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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-25

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00:00 Phu all inkjets are evil
00:00 Seroster Sure are
00:00 Cprossu Seroster: then it ceases to work
00:00 BatSteve not since tfw
00:00 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
00:00 BatSteve .tfw kalamazoo
00:00 BotSteve 62�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Kalamazoo, MI!  'I've seen better days'
00:00 Seroster Isnt the nozzles in the cartridge?
00:00 Cprossu not on canons
00:00 Cprossu *cannons
00:00 Phu inkjets are only a good buy if you use them regularly enough that they don't clog or dry out.
00:00 Yaotzin .tfw anaheim
00:00 BotSteve 64�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Anaheim, CA!  'Where life is mediocre'
00:00 Cprossu whatever
00:00 Phu otherwise they're just sh!t
00:00 Toastdude BatSteve: I still think tfw is funny
00:00 lwq1996 .tfw irvona pennsylvania
00:00 BotSteve 55�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Irvona, PA!  'Listen, weather. We need to have a talk.'
00:00 BatSteve good - I do too!
00:00 Phu .tfw Portsmouth, UK
00:00 BotSteve 59�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Portsmouth, Portsmouth, !  'Listen, weather. We need to have a talk.'
00:01 Seroster .g 59 damn degs
00:01 BotSteve Seroster:
00:01 SparkyPojects I use Epson SX415 combo, quite reliable
00:01 Cprossu .tfw 85021
00:01 BotSteve 86�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Still not appropriate to wear a speedo though.'
00:01 Yaotzin And everythin is alriht in the world
00:01 Toastdude Did you come up with the idea?
00:01 Phu 15 C
00:01 BatSteve The next thing that I want to implement is a way for him to scrape the forums and alert the channel to new forum posts
00:01 Seroster .wa weather
00:01 Phu (in portsmouth)
00:01 BotSteve weather;temperature->64 °F, conditions->overcast, relative humidity->77%  (dew point: 57 °F), wind speed->6.9 mph, (1 hour  10 minutes ago);between 58 °F and 64 °F, rain (all day) -> few clouds (early morning to late morning -> night onward) -> partly cloudy (late morning to mid-afternoon -> late afternoon to evening) -> cloudy (mid-afternoon to late afternoon);between 55 °F and 59 °F, rain (al
00:01 Seroster BatSteve, then what is the purpose of the forum? xD
00:01 Yaotzin ?
00:01 Phu BatSteve: would that not make the bot constantly talkative?
00:02 Yaotzin I don't think the forum is that active
00:02 Seroster Phu  the forums are rather dead?
00:02 Phu ah
00:02 Cprossu once they get reliable again it�ll pick up
00:02 Seroster If it spams the channel we can set BotSteve to just alert when a new topic arises
00:02 BatSteve Forum's pretty dead.  This channel is far more active.  Though thanks to dr_jkl it will probably get a lot more traffic now
00:02 Phu I don't post on there much so I wouldn't know </irony>
00:02 lwq1996 hey on the geek group website there is a problem with the projects page
00:02 Phu hey moose is back :)
00:02 Phu and gone again.
00:02 BatSteve lwq1996: there are lots of problems on the geek group website
00:02 Toastdude Hi Moose
00:02 BatSteve (:
00:03 Seroster She's like shroedingers cat. She came in. and didnt.
00:04 Yaotzin Damn these quiet interview mp3's
00:04 BatSteve By the way, if anyone wants to make my life easier, I'm trying to find the link for "RSS for the entire forum"
00:04 Seroster ...And the chat dided when all of you went to google shroedingers cat
00:04 Seroster Grud, BatSteve =P
00:04 BatSteve BotSteve: "grud" ?
00:04 BatSteve BotSteve: "grud"?
00:04 BotSteve BatSteve: Language guessing failed, so try suggesting one!
00:04 BatSteve uh
00:05 Seroster GRR!
00:05 Toastdude Sweedish!
00:05 BatSteve BotSteve: sw "grud"?
00:05 BotSteve BatSteve: "grud" (sw to en,
00:05 Seroster wtf.
00:05 BatSteve nope
00:05 Seroster .g grud
00:05 BatSteve fail
00:05 BotSteve Seroster:
00:05 BatSteve what'd I do to deserve that?
00:06 Seroster Finding that RSS feed would be gruddy. =P
00:06 Seroster And it was a typo.
00:06 Seroster :c
00:06 Toastdude Sorry, I just thought of a random language
00:06 Seroster Right.
00:06 BatSteve oh
00:06 Seroster ASL, Toastdude?
00:06 BatSteve ok
00:07 Phu Toastdude: lolcode?
00:07 Toastdude ?
00:07 Phu sorry, didn't backscroll.
00:07 Toastdude ??
00:07 Toastdude sry
00:07 Phu I thought the random language you thought of may have been an esoteric programming language.
00:07 Seroster Age/sex/location?
00:07 Toastdude Oh, no, just sweedish
00:07 Toastdude lol
00:07 Seroster Right.
00:08 Toastdude Seroster: why?
00:08 Seroster Go to bed, it's 2am =P
00:08 Phu actually, its 01:10.
00:08 Phu or 20:10 at the lab.
00:09 Toastdude It's 19:08 here
00:09 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
00:09 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:10 wannabe1987 dog kissed me on the
00:10 Toastdude Seroster: 13 us....
00:10 BatSteve Aight, time to scoot.
00:10 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
00:10 wannabe1987 :O :( bye...
00:10 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
00:10 Toastdude Bye Steve
00:11 BatSteve ps I probably won't get that implemented after all
00:11 BatSteve at least not tonight
00:11 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
00:11 Toastdude ok
00:12 Seroster Right.
00:12 Seroster BatSteve-Away,
00:12 Seroster You have time to mess with RSS, but aint got time for the REALLY important shit like the bot being an ass to me when I join?
00:12 Seroster PRIORITYS, mate!
00:13 wannabe1987 lol
00:13 Phu the rest of us can be an ass to you when you join if it'll make you feel better?
00:14 Seroster =D
00:14 Phu damnit Chris... there are people sleeping around here... keep it down.
00:15 Phu right...time for bed myself.
00:15 wannabe1987 night!
00:15 Toastdude night
00:21 Cprossu not too much
00:21 lwq1996 hi moose and chris
00:21 Fulsy Hello Chris
00:21 Cprossu we want either coltrane
00:21 lwq1996 lol
00:21 Obtuse_lappy hooya, just ordered a meat lovers from vitos
00:21 Cprossu or sirius
00:21 lwq1996 bite the bag
00:21 SparkyPojects Chris, did you get my email withthe images ?
00:21 Cprossu The only station that bites back!
00:21 lwq1996 i got bit :(\
00:22 Cprossu Shark is tasty
00:22 Cprossu we haven�t been able to get it for years
00:22 lwq1996 nothing
00:22 Cprossu Play some coltrane
00:22 wannabe1987 obtuse_lappy - i'm coming over!  never had vitos before...
00:22 Cprossu he�s not here, and he doesn�t have the stuff
00:22 Obtuse_lappy so you just invite yourself to my home
00:22 Cprossu yeah he�s not here
00:22 Obtuse_lappy when you don't even know where I live?
00:23 lwq1996 chris thanks for adding me on facebook
00:23 Cprossu just watch he�ll log
00:23 Cprossu just as you leave
00:23 lwq1996 are u beeing crule to omni....
00:23 lwq1996 thanks
00:23 wannabe1987 i'll figure it out...i'm ur fb friend, i can google you :D
00:23 lwq1996 i saw the video
00:23 wannabe1987's on his way i won't be coming over lol
00:23 lwq1996 lol
00:23 Ponko92 hmm
00:23 Obtuse_lappy you can google me, but i just moved here
00:23 lwq1996 lol
00:23 Fulsy lol
00:24 wannabe1987 lol
00:24 Obtuse_lappy so there's no record
00:24 Obtuse_lappy of me
00:24 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
00:24 Obtuse_lappy here
00:24 wannabe1987 ok
00:24 lwq1996 lol
00:24 Toastdude Hi Chris
00:24 lwq1996 YOU WHORE
00:24 Obtuse_lappy I"M NO BOT
00:24 Cprossu totally
00:24 Fulsy lol
00:24 Obtuse_lappy totally a member
00:24 Cprossu and he�s got voice recog too
00:24 wannabe1987 i know
00:24 lwq1996 TOASTDUDE IS COOL
00:24 Toastdude Thanks for saying hi
00:24 cctoide hey again
00:24 Fulsy :c
00:24 lwq1996 WHAT ABOUT ME
00:24 wannabe1987 i'll go to your intersection and wait for the vito's pizza delivery dude :D
00:24 Seroster I also want an ecig :c
00:24 lwq1996 LOL
00:24 Toastdude thanks lwq1996
00:25 lwq1996 lol
00:25 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
00:25 * Fulsy runs away crying
00:25 wannabe1987 hi ponko92
00:25 Cprossu You have to get the tom lehrer song
00:25 Obtuse_lappy but then i would be addicted to nicotine
00:25 Seroster I KNOW, chris!
00:25 lwq1996 lol
00:25 Cprossu if you bring up edipous again
00:25 Seroster Volcano doesnt ship to europe
00:25 lwq1996 yeah for sponcers
00:25 Ponko92 het wannabe1987
00:25 Seroster You relly got to talk about the volcano dudes about shipping to europe.
00:25 wannabe1987 lol
00:25 Seroster talk to*
00:26 lwq1996 i will be there saturday in heart
00:26 Angy4 I think e-cigs are not approved by europeans laws
00:26 Cprossu how much do you have?
00:26 wannabe1987 lol
00:26 Toastdude I really wish I could go there....
00:26 Cprossu to that goal?
00:26 lwq1996 i woulnt be there in person :(
00:26 Seroster Angy4, You are wrong.
00:26 lwq1996 HOLY SHIT
00:26 lwq1996 LOT OF MONEY
00:26 Seroster Are europeans known for caring MORE about what you inhale than americans do?
00:26 wannabe1987 lol
00:26 Toastdude That's a crap-ton of money.....
00:27 Seroster Damn. You need to get a good siphoning hose =P
00:27 lwq1996 lol
00:27 Toastdude :P
00:27 Fulsy lmao
00:27 lwq1996 lol
00:27 Toastdude Very....
00:28 * wannabe1987;feature=related
00:28 Toastdude Is Jeff depressed, Chris?
00:28 lwq1996 lol
00:28 Cprossu how much does the big HAAS weigh?
00:28 lwq1996 :(
00:28 Seroster Ofcourse he is depressed.
00:28 lwq1996 20,00000tons
00:28 Toastdude Tell Jeff I'm sorry..... lol
00:29 Toastdude lol
00:29 Angy4 vibrations are the real problem
00:29 Cprossu good deal
00:29 lwq1996 YEAH FOR JEREMY
00:29 Seroster Not fucking it up is the real problem =P
00:29 lwq1996 ik
00:30 lwq1996 billionth of an inch?
00:30 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
00:30 Sadius joined #thegeekgroup
00:30 Toastdude "Of a millimeter.... thing.." lol
00:30 Seroster How can a level be that damn expensive? '.'
00:30 Yaotzin hmm
00:30 Angy4 Yep, got quite a few into the lab
00:30 Angy4 but I don't use HAAS
00:30 Seroster You need a ball bearing, put it on the thing you want to level, if it rolls to the left raise left side xD
00:31 Cprossu yeah the transformers
00:31 lwq1996 damn
00:31 Toastdude Wow...
00:31 Seroster Any projects planned for the BIG transformers?
00:31 lwq1996 just drive it over
00:31 SparkyPojects Seroster, the accuracy is probably finer than a bump on a ball bearing
00:31 lwq1996 be slow tho
00:31 cctoide this ain't GTA
00:31 Seroster I second taht lwq1996
00:31 lwq1996 lol
00:31 lwq1996 i am a moron
00:32 Seroster SparkyPojects, well, true.
00:32 Toastdude lol
00:32 lwq1996 i admit that
00:32 cctoide also, see that german forklift safety video
00:32 SparkyPojects and no suspension
00:32 Seroster Hahaha =D
00:32 Yaotzin lol
00:32 lwq1996 ouch
00:32 Seroster It would be GREAT to do!
00:32 Toastdude I could drive the forklift.....
00:32 Cprossu sounds like you could make that into a charity event
00:32 Toastdude lol
00:32 Fulsy Grand theft forklift?
00:33 Toastdude GTF!!
00:33 lwq1996 lol
00:33 Toastdude lol
00:33 SparkyPojects Itt's even hard to do with a farm telescopic forklift along the road
00:33 Seroster Boden, you should video this speech and just upload as a captains blog
00:33 cctoide for everything else, there's MasterCard
00:33 lwq1996 and pick a door
00:33 Toastdude I kinda know what I'm doing...... lol
00:33 gh22 joined #thegeekgroup
00:33 Seroster The good thing about hiring somebody else is that you have someone to blame!
00:33 cctoide exclusive Boden monologues
00:33 Obtuse_lappy I'm glad
00:34 cctoide put it on the DVDs instead :p
00:34 Cprossu no kidding
00:34 lwq1996 33
00:34 Cprossu there�s no installing shit wrong here
00:34 Toastdude That's how awesome you are, Chris
00:34 Obtuse_lappy right on
00:34 SparkyPojects The thing to remember, the public will be involved
00:34 Ponko92 behind the secnes sort of thing ;)
00:34 lwq1996 millitary
00:34 Seroster Damnit Chris, the problem with watching this live is that I have to be awake at 3AM to watch you now. That's fucking freaky-stalkyness.
00:34 Yaotzin Right, you can't give anyone the rope to hang you with
00:34 Thermoelectric *starts watching stream and gets interrupted by a 30 sec ad. >:(
00:35 cctoide they probably can't land a Chinook by LSL
00:35 Cprossu and it falls with a car on it
00:35 Toastdude My bro is in the millitary.... I could call him
00:35 lwq1996 lol
00:35 Seroster Concrete eting rats... Yeah. Fukishuma will fuck you up!
00:35 Toastdude lol
00:36 Yaotzin Right
00:36 Seroster And you damaged the Volvo!
00:36 Ponko92 i'm under it and boom
00:36 Cprossu yeah it�s one thing if it�s yourself
00:36 wannabe1987 its just a volvo...who cares :P
00:36 lwq1996 fuck the volvo
00:36 Angy4 you can't damage a volvo
00:36 Cprossu it�s another thing if it�s someone else
00:36 Angy4 that's too bulky!
00:36 Ponko92 lol
00:36 Seroster Damnit wannabe1987 volvos got stick shifts.
00:36 Toastdude No, it would be from Chernobyl...
00:36 Cprossu lol
00:36 Yaotzin lol
00:36 wannabe1987 so do saabs
00:36 Cprossu good luck
00:36 wannabe1987 adn not here in MI :P
00:36 Toastdude the concrete eating rats that is
00:36 wannabe1987 or USA*
00:36 lwq1996 damn
00:36 Cprossu I have something funny to show you when you get home
00:36 Seroster _Siiiigh_ Good comment on the upcoming volvo flamewar=P
00:36 Yaotzin mmm
00:37 SparkyPojects Leave the cam looking at the traffic
00:37 Cprossu so log on
00:37 wannabe1987 barely anyone drives stick here...
00:37 Toastdude BYE CHRIS!!
00:37 lwq1996 EXPENSIVE
00:37 Seroster btw Boden, whatcha think about rum?
00:37 Ponko92 later cap
00:37 Yaotzin I enjoy black label
00:37 Photon939 later chris
00:37 * wannabe1987;feature=related
00:37 Cprossu take it easy it�s been fun
00:37 Ponko92 oh change of plans cap
00:37 mikemol BotSteve: lay it on me.
00:37 BotSteve mikemol: At 23 Apr 16:40Z, Yaotzin asked me to tell you Remember to ask how current sources work.
00:37 lwq1996 thanks for being there durring easter
00:37 BotSteve mikemol: At 23 Apr 21:52Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you that    ".in 3 days, remind <me to do whatever>" is now a valid BotSteve command
00:37 Seroster About a fimble at a time! <3
00:37 Toastdude UV Blue?
00:37 Seroster Drink it with a pipette. Aye.
00:37 Toastdude lol
00:37 Yaotzin heh
00:38 wannabe1987 yum
00:38 Ponko92 lol
00:38 Seroster I COULD mention Jack Daniels, but I think that would make the captain angry ;P
00:38 Toastdude When is it?
00:38 lwq1996 WILL DO EVEN THO IM 14
00:38 Toastdude lol
00:39 lwq1996 WHAT ABOUT VODKA
00:39 Seroster It has its place under a bridge in front of a hobofire.
00:39 Angy4 Just see that I got a balverine 12 just in front of me
00:39 cctoide he can read minuscules too
00:39 lwq1996 shit puts you on your ass
00:39 Yaotzin heh
00:39 Cprossu how much is the johnnie walker red and black going for these days?
00:39 Seroster OFcourse you like ABSOLUT! It's swedish!
00:39 lwq1996 yes you should
00:39 Angy4 Have try cognac ?
00:39 Toastdude When is your birthday, Chris?
00:39 wannabe1987 lol
00:39 Ponko92 Jagermeister?
00:40 Seroster And women?
00:40 Cj1corbystarlet Inga
00:40 lwq1996 lol
00:40 Seroster Lol, isnt lis a swedish woman?
00:40 lwq1996 lol
00:40 Seroster Or, semi swedish. Heh.
00:40 Fulsy :c
00:40 lwq1996 im good
00:40 Toastdude I'll be sure to say happy birthday to you
00:40 cctoide Leave the weather cam pointing somewhere interesting
00:40 Seroster Please impregnate my woman
00:40 Ponko92 lol
00:40 Seroster Let me adopt your son!
00:40 lwq1996 bye
00:40 Cprossu fail
00:40 Yaotzin Yup, nope
00:40 Toastdude lol
00:40 lwq1996 haha fail
00:40 cctoide Chris is inert
00:40 Yaotzin *reboot*
00:40 Ponko92 like Monster Ripper
00:40 Seroster Not yet!
00:41 Toastdude Can I have Omni?
00:41 lwq1996 yea omni
00:41 wannabe1987 lol
00:41 Yaotzin Hey
00:41 cctoide that looks good
00:41 Cj1corbystarlet Left nuts between 2 bricks
00:41 Cprossu just remember it�s going to be black soon
00:41 Seroster Fuck my woman, let me adopt the kid. Then I can clone him and make boden baboies!
00:41 lwq1996 and i see family video
00:41 robotfish joined #thegeekgroup
00:41 SparkyPojects Leave it there
00:41 cctoide heh
00:41 Yaotzin lol
00:41 Toastdude lol
00:41 Seroster And robbing a safe company... fuck yeah!
00:41 Yaotzin Nice
00:42 Seroster YES I DID!
00:42 lwq1996 lol
00:42 Ponko92 wow
00:42 Seroster Cus I am insane.
00:42 lwq1996 no you dont
00:42 Fulsy Well, that's seroster
00:42 Cprossu We have to fix Seroster
00:42 Yaotzin heh
00:42 Cprossu o_O
00:42 Seroster We sure do!
00:42 Yaotzin So no more prepare your anus?
00:42 Ponko92 do you like Monster?
00:42 lwq1996 r rated
00:42 Seroster She's a redhead
00:42 Toastdude Darn..... lol
00:42 Yaotzin Cause I thought for sure that'd be a thing
00:42 cctoide chris muad'dib
00:42 lwq1996 dr.pepper
00:42 Cj1corbystarlet I got some fugglies tucked away
00:42 CSMonster .........
00:42 Fulsy Dr. Pepper YES
00:42 NeWtoz Faygo!
00:42 Cprossu I need to find some more retro pepsi and mtdn dew
00:42 Seroster About C boobs, not very tall
00:42 Yaotzin Is this the dating game Boden edition?
00:42 Ponko92 Coca Cola
00:42 Cprossu they stopped making the retro dr. pepper
00:42 lwq1996 mmmmm i love cherry
00:43 Ponko92 hahaha
00:43 lwq1996 lol
00:43 Seroster I thinkI'll leave the rest of her to your imagination xD
00:43 NeWtoz :)
00:43 CSMonster did seroster just call me a redhead?
00:43 NeWtoz lol
00:43 Cprossu there was, it kicked ass
00:43 Toastdude lol
00:43 lwq1996 pepsi throw back
00:43 lwq1996 good stuff
00:43 Seroster Heh
00:43 Toastdude lol
00:43 Yaotzin Faygo is very much a michigan thing. Can't find it in california
00:43 Ponko92 they made Coke RAW
00:43 Seroster You want to see the face, or is that optional? xD
00:43 tggconsole hjhjhjhjhjhj
00:43 Cprossu
00:43 lwq1996 steve messed it up thats why
00:43 Yaotzin hjhjhjhjh
00:43 cctoide you have successfully typed
00:43 tggconsole \b\
00:43 Cprossu hjhjhj
00:44 Cprossu tggconsole->
00:44 Ponko92 yay
00:44 * NeWtoz facepalm
00:44 Yaotzin You can't start with a /
00:44 Ponko92 haha
00:44 Yaotzin lol
00:44 Cprossu I�m going to run out soon
00:44 lwq1996 so your a bitch
00:44 Liz_Home what have i woken up to?
00:44 lwq1996 b=bitch
00:44 Fulsy oh god /b/
00:44 cctoide /say /b/
00:44 Yaotzin oh geeze
00:44 Yaotzin Boden - Random
00:44 Toastdude You should sign your name with that
00:44 Toastdude *like
00:44 lwq1996 sorry boden
00:44 Cprossu that one has both the mountain dew and dr. pepper represented
00:44 Yaotzin /b/oden rather
00:44 Photon939 ugh.
00:44 Yaotzin terrible
00:44 Ponko92 its a Shirt
00:44 lwq1996 alexander?
00:44 cctoide later Chris, Moose
00:44 Toastdude Just like the stepper motor
00:44 Seroster Chris, I think I'll take two pictures, one PG13 for the website and one not so PG13 for under your pillow.
00:44 Ponko92 hahaha
00:44 SparkyPojects Goodnight Chris and moose
00:45 lwq1996 i do all that
00:45 Cprossu We�ll see you later
00:45 * Yaotzin salutes
00:45 Cprossu log on tonight if you get bored
00:45 lwq1996 good night
00:45 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARRRRRRK
00:45 lwq1996 u gona be on later chris
00:45 Seroster Now I have successfully sold my woman to Chris, now... How do I tell her that? =P
00:45 Ponko92 see i said it was gonna be a thing
00:45 lwq1996 lol
00:45 Seroster breakfast tomorrow: "Heh, honey?... I kinda.... Sold your soul... Heh."
00:46 Ponko92 ha wow
00:46 Fulsy Well I'm gonna go and shoot myself because no one likes me
00:46 Fulsy jk
00:46 cctoide You got a good deal though
00:46 Seroster Sure did
00:46 Cprossu shoot Seroster first please
00:46 Seroster Where?
00:46 Fulsy cya good night
00:46 lwq1996 then shoot me
00:46 Yaotzin But yeah speaking of booze there is this delicious 24 year old single barrel rum I enjoy
00:46 * exor674 secretly replaces all of Fulsy's bullets with love pellets
00:47 Seroster I prefer Capn morgan
00:47 Ponko92 hey everyone..... the game
00:47 Fulsy I saw t-FUCK
00:47 Ponko92 XD
00:47 Yaotzin Although considering Chris likes scotch my rum might be too sweet for him
00:47 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
00:47 Yaotzin The really aged dark rums tend to be very sweet
00:47 cctoide heh, I find it interesting they put a timer on the pedestrian light
00:47 Yaotzin well, as sweet as you can get without being some fruit drink
00:47 cctoide wondering why they didn't come up with that sooner
00:48 Yaotzin What?
00:48 Cprossu I�ve got a bottle of myers but that�s about it
00:48 * lwq1996 watching street cam....waiting for somone to get muged
00:48 Yaotzin They've had those timers for ages
00:48 Yaotzin Hell the ones down here play a tone
00:48 Toastdude lol
00:48 cctoide yeah, I figured, I'm not in the US though
00:48 cctoide how long have they been around for?
00:49 lwq1996 im serious i watched somone get mugged before
00:49 Yaotzin cctoide: Kind of hard to say
00:49 Yaotzin I will say that backlit street signs are a new thing
00:49 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
00:49 Yaotzin I've only just started seeing them in some places in california
00:49 gh22 left #thegeekgroup
00:49 Cprossu we�ve had them here at least for 15 years
00:50 lwq1996 anyone seent the new led trafic lights around
00:50 Yaotzin I should say backlit road signs. The street name plates
00:50 Toastdude I have
00:50 lwq1996 or the blinking ones
00:50 cctoide I've seen LED traffic lights
00:50 mman454 Theyre everywhere where I live.
00:50 Yaotzin it was weird seeing the pressure sensors in the road down here in california
00:50 cctoide hard not to, it's like shining a spotlight in your eyes :/
00:51 lwq1996 our town still uses halogin bulbs
00:51 Toastdude Ours too
00:51 Yaotzin The whole traffic thing is certainly more advanced down here
00:51 Cprossu
00:51 Cprossu ^ had these for 15 years
00:51 Thermoelectric They're gradually replacing the incandescent lamps with LED lamps over here.
