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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-24

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00:00 Yaotzin Apparently her idiot brother doesn't know what palming is
00:00 Seroster Damn Yaotzin
00:00 Seroster And...
00:00 Yaotzin Sgt_Lemming:  Yaotzin:
00:00 Seroster Why not just stick it in your nose? You have to be pretty damn stupid to put it in THE WRONG WAY
00:00 Cprossu Yaotzin: obviously missed this ->
00:00 Yaotzin what?
00:01 Yaotzin lol Cprossu
00:01 Sgt_Lemming bah
00:01 Sgt_Lemming not installing divx webplayer
00:01 Sgt_Lemming it's evil
00:01 Yaotzin Seroster: He was trying to do that magic trick
00:01 Yaotzin of sticking a cigarette in one nostril and pulling it out of the other
00:01 Yaotzin except he actually stuck the thing up his nose
00:02 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
00:02 exor674 ... lol
00:02 exor674 what?
00:03 Seroster Wtf, Yaotzin...
00:03 Seroster There is a REASON it's called MAGIC...
00:03 Yaotzin "they had to use a small pen-like vacuum to get out any extra tobacco on his sneeze-things"
00:03 Seroster Too bad it didnt block his airways killing him within minutes. That would have removed some pretty bad inbred genes.
00:03 einsteinagogo joined #thegeekgroup
00:04 Cprossu looks like I am gonna have to leave before steve______ gets back
00:04 BatSteve the best nick ever has just joined the chat
00:04 Seroster ...Kafka?
00:04 Seroster =D
00:04 Cprossu not best nick ever
00:04 Cprossu close though
00:04 BatSteve Oh?
00:04 BatSteve What was best?
00:04 Yaotzin it's Kefka not Kafka
00:04 Cprossu I�ll have to search my 10mb of logs to tell you
00:04 Seroster It is?
00:04 Kafka ...
00:05 Seroster .wa Kafka
00:05 Cprossu but it was a hell of a play on words
00:05 Seroster .wa kefka
00:05 Kafka no, it's Kafka
00:05 BotSteve Franz Kafka  (novelist);full name->Franz Kafka, date of birth->Tuesday, July 3, 1883 (127 years ago), place of birth->Prague, Hlavní město Praha, Czech Republic, date of death->Tuesday, June 3, 1924 (age: 40 years) ,  (86 years ago), place of death->Vienna, Vienna, Austria
00:05 BotSteve Kafa  (language);total number of speakers->599200 people, number of native speakers->569600 people, place with most speakers->Ethiopia, primary location->Ethiopia, language code->kbr, (1998 estimates);numeral names->ikkā  (1) -> gŭttā  (2) -> kajā  (3) -> ...;Ethiopia->569626 people (95%), (1998 estimates)
00:05 Yaotzin .w kefka
00:05 BotSteve "Kefka Palazzo (spelled Cefca in Japan) is a character in the Final Fantasy series of video games." -
00:05 Cprossu .wa !!
00:05 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:05 Yaotzin .w kefka final fantasy
00:05 Seroster See!
00:05 BotSteve "Kefka Palazzo (spelled Cefca in Japan) is a character in the Final Fantasy series of video games." -
00:05 Yaotzin Damn you wiki
00:05 BatSteve Was it "Jesus Chrysler Super Car"?  Because that was a pretty good Steam name.
00:05 Cprossu .wa Large Explosion
00:05 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:05 Seroster Yes, from final fantasy. But Franz Kafka came before Kefka.
00:05 Cprossu .wa Explosion
00:05 Seroster And will you stop the .wa spam please?
00:05 Kafka final fantasy 6 sucked, kefka was a lil' pansy compares to exdeath
00:05 BotSteve explosion  (English word);1->noun->a violent release of energy caused by a chemical or nuclear reaction, 2->noun->the act of exploding or bursting, 3->noun->a sudden great increase, 4->noun->the noise caused by an explosion, 5->noun->the terminal forced release of pressure built up during the occlusive phase of a stop consonant, 6->noun->a sudden outburst, 7->noun->a golf shot from a bunker that typically moves sand a
00:06 Kafka kefka made a desert. woohoo. exdeath destroyed space and time!
00:06 Cprossu and Seroster
00:06 Cprossu .wa no
00:06 BotSteve no  (English word);1->noun->a negative, 2->adjective->quantifier; used with either mass nouns or plural count nouns for indicating a complete or almost complete lack or zero quantity of, 3->adverb->referring to the degree to which a certain quality is present, 4->adverb->not in any degree or manner; not at all, 5->adverb->used to express refusal or denial or disagreement etc or especially to emphasize a negative state
00:06 * BatSteve saw that one coming, but was expecting .yt nope
00:06 Cprossu .yt nope.avi
00:06 BotSteve Cprossu:
00:06 Ponko92 steve you ever played heavy rain?
00:07 Kafka Ponko92, you can't play heavy rain! it's a "choose your own adventure" movie!
00:07 Ponko92 i knoow
00:07 Yaotzin hey
00:07 Yaotzin hey
00:07 Yaotzin Listen, some games like that are amazin
00:07 Yaotzin [999] Is easily the best DS game
00:07 Ponko92 exactly
00:07 BatSteve I remember a "what will happen in the future" article about how in the year 2010 all movies would be "Choose your own adventure"
00:07 Seroster I must agree taht the .wa no is way more annoying than .yt no since clicking the link is optional, unlike the HUGE textblock that came from .wa =P
00:08 * Seroster gives Cprossu the medal of obnoxiousness
00:08 BatSteve You'd have a control panel on the chair and you could pick what happens
00:08 Seroster Lol bat, link?
00:08 Yaotzin Final Destination on DvD had a choose your own adventure
00:08 Seroster I love all those bad predictions
00:08 BatSteve No link.  It was a print article, and I read it at least ten years ago
00:08 Ponko92 i read something about that
00:09 Seroster BatSteve, Link or it didnt happen.
00:09 injektion The microwave oven is still not fixed yet
00:09 Seroster .g faulty future predictions
00:09 BotSteve Seroster:
00:09 Seroster :c
00:09 Seroster No.
00:09 Seroster .c pi to the last decimal
00:09 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
00:10 Seroster I am a trekkie. And I hate that he doesnt self destruct when given that command
00:10 Yaotzin .c 9/0
00:10 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
00:10 Seroster BatSteve, you need to implement a special reply when someone wants BotSteve to divide by zero
00:10 Seroster Like a hugeass number of random numbers sent as a notice.
00:11 BatSteve I have time to do "divide by zero" or I have time to make .wa replies appear in PM instead of in chat.  Your call.
00:11 BatSteve (:
00:11 Seroster Don't do it in pm
00:11 Seroster Do it in notice
00:11 Seroster Then you dont have to switch windows.
00:11 Yaotzin Why
00:11 Yaotzin orz
00:12 Seroster The problem is that if someone .wa porn the rest of the 12year old kids here wants to .wa porn, and it will be just as annoying. The best would be that BotSteve gives the first line in $room and the rest of the text block in /notice
00:12 Yaotzin oh the ironing
00:13 exor674 notices don't always show up in the same place for people
00:13 Seroster But mostly
00:14 * BatSteve has marked it in the bugtracker
00:14 Seroster A magnifying glass? =D
00:14 Seroster ...That might be a joke that isnt very logic.
00:15 BatSteve all right.  cheers all.  I'll be back later once I have transformed the dump I live in back into a room.
00:15 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
00:15 Seroster ...I have a dehumidifyer here, and the fan is dead. I suspect the ball bearings have siezed. The problem is that it will be annoying to replace them without new bearings and without any bearing pulling tools.
00:16 DruidicRifleman so the space channel has a doctor who marithon if you got a 1 time round trip in the tardis where would you go
00:16 Yaotzin Never watched doctor who so
00:16 Yaotzin No idea what you're on about
00:16 Yaotzin Have fun BatSteve-Away
00:18 Laryk left #thegeekgroup
00:19 Sgt_Lemming watching that mythbusters episode atm
00:20 injektion My dad is refusing to talk to me :D
00:20 Yaotzin Ok?
00:20 Sgt_Lemming so nice having all the episodes labeled properly :-P
00:20 Yaotzin Why
00:20 Yaotzin Sgt_Lemming: where, netflix?
00:20 Sgt_Lemming my fileserver :-P
00:21 injektion I made fun of the so called "reliable toyota t100 truck"
00:21 wannabe1987 food is in the oven...and my back hurts...again
00:21 * wannabe1987 is back!
00:21 Yaotzin I'm sorry wallabe
00:21 injektion My dad has been working on getting the timing belt replaced since 9am this morning
00:22 injektion So the dishwasher is still broken :D
00:22 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987
00:22 exor674 pain suckitty sucks amirite?
00:22 wannabe1987 yeah...mouth, back, head, neck, its all sucky
00:23 Seroster I have ben putting up a 4 storey Haki scaffold for the past two days. Pain.
00:23 wannabe1987 injektion - you don't need a dishwasher - you need a sink, water, soap and 2 hands :D
00:24 Yaotzin Forget that. Honestly I never had a dishwasher until I moved down here
00:24 Yaotzin I am dreading not having one again
00:24 injektion wannabe1987: I call my dad's toyota truck a dishwasher because it's an appliance or well it was until the timing belt broke
00:24 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
00:25 Seroster Yaotzin, the dishwasher cripples you within minutes after you install it.
00:25 Yaotzin What
00:25 Seroster I worked as an appliance repairman, there is a reason you can charge $100 /hour for fixing dishwashers.
00:25 injektion ^
00:26 injektion I've fixed the dishwasher in the kitchen several times >_<
00:26 Yaotzin And there's a reason why I know how to do home plumbing
00:26 Seroster Pretty much everyone said "It has ben hell not having it for three days"
00:26 Seroster People are fucking retarded when it comes to dishwashers.
00:26 injektion I survived for 22 years without a dishwasher
00:27 wannabe1987 lol
00:27 Seroster About 35% of the cases are crap stuck in the pump, that you can remove with a coathanger, without even removing any screws
00:27 injektion It's nice to have one but I wouldn't miss it it was gone
00:27 Seroster Yes you would.
00:27 Seroster Unless you live alone
00:27 Superman13 I have a dishwasher... i call her older sister lol
00:27 Seroster xD
00:28 Seroster And 10% are mice living in the dishwasher.
00:28 Seroster 20% crap stuck in hoses
00:28 Seroster 20% broken electronics
00:29 Seroster And the rest goes in the "Wtf?" category.
00:31 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
00:35 SparkyProjects We are taught that continually bending wires will break them eventually, so why in diswashers do they run wires from the main carcase to the door controls right below the aperture.  a friends went bang when water dripped onto wires with damaged insulation due to the bending, that's one reason i will never allow a dishwasher in my house
00:40 wannabe1987 my mom made cookies with dried apricots in them...
00:44 Yaotzin I like dates
00:45 dr_jkl bored.
00:46 wannabe1987 girls or the nut?
00:46 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
00:46 Yaotzin what? You mentioned dried apricots
00:47 wannabe1987 i'm trying to figure out what kind of "date" you speak of
00:47 NeWtoz maybe she was asking you out!
00:47 NeWtoz you blew it man
00:47 Yaotzin dates are fruit
00:47 Yaotzin not nuts
00:47 wannabe1987 sorry for not knowing
00:48 Yaotzin sorry for explaining?
00:48 wannabe1987 no its ok.  i'm exhausted again
00:49 wannabe1987 i need to get home...longer i stay here more frustrated i get :(
00:50 Yaotzin Stay where?
00:50 Yaotzin And I always seem to get dried dates and dried apricots confused for each other
00:51 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
00:52 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
00:52 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
00:52 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
00:52 cctoide` is now known as cctoide
00:52 cctoide has everyone left for the day?
00:54 cctoide the banding from encoding makes the sunset rather noticeable, heh
00:56 wannabe1987 no?
00:59 JJ_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:02 JJ_ any one there?
01:04 Seroster Aye
01:04 Yaotzin Easter weekend, things are slower than normal
01:05 wannabe1987 lol
01:05 wannabe1987 i'm going home...
01:05 Seroster SparkyProjects, well, you know, you can bend a wire a couple of hundred thousand times before it goes bad, if it is a proper cable. And there shouldnt be water dripping on it IN THE FIRST PLACE! =P
01:06 Yaotzin Drive safe wannabe
01:06 Seroster That is like not driving a car because your friends car went into the ditch because he poured cocacola in the gas tank =P
01:07 Seroster It shouldnt go off the road if there is crap in the tank. And there shouldnt be crap in the tank in the first place.
01:08 SparkyProjects Seroster, it's the wires that are part of the design, the controls were on the door, the door hinged down, the wires were like ribbon cable (though not actually stuck together), i was at my friends, he opened the door and it went bang, bad design basically.
01:10 Seroster Agreed
01:10 Seroster But with a proper machine no problem
01:10 SparkyProjects It was a proper machine
01:10 Seroster All this new sexyness with machines is completely beyond me. A dishwasher doesnt need a display. It doesnt need small membrane buttons, it doesnt need buttons in the lid.
01:11 Seroster My dishwasher has big narly pushbuttons on the front, no electronics WHATSOEVER, not even for the soap dispenser, in the door <3
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01:15 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
01:15 cctoide sucks when the 10, 15+ year old appliances finally give up the ghost, the replacements seem to break down in a third of the time
01:15 JJ_ left #thegeekgroup
01:16 steve______ well, that as a long right back
01:16 Ponko92 ahhh my head hurts
01:16 SparkyProjects My dishwasher is a big Belfast sink, works well for me, not a lot to go wrong :D
01:16 chunks left #thegeekgroup
01:17 Ponko92 i was waiting for you to say "my wife is a good enough for me ;)"
01:17 Ponko92 lol
01:17 steve______ CaptainBoden you get the message I left you?
01:18 Seroster They sure do, cctoide
01:18 SparkyProjects Ponko, i don't have a wife, got rid of her years ago :P
01:18 Ponko92 haha
01:18 Seroster SparkyProjects, i thought you said you wouldnt let a dishwasher into your house... =P
01:18 cctoide there's this Bauknecht washing machine that's probably older than I am, still ticking along
01:19 Ponko92 lol
01:19 Seroster My microwave oven is made from parts from 4 different ovens, the only thing they had in common was that they were made in the 80s=P
01:19 SparkyProjects I meant an electrical one, except maybe to autopsy
01:19 Seroster My bad, misread =P
01:20 Seroster And cctoide, when your 15 year old appliance dies you grab your philips #2 driver, remove four screws thus disassembling the entire case, replace the generic 10amp glass fuse and it will work for another 15 years ;P
01:21 mman454 Or find a replacement drive belt somewhere.
01:21 cctoide heh... the only problem that washing machine has is it seems the program wheel is getting flaky
01:22 cctoide apart from that, it seems to be built like a tank
01:22 einsteinagogo left #thegeekgroup
01:23 Seroster What brand?
01:23 Seroster mman454, or, if you can't do that, use a condom.
01:24 cctoide Bauknecht
01:24 Seroster I bought a 1920's vintage sewing machine for $20 yesterday. Runs like a clock, after I replaced the motor coals.
01:24 Seroster Damn
01:24 Seroster It IS old!
01:25 cctoide I recall being fascinated by the spin cycle when I was a kid
01:26 Seroster Whirlpool bought Bauknecht in -89
01:26 SparkyProjects Best thing i ever bought was a clock radio, still wakes me up every morning nearly 40 years on
01:26 SparkyProjects;hash=item2562e73b0c
01:26 Seroster Got a model number on the sucker?
01:26 Seroster Damn, SparkyProjects =P
01:26 cctoide not home at the moment, but I can probably find out
01:26 cctoide not really sure where it'd be though, don't think it's on the front
01:26 Seroster Is it a solid state, SparkyProjects?
01:27 Seroster Heh
01:27 Seroster Might be a pain to get behind it
01:27 cctoide it's on skates
01:27 cctoide but yeah, it's pretty cramped in there
01:28 SparkyProjects As in transistor ? yes it is, uses the mains frequency for timekeeping, keeps good time
01:28 Seroster The fun part is that you can with a little luck go to a scrapyard, find another model from another company with an identical program wheel that does the exact same thing. And buy it of $3
01:28 Seroster Nice
01:28 Seroster Now come plug it in in europe! =D
01:28 Seroster That will be fun
01:28 SparkyProjects I'm in UK
01:29 Seroster Oh. I mean.. The REAL europe =D
01:29 SparkyProjects What voltage and frequency ?
01:29 Seroster You run 60hz in the UK?
01:29 SparkyProjects no 50Hz
01:29 Seroster O
01:29 Seroster Well, then take it to america and run it on 60 =P
01:30 cctoide the dimmable lights here are fucking with the cheap alarm clocks
01:31 SparkyProjects I could have taken it to work and run it when we were on generators, one was normally around 52Hz
01:31 cctoide when set to somewhere in the 20-40% range the clock goes to like 2-3 seconds per second
01:31 Seroster I prefer a transistor that determins the frequenzy
01:31 Seroster Gotta love that cctoide
01:32 Seroster The best alarm clock I've ever had was based on tubes.
01:32 SparkyProjects Years ago i was going to add battery backk up for it, that's when i found it needs mains freq.
01:32 Seroster because it had that nice tube amp sound when you got white noise
01:32 Seroster Heh
01:32 cctoide I love the alarm clock I have at home, though
01:33 cctoide it sort of got handed down from my parents when we were shuffling rooms and it's probably as old as that washing machine
01:33 Seroster I had a project involving the speaker of an alarm clock, a transistor, a relay and mains.... =P
01:33 SparkyProjects I wish i kept the old radiomobile car radio, that was tubes
01:33 cctoide since the only model number reference I could find says it came out in 1985
01:33 Seroster Tubes are pretty expensive nowdays
01:33 cctoide and the battery backup still works
01:34 Seroster I wonder how many perfectly functional tubes were thrown away when people got hooked on transistors.
01:34 cctoide though a couple of the buttons got temperamental lately
01:34 Seroster Beat it into submission
01:34 Seroster Or do an ugly hack
01:34 Seroster like, remove the old membrane button and replace with a lightswitch. Then ziptie the lightswitch to the side of the radi
01:35 Seroster I love that kind of narly fixes =P
01:35 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 Seroster Wb wannabe1987
01:35 SparkyProjects In my teens i used to drag home many old tv's and radio's, i used to break the tubes to make sculptures :P
01:35 Seroster Lol
01:35 SparkyProjects I had hundreds of tubes though
01:35 Seroster That's safe! =D
01:35 Ponko92 yay wannabe1987
01:35 wannabe1987 thanks ponko92, seroster
01:35 wannabe1987 drive was good.
01:35 wannabe1987 yaotzin, when you type wallabe, it dings me :P
01:36 steve______ wannabe1987 arring back to your house?
01:36 Yaotzin Oh you set it as a highlight, wallabe?
01:36 Seroster What kind of tubes? CRtubes or ... I can't say vacuum tubes since CRTs are also under vacuum...
01:36 Seroster Who is wallabe
01:36 wannabe1987 arring back to my house what?
01:36 wannabe1987 i am wallabe apparently
01:36 steve______ your drive?
01:36 wannabe1987 yes...i did
01:36 Seroster Wtf
01:36 wannabe1987 it was great
01:36 wannabe1987 dark
01:36 SparkyProjects Seroster, i only used the internal metal parts, a couple of grids made great engines for space craft (like star trek's voyager)
01:36 wannabe1987 but no rain!
01:36 Seroster You drove from the lab home? Thats strange.
01:36 steve______ ya, no rain
01:37 Seroster Star trek voyager is the only good startrek!
01:37 * Seroster runs and hides from the flamewar
01:37 Yaotzin There's a good star trek?
01:37 steve______ I doubt it, I was that last one to leave the lab, 3:30 hours ago
01:37 Ponko92 yay
01:37 steve______ you know the real reason it's quiet here?
01:37 steve______ I would guess everyone is watching Dr WHo
01:38 steve______ it might pick up in a half hour
01:38 SparkyProjects I watched the start of series 6 earlier :D
01:38 steve______ ya, it's on in America now
01:39 * steve______ wishes he had BBCA
01:39 SparkyProjects but that's series 5 i think isn't it ?
01:39 Yaotzin Speaking of television, I was watching Trailer Park Boys the other day
01:39 steve______ I thought series 6 was premering tonight
01:39 Yaotzin now, I didn't grow up in a trailer park, never lived in one, but I dated a few girls when I was in school who did
01:39 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:39 Seroster We might not agree about startrek. But we can all unite behind "Lost was damn strange"
01:39 Yaotzin And boy is it funny seeing things on that show that I've seen in person
01:40 Seroster wb ponko92
01:40 Yaotzin I never watched lost
01:40 Seroster I did until there was a POLAR BEAR on a TROPICAL ISLAND
01:40 SparkyProjects See if you can find a description of it, i'll tell you if it's series 6 or not
01:40 Seroster Then I gave up on it
01:40 Ponko92_ grrrr the underscore is back
01:40 cctoide I recall catching a few episodes of Lost
01:41 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
01:41 cctoide season one, I think
01:41 cctoide everyone seemed really whiny
01:41 NeWtoz I gave up on lost really fast
01:41 cctoide I suppose it might have been cool if you really got into the mythology, though
01:41 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
01:42 NeWtoz gf was really into it, if it wasn't for that, I wouldn't of even watch a single episode
01:42 cctoide I know I watched the hatch episode and the one where it exploded, and these were fairly interesting
01:42 Seroster lol
01:42 NeWtoz it wasn't entertaining enough for me
01:42 Seroster Too much drama.
01:43 Seroster too damn unrealistic
01:43 Seroster And... A POLAR BEAR?!
01:43 cctoide there was also a smoke monster that sounded like a receipt printer
01:43 cctoide I don't think realism was the point :p
01:43 mman454 I just got back on and the last mention I saw was
01:43 mman454 (8:23:45 PM) Seroster: mman454, or, if you can't do that, use a condom.
01:43 Seroster Yes
01:44 mman454 I scrolled up a little and slowly the wtf wore off.
01:44 Seroster You can replace the belt on a 15 yo washing machine with a couple of condoms
01:45 mman454 Really? Do you just tie them together?
01:45 Seroster Yup
01:45 Yaotzin That doesn't sound right at all
01:46 Seroster It does work with smaller models
01:46 MoxieMike it sounds more like a quick fix than a permanent one
01:46 Seroster At least the one my parents had, ran on DC, and was in essence designed for socks
01:46 Yaotzin Yeah MoxieMike, i can't see condoms not breaking up and falling apart when used like that
01:46 Seroster A condom wont handle the starting torque of the engine revving up 6kgs of clothes and 15kgs of water =P
01:47 Seroster but they WILL work for one wash in a small machine, believe me!
01:47 Seroster It wasnt a happy machine, but it worked =P
01:49 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
01:50 wannabe1987 orly
01:50 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
01:50 Ponko92 again
01:50 wannabe1987 playing wOw?
01:50 Ponko92 nooooo
01:50 wannabe1987 minecraft
01:50 wannabe1987 or the beast in your pants?
01:50 SparkyProjects killing a fly :D
01:50 Ponko92 i have killed the underscore
01:50 wannabe1987 o
01:51 wannabe1987 :(
01:53 SparkyProjects G'Night all :)
01:53 Yaotzin Night Spark
01:53 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
01:54 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
01:56 Kafka is now known as Ludicolo_Mariach
01:56 Ludicolo_Mariach is now known as Kafka
02:01 Hackbat
02:01 Hackbat lawlz
02:02 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
02:03 Ponko92 grrrrrr fucking IE9
02:06 steve______ if anyone has interst I have posted in the Boden level thread on the forum with another proposal
02:07 Noise_Marine left #thegeekgroup
02:07 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
02:08 Yaotzin meinesst?
02:09 steve______ yes, I might be
02:10 steve______ any thoughts on a natural log scale?
02:11 Yaotzin Sounds like something we could try in the lab
02:12 Yaotzin Measuring with that scale
02:13 steve______ it's a fixed definitition that should grow in magnatude quickly, and has fractional values for common sound levels
02:14 Yaotzin I was just going to ask if I was reading that right
02:14 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
02:14 Ponko92 i hate my laptop soo bad
02:14 Yaotzin I guess it would depend on how it looks on paper
02:15 Yaotzin having fractional values for everything below an air raid siren
02:15 Yaotzin might be kind of, clunky?
02:16 steve______ but that is in part the point
02:17 Yaotzin right
02:17 steve______ 1 boden was described as an air raid siren at 70volts
02:17 Seroster Wtf 4am?
02:17 Seroster It was midnight just a couple of minutes ago
02:17 steve______ it happens
02:18 Yaotzin I would say we should record some data in a controlled setting to our standards and start applying that to some of these
02:19 Yaotzin another point is that it's simple to understand, read and work with
02:19 steve______ record some reference values of Chris and see what works well
02:19 cctoide there's no "advanced search" in this forum software, is there?
02:19 cctoide or any way to search for a given user's last posts
02:19 steve______ i don't think so
02:20 steve______ it might accept boolian arguments though
02:20 Ponko92 grrr damn this laptop sucks
02:21 Ponko92 wow the stream is exciting lol
02:21 Yaotzin Yeah I'd say we get Chris in a sound studio, calibrate with some fixed dB tones at 1m
02:22 Yaotzin maybe even record that air raid siren they have
02:22 cctoide GG doesn't have a sound level meter, do they?
