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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-05-03

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00:00 speedrunnerG55__ freedomtower half build FTW
00:01 wannabe1987 :O she dies?!
00:01 wannabe1987 :(
00:01 speedrunnerG55__ ?!
00:01 wannabe1987 stargate
00:01 speedrunnerG55__ oh
00:02 speedrunnerG55__ lol
00:02 DruidicRifleman Screw you all i am getting DQ
00:02 speedrunnerG55__ im waching cnn news
00:02 wannabe1987 psh
00:02 wannabe1987 real life stuff...haha
00:02 speedrunnerG55__ psh?
00:02 wannabe1987 psh
00:02 wannabe1987 phs
00:02 wannabe1987 phs
00:02 wannabe1987 phs
00:02 wannabe1987 phs
00:02 wannabe1987 phs
00:02 wannabe1987 psh*
00:03 speedrunnerG55__ ....?
00:03 exor674 also randomly, I am quite sick of this happy back tingling funthymes *sighs at body*
00:04 wannabe1987 of what?
00:04 exor674 my back's tingling
00:04 exor674 and it's really annoying
00:04 \_Obtuse that's not fun
00:04 speedrunnerG55__ sad face
00:05 wannabe1987 ahhh
00:05 wannabe1987 :(
00:05 wannabe1987 awww*
00:05 speedrunnerG55__ so what does psh mean
00:06 \_Obtuse and why the need to repeat it?
00:06 speedrunnerG55__ fish?
00:06 Thewhite joined #thegeekgroup
00:07 \_Obtuse phish food
00:07 \_Obtuse mmm
00:07 speedrunnerG55__ sushi FTW
00:07 maglinvinn left #thegeekgroup
00:07 \_Obtuse lol. i was thinking of Ben and Jerrys
00:07 \_Obtuse but sushi is awesome
00:07 speedrunnerG55__ bye maglinvin
00:07 wannabe1987 psh is a not phis
00:07 wannabe1987 h
00:07 wannabe1987 its like a dismisall
00:07 \_Obtuse some great sushi places in GR
00:07 wannabe1987 ...
00:08 wannabe1987 someone died
00:08 compwiz878 joined #thegeekgroup
00:08 \_Obtuse Mikado, Sushi Kuni
00:08 \_Obtuse theres one downtown that i think is called Red Dragon
00:08 wannabe1987 theres another good one i hear about, never been ther etho
00:08 wannabe1987 there* tho*
00:08 \_Obtuse oh and Tokyo Grill
00:11 speedrunnerG55__ my laptop is about 4x bigger than a netbook and just as slow
00:11 speedrunnerG55__ xD
00:12 Snildiggy joined #thegeekgroup
00:12 speedrunnerG55__ hi snildiggy
00:12 Snildiggy hello, speedrunnerG55__
00:12 * wannabe1987 just told her mom that she's not going home for moms day sunday :(
00:12 \_Obtuse don't tell me that mothers day is this week?
00:13 wannabe1987 yep!
00:13 \_Obtuse it was just easter!
00:13 wannabe1987 yeah
00:13 speedrunnerG55__ this week?!
00:13 wannabe1987 easter was late, mothers day is early
00:13 wannabe1987 YES! :(
00:13 \_Obtuse eh i'm not going home either
00:13 wannabe1987 i odn't have money for anything...:(
00:13 \_Obtuse it cost 59 bucks to fill up my subaru today
00:13 wannabe1987 maybe if the trail was open i'd ride  home...but my car...gas...etc...yeah :(
00:14 wannabe1987 "if wishes were horses we'd all be eating...(answer)"
00:14 speedrunnerG55__ ?
00:15 \_Obtuse i'm listening to Spin Doctors from 1993
00:15 wannabe1987 firefly...
00:15 wannabe1987 we'd be having steak
00:15 BatSteve horse steak is disgusting though
00:15 speedrunnerG55__ venicine is AWESOME
00:16 \_Obtuse venison
00:16 speedrunnerG55__ ^ that
00:16 wannabe1987 ...
00:16 \_Obtuse i got some in the fridge
00:16 speedrunnerG55__ venison. havt had anny in years
00:17 speedrunnerG55__ a few at least
00:17 wannabe1987 afaik i haven't had it
00:18 Snildiggy left #thegeekgroup
00:18 speedrunnerG55__ bye snildiggy
00:18 wannabe1987 lol
00:19 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
00:19 speedrunnerG55__ hi kafka
00:19 Kafka hi speedrunnerG55
00:19 speedrunnerG55__ speedrunnerG55__**
00:20 speedrunnerG55__ "speeduneerG55" is my minecraft server, which im not at
00:20 \_Obtuse left #thegeekgroup
00:20 speedrunnerG55__ "speedrunnerG55"
00:21 speedrunnerG55__ but w/e lol
00:21 speedrunnerG55__ bye \_Obtuse
00:22 \_Obtuse joined #thegeekgroup
00:22 speedrunnerG55__ i should make a sn "|_right"
00:22 wannabe1987 lol
00:22 speedrunnerG55__ and /_acute
00:22 \_Obtuse haha
00:23 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
00:23 speedrunnerG55__ hi hubzcaps
00:23 hubzcaps Heavy metal!!!!!!!!!!
00:23 CaptainBoden Is Superman in here?
00:23 wannabe1987 .seen superman13
00:23 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen superman13 around.
00:23 hubzcaps wuttup
00:23 wannabe1987 no
00:23 CaptainBoden poo
00:23 wannabe1987 call him...
00:24 CaptainBoden You call him and see if he can hop in here.
00:27 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
00:28 tesla4d hubzcaps, do you mind if I PM you?
00:29 speedrunnerG55__ hi tesla4d
00:29 tesla4d HELLO!
00:29 hubzcaps yhea u can
00:30 wannabe1987 i texted him, cptn
00:30 wannabe1987 hi toast
00:32 arruid joined #thegeekgroup
00:32 CaptainBoden Thank you :)
00:32 wannabe1987 you're welcome
00:33 speedrunnerG55__ bagpipes in NYC FTW
00:34 jeremys_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:34 speedrunnerG55__ hi jeremys_
00:34 jeremys_ hi guys
00:34 jeremys_ and girls
00:34 speedrunnerG55__ ...
00:35 speedrunnerG55__ there are no girls on the net
00:35 speedrunnerG55__ xD
00:35 CaptainBoden all the women are men, and all the children are FBI agents.
00:35 exor674 and I the queen of england!
00:36 cctoide And the FBI agents are 14 year olds. I think.
00:36 jeremys_ lol
00:36 speedrunnerG55__ hi exoa674
00:36 exor674 so what would a female FBI agent who got on the force at the age of 15 be?
00:36 Liz_Home an impossibility
00:36 wannabe1987 food is fucking hot ow
00:36 CaptainBoden Ever seen Hard Candy?
00:37 CaptainBoden There ya go.
00:37 Liz_Home my pms movie
00:37 CaptainBoden LMFAO
00:38 Liz_Home the surgery scene makes my own pain bearable
00:38 jeremys_ who is the audio of?
00:38 CaptainBoden that's the MDH audio feed, Red and them are painting.
00:39 jeremys_ oh
00:39 speedrunnerG55__ thats a lot of painting
00:39 DruidicRifleman Why is the audio from the MDH being over layed onto the roof cam video
00:39 jeremys_ a LOT of painting
00:39 Liz_Home to cause cognitive dissonance
00:39 CaptainBoden Because Cory is running master control and he's mildly retarded
00:39 speedrunnerG55__ so its going from that redish w/e color to white?
00:40 Liz_Home only mildly?
00:40 DruidicRifleman ^agree's with liz^
00:40 jdbmanalo joined #thegeekgroup
00:40 LeadHead I thought Cory was a picture of intelligence and grace?
00:40 speedrunnerG55__ hi jdbmanalo
00:41 jeremys_ lol you guys are so hard on the boy.  speaking of Cory did you get the lick stains off the ggekgroup bus windows yet?
00:41 Liz_Home eh?
00:41 jdbmanalo hello there speedrunner655
00:41 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
00:41 jeremys_ *** window licker joke gone bad ***
00:41 speedrunnerG55__ wow there i havnt upgraded yet and especially not to g655
00:42 jdbmanalo Aphex Twin FTW
00:42 cctoide ^
00:43 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
00:43 speedrunnerG55__ hi  Rahlon
00:44 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
00:44 speedrunnerG55__ bye Fulsy
00:44 cctoide speaking of Aphex Twin
00:45 cctoide
00:45 jdbmanalo Is the stream usually this dead?
00:45 cctoide (only source I could find for Windowsill, just for the song)
00:45 exor674 given it is almost 9pm GR time, yes
00:46 speedrunnerG55__ .yt chiptunes
00:46 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__:
00:46 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
00:47 speedrunnerG55__ bye karmicthreat
00:47 QuickBen joined #thegeekgroup
00:47 egrsteve_afk is now known as egrsteve
00:47 egrsteve hello all
00:47 Toastdude Hi
00:48 QuickBen left #thegeekgroup
00:48 \_Obtuse hello steve
00:48 speedrunnerG55__ hi
00:49 jdbmanalo oh shit.
00:49 Toastdude what?
00:49 jdbmanalo what did i just click
00:50 jeremys_ i am not sure I am not there
00:50 jeremys_ can we get 50 guesses?
00:50 jdbmanalo it says "end of WHOIS"
00:50 jeremys_ its just a query
00:50 speedrunnerG55__ diddid you click recompute encryption hash key?
00:50 jeremys_ no big deal
00:51 * wannabe1987 has headache :(
00:51 jdbmanalo well...i'm unsure.
00:51 Thewhite left #thegeekgroup
00:51 cctoide Huh, wow. That Infinity Ward lawsuit still hasn't gone to court
00:51 * speedrunnerG55__ throws some asprin at wanabe
00:51 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
00:52 egrsteve anything intersting happening?
00:52 wannabe1987 thanks tho i have motrin
00:53 jeremys_ we need to make a trebutet the can shoot waterballoons full of paint at the walls.  It will save weeks of painting time
00:53 egrsteve is someone on the scaffoling currently?
00:53 jeremys_ amy, quick, and red
00:53 egrsteve ah. ok
00:53 egrsteve there is white happening
00:54 exor674 wannabe1987: whoev invented headaches should be stabbed
00:54 jeremys_ it was tesla
00:54 exor674 so how nommy was your dnner?
00:55 jeremys_ REBA
00:55 Hackbat I freaking love Journey
00:55 speedrunnerG55__ jeremys_ LOL
00:56 egrsteve warning approching critical twang
00:56 Hackbat Higher Place is an insanely good song
00:56 speedrunnerG55__ ?
00:56 Toastdude We're singing Don't Stop Believing in chorus
00:56 egrsteve my twang limit is measured in seconds
00:56 speedrunnerG55__ lol
00:57 * egrsteve mutes stream
00:57 speedrunnerG55__ xD
00:57 Hackbat Don't stop Believing is a good song but Seperate ways has it beat
00:57 speedrunnerG55__ dooont stop beliieeevingg
00:59 Toastdude Hold on to that feeeeeeeellin
00:59 speedrunnerG55__ .yt take on my music video
00:59 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__:
00:59 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
00:59 speedrunnerG55__ .yt take on me music video
00:59 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__:
01:00 jeremys_ yeah the radio right on top of the camera is annoying
01:00 * Hackbat has to install Altera Quartus II
01:01 jeremys_ i wonder how many gallons of paint MDH will drink
01:03 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
01:03 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 30m idle (been away for 3h 37m)
01:03 RageRiot night all c ya tomorrow from 4:30pm onwards GMT or 11:30am tgg time
01:03 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
01:03 wannabe1987 ...
01:03 RageRiot left #thegeekgroup
01:04 Darksecond left #thegeekgroup
01:07 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
01:09 Cprossu jeremys_: take whatever number of gallons you think and add a few zeros
01:09 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
01:10 egrsteve then divide by 2 beacuse it's already painted and not porus concete
01:11 cctoide Guess how many gallons they'll use, and win... Chris' eternal gratitude
01:11 Seroster Screw it. Goodnight.
01:11 Toastdude gnight
01:11 cctoide night
01:12 Seroster I hate this season. Either too damn hot or too damn cold
01:12 Seroster Bleh
01:12 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
01:14 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
01:18 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:18 wannabe1987 hi    *waves*
01:18 speedrunnerG55_ :D
01:18 speedrunnerG55_ hi wanabe1987
01:18 speedrunnerG55_ and hi everyone els
01:19 jdbmanalo Zoning out
01:20 speedrunnerG55_ jdbmanalo zone in
01:20 jdbmanalo Pandora = beastly goodness
01:20 speedrunnerG55_ get in the zone, auto zone jk
01:20 jdbmanalo oh geeze
01:20 speedrunnerG55_ xD
01:20 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
01:20 BotSteve You mess with the Bull, you get the horns!
01:20 wannabe1987 hi mman454
01:20 speedrunnerG55_ lol botsteve
01:20 mman454 hi wannabe1987!
01:20 speedrunnerG55_ himman454
01:21 wannabe1987 :)
01:21 mman454 You're really liking my great aren't you speedrunnerg55?
01:21 speedrunnerG55_ why does botsteve say that
01:21 speedrunnerG55_ your great?
01:21 BatSteve because mman asked
01:22 wannabe1987 greet*
01:22 speedrunnerG55_ oh ye
01:22 speedrunnerG55_ i liek it
01:22 mman454 yea my bad. greet*
01:22 * mman454 bows
01:22 mman454 thankyou
01:22 speedrunnerG55_ :D
01:23 wannabe1987 ...
01:23 speedrunnerG55_ what is 1987 mean
01:24 speedrunnerG55_ what does*
01:24 wannabe1987 what do you think it means?
01:24 mman454 Oh do I hear F**k You by Cee Lo Green on the stream?
01:24 wannabe1987 good song
01:24 mman454 Oh... that's country. nvm
01:24 mman454 that it is
01:24 wannabe1987 lol
01:24 jeremys_ how many times you can skip rope in a row without missing?
01:24 speedrunnerG55_ idk is it yor favorite year?
01:24 wannabe1987 no
01:24 wannabe1987 my BIRTH YEAR
01:24 wannabe1987 whats G55 stand for?
01:25 wannabe1987 so yeah, my fav year
01:25 mman454 he thinks hese 55 times better than G-5 level board members
01:25 speedrunnerG55_ G-my faneboyism for google. 55 random numbers that sound cool with it
01:25 mman454 11*
01:26 speedrunnerG55_ LOL^ no i was speedrunnerG55 a long time before i ever herd of TGG
01:26 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
01:26 DruidicRifleman he's 11 times more annoying
01:26 speedrunnerG55_ darn
01:27 jeremys_ tesla invited google
01:27 wannabe1987 hi hubzcaps
01:27 hubzcaps helloz
01:28 hubzcaps (:
01:29 quick_phone joined #thegeekgroup
01:29 wannabe1987 hi quick
01:29 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
01:30 quick_phone left #thegeekgroup
01:30 wannabe1987 lol  that was "quick" :P
01:30 jdbmanalo derp
01:30 wannabe1987 jdbmanalo r u new?
01:30 jdbmanalo yeah
01:30 jeremys_ herp derp?
01:30 jdbmanalo DERPITY DERP
01:30 wannabe1987 just wonderin...what part of the werld r u from?
01:31 jdbmanalo I am originaly from NYC
01:31 Liz_Home joined #thegeekgroup
01:31 speedrunnerG55_ IM FROM NEWJERSEY LOL
01:31 speedrunnerG55_ ops caps
01:31 jeremys_ I am straight out of conklin
01:31 jdbmanalo Now living  in Denton, Texas
01:32 jdbmanalo Ha!
01:32 jeremys_ do you know sawoutsiders?
01:32 jdbmanalo Conklin
01:32 speedrunnerG55_ i visited texas twice
01:32 speedrunnerG55_ for like a day each time
01:32 jdbmanalo 'Tis kinda boring out here at times.
01:32 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
01:33 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55_ why do you always have ur caps on?  take the cap're inside :P
01:33 speedrunnerG55_ i bet its better than newjersey
01:33 jdbmanalo true dat.
01:33 wannabe1987 i have a bestie in SMU
01:33 jdbmanalo i miss the music scene in Jersey.
01:33 speedrunnerG55_ im on a laptop, i cant take out keys
01:33 localyocal joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 jdbmanalo kDenton makes up what is known as "The golden triangle."
01:35 jdbmanalo consisting of Dallas, Ft. Worth, And Denton.
01:35 speedrunnerG55_ ive been to dalas/fort worth
01:36 speedrunnerG55_ nicce place
01:36 jdbmanalo Yeah.
01:36 speedrunnerG55_ the stock yards were fun
01:36 jdbmanalo it's nce here.
01:37 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
01:37 jdbmanalo Did you see the big bull that the cowboy walks around with on main street?
01:37 speedrunnerG55_ yes
01:37 localyocal left #thegeekgroup
01:37 speedrunnerG55_ i did the human maze
01:38 jdbmanalo yeah...
01:38 speedrunnerG55_ i went to the candy shop
01:38 jdbmanalo other than that, this place is not much of a tourist location.
01:38 speedrunnerG55_ biggest candy shop ive ever seen
01:38 egrsteve the stream is like watching paint dry
01:38 speedrunnerG55_ the stream *IS* mwaching paint dry
01:39 speedrunnerG55_ ll
01:39 speedrunnerG55_ lol
01:39 speedrunnerG55_ is red in the stream?
01:40 egrsteve someone(s) is(are) on the scaffoling, it's too dark to tell who
01:40 speedrunnerG55_ how is that place ventelated?
01:40 speedrunnerG55_ just wondering
01:42 egrsteve forced air heat on the roof, air exchange if exterior door is open
01:42 egrsteve a little paint is nothing, epoxy was intersting
01:43 egrsteve did I hear Red?
01:43 speedrunnerG55_ RED?
01:44 speedrunnerG55_ is red there?
01:44 egrsteve my video frame rate has dropped to about .5
01:45 egrsteve maybe I should refresh
01:45 speedrunnerG55_ .stream
01:45 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
01:45 jdbmanalo speedrunnerG55, I'm surrounded by Obama haters here in TX
01:45 jdbmanalo is that going on there too?
01:46 speedrunnerG55_ me? not really
01:46 jdbmanalo Cuz, over here, everyone hates on him pretty much cuz their friends hate him.
01:47 jdbmanalo It's like a heard of sheep.
01:47 speedrunnerG55_ thats dumb
01:48 jdbmanalo it really is.
01:48 speedrunnerG55_ thats like people who vote republican or demorat so they dont "wast there vote"
01:48 jdbmanalo Even the freshman at my brothers high school.
01:49 jdbmanalo freshmen*
01:50 jdbmanalo I've actually been chastized for openly admitting i voted for Obama.
01:50 jdbmanalo Brutally
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ wow
01:52 egrsteve the camera, it moves
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ lo
01:52 jdbmanalo And i think texas and a few of it's neibors are the only ones actually doing that.
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ lol
01:52 compwiz878 left #thegeekgroup
01:53 speedrunnerG55_ would you vote for him again?
01:53 jdbmanalo after this past week, yes.
01:53 speedrunnerG55_ i think donald trump is a joke
01:54 jdbmanalo he is
01:54 jdbmanalo very much so.
01:54 Toastdude Yep
01:54 speedrunnerG55_ hi toastdude
01:54 jdbmanalo andhe got DESTROYED at the Dinner last night
01:54 Toastdude Hi
01:54 jdbmanalo HERRO!
01:55 jdbmanalo yeah...did you see that Obama speech from the Correspondants Dinner?
01:56 speedrunnerG55_ no
01:56 jdbmanalo oh god...
01:56 jdbmanalo hold up.
01:56 speedrunnerG55_ what
01:56 * speedrunnerG55_ holding
01:56 BatSteve .yt obama correspondent dinner cspan
01:56 BotSteve BatSteve:
01:56 Roly left #thegeekgroup
01:56 speedrunnerG55_ bye roly
01:57 jdbmanalo
01:57 jdbmanalo XD
01:57 Ponko92 and i'm back :)
01:57 speedrunnerG55_ my computer is so slow itl be a wile till i see it
01:58 jdbmanalo it' all cool.
01:58 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
01:58 speedrunnerG55_ hi ponko92
01:58 jdbmanalo trust me, it's worth it to see Trump get obliterated.  Also by the guest comedian.
01:58 speedrunnerG55_ bye kafka
01:59 Ponko92 lol speedrunnerG55
01:59 egrsteve it sounds like there is the across the universe soundtrack in this playlist
01:59 Ponko92 haha lol Obama is HULK HOGAN
02:00 Ponko92 already love it if it has HH's theme music lol
02:01 wannabe1987 my headache was better laying down...but its worse again, moving around...fuck...and tonight was gonna be a "work" night...:(
02:01 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
02:02 speedrunnerG55_ the page just loaded and...DARN IM MISSING FLASH PLAYER
02:02 Ponko92 i'm not even american and i love it lol
02:02 Cprossu oh noes! off air
02:03 egrsteve off here too, the stream is down
02:03 * speedrunnerG55_ throws asprin at wanabe1987
02:03 Cprossu back up I think
02:03 Cprossu nope =/
02:04 DruidicRifleman I might not have to flee Canada to escape politicly motivated persecution YAY!!!
02:04 Cprossu tggmc1: are you with us....err in the hizzy I mean
02:04 MoxieMike_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:04 exor674 wannabe1987: migraine?
02:04 wannabe1987 i hope not
02:04 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
02:05 Cprossu BatSteve: are you there?
02:05 wannabe1987 do those come with periods?  i rarely get them...
02:05 wannabe1987 (migraines)
02:05 egrsteve that computer is really easy to knock offline w/o even noticing, they need a way to disable the keyboard
02:05 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
02:05 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
02:05 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
02:05 BatSteve Cprossu: howdy
02:05 Cprossu did you get my weird message?
02:06 BatSteve I did
02:06 arruid @wannabee they can come that way. exedrine migraine and caffeine helps loads
02:06 BatSteve What was that all about?
02:06 jdbmanalo left #thegeekgroup
02:06 Cprossu ok, let�s see if we can replicate it
02:06 wannabe1987 i'm eating chocolate and drinking diet coke...
02:06 Cprossu tell your bot to tell me something
02:06 wannabe1987 and i took 3-4 motrin
02:06 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Cprossu something1
02:06 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
02:06 exor674 wannabe1987: they can be hormone-triggered yeah
02:06 Cprossu BotSteve: tell BatSteve here�s the error
02:06 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
02:06 BotSteve Cprossu: At 02:06Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you something1
02:06 wannabe1987 FUCK HORMONES
02:06 Cprossu worked fine that time
02:06 tesla4d Oh, boy, there's my first AIM spambot.
02:06 arruid i would definteily stock up on exedrin migraine. stronger dosage. take it right when you feel the headache coming
02:07 Cprossu when I did it with speedrunnerG55_
02:07 wannabe1987 i cannot afford excedrin
02:07 Cprossu it errored out
02:07 wannabe1987 i cannot afford mortrin
02:07 wannabe1987 i get it from moms house
02:07 Cprossu speedrunnerG55_: are you alive?
02:07 wannabe1987 pain pills are not covered by food stamps
02:07 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
02:07 BatSteve huh.  let's try again
02:07 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:06Z, Cprossu asked me to tell you here’s the error
02:07 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Cprossu something2
02:07 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
02:07 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Cprossu something3
02:07 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
02:07 BatSteve ok
02:08 Cprossu BotSteve: tell BatSteve I think there�s a issue with the names
02:08 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
02:08 BotSteve Cprossu: At 02:07Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you something2
02:08 BotSteve Cprossu: At 02:07Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you something3
02:08 speedrunnerG55_ im alive
02:08 * BatSteve scrolls back in the log
02:08 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:08Z, Cprossu asked me to tell you I think there’s a issue with the names
02:08 Cprossu_Laptop in the name of testing
02:08 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve tell Cprossu I'm confused
02:08 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: tell Cprossu I'm confused
02:08 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
02:09 Cprossu BotSteve: tell Cprossu_Laptop to change his name
02:09 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when Cprossu_Laptop is around.
02:09 BotSteve Cprossu: At 02:08Z, Cprossu_Laptop asked me to tell you I'm confused
02:09 speedrunnerG55_ you did it with me?
02:09 Cprossu_Laptop is now known as speedrunnerG55__
02:09 speedrunnerG55_ what?
02:09 speedrunnerG55__ lol
02:09 speedrunnerG55__ damn
02:09 speedrunnerG55_ DARN IT
02:09 speedrunnerG55__ is now known as Cprossu_laptop
02:09 Cprossu_laptop ok let's try this
02:09 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: At 02:09Z, Cprossu asked me to tell you to change his name
02:09 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
02:09 Cprossu_laptop tell me something, speedrunnerG55 with botsteve
02:10 Cprossu_laptop *speedrunnerG55_
02:10 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
02:10 BatSteve I just found the spot where the error occurred
02:10 Cprossu_laptop speedrunnerG55_? hellow?
