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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-05-02

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00:00 SparkyPojects Yes they are :)
00:01 jeremys_ awesome, was a really fun day.  Real awesome people to hang out with.  No other way I would want to spend a sunday afternoon
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00:08 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 3 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: jaaz95 on buckyball success!!!.....Slurpy on buckyball success!!!.....DruidicRifleman on "Dale Dougherty to Host Maker Faire Detroit Town Hall in Grand Rapids on Tuesday"
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00:10 hiptimtoo hey guys
00:10 DruidicRifleman hey
00:11 hiptimtoo so how has the geek group labs been doing
00:11 hiptimtoo I havent been there in a long while
00:12 InteliWasp .w 44313
00:12 BotSteve Can't find anything in Wikipedia for "44313".
00:12 InteliWasp er...
00:12 InteliWasp .tfw 44313
00:12 BotSteve 65�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Akron, OH!  'I've seen better days'
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00:13 hiptimtoo it  meh today
00:14 eightbitbrad hiptimtoo: they're working on moving... brought another truckload up from kzoo yesterday
00:14 eightbitbrad .tfw Atlanta
00:14 BotSteve 79�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Atlanta, GA!  'FUCKING SWEET'
00:14 hiptimtoo oh thats cool
00:14 egrsteve .tfw 49504
00:15 hiptimtoo .twf 49548
00:15 hiptimtoo .tfw 49548
00:15 hiptimtoo .tfw brazil
00:15 BotSteve 81�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Virginia, BR!  'TAKE IT OFF!'
00:15 DruidicRifleman .tfw L1H 6C4
00:15 BotSteve 52�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Oshawa, ON, !  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
00:16 egrsteve I find it funny tfw gets more use than weather
00:16 hiptimtoo .tfw london, ON
00:16 BotSteve 55�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN London, CA!  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
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00:18 hiptimtoo .tfw moscow
00:18 BotSteve 57�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Moscow, ID!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
00:20 eightbitbrad heya maglinvinn
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00:22 roadran422 is the sun making everything look orange??
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00:24 SparkyPojects yes, that would indicate a dusty glass front on the camera, a bit like smoke in a light beam
00:24 egrsteve I would assume so, it would be setting just out of frame
00:25 SparkyPojects From that angle, the sun sets to the left of camera
00:25 egrsteve at some point we need to fix the wiper on it and clean all of the glass
00:25 SparkyPojects yeah, but that's low priority, maybe before it's mounted
00:26 egrsteve I know, we first need a nice big tower to put it on
00:26 egrsteve although there was talk of mounting it to the side of the building
00:27 SparkyPojects Yeah, i saw the bracket, that would be a bit low i think, if you dad another T bracket, you could fix a decent pole to it until you get a tower
00:28 SparkyPojects *had
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00:29 egrsteve you could, a ground based tower will take at least a month if/when it happens because the footing would need to cure
00:29 egrsteve and a couple days to assemble it
00:30 DruidicRifleman BotSteve: tell BatSteve that adding precipitation to your TFW code would be agood idea
00:30 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
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00:32 SparkyPojects I installed a tower for a friend, i got someone to weld a tube across 2 of the legs, another tube on a plate, this formed a hinge, then used a wall bracket (similar to the one at the lab) as a way to hoist it verticall and support it, must have been a 30 foot tower plus a pole for an aerial rotator and aerial.
00:33 SparkyPojects Yhe plate was only expansion bolted to the ground
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00:40 maglinvinn welllllllll derp
00:40 maglinvinn what ya all doin
00:40 maglinvinn herp derp
00:40 cctoide Anyone read "Altered Carbon"?
00:42 CaptainBoden hiptimtoo are you a member or something? When were you there last?
00:43 SparkyPojects looks like he left the room
00:43 DruidicRifleman hey maglinvinm
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00:43 Yaotzin_ is now known as Yaotzin
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00:46 maglinvinn captain, that hot box is the shiznitty.  i think we're getting one for our private range here in lansing :)
00:46 critterpal I'm feeling a little gassy.
00:47 DruidicRifleman private range???
00:49 CaptainBoden cool :)
00:49 dr_jkl oh damn
00:49 dr_jkl i just remembered
00:49 dr_jkl i need to send moose a pic for my card.
00:50 DruidicRifleman I need to try paying for mine
00:51 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden Package should be there tomorrow
00:52 CaptainBoden What's in it? :)
00:52 DruidicRifleman 2 nvidia GTi 8800 video cards
00:52 LeadHead Ever get your bike started cap'n?
00:53 DruidicRifleman I hope they work
00:54 jeremys_ Herp Derp
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00:57 * DruidicRifleman wonders what CaptainBoden does when poofs
00:57 dr_jkl i am sooo happy the site is faster
00:57 CaptainBoden Didn't you just SNED those? With a Haupage card?
00:57 CaptainBoden SEND
00:57 CaptainBoden and no, it's as I left it, still ont eh charger.
00:58 LeadHead Fuel to the carbs, hot spark, still wouldn't light off? Odd.
00:58 DruidicRifleman I didn't send a haupage card
00:58 DruidicRifleman i sent them tuesday
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00:59 DruidicRifleman maglinvinn this look like a good buy for 62 bucks
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01:01 DruidicRifleman ooooh someone logged in ... ah it's just wannabe
01:04 wannabe1987 ...
01:04 wannabe1987 i screamed
01:04 wannabe1987 hello
01:05 wannabe1987 where is everyone?
01:05 dr_jkl ol
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01:06 wannabe1987 hi dr_jkl
01:07 critterpal You are standing at the mouth of a dark can see something shiny about 30 feet inside. There are small bones on the ground. You are carrying a hatchet.
01:07 critterpal If you choose to go into the cave...turn to page 76.
01:07 LeadHead Go To Page: 76
01:07 critterpal If you wish to keep following the path...turn to page 30.
01:08 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: jiffycoil on buckyball success!!!
01:08 critterpal Page 76:
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01:08 critterpal page 76: a giant two-headed wart hog swallows you whole.
01:09 LeadHead Whats on page 77?
01:09 jeremys_ in the good way or bad way?
01:09 critterpal what is the good way?
01:09 jeremys_ it involves gagging and watery eyes
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01:10 critterpal page 77 refers back to the three doors and most certainly is a death page
01:10 critterpal the wart hog has very sharp teeth
01:11 critterpal even in that instance, it will cause you to scream in death throws whilt you bleed with your blood shot and watery eyes
01:11 LeadHead Lets go to page 30
01:11 CaptainBoden WTF?
01:11 critterpal Page 30: you are met by two fuzzy bunnies. They smile and talk to you
01:11 LeadHead I think..I
01:12 critterpal one offers you a jellybean
01:12 LeadHead I'm playing a book-based roll playing game
01:12 CaptainBoden *curbstomps the bunnies
01:12 critterpal it is red
01:12 critterpal hey!!!
01:12 LeadHead is the other blue
01:12 critterpal ok. sure blue
01:12 LeadHead Oh, I thought you were going on some matrix-related tangent
01:12 LeadHead with the red/blue jellybeans
01:12 LeadHead guess not
01:12 critterpal If you want the red jellybean...turn to page 42.
01:13 CaptainBoden College taught me, never accept drugs from bunnies.
01:13 critterpal If you want the blue jellybean...turn to page 85
01:13 CaptainBoden If you're talking to rabbits, you're already high enough.
01:13 LeadHead Any idea why your bike isn't firing?
01:13 CaptainBoden Worked fine before Dan played with it.
01:13 LeadHead Oh boy
01:13 * wannabe1987 isn't sure what she walked into...walks away slowly
01:13 CaptainBoden Just sayin.
01:14 CaptainBoden Now there's parts missing.
01:14 LeadHead Tell him to check the basics, spark, air fuel. Shoot some ether/starting fluid into a carb
01:14 LeadHead and see if it fires
01:14 CaptainBoden I'll get right on that
01:14 critterpal oh no
01:15 LeadHead I'm not sure about your bike, but I noticed who was ever trying to start it kept cranking the throttle open while cranking. My 450 will not start if you even think about touching the throttle
01:15 jeremys_ it has spark, air andf fuel.  It looks like the carbs need to be cleaned
01:15 CaptainBoden There's some strange extra lever on the right side he was trying to figure out.
01:15 CaptainBoden towards the back of the engine, it looks rather like a gearshift lever, but it fols up into the side, it's really weird. It doesn't seem to do anything though.
01:15 LeadHead It's not a kickstart
01:16 LeadHead is it
01:16 LeadHead or is it small
01:16 CaptainBoden It's ratchet action, it's hard as hell to push down, but it springs back up easily.
01:16 CaptainBoden No idea what that does.
01:16 jeremys_ lol
01:16 LeadHead lol.
01:16 CaptainBoden I thought it was for jacking the bike up, but nothing under it moves.
01:16 LeadHead So once the battery died, he gave up?
01:16 CaptainBoden Far as I know.
01:17 CaptainBoden He had to leave, he didn't want to give up on it.
01:17 jeremys_ no we kicked the shit out of it.   it just needs the carbs cleaned out
01:17 CaptainBoden He got a good workout on the ratchet foot pedal thing though.
01:17 LeadHead Did you guys shoot starting fluid into the intake
01:17 jeremys_ it was forbidden
01:17 LeadHead Oh
01:17 jeremys_ or it would be running lol
01:17 CaptainBoden No, Dan and Jeremy shared the can of ether themselves.
01:17 CaptainBoden They got started pretty well though.
01:18 LeadHead Bet they did
01:18 critterpal that explains it
01:18 egrsteve good evening
01:18 CaptainBoden Steve!
01:18 jeremys_ Steve
01:18 egrsteve morning?
01:18 CaptainBoden no, STEVE!
01:18 egrsteve WHAT?
01:18 CaptainBoden Merry Christmas Steve :)
01:18 LeadHead Two guys shoulda been able to get a lil' 550 running in 10 minutes :-P
01:19 * egrsteve turns down irc
01:19 CaptainBoden We'll get right on that.
01:19 LeadHead Justsayinthatsall
01:19 DruidicRifleman Soooo How much is left to be moved from kzoo to to Grand rapids
01:20 jeremys_ my guess 10 full truckloads if moose packs, 15 if anyone else does
01:20 LeadHead Moose a skilled tetris player?
01:21 jeremys_ she does not waste an inch
01:22 egrsteve so whats happening this evening?
01:23 CaptainBoden Just chilling, the Cradle is assembled, I'm about to post today's episode
01:23 egrsteve CaptainBoden, I have finnaly seen thumper fire
01:23 CaptainBoden about damn time
01:23 CaptainBoden If you thought THAT was cool, wait until you see Gemini ;)
01:23 egrsteve I can say it't even more inpressive in  person, I think IRC heard it too
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01:24 egrsteve there was a mic on in the cafe'
01:24 DruidicRifleman whats the dif between gemini and thumper?
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01:24 CaptainBoden You and I need to get a Camera/Mic wired to the HV lab permanantly.
01:24 SparkyPojects Heard it and saw it,
01:24 egrsteve that we do
01:24 CaptainBoden Check the youtube videos, there are detailed videos on each.
01:24 exor674 heh, that mic was in the *cafe*?
01:25 egrsteve yes, it was in teh cafe' pointed away too
01:25 exor674 impressive
01:25 egrsteve short shotgun, so it might have had a small rear lobe to it's pickup patten
01:26 egrsteve but even that would have been away toward a closet
01:26 LeadHead aren't Gemini the tesla coils?
01:26 jeremys_ its pretty load even outside
01:26 egrsteve yes, Gemini are Tesla coils
01:26 egrsteve they fire thumper some more today?
01:26 CaptainBoden yes, a little
01:27 tesla4d speedrunnerG55, I've been having trouble connecting to your server.
01:27 CaptainBoden and yes they are loud outside, we cannot fire Thumper after 2100hrs
01:27 egrsteve seems to be running better, and that I can belive
01:27 jeremys_ i was outside when kidwell and eaken fired it this morning
01:27 egrsteve lets se 0000 is before 2100 so that should have been fin :)
01:28 egrsteve *fine
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01:28 jeremys_ it sounds a lot like a gunshot form outside
01:28 hubzcaps IM GETIN MY FUNK ON
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01:29 egrsteve inside it is redicuous, it might be a while 2 boden
01:29 egrsteve * whole 2 boden
01:29 hubzcaps scaler
01:29 jeremys_ hey steve
01:29 egrsteve hello
01:29 jeremys_ The CNCs aare acked and ready to ship
01:30 egrsteve thats good, they have a company arranged to move them yet?
01:30 hubzcaps i just saw a good movie..called the crazies....
01:30 hubzcaps bout chemtrail chemical   phosgene
01:31 CaptainBoden I'll be calling the moving company on Tuesday
01:31 LeadHead chemtrails
01:31 LeadHead oh brother
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01:31 * egrsteve wonders how you unload a forklift from a boxtruck w/o a dock?
01:31 Hackbat ify kaxu67
01:31 cctoide With another forklift? :o
01:31 Hackbat .tfw 28150
01:31 BotSteve 69�F?! ITS FUCKING SEXY TIME IN Shelby, NC!  'Why is 77 better than 69? You get eight more.'
01:31 CaptainBoden The forklift won't be coming on our truck ;)
01:31 cctoide Forklifts all the way down.
01:31 dr_jkl yeah, how did you do that?
01:31 dr_jkl lol
01:31 hubzcaps its not a bs thing anymore..the govt published 120 page breifing on chemtrails
01:31 Hackbat :D
01:31 dr_jkl .tfw 33065
01:31 BotSteve 82�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Pompano Beach, FL!  'I recommend staying away from fat people.'
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01:32 Hackbat Fuck you :3 It's sexy time here
01:32 hubzcaps fukin radioactive isatopes and phosgene gas are mixed to f with US not the weather
01:32 dr_jkl it WOULD be sexy time here
01:32 dr_jkl but
01:32 LeadHead Uh huh
01:32 CaptainBoden Someone op me
01:32 dr_jkl lol
01:32 egrsteve too bad, it would be intersting if a forklift could self unload
01:33 hubzcaps yhea
01:33 hubzcaps totaly
01:33 CaptainBoden They can't, it's messy, there's a lot of blood involved when people try.
01:33 CaptainBoden That cage on top doesn't do SHIT when it flips over.
01:33 LeadHead That hasn't stopped billy bob and bubba joe from trying
01:33 CaptainBoden Cage rating, 1 ton, battery, 6 ends poorly.
01:33 cctoide Man, I wish I had the link to that crazy-ass unloading of a bulldozer
01:33 hubzcaps ohh  6 tons
01:34 hubzcaps whew
01:34 hubzcaps man thats heavy
01:34 egrsteve you would need to beable to insert the forks into an immovable object lift slighly then drive the truck out from under and lower
01:34 CaptainBoden nope, the forks aren't rigidly mounted ;)
01:34 jaaz95 left #thegeekgroup
01:34 egrsteve the loader that climbs onto the train car?
01:34 CaptainBoden They can lift really well, but if you get under them you can lift them up with your hands.
01:34 jeremys_ Most forktrucks only have force going UP not down
01:34 LeadHead You can just lift the forks right out of them
01:34 cctoide where they actually tilted the whole truck back, drove it off and then let the truck down... somehow
01:34 SparkyPojects ergsteve, there's a lot of trucks that bring their own forklifts, usually on the back where you can see them, coolest one was actually inside the rear of the truck,
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01:35 LeadHead hubzcaps: Why would the government be trying to poison it's residents
01:35 hubzcaps do you realy need an explination
01:35 hubzcaps pop controll
01:35 egrsteve I have seen those, didn't know if ours could do something like that but inside
01:35 CaptainBoden Someone give me Ops please
01:36 LeadHead Let's just kill the people giving us money.
01:36 LeadHead Whatever
01:36 dr_jkl CaptainBoden: i don't think there are any other ops aound
01:36 cctoide hm... you should have been added to the access list
01:36 jaaz95 that's seems kinda like saying 9-11 was caused by the government
01:36 dr_jkl except for me, i mean, if i was one. :)
01:36 CaptainBoden I should be, could you make that happen please
01:36 hubzcaps they veiw us as no more than farm animals...and there so rich they dont need our infrastructure anymore
01:36 LeadHead Yeah I bet
01:36 cctoide BatSteve and Thermoelectric need to do it, they have access list modification rights
01:36 hubzcaps especialy  a secret group called    boheimian grove
01:36 cctoide *or, not and
01:37 LeadHead I really hope I'm being trolled right now
01:37 CaptainBoden Someone wake up a Mod
01:37 jeremys_ hubzcaps if you keep talking "they" are going to send their black helicoptors to fly over our houses
01:37 hubzcaps the patriot act and IPv6 make sure you are watched!
01:38 hubzcaps bring it
01:38 exor674 CaptainBoden: are you identified?
01:38 hubzcaps knowledge is power
01:38 wannabe1987 do we need batsteve in here?
01:38 wannabe1987 i have his number...
01:38 CaptainBoden yes
01:38 CaptainBoden call him up
01:38 cctoide I hope he's not on final :p
01:39 dr_jkl na na na na na na na na na na na na na na BAT STEVE
01:39 CaptainBoden He's never on final
01:39 LeadHead hubzcaps: I don't suppose big-oil is supressing all those free-energy devices too
01:39 tesla4d Where's batsteve when you need him?
01:39 hubzcaps you ever made something called orgone energy...i have with a copper pushes clouds away.....punches holes in clouds 2
01:39 wannabe1987 tesla4d i txtd him...
01:39 hubzcaps ehh big oil has their grip
01:39 wannabe1987 he can get on as batmobile, fix whatevers going on...i just jumped in
01:40 CaptainBoden
01:40 Liz_Home joined #thegeekgroup
01:40 jeremys_ I can bunch holes in charmin
01:40 LeadHead I'm being trolled hard right now
01:40 cctoide I like the new intros on those, by the way
01:40 hubzcaps awsome
01:40 cctoide Who did them?
01:40 hubzcaps front row seat
01:40 tesla4d I'm actually referring to his experience as a pilot instructor, not channel admin
01:40 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
01:40 CaptainBoden That weird girl that hangs out in master control from time to time did them.
01:40 jaaz95 i kinda like the old intro better
01:41 Liz_Home hey
01:41 dr_jkl i like the new one better!
01:41 CaptainBoden Bat-mobile, could you sort out a problem please?
01:41 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
01:41 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
01:41 Bat-Mobile I hear there are fools that require my pity
01:41 CaptainBoden There are
01:41 Bat-Mobile yes
01:41 CaptainBoden I need permanant Op status please
01:41 cctoide I like the new intro, I really don't like Where's My Snare though :p
01:41 Liz_Home I'm no more weird than anyone else there
01:41 CaptainBoden How did you know the name of that song?
01:41 tesla4d One thing... hubzcaps, where's that 120 thing you mentioned?
01:41 wannabe1987 lol
01:41 cctoide Cap'n needs to be added to the access list so he doesn't have to beg for ops
01:41 hubzcaps ????
01:41 hubzcaps 120  thingy
01:41 cctoide CaptainBoden: I think you mentioned it in a comment once
01:42 cctoide or the forums
01:42 CaptainBoden ah ok
01:42 LeadHead 120 Page document
01:42 tesla4d The 120 page report on chemtrails. I kind of collect these things.
01:42 LeadHead stating how the government is killing us
01:42 hubzcaps ohh yhea
01:42 cctoide it's on Soundtakt's soundcloud, though
01:42 CaptainBoden yes
01:42 CaptainBoden Well, I like it, I liked it enough to pick it as my personal theme song.
01:42 hubzcaps i will posta  link to the ocument plz hold
01:42 cctoide the main part of the song is good, but the arpeggio intro is annoying IMO
01:42 CaptainBoden so, when they play me on stage on the Tonight Show, that's what you'll hear.
01:42 Superman13 Captain I'm still waiting on that email... I dont want to mention anything in here and I'm not sure how to send pms lol
01:42 tesla4d I also have, or had until recently, "Nuclear War Survival Skills" published by Oak Ridge Labs
01:43 jaaz95 wait is he the same guy who started that wierd thread about those wave coil things or w.e
01:43 cctoide so I like it when you let it play on, like in the "no comment" segments at the end of a log
01:43 Bat-Mobile captainboden: unable permanent from my phone. wil authorize within 4 hours
01:43 tesla4d jaaz95, I thought that was you that started the spiral thread
01:43 CaptainBoden No worries, you can totally get it, just bring it to the lab, I'm interested.
01:43 CaptainBoden Can you give me Ops for now?
01:43 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:43 CaptainBoden Even if just temp
01:43 cctoide you are opped now
01:43 jaaz95 no it wasn't me.
01:43 CaptainBoden Thank you
01:43 Bat-Mobile already did
01:43 dr_jkl lol
01:43 jaaz95 i started the teleforce one
01:44 Bat-Mobile anything else?
01:44 jaaz95 i stay away from that stuff with this group
01:44 tesla4d Teleforce -> Just as wacky as orgone energy.
01:44 jaaz95 well that and anything that seems like total bull
01:44 CaptainBoden We do NOT do pseudoscience bullshit here guys.
01:44 CaptainBoden We also don't do God or Government.
01:44 jaaz95 like the government poisoning us
01:45 hubzcaps here is the 120 page .mil release
01:45 hubzcaps
01:45 tesla4d No offence. I really do collect these things. I try to keep them out of Geek Group channels because I know you don't like it, CaptainBoden.
01:45 CaptainBoden This is a place for logic, reason, and common sense, we do SCIENCE here. ;)
01:45 cctoide official military documents on youtube?
01:45 hubzcaps
01:45 hubzcaps this one has the lionk
01:45 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
01:46 hubzcaps
01:46 hubzcaps that is it
01:46 hubzcaps was kicked by CaptainBoden: hubzcaps
01:46 CaptainBoden wow he's dumb
01:46 cctoide *@*ip.
01:46 CaptainBoden I'm not BANNING him
01:47 CaptainBoden He gets a gentle kick, just a shot across the bow.
01:47 cctoide I know, just in case
01:47 speedrunnerG55_ .yt russian tetris
01:47 Liz_Home I'm came in at a confusing time
01:47 exor674 lol fail
01:47 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_:
01:47 CaptainBoden I'm not here to drive the bastard away, I want him to learn boundries.
01:47 wannabe1987 liz_home - same
01:47 jaaz95 ya he was a wierd duck
01:47 eteb joined #thegeekgroup
01:47 jaaz95 no offence captain
01:47 eteb hey its hubz..?am i not wanted ?
01:47 CaptainBoden lmfao, none taken.
01:47 eteb i wont post anything more
01:47 jaaz95 :P
01:48 DruidicRifleman hey liz_home
01:48 Liz_Home hi druidic
01:48 eteb guess ill bounce...
01:48 eteb ):
01:48 eteb left #thegeekgroup
01:48 Hayden joined #thegeekgroup
01:48 exor674 lol
01:48 Liz_Home bouncy flouncy trouncy fun fun fun fun fun
01:48 Roly left #thegeekgroup
01:48 tesla4d Aww, man.
01:48 DruidicRifleman hows liz_home tonight?
01:49 LeadHead Wow this TOP SEKRIT military document sure is eye opening!
01:49 cctoide that guy looks the part
01:49 egrsteve CaptainBoden, were you hanging from the Cradle?
01:49 Liz_Home DruidicRifleman: good, just getting some work done
01:49 Hayden left #thegeekgroup
01:49 CaptainBoden yeah :)
01:49 egrsteve will it take a person at mid span?
01:49 Liz_Home or pretending to get work done, is more like it
01:49 jaaz95 did you guys make the cradle bigger?
01:49 CaptainBoden Well, it took MY anorexic ass, I don't know about a real person.
01:49 CaptainBoden No, we made the room smaller.
01:50 LeadHead What do you weigh in at captain?
01:50 jaaz95 funny
01:50 egrsteve so no dave hanging from the cradle?
01:50 CaptainBoden 135lbs....5 more pounds and then I'll be pretty.
01:51 Liz_Home -.-
01:51 LeadHead I'm hoping you mixed the 5 and the 3 up
01:51 LeadHead but something tells me you didn't
01:51 CaptainBoden no, I'm 135
01:51 tesla4d My favorite part of the chemtrail thing is the "racetracks in the sky" as if there was no such thing as a holding pattern.
01:51 tesla4d Don't mind me, I'll just savor the ignorance over here.
01:51 LeadHead You must be damn near the smallest geek group member then
01:51 jaaz95 your 135? wow your tiny
01:51 CaptainBoden not even close
01:51 jaaz95 how tall are u?
01:51 DruidicRifleman .... Could totally caber toss boden
01:51 CaptainBoden I'm 5'10
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ You weren't kinnding in the steady can video
01:52 jaaz95 lol i thought you were taller. it's hard to see in the videos
01:52 cctoide heh... you must be double my age and I'm probably only about 30 lbs less :E
01:52 Superman13 @CaptainBoden I outweigh you by around 45 lbs.. wow
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ Cam
01:52 CaptainBoden I may be small, but I make up for it in several ways.
01:52 jeremys_ speaking of smallest i meant to ask today and got caught in the hubbub.  Can my 8 and 6 year olds be card caarring geeks?
