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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-21

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00:00 CaptainBoden Iv'e raced both, I'd rather have an Opel than a Vette.
00:00 Ponko92 is that the one where the VSL is?
00:00 CaptainBoden yes
00:00 Ponko92 ahh i see
00:00 Cprossu lol I'm gonna play portal 2 through a second time
00:00 dr_jkl if i could trade sexual favors for a car, i'd get a mazda 6
00:00 LeadHead1 I remember you said the MDH's pad was too thin for a two-post lift
00:00 LeadHead1 , but whate about a 4 post
00:00 ubergoober id rather have the vette
00:00 Ponko92 i'd have an 928 over some of the 911's of today
00:00 LeadHead1 not as practical, but still better than nothing
00:00 CaptainBoden it's marginal, they want 4.25 and we have 4
00:01 Ponko92 the GT2 RS uhhh no
00:01 CaptainBoden Though I'd prefer a 4 post with alignment pads anyways.
00:01 Ponko92 i'd have the Porsche 911 GT2 RS over anything
00:01 CaptainBoden I've eaten Porches with a properly built and tuned Opel GT2.
00:01 Ponko92 yeah i go track driving its soo fun
00:01 LeadHead1 4 Posts would probably be safer anyways with how many young/inexperienced people who may be trying to work on their cars
00:01 CaptainBoden I've done a little ;)
00:02 Ponko92 24 Hour?
00:02 CaptainBoden The hoist is staffed.
00:02 CaptainBoden Not LeMan's, Nelson's LEdges
00:02 CaptainBoden brb
00:02 Ponko92 ok
00:03 Ponko92 i did a 24 hr at Brands Hatch & Silverstone
00:03 Ponko92 well that was with a company car
00:03 cctoide heh, I get the feeling they can hear Cory's music in the cafe
00:03 Ponko92 because it was with work i did that
00:03 injektion I'd like to do a track day but not in the E28
00:04 injektion Maybe in something that is more of a disposable of a car
00:04 injektion Like an old Alfa
00:04 DavidJKuhr joined #thegeekgroup
00:04 injektion Or Lanica
00:04 Ponko92 E32?
00:04 Ponko92 Oooo the Stratos
00:04 injektion The E32 I had is dead and you cannot find them cheap
00:05 LeadHead1 I'd like to do a track day in a small 4 cylinder beater
00:05 ubergoober cory play la roux in for the kill skream let's get ravey remix
00:05 Ponko92 i drove one and everyone at work wouldn't talk to me for a week
00:05 LeadHead1 That'd you'd have to wring its neck to get every last drop of power out of
00:05 dr_jkl CaptainBoden: you made me nostalgia pretty hard last night, minidisc recorders take me back about a decade or so
00:05 injektion Ponko92: Lancia Delta Intergrale
00:06 Ponko92 ooooo thats a nice one that
00:06 Ponko92 when its not rusting away though
00:06 injektion Forget the Audi Quattro I'd take the Lancia instead
00:06 Ponko92 which Lancia was in Herbie goes to Monte Carlo
00:07 injektion Did you ever drive a Ford Capri?
00:07 Ponko92 a Ford Capri Ghia
00:07 injektion Any of the 80s ones?
00:07 Ponko92 yeah it was like the one in Only Fools and Horses
00:08 injektion After college and I get some money saved up I am thinking of importing a Capri
00:08 Ponko92 good luck with that
00:08 LeadHead1 Injektion, where do you live/
00:08 Ponko92 not saying its impossible im just wishing you luck
00:08 Ponko92 lol
00:08 ubergoober get a trans am instead
00:08 injektion LeadHead1: Georgia
00:09 Ponko92 where in GA
00:09 injektion 15 miles south of Atlanta
00:09 Ponko92 not near Augusta are you?
00:09 LeadHead1 Ford sold Capri's here.
00:09 LeadHead1 1970-1978 Mercury Capri
00:09 Ponko92 yeah the brits were better
00:10 Ponko92 and hes after 80's ones
00:10 LeadHead1 79+ Capris in america
00:10 LeadHead1 were just mustangs
00:10 injektion I HATE the fact that you Europeans got all the good fords
00:10 Ponko92 no hes after a Capri Ghia
00:10 LeadHead1 oh
00:10 Ponko92 lol ;)
00:10 dr_jkl oh wow
00:10 Ponko92 you had the Cudas
00:10 dr_jkl livestream has decent tunes
00:11 injektion Well it's either going to be a Capri or a Cosworth
00:11 Ponko92 Justice
00:11 Cprossu Escort RS for the win
00:11 steve_____ anyone know where I can find a single 2-52 x 3/8 screw?
00:11 LeadHead1 Hardware store?
00:11 injektion America had good V8s but I want a small high revving engine
00:11 LeadHead1 Not Lowes/Home Depot.
00:12 steve_____ hardwares don't stock stuff that tiny
00:12 LeadHead1 Ones around here usually do
00:12 Ponko92 Europeans don't travel far to get across the country
00:12 ubergoober ford escort for small 4 banger
00:12 DruidicRifleman WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:12 dr_jkl man
00:13 LeadHead1 Wait, 2mm?
00:13 dr_jkl someone booked me a fucking dodge stratus
00:13 dr_jkl i am 5' 11". i will not FIT in a dodge stratus
00:13 steve_____ I could try Kutsche's I suppose
00:13 Ponko92 injektion i'll send you a link to something
00:13 injektion Well the US did get the Ford Sierra as a Merkur
00:13 steve_____ no #2 56 tpi
00:14 LeadHead1 Oh, yeah, Local hardware stores around here usually have that
00:14 Ponko92 oh hey steve_____ i might be over there in a few months
00:14 SparkyProjects steve_____, isn't that a tripod screw ?
00:15 LeadHead1 camera mount screws are usually quarter-twenties
00:15 steve_____ no, it's for my headphones, I discovered a missing screw
00:15 DruidicRifleman Carving
00:16 steve_____ and I don't want to replace $100+ headphones right now
00:17 SparkyProjects Chris said they keep all the autopsy screws (if you get desperate)
00:17 steve_____ looks like there only 70 now
00:18 steve_____ I might be able to find one at school, I though I saw a screw bin with some a couple months ago
00:19 LeadHead1 Anyone know anything about plasma cutters
00:19 steve_____ there fun to play with
00:19 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
00:20 Ponko92 grr skype has just crashed on me
00:20 wannabe1987 :(
00:20 Ponko92 and i was in a call with my fiancee
00:21 wannabe1987 sucks
00:21 Ponko92 most certainly does
00:22 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
00:22 critterpal Nice conduit. It's HOT!
00:22 wannabe1987 who are these people...they come in, and they never say anything...and they leave
00:22 wannabe1987 or they don't saymuch
00:22 critterpal It looks so clean in there. Almost like someone swept or vacuumed or something.
00:22 Ponko92 tggcory play more Justice
00:22 injektion I used to idle here the first couple days I came here then I started talking
00:22 tggcory Maybe inna bit
00:22 wannabe1987 hmmmm i jumped right in...
00:23 Ponko92 what was the song that we started listening to
00:23 wannabe1987 i'm listening to the joseph soundtrack :D
00:23 tggcory when?
00:23 Ponko92 its sounds like an intro to a battle
00:24 wannabe1987 if i /ignore someone does that also stop them from sending PMs?
00:24 injektion Now to install Linux on the laptop or just leave Windows on there so I can use some odd ball audio plugins
00:24 injektion yes wannabe1987
00:25 wannabe1987 ok
00:25 Ponko92 when justice started playing i have NO IDEA what the song is called tggcory it was before DANCE
00:25 LeadHead1 Anyways, my friends got a plasma cutter
00:25 tggcory Phantom
00:26 LeadHead1 The low-voltage portion is fine, and we power upto the torch
00:26 injektion I shouldn't of bought this $3k paperweight 4 years ago
00:26 LeadHead1 the problem is the high voltage/high frequency isn't getting to the torch
00:26 dr_jkl dance dance dance
00:26 LeadHead1 so it won't light off
00:26 LeadHead1 but there is a spark at the sparkgap, so the HV is working
00:27 DruidicRifleman OK i like this Kia forte
00:27 steve_____ hmm, is the cable set good?
00:27 DruidicRifleman commercial
00:27 LeadHead1 Yeah, we get the high current/low voltage to the torch
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00:27 Ponko92 injektion i have a link for you
00:27 LeadHead1 DMM verified
00:27 injektion Ok Ponko92
00:27 steve_____ if the cable is damaged it might be acting like an inductor blocking the HF
00:28 DruidicRifleman the guy double night mare's and then after the second one he's like wow... i drempt i was married
00:28 Ponko92 give me a sec to win the lag battle
00:28 LeadHead1 How would we go about checking that?
00:28 steve_____ thats not so easy
00:28 Ponko92
00:28 LeadHead1 I'm leaning towards it being somethign with the machine
00:28 Ponko92 there we go injektion
00:28 LeadHead1 It's also a TIG welder, and it's supposed to have HF "touchless" start
00:29 LeadHead1 but it will only start if you scratch
00:29 wannabe1987 so captainboden, what are we moving this weekend?
00:29 injektion Ponko92: WTF is that fake fur?
00:29 * injektion vomits
00:29 steve_____ most DDMs don't give good readings at hf
00:29 Ponko92 lol its the Ford Capri Ghia from only fools and horses
00:29 steve_____ *dmms
00:30 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
00:30 wannabe1987 CSMonster!
00:30 Ponko92 idk though injektion i'd think soo
00:30 CSMonster hmmmm
00:30 CSMonster hi
00:30 LeadHead1 what if we put a test lead at the connector in the machine
00:30 steve_____ sounds like an issue with the hv/hf circuit then, does the tig fuction use the same cable(s) as the plasma
00:30 LeadHead1 well
00:30 CSMonster u_u zzzzz
00:30 LeadHead1 The TIG uses the same connection on the machine
00:30 LeadHead1 but its HF start does not work
00:30 LinuxH4x0r if you scratch you contaminate
00:31 LeadHead1 LinuxH4x0r: Many older TIGs are scract start, you have to "burn them off" so to speak
00:31 LinuxH4x0r ahh
00:31 steve_____ you could try to measure it at the machine, but be careful, it could be serveral kv
00:31 LinuxH4x0r makes sense
00:31 LeadHead1 Alright, I have a mustang to go tear about, I'll bbl
00:31 LinuxH4x0r everything I worked with you start with hf
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00:36 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
00:36 Ponko92 where is captainboden?
00:37 compwiz878 cory  that song kinda has a retro 80's sound to it
00:37 compwiz878 it sounds kool tho
00:37 pentium4 joined #thegeekgroup
00:37 injektion I need to get rid of my ex's stuff one of these days
00:38 Ponko92 tggcory you want a video to Phantom?
00:38 Ponko92 why don't you injektion
00:38 injektion Ponko92: He left his Italian car behind and gave it to me
00:38 injektion I want to get rid of it
00:38 injektion Before something else breaks on it
00:39 tggcory ponko, huh?
00:40 Ponko92 Aa video for Justice - Phantom?
00:40 injektion Ponko92: He left me his Alfa Milano aka the 75
00:40 tggcory I haven't seen one for it :V
00:40 Ponko92 ah ok
00:40 Ponko92 i have lol
00:40 tggcory After this song, I'm taking a break from the music for a while x3
00:40 Ponko92 its on youtube
00:41 injektion Great car too bad it keeps breaking :|
00:41 Ponko92 thats cool
00:41 Ponko92 i'd say like something else but i don't think its appropriate
00:42 compwiz878 man i bet that amplifier sound realy good in person shhesh it does sound awsome on the stream
00:42 Ponko92 it does lol
00:42 compwiz878 what kinda amp is it does anyone know ?
00:43 mman454 Its a good amp
00:43 mman454 ;)
00:43 compwiz878 yeah what i was saying
00:43 compwiz878 lol
00:44 compwiz878 thats coment was a compliment
00:44 compwiz878 lol
00:44 * wannabe1987 has usb cd rom drive now
00:44 compwiz878 nice
00:45 injektion Tomorrow I'm putting it up for sale. It will be sad to see it go but I need the cash to make repairs to the E28
00:45 compwiz878 sounds like corys get down with the music lol
00:45 wannabe1987 what u sellin?
00:45 mman454 not weed
00:45 wannabe1987 lol
00:45 wannabe1987 i don't want weed
00:45 injektion No it's an old 80s italian car
00:46 mman454 tggconsole Where is the video you promised?
00:46 wannabe1987 type?
00:46 injektion Alfa Romeo Milano Verde
00:46 CaptainBoden back
00:46 wannabe1987 :O  my friend has a 74 alfa...
00:46 pentium4 left #thegeekgroup
00:46 mman454 and cory's gone...
00:46 injektion I want to get rid of it before something else electrical goes wrong
00:46 mman454 or not...
00:47 Ponko92 oh one sec peeps
00:47 wannabe1987 lol
00:47 Ponko92 the game
00:47 wannabe1987 FUCK YOU ponko92
00:47 wannabe1987 :P
00:47 Ponko92 XD lol
00:47 injektion I wanted an Alfa Spider but there was no way that would of lasted 4 years of college without expensive repairs
00:48 wannabe1987 infact, his nick on the car forums is 1974alfa
00:48 wannabe1987 and his nick on the car irc is alfachild ;P
00:48 ubergoober joined #thegeekgroup
00:48 injektion Last time I tried to put it on CL I failed and decided not to
00:49 wannabe1987 what state r u in?
00:49 injektion GA
00:50 injektion I drove it that morning before I put it on CL to get an idea what was broken then got home and I couldn't do it
00:51 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
00:51 mman454 I have good news and bad news regarding my car...
00:52 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
00:52 mman454 Bad news is I have an oil leak behind the front engine cover, likley an gasket. It could cost me $1,600 to have fixed...
00:52 wannabe1987 :(
00:53 mman454 Good news is I was planning on having my timing chain and tensioner replaced in ~5k miles anyway. Both of which are behind the front engine cover.
00:54 wannabe1987 do it all at once?
00:54 mman454 Yup
00:54 wannabe1987 makes sense
00:54 wannabe1987 sucks about the leak tho
00:54 Ponko92 tggcory hows about this
00:54 injektion Engines should not leak
00:55 mman454 The engine block itself doesn't leak, it's a simple gasket behind one of the covers that has a leak.
00:55 wannabe1987 no
00:56 injektion The old ford tempo I had leaked oil everywhere it was parked
00:56 wannabe1987 lol ford tempo
00:57 injektion That thing died a terrible death yesterday with my brother driving it
00:57 tggcory Love that video, Ponko92
00:57 IIsi50MHz Hmm, engine block? Want a 1997 Dodge Neon to put it in?
00:57 injektion mman454: usually most gaskets do not leak over the life of the engine
00:57 tggcory And I think I just made one of the best edits I've ever done \m/
00:57 Ponko92 oh its SOOO good
00:57 tggcory And the bitch of it is, no one will know where or which one it is <3
00:58 Ponko92 lol we'll know when we see it
00:58 wannabe1987 lol
00:58 injektion The tempo is dead forever and it's getting towed to a junkyard this weekend
00:58 mman454 The mechanics at the place where I get my oil changed said to check my oil level frequently. If I have to add a quart of oil every month or 3k miles it isn't something I need to wory about. If it takes more that 2 or 3 that's when I really have it fixed.
00:58 tggcory Trust me, Ponko92
00:58 tggcory This one is not meant to be seen
00:58 Ponko92 oooohhh ok
00:58 tggRED hi cory.
00:58 rodsur joined #thegeekgroup
00:58 tggcory Where are you, RED? D:
00:58 mman454 IIsi50MHz Specs?
00:58 Ponko92 yay tggRED
00:59 injektion One less front wheel drive shitbox on the road
00:59 tggRED baaseeement
00:59 rodsur wow, a lot of people here
00:59 tggRED comp lab paintin with BA
00:59 wannabe1987 oooo
00:59 wannabe1987 fun!
00:59 tggcory :O
00:59 tggcory I thought I was totally alone in the building xD
00:59 wannabe1987 lol
00:59 tggRED nope.  just us and the ghost.
00:59 tggcory g-g-g-ghost?!
00:59 IIsi50MHz My Neon's engine oil leak accelerated to 1 L per hour of operation, then an uncle thought he'd put it in first gear at highway speed and it seized.
00:59 tggcory COME ON SCOOB
00:59 Ponko92 tggRED do you like Justice?
01:00 IIsi50MHz ~88000 miles, white Neon Highline sedan.
01:00 mman454 Oh wow... Shit.
01:00 IIsi50MHz front wheel drive FTW though :-P
01:00 Ponko92 lol
01:00 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
01:00 IIsi50MHz When lame local drivers were stuck in the snow or spinning out with their rear-wheel drive, I was fine.
01:00 injektion I don't miss how the tempo torque steered
01:01 mman454 Oh my God I LOVE how my intrepid handles.
01:01 Ponko92 tggRED if the answer is yes;feature=relmfu here you go
01:01 injektion It doesn't snow in GA so my RWD car is fine
01:01 IIsi50MHz first-gen Neons were raced a lot, with sponsors. There are still people who do, on I just drove to work.
01:01 mman454 Or so you thought...
01:01 SparkyProjects 4wd ftw
01:02 Ender joined #thegeekgroup
01:02 tggRED lol
01:02 DruidicRifleman hey red
01:02 injektion I never liked how FWD feels
01:02 DruidicRifleman hows the painting
01:02 injektion I didn't enjoy fighting with the steering wheel everytime I accelerated either
01:02 rodsur left #thegeekgroup
01:03 tggcory brb again guys~
01:03 Ender left #thegeekgroup
01:03 Ponko92 injektion didn't it snow a few months back
01:03 injektion Yes it did and the BMW did well
01:03 injektion I kept in 2nd which was good enough
01:03 Ponko92 yeah my friend in grovetown showed me the aftermath lol
01:03 mman454 Yea I have a second intrepid.
01:04 IIsi50MHz Wonder if I could pass the Neon off on one of those people at
01:04 Ponko92;feature=relmfu tggcory tggRED here's some D A N C E for you
01:05 SparkyProjects injektion, doesn't sound right, FWD should pull you round the corners, the power is directed in the direction you steer, RWD has advantages, i have the best of both worlds with 4WD, a Land Rover Discovery, V8 3.9i petrol
01:05 injektion SparkyProjects: enjoy those high gas prices
01:05 SparkyProjects Tell me about it :D
01:05 wannabe1987 "the only suit worth driving a ferrari in is your birthday suit!"
01:06 Ponko92 lol
01:06 wannabe1987 i love my car peeps
01:06 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
01:06 SparkyProjects i was looking for a 2.5, but my old Sherpa van was desperate
01:06 Ponko92 which is?
01:06 injektion I'll be driving German cars for the rest of my life
01:06 injektion >_<
01:06 wannabe1987 talking to me ponko92?
01:06 ubergoober i get even worse mileage than the land rover
01:06 Ponko92 yes
01:07 wannabe1987 ahhh the guys on the IRC for
01:07 mman454-mobile Just got locked out of the room where the computer is...
01:07 wannabe1987 ...
01:07 injektion I'd like a 911 one day to see if I can master its handling
01:07 SparkyProjects I don't do bad on the mileage, says about 12 to the gallon (uk gallon), but i often get nearer 15-18
01:08 wannabe1987 uk gallons are differe than us gallons?  sucks
01:08 mman454 was kicked by mman454-mobile: mman454
01:08 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
01:08 SparkyProjects yes
01:08 injektion SparkyProjects: How much is the difference?
01:08 IIsi50MHz Another reason the old units suck.
01:08 ubergoober 8 mpg
01:08 wannabe1987 whats the conversion?  yeah...
01:08 IIsi50MHz I must not be a "Real American"; I like metric!
01:08 SparkyProjects 1 Imperial gallon = 1.20095042 US gallons
01:09 stevereynolds left #thegeekgroup
01:09 * IIsi50MHz ponders
01:09 wannabe1987 so your MPG vs our MPG is different...
01:10 SparkyProjects IIsi50MHz i prefer olde english feet, inches, gallons and yards
01:10 injektion I wish we all could use metric except for distance
01:10 injektion and speed
01:10 IIsi50MHz I don't like irregular units (:
01:10 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
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01:10 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
01:11 injektion I have the BMW's OBC in metric units because I need 24 hour time
01:11 IIsi50MHz Hmm, of course I'm not a Real American. My da's Japanese and I held dual citizenship for about 11 years.
01:11 * IIsi50MHz hugs the excuse
01:11 injektion not 12 hour time with AM/PM
01:11 SparkyProjects hmmm, if we went all metric, that would be a different story for the '36-24-36' :D
01:12 injektion I'm used to metric now
01:14 SparkyProjects I wonder how metrication would view the 'yard of ale', by length or litres ?
01:17 ubergoober length
01:17 injektion Who could drink that much alcohol
01:17 ubergoober i could
01:18 injektion I don't drink any more. I used to but not now
01:18 SparkyProjects 0.9144 metres of ale sounds daft :P
01:19 IIsi50MHz Just call it a daft of ale?
01:22 ubergoober whats with ttg webisite
01:23 ubergoober website*
01:23 wannabe1987 issues
01:23 wannabe1987 lots and lots of issues
01:23 wannabe1987 you think tho, having their own IT dept they could fix it...
01:24 DruidicRifleman to be honest  the computer lab is currently being occupyed by general Bad ASS and red
01:25 DruidicRifleman and they are working on ALLOT right now
01:25 SparkyProjects Chris said they got hit with a trojan
01:25 injektion I'm going to spend the rest of my life in IT and hopefully one day in management
01:26 injektion Or once I pay back my student loans go back to college and take all kinds of science stuff
01:28 injektion I still have my inner geek it's just buried under everything
01:28 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
01:28 Hydroelectric Good morning/evening to everyone.
01:29 Ponko92 man some of the people on youtube piss me right off
01:29 injektion The first GG video I watched was the xray head autopsy
01:29 ubergoober morning? where you at
01:29 LinuxH4x0r Australia
01:29 Ponko92 austrailia
01:29 Ponko92 lol
01:30 Ponko92 that was well times
01:30 Ponko92 timed*
01:30 Ponko92 .seen CaptainBoden
01:30 BotSteve Ponko92: I last saw captainboden at 2011-04-21 00:46:23 UTC on #thegeekgroup
01:30 injektion What should I build: fusor or tesla coil?
01:31 Ponko92 .seen BotSteve
01:31 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen botsteve around.
01:31 wannabe1987 ...
01:31 Ponko92 wow it needs a mirror stat
01:31 injektion .Seen MyGlasses
01:31 Ponko92 hahaha
01:31 injektion .seen MyGlasses
01:31 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen myglasses around.
01:31 ubergoober lulz
01:32 Ponko92 .seen what comes around goes
01:32 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen what around.
01:32 IIsi50MHz Hydroelectric, your nick keeps making me think of SimCity 2000.
01:32 Ponko92 yeah the dam thing on it
01:32 Ponko92 lol
01:32 Hydroelectric Thankyou.
01:32 Ponko92 .seen you
01:32 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen you around.
01:32 * IIsi50MHz builds lots of you (;
01:33 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
01:33 Ponko92 oh thats nice botsteve hasn't seen me around
01:33 speedrunnerG55 Hi geeks
01:33 Ponko92 hellooo
01:34 ubergoober hola
01:34 Hydroelectric Hey.
01:34 Ponko92 hallo mien fruend wie gehts
01:34 speedrunnerG55 Portal 2 made me think. What the 50's was like with the cold war
01:34 ubergoober como estas
01:34 Hydroelectric .seen speedrunnerG55
01:34 BotSteve Hydroelectric: I last saw speedrunnerg55 at 2011-04-21 01:34:26 UTC on #thegeekgroup
01:34 speedrunnerG55 ?
01:34 Hydroelectric Haha.
01:34 Ponko92 .seen you
01:34 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen you around.
01:34 Hydroelectric .seen BotSteve
01:34 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen botsteve around.
01:35 Hydroelectric ...
01:35 Ponko92 O_O get him a MIRROR
01:35 speedrunnerG55 LOL
01:35 SparkyProjects speedrunnerG55, cold :P
01:35 Ponko92 .seen the_rude_bastard
01:35 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen the_rude_bastard around.
01:35 Ponko92 haha oh fun
01:35 speedrunnerG55 Good
01:36 Hydroelectric .seen your PS3
01:36 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen your around.
01:36 SparkyProjects Leave the bot alone, it gets annoying when not used properly :P
01:36 ubergoober shouldn't it that rude bastard not the rude bastard
01:36 Hydroelectric Hehe.
01:36 speedrunnerG55 .seen nemo
01:36 Ponko92 good point
01:36 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen nemo around.
01:36 speedrunnerG55 Darn
01:36 Ponko92 .find nemo
01:36 Hydroelectric Lol.
01:36 speedrunnerG55 LOL
01:37 Ponko92 .seen that_arrogant_prat
01:37 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen that_arrogant_prat around.
01:37 Ponko92 lmao
01:37 Hydroelectric Time to stop now.
01:37 speedrunnerG55 .seen the_G_MAN
01:37 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen the_g_man around.
01:37 Ponko92 yes
01:37 speedrunnerG55 OK
01:37 Ponko92 .seen you
01:37 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen you around.
01:37 Ponko92 oh thats nice
01:37 cctoide ...
