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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-23

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00:00 blake_ left #thegeekgroup
00:00 steve_____ how about the north wall of the MDH observation deck?
00:00 steve_____ or would transmitting music still be a problem there>
00:00 CaptainBoden Taht could be a possibility.
00:00 steve_____ it's the other wall adj the tower location
00:01 steve_____ so that helps with feedlines
00:01 Ponko92 oh hey cap and steve :) wow am i tired lol
00:01 CaptainBoden I'm not set on the tower location just yet, I was seriouly considering putting it on the S wall of the MDH.
00:02 steve_____ footed on the ground?
00:02 CaptainBoden possibly
00:02 steve_____ that would help with set-backs there
00:02 dr_jkl \o/
00:02 steve_____ as it would have the parking lot
00:02 Yaotzin \o
00:02 CaptainBoden I'm still working it out, I don't like the roof mounting in the center of the building with lightning strikes ;)
00:02 dr_jkl lol
00:02 steve_____ yes that is an issue
00:03 dr_jkl maybe you can get a few lightening arrestors donated
00:03 steve_____ and it's can't be by HVL, it will make lightning strikes
00:03 dr_jkl give god something else to shoot at
00:03 CaptainBoden It won't have any impact in the HVL.
00:03 Ponko92 and i became He-Man THE MOST POWERFUL MAN IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!
00:03 steve_____ no but HVL may on it RF wise
00:03 * dr_jkl dances
00:03 Yaotzin Dancing eh?
00:03 injektion left #thegeekgroup
00:04 steve_____ how much RF does a tesla coil generate?
00:04 dr_jkl yeah. things are usable now!
00:04 * steve_____ perfomes safety dance
00:04 Yaotzin Oh the posting is running smoother?
00:05 Ponko92 I HAVE THE POWER!!!!!
00:05 wannabe1987 scary
00:05 dr_jkl the posting is getting better
00:05 dr_jkl that's really the last real kink
00:05 Yaotzin seems like
00:05 dr_jkl but browsing should be a ton faster
00:05 Ponko92 lol wannabe1987 thats he-man i'm quoting btw
00:05 Yaotzin Assuming nothing breaks
00:05 CaptainBoden It's vicious in the very near field, but once the spark channel is formed it's really nothing, allt he energy is in the ion channel.
00:06 steve_____ what frequancy do the coils operate
00:06 steve_____ 1-2 mHz 100mHz?
00:06 Ponko92 Love, Exciting and new, come aboard, we're expecting yooooooouu, The Love Boat
00:07 WB1A2 Not nearly
00:07 dr_jkl *snrf*
00:07 WB1A2 50khz prolly?
00:07 dr_jkl captain boden's introduction to the fourth state of matter: the violet wand
00:07 Yaotzin heh
00:07 Ponko92 Airwolf thats an EPIC tv show right there
00:07 dr_jkl you could teach a class with that. :)
00:07 Yaotzin dr_jkl those are nice
00:07 dr_jkl they are.
00:07 Yaotzin and I'll leave it at that
00:07 Linus10ol boden when are you coming back?
00:08 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
00:08 CaptainBoden frequency is dependant on the size
00:08 steve_____ Gemini & the twins?
00:08 Ponko92 how so?
00:08 CaptainBoden I don't know the specs on ours, we've never measured
00:08 steve_____ ok
00:08 WB1A2 they've got to be in the 50khz range
00:09 * steve_____ makes plans to barrow spectrum analyser once coils are running
00:09 CaptainBoden brb minidisc
00:09 Sgt_Lemming lol
00:10 Sgt_Lemming minidisc is awesome
00:10 Ponko92 yay
00:10 Sgt_Lemming I've been trying to get my hands on a minidisc drive for ages
00:10 steve_____ drive?
00:10 Sgt_Lemming would make dubbing sound effects for the theatre stuff I do SOO much easier
00:10 Ponko92 like the Nintendo Gamecube discs i'm assuminh
00:10 steve_____ ah ok
00:11 Sgt_Lemming nope
00:11 steve_____ no not really
00:11 WB1A2 Hahahh
00:11 steve_____ .w minidisk
00:11 BotSteve "A MiniDisc (MD) is a magneto-optical disc-based data storage device initially intended for storage of up to 74 minutes and, later, 80 minutes, of digitized audio." -
00:11 Ponko92 i still love that little thing
00:11 Ponko92 but are they the same size?
00:11 Yaotzin I thought it was comparative to a UMD
00:11 WB1A2 Audio yes, but how much data does that represent
00:11 Yaotzin an*
00:12 steve_____ similar size but they have a case like a floppy disk
00:12 Sgt_Lemming steve_____
00:12 steve_____ didn't know there was a data verison
00:12 Ponko92 so like a UMD but gamecube size lol
00:12 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:12 Ponko92 .yt Safety Dance
00:12 BotSteve Ponko92:
00:13 Ponko92 there you go steve
00:13 steve_____ thanks
00:13 Ponko92 lol
00:13 Sgt_Lemming steve_____ data is not the reason I want it for
00:13 speedrunnerG55_ Im back
00:13 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
00:13 steve_____ I realize that
00:13 speedrunnerG55_ Hi Sgt_Lemming
00:13 Sgt_Lemming you could use it to write digital audio directly to the drive
00:13 steve_____ and I am familular with the format
00:14 speedrunnerG55_ Digital audio? What format is that
00:14 steve_____ Ponko92 I still find the video so random
00:14 Sgt_Lemming speedrunnerG55, digital audio is a generic term
00:14 Sgt_Lemming in this case it would be ATRAC3 though
00:14 Ponko92 ol it so is and that random sheep head i mean wtf
00:15 speedrunnerG55_ Wow ive never herd of hhat
00:15 speedrunnerG55_ That
00:15 Sgt_Lemming it's not a common format, used almost exclusively by sony
00:15 Sgt_Lemming
00:15 speedrunnerG55_ Atrac3 whats that for
00:15 Sgt_Lemming <--- that
00:16 Sgt_Lemming be interesting to see how much you could fit in the same physical space these days steve_____
00:16 Sgt_Lemming with a magneto optical disc I mean
00:16 Ponko92 steve they played that song at my prom lol
00:16 Sgt_Lemming cause the bit density on them is still crazy insane
00:16 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
00:16 Ponko92 went down perfect
00:16 kristopher hello
00:17 steve_____ nice, it's a fun song, the video is just unrelated
00:17 Sgt_Lemming oh shit not him...
00:17 Ponko92 its just sooo wierd
00:17 steve_____ that it is
00:17 Sgt_Lemming um I mean hi kristopher nice to see you :-P
00:17 speedrunnerG55_ Video?
00:17 wannabe1987 lol
00:17 Ponko92 wtf a midhet and that random sheep head on a plaque lol
00:17 kristopher thanks
00:17 steve_____ yes
00:17 steve_____ that sums it up
00:17 speedrunnerG55_ Live stream?
00:17 steve_____ no
00:17 Sgt_Lemming UMD was a retarded format Ponko92
00:18 speedrunnerG55_ Ughh durp
00:18 Ponko92 oh DERRRP
00:18 Ponko92 lol
00:18 speedrunnerG55_ Ops i shouldnt of said that
00:18 Ponko92 well you did lol
00:18 speedrunnerG55_ **stabs himself** no durp
00:19 steve_____ this is a durp free channel
00:19 Sgt_Lemming it's no wonder sony is killing UMD
00:19 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
00:19 Ponko92 this is an R Rated channel though
00:19 steve_____ thats true too
00:19 speedrunnerG55_ Restricted channel?
00:19 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
00:19 kristopher derp song
00:19 kristopher
00:20 Sgt_Lemming "woo, lets create another optical disc format with fsck all storage right when everyone else is starting to transition to solid state"
00:20 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
00:20 Sgt_Lemming I seriously wonder what's going on at that company sometimes
00:20 Ponko92 wow that blonde girl in it is acting like a fruit loop lol
00:21 Sgt_Lemming and there have been two cases of products sony have bought out that are clearly superior, but because of retarded licensing the products flopped
00:21 dr_jkl huh
00:21 dr_jkl oh
00:21 dr_jkl solid state
00:21 steve_____ beta and MD
00:21 Sgt_Lemming yup
00:21 Sgt_Lemming MD is awesome, not was, is
00:21 dr_jkl md rules
00:22 steve_____ so is beta, broadcast has and does use variants of it
00:22 Ponko92 steve what is up with the blonde girl in that video?
00:22 Sgt_Lemming still by far the best portable media storage format short of SD cards, but it was crippled by the licensing
00:22 steve_____ what video?
00:22 speedrunnerG55_ Have you olayed portal 2
00:22 speedrunnerG55_ There is disc storage in it
00:22 steve_____ I have not, computer can't run it
00:23 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
00:23 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
00:23 steve_____ an intel 900 integrated graphics doesn't stand a chance
00:23 Linus10ol;feature=feedu
00:23 speedrunnerG55_ Ya know portal 2 reminds me of tron
00:23 Ponko92 the safety dance video steve
00:23 Sgt_Lemming Ponko92, you know how when you press play on a CD there is often a second or two delay?
00:24 steve_____ ya, I'm not sure what thy were on there
00:24 Sgt_Lemming imagine trying to deal with that in a live theatre situation where the timing must be to the second
00:24 Sgt_Lemming it
00:24 Sgt_Lemming is
00:24 Sgt_Lemming a
00:24 Sgt_Lemming nightmare!
00:24 Ponko92 haha
00:24 Sgt_Lemming MD has none of those problems
00:24 exor674 Sgt_Lemming: pause!
00:24 wannabe1987 lol my friend does audio up in muskegon...
00:24 BatSteve pause?
00:24 speedrunnerG55_ Play
00:24 Ponko92 and yeah i know of the 2 sec delay
00:24 Sgt_Lemming exor674, even with it paused a lot of CD Players still don't instantly
00:24 Sgt_Lemming MD ALWAYS does
00:25 speedrunnerG55_ Fast forward
00:25 Ponko92 rewind fastforward
00:25 speedrunnerG55_ Rewind
00:25 exor674 yeah, I won't argue that as I don't know minidisk, but I know the CD player I used when i did sound at my school was insta-start from pause
00:25 Sgt_Lemming I have never ever ever ever managed to make a portable MD player skip either :-P
00:25 exor674 ( pretty sure it kept the disk running )
00:25 Ponko92 STOP
00:25 speedrunnerG55_ Eject
00:25 steve_____ collaborate and listen
00:25 Ponko92 oh good god they Crazy Frog Safety Dance
00:26 Sgt_Lemming exor674, problem is if you hit pause it's still spinning, and it can lose it's place on the disc
00:27 Sgt_Lemming bbiab
00:27 exor674 it always seemed close enough to me ( seemed to be a nice player too, though -- 3-disk changer, and you could swap one of the slots while it was running
00:27 speedrunnerG55_ I once played a ubuntu live cd on a cd player
00:27 Ponko92 GREEN ARMY
00:27 Ponko92 lol
00:27 Ponko92 line from Lee Evans Big
00:28 speedrunnerG55_ Green army men FTW
00:28 exor674 which was good because things were generally done as preshow, first half sounds, intermission music, second half sounds
00:28 Ponko92 "So, so, you think its funny, shitting in someones fridge?"
00:28 wannabe1987 .
00:29 exor674 1
00:29 exor674 ere !
00:29 Ponko92 its funny the way he says it
00:31 kristopher
00:31 Ponko92 "Oh fancy bringing a fucking push chair, in the high street, It's madness!"
00:31 vincent_ left #thegeekgroup
00:31 speedrunnerG55_ Whats that link
00:32 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
00:32 wannabe1987 batsteve: how do we get botsteve to pull up the topic?
00:32 BatSteve he doesn't
00:32 Fulsy Hello
00:32 BatSteve you can type /topic to see it though
00:32 wannabe1987 used to be able to...
00:32 BatSteve hi fulsy
00:32 wannabe1987 ooo ok
00:32 wannabe1987 maybe that was it
00:32 wannabe1987 hi fulsy!
00:33 Fulsy Hi :)
00:33 wannabe1987 whoa...someone found my blog via google!
00:33 * wannabe1987 beams
00:34 injektion left #thegeekgroup
00:34 Ponko92 forget a anniversary and you go home to your wife and could of got some cheap flowers in the garage but now you've gone in your now standing in an expensive florists say GIVE ME FUCKING EVERYTHING, and a women should go, you fucked up, go and stand in the window
00:34 kristopher lol
00:34 kristopher;feature=mfu_in_order&amp;list=UL
00:35 tggLiz flowers suck as a gift anyway
00:35 Yaotzin ^
00:35 steve_____ wannabe1987 do you know if the lab will be open tomarrow?
00:35 wannabe1987 i should hope so...
00:35 Ponko92 yeah i got my fiancee a swarovski ring
00:35 wannabe1987 demo and shit
00:35 steve_____ ok
00:36 wannabe1987 i may (or may not) be there...depends on weather...
00:36 wannabe1987 there are soccer games to be attended to
00:36 steve_____ did they ever fininish cleaning up the computer lab?
00:36 wannabe1987 was painting it :D
00:36 wannabe1987 thanks for your help, btw
00:36 steve_____ no problem
00:36 Fulsy Geek Group Blue
00:36 wannabe1987 you were the only one prepared (shoe wise)
00:36 wannabe1987 ...
00:36 steve_____ I was there and it didn't take too much longer
00:37 steve_____ i suppose so
00:37 wannabe1987 yep
00:37 Ponko92 lol flowers aren't the best i agree but it depends on the girl really i mean i'm not an expert but yeah lol
00:37 steve_____ and I wasn't even there for demo
00:37 wannabe1987 i would like to get flowers *sometimes* but just randomly...
00:37 wannabe1987 nope
00:37 Ponko92 i got my gf at the time a swarovski diamond ring
00:37 Ponko92 and she's my fiancee
00:37 * exor674 gives wannabe1987 a tulip randomly! :P
00:37 Ponko92 now
00:37 Ponko92 lol
00:37 wannabe1987 awwww thanks!
00:38 steve_____ it will be nice to see it painted and looking good
00:38 tggLiz diamonds are pretty useless too
00:38 exor674 if I ever get a diamond ring
00:38 steve_____ they make nice optics, high refractive index
00:38 exor674 I totally want like a... flawed diamond
00:38 Ponko92 yeah but it was an engagement ring liz
00:38 Ponko92 lol
00:38 tggLiz useless as gifts for women
00:39 exor674 like discolored, with internal cracks or fractures
00:39 DruidicRifleman ponko did you mean to end up with a fiencee
00:39 wannabe1987 i don't want a diamond...i want something blue...or red...or green...(sapphire, ruby, emerald, etc)
00:39 tggLiz i've gathered
00:39 kristopher;feature=mfu_in_order&amp;list=UL
00:39 Ponko92 yeah :) druidic
00:39 wannabe1987 why flawed?!
00:39 Ponko92 well not this soon of course
00:39 exor674 to fight the whole "diamonds are perfection" shit
00:39 wannabe1987 ooo ok
00:39 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
00:39 tggLiz i don't like the diamond industry as a whole, so my opinion of the whole thing is probably skewed compared to a lot of women
00:40 steve_____ I have internally cracked the stone on my class ring, it looks intersting
00:40 wannabe1987 cool
00:40 wannabe1987 i don't have a class ring...
00:40 Ponko92 lol
00:40 steve_____ it catches light at random
00:40 * steve_____ reminds self to send ring in, again
00:40 DruidicRifleman tggliz yeah the blood diomond issue is one i find interesting
00:40 Ponko92 lol why don't you
00:40 * wannabe1987 is afraid to stand feels so good to be off my feet...
00:40 exor674 ( do people actually use diamond optics for things? what/ )
00:41 steve_____ I have been too lazy to get the stuff to send it
00:41 Ponko92 lol
00:41 Ponko92 and too busy
00:42 steve_____ for industrial and laser optics
00:42 Ponko92 diamond cutters
00:42 wannabe1987 in minecraft they use them on axes...
00:42 Ponko92 as in the saw that can cut through anything
00:42 Ponko92 Diamond Drill
00:43 Ponko92 .w diamond drill
00:43 BotSteve "Exploration diamond drilling is used in the mining industry to probe the contents of known ore deposits and potential sites." -
00:43 tggLiz plus i don't see the practicality in dropping a few thousand on a rock that'll just sit on someone's finger
00:43 x50544 joined #thegeekgroup
00:43 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
00:43 steve_____ Diamond has a higher usable range of light from IR to UV, far greater than glass or quarz
00:43 x50544 left #thegeekgroup
00:43 Ponko92 yeah it didn't cost much it was affordable and practical
00:44 Ponko92 leaves the message and catches the odd eye or to :)
00:44 exor674 or failing my plan, I might want a quartz stone ( I'm assuming those are gonna be cheaper then diamonds ), or something esoteric but common
00:45 exor674 I mean heck, I'd be happy with a plastic or glass ring if it came from the right person!
00:45 Ponko92 lol
00:46 Ponko92 yeah steve knows why i must get my ass to Darby
00:46 wannabe1987 lol
00:46 Ponko92 yes wannabe1987 i sairby
00:46 Ponko92 said Darby
00:46 steve_____;imgrefurl=;usg=__Wp-Ye4uIHR7fKw6DpWVb8sm_YnA=&amp;h=400&amp;w=391&amp;sz=17&amp;hl=en&amp;start=11&amp;zoom=1&amp;um=1&amp;itbs=1&amp;tbnid=5TKZyeSDsjcrTM:&amp;tbnh=124&amp;tbnw=121&amp;prev=/search%3Fq%3
00:46 wannabe1987 not waht i was loling aobut but ok
00:47 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
00:47 wannabe1987 wtf long ass link no please
00:47 steve_____ sorry
00:47 Ponko92 GET TO THE CHOPPER
00:47 wannabe1987 works great...
00:47 Ponko92 get your ass to mars
00:47 wannabe1987 you flooded my lil screen w/ googles shit!       o.o
00:47 Ponko92 wait don't you mean derby
00:47 Ponko92 idk
00:47 steve_____ it flooded by 13" screen too
00:48 speedrunnerG55_ Annyone want to join my munecraft server
00:48 Ponko92 lol
00:48 Ponko92 i would if i could afford
00:48 wannabe1987 i have a 10 inch screen...but mIRC gets a lil 3x5 square of it...overtop ff
00:48 Ponko92 it
00:48 Ponko92 MORSE CODE
00:48 exor674 netbook?
00:48 steve_____ i must have filled that whole thing then
00:48 Ponko92 is in Fenetics?
00:49 speedrunnerG55_ If anyone want to joine my minecraft server pm me
00:49 Ponko92 is he speaking in*
00:49 speedrunnerG55_ And... Moose code?
00:49 Ponko92 :P
00:49 Ponko92 lol
00:49 Ponko92 steve you want any of the story dough?
00:49 Ponko92 lol
00:50 steve_____ no, ,I'm good
00:50 Ponko92 ok
00:50 steve_____ tgg needs it more
00:50 Ponko92 .seen captainboden
00:50 BotSteve Ponko92: I last saw captainboden at 2011-04-23 00:09:29 UTC on #thegeekgroup
00:50 steve_____ mount this in a ring;item=200465810676+
00:51 speedrunnerG55_ Seen minecrat_man
00:51 wannabe1987 lol @ mount
00:51 steve_____ it doesn't list the carots though
00:51 speedrunnerG55_ .seen minecraft_man
00:51 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen minecraft_man around.
00:52 speedrunnerG55_ .seen herobrine
00:52 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen herobrine around.
00:52 wannabe1987 .seen harry potter
00:52 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen harry around.
00:52 speedrunnerG55_ .seen harry_potter
00:52 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen harry_potter around.
00:52 wannabe1987 yeah i failed
00:53 Ponko92 lol
00:53 wannabe1987 .seen crookshanks
00:53 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen crookshanks around.
00:53 Ponko92 .seen you
00:53 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen you around.
00:53 Ponko92 O_O rude git
00:53 wannabe1987 .seen botsteve
00:53 BotSteve I'm right here, actually.
00:53 wannabe1987 yay!
00:53 Ponko92 haha
00:53 Ponko92 yeah
00:53 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
00:53 wannabe1987 .seen ponko92
00:53 BotSteve wannabe1987: I last saw ponko92 at 2011-04-23 00:53:34 UTC on #thegeekgroup
00:53 Linus10ol is now known as Linus10ol-Away
00:53 wannabe1987 utc means nothing to me :(
00:53 Ponko92 nice one lol
00:53 steve_____ .seen /me
00:53 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen /me around.
00:54 speedrunnerG55_ .seen speedrunnerG55
00:54 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen speedrunnerg55 around.
00:54 steve_____ a new bug
00:54 speedrunnerG55_ ...
00:54 wannabe1987 use a big g
00:54 speedrunnerG55_ .seen speedrunnerG55_
00:54 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I last saw speedrunnerg55_ at 2011-04-23 00:54:14 UTC on #thegeekgroup
00:54 steve_____ oh, ok
00:54 Ponko92 .seen steve_____
00:54 BotSteve Ponko92: I last saw steve_____ at 2011-04-23 00:54:31 UTC on #thegeekgroup
00:54 speedrunnerG55_ I wonder why hes never seen speedrunnerG55
00:55 speedrunnerG55_ speedrunnerG55: Where are you
00:55 steve_____ ok, I think this enough bot spam for a bit
00:55 Ponko92 because you have an underscore that needs to DIE
00:55 wannabe1987 y r u talking to urself?
00:55 wannabe1987 amen
00:55 Ponko92 hmm
00:55 speedrunnerG55_ Hoping i cod hear what pc im signed in as speedrunnerG55  at
00:56 Ponko92 anyone wanna join in on a Safety Dance
00:56 wannabe1987 o     ok
00:56 Ponko92 because if i get to Derby i'll tell you all if it goes well and something will be declared :)
00:57 Ponko92 and thats between me and chris right now
00:57 * steve_____ joins dance
00:58 Ponko92 is moose the crazy blonde girl in the video?
00:58 wannabe1987 find me vid i tell you
00:58 lwq1996 yep
00:58 BatSteve .yt safety dance
00:58 BotSteve BatSteve:
00:58 * BatSteve dances
00:59 Ponko92 steve send that message again
00:59 sitectrl left #thegeekgroup
00:59 wannabe1987 *poke*
01:00 MoM-Test joined #thegeekgroup
01:00 wannabe1987 i used canned air and hopefully cleared the dust out from under my spacebar so it'll work better...seems to be so far...
01:00 Ponko92 .w Lee Evans
01:00 BotSteve "Lee Evans (comedian), English comedian and actor" -
01:01 Ponko92 funny guy lol
01:01 Ponko92 who fancies a cup of tea?
01:02 Ponko92 lol wannabe1987 i saw your highness tonight lol
01:03 Ponko92 SUCK YOUR VENOM
01:05 wannabe1987 lol
01:06 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
01:06 BatSteve hi CSMonster!
01:06 CSMonster hey BatSteve
01:06 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
01:06 CSMonster i miss anything interesting today?
01:07 BatSteve everything.  But that's ok.  Tomorrow it will be even better.
01:07 CSMonster lol
01:07 CSMonster ok
01:07 wannabe1987 hi CSMonster
01:07 CSMonster i've been having a shred party all day.
01:07 CSMonster hi wanna
01:07 wannabe1987 shred?
01:08 exor674 ugh, almost fell down my stairs yay >_<
01:08 CSMonster ...hi exor
01:08 CSMonster don't kill yourself.
01:08 wannabe1987 ...
01:08 CSMonster shredding papers
01:08 exor674 I wooooont
01:08 wannabe1987 plz don't die...we'll never know what happened to you
01:08 wannabe1987 ooooo
01:08 CSMonster old bank statements and stuff
01:08 wannabe1987 thats fun...
01:08 wannabe1987 w00t
01:09 CSMonster i figure disposing of reems upon reems of paper is a good way to ironically celebrate earth day.  >.>
01:10 wannabe1987 yay!!!!!
01:10 exor674 CSMonster: this is why you shred it and then blend it and then make your own paper!
01:10 wannabe1987 why wont the dryer hurry up...i want to get out of  here!!!!!!!!1
01:10 wannabe1987 (the 1 is very important)
01:10 exor674 why won't my dishwasher hurry upppp!
01:10 exor674 so I can make dinner
01:11 CSMonster i don't have the patience for that
01:11 wannabe1987 lol
01:11 CSMonster recycling several trashbags full of paper myself that is
01:12 wannabe1987 i want to go home and stick my lasagna in the oven...
01:13 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
01:13 CSMonster :/
01:13 BatSteve hi red!
01:13 tggRED What's the matter CSMonster dear?
01:13 wannabe1987 hi red!!!!
01:14 tggRED Hi guys. ^_^
01:14 wannabe1987 its a girl + batsteve party tonight...
01:14 tggRED lol
01:14 CSMonster i am just a dirty minded person, that is all
01:14 wannabe1987 lol ok
01:14 exor674 hey red
01:15 BotSteve Girl + BatSteve + an incredibly handsome robot...don't forget
01:15 CSMonster lol
01:16 wannabe1987 so ponko92...when you wrote "suck the venom" my brother came over to the computer and saw it and was confused...they thought it was a line from harry potter :D
01:16 wannabe1987 sorry botsteve :(
01:16 Ponko92 lol
01:16 stevereynolds left #thegeekgroup
01:16 CSMonster i read wannabe1987's comment about cooking some italian food and my mind immediately conjured up a guy saying "man, i'd like to stick my lasagna in her oven!"
01:16 wannabe1987 LOL
01:17 wannabe1987 so i started laughing...and my sister looks at me and she said "DONT TELL ME!"
01:17 wannabe1987 i told her (boobs) last time and she was grossed out...