02:10 speedrunnerG55_ botsteve tell Cprossu_laptop something
02:10 BatSteve I see what you're trying to do
02:11 Cprossu_laptop you need the : or ,
02:11 speedrunnerG55_ drat
02:12 BatSteve oh
02:12 BatSteve hey
02:12 BatSteve Cprossu
02:12 BatSteve I have an idea
02:12 Cprossu yeah?
02:12 BatSteve it happened during a period of heavy bot abuse, I think
02:12 Cprossu speedrunnerG55_: repeat yourself please with the proper context
02:12 Cprossu yeah mainly caused by me
02:12 BatSteve let's try it again, but this time you place your tell while I'm placing mine
02:12 Cprossu_laptop wait a sec though
02:12 BatSteve get yours all typed and ready to hit enter
02:12 speedrunnerG55_ botsteve, tell Cprossu_laptop my AI shake brings all the wares to the yard and there like syntax error
02:12 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when Cprossu_laptop is around.
02:12 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when Cprossu_laptop is around.
02:13 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell speedrunnerG55_: here's the error as it occured
02:13 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55_ is around.
02:13 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: At 02:12Z, speedrunnerG55_ asked me to tell you my AI shake brings all the wares to the yard and there like syntax error
02:13 Cprossu ok, ready
02:13 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell batsteve: trying to replicate the error
02:14 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
02:14 BatSteve ok.  I'm going to send "something1, something2, something3"
02:14 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:14Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you trying to replicate the error
02:14 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell batsteve: trying to replicate the error
02:14 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
02:14 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Cprossu something1
02:14 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
02:14 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell batsteve: trying to replicate the error
02:14 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:14Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you trying to replicate the error
02:14 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Cprossu something2
02:14 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
02:14 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
02:14 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Cprossu something3
02:14 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:14Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you trying to replicate the error
02:14 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
02:14 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell batsteve: trying to replicate the error
02:14 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
02:14 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Cprossu something4
02:14 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
02:14 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:14Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you trying to replicate the error
02:14 BatSteve huh
02:14 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell speedrunnerG55_: here's the error as it occured hemmm
02:14 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55_ is around.
02:14 BatSteve no errors
02:14 Cprossu_laptop whoops wrong message
02:14 Cprossu_laptop either way
02:14 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
02:14 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: At 02:13Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you here's the error as it occured
02:14 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: At 02:14Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you here's the error as it occured hemmm
02:15 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell batsteve: trying to replicate the error
02:15 Cprossu .w runtime errors
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu: At 02:14Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you something1
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu: At 02:14Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you something2
02:15 Cprossu .g your mom
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu: At 02:14Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you something3
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu: At 02:14Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you something4
02:15 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell batsteve: trying to replicate the error
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu:
02:15 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell batsteve: trying to replicate the error
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
02:15 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell batsteve: trying to replicate the error
02:15 BotSteve "In computer science, the qualifier run time, run-time, runtime, or execution time may have different meanings depending on the context." -
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
02:15 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
02:15 jeremys_ yeah cause thats not annoying
02:15 BatSteve yeah
02:15 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:15Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you trying to replicate the error
02:15 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:15Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you trying to replicate the error
02:15 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:15Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you trying to replicate the error
02:15 BotSteve BatSteve: At 02:15Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you trying to replicate the error
02:15 BatSteve Cprossu: join #tgg-bots
02:15 Cprossu k
02:16 mman454 .seen steve
02:16 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen steve around.
02:16 mman454 .seen steve___
02:16 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen steve___ around.
02:16 egrsteve I'm here
02:16 speedrunnerG55_ a channel just for bots xD
02:16 speedrunnerG55_ the bot yard
02:16 egrsteve @mman454 hello
02:16 mman454 ah hi
02:16 speedrunnerG55_ HImman454
02:17 mman454 Is the video signal that goes through a yellow rca cable the same signal that would be used in a BNC cable?
02:17 speedrunnerG55_ good question
02:18 egrsteve if you mean a composite signal then yes, BNCs are used to carry many different signal types
02:18 egrsteve I have seen comnputer moniters that require 5 bnc inputs: R G B Hsync Vsync
02:19 mman454 so in theory if tgg had the right passive adapter you could plug a rca cable almost directly into the console
02:19 speedrunnerG55_ wow
02:19 exor674 why does pro gear use BNC anyway?
02:19 exor674 larger sheielding on coax?
02:19 LeadHead Shielded
02:19 exor674 harder to accidentally fall out?
02:19 egrsteve it doesn't get knocked out by accident
02:19 LeadHead better connectors physically
02:19 CSMonster tuna melt + bean'n'bacon soup + peach ice cream.  nom.  and i'm back
02:19 exor674 nommmmmm!
02:19 MoxieMike_ om nom nom
02:19 egrsteve better connector, fixed impedence, ect
02:19 speedrunnerG55_ i just learned about bnc in school :D
02:20 speedrunnerG55_ bayonete syyle
02:20 egrsteve you know what a TNC connector is?
02:20 speedrunnerG55_ no, i dont think
02:20 speedrunnerG55_ fiber?
02:20 speedrunnerG55_ .....t connector?
02:21 egrsteve it's exactly the same as a BNC except threaded instead of bayonete
02:21 speedrunnerG55_ twist on coaxel
02:21 speedrunnerG55_ like cable tv?
02:21 speedrunnerG55_ i did learn that. tnc
02:21 speedrunnerG55_ didnt remember tnc tho
02:21 egrsteve no, it crimps on the coax, but uses a threaded retainer vs bayonete
02:22 jeremys_ Do you knowq what GNC is?
02:22 mman454 egrsteve: so if I were to do some sort of a video at the lab with my own camera outputing to one of these I would be able to use my camera on the stream for live macro shots?
02:22 LeadHead They sell health stuff
02:22 jeremys_ Glued
02:22 robotfish joined #thegeekgroup
02:22 mman454 Oh and id leave the adapters at the lab. ;) I don't think ill see bnc in my home anytime soon.
02:23 egrsteve mman454 yes, we have a bin full of them, if I rememeber right
02:23 speedrunnerG55_ vnc what is that 10base5?
02:23 speedrunnerG55_ or 10base2
02:23 speedrunnerG55_ bnc*
02:23 robotfish left #thegeekgroup
02:24 speedrunnerG55_ bye robotfish
02:24 speedrunnerG55_ reminds me of timesplitters
02:24 mman454 egrsteve: What about these?
02:24 CaptainBoden is the stream down?
02:24 egrsteve I don't know what network spec used coax, I do know it was an odd impediance
02:24 mman454
02:24 egrsteve it would appear so
02:24 mman454 Yes stream is off air.
02:25 exor674 lol how the ehck does that work anyway?
02:25 LeadHead network over coax?
02:25 exor674 how would it make a balanced input from RCA?
02:25 speedrunnerG55_ thats back in the day of buss topology
02:25 LeadHead oh
02:26 speedrunnerG55_ before i was born
02:26 egrsteve down @ 22:03
02:26 mman454 captainboden Is there any users on IRC who would be loged in, they wouldn't have to be active, for me to attempt a ping on to check to see if it is a problem with the lab's internet?
02:27 mman454 .stream
02:27 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
02:27 BatSteve mman454: just use the mc console
02:27 egrsteve Exor674 you would need a balun a balanced unbalanced transformer to do it right
02:28 mman454 I'm getting a good ping from tggmc1
02:28 exor674 so wouldn't that adapter just make silence theoretically?
02:28 egrsteve no, if it only takes one phase of the signal it would have something
02:29 speedrunnerG55_ ?
02:29 arruid cory said he would check on it
02:29 egrsteve but it could be noisy and very prone to interferiance
02:29 mman454 I see.
02:29 speedrunnerG55_ hi arruid
02:29 Cprossu inded the stream is down, CaptainBoden
02:29 arruid hello
02:29 Cprossu *indeed
02:29 mman454 egrsteve So what would be a good way to go about camera rca to xlr?
02:29 Cprossu and has been for a while
02:30 Cprossu we�re up
02:30 mman454 stream online
02:30 arruid i didnt' have the stream up. i just noticed that you guys mentioned something here
02:30 Cprossu good job with the phone call(?)
02:30 arruid instant message
02:30 arruid n__n
02:30 speedrunnerG55_ n_n
02:30 speedrunnerG55_ lol
02:31 arruid and all is well with the stream
02:31 egrsteve using an adaptor with a transformer in it or a direct box
02:31 mman454 Nah, knowing captainboden, a phone call would be much more convienent than trying to contact anyone at the lab through irc
02:31 speedrunnerG55_ |wo-o-wg-b-wb-g-wbr-br|
02:32 mman454 WTF. ^
02:32 arruid yeah, i don't actually use the irc too much eventhough is it up in the background
02:32 speedrunnerG55_ 568 ethernet b
02:32 egrsteve cat 5/6 paring
02:32 speedrunnerG55_ ye FTW
02:33 speedrunnerG55_ im an network admin in netwok+ class
02:34 speedrunnerG55_ my mom said i would learn more that way
02:35 egrsteve mman454 this would be your ideal solution
02:35 egrsteve or similar
02:36 CaptainBoden stream is live and now worth watching
02:36 mman454 I see
02:37 mman454 CaptainBoden was that done with a phone call or a form of online communication?
02:38 speedrunnerG55_ probably short wave
02:38 speedrunnerG55_ xD
02:38 CaptainBoden phone call
02:38 mman454 Cory isn't licensed yet.
02:38 CaptainBoden I don't own a radio yet
02:38 mman454 Told you!
02:38 arruid lol. oh well. when i told him he would see what he could do.
02:39 Superman13 awww no more red mdh lol
02:39 Superman13 i think thats red...
02:40 CaptainBoden That's Red on the Right, Amy on the left.
02:40 mman454 I've recently become an audiophile... And I'm realizing how great my 7 year old stereo sounds. :D
02:40 Superman13 i mean color wise capn...
02:40 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
02:40 Superman13 <--- Colorblind
02:40 speedrunnerG55_ oh
02:40 speedrunnerG55_ sorry
02:41 egrsteve I like my 25 year old system myself
02:41 speedrunnerG55_ 25 yr old system?
02:41 egrsteve it's an old 200watt x2 fisher studio standard with 4ft tall cabs
02:41 speedrunnerG55_ cool
02:42 egrsteve stereo 15"s
02:42 Superman13
02:42 egrsteve I think 15s at least
02:42 Superman13 thats what i have..
02:42 CaptainBoden 250WPB Carver system with RectillinearIII Cabinets.
02:42 Toastdude CaptainBoden: If pear14 is ever on, that's the weird friend of mine
02:42 egrsteve nice, are those the cabs in MC
02:43 LeadHead Old Philips Solid Stat + Pair of 80s JBL830 3 ways
02:43 CaptainBoden no, they're in my living room.
02:43 LeadHead *Solid State
02:43 CaptainBoden My teacher game them to me in high school, his wife wouldn't tolerate them taking up so much space.
02:43 mman454 Mines a Panasonic SA-AK410. You may have recognized it if you watched Drake and Josh or whatever the hell the show was called. (never really watched it, just remember seeing the stereo and saying "I have one of those")
02:43 mman454
02:43 CaptainBoden I had them rebuilt in 98, new drivers.
02:43 speedrunnerG55_ dosent beat my liquid state speakers
02:43 speedrunnerG55_ loljk
02:44 Cprossu it�s kind of messed up, but the sounds coming out of the livestream sound like if they did chiptunes with a shamisen
02:44 LeadHead Popped a tweeter in one of my JBLs. Can't seem to find an identical one on ebay, and would rather not have to buy a matched pair of different tweeters
02:44 LeadHead if I don't ahve to
02:44 Cprossu Your cavers are darn nice though
02:44 Toastdude speedrunnerG55_: Ferro-fluid?
02:44 CaptainBoden I have a Carver amp, not speaker, wish I did though.
02:44 jeremys_ red is a very hard worker.
02:44 speedrunnerG55_ lol,
02:45 speedrunnerG55_ yes ferofluid
02:45 Cprossu I thought you had more than one of those amps
02:45 speedrunnerG55_ yes shes awesome
02:45 CaptainBoden I have a thing for Carver gear, I seriously want a Sunfire sub and a Carver TFM-35 or 55 amp.
02:45 Cprossu I seem to recall you needing help fixing one at some point
02:45 CaptainBoden I have a cople different Carver amps, I collect them and prize them highly.
02:46 CaptainBoden Yes, that's my little Carver cube, it never did get fixed, someday I'll get a new one.
02:46 Cprossu I still like the sound my older 70�s pioneers put out
02:46 DruidicRifleman
02:46 * DruidicRifleman breakdance's
02:46 Cprossu but I generally roll with 80�s JVC and kenwood stuff
02:46 speedrunnerG55_ xD
02:46 LeadHead Older Kenwood gear is great
02:46 DruidicRifleman COME ON!!!
02:47 jeremys_ Alpine
02:47 Cprossu although the modified Sansui I have in this room is an exception to that
02:47 speedrunnerG55_ i dont need big amps. a good pair of headphones and im fine
02:47 mman454 Come to think of it a lot of the shit in my house is Panasonic. Dvd burner and vhs combo, phones, two turntables one is a stereo unit, my stereo, and our cordless phone system.
02:47 LeadHead I remember when I was picking my JBLs up off Craigslist, the guy felt the need to demonstate his old Sansui
02:47 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:47 Cprossu My dream amp is an older Altec tube setup... perhaps 60Watts or so
02:47 CaptainBoden AKG-K240's, best I've ever used.
02:47 egrsteve leadhead check out circuitshop in calidonia they may be able to recone it if thats all you damaged
02:47 Ponko92_ grrr
02:47 LeadHead I'm in rhode island :-P
02:47 Ponko92_ anyway i'm here
02:48 CaptainBoden The Circuit Shop is where I got my Rectilinear's done :)
02:48 speedrunnerG55_ and then again i am not in ANYWAY an aodio person
02:48 LeadHead the voice coil on the tweeter is open-circuit
02:48 LeadHead and its a titanium laminate tweeter anyways
02:48 LeadHead doubt they coudl recone that
02:48 Cprossu The yamaha natural sound integrated amp I have actually sounds damn nice.. I got it with 5 polk monitor speakers from a sam goody�s when they went out of business for $70
02:48 Cprossu probably one of the best audio pick ups of my life
02:48 egrsteve idk, they repair most speakers there
02:49 Cprossu hell I was only buying the speakers, they threw in the amp
02:49 Cprossu if I�d unhook it
02:49 Cprossu I think it�s an AX-900
02:49 Cprossu let me go and look
02:50 CaptainBoden I'll wager $100 I have the biggest amp in the crowd here ;)
02:50 LeadHead It's not about size, its about how you use it ;)
02:50 CaptainBoden Tell that to your wife.
02:50 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
02:50 Cprossu I don�t think I�d feel safe without having a few rackmount crowns here
02:50 mman454 CaptainBoden I'm not supprised, and BURN
02:50 Cprossu on that bet
02:51 CaptainBoden any takers?
02:51 LeadHead At 94db/watt sensitivity, doesn't take much to make them scream ;)
02:51 CaptainBoden I'll go for watts, pounds, or physical size....your call.
02:51 maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
02:51 mman454 oh Jesus.... here we go
02:51 Cprossu now amp wise are we talking integrated receiver?
02:51 Cprossu because I might just have something
02:51 mman454 not about you maglinvinn
02:51 Liz_Home LeadHead: it takes a long time to get across the Atlantic in a row boat
02:51 maglinvinn hahahaha
02:51 CaptainBoden nope, just amp alone, but you could count your integrated reciver as an amp, sure.
02:52 maglinvinn Captain, whats the word with the bike
02:52 Ponko92_ oh is this for the Boden Unit of Measurements?
02:52 Ponko92_ Measurement(
02:52 Ponko92_ *
02:52 Ponko92_ grr
02:52 MoxieMike_ arg
02:52 LeadHead the JBLs are rated for upto 200 watts input a piece
02:52 CaptainBoden nope, I'm just saying I'll wager $100 that I have the largest amplifer of anyone in this channel.
02:52 mman454 CaptainBoden just tell us or even better yet, post a picture.
02:52 maglinvinn its quite honestly the only reason i'm here, aside from telling you i'm officially employeed at the place paul works, and therefore not available this week
02:52 LeadHead my reciever is probably lucky to do a quarter of that
02:52 Cprossu I think you�re right
02:52 maglinvinn his partner wants me in the office all week
02:52 Cprossu although I do have a car amp
02:52 Cprossu what ohms is the wattage at?
02:53 LeadHead 4 ohms.
02:53 Cprossu that we are comparing to?
02:53 CaptainBoden I know Dan, I knew 2 hours ago.
02:53 jeremys_ WOOT grats Eakin
02:53 speedrunnerG55_ were comparing apples to....
02:53 speedrunnerG55_ trex
02:53 CaptainBoden No news on the bike, didn't even touch it today, rather pissed about this weekend.
02:53 MoxieMike_ cool, nice Eakin
02:53 Cprossu pity
02:53 LeadHead This weekend?
02:54 mman454 We were talking about CaptainBodens huge amp?
02:54 Cprossu CaptainBoden: is it my understanding you won�t let anyone near it with ether or starting fluid?
02:54 egrsteve heres what I would like to play with a lab gruppen PLM 20000Q
02:54 Cprossu the bike that is
02:54 CaptainBoden any takers on the amp? ;)
02:54 LeadHead I think Photon939 might have you beat
02:54 jeremys_ what are you pissed about ?
02:54 Cprossu CaptainBoden: do car amps count that are wired to pc power supplies?
02:54 mman454 Sure Ill take it, but not the offer. ;)
02:54 mman454 LOL
02:54 CaptainBoden Sure, any amplifier you own.
02:54 speedrunnerG55_ no i wont take
02:55 CaptainBoden no takers huh?
02:55 CaptainBoden damn
02:55 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
02:55 MoxieMike_ i know i don't have an amp big enough to wager
02:55 mman454 Tell us already, Damn it!
02:55 Cprossu best thing I got is a T20001bd
02:55 Cprossu and it�s mono lol
02:55 CaptainBoden Ok, let's see who's holding what. Post make, model, and output wattage.
02:55 maglinvinn sorry captain, but i gotta have work, and its the first opportunity ....  you could try my shoes on....  i have to drive for an hour and a half every day just to get to work... heh
02:56 Photon939 so you guys are discussing amps?
02:56 maglinvinn speaking of which, i need to get to bed, i have to be in detroit at 9 am
02:56 maglinvinn nite guys.  catch ya around
02:56 Photon939 night maglinvinn
02:56 egrsteve it's a pissing contest of who has the biggest one
02:56 Cprossu Rockford Fosgate T20001bd, Sasnui 9090DB, Yamaha AX-900
02:56 mman454 night maglinvinn
02:56 MoxieMike_ g'night dan
02:56 Cprossu those are my heavy hitters
02:56 maglinvinn left #thegeekgroup
02:56 mman454 cprossu wattages?
02:56 Photon939 let's see if I can dig up a pic of my Baldwin amp
02:57 speedrunnerG55_ i have this amp my grandpa gave me that the size of my fist, no were near up tp todays standards but its cool to look at
02:57 Cprossu 2000 watts RMS on the fosgate, 130watts RMS/channel on the yamaha, and I have no clue on the sansui
02:57 CaptainBoden I'll just go with my biggest. I have a Harris 120UX.
02:58 Cprossu all I know is it�s fucking big
02:58 CaptainBoden 120,000 Watts.
02:58 Photon939 found a pic
02:58 Cprossu god damn
02:58 CaptainBoden Stereo.
02:58 speedrunnerG55_ omg watts
02:58 Photon939
02:58 mman454 HOLY FUCK!
02:58 mman454 What the hell was that used for?
02:58 CaptainBoden It fills 9 rack cabinets.
02:58 Cprossu are we counting antennas?
02:58 Photon939 stage equipment I imagine
02:58 Cprossu we didn�t say speaker amps
02:58 Cprossu rofl
02:58 DruidicRifleman XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Today the Conservitve party WON a majority AND my Former GF in utah won a major leather pagaent XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02:58 speedrunnerG55_ omgwatts
02:58 MoxieMike_ that's more than the local radio station broadcasts with
02:58 Cprossu that�s an amplifier
02:58 Cprossu not a speaker amp xD
02:58 Cprossu love it
02:58 CaptainBoden It's a Television transmitter, but it happens to have Stereo audio transmitters as well, and that's a linear amplifier ;)
02:59 speedrunnerG55_ oh that thing
02:59 Photon939 the Baldwin EA5 was used in an organ I guess
02:59 CaptainBoden So, technically, it has TWO Audio amps in it.
02:59 LeadHead Think photons got most of you guyts beat arudio wise
02:59 LeadHead *audio
02:59 CaptainBoden mman has seen it himself.
02:59 mman454 captainboden Now you're just being a smart ass.
02:59 CaptainBoden It fills a wall in Kzoo.
02:59 Cprossu hahah
02:59 Photon939 it has a 120W sub channel and four 60W midrange channels
02:59 mman454 Yes it is pretty impressive
02:59 speedrunnerG55_ you showed it in a video i remember
02:59 Cprossu now what�s your biggest amp that you can plug into a 120?
02:59 CaptainBoden Well yes, but it's true. It's an amplifer, it's Audio, and it's legit. You've seen it.
03:00 mman454 True but you're not keeping with the spirit we had in mind here. ;)
03:00 CaptainBoden the biggest amp I have that I can plug in to 120V is my big Crown, it's 1,200W per channel and it'll trip a 20A breaker.
03:00 speedrunnerG55_ does it use tubes? or is it solid state
03:00 mman454 Now that's pretty cool
03:00 CaptainBoden It's solid state.
03:00 Cprossu solid state on his crown,
03:00 Cprossu those crowns kick tail
03:01 Cprossu I wish I still had my big com tech
03:01 CaptainBoden Yeah, it's the old mains amp for Taylors (the gay bar that used tob e on Ionia).
03:01 Cprossu I miss that thing =(
03:01 speedrunnerG55_ ive herd of transmitter amps that use tubes that are so big they are water colled
03:01 CaptainBoden When they sold the club I was the head DJ there and I traded the owner for the rig.
03:01 Cprossu even though I sold it for good bank, I miss it =(
03:01 CaptainBoden We have some ;)
03:01 MoxieMike_ nice trade
03:01 Cprossu oddly enough mine was a com tech 1200 I think
03:02 CaptainBoden Our GE transmitter is 65kW I think, it has water cooled tubes, giant klystrons, there's video of them.
03:02 mman454 captainboden You a DJ? Please tell me you have video!?
03:02 CaptainBoden no video from back then, that was before th eGroup
03:02 CaptainBoden I used to be a radio jock and a DJ at a gay bar.
03:02 Cprossu I�ll be damned
03:02 Cprossu it was a 1600
03:02 speedrunnerG55_ cool
03:02 mman454 And you got hit on quite often?
03:02 CaptainBoden I was Aleksander Brass on 89.9 WBYW FM back in high school.
03:02 Toastdude wow, didnt know that
03:03 CaptainBoden yeah, I got hit on a lot, especially since I had hair down to my ass.
03:03 Cprossu
03:03 Cprossu ^ the one at the bottom of that pic
03:03 Toastdude Wow..... you've really changed then
03:04 mman454 OMG I always do a double take whenever I see pictures of you with your hair like that.
03:04 Cprossu I never remember it tripping any breakers though
03:05 egrsteve what I want to know is how lab gruppen crams 20k in 2 RU
03:06 CaptainBoden If you really want to spend money, you guys should look at the serious amps.
03:06 CaptainBoden Mark Levinson
03:06 Ponko92_ left #thegeekgroup
03:06 CaptainBoden If you're not familier with them, do some reading ;)
03:06 MoxieMike_ i will
03:06 Cprossu there are many ways to waste money on speakers too
03:07 CaptainBoden I have a buddy who has 5 of them side by side. They weigh several hundred lbs a piece.
03:07 Cprossu and certain companies will gladly charge you $1000 for a ...power cable too
03:07 CaptainBoden He's got far more money than brains, but he let me build the system so I can't bitch.
03:07 mman454 CaptainBoden: Other than being a satelite uplink what else can this thing do?
03:07 speedrunnerG55_ 1000 for a power cable xD
03:07 Cprossu wow
03:07 Cprossu
03:08 CaptainBoden oh btw, I was wrong on the wattage, our Harris is 4,790 kW. It's 5,000kW max.
03:08 MoxieMike_ ... 5MW max?
03:08 Cprossu it�s like opening up a good quality 80�s reciever that has a motorolla dev board inside it
03:08 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
03:09 LeadHead I spy an FPGA inside that amplifier
03:09 Cprossu
03:09 Cprossu ^ that one is packkkkkkkkkkkkked
03:09 mman454 FPGA?'
03:09 LeadHead field programable gate array
03:09 LeadHead It's basically a processor that you can program to be whatever you want it to
03:09 mman454 ohh
03:10 Cprossu isn�t there also some sort of motorola 6800 type chip?
03:10 CaptainBoden The Carver TFM-35 is still my favourite.
03:10 speedrunnerG55_ like a micro controller?
03:10 Photon939 like a microcontroller, but with pure logic gates
03:10 speedrunnerG55_ ohh
03:10 LeadHead An FPGA is much, much more powerful than a micoronctroller
03:10 LeadHead in terms of what you can do
03:10 Photon939 FPGAs can run operations much faster than a microcontroller
03:10 speedrunnerG55_ cool
03:10 Cprossu LeadHead: do you see the 6800 in there?