01:38 Ponko92 rude git
01:38 Ponko92 ol
01:38 * injektion welds a pair of glasses to BotSteve
01:38 Ponko92 ANYWSY
01:38 Ponko92 haha
01:38 wannabe1987 lol
01:38 cctoide
01:38 speedrunnerG55 LOL
01:38 Hydroelectric Lol.
01:39 Ponko92 .seen what's_lying
01:39 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen what's_lying around.
01:39 Ponko92 oh thanks lot of help
01:39 SparkyProjects That's enough
01:39 Ponko92 anyway
01:39 Ponko92 sorry yes
01:39 SparkyProjects it's getting vey old
01:39 speedrunnerG55 yes it is
01:40 Ponko92 yeah
01:40 speedrunnerG55 But its such a mene
01:40 speedrunnerG55 Meme
01:40 Ponko92 wwhy is it soo quiet
01:40 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
01:40 CaptainBoden back
01:40 speedrunnerG55 THIS WILL LIVEN THINGS UP
01:40 speedrunnerG55 lol
01:40 Thermoelectric Welcome back Cap'n.
01:41 speedrunnerG55 Ops wasnt talking bout u
01:41 Ponko92 YAY
01:41 Ponko92 Captain is here
01:42 speedrunnerG55 Hi captn
01:42 Ponko92 lets behave now
01:42 Thermoelectric Good idea, bot abuse gets you into trouble with BatSteve.
01:42 IIsi50MHz Yeah, was gettin' on the verge of setting +q on the bot or somebody <.<
01:42 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
01:42 kristopher hi
01:42 Ponko92 yes that and Captain is back
01:43 Ponko92 hello :)
01:44 rastarogue joined #thegeekgroup
01:44 ScottieNiven joined #thegeekgroup
01:44 injektion I need to take a shower bbiab
01:44 Ponko92 there we go
01:45 speedrunnerG55 Bbiab?
01:45 * IIsi50MHz prepares injektion's box
01:45 injektion be back in a bit
01:45 IIsi50MHz be back in a box (^:
01:45 injektion lol
01:45 speedrunnerG55 Lol^
01:45 CaptainBoden and Audio is back
01:45 Ponko92 captainboden ever done an autopsy on an alternator?
01:45 speedrunnerG55 Ohh! Imah check. Brb
01:46 CaptainBoden not yet, no
01:46 kristopher if you need a good ballast for the tesla coils use the lelements out of slow cookers
01:46 injektion This computer is like a space heater and it's getting to be a serious problem
01:46 speedrunnerG55 Oh ok
01:46 Ponko92 i think when i'm over it can be arranged somehow lol
01:46 kristopher and i have about 50 rca cables here but i'm in australia
01:46 CaptainBoden coo,l
01:47 kristopher you know how much ups would be to ship them to your door?
01:47 Ponko92 we need a scrap one pointless dismantling a new one lol
01:48 CaptainBoden no idea, they have a website though
01:48 kristopher cool
01:48 CaptainBoden and I'm sure I can get a junk alternator
01:48 Ponko92 yeah make sure its not to hard to get off lol
01:49 ubergoober you want to autopsy a droid x
01:49 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
01:49 Ponko92 oh hey batsteve
01:49 BatSteve hi ponko
01:49 CaptainBoden I will autopsy *anything* that people want to send in.
01:49 wannabe1987 hi batsteve
01:49 CaptainBoden So long as it's not organic.
01:49 BatSteve hi wannabe
01:49 wannabe1987 :D
01:49 wannabe1987 organic?
01:49 BatSteve (corpses)
01:49 ubergoober i might just send mine to you
01:49 kristopher whats the new lab's adress?
01:49 DruidicRifleman what about a live bouncing better?
01:49 DruidicRifleman betty?
01:50 kristopher i am calculating it now
01:50 CaptainBoden Absolutly!
01:50 Ponko92 i must apologise for bot abuse earliar batsteve
01:50 CaptainBoden You bring one, I'll autopsy it.
01:50 CaptainBoden I would LOVE to do that.
01:50 wannabe1987 902 leonard, Grand Rapids MI 49504
01:50 CaptainBoden If you ship us explosives, you have to do it legally though.
01:50 DruidicRifleman OK autopsy a land mine or a working ww2 german land mine?
01:50 CaptainBoden Or deliver it by hand.
01:50 CaptainBoden You bring one, I'll do it.
01:51 BatSteve Ponko92: what'd you do to him?
01:51 wannabe1987 .seen you
01:51 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen you around.
01:51 CaptainBoden It has to be real, it has to be in perfect condition too. I don't mind working with live explosives at all, but I won't do it if it's a manky old rusted thing that's unstable.
01:51 cctoide Tell us on the class diagram where Ponko92 touched you.
01:51 wannabe1987 .seen botsteve
01:51 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen botsteve around.
01:51 ubergoober im shure transporting across state lines is illegal as fuck
01:51 mman45454 joined #thegeekgroup
01:51 CaptainBoden It can be done legally.
01:52 Ponko92 basically what they just did
01:52 kristopher cool thanks
01:52 DruidicRifleman Alll i need is someone to help fill out the Class 3 Destructive divice paperwork
01:52 Ponko92 but i've stopped and im apologizing which is a gentlemanly thing to do
01:53 wannabe1987 but you did more
01:53 BatSteve wannabe1987: try using capitals
01:53 BatSteve .seen BotSteve
01:53 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen botsteve around.
01:53 BatSteve crap
01:53 Ponko92 lol
01:53 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
01:53 wannabe1987 caps for?
01:53 wannabe1987 olol
01:53 wannabe1987 nope
01:53 DruidicRifleman .seen Captainboden
01:53 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: I last saw captainboden at 2011-04-21 01:51:47 UTC on #thegeekgroup
01:53 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
01:53 DruidicRifleman worked...
01:53 BatSteve oh, shoot, abusing the seen functionality isn't a big deal
01:53 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
01:53 Ponko92 captainboden is here
01:54 Ponko92 btw is that a Navl rank?
01:54 ubergoober so you would do an autopsy on a vehicle
01:54 Hydroelectric o_O
01:54 cctoide hm... would you have the tools to autopsy a (totaled?) car? I guess that'd need the VSL to be up and running?
01:54 Ponko92 Naval*
01:54 BatSteve I thought you were doing something awful to his SQL handlers or something
01:54 DruidicRifleman Ship captan it's a non rank
01:54 cctoide good timing
01:54 wannabe1987 lol
01:54 CaptainBoden Well, I'm not (nor have I ever been) in the Navy, but yes, it's a Naval/star trek running joke that was started by Austin years ago.
01:54 Ponko92 hey cctoide if i was there i'd find a way
01:55 BatSteve .seen kyle
01:55 BotSteve He's about this tall?  Seen Kyle?
01:55 CaptainBoden yes, we plan on doing an entire vehicle as an autopsy sometime soon
01:55 DruidicRifleman I think picards actual rank was higher then captain
01:55 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
01:55 Hydroelectric .seen BotSteve
01:55 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen botsteve around.
01:55 Hydroelectric He does need a mirror.
01:55 wannabe1987 .seen tggkyle
01:55 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen tggkyle around.
01:55 wannabe1987 i saw him IRL today...
01:56 Ponko92 CaptainBoden could i tag along in that
01:56 steve_____ is now known as steve_afk
01:56 DruidicRifleman .yt don't worry be happy
01:56 BotSteve DruidicRifleman:
01:56 CaptainBoden of course, if you're here
01:56 DruidicRifleman in honor of 420
01:56 Ponko92 yay
01:56 wannabe1987 wait...ponko92 you're coming over?
01:56 BatSteve mirror implemented
01:56 wannabe1987 .seen botsteve
01:56 BotSteve I'm right here, actually.
01:56 wannabe1987 yay!
01:57 kristopher it would cost me about 200 and about 4 buisness days
01:57 compwiz878 is the car autopsy goona be as epic as the robot ?
01:57 DruidicRifleman .seen DruidicRifleman
01:57 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: I last saw druidicrifleman at 2011-04-21 01:56:29 UTC on #thegeekgroup
01:57 DruidicRifleman hmmm
01:57 kristopher 200 AU dollars
01:57 ubergoober i want to be there for the car autopsy
01:57 Ponko92 i bet i'd have to remove all the parts eh captainboden ;) and yeah probably wannabe1987
01:57 Ponko92 i'll be in Detroit for the Lions Packers game ;)
01:57 wannabe1987 yay!  let me know details...i'll def be at the lab those days...
01:57 CaptainBoden no idea, first I have to have the VSL operational
01:58 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden if you wanna take appart a bouncing betty i Suggest A use a Dummy or B don't do it in the lab....
01:58 Ponko92 yeah of course but even so i don't mind removing everything
01:58 kristopher what aboout things like s-video and hdmi? or is it just bulk standard?
01:58 CaptainBoden I'd do it with a real one, and I'd do it at the range.
01:58 DruidicRifleman I'll See if i can sorce the Heximite
01:58 CaptainBoden yes, we need SVideo and BNC ones in a big way as well
01:59 Ponko92 there is alot of stuff you can salvage and sell on
01:59 kristopher i also have a sony camera control thingy
01:59 CaptainBoden A CCU?
01:59 CaptainBoden What is the model number?
01:59 kristopher i dont have bnc but about 300 old s-video cables
02:00 kristopher let me check the model its in the garage
02:00 CaptainBoden how long?
02:00 ScottieNiven left #thegeekgroup
02:01 kristopher it's a sony ccu d50
02:01 injektion Anyone have use for an SGI Octane?
02:01 Ponko92 put a wrench in my hand and entire VSL full of cars i'm good as gold and i become a genius lol
02:02 CaptainBoden Yes, we do here
02:02 wannabe1987 whats a VSL?
02:02 CaptainBoden and that CCU would work wonderfully with our cameras, it's totally compatible :)
02:02 CaptainBoden Vehicular Sciences Lab
02:02 ubergoober vehicular sciences lab
02:02 wannabe1987 ah
02:02 Ponko92 my home in short :P
02:02 injektion It's the base 250MHz MIPS with 512MB RAM
02:02 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
02:02 wannabe1987 i want to live there...
02:03 Ponko92 why? lol
02:03 wannabe1987 i want to learn about cars...
02:03 kristopher sweet
02:03 wannabe1987 i'm a hands on theres no other way for me to learn :P
02:03 kristopher and it's arack mount
02:03 Ponko92 ah that can hopefully arranged
02:03 kristopher a rack mount *
02:03 CaptainBoden yes, it's one step up from the one we have.
02:03 wannabe1987 you should hear my grandma tho...she goes " you need something you'll get hired in!"
02:03 kristopher sweet
02:03 Ponko92 i'll use my James Bond subetly charm
02:03 CaptainBoden If you can donate that, it would be used to bring the MDH main camera online.
02:03 wannabe1987 on what?
02:04 Ponko92 anyone lol
02:04 wannabe1987 ahhh
02:04 injektion 6 years ago I went through a UNIX phase and I still am
02:04 kristopher this might help too
02:04 Ponko92 i used my JB seductive charm on my fiancee ;) lol
02:04 wannabe1987 lol
02:04 wannabe1987 cool
02:05 Ponko92 thats why she's my fiancee lol
02:05 compwiz878 captian do u have a use for a sony Hi8 vcr its a model EVO9850 ??
02:05 CaptainBoden kristopher, where exactly are you located?
02:05 kristopher australia in melbourne
02:05 CaptainBoden Is it professional grade or consumer (toes it have timecode and XLR inputs)
02:05 wannabe1987 lol
02:05 Ponko92 captainboden do you know which part of Germanty Moose orginates?
02:05 kristopher i beleaive so
02:06 Ponko92 Germany*
02:06 compwiz878 umm think its professional
02:06 kristopher sorry coffe hasnt kicked in yet
02:06 compwiz878 it has dual analoge meters on the from
02:06 wannabe1987 east germany
02:06 CaptainBoden kristopher, that CCU is probably setup for 240VAC use I'm guessing. And perhaps PAL video.
02:06 DruidicRifleman I remember helping out at a military museaum
02:06 Ponko92 ahhh
02:06 compwiz878 i know it has bnc connectors on the rear
02:06 DruidicRifleman "i'm not drunk enough to drive the sherman"
02:06 CaptainBoden That VCR could actually be useful, if it's not, it's always good for an autopsy ;)
02:07 DruidicRifleman any one ever been in a moving M4 sherman firefly medium battle tank?
02:07 CaptainBoden If it has BNC connectors it's pro grade.
02:07 compwiz878 what i was thinking
02:07 kristopher no its not 240 its about 110 i have needed an iverter to run it
02:07 DruidicRifleman it's like .3 bodens loud
02:07 CaptainBoden Why would someone have a US CCU in Oz?
02:07 wannabe1987 lol
02:07 Hydroelectric No one knows...
02:07 kristopher it's an ebay buy
02:08 CaptainBoden If you want to toss it in a box, we'd dearly love to give it a home. We're in SERIOUS need of CCU's
02:08 CaptainBoden ahhhhhh
02:08 Hydroelectric Haha. Most likely.
02:08 CaptainBoden and that's a better CCU than we currently have, lol
02:08 Hydroelectric What's the current?
02:09 ashlog left #thegeekgroup
02:09 CaptainBoden It's an M5 I think? I mentioned it in a video blog recently.
02:09 Ponko92 wannabe1987 Brandenburg, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia, Berlin or Mecklenburg-Lower Pomerania
02:09 compwiz878 captain ill chck n c about the tc and xlr
02:09 compwiz878 brb
02:09 wannabe1987 i don't know!  i just know E germany
02:09 wannabe1987 thats enough for me...
02:09 Hydroelectric @CaptainBoden Ah, that's right. Memory just kicked in.
02:09 SparkyProjects CaptainBoden, i had an old VCR with BNC's on, it was before scart and phono were popular.
02:09 Ponko92 what the former Eastern DBR Germany
02:10 Ponko92 i'll ask her when i see her again
02:10 CaptainBoden If it has BNC it has TC and XLR ;)
02:10 Ponko92 you could ask her for us if you want wannabe1987 lol
02:10 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
02:11 wannabe1987 well, a quick check on facebook says she's from "plauen"
02:11 tggRED Captain, there's a reason you love me. The "show room" of the computer lab is all done. ^_^
02:11 SparkyProjects I think the one i had was BNC for video, and 5 pin din for audio, as i said, it was pld
02:11 Hydroelectric :-)
02:11 tggRED BA and I are working on getting the repair part of the room ready for tomorrow...
02:11 Ponko92 we love you tggRED because your AWESOME
02:11 wannabe1987 yay red!
02:11 kristopher it looks like this;hl=en&amp;biw=1911&amp;bih=931&amp;site=search&amp;tbm=isch&amp;sa=1&amp;q=sony+ccu+d50&amp;aq=f&amp;aqi=&amp;aql=&amp;oq=
02:11 CaptainBoden YAY RED! :)
02:11 BatSteve YAY RED
02:12 tggRED :)
02:12 Hydroelectric Horray...
02:12 kristopher .waether MEL
02:12 kristopher .weather MEL
02:12 CaptainBoden That's quite the accomplishment
02:12 BotSteve Clear ☼, 9℃, 1019mb, Calm 0kt (↑) - LIPS 01:55Z
02:13 CaptainBoden I really wish we had better CCU's, lol
02:13 Hydroelectric .weather Cairns
02:13 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 28℃, 1012mb, Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - YBCS 02:00Z
02:13 Hydroelectric That's about right.
02:13 * IIsi50MHz ponders silly a CRT hack
02:14 IIsi50MHz I'm really more of a software guy than hardware, but...
02:14 kristopher @ captainboden. look at you private message thing
02:15 Hydroelectric I still use a CRT monitor.
02:15 injektion I don't
02:15 IIsi50MHz Maybe I could put a reed switch in to detect when the screen is not in low power mode, and thus replace the existing single-colour power LED with a bi-colour one reflecting on/low/off state
02:15 injektion The last CRT monitor I had was an old Sun monitor with a 13W3 connection
02:16 wannabe1987 captainboden:
02:16 * CSMonster is back
02:16 * wannabe1987 missed CSMonster
02:16 CSMonster aw shucks.
02:17 * BatSteve missed CaptainBoden....but only because the sights were off
02:17 wannabe1987 exor isn't i might've been alone in my gender  on here...
02:17 CSMonster lol bat
02:17 CSMonster was out dinner.  mexican food.  steak burrito and sopopillas
02:17 DruidicRifleman LOl bat
02:17 CaptainBoden wannabe1987, btw, the next time Max pee's (or anything else) in the lab, he can't come back until he's trained. I love him to bits, but he has to follow the rules. If I start leting him pee on the floor then it's only a matter of minutes until Keegan is doing it too.
02:18 wannabe1987 ok
02:18 CSMonster gross.
02:18 exor674 wannabe1987: I am around, just wasn't paying attention to this window
02:18 wannabe1987 ok
02:19 Cprossu I wasn't paying attention either
02:19 Hydroelectric Poor Max.
02:19 CSMonster is anyone still at the lab?
02:20 Ponko92 CaptainBoden if i can pull it off should i do the safety dance?
02:22 CSMonster i think i hear the rustling of a cory.
02:22 compwiz878 captain it does have timecode
02:22 kristopher
02:22 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
02:22 Ponko92 yeah cory is still there
02:22 kristopher loool
02:22 Ponko92 kristopher i've got that link saved way before yo posted it ;) lol
02:22 kristopher lol
02:23 kristopher;feature=related
02:23 Cprossu lol at injektion: I used to have an indigo, but I ended up selling it for a large profit a long time ago
02:23 Ponko92 ooo whats that
02:23 injektion Cprossu: Is it worth anything?
02:23 Cprossu not anymore
02:23 injektion I'd rather donate it or get it working again because all it needs is a fresh install of IRIX
02:24 kristopher i met a strange lady, she made me nervous.
02:24 Cprossu at the time I had an animator who's had a motherboard failure
02:24 BatSteve Ponko92: you should ALWAYS do the safety dance
02:24 ubergoober
02:24 CSMonster someone in inland washington needs to have an opening for a T&D apprentice.  preferably now. :/
02:24 DruidicRifleman tggRED awww
02:24 Cprossu he offered me something I couldn't refuse for mine, I helped him get his stuff back
02:24 kristopher furrys are scary
02:24 kristopher
02:24 CSMonster woooooow druid
02:25 injektion She took me in and gave me breakfast
02:25 Ponko92 yes but batsteve theres a reason i asked the captain but never you worry what that is
02:26 Ponko92 .yt Safety Dance
02:26 BotSteve Ponko92:
02:26 injektion I wanted to get rid of it a few years ago but I want to try and get IRIX 6.5.30 on it. I have files all I need now is a PS/2 keyboard, mouse, and a 13W3 monitor adapter
02:27 Hydroelectric .yt PhysicsDuck
02:27 BotSteve Hydroelectric:
02:28 injektion I could donate it for an autopsy but I don't know how much flack TGG would get for doing it
02:29 CaptainBoden I'll take the flack, it would be a fun autopsy.
02:29 Hydroelectric :-)
02:29 Cprossu lol I can see it now, and here's the mips processor, pretty cool, THUNK
02:30 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
02:30 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
02:30 injektion It's easy as hell to take apart
02:31 Cprossu completely modular too
02:31 Ponko92 yeah so are alot of thing
02:31 IIsi50MHz Um...isn't hell hard to take apart?
02:31 wannabe1987 ok
02:31 Ponko92 lol
02:31 Cprossu lots of macs are hard to take apart
02:31 injektion I had to take it apart when we moved because the RAM fell out of the slots
02:31 kristopher attention people!!!! you now have another ccu and a shitload of cable on the way for the control room
02:32 Cprossu anyone remember the power mac 7500 tower?
02:32 injektion This mac pro is a pain in the ass to take apart and I have to do it again this weekend to clean the dust off the heatsinks
02:32 Cprossu
02:32 Cprossu ^ this one
02:32 CaptainBoden That's TWO CCU's, once it gets here we will have a camera in the MDH :)
02:32 Cprossu looks simple
02:32 CaptainBoden I have to drill a hole now, lol
02:32 Cprossu but it's anything but
02:33 injektion Apple suggests you use a PCI slot cover to pry out the front fan assembly
02:33 Cprossu *7200
02:33 Cprossu anyway
02:33 Cprossu lol
02:33 steve_afk is now known as steve_____
02:33 steve_____ Ya control room stuff
02:33 Cprossu to put ram in the 7200 tower
02:33 Cprossu you have to REMOVE THE MOTHERBOARD
02:34 CaptainBoden ok gentlemen, gnite :)
02:34 injektion I'm like...... No..... Why do I need use a slot cover?
02:34 steve_____ night
02:34 injektion Night
02:34 kristopher have fun with ypour hole
02:34 Cprossu later CaptainBoden
02:34 kristopher later cap'n
02:34 Ponko92 night captain
02:34 Cprossu steve_____: what's new?
02:34 steve_____ not much
02:34 Ponko92 other than the name ;) lol
02:35 Cprossu what it's got fewer _'s today?
02:35 tggRED all right guys, heading home. Talk to you later.
02:36 Thermoelectric Night Red
02:36 Cprossu take it easy red, see you tommorow or something
02:36 steve_____ I was in the lab last night, worked on console cableing a bit, looked at what it would take to get some ENG camera's runnign
02:36 CSMonster bye tggred
02:36 steve_____ have a good evening red
02:36 injektion I also need to replace the Hyundai ram in this mac pro because the red lights are on
02:37 Ponko92 hmmm
02:37 injektion I'm surprised they did not go bad sooner
02:37 Cprossu I've had plenty of that shit ram not die on me
02:38 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
02:38 Cprossu what happened? notoriously bad batch?
02:38 injektion Yes
02:38 Ponko92 steve____ you in when captain does the car autopsy?
02:38 Ponko92 i might be over doing a bit of work on that
02:39 Ponko92 well hopefully
02:39 ubergoober joined #thegeekgroup
02:39 injektion I'm going to go to bed
02:40 injektion left #thegeekgroup
02:40 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
02:40 steve_____ Cprossu We recieved 4 Sony Betacams that do not support ccu as far as I can tell
02:40 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
02:40 steve_____ the use the 4pin XLR power connector, I think I can get a supply I have working with them next time I am in
02:40 wannabe1987 im kinda sad i cut my  hair so short :(  i want it long again now please
02:41 Cprossu wow seiously?
02:41 wannabe1987 short = shoulders
02:42 BatSteve wannabe1987: how long ago did you cut it?
02:42 wannabe1987 october...
02:43 CSMonster this just in: mango sorbet definitely not for me.
02:43 BatSteve ....okay you need to be over it by now
02:43 BatSteve Just saying
02:43 Thermoelectric Long hair annoys me.
02:43 wannabe1987 was mid back!
02:43 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
02:43 wannabe1987 at least i gave it away...
02:43 BatSteve it was mid back, and now it's mid gone again
02:43 wannabe1987 donated it
02:43 wannabe1987 but still
02:43 BatSteve Someone else is much happier because they have it
02:43 wannabe1987 yep
02:43 BatSteve look on the bright side
02:44 wannabe1987 and it'll get to be the lenght which it annoys me and i'll donate it again (free hair cuts!)
02:44 wannabe1987 iknow...i just did my hair "fancy" today and mourned the extra hair i coulda had
02:45 CSMonster ever shaved your head wannabe1987?
02:46 wannabe1987 no!!! :(
02:46 wannabe1987 i would be extra sad
02:46 CSMonster then you're still ahead of the game.
02:46 CSMonster :D
02:46 CSMonster seriously though, don't do that.
02:47 * BatSteve has gone down to 3/10ths of an inch in the summer.  that was astonishingly comfortable
02:47 wannabe1987 did you do that, CSMonster?
02:48 CSMonster yeah i rocked the sinead o'connor look in jr. high.  i don't recommend it.
02:48 wannabe1987 lol
02:50 CSMonster easy to take care of though.  no brush, no conditioner, just a bar of soap.  sunburn on the scalp is not fun though.  and sometimes your head gets fuckin cold
02:50 wannabe1987 yeah
02:51 CSMonster
02:51 * dr_jkl twiddles her thumbs waiting for the geek group site to come back up
02:51 wannabe1987 another girl?
02:51 CSMonster womens takin over tgg
02:51 wannabe1987 WAHOOO!!!!
02:52 dr_jkl i'm waiting for maintenance to be over so i can see what i can do to fix the slowness of the geek group site
02:52 dr_jkl :)
02:52 wannabe1987 yay
02:53 BatSteve ravezombie was a girl too..she's not here anymore though
02:53 CSMonster why not?
02:53 wannabe1987 was?  meaning she's not a girl anymore?
02:54 exor674 yay girls!
02:54 mman45454 left #thegeekgroup
02:56 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
02:56 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
02:56 dr_jkl come up, god damn it
02:56 wannabe1987 batsteve - how long does it take to get to GR from BC?
02:56 CSMonster british columbia?
02:57 BatSteve The way normal people drive?  An hour.  The way I drive?  hour twenty or so.
02:57 dr_jkl hey BatSteve :)
02:57 wannabe1987 lol
02:57 BatSteve (I drive like I fly - slightly safer than I need to)
02:57 wannabe1987 ok
02:57 CSMonster BatSteve drives slow?
02:57 Hydroelectric Haha.
02:57 dr_jkl thanks for that link earlier
02:57 * IIsi50MHz tries not to read that as a reference to Game Replays
02:57 BatSteve dr_jkl: You're welcome!  What link?
02:58 CSMonster flying slow is not safe.
02:58 dr_jkl the dvl
02:58 BatSteve oh!
