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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-04-29

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00:00 Ponko92 UUUUHHHHHH best we don't know that
00:00 SparkyPojects Yes it could be bad, as long as your email is different from any other site, it's okay ish
00:00 Sentfrommyipad Saturday will be an even bigger load
00:00 wannabe1987 twss
00:00 SparkyPojects If they get your emeil pass, they get everything
00:00 Angy4 depending on how you use them, but bad
00:00 wannabe1987 eh
00:00 arran-g_ SparkyPojects: typically yes
00:00 woot how many gaylords do you think  they'll get in the truck
00:00 wannabe1987 i'm ok with it till i get hacked..
00:00 wannabe1987 then i'll holler
00:00 wannabe1987 :P
00:00 Yaotzin I have several different email accounts
00:00 wannabe1987 i have 3
00:00 Sentfrommyipad When they get the forklift it will be 2-3 loads a day
00:01 cctoide based on the video they shot packing up at Kzoo...
00:01 cctoide I don't know if they can pack two side by side
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00:01 SparkyPojects i have about 10 email accounts
00:01 Angy4 try creating some king of code, like using one strong password and add the third letter of the website to it
00:01 cctoide but if they can, maybe 6 or 8
00:01 Rahlon well it's not too much of a problem since my email is hosted by me, so if they change it's password I can easily change it to something else.
00:01 Rahlon though doubt that would stop them
00:01 Angy4 I have too many mail accounts :)
00:01 Rahlon from doing harm before I fix it
00:01 wannabe1987 interesting idea, angy4
00:01 woot isee onmi dog cool
00:02 wannabe1987 OMNI!!!!
00:02 wannabe1987 i see people...idk who, but people
00:02 Angy4 that's what I do, I got 3-4 strong base, and then I use some letter of the website in front or after it
00:02 cctoide also... are there coal mines in Michigan?
00:02 Sentfrommyipad No
00:02 wannabe1987 dunno
00:02 wannabe1987 theres a gypsum mine tho
00:02 wannabe1987 in GR
00:02 Sentfrommyipad Ther might be by Detroit
00:02 arran-g_ Angy4: yeh me too
00:02 NeWtoz there were coal mines in the UP
00:02 Yaotzin gypsum mine? Is that where gypsies come from?
00:03 wannabe1987 who is the blondie with the black shirt on and the work gloves?
00:03 wannabe1987 no...dry wall comes from it
00:03 Sentfrommyipad Moose
00:03 wannabe1987 its a boy
00:03 NeWtoz there are also limestone and salt
00:03 Sentfrommyipad She's germinate
00:03 Sentfrommyipad German
00:03 wannabe1987 i know moose IRL
00:03 Sentfrommyipad Me too
00:03 wannabe1987 i'd walk ovver but i'm not in GR
00:03 SparkyPojects Pt it this way, i run a forum about account security for a forum service (i won't post the link as it's advertising), it's been alive since 2004, i know some have tried to take it down, but it hasb't been compromised.
00:03 wannabe1987 nice
00:04 Rahlon she's singing again
00:04 arran-g_ truck emtpy?
00:04 Sentfrommyipad Yes
00:04 arran-g_ *empty
00:04 arran-g_ cool
00:04 cctoide I did a double-take when I saw the truck inside the MDH
00:04 wannabe1987 the guy i'm speaking of is next to cory, but not boden...
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00:04 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 15m idle (been away for 3m)
00:04 RageRiot I'm signing off now. it's 1 o'clock am
00:05 wannabe1987 night!
00:05 Sentfrommyipad Matt Kwiek
00:05 Angy4 night
00:05 cctoide I forgot that was the whole point of the door, thought they were just going to bring it up against the door
00:05 wannabe1987 oooo
00:05 woot they must have sooo much stuff at kzoo.
00:05 RageRiot c ya
00:05 wannabe1987 quick...the guy i havne't met yet
00:05 wannabe1987 night!!!!!!!
00:05 Sentfrommyipad Right
00:05 Sentfrommyipad He's back from his titty tour
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00:06 Rahlon
00:06 Rahlon that's the video they mean I think
00:06 wannabe1987 eakin never txtd me back...hmmmm
00:07 Sentfrommyipad He's been busy
00:07 wannabe1987 yes
00:07 wannabe1987 i know
00:07 wannabe1987 but it was important...about his tools and safe storage
00:07 cctoide Set A was so wonderfully cluttered
00:07 cctoide the new sets feel cramped in comparison
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00:07 Sentfrommyipad Bye bye donte
00:07 wannabe1987 bye dante!
00:08 wannabe1987 red fellover
00:08 Sentfrommyipad Wow
00:08 exor674 what did red do that for :(
00:08 wannabe1987 she's exhausted?
00:08 Sentfrommyipad Tired I guess
00:08 wannabe1987 i'd be if i was her
00:09 cctoide dude with Haas shirt?
00:09 wannabe1987 what about him?
00:09 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
00:09 cctoide is that the "Haas friend" Captain mentioned in here?
00:09 cctoide er, *is he, even
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00:11 wannabe1987 sure
00:11 wannabe1987 sounds good
00:11 wannabe1987 i don't know
00:11 wannabe1987 ask boden
00:11 wannabe1987 text/call him (on air) and ask him
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00:13 CSMonster *I*
00:13 CSMonster *HATE*
00:13 CSMonster *TRAFFIC*
00:13 wannabe1987 i'm sorry :(
00:13 * CSMonster is stressed out
00:13 * wannabe1987 offers CSMonster air hugs
00:13 DruidicRifleman Whats wrong CSMonster
00:14 wannabe1987 air hugs!  no physical contact needed!
00:14 CSMonster driving in down-town traffic.  it's the fastest way to shoot my stress level through the roof.
00:14 wannabe1987 so many idiots out there, eh?
00:14 CSMonster no, not even that
00:15 Angy4 start/stop/start/stop/start/stop ?
00:15 * exor674 hugs CSMonster
00:16 CSMonster just, like, making a right turn, then having to almost immediately make a left turn, thus requiring you to change across three lanes in the space of a block.  and finding parking, and getting in and out of it
00:16 CSMonster and all the parking lots cost $10 to park in.
00:17 CSMonster >:O
00:17 CSMonster ...
00:17 CSMonster that's not the emoticon i was going for, irc.  fuck you.
00:17 CSMonster > : O
00:17 Cprossu one way streets suck too
00:17 CSMonster yes.  we have lots of those.
00:18 CSMonster driving down town makes me want to eat babies.
00:18 wannabe1987 ugh
00:18 Seroster hoboes?
00:18 CSMonster BUT I'M BACK and i'm alive
00:18 wannabe1987 yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:18 CSMonster no.  hobos are dirty.
00:18 exor674 om nom babies
00:18 Seroster Omnomnom hobos!
00:18 CSMonster
00:19 DruidicRifleman holy shit there was allot in that truck
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00:19 exor674 ofc, they'll fill the truck as much as they can
00:20 CSMonster so how is the door
00:20 wannabe1987 operational
00:20 Sentfrommyipad Big
00:20 wannabe1987 white on the outside
00:21 exor674 doorish?
00:21 CSMonster fantastic.
00:21 Sentfrommyipad DOOR
00:21 CSMonster i'm'a go make myself a sammich.
00:21 Seroster Wait... People call it hook n loop and not velcro?
00:21 wannabe1987 no
00:21 wannabe1987 you're supposed to
00:21 wannabe1987 but hell witht htat
00:21 CSMonster people call it hook-and-loop when they are trying to sound professional.
00:21 Seroster Errr..
00:22 Sentfrommyipad ok
00:22 w0vha Velcro is a brand of hook-and-loop fastener
00:22 Sentfrommyipad Ok
00:22 Seroster But we all know it as velcro.
00:22 kb9zwl left #thegeekgroup
00:22 SparkyPojects Just like we know vacuum cleaners 'Hoovers'
00:22 wannabe1987 thigh + table corner = bruise tomorrow...owwwww
00:23 exor674 wannabe1987: don't do that!
00:23 SparkyPojects and PA systems as 'Tannoys'
00:23 Seroster Table corner? Yeah right, wannabe1987!
00:23 wannabe1987 it jumped in front of me exor!!!
00:23 exor674 evil table
00:23 Sentfrommyipad Wow
00:23 wannabe1987 seroster - when the bruise comes, you get a picture, ok?
00:23 w0vha I swear furnature has a tendancy to move on its' own
00:23 wannabe1987 yes
00:23 wannabe1987 it does
00:23 wannabe1987 and it sucks
00:24 Seroster Yeah.. I dont doubt the bruise, but I think it was made during completely different circumstances
00:24 wannabe1987 right..cuz drew is totally here right now and i'm not kid sitting his sister :P
00:24 Sentfrommyipad Wow
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00:25 DruidicRifleman LOL this episode of the big bang is funny
00:25 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
00:25 Sentfrommyipad Fuck I forgot that wason
00:25 w0vha Tell me, is it a bad thing that my eyes keep being drawn from my PuTTY window to Moose's hair? :-)
00:25 egrsteve there still people @ the lab?
00:25 Sentfrommyipad No
00:25 wannabe1987 yes steve
00:26 DruidicRifleman lol i'd tell toy what was funny but spoiler
00:26 exor674 stairs are just as evil
00:26 wannabe1987
00:26 egrsteve I will be there soon then, Just finnished fixing my cord
00:26 Hackbat lol wtf?
00:26 wannabe1987 omg yes
00:26 Hackbat my PC beeps when I plug in my AT keyboards
00:27 Hackbat No idea why.
00:27 Hackbat PS/2 ones it stays quiet
00:27 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
00:27 wannabe1987 BEEP
00:28 wannabe1987 stream....
00:28 wannabe1987 died?
00:28 wannabe1987 changed cameras anyway
00:28 wannabe1987 egrsteve
00:28 wannabe1987 might wanna call someoen before going over...
00:28 wannabe1987 i see the outside!
00:28 DruidicRifleman owww tone is painfull
00:28 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
00:29 Sentfrommyipad Find lightning again
00:29 wannabe1987 not supposed to storm tonight...only rain :P
00:29 Sentfrommyipad Damn
00:30 Sentfrommyipad BUZZZZZZZZZZZ
00:30 wannabe1987 egrsteve - boden said time to go home
00:30 wannabe1987 i think they're done...
00:30 SparkyPojects egrsteve, sounds like they are on their way home
00:31 DruidicRifleman egrsteve you there
00:31 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
00:32 w0vha Does anyone have a recommendation for a good PC headset that I can use for Echolink?
00:32 Sentfrommyipad logitech clearchat works good for most things
00:33 Angy4 I use sennheiser gars
00:33 Angy4 *gears
00:33 Sentfrommyipad I hear an omni
00:34 w0vha What I need to do is get the radio reconnected so I can access Echolink through my handheld, but I don't have a real serial port anymore... sigh.
00:34 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
00:34 Sentfrommyipad left #thegeekgroup
00:36 DruidicRifleman i use a head set from a liquidation store
00:36 w0vha That's what I was thinking about... this is a radio link, quality isn't a major issue.
00:38 DruidicRifleman i got what i could find cheap
00:38 Angy4 don't forget the comfort of it if you're going to wear it for long times
00:38 Angy4 if not, go for the cheapest
00:38 Hackbat I am back :D
00:39 Hackbat OH GOD!!! I think I know what might of gone wrong in my schools old LED signboard
00:40 Hackbat It runs a DOS PC with the LED board as a special display
00:40 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
00:40 CSMonster did everyone leave the lab already?
00:40 exor674 I hate stairs so much
00:40 Hackbat IT doesn't remeber how to run A floppy disk
00:41 DruidicRifleman i hear doors opening and movement
00:41 DruidicRifleman tggmc1 is any one there?
00:41 CSMonster :/ i missed all the excitement.
00:41 Thewhite left #thegeekgroup
00:42 exor674 me too
00:42 CSMonster there better be a damn good captains blog for today.
00:42 SparkyPojects CSMonster, i took photos
00:43 CSMonster ohgood
00:43 CSMonster thanks
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00:45 wannabe1987 .
00:45 Cprossu Hackbat: rofl
00:45 Hackbat I think the CMOS went dead
00:46 Hackbat like mine is
00:46 Cprossu most likely
00:46 Cprossu hey I�ve got a few questions for you
00:46 Hackbat My batter is useless
00:46 Cprossu 1) is the battery blue/purple/red with a bunch of horrible white crap leaking from it?
00:46 Hackbat Shoot
00:46 Cprossu on your motherboard
00:46 Hackbat no
00:46 Cprossu well that�s sure nice
00:46 stuff left #thegeekgroup
00:46 Hackbat there is no battery there
00:47 Cprossu pro tip: there�s a 4 pin connector on that motherboard where you can add a holder that takes AA�s
00:47 Hackbat mine says cmos
00:47 Hackbat oh I see
00:48 Cprossu the 3 pin one with a jumper is to clear cmos
00:48 Hackbat but yeah I have a CMOS battery with velcro on the back
00:48 Cprossu rayovac?
00:48 Hackbat prety sure the battery is Shot
00:48 Hackbat nope
00:48 Hackbat just a black box
00:48 Cprossu should have a brand name on it
00:48 Cprossu either way batteries plus stocks them
00:49 Cprossu oddly enough
00:49 Hackbat
00:49 Cprossu do not get the polarity wrong though
00:49 Hackbat the connector is keyed
00:49 Cprossu not all of them are
00:49 Cprossu we really need to ID your motherboard
00:49 Hackbat well this one is
00:49 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
00:50 Cprossu 1) your monochrome/color jumper is set wrong
00:50 Hackbat want me to pull of all the cards?
00:50 Cprossu hrmm
00:50 Cprossu hold that thought
00:50 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
00:51 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
00:51 eightbitbrad hey all :)
00:51 * eightbitbrad is live from a Starbucks
00:51 exor674 hru
00:51 Cprossu
00:51 exor674 ... I apparently can not type! hey!
00:51 Cprossu
00:51 eightbitbrad lol
00:51 Hackbat 0.
00:51 Cprossu
00:52 Cprossu
00:52 Cprossu
00:52 Cprossu
00:52 Cprossu
00:52 Cprossu whoops
00:52 Cprossu ignore
00:52 Cprossu ignore
00:52 Hackbat got the name
00:52 Cprossu
00:52 DruidicRifleman the feed on the weather cam is no fun at night
00:52 Cprossu so 1-5, i, and t
00:53 Hackbat WH38SX Rev. 1.0
00:53 Cprossu wow that�s more than I usually get
00:53 Hackbat
00:53 Hackbat there ya go
00:53 Cprossu I bet you meant to say WH386SX
00:54 Hackbat yeah >_<
00:54 Cprossu
00:54 Hackbat also
00:54 Hackbat HOLY SHIT
00:54 Cprossu wow it might be an ECS
00:54 Hackbat <3
00:54 Hackbat fuck yes
00:55 eightbitbrad dear git, kindly help me get my repo updated to match.
00:55 Cprossu does that look spot on?
00:55 Hackbat It's got an AMD CPU
00:55 Cprossu I thought it did
00:55 Cprossu remember I asked
00:55 Angy4 git is good to do that :)
00:55 Cprossu if any of those jumpers are wrong in their spaces
00:55 eightbitbrad Angy4: I'm a git n00b..  :)   Started using it when I started working on the bot
00:55 Cprossu or anything at all is in the wrong spot let me know
00:55 BatSteve git pull OMGWTF
00:55 eightbitbrad I forked a copy of Steve's repo
00:56 BatSteve or whatever you've got my repo aliased as
00:56 eightbitbrad ah
00:56 eightbitbrad I feel so stupid sometimes when it comes to git.
00:56 Angy4 I love git, so easy to do every single thing you can think of
00:56 Cprossu Hackbat: JP1, set it to pins 1 and 2 shorted
00:56 Angy4 and very esay to break everything tought
00:56 BatSteve ::makes mental note to alias all my repos to variations of OMGWTF::
00:56 Cprossu I bet it�s set to 2 and 3 shorted
00:56 Cprossu as we got the monochrome bios screen
00:56 Seroster ...Jesus. Women and technology.
00:57 Seroster _Siiigh_
00:57 eightbitbrad LOL nice.
00:57 Hackbat well
00:57 Cprossu Hackbat: external battery is J1, not to be confused with JP1
00:57 Hackbat um
00:57 Cprossu JP1 is color/monochrome select
00:57 Hackbat ty
00:57 Hackbat was about to sap
00:57 Cprossu yeah I know
00:58 Hackbat thought I had the wrong revision
00:58 Cprossu anyway set that jumper, ok?
00:59 Cprossu then boot up and look at bios
00:59 Cprossu it outa be fun at least
00:59 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
01:00 Cprossu and if I am right one of the options will be my favorite, puke grey puke pink, puke orange and puke green bios
01:00 Cprossu I really want to see it xD
01:00 Cprossu make me nostalgic and shit
01:00 eightbitbrad helps if I alias it first
01:00 * eightbitbrad is on his laptop tonight
01:00 Hackbat changed the jumper on it
01:00 Cprossu fire that shit up
01:00 Cprossu lol
01:01 Cprossu and go into bios since your battery is dead
01:01 DruidicRifleman still talking computers
01:01 Cprossu still talking OLD computers
01:01 Cprossu
01:01 Cprossu yay ECS rofl
01:02 Hackbat nope
01:02 Hackbat nothing
01:02 Cprossu hrmmm no difference or no screen?
01:02 woot left #thegeekgroup
01:02 Hackbat no change
01:02 Cprossu odd
01:02 Cprossu go into standard setup
01:02 Cprossu put webcam there too
01:02 Cprossu so I can sees
01:03 Hackbat kk
01:03 Cprossu and you�re sure that it�s set to pins 2 and 3 right?
01:03 Obtuse_laptop left #thegeekgroup
01:03 Cprossu cache disabled?!
01:04 Cprossu display type is correct at least
01:04 Hackbat seems so
01:04 Hackbat didn't see that
01:04 Cprossu go into bios setup
01:04 Cprossu o_O
01:05 Cprossu what now?
01:05 Cprossu standard
01:06 Cprossu jumper on pins 2 and 3 right?
01:06 Cprossu hrmmm that seems all right
01:06 Hackbat IDK
01:06 Hackbat sept for the fact it's empty
01:06 Cprossu goto primary display quickly
01:06 Cprossu yeah except for that hah
01:07 eightbitbrad there we go.
01:07 Cprossu hrmm
01:07 Cprossu leave it at that
01:07 Cprossu still weird that it doesn�t show up on color
01:07 Cprossu goto advanced for a moment
01:08 BatSteve eightbitbrad: got it now?
01:08 Cprossu you want fast gate a20
01:08 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden Every one leave the lab?
01:08 Cprossu and disable video rom shadow
01:08 * Angy4 thinks he figured out python. Finnaly!
01:08 BatSteve Angy4: woot!
01:09 eightbitbrad BatSteve: yep, I'm good to go.
01:09 Cprossu esc
01:09 eightbitbrad Awesome Angy4
01:09 Cprossu you should have way more options than this though o_O
01:09 DruidicRifleman DDO time later
01:09 eightbitbrad Team BotSteve continues to grow.
01:09 Cprossu damn you ECS
01:09 eightbitbrad mwhahahaha
01:09 Cprossu back to standard
01:09 Cprossu set your hdd as normal
01:09 eightbitbrad Cprossu: what are you up to tonight?
01:09 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
01:09 Angy4 not so different from I can't remember what other language I were on
01:09 Cprossu apparently 1993 tech support
01:09 Cprossu eightbitbrad: what you up to?
01:09 eightbitbrad LOL that's what I was thinking for a minute
01:10 eightbitbrad Hanging out in a starbucks, chit chatting with you guys and messing with git.
01:10 Cprossu A to 1.44, b to 1.2, etc
01:10 Cprossu lol I don�t think the DST calculations are accurate anymore FYI
01:10 BatSteve Team BotSteve, still recruiting!  It's where the cool people hang out!
01:11 eightbitbrad Indeed.  I'll have some time this weekend.  If you get a chance, Steve, whip up a quick priority list somewhere
01:11 Hackbat What are we cavemen?
01:11 eightbitbrad *grunt grunt*
01:11 Cprossu also set the seconds accurately so I can see how much lag you have
01:11 Cprossu I never have to set DST
01:11 BatSteve I hate that GitHub no longer allows you to prioritize the issues list
01:11 Hackbat How dare you throw the concept of important time keeping out of the way D:<
01:11 eightbitbrad yeah, that is a pain
01:11 DruidicRifleman ugh update
01:11 Hackbat Seconds accorate?
01:12 Cprossu We here in arizona do not acknolage the existance of this fairy tale refered to as DST
01:12 Cprossu etc
01:12 Cprossu but still set your seconds accurately please
01:12 Cprossu I want to see what the latency is
01:12 Hackbat lol I''l have to wait a minute
01:12 * Angy4 going to read the issue list
01:13 Cprossu only 2 seconds behind not bad
01:13 Angy4 Ilove the #2
01:13 eightbitbrad LOL
01:13 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
01:13 Cprossu actually
01:13 Cprossu I take that back
01:13 eightbitbrad RED! *hugs*
01:13 eightbitbrad Angy4: Is that the Seroster one?
01:13 DruidicRifleman It's a red!!!
01:13 Cprossu more like 20 seconds
01:13 Cprossu or 30
01:13 * DruidicRifleman rejoices
01:13 tggRED Hey guys.
01:13 Angy4 yep
01:13 Hackbat accurate to my computer
01:13 BatSteve Angy4:
01:13 Angy4 that's one
01:13 eightbitbrad It's actually simple to implement.
01:14 Cprossu I am :00 right now... the cmos is :30
01:14 Hackbat and thats supposed to be accurate to the windows time server
01:14 Cprossu negative
01:14 Hackbat so yeah
01:14 eightbitbrad Just need to check for the nickname Seroster and select something from the insults table rather than the greetings table.
01:14 Cprossu I am using lil atomic clock lol
01:14 eightbitbrad or even simpler yet, just put insults in for him
01:14 DruidicRifleman tggred Was all the stuff in the MDH 1 load of the truck
01:14 Cprossu updates every freaking hour
01:14 Cprossu from boulder
01:14 tggRED Yes.
01:14 BatSteve eightbitbrad: I hate to do this to you, but I need you to pull again in about five minutes.  I added an insults table about an hour ago and haven't committed it yet
01:14 tggRED I loaded it all into the truck and then took it all back out.
01:14 Hackbat well I'm using a windows managed service
01:14 DruidicRifleman What all was in there?
01:14 Hackbat how well do you tink it works
01:14 tggRED I'm gonna lay down and passss out tonight
01:15 eightbitbrad LOL no worries, Steve, I'm gonna be logging shortly
01:15 Cprossu recheck your calibration on windows time Hackbat
01:15 Hackbat eeeeeehhhh
01:15 Hackbat lazy
01:15 eightbitbrad tggRED: well, sweet dreams to ya.
01:15 Cprossu because I don�t think your webcam is 30 seconds off is it?
01:15 Hackbat nah
01:15 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
01:15 Cprossu then your windows time is wrong
01:15 Hackbat don't matter to me
01:15 BatSteve There's no code to *handle* the insults
01:15 tggRED not right now. I'm at the lab.
01:15 Cprossu xD
01:15 BatSteve Just....there's insults
01:15 Hackbat I'm never late
01:15 Hackbat the GPU has jumpers
01:15 eightbitbrad ah, well sweet dreams anyway..  I'm gonna be logging.  I'm at a Starbucks tonight just to get out of the house for a while.
01:16 Cprossu yes leave those alone for now
01:16 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
01:16 Cprossu oak�s are very touchy
01:16 IIsi50MHz updates every few milliseconds, by the sound of this channel
01:16 Hackbat just saying bro
01:16 Hackbat we good?
01:16 Cprossu sure
01:16 DruidicRifleman tggRED what all made it to the lab
01:16 Hackbat lol click click click clikc
01:16 Cprossu go grab a copy of gorillas.bas and qbasic
01:16 tggRED night eightbitbrad
01:16 Cprossu do you have a usb floppy drive?
01:16 tggRED a lot of stuff DruidicRifleman.
01:17 IIsi50MHz I have that, and nibbles.bas
01:17 tggRED I'm not gonna list it off.
01:17 tggRED I am exhausted.
01:17 tggRED watch the videos.
01:17 Cprossu or a real one installed on an internet capable pc, hackbat?
01:17 eightbitbrad okay kids, I'm out.   night everyone.