01:17 wannabe1987 don'tcha love 9 year olds...
01:17 CSMonster lol
01:18 CSMonster i would *hope* that the lasagna thing would be a euphemism that would go over a 9yo's head, but i think i know better than to actually expect that...
01:19 wannabe1987 .weather kgrr
01:19 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 42.8℉ (6℃), 29.83in (1007mb), Light Drizzle, Moderate breeze 15kt (↑) - KGRR, 00:53Z
01:19 BatSteve crappy
01:19 BatSteve I was right!
01:19 BatSteve :]
01:19 CSMonster .weather cheney washington
01:19 wannabe1987 lol
01:19 BotSteve Scattered, 48.2℉ (9℃), 30.08in (1015mb), Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KGEG 00:53Z
01:19 wannabe1987 CSMonster - i hope it goes over her head...we're sheltered
01:20 CSMonster lol
01:20 CSMonster safe from bombs at least.
01:20 wannabe1987 lol
01:20 wannabe1987 yep
01:21 CSMonster so tggRED WHAT UP SISTER.
01:21 exor674 heeh
01:22 CSMonster i have a headache from smelling sharpie.  :(
01:23 CSMonster (not on purpose)
01:24 exor674 CSMonster: don't do thaaaat!
01:25 DruidicRifleman Sharpy sniffing
01:25 wannabe1987 hey tggRED - is there demo at the lab tomorrow?
01:27 tggRED Nothing much, dear (sorry I was painting)
01:27 tggRED and yes, people will be here tomorrow.
01:27 wannabe1987 cool.  steve____________x50 asked...and i said yes :P
01:27 wannabe1987 with out knowing for sure
01:27 wannabe1987 getting high yet?
01:28 tggRED Yeah, I'm sick from it.
01:28 tggRED I'vebeen in it all day.
01:28 wannabe1987 brandon's still there tho, right?
01:28 DruidicRifleman Hows the painting comming
01:29 exor674 nrr, I shoulda labeled my meat before I froze it
01:29 exor674 I have no idea if this is pork or beef haha
01:29 wannabe1987 lol
01:29 exor674 well, *when* I froze it
01:29 tggRED yep.
01:29 tggRED Almost done.
01:29 wannabe1987 good.  you won't die then
01:29 exor674 well whatever it is it'll be tasty!
01:29 tggRED but we're running out of paint :(
01:29 wannabe1987 ohnoes!
01:30 BatSteve MOAR paint!
01:30 BatSteve go now!
01:30 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
01:30 DruidicRifleman wasn't all that chriss ordered primer paint?
01:30 wannabe1987 the radar looks like fun, guys have rain, right?
01:31 wannabe1987 i see lightning
01:31 DruidicRifleman doesn't he still have the like you know the regular paint
01:31 kristopher i see sunny days
01:31 BatSteve wannabe1987: just mist right now
01:31 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
01:32 wannabe1987 lucky
01:32 wannabe1987 its pouring out :(
01:32 CSMonster i see trees of green, red roses too, i see 'em bloom for me and for you
01:32 CSMonster and i think to myself: what a wonderful world
01:32 wannabe1987 dagnyscott - you in grandville/gr area?
01:32 wannabe1987 lol
01:32 mikemol wannabe1987: Yeah, both dagnyscott and I live in Grandville.
01:32 mikemol Corner of 44th and Kenowa.
01:33 wannabe1987 you guys have rain too?
01:33 mikemol Sure
01:33 wannabe1987 :O  i know where you are!
01:33 wannabe1987 :P
01:33 mikemol Drop drip drop little April showers...
01:33 wannabe1987 and storms...the radar looks lovely
01:33 * mikemol looks
01:34 * CSMonster marks mikemol's location in google earth
01:34 mikemol Meh
01:34 mikemol All the interesting stuff is going to go south of us.
01:34 wannabe1987 lol
01:35 wannabe1987 my dad said it was headed for ottawa county
01:35 mikemol;prevzoom=zoom&amp;num=6&amp;frame=0&amp;delay=15&amp;scale=1.000&amp;noclutter=0&amp;ID=GRR&amp;type=N0R&amp;showstorms=0&amp;lat=42.88083267&amp;lon=-85.52278137&amp;label=Gerald%20R.%20Ford%20International,%20MI&amp;map.x=400&amp;map.y=240&amp;scale=1.000&amp;centerx=400&amp;centery=240&amp;showlabels=1&amp;rainsnow=0&amp;lightning=0&amp;lerror=20&amp;num_stns_min=2&amp;num_stns_max=9999&amp;avg_off=9999&amp;smooth=0
01:35 wannabe1987 whichis where i am now
01:35 wannabe1987 and where you live border of
01:35 mikemol Sure, but the strong stuff is going to hit Grand Haven, maybe Allendale.
01:35 wannabe1987 oooo
01:35 wannabe1987 lol
01:35 wannabe1987 good
01:35 wannabe1987 i don't want it
01:35 wannabe1987 my car has issues staying straight as it is *sigh*
01:35 mikemol There's a gap between the two cluster of cells, and that's going to go right over Grandville.
01:36 steve_____ HELLO
01:36 mikemol steve_____: HI
01:36 CSMonster HI STEVE_____
01:36 maglinvinn left #thegeekgroup
01:36 * wannabe1987 is gonna drive right by steve____
01:36 wannabe1987 retry
01:36 steve_____ sorry, caps lock
01:36 * wannabe1987 is gonna drive right by steve____'s house on her way home...(well, genearl area)
01:36 wannabe1987 general*
01:36 mikemol
01:37 BatSteve nice
01:37 CSMonster lol
01:37 wannabe1987 lol
01:37 wannabe1987 fail
01:38 steve_____ thanks
01:39 kristopher here is my generator. well the same model
01:39 kristopher
01:40 kristopher skip to 41 seconds
01:40 kristopher id sounds just like that just that ours it 10 kva
01:40 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
01:41 * CSMonster is becoming familiar with GR by living vicariously through TGG
01:41 exor674 yep, its beef!
01:41 exor674 om nom nom
01:41 CSMonster Beef is nom.
01:42 mikemol dr_jkl: You're working on the website?
01:42 BatSteve Grand Rapids is cool.
01:42 * BatSteve wishes he could live there for a year.
01:42 exor674 note to self, next time label your vac-seal bags with WHAT is in 'em
01:42 SparkyProjects kristopher, wow  that brings back memories of the sound, even remember how it 'grunted' when on load :D
01:42 BatSteve Not his whole life
01:42 BatSteve but a year
01:42 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
01:43 DruidicRifleman CSmonster Yes it is
01:44 kristopher SparkyProjects, ours is limited to 1300 rpm because at higher altitudes it loses 10% of its power so we limited it so it has heaps of tourqe. it just stays constant. and you can sleep with it too. the only time it wakes yo up is when it stops. because your used to the noise
01:45 cctoide hehe
01:45 CSMonster living your whole life in one place would suck.
01:45 LeadHead Kristopher, you realize generators run at a certain RPM
01:45 cctoide I think Chris saddled Red with the minidisc player he meant to take home and then ran off
01:45 kristopher
01:45 LeadHead for a reason, right?
01:45 kristopher heres the lodge.
01:47 gh22 left #thegeekgroup
01:47 kristopher yes we changed the governing weights. it is a constant 1300 rpm. it never slows and it can sit comfortably at 300 rpm. it is like that because the last three engines where fucked with because they where too small and blew up. weve had this engine for twenty years and we plan to keep it that way
01:48 LeadHead You can't just set the RPM on a generator
01:48 LeadHead to whatever you want
01:48 SparkyProjects The one we had at work supplied an important building, it would start first time everytime, then the changeover would operate putting full load on the generator, the revs went way down for a while and smoke came out the exhaust. after many years of service, the flywheel shattered, had to get a different one quickly due to importance
01:49 LeadHead The most common generator heads are 2, 4 and 6 pole
01:49 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
01:49 LeadHead 2 pole generators have to run at 3600 RPM to generate 60Hz, 4 Poles have to run at 1800 RPM
01:49 LeadHead and 6 poles are around 1150 iirc
01:50 SparkyProjects You can set the rpm, but you will get a different frequency. this could affect power too
01:50 LeadHead Yes
01:50 LeadHead at 1300 RPM, you're either overspeeding a 6+ pole generator, giving you too high of a frequency
01:50 kristopher in lower areas motors need to run fast. at baw baw it would lose 10 percent of its power if we kept it that way. the only time it struggles is if everything is on and someone takes a shower kus' of the elecrtic  hot water
01:50 LeadHead or underspeeding an 1800 RPM generator head, giving you too lower
01:51 LeadHead You still aren't getting it...
01:52 kristopher it runs at 50 herts. iand the generator was specially made for our situation. it runs at 240 v at 50 herts at 1300rpm. but it can go up to 1500 if we  ajust the throttle
01:52 LeadHead Sorry, that's not possible
01:52 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
01:52 kristopher SPECIALLY MADE
01:52 LeadHead You can't specially make the laws of physics
01:52 kristopher jeezus
01:52 wannabe1987 hey mman454
01:52 exor674 lol, you shattered a flywheel?
01:52 mman454 hey wannabe1987
01:53 kristopher jeh its hard to shatter a flywheel
01:54 steve_____ might they have a CVT on there generator?
01:54 kristopher YES thats it
01:54 kristopher
01:54 kristopher its green season
01:54 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
01:54 mman454 who shattered a flywheel?
01:54 kristopher so click reem
01:54 LeadHead A CVT would gear down the engine
01:54 LeadHead under load
01:55 SparkyProjects exor674, i think it was the extra grunt too often, remember that the flywheel is connected to the alternator, it's like revving the engine and applying the brakes at the same time. it was converted from a marine engine to a generator in 1944, so it had a lot of good use
01:55 kristopher no gears direct drive
01:55 kristopher with one of those rubber vibrastop couplings
01:56 LeadHead At 1300 RPM, you're only making 43 1/3rd Hz
01:57 LeadHead Not a big deal, but induction motors will run slower, non-switchmode transformers will use more energy
01:57 steve_____ unless they're running sycroness motor most items are resistive or rectified
01:57 LeadHead Some clocks will run slow
01:57 steve_____ so i doubt it would be that big of a deal
01:57 LeadHead Actually, any induction motor will run slower
01:57 steve_____ yes, AC clock could run slow, that would be hurorous
01:58 kristopher it's specially made! damnit! it runs at 1300 and makes 240v at 50herts. and as we need to create more power. we can go and ajust the AVR and the revs and keep it up with the lodge
01:58 steve_____ your right any induction
01:58 mikemol Old TVs, too. :)
01:58 mikemol They'd have some amusing sync issues.
01:58 steve_____ that they would
01:59 steve_____ there is a reason NTSC is 60 fields per second
01:59 tggLiz left #thegeekgroup
01:59 kristopher btw the generator is only backup but we only use that for working bees. we have ,mains provided by 3 LPG turbines in the village
01:59 LeadHead Kristopher, to get what you are saying, you'd need a 4.5 pole generator head
01:59 LeadHead that is not possible
01:59 kristopher we do!
01:59 kristopher the AVR is the problem it cracked from heat.
01:59 kristopher and we need to replace it
01:59 * CSMonster is cracking up
02:00 LeadHead Hey Kristopher, take a guess what would make an AVR work too hard
02:00 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
02:00 kristopher i'm 14 you tell me
02:00 LeadHead I'll give you a hint, its a generator head spinning too slow
02:00 LeadHead required more field current
02:00 LeadHead *requiring to compensate
02:00 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
02:00 LeadHead But I'm not arguing with a 14 year old, so I'm done talkign about generators
02:00 LeadHead :)
02:00 CSMonster LMAO
02:01 kristopher its a newton derby avr type rc3100 serial number 010436/59
02:01 CSMonster and i'm saved from having to ask.
02:01 SparkyProjects I would bet that a calibrated frequency meter would show an incorrect speed.
02:01 kristopher there are two diodes on the board and and 4 on the actual generaton
02:02 SparkyProjects 7Hz out isn't too much of a problem as a back up generator
02:02 steve_____ AC to DC to AC?
02:02 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
02:02 kristopher dc to ac
02:02 * steve_____ wiggles laptop cord
02:02 LeadHead steve_____: The fields are many generators are DC, and the actual power is drawn off the armeture
02:03 LeadHead *the fields on
02:03 steve_____ ah, ok
02:03 LeadHead Especially older ones
02:03 kristopher its an F.J hay
02:03 kristopher 10kva generator
02:04 LeadHead where do you live kristopher
02:04 kristopher australia
02:04 injektion I hate being injection with a k
02:04 kristopher and the generator is on a muntain
02:04 kristopher sorry g2g bye
02:04 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
02:04 DruidicRifleman ugh i don't like this web client
02:04 CSMonster lol what's wrong with that, injektion?
02:04 LeadHead DruidicRifleman: Try pidgin?
02:05 DruidicRifleman ewww no
02:05 DruidicRifleman i don't like it
02:05 LeadHead Oh
02:05 CSMonster LMFAO i wanted to ask how old he was so bad.  glad i didn't have to
02:05 CSMonster chatzilla?
02:05 steve_____ hmm there is something sitting on top of the hot clock
02:05 * CSMonster is on chatzilla
02:05 lwq1996 keyboard
02:05 lwq1996 they were in there using the computer
02:05 LeadHead It wasn't that bright out a second ago
02:05 SparkyProjects kristopher said he's 14
02:06 LeadHead are they doing Zom?
02:06 steve_____ ah wait it's a keyboard, i think
02:06 steve_____ is there someone in the lab?
02:06 lwq1996 yep i just said it is
02:06 injektion I hate using a K instead of a C because I am in America despite being the 2nd generation born in the US
02:06 lwq1996 no idt
02:06 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
02:06 kristopher ok i'm back
02:06 steve_____ I don't think there is zomb this week
02:06 LeadHead Is someone at the lab? That light wasn't on a bit ago
02:07 SparkyProjects They said no zomb this week due to easter
02:07 LeadHead Oh
02:07 injektion My heritage is German, Prussian, and Czech
02:07 CSMonster injektion: ...i think i still fail to see the problem.  unless Injektion is your real name.  that would be awkward.
02:08 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
02:08 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
02:08 injektion Thankfully it isn't :P
02:08 injektion My real name is Will
02:08 CSMonster lol
02:08 LeadHead So why did you use injektion with a k
02:08 LeadHead if you dislike it so much
02:08 injektion Because injection was taken and I wanted to allow people to identify me
02:08 BotSteve AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'escape' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 153, in auth_request)
02:09 LeadHead What triggered the bot?
02:09 BotSteve ...
02:09 * CSMonster imagines a future where internet handles are chosen by parents marked on birth certificate, and must be changed legally
02:09 BotSteve ...
02:09 injektion lol
02:09 BotSteve AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'escape' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 153, in auth_request)
02:09 LeadHead I think BotSteve is dying
02:09 BotSteve AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'escape' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 153, in auth_request)
02:09 CSMonster batsteve control your brother please
02:09 BotSteve ...
02:09 exor674 stop escapting shit!
02:09 BotSteve ...
02:09 BatSteve oh
02:10 BotSteve ...
02:10 BatSteve oops
02:10 Cj1corbystarlet I get the feeling kristopher doesn't relalise how hard it is to fault find overthe internet,   'where is my Fucking chrystal ball gone
02:10 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
02:10 LeadHead Bat, what happened to Bot?
02:10 CSMonster lol i think kristopher is just... young.  and kind of dense.
02:11 BatSteve I'm performing backroom surgery on him without anathesia and he started getting twitchy
02:11 CSMonster LOL
02:11 LeadHead rofl
02:11 lwq1996 lool
02:11 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
02:11 Cj1corbystarlet we are here to help, but sometimes heping is too painful
02:12 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
02:12 Cj1corbystarlet *helping  ,  fingers and brain not engaged yet
02:12 steve_____ someone get a emp, the bot is waking up
02:12 exor674 wasn't he the person who wanted to change his PS3's video card?
02:13 Cj1corbystarlet Send me the tutorial i wanna learn :)
02:13 CSMonster i can't remember, i remember someone asking about that but i don't remember who.
02:13 steve_____ to the logs?
02:13 CSMonster to the logs.
02:14 * steve_____ fiddles with power cord, again
02:15 LeadHead Quite sure it was Kristropher
02:15 LeadHead I think he was the one going on about having 6 monitors on an ATI FirePro TOTL Card in his Mac Pro
02:16 exor674 who would need 6 minitors?
02:16 LeadHead According to him, Video Editing
02:16 Cj1corbystarlet I have used 4
02:16 injektion You don't need 6 for video editing
02:16 BatSteve hollywood hackers, is my guess
02:16 Cj1corbystarlet but that was work related
02:16 injektion I've used 1 monitor for video editing worked for me
02:16 steve_____ maybe a network admin that has to monitor a lot of stuff
02:16 steve_____ or a nuclear power plant
02:17 LeadHead Perhaps
02:17 steve_____ the latter we know he doesn't have
02:17 CSMonster he needs them for monitoring the matrix.
02:17 exor674 I hope a network admin wouldn't be... yeah
02:17 LeadHead 14?
02:17 CSMonster yes, that
02:18 injektion Hell I even use 1 monitor for audio work
02:18 steve_____ although if you have seen the ustream master control it has 14+ moniters in the system
02:18 exor674 I mean don't get me wrong, i'd totally love to have 6 displays just because
02:18 CSMonster ...upgrading the vga card in a PS3.  lol.
02:19 exor674 I just have no reason to
02:19 CSMonster exor674: same
02:19 steve_____ not all are online though
02:19 exor674 I love my 30"er
02:19 LeadHead to be fair though, all those screens are so small, you could probably fit 12 of them on a snigle decent sized PC display
02:19 LeadHead pixel wise
02:19 LeadHead that is
02:19 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
02:19 steve_____ yes they are small
02:20 exor674 ( but at the same time my 30" display makes me hate websites that are all "rawr I fullscreen!"
02:20 CSMonster all i want is a second monitor to dump all my chat services (IRC, pidgin, steam) into because i'm OCD and have to have my browser set to full-screen, and switching back and forth is a pain in the butt.
02:20 steve_____ there is 12 4" monites
02:20 exor674 you don't need THAT much space
02:20 maxsilver joined #thegeekgroup
02:20 steve_____ hi mr silver
02:20 LeadHead CSMonster: That's what I do
02:20 tanilolli joined #thegeekgroup
02:21 LeadHead Keep my AIM/Pidgin(IRC)/X-Fire etc...
02:21 LeadHead on one screen, with my browser or game on the other
02:21 BatSteve I did that for a while
02:21 BatSteve it worked out pretty good
02:21 CSMonster i don't have a 2nd monitor to use though.  i think my vid card has an RCA out and i could use my little antiquated 13" TV but that would be.... unfortunate.
02:21 exor674 I kinda wonder what he was doing that needed an upgraded video hardware on the PS3. I doubt games would get ANY better
02:21 LeadHead I don't know about you, but if I'm playing a game and someone messages me, it drives me crazy if I don't check it
02:22 LeadHead CSMonster: I find that if you're ouputting to a tube TV
02:22 LeadHead any resolution more then say 512x384
02:22 LeadHead will be unreadable
02:22 LeadHead basically making it useless :(
02:22 CSMonster yeah, it would be 340x480 i think.
02:22 exor674 given people's... love for good graphics, I assume most PS3 games have been tuned for the specific chip ( because you like, can't change it! )
02:22 injektion If I am playing a game and someone messages me they will wait until I am finished :)
02:22 steve_____ did the scanner just get turned off?
02:23 CSMonster which isn't completely unreasonable because it's a very tiny TV, but still.
02:23 BatSteve if I'm playing a game and someone messages me, I won't know.  That's what /nick BatSteve-Away is for
02:24 CSMonster the high frequency hum from a cheap CRT that close to me is reeeeeally annoying though.  and this one is kinda old and.... it has some kind of sync problem.
02:25 CSMonster i use it for the PSX; sometimes the image will start vibrating up and down very rapidly and very slightly, just enough to be annoying as hell.  it's intermittent
02:26 LeadHead Does it change with brightness?
02:26 CSMonster hmm
02:26 CSMonster i don't think so, no.
02:26 LeadHead oh
02:26 steve_____ hello maxsilver
02:26 injektion People still send me messages when I am AFK even though I post my cell number in the away message so they can SMS me or use a various SMS gateway in case they do not have a cell phone
02:27 * NeWtoz can see a prank phone call happening soon
02:27 CSMonster lol
02:28 injektion I don't mind if it does happen because I have the ability to block numbers
02:28 CSMonster is now known as CSMonster_brb
02:28 steve_____ ooo nice storm on it's way to GR
02:30 steve_____ listen for thunder on the stream, possibly 15 to 20 min
02:31 steve_____ I can hear it wast of GR now
02:31 steve_____ *west
02:31 steve_____ .weather kgrr
02:31 jonsee1234 joined #thegeekgroup
02:31 LeadHead the bot is down steve_____
02:32 steve_____ bot is stil offline
02:32 BatSteve
02:32 BatSteve there you go
02:32 BatSteve temporary weather
02:32 steve_____ thanks
02:32 LeadHead BatSteve: You should really make the bot pull weather from this website
02:33 BatSteve you think?
02:33 BatSteve I mean, I can
02:33 CSMonster_brb is now known as CSMonster
02:33 dr_jkl i miss
02:33 LeadHead maybe put a different a command
02:33 LeadHead like
02:33 LeadHead .fweather
02:33 CSMonster .fw
02:33 dr_jkl .tfw
02:33 LeadHead yeah
02:33 BatSteve dr_jkl: ?
02:33 BatSteve .tfw  yeah
02:33 LeadHead tfw, that would be sweet
02:34 Cj1corbystarlet Brought to you bu Uncle Choppa
02:34 dr_jkl was a spoof weather site that gave actual weather forecasts in the style of that reporter dude from family guy
02:34 LeadHead oh
02:34 LeadHead Like Ollie
02:34 dr_jkl yeah! that's his name
02:35 dr_jkl i don't have a television anymore so i haven't seen an ep in almost four years
02:35 CSMonster :D
02:36 jonsee1234 left #thegeekgroup
02:37 CSMonster need water to take aspirin ><
02:37 steve_____ is now known as steve_afk
02:38 CSMonster wow that sharpie really fucked me up.
02:39 LeadHead ?
02:39 CSMonster i had to label things with a sharpie in a poorly ventilated area today.
02:39 LeadHead oh
02:39 CSMonster now i have a BAD headache.
02:40 exor674 CSMonster: inhaling fumes is bad!
02:40 exor674 even assidentally!
02:40 injektion ^
02:40 CSMonster well i can't help it, i'm an ass.
02:41 injektion I used to paint diesel engines for Caterpillar and I had to use paint thinner in a poorly ventilated area
02:41 CSMonster shooting would help but i think the neighbors would complain this late in the evening. :/
02:41 injektion That screwed me over for live
02:41 injektion life*
02:42 Sadius left #thegeekgroup
02:42 injektion I've never felt the same after that it feels like I have lost brain cells
02:42 mman45454 joined #thegeekgroup
02:43 CSMonster probably have.  that's what it does to you.
02:43 Cj1corbystarlet;playnext=1&amp;list=PLF1180D41836AC1C3          If you fly commuter airlines often you may find this funny
02:44 injektion It's sad though because I enjoyed having brain cells
02:45 CSMonster well i would be worried about you if you didn't
02:45 CSMonster not that i thing it's a *good* thing, but i'd say a life without any accidentally lost braincells is a boring life.
02:45 injektion I wouldn't say so
02:46 exor674 I feel like I am losing braincells every time a dentist uses that adhesive stuff
02:46 CSMonster lol
02:46 injektion For humans the brain is the best thing we have
02:46 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
02:46 exor674 just a lil wiff gives me that "high" feeling
02:47 * CSMonster is pretty sure the recoil and percussion of a .50 BMG rifle kills braincells
02:48 injektion I've done some stupid things in my life but once I realize how awesome being smart is I stopped and never did any of that again.
02:48 CSMonster lol
02:48 BatSteve CSMonster: yours or the target's?
02:48 CSMonster both
02:49 exor674 I doubt the recoil and percussion really concerns the target if you aim righ]
02:49 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
02:49 lwq1996 hi toastdude
02:49 InteliWasp left #thegeekgroup
02:49 injektion left #thegeekgroup
02:50 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
02:50 Toastdude Hi :)
02:50 CSMonster it's not a problem with the M2 because you aren't taking the recoil into your body, and it doesn't have a muzzle brake so it isn't so god damn loud.  any conventional rifle in that caliber however...
02:50 injektion Those 5 combined CT scans and xrays I had when I had my gallbladder out probably killed a lot of brain cells as well
02:51 exor674 I have had so many xrays I am suprised that I am not glowing
02:51 Toastdude lol
02:51 * CSMonster thinks
02:52 injektion Next time I have to go to the hospital when I have another issue that requires an ER visit I am going to request no xrays or CT scans
02:52 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
02:53 mman45454 left #thegeekgroup
02:53 injektion MRI's are fine though
02:53 zero21764 left #thegeekgroup
02:53 DruidicRifleman BatSteve the macmillian tac 50's mussel blast equals about a 1 lbs of tnt i read once
02:54 injektion Awesome
02:54 BatSteve really?
02:54 BatSteve wow
02:54 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
02:54 BatSteve that means that the energy inside the unfired cartridge must be more than a pound of TVT
02:55 BatSteve *TNT
02:55 DruidicRifleman i think it was swat magazine it was on the AAC Cyclopse 50 BMG supressor
02:55 exor674 yeah, I have had my spine and knees and hips x-rayed so many times mrr, I am probably gonna have to get an MRI ( I hope it doesn't need to be a CT because I am sick of getting pelted with high-energy electromagnetic radiation )
02:55 injektion I've had 9 CT scans in my life time
02:56 injektion Trying to avoid cancer because my mom died from cancer
02:56 Toastdude Ive only had one.......