00:51 Yaotzin Which it needs to be because goddamn california has 12 lane highways
00:51 Cprossu I think they�re flourescents
00:51 cctoide I miss the low pressure sodium-lit highway that used to exist nearby
00:51 mman454 Theyre not pressure sensors. Theyre metal detectors.
00:51 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
00:51 cctoide looked creepy as hell, but kind of cool at the same time
00:52 Yaotzin Hell the street I live on is bigger than the freeway that was the major artery for my hometown
00:52 Yaotzin mman454:  The double circles in the road to time the lights?
00:52 Cprossu and we�ve had them in tempe for at least 17 years
00:52 Toastdude Double Rainbow....
00:52 mman454 yaotzin Yup, metal detectors
00:53 eightbitbrad $appropriate_time_of_day_saluation everyone
00:53 Cprossu Error: variable not defined
00:53 eightbitbrad okay, that does it.
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00:53 mman454 yaotzin Its called an inductive loop.
00:54 eightbitbrad PROCEDURE DIVISION.
00:54 Yaotzin Hmm
00:54 eightbitbrad *grins*
00:54 Yaotzin Off topic, it's weird hearing 10-codes on older episodes of COPS
00:54 Yaotzin It's my understand that they're pretty much being phased out
00:55 Cprossu 10-4?
00:55 mman454 Due to variations in meaning between deparpments.
00:55 Yaotzin riht
00:55 Yaotzin I was just typing that
00:55 Yaotzin there was no universal system
00:56 mman454
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00:56 Yaotzin Old as dirt
00:56 Cprossu *shakes fist at �peer�
00:56 kriatopher ola
00:57 Yaotzin Wait
00:57 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:57 Yaotzin another one?
00:57 Yaotzin Amazing
00:57 mman454 welcome back captain
00:57 Cprossu he�s not back home yet
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00:58 Cprossu at least he�s using xchat now though
00:58 mman454 Where 'd go?
00:58 Cprossu he was at the lab
00:58 Yaotzin mman454: So there have been two black tv news reporters covering rape stories who look like the sketch they're showing
00:58 Cprossu he�s driving home now
00:58 Yaotzin Amazing
00:58 Cprossu or whatever he decided on transportation
00:58 mman454 yup
00:58 Toastdude thats funny
00:59 mman454 oh here's a good one:
00:59 Yaotzin I think I have about, oh. 18 hours of shoot interviews now
01:00 Yaotzin I'd like to get at least 24 before I leave
01:01 Yaotzin Cause I'm going to be on a bus for roughly 64 hours
01:01 Yaotzin need something to listen to
01:01 mman454 LOL
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01:01 Yaotzin Oh shit, I wonder if I can use my wall plug for my Volcano which has a USB on it to charge my ipod with
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01:01 Yaotzin Because I only have a usb cable for the ipod
01:02 mman454 In most cases, yes
01:02 Yaotzin I'll have to figure that out, or else I'll need to take my laptop out to charge my ipod at each station
01:02 Yaotzin and that'd suck
01:03 Yaotzin As it is my laptop only has like an hour and a half battery life
01:03 kriatopher i like the view on the camera
01:03 Yaotzin So it's no use to me on the bus other than not wanting to ship it and have it get killed worse than it is
01:03 kriatopher is now known as kristopher
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01:04 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
01:04 kristopher back
01:04 kristopher i am no longer kriastopher
01:05 kristopher is the cap'n here?
01:05 Toastdude Not yet, we think
01:06 Captain_ I am now
01:07 mman454 Hey captain
01:07 mman454
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01:13 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
01:14 lwq1996 lol let me guess steve did that
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01:14 CaptainBoden check
01:14 CaptainBoden yup, ok
01:14 mman454 Yup
01:14 mman454 welcome back captain
01:14 mikemol heya
01:15 * mikemol took delivery of a 6800 demo board-based computer today.
01:15 lwq1996 hey chris is there any way to get a member card even tho u cant aford it
01:15 mikemol Might be fun to see if it can be shrunk; it's got an overkill PSU, for example.
01:15 CaptainBoden Yes, you can earn one.
01:15 lwq1996 how do u earn one
01:16 lwq1996 if u donate something?
01:16 CaptainBoden It depends, it's done on a case by case basis.
01:16 mman454 What's that?
01:17 mman454 I WANT ONE!:
01:19 wannabe1987 mee too
01:19 lwq1996 if you want i can donate a little laptop to the geek group that could be used for little aplications that need a small pc
01:19 wannabe1987 buy me one please?
01:19 lwq1996 but i needs a 7in. screen
01:19 mman454 Na just go here
01:21 eightbitbrad I'm pretty stoked that I'll have an actual card
01:21 eightbitbrad :)
01:23 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
01:24 mman454-mobile its quiet in here tonight...
01:24 eightbitbrad yeah, sorry...  I'm multitasking.  Dumping pics from my photoshoots over the weekend and beginning the lovely weed-out-the-bad-ones process
01:25 mman454-mobile not just you, but the whole room in general
01:25 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
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01:26 mman454-mobile Botsteve: tell Cj1corbystarlet What do you do for work?
01:26 mman454-mobile BotSteve: tell Cj1corbystarlet What do you do for work?
01:26 BotSteve mman454-mobile: I'll pass that on when Cj1corbystarlet is around.
01:27 eightbitbrad yeah, well it is ye olde Easter, I'm assuming that's what's up
01:27 eightbitbrad I suspect tomorrow will pick up
01:27 SparkyPojects Reminds me of Y2K, i was working while the new year celebrations were going on  :P
01:27 CaptainBoden You can't earn a card by donating an old laptop with no screen, you have to do something impressive ;) It has to MEAN something.
01:27 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
01:28 lwq1996 hmmmm
01:28 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
01:28 eightbitbrad SparkyPojects: I was on call, too
01:28 SparkyPojects lwq1996, i would guess by the time you shilled what you donated, you would spend te $20 anyway
01:28 lwq1996 what if i donate some supplys for the lab
01:28 SparkyPojects *shipped
01:28 mman454-mobile who were you on call for?
01:29 SparkyPojects mman343
01:30 mman454-mobile CaptainBoden in that case do you have anything from a tv station in Indiana that needs to be picked up? ;)
01:30 SparkyPojects I don't work for them any more
01:30 mman454-mobile ah
01:30 SparkyPojects We got a £1000 bonus for that standby though :D
01:31 mman454-mobile being on standby, many people do
01:31 lwq1996 i guess your right might as well pay the $20 it goes to a good cause]
01:31 CaptainBoden Actually, I just might, lol. Though it will be a couple weeks. Why, you heading this way?
01:32 SparkyPojects On normal standby, we got a bit extra, plus our time when called out, but not anywhere near that, i would guess the £1000 was probably what i would get over the year for standby
01:32 lwq1996 i wish i lived closer to the lab so i can lend services
01:33 CaptainBoden lwq1996, they're only $20, it's not that hard to solve.
01:33 wannabe1987 what kind of services can a 14 year old lend that noone else can?  other than youth...
01:33 CaptainBoden And member cards make a HUGE difference.
01:33 mman454-mobile CaptainBoden: We have a boat to pick up from somewhere near kzoo. I have no clue if i could convince my parents though.
01:33 CaptainBoden Kelly, I've seen some 14 year olds do some incredible things around here.
01:33 wannabe1987 ok
01:34 SparkyPojects lwg, go wash a few cars, you could soon earn that £20
01:34 wannabe1987 true...
01:34 lwq1996 wannabe im not a little idy biddy kid i can do stuff like paint, run wires, build stuff, and can do alot of stuff if i put my mind to it
01:34 lwq1996 ik you could
01:34 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
01:35 CaptainBoden Do not make the mistake of judging someone on age, especially around here. I know a lot of people in their 50's who have done nothing with their lives, and I know people who, at 12, have done more than you.
01:35 cctoide well, closer to £12 :p
01:35 mman454 CaptainBoden: What would need transport?
01:35 SparkyPojects cctoide, yeah i meant $
01:36 lwq1996 cant wait till i turn 18 ima be down there and will be there to help
01:36 mman454 Why 18?
01:36 CaptainBoden That Fox station in Indiana is going to be sending gear our way, carload sixed shipments, you could pick somethin up there, they're just south of the boarder I think.
01:36 lwq1996 im 18 and am in pennsylvania
01:36 lwq1996 sorry 14 and in pa
01:37 lwq1996 and i couldnt convince my mom or dad to take a road trip to there
01:37 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
01:37 CaptainBoden STEVE!
01:37 CaptainBoden What did you do to the MDH camera?
01:38 steve______ the one we set up?
01:38 CaptainBoden yeah
01:38 mman454 steve Did you break something that was very expensive many years ago? But still vially importand now.
01:38 lwq1996 hey if i do come down to michigan sometime i will stop by and give u guys a hand
01:38 mman454 vitally*
01:38 lwq1996 STEVE YOU BROKE IT
01:38 CaptainBoden You've got the feed from it all clusterfucked through the sync and out to the damn GVG or something, I can't get a pic from it, lol
01:38 steve______ GVG 4 or 5 i think
01:38 CaptainBoden Steve didn't break it, he's just smater than I am and I can't make it work, lol
01:38 lwq1996 lol
01:38 CaptainBoden I couldn't get shit to go through it. Have I mentioned my hatred for the GVG?
01:39 steve______ no, not at all
01:39 mman454 obviously... you can't even spell smarter right ;)
01:39 CaptainBoden I couldn't find the camera on one of the smaller screens either.
01:39 lwq1996 hmmm i think u mentioned that yesterday
01:39 CaptainBoden Well, I'm not very smart, but I play it on TV
01:39 Yaotzin Oh, never figured out why the MDH camera went out eh?
01:39 lwq1996 lol
01:39 eightbitbrad When all else fails, blame technology.
01:40 CaptainBoden no, I blame Steve, it works well.
01:40 steve______ no, were alll just experts in different things
01:40 CaptainBoden Actually...I usually blame Cory...
01:40 eightbitbrad lol
01:40 CaptainBoden But this one is all Steve.....STEVE!
01:40 eightbitbrad poor Cory.
01:40 Yaotzin Yeah shit if Cory was there we'd have some production shoots
01:40 Yaotzin gosh
01:40 CaptainBoden btw, if you can make up those patch panels, I can have that conduit in tomorrow. I'd *really* like to get it done and working Tuesday so we can get video of the guys doing the door.
01:40 steve______ I wonder if I forgot to loop it through a moniter?
01:40 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
01:41 steve______ I will see if I can't drill the panels on the drill press at school
01:41 lwq1996 probaly did steve
01:41 Yaotzin I thought you weren't looping it through a monitor because it was messing up the stream?
01:41 CaptainBoden I'll run the pipe, pull the cable, and get it all in place, all you ahve to do is terminate them.
01:41 mman454 Timeline of blame: 200?-2010 Mikey, 2010-2011 Cory, 2011-present steve.
01:41 CaptainBoden LMFAO
01:41 lwq1996 lol
01:41 steve______ and then drop them off and check the feed
01:42 steve______ one of these days I need to diagram the wiring when it stops changing
01:42 lwq1996 or did u take the cable out for the roof cam or is that running off of a diff feed
01:42 CaptainBoden ACtually, that should be 1997-1999 Eureka, 2008-2010 Mikey, 2010-2011 Cory
01:42 steve______ so other people can understand it, well maybe undersatnd
01:43 mman454 Who's Eureka?
01:43 steve______ no the roof cam is a diff feed
01:43 lwq1996 hmmm
01:43 CaptainBoden Eureka was my #2 back on Ionia street
01:43 lwq1996 well i guess chris just dont know where the feed is
01:43 steve______ I need to document the system once it stops changing, that should make life better
01:44 mman454 Let me guess. Dan DeHwhatever fucked that up?
01:44 CaptainBoden yes
01:44 CaptainBoden NO, Dan had nothing to do with Ionia, I screwed that one up.
01:44 eightbitbrad Okay, so we have the Boden unit of measurement...  do we need the Boden Scale of blame next?
01:44 lwq1996 chris i recomend hanging near steve when he fixez the feed so he can teach u how to fix problems on your own
01:44 mman454 Was that the "YOU AINT GOT NO HEART MAN, YOU AINT GOT NO HEART!!!"?
01:45 CaptainBoden lwq, I'd reccomend you take a long hard look at my schedule and understand that's impossible.
01:45 CaptainBoden lol, no, that was Keith, same timeframe though.
01:45 lwq1996 lol
01:45 steve______ not a bad idea, but impossible
01:45 lwq1996 yep tho
01:45 CaptainBoden And, as a rule, the blame settles on me. One of the perks of my job is that even if Steve screws up, it's my fault.
01:45 steve______ I just need to document it, any geek should be able to follow a wiring diagram
01:45 eightbitbrad indeed.  Documentation is probably gonna be the closest thing to do it.
01:45 lwq1996 lol
01:45 Yaotzin I think the boden scale is waiting for an audio booth with a Chris inside of it
01:45 steve______ and figure it our from there
01:46 CaptainBoden yes, we'll make a google doc so we can change it easily
01:46 eightbitbrad Need a new Geek level.  The G-B.  If you're a G-B, it's your fault.
01:46 Yaotzin G-/b/
01:47 DruidicRifleman I was gonna post that the only stupid question is the one you don't ask on the geek ediquite thread but lwq1996 would prove me wrong
01:47 lwq1996 lol
01:47 mman454 You know what,no I'm just going to tear the audio level gage out of some old crap sterio, attach a mic and some shit to it, write numbers on it, and that ladies and gentlemen will be the official Boden scale!!!
01:47 exor674 nono G-∞
01:48 lwq1996 lol
01:48 eightbitbrad LOL
01:49 lwq1996 i think captain is gona kill somone soon
01:49 steve______ I will make an effort to stop by tomarrow and check that camera
01:49 exor674 and anyone with that rank either gets locked in the HVL while a tesla coil is running, or gets fed to thumper
01:49 exor674 >_<
01:49 lwq1996 lol
01:50 lwq1996 that would be me
01:50 lwq1996 did chris leave or is he just not talking because hes made
01:50 Yaotzin oh he's totally made
01:50 lwq1996 *mad
01:51 Yaotzin His name is actually Chris Vito
01:51 lwq1996 >_<
01:51 eightbitbrad Made: I want to start an excellent group for geeks to help spread the awesomeness of science.
01:51 Thermoelectric lwq1996: Press "Caps Lock"
01:51 lwq1996 -.- thanks
01:51 eightbitbrad I suspect PEBKAC
01:52 Yaotzin There's a kind of old joke with that Thermo
01:52 Thermoelectric Oh?
01:52 Yaotzin If you're typing in all caps and someone tells you to hit caps lock
01:52 lwq1996 yep i was always using the caps -.-
01:52 Yaotzin you come back with "THANKS THAT'S MUCH EASIER"
01:52 * mikemol linked to the quote of that last week.
01:52 Thermoelectric Ahah.
01:53 * lwq1996 shots himself
01:53 lwq1996 AGGG DAMN KEYBOARD
01:53 mikemol lwq1996: Feel better? What did you inject?
01:53 CaptainBoden steve______, just let me know if you're swiging by, I'll try to be there
01:53 lwq1996 -.-
01:53 * Thermoelectric scoops up lwq1996's body parts
01:53 CaptainBoden I'm here, I'm working on other things
01:53 steve______ CaptainBoden noon
01:53 Yaotzin Still toying with the minidisk?
01:53 CaptainBoden I should be there
01:53 lwq1996 ah
01:54 steve______ it's exam week so my schedual is a mess
01:54 lwq1996 haha
01:54 lwq1996 well i got finals this week so i cant complain
01:54 mman454 Or the latest captains blog which everyone is so paciently waiting for?
01:55 exor674 om nom finals weeeeeeek
01:55 steve______ Captainboden you posting that new captainsblog you shot saturday?
01:55 CaptainBoden It's posted
01:55 lwq1996 yep
01:55 CaptainBoden oh hte bunny?
01:55 Yaotzin So, does anyone have a favorite method for ripping video out of a youtube video
01:56 lwq1996 and thats bad making omni stay inside -.-
01:56 CaptainBoden No, the video sucks, I'm gonna use the audio for something suitably creepy
01:56 Thermoelectric Yaotzin: I use
01:56 Yaotzin Er, wow I worded that wrong
01:56 SparkyPojects Yaotzin finalvideodownloader
01:56 Yaotzin Ripping audio
01:56 Yaotzin not video
01:56 mman454 I use a greasemonkey script.
01:57 * Thermoelectric remembers something he tried a while ago
01:57 Yaotzin I've been using but it's clunky
01:57 SparkyPojects Yaotzin, i use audacity for audio
01:57 Yaotzin I'll check it out
01:57 Yaotzin I basically want to put some youtube videos on my ipod
01:57 SparkyPojects You basically set it to record the sound from the computer
01:58 lwq1996 use keepvid
01:58 Yaotzin There are some round table discussions I'd like to listen to, among other thing
01:58 Thermoelectric Maybe ?
01:58 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
01:58 lwq1996 TOAST
01:58 lwq1996 HI
01:59 lwq1996 does anyone know how to take music and such off of an ipod
01:59 Toastdude Sry, my compooper crapped out on me
01:59 exor674 ow ow I almost dropped a steak knife on my foot
01:59 Yaotzin Thermoelectric: Looks like the same deal as
01:59 Toastdude I dont.....
01:59 lwq1996 compooper?
01:59 Yaotzin I wonder if their download speeds are faster
01:59 Toastdude computer
01:59 lwq1996 lol
01:59 Thermoelectric lwq1996: iRip or iDump
01:59 lwq1996 thanks
02:00 Thermoelectric Yaotzin: Ah, okay. I didn't look at listentoyoutube, so that was a durp on my part.
02:01 Yaotzin s'allright, There might be a difference not readily apparent
02:01 Yaotzin I'll check it out with the next video
02:01 * CSMonster IS BACK.  O_O
02:01 lwq1996 ik some videos people should watch
02:01 lwq1996 .yt channle bionerd23
02:01 BotSteve lwq1996:
02:02 lwq1996 or
02:02 lwq1996 .yt safty dance
02:02 BotSteve lwq1996:;amp;v=HcOZ6xFxJqg&amp;amp;gl=JP
02:02 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
02:02 lwq1996 HI PHOTON939
02:03 exor674 haiiii CSMonster
02:03 CSMonster HI Photon939
02:03 CSMonster haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii exor
02:03 * CSMonster is drunk on food
02:03 NeWtoz Haiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii draw draw draw
02:03 mikemol BotSteve: tell BatSteve to have "I just lost the game" as a Seroster greeting message.
02:03 Toastdude Hi x 10^59
02:03 BotSteve mikemol: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
02:03 Toastdude mikemol: you suck.....
02:04 CSMonster wannabe1987: WHY IS THE RUM GONE
02:04 wannabe1987 cuz i drank it all
02:04 mman45454 joined #thegeekgroup
02:04 masterofmonks mmm Rum
02:05 CSMonster i made myself some cheezeburgers and they were guuud
02:05 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: That's the awesome-est reason for rum to be gone.
02:05 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
02:05 CSMonster and now it is time for THE BLACK KEYS.
02:05 wannabe1987 i had mac'n'cheese with ground beef and garlic salt
02:06 Toastdude NOOOOOO Bth8!!!!! DONT LEAVE US AWESOME PEOPLE!!! lol
02:06 CSMonster
02:06 lwq1996 .ftw irvona pennsylvania
02:06 exor674 CSMonster: foooood!
02:06 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
02:06 lwq1996 .w irvona pennsylvania
02:06 Toastdude tfw.....
02:06 BotSteve "Irvona is a borough in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, United States." -,_Pennsylvania
02:07 lwq1996 damn it
02:07 Toastdude lol
02:07 lwq1996 .tfw irvona pennsylvania
02:07 BotSteve 54�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Irvona, PA!  'Listen, weather. We need to have a talk.'
02:08 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
02:08 mman454 .tfw 46385
02:08 BotSteve 49�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Valparaiso, IN!  'Where life is mediocre'
02:08 exor674 .tfw 80228
02:08 BotSteve 39�F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND WET IN Denver, CO!  'Fantastic do-nothing weather.'
02:08 mman454 .tfw HELL
02:08 BotSteve 52�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Bothell, WA!  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
02:08 CSMonster .twf cheney washington
02:08 * mman454 facepalm
02:08 CSMonster dammit
02:08 lwq1996 lol^
02:08 CSMonster .tfw cheney washington
02:09 BotSteve 52�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Cheney, WA!  'Where life is mediocre'
02:09 mman454 You broke him!!! You asshole!!!
02:09 wannabe1987 the weather fucking?
02:09 wannabe1987 lol
02:09 exor674 .wtf
02:09 CSMonster yes, the weather is fucking.
02:09 * CSMonster cant type
02:09 exor674 mmm kinky
02:09 CSMonster just one of those days.
02:09 lwq1996 i understand
02:09 eightbitbrad .tfw Atlanta
02:09 BotSteve 76�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Atlanta, GA!  'uh, can we trade?'
02:09 CSMonster
02:10 mman454 .tfw texas mi
02:10 BotSteve 54�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Texas, MI, !  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
02:10 Toastdude lol
02:10 mman454 lol
02:10 Toastdude An eskimo???? Wow, Steve
02:11 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
02:11 * wannabe1987 cuddles some jelly?
02:11 mman45454 left #thegeekgroup
02:11 CSMonster jelly?
02:11 wannabe1987 jealous
02:11 CSMonster locum?
02:11 CSMonster o
02:12 exor674 .tfw barrow, ak
02:12 CSMonster *oh
02:12 BotSteve 8�F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Barrow, AK!  'Call your local travel agency and ask them if they're serious.'
02:12 Seroster Damn, I came in at a strange time
02:12 CSMonster that's okay seroster, you're a strange person
02:12 eightbitbrad jelly?  no, i'm more like marmalade.
02:12 Seroster That's a truth if i've ever seen one.
02:12 Toastdude I only like to cuddle with jam.... lol, jk
02:12 CSMonster .w locum
02:12 BotSteve "Locum, short for the Latin phrase locum tenens (lit. 'place-holder,' akin to the French lieutenant), is a person who temporarily fulfills the duties of another." -
02:13 wannabe1987 lol
02:13 CSMonster ....
02:13 CSMonster .w turkish delight
02:13 BotSteve "Turkish delight or lokum is a family of confections based on a gel of starch and sugar." -
02:13 CSMonster there it is
02:13 lwq1996 can we stop that now
02:13 CSMonster NO.
02:13 Toastdude stop what?
02:13 Seroster My jaw hurts
02:14 Seroster I dunno why
02:14 CSMonster stop hitting yourself, seroster
02:14 Toastdude yeah, jeez seroster
02:14 Toastdude jk
02:14 Toastdude :)
02:15 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
02:16 CSMonster so i didn't turn on the stream at all today, i miss anything interesting?
02:16 Cprossu did CaptainBoden get back home?
02:16 Toastdude Chris said hi to me.....
02:17 Toastdude basically it lol
02:17 Seroster Yes you did CSMonster
02:17 Cprossu CaptainBoden: �auto�psy of a nvidia (bga issue) based HP dv9000, ->   I think he might have broken the laptop�s LCD benzel
02:17 Seroster He talked in depth about moving shit
02:19 CSMonster the septic business?
02:20 Seroster That too
02:20 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
02:20 CSMonster HAI RED_home
02:20 RED_home Hey there.
02:20 Seroster Fuck it. Let's go bowling. Goodnight!
02:20 mman454 Id whoop your ass bowling!
02:21 Toastdude night.....
02:21 mman454 night!!!!
02:21 CaptainBoden I'm back, I'm here working on the MD video.
02:21 RED_home g'night.
02:21 CaptainBoden I'm doing preproduction for it, with any luck we'll shoot it tomorrow.
02:22 mman454 jmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm .l/'
02:22 Cprossu good stuff, click the link above for a lol
02:22 Cprossu I have to go get some groceries and shit
02:22 Cprossu
02:22 mman454 whoops I just *facekeyboard'ed*
02:22 Cprossu ^You totally need to do something similar
02:22 steve______ Captain, I'm not sure that box is deep enough to run coax w/o kinking it
02:23 Cprossu steve______: look at that link too
02:23 Cprossu be back later
02:23 CaptainBoden I'll add a double box ;)
02:23 CaptainBoden I can stack the boxes and double the depth so you have the backspace to make the bends.
02:24 steve______ ok
02:24 steve______ problem souved
02:25 LeadHead .stream
02:25 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
02:25 Seroster MD video? You're playing doctor?
02:25 CaptainBoden Minidisc
02:25 Seroster Ah
02:25 Seroster Thanks
02:25 CaptainBoden While videos of me playing Dr certainly exist, we don't broadcast them on youtube.
02:25 mman454 Oh Jesus...
02:25 Thermoelectric Heehee.
02:26 CSMonster LOL
02:26 cctoide If you're going to do something like that, I'd do it with one of the robots
02:26 CaptainBoden That reminds me Seroster, how is your GF and my kids?
02:26 cctoide if there was a way of doing it without damaging them
02:26 Seroster Havent heard that one before
02:26 mman454 I got to go finish some homework guys, and I don't want to see the end of this.
02:26 CaptainBoden cctoide, you want to do a robot?