01:17 Hackbat But thats piracy!
01:17 DruidicRifleman night brad
01:17 eightbitbrad Gonna go haz a fee beers.
01:17 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
01:17 Hackbat I have a usb floppy drive hooked up
01:17 Cprossu good
01:17 Cprossu let me link you to some shit
01:17 Hackbat got a disk in front of it and everything
01:18 Fulsy wow
01:18 Fulsy forgot I even had this up
01:18 Ponko92 hmmmm
01:18 Cprossu
01:18 Cprossu ^hackbat
01:18 Hackbat tick
01:18 Hackbat tick
01:18 Hackbat tick
01:19 Cprossu get that, unzip, load on floppy
01:19 Hackbat ahh
01:19 IIsi50MHz Maybe it's stickatuthemaneosis. We used nibbles and gorilla extensively in the school library when forced to use Grollier Multimedia Encyclopedia as a "resource"
01:19 Hackbat horrible IDEA
01:19 Hackbat should of formated on my new usb floppy
01:19 Cprossu ahhahaha
01:19 Cprossu either way it will work
01:19 IIsi50MHz The computers were crashing so often that we'd just hit reset if an adult came near. "Crashed, ma'am." "Ok."
01:19 Hackbat yeah
01:19 Cprossu let me make sure that version of qbasic is ok
01:20 Cprossu that came packaged xD
01:20 Fulsy Have they managed to get the Minecraft server up?
01:20 Fulsy .minecraft
01:20 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** The server may or may not be down right now.  Try it and let us know.
01:20 IIsi50MHz Grollier had "articles" 1-3 paragraphs long, much of the time.../and/ we'd be told to summarise in our own words. WTF?
01:21 IIsi50MHz It was already bloody terse, and left out 98% of the useful information.
01:21 IIsi50MHz So screw it; we played nibbles.bas
01:22 Hackbat thougbrb
01:22 tggRED Guys, I'm too tired to think. I'm gonna get off IRC.
01:22 Hackbat gotta mess with floppy
01:22 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
01:23 Cprossu anyway put qbasic.exe qbasic.hlp and gorillas.bas on the floppy
01:23 DruidicRifleman fulsy if it's up let me know
01:23 Cprossu I wish they included
01:23 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
01:23 Cprossu because you need it
01:23 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
01:24 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
01:24 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
01:24 Fulsy sorry
01:24 Fulsy accidentally disconnected
01:24 Cprossu
01:24 Fulsy meant to say that TGG's minecraft server is still down
01:24 Cprossu
01:24 Hackbat sweet jesus
01:24 Cprossu Hackbat: put those two files on the disk too
01:24 Hackbat it killed my floppy
01:24 Cprossu ??
01:24 Cprossu really?
01:25 Hackbat it won't read in on new windows @_@
01:25 Cprossu so format it in windows
01:25 Hackbat it won't format it
01:25 Hackbat TRACK 0 bad
01:25 Cprossu hrmm
01:25 Cprossu ok restart 386
01:25 Cprossu switch 1.2mb and 1.44mb floppy drives
01:25 Cprossu in standard setup
01:25 Hackbat I know the correct floppies
01:25 Cprossu put floppy back in after booted up
01:26 Cprossu I know but I want to reformat the floppy in a different format
01:26 Hackbat I spent a few hours researching the drive
01:26 Cprossu so it might work in windows again
01:26 Fulsy when does all the stuff from kzoo come in?
01:26 Hackbat it will just try to format the 5.25
01:26 Cprossu switch the settings in bios, reformat the drive in dos
01:27 Cprossu it�ll format it as a 1.2
01:27 Cprossu then format it in windows
01:27 Hackbat it won't beable to use it D:
01:27 Cprossu just give it a go
01:27 Cprossu I�ve been making hardware that wasn�t supposed to work anymore work
01:27 Cprossu for years
01:27 Hackbat if I set A as the 5.25 it will try to format it as an 5.25
01:27 Cprossu exactly
01:27 Hackbat wait
01:27 exor674 speaking of itat I wish I could find a 8088 IO controller
01:27 Hackbat you know what I mena
01:27 tgg_Quick joined #thegeekgroup
01:28 Cprossu exor674: 8 bit? and what do you mean io controller?
01:28 Cprossu the secondary chip onboard?
01:28 Cprossu because the rest of it was TTL
01:28 exor674 I've got an 8088 in my basement, except no place to connect a floppy drive
01:28 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:28 Cprossu the chipset was a set of chips
01:28 Cprossu oh so just a floppy controller then?
01:28 exor674 yeah
01:28 * Angy4 still code using vi, *not
01:28 Cprossu what state you live in, exor674?
01:29 speedrunnerG55_ Hi geeks
01:29 exor674 CO
01:29 Fulsy Hello
01:29 Cprossu hell I still use VI
01:29 * IIsi50MHz loves BeOS's ability to read many damaged discs, and to do silly things like format a floppy with FAT32 or BeFS
01:29 Cprossu but is the one to use for dos
01:29 Angy4 vi or vim ?
01:29 Cprossu vim technically
01:29 Angy4 I use vi not vim :)
01:29 exor674 ( a disk version of DOS would be nice too as I no longer have access to mine
01:29 exor674 but I *want* to get that puppy working
01:29 masterofmonks Emacs
01:29 Cprossu except when I was on VMS
01:29 Cprossu then it really WAS vi
01:29 exor674 no real reason just >_<
01:30 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
01:30 Angy4 what was that shortcu ? ^M ^H :q ^Z ? was that the cut shortcut ?
01:30 Cprossu 360 5 1/4 and/or 720kb DD floppy ok?
01:30 Cprossu because that�s all the spare one I got will do in an 8088
01:30 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
01:30 Angy4 that what I still remeber from emacs
01:30 exor674 Cprossu: I am not sure what drives I have around
01:30 Hackbat oh god
01:30 Cprossu go check, drives and disks matter
01:30 Hackbat derp
01:30 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
01:30 Cprossu ROFL
01:30 exor674 Cprossu: I'll have to get back to ya heh
01:31 tgg_Quick left #thegeekgroup
01:31 Hackbat I was trying to figure out why my keyobard wasn't typing
01:31 exor674 because all that stuff is in my storage shed
01:31 Hackbat wrong keyboarsd
01:31 Cprossu format a:...../ rofl
01:31 Cprossu type N
01:31 Cprossu before taking disk out
01:31 Cprossu dir a:
01:31 Hackbat errr
01:31 speedrunnerG55_ There was this question on my first netwoorking test. It was like nic's use all the following to transmit digital signals exept. And it had light radio waves electricity and gamma rays.
01:31 Cprossu dir a:
01:32 Cprossu good enough for government work, now pop it into the �doze� box
01:32 data_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:32 Hackbat access denied
01:33 Cprossu format it?
01:33 speedrunnerG55_ What you guys doing. Sounds like cmd commands
01:33 Cprossu it is
01:33 Cprossu
01:33 speedrunnerG55_ Ntfs?
01:33 Cprossu negative
01:33 speedrunnerG55_ Fat 32
01:33 Cprossu negative
01:33 speedrunnerG55_ Ughh.  Linux?
01:33 Cprossu negative
01:33 speedrunnerG55_ Lol. What is it
01:34 Hackbat mind you this is being run on my personal PC so the more people on it the harder it's having to think
01:34 Cprossu I believe it counts as fat12
01:34 speedrunnerG55_ 12?
01:34 Cprossu 12.
01:34 Hackbat Well
01:34 Hackbat you were right
01:34 Hackbat explain
01:35 Hackbat I noticed it was formated as RAW
01:35 Cprossu basically it happens to do with this
01:35 Cprossu Fat16 and Fat12 backwards incompatibilities
01:35 Cprossu and usb floppy drives
01:35 Hackbat ah
01:35 speedrunnerG55_ Raw?
01:35 mman454-mobile .seen captainboden
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01:35 Cprossu point is restart the damn thing
01:35 Cprossu and swap the floppy drives again\
01:35 speedrunnerG55_ Read and write?
01:35 speedrunnerG55_ LOL JK
01:35 Ponko92 :) what a day i'm having
01:36 Hackbat waht windows had fat16?
01:36 Cprossu Hackbat: if you ever get into the world of mixing DD and HD disks, I�ve got more tricks for you
01:36 Cprossu but that�s a very unhappy place to be
01:36 speedrunnerG55_ What is raw
01:37 Cprossu basically unformatted
01:37 Cprossu except it wasn�t
01:37 Hackbat I'd like some help down the line getting the 5.25 to work
01:37 Cprossu no prob
01:37 Cprossu let me know when you get all those files on the floppy
01:37 CaptainBoden Well, tha was a long and productive day :)
01:37 Cprossu o_O
01:37 Cprossu R
01:38 Cprossu damn pc dos
01:38 speedrunnerG55_ ...:d
01:38 speedrunnerG55_ :D
01:38 Cprossu a
01:38 Hackbat I'd turn off the ceiling ligt but I need it to see
01:38 Cprossu just try typing qbasic
01:38 CaptainBoden First load from the Kzoo labs is here :)
01:38 CaptainBoden Shelving and pallet racks.
01:38 Cprossu damn.
01:38 Cprossu c:
01:38 speedrunnerG55_ Th"big move" FTW
01:38 Ponko92 a very good day all round i feel Cap :)
01:38 mman454-mobile yay
01:38 Cprossu format A: /C
01:39 Angy4 preparing the other moves hu?
01:39 Cprossu damn too old
01:39 Cprossu format A: /UC
01:39 SparkyPojects Congrats Captain, good work :)
01:39 Hackbat jsut chacking case
01:39 Cprossu btw love the door, CaptainBoden
01:39 speedrunnerG55_ when are the cnc's going to be moved
01:39 Cprossu try /u
01:39 Hackbat cprossu
01:39 Hackbat I have the manuel
01:39 Hackbat *manual
01:39 Cprossu hell at this point type /?
01:39 Cprossu format /?
01:40 Cprossu DO IT
01:40 Hackbat no help
01:40 Cprossu format /?
01:40 Hackbat it came with a book for a reason
01:40 Cprossu man
01:40 Hackbat ha
01:40 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
01:40 exor674 lol fail
01:40 Cprossu format a: /?
01:40 Cprossu FAIL
01:40 Hackbat man
01:40 Hackbat realy?
01:40 Hackbat wanna try man
01:40 Cprossu really
01:40 Hackbat ok
01:41 Hackbat I mean not even windows has that
01:41 speedrunnerG55_ F disc
01:41 mman454-mobile captainboden Have you seen the post in the forums i made asking about the fire alarm system?
01:41 Hackbat see
01:41 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
01:41 Cprossu *gives up if this doesn�t work and lets you do it*
01:41 Cprossu format a: /?
01:41 Hackbat wrong keyboard
01:41 Hackbat lol
01:41 Hackbat lol
01:41 Cprossu that
01:41 Cprossu even dos 3.3
01:41 Cprossu has a /?
01:42 speedrunnerG55_ F a:/
01:42 Cprossu A:/ is invalid
01:42 speedrunnerG55_ Why is it an a drive
01:42 Cprossu ahhh IBM dos
01:42 Cprossu not msdos
01:42 Cprossu doh
01:42 speedrunnerG55_ Dose t it start with c
01:42 speedrunnerG55_ Then d
01:42 speedrunnerG55_ And so on
01:42 Hackbat yeah....
01:42 Cprossu a, b, are reserved for floppy
01:43 speedrunnerG55_ So what's the drive name
01:43 Hackbat C: is fixed drive
01:43 Hackbat A: B: are floppys
01:43 Cprossu fixed disk XD
01:43 speedrunnerG55_ Ye that's boot
01:43 Hackbat hey cprossu
01:43 Cprossu no, a isn�t boot
01:43 CaptainBoden yes, I saw it, 1. I wish you hadn't posted it 2. It's a low priority.
01:43 Hackbat I've got something you may never have seen in your life
01:44 speedrunnerG55_ No c is
01:44 Cprossu no it aint
01:44 speedrunnerG55_ Yes it is
01:44 Cprossu C is the boot drive in this system
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01:44 Cprossu but A is the default boot drive
01:44 speedrunnerG55_ Obj
01:44 speedrunnerG55_ Ought
01:44 Cprossu boot a CD up if you don�t believe me
01:44 speedrunnerG55_ Darn
01:44 Cprossu then go A:
01:44 speedrunnerG55_ Oh
01:44 Hackbat super disk
01:44 Cprossu superdisk drives are awesome and voice coil actuated
01:45 Cprossu and would be in the way if we had DD disks
01:45 speedrunnerG55_ It defaults at the floppy in the boot order
01:45 * mman454-mobile Cries in a corner for having disappointed CaptainBoden. :'(
01:45 speedrunnerG55_ But NO ONE USES FLOOPYS
01:45 Cprossu yes bit it�s still a part of bios
01:45 Cprossu and I still use floppies
01:45 Hackbat I use floppies
01:45 Angy4 Is till use floppies
01:46 Cprossu well try another 1.44 format this time just format a:
01:46 speedrunnerG55_ Floopys are good for one reason
01:46 speedrunnerG55_ They are rewritable
01:46 Hackbat cprossu
01:46 Hackbat they won't talk to each other
01:46 CaptainBoden You didn't do anything wrong, it's just something that I don't want to raise anyone's attention on (liie the city fire inspector).
01:46 Cprossu yeah I know =(
01:46 Cprossu I�m blaming it on the superdisk drive
01:46 speedrunnerG55_ But flash drives are better
01:46 IIsi50MHz Are you kidding? Floppies save me when I wasn to transfer files to my MIDI keyboard, and when I do somethine stupid to the bootsector of BeOS or Haiku
01:46 Hackbat blame it on ZIP
01:46 Cprossu do you have another crappier usb floppy drive?
01:46 CaptainBoden You may have inadvertantly caused me a shitstorm of expensive problems that I can't afford right now.
01:47 IIsi50MHz wasn/want
01:47 Hackbat cprossu why?
01:47 Cprossu because the softsector capability of that drive isn�t stringent enough
01:48 tggcory left #thegeekgroup
01:48 Cprossu IIsi50MHz: so you know everything about DD HD hell then dealing with midi stuff
01:48 speedrunnerG55_ Speaking of shitstorm. You guys see that tornado in tanguska
01:48 Hackbat cprossu on usb floppy I have
01:48 mman454-mobile Oh i see.
01:48 Hackbat my server has a floppy
01:49 Hackbat umm
01:49 Angy4 nearly all the milling/lathe I work with can read either floppy or punch card. I prefer floppies
01:49 Hackbat might not be plugged in
01:49 Cprossu so which one wouldn�t communicate?
01:49 IIsi50MHz It's a DGX-500. Not really that complicated. Only...they replaced the floppy drive with USB flash support a few months after I bought it.
01:49 Hackbat neither can talk to the other
01:49 speedrunnerG55_ Meh. Punch cards
01:49 Cprossu so what made the ibm dos 3.3 disk?
01:49 Hackbat both of them can't understand the file formats
01:49 Hackbat neither
01:50 CaptainBoden You didn't dissapoint me, and all you did was be a curious kid with a thing for fire panels and I respect that. But what I don't want to do is raise the awareness of the fire inspector to crawl up our ass, we've had experiences with overzealous inspectors and right now I'm trying to get an occupancy permit. EVERY DAY that we're not open is a day we're spending money and not making any. This is the MOST DANGEROUS time for o
01:50 CaptainBoden ur company.
01:50 Cprossu wow original
01:50 Hackbat oh you like that?
01:50 CaptainBoden Today alone cost us $20,150.
01:50 Cprossu good point
01:51 CaptainBoden oh, hang on, $20,250.
01:51 IIsi50MHz Oh, I /do/ know all about humidity hell with this MIDI keyboard, though! Above 70%, each time you turn it on a random pattern of keys will respond at full volume to the lightest touch.
01:51 Cprossu is there anything that we can scrounge and send to make the possible shitstorm better/easier/fixed?
01:51 SparkyPojects CaptainBoden, i got pictures of the install
01:51 CaptainBoden Nope, that's not right either, $23,650 give or take a few
01:51 mman454-mobile Wow. Moving sure is expensive. What would it have cost to rent a semi for the move?
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ Wow what added 3,000
01:52 CaptainBoden $350 an hour, and we do have to rent one, for a day.
01:52 Hackbat CaptainBoden, can you do video editing on a 75 mhz Windows 98 box :D?
01:52 Cprossu Let�s just call it $26k give or take by now
01:52 IIsi50MHz Boden: ...time for o[clipped]
01:52 mman454-mobile For the cnc equipment am i right?
01:52 Cprossu Hackbat: only if it�s an amiga =P
01:52 Hackbat lol
01:52 CaptainBoden $20,000 in Kalamazoo taxes, $150 for fuel for the big truck, $50 for dinner for the crew (Pizza), and the $3k and change was for the overhead door.
01:52 Hackbat oh amiga
01:53 Cprossu not to mention another 1K leak when the lotus arrives
01:53 speedrunnerG55_ Nice door
01:53 Hackbat cprossu I MS-dos 5.0 disks
01:53 Hackbat *I have
01:54 Cprossu try updating to dos 5,
01:54 Cprossu we can always wipe and retry later
01:54 Hackbat it wouldn't read it
01:54 Cprossu so I ask, what the heck can we send -money wise, parts wise, or expertise- to get the �alarming� issue under control
01:54 IIsi50MHz I have DOS 6.22 somewhere
01:54 Cprossu 6.20 would be idea
01:54 Cprossu l
01:55 Hackbat I have dos 6.20
01:55 IIsi50MHz found it
01:55 Cprossu install dos 6.20 then
01:55 mman454-mobile CaptainBoden In the case that i make another forum post similar to that feel free to swiftly delete it,
01:55 Cprossu xD
01:55 Hackbat can't
01:55 Hackbat I need to make the floppies for it
01:55 Cprossu actually that will be a good test
01:55 Cprossu try making the setup disk
01:55 Hackbat and I need a system capable of runing 16 bit exe's to do it
01:56 Cprossu dosbox, yo
01:56 Hackbat don't work
01:56 Hackbat sadly
01:56 CaptainBoden I thoguht about it, but I didn't feel it would be proper to do that. I don't delete posts or censor people unless it's grossly out of line, and you didn't do anything wrong. You just failed to see the big picture.
01:56 Cprossu well I got something that will work
01:56 Hackbat tired it
01:56 Cprossu let me find it
01:56 Cprossu because that�s how I made my 6.20 floppies on xp x64
01:56 Hackbat don't work on 7
01:57 Hackbat Microsfot gave me a disk
01:57 Hackbat err
01:57 Hackbat install thing
01:57 Cprossu is it on floppy or cd?
01:57 Hackbat I'm part of MSDN
01:57 Cprossu or neither?
01:57 Hackbat gave me a download
01:57 Cprossu well I got one more way we can do this
01:57 Cprossu install dos 5
01:57 Hackbat it was a exe that was a zip
01:57 Cprossu you should get interlink
01:57 Hackbat how do I install it?
01:57 Cprossu then you need a serial port
01:58 Hackbat it didn't boot from it
01:58 Cprossu oh you don�t have dos 5 disks?
01:58 Hackbat I have disks
01:58 Cprossu are they 5 1/4?
01:58 Hackbat I put it in
01:58 Hackbat rebooted
01:58 Hackbat didn't boot
01:58 Hackbat 3.5
01:58 Cprossu type a:
01:58 Cprossu dir
01:58 Hackbat A:
01:58 Hackbat dir
01:58 speedrunnerG55_ Why is the boot process called "boot"
01:58 Hackbat oops
01:58 Cprossu then look for setup.exe
01:58 speedrunnerG55_ Directory ftw
01:58 Cprossu if it�s there it�s the right disk
01:59 Cprossu OH NO
01:59 Hackbat >_<
01:59 Hackbat bit rot?
01:59 Cprossu Who�s General Failure AND WHY IS HE READING DRIVE A?
01:59 Cprossu more like I think your drive might be flakey
01:59 Cprossu =(
01:59 Angy4 He like to poke around some times
01:59 Hackbat I have more
01:59 Cprossu lol
01:59 Cprossu anyway get another drive
01:59 speedrunnerG55_ ?
02:00 Hackbat there's one in my sever not hooked up
02:00 Cprossu shut down, pull up, reset all your bios options
02:00 Cprossu go grab it put it in your 386
02:00 mman454-mobile captainboden I cant wait until i get the chance to come visit. Its just so damn hard to do during the school year. :(
02:00 Hackbat k
02:00 Ponko92 NFL DRAFT :P
02:00 Cprossu as much as it pains me you have an issue on your awesome teac drive =(
02:00 Hackbat I'll grab a modern cable while I'm there
02:00 Cprossu it might be just a jumper on the drive
02:00 speedrunnerG55_ Isn't there a strap thing you could short to reset the bios
02:00 Cprossu but we�ll figure that out later
02:01 Cprossu speedrunnerG55: his battery is fucking dead
02:01 speedrunnerG55_ I once did that to boot a motherboard
02:01 Angy4 might be the drive head mechanism, can't remember what builder was tht but we got a full lot of unworking drive
02:01 Angy4 that was sooo fun to troubleshot
02:01 Hackbat woo
02:01 Cprossu I�ve done horrible things to boot motherboards
02:01 CaptainBoden Only a few weeks
02:01 mman454-mobile such as?
02:01 Cprossu wait
02:01 Cprossu I think that could be an MFM cable
02:01 CaptainBoden I've done horrible things to your mother.
02:02 speedrunnerG55_ X_x
02:02 Hackbat oooooo
02:02 Angy4 with a board?
02:02 Cprossu yeah I know, we�re out of numbers and the �served� counter has a broken digit
02:02 CaptainBoden I had to...that was just too easy
02:02 Hackbat CaptainBoden, what if he had said daughter board?
02:02 Cprossu anyway continuing on
02:02 mman454-mobile ....
02:02 Ponko92 Captain lets hope LJ finds what she needs to find and wel yeah you know
02:02 speedrunnerG55_ Oh man
02:03 Cprossu so anyway I think the worst thing I ever did
02:03 Cprossu to get one to start
02:03 Cprossu this is after covering the entire thing with freeze spray
02:03 Cprossu was applying 12V to the EEPROM
02:03 speedrunnerG55_ I once started one with a screwdriver
02:03 Hackbat well I'mm off to pull a drive
02:03 speedrunnerG55_ What?!
02:03 Cprossu it was by accident
02:03 Angy4 I usually test start my computers with screwdrivers
02:03 Cprossu but it booted!
02:04 Cprossu I usually test start motherboards before installing them with screwdrivers
02:04 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
02:04 Cprossu no big deal
02:04 mman454-mobile .w eeprom
02:04 BotSteve "EEPROM (also written E|2|PROM and pronounced 'e-e-prom,' 'double-e prom' or simply 'e-squared') stands for Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory and is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices to store small amounts of [...]" -
02:04 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
02:04 mman454-mobile :(
02:04 Cprossu I once saw someone install an eeprom backwards in a 286
02:05 Cprossu the window glowed bright orange and the glass started melting and bubbling up
02:05 Cprossu it was all I could do to get over the shop and yank the cord
02:05 speedrunnerG55_ Ye it uses higher voltages to create a charge in a double floating gaga utter
02:05 Hackbat well
02:05 speedrunnerG55_ Wow
02:05 Hackbat this is going to be fun
02:05 Cprossu haha
02:05 mman454-mobile Wait what does the eeprom do?
02:05 Cprossu stores the bios in that case
02:05 speedrunnerG55_ Doubble floating gate igfet
02:06 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
02:06 Hackbat I've got a 3 inch drive I need to put in a case that has NO slots smaller that Rail based 5 inchers
02:06 mman454-mobile so the eeprom is the bios chip?
02:06 speedrunnerG55_ Or is it just a floating game igfet
02:06 Cprossu just ignore that
02:06 Cprossu and put the drive outside of the case
02:06 Cprossu propped up on it�s side
02:06 Cprossu (vertically)
02:07 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
02:07 Cprossu do you have the proper power connector or adaptor for it
02:07 speedrunnerG55_ W/e doesn't it store bios
02:07 Cprossu is a better question
02:07 Hackbat chack out my bitching power convertor
02:07 mman454-mobile W/e?