02:58 BatSteve hahaha no problem
02:58 IIsi50MHz Well...not slow enough to stall.
02:58 BatSteve CSMonster: flying slow is perfectly safe if you have enough altitude
02:58 dr_jkl i'm glad you enjoyed my outlook on linux distros
02:59 BatSteve (then again, with enough altitude just about anything is safe)
02:59 dr_jkl well, opinion
02:59 wannabe1987 lol
02:59 CSMonster well, yes, if you have enough altitude to recover from a stall.  but unless you're trying to scare the shit out of your passengers it's preferable not to stall. :o
02:59 wannabe1987 lol
02:59 CSMonster "hey guys watch this"
03:00 exor674 and yaknow I doubt the commercial jet engines like mach-speeds
03:00 dr_jkl NEEEEEEEEEEEM *splat*
03:00 BatSteve I wish.  My airplane stalls so tame it's like descending through jello
03:01 CSMonster commercial airliners aren't built for supersonic or transonic performance, no.
03:01 CSMonster what do you fly BatSteve?
03:01 BatSteve my training aircraft?
03:01 exor674 now I wonder what a jet engine would do with jello ingestion
03:01 BatSteve .w cirrus sr20
03:01 BotSteve "The Cirrus Design SR20 is a piston engine composite monoplane that seats four." -
03:01 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
03:02 CSMonster you can fly a commercial airliner at transonic speeds but you'll vibrate the plane to pieces in short order.  thus the focus on being more fuel efficient rather than faster.
03:02 CSMonster ah
03:02 BatSteve That and the self-loading cargo doesn't pay more if you get to your destination early
03:02 BatSteve So there's really very little point
03:03 CSMonster weren't british airways and air france losing money on the concorde?
03:03 dr_jkl yeah
03:03 dr_jkl it's why it was retired
03:04 CSMonster well it was also retired because it was old as hell and pressurized airframes only last so long (without unreasonably expensive structural overhauls)
03:04 CSMonster cheaper to buy new aircraft
03:05 BatSteve ooh yeah they were
03:05 BatSteve *losing money
03:05 CSMonster small playload (passenger) capacity for astronomical fuel consumption
03:06 CSMonster i miss flying :( it's too expensive though
03:06 BatSteve and the ability to fly supersonic....but only over water
03:07 CSMonster read: the ability to fly supersonic over any area that doesn't have people to complain about noise
03:07 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
03:08 CSMonster .w oklahoma city sonic boom tests
03:08 BotSteve "The Oklahoma City sonic boom tests, also known as Operation Bongo II, refer to a controversial experiment in which 1,253 sonic booms were carried out over Oklahoma City, Oklahoma over a period of six months in 1964." -
03:09 BatSteve I wish every operation was named Operation Bongo Two.
03:09 CSMonster LOL
03:09 BatSteve in fact I wish that was my callsign.
03:09 BatSteve "Slick" is a good one, but "Bongo Two"?   Epic.
03:09 CSMonster BongoSteve
03:10 CSMonster that makes me wonder about Operation Bongo One
03:10 BatSteve .w bongo one
03:10 BotSteve "El Hadj Omar Bongo Ondimba (30 December 1935 – 8 June 2009[3]|), born as Albert-Bernard Bongo, was a Gabonese politician who was President of Gabon for 42 years from 1967 until his death in office in 2009." -
03:11 CSMonster LOL
03:11 BatSteve ....
03:11 BatSteve didn't see that one coming
03:11 CSMonster .w operation bongo
03:11 BotSteve "The Oklahoma City sonic boom tests, also known as Operation Bongo II, refer to a controversial experiment in which 1,253 sonic booms were carried out over Oklahoma City, Oklahoma over a period of six months in 1964." -
03:11 CSMonster well that didn't help
03:11 BatSteve I didn't even know there was a place called Gabon.
03:12 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
03:12 Ponko92 and im back
03:12 dr_jkl lol
03:12 dr_jkl the maintenance isn't over yet. wah.
03:12 Ponko92 yay for trojans
03:12 Ponko92 not the condoms btw
03:12 dr_jkl nah, it's unrelated maintenance
03:13 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
03:13 dr_jkl as soon as it's done, i am going to help moose out with the site being slow
03:13 Ponko92 ahh ok
03:17 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
03:17 dr_jkl it's been.. something of a crawl lately
03:17 BatSteve the site?
03:17 BatSteve yes.
03:18 dr_jkl i aim to help fix that
03:18 dr_jkl i already have a few ideas on how to help improve perforamnce
03:19 dr_jkl i do this kind of stuff for a living, and it occured to me - why not put some of that smrts to use helping the geek group? :)
03:19 BatSteve Have you talked to mikemol at all?  He's mentioned a couple of things that could help with the site.
03:19 BatSteve I have no idea what they are because I'm not cool enough, but they sound logical and reasonable
03:19 dr_jkl well
03:20 dr_jkl what i'm doing for moose is kind of a one off helping her out of a jam
03:20 dr_jkl but
03:20 dr_jkl i've considered asking to be considered for volunteer consultancy
03:20 dr_jkl i'm always happy to help
03:26 CSMonster >.<
03:27 BatSteve ?
03:27 CSMonster i am trying to find an apprenticeship opening for tool and die maker
03:28 CSMonster somewhere in washington.  preferably east side.
03:28 CSMonster so far i'm SOL.
03:32 arruid left #thegeekgroup
03:34 dr_jkl YES
03:34 dr_jkl MY MIGRANE HAS LEFT
03:35 Ponko92 Trophy Awarded
03:35 BatSteve Acceptance speeches made
03:35 CSMonster lol
03:38 Ponko92 hahaha
03:39 BatSteve acceptance speeches interrupted by rapper attempting to defend beyonce
03:39 Ponko92 O_O why?
03:39 BatSteve National outrage begins!
03:40 BatSteve Ponko92: you may not have heard of this
03:40 Ponko92 possibly
03:40 BatSteve .yt taylor swift vma
03:40 BotSteve BatSteve:
03:40 BatSteve ..yeah, this is the one
03:41 steve_____ don't forget the more recent Stewert/Cobert incident
03:41 BatSteve oh, there's a new one?
03:41 BatSteve what'd I miss?
03:43 steve_____ Cobert stole Jons award from him at comedy awards
03:43 steve_____
03:45 Ponko92 right alright lads and gals i'm off to sleep
03:45 BatSteve g'night ponko
03:45 CSMonster bye ponk
03:45 * steve_____ thinks he should be off to bed to but continues to "study"
03:45 Ponko92 yay for insomnia
03:46 Ponko92 its 1/4 2 5 am
03:46 Ponko92 yay
03:47 BatSteve steve_____: study what?
03:47 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
03:47 steve_____ singals and systems
03:47 steve_____ hi red
03:47 CSMonster reeeeed
03:47 BatSteve Also, you have lots and lots of underscores.  I feel like I should start a collection to buy you a new nick
03:47 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
03:47 BatSteve Donation drive or something
03:47 RED_home Hey guys.
03:47 BatSteve hi red
03:47 Ponko92 can i ask a question batsteve before i oh red's on i'll stay on lol
03:48 steve_____ is now known as steve___________
03:48 BatSteve I see how it is
03:48 BatSteve Thanks.
03:48 steve___________ better?
03:48 BatSteve I needed that
03:48 BatSteve (:
03:48 RED_home If you're starting a donation drive, I could use for gas money for my drive to the
03:48 steve___________ is now known as steve_____
03:48 RED_home Hi Ponky, lol.
03:48 BatSteve Ponko92: yes you can ask
03:48 Yaotzin You know how it's not considered proper to talk to someone on the phone while using the bathroom
03:48 Yaotzin well I was just doing that with skype
03:48 Yaotzin got some rather odd looks from my roommates
03:49 Ponko92 how big is the lab complex?
03:49 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
03:49 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
03:49 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
03:49 Ponko92 hi red man i have a mean case of Insomnia
03:49 BatSteve Ponko92: I figured it out one time, but I can't recall off the top of my head
03:49 Yaotzin And then my internet goes out
03:49 BatSteve I believe it was something like 40,000 square feet?
03:49 CSMonster 43k
03:50 Ponko92 ah ok
03:50 steve_____ Ponko92 the lab has a 1 block frontage and I also think about 40k
03:50 CSMonster chris mentioned that in the camera autopsy video
03:50 RED_home Oh hai, CSMonster. Didn't seee you there....all my favorite people are online, yaaayyy!
03:50 CSMonster lol
03:50 CSMonster hi RED_home
03:50 steve_____ thanks
03:50 CSMonster yeah chris said 43,000 square feet.
03:50 Ponko92 yeah i was thinking if captain aloud me i'd go for a walk round the place lol
03:50 CSMonster which incidentally is just slightly more floor space than a Titan I missile silo complex
03:51 BatSteve Why would you not be allowed, ponko?  It takes like 2 minutes to walk around the building.
03:51 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
03:51 Yaotzin_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:51 Yaotzin_ left #thegeekgroup
03:51 Ponko92 well we're i'm aloud access of course
03:52 CSMonster Ponko92 is not allowed access to the cafeteria
03:52 RED_home lol
03:52 Ponko92 well the VSL is where i'd nest the time i'm hopefully there
03:52 Ponko92 ohhh
03:52 Ponko92 BK is down the road
03:52 CSMonster lol
03:53 Ponko92 yeah its a good thing i'm quite an eater with a HIGH metabolism
03:53 steve_____ a High metabolism is a geeks friend
03:53 Ponko92 eat like a fat man and skinnier than a rake well with a few muscles here and
03:53 Ponko92 there
03:54 Ponko92 lifting gearboxes and large car parts builds muscle
03:55 CSMonster dropping gearboxes and large car parts on your feet doesn't.
03:55 Ponko92 nope
03:55 Ponko92 thats why i wear steelies
03:56 CSMonster that's why i wear steel toes *now*
03:56 steve_____ isn't thats a geek requirment?
03:56 Ponko92 yeah in the workshop we just say steelies
03:57 CSMonster i'm going to call that a regional thing
03:57 Ponko92 dropped a Porsche exhaust system on my foot before
03:57 Ponko92 with no steelies
03:57 Ponko92 owwww
03:57 CSMonster i almost removed my foot with a transaxle :(
03:57 Ponko92 love hurts alright lol
03:58 Ponko92 other than my fiancee i love Porsche more than anything lol
03:58 Ponko92 have since i was 4
03:59 BatSteve good job putting those first four words in
03:59 BatSteve you'll do well at being married
03:59 BatSteve (:
03:59 RED_home lol
03:59 NeWtoz I ran over my toe with a 9000 portal bleacher once
03:59 Ponko92 yep
03:59 NeWtoz wait, 5000lb
04:00 Ponko92 i love her more than i love Porsche
04:00 NeWtoz probably felt more then 9000
04:00 CSMonster does newtoz still haz said foot?
04:00 Ponko92 and she loves me more than Hello Kitty
04:00 NeWtoz yup
04:00 NeWtoz and no broken anything
04:00 CSMonster lol ponko
04:00 NeWtoz I'm invincible
04:00 Ponko92 your a loony
04:01 Ponko92 lol sorry monty python
04:01 RED_home We're all a bit....special from time to time
04:01 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
04:01 Ponko92 the black knight always thriumps have at you
04:01 RED_home Hope you're okay haven't returned for your jacket yet...afraid I'll make you paint? lol.
04:01 CSMonster
04:02 Ponko92 lol RED_home i'd be afraid you'd bite my neck and turn me vampire ;) lol
04:02 NeWtoz lol, just haven't had the time
04:02 exor674 Red is a campire?
04:02 exor674 ... vampire
04:02 CSMonster campire?
04:02 RED_home ;)
04:02 RED_home maayyybbbe.
04:02 CSMonster red is a campfire
04:02 exor674 ( what is a campire anyway? a campy vampire? )
04:02 * NeWtoz wants a campfire
04:02 CSMonster red has campfire hair
04:02 Ponko92 a very sexy one :P
04:02 * BatSteve imagined a vampire that drinks oil and feeds on camshafts
04:03 CSMonster lol
04:03 RED_home (blushes)
04:03 CSMonster ponko is in love
04:03 Ponko92 yeah with my fiancee
04:03 NeWtoz if my weekend is more boring then usual, I'll be there to get it this weekend
04:03 Ponko92 lol
04:03 NeWtoz sometime
04:04 Ponko92 batsteve a campire sucks the oil out of cam heads :P
04:05 BatSteve :]
04:05 Yaotzin I read that as campfire
04:05 Yaotzin like someone is throwing cams in a fire
04:05 Yaotzin I mean I hear about using lighter fluid to get tires on 18 wheelers so
04:05 Yaotzin what do I know
04:05 exor674 well that would probably <s>suck</s> burn all the oil off them
04:06 CSMonster if your cams are on fire, you have some minor automotive problems.
04:06 exor674 CSMonster: if any of your car
04:06 CSMonster lol
04:06 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now current topic is: Boden Unit of Measurement: | Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | CSMonster: if your cams are on fire, you have some minor automotive problems. | ---*_ This channel is R rated _*---
04:07 Ponko92 wow
04:08 CSMonster linky no worky
04:08 CSMonster the boden unit link that is
04:08 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
04:08 DeRaaf left #thegeekgroup
04:08 Ponko92 yo RED if i'm over there no neck biting that LJs job lol
04:09 RED_home duuh.
04:09 Ponko92 lol ;)
04:09 CSMonster LJ?
04:09 RED_home his fiance
04:09 BatSteve CSMonster: yeah, the forums are down
04:10 BatSteve (still)
04:10 RED_home CSMonster, it's cold here...come cuddle with me?
04:10 RED_home lol.
04:10 Ponko92 oh for god sake
04:10 CSMonster LOL
04:10 CSMonster if only
04:10 Yaotzin The forums..are down. The forums... are down. The forums forums forums unce unce unce unce unce
04:10 Ponko92 hey i can cuddle lol
04:10 Yaotzin unce unce unce unce the forums are down unce unce unce unce
04:10 RED_home you has an LJ
04:10 * BatSteve lightswitch raves
04:11 Yaotzin BatSteve: what did I tell you about having a lightswitch rave?
04:11 * steve_____ joins the party
04:11 Yaotzin We put that special batswitch in for you
04:11 * CSMonster breaks out the glowsticks
04:11 Yaotzin and here you are throwing batswitch raves with it
04:11 RED_home time for THE RAAAVVVEEE
04:11 Ponko92 YEAHHHHHH
04:11 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
04:11 Ponko92 JUSTICE
04:11 BatSteve .yt emergency party button
04:11 climberex joined #thegeekgroup
04:12 BotSteve BatSteve:
04:12 Ponko92 .w Luton Town FC
04:12 BotSteve "Luton Town Football Club ( /ˈluːtən ˈtaʊn/) is an English professional football club based since 1905 at Kenilworth Road, Luton, Bedfordshire." -
04:13 Yaotzin;feature=related
04:13 Yaotzin Here you go everyone
04:13 Yaotzin enjoy this
04:13 Ponko92 Kenilworth Road is like 1/2 mile from where i sleep
04:14 RED_home creepy
04:15 CSMonster i want that button.
04:15 Ponko92 how is it? lol
04:16 Ponko92 i might get a BK sometime
04:16 Yaotzin I haven't watched a strongbad in a long time
04:16 DruidicRifleman MMMM captain morgan private stock. . . if i ever am celibrating with tgg remindme to have a bottle
04:16 Yaotzin I wonder if they even still update
04:17 climberex left #thegeekgroup
04:18 RED_home Allright guys, I'm going to bed...I worked hard today..need some sleep so i can wake up and do it again tomorrow.,,,mheh.
04:18 RED_home Goodnight!
04:18 Ponko92 night
04:19 Yaotzin Goodnight
04:19 CSMonster night RED_home
04:19 BatSteve g'night
04:20 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
04:21 steve_____ we need an emergancy party button at the lab
04:21 wannabe1987 y?
04:21 CSMonster you do
04:21 steve_____ it can be tied into bocsy
04:22 steve_____ there could be a lobby party mode and whole building
04:22 steve_____ it would be fun
04:22 Ponko92 .w insomnia
04:22 BotSteve "Insomnia (from Latin 'in' meaning 'not', and 'Somnus' meaning 'sleep') is most often defined by an individual's report of sleeping difficulties." -
04:22 Ponko92 yay
04:23 Ponko92 f**king hell
04:23 Ponko92 its 1/2 5
04:24 CSMonster ?
04:25 Ponko92 am
04:25 Toastdude Hi
04:25 BatSteve .t utc
04:25 BotSteve 2011-04-21T04:25:19Z
04:25 ubergoober left #thegeekgroup
04:25 Ponko92 hey sun is coming out birds are chirping
04:25 Ponko92 time  for me to join RED
04:25 Ponko92 ......
04:25 Ponko92 uh not in that way
04:25 CSMonster lol
04:26 CSMonster bye
04:26 BatSteve Ponko92: how much light is in your room?  It might be that your environment is too bright
04:26 BatSteve also bye
04:26 BatSteve (:
04:26 Ponko92 no light at all just the tv and the laptop
04:26 BatSteve Can't help you then.  G'night.
04:26 Ponko92 lol
04:26 Ponko92 yay
04:26 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
04:27 Toastdude Bye BatSetve!
04:27 BatSteve you mean ponko?
04:27 Toastdude Oh, I thought you meant you were leaving.....
04:28 Toastdude Nevermind
04:28 BatSteve not for another 15 minutes or so
04:28 Toastdude Ok
04:29 CSMonster well if all the cool people are leaving...
04:29 Toastdude My mom says Hi to you
04:29 BatSteve who?
04:29 BatSteve Tell her we say hi back
04:30 Toastdude Ok.
04:31 Toastdude Is that weird?
04:32 rastarogue left #thegeekgroup
04:32 BatSteve I don't think so?
04:32 BatSteve maybe?
04:32 Toastdude Ok, just wondering.....
04:33 Toastdude If so, sorry
04:33 CSMonster lol
04:33 BatSteve not worried about it
04:33 CSMonster we have mothers too.  we understand how it is.
04:33 Toastdude Lol
04:35 wannabe1987 hi mom!
04:35 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
04:35 wannabe1987 oh no!  its a mod! :P
04:35 BatSteve hide!
04:35 exor674 quick, hide the booze
04:35 BatSteve is now known as John_Smith
04:36 mman454-mobile The Bull is in.
04:36 CSMonster oh dear.
04:36 Toastdude Hi Chris
04:36 John_Smith is now known as BatSteve
04:36 BatSteve I can't believe that John_Smith isn't a registered nick
04:36 wannabe1987 lol
04:37 Toastdude It should be.....
04:37 wannabe1987 chris?  who is chris?!
04:37 BatSteve also, mman454-mobile, I don't have the greets database fully programmed yet
04:37 Yaotzin   Random link
04:37 Yaotzin If you haven't been there, go
04:37 Toastdude Wait, isnt Chris on?
04:37 Yaotzin enjoy
04:37 mman454-mobile I can... people don't like _s
04:37 CSMonster chris is technically logged in.  i don't think he's actually here.
04:37 BatSteve spaghetti and meatball cake...?
04:38 BatSteve that can't taste good
04:38 BatSteve oh wait
04:38 Yaotzin Chocolate cake covered in spaghetti icing, with Ferrero Roche meatballs smothered with raspberry sauce.
04:38 BatSteve it's not actual spaghetti
04:38 BatSteve hahaha
04:38 wannabe1987 lol
04:38 Toastdude Oh, whoops....... BatSteve: That would be interesting.....
04:38 wannabe1987 i love ferrer rocher :D
04:38 mman454-mobile BatSteve what programing language are you using?
04:38 CSMonster i miss ferrer rocher
04:39 Yaotzin
04:39 BatSteve mman454-mobile: for BotSteve?  Python
04:39 Yaotzin Perfect gift for valentines
04:39 mman454-mobile and just a note to whoever mentioned chris being online: he never signs off
04:39 wannabe1987 he's always watching
04:39 wannabe1987 omg bacon roses!
04:39 wannabe1987 om nom nom
04:39 mman454-mobile what do you run him with? Perl?
04:39 Yaotzin and to go with it,
04:39 exor674 bacon?
04:40 exor674 did someone say bacon? *steals it*
04:40 CSMonster gross.
04:40 Toastdude Yum yum.....
04:40 BatSteve mman454-mobile: no....just python
04:40 Toastdude *sarcasm*
04:40 Yaotzin  speaking of meatballs
04:41 wannabe1987 anyone ever have the bacon explosion?
04:41 BatSteve Why would I need perl?
04:41 BatSteve (honest question - I'm actually wondering)
04:41 mman454-mobile ok im going to have to do some research on this...
04:41 Yaotzin bacon explosion?
04:41 wannabe1987 omg yes
04:41 wannabe1987 hold on
04:42 wannabe1987
04:42 wannabe1987 i've had one...
04:42 Yaotzin
04:42 wannabe1987 thats almost too mcuh bacon :'(
04:42 Toastdude I thought you meant exploding bacon....
04:42 exor674 I am tempted to make one
04:43 Yaotzin I have not had bacon explosion
04:43 exor674 and now spekaing of exploding bacon ( and no, I am not volunteering to clean it up, even if I lived close enough to )
04:43 Yaotzin I like how you said that is "almost" too much bacon
04:43 wannabe1987 lol
04:43 exor674 I wonder if bacon is conductive enough for thumper
04:43 wannabe1987 hmmmm
04:43 wannabe1987 i don't know
04:44 Toastdude exor674: Nice..
04:44 wannabe1987 i don't know how thumper works
04:44 exor674 puts a fuckton of current through something
04:44 wannabe1987 ahhh
04:44 BatSteve I know nothing about electricity, but I thought it was voltage, not current.
04:44 BatSteve Shout at me if I'm wrong
04:44 wannabe1987 idon't know electricity/HV either
04:44 wannabe1987 so i don't care
04:45 exor674 coulda sworn I read somewhere that max it was like 1.8kV 80kA
04:45 Toastdude High voltage is discharged from a cap bank through to electrodes, and it makes stuff vaporize
04:45 Yaotzin If you guys like those links, check out this video;v=FCxFn3sAw68
04:45 mman454-mobile its somewhat high voltage
04:45 Yaotzin 100,000 calorie burger
04:45 Yaotzin greater than
04:45 mman454-mobile it will go up to around 2kv mav
04:46 Toastdude 1.8 kV is somewhat high?
04:46 exor674 I totally love people that call 120v high voltage HAHA
04:46 Yaotzin wannabe1987: You should check that out
04:46 Yaotzin they use tons of bacon in everything
04:47 Yaotzin Lot more videos where that came from
04:47 Toastdude You can plate glass with copper using thumper....
04:47 exor674 explosive vapor deposition?
04:47 Toastdude I think so....... sound right....
04:48 Yaotzin However I can't recommend watching them eat the stuff
04:48 Toastdude Yea, cause it vaporizes the copper and deposits it on the glass
04:49 wannabe1987 lol
04:49 Yaotzin;v=yCrbv81SBHg  Deep fried mac and cheese cake with a burger inside of it
04:49 Yaotzin covered in bacon
04:50 exor674 ( also speaking of high voltage, I totally wanna make a telsa coil someday... I just doubt I have anywhere to safely *run* one if I made it
04:50 Toastdude Hey Steve, when you say you aren't the batman i'm thinking of, what do you mean by that?
04:50 exor674 not sure how long of an arc a teeny one would shoot off, but yeah )
04:50 CSMonster x_x i can't focus on anything right now, i need to sign out and go try to find my brain. night guys
04:51 Yaotzin Night
04:51 wannabe1987 hope you find it...
04:51 Sadius left #thegeekgroup
04:51 Toastdude Good night
04:51 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
04:51 LeadHead1 left #thegeekgroup
04:51 BatSteve Toastdude: there are two folks at the geek group who use the "bat" name
04:52 BatSteve me and one other guy who goes by Batman
04:52 BatSteve He's the one in the videos
04:52 BatSteve I'm the one in the IRC
04:52 wannabe1987 lol soilent green is people :P
04:52 Toastdude Ok, thanks
04:52 Toastdude Sorry, just wondering who is who.....
04:53 BatSteve wannabe1987: soylent green kills dumbledore
04:53 BatSteve Toastdude: no need to be sorry
04:53 wannabe1987 no, snape did!
04:54 Toastdude Also, how do you do the beep thing?
04:54 wannabe1987 beep?
04:54 BatSteve by saying your name?
04:54 BatSteve Toastdude ?
04:54 DeRaaf joined #thegeekgroup
04:54 Toastdude Oh
04:54 wannabe1987 toastdude
04:54 wannabe1987 toastdude
04:54 wannabe1987 toastdude
04:54 wannabe1987 toastdude
04:54 wannabe1987 toastdude
04:54 wannabe1987 toastdude
04:54 wannabe1987 there...enough spam
04:55 Toastdude Sure...... lol
04:55 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
04:55 wannabe1987 what, i don't want to be kicked for spamming...
04:56 Hydroelectric Who spammed?
04:56 BatSteve hydro:  no spamming.  nothing to worry about.
04:56 Toastdude My mom, it was getting annoying.....
04:56 Hydroelectric Ok...
04:56 wannabe1987 batsteve - can we get kicked for spamming?
04:57 Hydroelectric .weather Cairns
04:57 BotSteve Scattered, 29℃, 1010mb, Gentle breeze 8kt (↑) - YBCS 04:30Z
04:57 BatSteve wannabe1987: you can get kicked for annoying me
04:57 BatSteve (:
04:57 Hydroelectric Lol.