01:52 jaaz95 he means he has a big car
01:52 Liz_Home really Superman13? You're a twig :)
01:52 jeremys_ carrying
01:52 LeadHead Charming good looks, dashing personality
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ LOL^
01:52 CaptainBoden of course, though you'll have to sign their lives away.
01:53 CaptainBoden I meant that I can climb a thousand vertical feet in a single day. Try that sometime you fat bastards.
01:53 Superman13 it's because of my height...
01:53 Liz_Home lol, i know
01:53 Superman13 lol
01:53 Superman13 Captain lets go...find a tower and we'll get to climbing
01:53 LeadHead Dunno, I'm 5'10" and 200 Pounds, still not fat
01:54 jaaz95 im closer t leadhead. 5'10" and 180
01:54 jaaz95 also not fat
01:54 speedrunnerG55_ I'm 5'9" 150lbs
01:54 * exor674 5'10", 151 >_<
01:54 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
01:54 cctoide Is that the top half of a van on the MDH floor on that captain's blog?
01:54 CaptainBoden lol, you're in great shape, you could probably keep up for most of it. Off the couch I've never known a non-climber to be able to handle more than about 300 feet.
01:54 Superman13 i'm only as heavy as i am because i eat alot of fatty foods.. right now i'm eating a half a cake... 11 inch cake to be precise
01:54 hubzcaps ya know i must say it feels realy bad be kicked by the person you admire most
01:54 DruidicRifleman 220 and kinda chubby
01:54 maglinvinn <- 5'11 and 293.  *drinks another 600 calorie beer*
01:54 hubzcaps later
01:54 LeadHead When I was a freshman in high school, other seniors asked me if I was a senior
01:55 wannabe1987 5'7" 180
01:55 LeadHead When I was 12-13, I had people telling me I should play football
01:55 wannabe1987 :(
01:55 Liz_Home Superman13: that's okay, i just got my easter candy today. am eating like a happy fat kid
01:55 CaptainBoden I wanna see Dan climb a tower.
01:55 maglinvinn sure
01:55 CaptainBoden I don't want to be ON the tower, but I wanna see it.
01:55 maglinvinn put a cheeseburger at the top, extra all
01:55 Superman13 Liz_Home: thats the way to be :)
01:55 egrsteve that would be a sight
01:55 wannabe1987 lol
01:55 LeadHead Just hold a case of PBR above him, hill hustle up that tower
01:56 CaptainBoden *shudder*
01:56 DruidicRifleman I don't wanna be Dans belayer
01:56 SparkyPojects Here's a tower for you to climb
01:56 maglinvinn fuck pbr, but you put some hard cider up there?  i'm hella down
01:56 jeremys_ i wouldput money on eaking finding a way up it.  He would use brain and brawn and figure it out
01:56 Liz_Home ew, PBR
01:56 Superman13 Liz_Home: To bad I'm allergic to chocolate or I'd have more candy..and about 30 more pounds lol
01:56 LeadHead Over here, PBR is high class
01:56 SparkyPojects only 1768 feet
01:56 Liz_Home ew, PBR; lol, i'm not even big on most sweets, i'll probably give most of it away tomorrow
01:56 DruidicRifleman I can get Some really kick ass 7 cider from BC when i come for a visit
01:56 maglinvinn haha.  damn straight jeremy.  i can do any damn thing i set my mind to.... even if that means enough weight to fit through a basketball hoop
01:56 DruidicRifleman 7%
01:56 LeadHead Kids drink Coors Light instead of Bud Light here if they want to savor the taste
01:56 maglinvinn but since a basketball hoop isn't in my line up any time soon, i'm all set
01:57 maglinvinn :)
01:57 LeadHead and enjor the beer
01:57 speedrunnerG55_ SparkyPojects: Yes you beat me to it
01:57 Superman13 Damnit CaptainBoden now I want to go climbing lol
01:57 Liz_Home LeadHead: Coors and Bud taste exactly the same...
01:57 CaptainBoden ELEVATOR!
01:57 CaptainBoden WTF ELEVATOR!
01:57 CaptainBoden Pussy
01:57 maglinvinn lul
01:57 LeadHead That's my point Liz
01:57 DruidicRifleman I prefur repelling
01:57 jaaz95 holy crap. i look away for a minute and im sooo lost
01:57 Liz_Home ah
01:57 LeadHead My town is so hill-billy ingrained redneck
01:58 CaptainBoden I hate rapelling, that's what a rock climber does to get home when they can't top-out.
01:58 Liz_Home So's mine, but they still can appreciate quality beer
01:58 LeadHead They don't here
01:58 CaptainBoden Now that's a
01:58 CaptainBoden yer killin me
01:58 LeadHead Lot of my friends think beers such as Guiness, Heineken, Sam Adams, etc.. taste bad
01:58 DruidicRifleman youngs double chocolate stout
01:58 LeadHead and they tell me this while they're pounding down a bud
01:58 Superman13 LeadHead: My town celebrates underwear... your arguments invalid on hillbilly
01:58 Liz_Home Sam Adams has some good stuff
01:59 CaptainBoden I love how it's labeled No Lifline, when he's clipping in on a regular basis.
01:59 jeremys_ When I was in Berlin last year I asked if they had Bud Light..........the waitress stopped talking to me and would only talk to my German friends from then on out
01:59 Liz_Home will never touch heineken again
01:59 LeadHead I have this one friend
01:59 hubzcaps lol
01:59 LeadHead his buddy bought him a can of PBR
01:59 LeadHead as a birthday present
01:59 hubzcaps nice!
01:59 hubzcaps pwnd
01:59 jaaz95 have you ever had redstripe? i had it in jamaica, best bear i've ever had
01:59 cctoide well, that video's been reuploaded everywhere since the original creator took it down
02:00 cctoide apparently it might have got someone in trouble
02:00 CaptainBoden no they're not, they're used to DISSIPATE charges, not attract them
02:00 DruidicRifleman I like the 5 L mini kegs that heiniken comes in i just wish they put something that didn't tast like a dead kalamazoo hooker's piss in it
02:00 Liz_Home i've yet to try redstripe jaaz95
02:00 SparkyPojects I think they class lifeline as a continuous rope, just incase his clip fails
02:00 CaptainBoden looks like a TV antenna
02:00 Liz_Home i'm just happy oberon's back out for the summer
02:00 hubzcaps fat tire is good brew
02:00 jaaz95 comes in a wierd bottle to
02:00 jaaz95 kinda short and fat
02:01 LeadHead I personally don't drink, after seeing what most of my friends lives have turned into
02:01 Liz_Home yeah, i've noticed that
02:01 Superman13 <-- Never drank in his life
02:01 Liz_Home LeadHead: lack of moderation?
02:01 LeadHead I'm quite sure a great deal of my friends have *forgotten*
02:01 LeadHead how to have fun without drinking and/or being high
02:01 jeremys_ i drink very rarely and only bud light
02:01 speedrunnerG55_ The freeclimbing would scare me to Seth
02:01 speedrunnerG55_ Seth
02:02 speedrunnerG55_ Death
02:02 CaptainBoden of course there's a quick way down....there's two fo them.
02:02 LeadHead Liz_Home: Moderation? What's that?
02:02 jeremys_ i hate dark beer
02:02 Cprossu hey CaptainBoden: you areound
02:02 Liz_Home LeadHead: touche
02:02 jaaz95 im more of a vodka guy personally. not big on beer
02:02 DruidicRifleman Speaking of beer i have some maple bear in the celler to try
02:02 Cprossu were you able to get the bike started? I heard the struggles earlier
02:02 LeadHead LIke I said, no body here drinks beer to enjoy it
02:02 Liz_Home I like beer, and like tasting sessions even more
02:02 Cprossu did it end up being fuel or spark?
02:02 jaaz95 have you seen the new researh on maple syrup?
02:03 LeadHead They drink it to get shiftfaces as quickly, and as hard as possible
02:03 LeadHead *shitfaced
02:03 LeadHead and if they can't get beer, they drink hard liquor by the Handle
02:03 jaaz95 spelt that wrong but w.e. they found 43? compounds in it that fight cancer and diabetes
02:03 jaaz95 crazy stuff
02:04 speedrunnerG55_ I like how there is spikes to discharge energy to prevent lightning
02:04 hubzcaps my bro ha d  a graduation party..his friend did a keg stand and like 5 mins later he had a seizure!!
02:04 cctoide It would make for a good Imax movie, if the cameras weren't the size of a small generator
02:04 hubzcaps scared me
02:04 maglinvinn CPRO - no, we have to let the battery charge.  i'm disappointed, i really wanted to hear it run
02:04 maglinvinn that and i'm convinced the carbs are glued shut w/ dry gas
02:04 mikemol left #thegeekgroup
02:05 maglinvinn the plugs were defiantely not fouled, despite all the attempts
02:05 LeadHead Did you try tapping on the carbs with a screwdriver end?
02:05 LeadHead or rubber mallet
02:05 DruidicRifleman i've been meaning to make home made mead
02:05 jeremys_ ther eonly thing i do not like about beer is that to often when I drink I wake up pantless in Mexico.
02:05 maglinvinn lead - yes
02:05 maglinvinn i also reseated all the spark wires
02:06 LeadHead whens the last time this bike ran?
02:06 maglinvinn just a little whiel ago apparently, but its got a carb balance problem
02:06 Cprossu maglinvinn: would it run on starter spray?
02:06 maglinvinn no
02:06 maglinvinn captain has a 'mechanical' aversion to ether
02:06 DruidicRifleman also want's to remine Jaaz95 it's illegal for him to drink
02:06 speedrunnerG55_ I'd enjoy base jumping from that
02:06 maglinvinn and i can't blame him, since you can burn up a engine with ether
02:07 DruidicRifleman though at his age i could buy booze
02:07 maglinvinn but thats really only if you get excessive iwth it
02:07 Cprossu true, but it�s a good test still
02:07 maglinvinn i just wanted to get the bike to start and burn off some of the herp , but yeah
02:07 DruidicRifleman i've been i'ded 4 times
02:07 DruidicRifleman in my life
02:07 LeadHead Excessive as in, I'm out of gas, lets spray ether into the intake until we get to the gas station
02:07 LeadHead excessive
02:07 maglinvinn haha... dunno lead
02:07 Cprossu do you have some really nasty fucking brake cleaner?
02:07 LeadHead I could see that popping an engine
02:07 Cprossu that has some sorta hydrocarbon in it?
02:08 maglinvinn i've dumped an entire can into a lawnmower, and my dad still uses it to this day
02:08 LeadHead The only engines I'd really be weary about using starting fluid on, is a diesel that has glow-plugs
02:08 jaaz95 meh druidic drinking laws aren't something i pay much attention to. mostly in othercountries
02:08 maglinvinn but it can burn a lot hotter, and really fuck some shit
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02:08 Cprossu would captain be adversed to attempting to run it on propane?
02:08 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
02:08 maglinvinn haha cpro, i know for a fact captain would shoot me if i tried
02:08 Cprossu because if the plugs aren�t fouled it should at least sputter to life
02:09 Cprossu and you are def sure on the spark right?
02:09 maglinvinn i was getting good spark on the plugs out of the engine
02:09 LeadHead maglinvinn: I noticed whoever was trying to start it was really cranking on the throttle. My 450 Bike will not even attempt to start if you even thinking about touching the throttle
02:09 LeadHead has to be left at idle
02:09 Cprossu ok
02:09 maglinvinn yeah, lead, i'm the same way with my 72' 250cc Yamaha
02:09 Cprossu depends on the carbs
02:09 cctoide CaptainBoden: I think you said once in a video that the Newton's Cradle record was verified by GWR?
02:09 Cprossu entirely
02:09 maglinvinn pop the choke lever, kick twice, turn off choke right away.
02:10 CaptainBoden We've sent in the online paperwork, they never wrote back.
02:10 cctoide Ah
02:10 Cprossu speaking of which, maglinvinn: air filters off during start attempt right?
02:10 LeadHead My bike has an accelerator pump, so its turn on choke, bring to top dead center, crank the throttle twice
02:10 cctoide I tried finding it in the book once
02:10 CaptainBoden We have TWO standing records that need official verification.
02:10 maglinvinn yes
02:10 LeadHead then kick it as hard as you possibly can
02:10 maglinvinn air filter off all attempts
02:10 CaptainBoden If anyone wants to help on that, I'd be thrilled.
02:10 LeadHead if the planets are lined up correctly, it will usually fire off first kick
02:10 Cprossu you need some real restriction
02:11 Cprossu how much restriction does the choke actually provide?
02:11 LeadHead Oh yeah, that's another thing, if the bike has an accelerator pump on the carbs, cranking the throttle like that would have defintely filled the engine up with gas
02:11 Cprossu and does it actuate correctly?
02:11 CaptainBoden brb
02:11 LeadHead Many bike carbs do not actually have choke plates, but I'm not sure with a bike that old
02:11 maglinvinn the air filter was completely filled with oil, not just on the bottom, and it was gummy w/ it to the point it was less air filter and more sponge.
02:11 LeadHead Sounds normal magnlinvinn
02:11 Cprossu we are talking a 4 stroke right?
02:12 maglinvinn the oil had the conistancy of STP motor oil treatment... the really heavy stuff
02:12 LeadHead yes
02:12 LeadHead that's normal
02:12 LeadHead For foam motorcycle filters
02:12 Cprossu you don�t want to run it that way though
02:12 LeadHead Yes you do, the oil is what captures the dirt
02:12 LeadHead not really the foam
02:12 Cprossu depends on the oil
02:12 Cprossu and the filter
02:12 LeadHead The air-filter oil for my motorcycle
02:12 LeadHead starts tacking up within minutes after applying it
02:12 cctoide CaptainBoden: what's the other record? MMC array?
02:13 LeadHead its ridiculously sticky
02:13 Cprossu I like using cotton guaze and filter oil though
02:13 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
02:13 Cprossu or a similar compoint
02:13 Cprossu *compound
02:13 maglinvinn either way, you can run the engine w/ or without the air filter.  you don't want to obviously cause you don't want dirt in the engine, but just getting the engine warmed up after a long winter, it doesn't hurt
02:13 LeadHead Yarh
02:13 LeadHead if you want super choke, just cover a carb intake with your hand while you crank
02:13 LeadHead That'll certainly get gas into the intake
02:14 maglinvinn lead- i did that
02:14 Cprossu unless the passages in the bowl are clogged to hell
02:14 maglinvinn took the air filter out, and put my hand over the intake while using electric start
02:14 Cprossu did you try a squirt of gas at least?
02:14 maglinvinn Cpro- no.
02:14 LeadHead Sounds like dem carbz been plugged guud
02:14 Cprossu atomized and nice?
02:15 Cprossu you should
02:15 Cprossu especially if you are varnished to hell
02:15 maglinvinn it almost fired at the end.  with the battery fresh and full tomrrow she should come up
02:15 LeadHead side note: Turns out that spray bottles for the nastier household cleaners
02:15 maglinvinn CaptainBoden - btw - i left the air filter, and the tools, in a neat stack just behind hte bike on the work bench
02:15 Cprossu I tell you today�s gas FUCKING SUCKS
02:15 LeadHead will actually hold up to gas quite well
02:15 LeadHead for testing engines
02:15 jaaz95 left #thegeekgroup
02:15 Cprossu nothing holds up to todays gas
02:15 Cprossu period
02:15 LeadHead This Simple Green bottle did
02:16 Cprossu especially if it gets to be like a year old
02:16 LeadHead The hell are you using year old gas for
02:16 Cprossu you should see what it does to fuel pumps
02:16 Cprossu well if you have an automotive program at a school
02:16 LeadHead We do
02:16 Cprossu and have many card
02:16 Cprossu *cars
02:16 LeadHead We do
02:16 Cprossu and it�s in the middle of Arizona
02:16 jaaz95 joined #thegeekgroup
02:16 LeadHead Ethanol Issues have been minimum
02:16 Cprossu and it�s an outdoor lab
02:16 LeadHead *minimal
02:17 DruidicRifleman mmmm  boooze...
02:17 LeadHead Wow, according to wikipedia, Chris's bike puts out 50HP
02:17 DruidicRifleman 5.5% 750ml...
02:17 maglinvinn alrighty guys, bed time for this kid.
02:17 LeadHead crazy how far we've come with engine technology. My 450CC Single Cylinder makes 56HP
02:17 DruidicRifleman Damn
02:17 jaaz95 i know this is off topic but someone just sent me this and i was wondering if you'd seen it it's a savant who can draw panaramic views of cities in perfect detail after one viewing of the city
02:17 DruidicRifleman 5 minutes
02:17 maglinvinn gotta be in detroit tomorrow at noon, so i gotta get out of here
02:17 LeadHead Detroit...
02:17 wannabe1987 why detroit?!
02:17 LeadHead why would you want to go there!?
02:17 maglinvinn 15/hr ?
02:17 Cprossu the gas has been getting worse and worse, and we�ve tried several stabilizers over the years trying to find a way out of ultrasonically cleaning fuel pumps and relpacing the nylon hose from the pump to the sending unit every god damn year
02:18 wannabe1987 15/hour is good
02:18 Cprossu it gets soooo nasty
02:18 Cprossu it turns the color of orange gaterade within 8 months now
02:18 LeadHead Yarh
02:18 LeadHead it does
02:18 Cprossu it didn�t used to
02:19 LeadHead Oh well, I just don't let stuff sit with gas
02:19 Cprossu the problem is what to do with the gas when a vehicle is donated with a full tank
02:20 LeadHead oh
02:20 Cprossu we don�t really have anything geared up to burn it
02:20 DruidicRifleman oooh this is good
02:20 InteliWasp left #thegeekgroup
02:20 InteliWasp joined #thegeekgroup
02:20 DruidicRifleman Ephemere apple booze stuff from quebec
02:22 jaaz95 left #thegeekgroup
02:25 jeremys_ eakin did you try pouring a little gas right ito the intake?
02:26 jeremys_ to de laquerize to gas
02:26 LeadHead I will say, 56HP from a 450cc single cylinder comes at a price
02:26 Cprossu LeadHead: but it�s pretty fuckin� funny to have a 2010 vehicle with 26 miles
02:26 Cprossu and hung valves!
02:26 LeadHead Rebuilds every 100 engine hours
02:26 speedrunnerG55_ Captens vlog intro = WIN
02:27 DruidicRifleman;cat=271&amp;page=1 OK any one know the best way to use this to make a belt grinder
02:27 LeadHead lol what was it?
02:28 LeadHead buy a belt grinder
02:28 LeadHead would probably be the best way
02:28 Superman13 Liz_Home: did you get some well needed rest today?
02:28 LeadHead Ghetto way would probably go to harbor freight and pick yourself up some wheels, cheap electric motors, a couple of pulleys and a v belt
02:28 LeadHead to drive it all
02:29 Liz_Home Superman13: I got some sleep, but am still having trouble feeling energized lately
02:29 Liz_Home probably because of being sick last week
02:29 Superman13 awww
02:29 Cprossu one of thse days we�re gonna get a really nice engine dyno which we can really run vehicles on
02:29 LeadHead what was that car
02:29 LeadHead with tossed valves
02:29 Cprossu hopefully full chasis
02:29 hiptimtoo joined #thegeekgroup
02:33 wannabe1987
02:33 * DruidicRifleman has booze is a happy druid
02:33 exor674 shiny shiny sunset!
02:33 wannabe1987 on the way home today :D
02:34 DruidicRifleman nice wannabe1987
02:35 exor674 nrh, why have I still not nommed dinner
02:35 hiptimtoo left #thegeekgroup
02:35 exor674 someone want to teleport here and make me dinner?
02:35 wannabe1987 lazy
02:35 wannabe1987 my teleporter is broken :( sorry
02:35 wannabe1987 otherwise i would...
02:36 wannabe1987
02:36 exor674 I might just put ( the contents of a ) can of soup in my microwave
02:36 jeremys_ when Tesla invented the motorcycle he should have made it start easier
02:36 exor674 and forget what I had planned
02:37 Photon939
02:37 wannabe1987
02:37 wannabe1987 the building moose and batman were on
02:39 LeadHead they were on a building
02:39 cctoide they went there? or they filmed there?
02:40 jeremys_ batman is the shiznit
02:40 jeremys_ me andh him were laughing our asses off today
02:40 wannabe1987 tehy took pics up there
02:40 cctoide ah
02:40 wannabe1987 we saw you, jer, on the livestream
02:40 wannabe1987 you were wearing 18
02:40 jeremys_ yeah
02:41 jeremys_ was MDH miced?
02:41 jeremys_ microphond
02:41 exor674 I do not think the MDH has mice in it
02:42 exor674 ( pretty sure there was a mic in there, yeah )
02:42 jeremys_ oh i am willing to bet at least one K-poo mouse is in gr by now
02:43 wannabe1987 moose's newest photo on fb:  FIREWORKS
02:43 exor674 already?
02:44 wannabe1987 well, easter got done, 4th of july is next!
02:44 wannabe1987 other than fathers day...and mothers day...
02:44 * exor674 wonders if *all* fireworks aregonna be illegal again this eyar here
02:44 wannabe1987 lol
02:44 exor674 Colo has forbidden non-professional off-the-ground, but for the pastfew years "no non-pro" due to fire hazard/drout
02:45 exor674 doesn't stop anyone anyway
02:45 wannabe1987 same
02:45 wannabe1987 we just go to indiana...
02:45 wannabe1987 ohio...
02:45 wannabe1987 etc...
02:45 exor674 yeah everyone here goes to... wyoming
02:46 LeadHead Apparently
02:46 LeadHead they just killed Osama Bin LAden
02:47 DruidicRifleman i thought he was killed year ago
02:47 DruidicRifleman years*
02:48 LeadHead nope
02:50 cctoide;hp
02:50 Superman13 yeah i was just watching that... they almost kicked off my sharkmen show lol
02:50 LeadHead Al Queida is not going to be happy
02:51 LeadHead I think
02:51 Superman13 ^agrees
02:51 masterofmonks LeadHead: can you cite your source?
02:52 cctoide reminds me of that interview with Benazir Bhutto... don't think anyone ever looked into that besides the conspiracy theorists
02:52 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
02:52 jut joined #thegeekgroup
02:52 masterofmonks Ah, missed the link in the scroll back.
02:53 jut left #thegeekgroup
02:53 LeadHead just type osama into google
02:53 Superman13 or turn on your tv to any major network...
02:54 cctoide oh, hey, they found the data recorders from that Air France flight
02:54 cctoide well, part of them, apparently
02:56 BatSteve .seen DruidicRifleman
02:56 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw druidicrifleman 0.15 hours ago at 2011-05-02 02:47:40 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 02:56:32 UTC
02:57 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: I think precipitation for the tfw module is a WONTFIX right now - doesn't .weather do that?
02:57 BatSteve .weather ksbn
02:57 BotSteve Cloudy, 53.6℉ (12℃), 30.04in (1014mb), Light Rain, Moderate breeze 12kt (↑) - KGUS, 01:55Z
02:57 LeadHead what?
02:57 BatSteve yeah, see, light rain
02:57 LeadHead .tfw ksbn
02:57 BotSteve Unknown location
02:57 BatSteve .tfw south bend indiana
02:57 LeadHead wet
02:57 LeadHead ?
02:57 LeadHead sounds like rain
02:58 BatSteve wet apparently = rain?
02:58 LeadHead I believe so
02:58 Thermoelectric .tfw Cairns
02:58 BotSteve 84�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Cairns, AS!  'HOLY FUCK'
02:58 LeadHead rofl
02:59 Thermoelectric Hot? It's nice here. Stupid bot. :P
02:59 speedrunnerG55_ Osama benladen is dead
03:00 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
03:00 LeadHead Old news
03:00 Superman13 .tfw Cedar Springs
03:00 BotSteve IndexError: list index out of range (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 32, in tfw)
03:00 Superman13 lol
03:00 speedrunnerG55_ I just heard in
03:00 speedrunnerG55_ It
03:02 BatSteve that shouldn't happen
03:02 BatSteve do that again
03:02 BatSteve .tfw Cedar Springs
03:02 BotSteve 66�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Cedar Springs, GA!  'OPEN A FUCKING WINDOW'
03:02 BatSteve Superman13: do that again please
03:02 LeadHead .tfw Cedar Springs
03:02 Superman13 lol but thats not my cedar springs lol
03:02 BotSteve 66�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Cedar Springs, GA!  'It's that kind of day where you want zip off pants, until you realize how much of a jackass you look like in them.'
03:02 speedrunnerG55_ .tfw 07410
03:02 BotSteve 53�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Fair Lawn, NJ!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
03:03 speedrunnerG55_ Lol batsteve
03:06 DruidicRifleman .weather L1h 6C4
03:06 BotSteve No ICAO code found, sorry
03:06 DruidicRifleman it doesn't work
03:06 DruidicRifleman .weather oshawa ont
03:06 BotSteve No ICAO code found, sorry
03:06 LeadHead .weather Oshawa Ontario
03:06 BotSteve Overcast ☁, ?, ?mb, Mist, Light breeze 5kt (↑) - CYKZ, 02:37Z
03:06 LeadHead .tfw Oshawa Ontario
03:06 BotSteve 54�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Oshawa, CA!  'I've seen better days'
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03:08 LeadHead what time is botsteve
03:08 LeadHead sync'd too
03:08 LeadHead seems like its off 8 minutes
03:09 BatSteve LeadHead: pardon?