02:56 lwq1996 ive had like 5x-rays and 1ct
02:57 injektion You didn't require 5 emergency room visits to have your potentially cancerous gallbladder removed
02:57 CSMonster well i've had every part of my body xrayed at some point in time; only been in one major car accident but escaped without any physical trauma (can't say the same for the truck); i've struggled with very severe depression, bipolar disorder, and severe body dysmorphia so i've A- been on a lot of prescribed happy-drugs and B- used to repeatedly slam my head into a wall when i was a little kid...
02:57 CSMonster ...out of self-hatred.  i've been around a LOT of rifle fire but most of that is harmless, other than the .50 BMG, probably about 20-25 rounds of that (both firing it and standing near it being fired), and of course inhaling gun cleaner (kerosene mainly) isn't good for your health.  i only use a sharpie once or twice a year, so i think i might be okay there; there was one time in autoshop...
02:57 CSMonster ...where i was *completely soaked* in gasoline.
02:57 exor674 lol what?
02:58 exor674 gasoline?
02:58 Toastdude why?
02:58 InteliWasp joined #thegeekgroup
02:58 CSMonster changing the fuel filter on my truck.  my shop partner thought it would be hilarious to tell me that he released the pressure on the fuel line, when in fact he did not.
02:59 exor674 yeah, I reeeecently ( a doctor finally looked hard enough! ) learned that yay my spine is fucked up
02:59 lwq1996 had that happen exor
02:59 exor674 CSMonster: I would have killed him for that
02:59 Toastdude Nice guy.....
02:59 CSMonster yeah.
02:59 exor674 like some happyfuntimes chronic degeneration and a (possible? -- need to ask what she means by that) congenital defect
02:59 exor674 woohoo
02:59 CSMonster looked like and was as happy as a wet cat, but much more flammable
03:00 Toastdude What'd you do after that?
03:00 exor674 also wow, that must have SUCKED
03:00 CSMonster scurried out from under the truck as quickly as possible (wasn't on a creeper) and ran for the emergency eye wash station.
03:01 CSMonster while swearing.  a lot.
03:01 exor674 from news teaser "Newborn that weighs as much as a 4-month old"
03:01 Toastdude Ah.
03:01 exor674 I am so glad this class had a master gas valve for the lab
03:01 exor674 but a college physics lab there was a group of kids that spent the entir lab time using the lab powersupply to make arcs off of the gas outlets
03:01 Toastdude What did you do to him though?
03:02 CSMonster yeah.... putting bunsen burners in the hands of highschool kids always seems like a bad idea to me.
03:02 exor674 and melting glass
03:02 injektion When I was in high school the teacher had to light the bunsen burners because we are not allowed to
03:02 exor674 ( yeah, they melted a hole in a glass beaker then promptly "accidentally" knocked it on the floor to hide the evidence
03:02 lwq1996 lol
03:02 exor674 and the teacher did nothing YAY
03:02 CSMonster nothing, physically.  he blamed it on me ("she said *she* checked it") and i had no one to back me up.  (this was in college, btw)
03:03 exor674 and I ended up having to do all my lab assignments alone because nobody would work with me
03:03 exor674 stupid other people
03:03 lwq1996 ikr
03:03 Toastdude That really sucks....
03:03 CSMonster stupid other people are stupid.
03:03 CSMonster alsoh
03:03 CSMonster *also:
03:03 injektion I loved doing lab assignments alone
03:03 CSMonster ohai toastdude
03:04 exor674 it sucked because some were not meant for one person
03:04 lwq1996 me too no other stupid people
03:04 Toastdude ?
03:04 exor674 another nanoying thing was that I was doing something with an airtrack
03:04 lwq1996 i like to work alone because i work better
03:04 exor674 and someone kept playing with my cart
03:04 CSMonster didn't notice you come in.  somehow.
03:04 exor674 and I said "Excuse me I'm trying to do stuff here"
03:04 exor674 and they kept fucking with it >_<
03:05 Toastdude You didnt notice me come in?
03:05 exor674 I uh... walked out of lab before I killed someone ( teacher was otherwise occupied and the lab was already mostly over )
03:05 CSMonster no.  i was recalling the discomfort of standing next to a BFG.
03:05 LeadHead big flaming gay?
03:05 * CSMonster is a big flaming gay
03:06 CSMonster Serbu BFG-50 rifle
03:06 LeadHead h
03:06 LeadHead Ah
03:06 injektion I thought I was the only gay person here
03:06 CSMonster, i think there are quite a few.
03:06 Toastdude Im going to play Portal now, so I have to get off for a bit. Bye
03:06 CSMonster cory is gay.  i think dr_jkl is also.
03:07 * exor674 lesbian
03:07 lwq1996 is chris
03:07 Cj1corbystarlet No
03:07 CSMonster ...and apparently exor674 too.
03:07 Toastdude He has a girlfriend.....
03:07 exor674 CSMonster: omg we're taking over!
03:07 lwq1996 i thought i herd something about it in a captains blog
03:07 exor674 teh gay infestation!
03:07 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
03:07 LeadHead He was probably talkign about cory
03:08 lwq1996 oh
03:08 CSMonster we now have an IRC populated by tech-head lesbians... and batsteve.
03:08 steve_afk his april fools?
03:08 injektion I get a lot of flack for being smart and gay
03:08 injektion I also hate lady gaga
03:08 lwq1996 it was something about coming out of the closet
03:08 BatSteve (grin)
03:08 steve_afk ya, his april fools post
03:08 LeadHead He was talking about Cory
03:08 lwq1996 oh
03:08 BatSteve CSMonster: Yes.  I am the token male, the token straight, and the token christian
03:08 BatSteve (:
03:08 steve_afk unless there was something I missed
03:08 CSMonster LOL
03:09 CSMonster no one is perfect, steve.
03:09 Cj1corbystarlet I'm also a token male , token straight , and Athiest :)
03:09 BatSteve CSMonster: I know.  But I'm getting close.
03:09 CSMonster LOL
03:09 steve_afk I try
03:09 lwq1996 im straigh but have nothing against gays because i have a gay cousin
03:10 LeadHead So you're saying
03:10 LeadHead if you didn't have a gay cousin, you'd hate them
03:10 lwq1996 no
03:10 CSMonster ^
03:10 injektion I wish I could find a smart gay guy who I could have a relationship because I am tired of dating idiots and addicts
03:10 lwq1996 i dont really care for stariotypes
03:11 LeadHead Gay isn't a stereotype?
03:11 lwq1996 well what ev....differences
03:11 LeadHead Alrighty then
03:11 lwq1996 trying to find words is hard when you are so fucking tired
03:11 Cj1corbystarlet Wow (Change of topic) Its mighty windy outside
03:11 CSMonster LOL
03:12 LeadHead Where is tfw when you need it?
03:12 CSMonster was waiting for someone to get uncomfortable enough to force a subject change.
03:12 lwq1996 lol
03:12 Cj1corbystarlet TOPIC CHANGE
03:12 Cj1corbystarlet :)
03:12 lwq1996 ok lets talk about getting corry a hair cut
03:12 CSMonster cjlcorbystarlet is uncomfortable.
03:12 lwq1996 lol
03:12 MoM-Test Hmm, that is a rather large spatula.
03:12 Cj1corbystarlet hehe i dont care
03:13 Cj1corbystarlet cory needs perm and hilights
03:13 LeadHead Crew cut
03:13 lwq1996 no we need to make him bald so he can cry
03:13 CSMonster no, liz and i already agreed on this.  cory needs extensions.
03:13 lwq1996 ok that was mean
03:13 LeadHead I didn't know you had to be bald to cry
03:14 CSMonster cory does
03:14 Cj1corbystarlet chris say cory would look like a angry lesbian with a crew cut
03:14 lwq1996 well he looks content with his long hair of awsome
03:14 lwq1996 lol
03:15 CSMonster as an angry lesbian who used to sport a crew cut, i take difference with that remark.
03:15 CSMonster :p
03:15 lwq1996 haha
03:16 lwq1996 ok IRC got quiet
03:16 Cj1corbystarlet not my words
03:16 CSMonster LOL
03:17 lwq1996 does anyone think that chris should grow his hair long again
03:18 * CSMonster shrugs
03:18 CSMonster idk
03:18 LeadHead Isn't this long for him?
03:18 Cj1corbystarlet I'm off to do some shopping............ back soon
03:18 CSMonster bye
03:18 lwq1996 see you
03:19 CSMonster brb, i think i need to go yell at and threaten a housemate.
03:19 lwq1996 omfg family guy
03:19 compwiz878 joined #thegeekgroup
03:19 lwq1996 razors on a fan
03:20 exor674 I think I'ma gonna sleep now
03:20 exor674 niiiiight
03:20 lwq1996 night
03:20 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
03:21 CSMonster night exor674
03:21 BatSteve gnight exor674
03:21 lwq1996 does anyone have a webbsite on how to sharpen a blade in a multi-tool
03:21 exor674 it IS a bit early for me but
03:22 Cprossu fucking sweet
03:23 Cprossu
03:23 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
03:23 Cprossu ^ picked these up today
03:23 Cprossu at a goodwill
03:23 Cprossu $120!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03:23 LeadHead Noice!
03:23 Cprossu BatSteve:
03:23 Cprossu xD
03:23 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
03:23 LeadHead Is botsteve sporting tfw?
03:23 BatSteve LeadHead: soon
03:23 Cprossu I need to find a place to put these motherfuckers!
03:23 CSMonster is now known as CSM_shower_bbl
03:24 BatSteve Cprossu: I suggest directly at your most annoying neighbor's bedroom
03:24 Cprossu BatSteve: I have a better set of speakers for that
03:24 Cprossu and I don't know which of the two sets would be better
03:25 BatSteve oh.  hmm.  in your car?
03:25 Cprossu negative
03:25 BatSteve Pardon me.  In your sweet ride?
03:25 LeadHead Whip, is the correct erm
03:25 LeadHead term
03:26 BatSteve ah.  thank you.  I am behind the times.
03:26 Cprossu I have a pair of Cerwin Vega... I think VE-15F's
03:26 steve_afk Cprossu
03:27 Cprossu nice howto
03:27 Cprossu tek is great
03:27 steve_afk tek is great
03:27 injektion ITT speakers suck
03:27 Cprossu my other pair is Altec are they?!
03:27 Cprossu Santana I think
03:28 Cprossu
03:28 Cprossu ^Altec Santana
03:28 Cprossu actually wait
03:28 Cprossu mine have biflex speakers
03:28 Cprossu
03:28 Cprossu ^more like that one
03:28 injektion
03:28 LeadHead thats an old altec
03:28 Cprossu abd nt cerwin vega's are AT-15
03:28 Cprossu read: good altec
03:29 Cprossu
03:29 Cprossu ^ these are the AT-15's
03:29 LeadHead James B Lansing's first company
03:29 Cprossu the CV's don't sound as nice as some other stuff I have
03:29 Cprossu butttttttt
03:29 LeadHead before he founded JBL
03:29 Cprossu Western Electric=Altec
03:29 Cprossu If I recall correctly
03:30 Cprossu in a sorta screwed up way
03:30 * LeadHead goes to wikipedia
03:30 Cprossu Duplex speakers for the win
03:30 injektion My old car had JBL speakers which were quite good for speakers made in the 90s the ITT ones in the BMW SUCK so horribly
03:30 Cprossu I had my chance at a pair of 604e's slip outa my hands too
03:30 Cprossu anyway
03:30 Cprossu both sets of speakers shown
03:30 Cprossu treat cinder block as paper
03:30 LeadHead In 1928, AT&T's Western Electric  established a division for the specific purpose of installing and  servicing their loudspeakers and electronic products for motion picture  use. Called "E.R.P.I." (Electrical Research Products, Inc.), it was  purchased as part of a consent decree in 1936 by a group of E.R.P.I.  executives, including George Carrington, Sr. and Mike Conrow. They  changed the name to "All Technical Service Company".
03:30 Cprossu ALTEC!
03:31 LeadHead The All Technical Service Company purchased the nearly bankrupt Lansing Manufacturing Company (named after its founder James B. Lansing)  and melded the two names, forming the Altec Lansing Corporation on May  1, 1941. James Lansing went on to found the James B. Lansing Company (JBL), another manufacturer of high-quality professional loudspeakers , which competed with Altec.
03:31 Cprossu I also have a set of sansui sp-2500's
03:31 Cprossu which sound decent too
03:31 LeadHead I've got a set of JBL 830s, they're newer (80s)
03:31 Cprossu
03:32 Cprossu ^ Sansui sp-2500's
03:32 LeadHead but I toasted the tweeter in one of them already
03:32 Cprossu I have several other oddball speakers too
03:32 LeadHead well being 30 years old, I guess I shouldn't say already
03:32 Cprossu including an Altec horn and Altec 15" bass speaker
03:33 Cprossu
03:33 Cprossu
03:33 Cprossu believe me when I tell you
03:34 Cprossu I think the HF driver that goes with it is an Altec 808B from memory
03:34 Cprossu
03:34 Cprossu ^ was a 808A
03:35 Cprossu and I have a 90deg horn that goes with it
03:35 LeadHead hum
03:35 LeadHead Is that titanium
03:35 Cprossu I never looked
03:35 Cprossu it'll make ears bleed though
03:35 LeadHead I think silk-dome tweeters are all the rage now
03:35 LeadHead not sure
03:36 Cprossu this is old
03:36 LeadHead the titanium tweeters on my JBL 830s can be a bit harsh
03:36 Cprossu like before '75
03:36 LeadHead oh
03:37 Cprossu it was probably expensive as hell though
03:37 LeadHead yeah
03:37 Cprossu;source=web&amp;cd=1&amp;ved=0CBYQFjAA&amp;;rct=j&amp;q=Altec%20horn%20808A%20specs&amp;ei=bkmyTbjVE7SQ0QHR5o2ZCQ&amp;usg=AFQjCNGKDfvgGcDMlniyh3GfVgo42EAQ4w&amp;cad=rja
03:37 Cprossu ^does that link work??
03:38 Cprossu also note that they rate their stuff with RMS...PINK NOISE
03:38 LeadHead Symbiolik diaphragm
03:38 Cprossu check out the db per watt on that fucker too
03:39 LeadHead 109db/watt
03:39 LeadHead nice
03:39 Cprossu and this is the HF driver
03:40 Cprossu as for that 15" speaker
03:40 Cprossu
03:40 LeadHead 97db/watt is pretty impressive for such a large driver
03:40 Cprossu Altec made some impressive shit in their day
03:40 LeadHead Frequency response is intersting
03:41 LeadHead You'd expect a 15" driver to be better for low-end bass, but it looks like this driver's ideal range would be low-midrange
03:42 Cprossu and it works rather well
03:42 Cprossu one of these days I'm gonna get another set and build some nice cabinets for them
03:43 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
03:43 Cprossu
03:43 Cprossu ^ the 420A I think is in the santanas
03:43 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
03:43 Cprossu remember power ratings are in pink noise rms
03:44 Cprossu let me recheck though
03:46 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
03:48 Cprossu
03:48 Cprossu ^ and I missed out on a set of these suckers
03:49 Cprossu if you want to see some fucked up freq response look at that one (HF driver is in the center)
03:49 LeadHead 100Hz all the way to 10000
03:49 LeadHead how did they pull that off
03:49 Cprossu HF in the center, 15" driver
03:50 Cprossu the center goes around the HF driver and horn
03:50 LeadHead Intersting
03:50 LeadHead Heh, integrated crossover network too
03:50 tggLiz joined #thegeekgroup
03:51 Cprossu it was separate on the one I was looking at
03:51 LeadHead oh
03:51 Cprossu
03:51 Cprossu ^look
03:51 Cprossu see that box to the right side
03:51 CSM_shower_bbl is now known as CSMonster
03:52 Cprossu either way they made some god damn awesome speakers
03:52 CSMonster oh dear, it's tggliz.  er i mean hi
03:52 Cprossu cool thing is you can still get those today
03:52 Cprossu
03:53 Cprossu made a bit different
03:53 tggLiz hey CSMonster
03:53 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
03:53 Cprossu check the freq response on the 'new' version, LeadHead
03:54 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
03:54 LeadHead Carries it all the way home to 20KHz
03:54 CSMonster RED_home HAI
03:55 RED_home Hi darlin' how are you?
03:55 LeadHead That one driver assmebly would make a killer speaker
03:55 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:57 CSMonster er.... apparently i gotta run to the store now.  :/
03:57 CSMonster dammit.
03:58 CSMonster i'll be back in a little while
03:58 tggLiz mk
03:58 CSMonster is now known as CSM_OMG_AFK_BBQ
03:58 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
03:58 RED_home :\
03:58 RED_home have fun
03:58 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
03:59 Cprossu some people have way too much money
03:59 Cprossu
04:00 LeadHead meh
04:00 Cprossu the funny thing is
04:01 Cprossu we only needed 2 of them our HS auditorium
04:01 Cprossu loud motherfuckers
04:01 Cprossu Had them on a crown macrotech iirc
04:01 LeadHead Our HS Auditorium had 3 giant ElectroVoice speakers
04:02 LeadHead mounted on the cieling infront of the stage
04:02 Cprossu we had 2 duplex altecs
04:02 LeadHead there were fed through an ElectroVoice powered mixer
04:02 Cprossu and a few 18" noname subwoofters
04:02 Cprossu used to have a yamaha mixer
04:02 Cprossu old school too
04:02 Cprossu they switched to ...a piece of shit
04:02 LeadHead School went through an entire rennovation in 2000
04:02 Cprossu of who's name I'll remember some day
04:02 LeadHead which was when the auditorium was actually built
04:03 LeadHead The auditorium was originally supposed to be able to hold the entire school at once
04:03 LeadHead but they ran out of money during the rennovation and had to cut it short quite a few rows
04:03 Cprossu wow it was a com-tech
04:03 Cprossu not a macro
04:04 LeadHead Not a big school though, only around 850-900 Students
04:04 LeadHead Average students per teacher is like 14
04:06 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
04:06 Cprossu
04:06 Cprossu see the third one down?
04:06 LeadHead yeah
04:06 Cprossu nice amp, loved it
04:06 LeadHead oh
04:06 Cprossu we also had an altec lansing amp too
04:06 Cprossu rebadged electrovoice
04:07 Cprossu
04:07 LeadHead They really ghetto'd up the auditorium towards the end though
04:07 LeadHead when they were running low on cash
04:07 Cprossu
04:07 Cprossu ^ there you go
04:07 Cprossu I always thought that was a cool amp too
04:08 Cprossu (rebadged electrovoice I think)
04:08 Cprossu I got dragged into that mess
04:08 LeadHead For example, the control booth, at the very back of the auditorium
04:08 Cprossu when a few amps and the power sequencer blew up
04:08 Cprossu I was brought in as the school techie
04:08 Cprossu to fix this shit
04:08 LeadHead the three speaker wires just came out of a hole punched through the drywall
04:08 Cprossu so I rewired everything
04:08 Cprossu trained 4 people to use it
04:08 Cprossu who promptly didn't care
04:09 LeadHead whoever did the install used shielded microphone cable
04:09 Cprossu and had to do the next 2 show
04:09 Cprossu s
04:09 LeadHead as speaker wires
04:09 Cprossu pieces of shits
04:09 Cprossu I had to fix more XLR's than I wish to admit to
04:09 LeadHead they had two speakers on one channel of the powered mixier
04:09 LeadHead and one speaker on the other
04:09 Cprossu lol
04:09 Cprossu you know what we had?
04:09 speedrunnerG55_ anyone want to join my minecraft server?
04:09 Cprossu a stereo mixer
04:09 speedrunnerG55_ pm me
04:09 Cprossu and one channel run
04:09 LeadHead all 5 microphone cables also came out of the wall into the mixer
04:10 Cprossu god that was a mess
04:10 LeadHead the best part was the lighting system
04:10 Cprossu OH MY GOD
04:10 speedrunnerG55_ hi cprossu
04:10 Cprossu ours ran on a 286 that was in the lighting case
04:10 Cprossu hey speedrunnerG55_!
04:10 Cprossu that someone spilled mercury in at one point
04:10 speedrunnerG55_ do you mine and / or craft?
04:10 LeadHead ours was a ColorTran with a Innovator 24/48 board or somethig like that
04:11 Cprossu negative
04:11 Cprossu I wish I remembered the name of ours
04:11 speedrunnerG55_ ok
04:11 Cprossu we had to keep finding monochrome screens for the bitch
04:11 Cprossu last one we got was amber lol
04:11 LeadHead during the rennovation the whole school switched to computerized lighting control system
04:11 LeadHead by Leviton
04:11 LeadHead the auditorium's system was independent though
04:12 LeadHead by Colotran was a Leviton company
04:12 LeadHead so it was probably though the same contractor
04:12 LeadHead but anyways, the Colortran stage/house lighting system has three main components:
04:12 Cprossu I still have nightmares about our rheostat(?) room
04:12 LeadHead Dimmer Racks, Architectual Control Unit, and the Light Board
04:12 LeadHead rehostats, that's real old school
04:13 LeadHead we had computerized SCR Dimmers
04:13 Cprossu ours were motorized
04:13 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:13 Cprossu fucked up too
04:13 LeadHead we had 96 channels to play with for the stage
04:13 LeadHead and 24 house light channels
04:14 LeadHead but anyways, the architectual control unit is the thing that orchestrates everything
04:14 BatSteve LeadHead: ask and you shall receive
04:14 LeadHead it recievs input from the main light board, switches around the doors on the auditorium
04:14 LeadHead etc..
04:14 BatSteve .tfw 90210
04:14 BotSteve 57�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Beverly Hills, CA!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
04:14 LeadHead and then manage the dimmer racks
04:14 LeadHead so take a guess where the contractors who did the install
04:14 LeadHead put this very important box
04:14 Cprossu .tfw 85021
04:14 BotSteve 81�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Not even PAM can make me not stick to this seat'
04:15 LeadHead rofl
04:15 Cprossu wait until june
04:15 LeadHead Take a guess Cprossu
04:15 injektion It's going to be hot here this weekend in GA
04:15 Cprossu lets see important box
04:15 LinuxH4x0r .tfw 87505
04:15 BotSteve 57�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Santa Fe, NM!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
04:15 BatSteve above the door
04:15 LeadHead that would be sensible
04:15 Cprossu ours was next to the highly flamable prop room on the catwalks
04:15 LeadHead they put it on the floor
04:16 LeadHead of the control booth
04:16 LeadHead no mounted down
04:16 Cprossu hot feet?
04:16 LeadHead right under the table the light control board was over
04:16 Cprossu ouch
04:16 LeadHead no, it doesn't get hot
04:16 Cprossu well that's good
04:16 LeadHead it just the computer that manages everything
04:16 LeadHead except its delicate
04:16 injektion 89F here Sunday :D
04:16 LeadHead not mounted down, sitting loose on the ground,
04:16 Cprossu our whole system was fucked up
04:16 LeadHead about 20 wires coming out of a hole punched in the wall
04:16 LeadHead going into the box
04:17 Cprossu I don't know what a real one is supposed to look like
04:17 LeadHead and instead of its supply power being hardwired
04:17 LeadHead it was just plugged into the wall
04:17 Cprossu we had a whole room with racks of motorized rheos in it
04:17 Cprossu we called it the hot box
04:17 LeadHead this thing was sensitive though, one little accidental tap with your foot
04:17 LeadHead and all the lights inthe auditorium would just go out
04:17 LeadHead when the dimmer racks lost communication
04:18 Cprossu whenever our lighting board blew a fuse
04:18 Cprossu all the lights stayed right where they were
04:18 Cprossu then the rheos would 'home' when the system came back up
04:18 LeadHead Well the racks have a digital timeout that can be set
04:18 LeadHead so if the board or control system freaks out
04:18 LeadHead it will hold the lighting levels until communication is restablished
04:19 Cprossu ours were dumb rigged fucked up bastards of a mixture of 60's and 80's tech
04:19 LeadHead except whoever set it up put the timeout at like 5 seconds
04:19 LeadHead so before the board/unit was done rebooting, the lights would just go out
04:19 injektion left #thegeekgroup
04:19 LeadHead Rheostats are REAL oldschool technology
04:19 LeadHead defintely 50s 60s
04:20 LeadHead I think they started using SCR dimmers in the 70s
04:20 LeadHead now IGBT sinewave dimmers are all the rage
04:20 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
04:21 Cprossu I can't find anything that looks like what our dimmer racks looked like
04:21 Cprossu online
04:22 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
04:23 LeadHead
04:23 LeadHead the two ones on the left
04:23 LeadHead are basically what ours looked like
04:23 LeadHead except not on wheels
04:23 Cprossu ours was nothing that clean
04:23 LeadHead those modules look like this
04:23 LeadHead
04:23 LeadHead in the inside
04:24 Cprossu every rack was ~5U thick and didn't fit on a standard rack
04:24 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
04:24 Cprossu or if they did, they sure hid it well
04:24 LeadHead yeh
04:24 tggLiz left #thegeekgroup
04:24 steve_afk left #thegeekgroup
04:25 Cprossu I have the feeling from looking at lighting boards we had an avolites
04:26 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
04:27 LeadHead dunno
04:27 Cprossu I can't find one old enough
04:27 LeadHead I'm not that well versed in theater stuff
04:27 DruidicRifleman any one have ther server Information for where the channel is located?
