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00:00 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Elizabeth Stack on UK Chapter promotion
00:00 Fulsy .minecraft
00:00 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** The server may or may not be down right now.  Try it and let us know.
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00:03 Obtuse_lappy I had a bluescreen in windows
00:03 exor674 gorsh I am tired ( why am I so tired? )
00:03 Fulsy Last time I had a blue screen was when I accidentally kicked my comp tower
00:04 Fulsy the HD on this computer has a really manky SATA port
00:04 Fulsy and it disconnected
00:05 Obtuse_lappy lol. accidentally you claim
00:05 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden that video with the kids has no audio
00:05 DruidicRifleman past a 10 minutes
00:05 CaptainBoden really?
00:05 CaptainBoden are you sure?
00:05 DruidicRifleman It happend for me right when you started Shocking the comb
00:06 CaptainBoden hmmmmmm
00:06 Hackbat Might want to check again man.
00:06 CaptainBoden you sure it's not buffering or something?
00:06 SparkyPojects yep, cuts out at 10:13, just after you touch the arc with ,etal
00:06 Fulsy Yea, same for me
00:06 CaptainBoden weird, ok
00:06 CaptainBoden let me check
00:06 Hackbat Are your speakers plugged in correctly?
00:06 CaptainBoden Works fine here
00:06 CaptainBoden Liz, it play ok for you?
00:06 SparkyPojects Several  of us have commented about the same point
00:07 CSMonster yeah i had the same problem.  tesla coil zapped your mic.
00:07 Fulsy Maybe one of those weird phantom youtube problems?
00:07 CaptainBoden *sigh*
00:07 Liz_Home nope cut after 10:13
00:07 CSMonster D:
00:07 CaptainBoden *sigh*
00:07 Fulsy One guys vid on youtube had audio replaced with loud static because of a youtube glitch
00:07 CaptainBoden we know guys, it was mentioned a while ago, it's a rendering dropout, we're ficing it.
00:08 CSMonster :(
00:08 Hackbat You might have a Driver problem, druid. I suggest a fresh install of windows.
00:08 CSMonster i'm gonna go for a run.  bbl.
00:08 CSMonster is now known as CSMonster_away
00:08 DruidicRifleman Not when it's 4 people hack bat and one of them works in non linier editing
00:08 Hackbat >_<
00:09 DruidicRifleman it cust out at exactly 10 minutes 13 seconds
00:09 Hackbat <sarcasm>I Don't know what you mean Druid</sarcasm>
00:09 Fulsy wish I lived in Grand Rapids
00:09 Fulsy screw Connecticut
00:09 CaptainBoden Why are we looking at Thumper?
00:10 DruidicRifleman I think After geek hous 5 they need to find away to build GB1
00:10 DruidicRifleman Geek barracks 1
00:10 DruidicRifleman Audio is not a loading error BTW
00:10 DruidicRifleman refreshed and still is fail
00:10 Liz_Home everyone was taking a break when i left...
00:11 Liz_Home i told them to move the camera to the painting whne they went bacak to it
00:11 Liz_Home *back
00:11 CaptainBoden k
00:11 Hackbat wouldn't it be nice if you could have the cash to build your own GG skyrise?
00:12 Hackbat Have a nice Teslacoil on top that bordcast lightning into the night sky.
00:12 Hackbat If I ever had the cash to fund that I would.
00:12 CaptainBoden tggconsole, who's at MC1
00:13 tggconsole steve
00:13 CaptainBoden Why are we on the cafe when the activity is in the MDH?
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00:13 BotSteve Spatula.
00:14 CaptainBoden cam needs to 180....someone's trying to use the lens as a viewfinder again....
00:14 DruidicRifleman Since eventually the geek group wil evolve into an army of neds who will dominate the globe with science and techknolodgy A geek barracks or geek hostel would be a nice thing for those visitng GR
00:14 CaptainBoden World Domination therough Media Saturation
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00:15 DruidicRifleman Nods Local Involement would benifit from very affodable place to Stay So i can learn things like neuutron radiation safty and how to treat people who accidently expose them self to dangerous levels of Xray radiotion
00:17 DruidicRifleman Knowing Some of the guys The Ontario Lab would have a radiation lab instead of high voltage
00:20 DruidicRifleman frigg i slept in and i Can't get the work i need done
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00:23 cctoide curious about the Futuregirl Foundation thing
00:23 cctoide does it still fund the videos in some way or is it just at the end as a sponsor shoutout?
00:23 CaptainBoden Both
00:23 CaptainBoden The Futuregirl Foundation is a major supporter.
00:25 cctoide ah, alright
00:25 wannabe1987 OMG LARP-ing IN A MOVIE.../dies
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00:26 DruidicRifleman wannabe1987 link?
00:27 wannabe1987 MOVIE
00:27 wannabe1987 MOVIE
00:27 * wannabe1987 is watching role models
00:27 DruidicRifleman OOOOH yeah Watched it
00:28 DruidicRifleman DIE!!!! GAHHH I"M DYING
00:28 Seroster FUCK!
00:28 exor674 don't do that :(
00:28 Seroster I got a bolt that is 10mm
00:28 Seroster I got an 8mm hole.
00:28 wannabe1987 why r u dying
00:28 Seroster I havent got a 10mm drill
00:28 Seroster Suggestions?
00:28 wannabe1987 lol @ seroster
00:28 Seroster :c
00:29 DruidicRifleman (dying guy )Sooo it's allot of fun huh? (main dude) yeah (dying guy) Make sure you give me your email Bleh*dead*
00:29 SparkyPojects Get a smaller bolt :P
00:29 DruidicRifleman watch the move you'll get it soon padwan
00:30 Seroster SparkyPojects, I haven't got any smaller bolts that are 15cm long, unless you count the ones that are 2mm thick =P
00:30 Seroster I got a new bed. It is 2 meters high
00:30 Seroster I want to bolt it to my wall
00:30 wannabe1987 6.2 feet high?  why...
00:30 Seroster Whatcha mean why?
00:30 DruidicRifleman So he can access the space under it for Storage living excet
00:30 DruidicRifleman it's called a loft bead
00:30 exor674 so you can put stuff under itttt
00:31 Seroster It's a bed, I want to sleep in it. err.
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00:31 SparkyPojects Seroster, you got a file ?
00:31 Seroster Not a suitable for enlarging a hole
00:31 DruidicRifleman go to the store and beg for one
00:31 Seroster I tried a coarse thread heavy duty wood screw, to stretch the hole, but it failed.
00:31 SparkyPojects In an emergency, you can remove the handle and use the tang as a reamer
00:32 Seroster DruidicRifleman, If I was in a hardware store I would just get a drill... =P
00:32 DruidicRifleman that would work to
00:32 DruidicRifleman work really good
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00:34 SparkyPojects Only thing you have to make sure of is that the handle is fitted tightly on the handle after use, you  don't want the handle coming off while in use,
00:35 Seroster
00:36 Seroster I have a size 10 wood drill here..
00:36 Seroster Could that work, or would it just mean I didnt have a 10mm metal drill AND no 10mm wood? =P
00:37 cctoide CaptainBoden: btw, the tour video has no audio from around 10:13 onward
00:37 cctoide it craps out around the time you put the chisel over the Tesla coil
00:37 wannabe1987 cctoide - he knows
00:37 wannabe1987 they're fixing it
00:37 CaptainBoden oh jesus christ....
00:37 wannabe1987 he's also sick of being told
00:38 cctoide ah, didn't catch that scrollback
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00:38 Seroster SparkyPojects, so... Would a wood drill work?
00:38 Seroster I have a round knife sharpener here, that might work. But I would have to completely ruin it to put it in the drill
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00:39 SparkyPojects You might wreck the drill, but if the metal is soft enough, it may work
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00:40 CSMonster_away is now known as CSMonster
00:40 CSMonster lol.
00:40 CSMonster captainboden is gonna kick the next person who brings it up :p
00:40 SparkyPojects You're only enlarging the hole, so  i would give it a go, you can always repplace the drill tomorrow, and get a metal drill
00:41 DruidicRifleman Spray the hole with WD40
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00:41 SparkyPojects Or you can wait to get a drill, the bed will stand up on its own for a night or 2
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00:45 Psi do tesla coils work better with a fast or slow primary ac freq?
