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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-22

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00:00 LeadHead Ever find out what radio station was being picked up?
00:00 cctoide all of the equipment's been on 24/7 since the stream went up, right?
00:00 DavidJKuhr hey captain is thier a possibility to route the scanner through the audio mixer so its a direct connection rather than picking it up with a mic?  It may make things easier to understand on the stream.
00:00 CaptainBoden Under the Hamlet
00:00 CaptainBoden the rackmount thing
00:00 CaptainBoden you're a little quiet.
00:00 CaptainBoden But, you're quiet in real life.
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00:00 Ponko92 makes sense
00:00 Obtuse_lappy i hear steve just fine
00:01 Ponko92 lol
00:01 DavidJKuhr lol
00:01 CaptainBoden I wouldn't worry about impedance, but I'd be REALLY carefuil since it's a speaker level output into a line level feed.
00:01 CaptainBoden I'd rather have some kind of box in between to limit the level as oppoe...oh hey, GREAT job for the POS Bheringer mixer ;)
00:01 Obtuse_lappy haha. that's how i destroyed my line 6 input device
00:02 SparkyStudio_ Put a 50k pot across the output, and a 10k in series with the wiper
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00:03 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARK with quiet steve keeping it smooth thru the night
00:03 wannabe1987 my lappy/netbook has the stream really really lagged :(
00:03 wannabe1987 and jerky
00:04 Obtuse_lappy lol
00:04 wannabe1987 sucks
00:04 wannabe1987 so most the time i don't watch it
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00:05 SparkyStudio_ You have 26 viewers
00:06 Ponko92 92.1 The Shark with Quiet Steve keeping it smooth in tgg lab thru the night
00:06 Superman13 he needs to do a sign off or something...cut to commercial break with something playing while he's gone lol
00:06 wannabe1987 he killed a he has pork.  why not bacon?!
00:07 cctoide ah, the missile launcher
00:07 masterofmonks Well for bacon first you need a pork belly, and you need to cure it.
00:07 masterofmonks And smoke it.
00:07 Ponko92 same one used in Back To The Future
00:08 Ponko92 no wait that was a JVC
00:08 CaptainBoden Hey, you got another one working!
00:08 CaptainBoden How did you do that?>
00:08 Ponko92 with magic?
00:09 CaptainBoden lol
00:09 Ponko92 hahaha
00:09 tggIzzil No, with science!
00:09 CaptainBoden LMFAO that's awesome
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00:09 Obtuse_lappy 19 amp, dang
00:09 wannabe1987 mrs frizzle helped
00:10 CaptainBoden rotflmfao
00:10 Ponko92 ah
00:10 LeadHead 19 Amps isn't much as far as power supplies now
00:10 LeadHead Most are 40-60 amps now
00:10 Ponko92 ysst cap lol
00:10 Obtuse_lappy huge
00:10 LeadHead Well its only at 12 volts
00:10 maglinvinn yeah, the 800 watt one we got for my buddy in his gaming rig was rediculous like that.
00:10 LeadHead so its not that much power
00:10 CaptainBoden you know, since we CAN power 3 off that one, we should wire it up with 3 LONG (like 50') cables and use it for a 3 camera studio live feed.
00:10 Ponko92 its a car battery of sorts
00:11 Ponko92 12V
00:11 CaptainBoden We could setup 3 cameras permanantly on in the studio.
00:11 LeadHead Careful loading up single rail on ap ower supply
00:11 LeadHead Depending on how its regulated, the voltage could take a dump if you load up one rail too much
00:11 CaptainBoden Do they HAVE the big CCU connector?
00:11 CaptainBoden on those cameras
00:11 CaptainBoden ok
00:11 CaptainBoden Well then we should use THOSE cameras throughout the building, seperately, feeding a BNC feed.
00:12 compwiz878 sounds kool
00:12 maglinvinn not gonna lie, kinda surprised there's no input mounted on the front of that rig yet...
00:12 compwiz878 good idea chris
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00:12 Ponko92 woohoo
00:13 Ponko92 yay
00:13 maglinvinn TIGER BLOOD!
00:13 Ponko92 lol
00:13 Cj1corbystarlet Winner
00:14 CaptainBoden Go wide and get focus
00:14 Ponko92 FOCUS
00:14 CaptainBoden lol
00:14 CaptainBoden That's a good image.
00:14 Ponko92 maglinvinn is a winner
00:14 maglinvinn yeah, thats pretty slick
00:14 maglinvinn hell yeah i am!
00:14 Ponko92 :P lol
00:15 cctoide how many are there?
00:15 Ponko92 yay
00:15 CaptainBoden Don't worry about Genlock, we'll be deploying those around the lab so we won't have them genlocked
00:15 cctoide ah, cool
00:15 Ponko92 hopefully
00:15 CaptainBoden What kind of camera is that?
00:15 compwiz878 would a wireless transmitter type of setup would work for sending camnera video to the mc room ?
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00:16 Ponko92 ok
00:16 Ponko92 stream has froze
00:16 CaptainBoden no, it's not, look on TOP
00:16 CaptainBoden there ya go
00:16 Cj1corbystarlet Its fine
00:17 Ponko92 and no its not because of my East German internet or that i live a hut in Albania
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00:18 eggplant626 what is that clock for?
00:18 MagneticCow time
00:18 LeadHead Something to look at
00:18 InteliWasp eggplant626 to show that the stream is still working
00:18 Superman13 magic
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00:19 InteliWasp speaking of that clock, what kind is it, i have not seen 1 without the hours
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00:19 cctoide the shoulder mount is integral to the camera, right?
00:19 eggplant626 ah, I see.
00:19 cctoide ah
00:20 CaptainBoden YAY!
00:20 compwiz878 kool
00:20 CaptainBoden If you saw where I got those from you'd be freaking out amazed.
00:20 tesla4d Oh, my god.
00:20 tesla4d Gravy is so easy.
00:20 cctoide ouch, red bleeding
00:21 CaptainBoden Those cameras were in a pile, about half a pallet that had obviously been TOSSED ACROSS THE ROOM into the pile as totally junk cameras.
00:21 Ponko92 grr the stream has locked for me grrr
00:21 tesla4d The boyfriend's efforts to get me to cook have resulted in my first attempt at chicken fried steak, and the gravy part was like magic.
00:21 maglinvinn where's the slate?
00:21 maglinvinn doesn't that have a proper color scale on it?
00:21 exor674 CaptainBoden: ENG cameras, right?
00:21 exor674 I guess those *really* are meant to take a beating?
00:22 Ponko92 oh
00:22 CaptainBoden That's really great image for that camera
00:22 CaptainBoden Grab the other two :)
00:22 CaptainBoden We just DOUBLED our live camera ability :)
00:23 maglinvinn lol
00:23 CaptainBoden One of those should be deployed in the Cafe, with audio.
00:23 Cj1corbystarlet Got enought cables ?
00:23 maglinvinn CaptainBoden will there be multiple ustreams so we can look in on multiple cameras?
00:23 Rahlon say chris where do you plan to plop cameras? (which rooms)
00:23 compwiz878 agrees with captain
00:23 CaptainBoden no way, we need miles of coax.
00:23 cctoide just need the internet controlled button-pushing robot on the desk now
00:23 InteliWasp hey captian, do you think we could have a twitter anoucement when there is something intresting goin on in the stream in the future?
00:24 maglinvinn lol cctoide.  i've been thinking about a 3dof servo arm for just that purpose!
00:24 CaptainBoden What we need is a triple-cable, with 2 Coax feeds and one balanced audio, so that we can have Genlock, Composite Video, and XLR audio on each end and feed the camera directly across the building into the console.
00:24 maglinvinn i've done a 2dof, but the switcher is too wide, we'd need the third servo
00:24 cctoide plus we get to knock over abandoned pop cans left on the desk
00:24 CaptainBoden plug it in
00:25 CaptainBoden We don't need the transport.
00:25 cctoide heh, shooting from the hip
00:25 CaptainBoden REALLY good glass on that one there
00:26 cctoide the timecode connector and a few other of the connectors on the one you took apart looked pretty banged up
00:26 CaptainBoden I bet it works
00:26 maglinvinn ruh roh
00:26 CaptainBoden Give it some twiddling, I'll bet it works
00:26 InteliWasp do you think you could boost the mic volume?
00:26 Cj1corbystarlet Black as  my love for my exwife
00:26 Ponko92 grrr IE8 you suck
00:26 SparkyStudio_ Do you need to select the side output ?
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00:27 CaptainBoden told ya
00:27 CaptainBoden he he he
00:27 CaptainBoden watch this, it'll work
00:27 maglinvinn lul lul lul
00:27 CaptainBoden HA!
00:27 CaptainBoden That's THREE!
00:27 cctoide first rule of tech support?
00:27 CaptainBoden down on the left side
00:27 CaptainBoden yup
00:27 eggplant626 Turn on the switch
00:27 Ponko92 4 out of 4?
00:27 CaptainBoden Get the 4th :)
00:27 Ponko92 all but hope
00:27 maglinvinn lul.  drama queen!
00:28 compwiz878 yeah lets go 4 for 4
00:28 SparkyStudio_ We're taking bets
00:28 Ponko92 oh yeah
00:29 CaptainBoden That's a camera to hard-mount somewhere.
00:29 Ponko92 i'm betting i won't find out because my stream page isn't responding
00:29 CaptainBoden Turn it on
00:29 exor674 I wish it didn't weigh a bloody ton otherwise I have a giant spool of coax in my basement
00:29 Superman13 i was gonna say is it the power switch again lol
00:29 cctoide is there anything hooked up to the new preview monitors?
00:29 InteliWasp awww
00:29 CaptainBoden Smack it
00:29 InteliWasp lol
00:29 maglinvinn 3ft drop test
00:29 Ponko92 haha
00:29 Ponko92 O_O wow dan wow
00:30 exor674 but it's gonna cost an arm, a leg, and a firstborn to ship out there otherwise I would
00:30 tggIzzil it's shy
00:30 exor674 I have no need for it
00:30 CaptainBoden Who is Izzil?
00:30 tggIzzil Liz
00:30 CaptainBoden ah
00:30 tggIzzil the one currently with the flu
00:30 CaptainBoden awww *hug*
00:30 Ponko92 :( that sucks
00:30 Cj1corbystarlet Thats F**Ked the average
00:30 Ponko92 my fiancee has hay fever
00:30 Obtuse_lappy flu = bad
00:30 DavidJKuhr 3 out of 4 isn't bad
00:30 exor674 don't do that!
00:30 cctoide does that one have a side output too?
00:30 CaptainBoden I( got Jungle Fever
00:31 maglinvinn 3 out of 4 instantly worked
00:31 exor674 I do not recommend having the flu
00:31 cctoide or is it already on that output
00:31 maglinvinn which is epic.
00:31 CaptainBoden Well 3:4 ain't bad
00:31 maglinvinn definately for trash pile grabs
00:31 tggRED Hey chris, the staircase going down to the comp lab...There is no railing. No railing is going there, correct?
00:31 tggRED I want to know if i can spackle the holes where the railing was.
00:31 CaptainBoden There will have to be railing eventually
00:31 tggRED so don't spackle the holes?
00:31 CaptainBoden The Cripple Code requires it
00:31 CaptainBoden yeah, leave the holes
00:32 maglinvinn building code. 3 inches between railing and wall, for the hand,  and 3 ft 6 inches from step face for the run
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00:32 tggRED kk
00:32 maglinvinn incidentally, that stair's landing isn't bigger than 3 by 3 foot is it?  cause if its not, it needs a railing along through the landing too
00:33 DavidJKuhr a loose card would be an interesting fix
00:33 maglinvinn those cameras don't have viewports do they?
00:34 eggplant626 think i need a bigger monitor, scrolling up/ dwn to see stream and irc, getting nerve racking
00:34 Bat-Mobile eggplant626: would side-by-side be preferable?
00:35 SparkyStudio_ I think eggplant might be using the webpage on tgg
00:35 Bat-Mobile that's what I mean
00:35 eggplant626 yeah, I wouldnt mind that, yes I am on tgg site
00:36 eggplant626 is view different on ustream site
00:36 SparkyStudio_ and you can arrange them how you like
00:36 CaptainBoden find out :)
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00:37 wannabe1987 hi critterpal
00:37 eggplant626 Cpt. u sound like my boss
00:37 Bat-Mobile hi critter
00:37 critterpal hi all
00:37 Obtuse_lappy i'm watching this and big lebowski
00:37 Obtuse_lappy nothing could be better
00:38 Obtuse_lappy well women
00:38 Julepalme just get more windows open then :)
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00:38 Obtuse_lappy i mean women in my room :)
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00:38 Julepalme yeah ok, windows wont help you with that
00:39 Cj1corbystarlet Stick to technology it has defined rules and is predictable ....... Women are not :)
00:39 CaptainBoden There are at least TWO of those in the studio that may work,.
00:39 CaptainBoden Check the Volcano set, there was one there.
00:39 Julepalme and 1 that most certainly doesnt :P am i right ?
00:40 Obtuse_lappy I work in warranty, technology isn't predictable on a mass production scale
00:40 CaptainBoden open iris
00:40 CaptainBoden tha'ts close
00:40 CaptainBoden Shutter down?
00:41 CaptainBoden Filter?
00:41 eggplant626_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:41 CaptainBoden that's worse
00:41 InteliWasp cycle the iris?
00:41 Julepalme yeah looks like a sepia filter
00:41 CaptainBoden better
00:41 CaptainBoden better
00:41 InteliWasp yay
00:41 CaptainBoden oh yeah
00:41 compwiz878 much better
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00:42 CaptainBoden A little hot actually, lol
00:42 CaptainBoden Excellent image
00:42 CaptainBoden :)
00:42 Superman13 looks gray to me.. lol
00:42 CaptainBoden This is a serious improvement
00:42 tggIzzil maybe we should get a vectorscope donated to help color balance some of these older cams, if we haven't already
00:42 CaptainBoden We need to run some cable :)
00:42 CaptainBoden There's no less than HALF A DOZEN vectorscopes within arms reach.
00:43 tggIzzil huzzah then
00:43 jeremys OMG steve is stuck in the internet.  Send him cables so he can escape!!!!
00:43 CaptainBoden two in the rack in front of you, two on the top of the console, 1 at the E end of the room, 3 at the W end.
00:43 CaptainBoden and god knows how many in the basement.
00:43 CaptainBoden We're tits deep in vectorscopes.
00:43 Cj1corbystarlet Tv's
00:43 CaptainBoden and I could get you a dozen more in a week.
00:43 Ponko92 ok i have returned from the battle of the none responsive IE
00:43 eggplant626_ 4 out of 5 working, soby morning they all be mounted and running
00:44 CaptainBoden There's TWO W+V in the rack in front of you.
00:44 CaptainBoden The Hamlet and the one under it.
00:44 Ponko92 gahhh
00:45 CaptainBoden This is awesome, with some cable runs we can now have real video in several places in the lab.
00:45 CaptainBoden If I work hard, we could have two working cameras with audio in the MDH by the end of the week.
00:45 Ponko92 fantastic
00:45 jeremys Lots of work has been done.  I love the GR crew
00:45 critterpal neato
00:45 Ponko92 all we need is me to get to Derby
00:45 CaptainBoden Amy, we have to run more conduit ;)
00:45 critterpal Noooo!!
00:46 CaptainBoden To get a panel installed in the MDH for camera feeds :)
00:46 critterpal Ok. Is fun.
00:46 CaptainBoden lol
00:46 jeremys shh he is back stop talking about him
00:46 SparkyStudio_ If we can have at least one camera and audio in the MDH for the wall push on thursday, that would be cool
00:46 Ponko92 is that all we need Cap?
00:46 CaptainBoden There were TWO of those down there, check around the studio.
00:46 Ponko92 me to get my ass to Derby
00:46 Ponko92 not mars
00:47 CaptainBoden That's a start, but we need a proper feed, we're using the CCU cable to get that camera.
00:47 CaptainBoden Btw, that cable is hung up int he wall on an XLR plug, it's not happy. I couldn't get up high enough to fix it ;)
00:47 eggplant626_ thanks for link sparky studio, having 2 windows work better for me
00:48 CaptainBoden you can't, it requires scaffolding.
00:48 SparkyStudio_ No problem eggplant :)
00:49 jeremys is the wall in MDH coming down professionally or by geek force?
00:49 Rahlon Could you show us how the MDH is looking in the next Captains blog?, Don't think we've seen it since the epoxy.
00:49 CaptainBoden Professionally.
00:49 CaptainBoden yes, you'll see it tonight.
00:49 Rahlon awesome
00:49 Ponko92 we saw Toby lasy night
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00:50 jeremys What does MDH stand for?
00:50 Ponko92 last*
00:50 CaptainBoden Main Demonstration Hall
00:50 eggplant626_ If u guys are still pulling cable by summer, I can try coming up and helping, getting enough practice with that at work now
00:50 CaptainBoden We'll be pulling cable of some manner for many months to come.
00:50 Ponko92 Cap out of interest where will the VSL be hopefully when its there
00:51 CaptainBoden To the Right of that door as you're looking at the camera feed tonight.
00:51 CaptainBoden SW corner of the MDH
00:51 Ponko92 ahhh ok
00:51 jeremys when steve gets back we should all act like the feed is down and watch him scurry to fix it.
00:51 Ponko92 my 2nd home ;)
00:51 DavidJKuhr lol
00:51 eggplant626_ I'll see what I can do to help then, thinking you guys are possible a 3or 4 hr drive from my 20 now.
00:51 CaptainBoden No, his time is precious right now.
00:51 jeremys lol
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00:52 Ponko92 yeah having him fix something that isn't broken isn't cool
00:52 jeremys he is doing a really good job.  busting butt
00:52 jeremys shh here he comes
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00:52 Ponko92 we love you steve :)
00:53 Ponko92 hahahaha busted
00:53 CaptainBoden well, poo
00:53 CaptainBoden I'll have to get more
00:53 CaptainBoden lol
00:53 CaptainBoden no
00:53 Bat-Mobile "Well, poo" ?
00:53 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
00:53 CaptainBoden ok, well, how about you work on overhauling the console.
00:53 SparkyStudio_ Can you rebuild it ? :D
00:53 Bat-Mobile That's the tamest language I've EVER heard you use
00:53 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
00:53 CaptainBoden I moved the computer power and UPS over, did some upgrades.
00:53 Ponko92 he can rebuild it
00:53 eggplant626_ can always put that back 2gether again
00:53 CaptainBoden So, you won't have to bring the stream down or anything
00:53 Ponko92 he has the technology
00:53 Superman13 captain is being polite in this r rated room lol
00:54 Bat-Mobile politest person in here, apparently
00:54 CaptainBoden I try
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00:54 Ponko92 *theme for The Six Million Dollar starts*
00:54 CaptainBoden Move the camera back and we'll keep you company
00:54 kristopher hello
00:54 kristopher wheres boden?
00:54 jeremys bang crash boom
00:54 Ponko92 hes here
00:54 cctoide all around you!
00:55 Cprossu geez what the hell did I miss
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00:55 kristopher oh god
00:55 olivier left #thegeekgroup
00:55 cctoide 4 out of 5 cameras working
00:55 kristopher sweet
00:55 Superman13 LOL "All around you!"... Hopefully not. he'll steal my chicken strips...
00:55 compwiz878 why does the video quality on the stream look all pixely or noisey ?
00:55 Ponko92 bye oliver lol
00:55 Cprossu holy crap it's less of a rats nest now
00:55 SparkyStudio_ You could wire one of the cameras and go portable
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00:56 Ponko92 Boden was drilling......
00:56 Cprossu compwiz878: hagpagugge
00:56 Ponko92 a hole in the wall
00:56 Cprossu or howerver it's speelled
00:56 Cprossu it's the cap car'ds fault
00:56 CaptainBoden Sorry about the dust ;) I'll vacuum it tomorrow
00:56 compwiz878 ohh
00:56 Cprossu so what's up tggconsole?
00:56 Cprossu also what's up CaptainBoden?
00:56 Cprossu did I miss any epicness?
00:56 kristopher mna the feed is shit now
00:56 Cj1corbystarlet Hahah tats a tiny drill bit .........
00:57 compwiz878 i have one of those cap card to with an fm tuner on it aswell but it wont run on xp for some reason
00:57 kristopher damn and i missed the giant-ass hole
00:57 Cprossu there are ways
00:57 Ponko92 oh he drilled it good
00:57 Cprossu either way we have a much better cap card
00:57 Ponko92 and the wall ;P
00:57 CaptainBoden It's alwys been big enough to make me happy.
00:57 Cprossu I'm putting together a care package box to send up there
00:57 compwiz878 and my win2k computer needs its windows fixed to get it working in it once again
00:57 cctoide that bit looks like a flamethrower nozzle
00:57 kristopher lol yeah
00:57 jeremys text to speech would be handy for him right now
00:58 Cprossu CaptainBoden: I need to know right off the bat, do you have a spare standard ATX case?
00:58 Ponko92 and the drill eh captainboden :P lol
00:58 CaptainBoden Yeah
00:58 kristopher @captainboden why s the feed jumpy now?
00:58 Cprossu ok, because I might send over a quad core 9500 phenom or something if I can find it with a shit motherboard
00:58 CaptainBoden It's on your end, fine here
00:59 kristopher damn the wireless
00:59 eggplant626_ how did the drill holing go, I missed it. Wife got home from work,"why are watching a guy drill a hole for", and toke over the computer
00:59 Cprossu is the intensity card x1 or x4 pcie?
00:59 CaptainBoden That would be excellent, we can use it for capture :)
00:59 Cprossu yeah I know
00:59 exor674 is that a gas sniffer?
00:59 CaptainBoden um...the tiny one?
00:59 jeremys Picture is perfect on this end
01:00 Cprossu So far the kit will include the 2 component amps I have (you provide your own wall warts, they came to me free with the cable attached to them when circuit city went out of business)
01:00 kristopher_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:00 kristopher_ now the feeds down all together
01:00 kristopher_ here
01:00 Cprossu and a mobo and a chip
01:00 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
01:01 SparkyStudio_ feed is fine with me
01:01 Cprossu I got some money today so I might pitch in a power supply as soon as my local source stocks back up on the good ones
01:01 Ponko92 me too
01:01 compwiz878 feed is still up heer
01:01 Cprossu The requested URL /Capture.PNG was not found on this server.
01:01 Cprossu Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
01:02 Cprossu wrong window
01:02 Cprossu lol
01:02 compwiz878 chris ur being paged
01:02 DavidJKuhr well i'm off, you all have a good one
01:02 SparkyStudio_ CaptainBoden
01:03 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
01:03 CaptainBoden ?
01:03 SparkyStudio_ ^
01:03 SparkyStudio_ Steve wanted you
01:03 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
01:03 CaptainBoden oh, hang on
01:03 CaptainBoden yes?
01:03 CaptainBoden What Steve?
01:03 CaptainBoden I wasn't listening, I'm editing tonight's episode
01:04 dtrooper joined #thegeekgroup
01:04 Bat-Mobile seriously, we need less steves
01:04 kristopher_ do yoou post about the feed when it goes up on twitter?
01:04 CaptainBoden I'll bet if you post a link that a few people on here would be happy to kick in $5 and buy is a half dozen.
01:04 Bat-Mobile And since I'm a steve, looks like I quit.  everyone's banned from the channel forever.
01:04 Bat-Mobile :]
01:04 CaptainBoden They can't cost much, probably $5 a piece max I'd think?
01:05 CaptainBoden Cool
01:05 Ponko92 mind if buy a box?
01:05 Ponko92 to send there
01:05 kristopher_ lol wut
01:05 CaptainBoden I'm sure it's something we'll need a few of as we go.
01:05 kristopher_ whats the hole fore/ going to?
01:06 tggconsole
01:06 compwiz878 kris its on a drill
01:06 CaptainBoden It's NEW-Trick
01:06 CaptainBoden It's NOYman Microphones.
01:06 CaptainBoden yes ;)
01:07 CaptainBoden Tha'ts ok, most peole get it wrong the other way.
01:07 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
01:08 Ponko92 ok my IE8 sucks and it won't tell me how much they cost but which ones will you need tggconsole
01:08 tggRED Chris, how are we getting the tile out of the sauna...just sledging it...or what?
01:09 SparkyStudio_ Red, you may have to use his full name, he's editing
01:10 Ponko92 by that he means IRC name lol
01:10 tggRED @CaptainBoden hris, how are we getting the tile out of the sauna...just sledging it...or what?
01:10 jeremys Use your poison Ivy skills to bust it out
01:10 tggRED lol
01:10 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
01:10 tggRED I wanna know if I can use a sledgehammer.
01:10 Ponko92 he can't see this but he can get the mic over on his side
01:11 CaptainBoden I have a special tool for that :)
01:11 CaptainBoden oh, the FLOOR?
01:11 CaptainBoden Crowbar it
01:11 tggRED yeah
01:11 Ponko92 lol you just want to be violent don't you tggRED
01:11 tggRED the tile?
01:11 Ponko92 lol
01:11 tggRED you want me to take a crowbar to the tile?
01:11 compwiz878 red must have some frustration to let out lol
01:11 Ponko92 lol
01:11 Ponko92 must do
01:11 tggRED Red has lotss of frustration.
01:12 CaptainBoden Just go down to the concrete, there's WOOD under that tile.
01:12 compwiz878 lol
01:12 CaptainBoden It all goes.