02:22 Ponko92 didn't he want a simple linear system
02:22 steve______ or we get Db meter and measure him, an air raid siren (I assume it is in k-zoo)
02:22 steve______ I know I can get my hands on one
02:23 steve______ it even has octive filtering
02:23 cctoide based on the video they did of it, I doubt they'll run the air raid siren at full volume, though :p
02:23 steve______ it must be done once, with hearing protection to measure it
02:24 steve______ which will be interesting do to the livelyness of the studio right now
02:24 Seroster Well.
02:24 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
02:24 Seroster Fuck it. Let's go bowling.
02:24 Ponko92 is the  cammera still on the streets?
02:24 steve______ when I left it was looking at the sky
02:24 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
02:25 Yaotzin Shame we don't have access to an anechoic chamber
02:25 steve______ to the SW
02:25 steve______ that would be ideal
02:25 cctoide it caught the sunset, now there's just a few lights
02:25 steve______ although once the sound studio is done we will have isolation booths
02:25 Ponko92 yeah beung its nearly 11pm
02:25 cctoide I wasn't here when they were setting it up, did they move it around?
02:26 steve______ yes, we moved it around a bit
02:26 steve______ it even saw my feet
02:26 steve______ it has about a 400º pan range
02:26 cctoide I take it the control unit can't be interfaced with?
02:26 steve______ *400º
02:27 Ponko92 just fyi the laptop isn't doing me any favours so my messages might not make sense
02:27 steve______ the control unit is in a rack there is no web interface on it
02:27 steve______ although it just has pushbuttons on it, so a but or arduino-fu and it might be able t
02:27 steve______ *able to
02:28 steve______ *bit of
02:28 cctoide what kind of stuff does it output, though? does it control the motors directly?
02:28 steve______ wow, I am suffering a typing failure over here
02:28 Ponko92 steve your laptop being a b
02:28 Ponko92 itch too?
02:28 * steve______ reboots fingers
02:29 steve______ no, the power cord has been good to me today
02:29 Ponko92 lol
02:29 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
02:29 Yaotzin So
02:29 Ponko92 my laptop just wants to a real pain in my ass being as SLOW as it can possibly be
02:29 Yaotzin Why was the roof cam killing the stream?
02:30 steve______ are what time
02:30 steve______ we had a moniter that was killing the stream
02:30 Yaotzin When the stream was really choppy
02:30 Yaotzin Oh
02:30 LeadHead A monitor>?
02:30 steve______ the main output signal was looped though a moniter and when turned off it would loose signal
02:31 Yaotzin Interesting
02:31 steve______ I installed a T connector so it was split to the TV moniter and the computer vs looping though
02:31 Yaotzin good
02:32 steve______ I never did setup the TBC units today
02:33 Ponko92 grr i just want to do ONE thing and its taking FOREVER to do because of this shitty laptop
02:33 LeadHead Analog seems like too much of a pain to deal with
02:33 steve______ I need to gather up a couple of 8-10 in 1 out selector switchers to drive the inputs to the TBC units so they can be more flexible than just one source
02:33 steve______ no pro video is just a pia
02:34 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
02:34 steve______ all of the sources must scan the frame together at the same time for everything to work right
02:34 Ponko92 turning the stream off what happened to the Police scanner steve?
02:34 LeadHead which is what Genlock is
02:34 LeadHead correct
02:35 steve______ yes genlock or generator lock locks the camera CCDs all together
02:35 LeadHead Does digital have these issues? I would guess not, but what do I know
02:35 steve______ the scanner is on it's just listening to the NOAA weather radio for now
02:35 Ponko92 ok
02:36 steve______ digital has similar issues, you need to sync everything somewhere inorder to switch cleanly
02:36 Ponko92 why not the Policer Chatter thogh? lol
02:36 steve______ chris wanted it an weather tonight
02:36 steve______ so it's not scanning right now
02:36 Ponko92 oh ok fair enough
02:37 cctoide has it ever been on Ch 14 during the day since you set it up?
02:37 LeadHead even if all the cameras are progressive scanning?
02:39 Ponko92 brb
02:39 steve______ yes, progessive scan mean that it scans each frame once 60 times per second, interlaces scannes the even fields (lines) then the odd fields each 30 times per second totaling 60 fields scanned so progressive has twice the image data
02:39 LeadHead yeah
02:40 steve______ so the same basic sync requirments are still there, it still must be in the same line and part of the line at the same time to transition right
02:40 LeadHead Hm
02:41 Phu joined #thegeekgroup
02:41 LeadHead Would not that mean that during a switch , if it were halfway through a scan
02:41 steve______ with digital systems you can delay the signal (in ram) to make them be at the same time fairly easily if you can't sync the camera's it's the same function a TBC does it delays the video until it lines up right
02:41 LeadHead the bottom half of the image would be from the new source
02:42 steve______ yes it would
02:42 steve______ or left/right
02:42 Phu very morning
02:42 LeadHead How is that cleaner than just say waiting for a new frame
02:42 LeadHead from the new source
02:42 steve______ of if your fading it superimposes the 2 images
02:43 steve______ its hard to create an analog delay
02:43 LeadHead I cant even fathom how the GVG blends analog
02:43 Phu steve______: mercury delay lines
02:43 LeadHead digital alpha blending is easy to understand
02:43 Phu or their modern solid state equivalent
02:44 steve______ yes, delay lines would work I have hear os studios with coils of wire of a specific length under the floor to create a delay too
02:44 Phu damn... wire delays.
02:44 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
02:45 Phu you have to be dedicated to depend on a delay in copper tranmission time.
02:45 steve______ the GVG would blend analog in a L/R wipe by switching signals at the same point in the line between signals
02:45 steve______ ya, copper delays are not a plesent though
02:46 steve______ ^^ at each line in the frame
02:46 steve______ for a more complocated wipe you could compute the point in each line that it would have to switch sources
02:46 LeadHead Nuts
02:47 LeadHead I will stick to digital
02:47 LeadHead lol
02:47 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
02:47 kristopher OLA
02:47 steve______ the fade would most likely use a summing amp to mix the 2 signals in varying proportion
02:47 LinuxH4x0r Hi guys
02:47 Phu presumably after separating the YUV components then recombining.
02:47 Phu in the case of composite at least.
02:47 cctoide I'm kinda curious why there's a lever that actually controls the transition, I'd always assumed things like that were one-shot canned transitions
02:47 kristopher i had an awsome idea. you knw those usb roket launcers . put one on omni with a camera and use it for zomb
02:47 steve______ digital is just as complex it's just handled with software algorithms vs harware components
02:48 LeadHead you can control transistion speed
02:48 LeadHead with the lever
02:48 steve______ yes transition speed is controlled with the lever
02:48 steve______ so the lever defines the point in the line or frame that it has to switch between signals
02:49 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
02:49 Phu I imaginine there's also an option for an automated transition?
02:49 Yaotzin I don't think so kristopher. Although you might be able to use those USB dart launchers to interface with the internet
02:49 steve______ not on this unit, although most newer ones do
02:49 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
02:49 Yaotzin and repurpose it
02:49 LeadHead I can understand software alpha blending
02:50 cctoide yeah, it just seems that you could do the same thing with a "transition speed" dial
02:50 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
02:50 LeadHead This old school analog stuff blows my mind though
02:50 cctoide maybe it's easier to do it with a lever when it's analog, though
02:50 LeadHead With the lever, you can reverse the transistion
02:50 steve______ yes
02:51 Phu steve______: really? no automated transition at all in switching cameras on the live stream? someone has to operate a lever each time?
02:51 steve______ you can even split the lever in half and control the H/V components of the wipe indipendently
02:51 steve______ yes, it's all manual
02:51 cctoide there's two levers on that unit, right?
02:51 Phu damn. that puts a whole new light on things
02:51 steve______ 2 levers
02:51 cctoide what does the other one do? opacity?
02:52 steve______ the top one controls the FX bus, wipes and mixes, the lower one is the main output bus (fade only)
02:52 cctoide or are they context-sensitive
02:52 steve______ so the top lever can feed into the lower levers input
02:52 steve______ so choose 2 inputs in the top and set the lower to input from the top and then you can wipe between them
02:53 steve______ while fading to a 3rd source on the other but
02:53 steve______ *bus
02:53 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
02:53 steve______ each bus has the same inputs (except the main bus has an imput for the FX bus as well)
02:54 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
02:54 steve______ resulting in a very flexible system of transutioning
02:54 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:55 steve______ if you have cam 1 active in the FX but and the FX bus active you can switch to cam 1 in the main bus with no glitch
02:55 Noise_Marine left #thegeekgroup
02:55 steve______ because they are the same signal
02:55 steve______ this make juggeling inputs a literal possibility
02:55 LeadHead You will actually see similar stuff in the theater bizz, in terms of switching between lighting effects, with multiple manual fader controls, the ability to switch back and forth between looks
02:56 steve______ depending on what your next item is
02:56 LeadHead etc...
02:56 steve______ very similar to a multibus lighting board
02:57 LeadHead Oh yeah, forgot that the show bizz also uses lighting :P
02:57 LeadHead Makes sense you would be familiar with them too
02:57 kristopehr joined #thegeekgroup
02:57 kristopehr hello again
02:57 steve______ I was a theatre person back in HS too dealt with lighting a bit and mostly sound
02:58 asnopus_ left #thegeekgroup
02:58 Toastdude Hi
02:58 steve______ so I have delt with several production enviorments
02:59 Seroster Blergh. Too damn late, I am too damn wet, and it is going to be too damn sunny to sleep soon.
02:59 LeadHead I was never in volved in the theater oprogram at my HS officially
02:59 LeadHead but my friends dragged me into it when the whole system refused to work one day
02:59 steve______ every theater needs those people
03:00 CaptainBoden steve______, got yyour message :)
03:00 steve______ that arrive and make it work
03:00 steve______ thanks captain
03:00 CaptainBoden REALLY wish we could move the camera via internet, lol. I'd like it pointed at Leonard again, lol
03:00 cctoide should add a couple of tracks to the GVG button pusher bot :p
03:00 cctoide then it can do that too
03:01 steve______ have someone rig up an arduino to control it
03:01 kristopehr left #thegeekgroup
03:01 LeadHead The whole system got boned anyways. We had to end up calling up Colortran, they had to send us the architectual configuration file again, since the box that orchestrated the whole system wiped itself
03:01 LeadHead for whatever reason
03:01 steve______ it's just pushbuttons, use relays or fets
03:01 cctoide do you know how the control unit works? is it actually controlling the motors itself or is it just sending instructions to a controller in the camera?
03:02 LeadHead And then it turns out that within the architectual control system, there were a few burnt diodes
03:02 steve______ I think a bit of both
03:02 steve______ but if we interface at the pushbutton level it shouldn't matter
03:03 LeadHead My HS had disgustingly shitty power, the lights would flicker all the time, not great for computerized gear
03:06 steve______ CaptainBoden I might just throuh those plates on an NC at school and make them all nice if I can find time
03:07 LeadHead Hey steeve, did you ever get the copper welded
03:10 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
03:12 Cprossu wow I have a lot of stuff to read it seems
03:12 Cprossu steve______: you still around?
03:12 * wannabe1987 might be back
03:12 Seroster Night folks
03:13 kristopher @captainboden, you should get one of those usb roket launchers and attach it to omni with a camera to a computer and use it in zomb
03:13 steve______ yes, I;m here
03:13 Seroster Schwarzenegger would never have ben such a success if he had "I might be back" as his tagline...
03:13 Seroster Just sayin
03:13 Cprossu good deal. I was reading a few things on the 4000 series and seeing the talk about automation
03:14 Cprossu there is a way on that unit if that rack is indeed 4000 series
03:14 Cprossu but man it would be a PITA
03:14 steve______ 4000 series of what item?
03:14 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
03:14 steve______ GVG?
03:14 Cprossu of the GVG switcher
03:14 kristopher boden?
03:14 Cprossu meaning the rackmount part
03:14 steve______ rigth noe we have a 1600
03:14 Cprossu I haven�t found anything on that
03:15 Cprossu but there still could be an RS232 on it
03:15 steve______ wh, the GVG router
03:15 steve______ *oh
03:15 Cprossu I think the router
03:15 steve______ yes tell me about the 4000 series
03:15 Cprossu I have to find that doc again
03:15 Cprossu but there was a whole section on automation that I read on it
03:15 Cprossu via RS232 commands
03:16 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
03:16 LeadHead steve______: Did you manage to weld those pieces of copper?
03:16 steve______ I have not had time to try, I have exams last week/this week so I'm a bit preoccupied
03:16 LeadHead Oh
03:17 LeadHead kristopher: Why do you want to stick something on omni so bad
03:18 steve______ there is a much better place for a remote turret than on omni at the lab
03:18 kristopher kus it would be funny
03:18 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
03:19 mman454 .seen captainboden
03:19 BotSteve mman454: I last saw captainboden at 2011-04-24 03:00:29 UTC on #thegeekgroup
03:19 mman454 .t UTC
03:19 BotSteve 2011-04-24T03:19:15Z
03:19 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
03:19 Ponko92 hmmmm
03:19 LeadHead Yeah, I forgot how funny it would be to tie a heavy USB launcher to a dogs head
03:19 Ponko92 bloody thing
03:19 kristopher minigun on the roof!
03:19 LeadHead k
03:19 mman454 captainboden Please tell me there will be video of the PTZ camera being put up?
03:20 mman454 leadhead WHAT?
03:20 LeadHead mman454, what>?
03:20 steve______ no, the neighbors wouldn't like that, but there is a nice ledge above the main enterance inside that has possibility
03:20 mman454 what is a USB launcher?
03:20 kristopher on it's back!
03:20 LeadHead USB toy rocket launcher
03:21 LeadHead tied to Omni
03:21 Ponko92 USB toaster
03:21 LeadHead is what Kristopher wants to do
03:21 dr_jkl;feature=related
03:21 kristopher;source=hp&amp;biw=1907&amp;bih=931&amp;q=usb+rocket+launcher&amp;gbv=2&amp;aq=f&amp;aqi=g1&amp;aql=&amp;oq=
03:21 kristopher this is what we need
03:21 kristopher
03:22 kristopher lols
03:22 kristopher btw ibve done it to myself
03:23 kristopher ive done it to myself*
03:23 LeadHead Okay Kistropher, now come up with batteries to power it, and then the gear necessary to control USB gear via wireless network over the internet
03:23 Ponko92 and only IRC is open for me i can see my background now which is my fiancee
03:23 kristopher i'll send you the one i made
03:23 mman454 dr_jkl you do realize that's a startreck video right?
03:23 LeadHead now stick this ontop of a dog, and see how long it takes before the dog gets angry
03:23 dr_jkl yes i <3 star trek and also street fighter
03:23 mman454 Oh Jesus.
03:24 mman454 Considering Omni didn't really like the Omni cam I would say not too much.
03:24 Ponko92 steve_____ want me to show you that link my laptop wouldn't let me?
03:24 kristopher;feature=related
03:26 steve______ <dr_jkl>;feature=related
03:26 steve______ that is the link ^
03:26 kristopher let zee lols commence!
03:26 kristopher
03:27 LeadHead you are trying way to hard dude
03:27 kristopher;utm_medium=ads&amp;utm_campaign=500_11-4-18_geekmom_MEME
03:28 steve______ Leadhead any more thouhts on video switchers and there compexity
03:28 Cprossu
03:28 Ponko92 right i'm gonna play a game quickly then i'm off to bed
03:28 Cprossu I think this is what I might have been looking at
03:29 wannabe1987 night ponko92
03:29 Cprossu steve ^ I can�t find the exact link, maybe tomorrow I will
03:29 kristopher
03:29 steve______ I will take a look at it
03:29 Ponko92 i'm still on but i'm playing then i might stay for a short but if not i'll cya later
03:31 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
03:31 LeadHead lol, I read that as rage quit for a second
03:31 LeadHead steve______: Nothing I can think of at the moment
03:32 Cprossu but yeah steve______: I hope this type of thing somehow pertains to us
03:32 steve______ Cprossu that looks like it's for a lot newer model, as i doubt ours has much of anything digital in it
03:32 Cprossu according to what I�ve read
03:32 Cprossu the older units had the option
03:32 Cprossu of RS232
03:33 Cprossu it would be an add in card though
03:33 Cprossu if it had it
03:33 steve______ there is not db25 or db9 on the unit
03:33 steve______ so unless it's a propritary connector i doubt it
03:33 Cprossu I haven�t been able to find any that are just like yours
03:33 Cprossu so idk
03:33 Cprossu but what I did find and can�t find now
03:33 steve______ neither have I, ours seems to be rather unique
03:34 Cprossu was the page that explained this for thompson units
03:34 Cprossu (as in before GVG)
03:34 Cprossu they have had rs232 or rs422 on these as an option for a very long time
03:34 LeadHead Not the same Thompson as the RCA thompson
03:34 LeadHead is it
03:34 steve______ idk
03:34 Cprossu it is
03:34 Cprossu they split of gvg
03:34 Cprossu *off
03:35 steve______ the PDF you linked was written in '99 so it's only 15ish years newer than our unit
03:35 LeadHead Steve, by Unique do you mean this unit is rare, or it may have been a one off custom job
03:35 steve______ I would figure rare
03:36 Cprossu or it could also be 2 things mashed together
03:36 Cprossu in some hodge podge mess
03:36 steve______ it is bigger than many of the swithers of that era
03:36 Cprossu the important thing is it works
03:36 Cprossu what�s also funny is the actual switching assembly itself
03:36 steve______ it does work, and seems to work reliably (other than a few burned out lamps)
03:36 Cprossu almost seems compact compared to the units that switch as much
03:37 steve______ what aout teh switching assemby
03:37 LeadHead how many inputs does this thing have
03:37 steve______ 10
03:37 Cprossu and 2 buses
03:37 steve______ the 2 busses is the key thing
03:38 steve______ only huge ones had 2 buses back then
03:38 steve______ ie 20 to 30 input from what I can tell
03:38 Cprossu to put it into perspective
03:38 steve______ so we seems to have a small, high end unit
03:39 Cprossu ^ this is a common GVG unit
03:39 Cprossu nowhere near as complex
03:39 steve______ it's 1 and a half busses
03:39 LeadHead half
03:39 Ponko92 "Who Dares Wins"
03:39 Ponko92 .w SAS
03:39 steve______ it has a main a preview and a chroma bus
03:39 BotSteve "Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British Army" -
03:39 wannabe1987 stargate universe: now that the one of you is 12 hours older than the other, you have someone to have decent convo with
03:39 Cprossu holy crap
03:39 Cprossu
03:40 Cprossu I didn�t see that before lol
03:40 LeadHead the Busses are used for FXs and transistions
03:40 LeadHead right
03:40 Cprossu I was just trolling google images
03:40 Cprossu that�s as close as I�ve seen to our unit lol
03:40 Cprossu and that�s a sony
03:40 Cprossu rofl
03:41 Cprossu got excited for a second heh
03:41 steve______ ours has main/preview and a double (independent FX bus)
03:41 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
03:41 steve______ cprossu, you posted the wrong ling
03:41 steve______ *link
03:41 LeadHead preview would go to another monitor
03:41 Cprossu indeed I did
03:42 LeadHead and would show you what the next view will look like
03:42 Cprossu
03:42 Cprossu ^ I got excited
03:42 Cprossu that one is a sony
03:42 steve______ it's closser but still smaller
03:42 LeadHead oh boy, another SNL repeat
03:43 Cprossu there was a photo of the gvg production setup that they used on letterman
03:43 steve______ ours has a 10 input FX and 10+1 main/preview bus
03:43 Cprossu was kinda cool
03:43 steve______ its closser though
03:43 Cprossu
03:43 steve______ looks like it's all in that box
03:43 Cprossu ^ check that one out
03:44 Cprossu not sure where the switcher is though
03:44 Cprossu as that one is a MCP
03:44 steve______ dual bus, cut only (no fade or wipe)
03:44 LeadHead some of the gear for that letterman show
03:44 LeadHead looks opositively ancient
03:44 Cprossu wow and they have an old videotek character gen to the right
03:44 Cprossu see it?
03:45 steve______ it would be in the last stages of a sudios output to control what internal signal is sent to the transmisiton site
03:45 LeadHead thats what I was refeering to
03:45 steve______ so they do
03:45 Cprossu omg
03:45 steve______ just rmember broadcast gear may look older than it is
03:45 Cprossu am my eyes decieving me?
03:46 steve______ they still make them the same way
03:46 Cprossu look to the left see that paper tape?
03:46 Cprossu that�s gotta be for the emergency broadcast system!
03:46 steve______ that is could be
03:47 steve______ and a pager on the moniter handle
03:47 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
03:47 steve______ in the left center rack
03:47 jeremys howdy
03:47 Cprossu hahahah
03:47 Cprossu I see it
03:48 steve______ hello
03:48 LeadHead are you sure thats on the letterman oproduction team
03:48 Cprossu no
03:48 steve______ I would assume it's a local station somewhere
03:48 LeadHead yeah it is
03:48 LeadHead wkrc
03:48 LeadHead cincinatti
03:48 Cprossu WKRC cincinnati apparantly
03:49 jeremys i was hoping zomb would be live streamed tonight lol
03:49 steve______ the upper left moniter says "alert message"
03:49 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
03:49 Yaotzin you sure it isn't WKRP in Cincinnati?
03:49 mman454-away .stream
03:49 cctoide no zomb this week I believe
03:49 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
03:49 Yaotzin *smirk*
03:50 steve______ correct, no zomb
03:50 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:51 jeremys I am probably gonna be at the labs all next weekend.  Between Kzoo and GR
03:51 steve______ helping with the move?
03:51 jeremys yeah gotta get the Haas machines ready to ship
03:52 mman454-away steve you really gatta turn up the overal gain level for the whole console
03:52 * steve______ hope to avoid heavy lifting by working on Usream rig
03:52 steve______ I don't want to lift a the haas'
03:52 mman454-away I wouldn't mind helping
03:52 mman454-away When are they moving cnc?
03:52 steve______ how much do they weigh? 2-3 tons?
03:53 LeadHead Sucks that the Haas equipment will just be sitting there
03:53 jeremys lol thats what riggers are for
03:53 LeadHead until they get power
03:53 mman454-away Yea...
03:53 steve______ what model haas' do they have?
03:53 mman454-away TL-1
03:54 jeremys Tl1 tm1 and Gantra mill
03:54 * mman454-away checks other model #'s
03:54 steve______ thanks
03:54 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:54 jeremys gantry even
03:55 steve______ TL 1 4100lb
03:55 jeremys the TM and TL can run on single phase 240 with less torque.  I am not sure on the Gantry mill
03:56 mman454-away and. ST-100
03:56 mman454-away SR-100*
03:56 mman454-away .wiki sr-100
03:56 BotSteve "State Route 100 (SR 100, also known as Robert Gray Drive[2]|) is a short state highway in Pacific County, in the U.S. state of Washington." -
03:56 Cprossu hey steve
03:56 Cprossu
03:56 steve______ TM 1 3240 lb
03:56 steve______ yes
03:56 Cprossu I�m trying to figure out
03:56 Cprossu what motherboard I should send over
03:57 mman454-away for what?
03:57 LeadHead sr 100 is the cnc router
03:57 Cprossu mman454-away: what do you think?
03:57 LeadHead right
03:57 mman454-away the sheet router needs a new mobo?
03:57 Cprossu no, it�s for the streaming computer
03:57 Cprossu aka intensity card
03:58 mman454-away Thank God
03:58 Cprossu I�ve got some money today and I�ve got some more in the mail
03:58 Cprossu it�s time for me to donate something of use
03:58 Cprossu
03:58 LeadHead how big is the gantry mill
03:58 Cprossu
03:59 Cprossu and I am thinking
03:59 Cprossu
03:59 mman454-away later guys
03:59 Cprossu I�ve lost faith in corsair�s latest PSU�s
03:59 jeremys 4 foot by 8 foot cutting area ish
03:59 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
03:59 Cprossu so we need to figure out something with low ripple and that�ll survive
03:59 steve______ the school has a few OM2s they cost more than the bigger TM1
04:00 jeremys yeah the office mills are sweet though
04:00 LeadHead more axis maybe>?
04:00 jeremys they fit through standard doors
04:00 Cprossu any suggestions though?
04:00 steve______ 3 axis
04:00 Cprossu Thermaltakes have teapo caps so that�s right jolly out
04:00 jeremys same 3 axis, they are just designed to run in an offic on carpet
04:01 steve______ 2 with the 50k 1/3 hp no TC one 33k 3ph with TC
04:01 steve______ *35k
04:01 Cprossu The EVGA�s taken apart have seem killer
04:01 Cprossu are any reasonably priced?
04:01 steve______ and they have them in a full sop and a small shop (both with concrete floor)
04:02 Cprossu also do you think they have any spare pcie graphics cards down there?
04:02 Cprossu as that one is lacking
04:02 Cprossu an onboard
04:02 jeremys they are Cp
04:02 steve______ although the coolent tends to drio out the door a bit on the 3ph one
04:03 steve______ I don't know what they have in the computer sop
04:03 jeremys yeah it will.  at that RPM coolant is hard to contain
04:03 steve______ *shop
04:03 steve______ it sprays all over the door even at 10k
04:03 LeadHead wish my HS had not had canceled the metalshop program before I had gotten there
04:04 Cprossu wow I never have seen this one
04:04 Cprossu
04:04 LeadHead All those southbend lathes sitting there unused
04:04 LeadHead bridgeport sitting there lonely, not fired up in over 4 years
04:04 steve______ what a shame southbends are good lathes if maintained
04:04 jeremys TGG will have a better shop than any HS in the area soon.  With better teachers
04:04 LeadHead Okay?