00:48 CSMonster tesla coils work better when you whisper sweet nothings into the secondary.  never underestimate the power of love.
00:48 * CSMonster is slightly loopy today.
00:48 Psi heh
00:49 Psi i was just wondering, for a solid state coil, what primary frequency is best if you had a choice, 50Hz / 1khz / 10khz etc?
00:50 Psi or if it even matters at all
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00:53 CaptainBoden Brad you here?
00:54 w0vha I am, good evening sir.
00:54 CSMonster i don't think he is
00:54 wannabe1987 we have 2 brads?
00:54 CSMonster o
00:54 wannabe1987 o.o
00:54 CaptainBoden Brad, it came today :)
00:54 CaptainBoden I have no IDEA how to use it, but it's here :)
00:54 * CSMonster raises eyebrow in intrigue and confusing.
00:54 CaptainBoden Charger arrived too.
00:54 * CSMonster *confusion
00:54 wannabe1987 anyway...whispering eye = vagina....this is what i learned in this movie
00:54 CaptainBoden Brad sent me's a damn brick.
00:54 CaptainBoden It's a brick with an antenna
00:54 wannabe1987 ...
00:55 Obtuse_lappy lol
00:55 w0vha cool.  I just connected to the GR repeater... If you turn it on and put it on channel 1, you should be able to hear me...
00:55 cheese some sort of amateur transciever?
00:55 CaptainBoden It's a Motorola Sabre
00:55 CSMonster is it a transmitting brick or a receiving brick?
00:55 CaptainBoden both
00:55 CSMonster nice
00:55 wannabe1987 odd
00:55 CSMonster poe-lice radio
00:56 CaptainBoden LBPD whoever that is
00:56 cheese not exactly amateur equipment
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00:56 cheese i've always wanted to get ahold of some old HF stuff
00:56 cheese mod for ham bands
00:56 w0vha no, but I like commercial gear...
00:57 w0vha it's a 440-470MHz radio, and is programmed in the 70cm band already...
00:57 CSMonster ...Long Beach Police Dept?
00:57 cheese as do i. but i have a goodwill budget
00:57 w0vha I can't remember where that particular radio came from... I get them all surplus (I have 8 more sabers, both VHF and UFH...
00:57 Obtuse_lappy .g lbpd
00:57 BotSteve Obtuse_lappy:
00:57 Obtuse_lappy lol
00:58 cheese any good places to get surplus radio stuff online? for some reason i cant seem to find any organized place for it other than ebay.
00:58 Seroster I finnaly found a m8 bolt
00:59 CaptainBoden I have no idea how to use this beast, but it looks like fun
00:59 Seroster I think I stole it from the steering bar of a scrap bicykle. =P
00:59 CaptainBoden Can I put FRS Ch14 into it?
00:59 w0vha I think I already did... Let me check...
01:00 w0vha OK, according to my programming list, I put the 8 GMRS channels into it, but not the splinter FRS channels...
01:01 cheese w0vha is a club call sign in missouri?
01:01 cheese i'll be moving to columbia within the next year or two
01:01 CaptainBoden ok, I'll have the lab change to one of the 8, lol. We've been using 14 lately
01:02 w0vha the freqs are listed on the paper I sent with the radio
01:02 CaptainBoden yup, I figured that out
01:02 w0vha I got a mic working, I'm going to connect to the GR repeater again...
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01:02 speedrunnerG55 Hi
01:03 speedrunnerG55 My phone ran out of Barrera
01:03 CaptainBoden Can this USE repeaters?
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01:03 speedrunnerG55__ is now known as speedrunnerG55
01:04 cctoide your phone ran out of Barrera?
01:04 w0vha yes, set it on zone 1 channel 1, and I'll try calling for you over Echolink
01:04 speedrunnerG55 Bateries
01:04 speedrunnerG55 But. In back
01:04 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden
01:05 CaptainBoden DruidicRifleman
01:05 DruidicRifleman Can Non staf who own FRS radios who are at the lab Bring a radio to the lab and have it on the channel?
01:05 CaptainBoden of course
01:05 DruidicRifleman cool
01:05 CaptainBoden Just don't be a dick.
01:06 speedrunnerG55 Respect radio protocol
01:06 Big_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:06 w0vha I meant to ask, how well do those radios work around the lab?  UHF is pretty good indoors...
01:07 DruidicRifleman they work ok indoors they have a range of like a KM in mountanous terain
01:07 cheese w0vha: is your license a club license?
01:08 w0vha no, I'm just the only radio operator at the VA, and I didn't care for KC0PTZ, so I changed it...
01:08 cheese ah, nevermind then. i had noticed your location of columbia missouri, which is where i will be moving when i finish school.
01:09 speedrunnerG55 Cool.
01:09 w0vha there is a radio club here... check out
01:09 cheese thanks!
01:09 cheese KE5SUI here
01:09 cheese by the way :)
01:09 speedrunnerG55 There is a amature radio club in my town. I'm thinking about joining
01:09 tesla4d Oh, crap, that reminds me.
01:10 tesla4d I was just getting used to not having to do any homework or study, but I just remembered I'm supposed to get a Technician class this weekend.
01:10 w0vha oh, I'm going to lose it...  how many people get on the repeater going "sooey! sooey! here pig, pig, pig..." :-)
01:10 cheese haha, not alot
01:10 CaptainBoden They work fine in the lab, we can get about a block away no problem. We've done a distance test from the top of Rivertown (downtown, 30 stories) to the roof of the lab and it worked
01:10 cheese though i have made that connection before
01:11 cheese w0vha: have you found any good places to get used radio equipment?
01:11 DruidicRifleman wannabe1987 How far into your movie are you
01:12 w0vha I usually cruise ebay, or RadioReference's forums...
01:12 wannabe1987 past when they got kicked out of the program
01:13 cheese I'd like to get some decent HF gear but i can't afford $1500 for a radio.
01:13 w0vha check out some of the older ICOM gear, I've seen it for $400 or so for an 80-10M 100W rig.  Not too shabby...
01:14 cheese that sounds reasonable.
01:14 w0vha I just noticed in my echolink window, that the 442.175 repeater in GR is called the WMPORN repeater... I wonder what THAT stands for...
01:14 speedrunnerG55 Is red painting?
01:14 cheese i stopped watching the paint dry a few minutes ago
01:15 wannabe1987 lol
01:16 w0vha I turned off the live stream, as Echolink stutters with it running, and I wanted to try to contact Chris
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01:16 CaptainBoden you have the freq list there, tell me what to be on
01:16 SparkyPojects W0vha, Privately Owned Repeater Network, rather unique :D
01:16 cheese I have never used echolink before. someone called out to a IRLP node that was within range of my scanner once before i had my license
01:17 w0vha it's 442.175 (channel 1 on that radio)
01:17 CaptainBoden listening
01:17 w0vha ok, let me put my headphones back on, and I'll give you a shout
01:18 CaptainBoden I think I jsut heard you, try that again
01:23 tggRED_painting Back.
01:23 tggRED_painting is now known as tggRED
01:23 CSMonster hi red
01:24 tggRED Hi honey.
01:25 w0vha YAY, Chris just completed his first QSO with me...
01:25 cheese dinner time. have fun with your radio chris!
01:26 tggRED om nom no,
01:26 CaptainBoden That was cool :)
01:26 cheese over echolink no less
01:26 cheese +5 style
01:27 tggRED @CaptainBoden - THis is the second night in a row you have left without my hug.
01:27 tggRED Rawr.
01:27 w0vha :-)  Would have probably been better if I wasn't using a $2 mic..., but that's what I had at hand.  Chris is 5/5 into the repeater from inside GeekHouse, which is pretty cool
01:27 tggRED I rawr at you.
01:27 cheese does that count as UHF DX?
01:27 w0vha it does in my book...
01:27 w0vha Chris, I'll send you a QSL card...
01:28 cheese nice.
01:28 cheese w0vha is there a echolink node that will hit columbia?
01:28 cheese i've got a friend up there :)
01:28 CaptainBoden I'll put it on the set if you do ;)
01:28 w0vha I don't think so, but I've still got EL open, let me check...
01:30 speedrunnerG55 HI RED
01:30 w0vha No, but there is one for Boonville (which is easy to hit from Columbia...), there is also one in Mexico, MO
01:30 cheese great!
01:30 tggRED hi speedrunner.