02:07 Cprossu yes speedrunnerG55. in this case yes
02:07 Cprossu nice
02:07 Hackbat lol threw it together
02:07 Cprossu you need to learn the telegraph splice and solder
02:07 Hackbat I'mm do heatshrink when I get some
02:07 speedrunnerG55_ It has a quarts infused window to erase it
02:08 Liz_Home joined #thegeekgroup
02:08 Cprossu also stagger the wires on a new version lol
02:08 speedrunnerG55_ When exposed to I'd light
02:08 Cprossu yep
02:08 speedrunnerG55_ Uv
02:08 Hackbat there will be no new version
02:08 Cprossu and that die got so hot it MELTED IT
02:08 Hackbat this was my only femal molex
02:08 mman454-mobile i know that. ive heard of the chips but i dont understant their purpose
02:09 Cprossu don�t worry, you�ll get many more... also don�t go saying that too often or you�ll get certain immature comments
02:10 Hackbat brb gotta check header orientation
02:10 Ponko92 ok peeps of the IRC in the US which NFL team is your fave
02:10 * Angy4 can't stand football
02:10 Cprossu they all suck, especially our team
02:10 Ponko92 which is?
02:10 speedrunnerG55_ Giants
02:10 Toastdude Packers... I guess. I dont watch football
02:10 speedrunnerG55_ X_x
02:10 Cprossu since they managed to get to the superbowl, they have also fucked up one of my universal theories
02:11 Cprossu (cards)
02:11 speedrunnerG55_ I don't watch either
02:11 IIsi50MHz American football dusn interest me.
02:11 Ponko92 you a Steelers fan?
02:11 Cprossu good, it sucks
02:11 Hackbat football bores me
02:11 Ponko92 soccer is better in
02:11 Cprossu I do enjoy baseball though
02:11 speedrunnerG55_ Baseball is were it's at xD
02:11 Toastdude I live in a town where everything is football. I still hate it
02:11 Hackbat okay
02:11 Hackbat it's in
02:11 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
02:11 Cprossu SMOKE TEST!
02:12 Ponko92 YEAH
02:12 speedrunnerG55_ Smoke?
02:12 speedrunnerG55_ WhT?
02:12 Cprossu .w smoke test
02:12 BotSteve "Smoke testing refers to the first test made after assembly or repairs to a system, to provide some assurance that the system under test will not catastrophically fail." -
02:12 Toastdude Ah.....
02:12 Cprossu important you know this
02:12 speedrunnerG55_ What's that for
02:12 Cprossu it�s very close to what
02:12 Cprossu .w magic smoke
02:12 BotSteve "Magic smoke (also called factory smoke or blue smoke) is smoke produced by malfunctioning electronic circuits." -
02:13 Cprossu is
02:13 Angy4 I love magic smoke
02:13 Cprossu A:
02:13 Cprossu dir
02:13 Cprossu etc
02:13 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
02:13 IIsi50MHz When the magic smoke is let out, the component doesn't function any more
02:13 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
02:13 Ponko92 didn't that happen in a vdieo
02:13 Hackbat FAIIIL
02:13 speedrunnerG55_ I GET IT NOW XD
02:13 Cprossu NOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooo
02:13 Cprossu it got magnetically fucked
02:13 Cprossu format that other disk now
02:13 Toastdude lol
02:13 Ponko92 can i ask IS there a lockout for the 2011 season?
02:14 * Angy4 hide his voodoo doll
02:14 Cprossu you typed it on the wrong keyboard
02:14 Hackbat wrong board
02:14 Cprossu put the other floppy in now
02:14 Cprossu and try to format it
02:14 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
02:14 Cprossu read first though
02:14 speedrunnerG55_ maximum smoke?
02:14 Seroster Fuck it. Let's go bowling.
02:14 Cprossu C:
02:14 Cprossu format A:
02:14 Cprossu NO SLASH
02:15 Ponko92 YEAH BOWLING
02:15 Angy4 :shutdown confirm
02:15 speedrunnerG55_ Plug in 10k ohm resistor into electrical outlet for maximum smoke
02:15 Angy4 that will work :) (off course, you'll need HP-UX)
02:15 Seroster Ey, Ponko92. You should also go bowling.
02:15 Seroster Bowling meaning sleep =P
02:15 Cprossu I used an hp 9000 once
02:15 Cprossu interesting box
02:15 speedrunnerG55_ Bowling FTW
02:15 Ponko92 i am going bowling
02:16 Hackbat Think I should live stream this?
02:16 IIsi50MHz haha, oh failed context switching, how I love you.
02:16 speedrunnerG55_ what
02:16 speedrunnerG55_ Stream what
02:16 Cprossu DOSCAM!
02:16 Hackbat me working on this
02:16 Hackbat lol
02:16 IIsi50MHz I read: [22:15] <speedrunnerG55_> Plug in 10k ohm resistor into electrical outlet for maximum smoke [22:15] <Angy4> that will work :) (off course, you'll need HP-UX)
02:16 Angy4 I'm using a visualize something workstation
02:16 Toastdude YEAH!!!
02:16 Hackbat n
02:16 Cprossu N
02:16 Cprossu lol
02:17 Cprossu dir a:
02:17 Angy4 you can do everything with HP-UX!
02:17 IIsi50MHz I had time to imagine it was a humourous suggestion to install HP-UX on a resistor, before I read the line above
02:17 Cprossu now try reading it in superdrive
02:17 Hackbat litsen here I have two clicky keyboards right now
02:17 Cprossu NOoooooooooooooooooooo?!
02:17 Cprossu lol
02:17 Angy4 HP-UX is like
02:17 Hackbat zombocom
02:18 speedrunnerG55_ Zombocom xD
02:18 Angy4 (loool, I just lookup my visualize workstation from HP and I got a message ``How to recycle'')
02:19 speedrunnerG55_ xD
02:19 Cprossu hey I got one more idea Hackbat
02:19 Cprossu download virtualbox xD
02:19 speedrunnerG55_ I have that
02:19 Hackbat
02:19 speedrunnerG55_ What's that for
02:20 Cprossu lol
02:20 speedrunnerG55_ Not moble compatible ahhrrghhh
02:20 Hackbat my bad
02:21 speedrunnerG55_ Darn my iPhone
02:21 Toastdude Thats live?
02:21 Hackbat here jesus let me fucking please you all
02:22 speedrunnerG55_ O.o
02:22 Cprossu ???
02:22 Cprossu lol offline
02:22 Ponko92 lol
02:22 speedrunnerG55_ As
02:22 speedrunnerG55_ Wow
02:23 Hackbat there
02:23 Cprossu ok Hackbat: that disk didn�t read in the superdisk drive?
02:23 Hackbat what?
02:24 Cprossu the one you just formatted
02:24 Cprossu did it read in the superdisk drive?
02:24 Hackbat I don't have that hooked up
02:24 Cprossu hook it up!
02:24 Hackbat I need drivers for it
02:24 Cprossu wrong
02:24 Cprossu it�s usb right?
02:24 Hackbat wrong
02:24 Cprossu scsi?????
02:24 Cprossu ok take it apart
02:24 Cprossu it�s IDE on the inside
02:25 Hackbat >_<
02:25 Hackbat you're lucky
02:25 Cprossu do you have a ide->usb bridge?
02:25 Hackbat nope
02:25 Hackbat SATA usb
02:25 Cprossu a motheboard with an IDE port?
02:25 speedrunnerG55_ What is the forth layer of the osi model for
02:25 Hackbat yeap
02:25 speedrunnerG55_ Exactely
02:25 Cprossu well that�s close enough I suppose
02:25 Hackbat hold on
02:25 Cprossu so what floppy does your pc have?
02:25 Hackbat sweet jesus
02:26 Cprossu oh ok
02:26 Cprossu external usb
02:26 Hackbat need a gigger screwdriver
02:26 Hackbat so glad I didn't pu an n instead of a G
02:27 exor674 just throw it off the roof!
02:27 exor674 ( disclaimer: bad idea )
02:27 Cprossu next time on dos adventures
02:27 Toastdude lol
02:27 Cprossu we learn wordperfect! NO TEPLATES!
02:28 Cprossu *TEMPLATES!
02:30 Hackbat be glad you don't have sound
02:30 Ponko92 lol i do actually lol
02:30 Cprossu sounddddd
02:30 Ponko92 OOOOOHHH the new Mustangs look fine
02:30 Cprossu imation
02:30 speedrunnerG55_ Be GLaD
02:30 Cprossu better than my plastic ones
02:31 Cprossu ide eh?
02:31 Cprossu power conn
02:31 Cprossu it�s metal just unbend it
02:31 Cprossu lol
02:32 Angy4 use a bloody hammer!
02:32 Cprossu hah
02:32 Cprossu what state are you in Hackbat?
02:32 Cprossu ahh
02:32 Cprossu too far away
02:32 Angy4 always have a handy hammer when dealing with computer (or users)
02:33 Cprossu check for silver tape
02:33 Cprossu screws on the sides?
02:33 Cprossu take the scres out
02:34 Cprossu you won�t
02:35 Cprossu the faceplate should not be mechanically attached to the drive itself
02:35 Cprossu relax they had to assemble it somehow
02:36 Angy4 remember that in thoses days, we thought *fixable*
02:36 Angy4 not disposable
02:36 Cprossu sorry!
02:36 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
02:37 Fulsy I just found a Proto-board 203A
02:37 Cprossu enough to remove the pcb?
02:37 Fulsy Nice gnarly breadboard thing
02:37 Cprossu any screws on the pcb itself?
02:37 Fulsy I want to get into electronics
02:38 Cprossu sounds good
02:38 Ponko92 i want to work on some cars
02:38 Cprossu boo
02:38 Fulsy If I can wire up a makeshift panel, I can use it for my fire alarm stuff
02:38 Cprossu shit?
02:38 Fulsy I have a couple fire alarm signals and a pullstation
02:38 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
02:38 Angy4 *bzzzzt*
02:39 speedrunnerG55_ I am in electronics
02:39 Fulsy I'm fortunate enough to have a Father who used to work for an Oscillator manufacturer
02:39 speedrunnerG55_ I'm also doing comp Tia a+
02:39 Fulsy so he has alot of electronics gear lying around
02:39 speedrunnerG55_ Luucckkyyyy
02:40 speedrunnerG55_ U have a scope?
02:40 Ponko92 damn you americans golden corral looks soo tempting
02:40 Fulsy Ocilloscopes, Spectrum analyzers, Tone generators
02:40 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
02:40 Fulsy yes
02:40 Cprossu [19:38] * Hackbat ( Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
02:40 Fulsy I have a scope
02:40 speedrunnerG55_ Darn u
02:40 Cprossu damn you PEER!
02:40 Hackbat back
02:40 Fulsy Tektronix
02:40 speedrunnerG55_ I want 1
02:40 Angy4 he too like to poke around
02:40 Cprossu yank the pcb off the back
02:40 Cprossu and we have an ide floppy drive!
02:40 Cprossu you can EVEN BOOT ON IT as a hard drive!
02:41 Fulsy and my dad has a whole bin of ARCHER stuff from radioshack
02:41 speedrunnerG55_ It
02:41 speedrunnerG55_ Be cool to have a solar panel connected to essential systems in my home
02:41 Cprossu wellllll
02:41 Cprossu good question
02:42 Cprossu server?
02:42 Cprossu too bad you don�t have a usb to ide =(
02:42 Cprossu use pliers on the white connector
02:42 Cprossu but you gotta take it down
02:42 Cprossu to put it in
02:42 Cprossu no it ain�t
02:42 Cprossu you�ll blow it out
02:43 speedrunnerG55_ TGG should buy sollar panels
02:43 Cprossu heh
02:43 Cprossu I�ve taught A+ classes where students had actually blown out the IDE that way
02:43 Cprossu now you CAN get away with hotswapping floppy
02:43 speedrunnerG55_ Oh wow
02:43 speedrunnerG55_ Never hot swap IDE
02:43 Cprossu say �I WILL END YOU!!!!�
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02:44 Cprossu lol the quickcams too?
02:44 Cprossu just think of how hard it will be to murder quickcam jr
02:44 Cprossu that power conn is a bitch and yes it is
02:45 Cprossu don�t take the cover off
02:45 Cprossu unless you have another superdrive
02:45 Cprossu you will go oooh and ahhhh and break it
02:45 Cprossu because the inside of a superdrive is awesome
02:45 Cprossu it�s heads move around like hard disk heads
02:45 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
02:45 Cprossu voicecoil actuation!
02:46 Cprossu lol
02:46 Cprossu hrmmm
02:46 Cprossu which way will cause you not to lose interent?
02:46 Cprossu *internet
02:47 exor674 ( I like your hat )
02:47 Cprossu not too bad
02:47 speedrunnerG55_ Who's hat
02:47 exor674 I have no idea why I am watching your stream hah
02:47 Cprossu god I wonder what windows 7 will do with a superdisk drive o_O
02:47 speedrunnerG55_ Who's stream
02:47 Cprossu outa be interesting
02:47 speedrunnerG55_ Who has a stream
02:48 Cprossu lol speedrunnerG55: hackbat�s
02:49 Cprossu so just do that
02:49 Seroster Fuck it for reals this time, I'll go bowling.
02:49 Cprossu shutdown and try
02:49 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:49 speedrunnerG55_ What's thelink?
02:49 Cprossu
02:50 pegasus left #thegeekgroup
02:50 pegasus joined #thegeekgroup
02:51 jeremy joined #thegeekgroup
02:51 jeremy howdy guys/gals
02:51 speedrunnerG55_ I'm downloading the iPhone app
02:51 jeremy is now known as Guest80068
02:51 speedrunnerG55_ So I can see it
02:51 speedrunnerG55_ Battyboi
02:51 Guest80068 why did ny nickname change?
02:52 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
02:52 Angy4 registered nick
02:52 Guest80068 and how do i change it back to jeremy
02:52 speedrunnerG55_ Is that related to BATsteve ?
02:52 Guest80068 left #thegeekgroup
02:53 speedrunnerG55_ ,/nick
02:53 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
02:53 jeremys try this again
02:53 jeremys hi all
02:53 speedrunnerG55_ Hi jeremys
02:53 exor674 jeremys: jeremy is taken on the network
02:53 Cprossu procaster is such a POS
02:53 Cprossu =(
02:53 Angy4 hi no more guest{radomdigits}
02:54 speedrunnerG55_ Pos?
02:54 speedrunnerG55_ Battyboi?
02:54 Cprossu speedrunnerG55: you really need help
02:54 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
02:54 Cprossu I wonder if that will wiki
02:54 Cprossu .w POS
02:54 BotSteve "Point of service plan, a type of health insurance in which patients choose their doctor and he/she will be their 'point of service'" -
02:54 Cprossu close
02:54 jeremys I am so excited the big door is in, the stuff is coming from K-zoo and the Haas machines will be in GR soon,  Then my fun begins
02:54 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
02:54 Cprossu .w Piece of Shit
02:54 BotSteve "Shit is usually considered a vulgarity and profanity in Modern English." -
02:54 exor674 POS = piece of SHIT
02:54 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
02:55 Cprossu see you in a bit
02:55 speedrunnerG55_ I was thinking pot of soup
02:56 jeremys isn't pos slang for the goo betwen your toes after you wear old boots for 40 hours+ without taking them off
02:56 critterpal ew
02:56 speedrunnerG55_ Minecraft?
02:56 Ponko92 omg hairspray is playing
02:57 Ponko92 on the NFL Draft
02:57 Ponko92 oh god
02:57 Ponko92 lol
02:57 jeremys There are some daamn hard working girl geeks.   I was impressed, I think they mighta out worked the boy geeks and were out numbered 5 to 1
02:57 IIsi50MHz POS also = Point Of Sale; Don't know why the managers didn't think it was funny when the computers masquerading as cash registers would crash and we'd
02:57 IIsi50MHz start reading their labels out loud and snickering "POS1, POS2, POS3, ..."
02:58 Italic-Rendezvou joined #thegeekgroup
02:58 jeremys well 3 to 1
02:59 Ponko92 woah wait a minute this wasn't the same as Y2K?
02:59 speedrunnerG55_ Hackbat:  your stream is offline
02:59 Italic-Rendezvou left #thegeekgroup
03:01 Cprossu it�s back up
03:01 Ponko92 lol bye them
03:01 Cprossu black screen but it�s back
03:01 Cprossu we hear you but black screen
03:01 speedrunnerG55_ That's an awesome hat
03:02 speedrunnerG55_ I
03:02 Cprossu we got it back
03:02 Ponko92 ooooooo uncertainty on the Draft Floor
03:02 Ponko92 lol
03:02 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
03:02 speedrunnerG55_ Offline
03:02 Fulsy Watching a tutorial video for electronics
03:02 Fulsy I need a 10 uf capacitor
03:03 Fulsy The one in the vid is a 16v
03:03 Fulsy the one I have is 35v
03:03 Ponko92 you want to be like kidwell? or an electrician?
03:03 Fulsy Electronics kinda interest me
03:03 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
03:03 Hackbat and I am back
03:03 Hackbat magic
03:03 Ponko92 its a fasinating subject
03:03 Fulsy will a higher voltage do any difference?
03:03 Fulsy higher voltage rating
03:04 speedrunnerG55_ The capacitance is the most important
03:04 Fulsy oh
03:04 Fulsy Yea, the capacitance is 10uf, which I have
03:04 speedrunnerG55_ Just don't exede the working dc voltage
03:05 speedrunnerG55_ Is it a resonate circuit
03:05 Angy4 in capacitro I recall that more won't make a difference
03:05 speedrunnerG55_ Or just a rc circuit
03:05 speedrunnerG55_ What kind of circuit is it
03:06 Angy4 is now known as Angy4_away
03:06 jeremys everyone musta left TGG
03:06 Angy4_away See ya!
03:06 jeremys I was there till around 10ish and most were packing up
03:06 speedrunnerG55_ ?
03:07 speedrunnerG55_ Bye
03:07 jeremys for the night
03:07 Hackbat there's a stream at
03:07 Hackbat me working on pc's
03:07 Fulsy yay
03:07 Fulsy we have a 555 timer IC lying around
03:07 Fulsy thought I wouldn't be able to find one
03:07 speedrunnerG55_ It's offline
03:08 jeremys you need to clean your room hack
03:08 Hackbat are you mobile
03:08 Ponko92 does anyone know whats up with that ECHO chainsaw advert
03:08 speedrunnerG55_ I can't see the stream
03:08 Cprossu working fine for me
03:08 speedrunnerG55_ Inal mobile
03:08 Hackbat I don't have mobile one
03:08 speedrunnerG55_ I am mobile
03:08 speedrunnerG55_ Darn u
03:08 Hackbat it takes too much bandwidth
03:09 Cprossu my room�s a more giant disaster
03:09 Cprossu I guarantee it
03:09 speedrunnerG55_ Darnnn. Uuuuu
03:09 Cprossu let me download pro caster damn
03:11 jeremys so what are you trying to accomplish hack?
03:12 speedrunnerG55_ Darnnn you
03:13 scubadiver10000 left #thegeekgroup
03:13 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
03:14 Ponko92 :( awww wannabe has gone
03:14 speedrunnerG55_ But ye what are you trying to accomplish
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ Were did wannabe go?
03:17 DruidicRifleman whats up
03:18 Cprossu bah procaster doesn�t want to start on this computer
03:21 data_ left #thegeekgroup
03:21 Cprossu no
03:21 Cprossu I�m here
03:21 Cprossu hang on
03:22 Cprossu
03:26 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
03:26 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
03:28 Cprossu hey, Hackbat
03:28 Cprossu
03:29 Cprossu ok, lol
03:29 Cprossu understood heh
03:29 DruidicRifleman hey
03:30 Cprossu hello one viewer!
03:30 DruidicRifleman there are 2
03:30 Cprossu one is me
03:30 DruidicRifleman ahhh lol
03:30 exor674 I would be viewing, but I just blew up chrome
03:30 exor674 oops
03:31 DruidicRifleman it's a paradox NOOOOO!!!!!
03:31 Cprossu paradox!
03:31 DruidicRifleman LOL
03:32 DruidicRifleman oooooh thats powerfull enough to run a mini arrow head making forge
03:32 DruidicRifleman I use a vidal sasson hair dryer
03:33 DruidicRifleman My sister was like You ruined that hair drer
03:33 DruidicRifleman :P i told her why i needed one
03:34 DruidicRifleman lol looks like my dads closet
03:34 DruidicRifleman out up stais is littered with half disasembled comps
03:34 Cprossu yeah I hear that
03:35 egrsteve anything interesting happening in IRC tonight or did everyone get there fill this morning/afternoon
03:35 Cprossu your computer booted up hackbat?\
03:36 Cprossu cprossu
03:36 Ponko92 hey steve how did your test go?
03:36 DruidicRifleman How was the lab when you got there steve?
03:36 egrsteve good took about 1/2 hour
03:36 egrsteve then 1 1/2 to fix my power cord
03:36 Ponko92 lol love it when you pass a test that quick
03:37 egrsteve which I will still need to replace at some point
03:37 egrsteve it was 56 multi choice
03:37 Ponko92 ah yeah i love those
03:37 Ponko92 was it paper or online?
03:37 egrsteve scantron
03:38 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
03:39 egrsteve is now known as egrsteve_afk
03:40 Ponko92 amn the Cubs suck right now
03:40 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
03:40 Hackbat okay
03:41 Hackbat should be back up and running
03:41 Ponko92 gotta love the cubs though
03:41 cctoide night
03:41 Cprossu cool
03:41 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:41 Cprossu you got me up on the livestream?
03:41 Hackbat I am not getting any audio off of you
03:41 DruidicRifleman what the fuck was that loud bang Cpro
03:41 Cprossu k let me check
03:42 Ponko92 who here is a cubs fan?
03:42 DruidicRifleman got audio and a head ache
03:42 Ponko92 don't be shy now lol
03:42 DruidicRifleman Not a sports fan
03:42 Ponko92 lol your a smart man
03:42 Ponko92 a sports Player?
03:43 DruidicRifleman Paint ball
03:43 Ponko92 oooh i love the tactical one i did an SAS training campaign
03:43 Ponko92 on a paintball rainge
03:43 CSMonster mmmmmmm, sweet sweet asprin.
03:43 Ponko92 lol
03:44 Ponko92 gotta headache?
03:44 CSMonster da
03:44 Ponko92 lol
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03:44 CSMonster Cprossu you are making me dizzy
03:44 Hackbat oh this is going to be fun
03:44 Hackbat my delay + your delay
03:45 CSMonster ....geez you're hairy.
03:45 Hackbat I would but I think it;s abit harder
03:45 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
03:45 CSMonster :D
03:45 Ponko92 i know someone who is a Cubs fan because of Back To The Future 2
03:45 Hackbat lol
03:45 Hackbat okay then
03:45 Quick joined #thegeekgroup
03:45 CSMonster o shit its quick
03:45 Toastdude Hi CSMonster!!
03:45 Ponko92 you know the bit i'm on about i hope lol
03:45 CSMonster hi toast
03:46 Hackbat jesus
03:46 Quick Yeah...
03:46 CSMonster 110v?
03:46 Toastdude How's it goin?
03:46 CSMonster ah
03:46 CSMonster epic delay.
03:47 CSMonster toast: grumpy.
03:47 Hackbat tpye turn into the chat then turn it so we can tell out delay
03:47 CSMonster OH Cprossu keep going see how many windows you can get
03:47 CSMonster EPIC
03:47 Ponko92 Hackbat the bit in the town square "Cubs Win World Series, against Miami?"
03:47 Quick The Family Video is looking pretty boring tonight.
03:47 CSMonster yes
03:48 Quick Is anyone else from the lab in here?
03:49 CSMonster lo
03:49 CSMonster lol
03:49 Hackbat al right now
03:49 Hackbat *all
03:49 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
03:49 CSMonster nice
03:50 Ponko92 mmmm crisp sandwiches
03:50 CSMonster my connection is being stupid :( i gotta close the stream, too choppy.  sry cpu
03:50 wannabe1987 .
03:50 CSMonster hi wanna
03:50 wannabe1987 hi monster
03:51 Ponko92 .w Crisp Sandwich
03:51 BotSteve "This page has been deleted." -
03:51 Ponko92 WHAT
03:51 tggmastercontrol joined #thegeekgroup
03:51 wannabe1987 lol
03:51 DruidicRifleman hey tggmastercontrol
03:51 Toastdude OMG, wannabe, actually everyone, you have to see this!!
03:51 * wannabe1987 is wary
03:51 Fulsy I fail at electronics lol
03:52 wannabe1987 bzzzzz
03:52 Hackbat okay cprossu what do I need to do with this Superdisk?