01:12 tggRED WAHOO
01:12 compwiz878 red thats teh best part of deconstruction lol
01:12 eggplant626_ most hardware store are carryin a new gizmo call spider scraper I believer, u attach it to saw zaw for getting tile, carpet, and so on off floor
01:12 mman454-away captainboden "GREAT job for the POS Bheringer mixer ;)"?
01:12 compwiz878 or demo work if ya wanna call it taht to
01:12 compwiz878 lol
01:12 Ponko92 how thick is the tiling captainboden?
01:13 CaptainBoden .25"
01:13 CaptainBoden ok guys, I gotta edit, back in a bit
01:13 Ponko92 alright
01:14 mman454-away wow it got bright on the stream
01:14 mman454-away steve what did you do?
01:14 mman454-away steve
01:14 Ponko92 wow
01:14 mman454-away Something is set way too high!
01:15 mman454-away is now known as mman454
01:15 SparkyStudio_ mman, wait till steve stands up to read irc
01:15 * wannabe1987 is the out world!
01:15 mman454 steve we can't hear you... And I have my volume up all the way
01:15 tggRED I wish that i could post pictures to the IRC so you guys could see what's happeneing over here...IT"S SO EPIC
01:15 mman454 The video got really bright
01:15 mman454 yes can hear
01:15 wannabe1987 wait...tggRED - whats going on?  should i walk over?
01:15 jeremys yea
01:15 cctoide I think that's when he switched the sync source (?)
01:15 tggRED if you wanna. I'm destroying the sauna ^_^
01:15 mman454 look at the monitor
01:16 tggIzzil left #thegeekgroup
01:16 wannabe1987 oooo the sauna...
01:16 mman454 What?
01:16 SparkyStudio_ That would do it
01:16 mman454 Ah.
01:16 wannabe1987 is someone i have on /ignore saying my name?
01:17 wannabe1987 cuz it keeps popping up that someone says my  nick...but it doesn't show it...
01:17 wannabe1987 and is yaotzin back yet?
01:17 Obtuse_lappy you're crazy kelly
01:17 wannabe1987 that tooo
01:17 Bat-Mobile wannabe1987: nobody is saying your name
01:17 wannabe1987 ok
01:17 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
01:18 jeremys hi
01:18 Bat-Mobile hi jeremys
01:18 Ponko92 RED i assume i know where those pics are?
01:18 Ponko92 ahhhh
01:19 SparkyStudio_ wannabe1987, Red wants to know if you're walking over
01:19 wannabe1987 sure...i'll walk over
01:19 Cj1corbystarlet She just said run !
01:20 wannabe1987 ok!
01:20 Ponko92 yay
01:20 jeremys so steve tell us about where you picked up your audio/video knowledge while you toil
01:20 Ponko92 the MDH?
01:20 Ponko92 ok
01:20 Ponko92 lol steve
01:22 Ponko92 woah rave tech
01:23 Cj1corbystarlet Bit blocky steve
01:23 Ponko92 lol you Quiet Steve
01:23 Ponko92 your*
01:23 jeremys rock the ustream to ACE of BASE
01:23 Ponko92 YEAH
01:23 Noise_Marine left #thegeekgroup
01:23 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
01:24 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
01:24 maglinvinn whats going on guys
01:25 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
01:25 jeremys we are watching steve work
01:25 Ponko92 Steve and his RAVE TECH
01:25 maglinvinn yeah
01:25 maglinvinn that fourth camera come online?
01:25 SparkyStudio_ left #thegeekgroup
01:25 compwiz878 steve wants some tuneage
01:25 compwiz878 lol
01:27 compwiz878 play some good music please steve
01:27 compwiz878 lol
01:27 Ponko92 JUSTICE
01:27 Ponko92 with Smooth Stev
01:27 Ponko92 -e
01:27 maglinvinn *thinks the ustream mixer should have a special Geek Group mix playing non stop...*
01:27 jeremys corey plays mosty boy love music right?
01:28 Ponko92 not really
01:28 cctoide doctor who theme?
01:28 jeremys do you have any Old Guns and Roses.  Like before Steven Tyler left them?
01:29 Cprossu god that looks painful
01:29 compwiz878 steven tyler ur talking about the wrong group
01:29 Cprossu so what else has to be done?
01:29 compwiz878 steven tyler + aerosmith
01:30 compwiz878 axel rose + g&r
01:30 Ponko92 is this MUSE
01:30 eggplant626_ wow, what did happen to feed?  looks like a old web cam I use to have, bright white and pixeled
01:30 jeremys aerosmith was Lavar burton thought right?
01:30 critterpal Bingo
01:30 Cprossu steve: so what magical boxes did chris drop into the frames to produce headaches?
01:30 CaptainBoden
01:30 Cprossu well he's there at least
01:30 compwiz878 no jermys
01:31 dtrooper fresh vid :)
01:31 cctoide first comment posted by "kingofallidiots"
01:31 Ponko92 as always
01:31 Ponko92 some people have no life
01:33 Ponko92 lol
01:33 Cprossu it figures right
01:33 Ponko92 lol
01:33 Ponko92 that it does
01:33 CaptainBoden Actually that first comment was "#1" by gotama420 , I delete a LOT of comments on our videos ;)
01:33 compwiz878 grr youtuibe must have lagg tonight sheesh
01:33 Cprossu youtube is terrible tonight
01:33 Cprossu stutter stutter
01:34 Ponko92 man billy has grown lol
01:34 compwiz878 can tell most channels i usually watch the vids keep buffering and they ar downloading slow aswell
01:34 Cprossu compwiz878: want to come over and we'll kick some infastructure? bring your steel toes, we have a lot of equipment we need to kick
01:35 tggIzzil joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 Cprossu ok
01:35 compwiz878 cpross i would but it would require and 7 hour drive to grand rappids michigain
01:35 compwiz878 lol
01:36 Cprossu I am in AZ
01:36 Cprossu remember?
01:36 compwiz878 arizona?
01:36 Cprossu yes
01:36 Cprossu Phoenix, AZ
01:36 exor674 ooh MDH video?
01:36 compwiz878 thatll take almost 3days of driving lol
01:36 eggplant626_ time for me put kid to bed and stick my nose n a book. hope I dont miss anything exciting
01:36 Cprossu lol we can split up the work
01:36 Cprossu and meet in the middle
01:37 Cprossu kicking every infastructure we come to
01:37 compwiz878 altho i could talk to my realatives out theer and stay with them on theer farm lol
01:37 cctoide heh, this looks pretty cool
01:37 Cprossu I'll get level3, what are you getting?
01:37 compwiz878 i mean ranch
01:37 cctoide kind of Combine-ish, actually
01:38 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
01:38 kristopher back
01:38 Cprossu you know cctoide: paint em white and turn em upside down, then attach them to a base
01:38 Cprossu strider!
01:39 cctoide hehe, yeah
01:39 Cprossu only one way to find out
01:39 Ponko92 yeah its claret
01:39 Ponko92 lol
01:39 cctoide apparently they're the "biggest pivoting arm lamps in the world", in Rotterdam
01:39 kristopher_ why are we looking at  a wall?
01:39 CaptainBoden um,'re not broadcasting what you're seeing, we're still just looking at the wall, lol
01:39 kristopher_ coo
01:39 kristopher_ l
01:39 CaptainBoden LMFAO
01:39 cctoide new andy warhol movie?
01:39 Ponko92 lol
01:39 Cprossu whatever is best for calibrating
01:40 Ponko92 ow
01:40 kristopher_ wow white bvalance
01:40 CaptainBoden That's....*twitch*....something
01:40 Cprossu thanks for the extra CRT sun
01:40 Cprossu I need it
01:40 Ponko92 my eyes
01:40 CaptainBoden Hey I spent all week terminating,'re on your own.
01:40 CaptainBoden Your terminations take half a second....mine took 45min each, you can suck it.
01:41 Ponko92 lol
01:42 CaptainBoden Steve, you should totally overhaul the power feeds and routings behind the console. POwer should be the lower hole, signals should be the upper.
01:42 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
01:43 CaptainBoden Sort out power feeds to everyting in the console and then we can actually have it working :)
01:43 CaptainBoden Video is looking a LOT better, you're terminated now, Blue field looks excellent.
01:43 CaptainBoden ah
01:44 kristopher_ nice music
01:44 kristopher_ what song is it
01:44 Ponko92 muse?
01:44 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
01:44 CaptainBoden well....mostly stable
01:44 maglinvinn lul
01:44 CaptainBoden :)
01:44 kristopher_ sweet
01:45 CaptainBoden Maybe the camera is gained up ot something?
01:45 kristopher_ chec the cable ci=onnection
01:45 Cprossu oh one thing I did remember, steve-chris said there's another sync gen mounted now
01:45 kristopher_ cconection
01:45 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
01:45 CaptainBoden Could be that the GVG is gained up to handle long cable runs, which will actually be a good thing for us
01:46 kristopher_ yeah
01:46 Cprossu if so the 4000 series manual would help out there
01:46 Ponko92 oh i hear a plane over head
01:46 kristopher_ can you change views
01:47 Bat-Mobile Ponko92: if you were in Grand Rapids it might be one of ours
01:47 kristopher_ that was a 20 sec delay
01:47 Ponko92 lol possibly
01:47 dtrooper left #thegeekgroup
01:47 Cprossu there you go
01:48 Bat-Mobile I've got flights going there tonight that I'm supervising
01:48 kristopher_ how wasv the dentist
01:48 spacebunny left #thegeekgroup
01:48 Ponko92 ahh you an air traffic controller?
01:49 Bat-Mobile Ponko92: pilot / teacher
01:49 Ponko92 ahhh ok
01:49 Bat-Mobile I could never be an ATC
01:49 Bat-Mobile oh deal lord no
01:49 Bat-Mobile r
01:49 Ponko92 oh yeah
01:49 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
01:49 CaptainBoden OH FUCK YEAH!
01:49 CaptainBoden Good job Steve :)
01:49 kristopher_ whats happening with the studios
01:49 Ponko92 am i tripping steve?
01:49 eggplant626_ fade in/out, kool
01:50 Ponko92 lol
01:50 kristopher_ lol the wall again
01:50 kristopher_ wooow
01:50 exor674 is that actually an effect?
01:50 eggplant626_ is that a 3rd camera or test bar
01:50 CaptainBoden welcome to 1985
01:50 Ponko92 wow
01:50 exor674 like on the box
01:50 exor674 not a bug?
01:50 kristopher_ ouch
01:50 critterpal cool
01:50 Ponko92 captainboden XANADU
01:50 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
01:50 kristopher_ that hurts
01:51 compwiz878 welcome to teh psyadelic 60's lol
01:51 compwiz878 far out man
01:51 CaptainBoden switch cameras
01:51 kristopher_ lol xanadu didn't last 3 days at my place
01:51 Cprossu camera 2 is still shakey
01:51 exor674 I know "bug" isn't the right word, but I'm a software girl -- sue me
01:51 Cprossu as far as it's sig
01:51 Ponko92 lol
01:51 Ponko92 with Olivia Newton-John being an Aussie native lol
01:51 Bat-Mobile exor674: Team BotSteve is recruiting.  Just saying
01:51 Bat-Mobile (:
01:51 big left #thegeekgroup
01:51 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
01:52 compwiz878 kicks youtube servers
01:52 exor674 I'll.. consider it *g*
01:52 CaptainBoden We need a TON of rackmount power strips.
01:52 CaptainBoden that's beautiful
01:52 Toastdude Hi Chris!
01:53 kristopher_ you can get them REALY cheap on ebay
01:53 CaptainBoden Steve, you can take the drill and bits out of there. We're done with them in the back.
01:53 Ponko92 when will tripping commence again Steve?
01:53 CaptainBoden Very nice
01:54 Ponko92 yeah man
01:54 Ponko92 woahh
01:54 jeremys cool
01:54 Ponko92 listening to Muse wow this my 14th Bday lol
01:54 kristopher get super trippy
01:54 cctoide ... this actually fits the Glitch Mob track I'm listening to, heh
01:55 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
01:55 kristopher_ lol
01:55 tggIzzil i feel like i should be listening to jefferson airplane right now
01:55 Ponko92 wow this is my 14th Bday all over again lol
01:55 Toastdude lol
01:56 CaptainBoden yes, please
01:56 Cj1corbystarlet Did somone just snot on the screen
01:56 Cprossu lol nice
01:56 Cprossu this mixer is awesome
01:56 kristopher_ yep
01:56 Ponko92 all i need is my old GF (RIP) and this is my 14th bday in a nutshell
01:56 kristopher_ hey boden what do you perfer as a computer/
01:56 Toastdude Hey Cprossu, guess what?
01:56 eggplant626_ those look like s's, remind me of doctor who
01:56 CaptainBoden I'll get one of the big console's setup in the cafe.
01:56 dr_jkl hey
01:57 dr_jkl cap'n
01:57 CaptainBoden I'm thinking we put one of the 3 wide units in the cafe.
01:57 jeremys it sounds like someone in the background needs autotune
01:58 jeremys vocals is not that bands strong suit
01:58 kristopher_ is the camera feed going to drop out again
01:58 Ponko92 hopefully not
01:58 CaptainBoden Cafe
01:58 dr_jkl CaptainBoden: how're you?
01:58 CaptainBoden :)
01:58 CaptainBoden poo
01:58 kristopher_ drop it to floor
01:58 dr_jkl :(
01:59 CaptainBoden Well....we have a whole SPOOL of cable in stock ;)
01:59 CaptainBoden and, you DO have the big drill there.
01:59 kristopher_ well that always helps
01:59 CaptainBoden and a penchant for mischief.
01:59 jeremys can you cut the cord in half.  attach one end to the consol.  one to the camera, and set it to air feed
01:59 CaptainBoden It's ok, we love you for it
01:59 kristopher_ all you need is achohol and the mix is perfect!
01:59 Ponko92 lol
02:00 CaptainBoden dr_jkl, I'm groovy, we're being productive :)
02:00 kristopher_ OMNI-CAM
02:00 dr_jkl cool.
02:00 dr_jkl CaptainBoden: does the site feel faster to you?
02:00 CaptainBoden We'll have new videos on both channels AND we have entertainment on the live's a good day
02:00 jeremys realy want an omni cam
02:00 Cprossu the omnicam should be an omnimovie though
02:00 CaptainBoden Site is a faster, but it still has a long way to go, we need to be under 3 seconds.
02:00 CaptainBoden It's certainly worlds better :)
02:00 dr_jkl well, i'm not giving up yet
02:00 dr_jkl :)
02:01 dr_jkl moose and i rocked out on it for a bit and it's not genitals-on-a-cheesegrater slow anymore
02:01 kristopher_ lol
02:01 CaptainBoden If you want to get it going up there anywhere it's fine, get it live and we'll dick with it later.
02:01 kristopher_ where is omni?
02:01 Toastdude Hey, thanks for calling me a dork earlier, CaptainBoden ;)
02:01 CaptainBoden For now, you should work ont he console though, it really needs cleaning up in back,.
02:02 kristopher_ toast dudes a dork
02:02 CaptainBoden anytime ;)
02:02 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
02:02 CaptainBoden There's a LOT of power doom back there.
02:02 CaptainBoden Go ahead :)
02:02 Toastdude Hey, whats wrong with being a dork?
02:02 CaptainBoden Nothing, I make a living out of being a Geek
02:02 kristopher_ you should have one looking at the console for whe its up running so we can see the editing happening
02:03 Toastdude Exactly :) Geeks are awesome!
02:03 jeremys can you set a bear trap up with a Taco as bait.  Then tape who we catch?
02:03 kristopher_ LOL yes
02:03 CaptainBoden Steve, don't forget the pilot point for the big bit
02:03 mman454 Steve Can you show the video from the cool thing CaptainBoden put in earlier today?
02:04 CaptainBoden He's talking about the video monitoring thing under the Hamlet
02:04 kristopher_ and (sorry) only an american would be stupid enough to try and get the taco
02:04 Ponko92 yeah lol
02:04 CaptainBoden play with it ;)
02:05 CaptainBoden it's huge fun
02:05 mman454 Oh pretty.
02:05 CaptainBoden you can overlay that with the image
02:05 Ponko92 like a baby scan of sorts lol
02:05 mman454 It will do a bunch of shit.
02:05 Cprossu color bars!
02:05 CaptainBoden top-left set of buttons, send button top row, press it a few times
02:05 CaptainBoden There you go
02:05 mman454 Acording to the brochure.
02:05 Cprossu not worth shit
02:06 critterpal nite all
02:06 CaptainBoden It's ALL adjustable, there's a lot of settings.
02:06 Cprossu I can see it now at least
02:06 jeremys looks like your 4567 gigastretch is hyperverpilated.  adjust the rg gain to 56 milihertz
02:06 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
02:06 CaptainBoden Set it's clock
02:06 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
02:06 mman454 I'm going to try and find the software. From what I read you can do pretty much anything remotly with it.
02:06 Cprossu what's in the display settings
02:07 Cprossu hopefully a brightness setting or something
02:07 kristopher_ now all we need is the high pitched squeel
02:07 Cprossu ahh
02:07 Cprossu grat options
02:08 mman454 That's easy. Just stick a girl in a room with a nice size spider.
02:08 mman454 I know a good candidate.
02:08 kristopher_ and put a live feed on her
02:08 Cprossu interesting
02:08 mman454 Many guys will work too.
02:08 jeremys this music makes me want to kill puppies
02:08 kristopher_ lol
02:08 mman454 oh cool
02:09 kristopher_ ku=ill teh puppies
02:09 mman454 oh I like the fade transition
02:09 Cprossu cam 2 image still moves
02:09 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
02:09 CaptainBoden aaaanndn sexy fade
02:09 Cprossu still nice
02:09 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
02:09 kristopher_ do teh sexy fade again!
02:10 compwiz878 now the streams vid quality is much better  n the pixilation isnt as bas as b4
02:10 kristopher_ sweet
02:10 Cprossu still why does the image jump at the last bit
02:11 mman454 It has a funny jump at the end
02:11 Cprossu ahh ic
02:11 mman454 ah
02:11 kristopher_ can you fade to black then fade back in on another feed?
02:11 CaptainBoden ok, POWER! :)
02:11 Cprossu kristopher_: of course he can
02:11 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:11 Ponko92_ GRRRR damn IE8
02:11 mman454 power for what?
02:11 CaptainBoden :)
02:12 Cprossu damn that GVG is sweet though
02:12 dr_jkl LOL
02:12 mman454 ah
02:12 dr_jkl loading secondary coil
02:12 jeremys can you fade the music to black then fade back into something good?
02:12 dr_jkl BRILLIANT
02:12 mman454 LOL
02:13 eggplant626 left #thegeekgroup
02:13 kristopher_ all we need is a roof cam and we can swith to the roof
02:13 jeremys I am just playing the music is fine lol
02:13 tggIzzil there is a roof cam
02:13 tggIzzil or at least was...
02:13 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
02:14 kristopher_ what haened to it
02:14 kristopher_ happened*
02:14 mtearle does the GVG have a serial port for control?
02:14 tggIzzil last i knew the storm before last knocked it out
02:14 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
02:14 kristopher_ woops
02:14 Ponko92_ bye me
02:15 kristopher_ bye
02:15 jeremys oh sweet thats Metalica playing now right?
02:15 compwiz878 kristopher it was just a hany cam camcorder in a weather proff houseing
02:15 kristopher_ lol
02:15 compwiz878 it was on one of the captains blog vids
02:15 kristopher_ brb
02:16 compwiz878 omg cant typ tonight
02:16 mman454 oh pretty
02:16 CaptainBoden no, that's Muse
02:16 jeremys what band is playing right now?  I want to be sure i never buy their album
02:16 CaptainBoden Roof cam is coming very soon.
02:17 Yaotzin Did someone confuse Muse for Metallica?
02:17 CaptainBoden Hell I might get that working tomorrow actually.
02:17 Yaotzin Is that what I'm reading
02:17 Yaotzin I thought the roof was unsafe to be throwing equipment up there?
02:17 jeremys lol
02:17 jeremys I am just messing with ya
02:18 dr_jkl mmmmm lemon pepper chicken
02:19 Yaotzin oo
02:19 Yaotzin You know I have a giant bottle of lemon pepper seasoning that I haven't touched in ages
02:19 * dr_jkl is the luckiest girl in the world... she has an amazing wife. <3
02:20 Ponko92_ i will soon have an amazing wife and 500K to go with her lol
02:20 Ponko92_ and i'm not being paid to marry her lol
02:20 Yaotzin If I didn't personally enjoy cooking so much the positive relationship aspects would certainly be a decent reason for cooking
02:20 jeremys play Rihanna "I like the way it burns"
02:20 Ponko92_ that would be wrong
02:21 Yaotzin Rihanna?
02:21 Ponko92_ no
02:21 Bat-Mobile Yaotzin: when you get to michigan you and I are going to have to spend a couple hours just screwing around cooking stuff
02:21 Ponko92_ lol
02:21 * Bat-Mobile loves cooking but likes eating too much to experiment
02:21 Yaotzin I'm always going to suggest Apocalyptica, The Boston Section Quartet, The Minibosses, The Black Mages, I'm missing one
02:22 Yaotzin Bat-Mobile: I'm game
02:22 Yaotzin Couple hours shit couple days more like
02:22 jeremys its all request Easter weekend at WTGG Grand Rapids
02:22 DavidJKuhr joined #thegeekgroup
02:22 Bat-Mobile hah
02:22 Ponko92_ we've got Quiet Steve again lol
02:22 Bat-Mobile yeah
02:22 Ponko92_ on 92.1 The Shark
02:22 mman454 I can't find the remote monitoring software for that magni unit. Seems the company was bought out in 2004
02:23 eggplant626_ where the 92.1 the shark, name come from, heard it used alot today
02:23 Yaotzin I ought to put more thought into Geek Group related food stuffs. I'm thinking mostly confections. Like caffeinated rock candy
02:23 Yaotzin If we can get our hands on some powdered caffeine
02:23 Yaotzin I'd love to try it
02:23 Ponko92_ it came from Kyle eggplant626_
02:24 eggplant626_ Ah...
02:24 Yaotzin Steve: Whatever it is It sounds like my kind of music. That being instrumental. However I can't even remember the names to my favorite bands so eh
02:24 Ponko92_ we're kicking it back with Steve the man who likes to stretch out
02:24 eggplant626_ Just cook normal food in odd ways, that will make it geeky enough.
02:24 Ponko92_ name
02:25 Ponko92_ his IRC name
02:25 Yaotzin I'd like to know
02:25 Yaotzin what you're listening to
02:25 Yaotzin so I can add it to pandora
02:25 Yaotzin Probably on my classical station already to be honest
02:25 eggplant626_ remebering seeing a commmerical for some cooking show where the chef use liquid nitrogen to cook with
02:25 Ponko92_ oh thats a classic piece
02:26 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
02:26 jeremys it makes me yearn for a simpler time.  a time without radios
02:26 Yaotzin eggplant626_: You don't *cook* with liquid nitrogen. You flash freeze for storage or for prep in some other application
02:27 Yaotzin For example liquid nitrogen is great for freezing fruit without them turning into mush when you thaw them out
02:27 compwiz878 yaotzin eggplant is right about the liquid nitrogen being used in cooking
02:27 Yaotzin however freezer mush is actually used for pie fillings, jams, coulis, and other applications
02:27 Yaotzin compwiz878:  I know
02:27 dr_jkl ......
02:27 Ponko92_ that was Heston Bluementhal eggplant626_
02:27 compwiz878 ive watch the show hes talking about
02:27 Yaotzin Good Eats?
02:27 tggRED guys. its wannabe...why is mibbit not supported :(
02:27 Yaotzin I think also Iron Chef has used it
02:27 dr_jkl Yaotzin:
02:28 jeremys or for freezing sperm, to repopulate the would after the apocalypse
02:28 compwiz878 the kitchen looks more like a lab than an actual kitchen
02:28 Yaotzin yes dr_jkl ?
02:28 eggplant626_ I knew I saw something about it
02:28 dr_jkl 'yaotzin eggplant' sounds like something exotic
02:28 Yaotzin heh
02:28 Yaotzin Yeah we can hear you steve
02:28 Cprossu yeah and we even have an error flash
02:29 Yaotzin Yaotzin eggplant is the finest of eggplants
02:29 Cprossu *something or other* has no sync
02:29 Cprossu back
02:29 MagneticCow is that the o shit error no signal
02:29 Ponko92_ yeah Heston Bluementhal IS exotic lol
02:30 Cprossu no I meant we got a formal error
02:30 Cprossu out of a piece of equipment
02:30 Ponko92_ he literally cooks with science
02:30 eggplant626_ Oh, joy. handle bend blend into exotic food
02:30 Yaotzin anyway compwiz878  eggplant626_  for actual cooking yes it is used for flash freezing desserts. I've seen spoons filled with custards, dipped in liquid nitrogen, and used for unique plating
02:30 Cprossu I think that was a good thing
02:30 CaptainBoden no steve, there's an error screen from the monitoring box when it loses singnal, it's actually pretty cool and we're going to use that feature :)
02:30 Toastdude Is this Dvorak?
02:30 Cprossu yep
02:31 Yaotzin I think the use of liquid nitrogen in actual cooking is more novelty than anything, however honestly I'd keep a canister at home
02:31 MoxieMike what's the error screen say?
02:31 Cprossu the error can be a nice heartbeak
02:31 CaptainBoden De-VOR-ak
02:31 Yaotzin I wonder how he pronounces qwerty
02:31 CaptainBoden *sigh*
02:31 CaptainBoden THREE syllables Steve.