01:30 cheese keep your ears open for my call, might hear me in the next few days.
01:30 cheese but now, dinner!
01:30 CaptainBoden I'm monitoring the echolink channel right now.
01:31 speedrunnerG55 Sounds interesting
01:31 * DruidicRifleman hugs tggRED
01:32 tggRED :hugs:
01:32 speedrunnerG55 \me hugs red
01:32 * speedrunnerG55 hugs red
01:32 tggRED :hugs:
01:33 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
01:33 * speedrunnerG55 thinks darn slash is in the same location when I press for extra characters
01:33 w0vha Chris, I just made a log entry for our QSO on, you might consider making an account there.  You now have an entry in your logbook...
01:35 CaptainBoden I'll have to do that soon :)
01:37 wannabe1987 DruidicRifleman good movie...
01:37 w0vha I wrote down the information, and will send you a QSL card tomorrow when I get to work (my stack of blanks is there now...).  Dinner time!
01:37 w0vha 73 all
01:37 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
01:38 Seroster Well. Screw this
01:38 Seroster I'm off to hit the hay, and Hope I don't die
01:39 tggRED ?
01:39 tggRED Mkie, G'night.
01:39 Seroster Got a new bed, a loft bed.
01:39 tggRED Cool!
01:39 exor674 crazy question. does anyone know where to acquire say a <1GB USB flash drive thing
01:39 tggRED Meijers.
01:40 exor674 2GB is the smallest I can find, and that's too large
01:40 DruidicRifleman I get mine from a place caled factory dirrect
01:40 exor674 I need like... 4MB of storage space
01:40 exor674 using 2GB seems like a waste
01:40 tggRED;name=1GB
01:40 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
01:40 DruidicRifleman ... exor most of them are about the same price
01:40 Obtuse_lappy sounds like an ebay find exor
01:40 speedrunnerG55 Micro center
01:40 exor674 I have seen some pretty cheap 512's before
01:41 exor674 but that was a year back I bet
01:41 exor674 I might just suck it up and use the 2GB I bought heh
01:41 exor674 ( it was cheap enough )
01:41 exor674 I just don'
01:41 speedrunnerG55 Get refurbished used stff at micro center
01:41 exor674 t want to waste space :(
01:41 Obtuse_lappy;hash=item35b1278d7e
01:42 speedrunnerG55 .g micro center
01:42 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:
01:47 w0vha_web joined #thegeekgroup
01:47 exor674 nrh, I may just have to go by there if I'm ever near as the smallest I can find on the site is 1GB
01:47 exor674 or just live with what I got
01:48 Cprossu all this talk makes me want to get my arrl lisc and see if I can talk a certain buddy out of a nice tube drake unit that he keeps as a spare
01:48 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
01:48 BotSteve You mess with the Bull, you get the horns!
01:48 Cprossu as for the flash drive, how many writes do you intyend on doing to it in normal use, exor674?
01:49 exor674 Cprossu: uh, one
01:49 speedrunnerG55 Hi mman454
01:49 Cprossu the bigger the better with wear leveling and small amounts of data
01:49 Cprossu so other than that it'll be read only?
01:49 exor674 SSH key + putty
01:49 mman454 hi speedrunnerg55
01:49 exor674 yeah
01:49 mman454 What are you guys talking about?
01:49 Cprossu 4gb'er are what? $10 these days?
01:49 exor674 ( unless I believe someone has my key orthere's a putty security upgrade )
01:50 exor674 yeah, I got a 2GB for $5
01:50 exor674 I was just raised to yaknow, make the most of what I have
01:50 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
01:50 mman454 .log
01:50 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
01:50 Cprossu I take back my previous statement
01:50 Cprossu
01:51 Cprossu $8 free shipping, name brand, 4gb
01:51 Cprossu that's nuts
01:51 mman454 .seen captainboden
01:51 BotSteve mman454: I last saw captainboden 0.26 hours ago at 2011-05-06 01:35:53 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 01:51:37 UTC
01:51 exor674 yeah, I have a 2GB that I'll probably use, was just hoping someone had a lead on something in the megabyte range, but I guess I'll have to deal. thanks
01:51 Cprossu it would take 205 of those MFM drives to make that, and each one of those was easily $900 a pop
01:51 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
01:52 mman454 I have a 128mb usb 2.0 flash drive somewhere...
01:52 wannabe1987 ...what fits on it?
01:52 mman454 Not much, lol.
01:53 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Ontario Canada Chapter
01:53 wannabe1987 a few pictures?
01:54 Cprossu lol depends on the camera
01:54 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
01:54 mman454 Yea.
01:54 Cprossu the first digital photo I have of myself... I wonder if it's still on one of my old ass hdd's
01:54 Obtuse_lappy you can do a lot with 128 mb if you're not dealing with media files
01:55 Cprossu it was one of those Kodak's that looked like a pair of binoculars
01:55 Obtuse_lappy you can install an entire Linux OS
01:55 Obtuse_lappy and store data
01:55 w0vha_web left #thegeekgroup
01:56 mman454 What dirtro are we talking about?
01:56 Obtuse_lappy puppy linux, feather linux
01:56 Obtuse_lappy damn small linux
01:56 Obtuse_lappy I really like damn small
01:57 mman454 Does anyone know of a tool that will recover bios passwords off of dell machines?
01:57 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
01:59 DruidicRifleman Frig it
01:59 speedrunnerG55 What's up
01:59 Cprossu depends on the vintage
01:59 mman454 ?
01:59 Cprossu the easiest way though
01:59 DruidicRifleman is now known as Druidic_Rifleman
01:59 Cprossu is to have it under your ownership
01:59 Druidic_Rifleman i am tired of botsteve making my thing flash
01:59 Cprossu (the service tag)
01:59 Cprossu the Master bios password is based on the tag and a few other things
02:00 Cprossu because dell sells computers to idiots
02:00 Cprossu (and they know it)
02:00 mman454 "Cprossu: is to have it under your ownership." Damn!
02:00 Cprossu so each has a unique pw based on the service tag
02:00 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
02:00 Cprossu I mean in their computer systems
02:00 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Ontario Canada Chapter
02:00 Cprossu they keep track
02:00 Cprossu of the person who bought it
02:01 Cprossu and they have the name of who did in the computer system based on order
02:01 speedrunnerG55 Is there a chapter in newjersey?
02:01 mman454 No it's a older, early to mid XP vintage, dimension system
02:01 wannabe1987 lol this is funny
02:01 Druidic_Rifleman .minecraft
02:01 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: **** The server may or may not be down right now.  Try it and let us know.
02:02 Cprossu mman454: they did that then
02:02 jeremys_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:02 jeremys_ wassup
02:02 mman454 because the one I had was unlocked to begin with.
02:02 Cprossu so if you know the previous owner, he can transfer it
02:02 speedrunnerG55 Hi jeremys_
02:03 Cprossu then they can give you the damn master password
02:03 jeremys_ i saw on the tv today that there is a book called.  "the geek shall inherit the earth.....thats chris's line
02:03 mman454 No the master password was changed on the machine.
02:03 Cprossu mman454: can you get the actual model number and manufacture date on the machine?
02:03 Cprossu no I mean
02:04 speedrunnerG55 You know what that is from
02:04 Cprossu mman454: they have a completely seperate one
02:04 speedrunnerG55 jeremys_:
02:04 Cprossu mman454: as in one you can't override
02:04 mman454 what do you mean they have a completely separate one? I've never seen them before>
02:04 Cprossu there's master, user, and a special support one made in case you forget master
02:04 Cprossu it's how they do it
02:05 Cprossu if you forget it on a thinkpad though, you're royally fucked
02:05 mman454 but once I have the info on the machine how would I get the password?
02:06 Cprossu they have had breaks in the encryption over the years
02:06 Cprossu and depending upon what you have
02:06 Cprossu there might be a generator for it
02:06 Cprossu but that kind of support is gappy at best\
02:06 mman454 where can I find these generators
02:06 Cprossu usually a different place for each model, if they exist
02:07 Cprossu dell and company tend to call it a grey area
02:07 Cprossu so it's difficult to find them
02:07 Cprossu I have a few here though
02:07 mman454 any chance you could send me them via irc?