02:26 Toastdude ok, bye
02:26 cctoide Not today
02:26 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
02:27 CaptainBoden You'd have to be a staggeringly hot girl for me to want to get video of that.
02:27 eightbitbrad back in a bit... gonna take the laptop out on the porch to get some fresh air.
02:27 CaptainBoden Overlooking it violates about 500 major safety rules, in theory it *could* be done safely.
02:27 LeadHead Fresh air?
02:27 LeadHead ..and you call yourself a geek.
02:27 CaptainBoden now tha'ts an interesting engineering problem.......
02:27 eightbitbrad :P
02:27 cctoide heh... well, does it depend on what you're smashing?
02:28 cctoide or is it just a bad idea in general
02:28 DruidicRifleman Boden.... I am not meaning to sound creapy But there is a company that use's industreal Robotics servos to produce a fucking machine
02:28 Seroster A fucking-machine or a fucking machine?
02:28 CaptainBoden Well, Jeff (our big robot) has a design load of 350kG and a maximum travel speed of something like 2 meters per second. Which means it can easily toss an engine block across the room. do the math as to how bad that could get.
02:28 Toastdude that is creepy.....
02:28 DruidicRifleman A machine that fucks people
02:28 Seroster Because haas makes fucking machines.
02:29 Seroster Well, jeff could fuck you up pretty bad.
02:29 CaptainBoden DruidicRifleman, I know, I know far more in this realm than you want me to discuss here.
02:29 Seroster xD
02:29 RED_home Oh boy.
02:29 lwq1996 LMFAO
02:29 LeadHead Alright gentlemen, time to turn obscure fetish mode off
02:29 Seroster Reminds me of that dude that put a bomb in a dildo.
02:29 CSMonster LMAO
02:29 lwq1996 LOL
02:29 lwq1996 XD
02:30 Toastdude ..........
02:30 CaptainBoden Hey, I'm an engineer and I go to interesting parties, people ask me things ;)
02:30 DruidicRifleman CaptanBoden Correct some people are not mature enough to handle the discussion
02:30 CSMonster obscure fetish mode doesn't have an off switch.
02:30 exor674 don't you have al ot of things that could fuck someone up pretty badly?
02:30 CaptainBoden You're right, ask me later sometime.
02:30 Obtuse_lappy lol
02:30 CaptainBoden ok, what's next
02:30 Obtuse_lappy <--- not a bot
02:30 CaptainBoden I'm a FAR more interesting person than I get to be on Television ;)
02:30 lwq1996 LOL
02:30 Toastdude TESLA COILS
02:30 CaptainBoden Obtuse_lappy, is a bot.
02:30 Sgt_Lemming exor674, anything applied correctly can fuck someone up badly
02:30 Obtuse_lappy I had a conversation with a bot today.
02:30 Seroster That was fucked. Like "I'll put a bomb in a dildo! and I'll let wires hang out!"   - yeah. I bet she wants to put that inside her... ^o)
02:31 Obtuse_lappy then it asked me to go to its webcam show
02:31 CaptainBoden Seroster, settle down.
02:31 Obtuse_lappy and it denied being a bot
02:31 CSMonster CaptainBoden, that's kind of terrifying, as you are a VERY interesting person on TV.
02:31 Seroster That is exactyly what I am planning on doing, since it's bed time in europeland
02:31 LeadHead It's bed time in americaland
02:31 lwq1996 LOL
02:31 Toastdude I agree with CSMonster....
02:31 lwq1996 NO ITS NOT 2AM
02:32 Seroster We should make a #TGG_Xrated =P
02:32 LeadHead Isn't it a school night lwq?
02:32 CaptainBoden I don't get to play with guns, explosives, or sex on the internet. I have to be nice.
02:32 lwq1996 lol
02:32 lwq1996 no
02:32 eightbitbrad_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:32 DruidicRifleman Boden Does the lab Have a Musical tesla coil at GR
02:32 CSMonster on the PUBLIC internet.
02:32 Seroster I think capn would approve of that
02:32 Toastdude no, spring break
02:32 CaptainBoden not yet, we don't even have POWER in the HVL yet.
02:32 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
02:32 eightbitbrad_ is now known as eightbitbrad
02:32 cctoide by the way, what sort of manipulator does Jeff have?
02:32 cctoide grabber or?
02:32 CaptainBoden We have to intitute paid membership and sell a LOT more member cards, that's how we'll get the serious stuff up and running
02:32 DruidicRifleman watching boden Do an ellectrical play demo at  subspace Fetish night intoronto would be so epic
02:32 lwq1996 do 14 year olds get to be in th hvl
02:33 LeadHead They have to be on a leash, but yes
02:33 Toastdude or 13 year olds?
02:33 Seroster Sure would DruidicRifleman
02:33 CSMonster LOL
02:33 CaptainBoden Jeff has several EOT attachments, including two LARGE welders, a cutting head, and some other stuff.
02:33 eightbitbrad okay, better now.
02:33 Seroster Screw this. Cya!
02:33 cctoide okay
02:33 Seroster Cutting head! I WANT TO PLAY WITH IT!
02:33 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:33 Toastdude bye
02:33 lwq1996 ive welded before
02:33 CaptainBoden all ages can be IN the HVL, but only people with proper certifications can be allowed inside the cage.
02:33 lwq1996 and its an old lincon
02:33 CSMonster seroster has a one-track mind.
02:33 DruidicRifleman Chriss is there a way to pay for my member card and Some of the maple from the webstore?
02:33 Obtuse_lappy you get the paid membership set up along with the guidlines of what I will get in exchange, and you'll have your money.
02:34 CaptainBoden Seroster is about to be banned if he doesn't knock his shit off.
02:34 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: Do we have any "official" logos / banners to put on sites?  I'd gladly throw one up on my domain... or I can whip one up using the logo we have.
02:34 LeadHead I'm not sure how an old lincoln tombstone welder is related to an industrial robot
02:34 CaptainBoden yes, we have several
02:34 Toastdude Thank you so much CaptainBoden
02:34 CSMonster he can get quite creepy in private chat. :/
02:34 Obtuse_lappy lol
02:34 lwq1996 lol
02:34 eightbitbrad I could write a module for the bot just to mess with him
02:35 lwq1996 i wounder why obtuse_lappy is his name
02:35 eightbitbrad boot him after X number of lines in chat
02:35 eightbitbrad or.. hehe
02:35 Obtuse_lappy cuz its my friken lappy
02:35 Obtuse_lappy laptop
02:35 lwq1996 lappy=lap dance and obtuse=big
02:35 lwq1996 big lapdance
02:35 CSMonster heh.
02:35 Ponko92 hey steve_______
02:35 Obtuse_lappy haven't you seen homestar runner?
02:35 Obtuse_lappy lappy 486?
02:35 lwq1996 no
02:35 tesla4d Eh, Steve!
02:36 eightbitbrad lol
02:36 LeadHead Eh?
02:36 steve______ yes
02:36 LeadHead Are we canadian?
02:36 lwq1996 lol
02:36 eightbitbrad lappy!
02:36 lwq1996 ^
02:36 Ponko92 lol
02:36 Obtuse_lappy and then my head would play the demo
02:36 tesla4d Or is it "Ey, Steve!"
02:36 DruidicRifleman i'm canadian and growing ashamed of what it means
02:36 * lwq1996 starts to snicker bout lappys name
02:36 lwq1996 want to be a cannadian idiot
02:36 CSMonster lwq1996 needs to grow up a little bit.
02:36 steve______ hmm, depends if your from the U.P.
02:37 eightbitbrad no, lwq1996 needs to grow up a lot, seriously.
02:37 tesla4d Sweet Cuppin' Cakes...
02:37 lwq1996 hey im 14 ive got a bad mind
02:37 lwq1996 :D
02:37 * tesla4d wonders if they're still making sbemail
02:37 eightbitbrad tesla4d: yes, as far as I know
02:37 Obtuse_lappy holy shit, so you were actually born in 96?
02:37 Obtuse_lappy god dang. i feel old
02:37 lwq1996 yep
02:37 eightbitbrad Obtuse_lappy: me too
02:37 Obtuse_lappy 1984 here
02:37 eightbitbrad 77 for me
02:37 LeadHead Want to feel older? Windows Vista was released almost 5 years ago
02:38 lwq1996 lol
02:38 * CSMonster is proud to have been born during the cold war.
02:38 Obtuse_lappy i still use it
02:38 Liz_Home joined #thegeekgroup
02:38 lwq1996 im using windows7
02:38 eightbitbrad <---- is old, but not Kidwell old.
02:38 Obtuse_lappy how old is kidwell?
02:38 lwq1996 lol XD
02:38 eightbitbrad Mr. Kidwell is the awesome though.
02:38 CSMonster hi Liz_Home
02:38 lwq1996 80000 years old
02:38 LeadHead Blows my mind every time I think that Vista was released that long ago. I remember the launch like it was last week
02:38 lwq1996 jk
02:38 Liz_Home Hi CSMonster
02:38 exor674 hai Liz_Home
02:38 * lwq1996 we love you kidwell even tho your old
02:38 eightbitbrad I think he's 50 or so if I remember hearing it right on one of the videos.
02:38 Liz_Home hi exor674
02:39 Obtuse_lappy yay, i has crossover cable
02:39 CaptainBoden Paul is 50 if I remember right.
02:39 lwq1996 damn hes old as my dad
02:39 lwq1996 -.- yes my dads old
02:39 LeadHead 50 is not that old in the grand scheme of things bud
02:39 CSMonster 50 isn't that old.
02:39 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: I forget which video it was, but you and he got into a discussion about age briefly.
02:39 eightbitbrad no, it really isn't
02:39 lwq1996 lol
02:39 LeadHead 50 is the new 40!
02:39 Toastdude lol
02:40 lwq1996 14 is the new 4
02:40 Liz_Home *shoots LeadHead
02:40 CSMonster 50 is the new 30
02:40 * LeadHead dies
02:40 Liz_Home hate that fucking saying
02:40 * eightbitbrad plans a funeral for LeadHead
02:40 RED_home My dad is 72. Your dad isn't that old.
02:40 CSMonster lol
02:40 eightbitbrad RED_home!  Didn't see you.
02:40 Toastdude 13 is the same -___-
02:40 * lwq1996 will teabag leadheads grave
02:40 LeadHead How mature
02:40 RED_home Hey eightbit
02:40 eightbitbrad Lost my dad when he was 69.  He'd be 75 today.
02:40 lwq1996 wow
02:40 wannabe1987 :(
02:40 * exor674 waves at RED
02:41 eightbitbrad then lost mom last year.
02:41 * exor674 hugs?
02:41 lwq1996 i miss my gram she would be 70 right now
02:41 wannabe1987 sheesh...i'm sorry
02:41 eightbitbrad it's okay :)
02:41 wannabe1987 does anyone know what county batle creek is in?
02:42 LeadHead Found this nifty little program that counts each time you click your left/middle/right mouse buttons, then logs it to a spreadsheet
02:42 wannabe1987 battle*
02:42 wannabe1987 cool
02:42 wannabe1987 link?
02:42 LeadHead I've left clicked my mouse about 3208 times since 12PM
02:42 exor674 I am kinda afraid that when my grandparents die that my dad's not gonna tell me
02:42 lwq1996 lol
02:42 exor674 cause my dad is a jerk
02:42 wannabe1987 why exor674?
02:42 eightbitbrad LeadHead: nice.  Have you seen the app that tracks your mouse movements?
02:42 cctoide Gabe's TypOmeter?
02:42 lwq1996 id cry if my dad kicked the bucket
02:42 LeadHead No, I have not
02:43 Toastdude I wouldnt.....
02:43 eightbitbrad it's a java applet the runs and just plots where your mouse has been and if it's been sitting in a spot.
02:43 LeadHead This guy right here
02:43 Toastdude My dad is crazy and horrible.
02:43 * CSMonster can probably guess why exor674's dad is a jerk
02:43 lwq1996 so is mine but u got to love the guy he gave you all u have
02:43 exor674 lol, gonna blame me? :P
02:44 CSMonster nope, not gonna blame you.
02:44 eightbitbrad
02:44 exor674 ( I'll say this too
02:44 Liz_Home does talk about Kidwell often morph into discussions of dead relatives?
02:44 CSMonster LMFAO
02:44 lwq1996 lol
02:44 wannabe1987 lol no
02:44 exor674 I would not be surprised if I have a half-sibling somewhere )
02:44 eightbitbrad I don't think so. lol
02:44 lwq1996 ask chris
02:44 exor674 that I do not know abou
02:44 Toastdude yea, kinda. I love him, but i dont like him. He abused us as a family
02:45 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: I'm shooting to ship Xbox and first-gen iPod this weekend.
02:45 lwq1996 cool
02:45 cctoide (probably) better version:
02:45 Obtuse_lappy left #thegeekgroup
02:45 RED_home -hugs-
02:45 lwq1996 i love my dad without him i woulnt be sitting here right now id probally be in juvy
02:45 * CSMonster 's parents are awesome, and is sad because she has been such a damn nightmare to live with
02:45 cctoide used it for a few hours, made some interesting images though it usually turns into a big cluster near the center of each screen
02:45 Ponko92 RED XD
02:46 * exor674 hugs RED
02:47 Toastdude Well, without my dad, i would be interested in science
02:47 * lwq1996 wants to hug red but cant because may suffocate her because how fat i am
02:47 CSMonster my parents deserved a better kid.
02:47 lwq1996 mine to
02:47 * eightbitbrad hugs RED
02:47 eightbitbrad okay, I think we are in need of a topic change
02:47 Toastdude mine too.... well at least my mom does
02:47 lwq1996 look at me im 14 smoke, drink and is a prick to my dad
02:48 * CSMonster is watching red struggle for air because everyone is trying to hug her all at once
02:48 * lwq1996 lols
02:48 Toastdude Can i have an air-hug, RED?
02:48 DruidicRifleman OK i have an IRC client
02:48 eightbitbrad yay airhugs!
02:48 DruidicRifleman I am ummmm illiterate
02:48 masterofmonks lwq1996: well it's something that you can change.
02:48 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: I'll PM you... standby.
02:49 RED_home Huuuggg!
02:49 DruidicRifleman Abny one know if There is an IRC client with spell check
02:49 eightbitbrad I'm sure there's a plugin somewhere
02:49 masterofmonks DruidicRifleman: Yes, lots
02:49 lwq1996 that wasnt nice
02:49 masterofmonks Pidgin is about as simple as you can get and it has a spell check.
02:50 Toastdude Thanks RED :)
02:50 lwq1996 i like icechat but no spell chack
02:50 RED_home anytime ;)
02:50 * exor674 hugs people too!
02:50 DruidicRifleman ugh i don't like pidgen
02:50 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:51 Toastdude Yay.... i think...
02:51 Toastdude Jk ;)\
02:51 lwq1996 use ice chat easy to use
02:51 RED_home anyone have a piano they wanna let me borrow so that I can finish writing this song? Mine is out of tune.
02:51 Obtuse_ woot.  desktop ubuntu now has internet
02:51 masterofmonks DruidicRifleman: well you could use EMACS
02:51 lwq1996 i have a electonic piano
02:51 * CSMonster didn't get hugged.  :/
02:51 DruidicRifleman maybe
02:51 * exor674 hugs CSMonster!
02:52 eightbitbrad masterofmonks: are you trying to kill DruidicRifleman ? lol
02:52 * lwq1996 hugs csmonster
02:52 * Toastdude hugs all around
02:52 CSMonster this is true RED_home
02:52 RED_home cuz CSMonster, you're just amazing ;)
02:52 masterofmonks I am seriously considering switching to EMACS ore writing my own IRC client...
02:52 * eightbitbrad is teh jealous
02:52 * lwq1996 hugs eightbitbrad
02:53 Toastdude Dont be haten... lol
02:53 eightbitbrad sorry lwq1996 you're nowhere near as cute as RED
02:53 DruidicRifleman What would using emacs involve
02:53 * Toastdude hugs eightbitbrad
02:53 * lwq1996 wow
02:53 CSMonster i'm bipolar and have really bad body dysmorphia and used to be really suicidal and unstable, and i have some serious issues regarding intimacy.  when i say my parents deserve a better kid, i mean they deserve to not have to deal with a nutcase.
02:53 RED_home (blushes due to eightbitbrad)
02:53 DruidicRifleman i have Mirc currently
02:53 eightbitbrad :)
02:53 exor674 this channel isfull of luv!
02:54 masterofmonks DruidicRifleman: you are talking about a word processor that can check your mail, connecto to IRC, and even browse the internet.
02:54 * lwq1996 im suicidal
02:54 DruidicRifleman CSMonster i am the reason my mom is proabotion
02:54 eightbitbrad anyone that shows up on a TGG video in an awesome theatre shirt is full of win.
02:54 Ponko92 hey RED wheres my hug?
02:54 * Toastdude I'm Andrew
02:54 Toastdude lol
02:54 DruidicRifleman every one is suicidal once in they're life
02:54 CSMonster unrelated:
02:55 lwq1996 i was in a hospital because of it
02:55 RED_home Hugs for Ponky!
02:55 Toastdude I'm sorry..
02:55 Toastdude :(
02:55 lwq1996 i tryed to hang myself
02:56 eightbitbrad okay, really, can we... not talk about suicide?
02:56 RED_home -hugs- Don't be sad. You're something special.
02:56 LeadHead Can't we talk about sunflowers and microprocessors?
02:56 lwq1996 no
02:56 RED_home and unicorns.
02:56 eightbitbrad but yeah, no sadness, we needs the happiness :)
02:56 * CSMonster has no idea who red is talking to now
02:56 Obtuse_ what is your favorite microprocessor?
02:56 eightbitbrad double rainbow!
02:56 CSMonster but yes seriously this is a depressing thread
02:56 lwq1996 unicorns will do
02:56 Obtuse_ I like the Analog Device Blackfin series
02:56 Obtuse_ also the TI OMAP processors
02:56 CSMonster AMD 5x86 133MHz Socket 3
02:56 Toastdude What does it mean???
02:57 eightbitbrad MOS 6502, 1MHz
02:57 Ponko92 hey lwq1996 i've done alot more dangerous things to end my life and yet here i type
02:57 Ponko92 but lets not go there shall we
02:57 eightbitbrad why? because it powered my first computer and brought me into computer geekdom.
02:57 LeadHead I've a soft spot for the Pentium 133
02:57 lwq1996 lol well i also tryed to kill myself but cutting
02:57 Toastdude Ive made gunpowder....
02:57 eightbitbrad Commodore VIC20
02:57 CSMonster yes.  Ponko92, your problems terrify me.
02:57 Ponko92 yeah i have PTSD CSMonster
02:57 eightbitbrad LOAD "*",8,1
02:57 eightbitbrad PRESS PLAY ON TAPE
02:58 Ponko92 .w PTSD
02:58 BotSteve "Posttraumatic stress disorder (also known as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD) is a severe anxiety disorder that can develop after exposure to any event that results in psychological trauma." -
02:58 eightbitbrad wait an hour
02:58 eightbitbrad game!
02:58 LeadHead Okay lwq, you really need to chill out dude
02:59 lwq1996 .yt suisidal
02:59 BotSteve lwq1996:
02:59 Liz_Home lwq1996, this is not a suicide help forum
02:59 CSMonster everyone needs to chill out.
02:59 Ponko92 lwq1996 i lied under a train which was moving and it missed me by 2-4 inches
02:59 lwq1996 ik
02:59 * CSMonster shakes lwq1996 violently
02:59 lwq1996 wtf
02:59 CSMonster CALM DOWN
02:59 eightbitbrad I'll... be back later when things are less morbid.
02:59 eightbitbrad is now known as ebb-away
02:59 Ponko92 yeah don't talk about that here please
03:00 Liz_Home there are appropriate places to go for help
03:00 LeadHead Damn fan, why are you rattling
03:00 Ponko92 exactly
03:00 lwq1996 lol
03:00 Liz_Home if u don't want help, shut up
03:00 Ponko92 *claps*
03:00 LeadHead Every once in a while the 1960s GE fan mounted to my wall starts rattling violently
03:00 LeadHead not a clue why
03:01 Ponko92 i don't need help because its not me with the problem
03:01 lwq1996 i got help but i got cronic depression and they gave me no meds
03:01 Toastdude I think everybody could calm down.....
03:01 LeadHead lwq1996: Stop
03:01 CSMonster leadhead: is it turned off when it is rattling?
03:01 Ponko92 yeah dude i was your age and only thing i had i can't really say
03:01 exor674 ...
03:01 LeadHead Nope, I just let it rattle until it stops
03:01 Ponko92 anyway
03:01 CSMonster ...nevermind.
03:01 LeadHead and it eventually goes back to smooth running
03:01 Thermoelectric Just out of balance for some reason?
03:01 Ponko92 .w Hitchin Town
03:02 BotSteve "Hitchin Town Football Club are an English semi-professional football club based in Hitchin, Hertfordshire." -
03:02 CSMonster is dr_jkl here?
03:02 Ponko92 XD yeah boy
03:02 ebb-away
03:02 LeadHead I think it has to do with the thrust washer letting the blades come too far foward or something
03:02 Ponko92 botsteve you rock :)
03:02 ebb-away is now known as eightbitbrad
03:02 CSMonster hello botsteve
03:02 BotSteve Hello CSMonster
03:02 BotSteve Hello CSMonster
03:03 eightbitbrad Computer over, Virus = very yes!
03:03 Ponko92 hello botsteve
03:03 BotSteve Yo Ponko92!
03:03 BotSteve Yo Ponko92!
03:03 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
03:03 exor674 oops
03:03 Toastdude Sup, botsteve?
03:03 exor674 we blew up the bot
03:03 Thermoelectric Uh oh.
03:03 eightbitbrad oh way to go Ponko92 you killed Steve
03:03 eightbitbrad lol
03:03 Ponko92 lol think we crashed it CSMonster
03:03 LeadHead *insert southpark reference*
03:03 Toastdude nice...
03:03 * exor674 arrests Ponko92
03:03 eightbitbrad I'll debug that
03:03 CSMonster YOU crashed it.  it worked fine for me.
03:03 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
03:03 CSMonster because i was more polite.
03:03 exor674 you have the right to remain silent, anything you say can and will be turned around and used against you
03:04 Ponko92 look he's alive exor674
03:04 eightbitbrad I'm getting ready to work on the code shortly anyway
03:04 exor674 blah blah blah lawyer
03:04 exor674 blah blah blah, get in the damn cop car :P
03:04 Toastdude Hi botsteve
03:04 CSMonster ah, there's the video i was looking for:
03:04 BotSteve Greetings Toastdude
03:04 lwq1996_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:04 lwq1996_ damn fucking internet connection
03:04 Toastdude Ok, now he works
03:04 LeadHead Airplane
03:04 LeadHead what a classic
03:05 lwq1996_ wow family guy just gets stupider and stupider
03:05 Ponko92 hey exor674 *holds up MI6 card* let me go now
03:05 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
03:05 Toastdude I still want to see that...
03:05 exor674 heh, okay :P
03:05 * LeadHead phew
03:05 LeadHead Don't call me shirley
03:05 Ponko92 -_- lol
03:06 exor674 gah I hate static electricity
03:06 Ponko92 i am serious and don't call me shirley
03:07 Toastdude I love the line they form
03:07 CSMonster my favorite part of that is his drinking problem.
03:08 steve______ well, I'm going to go cut my computer power cord and hope that fixes it
03:08 Ponko92 brb folks i need to attend to buisness in Czechoslovakia
03:08 CSMonster
03:08 Ponko92 (playing a WWII game here lol)
03:10 Toastdude that is funny :)
03:11 CSMonster uuuuugh lemon gatorade in the eye.  that had to kind of hurt.
03:11 exor674 CSMonster: don't do that
03:11 Toastdude IT BURNS!!!
03:12 Obtuse_ what steve______
03:12 Obtuse_ cut the power cord?
03:12 masterofmonks It burns because you're wicked.
03:12 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
03:12 Toastdude It would suck to have lemon gatorade to the eyes....
03:14 Toastdude masterofmonks: What?
03:15 masterofmonks I was once present to a scene that went down like this...
03:15 Sgt_Lemming our air cannon got a bit of upgrade and testing last night
03:15 Sgt_Lemming it will now fire a 14mm round, 60mm long steel projectile
03:15 Sgt_Lemming thru a 1/4" steel plate
03:15 DruidicRifleman Cool
03:16 Sgt_Lemming yeah, mildly powerful
03:16 Sgt_Lemming I still wanna add fins to the projectile and see if it improves the accuracy
03:16 Sgt_Lemming atm it's a smooth bore firing a saboted projectile
03:16 DruidicRifleman I am assuming this is a saboted round?
03:16 masterofmonks The grandmother of a friend was displeased with something he had done. and this is what followed "God bless this holy Jack Daniels!" *splash* *splash* "Ow, it burns, it burns!" he says to which she replied "It burns because you're wicked!"