03:09 cctoide you mean in the weather reports?
03:09 BatSteve More details please?
03:09 LeadHead Botsteve does its hourly forum report
03:09 LeadHead 8 minutes after the hour
03:10 BatSteve LeadHead: oh.  no, he does the report once an hour, every hour, beginning the minute I start him.
03:10 LeadHead Oh
03:10 BatSteve So I must have started him running at 8 minutes past the hour
03:10 exor674 .tfw Henery Antarctica
03:10 BotSteve Unknown location
03:10 BatSteve (or to be perfectly specific, he does the report every hour if there are new posts)
03:11 LeadHead Oh
03:11 cctoide .tfw amundsen-scott
03:11 BotSteve Unknown location
03:13 Superman13 .tfw cxi
03:13 BotSteve Unknown location
03:13 DruidicRifleman why does .weather not recognise canadian Postal codes
03:14 LeadHead whats a canadian postal code
03:14 LeadHead look like
03:14 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: because I'm not canadian
03:15 DruidicRifleman l1h 6c4
03:15 DruidicRifleman thats a canadian postal code
03:15 LeadHead that is non sensical
03:15 Photon939 .tfw 17701
03:15 BotSteve 54�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Williamsport, PA!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
03:15 DruidicRifleman It actuallu is
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
03:16 DruidicRifleman the postal codes for canada Are one of the few government thigns that make sense
03:16 LeadHead What makes sense about l1h 6c4
03:18 DruidicRifleman it clearly Says that it isn't a US pstal code
03:19 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
03:20 jeremys_ night guys
03:20 jeremys_ and girls
03:20 jeremys_ left #thegeekgroup
03:21 Bth8 .tfw 24083
03:21 BotSteve 59�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Daleville, VA!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
03:21 wannabe1987 so.fucking.bored
03:22 LeadHead
03:24 NeWtoz I'm baking breadsticks and watching the news
03:25 wannabe1987 i have stuff to *do* its just loud stuff...doing dishes, loading dishwasher, etc, and its like 1/2 to midnight...
03:25 wannabe1987 never mind tj and the dog are the only ones sleeping
03:26 wannabe1987 noone else is here...
03:26 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
03:27 wannabe1987 stupid housemate keeps calling me, asking me what food is for general consumption (butter, eggs, butter, ketchup, milk (possibly)) and about cheese graters and shit like that...
03:27 wannabe1987 i don't know buy yourself some fucking food damnit!
03:28 BatSteve Get a marker, keep labels?
03:29 wannabe1987 noone else thinks thats a good idea...i'm the only one who does...
03:29 wannabe1987 this new housemate has no place to keep his food in the hosue...landlord won't clear him space
03:30 exor674 wannabe1987: tell him that cheese graters are awesome food
03:30 exor674 problem solved
03:30 DruidicRifleman LOL
03:30 Liz_Home he can't get himself a mini fridge or something?
03:30 wannabe1987 lol we have a cheese grater.  he wanted to know where it was.  i told him in a cupboard somewhere
03:30 wannabe1987 he could...i dunno
03:32 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:32 wannabe1987 its not just fridge space he needs...shelf space too.
03:32 Liz_Home ah
03:32 REDhome joined #thegeekgroup
03:32 REDhome left #thegeekgroup
03:32 speedrunnerG55_ HI RED
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ bye red
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ Darn
03:33 wannabe1987 lol
03:33 tesla4d So, I just heard that DNA testing confirms that we have Bin Laden's body, and another chatroom I hang out in is abuzz...
03:34 speedrunnerG55_ Abuzz?
03:34 tesla4d I just don't care. Rather, I wish I didn't care. As it is, I'm a little bit pissed off.
03:34 BatSteve How did we get his DNA?
03:34 Bth8 the US has his body
03:34 Liz_Home he must have been awesome at hide-and-seek as a kid
03:34 tesla4d I certainly hope getting his body was worth the hundreds of deaths in the war since... Oh, and maybe we can close Guantanamo Bay now?
03:35 cctoide that's a good question
03:35 tesla4d Yeah, sure, kid.
03:35 cctoide er, BatSteve's, I mean
03:35 tesla4d It's not going to happen. Our policies are going to continue to suck shit, and now we've made a martyr. Woo!
03:35 NeWtoz we got the DNA from a family member
03:35 BatSteve video, for those who care
03:35 BatSteve
03:36 LeadHead lol.
03:36 LeadHead the       internet feed
03:36 LeadHead is actually a bit ahead
03:36 LeadHead of the TV feed
03:37 tesla4d BatSteve, We got his DNA from the body and compared it to a sample from his sister, according to Wikipedia.
03:37 BatSteve oh, interesting
03:37 BatSteve He has a sister?
03:37 LeadHead Osama came from a quite large and wealthy family iirc
03:37 tesla4d That's what I said, BatSteve
03:37 LeadHead His family owned quite a few banks I believe, or something along those lines
03:38 tesla4d By the way, you missed all the fun from mister chemtrails.
03:38 BatSteve Really?
03:38 BatSteve Who?
03:38 LeadHead hubcapz
03:38 BatSteve No kidding!
03:38 tesla4d "hubzcaps"
03:39 DruidicRifleman Construction companys
03:39 BatSteve ::mental note to go back through the logs::
03:39 LeadHead Construction companies, not banks?
03:39 BatSteve Thank you for mentioning that
03:39 DruidicRifleman Thats why he was in afganistan working for the CIA helping fortify mujahadine strong holds
03:39 tesla4d Yeah, I really wish you were in here to explain that holding patterns are not, in fact, "racetrack spraying patterns"
03:40 speedrunnerG55_ lOl
03:40 BatSteve bugger
03:40 speedrunnerG55_ llOllOOOllOlOl
03:41 LeadHead I like how this internet feed of Obama's speec looks better than the one on the Television
03:41 speedrunnerG55_ LoL
03:42 BatSteve tesla4d: give me the short version - what was the channel's reaction?
03:42 LeadHead I drilled into him
03:42 BatSteve did everyone just ignore him?
03:42 LeadHead Captain started screaming for Ops
03:43 tesla4d ^^^^ what he said
03:43 wannabe1987 and i texted you
03:43 tesla4d I don't think there was actually any conversation about it.
03:43 LeadHead Yeah, I was basically like "Uh huh, our government is totally killing us"
03:44 BatSteve all right.  thanks.
03:44 BatSteve this reinforces the idea that I need to get votebanning implemented
03:44 BatSteve Though there are serious drawbacks to that which have kept me from doing it so far.
03:44 wannabe1987 such as?
03:44 cctoide I think spreading ops over more timezones would work better, honestly
03:44 tesla4d Forget about it. Just make enough trustworthy people ops
03:45 Darksecond left #thegeekgroup
03:46 tesla4d Chris handled it pretty well, though. Warned the guy, and then kicked him, no ban.
03:46 cctoide or just give Captain the ability to op himself, really, as most of the time people don't have an issue with stupid people being stupid
03:46 tesla4d Although he came back with a different screenname, so I think he assumed that the kick was a kick/ban.
03:47 Thermoelectric What user was this?
03:47 exor674 then ran away
03:47 cctoide hubzcaps
03:47 LeadHead hubzcaps
03:47 Thermoelectric Oh
03:47 Darksecond joined #thegeekgroup
03:50 stevieg left #thegeekgroup
03:50 speedrunnerG55_ How hot is plasma
03:51 LeadHead 7000-9000 degrees
03:51 LeadHead iirc
03:51 wannabe1987
03:52 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
03:52 LeadHead woops
03:52 LeadHead wrong
03:52 LeadHead 45,000*F
03:52 LeadHead for plasma cutters atleast
03:53 BigTank ssssoooo.....who has heard the good news? i dont want to say it beacuse its a mewt point
03:53 wannabe1987 lmgtfy is an awesome thing
03:53 wannabe1987 BigTank everyone has
03:53 LeadHead moot point
03:53 wannabe1987 if they havent, they need to open facebook
03:53 wannabe1987 end of story
03:53 BigTank lol ok thats why i didnt say it...
03:53 LeadHead Facebook, give me a break
03:53 * wannabe1987 is sick of hearing about it already...
03:53 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
03:53 BigTank agreed
03:54 NeWtoz oh please, facebook
03:54 wannabe1987 so glad i don't have tv service :D
03:54 NeWtoz so glad I don't have a facebook
03:54 * LeadHead is glad I don't have facebook
03:56 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
03:56 egrsteve so what is happening in this world, besides the president aquwardly pausing every few sylibals
03:56 LeadHead YouTubing savants
03:56 exor674 we killed someone a lot of people hated
03:56 exor674 the world becomes obsessed with it
03:56 Hackbat .tfw
03:56 BotSteve 51�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Where life is mediocre'
03:57 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Everyone here has already heard about ObL.  You don't need to mention it again. |  Boden Unit of Measurement: | Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log: | speedrunnerG55_: you may build a home whithin my city walls
03:57 Hackbat derp
03:57 egrsteve besides that, I have noticed
03:57 Hackbat .tfw 28150
03:57 BotSteve 65�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Shelby, NC!  'Where life is mediocre'
03:57 Hackbat .minecraft
03:57 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** The server may or may not be down right now.  Try it and let us know.
04:02 HOME_Kyle joined #thegeekgroup
04:02 HOME_Kyle So
04:02 HOME_Kyle About that.
04:03 MoxieMike_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:03 LeadHead We heard it all
04:03 LeadHead don't bother
04:03 HOME_Kyle Oh no, I'm not planning on dropping a dramabomb
04:03 HOME_Kyle I was out with my Pastor
04:03 HOME_Kyle At a bar
04:03 Liz_Home no drama llamas
04:03 * exor674 hides in her bomb shelter just in case
04:03 HOME_Kyle Everyone chanted "U.S.A."
04:04 HOME_Kyle I chanted "10 MORE YEARS"
04:04 HOME_Kyle Good night.
04:04 Liz_Home 0_0
04:04 exor674 ...
04:04 HOME_Kyle Imagine this senario
04:04 exodusthe1 joined #thegeekgroup
04:05 LeadHead Being in a bar
04:05 LeadHead with my pastor?
04:05 HOME_Kyle A man with a failling kidney, strapped to a table, with a dyalisis machine.
04:05 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
04:05 HOME_Kyle Get blasted in the face by god knows how many soldiers
04:05 exodusthe1 hello all hows stuff?
04:06 HOME_Kyle Anyways, how are you doing guys?
04:06 exor674 ................
04:06 LeadHead Building a hybrid air compressor
04:06 speedrunnerG55_ I'm fine
04:06 HOME_Kyle LeadHead: Word.
04:07 HOME_Kyle >4 guys on my network
04:07 exodusthe1 good here
04:07 HOME_Kyle >Bandwith should be...
04:07 HOME_Kyle >MY FACE
04:07 BatSteve hi exodusthe1
04:07 LeadHead Motorola SB5100 here
04:07 LeadHead shes a champ
04:08 exodusthe1 board as hell any suggestions?
04:09 exodusthe1 left #thegeekgroup
04:09 HOME_Kyle left #thegeekgroup
04:09 BatSteve exodusthe1:  quit the channel?
04:09 LeadHead lol.
04:09 wannabe1987 lol
04:09 wannabe1987 i'm bored too...
04:09 wannabe1987 but ifound ppl to talk to D:
04:09 wannabe1987 :D*
04:09 exodusthe1 joined #thegeekgroup
04:10 wannabe1987 still bored, exodusthe1
04:10 wannabe1987 ?
04:10 exodusthe1 yep sorry cruddy net here
04:10 Thermoelectric You can always just... quit the channel. :P
04:10 BatSteve exodusthe1: learn Python, join Team BotSteve, help program the official Geek Group chatbot
04:11 BatSteve (official only because he's the only one we've got right now)
04:11 Cprossu I wish I had my own bomb shelter
04:11 wannabe1987 y
04:12 exodusthe1 already learning one language atm any chance Python is like lua or perl?
04:12 Cprossu nice and quiet room hopefully
04:12 Cprossu plus basements are cool
04:13 BatSteve Not like perl, so I'm told.  Haven't ever used lua.
04:13 BatSteve .w lua
04:13 BotSteve "Lua (goddess), a Roman goddess" -
04:13 BatSteve .w lua programming language
04:13 BotSteve "Lua ( /ˈluː.ə/ LOO-ə; from Portuguese: lua meaning 'moon') is a lightweight multi-paradigm programming language designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal." -
04:13 Cprossu .w lua code
04:13 Cprossu lol
04:13 BotSteve "Lua ( /ˈluː.ə/ LOO-ə; from Portuguese: lua meaning 'moon') is a lightweight multi-paradigm programming language designed as a scripting language with extensible semantics as a primary goal." -
04:14 BatSteve interesting - whitespace is syntactic in lua?
04:14 exodusthe1 I started learn it for a game I play Im still a noob
04:14 MoxieMike__ joined #thegeekgroup
04:15 MoxieMike__ is now known as MoxieMike
04:15 MoxieMike_ left #thegeekgroup
04:15 Cprossu exodusthe1: garrysmod?
04:15 exor674 yeah, except that a large number of programming languages are sorta the same deep down
04:15 exor674 perl and python aren't even close
04:15 exodusthe1 nope the mud client I use uses it as its scripting language
04:16 Cprossu ahh
04:16 exodusthe1 pardon my spelling I suk
04:17 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
04:18 exodusthe1 though I do love some Gmod but my pc is so on the fritz It crashes everytime I load it
04:19 \_Obtuse left #thegeekgroup
04:19 BatSteve .seen CaptainBoden
04:19 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw captainboden 2.13 hours ago at 2011-05-02 02:11:33 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 04:19:13 UTC
04:20 BatSteve BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden that he should experience a feeling of satisfying operator status immediately after entering his password.  Side effects may include blindness, nausea, and liking country music.
04:20 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
04:20 BatSteve thanks BotSteve
04:20 BotSteve No problem, BatSteve
04:21 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
04:21 Thermoelectric I laughed.
04:22 devast8a_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:22 NeWtoz worst side effect is the liking country music ;P
04:22 egrsteve that it is
04:25 devast8a_ left #thegeekgroup
04:25 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
04:25 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
04:26 exodusthe1 and the internet crickets are having a field day
04:27 * wannabe1987 is drinking
04:28 * BatSteve is watching "Inappropriate Soundtracks"
04:28 BatSteve
04:28 exodusthe1 Im catching up on thegeekgroup's youtube
04:28 * wannabe1987 is drinking VODKA
04:29 BatSteve I think it's impressive that they were able to strip the music from this clip without stripping the firearm noises
04:29 exodusthe1 yum..?
04:29 BatSteve ...which I *think* is called "foley" ?
04:29 Liz_Home foley usually refers to recording noises
04:30 Liz_Home not sure what the term for removing them would be
04:30 exodusthe1 .w foley
04:30 BotSteve "Foley, Alabama" -
04:30 exodusthe1 .w foley art
04:30 BotSteve "Foley is the reproduction of everyday sounds for use in filmmaking." -
04:30 exodusthe1 yay
04:31 Thermoelectric And they get out of that without a scratch. Well...
04:33 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
04:36 \_Obtuse joined #thegeekgroup
04:36 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
04:36 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
04:37 DruidicRifleman don't you know all gun fights invariably Fall into A number of set paterns and by knowing these Invariable paturns you simply avoid the place's where shots will be fired
04:38 Thermoelectric No, because I have better things to do than study the trajectory of bullets, to avoid being shot and killed.
04:39 exodusthe1 same here I dont think I need to worry about bullet spread in my bedroom
04:42 BatSteve .w gun kata
04:42 BotSteve "Gun fu, a portmanteau of gun and kung fu, is the style of sophisticated close-quarters gunplay seen in Hong Kong action cinema[1]| and in Western films influenced by it." -
04:42 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: is that what you're talking about?
04:42 Hydroelectric joined #thegeekgroup
04:43 DruidicRifleman that and the film equilibrium
04:46 Hydroelectric Hey everyone.
04:46 BatSteve hi hydro
04:47 Firekingdom joined #thegeekgroup
04:48 Hydroelectric Hello BatSteve.
04:52 Firekingdom ?
04:53 BatSteve ?
04:53 BatSteve hi Firekingdom
04:53 BatSteve welcome
04:55 Firekingdom so how the place going along?
04:57 BatSteve Seems to be proceeding just fine.  I think wannabe1987 is awake still, she's been there most recently I believe
04:57 wannabe1987 huh?
04:57 wannabe1987 i dinged
04:57 wannabe1987 whats up?
04:57 Firekingdom I like how the irc has logs, beats hak5 irc
04:58 wannabe1987 hi Firekingdom
04:58 wannabe1987 i don't think i've met you before
04:59 BatSteve wannabe is amazing, she is perhaps the nicest person in the room
04:59 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
04:59 kristopher ola
04:59 wannabe1987 OMG thanks...:D
04:59 * wannabe1987 is now happy
04:59 * wannabe1987 's night was made
04:59 wannabe1987 thanks batsteve
04:59 kristopher whsat u got a stun gun
04:59 BatSteve don't get too happy, I said perhaps, ya dork.  :]
04:59 wannabe1987 so
04:59 Firekingdom in person, but maybe in hak5 irc or revision3 forums
04:59 wannabe1987 better than a troll or two...
04:59 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
04:59 wannabe1987 hi csmOnster
05:00 BatSteve wow, and we were just talking about trolls...
05:00 BatSteve I mean...uh...hi CSMonster
05:00 BatSteve (grin)
05:00 wannabe1987 lol
05:00 CSMonster 'LOL
05:00 CSMonster ohai.
05:00 CSMonster why so grumpy wannabe
05:00 * CSMonster is drinking
05:00 wannabe1987 this dude died, apparently, and everybody is ahppy but i odn't give a shit and they shoudl shut up
05:00 wannabe1987 me too
05:01 wannabe1987 go vodka
05:01 kristopher OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAAD!!!!!!!!!!!
05:01 kristopher lol yays
05:01 wannabe1987 there...he's on ignore
05:02 kristopher
05:02 CSMonster yes kristopher, we know
05:02 kristopher yays i just got home
05:02 BatSteve kristopher: did you not read the topic?
05:02 CSMonster we are drinking.  most of us are drinking because we are elated by the news.  wannabe1987 is drinking because she's tired of hearing about it.
05:03 wannabe1987 no
05:03 CSMonster and i forgot how much vodka burns
05:03 wannabe1987 i'm drinking cuz its gonna be a long night...
05:04 Firekingdom it not like he was going to live for ever
05:04 wannabe1987 my night is not related to that lol
05:04 wannabe1987 my night is related to friends who don't think they're loved when they are :D
05:04 CSMonster people are being a little uppity tonight, yeah, but in the last ten years they have lost most if not all of their faith in the  tonight they finally have a reason to celebrate; let em have their fun
05:04 kristopher
05:04 CSMonster ah
05:04 CSMonster that sucks
05:04 kristopher;feature=relmfu
05:05 * CSMonster 's throat burns
05:05 kristopher random shitt
05:05 CSMonster "oh yeah that's why i don't drink"
05:06 Hydroelectric left #thegeekgroup
05:07 CSMonster so how are you batsteve
05:07 wannabe1987 batty
05:07 wannabe1987 i mean, he said i was possibly the nicest person in teh irc...
05:07 wannabe1987 thats like...the best thing that happened all day
05:07 kristopher @CaptainBoden isn't here right, or is he out rioting
05:07 BatSteve .seen CaptainBoden
05:07 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw captainboden 2.94 hours ago at 2011-05-02 02:11:33 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 05:07:52 UTC
05:07 wannabe1987 altho, i did get to drive drews charger from the casino to B&N and back...
05:07 BatSteve 3 hours ago kristopher
05:08 kristopher more shit
05:08 kristopher
05:08 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: BatSteve on Universe Simulator
05:08 BatSteve CSMonster: I'm doing pretty good - had a good day today.  Learned some stuff.  Did some religious things that may or may not be of interest to you.
05:08 wannabe1987 like?
05:09 Firekingdom that reminds to Subscribe
05:09 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
05:09 CSMonster oh yeah, the sabbath.  i learned about that in school one time. <shrug>
05:09 BatSteve this channel isn't usually the place to bring up religion, so I won't go into much detail if you don't care
05:12 kristopher ok\
05:12 CSMonster anyone get to see the newton's cradle in person today?
05:13 kristopher no but i jus watched the vid
05:13 BatSteve negative
05:13 kristopher is it 5 am there?
05:13 Cprossu even intelligent conversations about religion seem to always spiral out of control and get outright nasty depending on what/who�s one
05:13 BatSteve .t edt
05:13 BotSteve Mon, 02 May 2011 01:13:40 EDT
05:13 wannabe1987 CSMonster - no i did not
05:14 CSMonster my burps smell like potatoes  :D
05:14 Cprossu well I am gonna put my cell phone on the cradle and get some ZZzzZZZzz�s
05:14 Cprossu l8r
05:14 wannabe1987 night
05:14 BatSteve nighnigt
05:14 kristopher seeya
05:14 egrsteve I should be sleeping too, night
05:14 wannabe1987 sleep?!
05:14 wannabe1987 night steve
05:14 Firekingdom it seems like you where looking for an argument, but no thanks
05:14 CSMonster later Cprossu
05:15 exor674 I really should sleep too heh
05:15 Firekingdom to cprossu
05:15 wannabe1987 :( :( :( night exor674
05:15 exor674 should :P
05:15 CSMonster lol
05:15 wannabe1987 ah lol
05:15 CSMonster should but not going to?
05:15 Cprossu Firekingdom: no I came here for abuse ;)
05:15 CSMonster also HI EXOR
05:15 wannabe1987 hangovers?!
05:15 wannabe1987 who gets those
05:15 exor674 I probably will soon, as I am theoretically tring to keep a 12am bedtime but
05:15 wannabe1987 i don't drink enough...
05:15 exor674 that is not really going well
05:15 wannabe1987 lol
05:15 exor674 heeey CSMonster!
05:15 wannabe1987 its not 12 yet
05:16 Cprossu props to who knows the inverted reference
05:16 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
05:16 egrsteve and I have just discovered a boden paradox
05:16 BatSteve Firekingdom: who was looking for an argument?
05:17 egrsteve my FB is showing chris twice, once online once away, odd
05:17 wannabe1987 lol
05:17 CSMonster i have had my head stuck in a clock for the last 48 hours.  :/
05:18 egrsteve now there both away, but why is there 2 boden heads in my facebook
05:18 egrsteve anyway, night all
05:18 wannabe1987 lol
05:18 wannabe1987 night egrsteve
05:18 CSMonster night steve
05:18 egrsteve thanks wannabe, night
05:19 wannabe1987 :)
05:19 wannabe1987 night
05:21 Firekingdom anyone know Hydrogen fuel cell
05:21 wannabe1987 no
05:21 wannabe1987 sounds complicated
05:21 wannabe1987 i don't like complications
05:22 BatSteve I know of them
05:22 BatSteve but not the internal workings
05:22 exor674 I think I am gonna go take a bath though heh
05:22 * exor674 hugs everyone who wants one
05:22 Firekingdom it fun, and dangerousness
05:22 * wannabe1987 hugs exor674
05:23 * BatSteve would like a hug but is in uniform, and that would be unprofessional
05:23 * BatSteve hugs exor674
05:23 * CSMonster pokes exor674
05:24 exor674 ow
05:24 exor674 <3
05:24 CSMonster :D
05:24 wannabe1987 lol
05:24 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
05:25 * wannabe1987 talks about batsteve in her status
05:26 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
05:26 Firekingdom
05:26 * wannabe1987 also was talking to Superman13 ...
05:26 Firekingdom Schematic for Generator and Variable D.C. Power Supply
05:27 CSMonster thumper = "best way to die"?
05:27 CSMonster i'm not sure i agree with that.
05:27 Firekingdom my uncle's design
05:27 wannabe1987 he loves for him its the best way to die
05:27 CSMonster also, not that i disgree, but who told you you're so nice and why?
05:27 wannabe1987 batsteve did!
05:27 wannabe1987 i dunno why
05:27 CSMonster lol.  ok
05:27 BatSteve :]
05:27 wannabe1987 see, he's the channel everything he says = truth
05:28 CSMonster LOL
05:28 BatSteve yeah. if you believe that, I accidentally left some money in your collective wallets that I need back
05:28 CSMonster LMAO
05:29 wannabe1987 lol i don't have a wallet...
05:29 wannabe1987 or a purse
05:29 wannabe1987 and i finished my vodka :D
05:29 wannabe1987 i poured 1/2 a 6oz glass...
05:30 wannabe1987 brb
05:30 * CSMonster gets back from putting rifle bolt in the safe
05:31 CSMonster alcohol and firearms do not mix well.