02:31 Cprossu lol I always said "door vac"
02:31 Cprossu haha
02:31 Toastdude I knew it!! it kinda souded like him. Symphony 9?
02:31 Yaotzin CaptainBoden there's an old IRC emote for that.   orz
02:32 Toastdude Cool! nice taste of music!
02:32 jeremys "music"
02:32 Ponko92_ you heard of Andre Previn, Steve?
02:32 Toastdude Which mvt?
02:33 jeremys bowel movement?
02:33 CaptainBoden Guys, let's quit bugging him and let Steve work miracles
02:33 Toastdude Ok, sorry...
02:33 Ponko92_ hahah lol jeremys someone had to lol
02:33 tggRED STEVE. I know you're reading this. Come say hi to us. I wanna show you my accomplishmen t.
02:33 * CSMonster is back
02:33 CaptainBoden i could cry
02:34 Cprossu yay red
02:34 Cprossu more paint?
02:34 CSMonster lol don't cry captain
02:34 Yaotzin CaptainBoden, loling
02:34 tggRED nope. EPICALLITY
02:34 CaptainBoden Steve, ignor the IRC and please work some miracles for a bit.
02:34 Ponko92_ tggRED he's woking on his OWN accomplishment
02:34 CSMonster hi tggRED
02:34 Ponko92_ lol
02:34 tggRED mine is cooler.
02:34 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
02:34 eggplant626_ just need to make him a eye pcs montior, so he doesnt have to keep looking up at the monitor
02:34 tggRED Hi CSMonster. dear
02:34 CaptainBoden Guys, Steve typically only gets to be there ONE DAY A WEEK. It's a rare and wonderful thing that he's even THERE at all today.
02:34 CaptainBoden Steal some from the computer lab
02:35 CaptainBoden Look in the sheep room
02:35 CSMonster i haz a strudel.  it is apple
02:35 tggRED om nom nom
02:35 CaptainBoden Let him do his thing, Steve is doing very important work tonight and he won't be there long.
02:35 Ponko92_ zu haben Apfel Strudel?
02:35 MoxieMike what's he doing?
02:35 Cprossu lights go out just now?
02:36 CSMonster Извините?
02:36 Cprossu really dark now
02:36 Cprossu we had some blue flickers too
02:36 Cprossu if that helps you diagnose it
02:36 CaptainBoden He's stepping on cables
02:36 Cprossu better
02:37 Toastdude A lot better
02:37 Bat-Mobile CaptainBoden: get into private chat with steve and tell him to leave the standard chat = less distractions
02:37 compwiz878 joined #thegeekgroup
02:37 Yaotzin I figured he just unplugged a light. And man no ones talking about cooking anymore
02:37 dr_jkl mmm
02:38 Ponko92_ not breaking the 11th commandmant is her Captainboden?
02:38 Cprossu that's not very much fun, Bat-Mobile
02:38 dr_jkl i need to make beef stew
02:38 Yaotzin dr_jkl: I have a odd roast in the makings right now
02:38 CaptainBoden Steve is an engineer, he knows what cables can and cannot be stepped on ;)
02:38 Ponko92_ good
02:38 CaptainBoden i.e. we can walk on the power cables, we cannot walk on ethernet cables.
02:38 Yaotzin I'm letting the meat cool before I carve it and add it back to the slowcooker
02:38 mman454 I'm looking at multi-tools to replace my old leatherman wave... Any suggestions?
02:38 Ponko92_ oh god definately not
02:39 CSMonster yaotz you need to cook for me.
02:39 Toastdude Hey CaptainBoden, I think i know what one hundred Bodens could be...
02:39 Ponko92_ like you can't spill brake fluid on the car
02:39 Yaotzin CSMonster: =), you'd may or may not be surprised how many people tell me that
02:39 Ponko92_ YES
02:39 dr_jkl CaptainBoden: one of the projects i'm working on is a laminar water jet
02:39 Ponko92_ oh god
02:39 Cprossu that monitor cable is still broken?
02:39 Yaotzin I've made a living off it for the last two years
02:39 Yaotzin Yes
02:39 jeremys nope
02:39 CaptainBoden yes
02:39 Yaotzin They're good power connectors
02:39 Cprossu yeah
02:39 mikemol CaptainBoden: Wow, you're an incredibly popular chat target. Did you get my email with the image of the floorplan?
02:40 Cprossu hrmm that's damned annoying
02:40 Yaotzin Hmm
02:40 Cprossu usually what happens to the magsafes is the cord part frays
02:40 CaptainBoden Apple, you can buy a better computer, but it'll cost you less.
02:40 CSMonster yaotzin, i assume it's a large number and hopefully an integer o.O
02:40 Ponko92_ ah shit
02:40 Cprossu I haven't seen one get stuck in the manor you speak of yet
02:40 Cj1corbystarlet Lol
02:40 Yaotzin CSMonster: Indeed, :p
02:40 Ponko92_ amazon sell good replacements lol
02:41 Yaotzin You need exponents to convey how many people want me to cook for them
02:41 Ponko92_ but chris can have a look surely
02:41 Ponko92_ lol
02:41 Yaotzin And honestly after cooking for 3 other bachelors for 2 years I'm all for it
02:41 CSMonster lol
02:41 Cprossu hey good news
02:41 Cprossu
02:41 Ponko92_ yipeee
02:41 Cprossu ^ Steve this pertains to you
02:41 Cprossu how to fix magsafe with stuck pin
02:41 Cprossu how to video
02:42 Sadius left #thegeekgroup
02:42 jeremys I think your charger cord committed suicide from haveing to listen to your music all the time
02:42 Yaotzin See I'm looking at my power connector on this macbook and all I see is a 0 shaped magnet and 4 large pins and 1 rather tiny one
02:42 Ponko92_ bye sadius
02:42 Yaotzin Is the tiny one spring loaded in some way?
02:42 Ponko92_ lets
02:42 Ponko92_ lol
02:43 * mikemol is off to sleep
02:43 tggRED @CaptainBoden - Check your Facebook ;)
02:43 Bat-Mobile g'night mikemol
02:43 Ponko92_ night mikemol
02:43 Yaotzin Oh wow, so they are
02:43 Yaotzin interesting
02:43 Yaotzin Cheers mikemol
02:43 Toastdude Bye mikemol
02:45 compwiz878 hmm
02:45 jeremys DUCTAPE
02:45 compwiz878 superglue
02:45 compwiz878 lol
02:45 Ponko92_ you know why it doesn't work with ducktape
02:45 dr_jkl Yaotzin: it's a control pin
02:46 Yaotzin Hmm
02:46 Ponko92_ because you haven't used enough
02:46 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
02:46 compwiz878 ductape is aka west virginia chrome
02:46 compwiz878 lol
02:46 dr_jkl Yaotzin: l to r, ground 16.5v charge_control 16.5v and ground
02:46 Cprossu steve, remind me to send you that youtube link on how to fix the stuck pin when you get back home
02:47 Cprossu
02:47 Cprossu ^that's it I'll resend it later
02:47 CSMonster o.O
02:47 Yaotzin dr_jkl: It's just dawning on me how stupid it was for me to be checking the pins with my thumb nail
02:48 dr_jkl not the brightest crayon in the box, are ya?
02:48 Yaotzin lol
02:48 Yaotzin Clearly I haven't been bit enough
02:48 Toastdude So what exactly is Steve doing?
02:48 dr_jkl once, i put a rj11 on a phone cord, plugged it into the wall, and 'measured' by taking the spool to where i needed the other end...
02:48 Yaotzin Only once when I was trying to plug in a 3 pronged power connecter behind something I couldn't see, and I was using my finger on the ground to guide it in
02:48 wannabe1987_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:49 dr_jkl ...cut the wire, then stripped it with my teeth.... right as the phone rang
02:49 dr_jkl i couldn't feel my tongue for HOURS.
02:49 Yaotzin oh geeze
02:49 Yaotzin That's impressive
02:49 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
02:49 maglinvinn left #thegeekgroup
02:49 Yaotzin I just vibrated the hell out of my hand for a second
02:49 wannabe1987_ hi ponko92
02:49 Toastdude nice dr_jkl
02:50 Yaotzin off topic, I really wish I had a on hand right now
02:50 wannabe1987_ you guys should see tggRED weild the sledgehammer...:D
02:50 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
02:50 Yaotzin doing this by hand with a ladle sucks
02:50 wannabe1987_ lol
02:50 Ponko92 well hey there wannabe1987 i wish IE8 didn't suck
02:51 wannabe1987_ lol i'm on safari on red's laptop, hence the _ :P
02:51 CSMonster .....dr_jkl, i like you already :D
02:51 MoxieMike have you tried hitting it with a sledge hammer, Ponko?
02:51 Ponko92 uhh yes
02:51 Ponko92 its a Sony VIAO
02:51 MoxieMike did it work?
02:52 Ponko92 uh slightly
02:52 compwiz878 ponko get firefox
02:52 Ponko92 Sony VIAO PCG-7Y1M
02:52 Ponko92 i will compwiz
02:52 Bat-Mobile firefox = great
02:52 wannabe1987_ yeah why r u using IE anyway...thats what the losers use...:P
02:53 * wannabe1987_ hopes she didn't offend anyone
02:53 Ponko92 its what came with the laptop
02:53 Toastdude I use Chrome....
02:53 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
02:53 Ponko92 so does my fiancee
02:53 jeremys time for me to go to bed.  night peeps and peepettes
02:53 compwiz878 i only use ie when visiting microsofts web site
02:53 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
02:53 Ponko92 wow chrome must suck lol
02:54 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
02:54 compwiz878 i also use chrome now n then
02:54 Ponko92 Steve was this in a film?
02:54 Ponko92 i recognise it
02:54 jeremys jaws
02:54 Ponko92 oh yeah
02:54 Ponko92 wait
02:54 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
02:54 * wannabe1987_ is making sure red lives through the night...
02:54 wannabe1987_ hi yaotzin
02:54 Ponko92 lol
02:54 Yaotzin Hi
02:54 Ponko92 nice shoes
02:54 CSMonster that's important wannabe1987
02:55 Yaotzin My laptop does not like being in the kitchen
02:55 jeremys are those charlie taylors?
02:55 wannabe1987_ its very important...
02:55 Yaotzin i should take a picture of this laptop
02:55 compwiz878 wanna be how much frustration has he let out ?
02:55 Yaotzin you guys would get a kick out of it
02:55 Ponko92 yay
02:55 tggIzzil left #thegeekgroup
02:55 mtearle yay, live tour!
02:55 Ponko92 ahh liz has gone
02:56 Cj1corbystarlet swing the mic around
02:56 Ponko92 lol pity her name ain't Isabelle
02:56 Ponko92 thats what i called my old GF (RIP) once and she didn't like it lol
02:56 mtearle it's like a "COPS" video!
02:56 Cj1corbystarlet sweet
02:56 wannabe1987_ compwhiz878 - has who let out?  RED = girl...
02:57 kristopher_ now the cameras on the floor
02:57 jeremys left #thegeekgroup
02:57 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
02:57 wannabe1987_ TOASTdude! hi
02:57 Ponko92 welcome back mate
02:57 CSMonster hey Crouton
02:58 Ponko92 yipee
02:58 kristopher_ left #thegeekgroup
02:58 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
02:58 lwq1996 whats the ustream link again
02:59 wannabe1987_
02:59 Ponko92 its above too
02:59 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
02:59 cctoide check the social stream, heh
02:59 Cprossu give us some sweeps that you haven't tried
02:59 cctoide "is this fox 17 from des moines,ia"
03:00 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
03:00 Bat-Mobile .stream
03:00 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
03:00 Bat-Mobile or look in the topic
03:00 Cprossu not bad lol
03:01 cctoide needs a salesman pitch to go with the demo :p
03:01 cctoide and cheesy music
03:01 Ponko92 lol
03:01 Cj1corbystarlet awesome
03:01 Ponko92 XANADU
03:01 Cprossu winshield wiper lol
03:01 cctoide the "chomp" wipe
03:02 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
03:02 Cprossu not bad
03:02 Ponko92 yay
03:02 Cprossu always good to give it a good running
03:02 MoxieMike now he's just showing off
03:02 Cprossu this is doable too
03:02 Ponko92 what about trippy wipe
03:02 Cprossu holy crap lol
03:03 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
03:03 Ponko92 woah man
03:03 Yaotzin Alright I'm out of the kitchen, damn thing
03:03 mtearle yay 1980s!
03:03 Ponko92 richter measure steve
03:04 zero21764 joined #thegeekgroup
03:04 zero21764 hi
03:04 Cprossu the second one looked good
03:04 wannabe1987_ hi :D
03:04 Cprossu iris?
03:05 Cprossu steve: mess with the iris for a sec
03:05 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
03:05 Cprossu there lol
03:06 Ponko92 it'll clear up though lol
03:06 Cj1corbystarlet would be easier to drag the cam over to the seat
03:06 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
03:06 Cprossu does it look all right in the viewfinder?
03:07 mman454 steve could we get a volume increase? I have to crank my volume to hear you at a normal level.
03:07 Ponko92 steve do what you've got to do
03:07 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
03:07 mtearle remember it's faded down in case a Boden appears! :{
03:07 Ponko92 done a cracking job today
03:07 mtearle :P
03:07 Cprossu did you figure out that country radio station bleedthrough when I was away?
03:08 Ponko92 is that wannabe1987?
03:08 cctoide probably a stupid question, but how much of the switcher would be ICs, given its age?
03:08 Ponko92 i was wondering
03:08 Cprossu camera 2 wobbles a bit too
03:08 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
03:08 Ponko92 Steve is that Kelly?
03:08 Cprossu yeah I know =)
03:09 Ponko92 HEY :P
03:09 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
03:09 Ponko92 yay
03:09 zero21764 could i get the feeded...?
03:09 zero21764 \livefiretj
03:09 Ponko92 idk
03:09 Ponko92 what can you do
03:09 Toastdude Darn, i missed Movement 4!!
03:10 Ponko92 why does it wobble
03:10 Toastdude Oh, ok
03:10 zero21764 just dont have that feature
03:10 Cprossu warbleuating
03:10 Ponko92 smack it one lol
03:10 mtearle could you mix four cameras?
03:10 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
03:10 Yaotzin haha oh wow
03:10 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
03:11 Cj1corbystarlet steve split the shot , someones legs in bottom and someone's top in the top  one
03:11 speedrunnerG55 Hi geeks
03:11 Yaotzin Trippin bawls there steve
03:11 Ponko92 yep
03:11 mtearle and my feed just died  :(
03:11 Ponko92 can i have what your having
03:11 speedrunnerG55 You know what bugs me, when my mom usses my phone and leaves programs running that drand the battery
03:11 Ponko92 Steve is that wall coming down tomoz?
03:12 * mtearle curses flash
03:12 speedrunnerG55 Drans
03:12 Cprossu 2 still working?
03:12 Ponko92 ohhh
03:12 Ponko92 right
03:12 wannabe1987_ yes...that was me :D
03:12 Yaotzin Well at least the wobble gives us movement for the stream
03:12 Ponko92 its a friday
03:12 dr_jkl ok
03:12 dr_jkl guys
03:12 dr_jkl listen
03:12 lwq1996 u guys taking easter off
03:13 dr_jkl in about a half hour, the forum might shit itself for a minute or two
03:13 Yaotzin heh
03:13 dr_jkl if it does, STAY CALM. i'll notice.
03:13 Ponko92 haha i bet it will lol
03:13 Cprossu dr_jkl: doesn't it always shit itself?
03:13 dr_jkl well i've been unfucking things all da
03:13 Cprossu (sorry had to take that)
03:13 dr_jkl y
03:13 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
03:13 Ponko92 HI STEVE
03:14 Cprossu it's been in a constant state of constant shitting since it was transfered to phpbb a long time ago
03:14 Ponko92 bai steve
03:14 DruidicRifleman hey geeks nerds ECT
03:14 Cprossu hahahaah
03:14 DruidicRifleman tggred when is your 19th birthday
03:14 Cprossu I approve
03:14 Ponko92 like a football game
03:14 Cprossu clock counting down?!
03:14 Yaotzin lol steve
03:14 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
03:14 Yaotzin also dr_jkl if you need another  guinea pig
03:14 Ponko92 yeah then it is a football match
03:15 lwq1996 are you guys taking a easter vacation u guys deserv one
03:15 Ponko92 without the score lol
03:15 Yaotzin I think i'll be done cooking in half an hour
03:15 Ponko92 football being soccer
03:15 Ponko92 left a bit
03:15 Cprossu why is the hotclock counting down?
03:15 Yaotzin Nice
03:15 Ponko92 ITSA BOMB O_O
03:15 Ponko92 go from 00
03:15 Cprossu yeah and matched to seconds if possible
03:15 CSMonster someone set up us the bomb?
03:16 Cprossu *seconds atomic if possible
03:16 Cprossu I know it's asking a lot
03:16 Cprossu I just want to know if it's gaining or loosing seconds
03:16 Ponko92 please
03:16 dr_jkl CUT THE RED WIRE
03:16 Cprossu I never got to complete that experiment
03:16 dr_jkl CUT THE RED WIRE!!
03:16 Ponko92 lol
03:16 wannabe1987_ lol
03:16 Ponko92 OR IS THE BLUE
03:16 Cprossu it's there
03:16 Yaotzin Yeah we can see it
03:16 lwq1996 can see it
03:16 Cj1corbystarlet we can see the buttons on top
03:16 wannabe1987_ i dunno.  i figure if he dies, you'll let us know, and we'll go up there and take pics :D
03:17 Ponko92 oh its there 1-0 10 secs gone
03:17 Cprossu needs a little focus though if possible
03:17 Ponko92 lol
03:17 Yaotzin Oh hey wannabe1987
03:17 Cprossu hahaha
03:17 wannabe1987_ lol
03:17 wannabe1987_ gotta vacuum...
03:17 Ponko92 over to the left a bit
03:17 Yaotzin You were definitely on camera that time
03:17 Cprossu better.
03:17 Ponko92 woah
03:17 lwq1996 and i think its to small of space should make it bigger for clock
03:17 Ponko92 left a touch
03:17 lwq1996 or u could put the clock in the middle of the shot
03:18 Yaotzin lol
03:18 lwq1996 nope
03:18 Yaotzin The clock is fine
03:18 Ponko92 NEVER
03:18 Cprossu it's fine
03:18 Yaotzin go home steve
03:18 Yaotzin get on irc
03:18 Ponko92 the door falls down?
03:18 lwq1996 oh like if someone takes a sledge and brakes the wall
03:18 mtearle no stress!  yay, demolition!
03:18 Ponko92 haha
03:19 Yaotzin lol
03:19 Yaotzin I'm sure Chris would do that
03:19 Toastdude lol, that would look cool
03:19 Ponko92 yeah him and his gerber ninjaness
03:19 scubadiver10000 joined #thegeekgroup
03:19 Toastdude GERBER NINJA!!!
03:19 lwq1996 no gerber deaisle
03:19 Yaotzin Anyway yeah lwq1996 you get to man the security camera tonight
03:19 Ponko92 MAGIC
03:19 Yaotzin good luck
03:19 cctoide The Wall on repeat
03:19 Yaotzin Keep a watch on that wall
03:20 Ponko92 hahaha
03:20 lwq1996 cool yay i feel special
03:20 Cj1corbystarlet someone paint the wall and you can watch it dry
03:20 Ponko92 HA!
03:20 Toastdude Hey Cprossu, guess what?
03:20 lwq1996 lol
03:20 Bat-Mobile ooh, wannabe can paint the wall
03:20 Cprossu what?
03:20 lwq1996 lets take shifts
03:20 scubadiver10000 are they taking the wall down?
03:21 Toastdude I'm getting Portal 2 tomorrow!!!!
03:21 lwq1996 ok wana be u take my shift at 4
03:21 cctoide Paintball robot, we can do it ourselves
03:21 Cprossu sweet
03:21 lwq1996 cool
03:21 Toastdude I'm excited :)
03:21 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
03:21 Cprossu you'll likely enjoy the hell outa it too
03:21 lwq1996 oh u can paint ball the wall
03:21 lwq1996 before u tare it down
03:21 Toastdude I'm sure i will :)
03:22 scubadiver10000 when will the wall come down?
03:22 lwq1996 can we give teh wall a 21 gun sulute
03:22 lwq1996 and shoot at it
03:23 Toastdude lol
03:23 Yaotzin Bat-Mobile: Oh I lol'd
03:23 tggRED I'll be 19 in August, DruidicRifleman
03:23 Yaotzin Maybe Chris would let wannabe paint a wall that's coming down
03:23 lwq1996 you know what....get nerf guns and get the guys together and have a nerf fight infront of the wall
03:23 Yaotzin actually maybe tho
03:23 Yaotzin maybe not*
03:24 DruidicRifleman red what day in august?
03:24 DruidicRifleman Cause yeah your comming drinking intoronto
03:24 wannabe1987_ lol
03:25 DruidicRifleman what thats what every friend i had in upstate new york did for fun when they hit 19
03:25 DruidicRifleman go drinking in ontario
03:25 cctoide which wall are we discussing? the hole for the overhead door?
03:25 Ponko92 lol Druidic lol
03:25 Yaotzin Probably because they were 19
03:25 Yaotzin cctoide:  yeah
03:25 Yaotzin the stream is focused on it
03:25 Yaotzin with the clock in the top right
03:25 lwq1996 the one that they are tearing down and camera is on
03:25 lwq1996 yep
03:26 DruidicRifleman that doesn't look lie a whole
03:26 cctoide Oh. I thought it was just pointing across the room along the direction they drilled the hole in
03:26 wannabe1987_ lol now steve is down here helping...:)
03:26 Ponko92 pnik and claret wall
03:26 Cprossu see where the concrete saws went through? =D
03:26 lwq1996 i need some coffee for my shift
03:26 Ponko92 yep we see lol
03:27 Yaotzin I wish netflix had COPS
03:27 Yaotzin on streaming
03:27 Yaotzin just throwing that out there
03:27 Ponko92 lol
03:27 lwq1996 i need to move to michagin or how ever u spell it and become security guard
03:27 tggRED that would be epppiciiic
03:28 DruidicRifleman you know that club i am going to the friday the 13th party
03:28 DruidicRifleman ?
03:28 DruidicRifleman i'll take you there
03:28 lwq1996 **partyboy music starts in the backround**
03:29 DruidicRifleman lol not even
03:29 lwq1996 haha i went to some awsome partys
03:30 Toastdude A
03:30 lwq1996 wow a police scaner
03:30 DruidicRifleman my storys pwn your storys
03:30 lwq1996 i hear it
03:30 Toastdude a flat A
03:30 lwq1996 lol
03:30 exor674 also ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
03:30 exor674 I just noitced this on the social stream ( please tell me this is a joke )
03:30 Ponko92 my stories shake people to the core
03:30 exor674 "is this fox 17 from des moines,ia"
03:30 lwq1996 lol
03:30 Ponko92 i saw that too
03:31 Ponko92 look at his name
03:31 Toastdude Copperpoo!!!
03:31 Toastdude lol
03:31 Ponko92 copperpoo must be a joke lol
03:31 exor674 that sounds painful
03:31 lwq1996 lol
03:31 wannabe1987_ lol
03:31 Toastdude lol
03:31 Ponko92 and what the heck is that comment below about?
03:31 lwq1996 or is it O_O
03:31 DruidicRifleman Speaking of friday the 13th i need to cut my glowstick holding raver bowie knives
03:31 Ponko92 THE system
03:32 DruidicRifleman I am going to a Friday 13th as a homicidal clown
03:32 wannabe1987_ fyi: dead people taste like shit :(
03:32 Toastdude It is THE system!
03:32 lwq1996 random
03:32 wannabe1987_ no, not really
03:32 Ponko92 haha wow wannabe1987_
03:32 DruidicRifleman wannabe1987 not if the cheff knows what he's doing
03:32 wannabe1987_ down here helping tggRED tear apart the sauna which is nasty
03:32 Ponko92 lol
03:33 lwq1996 haha
03:33 DruidicRifleman ahhh supervising?
03:33 lwq1996 oh
03:33 Ponko92 helping i'm guessing ;)
03:33 Ponko92 lol
03:33 Yaotzin hope you guys are wearing face masks
03:33 wannabe1987_ supervising and taking pictures on red's camera
03:33 wannabe1987_ i'm wearing flipflops...
03:33 wannabe1987_ no, no masks
03:33 wannabe1987_ ...
03:33 DruidicRifleman thats helping
03:33 Ponko92 i wonder where those pics are going?
03:33 lwq1996 omg i herd mores code
03:33 wannabe1987_ facebook, i hope...or the depths of red's computer...
03:33 wannabe1987_ ...___...
03:34 lwq1996 lol
03:34 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:34 Ponko92 yeah wannabe uh check you PM
03:34 Toastdude . . ...---...-.- -..
03:34 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
03:34 kristopher hello
03:35 wannabe1987_ sorry!!!!
03:35 kristopher still calibrating?
03:35 lwq1996 i need to learn mores code....anyone got a link
03:35 Bat-Mobile .w morse code
03:35 BotSteve "Morse code is a method of transmitting textual information as a series of on-off tones, lights, or clicks that can be directly understood by a skilled listener or observer without special equipment." -
03:35 Bat-Mobile there you go
03:35 Toastdude code
03:35 lwq1996 thanks
03:35 Toastdude code
03:36 wannabe1987_ yaotzin, tggRED says masks are for pansys :D
03:36 lwq1996 lol
03:37 lwq1996 agreed
03:37 LeadHead herderp
03:38 kristopher is boden still on?