04:27 LeadHead not really a theater junky, just knew something about the system my school used
04:27 LeadHead since I had to deal with it so often
04:29 Cprossu oooh
04:29 Cprossu it could have been an EDI
04:29 Cprossu let me check
04:29 Cprossu nah
04:30 Cprossu <- not this old but same style
04:32 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
04:32 LeadHead lol
04:33 LeadHead what a tank
04:36 CSM_OMG_AFK_BBQ is now known as CSMonster
04:36 MoxieMike you ok over there csmonster?
04:37 CSMonster yessir
04:37 CSMonster i had to run to the store
04:37 MoxieMike the omg_afk_bbq store?
04:37 CSMonster yes, that one
04:37 CSMonster they sell really good bbq seasonings
04:38 MoxieMike i don't think i have one of those near me
04:38 CSMonster it's a local chain. :P
04:38 CSMonster also, sometimes i embrace the hyperbole.
04:39 CSMonster what did i miss?  besides everyone else logging off
04:40 BatSteve BotSteve now searches TFW
04:40 BatSteve .tfw miami
04:40 BotSteve 77�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Miami, FL!  'I approve of this message!'
04:40 CSMonster LOL nice
04:40 CSMonster .tfw barbados
04:40 BotSteve 81�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Bridgetown, BB!  'Beach.'
04:40 Yaotzin Oh Bogsteve
04:40 Yaotzin you so silly
04:40 Yaotzin Bogsteve? wow
04:40 CSMonster LOL
04:40 Yaotzin .mudboggin
04:41 MoxieMike you fat fingered that one
04:41 CSMonster what's cookin Yaotz
04:41 Yaotzin .hecamefromthebatlagoon
04:41 Yaotzin CSMonster: I'm half asleep
04:41 Yaotzin that's whats cookin
04:41 CSMonster LMAO
04:41 CSMonster bat lagoon.
04:44 LeadHead .tfw Providence
04:44 BotSteve 43�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Providence, RI!  'Listen, weather. We need to have a talk.'
04:44 Cj1corbystarlet .tfw ypph
04:44 BotSteve Unknown location
04:44 Cj1corbystarlet .tfw Perth
04:44 BotSteve 81�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Perth, AS!  'Beach.'
04:45 Yaotzin Would be funny if we could get different weathermen depending on what you call for
04:45 LeadHead .tfw Fairbanks
04:45 BotSteve 44�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Fairbanks, AK!  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
04:45 Cj1corbystarlet lol
04:45 Yaotzin like say .tfw Providence Michael J Fox
04:45 Yaotzin you can finish the joke from there
04:45 Cj1corbystarlet Earthquake
04:46 NeWtoz .tfw big rapids, mi
04:46 BotSteve 39�F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Big Rapids, MI!  'Fuck this place.'
04:46 LeadHead rofl
04:46 Yaotzin Or .tfw providence Steviewonder
04:46 Yaotzin "Can't see shit, it's cold!"
04:46 BatSteve Yaotzin: I just wrote 2 modules for BotSteve in one night, only one of which you know about.
04:46 Yaotzin Oh?
04:46 BatSteve yeah, you'll find out about the other one soon and you'll be happy about it
04:46 Yaotzin Cool
04:47 MoxieMike tfw seems to be a vulgar version of the weather
04:47 BatSteve Hopefully it'll make keeping order in the channel a little easier
04:47 Yaotzin hmm
04:47 BatSteve MoxieMike: yes.  hence the name of the site.
04:47 LeadHead .voteban?
04:47 LeadHead lol
04:47 BatSteve
04:47 BatSteve LeadHead: yes.
04:47 MoxieMike hahaha
04:47 Yaotzin What really?
04:47 BatSteve yes.
04:47 Yaotzin lol oh wow
04:47 LeadHead Just like Counter Strike :-P
04:48 BatSteve That module still in testing.
04:48 Yaotzin Alright, alright
04:48 CSMonster LOL can we voteban kristopher?
04:48 Yaotzin I am very interested in how this'll go
04:48 BatSteve eventually
04:48 BatSteve we'll see how it goes
04:49 BatSteve If you want to help, and you know python, team botsteve is still recruiting
04:49 BatSteve otherwise, I'll get it done as soon as I can
04:49 Cj1corbystarlet Sorry dude i know Zilch about python
04:49 LeadHead So when will I being seeing BotSteve in pretty packaging at retail stores?
04:49 djrock9000 lol
04:49 Yaotzin I know a little garden snake
04:49 CSMonster i know zilch about programming in general.  i'll stick to guns for the sake of us all.
04:50 Cj1corbystarlet Im fluent in Snake
04:50 djrock9000 sssssssssssss!
04:50 LeadHead Look!
04:50 LeadHead He's compiling code!
04:50 djrock9000 lolz
04:51 CSMonster i speak a little bit of Russian but... in Soviet Russia... well, you know how it is.
04:51 Cprossu finding vintage theater lighting stuff is more difficult than finding about vintage video production stuff
04:51 Cj1corbystarlet Last time i loaded code into a compiler, the error code bame back " What is this shit - Delete"
04:51 Cprossu on that note I saw a pro orange JVC camera at a goodwill today
04:51 LeadHead .tfw Tiksi, Russia
04:51 BotSteve 41�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Tiksi, RS!  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
04:52 Cprossu and I would have picked it up but they have a new pricer working there
04:52 BatSteve Aight.  Goodnight everyone.
04:52 CSMonster night batsteve
04:52 Cprossu and he's an idiot
04:52 Yaotzin Goodnight BatSteve
04:52 Yaotzin Catch you on the morrow
04:52 LeadHead .tfw Reykjavik, Iceland
04:52 BotSteve 34�F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Reykjavik, IC!  'GREAT! If you're a penguin.'
04:52 LeadHead night
04:52 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
04:52 tesla4d left #thegeekgroup
04:53 Cprossu
04:53 Cprossu I passed up one of these today
04:53 Cprossu due to a stupid dumbass pricer at a goodwill
04:53 Cprossu who thought it was gold instead of junk
04:54 Cprossu most likely tube too
04:54 Cj1corbystarlet Wow someone say Retro ?
04:54 Cprossu not worth $300
04:54 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
04:54 Cprossu fucking moron
04:54 NeWtoz I like the color
04:55 Cj1corbystarlet Ahh no maybe 50 bucks
04:55 Cprossu priced a deskjet 990C at $70 too
04:55 Hydroelectric Hey everyone, what did I miss Cprossu?
04:55 Cprossu oh I wanted to buy a camera
04:55 LeadHead
04:55 tggLiz joined #thegeekgroup
04:55 LeadHead I bet that thign only cost $70 new
04:55 LeadHead *thing
04:55 Cprossu
04:56 Cprossu it probably cost $250 new actually
04:56 Cprossu that's not the point
04:56 Cprossu not worth more than $10
04:56 LeadHead a Deskjet?
04:56 NeWtoz jet fuel is expensive now-a-days
04:56 LeadHead Specs don't seem like anythnig special
04:57 steve__ joined #thegeekgroup
04:57 steve__ hello, anyone home?
04:57 LeadHead $70 will get you a new decent printer that would likely blow that deskjet out of hte water anyways
04:57 CSMonster hi steve__
04:57 steve__ it will?
04:57 Cj1corbystarlet Yes its a funny farm in here
04:57 NeWtoz but it's a JET!
04:57 LeadHead Somtimes it's actually cheaper just to get a new printer, then ink for one
04:57 NeWtoz who can say they own a jet?
04:57 LeadHead @_@
04:58 tggLiz anyone can say they own it
04:58 tggLiz you just have to figure whether they're lying or not
04:58 CSMonster ohai liz is back.
04:58 tggLiz o hai
04:58 steve__ ever hear of an RC jet?
04:58 Cj1corbystarlet Ih have 2 aircraft, not jets tho
04:58 CSMonster yes, lots of them
04:58 LeadHead Seen em on Youtube
04:58 CSMonster the engines are VERY expensive
04:58 LeadHead Some people make the engines themselves too
04:58 steve__ lots of people own jets
04:58 LeadHead that's dedication
04:58 steve__ model jets
04:59 steve__ that is dedication to build a jet
04:59 Cj1corbystarlet Mine a real Aircraft, not models
04:59 NeWtoz I don't have a jet :(
04:59 steve__ or a 5 axis CNC
04:59 steve__ so I have heard
04:59 CSMonster yes, that's a hell of a job building a miniature turbojet like that (and i don't mean around a turbocharger)
04:59 steve__ no, the real thing
05:00 steve__ theatre stories still happening?
05:00 LeadHead nope
05:00 LeadHead onto printers now
05:00 steve__ ah, ok
05:00 steve__ missed that one then
05:00 NeWtoz and jets
05:00 MoxieMike ok guys, i'm going to bed
05:00 steve__ yes, and jets
05:00 Yaotzin Someone want to stretch my leg for me?
05:00 MoxieMike have a good night everyone
05:00 Hydroelectric Hehe, I'm running a Man In The Middle on my own router and someone is yet to figure out why their Internet keeps dropping in and out. :-)
05:00 Yaotzin I got this spot that needs to crack or pop
05:00 Hydroelectric Night MoxieMike.
05:00 Yaotzin layed on it wron
05:00 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
05:00 steve__ hydro thats a fun game to play
05:00 NeWtoz should do that
05:01 steve__ so is fuzzy web
05:01 NeWtoz n't*
05:01 Yaotzin Shouldn't do what
05:01 steve__ inverted pics could be enjoyable
05:01 NeWtoz lay on it wrong
05:01 Yaotzin I'll agree to that
05:02 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
05:02 steve__ just the cool people left in here?
05:03 CSMonster cool people?
05:03 steve__ sure
05:03 CSMonster no, we need to get kristopher back here
05:03 steve__ thats right, it's not a party without him
05:03 djrock9000 peeps watch this. 300,000 volts through TV;feature=feedu
05:04 LeadHead Seroster is my bro
05:04 LeadHead PhotonicInduction is nuts
05:04 djrock9000 I know isnt he
05:05 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
05:05 CSMonster seroster is your bro like in the actual family sense?
05:05 LeadHead Negative
05:06 CSMonster okay.
05:06 CSMonster that scared me for a second
05:06 LeadHead I'd kill him if he was my brother
05:06 CSMonster LOL
05:06 CSMonster i wouldn't blame you
05:09 LeadHead Yeesh
05:09 LeadHead Glass isn't much of an insulator for 300,000 volts
05:09 Cprossu LeadHead: the 990c may not be the best specced
05:09 Cprossu but it's a tank
05:10 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
05:10 Cprossu the newer printers are all use it once and throw it away
05:10 Cprossu and aren't built very well
05:10 Cprossu the last inkjet that was built decently was the deskjet 6122
05:10 tggLiz left #thegeekgroup
05:11 Cprossu LeadHead: you still around?
05:12 LeadHead djrock9000: Looks like EMF cooked some stuff in his house
05:12 LeadHead lol
05:12 Cprossu I'll say that my officejet 7550 hasn't had many issues, except the firmware sucks balls and freezes up at least once every 2 weeks
05:12 LeadHead Cprossu I'm sill here
05:12 Cprossu coo
05:12 LeadHead Just watchin youtube
05:13 djrock9000 yeah that was funny
05:13 Cprossu anyway I hate the newer inkjets
05:13 djrock9000 Set his alarm off lol
05:13 Cprossu pieces of shit as far as I am concerned
05:13 LeadHead what kind of alarm was it
05:13 LeadHead i didn't quite catch it
05:13 LeadHead yeah, not real happy with my Cannon IP3000
05:13 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
05:14 LeadHead Uses ink rapidly and the nozzles start smuding black ink all over everything unless you take them out and physically clean them every time you use the thing
05:14 Cprossu I've never been happy with any canon except the stylewriter II
05:15 Cprossu (it made a cool startup noise too iirc)
05:15 LeadHead My Cannon uses encoded brushless motors
05:15 LeadHead well just encoded DC motors
05:15 steve__ smoking telly aught to smell really good
05:15 LeadHead so no cool noises
05:15 Cprossu I've hated every epson I've owned/repaired/used
05:16 Cprossu
05:16 Cprossu ^ love the noise
05:16 djrock9000 You might think this is funny.
05:17 djrock9000 They even have a behind the scenes
05:18 Cprossu not too bad
05:18 LeadHead lol hammer
05:19 LeadHead I find it ineresting how long the TV keeps cracking and popping for
05:19 LeadHead even after he smashes it
05:26 Cprossu hrmm
05:27 Cprossu shit
05:27 Cprossu looks like I made a $8 mistake on the router I bought today at a goodwill
05:27 Cprossu got the wrt54gsv...5 damnit
05:27 Cprossu I think I can still do something with it but 2mb flash sucks
05:29 djrock9000 Ive got a Linksys E2000
05:29 djrock9000 got it on sale
05:30 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
05:31 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
05:39 Cj1corbystarlet_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:40 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
05:40 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
05:40 djrock9000 left #thegeekgroup
05:40 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
05:40 Toastdude Hi
05:41 Cj1corbystarlet_ what
05:41 Cj1corbystarlet_ i'm still here
05:41 Toastdude what?
05:41 Cj1corbystarlet_ IRC tells me i have qui ?
05:41 Cj1corbystarlet_ * Quit ?
05:42 injektion The car gods are pissed off at me again
05:42 Toastdude why?
05:42 CSMonster what'd you do injektion
05:42 injektion I was sitting at a red light and the temp gauge shot up almost into the red zone
05:43 LeadHead car?
05:43 injektion yes
05:43 LeadHead what kind
05:43 injektion 1987 BMW 535is
05:43 LeadHead oh
05:44 Cj1corbystarlet_ Could be just a bad sensor
05:44 injektion Probably the fluid flilled fan clutch again
05:44 Cj1corbystarlet_ But its a BMW coud be anything .....
05:44 injektion It's no worse than an American car
05:46 injektion It's been reliable
05:46 injektion I drove it from GA to CO without a single break down
05:46 injektion and back
05:48 injektion For all I know it could be the fan clutch, sender for the cluster, bad ground somewhere
05:55 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
05:57 * CSMonster hears crickets
05:57 injektion Still the BMW hasn't died like my brothers mercury topaz
05:58 CSMonster LOL fuck the topaz.
05:59 LeadHead Topaz isn't even a car
06:00 injektion I don't see why ford would build such a car to begin with
06:03 injektion All of the crappy cars from Ford, GM, and Chrysler should have a museum that should be called "Now you know why we needed a bailout"
06:04 LeadHead Not really
06:04 LeadHead GM was still the largest automaker in the world
06:04 LeadHead when it collapse
06:04 LeadHead Ford never got bailed out (close though)
06:04 LeadHead and Chrysler was still fairly high up on the list
06:05 LeadHead The bail outs came out not from lack of sales, but rather the companies were so poorly managed
06:05 injektion GM's biggest mistake was putting the SS badge on a front wheel drive car
06:05 LeadHead that they were just hemorrhaging cash
06:05 LeadHead No, that had absolutely nothing to do with their collapse
06:05 LeadHead mismanagement
06:05 LeadHead is the reason
06:06 injektion Well Lutz was the CEO at the time
06:08 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
06:09 LeadHead Lutz was never CEO
06:09 LeadHead Chairman, not CEO
06:11 injektion I'm going to go bed. My brain isn't working well due to issues with sleeping at night
06:11 LeadHead night
06:12 injektion I really can't live on 4 hours of sleep a night :/
06:13 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
06:15 injektion It's awful I really don't want to take pills to help me sleep either
06:16 injektion left #thegeekgroup
06:21 Hackbat :D!
06:22 Hackbat now with volume "Reduction"
06:22 LeadHead
06:24 CSMonster ...
06:36 steve__ left #thegeekgroup
07:03 lwq1996 is now known as sleeping
07:04 sleeping is now known as lwq1996_sleeping
07:06 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
07:06 lwq1996_sleeping is now known as lwq1996_to
07:06 lwq1996_to nick lwq1996_to_tired_to_sleep
07:07 lwq1996_to nick lwq1996
07:07 lwq1996_to is now known as lwq1996
07:08 lwq1996 is now known as lwq1996_sleeping
07:09 lwq1996_sleeping is now known as lwq1996-sleeping
07:10 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
07:10 DruidicRifleman any one awake
07:12 lwq1996-sleeping i am still
07:12 lwq1996-sleeping i am totaly tired tho
07:13 lwq1996-sleeping i cant sleep
07:14 DruidicRifleman i see
07:15 lwq1996-sleeping yep
07:16 lwq1996-sleeping what should we do for fun
07:16 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:17 lwq1996-sleeping wtf
07:17 DruidicRifleman ummmm send me some anti static bags so i can mail Chriss what may be a better viceo card for the lab
07:17 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
07:17 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
07:17 lwq1996-sleeping hmmm idk if thats posible to see that i have non right now
07:18 lwq1996-sleeping did u check ebay for those bags
07:20 lwq1996-sleeping you can get 100 for 17 bucks
07:22 lwq1996-sleeping even better u can get 100 bubble wrap ones for 5bucks
07:22 lwq1996-sleeping hello anyone there
07:26 NeWtoz yup
07:27 DruidicRifleman yeah i need 2
07:27 DruidicRifleman i need bubble rap any way i can buy it large enough to Double as a propelinant bag for a 16 inch gun
07:28 DruidicRifleman Comes in a role Al i'd need is burlap and A really large sectiopn of pipe
07:28 lwq1996-sleeping idk
07:29 lwq1996-sleeping i looked on ebay
07:29 DruidicRifleman the guns on the ship that killed the bizmark in the logs from the ship there is a line "fire at the bismark at 5000 meter's point blank" those we're 16 inch guns
07:29 DruidicRifleman chress could crawl into the barrel probly
07:29 lwq1996-sleeping wow
07:30 DruidicRifleman yeah
07:30 lwq1996-sleeping btw if u need anti-static bags why dont u go to your local post office and check
07:30 DruidicRifleman i will
07:31 DruidicRifleman i was hopping to find some
07:31 DruidicRifleman since we have allot of PC stuff
07:31 lwq1996-sleeping yea i know how that can be
07:32 lwq1996-sleeping i want one of them mini disk drives thats in the lab
07:32 DruidicRifleman hehe
07:33 DruidicRifleman I want A High energy lazer that can burn through aluminum at 1000 yards
07:33 lwq1996-sleeping hmmmm
07:33 Cprossu don't we all?
07:33 DruidicRifleman lol
07:33 lwq1996-sleeping i want a burning lazer period
07:34 DruidicRifleman i'd love to build one And develope it as a compliment to the 20mm vulcan CIWS replace
07:35 lwq1996-sleeping look at they have death ray parts
07:35 DruidicRifleman i don't wanna replace this just LAZER option
07:39 DruidicRifleman I wouldn't mind distilation equiptment
07:39 lwq1996-sleeping me neither
07:41 DruidicRifleman Or all the CNC machinery and a rifling cuting tool
07:41 lwq1996-sleeping yep
07:42 lwq1996-sleeping i want to get my hand on a barret for a day
07:43 DruidicRifleman You know there's another brand i like they're rifles even better
07:43 lwq1996-sleeping what brand
07:44 DruidicRifleman
07:44 DruidicRifleman they also make a Specificly 20mm vulcan bolt action rifle
07:44 DruidicRifleman It can fire .20mm high explosive rounds
07:44 DruidicRifleman 20mm
07:45 lwq1996-sleeping omfg i want that rifle
07:45 DruidicRifleman lol
07:45 DruidicRifleman i do to but i don't wanna pay for it
07:46 lwq1996-sleeping i saw the price and ik
07:46 DruidicRifleman my wallets ass would bleet if i ordered one
07:46 lwq1996-sleeping haha
07:47 DruidicRifleman thats what the mag fed looks like
07:47 lwq1996-sleeping if i had one day with a barret 50,cal i would be in heaven
07:48 DruidicRifleman Dirrect gas impingment
07:48 DruidicRifleman
07:48 DruidicRifleman Personally if i am gonna drop the money
07:48 DruidicRifleman i'd get this OR a macmillian
07:48 DruidicRifleman or canukistan Facsimily of the C15 LRSWS
07:49 lwq1996-sleeping damn that even comes with a bi-pod
07:50 lwq1996-sleeping i wish i had a invitation to desert blast to see the guns
07:50 DruidicRifleman but that Anzio would have Energy for a 2 mile kill
07:51 lwq1996-sleeping be hard to shoot over 2miles
07:51 DruidicRifleman Though If you know any thing about firearms... that means nothing there is so many stuff that willmake you miss
07:51 DruidicRifleman yeah there was a claim that barret 50 cal can nock out an aircraft
07:52 lwq1996-sleeping ik
07:52 lwq1996-sleeping think if u shot a deer with it i could rip it to shreds easy
07:52 DruidicRifleman which is why the Afghan mujahadine/taliban couldn't shoot down russian helicopters at 200 yards in a dead hover
07:52 lwq1996-sleeping wow
07:53 lwq1996-sleeping i would like to own a p90 too
07:53 DruidicRifleman thats why the CIA gave them stinger missiles
07:53 DruidicRifleman Sbr ps90
07:54 lwq1996-sleeping idk i think it was just p90 its an asult rifle
07:54 lwq1996-sleeping i think
07:54 lwq1996-sleeping that or lightweight machine gun
07:54 DruidicRifleman from star gate SG1 atlantis
07:54 DruidicRifleman and atlantis?
07:55 lwq1996-sleeping i dont watch that show but its off of cod modernwarfare
07:57 DruidicRifleman Yeah go visit the gay bar
07:58 DruidicRifleman stop touching your self
07:58 lwq1996-sleeping wtf
07:59 DruidicRifleman click the link
07:59 lwq1996-sleeping i did
07:59 lwq1996-sleeping so what its a shorty
07:59 DruidicRifleman it's a nice light machine gun
07:59 lwq1996-sleeping i should go to bed its 4am where i am
07:59 lwq1996-sleeping and yeah
08:01 DruidicRifleman though you could get a full auto lower for 12k and then Moutn a shrike or Valkiry arms for less
08:02 lwq1996-sleeping yeah
08:02 lwq1996-sleeping well im going to bed
08:02 lwq1996-sleeping i am tire
08:02 lwq1996-sleeping tired
08:02 DruidicRifleman i think i might end up there
08:02 lwq1996-sleeping well i will talk to u sometime later
08:04 lwq1996-sleeping left #thegeekgroup
08:13 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
08:14 tanilolli left #thegeekgroup
08:26 Phu *yawn* morning
09:19 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
09:29 JA12 left #thegeekgroup
09:30 djrock9000 joined #thegeekgroup
09:40 Phu hi djrock9000
10:05 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
10:10 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
10:21 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
10:27 Vladdeh joined #thegeekgroup
10:28 Cj1corbystarlet_ left #thegeekgroup
10:36 Linus10ol-Away left #thegeekgroup
11:32 stevereynolds joined #thegeekgroup
11:38 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
11:53 Phu anybody else awake yet?
11:53 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
11:53 masterofmonks Phu: no.
11:54 Phu ah
11:55 Phu masterofmonks: who might I otherwise know you as?
11:55 Thermoelectric Monks
11:55 masterofmonks You might not.
11:55 Thermoelectric MoM
11:55 masterofmonks Pretty much I am who I am.
11:55 Phu well, yes
11:56 Phu but would I, for example, have seen you in a TGG video without realising it?
11:56 masterofmonks No.
11:57 Phu i see.
11:57 masterofmonks I am about one kilomile from the geek group hq.
11:57 * Phu adds kilomile to his dictionary
12:21 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
12:25 mikemol Whoa!
12:25 mikemol The Forums layout is *much* *much* *much* improved.
12:30 Yaotzin Yeah
12:30 Yaotzin Oh wow
12:30 Yaotzin I just this second woke up
12:31 Yaotzin and I thought a PM with batsteve was the chat
12:31 Yaotzin accidentally sent him a garbled still asleep mess
12:31 change_me joined #thegeekgroup
12:32 change_me test
12:32 Thermoelectric Hearing you loud and clear
12:32 Yaotzin i can't hear you at all
12:33 Yaotzin I can read you tho
12:33 Yaotzin :p
12:33 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
12:34 Thermoelectric You need a text to speech converter then, Yaotzin. :P
12:34 Yaotzin Dear lord no
12:34 change_me b5b
12:34 change_me *brb
12:34 change_me left #thegeekgroup
12:34 Thermoelectric Heehee.
12:34 Yaotzin If IRC had TTS we'd need like 20 more ops
12:34 * Thermoelectric ponders. Why?
12:35 Yaotzin Because the second someone starts to spam
12:35 Yaotzin or does anythin
12:35 Yaotzin You'd need like
12:35 Yaotzin a switchboard of +v and +m
12:35 MadManMarkAuMobi joined #thegeekgroup
12:35 Yaotzin and +q
12:35 Thermoelectric Ah, yeah.
12:35 MadManMarkAuMobi test
12:35 MadManMarkAuMobi woot!
12:35 Thermoelectric Though, if you spam fast enough, you get kicked.
12:35 mikemol Yaotzin: Not so bad, IME.
12:36 Yaotzin Thermoelectric: fast enough, someone was filling the chat yesterday and didn't get auto-kicked
12:36 Yaotzin I was :(
12:36 Yaotzin IME?
12:36 Yaotzin IMO?
12:36 Yaotzin oh
12:36 mikemol I mentioned it last night, but I've found that one system that works _very_ well for IRC channels is to give the majority of people ops.
12:36 Thermoelectric You were kicked?
12:36 Yaotzin No?
12:37 Thermoelectric "Yaotzin: I was :("
12:37 mikemol In general, you want the people who don't ask for ops to have ops, and if someone asks for ops, they probably shouldn't get it.
12:37 Yaotzin I was sadface
12:37 Thermoelectric Ohh.