03:10 LeadHead No
03:11 Cprossu socketed square
03:11 Cprossu I think
03:11 LeadHead Oh
03:11 LeadHead Figured that would just be some kind of ROM
03:11 Photon939 socketed square could be anything though
03:11 jeremys_ the only thing i hate about big expensive amps is that they do not distort the sound.  A car system sounds best in a rusty car, distorted to hell with little or no mid or highs
03:11 LeadHead Uh
03:11 LeadHead Since when
03:11 mman454 CaptainBoden: Did this have any other hidden uses?
03:12 LeadHead One thing I *LIKE* about my little Philips reciever is that it seems to have some kind of clip-protection
03:12 CaptainBoden It's got a few uses, it's moving to the new lab this weekend.
03:12 LeadHead if the output signal starts to clip it turns off (on?) the protection relay
03:12 CaptainBoden That's the PSU for our little transmitter, the old satelite rig we autopsied.
03:12 Cprossu there are people who will argue that the reason people prefer tubes is the way they overload compared to transistors, and for the most part they are right
03:13 mman454 The one I helped haul?
03:13 LeadHead I assume with all those electronics, that mark levinson woudl be a class D amp
03:13 Cprossu varian made vacuum gear, didn�t they, mman454?
03:13 speedrunnerG55_ if i had an amp that maxed out id buy a bigger amp
03:13 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
03:13 speedrunnerG55_ or not play it so loud
03:13 CaptainBoden Varian makes a lot of HV/RF gear.
03:14 Cprossu I suppose that makes sense too
03:14 Cprossu they certainly have the precision for it
03:14 mman454 cprossu No clue. I just helped move that from Indiana to Kzoo.
03:14 CaptainBoden ok guys, it's bedtime. Goodnight gentlemen
03:14 Toastdude Goodnight Captain!
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ there is such thing as a class d?
03:15 mman454 Goodnight CaptainBoden. Hope to see you before too long.
03:15 Cprossu take it easy, don�t start up that transmitter or you�ll have too many bills and fines for one to handle
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ night
03:15 chunks joined #thegeekgroup
03:15 jeremys_ night cap
03:15 Photon939 uhh, yes?
03:15 Liz_Home night
03:15 jeremys_ hi liz
03:15 Liz_Home hi
03:15 mman454 hi liz!
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ HI LIZ
03:15 Liz_Home hello hello
03:15 DruidicRifleman I wish i could mail you al booze
03:16 DruidicRifleman I am in such a good mood
03:16 speedrunnerG55_ not me. but thanks anyway
03:16 LeadHead Yes, there is such a thing as Class D
03:16 speedrunnerG55_ i only learned a,b,c what is d
03:16 egrsteve it uses PWM
03:16 speedrunnerG55_ hi chunks
03:17 Cprossu class d is like a few of my car amps
03:17 Cprossu though I do have some AD�s I think
03:17 mman454 druidicrifleman Ok then. Is that your way of telling the bartender to "geet that girl a round of drinks on me" to someone on the internet?
03:17 LeadHead And it uses chokes, or the speaker itself to filter out the PWM high frquency
03:17 Cprossu and some BD�s too
03:17 chunks hi speedrunner
03:17 DruidicRifleman more like the bar
03:18 wannabe1987 did i miss anything while out w/ a headache?
03:18 egrsteve it compares an analog signal with a  high frequancy ramp function and outputs that pulse
03:18 mman454 The irc makes me feel realitivly stupid... I have no clue what the hell you guys are talking 'bout half the time.
03:18 speedrunnerG55_ aww
03:18 Toastdude not really.... just talking about amps
03:18 Cprossu we�re sorry, we�re just random
03:18 jeremys_ no worries they make it all up as they go and copy/paste from wilkipedia
03:19 BatSteve mman454: that's why you come, to learn
03:19 Photon939 the intelligence level of this chatroom fluctuates wildly
03:19 Cprossu well... I Wouldn�t say that
03:19 LeadHead A class D amp is kind of like a true-sine inverter, but instead of making a steady 60Hz, it generates a varying frequency
03:19 LeadHead at least thats how I understand it
03:19 Toastdude @mman454: I agree.... Especially when Cprossu and BatSteve are talking to each other
03:19 mman454 batsteve or to have my mind blow up from an overload of information
03:19 DruidicRifleman mman454 My former GF of like 3 years who i am really good friend won a big contest AND did really well. AND the Anti gun party's are all in minority status in canada and the crooked scumbag who Wasted 340 million dollas trying to scam canada out of the priminister's pension LOST in a riding thats been Lieberal red for Most of my life
03:19 mman454 Its much easier for things to be explained to me
03:20 Cprossu sorry Toastdude: my fault
03:20 Toastdude What?
03:20 speedrunnerG55_ leadhead, huh?
03:20 speedrunnerG55_ sounds like a filter
03:20 Toastdude What's your fault?
03:20 DruidicRifleman it might even be possible to Derestrict the AR15 and bring intelligent gun control laws into canada
03:20 Cprossu Toastdude: I was thinking you were talking about trying to error out the bot and it creating spam
03:21 Cprossu hehe
03:21 jeremys_ i am just a simpleton. I know very little about electronics.  My specialty is machining
03:21 DruidicRifleman happy druid is HAPPY!!!
03:21 Cprossu because it sure created a whole lot of it
03:21 DruidicRifleman .yt celibrate good times come on
03:21 BotSteve DruidicRifleman:
03:21 speedrunnerG55_ is that common mode rejection?
03:21 Toastdude Cprossu: No..... But I did say it crated spam....
03:21 speedrunnerG55_ (cant believe i remembered that)
03:22 egrsteve is what Common mode rejection?
03:22 mman454 LMFAO
03:22 speedrunnerG55_ what leadhead is talking about
03:22 LeadHead speedrunnerG55, A class D amp generates a PWM wave that basically looks something like this
03:22 LeadHead
03:22 speedrunnerG55_ .wiki class d amplifyer
03:23 BotSteve "An electronic amplifier is a device for increasing the power of a signal." -
03:23 Cprossu lol I wonder how many miles/gallon that gets and if it counts as a motorized vehicle at that point
03:23 LeadHead a choke coil of some sorts, or the voice coil itself
03:23 speedrunnerG55_ class d*
03:23 LeadHead will filter that into a fairly smooth sine
03:23 LeadHead + some capacitors
03:23 egrsteve no common mode rejection is the removal of a common component of a differential signal
03:24 egrsteve it's relevent for balenced signals like pro mics
03:24 LeadHead Here you go, here is the output of a class D amp
03:24 LeadHead
03:24 Photon939 since the switching transistors are only on or off, it allows the amplifier to operate very efficiently
03:24 speedrunnerG55_ i cant look at links
03:24 speedrunnerG55_ this pc will crap out on me
03:24 LeadHead Then I can't help to explain it then
03:24 egrsteve looks like the input was a sinewave
03:24 Photon939 the output filter converts the high frequency PWM into a smooth waveform
03:25 egrsteve it doesn't convert as much as removes the high requancy component
03:26 Photon939 well it turns a full voltage spike to a varying voltage waveform
03:26 Photon939 it's not just removing a component
03:26 LeadHead its basically averaging
03:26 LeadHead the voltage
03:26 Photon939 yeah
03:26 egrsteve I wonder if with a compariter, mosfet and ramp gen I could build a class d amp
03:27 LeadHead class D amps are easy to buid afaik
03:27 Photon939 some guy made one with a 555 timer i think heh
03:27 egrsteve it's making them not noisy that is the tricky part
03:27 LeadHead Class D amps are funny, in how few components can make quite a bit of noise
03:28 egrsteve that is true
03:28 Photon939 the massive baldwin amp could probably fit in a shoebox
03:28 Photon939 if it were class D
03:28 Cprossu I�ve seen some funny things happen when you don�t match capacitors for their properties in class D amps
03:28 mman454 I didn't know death meatal bands cared about the vocal pitch.
03:28 mman454 cprossu what?
03:29 egrsteve some caps have different parasitic propeties
03:29 egrsteve you need to match those to the application
03:29 mman454 uh... what?
03:30 egrsteve A cap is not an ideal cap
03:30 egrsteve it has resistance and inductance as well
03:30 egrsteve some types more than others
03:30 mman454 I see.
03:31 egrsteve a ceramic cap will perform will at high frequancies but is large volume/farad, electrolitic has higher density but more resistance, and poor high frequency performance
03:32 egrsteve using a combination of different types of caps is common for filtering
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ oh gosh i thought i was heaaring voices. it was my grandma i forgot was here
03:33 LeadHead;feature=related
03:33 LeadHead Here's a fun example of a Class D
03:33 LeadHead that little pile of components is capable of 1200 watts RMS
03:34 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
03:34 speedrunnerG55_ brb
03:34 egrsteve that it is, those are huge tranistors
03:35 egrsteve I wonder if they are running it with a bipolar power supply
03:35 LeadHead and with Class D effeciency being >90%
03:35 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
03:35 LeadHead I bet that heastsink is all it needs
03:36 Cprossu
03:36 egrsteve probably, if the fet drivers have enough current
03:36 Cprossu most of that is heatsink
03:36 speedrunnerG55_ im back
03:36 Photon939 but count how many transistors are bolted to that heatsink
03:36 Cprossu that�s also a BD for 4000 watts
03:37 DruidicRifleman ... is it bad to down large volumes of whisky???
03:37 speedrunnerG55_ class c is is also verry efficient
03:37 Cprossu if you have to ask, DruidicRifleman
03:37 Cprossu is my general rule of thumb
03:37 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
03:38 MoxieMike_ left #thegeekgroup
03:38 LeadHead Class C amps have high distortion
03:38 LeadHead wtf is BD
03:38 egrsteve I think a class B with a variable voltage switchmode power rails
03:38 LeadHead Oh
03:39 speedrunnerG55_ yes you use a tank circuit to smooth it
03:39 LeadHead So its really Class B, but can turn rail voltage down to save power
03:39 egrsteve by reducing rail voltage you can make a efficient , low distortion amp
03:39 LeadHead Yeah
03:39 Ponko92 hmm what have i missed on IRC
03:40 speedrunnerG55_ class b has cross over distortion
03:40 LeadHead Class B only has a maxmium effeciency of 78%, so when that thing is cranking
03:40 speedrunnerG55_ you can fix with feedback
03:40 Ponko92 something Audio related
03:40 LeadHead its probably dumping quite a bit of heat
03:40 Ponko92 lol
03:40 Cprossu �amplifiers� both audio and transmitting
03:40 Ponko92 ahh ok
03:40 Ponko92 fun :)
03:40 Cprossu and BotSteve errors and attempts to repeat
03:40 Ponko92 i don't know alot about stuff like that
03:40 Cprossu and the stream being down/up
03:40 speedrunnerG55_ lol
03:40 LeadHead I know enough about amplifiers
03:41 LeadHead to get my self hurt
03:41 LeadHead so don't worry Ponko
03:41 LeadHead **I know just enough
03:41 speedrunnerG55_ wanabe hows your head
03:41 Cprossu I think that�s all you missed though, Ponko92
03:41 Ponko92 lol i won't ;) and thanks Cprossu
03:41 Ponko92 hmm i just found a video i'm in :P
03:42 Ponko92
03:42 Ponko92 its ACTUALLY got me in and just found it lol
03:42 speedrunnerG55_ is wanabee here/
03:42 speedrunnerG55_ ?*^
03:42 Ponko92 wannabe1987 report
03:42 wannabe1987 why............
03:42 wannabe1987 Ponko92
03:42 wannabe1987 it hurts
03:42 Ponko92 sorry
03:42 speedrunnerG55_ aww :(
03:42 Ponko92 wannabe1987 STATUS
03:42 speedrunnerG55_ lol
03:43 wannabe1987 Ponko92 status: migraine
03:43 speedrunnerG55_ D:
03:43 Ponko92 ok
03:43 wannabe1987 is that ok?
03:43 Ponko92 status ENGAGING
03:43 wannabe1987 it went away cuddling, and NOW ITS BACK
03:43 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
03:43 Ponko92 you need some nueromol
03:43 Ponko92 or some walgreens painkillers
03:43 Cprossu the only video of me on the internet to my knowledge is me from below the head flicking a few leathermans open and closed due to twitting from certain gerber owners
03:44 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Tysk on Europe Chapters
03:44 wannabe1987 Ponko92 i took motrin, and am eating chocolate for caffiene...
03:44 Ponko92 ah i'm sorry hunny
03:44 Ponko92 and i'm calling you that as a friend
03:44 Ponko92 lol
03:44 * speedrunnerG55_ throws a neck warmer at wanabe
03:44 wannabe1987 i know
03:44 wannabe1987 thanks speedrunner
03:45 wannabe1987 whats that gonna do?
03:45 wannabe1987 i'm already under a heated blanket...
03:45 Ponko92 at the very end in the green shirt with glasses and black hair itsa me :P
03:45 speedrunnerG55_ oh
03:45 arruid actually icepack at the base of your neck might help
03:46 Ponko92 yeah XD lol 2nd video i've been in at hitchin
03:46 Cprossu I don�t see
03:46 speedrunnerG55_ go to web md
03:46 wannabe1987 arruid - you male/female?
03:46 arruid female
03:46 arruid and it works for a friend of mine
03:46 BatSteve arruid: I read that as "actually icepick at the base of your neck might help"
03:46 speedrunnerG55_ ghasp
03:46 wannabe1987 ahhhh thats how you know
03:46 wannabe1987 i read icepick too its ok
03:46 arruid nnooo. lol no icepick
03:46 Cprossu you can right click copy paste the link with the time on it
03:47 arruid ice pack
03:47 Ponko92 Cprossu the one with the glasses standing taller than the rest
03:47 Ponko92 or where you on about something else
03:47 Cprossu oh I see you now
03:47 Ponko92 DEANO lol thats OUR captain
03:48 Ponko92 he scored and has the green and white band on his arm
03:48 Ponko92 i love it thats ALSO the reason i was soo happy when i got on the other day
03:49 Ponko92 well earliar today
03:49 wannabe1987 lol
03:49 wannabe1987 i saw you then!
03:49 Cprossu lol this is when I gave up race simming
03:49 Cprossu;feature=channel_video_title
03:49 speedrunnerG55_ race simming?
03:50 arruid talk about down and out
03:50 Cprossu yeah hah
03:50 Ponko92 WOW
03:50 Ponko92 DAMN
03:51 Cprossu I�m going to pass all of the------------------ ahhhhhhh fuck
03:51 Ponko92 that was uh... funny
03:51 Ponko92 sorry but how it looked was just hilarious
03:51 arruid still giggling over that
03:51 wannabe1987 .define pnumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
03:51 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for pnumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.
03:51 Ponko92 lol me too
03:51 wannabe1987 toastdude you fail
03:51 Liz_Home you spelled it wrong
03:52 Toastdude no, BotSteve does!!
03:52 wannabe1987 i copied
03:52 Cprossu but yeah that�s when I realised I couldn�t do it worth shit
03:52 Ponko92 wannabe1987 you seen me in that vid?
03:52 wannabe1987 no
03:52 wannabe1987 videos hurt
03:52 wannabe1987 seeing hurts
03:52 wannabe1987 music hurts
03:52 wannabe1987 but i don't want to sleep yet
03:52 wannabe1987 grrrrrrr
03:52 Ponko92 ah yes its a goal and cheering is LOUD
03:52 Cprossu so glad real cars don�t work like those in video games
03:52 Ponko92 lol
03:53 Ponko92 well think how damaged it'll be
03:53 Liz_Home .define pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis
03:53 BotSteve pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis — noun: 1. (nonce word) A factitious disease of the lungs, allegedly caused by inhaling microscopic silicate particles originating from eruption of a volcano
03:53 Toastdude Liz_home: Do you know how to spell it? I just kinda guessed.... I don't really know
03:53 Ponko92 and how dead you will be
03:53 Toastdude I forgot the e.....
03:53 Liz_Home yup
03:53 Toastdude Sorry
03:53 Liz_Home lol, s'ok
03:54 Toastdude :)
03:54 wannabe1987 so its a diseas of the lung cause by inhailing by a volcano?
03:54 wannabe1987 sheeehs
03:54 wannabe1987 sheesh*
03:54 wannabe1987 long word!
03:54 MoxieMike__ joined #thegeekgroup
03:54 egrsteve don't tell captain
03:54 Toastdude Yep.... "Happier Subjects" :P
03:54 Ponko92 at least its not the same as dying from asbestos
03:55 wannabe1987 :D
03:55 wannabe1987 better than previous topics...
03:55 wannabe1987 :nods:
03:55 Toastdude ;)
03:55 Ponko92 yeah
03:55 Ponko92 Nec is in there i think
03:55 speedrunnerG55_ im going to go to bet
03:55 speedrunnerG55_ bed
03:55 Ponko92 ro also anywat
03:55 speedrunnerG55_ bye everyone
03:55 Ponko92 gotta watch that goal again
03:55 wannabe1987 night child
03:55 Toastdude Yes..... I don't like my father.. as you can imagine, wannabe
03:55 Toastdude night
03:56 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
03:56 Toastdude Except he bought me 15g of Gallium....
03:56 Ponko92 least its not diazepam lol
03:57 Ponko92 or Vallium lol
03:57 wannabe1987;feature=player_embedded  kids are cute
03:57 Toastdude lol
03:57 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
03:58 wannabe1987 ping pong!
03:58 Toastdude Wow..... If only they knew.....
03:58 wannabe1987 lol ye
03:58 wannabe1987 p*
03:58 Toastdude lol, why?
03:59 wannabe1987 a fmily vacation costs 4 milion, a car costs 300$ , a house costs 1k, and college edu costs 5k.  o! and a jug of milk is 20
03:59 wannabe1987 lol
03:59 Toastdude lol
03:59 wannabe1987 see
03:59 wannabe1987 thems funny
04:00 Toastdude $6 million for a vacation...... I'll go with them!
04:00 Toastdude lol
04:01 Ponko92 what about "OW CHARLIE THAT REALLY HURT." i love kids :)
04:01 Ponko92 i have 4 nephews
04:01 Ponko92 just put that out there lol
04:01 Toastdude I have 2..... do dogs count?
04:02 wannabe1987 i have housemates and siblings...
04:02 Ponko92 lol
04:02 Ponko92 well omni is Cap's kid
04:02 wannabe1987 yeah
04:03 Ponko92 oh yeah;feature=channel_video_title thats ANOTHER one of me lol i'm the one bouncing like a moron
04:03 Toastdude Ok..... so I have 2 nephews and 1 niece
04:03 Ponko92 wannabe i don't you should watch it
04:03 Ponko92 its LOUD
04:03 wannabe1987 lol
04:03 Ponko92 or maybe mute it
04:03 wannabe1987 i'm not watching anything except kids tonight...that was my only movie
04:03 wannabe1987 nope
04:04 Ponko92 lol
04:04 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
04:04 Quick joined #thegeekgroup
04:04 tesla4d Hey guys! I need a lookup table of Static and Kinetic coefficients of friction, that doesn't suck.
04:04 tesla4d Any help?
04:04 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
04:05 Ponko92 i think there is more than 5 or so where i'm in
04:05 Quick left #thegeekgroup
04:05 BatSteve I'd love to know that oo
04:05 BatSteve *too
04:05 BatSteve *the friction table
04:12 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
04:12 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
04:12 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
04:13 egrsteve try wolfram alpha for coefficieants
04:13 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
04:14 egrsteve
04:14 Ponko92 oh hey steve
04:14 LeadHead Steve
04:15 LeadHead may I ask what egr stands for
04:15 LeadHead WHenever I see EGR, I can't help but thing exhaust gas recirculation
04:15 DruidicRifleman east grand rapids
04:15 Ponko92 least its not steve the underscore
04:15 egrsteve engineer
04:16 Ponko92 makes sense
04:16 egrsteve eng is too much like english
04:16 LeadHead yeh.
04:16 InteliWasp joined #thegeekgroup
04:16 Ponko92 yes it is
04:16 LeadHead Odly enough, I'm looking to pursue Civil Engineering
04:16 LeadHead instead of Automotives
04:16 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
04:16 egrsteve that friction table of any use?
04:17 LeadHead Damned if I know
04:17 egrsteve i like this entry Wood - waxedDry snow0.04
04:17 Ponko92 Electrical Engineer Steve would be too long
04:17 LeadHead Many of my friends are going for Mechanical Engineering
04:18 Ponko92 am i right in saying that
04:18 LeadHead and I just can't stand the idea being locked up in a cubicle all day slaving away at solidworks
04:18 egrsteve ya that would be a bit long
04:18 Ponko92 lol
04:18 egrsteve i could be eesteve though
04:18 LeadHead From wahat I gather, at least Civil Engineers get to occasionally go out onto the actual job sites
04:18 Ponko92 too many ee's now ;) lol just kidding
04:19 Ponko92 but i was right in what i said you were
04:19 Ponko92 Electrical Engineer?
04:19 egrsteve yes
04:19 Ponko92 ah kudos :)
04:19 egrsteve well, going to school for
04:19 Ponko92 yeah i'm going to school to be become a mechanic
04:19 LeadHead It's either Civil Engineering, or if that doesn't pan out
04:19 LeadHead I think I'd like to go into Welding
04:20 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
04:20 egrsteve welding could be fun
04:20 Ponko92 hey i can build up a portfolio but how can i do intelligent thinking with a fricking learning difficulty
04:20 Cprossu lol LeadHead: I think the same thing
04:20 LeadHead I was set at being a mechanic or diesel mechanic for a while
04:20 Ponko92 i am CAPABLE of that but its difficult
04:20 Cprossu I wish we could find the first person responsible for EGR...
04:20 Cprossu and erase him from time
04:21 LeadHead but when I'm wrenching on something I like to take my time, and go at my own pace
04:21 Cprossu just a thought
04:21 Ponko92 what about Skynet
04:21 LeadHead which doesn't jive well with dealers
04:21 LeadHead or any workshop
04:21 Cprossu take your time, it�ll pay off
04:21 Cprossu when you have the least amount of come backs
04:21 Cprossu and the owner wants a favor
04:21 LeadHead I like wrenching on my own projects, or helping friends
04:21 Ponko92 yeah i like to do that but i can work quick
04:22 LeadHead but wrenching on stuff, say in auto
04:22 LeadHead just drives me crazy
04:22 LeadHead hate it
04:22 LeadHead Don't know why
04:22 Cprossu you know I once told someone giving me shit about the time I took
04:22 Ponko92 one of those things
04:22 Cprossu who wanted me to use an air ratchet
04:22 Cprossu �That�ll just let me screw it up faster, leave me alone�
04:22 LeadHead I can work faster than most air ratchets
04:23 Cprossu at this point me too
04:23 LeadHead but I just got a little 3/8" impact
04:23 LeadHead which is certainly a great deal faster than an air ratchet
04:23 Cprossu it�s a great thing to have around
04:23 Cprossu I hate people who put sensative shit back together with air ratchets
04:23 Cprossu they need to all die in a fire
04:24 LeadHead Yeah
04:24 LeadHead Personally it drives me crazy when people break out their inch-pound torque wrenches on bolts where it really doesn't matter
04:24 Cprossu same with people who replace O2 sensors because the computer�s sending a code for a rich fuel mixture
04:25 Cprossu meh I�ll break mine out on certain things
04:25 Cprossu like ABS stuff
04:25 LeadHead Like for example, on my dirtbike
04:25 LeadHead the 9 or so bolts that hold the side cover on
04:25 LeadHead alls it does is just hold in the oil, no structural purpose
04:25 LeadHead the torque spec is like 7 ft-lbs
04:26 LeadHead and people on the forum actually take the time to indvidually torque each bolt to the proper spec
04:26 Cprossu if you ever work on BMW�s though
04:26 Cprossu get that fucking inch pound torque wrench, bending beam type, and keep it with you at all times
04:26 LeadHead I just tighten them moderately in a criss-cross pattern
04:26 LeadHead never had the cover leak
04:26 LeadHead even re used the paper gasket
04:27 Cprossu at least it wasn�t cork
04:27 Cprossu fuck cork =P
04:27 LeadHead cork gaskets are awesome
04:27 LeadHead when they're less than a few years old
04:27 Cprossu unless they are 15 years old
04:27 Cprossu then you will curse them
04:27 LeadHead I know
04:27 LeadHead my truck had cork valve cover gaskets
04:28 LeadHead love buying sheets of cork though and making my own gaskets for stuff
04:28 LeadHead take stuff apart hundreds of time and don't have to get a new gasket
04:29 LeadHead I also noticed that on this forum, a lot of people use their inch-pound torque wrench to avoid snapping these side cover bolts
04:29 LeadHead They're small bolts, but you'd have to be really agressive with them to actually snap them
04:30 LeadHead I guess it's hard for me to comprehend how people break bolts like that is because I have wrenched on so many things
04:30 LeadHead you kind of get a feel of whats too tight
04:30 LeadHead for a given size bolt
04:30 Cprossu I know when I played with diesels
04:31 Cprossu my idea of hand tight
04:31 Cprossu changed
04:31 LeadHead Hand tight being 5 foot breaker bar hand tight? :-P
04:32 Cprossu perhaps 6 foot
04:32 LeadHead I had a new respect for craftsman ratchets when we took the bed bolts off my truck
04:32 LeadHead Little 3/8" drive ratchet into a big fat Torx, into the top of a bed bolt on a 23 year old new england salt belt truck
04:33 Cprossu I realized how stupid it was to take apart a hunkyard turbocharger with craftsman tools
04:33 Cprossu after the fact
04:33 LeadHead we had a 4 foot piece of pipe on that ratchet
04:33 LeadHead and it didn't skip a beat
04:33 Cprossu *junkyard
04:33 LeadHead Why
04:33 Cprossu I broke 3 sockets
04:33 LeadHead How'd you do that
04:33 Cprossu and a 3/8 ratchet
04:33 Cprossu and a combo wrench too
04:33 Cprossu I took apart the turbo
04:34 Cprossu and got to the shaft
04:34 Cprossu taking the compressor and turbine off
04:34 LeadHead usually those bolts
04:34 LeadHead aren't that tight
04:34 Cprossu my god these were
04:34 Cprossu I took it to sears
04:34 Cprossu the guys eyes got big
04:34 Cprossu �WTH did you do to these?!�
04:34 Cprossu lol
04:35 LeadHead lol
04:35 Cprossu not that often you see a socket with a split down the edge
04:35 Cprossu much less 3
04:35 LeadHead Remember taking the driveshaf tbolts out of that same truck
04:35 Cprossu 12 point nut on that iirc
04:35 LeadHead using my neighbors 12 point snap-on
04:35 LeadHead and a 3 foot piece of cast iron pipe
04:36 LeadHead that wrench was bending something awful
04:36 LinuxH4x0r;TYPE=PRODUCT&amp;PARTNUMBER=55-120&amp;SDesc=FatMax%26%23174%3B+Xtreme%26%238482%3B+FuBar%26%23174%3B+Utility+Bar+-+30%22
04:36 LeadHead anyways, I'm out.