03:52 wannabe1987 es una persona?
03:52 CSMonster you never seen musical tesla coils before?
03:52 Cprossu see if you can read that disk with it\
03:52 wannabe1987 only in the  movie
03:52 Toastdude Me?
03:52 wannabe1987 si
03:52 DruidicRifleman seen they're stuff before they we're on america has tallent
03:53 wannabe1987 boden said it was fake (in the movie)
03:53 Cprossu I actually made some of the original music for that
03:53 wannabe1987 :(
03:53 Toastdude What was fake?
03:53 Hackbat wow thats one hell of a delay
03:53 wannabe1987 so i put alcohol in my milk...
03:53 Cprossu the first america�s got talent video
03:53 Cprossu was faked
03:53 Cprossu by the producers
03:53 Cprossu basically
03:53 DruidicRifleman hmmm
03:54 wannabe1987 orly
03:54 Cprossu they added zap sound effects and garbage to it
03:54 Toastdude Oh, that
03:54 Hackbat well it read the super disk
03:54 wannabe1987 wherwes this attoast?
03:54 Cprossu Hackbat, this is fucked up
03:54 Cprossu I hear dueling model M�s
03:54 DruidicRifleman OK are the arc attack guys the one's in the musical tesla coil vid on the web page
03:54 Hackbat lol it's kinda wierd now that you say it
03:54 Cprossu I think they are
03:54 tggmc1 left #thegeekgroup
03:54 Cprossu either way it\s messed up
03:55 Hackbat lol the delay
03:55 Cprossu I trhink we both type really freaking fast too
03:55 Quick Who's in master control right now?
03:55 Hackbat I don't really think of my self talking allt hat fast
03:55 Hackbat *typing
03:55 Cprossu Damn webcam is getting in my way of typing correctly
03:55 Ponko92 lol my fiancee is asleep on skype with me and she's snoring a little not LOUD though
03:55 Toastdude I'm not sure, But they did the Dr. Who theme too
03:55 Hackbat I'm still at hunt and peck in a way
03:55 Hackbat lol
03:55 Hackbat I gotta try to learn touch typing
03:55 Cprossu lol snoring on skype, that�s kinda messed up and/or creepy
03:56 Cprossu touch typing is great
03:56 Cprossu I never look at my keyboard really
03:56 Cprossu except when I really screw up
03:56 Ponko92 hey she's my fiancee
03:56 Hackbat it's asking to format disk
03:56 wannabe1987 reboot...brb
03:56 Ponko92 and i'm a chat with her
03:56 Toastdude ok
03:56 Quick I don't think you can consider yourself a geek if you have to look at your keyboard.
03:56 Cprossu if I am freaking tired though I�ll start typing complete garbage
03:56 wannabe1987 computer is having a sezuire you vidya in a sec
03:56 Cprossu Many do these days
03:57 Cprossu Lol A kicker comp CVR12?
03:57 Ponko92 who here that idk of has pets?
03:57 Cprossu I forgot about that damn thing
03:57 DruidicRifleman oww typing = pain dude
03:58 DruidicRifleman Cover in saran wrap and vibrate cornstarch and water
03:58 Cprossu lol I misread that
03:58 DruidicRifleman ow
03:58 DruidicRifleman type softer my ears hurt dude
03:58 Cprossu Uhhhh
03:58 kellyEv joined #thegeekgroup
03:59 kellyEv ohai
03:59 Hackbat Sector not found
03:59 Hackbat sad face
03:59 Cprossu sad face indeed
03:59 Hackbat no cross platform for us
03:59 Cprossu try formatting with the superdisk drive
03:59 Hackbat I did
03:59 Cprossu I think we�re at least closer
03:59 Quick What are you guys attempting to do?
03:59 Cprossu get an old 386 running
03:59 Hackbat I did the DOS ==> 7 first
04:00 Cprossu but we�ve both started running livestreams
04:00 Hackbat then I did the 7 ==> dos
04:00 DruidicRifleman whats on the drive that you need off
04:00 Cprossu seriously
04:00 Quick An old 386?
04:00 Cprossu
04:00 Cprossu
04:00 CSMonster ooooo, 386
04:00 Cprossu yeah an old 386 with an ECS Motherboard
04:00 Hackbat an AMD 386 :D
04:00 CSMonster me likey
04:00 Cprossu and a AMD 386sx with an intel 387 math co proc
04:00 Cprossu don�t ask why
04:00 CSMonster lol
04:00 CSMonster 40MHz?
04:00 DruidicRifleman Is this cause you can?
04:00 Hackbat cause AMD had to make Intel more awesome
04:00 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
04:01 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
04:01 Cprossu lol it�s 33mhz
04:01 Quick Wow...
04:01 Cprossu the 40mhz was awesome cake though
04:01 kellyEv is now known as wannabe1987
04:01 DruidicRifleman I am wondering how Hard it would be to Wire in a lazer range finder with an Inclenometer All hooked up to a video camera like the roof cam
04:01 Cprossu Quack Damn you
04:02 DruidicRifleman So i can have a remote GPS turret
04:02 Quick My first Mac was 25 MHz... and old Performa... but these days, I try not to touch anything under 350.
04:02 Quick Damn me?
04:02 DruidicRifleman For paint ball Artillery
04:02 Cprossu hey IIsi50MHz
04:02 Cprossu you there?
04:02 Cprossu I got a treat for you
04:02 DruidicRifleman It's hard to Get away with whiping IF you get caught getting grenaded on Video
04:02 IIsi50MHz ?
04:03 Cprossu
04:03 Quick I'm totally mounting a NERF Vulcan on the steadicam arm, btw.
04:03 Cprossu ^ go there first
04:03 Cprossu let me know when the ad ends
04:03 DruidicRifleman Cprossu Can you move your mike Away from your key board
04:03 Toastdude Nice :)
04:03 Cprossu uhhhhh
04:03 Cprossu you can lower your volume
04:03 Cprossu it will pick it up across the room
04:03 Cprossu guaranteed
04:03 Cprossu it�s a mechanical keyboard
04:04 Hackbat lol mac
04:04 Cprossu we�re both using model M�s right now
04:04 IIsi50MHz UPS logistics? *waves a tiny penant*
04:04 Cprossu hey don�t ruin the surprise
04:04 Quick Am I the only macfag in the room?
04:05 CSMonster probably yes
04:05 IIsi50MHz Good shape
04:05 Quick Wow... that's pretty sad. I need to start converting the geek community.
04:05 Cprossu hey I got macs
04:05 Cprossu I just like the old ones
04:06 wannabe1987 lol
04:06 chunks[away] is now known as chunks
04:06 IIsi50MHz I've a drive. Don't remember what's on it. Mainboard electrolytics leaked out. Dunno is the PSU is still good.
04:06 Quick As do I... I literally have stacks of old iBooks and PowerBooks... but my MacBook Pro is my baby. It'll blow just about anything out of the water.
04:07 Ponko92 ok lads and ladies goodnight
04:07 Quick Goodnight.
04:07 wannabe1987 night ponko92
04:07 Hackbat night
04:07 Cprossu procaster crashed
04:07 Hackbat woo
04:07 Hackbat installing IBM writing assistant
04:07 Ponko92 night quick, hackbat. wannabe1987 :)
04:07 IIsi50MHz Woo! Colour bars.
04:07 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
04:08 IIsi50MHz Thanks, Cpro.
04:08 Fulsy I used a 35v cap instead of a 16v
04:08 Fulsy but that shouldn't make a difference, should it?
04:09 Quick *facepalm*
04:09 IIsi50MHz Also good to hear "two s i". Some people with perhaps dainbramaged typefaces in their clients think its "ihlsy"
04:10 IIsi50MHz Oh, there's feed.
04:10 Fulsy oh
04:10 Fulsy I now see completely what I did wrong
04:11 Cprossu any requests?
04:12 Cprossu anybody there?
04:12 CSMonster no
04:12 CSMonster yes
04:12 CSMonster
04:12 IIsi50MHz not at alls
04:12 Cprossu lol
04:13 CSMonster i don't have the stream open.  my connection it too slow and dumb
04:13 Hackbat foooor future refrence!
04:13 Hackbat make sure the floppy is in the drive before you try to write to it
04:13 DruidicRifleman blow something up?
04:14 * IIsi50MHz pats Hackbat
04:14 CSMonster lol Hackbat
04:15 Cprossu Tek 547
04:15 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
04:15 Cprossu got it on a calibration wave
04:16 Cprossu mostly tube based
04:16 Hackbat !!!!!
04:16 Hackbat It read
04:16 Hackbat wooooo
04:17 Cprossu nice
04:17 Cprossu time to put some files on it
04:18 Hackbat it works
04:18 Hackbat woo
04:18 Cprossu nice
04:18 Cprossu time to finally do this
04:18 Cprossu run qbasic
04:19 Cprossu Alt->F->O
04:19 Cprossu gorillas.bas
04:19 Cprossu I should say <esc) alft f->O
04:19 Cprossu tab
04:20 Cprossu enter
04:20 Cprossu alt r start
04:20 Cprossu I Think
04:20 Toastdude So, what are you working on?
04:20 Cprossu space
04:21 Cprossu enter
04:21 Cprossu v
04:21 Cprossu lol
04:21 Cprossu you shoulda put your name in
04:21 Toastdude ok... lol
04:21 CSMonster Toastdude: Cprossu and Hackbat are conspiring to reboot the universe.
04:21 Cprossu am I player 1 or fsdF?
04:21 Cprossu wait
04:21 Cprossu lol
04:21 Toastdude Ok. Can I help?
04:21 Cprossu ok, you�re player one
04:22 CSMonster format the universe and install unix.
04:22 Cprossu angle and velocity
04:22 Cprossu I�ll be fsdf or whatever
04:22 exor674 really really roundabout way to play a game togehter
04:22 Cprossu yeah I know
04:22 Cprossu 45
04:22 Cprossu 60
04:22 Cprossu for me
04:23 Toastdude lol, best move :)
04:23 Cprossu I missed though heh
04:23 IIsi50MHz All those key commands.... makes me think "Why do I have to hit control-meta-leftBracket to get a capital Q?"
04:23 Quick Mmm. Homemade breakfast stout. Necessary for any major endeavor.
04:23 Cprossu 45 45
04:23 Toastdude Nice :)
04:23 exor674 I approve!
04:23 Cprossu I need to see the entire screen
04:23 Cprossu can you make it better?
04:24 Cprossu 45
04:24 Cprossu 50
04:24 Cprossu HAHAHA
04:24 CSMonster worms?  pocket tanks?
04:24 Hackbat some thing went wrong
04:24 Cprossu no shit
04:25 Cprossu plus we should be in color
04:25 Toastdude So, did you make the code Hackbat and Cprossu?
04:25 Cprossu is there a dip switch in the back of the video card?
04:25 Cprossu hell no
04:25 Cprossu I made one years ago
04:25 Cprossu 45
04:25 Cprossu 60
04:25 Toastdude Ok, you downloaded it or something?
04:25 Cprossu in this case yes
04:25 Cprossu DAMN SUN
04:26 Toastdude Where do you get it? I want to play.... Never have
04:26 Cprossu damn you!
04:26 Cprossu 45
04:26 Cprossu 70
04:26 exor674 ha ha
04:26 Quick Blue sun?
04:26 Hackbat nice
04:27 Hackbat tie
04:27 Cprossu lol
04:27 Hackbat first one was a fluke
04:27 Cprossu you mean a mistake
04:27 Cprossu anyway good fun?
04:27 exor674 I thunk I am going to go to bed yay
04:27 Cprossu who else want to play livestream gorillas
04:28 Cprossu all is ok lol
04:28 Cprossu hrmmm
04:28 * IIsi50MHz frees some bandwidth for Netflix
04:28 Cprossu 30 45
04:28 Toastdude I'll try to play... what does it require?
04:28 Hackbat gaaaah
04:29 Cprossu 30 75
04:29 Cprossu ahhhhhhhhhhhh
04:29 Cprossu overshot it
04:29 Cprossu nice point
04:30 Cprossu 45 60
04:30 Hackbat lol at diagnol scroll line
04:30 Cprossu so close lol
04:31 Cprossu 45 55
04:31 Cprossu 45 58
04:32 Cprossu so close lol
04:32 Hackbat damn
04:32 Cprossu think of how much processing power this game of gorillas is taking
04:32 CSMonster good night exor674
04:32 Toastdude Nice :)
04:32 Hackbat it's the enter key
04:32 Hackbat lol
04:32 Hackbat it's sticky
04:32 Cprossu oh dear
04:32 Hackbat well
04:32 Hackbat no responsive
04:32 Hackbat *non
04:32 Cprossu lol 80 100
04:33 Hackbat sometimes
04:33 Hackbat gotta tap it
04:33 Hackbat D:
04:33 Toastdude Oh!!!!
04:33 Hackbat I'll give you that one
04:33 Cprossu thanks
04:34 Cprossu good stuff
04:34 jtek joined #thegeekgroup
04:34 Toastdude lol
04:34 exor674 ( yay finally getting to hang out with my best friend
04:34 exor674 boo busy people
04:34 Cprossu but yeah thought you�d have fun with that, eh?
04:34 Hackbat it's neat
04:34 Cprossu livestream gorillas lol
04:34 Hackbat lol
04:34 Cprossu we need to get you in color next
04:35 jtek what everyone doing this evening
04:35 Cprossu is there a dip switch on the back of the video card
04:35 Toastdude How do you get to play livestream?
04:35 Cprossu we just played a game of qbasic gorillas over livestream on a 386
04:35 Cprossu maybe I�ll get an 8088 going so it�ll take 30 minutes to get through one game
04:35 Toastdude lol
04:35 Cprossu think of all the processing power we wasted
04:36 Toastdude Ok, im gonna go. Goodnight!
04:36 CSMonster night crouton
04:36 Cprossu_Laptop good stuff
04:36 Toastdude lol
04:36 jtek left #thegeekgroup
04:37 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
04:37 Cprossu_Laptop so what stupid geek feat should we attempt next?
04:37 Cprossu_Laptop glad the superdisk drive functioned as advertised
04:37 Cprossu_Laptop there's the dip switch
04:37 Cprossu_Laptop hrmmmmm
04:38 exor674 Cprossu_Laptop: how about building a 6502 from spare parts and/or chewing gum! ( oh, ou wanted something actually fesable? )
04:38 exor674 sorry
04:39 exor674 { I am really being a brat tonight multiple places, ( well, really being a brat compared to me normally } I think maybe I should actually really sleep for realsies, NIGHT! }
04:40 Cprossu I have a 6502 from a c64 disk drive
04:40 Cprossu_Laptop Hackbat: got a model on that?
04:40 Hackbat good question
04:41 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
04:41 Cprossu_Laptop it could
04:42 Hackbat e5x5r5btc-1515c
04:42 Hackbat fcc Id
04:42 DruidicRifleman geetings RED_home
04:42 RED_home hey
04:42 Cprossu_Laptop ok found it
04:42 Cprossu_Laptop are those switches labeled number wise?
04:43 Cprossu_Laptop 1 on 2 off 3 on 4 on
04:43 Cprossu_Laptop Hackbat: get that?
04:43 Cprossu
04:44 Cprossu_Laptop arrrr
04:44 Quick Well, I'm going to call it a night. Need to get up early to go find a paying job tomorrow.
04:44 Quick Goodnight.
04:44 Cprossu_Laptop nice
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04:44 egrsteve_afk left #thegeekgroup
04:44 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
04:45 Quick left #thegeekgroup
04:45 Hackbat color
04:45 exor674 color!
04:45 Cprossu YEAH!
04:45 exor674 lol *that* is ugly
04:46 Cprossu that�s what I wanted to see
04:46 Hackbat mexico?
04:46 Cprossu remember I said what I Thought it would look like?
04:46 Cprossu so nostalgic
04:46 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
04:46 wannabe1987 damnnit i hate trying to read moods via the internet. i'm usually pretty good at it...:(
04:46 Cprossu_Laptop give me a better view if you could
04:46 Hackbat me like this one
04:46 wannabe1987 why are certian cities too faraway?!
04:47 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987?
04:47 wannabe1987 we're on different pages...
04:47 Cprossu_Laptop I still like it better pike colored
04:47 Cprossu_Laptop gotta reload the streamhang on
04:47 wannabe1987 sure
04:47 wannabe1987 hugs r good i guess
04:47 Hackbat WTF
04:47 Hackbat it kept the bios
04:47 exor674 ( lol, that thing's y2k compat? )
04:47 Cprossu of course
04:48 Hackbat I didn't install the battery
04:48 exor674 wannabe1987: and moods via interent suck SO MUCH
04:48 exor674 Hackbat: bigass cap somewhere?
04:48 wannabe1987 ahhh i get it...
04:48 Hackbat it died EVERY other time
04:49 Hackbat it's not 2030 ready though
04:49 Cprossu you sure there ain�t a battery on that board somewhere?
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop yeah that's for sure
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop then again no 32bit system is
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop and most windows won't go passed 2040
04:50 wannabe1987 thanks for the hug exor674
04:50 DruidicRifleman lol i <3 the big bang therory.
04:50 exor674 ( I wonder if I am gonna get the confidence up this time to tell my best friend that I {still} love her *sigh* )
04:50 Cprossu_Laptop qbasic gorillas.bas
04:51 Cprossu_Laptop n
04:51 Cprossu_Laptop sweet
04:51 Cprossu_Laptop COLOR
04:52 Hackbat >_>
04:52 Cprossu_Laptop 75 75
04:52 Hackbat oops
04:53 Cprossu_Laptop lol though
04:53 exor674 ( can you actually kill yourself in that game? )
04:53 Cprossu yes
04:53 exor674 I seem to remember this from when I was a kid and remember that yeah
04:53 Cprossu_Laptop 75 71
04:54 Cprossu_Laptop good stuff
04:54 Hackbat nooo
04:54 exor674 good shot! ( I never thought gorrilla would be a good spectator sport )
04:54 Cprossu_Laptop 90 120
04:54 Cprossu_Laptop (this outta be funny)
04:55 Hackbat lol
04:55 Hackbat bug
04:55 Cprossu_Laptop wait for it
04:55 Cprossu_Laptop lol
04:55 exor674 it missed?
04:55 DruidicRifleman exor674 Confidence. . . hat about going to arizona And signing up with a militia group to combat the drug cartels?
04:55 DruidicRifleman what about*
04:56 Cprossu_Laptop noooooooooo!
04:56 Cprossu_Laptop lol
04:56 exor674 yeah, that would just get me shot
04:56 Hackbat tie breaker
04:56 wannabe1987 .tfw 49504
04:56 Cprossu_Laptop 45 45
04:56 BotSteve 41�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT AND WET IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
04:56 wannabe1987 yes...its wet...
04:56 Cprossu_Laptop .tfw 85020
04:56 BotSteve 84�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'I just saw a fucking bird panting.'
04:56 wannabe1987 fuccking rain
04:56 exor674 .tfw 80228
04:56 BotSteve 55�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Denver, CO!  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
04:56 DruidicRifleman exor thats not Garontied... it's a possibility
04:56 wannabe1987 birds pant?
04:57 wannabe1987 lol eskimos
04:57 Cprossu_Laptop 45 60
04:57 Cprossu_Laptop birds hold their beaks open when hot
04:57 Cprossu_Laptop so yeah they could pant
04:57 wannabe1987 lol
04:57 Cprossu_Laptop ahhhhhhhhh
04:57 Hackbat brute force :D
04:57 Cprossu_Laptop gg
04:57 Hackbat kk
04:57 Cprossu in color!
04:58 Hackbat oh
04:58 Hackbat lol
04:58 Hackbat Good game
04:58 Hackbat >_<
04:58 Hackbat lol you too
04:58 Cprossu good stuff
04:58 Cprossu glad we got it all working
04:58 Hackbat oh wow
04:58 DruidicRifleman exor674
04:59 DruidicRifleman could go here for some confidence building
04:59 Cprossu actually I�m glad I know my dos shit and old equipment well enough as well
04:59 DruidicRifleman they let you Shoot things from a frlying helicopter
04:59 DruidicRifleman Flying*
05:00 Cprossu man that shit was fun
05:00 Hackbat lol yeah
05:00 Hackbat Thanks again man
05:00 Cprossu enjoy your 386 though
05:01 Cprossu and take that battery pack to like batteries plus
05:01 Cprossu it shouldn�t cost you more than $5
05:01 Cprossu and your cmos settings�ll stay
05:01 DruidicRifleman One time they Had Some Opfor guys sneak into a mall with concealed air soft guns and they snuck in and Attacked the opforce and Platicuffed them and Dragged them into a waiting van before the mall security realised what had happend
05:03 DruidicRifleman any one there
05:03 DruidicRifleman Ok irc didn't crash
05:03 Cprossu rofl
05:04 DruidicRifleman hey Learning bad ass navy seal skills is a great way to build ones self convidence
05:08 chunks left #thegeekgroup
05:10 DruidicRifleman exor674?
05:10 DruidicRifleman the channel is silent now...
05:12 RED_home Cory probs went home.
05:14 DruidicRifleman i'd assume so
05:14 tggKyle joined #thegeekgroup
05:14 tggKyle Hey guys
05:15 DruidicRifleman hey
05:15 DruidicRifleman are you at the lab
05:15 tggKyle I'm at home.
05:15 tggKyle Why?
05:15 tggKyle I'm at band practice.
05:15 tggKyle OH.
05:15 DruidicRifleman cause it saytgg kyle
05:15 tggKyle Cause the...
05:15 tggKyle shite.
05:15 tggKyle I do that out of habit now
05:16 tggKyle left #thegeekgroup
05:18 DruidicRifleman ,,,
05:28 wannabe1987 i lost the game
05:29 CSMonster ...
05:29 wannabe1987 SORRY!  my friend said "the game"
05:29 wannabe1987 and i lost it...
05:31 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
05:31 DruidicRifleman Damn wannabe1987
05:33 wannabe1987 hi
05:36 exor674 ( whoever invented love is an asshole, and with that said I GO TO BED FOR REAL DAMNIT { I am really bad at sleep } )
05:37 DruidicRifleman lol
05:37 wannabe1987 what does RAM stand for?
05:37 exor674 random-access memory
05:37 wannabe1987 thanks!
05:37 DruidicRifleman night geeks
05:38 BatSteve you sure this time?
05:39 wannabe1987 this question makes no sense: DVR is to VCR as MP3 player is to 1) look everyone dio 2) Light emitting diode 3)light evolution display
05:40 exor674 okay, it is definately time for sleep
05:40 BatSteve night exor
05:40 exor674 because wannabe1987 did NOT type "light emitting dildo"
05:40 wannabe1987 lol
05:40 wannabe1987 that'd bef unn
05:40 wannabe1987 y
05:41 wannabe1987 be funny*
05:41 wannabe1987 night
05:41 CSMonster light emitting dildo?
05:41 CSMonster oh
05:41 CSMonster night exor674
05:41 * BatSteve always arrives at exactly the best times
05:41 * exor674 hugs you both and goes off to bed
05:41 CSMonster LOL
05:42 wannabe1987 lol @ batsteve
05:42 wannabe1987 night exor
05:42 * CSMonster wonders whether or not she should bring up the OhMiBod
05:42 wannabe1987 the what?
05:43 CSMonster dildo with audio input port
05:43 wannabe1987 lol "teething can be treated with whiskey"
05:43 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
05:43 CSMonster teething /can/ be treated with whiskey.  that's what my parents did
05:43 wannabe1987 i know.
05:43 wannabe1987 but i don't think its an answer theyw ant...
05:44 CSMonster who?
05:44 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: reubenT on Geek Group Amateur radio club
05:44 wannabe1987 job app
05:45 CSMonster ah.
05:45 CSMonster wait why is your job app asking for treatments for teething?
05:45 CSMonster also
05:49 wannabe1987 its one of those jobs where you demonstrate products at the grocery store
05:49 CSMonster oh
05:49 BatSteve CSMonster: sounds like someone stole the idea from Rez
05:49 BatSteve .w rez
05:49 BotSteve "Rez, developed under the codename K-Project, Project Eden, and Vibes,[2]| is a rail shooter video game released by Sega in Japan in 2001 for the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, with a European Dreamcast release and United States PlayStation 2 release in 2002." -
05:49 BatSteve hm
05:49 BatSteve The game is notable for replacing the typical sound effects found in most rail shooter games with electronic music, with sounds and melodies created by the player as they target and destroy foes in the game, leading to a form of synesthesia, enhanced by an optional Trance Vibrator peripheral.