12:37 Yaotzin because dude was spamming and it didn't pick it up
12:37 mikemol Then getting people to conform to channel norms is trivial.
12:37 Yaotzin anyway yeah mikemol, I was mentionin my +v and +o channels in Rizon
12:37 mikemol The other thing that tends to happen, though, is a distinction between /kick and /kb.
12:38 Thermoelectric There's a /kb setting? *goes to try it*
12:38 mikemol /kick tends to get used as a humorous or hand-slap activity. If someone's *really* crossed the line, someone will do a /kb.
12:38 Yaotzin with access it's .kb
12:38 Thermoelectric Ah
12:39 mikemol Over in #anime (I'm not as active there as I used to be), my policy was that if I'd seen people interact on the channel, I'd /op them occasionally. If I really thought them reasonable and intelligent, I'd register a +O for them with NickServ.
12:39 mikemol Thermoelectric: /kb is usually implemented in one's IRC client.
12:40 Yaotzin Well that's kind of better suited for +h
12:40 Yaotzin which this server doesn't have
12:40 Yaotzin My all op channel was pretty much a clique
12:40 Thermoelectric What's +h do? (on other servers, that is)
12:40 MadManMarkAuMobi not mine lol
12:40 Yaotzin it just kept the in fighting from turing into a mess
12:40 mikemol The other thing I did over there was not interfere with a ban someone else put in place. If someone banned X, and X contacts me to remove the ban, I tell X they need to talk to the guy who put the ban there.
12:40 MadManMarkAuMobi my mobile irc client is shiiit
12:41 Yaotzin +h gives you the power to kick, ban, promote up to +v or +h, but you cannot set mets or kick ops or founders
12:41 Yaotzin if I remember right
12:41 Thermoelectric Ah.
12:41 Yaotzin set modes or kick ops*
12:41 Yaotzin Still waking up
12:41 Thermoelectric mikemol: That's generally a universally accepted way to treat the bans, unbanning someone that someone else banned will not get you anywhere with the other op...
12:42 mikemol Thermoelectric: Ah.
12:42 Yaotzin Usually, although more people should make use of the note system
12:42 mikemol Hey, right. I was going to get you a couple ISBN numbers.
12:42 masterofmonks mikemol: as an IRCOp, I can tell you in my experience the channels that have the majority opped, are insane madhouses that are always coming to the network staff about their user problems.
12:43 mikemol masterofmonks: Huh. Never ran into that problem over in #anime, that I'm aware of.
12:43 Yaotzin masterofmonks: I'd imagine if it's over 20 people and they don't all know each other
12:43 Yaotzin yeah all +o would go down the tubes
12:43 masterofmonks mikemol: It may be your sample size.
12:44 mikemol masterofmonks: Possible. It may also depend on the channel's culture.
12:45 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
12:45 wannabe1987 our power came back...between 3:30-4:30am
12:45 Yaotzin oh, when did it go out?
12:46 wannabe1987 22:15 last ngiht.
12:46 Yaotzin ah
12:46 wannabe1987 my friends left around 2something....
12:46 Thermoelectric Just look at the clocks that reset when power is cut, they'll have counted in hours how long ago it came back
12:47 Yaotzin So looking at my itinerary I'm going to be in vegas for a hour at like 2 am
12:47 Yaotzin vegas bus station
12:48 Yaotzin actually kind of happy about that, since when I went through vegas last time it was during the day ad I didn't see any lights.
12:48 mikemol Thermoelectric: 0-7607-5238-9. The other one doesn't have an ISBN number, but it's shown here:;s=books&amp;qid=1303562890&amp;sr=8-1
12:49 Phu morning mikemol, Yaotzin, wannabe1987 :)
12:49 Yaotzin Mornin
12:49 mikemol Mornin.
12:49 MadManMarkAuMobi evening
12:49 Thermoelectric mikemol: Well that ain't too cheap, I wonder if there are any ebooks of it...
12:49 Phu evening Mark of the Antipodes :)
12:49 mikemol Doubtful.
12:49 wannabe1987 mornin phu
12:49 Thermoelectric That bites.
12:50 mikemol I was startled to find a copy of his training manual on Amazon while searching for that title, though.
12:50 mikemol er. His power school training manual.
12:52 Yaotzin Kind of sucks waking up this early when I have a roommate right next to me in the livingroom. Hard to make myself breakfast without disturbing him
12:52 Yaotzin Specially after I gave him so much shit about yelling on skype all niht
12:52 Yaotzin night
12:52 mikemol Yaotzin: So make him breakfast, too?
12:52 Yaotzin Ah it's 6am here, dude isn't getting up till noon
12:53 Yaotzin he probably didn't lay down till 3
12:53 mikemol Heh
12:53 wannabe1987 you have housemates who sleep in the living room(s) too?
12:54 Yaotzin Yeah, two of us
12:54 Yaotzin myself included
12:54 wannabe1987 you both do?
12:54 Yaotzin yeah
12:54 wannabe1987 our "policy" is that if you can't stand the noise...find a bed :P
12:54 Yaotzin He gets a couch and I sleep in a reclining chair
12:54 wannabe1987 (you do have beds, right?"
12:54 Yaotzin Yeah
12:54 Yaotzin two bedrooms
12:54 wannabe1987 ok
12:54 Yaotzin but other people are using them
12:54 Yaotzin 4 people in a 2 bedroom apartment
12:54 wannabe1987 ooo
12:55 wannabe1987 we ahve 5 in a 4, but the two who use couches share a room
12:55 MadManMarkAuMobi shiiiit. I forgot it's a public holiday and pubic transport is on a reduced schedule. I'm in the middle of nowhere and can't get anywhere... :(
12:55 Yaotzin Oh
12:55 Yaotzin Shit I wonder if greyhound is open
12:55 wannabe1987 thats why god gave you feet, and you bought shoes for them
12:56 Yaotzin heh, I can walk maybe a mile before I want to die?
12:56 wannabe1987 lol
12:56 wannabe1987 too much yummy cooking for you!
12:56 MadManMarkAuMobi It's a 2 hour walk, at 9pm, to get where I'm going
12:57 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
12:57 * Thermoelectric goes and watch Criminal Minds.
12:57 wannabe1987 lol
12:57 wannabe1987 ahhh ok
12:57 wannabe1987 i killed my iPod last night for music...
12:57 Yaotzin wannabe1987: More like too much not so yummy sleep apnea but
12:57 Yaotzin *shrug*
12:57 wannabe1987 ahhhh
12:58 MadManMarkAuMobi Gah, out of battery, need to conserv. ttyl
12:58 wannabe1987 kk
12:58 MadManMarkAuMobi left #thegeekgroup
13:00 wannabe1987 o shit...a tornado hit an airport?  fuuuu
13:02 Yaotzin I don't miss tornados
13:02 Yaotzin at all
13:02 mikemol wannabe1987: Tornado hit airport? Which airport?
13:02 wannabe1987 st louis
13:11 wannabe1987 "Almost an inch of rain fell last night for a good part of West Michigan with some strong, but not severe thunderstorms.  Small hail, a lot of lightning and heavy rain occured through early Saturday morning."
13:11 wannabe1987 not severe?  then why was some power out?
13:11 wannabe1987 obtuse_ also lost power...but his returned right away-ish
13:12 mikemol wannabe1987: There's a very specific definition of what makes a severe thunderstorm.
13:12 wannabe1987 i kno
13:13 mikemol Lightning doesn't make a thunderstorm severe, but it's certainly capable of knocking out services.
13:13 wannabe1987 did your power ever go out last night, mikemol?
13:15 mikemol wannabe1987: Don't know. After two lightning strikes < 1mi away, went around and unplugged everything.
13:16 wannabe1987 ahhhh  ours went out abotu 9 hours ago (according to facebook) and came on before 4:30...
13:21 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
13:21 Seroster Arr!
13:22 * wannabe1987 hides
13:28 Yaotzin Mmm I love my one sided toast
13:29 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
13:30 wannabe1987 yaotzin - one sided toast?
13:30 wannabe1987 and why are you up?!
13:30 Yaotzin huh? I woke up an hour ago
13:31 wannabe1987 its like...not even 7!
13:31 Yaotzin also one sided toast, instead of 2 pieces of toast I can fit 4 pieces in 2 pairs ontop of each other
13:31 Yaotzin so one side gets nice and toasted and the other is soft
13:31 wannabe1987 ahhhh ok
13:31 wannabe1987 lol
13:31 wannabe1987 weirdo
13:31 Yaotzin good on its own or made into a PB&J
13:31 wannabe1987 :D
13:31 Yaotzin lol
13:31 Yaotzin also I woke up at like 5:30
13:31 Yaotzin not sure why
13:32 wannabe1987 its ok...i only like my bread so lightly toasted its only "warmed" but has the toasted feeling...
13:32 Yaotzin I need to go to the bank and greyhound today but it's a damn holiday
13:32 Yaotzin not sure if either is open
13:32 wannabe1987 (i'm racist and don't like colour on my toast)
13:32 Yaotzin lol
13:34 wannabe1987 does anyone know if the lab lost power last night?
13:36 cctoide don't think so
13:37 wannabe1987 thats good
13:37 wannabe1987 the people across the street from me had power...
13:37 wannabe1987 like consumers said....scattered power outages
13:38 Thermoelectric Different phases or something probably... That has happened here aswell, we only have single phase but the neighbours had 3 phase...
13:43 cctoide well, I wasn't watching very closely, but I don't think anything happened in between Chris arriving at master control and leaving for the night at least
13:44 Yaotzin well we got introduced to the girl geeks group
13:46 Obtuse_lappy joined #thegeekgroup
13:46 Obtuse_lappy morning
13:46 Yaotzin morn
13:50 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
13:51 Obtuse_lappy I met a guy who works at GRTV last night while at the bar.
13:51 Obtuse_lappy I discussed how it has such a limited reach just being on cable
13:51 Seroster Err
13:52 Obtuse_lappy its only on comcast on like channel 25
13:52 Seroster I feel... Regruritated
13:52 Seroster Got shitloads of work to do and my entire body is in paaain.
13:52 Yaotzin grtv eh?
13:52 Obtuse_lappy referred him to the geek group and the live stream and told him that the station should be doing that
13:53 Obtuse_lappy there's all this community programming but it just doesn't reach everyone
13:53 Obtuse_lappy and its a shame
13:53 Obtuse_lappy where pretty much everyone has broadband internet and can watch the geek group
13:55 Obtuse_lappy the only thing GRTV broadcasts over the internet is the mayor's show
13:55 Obtuse_lappy
13:55 Yaotzin The mayor has a show?
13:55 Obtuse_lappy yep. once a month i believe
14:04 Yaotzin odd
14:13 Yaotzin sparky and mikemol in here?
14:14 Cj1corbystarlet maybe , maybe knot
14:18 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
14:18 Yaotzin Damn my cousin and I are seriously like two stages from finishing this game on coop but PSN has been down for the last three days
14:20 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
14:21 CaptainBoden Gmorning
14:21 Yaotzin Mornin Cap
14:21 Cj1corbystarlet Morning captn
14:21 CaptainBoden What's the name of the GRTV guy?
14:21 Sgt_Lemming morning
14:21 Sgt_Lemming and it is techincally morning here for a change
14:21 mtearle evening!
14:21 Sgt_Lemming it's 00:20 here
14:21 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
14:22 Cj1corbystarlet evening actually :)
14:22 Yaotzin Obtuse_lappy
14:23 Obtuse_lappy hold on one sec Captain
14:24 Obtuse_lappy first name was chad
14:24 Obtuse_lappy chad becker
14:25 Obtuse_lappy he was saying that they were looking into it before but livestream use to only allow 4 hour blocks and not a continuous stream
14:25 CaptainBoden hmmmm don't know him
14:25 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
14:26 Obtuse_lappy its an absolute shame to me that the station is only on a cable channel and doesn't have streaming of their shows
14:26 Obtuse_lappy on the net
14:26 Cprossu wow
14:26 CaptainBoden I cut my teeth at GRTV back in the day. The real shame is they simply won't exist in the next 10 years.
14:27 Cprossu I had the stopwatch on my cell phone going for 6 hours initially synced with the hotclock
14:27 Cprossu it's now 55 seconds off
14:27 CaptainBoden lol
14:27 Obtuse_lappy why do you say they won't exist in 10 years?
14:27 Obtuse_lappy people will drop the funding?
14:27 Cj1corbystarlet Needs more hz
14:27 Cprossu good morning CaptainBoden
14:27 Yaotzin I'm surprised they can afford it now
14:28 CaptainBoden No, there will always be funding, their problem is they won't have a reason to exist in 10 years.
14:28 Obtuse_lappy ah
14:28 CaptainBoden Think about it. A 14 year old with a laptop and a $200 camera has more broadcasting capability than Channel 13 did 10 years ago.
14:29 Sgt_Lemming yeah
14:29 Sgt_Lemming media consumers are now also media sources
14:29 CaptainBoden I reach a larger audience per year than every television station in Grand Rapids COMBINED.
14:29 Cprossu incredible and true
14:29 Sgt_Lemming it's a paradigm shift in the way media works, and the big companies are only just starting to take up to it
14:29 Obtuse_lappy I wonder who is going to try to regulate live streaming by individual people
14:30 Obtuse_lappy someone is going to get pissed that the method of broadcast changes
14:30 Obtuse_lappy and they're not making profit
14:30 CaptainBoden GRTV has the same problem I do with my live stream, and it's why our Youtube videos are the focus and the stream is just a bonus. People want to watch what they want WHEN they want.
14:30 Sgt_Lemming you know the most effective method of regulation? if you don't like it, turn it off or watch something else
14:31 Sgt_Lemming anything, even youtube, will put less resources toward something that doesn't get watche
14:31 Obtuse_lappy yea, you're right there. I love waking up and clicking on that captains blog
14:31 Cprossu well, Obtuse_lappy, it depends on who has the most money
14:31 CaptainBoden Absoultly, and with my media I have the two most important rights, full creative control and full publishing control. With GRTV I lose both.
14:31 Obtuse_lappy rather than having it only air at a certain time
14:31 CaptainBoden If I want to get on camera and say Fuck 300 times and broadcast that, I can. I can do it legally and publish it to anyone with an internet connection.
14:31 CaptainBoden I can't do that on GRTV ;)
14:32 Sgt_Lemming <--- do want!
14:32 Yaotzin :)
14:32 Cprossu and if the current internet goes to shit and becomes all regulated, geeks around the world and HAM's too will simply set up a new one
14:32 CaptainBoden Now don't get me wrong, I'm an artendt supporter of GRTV (even if they hate us). I started out there back when Nixon worked in master control, Dirk was still alive, and they were in the basement of the library.
14:33 Yaotzin Why does GRTV hate TGG
14:33 CaptainBoden about 5 years ago GRTV donated a van load of gear to us, old stuff from the basement.
14:33 IIsi50MHz Sarge, neat. Don't fancy keeping the wood clean and nice, though. Coffee stains, yeuck!
14:33 Cprossu was that where you got all that umatic gear?
14:34 Cprossu or was that more than 5 years ago?
14:34 CaptainBoden Turns out the guy who gave us the gear didn't have the proper authority to do so. OVerlooking that this was done through proper channels, took weeks to process, and we did it in broad daylight in the afternoon with a dozen people.
14:34 Yaotzin Hmm
14:34 Cprossu red tape sucks
14:35 CaptainBoden ONE guy got pissed (it was his little corner of the store and nobody asked him) and now I catch a serious bit of hell from them over there. Despite the fact that I just offered to give them 350 videos for air (which would easily put me in the top-5 contributors of GRTV in it's history).
14:36 CaptainBoden I asked them about gear LAST WEEK (just some old CCU's and a 80's vintage switcher int eh basement) and I got this in reply.
14:36 CaptainBoden Chris,
14:36 Obtuse_lappy well that is an unfortunate turn of events
14:36 CaptainBoden I have recommended that we don't give up any more equipment. A significant amount of realty good gear was taken by you last time ...gear that I use in CMC productions all the time.
14:36 CaptainBoden The person who let you take gear last time didn't have the authority to do so, and I was personally upset when I found out what was gone.
14:36 CaptainBoden Wayne
14:36 CaptainBoden
14:36 CaptainBoden Wayne Glatz
14:36 CaptainBoden The funny thing is they NEVER mentioend this to me, not in the several years since.
14:37 CaptainBoden You all know me, if they had asked for anything back, or even wanted to just borrow something, I'd have had it on a truck in 5 minutes.
14:37 Cprossu no kidding
14:37 CaptainBoden So, Wayne can suck it. I'll take my massive archive of content and give it to every other station in town, but not GRTV.
14:37 Yaotzin So this Wayne has been holding a grudge for several years, nice.
14:37 CaptainBoden yeah, lol
14:38 Cj1corbystarlet <evil grin>
14:38 CaptainBoden That's ok, WAyne can hold his grudge, I don't need GRTV, I get gear donated by the BIG truckload from stations 4 states away. Wayne needs my content a lot more than I need his old gear ;)
14:38 Cprossu nah. Seriously though, I can't tell you how many bridges I've personally burned by "Stepping on someones toes" because I wanted to get something cool done
14:39 IIsi50MHz I've had grudges since 2nd grade...but fortunately I don't have to think of them often, because they're always the kind of thing that CAN'T be fixed.
14:39 CaptainBoden I tend to be pretty good at building relationships. But Wayne is on my shit list, and Wayne made one very basic mistake.
14:40 CaptainBoden Never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel.
14:40 IIsi50MHz ha
14:40 Yaotzin heh
14:40 Yaotzin Speaking of printing papers
14:41 Yaotzin Someone mentioned on the stream yesterday that your trouble with the HVAC actually made it in the local paper?
14:41 Yaotzin What was that about
14:41 CaptainBoden wtf?
14:41 CaptainBoden no idea
14:41 Sgt_Lemming CaptainBoden, my favourite one for dealing with people who have a grudge
14:41 CaptainBoden We get a LOT of press that I don't even know about, lol
14:41 Sgt_Lemming just go over their head
14:41 Yaotzin The guy from the bike shop said he read about it in the paper
14:41 Sgt_Lemming it doesn't help the grudge, but generally gets the result I need/want
14:41 CaptainBoden That's hard to do with a small non-profit like GRTV.
14:42 Sgt_Lemming in one, the guy who was refusing to help cause of a grudge, got his ass fired when the manager found out what he was doing
14:42 Yaotzin i think it was the guy from the bike shop, the drywalling guy
14:42 CaptainBoden The fun thing is GRTV is ENTIRELY focused on media right?
14:42 CaptainBoden Well, note this.
14:43 CaptainBoden GRTV has a budget FIVE TIMES bigger than ours. They have several fulltime paid staff (we have none), and they've been around 20 years longer than we have.
14:43 Cprossu I donated computers and a lot of equipment and helped build an internet conrolled robotic 12" telescope that could literally be pointed and images captured from a pro quality SBIG CCD by anyone around the world up at the time, and had to face the wrath of the district's IT department and ethics commitee as they considered it a "security risk" and "a violation of the district's interests".
14:43 CaptainBoden We have a larger audience, larger broadcast reach, larger studios, MORE studios, and more gear. We also produce higher quality content.
14:44 Cprossu seriously people get sticks up their asses for innovation if they feel that you didn't fill out xyz form or went over somebodies head to test something
14:44 Yaotzin That's 20 kinds of disheartening to see that much money being used for GRTV and getting pittance out
14:44 Cj1corbystarlet Or they cant take the credit for it
14:45 mtearle;feature=relmfu
14:45 Cprossu so trying to do it the 'right' way.... we got the equipment 3 years late, by then the servers donated were 5 years out of date
14:45 Seroster "If I want to get on camera and say Fuck 300 times and broadcast that, I can. I can do it legally and publish it to anyone with an internet connection."   And I would WATCH it god damn it!
14:46 Cprossu and by then the NASA program that we were working with
14:46 Cprossu got defunded to the best of my knowledge
14:46 Cprossu (Telescopes In Education)
14:46 Cj1corbystarlet Clif stoll must be on crack
14:46 Cprossu so they dropped support for us =(
14:46 * IIsi50MHz refuses to click any more links on the grounds that Haiku currently sucks because it fails to guarantee enough CPU time for audio to not glitch massively when loading the CPU with something like loading a webpage
14:46 Obtuse_lappy sucks to hear Cprossu
14:47 IIsi50MHz (and people in #haiku wonder why I usually boot BeOS 5.0.3 instead...)
14:47 Cprossu yeah, but that's the way of it if you play by the rules
14:47 Cj1corbystarlet Yeah what a kick in the nuts, kinda demotivates people
14:47 Cprossu I've had lots of things kick me in the nuts over the years
14:47 * wannabe1987 is going to meijer and then her sisters AYSO game :D
14:48 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
14:48 Yaotzin All I can say is if I ever wanted to broadcast something at a professional level I'd rather do it with a group that actually gets things done rather than one that takes 3 years just to do the paperwork
14:48 Cprossu OK, here's another one for an example... You know how nearly every chemistry book has a little bit on reactors and atomic bombs?
14:48 Cprossu usually a diagram or two
14:48 CaptainBoden ok
14:48 Sgt_Lemming IIsi50MHz this is why BeOs rocks
14:48 Cprossu I had a kid ask me how an atomic bomb worked
14:48 Sgt_Lemming ten years after it died, and it still kicks ass
14:48 Cprossu so I drew it up,
14:48 Cprossu he told his mommy because he was scared
14:49 Cprossu and I damn near got expelled
14:49 Phu Cprossu: I'd call that an overreaction
14:49 CaptainBoden LMFAO
14:49 Phu on the part of many parties
14:49 Obtuse_lappy wow
14:49 mtearle IIsi50MHz, I loved being able to turned off both CPUs on the original Beboxes
14:49 Cprossu My defense that got me off was "I can't buy plutonium at the corner drug store"
14:49 Cprossu and
14:49 Yaotzin That paper is going to explode
14:49 Laryk joined #thegeekgroup
14:49 Cprossu I had them get the chemistry book out
14:49 Cprossu and flip to the page
14:50 Obtuse_lappy you shouldn't need a defense like that, information should be freely available no matter what distruction it causes
14:50 Cprossu they still suspended me for 2 days
14:50 Phu and in one sentence Obtuse_lappy destroy the patriot act ;P
14:50 Cprossu oh and here's another one
14:50 Obtuse_lappy lol
14:50 Cprossu this was before the patriot act or sept 11'th
14:51 Cprossu anyway so when I was in jr. high school
14:51 Cprossu I got special permission to carry around my leatherman
14:51 Yaotzin Might have gotten yourself arrested after the fact
14:51 Phu Cprossu: i imagine so. If you'd done so after said events, you would have been detained at guantanamo
14:51 Cprossu signed by the principal and everything
14:51 Cj1corbystarlet I was teaching a class on aerodynamics, so i used examples of trajectory, distance and windage calculations to prove the point,  some brat went home and described with great detail to his mother how to shoot a moving target 1mile away
14:51 Cprossu because I was the only one who could fix the damn computers on campus
14:51 Cprossu I single handedly build the computer network out of non-functional parts the district put in
14:51 Yaotzin I remember reading about that michigan girl, 12 or 13 years old, getting taken out of class in handcuffs for writing on her desk
14:51 Cprossu *built
14:51 Cprossu anyway
14:52 Yaotzin Year or so ago
14:52 Cprossu so one day
14:52 Cprossu my leatherman falls out of my pocket on the bus
14:52 Cprossu bus driver takes it,
14:52 Cprossu presents it to principal
14:52 Cprossu my signed paper meant nothing
14:52 Cprossu Zero Tollerance you know
14:52 Phu zero tolerance to what though?
14:52 Cprossu OMG IT HAS A 2" KNIFE ON IT
14:53 Phu doing usefuk stuff?
14:53 Phu "we will not tolerate students being of value to society"
14:53 Cprossu sooooo
14:53 Cprossu 10 days
14:53 Cprossu suspension
14:53 Obtuse_lappy jesus. 10 days , even with permission
14:53 Cprossu and I nearly didn't get my leatherman back either
14:53 Yaotzin 10 days is lucky
14:53 Cprossu oh he did the "that's not my signature" but
14:53 Yaotzin You would have been expelled today
14:54 Cprossu *bit
14:54 Cprossu anyway that's not the first time
14:54 Obtuse_lappy lol
14:54 Cprossu I really hated jr. high
14:54 Cprossu So I was minding my own business and seen as a geek and all
14:54 Cprossu so this guy
14:54 Cprossu takes me and bashes my head into the side of one of the vending machines
14:54 Cprossu which has a steel cage around it
14:55 Cprossu (you know to prevent the vending machine from attacking anyone)
14:55 Cprossu I got 2 weeks for "MUTUAL combat"
14:55 Cprossu there was nothing FUCKING MUTUAL ABOUT IT
14:55 Phu lol
14:55 Obtuse_lappy where did you go to school?
14:55 Cprossu Royal Palm, phoenix, az
14:55 Phu If you've just tuned in, your watching "how CProssu got his ass kicked at school".
14:56 Cprossu there was a resource officer right there
14:56 Cprossu he just walked away
14:56 Cprossu lol
14:56 Cprossu anyway it was a gang related thing I later found out
14:56 Cprossu do you know how long he got?
14:56 Obtuse_lappy maybe you should have been homeschooled
14:56 Sgt_Lemming <--- my fileserver, the very definition of cramped
14:56 Cprossu 3 days........................................................
14:56 Obtuse_lappy lol
14:56 CaptainBoden Hey, we have an Austrailian in here right now corect?
14:56 Sgt_Lemming multiple
14:56 Phu CaptainBoden: check.... MadManMarkAu
14:57 Cprossu that's not cramped at all
14:57 Darksecond Sgt_Lemming: time for a bigger case?