03:38 wannabe1987_ yes,  here? no
03:38 wannabe1987_ he's not repsonding
03:38 lwq1996 i think he fell asleep tho
03:38 kristopher lol
03:38 Toastdude lol
03:38 kristopher behind control
03:38 lwq1996 he got a wif of that stuff without a mask
03:39 NeWtoz left #thegeekgroup
03:39 lwq1996 hit somone with a
03:39 lwq1996 other wepons as well
03:39 Bat-Mobile .seen CaptainBoden
03:39 BotSteve Bat-Mobile: I last saw captainboden at 2011-04-22 02:40:30 UTC on #thegeekgroup
03:40 Bat-Mobile .t +0
03:40 BotSteve Fri, 22 Apr 2011 03:40:06 +0
03:40 Bat-Mobile yeah he last spoke exactly an hour ago
03:40 Bat-Mobile almost to the second
03:40 Bat-Mobile that's kind of weird
03:40 lwq1996 wow
03:40 Ponko92 he's editting i think
03:40 lwq1996 oh
03:41 DavidJKuhr left #thegeekgroup
03:41 Cprossu 25 minutes pass and the hotclock is still dead on from my calculations
03:41 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
03:41 lwq1996 lol
03:42 lwq1996 does the clock do hours too
03:42 Cprossu no
03:42 lwq1996 or just min
03:42 lwq1996 oh
03:42 Cprossu min sec
03:42 Cprossu it rolls over though
03:43 lwq1996 i should get u one that has minutes, seconds, hours, and milli-seconds
03:43 MoxieMike does it fetch?
03:43 wannabe1987_ woof woof
03:43 lwq1996 lol
03:43 Bat-Mobile so long team
03:43 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
03:43 MoxieMike later batmobile
03:44 lwq1996 there is no music wtf
03:44 lwq1996 im listening to ustream
03:44 Ponko92 hmmmm i'm a tired old soul
03:45 Ponko92 idk why i said that lol
03:45 lwq1996 u telling me im soppose to watch this all night and make shure no one robs the place
03:45 lwq1996 but im gona sleep on the jobs...shhhh dont tell chris
03:46 wannabe1987_ they got 1/2 the floor out...
03:46 lwq1996 good
03:46 Cprossu I wonder if I leave the stopwatch on my phone running how accurate it is
03:46 lwq1996 i should come to mi and help
03:46 wannabe1987_ lwq1996 where u at?
03:46 lwq1996 pa
03:46 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
03:46 lwq1996 i wish i could tho
03:47 lwq1996 be like a 4hour ride
03:47 wannabe1987_ where in PA?  i got family in hershey
03:47 Cprossu I got the seconds matched up to the delayed hotclock lol
03:47 lwq1996 i live near between clearfield and altoona
03:47 MoxieMike hey wannabe, how does the MDH floor look...the last time i saw it, it was still a bit splotchy
03:47 wannabe1987_ ..
03:47 wannabe1987_ its still the same...
03:47 MoxieMike i've got family in Lancaster, PA
03:47 wannabe1987_ i have pics on my camera at home...upload/post here tomorrow
03:48 exor674 there probably hasn't been that much traffic on it
03:48 wannabe1987_ yay pennslyvania dutch!
03:48 lwq1996 lol
03:48 wannabe1987_ exor - we played zomb on it once...
03:48 wannabe1987_ and teh dogs ran over it yesterday
03:48 lwq1996 haha
03:48 wannabe1987_ i ran around with them on it...
03:49 lwq1996 when i turn 18 im coming down to mi if one of u will take rent
03:49 wannabe1987_ lol
03:49 wannabe1987_ whens that?
03:49 wannabe1987_ good luck finding a job...
03:50 lwq1996 just turned 14 in december so roughly 4-5 years
03:50 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
03:51 lwq1996 i could do what my teacher did and run back and forth on the weekends
03:51 lwq1996 take4-5 hours
03:51 MoxieMike that's dooable
03:51 MoxieMike doable?
03:52 MoxieMike screw spelling
03:52 lwq1996 yea but i coulnt do that becuase i hate care rides
03:52 Yaotzin I wonder if I'll ever lose this callous on the base of my right pointer finger
03:52 lwq1996 i bearly could go to new york
03:52 Yaotzin Damn dull knives
03:52 lwq1996 lol
03:53 lwq1996 just take sand paper to it to like get down to the skin
03:53 MoxieMike Yaotzin, that's why we have sharp knives for cutting
03:53 wannabe1987_ lol
03:53 lwq1996 i would cut myself so bad
03:54 Yaotzin MoxieMike: Yeah I have a honing tool but these are cheap knives. I wasn't about to buy my own down here and my roommates don't really understand that $20 knives from target kind of suck
03:54 Yaotzin but whatever
03:54 wannabe1987_ lol
03:54 lwq1996 hell i cut myself with a little swiss army knife that wasnt that big
03:54 wannabe1987_ my house has semi-nice knives...
03:54 wannabe1987_ but i did cut myself chopping an onion :(
03:54 Yaotzin it's not cutting myself, it's the back of the blade rubbing on my finger from choking on the neck of the knife
03:55 wannabe1987_ yay steve________  he helped, and we got the floor out :D
03:55 wannabe1987_ they*
03:55 lwq1996 cool
03:55 lwq1996 thats why he got off
03:55 Yaotzin So I have a 5 quart slow cooker full of 6 pounds of meat and tons of gravy at the moment
03:56 lwq1996 lol
03:56 lwq1996 omg i would be in heaven if i would eat that
03:56 MoxieMike awesome
03:56 Yaotzin less than $20 and I have enough to feed 4 guys for 3 days easy
03:56 Yaotzin just from one meal
03:56 * Yaotzin flexes
03:56 lwq1996 guys love meat let me tell ya
03:56 lwq1996 if i could i would live off of steak 'ems
03:57 Yaotzin Er sorry, 6 quart
03:57 Yaotzin not 5 quart
03:57 Yaotzin also steak ums are grease rags
03:57 Yaotzin get some flank steak
03:57 lwq1996 ik that wat makes them good
03:57 lwq1996 but u get fat off of a box
03:58 MoxieMike flank steak makes good jerkey
03:58 lwq1996 omg i love homemade jerky
03:58 MoxieMike follow Alton Brown's's great
03:59 MoxieMike i also love his chili recipe
03:59 lwq1996 i use this jack link beef jerky stuff they sell or used to sell
03:59 Ponko92 oooh Beef Jerky lol
04:00 lwq1996 well u can use the stuff to make anyjerky really
04:00 lwq1996 i love turky jerky
04:01 Ponko92 nah beef jerky mate lol
04:01 lwq1996 i hate terioky jerky i like honey smoked
04:01 Ponko92 oooh thats a nice one
04:02 Ponko92 i did see a cajun flavoured one
04:02 Yaotzin I haven't made homemade jerky in some time
04:02 Yaotzin usually venison jerky
04:02 Yaotzin problem is that I don't like dried fruit
04:02 Ponko92 lol
04:02 Ponko92 oh Deer
04:02 lwq1996 is slim jim a jerky
04:02 Ponko92 pun intended
04:02 Yaotzin and my herb garden is seasonal usually
04:02 Yaotzin so I tend to not have much use for a dehydrator
04:02 MoxieMike mmm....deer
04:02 Yaotzin And I'm not doing the box fan deal Alton Brown does, as much as I love him
04:03 Ponko92 people get my joke? lol
04:03 Yaotzin not putting meat in a fan in my bathroom
04:03 Ponko92 lol
04:03 lwq1996 yea we got the pun
04:03 Ponko92 goood
04:03 MoxieMike the Alton Brown method for drying the jerkey uses a 20" box fan and 20" by 20" cotton air filters
04:03 MoxieMike it works great
04:03 lwq1996 lol
04:04 MoxieMike and that's what happens when you type without reading
04:04 lwq1996 sorry im a bit slow reader sometimes i just read the not putting meat in a fin in my bathroom
04:05 MoxieMike that's why i put it in my living room
04:05 MoxieMike makes the whole apartment smell like jerkey
04:05 lwq1996 lol i wish i could do that
04:05 Ponko92 oh joy
04:05 wannabe1987_ ugh...dust sucks to breathe :(
04:05 MoxieMike i've done it twice...and for some reason my girlfriend is still with me
04:05 lwq1996 home invasion
04:05 Ponko92 its 12:05 am now right Steve
04:05 lwq1996 lol
04:06 wannabe1987_ he helped us alot...thanks steve!
04:06 Ponko92 hey its 5 am in the UK
04:06 wannabe1987_ holy crap...go to sleep!
04:06 Ponko92 your an Insomniac? ;) lol
04:06 lwq1996 12:06 is what i got on my computer in pa
04:06 wannabe1987_ you'r elike me...
04:07 lwq1996 i saty up all night
04:07 wannabe1987_ i go to bed at 3am eastern
04:07 Ponko92 i know but i have NOTHING to do all week
04:07 wannabe1987_ nothing?
04:07 wannabe1987_ go to derby!!!! :p
04:07 Ponko92 yeah lol
04:07 Yaotzin I have sleep apnea so my sleep schedule when I'm not working is all over the map
04:07 Ponko92 hmm no moneys and she's working
04:07 wannabe1987_ or come do demo
04:07 wannabe1987_ lol
04:07 wannabe1987_ i kno
04:07 Ponko92 how no moneys :P
04:07 Ponko92 lol
04:07 wannabe1987_ swim!
04:08 Ponko92 lol
04:08 andypandy joined #thegeekgroup
04:08 Toastdude Hi
04:08 Ponko92 epyks me wannabe
04:08 DruidicRifleman wannabe1987 hows the superising going?
04:08 Ponko92 STEVE
04:09 andypandy hey are you toast
04:09 Ponko92 wanna hear a story?
04:09 andypandy dude?
04:09 andypandy yes story story
04:09 * CSMonster is back (again)
04:09 Ponko92 well i can't tell you later
04:09 DruidicRifleman Ponko92 build a bote from Recycled plastic AND sail from the UK to the Saint lorence and then up the saint lorence river
04:09 scubadiver10000 good night :)
04:09 andypandy lawrence
04:09 lwq1996 night steve
04:09 Ponko92 yes how long will that take?
04:09 dr_jkl ok.... and NOOOOOW
04:09 DruidicRifleman get off in oshawa and we can car pool from where i live
04:09 DruidicRifleman couple weeks
04:10 dr_jkl backup the database...
04:10 Ponko92 steve you getting on later
04:10 DruidicRifleman I think to cross in a row boat Would only take 4 months
04:10 Ponko92 yeah that won't help
04:10 DruidicRifleman Sailing is faster
04:10 Ponko92 still
04:10 lwq1996 get a motor bot
04:11 Ponko92 speedboating is quicker actually
04:11 CSMonster dr_jkl, now what?
04:11 lwq1996 or a mower engin and stick it to the back of a boat
04:11 DruidicRifleman meh sell your self at a gay bar and then use the money to pay for airfare?
04:11 lwq1996 lol
04:11 wannabe1987_ ponko92 - steve_____x50 is getting on when he gets home...
04:11 wannabe1987_ for a few minutes
04:11 wannabe1987_ it'll be 1/2 hour ish
04:12 eggplant626_ left #thegeekgroup
04:12 DruidicRifleman So how long are you and red gonna work tonight wannabe?
04:12 lwq1996 all night i hope
04:12 dr_jkl now i do something awesome
04:12 lwq1996 more fun that way
04:13 scubadiver10000 left #thegeekgroup
04:13 DruidicRifleman yeah your right we can't allow them to stop
04:13 lwq1996 give them a 5gal bucket of coffee
04:13 wannabe1987_ lwq1996 - whats going on all night?
04:13 lwq1996 they'll be ok
04:13 Yaotzin Alright I'm finally done
04:13 Yaotzin with my giant pot of meat and gravy and buttered egg noodles
04:13 lwq1996 sitting and watching ustream for robers
04:13 lwq1996 lol
04:14 wannabe1987_ lol
04:14 wannabe1987_ is it watching the door?
04:14 lwq1996 you know it buddy
04:14 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:14 wannabe1987_ lol
04:14 Ponko92_ right who messaged me>
04:14 Ponko92_ right who messaged me?
04:15 Yaotzin Dirk diggler
04:15 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
04:15 dr_jkl OK. now let's see what this does
04:15 Ponko92_ brb
04:15 lwq1996 i should make a telloporter and send it to u so i can be like a ninja and kick anyones ass that enters throught thos doos
04:15 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
04:15 lwq1996 doors
04:15 Yaotzin inb4 blows up
04:16 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
04:16 Ponko92 ok back
04:16 lwq1996 i wish i could come to the lab for a vacation
04:16 lwq1996 oh its been 60min
04:17 Yaotzin So far I have batsteve and wannabe1987_ who want to cook with me, so that's two trips to the lab
04:17 Ponko92 lwq1996 if what i hope happens, happens then i'll be doing that
04:17 wannabe1987_ yaotzin - or we can cook in my kitchen...
04:17 lwq1996 ponko -  lol
04:18 Ponko92 i ain't kidding mate
04:18 lwq1996 ok
04:18 Ponko92 i'll be in the VSL the whole time lol
04:18 Ponko92 right be right back
04:18 lwq1996 VSL?
04:19 Ponko92 Vehicular Sciense Lab
04:19 lwq1996 oh
04:20 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
04:20 MoxieMike it's bed time
04:20 MoxieMike g'night everybody
04:21 lwq1996 its security time for me
04:21 lwq1996 bye
04:21 scubadiver10000 joined #thegeekgroup
04:21 Toastdude Bye
04:21 andypandy left #thegeekgroup
04:22 wannabe1987_ left #thegeekgroup
04:23 * wannabe1987 made it home...
04:24 lwq1996 thats good
04:24 Yaotzin Well hello there wallabe
04:24 lwq1996 fail
04:24 wannabe1987 yeah...walking in a alley in the dark is freaky
04:24 wannabe1987 i kept looking behind me...
04:24 Yaotzin Aw
04:24 wannabe1987 yeah
04:24 Yaotzin You live that close to the building eh?
04:24 wannabe1987 but we all left at the same time
04:24 wannabe1987 1/2 a block away...
04:24 wannabe1987 robber*
04:24 wannabe1987 brb pee
04:25 Toastdude thats nice to know.....
04:25 Toastdude lol
04:25 DruidicRifleman look paranoid and Talk to your self
04:25 lwq1996 nvm on ustream
04:25 * exor674 gives wannabe1987 a mug!
04:25 * exor674 is a mugger!
04:26 lwq1996 i would watch for them ninjas
04:26 Toastdude Can i get a Dr. Who mug from you, exor674?
04:26 Yaotzin Caused this atty to fail again
04:26 exor674 heh!
04:26 Yaotzin 2nd time now
04:27 wannabe1987 lol
04:27 lwq1996 haha
04:27 wannabe1987 bach
04:27 lwq1996 bacck
04:27 lwq1996 damn i did it to
04:27 Yaotzin Twice now my e-cig has gotten stuck on
04:27 dr_jkl hey
04:28 lwq1996 haha
04:28 Yaotzin First time I thought it was a short but a piece of he filament breaking off but
04:28 dr_jkl I NEED A GUINEA PIG
04:28 Yaotzin hi
04:28 Yaotzin You rang?
04:28 lwq1996 let me guess chris has goten you hooked
04:28 Yaotzin No lwq1996 , Not smoking has me hooked
04:29 lwq1996 i smoke
04:29 lwq1996 i need an ecig tho
04:29 lwq1996 i love menthol maby i will buy on on them and menthol flavor
04:30 wannabe1987 now to do wat i was gonna do when i got home...
04:31 Toastdude Ok, i'm gonna go. Goodnight
04:31 lwq1996 which is
04:31 wannabe1987 night
04:31 lwq1996 NIGHT TASTDUDE
04:31 wannabe1987 clean kitchen, make tomorrows supper
04:31 lwq1996 lol
04:31 Toastdude toastdude......
04:31 Toastdude lol
04:31 lwq1996 sorry
04:31 Toastdude no, its ok :)
04:31 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
04:32 lwq1996 i hate this keyboard on my laptop always screws up X(
04:32 lwq1996 somehow when i hit a button it sometimes registers another button
04:33 lwq1996 anyone on here thats still on
04:34 lwq1996 ok then being fine with bering ignored
04:34 lwq1996 damn did it again
04:34 Cj1corbystarlet I'm here just not infront of the computer
04:34 lwq1996 its me this time i am too tired
04:35 lwq1996 oh that explains alot
04:36 Yaotzin Website is getting better and better
04:36 dr_jkl :D
04:36 lwq1996 brb
04:36 lwq1996 potty
04:37 wannabe1987 psssss
04:40 lwq1996 back from my piss
04:40 wannabe1987 how was it?
04:40 lwq1996 yellow
04:40 lwq1996 ah feels better
04:40 wannabe1987 means you need to drink more liquids...
04:41 lwq1996 ik but i was working all day outside without water
04:41 wannabe1987 bad for you! shame shame shame
04:42 lwq1996 it wasnt hot out and i was just a couple steps from my house
04:42 kristopoher joined #thegeekgroup
04:42 kristopoher hey
04:42 wannabe1987 ho
04:42 lwq1996 HI KRISTOPHER
04:43 lwq1996 yay i finaly typed right
04:43 kristopoher left #thegeekgroup
04:43 wannabe1987 woooo
04:43 chunks left #thegeekgroup
04:44 steve__ joined #thegeekgroup
04:44 steve__ well, I am home now
04:44 lwq1996 ok i keep trying to look at the projects page on the website and it came up with oooops! you were likely looking for the projects here to see them and i clicked and it took me back to the homepage of the site
04:45 steve__ Cprossu you have that link for me?
04:45 lwq1996 good how was your drive
04:45 wannabe1987 glad you made it home steve__
04:45 steve__ you too
04:45 dr_jkl lwq1996: sec, i'm looking at it
04:45 wannabe1987 i made it'll txt me when she gets home
04:45 steve__ it was an uneventful drive
04:45 wannabe1987 good!
04:45 wannabe1987 not much to be eventful tho, along that route...
04:45 lwq1996 lol
04:46 * wannabe1987 knows the general area where he lives...
04:46 wannabe1987 what high school did you go to?  jen pub or unity?
04:46 steve__ Jen
04:47 wannabe1987 :(  boo hiss!
04:47 wannabe1987 :P
04:47 lwq1996 lol
04:47 steve__ went to elematrary at JCS
04:47 * wannabe1987 went to unity
04:47 Yaotzin lol
04:47 steve__ i figured that
04:47 Yaotzin Gosh in my part of michigan we only had one highschool
04:47 DruidicRifleman Sooo how did the demolition go wannabe1987
04:47 wannabe1987 lol y?
04:47 Ponko92 oh hey Steve__
04:47 Yaotzin well, The highschool and the adult ed for us bad kids
04:48 lwq1996 dr_jkl - did u get the problem sorted out
04:48 wannabe1987 yaotzin - we have the public and the christian...
04:48 steve__ wow, I only have a couple of underscores
04:48 wannabe1987 2!  i like it...
04:48 steve__ thanks
04:48 Yaotzin There isn't a private school in bridgeport far as I know
04:48 Yaotzin I think I went to preschool in a church but uh
04:48 dr_jkl lwq1996: that page may not be live, i'm comparing it with the old db now.
04:48 Ponko92 yay
04:48 Yaotzin that's about it
04:48 dr_jkl lwq1996: the site should be a shitload faster now
04:49 lwq1996 it is
04:49 wannabe1987 actually, two public schools...hud and jen...
04:49 Yaotzin golly
04:49 wannabe1987 two different cities
04:49 wannabe1987 or towns
04:49 Ponko92 Steve check your PM
04:49 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
04:49 kristopher a new phisicsduck vid is up
04:50 Yaotzin oh?
04:50 wannabe1987 cptns blog?
04:50 lwq1996 cool
04:50 Yaotzin I'll have to check my subscriptions tonight
04:50 kristopher yeh
04:50 wannabe1987 yay!  i like thos
04:50 wannabe1987 +e
04:50 kristopher lol its 3:00 here
04:50 lwq1996 check for my friends request - clony101
04:50 Yaotzin I'm watching C.O.P.S on Icefilms atm
04:50 kristopher pm
04:50 kristopher cool
04:50 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
04:50 Yaotzin I need to clean my atomizers
04:51 dr_jkl lwq1996: i'll ask moose about that page tomorrow. :)
04:51 Yaotzin but I'm not sure if I can clean them the same way at the cartomizers
04:51 lwq1996 ok
04:51 kristopher infernos?
04:51 Yaotzin as*
04:51 Yaotzin Magma
04:51 kristopher cool
04:51 wannabe1987 see...when i got home at 9:30, i was gonna empty the DW, reload it and run it i have the stock pots and pans that i need to make i have to load it, run it over night, and make the food in the AM...
04:51 Yaotzin Why do you have to make it in the AM?
04:51 wannabe1987 everything got set back cuz i went and hung out with red
04:51 kristopher sweet i like lasagna
04:51 Yaotzin Are you bringing the lasagna in?
04:52 wannabe1987 cuz i won't be home til 9:45 tomorrow night...
04:52 Yaotzin Ah
04:52 wannabe1987 and i want it made for drew when he gets home from work :(
04:52 wannabe1987 i bailed on him tonight...we were gonna go for a walk but i went to the lab...
04:52 Yaotzin Ah
04:53 lwq1996 omfg i need to crack my neck
04:54 steve__ if anyone wants to learn about NTSC video check out this page
04:54 wannabe1987 crack it then!
04:55 lwq1996 wow those body packs are old
04:55 lwq1996 im watching the new vid on physicsduck
04:56 wannabe1987 red made it home safe, guys :D
04:56 lwq1996 good
04:56 Yaotzin Geeze, watching this episode of cops, dude with 211 pounds of pot
04:56 wannabe1987 ...
04:57 Yaotzin in the back of a civic
04:57 wannabe1987 mmmm pot
04:57 lwq1996 lol
04:57 Yaotzin Says he was only going to be selling it for $1,000
04:57 Yaotzin I lol'd
04:57 lwq1996 hahahaha
04:57 wannabe1987 musta been shitty pot then :P
04:57 Yaotzin Maybe he thinks less than a certain value drops the charge level?
04:57 Yaotzin I don't know
04:58 dr_jkl where did he get caught?
04:58 Yaotzin Crossing the border
04:58 Yaotzin from Mexico to california
04:58 lwq1996 lol
05:01 Yaotzin;
05:01 Yaotzin The episode I'm watching
05:01 steve__ left #thegeekgroup
05:02 steve__ joined #thegeekgroup
05:03 steve__ sorry about that, internet is being glittcy
05:03 lwq1996 it k
05:03 DruidicRifleman Want pot? you know if your a good shot you can get a small truck load of it from the cartells if you can snipe them
05:03 lwq1996 lol
05:04 wannabe1987 second load going thru the dishwasher...then i can finally do dinner for tomorrow :D
05:05 lwq1996 haha
05:06 wannabe1987 when the dishwasher is done...aka i wake up :P
05:06 wannabe1987 its 1 already?!
05:06 wannabe1987 :(
05:06 Yaotzin nope it's 10
05:07 wannabe1987 waking up "early" so i can see TJ go off to work.
05:07 wannabe1987 lol ok
05:07 wannabe1987 i like 10 me more time to do stuff
05:07 Yaotzin :p
05:07 wannabe1987 i'm pretty much on a pst time schedule for sleeping/waking up...
05:07 lwq1996 haha
05:08 wannabe1987 srsly go to bed around 3 (12) wake up around 10 (7)
05:08 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
05:09 wannabe1987 yaotzin - dinner tomorrow...for moms family :D
05:09 wannabe1987
05:09 Yaotzin :D
05:09 Yaotzin You really like that website dont you?
05:09 wannabe1987 all mom needs is yogurt
05:09 wannabe1987 yes...i do
05:09 wannabe1987 and i need to bring my panko :D
05:10 Yaotzin heh
05:10 wannabe1987 yes...i have her book at home
05:10 wannabe1987 and mom has her cookbook :D
05:10 Yaotzin Ah
05:11 Yaotzin I have introductory culinary school textbooks but
05:11 Yaotzin Only a few cookbooks
05:12 Yaotzin Probably the only one I really need is one for baking
05:12 Yaotzin Cause I'll be damned if I'll remember all those weights and measures
05:12 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
05:12 wannabe1987 superman!
05:12 Superman13 never!!!
05:12 wannabe1987 hi :)
05:13 Yaotzin it's a /co/nvention in the geek group
05:13 Superman13 hiya :)
05:13 lwq1996 SAVE ME SUPERMAN
05:13 wannabe1987 why is glassware so loud
05:13 wannabe1987 lol
05:13 wannabe1987 ...
05:13 wannabe1987 a what?
05:13 Yaotzin heh
05:13 Yaotzin BatSteve-Away would of laughed at that
05:13 Yaotzin /co/ is a /co/mics board
05:13 Superman13 lol superman hardly has time to save himself
05:14 lwq1996 lol
05:14 Yaotzin kind of like /v/ideogames or Traditional Games which is /tg/
05:15 wannabe1987 he woulda laughed at the /co/?
05:15 wannabe1987 ok...whatever
05:15 Yaotzin yeah
05:15 Superman13 yes..
05:15 wannabe1987 i don't realllly care
05:15 Yaotzin what
05:15 wannabe1987 foo!
05:15 Yaotzin O.o
05:15 wannabe1987 food*!
