....
02:18 Cprossu nice thunder too
02:18 Obtuse_lappy this is some of the biggest thunder i've ever heard
02:18 CSMonster lol
02:18 Ponko92 well thats alright then
02:18 CSMonster BOOOOM
02:18 Andromedan left #thegeekgroup
02:18 mman454 tell cory!
02:18 Cprossu Hope the power stays up this time
02:18 compwiz878 wow can hear the lightning static on the mics
02:18 mman454 now!
02:18 CSMonster bye steve
02:18 Ponko92 yeah i can hear that
02:18 mman454 please?
02:18 Ponko92 sods law
02:19 Cprossu later!
02:19 Ponko92 bet when you get to your house it'll stop
02:19 BatSteve Cprossu:  how are the steam servers?  if I buy it will I have a chance to play it before tomorrow?
02:19 CSMonster fuckin hell channel keeps cutting in and out for me.  you suck, DSL. >:(
02:20 mman454 tggcory ! I have something to tell you
02:20 Ponko92 .wa Brolly
02:20 BotSteve brolly  (English word);noun->colloquial terms for an umbrella;br\'olee  (IPA: br\\:02c8\\:0252li);brol-ly  (6 letters ->2 syllables);brollies;gamp;umbrella;bialy -> collie -> colly -> dali -> dolly -> folly -> golly -> holly -> jolly -> lolly -> mollie -> molly -> trolley -> volley   (total: 14), (based on typical American pronunciation);drolly;Rain shield, in London, (based on all New York Times crossword puzzles 199
02:20 Cprossu BatSteve: they are hanging in there today
02:20 Whisperingwolf hey the tornado sirens just went off
02:20 wannabe1987 sorry..i ran out to record bein uploaded soon
02:20 Whisperingwolf hmm
02:21 Ponko92 .wa Deutsch
02:21 BotSteve German  (language);total number of speakers->127 million people  (1.9% of world population)  (rank: 13th), number of native speakers->95.82 million people, place with most speakers->Germany, primary location->Germany, writing system->Latin alphabet, language codes->de -> deu, (1987 to 2009 estimates);numeral names->eins  (1) -> zwei  (2) -> drei  (3) -> ..., character frequency->e  (18%) -> n  (11%) -> r  (7.9%) -> ..
02:21 * Thermoelectric imagines an air raid siren sounding.
02:21 mman454 tggconsole what?
02:21 Ponko92 .wa Durchfall
02:21 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
02:22 Ponko92 hmmm
02:22 * BatSteve is extremely tempted to purchase it
02:22 Obtuse_lappy .wa parabola
02:22 Cprossu you might need it
02:22 BotSteve parabola  (plane curve);x(t) = 2 t a, y(t) = t^2 a;y = x^2\/(4 a);r = 4 tan(theta) sec(theta) a;(for a parabola opening upward with vertex at (0, 0) and semilatus rectum 2a);x(t) = 2 t a, y(t) = t^2 a;(sqrt(t^2+1) t+sinh^(-1)(t)) a;1\/(2 (t^2+1)^(3\/2) a);tan^(-1)(t);(plotted for t from -1 to 1);1;2 a;2 a;(0, a);y = -a;y = x^2\/(4 a);r = 4 tan(theta) sec(theta) a;(4 a^2)\/(4 a^2+x^2)^(3\/2);2;algebraic curve -> conic
02:22 Ponko92 .wa compression ratio
02:22 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
02:22 Cprossu I hope a surge doesn't take out the equip at tgg
02:22 Cprossu again
02:23 compwiz878 what got taken out ?
02:23 mman454 Have you ever heard of the unspoken rule?
02:23 Thermoelectric Stream box.
02:23 compwiz878 equipment i mean ?
02:23 Cprossu the computer with the good cap card
02:23 Cprossu cap card's still ok though
02:23 Cprossu (intensity pro)
02:23 mman454 tggcory Check the damn IRC!!!
02:23 compwiz878 thats good
02:24 Ponko92 .w Compression Ratio
02:24 BotSteve "The compression ratio of an internal-combustion engine or external combustion engine is a value that represents the ratio of the volume of its combustion chamber from its largest capacity to its smallest capacity." -
02:24 compwiz878 man the mics are picking up the sound of the rain
02:24 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
02:24 Ponko92 they picked up the thunder too
02:24 compwiz878 yeah i herad that
02:25 mman454 I can't hear it over the sound of the rain here... Because I can't seem to get to Cory to fix the damn audio levels!!!
02:25 compwiz878 i also hear a crackeling sound now n then
02:25 compwiz878 must be the mics picking up the static from the lightning
02:25 mman454 same here...
02:25 Ponko92 yeah
02:25 Ponko92 same
02:26 tggcory What D:
02:26 mman454 could be but not too likley considering they are under a steel roof... I think its steel
02:26 compwiz878 man the rain sound is nice n clear on my end
02:26 mman454 I owe you a donought.
02:26 cctoide
02:26 tggcory Yay :D
02:26 compwiz878 its sound like a fan blowing in the bacround
02:26 Fulsy man, I wish it was raining here
02:27 mman454 What's your favorite type? Ill pick one up before my next lab visit in a few months...
02:27 compwiz878 was rainging heer earlier
02:27 compwiz878 like this morning
02:27 Fulsy Cory, did you update minecraft to 1.5?
02:27 compwiz878 oops raining
02:27 Thermoelectric Seems to be hail where Moose is.
02:27 Ender left #thegeekgroup
02:28 Fulsy tggcory, did you update minecraft to 1.5 yet?
02:28 compwiz878 sounds like a bunch o ham radio operators doing a waether nets
02:28 tggcory Not yet, cause PORTAL 2
02:29 Kiwifrog joined #thegeekgroup
02:30 Fulsy oh
02:30 Fulsy lucky
02:30 compwiz878 wow that amatuer radio operator is haveing a world of time getting into that repeater
02:30 Kiwifrog left #thegeekgroup
02:31 Fulsy Portal 2 > Minecraft 1.5
02:31 tggcory yes it does xD
02:31 Fulsy I hear thunder
02:31 Fulsy Lucky
02:31 Fulsy you get portal 2 AND a thunder storm
02:32 mman454 compwiz878 What do you mean?
02:32 Hackbat Portal 2 %&!@# Minecraft 1.5
02:32 Ponko92 tggcory is PORTAL 2 out on the PS3?
02:32 Ponko92 .w Portal 2
02:32 BotSteve "Portal 2 is a first-person action/puzzle video game, developed by Valve Corporation." -
02:33 Fulsy anyway, I'm "Mr. Fulsy" on steam
02:34 Cprossu unable to find Mr. Fulsy
02:34 compwiz878 about wut mman?
02:35 tggcory Yes
02:37 CaptainBoden Turn up the scanner
02:37 Hackbat I'm torrenting Portal @
02:37 Hackbat *2
02:37 Hackbat Cause I'm por!
02:37 Hackbat *poor!
02:37 BatSteve Don't torrent games, it makes designers cry.
02:37 BatSteve And then we get worse games...
02:37 Ponko92 go to watch F&F5 or buy the EU release of Portal 2 or possibly go Derby
02:37 Cprossu I hear you
02:37 eightbitbrad and kills kittens
02:37 CaptainBoden Thank you
02:38 BatSteve it kills kittens too
02:38 compwiz878 how was the trip home chris ?
02:38 Ponko92 i'm guessing torenchal
02:38 Ponko92 i fail at spelling
02:38 compwiz878 lol ponko
02:39 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
02:39 CaptainBoden Excellent, I enjoy driving and I enjoy severe weather, so it's all good
02:39 compwiz878 kool
02:39 Ponko92 good :)
02:39 Ponko92 steve didn't seem eager as you were
02:39 Cprossu I enjoy it too, just as long as it's not snow (good thing I live in Phx, AZ)
02:40 compwiz878 im in eastern ohio here but i can see some distant lightning flashes to the north west here
02:40 Ponko92 lol your good Cprossu
02:40 CaptainBoden Cory, what's the status on the latest video?
02:40 Photon939 I love snow, then again I drive a Jeep
02:41 Ponko92 i love snow too
02:41 arruid i love storms and snow but not when i have to drive in either
02:41 * wannabe1987 is ticked off
02:41 compwiz878 why ticked off ?
02:41 arruid what's wrong wannabe?
02:41 Ponko92 i've driven in snow in a sports car
02:41 compwiz878 lol
02:41 wannabe1987 cuz...they went out to eat and i made them dinner and now its gonna go to waste cuz noone eats leftovers
02:41 Ponko92 O_O fun and scary but if you can control it your ace :P
02:42 compwiz878 sheesh
02:42 arruid oh i hate that too! sorry wannabe :(
02:42 wannabe1987 :'(
02:43 BatSteve that bites
02:43 CaptainBoden tggcory
02:43 tggcory Yeah
02:43 tggcory It's making an AVI
02:43 tggcory Then will post
02:43 CaptainBoden Are you uploading tonight?
02:43 Ponko92 yep i remember driving in a storm with my fiancee
02:43 tggcory Yes
02:43 Ponko92 what fun
02:44 CaptainBoden I drive in snow in a sportscar all winter ;)
02:44 Ponko92 isn't just the best
02:44 Ponko92 isn't it just the best*
02:44 Ponko92 you have an MR2 right?
02:44 CaptainBoden Oddly, the two best vehicles I've ever had for handlign snow were both not anywhere NEAR what you'd think offhand.
02:45 Obtuse_lappy Subaru Outback will always be my favorite for snow
02:45 Ponko92 the mediocre ones sometimes
02:45 CaptainBoden My Mazda MX3 is magnificent (and my winter car), and A Honda CRX-Si was awesome. Handled great.
02:45 Cprossu MR2's are nice cars, we had an '85 with a V6 transplant.. I never got to drive it =(
02:45 CaptainBoden My Mazda corners like it's on rails, I love it.
02:46 Obtuse_lappy what year did they make the MX3?
02:46 CaptainBoden If anyone ever gets me an Autozam AZ-1 they will be my hero.
02:46 eightbitbrad I wanna powerslide my Magnum around in the snow.
02:46 CaptainBoden Mine is a 93 I think
02:46 arruid my mazda is dying o__o
02:46 eightbitbrad but..  Atlanta hardly gets any snow.
02:46 Ponko92 i had rebuilt an entire Porsche 959 never got to drive it on a curcuit but good god it was fun to gun it up the A1 (M)
02:47 Hackbat
02:47 Hackbat looks like something you'd drive :D
02:47 CaptainBoden I think it's neat.
02:47 CaptainBoden Gullwing doors.
02:48 Ponko92 DeLorean XD
02:48 CaptainBoden I'd rather have an AZ-1, though I'm pretty experienced with the DMC-12
02:48 Ponko92 yeah but who wouldn't want a DMC-12
02:49 Ponko92 with a certain Dr. ELB mods
02:49 Cprossu Someone who doesn't want electrical problems
02:49 CaptainBoden GAH no
02:49 Cprossu I don't want to ever do a dmc again after what I went through
02:49 Obtuse_lappy the whole SMTE time code camera switching sequence was very cool for the BetaCam video
02:49 steve_____ joined #thegeekgroup
02:49 wannabe1987 hi steve______
02:49 Ponko92 yeah they weren't reliable and YAY STEVE
02:49 CaptainBoden The only one I would want would be an 82, black interior, no hood flap, manual, original wheels.
02:50 steve_____ yes, I'm home
02:50 CaptainBoden Thank you for tonight Steve, your help was much appreciated.
02:50 steve_____ only a little damp
02:50 steve_____ no problem, it was much faster with 2 people
02:50 Ponko92 i'd have mine with time curcuits and a Flux Capacitor
02:50 Cprossu glad you made it
02:50 compwiz878 lol ponko
02:51 Ponko92 hey thats why i'd have one
02:51 Ponko92 the whole crappiness of the DMC-12 evaporates when you add those 2 items
02:51 Cprossu until it leaves you stranded
02:52 Cprossu and it will
02:52 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
02:52 Ponko92 with Mr Fusion add-on
02:52 Cprossu if you do it like ELB
02:52 Cprossu you still have the gas engine
02:52 Ponko92 i know
02:52 steve_____ Mr fusion and electric conversion
02:53 Ponko92 and the hover conversion
02:53 Cprossu but where are you gonna get the plutonium so you can travel to the future to get the mr. fusion? xD
02:53 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
02:53 steve_____ Serians?
02:53 Ponko92 Lybians
02:53 steve_____ no lybian, your right
02:53 CaptainBoden Lesbians
02:53 Ponko92 hahahaha
02:53 Cprossu I hope you've got some used pinball machine parts then
02:53 eightbitbrad I'm thinking of taking my '06 Magnum and reimagining Echo-1.  Sure, it's been done, but...  would still be fun.
02:53 Ponko92 ;)
02:54 Ponko92 and remember
02:54 Cprossu Echto-1?
02:54 Cprossu *Ecto-1
02:54 CaptainBoden btw, we may be getting the original (like, the actual one in the movie) News van from Ghostbusters 1.
02:54 eightbitbrad oh, excellent.
02:54 Ponko92 bullet proof vest Cprossi
02:54 Cprossu how rusty is it?
02:54 Ponko92 bullet proof vest Cprossu*
02:54 eightbitbrad Cprossu: yep.
02:54 compwiz878 aw sweet chirs
02:54 CaptainBoden It's not that bad actually, it's here in GR. It's owned by one of our sponsor stations.
02:54 eightbitbrad I just think it'd be fun to do
02:55 Cprossu wow that's kinda neat
02:55 Ponko92 whats it need doing to it
02:55 Cprossu do you still have the street sweeper?
02:55 CaptainBoden no, we sold it to pay on taxes.
02:55 Cprossu pity
02:55 Cprossu but necessary
02:55 CaptainBoden Though I'll surely get a new one before too long.
02:55 Ponko92 i'm sure you will ;)
02:56 * wannabe1987 is going to watch "night train" and cry with tj...bbl
02:56 Cprossu man, they've totally outdone themselves on portal2
02:57 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
02:57 Hackbat;l=35b60bfc62&amp;id=100000001232502
02:57 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
02:57 Cprossu I'm laughing my ass off
02:57 CaptainBoden wannabe1987, tonight is not a night for crying, it's a night to fuck on the floor and break shit.
02:57 Cprossu and these puzzles are freaking hillarious
02:57 Ponko92 grrr i can't play it for another day
02:57 Hackbat Electric conversion I helped on in ighschool
02:57 wannabe1987 know  i don't fuck yet...
02:58 Hackbat Was a nice lil car
02:58 eightbitbrad and again I say, I love me some Python.  BatSteve: I implemented random greetings.  One line change.
02:58 Ponko92 o_O eh?
02:58 steve_____ GVSU is working one, they just for a 32 HP DC motor
02:58 BatSteve eightbitbrad: awesome
02:58 BatSteve I figured out how threading works and I think I can make a channel activity monitor without too much trouble
02:58 steve_____ *got a 32ph
02:58 BatSteve but as yet have written no code whatsoever
02:58 eightbitbrad nice.
02:58 CaptainBoden wannabe1987, I'm aware.....and I work very hard to not mock you for it.
02:59 BatSteve so the props for Team BotSteve MVP again go to you sir
02:59 * BatSteve tips his hat
02:59 steve_____ it's seems I need to go back to school and learn hoe to type
02:59 Hackbat The front of that thing was FILLED with lead acid batteries
02:59 Ponko92 tggcory is that Police radio chatter?
02:59 eightbitbrad no worries.
02:59 CaptainBoden Yes, that's a rescue squad from the sounds of it.
02:59 * eightbitbrad takes a bow.  "It's some form of contribution until I can get that Xbox shipped"
02:59 tggcory Yep
03:00 Ponko92 oh yeah must have some people having accidents with the storm and everything
03:00 CaptainBoden BIG lightning
03:00 steve_____ it's not that bad out tehre
03:00 CaptainBoden and big thunder
03:00 Ponko92 oh we could here
03:00 steve_____ yes tons of lightning
03:00 Obtuse_lappy wo, rumble rumble
03:00 Ponko92 hear*
03:00 BatSteve;product=NCR&amp;overlay=11101111&amp;loop=yes
03:00 BatSteve worst part's past
03:00 BatSteve now it's just the rain'n'such
03:00 Ponko92 .weather Grand Rapids
03:00 steve_____ I know, it's unfortunate
03:00 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 35.6℉ (2℃), 29.71in (1003mb), Thundery Rain, Mist, Fresh breeze 16kt (↑) - KGRR, 02:53Z
03:01 Obtuse_lappy that radar loop just screams rape
03:01 Ponko92 wow
03:01 KB3NZQ 73's and good night KB3NZQ Clear
03:01 mman454-away is now known as mman454
03:01 Ponko92 colder than a fridge
03:01 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
03:01 mman454 I just want to go out for a drive in this weather but I have homework to do... :'(
03:02 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
03:02 CaptainBoden KD8PHZ heading to bed, I'm going to enjoy the storm and cuddle with the poor Omnidog who doesn't appreciate them nearly as much as I do. Gnite gentlemen.
03:02 eightbitbrad g'night CaptainBoden
03:02 compwiz878 ohios gonna be getting the same storm ur getting up in michigan
03:02 eightbitbrad .weather Atlanta
03:02 mman454 g
03:02 BotSteve Clear ☼, 69.8℉ (21℃), 30.04in (1014mb), Gentle breeze 7kt (↑) - KATL 02:52Z
03:02 Ponko92 night Captain
03:02 mman454 g'night captain
03:03 steve_____ gnight
03:03 compwiz878 it stretches from michigan south thru kentucky
03:03 compwiz878 moveing east
03:03 mman454 tggcory: Why upload avi? Isn't mp4 better video quality?
03:04 tggcory There's a negligable difference
03:04 tggcory But the size difference is AMAZINGLY different
03:04 mman454 also, why aren't we uploading 1080P?
03:05 tggcory Mainly size issues
03:05 mman454 filesize?
03:05 mman454 or frame size?
03:05 tggcory filesize
03:05 Cprossu man that would take a shit long time to render on your system too I bet
03:06 Ponko92 right peeps i'm tiring
03:06 mman454 tggcory are we rendering on the render severs yet?
03:06 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
03:06 BatSteve laterz Ponko
03:06 tggcory Bigtime
03:06 tggcory Amd mp[e
03:06 tggcory and nope*
03:07 mman454 uh... why not?
03:07 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
03:07 eightbitbrad BatSteve: Did you pull my changes yet?
03:07 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
03:07 eightbitbrad if not, don't.  I'll resubmit the pull request.
03:07 BatSteve no
03:07 mman454 Can't we just use one of them as a normal computer and get the job done much faster?
03:07 BatSteve do I ...okay
03:07 BatSteve I won't
03:07 eightbitbrad I just committed the random code.  Gimme a minute.
03:08 mman454 tggcory...
03:08 tggcory Sorry :P and not really
03:08 tggcory the blades work best when used together
03:08 tggcory and I'm currently rendering on a quad core i5 with 12 gigs of RAM :P
03:09 Ponko92 i ain't leaving peeps
03:09 soks joined #thegeekgroup
03:09 mman454 we should be using the ubercomputer...
03:09 tggcory Remember
03:09 DruidicRifleman i sooo need to make new boffer weapons
03:09 tggcory we've only been here 4 months
03:09 tggcory and had NLE set up for a week
03:10 tggcory so a little bit of patience will help
03:10 tggcory well, help you :P
03:10 mman454 its a single tower unit...
03:10 mman454 and yes I could use some more patience
03:10 mman454 tggcory speaking of which what is the status of the render?
03:11 tggcory xD
03:11 tggcory It'll be uploading soon :P
03:11 Fulsy Sorry
03:11 Fulsy my steam ACCOUNT name is Fulsam
03:12 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
03:12 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:12 Ponko92 steve_____ how many names do you need ;) lol
03:12 steve______ ?
03:13 Ponko92 your name keeps extending lol
03:13 eightbitbrad lol
03:13 eightbitbrad steve____________________________________________________-
03:13 Cprossu long name is looooooooooooooooooong
03:13 steve______ I got kicked off a few min ago
03:13 steve______ and yes I need a better name
03:14 steve______ how about LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGCAT
03:14 wannabe1987 no
03:14 Ponko92 surfer-steve
03:14 Fulsy What's wrong with Boden?
03:14 Ponko92 we have cool-cat-cory
03:15 steve______ ?
03:15 mman454 tggcory keep us in the loop... render % please? pretty please?