04:36 LinuxH4x0r I need one of these
04:36 Cprossu I had to use a 3 foot cheater bar
04:36 LeadHead night
04:36 LinuxH4x0r night
04:36 Cprossu to get the oil drain plug
04:36 Cprossu out of a porche 356
04:36 LinuxH4x0r split logs with one last night
04:37 Cprossu that was fucking scary
04:37 LinuxH4x0r damn
04:37 Cprossu (aluminum block, block is 2 pieces stuck together in the middle)
04:37 Cprossu I don�t think anyone had removed it in like 20 years
04:44 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Europe Chapters
04:45 tanilolli left #thegeekgroup
04:48 Thaery_Away Curious: Von Daniken thoughts?
04:49 Thaery_Away is now known as Thaery
04:51 wannabe1987 THAERY!
04:51 Thaery lol
04:52 Thaery What's up?
04:53 * exor674 lols at her laptop for saying my battery is low when she has an hour twenty left
04:53 Cprossu uh... tedious shit, bot error, amplifiers (audio and other), and auto mechnanics
04:53 Cprossu plus the sky.
04:54 Thaery lol and assorted other stuff
04:56 Thaery I assume most of you are American, and I also assume this has been asked many many times before. Do you all think metric is better than standard?
04:56 BatSteve Thaery: yes and no
04:56 BatSteve I'm a pilot and nautical miles makes more sense than kilometers when you're working with latitude and longitude
04:57 BatSteve other than that, no, metric all the way
04:57 Thaery Could you explain?
04:57 Cprossu metric all the way, if we could all agree on what metric actually was =P
04:58 Cprossu I was taught in standard so I am stuck thinking in 1/2�s of inches and feet
04:58 Cprossu meters I am fine with, KM not so much
04:59 Thaery n/m about my question
04:59 Thaery Why not KM?
04:59 Cprossu metric rocks for small measurements
04:59 Cprossu I just can�t get my head around it
04:59 Thaery How ao?
04:59 Cprossu it seems like too small of a measurement to be a big one
05:00 Thaery *So
05:00 Cprossu if that makes any sense
05:00 Thaery not really
05:00 Thaery Then again
05:00 Cprossu when I travel 1 big unit I want it to be something I wouldn�t normally walk
05:00 arruid left #thegeekgroup
05:01 Thaery yeah
05:01 Cprossu walking 1 km would be down the street a little bit
05:01 Thaery I grew up in the Netherlands, a door there is 2 meters, so for walking distances I imagine how many doors I walked
05:02 Thaery and to me a door is about 2 big strides
05:02 Thaery And then you go back to arbitrary measurments i know.....
05:03 Thaery just like standard
05:03 Thaery :?
05:04 Cprossu well in my case a meter makes sense because it takes roughly 3 feet to make it up, and using 3 of something to make a measurement (1 yard) is illogical
05:04 Cprossu feet is logical because it�s close to a step
05:04 Cprossu inches suck and there�s no reasoning for them =P
05:04 Cprossu even though there is
05:04 Thaery It does depend on the size of your feet
05:05 Cprossu yeah but roughly a walking relaxed srtide
05:05 Cprossu each step is like a foot
05:05 Cprossu for a little kid anyway
05:06 Thaery My foot is actually almost "a foot" it's 30.01 cm
05:06 Cprossu going from centimeters to meters is a bit of a leap
05:06 Thaery Why
05:06 Thaery it's x10 x10 x10
05:07 Cprossu because here�s how the human brain works
05:07 Cprossu we are really good at measuring 1/2�s of things
05:07 Cprossu [     |     ]
05:07 Thaery yup
05:07 Thaery 1/2 of 100 is 50
05:08 Cprossu yes but what does it look like irl
05:08 Thaery like half
05:08 Cprossu can you say, oh here�s 1/2 a meter?
05:08 Thaery What does a mile "look" like
05:09 Cprossu it�s the amount of distance I walk and say �fuck this I�m not walking back�
05:09 Thaery yes I can say that half a meter
05:09 Cprossu making a foot with your hands is simple and at least for me (being americal) is less than ~2cm off
05:10 Cprossu *americal lol
05:10 Cprossu anyway
05:10 Thaery lol
05:11 Cprossu we also generally think on heights... like most buildings have each story at 10ft
05:11 Cprossu so by looking and counting the windows we can be like
05:11 Thaery That would be about m
05:11 Cprossu oh gee that building�s 40ft high
05:11 Thaery sorry 3m
05:12 Thaery So?
05:12 Cprossu so we don�t have to think about it
05:12 Cprossu if there are 9 windows, it�s 90ft
05:12 Thaery Same in metric
05:12 Thaery Average floor is 2.5M
05:12 Thaery so 3 windows is 7.5m tall
05:13 Cprossu still though which would be faster if you were asked to evaluate the height of a bulding as you pass by them on a bus or something?
05:13 Thaery So you like to think of floors in tens?
05:13 Cprossu yep
05:13 Thaery that is sort of metric isn't it?
05:14 Cprossu indeed it is
05:14 Cprossu but this is why we still use it
05:14 Cprossu because we�re stupid!
05:14 Thaery ```lol
05:14 Cprossu for small measurements though
05:14 Cprossu there�s no reason metric shouldn�t be used
05:15 Cprossu talking in 1/64 of an inch is dumb indeed
05:15 Cprossu or 3/32 for that matter
05:15 Cprossu (which is more than twice 1/64)
05:16 Cprossu or 4x
05:16 Cprossu either way
05:16 Cprossu you get the point
05:16 Cprossu you can always 1/2 a mm
05:16 Thaery See to me miles, feet, yards are just as uncomfortable to use
05:16 Thaery they make NO sense
05:16 Cprossu I bet they are
05:16 CSMonster is anyone on that i like?
05:17 Cprossu to me the coolest thing about metric and how it relates to real life though
05:17 Cprossu is how 1 cm^3 = 1ml
05:17 egrsteve night all
05:17 egrsteve 1 ml water = 1 gram
05:17 Cprossu yep
05:17 Cprossu lbs don�t fucking make sense
05:18 Cprossu nor do gallons
05:18 egrsteve how about stones?
05:18 Cprossu screw that (I�m american )
05:18 Thaery lol
05:18 egrsteve but stone is hte "american" unit for mass
05:19 Thaery nope British
05:19 Cprossu yeah not american
05:19 egrsteve 1 stone & 32 ft/sec/sec = 32lb
05:19 egrsteve not used in america, but part of the system
05:20 egrsteve lb sould not be mass
05:20 Cprossu slug perhaps... but you hear KG used the most
05:20 Cprossu if they don�t just measure it in lbs
05:20 insanelogic joined #thegeekgroup
05:20 egrsteve sorry i ment slug
05:20 wannabe1987
05:21 CSMonster i unfortunately have to stick with the king's measurement system for distance :/ as much sense as the metric system makes, the way it is applied to firearms is utterly retarded.
05:22 egrsteve anyway, night all
05:22 CSMonster night steve
05:22 CSMonster wannabe1987 who's page is that?
05:22 wannabe1987 my friends...
05:22 Cprossu yeah you won�t ever see things measured that way here
05:23 Cprossu also as far as I know we�re the only country you�ll find cars held together with metric and standard bolts
05:23 insanelogic many places, actually
05:23 Thaery You and Canada
05:23 Cprossu well canada because we make them there
05:23 Thaery yup damn colonialists
05:24 insanelogic exactly
05:24 CSMonster the Europeans developed a firearms bore calibration system that is based on land-to-land diameter inside the rifled barrel, rather than the true diameter of the bullet like we (usually) do in the US and the inch-based fractional caliber.  it irks the hell out of me
05:24 Cprossu nothing like taking apart a car.... pulling the power steering pump off and be like............WTF this�s gotta be tandard, where the hell did I put it?
05:24 Cprossu wow CSMonster that doesn�t make any sense at all
05:24 insanelogic i hated that kind of stuff. two whole sets of everything
05:25 Thaery That's how arbitrary measurements are born, the need to measure something without a precedent
05:25 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
05:25 Cprossu although having 2 sets of everything comes with one advantage
05:25 Cprossu when you strip a bolt you likely have a way out
05:25 insanelogic exactly
05:25 chunks left #thegeekgroup
05:25 insanelogic just jam something on there
05:25 Thaery So true
05:26 Cprossu although I do remember being stuck in the middle of nowhere and to get my friend running I had to buy the cheapest shittiest socket set...just because it had a 4.5mm socket
05:26 Cprossu rofl
05:27 insanelogic sixk
05:27 insanelogic sick
05:27 Thaery It's ALWAY thne 4.5 mm
05:27 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
05:27 Cprossu tiny god damn bolt I may add
05:28 insanelogic i am going for a smoke. you are a lovely folk. i will be back for a short time.
05:28 Thaery well yeah. 4.5 mils
05:28 CSMonster case in point: the .308 Winchester cartridge and the 7.62x51mm NATO cartridge.  they are almost the same thing, slight differences in chamber dimensions and loading data, but the brass cases themselves are exactly the same, and they fire exactly the same bullets.  in US it is called the .308 Winchester and fires a true 0.308" diameter projectile, while in metric it's called 7.62mm but the...
05:28 CSMonster ...bullet is in fact 7.8mm diameter.  this is why i avoid the metric system as it is applied to rifles and pistol.  :/
05:29 Cprossu ........... O_O
05:29 Cprossu waht?!
05:29 CSMonster and.... 9mm Parabellum fires a 0.356" bullet while 9mm Makarov fires a 0.363" bullet, but they are noted the same way due to the land-to-land dimension of the barrel being the same.
05:29 Cprossu man that is stupid
05:29 CSMonster then again, we also have things like .38 Special which in fact fires a 0.357" bullet, and .44 Magnum which fires a 0.429" bullet.
05:29 CSMonster yep
05:30 Cprossu also I think the way the usa does it makes it sound cooler
05:30 CSMonster lol
05:30 Cprossu 12 gauge, double ott buck- for an example
05:30 Cprossu xD
05:30 CSMonster heh, the third caliber system
05:31 CSMonster 12 gauge = diameter of a 1/12lb lead ball.   0.72" bore, on some European firearms you see it marked as 18.4mm instead
05:32 DruidicRifleman CSMonster what do you think of .458 socom as a hunting round
05:32 exor674 ( why is this world full of idiots? )
05:32 wannabe1987 cuz it is
05:32 CSMonster ^
05:33 CSMonster far as i know they still use the exact same shot size gauge system that we do.  00 (double ought) = .33" diameter pellets.  i still don't completely understand how that system came about...
05:33 CSMonster exor674: what's wrong?
05:33 exor674 a bunch of things -- I need some random medical test from a specilist
05:34 CSMonster DruidicRifleman: anything on the N. American continent under 150 yards.
05:34 CSMonster lame.
05:34 exor674 first time I called, my appt was on Aug 1st -- got a call a few days later "oh hay our computers fucked up and double-booked a whole bunch of people, How about Oct 17"
05:34 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
05:34 exor674 second part: they still need a form as soon as possible, I faxed it to the number they gave -- didn't get it
05:34 BatSteve g'night all
05:34 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
05:35 CSMonster night bats
05:35 wannabe1987 night batsteve_away
05:35 exor674 I *mailed* it and I just go my envelope back with "return to sender / insufficient address / unable to forward" on it
05:35 Cprossu I have no I also don�t know how they came up with the AWG system for measuring wire
05:35 exor674 am I going to have to go down there and shove the form in someone's face?
05:35 CSMonster exor, yes, violently.
05:36 exor674 maybe with one of those fancy handcuffed briefcase
05:36 wannabe1987 lol
05:36 exor674 and an armed person following me with a key? *g*
05:36 DruidicRifleman CSMonster I would be supprised if i need to take a 150 yard shot
05:37 Cprossu yyeah, CSMonster: the AWG is truely a disaster to behold
05:37 CSMonster lol
05:37 Cprossu I don�t know why they came up with it that way
05:37 Thaery agreed
05:37 Cprossu perhaps I�ll look for a backstory
05:38 * wannabe1987 has really no clue whats going on here...
05:38 exor674 ( I still don't get how that is *that* many months out
05:38 CSMonster i've determined that the word "gauge" means basically whatever someone wants it to when they are in need of a new measuring system
05:38 * wannabe1987 deleted 50 people from her fb tho :D
05:38 exor674 is this the only specalist who can do this damn test in the state? )
05:38 Toastdude Ok... it's 00:38 here on a school night.... good morning! lol
05:38 wannabe1987 NIGHT TOAST
05:38 CSMonster night toast
05:39 wannabe1987 good talkin w/ ya
05:39 Toastdude you too!
05:39 * Toastdude hugs wannabe
05:39 * exor674 hugs people
05:39 insanelogic wow
05:39 wannabe1987 HUGS BACK
05:39 insanelogic thanx
05:39 CSMonster exor: possibly.  i have to wait 3-4 months between making and getting to and appointment with one of mine because A they are one of the few in the region and B they are the most competent.
05:39 Toastdude ok. bye
05:40 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
05:40 exor674 I just would have thought they would have done more when *they* screwed up
05:41 exor674 and maybe I dunno, move me up on the waiting list
05:41 Cprossu .wa AWG
05:41 CSMonster heh
05:41 Cprossu BotSteve: hello?
05:41 CSMonster that's bureaucracy for ya.
05:41 BotSteve Washington Municipal Airport;Washington, Iowa, United States;official name->Washington Municipal Airport, FAA code->AWG, ICAO code->KAWG;elevation->754 feet, number of runways->2 , longest runway length->4000 feet;41 &deg;F  (wind chill: 36 &deg;F) -> relative humidity: 61% -> wind: 8 mph -> 10&deg; N -> clear;12:41:32 am CDT -> Tuesday, May 3, 2011;Fairfield Municipal Airport->22 miles southwest, Mount Pleasant Munic
05:41 CSMonster hi botsteve
05:41 BotSteve Cheers CSMonster
05:41 Cprossu go figure
05:41 Cprossu .w AWG
05:41 CSMonster lol
05:41 BotSteve "American wire gauge, a standardized sizing system for electrically conducting wire" -
05:42 CSMonster LOL Brown & Sharpe are responsible.  of course.
05:43 Cprossu what else did they [strikeout]screw up[/strikeout] do?
05:43 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
05:44 Thaery wow that's confusing metric crap
05:44 CSMonster no idea.  i'm just amused.
05:44 Thaery sorry standard crap
05:44 CSMonster i have a really nice dial caliper that someone gave me a while back made by B&S
05:45 CSMonster but it's one of those names that pops up in odd places for me.
05:45 Cprossu appenently that standardized milling machine tapers too
05:46 CSMonster in a blueprint reading class in college 4 or 5 years ago, one of the example prints we had was for something from B&S.  no one in the class (instructors included) could figure out wtf it was for/what it did/what it went to.
05:47 Thaery Does anyone have a good source for 555 timers?
05:47 wannabe1987
05:47 CSMonster HA!
05:48 Cprossu I don�t know I think the guy who made the CPU out of one may have used up the world�s supply
05:48 Cprossu xD
05:48 Thaery wannabe1987: redditor?
05:48 wannabe1987 no!
05:48 wannabe1987 the website itself...
05:48 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
05:48 Thaery pffffft
05:48 wannabe1987 no reddit
05:48 wannabe1987 i know better
05:48 wannabe1987 i'd never sleep
05:48 exor674 ...
05:49 exor674 lol I am watching TV show while I prepare dinner
05:49 exor674 show just rewound like 10 seconds
05:49 Thaery It is?
05:49 CSMonster .trope tv tropes will ruin your life
05:49 BotSteve CSMonster:
05:51 Thaery BTW guys do you think "the God Particle" is agood name?
05:51 CSMonster no
05:52 exor674 I bet that was some station tech's favorite part and one rewind they can get away with "accidentally"
05:52 Thaery Anyone else??
05:52 exor674 or skip back, I guess as it was instant
05:53 Thaery I think it is the worst possible name ever
05:53 insanelogic lol god particle
05:53 insanelogic lol god
05:53 exor674 can we worship it?
05:53 insanelogic you can worship anything....
05:54 insanelogic if you put your mind to it
05:54 Cprossu damn I thought someone did a cpu out of it
05:54 Cprossu
05:54 Cprossu but I can�t find it
05:54 Cprossu still there�s a 2 bit adder using a shit-ton of 555�s
05:54 Thaery Try harder!
05:55 CSMonster cprossu: i've only seen them with 74HCs
05:56 Cprossu it�s way easier
05:56 Cprossu to do it with 74 series
05:56 Cprossu or even single transistors
05:56 CSMonster (and some day i want to build one)
05:56 Cprossu for that matter
05:56 Thaery Damn dude
05:56 Cprossu but htat�s almost entirely out of 555�s
05:56 CSMonster (and have it run a CNC machine)
05:56 Thaery TTL logic?
05:57 CSMonster yes.
05:58 Cprossu
05:58 Thaery Man
05:58 Cprossu ^ 555 timer video game lol
05:58 Thaery My uncle tried to make me build a port expander using TTL when I was 13
05:58 DruidicRifleman i wonder if i am the only canuck awake
05:59 CSMonster nice
05:59 Thaery CANUCK
05:59 Thaery HERE
05:59 DruidicRifleman DID YOU HEAR THE NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ignative's GONE
05:59 DruidicRifleman XD!!!!!!!!
05:59 insanelogic canuck? me too
05:59 insanelogic stupid harper
05:59 Thaery IGGY SUX!
06:00 insanelogic so the christian right won. now what.....
06:00 DruidicRifleman My pagan ass celibrates that the liberals are gone
06:01 DruidicRifleman I would of liked a few NDP'ers to get pink slips
06:01 insanelogic liberals are horrible. liberals WERE horrible.
06:01 insanelogic conservatives are everyone's enem
06:01 insanelogic y
06:01 DruidicRifleman Not mine
06:01 insanelogic you are wealthy?
06:02 DruidicRifleman Nope
06:02 Thaery or christian?
06:02 insanelogic then you will find out what the rest of us have found out
06:02 insanelogic painfully
06:02 DruidicRifleman LOL
06:02 insanelogic suffering is never funny. u r no druid.
06:02 DruidicRifleman what that i am better of with harper then layton or that POFS ignative
06:03 Thaery You do know Harper co-founded a white supremacisist group?
06:03 DruidicRifleman LOL i am not suffering under harper i will enjoy almost every minute
06:03 insanelogic we all suffer. you are blind. ignore the suffering.
06:03 insanelogic all those i know suffer. old and young. eveyone i know including the war veterans and children are angry
06:03 DruidicRifleman I am pretty sure i'd suffer loads more under a liberal on NDP leader
06:04 Thaery Doubt it dude
06:04 insanelogic you know nothing my dear.
06:04 DruidicRifleman LOL
06:04 insanelogic christians kill many. they injure scores more. how can u support that? druid my a
06:04 Thaery I mean for real "The arper Government" ? SERIOUSLY!?
06:05 DruidicRifleman Cause communists killed millions
06:05 insanelogic lol
06:05 insanelogic omg
06:05 DruidicRifleman socilaist killed millions
06:05 insanelogic omyg
06:05 * wannabe1987 doesn't discuss religion, or politics on here...bye!
06:05 insanelogic bye girlie
06:05 Thaery Imperialists didn't?
06:05 Thaery Capitalists didn't?
06:06 insanelogic i am going this ig nothing more than a gong show. druid, you are a sad person. supporting white supremist christian rights. g'night
06:06 DruidicRifleman WTF?
06:06 Thaery *night
06:06 insanelogic left #thegeekgroup
06:06 Thaery is now known as Thaery_Away
06:06 wannabe1987 girlie?  i'm not refered to as GIRLIE
06:06 wannabe1987 thanks tho
06:06 CSMonster LOL
06:06 DruidicRifleman White suppremist christian right's?
06:07 CSMonster wannabe1987:
06:07 wannabe1987 no musics please...headache finelly went away
06:07 wannabe1987 we don't want it back now, do we?
06:08 DruidicRifleman Way to make a baseless bull shit factless comment AND then RUN!!!
06:08 CSMonster aaaw... :(
06:09 wannabe1987 sorry dear
06:09 DruidicRifleman [02:06] <insanelogic> i am going this ig nothing more than a gong show. druid, you are a sad person. supporting white supremist christian rights. g'night.
06:09 DruidicRifleman wong window
06:10 CSMonster i'm'a post it on your FB so you can listen to it later when there's no more headachiness
06:10 CSMonster :p
06:11 wannabe1987 ok :D
06:11 DruidicRifleman Lets se death threats 1 count criminal harassment 2 counts treas passing 3 counts conspiracy to commit indictable offense's Uttering death theats. AND i should vote for the candidates the people who did that support...
06:11 wannabe1987 hey look! i have a wall post :P
06:11 DruidicRifleman OOOH 4 counts conspircy minor Offense
06:11 CSMonster YES
06:11 CSMonster amazing how that works.
06:13 CSMonster
06:13 wannabe1987 lol
06:14 wannabe1987 que es?
06:15 CSMonster that is a webcomic called Girly, specifically the page which references the song, that being how i learned of said song
06:15 CSMonster it is amusing.  :D
06:15 wannabe1987 hmmm
06:15 DruidicRifleman sooo CSMonster how was your night
06:20 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
06:20 DruidicRifleman :( why do liberals have to be such sore looser's
06:20 CSMonster
06:22 wannabe1987 LOL
06:23 wannabe1987 thats awesome
06:23 wannabe1987 i shall send that to drew tomorrow at work
06:23 DruidicRifleman CSMonster?
06:24 CSMonster does he work for AT&T?
06:24 wannabe1987 no
06:24 wannabe1987 but he gets bored at work
06:24 wannabe1987 he's an IT tech at a casino
06:25 CSMonster this (not music) is possibly my favorite thing re: telemarketing
06:28 wannabe1987 lol
06:31 CSMonster okay, shower, bbl.
06:32 exor674 have fun! get clean!
06:34 wannabe1987 o.O
06:40 DruidicRifleman exor674....
06:41 DruidicRifleman I assume you mean physicly and not mentally?
06:41 exor674 what else would you do in a shower?
06:42 DruidicRifleman making sure
06:43 wannabe1987 sex! :P (Not me...but other people might...)
06:43 wannabe1987 sorry
06:43 wannabe1987 having odd convo's w/ a friend
06:45 DruidicRifleman Hey the shower is a great place to fuck
06:46 DruidicRifleman Ok i pm'd to people with ops about what that fuck said...
06:46 DruidicRifleman i wish one of them was on though
07:05 CSMonster LOL
07:05 CSMonster (back)
07:05 CSMonster although not for very long probably
07:05 wannabe1987 lol
07:06 exor674 yeah, I really need to go to bed
07:06 exor674 too
07:07 exor674 stupid 1am
07:07 wannabe1987 lol
07:07 wannabe1987 same
07:07 wannabe1987 its 3a
07:07 CSMonster lol
07:07 CSMonster no, it's midnight.
07:07 wannabe1987 buti'm backing up parts of teh computer...
07:07 CSMonster also, it's 5 o'clock somewhere.
07:07 wannabe1987 so if it dies
07:07 wannabe1987 i'm still good
07:07 wannabe1987
07:07 wannabe1987 (related to what CSMonster said)
07:07 CSMonster LOL
07:08 CSMonster that is pretty fantastic.