04:05 * steve______ cries at the though of machines going unused
04:06 LeadHead Yeah, when my school assembled their shop classes
04:06 LeadHead they bought all TOTL equipment
04:06 LeadHead atleast at the time
04:06 jeremys they should loan them to us till they gey their shop funding again
04:06 Cprossu what�s the lab�s zip code?
04:06 steve______ southbends or clausings have been in service for 50+ years no problem
04:06 Yaotzin Leadhead did you say bridgeport?
04:06 LeadHead yeah the school was built in the 6s
04:06 Yaotzin As in Bridgeport township?
04:07 LeadHead as in a milling machine
04:07 Yaotzin Oh
04:07 LeadHead made by a comopany based in bridgeoport CT
04:07 Cprossu hey, what�s the lab�s zip code? I need it to figure shipping
04:07 jeremys used to be anyway
04:07 steve______ lookingi it up
04:07 Yaotzin Had me excited for a second that someone might be from my neck of the woods in Michian
04:07 Cprossu cool
04:07 Cprossu chris already said he had a case
04:07 Yaotzin ah well, back to COPS
04:07 LeadHead the woodshop was fully kitted out with 3 Phase powermatic stuff
04:07 Cprossu I do have a spare 9500 phenom, but a 3.2ghz phenom II for $110 is a damn good deal
04:07 steve______ 902 Leonard St NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504
04:07 Cprossu k thanks
04:08 LeadHead along with rockwell delta stuff
04:08 steve______ also very good
04:08 jeremys Maybe I am biased, but nothing beats a Haas
04:08 Cprossu so PSU, RAM, Motherboard, and CPU...
04:09 steve______ I like a good table saw where the loudest noise when turned on is the air being moved by the blade
04:09 Cprossu they can get their own god damn hdd and video card I think
04:09 LeadHead they actually have a spare 3phase Delta tablesaw, rockwell delta radial arm saw, and a rockwell delta devilish looking thing
04:09 steve______ yes haas makes very nice stuff and you might be a bit biased too
04:09 LeadHead the extra equipment just sits in the backroom, also unused
04:09 steve______ clasuing has some nice stuff as well
04:09 LeadHead at least the main woodshop stuff is still used
04:10 Cprossu let me see what I have in my spart parts stuff
04:10 Cprossu I really don�t want to send you guys a ECS motherboard to run MCP
04:10 Cprossu lol
04:10 Cprossu even though I have like 6 of those
04:10 LeadHead My HS even had a whole forging and casting setup for the metal working program
04:11 LeadHead they used to melt down all the Briggs and Strattons the auto oprogram destroyed
04:11 steve______ your HS is well equiped
04:11 Cprossu I better check the compatibility list on black magic�s site, brb
04:11 jeremys yeah so did coopersville. I loved sand casting
04:11 Yaotzin My HS had drafting tables and that was it
04:11 jeremys surprised if they still do its kind of dangerous
04:11 LeadHead Yeah it is, it is one of the nicest schools around in Rhode Island
04:11 LeadHead but so much stuff just is not used in it
04:12 LeadHead its sadening
04:12 steve______ TGG has a member with a porable forge and such so that may visit the lab at times
04:12 jeremys sweet
04:12 steve______ GVSU just put in a foundry a year ago
04:12 LeadHead The culinary room is now used for storage
04:12 steve______ it's in there EGR vehical bay
04:12 jeremys i need to take some cadd classes
04:13 jeremys I really need to Bone up on the new software
04:13 LeadHead CAD is fun
04:13 steve______ sounds like a school that has downsized programing
04:13 steve______ jeremys what can do you know?
04:13 LeadHead My HS took 1st 2nd and 3rd in the regionals for some cad competition
04:13 LeadHead this year
04:14 steve______ * cadd do you know
04:14 Yaotzin What's the other D? Computer Assisted Drafting
04:14 steve______ I did autocad 2000 back in HS and now use ProE with intent to learn solidworks at some point
04:14 steve______ drafting & design
04:14 Cprossu CaptainBoden: If you�re around I need your help on trying to put together something
04:14 LeadHead I used solidworks in my engineering class
04:14 jeremys A proram called Bobcad is what i used mostly.  I have not used much at all.  That is my weakness
04:14 LeadHead opretty straightfoward to start using
04:15 Yaotzin I got to play with Autocad a bit but
04:15 jeremys I am a stand and type programmer.  old school
04:15 LeadHead my HS switched to Chief Architect for the CAD program because AutoCads licensing costs were getting far to excessive
04:15 LeadHead and autocad at least at the time had no educational discounts
04:16 steve______ yes I remeber that in a-cad 2000
04:16 jeremys i have usd a-cad 200 a lot too
04:16 jeremys I want to learn solid works
04:16 lwq1996-sleeping joined #thegeekgroup
04:16 lwq1996-sleeping hey
04:16 steve______ direct cordinate command prompt entry was nice, if you knew what you wanted to do
04:17 steve______ hello lwq
04:17 LeadHead SolidWorks is awesome, it pretty much just invites you to start playing around with stuff
04:17 mman454-away is now known as mman454-xbox
04:17 lwq1996-sleeping happy easter
04:17 jeremys do you know soild works prett good steve?
04:17 steve______ so I have been told, school has a solidworks site license but I have yet to load and use it
04:17 LeadHead Defintely give it a shot
04:18 steve______ one  of these days I will and start learning it
04:18 steve______ no, I have yet to use it, the school is transitioning to is as well as proE currently
04:18 jeremys i need to talk to moose and see what she uses.
04:19 steve______ ya, she does a lot of artistic stuff w/ the SR100
04:19 steve______ I wonder if she imports something from a drawing program like a SVG or something?
04:20 jeremys the problem with learning it in scholl is that there ar at least 50 different choices and each place you go to uses a different one.  Over the years I have dealt with them all having to diagnos issues
04:20 jeremys luckily there is sme comoon properties
04:20 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
04:20 steve______ I imagine you have yes once you know cad you can pick up any system fairly quickly
04:20 jeremys lol my spelling
04:21 kristopher ola again
04:21 LeadHead If you can use Paint
04:21 LeadHead you can use SolidWorks
04:21 steve______ it's ok we all have spelling issues at tiems
04:21 LeadHead Well, maybe not quite, but you get the idea
04:21 steve______ I'm told it's really easy
04:21 LeadHead Yes
04:22 steve______ ProE is quite complex and not very user friendly for learnign
04:22 steve______ there license even has FEA in it
04:22 * wannabe1987 is applying for jobs
04:22 kristopher @ captainboden, hey. i liked the view on the roof cam
04:22 LeadHead The metalshop actually has a tabletop CNC Lathe and a table top CNC Mill
04:22 jeremys solidworks is easy on the drawing side, and difficult on the posting side.  from my experience.  It has very picky post protocal
04:22 LeadHead and I had talked to my engineering teacher about operhaps making what we designed in solidworks on the CNcs
04:23 steve______ we're running Gpost on the ProE
04:23 LeadHead but at soem point the computers that ran these machines disapeared
04:23 LeadHead and they use some proprieatary connection.
04:23 steve______ Leadhead you will need a tool path generator/post processor for that, like solidcam
04:23 LeadHead A new card to control them, which is only available in ISA would cost more than opprobably what the machines were worth
04:24 LeadHead Im not entirely sure what the school had in terms of software, but it wasnt just solidworks
04:24 LeadHead they had some more to go along with it
04:24 steve______ same the mill, lathe and motors and build new controlrs
04:25 LeadHead the school is not going to throw the CNC stuff out any ti me
04:25 LeadHead trust me, I even tried to get the bridgeport off them
04:25 LeadHead If they arent going to use it, then nobody is
04:25 LeadHead is basically their stance
04:25 steve______ * save the hardware and build new drivers for them
04:25 steve______ thats a sad way to look at it
04:26 LeadHead At least the auto program is still going strong
04:26 jeremys many times they can't.  If they got the machines free or heavily discounted the place that sold them probably had a no compete type clause that forbid them to sell them
04:26 Cprossu steve______: it looks like my idea isn�t a turnkey system for the intensity card
04:27 Cprossu I�m going to pile through the manuals and see if I can find something that will go together and just *work*
04:27 LeadHead They were supposed to install another lift in thte autoshop last year, but they canceled that
04:27 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
04:27 steve______ when I was in HS the auto lab had been previously renivated into a cad lab, sense then it has been renicvated into special ed
04:27 LeadHead yikes
04:27 steve______ ya, it's sad
04:28 Cprossu steve______: it�s going to also need a fairly impressive graphics card according to blackmagic
04:28 LeadHead The autoprogram at my school was basically self sustaining, which is oprobably why it hasnt been cut
04:28 steve______ the only cad/auto/trades avalibale are at the county tech center
04:28 LeadHead my autoteacher would scrap any junkcars and engines they got donated
04:28 steve______ but many people can't do that due to graduation requirment increases
04:28 LeadHead and put the money towards an autoshop fund
04:29 steve______ that is a way to help self fund
04:29 LeadHead so if the autoshop needs to buy new tools or whatever, he doesnt have to go begging the school
04:29 jeremys lots of schools are stopping their metals/woods type classes.  Its really sad.  Skilled trades are what made us so strong from the 40s till now.  skilled trades are dying
04:29 LeadHead Yeah
04:30 steve______ that they are, as a country it's the skilled trades that made up a world leader
04:30 steve______ now we ship them to china when we can
04:30 LeadHead My HS has CAD, Woodshop, Auto I II, Engineering, Video Production, Graphic Design
04:30 LeadHead Robotics
04:31 steve______ my school had a great video production program, it was run as a production company/buisness, until the teacher retired
04:31 steve______ it has fallen apart scense
04:32 LeadHead The school actually had 4 iMacs donated to them with Final Cut Pro
04:32 steve______ that was sad,as I'm a video guy, if you haven't noticed
04:32 LeadHead for the video oproduction class
04:32 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
04:32 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
04:32 LeadHead or whatever that video editing oprogram that apple makes is called
04:33 Cprossu steve______: did chris post something on a computer build for the streamer? I can�t seem to find it
04:33 steve______ um, not sure
04:33 Cprossu because it�s going to be more expensive to make one that �just works�
04:33 steve______ if he did it was in the forums
04:33 Cprossu I�m waddling through it now
04:33 steve______ it wants some High end gear
04:34 LeadHead why does this capture card
04:34 LeadHead have such high requirements
04:34 jeremys i have an old comadore 64 laying around if you need it to run the stream
04:34 Coderjoe oh man...
04:34 Cprossu Basically if we give it the lowest Core I7, a suported motherboard, at least 4gb of ddr3, and a good graphics card
04:34 Cprossu then it�ll be a happy thing
04:34 LeadHead The hell does it need a graphics card for
04:34 Coderjoe i don't know if i should laugh at this or not...;tstart=0
04:37 steve______ wow, thats bad
04:37 steve______ I say laugh but then it is a serious matter
04:38 steve______ laught at them putting crytical servers in the cloud but hope they get a solution soon
04:38 steve______ a system like that sould be redundent in hosting too
04:39 Coderjoe critical servers in the cloud isn't the problem, really. the lack of backups and contingency plans is. :(
04:39 steve______ good point, they should have had backup servers with another service
04:39 Coderjoe "the cloud is always up. the cloud never fails."
04:39 steve______ other than when it fails
04:40 steve______ even google fails on ocasion
04:40 exor674 speaking of that -- really hilarious story
04:40 steve______ often it just redirects to another server, unless it's really bad
04:40 LeadHead Cprossu: Why does this system need a good video card
04:40 exor674 so at one point I was out at google's complex for some event
04:41 exor674 and the rest of the internet was quite fast on the wifi there, but google itself
04:41 exor674 really really slow
04:41 steve______ interesting
04:41 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
04:41 Coderjoe which google complex? there are several
04:41 steve______ low priority for local searches to prevent DDOSing themselves?
04:41 exor674 uh, the one in SF
04:42 exor674 there were a little under 300 people there ( besides the normal google people )
04:42 steve______ keep external search speeds high
04:42 Coderjoe and i can see the reason being that access to the google datacenters going over a separate dedicated link, while the regular internet going over a different link
04:42 exor674 yeah, except google has a large amount of servers
04:42 steve______ if there network atacked itself imagine the mess
04:43 exor674 it was fast for me generally, but that's because I was tunneling to a server of mine and going out from there
04:43 exor674 because I am not going to use public internet in a place with 300 other geeks
04:43 exor674 er unsecured wifi
04:43 Coderjoe yeah. i generally tunnel my traffic elsewhere on public wifi as well
04:44 jeremys roof cam is boring.
04:44 steve______ so is the MDH wall
04:45 jeremys isn't there a bedroom window you can zoom into or something?
04:45 steve______ unless it has a clock too
04:45 LeadHead .stream
04:45 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
04:45 LeadHead .tfw Providence Rhode Island
04:45 BotSteve 51�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Providence, RI!  'It could be worse.'
04:46 steve______ with no one there and no web contol that camera isn't moving
04:46 Cprossu LeadHead: because it uses CUDA
04:46 Cprossu to speed up processing
04:46 LeadHead Cuda or OpenCL
04:46 Cprossu the more processor offloading the better
04:47 Cprossu it�s got support for both
04:47 Cprossu but
04:47 Cprossu from what I�ve seen
04:47 Cprossu nvidia seems the way to go
04:47 LeadHead Yeh
04:47 LeadHead I prefer ATI honestly
04:47 Cprossu at least for this application
04:47 Cprossu I do too
04:47 Cprossu and 6870�s are a dime a dozen
04:47 LeadHead Is it the card it self using Cuda
04:47 Cprossu but building a application based computer
04:48 Cprossu is a different game
04:48 LeadHead or the Adobe stream thing
04:48 Cprossu it doesn�t matter, it�s going through the WDM drivers (if under windows) anyway
04:48 Cprossu anything the custom drivers can offload is a good thing
04:48 Cprossu they say 4gb....minimum
04:49 Cprossu that scares the shit out of me
04:49 LeadHead Im curious as to what needs processing on the black magic card
04:49 LeadHead I mean, what the hell is it doing vs. a normal TV tuner
04:49 Cprossu it�s not a normal tv tuner
04:49 Cprossu it can handle HDMI
04:49 LeadHead Okay, but why does it need so much processing power
04:50 LeadHead that should be handled by the cards hardware itself
04:50 LeadHead unless it doesnt do any processing itself
04:50 Cprossu it does some I am sure
04:51 Cprossu but it lacks heatsinks so I am sure it cannot process a 720p stream all by it�s lonesome
04:51 Cprossu
04:52 LeadHead why 720p
04:52 Ponko92 .w REME
04:52 Cprossu surely on the fly encoding at the very least uses main system memory
04:52 BotSteve "The Corps of Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME; pronounced phonetically as 'Reemee') is a corps of the British Army that has responsibility for the maintenance, servicing and inspection of almost every electrical and mechanical piece of equipment within [...]" -
04:52 Cprossu because if we are building a computer to use the card
04:52 Cprossu we should built it to use it�s full specs
04:53 LeadHead but what is actually doing the conversion from whatever the black magic card spits out
04:53 Ponko92 .w ROMAD
04:53 BotSteve "A Tactical Air Control Party, commonly abbreviated TACP, is usually a team of two or more United States Air Force TACP journeyman or craftsman(AFSC 1C4X1) aligned with a conventional or special operational United States Army combat maneuver unit to advise ground [...]" -
04:53 LeadHead to a format the adobe streamer likes
04:54 flyer_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:55 Cprossu still either way
04:56 Cprossu
04:56 Cprossu the lack of heatsinks tells me that the computer is making up for a lot
04:57 wannabe1987 lwq1996, you  here?
04:57 LeadHead I know a person who captures 720p from his xbox with a USB hauppauge
04:57 flyer_ left #thegeekgroup
04:57 LeadHead and his computer is nothing special, and his videos come out great
04:58 LeadHead so it baffles me why this blackmagic ard is so difficult to get working
04:58 LeadHead and streaming
04:58 LeadHead he also streams to ustream with his hauppauge
04:59 lwq1996-sleeping left #thegeekgroup
04:59 Cprossu LeadHead: have you ever worked with avid media composer?
05:00 LeadHead No.
05:00 Cprossu well if you want to tear your hair out
05:00 Cprossu put together a computer, load it up
05:00 Cprossu WITHOUT looking at any forums
05:01 Cprossu I can almost guarantee that it won�t work.
05:01 LeadHead lol
05:01 LeadHead I tore enough of my hair out figuring out why my truck wasnt working
05:01 Cprossu lol
05:01 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
05:01 Cprossu but seriously
05:02 Cprossu avid media composer is probably the most picky video editing software around
05:02 Coderjoe the card does not do encoding to h264
05:02 Cprossu hell, windows updates routinely break it
05:02 Cprossu good to see you Coderjoe
05:02 Cprossu not just any rig is going to work for that intensity card
05:03 Cprossu either I can send you guys some parts and you can pull your hair out
05:03 Cprossu or I can post a spec listing once I get the cheapest rig pieced together
05:03 LeadHead Heh
05:03 Cprossu and get people to pitch in
05:03 LeadHead That USB hauppauge has hardware h.264 encoding
05:03 Cprossu (I�ll lay down some considerable cash to get it going)
05:03 Cprossu and you�ll have to as close as to a turnkey rig as is possible for that card
05:04 LeadHead and only cost $200
05:04 Cprossu well the intensity card was $200 too
05:04 Cprossu and USB is limited
05:04 LeadHead USB has more than enough bandwidth for transfering compressed video
05:04 Cprossu does it run off a wall wart too?
05:04 LeadHead since the hauppauge has hardware h264 encoding
05:05 Coderjoe at least i don't think it does. it was meant for capturing for editing, where you want to do no lossless encoding if you can help it
05:05 Coderjoe er
05:05 Cprossu I still say it�s a crap shoot
05:05 Coderjoe lossy
05:05 Cprossu I think the intensity card is a better setup though
05:06 Coderjoe i have to wonder if the intensity pro was chosen for the fact that it supports linux
05:06 Cprossu but we�re talking minimum 4gb ddr, minimum Geforce 9800GT, minimum quad core intel proc to make this work nice
05:06 Cprossu at least in windows
05:06 LeadHead The hauppauge encodes H.264 at 5mbit
05:06 Cprossu in linux it appears to be a different story
05:06 LeadHead at 720p
05:06 LeadHead that is far more than enough bandwidth
05:07 LeadHead well bitrate
05:07 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
05:07 Cprossu LeadHead: does the usb hauppauge use a wall wart?
05:07 Cprossu because what we want here is something that can be plugged in and left alone... and just work
05:08 LeadHead yes
05:08 LeadHead it does
05:08 Cprossu then screw it!
05:08 Cprossu it�s just another cord to be tripped over!
05:08 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
05:09 LeadHead Hauppauge also has an internal version
05:09 wannabe1987 hi red :)
05:09 LeadHead for $170
05:09 LeadHead with hardware H264 encoding
05:09 Cprossu running a system 24x7 is a much different thing than running it for a couple hours each week though
05:09 Ycarene It's a probably a stupid question, but I'm asking it anyway, if you have ions in a solutions and you present a charge at opposing ends of the vessel containing this solutions, will the ions be attracted there even if there is no way for the charge to actually reach the solutions (like in electrolysis)?
05:10 Coderjoe onboard h264 encoding is worthless if the software required to push the stream doesn't like it
05:10 steve______ hi red
05:11 RED_home Hey
05:11 steve______ you see the roof cam?
05:11 LeadHead I already know for a fact it does support, since I have a friend that steams to ustream
05:11 LeadHead using his hauppauge
05:12 mman454-xbox that does support what?
05:12 LeadHead not that it matters
05:12 LeadHead since the blackmagic card has already been bought
05:12 Coderjoe and the resulting stream is HD? I can encode SD h264 with no problem, even when decoding and downsampling the video.
05:13 Ycarene Sort of like a capacitor with the vessel being the di-electric which contains an ionic solution.
05:13 Coderjoe in other news: trying to watch a stream doesn't work when you're saturating your upstream
05:13 Ponko92 .wa anuerysm
05:13 LeadHead What is TGG upstream
05:13 BotSteve aneurysm;ICD-9 code->442;| male->female->all, fraction of US population->1 in 5600  ~~ 0.018%->1 in 13600  ~~ 0.0074%->1 in 8500  ~~ 0.012%, number of US patients->32100 per year->18200 per year->50300 per year, average patient age->61 years->76 years->67 years, diagnosis sample size->11  visits->5  visits->16  visits, (estimates based on 131748  patient visits to healthcare providers from NAMCS and NHAMCS, weighted f
05:14 Coderjoe (i'm refering to myself, just now, trying to check out the TGG stream to see the roof cam in action)
05:14 LeadHead What is TGG upstream speed
05:14 LeadHead I meant
05:14 Coderjoe steve______: so I'm going to guess that the triangle antenna sections have been installed
05:15 Cprossu sweet
05:15 Cprossu I found a AMD combinations that will work
05:17 LeadHead werd.
05:17 steve______ no it's been mounted on a sheet of plywood above the studio
05:17 Cprossu so Coderjoe: what you been up to?
05:18 steve______ no tower yet
05:18 LeadHead Does anyone know TGGs internet specs
05:18 Coderjoe ahh
05:18 Coderjoe Cprossu: being stupid, work, sleep, eating...
05:18 Cprossu LeadHead: three words -Not Fast Enough-
05:18 LeadHead thats not helpful
05:19 LeadHead If my internet is faster than TGGs, i will be very disapointed
05:19 LeadHead well, sad
05:19 Coderjoe helping archive team download all of google video before the plug was to be pulled (google has since changed their minds and are not going to be killing GV outright for now)
05:19 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
05:19 Cprossu phew
05:19 Cprossu that�s a relief
05:20 Cprossu there are a few things that have been up there for a very long time
05:20 mman454-xbox left #thegeekgroup
05:20 Cprossu I think that�s where the first internet video of 8088 corruption was posted too (cool demo)
05:20 Cprossu I got a lot of memories that are up there
05:20 Cprossu lol
05:20 Coderjoe LeadHead: they have comcast business cable internet.
05:20 LeadHead My tubes are 16 down 5 up
05:21 Cprossu I knew it was <10 up
05:21 Cprossu so my previous statement applies
05:21 Cprossu but with the current funding issues they are just good and lucky just to have internet
05:22 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
05:23 Cprossu Coderjoe: are they running it off of a Cisco/Webstar/Scientific Atlanta cable modem or something actually decent?
05:23 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
05:24 Cprossu because I may be able to send a spare surfboard or something in my care package with the component amps
05:24 lwq1996 .seen wannabe1987
05:24 BotSteve lwq1996: I last saw wannabe1987 at 2011-04-24 05:09:10 UTC on #thegeekgroup
05:24 wannabe1987 .
05:24 wannabe1987 i see you
05:24 wannabe1987 on fb
05:24 wannabe1987 lol
05:24 lwq1996 i added u
05:24 lwq1996-sleeping joined #thegeekgroup
05:25 lwq1996-sleeping anyone bored
05:25 steve______ I'm thinking about sleep
05:25 lwq1996-sleeping left #thegeekgroup
05:25 * steve______ yawns
05:25 Cprossu I am sure quite a lot of people are bored or thinking about sleep right about now
05:25 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
05:26 lwq1996 im not tired
05:26 lwq1996 i cant wait for candy
05:26 LeadHead If I had to guess
05:26 lwq1996 i have a big sugar tooth
05:26 LeadHead the TGG has comcasts starter business plan
05:26 Cprossu the cheapest thing I could do is send an ECS board, a phenom 9500, and Xsome candyX some shitty ram
05:27 Cprossu as I have all of those components at my disposal
05:27 jimmyjo joined #thegeekgroup
05:27 lwq1996 hey im making something for the geek group
05:27 Yaotzin buy large chocolate bunny, insert ram into bunny
05:28 LeadHead looks like TGGs speeds are 12, 2
05:28 lwq1996 lol
05:28 jimmyjo left #thegeekgroup
05:28 LeadHead which is not that great
05:29 LeadHead Comcast goes up to 100 and 10 for business class though
05:29 LeadHead so they could eventually upgrade
05:30 LeadHead or they could even go to their 1 Gbps ethernet internet
05:30 Cprossu well hopefully they can get the phone company involved before they resort to that
05:30 LeadHead hmm>?
05:31 Cprossu if you are paying big bucks, DOCIS is not the way to go
05:31 LeadHead Hence Ethernet Internet
05:31 Cprossu comcast doesn�t offer that do they?
05:31 LeadHead They do
05:31 LeadHead according to their business page for the Grand Rapids area
05:31 Cprossu I thought the closest they got was Moca
05:32 LeadHead i put TGGs address in, and ethernet came up as an option
05:32 steve______ I'm off, everyone have a good night and easter
05:32 LeadHead night
05:32 Cprossu it�s gotta go through some sort of station though
05:32 Cprossu as none of comcast�s infastructure is like that
05:33 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
05:34 DruidicRifleman CANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOM!!!