05:50 BatSteve yes.that
05:50 CSMonster LOL yeah, i've seen the vibe for that.
05:50 CSMonster on ebay.  used.  :/
05:56 BatSteve ...
05:56 BatSteve killed the channel there
05:57 CSMonster ??
05:58 CSMonster i take no responsibility.
05:58 CSMonster for that or anything else.
05:58 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
05:58 BatSteve augh you killed the bot!
05:58 BatSteve I blame you
05:58 BatSteve (grin)
05:58 CSMonster NO
05:58 CSMonster LIES
05:58 NeWtoz ok
05:58 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
05:59 wannabe1987 hi botsteve
05:59 BotSteve Word up wannabe1987
05:59 wannabe1987 botsteve how are you
05:59 wannabe1987 BOT STEVE ANSWER ME!
05:59 wannabe1987 o.o
05:59 wannabe1987 O.O
05:59 wannabe1987 >:O
06:00 wannabe1987 goddam bot can't carry a conversation
06:00 CSMonster bye botsteve
06:00 CSMonster nope, that hasn't been implemented yet.
06:00 CSMonster i'm serious, i want him to kick anyone who says that.  just for fun.
06:02 BatSteve (GRIN!)
06:02 CSMonster lol
06:02 BatSteve That's....actually a pretty hilarious idea
06:02 CSMonster :D
06:02 CSMonster i mentioned that before, but i think no one was paying attention
06:02 BatSteve If input == "Break Time!":
06:02 BatSteve If input.sender = "BatSteve":
06:02 BatSteve quit
06:02 BatSteve else
06:03 BatSteve kick input.sender
06:03 CSMonster is that actually implemented?
06:03 BatSteve no
06:03 BatSteve but it could be
06:03 CSMonster botsteve: break time!
06:03 CSMonster damn
06:03 CSMonster it should be
06:03 BatSteve BotSteve: Break Time!
06:03 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
06:03 BatSteve all we need is the kick
06:05 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
06:05 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
06:05 kristopher hello
06:05 BatSteve hi kristopher
06:07 BatSteve CSMonster: I forget.  Do you write any sort of code at all?
06:07 CSMonster nope.  sry
06:07 BatSteve or, if not...who was that who did?
06:07 BatSteve maybe it was..
06:07 BatSteve .seen dr_jkl
06:07 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen dr_jkl around.
06:07 CSMonster i dabbled in VB6 and U.code for like a total of half an hour when i was much, much younger
06:07 BatSteve ok
06:08 NeWtoz I'm actually reading the documentation now
06:08 CSMonster dr_jkl is on (kind of)
06:08 BatSteve doh.  new item on the list, make the seen database persistent
06:08 CSMonster heh
06:08 CSMonster not to say that i *can't* code
06:09 BatSteve ok
06:09 BatSteve help me out then
06:09 BatSteve error check me, make sure I'm not an idiot
06:09 CSMonster i just haven't put any effort into actually learning and memorizing any language
06:09 CSMonster ....k.....
06:09 BatSteve you want to award a prize based on a percentile system
06:09 BatSteve but you want different players to have different chances of winning
06:10 BatSteve each of them has a number, 0 to 100, indicating their chance.  100 wins every time, 0 wins never, 50 wins half the time, etc
06:10 BatSteve you also have a 100-sided dice (or some other randomized way to get an integer between 1 and 100)
06:11 BatSteve if you roll a random number, and that random number is LOWER than the number on the player's card, then the player wins, correct?
06:12 CSMonster equal to or lower
06:12 BatSteve ah
06:12 BatSteve yes
06:12 BatSteve thanks
06:12 CSMonster otherwise 1 would also never win, and 100 would lose he rolls 100
06:12 CSMonster which would be the most epic loss ever.
06:13 BatSteve no kidding
06:15 CSMonster what's this for anyway?
06:16 BatSteve mman454's greet is annoying
06:16 Hackbat time to try to get MSDOS 6.2
06:16 BatSteve He joins too much, it gets spammy
06:16 BatSteve Now he will only have a 33% chance of getting greeted on any given login
06:16 CSMonster aaaaah
06:17 CSMonster hackbat why not 7.1?
06:17 NeWtoz could just not use greets ;)
06:17 Hackbat I either get 6.2 or 7
06:17 Hackbat 1 for free
06:17 Hackbat *7.1
06:17 BatSteve NeWtoz: correct. Certainly could do that too.  Do they bug you?
06:18 Hackbat I get 6.22 Free from Microsoft
06:18 CSMonster i think i have a copy of the 7.1 installer
06:18 NeWtoz only if they are overused
06:19 NeWtoz then they become pointless and spammy
06:19 CSMonster downloaded it years ago for free before someone at microsoft told the distributor "no you can't do that"... used it on all my 486 systems, and installed it first on anything that was getting 98SE
06:19 BatSteve Ok.  give me some help, then - from what you've seen, are they at the current time spammy?
06:20 CSMonster i haven't noticed them at all
06:20 CSMonster then again that could just be me being dense.
06:20 wannabe1987 who/what?
06:21 BatSteve this
06:21 BatSteve left #thegeekgroup
06:21 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
06:21 BotSteve Welcome back, boss.
06:21 BatSteve that
06:21 wannabe1987 botsteve?
06:21 BatSteve yes
06:22 wannabe1987 all i've seen is him saying forum's been updated...
06:22 CSMonster yeah, i haven't noticed it.  ...if i haven't noticed it, i wouldn't call it spammy.  just... background noise.
06:22 wannabe1987 altho, i've been ignoring IRC today
06:22 BatSteve Ok.
06:22 BatSteve Thoughts on the forums announcements?
06:22 CSMonster what's the interval on the announcement?
06:23 BatSteve If both of the following are true:  there have been new posts on the forums and it has been at least one hour since the last announcement
06:23 CSMonster if the check for new posts comes back false how long does he wait before checking again?
06:24 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
06:24 BatSteve 1 hour
06:24 CSMonster okay
06:24 CSMonster that's exactly what i was going to recommend
06:24 CSMonster sounds reasonable to me.
06:25 CSMonster if others think it's annoying... maybe make it 2 hours?
06:25 BatSteve ::nod::
06:26 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
06:27 wannabe1987 i think its unnessesarry...but eh
06:27 CSMonster ...there is a box of whoppers/milk duds sitting across the room at me.... looking at me....
06:27 wannabe1987 o.o
06:27 CSMonster should not eat.
06:28 BatSteve It's partially unnecessary, it's partially me trying to play nice with Moose.
06:29 CSMonster .............what about Moose?
06:29 BatSteve Moose hates IRC, always has.  When the forums went down the sewer, IRC became the primary channel for many members.
06:29 CSMonster (she seems like an angry and slightly hostile person to me  :(  )
06:29 CSMonster aaaah
06:29 CSMonster got it
06:29 BatSteve So I try to do whatever I can to push traffic back to the forums
06:30 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
06:30 BatSteve (and in return, we get a webchat IRC client hosted on
06:30 NeWtoz irc 4 life
06:30 BatSteve which she *swore* she would never do
06:30 BatSteve :]
06:30 CSMonster LOL
06:30 CSMonster awesome
06:30 BatSteve I choose to believe that this shows we're making a positive impact
06:31 dr_jkl who highlighted me
06:31 dr_jkl and why
06:31 BatSteve me
06:31 BatSteve I needed help with an algorith
06:31 BatSteve m
06:31 dr_jkl are the forums in the shitter again?
06:31 BatSteve but csm helped me solve it
06:31 BatSteve they are not
06:31 dr_jkl has it happend again since last nighyt
06:31 BatSteve not to my knowledge
06:31 CSMonster i registered there, but i haven't posted anything.    ...i tend to be vewy, vewy quiet on message boards, i don't have much to add, unless it's a discussion about AR-15s.  :/
06:31 dr_jkl excelelnt
06:32 wannabe1987 lol
06:32 BatSteve sorry for the unnecessary highlight
06:32 BatSteve also, sorry for this unnecessary highlight, dr_jkl
06:32 wannabe1987 lol
06:32 BatSteve (:
06:33 * wannabe1987 doesn't know what algorithms are...
06:33 DruidicRifleman any one know what happens if you take 3x the recomended dosage of synthetic melitonin?
06:33 BatSteve but anyway that's the reason for the forum notification
06:33 dr_jkl batsteve will yo  pm me?
06:33 CSMonster unregistered guests can post in the forum can't they?
06:33 dr_jkl druidic rif
06:33 NeWtoz .why why
06:34 DruidicRifleman huh dr_jkl
06:35 CSMonster wannabe1987: they are made of corn and are great with salsa.
06:35 wannabe1987 om nom nom
06:35 Hackbat ahh :3 the fun of copy large files to floppies then copping them to a hardrive on an old PC
06:35 BatSteve CSMonster: I don't know if they can.  I think there's a couple public forums that are open to all?
06:35 dr_jkl druidicrifleman if you do it once prolly nothing
06:35 * CSMonster needs to market a snack food called algorithms now
06:35 BatSteve .g floppy disk raid array
06:35 BotSteve BatSteve:
06:36 CSMonster it kind of bothers me on forums though when you don't have to be registered to post, cause then i have no idea who i'm talking to.  i like people to have registered names.  next best thing to faces.
06:36 wannabe1987 yep
06:37 CSMonster i'm serious though... moose kind of scares me.
06:37 BatSteve how odd
06:37 DruidicRifleman why does moose scare you
06:37 BatSteve that's exactly the reason Moose gives for not liking IRC
06:37 CSMonster LOL
06:37 BatSteve is now known as Winston_Churchil
06:37 Winston_Churchil Because you can do this
06:38 Winston_Churchil is now known as BatSteve
06:38 CSMonster yeah, i know.
06:38 CSMonster but "Winston_Churchil" is better than Guest
06:38 DruidicRifleman CSMonster how does moose scare you?
06:38 CSMonster having a forum full of completely nameless posts makes things... very confusing.
06:39 CSMonster druid: because she just does.
06:39 wannabe1987 canadian bacon =/= bacon
06:39 wannabe1987 lol moose comes off as aloof and indifferent...altho, i don't interact with her much
06:39 DruidicRifleman someone tell wannabe1987 that bacon and canadian bacon are not the same
06:40 CSMonster she looks like the kind of person who would hate me and try to set me on fire with her mind.
06:40 wannabe1987 ...
06:40 DruidicRifleman ,,,
06:40 DruidicRifleman ...*
06:40 CSMonster DruidicRifleman: that's exactly what she said.  =/= means "does not equal"
06:40 wannabe1987 duh...
06:40 DruidicRifleman ah
06:40 wannabe1987 its math class
06:40 wannabe1987 get with the program, o silent one
06:40 CSMonster HAH
06:41 DruidicRifleman maybe the X2 max dose of sleep aids is kinda working
06:41 wannabe1987 :D
06:41 * wannabe1987 is also evil
06:41 CSMonster yeah.......... go to bed, druid.
06:41 wannabe1987 wait
06:41 wannabe1987 here first for the canadian:
06:41 wannabe1987
06:42 CSMonster as much as michael moore disgusts me, that is a hilarious movie.
06:42 wannabe1987 havent seen it...the canadian on the other channel handed it to me
06:43 Hackbat Go xcopy!
06:44 DruidicRifleman Ahhh canadian bacon parts of it we're filmed in oshawa
06:44 DruidicRifleman where i live
06:44 CSMonster wannabe1987: canadian bacon trailer
06:44 * wannabe1987 pauses movie
06:46 DruidicRifleman what does the film candian bacon, Xmen and the 34th ontario regiment Royal candian armour corps all have in common
06:46 BatSteve enough of this
06:46 BatSteve night all
06:46 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
06:46 CSMonster night BatSteve-Away
06:46 wannabe1987 night batsteve-away
06:47 DruidicRifleman night
06:47 wannabe1987 interesting viday, csmonster
06:47 CSMonster it is a funny movie
06:47 BatSteve-Away left #thegeekgroup
06:48 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
06:48 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
06:48 BotSteve Welcome back, boss.
06:48 wannabe1987 odd
06:48 wannabe1987 wb
06:48 DruidicRifleman wow parkwoods been in allot of films
06:50 wannabe1987 night all...sleep time!
06:50 CSMonster night
06:50 CSMonster i'm out too
06:50 wannabe1987 kk
06:51 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
06:51 * wannabe1987 sleep!!!!!!!!
06:57 arran-g_ left #thegeekgroup
06:59 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
07:03 Hackbat ARG my schemes are ruined
07:10 Hackbat oooh
07:10 Hackbat I see
07:10 Hackbat Virtual PC
07:10 Hackbat that means XP can run 16 bit exe
07:10 Hackbat exes
07:13 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:13 kristopher hello again
07:13 kristopher;feature=related
07:13 kristopher this is the best song ever
07:31 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
07:43 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
07:44 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
07:48 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
07:50 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
07:52 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
08:14 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
08:14 kristopher hello
08:19 NeWtoz hay
08:19 kristopher;feature=related
08:19 kristopher best song eva
08:25 kristopher agreed?
08:36 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
08:37 kristopher;feature=related
08:37 kristopher listen
08:37 Hackbat tunkatunk tunkatunk squueeesquue
08:37 kristopher best song eva
08:37 kristopher lol wat
08:37 Hackbat <3 this superdisk Drive
08:37 kristopher lol
08:37 Hackbat
08:38 kristopher lol
08:41 Hackbat woo
08:42 Hackbat ms-dos 6.22 booting
08:43 kristopher apple macintosh  "lisa" 60,000 rpm hardrive spinning up reeeallly slowly
08:43 Hackbat 60000rpm?
08:44 Hackbat did you write that right?
08:44 kristopher yah. it is only rate for 5,000. but it severley overrevs
08:44 kristopher yeh why
08:45 Hackbat just insanely high speed
08:47 Sgt_Lemming evening all
08:48 kristopher i know
08:49 kristopher ola
08:49 Hackbat hetya
08:49 Hackbat *heya
08:49 Hackbat sup?
08:50 Sgt_Lemming ola mi amigo, como esta?
08:50 Hackbat No habla esponol
08:50 Hackbat probally butched thT
08:50 Sgt_Lemming Ca Va?
08:51 Hackbat o.o
08:51 Sgt_Lemming Vie gehts?
08:52 * Hackbat looks around
08:52 Sgt_Lemming Zehr or nicht zehr gut?
08:52 * Hackbat plays with his 386
08:53 * Sgt_Lemming fires steel slugs through his 286
08:53 Hackbat poor think
08:53 Hackbat thing
08:53 Hackbat oh
08:53 Hackbat wait
08:53 Hackbat 286 is a type of gun right o.o?
08:54 Sgt_Lemming no
08:54 Hackbat welps
08:54 Hackbat I'm dumb then
08:54 Sgt_Lemming I mean we used an air cannon to fire 10 and 14mm steel slugs at a 286 pc
08:54 Hackbat O.o
08:55 DruidicRifleman I wanna make a bowling ball cannon
08:55 Sgt_Lemming good luck on that one
08:55 kristopher already done
08:55 DruidicRifleman I Am tying to figure out how toOOOOH and i don't trust liberal and NDP supporters
08:55 Sgt_Lemming going to need one hell of a barrel
08:55 kristopher lol the fence has holes
08:55 kristopher now
08:55 DruidicRifleman grrr I am trying to figure out the best way to cut the bottom of a K cylander
08:56 Sgt_Lemming fill it with water, then use a hacksaw
08:56 Hackbat don't use my cousin D:
08:56 kristopher wtf
08:56 DruidicRifleman why would i use your cousin
08:56 Hackbat hackbat
08:56 Hackbat hacksaw
08:57 kristopher lol
08:57 DruidicRifleman i just need to find someone with a band saw large enough
08:57 kristopher my best invention was a flaming ice cannon
08:57 DruidicRifleman I really wanna know How they built the High velocity one i posted in here days ago
08:58 Hackbat mine was the machine that made itself not exist
08:58 Hackbat worked perfectly
08:58 kristopher lol
08:58 kristopher doubble lol
08:58 Sgt_Lemming SMEF?
08:58 DruidicRifleman
08:58 kristopher is now known as xylera
08:59 DruidicRifleman I've gathered from the crack when it fired it's near supper sonic
08:59 Sgt_Lemming I highly doubt that
09:00 DruidicRifleman why?
09:00 xylera lol want
09:00 Sgt_Lemming because to get a bowling ball past the sound barrier would take a much stronger barrel than that
09:00 xylera mine was air powered
09:01 Sgt_Lemming the gases might be breaking the sound barrier, the bolwing ball ain't
09:01 DruidicRifleman meh i have to say it's still pushing insane velocity
09:01 Sgt_Lemming also considering their muzzle flash is the same length as the gun, that is not an efficient cannon, not at all
09:02 DruidicRifleman Efficeny comes down to the loading and propellant
09:02 Sgt_Lemming yes
09:02 DruidicRifleman They'e use's a prp[ellant thats burning to slow
09:02 DruidicRifleman More load then the cannon
09:03 Sgt_Lemming admittedly, they do have a strengthend combustion chamber, but take a look at the barrels on 16 pdr cannons, and they only JUST break the sound barrier
09:04 DruidicRifleman Nods yeah BUT theyalso don't have the same alloys we do
09:04 DruidicRifleman Same matirials those 16 pdrs used would bend at that lent
09:04 DruidicRifleman lenth
09:04 Sgt_Lemming I somehow doubt that is made out of much more than some hardened steel, which has been around a LONG time
09:04 DruidicRifleman Sadly the guy who posted it doesn't check his youtube
09:05 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
09:06 DruidicRifleman i'd be happy with something like this though;NR=1
09:06 DruidicRifleman Home defense cannon :P
09:07 DruidicRifleman "wow this guy must have broken the law" "how so?" "the home owner had to shoot him with a cannon"
09:07 themirotv left #thegeekgroup
09:07 DruidicRifleman any ways i need sleep
09:09 DruidicRifleman Also look at the barrel of a M60A3 if you can dind one the walls are barely more then an inch
09:09 DruidicRifleman AND thats shooting well into the supper sonic
09:11 DruidicRifleman i saw a car get ran over by a patton that was a neat day doing community sevice hours for highschool
09:15 Sgt_Lemming firing HE and KEP rounds, yes it gets over the speed of sound, firing a solid round it would be a LOT slower
09:16 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
09:16 Sgt_Lemming <--- also, easily an inch thick, and that's at the muzzle. the breach is a LOT thicker
09:26 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
09:26 Electronics Morning all! WHo's watching the Royal Wedding? =P
09:27 Thermoelectric Bleh.
09:27 Hackbat Jersey Shore, Royal Edition
09:28 xylera lol
09:29 * Thermoelectric is going to watch Mythbusters 216 - Ming Dynasty Astronaut, Free Energy, Fan of Death.avi instead.
09:29 Electronics lol
09:29 * Hackbat has netflix
09:29 * Thermoelectric has Vuze
09:29 Hackbat I'm sure there's something that has queens on it
09:30 Thermoelectric More than likely, but who in their right mind would search for it?
09:33 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
09:33 * Sgt_Lemming has 6TB of media on his file server
09:34 Thermoelectric Stfu.
09:34 * Hackbat pops swordfish into the dvd tray
09:35 * Sgt_Lemming double clicks on "Swordfish (1080p).mkv"
09:36 * Hackbat stabs
09:36 Sgt_Lemming I just recently finished getting a 20GB rip of gladiator :-P
09:37 * Hackbat watches swordfish while working on his i386
09:37 Thermoelectric *glare* Not all of us have good internet, Sgt_Lemming. >_>
09:38 * Sgt_Lemming reiterates his offer to send thermo a hdd full of media
09:38 Thermoelectric Eh.
09:39 Electronics (say yes)
09:39 Thermoelectric I still need a place to put it all, so once I build a file server, I shall sayz yes.
09:40 Sgt_Lemming dude, send me the money, I will go and get a 2TB hdd for you and then fill it and send it up
09:40 Thermoelectric That's not a file server though, is it?
09:40 Sgt_Lemming it's a start
09:40 Thermoelectric That it is.
09:40 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
09:43 Hackbat oh wow
09:43 Hackbat first 5 minutes of swordfish
09:43 Hackbat insane
09:43 Sgt_Lemming never seen it before?
09:44 Hackbat nope
09:45 Sgt_Lemming kk
09:45 Sgt_Lemming it's awesome in 1080p
09:45 Sgt_Lemming going frame by frame is fun
09:48 Sgt_Lemming oh I should also mention the 55" tele in the loungeroom :-P
09:51 Thermoelectric Who's gonna hit him? :P
09:51 Hackbat well halle berry is nice in this
09:51 * Sgt_Lemming hides the 2300 lumen 1920x1080p 3DLP Projector he has on layby
09:52 * Sgt_Lemming also hides the 103" motorized glass beaded screen
09:52 Thermoelectric Come at me bro.
09:52 Thermoelectric :P
09:54 Hackbat hell I'm gay and she's turning me on
09:55 Thermoelectric 'This film received a great deal of press initially because it featured Halle Berry's first nude scene. She was paid an extra $500,000 on top of her $2 million fee to appear topless in this film. Critics said the scene looked forced, thrown into the film just to garner press, but Berry said she did it just to overcome the fear of appearing nude onscreen.[2]'
09:57 Hackbat I love you clicky Keyboard
09:58 Sgt_Lemming Logitech USB Illuminated > Clicky Keyboard
10:06 stevieg joined #thegeekgroup
10:10 xylera left #thegeekgroup
10:12 Mr_NoLife joined #thegeekgroup
10:13 Mr_NoLife left #thegeekgroup
10:16 MadManMarkAu1 left #thegeekgroup
10:16 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
10:25 Sgt_Lemming mmmm, new headphones
10:25 Sgt_Lemming lurve
10:25 Sgt_Lemming so awesome
10:25 Sgt_Lemming thumpy thumpy bass
10:25 asnopus Ooooh, what brand?
10:25 Sgt_Lemming sennheiser HD215
10:26 asnopus very nice
10:26 Sgt_Lemming I get gift vouchers from work for a chain of Electronics store here
10:26 Sgt_Lemming went in this arvo, had $134 worth of vouchers, headphones were $149
10:26 asnopus Lucky
10:26 Sgt_Lemming yup
10:26 Sgt_Lemming v happy
10:27 Sgt_Lemming <--- listening to a FLAC version of that atm
10:27 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
10:28 kristopher herro
10:28 kristopher;feature=feedlik
10:28 asnopus Hello
10:29 Sgt_Lemming serious clean and crisp but powerful bass from these headphones
10:29 Sgt_Lemming love it
10:29 Sgt_Lemming and this is running straight off my pc, no amp... yet
10:30 asnopus Did he just smoke a sausage?
10:30 Sgt_Lemming yup
10:30 Sgt_Lemming classic winston churchhill move too
10:30 asnopus I think that s the most bizare thing Ill see this month
10:30 Sgt_Lemming heh
10:30 Sgt_Lemming the puppet is called "flat eric"
10:30 Sgt_Lemming
10:34 kristopher did anyone look at my link??
10:34 asnopus yes
10:36 Sgt_Lemming meh, australian hip hop
10:36 Sgt_Lemming very few tracks are any good
10:36 asnopus Yea Im not a fan
10:37 kristopher i love it
10:37 Sgt_Lemming <--- better one
10:39 kristopher this is so catchy
10:39 kristopher;feature=feedlik
10:39 Sgt_Lemming no, it's not
10:39 Sgt_Lemming it's annoying
10:40 Sgt_Lemming <--- defining awesome
10:40 asnopus I agree, its crap
10:40 kristopher
10:40 kristopher lol
10:41 Sgt_Lemming nick cave does some fucking haunting music (the ship song) but this duet with Kylie minogue if just spooky
10:42 Sgt_Lemming and there are no other songs where she sings like she does in that one, and I wish she would, instead of the poppy crap she does most of the time
10:42 mantere left #thegeekgroup
10:43 kristopher
10:44 Sgt_Lemming annoying ++
10:46 kristopher
10:49 Thermoelectric I want to go get a drink but all this wedding crap is on TV.