07:08 wannabe1987 :D
07:09 exor674 ( as an aside, I <3 videos that work in the html5 trial
07:09 CSMonster lol
07:10 exor674 netbook + flash = om nom all your CPU
07:10 wannabe1987 lol
07:10 CSMonster ...........why /is/ the rum gone?
07:10 DruidicRifleman CSMonster did you see the link i sent you?
07:11 exor674 Flash for linux is really shittily written
07:11 wannabe1987 you drank it?
07:11 wannabe1987 i drank it?
07:11 wannabe1987 someone else drank it?
07:11 CSMonster i blame you.
07:11 wannabe1987 i know!
07:11 wannabe1987 captainboden drank the rum...thats why its gone
07:11 wannabe1987 me?!
07:11 wannabe1987 i dont' like rum straight...
07:11 DruidicRifleman Wait my bottle of private stocks missing
07:12 wannabe1987 only vodka...or peppermint schnapps.  its like christmas
07:12 wannabe1987 straight
07:12 wannabe1987 and alcoholic :D
07:13 wannabe1987
07:16 DruidicRifleman Exor674 can you post this;CategoryID=9 and ask CSMonster if she thinks a ruger Mini14 might be a better celibritory purchase
07:16 DruidicRifleman thinks i've been ignored
07:20 CSMonster celebratory of what?
07:21 wannabe1987 who?
07:21 wannabe1987 where?
07:21 wannabe1987 what?
07:21 CSMonster druid
07:21 wannabe1987 i have a friend who is getting drunk cuz of the canadian elections...
07:21 CSMonster DruidicRifleman: you were ignored for talking politics.  you are now unignored.  and i ask: celebratory of what?
07:22 CSMonster i'd say the mini-14 in general because anything based on the Black Dog .22lr AR-15 magazine sucks
07:22 DruidicRifleman the Fact that the candian long gun registry will finnaly be eliminated
07:22 DruidicRifleman The ISSC isn't black dog bassed
07:22 CSMonster maybe.
07:23 DruidicRifleman though i am hoping for AR16 de restriction and then i am buying an AR15
07:23 DruidicRifleman AR15
07:25 DruidicRifleman;CategoryID=0 i might buy these
07:25 DruidicRifleman I wish i could find a pair of the CF Cadet corps issue boots
07:26 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
07:28 CSMonster hey yaotz, what's cookin?
07:28 Yaotzin Nachos ma'am
07:28 wannabe1987 nachos?
07:28 wannabe1987 my food was yummier
07:28 Yaotzin nachos
07:28 wannabe1987 why am i still up?!
07:28 wannabe1987 o right
07:29 wannabe1987 drunk people :D
07:29 Yaotzin Oh yeah?
07:29 Yaotzin well I'm nursing a wrecked neck
07:29 Yaotzin so nachos it was
07:29 Yaotzin :p
07:29 CSMonster ouch
07:29 CSMonster get better plz.
07:29 Yaotzin I missed my walk today because of it. It has certainly gotten better over the corse of the day
07:30 Yaotzin I can, for example, actually move my right arm and move my neck slightly
07:30 Yaotzin that is a vast improvement
07:30 CSMonster DruidicRifleman: you are correct. the magazines are proprietary.  but i just ran through a few reviews saying that the construction is pretty cheap and flimsy, similar to the GSG-5.  it's a toy.
07:30 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
07:30 DruidicRifleman Nods
07:30 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
07:30 wannabe1987 glad its getting better, Yaotzin
07:31 DruidicRifleman;CategoryID=8 i'd buy this AND have the barrel swapped for a 18 inch one if it wasn't restricted
07:32 wannabe1987 ok....good night all...
07:33 Yaotzin night wallabe
07:33 wannabe1987 night cook
07:33 CSMonster
07:33 CSMonster night wannabe1987
07:33 wannabe1987 night "girlie"
07:34 DruidicRifleman LOL CSM *two thumbs up*
07:34 CSMonster LOL
07:34 CSMonster girlie.
07:34 Darksecond joined #thegeekgroup
07:35 exor674 you know, I am glad spammers are idiots. that is all
07:35 wannabe1987 lol
07:36 CSMonster ......not that i disagree, but /why/ now?
07:36 wannabe1987 i like how file transfers go from 4 hours to 1 hour to 5 hours 14 minutes to whatever the helll
07:36 wannabe1987 i need a faster file transfer device please!
07:36 wannabe1987 usb is too slow
07:38 exor674 CSMonster: I got an email that was BCC'd to me
07:38 exor674 wanting financial info
07:39 exor674 yeah, sure
07:40 Darksecond left #thegeekgroup
07:40 exor674 you need important email from me and probably another smattering of idiots
07:40 CSMonster lol
07:40 exor674 I think the other "lol you are an idiot" moment I got was a spam email
07:40 CSMonster
07:40 exor674 that actually linked to the actual site they were trying to get your username/password for
07:40 exor674 yeah, that's not gonna work that well
07:42 Yaotzin wallabe: l2firewire
07:42 wannabe1987 what?
07:42 wannabe1987 ooo
07:42 wannabe1987 how?
07:42 wannabe1987 where
07:42 exor674 Yaotzin: nono, eSATA
07:42 * wannabe1987 isn't going to bed yet...
07:42 wannabe1987 i hear eSATA was better anyway...
07:42 DruidicRifleman this looks like a nice little rodent gun
07:43 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:44 kristopher ola
07:44 kristopher does anyone remember what happened to those dome fans on the roof in one of the first vids or where they went?
07:45 DruidicRifleman they we're replaced
07:45 kristopher with what?
07:45 DruidicRifleman Hvac unitis of oz
07:45 kristopher oh
07:45 DruidicRifleman with custem pretzel duct work
07:45 kristopher so where they in the hv lab and the mdh
07:46 kristopher lol yeh
07:47 DruidicRifleman basicly
07:48 CSMonster okay, sleep.  later.
07:49 Yaotzin Night
07:49 DruidicRifleman night
07:49 * CSMonster hugs exor674 and pokes wannabe1987
07:49 wannabe1987 night CSMonster
07:49 wannabe1987 :)
07:49 DruidicRifleman I don't get a hug :(
07:49 CSMonster nope.  sorry.  i'm very, very, very selective of who i give hugs.
07:50 wannabe1987 lol  BURN
07:50 * exor674 hugs back! and wannabe1987 too!
07:50 exor674 I think I'masleep too
07:50 CSMonster mostly due to very severe and deep seated psychological issues about intimate physical contact.
07:50 wannabe1987 i don't blame you...
07:50 CSMonster anyway.  NIGHT
07:50 wannabe1987 night girlie
07:50 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:51 wannabe1987 i hate being so far away from those who need a REAL e-hug makes it worse sometimes...
07:51 wannabe1987 and its 4am?!
07:51 wannabe1987 holy shit
07:52 wannabe1987 the eurpoeans will be up soon!
07:56 Thermoelectric Mmm.
07:57 exor674 wannabe1987: for me, e-hugs never make it worse
07:57 exor674 thery're just still not the same <3
07:57 wannabe1987 hmmm they make it worse for my friend...which sucks.  i'm only 45 min away (one way) but its still...not *too* far, but far enough...
07:58 wannabe1987 i'm supposed to hang out with him this weekend...
07:59 wannabe1987 for zomb and such...
08:00 exor674 having far away friends sucks
08:00 exor674 ( it would be much quicker if I had a car ) but my best friend lives 1:30 to 2hr away by public transit ( probably 20 by car )
08:01 wannabe1987 wow
08:01 wannabe1987 no, i have a car, i just don' thave much gas money...
08:02 wannabe1987 gas is like 4.29 here :(
08:04 kristopher pspiso
08:04 kristopher realy cool
08:04 exor674 and we usually hang out on weekends whe w e do hang out
08:04 exor674 when we...
08:04 exor674 which makes busseseven more of apain
08:04 wannabe1987 :(
08:07 exor674 the world was not designed for people who don't have cars
08:07 exor674 or people who try and have lives using public transit
08:07 wannabe1987 not america anyway
08:08 exor674 okay, I really need to sleep as it is 2hr past my bedtime oops
08:08 wannabe1987 ok
08:08 wannabe1987 night exor674
08:08 * exor674 hugs you
08:09 * wannabe1987 hugs u back
08:10 * wannabe1987 zzzzzzzZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
08:10 Thermoelectric Sleep well.
08:11 wannabe1987 hope you slept well :P
08:11 * exor674 collapses in a heap of dre
08:12 DruidicRifleman night exor674
08:40 MoxieMike___ joined #thegeekgroup
08:40 MoxieMike___ is now known as MoxieMike
08:43 MoxieMike__ left #thegeekgroup
08:51 Thermoelectric left #thegeekgroup
08:56 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:59 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
09:09 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
09:27 Darksecond joined #thegeekgroup
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09:49 asnopus_ left #thegeekgroup
09:54 Thermoelectric joined #thegeekgroup
10:11 DruidicRifleman morning thermo
10:15 Av_Nekoroms o hai
10:18 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
10:19 Darksecond joined #thegeekgroup
10:45 DruidicRifleman wonder's how long he can stay awake
10:48 Av_Nekoroms chris doesnt need an membership card :) everyone can hear where he is shouting :)
10:51 DruidicRifleman Gah MDH is like... white...
10:51 Av_Nekoroms monthly update is funny :) chris is loud as allways and paul is allmost whispering
10:52 DruidicRifleman i think i like the MDH better white then ted
10:52 Av_Nekoroms DruidicRifleman: mdh?
10:52 DruidicRifleman Main demonstration hall
10:52 Av_Nekoroms ah
10:52 DruidicRifleman HVL high voltage lab
10:52 Av_Nekoroms yeh that i was aware
10:52 DruidicRifleman When there is toronto i would like a DRPB
10:53 Av_Nekoroms mhmm i should finally ket my kiting harness :)
10:53 DruidicRifleman Druids radiation proof bunk
10:53 DruidicRifleman i have no clue what to do
10:53 Av_Nekoroms hohoh
10:53 DruidicRifleman I might buy a new firearm maybe some New boots i need new boots maybe A full auto grip for my tipman and a black heart baord for my SP!
10:54 Av_Nekoroms who needs weapons ?
10:54 Av_Nekoroms osama is dead now :)
10:54 DruidicRifleman yeah we know
10:54 DruidicRifleman but alquida isn't
10:55 DruidicRifleman AND sides Target shooting is so much fun
10:55 DruidicRifleman I LOVE shooting clays with my dad
10:55 Av_Nekoroms somehow i find it boring..
10:55 Av_Nekoroms virtual shooting is much more fun
10:56 DruidicRifleman meh It's allot of fun when you pull the trigger and see the bird turn to Cilica dust
10:57 jeremys_ left #thegeekgroup
10:57 Av_Nekoroms
10:57 Av_Nekoroms hmm this years hifi comp looks nice
10:58 Av_Nekoroms i have one from hmm aroud 2007..
10:58 Av_Nekoroms *around
10:59 DruidicRifleman i wouldn't mind A Militar HALO container and Halo gear but... that stuff is like 10 grand
10:59 DruidicRifleman probly more ctually
11:00 DruidicRifleman shoot and rig are 7 grand
11:00 Av_Nekoroms i got enough shooting in the army :)
11:01 DruidicRifleman i never got to join
11:01 Av_Nekoroms and around here is too much population to practice shooting
11:01 DruidicRifleman I was On meds when i tried enlisting
11:01 DruidicRifleman and got turned down
11:01 Av_Nekoroms we have one 4,5mm hipowered air rifle that is good
11:02 Av_Nekoroms it makes noice but the bullet doesnt fly too far
11:02 DruidicRifleman!/photo.php?fbid=100976236626992&set=a.111213512269931.8664.100001438474311&type=1&theater My antique post ww2 russian carbine named sasha
11:03 Av_Nekoroms
11:03 Av_Nekoroms this is the model i have
11:05 DruidicRifleman i was considering a CZ PCP
11:05 Av_Nekoroms nah
11:05 Av_Nekoroms they are not that nice
11:06 DruidicRifleman well i can not afford an anchutz
11:06 Av_Nekoroms glock 18 :)
11:06 DruidicRifleman ... CZ precharged pnumatic ISSF air rifle
11:07 DruidicRifleman Personnaly I'd rather a full auto Glock 21
11:07 Av_Nekoroms glock 18 is full auto allso
11:08 DruidicRifleman ... High I'm the DruidicRifleman
11:08 DruidicRifleman you don't know me But i <3 guns
11:08 DruidicRifleman lol
11:09 DruidicRifleman I know about the glock18C pistols
11:09 Av_Nekoroms lololplolploololololol
11:10 DruidicRifleman he's cool
11:10 Av_Nekoroms ye
11:10 Av_Nekoroms best accent ever
11:12 Av_Nekoroms;list=UL
11:12 Av_Nekoroms :))
11:13 DruidicRifleman SOOOOO A friend of mine was doing some commercials for an army surplus store and the Catch Fase was it's OK i'm wairing army pants...
11:13 Av_Nekoroms it's ok i'm from internet
11:13 Av_Nekoroms 4chan meme
11:17 DruidicRifleman I'd like to Do a spoof of that with Me and Kid well in an experimental space craft AND Have him saying so where did you learn to fly. Pull out a GPS read off The grid ref with him saying wait you don't know how to Fly? while the flight suppot crew Close the cockpit and be like Dude it's ok we're geeks And i am wairing army pants
11:21 Av_Nekoroms DruidicRifleman: hahah he is sooo cool :=)
11:21 DruidicRifleman lol
11:21 Av_Nekoroms i piss excellence :) what a great shirt text
11:22 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
11:23 Av_Nekoroms as allways.. have a nice day
11:23 Av_Nekoroms dang he is like a russian action movie baddie
11:26 DruidicRifleman lol
11:26 DruidicRifleman I'd love to see TGG Build it's OWN manned space craft
11:27 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
11:27 Av_Nekoroms DruidicRifleman: like in the movie astronaut farmer
11:27 Av_Nekoroms
11:39 DruidicRifleman i liked it
11:39 DruidicRifleman well the concept need to watch it
11:46 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
11:46 Hackbat want
11:46 Hackbat;CategoryNo=53&amp;No=83
11:55 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
12:14 eightbitbrad whoops, didn't realize I left myself logged in.
12:14 eightbitbrad lol
12:19 \_Obtuse left #thegeekgroup
12:19 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
12:19 DruidicRifleman what does it doo hackbat
12:20 Sgt_Lemming evening all
12:20 Sgt_Lemming .w FPGA
12:20 BotSteve "A Field-programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by the customer or designer after manufacturing—hence 'field-programmable'." -
12:20 Hackbat lol
12:20 Hackbat vauge
12:21 Hackbat It can be any chipo I want inside of it
12:21 Hackbat as long as it will fit
12:21 Hackbat it programs the logic onto the chip using "fuses"
12:35 CaptainBoden
12:38 DruidicRifleman hey boden
12:44 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: aresbykes on Cory's buzz cut for science fund raiser?
12:44 eightbitbrad mornin CaptainBoden  :)  Already ahead of ya, just about finished with it.  Lotsa awesome stuff
12:48 eightbitbrad i should write a module for the bot to keep an eye on Youtube and notify of new videos... or do something like .capblog and have it return "The latest Captain's Blog is here:"
12:52 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
12:56 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
12:58 DruidicRifleman :( my video card donations are not there. yet
12:59 DruidicRifleman Ewww those shelve's remind me of the one's in the food pank i worked at
12:59 eightbitbrad LOL
12:59 eightbitbrad poor DruidicRifleman, maybe they got stuck in customs or something.  Who knows with the US these days.
12:59 eightbitbrad I'm *still* trying to find the component cable so I can get that modded Xbox out to them
13:00 eightbitbrad and the first-gen iPod too.
13:00 DruidicRifleman thats not....
13:00 DruidicRifleman funny
13:00 MoxieMike CaptainBoden, You've got a thing for planetary gear drives don't you.
13:00 DruidicRifleman Custems jokes not funny
13:01 CaptainBoden I have a thing for gears as a rule, hence the logo.
13:01 MoxieMike gotcha
13:02 eightbitbrad Gears good.
13:02 Sgt_Lemming CaptainBoden. I started working on the auger for our plastic extruder today :-D
13:02 CaptainBoden Very cool :)
13:02 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden i know this broken records getting annoying what time does lab come into the lab?
13:02 Sgt_Lemming using the thread cutting gearing on our lathe to do it
13:02 Sgt_Lemming fun part is the cut has to get deeper smoothly as it goes along for it to work
13:03 MoxieMike several of the film advance motors from the cameras have double stacked planetary gear drives
13:03 Sgt_Lemming it's a conical helical auger :-P
13:03 DruidicRifleman Cool
13:03 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
13:03 DruidicRifleman I'd love for a Ontario crew to have one of those
13:04 Sgt_Lemming a plastic extruder?
13:04 DruidicRifleman Nods
13:05 DruidicRifleman I'd like more then an Anvil some hammer's and stuff like that
13:05 Sgt_Lemming I really want a CNC lathe and a CNC mill like what TGG hass
13:05 Hackbat Why, as a rule, when you want to do something neat and cool no one has done anything like it before?
13:06 Hackbat gotta try my damn
13:06 MoxieMike i want a manual lathe and mill
13:06 Sgt_Lemming manual only goes so far
13:06 Sgt_Lemming hard to do compound curves or even curves accurately by hand
13:06 MoxieMike true, but it does anything i want so far
13:06 Hackbat *damnedest to make a simple single chip low cost AT to USB convertor
13:07 Hackbat hate this keyboard
13:07 DruidicRifleman a CNC lathe would be nice
13:07 Hackbat everything is all squished togehter
13:07 Sgt_Lemming a CNC lathe would make my job so much easier for this
13:07 Sgt_Lemming or a lathe witho auto feed on both axes at least
13:08 Sgt_Lemming trying to maintain a steady feed rate on the Y axis by hand is annoying
13:08 MoxieMike especially when it's moving
13:09 MoxieMike when did painting start in the MDH?
13:10 DruidicRifleman yesterday
13:10 MoxieMike cool
13:14 DruidicRifleman I Can't wait to make my own Pmags wirh a 3d printer
13:17 Sgt_Lemming pmags?
13:18 DruidicRifleman it's an AR15/stanag magazine one of the most relaible polylimer mags out there
13:18 Sgt_Lemming that would be possible, but not with the same grade plastic
13:21 DruidicRifleman it "is" pssoble
13:21 DruidicRifleman Possible*
13:21 DruidicRifleman regitity  is an issue
13:21 Sgt_Lemming rigidity?
13:22 Sgt_Lemming yes that is all to do with the grade of plastic
13:22 DruidicRifleman yeah
13:22 DruidicRifleman to much flex
13:22 DruidicRifleman feeding wasn't relaible
13:22 Sgt_Lemming the plastics used for 3d printing atm, tend to be quite soft and pliable
13:24 cctoide` joined #thegeekgroup
13:24 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
13:24 cctoide` is now known as cctoide
13:27 Sgt_Lemming CaptainBoden, those metal top CPU's, make awesome keyrings
13:27 Sgt_Lemming those or the old black Intel P3's
13:27 Sgt_Lemming as they are a fibreglass substrate
13:36 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
13:42 MoxieMike what about instead of tiling the bathroom, you do a border around the mirror?
13:42 MoxieMike it would take a lot fewer processors
13:42 CaptainBoden It won't go well with the tile colour, and I cannot paint he tile in there.
13:43 MoxieMike ok
13:43 CaptainBoden Besides Mike, I'm not known for doing anything in a small way ;)
13:43 MoxieMike true, but i was trying to use what we have
13:43 MoxieMike but you did send a message to the internet...
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13:53 Hackbat hah
13:53 Hackbat
13:54 Hackbat I kinda respect the vocalist for those bands now
14:06 cctoide ugh
14:07 cctoide why has W7 stopped combining Firefox windows with its shortcut in the taskbar :[
14:13 Angy4 left #thegeekgroup
14:14 Angy4 joined #thegeekgroup
14:19 MoxieMike welcome back angy
14:26 DruidicRifleman Did the LSL get it's mail yet did it did it did it????
14:26 * eightbitbrad picks up the brick normally reserved from MadManMark and looks at DruidicRifleman
14:26 eightbitbrad default answer: no.
14:26 eightbitbrad lol
14:28 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
14:30 * DruidicRifleman Stabs eightbitbrad with a large Hand forged spear
14:30 eightbitbrad bah, spear... do you have a magic helmet to go with the spear?
14:33 DruidicRifleman Doesn't need one spear is a +4 seeking spear of Divine rending.
14:34 DruidicRifleman Auto hit's first attack in a combat For Critical
14:42 eightbitbrad Guess I shouldn't tell you about my helmet of regen +5 then ;)  I had an epic game of DnD last weekend.  My barbarian has this power called Final Confrontation.  If I invoke it, he and the monster he is battling keep beating on each other until one dies
14:42 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
14:43 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
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14:47 MoxieMike is now known as moxiemike-away
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14:59 DruidicRifleman BOOOOOOM!!!!
15:00 DruidicRifleman XD Cory will eventually get the buzz cut for dscience
15:00 DruidicRifleman science*
15:00 DruidicRifleman *Cackles like a diabolical evil genious*
15:04 DruidicRifleman eight bit brad look up lughs spear
15:04 DruidicRifleman I stood against you I win it's fait
15:04 DruidicRifleman fate
15:05 eightbitbrad heh
15:05 moxiemike-away eh?
15:06 moxiemike-away is now known as Moxiemike
15:06 eightbitbrad Red needs a geek merit badge in painting.
15:07 Moxiemike ya she does
15:08 DruidicRifleman Great now i need to Come up with a medal of floor washer and painting?
15:10 Darkseco1d is now known as Darksecond
15:13 Moxiemike what other merit badges should there be?
15:13 Moxiemike floor epoxy?
15:13 DruidicRifleman lol thats SOP
15:14 Moxiemike no merit badges for stuff that is SOP?
15:14 DruidicRifleman If you epoxied the entire lab single handedly? maybe
15:15 Moxiemike ok, so how about one for a certain number of square feet?
15:15 DruidicRifleman 100KM squared
15:15 Moxiemike hahaha
15:24 DruidicRifleman I' probly gonna make Simple cast Aluminum gears or something of the sort
15:26 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
15:32 DruidicRifleman hey sparky
15:33 SparkyStudio Hi Druidic
15:35 DruidicRifleman Soooo power wheels robot Are you thinking telipresce?
15:35 SparkyStudio I was thinking of making it useful in some way, otherwise it's just a RC vehicle
15:37 SparkyStudio f it had a decent camera with wireless, it could station itself in MDH for example and be controlled from the gallery to watch people working.
15:38 DruidicRifleman I was thinking letting people harass interns
15:38 eightbitbrad lol
15:38 DruidicRifleman If it's in the Shop
15:38 DruidicRifleman It should have a Min 4 cameras
15:38 DruidicRifleman for situational awareness
15:39 SparkyStudio If you've seen those bomb disposal things, that's something like the idea, the camera can rise high enough to watch, the nerf gun is just for the lol factor
15:39 eightbitbrad Have it sneak around during Zomb nights
15:39 SparkyStudio That too
15:44 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 3 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Power Wheels Robot.....Sparky Projects on Cory's buzz cut for science fund raiser?.....Sparky Projects on Power Wheels Robot
15:45 DruidicRifleman Thinks a Soft air p90 is a better option
15:45 DruidicRifleman it's easyer to make it a killer robot at a later date.
15:47 big joined #thegeekgroup
15:49 Moxiemike i wouldn't mind some nice soft-air guns
15:51 DruidicRifleman a decen low?midgrade P90
15:51 tggmastercontrol joined #thegeekgroup
15:51 DruidicRifleman ooooh people at the lab
15:52 DruidicRifleman Who dutifully mans mastercontrol1 speak good sir or madam.... or some where in between those to depending on your gender identity
15:54 SparkyStudio tggmastercontrol or tggmc1, there is buzz on the audio
15:54 DruidicRifleman it's probly just cory
15:55 DruidicRifleman tggmastercontrol or tggmc1, put liz or red on we like them better XP
15:55 tggmc1 left #thegeekgroup
16:07 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
16:07 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
16:10 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
16:12 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
16:19 MrEarp joined #thegeekgroup
16:28 SparkyStudio Is anyone else getting buzz on the stream audio ?
16:29 SparkyStudio It's weird, on the main PC it sounds fine, no buzz, but on this PC i get buzz, it's only on the stream, if i mute just the stream window, it disappears
16:29 DruidicRifleman i did to
16:30 DruidicRifleman A moose!!! the german kind... not the bullwinkle kind that taste good in stew
16:31 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
16:31 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
16:31 RageRiot Hello peeps :)
16:32 xanhs got buzz to but it is not really loud
16:33 RageRiot what abl ?
16:33 RageRiot whats obl ?