02:08 Cprossu if I send the wrong one you can brick your bios
02:08 Cprossu plus I'd have to track down my old debugging comp that i used for it
02:08 Cprossu speaking of bricking your bios
02:08 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
02:09 Cprossu don't try too many times
02:09 Cprossu depending on the model it could have a fail safe
02:09 mman454 really?
02:10 Cprossu usually laptops have it more often
02:10 * CSMonster is back
02:10 Cprossu does it also an ata/ide lock?
02:10 mman454 a what?
02:10 Cprossu put the hdd in another computer, try to boot
02:12 Big_ left #thegeekgroup
02:12 Cprossu be back in a bit
02:12 big left #thegeekgroup
02:13 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
02:13 mman454 Not sure and that's not really an option in my case, if you get my drift. ;)
02:15 cheese You mean if i had some sort of password for this dell dimension i have, i would actually be able to change potentially more settings in the bios?
02:15 mman454 No you would be able to get access if you forgot your password.
02:15 cheese it's not passworded, and previously when it was, i just removed the bios battery to get around it.
02:15 cheese atleast i thought i had
02:16 arruid joined #thegeekgroup
02:16 cheese i may have remembered incorrectly, but that has been my standard response to bios passwords in the past.
02:16 mman454 cprossu Also the computer has a program called hdd sheriff. I just want to update firefox in supervisor mode but I don't have the password for that either.
02:17 mman454 Yea but I just wanted to probe settings. See how the system was set up. Nothing important enough for me to waste my effort on that.
02:17 cheese it'd be alot easier to remove the battery than to go through all these steps.
02:18 cheese though that wont fix your hdd sheriff problem
02:20 cheese are you not in a position to replace the OS?
02:20 mman454 The machine is not mine, lets leave it at that. ;)
02:21 Cprossu hmm
02:21 cheese i see. well, removing the battery will unfortunately leave a trace of your being there... the lack of a password. probably best to live with the limitations
02:21 Cprossu cheese: removing the battery  won't cut it
02:21 Cprossu the pw in dells is stored elsewhere usually
02:21 cheese the bios password?
02:21 Cprossu also true in most stuff with phoenix bios
02:22 Cprossu yeah the bios pw
02:22 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
02:22 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
02:22 Cprossu clear cmos nor battery removal will take care of it
02:22 cheese It's been a while since i came across a bios that was passworded, i was unaware that the battery trick wouldn't work on dells
02:22 Cprossu nah and it doesn't work on most stuff with phoenix bios either
02:22 Cprossu or thinkpads
02:22 cheese thats good and bad
02:23 Cprossu it's damned annoying
02:23 cheese good for sysadmins, bad for mman454
02:23 Cprossu in this case yeah
02:23 Cprossu but then again
02:23 Cprossu it's having the intended effect
02:23 mman454 But I'm fucking tired of updating firefox every single time I use the computer!!!
02:23 cheese indeed :)
02:23 cheese then speak to your sysadmin and tell them to do their job properly
02:23 Cprossu or you could just run everything on a portable drive
02:24 Cprossu *guessing here*  school/college computers suck anyway
02:24 Cprossu so bring your own =P
02:24 cheese I wouldn't trust a machine i didn't configure myself anyway.
02:24 Cprossu damn straight
02:24 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
02:24 cheese i barely trust this one
02:24 Cprossu out of curiosity is the boot menu (F5, F8), still functional?
02:25 Cprossu and does it have a floppy drive still?
02:25 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
02:25 cheese I've got to pick a different nick if i'm going to continue to come here.
02:25 Cprossu if it's gotta floppy drive, make a boot disk, 9/10 times if it's a dumb admin it looks to floppy first
02:25 Cprossu then put smart boot manager on it
02:25 Obtuse_lappy lol. you don't want to be cheese?
02:26 cheese i do, but someone else apparently has registered it
02:26 Cprossu then from there boot from USB or something
02:26 CSMonster everyone likes cheese.
02:26 Obtuse_lappy apparently I'm a bot
02:26 Cprossu mman454: catch that?
02:26 CSMonster everyone likes cheese better than obtuse because obtuse is a bot.
02:26 mman454 What's that?
02:26 Cprossu yes, and your name is alice too, Obtuse_lappy
02:26 Obtuse_lappy lol
02:26 Obtuse_lappy wo, wo, wo, alice?
02:26 Cprossu mman454: does your computer have a floppy drive?
02:26 Cprossu a.l.i.c.e
02:26 Cprossu look it up
02:26 mman454 yes it does
02:27 Cprossu try boot to floppy
02:27 Cprossu then you can do evil things
02:27 Obtuse_lappy .wiki a.l.i.c.e
02:27 BotSteve "Alice (given name), including a list of notable people called Alice" -
02:27 mman454 you mean "Does 'your' computer?"
02:27 Obtuse_lappy .g a.l.i.c.e
02:27 BotSteve Obtuse_lappy:
02:27 CSMonster .w alice disambiguation
02:27 BotSteve "Alice (given name), including a list of notable people called Alice" -
02:28 cheese is now known as Cheese
02:28 speedrunnerG55 What's up
02:28 CSMonster A.L.I.C.E., a chatterbot based on AIML
02:28 Obtuse_lappy haha. nice
02:28 Cprossu whatever
02:28 Cprossu I mean does the 'target' computer
02:28 Cprossu have a floppy drive
02:29 Cprossu if it does, boot to floppy
02:29 Cprossu load your os on a cd or a usb stick or something
02:29 Cprossu bootstrap to floppy, smart boot manager would be good, then run your os
02:29 Cprossu then you can probably do whatever you want to do
02:29 mman454 bootstrap?
02:29 Cprossu .w bootstrap
02:29 BotSteve "Bootstrapping or booting refers to a group of metaphors that share a common meaning: a self-sustaining process that proceeds without external help." -
02:30 Cheese would it be possible to swap the harddrive and just install your own os? or is this machine in a location other than one you have exclusive access to?
02:30 speedrunnerG55 Boot process?
02:30 Cprossu in this case it means loading an OS from floppy to bypass your hdd
02:30 speedrunnerG55 Ye. Booting from another filesystem
02:30 Cprossu you likely cant boot straight to usb with that computer (pos dell)... and it would be disabled anyway
02:30 Cprossu but boot from cd or floppy
02:31 Cprossu is by admins who don't know any better
02:31 Cprossu likely allowed still
02:31 Cprossu so it'll look to one of those drives first
02:31 speedrunnerG55 Can you boot from LAN?
02:31 Cprossu before the hdd
02:31 mman454 ok
02:31 mman454 no
02:31 Cprossu no, speedrunnerG55
02:31 Cheese Cprossu: actually my dimension 8200 supports the boot to usb feature, despite its age.
02:31 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
02:31 speedrunnerG55 Ok. I've seen that option before. Guess not here
02:31 Cprossu Cheese: I bet it's disabled
02:32 Cheese on his... yeah probably
02:32 speedrunnerG55 What do you do in the case of a netbook
02:32 Cprossu mman454 is in a 'professional environment' doing something that's not encouraged.
02:32 Cprossu usb boot, speedrunnerG55
02:32 speedrunnerG55 Ok.
02:32 Cheese theres also always linux installed to a SD card for netbooks too
02:33 * speedrunnerG55 amagins booting of an iPhone
02:33 speedrunnerG55 Lol would be weird
02:33 mman454-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
02:34 Cheese Cprossu: do you use ubuntu at all?
02:34 speedrunnerG55 I do
02:34 speedrunnerG55 Ubuntu has been so unstable since 9.10
02:34 Cheese i disagree
02:34 speedrunnerG55 ...
02:34 Cheese however i was looking for peoples opinions of 11.04 32bit
02:35 speedrunnerG55 I have that
02:35 speedrunnerG55 I don't like it. (unstable)
02:35 speedrunnerG55 Unity dosent work
02:35 Cheese speedrunnerG55: i have no problems with 10.10 on 4 different machines of different eras, 10.04 also ran great
02:36 Cheese 11.04 64 bit works great for me. but i've heard bad things about the stability of the 32 bit version
02:36 speedrunnerG55 I can't open a web browser
02:36 Cheese that is pretty bad
02:36 speedrunnerG55 I'm basically only using it for light and to charge my phone
02:36 speedrunnerG55 And irc
02:36 Cheese sounds like a netbook
02:37 speedrunnerG55 It's a laptop
02:37 mman454-mobile left #thegeekgroup
02:37 speedrunnerG55 HP pavilion zv5000
02:37 CSMonster CaptainBoden still here?