10:51 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
10:52 Sgt_Lemming
10:52 Sgt_Lemming
10:55 asnopus I want one
10:55 SparkyPojects joined #thegeekgroup
10:56 Electronics Morning Sparky
10:56 Sgt_Lemming I want what they used to film it, and one of the girls would be nice as well :-P
10:56 Sgt_Lemming the upkeep would suck though :-P
10:58 asnopus The University of Pennsylvania is working on a similar machine
10:58 Sgt_Lemming there are thousands of them around
10:58 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
10:58 Sgt_Lemming there is even one in EB stores here now, as well as on the US apple online store
10:58 asnopus There are so many uses for them as well
10:59 Sgt_Lemming we are working on one here that is gas powered, 1 metre diameter rotors with variable pitch blades
10:59 Sgt_Lemming constant speed but variable pitch.
11:00 Sgt_Lemming will probably be even more maneuverable as it can actually change direction of thrust rather than just changing the amount of thrust
11:02 SparkyPojects Morning :)
11:02 Sgt_Lemming morning
11:03 asnopus Morning
11:05 Sgt_Lemming <--- teh headphones I just bought
11:05 Sgt_Lemming I effectively paid $15 for them :-P
11:11 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
11:12 Thermoelectric Gas powered, Lemming? You turning into a Yankee? :P
11:12 kristopher is now known as kristopher-away
11:12 asnopus LPG maybe
11:13 kristopher-away is now known as kristopher-furry
11:13 Thermoelectric Oh, yeah, that's more likely.
11:14 Thermoelectric *brainfart*
11:14 kristopher-furry is now known as kristopher
11:15 kristopher damn
11:15 asnopus lol did someone screw with your away message?
11:16 kristopher no it won't accept my passwrd
11:16 kristopher i'm changing it now
11:16 asnopus oh
11:18 kristopher fixed now i'm admin agan
11:18 kristopher lol i love hacking
11:18 asnopus who doesnt?
11:19 Thermoelectric The silly people who love their widdle Playstation Network.
11:20 Thermoelectric Fresh from facebook: 'pissed at the cunt who hacked psn :@'
11:20 kristopher lol
11:20 asnopus Use DRM on everything, store user data as plain text
11:21 kristopher i hacked my way into wow, runescape, i crashed club penguin, moshi monsters
11:22 Sgt_Lemming Thermoelectric, speaking to the natives, it's easier to speak in their language than confuse them and explain it later
11:22 Sgt_Lemming yeah asnopus, that is quite an astounding lapse on sony's behalf
11:22 Sgt_Lemming did you see the video about how the PS3 was hacked?
11:23 asnopus Nope
11:23 asnopus I'll look it up
11:23 Sgt_Lemming sony were doing an encryption for their main key that RELIES on having a new random each number for each iteration of it to make it secure
11:24 Hackbat foxxfire
11:24 Sgt_Lemming they were generating one random number on boot, and using it for subsequent iteration
11:24 Hackbat wait
11:24 Hackbat fuck
11:24 Sgt_Lemming making finding the private key for their encryption a case of fairly simple maths
11:24 asnopus face palm
11:25 asnopus lol that means the US air forces PS3 super computer is broken
11:26 Sgt_Lemming not really, this was the encryption key to allow software to have full access to the system, which normally only sony authorised software (i.e. games) has access to
11:26 asnopus Oh I see
11:33 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
11:36 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
11:37 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
11:40 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
11:46 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
11:51 jeremys left #thegeekgroup
11:52 aeromartial joined #thegeekgroup
11:53 aeromartial left #thegeekgroup
11:54 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
12:00 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
12:00 mashpriborintorg hello
12:00 asnopus Hey
12:02 SparkyPojects Hi Guys :)
12:02 asnopus Hi Sparky
12:05 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 4 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Sparky Projects on Tesla coil electronic polarity shifter with arduino - need help.....Sparky Projects on I want to make a small desk top Tesla that runs on a battery pack (DC) . Need info links for guidance.....aeromartial on I want to make a small desk top Tesla that runs on a battery pack (DC) . Need info links for guidance.
12:12 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
12:24 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
12:24 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
12:24 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
12:24 Sgt_Lemming lo Captain_
12:25 Captain_ Goodmorning gentlemen
12:25 asnopus Morning Captain
12:25 Captain_ um, why is my other nick still logged in?
12:25 Captain_ Could someone please kick Captainboden
12:25 Sgt_Lemming /msg nickserv ghost CaptainBoden
12:26 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
12:26 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
12:26 Sgt_Lemming lol
12:26 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
12:26 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
12:26 Sgt_Lemming started two clients by mistake CaptainBoden?
12:27 CaptainBoden what is the message nickserve iden thing?
12:27 Sgt_Lemming /msg nickserv identify CaptainBoden <password>
12:28 CaptainBoden got it
12:30 Sgt_Lemming if you set the network password to your nickserv password it should auto-identify you on connect
12:39 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
12:40 RageRiot afternoon
12:40 asnopus Hey
12:40 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
12:41 RageRiot woke up just in time to miss the royal wedding :P
12:41 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
12:41 Sgt_Lemming good timing
12:41 RageRiot :)
12:41 SparkyPojects RageRiot, i'm sure there will be many re-runs of the ceremony :P
12:42 RageRiot that I'll likly avioid
12:43 RageRiot I just daid to my self .. choice between live royal wedding or live geek group ... nah live geek group :)
12:43 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
12:44 CaptainBoden My opinion of the Royal Wedding.
12:44 RageRiot roflmfao nice 1
12:44 Sgt_Lemming I really appreciate that windows 7 has a built in per application mixer
12:44 Sgt_Lemming makes it so much easier to mute the ads on ustream :-P
12:45 RageRiot lol
12:45 Sgt_Lemming need to aim the roof cam at something more interesting CaptainBoden
12:45 RageRiot aim it at the uk
12:45 Sgt_Lemming lol
12:45 RageRiot it might look like a lemming wedding
12:45 mashpriborintorg They did not bother to invite me, I will not bother to watch them
12:46 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
12:46 Sgt_Lemming lol
12:46 mashpriborintorg I'm installing jolicloud onto a neoware micro-pc instead
12:47 RageRiot does anyone else have problems with tgg website ?
12:47 RageRiot somthing looks broken in the styling ..
12:47 RageRiot and I have no idea how to get back to the forum user settings page
12:48 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
12:48 SparkyPojects I usually get one full window ad when i open the page, but rarely get any more, i use the pop out, even when the stream is lost and returns, i don't see the big noisy ad, just the constant one at the top, and an occasional one pops up at the bottom, i used to get them on the normal window, i don't block ads.
12:48 RageRiot I use ad blocker plus..
12:49 asnopus I use privoxy
12:49 RageRiot that seems to stop the add
12:49 RageRiot ad*
12:50 CaptainBoden I use Firefox with Adblock Plus and never see them.
12:50 RageRiot I've got it disabled atm tho while I try n figure out whats going on with tgg site
12:50 RageRiot thats what I use
12:50 CaptainBoden And if you want something more interesting, get us longer cable and a tower, that's really as good as it gets right now, lol
12:51 CaptainBoden Though if all goes well we'll be working on moving the camera soon. I promise once people get there and we get workign today it will be much more entertaining.
12:51 SparkyPojects That camcorder does quite well for the weather cam, good zoom and clear, i know you mentioned about changing it when you first saw it
12:52 CaptainBoden yeah, I think we'll keep the kittle guy for a while
12:52 CaptainBoden though we do need to fix the wiper
12:52 RageRiot ye
12:53 SparkyPojects Do you have the spray that repels water ? could be a quick fix (until you fix the wiper)
12:53 RageRiot WD-40 ?
12:53 RageRiot :P
12:54 SparkyPojects not WD40, it's specially made for glass
12:54 RageRiot ok I'm stuck and need help //
12:55 RageRiot on tgg site once I registered last night, before it let me view the forum index it came up with a config page asking name and time zone pluss other stuff
12:55 CaptainBoden It's called Rain-X and it's really not that big a problem
12:55 Hackbat oh worning Captain
12:55 RageRiot I have no idea how to find the same page
12:55 Hackbat Morning
12:55 Hackbat gah
12:55 CaptainBoden Goodmorning
12:55 CaptainBoden New blog post uploading now
12:55 Hackbat nice
12:56 RageRiot ooo :D
12:56 Hackbat I reccomend stay up all night to install MSDOS 6.2 on Old PC's to everyone
12:56 Hackbat well worth the not being able to type worth a shit in the morning
12:59 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
13:00 RageRiot 8 W n repeater
13:00 RageRiot :P
13:01 rb2000 joined #thegeekgroup
13:04 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
13:04 jackkollan Anything happening or anyone there?
13:06 jackkollan Guess not
13:06 RageRiot well
13:07 gh22 joined #thegeekgroup
13:07 RageRiot apart from chris boden celebrating the royal wedding
13:07 RageRiot <CaptainBoden> My opinion of the Royal Wedding.
13:07 RageRiot no not much
13:08 Sgt_Lemming rofl
13:08 mashpriborintorg Isn't it some kind of addiction, I am preparing a very small pc, in order to connect it to my lcd tv and me able to watch the stream and yt vids from my sofa, as tv shows... hope it will work correctly
13:08 Sgt_Lemming 32 year old male was apparently being chased by demons
13:09 Sgt_Lemming fuck listening to this scanner is amusing
13:10 RageRiot it's ilegal to listen to the police in the uk besides that tey are encrypted.
13:10 Thermoelectric They're encrypting some/all of it over here in Aus aswell. Not too sure if that's used everywhere around here though.
13:11 RageRiot :(
13:11 mashpriborintorg here in France it is even illegal to own old military radio sets
13:11 Sgt_Lemming the encryption they are using is commercial gear, and trivial to break
13:11 asnopus Yea all of aussie emergancy radio is encrypted
13:12 RageRiot ye I'm sure it probably is.
13:12 RageRiot I just cant afford a scanner right now :P
13:12 Sgt_Lemming not all asnopus
13:12 Sgt_Lemming RFA radios are still clear air
13:13 Sgt_Lemming so is most of SES afaik
13:13 asnopus Really?
13:13 Sgt_Lemming yup
13:13 Sgt_Lemming mate is an RFA up here
13:13 RageRiot I've acctually got an app on my iphone to listen to the US police radio
13:13 Cprossu_Laptop rainx works rather well, I'fe got a set of their blades on my car that have been through 2 AZ summers now
13:13 Cprossu_Laptop morning all
13:13 asnopus Morning
13:13 Thermoelectric Morning Cprossu
13:14 RageRiot morning
13:14 Cprossu_Laptop anything really fucked up happen here while I was gone?
13:14 RageRiot ye
13:14 Sgt_Lemming yeah CaptainBoden had a heart attack
13:14 RageRiot we had the royal wedding
13:14 Sgt_Lemming he's in hopspital now
13:14 CaptainBoden oh STFU
13:14 CaptainBoden I'm on the phone trying to get our truck fixed
13:14 Sgt_Lemming rofl
13:15 Cprossu_Laptop wow. what happened?
13:15 Sgt_Lemming brakes again?
13:15 asnopus I thought that was fixed ages ago
13:15 RageRiot O_o
13:15 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
13:16 cctoide I thought they didn't allow cellphones in hospitals
13:16 Sgt_Lemming lol
13:16 Cprossu_Laptop they do sometimes
13:17 RageRiot people still ignore the rules and guide lines
13:17 mashpriborintorg and tesla coils ? :D
13:17 asnopus loopholes!
13:17 Sgt_Lemming cctoide, it depends a lot on the department, in ER they don't in ICU FUCK NO
13:17 Sgt_Lemming but in general wards they are generally ok with it now
13:24 eightbitbrad morning all.
13:24 BotSteve eightbitbrad: At 07:13Z, BatSteve-Away asked me to tell you that really anything you want to work on is fine - we're not trying to meet any deadlines or anything, we're just trying to build a really cool bot.  If you find a task interesting, do that, if none of the above hit you, implement something of your own.  (the stream module would be a great one).  The key is to have fun
13:24 eightbitbrad I <3 BotSteve
13:24 exor674 lol uh
13:25 exor674 is that a bug or was that in the original message
13:25 eightbitbrad exor674: I work on the bot with Steve
13:25 exor674 * eyes random garbage at end of message *
13:25 eightbitbrad that's the original message
13:25 eightbitbrad it stops at fun for me.
13:25 exor674 yeah, I see
13:25 exor674 fun I  IIII I I I   I I  I   II  I
13:25 exor674 ( where those I's are reverse-video, and I think is what my client shows when a \t gets sent
13:27 exor674 which kinda seems like a bug to me, hence why I pointed it out
13:27 Thermoelectric 'exposing himself while urinating' <-- The scanner is full of fun.
13:28 asnopus Ithink we need a thread of funny things said on the scanner
13:28 exor674 ( well how else do you urinate in public/ )
13:31 cctoide still wondering if the scanner can pick up ATC where it is
13:34 eightbitbrad lol
13:34 eightbitbrad exor674: I'll take a look at the return stuff tonight on the bot to make sure it's cleansing its output.
13:35 Sgt_Lemming .t -5
13:35 BotSteve Fri, 29 Apr 2011 08:35:49 -5
13:41 Thermoelectric .tfw Cairns
13:41 BotSteve 70�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Cairns, AS!  'uh, can we trade?'
13:41 Sgt_Lemming .tfw brisbane
13:43 Cprossu_Laptop .tfw 85015
13:43 BotSteve 73�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Phoenix, AZ!  'uh, can we trade?'
13:44 Thermoelectric I find the hanging traffic lights to be weird. All ours are mounted on poles, not just hanging off wires..
13:45 asnopus Same here.
13:46 jackkollan Same in Ireland
13:46 SparkyPojects yeah, those lights must be annoying in windy weather, shining their light into buildings etc, and surely must suffer more with the movement of the cables.
13:47 Thermoelectric Ooh, they mentioned an accident on Leonard...
13:47 eightbitbrad .t -4
13:47 BotSteve Fri, 29 Apr 2011 09:47:38 -4
13:47 eightbitbrad that's if you're looking for lab time :)
13:47 eightbitbrad daylight savings.... fun fun
13:49 SparkyPojects Leonard is a long road, could be anywhere
13:49 Thermoelectric Dang.
13:49 Cprossu_Laptop lol CaptainBoden: made of magic and happiness
13:49 SparkyPojects might see the emergeny services pass though
13:50 eightbitbrad So my wife has issued me a challenger.   She wants the coffee pot to be twitter enabled.
13:50 eightbitbrad *challenge
13:51 asnopus a tweeting kettle...
13:51 exor674 hee, "The coffee is done, damnit!"
13:51 Sgt_Lemming eightbitbrad, too easy
13:51 Sgt_Lemming far FAR too easy
13:51 asnopus "I just brewed up 1litre of piping hot cofee"
13:52 Sgt_Lemming
13:52 exor674 "I am out of coffee!"
13:52 asnopus Arduino?
13:52 eightbitbrad oh it is, but I'm still an electronics newbie, honestly.
13:52 eightbitbrad .g arduino
13:52 BotSteve eightbitbrad:
13:52 eightbitbrad asnopus: It's an electronics platform.  Have a look :)
13:53 Sgt_Lemming .w arduino
13:53 BotSteve "Arduino is an open-source single-board microcontroller, descendant of the open-source Wiring platform[1]|[2]|, designed to make the process of using electronics in multidisciplinary projects more accessible." -
13:53 Whisperingwolf joined #thegeekgroup
13:53 Quick joined #thegeekgroup
13:53 Cprossu_Laptop lol eightbitbrad:
13:54 SparkyPojects Somewhere out there is a device that works like a cellphone, when you give it a signal, it sends a text, i'm sure this could be  made to tweet, they used it for car alarms
13:54 Whisperingwolf Hey anyone know how heavy the big truck is?
13:54 Sgt_Lemming <--- that was a strange day
13:54 producerBill joined #thegeekgroup
13:54 eightbitbrad Cprossu_Laptop: seriously, I'm gonna do it.  I just need a relay and to interface with the electronics of the pot.
13:55 Cprossu_Laptop eightbitbrad: do the electronics know when the coffee is done?
13:55 Sgt_Lemming err, is this to tweet when the coffee is done?
13:55 producerBill i wish
13:55 Cprossu_Laptop also Sgt_Lemming
13:55 Cprossu_Laptop ^ we get those a lot
13:55 Sgt_Lemming cause if so, you don't need a relay
13:55 eightbitbrad Sgt_Lemming: it's to tweet to turn it on, off and probably if it's done
13:55 asnopus I'd shit myself if I saw that comming
13:55 producerBill you could put a thermister at the fill/done point and when it gets hot them then coffee is done
13:56 Sgt_Lemming use a solid state relay eightbitbrad
13:56 eightbitbrad Cprossu_Laptop: I'm not sure.  I would assume I can check for a voltage drop somewhere because once the water has been processed, that pump would shut off
13:56 dagnyscott joined #thegeekgroup
13:56 Cprossu_Laptop pump?
13:56 Cprossu_Laptop what kinda coffee maker do you have?
13:57 eightbitbrad hmm, maybe pump was the wrong word.   I'll have to find the make tonight... at work right now
13:57 Cprossu_Laptop kk
13:57 Sgt_Lemming means the arduino can trigger it directly, then measure the current across the input using a transformer
13:57 exor674 lol that's a bad idea haha, net-controlled power for it, someone is so gonna tweet at 2am @coffeepot TURN THE FUCK ON!
13:57 Sgt_Lemming is this a dumb percolator coffee pot?
13:57 Cprossu_Laptop hey don't call percolator's dumb!
13:58 Cprossu_Laptop PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!
13:58 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
13:58 Sgt_Lemming lol
13:58 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
13:59 rb2000 left #thegeekgroup
13:59 Cprossu_Laptop I've got a 30 cup regal from 1963 myself
13:59 eightbitbrad I don't think it's a percolater, no
13:59 producerBill humm a relay contoller with a a/d and maybe a opamp could make a auto coffee maker, but how would you get new grounds?
13:59 Sgt_Lemming eightbitbrad, does it have buttons?
14:00 eightbitbrad yep
14:00 eightbitbrad so it's not totally dumb
14:00 Sgt_Lemming is there a "start" button?
14:01 eightbitbrad yep, so it shouldn't be difficult to fire it.
14:02 Sgt_Lemming might have to hack into it a bit
14:02 Sgt_Lemming put an opto isolator in parralel with the buttan, then use the arduino to trigger said opto
14:03 Thermoelectric I hear doors!
14:03 Cprossu_Laptop seems complicated
14:03 producerBill left #thegeekgroup
14:03 SparkyPojects I heard it too
14:05 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 3 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: jaaz95 on vacuum in airSparky Projects on vacuum in air.....jaaz95 on vacuum in air
14:06 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
14:06 Thermoelectric Jaaz is at it again I see...
14:07 eightbitbrad yeah, I'm resolved that there will be some hacking and slicing... that's half the fun.
14:07 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
14:08 Thermoelectric Oh no, it's him! :P
14:08 Seroster =P
14:08 asnopus dun dun duuuun
14:08 * Sgt_Lemming hides all the cool stuff
14:08 eightbitbrad heya Seroster
14:08 Seroster I'd prioritise the children, Sgt_Lemming
14:08 Seroster Ahoy eightbitbrad
14:11 * Thermoelectric goes to bed because he has to be up at 9 on a damn Saturday. -.-
14:11 Sgt_Lemming diddums
14:11 Sgt_Lemming I have to be at work at 8:30
14:13 jackkollan door
14:13 Cprossu_Laptop doork.
14:13 SparkyPojects Hi tggconsole
14:13 eightbitbrad it's a door!
14:13 eightbitbrad and... stuff.
14:14 RageRiot it's called master control now
14:14 Cprossu_Laptop you mean tggmastercontrol
14:14 RageRiot acctually as of last night chris said it's going be be called tggmc1
14:14 RageRiot ye
14:15 RageRiot well I've just applied for my Geek group member card
14:15 Cprossu_Laptop just imagine how many people will want to rap in irc because of that
14:15 RageRiot lol
14:16 eightbitbrad RageRiot: nice.
14:17 eightbitbrad I sent mine in...   I need to email moose though, payment went through, haven't heard anything yet.  Assuming she's just buried.
14:17 RageRiot lol
14:17 RageRiot well I'm hoping mine has gone trhough
14:17 eightbitbrad it should
14:17 eightbitbrad mc-tgg in the hizzy.
14:18 RageRiot at the last page on tgg site where you type your billing details then select paypal..
14:18 eightbitbrad :D
14:18 RageRiot I wrote a different email than my paypal email
14:18 eightbitbrad hmm...  it might still work, not sure.
14:19 RageRiot I've had my paypal account for years but decided to sign up to tgg with my newrer email
14:19 Thermoelectric
14:19 tysk joined #thegeekgroup
14:20 eightbitbrad dude, I must have superpowers.  I invoke the name of moose and she comes on irc.
14:20 RageRiot omg that was loud
14:20 * eightbitbrad waves at tysk
14:20 mashpriborintorg hello moose
14:20 RageRiot is that moose ?
14:20 tysk hey everybody
14:20 RageRiot hello :)
14:20 tysk I am told you all had some questions that I can answer
14:20 tysk (sorry doing several things at once here)
14:21 RageRiot I've just applied for my geek group card
14:21 eightbitbrad tysk: No worries.  I sent payment in for my card, it went through.  Just curious as to what my next step is. :)
14:21 RageRiot I doubt it's a problem but my email on tgg check out page is different from the paypal email
14:22 tysk you ordered the card, but you didn't upload a picture!
14:22 RageRiot me ?
14:22 tysk yes
14:22 RageRiot O_
14:23 eightbitbrad hrm
14:23 RageRiot I did the steps tho
14:23 eightbitbrad I don't remember uploading one either
14:23 RageRiot browse.. choose a picture ..
14:23 RageRiot press nect ..
14:23 tysk Weird.
14:23 tysk I will have to look into it
14:23 eightbitbrad oh, you mean my forum avie?  I have one of those.
14:23 tysk You should be getting an email shortly with some more information about it, if you want you can just respond to it with an attachment of your picture for the ID card.
14:23 RageRiot although tysk, parts of the site looks odd
14:24 tysk Yes they do
14:24 RageRiot some of it doesnt fit into the style
14:24 eightbitbrad tysk: okay, that's what I thought.  Cool.
14:24 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
14:24 RageRiot ok
14:24 tysk the website style is still evolving into the current one and some things look a little weird.
14:25 RageRiot yeah thought so.
14:25 Whisperingwolf left #thegeekgroup
14:26 SparkyPojects RageRiot, was it you that was asking about where the page is that you update your real name ?
14:26 eightbitbrad tysk: you do awesome work on the site.
14:26 RageRiot er sorta
14:26 RageRiot I was asking about the forum user CP
14:27 RageRiot it appeared the first time I navigated to the forums
14:27 RageRiot but I cant find out how to access it again ..
14:27 tysk I'm already working on finding why the forum user CP page disappeared, but I have to be honest with you guys- it's not a terribly high priority at the moment
14:27 RageRiot true
14:27 Angy4_away is now known as Angy4
14:27 RageRiot ok, at least you know its broken then
14:27 SparkyPojects ah, that's why i couldn't find it to answer rages question :)
14:27 Angy4 Hello!
14:28 tysk generally speaking I am aware of most of the problems on the website already :)
14:28 RageRiot ok :)
14:28 eightbitbrad heya Angy4
14:28 eightbitbrad tysk: we definitely understand that.  you must be super busy of late.  Anything any of us can do to help?
14:28 RageRiot tysk I've received a email from noreply@.. about my purchase receipt.. shall I send my ID picture there ?
14:29 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
14:29 Cprossu lol
14:30 RageRiot yeah eightbitbrad ... probably get off her back.
14:30 RageRiot :P
14:31 wannabe1987 lol
14:31 eightbitbrad I'm not on her back.
14:31 Angy4 submit bug reports? :)
14:31 RageRiot figure of speach
14:31 Angy4 we all loooove bug reports
14:31 Cprossu you know someone on verizon (I think) thought it would be cute to have null@ as his email... guess what happened?
14:31 eightbitbrad Cprossu: no more email?
14:31 Cprossu no, he got TONS
14:31 RageRiot spam ?
14:31 Sgt_Lemming Cprossu, I have
14:31 RageRiot lol
14:31 eightbitbrad Cprossu: a black hole opened up and sucked them into the vortex?