16:33 SparkyStudio Yeah, found it is in the background, but on this PC it must be at a resonant frequency of my sub, it's just more noticeable here
16:38 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:38 mashpriborintorg Hello everybody
16:38 SparkyStudio Hi :)
16:40 DruidicRifleman i wonder if information was leaked that a former public relations officer for a rather large police force was inaged in obstruction To ty and protect his son from Criminal charges How embarassed they'd all be
16:40 DruidicRifleman engaged
16:40 SparkyStudio tggmasterconsole, there's a slight buzz on the stream
16:40 DruidicRifleman tggmastercontrol1 there is a taco for who ever fixes the slight buz
16:41 RageRiot lol
16:41 DruidicRifleman it will get cory to fix it
16:42 RageRiot trivia anyone,
16:42 DruidicRifleman Maybe shoot
16:42 RageRiot ok
16:43 RageRiot anyone care to guess or calculate the total size of the videos on physicsducks channel asuming they are all 720p and downloaded as such ( I know some arent 720)
16:43 RageRiot but most are :)
16:43 DruidicRifleman painfull
16:44 DruidicRifleman Did i get it right
16:44 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Europe Chapters
16:44 DruidicRifleman buzzing channel is buzzing no tacos for corry
16:44 DruidicRifleman cory*
16:45 RageRiot I'm feeling generous on top of me applying for my geek group card I will donate an aditional $10 if somone gets it right
16:45 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
16:45 RageRiot I'll leave it open for a bit :)
16:46 RageRiot to make it fair dont just guess until you get it right
16:46 DruidicRifleman I have some chemistry and history info
16:46 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
16:47 DruidicRifleman the inventer of the m1 Carbine was sent to prission for an illegal chemical process what what was the Chemical formual for it
16:48 RageRiot a1 ?
16:48 RageRiot :S :P
16:48 DruidicRifleman .... I don't know is that the chemical formula for moonshine
16:48 RageRiot I dont know chemistry. computers and networks are my experties
16:51 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
16:51 DruidicRifleman Destruction devistation and death are mine
16:52 tggmastercontrol You're going to love this.
16:53 tggmastercontrol The buzz on the Ustream feed is from the lights in the MDH.
16:53 RageRiot O_O
16:53 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
16:53 RageRiot Lol
16:53 tggmastercontrol It's just one of those frequencies that shotgun mics really like.
16:53 RageRiot hows that leaking through ?
16:53 tggmastercontrol Shotgun mics do that sort of thing.
16:53 tggmastercontrol It doesn't help that it
16:54 DruidicRifleman it's a tgg_Liz
16:54 tggmastercontrol s an old janky mic running through an old Mackie mixer.
16:54 tgg_Liz it is
16:54 SparkyStudio Sounds like someone is wiggling a connection at the moment
16:54 RageRiot I would have asumed it's leaking throught a ground point or somthing :S
16:54 tggmastercontrol No, that's just stuff happening in the MDH
16:55 SparkyStudio no, it's audio interference, there's no sound from mdh
16:55 RageRiot it does sound like somone has their sticky fingers on a plug atm :P
16:57 RageRiot it's a good job non of the cabling is cheap stuff you get at car boots ( specifically whats going through the conduit)
16:57 RageRiot I'm asuming thats brand new cable.
16:58 RageRiot well to clarify the buzz has gone and there is a odd crackle and no ther audio
16:58 RageRiot other*
16:59 SparkyStudio tggmastercontrol, monitor the output
17:01 DruidicRifleman there is no one ...
17:06 RageRiot :S
17:06 RageRiot suprisingly quiet today
17:11 * DruidicRifleman wonder's if the lab got my donation yet
17:12 Moxiemike what did you send?
17:12 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
17:13 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
17:15 dgh joined #thegeekgroup
17:16 dgh left #thegeekgroup
17:17 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
17:18 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
17:19 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
17:19 Ponko92 evening all
17:20 wannabe1987 afternoon
17:20 Ponko92 morning or night heck even good tomorrow for some
17:21 SparkyPojects DruidicRifleman, how did you send it ? can you track it ?
17:21 DruidicRifleman yeah
17:22 Ponko92 its very quiet
17:22 wannabe1987 here?  or the stream?
17:23 Ponko92 the sound is perfect but its... quiet
17:23 Ponko92 here and there
17:23 Ponko92 lol i gotta love that joke someone made
17:23 Ponko92 sorry off topic but yeah someone said
17:23 wannabe1987 off topic?  we had a topic?
17:24 Ponko92 a miracle they've taken the bins out on a bank holiday
17:24 Ponko92 anyone gets that you know what i'm reffering to lol
17:25 Moxiemike is it bad that i want to take cameras apart instead of my homework?
17:26 Moxiemike instead of doing my homeowrk*
17:27 Ponko92 in a way yes but on the other hand no lol
17:27 * eightbitbrad gears up and tacklehugs wannabe1987
17:27 * wannabe1987 got crushed
17:28 eightbitbrad damn, I always do that
17:28 * eightbitbrad gets the spatula and scrapes wannabe1987 off the floor
17:28 * wannabe1987 is goo
17:28 * Ponko92 blitz tackles eightbitbrad
17:28 * Ponko92 snarls
17:29 * eightbitbrad gets the muzzle and muzzles Ponko92
17:30 * Ponko92 freezes eightbitbrad legs and rips top half off
17:30 * wannabe1987 isn't sure whats going on osmeone defending me?
17:30 Ponko92 FATALITY
17:31 * DruidicRifleman bayonttes ponko Damn limey brit
17:31 * eightbitbrad rises from the dead and haunts Ponko92
17:31 Ponko92 ahh its only a flesh wound
17:31 eightbitbrad wannabe1987: yeah, apparently signs of affection are not tolerated here
17:32 eightbitbrad I only tacklehug those I like.
17:32 Ponko92 eightbit you KNOW what game i killed you was in and THAT was one of the kills
17:32 eightbitbrad oh I know.
17:32 wannabe1987 but you squooshed me...
17:32 Ponko92 lol
17:32 eightbitbrad naw, I'm protective of tacklehugs, I prevent squooshes.
17:32 eightbitbrad built in squoosh protection
17:33 wannabe1987 i've seen a picture of you...iw oulda  been squooshed
17:33 eightbitbrad Ponko92: Have you played the latest iteration?
17:33 eightbitbrad yeah, I'd squish 99% of people, tis true.
17:33 Ponko92 MK 9?
17:33 eightbitbrad yep
17:33 Ponko92 OH YEAH *evil grin*
17:33 Ponko92 SOO BRUTAL
17:33 eightbitbrad I played the demo, have to go get the full version.  I might wait and get Portal 2 first.
17:34 Ponko92 i got it BEFORE the PSN was hacked
17:34 Ponko92 the demo that is
17:34 eightbitbrad yep, me too.
17:34 Ponko92 lol
17:34 eightbitbrad *grumbles about PSN*
17:35 Ponko92 its under going ROUTINE maintenance o_O ok then
17:35 Ponko92 THATS routine
17:35 eightbitbrad yeah, a rebuild of the entire network?  no so routine.
17:36 Ponko92 yeah definately
17:36 eightbitbrad supposedly everyone gets a free month of PSN+ and a free game on top of that...  I'm skeptical right now though
17:36 Ponko92 yeah me too
17:36 tggmastercontrol Captain here hi guys
17:37 tggmastercontrol how's the video/audio
17:37 DruidicRifleman boden?
17:37 Ponko92 hey i can't hear you Captain
17:37 DruidicRifleman i can't hear any bodens
17:37 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
17:37 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
17:37 Ponko92 can anyone?
17:38 tggmastercontrol there, that sould work
17:38 Ponko92 oooo sound
17:38 WB1A2 Wow, sound
17:38 Ponko92 thought it was Quiet
17:38 Ponko92 turns out... no sound lol
17:39 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
17:39 Ponko92 hey cap
17:39 * wannabe1987 is back
17:39 Ponko92 92.1 THE SHARRRRRK
17:39 DruidicRifleman tggmastercontrol1 why is there a tggmastercontrol1 if there isn't a # and did you get my package?
17:41 Ponko92 sorry is that ACDC i here?
17:41 DruidicRifleman 2 video card return address is for a greg allard
17:41 Ponko92 wait KISS
17:41 Ponko92 KISS or ACDC
17:41 DruidicRifleman wonder's how long the lag
17:41 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
17:41 DruidicRifleman we lost audio
17:42 Ponko92 god sake
17:42 SparkyPojects video frozen
17:43 _PoweroiD_ joined #thegeekgroup
17:43 Ponko92 Off Ai.... oh hes back
17:43 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
17:44 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Levels of Boden Unit Of Measurement Thread
17:45 Ponko92 yay lol
17:45 Ponko92 XD :P
17:45 Ponko92 yeah
17:45 SparkyPojects love the brick pattern
17:45 Moxiemike I'll send you a different type of cable tie with the first set of camera parts
17:45 mashpriborintorg last day she said she dont wanna paint the MDH :D
17:45 mman454 What did you ask botsteve to get him to say that?
17:45 Ponko92 if that was a lighter red i'd say it was arsenal colour
17:46 Ponko92 if any can guess what there nickname is idk you will be a legend for the day
17:46 Ponko92 or the week
17:46 SparkyPojects Botsteve has had an RSS feed added from the forum
17:47 Ponko92 Sparky does that mean that i could add that to my RSS feed reader?
17:47 mman454 So he just says it when the RSS feed is updated, without any prompting?
17:47 DruidicRifleman doesn't need to listen to swing music
17:47 Ponko92 shodup showup showupwup
17:48 Ponko92 nanana naaaaa
17:48 Ponko92 sorry
17:48 Ponko92 there IS a song that sounds like that
17:48 eightbitbrad mman454:  He posts hourly with updates
17:48 mman454 I see.
17:48 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
17:49 SparkyPojects I don't know the specifics, but Batsteve added it, i assume it just takes a look every hour.
17:50 Ponko92 ah ok
17:50 SparkyPojects RSS feed is at the bottom of the forum
17:51 mman454 I know about the RSS just not that botsteve did that.
17:51 wannabe1987 ...
17:52 SparkyPojects I don't use rss, so i don't know how it works, i just know it exists, and that Botsteve seems to post 'in the last hour .... '
17:52 eightbitbrad It's to prevent flooding the channel should a lot of posts hit the forum
17:52 eightbitbrad BotSteve just summarizes.
17:55 eightbitbrad I thought about implementing something similar to watch the youtube channels
17:56 mman454 That would be nice. Especially if it could tell the new videos posted since your last post.
17:56 eightbitbrad mman454: my thinking exactly
17:56 mman454 Well since you last asked makes more sense.
17:56 wannabe1987 since whose last post where?
17:56 eightbitbrad something like .capblog, and have the bot return "The latest Captain's blog is here <link>"
17:57 wannabe1987 that'd work
17:57 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
17:57 eightbitbrad And .tggvid, same thing, except the latest tgg video.
17:57 mman454 more like .capblog "The following videos have been posted since you last asked"
17:58 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
17:58 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 30m idle (been away for 21m)
17:59 mman454 rageriot what client are you using?
17:59 RageRiot mirc with no name script
17:59 eightbitbrad hmm, yeah that wouldn't be so bad.
17:59 Ponko92 WOAH is it me or can i see GNOHT
18:00 RageRiot no name script isnt being working on anymore since the company that own the licence went bust so I'm just using the last version released.
18:01 Ponko92 please tell me thats a tattoo not what i think it is
18:01 eightbitbrad Ponko92: wha?
18:01 Ponko92 oh thank god lol
18:03 eightbitbrad LOL
18:03 mman454 .seen captainboden
18:03 BotSteve mman454: I last saw captainboden 4.34 hours ago at 2011-05-03 13:43:10 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 18:03:40 UTC
18:03 eightbitbrad .seen tggRED
18:03 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen tggred around.
18:04 eightbitbrad BotSteve: Check your eyeballs, she's painting!
18:04 RageRiot lol
18:04 wannabe1987 lol
18:04 RageRiot would be cool if face detection was integrated with the master control and the bot
18:05 wannabe1987 lol
18:05 wannabe1987 where is red painting today?
18:05 Ponko92 yeah i caught a glimpse so yeah lol
18:06 RageRiot so the peeps that missed my earlier trivia post I'll post it again
18:06 RageRiot anyone care to guess or calculate the total size of the videos on physicsducks channel asuming they are all 720p and downloaded as such ( I know some arent 720)
18:06 RageRiot I'll leave it open for a bit :)
18:06 RageRiot to make it fair dont just guess until you get it right
18:08 RageRiot I'm feeling generous on top of me applying for my geek group card I will donate an aditional $10 if somone gets it right
18:08 RageRiot or at least very close
18:11 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
18:11 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again.
18:13 Ponko92 damn RED should do P&D as a Profession
18:14 DruidicRifleman tggmastercontrol can you get chris to email me the total filesize of the video's uploaded to his youtube?
18:14 DruidicRifleman P&D?
18:15 RageRiot lol
18:15 DruidicRifleman Is thinking out side your box man XP
18:15 DruidicRifleman why get in a firefight when negotiation Save's ammo for later
18:16 mashpriborintorg I am waching for sending a parcel with some electronic goodies, but it seems that my national post company did delete the international flat rate, it sucks :(
18:16 DruidicRifleman AH
18:16 RageRiot I've just received my new router :D
18:17 RageRiot twin antenna
18:17 konstantin_ left #thegeekgroup
18:17 DruidicRifleman;CategoryID=10 i wonder how many desparite cougers id need to sleep with to get me one of these and all the nifty accessories she should have
18:18 RageRiot oh and as the captin uploads more videos the correct answer increases :P
18:18 Ponko92 POKER FACE
18:18 Ponko92 whos Ipod or music is that?
18:19 sitectrl joined #thegeekgroup
18:19 mman454 the correct answer increases? What are you talking about?
18:19 DruidicRifleman you know US militia groups are nothing like they are on TV
18:19 Ponko92 .yt Dean Gilbert
18:19 BotSteve Ponko92:
18:19 Seroster Lol "this rack will be reserved for future use!" and less than a day after he said that it's FULL.   That makes me happy.
18:20 Ponko92 BotSteve you fail
18:20 DruidicRifleman ponko DUH
18:20 sitectrl left #thegeekgroup
18:20 WB1A2 wish we could see what's going on....
18:21 DruidicRifleman we figured that out
18:21 DruidicRifleman you watch red paint
18:22 DruidicRifleman How ever
18:22 DruidicRifleman .g a human right
18:22 BotSteve DruidicRifleman:
18:22 Photon939 left #thegeekgroup
18:22 DruidicRifleman He mannaged to get correct
18:22 wannabe1987 tile a bathroom in cpu's?
18:22 wannabe1987 interesting...
18:23 DruidicRifleman It would be nerdy!!!
18:23 DruidicRifleman .yt white and nerdy
18:23 BotSteve DruidicRifleman:
18:24 DruidicRifleman they mowing my front lawn i know they are thinkging i'm so white and nerdy!!!!
18:24 Ponko92 ok BotSteve
18:24 Ponko92 .yt Dean Gilbet scores
18:24 BotSteve Ponko92:;page=2
18:25 Ponko92 .yt Dean Gilbert scores
18:25 BotSteve Ponko92:
18:25 _PoweroiD_ left #thegeekgroup
18:26 big left #thegeekgroup
18:27 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
18:27 wannabe1987 wtf
18:27 wannabe1987 everyones leaving me! :(
18:27 Ponko92 how many people are leaving
18:27 Ponko92 ain't my fault
18:27 wannabe1987 sure...
18:27 wannabe1987 whatev  :P
18:27 Ponko92 ;) lol
18:27 Ponko92 .yt Dean Gilbert scores Hitchin Town
18:27 BotSteve Ponko92: No results found for 'Dean Gilbert scores Hitchin Town'.
18:28 big joined #thegeekgroup
18:28 Ponko92 THATS what i was looking for botsteve
18:29 big ttg Big Al - red is back on the job!
18:30 wannabe1987 .
18:32 wannabe1987 is there anyone here from san diego cali?
18:36 DruidicRifleman tired and sleepy gun toating druid is... well
18:36 DruidicRifleman Night all i am gonna crash
18:41 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
18:47 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
18:47 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:48 speedrunnerG55_ Hello geeks
18:48 wannabe1987 school let out!!!!!!
18:48 speedrunnerG55_ wannabe1987: How's your head lol
18:48 wannabe1987 alive?
18:48 speedrunnerG55_ Yes school let out.
18:48 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
18:49 speedrunnerG55_ Hi red
18:49 tggRED Hey guys.
18:49 tggRED I'm not really here, cuz i'm about to climb back up the scaffolding, but hai.
18:49 wannabe1987 oooo
18:49 wannabe1987 hi red
18:49 wannabe1987 DON"T FALL
18:50 tggRED I wont'
18:50 tggRED I'm terrifited of heights, so i'm very, very careful up there.
18:50 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
18:50 speedrunnerG55_ On the second part of that statement
18:51 wannabe1987 lol
18:51 wannabe1987 i'm watching the rocky horror picture show...
18:52 wannabe1987 brb reboot
18:52 speedrunnerG55_ Cool. Ok
18:52 speedrunnerG55_ Anyone els here?
18:54 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
18:54 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
18:55 kellyEv joined #thegeekgroup
18:56 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
18:58 kellyEv is now known as wannabe1987
18:58 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
18:58 wannabe1987 there
18:58 wannabe1987 hi cctoide
18:58 cctoide hey
18:59 mashpriborintorg pretty good music indeed
19:00 speedrunnerG55_ Music?
19:00 speedrunnerG55_ In the stream ?
19:02 wannabe1987 no, on irc.  don't you hear it???
19:02 speedrunnerG55_ No. Wait irc can't do that
19:03 wannabe1987 how do you know?
19:03 speedrunnerG55_ Because irc was invented in the 80's
19:04 wannabe1987 music was invented LONG before that...
19:04 cctoide so was the Walkman
19:04 speedrunnerG55_ And it's primitive text based protocol won't suport it
19:05 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
19:05 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:05 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 speedrunnerG55_ That would be funny if it could tho
19:07 speedrunnerG55_ Lol ^
19:08 wannabe1987 lol
19:08 wannabe1987 i tried
19:09 speedrunnerG55_ Good effort
19:09 wannabe1987 :lets do the time warp again:....
19:09 speedrunnerG55_ Time warp?
19:10 wannabe1987 watching the rocky horror picture show
19:11 speedrunnerG55_ Who's at the lab
19:12 speedrunnerG55_ That should be a command
19:12 speedrunnerG55_ .lab
19:13 wannabe1987 how would botsteve know?
19:15 speedrunnerG55_ Everyone with TGG in there name like they should would be picked out
19:15 mashpriborintorg if its interfaced with Botsy check-in system, it will be possible btw
19:15 mashpriborintorg bocsy
19:15 speedrunnerG55_ Bocsy?
19:16 speedrunnerG55_ Buddy on call sign yes?
19:16 mashpriborintorg the future central computer system for the lab, they talk about it in the forums
19:16 speedrunnerG55_ Oh
19:17 mashpriborintorg é big sun machines should arrive for this purposes as far I know
19:17 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
19:17 mashpriborintorg two very big computers, not the regular consumer grade crap
19:18 wannabe1987 bocsy is what you sign into to work...
19:18 speedrunnerG55_ So It will controll the card swipes and security clearnece?
19:18 wannabe1987 you scan your barcode and you pick a job/rol :D
19:18 speedrunnerG55_ That's awesome
19:18 mashpriborintorg for Red, the default job is painting, for next 9999 years :D
19:19 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
19:19 speedrunnerG55_ poor red
19:19 wannabe1987 yeah.  pretty much
19:19 wannabe1987 boscy has two dots over the o and she loggs your volunteer hours
19:20 mashpriborintorg O-o Moose is painting also, the mdh is so huge
19:22 wannabe1987 twss
19:23 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
19:23 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
19:24 speedrunnerG55_ She does so much
19:24 speedrunnerG55_ Tess?
19:24 speedrunnerG55_ Twss?
19:24 wannabe1987 moose?  or red
19:24 wannabe1987 ThatsWhatSheSaid=twss
19:24 speedrunnerG55_ Moose
19:25 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
19:25 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 30m idle (been away for 30m)
19:25 speedrunnerG55_ HI RageRiot
19:25 RageRiot hello buddy
19:25 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:27 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
19:27 mashpriborintorg the mdh will be much brighter with white walls
19:27 speedrunnerG55_ Hi mashpriborintorg
19:27 speedrunnerG55_ Yes it will
19:27 RageRiot yeh true
19:28 SparkyStudio left #thegeekgroup
19:28 mashpriborintorg wifi problems, always disconnecting
19:28 speedrunnerG55_ Gloss finish?
19:28 RageRiot on heres me ogling my new twin antenna router :)
19:28 speedrunnerG55_ Lol jk
19:28 RageRiot nah glass finished would be a bad idea
19:28 RageRiot gloss*
19:29 mashpriborintorg and they will only need 5000 cans of paint :D
19:30 speedrunnerG55_ Glass Finnish would be funny xD
19:30 RageRiot what about a mirror finish :)
19:30 speedrunnerG55_ Oh man
19:30 RageRiot infact, it would make the room look masive !
19:30 speedrunnerG55_ They should use paintball guns with white paint
19:31 RageRiot haha
19:31 speedrunnerG55_ It would Mage an infinite looking room like in dragon ball z
19:31 speedrunnerG55_ Make
19:31 RageRiot anyone know if they are leaving it entirely whire or are the going to add art, eg tgg logo ?
19:31 speedrunnerG55_ Ya know what I'm talking about?
19:32 speedrunnerG55_ That's actually a good idea
19:32 RageRiot I dont like dragon ball z
19:32 speedrunnerG55_ A massive TGG logo
19:32 RageRiot and have never watched it
19:32 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
19:32 mashpriborintorg red will do a massive, stalinian style portrait of Chris :D
19:32 RageRiot except when I had no control of the remote tho I usually do somthing else are ignore it :P
19:32 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
19:33 RageRiot sorry.. I just never got dragon ball z and found it iritation. no offence, each to their own.
19:34 RageRiot iritating *
19:34 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
19:34 RageRiot is that chris on the bottom right ?
19:34 speedrunnerG55_ Idk.
19:34 wannabe1987 skinny guy w/ a blue tooth?
19:34 RageRiot haha
19:35 speedrunnerG55_ Were would a logo look best. On a wall or on the floor
19:35 RageRiot out of shot
19:35 RageRiot nope
19:35 RageRiot it isnt him
19:35 RageRiot I cant here boden so he must be away
19:35 speedrunnerG55_ On the sealing?
19:36 RageRiot ceiling, nah thats somone else
19:36 wannabe1987 ceiling*  maybe you should go back to school
19:36 LeadHead Druidicrifleman has him beat
19:36 RageRiot LOL that was a bit harsh
19:36 LeadHead In spelling-horribleness
19:36 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
19:36 wannabe1987 yes but druidicrifleman is on / i don't see it
19:36 RageRiot speak of the devil
19:37 wannabe1987 besides, druidicrifleman needs punctuation too
19:37 speedrunnerG55_ Dealing
19:37 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
19:37 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
19:37 speedrunnerG55_ Darn
19:37 RageRiot wb CaptainBoden
19:37 speedrunnerG55_ Wb CaptainBoden
19:37 WB1A2 *salute*
19:38 speedrunnerG55_ Celing* there
19:38 LeadHead Missing an I
19:38 RageRiot druidicrifleman isnt here
19:38 RageRiot LOL
19:38 speedrunnerG55_ Ceiling
19:38 LeadHead *golf clap*
19:39 RageRiot I hear's omni :)
19:39 speedrunnerG55_ Omni :D
19:39 Cprossu omni the wonderdog lol
19:39 RageRiot aww
19:39 RageRiot adorable
19:39 Cprossu angst
19:39 mashpriborintorg he approves
19:39 speedrunnerG55_ ^-^
19:40 RageRiot aye Cprossu :)
19:44 RageRiot CaptainBoden I'm a little suprised no one attempted to guess or work out my trivia question so feel free to answer your self (Total size of your youtube channel (physicsduck) asuming all files a are 720P which most are)
19:44 RageRiot tggmastercontrol please forward message if possible :)
19:46 RageRiot yes on IRC !
19:46 speedrunnerG55_ The total size as in physical size?
19:47 RageRiot they need a irc console strapped to their arm.
19:47 Cprossu omg
19:47 RageRiot yes bit bytes kilobytes megs gig bytes..
19:47 Cprossu if I had irc stapped to myself.... either I�d explode or start blithering after a few hours
19:47 WB1A2 200 gigs, my guess.
19:47 LeadHead who the hell knows what youtube encodes videos as
19:47 LeadHead well actually
19:47 Cprossu that�s a terrifying idea
19:47 LeadHead its usually h.264
19:48 Cprossu LeadHead: it encodes it with magic and rainbows in .unicorn42
19:48 RageRiot it is h.264
19:48 RageRiot 200 is far too high
19:48 speedrunnerG55_ 1TB
19:48 WB1A2 meh. wild guess
19:48 speedrunnerG55_ Lol jk
19:49 RageRiot :P
19:49 RageRiot to be fair I didnt give any hints but that would be too easy
19:49 WB1A2 watch it'll actually be 201 gigs or something.
19:49 RageRiot no.. because thats even higher..
