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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-26

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00:00 BatSteve BotSteve: tell NeWtoz thIs MeSSaGe WouLd Be mUCh iMPRoveD iF I hAd, hOWevER
00:00 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when NeWtoz is around.
00:00 NeWtoz I see
00:00 BotSteve NeWtoz: At 00:00Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you thIs MeSSaGe WouLd Be mUCh iMPRoveD iF I hAd, hOWevER
00:01 Angy4 you could get the message, then change the case only on the command
00:02 NeWtoz I had a different way in mind, but I wasn't aware of a 'don't check for case' method
00:02 NeWtoz if I'm bored enough, I'll poke around the code
00:02 Angy4 never code when bored, lead to strange things
00:02 Angy4 or heavy experimental ones
00:03 wannabe1987 lol
00:03 gh22 left #thegeekgroup
00:03 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
00:03 NeWtoz time to get ready for work
00:04 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
00:05 BatSteve Angy4: that's the entire point of the bot, really
00:05 Angy4 writing hicky code?
00:05 BatSteve No, creeping featuritis
00:06 Angy4 that goes well with hicky code
00:06 LeadHead BatSteve: Did you write the bot from scratch?
00:06 CSMonster lol
00:07 BatSteve LeadHead: Nope, forked him from Sean B. Palmer's Phenny project.
00:07 Angy4 it only need a few code, a threading core (if you want), a socket handler and some parsing code
00:07 LeadHead Oh
00:09 Angy4 I'd say around 200 lines in C to get to the core of it
00:09 Angy4 around half or less in other language that got abstraction layers
00:09 BatSteve True.  It's the useful features that add the lines.
00:10 Obtuse_ anyone planning to go to Defcon this year?
00:12 BatSteve Negative
00:12 Obtuse_ its something i've always wanted to go to
00:12 Toastdude Defcon?
00:12 Obtuse_ but just haven't
00:12 Toastdude Programming convention?
00:12 Angy4 I don't like this type of conferences
00:13 Obtuse_ hacker convention
00:13 Obtuse_ the type where you DON"T use the atm at the hotel
00:13 Toastdude Ah
00:13 Obtuse_
00:14 Toastdude interesting
00:14 Angy4 I prefer black har conventions
00:15 Angy4 *black hat
00:19 Obtuse_ damn, there are 1500 people in #ubuntu
00:19 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
00:19 Captain_ I think it's awesome we have 65 in here
00:20 Ponko92 yeah XD
00:20 Angy4 We can duplicate ourselves :)
00:20 BatSteve it was 71 earlier
00:20 masterofmonks And over 80 a couple of days ago.
00:20 BatSteve Some are lurkers, obviously, but still, this is as popular as the channel has ever been
00:20 BatSteve except for that one time
00:20 BatSteve :]
00:20 Obtuse_ yea, its great that there's 65 in here.
00:20 Captain_ I cannot begin to express how thankful I am for all these people, the volunteers, the viewers, everyone. This is growing, people are getting involved, and it's incredible to see the results.
00:20 LeadHead Is Captain_ the same Captain as Captain_Boden?
00:20 BatSteve LeadHead: yes
00:20 LeadHead I take that as a yes
00:21 Captain_ It's why I'm working so hard on getting VIDEO out to people, so we can share this with the world.
00:21 BatSteve He's using his Secret Alternate Identity
00:21 Angy4 The not so Captain, but not really Captain_Boden yet
00:22 CSMonster :) what's you and tgg are doing is awesome, Captain_
00:22 Angy4 Captin/b/
00:22 lwq1996 hey captain do u still need rca cabbles
00:22 Captain_ yeah, and BNC
00:22 Captain_ amd ethernet
00:22 Captain_ and coax
00:22 Captain_ and bell wire
00:22 lwq1996 i will try to donate some for u need phone wire
00:22 Captain_ and right now I need a spool of White, 12AWG THHN standed
00:22 LeadHead Phone wire is esentially the same as bell wire
00:23 lwq1996 i got a box of that i will try to donate some
00:23 Captain_ "Bell Wire" is a single twisted pair, typically unjacketed, of about 22AWG solid.
00:23 Captain_ and we need MILES of Coax.
00:23 * Angy4 needs his pocketref
00:23 LeadHead I've got probably 500 feet of CommScope Coax, the same exact stuff used by Cox
00:24 exor674 I wish i could figure out how to get it to you hah
00:24 Captain_ That's enough to get ONE run to the HVL from master control.
00:24 exor674 because I have a spool of coax in my basement that I have no use for
00:24 Captain_ Coax and audio cable (XLR kind of stuff) are high priorities.
00:24 LeadHead I'll see how much I have, and how much they'd bend me over on shipping
00:25 Captain_ We need to put camera patch stations in every room, typically 3 cameras in each room is the goal
00:25 Chrisp left #thegeekgroup
00:25 Captain_ plus Genlock and Audio.
00:25 Angy4 miles and miles of cabling
00:25 Captain_ EACH camera needs Video and Genlock (that's 2 Coax runs) plus 3-cond Audio (for XLR).
00:25 Captain_ That's 9 cables per room, minimum.
00:25 lwq1996 i dont think ive got any real rca cables that you can use that u dont have to cut up to use
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00:26 Captain_ Things like the MDH will have at LEAST 5 stations of 3 cameras each.
00:26 LeadHead Aren't you guys worried about  signal degredation with runs so long?
00:26 Captain_ nope, we have DA's and such.
00:26 LeadHead Ah
00:26 Captain_ The only REALLY long ones are to the HVL, we're not going AOUNRD the building, we're going right down the middle ;)
00:27 Ponko92 Captain when its all done what are the plans for the ba.. i mean lab?
00:27 * lwq1996 thinking about getting his dad to let us move
00:27 Captain_ And we can safely do 300' with no loss in signal, Analogue is forgiving like that, we just Gain Up!
00:27 LeadHead Tee-Hee
00:27 Captain_ The plan is to have live video, all day, every day, from every room being able to show what's going on wherever someone is doing something worth watching.
00:28 lwq1996 if you run cable in the HVL arnt u afraid of frying them
00:28 LeadHead Shielded
00:28 Captain_ nope, we have protection for that.
00:28 lwq1996 oh
00:28 Captain_ All of the dangerous stuff in the HVL happens inside a cage, no wires go though that cage.
00:28 Captain_ This isn't our first time at this, we know high voltage very well.
00:28 exor674 arcs are lazy?
00:29 Seroster How are you going to ground the HVL?
00:29 lwq1996 lol and i remember no people in the cage when stuff is going on
00:29 Captain_ Yes actually
00:29 Seroster They sure are exor674
00:29 LeadHead If I can get this coax out to you guys, it's the good stuph, with double metal sheath so you can yank and pull on it without damaging it
00:29 Seroster Faraday's cage works both ways
00:29 Captain_ The HVL has it's own dedicated RF grounding system of over 25 solid copper ground rods.
00:29 Captain_ It's NOT a Faraday cage.
00:29 Captain_ It's an RF grounding safety cage.
00:30 Seroster Working on the same principle, isnt it?
00:30 Captain_ nope
00:30 Captain_ A Faraday cage would require a bottom.
00:30 lwq1996 and nothing goes in or out of that cage without your promition
00:30 Captain_ Ours won't stop signal propagation, it will stop lightning.
00:30 Seroster I thought that was what a faraday cage was =P
00:30 Captain_ It's designed for safety, that's all.
00:30 Seroster Let's call it a faraday fence then
00:31 exor674 how are you gonna prevent an arc backfeeding into the power system?
00:31 Captain_ Nope, a Faraday cage is actually damn hard to build, it has to be a fully enclosed box with no doors or seams.
00:31 LeadHead Faraday cages will stop just about damn near everything
00:31 lwq1996 oh do u need any fencing for the labs or anything i can get stuff cheap
00:31 LeadHead The cage I believe captain is talking about
00:31 LeadHead will just be another ground point for rouge arcs/sparks
00:31 Captain_ We have suppressors and safety systems to handle that, massive iron-cored magnetoresonant power conditioners.
00:31 Seroster Maybe a literal faraday cage, but I've always heaerd that a car is in essence a faraday cage
00:32 Seroster Then we got faraday suits, and microwave oven chambers
00:32 Captain_ A car isn't any manner of faraday cage, not even close. If it was, your cell phone wouldn't work inside.
00:32 BatSteve Seroster: I'm pretty sure that's false, if it was, you couldn't make phone calls from it, I think.
00:32 LeadHead Cars are only safe from lightning because of the skin effect
00:32 exor674 well, cars also aren't grounded
00:32 LeadHead bbl
00:32 Cprossu wow looking at the stream it looks like more fail
00:32 Cprossu =(
00:32 Seroster A lightning bolt that can run a couple of miles through the atmosphere can probably handle the 5 inches of ground clearance
00:33 Cprossu I guess they never came back
00:33 LeadHead Your rubber tires have more resistance than that wet tree next to the car
00:33 CSMonster anything is a conductor that heads to ground if you hit it with a high enough voltage.
00:33 Seroster The definition of a faraday cage varies depending on what it is made to contain, isnt it?
00:33 Cprossu LeadHead: want to see something funny with a car?
00:34 exor674 ( speaking of that, I wonder at what voltage bacon comes conductive? )
00:34 CSMonster LOL
00:34 CSMonster exor674 i don't think it's particularly high.
00:34 Toastdude ....
00:34 Cprossu LeadHead: the 2011 mustang, is it coil on plug first of all
00:34 lwq1996 heck lighning can go throuh somone happend to my uncl
00:34 Ponko92 yeah its still not a farraday cage though
00:34 BatSteve exor674: I would say less than 110 volts..
00:34 BatSteve wait
00:34 BatSteve crap
00:35 Photon939 car is not a faraday cage, but the body of the car is a much better conductor than you are
00:35 BatSteve disregard that, there was a heating element through the hot dog
00:35 Cprossu anyway LeadHead: go find a car that has spark plug wires
00:35 CSMonster no i've seen one that cooked the hot dog just by using it as a conductor
00:35 Seroster There are the high end faraday cages used for MRI rooms, and there are as simple as a bag lined with aluminium foil.  When dealing with 75kv a rough wire mesh will contain the arcs, and can't you call that a faraday's cage (or, if you are picky, a fence, noting the lack of a floor)
00:35 exor674 haha, see now I was tempted to disregard all saftey percausions, and try to cook bacon with AC
00:35 CSMonster i know i have
00:35 Cprossu LeadHead: replace said spark plug wires with vacuum hose
00:35 exor674 ( okay, not, because I like being alive but )
00:36 Seroster The interesting is the frequenzy of the energy you want to contain, not?
00:36 Captain_ Voltage doesn't matter with a Faraday cage, Frequency does
00:36 Angy4 we don"t use faraday cages for MRI rooms, just shilding
00:36 Photon939 higher frequencies need smaller mesh spacing
00:36 steve__ at school we have a faraday cage, good to about 1ghz
00:36 CSMonster
00:36 steve__ close the door and your cell phone is dead
00:36 Photon939 for say 2.4 GHz you'd want mesh with the spacing of the grid in a microwave door or smaller
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00:37 steve__ you caould make a cage with a fence but it might only be good to a few 100 khz
00:37 Cprossu you know
00:37 Cprossu there was a hotdog cooker
00:37 Cprossu made...
00:37 Cprossu that was 110v
00:37 Seroster I know my walkie talkie doesnt work in a microwave...
00:37 Cprossu straight into the dogs
00:37 Seroster Yes, we call that a mainsmeal in sweden.
00:38 BatSteve Cprossu: yeah, my dad used to cook hotdogs on a coat hanger that way
00:38 QuickBen left #thegeekgroup
00:38 steve__ the one ay school has brass screen, similar to window screen but the door is solid with finder stock to seal it
00:38 Ponko92 oh hey steve__ your name isn't so long tonight lol
00:38 Cprossu I think the product I am thinking of is the Presto Hot dogger
00:38 Cprossu butlet me check
00:38 Seroster Angy4, "The scan room of an MRI is designed as a Faraday cage. This prevents external RF (radio frequency) signals from being added to data collected from the patient, which would affect the resulting image. Radiographers are trained to identify the characteristic artefacts created on images should the Faraday cage be damaged."   < Yes we do?
00:38 BatSteve Register that yo!
00:39 Cprossu
00:39 Cprossu ^ FOUND IT!
00:39 Cprossu that�s gotta be UL listed
00:39 Cprossu xD
00:39 Obtuse_ I got to use a faraday cage at work over at JCI
00:39 steve__ Ponko92 it tends to be shorter at night
00:39 Obtuse_ damn bluetooth signals were all over and i needed to test a bluetooth module with just ONE bluetooth device being present
00:40 steve__ that would do it
00:40 CSMonster okay, fooding time.  bbl.
00:40 Ponko92 lol
00:40 Seroster
00:40 steve__ and bluetooth beign 2.4 ghz it doesn't take a big room to be outside of the near field either
00:40 Seroster Got no floor, still a faraday cage
00:40 Obtuse_ at work, the PCs have bluetooth on and many phones broadcast bluetooth all the time
00:40 Seroster And it is dealing with HV, not RC.
00:40 Seroster RF*
00:41 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARRRRRRRK
00:41 Angy4 seroster no we don't
00:41 Obtuse_ I still want a laptop at work with backtrack and a good bluetooth dongle
00:41 Obtuse_ to see how weak bluetooth is
00:41 Angy4 I work every day in front of an MRI, and given the size of my working windows, I say no
00:42 steve__ tin oxide coated glass?
00:42 Seroster Because nobody has heard of conductive glass
00:42 Seroster And Angy4, what says that the room you are sitting in isnt also inside the cage?
00:42 Angy4 and the fact that we don't close doors for imaging phantoms
00:43 Angy4 we use suppression system for the external RF
00:43 Seroster If you just put an MRI in a room and ran it you would get crap
00:43 Seroster Yes... A faraday cage.
00:43 Angy4 no
00:43 Angy4 a faraday cage IS closed
00:44 Angy4 our system are not, so it can't be a faraday cage
00:44 Angy4 but I think some of them are faraday caged
00:45 tggconsole [RED]: Hi internet
00:45 Ponko92 RED XP
00:45 steve__ hi red
00:45 tggconsole is wannabe1987 or CSMonster around?
00:45 tggconsole Hi guys ^_^
00:45 lwq1996 talk to chris he wants to yell at u
00:45 tggconsole Why?
00:45 Ponko92 haha
00:45 tggconsole What did I do?
00:46 lwq1996 you left everything on and didnt set anything
00:46 steve__ you didn't switch to weather cam when you left
00:46 steve__ or turn the scanner on
00:46 exor674 I don't think that was red who left
00:46 steve__ it was red,dave and quick
00:46 tggconsole It was all of us. and i didn't know that I was supposed to
00:46 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
00:47 steve__ weather cam is input 3 under the quad moniters
00:47 tggconsole I know.
00:47 steve__ ok
00:47 Ponko92 RED you wanna do the safety dance
00:47 tggconsole But I didn't realize that it was everytime that people left. I thought it was just at night
00:47 steve__ that i don't know
00:47 tggconsole Duh.
00:48 tggconsole So, you all met my Ex. Taaaddaaa.
00:48 * exor674 hugs red!
00:48 tggconsole thanks dear.
00:49 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
00:49 tggconsole I'm gonna go now guys. bye
00:49 lwq1996 im watching captains blog and came acrossed the one marked "day from hell"
00:49 steve__ it's getting dark out
00:49 exor674 bai red
00:49 tggconsole well, go work at least
00:49 lwq1996 i am on my fucking floor laughing
00:49 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
00:50 Hackbat <3 I got my New Model M cleaned up
00:50 Hackbat yay
00:50 steve__ .tfw 49504
00:50 BotSteve 58�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
00:50 Photon939 nice Hackbat
00:50 hubzcaps yo
00:50 Hackbat FUCK YES!!!!!!!
00:50 steve__ Model M best keyboard ever but often lacking windows key
00:50 Hackbat YOu added the fucking weather
00:51 hubzcaps .tfw 95636
00:51 BotSteve 55�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grizzly Flats, CA!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
00:51 Hackbat lol yeah
00:51 Hackbat I can livw with out it
00:51 steve__ so do I on my PC
00:51 Photon939 my model M is currently out of comission
00:51 hubzcaps PWNAGEEEEE!!!!!!!
00:51 Photon939 need to find a small nut driver so i can open it
00:51 steve__ I had to change the cord on mine from a DIN to a mini Din
00:52 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
00:53 Hackbat I have the first model
00:53 Hackbat No Status LEds >_<
00:54 Ponko92 PWNNNNNDDD
00:54 tggconsole *Ahem*
00:55 masterofmonks
00:55 Photon939 I vote that there shall be a meme/leetspeak jar
00:55 Photon939 any time someone spouts a meme or uses leet speak, they put a quarter in the jar
00:55 Photon939 online users can donate with paypal
00:56 Angy4 need to program a bot to keep the counts
00:57 * Obtuse_ is listening to vocal trance on <--- soooooo goood
00:57 Obtuse_ I also aprove of DIO
00:57 Photon939 Obtuse_: you a fan of chiptunes, module files, assorted electronica?
00:58 Obtuse_ i do like chiptune music
00:58 Obtuse_ dude, when you call sparkfun, the hold music is chiptune music
00:58 wannabe1987 tggconsole - i'm here
00:58 Photon939 hahaha
00:58 wannabe1987 sorry i was makin diner
00:58 Photon939
00:58 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
00:59 tggconsole Who?
00:59 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:59 speedrunnerG55_ Hiiiii
00:59 Photon939 "SceneSat Radio aims to play the best music from every corner of the  scene and related stuff. That would be game remixes, game soundtracks,  demotracks, netlabels, tracks from music compos at demoparties,  different platforms, etc."
01:00 Obtuse_ oh cool.
01:00 speedrunnerG55_ It's me. speedrunnerG55 underscore
01:00 Obtuse_ ever go to
01:00 Photon939 yes
01:00 Obtuse_ mostly remixes
01:00 tggconsole Can you see me
01:00 tggconsole ?
01:00 Obtuse_ I know a lot of those gus
01:00 speedrunnerG55_ Hi obtuse
01:00 Obtuse_ hi speedrunnerG55
01:00 CSMonster yes tggconsole we can see you
01:00 * Photon939 slaps tggconsole around a bit with a large trout
01:01 CSMonster ...and now we cant
01:01 speedrunnerG55_ Obtuse. Do i know you
01:01 tggconsole I just got back from a month tour a few months ago, it'll take me a few minutes to figure out how everything here works.
01:01 Obtuse_ where are you from speedrunner?
01:01 Obtuse_ probably not
01:01 speedrunnerG55_ New jersey
01:01 Obtuse_ I live in grand rapids
01:01 speedrunnerG55_ Oh ok
01:02 cctoide anyone tried/used F.lux?
01:02 Ponko92 oh hey...
01:02 tggconsole Flux?
01:02 Ponko92 RED?
01:02 tggconsole The white-point altering software'
01:02 tggconsole ?
01:02 cctoide yes
01:02 tggconsole It's amazing.
01:02 speedrunnerG55_ Just that i know someone who had a last name absuth and people called him Obtuse
01:02 tggconsole Saved my sleep-schedule last summer.
01:02 cctoide I've read a lot about how it helps some people go to sleep easier after using the computer, giving it a try
01:03 tggconsole It's worth it.
01:03 Obtuse_ apparently there is some shitty band out ther called obtuse
01:03 * Hackbat is typing on his keyboard making retard noises of joy
01:03 Obtuse_ which sucks cuz that's the name i release music under
01:03 Hackbat IT"S SO CLICKY
01:03 tggconsole Your computer's white-point mimics the sun, therefor tricking your brain into thinking it's still daytime, so by changing the white-point, it allows your brain to transition to night.
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01:04 speedrunnerG55_ Is BatSteve here?
01:04 cctoide Yup... makes it a lot easier on the eyes in a dark room
01:04 BatSteve yes
01:04 Obtuse_;feature=channel_video_title <--- a remix I made
01:04 Obtuse_ trance
01:04 tggconsole Do you guys have an audio feed from the lab too
01:04 tggconsole '
01:04 tggconsole ?
01:04 cctoide yes
01:05 cctoide the scanner, mainly, right now
01:05 tggconsole Alright, good to know.
01:05 tggconsole I guess I'll stop typing now.
01:05 Ponko92 .yt safety dance
01:05 BotSteve Ponko92:
01:05 cctoide point the mike on the arm at your face if you're going to speak, though
01:05 cctoide makes it easier on this side
01:06 speedrunnerG55_ So did you guys get those motors I sent last week
01:06 cctoide hmm... wonder if it's actually using that mike, the scanner is *really* loud right now
01:06 Captain_
01:06 BatSteve speedrunnerG55_: Were you asking if I was around for any special reason?
01:06 Obtuse_ yay! new captains blog!
01:07 speedrunnerG55_ Ugh. No
01:07 cctoide He didn't break anything! Yet.
01:07 speedrunnerG55_ Sorry
01:07 Captain_ No, look in his hand.
01:07 Captain_ The pipe.
01:08 Captain_ No smoking in the studio block.
01:08 CSMonster tggconsole and cctoide: what is this white point altering software and where can i find out?
01:08 Captain_ ok
01:08 tggconsole Google flux
01:08 Captain_ You just carry it around to be pretty?
01:08 cctoide
01:08 Captain_ Quick, remember that we're 5 seconds behind you in responces.
01:08 Ponko92 you sir remind me of Sherlock Holmes and Mr. Banks from mary poppins
01:08 Captain_ It takes 5 seconds from when you say something to when the world sees it.
01:08 wannabe1987 CSMonster - if you were offered money for your breasts, how much would it have to be?
01:09 Captain_ You have to swallow that mic for it to work right,it's a VO mic.
01:09 exor674 that question seems weird wannabe1987. like for someone to lop them off?
01:09 CSMonster some things have no price.  that's one of them.
01:09 wannabe1987 yes
01:09 Captain_ Like one inch from your mouth.
01:09 Cprossu so is it time for GVG transitioning 101? steve__?
01:09 Captain_ um, the mic is off ;)
01:09 Captain_ Bring up Channel 5
01:09 CSMonster (or rather that's two of them...)
01:09 Captain_ I *think* it's 5
01:10 speedrunnerG55_ What is the ISP speed.
01:10 wannabe1987 lol @ csmonster
01:10 Captain_ It's working
01:10 Cprossu careful touchy nob yes we hear you
01:10 Cprossu and a radio station too
01:10 Cprossu what was that about?
01:10 CSMonster i heard a quick.  OH GOD BUZZ
01:10 Cprossu yeah
01:10 Captain_ Quick, don't play with my faders, leave 4 alone at 0, the console mic is 5
01:10 Ponko92 Its time for QuickStep on 92.1 The Shark
01:10 CSMonster si
01:11 Cprossu what was the buzz that we heard (60hz) accompanied with the radio station?
01:11 exor674 a buzz generator, maybe?
01:11 Cprossu Only if it said berringer on it
01:11 Captain_ Ch4 is the overhead mic in the studio C and it's got a BAD buzz to it, it's getting inductive feed from somewhere
01:11 cctoide Captain_: can the scanner pick up approach control for the airport from where it's at?
01:11 Cprossu no we heard a radio station
01:11 Captain_ no, it's demodulating AM radio.
01:11 Cprossu when you turned up the buzz
01:11 Captain_ Which is why we keep it at 0
01:11 speedrunnerG55_ Where the stream is what's the speed of it's Internet connection?
01:11 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
01:11 Ponko92 what music can a vaugely hear in the background tggconsole
01:11 Cprossu I thought so
01:11 Ponko92 can i*
01:11 Cprossu did they figure out what frequency yet?
01:12 sprocket777 left #thegeekgroup
01:12 Ponko92 NIN O_O your the best
01:12 speedrunnerG55_ Idk what's going on in the stream. I should check
01:12 Ponko92 very welcome
01:12 cctoide GRR Approach/Departure 124.6 (North) 128.4 (South)
01:12 Captain_ There are a million delicate things in that room that you know nothing about because you weren't there when we built it, it's NOT behaiving like a typical setup that you're used to and you can BREAK THINGS by doing nothing that you would percive as wrong. DO NOT TOUCH THINGS in master control without my instruction (or Steves) until you learn the ropes.
01:12 Cprossu I have the urge to blast American IV right about now
01:12 cctoide
01:12 speedrunnerG55_ Just that I'm on my phone and I'll have to leave irc a bit to see it
01:13 Captain_ Because if you fuck up the live stream, I'll lock you down in the studio and never let you in there until we have it done.
01:13 BatSteve Ooh, turn on 28.4 - that one has the good controllers
01:13 CSMonster overhead.  duh
01:13 Captain_ Overhead mic is on the camera mounted over Set-A
01:13 Cprossu yeah things are really messed around in there tggconsole... some stuff is running off of 1/2 broken equipment
01:13 Cprossu it�ll all slowly get back to where it needs to be
01:13 Ponko92 .w LTI
01:13 BotSteve "LTI - Lingua Tertii Imperii, a book by Victor Klemperer" -
01:13 Captain_ A nontrivial percentage of the gear in front of you is older than you are, lol
01:14 lwq1996 does anyone know where to get the little headphone jack for and ipod classic
01:14 Cprossu my scope is still older though
01:14 Cprossu xD
01:14 Captain_ I promise to teach you how to use everything though, and you'll be able to do live shows up there from MC.
01:14 Cprossu and nearly 2x my age
01:14 Captain_ But until you do, you scare the shit out of me up there unsupervised.
01:14 * steve__ need to get MC fully operational
01:14 cctoide question is whether that airport gets enough traffic for it to be interesting
01:14 Cprossu Well on the bright side, he can�t break the GVG
01:15 Captain_ No, you don't get it. Red knows NOTHING about that console and because of that she's scared of it and knows not to touch buttons.
01:15 SparkyPojects Captain_, did you read my emeil about sound quality ? i think it sounds very nice at the moment
01:15 CSMonster i'm here for another 5 minutes
01:15 CSMonster pizza is almost done
01:15 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
01:15 Captain_ YOU however know just enough to not be scared of all the knobs, and because of that you're a serious danger.