14:32 Cprossu and a shit tone of it was from verizon
14:32 Sgt_Lemming at one stage it got 90'000 a day
14:32 Cprossu and they CHARGED HIM
14:32 Cprossu or tried to
14:32 Cprossu for all the emails he got
14:32 RageRiot omg O_O
14:32 Cprossu and also
14:32 Cprossu some of the email servers
14:32 Cprossu would send any email without a recipient
14:32 Cprossu to null@
14:32 Pr0xzy joined #thegeekgroup
14:32 Cprossu so he got like shit tons of email
14:32 SparkyPojects RageRiot, maybe best to send it to info@
14:33 RageRiot k
14:33 RageRiot true
14:34 Cj1corbystarlet RageRiot: Send your pic to
14:34 RageRiot I got a reply from that email thismorning
14:34 * Angy4 have finish first part of day, read 10,000 emails
14:34 RageRiot about registering
14:35 wannabe1987 is mikemol here?
14:35 mikemol wannabe1987: Pretty much always.
14:35 tysk left #thegeekgroup
14:35 Cprossu finally found the article
14:35 Cprossu
14:35 wannabe1987 lol the reason i don't like the live stream is i don't like how i a good thing i'm not up in master control all day :P
14:35 RageRiot is lis moose, tysk ?
14:35 wannabe1987 :nods:
14:36 mikemol RageRiot: There are two different people whose names sound like 'liz'
14:36 Cj1corbystarlet RageRiot: Yes
14:36 mikemol One is the one we see a lot on the live stream. The other is Moose.
14:36 mikemol One is Liz, the other is Lis.
14:36 wannabe1987 mikemol - one is liZ other is liS
14:36 RageRiot ok
14:36 wannabe1987 very easy as long as yous pell them right :P
14:36 Cj1corbystarlet RageRiot: Yes you are correct 3 are the same
14:37 eightbitbrad heh I'm just glad I didn't miss something.  just need to wait on email.
14:37 RageRiot thanks, composing email now
14:38 CaptainBoden
14:38 RageRiot exciting :D
14:39 RageRiot Dammy my email has froze !!
14:39 Angy4 glad I didn't head for the hospital youtube don't work there :)
14:40 Pr0xzy is that IP info i see when i do a "-whois"?
14:40 Angy4 you get info the the username, that contain the connexion ip
14:41 Sgt_Lemming that may not be the persons IP though depending on how they are connected
14:41 Sgt_Lemming also that is a bit of a strange first question to ask....
14:41 RageRiot lo
14:41 RageRiot lol
14:42 Pr0xzy :P well kinda going to have to use a proxy on this cause i can see my own IP :P
14:42 Pr0xzy left #thegeekgroup
14:42 wannabe1987 whats wrong with seeing someones IP?
14:42 RageRiot does this netowrk not have hostname privacy ?
14:43 Sgt_Lemming you can configure it, but it's not on by default
14:43 RageRiot ahh
14:43 * RageRiot gets right on it
14:43 * Angy4 don't care, not his ip that's shown
14:43 Sgt_Lemming not like it really stops much anyway
14:43 wannabe1987 whats wrong with seeing someones IP?
14:43 RageRiot well
14:43 Sgt_Lemming /dcc send RageRiot filename.txt
14:44 Sgt_Lemming do that while watching net-stat or something similar
14:44 RageRiot people could exploit your lack of security if they knoew your ip
14:44 Angy4 was thinking the exact same thing
14:44 wannabe1987 define lack of security (my boyfriend is the IT not me...)
14:45 RageRiot O_o open ports. easy ways in your system
14:45 wannabe1987 rageriot - why the O.o?
14:45 RageRiot basicly know fat controller
14:45 RageRiot no*
14:45 Sgt_Lemming finding an open port on my IP means you've found an open port on my modem, good luck actually exploiting it though
14:45 RageRiot confussed thinking.
14:45 Angy4 I don't think there is a lot of open ports out-there, will require somehow a public ip and a direct connexion of the modem
14:46 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:46 wannabe1987 i would assume both him and his brother (both computer peeps, IT networking and IT programming) would keep it secure...
14:46 RageRiot likly
14:46 Sgt_Lemming even most mobile broadband devices which you would think have public ip's are generally behind a network wide NAT
14:47 Angy4 I'll say double NAT
14:47 exor674 also lol, really, people who are all "waa people can see my IP" better not use the intrnet at all
14:47 RageRiot I'm acctually going throught 2 routers atm
14:47 speedrunnerG55_ In networking class were runnin right agenst the power conduit. It's painfull to watch
14:47 speedrunnerG55_ I can't stand it
14:47 RageRiot although the router up here is only acting as a switch.
14:47 Sgt_Lemming exor674, or use something like TOR for everything
14:47 exor674 Sgt_Lemming: still, *someone* gets your IP
14:47 RageRiot I have a side project learning windows server.
14:48 Sgt_Lemming true
14:48 RageRiot since I've just started to manage and administrer a primary school network as my new job
14:48 Angy4 windows server is either painful if you try to understand it, or easy if you follow the ``clik clik lcik''
14:49 RageRiot lol
14:49 Sgt_Lemming I have a PCI ADSL2+ modem in one of the machines I admin
14:49 Sgt_Lemming it's awesome
14:49 speedrunnerG55_ How bad if you are tying the Ethernet cables to a power conduit
14:49 speedrunnerG55_ How bad is it
14:49 Angy4 I used to have some of them, but I've trash the and go to FreeBSD :)
14:49 CaptainBoden Very bad
14:50 speedrunnerG55_ Darn. I can't stand this
14:50 CaptainBoden Well, it depends.
14:50 Cj1corbystarlet Its like using your moms bikini razor on your beard
14:50 Sgt_Lemming the connection it's on is currently on 294 days uptime and counting
14:50 CaptainBoden If you're going 10-base-T for less than 50 feet and using STP it's not so bad.
14:50 CaptainBoden If you're doing 2-base it's no problem at all.
14:50 Angy4 I got dual feed with up ethernet, down power and that's OK, the things I'm using are done to do exactly that
14:51 CaptainBoden If you're trying to do 100BT it's very bad
14:51 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
14:51 speedrunnerG55_ It's cat 5e 50 feet
14:51 CaptainBoden If Gigabit with UTP, you're fucking retarded and should have been microwaved as a toddler.
14:51 speedrunnerG55_ URL
14:51 speedrunnerG55_ UTP
14:51 speedrunnerG55_ It's my networking teacher
14:52 CaptainBoden He should go back to teaching English
14:52 eightbitbrad "What is this thing made of?  "It's made of magic and happiness."
14:52 producerBill joined #thegeekgroup
14:53 speedrunnerG55_ I'll post some pics.
14:53 eightbitbrad It's awesome seeing the truck inside for the first time.
14:54 CaptainBoden Maglinvinn is on the live feed right now
14:54 eightbitbrad I thought that's who it was.
14:54 producerBill i missed the truck
14:54 eightbitbrad producerBill: See the latest Captain's blog.
14:55 producerBill hummm a i am new so what does that mean
14:55 eightbitbrad
14:55 eightbitbrad Watch that. :)
14:55 speedrunnerG55_ I remembered what you said about that etho cable next to the power in the control room
14:57 Sgt_Lemming yeah, running any sort of signal next to power is a bad idea(tm)
14:57 producerBill thanks
14:57 producerBill watching now
14:58 speedrunnerG55_ I'll send links to pics
14:58 Quick Can we adjust the iris on that camera?
14:59 speedrunnerG55_ I once did this thing were I wrapped my hands around a power cable and touched an oscilloscope probe and it read 10v
14:59 Sgt_Lemming yup
14:59 speedrunnerG55_ Pp
15:00 Quick left #thegeekgroup
15:00 speedrunnerG55_
15:01 speedrunnerG55_ It's like that for 50 feet
15:01 Sgt_Lemming that's not that bad
15:01 speedrunnerG55_ It's Anouilh were not minding it at all
15:02 Sgt_Lemming if they cross like that it's fine, running them parralel and right next to each other (within 10mm) for long distances the problem
15:02 speedrunnerG55_ Anouilh
15:02 Sgt_Lemming ...?
15:02 speedrunnerG55_ Annoying
15:03 speedrunnerG55_ It's not crossing at right angles they Side by side
15:03 Sgt_Lemming still wouldn't worry about that one that much
15:03 Sgt_Lemming if there was a motor under varying load on the end of one of those power cables I might
15:03 Sgt_Lemming but for lighting etc it's fine
15:04 speedrunnerG55_ It's power for the computers
15:05 Sgt_Lemming the problem is more when you get big surges down a power cable right next a signal cable
15:05 RageRiot left #thegeekgroup
15:05 speedrunnerG55_
15:05 Sgt_Lemming i.e. a theatre light, or a motor that frequently starts and stops
15:05 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
15:05 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 2 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Electronics on Tesla coil electronic polarity shifter with arduino - need help.....Sparky Projects on vacuum in air
15:06 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
15:08 Sgt_Lemming one I have seen was when a service station had it's pumps on ethernet for data, they had the power cables and ethernet in the same conduit
15:08 Sgt_Lemming the pumps in the bowsers starting and stopping constantly did all sorts of evil shit to their network
15:12 SparkyPojects If network cables HAVE to run close, then at least they shoulld be in separate conduits, not just because it's data, but it's a different class of insulation on the cables and different voltage classes.
15:12 Sgt_Lemming yeah
15:13 Daddeldu joined #thegeekgroup
15:14 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
15:14 Daddeldu so what are they doing right now?
15:14 producerBill left #thegeekgroup
15:14 Sgt_Lemming cleaning and organising
15:15 Sgt_Lemming if it's anything like our hackerspace here, there will be lots of that to do
15:16 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
15:17 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:17 funtime180 whats going on at the lab today?
15:17 eightbitbrad funtime180: cleaning and preparing for more stuff to arrive
15:18 eightbitbrad they're making runs to kzoo today with the big truck, I think.
15:18 asnopus_ So much progress now
15:18 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
15:19 funtime180 how long till all the stuff is at the new lab?
15:20 eightbitbrad hard to say
15:20 asnopus_ Could take months
15:20 eightbitbrad some of the stuff they need to hire a moving company to do
15:20 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
15:20 funtime180 and the CNC machines?
15:20 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:21 asnopus_ They need to hire a truck for them
15:21 funtime180 cool. cant wait until its all done
15:21 SparkyPojects CNC's need packing properly, shipped and upacked, that will be specialist
15:22 speedrunnerG55_ Wow big project
15:22 SparkyPojects HAAS machines are on loan, so TGG don't want any mistakes.
15:22 speedrunnerG55_ Loan?
15:23 funtime180 loan?
15:23 asnopus_ And theres really no where for Jeff to live
15:23 funtime180 i thought that they were donated?
15:23 SparkyPojects yep, chris mentioned it, at the end of the loan period they will have the option to buy or return
15:23 asnopus_ I think Captain said that Haas Loaned them out and if they want to keep them then they need to be payed for
15:24 mashpriborintorg If TGG wins at the lottery, will it be possible to build something onto the parking lot, for extending the MDH ?
15:24 SparkyPojects I knew Chris would drive in :P
15:24 mashpriborintorg so much money issues :/
15:24 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
15:24 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 15m idle
15:24 funtime180 they dont come two a penny i take it,
15:26 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
15:27 CaptainBoden That wasn't me driving in ;)
15:27 Cj1corbystarlet You would have thought by now they would work out not to point the camera into the light
15:27 CaptainBoden Dan took Geek-1 today, I'm driving Onya in shortly.
15:27 SparkyPojects ah, i thought it would have been
15:27 SparkyPojects Just to be cool :D
15:28 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
15:28 tggRED Hi internet.
15:28 funtime180 hello red
15:28 CaptainBoden RED
15:29 Cj1corbystarlet Internet says hello
15:29 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
15:29 tggRED yes chris?
15:29 eightbitbrad hi RED
15:29 eightbitbrad was that you I saw in MDH earlier?
15:29 tggRED hey brad.
15:29 tggRED yes it was
15:30 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
15:30 CaptainBoden Just sayin hi :)
15:30 tggRED Hi.
15:30 CaptainBoden I'm heading in
15:30 tggRED What time are you coming in today?
15:30 tggRED nvm.
15:30 tggRED See you soon then.
15:32 eightbitbrad I think this summer I need to plan a trip to the lab
15:32 Seroster Yay
15:32 Seroster I bought a meter of threaded M10
15:32 Seroster Pretty damn cheap
15:33 Seroster $2 or so
15:33 funtime180 what you gonna use it for?
15:33 Seroster Making springs angry
15:34 Seroster My "Mightbehandysomeday" springs take up a lot of room. Ill use the rod and some nuts to compress it
15:35 funtime180 interesting
15:35 eightbitbrad Just two more shoots worth of pictures to edit tonight, then I can get back to coding.
15:36 wannabe1987
15:37 mashpriborintorg How girls can do several thing at the same time
15:37 Daddeldu left #thegeekgroup
15:38 wannabe1987 lol
15:38 wannabe1987 i can't DDR to save my life...maybe on easy...but we have it for the ps2 and i suck
15:38 wannabe1987 now, violin ican do to save my
15:39 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
15:40 eightbitbrad DDR?  I can't do... Just Dance?  yes, and I nailed 3rd place in a competition last weekend to prove it.
15:41 wannabe1987 i like "freestyle" dance (swing/ballroom) better...kthxbai
15:41 wannabe1987 all i need is a lead...i'll follow pretty well
15:42 eightbitbrad see, me dancing is a hilarious thing.
15:43 wannabe1987 lol
15:43 wannabe1987 vid?
15:43 wannabe1987 watching yesterdays captn vid
15:44 eightbitbrad lol thankfully, no video of me
15:44 eightbitbrad but i'm a big dude.
15:44 eightbitbrad 6'5"
15:44 wannabe1987 lol  my boyfriend is 6'7''
15:44 eightbitbrad trying to think of who best resembles my build type
15:45 wannabe1987 i probably won't know them
15:45 eightbitbrad Kind of a cross between Batman and maglivinn I'm thinking
15:45 wannabe1987 lol
15:45 wannabe1987 that works
15:45 SparkyPojects If this guy can do it on one leg, surely you can do it on 2
15:45 wannabe1987 totally not supposed to be doing this atm...but eh
15:45 wannabe1987 i'm lazy
15:46 eightbitbrad here:
15:46 eightbitbrad that's me, circa 2010 Christmastime
15:46 eightbitbrad be scared, be very scared.
15:47 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
15:47 wannabe1987 skared or skard?
15:47 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:47 wannabe1987 damn words r spelld the same!
15:47 eightbitbrad scared, scarred...  your choice.  be forewarned.
15:48 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
15:48 wannabe1987 lol
15:48 eightbitbrad heya mashpriborintorg
15:48 eightbitbrad err MadManMarkAu
15:48 eightbitbrad darn autocomplete
15:48 wannabe1987 LOL
15:48 wannabe1987 autocomplete?
15:48 eightbitbrad wish work didn't block mah IRC ports.  the web interface...
15:48 eightbitbrad yeah, you can type into the webinterface and hit tab to complete a nick
15:48 eightbitbrad nick completion / autocomplete
15:49 wannabe1987 ah
15:49 wannabe1987 i have a client :P
15:49 eightbitbrad usually I do too.
15:49 eightbitbrad :P
15:49 wannabe1987 work eh?
15:49 eightbitbrad heh  your client should do it too
15:49 eightbitbrad yep
15:49 wannabe1987 what is this "work" people speak of?
15:49 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
15:49 eightbitbrad 7:30-4 every day.
15:49 eightbitbrad 'cept weekends
15:49 wannabe1987 mirc does it????
15:49 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: it should... type eightb and hit tab
15:49 wannabe1987 means you haev $$ for shit
15:50 eightbitbrad I wish.
15:50 wannabe1987 :O
15:50 eightbitbrad money for bills
15:50 wannabe1987 it does...
15:50 wannabe1987 holy crap
15:50 wannabe1987 grrrr bills
15:50 eightbitbrad see? :)
15:50 wannabe1987 student loan company is gonna eat me alive...
15:50 Seroster PSA: The company "best tools" DOESNT MAKE THE BEST TOOLS! Actually, most of their stuff is craptacular.
15:51 Seroster </PSA>
15:51 wannabe1987 eightbitbrad -
15:51 wannabe1987 fail
15:51 eightbitbrad lol
15:51 wannabe1987 eightbitbrad -;current=MOV06090.mp4
15:51 wannabe1987 that
15:51 wannabe1987 not me...but my puter doin its shit
15:52 eightbitbrad holy crap
15:52 wannabe1987 noone knows why...
15:52 wannabe1987 i've only asked 2 people
15:52 wannabe1987 but still
15:53 Seroster But I love craptacular tools
15:53 Seroster Becaus sometimes craptacular tools are fucking awesome
15:53 eightbitbrad hmmm...  yeah, that is rather strange.
15:53 Cj1corbystarlet I'd say you have some issues with the vidoe card syn with the screen
15:53 wannabe1987 can you fix it here in MI?
15:54 * Angy4 hate submiting abstracts for conferences
15:54 wannabe1987 cuz thats why i have to reboot so often
15:54 jackkollan I see a truck
15:54 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
15:54 * wannabe1987 is watching cptns blog from yesterday
15:54 eightbitbrad that's the truck.
15:54 wannabe1987 at the lab?
15:54 eightbitbrad yep
15:55 eightbitbrad check live stream... it just pulled in.
15:55 wannabe1987 i'd rather not...i have no reason to
15:55 wannabe1987 :P
15:55 wannabe1987 besides it slows down my computer
15:55 eightbitbrad oh, looks like they're gonna work on it and prepare for the trip down
15:55 mashpriborintorg cargo ship of stuff arriving at stellar gate
15:55 Cj1corbystarlet whats wrong with it?
15:55 mashpriborintorg they opened the wrong end :(
15:56 eightbitbrad mashpriborintorg: they haven't gone to kzoo yet this morning
15:56 Cj1corbystarlet thats gonna make a long day
15:56 eightbitbrad Cj1corbystarlet: I think it has a small fuel leak, and they're probably just checking it over before heading out.
15:56 wannabe1987 lol@ made of magic and happiness
15:56 wannabe1987 small?
15:57 Cj1corbystarlet Pack of chewing gum, and get going !
15:57 wannabe1987 its got a good sized leak...they stick a bucket under it when its parked
15:57 wannabe1987 lol :starts chewing:
15:57 eightbitbrad lol
15:57 wannabe1987 does it hold diesel in?
15:57 Cj1corbystarlet has done on a generator for me
15:57 eightbitbrad okay, well to me, that's small... big leaks are when fuel is flowing freely on the road.  that's always fun to clean up
15:57 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
15:57 wannabe1987 ahhhh
15:57 wannabe1987 ok
15:58 Cj1corbystarlet if its diesel just eld the leak
15:58 Cj1corbystarlet *weld
15:58 wannabe1987 i would assume dante takes deisel..
15:58 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: looks that way
15:58 wannabe1987 no, i cannot spell that word either
16:00 funtime180 wannabe1987:  if you were using Safari, it has a built in spell checker as you type in any sort of text field.
16:00 eightbitbrad damn I wish the audio in the MDH worked
16:00 wannabe1987 safari?
16:00 wannabe1987 lol @ macs
16:00 wannabe1987 my dad uses safari
16:00 wannabe1987 i use FF on my pc
16:00 funtime180 Safari from Apple its an internet browser for mac and pc
16:00 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
16:00 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 15m idle (been away for 36m)
16:00 wannabe1987 i know what it is
16:00 RageRiot i ude ff
16:00 RageRiot use*
16:01 wannabe1987 you're nude?
16:01 wannabe1987 odd thing to tell us :P
16:01 funtime180 im not
16:01 RageRiot lol
16:01 mikemol BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden don't forget to bring the Van de Graaf generator in tomorrow.
16:01 BotSteve mikemol: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
16:02 wannabe1987 mikemol - you gonna help this weekend?
16:02 mikemol wannabe1987: Saturday Social will be there, at least.
16:02 wannabe1987 ah. i have plans in jenison all weekend...:P
16:02 wannabe1987 its so sad
16:02 mikemol I'll put together the Mumble system; it'll be easy enough. Just drop Debian on one box for a server, and use whatever client is desired.
16:02 * wannabe1987 mumble = penguin
16:03 Seroster Cj1corbystarlet, "if its diesel just eld the leak" - Eld == Fire in swedish. So. Yeah. fire around the leak ftw!
16:03 wannabe1987 lol
16:03 Cj1corbystarlet huh ?  i have welded many diesel tanks full of fuel
16:03 wannabe1987 ok
16:03 wannabe1987 but ELD = fire in swedish
16:03 wannabe1987 not WELD
16:03 wannabe1987 you misspelled
16:04 wannabe1987 and it made a new word in a diff langauage
16:04 funtime180 Cj1corbystarlet: how many times has it cough fire?
16:04 wannabe1987 cough?
16:04 funtime180 that is why i need a spell checher
16:04 funtime180 *checker
16:04 wannabe1987 caused?
16:04 wannabe1987 its ok
16:05 mikemol Only dragons cough fire...
16:05 wannabe1987 yeah...
16:05 wannabe1987 or furry dragons
16:05 * wannabe1987 went there
16:05 mikemol wannabe1987: I know a couple.
16:05 Cj1corbystarlet If you do it correctly and use nitrogen/argon gas to purge air nothing cathes on fire
16:05 wannabe1987 i know a guy who breaths fire ...
16:05 mikemol Though I don't think they go so far as to do flame spurt tricks in costume.
16:06 wannabe1987 i actually have a vidya of it on YT
16:06 Cj1corbystarlet But dont do it if you have no idea on what to do
16:06 funtime180 ok
16:06 * wannabe1987 stays far enough from fire to not burn, but not get cold
16:07 Cj1corbystarlet * After midnight my brain goes into powersaver mode and correct spelling is disabled *
16:08 wannabe1987 lol
16:08 wannabe1987 time by you?
16:08 Cj1corbystarlet 12:07 am 30 April 2011
16:08 funtime180 after i wake up my brain does that
16:09 Cj1corbystarlet The future is good,  and ps  Maglinvin will need a bandaid in about 17 mins :)
16:09 funtime180 can you see into the future?
16:10 Cj1corbystarlet No but i can see into the past
16:10 funtime180 wow
16:10 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
16:10 funtime180 easily pleased
16:11 Cj1corbystarlet i'm 12 hours ahead of grandrapids
16:11 Seroster wannabe1987, you know TWO people who breathes fire. Me being the second
16:11 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
16:12 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
16:13 BatSteve cheers
16:13 Seroster Arr
16:13 Angy4 Hi!
16:14 BatSteve hi Seroster and Angy4!
16:14 Seroster ARR!
16:14 BatSteve yo ho
16:14 funtime180 hola
16:15 Cj1corbystarlet Yellow
16:15 funtime180 orange, blue
16:15 mashpriborintorg camera is moving
16:16 wannabe1987 seroster - i don't know you personally
16:16 wannabe1987 i don't know your face, couldn't recognize you in a crowd
16:17 Seroster I know =P
16:17 Seroster And to be honest, I dont breathe much fire nowdays
16:17 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
16:17 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 15m idle
16:17 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
16:17 wannabe1987 hi cook!
16:18 * Angy4 is going to try to implement issue #2 of BotSteve
16:18 Johnnyvegas joined #thegeekgroup
16:18 BatSteve Angy4: make sure to pull the most recent changes before you do
16:18 BatSteve I've added a database table that should help you with that
16:18 BatSteve But go for it
16:19 BatSteve it should be fun!
16:19 Angy4 I'll have to move my brain from mercurial to git :)
16:19 BatSteve wait wait
16:19 BatSteve you use mercurial?
16:19 Johnnyvegas left #thegeekgroup
16:19 BatSteve are you on linux?
16:20 Angy4 I'm on a *nux system yes
16:20 BatSteve
16:20 BatSteve no git needed
16:20 Pr0xzy joined #thegeekgroup
16:20 wannabe1987 welcome back proxzy
16:20 funtime180 did anyone else notice the crack in the floor in the latest captains blog?
16:20 Angy4 sooo cool
16:20 BatSteve (:
16:20 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
16:21 Angy4 I switch from git to mercurial for my own project (in and ex corporate :)
16:21 Cj1corbystarlet Ouch
16:21 BatSteve Angy4: I used that for a long time - don't worry about it being "beta", it's always been very stable for me
16:21 Pr0xzy left #thegeekgroup
16:21 Angy4 all my softwares are beta
16:21 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:22 BatSteve (grin)
16:22 eightbitbrad back
16:22 BatSteve I'm actually starting to like git better though.  Mostly because I can do git add <file> and customize my commits
16:22 BatSteve you can probably do that with mercurial but I don't know how
16:23 Angy4 yep, you can do that
16:24 exor674 I wonder if there's anything like mercurial queues for git
16:25 Darksecond exor674: do you mean something like git stash?