03:15 Ponko92 the radio names Kyle is THE SHARK
03:16 Ponko92 your Surfer-Steve
03:16 tggcory mman, you should totally come down here and start being a video intern
03:16 Fulsy static
03:16 tggcory then you could always know :P
03:16 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
03:16 steve______ I don't have that much coordination, I could never surf
03:16 steve______ well maybe the wab
03:16 Ponko92 who me tggcory?
03:17 IIsi50MHz That's the way to go, steve______
03:17 CSMonster the wab?
03:17 steve______ while I'm hunting wabbits
03:17 CSMonster lol
03:17 Fulsy lol
03:17 tggcory no, mman
03:17 Ponko92 oh ok lol
03:17 Ponko92 the wabbit hunter on 92.1 THE SHARK
03:17 Ponko92 the only station that bites back
03:17 Fulsy 3 5 3 5
03:18 soks left #thegeekgroup
03:18 Ponko92 brb
03:18 Fulsy link active!
03:18 mman454 tggcory so in otherwords you haven't started the render yet...
03:19 eightbitbrad BatSteve: Pull request ready
03:19 tggcory DId I say that?
03:19 steve______ when I was there tggcory was enjoying himself some portal2
03:19 * BatSteve goes looking
03:19 tggcory The render was done when I started playing
03:19 steve______ I would but I lack the coordination
03:19 tggcory Had to make it an AVI, and that finished about 10 minutes ago
03:20 tggcory mman, don't make assumptions
03:20 Fulsy It's time to make the Leonard Street Labs in Duke Nukem 3d's map editor :D
03:20 BatSteve eightbitbrad: either you missed something or I did, but there's no pull requests for tgg-botsteve right now
03:20 steve______ I liked portal but lack the hand eye coordination to be any good at it
03:20 eightbitbrad ?
03:21 mman454 tggcory what do you mean by make it an avi?
03:21 tggcory I mean convert it
03:21 eightbitbrad okay, try now.
03:21 eightbitbrad derp on me
03:21 tggcory from h.264 to an .avi
03:21 steve______ some one needs to make a minecraft version of the lab
03:21 steve______ on the tgg server
03:25 wannabe1987 youtube is being slow uploading video...:(
03:28 steve______ is now known as steve_afk
03:28 Ponko92 good news NFL fans
03:29 Ponko92 the schedule is out
03:29 BatSteve I imagined you saying "Good news NFL fans" in the Professor Farnsworth voice
03:30 Ponko92 sort of lol
03:30 Ponko92 but for me it is good news
03:30 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
03:31 lwq1996 hey i know what tools you should get for the lab
03:31 lwq1996 tri-wing screw drivers
03:31 Yaotzin Also guess who just woke up? This guy
03:32 BatSteve There are four lights!
03:32 BatSteve also, welcome back to the land of the conscious
03:33 BatSteve eightbitbrad: aha
03:33 BatSteve thank you
03:33 BatSteve I see it now
03:34 Ponko92 the Lions have a while to prepare for the Pack
03:35 Ponko92
03:35 Ponko92 for those intrested
03:36 wannabe1987 CSMonster -
03:36 Cprossu BEST GAME EVER!
03:36 Cprossu just finished
03:38 eightbitbrad BatSteve: no worries
03:38 eightbitbrad Yaotzin: welcome back
03:38 Ponko92 hmmm i have the Packers Schedule printed off i might head of to bed in a minute
03:38 BatSteve Cprossu you're not helping
03:38 BatSteve >_<
03:38 Yaotzin Oh, thanks, get up and a friend is messaging me on Yahoo, someone else wants me to add them on PSN
03:39 Yaotzin I still need to make something quick to eat
03:39 Yaotzin and I'm half falling asleep
03:39 wannabe1987 i have pancakes...want some?
03:39 wannabe1987 they went out for food and noone told i made dinner :'(
03:39 eightbitbrad mmm pancakes!
03:39 eightbitbrad I wish.
03:39 eightbitbrad I'm on PSN: TheFubar
03:39 Yaotzin wannabe1987: I'd love some pancakes
03:39 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
03:40 Cprossu BatSteve: I'm blown away
03:40 Ponko92 i'm on PSN: Ponko92
03:40 wannabe1987 their home made buttermilke, yaotzin
03:40 Cprossu I've played a shit load of games, there wasn't even a second I hated of this one
03:40 Yaotzin I like buttermilk
03:40 Yaotzin Sourdough too but
03:40 wannabe1987 i can't stand the smell :(
03:40 Yaotzin buttermilk is yum
03:40 BatSteve arg.  I guess I'm gonna have to download it tonight.  then maybe once I have it I'll be willing to part with the $50 to play it
03:40 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
03:41 Toastdude Hi, Steve!
03:41 BatSteve Yeah Toast!
03:41 Cprossu All around the country, coast to coast
03:41 wannabe1987 toast to toast?
03:42 Toastdude People alwas say what do you like most?
03:42 Cprossu *it's a heywood banks reference*
03:42 Cprossu hahaha
03:42 wannabe1987 i modified it
03:42 wannabe1987 and i dont' care
03:42 wannabe1987 movie is weird.
03:42 Cprossu I dont wanna brag, I don't wanna boast
03:42 BatSteve I don't wanna brag, I don't wanna boast
03:42 Toastdude I like Toast :)
03:42 Cprossu YEAH TOAST!
03:42 BatSteve YEAH TOAST!
03:42 Toastdude Copier....
03:42 BatSteve (:
03:43 BatSteve good times
03:43 Toastdude Yep.
03:43 Cprossu Just finished portal 2
03:43 wannabe1987 ...
03:43 Toastdude Already? you just got it last night.....
03:43 Cprossu Blown away is all I can say
03:43 Cprossu I'm good at these
03:44 Cprossu lol
03:44 BatSteve that means nothing, I finished portal 1 in 5 hours
03:44 Toastdude Nice
03:44 BatSteve *speaking to wannabe
03:44 BatSteve and toast
03:44 BatSteve wasn't criticizing cprossu
03:44 wannabe1987 what to me, batsteve?
03:44 Yaotzin Yeah I'm not getting Portal 2 until it comes way down in price
03:44 Yaotzin because I know how fast I beat the first one
03:44 Cprossu let me see how much time I got it done in
03:44 Toastdude Me too
03:44 BatSteve Time it takes to get the game done
03:45 Cprossu 9 hours it took me
03:45 Cprossu for the second one
03:45 Toastdude so it eventually decrypted for you, cprossu?
03:45 Cprossu yeah finally
03:45 Toastdude that's good
03:45 Cprossu hrmm I only have 18/50 achievements (actually looks at them now)
03:46 Ponko92 grrr when will the Green Bay Packers play at Wembley
03:46 Toastdude let's see how long it takes to get all of the achievements
03:47 Ponko92 Cprossu Xbox achievements?
03:47 Cprossu Ponko92: no way
03:48 Cprossu steam.
03:48 Cprossu I do not play console
03:48 Cprossu period
03:48 Ponko92 ahh ok
03:48 Ponko92 fair enough
03:48 Cprossu Atari 2600 is as far as I go anymore on console
03:48 Cprossu man there's so much I can't say (spoiler wise)
03:48 Cprossu but it's fucking awesome
03:49 arruid left #thegeekgroup
03:50 Yaotzin lol eightbitbrad we don't have any of the same games
03:51 Yaotzin except gta4
03:51 eightbitbrad Yaotzin: LOL
03:51 eightbitbrad I'm working on Borderlands right now
03:51 Toastdude Hey, BatSteve
03:52 BatSteve hey toast
03:52 BatSteve what's up?
03:53 Yaotzin ByteBrad: How come you don't have RDR
03:53 Ponko92 mmm crisps sandwich
03:53 Toastdude I just found out yeasterday while we were talking that the MoSaI has a Tesla coil! I'm excited.....
03:54 Ponko92 mmm crisps sandwich
03:54 Ponko92 time for sleep
03:54 Ponko92 night guys
03:54 Fulsy cya
03:54 BatSteve crisps sandwich?
03:54 Toastdude Bye!
03:54 BatSteve seeya
03:54 Ponko92 crisps being english chips
03:54 Ponko92 in bread
03:54 CSMonster_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:55 Ponko92 get a bag of lays and put them in bread
03:55 wannabe1987 CSMonster_
03:55 Ponko92 anyway
03:55 Ponko92 night
03:55 CSMonster_ god dammit
03:55 Ponko92 .w crisp sandwich
03:55 BotSteve "A crisp sandwich (in British English), chip sandwich, chipwich or potato chip sandwich (in North American or Australian English) is a sandwich that includes crisps (potato chips) as one of the fillings." -
03:55 Ponko92 mmmm
03:55 Ponko92 night guys lol
03:55 DruidicRifleman night
03:55 Toastdude My friend says hi to you, BatSteve
03:55 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
03:56 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
03:56 BatSteve awesome!
03:56 BatSteve tell your friend I said hi as well!
03:56 CSMonster_ is now known as CSMonster
03:56 BatSteve ....are you serious?  a potato chip sandwich?
03:56 BatSteve this actually exists?
03:56 Fulsy this is my godawful HVL in Duke 3d:
03:57 Toastdude He's the geek-in-crime i was talking about yesterday
03:57 Fulsy wow I did the ducting totally wrong
03:57 Fulsy lol
03:58 steve_afk is now known as steve_____
03:59 wannabe1987 matter how many ___'s you won't be underlined :P
04:00 Cprossu steve_____: I finished portal 2
04:00 Fulsy lol
04:00 Coderjoe :(
04:00 Fulsy no spoilers pl0x
04:00 BatSteve ..
04:00 Cprossu xD
04:00 Fulsy Glados is chell's father
04:00 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | Cprossu finished portal 2! | ---*_ This channel is R rated _*---
04:00 Fulsy GOD DAMNIT
04:01 BatSteve Snape kills GLaDOS
04:01 Cprossu you know photoninduction should make that inverter do something
04:01 Toastdude GlaDOS is what i named my computer...... Is that weird?
04:02 tesla4d No, just predictable and lame.
04:02 Fulsy I named mine HAL 9050
04:02 Cprossu only if it's sentient
04:02 Toastdude I named my iPod Hal-9000....
04:02 Fulsy because I like to go 50 versions beyond
04:02 Coderjoe you mean like fry it with one of his other HV systems?
04:02 Cprossu All of mine are named to their function
04:03 Cprossu sadly
04:03 Cprossu I can't come up with good names
04:03 Toastdude Yeah, and I don't want it to constantly sing "Daisy".....
04:03 Cprossu my servers are named --unit00 through --unit03
04:03 Fulsy ha
04:03 Fulsy It sings "Daisy" when running out of battery
04:03 Coderjoe Cprossu: eva?
04:03 Cprossu nope
04:03 Cprossu good try though
04:04 Toastdude I should set that as a Critical battery sound.....
04:04 Cprossu You know
04:04 * wannabe1987 loves storms
04:04 Cprossu I've got an APC that I could do that to
04:04 wannabe1987 just not SN*W storms
04:04 Cprossu since it already needs a new batt
04:04 Cprossu I could get one of those greeting cards with daisy on it
04:04 Cprossu just put it in place of the buzzer if the voltages aren't too off
04:04 Toastdude Lol, that would be funny...
04:05 Cprossu and it would be less irritating than the standard one too
04:05 Cprossu I still haven't decided if I am going the deep cycle route on that one though
04:05 Toastdude Yeah. As a startup thing i should put the end of 2010.....
04:05 Cprossu considering the standard batteries are freaking $45 a pop
04:06 Toastdude \That would be awesome...
04:07 Cprossu Toastdude: Truthfully toast isn't my favorite...;feature=related
04:07 Cprossu probably if I had to pick one, it'd be tuna of opportunity
04:07 tggcory leavin' now, night
04:07 tggcory left #thegeekgroup
04:08 Toastdude Well its not mine either, its just an inside joke....
04:08 tyroneshoelaces joined #thegeekgroup
04:08 Cprossu If you take the two A's aardvark, the two L's outa llama, the two O's out of ooze, put them all together and it spells
04:08 Fulsy I'mma head out now
04:09 Cprossu AA LL OOooooooooooooooo!
04:09 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
04:09 Toastdude Cprossu: ???
04:09 Cprossu <- this one
04:10 Toastdude Ah.
04:10 Cprossu warning: it'll break your brain...
04:10 Toastdude Too late.....
04:10 Toastdude Lol
04:11 Toastdude My brain is already broken.....
04:11 Cprossu it'll break more
04:11 Toastdude If that's possible...... :)
04:12 Toastdude Just wondering, what time is it there?
04:12 Cprossu 21:12 if my clock is synced correctly
04:13 tyroneshoelaces left #thegeekgroup
04:13 Coderjoe 0012
04:13 Toastdude I think it is
04:13 BatSteve ...scared him off
04:13 BatSteve hahaha
04:13 Coderjoe at LStL
04:13 Cprossu rofl
04:14 Toastdude I stayed up last night on here till 00:03
04:14 Toastdude Then had to wake up this morning at 07:00.....
04:14 Toastdude kinda sucked......
04:16 DruidicRifleman OK question If you dream of chris boden blowing up random stuff at night does that mean you Spend to much time in TGG irc whatching TGG ustream and reading TGG forums?
04:16 tesla4d Yes
04:16 Coderjoe
04:16 tesla4d Your dreams should be about *you* blowing stuff up
04:17 Toastdude Well, i havent spent much time on here, but i still see chris blowing stuff up.....
04:17 Toastdude LUCIDITY!!
04:17 DruidicRifleman Coder.... ummmm WOW!!!!
04:18 BatSteve yes
04:18 Toastdude Do any of you lucid dream?
04:18 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
04:19 Cprossu once in a while
04:20 Cprossu I usually find myself fixing cars that I hoped wouldn't break down but did
04:20 Toastdude Our friend took part in this experiment in HS, and he's had lucid dreams ever since.
04:20 DruidicRifleman I wonder about the liabily insurence i'd need to do that in a highschool....
04:21 DruidicRifleman That would be epic
04:22 BrotherLeonidas joined #thegeekgroup
04:22 DruidicRifleman I have accidental dammage for like air cannons Sniper rifles Shot guns.... but I don't think it cover's a bacon lance....
04:23 BatSteve hi BotSteve
04:23 BotSteve Hey BatSteve
04:23 Toastdude Ok, i'll be back tomorrow probably. Good night!
04:24 CSMonster ...botsteve the conversationalist?
04:25 Toastdude See ya BatSteve and Cprossu!
04:25 CSMonster bye toast
04:25 Cprossu later
04:25 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
04:25 CSMonster you should make it so if you say "bye botsteve" it kicks you.
04:25 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
04:25 CSMonster if that's doable
04:25 Coderjoe the bot does not have ops
04:25 CSMonster aw
04:26 Coderjoe though if bots were made half-ops
04:26 BatSteve yeah, would be nice though
04:26 Coderjoe and then voice used for allowing moderated discussions or whatever
04:26 BatSteve and by nice I mean hilarious
04:26 CSMonster LOL
04:26 Hackbat I know a server where the bot is a Sysop
04:27 Hackbat or what ever the highest level is
04:27 BrotherLeonidas hi BotSteve
04:27 BotSteve Word up BrotherLeonidas
04:27 BrotherLeonidas hey
04:27 wannabe1987 movie done
04:27 CSMonster hi BotSteve
04:27 BotSteve Word up CSMonster!
04:28 CSMonster is the message randomized?
04:28 DruidicRifleman OOOOOOH MAN!!! i am so going to the prax air store and buying a Used K cylander and a Cylander of Pure oxigen............ MUST BUILD BACON LANCE!!!!!
04:28 Coderjoe uhoh
04:28 Coderjoe i had nothing to do with it
04:28 BatSteve CSMonster: yes
04:28 wannabe1987 bacon?
04:28 BatSteve or it's supposed to be
04:28 wannabe1987 hi botsteve!
04:28 BotSteve Greetings wannabe1987
04:29 BatSteve ohai BotSteve
04:29 BotSteve Hi BatSteve
04:29 BotSteve Hi BatSteve
04:29 BatSteve ..huh
04:29 BatSteve double
04:29 BatSteve rainbow
04:29 DruidicRifleman hi botsteve
04:29 BotSteve Greetings DruidicRifleman!
04:29 wannabe1987 lol
04:29 wannabe1987 hi batsteve!
04:29 CSMonster lol
04:29 DruidicRifleman yes wannabe a bacon lance
04:29 CSMonster DruidicRifleman is excited again, someone go get the tranquilzers
04:29 DruidicRifleman
04:30 DruidicRifleman hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
04:30 CSMonster .......................there is nothing about that that isn't wrong
04:31 wannabe1987 amen
04:31 wannabe1987 awwww i forgot to do bacon for dinner :'(
04:31 DruidicRifleman HEY MOM LOOOK!!!!!!!! IT'S BACON!!!
04:32 BrotherLeonidas .g leeroy jenkins
04:32 BotSteve BrotherLeonidas:
04:33 CSMonster is it .tv for tvtropes?
04:33 BatSteve try it and find out
04:33 BatSteve it's either that or .trope
04:33 CSMonster .tv squick
04:33 CSMonster .trope squick
04:33 BotSteve CSMonster:
04:33 CSMonster there it is.
04:33 BatSteve I couldn't remember either
04:33 CSMonster .tropes nothing is scarier
04:34 CSMonster dammit
04:34 CSMonster .trope nothing is scarrier
04:34 BotSteve CSMonster:
04:34 CSMonster :(
04:34 CSMonster god i can't type.
04:34 CSMonster .trope nothing is scarier
04:34 BotSteve CSMonster:
04:34 CSMonster there it is.
04:34 CSMonster okay i'm done.
04:36 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
04:37 BrotherLeonidas left #thegeekgroup
04:37 injektion left #thegeekgroup
04:37 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
04:38 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
04:41 BatSteve I've got some maintenance for you, BotSteve.
04:41 BatSteve don't worry, you'll come out of it better than ever.
04:41 BatSteve BotSteve: Break Time!
04:41 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
04:42 Thermoelectric LCD's are annoyingly hard to fix.
04:45 InteliWasp left #thegeekgroup
04:46 MoxieMike_ is break time a command for BotSteve?
04:49 BatSteve MoxieMike_: yes and no.  it's how I tell him to shut down.
04:49 BatSteve it doesn't work for users other than myself
04:49 DruidicRifleman Coderjoe thank you for posting the bacon lance
04:50 * Thermoelectric thought BatSteve just said that and ran to BotSteve and closed the client. :P
04:50 BatSteve sometimes it's that too.
04:56 CSMonster lol
04:57 * BatSteve fires up the bot
04:57 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:58 BatSteve No errors...yeay
04:59 BatSteve left #thegeekgroup
04:59 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:59 BotSteve Welcome back, boss.
05:00 BatSteve awesome
05:00 * BatSteve is decidedly pleased
05:00 BatSteve BotSteve: tell eightbitbrad he definitely wins the Team BotSteve MVP award.  I'm really pleased with the SQLite database
05:00 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when eightbitbrad is around.
05:03 BatSteve We'll have random greets implemented soon.
05:04 CSMonster cool
05:04 BatSteve Then all we need is some creative people in the channel ::cough:: to start thinking of clever geeky greets.
05:04 wannabe1987 ummmm
05:04 wannabe1987 y?
05:05 wannabe1987 the bot on the other channel would greet us but it was annoying
05:05 Thermoelectric As you already have the recipients of some of those greets lined up.
05:05 BatSteve really?
05:05 BatSteve wannabe1987: tell me of this
05:05 wannabe1987 tell you what?
05:06 BatSteve why was it annoying?
05:06 BatSteve and what would it say?
05:06 wannabe1987 alyssa (bot) would ssay "welcome to the channel, we have !drinks !food !this !that and !the other (id on't remember what else)"
05:07 wannabe1987 and if you typed !drinks it'd say what drinks we have "avail"
05:07 wannabe1987 nifty
05:07 wannabe1987 it was annoying cuz it interupted convo flow...
05:08 BatSteve hm
05:08 BatSteve good call
05:08 BatSteve we'll have to figure out rate limiting then
05:08 BatSteve so that he only talks when it's a dead channel
05:09 wannabe1987 dead?
05:09 Thermoelectric Maybe also stop him from greeting someone who's connection is 'going up and down like a $2 hooker'.
05:09 wannabe1987 ?
05:10 BatSteve when it's a less-active channel, then
05:10 BatSteve Thermoelectric: nice
05:10 BatSteve yeah I'll put that in too
05:10 Thermoelectric Pretty sure Lemming said something along the lines of that...