02:38 jeremys_ left #thegeekgroup
02:38 speedrunnerG55 I can do more stuff with my phone. Than this pc
02:38 Cheese so fix your pc
02:38 Cheese or
02:38 Cheese ... well no just fix your pc
02:39 speedrunnerG55 How. I need more ram. Legacy
02:39 speedrunnerG55 Idk were to get it
02:39 Cheese what kind
02:39 Cheese i may have some
02:39 speedrunnerG55 Ugh. Let me see
02:39 Cheese i have 2 1g sticks of ddr2 from a hp dv9000
02:39 CaptainBoden briefly, yes
02:40 speedrunnerG55 I think I could use that. I have 2 256= 512
02:40 Cheese that... may not be ddr2
02:40 speedrunnerG55 MB
02:40 Cheese Cprossu: opinion?
02:41 speedrunnerG55 Were can I check
02:41 speedrunnerG55 Whithout having to open it
02:41 Cheese you could look up the model of your laptop and the specifications to see how much ram it will support
02:42 Cheese it may only go to a gig if it came with 2 256's
02:42 speedrunnerG55 Ok.
02:42 speedrunnerG55 .g hp pavilion zv5000
02:42 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:;product=385148&amp;lc=en
02:45 Cheese The notebook contains 2 memory slots, one of which is  accessible for an optional 128-MB, 256-MB, 512-MB, or  1024-MB memory module upgrde.
02:45 Cheese however i haven't found the memory speed in this
02:47 Cheese ok you'll probably need the -exact- model number. i know mine says "dv9000" on the top but the sticker on the bottom says "dv9035nr"... try to find your -exact- model number, then look up the specifications from the manufacturor's website
02:48 CSMonster gtg entertain company, bbl.
02:48 CSMonster is now known as CSMonster_awaaay
02:48 Cheese as he flies into the night sky....
02:50 speedrunnerG55 Hmm let me find that
02:50 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
02:51 speedrunnerG55 -pl976ua-aba
02:52 speedrunnerG55 "hp pavilion zv5000-pl976ua-aba" is my computer name
02:52 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
02:53 speedrunnerG55 That's p/n
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02:53 speedrunnerG55 I can access both ram mi
02:54 speedrunnerG55 Moduals. Just ones under the keyboard
03:00 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 2 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Ontario Group Project Discussion/suggestions.....gjposner on High-amperage voltage controller
03:00 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
03:00 speedrunnerG55 ZV5330us
03:01 speedrunnerG55 .g hp pavilion ZV5330us
03:01 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:;lc=en
03:05 speedrunnerG55 DDR SD RAM
03:05 speedrunnerG55 :(
03:06 speedrunnerG55 2x 256 MB 333Mhz
03:06 speedrunnerG55 I guess not right?
03:07 speedrunnerG55 Memory Max1280MB DDR SDRAM (1 x 256MB, 1 x 1024MB)
03:07 speedrunnerG55 Anyone have
03:07 speedrunnerG55 Can't I replace both?
03:11 speedrunnerG55 ...
03:11 speedrunnerG55 Anyone here
03:12 arruid n__n but i dono'tknow anything of which you are speaking of. sorry
03:13 speedrunnerG55 I want to expand my ram
03:13 speedrunnerG55 In my laptop
03:13 speedrunnerG55 Legacy
03:13 arruid ah. that sounds reasonable. is it not as easy as switching out sticks?
03:13 speedrunnerG55 I can't afford new hardware
03:14 speedrunnerG55 Yes. Once I have the sticks
03:14 arruid oooh. i can understand that. I have no idea, the only time I have gotten ram it was for my birthday and replaced without my knowing it. lol
03:14 speedrunnerG55 It's legacy.
03:15 speedrunnerG55 Meanning old
03:15 arruid oooh.
03:15 arruid and expensive to replace?
03:15 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
03:16 speedrunnerG55 Yes.
03:16 arruid bummer. so you were trying to find a different method?
03:16 speedrunnerG55 N
03:16 speedrunnerG55 No
03:17 arruid oh. ^^'
03:17 speedrunnerG55 I was trying to see if my laptop was capable. Then I was wanting to know if annyone had Memory Max1280MB DDR SDRAM (1 x 256MB, 1 x 1024MB)
03:17 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
03:17 speedrunnerG55 Minus memory max
03:18 arruid aah. i have an old computer but it is a PC. and the  memory was probably already taken out of it by my dad. wish i could help.
03:19 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
03:19 speedrunnerG55 It's ok
03:19 speedrunnerG55 *someone* can I'll just have to wait
03:20 arruid lol. well i wish you the best with that.
03:20 speedrunnerG55 Tusks
03:20 speedrunnerG55 ...thanks
03:20 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
03:21 arruid i have a friend into the computer stuffs. i'll mention it to him
03:21 speedrunnerG55 I know what it can support. It's getting the stuff
03:22 speedrunnerG55 Idk were to get the stuff. See it's so old no one makes it
03:22 arruid right. i understand.
03:22 Cprossu (shudder)
03:22 Cprossu hey, speedrunnerG55:
03:22 Cprossu you can put 2gb in that laptop
03:23 Cprossu iirc
03:23 Cprossu one slot is _under_ the keyboard
03:23 speedrunnerG55 I know
03:23 speedrunnerG55 I saw it and was like. What's that doing there
03:23 Cprossu it's a real pita to get at too
03:23 Cprossu again, iirc
03:24 speedrunnerG55 Pita !
03:24 speedrunnerG55 ?^
03:24 speedrunnerG55 Iirc?
03:24 Cprossu .W P.I.T.A
03:24 Cprossu .w P.I.T.A
03:24 Cprossu .wa P.I.T.A
03:24 Cprossu damn
03:24 BotSteve "Pita ( /ˈpiːtə/ PEE-tə; also pitta ( /ˈpɪtə/ PI-tə) is a round pocket bread widely consumed in many Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, and Balkan cuisines." -
03:24 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
03:24 Cprossu I guess not
03:24 Cprossu I guess it's close though
03:24 Cprossu Pain In The Ass
03:25 speedrunnerG55 Not really
03:25 speedrunnerG55 All it is is the front bezel. Then the keyboard
03:25 Cprossu there was one
03:25 Cprossu that had a card reader
03:25 Cprossu above the ram slot
03:25 Cprossu so you had to either remove it
03:26 Cprossu or bend a slot cover just the right way
03:26 Cprossu to get at it
03:26 speedrunnerG55 Ah. Ok. I don't have that
03:26 Cprossu to remove the card reader you needed to take the LCD off (to get at the screws that held the motherboard from the top), the benzel, and the bottom panel with the motherboard
03:26 Cprossu it sucked
03:26 Cheese wait why is he taking the computer apart
03:27 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
03:27 speedrunnerG55 DDR SDRAM expansion
03:27 Cprossu I Take all my equipment apart
03:27 Cheese the ram is under the keyboard?!
03:27 Cprossu yes
03:27 speedrunnerG55 Yes
03:27 Cheese ... who in their right mind
03:27 Cprossu that's not the only laptop like that
03:27 Cprossu there are many
03:27 Cheese though my averatec's harddrive is under the keyboard
03:27 Cprossu emachines M6805 had it there too
03:27 Cheese the ram is accessable thru the bottom :/
03:27 Cprossu *the other ram slot
03:27 Cheese as is my hp dv9000
03:28 Cprossu in his case his computer has 2 ram slots
03:28 Cheese also good luck finding 2 gigs of laptop SD ram, anywhere
03:28 speedrunnerG55 Hp zv5000
03:28 Cprossu dv9000 doesn't use sdram?
03:28 Cheese i believe its ddr2
03:28 Cheese its pc2-5300 if that means anything to you off hand
03:28 Cprossu ddr2
03:29 Cprossu you can probably put 800 in though
03:29 Cprossu (pc2 6400)
03:29 Cheese well the dv9000 is long since dead
03:29 Cheese i keep it for parts
03:29 Cprossu did the BGA issue get you?
03:29 speedrunnerG55 Mine is DDR yes?