05:36 Yaotzin Maybe I'll get some candy from the after holiday sales
05:36 Yaotzin but i don't like chocolate or jelly beans or gummies
05:36 Yaotzin so thats like the majority of easter candy right there
05:38 Coderjoe Cprossu: the way I knew what they were using was by looking at the IP address tggconsole was connected from
05:38 DruidicRifleman parrent's we're away they left it in a cache
05:38 LeadHead
05:38 Coderjoe Cprossu: most likely, it would be a comcast-provided modem with docsis 3
05:39 Cprossu hopefully
05:39 DruidicRifleman mmmm these peeps are like really flesh
05:39 Cprossu those webstar modems were still pieces of shit though
05:39 Yaotzin Marshmallows are another thing I don't like
05:39 Yaotzin man
05:40 Yaotzin Easter kind of sucks
05:40 Coderjoe well, grand rapids does have a MAN. not sure where it runs, though
05:40 NeWtoz I'm a MAN
05:40 Yaotzin Why cant there be a Now and Later holiday, or a saltwater taffy holiday
05:40 Cprossu Coderjoe: If I had a decent GIS clien�t I�d tell you
05:41 Coderjoe (MAN meaning Metropolitan Area Network)
05:41 Coderjoe Cprossu: eh?
05:41 * NeWtoz knew that
05:42 Cprossu gis shows you where all the cables are burried =)
05:42 LeadHead I had a GIS viewer installed
05:42 LeadHead but that was to view old aerial photograophy of Rhode Island from the 1920s
05:42 Coderjoe only if you have the data files that list that, I think
05:42 Cprossu I�ve got plenty for AZ
05:42 Cprossu and Cali
05:43 LeadHead Cable information>?
05:43 Cprossu but that was all probably �96 or so
05:43 LeadHead or photography
05:43 Cprossu cable info
05:43 Coderjoe any reason that they can't be loaded into google earth?
05:43 Cprossu and natural gas
05:43 Cprossu I think it had some electrical too
05:43 LeadHead GIS files are weird
05:43 Cprossu but it was freaking awesome
05:43 LeadHead not many things can view them
05:43 Coderjoe (also, google maps can load KML files that are available on web servers, though it doesn't support all features)
05:44 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
05:44 Ponko92 bloody laptop
05:44 Ponko92 hello anyone?
05:45 LeadHead ihju
05:48 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:48 Ponko92_ ok if noone is here
05:48 Ponko92_ i'll c you all later :)
05:49 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
05:50 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
05:50 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
05:54 Cprossu phew
06:13 lwq1996 anyone still awake
06:14 exor674 no
06:14 exor674 (I wish I wasn't awake but i am heh )
06:15 lwq1996 lol u are waiting for the easter bunny arnt ya
06:15 exor674 yeah, want to stab that fucker
06:15 exor674 er I mean
06:15 lwq1996 lol
06:15 exor674 more like I slept till 3pm
06:15 exor674 and am not tired
06:16 lwq1996 ive been up since 12
06:16 lwq1996 i can go all night if i want to
06:16 exor674 yeah, that asshole is always hiding raw eggs in my house *really* really really well
06:16 exor674 and then I only find them when they stink up the place
06:16 lwq1996 lol
06:17 lwq1996 he hids my chocolate eggs and its seems my dog find them and gets sick
06:17 lwq1996 that fuckers getting shanked tonight
06:18 exor674 +1
06:18 lwq1996 man i can do for a cadbury egg right now
06:19 exor674 I am waiting for monday for that
06:19 Cprossu wow
06:19 exor674 monday I am so going to the store
06:19 Cprossu did intel phase out the core i7 920?
06:19 exor674 and getting tons of candy
06:19 Cprossu I can�t find em anywhere
06:20 lwq1996 lol
06:20 exor674 I got SO MUCH CANDY the day after halloween heh
06:20 exor674 for next to nothing
06:20 lwq1996 lol
06:20 lwq1996 ikr
06:20 lwq1996;hash=item5198aac9aa
06:20 lwq1996 dude thats so fucking cheap
06:21 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
06:21 kristopher hello
06:22 lwq1996 omfg i hate cats mine scared the shit out of me so i was about to cut it up with my knife
06:23 exor674 no flaying your kittycats
06:25 kristopher is captainboden oline?
06:26 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
06:27 Toastdude Anyone there?
06:28 lwq1996 i am but about to kill a cat
06:28 Obtuse_lappy left #thegeekgroup
06:28 kristopher they should get a program for the rooftop camera that moves it around automatically and zooms in one things randomly. here is an example
06:28 lwq1996 they will soon chris said
06:29 Obtuse_lappy joined #thegeekgroup
06:29 Toastdude_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:29 Toastdude_ Why?
06:30 kristopher_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:30 kristopher_ good idea?
06:30 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
06:30 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
06:30 lwq1996 im tired
06:30 jeremys left #thegeekgroup
06:30 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
06:30 Toastdude_ Ok...... lol
06:30 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
06:31 kristopher_ so do you think its a good idea
06:31 Toastdude_ Whats a good idea?
06:31 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
06:31 lwq1996 yeah it is
06:32 kristopher_ to have a camera program for the rooftop that automaticaly moves it around and zooms in on things randomly
06:32 kristopher_ heres an example
06:32 kristopher_;view=article&amp;id=153&amp;Itemid=249
06:32 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
06:32 Toastdude_ Finally
06:33 Toastdude_ is now known as Toastdude
06:33 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
06:33 kristopher_ so do you think its a good idea?
06:33 lwq1996 i said yes
06:33 exor674 I think this is the third time someone has said yes
06:34 kristopher_ i was talking to toastdude
06:34 kristopher_ sorry
06:34 kristopher_ how do you change your nick?
06:34 Toastdude Oh, sorry. What exactly is it?
06:34 Toastdude "/nick"
06:34 Toastdude without quotes
06:35 Toastdude then type what you want your new nick to be
06:35 kristopher_ they need to get a program to move the rooftop camera around automaticaly like the one at mount baw baw where my dad's lodge is.
06:35 kristopher_ is now known as kristopher
06:36 Toastdude That would be a good idea
06:36 kristopher yeh
06:36 kristopher if only boden was here we could tell hime directly
06:36 lwq1996 they said they are going to they just set up the roof top cam today
06:37 Toastdude lwq1996: Thanks for showing me Powder :) I like it a lot
06:37 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
06:37 exor674 ...
06:37 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
06:37 Toastdude No, its a program....
06:37 kristopher sorry safari froze
06:38 Toastdude nice
06:38 lwq1996 lol your welcome it gets addicting dont it
06:38 CSMonster_afk powder?
06:38 lwq1996 go look it up on yt
06:38 CSMonster_afk is now known as CSMonster
06:39 lwq1996 and toastdude thanks for showing me phun
06:39 Toastdude Yep :) I was using Plutonium
06:39 Toastdude You're using phun now?
06:39 CSMonster are you talking about Powder Toy?
06:39 Toastdude yep
06:39 lwq1996 yep
06:39 CSMonster LOVE THAT.
06:39 Toastdude lol
06:39 lwq1996 lol
06:39 Nebster joined #thegeekgroup
06:39 lwq1996 i spend alot of time one utube finding cool stuff
06:40 Toastdude What all have you done on Phun?
06:40 lwq1996 and i am downloading phun right now
06:40 lwq1996 i havent used it yep
06:40 Toastdude The 5.28 (I think) version?
06:41 lwq1996 took me long time finding the download but i was out shoping and it took longer
06:41 lwq1996 im looking at geiger counters on ebay
06:41 Toastdude I'm getting a v-750 from my dad for my b-day :)
06:42 lwq1996 i put a link to a really cheap one
06:42 lwq1996;hash=item5198aac9aa
06:43 Toastdude No, really?
06:43 Toastdude lol
06:43 lwq1996 wow
06:44 Toastdude Thats what it says in there....
06:44 lwq1996 dude i found like 3 gamma scouts on ebay so far and they usually dont show up there
06:44 Toastdude nice :) thats cool
06:45 lwq1996 i found one for 12 bucks and they usually cost 600
06:45 Toastdude wow.....
06:45 Toastdude nice deal
06:46 lwq1996 but its a bid and its still got 6days left
06:46 lwq1996 i like digital better than anolog
06:47 Toastdude im the opposite.... i like the old clicking sound they make
06:48 lwq1996 ik but they are pron to problems like calabration if u drop them or peg the meter
06:48 Toastdude well yeah.....
06:49 lwq1996 there are pros and cons but well all in all if u break the meter do what kidwell did in the video
06:50 Toastdude Hook it up to an occiliscope?
06:50 Toastdude or however you spell that....
06:51 lwq1996 that and make an ardino input
06:51 Toastdude Oh, that part.... I have an Arduino now, so i can do that :)
06:52 lwq1996 he showed how to do it
06:53 Toastdude Yeah, I remember
06:53 Toastdude Its pretty cool stuff
06:54 lwq1996 ikr
06:54 lwq1996 i hate it tho i cant buy anything right now because a month ago i bought a bike
06:55 Toastdude Oh, that kinda sucks....
06:55 lwq1996 hopefully whe i pay my dad off for that i can get some stuff off of unitednuclear
06:55 lwq1996 well i can work it off easy
06:56 Toastdude I love the "Looking for some Uranium?" Gif
06:56 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
06:56 Toastdude Makes me laugh every time i see it
06:56 lwq1996 lol me too and im gona be happy when they move to their biger facility so they can make catologs
06:57 Toastdude They are?
06:57 lwq1996 did u know they have a yt account
06:57 Toastdude They do?
06:57 Toastdude Im gonna look it up
06:57 lwq1996 its www.unitednuclear on yt
06:58 Toastdude Ive never used the bot so....
06:58 Toastdude .yt united nuclear
06:58 BotSteve Toastdude:
06:58 lwq1996 and i ask them about the catalog thats how i know they are making them when they get their biger facility and they are in michigan too
06:58 lwq1996 cool
06:59 Toastdude Bots are awesome......
06:59 Toastdude lol
06:59 lwq1996 .yt channle www.unitednuclear
06:59 BotSteve lwq1996:
06:59 lwq1996 there u go thats the link
06:59 lwq1996 i like bots
06:59 Toastdude Thanks
07:00 Cprossu I put together my broken thoughts here
07:00 Cprossu
07:00 lwq1996 soon steves gona but a weather bot think in botsteve
07:01 lwq1996 .yt channle clony101
07:01 BotSteve lwq1996:
07:01 lwq1996 thats my yt account
07:02 Toastdude For me?
07:02 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
07:02 lwq1996 i love bots
07:02 lwq1996 for everyone
07:02 Toastdude Oh, i was about to say, i already have yours
07:02 Toastdude lol
07:02 lwq1996 .yt safty dance
07:02 BotSteve lwq1996:;amp;v=HcOZ6xFxJqg&amp;amp;gl=JP
07:02 lwq1996 lol
07:03 lwq1996 oh yeah its a thing
07:03 lwq1996 do u have a fb toastdude
07:03 Toastdude no, not yet
07:03 lwq1996 wow ok
07:03 Toastdude sucks....
07:03 lwq1996 why dont u
07:03 Toastdude Mother....
07:04 lwq1996 hahaha just make one behind her back
07:04 Toastdude ,yt channel Toastdude1212
07:04 Toastdude .yt channel Toastdude1212
07:04 BotSteve Toastdude:
07:04 Toastdude There.....
07:04 lwq1996 .yt channel bionerd23
07:04 BotSteve lwq1996:
07:05 lwq1996 watch her shes where i learned all my nuclear expertice
07:05 Toastdude Thats what i did with myspace, but she has a fb account...
07:05 lwq1996 lol
07:05 Toastdude ok
07:05 lwq1996 shes from germany too
07:05 lwq1996 and shes hot geek
07:06 Toastdude lol
07:06 lwq1996 . weather
07:06 lwq1996 .weather
07:06 BotSteve Try .weather London, for example?
07:06 Toastdude .w Peoria
07:06 BotSteve "Peoria tribe, Native American tribe" -
07:07 lwq1996 .weather Irvona pennsylvania
07:07 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 62.6℉ (17℃), 30.00in (1013mb), Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - KAOO 06:53Z
07:07 Toastdude .weather Peoria illinois
07:07 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 51.8℉ (11℃), 29.96in (1011mb), Rain, Light breeze 4kt (↑) - KIKK, 06:55Z
07:07 lwq1996 i love bots
07:07 Toastdude its not raining here.....
07:07 Toastdude ne too :)
07:07 lwq1996 i used them in runescape all the time
07:08 lwq1996 .w dickhead
07:08 BotSteve "This page has been deleted." -
07:08 lwq1996 lol
07:08 Toastdude lol, nice :)
07:08 lwq1996 fun with bots too
07:08 lwq1996 .w picture blue waffle
07:08 BotSteve "A waffle is a batter- or dough-based cake cooked in a waffle iron patterned to give a distinctive and characteristic shape." -
07:08 Toastdude .tfw Peoria illinois
07:08 BotSteve 50�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Peoria, IL!  'It could be worse.'
07:08 lwq1996 damn not what i looked for
07:09 Toastdude bot fail.....
07:09 Toastdude lol
07:09 Toastdude .w blue waffle disease
07:09 lwq1996 .weather irvona pennsylvania
07:09 BotSteve "This page has been deleted." -
07:09 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 62.6℉ (17℃), 30.00in (1013mb), Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - KAOO 06:53Z
07:09 lwq1996 .tfw irvona pennsylvania
07:09 BotSteve 59�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Irvona, PA!  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
07:10 lwq1996 lol
07:10 lwq1996 .insult toastdude
07:10 Toastdude Like you said, fun with bots
07:10 Toastdude thanks...... lol
07:10 lwq1996 damn steve needs to put a thing like that on
07:10 Toastdude He should....
07:11 lwq1996 .w picture vagina
07:11 Toastdude have a list with a random pick
07:11 BotSteve "The vagina (from Latin vagĭna, literally 'sheath' or 'scabbard') is a fibromuscular tubular tract leading from the uterus to the exterior of the body in female placental mammals and marsupials, or to the cloaca in female birds, monotremes, and some reptiles." -
07:11 lwq1996 lol
07:11 lwq1996 ik
07:11 Toastdude lol
07:11 lwq1996 we should do this tomorrow when chris is on
07:11 Toastdude lol, would we be kicked?
07:11 lwq1996 .w fuck youself
07:11 BotSteve "Fuck is an English word that is generally considered profane which, in its most literal meaning, refers to the act of sexual intercourse." -
07:11 lwq1996 idk
07:12 Toastdude lol
07:12 exor674 .w cock
07:12 BotSteve "Cock is an onomatopoeiac word derived from the call of a cockeral, akin to Old Norse 'kokkr', reinforced by Old French coq and cocorico, also sound-imitative." -
07:12 lwq1996 wow
07:12 lwq1996 .w masturebating
07:12 Toastdude really? lol
07:12 BotSteve "Masturbation refers to sexual stimulation of a person's genitals, usually to the point of orgasm." -
07:12 Nebster .wa What is the answer to life?
07:12 Toastdude 42!!!
07:12 lwq1996 lol
07:12 BotSteve Error fetching URI.
07:12 Nebster yep
07:12 Toastdude even i know that one
07:12 lwq1996 i didnt realise that there was people on here
07:13 Toastdude .w what is the answer to life
07:13 BotSteve "42 (forty-two) is the natural number following 41 and preceding 43." -
07:13 Nebster I wanted the Wolfram alphan answer
07:13 Toastdude SEE I told you
07:13 lwq1996 .w how bigs my cock
07:13 BotSteve "Eric Lynch (born March 11, 1975), better known as Eric the Midget or Eric the actor, is a member of The Howard Stern Show's Wack Pack." -
07:13 lwq1996 lol
07:13 lwq1996 i like being dirty
07:13 exor674 .wa lim 1/x as x -> the answer to life
07:13 BotSteve lim_(x-&gt;42) 1\/x = 1\/42;1\/42-(x-42)\/1764+(x-42)^2\/74088-(x-42)^3\/3111696+(x-42)^4\/130691232-(x-42)^5\/5489031744+O((x-42)^6)
07:14 lwq1996 .answer 2+2
07:14 lwq1996 damn dont work
07:14 lwq1996 .math 2+2
07:14 exor674 .wa three fifths of twenty
07:14 Nebster .c 2+2
07:14 BotSteve 3\/5 20;12;twelve;* * * * * * * * * * * *
07:14 BotSteve 4
07:14 Nebster .c 2+3+3+5+5*45
07:14 BotSteve 238
07:15 exor674 .wa your mom
07:15 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
07:15 lwq1996 .c 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000*1000000000000000000000000000
07:15 BotSteve 1.0 × 10^(66)
07:15 exor674 .... haha doing that on the site
07:15 exor674 "Development of this topic is under investigation..."
07:15 lwq1996 .w barba stryson
07:15 BotSteve "Barbra Joan Streisand (pronounced /ˈstraɪsænd/; born April 24, 1942) is an American singer, actress, film producer and director." -
07:15 Toastdude Answer: 101010
07:16 Toastdude or 42
07:16 lwq1996 42
07:16 Nebster .c 3h + abh
07:16 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
07:16 lwq1996 .c fish+fish
07:16 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
07:16 Toastdude No, 101010
07:16 Toastdude .w 101010
07:16 BotSteve "42 (forty-two) is the natural number following 41 and preceding 43." -
07:16 Nebster .c 0x3 + 0x42
07:16 BotSteve 0x45
07:16 lwq1996 .c my cock+your mouth
07:16 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
07:17 lwq1996 damn
07:17 Nebster .ety suck
07:17 BotSteve "O.E. sucan, from PIE root *sug-/*suk- of imitative origin (cf. O.S., O.H.G. sugan, O.N. suga, M.Du. sughen, Du. zuigen, Ger. saugen 'to suck;' L. sugere 'to suck,' succus 'juice, sap;' O.Ir. sugim, Welsh sugno 'to suck')." -
07:17 lwq1996 .c 100000000000000000000000000000000000000x100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
07:17 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
07:17 lwq1996 wow cant do simple math
07:17 Toastdude .c 6+(4^5+5^132)^-3
07:18 BotSteve 6
07:18 Toastdude lol
07:18 Nebster thats cause x isn't an operator
07:18 exor674 .wa c in miles per microsecond
07:18 BotSteve convert 1 c  (speed of light in vacuum) to miles per microsecond;0.1863 mi\/&micro;s  (miles per microsecond);2.998&times;10^8 m\/s  (meters per second);6.706&times;10^8 mph  (miles per hour);1.799&times;10^13 L\/min\/m^2  (liters per minute per square meter);5.901&times;10^10 ft^3\/min\/ft^2  (cubic feet per minute per square foot);1.799&times;10^10 m^3\/min\/m^2  (cubic meters per minute per square meter);climate ch
07:18 lwq1996 . fb lee queen
07:18 lwq1996 .fb lee queen
07:18 lwq1996 .fb chris boden
07:18 Nebster .c 100000000000000000000000000000000000000*100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
07:18 BotSteve 1.0 × 10^(97)
07:18 Toastdude lol
07:19 lwq1996 .w what is the worlds oldest goat
07:19 BotSteve "The Areni-1 shoe is a 5,500-year-old leather shoe that was found in 2008 in excellent condition in the Areni-1 cave complex located in the Vayots Dzor province of Armenia." -
07:19 lwq1996 wtf
07:19 Nebster a goat is a shoe?
07:19 Toastdude .c 2^12222222222
07:19 lwq1996 idk
07:19 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
07:19 lwq1996 .w gamma scout
07:19 BotSteve "Alpha Phi Omega (ΑΦΩ) (commonly known as APO,[3]| but also A-Phi-O[4]| and A-Phi-Q[5]|) is the largest collegiate fraternity in the United States, with chapters at over 350 campuses, an active membership of approximately 17,000 students, and over 350,000 alumni members." -
07:19 Toastdude Ok...... didnt know that
07:19 lwq1996 .irc toastdude
07:20 Toastdude ?
07:20 lwq1996 idk
07:20 lwq1996 messing around
07:20 Toastdude whats that supposed to do?
07:20 Toastdude lol
07:20 lwq1996 i need to hack this to put commands in
07:20 lwq1996 idk
07:20 Nebster .c 2**122222222
07:20 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
07:20 Toastdude Make your own chat and make a bot
07:20 lwq1996 too much work
07:20 lwq1996 hacking is easy for
07:20 lwq1996 me
07:21 Toastdude .c 2^45
07:21 BotSteve 3.51843721 × 10^(13)
07:21 lwq1996 .w hacking
07:21 BotSteve "Computer hacking, including the following types of activity: Hacker (programmer subculture), activity within the computer programmer subculture" -
07:21 Toastdude .w your mom
07:21 BotSteve "A maternal insult (also referred to as a yo momma joke) is a reference to a person's mother through the use of phrases such as 'your mother' or other regional variants, frequently used to insult the target by way of their mother." -
07:21 lwq1996 im tired im going to bed
07:21 Toastdude Ok, bye lwq1996
07:21 exor674 dredre should sleep too
07:21 lwq1996 bye
07:21 Toastdude .w bye
07:21 BotSteve "Bye (cricket), a special type of run scored in the game of cricket" -
07:22 Toastdude wow.....
07:22 Cprossu night all
07:22 Cprossu I gotta get some god damn sleep
07:22 lwq1996 .slap toastdude
07:22 Nebster cause thats the first thing that i think of
07:22 Toastdude Bye Cprossu
07:22 * lwq1996 slaps toast dude
07:22 Cprossu
07:22 Cprossu I have a feeling I�m gonna make a post
07:22 lwq1996 lol
07:22 Cprossu at some pro video forums tomorrow
07:22 lwq1996 well im going to bed
07:23 lwq1996 bye
07:23 * Toastdude keeps lwq1996 from teabagging me
07:23 Cprossu to see how cheap I can buy stability with
07:23 lwq1996 lol
07:23 Cprossu whatever the fuck that means
07:23 lwq1996 is now known as lwq1996_
07:23 Toastdude Fuck's not a nice word.... lol
07:23 Toastdude jkjk
07:24 lwq1996_ is now known as lwq1996_sleeping
07:25 Cprossu Toastdude:
07:25 Cprossu it�s the one magical word!
07:25 Toastdude lol :)
07:26 Cprossu man I remember laughing my ass off at that when I was 14
07:26 Toastdude Omg thats soo funny
07:26 Cprossu just remember, fuck the fucking fuckers.
07:26 Toastdude Idk why, but its funny when people swear....
07:27 exor674 I wish you could buy a hug at any hour! And a hug ninja would show up at my door, hug me, then vanish back into the shadows!
07:27 exor674 >-,
07:27 Toastdude Infuckingcredible
07:27 Toastdude lol
07:29 Toastdude Thanks Cprossu :)
07:30 Cprossu_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
07:30 Cprossu_Laptop either way night for real this tie
07:30 Cprossu_Laptop *time
07:30 Toastdude Ok, goodnight Cprossu
07:32 Toastdude Its from Monty Python?!?!?
07:32 Nebster ?
07:33 Toastdude An awesome tv show
07:34 Nebster yes i is
07:34 Nebster whats from it?
07:34 Toastdude The link cprossu sent ^^
07:35 kristopher hi
07:36 Nebster ah one of my favorites
07:36 Toastdude Hi kristopher
07:37 Nebster Solid state drives suck
07:37 Nebster once they die you get nothing off them
07:39 Nebster .weather chicago illinois
07:39 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 53.6℉ (12℃), 29.98in (1012mb), Light Rain, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KMDW, 06:51Z
07:39 kristopher .weather MEL
07:39 BotSteve Cover Unknown, 15℃, 1015mb, N SC, Light breeze 4kt (↑) - LIPS, 06:55Z
07:39 kristopher lol its clear
07:39 Nebster .weather KORD
07:39 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 51.8℉ (11℃), 29.97in (1012mb), Calm 0kt (↑) - KORD 06:51Z
07:39 Toastdude Youre from chicago?
07:39 Nebster yea
07:40 Toastdude Where? I was just up there a few days ago
07:40 Nebster Northside
07:41 Toastdude oh
07:45 Toastdude I'm going to get off now, its 2:45 here. Good night all
07:46 Nebster later
07:46 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
07:47 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
07:47 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
07:47 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
07:48 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
08:05 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
08:08 Nebster left #thegeekgroup
08:38 Stigern joined #thegeekgroup
09:11 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
09:37 exor674 mmm popcorn
09:59 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
10:00 Test__ joined #thegeekgroup
10:01 Test__ Any body on at the moment
10:01 asnopus_ Hellooo
10:02 Test__ can you log into irc directly ?? i cant but can via TGG live feed box?
10:03 Test__ is now known as Cj1corbystarlet
10:03 Cj1corbystarlet any ideas ?
10:03 BotSteve Cj1corbystarlet: At 23 Apr 22:17Z, BatSteve asked me to ask you why you have a problem with religious pilots.
10:04 Cj1corbystarlet Ahh i was blockes then
10:04 asnopus_ directly as in via an external client like Xchat?
10:07 Cj1corbystarlet how do i send a message to botsteve?
10:07 asnopus_ I think it's .tell USER MESSAGE
10:07 Cj1corbystarlet ta
10:08 Cj1corbystarlet .tell +BotSteve As a rule i dont, i had a student nerely kill me in a lesson, contact me and i can explain
10:08 BotSteve Sorry, .tell is not yet implemented.  Use BotSteve: tell
10:09 BotSteve Sorry, .tell is not yet implemented.  Use BotSteve: tell
10:09 Cj1corbystarlet BotSteve: tell batsteve to contact me wen he gets in
10:09 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
10:10 Cj1corbystarlet wierd
10:14 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
10:16 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
10:17 DruidicRifleman any one awake
10:22 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
10:46 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
10:52 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
10:56 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
11:02 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
11:04 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
11:04 Sasha Hello people
11:06 Cj1corbystarlet Hello
11:08 asnopus_ hey
11:11 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
11:48 wannabe1987 happy easter everyone!