05:11 wannabe1987 o ok
05:12 MoxieMike_ g'night all
05:12 MoxieMike_ is now known as moxiemike-sleep
05:12 BatSteve I'm done too.
05:13 wannabe1987 :O :(
05:13 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Seroster he'll have to do without a greeting for a bit, until I can get the database updated.
05:13 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Seroster is around.
05:13 BatSteve wannabe1987: when do you sleep?
05:13 wannabe1987 3a-10a.  i get 7 hours :D
05:13 wannabe1987 except for was 3:45-9:45 :(
05:14 wannabe1987 its was saving a friends life! :D
05:14 BatSteve wow
05:14 BatSteve I had your schedule for a while
05:14 BatSteve I didn't like it
05:14 wannabe1987 no?
05:14 BatSteve <-- prefers morning shifts to evenings
05:14 wannabe1987 i have no reason to it...
05:15 BatSteve night all
05:15 wannabe1987 i just do it...
05:15 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
05:15 wannabe1987 night batsteve-away
05:30 Cprossu this needing to do math to post is getting annoying o_O
05:34 DruidicRifleman yeah
05:34 DruidicRifleman i hate math
05:45 wannabe1987 lol
05:45 wannabe1987 what?
05:45 wannabe1987 you have drunk settings?!
05:48 CSMonster ....?
05:54 wannabe1987 idunno
05:54 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
06:04 LeadHead1 joined #thegeekgroup
06:04 LeadHead1 Whoa
06:06 wannabe1987 hi leadhead1
06:09 LeadHead1 am I still signed in?
06:09 LeadHead1 Hm
06:10 Yaotzin people who use PEMDAS incorrectly make me :(
06:12 wannabe1987 PEMDAS?
06:12 wannabe1987
06:12 Yaotzin ()^*/+-
06:12 wannabe1987 o.  math stuff
06:12 Yaotzin Order of operations ma'am
06:13 wannabe1987 yeah, math stuff
06:13 Yaotzin yeah
06:13 wannabe1987 parenthasis, multiply, divide, add subtract, whats E?
06:13 Yaotzin exponents
06:13 wannabe1987 ooo
06:13 wannabe1987 yes the carrot
06:13 Yaotzin like 2^8
06:14 wannabe1987 16?
06:14 wannabe1987 18?
06:14 wannabe1987 idon't know
06:14 Yaotzin 256
06:14 Yaotzin actually
06:14 wannabe1987 see?
06:14 wannabe1987 i don't know
06:14 Yaotzin 2 to the power of 8 is the same as 2*2*2*2*2*2*2*2
06:14 LeadHead1 2 to the 8th power
06:15 wannabe1987 i knwo
06:15 wannabe1987 i messed up
06:15 wannabe1987 this is why my ssiter is getting a math degree, not me
06:15 Yaotzin anyway I was going to say, if you ever want to know the maximum value for a string of binary
06:15 Yaotzin 2^x-1
06:15 Yaotzin where x = bits
06:15 Yaotzin so for 8 bits your maximum value is 255
06:16 Yaotzin 2^8-1
06:16 Yaotzin Anyway. I see people do like 4-1+5 and they end up with -2
06:17 Yaotzin and I cry
06:17 wannabe1987 :(
06:17 Yaotzin :(
06:19 {{localhost}} left #thegeekgroup
06:19 Yaotzin Although I wouldn't expect anyone to remember exponent tables, I sure as hell don't
06:20 Yaotzin Troll threads with simple math and people getting their orders turned around happen so often
06:20 {{localhost}} joined #thegeekgroup
06:21 Yaotzin like, alright wannabe1987, 4+3*2-1 = ?
06:22 LeadHead1 9
06:22 wannabe1987 3*2 = 6, 6+4 = 10, -1 =9
06:22 wannabe1987 i'm working on it!  shhhhh
06:22 wannabe1987 i'm slow...i had to think
06:22 Yaotzin See, you're fine.
06:23 Thermoelectric I hate BenQ.
06:23 Yaotzin BenQ?
06:23 Thermoelectric .g BenQ
06:23 NeWtoz OH NO YOU DIDN'T
06:23 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
06:24 * NeWtoz has a BenQ projector
06:24 Yaotzin oh
06:24 Yaotzin Could of just said a projector
06:24 Thermoelectric Well both of the monitors I've tried to fix, containing their boards, have 1), blown the same fuse, and 2) killed an inverter.
06:24 Thermoelectric They don't just do projectors.
06:25 Yaotzin That's all I saw on the front page of their website
06:25 Yaotzin which is about as far as i dug
06:25 NeWtoz yeah
06:25 Yaotzin I wouldn't mind having a projector if I could get one with a good response times
06:25 Yaotzin time*
06:25 wannabe1987 yaotzin...what'd u have for food?
06:26 Yaotzin wannabe1987: Shrimp Alfredo yesterday, homemade macaroni and cheese with smoked sausage and sweet corn tonight. I was lazy.
06:26 Cprossu Yaotzin: I wouldn't mind projectors as long as I get at least 1280x1024 and LED lighting
06:27 Yaotzin just something I could make in less than an hour
06:27 wannabe1987 mac'n'cheese, homemade, is NOT lazy...lazy is from the box :P
06:27 Cprossu once that happens I'll run like 5 of them
06:27 Cprossu on a piece of frosted plexi probably
06:27 Thermoelectric LED lighting hasn't evolved enough to be used widely in projectors... Has it?
06:27 Cprossu yeah it has
06:27 Cprossu and casio has had luck with a laser/led hybrid
06:27 LeadHead1 Casio has a hybrid laser/LED projector
06:27 LeadHead1 lol.
06:27 Thermoelectric Hmm.
06:27 Cprossu but I still dislike it's red reproduction
06:27 Thermoelectric I wonder how it's hybrid...
06:28 Cprossu green
06:28 Cprossu iirc
06:28 Yaotzin wannabe1987: :p, hey I won't turn down the box but eh
06:28 Thermoelectric Ahh/
06:28 Yaotzin I have bags of pasta in my pantry
06:28 wannabe1987 kraft only tho!
06:28 LeadHead1 It uses LEDs for one color
06:28 LeadHead1 while two of the other colors are derived via laser
06:28 Yaotzin I like to keep a well stocked pantry
06:28 Cprossu I thought red was LED too though
06:28 wannabe1987 too
06:28 Cprossu it's got one wacky prism setup too
06:28 wannabe1987 i have an armoir, tho, thats my  food space...
06:28 LeadHead1 Ask Photon939 if hes on
06:29 Cprossu still I got one out to see if it answered what I wanted
06:29 Yaotzin I have a pretty small kitchen in this apartment, so space is a premium
06:29 LeadHead1 hes ripped a lot of them apart
06:29 Cprossu it didn't
06:29 wannabe1987 my housemate has the cabinets and he uses them for shit stuff thats like hamburger helper or somthing
06:29 wannabe1987 yeah...kithcnes...
06:29 Yaotzin but I always have at least two meals sitting in the pantry
06:29 Yaotzin if not three
06:29 wannabe1987 i need i can do lasagna
06:29 Cprossu as far as I know theough
06:29 Cprossu *though
06:29 Cprossu there are purely LED projectors now
06:29 Cprossu that hit 100 lumens
06:29 LeadHead1 100 whole lumens
06:29 LeadHead1 my goodness!
06:29 Cprossu the casio is like 600 I think
06:29 Cprossu 100 is better than 20
06:30 LeadHead1 Not better than 600
06:30 Cprossu except the just doesn't look right
06:30 Cprossu and it's DLP to boot
06:30 Cprossu I think
06:30 Thermoelectric I think that's moreso on the LCD side of things, as LED's still aren't as bright as the 400W MH lamps used in some projectors.
06:30 Yaotzin mmm, ricotta, parm, mozerella, lasagna noodles, spiced sausage
06:30 Yaotzin beef
06:30 Yaotzin tomato sauce
06:30 kris_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:30 Yaotzin flat leaf parsley
06:30 Thermoelectric Mercury
06:30 wannabe1987 no...just mozz, not ricotta
06:30 wannabe1987 :P
06:30 LeadHead1 It uses Red LEDs
06:30 Cprossu if I am running 5 projectors, lamp replacement becomes a scary proposition to me
06:30 LeadHead1 blue and green are derived via laser
06:31 wannabe1987 i cannot offord much ricotta
06:31 Yaotzin No ricotta?
06:31 LeadHead1 in those casios
06:31 Yaotzin ah
06:31 kris_ whats happening with the live feed?
06:31 kris_ is now known as Guest43771
06:31 Yaotzin yeah stuff is pricy
06:31 wannabe1987 no clue
06:31 wannabe1987 .topic
06:31 Thermoelectric Which is why you mod the projector to accept a much cheaper lamp.
06:31 Cprossu my tv set actually has an induction lamp in it
06:31 Cprossu but
06:31 Cprossu they were flawed
06:31 Cprossu sadly
06:31 Cprossu (Luxim Lifi 4000)
06:32 Cprossu I'm on my second set that I managed to procure because all in all, it looks freaking great and is a solid set minus the light source
06:32 Cprossu (but they will replace 2 of them that last ~a year so it's worth it to me)
06:33 Cprossu core charge on those fucking bulbs would be $1500 if I could order one
06:33 CSMonster\
06:33 Cprossu and aren't a 'user servicable' part
06:33 LeadHead1 Should just stick with plasma
06:33 wannabe1987 CSMonster - i already posted that :P
06:33 Cprossu the drive electronics are what let it down
06:33 Guest43771 they should put something like  i/c chips on thumper
06:33 CSMonster did you?
06:33 wannabe1987 yep
06:33 Cprossu as in the RF portion
06:33 CSMonster i've been away.
06:34 wannabe1987 5 different places :P
06:34 Cprossu I've still got one bulb I took apart, I should snap some pics of it
06:34 CSMonster lol i saw it on facebook
06:34 Cprossu
06:34 Cprossu but it's got a induction feedback circuit in it
06:34 CSMonster i'm confused though.  normally he doesn't update til midnight pacific.  it's not midnight pacific time yet.  unless my clock is set wrong, or i'm more insane than i thought i am
06:34 Guest43771 left #thegeekgroup
06:34 wannabe1987 no, not midnight by you yet
06:35 Cprossu
06:35 wannabe1987 i'm ok w/ it being earlY :D
06:35 Yaotzin It's 11:35 PST
06:35 LeadHead1 xkcd is usually updated around midnight EST...
06:35 LeadHead1 EDT
06:35 Cprossu ^ that's the capsule.. no electrodes and ~4k raw lumens
06:35 CSMonster early xkcd is early
06:35 LeadHead1 Ontime here...
06:35 CSMonster hmm.
06:35 wannabe1987 lol
06:35 Cprossu
06:36 CSMonster oh wait, i'm thinking of sam and fuzzy.  that's the one that always updates right at midnight pacific
06:36 Cprossu ^ check it out
06:36 Cprossu much neater than your typical mercury lamp
06:39 wannabe1987 lol
06:40 Cprossu but the feedback circuit used custom chips and used shitty thermal tape to boot
06:40 Cprossu but point is that the 'lamp part' is ok, the radio ciruit is not
06:40 Cprossu oh also it runs off of 48VDC
06:40 Cprossu which I thought was cool
06:41 wannabe1987 bout portal2: EPICGAMEOMYGAWD.  i love myfriends :D
06:42 Yaotzin I'm trying to talk my cousin into getting portal 2 on psn
06:42 Cprossu portal 2 was awesome
06:42 Yaotzin so I can get it
06:42 wannabe1987 he got it for his computer
06:42 Yaotzin Cause i don't want to pay retail for it
06:43 Cprossu well I'm off
06:43 Cprossu later all
06:44 wannabe1987 NIGHT@
06:44 wannabe1987 !*
06:45 Yaotzin later
06:45 Yaotzin Also damn, Portal 2 isn't on PSN
06:45 Yaotzin oh well
06:46 Yaotzin guess I'm not getting it unless I pirate it
06:46 Yaotzin For now anyway
06:46 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
06:47 karmicthreat The current crack for portal is kind of unreliable, crashes every 10 minutes to an hour.
06:47 BotSteve karmicthreat: At 18 Apr 14:11Z, mikemol asked me to tell you that he left vt0 logged in on the twitter machine, so I left a "find that AWOL script" process running on Saturday.
06:47 BotSteve karmicthreat: At 18 Apr 14:11Z, mikemol asked me to tell you that he left vt0 logged in on the twitter machine, so I left a "find that AWOL script" process running on Saturday.
06:48 Yaotzin well it'd be a few months before I got round to downloading it so
06:49 CSMonster
06:49 CSMonster Rant beginning at 1:50 = LOL
06:50 karmicthreat Yea.  Probably be fine by then.  I might buy it if I have a sudden influx of cash so I can play multiplayer.
06:54 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
07:00 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
07:04 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
07:06 wannabe1987  epicness
07:08 CSMonster welp
07:08 CSMonster i'm braindead.
07:08 wannabe1987 bed?
07:08 wannabe1987 night!
07:08 wannabe1987 sleeeeeep good
07:08 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:08 kristopher hey
07:08 wannabe1987 hi
07:08 CSMonster i'll try.  ttyl
07:09 kristopher whats happening with the live feed?
07:09 wannabe1987 noclue
07:09 wannabe1987 whats happening...
07:09 wannabe1987 link?
07:09 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:09 kristopher
07:10 kristopher it just shows the old tv signal dropout pic with the indian on top
07:10 wannabe1987 yeah
07:10 wannabe1987 its night
07:10 wannabe1987 noones there
07:10 Yaotzin that's because it's 3am
07:10 wannabe1987 something to look at
07:10 wannabe1987 dude...most of the lab peeps are sleeping
07:11 kristopher oh you can hear people n the background doing stuff
07:11 Yaotzin Really? I don't think anyone should be in the lab at this hour
07:11 wannabe1987 might be the scanner...
07:11 Yaotzin then again someone could be in late
07:11 Yaotzin or yeah the scanner, I dunno I don't have the stream up
07:12 wannabe1987 i *had* it up
07:12 wannabe1987 but i have musics
07:12 kristopher oh
07:13 wannabe1987 where you at, kristopher?
07:13 kristopher Invincible by tinie tempah feat. kelly rowland
07:13 kristopher Australia
07:13 wannabe1987 ahhh
07:13 wannabe1987 hence time zone differences
07:14 kristopher
07:15 Yaotzin Yeah I can hear someone cursing on the scanner
07:15 Yaotzin and sending morse
07:15 wannabe1987 lol
07:15 Yaotzin *shrug*
07:15 wannabe1987 typical GR
07:15 kristopher lol
07:15 Thermoelectric kristopher: Where in Aus? I'm up in Cairns.
07:15 kristopher cool i'm in victoria
07:15 kristopher melbourne
07:16 kristopher do you mean uhf radio?
07:16 Thermoelectric .weather Melbourne
07:16 BotSteve YMEN: no such ICAO code, or no NOAA data
07:16 Thermoelectric Pfft.
07:16 kristopher cold dark and raining
07:16 kristopher cot the ducted heating on
07:16 kristopher got*
07:17 kristopher .weather melbourne
07:17 BotSteve YMEN: no such ICAO code, or no NOAA data
07:17 kristopher .Weather Melbourne
07:17 Thermoelectric Mmm, must be pretty cold then. Been a while since we've used a heater up here.
07:17 kristopher .weather victoria
07:17 BotSteve Clear ☼, 39.2℉ (4℃), 30.10in (1016mb), Gentle breeze 8kt (↑) - CYYJ 07:00Z
07:17 kristopher there we go
07:17 Thermoelectric .weather MEL
07:17 BotSteve Clear ☼, 17℃, 1018mb, Light breeze 4kt (↑) - LIPS 06:55Z
07:18 kristopher thats more like it
07:18 kristopher but not really
07:18 Thermoelectric 17C isn't *that* bad...
07:18 Yaotzin Im watchin snatcher again.
07:18 Thermoelectric Close to the lowest we get up here though. :P
07:19 kristopher
07:19 Yaotzin Good game
07:20 kristopher soooooo
07:20 kristopher anyone got ps3?
07:20 Yaotzin y
07:21 kristopher i dooo my login's dunord66
07:21 Yaotzin I'm laying down else id add
07:26 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
07:30 wannabe1987 .weather kgrr
07:30 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 35.6℉ (2℃), 29.59in (999mb), Light Rain, Mist, Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - KGRR, 07:11Z
07:38 Hackbat >_>
07:38 Hackbat <_<
07:39 Hackbat Either my install was unstable or Valve made some sorta killswitch in portal two
07:39 Hackbat cause it closed on me twice
07:39 Hackbat and then I uninstalled it
07:40 Thermoelectric Stop breaking things. :P
07:42 Hackbat I'm like...halfway through I think
07:42 Hackbat maybe
07:43 Hackbat I have noidea
07:43 Hackbat so much has happened
07:44 Thermoelectric Portal has a meaning? I don't see much point behind shooting a portal to go to...
07:45 Hackbat who said anything aboutmeaning?
07:46 Thermoelectric Well I was the one to mention it... :P
07:46 Thermoelectric It just seems sortof pointless...
07:48 Hackbat it has a story
07:48 Hackbat the second one
07:49 Thermoelectric Ah
07:49 eggplant626 joined #thegeekgroup
07:51 eggplant626 left #thegeekgroup
07:54 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
07:54 Hydroelectric Hey everyone, I'm back.
07:55 Hydroelectric @Cprossu Congratulations on finishing Portal 2.
08:03 Hackbat Hey I got like halfway through
08:03 Hackbat I think
08:10 ashlog joined #thegeekgroup
08:16 HoeDown joined #thegeekgroup
08:17 HoeDown greetings, folks.
08:17 Thermoelectric Morning HoeDown.
08:18 HoeDown nothing going on here, or did i just catch a lul in the conversation?
08:18 Thermoelectric The former.
08:18 HoeDown hmm. we should fix this, yes?
08:18 Thermoelectric Sure.
08:19 HoeDown Anything pressing in mind that you'd like to share?
08:19 Thermoelectric Not really at the moment, just wishing I could build a big Stirling engine or a steam turbine. :/
08:20 HoeDown oh, dear god, i understand. Big fan of all sorts of mechanical things, but Stirling engines are just something else.
08:21 Thermoelectric Aren't they just?
08:21 Thermoelectric They're so simple in principle, but the smallest bit of friction could stop one from running.
08:21 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
08:23 HoeDown ....oh hell. well, that was a great, short conversation, but i apparently gotta go. Nice semi-meeting you, Thermo
08:23 HoeDown g'night/morning
08:23 Hydroelectric Hey HoeDown
08:23 Thermoelectric Haha, no problem.
08:23 Thermoelectric Chat to you later.
08:24 Hydroelectric Cya.
08:24 HoeDown left #thegeekgroup
08:25 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
08:29 Parom joined #thegeekgroup
08:30 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
08:37 Parom left #thegeekgroup
09:11 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
09:59 Sgt_Lemming Thermoelectric, that is my general description for an unstable connection :-P
10:00 Thermoelectric Yeah, I knew it was you that said that. :)
10:00 Sgt_Lemming lol
10:00 Sgt_Lemming it's an apt description :-P
10:01 Thermoelectric It probably is, but considering I've never seen a $2 hooker, I can't say for sure. :P
10:01 Sgt_Lemming lol
10:01 Sgt_Lemming I used to live under a brothel, many, many, many years ago :-P
10:02 Thermoelectric Mmm
10:02 Sgt_Lemming not sure what their prices were, but judging from what the girls looked like, it can't have been much
10:02 Thermoelectric Should've asked. :P
10:02 Sgt_Lemming no thanks
10:03 Sgt_Lemming the guy who ran it was dodgy as a mofo, and rather weird
10:04 Thermoelectric Ah wel.
10:04 Thermoelectric well*
10:04 Sgt_Lemming I have a funny story from living there, but it requires a lot of typing, and CBFATM
10:05 Thermoelectric No problem.
10:06 Sgt_Lemming suffice to say, I saw one of the girls who worked there naked, and it was not a pretty sight
10:06 Sgt_Lemming but I was so tired my brain just locked up
10:06 Thermoelectric :S
10:08 Sgt_Lemming I'd been awake about 40 hours at that stage, and worked 19 of those hours
10:08 Thermoelectric What were you working as at that stage?
10:08 Sgt_Lemming contract technician for Sapphire Technologies
10:09 Thermoelectric Sounds interesting.
10:09 Sgt_Lemming it kinda was, paid well, but odd ODD hours
10:09 Thermoelectric Such as?