01:15 Captain_ Yes, I got your email, thank you :) It'll get a LOT better over the next week.
01:16 Cprossu Considering the GVG was built to be used by monkeys with their asses he�s safe just as long as he doesn�t try to pan the weathercam
01:16 Captain_ Bring back the camera, if you want to make out with Red just leave the room.
01:16 steve__ does that make me a serious hazzard up there then?
01:16 Cprossu btw switch us back to a non boring source
01:16 speedrunnerG55_ I'd listen to the Captain_  if were u
01:16 Captain_ NO, the lag comes from ustream
01:16 Cprossu negative on #1 for now
01:16 Ponko92 lol Captain_
01:16 Cprossu and they are the same
01:16 Captain_ That's too much to explain here, ask me tomorrow
01:16 Cprossu video and audio are 5 seconds out
01:16 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
01:16 Captain_ Video AND Audio both lag 5 seconds.
01:16 Cprossu basically think of it as a buffer
01:16 Ponko92 if i was single i'd have... oh umm
01:16 Captain_ We pump it to Ustream in realtime.
01:16 Cprossu between live and captured
01:17 Captain_ Ustream buffers it on playback for people and they get a 5sec buffer.
01:17 Ponko92 hi RED
01:17 tggRED Hey sweetie
01:17 Angy4 they transcode the feed on the gap no?
01:17 Cprossu if they didn�t any stutter in the network connection would mess it up
01:17 robotfish joined #thegeekgroup
01:17 Captain_ Don't swear on camera ;)
01:17 Captain_ Family show.
01:17 Obtuse_ haha
01:17 Cprossu that�s fucking right =P
01:17 mikemol *snort*
01:17 Captain_ I'm getting better.
01:17 Captain_ LMFAO
01:17 Ponko92 lol
01:18 Captain_ True, we'll all learn in time.
01:18 cctoide condolences
01:18 Obtuse_ in that tiny bus!
01:18 cctoide :p
01:18 Obtuse_ that broke down!
01:18 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
01:18 Ponko92 love berlesque
01:18 Captain_ Be careful not to roll your chair on cables.
01:18 SparkyPojects Captain_, i get more like a 15 second delay on my test account with ustream, but i guess i'm further away :P
01:18 exor674 I wonder how long of a *technical* delay there is on live TV nowadays -- that is, ignoring any intentional delays
01:18 speedrunnerG55_ 5seconds of redundancy
01:18 Cprossu our compressor is still a buzzing pile right?
01:18 speedrunnerG55_ That's good
01:18 CSMonster tggconsole: tell red i'll be back in like 30-40 minutes.
01:18 Obtuse_ cramped with all of those people though right?
01:18 Captain_ Oh Steve, watch my latest video :)
01:18 tggRED I'm here, sweetie
01:18 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
01:18 steve__ thanks
01:19 CSMonster ohai
01:19 Captain_ yes, but I have a replacement I'm getting this week
01:19 Photon939 I'm surprised you guys put master control in the raquetball court gallery, it's pretty small
01:19 CSMonster yeah pizza comes out of the oven in just a minute.
01:19 Ponko92 steve__ how are you :)
01:19 tggRED hai
01:19 tggRED okie.
01:19 speedrunnerG55_ Hi red
01:19 tggRED I may or may not be here when you get back.
01:19 Ponko92 OH HAI MARK
01:19 Obtuse_ do you know me?
01:19 exor674 PIZZA!
01:19 Cprossu ok tggconsole: I have a job for you, go get a stopwatch and sync it to the hotclock
01:19 Obtuse_ Andrew Struve
01:20 Ponko92 i don't know you :P i'm in the UK unfortunately
01:20 speedrunnerG55_ 0_o
01:20 lwq1996 wow
01:20 Captain_ Obtuse is a bot Quick, it's a computer program not a real person.
01:20 Obtuse_ i have some SHFTB people on my facebook
01:20 Phu likewise you don't know me ;)
01:20 Obtuse_ so i see some info about what's goin on
01:20 lwq1996 hey captain at one time were you called chrisy chris
01:20 Cprossu negative
01:20 tggRED Not at all. Don't know you.
01:20 Phu I've seen you in videos...does that count?
01:20 CSMonster PIZZATIME.  and no we have not met.  BBL.
01:20 Captain_ Obtuse is an advanced Artificial intelligence project from MIT, it's coded to behaive like a real person, you can ignore it.
01:20 lwq1996 i should call u that
01:20 Obtuse_ i'm the most human computer program ever
01:21 Cprossu they did a lousy job too
01:21 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
01:21 lwq1996 lol^\
01:21 Cprossu I can totally tell
01:21 Captain_ LWQ there are exactly 2 people on Earth who can call me Chrissy. You are not one of them, try it and enjoy your ban.
01:21 Seroster Lol
01:21 cctoide Quick going to be doing the night shift? :p
01:21 Ponko92 that was a fast introduction
01:21 Ponko92 hahaha puns
01:21 Seroster Who are the two?
01:21 Captain_ Quick would be great at the night shift.
01:21 * exor674 waits for it
01:21 Obtuse_ so what do you do on the Burlesque show?
01:21 steve__ 3 wires was full then?
01:21 cctoide Can he do puppets?
01:21 Captain_ My grandmother is one, my Mom is the other.
01:21 cctoide finger puppets will do
01:22 Captain_ 3 wires was a hammer fit.
01:22 Obtuse_ ah cool.
01:22 * Phu takes notes on what Chris can not be called
01:22 Seroster What if the president called you that?
01:22 speedrunnerG55_ Lol phu
01:22 Seroster Lol BatSteve
01:22 Captain_ Barack calls  me "My nigga"
01:22 Cprossu SO dare I ask you how you procured said nickname?
01:22 Ponko92 bahahahaha
01:22 speedrunnerG55_ Llolol
01:22 Toastdude lol
01:22 Obtuse_ I considered trying out when they needed a bass player. but i've heard the rehersals are BRUTAL.
01:22 Captain_ We grew up together, I was raised a poor black child.
01:22 speedrunnerG55_ LOL^
01:22 Obtuse_ but rather long?
01:23 Phu I've already made myself look like an unknowledgable tit in front of Chris, I don't want to call him the wrong thing and make it worse :P
01:23 Seroster Or he was raised a poor white kid?
01:23 Cprossu rofl
01:23 Seroster That was 70 seconds, I suppose it wasnt timed?
01:23 Ponko92 didn't live in Hawaii Obama
01:23 Ponko92 didn't he*
01:24 BatSteve no I just realized I read CB's sentence wrong
01:24 Seroster Dare you question the captain?!
01:24 Cprossu So how did you get your nickname, quick?
01:24 tggRED Ponky, Chris can teleport. Don't question.
01:24 BatSteve "try it and"
01:24 Captain_ He can run a 4 minute mile.
01:24 BatSteve he didn't try it
01:24 Seroster Cprossu, I COULD make a horribly bad joke here... But...
01:24 Cprossu you totally should
01:24 Ponko92 YOU O_O
01:24 Ponko92 YOUR QUICK MAN
01:24 Ponko92 from MM2
01:24 Cprossu IRC is a vast wasteland
01:24 Ponko92 megaman 2
01:25 cctoide IRC is like two boats, meeting in the ocean
01:25 Ponko92 good everyone hates that guy lol
01:25 Cprossu colliding in the ocean
01:25 Seroster Cprossu, I think that Captain_ dislikes my sense of humor
01:25 cctoide
01:25 Captain_ Quick has a notoriously short temper (he's a typical artist) and is known for flying into fits of rage at the drop of a hat, hence, Quick. As in, Quick to kick someone's punk ass.
01:25 Cprossu sometimes people fall out of the boats too
01:25 Phu cctoide: nono, IRC is like multiplayer notepad ;)
01:25 Cprossu kwik?
01:25 Ponko92 kwik
01:25 Captain_ Kwczitck
01:25 sam___ joined #thegeekgroup
01:25 sam___ left #thegeekgroup
01:26 Captain_ He's Latvian-Polish
01:26 Photon939 Captain_: do you still have that massive YAG laser?
01:26 Ponko92 ahhh ok
01:26 Captain_ No, I sold it to a member for $5.
01:26 tggRED 5 letters boys.
01:26 Cj1corbystarlet There is also another way to get a nick like quick
01:26 Ponko92 K??IK
01:26 cctoide Minuteman
01:26 Captain_ He's totally Latvian
01:26 Cprossu PROFIT!
01:26 eggplant626 joined #thegeekgroup
01:26 Cj1corbystarlet 2 stroke engine
01:26 Ponko92 Kuick
01:26 Liz_Home joined #thegeekgroup
01:26 Obtuse_ a mutt
01:26 Ponko92 wow
01:27 * exor674 waves at Liz_Home
01:27 Captain_ He's in a TITTY SHOW, think about that. He's no minute man, he's got STAMINA.
01:27 Ponko92 your European
01:27 Phu kzywk ?
01:27 Seroster There is a town not far from here called kivik...
01:27 Cprossu 2 stroke would be �suck and blow that�s what makes the engine go�
01:27 Liz_Home exor674: hello again
01:27 Ponko92 lets play hangman shall we?
01:27 Cprossu granted that�s how 2 stroke engines perform on emissions
01:27 Photon939 bleh Captain_, I was hoping to help you guys get 1064nm light out of it
01:27 Toastdude Cprossu: .......
01:27 tggRED Ponko92 - check your PM's
01:27 Photon939 and maybe burn a hole in the wall
01:27 tggRED Do we have to bring up the whole age difference relationship and unicorn thing again?
01:28 tggRED oh gosh.
01:28 Cj1corbystarlet or a diesel 2 pumps and a squirt thats how the generator  goes
01:28 Phu do z, y or w feature anywhere?
01:28 Ponko92 hmm Kwiek?
01:28 Captain_ We have it, it's in the basement.
01:28 Captain_ But we won't be powering it up for a while, it needs love.
01:28 Photon939 indeed
01:28 Ponko92 never
01:28 Cprossu it�s out here forever
01:28 Photon939 it was in bad shape from the last video you did on it
01:28 Cprossu now
01:28 Cprossu this channel is logged by the best stonecrafters in the business
01:28 Ponko92 don't worry
01:28 Photon939 especially if you can get the SHG unit running
01:29 Ponko92 i'm half german
01:29 Captain_ Hmmmm, how many burlesque show sax players can there be in GR........
01:29 Photon939 that thing would make a lot of 532
01:29 Captain_ You're welcome to come play with it, once we have 480 power.
01:29 Ponko92 and Kweik was in my head lol
01:29 Obtuse_ 480? that's hot.
01:29 Photon939 I'd give you guys my Lexel 95 argon ion laser system
01:29 tggRED sexy.,
01:30 speedrunnerG55_ Internet Relay Chat; It's how hackers talk when they don't want to be overheard. It's a pretty primitive chat program. Think of it like shipping channels in the ocean: you can't see them until a boat cuts through the water leaving a wake. If two boats meet in the middle of the ocean to swap a load of illegal drugs, you have to catch them in realtime. Otherwise there's no record of the meeting left behind.
01:30 Photon939 if GR wasn't such a drive
01:30 Cprossu He�s lying he figured it out by looking at a boat
01:30 Cprossu;t=1
01:30 Ponko92 RED didn't tell me at all
01:30 Captain_ We need a decent Argon laser, I'd like to get some good Green mojo happening and build an optics table.
01:30 Phu tggconsole: actually quick, in a statistical anaylysis of the english language, e more commonly comes before i, regardless of the c.
01:30 Ponko92 oh god where is she running too
01:30 Captain_ I'm ok with either.
01:30 Photon939 the Lexel runs from 208v
01:30 Ponko92 wow
01:30 cctoide etaoinshrdlu
01:30 Captain_ It'll take 240 and be ok
01:30 Photon939 but it needs a new tube
01:31 Photon939 it does have a 3 phase buck transformer
01:31 Ponko92 say to batman the game
01:31 Photon939 so it can be rewired for slight variances in line voltage
01:31 Cj1corbystarlet If the Labs a rocking don't come a knocking
01:31 Ponko92 haha
01:31 cctoide new batman on the block
01:31 Cprossu don�t take that from him!
01:31 Ponko92 *theme for batman starts*
01:31 Captain_ Red get off the cables
01:31 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
01:32 Captain_ ok, Red and Batman, out of master control.
01:32 speedrunnerG55_ ?
01:32 Cprossu I want an atomic battery in my car =(
01:32 Cprossu lies
01:32 Photon939 Captain_: I'd like to help you guys set up a laser lab if I wasn't several hundred miles away
01:32 Photon939 I'll get there eventually
01:32 Cprossu batman needs to go to bed at 10?!
01:32 Ponko92 yeah basically you 2 piss off as it would be in english
01:32 Captain_ WAY too many delicate things up there and neither of them are on the production team and have any reason to be up there.
01:32 speedrunnerG55_ Lasers are cool
01:32 Ponko92 well british
01:33 Cprossu The stack of dominoes is going to fall down
01:33 tggRED i'm in production, sir.
01:33 Cprossu without you there, Captain_
01:33 tggRED Read my baaaddge
01:33 Captain_ Quick, call me and I'll talk you through the weather camera.
01:33 Photon939 the CNC equipment you guys have would be fantastic for making optic mounts
01:33 Ponko92 haha damn
01:33 Captain_ no, he didn't ;)
01:34 Captain_ Red, say gnite and head downstairs, I won't ask nicely again.
01:34 speedrunnerG55_ The stream isn't live right
01:34 Obtuse_ its live
01:34 Ponko92 you look like a banker with the hat its soo distinguised
01:34 Captain_ Thank you  Red.
01:34 Cprossu speedrunnerG55: what?
01:34 Ponko92 hahah
01:34 Ponko92 wow cap
01:34 Captain_ That IS a damn fine hat.
01:34 Ponko92 home of the Badgers
01:35 Captain_ It didn't ring, you called your mom
01:35 Ponko92 i might be playing football over there
01:35 cctoide ... mom? Dad!?
01:35 Phu Quick 1 - 0 Chris
01:35 Ponko92 haha wow
01:35 speedrunnerG55_ When I check the stream it says it's offline
01:35 Obtuse_ close your browser and open it again
01:35 Cprossu does chris have your mom�s phone, quick?
01:35 Photon939 stream is running fine
01:35 Ponko92 who'll win this game Phu?
01:35 Obtuse_ its pretty boring now
01:35 ialpha joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 Obtuse_ pointed outside
01:35 Ponko92 1-0 can chris turn it round lol
01:36 speedrunnerG55_ I have an iPhone app for it
01:36 Toastdude What's your name? I dont recognize you..
01:36 Cprossu traffic cam! only on 92.1 the SHARKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
01:37 Cj1corbystarlet Is that a hooker on the corner ?
01:37 speedrunnerG55_ Can someone link me. I'll just open it in safari
01:37 Obtuse_ now you make me want to listen to Hooker with a Penis by tool
01:37 Toastdude
01:37 Cj1corbystarlet
01:37 speedrunnerG55_ Ty
01:37 Toastdude lol
01:37 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
01:38 Ponko92 Traffic Reports with Quick on 92.1 THE SHARRRRRKK
01:38 Cprossu Obtuse_: what you will really listen to is �detachable penis� by king missile
01:38 Producer_Bill joined #thegeekgroup
01:38 Seroster;feature=relmfu  god damn that is STUPID
01:38 Toastdude .seen wannabe1987
01:38 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw wannabe1987 at 2011-04-26 01:10:13 UTC on #thegeekgroup
01:38 mikemol Hehe. That's a fun song. :)
01:38 speedrunnerG55_ The current video is only viewable in flash >_<
01:38 Obtuse_ eh, its alright
01:38 Obtuse_ hello mikemol
01:38 Cj1corbystarlet Cprosus  havent heard that in years
01:38 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
01:39 Captain_ Ok, at this point Master Control is now officially out of Alpha testing and into Beta. This means it's a production area and access up there is limited to Video Production Crew only.
01:39 Captain_ No Tours or Quests until we get out of Beta and it's safe and stable up there.
01:40 steve__ Ya, MC is becoming something
01:40 Captain_ WAY too many wires ont he floor, and things on the bench that can get messed up or broken.
01:40 steve__ now to make it stable
01:40 Captain_ yeah, we have a lot of work to do.
01:40 speedrunnerG55_ What's going to happen during v1
01:40 cctoide still planning on replacing the GVG?
01:40 Cprossu with a bigger one!
01:40 Captain_ Well, now we have to put the room together and make it pretty.
01:40 Captain_ GVG is going away within 2 weeks.
01:41 * steve__ gets sentimental
01:41 Obtuse_ what does it get replaced with?
01:41 Captain_ Hey Steve, did you bring the stream down today?
01:41 Cprossu so it it moving downstairs at the cafe or is there gonna be a more awesome one there?
01:41 Captain_ A new switcher.
01:41 steve__ I don't belive so
01:41 Cj1corbystarlet We need to create a suport group for steve
01:41 Seroster Time for zipties!
01:41 Captain_ GVG will move down to the Cafe, to the video demo.
01:41 Cprossu ok, that�s good
01:41 Cprossu it was a lot of effort to get running
01:41 Phu okies... its 2:42am here, I gotta go to bed. See you all tomorrow.,
01:42 Seroster Phu, finland?
01:42 Seroster No, GB
01:42 Seroster Sorry
01:42 Captain_ The stream says it's been live for 9 hours.....I'm wondering why
01:42 Phu UK. :)
01:42 Cprossu because of an interuption 9 hours ago
01:42 steve__ that I don't know, I shouldn't have taken it down
01:42 Seroster .... And the cause of that interruption?
01:42 Cprossu network related
01:42 Cprossu could have been anything
01:42 speedrunnerG55_ I can't wach it with my iPhone . I think it's only compatible with flash. Dosent make sence tho
01:43 Seroster Shouldnt have got an iphone. Sorry
01:43 Cprossu Captain_: is the modem that comcast rented to you (docsis 3) a cisco/telestar/scientific atlanta?
01:43 Producer_Bill left #thegeekgroup
01:43 Captain_ no idea
01:43 Cprossu aka little black shit box
01:43 steve__ I hope that in a while the stream has an uptime in months
01:43 Angy4 cisco makes cable line cards ?
01:43 Cprossu no they bought scientific atlanta
01:43 Captain_ That's what I'm going for.
01:44 Captain_ I want to have a very stable, and very popular live stream. And we're well on our way.
01:44 Captain_ 11k hits in the first week :)
01:44 steve__ maybe years even, wait comcast has a lower uptime than that
01:44 Cprossu
01:44 ialpha left #thegeekgroup
01:45 steve__ 11k in a week is good for a new steam lits make it 111k
01:45 Angy4 (text mode, can't brows images)
01:46 wannabe1987 .
01:46 exor674 !
01:46 cctoide What breed is Omni?
01:46 Cprossu At least the GVG is Y2K complient
01:46 wannabe1987 brown lab
01:46 Cprossu (rofl)
01:46 steve__ probable y3k too
01:47 speedrunnerG55_ What's going on in the stream
01:47 Obtuse_ Have you guys seen Regular Ordinary Swedish Mealtime ...  ?
01:47 Obtuse_ shit cracks me up
01:47 Angy4 more Y2038 compatible
01:47 speedrunnerG55_ Other than red doing stuff
01:47 steve__ yes that too
01:47 Angy4 _that_ will be fun
01:47 Angy4 more fun that the y2k
01:47 steve__ .me goes on quest for caffine
01:48 * steve__ goes on quest for caffine
01:48 DruidicRifleman I am back
01:48 * wannabe1987 gives steve__ diet coke
01:48 speedrunnerG55_ Hi DruidicRifleman
01:48 Obtuse_ eww diet
01:48 Ponko92 steve__ have a cup of tea
01:49 Captain_ Omni is a Black Lab/Chow mix.
01:49 Ponko92 PG Tips
01:49 Obtuse_ Tazo Calm is my favorite
01:49 Ponko92 do you drink Tea and if so how do you take it cap?
01:49 wannabe1987 black lab?  she looks like a choc lab
01:49 Cprossu BotSteve: tell caffeine You�re not (chugs a mountain dew) In charge of (plugs his percolator in) ME!!!!! I DON�T HAVE A PROBLEM!<!><>!<><!>
01:49 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when caffeine is around.
01:50 wannabe1987 LOL
01:50 Ponko92 lol
01:50 Toastdude lol.....
01:50 * exor674 totes a caffeine addict tooooo
01:50 * wannabe1987 has 2 24 packs of diet coke in hte storage room
01:50 wannabe1987 is that sad?
01:50 Cprossu actually that brings up an idea
01:51 Cprossu I�ve got a new way to crash botsteve I think
01:51 Cprossu fill it up with useless tells!
01:51 speedrunnerG55_ Wonder what it's going to be like when someone comes on with that an
01:51 exor674 wannabe1987: I drink 4 20-packs a week and a half
01:51 speedrunnerG55_ Sn
01:51 wannabe1987 damn
01:51 Angy4 try to create a buffer overflow, and then execute commands
01:51 BatSteve Cprossu: aw, bot bollution
01:51 BatSteve *pollution
01:51 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
01:51 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
01:51 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
01:51 BatSteve that would actually work
01:51 wannabe1987 lol
01:52 Cprossu I thought so lol
01:52 BatSteve you'd need to provide a *massive* amount of tells though
01:52 Cprossu no kidding
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ Oh no don't polite botsteve he's too cool
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ Pollute
01:52 BatSteve And if I was smart I'd just add you to the denylist for the "tell" command
01:52 Ponko92 wannabe1987 when i'm over i'm not drinking your diet coke its all about Coca Cola
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ Aren't you, BotSteve
01:52 Cprossu I think I�ll start out leaving messages for my addictions and see what happens
01:52 wannabe1987 lol ok
01:52 Cprossu just because it would be funny as hell
01:52 Angy4 I prefer using only one tell, that escape into the system then execute random code
01:53 Cprossu when someone logs in with that name
01:53 Angy4 but I'll have to switch tu UTF-16 to do that
01:53 Ponko92 if i brought my sis along you'd have to keep her from stealing them
01:53 Ponko92 OH you got mentos
01:53 speedrunnerG55_ Hey BotSteve
01:53 BotSteve Word up speedrunnerG55_!
01:54 CSMonster back
01:54 wannabe1987 wassup botsteve
01:54 wannabe1987 awww:(
01:54 wannabe1987 hi botsteve
01:54 BotSteve Greetings wannabe1987
01:54 speedrunnerG55_ Greatings bots
01:54 speedrunnerG55_ Greatings BotSteve
01:55 Cprossu and speedrunnerG55_: I only intentionally break things that are mine
01:55 Ponko92 botsteve are you aware yet
01:55 CSMonster is the lab vacant now?
01:55 Ponko92 guess not
01:55 * steve__ returns, with no pop in the house, only hot chocolate
01:56 CSMonster botsteve is not aware of ponko.
01:56 CSMonster STEVE_______ WASSAAAP
01:56 wannabe1987 awww
01:56 CSMonster lol, pop.
01:56 BotSteve Ponko92:  Shhhhh....don't give it away....i haven't gotten through all the nuclear launch encryption codes yet
01:56 steve__ tring to write a 5 page paper
01:56 wannabe1987 hows it goin?
01:56 Seroster Damn
01:56 * steve__ returns with no soda
01:57 steve__ very slowly
01:57 speedrunnerG55_ Minecraft should be on iPhone
01:57 Ponko92 batsteve thats funny ;)
01:57 steve__ hench the need for caffine
01:57 Seroster 5'' computer fan
01:57 Cprossu I hope one day I get to play with a yamaha CS80
01:57 Cprossu such cool synths
01:57 Cprossu
01:58 Ponko92 steve__ have a cuppa tea
01:58 speedrunnerG55_ .yt best chip tunes
01:58 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_:
01:58 CSMonster as an Angeleno child, people who say "pop" instead of "soda" will always amuse me ever so slightly. :D
01:58 * Obtuse_ wants a dave smith evolver and an access virus
01:58 speedrunnerG55_ Those are some awesome chiptunes
01:58 Cprossu evolvers are darn cool
01:59 Cprossu so are sidstations
01:59 Obtuse_ i went to sweetwater in Ft. Wayne indina and they had one
02:00 * wannabe1987 has job interview` tomorrow
02:00 speedrunnerG55_ Is red here?
02:00 Cprossu but the yamaha cs80 reigns supreme
02:00 CSMonster wannabe1987 what job
02:00 Cprossu even though it weighs a shit ton
02:00 CSMonster i do not think red is here
02:00 Cprossu and is unstable
02:00 Cprossu and hard to use
02:00 Cprossu it�s bugs create it�s sound
02:00 wannabe1987 something at firekepers casino in battle` creek
02:01 Cprossu I think it can do ~5-8 aftertouch effects at the same time too
02:01 wannabe1987 keepers*
02:01 Cprossu as in pitch bending just with the keys
02:01 Ponko92 .w Dirty Dancing
02:01 steve__ ok question for everyone, finnish writing a 5 page paper or study to take the alternative exam, (paper or exam) what would you do?
02:01 BotSteve "Dirty Dancing is a 1987 romantic film made in the United States." -
02:01 Angy4 writing the paper
02:01 Cprossu finish the paper
02:01 Cprossu duh
02:01 steve__ 5 pages or 1-2 hr exam
02:01 CSMonster take the exam because i am fail at writing papers
02:01 Ponko92 fiancee asked what year it was made when it was made
02:02 steve__ I'm not much of a writer either
02:02 BatSteve How confident do you feel about the exam?
02:02 Angy4 the most overdue
02:02 steve__ I have about 1/2 of 5 pages
02:02 Ponko92 finish the paper this aint heavy rain you can't go back on what you didn't do
02:02 Ponko92 right
02:02 steve__ I feel good about the exam, its macro economics
02:02 steve__ so easy stuff
02:02 Cprossu if the teacher is a jerk
02:02 Ponko92 yeah do the paper to get more credit
02:02 Obtuse_ depends if you can stay awake to write the paper
02:02 Cprossu you�ll get a headache
02:03 Ponko92 and that
02:03 Angy4 what's the subject of the paper?