05:31 Firekingdom just but the fireing pin
05:32 Firekingdom but alcohol and taking things a part is a bad mix too
05:33 Firekingdom you tend to loss important parts
05:33 wannabe1987 lol
05:33 CSMonster LOL
05:34 CSMonster
05:34 DruidicRifleman CSMonster then why was one Agency tasked with handling both of them?
05:34 CSMonster do not question the sacred ways of the batfarts.
05:35 wannabe1987 so CSMonster, if i were to get a CCW permit sometime...what should i get as a carry gun?
05:35 * CSMonster kind of hates that question
05:35 * wannabe1987 knows nothing about guns
05:35 wannabe1987 sorry :(
05:35 * DruidicRifleman thinks Wannabe1987 should have a budget inmind before she asks
05:35 CSMonster s'okay
05:36 DruidicRifleman Wannabe1987 What are you willing to spend?
05:36 DruidicRifleman is now known as DruidR
05:36 CSMonster if you're talking about a weapon to put your life on, budget should not be anywhere near the top of your priority list.
05:36 DruidR Wannabe1987 What are you willing to spend?
05:36 wannabe1987 about 500 on a gun...
05:36 DruidR how do you plan to conceal it?
05:36 wannabe1987 waist?
05:37 DruidR What kinda hand guns have you fired
05:37 CSMonster Inside The Waistband holster
05:37 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
05:37 wannabe1987 CSMonster - i hear that...but i'm also dirt poor :(
05:37 DruidR Compact 9mm
05:37 BatSteve If I can butt in with my two cents, my advice would be that "reliable" and "comfortable" should be high on the priority list.
05:37 wannabe1987 DruidR - 9mil, 45 cal, ithink thats it
05:37 DruidR or you won't be able to afford to practise
05:37 CSMonster something small obviously.  something you're comfortable with shooting re: recoil weight trigger pull etc etc and the only way you can figure that out is to shoot as many different pistols you can get your hands on
05:38 wannabe1987 yeah
05:38 DruidR Find someone who you know who shoots and go to the range with them
05:38 BatSteve <--
05:38 wannabe1987 i'll see if tyler can bring his collection the the range sometime...
05:38 wannabe1987 LOL
05:38 wannabe1987 batsteve and tyler...i think i have myself covered...
05:38 CSMonster you ask "which one should i get" and i say "try them all and find the one you like the most."  that is all.
05:39 wannabe1987 its ok
05:39 wannabe1987 tyler says if i get a mini gun to make sure it fits and i can take recoil
05:39 DruidR Some people like these
05:39 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
05:39 DruidR Some like bersa thunders
05:39 wannabe1987 he has (or his dad has) a keltec of some sort...
05:40 BatSteve ooh ooh!  CSMonster!  After you're done, the next question is what gun should she NOT get as a concealed carry gun?
05:40 wannabe1987 numbers mean nothing to me...names mean nothing to me...
05:40 wannabe1987 lol
05:40 CSMonster LMAO bat
05:40 BatSteve I offer "Anything by Raven Arms" to start
05:40 wannabe1987 desert eagle
05:40 DruidR The Sig p238 IS a nice pistol AND the good thing about it IS they are Allot of holster's since they are similar to the shape is very close to the colt mustang
05:40 wannabe1987 pics druidR?
05:40 exodusthe1 bye bye all
05:41 wannabe1987 i like how you changed your nick to talk to me...thats awesome
05:41 wannabe1987 night!
05:41 CSMonster Raven/Jennings/Lorcin/Jimenez/Phoenix/Bryco.  all the same company, all utter crap.  cast zinc construction.
05:41 exodusthe1 left #thegeekgroup
05:41 DruidR I was gonna change it back after
05:41 wannabe1987 itsok
05:41 DruidR i don't try to ignore evade
05:41 wannabe1987 thats fine...i know youre a weaponry guy too
05:42 wannabe1987 CSMonster - haven't heard of them b4
05:42 DruidR;imgrefurl=;h=344&amp;w=450&amp;sz=23&amp;tbnid=RH8cmcAPkSkIwM:&amp;tbnh=97&amp;tbnw=127&amp;prev=/search%3Fq%3DColt%2Bmustang%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&amp;zoom=1&amp;q=Colt+mustang&amp;usg=__4EW6TxMHbbbqhfl8EwxdwxcWTac=&amp;sa=X&amp;ei=G0S-TZbkL8ro0QHIhvnPBQ&amp;ved=0CCQQ9
05:42 DruidR;imgrefurl=;h=435&amp;w=590&amp;sz=118&amp;tbnid=eujv0eb4LNReFM:&amp;tbnh=100&amp;tbnw=135&amp;prev=/search%3Fq%3Dsig%2Bp238%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&amp;zoom=1&amp;q=sig+p238&amp;usg=__6MsbiaQPeGgPXIZLKyttHJa22CM=&amp;sa=X&amp;ei=J0S-TeDIIOby0gG0hKDKBQ&amp;ved=0CDQQ9QEwAw
05:42 DruidR high price end of the Supper compacts
05:42 DruidR When your Shopping Your main concern Is the width of the pistol
05:42 wannabe1987 haha high price...i have 35$ righ tnow
05:43 DruidR They are good pistols
05:43 CSMonster okay, those are both single-action.  i would never EVER recommend a single-action pistol as a CCP for a beginner.
05:43 wannabe1987 well, i shall remember and take batsteve or tyler or someone who knows whats going onwith me...i'd take CSMonster, but she's in wrong part of country
05:43 DruidR Glock26
05:44 DruidR i got a guy in toledo Who i send people to for advice I know he won't screw someone over
05:44 * CSMonster would personally and wholeheartedly recommend the P7K3 if they weren't $3000+ now
05:44 BatSteve druid is right about width
05:44 BatSteve well
05:44 BatSteve it's one thing to consider.  there's lots of things.
05:44 BatSteve but yeah, width becomes a factor
05:44 exor674 yay back ( for like 20 minutes
05:44 CSMonster there's a lot of things, width is a big one yes
05:44 wannabe1987 DruidR - i'd go to my x boyfriend first...he got me into guns...
05:44 CSMonster ojai
05:44 DruidR As long as you get allong
05:45 wannabe1987 lol yeah...
05:45 wannabe1987 we keep distance
05:45 wannabe1987 its allllllll good
05:45 DruidR Brent (toledo guy) ran an errand for a GF's Birthday
05:45 DruidR i still ow him tannerite
05:45 DruidR ...
05:45 CSMonster and with width as a concern i'd never recommend a glock, ever.  :/
05:45 CSMonster they are good, but they are annoyingly fat.  even the compact ones
05:45 DruidR nods
05:46 DruidR The compact one's are as fat as the full size
05:46 DruidR Also Look into used
05:46 DruidR Might save you 200 bucks
05:46 DruidR If it's taken care of a used pistol will work fine
05:47 wannabe1987 thats the issue with all used things..maintenence
05:47 wannabe1987 the apt we looked at today in BC was owned by a slumlord and there are crack dealers living next to it...we said no
05:47 DruidR BC?
05:47 wannabe1987 battle creek
05:48 BatSteve ooh,where?
05:48 BatSteve which one?
05:48 CSMonster i have a Kahr CW9.  9mm, 7+1, very similar to the glock but much skinnier.  it's kind of tall/long, but i'm kind of tall too.  also have a Ruger LCP-380.  that's much more reasonably sized for concealment.  again though, you gotta find what you like.
05:48 DruidR
05:49 BatSteve CSMonster: but they're universal!  You can put a fullsize magazine into a subcompact glock....for lolz, I guess.
05:49 wannabe1987 it was owned by lakeside realty?  and over by the dead school and track...idk webber street?
05:49 wannabe1987 off capital
05:49 BatSteve ah ok
05:49 CSMonster lol
05:49 DruidR it's gonna come down to what you like
05:49 wannabe1987 there were squatters in the place when we went there...
05:49 CSMonster they actually have one model of 9mm glock that is skinnier and takes a single-stack mag, but it's still unreasonably fat, particularly for being single-stack.
05:50 CSMonster kel-tec is fine.
05:50 DruidR THis is for the don't pile
05:50 DruidR I don't consdider the judge a self defense gun
05:50 CSMonster i will say this though: some people will tell you "oh, all women should get snub-nose .38 revolvers".  these people are full of horseshit and don't know what they are talking about.
05:51 CSMonster ugh, the judge is a joke.
05:51 DruidR DUH!!!
05:51 exor674 CSMonster: probably the same kinda people who are all "zomgzies there are no women on the internetz"
05:51 wannabe1987 lol
05:51 CSMonster lol, yeah.
05:51 DruidR Does any one know what Glock boden caries?
05:51 BatSteve yes
05:52 BatSteve the subcompact 9mm
05:52 DruidR also bat steve are you batman?
05:52 BatSteve That's either the 26 or the 27
05:52 BatSteve I forget which
05:52 BatSteve The other one is the same thing in .40.
05:52 BatSteve And I am not the same Batman from the videos.
05:52 DruidR if it's the 9 it's the 26 i think cause the 27 is 40
05:52 CSMonster if however you DO want to try a revolver, the Ruger SP-101, Chiappa Rhino, and Ruger LCR are all pretty good.
05:52 CSMonster wannabe1987: is your head spinning yet?
05:52 DruidR Chiappa Rhino
05:52 wannabe1987 lol
05:52 DruidR this would be epic mumble
05:52 wannabe1987 i have 4 convos no spinning :P
05:53 DruidR the Chiappa Rhino is a neat wheel gun it has Dramaticly differant recoil
05:53 CSMonster hey, the Rhino is sweet.
05:53 DruidR DUH!!
05:53 CSMonster anything designed by Emilio Ghisoni is made of forged awesome.
05:54 DruidR With .38's wannabe you should toally be able to handle it all Day
05:54 wannabe1987 what about all night?
05:54 wannabe1987 cuz of the crack heads and shit...
05:54 wannabe1987 lol
05:54 DruidR Both
05:54 wannabe1987 we're looking into Kzoo now for living...
05:54 CSMonster and the recoil is so nice because the barrel line is below the web of your hand.
05:55 DruidR Also if your gonna accessorise an option is a crimson trace lazer
05:55 * wannabe1987 hasn't shot a gun in...*counts* 4 years? 5 years? i'll discharge a shot gun or two in june...but yeah...
05:55 wannabe1987 accessorize?
05:55 wannabe1987 i might be a girl...but not a girly girl
05:55 DruidR ... Whats with the girly girl comment
05:55 CSMonster lol
05:55 wannabe1987 accessorizing
05:56 CSMonster yeah, that word can have a meaning slightly different from what you'd intended
05:56 DruidR ... lol yeah allot of user's Do slight mods to they're Carry gun To Optemise it for them self
05:56 BatSteve no, not really
05:56 BatSteve
05:56 wannabe1987 lol i know what he meant
05:56 exor674 I really want to learn to shoot one of these days
05:56 DruidR there are two parts on the glock 26 Which would be swapped for differant ones
05:56 CSMonster fuck sopmod.
05:57 DruidR Slide release and Mag release
05:57 DruidR Visit CSM she'll teach you exor
05:57 CSMonster extended?
05:57 DruidR Yeah
05:57 CSMonster i fully volunteer to teach exor674 to shoot.
05:57 BatSteve druid - I agree with you about the mag release.  I've honestly never used slide releases
05:58 CSMonster and why, druid, in fuck would you want to extend those on an IWB carry pistol.
05:58 BatSteve I was taught to grab the slide and tug
05:58 CSMonster race gun, yes.  service pistol, yes.  CCW, not hardly.
05:58 DruidR I'd train for both
05:58 exor674 <3 wll keep that in mind
05:58 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
05:58 CSMonster :)
05:59 DruidR Also Wannabe1987 don't train Simply shooting static targets
05:59 wannabe1987 no?
05:59 wannabe1987 thats all ive shot...and pop cans!
05:59 CSMonster tugging the slide back with your whole hand is faster and easier when adrenaline pushes your fine motor control out the door.
05:59 wannabe1987 so how to train?
05:59 DruidR Dynamicly
05:59 wannabe1987 ???
06:00 CSMonster /facepalm
06:00 wannabe1987 english mr canadian
06:00 DruidR lol The bad guy is never gonna stand there and let you have the perfect posture
06:00 wannabe1987 no shit
06:00 wannabe1987 i know that
06:00 wannabe1987 but i also have to be careful cuz my wrists r already a bit messed up
06:01 DruidR hmmm
06:01 wannabe1987 i blame violin playing...
06:01 DruidR cool
06:01 exor674 wannabe1987: what did you do to your wrists?
06:01 exor674 :(
06:01 wannabe1987 yeah...tendon itits
06:01 DruidR a soon to be gun toating violinist
06:02 wannabe1987 soon as in within a year...
06:02 wannabe1987 hopefully i'll get a job soon!
06:02 DruidR Awesome :)
06:02 BatSteve oh
06:02 BatSteve this is very important
06:02 wannabe1987 ?
06:03 DruidR Also keep in mind ammo costs IF you Can You might wanna Cheap .22LR specially if you have week wrists
06:03 kristopher ola
06:03 BatSteve People like us like to get into details about guns because we've had a bunch of experience with them.  It's important to remember that shooting guns is about as much fun as you can have with your pants on, and that you should remember to take some time out "training" to just have fun.
06:04 CSMonster ^
06:04 DruidR Nods if your not looking forward to range time your Doing it wrong
06:04 wannabe1987 uncle has like 40 acres up north (mt plesant area) to shoot on...
06:05 DruidR Some of the glock pistols have .22LR conversion kits;category_id=13 This Allows you to tain with the same trigger and weight In allot of ways With cheaper ammo
06:06 DruidR You still need to be confident with your Full power carry loads But having to shell out fo 2 boxes of 9mm a month get tiresome
06:06 DruidR .22kr IS way less
06:07 DruidR still with us?
06:07 Firekingdom left #thegeekgroup
06:07 wannabe1987 yeah
06:07 wannabe1987 and with fb peeps too...
06:09 DruidR And Personally Photorealistic targets Are better then A bullseye If you can legally Discharge at night on your uncles property have a shooting friend set Up two taget stands in low light one No shoot one a shhot
06:09 DruidR or both no shoots
06:10 wannabe1987 i used the paper targets that had a persons outline...aim for head/heart
06:10 climberex joined #thegeekgroup
06:10 DruidR Better then nothing
06:10 wannabe1987 i think if i dug deep enough...i could find pictures :P
06:11 wannabe1987 if i took any...and i usually do...
06:11 kristopher we need one of these at the lb
06:11 kristopher lab
06:11 kristopher
06:11 climberex left #thegeekgroup
06:11 CSMonster you know, this is something else i gotta say.  just because you have a pistol doesn't mean you can fight to protect yourself.  a concealed pistol for defending yourself only goes so far (or comes in so close, rather).  if you're really worried about your personal security and protection, a concealed handgun should *NOT* be your first priority.  learning to fight with your bare hands should...
06:11 CSMonster  an hour a day, two or three days a week, at the nearest karate or krav maga studio.  it makes all the difference in the world.
06:13 DruidR Also if you can Avoid discharging and escape Do so ammo and lawyers are expensive
06:13 wannabe1987 lol
06:13 DruidR Also Consider having a less lethal secondary
06:13 wannabe1987 like?
06:13 DruidR pepperspray a baton
06:13 BatSteve martial arts training
06:14 BatSteve Really that's the way to go.
06:14 CSMonster i don't recommend pepperspraying a baton.  it doesn't do anything to phase the baton and it will continue fighting back.
06:14 exor674 stop making me laugh while I have a mouthful of popcorn
06:14 DruidR or a baton
06:14 CSMonster LMAO
06:14 CSMonster :D
06:14 BatSteve perhaps he meant apply pepperspray TO a baton
06:14 CSMonster <3
06:14 BatSteve To make it twice as effective!
06:15 wannabe1987 lol
06:15 BatSteve First I beat you with it, and then it burns!
06:15 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
06:15 BatSteve (now if you could somehow set it on fire, you'd have the Holy Triumvarite of whapping implements)
06:16 DruidR lol
06:16 exor674 BatSteve: depending on the brand of pepperspray...
06:16 Thaery Any electrical people in here?
06:16 DruidR Nope
06:16 DruidR No one likes electical do hikies here
06:16 Thaery lol
06:17 BatSteve Thaery: sparky might be awake
06:17 BatSteve drat, nope, he's not online
06:17 DruidR Any ? comments concerns Wannabe1987?
06:17 wannabe1987 no
06:17 wannabe1987 hold on
06:17 wannabe1987 found photo to show you...
06:17 DruidR cools
06:17 wannabe1987 (my external is full of things)
06:17 Thaery K anyone here know basic electrical laws?
06:18 exor674 Thaery: don't touch live wires
06:18 exor674 they tend to hurt a lot
06:18 wannabe1987 they hurt
06:18 wannabe1987 :D
06:18 Thaery I'm watching Humanology: Electric Human
06:18 Thaery Has anyone seen that?
06:18 wannabe1987 druidR, exor674, BatSteve, CSMonster here :
06:19 CSMonster who is this?
06:19 exor674 that is an impressive photo
06:19 wannabe1987 thaery no, but my friend might find it entertaining....
06:19 DruidR The target in the far right?
06:19 wannabe1987 yes
06:19 DruidR police qualification target
06:19 wannabe1987 this is my x boyfriend tyler...first one, got me into shooting...
06:19 * BatSteve zooms in
06:20 wannabe1987 he's engaged
06:20 Thaery Well you all should watch it
06:20 Thaery I think it's complete BS
06:20 DruidR Nods
06:20 wannabe1987 and i took it with a shitty camera too!
06:20 DruidR;imgrefurl=;h=389&amp;w=300&amp;sz=76&amp;tbnid=EGnVFRetY3uwqM:&amp;tbnh=123&amp;tbnw=95&amp;prev=/search%3Fq%3DZombie%2Btargets%26tbm%3Disch%26tbo%3Du&amp;zoom=1&amp;q=Zombie+targets&amp;usg=__cqA-TxLdPtNp7O7gEh8MtcL2Uso=&amp;sa=X&amp;ei=ME2-Td7oK6b40gG3_d3IBQ&amp;ved=0CCwQ9QEwBg these are better
06:20 wannabe1987 an olympus camedia
06:21 wannabe1987 lol
06:21 CSMonster heh
06:21 DruidR batter for training AND we allways need to be ready for zombies trying to nom our brains
06:21 wannabe1987 om nom nom
06:21 wannabe1987 i'm going to fort custer for zombies
06:21 DruidR yes OM nomnom
06:21 BatSteve DruidR: as a courtesy, if you've got a massive link like that, shorten it before posting:
06:22 exor674 om nom brains
06:22 wannabe1987 hey batsteve, do you know camping prices pernight at fort custer rec area?
06:22 DruidR sorry
06:22 wannabe1987 the pdf isn't working
06:23 DruidR
06:23 BatSteve wannabe1987: I used to but I've forgotten
06:23 wannabe1987 awwww
06:23 DruidR These are great targets
06:23 wannabe1987 the pamphlet you took doesn't say?
06:23 BatSteve I didn't take it, I put it back
06:23 wannabe1987 o ok
06:23 BatSteve Entry price was $10
06:23 BatSteve I don't remember camping price
06:24 BatSteve but that was $10 for a year
06:24 wannabe1987 yeah...we migh need to use a pop up to stay in before findinga  good place to rent :S
06:25 DruidR wannabe Also with those targets Bick up some Old church rummage sale clothes Dress em up you can Create some stressfull scenarios
06:25 wannabe1987 lol
06:25 BatSteve wannabe1987: looks like custer is $21 to camp
06:25 wannabe1987 a night?
06:26 DruidR If you and tyler get allong you play the scenario one weekend and he plans it the next
06:26 DruidR plan*
06:26 BatSteve supposedly?  does that seem right to you?
06:26 BatSteve,1607,7-153-10365-32926--,00.html
06:26 BatSteve oh that's why
06:26 BatSteve Modern  campsites feature electric hookups (amps will vary), modern toilet  buildings, showers, wheelchair-accessible sites and sanitation stations.
06:26 wannabe1987 yeah
06:27 insanelogic joined #thegeekgroup
06:28 wannabe1987 21/night isn't bad...
06:28 DruidR nope
06:29 exor674 okay, it is now past my bedtime, oops! bed I go
06:29 wannabe1987 night!
06:29 BatSteve night exor
06:29 CSMonster night exor674 <3
06:29 exor674 ( I am SO bad at keepingm y bedtime, maybe I should just set it to 3 or 4 <3
06:31 DruidR night exor674
06:31 wannabe1987 night exor674
06:31 insanelogic so yeah
06:31 DruidR yeah insane?
06:32 insanelogic so yeah as in so huh?
06:32 insanelogic so interesting here
06:33 insanelogic left #thegeekgroup
06:33 * CSMonster is more than a bit confused
06:33 * wannabe1987 put druidr on ignore cuz he wouldn't change nicks back :D
06:33 BatSteve heh
06:34 BatSteve his loss
06:34 wannabe1987 lol
06:34 Thaery What the hell did insanelogic leave for?
06:34 DruidR Only stopped talking guns 8 minutes ago
06:36 wannabe1987 hmmmm 5 hrs of sleep r catchingupto me...need more sleep now
06:36 BatSteve night wannabe
06:36 Thaery I guess guns offend some people
06:36 CSMonster night wannabe1987
06:36 wannabe1987 thats odd...
06:36 CSMonster Thaery: don't question the insane logic.
06:36 wannabe1987 night guys, batsteve, CSMonster
06:36 DruidR night wannabe
06:36 DruidR is now known as DruidicRifleman
06:39 DruidicRifleman any one still up
06:40 BatSteve yes
06:40 CSMonster up, but a little tipsy.
06:41 Thaery ditto
06:42 wannabe1987 lol
06:42 DruidicRifleman thought wannabe1987 was sleeping
06:43 Thaery GO TO BED
06:44 wannabe1987 was kicked by BatSteve: SLEEP
06:50 CSMonster LOL
06:50 {{localhost}} left #thegeekgroup
06:51 DruidicRifleman whats this local host thing?
06:52 Thaery it's home
06:52 BatSteve this particular localhost is an account that keeps logs of the channel
06:52 BatSteve I believe it's run by TheGeek1024
06:53 DruidicRifleman ah
06:53 insanelogic joined #thegeekgroup
06:53 BatSteve welcome back
06:53 {{localhost}} joined #thegeekgroup
06:53 CSMonster o dear it's the insane logic.
06:54 insanelogic it is but i have to go now anyway, just saying hi
06:54 insanelogic so hi
06:54 BatSteve hi
06:54 BatSteve welcome
06:54 BatSteve come back again
06:54 DruidicRifleman Damn
06:54 DruidicRifleman I need to ad a new hard drive
06:54 DruidicRifleman I can'ts play DDO
06:54 insanelogic i will! this is great. great memories.
06:54 insanelogic left #thegeekgroup
06:55 Hackbat <3 Journey
06:55 {{localhost}} left #thegeekgroup
06:55 {{localhost}} joined #thegeekgroup
06:56 BatSteve Black eyed peas is the group that's been growing on me lately
06:58 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
06:58 Thaery Like a tumor?
06:58 kristopher olo
06:58 BatSteve IT'S NOT A TOOMAH.
06:59 DruidicRifleman yeah it is
06:59 kristopher
06:59 Thaery is now known as Thaery_Away
06:59 Darksecond left #thegeekgroup
07:00 kristopher
07:00 kristopher keewl
07:01 DruidicRifleman Fuck one of my hard drive's is corrupted..
07:01 kristopher lol thats baad
07:01 DruidicRifleman ... all my PDF's or agood size chunk
07:01 DruidicRifleman 149 gig
07:02 kristopher i'm a tumor, i'm a tumour
07:03 CSMonster i'm a tuber
07:03 CSMonster i yam a potato :D
07:03 kristopher lol
07:04 * CSMonster has been drinking vodka
07:08 DruidicRifleman CSMonster i have a queation
07:08 CSMonster shoot
07:08 DruidicRifleman Say Your friend had a stalker
07:08 DruidicRifleman How would you scare the fucker off
07:08 DruidicRifleman In the most create way possible
07:09 CSMonster the fifth amendment to the US constitution gives me the right to not have to answer that question.
07:10 BatSteve all of the ways I thought of require physical access to the stalker, and if you have that, the question becomes rather meaningless
07:13 kristopher omni's new friend if i could get there
07:13 kristopher
07:15 kristopher
07:16 DruidicRifleman LOL
07:17 kristopher thats my dog sascha
07:17 BatSteve goodnight one and all
07:18 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
07:20 DruidicRifleman cute
07:22 CSMonster
07:25 kristopher old
07:27 CSMonster okay, i'm out too.  night.
07:28 Darksecond joined #thegeekgroup
07:29 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:31 kristopher my sis didn't know the cam was on
07:31 kristopher
07:34 DruidicRifleman thats kinda mean
07:34 kristopher lool
07:34 kristopher no its not
07:36 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
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08:08 chunks left #thegeekgroup
08:26 Hackbat
08:26 Hackbat funfun
08:30 akeeh left #thegeekgroup
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08:34 Thaery_Away \
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10:22 Hydroelectric Hello again everyone.