04:57 wannabe1987 oooo
04:57 wannabe1987 then i'll just stick to bot abuse
04:57 Hydroelectric o_O
04:57 Hydroelectric ...
04:57 BatSteve if you're worried about getting kicked, odds are you probably won't get kicked.
04:58 BatSteve (:
04:58 Yaotzin Spend a few years on IRC and you'll figure out IRC rules eventually
04:58 BatSteve it's the idiots that concern me
04:58 wannabe1987 lol i know the rules...
04:58 BatSteve the ones who don't know any better
04:58 Yaotzin Yeah that too
04:58 wannabe1987 i've spent a few years (2?  1.5?) on the other irc
04:58 wannabe1987 don't piss off "god" aka the +o's
04:58 Hydroelectric Hmm.
04:59 Toastdude Like botsteve?
04:59 Yaotzin and the +h
04:59 wannabe1987 yeah...half ops can kick too
04:59 Yaotzin Although I wonder how one would moderate the web client users
05:00 wannabe1987 ban the webclient?
05:00 wannabe1987 lol
05:00 BatSteve By IP, would be my guess.
05:00 wannabe1987 at #standardshift we ban mibbit sometimes...if our troll comes back
05:00 Yaotzin the /whois was giving me the webclient ip
05:00 Yaotzin so I wasn't sure
05:00 BatSteve hmm
05:01 Yaotzin I figured out a way of fixing it assuming you can't .kb them
05:01 BatSteve Lay it on me!
05:01 Yaotzin Just curious either way
05:01 BatSteve suggestions *always* welcome
05:01 Yaotzin Well it's only really needed if that's really the case
05:01 Yaotzin but honestly it's just setting +m and giving everyone +v
05:02 wannabe1987 well, i'd be suggesting certian people to be kicked for a bit....
05:02 Yaotzin and taking it away as needed
05:02 Hydroelectric Lets hear it.
05:02 BatSteve Yaotzin: good call.  if it's individual users you can +q them, but that doesn't stop reconnects
05:02 Hydroelectric @wannabe1987 Who?
05:02 wannabe1987 bastard canadian
05:02 LeadHead1 joined #thegeekgroup
05:02 wannabe1987 if i say his nick he'll know...but i have him on /ignore
05:03 Yaotzin I've been in +v rooms before, actually one of the best rooms I've had was a +o room but
05:03 Yaotzin this isn't the kind of room for the later
05:03 Hydroelectric I've never been in a room with +v.
05:03 Yaotzin meaning every single person in the room had ops at the same level of access except for the founder
05:04 Yaotzin and yeah +m is great for when there is a sudden huge influx of people
05:04 BatSteve Yaotzin: when we were at 15 people instead of 61 people, we could have done +o
05:04 Yaotzin and you don't want to kick them for whatever reason
05:04 Yaotzin BatSteve: Possibly
05:05 Yaotzin Although the room was so inactive then it didn't really need moderation
05:05 BatSteve ::nod::
05:05 Yaotzin Pretty sure I only really talked to you for the most part when I was coming in here, lol
05:05 Yaotzin That I remember anyway
05:06 wannabe1987 my other channel i have +v
05:06 wannabe1987 here i don't
05:06 wannabe1987 i don't notice differences :P
05:06 Yaotzin Nah this channel has been fine for the most part
05:06 Yaotzin couple .k but
05:07 Yaotzin Oh yeah BatSteve I was thinking about that, the webclient, because that one guest user was being a schmuck again
05:08 Yaotzin but that was yesterday
05:08 BatSteve I saw that in the history
05:08 BatSteve he waited for me to leave
05:08 * wannabe1987 has nothing against canada
05:08 BatSteve I was not thrilled.
05:08 Yaotzin Seemed like it
05:08 Toastdude Who?
05:08 wannabe1987 mom again
05:09 Hydroelectric I saw that.
05:09 Yaotzin bur?
05:10 wannabe1987 *waves*
05:10 wannabe1987 hmmm i'm hungry
05:10 wannabe1987 waffles sound good...
05:10 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
05:10 Yaotzin Is someone on the stream? I feel like I'm missing something
05:10 MoxieMike it's 1am there
05:10 wannabe1987 someone better not be on the stream....
05:11 MoxieMike and here
05:11 wannabe1987 its 1:10am
05:11 Yaotzin Yeah I didn't think so but
05:11 Yaotzin maybe I'm just aloof
05:11 wannabe1987 aloof?
05:12 Yaotzin um
05:12 BatSteve .define aloof
05:12 BotSteve aloof — adjective: 1. Reserved and remote; either physically or emotionally distant — adverb: 1. At or from a distance, but within view, or at a small distance; apart; away, 2. Without sympathy; unfavorably
05:12 BatSteve my good deed of the day
05:12 Yaotzin brb thesaurus
05:12 Yaotzin or that
05:12 BatSteve (:
05:12 wannabe1987 batsteve - i've seen bots that you could hold  convo's was interesting!
05:12 BatSteve wannabe1987: Yeah!
05:13 BatSteve My bot is not one of those
05:13 wannabe1987 her name is anna
05:13 wannabe1987 alyssa's a bitch tho...
05:13 BatSteve ....
05:13 BatSteve a bot named anna?
05:13 wannabe1987 but she's useful for weather and conversions
05:13 wannabe1987 sure
05:13 BatSteve .yt boten anna
05:13 BotSteve BatSteve:
05:13 dr_jkl ugh
05:13 dr_jkl KHAAAAAAANN
05:13 BatSteve ?
05:13 wannabe1987 bot anna and bot named alyssa
05:13 dr_jkl teh server is down for an unrelated problem
05:14 wannabe1987 dr_jkl did the website go down again?
05:14 wannabe1987 :(
05:14 BatSteve wannabe1987: "Boten Anna" is a song about a bot named Anna.  it made me laugh when you mentioned one
05:14 dr_jkl it's been down since maintenance. the maintenance is done but the host box is having issues
05:14 wannabe1987 olol
05:14 dr_jkl i want to work on it damn it :(
05:15 Toastdude Have any of you seen Trololololol?
05:15 LeadHead1 I don't get it
05:15 BatSteve toast:  yes.
05:15 BatSteve (:
05:15 LeadHead1 Moose and Chris say Dreamhost is fabulous, but they always seem to be having website issues?
05:15 Toastdude Hb Trolzillalolol?
05:15 wannabe1987 no and no
05:15 dr_jkl LeadHead1: this is an unrelated issue to the maintenance.  i alerted dreamhost support 'cos i'm bored.
05:15 wannabe1987 and no thanks :P
05:16 wannabe1987 where would you rather host, dr_jkl?
05:16 dr_jkl it's not my place to pass judgement on people for where they do or don't host.
05:16 Yaotzin LeadHead1: I'm not sure if the problem is on dreamhosts end
05:16 Yaotzin I'll ask someone about it tomorrow
05:17 dr_jkl the website slowness is not dreamhost's issue.
05:17 LeadHead1 dr_jkl: I don't see how that is passing judgment
05:17 dr_jkl i'm working w/ moos on fixing it.
05:17 dr_jkl moose*
05:17 LeadHead1 Seemed like a fairly innocent question
05:17 LeadHead1 if you had to hold a website, where would you host?
05:17 LeadHead1 *host
05:18 dr_jkl if money were no object i'd build a small cluster of dedicated servers and host them in a datacenter in fremont.
05:18 Hydroelectric I would most definately.
05:18 LeadHead1 And if you were looking for a good reliable host, that will not break the bank?
05:18 dr_jkl linode.
05:19 Hydroelectric I think.
05:19 LeadHead1 alrighty then
05:19 dr_jkl having said that, i've been a dreamhost customer for several years with no issues. :)
05:19 dr_jkl but i have accounts with linode, too- i develop on their platforms
05:19 Yaotzin :)
05:20 dr_jkl plus i like doing administrivia. it's fun!
05:21 BatSteve all right, I'm done.  goodnight one and all.
05:21 wannabe1987 night batsteve!
05:21 dr_jkl if it doesn't come up soon, i'll work on it tomorrow, but i hope to have the website running smoother real soon. :)
05:21 Toastdude Good night BatSteve
05:21 MoxieMike g'night steve
05:22 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
05:22 dr_jkl HA
05:22 dr_jkl it's up!
05:22 dr_jkl i am invincible.
05:22 Hydroelectric Night BatSteve.
05:22 Yaotzin Considering dreamhost keeps this apartment running I'm all for them. Although even beyond that how many webhosts or companies in general do you know with a 100% in country support team, and a customer ethics board that actually gets things done.
05:22 Yaotzin I got love for dreamhost
05:22 Toastdude Are you there Cprossu?
05:22 Yaotzin had no idea they were hosting the geek group site
05:26 Toastdude I think im gonna leave. night
05:26 Yaotzin Night
05:27 Cprossu later
05:27 Cprossu Toastdude I am now
05:27 Cprossu anything up/wrong/whatever?
05:28 Toastdude Ok, before I leave, i was just wondering how many achievements you have....
05:28 Hydroelectric Night.
05:28 Cprossu I think 19 at least... if you want to look me up on steam,
05:29 Cprossu actually 20
05:29 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
05:29 Cprossu Haven't tried co-op yet though
05:29 BatSteve dr_jkl: just thought of something
05:29 Toastdude Would it be weird if i friended you?
05:29 BatSteve on the forums, there's links to "group RSS" for each of the forum groups (general, science, local) etc
05:30 BatSteve There was at one time a link for "RSS for the entire forum"
05:30 BatSteve which is now hidden
05:30 BatSteve if you happen to find the URL of that particular RSS, I would greatly appreciate knowing it
05:30 BatSteve because it would let me scrape the site using BotSteve
05:30 dr_jkl BatSteve: will you e-mail me that?
05:31 BatSteve if I knew your email I would
05:31 dr_jkl fixed that for you
05:31 dr_jkl :)
05:31 Cprossu considering 21 of the achievements are co-op I've got 20 done, so I need 9 more for the single player game
05:31 BatSteve thanks!
05:31 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
05:32 Toastdude Well i dont even have it yet.....
05:32 Yaotzin man, what's four loco and why is it so popular
05:32 Cprossu well you'll have a blast when you do get it
05:32 Yaotzin I swear I hear about it everywhere now
05:33 Yaotzin It sounds like a winecooler
05:33 Toastdude I'm sure I wiil. Ive seen the new devices, and im excited
05:34 wannabe1987 fourloko is an alcoholic beverage thats alcohol and coffee/caffiene i believe
05:34 wannabe1987 its banned in some states
05:34 Toastdude *will
05:34 Yaotzin Really?
05:34 Yaotzin Why's that
05:34 dr_jkl in some people it can cause issues
05:34 wannabe1987 cuz caffiene + alcohol = bad news bears
05:34 Yaotzin Isn't it just flavored carbonated liquor?
05:35 Yaotzin oh it has caffeine too?
05:35 wannabe1987 yeah...
05:35 Yaotzin Why would you do that
05:35 wannabe1987 tahts the part thats bad...
05:35 wannabe1987 cuz it sounded like a good idea at the time?
05:35 wannabe1987 idunno
05:35 Yaotzin I mean, not even jaeger bombs sounded good
05:36 Yaotzin and people were already getting sick from that
05:36 MoxieMike ask any hard drug user...they'll tell you not to mix uppers and downers
05:36 Yaotzin Well, I can think of a upper and a downer I liked together but I've quit both
05:37 Yaotzin and I'm not about to promote those
05:37 Yaotzin and one of them is both an upper and a downer depending on the amount
05:37 wannabe1987 hmmm
05:38 Yaotzin I know, stuff be crazy
05:39 Cprossu Toastdude: is moonbase alpha any good?
05:39 Roly left #thegeekgroup
05:39 Yaotzin Moonbase alpha is fun for an hour or so
05:39 Cprossu I never noticed it before
05:39 Yaotzin until people go nuts with the TTS
05:39 Toastdude I dont know, the launcher on my laptop is always crapping out on me.....
05:40 Toastdude NASA made it
05:40 Toastdude So i cant even play Portal :(
05:40 Cprossu what do you have laptop wise, make/model?
05:41 Toastdude Asus Eee, same as Gen. Badass, i think...
05:42 Cprossu how in the hell could you play portal on that o_O
05:42 exor674 yeah, an Eee in't gonna be that great for gaming
05:42 Cprossu much less portal 2
05:42 Toastdude I always get him and Andrew mixed up..
05:42 Cprossu Intel 945M, got so good at...anything graphical
05:42 Cprossu *GM
05:43 Toastdude I dont really know... I played it on my sister's desktpo
05:43 Cprossu ahhh
05:44 Toastdude I have 3 computers, one DOS, so i cant use it for Portal, this one, and an old XP desktop.....
05:44 Toastdude So I have to use my sister's
05:44 Yaotzin Hey XP is still great for gaming
05:44 Toastdude .....
05:44 Toastdude Yeah, but its i think a '05
05:44 Cprossu that's not what he said heh
05:44 Yaotzin I know
05:44 Cprossu XP rocks
05:45 Yaotzin but he called it old
05:45 Yaotzin =(
05:45 Cprossu old would be '03
05:45 Cprossu xD
05:45 Yaotzin windows 95 is old
05:45 LeadHead1 XP sucks
05:45 LeadHead1 After using Windows 7 for more than a year
05:45 Cprossu not compared to vista or 7 =P
05:45 Toastdude No, i like XP, dont get me wrong
05:45 LeadHead1 7 is leagues ahead of XP in every possible way
05:45 Cprossu LeadHead1: I still hate the print spooler and updates that vista/7 share
05:45 Yaotzin Windows 7 I'm still on the fence about
05:45 Toastdude Its the graphics thats sucky...
05:45 LeadHead1 7 Runs faster on my PC than XP
05:46 Yaotzin for a gaming rig there are still plenty of conflicts keeping me back
05:46 Cprossu 7 runs like 'fixed vista' on everything I've done
05:46 LeadHead1 7 has less issues, and is far more responsive thanks to its vastly suprerior prefetch system
05:46 Cprossu I like win 7 for media systems
05:46 Cprossu though
05:46 Toastdude Does Steam run on Linux?
05:46 LeadHead1 No.
05:46 Cprossu sort of
05:46 Cprossu it'll run in wine
05:46 LeadHead1 It will run kinda sorta through Wine
05:46 Yaotzin If I ever get around to it I'll probably end up dualbooting XP and 7
05:46 LeadHead1 Having a game actually run is hot or miss
05:47 LeadHead1 *hit or miss
05:47 Cprossu old CS actually runs better in wine than windows though
05:47 Cprossu I've always found that funny
05:47 Toastdude whats Wine?
05:47 Cprossu anything opengl will run smooth and silky though
05:47 Yaotzin windows emulator for OSX
05:47 Hydroelectric And Linux.
05:47 Cprossu and it's less of an emulator than a compatibility layer
05:48 Cprossu technically it's the reactos core
05:48 Cprossu which is 'nt' compatible
05:48 Cprossu same set of dll projects
05:48 LeadHead1 Technically, ReactOS uses Wine as its core
05:48 LeadHead1 not the other way around
05:48 Yaotzin I couldn't get wine or winebottler to work on this machine
05:48 LeadHead1 Wine came first
05:48 Yaotzin this machine being a mac OS X server
05:48 Cprossu I don't know, the reactos project
05:48 Cprossu has been around a long time
05:48 Yaotzin I wanted to run some non-graphical games
05:49 Yaotzin and mIRC
05:49 Yaotzin but it just wasn't happening
05:49 Cprossu it was completely useless most of it though
05:49 LeadHead1 Initial release of wine was in '93, react OS was in 98
05:49 LeadHead1 /wikipedia
05:50 Cprossu I thought reactos went back to at least '96 in development though
05:50 Cprossu but '93 predates it
05:50 Cprossu I'm not talking releases fyi
05:50 Toastdude oh. Just a question, Cprossu, does your user name mean "central processing unit"?
05:50 LeadHead1 yeh
05:50 Cprossu yes.
05:50 Cprossu back in the day of compuserve
05:51 Cprossu I wanted a geek screename that was an important computer part... cpu was too short, centralprocessingunit was too long
05:51 Cprossu and every single other thing I thought of was taken
05:51 Yaotzin heh
05:52 Toastdude Well, It's a cool username :)
05:52 LeadHead1 LeadHead is never taken :-P
05:52 Roly joined #thegeekgroup
05:52 Cprossu congrats, you are the second one ever to figure it out
05:52 Toastdude Me?
05:52 Cprossu yeah
05:52 Cprossu usually I just get cross eyed views from most
05:52 Toastdude How long have you been on here?
05:52 Cprossu in tgg?
05:53 Cprossu '00 or '01 I want to say
05:53 Yaotzin Back from, oh, from 99 to 2004 my handle was GnomeKnight for god knows what reason, I sure as hell can't remember. Mostly for CS and AoE/AoE 2 Tournament play
05:53 Yaotzin then WoW came out and ruined gnomes
05:53 Yaotzin so I switched to this handle
05:53 Cprossu though this irc channel hasn't existed more than a year..or something
05:53 Cprossu either way
05:53 Yaotzin tgg has been around for 11 years?
05:53 Toastdude Wow
05:54 LeadHead1 Longer
05:54 LeadHead1 actually
05:54 Cprossu it goes way back
05:54 Yaotzin Really? wow
05:54 LeadHead1 Although I believe back then
05:54 Cprossu what was that one video with a much younger chris swinging from the rafters? '96?
05:54 LeadHead1 it was more or less a loose collection of buds
05:54 LeadHead1 that just hung out
05:54 Toastdude Do you work with DOS ever, Cprossu?
05:55 Cprossu of course
05:55 Toastdude QBasic
05:55 Cprossu ever make a batch menu system from scratch, Toastdude?
05:55 Cprossu yeah
05:55 Cprossu gorillas.bas xD
05:55 Cprossu or nibbles for that matter
05:55 Toastdude As in on QBasic?
05:55 Cprossu I didn't make them
05:55 Cprossu but I played them
05:55 Cprossu I did however
05:55 Cprossu produce a version of gorillas that shot floppy disks
05:56 Toastdude lol
05:56 Cprossu kinda a crowning achievement
05:56 Cprossu mad there are so many lines of useless code in that game x_x
05:56 Toastdude more than ive done.... of course im only 13....
05:56 Cprossu oh and get this
05:56 Roly left #thegeekgroup
05:56 Cprossu I even played it a few times on my IBM 5150
05:56 Toastdude Nice :)
05:57 Roly joined #thegeekgroup
05:57 Yaotzin Aw dude, gorillas was the dos game with the strength-angle-wind speed exploding banana throwing on skyscrapers right?
05:57 Cprossu which at the time was configured with 2 5 1/4 full height 360K floppy drives
05:57 Cprossu yes
05:57 Cprossu anyway
05:57 Yaotzin I was just talking about that the other day
05:57 Yaotzin Love gorillas
05:57 Cprossu know how long it takes the bannana to go across the screen
05:57 Cprossu of an 8088 pc?
05:57 Yaotzin :)
05:57 Toastdude nope
05:57 Yaotzin How long?
05:57 Cprossu depending on the throw, it could be over 2 minutes
05:58 Toastdude Wow, long turn......
05:58 Cprossu thankfully that game was set to best of 3
05:58 Toastdude lol
05:58 LeadHead1 It's funny how many of those old programs
05:58 Cprossu I still remember my starting move
05:58 Cprossu 45, 60
05:58 LeadHead1 were closely tied to CPU clock speed
05:58 Toastdude Thats funny :)
05:59 LeadHead1 I had an 8086 Clone PC, with a 25MB Seagate ST-225
05:59 Cprossu I seem to remember 6/10 times 45, 60 would work
05:59 Toastdude Ill have to try that....
05:59 Yaotzin I remember my dungeon delves and roguelikes being rather slow to make all of the moments many moons ago
05:59 Cprossu was it a columbia data products mpc1600?
05:59 LeadHead1 Just for kicks, I shoved its WD ISA drive controller card
05:59 Cprossu I have one of those
05:59 Yaotzin gosh I haven't played them in so long
05:59 LeadHead1 into a Pentium 3 450MHz system
05:59 Cprossu those ST-225's were bulletproof
05:59 LeadHead1 Almost every program ran comically fast
05:59 Cprossu and made cool noises too
06:00 Cprossu beep beep beeep     beep beep
06:00 LeadHead1 Yup
06:00 LeadHead1 and auto head park on power down
06:00 LeadHead1 nifty!
06:00 Cprossu makes me laugh every time I catch CSI and see that
06:00 Cprossu noooo
06:00 Cprossu st-225 did not have autopark
06:00 Cprossu st-251 did though
06:00 Cprossu you had to run a program to park the st-225
06:00 LeadHead1 Sure about that? Quite sure my ST-225 if you power it down, the stepper resets back to home
06:00 Cprossu I'm completely sure
06:00 Toastdude Right now, im trying to make an attempt at a small operating system using QBasic
06:01 LeadHead1 I'd go dig that ST225 out right now
06:01 * wannabe1987 *yawn* idk whats going on now...night!
06:01 LeadHead1 but I'm too lazy
06:01 Yaotzin Cprossu: Reminds me of when I got my first dualcore and I was having so many problems with games going a million miles an hour
06:01 Yaotzin even MMO's
06:01 LeadHead1 uh
06:01 Yaotzin which got me banned a few times
06:01 Yaotzin from planetside
06:01 LeadHead1 That doesn't make sense
06:01 Yaotzin LeadHead1: Check out the support forums for planetside
06:01 Yaotzin trust me
06:01 Yaotzin if you don't set the affinity for some games to 1
06:02 LeadHead1 You must have some shitty coding in a game, for CPU processing power
06:02 Yaotzin it'll go breakneck
06:02 Cprossu
06:02 Cprossu
06:02 LeadHead1 to actualyl affect the actual play speed
06:02 Cprossu look at those
06:02 Cprossu which one does your stepper look like?
06:02 LeadHead1 It's a 225
06:02 LeadHead1 trust me
06:02 Cprossu granted I do have a really early st-251 with a differeing stepper
06:02 Cprossu but my 225 nor my 225n autoparks
06:03 LeadHead1 Hm.
06:03 LeadHead1 brb, digging out ST-225
06:03 Cprossu (n=scsi XD)
06:04 Cprossu;feature=player_detailpage#t=255s
06:05 Cprossu ^ stepper on my best 251, spinup, spindown
06:05 Coderjoe_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:05 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
06:05 Toastdude So how did it go from a Boden of sound to this?
06:06 Coderjoe left #thegeekgroup
06:07 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
06:08 wannabe1987 does anyone know how to set a folder to need a password to access it in 7?
06:08 Toastdude probably Properties
06:09 wannabe1987 thats where i'm looking...
06:09 Toastdude Cprossu: Thats a stepper motor, yo?
06:09 Toastdude :)
06:09 Cprossu you bet it is, Toastdude
06:10 Cprossu it's even MY stepper motor, yo
06:10 Toastdude I need to get that t-shirt...... lol
06:11 Toastdude Oh, guess what?
06:12 Yaotzin There's a shirt on thinkgeek I'm going to get
06:12 Yaotzin Shame TGG doesn't sell it
06:12 Cprossu if I wore a hat I'd eat it if LeadHead1 comes back with a st-225 with autopark lol
06:12 Toastdude Lol
06:12 * LeadHead1 comes back with an ST-225
06:13 LeadHead1 that doesn't autopark
06:13 LeadHead1 :(
06:13 Cprossu I have a copy of park.exe somewhere if you need it
06:13 LeadHead1 Could have sworn it ddid
06:13 LeadHead1 Nah, it still has Dos 4.6 on it
06:13 Cprossu nah st-251 was the first drive chronologically that had it
06:13 LeadHead1 with a bunch of fun stuff
06:13 Cprossu I think I even explained that in my video
06:14 Cprossu I wasted a lot of my life with MFM drives
06:14 LeadHead1 What video
06:14 Toastdude Cprossu: Is it weird if you want a Geiger counter and an Arduino for a birthday present?
06:14 Cprossu;feature=player_profilepage
06:15 Cprossu Toastdude: only if you intend to use the geiger counter in a heavily contaminated area
06:15 Cprossu btw I found this drive in some surplus
06:15 Cprossu completely new
06:15 Toastdude Nah, I just want one for fun :)
06:16 Toastdude which drive?
06:16 Cprossu the st-251 in the video
06:16 Toastdude Really?
06:16 Cprossu yes.
06:17 Toastdude That's awesome! :)
06:17 LeadHead1 If you find an actual CDV-700
06:17 LeadHead1 they're useful for doing junk
06:17 Cprossu ask tracy (radioactive) in the forums if you get a cdv-700 that has issues
06:18 Cprossu or have any questions about it
06:19 Cprossu so I have something really weird for one of my 5150's
06:20 Cprossu it's a 386, 1mb of ram on an isa board with a 40 pin ribbon and socket that goes to the place of the original 8088
06:21 Cprossu no you can't run windows 3.1 on it, yes you need a special driver (which I have yet to find), yes it cost some poor bastard $4500, and yes, it was made by intel themselves
06:21 Cprossu 16mhz though!
06:21 LeadHead1 a 386
06:21 LeadHead1 in place of an 8088
06:21 Cprossu it will run the 286 version of win 3 though
06:21 Cprossu yep
06:22 LeadHead1 Didn't 8088s have an 8 bit bus?