02:03 steve__ it's a response to the movie "inside job"
02:03 speedrunnerG55_ Is Cory here
02:03 BatSteve oh shoot
02:03 BatSteve Write the paper
02:03 BatSteve Movie responses are cake
02:04 speedrunnerG55_ Who's at the stream.
02:04 Cprossu <- Yamaha CS80, brings me to tears every time
02:04 Ponko92 .yt Paul & Paula
02:04 BotSteve Ponko92:
02:04 Angy4 my current paper is more likt ``The influence of compression on the quantitative MRI image of the IVD''
02:04 steve__ and it's due at 8am edt
02:04 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
02:04 steve__ sounds more interesting than this
02:04 scubadiver10000 joined #thegeekgroup
02:05 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
02:05 Obtuse_ what does your outline look like steve?
02:05 scubadiver10000 is that the roof cam?
02:05 steve__ probably
02:06 steve__ like too long to post to IRC
02:06 Obtuse_ lol
02:06 Ponko92 steve you wanna do my paper on cars?
02:06 Ponko92 lol
02:06 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
02:06 Angy4 use pastebin :)
02:06 wannabe1987 hi'
02:06 steve__ I'm not a big car guy, you better do that one yourself
02:06 Angy4 (but you'll have to entitle it Steve & al.)
02:07 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
02:07 BatSteve steve__: google docs
02:07 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:07 wannabe1987 what kind of car stuff
02:07 * Angy4 got a problem with google.
02:07 speedrunnerG55_ ?
02:07 steve__ it is tempting but I should just get off here and start typing it
02:07 CSMonster bye steve
02:07 wannabe1987 lol
02:08 steve__ crowd sourcing a paper sounds messy
02:08 CSMonster lol
02:08 steve__ is now known as steve_writing_pa
02:08 steve_writing_pa is now known as steve_writing
02:08 cctoide kinda windy out there
02:08 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
02:08 kristooher joined #thegeekgroup
02:08 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
02:09 DruidicRifleman tggred it's a red hi red
02:09 tggRED hi
02:09 kristooher hi
02:09 Cprossu o_O that was unlikely
02:09 wannabe1987 hi red
02:09 Cprossu was that a netsplit I didn�t notice?
02:09 tggRED hi
02:09 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
02:10 exor674 no netsplits
02:10 tggRED What was unlikely?
02:10 CSMonster OHAI red
02:10 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:10 tggRED hi
02:10 CSMonster .w ohai
02:10 BotSteve "Ohai is a town in the Southland Region of New Zealand's South Island." -
02:10 speedrunnerG55_ Hi red
02:10 exor674 hai red
02:10 Cprossu .wa Yamaha CS-80
02:10 exor674 ugh, is 8pm too early to sleep?
02:10 Angy4 When I'll finish read and understand the bot doc, I'll try to break it :)
02:11 Cprossu awwwww
02:11 BotSteve Error fetching URI.
02:11 speedrunnerG55_ HI red
02:11 wannabe1987 exor no
02:11 speedrunnerG55_ XOR?
02:11 speedrunnerG55_ As in exclusive or gate
02:12 speedrunnerG55_ ?
02:12 * steve_writing activates double spacing, hey my paper is now twice as long
02:12 BatSteve Angy4: if you find documentation, you're reading the wrong code
02:12 BatSteve :]
02:12 Angy4 code is autodocumented
02:12 Angy4 I never wrote any documentation (nearly)
02:13 speedrunnerG55_ Is BatSteve and steve_writing two different steves?
02:13 wannabe1987 yes
02:13 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
02:13 BatSteve yes
02:13 wannabe1987 they live hour and a half apart...
02:13 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
02:13 exor674 yes, that is where my nick came from originally
02:13 kristooher is captainboden here?
02:13 exor674 and I was ickle when I originally came up with it and thought it had an e
02:14 Captain_ yes
02:16 kristooher cool so did you see what i was sayin in the yester about the camera program?
02:16 speedrunnerG55_ So. What's the difference between cat 5 and cat 5e that alaws gigabit speeds
02:17 exor674 speedrunnerG55_: cat 5e tested better
02:17 Captain_ yeah I saw it, I was sad
02:17 kristooher why
02:18 Captain_ You said it was 240 only, I can't use it
02:18 DruidicRifleman OK sooo looking at ways to visit GR and save money... small 1 bedroom 500 Hotel for 1 month SHITTY hotel 1 grand
02:18 speedrunnerG55_ So. Each wire is tested and if if passes it gets a higher standard it's not made differently?
02:19 Ponko92 time to kill some germans in wwii ftw :P
02:19 DruidicRifleman :( this would be easyer if someone had of Captured and bayonetted lora Secord to death :(
02:19 tggRED chris, we may need to invest in a 5 gallon bucket of spackle.
02:19 speedrunnerG55_ I'd rather kill zombies in wwiii
02:19 Captain_ tggRED, I just ordered you another 50 gallons of paint ;)
02:19 Captain_ What do you need spackle for?
02:19 tggRED yay
02:20 Seroster 10volt 2200 uf, aww, its so cute!
02:20 tggRED the walls.
02:20 tggRED are disgusting
02:20 Captain_ WHICH walls
02:20 tggRED and full of holes.
02:20 tggRED all of them?
02:20 tggRED we're already on our second little tub of spackle.
02:20 Captain_ We paint them, 2 coats, 3 if needed, we do not spackle concrete walls.
02:21 tggRED not the concrete.
02:21 tggRED the drywall.
02:21 Captain_ You'll end up using 50 gallons of spacke per room and it looks weird, it's a massive waste of time and money love.
02:21 Captain_ What drywall?
02:21 Captain_ We barely HAVE any drywall.
02:21 tggRED it's your building. I just want to make it pretty.
02:21 DruidicRifleman Captain_ would you shoot me if i spent a month or so in GR helping out then Vanished to not come back for a year so i can learn all the saftey stuff So if i help set up o south westrern ontario Chapter I know what i legitimately have to worry TBC
02:21 Ponko92 wwii has happened and if wwiii happens which god forbid will never happen i doubt there will be zombies
02:21 kristooher left #thegeekgroup
02:22 Captain_ DruidicRifleman,  no
02:22 DruidicRifleman OK
02:22 DruidicRifleman Aslo does any one know if i can rent an apparement for like 2 weeks
02:22 BatSteve almost certainly not
02:22 Ponko92 bbl
02:22 DruidicRifleman Cause... hotels = expensive
02:22 robotfish left #thegeekgroup
02:23 Captain_ You can rent an executive apartment for 1 month minimums I think
02:23 Captain_ I'm sure there are executive suites you can get for 2 weeks but they're pricy
02:23 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
02:24 tggRED nevermind captain_ I'll just use the little tubs.
02:24 Captain_ There will be a Sleepover at the lab on Wed night :)
02:25 Captain_ G-3's and above are invited.
02:25 CSMonster lol awesome.
02:25 DruidicRifleman I'm only a g2 :(
02:25 speedrunnerG55_ Wish I was there x_X
02:25 wannabe1987 i don't think i'm a G-3 (yet)
02:25 speedrunnerG55_ I'm g1
02:26 DruidicRifleman Your video cards should get mailed yet
02:26 DruidicRifleman or tomorrow
02:26 DruidicRifleman I'll take em to the post ffice and send up
02:26 Toastdude How do you get promoted?
02:26 tggRED are we gonna live stream our sleepover?
02:27 wannabe1987 lol
02:27 wannabe1987 i'll watch you sleep!
02:27 Toastdude lol
02:27 tggRED Do I have to wear real clothes?
02:27 DruidicRifleman hoooo live sleep over web cam show red :P
02:27 asnopus sounds so creepy
02:27 speedrunnerG55_ ....
02:27 exor674 ...
02:27 wannabe1987 lol
02:28 speedrunnerG55_ I must ask why does everyone seem to be I love with red
02:28 tggRED no one is in love with me.
02:28 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
02:28 exor674 cause she's been on the livestream and the videos and she's an OMGZ GIRL ON THE INTERNET
02:28 Captain_ Most people pretty much hate her, she's REALLY mean.
02:28 Captain_ She curbstomps kittens as a hobby.
02:29 Captain_ And she smells like peanut butter.
02:29 speedrunnerG55_ Oh gosh
02:29 exor674 mmm peanut butter
02:29 tggRED Shut up Captain_
02:29 Captain_ Also, she drinks...a alot.
02:29 tggRED you know you want me for my body.
02:29 Obtuse_ peanut butter? lol
02:29 Captain_ MEAN drunk too.
02:29 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
02:29 Liz_Home but peanut butter smells nice...
02:29 wannabe1987 lol
02:29 exor674 yeah, I agree
02:30 speedrunnerG55_ Peanut butter + banana = awesome
02:30 CSMonster LMAO peanut butter does smell nice some times.
02:30 steve_writing one page written 4 to go
02:30 speedrunnerG55_ Good luck steve_writing
02:30 wannabe1987 ...
02:31 exor674 steve_writing: I bet you can bump the font size up .1 or .2pt to shave off a paragraph or two
02:31 eggplant626 left #thegeekgroup
02:31 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
02:31 speedrunnerG55_ And increased the margin and spacing by like .2
02:31 tggRED Everyone hates me. :(
02:31 BatSteve steve_writing: Also, increase the spacing between *letters*, not paragraphs
02:31 speedrunnerG55_ Lol red
02:31 CSMonster one trick someone told me to do was to bump up the font size of the punctuation since it's less noticeable
02:31 Obtuse_ so RED would smell great with Peanut Butter + Bannanas
02:31 Captain_ The Dog loves you Red.
02:31 Liz_Home I never understand how people can never write enough. I always had to shrink my fonts .5 and cheat the margins on mine
02:31 * exor674 hug reed!
02:32 exor674 er, red!
02:32 speedrunnerG55_ Yes
02:32 BatSteve Nobody ever catches that and it's good for at least four or six lines
02:32 CSMonster red, everyone lurvs you.
02:32 BatSteve Liz_Home: if you're writing about something you know and like, yes.
02:32 speedrunnerG55_ Purge
02:32 Liz_Home @BatSteve: this is true
02:32 speedrunnerG55_ Lurvs LOL
02:33 tggRED :\
02:33 CSMonster :)
02:33 wannabe1987 tggRED - who wouldn't love you and why???? :(
02:33 tggRED long story.
02:33 wannabe1987 awww :(  hugs sorry
02:33 CSMonster Lurver's night at the Louvre
02:33 * steve_writing makes hot chocolate, debates spiking it?
02:34 wannabe1987 yum
02:34 speedrunnerG55_ lol
02:34 Liz_Home spike it with peppermint schnapps, tastes wonderful
02:34 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
02:34 wannabe1987 thats what my housemate does...
02:34 wannabe1987 hi critterpal
02:34 critterpal Hiya
02:35 BatSteve don't spike it, add mint
02:35 speedrunnerG55_ Mint lol
02:35 speedrunnerG55_ Spike it with banana
02:35 wannabe1987 O.o
02:35 critterpal what are we spiking?
02:36 wannabe1987 hot choc
02:36 BatSteve hot chocolate
02:36 critterpal ooh, yummy
02:36 critterpal cinnamon and whipped cream
02:36 critterpal or mix in some coffee.
02:36 speedrunnerG55_ Mix banana
02:36 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
02:36 kristopher no captain i ment the rooftom
02:36 steve_writing I have the mint schnapps and thats what I was thinking about
02:37 steve_writing maybe the next cup
02:37 wannabe1987 do it
02:37 critterpal might be ok. but it will taste like schnapps
02:37 speedrunnerG55_ Bananna!
02:37 kristopher cam
02:37 critterpal ooh. peach schnapps and 7-up
02:37 critterpal fuzzy pucker
02:38 kristopher you should get a program that moes it automatically and zooms in on things
02:38 steve_writing my econ teacher did have a friend that found they could ace econ exams, buzzed, tipsy and wasted
02:38 kristopher stop talkking about furrys
02:38 CSMonster /facepalm
02:39 steve_writing apperently a genius too
02:39 exor674 ...
02:39 thebatman joined #thegeekgroup
02:39 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
02:39 wannabe1987 oh noes!  its a thebatman :D  hi
02:39 thebatman i am the night
02:39 BatSteve are you vengeance?
02:39 tggRED BATTTSS
02:39 thebatman Damn it red i am right next to u
02:39 tggRED he's right next to me i'm that cool
02:40 wannabe1987 i'm nearish you...wrong block tho lol
02:40 CSMonster <- dumbass forgot to put the recoil spring and buffer back in during reassembly, and racked the bolt back locking the rifle up.  :/
02:40 critterpal hey red. what happened with the lightbulb thing?
02:40 BatSteve CSMonster: you fool
02:40 CSMonster goddamnbats
02:40 tggRED it died.
02:40 CSMonster yes indeed.
02:40 thebatman whats wrong with bats?
02:41 critterpal ah. had a feeling.
02:41 critterpal I should have stuck to my wallpaper
02:41 critterpal would have been half done with that
02:41 Toastdude Hi Batman
02:41 kristopher Captain_ are you theire?
02:41 Captain_ no
02:42 Toastdude aww, darn
02:42 Toastdude ;)
02:42 exor674 kristopher: I think bugging him is a really really really good idea to get people very angry at you
02:42 exor674 er, good way
02:42 speedrunnerG55_ Hi batma
02:42 speedrunnerG55_ N
02:42 Toastdude lol
02:42 thebatman hey captain all but one of the interior doors work in the building!
02:42 Captain_ Guys, I'm not some manner of old testement god, I'm actually a rather nice guy.
02:42 Captain_ GOOD JOB BATMAN!
02:42 CSMonster lol
02:43 Captain_ That's a serious accomplishment.
02:43 CSMonster cthulhu boden.
02:43 Captain_ Now, how many have locks, with keys that we can find?
02:43 thebatman ummm
02:43 CSMonster or rather, christhulhu
02:44 Captain_ Tomorrow, on your way in to work, please get me 5 copies of all keys needed to get into the studio block please.
02:44 thebatman no new keys... Dorian is supposedly bringing some new locks
02:44 Captain_ Lower gallery AND master control.
02:44 thebatman ummm i need the key from corey for gallery
02:44 Captain_ He'll be in tomorrow.
02:44 thebatman k
02:44 thebatman do u know what time he will be in?
02:45 Captain_ I want keys for THESE locks, it could be a while before we get new ones and I cannot afford to have the production crew sidelined because you're doing a scrap run or something ;)
02:45 speedrunnerG55_ Anything going on in the stream
02:45 BatSteve moar rain coming to the lab:
02:45 tggRED no we were told to get out of master control
02:45 Captain_ Yes, I'm a mean and horrible person and made you leave one room.
02:45 thebatman lol
02:46 Captain_ 43,000 square feet, and you can't play in 400 of them.
02:46 tggRED It's just been a bad night.
02:46 Captain_ Tomorrow will be better.
02:46 tggRED Maybe.
02:46 speedrunnerG55_ Ughh. You said she can be there when she kerns the ropes
02:46 Captain_ I'll get you a nice bucket of spackle.
02:46 tggRED I hope so.
02:46 thebatman but my card has securrity clearance for the studio
02:46 Captain_ Studio yes, not Master Control.
02:46 steve_writing sees stormyness to the southwest and is happy
02:46 exor674 the key to a women's heart is a bucket of spackle?
02:46 tggRED no
02:46 thebatman right
02:47 critterpal red needs some happy
02:47 Captain_ Red has a deep and abiding love for joint compound for reasons I cannot understand.
02:47 critterpal there is something endearing about joint compound
02:47 thebatman indeed she does
02:47 CSMonster the key to red's heart is hugs.
02:47 Captain_ She has taught me that if you want a room to look REALLY good, put the OCD girl in charge of painting it.
02:47 CSMonster lol
02:47 speedrunnerG55_ And spakle
02:48 Captain_ Red's spackle needs sparkles.
02:48 tggRED Red needs something, but it's not spackle.
02:48 kristopher Captain_ you need a program that moves the rooftop camera automaticlly and zooms in on random things
02:48 Captain_ Tequila?
02:48 exor674 Red needs a hug?
02:48 steve_writing same is true with server wiring, CDO makes it even better
02:48 CSMonster red needs a hug.
02:48 Captain_ yes kristopher, I cought that the last time you said it.
02:48 CSMonster exor674 you should give red a hug.
02:48 * steve_writing hugs red
02:48 * speedrunnerG55_ hugs red
02:48 * exor674 hugs red
02:48 CSMonster LOL
02:48 critterpal group hug
02:48 speedrunnerG55_ :P
02:48 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:49 * steve_writing joins group hug
02:49 speedrunnerG55_ see what I mean
02:49 Captain_ *sets the room on fire
02:49 CSMonster more like swarm hug
02:49 tggRED Yes please, Captain_ among other things.
02:49 Obtuse_ grouphug.join()
02:49 kristopher Captain_   cool heres an example;view=article&amp;id=153&amp;Itemid=249
02:49 critterpal oh dear
02:49 thebatman yeah cus a virtual group hug is so fullfilling
02:49 steve_writing indeed it is, returns to writing, again
02:49 exor674 it's better then nothing
02:50 speedrunnerG55_ Oh gosh. I'm stuck in thus hug and the rooms burning down. What have I done x_x
02:50 Captain_ The camera will be moveable (with some special software safety limits for the sun) by certain outside people. NOT by the general membership, and not under automatic control.
02:50 CSMonster LOL
02:50 CSMonster hey, gushing about hugs is better than *last night's* conversation about depression and suicide.
02:50 kristopher ok
02:50 kristopher coo;
02:50 kristopher cool*
02:51 Captain_ The camera is very easy to break, if I open it up to the world it won't last a month.
02:51 CSMonster tgg channel gets dramatic sometimes.
02:52 speedrunnerG55_ It can't be mounted to a swivel?
02:52 kristopher cool
02:52 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
02:52 DruidicRifleman hey Chriss IS there enough Stuff in the lab to make a glock 26 holster that retains the same way the Spetsnaz issue macarov holster works So that you can Carry the gun no round in the chamber?
02:52 Captain_ huh?
02:52 CSMonster .../facepalm.
02:52 Obtuse_ DR sounds like a bot
02:52 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
02:52 kristopher i thought that too
02:52 lwq1996 hello
02:52 tggRED ...
02:52 Obtuse_ lol
02:52 BatSteve what....
02:53 kristopher EPIC FACEPALM
02:53 speedrunnerG55_ 0_o
02:53 Obtuse_ zero punctuation
02:53 Obtuse_ except for the question mark
02:53 Obtuse_ random capitalizations
02:53 speedrunnerG55_ Bot alert
02:53 * exor674 digs in her 50 gallon drum of ,'s and hands DR a sack of 'em
02:54 Captain_ Obtuse is a bot
02:54 mman454 chris: What were you guys doing in studio D with the lights off? Were you practicing corporal punishment.
02:54 Obtuse_ god damnit
02:54 CSMonster LMAO exor
02:54 DruidicRifleman russian Spec ops Carry theyre service pistol in a holster with an empty chamber. when they need to use it they Push the gun Through the holster which racks the slide and allows the gun to feed a live round into the chamber
02:54 Captain_ Red is an FBI agent, everyone knows there are no girls on the internet.
02:54 mman454 :D
02:54 DruidicRifleman ^agrees with captan^
02:54 CSMonster no no no.  the women are men.  the CHILDREN are FBI agents.
02:54 cctoide wait... so Red on the stream... that was post? :o
02:54 CSMonster which means kristopher and lwq and toast
02:54 DruidicRifleman and obtuse i have duslexia
02:54 DruidicRifleman dyslekia
02:55 DruidicRifleman GRRR
02:55 critterpal NSA, not FBI
02:55 CSMonster which is /terrifying/
02:55 kristopher FURRYS
02:55 kristopher are terrifling
02:55 cctoide ies
02:55 tggRED These tits are ALLLL REALL boys (and CSMonster). lol I am all woman,
02:55 Obtuse_ dislexia makes you randomly capitalize words?
02:55 DruidicRifleman ^yep^
02:55 Captain_ Why, in the name of all that is holy, would you want to disgrace a Glock in such a manner as to carry it like that? Glocks are designed to withstand STAGGERING amounts of abuse specifically so that they CAN be carried with a chambered round safely.
02:55 speedrunnerG55_ The women are men the men are men and the kids are FBI agents
02:55 exor674 and what are the people who claim to be FBI agents/
02:56 kristopher furrys are scary thats why i'm one. i scare people :)
02:56 speedrunnerG55_ Especially o. Chateoullete
02:56 speedrunnerG55_ On
02:56 mman454 PROVE IT. I'm pretty sure the only way to actually prove it is to allow a highly trainde person, such as my self feel them.
02:56 Captain_ The Russians fixed a guin safety issue by making a holster hack. The Austrians fixed it by BUILDING A BETTER GUN!
02:56 mman454 ;)
02:56 scubadiver10000 left #thegeekgroup
02:56 CSMonster DruidicRifleman: Safariland used to make a holster like that.  and it's f'ing stupid.
02:56 DruidicRifleman I thought it was nifty
02:56 BatSteve You thought incorrectly.
02:56 mman454 captain: do you keep your glock chambered at all times?
02:56 CSMonster it's an unnecessary gimmick.
02:57 thebatman Batman has felt them and knows they are real and she is a girl not an fbi agent
02:57 speedrunnerG55_ I designed a cool looking mouse/keyboard in networking class today on ms paint
02:57 mman454 So they finally figured out how to do a brain transplant?
02:57 steve_writing your right she's MI6
02:58 Captain_ No, I don't carry chambered all the time, I only carry hot when the situation calls for it.
02:58 lwq1996 LOL
02:58 CSMonster which means only when he's in detroit.
02:58 CSMonster :p
02:58 critterpal or at the zoo
02:58 CSMonster i said detroit.
02:58 Captain_ no, but there are situations that call for it.
02:59 Captain_ Though even at my most at-rest I'm armed well enough that it's not that big a difference.
02:59 CSMonster Captain_ is part spitting cobra.
03:00 cctoide Wall of sound?
03:00 critterpal eh
03:00 Captain_ I typically have my Gock and Sig, 4 mags (2 each), and no less than 3 knives on my person at any given time.
03:00 CSMonster lol cctoide
03:00 CSMonster yep that sounds about right
03:00 DruidicRifleman What sig is it?
03:00 BatSteve Waitaminute...when did you get a sig?
03:00 cctoide or a killer kiai
03:00 Captain_ P308
03:00 mman454 captain Have you conidered hanging thick drapes in studio C as a means of temporary echo reduction?
03:01 DruidicRifleman Nice
03:01 Captain_ Have you considered that you're the 400th person this week to mention that?
03:01 DruidicRifleman I have one friend thats on the tulsa police force She's issued a glock she's a sig fan
03:01 Captain_ You buy them, we'll hang them.
03:01 speedrunnerG55_ Lol mman454
03:01 Captain_ Btw, when you're buying them, make sure to get the ones that are LEGAL to hang, they have to be fire rated.
03:01 * BatSteve has never heard of a p308 and is disappointed in himself
03:02 mman454 lol, at least I didn't add to your inbox. Or even text you.
03:02 Captain_ And the fire treatement has to be re-done every 5 years and certified by the city fire marshal.
03:02 DruidicRifleman Another who Is perminat medical leave from a tactical responce team from virginia he's issued a sig he's a glock fan
03:02 CSMonster ....batsteve i want to assume that was a mistype and
03:02 mman454 I would never do the later, you would have my head for that.
03:02 CSMonster he meant p380... but i have no idea as i stopped paying attention to SIG's model numbers a long time ago.
03:02 BatSteve Yeah, 380..
03:02 BatSteve that's what I was thinking too
03:02 Obtuse_ Captain_ do you have to do anything special for auralex foam?
03:02 Obtuse_ fire safety wise
03:03 Captain_ Yeah...Save up.
03:03 BatSteve But I had no clue.  I've fired a 228 but I didn't like it
03:03 Captain_ It's expensive ;)
03:03 exor674 Obtuse_: don't set it on fire?
03:03 BatSteve So I stopped caring
03:03 Obtuse_ the tiniest bit of auralex foam is expensive
03:03 DruidicRifleman I fired an older sig p210 i think I loved it
03:03 mman454
03:03 Obtuse_ i want more in this room
03:03 cctoide brushed steel drapes.
03:03 DruidicRifleman of all the pistols i've fired the sigs are the nicest
03:03 DruidicRifleman pricy But nice
03:04 CSMonster that's because the P210 is machined out of forged sex.
03:04 Captain_ Exactly, you get what you pay for, but you certainly pay for it.
03:04 DruidicRifleman YEP!!!
03:04 mman454 I'm a handgun virgin. :'(
03:04 speedrunnerG55_ Is playstation network still down?
03:04 CSMonster brb
03:04 kristopher yep
03:04 kristopher trying now
03:05 DruidicRifleman i get my hand gun permit to many Dumb anti gunner's in canada it's not worth the 2 Warrentless compliance searches they put RPAL holder's thrrough cuse the firearms cops have Man hood issues
03:05 Cj1corbystarlet You only need one hand to rack a Glock
03:05 tggRED Captain_ what is our policy on inter-staff homicide?
03:05 Captain_ There are very few things in life more expensive than a cheap tool. And my sidearm is a very mission critical tool. I believe that in certain situations you certainly get what you pay for and it's best to spend the damn money, be a man, and do it right.
03:05 Captain_ Depends on who the staff is.
03:05 thebatman the ps network is estimated to stay down till tuesday
03:05 tggRED What is the general rule.?
03:05 Captain_ What is your rank?
03:06 DruidicRifleman i've seen A 4 year old Load un load and prove a glock 17 safe
03:06 kristopher yep its down
03:06 tggRED me?
03:06 tggRED G4
03:06 DruidicRifleman HE WAS SOOOO CUTE!!!