11:48 Obtuse_lappy morning
11:49 Obtuse_lappy i hate not being able to sleep more
12:02 Psi left #thegeekgroup
12:06 Psi joined #thegeekgroup
12:06 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
12:07 kristopher nyan cat infection
12:07 kristopher
12:07 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
12:08 kristopher hello?
12:08 jaaz95 joined #thegeekgroup
12:13 kristopher i know a better way to use this without moderators but you need to go through a furry site.
12:17 asnopus_ left #thegeekgroup
12:17 kristopher anyone here?
12:18 wannabe1987 no
12:18 kristopher ok have fu with that
12:18 wannabe1987 cuz i'm leaving in a few and please, no mre nyan cat
12:18 kristopher fun*
12:18 kristopher ok
12:18 kristopher it looks abot 6:30 on the ive cam
12:19 kristopher live*
12:19 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
12:19 Sgt_Lemming bleh
12:19 kristopher ive been nyaning for 878 secs
12:19 Sgt_Lemming fucked lemming
12:19 Obtuse_lappy <--- pickup truck, hauling a ford taurus.
12:19 Sgt_Lemming long hard day
12:19 Obtuse_lappy and not the hauling you think
12:20 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
12:20 Sgt_Lemming I saw one of the most awesome things today
12:21 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
12:21 Sgt_Lemming we ground a section of the floor in our hackerspace level
12:21 Sgt_Lemming it's a reinforced concrete floor :-P
12:21 kristopher cool, what are we talking about?
12:21 kristopher how to do you change your nick?
12:22 Sgt_Lemming /nick <nick>
12:22 kristopher isnt it oh
12:22 kristopher ok
12:22 Sgt_Lemming basically we used an oversized angle grinder, with an evil looking blade on it, to grind away a concrete floor
12:22 kristopher is now known as xenogon
12:23 xenogon oh no i got a better one
12:23 xenogon is now known as Xylera
12:23 Sgt_Lemming is now known as Captain_Lemming
12:23 Captain_Lemming :-P
12:23 Xylera lool
12:23 * Captain_Lemming got promoted
12:24 Captain_Lemming is now known as Sgt_lemming
12:24 Sgt_lemming is now known as Sgt_Lemming
12:24 Xylera i use this name for my RP. another thing that stops me from killing myself
12:24 jaaz95 left #thegeekgroup
12:25 Xylera here is my character
12:25 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
12:26 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
12:26 Xylera sorry the site is down
12:27 Xylera ah well
12:27 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
12:27 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
12:27 Ponko92 Hai Everybody
12:27 asnopus_ ello
12:28 Xylera ola
12:28 Ponko92 ah its easter sunday no1 will be on lol
12:28 Ponko92 speaking of which brb
12:29 Xylera lol its almost the end of easter sunday here
12:29 Xylera its 10:30 pm
12:29 asnopus_ same here
12:29 asnopus_ except 9:57PM in adelaide
12:29 Xylera hurray for time differances
12:29 MoM-Test left #thegeekgroup
12:29 Ponko92 i'm in the UK
12:29 Ponko92 there in the US
12:30 Xylera seeya
12:30 Xylera left #thegeekgroup
12:33 Sgt_Lemming <--- how not to treat an arduino
12:36 jackkollan left #thegeekgroup
12:37 Obtuse_lappy what happend to that poor arduino?
12:38 Sgt_Lemming it got left in muddy water for about a week
12:38 Obtuse_lappy !!!!
12:38 Obtuse_lappy why?
12:38 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
12:38 Obtuse_lappy how?
12:38 Obtuse_lappy lol
12:38 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
12:39 Obtuse_lappy i need to buy a few arduinos
12:39 Obtuse_lappy need one for my Beat707
12:41 Sgt_Lemming it was part of a sculpture I helped do the electronics for, a few days after it was put in, we had some of the heaviest rain on record, that one fell into the bottom of the sculpture and the bottom of the sculpture was filled with muddy and fairly salty rain water
12:42 Ponko92 Sgt_Lemming you played heavy rain or something lol
12:42 Ponko92 oh wait MUDDY water
12:42 MadManMarkAu .channel
12:43 MadManMarkAu ...or not
12:43 Ponko92 IT got left lol
12:43 Ponko92 .stream
12:43 Ponko92 that what you were looking for MadManMarkAu
12:44 Ponko92 the bot isn't active
12:46 MadManMarkAu I was looking for the webchat link to post to someone on the Socail Stream
12:46 MadManMarkAu Got it, though
12:46 Ponko92 lol
12:47 MadManMarkAu jackkollan says, "Okay this might be a stupid question but how do I comment on irc?"
12:47 MadManMarkAu *rolleyes*
12:48 Ponko92 lol
12:48 Ponko92 amount of times they left the IRC page IN that
12:53 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
12:53 Captain_ test
12:53 Captain_ wtf
12:54 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
12:54 Ponko92 we know why he quit
12:54 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
12:54 MadManMarkAu lol, no +o
12:54 MadManMarkAu captain on deck!
12:54 CaptainBoden gmorning
12:54 MadManMarkAu *Captain
12:54 MadManMarkAu Evening, Duck
12:55 MadManMarkAu Captain: /ns identify <password>
12:55 MadManMarkAu Also, /msg chanserv op
12:55 MadManMarkAu :)
12:57 CaptainBoden now awake enough for this...
12:57 Ponko92 lol do you suffer from insomnia to
12:58 Ponko92 lol watching Mary Poppins with the fiancee on skype lol
12:58 MadManMarkAu Wait, they deliver movies over Skype now?
12:59 Phu CaptainBoden: I'm not
12:59 MadManMarkAu Interesting cloud cover on the stream :P
12:59 Phu and I've still got work to do :(
12:59 CaptainBoden ok, now what do I have to do with the ns?
12:59 MadManMarkAu You didn't get your auto-op, so I was thinking you forgot to identify with nickserv
13:00 CaptainBoden I didn't forget to, it didn't ask me to.
13:00 MadManMarkAu <__<
13:00 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
13:00 CaptainBoden Given that I'm using a proper client, why the hell doesn't it have that as a setting I can do once and forget about it?
13:01 MadManMarkAu You can.
13:01 CaptainBoden Teach me
13:01 MadManMarkAu I believe, on this network, you can enter your password into your connection settings, so it uses that password when connecting. It'll auto-identify with nickserv if you do
13:01 CaptainBoden But do it when I'm conscious, give me a bit to have breakfast and a smoke.
13:01 Phu CaptainBoden: part of the connection properties if I remember right.
13:01 MadManMarkAu Other than that, use a script
13:01 MadManMarkAu lol, k
13:03 Cj1corbystarlet The bot is currently pooched, i sent it a relay message then it left ...............
13:04 MadManMarkAu lol
13:18 Tinker joined #thegeekgroup
13:25 Ponko92 and i'm back and i'm still watching Mary Poppins with the other half
13:27 jason-thegeekgro joined #thegeekgroup
13:27 jason-thegeekgro hi everyone
13:27 jason-thegeekgro happy easter
13:27 jason-thegeekgro is now known as jason-tgg
13:30 MadManMarkAu 'lo Jason
13:36 Ponko92 who is at the lab right now?
13:37 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
13:39 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
13:42 jackkollan left #thegeekgroup
13:43 brian joined #thegeekgroup
13:43 brian is now known as Guest78145
13:44 jack joined #thegeekgroup
13:45 jack is now known as Guest67339
13:45 Guest67339 left #thegeekgroup
13:45 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
13:45 Guest78145 left #thegeekgroup
13:52 Ponko92 jackkollan there is a small box which you typein
13:52 Ponko92 it is located VVVVVVVVV
13:52 Ponko92 below all the typing literally just beneath it
13:55 CaptainBoden Nobody at the lab, why?
13:56 CaptainBoden I'm considering heading in and doing an hour or two Podcast live on the stream, and maybe run some conduit.
13:57 Ponko92 hmm ok
13:57 MadManMarkAu Anything TGG related is cool
13:57 MadManMarkAu Podcast included :P
13:57 MadManMarkAu Hmm, a TGG podcast...
13:57 CaptainBoden We have a ton of camera feeds to run and I'm thrashing to get it done before the move.
13:57 MadManMarkAu I can imagine
13:58 CaptainBoden Well it wouldn't be Geek Group really, I was just thining of going in, hanging out on the mic and playing some tunes, answer some IRC questions, etc.
13:58 Cprossu good morning CaptainBoden
13:58 CaptainBoden gmorning
13:59 Cprossu that cap card is at least 1/8th the PITA that getting avid media composer to run properly is
13:59 Cprossu I Think it�s still do-able though
14:00 Cprossu I�ve been digging through my collection of junk
14:00 Cprossu and I may have found something, we�ll see
14:00 CaptainBoden :) cool
14:01 Cprossu also just as a trial balloon, what�s the closest airport to you guys?
14:01 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
14:02 CaptainBoden Kent County International
14:02 CaptainBoden I think it's called Gerald Ford or something
14:04 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
14:06 Tinker left #thegeekgroup
14:08 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
14:08 Cprossu hrmm $240 each way, pity southwest doesn�t fly there
14:11 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
14:12 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
14:13 CaptainBoden omni has angst
14:14 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
14:15 LeadHead The troubled actress was sentenced to 120 days in jail for a probation violation. Lohan's lawyer will appeal the ruling, which allows Lindsay to post the required bail of $75,000. This will be Lohan's fourth time in jail.
14:15 LeadHead Anyone want to take bets on how long she will actually be in there
14:15 Miroslav joined #thegeekgroup
14:16 Cprossu damn and at current prices I�m looking at ~$200 in gasoline each way even if I hyper-mile it
14:18 CaptainBoden shit and I'm sitting here trying to figure out how the hell we're gonna raise $1000 to get the Lotus shipped up here next week.
14:18 LeadHead Where is the lotus now
14:18 Cprossu where is it?
14:18 CaptainBoden Kentucky
14:19 LeadHead Well thats a bit of a pickle
14:19 CaptainBoden The owner wants to haul it up, and I have to cover shipping costs.
14:19 Cprossu i see
14:19 Cprossu It�s in the wrong place of the world for me, but is it driavable?
14:19 CaptainBoden nope
14:19 CaptainBoden no engine
14:19 CaptainBoden and HE wants to haul it
14:20 CaptainBoden He wants to meet me
14:20 Cprossu so freight is out
14:20 CaptainBoden yup
14:20 CaptainBoden He's moving it, no qustion, and we have to raise a grand, no question.
14:20 Cprossu how much would freight be on that SOB?
14:20 MadManMarkAu wow, omni really is whinging hardcore
14:20 MadManMarkAu *Omni
14:20 Cprossu hmmm
14:20 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
14:20 CaptainBoden There are no options, he's giving us an $80,000 car, we do this his way.
14:20 CaptainBoden It's only a grand.
14:20 Cprossu true
14:21 CaptainBoden I spent that much at Home Dept last week.
14:21 LeadHead Lotus Elise>?
14:21 Cprossu what�s his time frame looking like?
14:21 Cprossu or is it an espirit?
14:21 CaptainBoden next week
14:21 CaptainBoden Espirit
14:22 CaptainBoden 1997, twin-turbo one, only 155 ever made.
14:22 MoxieMike sweet
14:22 CaptainBoden We're doing a full EVC on it :)
14:23 Ponko92 best bit of Norlfolk Engineering
14:23 LeadHead Wouldnt that b e the V8>?
14:23 CaptainBoden It'll be the flagship project of the new VSL
14:23 CaptainBoden Dur
14:23 Ponko92 i hope to be a part of that :)
14:23 Cprossu so he�s ~460 miles out of his way at least
14:23 CaptainBoden yes
14:23 Cprossu at least that�s doable on fuel
14:23 CaptainBoden He's trailering it here
14:23 MoxieMike a grand is worth it
14:24 CaptainBoden totally
14:24 CaptainBoden A grand is worth it for the WHEELS it's sitting on....
14:24 MoxieMike so true
14:24 Cprossu you can hardly buy a MR2 body for a grand
14:24 CaptainBoden Especially given that we get to do a full EV conversion on a LOTUS ESPIRIT!
14:24 LeadHead Eh, the guys at the 24 hours of LeMons would disagree with you cprossu
14:25 CaptainBoden This is a massive oppertunity for the membership, and something that nobody has ever done before.
14:25 CaptainBoden I have a friend racing there right now.
14:25 Cprossu LeadHead: why you say that?
14:25 LeadHead You see MR2s at 24 Hours of LeMons quite often
14:25 LeadHead and the cars there cant cost more than $500
14:25 Cprossu you�d be surprised
14:25 MoxieMike I want an MR2
14:25 Cprossu the newer ones go cheaper it seems
14:26 Cprossu we once had a 1985 mr2 with a v6 transplant
14:26 Cprossu thing was screaming fast too
14:26 MoxieMike i bet
14:26 LeadHead CaptainBoden: A GeekGroup project LeMons racer would be awesome. There is a race or two in michigain
14:26 Cprossu I miss it, and never got to drive it =(
14:26 CaptainBoden Well first we have to raise a grand.
14:27 xanh joined #thegeekgroup
14:27 MoxieMike I'll send in a donation today
14:27 MoxieMike not a grand, but it'll help
14:27 CaptainBoden Thank you sir
14:27 CaptainBoden btw, your dad's cables have been VERY useful, lol
14:28 MoxieMike not my dad
14:28 MoxieMike I'm in maine
14:29 MoxieMike All I've done so far is donate some cash and start taking apart cameras
14:29 CaptainBoden ahhh, MikeMol's dad
14:29 CaptainBoden Too many damn Mikes......
14:29 MoxieMike agreed
14:29 Cprossu too bany steves too
14:29 CaptainBoden You're in Maine?
14:29 LeadHead Woo, another east coaster
14:29 MoxieMike but i respond to just moxie
14:29 CaptainBoden Try calling Television Engineers.
14:29 MoxieMike Portland, ME
14:30 CaptainBoden I've talked with the head of engineering at over 50 different stations in the area.
14:30 CaptainBoden A terrifying number of them are named Chuck.
14:30 CaptainBoden It's gotta be a genetic thing.
14:30 MoxieMike hahaha
14:30 MoxieMike You want me to try to get stuff from my local stations?
14:30 CaptainBoden And it's not like 2% or anything, it's like 20%.
14:30 Ponko92 are there last name Norris Captainboden?
14:31 LeadHead You find stuff like that a lot. A disproportinate amount of mechanics smoke for example
14:31 CaptainBoden I'd love you to get stuff from your local station, but I cannot begin to imagine how you'd get it here affordably. When we get things donated, it tends to be by the truckload.
14:31 LeadHead Although lately theyre getting more sophisticated, and are calling themselves automotive technicians
14:32 Cprossu LeadHead: haha
14:32 Cprossu I also don�t blame them, some of the computer systems are mind numbingly difficult to diagnose
14:32 LeadHead They are getting metricated I guess
14:32 Cprossu look at the chrysler 300c�s for an example
14:32 LeadHead Tell me about it, Im in the Ford AAA troubleshooting competition right now
14:32 Cprossu they�ve got like fucking 100 modules on a 2 wire serial bus
14:32 LeadHead and we have a 2012 mustang to play with
14:33 LeadHead ffs, the computer can tell you if lightbulbs are burnt out
14:33 LeadHead anyways, ill bbl, eastery stuff to do
14:33 Cprossu but look out if any of it�s communication buses have an intermittent ground
14:33 Cprossu also LeadHead: I feel really shitty
14:33 Cprossu for the amount of ford focus�s I�ve brought back onto the road
14:33 mashpriborintorg I'm read some repair manuals about Toyota Prius, lots of electronics also
14:34 Cprossu I feel like I�m doing a dis-service to the public
14:34 MoxieMike and one HUGE battery
14:34 mashpriborintorg more than 100 different kinds of electrical connectors
14:34 Cprossu you should see the battery on the ford fusion
14:35 Cprossu anyway every single ford focus I�ve fixed that hasn�t had a grenaded engine (just electrical problems) has always led to grounding of the computer in some round about way
14:35 Cprossu like the last one I fixed was grounding through the brake lights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
14:36 Cprossu (as there was an open in the computer ground wire, and you know how ford is a piece of shit when it comes to just biting the bullet, mounting their computer, and grounding the case proper)
14:36 Cprossu instead they like putting their ecm�s in plastic cages with �mechanical retention�
14:37 Cprossu *anyway the point is on that brake one it was funny as hell.... you press the brakes, the car would start.. you let off the brakes, it�d die*
14:38 MoxieMike wow
14:47 lwq1996_sleeping /nick lwq1996
14:47 lwq1996_sleeping is now known as lwq1996
14:47 lwq1996 hey
14:47 lwq1996 happy easter
14:48 Cprossu yay cheap candy
14:49 lwq1996 the rabbit in mine is like 1pound at $4
14:49 lwq1996 im 14 and still get a basket-.-
14:50 Ponko92 bbl going cinema
14:50 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
14:53 Nahoj_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:54 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
14:55 jackkollan Hi
14:55 jackkollan left #thegeekgroup
14:55 xanh left #thegeekgroup
14:56 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
14:57 injektion I was in a accident last night :/
14:59 injektion It's nothing that cannot be fixed
14:59 emmet joined #thegeekgroup
15:00 lwq1996 what happend
15:00 injektion The big heavy bumpers saved the car from being toatled
15:00 lwq1996 brb
15:01 injektion Some old guy did not yield before turning left
15:01 emmet Hello all - happy easter!
15:03 injektion The NHTSA bumper did their job.
15:03 injektion its*
15:04 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
15:05 funtime180 left #thegeekgroup
15:08 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
15:10 Yaotzin Mornin
15:13 injektion I have no idea who makes car safety laws in the US is it the DOT or the NHTSA
15:14 Yaotzin
15:14 Yaotzin My guess is the DoT
15:14 injektion I'm slightly hungover
15:15 injektion All I could do last night was drink
15:15 Yaotzin All you could do huh?
15:15 injektion Yes after the accident
15:16 Yaotzin eh?
15:16 injektion
15:16 injektion Take a look at that
15:16 Yaotzin so you bumped into something?
15:17 injektion I hit a small trailer that some old guy was towing
15:17 injektion Because he failed to yield
15:17 injektion I'm thankful the DOT made them use those bumpers in the 80s
15:24 Miroslav left #thegeekgroup
15:24 injektion I'll bbl I'm going to cry and take the fender, hood, and bumper off
15:25 injektion left #thegeekgroup
15:35 jason-tgg left #thegeekgroup
15:50 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
15:50 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
15:50 Nahoj_ left #thegeekgroup
15:55 maglin joined #thegeekgroup
15:55 maglin is now known as maglinvinn
15:55 maglinvinn Brad, you here?
15:59 CaptainBoden Heading to lab, running camera feeds
15:59 CaptainBoden There will be some manner of entertainment on the stream before too long, no idea what though
16:00 Yaotzin A little softshoe?
16:00 maglinvinn Sounds good.  have a good one
16:00 maglinvinn left #thegeekgroup
16:09 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
16:12 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
16:15 mikemol Heh
16:15 mikemol BotSteve's missing. :)
16:21 Yaotzin_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:21 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
16:21 Yaotzin_ is now known as Yaotzin
16:22 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
16:23 tggconsole console live
16:24 Yaotzin Boy that line looks like a mess
16:24 Yaotzin Audio?
16:24 asnopus_ Hi Chris
16:24 Yaotzin Reading
16:24 Yaotzin Audio and video live
16:24 Yaotzin Howdy
16:25 MadManMarkAu The crap is that other camera view?
16:25 asnopus_ Stoby pole
16:25 MadManMarkAu American power distribution is strange to me
16:26 Yaotzin lol, thanks
16:26 Yaotzin At least it'll be good music
16:26 dcrand 1626
16:26 MadManMarkAu ^
16:26 Miroslav joined #thegeekgroup
16:27 Yaotzin It is 9:26 PST
16:27 Yaotzin oddly enouh
16:27 Yaotzin lol
16:27 MadManMarkAu Shake shake shake camera :P
16:27 Yaotzin Now if only the controller could be interfaced online
16:28 MadManMarkAu Is it me, or can I see heat distortion in the weather cam image?
16:28 Yaotzin for that roof camera
16:28 Yaotzin distortion?
16:28 emmet MadManMarkAu - looks like heat haze
16:28 asnopus_ yea heat
16:28 Yaotzin Oh yeah
16:29 MadManMarkAu I thouht it was late winter in GR?
16:29 asnopus_ According to its 11C
16:29 Yaotzin Can you turn it up a bit?
16:29 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:29 Yaotzin also it's spring MadManMarkAu
16:30 Yaotzin Thanks Cap
16:30 MadManMarkAu Ah, cool
16:30 Yaotzin It just seems like winter because, yeah, it's Michigan
16:31 Captain_ it's rather coolish here in brisbane, australia atm... then again, it's 2:30am... lol...
16:32 MadManMarkAu It's a balmy night here in Perth, Western Australia
16:32 Captain_ O.O :D hey fellow aussie! :D
16:32 asnopus_ tis chilly in adelaide
16:32 Yaotzin I wonder what took two cameras down
16:33 MadManMarkAu Thee .au's in here?
16:33 MadManMarkAu Man...
16:33 MadManMarkAu *Three
16:33 Captain_ i don't know enough about what's happening to comment, sparky got me to log in since irc says he's banned... :-\
16:34 Yaotzin Sparkygroup?
16:34 Captain_ sparkyprojects... partick
16:34 MadManMarkAu Lol
16:34 MadManMarkAu B& imminent
16:34 MadManMarkAu <_<
16:34 MadManMarkAu >_>
16:34 Captain_ AND THANKS MOOSEE! it's captain niobe
16:34 tggconsole Change your name or get banned permanantly, now
16:34 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
16:35 Captain_ ???
16:35 MadManMarkAu Captain_: /nick <yournewnick>
16:35 Photon939 hi all
16:35 MadManMarkAu Do it now!
16:35 tggconsole 5
16:35 tggconsole 4
16:35 tggconsole 3
16:35 Captain_ is now known as captainniobe
16:35 tggconsole better
16:35 captainniobe is that you moose?
16:35 MadManMarkAu Ouch, console, that was harsh
16:36 MadManMarkAu gg Duck
16:36 Yaotzin Have fun
16:36 Yaotzin tggconsole should be on .access
16:36 Photon939 nice view of a telephone pole disconnect
16:36 emmet is that what it is??
16:36 MadManMarkAu Not a telephone pole, lol
16:36 emmet oh...looks alien to me (i
16:37 emmet I'm in the UK
16:37 Photon939 looks like a power disconnect on a power line to me
16:37 MadManMarkAu I'm saying a "telephone pole" is a misnomer
16:37 Photon939 true, it's not just for telephone service
16:37 BatSteve-Away left #thegeekgroup
16:38 MadManMarkAu We always call them power poles
16:38 MadManMarkAu Anywho, back to reading more literature
16:38 Photon939 utility pole would make the most sense
16:38 captainniobe is there a channel op on atm?
16:38 asnopus_ Ive always called them stoby poles
16:39 MadManMarkAu Blah
16:39 MadManMarkAu This story is boring
16:39 MadManMarkAu This disconnect switch, it looks like the explosive fused kind, yeah?
16:40 Photon939 I doubt those are the exposive type
16:41 MadManMarkAu Most/all the ones in .au actually blow out when they fail. They blow out either end of the fuse tube to quench any arcing
16:41 MadManMarkAu Can't remember what they use inside them
16:41 MadManMarkAu Sand rings a bell...
16:41 Photon939 not sure
16:42 MadManMarkAu mmmkay
16:44 Cprossu yay power pole
16:44 sporks5000 joined #thegeekgroup
16:44 Photon939 I think once my mining rig is paid for, I'm just gonna start hoarding bitcoins
16:47 Photon939 anyone else here use BTC?
16:47 Yaotzin Talking about eve onlizzzzzzzz?
16:49 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
16:49 Sasha Guys, where do you get the captcha's from for the login?
16:49 Yaotzin ?
16:50 Sasha On the freenode webchat
16:50 Yaotzin Oh, never used the webchat
16:50 Sasha Smart choice :P
16:52 sporks5000 Any clue who's at the lab right now?
16:52 asnopus_ Chris and Moose
16:53 sporks5000 hmmm... Judging by the music I was gonig to guess Batman too
16:56 MadManMarkAu Brrrrrrrr~
16:56 MadManMarkAu Ducks Vuvuzena again
16:56 MadManMarkAu *Vuvuzela
16:56 Cprossu attack of the drill
16:56 Yaotzin I wonder why sparkyprojects got k-lined
16:57 MadManMarkAu Wait, it was a k-line? Not a channel ban?
16:57 Yaotzin Must be because there are no bans in the channel
16:57 Yaotzin you can look it up in the info
16:57 MadManMarkAu :/
16:57 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
16:57 MadManMarkAu You're right
16:57 critterpal couldn't see the feed in the dark last night
16:58 critterpal Looks like "Johnny Five" got wrapped around a tree
16:59 sporks5000 heh. so true!
16:59 critterpal oh good. I thought maybe no one had any idea what I was talking about
16:59 critterpal Which makes me feel really, really old...