03:17 DruidicRifleman how do you plan to do that
03:17 Sgt_Lemming use a mill with a slitting saw to cut slits in it, and then add some 1mm steel fins
03:18 DruidicRifleman yeah
03:18 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:20 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
03:21 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
03:21 lwq1996_ hey toast you still here
03:22 Sgt_Lemming when we fired the cannon at the plate last night, I thought it had shattered the round at first cause it didn't hit any of the bullet traps
03:22 Sgt_Lemming then I noticed the nice clean hole in the plate
03:22 Sgt_Lemming and it was like "oh wow"
03:22 LeadHead how long is the barrel
03:22 Sgt_Lemming approx 6 feet
03:22 LeadHead hm
03:23 lwq1996_ .seen toastdude
03:23 BotSteve lwq1996_: I last saw toastdude at 2011-04-25 03:14:14 UTC on #thegeekgroup
03:23 Sgt_Lemming 1 1/4" ID
03:23 Sgt_Lemming using champagne corks spun down to size and cut into quarters as a sabot
03:23 Sgt_Lemming it works really REALLY well
03:23 LeadHead there ya go
03:23 Toastdude I'm right here lwq1996
03:24 lwq1996_ ok
03:24 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
03:24 lwq1996_ woundeing because u were silen
03:24 lwq1996_ silent
03:24 steve______ back and laptop is charging (for now)
03:24 Toastdude lol, I'm using my Arduino
03:24 lwq1996_ lol\
03:25 lwq1996_ i dont get the consept of an arduino and how old are
03:25 lwq1996_ u
03:26 Toastdude Why?
03:26 Toastdude and im 13
03:26 lwq1996_ damn im 14 and dont know how to use one
03:26 lwq1996_ well i dont have one
03:27 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
03:27 lwq1996_ im more into radiological science instead of computer science
03:27 lwq1996_ im hoping to get a geiger counter when i pay off my debt to my dad
03:28 Toastdude Oh. I just got it, so i dont really know how to use it either. and i hope you get it
03:28 lwq1996_ i want a russian one
03:30 Toastdude Whats the difference
03:31 lwq1996_ what type of system they use and ive alwaysed wanted the block like one
03:32 Toastdude Oh, ok
03:33 lwq1996_ if i find the one im looking for i will show u
03:33 lwq1996_ like this
03:33 Toastdude ok, thanks. Did you ever get phun downloaded?
03:33 lwq1996_;hash=item3a6569d7b7
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:33 lwq1996_ yep but coulnt understand how to use it
03:34 Toastdude You should look on youtube for tutorials
03:34 Sgt_Lemming <--- do want!
03:35 speedrunnerG55_ hi
03:35 Toastdude Hi
03:35 lwq1996_ toast lets talk in pm
03:35 Toastdude ok
03:35 speedrunnerG55_ was it scmonster that joined my serveR?
03:35 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
03:36 speedrunnerG55_ and, you guys get the motors i sent?
03:36 Angy4 lwq, not a geiger counter, but a dosimeter
03:38 Angy4 and I never ever heard of a pripyat brand
03:39 Angy4 При́пять is actually the town were the Чорнобиль central was (Chernobyl)
03:40 Toastdude
03:40 Toastdude Go here ^^
03:40 speedrunnerG55_ russian text looks like english upsideown and backwards xD
03:40 CSMonster some of it does.
03:41 RED_home I need a capo. My song can not be unless i have a capo.  :(
03:41 RED_home idk where mine is :(
03:41 speedrunnerG55_ russian text is awesome
03:41 CSMonster я = ya
03:41 speedrunnerG55_ thats how you say it?
03:41 CSMonster yes
03:41 speedrunnerG55_ huh,
03:42 Toastdude Did anyone see the video?
03:42 CSMonster и = i or ee  like green
03:42 DruidicRifleman Any one know of a tough book dealer in canada?
03:43 steve______ is now known as steve_afk
03:44 speedrunnerG55_ bye steve
03:44 Toastdude bye
03:44 DruidicRifleman bye steve
03:47 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
03:49 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
03:49 CSMonster А Б В Г Д Е Ё Ж З И Й К Л М Н О П Р С Т У Ф Х Ц Ч Ш Щ Ъ Ы Ь Э Ю Я = A B V G (only like in green, not like in george) D Ye Yo Zh (like the S in measure) Z I I-Kratoye (short I used for making dipthongs) K L M N O P R S U F Ch (like the german guttural ch like in bach) Ts (like in tsunami) Ch (like in cheese) Sh (lie in shy) Shch (...hard to describe in english...
03:49 CSMonster ...but kind of like Sch in school i...
03:49 CSMonster ...think) Tyordy Znak (hard sign) Ih (like in if) Myagi Znak (soft sight) Eh You and Ya
03:50 speedrunnerG55_ wow
03:52 speedrunnerG55_ that will take a wile to sink in
03:52 speedrunnerG55_ and sgt_lemming . thats looks like an awesome computer
03:53 speedrunnerG55_ i would TOTALLY WANT THAT
03:53 Sgt_Lemming yeah
03:53 CSMonster the only five letters that are exactly the same in both languages are A K M O and T
03:53 Sgt_Lemming I have a thinkpad atm which I quite like
03:53 CSMonster so it's a little complicated to learn to read it.
03:54 * wannabe1987 hugs everyone
03:54 Angy4 you forgot E
03:54 CSMonster not really... russian E = english Ye
03:54 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987
03:54 Angy4 I was tolking in writting :)
03:55 Angy4 in prononciation, yep, quite none similar
03:55 wannabe1987 awww thanks exor.  i read back about what was all going on while i had ya'll minimized...
03:55 * Toastdude hugs wannabe1987
03:55 wannabe1987 thanks toast!
03:55 CSMonster i'm talking in terms of, "this character represents this sound"
03:55 Toastdude yep :)
03:55 CSMonster because russian H is english N
03:55 CSMonster etc
03:56 CSMonster russian C is kind of the same because it represents the S sound, but not the K sound
03:56 Angy4 yes, more s or ß
03:57 CSMonster i'm still unable to read russian handwriting though.  which isn't surprising because i have a hard time reading english handwriting
03:57 Angy4 it take quite some time
03:57 * wannabe1987 only knows english spanish and some creole
03:58 * speedrunnerG55_ hugs wanabe1987
03:58 Angy4 the cursive writing can be really way off the typing one
03:58 wannabe1987 thanks speedrunner :D
03:58 CSMonster the мягкий знак throws me off completely when trying to look up what words mean based on how they sound.  :/
03:58 Angy4 that's quite a pain yes
03:59 CSMonster but i feel that i'm doing okay with it since i've never taken a single class
03:59 CSMonster i probably will eventually
03:59 speedrunnerG55_ amagin if you wrote something in russian text that a person can read in english because it looks like it
04:00 Angy4 russian (and more cyrillic language) are very hard to master
04:00 Cprossu Back for now, does anyone need any computer advice reguarding where to stick things?
04:00 wannabe1987 ...
04:00 CSMonster LMAO
04:00 speedrunnerG55_ where to stick things?
04:01 speedrunnerG55_ are people that dumb?
04:01 speedrunnerG55_ lol jk
04:01 Cprossu speedrunnerG55: do you have to even ask?
04:01 Cprossu lol
04:01 CSMonster i am.
04:01 speedrunnerG55_ ugh, im starting a+ networking tomorrow
04:02 wannabe1987 i've had people ask for printer help when they had no paper in the printer...
04:02 Cprossu I�ve had people ask for computer repair who brought their monitors in
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ i finnished a+ software
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ wow
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ what about the broken cup holder
04:02 wannabe1987 lol
04:02 Cprossu even had one bring in their keyboard and mouse only
04:02 Cprossu I did have 1 legitimate cup holder
04:02 wannabe1987 so now for every printer issue i ask if theres paper first
04:02 Cprossu but
04:03 Cprossu he knew better
04:03 speedrunnerG55_ wow
04:03 Cprossu he just thought the smaller rib in the tray was for a cup
04:03 Cprossu (yes I am serious)
04:03 speedrunnerG55_ lol
04:04 Angy4 that's tecnical support, in a way
04:04 Cprossu (granted I couldn�t blame the guy, his cup fit it perfectly, and back then it was very very rare to see a small cd like that
04:04 CSMonster brb, i hear german chocolate cake calling my name.
04:04 wannabe1987 i have costco cake...
04:04 speedrunnerG55_ lol
04:04 speedrunnerG55_ i hear coocies
04:04 speedrunnerG55_ cookies
04:05 exor674 cooties?
04:05 wannabe1987 you hear cookies?  is that like hearing dead people?
04:05 Cprossu I hear cupcakes and cookies and starburst jelly beans
04:05 Angy4 get your ears checked tough
04:05 Toastdude I hear sound....
04:05 Cprossu I also have some lifesavers jelly beans but they aren�t making any noise
04:05 Angy4 if you ever got a cookie calling ``eat me! eat me!'' :)
04:05 speedrunnerG55_ like i hear cookies that are calling me to eat them
04:05 speedrunnerG55_ jk
04:05 NeWtoz I'd consider hearing cookies a superpower
04:06 exor674 nono
04:06 exor674 being able to pull cookies out of thin air
04:06 Angy4 I think would be fun at first, then kind of annoying, there is cookies nearly everywhere
04:06 Angy4 pulling them better!
04:06 speedrunnerG55_ i hear light
04:06 speedrunnerG55_ JK
04:07 exor674 well I smell sound!
04:07 speedrunnerG55_ i see sound
04:07 Toastdude I can hear light..... i just cant process it...
04:07 speedrunnerG55_ i hear pain
04:08 wannabe1987 ya'lls a bunch of freaks...hence why we fit well toghether, no?
04:08 exor674 ( I actually wonder how hard it would be to actually convert visual information into sound *and* train someone to interpert what they hear as visual info
04:08 Angy4 because we all see/hear/smell somthing different
04:08 Angy4 hence we need each other to survive
04:08 speedrunnerG55_ :D
04:09 Toastdude wannabe1987: Being a freak is fun..... you should try it
04:09 wannabe1987 i am a freak,'d know if you knew me IRL
04:09 wannabe1987 or at least on fb :P
04:09 wannabe1987 (or twitter...for that matter)
04:10 Angy4 exor674: not hard, try sonar :)
04:10 Toastdude Well, maybe i would know you on fb if im ever allowed to get a fb..... lol
04:10 wannabe1987 lol
04:11 Toastdude Oh, mothers......
04:11 wannabe1987 thats right ur mom sucks
04:11 NeWtoz you're not missing much
04:11 CSMonster wannabe1987: freaks are more fun.
04:12 wannabe1987 heck yeah!
04:12 Toastdude MY MOM IS AWESOME!!! but in that part, yes
04:13 CSMonster and: Toastdude is 13 and not allowed to have a FB page, but is allowed to converse it out with these freaks?
04:13 Toastdude She's taken us away from an abusive and alcoholic father
04:13 CSMonster that is good.
04:13 Toastdude Yeah.........
04:13 wannabe1987 lol
04:13 wannabe1987 glad she did that..
04:13 NeWtoz I'm allowed to have a FB page, but I don't want one
04:14 wannabe1987 CSMonster - i agree...makes no sense
04:14 RED_home Would you guys hate me if I bleached my naturally red hair to blond?
04:14 Toastdude YES
04:14 Toastdude lol, jk
04:14 CSMonster also, I WANT CAKE WITH MY CAKE. O.O
04:14 RED_home oh no :(
04:14 NeWtoz bleach blond hear X|
04:14 NeWtoz hair even
04:15 Toastdude Why would you want to do that, though, RED?
04:15 wannabe1987 no red no!
04:15 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
04:15 NeWtoz blonde*
04:15 NeWtoz go me
04:15 CSMonster i... would not ever go blond.  but it's your hair, you're entitled to whatever you want to do with it.
04:15 wannabe1987 nothing wrong with blondes...i am noe bu tyeah
04:16 wannabe1987 one but yeah*
04:16 CSMonster then again, i have never colored or bleached my hair, ever.
04:16 wannabe1987 hi superman13 :D  RED_home wants to dye her hair blonde
04:16 Toastdude Me neither.... lol
04:16 exor674 I want to re-streak my hair
04:16 wannabe1987 same...its bblondeish naturally
04:16 RED_home Hi soops.
04:17 speedrunnerG55_ my hair is dirty blond
04:17 CSMonster i'm quite content with being brunette.
04:17 RED_home Just to try something different, idk.
04:17 speedrunnerG55_ by the way . why we talking about hair
04:17 CSMonster no idea.
04:17 speedrunnerG55_ hair is good for cleaning oil spills i herd
04:17 Superman13 hi wannabe and red :)
04:17 exor674 omg a dre ( with a little frizzy hair )
04:18 Superman13 she only wants to because i have a thing for blondes lol
04:18 Superman13 jk
04:18 Toastdude RED started it by asking if we would hate her if she bleached her hair
04:18 CSMonster RED_home: you should bleach part of your hair blond and dye another part brown, and leave it red on one side.  then you'll be Neapolitan :D
04:18 RED_home lol
04:18 speedrunnerG55_ it would be funny if red had red hair
04:18 RED_home ...I...Always have red hair. it's my natural color.
04:19 CSMonster red is naturally red.  what i'm wondering is if red is her actual name.
04:19 NeWtoz nope
04:19 RED_home Red is my name.
04:19 Superman13 CSMonster - Her nickname is Red
04:19 Superman13 lol
04:19 NeWtoz lies!
04:19 wannabe1987 lol
04:19 Superman13 LIAR!
04:19 RED_home Soops. I'm warning you.
04:19 wannabe1987 she's known by many names :D
04:19 CSMonster lol, okay
04:19 Superman13 bring it Red_home
04:19 RED_home lol
04:19 wannabe1987 depends on who you ask...:P
04:20 CSMonster she is known by red on facebook.  /shrug
04:20 speedrunnerG55_ her name is brobably ginney
04:20 wannabe1987 lol
04:20 CSMonster ...ginney?
04:20 speedrunnerG55_ (harry potter)
04:20 wannabe1987 Ginny from HP
04:21 RED_home lol
04:21 speedrunnerG55_ i named my dog after her
04:21 Angy4 I think it's a safe time to go now, see ya!
04:21 NeWtoz weirdos
04:21 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
04:21 RED_home Bye!
04:21 Superman13 see ya Angy4
04:21 * CSMonster has never and will never read or watch HP
04:21 CSMonster bye Angy4
04:22 wannabe1987 its alright...better than twilight!
04:22 wannabe1987 night stranger!
04:22 Angy4 left #thegeekgroup
04:22 Superman13 speedrunnerG55_ you named your dog after red?... thats one heck of a friendship
04:22 CSMonster most things are better than twilight.
04:22 CSMonster very few things are worse than twilight.
04:22 RED_home He must love me more than you soops ;)
04:22 wannabe1987 :O LOL
04:22 speedrunnerG55_ ni i named my dog after ginney
04:22 Superman13 I'm used to it
04:22 wannabe1987 harsh red harsh!
04:22 RED_home lolz
04:22 CSMonster i will not read HP, unless it's HP Lovecraft.  and maybe not even then.
04:23 speedrunnerG55_ scoops?
04:23 CSMonster geezus this is a big piece of cake.
04:23 wannabe1987 no, soops
04:23 speedrunnerG55_ i mean soops?
04:23 wannabe1987 not scoops
04:23 RED_home soops.
04:23 wannabe1987 not scooperman
04:23 wannabe1987 sooperman
04:23 RED_home short for superman
04:23 NeWtoz actually, it's longer
04:23 Superman13 <--- thats me
04:23 wannabe1987 u sure?
04:23 CSMonster
04:23 chunks left #thegeekgroup
04:23 Superman13 very
04:24 wannabe1987 k. just checcking
04:24 Superman13 ^---not me
04:24 CSMonster yeah, you don't want to be the scooperman.  that's a degrading job.
04:24 speedrunnerG55_ chunk. that would be funny if he renamed to chunk_error
04:24 RED_home I is the Poison Ivy. That means I win.
04:24 Superman13 i shoveled cow crap before...
04:24 Toastdude pooperscooperman!!
04:24 lwq1996_ left #thegeekgroup
04:24 speedrunnerG55_ ^^ LOL
04:24 wannabe1987 lol
04:24 NeWtoz unless it's an ice cream scooper
04:25 speedrunnerG55_ i was actually tyhinking if ice cream
04:25 Toastdude POOPERscooperman
04:25 speedrunnerG55_ there is a ice cream store by where i live called scoops
04:25 CSMonster i am a marksman only because markswoman is so awkward sounding :/
04:25 Superman13 great... people are gonna start calling me poops instead of soops lol
04:25 CSMonster LOL
04:25 RED_home I promise to always call you soops.
04:26 NeWtoz I have the best ice cream place about 1/2 hour away
04:26 Toastdude sorry.... lol
04:26 NeWtoz Kings Trading Post, in this little itty bitty town
04:26 Toastdude can i call you soops?
04:26 speedrunnerG55_ ill call you scoops
04:26 RED_home NO, MY SOOPS.
04:26 wannabe1987 lol
04:26 RED_home ^)^
04:26 RED_home ^_^
04:26 CSMonster can i call you The Big S?
04:26 Toastdude ok...... Fine.... lol
04:26 wannabe1987 i'll call you by your first name :D
04:26 Superman13 ^___ yes!!!!
04:27 RED_home (insert innaporopriate joke here, lol)
04:27 Superman13 you can call me by my first name... to bad you dont know it :p
04:27 RED_home I DO!
04:27 RED_home ^_^
04:27 CSMonster soup man.
04:27 speedrunnerG55_ DUN DUN DUUUUN'
04:27 RED_home iz legend
04:27 Superman13 Shh Red...iz legend
04:27 lwq1996_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:27 wannabe1987 hi
04:27 Toastdude Hi
04:27 Toastdude lol
04:27 RED_home that was freaky timing soops. lol
04:27 wannabe1987 lol
04:27 Superman13 thats why i'm superman
04:28 CSMonster oh god lwq1996_ is here, everyone pretend you don't see him and maybe he'll go away.  i mean OHAI LWQ
04:28 wannabe1987 why you say that?
04:28 wannabe1987 thats not nice...
04:28 speedrunnerG55_ LIQUID!
04:28 CSMonster why i say what?
04:28 CSMonster i said nothing.
04:29 speedrunnerG55_ XD
04:29 Superman13 MGS reference :D
04:29 RED_home I'LL SHOW YOU, BITCH.
04:29 RED_home GET ON MY LEVEL!
04:29 Superman13 i know you laughed when you said that red
04:30 RED_home Shuuut up. you know me too well.
04:30 speedrunnerG55_ i saw his name 1wq and thought LiQwid
04:30 Toastdude Why, are you shortish?
04:30 Superman13 *kneels down to red* Get on my level!
04:30 CSMonster waaaay too much cake.  this is going back in the fridge
04:30 Toastdude HI LWQ1996
04:30 Toastdude !!!!!
04:30 RED_home Kneeling, eh? Dirrty.
04:31 speedrunnerG55_ the cake is a lie
04:31 Superman13 i made a cake.... you be quiet about cake
04:31 lwq1996_ hey u guys talking bout me
04:31 speedrunnerG55_ maybe
04:31 Superman13 never
04:31 CSMonster no, we said nothing.
04:31 speedrunnerG55_ ok
04:31 CSMonster i plea the fifth.
04:31 wannabe1987 lol
04:31 Toastdude CSM?
04:31 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
04:32 Toastdude I said "HI LWQ1996"
04:32 wannabe1987 i said hi, lwq1996_
04:32 lwq1996_ im not stupid
04:32 CSMonster :D
04:32 Toastdude then "!!!!!"
04:32 lwq1996_ hi wannab
04:32 speedrunnerG55_ i want to ride my bycicle
04:32 lwq1996_ wannabe
04:32 wannabe1987 :)
04:32 speedrunnerG55_ i want to ride my bike
04:32 wannabe1987 how are you doing?
04:33 wannabe1987 i have that song in my head
04:33 wannabe1987 .yt queen i want to ride my bicycle
04:33 BotSteve wannabe1987:
04:33 lwq1996_ good good and u
04:33 CSMonster lol
04:33 wannabe1987 doing alright
04:33 RED_home dance dance, we're falling apart to half time.
04:33 CSMonster biiiiiiicyclerace
04:33 wannabe1987 yes...this song!
04:33 Toastdude Hey wannabe1987, dont give CSMonster e-hugs for an entire hour
04:33 lwq1996_ .yt i can ride my bike with no handle bars
04:33 BotSteve lwq1996_:
04:34 CSMonster for what!?
04:34 Toastdude idk......
04:34 RED_home -hugs CSMonster-
04:34 lwq1996_ lol
04:34 Toastdude I know, im just joking :)
04:34 Superman13 we got a great big convoy rocking through the night
04:34 RED_home EVER
04:34 RED_home EVER
04:34 RED_home EVER
04:34 CSMonster weeell... i did nothing wrong that you know about.
04:35 * wannabe1987 is applying for jobs in battle creek...why is it so far from GR?!
04:35 RED_home Hugs are glorious.
04:35 NeWtoz "we got ourselves a convoy"
04:35 Toastdude Can I be the one with the rocket launcher??
04:35 wannabe1987 hugs are the best thing ever...amen :bows:
04:35 Toastdude I know..... I love hugs
04:35 lwq1996_ i woulnt say the best thing....
04:35 Superman13 .yt c.w. mccall convoy
04:35 BotSteve Superman13:
04:36 CSMonster ohgodthatsong.
04:36 NeWtoz exactly
04:36 RED_home depends on who's hugging you
04:36 lwq1996_ yeah your right
04:36 Superman13 i'm a real life trucker...and i love that song lol
04:36 Toastdude Well, yeah
04:36 wannabe1987 lwq1996_ - why not the best thing?
04:36 NeWtoz song and movie
04:36 Superman13 among other amazing talents
04:37 lwq1996_ wannabe1987-think dirty thoughts
04:37 Superman13 ^when isnt she
04:37 RED_home I don't know that she knows how.
04:37 RED_home lol
04:37 Toastdude Hugs ARE the best thing
04:37 wannabe1987 lol  i don't want to...i did enough tonight w/ other peopl :P
04:37 Toastdude ....
04:37 RED_home woooah
04:37 wannabe1987 lol @ superman
04:37 RED_home children, wannabe. there are children
04:38 * CSMonster ...does not think hugs are the best thing
04:38 wannabe1987 not my fault i have dirty minded friends
04:38 NeWtoz PERV
04:38 RED_home CSMonster, you've never been hugged by me (yet)
04:38 wannabe1987 CSMonster - i bf is the same way
04:38 Superman13 don't you see at the top its rated r...
04:38 CSMonster lol
04:38 wannabe1987 lwq1996_ no violence please...
04:38 CSMonster that's fair RED_home
04:38 NeWtoz rated ARRRRRRRRRRr
04:38 RED_home FOR PIRATISM.
04:38 CSMonster sesame street presents software piracy brought to you by the letter aaaar?
04:38 wannabe1987 RED_home, the childeren are instigating the violence and dirty thoughts...what now?
04:38 * Toastdude keeps lwq1996 from slapping wannabe1987
04:39 RED_home That does not mean they're LEGAL.
04:39 RED_home Think of babysoops.
04:39 Superman13 what's a pirate say to kids when they are outside his house " Hey you kids get off me YARRRRRRD"
04:39 * lwq1996_ bitch slaps toastdude"stay the hell out of this"
04:39 wannabe1987 babysoops isn't here yet
04:39 * CSMonster sighs
04:39 CSMonster high school kids.
04:39 CSMonster can't live with em.
04:39 wannabe1987 ikr
04:39 RED_home IS STILL ALIVE.
04:39 wannabe1987 ok...
04:39 wannabe1987 OK RED_HOME
04:40 Toastdude "THIS WAS A TRIUMPH"
04:40 NeWtoz Why did the pirate speak so clearly? He was very ARRRRrrrrrticulate!
04:40 lwq1996_ ok im cool not gona slap anyone else
04:40 Superman13 still alive yes...but that baby hears worse since i watch r rated films
04:40 RED_home babysoops needs a themesong.
04:40 lwq1996_ omfg dont do the song
04:40 * wannabe1987 wants toastdude or superman13 (or livefiretj) to stay between her and lwq1996_
04:40 lwq1996_ .yt still alive-portal
04:40 BotSteve lwq1996_:
04:40 RED_home .yt baby superman
04:40 BotSteve RED_home:
04:40 Superman13 ^ LOL
04:40 Superman13 dang thats for lwq
04:40 Toastdude Should I stay out of it or help you, wannabe1987?
04:41 Superman13 and i will be wannabe1987
04:41 wannabe1987 save me save me!
04:41 * Toastdude saves wannabe
04:41 wannabe1987 thanks :D
04:41 Toastdude kinda...
04:41 Toastdude :D
04:41 wannabe1987 lol
04:41 Superman13 .yt remy zero save me
04:41 BotSteve Superman13:
04:41 lwq1996_ **facepalm**
04:41 wannabe1987 RED_home - interesting link
04:42 lwq1996_ RED_home-you guys are doing filming tomorrow right
04:42 wannabe1987 ooo a job working with developmentally disabled adults :D
04:42 RED_home idk, probably.
04:42 RED_home or not.
04:42 RED_home who knows
04:42 lwq1996_ lol
04:42 CSMonster wannabe1987: isn't that what you're already doing here?
04:42 Toastdude Hey wannabe
04:42 Superman13 that clip was only stupid because its from the one with richard pryor... but a great choice Red_home
04:42 Toastdude ,
04:43 wannabe1987 right here in this chat?  possibly
04:43 CSMonster lol
04:43 Toastdude And he drops the baby.....