03:06 kristopher G-11
03:06 Captain_ You're allowed to kill 1 member a week, but they have to be of lower rank.
03:06 DruidicRifleman glock USA agreed and gave him a free hat
03:06 DruidicRifleman and a jacket to
03:06 tggRED Not if they're of equal rank?
03:06 critterpal kill me! me!
03:06 steve_writing crap, hides in corner
03:06 tggRED Steve, I loves you - I woudlnt' kill you.
03:07 steve_writing thanks
03:07 Captain_ IF they're of equal rank you have to have permission from a G5 staff member.
03:07 tggRED OKAY!
03:07 tggRED BA is g5
03:07 tggRED MUAHAHA
03:07 thebatman lol
03:07 speedrunnerG55_ 0_o
03:07 BatSteve BotSteve: if tggRED kills me, avenge my death
03:07 speedrunnerG55_ I'm g1
03:07 BotSteve You got it, boss.
03:07 DruidicRifleman i know who she's planning on killing...
03:07 Captain_ And remember, I shoot back.
03:07 thebatman its ok its not u
03:07 tggRED lol
03:07 thebatman lol
03:07 cctoide make the gallery a DMZ
03:07 speedrunnerG55_ Han shot first
03:08 tggRED Captain_ you're of higher rank. I can't get you...remember.
03:08 DruidicRifleman Red make sure to have cory film this
03:08 tggRED yours would be an attack of different ;)
03:08 thebatman lol
03:08 Captain_ Do you have any idea how many death threats I get a month? lol
03:08 tggRED of a different sort*
03:08 Cj1corbystarlet handcuffs and whips?
03:08 tggRED ^_^
03:08 thebatman its ok captain she won't kill u she wants ur man juices remember?
03:08 Cj1corbystarlet Raww
03:08 thebatman lol
03:08 critterpal shooting is boring
03:08 tggRED Gonna go ask BA for permission, be right back.
03:08 exor674 yeah, and planning mutany in front of the Captain is generally a bad idea
03:09 DruidicRifleman LOL
03:09 critterpal this is icky
03:09 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
03:09 Seroster Pft, cya
03:09 DruidicRifleman Does the lab have a chrono graph
03:09 DruidicRifleman ?
03:09 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
03:09 thebatman not in GR
03:10 DruidicRifleman Ah
03:10 Captain_ goodnight Geeks. It's time for bed
03:10 BatSteve night cap
03:10 mman454 WAIT!
03:10 speedrunnerG55_ Night
03:10 Angy4 'nigh /b/
03:10 steve_writing G'night Captain
03:10 critterpal goodnight Sir Boden
03:10 mman454 I have something to say!
03:10 Cj1corbystarlet Goodnight Captn
03:10 asnopus Night sire
03:11 kristopher seeya cap'n
03:11 tggRED night captain
03:11 mman454 We apprecieate your hard work!
03:11 mman454 Goodnight
03:11 speedrunnerG55_ ?
03:11 speedrunnerG55_ ./b/ LOL
03:11 CSMonster back
03:11 CSMonster what'd is miss?
03:11 tggRED BA said that I could kill said person in one month ^_^
03:11 CSMonster LOL
03:12 speedrunnerG55_ I say bye to everyone
03:12 thebatman idk who u are @mman454
03:12 Obtuse_ you have decided on the person?
03:12 CSMonster ohgod cctoide
03:12 thebatman she decided like 3 hours ago who she was gonna kil
03:12 speedrunnerG55_ What's up red
03:12 Toastdude Good night Chris
03:12 DruidicRifleman What day red i wanna watch?
03:12 thebatman and it is no one currently on the IRC
03:12 critterpal phew
03:13 Toastdude I'm going to go too. Goodnight
03:13 thebatman unless ur name is critterpal
03:13 thebatman lol jk
03:13 asnopus night
03:13 critterpal eek
03:13 thebatman night
03:13 speedrunnerG55_ Red?
03:13 mman454 thebatman: I haven't been to the lenard street labs yet. Just the Heavy Industries.
03:13 Phu left #thegeekgroup
03:13 thebatman Red went off to put away her paint supplies away she will brb
03:13 CSMonster the color shift on my monitor is freaking me out
03:14 Toastdude Night wannabe
03:14 mman454 Try smacking it.
03:14 Toastdude lol
03:14 Obtuse_ you guys are still at the lab?
03:14 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
03:14 thebatman yup
03:14 * steve_writing presses degausse button for CSMonster
03:14 tggRED Hmm?
03:14 tggRED Night Kelly
03:14 Obtuse_ damn. so much for batman bedtime
03:14 CSMonster no, it's cause cctoide showed me f.lux
03:14 thebatman I am the night
03:14 steve_writing ah ok
03:14 mman454 What are you still doing at the lab?
03:15 Cj1corbystarlet labbing
03:15 mman454 grr...
03:15 critterpal I have to work in the am. 0550 is early. ack. night
03:15 cctoide CSMonster: what's up?
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ What's up red
03:15 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
03:15 thebatman using up the awesome internet... lol jk BA is tstill doing some work
03:15 cctoide oh, I see
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ Scorinth.
03:16 speedrunnerG55_ ?
03:16 tggRED Working on some work.
03:16 CSMonster cctoide: f.lux is up.  and the color change is weeeeeird
03:16 Angy4 time to disconnect the shell. 'night everyone!
03:16 Angy4 is now known as Angy4_screen
03:16 CSMonster also, steve_writing, this is an LCD.  i don't think you can degauss an LCD.
03:16 exor674 you can try!
03:16 CSMonster lol
03:16 exor674 i doubt it'd do any good
03:16 CSMonster you *can* try
03:16 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
03:16 cctoide you can set it to shift over 60 minutes, I think
03:16 tggRED steve_writing you are the steve I hugged today, yes?
03:17 tggRED your name changed.
03:17 CSMonster yeah it's shifting slowly
03:17 CSMonster but it is still weeeeird
03:17 lwq1996 hey would u guys like to repair the jack on my ipod classic....ii would pay you and give you suplies
03:17 steve_writing you can degausse anything, it might not help though
03:17 steve_writing tggred and yes I am
03:17 tggRED just wanted to make sure ^_^
03:17 steve_writing I'm currently trying to write a paper
03:17 tggRED When you gonna be back at the lab.
03:17 mman454 Video of the week:
03:17 steve_writing only 3 pages left
03:17 tggRED ?
03:18 thebatman hi steve!
03:18 thebatman totally didn't know u changed ur IRC name
03:18 steve_writing hopefully tomarrow at some point, I need to terminate the MDH video feds
03:18 steve_writing *feeds
03:18 kristopher hi red
03:18 tggRED hi kristopher.
03:18 tggRED Yay, I'll see you tomorrow then. :)
03:18 cctoide mman454: why does that remind me of Carmageddon...
03:18 CSMonster steve_writing, i want to degauss lwq1996.
03:19 lwq1996 -.-
03:19 steve_writing I say use thumper instead
03:19 tggRED TO KILL?
03:19 CSMonster LMAO
03:19 lwq1996 STEE
03:19 tggRED MUAHAHA.
03:19 lwq1996 STEVE
03:19 DruidicRifleman cctoide the game where you hatd to run over mutant pedestrians
03:19 tggRED Said person has a belt buckle..
03:19 CSMonster ice buuuuuuurn
03:19 thebatman thumper is broken we need a new neumatic valve for it
03:19 steve_writing it's ok, we don't want to clean up the mess, we can't do a full pop can let alone...
03:20 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
03:20 exor674 I do, uh totally academically, uh... wonder what thumper *would* do to a person
03:20 * steve_writing was being sarcastic
03:20 CSMonster exor674, same
03:20 DruidicRifleman Hey why does red get to kills omeone with thumper and i can't even instantly BBQ a bunny rabbit for dinner?
03:20 exor674 besides fuck them up pretty well
03:20 CSMonster lwq1996, we're just joking around with each other.
03:20 tggRED Because I'm Red.
03:20 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
03:20 tggRED Duh.
03:20 thebatman k i am going to install a doorknob ttyl!
03:20 lwq1996 well you guys are disucing feeding me to thumper -.-
03:20 tggRED Bye Bats!
03:20 kristopher invincible!
03:21 DruidicRifleman lwq1996 i make fun of cory allot
03:21 DruidicRifleman How ever HE's epic
03:21 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
03:21 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
03:21 Photon939 hey guys, I'm gonna be doing a maintenance burn on one of my argon lasers so I'll be setting up a stream in a bit if anyone is interested
03:21 DruidicRifleman I get made fun of Every one does
03:21 tggRED CaptainBoden - what are you doing?
03:21 tggRED I thought you were leaving.
03:21 BatSteve tggRED: that might be his client auto-logging in
03:21 BatSteve ?
03:21 kristopher i'm sorry captain about the ccu.
03:22 lwq1996 chris can u tell these guys not to feed me to thumper
03:22 CSMonster ...
03:22 kristopher lol dont do t!
03:22 CaptainBoden Feed him to Thumper
03:22 DruidicRifleman HEY i played DDO with a group one time they said i could bash french people I asked can i bash my own heritage "thats ok" next comment out of my mouth "worthless mother fucking frogs"
03:22 kristopher I MEAN DOO IT!
03:22 lwq1996 -.- thanks chris
03:22 * CSMonster is cracking up
03:22 exor674 me too
03:22 * wannabe1987 just rejoined...who is thumper eating?
03:22 * lwq1996 cowering in fear of thumper
03:23 CaptainBoden You're lucky I wasn't op'd, I'd have kicked you ;)
03:23 mman454 captainboden: You said bedtime, now back to bed!!!
03:23 CaptainBoden I'm on my way
03:23 mman454 who?
03:23 lwq1996 me -.-
03:23 kristopher WHO KNOWS WHAT A FURRY IS
03:23 wannabe1987 HI LEE!  don't get eaten please :(  i'd miss you...
03:23 wannabe1987 i do
03:23 lwq1996 they're feeding me to thumper
03:23 CSMonster .......
03:23 mman454 we heard
03:23 lwq1996 which i dont like -.-
03:23 CaptainBoden All furries get fed to Thumper
03:24 wannabe1987 wait...ur a furry?
03:24 CSMonster LOL
03:24 tggRED (insert inappropriate joke here)
03:24 kristopher lol. touch me ur dead
03:24 wannabe1987 i have two more to add to the list then
03:24 DruidicRifleman I doooo please don;t make me relive the horror kristoher my theapist doesn't think i am ready
03:24 kristopher lol
03:24 mman454 Then you shouldn't be in this IRC
03:24 kristopher i dont do thaat stuff.... well only ocasionly
03:24 CSMonster DruidicRifleman is a closet furry.
03:24 kristopher hel lookmat all the stuff i'm donation
03:25 kristopher lol i cant type
03:25 lwq1996 let me ask u a serious it really that fun to pick on me:(
03:25 kristopher lol yes
03:25 DruidicRifleman more reformed therianist
03:25 tggRED Everyone picks on everyone
03:25 lwq1996 kristopher shut up
03:25 mman454 I've got to go for a little while. You all play nice now, you hear?
03:25 wannabe1987 someone stole my status up date when boden asked how many geeks it takes to change a lightbulb and i said 15...1 to change bulb, 14 to write code to have robot do it next time
03:25 kristopher lwq1996 NOES
03:25 exor674 mman454: like that's gonna happen
03:26 Cj1corbystarlet Play nice people ..........
03:26 kristopher but seriously i'm furry i'm proud of it you wanna bag me so what. i'm used to it
03:26 wannabe1987 hey lee?  calm down ,?
03:26 wannabe1987 k?*
03:27 lwq1996 .w furry
03:27 CaptainBoden OP's please?
03:27 BotSteve "Furry fandom is a fandom for fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics." -
03:27 CSMonster a 14yo furry with no concept of how a generator works.  awesome
03:27 CaptainBoden Thank you
03:27 DruidicRifleman kristopher i avoid the furry comminuty most of them have the communcation and reasoning skills of a kute quadropoligic brick
03:27 kristopher lol
03:27 kristopher was kicked by CaptainBoden: kristopher
03:27 lwq1996 was kicked by CaptainBoden: lwq1996
03:27 CSMonster THANKYOU.
03:27 CaptainBoden Ahhhhhhhhhhh now I can sleep
03:27 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
03:27 kristopher ola
03:27 exor674 aaaah!
03:27 DruidicRifleman Yay... nooooooooooooooooo
03:27 kristopher was kicked by CaptainBoden: kristopher
03:27 BatSteve CaptainBoden: don't worry, I got this
03:27 BatSteve go to bed
03:28 mman454 He's coming back.
03:28 BatSteve mman454: like I said.  I got this.
03:28 * exor674 rejoyces!
03:28 CaptainBoden Of course he'c coming back, he's a Furry....they're like Herpes
03:28 CSMonster bar the doors
03:28 tggRED lol.
03:28 DruidicRifleman hides in a closet with red and a large Bag of mr christie choolate chiop cookies from the evil furry
03:28 CaptainBoden don't ban him, he's done nothing wrong, we're just being dicks.
03:28 lwq1996-sleeping joined #thegeekgroup
03:28 * DruidicRifleman offer's Red a cookie
03:28 tggRED Hey, this is MY CLOSET.
03:28 BatSteve oh...ok then
03:28 CSMonster DruidicRifleman GET OUT OF THE CLOSET WITH RED.
03:28 CaptainBoden This is purly for entertainment purposes.
03:28 * DruidicRifleman shakes cookies
03:28 CaptainBoden Red's in the closet?
03:28 lwq1996-sleeping hi new to irc
03:28 DruidicRifleman NOOO it's safe in here
03:29 lwq1996-sleeping damn
03:29 tggRED Red is Bi.  Everyone knows. There is no closet.
03:29 lwq1996-sleeping fucking thing
03:29 lwq1996-sleeping i log out
03:29 CaptainBoden I've seen her make out with girls, if Red's in the closet, ti's got glass walls.
03:29 lwq1996-sleeping i give up
03:29 CSMonster LMFAO
03:29 lwq1996-sleeping feed me to thumper
03:29 tggRED lol, shut up Boden, no you haven' wish!
03:29 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
03:29 CSMonster oh god my kidneys hurt now
03:29 kristopher what was that for?
03:29 CaptainBoden I've got pics to prove it, the camera was on int he cafe.
03:29 lwq1996-sleeping is now known as lwq1996
03:29 kristopher i did nothing wrong
03:30 CaptainBoden That was for practise, do something and see what you get.
03:30 lwq1996 let me guess i was kicked for being annoying
03:30 CaptainBoden There is no logic, your god is dead, enjoy your ban.
03:30 tggRED Shit. You caught me.
03:30 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:30 CSMonster LOL
03:30 lwq1996 please dont ban me again :(
03:30 kristopher is now known as Xylera
03:30 tggRED There wasn't a cam in the staff lounge was there? Shit.
03:30 CaptainBoden again?
03:30 CaptainBoden I just kicked you, I didn't ban you, you're HERE obviously.
03:30 lwq1996 ik
03:30 Xylera sorry captain
03:31 lwq1996 and why did i get kicked
03:31 lwq1996 annoying?
03:31 CSMonster cause.
03:31 CaptainBoden Because you were being a bit of a twat.
03:31 lwq1996 .w twat
03:31 BotSteve "The word twat has various functions." -
03:31 tggRED It's okay, he kicks me all the time. Chris you're so abusive. ;)
03:31 lwq1996 and the definition being captain
03:31 wannabe1987 lol
03:31 CaptainBoden I am a mean and horrible person.
03:31 tggRED Shoves me into walls and everything :'(
03:31 tggRED lolz.
03:31 lwq1996 lol
03:31 wannabe1987 poor red
03:32 exor674 aww
03:32 DruidicRifleman ugh first i thought jaaz905 was annoying then i ment Speedrunnerg55 he's no longer that annoying.... lwq1996 congratualtion your now the most annoying TGG member i've met
03:32 wannabe1987 red u still at the lab?
03:32 Xylera poor red
03:32 tggRED Yes I'm still at the lab.
03:32 lwq1996 i will get the ejuice after u again and put it in your eye
03:32 lwq1996 :(
03:32 CaptainBoden Hey Lee, you're right, I was being mean, I apologise.
03:32 lwq1996 dorry
03:32 lwq1996 was kicked by CaptainBoden: lwq1996
03:32 CaptainBoden HA!
03:32 CSMonster LMAO
03:32 * BatSteve should not have laughed...but he totally did
03:32 tggRED ^_^
03:32 Obtuse_ Red sleeps at the lab
03:32 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
03:32 DruidicRifleman ... good one chriss
03:32 CaptainBoden God I'm an ass....
03:33 CSMonster oh this is too much fun.
03:33 Xylera no r not
03:33 * exor674 makes popcorn
03:33 Xylera ur a geek god
03:33 exor674 ( is that diffrent then a greek god? )
03:33 CSMonster exor674 you have any caramel corn?
03:33 exor674 no, sadly
03:33 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden your assness is acceptible because it does not out weight your awesomeness
03:33 mman454 CaptainBoden: "See I'm nothing but nice to you and this is what I get."
03:34 CSMonster DruidicRifleman, you've got something brown on your nose.
03:34 Xylera left #thegeekgroup
03:34 Cj1corbystarlet and it aint chocolate
03:34 CaptainBoden My work here is done, goodnight gentlemen (and the 2 awesome women in here as well).
03:34 CSMonster lol good night CaptainBoden
03:34 tggRED Night Captain
03:34 DruidicRifleman night captain
03:34 asnopus Night Captain
03:34 CSMonster ...there's more than two awesome women... :/
03:35 mman454 Goodnight AGAIN CaptainBoden
03:35 tggRED Nope, I'm not included in the awesome woman.
03:35 CSMonster oh, okay.  nevermind then
03:35 CSMonster :o
03:35 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
03:35 wannabe1987 guys
03:35 mman454-away left #thegeekgroup
03:35 CSMonster hi wannabe1987
03:35 wannabe1987 the fuck...the ppl i'm talking to keep disappearing :(
03:36 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987
03:36 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
03:36 wannabe1987 they keep getting kicked...
03:36 lwq1996 i keep getting kicked
03:36 wannabe1987 YOU KNOW HOW HARD it is to talk to someone who gets kicked all the time????!
03:36 wannabe1987 i know
03:36 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
03:36 CSMonster lwq1996, you're not /quite/ as annoying as kristopher.
03:37 tggRED All right guys, time for my drive home. Goodnight internet, I shall talk to you later.
03:37 CSMonster safe trip red
03:37 steve_writing Night red, drive safe
03:37 lwq1996 catpain i will be nick but if you want that bell cable please dont kick me again
03:37 lwq1996 ik CSMonster
03:37 mman454-mobile have a safe drive!
03:37 BotSteve mman454-mobile: At 25 Apr 05:56Z, Cj1corbystarlet asked me to tell you I'm a Industrial Electrical fitter/ Mechanic
03:37 wannabe1987 be safe red
03:37 lwq1996 nice
03:38 CSMonster that... was kind of insane.
03:38 thebatman left #thegeekgroup
03:38 wannabe1987 kind of?
03:38 wannabe1987 lol
03:38 CSMonster boden is fun though.
03:38 lwq1996 BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden i will send him some cables if he doesnt kick me
03:38 BotSteve lwq1996: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
03:39 exor674 extortion is generally frowned upon
03:39 lwq1996 bodens abusing his power
03:39 BatSteve exor674: +1 for knowing the difference between extortion and blackmail
03:39 lwq1996 was kicked by CaptainBoden: lwq1996
03:39 CSMonster LMFAO
03:39 exor674 or I guess in this case coercion actually
03:39 * Thermoelectric laughs
03:40 lwq1996_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:40 lwq1996_ damn it
03:40 lwq1996_ was kicked by CaptainBoden: lwq1996_
03:40 CSMonster boden is not abusing his power.  you don't blackmail the president of tgg.  it doesn't work that way
03:40 Cj1corbystarlet The lesson that people have not learnt, is dont be a dick, if your warned and you continue to be a dick, you will get kicked
03:40 * steve_writing is enjoying this too much
03:40 CaptainBoden I'm seriouysly going to piss myself laughing.....
03:40 BotSteve CaptainBoden: At 03:38Z, lwq1996 asked me to tell you i will send him some cables if he doesnt kick me
03:41 * CSMonster is crying now
03:41 lwq1996_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:41 lwq1996_ is now known as person
03:41 person hi peeps
03:41 BatSteve Wow.
03:41 person was kicked by CaptainBoden: person
03:41 Liz_Home I've been editing for the past hour, what in the world has happened?
03:41 exor674 protip: change your nick *before* joining
03:41 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
03:41 DruidicRifleman LOL good one
03:41 Photon939 anyone bored that wants to watch me rummage through drawers looking for the cables I need to add audio to my steam?
03:41 CSMonster Liz_Home, you've missed a LOT of fun.  :D
03:42 Cprossu did that just really happen?
03:42 Liz_Home damn it
03:42 steve_writing you might want to catch up on the log
03:42 Liz_Home will have to
03:42 CSMonster we're having fun watching the captain kick an argumentative 14yo
03:42 wannabe1987 ..
03:43 Cprossu rofl
03:43 CSMonster well, wannabe1987 isn't having fun, but the rest of us are.
03:43 Cprossu man youtube�s been a pile of shit =(
03:43 Cprossu they really need to consider deshitifying it
03:43 mman454-mobile lol
03:43 Photon939 bleh where did i put my minidisc player
03:44 exor674 with your minidisks
03:44 asnopus Whats youtube screwed up now?
03:44 clony101 joined #thegeekgroup
03:44 clony101 hey
03:44 BatSteve hi lwq.  Welcome back.
03:44 asnopus inb4 kick
03:45 clony101 :(
03:45 clony101 no kick please
03:45 Liz_Home lol
03:45 Obtuse_ lol
03:45 clony101 i pleay nice
03:45 clony101 *play
03:45 Liz_Home at least try to fake it to make it
03:45 Obtuse_ you pleay?
03:45 Cprossu lol
03:45 CSMonster "i got my mind right boss, no more, please!"
03:45 Cprossu sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
03:45 clony101 please mr.boden dont kick me
03:45 * BatSteve is pulling the trigger and buying Portal 2
03:45 CSMonster what we got here is failure to communicate.  some people you just can't reach.
03:46 Yaotzin Aw
03:46 Yaotzin Don't do it
03:46 Cprossu good deal, it was a hell of a game
03:46 Yaotzin $50/$60 is too much for portal
03:46 BatSteve Yaotzin: no?
03:46 Cprossu you beat it yet Yaotzin?
03:46 Yaotzin I don't have Portal 2
03:46 CSMonster Liz_Home - what are we faking now?
03:46 Yaotzin because it's too expensive
03:46 Cprossu then stfu
03:46 Cprossu it was worth it
03:46 Cprossu even though I spent $45 on it as preorder
03:46 Liz_Home CSMonster: lwq's coming back in as a new name and giving up trying to fake after hello
03:46 LeadHead The fuck did I just miss?
03:47 Cprossu still I�d have been happy to pay 50/60 for it
03:47 CSMonster lol
03:47 clony101 i want portal one and two
03:47 Cprossu if you buy portal 2 you get portal 1
03:47 BatSteve $49.99
03:47 clony101 i think chris had fun kicking me
03:47 clony101 go to gamestop its 40 bucks
03:47 BatSteve And if you buy *anything* from Steam you've gotten Portal 1, basically
03:47 Yaotzin Cprossu: so in order for me to say it's not worth the $60, I have to pay the $60
03:47 Yaotzin or Pirate it
03:47 Yaotzin I see
03:47 Cprossu lol.
03:47 Cprossu I can say it was a hell of a good game
03:48 Liz_Home CSMonster: I was merely pointing out how pointless it was if he wasn't gonna put any effort in
03:48 clony101 i go online and do it illegaly
03:48 BatSteve Yaotzin: I don't pirate games I like - I still believe that I can support good game developers with my wallet
03:48 LeadHead I was gone for 3 hours, and this kind of massive lulz was had?
03:48 Cprossu I�m glad I supported valve on this one
03:48 clony101 well no i cant because police is keeping tabs on me
03:48 Cprossu the game kicked ass
03:48 CSMonster it's PORTAL.  it's one of very few things that is actually worth the money charged for it, due to sheer awesomeness.
03:48 clony101 lol calm down
03:48 Yaotzin Still the first Portal wasn't worth retail price
03:48 Yaotzin And it wasn't sold retail
03:48 clony101 yes it was
03:48 Cprossu Yaotzin: yes it was
03:49 Yaotzin I don't agree that it was
03:49 Cprossu $40 for the entire orange box?
03:49 Yaotzin See
03:49 Cprossu including HL2 ep 1 and 2?
03:49 Yaotzin You missed what I said
03:49 Yaotzin I said Portal isn't worth retail
03:49 Yaotzin I didn't say orange box
03:49 Cprossu that�s how it came out
03:49 clony101 dude portal is worth the money
03:49 CSMonster see, i didn't have to pay for portal.  i guilted someone else into buying it for me.
03:49 Yaotzin Portal was alright in the orange box
03:49 CSMonster :D
03:49 Cprossu bundled with the orange box
03:49 Yaotzin I'm saying that I would not have spent retail price for Portal
03:49 Cprossu they didn�t ever release it like that
03:49 mman454-mobile is now known as mman454
03:49 Cprossu so you couldn�t have
03:50 Yaotzin *facepalm*
03:50 Yaotzin nevermind
03:50 Cprossu portal 1 was a trial balloon
03:50 clony101 ha
03:50 Cprossu and a hell of a good one
03:50 clony101 agreed
03:50 mman454 is now known as mman454-mobile
03:50 BatSteve Yaotzin: How much would / will you pay for Portal 2?