14:57 Sgt_Lemming myself, Cj1corbystarlet, MadManMarkAu, Thermoelectric
14:57 CaptainBoden Aussies, say hello please.
14:57 Yaotzin I ended up dropping out of school when we had fights every week, two uniformed LEOs at our school throughout the day everyday, and teachers who were looking for different work because they were literally afraid to come to school
14:57 CaptainBoden ah ok
14:57 Cj1corbystarlet yes
14:57 Sgt_Lemming Darksecond, I want it to be that small
14:57 CaptainBoden I gotta ask......they have Prisons in Austrailia right?
14:57 Darksecond Sgt_Lemming: good reason :p
14:57 Phu .... and three others who aren't obvious as australian to the naked eye ;)
14:57 * mtearle nods
14:57 Sgt_Lemming lol, yes CaptainBoden
14:57 Cj1corbystarlet Yeah why?
14:57 Cprossu well I never got my ass kicked at my high school or my elementary
14:57 Cprossu just jr. high
14:57 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
14:57 CaptainBoden and nobody finds the irony in that?
14:57 Sgt_Lemming we also have "detention centres"
14:57 Phu rofl
14:57 Cprossu they protected my ass in high school
14:57 Yaotzin lol CaptainBoden
14:57 Sgt_Lemming heh
14:57 Cprossu because I fixed shit
14:57 Sgt_Lemming it is ironic
14:58 CaptainBoden Just thought I'd ask.
14:58 Cprossu I had one guy make a threat to me in high school
14:58 Cprossu I told the right people
14:58 mtearle CaptainBoden, but we don't have Federal Prisons though ...
14:58 Yaotzin Do you have smaller islands you put the prisons on?
14:58 Cprossu he got expelled from the district
14:58 CaptainBoden LMFAO
14:58 Cprossu that's what should have happened
14:58 Phu CaptainBoden:
14:58 mtearle Yaotzin, yes, called New Zealand :)
14:58 Seroster Yaotzin, you mean like great britain?
14:58 asnopus_ and Christmas Island
14:59 mtearle asnopus_, we'll pay that one :P
14:59 Cprossu I'll be back on later.
14:59 Cj1corbystarlet Why would australia not have prisons
14:59 Darksecond Cj1corbystarlet: prison colony i suspect?
14:59 Cprossu That jr. high was lucky I wasn't off my rocker yet like the columbine kids were
14:59 Seroster What we europeans haven't told you is that the entire northern america is a prison island we made a couple hundred years ago.
14:59 CaptainBoden For those that don't understand the irony, Austrailia was originally a penal colony.
14:59 Cj1corbystarlet We also have shit that needs locking up
14:59 Thermoelectric Oh, Hello CaptainBoden, didn't notice you asking us Aussies to say hello earlier..
14:59 Phu Cj1corbystarlet: because most non-aboriginal australians are descened from convicts
14:59 Cprossu come to think of it
14:59 Cprossu colombine happened when I was in jr. high
15:00 Cprossu anyway later for now
15:00 mtearle ... and they probably think we drink Fosters as well
15:00 MoxieMike it happened when i was a sophomore in high school
15:00 Cj1corbystarlet Yeah  and its the best place to live,
15:00 Darksecond bai Cprossu
15:00 Phu australia is considered the most epic proof that criminal intent is psychological, not genetic.
15:00 Cprossu You know Fosters.... It's autrallian for piss in a can
15:00 Cprossu I was dissapointed!
15:00 Obtuse_lappy lol
15:01 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
15:01 Obtuse_lappy I prefer Coopers
15:01 Yaotzin Oh there's sparky
15:01 Cj1corbystarlet Fosters is a export beer, we dont drink it
15:01 Obtuse_lappy much better Australian beer
15:01 Phu hi Sparky.
15:01 Cprossu it's only good if it's 115F out and if the beer is really fucking cold
15:01 mtearle oh, yeah, hello!
15:01 SparkyProjects Was i missed O.O
15:01 Phu Cj1corbystarlet: what about "Castlemaine Four-X" that I hear so much about?
15:01 Cprossu no point in paying a premium for that crap
15:01 SparkyProjects Hi Guys :)
15:01 Yaotzin Besides molsons I've yet to have a decent beer that wasn't clear or flavored
15:02 mtearle Phu, that's for Queenslanders who can't spell BEER
15:02 Phu lol
15:02 Cj1corbystarlet Fuxk off XXXX  id rather drink bull sperm
15:02 * Thermoelectric goes to sleep.
15:02 * mtearle approves of Coopers
15:02 Phu lmao
15:02 Yaotzin SparkyProjects: Oh I was asking if you were in here after seeing you in the bDn thread
15:02 Yaotzin Night Thermo
15:02 asnopus_ isnt it the same thing?
15:02 Obtuse_lappy I've only had Coopers at Outback Steakhouse
15:02 Phu Cj1corbystarlet: in the UK, fosters and four-x are the only australian beers we hear about in advertising.
15:02 Obtuse_lappy how's that for a company that steals australia's identity?
15:02 Phu so everyone here thinks that what y'all drink :P
15:02 Cprossu "Love in a canoe" <- Winning beer name from a contest.... "Why did you decide to name it that?" asks the contest holder... "Because it�s fucking near water!"
15:03 Obtuse_lappy Outback Steakhouse needs Kangaroo burgers
15:03 MoxieMike ya they do
15:03 Cj1corbystarlet No i only drink import  beer
15:03 mtearle We have American steak houses here ....
15:03 Yaotzin i haven't been to Outback in a while
15:03 SparkyProjects Yaotzin, yeah, i usually check around the boards, but don't login to IRC until later
15:03 Obtuse_lappy lol. what are they called?
15:04 Cprossu outback steak house needs to stop using MSG tenderizer so my stomach doesn�t turn inside out giving me a shitty barftacular time
15:04 Yaotzin Well shoot Saginaw has an Outback and Lonestar steakhouse
15:04 mtearle Hogs Breath is one
15:04 Seroster Right, internets, do the decision for me! Shall i eat breakfast now at 5pm, or should I say fuck it and order a damn pizza?
15:04 Yaotzin Well at least it did
15:04 Cprossu order a damn pizza
15:04 Cj1corbystarlet Pizza
15:04 Cprossu I�m going out for brunch
15:04 Obtuse_lappy pizza
15:04 Seroster Fuck yeah! I love you <3
15:04 Yaotzin I know Don Pablos and Chi-Chis closed down on Bay rd before I left
15:04 Yaotzin Which sucks
15:04 Yaotzin I really liked Don Pablos
15:05 Yaotzin At least bridgeport still has crackerbarrel
15:05 Seroster is now known as Seros_PIZZAHTIME
15:05 * mtearle struggles to find good Mexican in Perth
15:05 Cj1corbystarlet For a penal colony  we got it fucking sweet,  The poms realised they fucked up and  sent the wrong people
15:05 Yaotzin Don Pablos wasn't mexican
15:05 Cj1corbystarlet pancho's in vic park
15:05 Yaotzin well they were supposed to be mexican but
15:05 Yaotzin There was nothing authentic about it
15:06 mtearle Cj1corbystarlet, agreed, it's probably the best in town ...
15:06 Yaotzin Where as down here in socal I can go across the street and get a 3 pound burrito for $4 that tastes like a little bit of heave
15:06 Yaotzin haven
15:06 Yaotzin heaven
15:07 Cj1corbystarlet If the captain would like to come to Australia, i have a Room and can show the real australia and all of its deadly animals
15:07 Yaotzin lol
15:07 Cj1corbystarlet actually i have a vid,   hang on a sec
15:07 Yaotzin I don't think people choose to go to australia
15:08 Cj1corbystarlet Millions do ever year
15:08 Cj1corbystarlet      Sorry for the quality it was on my iphone
15:08 mtearle I watch the ustream channel and get ads about Australia ... go figure ...
15:08 asnopus_ and we have pandas in adelaide :)
15:08 Yaotzin Is anything even on the ustream?
15:09 Cj1corbystarlet Sun, Sea, babes , beer, Employment,  Awsome
15:10 Yaotzin Employment?
15:10 Sgt_Lemming arg
15:10 Yaotzin Well, maybe australia isn't too bad
15:10 mtearle the only thing we don't have is generally lots of derelict buildings (certainly in Perth)
15:10 Cj1corbystarlet I'm looking to employ 10 people, cant get anyone .
15:10 * Sgt_Lemming screams at another person holding their iPhail in portrait mode while recording a video
15:11 Yaotzin Cj1corbystarlet: depending on the experience level you're looking for you'd be beating them off with a stick in Michigan
15:11 Cj1corbystarlet Yeah i can only take in Qualified people
15:12 mtearle Cj1corbystarlet, even then it's a bit dire at the moment
15:12 tggLiz joined #thegeekgroup
15:12 Cj1corbystarlet There is that much work on in WA at the moment, i continually knock back work
15:14 Cj1corbystarlet Tho i think i will have a stores job created soon,
15:14 Yaotzin There is an extreme shortage of typed entry level work
15:14 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
15:14 Yaotzin Best you can do where I'm from for the most part is working under the table or being self employed doing lawn care for grunt work
15:14 Yaotzin if it works it works but
15:14 Yaotzin Hell if you can get something stable
15:16 Cj1corbystarlet If i had more employees, i could make more money, but the new kids dont want to work to get a trade ....... their loss
15:16 Hackbat I found The Geek Groups new Mascot :D!
15:16 Yaotzin Oh?
15:16 Hackbat Portal 2 Spoiler:;feature=related
15:16 MoxieMike I thought Omni was the mascot
15:16 Hackbat not a big one
15:16 Hackbat no she's a board member D:
15:17 CaptainBoden Cj1corbystarlet, if I ever get to Oz I don't want to see the deadly animals, I want to have a hot aussie girl. lol
15:17 CaptainBoden The official mascot of the Geek Group is a Spherical Cow.
15:17 CaptainBoden Omni is the lab mascot and a board member.
15:17 MoxieMike interesting
15:17 Cj1corbystarlet Now i can sort the girls dont you worry
15:17 Hackbat I love the Space Core <3
15:17 MoxieMike Does she have a vote onthe board?
15:17 Cj1corbystarlet We have guns also for the animals
15:18 CaptainBoden no, she's not allowed to vote legally, but she IS legally allowed to be a non-voting board member.
15:18 mtearle Cj1corbystarlet, you going to send him down Hay Street? :)
15:18 maspriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
15:18 Cj1corbystarlet Nah,  I just need to dust off my black book,  :)
15:19 Yaotzin Cap is a geeky Richard Dawson
15:19 CaptainBoden who?
15:19 Yaotzin Guy from hogans heroes and match game and family fued? Known for being a playboy?
15:20 Yaotzin  This guy
15:20 maspriborintorg Hello all, I've just received my member card, that was faster than light
15:20 CaptainBoden I am known for enjoying the company of a beautiful woman from time to time.
15:21 Cj1corbystarlet The cockney guy, on hogans hero's
15:21 CaptainBoden never saw it
15:21 mtearle
15:22 tggLiz is that the show with the big German guy who always claimed to see nothing?
15:22 Cj1corbystarlet Yes Shulz
15:22 mtearle I know nothink!
15:22 Yaotzin It was a show taking place in a Nazi prison camp
15:22 Yaotzin Yup
15:23 tggLiz oh, i've seen a few of those on TV Land I think
15:23 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
15:23 Yaotzin Yeah that's what I know it from
15:23 Sgt_Lemming <--- holy fucking shit!
15:23 Cj1corbystarlet Its pretty funny for the age of it
15:23 Yaotzin i watched the hell out of TV Land when I was knee high to a grasshopper
15:24 Sgt_Lemming TV has mostly been background noise for me
15:24 Cprossu_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
15:24 Sgt_Lemming even now I rarely watch TV
15:24 tggLiz it was the only channel allowed at grandma's when i was a kid
15:24 tggLiz that or PBS and religious channels
15:25 Yaotzin Random memory. What was that test of uh. I think two electrons are being fired down two tubes, depending on how electron A reacts changes how electron B reacts several seconds later
15:25 Yaotzin supposed to be this big thing about free will or uh
15:26 Yaotzin there is a specific theory concerning it
15:26 Sgt_Lemming Quantum Entanglement
15:26 Sgt_Lemming ?
15:26 Yaotzin I don't think so
15:28 Yaotzin The theory describes a situation of taking the entire universe as it is right now, doing a ctrl+c and ctrl+v with it independent of the original. Now if there are no different variables between the two, would the two universes, down to the individual person insect and cell, behave the same or differently?
15:29 Yaotzin Is *everything* reactionary
15:29 Yaotzin And that test supposedly caused a lot of hubub
15:30 Yaotzin This is going to bother me until I can think of some keywords to find it
15:31 Yaotzin The point was that particle or electron or what have you A changed how B reacted despite them being totally isolated from each other
15:32 Sgt_Lemming yeah, that's quantum entanglement
15:32 * mtearle disappears
15:33 Cj1corbystarlet TGG having a late start today, or a day off?
15:33 Yaotzin Just wasn't ringing a bell for some reason. I thought it was something else
15:34 Yaotzin Well I think Chris is one of the only people who are going to be there and he'll be running cable on the other side of the building
15:34 CaptainBoden Yeah, it's Easter weekend so nobody's really here.
15:34 CaptainBoden I'll be at the lab for a little bit to run some cable, but nothing interesting.
15:34 Cj1corbystarlet Rodger
15:34 CaptainBoden Monday I hope to shoot some video on Minidiscs though :)
15:34 Sgt_Lemming Yaotzin
15:35 CaptainBoden I'm even going to Autopsy a professional minidisc deck.
15:35 Cj1corbystarlet Chris, Are you interested in doing a interview over Skype about TGG
15:35 CaptainBoden To whom?
15:35 Sgt_Lemming CaptainBoden, that I am REALLY interested in seeing
15:35 Cj1corbystarlet My Podcast programme in a couple of weeks
15:36 CaptainBoden I could do that, sure.
15:36 CaptainBoden Depending on scheduleing
15:36 Yaotzin Sgt_Lemming: The test i remember had a delayed reaction
15:36 Cj1corbystarlet yeah that can be worked around with a mutual time, it does not go out live
15:36 Yaotzin basically it was if a particle made it through one mirror but not the other, then the one in the free tube would do nothing
15:37 Yaotzin but if it made it through two mirrors it would have a delayed reaction
15:37 CaptainBoden ok, send me your question list and I'll prepare for it.
15:37 cctoide not the double slit experiment?
15:37 Seros_PIZZAHTIME is now known as Seroster
15:37 CaptainBoden Double slit is interference waves, not QE
15:37 Cj1corbystarlet No probs give me a week or so, i'll get back to you,  Cheers
15:38 Cj1corbystarlet brb,  Out of smokes ........
15:38 Seroster God damn swedish food is stupid. And always the same. Herring, eggs, ham.  For christmas, easter, midsummer.   Fuck that! Screw your herring, I'm eating pizza! <3
15:38 Yaotzin cctoide: This is one particle which may or may not do something, and depending on what it does a particle in a isolated chamber will react differently in a delayed reaction
15:39 cctoide OK.
15:41 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
15:41 Sasha Hello people
15:41 asnopus_ hello
15:41 Sasha Anything interesting on today?
15:42 Seroster Depends on what you find interesting
15:43 SparkyProjects Hi Sasha, Chris said earlier that he'll probably just be pulling more cables in the lab, and doesn't think it would be very interesting.
15:43 SparkyProjects Easter should be banned :D
15:43 Seroster Some people DO find pulling cables interesting
15:43 Seroster W
15:43 Sasha Nah, I'm gonna go to church and get drunk later
15:43 Seroster Why should it, SparkyProjects? =P
15:44 Seroster Or, skip the church and just get drunk?
15:44 Sasha Nah, I'm getting drunk at church
15:44 Sasha :p
15:45 Seroster I personally have no problem with that, but I think your priest might be a bit pissed.
15:45 SparkyProjects Seroster, no one gets any work done, and families expect their children to be there
15:45 Seroster Well, that's one way to view it.
15:45 Sasha Seroster he also get's drunk
15:45 SparkyProjects I was being sarcastic btw :P
15:45 Sasha But he does....
15:45 Seroster I rather look at it as an excuse to meet family and get insanely fucking drunk. =P
15:46 Sasha The thing is that I'm bringing over 100$ worth of energy drinks, so I'm not quite sure if I'll remember much
15:46 Obtuse_lappy I just go down for the food
15:47 Yaotzin SparkyProjects: I guess i have an odd family, Easter was pretty much just like halloween for us, something you stopped doing at the age of 11 or 12
15:47 tesla4d joined #thegeekgroup
15:47 Seroster Lol, Yaotzin
15:47 Sasha ? I'm 16 and I still do halloween
15:48 Seroster You probably already know, but you shouldnt drink =P
15:48 SparkyProjects Yaotzin, Easter for me was an excuse to buy the large kinders (somme for the grandchildren and some for me) :D  havent' seen those eggs in a while in the uk
15:49 Sasha You're lucky I'm not in America right now... otherwise I would be drinking... AND driving!
15:49 Seroster But I don't need religion to throw a party, get drunk, eat candy and eat bunny, I can do that with purely secular means
15:50 Sasha Yeah, but church is like a place to socialize with ppl
15:50 SparkyProjects So is the pub :P
15:51 Sasha Only problem with the pub is that my 'rents wont let me go
15:51 Yaotzin SparkyProjects: Yeah, I reckon if you really liked the candy Easter and Halloween would be worth it. I'm sure I'll do things for both when I have children.
15:51 Yaotzin But yeah for me I stopped doing it at like age 11 or 12, but I was an only child
15:51 Sasha And last time I got a death threat for getting some punk ass biatch into trouble
15:51 Seroster Lol Sasha
15:52 Sasha So yeah, I tend to stay away from those places
15:52 Seroster Yaotzin, well, family get togethers tehn?
15:52 Yaotzin Uh, There's a family reunion every august I think
15:52 Yaotzin and usually we do something on christmas eve
15:53 Yaotzin Some of my extended family is pretty religious but eh
15:53 Seroster Right
15:53 Seroster And you are not? =P
15:53 Yaotzin Atheist
15:53 Seroster That kinda sucks.
15:53 Yaotzin Have been since I was little
15:54 Seroster Age of deconversion?
15:54 Yaotzin Got me kicked out of scouts when I didn't know how to treat that information correctly around other people
15:54 Seroster Lol!
15:54 Seroster I've always hated the boy scouts
15:55 Yaotzin Specifically I was a rebellious kid and I didn't think I should had to sing a religious song if I didn't want to. Then I told them why I didn't want to do it and they kicked me out
15:55 Seroster =D
15:55 Yaotzin Now I just live and let live
15:55 Seroster Right
15:55 Yaotzin Whatever makes people happy, most of the catering work I do down here has been charity work for churches since they do honestly do a lot of good for their communities.
15:55 Yaotzin I just keep my mouth shut in certain company
15:56 Seroster Have you come out to your family?
15:56 Yaotzin come out? lol
15:56 Seroster Or came? Screw grammar
15:56 Yaotzin It's not the grammar
15:56 Yaotzin lol
15:56 Seroster Right
15:56 Seroster But it IS coming out with your atheism if you are born in a religious family
15:57 Yaotzin Well my family wasn't, just my extended family
15:57 Yaotzin so it wasn't a big deal
15:57 Yaotzin My mother used to and still occasionally mocks me for it but eh, she doesn't pay my bills.
15:57 Seroster I'm lucky enough to live in a country with 80% nonreligious
15:58 Yaotzin I might not agree with it but I don't think a religion or lack there of makes the person, and honestly I don't think it matters who believes in what
15:58 Yaotzin It's who they are
15:58 Seroster And the same goes for where you want to put your dick
15:59 Yaotzin Every group has their assholes, their morons, and their die hard freaks.
15:59 Yaotzin *shrug*
15:59 Sasha Like you
15:59 Sasha :p
15:59 Yaotzin Like me
15:59 Sasha Exactly
15:59 SparkyProjects Yaotzin, the best way is to believe what you want to believe, and others can believe in what they want, i don't call myself an atheist or agnostic, i'm a 'non-believer' in standard religion, i go to church for weddings, christenings and funerals, i don't sing or say prayers, i don't hide what i believe, i even told the viacr that i wasn't a believer, and he was fine with it,
16:00 Seroster I support your right to believe whatever, but the day you don't seek medical expertise for your children because you trust God will take care of them...
16:01 Yaotzin Yeah honestly religious activities don't bother me. I'm fine with a christian or any other kind of wedding. But yeah I very much agree in live and let live and not let the little things get you in a big hissy fit
16:01 Sasha Well, I for one am religious and stuff, I believe in god and I pray all the time, it is just some aspects of religion that I do not completely agree with, such as some ritualistic things at church, or some extensive "conversions" or confirmations of some of my friends
16:02 Sgt_Lemming I have no problem with religion, so long as it has no problem with me
16:02 Hackbat I'm okay as long as it doesn't affect Goverment
16:02 Yaotzin I see plenty of atheists giving christians shit and it bothers me. I can't really be forthcoming because it kind of has a negative close minded connotation associated with it. But if someone asks me I'm not going to lie about it.
16:03 Seroster Well, when Jehovas witnesses come to my door I argue with them. Come to MY door and preach and I'll tear your beliefs to pieces =P
16:04 Yaotzin Well actually the last time someone came to my door I chatted with them for a bit and ended with giving them some water and shaking their hand
16:04 SparkyProjects Atheism to me is being totally anti, i definitely don't want to associate myself with that group, agnosticism is a sort of half way thing, i don't like being half minded
16:04 Yaotzin They honestly believe they're doing somethin good, and for a lot of people they are, I'm fully supportive of helping your community
16:05 Yaotzin SparkyProjects: Totally anti? You mean in general or just in a theistic sense?
16:05 SparkyProjects Any religion that knocks on my door get the same treatment as sales people, i just say no thanks and shut the door.
16:05 Seroster I have a problem with non-truths.  I don't care if you build the biggest and best orphanage and hospital in the world if you preach to the people there that the earth is flat.
16:05 Sasha Well I personally do not mind atheists, I try to keep my mind as open as possible. Neither do I mind much else, I am perfectly fine with gays, immigrants, beggers, and everything that fits into that category
16:06 Yaotzin Hell I'm even nice to the people trying to sell magazines, I've never bought one but
16:06 Yaotzin I'll chew the shit with them for a second before declining
16:06 Cj1corbystarlet I dont have a religious bone in my body, dont care for it i live in a world that suits me,
16:06 Cj1corbystarlet What i dont like is Religious pilots .
16:07 Seroster Eh?
16:07 SparkyProjects Yaotzin, i don't believe in a god, but i don't deny anyone else believing, people need something to believe in, whether real or fictional, that's not my problem, but i will not argue with anyone about the existence.
16:07 Yaotzin Right
16:07 Yaotzin Thats my view
16:07 MoxieMike That's common courtesey
16:07 Yaotzin It does a lot of good for some people and I have no reason to be against that
16:08 SparkyProjects The term 'athist' seems to be the sort of person who would argue the point, or even take action about it.
16:08 Yaotzin And the sad part is that a lot of atheists don't extend that courtesy, so then you get that negative name attached to it
16:08 Cj1corbystarlet It also causes a load of grief for the world
16:08 Seroster The problem is that you have a lot of religious luggage, and you can do good in a secular fashion
16:08 Hackbat I Claim Agnostic
16:08 Hackbat I just personally don't care about religion
16:09 Hackbat not in the "fuck you sense"
16:09 tesla_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:09 SparkyProjects I could say 'passive atheist', but it's easier to say 'non-believer'
16:10 Yaotzin Right
16:11 MoxieMike I jokingly claim militant agnostic...i don't know and you don't either
16:11 Yaotzin Shame the passive part has to be put there, instead of fanatical to explain the others but *shrug*
16:11 Yaotzin It's a big world
16:11 Cj1corbystarlet I'm very nice when i get the local church knock on my door , have a chit chat shoot the breeze, then ask them to prove the existence of a god using science.
16:11 Yaotzin and a small blue dot
16:11 MoxieMike But i'm an agnostic, just not militant about it
16:11 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
16:12 Yaotzin So would you wear a blank white armband?
16:12 Yaotzin being militant agnostic
16:12 Yaotzin lol
16:12 MoxieMike i don't have an armband
16:13 MoxieMike The first church of Tesla should have armbands
16:13 Seroster AYE!
16:13 Cj1corbystarlet So in the last 24 hours,  Recap ....... Gay's , lesbians, religion ............... Time for science people :)
16:13 Yaotzin Been a lot more topics than that
16:13 tggLiz yeah there was porn too
16:14 SparkyProjects
16:14 Seroster I do find agnostics to be enablers, and I think that religion is detremental to humanity as a whole
16:14 Cj1corbystarlet Hmm missed the porn one, care to fill me in Liz?
16:14 tggLiz wasn't much to it, just someone confessing to having a lot of less than normal stuff stashed on his comp
16:15 Seroster Lol!
16:15 Seroster Who? =D
16:15 Seroster And what?
16:15 Yaotzin This woman on COPS looks like summer glau
16:15 Cj1corbystarlet haha not me, i'm open about the 100gig on a hard drive
16:15 Yaotzin hot
16:15 IIsi50MHz Invert the '!' and that's <Seroster> Loli
16:15 tggLiz MadManMarkAu i think
16:16 Yaotzin Yeah him and sasha
16:16 maspriborintorg I have hundreds of photos of disassembled deviced on my H, if that is not normal, in that porn ?
16:16 Seroster Isnt loli normal?
16:16 Seroster crap.