04:43 Toastdude jk
04:43 RED_home it wasn't really a baby, it was more of a toddlekid
04:44 Superman13 "You've got me.. who's got you?"
04:44 RED_home no one :(
04:44 lwq1996_ awe
04:44 speedrunnerG55_ thats a nice home you have there
04:44 Toastdude Well, yeah
04:44 speedrunnerG55_ ssssssssssssssssssssssss
04:44 wannabe1987 awwww noone has red...:(
04:45 Superman13 i've got RED_home
04:45 Superman13 and also
04:45 speedrunnerG55_ "has ed?"
04:45 lwq1996_ if i was older i would have red
04:45 speedrunnerG55_ red
04:45 speedrunnerG55_ what do you mean has red
04:45 lwq1996_ idk
04:45 RED_home ohhhh really lwq1996 ?
04:46 Toastdude RED deserves someone awesome
04:46 lwq1996_ ok i would like to have red
04:46 Toastdude Cause she is awesome
04:46 lwq1996_ yep
04:46 wannabe1987 ummmm
04:46 Superman13 agreed
04:46 wannabe1987 :awkward: anyone?
04:47 lwq1996_ shes what keeps tgg together
04:47 Toastdude Someone her age.. maybe?
04:47 wannabe1987 she is awesome, yes...but ya'lls too young!
04:47 lwq1996_ ik
04:47 * CSMonster stopped paying attention
04:47 CSMonster what's going on now?
04:47 Superman13 all ya'lls young lol
04:47 wannabe1987 dont' blame you
04:47 exor674 yay I found my glasses!
04:47 lwq1996_ any say in here red
04:47 wannabe1987 superman...i'm only 4 years younger than you, not like...14 years younger like the others....
04:47 exor674 ( I *did* sleep with them last night oops! ... but they didn't get damaged )
04:47 Toastdude Randomnessssssssssssssssssss
04:47 CSMonster dyslexia strikes again.  i thought exor674 just found her gayness.
04:48 RED_home Um. CSMonster - I have no idea what's going on.
04:48 wannabe1987 lol yay
04:48 Toastdude lol
04:48 RED_home But people would like to have me?
04:48 wannabe1987 they're fighting over red_home
04:48 RED_home Confusion?
04:48 exor674 CSMonster: I found *that* many many years ago
04:48 CSMonster don't feel bad RED_home neither do i
04:48 CSMonster LOL
04:48 speedrunnerG55_ what do you mean "have red"
04:48 wannabe1987 like when i'm dating tj...he's "mine"
04:48 wannabe1987 i have him
04:48 speedrunnerG55_ what does it take to have red
04:48 Superman13 wannabe... your still younger... when you were born i was in kindergarten....
04:48 Toastdude "Owning" RED would be sexest.....
04:48 lwq1996_ as a gf wannabe
04:49 wannabe1987 lots of skill and luck..they're hard to catch, reds
04:49 CSMonster so what you're saying is... is anyone here seeing red?
04:49 wannabe1987 lol
04:49 RED_home ....goes and hides in a corner....
04:49 CSMonster doh!
04:49 Superman13 not really... Toastdude...she likes being times LOL
04:49 wannabe1987 i see her at the lab
04:49 RED_home SOOPS.
04:49 RED_home SHH.
04:49 exor674 aw don't scare red off :'(
04:49 wannabe1987 LOL
04:49 CSMonster you're making RED_home blush.  knock it off
04:49 wannabe1987 red_home i'm sorry
04:49 Toastdude I'm sorry RED
04:49 speedrunnerG55_ why we talking about owning red
04:49 lwq1996_ **murmers**sorry red
04:49 Toastdude idk
04:50 Superman13 luv ya red :)
04:50 speedrunnerG55_ red is a person, people cant be owned
04:50 speedrunnerG55_ only in gamming
04:50 lwq1996_ lol
04:50 wannabe1987 right...ok
04:50 NeWtoz and 3rd world countries
04:50 wannabe1987 i dunno, when i'm working for one company...they own me...and my soul
04:50 speedrunnerG55_ t_t
04:50 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
04:51 wannabe1987 don't talk about haiti like that!
04:51 * CSMonster winces in pain
04:51 Toastdude People can be pwned, but not owned
04:51 CSMonster ................ow :(
04:51 wannabe1987 why pain?
04:51 wannabe1987 what'd you do????? :(
04:51 exor674 CSMonster: you okay?
04:51 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
04:51 exor674 ( yeah yeah i know dumb question )
04:51 RED_home Is it safe to come back yet?
04:51 wannabe1987 (its ok...we all ask them)
04:51 RED_home lol/
04:51 speedrunnerG55_ sc monster wahts wrong
04:51 wannabe1987 yes red its safe
04:51 lwq1996_ can we not scare red shes not a dog
04:51 CSMonster i let the bolt on my AR slam home right next to my head.  hearing damage without the fun of actually shooting :/
04:51 RED_home mkie cool.
04:52 wannabe1987 awww :(
04:52 RED_home Thank you for saying I'm not a dog? I'm pretty sure that was common
04:52 RED_home I am alll Woman.
04:52 Toastdude Sorry CSM
04:52 lwq1996_ sorry by that i mean she cant be owned
04:52 wannabe1987 lol
04:53 lwq1996_ i bored anyone else
04:53 RED_home Change of subject from people owning Red...Unicorns.
04:53 RED_home they have...tails.
04:54 wannabe1987 ITS SO FLUFFY I'M GONNA DIE
04:54 speedrunnerG55_ ....cs monster, did you join my server?
04:54 lwq1996_ lol
04:54 CSMonster what server?
04:54 speedrunnerG55_ minecraft
04:54 CSMonster no, i don't play MC
04:54 Toastdude DOUBLE RAINBOW!!!
04:54 * exor674 hugs RED_home and protects her from the skerry skerry people
04:54 Superman13 OMG it's full on
04:54 speedrunnerG55_ all the way
04:54 speedrunnerG55_ across the sky
04:54 RED_home lol, thanks exor674
04:55 CSMonster skerry people?
04:55 * wannabe1987 hates skerry people
04:55 * wannabe1987 wishes lwq1996_ would get rid of the _
04:55 exor674 yeah, lwq1996_ -- you seem to have a tail
04:55 lwq1996_ ok them
04:55 exor674 not sure if you've realized
04:55 lwq1996_ lol
04:55 lwq1996_ is now known as lwq1996
04:55 Toastdude wannabe1987: What about scary people?
04:55 lwq1996 nope didnt realise
04:55 wannabe1987 he better not be furry...with that tail
04:56 CSMonster not scary, skerry.
04:56 wannabe1987 those frighten me more....toastdude...thats what boyfriends are for, right?  and other male housemates
04:56 speedrunnerG55_ wanabe who do you want to be
04:56 lwq1996 lol
04:56 exor674 people from a small rocky island too small for habitation/
04:56 CSMonster what exactly this means, scientists have still not determined.
04:56 Toastdude to ward off skerry and scary people?
04:56 CSMonster lwq1996 is a furry?
04:56 wannabe1987 what do i want to be?  i want to be someone who works in a psych ward or with people with emotional issues
04:56 wannabe1987 yes...
04:57 wannabe1987 and the shotgun...that helps too :P
04:57 CSMonster shotguns can solve most problems.
04:57 Toastdude And the tank.....
04:57 Toastdude lol
04:57 wannabe1987 yes...they can
04:57 Superman13 is it bad i want to run through a dark psych ward with a werewolf costume on...
04:57 * lwq1996 DOES NOT HAVE A FURRY TAIL.....anymore -.-
04:58 speedrunnerG55_ tanks and plaves solve the rest
04:58 Toastdude So can a .50 cal.....
04:58 speedrunnerG55_ planes
04:58 RED_home Do you boys ever wish that you could be some chick's bra?
04:58 * wannabe1987 is gonna watch a movie...should i watch startrek 08, 09, or cloudy with a chance of meatballs
04:58 wannabe1987 yes superman
04:58 lwq1996 lol
04:58 Superman13 CLOUDY
04:58 Toastdude lwq1996 does
04:58 lwq1996 and yes
04:58 wannabe1987 lol @ red
04:58 lwq1996 shut up-.-
04:58 wannabe1987 lol
04:58 Toastdude TOLD THE FUTURE!
04:58 Toastdude lol :)
04:58 wannabe1987 lol
04:58 lwq1996 shutup or i will slap u again
04:59 wannabe1987 anyone else on what movie i should watch?
04:59 lwq1996 toastdude
04:59 * wannabe1987 cowers from the slapping
04:59 wannabe1987 >.<
04:59 steve_afk STEVE!
04:59 CSMonster toastdude, you couldn't even rack the bolt on the ma'.
04:59 wannabe1987 STEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04:59 speedrunnerG55_ STEVE!!!!!!!!!
04:59 lwq1996 wannabe i wasnt gona slap u
04:59 speedrunnerG55_ 111
04:59 lwq1996 it was toast
04:59 Superman13 LICK LICK LICK LICK LICK Gummy BEAR!!!
04:59 * Toastdude protects wannabe from the slapping..... again
04:59 wannabe1987 lwq1996 - so?  i dislike confrontation
04:59 lwq1996 is steve back>
04:59 RED_home CSMonster, how would you feel if your bra was a person?
04:59 speedrunnerG55_ hi steve
05:00 * Toastdude also ducks...
05:00 steve_afk hello
05:00 wannabe1987 steve_afk is n't afk anymore
05:00 CSMonster seeing how i have issues with intimate contact, VERY UNHAPPY.  and stabby.
05:00 lwq1996 hi steve and STEVE YOU BROKE IT!!!!!
05:00 RED_home What if I was your bra? ;)
05:00 RED_home lol.
05:00 lwq1996 whats afk mean anyway?
05:00 wannabe1987 lol
05:00 lwq1996 lol
05:00 RED_home away from keys
05:00 CSMonster well, that would be totally okay
05:00 wannabe1987 Away From Keyboard
05:00 steve_afk is now known as steve_____
05:00 Toastdude Is that console Steve?
05:01 lwq1996 yep
05:01 steve_____ ya
05:01 * wannabe1987 is watching step up 2
05:01 wannabe1987 :P
05:01 RED_home ^_^
05:01 lwq1996 steve watch out i slap people
05:01 NeWtoz there's your problem
05:01 RED_home hi steve'
05:01 * steve_____ ducks
05:01 lwq1996 except girls
05:01 wannabe1987 then why do you slap me? if you don't slap girls you shouldn't slap me...
05:01 * lwq1996 didnt hit steve.......yet
05:02 lwq1996 your a girl
05:02 Toastdude Thanks for playing awesome music for us, steve_____
05:02 speedrunnerG55_ aplles from kenya
05:02 wannabe1987 YES
05:02 lwq1996 well nice girls i dont slap
05:02 wannabe1987 I HAVE BOOBS
05:02 lwq1996 lol
05:02 wannabe1987 i am nice, right red_home?
05:02 speedrunnerG55_ ^0_0
05:02 NeWtoz BOOBIES
05:02 Toastdude Thats........ nice...... lol
05:02 CSMonster lwq1996 still thinks there are no grrls on the internetz
05:02 lwq1996 i have man boobs does that count me as a girl
05:02 speedrunnerG55_ ok......
05:02 wannabe1987 no
05:02 lwq1996 ok then
05:02 speedrunnerG55_ wow
05:02 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
05:03 wannabe1987 BATSTEVE!
05:03 wannabe1987 hi
05:03 speedrunnerG55_ hi batsteve
05:03 RED_home hiii
05:03 BatSteve Best backlog of them all.
05:03 Toastdude HI BATSTEVE!!!
05:03 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:03Z, mikemol asked me to tell you to have "I just lost the game" as a Seroster greeting message.
05:03 wannabe1987 lol
05:03 CSMonster LOL
05:03 speedrunnerG55_ batsteve save us from this madness
05:03 BatSteve ok
05:04 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
05:04 BatSteve hm
05:04 exor674 lol
05:04 BatSteve did it work?
05:04 lwq1996 im bored and didnt know wannabe was a girl
05:04 BatSteve lwq1996: pay more attention.  it's not like she kept it a secret
05:04 wannabe1987 you're friends with me on facebook and you didn't know that?  thats sad...
05:04 Superman13 LOL
05:04 lwq1996 oh yeah i forgot
05:04 lwq1996 sorry
05:05 wannabe1987 :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm:
05:05 * exor674 head... desk
05:05 Toastdude I didnt know you were a girl, wannabe1987, before this
05:05 wannabe1987 i picture isn't of me, no, but still
05:05 * CSMonster sighs
05:05 lwq1996 ik i forgot
05:05 wannabe1987 happens...i make it pretty clear i'm not a man...
05:05 speedrunnerG55_ .....
05:05 lwq1996 i was wondering who that girl i added was
05:05 RED_home sometimes...
05:05 Toastdude wow.....
05:05 NeWtoz I'm a manly man
05:05 wannabe1987 red_home, exor674, and CSMonster - i'm scared/worried
05:06 CSMonster you should be.
05:06 RED_home is now known as RED_washing
05:06 CSMonster who else was it that was female that you mentioned?
05:06 RED_washing is now known as RED_washinghair
05:06 RED_washinghair Be back guys.
05:06 wannabe1987 dr_jkl
05:06 wannabe1987 kk red
05:06 BatSteve I wonder what Red is doing...
05:06 BatSteve (:
05:06 speedrunnerG55_ kk red
05:06 wannabe1987 lol
05:06 dr_jkl hi?
05:06 CSMonster no i know dr_jkl is but there was another person
05:06 dr_jkl who said my name?
05:06 speedrunnerG55_ washing her hair
05:06 wannabe1987 dagnyscott
05:06 CSMonster dr_jkl: EVERYONE
05:06 wannabe1987 (who the girls are...sorry)
05:06 Toastdude wannabe did
05:06 CSMonster yes, dagnyscott.
05:07 BatSteve CSMonster: was it ravezombie?
05:07 BatSteve oh
05:07 wannabe1987 she doesn't exist anymore
05:07 NeWtoz zombies and shotguns
05:07 wannabe1987 NERF
05:08 CSMonster and then there's sasha, who is not a person but just one huge prick.
05:08 speedrunnerG55_ zomb?
05:08 wannabe1987 lol
05:08 wannabe1987 yes
05:08 wannabe1987 sasha= girl?
05:08 lwq1996 lol
05:08 CSMonster idk.
05:08 Superman13 we need zomb this weekend...dang it
05:08 lwq1996 i think shes a bot
05:08 CSMonster sasha = asshole, from what i've seen.
05:08 Toastdude wannabe1987: lwq1996, dr_jkl, and exor674
05:09 lwq1996 hey im not a girl
05:09 speedrunnerG55_ ive been told i look like gordon freeman
05:09 wannabe1987 what toastdude?
05:09 Toastdude lwq1996: i know :)
05:09 lwq1996 i may have man boobs but im not a girl
05:09 wannabe1987 superman - agreed
05:09 wannabe1987 moobs
05:09 DruidicRifleman i wanna make a Nerf auto cocker version of this
05:09 Toastdude lol
05:10 wannabe1987 not man boobs, moobs
05:10 Toastdude moobs :P
05:10 dr_jkl i just realized my av is a sketch of me
05:10 Toastdude thats funny
05:10 dr_jkl sec, i'll find you a real pic
05:10 * lwq1996 may have to make an acception to the hitting no girls
05:10 CSMonster lwq1996: who?
05:11 NeWtoz only in the bedroom
05:11 lwq1996 now who just said i have moobs
05:11 Toastdude Not me.....
05:11 wannabe1987 he wants to continue to slap me...thats awkward cuz i'm 10 yrs older
05:11 CSMonster lol
05:11 wannabe1987 you said you have moobs
05:11 Superman13 dang kids...
05:11 Toastdude lol
05:11 CSMonster children please.
05:11 Toastdude You were a kid once
05:11 lwq1996 does anyone else wana kick the 10yr old
05:11 wannabe1987 i think so
05:11 Toastdude ..... i think..... jk
05:12 CSMonster settle down, or no one gets icecream later.
05:12 steve_____ stop slapping eachother with fishes
05:12 wannabe1987 i can get my own icecream, CSMonster
05:12 Superman13 haven't been a kid for quite a while...
05:12 Toastdude 10 yr OLDER
05:12 NeWtoz I'm a kid everyday
05:12 CSMonster i was a kid once.  then i woke up
05:12 Superman13 like big?
05:12 CSMonster lol
05:12 Toastdude Were you dreaming?
05:13 lwq1996 so wannabe your kelly
05:13 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
05:13 wannabe1987 yessir
05:13 lwq1996 just checked fb
05:13 wannabe1987 no last names here tho
05:13 Cprossu damn this IRC is becoming a liability
05:13 lwq1996 ik
05:13 wannabe1987 kk
05:13 Cprossu slowly but surely
05:13 Toastdude Hi cprossu
05:13 BatSteve Cprossu: ?
05:13 CSMonster irc is a dangerous thing in the wrong hands.
05:13 RED_washinghair is now known as RED_home
05:13 wannabe1987 lol
05:13 CSMonster OHAI RED_home
05:13 Cprossu with the 10 year olds and such hanging around now
05:13 wannabe1987 wb red
05:13 speedrunnerG55_ well then i have to go
05:13 Toastdude Hi again RED_home
05:13 RED_home OH HAI
05:13 lwq1996 hmmm wannabe is 10yrs old and is in a relationship
05:13 speedrunnerG55_ reds back!
05:14 RED_home Hey guys.
05:14 wannabe1987 whered that come from...
05:14 speedrunnerG55_ hi red :3
05:14 lwq1996 fb
05:14 RED_home I now have one GIANT section of blond hair.
05:14 Toastdude She's 10 yrs older than you....
05:14 steve_____ wb, hello
05:14 wannabe1987 no...
05:14 wannabe1987 what toast said
05:14 RED_home it shall soon be blue, or purple, I've yet to decide.
05:14 CSMonster yeah we have what, a 13yo, two 14yos, and a 16yo?  this IS an R-rated channel...
05:14 wannabe1987 you need reading comprehension
05:14 NeWtoz ARRRRRRrrrr
05:14 Toastdude lol
05:14 lwq1996 damn i didnt see the er in older
05:14 wannabe1987 purple!
05:15 steve_____ puce?
05:15 Toastdude No pirate language, NeWtoz
05:15 Cprossu purple with blue highlights?
05:15 CSMonster lwq1996 needs to get hooked on phonics.
05:15 NeWtoz :(
05:15 CSMonster ....does that show my age?
05:15 wannabe1987 i'm def 24 yrs old
05:15 speedrunnerG55_ dye it black
05:15 * lwq1996 slaps CSMonster
05:15 * exor674 24 too
05:15 speedrunnerG55_ or dye it white
05:15 NeWtoz 25! I win
05:15 Toastdude I used phonics, Csmonster...... but i was homeschooled
05:16 * exor674 will be 25 in August
05:16 lwq1996 IM NOT A GIRL x(
05:16 Cprossu there�s an ebay seller that sells replacement LCD�s....but they have a simulated pic of a girl with blue hair
05:16 Cprossu wtf
05:16 * CSMonster knocks lwq1996 in the head with a rifle butt
05:16 RED_home I could totally rock the blond thing....This summer, Red is going Blond.
05:16 wannabe1987 photo red!
05:16 speedrunnerG55_ nuuuuu
05:16 Superman13 27...gonna be 28 in like 18 days
05:16 wannabe1987 NeWotz - supreman has you beat...see?
05:16 RED_home it's only a section that's blond right now, wannabe1987
05:16 wannabe1987 so?
05:16 speedrunnerG55_ im still 18 :D
05:16 NeWtoz YOU'RE OLD
05:17 CSMonster seroster is 18.  and wants to screw everything that moves.  and it's getting annoying.
05:17 Superman13 NeWtoz... yep...
05:17 * wannabe1987 is happy with her age
05:17 lwq1996 LOL
05:17 DruidicRifleman ? where do nerf relaited TGG questiosn go?
05:18 RED_home your picture has been facebooked wannabe1987
05:18 CSMonster lwq1996: i am female, i am 24 years old, and i am very heavily armed.  it would not be in your best interest to try to slap me.
05:18 wannabe1987 i noticed
05:18 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
05:18 Cprossu I have no clue, but the barricade rv-10 is an awesome piece of nerf, especially when modified
05:18 wannabe1987 hi WB1A2
05:18 RED_home CSMonster - i bet the reprocussions would be fun though ;)
05:18 Cprossu I still think it would be cool to make a chain loader for it
05:18 Superman13 hell i can always age myself by saying i remember teenage mutant ninja turtles when it used to come on and i was in the burger king kids club
05:18 Cprossu since the �pitching mechanism� is so tiny
05:18 * lwq1996 thinks that he should be more aware of peoples gender
05:18 RED_home so was i
05:18 NeWtoz turtles in a half shell, TURTLE POWER
05:18 RED_home and you're 10 years older than me
05:18 CSMonster not for a 14 year old boy they wouldn't, RED_home
05:19 Superman13 tmnt first run though
05:19 RED_home no, but for me.
05:19 RED_home MUAHAHA.
05:19 steve_____ just modded a nite finder this week, works fairly well
05:19 * Toastdude agrees with lwq1996 about the gender thing
05:19 exor674 no, you should pay attention as we've mentioned these things at least 3 times tonight.
05:19 Cprossu I found a solution to worrying about gender, talk to everyone the same =P
05:19 Cprossu at least on the internet it seems to work
05:19 CSMonster Cprossu has it figured out.
05:19 Toastdude lol
05:19 CSMonster what i don't have figured out is how to say Cprossu
05:19 Cprossu See Pross You
05:20 CSMonster okay, i was close.
05:20 wannabe1987 lol
05:20 BatSteve dag.  I've been saying it wrong since Schipper's Street Labs
05:20 Cprossu we actually had someone here in irc figure out what my name was even
05:20 DruidicRifleman CSmonster if LWQ1996 tries something Video tape his ass getting kicked so people can laugh at him
05:20 wannabe1987 i remember that!
05:20 CSMonster i was saying sip-ross-oo
05:20 Cprossu good enough lol
05:21 wannabe1987 i wasn't really saying anything :P
05:21 * lwq1996 feels rejected :(
05:21 BatSteve "C. P. Rosseau" is how I hear it in my brain
05:21 CSMonster druid, i wouldn't want to create any incriminating evidence that i had to beat up a minor.
05:21 BatSteve ...don't judge me
05:21 Cprossu lol like robinson curusao or something
05:21 BatSteve yeah
05:21 Cprossu you know when I first came up with it
05:21 Cprossu I had to decide how I was going to pronounce it
05:22 CSMonster or rather... sip-roe-sue is what i thought.
05:22 Cprossu true story
05:22 CSMonster lol
05:22 CSMonster how and why?
05:22 Cprossu CSMonster: if you keep irc logs it�s in there somewhere
05:22 speedrunnerG55_ anyone want to join my minecraft server?
05:22 Cprossu but it�s a castaway (joke hahah) from the compuserve days
05:22 CSMonster the how and why of Cprossu?
05:22 CSMonster i don't keep logs.
05:23 Cprossu ahh
05:23 Cprossu Ok, back in the day
05:23 CSMonster and idk how to access the public log for TGG
05:23 wannabe1987 lwq1996 - check PMs
05:23 BatSteve .history
05:23 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
05:23 Cprossu I got a compuserve account
05:23 lwq1996 .tfw irvona pennsylcania
05:23 speedrunnerG55_ red want to join my minecraft server?
05:23 BotSteve Unknown location
05:23 RED_home is now known as Red_Ivy
05:23 speedrunnerG55_ lol
05:23 Cprossu I needed a screename for it
05:23 Cprossu so I went through my list of idea, all were taken
05:23 CSMonster ohai botsteve
05:23 BotSteve Cheers CSMonster
05:23 Red_Ivy not really....I'm more of a singleplayer on minecraft
05:23 speedrunnerG55_ ok
05:23 Cprossu then I decided (keep in mind I was like 8 or 9 at the time)
05:23 DruidicRifleman Cprossu check PM
05:23 lwq1996 .tfw irvona pennsylvania
05:23 Cprossu checking
05:24 Cprossu so anyway
05:24 Cprossu I decided if I was gonna have a geek screename
05:24 Cprossu it better be named after a damn important computer part
05:24 * Toastdude feels left out.... ish
05:25 Cprossu thus cpu was too short, and centralprocessingunit was too long
05:25 Cprossu ^yes I tried
05:25 CSMonster LOL
05:25 wannabe1987 toastdude - not you too!
05:25 Cprossu thus-
05:25 CSMonster okay
05:25 Cprossu C Pross U
05:25 CSMonster got it.
05:25 dr_jkl here. this is me.
05:25 Toastdude What, wannabe1987?
05:25 CSMonster ohai dr_jkl
05:25 wannabe1987 being left out
05:25 wannabe1987 hi dr_jkl
05:25 Toastdude Oh...
05:25 Toastdude lol
05:26 Toastdude i said -ish.....
05:26 wannabe1987 lol i know
05:26 Toastdude :)
05:27 Cprossu you know I just realized I don�t think I�ve got my face many places on the internet
05:27 CSMonster i'm happy.  in the last 11 years, NO WHERE i have been online has anyone else registered the name Caspian Sea Monster or any variation of it.