05:15 Yaotzin O...k
05:16 Superman13 powdered toast man!!!
05:16 wannabe1987 i've made the crispy chickin thing i know i can do it :D
05:16 wannabe1987 it has to bake for over an hour tho 0.o
05:16 lwq1996 lol
05:16 Yaotzin hmm
05:18 wannabe1987 mmmm 80% dark chocolate :D
05:18 lwq1996 ahaha
05:18 * wannabe1987 is feels soooooo good
05:19 lwq1996 does chris use ubuntu
05:19 wannabe1987 yessir
05:19 lwq1996 i saw a vid of his computer and saw it
05:20 lwq1996 i love ubuntu
05:20 wannabe1987 we haven't found a version to work on my computer(netbook)yet
05:20 wannabe1987 my friend tried for two days...
05:20 wannabe1987 i was internet-less for the most part of...2 days :!
05:20 lwq1996 your netbook is a
05:20 wannabe1987 i read so oooo many books during that time
05:20 wannabe1987 toshiba nb 205
05:21 lwq1996 i have a dell mini and a toshiba satillite
05:21 * steve__ sends someone to kick youtube
05:22 lwq1996 why>
05:22 lwq1996 aggg
05:22 lwq1996 why?
05:22 * wannabe1987 shakes YT's servers
05:23 lwq1996 oh
05:23 wannabe1987 did that help?
05:23 lwq1996 should
05:23 lwq1996 if not start breaking them
05:24 lwq1996 bye bye non wanted videos
05:25 wannabe1987 ok
05:28 wannabe1987 the first and last tabs open ar from
05:28 wannabe1987 :P
05:29 Yaotzin ;p
05:29 lwq1996 does the geek group give jobs to 14 year olds that know how to do stuff
05:29 wannabe1987 gotta prove yourself; noones getting paid yet
05:29 lwq1996 ok
05:30 Superman13 so when you're cleaning out your closet is it normal to find 6 towers in there...
05:31 Superman13 i dont remember putting them in there two years ago lol
05:31 wannabe1987 lol
05:31 wannabe1987 no
05:31 lwq1996 lol
05:31 Yaotzin I always get a good laugh when people give consent to have their vehicle searched and end up getting busted with drugs
05:32 Yaotzin or better yet, driving without a license, speeding, running stopsigns, or giving them other reasons to get pulled over while transporting
05:32 Yaotzin golly gee
05:32 wannabe1987 lol yeah...not the smartest bunch
05:32 Superman13 did you just watch cops as well?
05:34 Yaotzin I'm watching it on a internet streaming site
05:34 Yaotzin redundant
05:34 Yaotzin but yeah
05:34 Yaotzin Watching it right now actually
05:34 wannabe1987 hmmm my other blanket is still upstairs, but i cannot go grab it...o well...use a different one i guess :(
05:34 Superman13 oh. i've only missed a few episodes of cops in the 20+ years they have been on... and that was when i was in basic training
05:34 Yaotzin Why is it upstairs?
05:35 Yaotzin Superman13:  They have a lot of recent episodes on icefilms
05:35 wannabe1987 cuz i was cuddling w/ tj earlier upstairs?
05:35 Yaotzin er
05:35 Yaotzin Why can't you go upstairs
05:35 Yaotzin was what I meant to say
05:35 wannabe1987 cuz...thats his room
05:35 wannabe1987 and his livingroom
05:35 Yaotzin Ooh
05:35 wannabe1987 and i don't want to disturb him...he's gotta get up at 7
05:35 Superman13 oh i was in basic back in 04... haven't missed an episode since... thank god for dvr lol
05:35 Yaotzin lol
05:36 Yaotzin Honestly a lot of these guys dig their own graves
05:36 Yaotzin which isn't surprising considering they got caught
05:36 Superman13 put it this way.... i have the airplane crash in the florida everglades on vhs tape from back in the 90's from when i went rollerskating and i was maybe.... 10-13 at the time
05:37 Superman13 well if you don't consent to them searching your car their gonna search it..if you do..there gonna find it anyways..
05:37 Yaotzin All I have on VHS from back then is wrestling PPV's and a few shows here and there
05:38 Yaotzin Well if they don't consent to the search they'll have to get a field warrant, or risk having the charges thrown out
05:38 Yaotzin so why would you ever consent?
05:38 Yaotzin You're aiding in yourself getting arrested
05:38 Superman13 haha i have smurfs, gummi bears, chip n dales rescue rangers, original power rangers (green ranger saga will always be the best) lol
05:38 Yaotzin Haha yes
05:38 steve__ I'm off for the night have fun in here
05:39 Yaotzin I was partial to the Blue ranger
05:39 Yaotzin Billy
05:39 Superman13 by steve__
05:39 wannabe1987 sleep good steve__
05:39 Yaotzin Although Tommy was alright too
05:39 Yaotzin Night Steve
05:39 steve__ ya, sleep, it sounds good
05:39 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
05:39 steve__ you hear from red
05:39 * wannabe1987 never saw power rangers
05:39 wannabe1987 hi red_home
05:39 wannabe1987 yes...she made it :D
05:39 RED_home hey.
05:39 steve__ and there she is
05:39 RED_home lol
05:39 CSMonster RED_home -> hey, sexy.
05:39 RED_home speak of the devil, eh?
05:39 wannabe1987 yes...there she is
05:39 DruidicRifleman hey red
05:39 wannabe1987 pretty much
05:39 steve__ exactly
05:39 DruidicRifleman ^agree's with CSmonster^
05:39 wannabe1987 except, idk how evil red is...
05:40 RED_home You all make me blush. lol.
05:40 CSMonster :D
05:40 CSMonster hey, i found a music video with my home town in it.
05:40 Superman13 well white ranger was my favorite of the old schools... white tiger ftw... billy always was to much of a wuss...not enough bravery or muscle.. :/
05:40 DruidicRifleman i've found a few
05:40 Superman13 I never would make you blush red :p
05:40 RED_home soopppss! <3
05:40 RED_home Hi besst friend.
05:40 Yaotzin Yeah but Billy was the brains
05:41 Yaotzin Kind of why I liked Donatello
05:41 Ponko92 steve__ get your ass to bed
05:41 wannabe1987 lol
05:41 RED_home lol
05:41 wannabe1987 yes...go to bed steve__
05:41 DruidicRifleman I was in the buildings this was fillmend it i've been in that building
05:41 DruidicRifleman I was in the buildings this was fillmend it
05:41 Yaotzin I mean I like Leonardo as much as the next guy but, Mike and Ralph? Eh
05:41 DruidicRifleman should post the link
05:41 DruidicRifleman
05:42 Superman13 I liked mike but out of tmnt i always was partial to splinter...
05:42 CSMonster hmm
05:42 Photon939 ;;bc,gen 100000
05:42 Superman13 and hi Red_home!!! Best Friend EVERER
05:42 RED_home :)
05:43 DruidicRifleman that old mental hospital was creapy
05:43 DruidicRifleman they tore most out there is one building up and there we're so man accident'ts they left it standing
05:43 CSMonster smells like home:
05:43 DruidicRifleman Tools would fall stuff like that
05:43 Ponko92 steve__ get to bed and i'll get to Derby
05:43 wannabe1987 was there not a new episode of BBT tonight?
05:43 wannabe1987 sounds win-win to me...
05:43 DruidicRifleman BBT?
05:44 Yaotzin "I Didn't Do Anything!"
05:44 Yaotzin Hym of the COPS
05:44 Yaotzin Hymn
05:45 wannabe1987 ooo its the donny osmond version :D
05:45 Superman13 i thought it was "Don't tase me bro!"
05:45 Yaotzin Funny, guy I'm watching just got tased
05:45 Yaotzin while screaming he didn't do anything
05:45 Yaotzin while he was resisting
05:46 DruidicRifleman
05:46 Yaotzin Why the hell
05:46 Yaotzin They're putting a safety helmet on him
05:46 Yaotzin Didn't see it but I'm guessing he was headbutting the car
05:46 Superman13 LOL i've been tased and pepper sprayed.... pepper spray didnt do alot to me...tase... well.... i couldn't stop shaking for half an hour
05:47 Superman13 they didnt hog tie him before putting him in the car?
05:47 wannabe1987 why'd you get tased?
05:48 Yaotzin Superman13: They had him cuffed but once they put him in the back he started headbutting the glass
05:48 Yaotzin Dude is shitfaced
05:48 Superman13 I "volunteered" to help train some MP's at basic and they needed to train on tasers
05:48 wannabe1987 ahhhh
05:48 Yaotzin So did you notice the barbs at all?
05:48 Superman13 didn't know thats what i was volunteering for lol
05:48 wannabe1987 lol
05:49 Superman13 lol i didnt have the slightest notion to check and watch the barbs
05:49 Yaotzin Yeah I wouldn't imagine
05:49 wannabe1987 :the world is sleeping...any dream will do:
05:49 Superman13 all i know is everything on me locked up and i fell over
05:51 Yaotzin Yeah I've heard people complain about the barbs and the holes they leave in you but
05:51 Yaotzin I don't think anyone who just got tazed is thinking about that
05:51 Yaotzin at all
05:51 Superman13 meh a scar is a scar to me... i call em battle wounds :)
05:51 wannabe1987 lol
05:52 Superman13 i had a finger get cut off while playing hide-n-seek... thats a battle scar
05:52 RED_home Allright guys, I'm going to bed..have to wake up in 5 hours for a doctors appointment.
05:52 wannabe1987 sleep good red!
05:52 RED_home Be safe, sleep well, have fun. All that jazz. ;)
05:52 Yaotzin I have those too but they're from cooking, being clumsy, and things that are a bit late night
05:52 Superman13 goodnight red :)
05:52 Yaotzin Goodnight Red
05:53 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
05:53 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
05:54 Ponko92 someone help me my fucking ex is making me watch HP on skype
05:54 wannabe1987 which one?
05:55 Yaotzin HP?
05:55 wannabe1987 better than twilight, no?
05:55 wannabe1987 harry potter
05:55 Yaotzin oh
05:55 Yaotzin never seen or read
05:55 Superman13 lol.... close the window on skype...
05:55 Ponko92 deathly hallows part 2
05:55 wannabe1987 its not out yet...
05:55 Ponko92 part 1 sorry
05:55 wannabe1987 not till july....
05:55 wannabe1987 o ok
05:55 wannabe1987 lol
05:55 wannabe1987 don't scare me!
05:55 wannabe1987 pt 1 is ok...
05:56 wannabe1987 my sister bought it the day it came out...
05:57 Superman13 pt 1 weirds me out... harry and hermione getting it on on the screen... :/
05:57 Ponko92 i need to go to bed and i want her to not be a moody bitch if i go
05:57 wannabe1987 and she'll bitch?
05:57 wannabe1987 she shouldn't....sleep is good!
05:57 Ponko92 i'm a nice guy i don't like being rude
05:57 Ponko92 and she'll bitch
05:58 wannabe1987 ahhh :(
05:58 wannabe1987 :(
05:58 Ponko92 this is one reason she was my ex
05:58 Ponko92 she IS sorry
05:58 wannabe1987 ?
05:58 * Yaotzin eyeroll
05:58 Ponko92 one reason she is my ex
05:59 Ponko92 she bitches over ANYTHING
05:59 wannabe1987 sucks
05:59 Ponko92 yes it does
06:01 Ponko92 .wa
06:01 BotSteve Ponko92: Missing search term
06:01 Ponko92 .wa git
06:01 BotSteve git  (English word);noun->a person who is deemed to be despicable or contemptible;git  (no hyphenation)  (3 letters ->1 syllable);crumb -> lowlife -> rat -> rotter -> skunk -> so-and-so -> stinkpot   (total: 7);disagreeable person -> unpleasant person;(none among common words);bit -> fit -> gait -> gift -> gig -> gilt -> gin -> girt -> gist -> gite -> gits -> grit -> hit -> kit -> Kit -> lit -> nit -> pit -> sit -> wi
06:05 Ponko92 who is still here?
06:05 Superman13 Superman
06:06 NeWtoz Sexyman
06:06 Superman13 lol
06:07 Ponko92 :( i want to sleep my ex won't let me
06:07 lwq1996 is there anyway to get a member card without the big fee of $20
06:07 NeWtoz check the black market
06:07 NeWtoz very popular
06:08 steve__ Talk to Chris, he said he may be able to make arraigments for people
06:08 steve__ now I am clean and de-rubbled, therefore it is time for sleep
06:09 lwq1996 and how do i talk to chris
06:09 steve__ catch him on chat and PM him
06:09 lwq1996 oh and his pm is
06:09 steve__ CaptainBoden
06:10 lwq1996 ok
06:10 Thermoelectric Use "/msg CaptainBoden your message here"
06:11 steve__ .quit night all
06:11 steve__ left #thegeekgroup
06:11 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
06:12 Yaotzin Alright, leftovers are put away, I'm in my pajamas
06:12 Yaotzin cleaned one of my attys and letting it drain overnight
06:15 Yaotzin So yeah I'm thinking adding powdered caffeine in the rock candy making process could be pretty good
06:15 Yaotzin I used to make rock candy quite often
06:16 lwq1996 do u know a site on how to make rock candy
06:17 Yaotzin When I first started I just followed the recipe on the flavor bottles, one second
06:17 Yaotzin Thing is there are two different kinds of rock candy
06:17 Yaotzin,187,147173-246204,00.html
06:17 lwq1996 could i get both
06:18 Yaotzin Actually this recipe kind of sucks
06:18 Yaotzin it should give you candy thermometer levels
06:18 Yaotzin  I don't make these
06:18 Yaotzin I make the sheets of hard candy
06:20 funtime180 left #thegeekgroup
06:20 Yaotzin  This is what I make
06:20 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
06:21 Yaotzin  There you go lwq1996
06:25 Yaotzin lwq1996:  This is the brand of flavoring I use
06:32 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
06:32 Hackbat Finally finished Portal 2
06:33 wannabe1987 yay!  hoedown did too!
06:33 Hackbat Damn thing crashed like every 3-7 tests
06:37 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
06:44 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
06:56 Yaotzin So who's still up?
06:57 Thermoelectric *raises hand*
06:57 Yaotzin Aw well this is normal hours for you
06:58 Thermoelectric This is true.
06:58 Yaotzin So whats this about rioting in australia? I've been half paying attention
06:59 Yaotzin Either I read it in here or one of my other IRC channels
06:59 speedrunnerg55 joined #thegeekgroup
06:59 speedrunnerg55 hi geeks
06:59 Yaotzin morn
07:00 Thermoelectric Yaotzin: Rioting? Maybe I haven't been watching the news enough.
07:00 speedrunnerg55 i just saw tron
07:00 speedrunnerg55 it was cool
07:00 Yaotzin could be roo boxing for all I know
07:00 Thermoelectric Poor roo's. :(
07:01 Yaotzin roo's are tough
07:01 Thermoelectric Not against vehicles or guns.
07:01 Yaotzin well I reckon they hurt the car as much as the car hurts them
07:01 Yaotzin if they're anything like mooses
07:03 Yaotzin Mooroos
07:04 Thermoelectric Well they don't leave the car undented, but they do come off second best to a chunk of metal heading toward them at 80K/h.
07:04 Yaotzin hmm
07:04 Yaotzin Moose will total a car
07:04 Yaotzin i figured kangaroos were big enough to do that
07:04 Yaotzin Then again I've never seen one
07:04 speedrunnerg55 ?
07:05 Thermoelectric Ah, roos would probably do that aswell, just the only time I've experienced a car hitting a roo, it had a bull-bar.
07:05 Yaotzin Oh nice
07:05 Thermoelectric It's generally only the sedans and stuff without a bull bar that take the grunt of the damage.
07:06 Yaotzin Do you even see them that often/
07:06 Thermoelectric Not in the city, we see wallabies but they are much smaller, compared to fully grown roos.
07:07 Yaotzin wallabies in the city?
07:07 Thermoelectric Oh.
07:07 Thermoelectric I meant in the less populated parts of the town, where there are paddocks and stuff.
07:07 Thermoelectric *brainfart*
07:07 Yaotzin Oh
07:08 Thermoelectric But as always, fucking developers and people are building units and stuff on that land, so the days of the wallabies around here are numbered.
07:09 speedrunnerg55 left #thegeekgroup
07:10 Yaotzin Got occasional deer and turkeys back home
07:10 Yaotzin had an eagles nest on the edge of the farm
07:11 Yaotzin get muskrats and possums and groundhogs
07:11 Yaotzin Snakes
07:11 Yaotzin Hawks
07:11 Thermoelectric Nice.
07:11 Thermoelectric I wish I lived on a farm.
07:11 Yaotzin Well it was all crops
07:11 Yaotzin these are all wild
07:12 Thermoelectric Ah.
07:12 DruidicRifleman i wonder if the lathe at TGG can mill at like .177 inches
07:12 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:12 Yaotzin Only animals we had growing up were like, at the highest point 3 outdoor dogs, 12+ outdoor cats, and 3 indoor cats
07:12 kristopher hello again
07:12 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
07:12 Yaotzin Well, Had a bunny, a turtle, and a pigeon coop at one point too but.
07:13 Yaotzin Parakeets and fish now that I think about it. Yeah I guess I've had plenty of domesticated animals over the years lol
07:14 Thermoelectric Cool.
07:16 Yaotzin To be honest I'm tired of cats
07:16 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
07:18 Sgt_Lemming just met my gf's new housemates cat today
07:18 Sgt_Lemming quite a funky little thing
07:19 Sgt_Lemming only about a year old and as precocious as can be
07:20 Yaotzin They're nice to have around, but honestly after over two decades of the cat hair and the litter and whatnot
07:20 Yaotzin It just wears on you after a while
07:20 Yaotzin Figures that when I moved out on my own my roommate would have two cats
07:24 wannabe1987 mrow
07:24 Yaotzin I'll mrowl you
07:24 wannabe1987 oooo
07:24 wannabe1987 sounds...kinky
07:24 Yaotzin lol
07:25 Yaotzin Paint and a catsuit
07:25 Yaotzin could be amusing
07:25 wannabe1987 FURRY!
07:25 Yaotzin Woah now
07:25 Yaotzin I'm talking catwoman
07:26 Yaotzin Roleplaying is one thing, but I'm not sure how you're supposed to do anything in a fursuit
07:26 wannabe1987 lol me neither
07:26 wannabe1987 but hey
07:27 wannabe1987 my friend is a furry, he goes to them fur-vention thingys they hold where all the furries converge on ONE SPOT andpeople die from the horribleness (:P) but he doesn't do anything withit...(i hope)
07:28 Yaotzin heh
07:28 Yaotzin Everyone has their kinks
07:28 wannabe1987 LARP LARP LARP
07:28 Yaotzin I've never larped
07:28 wannabe1987 me neither
07:29 DruidicRifleman Same way a guy has sex with a girl with out removing his pants
07:29 DruidicRifleman I have
07:29 wannabe1987 but that one dood has...or is
07:29 DruidicRifleman I am helping create one
07:29 wannabe1987 he thinks zomb = larp...but its not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:29 wannabe1987 no game
07:29 DruidicRifleman it's shooting zombies with nerf guns
07:29 Yaotzin Yeah that's not really larping
07:29 DruidicRifleman it's more like Zday training
07:29 wannabe1987 nope
07:29 DruidicRifleman Larp is fun
07:30 Yaotzin Also DruidicRifleman they call that 2nd base
07:30 Yaotzin Just saying
07:30 DruidicRifleman you get to chop your friends up with an ax and then hang out again
07:30 Yaotzin or third hell I don't know
07:30 Yaotzin I don't do baseball
07:30 wannabe1987 what are teh bases? i never learned
07:30 Yaotzin I think 1 is groping, 2 is grinding, 3 is oral, 4 is intercourse
07:30 DruidicRifleman wow those are differant then mine
07:31 wannabe1987 hmmm
07:31 wannabe1987 ok
07:31 Yaotzin maybe 1 is french kissing
07:31 Yaotzin I don't know
07:31 wannabe1987 yay for ignorance!
07:31 Yaotzin lol
07:31 Yaotzin Things happen as they happen
07:31 wannabe1987 or as they don't happen, in my case
07:31 Yaotzin I never kept score
07:32 wannabe1987 whats your batting average?
07:32 Yaotzin lol no
07:32 DruidicRifleman_ joined #thegeekgroup
07:32 DruidicRifleman_ 1 was kissing 2 was groping 3 was fucking 4 was shopping for a new house cause you forgot the rubber
07:32 wannabe1987 thats right..this is a bunch of geeks noone gets laid
07:32 Yaotzin ?
07:33 wannabe1987 I DIDN"T WANT TO KNOW
07:33 wannabe1987 shut up and go away
07:33 Yaotzin wha
07:33 DruidicRifleman_ don't sterio type me...
07:33 wannabe1987 he's on he logged in as <nick>_ so i could see shit
07:33 Yaotzin I said lol no because I wasn't sharing numbers in a public room
07:33 Yaotzin Oh
07:33 wannabe1987 lol
07:33 Yaotzin I forgot about that
07:33 wannabe1987 and so i /ignored him
07:33 wannabe1987 and hollered
07:34 Yaotzin Yeah I was kind of talking with him so if it seemed one sided
07:34 DruidicRifleman_ actually my thing crashed
07:34 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
07:34 wannabe1987 nahhh i've been ignoring (read: minimizing) mIRc
07:34 wannabe1987 to talk to other peeps i know IRL
07:34 DruidicRifleman_ uh what did i do?
07:35 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
07:35 Toastdude Hi
07:35 DruidicRifleman_ Yay my thing logged out
07:35 DruidicRifleman_ is now known as DruidicRifleman
07:36 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
07:36 DruidicRifleman i said my thing crashed
07:37 Yaotzin wannabe1987 you're up late
07:37 wannabe1987 is it awkward to say "my hole hurts"?
07:37 wannabe1987 i'm talking to people
07:37 Yaotzin No ma'am
07:37 wannabe1987 and headed to sleep
07:37 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:37 wannabe1987 ok
07:37 wannabe1987 cuz it does...
07:37 Yaotzin but I know what you're talking about
07:37 wannabe1987 stupid hole
07:37 wannabe1987 lol
07:37 wannabe1987 you do...
07:37 wannabe1987 hi kristopher
07:37 Yaotzin someone else might think it's awkward
07:37 Thermoelectric Keep your finger out of it.
07:37 wannabe1987 who cares what they tthink, really
07:37 kristopher hi
07:37 wannabe1987 stupid dentist stole my tooth!
07:38 wannabe1987 and i got to "watch"
07:38 wannabe1987 ....
07:38 Yaotzin He's selling it to the tooth fairy
07:38 kristopher hi wannabe1987
07:38 wannabe1987 not worth shit...
07:38 Yaotzin That's how he affords the expensive cars
07:38 wannabe1987 two cusps are missing
07:38 wannabe1987 um...
07:38 wannabe1987 its a "free" clinic
07:38 wannabe1987 no fancy cars
07:38 Yaotzin well
07:38 wannabe1987 and by "free" i mean i pay $20 bucks to see someone
07:38 Yaotzin I think someone working in a free clinic should have a fancy car
07:39 wannabe1987 and i get a pulled tooth and a cavity filled for $20
07:39 wannabe1987 its a christan clinic too :P
07:39 Hackbat D: crap
07:39 wannabe1987 yay!
07:39 wannabe1987 I"M HUNGRY DAMNIT
07:39 Yaotzin A christian clinic?
07:39 DruidicRifleman Dentals like nut's up here
07:39 wannabe1987 yes
07:39 Yaotzin Do they serve everyone or only church members?
07:39 Hackbat my methods of dealing with a catchy song aren't working
07:39 wannabe1987 no
07:39 wannabe1987 hey deal with everyon
07:39 wannabe1987 e
07:39 Yaotzin Hackbat:  I got something that may help
07:39 Hackbat I keep litsening to the portal 2 end song in a loop
07:39 wannabe1987 listen to "friday"
07:39 Hackbat and it's not helping
07:40 wannabe1987 .YT friday
07:40 Hackbat nah
07:40 wannabe1987 .seen botsteve
07:40 BotSteve I'm right here, actually.
07:40 wannabe1987 lol ok
07:40 DruidicRifleman It's probly a clinic ran by a church and they offer discounted servicres to those in need
07:40 Yaotzin Hackbat:  This should get the song out of your head
07:40 Hackbat it's not in my head
07:40 Hackbat it's in my heart
07:40 Hackbat D:
07:41 kristopher SAFETYDANCE
07:41 wannabe1987 ummmmm
07:41 Hackbat It's not playing in my head
07:41 Hackbat I just can't stop wanting it
07:41 Hackbat I love it
07:41 Yaotzin lol
07:41 DruidicRifleman you can dance if you want to we can lever your friends behind
07:41 Yaotzin umm wannabe1987?
07:41 Hackbat It makes me feel love, joy, and sadness
07:41 wannabe1987 ya?
07:41 Yaotzin you ummmed?
07:41 DruidicRifleman ... kristopher now it's stuck in my head
07:41 kristopher lol
07:41 wannabe1987 about it being in his heart...thats kinda...odd place to keep music
07:42 Yaotzin lol
07:42 Hackbat D:!!!!
07:42 Hackbat Fuck
07:42 Yaotzin OH
07:42 Yaotzin wannabe1987!