16:16 IIsi50MHz *pat-pat*
16:17 IIsi50MHz maspriborintorg, you have that sorted into /H ? :-D
16:17 maspriborintorg HD i meant
16:18 maspriborintorg it is on D: acutally
16:18 cctoide H is for horse
16:18 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
16:18 Cj1corbystarlet Can we define less that normal?
16:18 Seroster yes
16:18 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
16:18 IIsi50MHz Only after defining normal
16:18 Seroster Anything outside of the norm
16:18 cctoide I think that'd be pretty hard for something people generally keep hidden
16:19 Hackbat @_@ I want to stab the forums. That little delay in page load reminds me of wading through mud.
16:19 Seroster lol
16:19 MoxieMike haha
16:19 Yaotzin Hackbat: you should have seen it two days ago
16:20 Seroster I am soo damn sore!
16:20 Yaotzin jkl and moose have been doing a great job on it
16:20 IIsi50MHz Sore...from page loads?
16:20 * IIsi50MHz page faults
16:20 Seroster I feel like I spent a week in a german BDSM club
16:20 IIsi50MHz Oh, nm (:
16:21 Cj1corbystarlet Sheizer?
16:21 tesla_ left #thegeekgroup
16:21 Seroster Yes, they put a picken in meine sheizer...
16:21 * Yaotzin shakes head
16:21 injektion lol
16:22 Yaotzin tggLiz: How are you feeling? Still have that cold?
16:22 Yaotzin Or Flu?
16:22 Cj1corbystarlet Ok who uses Skype here at TGG ?
16:22 tggLiz i'm almost over it
16:22 tggLiz just some coughing and slight sinus pain
16:22 Seroster Cj1corbystarlet, I have it installed but rarely use
16:23 injektion I have skype but good luck trying to get my skype name
16:23 tggLiz i'll probably be back in the studio by Tuesday if I keep improving
16:23 Yaotzin Thats good
16:24 Cj1corbystarlet I'm not after contacts, just working out if is used by a lot of people
16:25 Yaotzin I think Ventrilo is still more popular
16:25 SparkyProjects I had it installed once, but it slowed the computer down so much, even when not in use, so i got rid of it.
16:25 Yaotzin but skype is gettin up there
16:25 Yaotzin I use it pretty often
16:25 injektion I'm going to go outside and start hitting some tree stumps so I can rage without breaking anything
16:25 Yaotzin cam chat over it or have like a group from my old IRC clique talking on it
16:25 Cj1corbystarlet Serious Sparky, mine is open all the time and consumes no memory or bandwidth
16:26 Yaotzin injektion: That sort of thing only leads to more anger
16:26 Yaotzin Read a book, do some cooking, play a game
16:26 SparkyProjects Anger will lead you to the dark side :D
16:26 IIsi50MHz What about Ventrilo, or Mumble?
16:26 MoxieMike I like skype a lot
16:27 IIsi50MHz Hmm, there's one more, I think...
16:27 IIsi50MHz Xfire?
16:27 Yaotzin Teamspeak
16:27 Yaotzin which was always terrible
16:27 Cj1corbystarlet Team speak is brilliant, you just need to run your own server
16:27 Yaotzin When I was writing for stratics they had a really nice in house voip
16:28 Yaotzin It was basically mIRC + Skype
16:28 SparkyProjects Cj1corbystarlet, i just installed with the basic default, it seemed to keep checking if i was connected or something, it was a long time ago, can't remember the details.
16:28 Yaotzin with a call quality better than skype
16:28 Yaotzin That was a few years ago, I wonder what happened to that
16:28 SparkyProjects Same as quicktime, i refuse to install that on any of my machines
16:28 Cj1corbystarlet Wierd sparky ........
16:28 Yaotzin I know they wanted to go public with it
16:28 IIsi50MHz I'll accept QT Alternative, though.
16:29 Yaotzin And I never signed a uh
16:29 Yaotzin Oh what is it
16:29 IIsi50MHz 'uh' NDA?
16:29 Yaotzin NDA
16:29 Yaotzin yeah
16:29 Yaotzin Had a brain fart
16:29 SparkyProjects I'm not a computer expert, i know my way around etc, so i expect a default installation to just work without giving me headaches, if it doesn't, it's outta here
16:30 IIsi50MHz Ha, I thought "UH" was some abbreviation for a foreign equivalent.
16:30 Yaotzin lol
16:30 Yaotzin I liked writing but it was taking too much time and I wasn't being paid
16:30 Laryk left #thegeekgroup
16:30 Yaotzin I did get into some early betas because of it but
16:31 cctoide EA Store has a 50% off Easter weekend special offer for Europe only, if anyone's interested
16:31 Yaotzin I had more important things going on
16:31 cctoide plus it seems you can stack it with a £10 off on £25 or more voucher from this:
16:37 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
16:39 mikemol I'm off to ush at a wedding in a few minutes.
16:39 mikemol Need someone to remind me later to ask in the forums how current sources work.
16:39 mikemol BotSteve: tell mikemol Remember to ask how current sources work.
16:39 BotSteve You can tell yourself that.
16:39 mikemol BotSteve: fu?
16:40 Yaotzin BotSteve: tell mikemol Remember to ask how current sources work.
16:40 BotSteve Yaotzin: I'll pass that on when mikemol is around.
16:42 LeadHead .weather providence
16:42 BotSteve Cover Unknown, 1℃, ?mb, Moderate breeze 15kt (↑) - KPVD 15:51Z
16:43 LeadHead .weather Providence Rhode Island
16:43 BotSteve Cover Unknown, 1℃, ?mb, Moderate breeze 15kt (↑) - KPVD 15:51Z
16:43 LeadHead .tfw providence
16:43 BotSteve 44�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT AND WET IN Providence, RI!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
16:43 injektion .tfw atlanta
16:43 BotSteve 64�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Atlanta, GA!  'Where life is mediocre'
16:44 Cj1corbystarlet hehe
16:45 injektion I'm ready for the hot weather tomorrow
16:46 injektion I'm not going to drive anywhere because the A/C compressor is leaking oil and I don't want to use it
16:46 Yaotzin .tfw Anaheim
16:46 BotSteve 61�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Anaheim, CA!  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
16:47 Yaotzin 61 is cold
16:47 Yaotzin heh
16:47 injektion 61F feels good
16:47 Phu .tfw Portsmouth, uk
16:47 BotSteve 73�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Portsmouth, Portsmouth, !  'More please.'
16:47 Yaotzin It does, but for everyone who's from down here
16:47 Phu whats 73F in proper scales
16:48 Yaotzin I mean when my ex and I would go out for a walk and it'd be 68 out she was shivering
16:48 Phu 24C. sounds about right.
16:48 injektion Phu: 22.7C
16:48 Yaotzin Granted I like to cuddle so that works for me but still
16:48 Phu injektion: google reckoned 23.33333R
16:48 injektion lol this must be wrong then
16:48 Phu *cough*
16:49 Phu no comment m'lud.
16:49 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
16:50 * injektion deletes that out of favourites
16:50 Sgt_Lemming;v=C_CDLBTJD4M
16:51 Phu is that lab to remain geekless today then?
16:51 * CSMonster gets the nagging suspicion that injektion isn't American
16:53 Yaotzin I think Chris is there
16:53 injektion CSMonster: I worked for Perkins Engines in the American division for a year
16:54 injektion All of the words where the UK-US spelling differed they kept the UK spelling
16:54 CSMonster LOL
16:54 CSMonster okay.
16:54 injektion I do occasionally use whilist when talking to someone and they get confused
16:54 Phu ah yes... the "U" debate.
16:55 Phu and your Neighbours Favourite Colour :P
16:55 CSMonster i was going to ask what your favourite colour was, and if you had any experience working with aluminium.
16:55 Phu oo... I think the whole north american plate just shuddered.
16:55 CSMonster (mostly because i'm a jerk, for my own entertainment)
16:55 injektion My favourite colour is grey
16:56 SparkyProjects Just a rumour :P
16:56 Yaotzin My favorite color is Blue
16:56 Yaotzin :p
16:56 injektion (No it's really a toss up betweem black and blue)
16:56 injektion Blau :P
16:56 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
16:57 CSMonster i spell gray as grey and aluminum as aluminium (because the argument for calling it aluminium instead of aluminum is actually a pretty good one) so i have no room to talk.
16:57 wannabe1987 soccer games were cold and windy this morning :(
16:57 CSMonster i *spell* it "aluminium" but i still *say* "aluminum"
16:57 CSMonster hi wannabe1987
16:57 Yaotzin injektion: That's pretty popular, actually
16:57 Yaotzin Blue and Black
16:58 wannabe1987 hi CSMonster :)
16:58 Yaotzin That's what I like as well
16:58 Yaotzin Oh hey Wallabe
16:58 Yaotzin Playin soccer this mornin?
16:58 wannabe1987 hi yaotzin - siblings
16:58 wannabe1987 fuck sports...i get hurt :(
16:58 Phu or footbal as its known in places that speak properly :P
16:58 Yaotzin lol
16:58 Yaotzin i like street hockey
16:58 Yaotzin love it
16:58 CSMonster LOL
16:59 Yaotzin Although I was the goalie most of the time =(
16:59 Yaotzin At least I was good at it
17:00 CSMonster i make a conscious effort to refer to soccer as football when i know i'm talking to someone not in the US/Canada.
17:00 Yaotzin Football? You mean handegg?
17:00 Yaotzin lol
17:00 Phu no, thats Rugby.
17:00 SparkyProjects I liked cross country at school, i knew the shortcuts :D
17:00 Phu or are you talking about american football? :P
17:00 injektion I call soccer football even when speaking to someone in the US/Canada
17:00 CSMonster lol
17:00 Yaotzin I call soccer soccer because it's soccer
17:01 Phu the reason we call it football.... is because there is a ball... and you kick it with your foot.
17:01 injektion You mean the game where macho men are dressed in padding from hand to foot in padding?
17:01 Phu Compared to americna football, where there is something egg-shapped that you carry around with you most of the time.
17:01 injektion errr
17:01 SparkyProjects A ball is round, not shaped funny
17:01 Phu injektion: to be fair, having watching american-rules rugby, I can see why they have padding.
17:02 CSMonster "We call it football because we're American, God is on our side, and your players are larger than yours, so suck it."
17:02 Phu it does look quite violent at times.
17:02 * CSMonster shudders
17:02 CSMonster *our players
17:02 wannabe1987 lol
17:02 injektion I know but if your going to play that sport be prepared to get injured
17:02 CSMonster i know people with that exact attitude... and it terrifies me.
17:03 Yaotzin America, fuck yeah! Coming down to save the motherfuckinday yeah!
17:03 Phu america owns your ass (or so I hear)
17:03 Yaotzin That song gets stuck in my head every now and then
17:03 SparkyProjects Heh, i remember a game of rugby between an english team, and an american football team, the english won, i don't think the americans could stand the hard tackles
17:03 Yaotzin .yt America fuck yeah
17:03 BotSteve Yaotzin:
17:03 injektion If your going to play rugby or american football no need for protection just get prepared to get seriously injured. No problem there
17:04 Yaotzin SparkyProjects: But would a Rugby team have the stamina to handle a football game?
17:04 Yaotzin roles reversed
17:04 SparkyProjects Probably, but they would feel restricted with all that padding
17:05 Yaotzin CSMonster: This should be our anthem
17:05 CSMonster LOL
17:05 CSMonster i'll pass, thanks.
17:05 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
17:06 lwq1996 hey peeps
17:06 wannabe1987 hey young un!
17:06 CSMonster young un?
17:06 SparkyProjects Lights are on, Hi Chris
17:06 wannabe1987 he's like...14
17:06 wannabe1987 or 16
17:06 wannabe1987 or young
17:07 Yaotzin Oh hey is Chris on the stream?
17:07 lwq1996 im 14
17:07 Yaotzin Well what do you know
17:07 wannabe1987 see?  young un
17:07 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
17:07 Yaotzin Hey Chris
17:07 * CSMonster has started writing down everyone's ages
17:07 lwq1996 thats not weird
17:08 Yaotzin Goodies eh?
17:08 * CSMonster activates the ustream
17:08 wannabe1987 lol
17:08 CSMonster there he is.
17:08 Yaotzin Cheers
17:09 injektion If you haven't writen down my age yet I am 23
17:09 Yaotzin So I guess steve___ is going to be on the stream quarter past the hour
17:09 Yaotzin For anyone who wasn't watchin
17:09 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
17:10 Seroster Jesus fucking christ
17:10 Seroster This waffle iron....
17:10 Seroster Damn
17:10 lwq1996 u burn yourself
17:10 critterpal Death by waffle iron.
17:10 Seroster No
17:10 wannabe1987 "Automatic air fresheners come with servo motors and timers inside, so they're perfect items for repurposing. "  lol
17:10 injektion I'll bbl I am going to annoy my dad
17:10 Seroster But i could write a fucking essay about how dangerous this fucker is
17:10 wannabe1987 ok
17:10 Seroster 1, it contains A LOT of ASBESTOS
17:10 lwq1996 lol
17:10 injektion left #thegeekgroup
17:11 Yaotzin wannabe1987:  interesting
17:11 Seroster 2, The wires in it... They are just 3 strands of heavy gauge wire, with ceramic discs slipped on them (mixed with grease, unsafe)
17:11 wannabe1987 i know...found the info on lifehacker :D
17:11 Yaotzin I happen to have one sitting around not doing anything I got for free
17:11 Seroster 3 NO GROUNDING
17:11 Seroster And I opened the heater elements up, and they have ben within 1mm of the case
17:12 Seroster This fucker would have killed someone if I didnt convince my father it sucked
17:12 wannabe1987 yay...whatcha gonna do?  lol
17:12 Yaotzin I think I have something to take apart now to pass the time, thanks wallabe
17:12 wannabe1987 yay!!!!
17:12 wannabe1987 :D
17:13 lwq1996 mmm i just made some hard boild eggs
17:13 lwq1996 so good
17:13 lwq1996 just got audio
17:13 wannabe1987 i'm drinking chai and had bacon/bean soup...
17:13 lwq1996 yum
17:14 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
17:14 CSMonster i can't wait for kristopher to get back.  that'll be fun to watch.
17:14 Seroster Argh
17:14 Seroster Chai tea sucks btq
17:15 wannabe1987 ok?
17:15 wannabe1987 my preferences are what matters most, not some swedes
17:15 lwq1996 i should make u guys at the geek group a wireless thing to hook onto a camera so u can take it around so we can watch
17:15 Seroster =P
17:15 CSMonster lol
17:15 Seroster Hello csmonster
17:15 CSMonster hi
17:16 lwq1996 tell dany i said hi
17:16 Yaotzin lwq1996:  Chris is in the process of running cable to hook up more cameras around the building for livestream
17:16 lwq1996 cool
17:17 lwq1996 wow
17:17 lwq1996 yeah but it would be easyer for a wireless hook up with the cameras
17:17 CSMonster ........
17:17 lwq1996 and can he just lock pick the door
17:18 CSMonster i see a red.
17:18 lwq1996 and as usually chris isnt listening to red
17:18 CSMonster why pick the lock when the skylight is open?
17:18 lwq1996 hi
17:18 lwq1996 good
17:18 critterpal Hi steve
17:18 lwq1996 u sound tired
17:18 SparkyProjects Woreless wouldn't have the capability or reliability, especially with the amount of interference that's likely to be generated
17:18 lwq1996 btw no one broke in when i was on duty
17:19 critterpal hi red
17:19 lwq1996 red u bored
17:19 lwq1996 hi rd
17:19 lwq1996 ed
17:19 lwq1996 red
17:19 CSMonster RED OHAI
17:19 lwq1996 damn i cant type
17:20 critterpal hi chris
17:20 lwq1996 hi
17:21 Yaotzin Oh hey read
17:21 Yaotzin red
17:21 Yaotzin how's deconstruction going
17:23 CSMonster okay, i gotta get back to work.  bbl.
17:23 CSMonster is now known as CSMonster_afk
17:25 wannabe1987 is this madness?!
17:25 CSMonster_afk work is going through and shredding 7 years and 5 banks worth of unopened bank statements.  :/
17:25 lwq1996 when you get off you lazy ass and do something
17:25 CSMonster_afk bad habit.
17:26 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
17:26 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
17:26 lwq1996 the whole fucking thing
17:27 lwq1996 i see omni
17:27 lwq1996 cute dog
17:28 critterpal I love my electronic hookah.
17:28 lwq1996 lol
17:28 Yaotzin So I wanted to show you guys how screwed up my macbook is
17:28 Yaotzin e-cigs =/= hookah
17:28 Yaotzin However I don't have a camera except for the one in the macbook
17:28 critterpal usb passthrough hookah
17:28 Yaotzin so I had the laptop take a picture of itself
17:29 lwq1996 how did that go
17:29 wannabe1987 i'm intruigued
17:29 wannabe1987 i'm guessing he used a mirror...
17:29 Yaotzin Yeah
17:29 lwq1996 wannabe hows your headach
17:29 wannabe1987 what headach?
17:29 Yaotzin
17:29 lwq1996 sharpy marker
17:29 lwq1996 or was that another guy
17:30 wannabe1987 its my mouth that hurts...wasn't me :P
17:30 Yaotzin Now the screen goes white when it takes a picture
17:30 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
17:30 Yaotzin Anything that isn't white is broken screen
17:30 wannabe1987 lol thats messed up
17:30 lwq1996 theres a box
17:31 lwq1996 oh
17:31 Yaotzin Also I'm missing a B key
17:31 lwq1996 i hate the cameras in the laptops they suck
17:31 Yaotzin but yeah, this is what I use every day since my desktop is in the shits
17:31 DruidicRifleman morning all
17:31 Yaotzin and I'm not fixing it until I get back to Michigan
17:32 lwq1996 hi DruidicRifleman do u remember me
17:32 DruidicRifleman wow your annoying
17:32 lwq1996 :(
17:32 lwq1996 that wasnt nice
17:33 lwq1996 well like i give a shit i get called worse
17:33 critterpal In general it is inappropriate to tell someone they are annoying out of context
17:34 critterpal Just like it is not appropriate to reprimand a dog two hours after it takes a crap on the carpet
17:34 wannabe1987 lol
17:34 lwq1996 lol
17:34 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
17:35 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
17:35 wannabe1987 hi sparkystudio!
17:35 SparkyStudio Hi :)
17:36 lwq1996 hi
17:37 Yaotzin .seen littlegreenflame
17:37 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen littlegreenflame around.
17:37 Yaotzin .seen Greenlttleflame
17:37 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen greenlttleflame around.
17:37 Yaotzin the hell was his name
17:37 Yaotzin .seen green
17:37 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen green around.
17:37 Yaotzin whoops
17:38 lwq1996 seen kristopher
17:38 critterpal can you use a wildcard for searches *  ?
17:38 lwq1996 .seen kristopher
17:38 Yaotzin .seen green*
17:38 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen green* around.
17:38 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen kristopher around.
17:38 Yaotzin Eh, ah well
17:38 critterpal guess not
17:38 lwq1996 wtf
17:38 wannabe1987 .seen *
17:38 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen * around.
17:38 exor674 .seen BotSteve
17:38 BotSteve I'm right here, actually.
17:38 exor674 aw
17:38 Yaotzin I wanted to leave him a message saying Chris showed off his drum yesterday
17:38 wannabe1987 .seen batsteve
17:38 BotSteve wannabe1987: I last saw batsteve at 2011-04-23 04:52:06 UTC on #thegeekgroup
17:39 exor674 .seen exor674
17:39 BotSteve exor674: I last saw exor674 at 2011-04-23 17:38:49 UTC on #thegeekgroup
17:39 Yaotzin .seen GreenLittleFlame
17:39 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen greenlittleflame around.
17:39 exor674 that should be specialcased *g*
17:39 Yaotzin I misspelled it last time
17:40 Yaotzin Omni policing foot traffic
17:40 lwq1996 they should really find a way to get that add thing off
17:40 wannabe1987 i love omni
17:40 wannabe1987 .seen omni
17:41 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen omni around.
17:41 lwq1996 yes you have
17:41 wannabe1987 lol
17:41 Yaotzin lwq1996:  The advertisement comes from them using the free version of the stream
17:41 Yaotzin Use Adblock to get rid of it
17:41 lwq1996 ok
17:41 critterpal Omni should be trained to retrieve. Since she is a retriever.
17:41 Yaotzin You  mean she isn't a lab?
17:41 critterpal labrador retriever
17:42 critterpal all labs are retrievers
17:42 wannabe1987 lol
17:42 Yaotzin I had a lab beagle mix and a lab bulldog mix
17:42 CSMonster_afk critterpal knows critters.
17:42 Yaotzin I forget what my first dog was, I was very young
17:42 critterpal wow
17:42 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
17:42 lwq1996 i have a dashhound
17:43 wannabe1987 ewwwww weiners
17:43 critterpal dachsund
17:43 wannabe1987 lol
17:43 johnnyvegas joined #thegeekgroup
17:43 critterpal dachsunds are prone to back problems
17:43 lwq1996 hey my dog may be stupidly small but cute
17:43 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
17:43 wannabe1987 lol
17:43 lwq1996 ik hes lazy so i dont think we're gona have to worry
17:43 johnnyvegas left #thegeekgroup
17:44 critterpal they injure their backs jumping up and down off furniture
17:44 wannabe1987 my sisters friend has a few dak-sunds in the house...
17:44 lwq1996 system of a down is a band
17:44 lwq1996 i have 1 dog and cat
17:44 SparkyStudio An Air force base had a Chihuahua as a guard dog, it was trained to jump for the neck
17:45 wannabe1987 thats a long jump
17:45 lwq1996 and both of them are stupid
17:45 lwq1996 lol
17:45 critterpal cool. those little dogs can be quite evil
17:45 critterpal I've seen a rat terrier hanging off of someones face before
17:45 lwq1996 one pissed in my shoe
17:46 lwq1996 and someone focus the camera
17:46 lwq1996 the camera is teribly out of focus
17:46 wannabe1987 lol
17:47 lwq1996 lol
17:47 lwq1996 lol
17:47 lwq1996 50ft
17:47 Yaotzin Fish tape?
17:47 Yaotzin I don't even
17:47 SparkyStudio I think the Chihuahua would jump then run up the rest of the way
17:47 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
17:47 lwq1996 the thing that pulls wires
17:48 lwq1996 can somone focus the camera
17:48 critterpal you could throw the chihuahua at them and it could latch on when it connects
17:48 lwq1996 damn its annoying me
17:48 SparkyStudio lwq1996, the camera is focussed on the mic
17:48 lwq1996 lol
17:48 lwq1996 omni
17:48 Sasha Guys, wtf is the difference about the focus?
17:49 SparkyStudio Sasha ^
17:49 lwq1996 its like me without glasses on
17:49 lwq1996 and it screws me up
17:49 Sasha I don't understand why you're just watching two guys putting cables
17:49 lwq1996 idk
17:50 critterpal I could be there right now. But it's my daughters birthday party today. Have to do that.
17:50 Cprossu just got back did I miss anything tremendous?
17:50 CSMonster_afk everybody has to have a hobby
17:50 lwq1996 nope
17:50 lwq1996 lol
17:51 lwq1996 red
17:51 Yaotzin Playboy queer? Well I guess his milkshake brings all the boys to the yard
17:51 wannabe1987 cprossu - no...i came back tho!  thats good
17:51 lwq1996 lol
17:51 DruidicRifleman you couldn't of had the party at the lab ?
17:52 Cprossu how come there are 2 people with years on their name now o_O
17:52 lwq1996 lol
17:52 Yaotzin Cprossu: there are tons of them
17:52 wannabe1987 we're special :D
17:52 Yaotzin it's silly
17:52 * wannabe1987 high fives lwq1996
17:53 lwq1996 idk how to do that stuff or i would high five u back
17:53 Cprossu shit my microphone has shorted out
17:53 DruidicRifleman the comande is /me
17:53 Cprossu this is going to really screw with my irc I�m sure
17:53 * lwq1996 high fives wannabe back
17:53 lwq1996 thanks
17:54 Cprossu textbooks suck
17:54 lwq1996 ik
17:54 DruidicRifleman who all is in the master control room
17:54 lwq1996 esepcialy when they are 6in thick
17:54 Cprossu I used to carry 5, 2 laptops, and a videocamera in my backpack
17:54 lwq1996 red chris steve
17:55 Cprossu *5 textbooks
17:55 critterpal steve, chris, and that chick. It's not red
17:55 DruidicRifleman I can Carry 80 lbs of Crap in mind
17:55 DruidicRifleman I get kinda slow
17:55 Cprossu back when I did that I weighed 115lbs
17:55 lwq1996 i dont do work because im a slacker so i dont carry any
17:55 lwq1996 yep
17:55 Cprossu and was likely carying close to that
17:56 lwq1996 im surprised im not kicked out
17:56 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
17:56 Cprossu just wait, ask enough and you shall recieve
17:56 wannabe1987 HI (french) TOAST!
17:56 lwq1996 HI TOAST
17:57 lwq1996 YES HE IS
17:57 Cprossu yeah, toast =P
17:57 lwq1996 lol
17:57 Toastdude lol
17:58 Toastdude *High fives*
17:58 Cprossu lol �Over the fuck moon�
17:58 * SparkyStudio lwq1996 has a new toy :P
17:58 lwq1996 yep =P
17:58 Toastdude what is it?
17:58 lwq1996 the /me thing
17:58 lwq1996 i need to get a list of commands for the irc
17:59 lwq1996 .commands
17:59 SparkyStudio Just don't try them all out at obce here
17:59 * DruidicRifleman smacks him self for teaching lwq tthat
17:59 lwq1996 lol
17:59 SparkyStudio *once
17:59 lwq1996 lol
18:00 DruidicRifleman i wonder what my dad did with my terrabit portable
18:00 Toastdude how about .cmd
18:00 Toastdude darn
18:00 lwq1996 .cmd
18:00 tggLiz left #thegeekgroup
18:00 Toastdude .command
18:01 Toastdude is there anywhere else you can get the commands?