05:27 DruidicRifleman thinks i saw dr_jkl on another site are you from fortlaugherdale
05:28 Cprossu oh wait
05:28 Cprossu I did win a contest a year or two ago
05:28 Cprossu I bet there�s a pic of me there
05:29 Red_Ivy We all knwo what I look like...
05:29 Red_Ivy stupid internet
05:29 Red_Ivy lol
05:29 DruidicRifleman your famous and people love you though
05:29 dr_jkl DruidicRifleman: possibly. what site was it?
05:29 Red_Ivy For those who don't want the stream...I'll share:
05:30 CSMonster Red_Hot
05:30 CSMonster >.>
05:30 BatSteve :]
05:30 lwq1996 lol
05:30 Red_Ivy (Blushes)
05:31 BatSteve ( is now wishing he thought of that first )
05:31 CSMonster lol
05:31 wannabe1987 lol
05:32 Toastdude lol
05:32 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
05:33 Cprossu fuck the internet
05:33 wannabe1987 loly
05:33 Superman13 *yawn*
05:33 Cprossu <- Im the left most one at the table
05:33 DruidicRifleman ^agres with the gun toating monster^
05:34 Cprossu with the glasses
05:34 wannabe1987 ahhh
05:34 wannabe1987 i'm all over the internets (picture wise)
05:34 Cprossu and those are the two re re�s I got a scolarship for
05:34 Cprossu good time
05:34 Cprossu we (as in I) did it 2 times too
05:35 CSMonster Cprossu is a little hairy.
05:35 Cprossu even gives my name which no one spells right
05:35 Cprossu (Lewton)
05:35 CSMonster no one in IRC has a name.
05:35 Cprossu I have to resort to telling people that it�s like �Newton� only with the primary N replaced with an L
05:35 wannabe1987 i do...
05:35 CSMonster in death, a member of IRC has a name.  this man's name was Robert Paulson.
05:36 Cprossu I still was pissed off that day
05:36 Cprossu due to screw ups
05:36 Cprossu we took a whole 11 minutes to build that computer
05:36 * wannabe1987 read "robert pattison" and was confused for a sec...sorry CSMonster
05:36 Cprossu we shoulda done it in 7
05:36 CSMonster LOL
05:36 Toastdude ok.... lol
05:36 BatSteve fight club?
05:37 wannabe1987 huh?
05:37 Red_Ivy Red is bleaching more sections of her hair just for Superman13 - be back soon/.
05:37 BatSteve "'I'm pretty sure the robert paulsen line was from Fight Club
05:37 BatSteve But I'm not sure.
05:37 * wannabe1987 has never seen fight club...but its on the "too watch" list...
05:37 Superman13 yay!!!!! Red_Ivy!!!
05:37 Cprossu you know I think I looked less grizzeled in 2009 than I do today
05:37 CSMonster .....yes, it is from fight club.
05:37 Red_Ivy Cprossu you're cute, it's okay.
05:37 CSMonster lol
05:38 CSMonster pop quiz: what is the 8th rule of fight club?
05:38 Cprossu CSMonster: see rule # 35, everything is rule #35
05:38 Cprossu at least before 4chan took over
05:39 BatSteve I think it's "no shirts"
05:39 Cprossu now I don�t know what to think
05:39 CSMonster
05:39 CSMonster and no.
05:39 wannabe1987 lol
05:39 wannabe1987 what about rule #34?
05:39 CSMonster no shirts was a rule but i don't remember which one.  but not 1 2 or 8
05:39 BatSteve oh.
05:39 Cprossu I don�t know what it used to be before 4chan either
05:39 Superman13 this is me lol;set=a.10150284592195195.515907.611150194&amp;type=1
05:39 Cprossu I know what 35 was
05:39 BatSteve in that case it's "fights will go on as long as they have to"
05:40 CSMonster nope, not that either.  but that is another rule
05:40 BatSteve buggr
05:40 Cprossu lol I don�t have a facebook account, thankfully
05:40 CSMonster 1 - you do not talk about fight club.
05:40 CSMonster 2 - you do not talk about fight club.
05:40 CSMonster 3 - if someone says stop, goes limp, or taps out, the fight is over.
05:40 CSMonster 4 - only 2 guys to a fight
05:40 CSMonster 5- only one fight at a time
05:40 CSMonster 6 - no shirts and no shoes
05:40 lwq1996 omfg family guy
05:41 CSMonster 7 - fights will go on as long as they have to.
05:41 Cprossu I think I see a botsteve addition in progress
05:41 CSMonster LOL
05:41 Toastdude nice
05:41 Cprossu .fc
05:41 CSMonster and what is the 8th rule?
05:41 BatSteve Oh!
05:41 BatSteve hahahahha
05:41 * BatSteve knows it now
05:41 CSMonster :D
05:41 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:41 Cprossu oooh yeah
05:41 Cprossu I remember it too
05:42 wannabe1987 lol
05:42 BatSteve "If this is your first night at book have to talk"
05:42 CSMonster and wannabe1987 doesn't know it.  poor wanna
05:42 CSMonster LMAO
05:42 Cprossu rofl
05:42 wannabe1987 its ok...i'll survive
05:43 CSMonster 8 - if it's your first night, you HAVE to fight.
05:43 * lwq1996 thinks he should go to sleep
05:43 * lwq1996 but woulnt
05:43 Cprossu �if this is your first night at linux club... you have to compile your kernel yourself� =P
05:43 wannabe1987 lol
05:43 CSMonster lol, yeah i would fail at linux club.
05:44 BatSteve I'm annoyed.  I got 6 AND 7 but I missed the easy one
05:44 Toastdude lol.... I have Ubuntu on this compooper
05:44 Superman13 alot closer to how i look now
05:44 wannabe1987 CSMonster - same
05:44 BatSteve How many people would remember the no shirts rule?
05:44 BatSteve argh
05:44 wannabe1987 what a bout a not pants rule?
05:44 CSMonster lol
05:45 CSMonster
05:46 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
05:46 wannabe1987 hi cj1corbystarlet
05:46 Cj1corbystarlet Hello peoples
05:46 BotSteve Cj1corbystarlet: At 01:26Z, mman454-mobile asked me to tell you What do you do for work?
05:47 Red_Ivy Hi zer starshine
05:48 Red_Ivy fight club would be completely different if they all fought naked.
05:48 wannabe1987 lol
05:49 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
05:49 lwq1996 O_O dirty red
05:49 CSMonster fight club would be....... i would not watch fight club if they all fought naked.
05:49 Toastdude quite different....
05:50 Sgt_Lemming eh
05:50 Sgt_Lemming wouldn't bother me
05:50 Cj1corbystarlet Is there any command to get the specific bot command list ?
05:50 Red_Ivy There would be too many things flying around.
05:50 Toastdude lol
05:51 lwq1996 wow
05:51 wannabe1987 lol
05:51 BatSteve Cj1corbystarlet: not yet.  documentation is always the last thing to be written
05:51 Red_Ivy you know you were thinking it
05:51 Toastdude ....
05:51 lwq1996 i was
05:51 wannabe1987 lol
05:51 Toastdude that was actually pretty funny
05:52 Cj1corbystarlet Ahh no probs :)    How do i send a message to a member for delivery on their return ?
05:52 BatSteve you say "BotSteve: tell <name>  <message>"
05:52 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Cj1corbystarlet something cool
05:52 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cj1corbystarlet is around.
05:52 Cj1corbystarlet roger
05:52 BotSteve Cj1corbystarlet: At 05:52Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you something cool
05:52 BatSteve or if it's a question, you can say
05:52 wannabe1987 lol
05:52 BatSteve BotSteve: ask Cj1corbystarlet something you want to know
05:52 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cj1corbystarlet is around.
05:53 wannabe1987 and its capitilization sensitive
05:53 Red_Ivy BotSteve: tell CSMonster hello.
05:53 BotSteve Red_Ivy: I'll pass that on when CSMonster is around.
05:53 BatSteve it is caps sensitive
05:53 Red_Ivy WOAH
05:54 BatSteve the fact that red is surprised by this indicates that I need to write better documentation.
05:54 BatSteve ):
05:54 CSMonster and the message is delivered the next time botsteve sees you say something, like this
05:54 BotSteve CSMonster: At 05:53Z, Red_Ivy asked me to tell you hello.
05:54 CSMonster lol
05:54 Red_Ivy !!!!
05:54 Cj1corbystarlet Cheers
05:54 BotSteve Cj1corbystarlet: At 05:52Z, BatSteve asked me to ask you something you want to know
05:54 Red_Ivy SO COOL
05:54 NeWtoz it doesn't work in a PM
05:54 NeWtoz shucks
05:54 BatSteve sure it does
05:54 Toastdude BotSteve: Tell everyone hello
05:54 BotSteve Toastdude: I'll pass that on when everyone is around.
05:55 NeWtoz I just tried
05:55 wannabe1987 .;
05:55 wannabe1987 is now known as everyone
05:55 everyone lol
05:55 BatSteve NeWtoz: really?
05:55 BotSteve everyone: At 05:54Z, Toastdude asked me to Tell you hello
05:55 CSMonster botsteve isn't yet capable of kicking people, is he?
05:55 everyone see?  it works!
05:55 Toastdude lol
05:55 everyone is now known as wannabe1987
05:55 Toastdude Thanks :)
05:55 wannabe1987 yw
05:55 Toastdude :)
05:56 Cj1corbystarlet BotSteve: tell mman454-mobile I'm a Industrial Electrical fitter/ Mechanic
05:56 BotSteve Cj1corbystarlet: I'll pass that on when mman454-mobile is around.
05:56 Red_Ivy You make me wanna lala, in the kitchen on the floor, i'll be your best friend, when you meet me at the door. I'm like an alley cat.
05:56 CSMonster was kicked by BotSteve: The
05:56 wannabe1987 ,,,
05:56 NeWtoz hmm, couldn't get it to work
05:56 BotSteve NeWtoz: At 05:55Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you I implemented this in a PM
05:56 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
05:56 CSMonster ....i'll take that as a yes.
05:56 BatSteve CSMonster: the answer to your question is yes
05:56 BatSteve (:
05:56 wannabe1987 wb
05:56 lwq1996 Botsteve: tell name messagelol
05:56 Red_Ivy DUN DUN DUUUN
05:56 CSMonster bye botsteve
05:56 lwq1996 sorry damn
05:56 lwq1996 lol
05:56 NeWtoz weird, I wonder why it doesn't like me then
05:56 CSMonster damn it doesn't do it
05:57 dr_jkl yawn
05:57 lwq1996 whats the command for that
05:57 BatSteve NeWtoz: you have to get the caps exactly right
05:57 lwq1996 hwo do u kick people
05:57 CSMonster by being in charge
05:57 NeWtoz /msg BotSteve tell NeWtoz you are a very sexy man
05:58 BatSteve NeWtoz: /msg BotSteve: tell NeWtoz you are a very sexy man
05:58 Toastdude lol
05:58 NeWtoz BotSteve tell NeWtoz you are a very sexy man
05:59 NeWtoz BotSteve: tell NeWtoz you are a very sexy man
05:59 BotSteve You can tell yourself that.
05:59 wannabe1987 lol
05:59 BatSteve there you go
05:59 Toastdude Owned
05:59 CSMonster LMAO
05:59 Superman13 alrighty everyone... i got a need for speed... wait strike that. sleep yeah... sleep.. so you all take care and i'll see ya'll later
05:59 Cj1corbystarlet Pnwd
05:59 wannabe1987 night superman13 :)
05:59 wannabe1987 take care
05:59 lwq1996 see you later
06:00 CSMonster and you can /query botsteve
06:00 Toastdude bye pooperscooperman13!
06:00 CSMonster bye soop
06:00 lwq1996 tonight is fun on the irc
06:00 wannabe1987 is :D
06:00 Toastdude Yes it is
06:00 Toastdude :D
06:00 NeWtoz it's because of me, I know it
06:00 Toastdude no.....
06:00 Toastdude lol
06:00 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
06:00 Toastdude jk
06:01 CSMonster hey Red_Ivy
06:01 NeWtoz =/
06:01 wannabe1987 hmmmm not really but sure!
06:01 wannabe1987 cheer up!
06:01 wannabe1987 i don't know you very well so i can't say for sure
06:01 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
06:01 wannabe1987 wb
06:01 Toastdude I'm just kidding newtoz
06:01 * lwq1996 thinks that NeWtoz is too self centered
06:01 NeWtoz yup
06:01 NeWtoz I'm all good ;)
06:02 Toastdude :)
06:02 wannabe1987 or he needs affirmation that life's gonna be ok :P  inseucure ness (or low self esteem) can do that...ask me how i know!
06:02 BatSteve How do you know?
06:02 wannabe1987 my own sucks
06:02 NeWtoz nah, my self esteem is fine
06:02 wannabe1987 can you find me a job in BC, batsteve?
06:02 wannabe1987 good.  mines not
06:02 lwq1996 halolua sister
06:02 Red_Ivy Yes CSMonster?
06:02 BotSteve Red_Ivy: At 06:00Z, CSMonster asked me to tell you you are Red
06:03 BatSteve Depends.  Do you know how to fly airplanes?  If so, then yes, I actually can.
06:03 Red_Ivy ^_^
06:03 wannabe1987 no...we'd all die
06:03 CSMonster see?  you can PM BotSteve.
06:03 Toastdude Do you need a hug, wannabe1987?
06:03 wannabe1987 i always need hugs...
06:03 NeWtoz well, it doesn't work if you try to send it to yourself
06:03 DruidicRifleman Batsteve i can fly an aircraft no problems
06:03 CSMonster BatSteve, I know how to fly airplanes.  i'm just not *licensed*
06:03 NeWtoz darn coders
06:03 DruidicRifleman landings are the hard part
06:03 * Toastdude hugs wannabe
06:03 dr_jkl taking off and flying is easy
06:04 dr_jkl not stalling is easyish.
06:04 lwq1996 Botsteve tell Red_Ivy she is beautifull
06:04 dr_jkl Landing is hard, because it's a controlled fall.
06:04 CSMonster landing a fixed wing aircraft is not hard.
06:04 wannabe1987 thanks toast!
06:04 lwq1996 damn it
06:04 BatSteve taking off is easy but dangerous.
06:04 dr_jkl lol
06:04 CSMonster hovering or landing a helicopter is hard.
06:04 wannabe1987 BotSteve: tell RED_home she's beautiful :D
06:04 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when RED_home is around.
06:04 Toastdude Landing is hard....
06:04 NeWtoz landing isn't hard, landing safely is hard
06:04 wannabe1987 lol
06:04 BatSteve If the pilot's gonna kill you he'll do it on landing.  If the plane's gonna kill you, it'll do it on takeoff
06:04 Red_Ivy Afraid of airplaes over here, guys.
06:04 CSMonster newtoz, any landing you walk away from is a good landing.
06:04 BatSteve oh.
06:05 wannabe1987 yes it is
06:05 * exor674 hugs Red_Ivy
06:05 wannabe1987 sorry red :(  i love flying
06:05 DruidicRifleman I'd love to get a licence to fly jets
06:05 Red_Ivy lwq1996 you make me blush
06:05 Toastdude Well, yeah, you can land by pushing the yoke foreward...
06:05 lwq1996 Botsteve: tell Red_Ivy she is a beautifull woman
06:05 lwq1996 dman it
06:05 Red_Ivy yay hugs.
06:05 DruidicRifleman I'd love to map the earth in a SU47
06:05 Cj1corbystarlet With some of my students intelect, i believe i can teach a monkey to fly
06:05 CSMonster i would be flying if i were able to join the military, or had the money to get my license.
06:05 lwq1996 how do u do that batsteve
06:05 wannabe1987 lwq1996: you need to capitalize the S in Steve
06:05 CSMonster LOL
06:05 lwq1996 oh
06:05 Toastdude THAT would be awesome druidicrifleman
06:06 lwq1996 BotSteve: tell wannabe1987 thanks
06:06 BotSteve lwq1996: I'll pass that on when wannabe1987 is around.
06:06 wannabe1987 hi
06:06 BotSteve wannabe1987: At 06:06Z, lwq1996 asked me to tell you thanks
06:06 Cj1corbystarlet I would love to fly a U2 in Coffin Corner
06:06 CSMonster fuck that.
06:06 wannabe1987 you're welcome lwq1996.  always happy to help out a friend.
06:06 * lwq1996 perfers everyone calls him lee for now on
06:07 wannabe1987 but then you won't be dinged if we say your name, lee
06:07 CSMonster you can prefer anything you want.
06:07 Red_Ivy so much easier, lol
06:07 * lwq1996 no im not chinease or japaniese
06:07 wannabe1987 no, i know
06:07 Toastdude I'd love to fly a Valkirye
06:07 Toastdude Just sayin...
06:07 wannabe1987 i want to travel again...i have free flight vouchers, but hotels and cars and shit still costs money, yo
06:07 CSMonster the Valkyrie is interesting.  in the sense that a giant ball of mechanical problems is interesting.
06:07 Red_Ivy Though they come from the same animal, i still find it strange when i find bacon in my sliced ham.
06:08 DruidicRifleman_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:08 lwq1996 lol
06:08 DruidicRifleman_ I love the Su47
06:08 CSMonster lol
06:08 wannabe1987 ohai
06:08 DruidicRifleman_ It's soooo unique
06:08 exor674 yeah, I am waiting for a good time to visit a friend before the end of the year
06:08 CSMonster druid, it's not *that* unique.
06:08 Toastdude It would be cool IF it worked...
06:08 CSMonster we did it first.
06:08 exor674 I wound up with a $400 travel voucher because last time I flew the idiots double-booked my flight
06:08 DruidicRifleman_ I know
06:08 Cj1corbystarlet Cobra manovure?
06:08 DruidicRifleman_ I just like it
06:08 wannabe1987 hmmm this guy reminds me of captainboden
06:08 wannabe1987 is that bad?
06:09 Toastdude which guy?
06:09 wannabe1987 the principle in the movie
06:09 CSMonster Cj1corbystarlet: the Su-47 is the new Russian fighter with forward-swept wings.  similar to our old prototype Rockwell X-29 (i think)
06:09 Red_Ivy wannabe1987 you should share your travel vouchers and we can go see CSMonster - I have a tent we could sleep in.
06:09 CSMonster o.O
06:09 wannabe1987 exor674 - over xmas break, on the way home from florida they canceled our plane...
06:09 Cj1corbystarlet Ahh i was thinking of the 29 or 29
06:09 DruidicRifleman_
06:09 wannabe1987 well, its really only one :P
06:09 Toastdude;imgrefurl=;usg=__63p_-3nZ28LvYO5EiKMs2Xfm5yU=&amp;h=594&amp;w=1066&amp;sz=34&amp;hl=en&amp;start=0&amp;sig2=RsLAiVlmZStfzBmB4rHspw&amp;zoom=1&amp;tbnid=TYHQggadUn3I4M:&amp;tbnh=109&amp;tbnw=195&amp;ei=JBC1TbutGaLf0QHM_5j1CA&amp;prev=/images%3Fq%3Dsu47%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26biw%3D1024%26bih%3D485%26gb
06:09 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
06:09 Cj1corbystarlet err 27 or 29
06:09 CSMonster grumman, that's right.
06:10 exor674 wannabe1987: loverly
06:10 CSMonster Su-27 is a sexy piece of machinery.
06:10 wannabe1987 airplanes!
06:10 Red_Ivy dont' you 0.o me, missy.
06:10 dr_jkl 0.o
06:10 CSMonster :(
06:10 Red_Ivy no frowning either
06:10 lwq1996 O_o
06:10 DruidicRifleman_ Red_Ivy why not fly here to GR i'd put money towards the Bring CSM to the lab fund
06:10 exor674 :D
06:10 Red_Ivy only smiles on that lovely face.
06:10 CSMonster :\
06:10 CSMonster :|
06:11 Toastdude .....
06:11 CSMonster :p
06:11 Red_Ivy WE'LL KIDNAP HER AND BRING HER TO THE LAB. How to you feel about that CSMonster?
06:11 wannabe1987 sounds great...
06:11 wannabe1987 how do we kidnap her w/o touching her tho?
06:11 CSMonster a bit intimidated.
06:11 * steve_____ yhink sit's a good time for sleep
06:11 exor674 y'all can kidnap ME if you want1
06:11 * lwq1996 laughing his fucking ass off XD
06:11 Red_Ivy lol.
06:11 exor674 (is it kidnapping if it's consentual?)
06:11 wannabe1987 yes...
06:11 wannabe1987 suprise adoption!
06:11 Toastdude BYE STEVE_____
06:12 wannabe1987 where u live, exor?
06:12 Cj1corbystarlet Gimp ball needed?
06:12 exor674 Lakewood, Co
06:12 steve_____ bye internet
06:12 CSMonster ...
06:12 Red_Ivy night
06:12 wannabe1987 night steve!
06:12 lwq1996 bye steve
06:12 Cj1corbystarlet cys steve
06:12 CSMonster bye steve___________________
06:12 wannabe1987 near denver?
06:12 exor674 yeah
06:12 Red_Ivy Don't be scared CSMonster - Surprise adoptino can be fun.
06:12 Red_Ivy lol
06:12 lwq1996 lol
06:12 wannabe1987 lol
06:12 Toastdude Near colorado springs?
06:12 wannabe1987 no, denver
06:12 steve_____ left #thegeekgroup
06:12 wannabe1987 my thingy goes to denver
06:12 wannabe1987 ...airtran
06:13 Red_Ivy I'm tired, ignore my odd thought process..I promise I won't kidnap you :\
06:13 CSMonster lol okay
06:13 lwq1996 u can kidnap me :)
06:13 exor674 hrm, I should totally try and get a new picture of me taken
06:13 Red_Ivy lol,
06:13 wannabe1987 lol we'd get in trouble for kidnapping you, lee
06:13 Toastdude oh well
06:13 Red_Ivy i think that's illegal, how old are you lee?
06:13 lwq1996 i woulnt care
06:14 Toastdude 14
06:14 wannabe1987 not you, your mom
06:14 Red_Ivy yep, illegal.
06:14 lwq1996 how about surprise adoption
06:14 Toastdude lol
06:14 exor674 y'all can legally kidnap me!
06:14 wannabe1987 lol ya
06:14 wannabe1987 y*
06:14 Toastdude CCan i be up for adoption?
06:14 lwq1996 yep me and toastdude are a combo
06:14 * wannabe1987 goes to RED_IVY's house and adopts her
06:14 wannabe1987 ...
06:14 lwq1996 lol
06:14 Red_Ivy ^_^
06:15 Toastdude lol
06:15 lwq1996 how old is red
06:15 Red_Ivy old enough to be adopted ^_^
06:15 wannabe1987 Red_Ivy - i can get your address off people...
06:15 wannabe1987 :D
06:15 * lwq1996 is confusled
06:15 lwq1996 like chris
06:15 CSMonster good.
06:15 wannabe1987 no
06:15 * Toastdude is on his COMPOOPER
06:15 wannabe1987 off other people
06:15 Cprossu someone help me
06:15 wannabe1987 i hope chris doens't know where she lives
06:15 Cprossu
06:16 lwq1996 and did anyone notice he used my real name today instead of lwq
06:16 Red_Ivy like my ex boyfriend?
06:16 Red_Ivy lol
06:16 Cprossu give me one reason I shouldn�t pick this up
06:16 exor674 nrr, I think I'ma go bed soon
06:16 wannabe1987 yeah...him and baker
06:16 Red_Ivy Baker doesn't knowt he address. just how to get here.
06:16 lwq1996 when does the real live stream start of the lab
06:16 wannabe1987 i can go get him...i have his address
06:16 Red_Ivy and i will give you my address. you can come visit me sometime...when I'm not in gr....
06:17 wannabe1987 lol ok
06:17 lwq1996 like when people are sopose to be there
06:17 wannabe1987 next time i'm in skegon, i let you know, k?  like...i'll get there before you leave!
06:17 Toastdude Muskegon?
06:17 wannabe1987 so we don't pass each other on the highway...
06:17 wannabe1987 yes
06:17 DruidicRifleman_ Cprossu you suck and a Competant Welder should have it not a noob like you
06:17 Toastdude Ive been there before
06:18 wannabe1987 i had family there...they moved to south dakota
06:18 Toastdude Oh.. sorry :(
06:18 wannabe1987 eh...not close family
06:18 wannabe1987 lol
06:18 Toastdude lol
06:18 Cprossu DruidicRifleman_: what do you mean?
06:18 Cprossu I can run a damn pretty bead
06:18 lwq1996 BotSteve: ask Red_Ivy what time does the live stream start? live when people begin to show up and do stuff
06:18 BotSteve lwq1996: I'll pass that on when Red_Ivy is around.
06:19 Cprossu you can�t fake a good arc either
06:19 DruidicRifleman_ you asked why you shouldn't pick up that welder
06:19 Cprossu oooh
06:19 Red_Ivy noooonnnnn
06:19 BotSteve Red_Ivy: At 06:18Z, lwq1996 asked me to ask you what time does the live stream start? live when people begin to show up and do stuff
06:19 Toastdude Cprossu doesnt suck
06:19 NeWtoz lwq1996, after 12pm Eastern
06:19 Cprossu I didn�t say a good reason did I
06:19 Cprossu damn
06:19 Red_Ivy always at noon
06:19 Toastdude hes awesome
06:19 Cprossu ok, give me a good reason I shouldn�t pick that welder up!