06:22 Cprossu indeed they did
06:22 Cprossu actually 8x16
06:22 LeadHead1 That 386 must be choked
06:22 Cprossu it sure makes 'dir' quicker though
06:22 LeadHead1 Probably better off just replacing the clock crystal
06:23 LeadHead1 and pushing that 8088 for every last thing it has
06:23 LeadHead1 :P
06:23 Cprossu
06:23 Cprossu WOW
06:23 Cprossu there it is
06:23 NeWtoz cheese
06:23 Cprossu look in amazement
06:23 exor674 doesn't the on-board RAM fix that?
06:23 exor674 I bet the original board has 1MB and the addon as you said has 1MB
06:24 LeadHead1 Weirdly enough
06:24 Cprossu my board has 1mb
06:24 LeadHead1 I used to have a board that looked exactly like that
06:24 Cprossu and you cannot upgrade it
06:24 LeadHead1 except that the edge connector
06:24 LeadHead1 was more like PCI-X
06:24 exor674 can you upgrade the 8088's RAM?
06:24 LeadHead1 than ISA
06:24 Cprossu to 640kb
06:24 Cprossu the 386 card doesn't use it though
06:24 Cprossu because it's slower than mud
06:24 LeadHead1 but it had some intel CPU in it
06:24 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
06:25 wannabe1987 i like this song..."nothing compares to you"
06:25 * CSMonster is back
06:25 LeadHead1 They had all kinds of weird expansion cards back then
06:25 wannabe1987 i though tyou went to bed...
06:25 wannabe1987 welcome back...
06:25 LeadHead1 That probably shouldn't have been made
06:25 CSMonster no, i went to collect my thoughts
06:25 CSMonster and i found them
06:25 Cprossu but you see the blue ribbon cable?
06:25 LeadHead1 Yes
06:25 Cprossu 40 pin dip
06:25 Cprossu at the other end
06:25 Yaotzin hey wannabe1987 , if a bot commits a crime do you call  1110001111?
06:26 wannabe1987 sure
06:26 CSMonster and now i want to take a day trip over to seattle and use an ice cream (eye scream) scoop to make the people at boeing see my side of things.
06:26 wannabe1987 if thats 911
06:26 wannabe1987 :P
06:26 Cprossu also funny thing the scancodes on the xt were 4 bit
06:26 Cprossu by 4 bit
06:26 Cprossu if I recall correctly
06:26 LeadHead1 Don't most of the 8088's pins connect to the ISA bus
06:26 LeadHead1 anyways
06:26 Yaotzin Actually I made that joke in another channel but I forgot 10 and ended up with 901
06:26 Yaotzin thankfully no one caught it
06:27 Cprossu
06:27 Cprossu ^this is the same as the chip in mine
06:27 LeadHead1 16 bit software only
06:27 LeadHead1 what
06:27 Cprossu 386/16
06:27 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
06:27 Cprossu with no special branding on it
06:27 kristopher hey
06:28 wannabe1987 the fuck
06:28 Toastdude Hi
06:28 LeadHead1 It can't run 8 bit software?
06:28 wannabe1987 i'm having internet issues tnoight...:(
06:28 LeadHead1 or are they saying, don't run 32 bit on it
06:28 Yaotzin I'm sorry wannabe1987
06:28 CSMonster they are saying don't run 32 bit on it
06:28 Cprossu you can run it
06:28 LeadHead1 Ah
06:28 dr_jkl ok, i'll be back tomorrow
06:28 dr_jkl wife is demanding i go to bed
06:28 Cprossu it's just
06:28 Cprossu messed up sometimes
06:28 Cprossu plus if you don't have the driver you have issues
06:28 wannabe1987 my other IRC keeps going offline, so does yahoo
06:29 * dr_jkl sets her work aside for the night
06:29 dr_jkl nini
06:29 wannabe1987 and possibly this one...we'll see
06:29 wannabe1987 night
06:29 Yaotzin Goodnight
06:29 Cprossu but basically if it wasn't coded specifically to use it it wouldn't
06:29 CSMonster night dr_jkl
06:29 Toastdude night
06:29 Cprossu such a weird ass thing though
06:31 LeadHead1 Wikipedia doesn't seem to acknowledge the existance of this
06:31 LeadHead1 16 bit only 386
06:31 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
06:31 Cprossu it *could* do 32 bit
06:31 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
06:31 Cprossu but it had to be specifically coded for the thing
06:31 LeadHead1 Oh
06:32 Cprossu just like there was a special version of windows for it
06:32 Cprossu sort of
06:32 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
06:32 Cprossu but you get the idea
06:32 LeadHead1 Why even bother
06:32 Cprossu because it's less painful to use the 5150
06:32 Cprossu xD
06:32 LeadHead1 By the time the 386 was released
06:32 CSMonster dammit ff crashed
06:32 Cprossu everything runs blistering fast on it
06:32 CSMonster :(
06:32 LeadHead1 even an 8088 would have been an archaic machine
06:33 LeadHead1 I'm guessing by how few of the cards are left
06:33 LeadHead1 a lot of people thought the same
06:33 Cprossu well hey I've got a G4 450 that goes into a 90mhz powerpc mac
06:33 CSMonster there was a problem with some of the original 386 dies that related to running 32 bit software, i think it caused the system to completely lock up.  intel called them all back in to be tested; the ones that passed the test and were 32-bit okay were marked "∑∑" and the ones that weren't were marked as such you see above
06:34 CSMonster i have a book somewhere around here somewhere that goes into the whole problem
06:34 Cprossu oooh ic
06:34 Cprossu I don't know if mine has that last bit on it
06:34 Cprossu it could
06:34 Toastdude Ok, finally I'm going.... an hour and a half after i was going to... goodnight!
06:34 Cprossu I never bothered to look
06:34 CSMonster night Toastdude
06:34 wannabe1987 lol night wared up bread :P
06:35 Cprossu haha LeadHead1: I didn't even look at that chip too hard
06:35 Toastdude Yeah, im a little burnt... :P
06:35 Cprossu but I think mine will run 32bit fine
06:35 LeadHead1 Oh
06:35 LeadHead1 you didn't see the 16 bit only?
06:35 LeadHead1 stamped onit
06:35 Cprossu I don't think mine has that bit on it
06:35 LeadHead1 oh
06:35 Cprossu I could be wrong though
06:35 Cprossu as it's a really early chip
06:36 CSMonster
06:36 wannabe1987 and...i'm off to bed also.  NIGHT!
06:36 Toastdude night!
06:36 CSMonster night wanna
06:36 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
06:37 Cprossu lol at the sigma sigma
06:37 Cprossu
06:37 CSMonster the A80386DX-16 should mean 16MHz (half of bus speed)
06:38 CSMonster idk if that was part of the convo though :/ i wasn't here
06:38 Cprossu well what we were discussing
06:38 Cprossu is I have an old IBM 5150
06:38 Cprossu (a few) but this one
06:38 Cprossu has an intel inboard 386 card in it
06:38 Cprossu we got here because we got to talking about mfm hard drives
06:38 Cprossu specifically the st-225
06:39 Cprossu I mentioned it didn't autopark
06:39 Cprossu he thought it did
06:39 Cprossu (the st-251 autoparks, the st-225 does not)
06:39 CSMonster park the heads you mean?
06:39 Cprossu yes
06:39 * CSMonster is not a computer person
06:39 CSMonster okay
06:39 Cprossu
06:40 Cprossu ^ this is the card in question, 8 bit isa that has a 40 pin header/dip that replaces the 8088 in the computer
06:40 CSMonster nice
06:40 Cprossu although my 386 is not that one
06:40 Cprossu so I grabbed the quickest image of one that looked like mine
06:41 Cprossu that one happened to have "16 bit only" stamped on it
06:41 CSMonster ah
06:41 CSMonster the blue socket of doom next to the CPU ought to be for separate floating point unit processor i think
06:41 Cprossu
06:41 Cprossu it's a math co proc
06:41 Cprossu that you can stick in for no good reason
06:41 CSMonster yeah
06:41 CSMonster i have one of those sitting around here somewhere too
06:41 CSMonster the FPU that is
06:41 Cprossu I have a few too
06:41 LeadHead1 floating point
06:41 LeadHead1 bah
06:41 LeadHead1 useless
06:42 CSMonster and lol where is that coin from?
06:42 Cprossu no, the fpu in the original pentium socket 5's, now that was useless
06:42 Cprossu I'm not a coin collector
06:42 CSMonster lol
06:42 CSMonster what was my second computer, a 100MHz socket 5
06:42 Cprossu the socket 4 pentium's fpu's were ok, just slow =P
06:42 CSMonster *that was
06:43 Cprossu that one was ok and free of the dividing bug at least
06:43 * CSMonster nods
06:43 LeadHead1 Our 1st computer was a second hand Petnium 133
06:43 Cprossu I wish I had kept my bugged pentium 75
06:43 LeadHead1 Socket 7
06:43 Cprossu would made a good conversation piece
06:43 LeadHead1 Then later was a Socket 7 Cyrix 166
06:43 LeadHead1 That do to some bug
06:43 CSMonster my first (and by "my" i mean my family's when i was a child) was a 286
06:43 Cprossu ,am I am sorry
06:44 LeadHead1 couldn't run anything newer than windows 95
06:44 Cprossu cyrix's were pieces of shite
06:44 LeadHead1 after that we got a shiny Pentium 3 800 :-P
06:44 CSMonster lol
06:44 Cprossu the first computer I used was an AppleII in pre-school
06:44 Cprossu I freaked out the teacher by making a scrolling text basic program
06:44 Cprossu she thought I broke it
06:45 Cprossu (specifically a ][+)
06:45 Cprossu anyway I got my name on the board and had to sit in the corner (dumb bitch)
06:45 Cprossu so my career loving computers started there
06:45 CSMonster lol
06:45 CSMonster PC Unlimited i80286 -> IBM 100MHz socket 5 -> 933MHz PIII (we had the socket 5 waaaaay too long)
06:46 kristopher_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:46 Cprossu the first computer I got for myself was an IBM 5150, 2 360k floppy drives, monochrome monitor
06:46 kristopher_ ola
06:46 Cprossu ready?
06:46 CSMonster hi
06:46 CSMonster ready what?
06:46 Cprossu I payed $42 for it at a computer swap meet
06:46 Cprossu I felt so freaking awesome
06:46 CSMonster LOL
06:46 Cprossu I leaned gw-basic
06:46 Cprossu some assembly
06:46 exor674 I wonder if the first computer I had for myself is still intact and still works
06:46 Cprossu then I INSTALLED A ST-251 42mb hdd in it!
06:46 LeadHead1 After that I got my very own Athlon XP 1700
06:47 Cprossu man I was living
06:47 Cprossu I put in CGA graphics!
06:47 exor674 I may have cannabilized parts from it ( and in all honestey, I probably did )
06:47 * CSMonster hangs head in shame
06:47 Cprossu and bought a EGA ibm monitor
06:47 LeadHead1 then an Athlon 64 3000 with a Radeon 9600. The vid card died an an x800 Pro replaced it
06:47 CSMonster i never bothered to learn any code language
06:47 Cprossu you know the old chunky kind that could give you a hernia?
06:47 LeadHead1 then finally my current Opteron 165 with Radeon HD4770
06:47 Cprossu
06:48 Cprossu good times
06:48 CSMonster hey, those monitors are crisp.  i still prefer CRT if i don't have to move it.
06:48 kristopher i have an apple imac 24 inch 2.66 gHz core 2 duo
06:48 Cprossu I still run CRT's
06:48 Cprossu 22" mitsu tubes
06:48 LeadHead1 Dual 19" Trinitrons here
06:48 Cprossu 2 of them
06:48 Cprossu (one NEC one Mitsu, same tube)
06:48 CSMonster moving 1600 miles forced me to discard my last few tubes :(
06:48 Cprossu My last set was 2 20" trinitrons
06:48 kristopher 24 " imac
06:48 LeadHead1 my right trinitron has an overbright problem
06:49 LeadHead1 but I can't be assed enough to get the special serial to TTL cable I need
06:49 LeadHead1 to fix it
06:49 Cprossu of my three 20" trinitrons one has a loose cable somewhere (apple branded monitor)
06:49 Coderjoe_ special?
06:49 Coderjoe_ get a MAX232
06:49 Cprossu my radius is ghosting like mad and
06:49 Cprossu it's illegible until it warms up
06:49 Coderjoe_ is now known as Coderjoe
06:49 Cprossu like it looks like the resoultion is set wrong before it warms up
06:49 CSMonster Cprossu if you're interested, i'll go dig out that book tomorrow on the sigma-sigma 386s
06:49 Cprossu and it goes through cycles
06:50 Cprossu nah don't worry about it
06:50 CSMonster k
06:50 Cprossu I'll dig out my machine and see what it has
06:50 LeadHead1 My main trinitron has a high voltage leak somewhere
06:50 Coderjoe which side is ttl?
06:50 LeadHead1 which side is what
06:50 LeadHead1 oh
06:50 LeadHead1 the monitor is TTL
06:50 LeadHead1 the serial port will interface with the PC
06:50 LeadHead1 and you run some sony osftware to adjust settings not normally accessible
06:50 Coderjoe ok, yeah, a MAX232 will do it
06:51 Coderjoe or should
06:51 Cprossu max232's are the grunt worker of the serial world
06:51 LeadHead1 Still can't be assed enough to make one
06:52 LeadHead1 Even though its driving this monitor hard right now. The screen gets luke warm to the touch
06:52 Cprossu well I always tell people
06:52 CSMonster apparently not necessary anyway.  from wiki:  "Early in production, Intel discovered a bug that could cause a system to unexpectedly halt when running 32-bit software. Not all of the processors already manufactured were affected, so Intel tested its inventory. Processors that were found to be bug-free were marked with a double-sigma (ΣΣ), and affected processors were marked "16 BIT S/W...
06:52 CSMonster ...ONLY". These latter processors were sold as good parts, since at the time 32 bit capability was not relevant for most users. Such chips are now extremely rare."
06:52 Cprossu anyway I always tell people that my CRT's are the only sun I get
06:53 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
06:54 kristopher_ the core 2 duo is so quick
06:54 Cprossu what speed?
06:54 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
06:54 Cprossu I still like my Phenom II 1075T hex core
06:56 Cprossu my other 5150 has an AMD 8088 xD
06:56 LeadHead1 lol IBM's supply requirements
06:56 Cprossu and the fact AMD was around since '72 anyway
06:57 Cprossu many people don't know the lisc stuff with AMD
06:57 Cprossu or the fact that they made killer chips
06:57 Cprossu like their 386/40
06:57 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
06:57 Cprossu (man that was a great proc)
06:57 Cprossu which they not only took the intel design under lisc, they FIXED BUGS in it
06:58 kristopher_ full detals
06:58 kristopher_ Model Name:iMac   Model Identifier:iMac9,1   Processor Name:Intel Core 2 Duo   Processor Speed:2.66 GHz   Number Of Processors:1   Total Number Of Cores:2   L2 Cache:6 MB   Memory:4 GB   Bus Speed:1.07 GHz   Boot ROM Version:IM91.008D.B08   SMC Version (system):1.45f0   Serial Number (system):YM9292DC0TG   Hardware UUID:4EDB1CBF-FB44-5A31-BB7C-97A99AF4C8F9
06:58 LeadHead1 Yeah, yeah yeah
06:58 CSMonster hey, i have an AMD 386/40
06:58 Cprossu or the fact that the K6 was a RISC chip with a CISC compatibility interpretor
06:58 LeadHead1 You have a Mac
06:58 LeadHead1 we know
06:58 CSMonster soldered into the mobo
06:58 Cprossu I have 2 such examples, one soldered one socketed
06:59 LeadHead1 Even AMD's current CPUs are still esentially using that
06:59 LeadHead1 method
06:59 CSMonster the amazing thing was the clock battery was still running when i found it.  i don't think it had been started in several years
06:59 kristopher_ yah
06:59 Cprossu I also have a TI 486DLC, which was the first computer I built from parts
06:59 LeadHead1 The K7/Athlon was based heavily on the Dec Alpha
06:59 kristopher_ never going back to windows
06:59 Cprossu yeah it was
06:59 Cprossu I have a K7/550
06:59 Cprossu and a MSI 6167 motherboard
06:59 Cprossu that still works!
06:59 CSMonster sadly i don't have any TI chips.  plenty of AMD and Cyrix from back then though.
06:59 LeadHead1 I had a Slot A 650 with a BCM motherboard
06:59 LeadHead1 dunno what happened to it
07:00 Cprossu anyway my 486dlc
07:00 Cprossu I HATE THAT CHIP
07:00 Cprossu ran hot, crashed
07:00 Cprossu sucked
07:00 CSMonster lol
07:00 CSMonster which was that?
07:00 Cprossu nothing like compiling code and comping back to see "PARITY ERROR" on your screen
07:00 Cprossu and it not being the ram's fault
07:01 Cprossu oh I had a IBM blue lightning motherboard
07:01 LeadHead1 heh
07:01 Cprossu that thing was awesome
07:01 Cprossu 486sl/75mhz
07:01 exor674 parity error? isn't there a joke about a parity error and pears?
07:01 CSMonster oh the cyrix, n/m
07:02 kristopher_ i have a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce 9400 for the screen and an ati radeon for the hdmi output
07:02 CSMonster i've actually never used any of the Cyrix CPUs.  i have a few that are socket 7 i think but i've never used them, didn't have compatible boards.
07:02 Cprossu
07:03 Cprossu ^ evil chip
07:03 Cprossu fit in a 386 socket
07:03 CSMonster lol
07:03 CSMonster socket 3?
07:03 Cprossu no
07:03 Cprossu socket 3 is 486
07:03 Cprossu as is socket 2
07:03 CSMonster oh yeah
07:03 CSMonster that's right.
07:03 * CSMonster remembers now
07:03 Cprossu socket 1 was not ZIF but 486 still right??
07:03 Cprossu or am I talking outa my ass?
07:03 Coderjoe i have an nec v20 somewhere... no board for it anymore, though, as it (board) has a bunch of bullet holes
07:04 CSMonster socket 1 and 2 were both non-ZIF
07:04 CSMonster iirc
07:04 CSMonster they were LIF sockets
07:04 LeadHead1 Had one of these
07:04 LeadHead1
07:04 Cprossu I made so much fucking money unbending pins
07:04 Cprossu you wouldn't believe it
07:04 Cprossu I got really good at it too
07:04 CSMonster LOL from the non-ZIF sockets?
07:05 Cprossu cool thing about the K6 were they were flip chip
07:05 LeadHead1 also one of those
07:05 Cprossu as in the silicon was ontop of the ceramic
07:05 LeadHead1 Yeah
07:05 Cprossu it looks just like an athlon tbird socket if you take the shield off
07:05 LeadHead1 Oh, I also had a pretty rare K6-2/500MHz
07:06 LeadHead1 until my friend thought it would be fun to shoot a staple gun into the ceramic
07:06 kristopher_ wonderful
07:06 Coderjoe i think i still have one
07:06 Cprossu I have a few k6/333's a k6/2 450, and a k6/2 475
07:06 CSMonster yeah socket 1 and 2 were both LIF for the 486; i think originally they were normally used for Overdrive upgrade processors; the board had a CPU soldered onto it, then an upgrade socket 2 next to it, and a jumper to select with CPU
07:06 * Coderjoe digs out the processor box
07:06 kristopher_ anyone have a ps3?
07:06 Cprossu you know what was aweome about the k6/3 333's?
07:06 kristopher_ what?
07:06 Cprossu They'd run 500 just as long as you kept them cool
07:07 LeadHead1 K6-3s had L2 Cache as well
07:07 Cprossu at least mine did
07:07 Cprossu Didn't they have L3 cache?
07:07 LeadHead1 All socket 7 motherboards
07:07 LeadHead1 have on-board L2 Cache
07:07 Cprossu no I don't mean the COAST
07:07 kristopher_ left #thegeekgroup
07:07 LeadHead1 most boards later integrated the L2 cache onto them
07:08 LeadHead1 no more card
07:08 LeadHead1 just cachce memory chips soldered right on
07:08 Cprossu I wouldn't say most
07:08 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:08 kristopher back
07:08 LeadHead1 Every single socket 7 motheboard except 1
07:08 Cprossu either coast or socketed cache
07:08 CSMonster this may be the coolest ZIF i've ever seen:
07:08 CSMonster no lever.
07:08 Cprossu You see htat all the time
07:08 Cprossu in laptops
07:08 LeadHead1 I've only seen one Socket 7 motherboard ever.
07:08 CSMonster (idk if that's common now, i haven't screwed around with PCs in about 6 years)
07:08 LeadHead1 with a COAST card
07:08 Cprossu ahh ic
07:09 Cprossu I've got a ton of socket 7 mobos
07:09 LeadHead1 Every other one I've seen had soldered L2 Cache
07:09 kristopher this is my secondary output card
07:09 kristopher
07:09 CSMonster same.  want one?
07:09 Cprossu that are weird
07:09 LeadHead1 K6-3s had integrated L2 Cache
07:09 LeadHead1 and used the cache on the board
07:09 LeadHead1 as L3
07:09 LeadHead1 K6-2+ also have L2 Cache, but aren't really common
07:09 Cprossu fair enough
07:10 Cprossu they were nice chips though
07:10 Cprossu I really enjoyed mine
07:10 LeadHead1 Why do you have FirePro
07:10 Cprossu I remember running my bus at around 115 mhz or so
07:10 Cprossu man it was killer
07:11 Cprossu that was my system before I picked up my K7 on launch day
07:11 Cprossu that k7 550 blew everything I had ever used out of the water too
07:11 CSMonster for the last 3 semesters of high school i was put in charge of tearing down the old obsolete systems and getting rid of anything that couldn't be used to repair the newer systems (that were being donated by the local community colleges.)  the dumpster to get rid of all the 386 through socket 7 era stuff ended up being the back of my truck.  basically all of my PC experience comes from that.
07:11 kristopher video editing
07:11 kristopher 6 27 inch led mac screens at once
07:12 Cprossu you know when I taught A+
07:12 Cprossu I made sure to get some really old machines
07:12 Cprossu I tracked down some 486's with nothing integrated
07:12 Cprossu not even a floppy controller
07:12 Cprossu and I put them in a variety of pain in the ass to put back together correctly cases
07:13 Cprossu you know these kids don't have any clue how easy they have it these days
07:13 CSMonster lol
07:13 Cprossu they don't even have to mess with those god awful sliding plastic standoffs
07:13 Coderjoe 7 misc pentiums, an i486dx2, an am486bx2, a couple athlons, a k6 333, and a k6-2 500
07:13 CSMonster i miss some of those old systems.  some of those AT cases were BUILT
07:13 Cprossu you know what I'm talking about right?
07:13 CSMonster oh yeah screw thos things
07:14 CSMonster yep i know
07:14 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
07:14 Cprossu I skinned my knuckes doing that so many times
07:14 Cprossu anyway
07:15 Cprossu so here's something you might like
07:15 Cprossu one of the best techs to come out of that class I taught
07:15 Coderjoe kinda surprised the 386 isn't in here. might still be on the board
07:15 CSMonster i had one AT case where the mobo was screwed down to a removable panel using metal standoffs; all the drives were also in pull-out mounts, and it was made of some pretty thick gauge metal
07:15 Cprossu sounds like an old inwin
07:15 Cprossu or possibly an enlight
07:15 Cprossu So first day
07:16 Cprossu I didn't lecture or anything
07:16 Cprossu they all went to their computers, formed teams of 2
07:16 Coderjoe the 8086 and v20 are in the box the system's rom upgrade came in
07:16 Coderjoe not sure where it is offhand, though
07:16 Cprossu then were shocked and dumfounded after I told them to check that their pc's worked
07:16 Cprossu when I told them to 'take it apart'
07:16 CSMonster lol
07:17 Cprossu the responces of 24 middle school kids
07:17 Cprossu priceless
07:17 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
07:17 CSMonster i don't remember who made that chassis but i liked it.  used it for an AMD 5x86 133MHz on a Socket 3 board with PCI.  i loved that thing
07:17 Cprossu so anyway getting to the best tech that I had
07:17 Cprossu I have a 586/133!
07:17 CSMonster yes
07:17 CSMonster LOL
07:17 Hydroelectric I'm back.
07:17 Cprossu anyway getting back to it
07:17 Cprossu he asked me
07:17 CSMonster yes, listening
07:17 Coderjoe p5 166 mmx
07:17 Cprossu what happens if we connect these two backwards
07:18 Cprossu (P1 and P2) of the AT power supply
07:18 LeadHead1 Bad
07:18 Cprossu because you know you could do that
07:18 LeadHead1 Things
07:18 Cprossu so I said, the power supply will blow up,
07:18 CSMonster lol yeah, i remember
07:18 Cprossu I was going to continue
07:18 Cprossu and say that most of the time it just shuts off
07:18 Cprossu due to an autoprotection circuit
07:18 Cprossu but I didn't make it that far
07:19 Cprossu POPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:19 CSMonster LOL
07:19 Cprossu the primary caps blew out in the psu
07:19 CSMonster fuuuun
07:19 Cprossu and I was like....."I'll just keep that second statement to myself'
07:19 CSMonster LOL
07:19 Coderjoe i also have a couple "overdrive" chips that are still on boards in cases
07:19 Cprossu also it had some nice stacks of smoke coming out
07:20 Cprossu of the unit and the chipset
07:20 Cprossu the AMD 486dx survived though
07:20 Cprossu and 8mb (4x4) of ram did too
07:20 Cprossu fun times
07:20 Coderjoe hmm
07:20 CSMonster sounds like it.