03:50 clony101 now u actualy get to do cool stuff on portal2
03:50 clony101 i would pay maby 30
03:50 Cprossu and portal 2 was the first valve game with a �plot� as far as I am concerned
03:51 Cprossu and it definetely is the first valve game with a real ending too
03:51 LeadHead You say that as if the Half Life series doesn't have a story
03:51 Yaotzin BatSteve: Portal 2? I probably won't be interested in picking it up until it hits $20
03:51 Cprossu it does and it kicked ass
03:51 Cprossu but
03:51 Yaotzin $30 maybe
03:51 Cprossu it�s nothing compared to portal 2
03:51 Yaotzin but more than likely I won't get it until it's on a deep steam sale, which it will be
03:51 BatSteve Oh yeah, it will
03:51 Cprossu everything is developed, things that are in the game are even made fun at
03:52 Cprossu standard valve things are even parodied
03:52 Cprossu I loved it
03:52 Cprossu they put in so many awesome things for fans too
03:52 exor674 I really should play portal2 again when it isn't 11am
03:52 BatSteve What I'm doing is spending the extra money to play it *before* the internet explodes with CAKE KILLS DUMBLEDORE spoilers
03:52 exor674 er 11pm
03:52 Cprossu BatSteve: that may happen too
03:52 Cprossu there�s quite a few memes that will take place because of portal 2
03:53 clony101 ima get it here soon if i get off my lasy ass and buy it
03:53 clony101 im just waiting for chris to kick me
03:53 Cprossu I think I�ll actually play through the entire game a 3rd time
03:53 Cprossu just to see things I missed
03:54 clony101 is now known as lwq1996
03:54 Cj1corbystarlet dont keep pushing peoples buttons,
03:54 Yaotzin BatSteve: I guess, although spoilers never really bother me. There was maybe two games I didn't want spoiled on me
03:54 BatSteve Which were they?
03:55 Yaotzin and I bought them on release or just stayed away from possible spoilers when I found the game
03:55 Yaotzin The MGS series and [999]
03:55 exor674 yeah, one day you will push the wrong person's buttons and you will get seriouslly fucked up
03:55 Yaotzin I've been a gaming geek since before I could read and MGS is absolutely my favorite videogame series
03:56 lwq1996 i like cod
03:56 LeadHead I just get this strange feeling everything goes right in one ear of his, then out the other
03:56 Yaotzin CoD4 had amazing emotional grasp and narrative.
03:56 lwq1996 ikr
03:56 Yaotzin I could not put CoD4 down
03:57 lwq1996 me neither
03:57 LeadHead I liked CoD4, but gameplay was just too short
03:57 Yaotzin Granted, Modern Warfare 2 tried very hard to match that and kind of fell short
03:57 Yaotzin and turned into a spot fest
03:57 * CSMonster high fives yaotzin for the MGS love
03:57 Yaotzin o/
03:57 LeadHead ..and everyone is all into Zombies now
03:57 LeadHead like it's something new
03:58 LeadHead I've been playing Zombie servers on counterstrike for the past 5 years
03:58 Yaotzin I can forgive CoD4 being only 8 hours long or so because dammit it was a rollercoaster
03:58 lwq1996 lol
03:59 Cj1corbystarlet I played rpg games for many years, went off and did it for real, never went back to the games
03:59 LeadHead Personally the ending of HL2:EP2 made me wonder how valve could do such a horrible thing
03:59 Yaotzin I never finished Ep1 or Ep2
04:00 LeadHead Did you ever finish HL2 or HL1?
04:00 Yaotzin yes
04:00 Yaotzin to both
04:00 Yaotzin CSMonster:  Order of MGS games Favorite to least favorite
04:00 LeadHead The HL series are one of the few games that I've actually been able to play all the way through
04:00 Yaotzin ?
04:01 LeadHead Mainly because of the story, a lot of the games I buy with absolutely no plot at all just get boring
04:01 Yaotzin I've played HL1, Blueshift, the weird PS2 version, another mod, and HL:2
04:01 CSMonster 4/3 are tied, then 1, then 2.  i haven't played either of the PSP games or either of the original 8-bit games
04:01 LeadHead A lot of new games coming out are just slaughter fests
04:01 Yaotzin For me 4/1 are tied, with 3 just behind and 2 trailing
04:01 Yaotzin but not by far
04:01 LeadHead I'm like, If I just want to blow heads off, I can join a DM match in CS
04:01 CSMonster but i want to do a straight playthrough of them all in canon-order
04:01 Yaotzin I hated the controls in he PSP games
04:01 Yaotzin the*
04:02 Yaotzin I owned the original NES game, played a good deal of that when I was a kid. Never played the MSX one tho
04:02 Yaotzin Did however beat the gameboy one ages ago
04:02 CSMonster MGS3 -> portable -> peacewalker -> MG1 -> MG2 -> MGS1 -> MGS2 -> Rising, i guess -> MGS4
04:02 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
04:03 Yaotzin Hmm
04:03 CSMonster all back to back in just a couple days
04:03 Yaotzin There is a gameboy game in there too
04:03 CSMonster in my parents' home theater
04:03 CSMonster with the 10' screen
04:03 CSMonster yeah but it isn't canon
04:03 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
04:03 Yaotzin CSMonster: A marathon like that would be really fun honestly
04:03 CSMonster wouldn't it?
04:04 Yaotzin Pretty sure it'd bore the shit out of anyone who wasn't a metal gear fan
04:04 Yaotzin but yeah
04:04 Yaotzin I'd love to do that
04:04 Yaotzin I've played MGS games in release order in a marathon
04:04 Yaotzin ending with my second Big Boss run of MGS4
04:04 * BatSteve readies himself for flames but only really liked MGS1 and 3
04:05 Yaotzin Hardest difficulty, under 3 or 5 hours, no discoveries, no kills
04:05 CSMonster /shrug/ it's not for everyone BatSteve
04:05 Yaotzin You didn't like 4?
04:05 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
04:05 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
04:05 BatSteve well...let me rephrase...i didn't like the story and gameplay of 4
04:05 BatSteve or 2
04:05 BatSteve I thought they both tried to be more than they needed to
04:05 CSMonster .trope mgs2 ending
04:06 BotSteve CSMonster:
04:06 Yaotzin MGS2 was really out there
04:06 Yaotzin I still enjoyed it, the whole raiden thing didn't bother me
04:06 Yaotzin but it was different
04:06 CSMonster at some points 4 gets a little over-the-top and the beauty/beast bosses were fuckin stupid, but it's FUN to play, and it's purdy
04:07 Yaotzin MGS4 however was just, I guess it's a love it or hate it kind of thing, It just pushed all the right nostalgic buttons with me
04:07 Yaotzin I loved it
04:07 CSMonster and you FINALLY get to pilot one of the damn robots yourself!
04:07 BatSteve 4 more than 2 made me realize that it wasn't "Metal Gear Solid" as I think of it.  You get an arsenal of like...what...48 weapons?  You use.....five of them?
04:07 CSMonster heh, 70 weapons
04:07 Yaotzin There is a button mashing sequence near the end of MGS4 that made me tear up
04:07 BatSteve (nothing of what I'm saying applies to the Shadow Moses level, btw)
04:08 * exor674 eyes floppy disk I just found
04:08 Yaotzin Not wanting to spoil it beyond that but
04:08 CSMonster LOL you know you loved that.
04:08 Yaotzin Oh yeah and the Shadow Moses level
04:08 exor674 why would i have had to covered the high-density hole
04:08 BatSteve (I may have cried a little when the flashbacks started, yeah)
04:08 CSMonster oh oh exor674 what is it
04:08 Yaotzin That was manly tears
04:08 Yaotzin everywhere
04:08 exor674 I have no idea what it is
04:08 BatSteve But everything else...
04:08 BatSteve no
04:08 BatSteve MGS3 was everything 4 should have been but wasn't
04:08 exor674 I am just wondering why I/whover created it had to fake the drive out and mae it think it was a low-density disk
04:08 CSMonster the very end of the MGS4 epilogue makes me cry.  every. single. time.
04:08 Yaotzin BatSteve CSMonster     Shadow Moses level, you run into that hanger on the left where you got the chaff grenades from MGS1
04:09 Yaotzin The camera rusts and falls down
04:09 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
04:09 Yaotzin ;_;
04:09 mman45454 joined #thegeekgroup
04:09 CSMonster lol
04:09 wannabe1987 yay for impromptu walks to the store with housemates!
04:09 wannabe1987 -z?
04:09 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
04:09 CSMonster well, Yaotzin, it's been 9 years since the last time you were there.
04:09 BatSteve Yaotzin: I should *not* have felt as sad as I did about a CAMERA
04:09 CSMonster LMAO
04:09 BatSteve and yet...
04:09 Yaotzin BatSteve:  Holy shit I know right
04:09 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
04:09 Yaotzin but gatdam
04:09 Yaotzin I teared up so much about that camera
04:10 * wannabe1987 doesn't know whats going on...
04:10 exor674 +z means that ops can see messages from quieted people
04:10 CSMonster don't worry about it wannabe1987
04:10 BatSteve wannabe1987: talking about Metal Gear solid 4
04:10 wannabe1987 ugh
04:10 Yaotzin You could see snake in that camera, withering up and falling apart
04:10 wannabe1987 then i might as well sleep...
04:10 Yaotzin and it just hits you
04:10 Yaotzin right in the gut
04:10 wannabe1987;feature=player_embedded
04:10 Yaotzin And then manly tears
04:10 Photon939 hi all
04:11 CSMonster the nostalgia was awesome but for me it was a little bit short-lived, because i *fuckin hate* those little scarab robots.
04:11 Yaotzin lol
04:11 Yaotzin Grenade launcher
04:11 Yaotzin hoooo
04:11 Photon939
04:11 Photon939 Lasers will be running shortly
04:11 * steve_writing returns with spiked hot chocolate
04:11 CSMonster i just sat outside the hangar in prone and sniped them all one by one with the suppressed M14
04:11 Yaotzin Also I prefer being very stealthy in my MGS games, BatSteve , So honestly I only ever use 2 guns
04:11 Yaotzin Tranq pistol and tranq sniper
04:11 Yaotzin that's it
04:11 BatSteve Yaotzin: exactly.  So why the other 68?
04:12 Yaotzin Well some people like to run and gun
04:12 CSMonster just for fun.
04:12 Yaotzin My cousin plays MGS like an action game
04:12 Yaotzin I play it like a stealth game
04:12 CSMonster some plays i run and gun.  some plays i sneak.  it varies
04:12 Yaotzin Although the playthrough I did with the musket
04:12 Yaotzin that was pretty funny
04:12 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
04:12 CSMonster LOL the tanegashima
04:13 CSMonster that's kind of silly.
04:13 Yaotzin lol yes
04:13 Yaotzin And the e-ammo isn't?
04:13 CSMonster e-ammo?
04:13 Yaotzin Although making a guy burst into tears, and then a hardcore rage
04:13 * wannabe1987 has batsteve's number...:D
04:13 Yaotzin The emotion ammo
04:13 CSMonster ooooh
04:14 BatSteve The musket!
04:14 CSMonster lol that's fun.
04:14 BatSteve hahahahahaha
04:14 BatSteve Me and my friend didn't know what the musket did when we bought it, we just thought it was a musket
04:14 Yaotzin lol
04:14 BatSteve then we made it to an outdoor level..
04:14 CSMonster LOL
04:14 wannabe1987 are you guys done kicking kids??
04:14 CSMonster yep
04:14 BatSteve yep
04:14 Yaotzin Kicking kids?
04:14 Yaotzin Who was kicking kids?
04:15 wannabe1987 ok
04:15 steve_writing of the IRC
04:15 wannabe1987 captian
04:15 steve_writing *off
04:15 wannabe1987 and others
04:15 Yaotzin Oh
04:15 Yaotzin Well dammit kids need to learn somehow
04:15 LeadHead Come on, lwq and kristopher are worse than me
04:15 Yaotzin Anyway
04:15 Yaotzin Yeah the massive tornado is silly
04:16 Yaotzin But yeah that button mashing part was just so smart
04:16 Yaotzin because by the end of it, if you're really into it, your arm is starting to get tired
04:17 Yaotzin And it fits with what's happening onscreen
04:17 CSMonster BatSteve: my rule in MGS4 was generally, only use the same weapons as the resistance members in the first 2 chapters, then only the weapons that drop identical brass and magazines as your weapons in MGS1 in the 4th chapter.  keep yourself forensically inconspicuous
04:17 CSMonster which is silly, but it's what i do
04:17 LeadHead Ugh, Why did google force me to link my youtube account and my gmail account. Everytime I log out of my personal G-Mail to log into my school's G-Mail
04:17 LeadHead I get signed out of youtube
04:18 CSMonster bcuz google is dumb like that.
04:18 Yaotzin CSMonster: =D
04:18 Yaotzin You are getting some serious brownie points with me
04:18 CSMonster LMAO
04:18 CSMonster awesome.
04:19 CSMonster but that means in shadow moses, you basically only get the G3, the Mk.23 pistol, and possibly the desert eagles
04:19 Yaotzin Reminds me of my Hitman: Bloodmoney playthroughs
04:19 BatSteve CSMonster: .....
04:19 CSMonster hey, don't judge me.
04:19 BatSteve that is kind of brilliant
04:19 CSMonster LOL
04:19 CSMonster thank you
04:19 Yaotzin Isn't it?
04:20 CSMonster also, fighting crying wolf with only the G3 kind of sucks.  :/
04:20 Yaotzin So once you could, do you keep the young snake mask on?
04:21 CSMonster lol, no i just stick with the normal face camo
04:21 Yaotzin I'm not a fan of the normal face camo, even if it'll put you up to like 95%
04:21 Yaotzin it still makes snake look like a gimp
04:22 CSMonster LOL
04:22 CSMonster Voldo
04:22 Yaotzin lol
04:22 Yaotzin Damn voldo
04:22 Yaotzin At least he isn't Ivy
04:22 CSMonster no, clearly meryl would be ivy
04:22 Yaotzin or that mother heffin pirate
04:23 Yaotzin I don't think Meryl could handle Ivy's combos
04:23 Yaotzin Ivy and her cockin 25 input combos
04:23 CSMonster also, i still insist that johnny, meryl's boyfriend, looks like cory feldman.
04:23 Yaotzin Cory feldman?
04:24 Yaotzin i googled him, don't recognize him.
04:24 steve_writing has now written just over 3 pages only 2 to go
04:24 BatSteve steve_writing: woot woot
04:24 LeadHead Double Spaced?
04:24 steve_writing yes, double spaced
04:24 LeadHead MLA Format? :-P
04:24 steve_writing wait, my margind are only .75
04:24 CSMonster you're probably not old enough to.  hell i'm not old enough to remember him, i just watched a hell of a lot of VH1 back when they did I Love the 80s
04:25 * steve_writing increases margins to 1"
04:25 wannabe1987 tonight, my housemate goes "i live with all mentally ill people, all people that are or should be on drugs to stablize their moods"  sooooo true
04:25 LeadHead + Half Page?
04:25 Vladdeh left #thegeekgroup
04:25 CSMonster lol
04:25 wannabe1987 steve - how much you got done now?
04:25 steve_writing additional half page
04:25 steve_writing 3 1/2 pages
04:26 LeadHead Damn I'm good
04:26 steve_writing that you are
04:26 Yaotzin CSMonster:  When I wasn't watching the history channel or the food network or comedy central I was watching TV land. I'd occasionally catch a documentary on VH1 but
04:26 wannabe1987 keep writing!  you'll do it...
04:26 Yaotzin it was rare
04:26 steve_writing I will I have my spiked Hot chocolate now
04:26 wannabe1987 yay!!!
04:26 Yaotzin Oh
04:26 CSMonster Johnny from MGS1/2/4:*zAgimnZzJhSbcRE5wSlyppag9*pezhGMAVPpwO/akiba.jpg
04:26 Yaotzin He was in The Lost Boys
04:26 steve_writing and it's tasty
04:26 CSMonster corey feldman:
04:26 CSMonster yes
04:27 Yaotzin Oh I have a ex-girlfriend who would murder me for not recognizing him.
04:27 Yaotzin She looooved The Lost Boys
04:27 CSMonster LOL
04:28 CSMonster who's ustream am i watching again and why?
04:29 LeadHead whats the user
04:29 Yaotzin She was also 6'3, wore $220 goth boots, and was obsessed with FRIENDS
04:29 Yaotzin and vampires
04:29 CSMonster oh, Photon939
04:29 CSMonster Photon939, how close are we to watching some laseration?
04:30 Photon939 once i find a key for the argon laser
04:30 IIsi50MHz The show Friends...and goth? Odd.
04:30 Yaotzin Yes
04:30 Yaotzin very goth
04:31 CSMonster not to be judgmental, but that sounds... shallow.  :/
04:31 Yaotzin hmm?
04:31 CSMonster your ex
04:31 Yaotzin Me saying she was very goth?
04:31 CSMonster no
04:31 Yaotzin or that she spent stupid money to look goth
04:31 CSMonster she sounds shallow.
04:31 Yaotzin Yeah
04:32 Yaotzin I can't argue against that to be honest
04:32 Yaotzin Concerning those boots
04:32 Photon939 bypassing the keylock
04:32 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
04:32 CSMonster lol
04:32 Yaotzin I remember her complaining to me that her father was taking away her movie channels for a few months since she waned those boots
04:32 Yaotzin because they were $220
04:32 Photon939
04:32 Yaotzin and she was complaining pretty hard
04:32 Photon939 argon coming online
04:33 RED_home Hey Katemonster ^_^
04:33 BotSteve RED_home: At 25 Apr 06:04Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell you she's beautiful :D
04:33 Vladdeh joined #thegeekgroup
04:33 CSMonster i think the only time i've ever spent more than $80 on shoes was for a pair of USAF Bellevilles.
04:33 RED_home Wannabe1987 is or I am? lol.
04:33 wannabe1987 you are...
04:33 RED_home lol.
04:33 wannabe1987 def u...
04:33 Yaotzin I don't think I've ever spent more than $60 on shoes
04:34 RED_home (blushes) thanks dear.
04:34 Yaotzin and that's because I have size 14 feet
04:34 LeadHead The only time I'd spend any kind of excessive money on shoes
04:34 exor674 I will have to agree
04:34 RED_home I've never spent more than $24 on shoes.
04:34 LeadHead is for a pair of american made boots
04:34 IIsi50MHz I think I spent $35...once, and that was required workwear
04:34 wannabe1987 :(  damn guys
04:34 LeadHead These Timberlands cost quite a bit of money, and they fell apart quite rapdily
04:34 Yaotzin I had a pair of boots last me at least five years
04:34 LeadHead And they weren't made in america
04:35 LeadHead so crossing Timberland off my list
04:35 IIsi50MHz I try not to spend more than $20 USD
04:35 CSMonster I SEE LASING
04:35 Yaotzin Hell I've been wearing he same pair of glasses for the last 4 and a half years
04:35 * IIsi50MHz turns off the Holtzman generator
04:35 CSMonster i spent $130 on my combat boots, which is pretty good since normal price for non-military was $170
04:35 Yaotzin They have electrical tape on both sides
04:36 Yaotzin That's my eyeglass repair tape
04:36 CSMonster beyond that i usually just wear DC skate shoes because they are comfortable
04:36 RED_home is downloading portal for her mac ^_^
04:36 Yaotzin Right now I only have my boots
04:36 Yaotzin and I've been in California for two years
04:37 Yaotzin You get some odd looks walking around down here in boots
04:37 CSMonster Photon939 that almost looks fake.  almost
04:37 steve_writing anyone find a boot brand that holds up?
04:37 exor674 "avoid exposure"
04:37 exor674 yeah, good idea
04:37 steve_writing that is a pretty laser
04:37 CSMonster steve_writing: Belleville Shoe Company, but they aren't cheap.
04:37 Yaotzin steve_writing:  They stopped making the boots I had that lasted me ~5 years
04:38 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
04:38 steve_writing I have had timberland, wolverine, and others and they don't last more than a year, if I'm lucky
04:38 Yaotzin It wasn't until I moved down here that suddenly they fell apart
04:38 Yaotzin These were like $45 size 14 boots from payless
04:38 Yaotzin Certainly wasn't a name brand
04:38 Yaotzin Maybe it wasn't payless
04:38 Yaotzin maybe big and tall
04:39 CSMonster Belleville is the primary supplier of the current suede combat boots for the US military, and mine have lasted 3 years of trekking around in the forest and are quite warm and comfortable
04:39 steve_writing the problem is I either wear through the heel or blow out the side where the side meets the soel
04:39 steve_writing *sole
04:39 Yaotzin Oh yeah my feet stick out when I walk
04:39 Yaotzin so I certainly know the whole
04:39 Yaotzin wearing out the side
04:40 steve_writing and one side of the heel?
04:40 Yaotzin Well what normally happens is that I rip the shoe off the heel
04:40 exor674 this doesnt affect my shoes at all, but I've totally got a toe that's rotated sideways
04:40 CSMonster ...
04:40 Yaotzin off the sole
04:40 Yaotzin rather
04:40 CSMonster o.O
04:40 steve_writing my foot looks like it almost has room for a 6th toe
04:40 steve_writing so it's a bit wide
04:41 Yaotzin My feet are like   \   /
04:41 steve_writing and mine do that too
04:41 Yaotzin Yeah that's where the weird wear comes from
04:41 steve_writing that I know
04:42 * wannabe1987 sleeps. night all!
04:42 CSMonster bye wanna
04:42 steve_writing night wannabe
04:42 Yaotzin Would be nice if we didn't walk like ducks, Steve
04:42 Yaotzin Night wallabe
04:42 lwq1996 let me ask an honest answer everyone do you think i should be a member of this group if not say now because i just got a long lecture from batsteve
04:42 exor674 sleep well wannabe1987
04:42 steve_writing you don't even want to see me try to water ski
04:42 wannabe1987 i won't be on much tomorrow, be nice to our children :P  i'll be in BC and find wifi where i can...
04:42 Yaotzin Yeah I don't do water ski or snow ski
04:43 Yaotzin I'd rather just swim
04:43 Yaotzin Or 4 wheel
04:43 CSMonster lwq1996: i don't care.  just try to act a little bit more mature for the sake of our nerves.
04:43 steve_writing lwq your welcome here if you act responisbly
04:43 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
04:43 Yaotzin I'd love to play around on a jetski
04:44 steve_writing that is fun
04:44 lwq1996 yeah well maby you should stop saying stuff like lets feed him to thumper
04:44 * wannabe1987 gives out goodnight hugs
04:44 Yaotzin I had a blast on an ATV
04:44 * Yaotzin hug
04:44 Liz_Home *facepalm
04:44 LeadHead ATV's are fun
04:44 LeadHead but, I'm a dirt-bike man
04:44 Yaotzin Yes they are
04:44 steve_writing obvious sarcasm is obvious
04:44 Yaotzin I've never been on a dirtbike
04:44 Yaotzin I uh
04:44 Yaotzin I don't do two wheels
04:44 LeadHead My friends think I'm crazy when I attack mud pits on my dirtbike
04:44 LeadHead like the quad guys do
04:45 BatSteve night wannabe
04:45 Yaotzin Bicycles aren't my thing
04:45 steve_writing no one here would actually feed anyone to thumper, anyone who has seen that beast has great respect for it
04:45 Liz_Home I've only heard about it and I'm in awe of it
04:46 CSMonster ohai liz
04:46 steve_writing it's reputation proceeds it
04:46 Yaotzin Heh, I've watched the thumper videos so many times I'm actually pretty positive I could fire it from memory
04:46 wannabe1987 night batsteve...cya l8r
04:46 Liz_Home o hai
04:46 Yaotzin Not that I'd want to
04:46 RED_home night batseve.
04:46 Yaotzin but if you had a gun to my head
04:46 wannabe1987 red_home - i'm going to bed...idk about batsteve
04:46 LeadHead Yaotzin: The latest one was I got in front of a mud pit, came to a complete stop, put the bike in 2nd gear, held it to the rev-limited and dumped the clutch
04:46 RED_home Night wannabe.
04:46 LeadHead *rev limiter
04:47 CSMonster BatSteve is leaving?
04:47 wannabe1987 night red_home
04:47 RED_home See you sometime this week hopefully.
04:47 wannabe1987 hopefully...thursday or saturday...
04:47 LeadHead I had expected it to just spin tire through the mud, nope.
04:47 LeadHead It hooked up and got traction some how
04:47 Yaotzin lol
04:47 LeadHead I've never seen mud shoot so violently over the front fender of a bike before
04:47 Yaotzin How'd the mud taste?
04:47 LeadHead into my face
04:47 wannabe1987 om nom nom
04:47 exor674 Yaotzin: now i am thinking that thumper needs a duress button that discharges the bank through the floor button instead of the can/whatever
04:47 CSMonster Photon939 did you invert the colors on the camera?
04:47 LeadHead I made it to the other side though, my buddy said the bike was spraying mud at least 50 feet in the air
04:47 LeadHead I believe it
04:48 exor674 so if anyone ever DOES have a gun to someones head forcing them to shoot off thumper...
04:48 CSMonster lol a duress button?
04:48 Yaotzin lol
04:48 Yaotzin I just don't want to fire off thumper because I don't want to be the one who does that one shot that pops the caps
04:48 CSMonster Photon939 is quiet.
04:48 Yaotzin I've decided if I ever fire thumper I'm not charging it above 1500
04:48 mman45454 left #thegeekgroup
04:49 LeadHead Why?
04:49 CSMonster wimp :p
04:49 LeadHead It's not like you'll get zapped
04:49 Yaotzin LeadHead: No
04:49 RED_home PANSY.
04:49 Yaotzin I just don't want my shot to be the one that kills it
04:49 CSMonster he doesn't want to be responsible for breaking it.
04:49 steve_writing left #thegeekgroup
04:49 LeadHead Not much to really break in it
04:49 Yaotzin The capacitors
04:49 exor674 all those caps
04:49 CSMonster kind of like when someone else lets you shoot their rifle and your few shots get the unlucky squib load and KB
04:50 LeadHead The odds of him blowing every single cap up?
04:50 Liz_Home rendering 2.5 hours before i thought i would be! i get to sleep tonight!