10:10 Sgt_Lemming 31 hours in two days
10:10 Thermoelectric O_o
10:10 Sgt_Lemming yeah
10:10 Sgt_Lemming often did very long days
10:13 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
10:25 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
10:29 Thermoelectric Gah, Stirling engines are stupid hard to make and get working good, but steam turbines have not the greatest efficiency unless one figures out how to set up a multi stage turbine. I hate thermal power.
10:31 Sgt_Lemming jjust make an RTG
10:32 Thermoelectric In a residential neighbourhood? :/
10:32 Sgt_Lemming lol
10:32 Thermoelectric You are most helpful (yes, that was infact sarcasm)
10:32 Sgt_Lemming lol
10:32 Sgt_Lemming we fire a quite lethal air cannon in a residential area :-P
10:33 Thermoelectric Air =/= nuclear reactoy
10:33 Thermoelectric reactor*
10:33 Sgt_Lemming RTG != nuclear reactor
10:33 Thermoelectric .wiki RTG
10:33 BotSteve "Radioisotope thermoelectric generator" -
10:33 Thermoelectric Damnit.
10:34 Thermoelectric .g RTG
10:34 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
10:34 Thermoelectric Oh stuff it.
10:34 * Sgt_Lemming smacks Thermoelectric with the encyclopedia Clueponica
10:34 Thermoelectric "A radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG, RITEG) is a nuclear reactor technology electrical generator that obtains its power from radioactive decay."
10:34 Thermoelectric Nuclear reactor technology.
10:34 Sgt_Lemming bah
10:35 Sgt_Lemming I disagree
10:35 Sgt_Lemming it doesn't "react" it decays
10:35 Hydroelectric It's only nuclear technology, what's the worst that could happen?
10:35 Sgt_Lemming it goes super critical
10:36 Sgt_Lemming i.e. nuclear explosion
10:36 Hydroelectric Eh.
10:36 Hydroelectric That would be quite interesting.
10:36 Thermoelectric You are right about it only decaying, it's just not something suited for a residential neighbourhood for that exact reason.
10:36 Hydroelectric Which is?
10:37 Sgt_Lemming
10:37 Thermoelectric Though, the array of thermocouples may be a way to change heat to electricity.
10:38 Sgt_Lemming it's horrendously inefficient
10:38 Hydroelectric @Thermoelectric What is the desired purpose?
10:38 Sgt_Lemming and requires massive temperature differentials between hot and cold sides
10:38 Thermoelectric Thought it may have been.
10:40 Hydroelectric Finally I got samba to show folders and files.
10:40 Hydroelectric Had them in the wrong directory.
10:41 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
10:52 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
10:56 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
10:58 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
10:58 pegasus oh, hey, we made it through terminator 2's judgement day
10:59 Thermoelectric That sucks, would have been interesting.
11:01 pegasus sucks nothing, i'm happier alive than nuked
11:01 Thermoelectric You don't have school. :P
11:02 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
11:03 pegasus there is that
11:09 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
11:11 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
11:13 SparkyProjects
11:15 Thermoelectric Dead link?
11:15 pegasus next judgement day is (iirc) may 20th, from sarah connor chronicles
11:15 pegasus and the next day is the day that one guy has declared to be the biblical end of the world
11:15 SparkyProjects Link works, try googling the link title
11:16 pegasus works for me
11:16 Thermoelectric Huh.
11:16 pegasus uhhh
11:16 pegasus "The reactor's central chamber, where fusion happens"
11:16 pegasus i ...
11:16 pegasus breeder?
11:16 SparkyProjects "videoteen-builds-basement-nuclear-reactor"
11:16 pegasus even if it was a breeder, that's not fusion
11:17 Thermoelectric Oh yeah, this the fusor one?
11:17 pegasus wtf
11:18 pegasus so it's a fusor like tgg has
11:19 * Thermoelectric wishes the damn link wanted to work.
11:19 Thermoelectric There it is.
11:19 pegasus -- just in case
11:20 Thermoelectric Grr, the Google link to it just redirects me to the homepage.
11:20 Thermoelectric Oh yeah, seen that one before.
11:22 pegasus apparently just a star-in-a-jar like tgg has
11:23 Thermoelectric Except that one does run at the voltages and currents required to generate neutrons (I think it's neutrons?)
11:23 SparkyProjects 2.The chamber is filled with deuterium and jolted with about 45,000 volts of electricity
11:24 pegasus the point i'm trying to make is that i don't think it actually produces power
11:24 pegasus which soundly disqualifies it from the realm of "nuclear reactor" in my book.
11:24 pegasus plenty impressive enough to do fusion at all, but still
11:25 SparkyProjects If there's a nuclear reaction it's a reactor., but not necessarlily nuclear power
11:25 pegasus when i think reaction i think chain reaction
11:26 pegasus when the action is smashing atoms together until they fuse, which is the reaction, it's not really a reactor in my book
11:26 pegasus it's a fusor
11:26 pegasus you're welcome to have a different perspective on it
11:28 Thermoelectric I take it the power they're supposed to be able to generate would be in the form of neutrons it 'emits'?
11:28 pegasus dictionary "nuclear reactor" -> see "reactor". "reactor" definition 4, "nuclear pile, chain reactor, an apparatus in which a nuclear-fission chain reaction  can be initiated, sustained, and controlled, for generating heat or producing useful radiation."
11:28 pegasus dictionary agrees.
11:28 pegasus thermo: it turns deuterium into helium
11:29 pegasus whether or not that's useful is an academic matter, since i have no use for it
11:30 pegasus neat, though, like i said
11:33 pegasus
11:33 Thermoelectric Ah.
11:33 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
11:35 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:38 pegasus -- awesome
11:39 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
11:40 mman454-mobile good morning everyone
11:41 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
11:41 mman454-mobile morning electronics
11:41 Electronics morning
11:42 Sgt_Lemming morning
11:42 Sgt_Lemming even though it's 21:41 here :-P
11:43 Electronics 12:43 here
11:47 Sgt_Lemming mmmm, chai
11:47 Sgt_Lemming ginormous chai latte
11:47 Electronics Chai?
11:47 Sgt_Lemming tea with spices in it
11:47 Electronics .w Chai
11:47 BotSteve "Masala chai (literally 'spiced tea') is a beverage from the Indian subcontinent made by brewing tea with a mixture of aromatic Indian spices and herbs." -
11:47 Electronics hm
11:47 Electronics Don't really like teat
11:47 Electronics *tea
11:47 Sgt_Lemming neither do I :-P
11:50 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
11:51 Sgt_Lemming
11:55 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
11:55 Thermoelectric That's quite the discussion, Lemming.
11:55 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
11:55 Thermoelectric I reply with
11:56 Sgt_Lemming dude, did you not see all the puns?
11:56 Thermoelectric Yeah, that I did.
11:57 Thermoelectric Just really glanced over it though.
11:59 pegasus aha, i was incorrect
11:59 pegasus skynet becomes self-aware on the 19th, but doesn't launch nukes until the 21st
12:00 Thermoelectric Tomorrah!
12:00 * pegasus goes to get cold hard facts
12:01 pegasus and in T2 apparently it was August 29th
12:01 pegasus (1997)
12:01 pegasus so yeah, sarah connor chronicles end of days tomorrow
12:01 pegasus crazy bible man end of days may 21st
12:01 Thermoelectric Oh, so that's the Sarah connor chronicles that say it's tomorrow?
12:02 pegasus mayan calendar end of days next year sometime
12:02 pegasus yeah
12:03 Thermoelectric Wonder what Facebook will think of that. *waits* :P
12:03 pegasus hmm
12:05 * pegasus gets out a hammer
12:05 Sgt_Lemming;feature=player_embedded
12:15 Thermoelectric *looks at related video* Changing to inverter PSU's in microwaves, eh? A reason to stock up on MOT's, yay!
12:23 Sgt_Lemming so long as the psu's are easy to control, BRING IT ON!
12:24 Thermoelectric I think it'll be all the shitty overcurrent stuff that will end up being annoying.
12:25 Thermoelectric The one that dude showed in the video just had a 3 pin control line, but he mentioned it needed a square wave pulse to drive it, not sure if he knew what he was talking about or not, though.
12:29 moxiemike-sleep The Mayan "apocalypse" is supposed to be on December 21 2012
12:29 moxiemike-sleep is now known as MoxieMike
12:30 pegasus mike: too far away for me to remember.
12:30 pegasus i just rewired my website to display all day tomorrow
12:35 wanted joined #thegeekgroup
12:36 wanted whats up
12:37 Thermoelectric Cyberdyne.
12:41 wanted who thinks chris bodam looks like and sounds like JOHNATAHN SWITCER from the movie mannequin?
12:41 wanted
12:41 wanted andrew mcacrthy is the actor
12:41 Sgt_Lemming (a) it's Boden, and (b) his voice is not that high
12:42 wanted its damn well near enough lol
12:42 wanted that should be his new nick name...switcher
12:42 Sgt_Lemming right...
12:43 wanted cool channel hes got on watching from the UK
12:44 wanted anyone seen the new color paint dulux have out??..its a shade called blonde! aint very bright but spreads easy! lol
12:44 cctoide I wonder how high the Top Gear "space shuttle" would have gotten if it hadn't failed to separate
12:45 wanted about 2 foot more than what was!...they should stick to the day job!
12:46 cctoide lols!!!! xDD
12:47 wanted sounds like an APB going out in the background
12:48 wanted if you got a problem, and no one else can help...and if you can find em!...maybe you could hire....the geek team
12:51 MoxieMike what are we building?
12:51 MoxieMike other than eventually getting back to Billy's tesla coil
12:51 wanted wow you usa girls have some sexii ass voices lol
12:51 wanted keep talkin girl!
12:52 MoxieMike who?
12:52 wanted the girl on that walkie-talkie
12:52 wanted cant u hear it?
12:52 Thermoelectric police scanner*
12:52 wanted ha ha
12:53 MoxieMike wasn't watching the live stream
12:53 wanted i use to have one..then the uk went over to this tetra system, its like cell fone tech , and digital
12:56 wanted
12:56 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
12:57 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
13:01 mikemol karmicthreat: Heh. I left that message a while ago, and then talked to you directly when BotSteve didn't recognize you. :-|
13:11 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
13:13 MoxieMike Morning guys
13:14 eightbitbrad heya  MoxieMike
13:14 BotSteve eightbitbrad: At 05:00Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you he definitely wins the Team BotSteve MVP award.  I'm really pleased with the SQLite database
13:15 eightbitbrad heh nice.
13:18 wanted eightbird ; you in Alpharetta georgia?
13:19 wanted eightbitbrad even lol
13:19 eightbitbrad wanted: Close
13:20 eightbitbrad Norcross is home, Dunwoody is work, but I just say atlanta... it's easier that way :)
13:20 wanted thought so...just checking acuracy in ""
13:20 wanted why does this site post that?
13:21 MoxieMike i did some work in norcorss
13:21 wanted what kindda work? b@nk job? lol
13:21 MoxieMike Norcross even
13:21 Thermoelectric wanted: It shows where your ISP connects to the web of ISP's, so until there you're still in your ISP's 'network',
13:22 MoxieMike I do lighting design and my company shares with another company to do the lighting for California Pizza Kitchen
13:22 wanted ok got ya
13:22 wanted cool job..i just install
13:22 MoxieMike Since we're in Maine, we do the restaurants east of the mississippi river
13:23 MoxieMike we just focus the lights and make sure they're according to plan
13:23 Thermoelectric What use are focused lights in Pizza kitchens?
13:23 wanted focus on the topping!
13:23 wanted tomato and shit
13:24 MoxieMike we make sure the correct lamp is used in each fixture, aim them at the art on the wall, aim them to the center of the tables, etc
13:24 CaptainBoden Goodmorning Gentlemen
13:24 Thermoelectric Morning Chris.
13:24 wanted captainboden?...u chirs boden??
13:25 CaptainBoden Yes
13:25 Thermoelectric MoxieMike: That makes more sense
13:25 CaptainBoden And you are?
13:25 wanted hey SWITCHER! lol, whats happening dude?
13:25 CaptainBoden Is he high or something?
13:25 wanted im me obviously!..i really aint gonna be no one else pal
13:26 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: no clue
13:26 wanted ha ha..i wish. no its just that i find you look a hell of a lot like (and sound even more like) andrew mcarthy
13:26 CaptainBoden Someone give me Ops
13:26 wanted switcher from the movie manniquin
13:26 Thermoelectric wanted: who thinks chris bodam looks like and sounds like JOHNATAHN SWITCER from the movie mannequin?
13:26 Thermoelectric wanted:
13:26 Thermoelectric Whoops, forgot the quotation marks.
13:27 wanted oops..there it is lol
13:27 CaptainBoden What, are there no Mods awake yet?
13:27 wanted so ur new name is "switcher"
13:28 CaptainBoden He's what, 12? Or as trustee of modern chemistry?
13:28 MoxieMike no idea
13:28 CaptainBoden Or French.....
13:28 Cprossu good morning everyone
13:28 wanted the latter
13:28 CaptainBoden Gmorning Cprossu
13:29 CaptainBoden Cprossu are you a mod?
13:29 Cprossu no, sadly
13:29 CaptainBoden christ
13:29 wanted whats a mod?
13:29 CaptainBoden How am I NOT a mod?
13:29 cctoide Thermo's an op
13:29 CaptainBoden THERMO! Give me Op status please
13:29 MoxieMike don't know
13:29 * eightbitbrad takes cover
13:29 cctoide not sure if channel's set to restrict ops though, probably not
13:29 eightbitbrad shouldn't be.
13:29 MoxieMike would chanserv recognise a different nick for you?
13:30 CaptainBoden Thermoelectric?
13:30 Cprossu CaptainBoden: just outa curiosity do you your nick registered?
13:30 CaptainBoden yes
13:30 Cprossu and authed too right?
13:30 CaptainBoden I've no idea
13:30 Cprossu well type in /msg nickserv identify yourpassword
13:31 Cprossu someone shoulda added you to the list I hope
13:31 CaptainBoden says I'm already logged in
13:31 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: You'd know if you hadn't authed, you'd turn into guest83409345 or the like.
13:32 CaptainBoden k
13:32 CaptainBoden Thermoelectric, are you consious?
13:32 Cprossu actually it depends, eightbitbrad
13:32 Cprossu for an example Cprossu_Laptop isn't authed
13:32 Thermoelectric Whoops, was getting a snack. What's up?
13:32 eightbitbrad but is it registered?
13:32 CaptainBoden Make me an Op please
13:32 Sgt_Lemming me too :-P
13:33 Cprossu Thermoelectric do you have the access to give him access?
13:33 Cprossu (lol)
13:33 eightbitbrad bingo.
13:33 CaptainBoden Thank you sir
13:33 eightbitbrad Behold, the power of ops.
13:33 wanted was kicked by CaptainBoden: wanted
13:33 CaptainBoden Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
13:33 eightbitbrad Just remember, eightbitbrad is your friend, CaptainBoden
13:33 eightbitbrad :)
13:33 Sgt_Lemming rofl
13:33 Cprossu what's your auth level, Thermoelectric?
13:33 CaptainBoden That's better.
13:33 Sgt_Lemming so worthy
13:33 Thermoelectric Auth level?
13:34 Cprossu I'm gonna have to start remembering chanserv commands, but I Think it's /msg chanserv access
13:34 CaptainBoden Now, wha'ts up today?
13:34 Cprossu I'm gonna have to start remembering chanserv commands, but I Think it's /msg chanserv #thegeekgroup access
13:34 Cprossu or something
13:34 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
13:34 CaptainBoden oh christ
13:34 Sgt_Lemming what's up is I am still trying to figure out how the fuck I am gonna afford to come there
13:34 Seroster You may call me Seroster, CaptainBoden.
13:34 BotSteve Seroster: At 05:13Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you he'll have to do without a greeting for a bit, until I can get the database updated.
13:35 MoxieMike well, i'm 7 .25 cameras deep into the disassembly project
13:35 cctoide Thermo and BatSteve have full access
13:35 MoxieMike i've got a long way to go
13:35 cctoide +voOtsriRfAF
13:35 * eightbitbrad is at work, and not liking it.
13:36 Seroster BotSteve: tell BatSteve Its allright. I lived 18 years without greets, I can survive another week or two^^
13:36 BotSteve Seroster: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
13:36 Thermoelectric Least you don't work in a fast food outlet, eightbitbrad.
13:36 CaptainBoden brb waking the house up
13:36 Seroster .t -5
13:36 BotSteve Wed, 20 Apr 2011 08:36:39 -5
13:36 * Sgt_Lemming works for apple
13:36 Sgt_Lemming that's bad enough
13:36 eightbitbrad Thermoelectric: True that.  just no motivation today is all.
13:37 Cprossu type out '/msg chanserv access #thegeekgroup add CaptainBoden +O' at least
13:37 Thermoelectric I thought you worked at IBM, Sgt_Lemming?
13:37 Cprossu I think that's proper
13:37 Seroster CaptainBoden, do you always wake up the house? =P
13:37 Sgt_Lemming technically I work for both
13:37 Seroster Maybe on this server, cprossu
13:37 Sgt_Lemming it's retarded
13:37 Cprossu type out /msg chanserv access #thegeekgroup add
13:37 Cprossu *sorry
13:38 Seroster All the servers I'm used to have /cs access #chan <nick> <level>
13:38 Cprossu yeah and this one looks messed up,
13:39 CaptainBoden usually, yes I do
13:39 cctoide access #thegeekgroup add CaptainBoden O
13:39 cctoide should be
13:39 Cprossu give that a shot
13:39 eightbitbrad Someone sent me this
13:41 Seroster What is your prferred method of awakening the minnions? Screaming, bucket of water or broom handle?
13:41 Sgt_Lemming bucket of water + taser
13:41 CaptainBoden Na, I'm nice.
13:42 MoxieMike CaptainBoden, box 1 of 6 of cameras is the smallest and has another 25 cameras in it.
13:42 Seroster Ah, you use an NST? =D
13:42 MoxieMike I'd suggest megaphone
13:42 CaptainBoden Only when someone is on my shit list am I mean about waking htem up. Though I did buy Bongos specifically to wake cory up, and upgraded to an electric megaphone.
13:42 eightbitbrad LOL
13:42 Sgt_Lemming lol
13:42 Seroster xD
13:42 Sgt_Lemming cory sleeps like the tiatnic?
13:42 MoxieMike hahaah
13:43 MoxieMike or does he just like bongos?
13:43 eightbitbrad Slap a mic on the bongos and rig into a PA system, just for Cory
13:43 CaptainBoden Cory sleeps like it's his job, though he's doing much better now.
13:43 Sgt_Lemming heh
13:43 Sgt_Lemming does cory do anything outside TGG? work wise I mean?
13:43 CaptainBoden Nope, this is his life.
13:43 Sgt_Lemming kk
13:43 Sgt_Lemming I'd kinda like it to be mine, but yeah
13:44 Seroster I saw this wonderful thing with a mechanised bed. A huge damn cylinder that actually tips the bed 90 degrees
13:44 CaptainBoden He typically starts at 9am and works until 11pm, nearly as many hours as I do.
13:44 * Sgt_Lemming nods
13:44 Seroster And he gets paid in tacos?
13:44 Sgt_Lemming that wouldn't bother me, I'd gladly spend all day teaching people how to do shit
13:44 CaptainBoden yes
13:44 MoxieMike He seems like a good kid
13:44 Sgt_Lemming it's why I do my current job
13:44 CaptainBoden He gets free room and board.
13:44 CaptainBoden He is a good kid, a bit of a clusterfuck, but he's got heart and he's getting better every day.
13:44 Thermoelectric I'm curious, how do you all get by food wise etc? With no real income I'd assume it is a challenge...
13:45 MoxieMike living is easy without expenses
13:45 CaptainBoden It is a challenge, we have a benefactor who pays the basic bills and we all do a little work on the side here and there to get a couple bucks.
13:45 CaptainBoden AS a rule though, we're pretty broke.
13:45 Sgt_Lemming yeah
13:45 Cprossu CaptainBoden: just outa curiosity, how far away is Chelsea from GR?
13:46 CaptainBoden I don't know, I've never met her.
13:46 Cprossu there's a rather remote possibility I could get a job down there
13:46 Cprossu hah
13:46 MoxieMike are there plans that at some point when Avalon is self suficient to have you guys collect a paycheck?
13:46 CaptainBoden Yes, payroll is in the works, but it will be a while.