07:42 Hackbat didn't think this through
07:42 Yaotzin You can watch that masaokis video now
07:42 wannabe1987 YAOTZIN
07:42 wannabe1987 no
07:42 DruidicRifleman Some times i wonder if the video for that song would make more sense on drugs
07:42 wannabe1987 i sleep now
07:42 Hackbat I went to replay the ending to portal 2
07:42 Yaotzin aw
07:42 wannabe1987 no time for 10 min vidya
07:42 Hackbat I uninstalled it D:
07:42 Yaotzin :(
07:42 wannabe1987 i'm listening to soul train
07:42 Yaotzin soul train?
07:42 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
07:43 wannabe1987 soul train
07:43 wannabe1987 fail
07:43 Yaotzin don't recognize that either, I don't think.
07:43 Yaotzin I mean, it sounds like a track that was in jet set radio
07:43 Yaotzin but you don't play videogames so you wouldn't know
07:43 wannabe1987 no...
07:43 wannabe1987 its a song played at Grand rapids original swing society...and the radio
07:44 Thermoelectric .yt soul sister - train
07:44 kistopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:44 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
07:44 Yaotzin Oh I was thinking of this
07:44 Yaotzin sweet soul brother
07:44 kistopher hey whats the chat sites mark
07:44 * wannabe1987 is thinking about zzzzzzz
07:44 wannabe1987 mark?
07:45 wannabe1987 o shit headache
07:45 Yaotzin Oh
07:45 Yaotzin Don't think too hard
07:46 kistopher what is the chat's port number?
07:46 wannabe1987 6667
07:46 Thermoelectric The default.
07:46 wannabe1987 the other chat i'm on, its 9000 :P
07:46 Thermoelectric ^that
07:46 kistopher i meen the server name
07:47 wannabe1987 </server>
07:47 wannabe1987 that?
07:47 wannabe1987 and then </join #thegeekgroup>
07:49 wannabe1987 kristopher...does that help?
07:50 wannabe1987 NIGHT
07:50 * wannabe1987 sleeps
07:50 kistopher oh yeh
07:50 Yaotzin Goodnight wallabe
07:50 wannabe1987 night yaotzin
07:51 * Thermoelectric really wants to make a multistage steam turbine. :)
07:54 * wannabe1987 realized she sleeps w/ ya'll each night...creepy
07:54 Yaotzin lol
07:54 Yaotzin cuddling with the computer eh?
07:54 Thermoelectric Go to bed already. :P
07:54 wannabe1987 pretty much
07:54 Yaotzin It's adorable really
07:54 wannabe1987 loll
07:55 wannabe1987 thermoelectric - trying to get rid of me?
07:55 wannabe1987 :'(
07:55 Yaotzin As long as you don't punch/kick us
07:55 Yaotzin I've had a rather small girlfriend who could sprawl out to cover every inch of a queen bed and if you were in her way
07:55 wannabe1987 apparently i only kick same gender or siblings...
07:55 Yaotzin pfft
07:55 Yaotzin She'd kick the shit out of me all niht
07:55 Yaotzin night*
07:55 kistopher left #thegeekgroup
07:56 Thermoelectric wannabe1987: No, it's just that I don't want to see that Yaotzin's goodnight was not wasted. :P
07:56 Yaotzin Haha
07:56 wannabe1987 ahhhh lol ok
07:56 Thermoelectric Pfft, I don't make much sense these days.
07:56 wannabe1987 but i had to get up and put a number in my phone
07:56 Thermoelectric goodnight was wasted*
07:56 Thermoelectric Ah
07:57 Yaotzin "Time to sleep....Oh yeah phonenumber!"
07:57 wannabe1987 lol yep
07:57 Yaotzin lol
07:57 Yaotzin dork
07:57 * wannabe1987 really sleeps this time
07:58 Yaotzin Goodnight, for reals this time
08:00 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
08:02 Yaotzin Man it's only 1am?
08:02 Yaotzin ho hum
08:03 Thermoelectric I wonder how one could make a steam turbine.
08:04 Yaotzin Same way you'd make a hydro turbine?
08:04 Yaotzin Only in the other direction?
08:04 Thermoelectric Don't know how those are made.
08:04 Thermoelectric In the other direction?
08:05 Yaotzin Well a hydro turbine is from falling water right?
08:05 Thermoelectric I'm just pondering hot to make the blades and assembly at the moment, the rest shouldn't be overly hard.
08:05 Thermoelectric Ah, yes.
08:06 Yaotzin Still as for building one? I have no idea
08:06 Yaotzin I just picture waterwheels
08:06 Thermoelectric Ah
08:06 Thermoelectric Just looking at
08:07 Thermoelectric That type of turbine looks a little harder to make, not sure how the blades could be made one at a time, and then just slotted together or something.
08:08 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
08:08 Yaotzin drum sander on soft metal?
08:08 Yaotzin then spot welded on a drum?
08:09 Thermoelectric Probably, or one could just cast each individual blade (I've got a bit of aluminium lying around)...
08:09 DruidicRifleman what are you making
08:09 Yaotzin The blades look kind of thick
08:09 Thermoelectric Wonder how aluminium would fare in a stressful situation like that.
08:09 Thermoelectric Wanting to make a steam turbine.
08:09 DruidicRifleman ???
08:09 Thermoelectric I'd assume that's for strength.
08:10 DruidicRifleman ahhh
08:10 DruidicRifleman yaotzin
08:10 Yaotzin ?
08:11 DruidicRifleman are you looking tot ry larping
08:11 Yaotzin not necessarily
08:11 Yaotzin I'm fine with D&D
08:12 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:22 * Thermoelectric just realised that aluminium may not me the greatest metal in a steam turbine, as it needs to be fed superheated steam which is somewhere around 400-450C. Aluminium melts at 660C, and is probably less-hard at 450C... :/
08:22 Yaotzin hmm
08:24 Thermoelectric A multistage turbine like the one I linked above more than likely needs to be engineered much better than just guesswork, so I'd assume that one would be better off having each turbine with an independent drive shaft (I think?)
08:28 Sgt_Lemming aluminium is too soft for a high speed turbine
08:31 Thermoelectric Well there goes the idea of making it myself.
08:31 Thermoelectric Don't really feel like melting down iron or steel to cast.
08:35 Thermoelectric I wonder how much commercially made SMALL steam turbines cost.
08:35 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
08:36 Sgt_Lemming mmmm, nice short hair again
08:36 Sgt_Lemming so nice getting a haircut sometimes.
08:36 Thermoelectric That's for sure.
08:38 Yaotzin Yeah I need a real haircut sometime
08:38 Sgt_Lemming steel, inconel or titanium
08:38 Sgt_Lemming for a decent turbine
08:38 Yaotzin I've cut my own hair twice now and it hasn't worked too great
08:39 Yaotzin I have Cory hair
08:39 Yaotzin curlfro
08:39 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
08:39 Hydroelectric Hey all.
08:40 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
08:41 Sgt_Lemming lol
08:41 Yaotzin whoop
08:53 Sgt_Lemming <--- woah, funky pedals!
08:58 Yaotzin funky pedals hell look at the seats
08:58 Yaotzin forget that noise
08:58 Yaotzin I'm too tall for that I reckon
09:00 Yaotzin I would be kissing my knees
09:01 Sgt_Lemming how tall are you?
09:01 Yaotzin 6'2
09:01 Yaotzin with the end up the seat that high up?
09:01 Sgt_Lemming porsches aren't small cars
09:01 Sgt_Lemming I think you'd be fine
09:02 Sgt_Lemming I'm 6'0 and happily drove a 911 Gt3
09:03 Sgt_Lemming
09:03 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
09:03 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
09:03 Yaotzin Man I wish the wifi connection was better in the rest of the apartment
09:04 Yaotzin Go outside or to the bathroom or the kitchen and I drop signal constantly
09:04 Yaotzin Anyway it looks small in the picture, at least at that angle
09:06 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
09:06 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
09:08 Yaotzin grumble grumble signal loss grumble
09:09 Sgt_Lemming get a bigger antenna
09:11 Yaotzin Yeah, we've had so many problems with our DSL and faulty modems/routers that we've gone through quite a lot
09:11 Yaotzin Although I'm moving shortly so
09:11 Yaotzin Shame I can't extend the antenna on the laptop
09:12 Sgt_Lemming you can
09:12 Sgt_Lemming I've done it one mine
09:12 Sgt_Lemming got an RP-SMA connector sticking out one side of it
09:12 Yaotzin Oh
09:12 Yaotzin I was picturing actually messing with the antenna behind the screen
09:13 Sgt_Lemming nope
09:13 Yaotzin Which, the LCD on this monitor is broken, I'd end up going back there anyway if I could ever find a cheap screen to replace this one with
09:13 Yaotzin the LCD on this laptop*
09:17 PhuAtWork left #thegeekgroup
09:22 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
09:22 kristopher ola
09:22 kristopher hello?
09:23 Sgt_Lemming ola mi amigo, como esta?
09:23 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
09:28 Yaotzin
09:28 Yaotzin hmm
09:29 Cprossu Thursday, April 04/21/2011
09:29 Cprossu At
09:29 Cprossu 20:28:00 Local
09:29 Cprossu Hotclock VIA stream read
09:29 Cprossu 12:21
09:29 Cprossu Actual at relative hotclock was likely
09:29 Cprossu 12:25
09:29 Cprossu At
09:29 Cprossu 02:28:00 Local
09:29 Cprossu Hotclock VIA stream read
09:29 Cprossu 71:30
09:29 Cprossu Actual at relative hotclock was likely
09:29 Cprossu 71:34
09:30 Yaotzin So it's still on time?
09:30 Cprossu negative
09:30 Cprossu it's fast
09:30 Yaotzin How's that?, looks like a 4 minute difference on both
09:30 Cprossu look at seconds
09:31 Cprossu granted that's weird too
09:31 Cprossu I should look at my data more carefully
09:31 Yaotzin I don't see the seconds
09:32 Cprossu that is seconds
09:32 Cprossu and min
09:32 Cprossu for the hotclock reading
09:32 Yaotzin Oh ok
09:32 Yaotzin Then
09:32 Cprossu it just didn't tab
09:32 Yaotzin How is it fast, it looks like a 4 second difference
09:32 Phu morning :)
09:32 Yaotzin on both
09:32 Yaotzin Morning Phu
09:32 Cprossu 20:22 vs 71:30
09:32 Cprossu *20:22 vs 71:30
09:32 Phu Chris clearly has a new toy that can video mix :P
09:32 Yaotzin ?
09:33 Yaotzin 71:30 vs 71:34
09:33 Yaotzin 12:21 vs 12:25
09:33 Cprossu wait I copied shit wrong
09:33 Cprossu 12:21  vs 71:30
09:34 Yaotzin Ah yeah Phu steve did that
09:34 Phu steve == clever bugger
09:34 Yaotzin So I found my LCD at a reasonable price
09:34 Yaotzin still
09:34 Yaotzin oi
09:35 Cprossu 20:28:00 it was 02:28:00 it was 00:71:30
09:35 Thermoelectric Did they leave the lights on in the MDH? I thought they were trying to save power...
09:35 Thermoelectric .t -
09:35 BotSteve Thermoelectric: Sorry, I don't know about the '-' timezone.
09:36 Thermoelectric .t -5
09:36 BotSteve Fri, 22 Apr 2011 04:36:00 -5
09:36 Yaotzin I'd have to get a torx set, not that I need a reason for new tools. And yeah Thermo now that you mention it
09:36 Cprossu yeah it's teaken from GMT-7 in this case
09:36 Yaotzin that does seem odd
09:36 Cprossu *taken even
09:36 Cprossu so does it roll over at 99 minutes then?
09:38 Cprossu either way 9 seconds in 6 hours at least, so 1.5 seconds/hour fast at the very least
09:40 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
09:41 Yaotzin hm
09:41 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
09:41 Cprossu considering it could have rolled over 4 times that's where the missing minutes are
09:43 Sgt_Lemming you guys watching it that closely. that you can work out a 9 second time loss, is a bit perturbing
09:44 Cprossu I noticed that in the first day the hotclock didn't seem right
09:44 Cprossu I just didn't get a chance to measure it without a power interuption until now
09:45 Yaotzin Makes sense considering I went from a 5s delay to a supposed 30s delay
09:45 Cprossu and 9 seconds in 6 hours is decently severe
09:45 Cprossu 36 seconds in 24 hours
09:45 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
09:46 Cprossu or 4.2 minutes a week
09:46 Yaotzin Gaining a little over 4
09:46 Yaotzin yeah
09:46 Cprossu 3.64 hours/year
09:47 Cprossu they could do better with certain mechanical clocks, lol
09:48 Cprossu so whenever the kidwell and or steve get back we need to tell him hotclock is approx 36 seconds off a day
09:49 Yaotzin I reckon steve will be on tomorrow
09:52 Yaotzin Damn, kid gets nails with 4 felonies in one guy
09:52 Yaotzin one go*
09:53 Cprossu wtf did he do? piss off the top of a power pole onto a cop in a police car that had it's window open?
09:54 crowbar__ joined #thegeekgroup
09:54 Yaotzin Carrying a loaded weapon in the possession of crack cocaine, marijuana, evading arrest, assaulting an officer.
09:54 Cprossu same difference lol
09:55 Yaotzin yeah
09:55 Thermoelectric Was he purposely looking for a jail sentence? Jeeze.
09:55 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
09:56 Yaotzin He got stopped for not having a light on his bicycle at night, officer asked him for his ID and he booked
09:56 Cprossu he's lucky to escape with 4 felonies instead of being scraped off the street in a body bag looking like swiss cheese
09:57 Cprossu over here they'd have probably opened fire on the poor bastard
09:58 Thermoelectric The fact that he didn't go waving his gun at the police when they pulled him over probably saved him from that.
09:58 Thermoelectric Or maybe he did...
09:58 Yaotzin He didn't
09:58 Yaotzin Or else they should have killed him I'm sure
09:58 Cprossu well who knows
09:58 Yaotzin The way it was going
09:59 Cprossu if we didn't have dashcams mandated here they'd have run over him...then reversed
09:59 Cprossu and he'd have probably deserved it too
10:01 Cprossu one of my favorite moments on COPS they were in new york, pulled over a gang of men in the middle of the night on bikes, some were girls bikes, and asked them a few 'questions'
10:02 Cprossu they frisked them and one had a loaded gun in his back pocket, the cop said "I just want to ask you guys some questions (starts frisking) OH LOOK, we got us a winner!" pulls the gun out
10:02 Cprossu then looks at the other guys (on girl bikes)
10:02 Yaotzin heh
10:02 Cprossu and says "Don't yous have some place to be right now?"
10:03 Cprossu they split so fast, heh
10:03 Yaotzin Yeah I'd imagine
10:03 Yaotzin safer for the officer
10:03 Cprossu still doing that in the middle of the night in the bronx
10:04 Cprossu officer not only is a tough motherfucker but there's a camera crew
10:04 Cprossu bad timing for them
10:04 Yaotzin Yeah
10:05 Cprossu and being caught in new york with a loaded gun, or a gun at all is no treat either
10:05 Yaotzin Well I don't know about New York, but I do know about Flint and Saginaw
10:06 Yaotzin I wouldn't want to be in flint after hours, and to be honest if I didn't know people in Saginaw I wouldn't want to be there either
10:06 Cprossu
10:08 Sgt_Lemming our gun laws are fucked here
10:08 Sgt_Lemming one of the many reasons I have considered moving there.
10:08 crowbar__ left #thegeekgroup
10:08 Sgt_Lemming the main one being involved in TGG :-P
10:09 Yaotzin heh
10:09 Yaotzin Home is in Michigan, TGG is just a bonus
10:09 Sgt_Lemming bastard :-P
10:09 Yaotzin although it's like an hour and a half away
10:09 Sgt_Lemming need a house mate?
10:09 Cprossu over here as long as it's made in Arizona, you don't even need to register the damn thing
10:09 Yaotzin heh, actually I will but that's later
10:10 Cprossu the nut jobs over here have been trying to get rid of all gun laws they could
10:10 Cprossu
10:11 Cprossu in fact we had one of the replublican get beaten over the head with his own gun by his girlfriend a few months ago
10:11 * Thermoelectric doesn't really like guns
10:11 Cprossu *replublican senators
10:11 Cprossu and by over the head I mean over the head, WITH HIS GUN!
10:13 Yaotzin Anyway Leonard street is like 2 hours from Bridgeport
10:14 Yaotzin I guess it's not too bad
10:14 Cprossu specifically what's nuts about here is
10:14 Cprossu "Arizona is only the third state in modern U.S. history (after Vermont and Alaska) to allow the carrying of concealed weapons without a permit, and it is the first state with a large urban population to do so"
10:14 Phu Right... I need to shutdown the whole desk for rewiring. I'll be back momentarily on the laptop ;)
10:14 Phu left #thegeekgroup
10:15 Yaotzin Nice Cprossu
10:15 Cprossu now I don't own a gun for a very good reason
10:15 Yaotzin Oh?
10:16 Cprossu ever see larry the cable guy's bit on the death penalty in texas?
10:16 Yaotzin About putting in an express line?
10:17 Cprossu I guess that works too, but the comment that we USE it
10:17 Cprossu it would become an all too important tool
10:17 Cprossu lol
10:17 Cprossu and it gets too fucking hot out here too
10:17 Yaotzin Wait so
10:18 Yaotzin Are you in Arizona or Texas?
10:18 Cprossu (people routinely get shot out here for cutting people off)
10:18 Cprossu Arizona
10:18 Cprossu I was just using the voice at that moment to express my reasoning for not owning a gun
10:19 Cprossu it's also why our cops shoot first (especially in Mesa) ask questions later
10:19 Yaotzin Gatdamn
10:19 Cprossu I remember we made the news once for shooting a guy with 4 mags (4 cops) who was carrying.....a fork
10:20 Yaotzin oi
10:22 Cprossu well having proven that the hotclock is wrong I can go back to sleep now
10:22 Yaotzin heh
10:26 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
10:28 Yaotzin Hmm, i think I put a pair of earbuds through the wash
10:28 Yaotzin wonder if they still work
10:30 Cprossu I wonder if steve got his maglock back together
10:32 PhysicsDuck joined #thegeekgroup
10:32 Yaotzin What
10:33 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
10:35 Yaotzin PhysicsDuck?
10:35 Phu joined #thegeekgroup
10:35 PhysicsDuck erm   Quack?!?!?
10:36 Yaotzin uh huh
10:36 PhysicsDuck time to fly
10:36 PhysicsDuck left #thegeekgroup
10:36 Cprossu errmmm Amsterdam
10:37 Cprossu o_O
10:37 Yaotzin web client
10:37 Thermoelectric Last time anyone was here with that IP, he used 'funtime' something.
10:37 Cprossu doesn't matter
10:37 Cprossu still Amsterdam
10:38 Yaotzin No I mean, it was obvious it wasn't Chris. Well for several reasons
10:38 Yaotzin but still
10:38 Cprossu well duh
10:38 Thermoelectric "funtime180 [c3356049@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] entered the room."
10:38 Cprossu NetName:        RIPE-CBLK3
10:38 Cprossu NetHandle:      NET-195-0-0-0-1
10:38 Cprossu Parent:
10:38 Cprossu NetType:        Allocated to RIPE NCC
10:38 Cprossu Comment:        These addresses have been further assigned to users in
10:38 Cprossu Comment:        the RIPE NCC region. Contact information can be found in
10:38 Cprossu Comment:        the RIPE database at
10:38 Cprossu RegDate:        1996-03-25
10:38 Cprossu Updated:        2009-03-25
10:38 Cprossu Ref:  
10:38 Cprossu OrgName:        RIPE Network Coordination Centre
10:38 Cprossu OrgId:          RIPE
10:39 Thermoelectric He was here last on the 18'th, according to my log.
10:39 Yaotzin Hmm
10:39 Cprossu what did he say last time?
10:40 Cprossu granted I could check my own logs
10:40 Thermoelectric *checks*
10:41 Cprossu [10:23] <MadManMarkAu> Wait, there was a fire alarm?
10:41 Cprossu [10:23] <funtime180> fire alarm?
10:41 Cprossu [10:30] <LeadHead1> right
10:41 Cprossu [10:30] <funtime180> Hes gone, what do we watch now?
10:42 Cprossu [10:32] <funtime180> how long has stuff been going on here as every hour more or less i come back and check if anything is happening and there never is.
10:42 Cprossu [10:40] <funtime180> Am I the only one who has to have my audio up all the way to hear any of the ustream feed?
10:42 Thermoelectric Hmm.
10:42 Cprossu [10:42] <funtime180> lol!!!!
10:42 Cprossu must just be a stream viewer
10:43 Cprossu well at least that's harmless enough
10:43 Thermoelectric Probably.
10:43 Cprossu more where that came from.. but men
10:43 Cprossu *meh
10:43 Cprossu whatevah
10:44 Cprossu rofl
10:44 Yaotzin I'd probably do a name ban if he does it again tho
10:45 Thermoelectric Yeah, will have to keep an eye out.
10:45 Cprossu I think a light fun warning will probably put a stop to it
10:45 Cprossu btw my thegeekgroup
10:45 Cprossu log for this chan
10:45 Cprossu is like 10mb now
10:45 Cprossu Session Start: Wed Jul 14 22:12:25 2010
10:45 Cprossu lol
10:47 Thermoelectric Mmm, I wonder how I can check the size of my log in Pidgin... Wish it weren't sprawled over multiple servers.
10:47 Cprossu if someone is on when he logs in again as funtime180 though tell him in a funny way to not be a duck xD
10:48 Cprossu Thermoelectric: win or linux?
10:48 Thermoelectric Win, I know where the log is and everything, it's just in multiple server folders.
10:48 Cprossu oh
10:48 Thermoelectric Eh, I'll check the most recent.
10:49 Cprossu mirc dumps it's logs in a slightly less confusing manor
10:49 Thermoelectric Ah.
10:50 Thermoelectric (the reason it's sprawled over multiple servers is that I manually set servers to connect to, a while back, instead of using irc.freenode)
10:50 Cprossu ahh ic
10:50 Yaotzin I had to do that with Rizon
10:50 Thermoelectric irc.freenode folder was created in 2009, this shall be interesting.
10:51 Thermoelectric 14.3MB. >_>
10:51 Thermoelectric Probably in all the other folders, then.
10:51 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
10:52 Thermoelectric Maybe not, those are 210 and 340KB. Interesting.
10:52 Yaotzin Still I try to disable my logs when I remember. I don't really need to check them. Even in the rooms I'm +o I tend to remember the people who are a problem and just go from there.
10:52 Yaotzin Cause golly I'd have a pile of logs back from, shoot
10:52 Yaotzin 04?
10:53 Yaotzin On my desktop at least
10:53 Thermoelectric I just log for the hell of it.
10:54 Yaotzin Mornin Sasha
10:54 Sasha Hello
10:57 Sgt_Lemming I have IRC logs extending back to 2000
10:57 Sgt_Lemming beyond even
10:58 Sgt_Lemming 1.4GB of them
10:58 Yaotzin heh
10:59 Yaotzin I remember using AIM chat when I was still on 56k, I seem to remember people trying to get us to switch to IRC but I didn't start using it for a few years
10:59 Thermoelectric Out of all mine, I've got 250 or so MB of them.
11:05 Cj1corbystarlet 56K  Ha i still have a 12bps modem around here somewhere
11:05 Yaotzin heh
11:05 Cj1corbystarlet *1200bps
11:14 Phu 12 bits per second
11:14 Phu that movie will be down in no time :P
11:14 Yaotzin heh
11:14 Yaotzin Waiting overnight for porn
11:14 Yaotzin Such a horrible time
11:15 Yaotzin Gosh downloading music
11:15 Sgt_Lemming Yaotzin, AFAIK the AIM protocol is very similar to IRC, with a few custom change
11:15 Yaotzin Remember a song taking a half hour
11:15 Cj1corbystarlet Thats why you should have a stash........ no waiting
11:16 Yaotzin Sgt_Lemming: It's been so long since I've used AIM, heck the last I checked AIM doesn't even have chatrooms anymore does it?
11:16 Sgt_Lemming it does
11:16 Sgt_Lemming we use em at work :-P
11:16 Yaotzin Hmm
11:16 Yaotzin I remember having custom channels like IRC
11:16 Yaotzin and I thought that was gone
11:17 Sasha BTW guys, what sorts of internet connections do you have right now?
11:17 Yaotzin Granted I don't think they were persistent
11:17 Yaotzin Right now I'm using a shoddy DSL connection since our apartment building has an exclusivity agreement with Dish Network
11:17 Cj1corbystarlet 8000down 1500up
11:18 Yaotzin Used to have 10 or 15mbit/down at our old apartment
11:18 Yaotzin I miss it
11:18 Cj1corbystarlet Third world speeds for a first world country
11:18 Cj1corbystarlet :(
11:18 Sasha Yeah man, I like only have 20mbps...
11:19 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
11:19 Thermoelectric *runs*
11:19 Sgt_Lemming 20Mbps is a damned decent connection here
11:19 BatSteve graagh
11:19 Yaotzin Well good morning BatSteve
11:19 BatSteve hi Yaotzin.  /me is annoyed at his student
11:20 Yaotzin Your student?
11:20 * Sgt_Lemming hands BatSteve a fresh hot cappucino with an extra shot
11:20 Sasha :p I was exagerating. Thrid world countries don't even have dial up
11:20 Thermoelectric Mine: (keep in mind, I'm on a cheap ass plan with 60GB quota, upload and download metered)
11:20 BatSteve yeah.  he has decided that he is in charge of training, rather than me.  He needs the whip cracked a little bit.
11:20 Yaotzin What do you teach?
11:20 Thermoelectric I guess you'd still get in trouble if he was the one that crashed the plane?