19:49 speedrunnerG55_ The answere is definitely in the disclaimer
19:50 LeadHead Welp
19:50 LeadHead I download a video
19:50 LeadHead and its variable bitrate
19:50 RageRiot O_o
19:50 LeadHead so I'm not even going to bother
19:50 LeadHead *downloaded
19:50 LeadHead to even try to estimate the file size
19:51 RageRiot varible bit rate dosnt matter
19:51 LeadHead well total combined file size
19:51 RageRiot it's the combines size I'm after for all of his videos
19:51 LeadHead and that's my point...If it was constant bitrate, you could fairly quickly add up the run time for each video, and multiply it by the bitrate
19:52 RageRiot teu
19:52 RageRiot true..
19:52 LeadHead But it's variable bitrate
19:52 RageRiot but variable bit rate can still average
19:52 LeadHead Meaning you could have two 3 minute long videos, but one could be twice as big as the other if there is a lot going on
19:52 LeadHead in one video, but the other video is looking at a wall almost the entire time
19:53 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
19:54 RageRiot fair point I suppose
19:55 Cprossu so why are they painting brick like lines before painting over them?
19:55 wannabe1987 hi Yaotzin
19:55 speedrunnerG55_ 2.4 Gb
19:55 Cprossu is there some joke I am missing?
19:55 Cprossu oh snap
19:55 RageRiot just to let you know I downloaded all the video last night from 1am til 2:30 pm GMT time
19:55 Cprossu someone dropped something
19:55 LeadHead Cool
19:55 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
19:55 RageRiot is too small but alot closer than the last guss of 200
19:56 speedrunnerG55_ 2.4 Gb?
19:56 speedrunnerG55_ Oh
19:56 speedrunnerG55_ 12.4 Gb?
19:56 RageRiot closer still
19:57 speedrunnerG55_ 80.211Gb
19:57 RageRiot thats was an exsesive jump O_o
19:58 speedrunnerG55_ 8.0211Gb?
19:58 RageRiot 12 was the closest so far
19:59 speedrunnerG55_ Wait. How long did it take to download
19:59 WB1A2 oh so you actually know the total?
19:59 RageRiot from 1 AM til 2:30 PM GMT
19:59 speedrunnerG55_ 13:30 hours
19:59 RageRiot with some fluctuation but relativly smooth
19:59 speedrunnerG55_ What's your ISP type
20:00 RageRiot ADSL
20:00 speedrunnerG55_ .wiki adsl speed
20:00 BotSteve "ADSL Max is a cover term for the UK telco BT's range of commercial ADSL services that are rate-adaptive and are deployed over BT phone lines." -
20:00 RageRiot :)
20:00 speedrunnerG55_ .g adsl speed
20:00 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_:
20:00 RageRiot 1 sec
20:00 RageRiot I'll make it slightly easyer
20:01 RageRiot (517.5 KB/sec )
20:02 BotSteve masterofmonks: 15 minutes 37 seconds
20:02 Cprossu hrmm did I lose internet?
20:02 Seroster My toe hurts -.-
20:03 Cprossu I guess not... I lost the stream and youtube though
20:03 RageRiot steam on here
20:03 Cprossu I think a router at cox took a dump
20:04 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
20:04 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
20:05 wannabe1987 hi Yaotzin, SparkyStudio
20:05 RageRiot based on that speed speedrunnerG55 it gives a result thats a few gig too hight ;)
20:05 Yaotzin Hi wallbe
20:05 RageRiot high*
20:05 wannabe1987 wallbe doesn't ding, wallabe does
20:05 RageRiot name change again ?
20:05 big left #thegeekgroup
20:06 SparkyStudio Hi :) i've been online a few hours, but just noticed my irc had frozen half hour ago, so rejoined
20:06 wannabe1987 who, RageRiot
20:06 speedrunnerG55_ Lol ok
20:06 RageRiot Yaotzin calling you somthing different
20:06 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
20:07 wannabe1987 its a nickname for wannabe i guess...i'm not sure
20:07 RageRiot wannabe1987 I'm gussing thats your birth year in your name ?
20:07 speedrunnerG55_ 517.5 x 60 x 60 x 12.5
20:07 wannabe1987 yessir/ma'am
20:07 RageRiot thats calce dont make sense O_o
20:07 RageRiot calc
20:07 Yaotzin typod wallabe
20:07 Yaotzin I just woke up
20:07 Yaotzin stop hatin
20:07 wannabe1987 its ok
20:07 wannabe1987 I"M NOT HATIN
20:08 speedrunnerG55_ Why is thT
20:08 RageRiot wait
20:08 wannabe1987 nor am i haitian...
20:08 wannabe1987 haha
20:08 RageRiot sir will do thanks
20:08 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
20:08 wannabe1987 ok.  i wasn't sure...
20:08 wannabe1987 i mean, there *are* girls on the interwebs
20:08 speedrunnerG55_ ?!
20:08 RageRiot sorry speedrunnerG55
20:09 Yaotzin Hey Haiti, what's shakin
20:09 RageRiot your almost right
20:09 RageRiot with the calce
20:09 RageRiot calc*
20:09 RageRiot 517.5 x 60 x 60 x 12.5 /1024/1024
20:10 RageRiot but after calculating it that isnt the answer but it's slose
20:10 RageRiot close*
20:10 speedrunnerG55_ Why the /1024
20:10 speedrunnerG55_ Binary notation?
20:11 RageRiot 1024 KBs to a mb then to a GIG
20:11 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
20:11 Ponko92 KYLE
20:11 wannabe1987 Ponko92
20:11 speedrunnerG55_ Oh ok
20:11 wannabe1987 hi
20:12 speedrunnerG55_ 21.45 Gb?
20:12 Ponko92 hey wannabe1987 :P
20:12 wannabe1987 red's photo
20:12 wannabe1987
20:12 RageRiot nearly
20:12 speedrunnerG55_ Red FTW
20:13 RageRiot :P: (can imagine the iritation right now :P)
20:13 speedrunnerG55_ Was I right?
20:13 RageRiot nearly ,_
20:13 xanhs white? red was a good collor for the mdh
20:13 Ponko92 wannabe1987 i think i know where that is
20:13 Ponko92 fb?
20:13 speedrunnerG55_ 21.314159?
20:13 wannabe1987 yeah
20:13 Ponko92 lol
20:14 RageRiot xanhs white will make it much bright in there
20:14 speedrunnerG55_ ?
20:14 SparkyStudio It's a lab, everything has to be white :D
20:14 RageRiot jst over 19 Gb
20:14 speedrunnerG55_ 19.31415962
20:14 Ponko92 its more light reflective
20:15 wannabe1987 xanhs - it wasn't all red was red with cream and i think captainboden wants almost everything white...cuz thats what red's been paitning...everything white...
20:15 RageRiot 19,322,568
20:15 RageRiot congratz for getting so sclose
20:15 Ponko92 red's been painting the town white
20:15 xanhs i now bottom was whit
20:15 RageRiot after a masive help :P
20:16 speedrunnerG55_ I was right?
20:16 speedrunnerG55_ Wow
20:16 RageRiot 19,322,568,704 bytes
20:16 speedrunnerG55_ :d
20:16 speedrunnerG55_ :D
20:17 wannabe1987 xanhs the bottom was cream, like parts of the rest of the building...not  white
20:17 wannabe1987 i can show you a picture if you don't believe me...
20:18 xanhs i belive you
20:18 wannabe1987 ok
20:19 wannabe1987 lol tggred you turning white yet?
20:19 RageRiot speedrunnerG55 ..
20:19 RageRiot I've just realised after having a close look at some of the videos that a couple failed to download
20:19 SparkyStudio What are the wood things, something to do with basketball ? aren't those getting painted ?
20:20 speedrunnerG55_ Hi red
20:20 tggRED Yep, I'm covered in white paint.
20:20 tggRED Going back up on scaffolding now, just wanted to say hi and check in with you guys.
20:20 wannabe1987 w00t
20:20 Seroster;feature=related   nice gadget
20:21 speedrunnerG55_ So red is now pink?
20:21 mashpriborintorg Hi, red and white
20:21 mashpriborintorg :D
20:22 wannabe1987 pink went back up on her scaffolding...
20:22 speedrunnerG55_ Lol :D
20:24 Ponko92 :P lol when you thought you'd seen enough there i am again lol
20:24 Seroster Painting the MDH white?
20:24 Ponko92 funny how things like that are noticable but by few lol
20:25 RageRiot thats a good bit of kit Seroster
20:25 Ponko92 RED is painting this town white
20:25 Seroster Sure is RageRiot
20:25 Cprossu must be soviet russia
20:25 Seroster I can't figure out a pracital use for me... But I still want it
20:25 Cprossu In soviet russia, Red paints town White?!
20:25 Seroster It must have some SERIOUS damn torque
20:26 xanhs well thay did a lot in the 2.5 hours i wass gone
20:26 Seroster How stable is that scafoold? A few inches front-back on the top?
20:26 Ponko92 good and funny point there Cprossu
20:26 Seroster I think the word I was looking for was "rigid" =P
20:27 RageRiot I love how it flaskes the metal
20:28 Seroster <3
20:28 Seroster Just the oxide layer
20:29 RageRiot oh
20:29 RageRiot be nasty to get a hand trapped in their..
20:29 Seroster Or anything else =P
20:29 Seroster Imagine the art you could make with that curler thing
20:29 Seroster 1, get a rifle...
20:30 mashpriborintorg and without heating the metal, pretty cool
20:30 RageRiot yeh
20:30 Seroster I bet the metal gets toasty anyway ;P
20:30 SparkyStudio I thought the end of that video would show the completed article, a gate
20:30 RageRiot the metal must heat up to some degree with all that presure
20:31 mashpriborintorg I would like toi see the internal gearwork
20:31 RageRiot thats what I was thinking
20:31 Seroster The first one where they just twist and twist and twist, that must have taken some INSANE strenght
20:31 mashpriborintorg yes rehaeting the metal after it shoult be a good thing to release the stress
20:32 Seroster Yeah, I wouldnt want to use it for structural support after that kind of abuse=P
20:32 LeadHead What are they listening too
20:32 LeadHead to
20:33 RageRiot you couldn't anyway
20:33 Seroster Either a crappy speaker, or a crappy mike on the camera... Or a SSTMTC =P
20:33 LeadHead Song.
20:33 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
20:33 Seroster RageRiot, I've built stuff out of some rather bad materials ;P
20:34 Seroster ATM I am collecting the metal bars from printers, I'll do... Something with them.
20:34 RageRiot heh
20:34 Seroster Might make a bike from them =P
20:34 Seroster That could actually work.... :
20:34 RageRiot not a bad idea. the metal cylinder bar?
20:35 Seroster The one that the ink cartridges run on
20:35 RageRiot ye
20:35 Seroster Some got rubber coated metal bars to feed the paper too.
20:35 Cprossu good luck with your reprap?
20:35 RageRiot usuually about half a cm in thinkness depending on the printer
20:36 Seroster They are only 30cm long, but if I weld them into a triangular structure
20:36 RageRiot I have one in my hand right now :)
20:36 Seroster ...RIIGHT! ;D
20:36 mashpriborintorg in older hi-volume matrix printer  you will find bigger ones
20:36 speedrunnerG55_ Brb YouTube videos
20:36 RageRiot yeh
20:36 Cprossu look at dead plotters
20:36 Cprossu is all I can say
20:36 Seroster There are sometimes pretty nice angle irons in printers too
20:36 Cprossu and other large format printers
20:37 Seroster Thing is I get small printers from the garbage, save the bars and scrap the rest
20:37 LeadHead Heh
20:37 LeadHead Seagate bought Samsung's Harddrive division
20:38 mashpriborintorg anyway, even new these printers are aready crap
20:38 chunks joined #thegeekgroup
20:38 Seroster Smaller printers I can carry home with ease, but if it is so big that I need a dolly to move it....
20:38 LeadHead Maybe that will help balance out for buying Maxtor
20:38 Cprossu maxtor drives have been much more reliable than they ever used to be
20:38 Seroster All printers look, feel and smell the same inside.
20:38 mashpriborintorg One day I did find a large photocopier in the street, i picked it up in the car trunk
20:38 Cprossu since they became rebadged seagates =P
20:38 LeadHead Yeah, because they're rebadged seagates now
20:38 Seroster EXCEPT for HP! Those fuckers are ALWAYS full of snaplock plastic CRAP
20:39 LeadHead Seagate reliability took a huge dump when they bought Maxtor
20:39 Cprossu nah
20:39 LeadHead and shifted most of their drive manufacturing to china
20:39 Cprossu WD did
20:39 Cprossu I don�t think I�ve been able to trust any samsung from 400mb up to today as far as I could throw it
20:39 Cprossu true story
20:39 mashpriborintorg Then, came the moment to unload it... omg, I had to dissasemble it in the car, it wa so heavy ! Never unterstood how I managed to load it up :
20:40 LeadHead There was even a point where Seagates Singapore made drives were tangibly better than the same model drive made from the China factory
20:40 Seroster Why do they paint a brick pattern on the wall?
20:40 Cprossu do they still have the thailand factory?
20:40 Seroster Or is that a filler over the actual mortar in the wall?
20:40 Cprossu I�ve never had an issue with thailand drives
20:40 LeadHead Dunno, my last Seagate drive (320GB) was made in china
20:40 LeadHead my first seagate (80 GB, IDE) was made in Singapore
20:40 SparkyStudio The mortar joints are recessed, so they paint them first, then the roller covers the rest
20:41 Cprossu all the 2tb baracuda 7200�s I�ve installed in my buddies media center (4 of them) have all been from thailand
20:41 LeadHead Must be a newer factory
20:41 Cprossu and I�m debating about adding 5 more if he manages to use that up
20:41 mashpriborintorg what's a lot of Tb
20:41 Cprossu I think I�ll try the 5900�s now that they�ve got the read performance up a bit
20:42 Cprossu he�s got like ~ 400 dvd�s on it already
20:42 LeadHead Meh, Samsung drives honestly seem to have about the best reliability these days
20:42 Cprossu last samsung I tried was 1tb
20:42 mashpriborintorg well, let's say the less bad reliability
20:42 Cprossu and I bought it because $40 seemed cheap at the time
20:42 Cprossu it pooped out in 2 months with light use =(
20:42 LeadHead WD's drives are slipping, and Seagate had HUGE issues with their 1.0-1.5TB drives
20:43 LeadHead and still continues to have issues
20:43 Cprossu yeah they�ve had
20:43 Cprossu I�d still take a seagate
20:43 Cprossu as I�ve slapped 100�s of them in rigs without issue
20:43 Cprossu even the 1.5�s
20:43 mashpriborintorg okn bed time, see ya
20:43 Toastdude bye
20:43 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
20:43 Cprossu I still like hitachi�s laptop hdd�s though
20:44 Cprossu despite their desktop drives being junk
20:44 Cprossu (I�ll still take a hitachi over a wd)
20:44 LeadHead Basically anything above 1TB in seagates lineup gets pretty bad reviews, especially their 5900 series
20:44 Cprossu they�ve at least fixed the coating on glass platter technique
20:44 RageRiot I used to get maxtor drives but now I buy Western digital
20:44 Cprossu so it seems to work nice
20:45 RageRiot my recent purchased was 1 1TB WD
20:45 Cprossu WD for me has always been <1 year or 3+ years for me
20:45 Cprossu with the former usually being the point
20:45 Cprossu their RMA service is rather nice though
20:45 Cprossu but.......... I hate RMA�ing hdd�s
20:45 Cprossu and wd�s laptop dirves.... absolute garbage
20:45 LeadHead Seagate should have never have bought Maxtor
20:46 RageRiot I think everyone hates RMA'ing anything
20:46 LeadHead Maxtor should have just died the death they deserved
20:46 Cprossu I hate how wd drives will fail and pass their diagnostics with flying colors
20:46 RageRiot lol
20:46 Cprossu I don�t know. I have good memories of microscribe drives
20:46 Cprossu despite how shitty they were
20:46 Cprossu they at least made cool noise
20:46 Cprossu *miniscribe
20:47 Cprossu it was miniscribe
20:47 Cprossu I think the coolest non-big hdd maker though was microscience international
20:47 Cprossu their hdd�s kicked ass
20:48 LeadHead its funny because later Maxtor drives
20:48 LeadHead were known for making cool noises too
20:48 LeadHead - when they broke
20:48 LeadHead;feature=related
20:48 Cprossu yeah I know
20:48 Cprossu that was intentional too
20:48 Cprossu whir bee beeeee beeeee beee ZZZZZZZZZZZT
20:48 Cprossu right?
20:48 Seroster Anyone know why they paint a brick pattern in the stream?
20:48 LeadHead yeh
20:48 Seroster For fun or for reason?
20:48 LeadHead To get the gaps
20:49 SparkyStudio Seroster, pay attention, i said above :P
20:49 Cprossu hahahahah
20:49 Cprossu;feature=related
20:49 Seroster Ah
20:49 Seroster Thanks sparky =)
20:49 SparkyStudio The mortar is recessed
20:49 Cprossu best hdd fail noise ever
20:49 LeadHead that PWM drive
20:49 LeadHead is trying as hard as it can
20:49 LeadHead lol
20:50 Cprossu I think the most disheartening noise was the click of death from the IBM deathstars....deskstars
20:50 Cprossu that they sold off to hitache
20:50 Cprossu *i
20:50 Seroster Lol
20:50 Cprossu I had a 30gb 75gxp that went south
20:50 Cprossu man it was such a fast drive too
20:51 RageRiot since I got my new HDD I've taken one of my older 320 GB drive out ( clean it down ) and put it into my external enclosure. useful for trasfering or watching things on the PS3 or just so I can take files to friends hhouses
20:51 Seroster Wouldnt it be easier to spraypaint? ;P
20:51 Cprossu
20:51 Cprossu ^god
20:51 Cprossu nightmares
20:51 LeadHead I've got Windows 7 installed on an old SCSI 160 73GB 10,000 RPM IBM
20:52 SparkyStudio Yeah, i thought it could be sprayed, but would need an empty room, could mess things up otherwise.
20:52 Cprossu those were aluminum platters on their scsi�s
20:52 LeadHead because it's actually faster than my 320GB SATA seagate
20:52 Cprossu so they are fine most likely
20:52 SparkyStudio a powered pad system  would be quicker too
20:52 LeadHead despite the seagate being 5-6 years newer
20:52 Cprossu I still have some ultra160 seagate cheetah x15�s
20:53 Cprossu but they are damn small size
20:53 LeadHead My drive that holds all my steam games
20:53 LeadHead is an Ultra 160 Cheetah 10K
20:53 LeadHead 73GB
20:53 LeadHead its a full-height drive
20:53 LeadHead 12 platters
20:53 Cprossu nice
20:53 Cprossu I remember back in the day
20:53 LeadHead You turn off the computer, leave the room for a few seconds, come back
20:53 Cprossu I felt so cool
20:53 LeadHead and those 12 platters are still spinning down
20:53 Cprossu to be running ultra wide scsi
20:53 Cprossu I had 5 drives by the end of it
20:54 LeadHead It's actually a PITA, because if I do a quick powercycle
20:54 Cprossu and I actually have a soundclip of it somewhere
20:54 LeadHead the Adaptec card has to wait for the drive to spin all the way down
20:54 LeadHead and spin all the way back up again
20:54 LeadHead before intializing
20:54 Cprossu I disabled that
20:54 Cprossu on mine
20:54 xanhs is the paint fluorecent?
20:54 Cprossu back on my old rig though
20:54 Cprossu I ran an Adaptec 2040uw card
20:54 Cprossu *2940uw
20:54 Cprossu those cards were BULLET PROOF
20:55 LeadHead I think thats what I have
20:55 Cprossu I think they could survive a nuclear emp wave
20:55 LeadHead Its a PCI-X card
20:55 LeadHead but its shoved in a regular PCI slot
20:55 LeadHead works fine
20:55 LeadHead :-P
20:55 Cprossu no you have the ultra160 version of it
20:55 Cprossu I�m talking the old version
20:55 jeremy-r joined #thegeekgroup
20:55 xanhs i see a contest taek a card to the range and shoot at it place a vid on youtube please
20:55 LeadHead Oh, I have the old version too
20:55 LeadHead it has an ultra wide port on it
20:56 Cprossu
20:56 LeadHead yup
20:56 LeadHead have one of those
20:56 Cprossu ^ this was the most bulletproof scsi card ever made imo
20:56 chunks is now known as chunks[away]
20:56 LeadHead the card in my computer right now has two Ultra 160 internal ports
20:56 LeadHead and two external
20:56 Cprossu I�ve got a few of those too
20:56 Cprossu nice cards
20:57 SparkyStudio I wonder how long this disc took to wind dwn
20:57 LeadHead What's nifty is 15GB U320 drives are now becoming economical on ebay
20:57 Cprossu although I must say this computer�s been content with it�s 750gb seagate 7200.11 since I built the damn thing 3 years ago
20:57 LeadHead as are U320 PCI-E SCSI cards
20:57 LeadHead so I may be upgrading
20:57 LeadHead **15K RPM
20:57 Cprossu I wonder what my steam folder�s up to now
20:57 Cprossu gig wise
20:57 LeadHead mines as 63GB
20:57 LeadHead *mines at
20:58 LeadHead and I don't have CS1.6, CS:CZ installed
20:58 Cprossu be right back then I�ll tell you
20:58 Cprossu I don�t even own cs:cz
20:59 Cprossu that and it�s sequal are like the 2 valve games I don�t own
21:00 Cprossu I so miss cs 1.3 though
21:00 jeremy-r mines only 32GB
21:00 Cprossu anyone here remember CS 1.3?
21:00 jeremy-r nope
21:00 Cprossu it was awesome
21:00 Cprossu you could snipe a whole map with the TMP
21:00 jeremy-r lol
21:01 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
21:01 Cprossu my steam folder is taking a long time to read the size of, I just passed 114gb
21:02 jeremy-r i only have 5 of my games installed
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21:02 Seroster My foot still hurts!
21:02 Cprossu while it counts I am taking a snack break lol
21:02 jeremy-r k
21:04 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
21:05 jeremy-r they should leave that on the wall of the mdh
21:06 RageRiot my steam folder is 94 Gb
21:06 RageRiot I've not used steam must for a while now
21:06 Cprossu 134GB
21:06 wannabe1987;feature=player_embedded
21:07 exor674 wannabe1987: lol wut?
21:07 wannabe1987 :shrug:
21:08 jeremy-r (@Cprossu) nice, i wonder what mine would be if i instaled my other 17 games
21:08 Cprossu
21:09 Cprossu rofl I remember reinstalling everything august 2009
21:09 Cprossu that really sucked
21:09 Cprossu (on steam that is)
21:10 jeremy-r
21:10 Cprossu by game library will not fit in one window
21:10 Cprossu *my
21:10 jeremy-r lol
21:11 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
21:12 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
21:12 Ponko92 wait is someone playing Portal 2?
21:12 Cprossu I really need someone to try the co-op with
21:13 Cprossu that game was fun.
21:13 Cprossu I enjoyed the single player
21:13 jeremy-r yes
21:13 wannabe1987 jeremy-r are you jeremys_?
21:13 Ponko92 what game can i hear someone play?
21:13 jeremy-r no
21:13 Cprossu did you complete the single player yet, jeremy-r?
21:13 jeremy-r no
21:13 wannabe1987 ok...just checking
21:14 Cprossu I just need to make sure I don�t let any spoilers out xD
21:14 Ponko92 lol i think i see RED on the wall
21:14 jeremy-r im up to chapter 17
21:15 Cprossu (wonders when that was)
21:15 SparkyPojects red on a red wall :P
21:15 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
21:15 jeremy-r lol
21:15 Ponko92 like the space ship on HHGTG
21:16 MrEarp left #thegeekgroup
21:16 Ponko92 HHGTTG
21:16 Ponko92 Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy
21:16 * Cprossu *tune from the TV series goes through his head*
21:16 Ponko92 lol
21:16 wannabe1987 42
21:17 SparkyPojects you mean the 'S.S. Heart of Gold' ?
21:17 Ponko92 NOO the other one
21:17 karmicthreat left #thegeekgroup
21:17 Ponko92 the Disaster Area ship
21:17 Cprossu all I know is that it�s important to warm the tea first if you wanted it to work right
21:18 Ponko92 oh no a REALLY HOT cup of tea
21:18 Cprossu wow jitter
21:18 Ponko92 lol
21:19 Ponko92 where?
21:19 Cprossu I was yelling it just so things would get fixed
21:19 tggmastercontrol what?
21:19 Cprossu see they got fixed =P
21:19 wannabe1987 lol
21:19 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
21:20 Cprossu camera on mdh was having a frame jitter.. it wanted to pull up but it�s fine now
21:20 mman454 Hey guys.
21:20 Cprossu tggmastercontrol: look now... nm
21:20 mman454 Someone was probably leaning on the stand
21:20 tggmastercontrol I saw it
21:20 Cprossu no it�s a signal thing
21:20 mman454 Ah, I'm just opening the stram now.
21:21 wannabe1987 hi boss
21:21 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
21:21 Cprossu everything seems fine until I say something heh
21:21 mman454 Hi wannabe1987! How are you today?
21:21 wannabe1987 good...
21:21 wannabe1987 i was told to torrent fast five...