07:20 Cprossu *2x4
07:20 Coderjoe i think this one is a p90
07:20 Cprossu anyway
07:21 Cprossu so I happened to have the spare parts handy
07:21 Cprossu man everyone was freaked at that
07:21 Cprossu I haden't planned it that way but it couldn't have gone better
07:21 CSMonster lol
07:21 Cprossu (I should mention I got my A+ cert at age 13)
07:21 Hydroelectric This is quite the story...
07:22 CSMonster just out of curiosity how old are you?
07:22 Cprossu 25.
07:22 CSMonster ok
07:22 Hydroelectric :-)
07:22 Cprossu I'll leave my mainframe experiences for later (yay VAX!)
07:22 CSMonster lol
07:22 Hydroelectric Noooo...
07:23 Coderjoe p233mmx
07:23 Hydroelectric .weather Cairns
07:23 BotSteve Cloudy, 28℃, 1010mb, Light breeze 6kt (↑) - YBCS 07:00Z
07:23 CSMonster i should see if that 586 still works.
07:23 Cprossu Coderjoe: did you know those were all 266mhz parts?
07:23 Coderjoe i got the k6-2 500 to make video encoding go faster when i was capping several hours daily
07:24 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:24 kristopher herro
07:24 Cprossu I had a pentium 166mmx before my first K6 system
07:25 Cprossu I disliked that proc
07:25 kristopher still with the computers
07:25 CSMonster the chip and mobo have been sitting in an anti-static back in a storage center for a few years, but it was an un-air-conditioned storage center in the mojave desert so i worry about the eletrolytics on the mobo :/
07:25 Coderjoe i think to replace a k6-2 333 or something, which i sold
07:25 CSMonster *bag
07:25 Coderjoe or gave away
07:26 Cprossu I had a dual processor pentium pro 200 system at one point too but it was short live
07:26 Cprossu d
07:26 Cprossu as the motherboard fried itself
07:26 Coderjoe i think i have a couple dual pentium boards in the box of old mobos
07:27 Cprossu I had an IBM server that was dual P100's
07:27 Cprossu god that was a piece of shit
07:27 Cprossu and heavy too
07:27 CSMonster currently what i wonder about is my DEC Alphastation
07:27 kristopher good song this
07:27 kristopher
07:28 CSMonster i need a null modem serial cable to test it out though
07:28 CSMonster no VGA, have to use serial console
07:28 Cprossu when I was doing vax work, my 'workstation' ended up being an alphaserver 5000
07:28 Cprossu xD
07:28 CSMonster lol
07:28 kristopher i also have a G4 mac cube
07:28 CSMonster the alphas are neat looking though.  have you seen the bare CPU by itself?
07:28 kristopher good computer
07:29 Cprossu hahahah I had one too before I scrounged a dual 667 g4 graphite box
07:29 LeadHead1 yeah those G4s are workhorses
07:29 Cprossu back at the same job
07:29 Cprossu one thing about the cube though
07:29 kristopher
07:29 Cprossu if you breathed on it the wrong way
07:29 Cprossu it fucking shut down
07:29 kristopher lol
07:29 Cprossu or bumped it
07:29 Cprossu they all had that problem
07:29 Cprossu they shoulda really put that fan in
07:29 Coderjoe i have a dec multia i don't think i have ever booted
07:30 Cprossu
07:30 kristopher;feature=related
07:30 Cprossu ^best photo I could find
07:30 CSMonster two big threaded lugs on the alpha's heat spreader for bolting the heat sink down.  and of course they are soldered to the board.  i always though that was a strange setup
07:30 kristopher i put a fan on the core of it
07:30 Coderjoe i had to repair a pin on the "power" connector that snapped off
07:32 Cprossu
07:32 Cprossu a vax 8800, one of the machines I got to work with
07:32 CSMonster what were these used for?
07:33 Cprossu everything
07:33 Cprossu you name it
07:33 CSMonster so porn then.
07:33 Cprossu paychecks, student information, budget,
07:33 Cprossu probably porn
07:33 Cprossu (of the ascii kind)
07:33 CSMonster lol
07:33 CSMonster LOL
07:33 Cprossu everything was run through it
07:33 Coderjoe aerospace equipment development
07:33 Cprossu hell even the timecard system
07:34 Cprossu that 8800
07:34 Cprossu before we took it down
07:34 Cprossu had a 10 year uptime
07:34 Cprossu UPTIME
07:34 CSMonster ie had not once been powered down in 10 years?
07:34 Cprossu the battery backup units were the size of washing machines too
07:34 Cprossu yes
07:34 CSMonster damn
07:34 CSMonster that is impressive
07:35 Cprossu damn near everything could be done online
07:35 Cprossu it rocked
07:35 Cprossu inputting licenses manually sucked though
07:35 Cprossu oh you might get a kick outa this
07:35 Cprossu VMS 5.9 IIRC!
07:36 kristopher i had one of these converted to normal snow leapoard
07:36 kristopher
07:36 CSMonster VMS?
07:36 Cprossu or was it 4
07:36 Cprossu either way it was oldddd
07:37 Cprossu operating system for VAX mainframes
07:37 CSMonster the OS?
07:37 CSMonster okay
07:37 Cprossu yeah
07:37 kristopher
07:37 Cprossu and there's also the running joke that VMS and WNT are one letter off
07:37 CSMonster lol
07:37 Cprossu because the lead for win nt worked extensively on vms
07:38 Cprossu and they share many of the same ideas and possibly some code too
07:38 CSMonster ah
07:38 kristopher like the link
07:38 LeadHead1 not really
07:38 LeadHead1 I hear enough ranting already
07:38 * CSMonster rants
07:39 Cprossu one of these days I'm going to own and operate my very own discretely build PDP11
07:40 CSMonster lol
07:40 CSMonster i will be pleased if i can manage to build and run one of these:
07:40 Cprossu you've got your work cut out for you too
07:41 CSMonster yep, no kidding
07:41 Cprossu at least it's not 100% ttl logic
07:41 Cprossu like that one guy
07:41 CSMonster i like building stuff though.
07:41 Cprossu (magic one was it?)
07:42 Cprossu
07:42 Cprossu TTL!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:42 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
07:42 CSMonster LOL
07:43 CSMonster maybe just a TTL clock or something.
07:43 CSMonster i'm not that masochistic
07:44 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:44 kristopher does the plsystation have a way to update the graphics card?
07:45 Cprossu you crack me up
07:45 LeadHead1 No
07:45 CSMonster lol who?
07:45 LeadHead1 They do not
07:45 kristopher damn because they used 3 year old graphics cards when they made them
07:46 Cprossu sums up my reasoning for turning a blind eye to consoles
07:46 CSMonster lol
07:46 kristopher whattime is it in the us?
07:47 CSMonster which part of the US
07:47 CSMonster it's 00:47 here.
07:47 LeadHead1 3:47 AM here
07:47 LeadHead1 about to go to bed.
07:47 Cprossu 00:47 here heh
07:47 CSMonster i should probably go knock out.
07:47 kristopher lol its b 50 pm here
07:47 LeadHead1 b 50
07:48 LeadHead1 interesting
07:48 kristopher 5:30 pm*
07:48 LeadHead1 im out
07:48 CSMonster night lead
07:48 kristopher seeya
07:48 CSMonster i'm out too.  good chatting with you Cprossu
07:48 kristopher this song burns
07:48 kristopher
07:50 Cprossu later been fun
07:50 CSMonster yup.  night.
07:50 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:50 kristopher sooo
07:50 kristopher what now
07:51 kristopher i'm bored
07:51 kristopher anyone got a ps3?
07:52 kristopher is anyone on
07:52 kristopher ????????????
08:15 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
08:20 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:22 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
08:25 Hydroelectric So silent now.
08:26 Cprossu is it safe?!
08:27 Cprossu because I'm gonna have nightmares when I goto bed "[00:44] <kristopher> does the plsystation have a way to update the graphics card?"
08:28 exor674 lol wut
08:29 Hydroelectric Haha.
08:29 exor674 I woulda said "sure, you just gotta glue $most_expensive_graphics_card" to the bottom of the unit
08:30 Cprossu_Laptop well I'm off it's 01:30
08:31 Cpro joined #thegeekgroup
08:31 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
08:31 Hydroelectric Night.
08:32 exor674 yeeeeeah, dre need sleep too
08:35 Hydroelectric ?
08:38 exor674 me :P I need to sleep
08:42 Hydroelectric ah.
08:43 Gee101 left #thegeekgroup
09:01 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
09:01 kristopher anyone herer now?
09:01 Hydroelectric Hey kristopher.
09:01 Hydroelectric Me.
09:01 kristopher hey
09:02 kristopher did you see what i've donated?
09:02 Hydroelectric Yea I was there when you did earlier today.
09:03 kristopher 1 ccu and 50 rca cables and 100 s-video cables
09:03 Hydroelectric :-)
09:03 Hydroelectric That might be mentioned in an upcoming video. :-)
09:03 kristopher cool
09:03 Sgt_Lemming evening all
09:05 kristopher hello
09:06 kristopher yeah but that cu will be a big help
09:06 kristopher ccu*
09:09 Hydroelectric Evening Sgt_Lemmings
09:09 Sgt_Lemming -s
09:09 Sgt_Lemming singular
09:11 Hydroelectric Oops, my mistake.
09:11 Sgt_Lemming sall good
09:12 Sgt_Lemming supposed to be an ironic name anyway
09:12 Sgt_Lemming Leader of the Lemmings :-P
09:13 Yaotzin He's the one holding his hand up at the dead end
09:13 Hydroelectric Haha.
09:15 Yaotzin He's the lemming smart enough to know that hey, this cliff may not be the safest destination. Hopefully he doesn't throw himself off in that direction when he decides it's time to dig
09:18 kristopher lol
09:19 kristopher what the time inamerica?
09:19 kristopher in america*
09:21 kristopher;feature=fvst
09:22 Yaotzin 2:21pst / 5:21est
09:22 Yaotzin am
09:22 kristopher cool
09:22 kristopher its only 7:30 pm here
09:23 Hydroelectric 7:23 pm here.
09:23 kristopher;feature=related
09:23 Hydroelectric In Cairns, Queensland.
09:24 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
09:28 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
10:18 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
10:19 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
10:34 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
10:35 Electronics Hi Everybody
10:39 Hydroelectric Hey.
10:40 Hydroelectric .weather Cairns
10:40 BotSteve Clear ☼, 25℃, 1012mb, Light breeze 6kt (↑) - YBCS 10:00Z
10:48 Hydroelectric .seen Thermoelectric
10:48 BotSteve Hydroelectric: I last saw thermoelectric at 2011-04-21 02:45:02 UTC on #tgg-admins
10:48 Thermoelectric No beepy.
10:49 Cj1corbystarlet Yellow all
10:52 Hydroelectric So you are there Thermo, you seemed to be like a ghost today. :-P
10:52 Thermoelectric Eh.
10:52 Hydroelectric What you been up to these holidays?
10:52 Thermoelectric Sleep.
10:53 Hydroelectric Anything that seems more interesting?
10:53 Thermoelectric No.
10:54 Hydroelectric I think a brick has more fun than you do. :-P
10:58 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
11:01 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:09 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
11:22 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
11:22 kristopher hey
11:23 kristopher hydroelectric u still on?
11:24 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
11:26 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
11:32 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
12:22 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
12:22 kristopher ola
12:38 kristopher abnybody on?
12:38 Thermoelectric No, we are all sleeping.
12:40 kristopher lol
12:40 tggcory left #thegeekgroup
12:40 kristopher coffee is not good at 10:40 pm is it
12:40 kristopher .weather MEL
12:41 BotSteve Clear ☼, 24℃, 1018mb, Light breeze 4kt (↑) - LIPS 11:55Z
12:41 Thermoelectric Probably not, but I tried it the other night.
12:41 kristopher so what time is it in america?
12:42 Thermoelectric You mean Australia? :)
12:42 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
12:44 kristopher no america i want to know when the actually DO something with the live cam
12:44 Thermoelectric Oh,
12:44 Thermoelectric .t -4
12:44 BotSteve Thu, 21 Apr 2011 08:44:15 -4
12:44 Thermoelectric Somewhere around morning
12:45 cctoide just check this page:
12:45 cctoide there's usually someone in around 1200, sometimes a couple of hours later
12:45 SparkyStudio They usually aim for getting to the lab around noon, so about 3 - 4 hours from now by my reckoning
12:45 kristopher coll
12:46 kristopher lol 1 degrees. their freezing their asses off
12:47 kristopher that ccu i dinated should get their in about a week if i post it tomorrow
12:48 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
12:48 kristopher donated*
12:48 NeWtoz heh, 1 degree, so warm!
12:49 kristopher yup
12:49 kristopher its about 17 degrees heres
12:49 NeWtoz it's been colder then that for months
12:49 NeWtoz here
12:49 NeWtoz we are just heading into spring
12:50 NeWtoz we'll get to around 17 in about a month
12:52 PhuAtWork joined #thegeekgroup
12:53 PhuAtWork afternoonski
13:01 Thermoelectric Afternoon Phu.
13:03 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
13:07 kristopher_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:07 kristopher_ heyy
13:07 FBI joined #thegeekgroup
13:08 FBI whats happening ppl
13:08 FBI what have i missed?
13:08 * mikemol thinks PhuAtWork is to blame for just about everything...
13:08 mikemol
13:09 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
13:11 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
13:12 FBI why dont you guys work on an electric EMP generator, and blow the nieghbours electronics out lol..then start charging a monthly fee , so as not to do it again. good way to generate funds!
13:13 Thermoelectric Because that would get on the bad side of the neighbours.
13:13 * mikemol does't know what's funnier...the idea, or that it was said by someone using the nick 'FBI'
13:13 FBI tell em to move out if they dont like it..or want to pay ha ha
13:13 mikemol Implementation wouldn't be funny, mind you...
13:14 SparkyStudio Sounds like extortion, i think the real FBI would be on TGG's tails
13:15 FBI was kicked by CaptainBoden: FBI
13:15 CaptainBoden Goodmorning gentlemen
13:15 mikemol My step-dad was stationed on the Cornfield Cruiser--a naval testing platform in the middle of a corn field--while he was working on AEGIS.
13:15 livefiretj lol
13:15 Thermoelectric That did make me laugh.
13:15 Thermoelectric Morning Captain.
13:15 livefiretj was he really claiming to be the fbi?
13:15 mikemol They had a neighbor that accused them of killing her TV reception, filed suit.
13:15 mikemol So they paid her some amount per month to keep her happy.
13:15 kristopher_ ola
13:15 CaptainBoden No idea, I just saw someone with FBI and kicked them on priciple.
13:16 livefiretj oh wow
13:16 * mtearle bops
13:16 CIA joined #thegeekgroup
13:16 CaptainBoden oh fuck you
13:16 livefiretj lmao
13:16 mikemol *snort*
13:16 dagnyscott Seems like a bad idea. The neighbors have more guns than money.
13:16 livefiretj true scott
13:16 CIA is now known as Guest40141
13:17 kristopher_ one thing with the ccu is that in the camera coneection  is broken off in the port thats why wse stopped using it
13:17 CaptainBoden Someone ban him by IP.
13:17 kristopher_ trying
13:17 mikemol *!*@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:17 CaptainBoden So it's a CCU that won't actually connect to the damn camera? lol
13:18 kristopher_ .block IP.
13:18 CaptainBoden That's about as useful as nipplerings on a nun then isn't it?
13:18 mikemol It doesn't work like that.
13:18 Electronics oh morning Captain
13:18 kristopher_ yeah i got most of the pins out but theres a few stuck in there
13:18 mikemol That's Freenode's web IRC gateway. They provide that hostmask so you can still ban by IP, but you have to apply the whole hostmask.
13:18 CaptainBoden That's ok, I'll make it work ;)
13:18 kristopher_ cool
13:18 CaptainBoden and it'll make for good video while we fix it
13:19 mikemol /mode +b *!*@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
13:19 kristopher_ oh yeah i didn't think of that
13:19 Thermoelectric Guest40141: Do you mind using a real nick so we do not have to ban you permanently under the orders of Chris?
13:19 kristopher_ all hail to the chris!
13:19 * Electronics bows
13:19 mikemol "CIA" is taken by these guys, FWIW:
13:19 CaptainBoden Ah look, intelligence prevails.....I was wondering if that would happen. Good job Thermoelectric
13:20 Thermoelectric Using Sparky_, then FBI, then CIA does not count as using a nick, and sticking with it, Guest40141.
13:20 livefiretj yep agree
13:21 CaptainBoden Well, your bad grasp of the english language aside; I kicked the FBI one on principle, and the CIA was just you bring a shit.
13:21 livefiretj to much jumping
13:21 Thermoelectric On those points, please pick a suitable nick and stick to it, Guest40141, so we can remove your ban.
13:22 livefiretj I thought that was funny captin
13:22 Thermoelectric If you stick to it, yes.
13:23 Electronics anyone seen this?
13:23 Thermoelectric livefiretj: It's only funny once.
13:23 kristopher_ when you do an autops does that show up on ustream
13:23 Guest40141 left #thegeekgroup
13:23 livefiretj well who ever it is they are in bristol england
13:24 CaptainBoden yes, we're doing all of the shotos live now.
13:25 mikemol Looks like something from Minecraft:
13:25 kristopher_ sweet that makes things easier
13:25 CaptainBoden And today we'll be back to having a live stream that ins't boring as shit.
13:25 kristopher_ lol
13:25 kristopher_ two guys had a fight in the control room yetserday
13:25 Electronics ?
13:25 SAS joined #thegeekgroup
13:26 CaptainBoden Two guys had a fight up there?
13:26 CaptainBoden Who?
13:26 Electronics this is just getting even worse with the nick thing
13:26 CaptainBoden Sparky is a member.
13:26 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:26 Thermoelectric THat was because the ban was still there.
13:27 Thermoelectric I am quite tempted to leave the ban there now as you still used a figure of authority to join the channel as.
13:27 CaptainBoden yes, leave the ban unless he loggs in with his real name.
13:27 CaptainBoden And thus endeth the lesson.
13:27 Thermoelectric For the last time, use /nick YourNickHere to change your nick, so we can lift the ban, for the second time.
13:28 CaptainBoden I don't know that we SHOULD lift the ban given that he just logged in as SAS. That's impressivly stupid.
13:28 CaptainBoden and WOW I can't type worth a damn this morning.
13:28 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
13:28 livefiretj I was think the same thing
13:29 Thermoelectric .g SAS
13:29 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
13:29 Thermoelectric .wiki SAS
13:29 BotSteve "Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British Army" -
13:29 kristopher i dont know who they where  anyway it was more mucking around than fighting
13:29 kristopher_ left #thegeekgroup
13:29 SAS left #thegeekgroup
13:30 kristopher boden?
13:30 SparkyStudio Electronics, Haha, that last pic with the wiper reminds me of coming back from a holiday in the rain, wipers would drive one way, but not the other, so i had string tied tot he wiper, the wife (now ex) did the pulling. :D
13:30 Thermoelectric Sigh, the ban is still there for his IP. Do they learn?
13:30 livefiretj electronics- I would do it to the jag, but not yelllow
13:30 livefiretj np, they never do
13:31 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
13:31 Electronics gah I haven't got git on this computer
13:31 Electronics private key funness now
13:32 kristopher @ captainboden when do you get to the lab?
13:32 Electronics it's usually around mid-day
13:32 kristopher cool  because its 11:30 pm here
13:33 kristopher when i wake up it will be midday here
13:33 kristopher were dboden go?
13:34 kristopher boden*
13:34 CaptainBoden I'm back
13:34 Electronics .t -4
13:34 BotSteve Thu, 21 Apr 2011 09:34:13 -4
13:34 kristopher cool
13:34 kristopher .weather MEL
13:34 BotSteve Clear ☼, 24℃, 1018mb, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - LIPS 12:55Z
13:35 kristopher sweet weather for today
13:35 kristopher in aus
13:35 Electronics it's supposed to be one of the hottest days of the UK here today
13:35 livefiretj I read that as anus
13:35 CaptainBoden I get there about Noon. I have a dentist appt today at 14:30 though so I'll be at the lab from Noon to 1400, then back at about 15:30 or so.
13:35 livefiretj sry
13:36 CaptainBoden Time here is 0936hrs right now
13:36 Electronics I just went to the dentist to have two teeth pulled out
13:36 livefiretj did the tooth fairy come...?
13:36 Electronics pff
13:36 livefiretj pff?
13:36 Electronics the dentist stole my teeth =P
13:36 livefiretj lol
13:37 livefiretj no deposit..?
13:37 Electronics nope
13:37 * Electronics is now doing git stuff
13:37 Electronics is now known as Elec|Busy
13:39 Sasha Hello people
13:40 Thermoelectric Morning/Evening Sasha.
13:40 Sasha Afternoon right here :P
13:41 Elec|Busy wow that was way more quicker than I remember it..
13:41 Elec|Busy is now known as Electronics
13:41 Thermoelectric The best of both worlds, no morning itis, and you aren't falling asleep.
13:42 Sasha So guys what's happening?
13:43 Thermoelectric Not too much, the last active conversation was about dentists stealing teeth.
13:43 Sasha Yeah, I was here for that
13:44 Sasha BTW, I have huge respect for all the people who are at the lab, especially the captain :P
13:44 * Thermoelectric feels silly. That should have been obvious
13:44 PhuAtWork not so much respect for the captain when exceeding 1.3 bodens :P
13:45 Sasha What do you mean by that :P
13:45 Electronics fatal: '' does not appear to be a git repository. >:(
13:46 Thermoelectric The whole "Chris is talking normally, then GAH, JUST REMEMBERED I WAS SUPPOSED TO DO SOMETHING" sudden changes in 'Boden' or volume.
13:47 Sasha Oh, so are you talking about that boden unit of measurement?
13:47 Thermoelectric Yup.
13:48 Thermoelectric That is, if you were replying to Phu earlier, not me.
13:48 Sasha Shame I won't be able to meet him in real life...
13:48 CaptainBoden Why not, everyone else does.
13:49 CaptainBoden I meet tons of new people every day.
13:49 CaptainBoden Makes remembering names hell, lol
13:49 Sasha Well the only problem is that I live in Switzerland. So unlesss you guys buy me a ticket to get there...
13:49 CaptainBoden Not this week, but if you're motivated you'll get here eventually.
13:50 Sasha I probably will, but no where in the near future :(
13:50 CaptainBoden and we're working hard to bring the Group closer to you every day.
13:50 Sasha Nevertheless, I have great respect for you bro
13:50 CaptainBoden *bows* well thank you sir.
13:51 Sasha I mean, I would love to do what you do, however I would never be able to do anything even remotely as awesome!
13:52 CaptainBoden wir haben grossen Respekt f�r alle unsere Mitglieder, egal wo sie sind
13:52 CaptainBoden Nat�rlich k�nnte man, est ist nur eine Frage der Abreit, Zeit und Geduld. Ich bin keiin Gott, ich bin nur ein Geek
13:52 kristopher wut
13:52 Sasha Ah, gut sie sprechen deutsch? Aber ich whone in der franzosiche region von schweitz
13:53 mtearle CaptainBoden, how did the second TV station donation go?
13:53 CaptainBoden Very well, and we're about to get a lot more in the next couple weeks :_)
13:53 kristopher so what do you have planned for today?
13:53 CaptainBoden We made a new friend yesterday who is going to be incredible helpful.
13:53 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
13:53 CaptainBoden Today I plan on doing the primary assembly of master control. I've spent the past two days doing MAJOR work on cabling so that today I can overhaul the console.
13:54 Electronics I remember why I hate git now
13:54 CaptainBoden I'm also going to see if I can setup a feed into the MDH so we can (for the first time) get video from someone OUTSIDE the studio :)
13:54 kristopher cool i'm going to give the conector one more shot then send it tomorrow
13:54 Sasha Man, I wish I could help you guys. You just don't understand how much fully functional awesome stuff people throw out here...
13:54 CaptainBoden Awesome :)
13:55 CaptainBoden Well if it's something very useful (like a CCU), you're welcome to donate it.
13:55 CaptainBoden kristopher is shipping us a rackmount CCU from Austrailia.
13:56 CaptainBoden and EVERY PERSON HERE can help us, in a big way, and it's FREE.
13:56 CaptainBoden Share the videos, tell your friends, get more people involved.
13:56 Electronics how to you remove a remote origin in git?
13:56 Electronics *do
13:57 Sasha_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:58 kristopher_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:58 kristopher_ the page keeps screwing up and wont let me type
13:58 Sasha_ So, I was saying: I got a pc screen, 2 pc's, a printer, a vhs player, a dvd player, multiple hard drives, and a metric boatload of cat 6 ethernet cables from the junk yard locally.
13:58 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
13:58 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
13:59 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
13:59 kristopher_ and i sont know why
13:59 Thermoelectric If only that many goodies were thrown out over here.
13:59 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
13:59 kristopher_ yeah lol
14:00 Sasha_ Oh, there's more
14:00 Sasha_ It's just that I don't enjoy going too much dumpster diving
14:00 Thermoelectric Try using a client that you download, kristopher_. Suggestions are XChat, or Pidgin if you want to make masterofmonks think you use a crack baby of an IRC client.
14:00 mikemol CaptainBoden: You really ought to get a feed line in from over where the GRLUG guys hang out. :)
14:00 mtearle is there a geekgroup wiki anywhere?