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10:37 Sgt_Lemming Hi Everybody </Dr. Nick>
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11:41 mman454-mobile hey guys
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11:44 BotSteve Mon, 02 May 2011 06:44:05 -5
11:44 mman454-mobile hello Sgt_lemming
11:45 mman454-mobile .t -6
11:45 BotSteve Mon, 02 May 2011 05:45:30 -6
11:45 Sgt_Lemming lo
11:46 mman454-mobile .tfw 46385
11:46 BotSteve 47�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Valparaiso, IN!  'It could be worse.'
11:50 Sgt_Lemming mmm, new headphones, so awesome
11:52 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
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12:43 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
12:53 CaptainBoden *Entering Runlevel 5
12:53 BotSteve CaptainBoden: At 04:20Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you that he should experience a feeling of satisfying operator status immediately after entering his password.  Side effects may include blindness, nausea, and liking country music.
12:53 CaptainBoden Goodmorning world.
13:05 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
13:09 Administrator__ good morning CaptainBoden
13:10 CaptainBoden g'morning
13:11 Hackbat Morning!
13:17 Darksecond left #thegeekgroup
13:19 Darksecond joined #thegeekgroup
13:31 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
13:32 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
13:32 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again.
13:32 NeWtoz balls indeed
13:33 Seroster BotSteve: tell BatSteve Ey. Either make my greets random or change it to the "show on the doll" one =P
13:33 BotSteve Seroster: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
13:41 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
13:41 MoxieMike good morning geeks
13:41 eightbitbrad heya MoxieMike
13:45 Seroster Poor royal couple.  They were going to have a nice place in the spotligt for a few days, and POOF! You shot Laden.  That's just mean. =P
13:45 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
13:46 MoxieMike if i were the royal newlyweds, i'd be so happy that the attention was removed from the honeymoon
13:46 Seroster True.
13:46 Seroster "Lemme fuck in peace!"
13:47 MoxieMike but what drove me nuts was the useless talk that the news stations were babbling before the speach
13:47 NeWtoz they do that all the time anyways
13:48 MoxieMike maybe that's why i don't usually watch the news
13:48 MoxieMike so many words, so little content
13:48 eightbitbrad honestly, I'm tired of hearing about it.
13:48 NeWtoz yeah, news is way to negative for me to watch
13:48 dagnyscott1 joined #thegeekgroup
13:48 NeWtoz and most of it doesn't matter
13:48 eightbitbrad It's like... okay, I get it... he's been killed.  Can we move on now?
13:49 Cprossu ***Entering Run Level 3***
13:49 Cprossu good morning CaptainBoden
13:49 eightbitbrad go go Cprossu
13:49 CaptainBoden gmorning :)
13:49 Cprossu man you guys got a hell of a lot of work done yesterday
13:49 Seroster I got a new shiny pair of safety shoes. "nailproof" - and I want to test HOW nailproof.... I want a nailgun! =P
13:49 CaptainBoden Tht's ok, we'll make up for it today
13:49 Cprossu and no one got sqished too bad from what I saw
13:50 Cprossu *squished
13:51 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
13:51 eightbitbrad Cprossu: What'd I miss out on yesterday?
13:51 Cprossu I would squirt some starter fluid, gasoline, or something flamable that is also a solvent into the carb(s) of that bike though just to see if you can get that varnish somewhat dissolved though
13:51 Cprossu eightbitbrad: you�ll see as soon as they put on the mdh cam
13:51 RageRiot :::: afternoon Felllow geek group members :::
13:52 eightbitbrad heya RageRiot
13:52 RageRiot hi ya
13:52 eightbitbrad Cprossu: oh cool.  Will keep an eye out.
13:52 * RageRiot has a sore head, must stop sleeping late
13:52 eightbitbrad I got sucked into photo editing and then a D&D game last night
13:52 Cprossu CaptainBoden: I tell you today�s gasoline sucks ass =(
13:53 Cprossu 8 months and it�s the color of gaterade and is good at ruining anything
13:53 Cprossu *color of orange gaterade*
13:55 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
13:55 cctoide_deb joined #thegeekgroup
13:56 SparkyPojects joined #thegeekgroup
14:08 * maglinvinn wonders why he's awake
14:08 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: jackkollan on this is just amazing
14:09 maglinvinn i mean, really, its 10 am.  i've been logging 10 hour plus days for the last few days (sunday was a gimme) and i should be dead right now.
14:10 eightbitbrad maglinvinn: Seriously, yeah, you should go pass out
14:10 SparkyPojects Dan, yu're probably a zombie :D
14:11 maglinvinn mhhh.  you're prolly right
14:11 maglinvinn i should take a shower
14:12 * eightbitbrad arms his nerf gun to be safe.
14:12 maglinvinn meanwhile, i'm a dick.  i don't really believe they got bin laden
14:12 Cprossu morning maglinvinn.. I�m leaving to weld up an engine run stand if they got me the proper plug for our newer outlets
14:12 maglinvinn pics or it didn't happen
14:12 Cprossu maglinvinn: I�ll believe it when they stick his head on a pike and put that up by the WTC..... or something
14:13 maglinvinn yup.  right off the bat in the article - 'we buried him within 24 hours in accordance w/ islamic law...'
14:13 Cprossu either way it�s damn amazing the CIA managed to kill an old, tall, dying man with kidney failure who needed dialyssis
14:13 dagnyscott1 is now known as dagnyscott
14:14 maglinvinn LOL cpro
14:15 cctoide oh neat, someone posted a Great Ball Contraption video
14:15 cctoide seems to be a new one
14:18 maglinvinn yup
14:18 maglinvinn definately not holding my breath over binladen crap
14:19 eightbitbrad indeed.
14:20 eightbitbrad Everywhere I turn I hear about it.
14:20 eightbitbrad FB, Twitter... meh.  Need to shut down those sites until this crap passes by
14:21 RageRiot come on,,, if it were not tue and it's been publicly announce why would they humiliate them selves by liying about his death
14:22 RageRiot it's its false then they are going to look very untrust worthy infront of the world when bin laden is seen fetching a bottole of milk from his local kwiki mart
14:23 maglinvinn lol.  don't forget all the drama back in 2001 when the man completely and utterly disappeared from view and hte whole 'hes already dead' bs that came out of that
14:24 maglinvinn i am particularly amused by the article that says they did this, to stage a 'resposne' attack from  pseudo terrorists
14:24 RageRiot anyway.. my life goes on .
14:25 RageRiot pardon the pun
14:25 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
14:25 Seroster Lol RageRiot
14:26 Seroster Well. The motherfucker had it coming. If he died thatis.
14:26 RageRiot :)
14:26 RageRiot yep
14:30 cctoide_deb left #thegeekgroup
14:34 CaptainBoden FORKLIFT!
14:35 Cprossu new one/old one/getting yours delivered by the fucking awesome forklift company?
14:37 CaptainBoden New loaner one, it's only temp until we can finish the move.
14:37 Cprossu wonderful
14:37 CaptainBoden But this just made our whole world a LOT easier, now we can start the secondary stage of moving.
14:37 Cprossu that�ll fix about 20 problems and only create 2!
14:38 cctoide all the forklifts you've had have been electrical, right?
14:38 Cprossu no
14:39 CaptainBoden yes, all of our lifts have been electric, though I have driven a propane one before.
14:39 Cprossu oh lol
14:39 Cprossu for some reason I thought you had at least one propane one donated at some point
14:39 cctoide ah
14:40 CaptainBoden nope, we've always been electric, we've had....5 over the years.
14:40 CaptainBoden We get them at the end of their useful life, donated, run them into the ground, and autopsy them and get another shit one.
14:41 CaptainBoden Good system, we'll be autopsysing one in a month or less.
14:42 cctoide what ends up killing them? batteries, or general breakiness?
14:43 SparkyPojects When you autopsy one, it would be good to lay one out somewhere (maybe a wall hanging) so everything works, like an exploded drawing that operates
14:43 CaptainBoden Battieries need replacing and regular maintainence (which most people don't even know exists). But they also get the hell beat out of them in general.
14:43 Cprossu and those batteries cost a fricken fortune at times
14:44 NeWtoz and not the cookie type
14:44 CaptainBoden oh god yes
14:44 CaptainBoden This is a major thing, a forklift is a fundamental requirement for us.
14:44 CaptainBoden The downside is the room I need it most in, we can't have it.
14:44 CaptainBoden The HVL is FILLED with super heavy things.
14:45 CaptainBoden and we can't get them in there right now, it's an architechural problem.
14:45 Cprossu did that pool have any walls to the outside at least?
14:46 Seroster I think so
14:46 Cprossu also I am curious, was that building originally built to be a �Y�?
14:46 CaptainBoden of course, none of which can we get through.
14:46 CaptainBoden yes
14:46 Cprossu and did you find the original blueprints?
14:46 cctoide gantry crane :D
14:46 CaptainBoden We can, wtih the donation of about $12k, get an overhead door in there. We cannot get a lift in there.
14:46 cctoide if only there was a few million dollars for that :c
14:46 CaptainBoden can't do a crane (walls won't take it).
14:46 Cprossu wow that sucks
14:46 CaptainBoden brb phone
14:47 Seroster But the TOTAL awesomeness would be an industrial elevator/lift on the roof, pick up crap from the parking lot, move it across the roof on rails and drop it into a hatch in the HVL.   And.. Yeah. I know. You won't. But it would be awesome.
14:47 Cprossu will the concrete/whatever floor take any support beams?
14:47 mtearle what kind of weight to you have to lift?
14:48 NeWtoz you just need a transporter
14:48 exor674 or at least a localized gravity modifier
14:48 Seroster I vote for a portal gun
14:48 exor674 oh hey, set the gravity in this point to 1/100th of earth's
14:48 SparkyPojects I would guess things like big transformers
14:48 cctoide probably the big transformers
14:48 exor674 then we can carry a transformer like nothing
14:49 cctoide how much do these weigh, I wonder
14:49 Seroster A LOT
14:49 exor674 given they're full of oil and copper?
14:49 Seroster From 5kg (MOT) to a tonne (1amp 75kv)
14:49 Cprossu well I�m out, later. I say we need a combination of gravity modifiers, star trek transporters, portal guns, �aliens� style biped forklifts and other fictional devices
14:49 cctoide I was thinking around 1.5 tons
14:49 Seroster The oil and copper isnt SHIT compared to all the steel inside
14:49 CaptainBoden LMFAO
14:50 CaptainBoden Our large transformers are 237kVA
14:50 Seroster Cprossu, Or we just put a damn door in the wall? =P
14:50 CaptainBoden That's about 5T
14:50 Seroster My bad, CaptainBoden. =P
14:50 CaptainBoden give or take
14:50 cctoide Is that the big black one?
14:50 Cprossu I was being sarchastic you know =P
14:50 CaptainBoden no, that's a medium one. It's only 75kVA, ti's about 3T
14:50 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
14:51 CaptainBoden We have 4 transformers that are 100kVA as well
14:51 Seroster I know there is a huge chunk of awesomeness that was used for the will it fry, =P
14:51 CaptainBoden 100kVA and bigger will all have to be placed outside.
14:51 CaptainBoden yeah, that's a medium one.
14:51 CaptainBoden The TANK on that one is made from 3/4" thick steel.
14:52 Seroster Wtf.
14:52 CaptainBoden and we cannot move it into the HVL is the bitch, the floors won't take the weight.
14:52 CaptainBoden MOST of the floors will, but not all of them.
14:52 cctoide what's the status on the whole electrical installation for the HVL? does it still need funding?
14:53 Seroster I bet that finding out wich floors can take it will be a fun adventure...
14:56 cctoide I take it the bigger transformers need to be moved by the rigging company as well?
14:57 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
14:57 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
14:57 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
14:57 SparkyPojects I'm guessing the original pool walls would be strong enough to support heavy loads on, it would have been built to contain the pressure of the water, the walkway round the pool is basically the roof of the tunnels, but what they filled the pool with would be questionable
14:58 SparkyPojects And there's only the disabled ramp into the HVL from the outside
14:59 Seroster SparkyPojects, Didnt they just fill it with sand?
14:59 SparkyPojects That was mentioned, yes
14:59 SparkyPojects but how compact is it
15:00 SparkyPojects and what is the floor thickness over the sand
15:00 NeWtoz I'm sure there is some sort of fancy thingy that would be able to measure it
15:01 SparkyPojects NeWtoz, yes, a drill, you go down till it gets soft, or you can use a geophysics radar
15:01 NeWtoz I was thinking more of the radar...
15:03 Seroster Hehe
15:03 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
15:03 cctoide did they just pour the floor over the sand after filling it in, though?
15:04 Seroster Yep
15:04 Seroster Probably
15:04 cctoide or is the part of the floor over the pool cantilevered somehow
15:04 Seroster They just filled it up with a crapload of sand and poured concrete on top of that
15:21 dr_jkl ttp://
15:21 dr_jkl er
15:21 dr_jkl
15:22 asnopus_ left #thegeekgroup
15:33 zack_ left #thegeekgroup
15:41 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
15:42 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell batsteve why did he kick wannabe?
15:42 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
15:42 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
15:42 wannabe1987 the bot is broken.  hm
15:42 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
15:43 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: It just died
15:43 wannabe1987 lol i see that
15:43 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
15:43 eightbitbrad lol you killed it!
15:43 eightbitbrad hi Botsteve
15:43 BotSteve Hey eightbitbrad!
15:43 Rahlon awww rip botsteve
15:43 wannabe1987 :sobs: i'm sorry
15:43 eightbitbrad .tfw Atlanta
15:43 eightbitbrad no no, he's back *hugs wannabe*
15:43 wannabe1987 .tfw 49504
15:43 BotSteve 50�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'It could be worse.'
15:43 dr_jkl .tfw 33065
15:43 wannabe1987 it could be worse, yes, but its supposed to be better!
15:44 BotSteve 84�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Pompano Beach, FL!  'I need gloves to touch the steering wheel.'
15:44 wannabe1987 lol @ eightbitbrad...i know...its ok  :P
15:44 * wannabe1987 wishes her computer could wake up without having issues...
15:45 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
15:45 Rahlon .tfw Nottingham, England
15:45 BotSteve 55�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Nottingham, UK!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
15:45 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
15:46 wannabe1987 lol
15:48 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
15:48 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 30m idle (been away for 51m)
15:48 RageRiot .tfw manchester, england
15:48 BotSteve 57�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Manchester, UK!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
15:49 RageRiot lol
15:49 RageRiot I dont know �F
15:50 Rahlon same
15:50 LinuxH4x0r .tfw c 87801
15:50 BotSteve 45�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Socorro, NM, !  'It could be worse.'
15:50 LinuxH4x0r hmm
15:50 wannabe1987 botsteve has to have a conversion.
15:50 LinuxH4x0r not sure how to make it go to C
15:50 Vladdeh .tfwc 87801
15:50 Rahlon Oh I hear a car on the stream
15:50 wannabe1987 .c2f 8
15:50 wannabe1987 nope
15:50 LinuxH4x0r ahh
15:51 Rahlon .tfwc Nottingham, uk
15:51 BotSteve 12�C?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Nottingham, Nottingham, !  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
15:51 Rahlon indeed
15:51 LinuxH4x0r Grr, this is supposed to be a desert
15:51 * LinuxH4x0r doesn't feel like going to class
15:51 Rahlon I hear bodens as well I think
15:51 RageRiot ahh
15:52 RageRiot .tfwc manchester, england
15:52 BotSteve 13�C?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Manchester, UK!  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
15:52 wannabe1987 LinuxH4x0r - what kind of class?
15:52 LinuxH4x0r Calculus 131
15:52 Vladdeh ballet
15:52 wannabe1987 lol calc?  are you crazy?!
15:52 LinuxH4x0r slightly
15:53 wannabe1987 its ok...i don't like maths at all...i leave it to those crazies getting their phD in it (my bestie)
15:53 wannabe1987 my sister wants to teach it also...
15:53 LinuxH4x0r they make me take it for mechanical engineering
15:53 wannabe1987 ah
15:53 LinuxH4x0r i'll probably never use it after school
15:53 wannabe1987 i never took calc
15:54 LinuxH4x0r and if I need it IRL i have wolfram alpha
15:54 LinuxH4x0r not missing much....
15:54 NeWtoz left #thegeekgroup
15:54 wannabe1987 lol good
15:55 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
15:55 wannabe1987 wb
15:55 LinuxH4x0r class in 6 mins… I should probably put on some pants
15:56 RageRiot lol
15:56 wannabe1987 pants?!  go 1/2
15:56 wannabe1987 altho
15:56 wannabe1987 the seats would be cold then...
15:56 LinuxH4x0r this is new mexico tech
15:56 RageRiot in 6mins ... either you live next door or you know your going to be late O_o
15:56 LinuxH4x0r too many guys
15:56 LinuxH4x0r if I had a class full of girls I might
15:56 wannabe1987 lol
15:56 LinuxH4x0r next door
15:57 LinuxH4x0r and late
15:57 LinuxH4x0r :)
15:57 RageRiot ahh
15:57 RageRiot lol
15:57 LinuxH4x0r don't really care to much
15:57 LinuxH4x0r its almost done
15:57 jackkollan left #thegeekgroup
15:57 RageRiot enjoy your class :P
15:58 LinuxH4x0r I will… if by enjoy your class you mean have fun sitting in the back browsing the internet on your ipod
15:58 LinuxH4x0r g2g
15:59 wannabe1987 ok
16:01 eightbitbrad yay got my membership card stuff sorted, now to wait on it to arrive in the mail :)
16:01 wannabe1987 yay
16:01 wannabe1987 wanna fund mine?
16:01 eightbitbrad lol once I get more money, maybe. hehe
16:01 wannabe1987 lol
16:02 MoxieMike going to get mine soon too
16:03 wannabe1987 well, i'm taking donations :P
16:03 MoxieMike i'm waiting on my tax refund
16:04 wannabe1987 i already got my tax went to rent...and gasoline...and...stuffs.  not even bills :(
16:04 MoxieMike that's kinda sucky
16:04 eightbitbrad cam has switched to the HVL I think
16:05 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:06 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
16:06 cctoide the newton's cradle makes the MDH look small
16:07 mtearle yes, it's huge!
16:07 wannabe1987 lol
16:09 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
16:09 wannabe1987 hmmmmm dinner going in crockpot:NOW :D
16:10 eightbitbrad lol yeah, it does
16:10 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
16:11 eightbitbrad not only that, it kinda sucks space up for the vehicular sciences area.  I suspect they'll reposition later.
16:12 exor674 wannabe1987: whatcha ooking?
16:13 wannabe1987
16:14 wannabe1987 ooo i also have porkchops to use up :D
16:14 exor674 oo I might have to try that sometime
16:15 wannabe1987 thats what i said last night...and so i am :D
16:15 eightbitbrad sounds nommy
16:15 exor674 if I can find my crockpot bowl
16:15 dr_jkl ARRRGH
16:15 exor674 and lid lol
16:20 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
16:20 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
16:20 cctoide is that denailing dude going to be locked in that room until he denails everything?
16:20 wannabe1987 yes...apparently he likes to denail things...
16:21 exor674 wannabe1987: you will have to tell me how nommy dinner is, k?
16:21 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
16:21 wannabe1987 yes dear
16:22 QuickBen joined #thegeekgroup
16:23 QuickBen left #thegeekgroup
16:33 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
16:33 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
16:33 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
16:42 eightbitbrad captain's blog being recorded.
16:42 wannabe1987 yay!
16:43 RageRiot| joined #thegeekgroup
16:44 RageRiot| left #thegeekgroup
16:46 eightbitbrad hrm, my poor site needs updated.
16:47 eightbitbrad Been spending too much time on the photo side, not enough on the geek side.
16:47 RageRiot left #thegeekgroup
16:47 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
16:49 DruidicRifleman T- 7 hours 10 minutes till I know if i need to flee political persecution from A communist uprising in canada
16:50 eightbitbrad DruidicRifleman: Election day?
16:50 DruidicRifleman yeah...
16:53 Seroster If you can't handle acronyms... DON'T USE THEM! There is no PIN number, no ATM machine, no LCD display and no LED diodes...
16:53 * eightbitbrad is jailbreaking his iPhone.  Again.
16:54 Seroster Even the mytbusters narrator... He just said LCD display -.-
16:54 wannabe1987 its like ATM machine
16:54 wannabe1987 some words get repeated
16:54 DruidicRifleman or bento box
16:55 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
16:55 Seroster Sure... go insert your PIN number into that ATM machine, choose how much money you want to witdraw on the LCD display and then go buy some LED diodes for the money you just got.
16:55 hubzcaps nice
16:55 hubzcaps burnout
16:56 LinuxH4x0r back from calc
16:56 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
16:56 LinuxH4x0r need some cheese with that whine?
16:56 hubzcaps .tfw 95820
16:56 BotSteve 62�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Sacramento, CA!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
16:56 exor674 .tfw 80228
16:56 BotSteve 43�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Denver, CO!  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
16:57 DruidicRifleman Suggests seroster Has A dutch blue  chedder
16:57 eightbitbrad wb LinuxH4x0r
16:57 Seroster =)
16:57 LinuxH4x0r thank
16:57 LinuxH4x0r *s
16:57 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
16:57 eightbitbrad I got accused of being an Apple Fanboy just because I own a Macbook.  nevermind the Windows/Linux box at home that I love using too... naw...
16:58 Hackbat pfft Apple lover D:<
16:58 Hackbat j/k
16:58 hubzcaps < bumpin windows 98
16:58 Hackbat I myself would love to own an Apple IIe
16:58 eightbitbrad oh me too.
16:58 hubzcaps me 2
16:58 LinuxH4x0r i run fedora 14, osx, and windows 7
16:58 LinuxH4x0r I have 2
16:58 eightbitbrad A friend of mine has an old C64 for me somewhere.
16:59 LinuxH4x0r want one?
16:59 Hackbat or an Apple I
16:59 hubzcaps oooh love basic
16:59 Hackbat if you'll ship it for free
16:59 Hackbat :D
16:59 LinuxH4x0r 2fx and 2ci
16:59 Doc_____ joined #thegeekgroup
16:59 Hackbat <=== poor
16:59 hubzcaps <<<< old
16:59 Doc_____ left #thegeekgroup
16:59 Hackbat I'm up to my armpits in DOS pcs
16:59 LinuxH4x0r not poor, but not rich either
17:00 hubzcaps ooooh
17:00 LinuxH4x0r tuition -_-
17:00 Hackbat School is giving them away
17:00 LinuxH4x0r cool
17:00 DocZero joined #thegeekgroup
17:00 Hackbat I could take them if I wanted
17:00 LinuxH4x0r scrap them
17:00 Hackbat only grabbed a 368
17:00 LinuxH4x0r there are places that pay for gold in motherboards
17:01 Hackbat I could
17:01 Hackbat more than anything I would want the raw parts
17:01 Hackbat and not the cases
17:01 hubzcaps my old HS gave me 3 VP 9000  high band sony Umatic  .industrial 30 min broadcast players
17:01 Hackbat CD drives have fun stuff in them
17:01 LinuxH4x0r yeah
17:02 LinuxH4x0r the older drives are the better the parts
17:02 DocZero left #thegeekgroup
17:02 * LinuxH4x0r is tempted to watch heavy metal again
17:02 hubzcaps 4700 rpm heads
17:02 hubzcaps lol
17:02 LinuxH4x0r
17:03 LinuxH4x0r for those that don't know
17:03 hubzcaps heavy metal..that rock song rulez
17:03 LinuxH4x0r Don Felder or Sammy Hagar
17:03 hubzcaps crazy B29 n guts everywhere
17:03 LinuxH4x0r both are good
17:03 hubzcaps tripped me out first time i saw it
17:05 Seroster LinuxH4x0r, most of the computer gold is in the cpu thou
17:06 LinuxH4x0r thats not what the scrap companies think :)
17:06 LinuxH4x0r they pay by the pound
17:06 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
17:06 Seroster Here you get about ten times the price per kilo for the CPU than for the mboard
17:06 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
17:07 LinuxH4x0r I hate when I do that
17:07 MoxieMike the cpu is mostly silicon while the mboard is mostly fiberglass
17:07 LinuxH4x0r same control to close windows in firefox as in adium
17:07 Seroster Indeed, but there is quite a lot of gold in the CPU
17:07 Seroster Mainly on the pins
17:07 MoxieMike ya
17:08 MoxieMike a lot of contact points are coated in gold or some other non-corrosive/non-tarnishing alloy
17:08 Seroster But sometimes the pins are ENTIRELY gold. <3
17:09 MoxieMike oh my
17:11 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
17:11 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
17:11 Watso left #thegeekgroup
17:11 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
17:12 wannabe1987 ...
17:12 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
17:12 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
17:12 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
17:12 Watso joined #thegeekgroup
17:12 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
17:12 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
17:12 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again.
17:13 exor674 mmmm netsplats
17:13 wannabe1987 welcome back botsteve
17:13 Seroster Lol BotSteve
17:13 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
17:13 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
17:13 BotSteve Spatula.
17:13 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
17:13 exor674 spatula?
17:17 eightbitbrad spatula city!