13:46 Seroster I doubt it will be a large one
13:46 MoxieMike doesn't need to be a large one
13:47 CaptainBoden We could actually be there pretty fast if we could get paid membership taking off. We have about 3500 members, if I could get them all to buy member cards and become paying members at $40 a month we'd be ok, we'd be BARELY profitable, but we'd be in black ink.
13:47 CaptainBoden Nominal paychecks to start out with will be $200 a week.
13:47 Seroster I think that CaptainBoden is the kind of guy that says "oh, we got 25k excess in the budget? Sweet! Let's buy laptops for kids!"
13:47 Thermoelectric I'd buy one if I had a good picture of myself.
13:47 CaptainBoden I can't imagine making that much money.
13:48 MoxieMike it'll happen with time
13:48 MoxieMike just remember, you're famous on the internet
13:48 CaptainBoden Things like that are why I don't have access to Group funds ;)
13:48 MoxieMike hahahaa
13:48 Seroster Unless something totally fucks up, it will, MoxieMike
13:49 Cprossu Man that would be nuts, so much shit breaks down or just moves up in cost making it a moving target
13:49 CaptainBoden Vicki is the treasurer, she pays the bills and handles the money, I have very, very little to do with it.
13:49 Cprossu I hate electricity
13:49 CaptainBoden Moose processes donations.
13:49 CaptainBoden I spend most of my time fixing things and moving heavy equipment.
13:50 Sgt_Lemming if it helps, I have a fitter and turners certificate :-P
13:50 MoxieMike fixing stuff is fun, but lifting heavy stuff isn't as fun
13:50 Seroster Depends on your definition of fun =P
13:50 Cprossu MoxieMike: it depends on your lifting tool
13:50 CaptainBoden You guys see the videos where I'm all cool and rocking out, what nobody sees is how I spend every morning from 8am to Noon doing paperwork and begging people on the phone.
13:50 Sgt_Lemming yeah
13:50 Sgt_Lemming I spend lots of time doing that for the hackerspace here
13:50 Seroster CaptainBoden, that would make a great main channel video.
13:51 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: You should get Cory to do a "Day in the life of the Captain" video
13:51 Seroster Showing people how much paperwork is involved
13:51 CaptainBoden And this afternoon, my glamourus job has me pulling Coax through a filthy ceiling......I tell ya, every day is a gift, lol.
13:51 eightbitbrad show members what you go through day-to-day
13:51 Cprossu actually you might be cable to get a TV show doing that
13:51 Cprossu *able to get a cable tv show*
13:51 Cprossu but it wouldn't be good for anyone I think
13:51 Seroster To be honest... I would be happy as a pig in a puddle of shit pulling Coax =P
13:51 CaptainBoden lol
13:51 CaptainBoden brb phone
13:52 Sgt_Lemming nah
13:52 Sgt_Lemming fuck that, I hate pulling cable
13:52 Cprossu careful what you wish for Seroster
13:52 Seroster Heh
13:52 Sgt_Lemming stand me in front of a machine tool though and I'll be fine for hours
13:52 eightbitbrad some day I'll have my own place that I can geek out and rewire.  As it is, I'm gonna be living the apartment life for the foreseeable future.
13:52 Cprossu because the pulling coax in a puddle of shit part could happen
13:53 Sgt_Lemming <--- each one of the three headlight housings there took approx 4 hours on a manual lathe
13:53 Sgt_Lemming they are approx 32mm long by 30mm round
13:53 SparkyStudio Pulling cable was fun many years ago in telephone exchanges over several floors and across the racks, 300 triples were the biggest
13:53 Seroster But CaptainBoden, I hereby submit a formal suggestion that you should make a day of the captain with cory. Have him follow you around, and don't edit out the boring stuff you do, but keep the vid under 20 mins or so.
13:53 cesar_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:53 Cprossu Yeah, and one day I'll have my own underground base that has labs for each year of equipment, every time I fill up a lab I'll dig another room. We call can wish
13:54 Seroster Fritzl style, cprossu? =P
13:54 cesar_ is now known as Guest21659
13:54 Cprossu *all* man
13:54 Cprossu I can't seem to type for shit today
13:54 Cprossu just like steve_ was having issues yesterday
13:54 Cprossu I wonder if it was contagious
13:54 Guest21659 lol
13:54 Guest21659 sems so
13:54 Sgt_Lemming btw, spinning copper on a lathe, is fun, cause it's such an amazing colour when it's freshly cut
13:54 Guest21659 seems so ffs
13:55 Sgt_Lemming the shitful bit is how fucking slow you have to cut it
13:55 Sgt_Lemming like .5mm per pass
13:55 Cprossu spinning anything in a lathe is damn cool
13:55 Guest21659 unless you got LONG HAIR
13:55 Cprossu I saw someone spin a very strange plastic in a lathe once
13:55 Cprossu then it's fun to watch
13:55 Cprossu still
13:55 Sgt_Lemming aluminium is great becaue of how easy it is, steel is awesome for how shiny it goes, brass swarf looks awesome
13:56 Sgt_Lemming you can friction weld plastics with a lathe
13:56 Sgt_Lemming that's fun to do
13:56 Cprossu it was a weird ass plastic too
13:56 CaptainBoden We just got another truckload of studio equipment donated :)
13:56 Cprossu he made a bell with it to be funny
13:56 SparkyStudio They friction weld train axles too
13:56 CaptainBoden brb
13:56 Cprossu CaptainBoden: freaking awesome
13:57 Cprossu I wonder if they're getting that newsvan yet
13:57 Sgt_Lemming
13:57 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: holy crap!  The studio is going to be bursting with equipment goodness.
13:58 Sgt_Lemming CaptainBoden, now all you need is someone to donate a 6 axis machining centre :-P
13:58 Sgt_Lemming;feature=related <--- awesome friction weld
14:01 Electronics sort of back
14:01 Electronics wow that's pretty awesome
14:01 Cprossu god damn you can see the heatline nd everything
14:02 Cprossu a very good weld I may add
14:02 Electronics I want one!
14:02 Sgt_Lemming you *can* do it with a lathe, but only small ones
14:02 Cprossu what do they do to relieve the pressure in the metal? are these things preheated in any way?
14:02 Sgt_Lemming and you need to make a flywheel to do it
14:03 Sgt_Lemming not to my knowledge Cprossu, no preheating required.
14:04 Cprossu it'd be kind of cool to make a friction welding machine with 2 flywheels at either end with the stationary piece in the center so you could weld oddly shaped things together
14:04 Cprossu in that way
14:04 Sgt_Lemming
14:04 Sgt_Lemming already done
14:04 Guest21659 what speed is needed? 600 RPM?
14:04 Sgt_Lemming that is a truck axle being welded
14:04 Sgt_Lemming Guest21659, depends on a lot of variables
14:05 Sgt_Lemming the material, the thickness, the pressure used, etc, etc
14:05 Guest21659 what if i made one, and there was no way of dis-engauging once the weld took hold..would this cause a fire?
14:05 Sgt_Lemming what do you mean dis-engaging?
14:06 Guest21659 the power of rotation or drive
14:06 Guest21659 what if there was no clutch?
14:06 Sgt_Lemming it would burn out your drive motor
14:06 Guest21659 why didnt u just type YES then to  the "would this cause a fire"
14:07 Guest21659 lol
14:07 Sgt_Lemming burn out != fire
14:07 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
14:07 Guest21659 yes it does..well done
14:07 Sgt_Lemming no, it does not
14:07 Guest21659 try it out...i bet you the coil can catch fire!!
14:07 SparkyProjects
14:08 Guest21659 ive seen plenty of motors on washing machines catch light
14:08 Sgt_Lemming it can catch fire, that doesn't mean it will Guest21659
14:08 Guest21659 commercial washers
14:08 Sgt_Lemming a motor can burn out, without catching fire
14:08 SparkyProjects Used to do something like that with blunt drills :D
14:08 Sgt_Lemming the wire will fuse and melt, it's not on fire though
14:08 Guest21659 i know that..i was just saying it can
14:09 Sgt_Lemming you, said "burn out = fire"
14:09 Sgt_Lemming it doesn't
14:09 Guest21659 ha ha
14:09 Guest21659 someone find an electric motor fire
14:09 Guest21659 winner gets to boast
14:10 Sgt_Lemming sigh...
14:10 Sgt_Lemming one can lead to the other, yes, that doesn't mean that they are the same thing, or that you can't have one without the other.
14:11 Sgt_Lemming a motor can catch fire but not burn out, also they can burn out but not catch fire
14:12 Guest21659
14:12 Guest21659 home made i think lol
14:12 Sgt_Lemming <--- better
14:13 Guest21659 transformer exploding......;feature=related
14:14 Guest21659 500,000 volt jacobs ladder....
14:14 Cprossu I've seen that user before I think
14:14 Sgt_Lemming put a space before your links plskthx
14:15 Sgt_Lemming that is not 500Kv
14:15 Sgt_Lemming it's 315Kv at most
14:16 Cprossu it was not on a load though
14:16 Guest21659 34,000 volt switch failure.....;feature=related
14:16 SparkyStudio Sgt_Lemming, i've seen a motor catch fire, remember there's sometimes flammable substances in motors
14:16 Cprossu under load is a very different thing
14:16 Cprossu;feature=related
14:16 Sgt_Lemming I read about it, it's downstream from a section of cut cable Cprossu
14:16 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
14:17 BatSteve howdy all
14:17 BotSteve BatSteve: At 13:36Z, Seroster asked me to tell you Its allright. I lived 18 years without greets, I can survive another week or two^^
14:17 Sgt_Lemming the cable acted like a big capacitor and when they tried to disconnect it, it was enough voltage to arc across
14:17 Cprossu Sgt_Lemming: as far as I know they were testing a failed vacuum switch
14:17 Cprossu yeah
14:17 Guest21659 315k.?..NO its 500,000 man..same as stated on the video..dont you see to good?
14:18 Cprossu either way it's not under load
14:18 Sgt_Lemming have you ever considered the comments on teh video might be wrong Guest21659?
14:18 Cprossu and as Sgt_Lemming said, it was a case of it being truely live
14:18 Sgt_Lemming that video has been around for at least 8 years that I know of
14:20 SparkyStudio I think this is better
14:20 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
14:20 Cprossu I got to experience the sound, aftermath, and some of the fire of a 3 phase 480 volt arcflash once
14:20 Cprossu it's not something I want to remember
14:20 Guest21659 lightening bolt up close....;feature=related
14:20 Sgt_Lemming ah, I was looking for tht one SparkyStudio
14:20 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
14:20 Guest21659 dont say that lightening is 1.5 volts dude!
14:21 Sgt_Lemming ffs Guest21659, put a SPACE before your links.
14:22 Guest21659 cant you just click on them?..u dont have to copy and paste
14:23 cctoide same guy Chris kicked, same IP
14:23 BatSteve thanks cctoide  I've been watching him
14:23 Sgt_Lemming if you don't put a space before them, 99.99999999% of IRC clients don't recognise it as a link
14:23 Sgt_Lemming so it's not clickable
14:23 Cprossu lol at the scanner
14:23 Cprossu he has to reboot to get a new IP
14:24 Guest21659 ok so............. i do this;feature=related
14:24 Sgt_Lemming yes
14:24 Guest21659 ??
14:24 Guest21659 got cha
14:24 Guest21659 thanks for the info man
14:24 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
14:25 Sgt_Lemming I did say it earlier, please pay attention to what other people are saying, not here just to spout random crap for the hell of it.
14:26 cctoide Was thinking the weathercam could possibly end up here once it's up and running:
14:26 cctoide found that while looking for GR cams yesterday to check out the storm
14:27 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve1
14:27 BatSteve1 is now known as BatSteve
14:28 cctoide they never said anything about making the weathercam web controllable, though, did they?
14:29 Sgt_Lemming think it's been mentionerd
14:29 Sgt_Lemming -r
14:29 CaptainBoden )D
14:29 CaptainBoden LOVE MY JOB!
14:30 Electronics Welcome back
14:30 CaptainBoden So, I've been calling around to TV stations getting gear donated for the past month.
14:30 Cprossu very cool, CaptainBoden: you got th newsvan?!
14:30 BatSteve CaptainBoden has leveled up
14:30 CaptainBoden I just got a call back from one of the local engineers.
14:30 * Sgt_Lemming plays the Zelda "Got Item" sound.
14:30 Cprossu think you got enough coax to drag a camera down there so we can see?
14:31 CaptainBoden He knew who I was, knew the Group, watches every video, LOVES what we do, and is not only going to donate a ton of gear, he's going to help us get ALL the other stations to donate a LOT more gear.
14:31 Electronics awesome =D
14:31 Sgt_Lemming heh
14:31 Sgt_Lemming nice
14:31 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: Awesomeness.
14:31 Cprossu that's epic.
14:31 cctoide sounds great
14:31 Sgt_Lemming always good when you get shite like that
14:31 Thermoelectric You're going to run out of the stickers for inventory at this rate. :P
14:31 Cprossu he can always buy new stickers
14:31 Sgt_Lemming that's what masking tape and markers is for Thermoelectric
14:32 CaptainBoden We just made a new friend, I'm sure you'll see him in upcoming videos. His name is Dick. And now you guys know the secret backstory when he shows up in a video in a month ;)
14:32 Cprossu masking tape leaves a nasty residue when it breaks down
14:32 Thermoelectric Ah, yes, the good 'ole masking tape.
14:32 Sgt_Lemming decent masking tape doesn't Cprossu
14:32 Electronics Old black electrical tape is wors
14:32 Electronics *worse
14:32 Cprossu it is worse
14:33 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
14:33 Cprossu I've found some degreaser that will take that residue off of tables though
14:33 Cprossu it took me a long time
14:33 BatSteve aviation gasoline?
14:33 BatSteve that stuff works great
14:33 BatSteve just saying
14:33 Cprossu no it's 'purple shit'
14:33 Electronics XD
14:33 Cprossu I think it's called purple power
14:34 Cprossu
14:34 Cprossu it fucking takes electrical tape goo off though
14:34 Cprossu nothing else I've found will
14:35 Guest21659 so does WD40
14:35 Guest21659 or zippo lighter fluid..even better
14:36 Cprossu with this shit though, you spray it and WIPE IT
14:36 NotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
14:36 Guest21659 new one on me
14:36 Cprossu granted
14:36 NotSteve wrong room
14:36 Cprossu it probably melts stuff
14:36 NotSteve left #thegeekgroup
14:37 Yaotzin Apparently he wanted The Greek Group
14:37 Yaotzin Easy mistake
14:37 BatSteve (grin)
14:37 Yaotzin We don't have nearly as many gyros
14:37 BatSteve That was a sockpuppet account, I was trying to join #tgg-bots
14:37 Yaotzin or maybe we do
14:37 Guest21659 when does the stream come on?
14:37 Yaotzin I see
14:38 CaptainBoden Stream will go live about noon today
14:38 Guest21659 but without that piece of paper on a pole
14:38 CaptainBoden I'll be up there doing terminations.
14:38 Guest21659 ok cheers
14:38 BatSteve .history
14:38 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
14:38 Guest21659 so is anyone there certified sparkies?
14:38 Electronics nice
14:38 Guest21659 electricians?
14:38 Cprossu hell no, too much red tape
14:39 Cprossu and blue tape
14:39 Guest21659 nothing to it man...and 25 bucks an hour after lol
14:39 Guest21659 and yellow/green tape
14:40 Guest21659 is paul kidwell a qulified electronics engineer?
14:40 Guest21659 he seems to know his shit!
14:40 Yaotzin My father was for Delphi for over 25 years but everyone knows how that went with anyone concerning Delphi or gM
14:40 Yaotzin GM*
14:41 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
14:41 CaptainBoden Paul is a proper engineer, and yes, he knows his shit.
14:41 CaptainBoden He's degreed, etc, he's even a member of IEEE
14:41 CaptainBoden He's also the Chairman of the Board for the Group.
14:42 Guest21659 cool, thought shows in the youtube vids
14:42 Electronics which is very handy
14:42 Guest21659 no shit lol
14:42 JamesMR left #thegeekgroup
14:42 BatSteve .w ichat
14:42 CaptainBoden Oh, you're in trouble now
14:42 BotSteve "iChat (formerly iChat AV) is an instant messaging software application developed by Apple Inc. exclusively for its Mac OS X operating system." -
14:43 ravezombie joined #thegeekgroup
14:43 Sgt_Lemming Mr Kidwell is someone I think I would spend many an hour talking to if I was there
14:44 Sgt_Lemming well on the odd occasions he was there
14:44 Sgt_Lemming and when he wasn't busy being awesome :-P
14:44 Yaotzin I'm sure most would love to pick his brain
14:44 BatSteve hiya ravezombie
14:44 BatSteve glad you could make it
14:44 ravezombie hi there BatSteve
14:44 cctoide does he still only come over one weekend a month like in the summer?
14:44 ravezombie yeah, I'm actually kind of shocked it worked
14:44 ravezombie haha
14:45 tmb joined #thegeekgroup
14:45 BatSteve there he is.  howdy tmb
14:45 Yaotzin Well hey
14:45 tmb Hiya Everybody!!!
14:45 Yaotzin Speaking of the devil
14:45 Electronics heya
14:45 Yaotzin Hey there tmb.
14:45 MoxieMike g'morning Kidwell
14:46 tmb yes, my information network mentioned I should log on :)
14:46 Yaotzin By that you mean Chris eh? lol
14:47 CaptainBoden We chat in YIM ;)
14:47 tmb no comment :)
14:47 tmb oh, well... spill the beans...
14:47 RED_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:47 BatSteve heya red
14:48 Yaotzin So how's the space project going? I haven't heard anything about it in a while
14:48 RED_ Hey
14:48 CaptainBoden Gmorning Red :)
14:51 Guest21659 c@ptain boden...any plans on doing a micorwave autopsy?...and capacitor discharge? bro in law took one to pieces to change the light bulb and got the shock of his mofo'n life lol
14:52 CaptainBoden Stupid hurts ;)
14:52 CaptainBoden Though yes, we can do a microwave....I can't believe we haven't done one yet.
14:52 Guest21659 near as kills too
14:53 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
14:53 Guest21659 and an old type (CRT) tv...dangerous voltages on the back of them bitches too even after a day or too
14:53 Yaotzin Yeah microwaves seem to be mentioned a lot, it is surprising you haven't done one, same with speakers. Speaking of I have a Bass amp to donate although it'll have to wait until I'm actually in Michigan.
14:53 tmb I'll keep an eye out on garbage night.... someone is always throwing one of those away...
14:53 Yaotzin However I will have an amp to be dismantled
14:53 Yaotzin For science
14:54 tmb (we did disect a magnitron to get the magnets already. did that video ever post???)
14:54 CaptainBoden I'm ALWAYS looking for interesting things for autopsy videos.
14:54 Electronics I've never seen a magnitron vid on the channel
14:54 CaptainBoden Next set will be a GIANT professioonal UPS and an electric typewriter.
14:54 MoxieMike Want a laptop with hinge and motherboard failure?
14:54 Yaotzin Oh nice a UPS
14:55 tmb For Science??? Portal reference??? (picked up Portal 2 last night. Cracking it open this weekend)
14:55 BatSteve tmb: ::jealous::
14:55 Thermoelectric Ask Cprossu all about it, he's finished it.
14:55 Guest21659 tmb..u p kidwell?
14:56 Electronics I want Portal 2
14:56 Yaotzin Ditto on the jealous, I'm probably going to wait until the price drops down a bit before I get Portal 2. I wish I was aware of the ARG before it finished
14:56 Yaotzin ARGs in general are interesting.
14:56 BatSteve if I was close enough to play in person I definitely would have
14:57 ravezombie Until they turn into a mess of links, websites, and just a confusing mess to the point they're no longer able to be followed.
14:57 ravezombie Other than that, ARG's are awesome.
14:57 BatSteve also, I'm pretty sure that "For Science!" was a Girl Genius reference before it was a Portal reference
14:57 Yaotzin Cant it just be for science? :p
14:58 BatSteve durp.  I forgot ravezombie has participated in a few ARGs
14:58 cctoide Was it the BetaCam autopsy where Chris chucked a screwdriver through the autopsy set?
15:00 MoxieMike i think so
15:00 CaptainBoden That blew the cameraman's mind when I did that
15:00 Yaotzin Shame we never got to see the x amount of failed camera autopsies
15:01 CaptainBoden no, it's not, anything worth watching makes it to air.
15:01 Yaotzin It ended that quickly eh?