14:01 Thermoelectric There is no fun when you don't dumpster dive, Sasha_. :)
14:01 CaptainBoden Already in the works :)
14:01 CaptainBoden yes, there is a wiki, the website is going through a massive overhaul right now so it may or may not be live anywhere.
14:01 Sasha_ There's not much point. It's not like I'll find much useful stuff Thermoelectric
14:02 Electronics wooooo I finally got git to work and be happy
14:02 Thermoelectric Forgot still used the old background and everything. Brings back memories.
14:03 Cprossu good morning everyone
14:03 PhuAtWork hi Cprossu
14:03 Thermoelectric Morning Cprossu.
14:03 Cprossu anything new or unusual today?
14:04 PhuAtWork i'm here during the geek group "day"... thats unusual ;)
14:04 PhuAtWork though obviously "working hard".
14:05 Thermoelectric I'm off, night guys.
14:06 kristopher_ left #thegeekgroup
14:06 Electronics night
14:06 Cprossu hrmmm is it me or does the stream have more 'small vertical lines' than it did yesterday?
14:08 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
14:08 kristopher so what programs
14:09 Cprossu kristopher: sometimes I worry about you, do you speak english? was that last random comment due to google translator?
14:09 Cprossu are you a bot??
14:10 kristopher no
14:10 PhuAtWork "is this your site?" "hubcaps." "I though tit was!" - Old IRC Spam Bot.
14:11 kristopher what were the programs programs i have xchat (stuffed) what others can i use and what is the irc number fo r this page?
14:11 PhuAtWork er
14:11 PhuAtWork the irc server is - the channel is #thegeekgroup.
14:11 PhuAtWork thats the closest answer I can give you ;)
14:12 Cprossu kristopher: are you sure you speak english?\
14:12 PhuAtWork you can use epic, irssi, BitchX...
14:12 Cprossu les see, bigpond, so that's australia
14:12 Cprossu bitchx is nice
14:12 PhuAtWork or in Windows, mIRC
14:12 kristopher_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:12 kristopher_ sorry chrome keeps crahing
14:12 PhuAtWork the irc server is - the channel is #thegeekgroup.
14:13 PhuAtWork you can use epic, irssi, BitchX...
14:13 PhuAtWork or in Windows, mIRC
14:13 PhuAtWork (for kristopher_'s benefit)
14:13 Electronics beats
14:13 Electronics hm
14:13 Electronics beats 5
14:13 Electronics weird
14:14 Electronics tock
14:14 kristopher_ i dont know why theres two every time it drops out it asks me to sign in again and then theres the one with the underscore. also bots can't donate things
14:14 Electronics bleh
14:15 Cprossu kristopher_: nothing a python script and a few bank accounts couldn't handle
14:15 Cprossu but seriously you say the most random stuff in the world sometimes, so it's got to be due to something
14:15 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
14:15 kristopher_ i am 14
14:15 Sasha_ BTW people, what sort of stuff do you do for like hobbies and jobs?
14:16 Cprossu 14 is no excuse xD
14:16 Sasha_ Well I'm 16... so what
14:17 kristopher_ LOL
14:17 CaptainBoden Job - I founded The Geek Group. Hobbies - Short, petite, brunettes, fast cars, motorcycle, long distance target shooting, rock climbing, adventuring, and high voltage.
14:17 Cprossu computers, automotive, and welding are my 'big three' hobbies
14:17 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
14:17 Sasha_ Oooh. Nice. We have similar interests. What sort of guns do you shoot?
14:18 kristopher_ tinkering, rebuilding, buying/selling
14:18 Cprossu computing including base level electronics troubleshooting
14:18 CaptainBoden .308, 7.62, a billion rounds of rimfire, some lapua....mostly .308
14:18 PhuAtWork CaptainBoden is the AlphaGeek and the �berGeek
14:19 Sasha_ So I'll take that you're an expert at shooting
14:19 CaptainBoden I know which end of the rifle the bullet comes out of, and I typically hit what I aim at.
14:19 PhuAtWork CaptainBoden: good answer ;)
14:20 CaptainBoden I'm not nearly as good as many that I hang out with, but I can scare the hell out of the typical deer hunter.
14:20 CaptainBoden I'm good enough that my friends will never invite me deer hunting again, lol.
14:20 PhuAtWork CaptainBoden: remember... no shooting truck drivers... even if they are hauling lumber at the wrong angle ;)
14:20 CaptainBoden LMFAO
14:20 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
14:21 Cprossu CaptainBoden: only time I've been to a firing range I got to watch an idiot nearly take his hand off with a .44 magnum taurus with 'stock' plastic grips as he tried to one hand fire it.... it got the part of his hand between his thumb and index finger
14:21 Sasha OK, so I was saying before I got cut off: How often do you shoot?
14:21 Cprossu blood everywhere lol
14:21 CaptainBoden IT's called "Slide bite" and it happens to a LOT of beginners...once.
14:21 CaptainBoden Nobody makes that mistake again.
14:22 Sasha I never made that mistake :p
14:22 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
14:22 CaptainBoden Whenever the weather allows. From April to December I typically shoot 3 days a week or so.
14:22 kristopher whats the port number?
14:22 CaptainBoden In the winter I sometimes shoot indoors.
14:23 Sasha Man, you're lucky. The shooting range is only open when there isn't snow...
14:23 kristopher port number peoples
14:23 Sasha_ left #thegeekgroup
14:23 CaptainBoden On a good year I can go through 50,000 rounds easily. The highest (on a year I bothered to keep track) was about 80,000 rounds.
14:24 Sasha GEEZUZ that is so much more than I go through. Something like that many rounds would cost thousands in Switzerland!
14:24 kristopher_ left #thegeekgroup
14:24 CaptainBoden Understand that a lot of that is rimfire, and those are cheap.
14:24 Cprossu this is a slightly unrelated question, but how many nstrike darts have you guys lost so far?
14:25 CaptainBoden My big bullets are expensive though, about a buck a piece for the cheap ones, the match grade are $7 a piece.
14:25 CaptainBoden No idea, I don't actually play zomb very much.
14:25 Sasha Man, I am so unlucky, I live 300 meters away from a 300 meter shooting range, and I can't shoot nearly as much as you can!
14:25 CaptainBoden The nerf guns make me crazy....I like a gun that can hit where I aim it.
14:26 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
14:26 CaptainBoden I have to drive an hour to get to my range, but I can shoot 1km all day long there. :)
14:26 Cprossu CaptainBoden: have you played with the barricade yet?
14:26 CaptainBoden not that I know of, I don't know much about Nerf stuff.
14:26 Cprossu it's the one with the noisy as fuck motor drive that looks like a pitching machine on the inside
14:26 CaptainBoden The only plastic gun I like is my Glock ;)
14:26 Cprossu I think it's the most accurate nerf gun there is
14:26 CaptainBoden ahhh, yes, I have one of those
14:26 Sasha Ha... well that is unlucky on one hand, and lucky on the other.
14:27 Cprossu I've modified mine quite a bit though
14:27 Cprossu got CD rom ejection motors in mine
14:27 CaptainBoden lol
14:28 Cprossu I tried the clip mod but I didn't really like it
14:28 CaptainBoden I do nearly all of my shooting alone, in a big field, shooting at paper.
14:28 CaptainBoden Though I'm hell on woodshucks.
14:28 Sasha You're kinda lucky you get to play with nerf guns, the only way I can buy them here is through ebay. Oh, and for the record, I shoot at an electronic target.
14:29 kristopher @ captainboden check your im thingy
14:29 CaptainBoden I just shoot at a bit of paper, for long shots I use a metal disc 18" in dia x 1/2" thick.
14:30 Sasha And you're accurate?
14:30 CaptainBoden My standard rimfire target is a 50 foot NRA target.....only I put mine at 100 yards.
14:31 CaptainBoden If that answers any questions, lol.
14:32 CaptainBoden My limitation of accuracy with my rimfire is the ballistics of the round. There's only so much you can do with a .22 but it's cheap to shoot and fun.
14:32 kristopher does anyone know the port number for this chat?
14:32 Cprossu lol you'll like this, I Was looking for nerf stuff and I got one of those fake AV scanner things ""
14:32 Cprossu rofl macphee
14:32 CaptainBoden It's the gun I use when I want to show off though.
14:32 Sasha Well if someone's interested, my best score is 99
14:32 CaptainBoden score?
14:32 Sasha Yup
14:32 CaptainBoden on what?
14:32 Sasha The electronic target
14:32 PhuAtWork see I feel left out of this conversation.
14:32 CaptainBoden I dont keep score
14:32 CaptainBoden ahhhh ok
14:33 CaptainBoden My "perfect score" is a Bugeye.
14:33 kristopher and noone answers
14:33 PhuAtWork In the UK the only people with guns are The Police, a small number of gun enthusiasts across the nation, and the military.
14:33 CaptainBoden That's putting all of the bullets through a single hole.
14:33 Sasha Oh, it's on 100. I'm really pissed though because all of the people who shoot with me have a 100 as a record
14:33 PhuAtWork conversations about what gun you own just don't happen over here ;)
14:33 Cprossu kristopher: whatever the default is?
14:33 Cprossu 6667?
14:33 Electronics I've only twice so far. one at a shooting range and one at an electronic shooting range (which crashed XD)
14:34 Electronics *I've only shot twice
14:34 CaptainBoden Well if anyone ever wants to come shooting, I'm happy to take them out.
14:34 PhuAtWork kristopher: the default irc port is 6667, though most accept 6660-6669 and 7000. Your IRC client should work out what port to use.
14:34 Electronics sort of being accross the world doesn't help =P
14:34 PhuAtWork CaptainBoden: sure, love to, if you pay my air fare ;)
14:34 Electronics ^
14:34 Sasha I'd love to come shooting with you. Especially since the only gun I've been allowed to shoot was an SG550
14:35 CaptainBoden Well if you're ever in the neighborhood, just ask.
14:35 Sasha Sure :P
14:35 kristopher_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:35 kristopher_ hey it worked
14:35 PhuAtWork I'd like to get over to the lab at some point... but I'll need to save much moolah to do so ;)
14:35 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
14:36 PhuAtWork hey Chris... you know that pledge you made about people who really want to get to the geek group but can't afford it? *g*
14:36 kristopher_ cool i have mIRC working now
14:37 CaptainBoden I said that anyone who wants to be a member can be, for free, no matter what. Basic membership will always be free.
14:37 Cprossu if you use if over 30 days, expect a nag screen and be patient with it, mine is over 540 days on the 'free trial' at this point
14:37 CaptainBoden As far as you physically GETTING here in person, I'm not in a position to be getting tickets for everyone. We're broke.
14:38 PhuAtWork relax... I'm not seriously expecting you to cover me :)
14:38 Electronics to get to Grand Rapids from the UK it's about £600
14:38 Electronics cheapest
14:38 CaptainBoden Unless you're a stunningly beautiful Latvian girl who wants to ravadge my body, you're on your own for that one.
14:38 Sasha :p
14:38 Electronics XD
14:38 kristopher_ lool
14:39 kristopher_ dont mind the 14 year old
14:39 Sasha Just how broke are you guys?
14:39 * PhuAtWork looks up sex changes, plastic surgery and language courses
14:39 CaptainBoden oh yeah, and at least 20 years old
14:39 kristopher_ damn
14:39 Cprossu I might end up getting a job in Chelsea, so we'll see if that works out
14:39 kristopher_ loooool rofl
14:39 Cprossu that would be a much shorted drive
14:39 Cprossu than from phoenix =P
14:39 Sasha What about a 16 yr old russian?
14:40 kristopher_ kiss me, or ill crush you
14:40 CaptainBoden iew, no
14:40 CaptainBoden Love Russians, but gotta be 20 at least.
14:40 Cprossu in this country 16'll get you 20
14:40 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
14:40 CaptainBoden And while I've had the pleasure of knowing some truly incredible women, I've NEVER seen a piece of ass worth doing time over.
14:41 Sasha :p BTW, I just lol at the fact that I ppl in the states can't have booze till they're 21
14:41 Cprossu good morning steve______
14:41 PhuAtWork 16 is legal in the UK, but only for sex (oddly). You can get married at 16, but only with parents consent.
14:41 CaptainBoden brb guys
14:41 Electronics afternoon
14:41 kristopher_ ok
14:41 steve______ wow, I just logged on at an acwuard monent
14:41 Noise_Marine lol
14:41 kristopher_ yes, yes you did
14:41 Cprossu it could have been more awkward
14:41 PhuAtWork well yanoo
14:42 PhuAtWork just imparting some cultural info :)
14:42 mikemol steve______: I think this is the set standard for awkward join moments on IRC:
14:42 PhuAtWork oh no...
14:42 kristopher_ hey with mIRC you can slap people
14:42 * kristopher_ slaps PhuAtWork around a bit with a large trout
14:42 kristopher_ loo
14:42 kristopher_ l
14:42 PhuAtWork kristopher_ : DONT YOU... too late.
14:42 Electronics haha
14:43 * kristopher_ slaps Electronics around a bit with a large trout
14:43 PhuAtWork kristopher_: trout slapping is SERIOUSLY frowned upon. please don't do that. Khaled needs shooting for that feature.
14:43 * Noise_Marine slaps kristopher_
14:43 Noise_Marine you can on xchat too :P
14:43 Electronics oh god he's foundthose commands
14:43 kristopher_ lol
14:43 * Cprossu slaps kristopher_ around a bit with a 60lb unix manual, that's gotta hurt!
14:43 kristopher_ lol
14:43 Noise_Marine ./me without the period
14:43 * kristopher_ slaps CaptainBoden around a bit with a large trout
14:43 * PhuAtWork slaps kristopher_ about a bit with the Windows ME Official Bug List
14:43 kristopher_ ouch
14:44 mikemol Although the set standard for bad time in general may be this one:
14:44 Noise_Marine thats big....
14:44 kristopher_ woops
14:44 mikemol *bad timing
14:44 * kristopher_ slaps Electronics around a bit with a large trout
14:44 PhuAtWork mikemol: another bash fan I see ;)
14:45 PhuAtWork kristopher_: seriously, please stop or you will be hated by so many.
14:45 mikemol PhuAtWork: I was years ago. Not so much when they haven't added even 100 new quotes in the last six years...
14:45 Noise_Marine lol ya
14:45 mikemol PhuAtWork: was better for a while, but they've lost energy, too.
14:45 kristopher_ ok
14:45 Cprossu no one tell hum about mIRC scripting
14:45 kristopher_ GOOGLE
14:45 PhuAtWork mikemol: yeah it has slowed down... can only guess someone started paying attention to the criticism of bash always letting sexist and racists quotes through that just weren't funny.
14:46 mikemol PhuAtWork: I've sent dozens of quotes to and in the last five years. Most of them have yet to be reviewed.
14:46 Noise_Marine ya kristopher_ you can make scripts that do all the slapping and stuff for you
14:46 kristopher_ already done
14:47 Cprossu my favorite one is: (looks it up)
14:47 Cprossu <tatclass> YOU ALL SUCK DICK
14:47 Cprossu <tatclass> er.
14:47 Cprossu <tatclass> hi.
14:47 Cprossu <andy\code> A common typo.
14:47 Cprossu <tatclass> the keys are like right next to each other.
14:47 Electronics XD
14:47 * mikemol sighs
14:47 Noise_Marine lol
14:47 mikemol
14:47 PhuAtWork can we also not sink into a ?
14:47 mikemol And
14:47 * kristopher_ slaps kristopher_ around a bit with a large trout
14:47 kristopher_ lol
14:47 Electronics I'm off for a bit of gmod
14:47 kristopher_ seeya
14:48 Cprossu is my server still runnin?
14:48 Cprossu does it need a reboot?
14:48 Electronics yep
14:48 Electronics no
14:48 Cprossu good stuff
14:48 Electronics I don't THINK so
14:48 Electronics somebody built a spawn turret last time I was on
14:48 Cprossu let me check and see if gmod had any updates
14:48 Electronics that was sort of err interesting
14:48 Electronics is now known as Electronics|gmod
14:48 Cprossu I should give you admin
14:48 Electronics|gmod =D
14:48 kristopher_ this song will burn your eardrums
14:49 Sasha Hey ppl, you know any good action movies? Like die hard, mi, bourne style?
14:49 kristopher_
14:49 mikemol Sasha: sec
14:49 mikemol .trope DieHardOnAnX
14:49 BotSteve mikemol:
14:49 * mikemol points
14:49 Cprossu I think at the very least I need to update some SVN's Electronics|gmod
14:49 Cprossu so let me know
14:49 * mikemol likes TVTropes as a recommendation engine. :)
14:49 Electronics|gmod hm
14:49 Electronics|gmod I haven't updated ANYTHING in liek the last ocuple of months so heh
14:50 PhuAtWork Sasha: The Running Man
14:50 Electronics|gmod oh this is worse than that video
14:50 Cprossu I try and keep updated but it's been at least a week
14:50 Noise_Marine no not nyan cat
14:50 PhuAtWork meow meow meow meow meowmeowmeowmeow
14:50 Noise_Marine oh god that is evil
14:50 Electronics|gmod did I install svn...
14:51 PhuAtWork .yt nyan cat speedart
14:51 BotSteve PhuAtWork:
14:51 Cprossu there's 2 ways to go about it, the gmod svn updater or tortisesvn
14:51 mikemol Hahaha
14:51 Cprossu I think I prefer the gmod svn updater and when I make my new server that's what I am going to use
14:52 * mikemol *loves* Baccano. "The 1931 story arc of Baccano!, AKA "The Grand Punk Railroad" takes it Up to Eleven. On a train! With three gangs hijacking at the same time, two serial killers, and three immortals! You almost forget hostages are involved, sometimes."
14:52 PhuAtWork .yt nyan cat speedpainting
14:52 BotSteve PhuAtWork:
14:52 mikemol (From the DieHardOnAnX page)
14:52 PhuAtWork thats better ;)
14:52 dr_jkl nini
14:52 dr_jkl erf
14:52 dr_jkl nyan!
14:53 Cprossu Electronics|gmod: so is it OK that I update the server now or should I hold off?
14:53 Electronics|gmod I'm not on atm so I don't mind
14:53 Electronics|gmod I'm working on updating stuff
14:54 Sasha btw, on an unrelated note, anyone know LEDs
14:54 Electronics|gmod what about them?
14:54 Sasha like is anyone an expert here
14:54 PhuAtWork what you need to know?
14:54 Electronics|gmod Cprossu: what mods are on the server atm?
14:55 Sasha The difference between 3528 an 5050
14:55 PhuAtWork those are meaningless number
14:55 PhuAtWork if they are model/manufacturer numbers you need to compare datasheets
14:56 Sasha I'm talking about LED strip lights. I would like to illuminate my room with them, and I really can't make my mind up whether I should get the cheaper 3528 or the more expensive 5050
14:56 kristopher_ wow i zoned out
14:56 Sgt_Lemming
14:56 kristopher_ whered boden go?
14:56 PhuAtWork he brb'd somewhere
14:56 Sgt_Lemming Sasha, where are you planning to buy them from?
14:56 Sasha Alibaba
14:57 Sgt_Lemming Dx > Alibaba
14:57 kristopher_ man whats he brb'in then? is he constipated or something?
14:57 Electronics|gmod you'll have to work that out
14:57 Sasha No, I believe he's at the dentist
14:57 Electronics|gmod .t -4
14:57 BotSteve Thu, 21 Apr 2011 10:57:45 -4
14:57 Electronics|gmod not yet
14:57 Electronics|gmod he's at the dentist at around 14:00
14:57 kristopher_ thats not brb thats see you in an hour
14:58 Sasha But what is so bad about alibaba?
14:58 kristopher_ ALALALALALALALA
14:58 kristopher_ i kill!
14:59 kristopher_ i think someones finally at the lab
15:00 kristopher_ does anyone do computer graphics like with a tablet?
15:00 kristopher_ i doo
15:00 Sasha So no one can help me with LEDs?
15:00 Cprossu Electronics|gmod: CAF, Dynamic_Gibs, Fin2(non svn), Gas Systems, Gcombat, GcombatX, PAC, PHX3, PlayX, Spacebuild enhancement entities, spacebuild enhancement experimental, spacebuild enhancemet models, simple prop protection, smart welding (non svn), smart snap, stacker stool (non svn), super parent multi (non svn), Ulib, Wire, Wire unofficial extras
15:00 kristopher_ the longer pin is always negative
15:00 Cprossu all svn unless I stated
15:01 Electronics|gmod righttt
15:01 Electronics|gmod I basically have to redownload everything cause my version is so old XD
15:01 Sasha kristopher_ thanks. I know that. I've been using LEDs for 5 years, and I have just bought 1000 LEDs last week
15:01 Cprossu remember when svn'ing wire though
15:01 Cprossu don't do it in your gmod directory
15:01 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
15:02 Electronics|gmod ...
15:02 Cprossu and you need to copy wire model pack 1, wire, adv duplicator out of it to your addons folder
15:02 kristopher why si this channel rated r?
15:02 Cprossu unless you use gmod svn updater
15:02 Electronics|gmod ^
15:02 Cprossu which I think takes care of it
15:02 kristopher MINECRAFT
15:02 Electronics|gmod I'm using dat now
15:02 Cprossu good
15:02 Noise_Marine I heard minecraft >.>
15:02 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
15:02 Noise_Marine <.<
15:02 Cprossu phew
15:02 kristopher_ yep
15:03 Cprossu you can use the /nick command now
15:03 Electronics|gmod is CAF in gmod svn?
15:03 Cprossu I have no clue
15:03 SparkyStudio Sasha, it might be best to post in the forum, you can describe what you want to use them for, and post links to each style
15:03 Cprossu but you can add it
15:03 Electronics|gmod hm
15:03 Electronics|gmod ah yeah
15:04 Sasha @SparkyStudio Yeah, I guess, however my geekiness level is no where near enough to be qualified to join
15:04 kristopher_ MINECRAFT - come play! we have giant, green, exploding dicks
15:05 Electronics|gmod and weather now
15:05 SparkyStudio Sasha, you are interestd in LED's, that should be enough to qualify :)
15:05 Electronics|gmod everyone is a geek in something
15:06 kristopher_ computers/electronics/mechanics
15:06 * mikemol giggles
15:06 * kristopher_ slaps mikemol around a bit with a large trout
15:06 mikemol You know what might make a good ArtPrize entry? Real-world Minecraft.
15:06 Electronics|gmod wow download speed just jumped way up
15:06 kristopher_ lol
15:06 mikemol Make a bunch of blocks with the right textures on them. :)
15:06 kristopher_ thats good
15:07 JA12 Sasha: you said that on IRC. no excuses
15:07 JA12 go join the forums :)
15:07 Sasha :p
15:07 Sasha I dunno. I might. You have a swiss section there?
15:08 CaptainBoden LMFAO, ok, my ego just got a boost for the day.
15:08 * kristopher_ slaps CaptainBoden around a bit with a large trout
15:08 kristopher_ LOOL
15:08 SparkyStudio If there is enough interest in a Swiss board, then it can be added
15:08 kristopher_
15:08 CaptainBoden One of my High School teachers just asked ME to write HIM a letter of reccomendation.
15:08 PhuAtWork lol
15:08 Electronics|gmod lol
15:08 kristopher_ wtf lol
15:08 Sasha lol
15:08 CaptainBoden I think I've just accomplished a whole new level of badass.
15:08 Sasha You sure have
15:09 mikemol I know how that feels. One of the programming instructors at my old school went squee when she found out I ran :)
15:09 mikemol I still get fuzzy when I think about it. :)
15:09 Sasha BTW guys, I've figured out a way I could help you...
15:09 SparkyStudio CaptainBoden, i hope he treated you right at school, you should write a humourous one and tell him it's the real one :D
15:10 Sasha I could build you a LED light for your set
15:10 SparkyStudio Sasha, you're a geek :D
15:11 Sasha Nah... I don't think that fixing iPhone and iPods really qualifies me
15:11 kristopher_ what were you doing boden? where you constipated or something?
15:11 PhuAtWork Sasha: yes, it does.
15:11 Sasha Meh.. it's just a source of income right now
15:12 SparkyStudio Sasha, so you're a professional geek if you earn money from it :)
15:13 Sasha It's just cause I live in switzerland where every last person has an iphone and an ipod, and that apple charges people 300$ to fix the screen, whilst I charge 40
15:13 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
15:14 Sasha_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:15 Sasha_ Ok, why do I keep getting disconnected?
15:15 kristopher_ mine did that too
15:16 Sasha_ Wierd. Btw, the cheapest flight I've found yet is 1137$ to grand rapids
15:16 CaptainBoden He was one of the best teachers I ever had, he's a serious part of why the Group exists, he saved my life.
15:16 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:16 SparkyStudio_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:16 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
15:16 Ponko92_ right will it work this time
15:16 kristopher_ how'd he save your life?
15:16 SparkyStudio_ Checking if i'm connected
15:17 Sasha_ You are
15:17 CaptainBoden I used to be a rather rough kid.
15:17 kristopher_ oh
15:17 Ponko92_ right reconnecting
15:17 kristopher_ dont look like that now
15:17 Ponko92_ give me a sec
15:17 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
15:17 CaptainBoden He helped me get turned around. If it wasn't for him, I'd have certainly ended up dead or in jail.
15:17 kristopher_ oh
15:17 Sasha_ Oh my...