04:50 CSMonster nice
04:50 exor674 yay sleep
04:50 steve_writing joined #thegeekgroup
04:50 Yaotzin Although I would like to see more artwork with thumper and copper wire
04:51 * steve_writing accidently knocked self off IRC
04:51 CSMonster lol
04:51 exor674 I wonder what would happen if you put a piece of polycarbonate or something in the way
04:51 exor674 I would say glass, but that's just gonna go away
04:51 Vladdeh left #thegeekgroup
04:51 Yaotzin The porcelain artwork was pretty neat
04:51 steve_writing it would probably start fire, polycarb burns veraciously
04:52 CSMonster i think the poly would vaporize.  it is remeltable plastic
04:52 CSMonster polycarb burns viciously if you give it an oxidizer
04:52 steve_writing acrylic would vaborize
04:52 exor674 ( er in the way as in in the way of the copper dust
04:52 CSMonster good hybrid rocket fuel
04:52 steve_writing poly carb and laser cutters do not get along well
04:52 CSMonster lol
04:52 steve_writing acrylic plays nice though
04:53 exor674 also lol, the camera is not happy with the edges of that beam
04:54 CSMonster that looks so trippy.
04:54 Yaotzin bur?
04:54 Photon939 that laser is a really deep blue to the eye
04:54 Photon939 camera makes it look bright purple
04:55 Yaotzin What laser
04:55 Photon939
04:55 Yaotzin Who's Mario?
04:55 Photon939 mw
04:55 Photon939 me
04:55 Photon939 mario is an alias i also use
04:55 Yaotzin Oh
04:55 Photon939 bye CSMonster
04:56 CSMonster i'll be back soon don't you worry.
04:56 * IIsi50MHz ponders
04:56 Yaotzin Laser looks like part of the streamers from the opening of saved by the bell
04:56 RED_home You better be ;)
04:56 Yaotzin That's what came to mind
04:56 CSMonster :D
04:56 CSMonster is now known as CSMonster_away
04:56 IIsi50MHz You know...why shouldn't it be standard that in an IRC window you can do Ctrl-F or Cmd-F (or whatever) to search the buffer?
04:56 IIsi50MHz Instead of having to open the log file and search the file.
04:57 LeadHead aparently, and when I log back into youtube
04:57 LeadHead it logs me out of my school gmail
04:57 LeadHead and logs me back into my personal gmail
04:57 Yaotzin IIsi50MHz: Cm-F works for me
04:57 Yaotzin Cmd*
04:57 IIsi50MHz Leadhead, got a "private browsing" mode? You can sign into two gmail accounts that way (one in private).
04:58 IIsi50MHz Yaotzin: Good, which client?
04:58 Yaotzin Colloquy
04:58 Photon939 fog is beginning to dissipate
04:58 Yaotzin mIRC has support fo rit
04:58 IIsi50MHz Or I could have just versioned you... >.<
04:58 Yaotzin for it*
04:58 Yaotzin or at least I remembered that it did
04:58 Yaotzin I thought Pidgin did too
04:58 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
04:58 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
04:59 Yaotzin That's all I've used. Colloquy/Pidgin/mIRC
04:59 Sgt_Lemming colloquy is ok, pidgin I haven't used
04:59 Sgt_Lemming mIRC is my client choice
04:59 LeadHead im out
04:59 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
04:59 Yaotzin if mIRC wasn't windows only I'd be using it on this laptop
05:00 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
05:00 Yaotzin I couldn't get wine/winebottler to work correctly
05:00 Yaotzin and I didn't feel like fighting with it
05:00 RED_home I made a Ustream account.
05:00 RED_home ^_^
05:00 Yaotzin =^-^=
05:00 RED_home So if you guys really wanna watch paint dry when I'm working at the lab. You can.
05:00 RED_home lol
05:01 Yaotzin ow
05:01 DruidicRifleman OOOOH watching paint dry? be more interesting then watching cory and liz polay portal
05:01 steve_writing hmm, paint drying
05:01 Yaotzin ankle is spasming
05:02 steve_writing can we watch UV cure paint too?
05:02 Vladdeh joined #thegeekgroup
05:02 Liz_Home only corey was playing portal :P
05:02 Liz_Home i was doing actual work
05:02 Yaotzin Can we watch steve mess with cables?
05:02 Liz_Home <.<
05:02 DruidicRifleman Liz i saw you playing first person shooters
05:02 Liz_Home >.>
05:02 Liz_Home that was a different day
05:02 Yaotzin lol
05:02 steve_writing only if I'm there and not too far into the rack
05:02 DruidicRifleman yeah
05:03 DruidicRifleman Soo Still seen you do it
05:03 Liz_Home doesn't discount the fact that I
05:03 Yaotzin That was the other Liz
05:03 steve_writing that is true, hazard of working in master control
05:03 Liz_Home had been working when corey had been dicking around on another day ;)
05:03 DruidicRifleman wait... which liz is this
05:03 RED_home lol
05:03 Yaotzin Well I know of a least two liz's
05:03 DruidicRifleman How many liz's are there?
05:03 Liz_Home This is the liz who was playing bioshock
05:03 RED_home It's just Red_Ivy so if you wanna watch paint can.
05:03 Liz_Home the one with the ponytail
05:04 Yaotzin Oh I know
05:04 Yaotzin I was trying to say it was your doppleganger
05:04 Liz_Home ah
05:04 Yaotzin Although there is another TGG liz
05:04 Liz_Home that's me too
05:04 Yaotzin :O
05:04 Yaotzin You're both liz's
05:04 Yaotzin ?
05:04 Yaotzin Crazy
05:05 steve_writing one more page and 2 sections to write
05:05 Liz_Home I mean tgg_liz is me at the office (or should be, i fucked up the 1st few days and used it at home too)
05:05 Liz_Home Liz_Home i hope would be explanatory
05:05 Yaotzin lol
05:05 Yaotzin Yes
05:05 Liz_Home the only other Liz I know is Lis, who is Moose
05:05 Yaotzin I mean another person named liz
05:05 Yaotzin IRL named liz
05:05 Liz_Home ah
05:05 Yaotzin like, we have three steves
05:05 Liz_Home ok then
05:06 Liz_Home Liz I like, the top ten for most common names in America
05:06 Yaotzin and two bats
05:06 RED_home lol
05:06 RED_home only one RED
05:06 Yaotzin My name is no where near popular
05:06 Liz_Home I had three in my high school graduating class alone
05:06 Liz_Home about 15 in the class under mine
05:06 Liz_Home it was much bigger for some reason
05:06 steve_writing ooh pretty lasing tube
05:06 Yaotzin In fact I have never ever seen my name in any nametag/lisence plate/pre-engraved deal
05:06 Yaotzin Or say a videogame that has re-recorded names for you to pick from
05:06 Yaotzin Never happens
05:07 Yaotzin I never knew a Liz, I've know Elizabeths
05:07 Yaotzin but not a Liz
05:07 Liz_Home that would be my full name
05:07 Yaotzin Oh well
05:08 Yaotzin lol
05:08 Yaotzin :p
05:08 Liz_Home can't get people to call me by it to save my life
05:08 DruidicRifleman all through school I was the onky greg and At one social grou there we're 3
05:08 Liz_Home the extra syllables are too exhausting apparently
05:08 Yaotzin lol
05:08 Yaotzin Well at least there is no shortening of Kurt
05:08 Yaotzin Although people misspell it and it makes me :(
05:08 exor674 yeah, my best friend'san Elizabeth -- but she'll flay me if I call her that
05:09 Cj1corbystarlet Elizabeth is a very nice name
05:09 Liz_Home I like Elizabeth better, but i stopped aring about which i was called long ago
05:09 Cj1corbystarlet Not saying that in a creepy stalker way btw
05:09 Liz_Home *caring
05:09 Liz_Home lol, didn't assume stalker intention at all
05:10 Liz_Home *looks for gun
05:10 Liz_Home not at all
05:10 Yaotzin It rarely happens, but calling me Curtis is a quick way to get me in a soured disposition
05:10 Cj1corbystarlet There is only one person who calls me Benjamin
05:11 RED_home me.
05:11 RED_home ^_^
05:11 DruidicRifleman liz look in bodens pants
05:11 Yaotzin Curtis isn't even my name, which is why I don't like it
05:11 Cj1corbystarlet My mother
05:11 Yaotzin Curt is the phony american spelling of it
05:11 Liz_Home umm, why look in there?
05:11 Yaotzin *hrmph*
05:12 DruidicRifleman theres a glock there
05:12 Liz_Home ok...?
05:12 RED_home and snickerdoodles
05:12 DruidicRifleman ,,,,,
05:13 Cj1corbystarlet Wtf
05:13 DruidicRifleman Liz look at your stalker comments...
05:13 Liz_Home ah
05:13 Liz_Home sorry didn't make a connection
05:13 Liz_Home my fiance has plenty he can loan me
05:13 Liz_Home don't worry
05:14 DruidicRifleman I think every woman Should have a gun.... i'm not a rapist I have nothing to worry about cept my exe's some of them are nucking tuts
05:14 DruidicRifleman nufkig futs(
05:14 steve_writing Phonon what are we listening too?
05:14 Liz_Home i prefer knives
05:14 DruidicRifleman Yeah my knife addction is expensives
05:14 steve_writing *photon939 what are we listening to?
05:14 Liz_Home lighter to carry in your purse
05:15 RED_home Fits better inmy bra too.
05:15 Photon939 this song kinda sucks
05:15 Photon939 but it's an internet radio station
05:15 steve_writing ah, ok
05:15 Yaotzin Protip: If you have to say "I'm not a stalker/creeper/etc" guys, you end up coming off as one
05:15 Yaotzin just sayin
05:15 Liz_Home lol, my boobs are too small and my knife is too big for bra storage
05:15 DruidicRifleman my grumpa knows someone who works where these are made :(
05:15 DruidicRifleman i wan't one so bad
05:16 Yaotzin Liz_Home:  Boot knife
05:16 Liz_Home when i'm wearing boots, it tends to go there
05:16 DruidicRifleman What do you carry
05:16 Liz_Home depending on which boots
05:16 Cj1corbystarlet Umm i'm not a stalker,
05:16 Liz_Home i just have a butterfly knife
05:16 DruidicRifleman i see
05:16 Yaotzin See Liz is a spy
05:17 Yaotzin Is the thing
05:17 Liz_Home lol
05:17 Liz_Home i suck at playing spy
05:17 Liz_Home i'm a dirty camping sniper
05:17 Yaotzin I loved the new spy knife
05:17 DruidicRifleman i want this one
05:17 Liz_Home haven't played that in months
05:17 Yaotzin Me neither honesly
05:17 Liz_Home that one's schweet Druidic
05:17 Yaotzin after my heatsink fell off I haven't touched my deskop
05:18 DruidicRifleman the bench made or the kabar?
05:18 Liz_Home i kinda fell away from it before the option to sell items or whatever appeared
05:18 Liz_Home the ka-bar
05:19 DruidicRifleman i have one of these some where
05:19 DruidicRifleman
05:19 Cj1corbystarlet Must be interesting living in a country where weapons are not banned
05:19 DruidicRifleman not impressed that much with it
05:19 DruidicRifleman I live in canada
05:19 Liz_Home I think one of my friends has that last knofe you linked. if it's the same one, i wasn't too impressed with it
05:20 DruidicRifleman IF the current priminister lose's this election i am moving to arizona For fear of Ultra left wing radical violence
05:20 Liz_Home just move to amsterdam or something
05:20 Liz_Home nowhere in america's much good right now
05:20 DruidicRifleman I like allot of features BUT the clip comes lose and the pivot screw loosens every couple of weeks
05:21 DruidicRifleman US there is hope
05:21 Liz_Home not really
05:21 DruidicRifleman people are armed and allot of em are awake
05:21 DruidicRifleman Europes fucked
05:22 Cj1corbystarlet It has taken me 9 months to get approved for a handgun lisence
05:23 DruidicRifleman where do you live?
05:23 Cj1corbystarlet Oz dude
05:23 DruidicRifleman In canada it takes that long cause all the office people are blond
05:23 RED_home with the wizard?
05:23 DruidicRifleman It should only take 3 months but they purposefully Dick around
05:24 Cj1corbystarlet No but still looking for a Dorithy
05:24 DruidicRifleman Spent two months Fixing the registry info on my Bolt gun
05:24 Liz_Home Nobody brings handguns around the wizard! Not no way, not no how!
05:24 Cj1corbystarlet Australia
05:24 Liz_Home lol, i know
05:25 mantere left #thegeekgroup
05:25 DruidicRifleman "are you sure It's a repating botl action and not a single shot our registry Says it's a single shot" Hold on let me get a box of snap caps 1 2 3 4 5 NOPE it's a reapting
05:25 RED_home
05:25 Cj1corbystarlet I have rifles and shotties, and part time military, but still i have to jump throught all the hoops
05:26 RED_home I'm going to sleep.
05:26 RED_home Goodnight everyone!
05:26 Cj1corbystarlet Catchya Red
05:27 DruidicRifleman i like this one
05:27 DruidicRifleman and night reds
05:27 DruidicRifleman red*
05:27 RED_home is now known as Red_unconscious
05:27 steve_writing_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:27 steve_writing_ night Red
05:27 Liz_Home night Red
05:27 Red_unconscious Night guys, see you tomorrow (hopefully) at the lab.
05:28 * DruidicRifleman puts a mini cabery cream eg in her mouth while she sleep's
05:28 * DruidicRifleman reds mouth*
05:28 Red_unconscious creepy.
05:30 DruidicRifleman what that way you has sweetness all night
05:30 Cj1corbystarlet Righ guy's and gals , gotta do some shopping and clean the house.... back later tonight
05:30 DruidicRifleman i aint giving you any more candy then
05:30 * DruidicRifleman hoards his candy and doesn't share with red
05:30 steve_writing left #thegeekgroup
05:31 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
05:32 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
05:32 dr_jkl wah
05:32 dr_jkl i want candy
05:32 DruidicRifleman liz_home I kinda want this to ad to the sharp pointy arsonal of weapons
05:33 Liz_Home oooo pretty
05:34 DruidicRifleman :( nooo it out of stock :(
05:34 Liz_Home D:
05:34 steve_writing_ is now known as steve_writing
05:35 DruidicRifleman they have em in stock
05:35 steve_writing I belive TGG has individuals who used to make swords and joe has a portable forge, we have all the skills needed to make a few custom blades
05:35 DruidicRifleman XD!!!
05:36 DruidicRifleman .... Hi steve
05:36 lwq1996 will tgg lab have a chemistry section
05:36 DruidicRifleman yes you won't be allowed in it
05:36 lwq1996 thats what i mean by disrespect
05:37 steve_writing yes, there will be a chem lab, no I don't know the level of chem they plan to equip it for
05:37 lwq1996 thanks steve
05:38 DruidicRifleman ... lee I pick on you It doesn't mean I don't like you
05:38 DruidicRifleman or hate you
05:38 DruidicRifleman heck i had a friend i called him my adopted gay little brother
05:38 lwq1996 wtf really
05:38 Liz_Home lwq1996 you need to grow some thicker skin and realize when teasing is just teasing
05:38 DruidicRifleman I'd put him in a head lock and nuggy him
05:39 Liz_Home not everyone's out to kill/grieviously harm/honestly insult you
05:39 lwq1996 well it dont feel good when i ask a serious question and get stupid answer
05:40 Liz_Home it's understandable if you feel that way. not so much when you flip out about it every time
05:40 lwq1996 i do because thats me
05:40 lwq1996 and if people think im annoying just say so i will leave anytime
05:40 DruidicRifleman LWQ if you know what i do to those i don't like. you'd need therapy
05:40 Liz_Home then don't be suprised when people react harshly then, because the world isn't kind to that over-the-top drama mongering
05:42 Liz_Home and if you thought people found you so annoying they wanted you to leave, you'd just leave. not sit here begging someone to say it and drag the subject out as far as you can
05:42 lwq1996 well then dont expect me to be a dick when people are joking its hard to communitcate emotions over the computer
05:42 DruidicRifleman Assume we're picking on you
05:43 DruidicRifleman My friend derrek I picked on him allot
05:43 Liz_Home i'm assuming you meant not to be a dick...
05:43 lwq1996 i meant to be a dick
05:44 Liz_Home then your sentence isn't making sense to me compared to what i just said
05:44 lwq1996 and sorry if im fucking annoying all the time but its me and i will do as i please
05:44 Yaotzin Sure is going back and fourth
05:44 CSMonster_away back
05:44 CSMonster_away is now known as CSMonster
05:44 Liz_Home So you'll do what you please and not be sorry about it, but you want to know if you're hurting people with it and will leave if you are?
05:44 DruidicRifleman Nods I get picked on to even
05:44 Liz_Home sort your conflictions man
05:44 lwq1996 well then do expect me to be a dick when people are joking its hard to communicate emotions over the computer
05:45 CSMonster what did i miss
05:45 * exor674 desk head
05:45 Yaotzin lwq being a drama queen again?
05:45 Yaotzin so nothing
05:45 Liz_Home Whatever, I'm not wasting my time talking to deaf ears.
05:45 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
05:45 lwq1996 basterd-.-
05:45 DruidicRifleman Knife chat between me and liz
05:45 exor674 if you plan to be a dick in the future, then expect to be kicked again at some point
05:46 DruidicRifleman liz_home this one is nice to cheap to trust for cutting tests
05:46 exor674 if not from here, then from some other channel
05:46 CSMonster i have no idea what's going on but i automatically take liz's side.
05:46 Liz_Home I'm not so much for the fake blood, but i love the shape
05:46 lwq1996 do u know what a suisidle guy like me can do if someone is mean enough
05:46 lwq1996 and ive tryed it before
05:46 Yaotzin No one cares
05:47 Yaotzin No one gives a shit
05:47 Liz_Home Don't you dare start the suicide stuff again
05:47 exor674 ugh, can we not start the suicide shit again please
05:47 * exor674 protects Liz_Home!
05:47 lwq1996 what ev
05:47 CSMonster oh shut up.  like you're the only one.
05:47 lwq1996 you know what go talk to wannabe shell explain it all to you
05:47 lwq1996 she gets people
05:48 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
05:48 Liz_Home Do you even realize that you might be triggering other people into remembering their own bad times involving it, or having people have to go through the pain of re-remembering a loved one committing it?
05:48 Liz_Home It's a dick move
05:48 CSMonster ^
05:48 Liz_Home This is not the place for it
05:48 CSMonster THAT
05:48 exor674 +1
05:48 Yaotzin I'm putting him on ignore
05:48 Yaotzin I'm done
05:48 Liz_Home and if you try to mention it seriously again I'm reporting you and hopefully you'll be kicked for good
05:49 CSMonster yaotz how do you do that?
05:49 Yaotzin He does nothing but stir up drama, no need for it
05:49 Liz_Home I'm done as well
05:49 lwq1996 ive fucking well tryed to hang myself if it was not because of the rope fail i woulnt be here
05:49 Liz_Home not even acknowledging
05:49 Yaotzin CSMonster:  Right click on his name in your client, click on ignore
05:49 DruidicRifleman Nods I tried to Hang my self off the reprelling tower when i fail my try outs for the Cadet marksmanship program
05:49 Yaotzin there is a slash command for it but it's not readily apparent to me at the moment
05:49 exor674 please. stop. the. suicide. talk. now.
05:49 DruidicRifleman Nods
05:49 lwq1996 idc no more
05:49 Liz_Home right clicking just brings up chrome's general list
05:50 Yaotzin On his name in the list on the side?
05:50 Yaotzin oh
05:50 exor674 I'm not sure if you can ignore in web chat
05:50 Yaotzin you're using the webclient
05:50 Yaotzin one second
05:50 exor674 \o Thermoelectric!
05:50 Yaotzin yes you can
05:50 Yaotzin hmm
05:50 DruidicRifleman lets tal;k about.... FURRY DESCRIMNINATION
05:50 Yaotzin I tried /ignore username
05:50 Yaotzin but it didn't work for me
05:50 Yaotzin try it
05:50 CSMonster it worked for me but i'm on chatzilla
05:50 Yaotzin
05:50 CSMonster that is, the /ignore command
05:50 Thermoelectric lwq1996: Now, I'm going to leave you quieted for now as you did not heed the warnings. Please, leave that topic alone.
05:51 Liz_Home eh, i'll just let him wail like the petulant child he is and not acknowledge it
05:51 DruidicRifleman ugh wrong one... i thought that was his rant about dennys
05:51 exor674 I wonder if he even gets that we can't hear him
05:51 CSMonster lol
05:51 Thermoelectric He will, quiet shows a "cannot send to channel" message.
05:52 CSMonster /heavy sigh/
05:52 CSMonster why are we talking about furry discrimination now?
05:53 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
05:53 Yaotzin Furries? How terrible
05:53 exor674 here comes the changed username!
05:53 Yaotzin I doubt it
05:53 exor674 they did it before
05:54 DruidicRifleman If he kills him self and doesn't ustream it i am gonna be pussed
05:54 CSMonster well, the ignore command is based on hostmask, not username
05:54 Yaotzin just don't pay him any more mind
05:54 Yaotzin DruidicRifleman: Seriously
05:54 CSMonster lol druid
05:54 Yaotzin Why
05:54 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
05:54 Yaotzin Didn't someone ask you nicely to not bring that sort of thing up druid
05:54 Yaotzin Come on
05:54 DruidicRifleman sorry
05:55 DruidicRifleman I'm going back to perving Sharp pointy objects XD!!!
05:55 Liz_Home I was trying to be helpful, but he just threw a tantrum...
05:55 CSMonster i have eye scream. makes everything better.
05:55 exor674 Liz_Home: just now? :(
05:55 Liz_Home no earlier
05:56 Liz_Home before he started his stupid drama that got him quietted
05:56 Liz_Home more the fool me
05:56 CSMonster Liz_Home: what we got here is failure to communicate.  some people you just can't reach.
05:56 Yaotzin No point in focusing on it
05:56 Liz_Home Yup. And that's why I wash my hands of it
05:56 * steve_writing thinks we need 2 channels, one for the video stream (pg-13) one general chat (R)
05:56 * exor674 gives Liz_Home some idiot bleach
05:56 Liz_Home Pontious Pilot washing, not Lady MacBeth
05:57 CSMonster lol
05:57 Yaotzin steve_writing: On one hand I think that's a really good idea
05:57 Yaotzin on the other I don't want to split the channel
05:57 Yaotzin but
05:57 steve_writing but I don't like the idea of splitting either
05:57 Yaotzin Yeah having a anything goes channel would be nice
05:57 jeffrey_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:57 exor674 I dunno, I think we need a channel that everyone in it needs to pass a general maturity test to be in
05:57 jeffrey_ hey
05:57 exor674 and here we go, lwq1996
05:57 jeffrey_ was kicked by Thermoelectric: jeffrey_
05:57 exor674 with another nick
05:57 Thermoelectric Sigh.
05:58 CSMonster wait, what?  lwq1996 is already signed in.  jeffrey_ was someone else
05:58 exor674 nope, compare the hostmask
05:58 Yaotzin No it wasn't
05:58 Yaotzin yeah
05:58 CSMonster hmm
05:58 Thermoelectric Two clients.
05:58 Liz_Home It always seems to be the tweeny boppers that are the problem
05:58 CSMonster oh
05:58 CSMonster /rolls eyes/
05:58 steve_writing that sounds like a good idea, how do you test maturity? replace captcha with a question mature people would comprehend
05:59 exor674 lwq1996: protip. quiet/ban evasion
05:59 exor674 BAD IDEA
05:59 exor674 don't do it
05:59 CSMonster i'm a doctor jim not an expert in IRC.
05:59 Liz_Home lol
06:00 Yaotzin You don't really need to test anything honestly. Just almost anything goes, if someone is constantly off topic or spamming then they get moderated
06:00 steve_writing good point
06:00 CSMonster or just throwing emo tantrums and being a moron.  voteban.
06:00 Yaotzin I don't like the idea of votebans
06:00 Yaotzin just need more ops
06:01 Yaotzin Anything automated gets abused
06:01 Yaotzin thats an IRC rule
06:01 CSMonster ...i should totally not be an op.  i've proven to be a very vindictive game server admin
06:01 Yaotzin lol
06:02 CSMonster in the form of repeatedly teleporting players that offended me onto claymore mines.
06:03 exor674 +1
06:03 Yaotzin I'm usually really really chill when it comes to moderation. It really depends on the rooms rules. I was getting kind of uptight about stuff in here because it was tied to a PG-13 stream and group. And some of the stuff was making people uncomfortable
06:03 exor674 that is just evil
06:03 exor674 and awesome
06:03 CSMonster lol ty xor
06:03 Liz_Home lol, and it was the kid barely above 13 making the worst of it just now
06:03 * steve_writing prints paper
06:03 Liz_Home kids suck
06:03 CSMonster kids do suck.  i remember when i was that retarded.
06:03 Yaotzin Don't let one bad apple spoil the bunch
06:04 Liz_Home nah he's not the only apple
06:04 Yaotzin and don't keep bringing him up, it'll just keep us in a meh mood
06:04 Liz_Home my mum runs a daycare out of our house
06:04 CSMonster toast is okay.  kristopher is on notice
06:04 Liz_Home there's a lot of apples
06:04 Liz_Home trust me
06:04 Yaotzin I don't think I was ever that way when I was online but
06:04 Yaotzin *shrug*
06:04 Yaotzin Most of the channels I'm in are 18+
06:04 Yaotzin and if you're under 18 you're smart enough not to point that fact out
06:04 Liz_Home i know i was a little bastard at one point, but never ranting about suicide for attention
06:05 Yaotzin Liz
06:05 Yaotzin He's +q, on our ignore lists, don't let him get under your skin
06:05 exor674 yeah, I was such a horrid kid :(
06:05 CSMonster different topic: Yaotzin what's cooking tonight
06:05 Yaotzin Tonight was pizza from uh
06:05 Yaotzin Dominos
06:05 CSMonster lol
06:05 exor674 better diffrent topic: where can one acquire ankle-length skirts?
06:05 Yaotzin I prefer pizza hut but I'm the only one
06:06 CSMonster i baked some red baron
06:06 Liz_Home any certain style of skirt?