17:01 mv joined #thegeekgroup
17:01 sporks5000 I am older than X percent of the population. the only way to stop X from constantly rising is to KILL ALL OF THE CHILDREN!!!!
17:01 sporks5000 But that sounds like work...
17:01 critterpal and quite messy
17:01 sporks5000 Rather!
17:01 mv ,mhfhxhcfghjhgzu
17:02 mv left #thegeekgroup
17:02 critterpal there might be some odor as well
17:02 critterpal best to feed them mcdonalds and oreos and sort themselves out
17:03 captainniobe .seen Ponko92
17:03 captainniobe O.O
17:04 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
17:04 captainniobe sparkyprojects would like to know when ponko92 was last on?
17:05 critterpal that is a good question. that would be one of the mysteries of the universe.
17:05 critterpal Let's ask the easter bunny what it thinks
17:06 critterpal The easter bunny responded by crapping colored peanut butter eggs on my floor
17:06 critterpal this is useless
17:07 Yaotzin .seen ponko92
17:07 Yaotzin Oh
17:07 Yaotzin the bot isn't here
17:07 Yaotzin So what did he do to get k-lined
17:08 critterpal That's bot seve wrapped around the pole there...
17:08 critterpal poor guy
17:11 critterpal have fun everyone
17:11 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
17:12 sporks5000 left #thegeekgroup
17:17 MadManMarkAu eoof!
17:17 MadManMarkAu *Woof!
17:18 Yaotzin smooth
17:18 Cprossu lol @ tggconsole
17:18 MadManMarkAu <3
17:18 asnopus_ haha
17:18 MadManMarkAu You clown, Duck :D
17:19 Cprossu you can always give us 60HZ from the compressor for the HV component
17:19 MadManMarkAu Makes a perfect backing music to reading
17:19 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
17:20 SparkyProjects testing
17:20 Cprossu 10-4?
17:20 asnopus_ bonjour
17:23 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
17:24 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
17:24 captainniobe PJ? testing to sparky
17:25 MadManMarkAu Oh, SparkyProjects had the k-line resolved?
17:25 captainniobe k-line?
17:26 captainniobe i really feel dumb lol
17:26 Yaotzin banned by an ircop
17:26 MadManMarkAu ^
17:26 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
17:26 Yaotzin guys who police the server, not the channel ops
17:26 MadManMarkAu Network ban, rather than channel ban
17:26 captainniobe oh, uhh, well, he got in on icechat, but now icechat is acting up
17:27 MadManMarkAu Careful, that's ban evasion
17:27 MadManMarkAu He'll get g-lined next
17:27 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
17:27 captainniobe nopee, he wasn't actually banned, he can't even ping
17:27 MadManMarkAu :/
17:27 MadManMarkAu 'kay
17:28 captainniobe actually, take that back, mayne frenode have disabled pinging... lol...
17:29 captainniobe oh, man... sorry for horrible spelling... typing too fast for my fingers
17:31 Cprossu I think I�m gonna have to call my isp
17:31 Cprossu shit�s going south
17:34 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
17:36 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
17:43 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
17:45 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
17:45 * Photon939 yawns
17:45 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Happy Easter from the chan ops!!! Boden Unit of Measurement: | Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | speedrunnerG55_: you may build a home whithin my city walls | ---*_ This channel is R rated _*---
17:46 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
17:46 eightbitbrad ah, finally back on the grid. :)
17:47 mman454 is now known as mman454-xbox
17:47 Photon939 wb eightbitbrad
17:47 eightbitbrad Had a nice little mini vacation :)   Now, what's on the stream?  did they get the weather cam running?
17:48 Photon939 eightbitbrad: yeah, they got the rooftop cam running
17:48 eightbitbrad awesome
17:48 Photon939 last time I checked they had it aimed at a fused disconnect on a utility pole
17:48 eightbitbrad I've got a lot of catching up to do.
17:48 asnopus_ still is
17:48 captainniobe still is
17:51 eightbitbrad nice
17:51 SparkyPojects joined #thegeekgroup
17:52 SparkyPojects testing
17:52 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
17:52 captainniobe see me pj?
17:52 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
17:52 SparkyPojects yes, thanks
17:53 captainniobe sweet, all working then? XD
17:59 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
18:02 Yaotzin sure
18:02 Cprossu diff view would be good
18:03 Cprossu btw lol at the dog
18:03 Yaotzin Traffic as it happens
18:03 Photon939 anyone know what kind of coating tritium vials use inside?
18:03 Yaotzin Only at TGG
18:03 Photon939 to convert the radiation into light
18:04 Cprossu I thought it was just phosphorus
18:05 Cprossu or possibly a salt
18:05 Yaotzin lol
18:05 Photon939 i was wondering if i could make my own tubes
18:05 Yaotzin Might help if it's plugged in
18:05 Photon939 with some other radiation source
18:05 Cprossu do you have your own bottle of tri..oh
18:05 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
18:06 Photon939 i don't have tritium but i can get other sources
18:06 Cprossu technically you could... but it would have to be rather active
18:06 Cprossu for there to be any dicernable amount of light
18:06 Photon939 depends on eactly how active it needs to be
18:06 Photon939 and what type of radiation
18:06 Cprossu beta and very
18:07 Yaotzin Well that was an odd artifact
18:07 Photon939 tritium must emit pretty low level beta
18:07 Photon939 cause I can't detect it with my counter
18:08 Cprossu what do you mean?
18:08 Cprossu you have tritium out?
18:08 Photon939 i mean it's blocked by a thin layer of glass
18:08 Cprossu that�s enough
18:08 Yaotzin Alright
18:08 Yaotzin Cya
18:08 Cprossu the actual activity is rather high
18:09 Cprossu also the glass should be rather thick
18:09 Yaotzin Well the stream is now a traffic cam
18:09 Yaotzin if you aren't watching
18:09 Miroslav Cya !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:09 Photon939 my uranium glazed bowls emit a lot of beta
18:10 Photon939 i can get up to about 20,000 CPM if i put the bare probe in the cup i have
18:13 asnopus_ left #thegeekgroup
18:16 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
18:21 captainniobe goodnight, tgg :)
18:21 Yaotzin night
18:21 captainniobe left #thegeekgroup
18:24 tesla4d left #thegeekgroup
18:27 Cprossu fucking hell
18:27 WB1A2 Aye.
18:27 Cprossu cox is even starting to redirect their �compliant� dns
18:27 Cprossu I hate dealing with this
18:28 Cprossu and level3�s dns is slow and unreliable at times
18:28 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
18:28 Cprossu hey LeadHead
18:28 WB1A2 Good ol' Cox, always living up to their name.
18:28 LeadHead Ello
18:28 Cprossu they get more like comcast every day
18:28 Cprossu assholes
18:29 LeadHead Eh, Cox has been fine here
18:29 Cprossu did you see my comment on focus�s?
18:29 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Happy Easter from the chan ops!!! Boden Unit of Measurement: | Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | speedrunnerG55_: you may build a home whithin my city walls| If you know anyone havint trouble connecting to the channel refer them to | ---*_ This channel is R rated _*---
18:29 LeadHead Yup
18:29 Cprossu LeadHead: they are redirecting their DNS (on the manual servers that are supposed to be compliant)
18:29 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Happy Easter from the chan ops!!! Boden Unit of Measurement: | Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | speedrunnerG55_: you may build a home whithin my city walls| If you know anyone having trouble connecting to the channel refer them to | ---*_ This channel is R rated _*---
18:29 Cprossu and lvl3�s dns servers are usually overloaded, slow, or unreliable =(
18:29 masterofmonks Sorry for the double topic there guys.
18:30 masterofmonks Cprossu: Have you tried OpenDNS?
18:30 LeadHead Yeah, I do not particular care for their DNS
18:30 Cprossu masterofmonks: it�s decent until it gets poisioned
18:30 LeadHead I personally dont have an issue with Focuss
18:30 LeadHead but what Fords I cant stand are escorts
18:31 masterofmonks There is also this.
18:31 LeadHead and their horrible 4EAT automatics and their nast harsh CVH engines
18:31 LeadHead nasty
18:31 Cprossu the escorts they sold in europe were nice though
18:31 Cprossu the ones they sold here were garbage
18:31 LeadHead yeh
18:31 Cprossu and don�t get me started on the 1.9 sohc either =P
18:32 Cprossu still on foci, the EGR always goes and the engine always vibrates the living piss outa everything
18:32 Cprossu and by the EGA going I mean the spot on the manifold
18:32 LeadHead Oh, the Escort CVH engines always vibrate
18:32 Cprossu *EGA=EGR lol
18:33 LeadHead and sound like death above 4000 RPM
18:33 Cprossu LeadHead: most I�ve seen loose one of the rods through the block above 4.5K rpm
18:33 Cprossu *lose
18:33 LeadHead well they are shitty little 4 cylinders, and they need to be revd to get power
18:34 Cprossu and the older 2.3�s fucking shit headgaskets
18:34 LeadHead which 2.3s
18:34 Cprossu �80�s
18:34 LeadHead the Pinto series?
18:34 Cprossu not the ztec
18:34 Ponko92 j-walkers
18:34 Ponko92 lol
18:34 Cprossu as in foxbodies/etc
18:34 LeadHead yeah
18:34 LeadHead Pinto
18:34 Cprossu shitty engine all around
18:35 LeadHead the turbo ones are fun
18:35 LeadHead but no balance shafts
18:35 LeadHead so they are noisy, harsh, crude things
18:35 Cprossu until they blow their headgaskets
18:35 Cprossu and they will
18:35 LeadHead eh
18:35 Cprossu did they ever come up with a revised multilayer one for them?
18:35 LeadHead I have seen 800 RWHP 2.3s
18:35 Cprossu I�m gonna call bullshit on that unless they were built to the point of not even resembling a 2.3 anymore
18:36 Cprossu the springs in the heads were garbage
18:36 Cprossu among other things
18:37 lwq1996 hmmmm theres firetrucks outside but they arnt having a parade today
18:37 lwq1996 omg crash or fire
18:38 lwq1996 i think im go down to help
18:38 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
18:38 Photon939 LeadHead: I have these "300W" speakers
18:38 Photon939 I'm pretty sure that rating is bullshit lol
18:38 LeadHead on what
18:39 Photon939 some bare speakers
18:39 Photon939 i was gonna put them in my jeep but my dad told me the wrong size
18:39 Cprossu for 1ns it might be
18:39 LeadHead oh
18:39 Photon939 but yeah, 300W printed on them
18:39 Photon939 i hooked them up to that big Baldwin amp I have
18:39 Cprossu as for an 800 rwhp turbo 2.3.... yeah right
18:39 Photon939 cranked it way up
18:40 Photon939 started smelling burning wire varnish
18:40 Photon939 baldwin amp is only 120W on the sub channel
18:41 LeadHead lmao
18:41 Ponko92 wow the stream is giving me ads in Japanese
18:41 Cprossu 2.3 being built up with everything done to it and about $20k in the engine ... 600hp max I�d say
18:42 LeadHead
18:42 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
18:42 Cprossu and the dyno sheet?
18:44 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
18:44 LeadHead no dyno sheet for that one
18:44 Cprossu I�ll settle for a 1/4 mile time and a weight
18:44 LeadHead looking
18:45 LeadHead in the mean time, here is another 800 HP 2.3
18:45 LeadHead
18:45 Cprossu olooks like a T3/T4 hybrid on that second one
18:45 Cprossu still that shouldn�t move enough air around
18:45 LeadHead
18:46 LeadHead 9 second SVO
18:47 Cprossu 9.81 got a weight on that sucker?
18:47 LeadHead same car run a 9.25 here
18:47 LeadHead;feature=related
18:47 LeadHead looking for weight now
18:48 Cprossu damn I think my dyno calculators are on a different computer
18:50 Cprossu �stroked� 2.3L that must mean at least 2.5
18:51 LeadHead i think they brought it out to 2.7
18:51 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
18:51 Cprossu either way it hardly counts as a 2.3
18:51 Photon939 LeadHead: we should turbocharge my jeep
18:51 LeadHead their latest run was a 9.005
18:52 Cprossu also that second vid does not show the time clearly
18:52 LeadHead 2998 curb weight with driver
18:52 Cprossu as in after they removed all the weight?
18:52 LeadHead as in, at the staging line wih the driver in
18:52 Cprossu seems heavy
18:52 LeadHead the car weighs 3000
18:52 Cprossu I�ve seen foxbodies go around ~2400
18:52 Cprossu at my track
18:53 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
18:53 LeadHead its also street legal
18:54 LeadHead Looks like the car hasnt gone any faster though, they blew a wrist pin on their last run
18:54 LeadHead Damn, C4 with a 7000 RPM stall
18:54 Cprossu either way if we assume worst case scenarios, 9.25 at 3200lbs the estimate is still <750hp from my calculator
18:55 LeadHead at the wheels
18:55 LeadHead or crank
18:55 Cprossu at the wheels
18:55 Cprossu rwhp = rear wheel horsepower
18:55 LeadHead Photon939: Yes you should photon
18:55 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
18:55 Cprossu which is what you said, 800rwhp
18:55 LeadHead but youd have to convert it to some other kind of engine management
18:55 LeadHead yeah, you are right
18:55 Cprossu megasquirt
18:55 Cprossu only way to go imo
18:56 LeadHead I like EEC IV, but thats only because thats what I am current dealing with, turbocharging my friends truck
18:56 LeadHead currently dealing with
18:57 LeadHead and its fairly cheap to get going with. Only problem is you need a TFI style dizzy which is a bit of a downer
18:57 Cprossu but yeah rwhp for that other car with the trap speed on the first run with the trap speed from the second run would be 650 rwhp
18:57 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
18:58 Cprossu (peak)
18:58 LeadHead tbh, we would need air density, humidity, etc..
18:58 LeadHead to make an accruate assumption
18:58 Cprossu true
18:58 LeadHead either way, its a shit load of power from an engine that made 138 stock
18:58 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:58 Cprossu yeah it is
18:58 lwq1996 .tfs irvona pennsylvania
18:59 lwq1996 .weather irvona pennsylvania
18:59 LeadHead .tfw irvona pennsylvania
18:59 LeadHead botsteve isnt here it appears
18:59 lwq1996 damn steve took of steve bot
18:59 mman454-xbox left #thegeekgroup
18:59 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
19:00 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
19:01 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
19:03 Cprossu aww he left
19:03 Cprossu I finally found the clip I was looking for
19:05 Cprossu damn
19:05 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 Cprossu chrysler 2.2, lotus 16v head (turbo III)
19:06 Cprossu lots of hp there lol
19:06 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
19:07 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
19:08 eightbitbrad hi wannabe1987 miss me?
19:08 masterofmonks
19:11 eightbitbrad Did BotSteve get retired?
19:11 wannabe1987'er alive!
19:11 wannabe1987 no...i don't think so...
19:11 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: I am indeed :)  Had a little mini-vacation from everything... back home today... working on ordering my membership card now
19:12 wannabe1987 yay!
19:12 wannabe1987 does anyone know how to take the last 5 seconds off a video?
19:13 wannabe1987  i'm watc`ching this vidya by max the dog...and he's perking his ears and confused looking
19:13 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: hmmm.
19:14 eightbitbrad is it uploaded to youtube, or are you talking a standard video file?
19:14 wannabe1987 cuz i took an 8 min vidya of my brothers wrestling, and brother2 started screaming at the end cuz he got his tooth jammed into brother1's knee.  its not uploaded anywhere yet...
19:14 wannabe1987 and i'm on a netbook with limited RAM
19:14 eightbitbrad hrm.
19:15 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
19:15 eightbitbrad how big?
19:15 eightbitbrad the file, that is?
19:15 wannabe1987 um...let me hook my camera up to the computer and find out :)
19:15 wannabe1987 (just got home)
19:15 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: ok cool, lemme know.
19:16 eightbitbrad now, does anyone know what my next step is for the membership card?  Order is done.
19:16 wannabe1987 moose'll emailya i think
19:17 wannabe1987 brad - 200mb
19:19 Ponko92_ 92.1 THE SHARK is on the Easter low down and will return on tuesday
19:19 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: and you have a gig... you *might* be able to edit it with something open source
19:20 Ponko92_ brb got to slain the beast again
19:20 wannabe1987 y not monday
19:20 wannabe1987 like what?
19:20 eightbitbrad hmmm one sec...  software is on tip of my tongue
19:20 wannabe1987 ok
19:20 Ponko92_ y not because thats Easter Monday and i'll be out so yeah lol
19:20 eightbitbrad are you linux or winders?
19:21 wannabe1987 windows 7 home premium
19:21 Ponko92_ i am Windows Vista Home Premium
19:21 Ponko92_ yeah Vista sucks
19:23 eightbitbrad hrm, I'll have to poke around and see.  Been a while, but I bet CaptainBoden or Cory might have something
19:23 wannabe1987 yeah...thats why i asked here...
19:24 eightbitbrad I thought I had one loaded here.   Is it going to end up on youtube eventually?
19:24 wannabe1987 i'll ask more ppl later...time to take the puppy on a walk...ttul
19:24 wannabe1987 is :D
19:25 eightbitbrad
19:25 wannabe1987 2 brothers wrestling, but still...i have three videos to go up today...
19:25 eightbitbrad looks like you can edit it online
19:25 wannabe1987 interesting.  i'll look more into it when i get home :D
19:25 eightbitbrad okie
19:25 * wannabe1987 is walking a dog
19:25 wannabe1987 is now known as wannabe-away
19:26 Ponko92_ .yt Open Pandora Review (Painfully long version)
19:26 * SparkyPojects watches stream for someone walking a dog :D
19:27 Ponko92_ haha
19:27 Ponko92_ look for a girl with brownish hair and glasses
19:27 eightbitbrad Ponko92_: I'll bring Eightbitbot online a bit later to stand in for BotSteve
19:27 Ponko92_ lol what happened to him
19:28 eightbitbrad Well, since BatSteve is apparently offline, so is BotSteve
19:28 eightbitbrad BatSteve hosts the bot on his machine.
19:28 Ponko92_ i know
19:28 Ponko92_ brb
19:29 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
19:30 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
19:33 Photon939 man it's warm here today
19:34 Photon939 Current weather for Emmaus, PA | Temperature: 75°F / 24°C; Humidity: 61%; Pressure: 29.98in / 101.5kPa; Conditions: Overcast; Wind: Sw, 9mph / 14kph; Updated: 18 mins, 50 secs ago
19:34 LeadHead Same
19:34 LeadHead 70*F here right now
19:35 eightbitbrad yay PA
19:35 eightbitbrad I moved from PA 4 years ago
19:36 LeadHead Hm. I hear peeps riding dirtbikes
19:36 LeadHead I'd ride mine, but out of gas
19:37 LeadHead bbl
19:38 Tinker joined #thegeekgroup
19:39 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
19:40 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
19:40 Cprossu LeadHead: you left when I was trying to find you a video lol
19:41 Cprossu chrysler 2.2, lotus 16v head (turbo III)
19:41 Cprossu ^ that doesn�t count as a standard chrysler 2.2 either heh
19:41 Cprossu oh yeah, auto tran!
19:42 eightbitbrad lol
19:42 eightbitbrad yay, got my beta membership card
19:42 eightbitbrad ordered
19:42 eightbitbrad ugh go away three days, forget how to type
19:46 wannabe-away is now known as wannabe1987
19:47 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
19:47 wannabe1987 sorry guys...didn't walk past the lab...
19:47 Fulsy Hello
19:47 wannabe1987 hi
19:47 Fulsy How's everybody's Easter?
19:47 wannabe1987 full of food...hence the walk
19:48 Fulsy hah
19:48 wannabe1987 20 minute walk...not bad for not timing it...
19:48 Fulsy yea
19:48 NeWtoz my food comes in a few hours
19:48 Fulsy I probably should get off the computer myself
19:48 wannabe1987 lol
19:48 wannabe1987 i'm gonna try to walk almost every day...need to lose some pounds...
19:49 SparkyPojects So i've been waatching Hoogerhyde for nothing :P
19:49 SparkyPojects :D
19:49 wannabe1987 sorry...went around the back side of the is scared of cars moving quickly...
19:49 wannabe1987 leonard yet
19:50 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
19:50 wannabe1987 hi ponko92
19:50 Ponko92 hey :)
19:50 Ponko92 walk your dog
19:50 Ponko92 hmmm
19:50 Ponko92 i might go play my game and fight in Germany
19:53 wannabe1987 yeah...took him on a mile walk :D
19:53 wannabe1987 he's adding cheat codes
19:53 Yaotzin lol
19:53 wannabe1987 well hello there
19:53 Yaotzin I wish I had some kind of music player
19:53 Yaotzin would make walking more enjoyable
19:53 wannabe1987 i have an ipod....but i didn't use it...
19:54 wannabe1987 i kept telling th edamned dog to "heel"  ... "heel"   ...   "heel"   ...   SIT!
19:54 wannabe1987 and i'd make him sit
19:54 Yaotzin you know I was using an ipod when I was catering, an old one my roommate had
19:54 Yaotzin however I've since misplaced it
19:54 Yaotzin no idea what the shit
19:54 wannabe1987 lol sucks
19:54 Yaotzin Every once in a while I'll go looking for it again
19:54 Yaotzin speakin of brb
19:58 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
19:58 wannabe1987 hi superman13
19:58 wannabe1987 eightbitbrad - is there a tutorial anywhere that tells you what these things do in youtube ditor?
19:58 CaptainBoden Steve around?
19:58 Superman13 What up wannabe1987
19:59 Superman13 Just popped in Captain. not sure
19:59 wannabe1987 not much...went for a walk, hung out with family, went to church, now chillin
19:59 CaptainBoden wannabe1987, there is totally leonard, here. Leonard
20:00 wannabe1987 but i wasn't on leonard...i was on 12th and 11th streets...the dog doesn't like leonard yet
20:01 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: lemme see if I can find it.
20:01 eightbitbrad damn, I missed the outside cam going up.
20:01 wannabe1987 lol
20:02 CaptainBoden Not really, it's only temp mounted right now.
20:03 wannabe1987 lol
20:03 wannabe1987 brb reboot
20:03 CaptainBoden It's sitting on the roof, we need a tower then the vew will get signifigantly better.
20:03 eightbitbrad ah.  well I did get my membership card ordered at least.    It's still a cool view
20:03 wannabe1987 i could possibly see my house from it then?
20:03 Superman13 time to break out the welder then captain
20:03 CaptainBoden Wlder hell, we're moving the machine shop in a week :)
20:04 eightbitbrad mmmm  heavy machinery of making stuff +5
20:04 CaptainBoden Superman13, are you Joey superman, or someone else?
20:05 Superman13 joey superman of course
20:05 CaptainBoden Could you be availible to drive the big truck to Kzoo and back on the 28th?
20:05 kellyEv joined #thegeekgroup
20:06 Yaotzin Hey I found it
20:06 Superman13 as long as my girl doesnt have our doc appt scheduled i should be able to
20:06 CaptainBoden ok
20:06 kellyEv when, next friday/saturday?
20:06 Superman13 thats this upcoming thursday Kelly
20:06 CaptainBoden I'm hoping to do the prep trip on Thursday, serious moving starting on Sat.
20:06 kellyEv cool
20:06 kellyEv i'm free on thursday (so far)
20:07 kellyEv and saturday
20:07 Superman13 alrighty. know what time we should be back?
20:07 NeWtoz now that I'm not working Saturdays, I can help!
20:07 kellyEv yay
20:07 CaptainBoden In theory, you'd be back to hte lab with the truck docked inside by 1800
20:08 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
20:08 kellyEv is now known as wannabe1987
20:08 Yaotzin "Please wait... very low battery"
20:08 Yaotzin Oh boy
20:09 Yaotzin I think I remember why I stopped using this ipod
20:09 wannabe1987 y
20:09 NeWtoz I have an old ipod with a bad battery, but since I barely use it, I can't see replacing it
20:10 wannabe1987 mine was free :D
20:10 NeWtoz I bought mine back in 04
20:11 NeWtoz back when not everyone actually had them
20:11 wannabe1987 mine was christmas its 6 years old i guess
20:11 wannabe1987 lol
20:12 Yaotzin And hey this fix actually worked
20:12 Miroslav left #thegeekgroup
20:12 Yaotzin Plenty of ipods get stuck in that "very low battery" loop
20:12 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
20:12 Yaotzin Reseting it while it's plugged in and pulling the cable while it's rebooting apparently did somethin
20:12 Yaotzin because now I can actually get to the menu
20:13 wannabe1987 yay
20:15 Superman13 everytime i switch over to the roofcam video i keep waiting for someone to get hit by a car at that light lol
20:16 eightbitbrad lol
20:16 eightbitbrad I'm listening to the scanner, wondering if it picks up fire... then watching for the firetrucks.
20:17 wannabe1987 lol
20:18 wannabe1987 cop cars!
20:18 Superman13 oh.. i turned off the audio and turned on my own scanner.. have it set to gr fd and gr pd as well as kent county sherrif
20:18 * eightbitbrad used to be a volunteer firefighter back in PA
20:18 wannabe1987 orlyy
20:18 eightbitbrad was always interesting to listen
20:19 wannabe1987 tj likes listening to the scanner too...has one in his car
20:19 wannabe1987 his boss said his car looked like a cop car (kinda the point...)...but said it in a bad way :(
20:20 Superman13 well having a scanner in a personal vehicle is illegal in the state of michigan... at least thats what a cop told me when he pulled me over on my way to zomb with the scanner attached to my police vest
20:20 wannabe1987 really
20:20 wannabe1987 its kinda hidden under the dash
20:20 wannabe1987 brass?