11:21 * BatSteve accepts cappucino but would rather have an ice cold orange juice right now
11:21 Sgt_Lemming sif!
11:21 Yaotzin Flight instructor?
11:21 BatSteve and thermo's statement should have answered yours, yaotz, but I teach flying
11:21 BatSteve yep
11:21 Yaotzin Alright If I'm coming down to cook, we're staying the hell away from the airplanes
11:22 Yaotzin lol
11:22 BatSteve but planes are amazing
11:22 BatSteve ?
11:22 Yaotzin I hate heights
11:22 Yaotzin and planes are no exception
11:22 * Sgt_Lemming would give his left nut to fly an A-10
11:22 BatSteve planes != heights.  I'm afraid of heights too.
11:22 BatSteve but flying is different, somehow
11:23 Sgt_Lemming I'd love to fly somehthing capable of some aerobatics
11:23 Yaotzin Me not wanting fly is why I'm taking a greyhound back to Michigan, again, after I swore I'd never do it.
11:23 Cj1corbystarlet with flying you have no direct reference to the ground like a ladder
11:23 Yaotzin Sitting in a small seat when you're 6'2 and a hefty guy for 2 and a half days is hell on the knees
11:24 Yaotzin Thought about the train but it was just a lot more hassle
11:26 BatSteve what corby said
11:26 BatSteve and aerobatics are about as much fun as you can have in life with your clothes on
11:27 Cj1corbystarlet *thinks* Mile high flying might just top that :)
11:28 Yaotzin In a cramped bathroom?
11:28 Cj1corbystarlet No private, not commercial flying
11:29 Cj1corbystarlet I have a funny story about that but i wont on this list
11:29 * BatSteve goes looking for that ntsb report
11:30 Cj1corbystarlet no ntsb here :)
11:30 BatSteve aha
11:30 BatSteve;key=1
11:30 BatSteve there it is
11:32 Yaotzin heh
11:33 Yaotzin I think I saw a story like that on snopes
11:33 Hackbat @_@
11:34 Hackbat Never ever bruise your coccyx
11:34 Yaotzin Come again?
11:34 Hackbat Tailbone
11:34 Yaotzin ow
11:34 Cj1corbystarlet I'm trying to find one when they found a crash, both occupants were found in the baggage compartment naked,  it was a mooney from memory
11:35 Hackbat bruised/broke mine in 2005
11:35 BatSteve ...are they sure it wasn't a mob hit?  It's really...really hard to get two people into the baggage compartment of all the mooneys I've been in
11:35 Hackbat I have my ass stuck out in pain
11:35 Hackbat um...
11:35 BatSteve I mean I could see the mob stuffing two bodies INTO a mooney and then crashing it
11:35 Hackbat BatSteve o.o
11:35 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:36 Hackbat how do you know how many bodies can fit in there?
11:36 Yaotzin How are you crashing a plane without a pilot?
11:36 BatSteve Hackbat: I'm a pilot
11:36 BatSteve Yaotzin: fair point
11:36 Hackbat ah
11:36 Cj1corbystarlet they were in the front , the thing went in verticle , and everything was pushed aft
11:37 BatSteve ohhhh, I guess that'd do it
11:37 Cj1corbystarlet Meat soup
11:37 BatSteve also, /me just missed an opportunity.  I should have told hack bat I was a mob hitman
11:37 Yaotzin You know I have a thing about keeping it in the bedroom, or at least at home
11:37 Hackbat ha
11:37 Cj1corbystarlet Shh we dont talk about that here
11:37 Yaotzin this is just reaffirming that point
11:37 Yaotzin lol
11:37 Hackbat GAHHH!!!!!
11:37 Hackbat @_@
11:38 Hackbat having a peice of your spine broken/bruised is not fun
11:38 Yaotzin BatSteve: Pull out some paladin press books, maybe that documentary on the iceman
11:38 Yaotzin Might be able to fool some people
11:39 BatSteve "Hit Man: A Technical Manual for Independent Contractors"?
11:39 BatSteve I've got the PDF of it, it's trash.  Want a copy?
11:39 Yaotzin Nah that's alright
11:39 BatSteve I mean, it's hilarious...
11:39 Yaotzin It caught it when it was making the rounds years ago
11:39 BatSteve but not what you'd call "useful"
11:39 Yaotzin along with however many versions of the "anarchy cookbook"
11:39 Yaotzin No yeah that was my point
11:40 Yaotzin You could fool someone with the stuff out of that book if they didn't know better
11:40 BatSteve oh, I see
11:40 Yaotzin Although
11:41 Yaotzin I do remember a recipe for a silencer?
11:41 Yaotzin I wonder if it actually works
11:41 Yaotzin Not that I want the felony
11:42 Yaotzin I forget what it was even made of
11:42 BatSteve a potato?
11:42 Yaotzin No this was machined
11:42 Yaotzin and with liquid cement
11:42 BatSteve oh ok.
11:42 Yaotzin *shrug*, I haven't seen it in years
11:43 BatSteve we had a guy on the forums build a silencer a couple years ago
11:43 Yaotzin But that takes me back. I remember seeing in the PDF of the anarchy cookbook a recipe for baking banana peels
11:43 BatSteve that was the fastest I'd ever seen a project thread get deleted
11:43 Yaotzin Apparently to get high
11:44 Yaotzin Oh nice
11:45 Yaotzin Yeah I'd imagine that's not something you'd want out for the public to see on your forum
11:46 BatSteve (heads I go to the store for orange juice, tails I go back to sleep for an hour)
11:46 BatSteve .coin
11:46 BotSteve Tails!
11:46 BatSteve never question the coin
11:46 Yaotzin heh
11:46 Cj1corbystarlet hehe
11:46 Yaotzin but it's 8am
11:46 Yaotzin granted I'm still up from last night
11:47 BatSteve yes, and I was at work yesterday till 1am
11:47 Yaotzin Oh, damn
11:47 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
11:47 Yaotzin .2d20
11:47 BatSteve and got up at 6:30 am this morning to go on a flight that my student decided he could cancel
11:47 BatSteve hence the whip-cracking comment at the start of the day
11:47 Cj1corbystarlet duty hours??
11:47 Yaotzin Particular reason?
11:47 Yaotzin As to why he canceled?
11:48 BatSteve The real reason was because he was up later than me screwing off and partying or something
11:48 BatSteve the stated reason was because "the weather's not looking that good"
11:48 Yaotzin Because that's not up for his senior to decide
11:48 Yaotzin or anything
11:48 BatSteve do students not think that I don't look at their facebook pages?
11:48 Yaotzin His instructor even
11:49 BatSteve it ain't rocket science
11:49 BatSteve oh well.
11:49 Cj1corbystarlet yes  if your gonna have a story cover all bases!
11:49 Yaotzin Still he might not even be in a state to fly if he's hung over
11:49 Hackbat BatSteve, what happens if everyone give the bot a diffrent command at one time?
11:50 BatSteve Yaotzin: that's true, but in that situation we'd do a simulator or ground lesson or something
11:50 BatSteve just so he keeps moving forward in his training
11:50 Yaotzin Ah
11:50 BatSteve Hackbat: I don't know.  I think we should try
11:50 BatSteve
11:50 BatSteve synchronize yar watches
11:50 Yaotzin hold
11:50 Yaotzin ready est
11:51 Hackbat same
11:51 Hackbat est
11:51 BatSteve at 30 seconds past the minute, send command
11:51 Hackbat .coin
11:51 BotSteve Tails!
11:51 BatSteve .g leeroy jenkins
11:51 Yaotzin .w 48601
11:51 Cj1corbystarlet .coin
11:51 BotSteve BatSteve:
11:51 BotSteve Tails!
11:51 BatSteve at 30 seconds past the minute, send command
11:51 BotSteve "Log in / create account" -
11:51 BatSteve wow
11:52 BatSteve he done good
11:52 Hackbat hah
11:52 Yaotzin Did I mess up the weather?
11:52 Yaotzin .w 48601
11:52 BotSteve "Log in / create account" -
11:52 Yaotzin oh
11:52 BatSteve w is wikipedia
11:52 Yaotzin that's wiki
11:52 BatSteve wx or weather is weather
11:52 Hackbat .wx 28150
11:52 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 53.6℉ (12℃), 30.27in (1022mb), Light breeze 6kt (↑) - KHKY 11:27Z
11:52 Hackbat hah
11:52 Hackbat bullshit
11:52 Cj1corbystarlet .wx ypph
11:52 BotSteve Clear ☼, 23℃, 1012mb, Light breeze 6kt (↑) - YPPH 11:30Z
11:52 Yaotzin Oh well, still
11:52 Hackbat there's a storm outside
11:53 Hackbat bot steve is a sucky weather man
11:53 Yaotzin Should get a dozen people to do it this afternoon
11:53 Yaotzin see if we can break it
11:53 BotSteve Hackbat:  well, you're a sucky chatbot
11:54 Yaotzin dag
11:54 BatSteve (:
11:54 Yaotzin Hackbat status: Battold
11:54 Hackbat D: I'm not a chat bot
11:54 Hackbat I'm am not taking a turing test
11:55 Yaotzin Sounds like something a bot would say
11:55 BatSteve hah, that reminds me
11:56 BatSteve .yt boten anna
11:56 BotSteve BatSteve:
11:56 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
11:56 Yaotzin Oh
11:56 Yaotzin I know them from the DOTA
11:56 Yaotzin I think it was DOTA anyway
11:56 Hackbat him
11:56 BatSteve basshunter?
11:57 BatSteve cool
11:57 Cj1corbystarlet did someone say homo?
11:57 Hackbat no o.o?
11:57 Yaotzin
11:58 BatSteve that describes at least 40% of the membership of this channel
11:58 Yaotzin 40% of the membership of TGG
11:58 Cj1corbystarlet serious ?
11:58 Hackbat actually
11:58 BatSteve serious about the channel, yes.
11:58 Cj1corbystarlet wow
11:58 BatSteve don't know about the full membership of TGG
11:58 Hackbat 99.9% of TGG are homo
11:59 Yaotzin Woah now
11:59 Cj1corbystarlet better keep my comments to myself then
11:59 Phu Random statement of the day: I hate KVM cables.
11:59 Hackbat homo sapiens sapiens
11:59 Yaotzin KVM?
11:59 Thermoelectric .wiki KVM
12:00 BotSteve "K virtual machine, a virtual machine for Java" -
12:00 Yaotzin I guess there are at least two canine members
12:00 Cj1corbystarlet keyboard, video and mouse cable in one
12:00 Yaotzin That doesn't seem right
12:00 BatSteve oh yeah, omni and...that other dog...
12:00 Yaotzin ah
12:00 Yaotzin wannabe1987's dog
12:00 Thermoelectric How are they annoying?
12:00 Yaotzin Max I think?
12:01 Hackbat woo
12:01 Yaotzin Keyboard video and mouse in one? Keyboard and Mouse I get, kind of
12:01 Hackbat my ass stopped hurting
12:01 Yaotzin but why would you throw a video cable in?
12:01 Hackbat thank you pills
12:01 Thermoelectric So you can run one cable to the computer, from the KVM switch.
12:01 Hackbat for doing server stuff and such
12:01 Thermoelectric Then have the mouse, keyboard and monitor connected to the KVM switch.
12:02 Yaotzin Ah
12:02 Hackbat thin clients too
12:03 Yaotzin Makes sense for jumping from machine to machine
12:04 Cj1corbystarlet I use a kvm on 4 computers  one monitor,m ouse, and keyboard
12:04 Yaotzin Any current dungeon delvers present?
12:04 BatSteve negative
12:04 Yaotzin =(
12:05 Yaotzin All my humorous videogame and roleplaying material
12:05 Yaotzin dashed
12:07 BatSteve ):
12:07 BatSteve saddest of all days
12:07 Yaotzin so sad
12:07 BatSteve millions of angels and puppies are weeping right now
12:07 Yaotzin I know it's like
12:07 Yaotzin Why doesn't TGG have a D&D group?
12:08 Yaotzin gosh
12:08 Yaotzin Well besides being swamped with work
12:08 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
12:09 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
12:09 BatSteve to give an honest answer to a rhetorical question, probably because the people who know TGG from online can't figure out a good way to game, and the people who see each other in real life are together so much that gaming wouldn't be as fun
12:09 BatSteve is my guess
12:10 BatSteve I've tried skype D&D, it doesn't work
12:10 Yaotzin Yeah, considering even a short session is at least 3 hours lon
12:11 Yaotzin I've done IRC D&D, both with and without a board
12:11 Yaotzin Forget the name of it but there is a tile builder that works for replacing a real tile set in person
12:12 Yaotzin Still having it set up in person is more desirable
12:15 Obtuse_lappy how big are the capacitors on thumper?
12:15 Obtuse_lappy like capacity, voltage
12:16 Yaotzin They mention it in the capacitor video
12:16 Yaotzin I think it was 80 something but I don't recall off the top of my head
12:17 Obtuse_lappy well check out these caps ...;feature=player_embedded
12:18 Obtuse_lappy 2600 Farad, 2.5 V DC capacitors
12:18 Yaotzin
12:18 mikemol 2600F?!
12:18 Obtuse_lappy 2600!
12:19 Obtuse_lappy i'm posting it on the geek group forum
12:21 Thermoelectric Found some info on Thumper, though an older version, uses the same caps.
12:21 Thermoelectric 2000uF, 450V
12:22 Yaotzin And what about stomper?
12:22 Yaotzin I think thats the name of it
12:22 Thermoelectric They haven't built it yet?
12:22 Obtuse_lappy its built
12:22 Yaotzin But they have the cap for it, one second
12:22 Obtuse_lappy theres videos
12:23 Obtuse_lappy oh stomper
12:23 Obtuse_lappy nvm
12:23 Thermoelectric Yeah, they have the cap for it, they just haven't built it yet.
12:23 Yaotzin;feature=player_detailpage#t=1602s
12:24 Yaotzin waiting to hear some numbers from the video
12:25 Cj1corbystarlet I want some
12:25 Thermoelectric 5.85uF, 60,000V.
12:25 Thermoelectric 10,530J.
12:25 Yaotzin O.o
12:25 Yaotzin Hmm
12:26 Yaotzin I think this may be the wrong video
12:26 Thermoelectric "We have, I think, 117 of these" <- Geeze!
12:26 Thermoelectric Oh, yeah, this is for the Marx bank.
12:27 Yaotzin;v=g1SN3rMTFok#t=420s
12:27 Yaotzin Oh yeah, I guess it's the same cap
12:27 Thermoelectric More than likely.
12:28 Yaotzin So Obtuse_lappy  That capacitor you linked
12:28 Yaotzin blows these 300lb ones out of the water?
12:28 Thermoelectric You're looking at it the wrong way.
12:28 Yaotzin Oh?
12:28 Thermoelectric Do you know much about current/voltage relationship?
12:29 Yaotzin Despite my father being an electrician I do not
12:29 Thermoelectric Ah, okay. I'll just see if I can convert the specs of his cap into joules.
12:30 Thermoelectric Hmmm
12:33 Thermoelectric Well, the caps he linked are 8.125kJ, and the caps shown in TGG's video are 10.53kJ...
12:33 Yaotzin So is the difference bigger than it appears?
12:33 Yaotzin Like orders of magnitude?
12:34 Thermoelectric The difference between them is that the one in the video is rated to discharge all that current at once, whereas the one in the video that Obtuse_lappy linked are designed to discharge it slowly.
12:34 Yaotzin ah
12:35 Thermoelectric Not an overly big difference in energy storage, but good luck trying to dump 8.125kJ out of that small cap into a load in any split-second timeframe.
12:35 Obtuse_lappy But you could still make one hell of a coil gun with those caps
12:35 Yaotzin coil gun?
12:36 Obtuse_lappy yea, discharge current through a coil, place a metal object in the coil
12:36 Obtuse_lappy the change in current causes a magnetic field
12:36 Obtuse_lappy that change with time and propels the metal object
12:37 Obtuse_lappy we made one for my circuit design class
12:37 Thermoelectric Possibly. Notice how he could keep shorting it for a while? That's not what you want, you can't something that goes and makes a real loud crack and discharges quickly.
12:37 Obtuse_lappy coolest school project ever
12:37 Cj1corbystarlet you still need high amperage discharge for a coil gun
12:37 Thermoelectric Exactly.
12:37 Obtuse_lappy ah i got ya
12:37 Yaotzin Kind of like a rail gun?
12:38 Obtuse_lappy kind of
12:38 Cj1corbystarlet he could arc these caps together for many minutes
12:38 Cj1corbystarlet what you need is a cap that discharges on one hit once
12:38 Thermoelectric Which means they are sure as hell not pulse caps.
12:38 Thermoelectric ^
12:38 Obtuse_lappy ah i got you. thanks for clearing that up
12:38 Yaotzin So what would you do with a slow burn cap like that
12:38 Obtuse_lappy energy storage
12:38 Obtuse_lappy you have a big battery
12:39 Cj1corbystarlet shock the neighbours cat "All night long"
12:39 Obtuse_lappy basically
12:39 Yaotzin Well, a project that would make use of it
12:39 Yaotzin well
12:39 Yaotzin hmm
12:39 Cj1corbystarlet Power smoothing
12:39 Thermoelectric Could be used in an application such as a alarm system, where not having to replace a battery every few years would be much more useful.
12:40 Cj1corbystarlet you need to rember 5 of these in series, needed more than 5 amps for many minutes to full charge
12:41 Obtuse_lappy 2600 F, that's nuts. it use to be a joke to go tell the intern to find a 1 F capacitor
12:42 Thermoelectric This is teh kind of discharge a cap suited for a coil gun of similar capacity to that 2600F cap should give.;feature=related
12:42 Cj1corbystarlet or a small 1 megga watt cap :)
12:42 Thermoelectric (skip to 0.55)
12:42 Thermoelectric Maybe a little earlier
12:43 Cj1corbystarlet Ive got some big caps out of vsd's in the workshop i'll have to see what there rating is...
12:44 Obtuse_lappy vsd?
12:44 Thermoelectric Variable speed drive
12:44 Cj1corbystarlet yep ^
12:45 Thermoelectric They'd either be 200 of 400V, depending on what supply it were to run off, and they'd likely give a nice crack when shorted. :)
12:45 Cj1corbystarlet 1000v from memory
12:45 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
12:46 Thermoelectric That's quite a bit higher than one would expect.
12:46 Cj1corbystarlet Shh everyone
12:46 Thermoelectric What supply voltage does it run off?
12:46 * Thermoelectric shh's.
12:47 Yaotzin >_>
12:47 Cj1corbystarlet 600vac supply   output current 100%  is excess of 90A
12:47 Cj1corbystarlet Deadly drive :)
12:48 Cj1corbystarlet Hello sparky how goes it ?
12:49 Cj1corbystarlet I think i have some pics of the drive in action on my work computer
12:51 SparkyStudio Hi all :)
12:52 Cj1corbystarlet You should log in one day as SparkyToilet
12:53 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
12:53 SparkyStudio I probably would if i had a computer in there as well :D
12:53 Sasha Re-hello people!
12:53 SparkyStudio Hi Sasha
12:53 Cj1corbystarlet Re-Hello back
12:53 BatSteve greetz
12:53 Sasha Well re-thanks :P
12:55 Sasha BTW, anyone know what the clock in the stream is?
12:55 BatSteve it's a clock
12:55 BatSteve It counts up.  Sometimes it counts down.
12:55 Sasha I can see that, thank you.
12:55 BatSteve (grin)
12:55 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
12:55 BatSteve that's all there is to it.
12:55 exor674 hot clock
12:55 steve______ it is the hot clock
12:55 Sasha Oh, is that the thing that chris was talking about in yesterdays captains log? Like he's screwing with us?
12:56 steve______ ya, except it s counting up for now
12:57 Sasha That cheeky bastard !
12:59 Cj1corbystarlet Steve set it up to confuse people, had a giggle then walked off
13:00 Sasha Why bother?
13:01 Cj1corbystarlet *should read things before posting*  Hi Steve
13:02 Cj1corbystarlet Its just to see if the feed is still live i assume
13:02 Sasha Oh. so it's half prank, half test pattern :P?
13:02 BatSteve it's to make sure the feed stays live, correct.
13:02 steve______ something like that
13:03 Darksecond ~~>
13:03 Darksecond ~>
13:03 Sasha I see you guys have a lot of confidence in your equipment :P
13:03 Darksecond ~.
13:03 Darksecond ~.
13:03 Darksecond ~.
13:03 steve______ I assume it's still MDH door & clock on the video
13:03 Darksecond ~.
13:03 Darksecond ~.
13:03 Darksecond >`
13:03 Darksecond >~
13:03 Darksecond >~
13:03 Darksecond >~~~>
13:03 Darksecond `.
13:03 Darksecond ~>
13:03 Darksecond ~>
13:03 Darksecond ~>
13:03 Cj1corbystarlet yes steve
13:03 exor674 is anything fun gonna happen today?
13:03 Darksecond whoops
13:03 Darksecond sorry
13:03 steve______ that I dont know
13:04 Sasha Maaaan... I wish you did. That would be so awesome!
13:05 steve______ I'm not in there enough to know the broadcast schedual, I just make it work
13:06 steve______ I should try to get some TBCs online this weekend
13:06 Cj1corbystarlet Rule of thumb......... Never give the technicians extra information :)
13:06 steve______ ha ha
13:06 Sasha :p
13:06 CaptainBoden Gmorning gentlemen.
13:06 steve______ good morning
13:06 Sasha Oh hey dude
13:06 BatSteve heya
13:06 Cj1corbystarlet Evening Chris
13:07 Yaotzin Mornin
13:07 Sasha So what's with the clock on the stream?
13:07 steve______ you enjoying my clock MDH overlay?
13:07 CaptainBoden Steve, that is bad ass :)
13:07 CaptainBoden brb ;)
13:08 Sasha Did you do it digitally or with old skewl equipment?
13:08 CaptainBoden Router about to reboot
13:08 steve______ thanks, I figured after playing with the transitions I should leave it in between two
13:08 steve______ that is useing a mid 80s GVG broadcast switcher
13:08 Sasha So you... hacked it  o:?
13:08 steve______ so old school
13:09 steve______ no it's ment to be able to do crazy stuff
13:09 steve______ it also has a nice acid trip mode
13:09 Yaotzin Oh, Cprossu found out the clock is gaining like, oh what did he say, 6s over 24h
13:09 Yaotzin somewhere around there
13:09 steve______ I'm suprised it's not more than tha
13:09 steve______ t
13:10 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:10 SparkyStudio Sasha, a hot clock is for planning the day for programming, you can set a time (hours and seconds) and can countdown to when a programme or commercials start etc, you would link this to a schedule, you can actually download modern hotclocks (search for them)
13:10 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
13:10 Phu ah. Mr Boden Sir. Welcome back online :)
13:10 Thermoelectric Morning Chris
13:11 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
13:11 Thermoelectric Maybe not...
13:11 BatSteve I think he's changing to his other nick
13:11 Phu </kryten>
13:11 Thermoelectric Probably.
13:11 Sasha Oh really? So when does the next broadcast start then? I can only see it counting up SparkyStudio
13:11 SparkyStudio router reboot for chris
13:11 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
13:11 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
13:12 Phu sasha: when the clock ticks past 99:99 ;)
13:12 CaptainBoden test
13:12 CaptainBoden ok that's better
13:12 Hackbat tset
13:12 Cj1corbystarlet testicles
13:12 steve______ I see the bot is greeting
13:12 Phu we receive you Captain
13:12 Hackbat Testify
13:12 SparkyStudio The clock is only so we can see something moving on the stream so we know it isn't frozen, it doesn't actually signify anything
13:12 Sasha Oh damn, I took you seriously :P
13:12 Phu *g*
13:13 SparkyStudio The term 'hot clock' is serious, but the one in the stream is nothing significant
13:14 Yaotzin Oh yeah, was it Obtuse_lappy or Cj1corbystarlet  who found these 2600F caps on youtube
13:14 Yaotzin;feature=player_embedded
13:14 Cj1corbystarlet Not me dude
13:14 Phu left #thegeekgroup
13:15 Yaotzin Yeah obtuse
13:15 Phu joined #thegeekgroup
13:15 Cj1corbystarlet It was Obtuse_lappy
13:15 Obtuse_lappy yay
13:15 Obtuse_lappy someone said my name
13:15 CaptainBoden 2600 F?
13:15 SparkyStudio Sasha
13:15 CaptainBoden You mean uF right?
13:15 Yaotzin Nope
13:16 Phu thats better. I can read the screen niow
13:16 Yaotzin Watch the video
13:16 Cj1corbystarlet;feature=player_embedded
13:16 CaptainBoden two thousand, six hundred Farad capacitors.
13:16 Phu thats a lot of fard
13:16 Phu farad even
13:16 steve______ crap, that things a time bomb
13:16 Obtuse_lappy huge amounts of energy storage.
13:16 Cj1corbystarlet not pulse tho
13:16 Yaotzin 2600 Farad 2.5VDC
13:17 Obtuse_lappy but like the Thermoelectric said, not made for instantaneous discharge
13:17 steve______ no, most ultra caps aren't
13:17 Yaotzin Looks like they retail for $20/ea
13:17 steve______ thats not too bad
13:17 SparkyStudio The problem with that cap is that it's more like a battery, not something like the thumper caps that discharge in one hit with a big bang
13:18 Obtuse_lappy well, that doesn't make it a problem. it just has other intended uses
13:18 Cj1corbystarlet *Cats*
13:18 Hackbat Imagine using one as a portable powersupply
13:18 Hackbat Well an array of them
13:19 Yaotzin Have an array in say a suitcase?