06:06 Yaotzin Tomorrow is stuffed breaded porkchops
06:06 Liz_Home or just general ankle length?
06:06 exor674 Liz_Home: I'm not sure if I really care heh
06:06 Yaotzin the next day probably some sort of pasta
06:06 CSMonster ....exor674's topic is probably better.
06:06 Liz_Home a lot of department stores will have those boho style ones out right now for summer
06:06 steve_writing is now known as mcsteve
06:06 Yaotzin Men in skirts interesting?
06:07 Yaotzin mcsteve? Going to Mcdonalds?
06:07 mcsteve kilts! get it right
06:07 mcsteve hmm food
06:07 Yaotzin Hey if it's a utility kilt like patrick wore
06:07 Yaotzin then I'm all for it
06:07 Yaotzin but those suckers are expensive
06:07 Yaotzin Patrick from The Screen Savers
06:07 * exor674 nods at Liz_Home -- might have to check dept stores.
06:07 exor674 finding ankle-length is quite hard as I am 5'10"
06:08 Yaotzin Oh, sorry for calling you a man exor674
06:08 Yaotzin lol, didn't know
06:08 Liz_Home hmmm, you may have to have one custom made
06:08 CSMonster fail, yaotz.
06:08 Yaotzin Apparently
06:08 Liz_Home if you can't find one to fit your height
06:09 Yaotzin Well I'm a man and I'd wear a kilt
06:09 Liz_Home or sew one yourself
06:09 mcsteve I''m tired so here is a bad math joke
06:09 mcsteve What do you call a young eigensheep?
06:09 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
06:09 Yaotzin although I'm 6'1 / 6'2
06:09 Liz_Home skirts are usually pretty easy
06:09 Yaotzin a young eigensheep?
06:09 exor674 yeah, I am sorta tempted to try, I do have a sewing machine
06:09 Yaotzin Wha do you call a young eigensheep mcsteve
06:09 mcsteve lambda
06:09 exor674 I hope I've not ruined it as it's been sitting in my closet for a year or two
06:09 Yaotzin :|
06:09 Liz_Home well, i'm gonna nip out for sleep while the getting for more than four hours is still very good
06:10 mcsteve I worned it was bad
06:10 Liz_Home night all
06:10 exor674 ( or maybe I should just get over my... hangup about showing my legs haha
06:10 exor674 not sure what is easier )
06:10 mcsteve night, I have an exam in 6 hours
06:10 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
06:10 Yaotzin A little hair isn't a problem
06:10 exor674 and it's oaky Yaotzin
06:11 Yaotzin My ex had some hair on her toosh but I thought it was cute
06:11 exor674 ( for me it's tons of happy happy scars from random things as a kid )
06:11 Yaotzin Ah
06:11 exor674 esp. me falling off my bike once and skidding a good 6ft on my arm and leg
06:11 Yaotzin Ouch
06:11 CSMonster oooooh.  yeah that blows.
06:12 exor674 *I* can see the scar on my arm, but I really doubt anyone else can
06:12 CSMonster scars are sexy though.  to some people anyway.
06:12 Yaotzin I have one scar that looks like a straight knife, but is really from me running into a metal bit sticking out from a garage door
06:12 exor674 also I was going to go to bed 30 minutes ago
06:12 Yaotzin sliced my arm open
06:12 Yaotzin a scar on my thumb from a old kitchen accident
06:12 exor674 I think I should do that before it becomes "uh, why is it 5am"
06:13 CSMonster LOL
06:13 CSMonster okay
06:13 Yaotzin And two visible burn scars on my other arm from a old ex
06:13 Yaotzin lol exor674
06:13 CSMonster rest well exor674, and dream of large women.
06:13 exor674 <3
06:13 CSMonster :D
06:13 * exor674 hugs everyonr who wants one
06:13 Yaotzin Goodnight
06:14 * mcsteve passes out from exhastion
06:14 Yaotzin cheers
06:14 Yaotzin They're dropping like flies
06:14 CSMonster they are.
06:14 CSMonster dr_jkl you awake?
06:15 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
06:15 CSMonster guess not
06:15 Yaotzin heh
06:15 * CSMonster is the last woman standing
06:15 Yaotzin I'm sorry
06:15 mcsteve is now known as steve_sleeping
06:16 Yaotzin Only 11 here, cats making racket
06:16 CSMonster sorry for what?
06:16 CSMonster yes, i'm on the west coast also.
06:16 Yaotzin Being the last woman standing? *shrug*
06:16 Yaotzin Oh yeah?
06:16 CSMonster nothing to be sorry for.  it means i win!  :D
06:16 CSMonster .....or something.
06:16 Yaotzin lol
06:16 Yaotzin Certainly
06:17 Yaotzin I'm only going to be on the west coast for a few more weeks
06:17 Yaotzin I still haven't really started packing
06:18 CSMonster moving to...
06:18 Yaotzin Back to Michigan
06:19 CSMonster ah
06:19 Yaotzin Still going to be like two hours from TGG
06:20 steve_sleeping left #thegeekgroup
06:20 Yaotzin But I have more waiting for me up there
06:21 CSMonster as in career wise or what?
06:22 Yaotzin career wise I'm not sure there's much for a lot of people in Michigan
06:22 Yaotzin it's more friends, family, getting back on my feet
06:22 dr_jkl CSMonster: what
06:22 CSMonster ah
06:22 Yaotzin Suddenly jkl
06:22 CSMonster absolutely nothing.  just wondering if you were still there
06:23 CSMonster yes, suddenly jekyll
06:23 Psi left #thegeekgroup
06:23 CSMonster yaotz where are you now?
06:23 Yaotzin Anaheim
06:23 Cprossu_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
06:23 CSMonster o.O
06:24 Yaotzin O.o
06:24 CSMonster ...yeah, i would move back to MI too.
06:24 Yaotzin lol
06:24 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
06:24 Yaotzin Why you hain
06:24 Yaotzin hatin
06:24 lwq1996 hey
06:24 lwq1996 im sorry
06:24 CSMonster i spent a night homeless in Anaheim once
06:24 lwq1996 hear me out
06:24 lwq1996 im sorry i was being a dick
06:25 Yaotzin i can't imagine a night homeless anywhere is pleasant
06:25 CSMonster it's actually not a bad place to be homeless all things considered.  crime is pretty low at night in the areas immediately surrounding disneyland
06:25 lwq1996 i was immature and i want to apologies to everyone
06:25 Yaotzin Yeah I'm just a few minutes drive from disneyland
06:25 Yaotzin Right off the 5
06:25 CSMonster i had been given two free tickets to get into DL but couldn't find anyone to go with me :/
06:25 Yaotzin Ah
06:26 Yaotzin I've been to Disney World a few times
06:26 CSMonster so i took the amtrack down from Lancaster by myself on sunday afternoon to see the fireworks show
06:26 Yaotzin and considering Disney Land doesn't have Epcot
06:26 Yaotzin heh, I can see the fireworks every night from my apartment
06:26 CSMonster /shrug/ i've never been east of the rockies
06:26 CSMonster but i didn't have money for a hotel so i just wandered around the outside of the park until they opened again monday morning
06:27 Yaotzin Hmm
06:27 CSMonster (i do long-distance endurance walking so i'm good at that)
06:27 Yaotzin They have like $35/night motels on either side of my apartment building
06:27 Psi joined #thegeekgroup
06:27 CSMonster then took the amtrack/metrolink back home monday afternoon
06:27 CSMonster yeah, but i had like literally zero cash.  i think $10 to feed myself and that was all
06:28 Yaotzin Ah
06:28 CSMonster the rest of my money went to the damn train tickets
06:28 CSMonster metrolink is cheap but due to the shitty schedule i had to take the amtrak between union station and anaheim
06:28 CSMonster which was BS
06:28 lwq1996 am i still muted
06:29 Yaotzin odd
06:29 CSMonster cause amtrak is twice the price
06:29 CSMonster :/
06:29 CSMonster doesn't matter anymore.  i'm thankful to not be living in palmdale/lancaster anymore.
06:29 Yaotzin Ah
06:30 CSMonster that place just blows.
06:30 CSMonster the sense that 80mph wind blows.
06:31 Yaotzin heh, yeah the high winds in Michigan can kind of suck too
06:31 CSMonster yeah but i assume you at least have vegetation there to hold down the soil
06:32 CSMonster spending a day in palmdale is like spending a day in a beadblasting tank
06:32 Yaotzin right
06:33 CSMonster ....i wonder.
06:33 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
06:33 CSMonster .yt palmdale
06:33 BotSteve CSMonster:
06:33 CSMonster yep!
06:35 Yaotzin It is too late for afroman
06:35 CSMonster LOL
06:35 CSMonster it is.
06:38 CSMonster i'm only waiting around til the webcomics update at midnight, then i'm out.
06:38 Yaotzin heh
06:38 Yaotzin I'm falling asleep myself
06:38 Sgt_Lemming which webcomics?
06:41 CSMonster able and baker, bunny, dawn of time, derelict, diesel sweeties, dresden codak, el goonish shive, girl genius, hanna is not a boy's name, isismasshiro's L4D comics on dA, love me nice, questionable content, sam and fuzzy, scandinavia and the world, sequential art, skin horse, subnormality, surviving the world, the meek, what it takes, xkcd, and zarla's L4D and MGS comics on dA
06:41 CSMonster .....obviously not all of those update tonight
06:41 Sgt_Lemming Girl Genius doesn't update for another 24 hours
06:41 CSMonster yep, i know
06:41 DruidicRifleman sleeping at this hour is such a pain
06:41 CSMonster or sam and fuzzy or xkcd
06:42 Yaotzin I quit following questionable content
06:42 Yaotzin uh
06:42 CSMonster /shrug/
06:42 Yaotzin yeah tha's the only one I recognize besides xkcd.
06:42 Yaotzin I was an achewood fan
06:43 Yaotzin And Cyanide & Happiness.
06:43 Yaotzin There are a couple others I don't remember but
06:44 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
06:44 CSMonster i used to read shortpacked but i forgot about it, and it would be kind of a daunting task to catch back up now.
06:48 DruidicRifleman this show anchent alien's IS wacky
06:50 DruidicRifleman
06:51 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
06:55 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
07:04 CSMonster okay, i'm out.  night Yaotzin
07:04 Yaotzin Goodnight CSMonster
07:06 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:14 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
07:16 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
07:17 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
07:23 DruidicRifleman yaotzin you stil around
07:27 DruidicRifleman any one awake
07:27 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
07:28 BigTank anybody here?
07:29 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
07:37 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
07:38 Cprossu left #thegeekgroup
07:51 NeWtoz I am....
07:53 Cprossu joined #thegeekgroup
07:55 Cprossu_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
07:56 DruidicRifleman wow
07:57 DruidicRifleman a people
07:59 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
08:01 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:02 DruidicRifleman hey obtuse
08:02 Sgt_Lemming <--- nice
08:02 Sgt_Lemming wish they had some with australian plugs though
08:04 DruidicRifleman You know I wish it was easyer for stupid children to electricute them selfs... Look at a nature show With a lion eating an antilope the lion does the antilope a favor
08:05 DruidicRifleman The lions don't eat the fastest anilopes
08:05 Sgt_Lemming ...?
08:05 DruidicRifleman It doesn't eat the stupid one's eather.
08:05 DruidicRifleman Sorry plug comment tiggered thoughts
08:05 DruidicRifleman the lion helps the antelopes by removing the dumbest and slowest from the heard
08:07 DruidicRifleman I'm starting to wonder if the human heard In our endevours HAS made it to easy for out off springs
08:10 DruidicRifleman they found some nut bars for this show
08:15 MadManMarkAu
08:15 MadManMarkAu
08:16 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
08:19 DruidicRifleman LOL nice
08:52 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
09:05 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
09:16 Roly left #thegeekgroup
09:27 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
09:29 Miroslav joined #thegeekgroup
09:29 Miroslav hi
09:29 Miroslav whats up
09:30 Miroslav ?
09:34 Miroslav anyone there
09:35 Miroslav left #thegeekgroup
10:01 Hackbat Woo
10:01 Hackbat I'm beat
10:14 Thermoelectric left #thegeekgroup
10:23 Thermoelectric joined #thegeekgroup
10:37 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
11:26 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:36 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
11:43 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
12:05 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
12:06 steve______ hello
12:06 * steve______ yawns
12:06 asnopus hello
12:07 Hackbat Heyo
12:07 steve______ anything happening in here?
12:07 asnopus It's been quiet for ages
12:07 Hackbat not that I know of
12:10 CaptainBoden G'morning gentlemen
12:10 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
12:11 mikemol Mornin
12:11 Seroster Ahoy
12:12 mikemol CaptainBoden: I started thinking this morning about how it'd be fun to take that cafe Gentoo distcc cluster and make a video of it.
12:12 mikemol Hell if I know where I'd find the time, though.
12:12 mikemol It'd have to overlap with the Saturday Social, I suspect.
12:12 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
12:13 CaptainBoden I'm ok with that :)
12:14 Hackbat It's going to be fun making a convertor for my clciky keyboards :3
12:14 Sgt_Lemming got the cooling system setup on the lathe
12:14 Sgt_Lemming yay!
12:14 Sgt_Lemming can cut decent metals now
12:14 Sgt_Lemming well... without going through craploads of 3 in 1
12:14 CaptainBoden Mike, you know how busy I am right?
12:14 mikemol CaptainBoden: Yeah, I keep getting the general gist.
12:15 CaptainBoden Think about this, for every 1 minute of video you see, there are at LEAST 5 minutes of work, on serious videos that's more like 15 minutes fo work, easily. And *I* find the time.
12:15 CaptainBoden And if I can find the time to make them, you can find the time to do a thing on Distcc.
12:15 CaptainBoden and why does my chair smell like diesel?
12:16 CaptainBoden hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
12:16 CaptainBoden If I die a flaming death today, avenge me.
12:16 mikemol Understood. My trouble isn't that the time doesn't necessarily exist, my trouble is that I have many things which need to take priority, particularly in the area of spending time with family.
12:17 mikemol Can diesel even ignite at normal atmospheric pressure?
12:17 mikemol Hm.
12:17 mikemol Now I'm wondering where all the O2 in my computer room has gone.
12:18 Sgt_Lemming diesel needs to be fairly warm to ignite afaik
12:18 Sgt_Lemming warm enough that a pool of it won't ignite readily
12:19 mikemol I know diesel engines have glowplugs and depend on compression, but that's about it.
12:19 CaptainBoden Diesel will quite readily ignite at normal pressures, it's used as home heating oil.
12:19 Sgt_Lemming when it's vaporised sure, but not as a liquid
12:19 CaptainBoden And as far as your O2 levels, those fans all over your offices, are they ionic-breeze kind of things? or just fans?
12:19 mikemol Not at the office yet. At home.
12:20 mikemol Though at the office, I think they're just fans.
12:20 CaptainBoden Learn about the effets of O3 on human lung tissue sometime ;)
12:20 CaptainBoden Diesel will burn as a liquid, in a puddle. IT makes a thick black smoke and a dirty fire but it'll burn.
12:20 CaptainBoden We used it for the fire tornado.
12:21 CaptainBoden It's used a LOT in movie production, BECAUSE it makes a dirty black smoey fire.
12:21 mikemol O3 is going to be a strong oxidizer. I don't care to think too hard about what that'd do to my lungs.
12:21 mikemol Probably only slightly more pleasant than chlorine.
12:21 CaptainBoden It's called "Ozone" and yes, it is.
12:21 CaptainBoden It's that Clean smell after a thunderstorm, and it's what your Ionic breeze is making.
12:21 CaptainBoden Does fabulous things to human lungs, the breakdown product when it mixes with water is a fun time.
12:22 Hackbat Acetic acid + Hydrogen Peroxide = fun
12:22 CaptainBoden It's why people who failed Chemistry AND physics buy them and put them in their homes, and guys in my world work very hard with big exhaust fans to get Ozone OUT of a High Voltage Lab (We make a lot of it).
12:22 mikemol Huh. I thought the Ionic breeze things were using static electricity to pull dust particles to their anodes.
12:23 mikemol I know my grandmother had an electrostatic filter in her central air system for a long time. I assumed the ionic breeze devices worked the same way.
12:23 CaptainBoden They are, they also break O2 molecules apart, which often recombine into O3. It's a common side effet of working with high voltage.
12:23 mikemol Yeah, I was wondering about the O3 in the HVL.
12:23 CaptainBoden They do, it's just an electrostatic filter.
12:24 mikemol Hm. I wonder if having that in the central air might have contributed to my grandparents' emphyzema.
12:24 mikemol *emphysema
12:25 mikemol I take it the giant fan installed at the top of the HVL is for getting the ozone out?
12:26 mikemol Won't ozone tend to sink in a normal atmospheric mixture?
12:27 gh22 joined #thegeekgroup
12:28 mikemol Hm. I suppose the gasses in the vicinity will be hot after having had lightning pass through them, so that'd be a countering effect. And it may not be a large enough volume of air for the relative weights to matter.
12:31 steve______ ttyl, nap time
12:32 wannabe1987 have a good nap, steve_____
12:33 mikemol Hm. I say "Hm." a lot...
12:33 CaptainBoden NAP! Get your ass up, it's time to be productive
12:34 wannabe1987 rain...go away...i have too much driving to do for you to stay...give me warmth and heat and i'll be happy
12:35 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
12:35 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
12:35 mman454 is now known as mman454-school
12:42 Hackbat woo :3
12:43 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
12:43 Hackbat time to look up the proper way to Convert AT to USB
12:44 steve______ joined #thegeekgroup
12:45 CaptainBoden Hey Steve
12:45 steve______ morning
12:46 CaptainBoden If I run a feed to the Cafe today, think we can terminate it while you're there?
12:46 CaptainBoden I think I have an idea that may allow us to run camera feeds more easily. :)
12:46 CaptainBoden Can we get Male-F to Female BNC adapters?
12:46 steve______ possibly, I'm hoping to head into the lab round 10 ish and stay till 2 ish
12:47 steve______ yes you can get them
12:47 CaptainBoden Because they make those snap-in plugs for ethernet, F-coax, and various other shit for wall plates, but they don't make them in BNC that I've seen.
12:47 steve______ ya keystone plates
12:47 steve______ they make BNC too
12:47 CaptainBoden I was thinking plastic conduit drops with keystone terminations.
12:47 CaptainBoden We need to find some BNC then ;)
12:47 CaptainBoden Because that just make things WAY easy.
12:48 steve______ let me look
12:48 CaptainBoden We can run loose cable along the ceiling joists, then drop to plastic boxes with keystones.
12:48 steve______
12:49 steve______ fyi
12:49 steve______ great prices on cat5 ones too
12:49 steve______ terminated my whole houses network from them
12:50 Hackbat Searched "ps2 to usb pinout" got a picture of naked chick
12:50 CaptainBoden Pricy little bastards
12:50 steve______ and thats cheap
12:50 CaptainBoden wow
12:50 ialpha joined #thegeekgroup
12:50 steve______ the cat 5 ones go for as high as 5
12:50 CaptainBoden for 20 cents of plastic
12:50 steve______ so true
12:51 CaptainBoden you got a key now right?
12:51 eightbitbrad Hackbat: interesting search.
12:51 BotSteve eightbitbrad: At 25 Apr 23:54Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you that I'm now case-insensitive for botsteve:tell commands (as well as a few others)
12:51 BotSteve eightbitbrad: At 25 Apr 23:54Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you that I'm now case-insensitive for botsteve:tell commands (as well as a few others)
12:51 steve______ although BNC couplers are more expensive than F
12:51 steve______ for ref
12:52 CaptainBoden BNC ones are a lot harder to make ;)
12:52 steve______ that they are
12:54 steve______
12:54 eightbitbrad Looks like a beautiful day in GR </sarcasm>
12:54 CaptainBoden Steve, we really gotta fix that windshield wiper sometime, lol
12:55 steve______ or
12:55 steve______ yes the wiper needs to be rapaired
12:55 steve______ anyidea whats broken on it?
12:55 eightbitbrad surprisingly it doesn't look too bad this morning.
12:55 CaptainBoden OH! We moved that pedestal to the MDH and There's a camera on it now!
12:55 CaptainBoden I'm going to get one of the other ones on the Crane.
12:55 steve______ I was it in your captains blog last night
12:56 CaptainBoden Then we can have both wired in to the feed today :)
12:56 steve______ *was it on
12:56 CaptainBoden No, but it could be easily.
12:56 steve______ no, I saw the pedistal in the backround of...
12:56 CaptainBoden It was in Robotics until we moved it.
12:56 CaptainBoden Now it's in the MDH, with one of the new cameras on it.
12:57 CaptainBoden I didn't power it up since we had no feed yet.
12:57 steve______ yes, I help carry it down there and saw it in the captains blog in the MDH
12:57 CaptainBoden But by the end of today, the goal is 3 working cameras in the MDH feeding the stream though the switcher.
12:57 steve______ we can try
12:57 CaptainBoden Next goal is to get a feed for 2 cameras from the cafe with Audio.
12:58 CaptainBoden I want to get the Saturday LUG meetings on the air.
12:58 * steve______ needs more TBCs
12:58 CaptainBoden You'll have them, don't worry.
12:58 steve______ ok
12:58 eightbitbrad CaptainBoden: Someone in here last night commented on having a split screen view on the stream..  is that even possible?  Might be kinda cool once the lab gets busier.
12:59 CaptainBoden It's possible, but it sucks. We don't have the pixels to really support it yet.
12:59 CaptainBoden When the lab is really online we'll have a actual person there doing live switching and voiceover narration.
12:59 CaptainBoden We'll have cameras EVERYWHERE and audio to match.
12:59 eightbitbrad oh, now that's pretty cool.
13:00 eightbitbrad It's nice for us remote members so we can at least see what's up.
13:01 CaptainBoden That's exactly why I'm working so hard on this. I want to share this with EVERYONE.
13:01 steve______ at least we have audio patchbays around somewhere
13:01 Sgt_Lemming anyways, off to sleep. Night all
13:01 steve______ to make sound routing easy
13:03 CaptainBoden We have video patchbays too
13:03 steve______ thats true, I forgot about those
13:04 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:06 steve______ I suppose once we get MDH online the next goal should be signal routing
13:06 CaptainBoden Next goal is Cafe ;)
13:07 steve______ soon i will have more feed locations that genlocked inputs (TBCs) and I will need to start switching the remote feeds pre-switchers
13:08 steve______ yesterday I brought up a couple 12 input switches so that should cover MDH & cafe
13:08 steve______ for TBC routing
13:09 CaptainBoden I'm not that worried about GEnlock at this stage.
13:10 steve______ are we archiving the live stream?
13:11 steve______ .tfw 49504
13:11 BotSteve 50�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT AND WET IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Where life is mediocre'
13:12 Hackbat .tfw 28150
13:12 BotSteve 67�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Shelby, NC!  '...what?'
13:12 Hackbat yay :3
13:12 Hackbat might have to go outside with my lappy
13:13 wannabe1987 its like...barely 50 and rainy here :(
13:13 steve______ the rain should pass soon
13:14 wannabe1987 really?  cuz they sounded like its supposed to rain all week...but if thats the case, i'm happy (but i wont be in GR all day)
13:14 steve______ no its raining all week, it just it's going to stop for a bit
13:15 wannabe1987 lol
13:15 eightbitbrad hi wannabe1987!
13:15 eightbitbrad .tfw Atlanta ga
13:16 wannabe1987 hi eightbitbrad
13:16 BotSteve 67�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Atlanta, GA!  'I approve of this message!'
13:16 wannabe1987 the rain isn't gonna help with the old epression...
13:17 ialpha left #thegeekgroup
13:17 wannabe1987  pretty interesting
13:17 wannabe1987 but i have a job interview today...we'll see how this week goes!
13:19 CaptainBoden I don't know how we'd archive it
13:19 CaptainBoden not at this stage anywyas.
13:19 CaptainBoden I'd LIKE to, once we're fully operational.
13:19 CaptainBoden But, at this stage that's just too much cost in hard drives.
13:20 CaptainBoden Steve, you got a key?
13:20 steve______ yes
13:20 MoxieMike what do you want to do with harddrives?
13:21 steve______ gyro, no wait thats been done
13:21 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
13:21 BatSteve cheers
13:21 BotSteve BatSteve: At 13:20Z, BatSteve-Away asked me to tell you something
13:21 BatSteve How...helpful of me.
13:21 wannabe1987 lol
13:22 wannabe1987 i'm glad yourself is helpful
13:22 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
13:22 eightbitbrad lol "Hello me, it's me again..."
13:22 BatSteve "Dear Future Steve.  It is I, Past Steve...""
13:23 Hackbat ;w; why did my side of the country have to be the one that wanted slaves.
13:23 wannabe1987 ??
13:24 BatSteve Which side is that?
13:24 BatSteve The south?
13:24 mman454-school left #thegeekgroup
13:24 Hackbat yeah @_@
13:24 wannabe1987 o.  why?
13:25 BatSteve It's been argued that slavery wasn't really that big of a deal to either side, and the right to leave the union was the key argument
13:25 BatSteve If that makes you feel better
13:25 wannabe1987 no.  theres still tons of AA's in america
13:25 Hackbat I know @_@
13:26 steve______ Alcohol anons?
13:26 wannabe1987 african americans = AA
13:26 steve______ I know
13:26 BatSteve steve______: Your tail!  it's long again!
13:26 wannabe1987 lol
13:26 steve______ so it is
13:27 wannabe1987 you know, we feed furries to thumper #justsayin
13:27 steve______ it grows quickly in the mornign
13:27 steve______ that I do know
13:27 Hackbat Burnt fur is bad m'kay
13:27 wannabe1987 lol
13:27 steve______ can we feed Peeps to thumper
13:27 wannabe1987 i can't find any...:(
13:27 wannabe1987 i went to meijer yesterdan and there were none
13:27 steve______ I have some
13:28 Hackbat peeps + high voltage?