20:21 wannabe1987 or bra'ss?
20:21 CSMonster lol
20:21 CSMonster brass.  ignore me, my brain don't work so well after running 4 miles.
20:21 wannabe1987 i walked one
20:21 * wannabe1987 called about a place to rent...:nervous:
20:21 SparkyPojects My old car was called a porcupine, had a long broadcast aerial at the front, a cb aerial in the middle, and a ham aerial at the back, funny though, it acted as a mobile beam when using cb :D
20:22 wannabe1987 lol
20:23 Yaotzin Sounds sharp
20:23 Yaotzin dohoho
20:23 CSMonster lol
20:23 Yaotzin I'm happy to have found my ipod
20:23 Yaotzin well, my roommates old ipod video he gave me
20:23 Angy4 joined #thegeekgroup
20:23 wannabe1987 lol
20:23 SparkyPojects FM cb was limited in the UK, you'd be lucky to get 10 miles on a good day, but even when i was parked the wrong side of a bridge, i got a weak convo with someone over 20 miles away
20:23 Yaotzin Let it charge for an hour and I'm going for a walk
20:24 Miroslav joined #thegeekgroup
20:24 Yaotzin Is there any way to get itunes to print out a playlist?
20:24 Yaotzin In html or text format?
20:24 wannabe1987 hmmm idk
20:25 wannabe1987 omg why can't i upload????????? :(  yt is broken
20:26 wannabe1987 superman13 - i don't see no "zombie jesus" on your picture...i'm confused
20:27 Yaotzin My number 1 played song is Du Riechst So Gut
20:27 Yaotzin heh
20:27 Yaotzin Figures
20:29 Yaotzin One of the very few non videogame albums I have on here
20:29 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
20:30 wannabe1987 o balls, not him!
20:30 Seroster Arr
20:30 Seroster Shutup!
20:30 wannabe1987 :'(
20:31 Seroster Awwright
20:31 wannabe1987 don't make hormonal people cry...srsly
20:32 Seroster Is it that time of month?
20:32 wannabe1987 ...
20:32 Seroster I suppose that's a yes xD
20:32 wannabe1987 no, i'm hormonal cuz i want to be /sarcasm
20:37 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
20:37 MadManMarkAu I thought wannabe1987 was a man
20:37 codfish joined #thegeekgroup
20:37 MadManMarkAu Is that manstration?
20:38 MadManMarkAu MAN... stration
20:38 wannabe1987 madmanmarkau - srsly?!
20:38 BatSteve left #thegeekgroup
20:38 wannabe1987 CSMonster, exor674, someone else and i (and red) are all girls...
20:38 wannabe1987 lol @ batsteve
20:38 MadManMarkAu Ah, kk
20:38 CSMonster dr_jkl
20:38 wannabe1987 yep
20:38 MadManMarkAu also, lol
20:38 dr_jkl what
20:38 dr_jkl oh
20:38 k4shell joined #thegeekgroup
20:38 dr_jkl hi
20:38 wannabe1987 dagnyscot is a girl
20:39 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
20:39 MadManMarkAu wb BatSteve
20:39 dr_jkl BatSteve: hey
20:39 wannabe1987 hi batsteve
20:39 BatSteve hia!
20:39 CSMonster hi dr_jkl
20:39 BatSteve *hiya
20:39 CSMonster dagnyscot? really?
20:39 wannabe1987 hi csmonster
20:39 wannabe1987 i think so
20:39 CSMonster OHAI.
20:39 wannabe1987 let me check fb
20:40 CSMonster iamsofuckingexhausted
20:40 MadManMarkAu myspacebarisbroken
20:40 codfish left #thegeekgroup
20:40 BatSteve that_is_no_excuse
20:40 MadManMarkAu lol
20:40 wannabe1987 facebook says dagnyscott is a girl...
20:40 CSMonster lol
20:40 wannabe1987
20:41 wannabe1987 see, i'm friends w/ her fiance
20:41 CSMonster spacesarelessefficient.  mywordsliketodraftlikeracecars
20:41 wannabe1987 drift*
20:41 BatSteve HAH
20:41 wannabe1987 not draft...
20:41 wannabe1987 lol
20:41 BatSteve no draft is correct
20:41 CSMonster no, draft.
20:41 wannabe1987 hmmm
20:41 wannabe1987 ok
20:41 * wannabe1987 is wrong...for once
20:41 CSMonster drive bumper-to-bumper to reduce collective air resistance
20:41 Ponko92 Batsteve may i ask how old you are?
20:42 wannabe1987 ancient
20:42 MadManMarkAu itischeapersendingtelegramsthisway. youpaybytheword.
20:42 WB1A2 Drift and draft are applicable words.
20:42 dr_jkl MadManMarkAu: ++
20:42 CSMonster LOL
20:42 wannabe1987 lol
20:42 BatSteve Ponko92: I'm 26, why?
20:43 wannabe1987 only 2 years older than i........
20:43 * CSMonster is still older than wannabe1987 but younger than BatSteve
20:43 Ponko92 if you said older i'd of thought you did USAF service during Nam
20:43 CSMonster ......
20:44 BatSteve Really?  Cool!  what made you think that?
20:44 CSMonster the word "draft" seems to have thrown off every single person here except batsteve.
20:44 wannabe1987 no, i know what it means to draft behind a car...we did it with bikes...
20:45 wannabe1987 i thought you meant drift tho
20:45 WB1A2 It's a great word.
20:45 Ponko92 because you do Air Pilot training and i thought instantly of Air Force
20:45 dr_jkl O.O
20:45 dr_jkl 26 IS NOT OLD
20:45 dr_jkl *I* am 26.
20:45 CSMonster LOL
20:45 BatSteve Ponko92: Gotcha
20:45 wannabe1987 lol
20:45 Ponko92 no its not i just thought of that Dr_jkl
20:45 CSMonster dr_jkl is offended.
20:46 BatSteve Well thank you - I am not awesome enough to have served.
20:46 BatSteve (But I'm pretty close)
20:46 wannabe1987 lol
20:46 Ponko92 lol
20:47 Ponko92 i keep having dreams i've served every major conflict in the 20th century till the end of Nam
20:47 Ponko92 so the WWI to Vietnam
20:47 CSMonster spanish american war?
20:47 CSMonster wait no that was still in the 1800s wasn't it
20:47 wannabe1987 lol
20:47 Superman13 wannabe1987 - I used to have it as my picture... now its my cake i made :)
20:47 Ponko92 lol
20:47 * CSMonster forgets
20:47 Ponko92 yes
20:47 wannabe1987 oooo ok
20:48 CSMonster damn.  you'd be way cooler if you were secretly a rough rider.
20:48 wannabe1987 i don't really find anything offensive against zombie jesus...other christians do tho, but i that wrong?
20:48 Ponko92 1914-1975
20:48 Superman13 i never thought it was... i mean by definition he was a zombie
20:48 Tinker left #thegeekgroup
20:48 CSMonster so in other words ponko you quit when they switched away from the M1911
20:48 Ponko92 all sides of the allies in the world wars and
20:48 Ponko92 yeah
20:49 CSMonster lol
20:49 Ponko92 lol
20:49 WB1A2 "You killed the zombie Jesus!" "He was a zombie?"
20:50 WB1A2 (couldn't resist)
20:50 wannabe1987 lol
20:51 Ponko92 M1911 being the Pistol?
20:51 CSMonster yes
20:51 CSMonster 1911-1985 iirc
20:51 Superman13 LOL
20:52 Ponko92 yes
20:52 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
21:01 wannabe1987 n00b
21:01 Superman13 n00b
21:01 BatSteve no u
21:01 Superman13 wait..who are we calling a n00b
21:01 CSMonster ...
21:01 wannabe1987 me
21:02 Superman13 oh... lol!!!
21:02 wannabe1987 is that ok?
21:03 CSMonster no.
21:03 Superman13 no]
21:03 wannabe1987 why not?
21:04 BatSteve I have no problem with insulting you!
21:04 BatSteve You fight like a dairy farmer!
21:04 wannabe1987 see?
21:04 wannabe1987 lol
21:04 CSMonster no there's nothing wrong with insulting you.  there is however something wrong with you insulting yourself; it's not good for you.
21:04 Fulsy Reese's peanut butter eggs <3
21:04 CSMonster you f'ing n00b.
21:04 wannabe1987 WANT
21:05 wannabe1987 i only called myself a n00b cuz i told batsteve he could tell tj "your gf said hi" w/o getting shot...i forgot
21:05 Fulsy It's not even peanut butter, It's peanut paste from heaven
21:05 k4shell left #thegeekgroup
21:05 wannabe1987 i know
21:05 wannabe1987 its my fav candy ever
21:05 wannabe1987 i'm going to meijer tonight to buy some cheap
21:05 Fulsy awesome
21:06 wannabe1987 yes
21:06 wannabe1987 def
21:06 CSMonster .weather cheney wa
21:06 CSMonster is botsteve down?
21:06 wannabe1987 yes
21:06 CSMonster .tfw cheney washington
21:06 CSMonster :(
21:06 wannabe1987 batsteve
21:07 wannabe1987 put botsteve back fucking the bot!
21:07 CSMonster now i have to go look at the temperature the hard way.
21:07 BatSteve oh man
21:07 BatSteve where'd he go
21:07 BatSteve When did he leave?
21:07 wannabe1987 i dunno
21:07 wannabe1987 i was offline most of the day...
21:07 BatSteve or maybe he got netsplit
21:07 BatSteve it shows him still running
21:07 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
21:07 BatSteve there we go
21:08 CSMonster the peak of narcissism: building a robot that looks like yourself, then having sex with it o.O
21:08 eightbitbrad Eightbitbot has this in it's log "Tried killing my bretheren, damn BotSteve just netsplit"
21:08 * CSMonster should probably stop
21:08 wannabe1987 .tfw 49504
21:08 CSMonster .tfw cheney washington
21:08 BotSteve 60�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'It could be worse.'
21:08 BotSteve 60�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Cheney, WA!  'I've seen better days'
21:08 wannabe1987 same weather...
21:08 wannabe1987 same temp
21:08 wannabe1987 anyway lol
21:08 CSMonster YAY we finally hit 60 degrees.
21:08 BatSteve eightbitbrad: that's hilarious
21:08 wannabe1987 agreed
21:09 eightbitbrad I need to remove the module before we all get in trouble.
21:09 Stigern left #thegeekgroup
21:09 eightbitbrad ,tfw Atlanta
21:09 eightbitbrad .tfw Atlanta
21:09 BotSteve 83�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Atlanta, GA!  'uncontrollable swamp-ass'
21:10 gh22 joined #thegeekgroup
21:10 wannabe1987 lol
21:10 CSMonster it's been something like 270 days since the last time it was above 59 F here.  :/
21:10 BatSteve by the way, eightbitbrad, I don't know what you've done lately but you should pull from me the next time you get a chance, there's all kinds of cool stuff in now
21:11 wannabe1987 csmonster - thats bad/sad :(
21:12 wannabe1987
21:12 CSMonster AND YET despite that i'm in for a 110 F summer.
21:12 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
21:13 exor674 lol boys >_<
21:13 gh22 left #thegeekgroup
21:13 wannabe1987
21:14 BatSteve exor674: what are we getting blamed for now?
21:14 wannabe1987 the first YT video i posted, i assume
21:14 exor674 wannabe1987's first link
21:14 wannabe1987 lol
21:15 wannabe1987 yes, i have crazy family
21:16 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
21:16 BatSteve "Control the arm...always control the arm"
21:16 BatSteve hahaha
21:16 wannabe1987 uncle ben has 2 older boys (older than i am)
21:17 wannabe1987 they also get worn out by my brother...
21:19 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
21:19 DruidicRifleman Happy easter
21:20 eightbitbrad BatSteve: I haven't done anything, been off the grid the past few days. Will pull tonight.
21:21 BatSteve No hurry
21:21 BatSteve I probably won't do much tonight.  ( or I might go crazy and do seven things, who knows)
21:21 wannabe1987 lol
21:21 eightbitbrad lol
21:21 BatSteve How are you getting the hang of Git?  Is it coming more easily now?
21:21 eightbitbrad I've got about 875 RAW photos to process
21:21 eightbitbrad It is
21:21 eightbitbrad slowly but surely
21:22 BatSteve Good deal - me too.
21:22 BatSteve At first I thought it was really confusing..but now I'm starting to appreciate at least the basics
21:23 eightbitbrad yeah :)  It's not too bad.
21:24 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
21:24 BatSteve holy crap firetrucks outside
21:24 BatSteve brb
21:25 BatSteve no evidence of fire
21:25 BatSteve I wonder what's going on
21:26 exor674 I didn't do it
21:26 BatSteve I blame you regardless
21:26 CSMonster don't blame exor674.
21:27 * CSMonster quickly hides gas can and flares
21:27 DruidicRifleman Could be a person stuck in an elviator or something
21:28 eightbitbrad back later, dinner time.
21:28 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
21:28 exor674 ( there are fire trucks in my complex like once a week, though
21:28 exor674 I have neer figured out where they are going
21:28 exor674 or who keeps setting shit on fire
21:28 Fulsy maybe it's the gas mains again
21:28 CSMonster when i was still living in CA there were fire trucks in front of my house every single day.
21:29 CSMonster mainly because the deli across the street was bomb.
21:29 Fulsy I remember in middle school someone's radiator started making smoke
21:30 Fulsy and someone pulled the fire alarm
21:30 Fulsy and firetrucks came and stuff
21:30 BatSteve Good reaction though
21:30 BatSteve I mean who knows what the smoke could have indicated?
21:31 Fulsy no idea
21:31 Fulsy and a couple weeks ago in my HS, someone found bullets on the hallway floor
21:31 Fulsy the whole school went into lockdown
21:32 exor674 oh awesome idea
21:32 exor674 lock everyone in the school inside with the possible gun >_<
21:32 Fulsy I know..
21:32 CSMonster live ammo, empty shell casings, or just the bullets themselves?
21:32 Fulsy they searched everyone's locker
21:32 * CSMonster has to ask
21:32 Fulsy Live ammo
21:33 CSMonster ^ this is why high school was not good for me.
21:33 Fulsy lol
21:33 Fulsy and a couple months ago there were 2 bomb threats
21:33 BatSteve exor674: could be worse, when I was in school, our procedure for bomb scares was "file everyone out of the school in one single file line and let the entire school mill around on the football field and bleachers"
21:33 exor674 BatSteve: so if you wanted to blow up people, fill the bleachers with c4
21:33 exor674 awesome idea
21:33 Fulsy We were all evacuated to the gym
21:34 CSMonster i don't remember what year it was but it was a history class; i pulled my book out of my pack and opened it up on my desk, and an empty .300 Weatherby Magnum casing fell out on the floor.  my eyes did this: O.O
21:34 Fulsy and sat there
21:34 Fulsy eventually we were sent home
21:34 BatSteve well, to me it seemed a lot harder to get C4 than to get, say, a shotgun
21:34 BatSteve That seemed the greater threat
21:35 BatSteve Fake bomb threat, real shooter in the woods by the field
21:35 Fulsy shit's scary
21:35 CSMonster almost everyone was nice to me, because they were all convinced that some day i was going to come to school with a gun. :/
21:36 Fulsy same way with me
21:36 CSMonster and yes, that would suck
21:36 exor674 well that's a bad reason to be nice to someone
21:36 Fulsy I'm a very intimidating looking person, apparently
21:36 exor674 but they should have been nice to you anyway
21:36 Fulsy it's all because I have the "Gift" of aspergers
21:36 Fulsy and all my social skills are shit
21:37 CSMonster i wall pulled in 6 times by 5 different people at 2 different high schools to have "the talk" re: my mental health and how well armed i was.
21:37 BatSteve coworkers think I'm the "gun nut" right now.  Comes from inviting all of them out to the range with me and offering to teach them to shoot
21:37 wannabe1987 naptime...bbl
21:37 BatSteve night night
21:37 CSMonster bye wannabe1987
21:37 Fulsy cya
21:38 BatSteve CSMonster: I'm jealous of you, I was not a well-armed high schooler.  The nearest I got to a firearm in those years was a 22 plinkin' rifle
21:38 CSMonster i am a gun nut.  i make no excuses there.  i'm also crazy, and i make no excuses there either, but i'm not crazy or un-compassionate enough to start shooting people
21:38 CSMonster *to start shooting people at random, anyway
21:40 CSMonster in high school i had three .22 rimfire rifles, an SKS (no longer have that), a Mosin 91/30, a K31 (no longer have that either), a Baikal IZh-43 side-by-side shotgun (or that either), and a flare gun.
21:40 BatSteve .w k31
21:40 BotSteve "The Karabiner Model 1931 (K31) is a magazine-fed, straight-pull bolt-action rifle." -
21:40 CSMonster and a bucket-o-knives
21:41 CSMonster yeah, Swiss-made Bern K31, straight-pull bolt gun, 7.5x55mm GP-11 cartridge, 6 round detachable mag
21:41 Fulsy I heard that some kid made a map of his school in Counter Strike
21:41 CSMonster same size and weight as an M1 Garand
21:41 Fulsy and got arrested for it
21:41 Fulsy and expelled
21:41 exor674 lol?
21:42 exor674 that seems... strict
21:42 CSMonster fulsy: the most common thing for beginning mappers to make is their high school.
21:42 Fulsy I'd like to just for fun, but I don't because of that story
21:43 CSMonster see, i could map my high school and get away with calling it a prison camp, because that's what it looks like
21:43 WB1A2 Getting expelled I can see, but arrested??
21:43 BatSteve "Zero tolerance" policies are (in my opinion) almost always flawed
21:44 exor674 WB1A2: how can you see that? -- I'd think that mapping something real would be a good start
21:44 CSMonster they are
21:44 BatSteve which this sounds like
21:44 exor674 and what is one thing any kid knows like the back of their hand?
21:44 BatSteve the back of their other hand?
21:44 BatSteve (:
21:44 wannabe1987 house
21:44 exor674 I was thinking "their school" but :P
21:44 WB1A2 well I can just see that happening, I dont agree with it. But what grounds would they have for arresting him.
21:44 exor674 house works too I guess heh
21:45 CSMonster house is harder to have a deathmatch in; kind of small
21:45 BatSteve that's a good question
21:46 CSMonster i would expect that he was "detained" rather than actually arrested
21:46 exor674 because apparetly it was practicing for a massacre or something?
21:46 CSMonster yes.  exactly exor
21:46 WB1A2 Obsurd.
21:46 WB1A2 Absurd*
21:48 BatSteve The police report said the boy (who was not identified, as he has not  been charged with any crime) was brought to the Associate Principal's  office where he was frisked and questioned.
21:48 exor674 ( HOW could that be practice anyway? I'm not sure about you but I don't see how running around shooting at pixels can be anything like running around and killing humans
21:48 BatSteve and
21:48 BatSteve The police determined that no criminal offense had occurred and there  were no threats on any specific person or people. It's quite common for  youngsters to craft maps of their schools and other familiar places for  these types of games.
21:48 CSMonster ^
21:50 BatSteve exor674: Ordinarily I'd agree with you, but someone smarter than me has made the claim that virtual shooters can make you slightly more skilled in real life.
21:50 BatSteve .w col dave grossman
21:50 BotSteve "Lieutenant Colonel Dave Grossman is an author who has specialized in the study of the psychology of killing, which has been termed 'killology'." -
21:50 Nebster joined #thegeekgroup
21:50 CSMonster yeah, that
21:51 exor674 ofc now the... evil part of me is thinking that a shooter like that + custom AI to imitate crowds MIGHT actually work well for practice
21:51 BatSteve I'm not saying he's right, but I am saying that I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt
21:51 exor674 and lots and lots of NPCs
21:51 CSMonster (not that i wasn't armed in high school.  i carried a balisong and a 2oz OC fog grenade)
21:51 CaptainBoden Best torrenting program for windows as of today and why?
21:51 BatSteve hi cap
21:51 CaptainBoden hi :)
21:52 BatSteve .g utorrent
21:52 BotSteve BatSteve:
21:52 CSMonster hi cap.   ...idk.  i use shareaza... because i always have.
21:52 BatSteve small, fast, popular.
21:52 Nebster utorrent, its small no extra crap
21:53 Photon939 anyone know why minecraft might want to not work?
21:53 BatSteve You haven't asked nicely enough?
21:53 Photon939 I launch the exe and get the windows critical stop sound
21:53 BatSteve hm
21:53 CaptainBoden I used toa gree on utorrent, but I've heard in recent years that they sold out to a large company and it's not nearly as safe/decent as it used to be. I was wondering if anything better had come along
21:53 Nebster doesn't like you
21:54 BatSteve For windows, nothing I know of.
21:54 BatSteve if you're near your linux box, there's Ktorrent, which I like a lot
21:54 * CSMonster knows nothing about software and will take this opportunity of subject-change to go take a shower.
21:54 CaptainBoden I already know the linux solutions, no worries there.
21:54 BatSteve CSMonster: GUN showers!
21:54 Miroslav left #thegeekgroup
21:54 CaptainBoden But for Windows, security is a problem.
21:54 CSMonster lol
21:55 tgg joined #thegeekgroup
21:55 BatSteve hi tgg
21:55 Nebster bitcomet?
21:56 BatSteve you might want to pick a more descriptive nick
21:56 exor674 utorrent might be the best out of all the evils at least.
21:56 tgg left #thegeekgroup
21:57 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
21:58 Nebster
21:58 Laryk joined #thegeekgroup
21:59 Toastdude Cprossu: "It's the one magical word!"
21:59 WB1A2 Hahah, Bill Nye's in trouble:
21:59 Yaotzin I'll second or third utorrent, I've yet to hear of something superior. It's what I've used after the napster/kazaa/bearshare kick
22:00 Fulsy How's frostwire doing?
22:01 Nebster The moon doesn't make its own light!?
22:01 Nebster Don't tell me its also not made of cheese.
22:03 Toastdude It has surface dust call regolith, which is very reflective...... If the moon generated its own light, there wouldn't be phases....
22:03 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
22:03 Toastdude just my opinion
22:03 Fulsy The moon is made out of cheese and someone always takes a bite out of it
22:03 Yaotzin Although I probably get more content from rapidshare/megaupload/sendspace these days
22:03 Toastdude Then they regurgitate it?
22:03 Fulsy no, they buy a new one
22:04 Toastdude Oh..... thats why its called the new moon
22:04 Fulsy sometimes they can't keep up with all the people eating it
22:04 Fulsy so sometimes there's a new moon
22:04 Fulsy where nobody can see it
22:04 Toastdude Because everybody ate it
22:04 jackkollan left #thegeekgroup
22:04 Fulsy yea
22:04 Toastdude Ok, now i understand
22:05 Fulsy I wonder who keeps eating it
22:05 Yaotzin
22:05 Toastdude Bill Nye
22:05 Toastdude he eats it all
22:05 Yaotzin Dude hunching over kind of gives it away
22:05 Yaotzin still
22:06 Fulsy I wonder what would happen if we mixed Chris Boden with Bill Nye
22:06 BatSteve I used to know the name of that effect
22:06 BatSteve Starts with A
22:06 BatSteve Fulsy: Answer:  No measurable difference.
22:06 BatSteve (:
22:06 Fulsy lol
22:06 Toastdude lol
22:06 Yaotzin Put a bowtie on Chris and give him a whacky sound effects team and lets find out
22:07 Toastdude Ok :)
22:07 Fulsy lol
22:07 WB1A2 Hahah, I just noticed how old that article is, oh well.
22:07 Toastdude 2009.....
22:07 Toastdude lol
22:07 BatSteve He needs a deep-voiced announcer to say "I wouldn't do that Bill"
22:07 Nebster still relevant to how much I dislike Texas
22:07 Angy_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:08 Toastdude Batman! lol
22:08 Angy4 left #thegeekgroup
22:08 Fulsy let's feed texas to the mexicans
22:08 Toastdude Or you could do it, Steve
22:08 Toastdude Fulsy: Except for Mission Control
22:08 Fulsy yea
22:09 Toastdude everybody else, ok
22:10 Fulsy chickens hatching live stream...
22:10 Fulsy I remember hatching chickens in kindergarten
22:10 Fulsy memories...
22:11 chunks joined #thegeekgroup
22:11 Fulsy back when the world seemed so innocent
22:11 Fulsy pre 9/11 and stuff
22:11 Yaotzin lol
22:12 Angy_ left #thegeekgroup
22:12 Photon939 got minecraft running
22:12 Photon939 had to use a command line switch
22:13 Angy4 joined #thegeekgroup
22:13 BatSteve grats!
22:13 Angy4 left #thegeekgroup
22:13 Yaotzin It is kind of disheartening that it has been ten years already
22:14 Yaotzin Not that it really had any immediate effect on me, just a pinpoint of noticing he passage of time
22:14 Yaotzin the*
22:16 Photon939 dunno why minecraft runs so badly on my desktop
22:16 Angy4 joined #thegeekgroup
22:17 Photon939 laptop: Athlon64 @ 1.8 GHz, Nvidia GeForce4 Go440 64mb
22:17 Photon939 desktop Athlon64 X2 @ 3 GHz, ATI Radeon hd5880 1024mb
22:17 Photon939 laptop gets like 20 fps, desktop gets like 40 fps
22:18 Photon939 also it's a radeon hd5870
22:18 Photon939 not 5880
22:19 Fulsy gonna play tf2 now
22:19 Fulsy BODEN IS SPY
22:19 BatSteve ooh
22:19 BatSteve are you on my friends list?