17:17 exor674 lol, BotSteve really needs to not run those things on netjoins
17:18 wannabe1987 whynot?
17:18 exor674 because it could possibly spam depending on how many of those messages there are
17:19 exor674 because from BotSteve's end, it saw 66 users joining all at once
17:20 eightbitbrad hmm, I suppose we could code some sort of netsplit detection in there somewhere
17:24 xanhs where can i find the europe part of the geek group?
17:24 DruidicRifleman any one at the lab
17:24 DruidicRifleman Bottom of the forum page
17:26 SparkyPojects There isn't a 'europe' group as yet, you can ask for a new group though
17:26 wannabe1987 SparkyPojects - there should be a subforum on the forum, no?
17:27 MoxieMike off to class...should be back around 4 or so
17:27 exor674 learn things
17:27 MoxieMike is now known as moxiemike-away
17:27 wannabe1987 have fun! :P
17:27 moxiemike-away i'll try
17:29 exor674 don't hit any classmates with a book
17:29 SparkyPojects There's the American chapters, England, and Australia & NZ
17:29 wannabe1987 and we want europe proper, not england?
17:30 SparkyPojects Yep, there are a few swedes here as it is
17:36 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
17:40 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
17:40 mashpriborintorg oh hai
17:40 xanhs so it is, mayby later i start on it but not now
17:42 SparkyPojects xanhs, i'll put a mention in the website thread about it, i want to ask Moose if she'll change the name of England to UK&Ireland anyway
17:43 DruidicRifleman!/photo.php?fbid=100976236626992&set=a.111213512269931.8664.100001438474311&type=1&theater my precious :( evil commies wanna take here away from me
17:43 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
17:44 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
17:44 BotSteve You mess with the Bull, you get the horns!
17:44 Seroster loool
17:44 mman454 ?
17:44 Seroster That greet
17:45 mman454 Do you know my irl name?
17:45 Seroster Nope
17:45 DruidicRifleman does that link work?
17:45 mman454 My last name is Bull. ;)
17:46 mman454 And I figured since I'm an op that phrase would be good for me.
17:47 xanhs you guys hear from me later, europe will come. but england and ireland is nice ito hear anyway
17:47 mman454 seroster BatSteve set it up so that my greet would only show in the irc every 1/x times I join the room.
17:47 xanhs well i gonna play some piano
17:48 Seroster o...
17:48 mman454 But if anyone can think of a better great for me that has some mention of Bull that would be cool.
17:49 Yaotzin heh
17:49 mman454 Batsteve did that because of how often I join the room
17:49 Seroster "mman454 is here, cut the Bullshit!"
17:49 Yaotzin "I didn't know they stacked bullshit that high"
17:49 mman454 Those are both pretty good. :D
17:50 Seroster "You know what is 400 pounds and horny? - Mr BULL"  < Heh =D
17:50 SparkyPojects Never try to milk a bull
17:50 mman454 seroster LMFAO!!!
17:50 Seroster And you tell me that NOW?!
17:51 RageRiot left #thegeekgroup
17:51 mman454 but its more like 150 in my case and a real bull weighs much more than 400 LBS
17:51 Seroster True
17:51 Seroster More like 1k xD
17:52 mman454 that sounds more acurate
17:52 Seroster But you could actually realistically be 400 pounds, the joke wouldnt work with half a tonne
17:52 mman454 true
17:52 xanhs a calf weight over 400lbs
17:53 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
17:53 mman454 Hello IIsi50MHz
17:53 DruidicRifleman does this link work?!/photo.php?fbid=100976236626992&set=a.111213512269931.8664.100001438474311&type=1&theater
17:54 IIsi50MHz Yo mman454
17:54 SparkyPojects need to be logged in to facebook
17:55 mman454 DruidicRifleman there should be a share link somewhere that will allow you to share it with non-facebook users.
17:55 * IIsi50MHz tries not to get mmu-man and mman454 mixed up
17:55 mman454 uh... what?
17:56 DruidicRifleman not sure
17:56 DruidicRifleman It posts to my pofile
17:57 IIsi50MHz "mman" and "mmu-man" seem to be stored close together in my head. /-:
17:57 SparkyPojects Druidic, open a different browser, you will not be logged into that browser, then you can check  if the link works.
17:57 mman454 ah
17:58 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
17:58 tggmc1 joined #thegeekgroup
17:59 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
17:59 Yaotzin
18:00 Yaotzin direct linking woo
18:00 DruidicRifleman damn
18:00 DruidicRifleman thanks yaotzin
18:00 DruidicRifleman :) thats Sasha
18:01 DruidicRifleman tggmc1 any one there?
18:01 DruidicRifleman Did the mail come did the mail come did the mail come did the mail come?
18:02 cctoide SKS?
18:02 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
18:02 DruidicRifleman Yep
18:02 DruidicRifleman her name is Sasha She's a russian tula aresonal
18:02 cctoide awesome
18:02 DruidicRifleman I hope she doesn't get banned
18:03 mman454 for what?
18:03 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:04 DruidicRifleman mman454 there are allot of anti gun bigots running in the canadian ellections
18:04 DruidicRifleman And this rifle was on they're list of the one's they wanted to ban
18:04 mman454 oh I thought you meant someone from the group.
18:07 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 mman454 I have a feeling the guys in master control don't like us watching them.
18:07 speedrunnerG55__ How fast is the speed of light
18:08 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
18:08 DruidicRifleman tgg_liz did the mail come
18:08 tgg_Liz i just got here
18:08 tgg_Liz i have no idea
18:08 DruidicRifleman ah
18:08 tgg_Liz no one else in master control knows either
18:08 mman454 tgg_liz also let them know we like seeing master control.
18:09 mman454 Not an unoccupied room. ;)
18:09 DruidicRifleman yeah the MDH is boring everyone is hiding
18:09 tgg_Liz there's nothing happening in master control at the moment
18:09 tgg_Liz just a few people sitting around
18:09 wannabe1987 .seen yaotzin
18:09 BotSteve wannabe1987: I last saw yaotzin 0.15 hours ago at 2011-05-02 18:00:04 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 18:09:21 UTC
18:09 wannabe1987 so he's here...
18:09 Yaotzin wat
18:09 wannabe1987 did you see on my fb whats for dinner tonight?!
18:09 mman454 tgg_liz That's more entertaining than an unoccupied room. ;)
18:09 Yaotzin i did not
18:09 DruidicRifleman Dad made me put Sasha back in the closet
18:10 SparkyPojects There's something going on in MDH, but the camera isn't pointing to the action
18:10 wannabe1987
18:10 Yaotzin oh hey I do pulled pork pretty often
18:10 cctoide honestly, I prefer an empty MDH to master control at this point
18:10 speedrunnerG55__ .speed of c
18:11 mman454 why is that?
18:11 DruidicRifleman interesting dish
18:11 Yaotzin I accidentally made it by slow cooking country style ribs before
18:11 wannabe1987 but its not pulled pork
18:11 wannabe1987 lol
18:11 Yaotzin since then that's how I've done it
18:11 Yaotzin well same deal
18:11 cctoide well, we'd been looking at master control for like two weeks, and these cameras make it look a bit sickly and underlit
18:11 speedrunnerG55__ .speed c
18:11 wannabe1987 lol i know
18:11 Yaotzin I don't like pineapple but
18:11 Yaotzin whatev, looks good
18:12 speedrunnerG55__ .wiki speed of light
18:12 BotSteve "The speed of light, usually denoted by c, is a physical constant important in many areas of physics." -
18:12 Yaotzin shit I'm in pain
18:12 exor674 Yaotzin: don't o that
18:12 speedrunnerG55__ O.O
18:12 Yaotzin exor: i strained myself last night
18:13 Yaotzin biting me in the ass now
18:13 speedrunnerG55__ You what?
18:13 exor674 why did you do that?
18:13 wannabe1987 he got hurt going on a walk :P
18:13 Yaotzin sounded like a good idea at the time
18:13 speedrunnerG55__ How can you strain yourself
18:13 Yaotzin lol
18:13 Yaotzin yes, I pushed myself a little too hard on my midnight walk
18:14 speedrunnerG55__ Oh as in working?
18:14 Yaotzin I was trying to add a lap every night
18:14 speedrunnerG55__ I was thinking o the cooking process
18:14 Yaotzin oh
18:14 Yaotzin lol
18:14 Yaotzin yeah my neck is messed up
18:15 Yaotzin and my shoulder because of it
18:15 speedrunnerG55__ I was imagining sitting in a strainer. "it's not working"
18:15 DruidicRifleman mmmm cosmoline
18:15 Yaotzin haha oh wow
18:15 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
18:16 speedrunnerG55__ Hi RageRiot
18:16 RageRiot hello :)
18:16 Yaotzin wallabe: come on down and bring me a warm compress would you
18:17 RageRiot I just accidentally reset my router instead of restarting it :P
18:17 RageRiot both buttons are right next to each other
18:17 DruidicRifleman why do you call wannabe wallabe?
18:17 wannabe1987 no...but i'll give ya a neck massage instead :P
18:17 RageRiot so I couldn't figureout why I couldnt log back in with my password
18:17 Yaotzin I've yet to have a good massage but if you're good at it
18:17 Yaotzin something to make it stop hurting
18:18 RageRiot just had to find the serial for my router to log in :P
18:18 Yaotzin I want to go walking again tonight
18:18 exor674 RageRiot: I once reconfigured my neighbor's router
18:18 RageRiot wallabe sounds better :P
18:19 wannabe1987 :D  thats what i thought...
18:19 exor674 RageRiot: I had to reset mine for a reason, got on via wifi, except that wasn't *my* router I Was on
18:19 wannabe1987 Yaotzin - i've had people fall asleep...does that count?
18:19 RageRiot haha
18:19 tanilolli joined #thegeekgroup
18:19 Yaotzin Wallabe: possibly
18:19 wannabe1987 ...
18:19 mman454 RageRiot and you did that why?]
18:19 wannabe1987 too bad.  you're cali
18:19 Yaotzin I might try to go back to sleep just so it stops hurting
18:19 exor674 I hit the software-factory reset before digging out a spare ethernet cable to reconfigure mine wired
18:20 wannabe1987 take motrin
18:20 wannabe1987 or tylenol
18:20 wannabe1987 or advil
18:20 wannabe1987 or aleve
18:20 Yaotzin I don't do pills
18:20 wannabe1987 or vicodin
18:20 RageRiot so was there router left with a default pass ?
18:20 wannabe1987 smoke weed
18:20 exor674 yep
18:20 exor674 default ssid, default pass
18:20 Yaotzin I don't do that anymore
18:20 Yaotzin I don't smoke cigarettes anymore
18:20 wannabe1987 lol good
18:20 exor674 people just buy those puppies and smack them in their network
18:20 Yaotzin I rarely drink, can't swallow pills
18:20 RageRiot mman454 I wanted to reboot it because I've recently changed package and I'm ment to be receiving a new router
18:21 RageRiot I wondered if they might have tweaked my packaged for more speed
18:21 redfire0711 joined #thegeekgroup
18:21 RageRiot I knoew it was unlikly but thought I'd try it anyway
18:21 Yaotzin *cringe*
18:21 mman454 changed package?
18:21 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
18:22 RageRiot the BB company I'm with provide home phone which I ordered a few weeks ago
18:22 Seroster TGG needs a new crawler?
18:22 Seroster Ive ben on quite a few, and they ALL SUCKED!
18:22 speedrunnerG55__ Crawler?
18:22 mman454 yes they do
18:22 redfire0711 I love that cradle!
18:22 RageRiot I only received infomation today that my packaged had been switch and my new router is on it's way
18:22 Seroster You lay on your back on it, and crawl under cars on it
18:22 Seroster The litteral swedish translation would be a "whore" =P
18:23 RageRiot I had to switch packages because home phone was only possible on their currecnt BB packages
18:23 speedrunnerG55__ Oh that
18:23 Seroster I just finished a board with four wheels, total cost $10
18:23 mman454 seroster The one they have sucks really bad.
18:23 RageRiot previously I was out of contract and paying the same fee
18:23 Seroster mman454, the one we have is BROKEN
18:23 Seroster So yes. It sucks =P
18:23 mman454 And BB stands for what?
18:23 RageRiot Broadband
18:23 mman454 Oh yea I know.
18:23 speedrunnerG55__ Isthat because people park stuff on it
18:23 mman454 oh
18:24 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
18:24 Roly joined #thegeekgroup
18:24 mman454 Someone tried parking a car on it to move it to the lift at some point of time.
18:24 Seroster A piece of wood and four small wheels, runs a lot smoother than a commercial crawler, but it isnt very comfortable.   If I was going to use this as a crawler I would simply staple a matress to it
18:24 RageRiot the new router I'm ment to be receiving is supose to be a stonger one with 2 antenna
18:24 Yaotzin Wallabe: you know what, i might take some crushed up vicoden at the moment
18:25 RageRiot not that I have a problem with this one on wifi but they provide it at no extra cost :)
18:25 tggmc1 left #thegeekgroup
18:26 DruidicRifleman Lab internet down
18:26 mman454 The internet at the lab is down.
18:26 RageRiot dam
18:27 mman454 tgg_liz will probably ping out soon
18:27 wannabe1987 lol
18:27 mman454 Yup no response to my /ping
18:27 redfire0711 left #thegeekgroup
18:27 RageRiot :)
18:28 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
18:28 mman454 Told ya
18:28 DruidicRifleman I wonder how hard it would be to Spin Hot steel tubbing In a home shop
18:29 Seroster Got my new board ready
18:29 mman454 and yes rageriot I'm perfectly fine. No need to ping me. ;) But feel free if you want to.
18:29 Seroster Now... Transferring 40kgs of crap from the old to the new, hook it up, make a controller board and then...
18:30 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
18:33 * wannabe1987 is watching cptns blog of newtons assembly
18:34 Seroster You COULD have watched it in 3d...
18:34 wannabe1987 i could have gone there?
18:34 Seroster =)
18:34 wannabe1987 nope
18:35 wannabe1987 i was in battle creek yesterday...not grand rapids
18:35 Seroster Btw, I got a pair of steel toe boots today.   That is two days too late to save my crushed toes.
18:35 tggmc1 joined #thegeekgroup
18:35 wannabe1987 lol congrats
18:35 wannabe1987 wb tggmc1
18:36 DruidicRifleman wb
18:36 DruidicRifleman tggmc1 any news on mail?
18:37 speedrunnerG55__ I've always wanted to go to legolanf
18:37 speedrunnerG55__ Legoland**
18:37 wannabe1987 i need to go back sometime...
18:37 wannabe1987 its been too long; i don't remember it...:( mid 90s were a long time ago
18:38 speedrunnerG55__ But then I got minecraft
18:38 speedrunnerG55__ Lol jk. I still want to go
18:39 tggmc1 left #thegeekgroup
18:40 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
18:41 DruidicRifleman Lab internet is bad today
18:42 cctoide Too many balls on the stream, probably
18:43 DruidicRifleman that would do it
18:43 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 2 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Europe Chapters.....Sparky Projects on Europe Chapters
18:44 Angy4_away is now known as Angy4
18:45 cctoide who ever thought that PS/2 and S-Video style connectors were a good idea :|
18:46 LeadHead Well come on!
18:46 Angy4 Hello!
18:46 LeadHead You can fit like 6x as many pins in the same size as one composite port!
18:46 wannabe1987 hello
18:46 tggmc1 joined #thegeekgroup
18:46 LeadHead It's the future, man.
18:48 cctoide oddly DVI manages to be less of a pain in the ass despite having even more of these rickety pins
18:48 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
18:48 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
18:49 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
18:49 wannabe1987 wb Rahlon
18:51 cctoide if you have UStream popped out the original player restarts itself when the stream goes off-air and comes back :[
18:53 DruidicRifleman OM noms some reesis puff cerial
18:54 cctoide Camera wrangler Chris on the scene
18:54 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
18:54 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
18:54 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
18:54 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
18:55 Ponko92 hey everyone :D
18:55 IIsi50MHz Ponko, good timing.
18:55 IIsi50MHz I was just finding out about Ponpokodiff (:
18:56 Ponko92 lol ok what's that?
18:56 Ponko92 o_O
18:56 IIsi50MHz A diff tool for BeOS/Haiku
18:56 Ponko92 differentical?
18:57 Ponko92 i know what it is but is that what you mean by diff? lol
18:57 * Ponko92 is very happy
18:58 * Ponko92 sings we are Hitchin FC
18:58 wannabe1987 y r u happy Ponko92
18:58 IIsi50MHz A diff tool is for finding and displaying differences between files
18:58 Ponko92 AHHHH ok
18:58 Ponko92 lol
18:58 IIsi50MHz and sometimes whole folders
18:58 Ponko92 i see
18:58 IIsi50MHz C'mon, it's geeky!
18:58 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
18:58 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
18:59 Ponko92 well wannabe1987 i'll tell you
18:59 wannabe1987 ok
18:59 * DruidicRifleman puts a paint ball mask on ponko92 gives him a loaded marker And throws him on a paint ball field with 30 Birthday kids hopped up on cake and soda pop
18:59 Ponko92 normally a diff tool is a wrench ;) lol
18:59 DruidicRifleman play a real sport
18:59 * wannabe1987 inquiring minds want to know...are gingers sexy?
19:00 Ponko92 Druidic thats easy for me send me in with a combat knife and i'll make short work of them
19:00 Ponko92 i've been trained to do so
19:00 DruidicRifleman ... thats not a sport thats murder
19:00 Ponko92 nope thats SAS training
19:01 cctoide bloodsport :D
19:01 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
19:01 Ponko92 anyway
19:01 DruidicRifleman Killing children,,,, yeah... you need therapy
19:01 IIsi50MHz A wrench is very useful for the software side of geekery.
19:01 Ponko92 do you think i meant with children?
19:02 Ponko92 i meant with fully grown men
19:02 Ponko92 anyway......
19:02 Ponko92 lol
19:02 DruidicRifleman considering i was talking about you playing paint ball wuth 12 and 13 year olds yes
19:02 wannabe1987 dude...
19:02 Ponko92 yeah i'd love that
19:02 wannabe1987 all i got was "<Ponko92> do you think i meant with children?
19:02 wannabe1987 [15:02] <Ponko92> i meant with fully grown men"  and that sounds messed up!
19:02 Ponko92 you dirty minded girl you
19:02 DruidicRifleman Some enters we're planning to ambush me once.. they bragged to my GF
19:03 wannabe1987 ...
19:03 wannabe1987 you said it
19:03 Ponko92 lol
19:03 wannabe1987 i didn't speak it.
19:03 wannabe1987 or type it
19:03 Angy4 but you interpreted it :)
19:03 wannabe1987 oi copy pastaed it
19:03 DruidicRifleman she warned me
19:03 * IIsi50MHz looks back in
19:03 * wannabe1987 shouldn't type with her eyes closed
19:03 jackkollan left #thegeekgroup
19:03 IIsi50MHz Er...oops. Meant "A wrench isn't very useful for the software side of geekery." (Apparently, neither are my fingers)
19:04 DruidicRifleman tgg_liz any news?
19:04 wannabe1987
19:04 Ponko92 i don't like paintballing for one fact that its one hit kill
19:04 tgg_Liz none that i've heard
19:04 DruidicRifleman Depends on the facility and the rules
19:04 wannabe1987 i don't paintball...i hear its painful
19:04 wannabe1987 i don't like pain
19:04 Ponko92 i endure it
19:05 speedrunnerG55__ Lol^
19:05 DruidicRifleman it's not that bad
19:05 Ponko92 doing it Jackass still is
19:05 speedrunnerG55__ Lol
19:06 speedrunnerG55__ I have done BMX jousting
19:06 speedrunnerG55__ That is painfull
19:07 DruidicRifleman YAY i is getting a membership card
19:07 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
19:08 speedrunnerG55__ Cool
19:08 speedrunnerG55__ I want one
19:08 Angy4 that's good!
19:08 DruidicRifleman Nods
19:08 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
19:08 Angy4 Got mine not so long ago
19:09 Angy4 I now have to try if I can pass at as an official ID
19:09 * IIsi50MHz applies superglue to his client
19:09 speedrunnerG55__ How can I pay
19:09 Angy4 Don't stuck your fingers on it!
19:11 wannabe1987 IIsi50MHz why are you supergluing your client?
19:11 DruidicRifleman sooo like 8 days ago kyle posted his blog day one....
19:11 IIsi50MHz Keeps falling off the net
19:11 DruidicRifleman wheres days 2 through 8?
19:12 Angy4 use a bouncer :)
19:14 Ponko92 RED
19:16 IIsi50MHz Then I'd be gluing my client to the client/bouncer :P
19:17 producerBill joined #thegeekgroup
19:18 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
19:18 producerBill has everyone left?
19:18 producerBill guess that is a no
19:19 speedrunnerG55__ Red?
19:19 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
19:19 Ponko92 brb folks
19:20 themirotv left #thegeekgroup
19:20 producerBill left #thegeekgroup
19:21 funtime180 whats going on down at the lab today?
19:22 DruidicRifleman no clue
19:23 SparkyPojects Looks like some are just doing a bit of sorting in the MDH, i heard drilling too somewhere, probably more camera runs
19:24 funtime180 but where are they going to put it all, and the robotics lab is stuffed with donated gear, they are running out of room.7
19:25 SparkyPojects LSL has more room than Kzoo, they'll find space
19:25 SparkyPojects Remember that a lot of this stuff on the floor will be in racks somewhere
19:26 * Administrator__ wonders how they will get the forklifts to lsl....
19:26 Administrator__ gah!!!
19:26 Administrator__ how did my nick change!
19:26 funtime180 ok
19:26 Administrator__ ....
19:26 Administrator__ odd my nick is banned
19:27 Administrator__ er in another channel
19:27 exor674 what nick/
19:28 funtime180 left #thegeekgroup
19:28 Administrator__ inteliwasp
19:28 Administrator__ it is on another channel i idle in
19:29 DruidicRifleman who is administrator?
19:30 Administrator__ an incorect alt name in my prefs....
19:30 * Administrator__ = inteliwasp
19:30 Administrator__ gonna fix that
19:31 Administrator__ is now known as InteliWasp
19:32 InteliWasp there, fixed
19:32 wannabe1987 lol
19:33 InteliWasp now i gotta look into why i was banned from #arduino
19:34 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
19:34 DruidicRifleman hey xanhs
19:34 xanhs hey
19:35 InteliWasp O.o
19:35 InteliWasp odd, i was let back into the channel
19:37 cctoide YouTube should just go ahead and add madlib buttons for the most common kinds of comments
19:37 cctoide especially on music videos
19:38 wannabe1987 dinner smells wonderful.  i am happy
19:39 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:43 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 2 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: mashpriborintorg on Europe Chapters.....xan on Europe Chapters
19:45 wannabe1987 thanks botsteve
19:45 BotSteve No problem, wannabe1987
19:47 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
19:47 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
19:48 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
19:50 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
19:50 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
19:52 * wannabe1987 walkin to store...bbl
19:53 DruidicRifleman tgg_Liz whats up?
19:54 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
19:54 tgg_Liz just working on some new titles for the general GG videos
19:54 wannabe1987 is now known as wannabe-away
19:55 DruidicRifleman cool OK i need to register my nick
19:55 DruidicRifleman ...
19:56 DruidicRifleman is now known as register
19:57 register is now known as DruidicRifleman
19:59 DruidicRifleman hmmm
20:00 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
20:04 _poweroid_ left #thegeekgroup
20:05 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
20:05 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
20:05 * DruidicRifleman worries that a courpted postal worker stole the labs package....
20:06 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
20:06 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
20:07 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
20:07 moxiemike-away so, what's going on at the lab?
20:09 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
20:09 IIsi50MHz Ya know what would be nice? For modern operating systems to track the last time a font was used, and maybe the last few apps that used it, so you could know what to delete.
20:10 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
20:11 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:11 speedrunnerG55_ Hi wannabe-away
20:11 speedrunnerG55_ Oh darn you are away
20:11 LeadHead Why
20:11 LeadHead its not like fonts use a lot of space
20:12 DruidicRifleman who is looking for quick
20:13 DruidicRifleman tggmc1 quick is intouble
20:13 DruidicRifleman introuble
20:14 DruidicRifleman is that moose or red?
20:14 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
20:14 SparkyPojects exactly, i only have 53Mb of fonts, so not a lot of space
20:14 Ponko92 i'm back
20:14 * Ponko92 sings "WE ARE GOING UP I SAID WE ARE GOING UP."
20:14 Ponko92 sorry
20:14 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
20:15 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:15 LeadHead Not to mention the code and resources required to log which fonts have been used when
20:15 LeadHead probably would use more space and resources than the fonts themselves use
20:15 LeadHead :-P
20:15 DruidicRifleman UGh i have to plug a Portable Hard drive in and can't find an outlet for it
20:16 speedrunnerG55_ .stream
20:16 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
20:16 SparkyPojects Besides, if you just go through your fonts and delete the stupid ones you will neve ever use, it just means the app won't have it in the dropdown any more.
20:19 Ponko92 ok go to infared, going to infared, Pray to god, Praying to god.