21:21 wannabe1987 they all seem a bit *iffy* tho...
21:22 Ponko92 FOCUS lol
21:22 Ponko92 had to say it
21:22 wannabe1987 where!?
21:22 wannabe1987 i don't have focus...i need my ritalin for that...srsly guys
21:22 Cprossu I�ve never undestood the appeal to the fast & furious movies, could someone explain this?
21:22 karmicthreat joined #thegeekgroup
21:22 mman454 tggmastercontrol Is it possible for us to get a quick flip through the cameras connected to the console, and then go back to this one?
21:22 wannabe1987 Cprossu i like cars...and i like to laugh at ricers
21:23 Cprossu wannabe1987: that�s why I bought a 1989 turbo dodge caravan
21:23 Ponko92 man have i pissed everyone off because NOBODY seems to want to talk to me i don't mean on here btw
21:23 Cprossu mainly the laughing at ricers part though
21:23 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
21:23 mman454 "Man everyone seems to be avoiding the fuck out of me today."
21:24 * Cprossu avoids mman454
21:24 wannabe1987 lol
21:24 wannabe1987 ponko...what?! :(
21:24 mman454 That was a very quick remark.
21:24 wannabe1987 who
21:24 wannabe1987 what
21:24 wannabe1987 why
21:24 wannabe1987 ...
21:24 * mman454 smacks cprossu for being a smart ass
21:24 Cprossu lol
21:25 wannabe1987 tis place has been semi dead today...
21:25 Bat-Mobile party just started - I'm here
21:25 Bat-Mobile (:
21:25 mman454 That tends to happen when you have 22 people watching paint dry.
21:25 mman454 .stream
21:25 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
21:25 Cprossu well... until someone eats lightning instead of painting it�ll probably pick up
21:25 Cprossu *it probably won�t pick up
21:25 wannabe1987 lol @ bats
21:25 Cprossu damn I�m tired
21:26 wannabe1987 what time is it by you (and day)...
21:26 Cprossu I welded together an engine run stand today
21:27 Cprossu and rebuilt a Lincoln AC 225 welder to do my bidding
21:27 Cprossu (damn thing had corrosion everywhere)
21:27 Cprossu I�m so glad we have a glass bead machine there
21:27 Cprossu I was pretty stoked to see that the electrode holder was made out of copper (before you couldn�t tell)
21:28 wannabe1987 how do you rebuild it if its all corroded?
21:28 Cprossu taking it apart and cleaning the connections
21:28 Ponko92 wannabe1987 its people on fb and all that i say hi and no reply and its been more than an hour since i said it
21:28 Ponko92 lol
21:28 Cprossu it�s not like it was left out in the middle west
21:28 wannabe1987 HELLO!!!! *waves furiously*
21:29 Cprossu this is Arizona
21:29 Cprossu so it�s not like the damn thing rusted to pieces
21:29 wannabe1987 *this* is michigan...
21:29 Cprossu despite being stored outside
21:29 wannabe1987 see...i have different views on corrosion then...
21:29 Cprossu *in this case it was in arizona*
21:29 WB1A2 The level of fail in this is staggering:
21:29 Cprossu so what I meant was all the exposed copper was tarnished to the point of not looking like copper anymore
21:30 wannabe1987 ooo ok
21:31 mman454 Its when the copper turns a nice green that it looks really cool.
21:31 jeremy-r left #thegeekgroup
21:31 RageRiot roflmfao at that tube video
21:31 Cprossu this actually tuned a .... black color
21:31 RageRiot what a dipstick
21:31 mman454 Mabey not on a welder because of bad contacts, but on siding.
21:31 mman454 cprossu It will eventually turn green
21:31 Cprossu mman454: the presence of acid helps
21:32 SparkyPojects Copper turning green is called 'Verdigris'
21:33 Cprossu anyway I cleaned all the contacts up, cleaned the inside of the machine, cut the wire to expose some nice stuff, took apart and bead blasted the electrode holder and ground clamp, put it all together
21:33 Cprossu and it ran nice bead
21:33 Cprossu so I was happy!
21:33 Cprossu
21:33 Cprossu ^ ours looks like that one, only older
21:33 Ponko92 It is such a bizarrely improbable coincidence that anything so mindboggingly useful could have evolved purely by chance that some thinkers have chosen to see it as the final and clinching proof of the non-existence of God.
21:33 mman454 There was a house on the main street close to downtown where I live that had all copper rain gutters. They turned all green. Man that sure looked nice.
21:34 Cprossu no one wanted to touch it because... we had a mig after all =P
21:35 Cprossu
21:35 Cprossu ^ that looks about right
21:35 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
21:35 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
21:35 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
21:36 Cprossu buzz boxes rock =D
21:38 wannabe1987 lol
21:38 wannabe1987 my housemates fail
21:39 Ponko92 So this is it.......
21:39 Ponko92 we're going to die
21:40 Cprossu 100% you know
21:45 Ponko92 You'd better prepare yourself for the jump into hyperspace. It's unpleasantly like being drunk. What's so unpleasant about being drunk? You ask a glass of water.
21:46 RageRiot going to install my new router. may not come back, got work in morning
21:46 mman454 Hello CaptainBoden
21:46 RageRiot if I dont return nn
21:47 Cprossu he�s not really there to my knowledge, just his internet cut out and xchat rejoined when it came back up
21:47 mman454 oh
21:47 mman454 That's been happening quite a bit at the lab recently.
21:47 Cprossu I have a feeling after this some people are going to take week long naps
21:48 RageRiot left #thegeekgroup
21:48 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
21:51 torpid left #thegeekgroup
21:53 torpid joined #thegeekgroup
22:00 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
22:00 BigTank are they all gone?
22:00 Ponko92 having a break is my guess
22:01 Ponko92 too early for home time lol
22:01 tggRED I'm ready for a nap.
22:01 Cprossu poor red =(
22:01 Cprossu btw nice brick patterns
22:02 tggRED thansk.
22:03 BigTank on the update, i saw many cameras and MANY monitors, could they pontntialy get every camera hooked up, around the labs, and fed into master control. then have someone sitting at master control, switching cameras when there is activity? or motion detecting? I dont know, just a thought
22:03 tggRED That's what the plan is, BigTank
22:04 BigTank oh...ha...well, i am clairvoyant i guess ;)
22:04 BigTank or i just missed them say it somwhere
22:04 tggRED maybe.
22:05 BigTank i would absolutely love to come over and help u guys with that, but alas, i am in Seattle, and do not have the funds...
22:05 tggRED Dude, I love seattle. I should come to you.
22:05 tggRED lolz.
22:06 Ponko92 lol hey red
22:06 BigTank YES! that would be awesome
22:06 tggRED lol.
22:06 tggRED What would you do with me there? hehe.
22:06 tggRED Hi Ponky.
22:06 Ponko92 ooooooo red ;) lol
22:07 BigTank Well not exactly seattle, about 15mi south, a city called Kent, i just use Seattle, it's more relatable to out o towners
22:07 BigTank oh uh take you out on the town, cheesecake factory, then a movie of your choice
22:08 BigTank not neccsisarily in that order...
22:08 Ponko92 lol
22:09 BigTank or we couold stay in and play with my vintage occilioscope and noise generater...
22:10 Ponko92 hmmm i detect a hint of innuendo there ;) lol
22:10 BigTank XD
22:10 Ponko92 but thats me :P
22:11 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
22:11 BigTank is red even still here? or do i scense embarrasment?
22:11 exor674 left #thegeekgroup
22:11 Ponko92 lol she's probably busy mate
22:11 BigTank oh god liz... good thing u joined NOW lol
22:11 tggRED sorry.
22:11 tggRED I'm here.
22:11 tggRED I was eating lunch
22:12 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
22:12 WB1A2 lunch? isnt it like 6 there?
22:12 BigTank now worries Red, u do know about the cheescake factory right?
22:12 BigTank did u see what i said?
22:12 tggRED fine, dinner.
22:12 WB1A2 :P
22:12 tggRED I ate for the first time today. call it what you may.
22:12 tggRED and yes, that sounds like fun.
22:12 tggRED what about the cheescake factory?
22:13 BigTank It's awesome, great steaks...
22:13 jdbmanalo joined #thegeekgroup
22:13 WB1A2 an odd thing to be proficient at considering the name of the place.
22:14 Ponko92 i immediately think of the TV Show The Big Bang Theory
22:14 tggRED Om nom nom.
22:14 BigTank ya well there strongsuit is Cheescakes... natturally
22:14 BigTank google it if u havent heard of it, i think its local... not sure
22:14 BigTank PEOPLE
22:15 WB1A2 Yeah I know there's one here in San Diego.
22:15 tggRED People?
22:15 BigTank what genre of movies do u like Red?
22:15 BigTank oh somone walked in front of the camera
22:16 tggRED I like all movies except for horror/gore becuase I  don't do well with blood or anything of the sort.
22:16 WB1A2 Movement!? O_O
22:16 tggRED Comedy and mystery are my favorite.
22:16 tggRED I also love musicals and plays.
22:16 tggRED best show ever, rocky horror pictures show.
22:17 BigTank same here, I am comedy, sci-fi and mystery. basically mind-fuck movies, ones that get u thinking
22:17 BigTank YES! RHPS is the best!
22:18 tggRED <3
22:18 BigTank but i am also a metal head, i recently got tickets for Systemof a Down, Slayer/Rob Zombie and the Mayhem fest
22:20 Ponko92 O_O RHPS
22:21 BigTank yezzur!
22:21 BigTank CAPTAIN!
22:21 Ponko92 put your hands on your hips
22:21 Ponko92 RED
22:22 BigTank *sigh* i think im in love...... lol
22:22 Ponko92 lol ;)
22:22 Ponko92 if i was single you'd have some competition lol
22:22 wannabe1987 ...
22:22 wannabe1987 Ponko92 - time warp?  RHPS?
22:23 BigTank not ha ha, thing is, im recently single... as of friday
22:23 Ponko92 oh HAI Wannabe1987
22:23 wannabe1987 and BigTank why r u in love
22:23 Ponko92 because he loves RED
22:23 wannabe1987 ...
22:23 wannabe1987 how old is he?
22:23 BigTank havent u been watching the stream?
22:23 BigTank well im 26
22:23 wannabe1987 BigTank my computer doesn't behave when i watch the stream
22:23 Cprossu BigTank: their plain cheescake sucks lol
22:23 Ponko92 ah i'm near enough her age lol
22:23 jdbmanalo someone needs to move the camera
22:23 Ponko92 19
22:24 Ponko92 i hears a Steve
22:24 BigTank ah... its now creepy... hahaha
22:24 Ponko92 lol
22:24 Ponko92 you didn't know did you lol
22:24 wannabe1987 ... BigTank you're too old :P
22:24 wannabe1987 :nods:
22:24 BigTank and yes, their plain ones do indeed suck, but the mint chocolate truffle is to DIE for...
22:24 * Cprossu ponders the thought of ordering a cheescake from shapiros in Indiana
22:25 jdbmanalo still requesting camera movement...
22:25 WB1A2 I agree, time to move it.
22:25 BigTank im am not to old... i think... i hope? *sounding desperate*
22:25 Ponko92 lol ;)
22:25 Ponko92 its cool
22:25 Cprossu I don�t know, who makes the best cheesecake anyway
22:25 Ponko92 she is subject to alot of male fans
22:25 jdbmanalo cheesecake factory
22:25 Cprossu nah
22:26 WB1A2 I like the ones Costco sells.
22:26 wannabe1987 lol yes she is...poor tggRED
22:26 Cprossu They are pretty tasty I�ll give you that WB1A2
22:26 tggRED what is she?
22:26 BigTank honestly, i would have to say Burien Bakery, a small hole-in-the-wall bakery up here
22:26 Ponko92 i am a gentleman and i try to keep it to a minimum and i'm engaged so no fun with anyone but her but OH boy its fun
22:26 Ponko92 idk how i've coped 8 months to see her again
22:27 wannabe1987 how long till you get to DARbee?
22:27 Cprossu I hate how some people making cheesecake have the tendancy to marinate the whole damn thing in lemon juice
22:27 Ponko92 she's coming down here now
22:27 wannabe1987 o really
22:27 tggRED ....I'm sooo confused. lol
22:27 Ponko92 yeah i got my money back
22:27 BigTank I LIKE CHOCLATE MILK......
22:27 jdbmanalo lovely
22:27 BigTank XD sorry
22:28 tggRED I don't understand.
22:28 Thewhite joined #thegeekgroup
22:28 wannabe1987 chocolate milk and peppermint shncapps is good :D
22:28 BigTank i just had to say that, cause i have a glass of it right in front of me
22:28 wannabe1987 don't worry tggRED
22:28 tggRED lol.
22:28 wannabe1987 you have people hitting on you
22:28 tggRED I'm so confused.
22:28 tggRED since when?
22:28 wannabe1987 lol
22:28 tggRED Why would they hit on me?
22:29 wannabe1987 cuz you're hott
22:29 wannabe1987 :nods:
22:29 BigTank i am not only hitting on you, i am respectfully stating that i have a highschool crush on you lol...
22:29 Ponko92 oh she's not hot.... shes a very beautiful women
22:29 BigTank haha
22:29 Ponko92 yeah see i'm a gentleman
22:29 wannabe1987 or that
22:30 wannabe1987 i'm not a guy, nor am i bi, so i don't really know
22:30 Ponko92 lol
22:30 tggRED (blushes_
22:30 Ponko92 i treat women with respect they deserve if there bitches they ain't getting shit from me
22:31 BigTank Red, your in good hands lol
22:31 wannabe1987 o.O
22:31 Cprossu (damn irc is scary sometimes)
22:31 Ponko92 yes i agree
22:31 wannabe1987 lol
22:31 Bat-Mobile Cprossu I just pretend that they're all bots instead of actual people typing these things.  Try it - it helps
22:31 BigTank im the old fashioned, hold the door, dinner and a movie, single white rose on valentines day kind of guy
22:31 tggRED lol
22:32 Cprossu For all I know you coded all those bots, why would that make me more at ease, Bat-Mobile?
22:32 Cprossu xD
22:32 tggRED I'm still all blushy over here :hides in corner:
22:32 Thewhite left #thegeekgroup
22:32 BigTank my ear is always open and my shoulder is made of tissue paper
22:33 jdbmanalo my knee is made of titanium.
22:33 Bat-Mobile /kick BigTank
22:33 Bat-Mobile (:
22:33 BigTank :(
22:33 BigTank lol
22:33 Bat-Mobile it was the tissue paper line
22:33 Cprossu My knee is made of jello... piece of shit
22:34 BigTank haha, meaning that if she wants to cry, yell, vent, or just talk, i am here :)
22:34 tggRED lolz.
22:34 jdbmanalo there are alot af peices of my body that has random metal crap in it.
22:34 Cprossu and I�m convinced my back is made out of rice crispy treats with all the noises it makes when I move
22:34 BigTank my neck has a drum kit in it....
22:35 jdbmanalo ME 2
22:35 Cprossu my neck�s got a built in muscle knitting system
22:35 Cprossu it makes them into knots that are devilishly hard to undo
22:35 tggRED ouchie
22:36 BigTank HAHAHA the ad that just popped up on the stream is "UTAH Adult Fat Camp"....idk whay i thought that was funny, and ironic
22:36 MrEarp joined #thegeekgroup
22:36 jdbmanalo wow...
22:36 Cprossu I can see 1/2 a million ways that comment could be taken out of context
22:37 tggRED Time for a nap. Would anyone notice if i just passed out and didn't finish painting/?
22:37 Cprossu why utah though?
22:37 BigTank ya well im not exactly small (@ 351lbs) so i thougt it was funny/ironic for me
22:37 Cprossu tggRED: just put a white tarp over it, no one will notice
22:37 BigTank well u havent been painting for a while so...
22:38 Seroster Did I mention the pain located in my toe?
22:38 BigTank ya go to sleep :)
22:39 jdbmanalo i'm missing a toe...
22:39 tggRED ouch
22:39 Cprossu I like paint sprayers, 100x the mess, 1/10th the time if done right
22:39 Seroster sweet, jdbmanalo, wich one?
22:39 tggRED I know, right?
22:39 tggRED chris said that we just haven't got one yet.
22:39 tggRED he'll get one when i'm done painting
22:39 tggRED jeeerrrrkkk
22:39 Seroster Lol RED
22:39 BigTank haha
22:40 jdbmanalo my left little toe
22:40 Cprossu I have one here that�s got a 3 gallon hopper, but it�s no use to you here =(
22:40 BigTank i could help painnt if i was there
22:40 jdbmanalo wow red
22:40 Seroster You have a compressor but not a paint gun? Wtf.
22:40 tggRED wow what?
22:40 Seroster Any fun story behind it, jdbmanalo?
22:40 Cprossu you know I thought
22:40 Cprossu I saw someone with an airless sprayer
22:40 Cprossu at one point
22:40 Cprossu in some video
22:40 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
22:40 RageRiot left #thegeekgroup
22:41 jdbmanalo wow to your paintgun comments
22:41 tggRED hehe
22:41 jdbmanalo about the toe, i dropped an old fridge on it when i me nd a buddie were moving it.
22:41 tggRED all right guys. gonna go paint again.
22:41 tggRED I'll talk to you soon.
22:42 BigTank no nap? lol
22:42 Seroster NICE!
22:42 Seroster Crushed and amputated or instantly amputated?
22:42 Cprossu what the fuck?
22:42 Cprossu
22:42 Cprossu how can it be a �air compressor/pain sprayer�
22:42 jdbmanalo i broke 3 of them, that one had to mbe amputated.
22:42 Cprossu *paint
22:43 Seroster Fuck mate =P
22:43 jdbmanalo lol
22:43 jdbmanalo hurt like hell.
22:43 BigTank hahaha air compressor & PAIN sparayer... i like that
22:43 Seroster My foot almost went the same way this saturday
22:43 Cprossu likely
22:43 Seroster Dropped a piece of a HAKI scaffol on it
22:43 jdbmanalo eek
22:43 Seroster Five meter long pipe
22:44 Seroster And it landed with one of the hooks dead center on my big toe =P
22:44 jdbmanalo ow...
22:44 BigTank yes! C-lo
22:44 jdbmanalo GNARLES BARKLEY
22:44 Seroster So... The toe is broken, the nail might fall off and it's all a nice dark blue
22:45 cctoide was reading the discussion about hard drives up there
22:45 BigTank no, not gnarles, he is C-LO Green
22:45 cctoide I can't recall if Kidwell and Chris were planning on doing anything else with those ancient hard drives they took apart
22:45 cctoide didn't they want to do the suitcase with two gyroscopes?
22:45 Cprossu cctoide: they never got an MFM hard drive did they?
22:45 jdbmanalo probly will
22:46 Seroster Yep they did  cctoide
22:46 jdbmanalo they just haven't got aroud to it.'
22:46 Cprossu because I finally got a spare... although I�ll be sad to give it up as all the ones I have are in working condition
22:47 cctoide how many did they replace the platters on?
22:47 cctoide eh, time to watch that video again I guess
22:48 Seroster They made that one platter from hell
22:48 Seroster Should have used some glue IMO
22:48 Seroster Think it was a total of 35 discs per drive
22:48 cctoide aw, the Geek Group Projects blueprint intro
22:48 jdbmanalo hey bigtank, did you watch the vid i linked last night?
22:48 cctoide I miss that one, it sounded a bit like Deep Note...
22:48 BigTank no i i didnt get the link
22:48 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
22:48 Seroster God damn my foot hurts xD
22:49 jdbmanalo damn
22:49 Seroster Yes, Whining makes it feel better. =P
22:49 cctoide hm
22:50 cctoide they could build a "ring launcher" out of a hard drive
22:50 Seroster Eh
22:50 cctoide just need to build something into it to disengage the ring from the spindle
22:50 BigTank what is it jbmanlo?
22:50 Seroster I doubt that
22:50 Seroster The discs are SUCH a tight fit to the spindle, they would have to go up 100% straight
22:50 wannabe1987 .
22:51 BigTank .
22:51 Seroster ,
22:51 BigTank >
22:51 Seroster FUCK! I ruined it!
22:51 BigTank >>>>>>>
22:51 cctoide they sure made a lot of long videos in that basement
22:51 Seroster I love the august update vid
22:51 Seroster That is the one that made me carry ballchain x
22:52 Cprossu what the hell did I miss?
22:52 * wannabe1987 has started drinking wahoo!
22:52 BigTank ccc-combo breaker
22:52 jdbmanalo
22:52 cctoide and Chris saying "platins"
22:53 Seroster He does, I don't =P
22:54 cctoide Don't think they ever let the modified one spin up fully, did they...
22:54 exor674 joined #thegeekgroup
22:54 Seroster Why not?
22:55 BigTank »
22:55 BigTank á
22:55 Seroster ��� ���?
22:55 BigTank
22:55 wannabe1987 hi exor674
22:56 BigTank
22:56 BigTank ▲  ▲
22:56 BigTank damn
22:56 BigTank
22:57 BigTank ▲  ▲
22:57 Bat-Mobile triforce?
22:57 BigTank
22:57 BigTank ▲ ▲
22:57 BigTank :)
22:57 BigTank Y U NO STREAM?
22:57 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
22:59 SparkyPojects Steve messing with the video feed again i guess
22:59 BigTank ███▓▓▓▒▒▒░░░
23:00 BigTank i like the music tho
23:00 mman454 big tank how
23:00 mman454 how'd you do that?
23:01 BigTank alt codes, (alt+178) is ▓
23:01 Cprossu poop
23:02 BigTank what is ¼ of ½?
23:02 Cprossu .c .25*.5
23:02 BotSteve 0.125
23:02 Bat-Mobile .wa 1/4th of 1/2
23:02 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: mman454 on Captain's Blog: AV Shelving and Joe brings toys
23:02 BotSteve 1\/4&times;1\/2;1\/8;0.125
23:03 BigTank 1/16
23:03 BigTank but yes lol
23:04 BigTank YES
23:04 Cprossu steve, looks better
23:04 Ponko92 DAMN steeve
23:04 Cprossu less flickery for now
23:04 Ponko92 made me jump
23:04 SparkyPojects I see white and RED
23:04 BigTank steve, yell at read, tell her to say hi to me Big Tank
23:04 Cprossu I don�t see red there,
23:04 Cprossu xD
23:04 BigTank Yell at RED not read
23:04 Ponko92 is it me or does that look lik a house with the white lines on there?
23:04 BigTank she is painting
23:04 CaptainBoden Steve, your mic's a little hot
23:05 Ponko92 yeah down a notch
23:05 CaptainBoden how's the cable project going?
23:05 Cprossu you know you like it, CaptainBoden
23:05 Cprossu hey has anyone donated an mfm drive for you guys to take apart yet?
23:05 BigTank
23:05 BigTank ▲ ▲
23:05 CaptainBoden no, they haven't
23:05 Cprossu I�ve gotten a couple in, all functional sadly
23:06 BigTank ahh cprossu with the combo braker
23:06 Cprossu hrmm it�s 4:05 I wonder if my old electronics place is still open
23:06 Cprossu (calls)
23:06 BigTank hi captain, i was hitting on red earlyer... lol
23:07 BigTank
23:07 BigTank ▼ ▼
23:07 BigTank wait...
23:08 Bat-Mobile Always bet on Duke!
23:08 BigTank YES!
23:08 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
23:09 Cprossu CaptainBoden: I�ll look for the biggest narliest drive I can find for you guys
23:09 Cprossu I�m hoping to score a 5 megger
23:10 Cprossu hopefully a seagate st-506 or similar
23:10 CaptainBoden That would be awesome :)
23:10 CaptainBoden brb, editing
23:10 BigTank yay red!
23:10 BigTank lol
23:10 BigTank im not creepy i swear!!! lol
23:11 wannabe1987 yes you are
23:11 Cprossu if you take off the �I�m creepy!� t-shirt it�ll help your case
23:11 BigTank haha...
23:12 InteliWasp left #thegeekgroup
23:13 InteliWasp joined #thegeekgroup
23:14 BigTank yay for pumkins
23:14 nick joined #thegeekgroup
23:15 nick is now known as Guest32834
23:15 mman454-away is now known as mman454
23:15 mman454 guest32834 Please identify yourself.
23:16 MrEarp left #thegeekgroup
23:16 Seroster Huh?
23:16 BigTank smashing pumpkins
23:17 Guest32834 left #thegeekgroup
23:17 robotfish joined #thegeekgroup
23:17 mman454 What was that?
23:18 mman454 Did someone walk on the celing?
23:18 wannabe1987 yes
23:18 wannabe1987 spiderman
23:19 robotfish left #thegeekgroup
23:19 mman454 the geek group doesn't have a spiderman, we have a batman
23:19 wannabe1987 we have superman too
23:19 wannabe1987 idk where spidypig came from sorry
23:20 * wannabe1987 is watching lil shop of horrors again :D
23:20 BigTank Spider pig, spider pig, do whatever a spider pig does. does he swing, from a web? no cant, cuz hes a pig.. lookooooouuuut, here comes a spider pig!
23:21 wannabe1987 lol
23:21 * wannabe1987 things BT needs to stop being creepy and get a life...
23:21 jdbmanalo left #thegeekgroup