15:17 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
15:17 CaptainBoden I owe him my life, a letter of reccomendation is easy.
15:17 livefiretj interesting
15:17 kristopher_ i might be going their i'm 1 suspention away from expeltion from y 2nd school
15:18 kristopher_ my*
15:18 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
15:18 Sasha_ What did you do when you were a kid?
15:18 kristopher_ and the only thing thats stopped my from killing myself was 1 of my friends
15:18 kristopher_ and a really nice teacher
15:19 CaptainBoden When I was a kid I used to get in a lot of fights, didn't really give a shit about school, had zero friends, was a total outcast, and generally had a "Fuck the world" attitude.
15:19 kristopher_ same
15:19 livefiretj same
15:19 Sasha_ Seriously doesn't look like you now
15:20 livefiretj I can see it
15:20 kristopher_ exept i damn near killed 2 of the people i fought in high school
15:20 kristopher_ knives . big no
15:20 livefiretj ahh yes
15:20 Electronics|gmod luckily never had that sort of far...
15:21 kristopher_ @ boden check im
15:21 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
15:22 Sasha_ Let me guess, you guys went to a public school?
15:22 CaptainBoden yes,
15:23 CaptainBoden brb guys, phone
15:23 Sasha_ k
15:24 Sasha_ Ok guys, g2g. Any shoots you're gonna do today so that I know when to tune in?
15:25 kristopher_
15:25 kristopher_ idid all of this. it's what stops me from going out and fighting
15:25 Cprossu gmod server is updated, bringing it back up, Electronics|gmod
15:26 Electronics|gmod ok, I've still got like 250MB of files to download XD
15:26 Sasha_ ok really g2g. see you later
15:26 kristopher_ seeya
15:26 Electronics|gmod cya
15:26 Sasha_ left #thegeekgroup
15:27 kristopher_ you like my art?
15:28 Electronics|gmod ya
15:28 Electronics|gmod I'm really crap at art
15:29 Electronics|gmod I end up with stuff like this:
15:30 kristopher_ lol
15:30 Cprossu I'm gonna try and get ulx running again
15:30 * kristopher_ slaps BotSteve around a bit with a large trout
15:30 Electronics|gmod ulx?
15:32 Cprossu Electronics|gmod: if you want to look me up in steam I'm
15:32 Cprossu it's an admin modification
15:32 Electronics|gmod ah
15:32 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
15:32 Cprossu good morning steve______
15:33 steve______ good morning, again
15:33 Cprossu indeed again xD
15:34 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
15:35 Electronics|gmod hey Red
15:35 PhuAtWork hey Red
15:35 RED_home heeyyyy
15:36 steve______ hello red
15:36 kristopher_ left #thegeekgroup
15:36 Cprossu morning red, have your day planned out?
15:36 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
15:40 RED_home mhmm, shower than lab.
15:40 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
15:40 Ponko92 here i am again
15:41 kristopher back
15:41 Ponko92 damnit my stream page has crashed
15:43 * PhuAtWork does not have the stream open right now, for obvious reasons
15:43 maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
15:43 PhuAtWork Hi Mr Eakin :)
15:44 maglinvinn Allo
15:44 Ponko92 hey there :)
15:44 maglinvinn i gotta get used to people i don't know on the internet knowing my real name....
15:44 maglinvinn lol.
15:44 maglinvinn how you guys been
15:44 PhuAtWork you've been in a lot of videos
15:44 kristopher i use my real name
15:44 PhuAtWork I've seen the one where you first arrived and were like "woah... stuff..."
15:44 kristopher how long toll boden gets onto the live stream?
15:45 RED_home Hey Eakin :)
15:45 kristopher till*
15:46 kristopher brb
15:47 maglinvinn_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:47 RED_home_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:47 * maglinvinn_ kicks the net
15:47 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:47 PhuAtWork wb Dan
15:47 maglinvinn_ meanwhile, that feb video was awesome.
15:47 maglinvinn_ i loved every minute of it
15:47 PhuAtWork which was that?
15:47 maglinvinn_ the first vid i was ever in
15:47 PhuAtWork ah.
15:47 maglinvinn_ incidentally the first time ever to the lab
15:47 maglinvinn_ well, the 'THEN lab'
15:48 maglinvinn_ lol.
15:48 PhuAtWork there was a definite look of overwhelmment upon your face ;)
15:48 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
15:48 PhuAtWork like "I could build something outa that.... and that.... and that... oo and that.. and DEFINITELY that..."
15:48 maglinvinn_ joel rocked out on the accordian, craig got the concept rolling on the teletype machine (he's been working on it lately with me..)
15:48 maglinvinn left #thegeekgroup
15:48 maglinvinn_ haha, yeah, i am handy with building stuff.
15:49 maglinvinn_ theres a couple of things i DO wanna build.
15:49 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
15:49 maglinvinn_ the pendulum bot is already underway, i wanna bring back robot wars, and do it at the geek group,
15:49 maglinvinn_ and lets not forget
15:49 kristopher i made something like thumper when i was 4. made it out of a disposable camera flash. used it to shock my sister
15:49 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
15:49 SparkyStudio_ left #thegeekgroup
15:50 Electronics|gmod ok updated I think and hi Dan
15:50 SparkStudio joined #thegeekgroup
15:50 PhuAtWork maglinvinn_: speaking of your projects, whats happening with the N64 trolley controller?
15:51 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
15:51 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
15:51 maglinvinn_ on hold.  TMB is shipping me a few h-bridge boards that can accept PWM control
15:51 PhuAtWork ah.
15:51 maglinvinn_ once thats done, bench test, install motors, install belts, that part is done
15:51 maglinvinn_ after that servo mounting to control zoom and record.
15:51 PhuAtWork then duplicate for the autopsy set
15:52 maglinvinn_ yup.  the autopsy set one will be less prototype and more 'final version' though
15:53 PhuAtWork is there still going to be a laser spot on it?
15:55 PhuAtWork if so, you can save some cash in buying a laser pointer, and just steal the laser out of a DVD-RW drive.
15:55 PhuAtWork it'll have the same power output :)
15:56 kristopher their shoid be
15:56 kristopher should
15:57 PhuAtWork there
15:57 PhuAtWork ;)
15:57 kristopher and dont dvd diodes have power output ajustment pots?
15:58 PhuAtWork possibly. the laser in a DVD-RW is class 3, so it may need "taming" for use as a spot pointer.
15:58 LeadHead1 DVD-RW lasers can approach 200mw
15:58 LeadHead1 Your average pointer is <5mw
16:00 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
16:00 CSMonster mornin.
16:00 PhuAtWork LeadHead1: see, its ideal :)
16:00 LeadHead1 Afternoon
16:00 LeadHead1 Ideal for burning out retinas :P
16:00 PhuAtWork hence, tame it ;)
16:01 PhuAtWork a strategically placed potentiometer will work nicely :)
16:01 LeadHead1 Lot of work when you can a 5mw pointer for a dollar :P
16:01 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
16:02 PhuAtWork a dollar? damn. stuff's cheaper over ther!
16:02 LeadHead1 Where are you located?
16:02 PhuAtWork UK
16:02 LeadHead1 oh
16:02 PhuAtWork you pay like �20 for a laser pointer here
16:02 LeadHead1 Yeah, you can get red <5mw laser points for a dollar here
16:02 PhuAtWork (around $25-$30)
16:02 PhuAtWork or even $33 according to google
16:02 LeadHead1 link
16:03 maglinvinn_ left #thegeekgroup
16:03 CSMonster i call bullshit on mother nature:
16:03 PhuAtWork no I mean, coverting �20 to USD ;)
16:03 LeadHead1 oh
16:03 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
16:03 SparkStudio left #thegeekgroup
16:03 Ponko92 is IRC behaving badly for peeps?
16:03 LeadHead1;hash=item1c17f02bc7
16:04 LeadHead1 They cost about that in stores, as well
16:04 PhuAtWork CSMonster: its snow... and?
16:04 LeadHead1 It's april 21st
16:04 CSMonster and it's april, and i'm not far enough north for this.
16:04 LeadHead1 there shouldn't be snow
16:04 PhuAtWork oh.. thats a recent shot?
16:04 RED_home_ left #thegeekgroup
16:04 PhuAtWork wherefore has this snow fallen?
16:04 CSMonster it just started snowing again
16:04 CSMonster that was taken 20 minutes ago
16:05 Ponko92 where?
16:05 CSMonster outside my back door
16:05 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
16:05 Ponko92 country
16:05 Ponko92 oh bye me
16:05 PhuAtWork geographically please :P
16:05 CSMonster (i live in nature)
16:06 CSMonster Spokane, Washington
16:06 Ponko92 oh please lol
16:06 Ponko92 not surprised
16:06 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
16:07 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:07 kristopher the live feed is up
16:07 CSMonster 47deg 29' N, 117deg 42' W
16:07 CSMonster Spokane normally doesn't get very much snow at all.
16:08 CSMonster and... it's coming down harder now.
16:08 kristopher it's omni the wonderdog
16:08 Ponko92 .weather Spokane
16:08 BotSteve Cover Unknown, ?, ?mb, (wind unknown) - KSFF (time unknown)
16:09 CSMonster wow, you're useless
16:09 CSMonster .weather cheney washington
16:09 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 33.8℉ (1℃), 29.80in (1006mb), Light Snow, Mist, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KGEG, 15:53Z
16:09 PhuAtWork meanwhile on the south coast of England, our aircon units are struggling to keep the office cool.
16:09 PhuAtWork trade you?
16:09 RED_home Hi Batman, I seee you!
16:09 CSMonster lol, no thanks.  i can live with the snow.
16:10 kristopher PFFFFFFFFTTTTTTTT the feeds down
16:10 Ponko92 stream is off air
16:10 Ponko92 nooo
16:10 CSMonster hi RED_home
16:10 RED_home Hi CSMonster
16:10 LeadHead1 .weather Providence
16:10 RED_home ^_^
16:10 SparkyStudio Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible
16:10 BotSteve Cloudy, 55.4℉ (13℃), 30.02in (1013mb), Moderate breeze 13kt (↑) - KPVD 15:51Z
16:10 Ponko92 *waves at RED_home*
16:10 CSMonster .weather seattle
16:10 BotSteve KeyError: 'geonames' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 26, in location)
16:10 RED_home ^_^
16:10 CSMonster ...
16:11 Ponko92 .weather Luton
16:11 BotSteve Clear ☼, 21℃, 1011mb, Gentle breeze 7kt (↑) - EGGW 15:50Z
16:11 CSMonster .weather Seattle Washington
16:11 BotSteve Scattered, 42.8℉ (6℃), 30.07in (1015mb), Gentle breeze 7kt (↑) - KBFI 15:53Z
16:11 Ponko92 ahh nice weather
16:11 CSMonster yeah, that's bullshit.
16:11 LeadHead1 Scattered shower?  Sounds like English weather
16:11 LeadHead1 but in Seattle
16:11 CSMonster yeah, english weather = seattle weather pretty much
16:11 Ponko92 21 C with a nice gentle breeze
16:11 Ponko92 good weather
16:12 Ponko92 .weather Derby
16:12 BotSteve Cover Unknown, 22℃, 1012mb, N SC, Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - EGNX, 15:50Z
16:12 Ponko92 ok then
16:12 LeadHead1 Must be the first time the sun is out in England
16:12 LeadHead1 in years
16:12 LeadHead1 :P
16:12 Ponko92 .weather Etwall
16:12 PhuAtWork actually
16:12 BotSteve Cover Unknown, 22℃, 1012mb, N SC, Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - EGNX, 15:50Z
16:12 PhuAtWork April has be uncharacteristically hot all month
16:12 Ponko92 yeah it has
16:13 CSMonster april here has been uncharacteristically cold all month.  it hasn't hit 60 F (15.5 C) yet, at all.
16:13 Ponko92 .weather Fairbanks
16:14 BotSteve Clear ☼, 21.2℉ (-6℃), 29.68in (1002mb), Light breeze 5kt (↑) - PAFB 15:55Z
16:14 PhuAtWork .weather Portsmouth, UK
16:14 BotSteve Clear ☼, 22℃, 1010mb, Light breeze 6kt (↑) - EGHI 15:50Z
16:14 LeadHead1 Thats Fairbanks alaska
16:14 Ponko92 thats Alaska
16:14 kristopher PFFFT whys the feed down!!
16:14 PhuAtWork 22 my arse. feels more like 27.
16:14 RED_home Stopppp with the weather spam duuded.
16:15 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
16:15 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
16:15 CSMonster yeah, i'm about 17 degrees south of fairbanks.
16:15 Ponko92 RED i was doing it to see whats going on
16:16 Ponko92 can't complain when they deal with weather like yours
16:16 Ponko92 and have colder spells
16:16 RED_home_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:16 PhuAtWork CSMonster: I'd say you are far north enough for snow actually
16:17 CSMonster for snow, yes, not for snow on april 21st
16:17 Ponko92 bout -38 C temps
16:18 Ponko92 yeah thats a bit odd but they had snow in GR so i think its bout normal then
16:18 Ponko92 grr why is the stream down
16:19 RED_home__ joined #thegeekgroup
16:19 RED_home__ I'm angry at the IRC now, it keeps dissconnecting me
16:19 SparkyStudio Ponko92, Chris needs to change the power supply or something
16:19 kristopher lool
16:20 Ponko92 ahh gottcha
16:20 Ponko92 lol
16:20 CSMonster mind you: i'm perfectly okay with the snow (i'd rather be here than back home), but it's still odd, and i still call shenanigans on mother nature.
16:20 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
16:20 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
16:20 Ponko92 and RED it keeps expanding your name
16:20 RED_home__ Raawr.
16:21 Ponko92 don't raawr at me ;) lol never raawr at a tiger lol
16:22 RED_home__ Meeooowwww.
16:22 RED_home__ ;)
16:22 kristopher when will the feed come gack on?
16:22 MadManMarkAu Mew?
16:22 RED_home__ when he's done.
16:22 RED_home__ calm down children.
16:22 Ponko92 easy girl i'm taken ;)
16:22 RED_home_ left #thegeekgroup
16:22 MadManMarkAu What's he up to?
16:23 RED_home__ Fixing power supplies
16:23 Ponko92 ahh cool
16:23 MadManMarkAu AH
16:23 MadManMarkAu *Ah
16:24 PhuAtWork RED_home__ : is this in anyway relation to what is now known as "Compressor Buzz" ?
16:24 Ponko92 lol
16:24 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
16:24 RED_home__ I do not know....
16:24 Ponko92 lol
16:24 Ponko92 helpful :P
16:25 PhuAtWork yay console's back :)
16:25 RED_home__ Buuuuuttttt.......I'm gonna go shower and head to the lab, guys....I'll talk to you laterz...
16:25 tggconsole console back online
16:25 tggconsole stream about to go back on
16:25 Ponko92 hooray
16:25 PhuAtWork tggconsole: is this to fix the comrpessor buzz?
16:25 RED_home__ left #thegeekgroup
16:25 Ponko92 ok chris is on :)
16:26 tggKyle joined #thegeekgroup
16:26 LeadHead1 92.1 The Shark is On Air
16:26 SparkyStudio We are feeling it
16:26 Ponko92 ooooohh yeah
16:26 tggKyle HEY GUYS
16:26 kristopher CANYA FEEL IT!
16:26 Ponko92 hahaha love you Kyle
16:26 kristopher lool
16:26 tggKyle I'm debating changing my user name to 92.1 THE SHARK
16:26 tggKyle Love you too Ponko
16:26 Ponko92 oh how did the Tigers get on last night?
16:26 Cprossu I got distracted with garrysmod lol
16:27 tggKyle I'm at the offices today, got a decent amount of work on my plate
16:27 Ponko92 the Indians left it late lol
16:27 tggKyle So I'll be in and out
16:27 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:27 Ponko92 yeah its cool kyle
16:27 LeadHead1 A whole some of it?
16:27 Cprossu good voice too
16:27 Ponko92 Glastonbury tggconsole?
16:27 Electronics|gmod arghh stream adds
16:27 kristopher its the homeless man with the golden voice
16:27 Electronics|gmod is now known as Electronics
16:28 Cprossu Test dem monitors!
16:28 Electronics what is this music?
16:28 kristopher test them!!!!
16:28 LeadHead1 Is that another 4 pack?
16:28 Ponko92 oh yeah tggkyle i beat SF1 in 1 hour 27 min lol
16:29 Ponko92 the damn Catacombs level is SUCH a PAIN
16:29 kristopher play frisky by tinie tempah
16:30 Ponko92 Justice DVNO
16:30 Ponko92 lol
16:30 tggKyle And I'm back
16:30 zero21764 joined #thegeekgroup
16:30 tggKyle Ponko92: You like justice?
16:30 CSMonster ohgoditskyle i mean hi
16:30 Electronics Chris could really do a radio show XD
16:30 Ponko92 yeah :)
16:30 tggKyle You want to be best friends
16:31 Ponko92 i thought we were lol
16:31 tggKyle CSMonster: ohgoditsCSMonstereverybodyrunand- OH HAI.
16:31 CSMonster got that right
16:31 CSMonster :D
16:31 tggKyle :D
16:31 SparkyStudio It's drop testing :D
16:32 tggKyle So what are you kids talking about today
16:32 tggKyle Something that'll probably go right over my head.
16:32 CSMonster i'm having a conversation about hunger with a plate of leftover mexican food.
16:33 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
16:33 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:33 Ponko92_ lol the captcha thing derearta Rambo
16:33 LeadHead1 You'll be having a conversation with your bowls about pain later on
16:33 Ponko92_ RAMBO
16:33 kristopher ENTION THE CCU I"M DONATING!!!!
16:33 kristopher MENTION*
16:33 CSMonster lol, not quite.  i have california bowels.  they handle mexican food quite well, thankyouverymuch.
16:33 Electronics ...
16:33 Ponko92_ tggkyle which level in Syphon Filter is your fave
16:34 CSMonster lol hi Electronics
16:34 Electronics oh hai!
16:34 Electronics someone bumb.message me if some vids start getting done
16:34 Electronics *bump
16:34 PhuAtWork right. I'm off home. See you in half an hour or so.
16:35 CSMonster bye
16:35 Ponko92_ alright Phu
16:35 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
16:35 Ponko92_ oh bye me
16:35 SparkyStudio TGGconsole, wide angle
16:36 kristopher MENTION MY CCU!!!!
16:36 Ponko92_ calm down
16:36 Ponko92_ lol
16:36 kristopher yep
16:36 Cprossu nice
16:36 SparkyStudio If you zoom out a bit so we can see the whole console
16:36 Ponko92_ you could mention what i might be doing but yeah best now eh
16:36 Cprossu lighting!
16:37 Cprossu coolights?
16:37 Cprossu trying to remember what the brand of those nice ones are
16:37 Ponko92_ has
16:37 Ponko92_ haha*
16:38 Ponko92_ right brb
16:38 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
16:38 Cprossu do you have any use for any component distribution units? I've got 2 of them I think
16:38 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
16:39 Ponko92 right the REAL ponko is back
16:39 CSMonster dental work yaaaay
16:39 CSMonster yes
16:39 Cprossu I'll find them but you'll likely have to produce your own 12v wall warts
16:39 kristopher YES
16:39 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:40 Cprossu what camera do they fit?
16:41 mashpriborintorg Hi all
16:41 mashpriborintorg console assembly in progress :)
16:41 Ponko92 are kids playing soccer outside?
16:41 Ponko92 one sec
16:41 kristopher wheres general badass?
16:42 kristopher OMNI
16:42 Ponko92 YAY
16:42 Cprossu sony bvp cameras..hrmm
16:43 Ponko92 Chris is this your music?
16:43 Cprossu do you guys have any Sony BVP-750 cameras?
16:43 Ponko92 if soo i love your choice of music
16:43 kristopher LOOOL
16:43 CSMonster LOL
16:43 CSMonster HAH
16:43 Ponko92 love it
16:44 Ponko92 do the BAD TOUCH
16:44 CSMonster 92.1 the shark.
16:44 Cprossu BVP90 will also fit it
16:44 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK
16:44 Ponko92 kicking back with tggKyle
16:45 arruid joined #thegeekgroup
16:45 Cprossu Chris, what sony BVP series cameras do you have if any?
16:45 kristopher lol he tripped
16:45 Cprossu that's what that ccu's for apparently
16:45 Ponko92 the bad touch Chris the bad touch
16:45 Ponko92 i think so
16:46 CSMonster lol
16:46 Ponko92 ahhh
16:46 Cprossu 41 pin connector right?
16:46 Ponko92 i love there stuff
16:46 tggKyle Moving...uff...all...the...nerf
16:46 tggKyle :D
16:46 Ponko92 YAY
16:47 Ponko92 kyle agree that the Catacombs are a pain not because of the stealth because of how unpredictable Lian and Phagan are
16:48 Ponko92 and how the one hit kill cheat can be a disadvantage
16:48 SparkyStudio_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:48 CSMonster the biscuit?
16:48 tggKyle I agree.
16:49 tggKyle The hardest
16:49 CSMonster which biscuit
16:49 Ponko92 best is the fight with Girduex
16:49 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
16:49 Ponko92 thats where flame throwers aren't fun
16:50 tggKyle I'm going to play REALM OF THE MADGOD for a bit
16:50 Ponko92 yay
16:50 Ponko92 i might play SF
16:50 Cprossu I pulled it off a 720p video
16:50 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
16:50 Cprossu I cannot remember which one
16:50 CSMonster sometimes i can't tell if he likes picking on cory or if he really hates him. :/
16:50 Cprossu but either way it's heavily doctored
16:51 kristopher same
16:51 kristopher BODEN!! do you like cory?
16:52 kristopher cool now we know
16:52 Ponko92 its just banter
16:52 kristopher lol
16:52 Ponko92 .wa banter
16:52 BotSteve banter  (English word);1->noun->light teasing repartee, 2->verb->be silly or tease one another;b\'anter  (IPA: b\\:02c8&aelig;nt\\:025d);ban-ter  (6 letters ->2 syllables);1676  (European Renaissance)  (335 years ago);banters -> bantered -> bantering;backchat -> give-and-take -> raillery -> chaff -> jolly -> josh -> kid   (total: 7);badinage -> persiflage;repartee -> bait -> cod -> rag -> rally -> razz -> ride -> tant
16:52 Cprossu chris: the mohawk image came from this video ->
16:52 CSMonster some people's banter is hard to identify as such.
16:52 Cprossu Relays and Contactors Basics
16:53 Cprossu Uploaded by thegeekgroup on Aug 10, 2009
16:53 Ponko92 yeah course
16:53 LeadHead1 .weather TGG Studio Block
16:53 BotSteve No ICAO code found, sorry
16:53 Cprossu that's where the bodenhead start image came from
16:53 Ponko92 its just heavy banter you and cory isn't it chris
16:53 Ponko92 between*
16:54 CSMonster he's not paying attention.  i'm not that concerned about it.
16:54 CSMonster (now)
16:54 Ponko92 lol
16:55 Cprossu special ed is actually jim florantine
16:56 Cprossu he does other funny voices
16:56 kristopher swimming
16:57 Cprossu tggconsole, tell him (in your rendition of his retarded voice) "I got mail I got mail, Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"
16:58 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
16:58 Cprossu but as for that mohawk head, I pulled it off of the 720P version of Relays and Contactors basics, uploaded Aug 10, 2009
16:59 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
16:59 Cprossu anyway funny bit that's jim florantine
16:59 tggconsole come and play with us steve
16:59 Cprossu and it's only funny if you've had the worst day ever too
17:00 kristopher slap batman
17:00 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
17:00 Ponko92 grrrr
17:00 Ponko92 damn IE8
17:00 kristopher i can just see omni tripping someone over
17:01 Ponko92 lol
17:01 Cprossu you guys better have a slide whistle
17:02 Cprossu All men are created equal, col. colt made it that way.
17:02 kristopher omni is gonna trip you over
17:02 steve______ I would love to go over and play there, but I have an exam in an hour :(
17:03 kristopher onmi is gonna trip you over
17:03 LeadHead1 How many times are you going to say it?
17:03 Ponko92 i reckon she will too lol
17:03 kristopher puff puff
17:03 kristopher volcano needs to make a bong
17:04 Ponko92 till it happens i bet LeadHead1
17:04 Ponko92 lol
17:04 kristopher lol
17:04 Ponko92 wow
17:04 kristopher how wold you know where to buy bongs?
17:05 exor674 ... a bong store?
17:05 kristopher no such thing
17:05 kristopher in australia anyway
17:05 steve______ tggconsole I'm hoping to get out of class around 7:30 and then go to the lab
17:05 JA12 smoke signals
17:06 kristopher lol
17:06 kristopher omni aproves
17:06 arruid left #thegeekgroup
17:07 steve______ what has been added?
17:07 kristopher a ccu is coming from aus
17:08 Ponko92 and something from britain
17:08 steve______ do we have that termination kit yet/
17:08 steve______ ?
17:08 Ponko92 Get your ass to mars right Chris
17:08 kristopher dunno
17:08 Ponko92 i do kris
17:08 kristopher i do
17:09 kristopher or the equivalent of 5 in 1
17:10 kristopher has sopny lost quality or gotten better?
17:10 kristopher sony*
17:10 steve______ sounds good
17:10 SparkyStudio_ Sounds good#
17:10 kristopher good
17:10 kristopher cool
17:10 Cprossu lol
17:10 Ponko92 lol
17:10 kristopher lol
17:10 Ponko92 fail
17:11 kristopher how far behind are we?