20:19 wannabe-away hai speedrunnerG55
20:19 wannabe-away is now known as wannabe1987
20:19 SparkyPojects Druidic, do you mean a power outlet ? doesn't it power from the USB  ?
20:19 Ponko92 anyone get that quote
20:21 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
20:21 DruidicRifleman Nope it's to powefull
20:22 Ponko92 use the swartz druidic use the swartz
20:23 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
20:23 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 30m idle (been away for 1h 24m)
20:23 RageRiot my external hd enclosure is powered by mains
20:23 LeadHead shwartz
20:23 wannabe1987
20:25 speedrunnerG55_ There was a loose screw in my laptop
20:25 wannabe1987 thats a problem
20:25 wannabe1987 when i reassembled my old laptop i had a spare part...
20:25 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
20:26 speedrunnerG55_ It caused a problem. It turned it off
20:26 wannabe1987 and i dunno if i got the mouse properly assembled...its a "dead " laptop...
20:26 speedrunnerG55_ And when I started it back up after I removed the screw
20:26 wannabe1987 cracked screen, corrupted hard drive...etc
20:26 speedrunnerG55_ It gave me a beep code
20:26 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
20:27 speedrunnerG55_ 2 beeps
20:27 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
20:27 speedrunnerG55_ For a second I thought my wifi stopes working
20:27 wannabe1987 lol
20:28 speedrunnerG55_ I wonder if my computer will be more stabble now
20:28 speedrunnerG55_ It was crashing before
20:28 Cprossu_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
20:29 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
20:29 wannabe1987 hi Cprossu_Laptop
20:29 speedrunnerG55_ This computer has been throughout the fire and flame. I hope it's good now
20:29 speedrunnerG55_ It's at lear 7 years old
20:29 speedrunnerG55_ Least^
20:29 Cprossu_Laptop hey all, what's new
20:30 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
20:30 BotSteve You mess with the Bull, you get the horns!
20:30 speedrunnerG55_ ?!
20:30 Cprossu_Laptop nice greeting lol
20:30 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Responding to mman454 ?
20:30 speedrunnerG55_ Hi BotSteve
20:30 BotSteve Greetings speedrunnerG55_!
20:30 Cprossu_Laptop lol yeah
20:31 speedrunnerG55_ This laptop has a ram module under the keyboard
20:32 wannabe1987 hi BotSteve
20:32 BotSteve Hello wannabe1987!
20:32 wannabe1987 :)
20:32 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve, tell Life you can go fuck off
20:32 speedrunnerG55_ I took it apart in school for a lab thinking it just had one in the back
20:32 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when Life is around.
20:32 Cprossu_Laptop hahahahahah
20:32 wannabe1987 is now known as life
20:32 life hi
20:32 BotSteve life: At 20:32Z, Cprossu_Laptop asked me to tell you you can go fuck off
20:32 life haha
20:32 life is now known as wannabe1987
20:32 wannabe1987 hi
20:32 Cprossu_Laptop rofl
20:32 speedrunnerG55_ LOL I'll
20:33 speedrunnerG55_ Botsteve tell life he can have his lemons back
20:33 Cprossu_Laptop you need the comma
20:33 speedrunnerG55_ Darn
20:34 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell speedrunnerG55 this is how you do it
20:34 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
20:34 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55 is around.
20:34 Cprossu_Laptop or that works too
20:34 wannabe1987 o wrong onw
20:34 wannabe1987 e*
20:34 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell speedrunnerG55_ this is how you do it
20:34 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55_ is around.
20:34 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve, tell life you can I don't want your damn lemons. Do you k ow who I am
20:34 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when life is around.
20:34 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: At 20:34Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell you this is how you do it
20:35 speedrunnerG55_ DARN IT
20:35 wannabe1987 too many of you, speedrunnerG55_
20:35 DruidicRifleman any one know whats happening with the lab today
20:35 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
20:36 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell jack_daniels I do nog have a drinking *problem*
20:36 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when jack_daniels is around.
20:36 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: tell life you can I don't want your damn lemons. Do you k ow who I am
20:36 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when life is around.
20:37 Cprossu_Laptop is now known as jack_daniels
20:37 jack_daniels lol
20:37 BotSteve jack_daniels: At 20:36Z, Cprossu_Laptop asked me to tell you I do nog have a drinking *problem*
20:37 jack_daniels is now known as Cprossu_Laptop
20:37 wannabe1987 lol
20:37 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell jack_daniels I do not have a drinking *problem*
20:37 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when jack_daniels is around.
20:37 Cprossu_Laptop good stuff
20:38 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell chell you are a horrible person
20:38 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when chell is around.
20:38 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell Duck Quack damn you!
20:38 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when Duck is around.
20:39 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell Cprossu_Laptop to stop abusing the bot
20:39 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when Cprossu_Laptop is around.
20:39 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
20:39 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell chell it says so right here in your test results, we weren't even testing for that
20:39 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when chell is around.
20:39 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: At 20:39Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell you to stop abusing the bot
20:39 BotSteve RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 40, in dumpReminders)
20:39 Cprossu_Laptop o_O
20:39 wannabe1987 we broke the bot
20:39 wannabe1987 again
20:39 Cprossu_Laptop we killed it
20:39 wannabe1987 you* broke the bot
20:39 Cprossu_Laptop nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
20:39 wannabe1987 bot abuse!  bot abuse! bot abuse!
20:40 Cprossu_Laptop did I euthanize our faithful companion bot?
20:40 Cprossu_Laptop =(
20:40 wannabe1987 hi bosteve
20:40 wannabe1987 yes
20:40 moxiemike-away what happens now?
20:40 wannabe1987 hi botsteve
20:40 BotSteve Cheers wannabe1987
20:40 wannabe1987 he's here
20:41 moxiemike-away maybe it was an error in just that protocol
20:41 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell BatSteve-Away [13:39] <+BotSteve> RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 40, in dumpReminders)
20:41 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when BatSteve-Away is around.
20:41 speedrunnerG55_ Companion bot xD
20:41 speedrunnerG55_ Lol BatSteve
20:42 wannabe1987 i've seen this runtime error before
20:42 moxiemike-away is now known as MoxieMike
20:42 mman454 is now known as mman454-xbox
20:42 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell BotSteve hi
20:42 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when BotSteve is around.
20:42 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
20:42 Cprossu_Laptop haha
20:42 mman454-xbox .join_greeter
20:42 mman454-xbox .join_greeter
20:43 mman454-xbox fail
20:43 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell BotSteve I didn't kill your mother!
20:43 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when BotSteve is around.
20:43 wannabe1987 ...
20:43 mman454-xbox oh he doesn't recognize the -xbox
20:43 wannabe1987 hi botsteve
20:43 BotSteve Hey wannabe1987
20:43 Cprossu_Laptop epic fail
20:43 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell BotSteve THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE
20:43 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when BotSteve is around.
20:43 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Sparky Projects on Europe Chapters
20:44 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell poop it'll have to wait
20:44 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when poop is around.
20:45 wannabe1987 haha
20:45 Cprossu_Laptop ^there is something wrong with that statement
20:45 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
20:45 speedrunnerG55_ Yes. It is false
20:45 wannabe1987 lol
20:45 wannabe1987 you made me laughout loud for realz
20:45 wannabe1987 dog looked at me oddly
20:46 speedrunnerG55_ ^-^
20:49 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell speedrunnerG55 I think I know what made that error, speedrunnerG55_, ask BotSteve to tell me something as your next statement
20:49 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55 is around.
20:50 Cprossu_Laptop damn I failed there with all the speedrunnerG55 names
20:50 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell speedrunnerG55_ I think I know what made that error, speedrunnerG55_, ask BotSteve to tell me something as your next statement
20:50 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55_ is around.
20:51 wannabe1987 .
20:51 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
20:51 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: At 20:50Z, Cprossu_Laptop asked me to tell you I think I know what made that error, speedrunnerG55_, ask BotSteve to tell me something as your next statement
20:51 Cprossu_Laptop failed
20:51 Cprossu_Laptop try again
20:51 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell speedrunnerG55_ I think I know what made that error, speedrunnerG55_, ask BotSteve to tell me something as your next statement
20:51 wannabe1987 what?!
20:51 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55_ is around.
20:51 speedrunnerG55_ MY PLAN IS WORKING
20:51 wannabe1987 i'm confused.  i think its ok tho
20:51 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: At 20:51Z, Cprossu_Laptop asked me to tell you I think I know what made that error, speedrunnerG55_, ask BotSteve to tell me something as your next statement
20:51 Cprossu_Laptop boo
20:52 DruidicRifleman i bett it was user error
20:52 Cprossu_Laptop I just want to see if we can replicate that error
20:52 Thomas___ joined #thegeekgroup
20:52 wannabe1987 lol
20:52 DruidicRifleman I saw red
20:52 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell Cprossu_Laptop you are >9,000
20:52 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when Cprossu_Laptop is around.
20:52 speedrunnerG55_ RED!
20:53 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell speedrunnerG55_ Cool!
20:53 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55_ is around.
20:53 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: At 20:52Z, speedrunnerG55_ asked me to Tell you you are >9,000
20:53 BotSteve RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 40, in dumpReminders)
20:53 wannabe1987 hey look
20:53 Cprossu_Laptop yep that's what does it
20:53 wannabe1987 what does it?
20:54 Cprossu_Laptop if you have a 'tell' going out to a person who's first statement coming back is a 'tell' it causes a runtime error
20:55 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell botsteve tell botsteve tell botsteve HI
20:55 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when botsteve is around.
20:55 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: At 20:53Z, Cprossu_Laptop asked me to tell you Cool!
20:55 Cprossu_Laptop or not
20:55 Cprossu_Laptop o_O
20:55 wannabe1987 lol
20:55 Cprossu_Laptop now I have no clue what causes it
20:57 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell wannabe1987 tell botsteve tell wannabe1987 hi
20:57 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when wannabe1987 is around.
20:57 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell Cprossu_Laptop boo
20:57 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when Cprossu_Laptop is around.
20:57 BotSteve wannabe1987: At 20:57Z, speedrunnerG55_ asked me to Tell you tell botsteve tell wannabe1987 hi
20:57 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve tell wannabe1987 I'm confused
20:57 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: At 20:57Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell you boo
20:58 Thomas___ left #thegeekgroup
20:58 mman454-xbox is now known as mman454
20:58 Cprossu_Laptop I messed that up lol
20:59 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell :) that's a funny name
20:59 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when :) is around.
20:59 ttiracing joined #thegeekgroup
20:59 dagnyscott left #thegeekgroup
21:00 mman454 enough bot spamming...
21:00 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
21:00 exor674 you know, I need to stop accidentally knitting my hair into things I knit
21:01 Darkseco1d joined #thegeekgroup
21:02 jeremys_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:02 jeremys_ wassup
21:03 ttiracing hi fellow geeks :P
21:03 Darksecond left #thegeekgroup
21:03 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
21:03 speedrunnerG55_ Hi
21:03 speedrunnerG55_ ttiracing:
21:03 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
21:03 wannabe1987 exor674 i do the same thing.  ouch
21:04 ttiracing danm it is really a complicated chat this irc
21:05 jeremys_ Ohh Ohh i think I just saw a batman
21:05 wannabe1987 was he flying?
21:05 exor674 wannabe1987: why can't hair learn to beeeehave
21:05 Ycarene joined #thegeekgroup
21:05 wannabe1987 lol too much static electricity
21:06 jeremys_ ohh ohh and a red
21:06 wannabe1987;v=PspagsTFvlg  LOL the japs needed to invent a device so they know what a kiss is like...WTF
21:07 Darkseco1d left #thegeekgroup
21:07 jeremys_ i think Tesla invented the kiss simulator
21:08 Darksecond joined #thegeekgroup
21:08 wannabe1987 thewhat, jeremys_?
21:08 jeremys_ did theboden ever get the bodencycle running?
21:09 jeremys_ keegan
21:09 jeremys_ i like reds hair tied up like that
21:10 wannabe1987 what about keegan?
21:10 jeremys_ i spotted a keegan
21:11 wannabe1987 ooo  becareful around keegans...they startle easily
21:12 jeremys_ for sure
21:14 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
21:15 wannabe1987 uh oh...its egrsteve
21:15 jeremys_ are they doing generalclean up and moving stuff to its home?
21:15 wannabe1987 i don't know
21:15 wannabe1987 i live near thelab, but i don't go there often
21:15 jeremys_ who was that?
21:15 jeremys_ looked like amy maybe?
21:16 egrsteve wasn't me
21:17 ttiracing left #thegeekgroup
21:17 jeremys_ ohh ohh a quick
21:18 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
21:18 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
21:21 egrsteve anything intersting happening in here?
21:22 wannabe1987 bot abuse...
21:22 jeremys_ we are trying to find definitive proof if Tesla invented the super bouncy ball
21:22 wannabe1987 but we stopped
21:22 wannabe1987 we are?
21:22 egrsteve hmm, I would say yes, if his intent was to create in infinite kinetic energy source
21:23 wannabe1987 CSMonster, Druidicrifleman, and batsteve -
21:25 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
21:25 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
21:25 exor674 ... wannabe1987, that is f'in hilarious
21:25 wannabe1987 :D
21:26 wannabe1987 it goes along w/ our convo last night...
21:26 DruidicRifleman epic
21:27 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
21:27 egrsteve I agree that is hilarious
21:27 exor674 ( I dunno though, I think a full-auto might be better )
21:28 DruidicRifleman Full auto modifyed glock 21
21:29 wannabe1987 lol
21:31 DruidicRifleman with silencer Co suppessor
21:31 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
21:31 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:32 wannabe1987 internet issues?
21:32 speedrunnerG55_ No
21:32 speedrunnerG55_ I'm on my phone
21:33 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
21:33 speedrunnerG55_ Hi tgg_Liz
21:33 speedrunnerG55_ Wb
21:33 tgg_Liz spedrunnerG55: hi
21:33 tgg_Liz *speedrunnerG55, rather
21:34 wannabe1987 you keep leaving and coming back...
21:34 speedrunnerG55_ speedrunnerG55_: Rather
21:34 tgg_Liz Corey was messing with the internet earlier
21:34 tgg_Liz and then i had to go to work for a short meeting
21:34 wannabe1987 not you liz, speedrunner
21:34 tgg_Liz so now i should be back until i go home
21:34 tgg_Liz :P
21:34 tgg_Liz oooo
21:35 tgg_Liz well, ignore me then :)
21:35 DruidicRifleman any news on mail :(
21:35 tgg_Liz none that i know of
21:35 jeremys_ yes we found out that mails have outies and females have innies
21:35 tgg_Liz everyone's been busy building some shelving units downstairs under the studio, so i have no idea if it's even been checked
21:36 speedrunnerG55_ I have innie
21:36 DruidicRifleman liz if you wanna shoot jermy i'll help you come up with an alliby
21:37 speedrunnerG55_ But do females have outies
21:37 * wannabe1987 is only getting 1/2 the convo...its weird
21:37 tgg_Liz I have no reason to shoot him
21:37 wannabe1987 :O
21:37 * wannabe1987 takes out camera, shoots liz
21:38 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
21:38 * egrsteve hears odd noises
21:38 wannabe1987  what does this mean?
21:39 speedrunnerG55_ Do females have outies?
21:39 DruidicRifleman i'm just worried that my donation didn't make it
21:40 egrsteve if your getting an error too it looks like the server is missing a software package of some kind
21:40 wannabe1987 darn
21:40 wannabe1987 i'll email themthen...
21:40 exor674 lol
21:40 exor674 things still use frontpage
21:41 wannabe1987 i will also tell them their thing is broken
21:41 * egrsteve is off for a bike ride
21:42 egrsteve is now known as egrsteve_afk
21:42 speedrunnerG55_ How do you :O
21:43 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Slurpy on buckyball success!!!
21:44 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55_ how do i what?
21:44 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
21:45 speedrunnerG55_ O:) O.O :) :( :P :D :| :"o
21:45 speedrunnerG55_ That face
21:45 wannabe1987 with a colon and a captial o
21:45 speedrunnerG55_ :O
21:45 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
21:46 speedrunnerG55_ *_*
21:47 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
21:47 wannabe1987 ...
21:47 wannabe1987 how do you not know emoticons?!
21:47 ndiboomer joined #thegeekgroup
21:51 wannabe1987 .
21:51 DruidicRifleman speedrunnerg55 is special
21:51 wannabe1987 unless your my grandparents age, emoticons come practically second hand...everyone knows them
21:52 exor674 even my grandmom knows emoticons
21:52 exor674 I wish she didn't because every time I see an email for her, I want to gouge my eyes out
21:52 wannabe1987 lol
21:52 wannabe1987 so does my grandmas...except htey facebook me
21:52 exor674 or she does thingsl ike htis
21:53 exor674 "Please print this e-mail - it got to be too long for easy reading on a computer screen ... but sometimes I just cannot write "short!" "
21:53 wannabe1987 ...
21:53 wannabe1987 why print?!
21:53 wannabe1987 no scrolling allowed, eh?
21:53 exor674 no idea
21:53 exor674 apparently
21:53 exor674 scrollbar, what is this scrollbar?
21:53 wannabe1987 lol
21:53 exor674 ( I am not wasting 3 pages of paper on this trite )
21:54 wannabe1987 lol i have no printer
21:54 jeremys_ left #thegeekgroup
21:54 wannabe1987 what is this "print" you speak of?!
21:54 exor674 maybe I should make grandma buy me a ream of paper
21:54 exor674 for all this stuff she wants me to print
21:55 wannabe1987 lol
21:56 exor674 ( I uh, honestly don't read this crap
21:56 speedrunnerG55_ Yes but the emoticon looked unfamiliar
21:56 speedrunnerG55_ It had hands
21:57 exor674 it's 90% bragging, and 90% trying to guilt trip us into visiting and 10% trite about her life )
21:57 exor674 ( yes, I know that adds up to >100% , bite me
21:57 wannabe1987 it had hands?
21:57 wannabe1987 i don't have emoticons on my client...
21:57 wannabe1987 your client must be odd
21:58 exor674 yeah, I don't have any visual icons here too, just happy happy text
21:59 speedrunnerG55_ I with my text was just text
21:59 speedrunnerG55_ I see these weird faces
21:59 speedrunnerG55_ There crept
21:59 speedrunnerG55_ Creepy
21:59 wannabe1987 i see 'happy happy text' as exor674 puts  it...
22:00 exor674 there's probably an option SOMEWHER
22:00 speedrunnerG55_ :"o shows up as a crying person I only know it starts with :"
22:00 wannabe1987 odd.  for crying i do :'(
22:01 wannabe1987 :O - suprise, :( sad :) happy ;) wink :S worried :/ i dunno...
22:01 Fulsy ._.
22:01 exor674 does <3 show up as an annoyin little heart?
22:01 speedrunnerG55_ Yes
22:01 wannabe1987 and then we go to the asian ones
22:01 Fulsy ^_^
22:01 wannabe1987 O.o or o.O is raised eye brow
22:01 exor674 ^_^!
22:01 wannabe1987 O.O is HOLY SHIT
22:02 wannabe1987 i cannot do ^_^ with my eyes
22:02 wannabe1987 or x_x
22:02 Fulsy :<
22:02 wannabe1987 i dunno what to put themas...
22:02 exor674 I like doing >_> <_< >_< <_>
22:02 speedrunnerG55_ They were all the same
22:02 Fulsy I never got what :< is
22:02 speedrunnerG55_ Mad
22:02 speedrunnerG55_ :[
22:02 speedrunnerG55_ What!??!
22:02 Fulsy I always thought it was a minecraft creeper face
22:02 exor674 I dunno, I think ..i. might work better for that
22:02 wannabe1987 lol
22:03 speedrunnerG55_ :[ shows up like a blushing girl
22:03 speedrunnerG55_ O.O
22:03 wannabe1987 lol
22:04 speedrunnerG55_ O:) is an angel
22:04 wannabe1987 yeah
22:04 wannabe1987 whats devil?
22:04 wannabe1987 in yahoo msgr >:D< is BIG HUG
22:04 exor674 >:(
22:05 speedrunnerG55_ there is devil somewhere
22:05 speedrunnerG55_ @};-  road
22:05 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
22:05 speedrunnerG55_ @};- rose
22:05 exor674 lol speaking of that, when I was out with my friend last time
22:05 speedrunnerG55_ :o  gahsp
22:06 exor674 she picked up a metal circle wire thing off the shelf and held it over her head and was all "I'm an angel!"
22:06 wannabe1987 8-|
22:06 wannabe1987 lol
22:06 exor674 and I was "No" and held up 2 fingers behind her head >_<
22:06 exor674 I am such a nice friend, aren't I :P
22:06 wannabe1987 lol yes
22:06 speedrunnerG55_ '_'
22:07 exor674 it is really hard to do devil-horns one handed, though
22:07 wannabe1987 lol
22:07 speedrunnerG55_ d_b
22:07 wannabe1987 1/2 devil 1/2 angel..
22:07 wannabe1987 hmmm there *was* an ant on me...might be time to go in...sun is not so bright anymore or warm
22:07 speedrunnerG55_ >:)
22:07 speedrunnerG55_ there
22:08 exor674 om nom wannabe1987 nom?
22:08 wannabe1987 no biting kelly!
22:08 wannabe1987 i slap
22:08 exor674 ant thought you were food?
22:08 speedrunnerG55_ >:)  is a purple devil
22:08 speedrunnerG55_ >:( frown
22:08 exor674 lol this I want to see haha
22:09 speedrunnerG55_ ;P wink + toung
22:09 speedrunnerG55_ #_#
22:10 speedrunnerG55_ •_•
22:11 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
22:14 mman454-away left #thegeekgroup
22:17 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
22:18 Seroster Bleh
22:18 Seroster Schmeileys
22:18 Seroster '-' <<< fave.
22:19 CSMonster sup geeks
22:19 Seroster oi CSMonster
22:19 CSMonster aye.
22:19 Seroster "Listened" to some good music lately?
22:19 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
22:20 CSMonster :p
22:20 CSMonster wouldn't you like to know.
22:20 themirotv :)
22:20 themirotv hey
22:20 Seroster Ahoy themirotv
22:21 themirotv where is Chris?
22:21 Seroster You need some good powerful music.
22:21 Seroster I suggest ACDC "TNT" =P
22:21 CSMonster the 50mph wind finally stopped, and now it's raining.  i guess no jogging today.  :/
22:21 CSMonster you can suggest anything you want.  doesn't mean i have to take your advice.
22:22 themirotv where is Chris?
22:22 CSMonster everywhere
22:22 tgg_Liz he's helping put up some shelving units outside the studios
22:23 CSMonster hi liz
22:23 tgg_Liz hi CSMonster
22:23 themirotv left #thegeekgroup
22:23 * wannabe1987 is back
22:24 coil joined #thegeekgroup
22:24 CSMonster oh no
22:24 CSMonster i mean, hi
22:24 coil hello
22:24 wannabe1987 hi :)
22:24 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
22:24 coil is now known as Guest43906
22:24 * CSMonster pokes wannabe1987 with a stick
22:24 Guest43906 wannabe, i just talked with you yesterday on the irc,   nice to see you
22:25 * wannabe1987 pokes CSMonster back
22:25 wannabe1987 Guest43906 what was your nick?
22:25 Guest43906 Zack
22:25 wannabe1987 we have a new reciever in the living room for the TV :D
22:26 wannabe1987
22:26 Guest43906 cool
22:26 wannabe1987 it sounds good
22:26 CSMonster pfffffft roofcam.  boring
22:26 ndiboomer left #thegeekgroup
22:27 wannabe1987 lol
22:27 CSMonster i finally have a day free and my connection is working for once... and they're showing the fuckin weather cam.
22:28 Guest43906 cool car
22:28 wannabe1987 lol
22:29 Guest43906 that sucks, yesterday they put up the newton's cable
22:29 wannabe1987 :the girl married the prince, the bad guy died, this week is sponsered by disney:  wtf
22:29 wannabe1987 yes.  they did
22:29 CSMonster i know, i saw the captain's blog.
22:29 Guest43906 i meant to say cradle not cable   lol
22:30 BatSteve-Away hi cool kids
22:30 BotSteve BatSteve-Away: At 20:41Z, Cprossu_Laptop asked me to tell you [13:39] <+BotSteve> RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 40, in dumpReminders)
22:30 BatSteve-Away huh
22:30 BatSteve-Away oh
22:30 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
22:30 BatSteve hi cool kids
22:30 BotSteve BatSteve: At 13:33Z, Seroster asked me to tell you Ey. Either make my greets random or change it to the "show on the doll" one =P
22:30 BotSteve BatSteve: At 15:42Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell you why did he kick wannabe?
22:30 wannabe1987 lol
22:30 Seroster :)
22:30 CSMonster hey bats
22:30 BatSteve wannabe1987: you wouldn't go to sleep because the chat was keeping you awake.  I was helping you.
22:31 wannabe1987 hi batsteve
22:31 Seroster Ey BatSteve... I got a new internship. And. Heh.
22:31 BatSteve Seroster: hey, congratulations!