15:01 cctoide I'm trying to find the moment in the video, can't recall if it was before or after cracking open the prism
15:02 Guest21659 4500 micro farad electrolytic capacitor discharge lol
15:02 SparkyProjects wasn't it the breadmaker ?
15:02 cctoide I think there was an autopsy video some time ago that essentially "failed" because you couldn't get it open, so you just broke out the precision lens tool instead
15:02 cctoide might have been on the Physicsduck channel
15:02 Thermoelectric I remember that one.
15:04 Yaotzin Oh, damn I wish you had the stream going when you were doing the DSL modem autopsy CaptainBoden , I wanted you to crack open one of those crystals.
15:04 Yaotzin specially that large on
15:04 Yaotzin one*. I just thought about that
15:07 tmb Well folks, I gotta go design a circuit card (atmega 644 processor, eight 0-20V adc inputs, 8 darlington outputs, plus a LIN bus interface... this is my idea of fun :)
15:07 Yaotzin o,o
15:08 Yaotzin Sounds like it, have a good afternoon!
15:08 ravezombie all of us have our own concept of entertainment :) Have fun.
15:08 Yaotzin Don't be a stranger to the channel
15:08 tmb Later!!!
15:08 tmb left #thegeekgroup
15:09 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
15:10 ubergoober joined #thegeekgroup
15:10 mashpriborintorg Hello all
15:10 ravezombie hello
15:11 BatSteve hi mash
15:15 CaptainBoden anyone know the time and in what video I tossed that screwdriver into the wall?
15:15 Yaotzin So many videos with you throwing things at cory
15:16 Yaotzin That was in the geekhouse basement?
15:17 ubergoober dont remeber that one
15:17 cctoide no, it was a couple of days ago
15:17 Yaotzin Oh
15:17 Thermoelectric Pretty sure it wasn't the bread maker one...
15:17 Yaotzin No
15:17 Guest21659 you need to replay the vid to see where to find the screwdriver again?
15:18 CaptainBoden I thought it was the camera one
15:18 CaptainBoden it was in the latest set
15:18 mashpriborintorg the Sony camera  video has a crappy screwdriver issue, this one maybe
15:18 cctoide I expected it to be after he snapped the chinese screwdriver on the camera housing
15:18 mashpriborintorg also
15:18 Yaotzin Oh wow I haven't seen the BetaCam video
15:19 ubergoober has anyone figured out the conversion for decibels to bodens
15:19 Yaotzin yes
15:19 Yaotzin I did
15:19 BatSteve 195 decibel = 1 bDn  I think
15:19 Yaotzin ^
15:19 mashpriborintorg Oh ! go to see it right now, the Time Code explanation part is epic !
15:19 Yaotzin Normal conversation level is .333~ bDn
15:20 Thermoelectric Hence '<Yaotz> .3 Boden is an acceptable level of boden'
15:20 Yaotzin Yup
15:21 Yaotzin Then when I found out normal conversation level in dB it was easy to find out what 1.0 Boden is
15:21 ubergoober isnt 194 dB the loudest possible sound
15:21 SparkyStudio Chris mentioned last night that the boden scale should be linear (or something), so it's different from db
15:21 cctoide thinking back... were they done rolling when the screwdriver got thrown?
15:22 Yaotzin Which is 5dB louder then the theoretical loudest noise produced on earth, which was the Krakatoa eruption.
15:22 Electronics ∞ is the largest sound
15:22 Yaotzin which was 190 dB
15:22 Yaotzin Supposedly
15:23 CaptainBoden You know guys, we have an oppertunity here.
15:23 ubergoober for what
15:23 BatSteve I dunno, it seems like there could be louder sounds, you just couldn't hear them because they'd kill you.
15:23 mashpriborintorg Big Bang should are been a quite awesome sound, if it did not occur in a perfect vacuum, too bad
15:23 CaptainBoden ok, well, you guys have created a new unit of measurement, the Boden.
15:23 Electronics yep
15:24 BatSteve yep
15:24 Electronics bDn
15:24 CaptainBoden And, it's obviously a measurement of loudness.
15:24 Guest21659 the Tunguska event was the loudest sound ever recorded
15:24 Guest21659 a meteor which went off as an aerial burst
15:24 CaptainBoden Now, traditionally, the Bell is the unit of sound pressure. But the Bell is bloody huge so we use 10th of a Bell or deciBells.
15:24 CaptainBoden However, it's a wicked complicated scale, it's logarythmicly based and very counterintuitive.
15:25 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
15:25 Electronics so is the Boden Linear?
15:25 ubergoober did everyone else just lose video and audio
15:25 CaptainBoden So, let's make the Boden actually MEAN something, with a scientific base, to be the equivilent to a metric, linearly based, INTUITIVE measurement of sound pressure.
15:25 Guest21659 The Tunguska event was a massive explosion that occurred near the Podkamennaya (Under Rock) Tunguska River in what is now Krasnoyarsk Krai of Russia, at 7:40 AM on June 30, 1908. The explosion was most likely caused by the air burst of a large meteoroid or comet fragment at an altitude of 5 to 10 kilometers (3–6 mi) above Earth’s surface. It was measured with the similar impact of a 1000-Mega-ton bomb with a decibel ra
15:25 Electronics I'm not watching the stream
15:25 Yaotzin Yeah isn't the difference between 4dB and 5dB like 1.4x or 1.5x
15:26 Yaotzin the difference between a whole increased in dB
15:26 CaptainBoden The dB scale is maddening.
15:26 CaptainBoden If you have a 100 Watt amp and want to double the sound you don't need a 200 Watt amp, you need a 1000 Watt amp.
15:27 CaptainBoden And if you have a 100dB sound, and want to make it twice as loud, you have to take it to 103dB, not 200.
15:27 SparkyStudio db scale is even more maddening when a VU meter starts at -31
15:27 CaptainBoden yes
15:27 MoxieMike so, if we're making a sound pressure standard, should there be a standard measuring distance or standard equivalent distance?
15:27 CaptainBoden So, if you guys are going to make a unit of measurement, let's make it a REAL one and make it actually useful.
15:28 CaptainBoden Well the traditional standard is 1 watt and 1 meter.
15:28 Electronics 0bDn=Silence. A good start
15:28 Yaotzin We'll need to create a constant and build some sort of measure off of it
15:28 Yaotzin right
15:28 SparkyStudio 1 watt at 1 metre should = 1dbn
15:28 Electronics dBm indicates that the reference quantity is one milliwatt, while dBu is referenced to 0.775 volts RMS
15:28 Yaotzin But we need to define silence
15:28 Electronics 0
15:28 CaptainBoden It has to have a proper nomenclature. The Deciblell is dB because it's actually called the Bell and Deci is a SI prefix.
15:29 Electronics Bel
15:29 CaptainBoden The Boden should be Bd
15:29 Yaotzin I mean, silence to the human ear, silence as in no moving particles in the air?
15:29 SparkyStudio deciboden should be dBd then
15:29 CaptainBoden Which is funny as opped to the dB of Decibell.
15:29 Yaotzin like theoretical 0 in kalvins if I'm not mistaken
15:29 CaptainBoden Yes, 0 Bd is absolute silence.
15:30 ubergoober 1bD= the loudest boden can yell
15:30 Yaotzin so 0 is total silence
15:30 Electronics ya
15:30 Yaotzin How do we get from theoretical to real world levels?
15:30 Yaotzin well
15:30 Yaotzin We need a scale
15:30 CaptainBoden a LINEAR scale.
15:31 MoxieMike .w smoot
15:31 BotSteve "The smoot (pronounced /ˈsmuːt/) is a nonstandard unit of length created as part of an MIT fraternity prank." -
15:31 CaptainBoden and it may be 100 Bd is the loudness I yell at.
15:31 CaptainBoden It's what Celcius used, 100, instead of 1.
15:31 MoxieMike so, 200 is you with a megaphone?
15:31 Electronics XD
15:31 CaptainBoden perhaps, I don't know.
15:32 Electronics 400 is you with two megaphones infront of each other
15:32 Yaotzin We'd want it to be pretty precise, but I'm wondering
15:32 CaptainBoden But, we have to convert TO the scale, it's tricky
15:32 Yaotzin Yeah
15:32 CaptainBoden I think this needs to be a forum thread.
15:32 CaptainBoden But it's a good and interesting learning experience. If you guys are going to name a unit of measure after me, it has to mean somthing.
15:33 CaptainBoden PErhaps if you really do well with it, we can get it made official somehow.
15:33 Yaotzin What started as a joke could really turn into something. Still, do we try to convert from db or do we try recording several different constants and building a scale from that?
15:33 SparkyStudio Captainboden, is there a way you can set up a mic and a voltmeter, calibrate so the loudest you shout is 100Bd, then try other things at different settings, that way we get a real world list, example, hammer blows on table = x
15:33 Thermoelectric I wonder if it would be a good idea to get a Wikipedia page on The Geek Group to stay there, first.
15:34 mikemol Thermoelectric: Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it.
15:34 mikemol At some point, someone will add the page and maintain it. It doesn't need to be a concerted community effort.
15:34 CaptainBoden Start a forum thread and have someone do it as an experiment. I'll volunteer to do my part but I want a member to be involved in the actual experiment.
15:34 CaptainBoden and it can't be one of the staff.
15:34 SparkyStudio if a wiki style page is part of TGG website, wouldn't that be better ?
15:34 mikemol WP folk fight back when they see concerted efforts to have the wiki say something.
15:34 ravezombie for the wiki thing, if they keep deleting the article just make a wikidot site....?
15:34 cctoide It'll only stick once it meets their standards for notability
15:35 cctoide and I don't think it has yet
15:35 Electronics I'm trying to work out an approximation ffrom dB to Bd
15:35 mikemol For own site has a wiki page. They reference it as a reputable source on dozens (hundreds?) of pages. I'd disagree with them on that point...
15:35 mikemol I really don't think WP is a particularly rational encyclopedia.
15:36 * Thermoelectric ponders mikemol's logic
15:36 cctoide well, there's the other thing that at this point getting anything to stick involves a lot of wikilawyering
15:36 Yaotzin Electronics: Are you starting the thread or should I?
15:36 cctoide because it's turned into a gigantic clusterfuck of bureaucracy
15:37 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
15:37 cctoide but personally, I agree with them in considering GG non-notable for now...
15:37 mikemol Thermoelectric: My own site is not one I would consider a good resource for seeing "this is how it is". I'm aware of far too much churn in the accuracy of the content on my site for me to think of it as appropriate in an "appeal to authority" argument (which works cited on WP generally are)
15:37 Electronics you can start the thread
15:37 Electronics I hate log stuff gah
15:38 Electronics stupid dB
15:38 Thermoelectric The page was deleted as it was classed as self promotion, so it's not really the notable aspect of it, it's whos point of view it is from.
15:38 cctoide it *could* be notable based on the web presence alone, but the content doesn't get enough views for that
15:38 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 ravezombie Therefore there is no point for them to keep the article. Like I said, wikidot if everyone is really that concerned about it.
15:38 BatSteve hi ponko
15:38 cctoide but in the end there's no real need for a wikipedia article
15:39 Ponko92 hi batsteve
15:39 cctoide a wikipedia article and the GG wiki serve different purposes
15:39 mikemol Thermoelectric: If self-promotion is the problem, then community effort in getting the page to stick is the absolute wrong way to go about it.
15:39 SparkyStudio Wouldn't it be better to just ignore db ? start from scratch, you just need the upper and lower reference, make a meter to show a linear audio scale, and calibrate, then a list of real things to compare them to
15:40 BatSteve the upper reference is the important thing
15:40 cctoide the WP article "should" be encyclopedic; if it's put there to draw views then it's more or less advertising...
15:40 * mikemol grouses. He really dislikes much of the WP community's 'beaurocrat mentality'.
15:40 BatSteve "how loud Boden can yell", while hilarious, isn't optimal
15:40 cctoide whereas the GG wiki (which already exists) is there to document the group's culture, projects, etc.
15:40 Guest21659 is there a Geekipedia out there?
15:40 Seroster Probably
15:40 mikemol BatSteve: "1W of sound at 1m in 1atm of hydrogen at STP?
15:40 mikemol "
15:41 Seroster There are so many damn pedias nowdays
15:41 Thermoelectric cctoide: You were right. Not overly notable...
15:41 CaptainBoden ok gentlemen, I'm heading to the lab. It's time to TERMINATE! :)
15:41 Guest21659 tell me about it..they should all be locked up lol
15:41 cctoide "Assume a spherical Boden at sea level..."
15:41 mikemol er.
15:41 CaptainBoden I'll see you shortly.
15:41 Seroster Guest21659, I can give you a link to a high voltage wikipedia
15:41 mikemol In hydrogen at STP
15:41 Seroster Cya CaptainBoden
15:41 Seroster   I don't know how good it is, but it IS a geekpedia
15:42 Ponko92 YEAH i just did it in under 1 1/2 hours
15:42 Guest21659 have a blast c@ptain boden
15:42 ubergoober is the sound of a 12 gauge inside a enclosed area optimal
15:42 ravezombie But with the wiki there's a sense of control over what gets deleted and what doesn't, documentation aside. It can still serve as advertising for your group and get the word out there. If folks are part of forums, link it to your personal webpage portion on profiles. There's a lot of ways to go about doing this without complaining over the fact that a wiki article on WP getting deleted.
15:43 cctoide OK, I think there's a misunderstanding here though
15:43 mashpriborintorg We will know how many time the captain needs to reach the lab, it should be a start for designing a new time unit :-D
15:43 cctoide we're conflating the matter of there being a WP article about TGG with having a TGG wiki
15:43 Ponko92 .w The Geek Group
15:43 cctoide the latter is already there, it's just broken ever since the forums imploded
15:44 BotSteve "This page has been deleted." -
15:44 Ponko92 ah man
15:44 cctoide the former isn't really related to the latter in any way
15:44 MoxieMike I don't think we need a page on WP...we just need an internal wiki
15:44 Seroster Damn BotSteve
15:44 Seroster MoxieMike, A tgg wiki will be good
15:45 cctoide someone even wrote up an article on Thumper SOP before the forums apocalypse
15:45 Seroster Then you can link to tgg WP from the article about tesla coils
15:45 ravezombie ah, see, now I know.
15:45 Ponko92 yeah seroster thats a good idea :)
15:46 Ponko92 MoxieMike then people will get an overview then the link will have the full detailed description
15:47 MoxieMike ok
15:47 cctoide usually there's more enthusiasm for setting up the wiki than actually writing the articles later, though. :p
15:47 Ponko92 anyway lets listen to Police chatter
15:47 MoxieMike and if an MIT fraternity can make a standard of measurement, so can we.
15:48 Electronics hmm my calculations are slightly wrong
15:48 Electronics according to them 90dB = 1.02341E+89 Bd
15:48 cctoide if you wanted to be scientific about it, it could wait until the recording studio's up and running...
15:49 cctoide but that'd probably be a year, if not longer
15:50 Ponko92 cctoide that might happen sooner than you think
15:50 Seroster Ponko92, it is not MY good idea, it is simple PR and advertising tactics. All mentioning is good mentioning
15:50 Ponko92 yeah but you brought it up
15:51 MoxieMike we could either take measurements in a very well insulated sound studio, or in a very open space such as outdoors
15:51 Ponko92 RED_ when will peeps be in
15:51 RED_ hmm?
15:51 MoxieMike go to a field, and take several measurements of Chris yelling
15:51 Guest21659 can u get geek group suff like mugs and shit?
15:51 cctoide make sure to cordon off a 200 meter radius around him
15:51 Ponko92 yes
15:51 MoxieMike take an average
15:51 RED_ yes, go to
15:51 Guest21659 and can u post to the united kingdom
15:52 Ponko92 yeah they ship internationally i think
15:52 Guest21659 ok cheers
15:52 cctoide heh, that reminds me of Disaster Area from HHGTTG
15:52 Ponko92 no probs mate
15:52 Guest21659 what about a geek group electric cigarette?
15:52 Guest21659 same one as chris smokes
15:52 Ponko92 blimey thats a good idea
15:52 mikemol Hehe. The signature electric cigar?
15:52 Guest21659 my one i got from amazon sucked! it leaks fluid like hell
15:53 RED_ He's going to have his own line of vapor shit with them.
15:53 cctoide the "Krakatoa" ecig
15:53 mikemol That's got a cigar form factor, not a cigarette form factor. Thing's huge. Might double as a pen for as much volume as it's got.
15:53 Ponko92 oh gawd RED_ it'll be "The Boden Range"
15:53 RED_ lol.
15:54 Ponko92 i saw a video of someone who had a Dr. Who sonic screwdriver one of those
15:54 Guest21659 krakatoa ecig?
15:54 Guest21659 i hope it dont follow the island
15:55 Guest21659 that mofo blew to pieces lol
15:55 RED_ Ponko92, WHERE? I WANT ONE.
15:55 Ponko92 uh give me a sec i'll find the link
15:55 RED_ I'm a Dr. Who whore....don't judge.
15:55 RED_ lol
15:55 Ponko92 lol
15:55 eightbitbrad lol
15:56 MoxieMike has some sonic screwdrivers
15:56 Guest21659 what do they do bro?
15:57 MoxieMike one is the 10th doc and the other is the 11th, one is a pen the other a precision screwdriver
15:57 Ponko92 RED_ Hartnell, Troughton, Pertwee, Baker, Davidson, Baker, McCoy, McGann, Eccelston, Tennant & Smith
15:57 Thermoelectric Turn into sonic the hedgehog and spin the screw out faster than it's ever turned before
15:57 Ponko92 in chronological order :P
15:57 cctoide Never followed Doctor Who, but I always expected a sonic screwdriver to work like one of those first responder glass breakers
15:57 Guest21659 ha ha  ha ha
15:57 MoxieMike i gtg get some work back later
15:57 Yaotzin
15:58 cctoide based on the name alone
15:58 Ponko92 .w Dr. Who
15:58 BotSteve "Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC." -
15:58 Ponko92 yeah we love the BBC
15:58 Guest21659 i dont
15:58 Guest21659 i got to pay for a tv license!
15:58 Guest21659 only country in the world that does so
15:59 Ponko92 yeah i know how you feel
15:59 Thermoelectric What's a TV license?
15:59 Ponko92 .w TV License
15:59 BotSteve "A television licence (or broadcast receiver licence) is an official licence required in many countries for the reception of television (and sometimes also radio) broadcasts." -
16:00 Thermoelectric Well, I never expected it to come to that.
16:00 Ponko92 thats a TV License
16:00 Ponko92 lol
16:00 Ponko92 ah we're used to it over here
16:00 Ponko92 .w Road Tax
16:00 BotSteve "Road tax, known by various names around the world, is a tax which has to be paid on a motor vehicle before using it on a public road." -
16:01 Thermoelectric Oh, so you guys get less ads over there then, in that case?
16:01 Ponko92 yes
16:01 Guest21659 do americans have to MOT a car each year?
16:01 mashpriborintorg no :(
16:01 Ponko92 we did a forum page on that
16:01 Guest21659 test of vehicle condition
16:01 Ponko92 it varies in different states
16:01 mashpriborintorg we also have it, every 3 years
16:01 Ponko92 i do MOT Tests
16:02 RED_ is now known as RED_awayshower
16:02 Guest21659 no we dont get less ads!...sometimes these mofo's run longer then the tv show lol
16:02 ubergoober im so lost are you guys talking about state inspection
16:02 Guest21659 by the time it comes back on u forgot already what its about
16:02 mashpriborintorg and.. automaric speed radars
16:02 Ponko92 yeah in the old days BBC had NO ads AT ALL
16:02 Guest21659 license fee goes to the BBC..which dont have tv ads at all
16:02 Guest21659 they dont now
16:03 Ponko92 they have the odd one or 2 though
16:03 Guest21659 no
16:03 Guest21659 not in the uk
16:03 Ponko92 i'm in the UK
16:03 Guest21659 u get ads for other bbc shows thts it
16:03 Ponko92 thats probably it then lol
16:03 Guest21659 try watchin the bbc while not stoned then
16:03 Guest21659 or drunk
16:03 RED_awayshower Someone tell me where to find a download for ALL of the Dr. Who episodes...I can only find some of them :(
16:03 Guest21659 what ads have u seen on bbc1
16:04 Ponko92 that birdseye fish fingers advert
16:04 Guest21659 no way!
16:04 Guest21659 ive never seen that on any bbc progs
16:04 Guest21659 u playa
16:04 Guest21659 lol
16:04 Ponko92 but then again i rarely watch bbc
16:04 Guest21659 no shit
16:05 BatSteve RED_awayshower: ?