22:19 Fulsy me?
22:19 BatSteve yes
22:19 Fulsy I don't think so
22:19 Fulsy I'm Fulsam on steam
22:19 Fulsy I think
22:19 BatSteve I'll search for you if I decide to log in
22:20 Fulsy Boden sapping my speakers
22:24 Seroster Damnit
22:24 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
22:26 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
22:29 Ponko92 hellloooo :P
22:29 Ponko92 again
22:29 BatSteve hey ponko
22:29 BatSteve again
22:29 Ponko92 hey batsteve
22:29 Ponko92 ......
22:29 NeWtoz Yo dude
22:29 Ponko92 again
22:30 Yaotzin heh, Watching the 1-2-3 Kid beating Razor Ramon
22:35 Cprossu looks like I took the wrong time to take a nap
22:35 Yaotzin Oh yeah?
22:35 Cprossu CaptainBoden: I�d say for �doze, utorrent, as all the others are junk
22:37 NeWtoz I'd say rtorrent in a vm ;)
22:38 NeWtoz but utorrent
22:38 Cprossu why in a vm though?
22:38 Ponko92 .w Hidden & Dangerous Deluxe
22:38 BotSteve "Hidden & Dangerous is a WWII 1999 computer and video game developed by Illusion Softworks and published by Take-Two Interactive and TalonSoft for Windows, the Dreamcast, and the PlayStation." -;_Dangerous_Deluxe
22:39 Ponko92 good game peeps
22:39 Cprossu .w Penn & Teller smoke and mirrors
22:39 BotSteve "Penn & Teller's Smoke and Mirrors is an unreleased video game that was planned for release initially on the Sega CD in April 1995 and to be followed by PC and 3DO versions later that year." -'s_Smoke_and_Mirrors
22:39 Cprossu ^ Weird game
22:40 NeWtoz because rtorrent doesn't run in windows
22:40 NeWtoz or at least I don't think it does
22:40 Cprossu not even with cygwin?
22:40 Angy4 it does not compile, you need cygwin or a vm
22:40 NeWtoz oh, you got me
22:40 Angy4 but it's a real pain in cygwin
22:41 Cprossu cygwin is a pita
22:41 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
22:41 Cprossu still I�d prefer it over running something in a vm
22:41 Cprossu especially dealing with torrents
22:41 Angy4 it depend, can be a good isolation :)
22:42 Cprossu from what though?
22:42 Angy4 you general security hole, i.e. Windows
22:42 Cprossu yeah but that�s what the linux box at the front of your internet connection is for
22:42 LeadHead I just don't worry about it enough
22:42 Angy4 depend on what is the linux box, and how it is configured
22:43 Cprossu hey leadhead, did you see that vid of the chrysler 2.2?
22:43 LeadHead no I did not
22:43 LeadHead The minivan engine?
22:43 Cprossu Angy4: in my case an old version of smotthwall
22:43 exor674 speaking of linux boxes at the front of one's internet connection
22:43 Cprossu in this case it�s a little more rare
22:43 exor674 does anyone know of a 802.11n PCI card that can be dropped into master mode?
22:43 Cprossu commonblock 2.2, 16V TIII head (made by lotus)
22:43 Cprossu
22:44 Yaotzin That Penn and Teller game was pretty obscure until Desert Bus got so popular
22:44 Cprossu well obscure until it leaked on the internet you mean
22:44 Yaotzin Which I may add might be something TGG could copy for a fundraiser
22:44 Yaotzin No I mean obscure until the Desert Bus charity thing got popular
22:44 Cprossu it�s so boring though!
22:45 LeadHead gotta love slamming it on the limiter in boost
22:45 LeadHead damn that is quick though
22:45 Cprossu oh LeadHead: AUTOMATIC TRANNY!
22:45 LeadHead Yeah above like 11 seconds
22:45 LeadHead you really need an automatic
22:46 LeadHead When properly built they can handle more power and shift way faster than any manual
22:46 Cprossu in this case it�s a 3 speed A413
22:46 LeadHead except for perhaps those dedicated drag Lenco or whatever transmission
22:46 Cprossu oh and notice the front tires?
22:46 LeadHead Yup
22:46 Cprossu hehehe
22:46 Cprossu it�s a WTF mobile in every way
22:46 LeadHead Would like to see those CV shafts
22:46 LeadHead time to play some counter strike
22:47 Cprossu what is nice is there is a drop in posio
22:47 Cprossu *posi
22:47 Cprossu for that transmission
22:47 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
22:47 Cprossu I should say �transaxle� but meh
22:48 Cprossu I want to say that got that one into the 7�s but I cannot find any video of it
22:56 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
22:57 Toastdude Hey Cprossu, thanks again :)
22:57 Cprossu what for??
22:57 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:57 Cprossu hey Captain_: loose your inet?
22:57 Toastdude the video you sent me :)
22:57 Cprossu don�t forget to set your upload low
22:57 Cprossu oh, lol
22:58 Toastdude is now known as Toast_away
22:58 Cprossu * have to stop using �loose� instead of �lose�
22:59 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
23:00 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
23:02 Seroster Hrm.
23:02 Seroster Why is it pronounced omnippottenns instead of omni-potence?
23:04 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
23:04 Ponko92 ok
23:06 SparkyPojects Seroster, omnipotens seems to be swedish but if you scroll down to omnipotence, there's a link with audio
23:06 BatSteve Seroster: no idea.  would make more sense the other way
23:06 Cprossu best HP dv series �auto�psy over
23:06 Cprossu
23:06 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
23:06 Seroster It sure wuld BatSteve
23:06 wannabe1987 .
23:07 Seroster And I mean both in the english language, sparkypr
23:07 Ponko92 omnipotents? we getting religous in here or something lol
23:07 Seroster Not relly =P
23:07 Seroster Why is it pronounced omnippottenns instead of omni-potence?
23:07 Ponko92 thats what god is apparently
23:07 Seroster Or, if you are a trekkie, the Qs.
23:07 SparkyPojects local dialect more like
23:07 Ponko92 lol
23:07 Ponko92 most likely
23:08 Seroster I've heard EVRYONE say Omnippottence and never omni-potence =P
23:08 critterpal the former is incorrect
23:09 Ponko92 thats why Omni is so wonderful
23:10 exor674 hrm, why did my glasses run away from me :(
23:10 Cprossu wow
23:11 Cprossu the cpu even flew outa it�s socket
23:11 Cprossu I think they cracked the LCD benzel though
23:14 Ponko92 does that sign say Tamarack SW?
23:15 critterpal Tamarack NW
23:15 wannabe1987 its the NW side of GR so nw...
23:15 Liz_Home joined #thegeekgroup
23:16 critterpal they have that thing focused on the traffic light which is a block down the street
23:16 Ponko92 i was gonna say lol
23:16 Cprossu it looks like inf focus to me
23:16 wannabe1987 theres nothing else to see...
23:16 LeadHead .stream
23:16 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
23:16 wannabe1987 unless they put it on east leonard, you can see alpine and leonard...haha
23:17 critterpal they should show what is happening at the front door
23:17 Seroster Err
23:17 LeadHead The roof cam seems to have better image quality than their indoor cameras
23:17 LeadHead might be related to lighting though
23:17 Seroster When nobody walks in or out that would be rather dull.
23:17 Cprossu it�s lighting
23:17 critterpal I have heard that street people hang around there sometimes
23:17 Cprossu there�s not enough of it inside yet
23:17 Angy4 left #thegeekgroup
23:17 Cprossu the secret to awesome images is lighting the piss outa everything
23:18 Seroster ...Why am I watching a street light on the other side of the globe?
23:18 Cprossu especially with that gear
23:18 wannabe1987 michigan is awesome :D
23:18 Ponko92 lol
23:18 wannabe1987 (not really)
23:18 Cprossu this one is just a consumer grade handycam stuck in a box though
23:18 Ponko92 wisconsin is awesome
23:18 wannabe1987 now i'm hungry...hmmm
23:18 critterpal it will be more awesome when it gets warmer
23:18 wannabe1987 willl
23:18 Cprossu a really nice metal box with a fan and some motors
23:18 wannabe1987 and next time this is focused there i'll drag dog on walk over there for ya'll...haha
23:19 Seroster Cprossu, What you pay for is how good it works in low light conditions, and yes, more ligt = better. Always!
23:19 critterpal stand on the other side of the street and wave
23:19 wannabe1987 lol
23:19 Seroster lol
23:19 Cprossu Seroster: the real good low light cameras are all monocrhome
23:19 Seroster Yeah, do that and someone will call the police and have you sent to a mental institution
23:19 wannabe1987 yay my family!  :P
23:19 critterpal they can come visit me at work!
23:19 wannabe1987 they better not send me to pine rest then...
23:20 SparkyPojects yes
23:20 Cprossu of course
23:20 critterpal that was a disembodied voice
23:20 Cprossu want to move the camera around a bit?
23:20 Cprossu back at the lab
23:20 critterpal "Hey baby...wanna see my web cam?"
23:20 wannabe1987 lol
23:20 Cprossu figures
23:20 SparkyPojects Why do your taffic lights look like they are on a washing line
23:21 wannabe1987 omg its chris!
23:21 critterpal nothing at meijer?
23:21 Cprossu hint hint
23:21 BatSteve SparkyPojects: where else would you put them?
23:21 Nebster left #thegeekgroup
23:21 Ponko92 woohoo
23:21 Cprossu grainger?
23:21 SparkyPojects A lot of stores have 'easter opening times' in a special place
23:21 critterpal never know
23:21 Cprossu damn
23:21 Cprossu menards?!
23:21 Nebster joined #thegeekgroup
23:22 Cprossu true
23:22 SparkyPojects That voice reminds me of the relaxed night dj shows
23:22 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
23:22 Cprossu CHRIS
23:22 Cprossu Open 8 AM to 7 PM Easter Sunday <-
23:22 Geek101 hi
23:23 Yaotzin Is Chris doing his radio voice again?
23:23 Cprossu Menards!
23:23 Yaotzin It is smooth
23:23 Cprossu lol Menards is Open 8 AM to 7 PM Easter Sunday
23:23 critterpal it's 723pm
23:23 SparkyPojects Batsteve, we use brackets
23:23 critterpal so menards will be closed
23:23 Cprossu rofl
23:23 Yaotzin Chocolate conduit fittings?
23:23 Yaotzin om nom
23:23 Cprossu they were open until sunday, sucks
23:23 wannabe1987 lol
23:24 Cprossu vanilla cupcakes
23:24 critterpal orange!
23:24 Cprossu or pinapple?
23:24 LeadHead .stream
23:24 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
23:24 wannabe1987 ewwww
23:24 Cprossu ewwww
23:24 Cprossu o_O
23:24 critterpal huh
23:24 wannabe1987 O-RANGE
23:24 Cprossu O_o
23:24 Yaotzin Yeah there was a corner store back home that had those
23:24 Yaotzin I used to get them pretty often
23:24 Cprossu O_O
23:24 wannabe1987 how does she eat them and stay so skinny...
23:25 Ponko92 oh shit
23:25 Angy4 joined #thegeekgroup
23:25 Ponko92 didn't realise you were here Chris
23:25 Yaotzin That is a tiny ipod
23:25 wannabe1987 that nano is smaller than mine...i think thats a shuffle
23:25 Ponko92 with its touch screen
23:25 Yaotzin Ooo
23:25 critterpal oooh
23:25 Ponko92 its the new generation
23:26 wannabe1987 cool
23:26 Cprossu nice
23:26 LeadHead Heh
23:26 Cprossu I got a Nikon F
23:26 LeadHead I've got a Canon T50 sitting on the shelf over here
23:26 Ponko92 OOOH canon
23:26 wannabe1987 i used red's camera the other day
23:26 Ponko92 Kodak
23:26 wannabe1987 and i plugged in my external speaker so i can hear :D
23:26 Yaotzin Porcupine tree? Sounds sharp
23:26 wannabe1987 lol
23:26 SparkyPojects yes and APP yay
23:26 Cprossu it�s a pity you don�t have a way to watch youtube videos
23:26 Ponko92 there based in Hemel Hempstead over here i think
23:27 Yaotzin I don't even know what prog rock is but
23:27 Yaotzin *shrug*
23:27 Cprossu
23:27 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
23:27 wannabe1987 o god not him! :P
23:27 Cprossu ^This is an �auto�ptsy
23:27 lwq1996 ok im trying to get on the live feed but its  not letting me
23:27 SparkyPojects
23:27 Cprossu .w
23:27 BotSteve
23:28 Cprossu wow nice
23:28 Ponko92 .w prog rock
23:28 BotSteve "Progressive rock (also referred to as prog rock or prog) is a subgenre of rock music[1]| that developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s as part of a 'mostly British attempt to elevate rock music to new levels of artistic credibility.'[2]| John Covach, in Contemporary [...]" -
23:28 Seroster I was inside a HP printer today
23:28 lwq1996 .w botsteve
23:28 BotSteve "The Northwest Pinball and Gameroom Show is an annual pinball and arcade game festival held in Washington state, USA." -
23:28 Cprossu Seroster: must have been a tight fit =P
23:28 Cprossu what printer though?
23:28 Yaotzin Chris Maitland
23:28 SparkyPojects chris maitland
23:28 Seroster I don't care. It came from the dumpster, left all the (none) useful parts and went back.
23:28 Ponko92 RIP
23:29 Ponko92 .w Freddie Mercury
23:29 BotSteve "Freddie Mercury (born Farrokh Bulsara (Gujarati: ફ્રારુક બલ્સારા‌), September 5, 1946 – November 24, 1991)[2]|[3]| was a British musician, best known as the lead vocalist and a songwriter of the rock band Queen." -
23:29 SparkyPojects Chris Maitland was in Tangerine Dream ? O.O another fav of mine
23:29 Yaotzin Chris: Did you mean Chris Maitland or Gavin Harrison
23:30 Yaotzin That drummer
23:30 Seroster I did a total cleanup of my grandparents garage.
23:30 Seroster Took me 6 hours nonstop work. :c
23:30 Yaotzin In porcupine tree, they've had two drummers
23:30 Seroster Never underestimate the power of taking tools from the floor and hang them on nails on the wall.
23:30 SparkyPojects APP yes
23:31 Ponko92 find me somebody to love a Pint
23:31 Ponko92 92.1 The Shark
23:31 emmet Early  Genesis? with Peter Gabriel, obviously.
23:31 Ponko92 with Handsome Dave
23:31 Cprossu they did some kickass tracks
23:31 Cprossu what the hell was the name of the track I�m thinkin gof?
23:31 Yaotzin Looking them up
23:31 Seroster .stream
23:31 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
23:32 wannabe1987 .seen batsteve
23:32 BotSteve wannabe1987: I last saw batsteve at 2011-04-24 23:21:19 UTC on #thegeekgroup
23:32 lwq1996 hi chris
23:32 BatSteve hiya
23:32 Cprossu Was Sirius an alan parsons project?
23:32 Cprossu track???
23:32 Yaotzin cheers
23:32 BatSteve Cprossu: yes
23:32 BatSteve it was
23:32 Yaotzin
23:32 Cprossu I thought so
23:33 Seroster What is lis poking?
23:33 Cprossu Tell chris he should play Sirius
23:33 Yaotzin Chris is so happy to have conduit to hang
23:33 Yaotzin i'll download some, Is that an ipad?
23:34 Yaotzin I didn't think ipads were that thin
23:34 Seroster Ah, a pokey thing of technology!
23:34 Seroster I seriously thought she was poking some kind of framed picture. strange.
23:35 Seroster .g Nikon D70 manual
23:35 BotSteve Seroster:'s-manual---d70---guide-to-digital-photography
23:35 Seroster Tyvm BotSteve =)
23:35 Yaotzin d70? I thought she said t70
23:35 Seroster Crap
23:35 Seroster Doublecrap!
23:35 Seroster I know, I was going to copypaste for you =P
23:35 Cprossu We need some Sirius to go with our 90�s video equipment
23:36 Yaotzin I'm seeing several different recommended shutter speeds
23:36 Ponko92 moose is that an Ipad
23:36 Yaotzin Depending on the progam
23:36 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
23:36 Phu i found this:
23:36 Phu To put the camera on full manual, you must set the lens *off* the A mark, then by holding the mode button down while pressing repeatedly on the up or down button, come to the Tv setting on the LCD panel. At this point you can adjust the lens aperture by turning the lens to the chosen aperture, and adjust the shutter speed by pressing the up or down button to raise the shutter speed or
23:36 Phu lower it. I just checked all this on my T70, and that's how it works, at least with all three of the lenses I own for it.
23:37 Seroster Yes Ponko92, it's an Ipad.
23:37 Ponko92 oooo
23:38 Seroster What if you remove the lens then? =P
23:38 Seroster It _might_ work, =P
23:38 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
23:38 * wannabe1987 is lost again. wahoo!
23:39 Toast_away Hi lwq1996!
23:39 Yaotzin is she looking to manually set the shutter speed?
23:39 Toast_away is now known as Toastdude
23:39 Seroster Yep, yao
23:39 Yaotzin Manual mode is hidden. You select Tv mode, and take the lens off "A" to set your aperture. Annoyingly, the T70 doesn't like this mode, and always flashes the finder's M LED to distract you. To meter manually, tap the shutter halfway, read the aperture from the in-finder LED, and set it on your lens. It reads in half-stops, which correlates to the clicks on Canon lenses.
23:39 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
23:39 Seroster My shift key is acting up today.
23:39 Fulsy Hey
23:39 Yaotzin That's what I've found so far
23:39 Seroster I might have to beat it into submission with an axe.
23:39 Phu I think she's got it set now
23:39 Seroster Ahoy Fulsy
23:39 masterofmonks Seroster: use a hammer.
23:40 Fulsy I just saw Moose on the stream
23:40 Seroster The average axe is larger than the average hammer
23:40 Seroster And so did 23 others, Fulsy
23:40 critterpal moosey moose is a moosier moose
23:40 Yaotzin Oh, I guess Moose is gone
23:40 Fulsy Moosey fate
23:40 Ponko92 wannabe1987 which side is the lab on from the 131 highway
23:40 Phu Yaotzin: she's off to the right side at present
23:40 Seroster Left
23:40 BatSteve Ponko92: west
23:40 wannabe1987 west
23:41 Seroster Crap. I had a 25% chanse atleast. =P
23:41 Phu from OUR point of view :P
23:41 Ponko92 so i'm going west is it on the left or right side?
23:41 Seroster 100% depending on where you look from
23:41 Toastdude "Your moosey fate!" Gir: teheheheh!
23:41 Ponko92 nooo i meant which side of the road
23:41 critterpal left side
23:41 Ponko92 ok
23:41 Phu west leonard is far too long
23:41 Ponko92 hmmm
23:41 Toastdude HI MOOSE!
23:42 Phu it goes over to the next town to the west.
23:42 Ponko92 it is lol
23:42 Ponko92 ok :)
23:42 Phu in the UK, we don't name roads that long.
23:42 Yaotzin Manual mode is hidden. You select Tv mode, and take the lens off "A" to set your aperture. Annoyingly, the T70 doesn't like this mode, and always flashes the finder's M LED to distract you. To meter manually, tap the shutter halfway, read the aperture from the in-finder LED, and set it on your lens. It reads in half-stops, which correlates to the clicks on Canon lenses.
23:42 Seroster Did it work out with your camera, moose?
23:42 Toastdude Omni!
23:43 Phu Omni The AngstyDog.
23:43 Yaotzin and another
23:43 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
23:43 Yaotzin To put the camera on full manual, you must set the lens *off* the A mark, then by holding the mode button down while pressing repeatedly on the up or down button, come to the Tv setting on the LCD panel.
23:43 Yaotzin At this point you can adjust the lens aperture by turning the lens to the chosen aperture, and adjust the shutter speed by pressing the up or down button to raise the shutter speed or lower it. I just checked all this on my T70, and that's how it works, at least with all three of the lenses I own for it.
23:43 Phu Yaotzin: you can calm down now ;)
23:43 Ponko92 Phu we just call them A1 or what ever number you see lol
23:43 Seroster Heh. I have a rod! 40cm long, 1cm diameter... Mean thing.
23:43 Phu she got it sorted ages ago... and I already quoted that passage ;P
23:43 Yaotzin oh, lol
23:44 Yaotzin She's hard to hear
23:44 Phu yes... she not quite accustomed to talking to IRC like Chris and Cory are.
23:44 Laryk left #thegeekgroup
23:44 Yaotzin I'm kind of hard of hearing too, specially if I'm reading something else
23:45 Phu so what is Chris drilling through today?
23:45 BatSteve My guess?  "Whatever is in front of him"
23:45 Fulsy Is Boden there?
23:45 Phu his jacket is there...
23:45 Yaotzin Figure out why the MDH camera went down yet?
23:45 Phu so I assume the great Boden is present somewhere.
23:45 Cprossu play some coltrane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:46 BatSteve Cprossu: you forgot one.  !  there you go.
23:47 Yaotzin I'm kind of sad that it's too loud outside for me to hear my shoot interviews while I'm walking
23:47 Yaotzin hopefully I can hear it on the bus
23:47 Cprossu thanks BatSteve: it�s that important
23:47 Yaotzin I remember on my trip down everyone on the greyhound being respectfully quiet
23:48 Phu we shouldn't have helped she's got her camera figured out, she's buggered off.
23:48 Fulsy Moose!
23:48 Yaotzin heh, ah well
23:48 Yaotzin Today is a slow day
23:48 Fulsy Omni!
23:48 Yaotzin we'll get over it
23:49 Seroster Gimme a number 0-10
23:49 BatSteve .coin
23:49 BotSteve Tails!
23:49 Yaotzin 5
23:49 Yaotzin .d20
23:49 BotSteve 8
23:49 Seroster Tyvm yo
23:49 wannabe1987 3.14159
23:49 Seroster 3.14159262*
23:49 Angy4 π :)
23:49 Yaotzin 100
23:49 Toastdude .c 2^2^2^2^2
23:49 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
23:49 exor674 .c 2 ** 2 ** 2
23:49 BotSteve 16
23:49 Seroster Lol yao, don
23:50 exor674 .c 2 ** 2 ** 2 ** 2 ** 2
23:50 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
23:50 Seroster don't mess with the bot
23:50 Toastdude .c 2^2^2^2
23:50 BotSteve 65 536
23:50 Yaotzin Oh BatSteve
23:50 exor674 .wa 2 ** 2 ** 2 ** 2 ** 2
23:50 BatSteve yes?
23:50 BotSteve 2^(2^(2^(2^2)));2003529930406846464979072351560255750447825475569751419265016973710894059556311453089506130880933348101038234342907263181822949382118812668869506364761547029165041871916351587966347219442930927982084309104855990570159318959639524863372367203002916969592156108764948889254090805911457037675208500206671563702366126359747144807111774815880914135742720967190151836282560618091458852699826141425030123391...;2
23:50 Yaotzin Did you ever try breaking the bot again?
23:50 emmet it's waaaay past the witching hour for me. goodnight all.
23:50 Fulsy LOL
23:50 Yaotzin What the
23:50 BatSteve so long emmet
23:50 Seroster ....Stop that or I'll... Err. I dunno. cry?
23:50 Yaotzin BotSteve just had an accident on the carpet
23:50 emmet left #thegeekgroup
23:50 Toastdude .c 100010101
23:50 BotSteve 100 010 101
23:50 Fulsy lol
23:51 BatSteve Seroster: I can turn him off if it bothers you
23:51 Fulsy "I can't let you do that, Batsteve"
23:51 critterpal lol
23:51 wannabe1987 lol
23:51 critterpal That would be "Hal"
23:51 Seroster HE doesn't bother me, the sometimes excessive use of him does =P
23:51 Toastdude "Daisy, Daisy, I', half crazy over the love of you"
23:51 Toastdude *I'm
23:52 Seroster I hear chris is doing an autopsy!
23:52 Cprossu Seroster: we could make a batsteve free channel for you to hang in
23:52 Cprossu xD
23:52 Seroster Probably of a camera lense =D
23:52 BatSteve Zero BotSteve, all the time!
23:52 Seroster Fuck yeah Cprossu
23:52 BatSteve Yaotzin: no, we never did
23:52 Fulsy *Hears explosion*, yea, he's doing an autopsy
23:52 BatSteve but we should
23:52 Seroster If I really cared that damn much I would just /ignore him =P
23:52 BatSteve
23:52 Toastdude Fulsy: lol
23:52 Yaotzin Here we go
23:53 BatSteve oh wait
23:53 Cprossu BatSteve: check it out ->
23:53 Cprossu it�s an �auto�ptsy
23:53 Yaotzin Oh wait what BatSteve
23:53 Cprossu I think they cracked the LCD benzel though
23:53 Fulsy HP and DELL
23:53 Seroster HP sucks.
23:53 Seroster Dell is adequate
23:53 BatSteve here we go
23:53 BatSteve
23:53 Seroster But I wouldnt buy it
23:53 Cprossu I�ll take HP over dell
23:53 wannabe1987 i like my dell died within a month...
23:53 Cprossu just because I have a real hatred of both
23:53 BatSteve at 24:54:30 everybody send BotSteve a command
23:53 Seroster That doesnt mean HP i sgood
23:54 BatSteve we'll try to overload him
23:54 Cprossu but it doesn�t say �Dell� on it