22:31 wannabe1987 lol
22:31 Guest43906 i was going to check out the video about the cradle but it was not on the main channel so i am going to look a physics duck pretty soon
22:31 wannabe1987 i had gone to sleep:(  i don't like being kicked
22:31 Seroster There isnt enough vowels in BOOOOORING to express how dull it is
22:31 wannabe1987 trust eyes were shutting as i was typing
22:31 BatSteve wannabe1987: nobody likes being kicked.  that is really sort of the point.
22:31 Seroster I mean... Watching paint dry is fun in comparison, there you can actually see it go from wet to sticky to dry..
22:31 wannabe1987 lol
22:31 Guest43906 true
22:31 * wannabe1987 is isn't ready yet...:(
22:31 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
22:32 wannabe1987 tiem to go find noms
22:32 wannabe1987 hi hackbat
22:32 exor674 wannabe1987: is it smlling good?
22:32 Guest43906 hi hackbat
22:32 wannabe1987 OMG YES
22:32 CSMonster all i saw was "wannabe1987: lol"  other people: "wannabe go to bed already" followed by "wannabe1987 was kicked by batsteve.  reason: SLEEEEEEEEEEEP"
22:32 Hackbat heyo
22:32 wannabe1987 chris walked in (housemate) and goes that smells good
22:32 Guest43906 what is it
22:32 Hackbat I wanna sleep @_@
22:32 Hackbat They won't let me
22:32 CSMonster lol hi hack
22:32 Fulsy oh
22:32 Fulsy thought it was boden for a sec
22:33 Seroster BatSteve, I seriously contemplated stapling my ballsack to the wall to get some fun.
22:33 Guest43906 it would be so cool if boden was here
22:33 Fulsy he is from time to time
22:33 Seroster Today I delivered 780 packages of Diapers to elderly around the town.
22:33 wannabe1987 sounds like fun...
22:33 Seroster I am on the bottom of the career ladder.
22:33 Guest43906 yeah
22:34 CSMonster you should go back to fixing appliances
22:34 BatSteve Seroster: when you decide to go through with it, take pictures
22:34 Seroster If I play my cards right I might be promoted to delivering catheters!
22:34 Seroster YAY!
22:34 wannabe1987 yay!
22:34 Seroster Rode in a truck with a dude, under COMPLETE silence for 8 hours
22:34 Seroster Ride 15 mins, stop, leave the brown box. Repeat until DEATH
22:34 Guest43906 is there a character limit in here?
22:35 DruidicRifleman hey CSM
22:35 CSMonster hi druid.
22:35 wannabe1987 i would talk
22:35 DruidicRifleman
22:35 wannabe1987 i would *have* to talk
22:35 BatSteve Guest43906: yes, but I forget what it is
22:35 Seroster Guest43906, Depends on what you use to talk here
22:35 DruidicRifleman yoof cam with MDH  audio
22:35 CSMonster Guest43906: if a message is too long it automatically breaks your message into multiple parts and sends them separately.  at least, chatzilla does.
22:35 Fulsy Pollen allergies are making me sad
22:36 Seroster If you use the web thingy there probably is. If you use Xchat, mIRC or IRSSi it cuts the message up to seperate lines after about 1000 characters.
22:36 CSMonster druid: you showed me that before i think.
22:36 DruidicRifleman i did?
22:36 Fulsy my eyes are watery and my nose is a faucet
22:36 CSMonster yeah.
22:36 Guest43906 let's see
22:36 CSMonster i said "nice grill."
22:36 Seroster CSMonster, I would love to go back to fixing appliances. But I won't. TAPING A MULTISTRAND WIRE TO THE CASE IS NOT proper grounding.
22:36 wannabe1987 batsteve - i closed my computer after i lol'd at CSMonster for being tipsy...
22:36 Seroster I will have nothing of it.
22:36 DruidicRifleman ahh
22:37 wannabe1987 and before getting kicked
22:37 wannabe1987 lol
22:37 BatSteve wannabe1987: oh. well you didn't miss anything interesting
22:37 wannabe1987 lol
22:37 BatSteve I read the log after you left
22:37 BatSteve it was boring
22:37 wannabe1987 i had to go find the log...
22:37 BatSteve also, you found the log yourself
22:37 BatSteve so quit yer whinin.
22:37 BatSteve (:
22:37 DruidicRifleman lol i just used the grill for a back drop
22:37 wannabe1987 to figure out what happened
22:37 Guest43906 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829303132333435363738394041424344454647484950
22:37 wannabe1987 cuz i dodn't rmember being kicked lol
22:37 Ponko92 wtf
22:38 wannabe1987 CSMonster 0 why were you tipsy?!
22:38 CSMonster because that's what vodka does to you.
22:38 CSMonster :p
22:38 Guest43906 he/she was drinking
22:38 Seroster SHE
22:38 Seroster And she is a doubleshe
22:38 Guest43906 SHE was drinking
22:38 wannabe1987 lol
22:38 wannabe1987 i know you were drinking...i was too
22:38 CSMonster Seroster: WHAT in fuck are you talking about.
22:39 wannabe1987 doubleshe?
22:39 wannabe1987 i dunno
22:39 Guest43906 yes
22:39 Seroster Yes. She is a doubleshe.
22:39 Seroster Because she's a lesbian. That is a doubleshe. =)
22:39 Fulsy Seroster still acting like seroster?
22:39 CSMonster i have no idea what you're saying but i get the feeling it's something that should make me want to set you on fire.
22:39 CSMonster oh
22:39 CSMonster ...........whatever, scandie.
22:39 Seroster Fulsy, CSMonster isnt the only tipsy one in here.
22:40 Ponko92 hey guest43906 you need help chaning your nick?
22:40 CSMonster i am no longer tipsy.
22:40 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
22:40 Guest43906 gghfghfhgflfhnghjghjhkjkfgnkldjgdklgdklghkdfhgfjkhgdjkfhgdjkhgjkfgjkdbgfdhdkhbfsjdkhfdbhfghfhj,bgjk.hjkhjkghjkhjgk.ukgkuyhilhgyuoihyilhyiikhjkughuhgukhukhjkhuklhilyhoijhkljoljbonjhklihjgilhjgklhjgrihotjhkljhiofgujhgfiyuhjgkijudfigjrklhgfihjrkhitdgfhgiulsghtklhuksgydhilyerhsukghyisugjhugfhuerigyreukgheriusgyuerghdsughdfuighuerghewhfreilwthuieryhguirhewrgjuhfgruhtrgfhrjfhutgrhuwghiorghkiltegtoi;tghoi;ghftrh;weri;huegthg578t976p
22:40 wannabe1987 ZACK!
22:40 Ponko92 -_-
22:40 wannabe1987 stop!
22:40 Fulsy Get out
22:40 Guest43906 yes
22:40 CSMonster and yes, seroster is still acting like seroster.  i don't think he will ever stop acting like seroster
22:40 CSMonster ....
22:40 Ponko92 troll
22:41 Guest43906 how do i change my nick?
22:41 CSMonster did you really feel the need to *test* for a character limit?
22:41 Seroster CSMonster, maybe if you castrate me?
22:41 Guest43906 yes i did
22:41 Seroster /nick yournewnamehere
22:41 Ponko92 is now known as then
22:41 Hackbat oh wow
22:41 CSMonster seroster: let me go get the shotgun.
22:41 then is now known as Ponko92
22:41 Seroster Or a staplegun
22:41 Hackbat I actually looked up howmuch energy the brain uses
22:41 Guest43906 i did not reach the limit
22:41 wannabe1987 ...
22:42 Guest43906 :(
22:42 CSMonster please, refrain from trying.
22:42 Hackbat it burns a calorie every 3.5 minutes
22:42 Guest43906 okay
22:42 Seroster Hackbat, in my case... About a calory a day.
22:42 CSMonster at least, on the public channel.
22:42 Guest43906 really?
22:42 Hackbat 20 joules a second
22:42 Guest43906 wow
22:42 CSMonster :( no jogging today.
22:42 Hackbat our brain are twenty watts
22:42 Guest43906 seroster, you spelled calorie wrong
22:43 Hackbat *brains
22:43 DruidicRifleman any one seen these in person
22:43 Seroster Guest43906, Didnt I just say that my brain isnt working properly?
22:43 CSMonster ^
22:43 CSMonster self demonstrating concept.
22:43 CSMonster .trope self demonstrating
22:43 BotSteve CSMonster:
22:43 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: jaaz95 on buckyball success!!!
22:43 InteliWasp left #thegeekgroup
22:43 * exor674 desk head
22:44 * wannabe1987 votes for a kick
22:44 wannabe1987 not a kick ban, just a kick
22:44 CSMonster what's up exor
22:45 CSMonster DruidicRifleman: no.  but i can attest to Colt Steel being very high quality, if relatively plain.  i can however also attest that shuriken are kind of silly.
22:45 BatSteve who'm I kickin now?  Guess?
22:45 Guest43906 i do not know     windows is (not responding)
22:45 BatSteve guest?
22:45 BatSteve *
22:45 Guest43906 yes
22:45 wannabe1987 yes
22:45 wannabe1987 you're kicking the guest
22:45 exor674 even the guest agreed
22:45 wannabe1987 his name is zack_
22:45 wannabe1987 lol
22:45 wannabe1987 he was here yesterday
22:45 DruidicRifleman I like them they are not practical but meh
22:45 wannabe1987 he's like a teenager
22:45 Seroster Waitwhat
22:45 Guest43906 was kicked by BatSteve: Ask and ye shall receive....
22:45 wannabe1987 i'm a point
22:46 wannabe1987 lol
22:46 Hackbat so okay well your brain needs 413 calories a day pretty much
22:46 Hackbat thats neat
22:46 Seroster Swoody
22:46 Hackbat 1,728,000 joules a day
22:46 Hackbat insane
22:46 CSMonster that's unfair.  there are some decent teenagers here.  like toast.
22:46 wannabe1987 jewels?
22:46 wannabe1987 toast is decent
22:46 wannabe1987 lee he's on fb
22:46 BatSteve Thermo's like the youngest one in here and he's great
22:47 wannabe1987 how old is thermo?
22:47 BatSteve 15 I think.
22:47 wannabe1987 toast is 13 batsteve
22:47 exor674 and yeah I was headdesking the guest keymashing the channel heh
22:47 CSMonster wanna, i don't think you'll find many people here to agree with you that "lee was decent"
22:47 wannabe1987 i know
22:47 BatSteve Oh.  Sorry toast
22:47 wannabe1987 he made enemies
22:47 CSMonster he made a pretty huge ass of himself.
22:48 wannabe1987 that too
22:48 Seroster I was on this kickass electric scale last time I visited a doctor that calculated how much cals I burn "resting"
22:48 exor674 I dunno, I would have at least not... hated him if he didn't play that "oh hey I apologize"
22:48 exor674 "oh hey I'm doing what I just apologized for"
22:48 exor674 game
22:48 Seroster Something that 2kcal, wich is kickass. If I eat less than a pizza a day I'll lose weight xD
22:49 CSMonster yes, exor, precisely.
22:49 wannabe1987 seroster - you're skinny enough!
22:49 Seroster Yes. And that is why I eat so much pizza.
22:49 Zack_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:49 BatSteve hi again.  Why did you want to be kicked?
22:49 * wannabe1987 :facepalm:
22:49 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:49 CSMonster LMAO
22:49 Zack_ i did not say i wanted to be kicked
22:49 Hackbat now that 20 joules a second figure is just the average, how much do you burn while working and studying?
22:50 Hackbat the brains is weird
22:50 Zack_ i said yes to something else
22:50 wannabe1987 lol
22:50 wannabe1987 its ok
22:50 wannabe1987 now you're zack_
22:50 Zack_ good
22:50 wannabe1987 not guestxxxxxxxx
22:50 Zack_ yup
22:50 wannabe1987 (still a teenager)
22:50 CSMonster lol
22:50 wannabe1987 ...stargate
22:50 Zack_ still
22:51 wannabe1987 ^.o
22:51 Zack_ i will stop
22:51 CSMonster thanks.
22:51 wannabe1987 you act like a teenager...i'll call you one
22:51 Seroster Hackbat, Yes, you burn A LOT more while doing algebra than you are while watching porno.  Unless you count arm muscles.
22:51 Zack_ i won't act like one then
22:51 * speedrunnerG55_ is 18
22:51 CSMonster seroster
22:51 CSMonster geez
22:51 wannabe1987 ...
22:51 CSMonster how many calories do you burn dragging your mind around in the gutter all day?
22:51 speedrunnerG55_ Darn Seroster
22:52 DruidicRifleman even Jaaz95 can be usefull when you weld his ass on the rails to keep him on track
22:52 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
22:52 wannabe1987 lol
22:52 Zack_ 'o'
22:52 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
22:52 Seroster CSMonster, There is no reason to drag it, rainwater will push it to the nearest drain ^^
22:52 Zack_ ha ha
22:52 * CSMonster rolls eyes
22:53 exor674 mmm brain drain
22:53 wannabe1987 mmmm food
22:53 Zack_ what are you cooking that smells so good
22:53 CSMonster and where the hell is yaotz when i'm hungry
22:54 wannabe1987 im here
22:54 MoxieMike how is yaotz correlated to your hunger?
22:54 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
22:54 wannabe1987 and its bbq chicken\
22:54 CSMonster because yaotz is apparently a damn good cook.
22:54 BatSteve yaotz is a cook
22:54 wannabe1987 MoxieMike he is a cook
22:54 CSMonster was a professional caterer
22:55 Zack_ i h cjhicken fotr lungh
22:55 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
22:55 CSMonster ...
22:55 Zack_ i had chicken for lunch
22:55 \_Obtuse please type in english sentences
22:55 wannabe1987 lol
22:55 \_Obtuse so says the bot
22:55 Zack_ okay
22:56 CSMonster dain bramage
22:56 wannabe1987 hi \_Obtuse
22:56 \_Obtuse hello wannabe1987
22:56 Zack_ hi obtuse
22:56 CSMonster obtuseisabot
22:56 \_Obtuse hi zack
22:56 Zack_ hi
22:56 wannabe1987 more yummy food tonight, obtuse
22:57 \_Obtuse I thought of making a graphic of 2 computers talking to each other ... one says OIAB the other says OINAB
22:57 Zack_ i am going to leave for awhile to go make a sub
22:57 BatSteve Good luck with that
22:57 Zack_ bye
22:57 \_Obtuse yea? what did you make wannabe?
22:58 wannabe1987 hawaiian bbq chicken :D
22:59 wannabe1987 this:
22:59 speedrunnerG55_ I want chicken
22:59 CSMonster .tfw cheney wa
22:59 BotSteve 53�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Cheney, WA!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
22:59 CSMonster the fuck it is.
22:59 Zack_ i am back
22:59 wannabe1987 find one
23:00 wannabe1987 find a chicken, pluck it, cook it, bread it, fry it eat it :)
23:01 Ponko92 .tfw Etwall
23:01 BotSteve 41�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Derby, Derbyshire, !  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
23:01 Seroster Omnomnom
23:01 Ponko92 .tfwc Etwall
23:01 BotSteve 5�C?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Derby, Derbyshire, !  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
23:01 wannabe1987 "you played a lot of sim city as a kid, didn't you"  "this is more like sim EARTH!"
23:01 wannabe1987 lol
23:02 Ponko92 lol
23:02 CSMonster <3 sim city.
23:02 Ponko92 Sim City 4 Deluxe FTW
23:02 BatSteve I think there *was* a SimEarth
23:03 CSMonster yes, there was.
23:03 Ponko92 i believe there was
23:03 Ponko92 .w Sim Earth
23:03 BotSteve "SimEarth: The Living Planet, a life simulation computer game designed by Will Wright in which the player controls the development of a planet, was published in 1990 by Maxis." -
23:03 BatSteve I know there was Sim City, Tower, Park, Copter....
23:03 CSMonster sim earth, and sim life.
23:03 BatSteve "streets of"
23:03 CSMonster neither were as fun as City.  Tower was pretty awesome too.
23:03 BatSteve and, the best selling computer game of all time, "the"
23:03 CSMonster fuck the sims
23:03 Ponko92 was there a fire in Flint
23:04 Ponko92 hey the sims is a nice break
23:04 wannabe1987 lol
23:04 egrsteve_afk is now known as egrsteve
23:04 Ponko92 in that heart shaped bed the sims do indeed fuck
23:04 wannabe1987 how was the bike ride, egrsteve
23:04 Zack_ left #thegeekgroup
23:04 egrsteve good, about 6 miles in a little over a half hour, followed by dinner
23:05 * CSMonster gets out copy of SimTower
23:05 Ponko92 steve you rode the Yellow Bike?
23:05 egrsteve no, mine is green
23:05 Ponko92 ah ok
23:05 Ponko92 like the yellow one?
23:06 Ponko92 or a Speed Bike
23:06 egrsteve has 21 speeds and rolls
23:06 wannabe1987 wahoo a REAL bike :D
23:06 egrsteve it's a hybrid
23:06 Ponko92 ahhh a push bike lol
23:06 egrsteve so someware between road and mountain
23:06 CSMonster lol.   lady gaga on the ustream.
23:06 Ponko92 ah ok
23:07 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
23:07 speedrunnerG55__ hi
23:07 egrsteve at least it's not country
23:07 Ponko92 what CSMonster
23:07 Ponko92 lol steve
23:07 CSMonster cory i assume is playing Born This Way
23:07 speedrunnerG55_ Hi
23:07 wannabe1987 hi
23:07 CSMonster hi g55
23:07 speedrunnerG55__ is there a stream?
23:07 egrsteve I would ride down to the lab, but part of the bike trail is under 4-5 ft of water
23:07 CSMonster just the weather cam.
23:07 CSMonster and cory's music
23:08 speedrunnerG55_ Cory FTW
23:08 Ponko92 O_O 4-5 FT damn
23:08 wannabe1987 what trail, kent trail?
23:08 egrsteve ya, the trail runs along a river
23:08 egrsteve kent trail along the river
23:08 CSMonster you need a bike and a take-down kayak.
23:08 wannabe1987 indian mound trail? or the other side...
23:08 Ponko92 ah makes sense
23:09 Ponko92 ahahaha indeed steve
23:09 egrsteve indian mount
23:09 egrsteve *mound
23:09 speedrunnerG55__ i got to charge my phone lol
23:09 wannabe1987 ah i like that area
23:09 egrsteve it's flooded from jenison to the grand lady
23:09 wannabe1987 yeah...i know
23:09 wannabe1987 i haven't been on that part yet...i don't know where to find it :(
23:09 CSMonster folding bike + folding kayak.  amphibious geek assault.
23:09 wannabe1987 = WIN
23:10 egrsteve and even when the water recedes it will still be flooded in parts between the water treatment plan and the river boat
23:10 wannabe1987 yum
23:10 egrsteve there are a couple really low spots
23:10 egrsteve and now you know where to find it
23:10 Ponko92 it should be the Venice trail steve
23:11 speedrunnerG55__ my computer is so slow :(
23:11 Ponko92 you take a pedalo most the way
23:11 egrsteve this is only flooded in the spring
23:11 wannabe1987 i know where to find it by the river lady...not in jen tho
23:11 speedrunnerG55_ I don't know what to do
23:11 wannabe1987 kill it with fire, buy a new one
23:11 egrsteve you know where the g-ville water treatment plant is by the Highway
23:11 wannabe1987 yeah
23:11 egrsteve park thre
23:12 egrsteve the trail is along the right edge of there fence between it and the highway
23:12 wannabe1987 ahhh
23:12 speedrunnerG55_ ;(
23:12 egrsteve if you went there now you might get 50 yards before needing a boat
23:13 wannabe1987 woo!
23:13 * speedrunnerG55__ plays taps wile hepoints his flamethrower at his laptop
23:13 speedrunnerG55__ (jk)
23:13 egrsteve it's a nice ride, I like the old train bridge
23:13 wannabe1987 yeah
23:13 wannabe1987 thats nice
23:13 wannabe1987 i haven't ridden it...i don't have a bike...i just got my dads tho
23:13 wannabe1987 but i drive/walk it...
23:13 egrsteve I cross the grand there and come out on butterworth vs market
23:14 wannabe1987 i walked it last spring when parts were flooded
23:14 DruidicRifleman did someone as for roof cam>
23:14 wannabe1987 i got grand river on my shoes...and survived!
23:14 egrsteve from there it's only a couple more miles to the lab
23:14 egrsteve chris barrly did if you have ever seen that video of him crossing it
23:15 Ponko92 the grand river?
23:15 egrsteve ya, there is a video of him walking across it downtown on a bet if I remember right
23:15 egrsteve
23:16 Ponko92 by the bridge?
23:16 speedrunnerG55_ Yes
23:16 Ponko92 whats he gonna do for 50K though
23:16 speedrunnerG55_ I remember
23:16 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
23:16 Ponko92 what was the bet for him to do that?
23:16 wannabe1987;h=611
23:16 speedrunnerG55_ He found scaffolding in the middle
23:16 speedrunnerG55_ 200$ ?
23:16 egrsteve if some one donated $250
23:16 wannabe1987 i saw the video of chris walking the grand...
23:16 Ponko92 wow
23:16 speedrunnerG55_ Oh
23:16 wannabe1987 i thought he was crazy
23:17 Ponko92 whats he gonna do for like 50K lol
23:17 speedrunnerG55_ Ye 250$
23:17 egrsteve walk it again?
23:17 BatSteve walk it on his hands?
23:17 Ponko92 uh idk bout that
23:17 egrsteve no make him swim it
23:17 Ponko92 ha
23:17 egrsteve (he can't swim)
23:18 egrsteve ttyl, time for icecream
23:18 Ponko92 make him play Footbawl
23:18 jaaz95 joined #thegeekgroup
23:18 Ponko92 OOOH ICE CREAM
23:18 egrsteve is now known as egrsteve_afk
23:18 wannabe1987 where?!
23:19 Ponko92 steve has it
23:19 speedrunnerG55_ 50k he'd.... Tatoo inert on his balls
23:19 DruidicRifleman tggmc1 can you put t the feed back to the MDH
23:19 Ponko92 ha
23:20 wannabe1987 theres ice cream in the freezer...
23:20 Ponko92 B&J
23:20 speedrunnerG55_ Tgg master control one?
23:21 jaaz95 left #thegeekgroup
23:21 wannabe1987 it was supposed to be *here8
23:21 wannabe1987 **
23:21 speedrunnerG55_ Hi jaaz95
23:22 speedrunnerG55_ Hereaight
23:26 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
23:26 speedrunnerG55_ Is there a version of Linux I can run on my wii?
23:27 speedrunnerG55_ (~~) <- pumpkin
23:27 BatSteve .g linux on wii
23:27 BotSteve BatSteve:
23:27 DruidicRifleman hey jaaz95
23:27 DruidicRifleman damn
23:27 speedrunnerG55_ (Y)
23:27 DruidicRifleman i should stay awake
23:28 speedrunnerG55_ .yt windows 3.0 on RSI
23:28 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_:
23:30 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
23:30 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
23:31 speedrunnerG55_ .yt windows 3.0 on dsi
23:31 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_:
23:31 * Ponko92 will soon be with my fiancee this weekend
23:31 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
23:31 BatSteve .trope stop having fun
23:31 BotSteve BatSteve:
23:31 BatSteve thanks BotSteve
23:31 BotSteve No problem, BatSteve
23:31 BatSteve Ponko92: that wasn't to you
23:31 BatSteve I just needed that link
23:32 Ponko92 lol ;)
23:32 Ponko92 its not fun i'm having ;P its an s word lol
23:33 * speedrunnerG55__ crapped bricks and giggled
23:33 Ponko92 need i say more lol
23:34 speedrunnerG55__ anyone here play minecraft
23:35 Ponko92 .minecraft
23:36 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** The server may or may not be down right now.  Try it and let us know.
23:36 Ponko92 there you go speedrunnerG55__
23:36 \_Obtuse I love the Banshee music player in linux. It looks up all of the live concerts on Internet Archive and you can play them all.
23:36 \_Obtuse in ubuntu that is
23:37 speedrunnerG55__ really is it better than rythem box?
23:38 \_Obtuse yes
23:38 \_Obtuse its also integrated into the top bar
23:38 speedrunnerG55__ how can i do that
23:38 speedrunnerG55__ so is rythembox
23:39 \_Obtuse how can you do what?
23:39 speedrunnerG55__ serch the archive
23:39 speedrunnerG55__ (i just found out)
23:39 \_Obtuse haha
23:39 speedrunnerG55__ but what is this doing?
23:40 \_Obtuse i was like ? this is obvious?
23:40 DruidicRifleman OK if someone wanted like 14 bowling balls Where is the cheapest place to go?
23:40 \_Obtuse Click on concerts and it just shows top concerts
23:40 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
23:41 \_Obtuse however, might be kinda difficult if you don't know what you like that could be on this site
23:41 \_Obtuse not all bands let people tape their concerts
23:41 \_Obtuse and give them away for free
23:41 \_Obtuse I'm listening to Soulive
23:41 speedrunnerG55__ i like magnatune
23:41 \_Obtuse one of my favorites
23:42 speedrunnerG55__