16:05 Guest21659 virus site!!! keep away
16:05 ravezombie finding the seasons from the 60s is a bitch, though.
16:05 BatSteve did I get the site wrong?
16:05 BatSteve oh oops
16:05 BatSteve I did
16:06 Ponko92 ravezombie you mean Dr. Who
16:06 BatSteve  is what I needed
16:06 Yaotzin uh
16:06 cctoide um
16:06 BatSteve wait...
16:06 cctoide yeah...
16:06 Guest21659 is a torrent site...wen i log in there via internet security essentials pops up and says virus alert, and clean computer now?
16:06 BatSteve Guest21659: is a redirect to
16:06 Yaotzin is correct
16:07 Guest21659 isohunt is better
16:07 Yaotzin Googling URL's ho
16:07 Yaotzin eh
16:07 cctoide heheh
16:07 Yaotzin I prefer demonoid
16:07 BatSteve oh.
16:07 Guest21659 get the new movie THE MECHANIC
16:07 Yaotzin myself
16:07 BatSteve adblock + noscript + requestpolicy sort of takes care of that for me
16:07 Guest21659 demonoid is ok too
16:07 Yaotzin adblock and noscript is certainly good to have
16:08 Thermoelectric RED_awayshower: or (search -;subcategory=All&amp;quality=All&amp;seeded=0&amp;external=2&amp;query=Doctor+Who&amp;uid=0&amp;sort=B )
16:08 Guest21659 and  THE RITE
16:08 RED_awayshower I LOVE YOU
16:08 Guest21659 and HEAT al pachino and rob denero
16:08 Ponko92 lol
16:09 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
16:09 Electronics Draft Equation from dB to Bd is: Bd=dB*(LOG(dB)/1.8)
16:09 ravezombie Working on a mac, so piratebay really doesn't cause problem. And Ponko, yeah, at least it is from my experience of looking for them.
16:09 Electronics I definatley need to revise it as it doesn't work for stuff <=0
16:09 ravezombie and lo and behold, you're amazing thermoe.
16:10 Thermoelectric :)
16:10 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Boden Unit of Measurement: | Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | Cprossu finished portal 2! | ---*_ This channel is R rated _*---
16:10 Ponko92 oh blimey druidic is here
16:10 Seroster Ahoy BatSteve
16:10 Seroster How's life?
16:11 Guest21659
16:11 BatSteve ahoy Seroster, life is pretty good
16:11 BatSteve eightbitbrad rocked out and soon we'll have random greets for the bot
16:11 Seroster I keep forgetting where you are located
16:11 Electronics brb
16:12 BatSteve Seroster: I'm in michigan, USA
16:12 Seroster Right, thats what I thought =P
16:12 Seroster Michigan.... That is up to the right of the us? =P
16:12 BatSteve .w michigan usa
16:13 BatSteve yeah, the one surrounded by water
16:13 BotSteve "Michigan (|i| /ˈmɪʃɪɡən/) is a U.S. state located in the Great Lakes Region of the United States of America." -
16:13 Seroster I thought that one was manhattan.
16:13 Guest21659
16:13 Seroster ;D
16:13 Thermoelectric It amazes me how people can remember all the states in the US and where they are. There are just so many!
16:14 Ponko92 .w Wisconsin
16:14 BotSteve "Wisconsin (|i| /wɪˈskɑːnsɪn/) is a U.S. state located in the north-central United States and is considered part of the Midwest." -
16:14 BatSteve ravezombie: this is called a highlight
16:14 Electronics back
16:14 cctoide
16:14 Seroster WTF forums?
16:14 Seroster Math Required!
16:14 Seroster What is the sum of:
16:14 Seroster 10 + 8
16:15 Ponko92 .w us states
16:15 BotSteve "A U.S. state (abbreviation of United States state) is any one of the 50 federated states of the United States of America that share sovereignty with the federal government." -
16:15 BatSteve spooooorcle
16:15 Electronics .m sqrt(-1)
16:15 cctoide I think I got them all once... or 48 at any rate
16:15 BatSteve Electronics: you want .c for that
16:15 Electronics whatever
16:15 Electronics =P
16:15 cctoide also good:
16:15 Seroster That is strange... Do we really have such a big bot problem that "do math to post" is neccesary? =P
16:15 BatSteve I wonder if it'd work
16:15 Electronics .c sqrt(-1)
16:15 BotSteve i
16:15 BatSteve haha that's awesome!
16:15 Electronics lol
16:15 BatSteve I'm so proud of you BotSteve
16:15 BatSteve learnin 2 math
16:16 Seroster Lol
16:16 Ponko92 can i get it to work out compression ratios?
16:16 * Thermoelectric thinks it is time for bed, later all.
16:16 Seroster .c 10/3
16:16 BotSteve 3.33333333
16:16 Seroster DAMN =P
16:16 mashpriborintorg noise at the lab
16:16 Ponko92 BODEN
16:16 mashpriborintorg activity
16:16 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK
16:17 Yaotzin .c 5*(20-8)/6(2)
16:17 BotSteve 20
16:17 mashpriborintorg Captain
16:17 Yaotzin Well would you look at that
16:17 Yaotzin BotSteve has that learnin
16:17 Ponko92 yes it is
16:18 Guest21659 streams ON
16:18 BatSteve curse you east coast states
16:18 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
16:18 SparkyStudio yes
16:18 Darwin-- .c 10 + (20% of 10)
16:18 BotSteve 12
16:18 Yaotzin copy
16:18 Ponko92 oh hai tggconsole
16:18 Yaotzin we read you loud and clear
16:18 Darwin-- is now known as JA12
16:19 eightbitbrad What'd I miss/
16:19 Ponko92 boden
16:19 Yaotzin A mic check
16:19 Yaotzin and a omni
16:19 BatSteve haha  delaware
16:19 Yaotzin yawning
16:19 BatSteve 3 minutes
16:19 Ponko92 lol Delaware
16:19 Guest21659 TGG radio boden
16:20 eightbitbrad lol someone said something to me in channel, but the stuipd web client scrolled way by it.
16:20 Seroster Damn cats
16:21 Ponko92 nooo its 92.1 THE SHARK
16:21 Seroster lol
16:21 mashpriborintorg hello omni
16:21 Yaotzin eightbitbrad: Get yourself an IRC client
16:22 Yaotzin I take it the Quote function doesn't work on the forums?
16:22 eightbitbrad Yaotzin: IRC ports are blocked here at work
16:22 Yaotzin Dag
16:22 eightbitbrad Or I'd be more than happy to :)
16:22 eightbitbrad I need to set a tunnel to home up
16:23 Ponko92 BAATMAN
16:23 BatSteve Yaotzin: quote is one of the many things that's broken about the forums
16:23 Ponko92 hey IRC peeps
16:23 Ponko92 The Game
16:23 Yaotzin Ah
16:23 eightbitbrad I've given up on the forums for now
16:24 eightbitbrad every time I attempt to post, I get either a 500 error or a 'cannot find topic' error
16:24 eightbitbrad I suspect we're too intense for the software
16:24 Ponko92 possibly lol
16:27 Guest21659 what songs up next? that dont make that dawg howl?
16:27 ravezombie ::snerk::
16:27 Guest21659 does he take requests? about a leona lewis track or Rihanna
16:27 SparkyStudio Omni was singing
16:27 Guest21659 no chris
16:27 Guest21659 on the stream
16:28 SparkyStudio And Omni was jpoining in with Chris
16:28 Guest21659 whos omni?
16:28 BatSteve the dog
16:28 SparkyStudio the dog
16:28 Guest21659 that blk dawg
16:28 ravezombie the dog
16:28 Guest21659 lol
16:28 Guest21659 duet
16:28 Guest21659 cutew
16:29 Guest21659 how comes "omni" has run off some place then? lol
16:30 Guest21659 well i cant find one of them krakatoa e cigs for shit any place online
16:30 Guest21659 are they usa exclusive?
16:30 DruidicRifleman the dog that the entire internet loves unconditionally DUH
16:31 DruidicRifleman Vulcan brand?
16:31 Guest21659 ok ill try em, cheers
16:32 Seroster I gotta get some dark dark jonny depp movies
16:32 Yaotzin Did the forums just go down?
16:32 eightbitbrad BatSteve: thanks for the message you left me earlier.  Sqlite + bot = win!
16:32 BatSteve I know
16:32 BatSteve totally!
16:32 Seroster I didnt know they were ever up, Yaotzin
16:33 eightbitbrad I shoulda sanitized before committing, sorry 'bout that.  But now the fun begins
16:33 BatSteve the next thing we *have* to do is get rate limiting working based on channel activity
16:33 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
16:33 BatSteve basically everything else interesting depends on that
16:33 eightbitbrad oh, is it spewing too much crap?
16:33 Yaotzin Anyway Seroster the goal is to have something simplistic, so basing it off of dB would leave us with the same problem of it not being linear
16:34 Yaotzin Making a totally new simple scale I think is the goal as opposed to refluffing dB.
16:34 RED_awayshower 55 days until my Dr. Who is done downloading :(
16:34 RED_awayshower is now known as RED_
16:34 BatSteve no, it's not spewing right now
16:35 RED_ is now known as REDD
16:35 BatSteve But I want to get it so that it'll detect how busy the channel is so that we can make it not interrupt a conversation
16:35 BatSteve before we do things like implement greetings for everyone
16:35 BatSteve or whatever
16:35 BatSteve example, right now
16:35 Guest21659 55 days u on dial up
16:35 REDD is now known as Guest1008
16:35 BatSteve we wouldn't want the bot jumping with random chatter at a time like now
16:35 Cprossu wow.
16:35 Cprossu;feature=related
16:35 Guest1008 is now known as RED_home
16:35 * wannabe1987 lost thegame
16:36 DruidicRifleman jebuss red make up you mind
16:36 RED_home it's fighting me
16:36 RED_home it won't let me just use Red.
16:36 RED_home :(
16:36 RED_home Stupid internet hates me,
16:36 JA12 * [red] (~red@unaffiliated/red): red
16:36 Ponko92 55 days?
16:36 JA12 * [red] :Frankfurt, Germany
16:36 Yaotzin Oh I was going to .suggest a hold function for some of the things like .w . Like if more than 8 .w requests are sent in a 1 minute period to not reply to any more requests for 5 minutes?
16:36 Yaotzin Something along those lines
16:37 BatSteve Yaotzin: good idea, but that opens the bot to abuse
16:37 BatSteve I might send it 8 requests just to block everyone else from using it
16:37 JA12 RED_home: that line means that someone else already has a nick "red"
16:37 BatSteve what I'm thinking is if the channel reaches a certain limit of activity, all requests get answered in private message
16:37 Yaotzin True enough, although at that point we're seeing one person disrupting the channel
16:37 DruidicRifleman RED_home there 3rd time the charm check your pms
16:38 DruidicRifleman PM's
16:38 Yaotzin as opposed to a flood of several people using it at once
16:38 DruidicRifleman not the other spelling
16:38 Yaotzin thrice or more
16:38 BatSteve Hi CaptainBoden
16:38 Seroster Yaotzin, Well, get the sound of the air raid siren worked out and then make a linear scale between 1 and 0.
16:39 Seroster Or, if you want a more precise skale, make it between 0 an 10, 10 being the siren
16:39 Cprossu Hey tggconsole! 1 down
16:39 Cprossu lol
16:39 eightbitbrad BatSteve: Sounds like a good idea
16:39 Seroster So, 5 would be half the sirens sound
16:39 Seroster 1 would be a tenth of the siren
16:39 DruidicRifleman you know the jokes about loud boden would get people courtmartialaed if TGG was a part of starfleet
16:39 eightbitbrad Have to figure out a threshold of some type
16:39 BatSteve I'm not saying we *have* to do that
16:39 BatSteve other ideas are welcome
16:39 wannabe1987 RED_home - no lab today?
16:39 BatSteve but we need some sort of limiting
16:40 Yaotzin BatSteve: Yeah actually sending the requests to PM instead would be a good idea
16:40 Yaotzin after a certain amount of activity
16:40 eightbitbrad I do know I want to add functionality to .stream.  Change the link to the shortened link and allow for tggconsole or tgg* to change a variable part.  I created an issue for it.
16:40 Electronics ok!
16:40 BatSteve I did see that
16:40 DruidicRifleman there are working shower's at LSL?
16:40 BatSteve if you want to keep working on that, go ahead
16:40 Electronics I have a sort of formula for dB -> Bd
16:40 RED_home I'm going to the lab, I just haven't left for the lab yet. I've had work to get done at home.
16:40 BatSteve I didn't mean to say you couldn't work on other things
16:40 Electronics Bd=POWER(10,(dB/45))
16:41 eightbitbrad oh no, not saying that :)  We should get a limiting framework in place first though
16:41 Seroster DruidicRifleman, Then how great is it that we are NOT a part of star fleet?
16:41 DruidicRifleman :P
16:41 Electronics seems though it's impossible to get 1 boden then
16:41 wannabe1987 RED_home - o ok :)
16:41 Yaotzin Electronics:  How'd you come up with that? What is it breaking down to?
16:41 Yaotzin I don't think we really need 1 or 100 boden to mean anything
16:42 Yaotzin so long as it's simple
16:42 Seroster Electronics, yes. that is the purpose.
16:42 Seroster It is supposed to be ridicilous
16:42 Yaotzin Not anymore
16:42 Seroster The joke is that one boden is insanely loud
16:42 Yaotzin I know the joke but we're talking about making a real scale
16:42 Seroster Having a scale 1-100 bodens would defeat the jokeful purpose..
16:43 Yaotzin We're talking about a real usable alternative to dB
16:43 Seroster Having 1 as an insane top will work. Just as it works with capacitance, Farad
16:43 Seroster Ever had a one farad capacitor?
16:43 Seroster So boden would be measured in milli or piko
16:43 Cprossu Time to see if anyone re-hacked my hotmail account lately
16:44 mashpriborintorg I have a 4.7 farad capacitor somewhere
16:44 mashpriborintorg very low voltage 3 volts or so
16:44 Seroster And there is probably a 4.7 boden siren somewhere
16:44 Ponko92 man why do i feel so down
16:44 Yaotzin Electronics: Did you post that in the thread?
16:45 wannabe1987 ponko92 :(
16:45 Ponko92 need to see my fiancee soo bad
16:45 wannabe1987 where is she?
16:45 Ponko92 derby
16:45 Cprossu 1 Bdn has to be in the red for the scale
16:45 wannabe1987 how far is that?
16:45 Ponko92 bout 100 miles from Luton
16:45 Yaotzin in the red?
16:45 Seroster That sucks, Ponko92
16:46 wannabe1987 awww :(
16:46 Seroster But shell be back
16:46 wannabe1987 i'm sorry
16:46 Ponko92 yeah i know :(
16:46 Cprossu with a cap at say 4.9 bdn being the highest noise possible
16:46 Ponko92 nooo she lives up there
16:46 Seroster Aye
16:46 Yaotzin I don't think we should be setting limits on it
16:46 Seroster aye
16:46 Cprossu there should be a limit
16:46 wannabe1987 he can always get louder, guys...
16:46 Seroster No
16:46 RED_home Okay guys, talk to you later. I'm heading to the lab.
16:46 Seroster If there is a limit it will  be non linear
16:46 wannabe1987 i'll see you there, red!
16:46 Ponko92 yeah he's watching btw lol
16:47 Cprossu just like the richter
16:47 Cprossu there should be a point at which nothing more matters
16:47 Ponko92 11 on the richter
16:47 Yaotzin wannabe1987: Chris said if we're going to create a scale after him he wanted a real working one that was simple to use as opposed to the complexness of db
16:47 Ponko92 is a boden
16:47 wannabe1987 ahhhh
16:47 Yaotzin Something that could be used in the real world
16:47 Seroster aye
16:47 Cprossu yeah I know he wants it simple but the fact is 1 bdn should be fucking loud
16:47 Electronics 100Bd=a normal Boden shout we started with and 0=Complete silence
16:48 Yaotzin As in, not following the joke
16:48 Electronics and it needs to be linear
16:48 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
16:48 Yaotzin right
16:48 Electronics I need a whiteboard
16:48 Cprossu how about we measure normal ranges in milliboden?
16:48 Electronics XD
16:48 Yaotzin I happen to have two whiteboards
16:48 Yaotzin unfortunately I can't send one
16:48 Electronics no it was Captain's idea to have 100 be his rawr
16:48 Cprossu awww
16:48 Electronics like 100 Celcius
16:48 Seroster But we need to keep the scale insane, to keep the joke. Or else you could just call it the tgg scale and have it 0 silent 50 talking 100engine 150jet 200 air siren
16:49 Yaotzin I don't think we need to keep it insane
16:49 Yaotzin Infact I think if we come up with something cool out of it, it'll be worth it
16:49 Seroster The important thing is that it is linear, not the decimals
16:49 Cprossu well 100C boils water, 5000C boils zirconium
16:49 Cprossu there's a difference
16:49 Seroster It does, cprossu?
16:50 Cprossu I'm trying to say we're on the melting zirconium end with the boden scream
16:50 Yaotzin but water boiling, at a certain elevation, is a constant. Or at least close to it
16:50 Yaotzin the vocal levels of a person I'm no so sure
16:50 Yaotzin not*
16:50 Cprossu at sea level
16:50 Guest21659 breaking news: an earthquake  measuring 8.5 on the richter scale struck downtown cleevland this morning, causing $3.23 worth of damage. Eye witness chantelle 15, mother of 5, said .."it was well friggin scary, i dropped my can of special brew and my little sons habds were shaking so bad, he couldnt roll his joint properly
16:50 Seroster But the air raid siren is
16:51 Cprossu I like linear though
16:51 Seroster cprossu well, yeah. But if we made a temp scale based on that my stove is fucking hot it would be "melting of zirconium = 1 stove"
16:52 Cprossu How about centibodens?
16:52 Seroster Milli would be better
16:52 Cprossu so 100 centibodens would be 1 boden scream
16:52 Seroster Yes
16:52 Guest21659 bodenwatts
16:52 Seroster That is acceptable cprossu
16:53 Cprossu 200 centibodens would be twice that
16:53 BatSteve Seroster: not to interrupt, but I mentally rate the price of any firearm I'm considering buying in terms of Glocks.  aka: "wow, that's a nice 1911....only costs 1.5 Glocks too"
16:53 Guest21659 100 bedenwatts being enough to slap the taste out ur mouth
16:53 Seroster Lol, BatSteve.
16:53 BatSteve so I'm with you on the 1 stove concept
16:53 xanh joined #thegeekgroup
16:53 Cprossu hey CaptainBoden, tggconsole, whatever, you reading the irc?
16:54 Seroster Cprossu, 100 centibodens being the air siren, half of the air siren would be 50cb, and the siren off would be 0 cb
16:54 Yaotzin So with 0 being total silence we're getting into the levels of a person shouting in centimeasures?
16:54 Yaotzin doesn't that seem small?
16:55 mashpriborintorg we hear noises but we see nothing awesome, turn the cam towards activity spot please
16:55 Cprossu lol
16:55 Yaotzin Yeah
16:55 Seroster Yaotzin, unlike �f?
16:55 Yaotzin That's what I've been trying to say
16:55 Guest21659 yes do it! god damn it
16:55 Cprossu kind of defeats the pupose of the scale though
16:55 Seroster And what is your opinion on the purpose?
16:55 Yaotzin Cprossu: we're away from the joke
16:55 Ponko92 tggconsole red is coming
16:55 Cprossu Yaotzin: apparently
16:56 Yaotzin Something meaningful is more... meaningful
16:56 Cprossu ok joking aside, 0db == 0bdns
16:56 Yaotzin I already made a joke scale yesterday in the span in a minute
16:56 Seroster The purpose of it is to be a working simple scale that actually works, but still is funny.
16:56 Yaotzin 0dB is not total silence is it?
16:56 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
16:56 Cprossu no it's relative
16:56 Yaotzin I thought 0dB was the nearest thing to total silence
16:56 Cprossu if I recall
16:56 Yaotzin while still being audible
16:57 Seroster Well that is also pretty strage, Yaotzin.
16:57 Yaotzin 0bdns = total silence
16:57 Seroster The sound of outer space...
16:57 Electronics well not quite as that stil has some sound
16:57 Cprossu I think that the db scale and the bdn scale should intersect at an engineered point
16:57 Electronics 100
16:57 Electronics 100dB=100Bd
16:57 Guest21659 anyone know how u can tell a blonde has just been using the computer??
16:58 Guest21659 A: the joystick is still wet
16:58 Seroster She sneezed?