06:19 lwq1996 ok thanks
06:19 BatSteve lwq1996: you know that red is here.  just ask her and quit abusing my bot.
06:20 lwq1996 sorry but no one would answer and the bot is awsome
06:20 lwq1996 damn this little bladder of mine.....brb
06:20 wannabe1987 sorry lee, you should know that answer...most peple aren't there till noon
06:21 DruidicRifleman_ I wanted to make a Flanged mace but my dads to lazy to build the welder home from the cottage
06:21 Toastdude Hey wannabe,
06:21 wannabe1987 hey toastdude
06:21 DruidicRifleman_ bring*
06:21 Red_Ivy other than me, who shows up as early as possible and usualyl doestn' leave until 2 am because shes still working on something 0.0;
06:21 wannabe1987 lol
06:21 wannabe1987 yes
06:21 Toastdude Do you remember when Chris did the autopsy of the modem?
06:22 wannabe1987 me?
06:22 Toastdude yes
06:22 wannabe1987 i don't watch autopsies
06:22 NeWtoz I only show up for a few hours once a week
06:22 wannabe1987 excpet i'll hopefully help w/ the car when it gets there
06:22 Cprossu DruidicRifleman_: what kinda welder does your dad have?
06:22 Toastdude oh..... nevermind then lol
06:22 Cprossu lincoln buzzbox?
06:22 wannabe1987 lol sorry toastdude
06:22 DruidicRifleman_ A small Hobby size ark welder
06:23 Toastdude No, its ok :)
06:23 BatSteve so long all
06:23 BotSteve BatSteve: At 06:20Z, NeWtoz asked me to tell you I'm abusing your bot
06:23 NeWtoz I did not!
06:23 Cprossu DruidicRifleman_: ac, or ac dc?
06:23 wannabe1987 night batsteve!
06:23 Toastdude Bye Steve!
06:23 wannabe1987 cya tmrw
06:23 Red_Ivy niiight
06:23 DruidicRifleman_ DC i think
06:23 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
06:23 Cprossu
06:23 Cprossu ^ these were hell-of-a-nice
06:24 Cprossu
06:24 Cprossu still 3 phase for the win
06:24 DruidicRifleman_ yeah
06:24 lwq1996 back
06:24 wannabe1987 wb lee
06:25 Cprossu damn did I just send you a link with one of those fakeAV viruses attached to it�s ad?
06:25 Red_Ivy hai
06:25 DruidicRifleman_ those old things are heavyer duty then what i have access to
06:25 Cprossu I hate those
06:25 Cprossu ahh.
06:25 lwq1996 hey somone said my name
06:25 lwq1996 thanks
06:25 lwq1996 i love the geek group
06:25 Cprossu I learned to weld on a miller dialarc 250
06:25 Toastdude Me too :)
06:25 Cprossu love those things
06:26 wannabe1987 tgg is awesome...thanks captainboden
06:26 lwq1996 you got to love family guy they cut out all the swearing
06:26 lwq1996 lol
06:26 Cprossu DruidicRifleman_:;w=270&amp;h=210 <- my first weld on one of those beasts
06:26 wannabe1987 lee, i've been sasying your name, :P
06:26 Cprossu steep learning curve I may mention
06:26 * lwq1996 needs to order copy of uncencored family guy
06:27 wannabe1987 lol
06:27 lwq1996 lol thanks wannabe
06:27 wannabe1987 yw.
06:27 Cprossu I still dislike mig though
06:28 Cprossu because you can make the nicest looking bird shit in the world with it, and it not penetrate at all
06:28 * wannabe1987 doens't know welding, or the differences with mig and tig and sig..
06:28 lwq1996 man i need a fucking cig right now
06:28 Cprossu lol
06:28 Cprossu Tig�s a bitch
06:28 Cprossu with Al
06:28 Toastdude there's a sig?
06:28 lwq1996 no one can teach a girl a mans thing
06:28 wannabe1987 sig doesn't exist
06:28 wannabe1987 LOL
06:28 Cprossu smooth with butter on steel though
06:28 lwq1996 lol
06:28 wannabe1987 excuse me?
06:29 lwq1996 sorry welding
06:29 Toastdude oh...
06:29 Cprossu aluminum�s all ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzZZZZzZZZZZzzzZZZzzZZ
06:29 lwq1996 do u know u can weld with batterys
06:29 lwq1996 you allways use a negative as the stinger
06:29 Cprossu you know a company makes an aftermarket 180amp alternator for jeeps
06:29 lwq1996 lol
06:29 wannabe1987 i can learn plenty of "mens" things...
06:29 Cprossu and it kicks ass
06:29 wannabe1987 i love cars...
06:29 Cprossu premier power welder
06:29 wannabe1987 i can change oil, i just don't have a place to do it or the tools...
06:29 Cprossu 400hz too
06:29 Cprossu I think that�s what it was
06:30 lwq1996 lol a girl with tools
06:30 NeWtoz I do mens things all the time
06:30 Cprossu I got to use one on a work site and it was fucking awesome
06:30 Toastdude Wannabe1987: Do you watch Invader Zim?
06:30 CSMonster lwq1996: do you know that when you weld with lead acid batteries like that it causes the batteries to release huge amounts of hydrogen gas, which is not a good thing to have around when you're welding?
06:30 wannabe1987 no, but i know who he is
06:30 Toastdude Ok, good :)
06:30 lwq1996 you can weld with them tho ive done it
06:30 Toastdude You should watch it though
06:30 Red_Ivy Hey, i work harder than most of the guys at the lab, and kick ass with power tools. I don't want to hear any shit about girls not being able to do "guy things"
06:31 lwq1996 i also used a coat hanger as the rod
06:31 Cprossu
06:31 lwq1996 it was hard but i did it
06:31 CSMonster you CAN.  but you SHOULD NOT unless you have to and it's an emergency.
06:31 Red_Ivy I'll kick your ass and then see you try to be sexist.
06:31 Cprossu ^ it�s a welder, you can dump into a jeep
06:31 Toastdude I HATE sexest people
06:31 lwq1996 ok i will use a homemade altinator welder i made
06:32 Cprossu it was made for offroading
06:32 Cprossu aka fixing your shit
06:32 Cprossu when you break it\
06:32 lwq1996 i've also shocked myself plenty of times with a welder
06:32 Cprossu well good luck with your home made one
06:32 Cprossu
06:32 lwq1996 hurts like fuck
06:32 wannabe1987 OMG THEIR KISSING
06:32 Cprossu ^ this should help you
06:33 lwq1996 thats good
06:34 lwq1996 who wants to talk about stuff
06:34 Cprossu
06:34 wannabe1987 stuff?
06:34 CSMonster ..........................................wannabe1987, wtf are you talking about?
06:34 wannabe1987 what kind?
06:34 Cprossu I want one in my dodge neon
06:34 wannabe1987 where?
06:34 Toastdude Does anyone know Blender3D?
06:35 wannabe1987 o the kissing?  my movie!
06:35 lwq1996 idk
06:35 * wannabe1987 pokes lee
06:35 * Toastdude pokes everybody
06:35 * CSMonster pokes toast
06:35 wannabe1987 whot the fuck is "everbody"
06:35 Red_Ivy DUN DUN DUUUN
06:35 lwq1996 omfg facebooks coming over to irc
06:35 wannabe1987 CSMonster gets butter on her finger
06:35 wannabe1987 LOL
06:35 wannabe1987 brb
06:35 CSMonster LMAO
06:36 lwq1996 im bored now
06:36 NeWtoz he sure buttered you up
06:36 lwq1996 0_o
06:36 CSMonster
06:37 lwq1996 wow robot chicken
06:37 Cprossu who here has garry�s mod?
06:37 CSMonster i will not be buttered up by a boy.  especially a 13yo.
06:37 Toastdude hes 14
06:37 Red_Ivy lol
06:37 Red_Ivy what about by me? ;0
06:37 CSMonster toast is 14?
06:37 lwq1996 no hes 13
06:37 Toastdude Im 13, lee is 14
06:37 CSMonster red_ivy can totally butter me up.
06:37 Red_Ivy ^_^
06:37 lwq1996 lol
06:38 * CSMonster shakes head at the teenagers
06:38 wannabe1987 lol
06:38 * NeWtoz now wants to bring Red_Ivy some butter
06:38 CSMonster LOL
06:38 lwq1996 **facepalms**
06:38 Cprossu so I�m probably gonna tour the pull your own parts places for some shit tomorrow I hope
06:38 Red_Ivy I'd prefer if you brought me a CSMonster.
06:38 * Toastdude wants to make things explode
06:38 lwq1996 lol
06:38 NeWtoz they are hard to capture in the wild
06:39 wannabe1987 explosions are are pick-n-pulls
06:39 lwq1996 lol
06:39 Cprossu I blame the mythbusters for Toastdude�s will to explode things
06:39 wannabe1987 what kind of shit, cprossu?
06:39 DruidicRifleman_ toast dude what?
06:39 lwq1996 i like to set things on fire and not watch them blow up
06:39 Cprossu ICM�s most likely
06:39 wannabe1987 icm?
06:39 Toastdude That you should, Cprossu :P
06:39 NeWtoz I actually don't like when the mythbusters just blow random things up
06:39 Cprossu and a whole vacuum harness for my caravan too
06:39 NeWtoz I'm weird like that
06:39 wannabe1987 ooo
06:39 DruidicRifleman_ I think Boden should call explosives guy and DO a public service announcement on what the US military is dealing with in iraq
06:39 lwq1996 i set someone on fire
06:39 Cprossu ignition control module for 2.2L pushrod GM engines
06:40 lwq1996 me gas and other people dont mix
06:40 * wannabe1987 makes note
06:40 Cprossu *aka the vortec 2200, aka the 2.0 cavalier motor stroked and bored, aka the 1.8 cavalier motor stroked and bored*
06:40 DruidicRifleman_ ... i didn't even need gass
06:40 lwq1996 lol
06:40 DruidicRifleman_ fire steel
06:40 NeWtoz I make my own gas
06:40 DruidicRifleman_ One of the kershaw fero rods
06:40 Cprossu what�s funny is the 2003 engines still have the distributor hole
06:41 lwq1996 bio-diesel?
06:41 wannabe1987 cavalier?
06:41 Cprossu even though the last year it was used was �87 on the 2.0�s
06:41 Cprossu since they didn�t change the castings
06:41 Cprossu look up the 1.8 cav motor, it was a dog
06:41 lwq1996 i like how red dont even talk untill her name is mentioned
06:41 Red_Ivy I'm just reading.
06:41 Toastdude see?
06:41 wannabe1987 it dings
06:41 Red_Ivy oh shush.
06:42 Red_Ivy i talk when i have something to say.
06:42 wannabe1987 when you say things like red
06:42 Red_Ivy and i'm doing other things too
06:42 wannabe1987 lol
06:42 lwq1996 ive made a go-cart with a v8 engine
06:42 wannabe1987 damn
06:42 Cprossu
06:42 wannabe1987 cprossu - my x had a was shit
06:42 Toastdude what kinds of things o_o
06:42 Cprossu what engine did the piece of shit have?
06:42 Toastdude jk
06:43 lwq1996 idk i think ford
06:43 Cprossu oh the engines I am getting the icm�s for won�t ever be run in cars xD
06:43 Cprossu I was talking to wannabe1987
06:43 lwq1996 old one too
06:43 wannabe1987 i was a 94
06:43 Cprossu a v8 gocart isn�t a piece of shit unless it stalls out
06:43 Cprossu 94 woulda been the same engine unless she had a v6 in it
06:43 lwq1996 or crashes
06:43 Cprossu I�d have rather had the 2.2 than the v6
06:43 lwq1996 learned that
06:44 Cprossu gm 3100 for the loss
06:44 wannabe1987 was a 4 cylinder
06:44 Cprossu then it was the 2.2 pushrod engine
06:44 Cprossu no power!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:44 lwq1996 ive put a chainsaw engin on a 20in bike
06:44 dr_jkl ugh cars
06:44 * dr_jkl tunes out car talk
06:44 Cprossu now imagine that engine only no electronic ignition, lower compression, and .4 less liters
06:44 Cprossu and you got the 1.8
06:45 Cprossu I think the 1.8 was all of 85 hp
06:45 Cprossu at the crank
06:45 Cprossu x_x
06:45 * Toastdude agrees with dr_jkl
06:45 * wannabe1987 doesn't understand that kind of car talk :P
06:45 lwq1996 lol
06:45 lwq1996 me neither
06:46 lwq1996 im a bike guy i cant tell anything half the time
06:46 wannabe1987 i even belong to a car forum...but i'm a hands on this stuff is hard to learn online
06:46 Cprossu I fix motorcycles, but due to what I fix on those
06:46 Cprossu I don�t dare ride one
06:46 Cprossu gravel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:47 wannabe1987 i don't like mopeds or motorcycles...i fishtailed one once in gravel and fell over :(
06:47 wannabe1987 the whole handle = brake/accel SUCKS
06:47 * lwq1996 has a craving for chocolat....luckly hasnt ate his chocolat bunny yet
06:47 * wannabe1987 hasn't had a choc bunny yet
06:48 wannabe1987 i do however have 80% dark cacoa here...
06:48 * wannabe1987 nibbles on it
06:48 lwq1996 heres what i would like for my birthday next year
06:48 lwq1996 methol kool cigs
06:48 Red_Ivy a wannabe nibble?
06:48 * Toastdude hasn't had a chocolate bunny either
06:48 Red_Ivy lol
06:48 wannabe1987 yes...
06:48 wannabe1987 *nibbles*
06:48 CSMonster i had too much chocolate today.  :/
06:48 lwq1996 lol
06:49 wannabe1987 i had two slices of choc costco cake...
06:49 lwq1996 i love easter
06:49 Cprossu lol are you trying to get a nightvision eye job or something, lwq1996?
06:49 wannabe1987 dude...ur bday is by my mom/brothers...
06:49 lwq1996 dec. 27?
06:49 NeWtoz I should head to the Meijer and grab some Easter candy on sale
06:49 wannabe1987 moms is on th 25th, bro = 30th
06:49 wannabe1987 i'm going to meijer tomorrow...PEEPS!
06:49 Cprossu how much was it? 20 menthol kools?
06:50 lwq1996 cool your moms a christmas baby
06:50 wannabe1987 yes
06:50 wannabe1987 who buys you cigs?
06:50 lwq1996 i think $6-7
06:50 Cprossu I�m making a pitch black reference
06:50 lwq1996 i take them from my mom and my friends gram give them to me
06:50 wannabe1987 does ur mom know?
06:51 lwq1996 i like to think she doesnt but she probaly does
06:51 DruidicRifleman_ I got some wierd reese bunneh
06:51 wannabe1987 moms r smart
06:51 wannabe1987 mmm choc pudding cup
06:51 Cprossu well it doesn�t take a rocket scientist either
06:52 lwq1996 took me 10min to open a chocolate egg
06:52 lwq1996 yeah
06:52 lwq1996 i love menthol
06:52 lwq1996 i usually smoke 1-2 cigs a day
06:53 lwq1996 if that
06:53 wannabe1987 i drink 1 can diet coke/day (thats what it averages out to, i assume)
06:53 NeWtoz I like cookies
06:53 lwq1996 i dont like soda i like water or milk
06:53 Toastdude Me too
06:53 wannabe1987 good!
06:53 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
06:54 lwq1996 i like dr.p but thats it
06:54 wannabe1987 i want choc milk :(
06:54 DruidicRifleman_ Smokings bad for you
06:54 DruidicRifleman_ LWQ
06:54 lwq1996 ik
06:54 lwq1996 but idk
06:54 lwq1996 i want to get a e-cig like chris
06:54 wannabe1987 but
06:54 wannabe1987 my housemate has one...
06:54 DruidicRifleman_ you could pick up a john at a gay bar... that would cover it...
06:54 lwq1996 lol
06:54 DruidicRifleman_ But you'd hate your self
06:55 DruidicRifleman_ 1 phalic object for another
06:55 DruidicRifleman_ :P
06:55 lwq1996 0_O
06:55 * lwq1996 is creeped out by druidicrifleman
06:56 Red_Ivy lol
06:56 lwq1996 damn i cant spell
06:56 NeWtoz dru--tab
06:56 DruidicRifleman_ what cigarets are phallic
06:57 lwq1996 i smoke kool and idk
06:57 dr_jkl hey.
06:57 dr_jkl are the forums less painful to use, guys?
06:57 CSMonster OHAI dr_jkl
06:57 wannabe1987 i don't know
06:57 lwq1996 i am trying to quite smoking i used to smoke like 6-7cigs a day
06:57 CSMonster ....idk.  i registered there but i haven't tried it yet :/
06:57 DruidicRifleman_ not much
06:58 * dr_jkl nod
06:58 dr_jkl the site goes like a bastard
06:58 dr_jkl i'm working on the forum
06:58 * wannabe1987 checks for dr_jkl
06:58 dr_jkl everything i do shaves more load time off the forum
06:58 DruidicRifleman_ it's kinda painful
06:58 dr_jkl I think TGG just needs to go back to BBS style forums.
06:58 dr_jkl :D
06:59 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
06:59 Cprossu dr_jkl: well if you mean by less painful you mean it�s only like falling down 3 flights of stairs instead of 5, then yes
06:59 * lwq1996 tunes out talk about forum
07:00 dr_jkl Cprossu: awesome. that's an improvement and i'll take it. :) will see what  ican do tomorrow :D
07:00 dr_jkl night, boys.
07:00 Cprossu thanks for tour patience in the matter
07:00 wannabe1987 night chica
07:00 * lwq1996 HEY RED GUESS WHAT
07:00 Cprossu but it is almost usable now
07:00 wannabe1987 lee...come back!
07:00 Cprossu so it is an improvement that I will take as well
07:00 Toastdude goodnight
07:00 lwq1996 UNICORNS
07:01 Toastdude CHARLIE
07:01 lwq1996 LOL
07:01 asnopus_ robot unicorn attack!
07:01 lwq1996 has anyone seen lamas in hats yet on yt
07:01 Toastdude quite
07:02 lwq1996 .yt lama's with hats
07:02 Toastdude YES!!!
07:02 BotSteve lwq1996:
07:02 Toastdude CARL!!
07:02 lwq1996 lol
07:02 Cprossu before you dissapear dr_jkl: how long will we have to do math to post replies and topics?
07:02 Cprossu or is that a forever thing?
07:02 lwq1996 did red fall asleep we are finaly talking about unicorns
07:02 dr_jkl forever
07:02 dr_jkl because it's easy and simple
07:03 Toastdude RED_Ivy!
07:03 asnopus_ its better then the damn recaptchas
07:03 lwq1996 should make harder questions
07:03 dr_jkl no
07:03 Cprossu still for every post
07:03 Cprossu plus it�s not like you can�t botify it
07:03 Red_Ivy why?
07:03 lwq1996 like 5+3Xsquare #=
07:03 Red_Ivy i'm here.
07:03 dr_jkl the questions are easy so that they can be done by anyone
07:03 Red_Ivy i was talking to CSMonster.
07:03 dr_jkl and yeah, recaptchas suck
07:03 Red_Ivy and making my hair blue.
07:03 Toastdude Oh, sorry
07:03 lwq1996 blue hair?
07:04 dr_jkl it's like TYPE THE WORDS!  [ lizard felching ]
07:04 lwq1996 RED GUESS WAT
07:04 dr_jkl anyway, night
07:04 Nebster left #thegeekgroup
07:04 Cprossu but for every post? =/
07:04 dr_jkl yes. for every post.
07:04 Red_Ivy what?
07:04 CSMonster night doctor
07:04 lwq1996 UNICORNS
07:04 dr_jkl at least for now.
07:04 dr_jkl :)
07:04 Red_Ivy hmm.
07:04 Cprossu I miss the old pre-phpbb tgg forums
07:05 Cprossu those were good times
07:05 CSMonster dr_jkl is the twelfth doctor.
07:05 lwq1996 i dont like forums
07:05 lwq1996 i never and will never used or will use one
07:05 Cprossu I don�t even remember what it looked like back then anymore
07:05 Toastdude Ok.... Why the Twelfth?
07:06 Cprossu golden years of tgg forums, like �02-04 if I recall
07:06 Toastdude Should be the 13th
07:07 lwq1996 damn i got to take my contacts out tomorrow and i hate that
07:07 Cprossu oh wow
07:07 Cprossu
07:07 Cprossu ^remember the spherical cow logo?
07:07 Toastdude .....
07:07 asnopus_ lol wut
07:08 Toastdude That was the logo for tgg?
07:08 Cprossu at one time
07:08 lwq1996 sorry someone brought up the word blue so i got to post this
07:08 Toastdude wow....
07:08 Toastdude lol
07:08 lwq1996 .w blue waffle disease
07:08 BotSteve "This page has been deleted." -
07:08 lwq1996 haha
07:09 exor674 ...
07:11 lwq1996 im bored
07:11 asnopus_ ditto
07:11 lwq1996 .yt jepardy theme
07:11 BotSteve lwq1996:
07:11 Cprossu haha
07:11 Cprossu
07:11 Cprossu ^old membership form
07:12 Toastdude 2002
07:13 lwq1996 did u notice the glowing fat cows in the top corners
07:13 Cprossu you have to remember, always assume a spherical cow.
07:14 lwq1996 wow ok
07:15 Cprossu there�s a joke that goes with that that involves a farmer, an engineer, and a physicist regarding how to get the most milk production
07:15 Cprossu I can�t tell it well so there�s the setup^
07:16 lwq1996 lol
07:16 Toastdude lol
07:18 lwq1996 i think everyone fell asleep and i may do the same
07:18 Toastdude I havent
07:19 lwq1996 lol
07:19 NeWtoz nevar
07:19 lwq1996 wow
07:19 lwq1996 is wannabe awake
07:19 Red_Ivy raaawr
07:20 Cj1corbystarlet I'm repairing a PCB at the moment
07:20 Toastdude ....
07:20 lwq1996 we got 6 people awake
07:20 * exor674 is nomming on cow
07:21 CSMonster
07:21 lwq1996 **facepalm**
07:21 CSMonster nomcow
07:21 asnopus_ is that the joke?
07:21 NeWtoz is looking up math, physics and engineer jokes
07:21 CSMonster my current facebook status says WELCOME TO NOM BURGER HOME OF THE NOM BURGER because i made nom burgers for dindin tonight.  :D
07:21 lwq1996 my neck hurts
07:21 Sgt_Lemming Cj1corbystarlet, our air cannon fired a 14mm projectile through a 1/4" steel plate yesterday :-P
07:22 lwq1996 lol wow
07:24 Cprossu falling asleep is a damn good idea
07:25 lwq1996 sperical cow is a good idea
07:25 Toastdude That it is :P
07:25 Red_Ivy contemplating sleep - have to be up to go yto th e lab in6 hours
07:25 Sgt_Lemming PETA is ponying up $1'000'000 for lab grown meat
07:35 _ilbot joined #thegeekgroup
07:35 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Happy Easter from the chan ops!!! Boden Unit of Measurement: | Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | speedrunnerG55_: you may build a home whithin my city walls| If you know anyone having trouble connecting to the channel refer them to | ---*_ This channel is R rated _*---
07:35 Sgt_Lemming the champagne corks leave with enough kinetic energy to dent 1.6mm steel
07:35 exor674 dredre should sleep soon
07:35 Xylera lol the street light on the live feed is broken
07:35 * lwq1996-sleeping dont fucking disturb or i will bite u....already ate one person that tryed to do that
07:35 exor674 no, Xylera
07:35 exor674 street lights tend to drop into that mode at ass-AM on non-major roads
07:36 Xylera lol why. they dont here
07:36 NeWtoz some street lights will turn off and on to save power
07:36 asnopus_ In australia they saty on all the time
07:36 asnopus_ stay*
07:36 exor674 Xylera: why bother making people wait if there's NOBODY on the road
07:36 Cj1corbystarlet Wow in Sa they cant work out how to turn them off
07:37 Cj1corbystarlet soooo 1970's
07:37 NeWtoz oh, do you mean the stop light?
07:37 Xylera if the road is empty and you get a red light you go anyway
07:37 NeWtoz thought you meant the other lights
07:37 Xylera no
07:38 Cj1corbystarlet yeah, if its red here you have to stop no mater if no one is around
07:38 NeWtoz I don't have the ustream on
07:39 exor674 but flashing red means "treat like stop sign"
07:39 Cj1corbystarlet brb gents gotta go and do some work
07:39 NeWtoz lame
07:39 Toastdude see ya
07:40 lwq1996-sleeping left #thegeekgroup
07:50 Xylera left #thegeekgroup
07:50 Toastdude I'm gonna go too. Goodnight
07:51 asnopus_ night
07:51 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
08:02 Cprossu lol yeah the street lights do that over there... blinking yellow for more major of the streets, blinking red for the other one yellow has the right of way, blinking red has to stop before proceeding (Acts like a 2 way stop)
08:18 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
08:49 Miroslav joined #thegeekgroup
09:06 DruidicRifleman_ Have the Hvac guys done any thing but dick around?