13:28 * wannabe1987 steals steve_____'s peeps
13:28 Hackbat insane
13:28 CaptainBoden HEY STEVE!
13:28 steve______ there even bunnies, we can overdub the creepy bunny as they explode
13:28 steve______ yes captain
13:28 CaptainBoden Just talked to the station, we should have news on the Big Switcher next week :)
13:28 wannabe1987 lol @ bunnies
13:28 steve______ ya, big switcher
13:28 CaptainBoden Cory is heading to the lab now
13:29 steve______ ok
13:29 steve______ is it wrong I like to startle people listening to the stream when I arrive?
13:30 wannabe1987 lol how?
13:30 Hackbat D:
13:30 BatSteve nope, continue doing it
13:30 wannabe1987 do you scream?
13:30 Hackbat Don't search for creepy bunny
13:30 steve______ quietly walk up to the mic and tell them I know there listening
13:30 wannabe1987 lol
13:30 wannabe1987 "i know you're theeeere poppit"
13:30 steve______ sneak up and say hello, ect
13:31 steve______ I like that
13:31 * steve______ remembers for next time at lab
13:31 BatSteve Hackbat: that's a cat, not a bunny
13:31 wannabe1987 what, the line from PotC1?
13:31 Hackbat BatSteve, o.o?
13:31 steve______ ya
13:32 wannabe1987 :D
13:32 BatSteve this image, right?
13:32 * wannabe1987 doesn't listen to the stream, so its ok :D
13:32 wannabe1987 o god
13:32 BatSteve because that's a cat
13:32 steve______
13:32 Hackbat no
13:33 Hackbat there's a video
13:33 Hackbat
13:34 BatSteve oh
13:34 steve______ so? given an infinite # of monkeys and an infinite amount of time...
13:34 steve______ you can render anything
13:35 Cprossu_Laptop morning folks
13:35 wannabe1987 hi cprossu
13:35 BatSteve morning cprl
13:35 BatSteve Portal 2 is at 3% and counting
13:35 wannabe1987 actually, wouldn't it be "morning CPU"?  cuz thats what he's nicked after...
13:35 wannabe1987 :D
13:35 Cprossu_Laptop abbreviations are ok
13:36 BatSteve also, Hackbat, that video just makes me sad
13:36 Hackbat yesh
13:36 Hackbat *yeah
13:36 mikemol steve______: Infinite monkeys, infinite time, render...You might find "bogosort" analogously relevant. :)
13:36 * wannabe1987 won't watch it. the rain is sad enough
13:36 mikemol .wa bogosort
13:36 wannabe1987 batsteve - is it raining by you?
13:36 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
13:36 mikemol .w bogosort
13:36 BatSteve wannabe1987: nope
13:36 BotSteve "In computer science, bogosort (also random sort, shotgun sort or monkey sort) is a particularly ineffective sorting algorithm." -
13:37 Cprossu_Laptop hey I guess the weathercam has it's first weather now
13:37 wannabe1987 is it supposed ot?  it is here :(
13:37 BatSteve it's actually decent here for the moment
13:37 wannabe1987 lol
13:37 wannabe1987 :O  yay!
13:37 BatSteve The farther south you go the better it gets
13:37 wannabe1987 wahoo
13:37 wannabe1987 thenmaybe today won't be so bad
13:38 BatSteve Of course it won't be bad - you're on your way to maybe get a well-paying job!
13:38 steve______
13:39 wannabe1987 true...but rain makes mse depressed
13:39 wannabe1987 and my car hates driving in the rain...and i'm driving
13:39 BatSteve steve______: I'll see you that and raise you
13:39 mtearle wannabe1987, it's raining here
13:39 wannabe1987 mterle - where are you
13:40 mtearle on the other side of the planet.
13:40 mtearle .w Perth, Australia
13:40 wannabe1987 yay rain!
13:40 BotSteve "Perth, Scotland, the administrative centre of the Perth and Kinross council area" -,_Australia
13:40 steve______ left #thegeekgroup
13:40 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
13:40 mtearle .w Perth
13:40 BotSteve "Perth, Scotland, the administrative centre of the Perth and Kinross council area" -
13:40 wannabe1987 hi frenchie :D
13:40 mashpriborintorg hi
13:40 * mtearle raises confuddle eyebrows
13:40 BatSteve that's awesome, there's a wikipedia page for almost surely
13:40 BatSteve .w almost surely
13:40 BotSteve "In probability theory, one says that an event happens almost surely (sometimes abbreviated as a.s.) if it happens with probability one." -
13:41 steve__ joined #thegeekgroup
13:41 Cprossu_Laptop .wa almost surely
13:41 steve__ yes, but it's java
13:41 BotSteve almost surely;In probability, an event with Lebesgue measure 1.;Lebesgue measure;descriptive statistics -> measure theory -> terminology;28-XX -> 62-XX
13:41 mashpriborintorg .w mashpriborintorg
13:41 * mtearle upgrades
13:41 BotSteve "Unitary enterprise Mashpriborintorg (Russian: Машприборинторг) also known as V/O Mashpriborintorg was a Soviet era export conglomerate." -
13:41 * steve__ pulls out base relative velocity
13:42 steve__ it's headed NE at 20 to 30 kts
13:43 steve__ well, I'm going t leave for the lab
13:43 wannabe1987 ok
13:43 steve__ expect me there in a bit
13:44 wannabe1987 no
13:44 steve__ don't expect me?
13:44 steve__ I know your not in today
13:44 Cprossu_Laptop hrmmmm my internet is sucking today
13:45 wannabe1987 i won't be there...i'll be in battle creek
13:46 steve__ ttyl
13:46 Angy4_screen is now known as Angy4
13:46 Cprossu_Laptop see you in a bit, steve__
13:47 Cprossu_Laptop I bet you've got at least 100 fires to extinguish
13:50 steve__ left #thegeekgroup
13:56 CaptainBoden $350/hr for the rigging company.
13:56 CaptainBoden They estimate roughly 12-18hrs.
13:56 Hackbat O.o
13:56 mtearle CaptainBoden, to rig what?   how many guys?
13:57 CaptainBoden To move our CNC gear, big transformers, and robots.
13:58 mtearle I thought that would be specialist transport, as opposed to rigging
13:58 mtearle when I think rigging I think cranes and scaffolding, and towers, etc
13:59 Cprossu damn
13:59 Hackbat where will the CNC machines be?
13:59 CaptainBoden nope, when you need to move BIG things, you call a Rigging company.
13:59 mtearle or is this just to get this into the dungeon, er, basement at LStL?
13:59 Cprossu I�ve finally killed my plantronics pos headset
13:59 CaptainBoden i.e. shit we can't move with the forklift.
14:00 CaptainBoden The CNC machines will be put int he MDH.
14:00 CaptainBoden The Transformers will go into the parking lot.
14:00 CaptainBoden The big robots will also go in the lot.
14:00 CaptainBoden We can move all that stuff ourselves once it's here. The CNC machines we can't move ourselves.
14:01 mtearle how much do they weigh?
14:01 CaptainBoden The CNC gear?
14:01 CaptainBoden Not a lot, a few thousand pounds.
14:01 CaptainBoden The mill and lathe are kinda heavy, maybe 5 tons each?
14:01 CaptainBoden DOn't kow really, it's a Haas TL-1 and a TM-1
14:01 Hackbat oh well you could move that with the local football team
14:01 CaptainBoden I could move them with one finger.
14:02 Angy4 the TL-1 is around 1100kg I think
14:02 * mtearle has to do units conversion ... (my head hurts)
14:02 CaptainBoden But we don't do that, they're $200,000 machines and they're on loan. When they get moved it's by a professional that I can sue if they drop it.
14:02 Cprossu use .wa for conversion, sheesh
14:03 Hackbat on loan? o.o
14:03 BatSteve or c works too
14:03 Cprossu true
14:03 BatSteve .c 1100 kg -> lb
14:03 BotSteve 2 425.08488 pounds
14:03 CaptainBoden The Haas gear is on loan until the end of this year, we ahve to pay them off if we want to keep them.
14:03 CaptainBoden LMFAO, you're a little light
14:04 asnopus TL-1 is 4100 lb (1860 kg )
14:04 Angy4 Just read the specs, with the optional tray, it's 1470kg, 3240lb
14:05 mtearle quick but obvious question, have you checked your floor loadings?
14:05 CaptainBoden Of course
14:05 CaptainBoden It's why the robots are going outside.
14:05 * mtearle nods
14:06 CaptainBoden We have a 4" slab with a 2" HT Mud slab under it, we're fine for the CNC gear, but Jeff can't anchor to that.
14:06 Angy4 does the Haas gear need to be bolted on floor or can they just float?
14:06 CaptainBoden It's not unuusal though, we had to do a custom base for Jeff when we got him last time.
14:07 CaptainBoden They just sit there.
14:07 CaptainBoden The robots have to be bolted, and they have to mount to a 12" thick floor.
14:07 CaptainBoden I think we went 12 or 18" for JEff, in a 12' square.
14:07 CaptainBoden It's a BIG piece of concrete.
14:08 CaptainBoden Jeff generates a terrifying amount of energy.
14:08 mtearle and lots of reinforcing steel!
14:08 CaptainBoden yes
14:08 CaptainBoden and pins and epoxy and a 1" thick 1m square base plate.
14:08 Angy4 Next time, install a steam hammer :)
14:08 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
14:09 wannabe1987 and off to BC i go!
14:10 * mtearle reboots
14:10 mtearle left #thegeekgroup
14:11 BatSteve drive safe
14:11 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
14:12 CaptainBoden TWO MORE DAYS
14:12 mtearle joined #thegeekgroup
14:12 CaptainBoden God I can't wait
14:12 CaptainBoden Everything changes this week. You guys are going to be amazed.
14:12 eightbitbrad Can't wait to see what's on tap.
14:13 CaptainBoden We need to get more word out, we need a lot of help, not just in people but in funding to make the giant move happen.
14:13 Cprossu tggconsole: do I hear a steve up there yet?
14:13 CaptainBoden We need to raise the $1k to move the Lotus, Several grand to move the big gear, and god knows how much to move all of the rest. It's about $250 a load to move things from Kzoo with the big truck.
14:14 CaptainBoden And there's easily 20 loads.
14:14 Cj1corbystarlet I wish i was there to give a hand
14:14 mtearle containers and railway an option?
14:14 CaptainBoden no
14:14 CaptainBoden It's only an hou'rs drive
14:14 CaptainBoden It's about 50 miles.
14:16 CaptainBoden And 250 a load is pretty trivial for the size of load we're moving. We have a 20' straight truck that will handle a dozen gaylords plus light bulky shit on top.
14:17 Cj1corbystarlet Ive been a bad boy on ebay today....... New scope, Smt rework station , and soldering irons on its way :)
14:17 CaptainBoden oooohhh fun
14:18 mtearle have you chatted with local freight companies about backloading from Kzoo?   I'm assuming that there would be regular freight runs between the destinations
14:18 CaptainBoden We can't because we have no forklift on this end,e verythign has to be hand loaded.
14:18 mtearle bugger
14:18 Cj1corbystarlet howmany tonns is the truck ?
14:19 CaptainBoden I hate to break this to you but we're exceptionally adept at moving big things on no budget ;)
14:19 mtearle
14:19 CaptainBoden We move a LOT of stuff on a regular basis, I never knew that building a science center would make me an epert forklift driver, but, it has.
14:19 CaptainBoden Moose is pretty handy with a forklift too.
14:20 CaptainBoden Though I miss our little red one, damn it was smooth. The big yellow one isn't nearly as nice.
14:20 MoxieMike what happened to the red one
14:20 Cj1corbystarlet Electric?
14:20 CaptainBoden yes
14:20 CaptainBoden Propane is a pain.
14:20 Cj1corbystarlet what makes it not smooth
14:21 Cj1corbystarlet pedal's ?
14:21 CaptainBoden It's a lot newer than the old one. The old one was worn out and that made it very smooth ;)
14:21 CaptainBoden The new one has good valves, lol.
14:21 CaptainBoden So it's a lot touchier.
14:21 CaptainBoden brb phone
14:22 * mtearle puts the on hold music on ....
14:22 Cj1corbystarlet It should have a vernier screw on the hydro manifold, if it does it might need a tweak
14:23 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
14:31 mtearle Cj1corbystarlet, definitely a bit wet -
14:31 Cj1corbystarlet Yeah i got washing on the line :(
14:32 MadManMarkAu Wheee~
14:32 asnopus Yay a wet week in adelaide :D
14:32 MadManMarkAu Wall-o-tweets @notch
14:33 MadManMarkAu He's gonna fuck things up real bad...
14:33 MadManMarkAu
14:33 asnopus Yea Im seeing the modding thing going south very quickly
14:33 SparkyStudio Hi Steve
14:33 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
14:34 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
14:34 Red_unconscious left #thegeekgroup
14:34 MadManMarkAu There's also a widely adopted and mature modding system for Minecraft. Just use that, don't just release your source code (that, incidentally, will allow you to run ONE mod at a time, no mod stacking...)
14:34 Cprossu o_O
14:35 MadManMarkAu Yeah, mods to the official minecraft server will be source code mods, no plugin/filter mods.
14:35 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
14:35 MadManMarkAu This means you can only run one mod at a time
14:35 MadManMarkAu One server == one mod
14:36 MadManMarkAu I belive Bukkit will become a mod itself, and everyone will still code for Bukkit, ignoring the official Mojang mod system
14:36 MadManMarkAu Looots of lost potential/revenue for Nothch...
14:37 asnopus Yea, bukkit seems the way to go now
14:37 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
14:38 mikemol I don't know anything about how MC's modding system works, but is plausible they wouldn't provide the hooks in Mojang needed for Bukkit to provide the hooks *it* does?
14:38 Cprossu well I�ll bbl I need to clear out the condensate line of my central Air Conditioner of yucky slimy moldy shit before it clogs and creates a flood
14:38 asnopus mmmmm tatsy
14:38 Cprossu I�ll bottle some and send it up there if you want any
14:39 Yaotzin He already has his money. He's falling to the way of so many other indie devs before him of jealousy. Amazing that his fake company is being outshined by normal joe blows.
14:39 asnopus Nah, we have the Torrens river
14:39 asnopus composed of the same stuff
14:39 Yaotzin I don't have any sympathy for him. Didn't see us try to package and sell Brominer
14:41 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
14:43 devast8a A client side "Bukkit" would be even better.
14:43 tggconsole CaptainBoden you here still?
14:44 SparkyStudio tggconsole, he had a phone call
14:44 tggconsole ok, thanks
14:47 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
14:52 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:56 gh22 left #thegeekgroup
15:02 SparkyStudio Hi :)
15:02 exor674 Hi!
15:02 BatSteve hi!
15:03 Cj1corbystarlet Hi Steve
15:03 BatSteve hi corby
15:04 exor674 that sounds SO fun
15:04 SparkyStudio Te Terminator :D
15:04 Cj1corbystarlet I feel your pain
15:05 Cj1corbystarlet More Steves than you can poke a stick at :)
15:06 BatSteve was that not to me?
15:06 BatSteve oops
15:07 mikemol Anyone want to help me test mumble?
15:07 mikemol I've got a server running at
15:07 Angy4 yup
15:07 mikemol pm me for server password.
15:07 mikemol I don't want it in the public channel. :)
15:07 Angy4 port?
15:07 mikemol default, 64738
15:08 BatSteve (it's "password1"
15:08 Angy4 (and the fun part is I can't find how to change windows ><)
15:15 mikemol Heard you briefly.
15:15 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
15:15 Ponko92 STEVE XD hey man
15:15 Cj1corbystarlet Fuck we heard that !
15:16 Ponko92 its 1/4 4 over her
15:16 Ponko92 1/4 past
15:16 Ponko92 here*
15:16 Cj1corbystarlet Look bogie on the radar sir .................................. no private thats a booger
15:16 Ponko92 bad golf player
15:17 Ponko92 always gets bogeys
15:18 Ponko92 *shakes head in golfer shame*
15:23 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
15:28 eightbitbrad Looks like we're gonna need a bigger boat...err...conduit.
15:30 eightbitbrad Today on "This Old Console", Steve shows us how to mount XLR connections :)
15:31 dagnyscott1 joined #thegeekgroup
15:31 eightbitbrad heh  Seems to be working fine though.
15:32 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
15:32 eightbitbrad Yeah, that's true with a lot of things for sure.
15:32 gh22 joined #thegeekgroup
15:32 * eightbitbrad sheds a tear for his lost model M keyboard
15:33 eightbitbrad yeah, I loved that thing.  I know a company still makes them, but it's just not the same.
15:34 eightbitbrad Indeed.  I liked the feedback, and of course the satisfying "click"
15:34 mikemol I had a Das Keyboard I brought into the office.
15:34 mikemol Buckling-spring keyboards were summarily banned within the day.
15:34 eightbitbrad mikemol: I'd be killed if I had one of those here.
15:35 eightbitbrad brb
15:37 Zapp joined #thegeekgroup
15:37 mashpriborintorg good job
15:37 mtearle +++
15:39 mashpriborintorg will the wires be soldered behind the sockets, or it's all cold assembly with crimping ?
15:40 mashpriborintorg ok
15:42 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
15:42 dagnyscott1 is now known as dagnyscott
15:43 SparkyStudio Bit of info on XLR: X= Ground, L= live, R= Return, so really the only XLR's are 3 pin, but more pins have been called by the same name, XLR3 is 3 pin, XLR5 is 5pin
15:43 funtime180 would you be ever so kind as to orientate the camera so us viewers can watch the process please?
15:44 Seroster Blaah blaah blaah
15:45 funtime180 thanks! :)
15:45 eightbitbrad back.
15:45 SparkyStudio Yeah, it was the original concept, balanced use cam later, for balance the X is still ground, you just use L&R as you want for balanced
15:46 mashpriborintorg omg this clock uses a weird inusual display system I believe
15:47 mashpriborintorg Panaflex maybe, a derivative of nixie
15:47 eightbitbrad Nixie tubes are awesome
15:47 mtearle and then there are the evil XLR to jack adapter cables
15:47 tggconsole .w nixy tube
15:47 BotSteve "A nixie tube is an electronic device for displaying numerals or other information." -
15:48 mashpriborintorg some pretty weird things to see here about displays
15:48 mashpriborintorg lol
15:48 SparkyStudio The segments might be neon, can you see a model on it ?
15:49 eightbitbrad I keep wanting to build a nixie tube clock
15:50 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:50 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
15:50 Cj1corbystarlet That display is defenitly not nixie tubes
15:50 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
15:51 MadManMarkAu Oh wow, I tune into the stream to see incredibly technical things happening. I am happy.
15:51 eightbitbrad old segmented display perhaps?
15:51 MadManMarkAu Well, it's just a terminal panel, but what the hey
15:51 RageRiot good afternoon people ( from the UK)
15:51 Cj1corbystarlet The name is on the tip of my toung .....
15:52 Cj1corbystarlet Ahh Ugg hate this
15:52 funtime180 so excited, cant wait
15:52 MadManMarkAu Oh, fun. I just LOVE doing terminations... </sarcasm>
15:52 eightbitbrad Seriously, add a little logo and some bumpers and we have a TV show.
15:52 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
15:52 mashpriborintorg here: vintage soviet PLASMA display systems... keep the link for browsing while the stream is sleeping ;)
15:53 MadManMarkAu Also, I wonder if that clock is a VFD?
15:53 MadManMarkAu So, why are there two BNC's and one XLR?
15:53 MadManMarkAu What is the designation of each?
15:54 MadManMarkAu Ah, got you.
15:55 MadManMarkAu May need focusing
15:55 funtime180 do they not sell the tubing in a larger size?
15:55 MadManMarkAu Nevermind, you're onto it
15:56 Cj1corbystarlet I dont think its a vaccume flask display
15:56 MadManMarkAu VFD = Vaccum Fourescent Display
15:56 MadManMarkAu *Flourescent
15:56 MadManMarkAu Was wondering because of the shimmering segments
15:57 Cj1corbystarlet Correct   the shimmer could just be the camera out of sink with the display
15:58 Cj1corbystarlet Or it could be just a OFD
15:58 MadManMarkAu Ah, so the segments are multiplexed. Got it.
15:58 Cj1corbystarlet * OFC
15:58 SparkyStudio I'm thinking they could be like neon segments, though could be built like nixies to give even light
15:59 MadManMarkAu Thus making them VFD's
15:59 MadManMarkAu Or wait
15:59 Cj1corbystarlet Yes nixies are VFD, but i cant see any wire mesh in the display
15:59 SparkyStudio Was there parts of segments missing ? if so each segment could be 3 neons in line
16:00 MadManMarkAu Yah, maybe
16:00 MadManMarkAu will need to ask Chris
16:00 mashpriborintorg disalignment maybe
16:00 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
16:00 Cprossu tggconsole: can you increase your audio a bit? very quiet
16:00 mashpriborintorg my CATV receiver has missing segments also
16:00 Cj1corbystarlet yeah i'm thinin neon also
16:00 Cprossu never mind
16:00 RageRiot how is the clock linked up? sync wise..
16:01 mashpriborintorg cold solders onto the led display
16:01 Cprossu RageRiot: it�s not
16:01 Cprossu xD
16:01 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
16:01 RageRiot I thought it might be sync to a central console timecode or somthing
16:02 MadManMarkAu Nah
16:02 RageRiot hello btw :)
16:02 MadManMarkAu I wonder what wires are available in each of these cables...?
16:02 mashpriborintorg do not cut your fingers
16:02 MadManMarkAu I'm thinking 1 coax and 2 UTP?
16:02 SparkyStudio No, it's just an independant clock, basically a counter that can count up or down
16:02 MadManMarkAu Or is it just 2 coax?
16:03 MadManMarkAu Cool
16:03 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
16:04 mashpriborintorg the kind of cable that is not available at your local dealer :|
16:04 RageRiot is is possible to get a link for the video stream istself to play on a standalone player ?
16:04 MadManMarkAu So you're not using the STP as a balanced audio, you're actually using it as L/R cable?
16:04 MadManMarkAu Rage: There is something, lemmie look
16:05 MadManMarkAu I believe it's RTSP
16:08 RageRiot :)
16:09 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
16:10 mikemol SparkyStudio: You certain about the origine of the term XLR? WP has a plausible and cited story.
16:10 mikemol .w XLR connector
16:10 BotSteve "The XLR connector is an electrical connector design." -
16:11 BatSteve .seen mikemol
16:11 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw mikemol 0.01 hours ago at 2011-04-26 16:10:24 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
16:11 BatSteve :]
16:11 BatSteve "hours ago" works
16:12 exor674 yay tape! ( also did the stream freeze? )
16:12 RageRiot ye
16:12 mtearle frozen here ...
16:12 crazyswede joined #thegeekgroup
16:12 RageRiot frooze fior ,me
16:13 crazyswede Is it just for me the feed stopped working?
16:13 RageRiot back
16:13 crazyswede Oh nvm its working now
16:13 mtearle working now for me
16:13 mashpriborintorg still too cold in the lab, the poor guy had instant freeze :'(
16:13 MadManMarkAu Yeah, it broke for me too
16:13 crazyswede lol
16:15 Cj1corbystarlet Sounds like (puts a kiwi accent on) "Some one fuddled with a switch"
16:15 RageRiot I hear cris
16:15 mashpriborintorg captain on bridge
16:15 crazyswede Mr Boden resurrected!
16:15 MadManMarkAu lol, GO CHRIS
16:15 crazyswede no doubt
16:15 MadManMarkAu "Bight the bag!"
16:15 exor674 haha
16:15 MadManMarkAu I means chew my nuts
16:15 RageRiot greeting from the uk chris boden if you read this :D
16:15 Seroster crazyswede... Ripoff!
16:16 crazyswede Seroster: what? (:
16:16 Cj1corbystarlet Give him a break he just finished hos 3rd coffee
16:16 Cj1corbystarlet :)
16:16 Seroster You are sane compared to the REAL crazyswede.
16:16 MadManMarkAu Stronger version of bite me, specifying the biter should (metaphorically) bite the speaker's scrotum. <-- source:
16:17 * mtearle watches the boden meter hit 11
16:17 crazyswede lol so I stole someones nick?
16:17 MadManMarkAu Cory is Chris' bitch
16:17 mashpriborintorg coryshake
16:17 crazyswede never heard of crazyswede actually \:
16:17 Seroster Cogito ergo?
16:17 MadManMarkAu LOL
16:17 crazyswede never did my latin..
16:18 MadManMarkAu Chris, you dick
16:18 Cj1corbystarlet He must of got laid last night ?
16:18 MadManMarkAu ^
16:18 Seroster Jesus fucking christ there is a lot of garlic in this salad
16:19 MadManMarkAu tggconsole: Ask Chris if he got laid last night
16:19 MadManMarkAu He seems... cheerful
16:19 MadManMarkAu Yes! :D
16:19 Cj1corbystarlet What coax stripper ...... What about a blunt stanley knive ?
16:20 Cj1corbystarlet good to see
16:21 Seroster Real men strip coax with their teeth
16:21 Cj1corbystarlet Always to blunt to do any work , but just sharp enough to carve a chunk out of your hand
16:22 MadManMarkAu I do wires with my teeth
16:22 MadManMarkAu But coax, though
16:22 mikemol I've stripped cat3 with my teeth. Don't care to do that any more, though.
16:22 MadManMarkAu *Not
16:22 Cj1corbystarlet haha I get my apprentices teeth to strip the wires for me!
16:22 MadManMarkAu lol
16:22 MadManMarkAu Also, try doing it while the wire is live...
16:22 MadManMarkAu It hurts your teeth
16:23 RageRiot MadManMarkAu was there a standalone player link ?
16:23 MadManMarkAu They're strangely conductive...
16:23 MadManMarkAu Rage: I'm working on it.
16:23 MadManMarkAu It's going to be convoluted
16:23 Cj1corbystarlet I'm not a total prick :p
16:23 BatSteve Also, replace 'coax' with 'seroster's fiancee' and the sentence is still true
16:23 BatSteve RageRiot: you might be thinking of the following?