16:25 Yaotzin_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:25 exor674 I don't think git stash lets you manage multiple ones
16:25 Darksecond Angy4: as far as i know, you cannot refure to not commit modified already tracked files
16:25 Darksecond exor674: it should
16:26 Angy4 rhaaa it don't want to clone the repo
16:26 Angy4 I'll switch to git for github
16:26 Darksecond and yeah, git is awesome ^_^
16:26 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
16:26 BatSteve githuuuuub <3
16:27 Darksecond that too :)
16:27 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
16:27 Yaotzin_ is now known as Yaotzin
16:28 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
16:28 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 15m idle (been away for 10m)
16:28 RageRiot is the Van broke ?
16:28 SparkyPojects Seems to be
16:30 funtime180 whens it gonna be fixed?
16:30 SparkyPojects it'll be fixed when it's fixed :P
16:30 RageRiot lol
16:30 funtime180 lol
16:31 * Angy4 find how to use the sqlite database
16:32 Angy4 I *love* the #4 insult
16:33 BatSteve the animals one?
16:33 BatSteve ^_^
16:33 Angy4 yep
16:33 BatSteve add more!
16:33 Angy4 I'll might write some more
16:33 RageRiot .help
16:34 RageRiot :P thougt the bot might have help text
16:34 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
16:34 RageRiot I made an irc bot years ago with mIRC scripting
16:35 BatSteve RageRiot: there is a little bit
16:35 BatSteve BotSteve: help
16:35 BotSteve BatSteve: Hi, I'm a bot. Say ".commands" to me in private for a list of my commands, or see for more general details. My owner is BatSteve.
16:35 RageRiot can hardly remember any of it now
16:36 RageRiot ah cool
16:37 * Angy4 need to find how to create a counter to create a random spawn for a command
16:38 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
16:39 BatSteve Angy4: random.choice() seems to work?
16:39 Thewhite joined #thegeekgroup
16:39 Angy4 I was thinking about radom.randint(1,100)
16:40 RageRiot BatSteve do some commands only respond when you are authed with the bot ?
16:41 BatSteve yes, the admin commands such as kick or ban
16:41 BatSteve however, commands like google or tfw work for everyone
16:41 BatSteve .tfw Grand Rapids
16:41 BotSteve 53�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'It could be worse.'
16:41 RageRiot can normal users ( like us ) register with your bot ?
16:43 BatSteve RageRiot: there is no registering
16:43 BatSteve just type .tfw city
16:43 Pr0xzy joined #thegeekgroup
16:44 RageRiot yeh I mean like you have access to kick and op/deop people ( I'm not expecting rights but yu have to auth with your bot to use thoes commands right.
16:44 BatSteve oh!
16:44 BatSteve I see
16:44 BatSteve No, when the bot receives a kick command, it queries Nickserv to see if I'm registered on freenode
16:44 RageRiot I'm just interested in how you auth with your bot? is it password access like chanserv
16:45 RageRiot ah
16:45 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
16:45 BatSteve it does no authentication itself, it just checks to see if I'm registered with nickserv
16:45 arran-g hi
16:45 RageRiot thats neat, so it doesnt have to have a seperate ACL
16:46 RageRiot cool
16:46 BatSteve correct.  all it's got is a list of names
16:46 BatSteve "these users are permitted if their nickserv authenticates"
16:46 Cj1corbystarlet Good night all,   I'm off to bed
16:46 thomas__ joined #thegeekgroup
16:46 RageRiot I'm not used to nickserv/chanserv I used to use quakenet alot
16:47 RageRiot they dont have a nickserv
16:47 RageRiot so most bots on quakenet worked with serpate ACL's so to speak
16:47 arran-g RageRiot: how do you auth then?
16:47 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
16:47 RageRiot on quakenet ?
16:47 Cj1corbystarlet left #thegeekgroup
16:47 thomas__ hi
16:48 arran-g yeh
16:48 RageRiot they have Q bot , I tell a lie they have a chanserv called Q
16:48 Ponko92 alright lads & ladies :)
16:48 RageRiot I beleive the auth process on Q bot is by hosename.
16:49 RageRiot or hostmask I should say
16:49 eightbitbrad hiya Ponko92
16:49 Ponko92 alright eightbitbrad hows it hanging :)
16:49 thomas__ what is habbening with the truck
16:49 RageRiot then authed user would by default appear with the hostmask
16:50 RageRiot I thin :S :P
16:50 eightbitbrad I'd be better if I weren't at work, but it's not so bad at least.
16:50 RageRiot it's been about 3- 4 years since I was last on IRC
16:51 Ponko92 wow thats a long time
16:51 RageRiot yeh
16:52 Angy4 code writen, need to eat, then re-read, proof-read and test before commit :)
16:52 RageRiot I got into a shitty job in a call centre for 3 years and I lost interest in alot of things I was into before due to feeling so depressed. I've only just realised that now
16:53 BatSteve Angy4: use #tgg-bots for testing
16:53 arran-g RageRiot: theres a word for that, I forget it though.
16:53 tesla4d Hey, BatSteve, I just found something fun you might get a kick out of.
16:53 RageRiot thats no use then :P
16:53 Seroster 8 turns of 8mm spring steel, that wants to be 400mm long will be compressed to 64mm.  Anyone know the math of how much force will be contained within?
16:53 SparkyPojects thomas_ there's a problem they ned to fix, not sure what though
16:53 Ponko92 BODEN
16:54 BatSteve tesla4d: go ahead
16:54 arran-g lol
16:54 arran-g boden
16:54 Angy4 Seroster: I used to know that
16:54 Seroster ...Right
16:54 Angy4 I think I got it somewhere
16:54 P joined #thegeekgroup
16:54 Seroster Ah, sweet!
16:54 tesla4d I tried to do some flying really far north in X-Plane. There's no scenery up there, and I've heard that strange things can happen. On a whim, I set the autopilot to fly me to the north pole...
16:54 Seroster All I know is the general answer "A SHITLOAD!"
16:54 P is now known as Guest82231
16:54 thomas__ left #thegeekgroup
16:55 Guest82231 left #thegeekgroup
16:55 arran-g Seroster: never used X-Plane, have you tried FlighGear?
16:55 arran-g *Flight
16:55 BatSteve okay
16:56 Seroster I think you meant to talk to tesla4d =P
16:56 Angy4 It's quite easy, it's only an application of Hooke's law in shear stres :)
16:56 arran-g oh
16:56 Seroster Hookers law? That would be awesome.
16:56 tesla4d It turns out that X-Plane organizes scenery by One-degree lat/lon files, which is great for the rest of the world, but at the poles, you wind up flying down the length of a giant pie slice, and then, at the moment of crossing the pole, X-Plane goes HRRRK! as it tries to load all 180 scenery files that meet at the pole.
16:56 Seroster I just want a general idea of how many kilograms of force are contained in it, joules doesnt mean much to me =P
16:57 Ponko92 is there a problem with the truck?
16:57 arruid joined #thegeekgroup
16:57 Ponko92 not my field but i MIGHT have a idea
16:57 Seroster O?
16:57 RageRiot I'm interested in some history of the geek group, I've only just descovered you about a month ago by accident and watched all the videos regarding the newbuilding and prep. afaik tgg had a difficult time a kazoo ? is there a thread or page regarding that history ?
16:57 mashpriborintorg dan is connecting a laptop to the truck, they mught be upgrading the firmware....
16:57 Ponko92 ahhh ok
16:57 Seroster RageRiot, Yes.
16:57 Angy4 a lot :) that type of calculation is usually tricky to do
16:58 Seroster RageRiot, Kalamazoo tried to tax the geek group out of existance
16:58 Angy4 and the bad part is depending on the stell, it can be very very different
16:58 Seroster A couple of hundred thousand dollars
16:58 Seroster Search for the geek group video called "tax war"
16:58 tesla4d What kind of springs are you guys talking about?
16:58 BatSteve tesla4d: that's really cool
16:58 BatSteve I should do that
16:58 Seroster tesla4d, big compressikon spring
16:58 RageRiot thanks
16:58 BatSteve .yt the geek group tax war
16:58 BotSteve BatSteve:
16:58 Seroster Tyvm BatSteve
16:58 RageRiot thanks
16:58 Ponko92 all i have to say to the tax people in Kzoo
16:58 RageRiot :)
16:58 Ponko92 is KARMA
16:59 Ponko92 there loss
16:59 Seroster RageRiot, Someone in Kzoo didnt like TGG. So even thou TGG is tax excempt they wanted us to pay a couple of hundred thousand in taxes, and they wanted to get the money for PREVIOUS years too.   The whole ordeal is pretty fucked.
16:59 Ponko92 sod 'em what i say
16:59 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
16:59 Seroster Wb wannabe1987
17:00 Ponko92 yo yo yo wannabe :)
17:00 * Angy4 start doing the calculation
17:00 wannabe1987 wassup guys?
17:00 wannabe1987 don't do hurts!
17:00 Ponko92 watching the game having a bud
17:00 wannabe1987 game?
17:00 tesla4d BatSteve: So, yeah, I learned the *real* reason X-Plane doesn't have any polar scenery. I've heard that in older versions, flying exactly over the pole could do some very "interesting" things. Crash the program, crash your plane, teleport you to the opposite pole, teleport you to a random point on the globe, etc. In comparison, my experience was pretty mundane.
17:00 RageRiot ahh sounds bad
17:00 Angy4 I do maths every days
17:00 wannabe1987 you mean the wedding?
17:00 wannabe1987 lol
17:00 Ponko92 lol
17:00 Angy4 do you have an idea of the lenght of the uncoilled spring?
17:00 Angy4 that's kind of my job right now
17:00 Ponko92 well it was in a budwiser ad wasn't it
17:01 * wannabe1987 doesn't watch tv
17:01 Ponko92 lol
17:01 Seroster Ponko92 and tesla4d,  I have five or so bigass springs, compression springs made from circular spring steel (8mm) - there are 8 turns in the entire spring.  The spring "relaxed" is 40cm long, and Ill compress it to the point the coils actually touch
17:01 Ponko92 that helps
17:01 Seroster Angy, sec.
17:01 * wannabe1987 is gonna give her car its bi-annual bath today :D
17:01 Pr0xzy lmfao
17:01 Ponko92 ahhh whats this for again?
17:01 BatSteve tesla4d: coooool
17:02 speedrunnerG55__ Now I'm a network admin. I'll try to fix some stuff
17:02 Seroster .c 90*3.141592
17:02 BotSteve 282.74328
17:02 Seroster That is the circumferance of one turn in millimeters
17:02 wannabe1987 one in the spring, one in the fall
17:02 Seroster .c 282.7*8
17:02 BotSteve 2 261.6
17:02 Ponko92 ok whats it for i have to ask
17:02 funtime180 left #thegeekgroup
17:02 Seroster The spring?
17:02 Ponko92 yes
17:02 SparkyPojects Seroster, compress the springs, then cut off the excess threaded rod, then have fun when you want to decompress them :D
17:02 Seroster Its a part of a pneumatic actuator
17:02 Ponko92 ahhh ok
17:02 Seroster Well, was. Once in the good ol days
17:03 Angy4 let's say, steel. standard steel is around 210GPa
17:03 Seroster It isnt any special spring steel, probably pretty generic
17:03 Angy4 I'd say C70
17:03 Angy4 do they tend to be slightly rusty and a little bit oily?
17:03 tesla4d Seroster, so what are you trying to do? Figure out how much force the spring exerts?
17:03 Seroster SparkyPojects, I intend to compress them fully, tie them down with cord (or wire) and then remove the threaded rod
17:04 Seroster In essence yes
17:04 Seroster I want to know how much evil and pain is contained within
17:04 Ponko92 if it was for a car suspension id make sure you stand back when you 'release' it
17:04 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
17:04 Ponko92 or point AWAY from anything of you
17:04 Seroster And how much thread or wire Ill have to use to prevent it blowing up in my face
17:05 Seroster Ponko92, just wrap in a blanket and cut the cord =P
17:05 SparkyPojects Use good wire, you don't want the cord snapping O.O
17:05 tesla4d Seroster, you know how much force it exerts when fully compressed?
17:05 Seroster SparkyPojects, I am going to use just as much as needed. And then I'll double that, and throw in a little more for good measure
17:05 Ponko92 i was talking about the coil spring seroster
17:05 Seroster tesla4d, That is what I am trying to figure out =P
17:06 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
17:06 Seroster I guesstimate the power to be in the 2-300kg range
17:07 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
17:07 tesla4d Okay, start with a known mass and put it on top of the spring. If it compresses it significantly, measure the amount. If it doesn't compress significantly, get a bigger mass and try again. Take the mass that you end up using, multiply its mass in kg by 9.81 to get the force, then divide that force by the amount of compression in meters to get the "spring constant"...
17:08 Seroster Heh
17:08 Pr0xzy left #thegeekgroup
17:08 Angy4 ther's easier way
17:08 Angy4 wayyyyy easier
17:09 Seroster Btw, threaded rod got 8 threads per centimeter, and I got to compress the spring anohter 100mm,
17:09 Angy4 k = Gd^4/(8nD^3) where G is the rigidity of the material, d the wire diameter, n the number of coils, D the mean coil diameter
17:09 tesla4d Once you have the spring constant, multiply it by the maximum compression of the spring to get the amount of force it will exert at full compression. Then, take that maximum force in Newtons, multiply it by the maximum compression in meters, and divide by two. This is the total stored energy in Joules.
17:09 Angy4 the very bad part if that it'sthreaded rod
17:09 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
17:10 wannabe1987 angel is so pretty...
17:10 Angy4 you can't calculate threaded rod coil like you say tesla4d
17:10 tesla4d Why not?
17:10 Angy4 as compression springs works on shear
17:10 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
17:10 tesla4d It still works.
17:10 Angy4 and the shear modulus of threaded rod _will_ change when compressed
17:10 Angy4 no
17:11 tesla4d How non-linear will it get?
17:11 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
17:11 Angy4 er... can't quantify non-linear
17:11 Seroster Angy4,  k = ??*8mm^4/(n90mm^3)
17:12 Seroster And the coil isnt threaded, but I use a threaded rod with a bunch of nuts and washers to compress the circular spring
17:12 Angy4 standard spring steel is 210000 MPa
17:12 tesla4d Angy4, sure you can.
17:12 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
17:12 Angy4 but you will get the value as you spring where with 8mm rods
17:12 Angy4 so something like a 10,000+ Kg force
17:12 Quick joined #thegeekgroup
17:12 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
17:13 Pr0xzy joined #thegeekgroup
17:13 Quick O HAI
17:13 Quick Why's the truck inside today?
17:13 exor674 because it can be?
17:13 Quick (we really need to fix the iris on that camera).
17:13 Pr0xzy :P
17:13 SparkyPojects truck is broke
17:13 Angy4 it's ke^(ax) if yoiu want some non liear thinks
17:13 Quick What broke this time?
17:14 Quick Or rather, what's worth fixing this time?
17:14 SparkyPojects No idea
17:14 Seroster Quick, well... Where else should we put it? On the roof?
17:14 Quick In the parking lot where it belongs.
17:14 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
17:14 Angy4 you, off course, still can caracterize with the mass thing, but you will have to get around 10-15 points to get a real approximation
17:14 Seroster Well. Yeah. We COULD put it there...
17:15 eightbitbrad Quick: I think they're giving it a going-over before the next run to kzoo
17:15 Pr0xzy left #thegeekgroup
17:15 Quick I'm thinking I might stop by the lab before heading off to Inkster for my gig to see what's going on.
17:15 SparkyPojects Quick, not sure about the iris, both cameras in the MDH suffer the same when pointing at the light, if you turn the gain down, you can't see a lot
17:15 Quick That would be smart. We're going to be using it all day tomorrow.
17:16 Seroster Probably, yes, eightbitbrad. weld the damn wheels on, so the crazy Kzooians doesnt steal them.
17:16 Quick Even when the door is closed, the cameras are still overexposed.
17:16 Angy4 is now known as Angy4_away
17:17 Quick Who's that?
17:17 asnopus_ Chris and someone else
17:17 Quick Yeah, who's the someone else?
17:17 asnopus_ Never seen him before
17:18 wannabe1987 ponko92 - stalk much?!
17:18 Quick (I work at the lab... taking a day off because I need to find another paying job and I have a gig tonight.)
17:18 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
17:18 thomas__ joined #thegeekgroup
17:19 thomas__ left #thegeekgroup
17:19 SparkyPojects Quick did the steadycam work on yesterdays shoot of the door
17:19 Quick Yeah, it worked quite well.
17:20 Quick That's the best I've ever had it calibrated.
17:20 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell ponko92 he's a stalker
17:20 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when ponko92 is around.
17:20 SparkyPojects Practice Practice Practice :D
17:20 exor674 wannabe1987: you being stalked?
17:20 Quick Exactly.
17:20 wannabe1987 no.  i uploaded a picture, and he liked  it immediately...before i could see it uploaded
17:21 exor674 heh
17:21 wannabe1987 photo
17:21 SparkyPojects Whenever i see a steadicam operator, i always think of Groucho Marx
17:21 wannabe1987 that was my drive in to my cleaning job today...
17:21 thomas__ joined #thegeekgroup
17:21 Quick Hey, will anyone clean my living space for me so I can go spend a few hours at the lab?
17:22 wannabe1987 pay me
17:22 wannabe1987 i 'll clean
17:22 wannabe1987 and i'm local!
17:22 SparkyPojects Quick, got you on screenies
17:22 Quick I'm a starving musician. I can't afford to pay.
17:22 Quick Neat.
17:22 Quick Kyle got some great pictures yesterday too.
17:23 wannabe1987 lol
17:23 wannabe1987 PM
17:25 Quick Video froze.
17:26 Quick Oh wait, okay.
17:26 SparkyPojects There's one i'd like to get, Chris entering the door with that flare, and wearing his shades, a sort of alien or superbeing coming from the light
17:26 Quick Oh hey, Anya is inside.
17:26 thomas__ left #thegeekgroup
17:27 SparkyPojects The other one is nside too
17:27 Quick Other one?
17:27 SparkyPojects The other car that Chris drives
17:28 Quick Geek 1?
17:28 Quick How'd he get both of them there?
17:28 SparkyPojects yep
17:29 SparkyPojects Dan drove Geek1
17:29 Quick Ah, okay.
17:29 Quick We better be getting Geek 3 while we're in KZoo tomorrow.
17:31 Quick Gah. I hate Ustream.
17:32 olivier joined #thegeekgroup
17:32 tggmc1 joined #thegeekgroup
17:32 Thewhite left #thegeekgroup
17:33 Quick Mkay, well, I'm going to shut up and clean for awhile so I can get down to the lab.
17:33 MadManMarkAu1 Oooh, the move is happening
17:33 Photon939 afternoon all
17:33 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
17:33 exor674 IT RUNS!
17:33 mashpriborintorg crew onto launchpad
17:33 Quick Of course it does.
17:34 Quick Not very well, but it runs.
17:34 tggmastercontrol left #thegeekgroup
17:37 SparkyPojects It leaks but it runs :D
17:37 SparkyPojects They had that tub under the fuel tank i think
17:39 KD8FZI joined #thegeekgroup
17:41 KD8FZI i wonder if they will move the cnc mills themselves
17:41 asnopus_ They cant
17:41 SparkyPojects Nope, that's specialist
17:42 KD8FZI i bet that will be the last big thing to arrive
17:42 asnopus_ probably
17:43 SparkyPojects And Jeff
17:43 asnopus_ The boxes of stuff have already begun to move
17:45 MadManMarkAu1 <-- this is gonna rock
17:46 thomas__ joined #thegeekgroup
17:46 asnopus_ WOW
17:46 asnopus_ that is awesome
17:48 Angy4_away is now known as Angy4
17:51 thomas__ left #thegeekgroup
17:51 Spankie joined #thegeekgroup
17:54 MadManMarkAu1 Man, I wish the stream wern't so bloomed to hell
17:54 KD8FZI left #thegeekgroup
17:55 MadManMarkAu1 IT BURRNSSSS~
17:55 Seroster YOU JUST LOST THE GAME!
17:56 wannabe1987
17:56 wannabe1987 rfuck you seroster
17:56 Seroster Bwahaha!
17:56 MadManMarkAu1 I've trained myself to stop reading a sentance when I read "You just lost the"
17:56 Electronics XD
17:56 wannabe1987 ;p;
17:56 wannabe1987 lol
17:57 MadManMarkAu1 Oooh, is she plug-and-play?
17:57 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
17:57 wannabe1987 do you want her to be
17:57 wannabe1987 ?
17:57 wannabe1987 hi red!
17:57 MadManMarkAu1 HAI REG!
17:57 * MadManMarkAu1 hugs a Red
17:57 tggRED Hey guys.
17:57 MadManMarkAu1 *RED
17:57 tggRED Yay hugs.
17:57 wannabe1987 tggRED i'm watching RENT
17:57 Electronics hai
17:57 tggRED lol, cuz of my music?
17:57 Quick left #thegeekgroup
17:57 wannabe1987 yes.
17:57 wannabe1987 i blame you
17:58 wannabe1987 i had to torrent it cuz i ccannot find my disc :(
17:58 eightbitbrad it's a RED! *hugs*
17:58 MadManMarkAu1 THe BLOOM BURNS!
17:58 eightbitbrad someone save me from the insanity
17:58 RageRiot I've just finished watching the tax war video. bloody feckers tax collecters
17:58 eightbitbrad oh car
17:58 tggRED hi brad :)
17:59 Electronics well maybe the change was for the good
17:59 eightbitbrad looks like CaptainBoden's ride
17:59 tggRED I just washed it ^_^
17:59 Electronics bigger lab, nicer community...
17:59 MadManMarkAu1 Is that Blue Shift?
17:59 eightbitbrad awesomeness
17:59 RageRiot yeah the change to grand rapids seems to have been a good move
17:59 SparkyPojects 2 cars actually, Onya and Geek1
17:59 eightbitbrad what was up with the truck?
18:00 RageRiot I'll have to try and visit some time. I'm low income this year so no chance me affording it
18:01 tggRED The trucks' brake lines are all messed up. Maglinvinn is fixin em.
18:02 eightbitbrad oh crap... yeah, those are kinda important.
18:02 Electronics afk, wataching DrWho =P
18:02 Electronics is now known as Electronics|AFK
18:02 tggRED so jealous.
18:03 eightbitbrad yay Doctor
18:03 tggRED <3 <3 <3
18:03 eightbitbrad tggRED: Which is your fave?
18:03 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
18:03 tggRED Tennant
18:03 tggRED and then smith
18:03 hubzcaps oooooh
18:03 asnopus_ <3 Dr. Who
18:03 eightbitbrad hehe.  I finished with 9, just starting in on Tennant
18:03 Rahlon Tennant all the way for me
18:03 hubzcaps bodens car   anja  the honda   lol
18:04 * eightbitbrad is a recent Who convert
18:04 Rahlon I need to catch up on the new guy's eps not really watched them.
18:04 MadManMarkAu1 Hmm, sounds like there is some starter motor trouble there...
18:04 hubzcaps new guy?
18:04 Rahlon the current doctor
18:04 eightbitbrad Matt Smith
18:04 Rahlon that's him
18:04 MadManMarkAu1 David Tennant > Matt Smith
18:05 exkon joined #thegeekgroup
18:05 eightbitbrad I think I'm a little smitten with Rose though.
18:05 tggRED lol
18:05 MadManMarkAu1 Rose was alright. Donna was cool, she has so much sas :P
18:05 MadManMarkAu1 *sass
18:06 exkon left #thegeekgroup
18:06 Rahlon too chavy if you ask me though
18:06 eightbitbrad I was digging the 9th doctor, but Tennant is growing on me quickly
18:06 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:06 eightbitbrad if PSN were fixed I'd continue my marathon tonight
18:07 speedrunnerG55_ Hey geeks. Class ended. So now I'm one of the network admins
18:07 speedrunnerG55_ :D
18:07 eightbitbrad oh hey Red, here's your scare of the week:
18:07 speedrunnerG55_ I filled in my friends spot he broke his ankle
18:07 eightbitbrad ouch
18:07 speedrunnerG55_