03:29 Cprossu speedrunnerG55: yes
03:29 Cprossu ddr 333/400
03:29 speedrunnerG55 333
03:29 Cprossu outa work
03:30 speedrunnerG55 MHz
03:30 Cprossu either one outa work
03:30 Cprossu technically it's 166/200mhz
03:30 Cheese i'm not sure. i sent it back twice for the hinges on the screen, once for the video card failure, and the 4th time it was out of warranty
03:30 speedrunnerG55 Oh
03:30 Cprossu ddr=double data rate
03:30 Cprossu aka they say 400mhz if it runs at 200mhz
03:30 speedrunnerG55 Really?
03:30 Cprossu or 333 if it runs at 166
03:30 Cprossu yes really
03:30 speedrunnerG55 Huh.
03:31 speedrunnerG55 ThAts like HT
03:31 Cprossu ddr2 800 = 400mhz, and etc... although one could still argue it's based on a 200mhz clock
03:31 Cprossu what HT are you refering to?
03:31 speedrunnerG55 Hyper threading
03:31 Cheese Why have i been thinking for years that DDR meant double density ram
03:31 Cheese maybe i was thinking floppy disks
03:31 Cprossu no hyperthreading is entirely stupid
03:31 Cheese and misleading
03:32 Cprossu it's to make up for the poor branch prediction system the P4 hads
03:32 Cprossu so it's simply an 'emulated' processor core
03:32 Cprossu that uses the false branch predictions for a slight speedup for when it's wrong
03:32 Cprossu all of that was due to the insanely long pipeline and low IPC of the P4
03:32 speedrunnerG55 Oh. And I thought intel was cool for that
03:32 Cprossu (IPC= instructions per clock)
03:33 Cprossu they made the pipeline long so they could pack on the GHZ without penalty
03:33 Cprossu so they 1/2'ed the IPC performance of the PIII as a result
03:33 Cprossu this is why if you compare a AthlonXP running at 1.2ghz to a P4 running at 2Ghz,
03:34 Cprossu or for that matter a P3
03:34 Cprossu at 1-1.4 ghz
03:34 Cprossu it's laughable in the p3/athlon's favor
03:34 Cheese i loved my athlon 2800+
03:35 Cprossu the original Pentium M's were more based on the PIII than the PIV
03:35 Cprossu and from that we got the core2's
03:35 Cheese i remember when a K6 was hot shit
03:35 Cprossu I had a K6/3 333........running at 550mhz
03:35 Cprossu kicked fucking tail
03:35 Cheese oh snap
03:35 Cheese i was happy to get the 333
03:35 Cprossu my athlon550 still blew it outa the water
03:35 Cprossu the 333 will run at 450
03:35 Cprossu no problem
03:35 Cheese it was my first computer. a refurbished compaq
03:35 Cprossu just as long as you didn't use the stock sink
03:36 Cheese my first computer that was my own anyway
03:36 Cprossu oh god....foxconn or aavid fan on that heatsink?
03:36 Cheese i have no idea
03:36 Cheese i got it at sams club for school
03:36 Cprossu
03:36 Cprossu ^ did you ever look inside of it?
03:36 Cprossu
03:37 Cheese sorry, it was a laptop
03:37 Cprossu oooooooooh
03:37 Cheese compaq presario 2800 or something
03:37 Cprossu yeah that changes the game
03:37 Cprossu nice laptop actually
03:37 Cheese completely
03:37 Cprossu I wanted one of those
03:37 Cheese i loved it at the time!
03:37 Cheese until... well, like all laptops
03:37 Cheese the power connector broke
03:37 Cprossu you can fix that
03:37 Cheese i was 14
03:37 wannabe1987 hi exor674
03:37 Cprossu and all do not break
03:37 Cprossu xD
03:37 exor674 hey wannabe1987
03:37 Cprossu I love my asus though
03:38 Cprossu everything is where it should be
03:38 Cheese 1000HA all the way
03:38 * wannabe1987 read "i love my anus tho"
03:38 Cprossu I'm running a N80Vb that I upgraded the graphics on
03:38 Cheese ... we know where your mind is :)
03:38 Cprossu that's nice wannabe1987
03:38 wannabe1987 lol  no...
03:38 exor674 also I totally almost killed my ankle like almost now
03:38 wannabe1987 tj has an asus :P  his power cord fits my toshiba
03:38 Cheese is that one of the newer models Cprossu ?
03:39 Cprossu at this point it's getting older
03:39 Cprossu Core2 duo 2ghz (T5800)
03:39 Cheese why do i automatically assume ever asus is a netbook
03:39 Cprossu started out life with a geforce 9300gt
03:39 Cheese and now?
03:40 speedrunnerG55 Asus eeeeee
03:40 exor674 eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
03:40 speedrunnerG55 LOL
03:40 wannabe1987 e?
03:40 Cheese yeah, i've got the eeeeee, 10" with the 1.6 n270
03:40 wannabe1987 not the 17inch HUGE mofo one?
03:40 Cheese unfortunately one of the few models without bluetooth :/
03:40 wannabe1987 idk anything else but its fuckin huge
03:40 wannabe1987 (twss)
03:41 speedrunnerG55 Twss?
03:41 wannabe1987 ...
03:41 speedrunnerG55 The world super sized?
03:41 wannabe1987 thats what she said.
03:41 speedrunnerG55 Oh
03:43 Cprossu
03:44 Cprossu ^ the underneath of my laptop when I upgraded my video card
03:44 Cprossu the 2 video cards are to the left
03:44 Cprossu left is GF 9650GT, right is GF 9300GT
03:44 Cprossu cpu, both ram slots, graphics under the first panel, top right panel has the wifi card and the hard drive
03:44 Cprossu and this is a 14"er
03:45 Cprossu top right is battery place
03:45 Cprossu fucking rocks, right?
03:45 exor674 laptop with upgradable videocard, I've never heard of that heh???
03:45 exor674 shiny
03:46 Cprossu I don't like buying anything I can't pull a part and rebuild 100 times if I wanted to
03:46 Cprossu and being stuck in a specific integrated platform always sucks, unless the price was right
03:47 Cprossu I buy netbooks because it's awesome to have a $200 computer that you don't care about
03:47 Cprossu oh shit! I dropped it off a flight of stairs, oh well
03:47 Cprossu both of mine are Acers (One's a AOD150 the other an AOD250)
03:47 speedrunnerG55 Like asus eeeeeeeeeeeeee?
03:47 wannabe1987 o fuck
03:47 Cprossu I like them just fine
03:47 Cprossu got them both on differing black fridays
03:48 Cprossu both with 6 cell batteries
03:48 Cprossu and thankfully they use the same batt too!
03:48 Cprossu $198 for each
03:48 Cprossu Felt damn good
03:48 Cprossu (hugs newegg and Costco for that)
03:48 Cprossu I've beaten the shit outa them too
03:48 Cprossu they survive pretty well
03:49 Cprossu later I g2g
03:49 speedrunnerG55 IEEE FTW
03:49 Cprossu but as far as I know, from an upgradability standpoint, my laptop fucking rocks
03:49 Cprossu I wonder how much c2d p8700's are going for
03:49 speedrunnerG55 Mine stinks in general
03:49 Cprossu if I wanted to totally kill off the remaining battery life it has
03:50 Cprossu (it started with 4 hours with the GF 9300GT and got killed to 2.7 hours with the GF 9650GT)
03:50 Cprossu the p8700 would probably take me into sub 2 hour territory
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03:53 Obtuse_lappy left #thegeekgroup
03:54 Druidic_Rifleman so what are people working on on tonight
03:56 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
03:56 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
03:56 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
03:56 speedrunnerG55 Why is plennum grade so expencive
04:00 egrsteve becasue it's fire rated for air handeling spaces
04:00 egrsteve ie plennums
04:00 egrsteve it has a "low smoke" insulation that will kill you slower
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04:02 wannabe1987 GOOD MORNING
04:04 egrsteve morning
04:04 wannabe1987 hows steve?
04:05 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
04:05 speedrunnerG55 Ye what does low smoke mean
04:05 speedrunnerG55 I've herd that before. Idk what
04:05 Obtuse_lappy joined #thegeekgroup
04:06 speedrunnerG55 Hi Obtuse_lappy
04:06 wannabe1987 hi
04:06 egrsteve less deadly chemicals I would suppsoe
04:07 egrsteve
04:10 speedrunnerG55 Don't look at single mode fiber
04:11 egrsteve what about fiber?