18:01 lwq1996 online
18:01 Sasha Here:
18:01 Toastdude thanks
18:02 Cprossu or you could type /part
18:02 Cprossu xD
18:02 lwq1996 lol
18:02 lwq1996 HAHAHA
18:04 lwq1996 ok time to bug wannabe
18:05 lwq1996 the doors going in on friday right
18:05 wannabe1987 o shit...what'd i do?!
18:05 wannabe1987 yes
18:05 wannabe1987 do you not follow chris on facebook!?
18:05 wannabe1987 this is where i get my info
18:05 wannabe1987 srsly kid
18:05 lwq1996 no he has a fb
18:05 wannabe1987 who doesn't?!
18:05 lwq1996 well u got a point
18:05 wannabe1987
18:05 wannabe1987 there
18:05 Sasha Let me google him
18:06 wannabe1987 anyone can go there
18:06 wannabe1987 and see whates up
18:06 Cprossu I�m never getting a facebook =P
18:06 wannabe1987 odd duck
18:06 Sasha Why no facebook?
18:06 Yaotzin Not a thing
18:07 lwq1996 .yt safty dance
18:07 BotSteve lwq1996:;amp;v=HcOZ6xFxJqg&amp;amp;gl=JP
18:07 Yaotzin Totally not a thing
18:07 wannabe1987 not a thing what?
18:07 Yaotzin Safety dance
18:07 Yaotzin is not a thing
18:07 wannabe1987 i'm friends w/ two of the non GR tgg irc-ers on fb
18:07 wannabe1987 lol
18:07 wannabe1987 ok....
18:07 SparkyStudio Facebook is supposed to unite families, my daughter hardly talks to me since she got it, i too will never get a fb account :P
18:07 jonsee1234 joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 Yaotzin I have Chris on my FB
18:08 Toastdude I dont have a fb....
18:08 wannabe1987 ...
18:08 Cprossu yay OSHA!
18:08 wannabe1987 too young yet?
18:08 wannabe1987 sparkystudio - i keep tabs on whats going on at my parents house via facebook...
18:08 Toastdude kinda, my mother wont let me...... really sucks
18:08 wannabe1987 lol
18:08 Yaotzin Honestly I almost never use Facebook unless I'm dating, almost every girlfriend I've had was obsessed with Livejourna/Myspace/Facebook
18:08 wannabe1987 i know a 9 year old w/ facebook
18:08 Yaotzin in order of time
18:08 Yaotzin Except for the last one
18:08 lwq1996 haha
18:09 Sasha Dude, my 7 year old brother has facebook
18:09 Yaotzin But she was from /an/
18:09 wannabe1987 ...
18:09 wannabe1987 whats /an/?
18:09 lwq1996 lol
18:09 Yaotzin /an/imals
18:09 Yaotzin 4chan board
18:09 SparkyStudio wannabe1987, at least one of my granddaughters talks to me via gtalk
18:09 wannabe1987 grandma knows how to use facebook chat :(
18:09 Toastdude lol
18:09 Yaotzin The woman I'm currently smitten with uses facebook quiet often
18:09 Yaotzin so now I use it
18:10 Yaotzin Also Safteydance is not a thing
18:10 * wannabe1987 *goes to look for you*
18:10 Yaotzin lol
18:10 Yaotzin But you don't know my first or last name
18:10 Yaotzin how would you find me?
18:10 lwq1996 im watching it right now
18:10 wannabe1987 only 754 people to go through...
18:10 wannabe1987 i dunno
18:10 wannabe1987 i'll figure it out?
18:10 Yaotzin lol
18:10 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
18:10 lwq1996 if my friends dont dance there no friends of mine
18:10 wannabe1987 i ballroom dance...
18:11 Yaotzin It starts with a K, but no saying what it is in IRC wannabe1987
18:11 wannabe1987 don't blame you
18:11 wannabe1987 that narrows it down from 26 letters  to 1
18:11 Toastdude I civil war dance....
18:11 Yaotzin Hurray
18:11 wannabe1987 odd duck
18:11 mtearle yay!
18:11 Yaotzin We're on the blur
18:11 critterpal Yay!
18:11 critterpal Cool
18:11 Yaotzin I mean on the air
18:11 critterpal likee
18:11 Cprossu whoop de do you�re on the ele-vator!
18:11 Yaotzin Blur flicker
18:11 Toastdude Thats cool
18:11 Cprossu sweet.
18:12 Yaotzin Now we just need those signs throughout the building
18:12 Toastdude Yep
18:12 Yaotzin lwq1996 hush
18:12 Cprossu sweet, let him know I just got back
18:12 Toastdude Yay, put Symphony no 9 on again!
18:13 lwq1996 LOL
18:13 Yaotzin Hey I like Chris's music too yesterday
18:13 Toastdude Nice, Chris
18:13 Yaotzin Cory's music is pretty shit
18:13 SparkyStudio Nothing wrong with pink floyd
18:13 Yaotzin just sayin
18:13 Cprossu has batman been around lately?
18:13 lwq1996 lol\
18:13 lwq1996 party boy
18:13 Toastdude lol
18:13 lwq1996 oink floyds awsome
18:14 Toastdude Pink Floyd is awesome
18:14 lwq1996 pink floyd
18:14 Yaotzin What was it that Chris was grooving to yesterday and playing the piano to?
18:14 critterpal buggering?
18:14 critterpal ew
18:14 SparkyStudio It was ironic that we had pink floyd and a view of the wall :D
18:15 Yaotzin Good luck wannabe1987, I'm sure there aren't a million K's or anything
18:15 wannabe1987 i'm on of the million k's...
18:15 Cprossu lightning rod!
18:15 Yaotzin I know
18:15 Yaotzin lol
18:15 lwq1996 YEAH
18:15 Yaotzin lol
18:15 Yaotzin No steve
18:15 SparkyStudio lwq1996, "oink floyd" ?  signifcant due to the pig
18:15 Yaotzin we've done that
18:16 Toastdude No, we shouldn't
18:16 lwq1996 sorry caps
18:16 wannabe1987 LOUD NOISES
18:16 SparkyStudio We'll watch the wall when it comes tumbling down (there's a song in there somewhere)
18:16 Yaotzin Except wannabe1987  there are three people with your first name so I'm still lost
18:16 Toastdude nice......
18:16 mtearle not that many bodens though ...
18:16 wannabe1987 ...
18:16 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
18:16 Cprossu that�s what she said
18:17 Yaotzin nice
18:17 Toastdude lol
18:17 Sasha tggconsole no one cares
18:17 Yaotzin Sasha hush
18:17 Cprossu that�s what she said too
18:17 SparkyStudio I jiggle a technical term ? :D
18:17 SparkyStudio *Is
18:17 Yaotzin Aww
18:17 Yaotzin Poor steve
18:17 Sasha :p sorry dude
18:17 lwq1996 your mean guys
18:17 Yaotzin Jiggle is up and down, wiggle is side to side
18:17 Yaotzin the jiggle wiggle
18:17 lwq1996 jiggling wiggling spree
18:18 Toastdude wow............
18:18 Toastdude lol
18:18 Sasha We should swap to morse code so that he can't read our messages :P
18:18 Toastdude :P
18:18 lwq1996 not funny
18:18 Toastdude or binary.....
18:18 Toastdude lol
18:18 lwq1996 idk morse code
18:18 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
18:18 Sasha Extreme encoding.... we should use true crypt
18:19 Toastdude We should use binary.
18:19 lwq1996 its a ghost
18:20 Phu left #thegeekgroup
18:20 Toastdude BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!!!!
18:20 SparkyStudio Steve is jiggling the video cable
18:20 lwq1996 lol
18:20 Toastdude now its fine... lol
18:21 Yaotzin Where's the music Steve
18:21 Yaotzin You said there would be music Steve
18:21 Toastdude jiggling or wiggling?
18:21 Yaotzin lol
18:21 lwq1996 your awsome steve
18:21 jackkollan left #thegeekgroup
18:21 Toastdude TTHANK YOU STEVE!
18:21 Yaotzin dvorak even
18:21 Yaotzin lol
18:22 Toastdude i agree with lwq1996
18:22 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
18:22 lwq1996 .seen DruidicRifleman
18:22 BotSteve lwq1996: I last saw druidicrifleman at 2011-04-23 18:00:11 UTC on #thegeekgroup
18:22 lwq1996 i am into classic music
18:22 lwq1996 hell im in a band
18:22 Toastdude me too :)
18:22 lwq1996 i play trumpet
18:22 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
18:22 Toastdude Cool, i play trombone....
18:23 lwq1996 haha tromboner
18:23 wannabe1987 violin, double bass
18:23 Toastdude lol
18:23 Toastdude :P
18:23 SparkyStudio One day we'll have also sprach zarathustra
18:23 lwq1996 i go up to the trombones and do that all the time
18:23 Toastdude lol
18:24 lwq1996 right now our class is playing phanton of the operah
18:24 wannabe1987 yay!1!!!!
18:24 lwq1996 ok can we get steven not to bump any cables
18:24 lwq1996 and we are doing fantasha 2000
18:24 Toastdude Cool, we just finished March to the Scaffold :)
18:24 Toastdude Hector Berlioz
18:25 Toastdude Have you heard it?
18:25 lwq1996 we did crazy train one time to for marching band
18:25 lwq1996 hi steve
18:25 Sasha tggconsole UR MUSIC SUCKS
18:25 Sasha Nah, jk
18:25 Sasha I kid with you
18:25 lwq1996 hey not nice
18:25 DruidicRifleman tggconsole so whats beign worked on today
18:25 Toastdude No it doesnt!!! Dvorak is awesome!
18:25 Toastdude lol
18:26 Sasha Toastdude, I believe you are no longer qualified to be part of this IRC
18:26 lwq1996 i can conduct my band if i wanted to im conducting this right now
18:26 SparkyStudio DruidicRifleman, steve is installing plugstrips behind the console, Chris is running coax elswhere in the building
18:26 lwq1996 i can kick you sasha
18:26 Toastdude Sasha: ?
18:26 lwq1996 no he went ot lunch
18:26 DruidicRifleman cool
18:27 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
18:27 Sasha lwq1996 amd Toastdude, you know something called sarcasm?
18:27 lwq1996 ok live feed went silent
18:27 Toastdude Oh...... I knew that......
18:27 lwq1996 well dont be mean to steve atleast hes giving us music
18:27 Toastdude lol, sorry
18:27 Yaotzin It really bothers me that I can't figure out how to view the source image on facebook
18:27 Yaotzin view a source image*
18:28 Sasha :p
18:28 lwq1996 hi again
18:28 Sasha I just don't understand the philosophy of some people here
18:28 Toastdude :)
18:28 lwq1996 nope
18:28 djrock9000 hello!
18:28 Yaotzin What
18:28 critterpal no
18:28 Fulsy not for me
18:28 Toastdude no
18:28 mtearle no
18:28 Yaotzin No we have audio
18:28 djrock9000 Not for me
18:28 Yaotzin could be louder
18:28 SparkyStudio no, it's just the quiet phrases in the music
18:28 djrock9000 LOL
18:28 lwq1996 no i like music
18:28 lwq1996 hey
18:28 Yaotzin Sasha:  What?
18:28 Toastdude Hi, steve!
18:29 lwq1996 classical is awsome
18:29 djrock9000 True
18:29 Sasha oooh... dynamic range
18:29 Toastdude II love classical
18:29 Fulsy OOO!
18:29 Toastdude *I
18:29 lwq1996 oh my god music theory all over again
18:29 Sasha Yaotzin... just forget it...
18:29 lwq1996 lol
18:29 mtearle let find a compander and feed it into that! :)
18:29 Toastdude Lol
18:29 Yaotzin Ok?
18:29 Toastdude nice Fulsy
18:29 Fulsy lol
18:29 lwq1996 does steve play any insturments
18:29 Sasha Hey, is it me or is the music stuttery?
18:30 Yaotzin Think it's you ma'am
18:30 Fulsy it's fine on my end
18:30 critterpal ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!
18:30 DruidicRifleman sorry watching doctor who
18:30 Toastdude Which season?
18:30 Toastdude Newest?
18:30 lwq1996 let me guess bbca
18:30 DruidicRifleman the one with matt
18:30 djrock9000 When the console is finished are they planning on pushing it back towards the wall more. Looks like not much room to get through.
18:30 Yaotzin lol
18:30 Yaotzin You should be sorry that Firefly only had 1 season
18:30 mtearle say it steve!
18:30 Yaotzin that's what you should be sorry for
18:31 djrock9000 I suppose
18:31 Toastdude I still watch Tom Baker's Dr. Who......
18:31 djrock9000 That and it lets you get to the connections easier
18:31 Yaotzin Yeah
18:31 lwq1996 yep steve
18:31 Toastdude I CANT BELIEVE WASH DIED!!
18:31 lwq1996 steve do u play any insturment
18:31 SparkyStudio Are you playing with the terminator again ? video is flickering a bit
18:31 Yaotzin I was going to scream about book and wash but I didn't want to spoil it
18:31 Yaotzin but yeah
18:31 Yaotzin wtf book
18:31 Yaotzin Why
18:32 Toastdude Sorry.....
18:32 Yaotzin Why Shepard why
18:32 lwq1996 steve do u got any bach
18:32 Toastdude I can't remember...... Havent seen it for a while
18:33 Sasha Steve at tggconsole, you have any house/trance/good music?
18:33 Sasha :p no offense to anyone
18:33 Toastdude This is music..... :P
18:33 mtearle do you have the Dvorak Stabat Mater?   It's really very poignant
18:33 djrock9000 Interesting sounds good.
18:33 Yaotzin Thank god he isn't Cory
18:33 Yaotzin cause I mean
18:33 Fulsy lol
18:33 Toastdude lol
18:33 djrock9000 lol
18:33 Fulsy Dubstep
18:33 Yaotzin Cory has some silly music
18:33 DruidicRifleman should play some Rammstine maybe some Slip knot and disturbed is allways good
18:34 lwq1996 what about kraftwerk
18:34 djrock9000 Rammstine ++
18:34 CSMonster_afk this is 92.1 the shark's 2am-6am programming.
18:34 Toastdude Daft Punk?
18:34 Yaotzin Oh wow
18:34 Yaotzin I thought this was from the LOTR soundtrack for a second
18:34 Toastdude No......
18:35 Fulsy At one point it sounded like RF:G's menu music
18:35 Toastdude This is original Dvorak
18:35 lwq1996 clank
18:35 Toastdude lol
18:35 SparkyStudio
18:36 lwq1996 corry probaly did it
18:36 Yaotzin Who wired it? I think the name starts with C and ends with hristopher Boden
18:36 Fulsy Boden Yelled at it
18:36 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
18:36 djrock9000 Nice lol
18:36 Toastdude Its all Corey's fault...
18:36 cerberus left #thegeekgroup
18:36 djrock9000 Cool
18:36 wannabe1987 ...
18:36 wannabe1987 can.
18:36 wannabe1987 i do!
18:37 Toastdude Crap........
18:37 Toastdude NOOOOOO
18:37 SparkyStudio Do what you need to do Steve, members will have to be patient
18:37 Yaotzin nice
18:37 Yaotzin Yeah take it down
18:37 Toastdude lol
18:37 Yaotzin we'll be alright
18:37 mtearle :)
18:37 djrock9000 LOL
18:37 tggconsole live streaming will return shortly, please stand by
18:37 Toastdude Thanks Steve :)
18:37 Sasha I can only image what tggconsole will do once the camera's are off :p
18:37 wannabe1987 fulsy...calm down
18:37 wannabe1987 please
18:37 Fulsy I'm kidding
18:37 wannabe1987 ur hurting my ears
18:37 Fulsy oh
18:37 Fulsy BODEN SCREAM
18:37 djrock9000 OOOOO Colors
18:37 lwq1996 WHISTLIN
18:37 * wannabe1987 is listening to saint saens :D
18:38 Yaotzin I'll get back to watching COPS
18:38 lwq1996 of air
18:38 Sasha tggconsole we're officially down
18:38 Toastdude lwq1996: Can you play steel drums?
18:38 SparkyStudio Did the 'on air' light go out ? :D
18:38 lwq1996 i can but its not my insturment
18:38 jeremys OMG ITS BLACK SCREEN>>>>>>>>>>>the internet is gone......damn you AL GORE damn you to hell
18:38 lwq1996 wow
18:38 Toastdude It's fun isnt it? Do you play lead?
18:39 lwq1996 yep
18:39 lwq1996 no i play 3rd trumpet
18:39 Toastdude Any other?
18:39 Toastdude I mean for the steel drum
18:39 Yaotzin Alright guys
18:39 lwq1996 no thats my only real thing i get to play
18:39 Yaotzin Does this URL work
18:39 Fulsy I'm gonna go play team fortress 2
18:39 lwq1996 no i dont get to play the steel drums that often
18:40 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
18:40 Toastdude oh. We meet every Tuesday for an hour and practice :)
18:40 SparkyStudio yaotzin, yes it works
18:40 Yaotzin Alright cool
18:40 lwq1996 cool
18:40 jeremys I would have been 1st chair trumpette in High school.  But I tore my ACL my Junior year
18:40 Yaotzin Finally got facebook to give me my images in a linkable form that isn't tied to facebook
18:40 Toastdude The hs band director has a PhD on the Steel Pan
18:41 wannabe1987 the only bad thing with classical music is the fluctuations in noise levels
18:41 Toastdude :)
18:41 Toastdude Thats what makes it dramatic.....
18:41 Yaotzin Btw if you're interested that was our time board from an event I was catering in 09
18:41 Yaotzin At a local church
18:41 Yaotzin believe it or not
18:41 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
18:41 Toastdude I was wodering.....
18:42 wannabe1987 lol
18:42 lwq1996 anyone else hungry
18:42 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
18:42 Toastdude Me
18:42 lwq1996 i havent ate breakfast
18:42 Toastdude I havent eaten today
18:42 Yaotzin Now I've forgotten how I did
18:42 Toastdude And its 13:43....
18:42 Yaotzin it
18:43 jeremys lets convince steve that there is a guy in a red shirt standing in the picture when the image comes back up.  if enough of us say it, he will have to believe its a ghost
18:43 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
18:43 Toastdude ok
18:43 jeremys wb steve
18:43 SparkyStudio Yaotzin, just be careful that you don't hotlink, i don't know what the rules are with fb, might be better to rehost
18:43 djrock9000 Well Hello
18:44 djrock9000 We hear you
18:44 Toastdude Yes
18:44 jeremys yes
18:44 Sasha Yes we do
18:44 mtearle hello!
18:44 SparkyStudio hello colourbars
18:44 mtearle it's max headroom?
18:44 wannabe1987 if i'm silent, and you want to talk to me, say my nick/name...kthxbai
18:44 jeremys who is the guy in the red shirt?
18:44 Toastdude Who's that in the red shirt?
18:44 Yaotzin Red shirt?
18:44 Toastdude He's staring straight at us....
18:45 Yaotzin Oh
18:45 Yaotzin That guy
18:45 Toastdude He's kinda creeping me out.....
18:45 jeremys yeah he is
18:45 Yaotzin wannabe1987:
18:45 asnopus_ Hes staring into our souls
18:45 Yaotzin Seating
18:45 CSMonster_afk i wouldn't worry about it, he's a redshirt. he'll be dead by the end of the episode.
18:46 Toastdude ....... creepy.......
18:46 lwq1996 back
18:46 wannabe1987 cool
18:46 mtearle spoilers, sweetie!
18:46 jeremys he is just standing there.........
18:46 Yaotzin  Menu
18:46 Yaotzin which is kind of hard to read
18:46 lwq1996 hi
18:46 jeremys who is the guy next to you Steve?
18:46 Toastdude He's really creepy
18:46 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
18:47 Toastdude darn.....
18:47 jeremys lol that was awesome
18:48 jeremys you see him l read it then look around
18:48 asnopus_ we need to try it on chris as well
18:48 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
18:48 Toastdude We should :)
18:49 lwq1996 lets do it
18:49 Toastdude :)
18:50 wannabe1987 omg our clothing from the 90s....eeeek!
18:50 lwq1996 its good that he cant hear us right now
18:50 Toastdude *see
18:50 Toastdude lol
18:50 lwq1996 wtf
18:51 djrock9000 lost stream
18:51 lwq1996 off air
18:51 lwq1996 on air
18:51 Toastdude and its back
18:51 mtearle on air!
18:51 Toastdude lol
18:51 lwq1996 hes messing with the camera
18:52 Yaotzin
18:53 lwq1996 hes back
18:53 asnopus_ lol wut
18:54 lwq1996 hi steve
18:54 Toastdude HI Steve
18:55 lwq1996 hey theres that guy again next to u
18:55 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
18:55 Toastdude That guy is still there.....
18:55 lwq1996 hey theres that guy next to u again
18:55 lwq1996 yep
18:55 lwq1996 he looks made
18:55 lwq1996 mad
18:55 Toastdude He's staring at you
18:55 Yaotzin I went from peru, eventually got to geography, then math, and finally philosophy. Took like 15 jumps.
18:55 Yaotzin pretty crazy
18:56 lwq1996 STEVE RUN
18:56 Yaotzin Talking about this
18:56 lwq1996 OMFG
18:56 djrock9000 Jaws...Almost
18:56 Toastdude MOVEMENT 4!!!!!
18:56 Toastdude THANK YOU STEVE!!!
18:56 lwq1996 HES COMING CLOSER
18:56 Yaotzin Although now I'm curious, tggconsole: Steve do you have the LOTR OST?
18:56 asnopus_ somewhat appropiate music for a chase
18:57 Toastdude lol
18:57 lwq1996 ME TOO
18:57 lwq1996 damn caps
18:58 Toastdude We also played this in band this year....
18:58 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
18:59 Toastdude Did you just send me something lwq1996?
18:59 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
19:00 lwq1996 like what
19:00 lwq1996 and yes a msg
19:00 jeremys why is that guy just standing there staring at us?  Its been like 20 minutes now?
19:00 lwq1996 yeah hes just creeping me out now
19:00 Toastdude Oh.... can you resend it?
19:00 lwq1996 hes looking deep down into my soul
19:00 Toastdude sorry, i didnt know what it was
19:00 Yaotzin So Sony is still getting DDoS'd
19:00 Yaotzin sigh
19:01 lwq1996 he wants to eat me hes just been standing there staring
19:01 wannabe1987 OMG OMG OMG OMG I SEE SUN
19:02 Yaotzin sun?
19:02 CSMonster_afk don't stare directly at it wannabe1987
19:02 wannabe1987 i cant...its not out out...theres still semi-heavy cloud cover.
19:03 lwq1996 i look straight at the sun
19:03 CSMonster_afk i went to CSUN once
19:03 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
19:03 jonsee1234 left #thegeekgroup
19:04 wannabe1987 so do...
19:04 wannabe1987 so do i...
19:04 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
19:04 lwq1996 awsome song
19:05 lwq1996 hi chris
19:05 Yaotzin Oh hey Chris
19:05 Yaotzin Welcome back
19:05 CreyPL joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 lwq1996 HES GONA EAT U
19:06 Toastdude He's creeping me out
19:06 Yaotzin lwq1996
19:06 lwq1996 CORY
19:06 Yaotzin chill
19:06 lwq1996 WAIT
19:06 lwq1996 NOT ITS RED
19:06 Yaotzin That joke doesn't work now when there's like 3 people up there
19:06 lwq1996 hes gona eat me :(
19:06 Yaotzin chill out
19:06 CreyPL hi there, quick question, what's the music
19:06 lwq1996 bach i think
19:06 lwq1996 that or batoven
19:07 Toastdude Symphony no 9 mvt 4 by Antonin Dvorak CreyPL
19:07 wannabe1987 batoven?!
19:07 wannabe1987 GET OUT!
19:07 lwq1996 what ev i cant spell
19:07 CreyPL thank you very much Toastdude :)
19:08 Toastdude Yep :)
19:08 wannabe1987 Beethoven*
19:08 lwq1996 thats it
19:08 WB1A2 woooooot On Air sign.
19:08 Toastdude wtf
19:08 asnopus_ oooooo its shiny
19:09 CreyPL see ya
19:09 Yaotzin quik
19:09 Yaotzin that's who it is
19:09 Yaotzin He just pronounces it qweek
19:09 CreyPL left #thegeekgroup
19:10 critterpal bye everyone. off to throw a birthday party
19:10 Yaotzin cheers
19:10 lwq1996 bye
19:10 lwq1996 can i come
19:10 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
19:10 lwq1996 damn
19:10 Obtuse_lappy I was listening to Symphony no 3 by Tchikowsky earlier
19:11 Obtuse_lappy I think i have had the cd from the library for like 2 years
19:11 Yaotzin Librarys have CDs now?
19:11 * Obtuse_lappy has large library fines.
19:11 Obtuse_lappy oh fuck yea
19:11 Obtuse_lappy tons
19:11 Yaotzin Last time I went to a library they had tape reels and VHS
19:11 Yaotzin old newspapers on tape reels
19:12 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
19:12 wannabe1987 ...
19:12 Obtuse_lappy they have DVDs now
19:12 lwq1996 ok chopy video
19:12 Yaotzin what wannabe1987?
19:12 wannabe1987 why haven't you been to the library since?
19:12 Yaotzin *shrug*
19:12 lwq1996 better
19:12 lwq1996 wtf
19:12 Yaotzin Haven't had a use for it
19:12 Obtuse_lappy because i owe them money
19:12 Obtuse_lappy probably like 100 bucks