13:19 Hackbat ehh
13:19 Yaotzin and use it as a charging station?
13:19 Cj1corbystarlet Chrging current and time is the big problem
13:19 mikemol Personally, I think it'd be cool to see a video about *building* a supercap.
13:19 wannabe1987 OMG my housemates alarm is going BEEP BEEP BEEP and he's not here to turn it off!
13:20 Hackbat well you can hurt a cap by keeping it at the charinging voltage for too long
13:20 Yaotzin lol
13:20 Hackbat it just stops trying to charge
13:20 Obtuse_lappy go turn it off wannabe
13:20 Yaotzin wannabe1987: In the rule of roommates you are allowed to go into his room and turn it off
13:20 wannabe1987 its in the living room
13:20 Cj1corbystarlet Hammer time :)
13:20 wannabe1987 i like cj1corbystarlet's idea best...
13:20 wannabe1987 can i go grab red's sledgehammer?
13:20 Yaotzin Take that cap to it
13:20 steve______ yes
13:20 exor674 or take it to the lab and see if they'll let Thumper eat it
13:20 Cj1corbystarlet Autopsy it in half a nano second
13:20 Yaotzin fry the hell out of it
13:21 wannabe1987 lol
13:21 SparkyStudio Black and Decker introduced a battery in a case with i think 3 tools, one big battery, a cable, and just plug in the tool you want, that capacitor could be used instead of the battery maybe
13:21 mikemol I brought in something for Thumber...but then found out Thumper couldn't touch it. :-|
13:21 BatSteve wannabe1987: battery or wall current?  If #2, start pulling breakers
13:21 mikemol I was amused and sad at the same time.
13:21 exor674 mikemol: aw :( what did you bring in?
13:21 Yaotzin what's that mikemol?
13:21 wannabe1987 wall.  but i ain't pulling breakers...idon't want to shut off the internets
13:21 mikemol exor674: Ball of solid copper. About 2lb, I think.
13:21 wannabe1987 awww :(
13:22 exor674 that would have been fun
13:22 Yaotzin Thumper wouldn't do anything to it?
13:22 wannabe1987 and i only got 5 hours of sleep.  w00t
13:22 steve______ but it wouldn't do much
13:22 mikemol Yaotzin: Too good of a conductor, according to Chris.
13:22 Sasha So @CaptainBoden and recording scheduled for today?
13:22 steve______ eannabe1987 so did I, I'm in class
13:22 steve______ wannabe1987 so did I, I'm in class
13:22 CaptainBoden I want to know where he bought those ;)
13:22 wannabe1987 hi steve_____ you have your _'s back... you did what now?
13:22 Yaotzin The caps?
13:22 CaptainBoden Cool video, but...wait until you see OUR caps ;)
13:23 CaptainBoden yeah
13:23 mikemol Thinking about it, it's thicker than the conductors between the cap array and the discharge device, so I suppose it should have been obvious.
13:23 Cj1corbystarlet Electronic gold mine
13:23 CaptainBoden We have caps in stock that weigh 300lbs...each. 60kV, 10kJ, 500kA
13:23 Obtuse_lappy evil laugh
13:23 Cj1corbystarlet about 7 seconds in captain
13:23 Yaotzin CaptainBoden: Ask and ye shall receive
13:23 steve______ hmm, those are some caps
13:24 wannabe1987 o.  5 hours of sleep....yeah...i got a very busy day today too :(  at least we can sleep in tomorrow, right?  (i hope)
13:24 Cj1corbystarlet Cap porn
13:24 Yaotzin er
13:24 Yaotzin That's their current on sale ones
13:24 CaptainBoden So steve, what did you accomplish last night?
13:24 steve______ I tidyed up power (I need more plug strips)
13:25 Yaotzin
13:25 Yaotzin They're on sale for $10 now
13:25 Yaotzin for the 2600 farad cap
13:25 steve______ can you have soemone pull the plug strips from that other console desk sitting by HV
13:25 Cj1corbystarlet 20 bucks for 2 caps, cant beat that !
13:26 CaptainBoden they got any in a higher voltage?
13:26 Obtuse_lappy I should go get breakfast before trying to code.
13:26 steve______ I tested cams (4 working)
13:26 mikemol Those 2600F caps? They're selling for $10/pc right now.
13:26 CaptainBoden I was here for that
13:26 steve______ one cam is setup in master control
13:26 steve______ with my PS
13:26 mikemol Yaotzin: You linked to a cap array
13:26 CaptainBoden I'm looking at the caps right they ahve any in an actually useful voltage?
13:26 CaptainBoden We need more of those PSUs ;)
13:26 wannabe1987 obtuse_lappy - breakfast is good...whats for breakfast?
13:26 Yaotzin Mikemol: the second link I posted
13:26 mikemol ah
13:26 Obtuse_lappy is now known as Obtuse_SubwayBre
13:26 Yaotzin was the single
13:26 Sasha So @captainboden any idea if you're going to record anything today?
13:26 * mikemol wishes PuTTY would linkify text.
13:26 Obtuse_SubwayBre subway is just down the street
13:26 steve______ the other 3 are on the floor past the console
13:26 Yaotzin look like 8 lines above your link mikemol, lol
13:27 CaptainBoden WE'll see what happens, may do some autopsies today.
13:27 Sasha Schweet
13:27 steve______ PSs can be stolen from the computer lab
13:27 CaptainBoden yes
13:27 Sasha You know what time?
13:27 CaptainBoden You're welcome to take a few from the computer lab
13:27 CaptainBoden Between 1 and 5
13:27 CaptainBoden for time
13:27 BatSteve mikemol: why are you using puTTY?
13:27 CaptainBoden take as many PSU's as you need
13:27 steve______ add a 10 watt 10 ohm load to the 5 V rail hotwire the turn on wire and add switch
13:27 Sasha What time zone :P ?
13:28 mikemol BatSteve: I'm at work. IRC client is screen+irssi, on a Linux server.
13:28 Yaotzin I don't see any of these boost caps at a higher voltage other than their 8 boostcap array with 2600 Farad at 7.5v
13:28 BatSteve oh.  valid excuse
13:28 CaptainBoden If you can't figure out our time zone you need to pay closer attention
13:28 mikemol I've never had occasion to find a better SSH client for Windows.
13:28 Cj1corbystarlet Groung green wire to common via a switch
13:28 exor674 I wonder how long one of those things could run an attiny
13:28 CaptainBoden We're in Perth, Western Austrailia.
13:28 Yaotzin 73125 Joules
13:28 BatSteve well, it wasn't the SSH, it was the irssi that confused me
13:29 mikemol Ah. Heh.
13:29 Sasha @CaptainBoden Really? That's further than I thought :D
13:29 mikemol irssi is nice because I've got all my XMPP and IRC accounts tied together in one place, with a persistent presence.
13:29 Sasha BTW, I'm jking
13:29 Sasha I know you're in ET
13:29 Cj1corbystarlet I'm in Perth Wa :)
13:30 Yaotzin Anyway CaptainBoden  This is all they have for those super caps, and this is from the website that the video directed to
13:30 Yaotzin Which is probably why they're on an even deeper sale
13:30 CaptainBoden k
13:30 steve______ for the PS conversion info
13:30 CaptainBoden They're about useless unless I buy a thousand or so.
13:31 CaptainBoden Steve, I'll mount the cameras, you're building the PSU's ;)
13:31 Sasha K guys, I'll be back later for the autopussies
13:31 Sasha *autopsies
13:31 steve______ ok, you have any power resistors around (or a 12v lightbulb)
13:31 steve______ no 5v lamp
13:32 CaptainBoden ask Kidwell
13:32 steve______ so we need 4 pin female XLR connectors and sometype of a load
13:32 Cj1corbystarlet They do work without the lod resistor
13:32 Cj1corbystarlet *load
13:33 exor674 some do
13:33 steve______ they do but you don't want to underload a switchmode
13:33 steve______ it can damage them in time
13:33 mikemol steve______: I dropped of 1/4" stereo to XLR last Sat.
13:33 mikemol Might be handy for the purpose.
13:33 steve______ is it a 4 pin XLR?
13:33 mikemol Well, correction, my bio-dad dropped them off.
13:34 mikemol Don't recall.
13:34 Cj1corbystarlet Or plug in a hdd as a temp solution
13:34 steve______ I highly doubt it
13:34 steve______ that would work too
13:34 CaptainBoden No, I think he's describing an impedance matching adapter.
13:35 steve______ the resistor is just a dummy load to give it something when not externally loaded
13:35 steve______ the 4 pin XLR is the power connector on the camera
13:38 * mikemol is grooving to Pandora atm.
13:39 * BatSteve is jealous that you have an occupation that lets you listen to pandora on a regular basis
13:39 mikemol BatSteve: Only works because there's not usually enough people in the office.
13:39 mikemol So it has its price. :)
13:41 Cj1corbystarlet Steve  How many watts are the camera's when on ?
13:42 steve______ about 20 to 25
13:42 steve______ there is a surge when they power up, but once running not much
13:42 Cprossu steve______: good morning
13:42 Cprossu
13:42 Cj1corbystarlet Yes need a load resistor, most of the stuff i run from psu's with no load resistors are 110w
13:42 Cprossu ^ thats to tear apqart the magsafe
13:43 Cprossu also I've worked out that the hotclock is 36 seconds fast per day
13:43 steve______ thanks, last night it charged when I got home so I have yet to tear it apart
13:44 Cj1corbystarlet Darn vintage hot clocks !
13:45 Noise_Marine left #thegeekgroup
13:45 Cprossu let me see what it comes to now just to be sure
13:47 tggcory joined #thegeekgroup
13:47 tggcory wub wub~
13:47 steve______ I'm off for a bit (need to walk across campus)
13:47 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
13:48 Cprossu lol I can see light through the door opening
13:49 Cj1corbystarlet    anyone for a coffee
13:51 Phu morning cory
13:51 Cprossu good morning cory
13:51 Phu is that ewok you're speaking?
13:51 Yaotzin Man all this talk of coffee makes me miss Timmy Hortons
13:52 Yaotzin I'm not a fan of starbucks
13:52 Cprossu I prefer my boiling water to be free of metal bits and ceramic
13:52 Obtuse_SubwayBre is now known as Obtuse_
13:52 Obtuse_ i'm suprised that tim hortons hasn't made its way west in michigan yet
13:53 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
13:54 Yaotzin Obtuse_: I know right? Still everyone down here goes to starbucks. Not even a krispy kreme or dunken donuts round here
13:54 Yaotzin Or a cracker barrel
13:54 Yaotzin or an A&W
13:55 tggcory Obtuse_: There is one off the highway at the new casino here
13:55 tggcory it's like, 15 miles away from GR
13:55 tggcory <3
13:55 Obtuse_ well shit. where is this new casino?
13:55 tggcory Dunno, lemme see
13:55 Yaotzin Oh hey a new Casino?
13:55 Yaotzin I used to go to Soaring Eagle pretty often
13:56 scubadiver10000 are they working on the wall?
13:56 * Thermoelectric throws a question out there, would a generator run at a better efficiency when at 30,000RPM, or when at a much lower speed, driven by a gearbox (efficiency of this includes the gearbox)?
13:56 Yaotzin Think they're waiting on the door to finish the wall?
13:56 tggcory Gun Lake
13:56 tggcory Which is NOT 15 miles out xD
13:56 tggcory I guess it only felt like it :P
13:57 Yaotzin Gun Lake? Don't even know where that is
13:57 Obtuse_ THermoelectric, your question still sounds really open ended
13:57 Obtuse_ too many unknowns
13:57 Cj1corbystarlet hi rpm for a generator
13:57 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
13:57 Yaotzin Granted I've only gone fishing in the UP
13:57 Thermoelectric Ah.
13:57 steve______ I'm back
13:57 Obtuse_ why do you say that Cj?
13:57 * steve______ settles in @ w8gvu
13:57 Thermoelectric What unknowns would be useful in this situation, Obtuse_?
13:58 Obtuse_ i don't know the efficiency of the gearbox
13:58 Obtuse_ or the gear ratio.
13:58 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
13:58 Cj1corbystarlet All generator have a specific rpm to run at, for consistent stable output, they should be run at that rpm on the dataplate
13:59 Thermoelectric Nor do I, as I don't know what the best RPM to run a generator at would be.
13:59 Obtuse_ i'm also not an expert on generators so i might not have the best grasp
13:59 Cj1corbystarlet when loaded and they slow down but need to be speeded up back to rated load rpm or you will brown out and pull more current
14:00 Thermoelectric That's fine, was just a question that I could not figure out myself, though the gearboxes appear to have a pretty high efficiency...
14:00 Obtuse_ what is your dayjob thermo?
14:00 Thermoelectric ...Making burgers. :/
14:01 Thermoelectric (I'm only 14, remember).
14:01 Obtuse_ oh shit. didn't know that
14:01 Thermoelectric :)
14:01 Cj1corbystarlet generator output rpm combined with gearbox design would determine your engine speed
14:01 mikemol Thermoelectric: Congrats. You don't read like you're 14. :)
14:02 Thermoelectric mikemol: Thanks, I try my best.
14:02 mikemol This one comes to mind:
14:02 SparkyStudio For the generator, you should ensure it runs at a speed to generate the right frequency (if AC)
14:02 mtearle
14:02 Obtuse_ so do you have the day off school? or are you homeschooled?
14:03 Thermoelectric It wouldn't be running things directly, it'd more than likely be rectified and run through an inverter, to get rid of all that having to have the turbine running at a set speed stuff.
14:03 Thermoelectric Obtuse_: It's the school holidays over here at the moment.
14:04 Obtuse_ ah cool.
14:04 Cj1corbystarlet you still need it running at the right speed
14:04 Obtuse_ i just have today off because of good friday and people at my company are fairly conservative
14:04 Thermoelectric This is true, it just lowers the need to have it exact.
14:04 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
14:04 Electronics Afternoon
14:05 Cj1corbystarlet generators do not like to run with free spinning reserve, load it up :)
14:05 Thermoelectric Ah, cool, got double time and a half for working today. A considerable amount of people still eat meat on good friday.
14:05 exor674 Thermoelectric: om nom meat!
14:06 Thermoelectric I don't plan on letting the generator sit unloaded, Cj1corbystarlet. Why don't they like to run with a free spinning reserve?
14:06 Thermoelectric Mmm.
14:07 Cj1corbystarlet they can hunt with small load chases and wander on desired rpm, which intern changes current load an hz
14:08 Thermoelectric As I mentioned earlier, I don't intend to use the AC directly out of it, so the frequency of it won't matter. (it'll be rectified and then inverted to a cleaner signal)
14:09 mikemol Thermoelectric: If you want to learn about generators, I might have the right book for you. Picked it up at B&N, but it's apparently the same book that the US Navy uses in their ET school.
14:09 Cj1corbystarlet over time you will burn out the generator, and can glaze piston liners and melt pistons
14:09 mikemol I'll have to look at the ISBN when I get home.
14:09 Cj1corbystarlet how big is the generator?
14:09 Thermoelectric Cheers, mikemol, that should be an interesting read.
14:09 Thermoelectric Generator or engine?
14:10 Cj1corbystarlet generator
14:10 Cj1corbystarlet *or Alternator*
14:10 Thermoelectric Well, the turbine will be producing 1.8HP at that steam pressure, so somewhere around 1.8HP/1.34kW
14:12 Thermoelectric Probably a bit lower, as to not stress the turbine, though this is all just theory work, maybe I'll end up putting more than one together.
14:12 Cj1corbystarlet you should rate the turbine for 1.4 times the generator output load
14:12 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
14:12 kristopher ola
14:12 Cj1corbystarlet if you had a dead stop on the generator it would tear your turbine apart
14:12 Thermoelectric So if the turbine is 1.8HP, the generator would have to be... *heads to google*
14:13 Thermoelectric Mmm
14:13 Thermoelectric 1.28 or so HP...
14:14 Cj1corbystarlet with a turbine you need to give it time to spool up or down  which will reduce the load on the gearbox
14:14 Cj1corbystarlet in the ballpark :)
14:15 kristopher that reminds me at my dads lodge we have a 3cyl lister diesel connected to a 10Kva F.J Hay generator. we ran it for four hours and then stopped it for 10 secconds  and when we started it again it didn't generate power
14:15 Thermoelectric I'd use a bigger nozzle for 5HP output instead, but that is less efficient than the smaller one. This is just based off two nozzle sizes, so it's not much to work with.
14:15 mikemol Cars have a device for dealing with when the drive train rpm halts. I can't remember the name of it, but IIRC it consists of a couple impellers in a viscous in a confined space. Engine's impeller drives the drive train's. Fluid bleeds the energy whenever the drive train fails to move.
14:15 Cj1corbystarlet but if you had a turbine  you want to run it at constant rpm, which keeps your gearbox happy , so you really need to load the generator
14:15 mikemol Don't know how useful it is in this circumstance, though.
14:15 Cj1corbystarlet Torqueconverter
14:16 mikemol ^^
14:16 kristopher do you have any clue wats up with mine?
14:16 Cj1corbystarlet and yes it s a good option, lets the turbine spool up over 32% rpm and catch befor any load is on it
14:16 Thermoelectric Yeah, that won't be a problem to do.
14:17 kristopher hello?
14:17 wannabe1987 i dislike jars that are closed tighter than they should be, and no, no guys are awake to open it for me...
14:17 SparkyStudio kristopher, Many alternators have a set of diodes in the back (usually under the end cap), these may have failed, also check if there is a regulator
14:18 Cj1corbystarlet depends what you define a turbine, the ones i used to run sucked 12lb's of oil per day?
14:18 SparkyStudio The other thing could be brushes
14:18 kristopher we checked all the diodes, the A.V.R and the brushes but it still wouldn't work.
14:19 Thermoelectric Cj1corbystarlet: It's not going to run off fuel, it'll be a steam turbine, running off energy collected from a heap of solar collectors. :)
14:19 kristopher but then again it was the first time runing in 10 years
14:19 Thermoelectric kristopher, have you checked where there is voltage, and where there isn't?
14:20 Cj1corbystarlet Tripped excitation breaker ?
14:20 SparkyStudio Sometimes you can find a manual online, or one that's close to it. i used to work on generator packages as part of my job, but didn't get too deep with them as we often called a service eng, i just did the 'triage' and easy fixes
14:20 Thermoelectric Get it running and check the voltage across the brushes, then the rectifier and so on.
14:20 Cj1corbystarlet Lister that must be 40+years old?
14:21 Cj1corbystarlet Thermoelectric , got any pics you can post?
14:22 kristopher we knnow its trying to generate because we have a scycles meter and it started to vibrate the 50 herts but then stopped. there is power at the brishes momentarily. and it a lister petter and its about 50 years old and still starts first time every time
14:22 Thermoelectric It's all just theory at the moment, so the only thing I have on the turbine is at page 39.
14:23 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
14:23 SparkyStudio We had a 3 cyl Lister that was originally a marine engine, it was converted to a generator in 44, the auto start and changeover panel was antique and went wrong, i rebuilt a new panel for it.
14:24 kristopher here is the same engine. still made today
14:24 kristopher;productByType=3&amp;seriesId=195
14:24 Thermoelectric Cj1corbystarlet: There's some drawings on the turbine on Pg 143.
14:24 Thermoelectric 143 onwards*
14:25 Ponko92 steve______ is here lol
14:25 steve______ ye si am
14:25 steve______ *yes I am
14:26 steve______ I was in class at and hour and a half ago too
14:26 Ponko92 yeah steve that 'story' keep it to yourself till it happens
14:26 steve______ i know
14:26 Ponko92 gooood
14:26 CaptainBoden Mike, can you arrange for Dale Dougherty to visit the lab some afternoon while he's in town?
14:26 Ponko92 CaptainBoden we should rename the safety dance to the derby dance
14:26 kristopher also the the governer weights have engine has been changed to a 1300 rpm limited because the last three engines have snapped and thrown the con-rod
14:27 kristopher LOL
14:27 CaptainBoden You should spend less time dancing and actually accomplish something. Some of us are on a clock. ;)
14:27 kristopher so do you have any ideas why it wouldn't generate?
14:27 kristopher hey boden
14:28 kristopher we should call you bodey
14:28 Ponko92 lol
14:28 SparkyStudio kristopher, that looks like the same engine i mentioned above, fuel solenoid on the side you can manually operate and lock open,
14:29 kristopher because we can start it from inside the lodge it has en electric solenoid that is automatic
14:29 SparkyStudio Sounds like something is tripping off, have you got a model number on the alternator ?
14:29 Cj1corbystarlet excitation breaker ?
14:30 kristopher it was a self exitaion
14:30 Thermoelectric I'm off, night guys.
14:30 kristopher seeya
14:30 Cj1corbystarlet catch ya
14:31 * steve______ heads to GVSU roof to perform feedline maitenance
14:31 Cj1corbystarlet really  need to dee a schematic
14:31 kristopher captainboden. do you know anything about generators?
14:31 CaptainBoden a little
14:31 kristopher did you see my story
14:31 Ponko92 steve you coming to the lab with your muse? :)
14:31 CaptainBoden nope, I'm doing phone work
14:32 steve______ not today :(
14:32 Ponko92 ahh ok
14:32 SparkyStudio Kristopher, have you got a model number for the alternator ?
14:32 kristopher at my dads lodge we have a 3cyl lister diesel connected to a 10Kva F.J Hay generator. we ran it for four hours and then stopped it for 10 secconds  and when we started it again it didn't generate power
14:32 steve______ I might be headed up t the roof at school
14:32 CaptainBoden Steve, I'm working on getting your termination kit, should have it next week.
14:32 CaptainBoden Talked to Dale today
14:32 steve______ sounds good
14:32 Ponko92 why the roof steve?
14:33 Ponko92 o_O don't jump
14:33 Ponko92 we need you
14:33 steve______ antenna maintenance
14:33 Ponko92 ahhh ok
14:33 steve______ I'm sitting in the w8gvu station right now
14:33 CaptainBoden Steve, if you ever need to borrow a proper harness, just ask. You and I are about the same size.
14:34 steve______ ok, it's only 3rd story with no climbing
14:34 CaptainBoden Is that station still in the basement of the Commons, just outside the campus radio station?
14:34 steve______ it's downtown 3rd floor kennedy
14:34 CaptainBoden ahhhh
14:34 kristopher Boden! generator!
14:34 CaptainBoden Used to be in Allendale.
14:34 steve______ a long time ago
14:35 steve______ back when EGR was in allendale too
14:35 CaptainBoden you lost excitation.
14:35 dr_jkl hey
14:35 dr_jkl cap'n
14:35 dr_jkl site's even faster than it was last night :)
14:35 CaptainBoden I noticed, it's now into what I would consider "Useable", which is a damn serious improvement.
14:36 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
14:36 dr_jkl excellent, the boss approves.
14:36 dr_jkl i will endeavor to find ways to make it more speedy, but at least now i'm not playing latency whack-a-mole.
14:36 kristopher lol
14:36 kristopher
14:37 Ponko92 steve the underscore man
14:37 steve______ @CaptainBoden once we get our HF antenna back online you might need to pay w8gvu a visit
14:37 CaptainBoden I'd love to :)
14:37 CaptainBoden I spent quite a few quiet nights sitting at that old ICOM.
14:38 steve______ we took it donwn for a fall storm and it needs to be remounted and tuned still
14:38 CaptainBoden It's where I learned about Numbers stations.
14:38 steve______ nice
14:38 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
14:38 steve______ ammazing the propagation on SW
14:38 Ponko92 steve is that when it was knocked out
14:38 Ponko92 the storm where you got a TEEENY bit wet
14:39 steve______ no, we removed it in naticipation of high winds
14:39 Ponko92 ahhh
14:39 steve______ same storm damaged art pieces in a town wide exibition
14:39 Ponko92 wow
14:39 steve______ and bent our rotor mast
14:40 steve______ need to get that back up too
14:40 Ponko92 i think i'll take scattered showers over the storms you lot get lol
14:40 steve______ most storms aren't that bad
14:40 mikemol I've been very, very disappointed with this spring.
14:41 steve______ I know, we are lacking in thunderstorms
14:41 mikemol If it were just ten degrees warmer, we'd have had some awesome thunderstorms these last week or two.
14:41 Ponko92 yeah we get mild ones lol
14:41 mikemol *this
14:41 Ponko92 oh hot showers are good
14:41 steve______ for the most part ours are fairly mild too
14:42 Ponko92 in rain terms and cleaning terms
14:42 * steve______ heads off to get supplies for roof visit
14:42 steve______ is now known as steve_afk
14:42 Ponko92 *imitates General Pepper in starwing(fox)* Good Luck
14:44 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
14:44 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
14:44 Ponko92 welcome :)
14:45 mman454-away batsteve
14:46 mman454-away you find my issue report?
14:46 BatSteve I did
14:46 mman454-away Ya do anything with it?
14:47 BatSteve Not yet.
14:52 Ponko92 is anyone having much luck connecting to PSN?
14:52 Ponko92 that have it
14:53 Ponko92 tggcory having a good day? well so far
14:53 Yaotzin PSN is still down
14:55 Ponko92 yeah it gave me an error code now its down for maintenance
14:59 Phu your wiring may be ancient and in need of redoing if: in the process you uncover two co-axial network cable lays.
15:00 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
15:01 Ponko92 Phu you talking to me?
15:04 dagnyscott1 joined #thegeekgroup
15:05 Phu anybody ;)