04:11 speedrunnerG55 It most likely use lasors that are powerful
04:11 speedrunnerG55 Single mode
04:12 speedrunnerG55 It can run tens of kilometers
04:13 egrsteve did my link help you with your plenum question?
04:14 Druidic_Rifleman Ontario has a Local discussion forum YAY!!!
04:14 speedrunnerG55 Kinda
04:14 egrsteve anything that is specially rated tends to cost more
04:14 egrsteve in the case of plenum wire several times more
04:14 * wannabe1987 's housemates are bashing starwars...
04:15 speedrunnerG55 ?
04:15 egrsteve I hope only episodes 1-3
04:15 speedrunnerG55 Not fun?
04:15 wannabe1987 the one with the pod race
04:15 speedrunnerG55 I agree
04:15 wannabe1987 and revenge of the sith
04:15 wannabe1987 well, they say "first episode" but idk if thats I or IV
04:15 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:16 egrsteve it's the new (2000s) ones
04:16 speedrunnerG55 Cronilogical orsequential
04:16 wannabe1987 chronological*
04:16 egrsteve i would expect them to day "first triligy)
04:16 speedrunnerG55 -__
04:16 wannabe1987 lol
04:16 speedrunnerG55 -__-
04:16 wannabe1987 so would i...but they don't
04:17 egrsteve wow, I left an open quote and never opened that praenthacy, good thing IRC doesn't check santax
04:18 wannabe1987 sytax?
04:18 wannabe1987 lol at steve...
04:18 speedrunnerG55 Whats Zantac
04:18 wannabe1987 i do that a lot
04:18 wannabe1987 meds!
04:18 speedrunnerG55 X_x
04:18 speedrunnerG55 I ment to say santax
04:18 speedrunnerG55 Iphone auto correct
04:19 exor674 egrsteve: syntax error. world will detonate in 4 seconds
04:19 speedrunnerG55 It turs all my mistakes into bigger mistakes
04:19 exor674 iPhone autocorrect is "awesome"
04:20 exor674 worst I got was "rape dice" from espensive ( typoed expensive )
04:20 speedrunnerG55 Yes I said that once
04:20 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:22 speedrunnerG55 ...
04:22 * speedrunnerG55 scrolls up.
04:22 speedrunnerG55 Idk
04:24 speedrunnerG55 Anyone at the lab?
04:24 speedrunnerG55 Anyone anywhere
04:24 speedrunnerG55 Here?
04:25 wannabe1987 NO!
04:25 wannabe1987 noone's anywhere...the zombie/robot apocolypse happened
04:25 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:25 speedrunnerG55 Brb. Swapping clients
04:26 wannabe1987 so you is either robot or zomibie or both...
04:26 exor674 braiiiiiiiiiiins
04:26 exor674 ?
04:26 * wannabe1987 cocks nerf gun
04:27 exor674 ( and no not "briiiiiians" -- how I managed that typo with that repated i I have no idea as that couldn't have been a key sequence problem
04:28 wannabe1987 no!  not bryyyyyans!!! theres one in this house...isn't that enough?!
04:28 exor674 ( now I wonder what brains taste like and why zombies have to eat them )
04:28 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
04:28 NeWtoz I clean a biology floor at a college, I once saw Brains tagged on a bag, I couldn't stop saying BRRAAAAIINNNS all day
04:28 speedrunnerG55__ hih
04:28 speedrunnerG55__ hi
04:28 NeWtoz and hi
04:28 wannabe1987 lol
04:29 speedrunnerG55__ hi speedrunnerG55
04:29 exor674 wannabe1987: I am guessing you detest said bryan?
04:29 wannabe1987 so you is either robot or zomibie or both... speedrunnerG55__
04:29 wannabe1987 i used to date said bryan
04:30 speedrunnerG55__ i was saying hi to my mom, she has my phone
04:30 speedrunnerG55__ xD
04:30 wannabe1987 hi mom of you!!!!
04:30 exor674 aw
04:30 speedrunnerG55__ you have to peep her
04:30 wannabe1987 peep?
04:30 NeWtoz that sounds so wrong
04:30 wannabe1987 sounds...creepy
04:30 speedrunnerG55__ to send push notifacation through iphone os
04:31 speedrunnerG55__ tag the name
04:31 speedrunnerG55__ beep xD
04:31 NeWtoz I want to peep your mom
04:31 wannabe1987 ...
04:31 speedrunnerG55__ D:
04:31 exor674 dirty
04:31 wannabe1987 you're the one who mentioned it first, speedrunnerG55__
04:32 speedrunnerG55__ :(
04:32 Druidic_Rifleman hi speed runner's mom
04:32 speedrunnerG55__ typo, i hope
04:32 speedrunnerG55__ speedrunnerG55 click "view"
04:33 exor674 dre think she sleep soon ( actually "soon" not "in 4 hours"
04:33 wannabe1987 lol
04:33 wannabe1987 no laundry to do?
04:33 exor674 nope
04:33 exor674 and I won't get distracted watching things on youtube
04:33 wannabe1987 lol
04:34 Druidic_Rifleman exor67 what do you mean by dre?
04:34 wannabe1987 you have enough food for tomorrow?
04:34 exor674 e.g. me
04:34 Druidic_Rifleman Mind if i ask what it stands for?
04:34 speedrunnerG55__ speedrunnerG55? click "view"
04:34 wannabe1987 exor674 = dre?
04:34 * exor674 is exor674 a.k.a. Andrea a.k.a. Dre
04:34 wannabe1987 cool
04:34 wannabe1987 names!
04:34 Druidic_Rifleman AH
04:34 exor674 ( will also respond to "Drea" if people are stubborn about the "a"
04:34 * exor674 will also respond to "Emily" for some strange reason
04:34 wannabe1987 ...
04:35 wannabe1987 thats my sisters name
04:35 NeWtoz TMI
04:35 NeWtoz TMI
04:35 NeWtoz SURRREEE..
04:35 wannabe1987 TIMMY?
04:35 NeWtoz TMI = too much information
04:35 wannabe1987 lol i know
04:35 wannabe1987 TIMM-ay!
04:35 speedrunnerG55__ oh well, i guess my mom just ignored everything i sent her
04:35 NeWtoz typical women!
04:35 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
04:35 wannabe1987 lol
04:35 wannabe1987 w0vha hi!
04:36 w0vha good morning/evening/whatever...
04:36 exor674 and I actually DO have to do laundry
04:36 exor674 but this time it's a "set the dryer and forget it
04:36 speedrunnerG55__ wovha lol
04:36 wannabe1987 its well, 12:36 here...morning i guess?
04:36 speedrunnerG55__ lol me too
04:36 w0vha it's 2336 here, so both fit...
04:37 wannabe1987 wahoo!
04:37 speedrunnerG55__ ahh 24 hour clock
04:37 w0vha I've been a dispatcher for WAY too long...
04:37 exor674 24hr clock = yay
04:38 w0vha Aaarrrggghhh!  Me and this drip-tip are going to have words real soon...
04:38 speedrunnerG55__ how about the 6 hour clock
04:38 arruid left #thegeekgroup
04:38 exor674 speedrunnerG55__: how about a 1hr clock
04:38 wannabe1987 drip tip?
04:38 speedrunnerG55__ lol
04:38 w0vha ecig...
04:40 * speedrunnerG55__ wonders how there are 3 speedrunners
04:40 speedrunnerG55__ i know of only 2 plses im signed in
04:41 speedrunnerG55__ speedrunnerG55_ ?
04:41 w0vha do /whois speedrunnerG55  It looks like an Iphone client
04:42 speedrunnerG55__ ok thats my phone
04:42 speedrunnerG55__ ok, thats fine, my mom just said somwthing about the tag
04:43 Cprossu lol
04:43 speedrunnerG55__ so now who is speedrunnerG55_
04:43 Cprossu speedrunnerG55, you have
04:43 Cprossu_laptop too many fucking clones.... between speedrunnerG55_
04:43 Cprossu and speedrunnerG55__
04:43 w0vha both show the same optonline address... two windows open?
04:44 speedrunnerG55__ no
04:44 speedrunnerG55__ just one client
04:44 Cprossu so anyway
04:44 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987 and CSMonster_awaaay (for when she returns) and goes the eff to bed. night alls
04:44 speedrunnerG55__ i htink it might be my miunecraft server, down stairs
04:44 speedrunnerG55__ but iu thought that went down
04:44 wannabe1987 night exor674
04:44 Cprossu what's new since I left? did mman ever hack is mainframe?