16:58 Guest21659 no,, not no sneeze man!
16:58 Guest21659 lol
16:58 BatSteve Guest21659: contribute to the discussion or get kicked again
16:58 Cprossu Guest21659: how many computers have joysticks now-a-days?
16:58 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
16:58 Seroster ...No shit, Guest21659 =P
16:58 Yaotzin 100dB is apparently the levels of a motorcycle or snowmobile
16:59 * eightbitbrad prepares to open the door.
16:59 Cprossu but not a jet engine
17:00 Yaotzin The thing is that there are so many variables when trying to put dB to real world things
17:00 Yaotzin Here's one thing however
17:00 Yaotzin Perceptions of Increases
17:01 Cprossu CaptainBoden: would it be better to have the db scale intersect with the bdn scale at 0 or 100?
17:01 Cprossu as in an engineered intersection
17:02 Yaotzin According to what I'm reading there is no discernible difference in a increase of 1dB, where as 3dB is perceptible, 5dB is noticeable, 10dB is twice as loud and 20dB is four times as loud
17:02 Yaotzin so on our scale 50 is twice as loud as 25
17:03 Seroster cprossu I doubt he gives a shit =P
17:03 Cprossu yeah but hey
17:03 Cprossu it'll be his scale
17:03 Yaotzin What we need to know is the audible difference between 25 and 26
17:03 Yaotzin or 25 and 30
17:04 Electronics Cprossu: Captain said earlier at 100
17:04 Cprossu ahh ok
17:04 Yaotzin Would you notice a difference of a few bodens? How many until it's noticeable.
17:04 Electronics [16:31] <@CaptainBoden> and it may be 100 Bd is the loudness I yell at.
17:04 Electronics [16:31] <@CaptainBoden> It's what Celcius used, 100, instead of 1.
17:05 Electronics I'm sort of happy with my Bd=POWER(10,(dB/50))
17:05 Cprossu no I mean the intersection between decibel and boden
17:05 Electronics 100dB is a very loud shout =P
17:05 Cprossu as in when they both equal the same
17:05 Electronics so I sort of assume 100=100
17:06 Cprossu Bell J-2A helicopter at 100 ft (looks on youtube)
17:06 Guest21659 whats the point of 2 scales equallin the same?
17:06 Yaotzin
17:06 Guest21659 may as well stick with one
17:06 Cprossu
17:06 Cprossu not loud enough
17:06 xanh your mixing on 0 db it depends on the amplefier how hard it wil sound
17:07 BatSteve it's not constantly the same, it's just equalling the same at certain points.
17:07 BatSteve Much like celsius and farenheit at -40
17:08 Cprossu
17:08 Cprossu def not loud enough
17:08 Yaotzin We need repeatable constants
17:09 Seroster Couldnt guns be used for a constant?
17:09 exor674 I still vote we chase the wild boden around with a dB meter
17:10 Cprossu I think so
17:10 Yaotzin If for whatever reason we want dB and bdn to intersect at 100 then we need a constant at 100
17:10 Cprossu it's the only way to be sure
17:10 Seroster The sound of a shotgun is X boden, and also X db
17:10 Cprossu we need a boden screem at 1-3ft
17:10 Cprossu the db level
17:10 Yaotzin that is not a constant
17:10 Yaotzin his scream on tuesday can be different from his scream on wednesday
17:10 Yaotzin we need something we could calibrate a scale to
17:11 Cprossu but once we know the number we can find similar things to calibrate it
17:11 Yaotzin As in there are no variables
17:11 Yaotzin a gunshot or a yell still has variables
17:11 exor674 so is a shotgin, though I bet
17:11 Yaotzin We can measure the ranges of these with the scale
17:11 Yaotzin however to create the scale we need sounds that are only at x range
17:11 Cprossu Yaotzin: before they used cesium for clocks, pendulums were damn good
17:12 xanh you guys this is the work for a compressor. if you do it right it would never come over a 100
17:12 Cprossu the lack of the compressor caused this whole thing
17:12 Cprossu and the joke
17:12 Ponko92 :( yep really depresed but hey i'm back
17:13 Cprossu leading to an actual conversation of a unit
17:13 Cprossu of course
17:13 Yaotzin oh loads
17:13 Yaotzin heh
17:13 Yaotzin alright
17:13 Ponko92 not really
17:13 Yaotzin Any production shoots today?
17:13 Cprossu Chris, can you get us a boden scream in dB from 3ft?
17:13 Yaotzin Cprossu: :/
17:13 Julepalme joined #thegeekgroup
17:13 Cprossu was worth a shot
17:14 Yaotzin It wouldn't be useful
17:14 shockmebabby joined #thegeekgroup
17:14 Cprossu sure it would
17:14 Electronics They've got the limiter and stuff on now
17:14 Seroster It WOULD!
17:14 Cprossu no I mean with a seperate meter
17:14 exor674 Ponko92: no being depressed! :(
17:14 Electronics hmm
17:14 Cprossu they have dB meters
17:14 Seroster You just need boden to scream 100 times, and then average it out
17:14 Ponko92 yeah i can't help it mate :(
17:14 exor674 Ponko92: I know I now, it sucks though!
17:14 Yaotzin Seroster: An average isn't a constant
17:15 mgcju joined #thegeekgroup
17:15 mgcju l
17:15 Ponko92 yeah
17:15 mikemol I'm unable to log into the forum. Is that happening to anyone else?
17:15 Cprossu Yaotzin: we aren't looking for a constant
17:15 Cprossu we need a ballpack figure first
17:15 Cprossu then you find something constant that compares
17:15 Yaotzin How can you create a scale with a changing number
17:15 BatSteve mikemol: checking
17:15 mgcju left #thegeekgroup
17:15 Cprossu Yaotzin: see above
17:16 Cprossu it's how they did it for the metric system
17:16 Cprossu speaking of which the official kg keeps changine
17:16 Cprossu *changing
17:16 mikemol Hm. I was able to log in with Chrome. Trying with Firefox again.
17:16 Cprossu have they rectified it yet?
17:16 Ponko92 exor674 i want/need a hug (a real 1) my fiancee who it seems i won't be seeing for ANOTHER month
17:17 BatSteve mikemol: able to log in
17:17 mikemol Nope. Login seems broken for me with FF4, but not with Chrome.
17:17 * exor674 hugs Ponko92 ( I know it's online only and not the same but )
17:17 Ponko92 yeah the thought that counts :)
17:18 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
17:18 BatSteve make a sign that says "free hugs day" and stand on the street and hold it
17:18 BatSteve you'd be surprised how well it works
17:18 mikemol BatSteve: Especially at anime cons.
17:18 Electronics oh not the hug thing
17:19 Electronics there's  a new charity in the UK just to give hugs to people
17:20 Guest21659 who r they then
17:20 Sadius joined #thegeekgroup
17:22 Yaotzin Now what happened to being able to edit my posts
17:22 stevereynolds joined #thegeekgroup
17:22 Yaotzin Wish moose hung out in here
17:23 xanh where can i buy a shirt with the text free hugs for everyone?
17:23 Cprossu Yaotzin: as far as I know, there's no editing your own posts after 1 day
17:24 Yaotzin Wait what
17:24 Yaotzin Oi
17:24 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
17:24 Cprossu it's been that way for a long time too
17:24 Yaotzin That's not really good
17:24 Cprossu it's ok though
17:24 BatSteve Yaotzin: moose hates IRC
17:24 BatSteve I recommend email
17:25 Cprossu Although PM's work too
17:25 BatSteve or that
17:25 Cprossu she gets back on PM's really quick
17:25 Yaotzin Thing is I wanted to be able to update the top post over time as changes were made
17:25 Yaotzin it's much simpler than digging through a thread
17:25 Cprossu but on the other hand
17:25 Cprossu It forces you to make a new thread when you want to talk about something new
17:26 Cprossu which is a good behavior
17:26 Seroster Yaotzin, An average is constant enough
17:26 Yaotzin Except this isn't talking about something new
17:26 Yaotzin this is updating the current topic
17:26 Cprossu yes, but allow that and you allow all the other bad habbits
17:26 Cprossu it's something I wanted to complain about but then thought seriously about looking at other message boards I belonged to
17:27 Yaotzin I don't really subscribe to the notion that you should hinder people because of the bad habits of others
17:27 Cprossu hell I even have that habit
17:28 Seroster Damn, new bacteria found.
17:28 Cprossu and digging through pages of unrelavent posts sucks too
17:28 Cprossu esp if the topic thread changes enough
17:28 Seroster .g halomonas titanicae
17:28 BotSteve Seroster:
17:28 Seroster Found on the hms titanic
17:28 Yaotzin Cprossu: I'm talking about adding information to the topic, not changing the topic itself
17:29 Yaotzin You're keeping one topic in one thread
17:29 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
17:29 cctoide IOGraph is a pretty fun toy
17:29 Cprossu I suppose, but either way see how far you get
17:30 xanh he guys can you make a schedual on the live vid page when you gonne record the next vid?
17:31 Yaotzin I'm not sure how far ahead of time they know when they're going to do a shoot
17:31 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
17:31 Ponko92 grrr
17:31 Ponko92 bloody internet
17:32 wannabe1987 lol
17:32 Ponko92 what i was going to say was, tbh i just want my fiancee here all i need is her here and her reassurance
17:32 Yaotzin We should be having this conversation on the forum but with how clunky it can be
17:32 wannabe1987 reassurance on what?
17:32 Yaotzin hmm
17:32 exor674 Ponko92: LDR?
17:32 Julepalme left #thegeekgroup
17:32 MoxieMike Here's a there or was there an internal wiki page?  NOT a wikipedia page.
17:32 Yaotzin by this conversation I'm talking about the boden scale
17:32 Ponko92 well it wasn't to start
17:33 Ponko92 but yeah now it is
17:33 xanh like 24 hours beore will be good
17:33 exor674 LDRs SUCK
17:33 wannabe1987 LDR?
17:33 BatSteve MoxieMike: at one time The Geek Group had an internal wiki
17:33 funtime180 left #thegeekgroup
17:33 BatSteve I don't know where or if it still exists now
17:34 MoxieMike BatSteve, is there anyone that knows where it is?  Or has the ability to bring it back?
17:34 Ponko92 Long Distance Relationship
17:34 Cprossu hmm
17:34 Cprossu
17:34 Ponko92 i met her in Green Bay
17:34 Cprossu looks like it had netter days
17:35 Ponko92 and she moved over here then moved to derby
17:35 BatSteve aha, that was it.
17:35 wannabe1987 they suck :(
17:35 MoxieMike Internal error
17:35 Cprossu yep
17:35 Cprossu but thats the addy
17:35 MoxieMike What would it take to fix it?
17:35 DruidicRifleman broken forum still broken
17:36 Yaotzin indeed
17:36 MoxieMike sadly i must run to class...i'll be back soon
17:36 wannabe1987 nooooo
17:37 eightbitbrad The thinking with the forum software is that it ties into WP nicely, which I think is why we're using the software we are.  I just don't think it's robust enough to handle things
17:37 MoxieMike but i'll get hints for the exam at class...or are you dreading my return, wanname1987?
17:37 Cprossu MoxieMike: possibly someone finding whatever server it runs on and restarting the software/uncorrupting the database and/or config file
17:37 wannabe1987 your leaving.  class is good :P
17:38 MoxieMike ok
17:38 MoxieMike Or would it be better to start an internal wiki from scratch?
17:38 wannabe1987
17:38 Cprossu there was a lot of good shit up there
17:38 Cprossu if I recall
17:38 MoxieMike msg me ideas....gtg
17:39 DruidicRifleman Any one here in the US military?
17:39 wannabe1987 no
17:40 Ponko92 brb need to update the laptop
17:40 wannabe1987 k
17:40 Phu evening all
17:40 wannabe1987 afternoon, phu
17:40 DruidicRifleman ahhh i wanted to know why they add heat shields to the M249 and M240 where the candians brits the belgians and how many other armys have persona; who are simply inteligent enough to not tell the barrel thats glowing dimly
17:41 DruidicRifleman not to touch*
17:41 BatSteve .in 2 days, remind me I have a letter to write
17:41 BotSteve BatSteve: Okay, will remind on 22 Apr 2011 at 17:41Z
17:41 BatSteve thank you
17:41 wannabe1987 lol
17:42 Phu hi wannabe1987 :)
17:42 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
17:42 Phu TGG is.... quiet.
17:42 wannabe1987 hows 4/20, everyone?
17:42 DruidicRifleman .i 2 days remember me to check and see if i will get a reward for helping put a convicted recidivisitic sexual predator in jail.
17:42 wannabe1987 the lab?
17:42 DruidicRifleman .in 2 days remember me to check and see if i will get a reward for helping put a convicted recidivisitic sexual predator in jail.
17:42 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: Okay, will remind on 22 Apr 2011 at 17:42Z
17:42 wannabe1987 i'll go make noise later
17:42 DruidicRifleman OOOOH :)
17:42 Phu wannabe1987: are you present at the lab today?
17:42 DruidicRifleman Sobber like the other 365 days a year
17:43 wannabe1987 phu - not yet...need to shower first :P
17:43 Phu ah
17:43 wannabe1987 i'm bringing a first timer over...
17:43 wannabe1987 and the dog
17:43 Ponko92 .wa homer
17:43 BotSteve Homer  (poet);full name->Homer, date of birth->~~ 780 BC (2790 years ago), date of death->~~ 720 BC (age: 60 years) ,  (2730 years ago)
17:43 mman454 tggconsole Anyone there?
17:43 DruidicRifleman wannabe1987 rember to give him advil the headache the first time is gonna be a bitch when his mind explodes
17:43 Phu *waves hand* this is not the tggconsole you are looking for.
17:43 wannabe1987 lol
17:44 wannabe1987 he's semi-canadian...will that help?
17:44 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
17:44 mman454 ...
17:44 wannabe1987 what mman454
17:44 DruidicRifleman well he con semi survive stupid that kills vulcans on contact but better least give him childrens advil to be safe
17:44 wannabe1987 lol ok
17:44 BatSteve so long team
17:44 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
17:45 DruidicRifleman yeah did you hear spock visited earth and landed in ottawa and when he met Jean Cetchean his head exploded?
17:45 mman454 Is there no one at master control?
17:45 DruidicRifleman Does not see like it
17:45 Phu not even a stray Cory?
17:46 Cprossu they're busy shooting zombies I bet
17:46 Phu on a Wednesday?
17:46 DruidicRifleman he's never at master control he's in the NLE team containment chair
17:46 wannabe1987 no zomb this weekend :(
17:46 Guest21659 2 nuns on a scooter...1st nun says, oh ive never come this way b4. 2nd nun says...i bet its those cobblestones! huh
17:46 wannabe1987 which ruined my plans...
17:46 DruidicRifleman On the bright side I THINK i have figured out how to modify a auto cocker to fire nerf darts XD
17:47 Phu Guest21659: inappropriate.
17:47 Cprossu what happens if there's a leak in NLE containment?
17:47 Cprossu xD
17:47 DruidicRifleman stanag magazine compatable semi auto nerf humna humna humnana
17:47 wannabe1987;v=iMm0BHUWZ2Q  this is awesome!
17:47 Phu Cprossu: then Cory's taco spills on the floor.
17:47 DruidicRifleman yeah guest
17:48 Cprossu I'll bet his tacos are radioactive
17:48 DruidicRifleman HUUUUURRAH for science
17:49 Guest21659 another uk invention to i bet wannabe1987
17:49 Guest21659 everything is brit! lol :-)
17:50 DruidicRifleman sounds itallian
17:50 DruidicRifleman If you direct your attention to the stream i think i see a red?
17:50 DruidicRifleman saw a red
17:50 DruidicRifleman ...
17:50 DruidicRifleman movement any ways
17:50 DruidicRifleman tggconsole who are you?
17:51 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
17:51 mman454 I believe that's red?
17:51 tggconsole noone is at the console currently
17:51 Yaotzin Oh hi Red
17:51 DruidicRifleman who is on cam?
17:51 wannabe1987 what about me?
17:51 DruidicRifleman lol
17:51 Yaotzin Yeah that was RED
17:51 wannabe1987 i'm gonna go shower
17:51 mman454 bye!
17:51 DruidicRifleman BYE RED!!!
17:51 Yaotzin hmm I think my laundry finally finished
17:51 Yaotzin My roommate keeps washing like 2 shirts at a time, and sets the load to small
17:52 DruidicRifleman OK where does chriss perello live?
17:52 Yaotzin so I go to wash something and forget
17:52 Yaotzin end up with half washed laundry
17:52 DruidicRifleman I know he was in the toronto area at one point cause while amber mcarther was working On a similar show on G4 tech tv she also did stuff with city tv toronto
17:55 Guest21659
17:56 DruidicRifleman ooooh i wonder's how hard these are to find
17:56 DruidicRifleman
17:56 LinuxH4x0r airtrax makes forklifts with them
17:57 DruidicRifleman i need one for the baby dalek
17:57 LinuxH4x0r also I think that robot was built by my friend at Carnegie Mellon
17:57 DruidicRifleman Cool i wanna build a killer robot with them
17:58 LinuxH4x0r they are SUPER expensive
17:58 DruidicRifleman killer robots or mecanum wheels
17:58 LinuxH4x0r yep, they where by CMU
17:58 LinuxH4x0r although it doesn't show his name anywhere
17:59 DruidicRifleman 1 Component of the robot in it's finish version IF i Can get a PS90 in SBR form is coupole grand plus the NFA registration
17:59 DruidicRifleman Cheap killer robots apprently do not exist
18:00 LinuxH4x0r haha
18:00 LinuxH4x0r i'm making one
18:00 DruidicRifleman a killer robot?
18:00 LinuxH4x0r from an old mobility scooter frame
18:00 LinuxH4x0r aye
18:00 Guest21659 myp2p
18:00 Guest21659 free live sport
18:00 Guest21659 was kicked by LinuxH4x0r: Guest21659
18:00 DruidicRifleman You welcome to share info I plan to build 3 before i die
18:01 DruidicRifleman the baby Dalek
18:01 mashpriborintorg before they kill you, you mean :)
18:01 sparky_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:01 DruidicRifleman Administrative/command Dalek wich will basicly resemble your standard Cannon doctor who old school dalek
18:01 DruidicRifleman and heavy combat dalek
18:02 obbs joined #thegeekgroup
18:02 DruidicRifleman which will resemble a dalex that had a 1 night stand with an M60A3 main battle tank
18:02 DruidicRifleman all in all Cuteness abound
18:03 LinuxH4x0r
18:03 LinuxH4x0r not much of anything yet
18:03 Phu DruidicRifleman: you building old-school daleks?
18:03 Yaotzin M60A3 main battle tank named shelah?
18:05 Phu and then there was silencio..
18:05 Yaotzin Apparently a Red vs Blue reference kills chats
18:06 Phu pfft
18:06 DruidicRifleman Nooo But i decided tha there is no practical Current techknolagey that was practical for a reall combat purposed killer robot
18:06 Phu dalek fights are between the grey purists and the white empire daleks.
18:06 DruidicRifleman So i'me sorta settling on a 2/5th scale M60 chassis
18:06 Phu Davros vs Dalek Supreme.
18:07 Yaotzin Is that a Dalek with sour cream?
18:07 Yaotzin and extra cheese
18:07 DruidicRifleman ... now i want nachos supream..
18:07 Phu and yea, they shall be destroyed by Sylvester McCoy using the Hand of Omega.
18:07 DruidicRifleman bad Phu bad bad bad
18:07 Phu <---- Rememberance of the Daleks DVD over there
18:07 LinuxH4x0r dammit, now I'll end up hacking robots all day long :D
18:08 Yaotzin Yeah I might end up going to Del Taco today
18:08 Yaotzin hmm
18:08 DruidicRifleman the really big sacrifice is havig to substitute the disinigration ray for an immolation ray
18:08 Phu LinuxH4x0r: no problem with that ;)
18:08 * mikemol larts DruidicRifleman
18:08 LinuxH4x0r Its never a bad thing
18:08 Phu DruidicRifleman: just fit DVD-RW laser
18:08 Phu its Class 3b, which is enough to uh..... put people off :)
18:09 sparky_ equipment autopsy....dvd player
18:09 sparky_ or cd
18:09 Phu needs to be a laser from a writer drive.
18:09 Yaotzin Was just saying that
18:09 sparky_ and connect the lens to 2 x 1.5 volt batterys
18:09 DruidicRifleman Pho hell no military grade flame thrower spraying a burning micture of semi viscus nitro methane