09:15 Sgt_Lemming hmmm, thinking of making concrete countertops for the hackerspace
09:15 Sgt_Lemming just read about some of the guys in atlanta doing it for theirs
09:16 Sgt_Lemming
09:22 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
09:25 DruidicRifleman_ hmmm
09:25 DruidicRifleman_ neet SGT
09:25 DruidicRifleman_ who was the guy in AZ
09:26 Sgt_Lemming we have one distinct advantage over the atlanta guys though :-P
09:27 Sgt_Lemming one of our members is a professional concreter :-D
09:27 Sgt_Lemming with all the correct gear to do it
09:29 DruidicRifleman_ lol
09:30 Sgt_Lemming we ground a section of concrete floor yesterday to make a leveled flat pad for our drill press
09:30 Sgt_Lemming laser leveled :-D
09:30 DruidicRifleman_ Yeah I have A friend with a dream of building a live action role playing site and I've sort of accidently taken over City planning
09:30 Sgt_Lemming lol
09:30 DruidicRifleman_ One of the beta test team her whole family do that
09:31 DruidicRifleman_ Sooo building a small fort thats a two case beer
09:34 DruidicRifleman_ Our plans include a crypt
09:36 DruidicRifleman_ It will physicly be under ground under the grave yard
09:37 DruidicRifleman_ with bunks where NPC's can be hiding
09:37 DruidicRifleman_ A fake sewer system with fake floaters
09:37 DruidicRifleman_ in a trogh which will be painted brown
09:37 DruidicRifleman_ and probly a few dead bloated fake rats
09:38 DruidicRifleman_ NPC's Can get Into either areas From under ground
09:38 DruidicRifleman_ Still awake leming?
09:44 Sgt_Lemming yeah
09:44 Sgt_Lemming it's only 19:37 here
09:45 Phu morning
09:45 DruidicRifleman_ where is this hacker space your setting up
09:47 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
09:47 Electronics Morning all
09:48 DruidicRifleman_ Ugh that weird morning stuff?
09:49 DruidicRifleman_ i got more rum then i should in me and I only got 5 hours of sleep AND that was a long while ago not even
09:49 DruidicRifleman_ tired
09:49 Sgt_Lemming DruidicRifleman_it's been running for a bit over 2 years, just trying to get some upgrades done
09:49 Sgt_Lemming Brisbane Australia thoughj
09:52 DruidicRifleman_ i could never live in australia
09:53 Sgt_Lemming why?
09:53 Phu Electronics: what plan you for this fine easter monday?
10:04 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
10:11 DruidicRifleman_ It's australia
10:15 Sgt_Lemming ...?
10:16 DruidicRifleman_ i don't like governments who don't trust they're citizens
10:17 DruidicRifleman_ is now known as DruidicRifleman
10:17 Sgt_Lemming oh like the american government trusts the public so much more :-P
10:17 Sgt_Lemming cough*TSA*cough
10:18 DruidicRifleman yeah but can you own something like this ?
10:18 DruidicRifleman it's even legal in canada
10:18 Sgt_Lemming no, not a semi-auto one
10:18 Sgt_Lemming but oh well
10:19 Sgt_Lemming I'd rather bolt action for accuracy anyway
10:19 DruidicRifleman
10:19 DruidicRifleman Savage makes a smexy one
10:19 DruidicRifleman Fuck remington
10:20 DruidicRifleman Savage is more affordable and no word of a lie the 308's have beaten M24's in competition
10:21 DruidicRifleman for the cost of a Factory 700 hunting rifle you can shoot match comp with a home built savage gun
10:21 Sgt_Lemming <--- that is the one I want to import
10:21 DruidicRifleman i know a dealer
10:21 DruidicRifleman I don't like it
10:22 Sgt_Lemming oh I know where to get it, just a matter of having the money and filling out the correct forms
10:22 Sgt_Lemming "The expected accuracy of the DSR-1 is almost extreme: some sources state sub-.2 MOA accuracy (0.20 inch / 5 mm groups measured center-to-center at 100 yards) when shot by experienced operator, with correct ammunition and in good environment conditions."
10:23 DruidicRifleman Enh i have heard bull pups have triger issues
10:23 DruidicRifleman They take allot of care
10:23 DruidicRifleman I'd buy a svage cause i allready have two guns with the accutrigger
10:23 DruidicRifleman SOOO i can practise trigger control on a .223
10:23 DruidicRifleman the .338 use's the same triger
10:24 Sgt_Lemming anyone who reckons bullpups have trigger issues, hasn't used one
10:24 Sgt_Lemming I lurve bullpup weapons
10:24 Sgt_Lemming so controllable
10:24 DruidicRifleman I am not saying they don't rock IF the RCMP we'ren't murderous jack booted nazi's
10:24 DruidicRifleman i'd of pulled the trigger on a .223 Norinco type 97
10:26 DruidicRifleman thing would OWN for a bush rifle for Black bear and pot grower defence gun
10:27 DruidicRifleman buuuuuuut nooooo can't have affordable semi auto non restricted bull pups LET's make up Conditions to ban firearms that are legal to own
10:28 Sgt_Lemming *JISM*
10:29 DruidicRifleman Wouldn't mind some trigger time walter's are EXPENSIVE though
10:29 DruidicRifleman Still wouldn't talk me into buy that over an M110 BASK from savage arms
10:29 DruidicRifleman My one complaint ON that rifle IS the stock
10:30 DruidicRifleman some info they need a big update
10:30 DruidicRifleman
10:31 DruidicRifleman thats the one and they've changed the model designation
10:31 MadManMarkAu Kiiiillll meeeee x_x
10:31 DruidicRifleman;task=view&amp;id=1&amp;Itemid=7 though i'd rather this style stock
10:32 DruidicRifleman MMMA what did you do
10:32 MadManMarkAu Hoooly crud, I caught a massive cold. My everything hurts. :<
10:33 DruidicRifleman I'll kill you if you agree to Run around an open field and let me try and hit you with a .223?
10:34 MadManMarkAu Ugh, running
10:34 MadManMarkAu Tempting either way
10:34 DruidicRifleman or you could Get your self some chiken soup and some Tylenol
10:35 Sgt_Lemming <--- yum
10:35 MadManMarkAu Chicken soup sounds like a plan
10:35 MadManMarkAu bbl
10:36 DruidicRifleman meh this is a toy i would love
10:36 DruidicRifleman Specially with 20mm HE rounds
10:36 Sgt_Lemming KEP rounds plskthx
10:36 DruidicRifleman AND some HE rounds are not DD
10:36 DruidicRifleman soooooo YEAH XD!!!
10:37 DruidicRifleman If they made a High velocity version of the 20mm rounds they built for the OICW
10:37 Sgt_Lemming KEP rounds are not DD
10:37 DruidicRifleman I still feel the System had marrit
10:37 Sgt_Lemming because they are just bullets
10:38 Sgt_Lemming neat idea, but far too fucking heavy for what it was
10:38 Miroslav left #thegeekgroup
10:38 DruidicRifleman LOL the weight has purpose
10:38 DruidicRifleman Soak up recoil
10:38 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
10:38 Sgt_Lemming yeah, not really what you want as a main service weapon though
10:39 Sgt_Lemming you want as light as possible so you can carry it all day without problem
10:40 DruidicRifleman LOL no thats Deploy From truck or helicopter asnd look of a hi side from one mountain to another and then SERIOUSLY give someone a bad day 5000 yards away
10:40 Sgt_Lemming it was 800m range, not 5000
10:41 DruidicRifleman the anzio iron works?
10:41 DruidicRifleman Says 5000 max effective range
10:41 Sgt_Lemming the OICW
10:41 DruidicRifleman NOOOOO but air bursting 20mm Vuclan rounds would be epic
10:41 Sgt_Lemming and effective range against what target?
10:41 DruidicRifleman An eliphant
10:42 DruidicRifleman probly could fuck one up at that distance
10:42 Sgt_Lemming 20mm vulcan rounds aren't air bursting
10:42 DruidicRifleman NO but A pint deatonating round would rock
10:43 DruidicRifleman Group of terrorists having a camp fire
10:43 DruidicRifleman BOOM
10:43 Sgt_Lemming I'd still rather a SLAP round in it
10:44 DruidicRifleman Meh
10:44 DruidicRifleman io am tired
10:44 mikemol BotSteve: tell lwq1996 yes, dagnyscott is a girl, but she's his, not yours. :)
10:44 DruidicRifleman night/morning
10:44 BotSteve mikemol: I'll pass that on when lwq1996 is around.
10:45 kristophoer joined #thegeekgroup
10:45 kristophoer hey
10:45 DruidicRifleman Night all
10:46 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
10:50 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
10:50 kristophoer left #thegeekgroup
10:52 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:02 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
11:04 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
11:04 kristopher OLA
11:04 BotSteve kristopher: At 07:32Z, NeWtoz asked me to tell you no, it's 3:30 in the morning!
11:05 kristopher CaptainBoden
11:06 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
11:07 DruidicRifleman ugh i can't sleep
11:08 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
11:10 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
11:13 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
11:20 DruidicRifleman any one awake
11:21 Phu yup
11:25 Sgt_Lemming yup
11:26 Phu Sgt_Lemming: is your nick any relation to Lemmings the game, or just lemmings the species in general ?
11:28 Sgt_Lemming both :-P
11:29 Phu ah. this we approve ;)
11:29 Yaotzin Anyone here familiar with the itunes store?
11:30 Yaotzin familiar in using it
11:30 Yaotzin I'm running into a problem and not really finding any solid hits on google
11:33 Sgt_Lemming what's the problem?
11:33 Thermoelectric Eww, iTunes.
11:34 Sgt_Lemming indeed
11:34 Phu I'm only familiar with uploading iP(ad|hone|od Touch) apps to iTunes.
11:35 Yaotzin Sgt_Lemming:  I want to download a free podcast
11:35 Yaotzin well a bunch of them
11:35 Yaotzin the download will que up for a second then kill itself
11:35 Yaotzin no error no nothin
11:36 Sgt_Lemming windows or nix?
11:36 Yaotzin OS X
11:36 Yaotzin Server
11:36 Sgt_Lemming lol
11:36 Yaotzin I just updated everything
11:36 mikemol Yaotzin: I used to have that problem when I was running iTunes under WinXP at work.
11:37 mikemol Never solved it, IIRC.
11:37 Yaotzin hmm
11:37 mikemol Mind you, this was almost *three years* ago.
11:38 mikemol Yaotzin: I'd suggest running something akin to Wireshark and watch the HTTP transfer. I'd guess there's some kind of protocol or server issue at play.
11:38 * mikemol wonders if iTunes depends on EC2.
11:39 Yaotzin hmm
11:39 Yaotzin Yeah mikemol that's probably the only way I'll figure out what's causing it
11:41 MadManMarkAu Question: What store is the roof cam aimed at?
11:42 Yaotzin the street
11:45 MadManMarkAu Found the lab:;source=s_q&amp;hl=en&amp;q=Tamarack&amp;aq=2&amp;sll=42.985478,-85.691219&amp;sspn=0.001495,0.004128&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;rq=1&amp;ev=zi&amp;split=1&amp;radius=0.13&amp;hq=Tamarack&amp;hnear=&amp;ll=42.985337,-85.690983&amp;spn=0.001495,0.004128&amp;z=19&amp;layer=c&amp;cbll=42.985342,-85.691111&amp;panoid=3BRBp3KuzKRMtC46rCfYCw&amp;cbp=12,181.25,,0,4.91
11:45 mikemol I haven't seen the view from the roof cam.
11:46 mikemol URL?
11:46 MadManMarkAu .steam
11:46 MadManMarkAu .stream
11:46 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
11:46 mikemol Ah
11:46 mikemol Well, I can tell you it's pointed NW.
11:47 mikemol Looks like the sign says "Hoggenhyde", but I don't know what their business is.
11:48 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
11:51 mikemol Ah
11:51 mikemol Hoogerhyde
11:52 MadManMarkAu;source=s_q&amp;hl=en&amp;q=Tamarack&amp;aq=2&amp;sll=42.985478,-85.691219&amp;sspn=0.001495,0.004128&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;rq=1&amp;ev=zi&amp;split=1&amp;radius=0.13&amp;hq=Tamarack&amp;hnear=&amp;layer=c&amp;cbll=42.985444,-85.694418&amp;panoid=-CeOPUQJ_KpMHR3n5Dfzyg&amp;cbp=12,331.81,,1,0.38&amp;ll=42.985437,-85.694226&amp;spn=0.001495,0.004128&amp;z=19
11:52 MadManMarkAu ^-- the shop
11:52 mikemol Looks like a hardware store:;source=s_q&amp;hl=en&amp;q=Tamarack&amp;aq=2&amp;sll=42.985478,-85.691219&amp;sspn=0.001495,0.004128&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;rq=1&amp;ev=zi&amp;split=1&amp;radius=0.13&amp;hq=Tamarack&amp;hnear=&amp;ll=42.985337,-85.690983&amp;spn=0.001495,0.004128&amp;z=19&amp;layer=c&amp;cbll=42.985342,-85.691111&amp;panoid=3BRBp3KuzKRMtC46rCfYCw&amp;cbp=12,181.25,,0,4.91
11:52 MadManMarkAu Hoogerhyde
11:53 MadManMarkAu Yah
11:53 Kevnoob joined #thegeekgroup
11:53 mikemol Took me a bit to find it in street view; the roof cam has some crazy DOF compression going on with that zoom.
11:53 MadManMarkAu That's quite a distance for that cam...
11:54 DruidicRifleman Last word in the right windo at the top far right is LO something
11:54 DruidicRifleman 5 leter word
11:54 mikemol Probably "LOCKS"
11:54 mikemol Since they say they make keys
11:54 DruidicRifleman Nods
11:54 DruidicRifleman locks smith
11:54 mikemol Looks like the store is 150-200m away from the labs.
11:55 DruidicRifleman whats the Magnification
11:55 mikemol
11:55 MadManMarkAu I cant' read the rwindow from StretView
11:55 MadManMarkAu *StreetView
11:55 mikemol DruidicRifleman: No idea. I hadn't looked at the live stream since before the roof cam went up.
11:55 Kevnoob left #thegeekgroup
11:56 mikemol
12:01 DruidicRifleman With out knowing the magnification I can't say what the Fottage is and can't estimate range
12:01 DruidicRifleman my guess rather high
12:01 DruidicRifleman Very small FOV
12:03 Sgt_Lemming ow
12:03 Sgt_Lemming that wasn't the smartest idea
12:04 Sgt_Lemming just popped a bag rather close to my head, and it made rather a loud bang
12:04 mikemol DruidicRifleman: I estimated by looking at Google Maps, knowing where that store is, and knowing where the lab is. :)
12:05 mikemol The lab is at 902 Leonard St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504. The store is at 1033 Leonard St NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49504
12:09 DruidicRifleman lol
12:10 DruidicRifleman i wonder if they're donate a safe given the free adverising they're getting and let chriss try and silently open it
12:11 mikemol They might be happy to do a "this is the crap you got from Office Max. This is the good stuff you got from us" comparative acid test...I could see that as being a useful bit of advertising for them.
12:13 DruidicRifleman I say put some interns in a room working IN an adjacent room video tape chris trying to Covertly open the safe Like the Spi movie thing from Myth busters
12:14 mikemol DruidicRifleman: I'd say there'd be no way the interns wouldn't catch on, but I've lost too much faith in human intelligence for that.
12:14 DruidicRifleman LOL
12:15 mikemol Not theirs, specifically...just faith that people might regularly choose to be more than organic executors of scripts.
12:15 DruidicRifleman hehehe
12:15 mikemol Mind you, computer intelligence isn't shaping up to be *any* more promising.
12:15 DruidicRifleman LOl yeah my dream of AI combat grade killer robots is 20 years off :(
12:16 mikemol Computers will pass the Turing test not because machines have gotten subjectively smarter, but because humans will have become subjectively dumber.
12:16 DruidicRifleman i want the for august damned it $ heavy tracked models from TGG's project Dalek
12:16 mikemol DruidicRifleman: That almost sounded like markov output.
12:16 DruidicRifleman What's markov output
12:17 mikemol Markov chains are one mechanism for producing somewhat-reasonable-sounding text from a program.
12:17 Phu
12:17 mikemol It's one of the popular engines behind chatbots.
12:18 Phu ah.
12:18 Phu mikemol: ever seen a monkey writer in action?
12:18 mikemol Phu: Define?
12:18 DruidicRifleman mikemol
12:18 DruidicRifleman I want two variant's on the programming
12:18 Phu (it may be better known under other names)
12:18 DruidicRifleman Specific Target AND mass Clensing
12:19 Phu a monkey writer examines an exisiting piece of text (the longer the better) and builds up an internal list of what words can logically follow what other words, according to the input text.
12:19 DruidicRifleman Since the Daleks would Need to atleast need to be able to regognise ordinary humans from known time lords
12:19 Phu It also builds a list of starting words. Then it picks a starting word at random, then randomly selects any word that is listed as being able to follow it. This repeats until it hits a word ending in a full stop (period), then the process repeats.
12:19 mikemol Phu: That's a first-order markov chain.
12:20 DruidicRifleman But the issues There IS i can't write code with a damn so i need to lure code monkeys into a trap to help develope the system
12:20 mikemol Second-order works much better.
12:20 Phu ahh.
12:20 Phu back in the day, they were listed in programming mags as "monkey writers".
12:20 mikemol DruidicRifleman: I recommend using trained crows. :)
12:20 DruidicRifleman SOOOO OK i am not MR technical I blow stug up and break shit
12:20 DruidicRifleman Yeah you could train crows to kill way easyer then program robots
12:21 mikemol Phu: I've got a blog post somewhere you'd find interesting.
12:21 DruidicRifleman train them to find someone and drop a bomb
12:21 Phu DruidicRifleman: its the "recognise known time lords" bit that I think you'll have trouble with :P
12:21 DruidicRifleman A small one
12:21 mikemol Not at all.
12:21 mikemol There *are* no known Time Lords. :)
12:21 mikemol So, there's nothing they need to recognize. ;)
12:21 DruidicRifleman yeah But it Has Use such as Identifying known Combatants VS random school kids
12:21 Phu ah... programming by exclusion ;)
12:22 DruidicRifleman Such as Finding Chris in a crowd
12:22 DruidicRifleman VS some random person
12:22 Phu I'm sure Chris would be flattered that you're selecting him as the first victim in Dalek supremacy :P
12:22 DruidicRifleman Making a robot that kills any thing that move's is relitivly easy
12:22 mikemol One thing I hate about rules...any static rule becomes a vulnerability once it's known and/or recognized.
12:23 mikemol So any programmed method one can contrive for distinguishing a person of type A from a person of type B can be exploited as a camoflage mechanism.
12:23 DruidicRifleman Like say baby Dalek gets built and WE get authorisation to arm it
12:23 DruidicRifleman SAY chriss goes to the lab late at night AND forgets to disarm bocsy
12:24 Phu and SAY chris ALLOWS you to install a killing-capable DALEK in the lab....
12:24 DruidicRifleman I'D really like to have killer robots recognise Chris boden from the KZOO tax people
12:24 DruidicRifleman I am just saying it might be usefull
12:25 DruidicRifleman or KZOO tax man from a school kid ECT
12:25 DruidicRifleman it's Very easy to create a robot that could shoot any thing that move's
12:26 DruidicRifleman Really easily IFF would be a major change
12:26 * Phu puts on a school uniform to avoid be dalek'd
12:26 DruidicRifleman a huge leap
12:27 Sgt_Lemming IFF is not a challenge, s
12:27 Sgt_Lemming Secure IFF is the challenge
12:27 * DruidicRifleman give daleks Mosberg 590 XREP launchers on tool arm A and ads facial regongition AND a FUCKSALL on the other with orders to rape phu
12:27 DruidicRifleman :P
12:27 Phu ow.
12:28 DruidicRifleman i have to say out of all the loads for shot guns... the XREP is one of my favorited
12:28 DruidicRifleman favorites
12:28 Phu and on that note, I do believe its lunch time. bbiab.
12:28 DruidicRifleman it's 8 am
12:28 DruidicRifleman 8:30
12:28 mikemol Phu: Here's a chatlog from a bot I took over maintenence for.
12:28 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
12:29 DruidicRifleman How would you go about IFF on a killer robot?
12:30 Sgt_Lemming Active RFID tags
12:31 DruidicRifleman lol RFID membership cards BUY one or your fair game for the killer robots
12:34 Sgt_Lemming membership cards are passive RFID :-P
12:34 Sgt_Lemming have to make it to the robot first before you can use them :-P
12:34 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
12:38 mikemol Phu: Hehe. I thought I'd posted the blog post, but I'd apparently never finished the draft.
12:46 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
12:46 mashpriborintorg Hello all
12:50 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
12:52 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
12:53 DruidicRifleman Yeah i am Wondering about code design i am doing a write up in my head which will be posted under the kgeek grop project Dalek open source killer robot developement  program
12:53 DruidicRifleman Cause... why shouldn't killer robots be developed as open source
12:54 DruidicRifleman i'd make the daleks run a mac or apple based OS butt i don't think thats possible
12:54 Sgt_Lemming you do realise OS X is just BSD with a fancy GUI right?
12:55 DruidicRifleman NOPE
12:55 DruidicRifleman whats BSD
12:55 Sgt_Lemming
12:56 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
12:56 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
12:56 Sgt_Lemming lo capn
12:57 DruidicRifleman hey captan
12:57 CaptainBoden gmorning gentlemen
12:57 asnopus_ Morning Captain
12:57 DruidicRifleman Killer robots should they USE a mac OS or some kinda lenuix
12:57 Sgt_Lemming lenuix?
12:57 CaptainBoden Linux of course
12:58 Phu hi CaptainBoden
12:58 Sgt_Lemming heh, still one of the worst mangling of the words I have ever seen
12:59 DruidicRifleman another question SAY i builda robot that OCULD be a ckiller robot bot give it other purposes... is there any way to give it access to the Elivator you talked about so it could get from say the Set to the tool room autonomosly
12:59 Sgt_Lemming DruidicRifleman, put overhead rails through the entire building
12:59 Sgt_Lemming have a set in the lift
13:00 DruidicRifleman but then it wouldn't look like a chibi dalek of cute deastruction
13:00 Sgt_Lemming it'd be hanging upside down from the roof though, which'd be awesome for playing with peoples heads
13:01 DruidicRifleman also a free roaming lab robot could doo things like take omni out side
13:01 Sgt_Lemming so could one on the roof, all you need do is extend the rails outside
13:01 DruidicRifleman ... that might be advanced but Definantly Go to the tool room and get a tool for chriss if he's filming
13:01 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
13:01 Phu you still talking about Boden-aware Daleks?
13:02 DruidicRifleman not really if your implying i was gonna Build Daleks programmed to shoot boden
13:02 DruidicRifleman though if it was like An airsoft battle it would be possible
13:04 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden the live stream shows a lock shop you should see if they would donate a safe for A spy myth video
13:05 CaptainBoden Already made friends with them.
13:06 DruidicRifleman awesome
13:06 DruidicRifleman and the camra feed not so good late atnight
13:07 asnopus_ left #thegeekgroup
13:07 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:08 Sgt_Lemming CaptainBoden, wanna do some phsyics numbers for me?
13:08 Sgt_Lemming how much energy to put a 14x60mm projectile through 1/4" steel :-P
13:08 Angy4 joined #thegeekgroup
13:11 CaptainBoden Depends largely on the steel
13:12 Sgt_Lemming mild steel
13:12 CaptainBoden But I can tell you, it's a fuck of a lot. You're looking at .308 caliber rifle kind of numbers.
13:12 Sgt_Lemming we did it with a 30mm air cannon :-P
13:17 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
13:18 Sgt_Lemming I've been spinning up rounds out of stainless steel on our new lathe
13:20 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
13:21 Phu hi eightbitbrad, SparkyStudio
13:22 eightbitbrad hiya Phu
13:22 eightbitbrad Back in the cube farm for me this morning, trying to figure out why our server keeps falling over.
13:22 Electronics falling over?
13:25 Sgt_Lemming technical term for unexpected downtime
13:25 SparkyStudio Hi, funny how yesterday in the webclient i got banned, but today it works :D
13:25 eightbitbrad Electronics: My term for failure.
13:25 eightbitbrad It's old, so I suspect it's fallen and it can't get up. lol
13:26 SparkyStudio I got pidgin too, but thought i'd try through webclient
13:26 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
13:27 Chrisp joined #thegeekgroup
13:27 Cj1corbystarlet I once had my computer guy tell me my server was about to fall over, so i got a ratchet strap and straped it down, it never fell over again
13:28 eightbitbrad Cj1corbystarlet: nice. :)  I think it has bad memory or the motherboard's about to go.
13:29 Cj1corbystarlet The computer tech nerver worked out i was taking the piss out of him,  but the server never fell over
13:29 Cj1corbystarlet So i got a new computer tech.
13:30 Cj1corbystarlet looks like your 2 failure options, are not going to end in a "Quick Repair"
13:32 Cj1corbystarlet Does anyone think i can find and CT's at a decent price ............ Nope
13:37 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
13:40 funtime180 So, how much longer until things get started roun