04:45 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
04:45 Cprossu later exor674
04:45 Cprossu unless you've got any other technical questions/concerns
04:45 w0vha does anyone know why a server would hang on a blank screen when trying to install Windows XP?
04:45 speedrunnerG55__ just 2 remain now
04:45 Cprossu what hardware, w0vha
04:46 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
04:46 wannabe1987 hi eightbitbrad
04:46 w0vha It's a Cisco CM box. Pentium 4 w/ 768MB of RAM and an 80G SATA HDD... I'm trying to build an Echolink box that I can put in the rack with my Motorola Maxtrac radio...
04:46 speedrunnerG55__ hi eitbitbrad
04:47 speedrunnerG55__ eightbitbrad
04:47 Cprossu did you add more ram before installing?
04:47 w0vha more than one Brad, we're all doomed, I tells ya
04:47 Cprossu and how do the caps look in the power supply?
04:47 eightbitbrad hiya wannabe1987
04:47 eightbitbrad :)
04:47 wannabe1987 :D
04:47 Cprossu and for that matter, the caps on the motherboard, w0vha
04:48 w0vha no, it came with 768, hardware seems OK, as I had PBX In A Flash on it before, and it ran OK.
04:48 speedrunnerG55__ hi eightbitbrad
04:48 Cprossu still, xp is a mixed bag
04:48 Cprossu at least you're running legacy ide though on that board...
04:48 Cprossu wait sata?
04:48 w0vha XP is a PITA, is what it is..., but echolink doesn't have a Linux version...
04:48 Cprossu go into your bios and make sure you've got legacy IDE enabled
04:49 Cprossu unless you're running an ide-sata bridge
04:49 Cprossu do you know?
04:49 speedrunnerG55__ legacy is a cool name
04:49 w0vha It's SATA, and legacy is enabled (tried without FTHOI, and nothing changed...
04:49 Cprossu hrmmm what kinda graphics is that thing rocking with?
04:50 CSMonster_awaaay is now known as CSMonster
04:50 CSMonster the bitch is back.
04:50 speedrunnerG55__ hi scmonster
04:50 w0vha onboard... I think it's Intel... It's just a little 1U server
04:50 Cprossu I've never dealt with a cisco CM before
04:50 Cprossu got a model # on you?
04:50 w0vha Hang on, I'll go look.
04:51 Cprossu also are you trying to install via a usb cdrom?
04:51 seanzzz joined #thegeekgroup
04:52 w0vha I was wrong, it's a Cisco Content Engine CE-511.
04:52 w0vha Mfgd by IMB...
04:52 Cprossu it's times like these I am glad I don't speak out of my ass
04:53 Cprossu so internal cd drive, sata hdd
04:53 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on change signature
04:53 speedrunnerG55__ csma/cd = FTW
04:53 w0vha Just using the internal IDE CDROM
04:53 * wannabe1987 has headache
04:53 speedrunnerG55__ not again
04:54 wannabe1987 not a migraine this time
04:54 speedrunnerG55__ good
04:54 wannabe1987 this time from not wearing my glasses at thecomputer
04:54 wannabe1987 :P
04:54 wannabe1987 they're upsstairs
04:54 wannabe1987 iwill get them tomorrow
04:54 Cprossu lol I Was just looking for the manufacturer of the motherboard, so it's funny you happened to say 'iwill'... got me sidetracked
04:54 * CSMonster pokes wannabe1987
04:54 speedrunnerG55__ csma/ca = FTW
04:54 * wannabe1987 pokes CSMonster
04:55 Cprossu does it pickup the hdd on sata port 0 or sata port 1?
04:56 * speedrunnerG55__ bored
04:56 Cprossu oddly enough
04:56 Cprossu Accd to my documentation
04:56 * wannabe1987 gives speedrunnerG55__ her headache
04:56 Cprossu it has a disk on key on the IDE along with the cdrom drive
04:56 speedrunnerG55__ 'my eyes!!
04:56 speedrunnerG55__ "
04:56 Cprossu in it's stock form
04:56 wannabe1987 its above the left eye
04:56 Cprossu so, w0vha how do you have it configured?
04:57 Cprossu is the diskonkey still in the system?
04:57 speedrunnerG55__ what am i osamma?
04:57 w0vha OK,  it's on my lap, I have tried both SATA ports.  The video is ATI, and hardware is stock
04:57 w0vha there is nothing in the DOK CF slot...
04:57 Cprossu good
04:57 w0vha as I said, it boots a Linux CD ok, just hangs Win
04:57 Cprossu I wish I could find a good pic of this motherboard
04:57 Cprossu and I Can tell you it's likely something stupid
04:58 Cprossu bios wise or hardware wise
04:58 Cprossu pull out 2 sticks of ram, try again
04:58 Cprossu at this point we should at least remove what variables we can
04:58 * speedrunnerG55__ rolls around
04:59 w0vha it's only got 2 sticks (1 512 and 1 256).  I've tried pulling RAM too, and nothing works... I have reset BIOS to default, still no Win.  Replaced HDD with another one, no Win.  I'm about out of things to change...
04:59 Cprossu ahh
04:59 * speedrunnerG55__ loafs around
04:59 Cprossu hrmmm
04:59 Cprossu SP3 disk?
04:59 Cprossu or is it sp2?
04:59 w0vha SP3.  I don't have anything older than that to try...
05:00 Cprossu got a sata cdrom drive laying around?
05:00 w0vha No.  I even tried a USB cd-rom, same result.
05:00 Cprossu that motherboard must be very odd though
05:00 * speedrunnerG55__ never actually moved from this spot
05:00 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on change signature
05:01 Cprossu P4, ddr, sata, and boot off of usb
05:01 Cprossu any identification marks on the mobo? (I'm reaching here I know)
05:02 w0vha Probably, but I don't have my equipment to look at it here (it's at work).  I'm thinking this thing just doesn't want to run Windows...
05:02 Cprossu (starts dredging the IMB website)... wait
05:02 Cprossu did you mean to say IBM?
05:03 w0vha IDK, IMB (International Migraine Builder) works for me...
05:03 speedrunnerG55__ LOL
05:04 w0vha damn, looking back I see I did put IMB instead of IBM... sigh.
05:04 Cprossu haha
05:04 Cprossu That made me damn confused
05:04 Cprossu if it's IBM though
05:04 Cprossu it could be a multitude of things
05:04 Cprossu is there an "FRU" label anywhere on the motherboard?
05:05 w0vha it does shown an IBM logo under the cisco logo on the BIOS...
05:05 speedrunnerG55__ feild replacement unit?
05:05 Cprossu yeah
05:05 w0vha Hang on, I probably won't be able to see it, but I'll look...
05:05 Cprossu thanks
05:05 w0vha I see in real big print M71IX MB
05:06 Cprossu what's funny is they call it Field Replacable and Field Replacement alternately at the IBM website
05:06 speedrunnerG55__ thats a bit of an fru, a motherboard lol
05:06 Cprossu and certain IBM techs who are jerks
05:06 speedrunnerG55__ but thats just me
05:06 Cprossu will stick to one and tell you the other is wrong
05:06 Cprossu you know the chasis...the entire chasis
05:07 Cprossu usually has an FRU number too?
05:07 speedrunnerG55__ wow
05:07 eightbitbrad sorry so quiet... was working on BotSteve code... for now, it's nightnight time.
05:07 eightbitbrad is now known as ebb-sleeping
05:07 speedrunnerG55__ ebb?
05:07 Cprossu good job, bot abuse wouldn't be so fun without the work you guys do
05:07 speedrunnerG55__ oh nevermind
05:08 speedrunnerG55__ yes :)
05:08 ebb-sleeping better? :)
05:08 Cprossu botsteve: tell dice Never Say Die!!!!
05:08 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when dice is around.
05:08 speedrunnerG55__ die?
05:09 Cprossu signular for dice
05:09 Cprossu *singular
05:09 speedrunnerG55__ and?
05:09 Cprossu another random thing for the bot to say on a blue moon scenario
05:09 speedrunnerG55__ lol
05:09 Cprossu think of it like little traps I set
05:10 w0vha Can't find an FRU number, but I don't have my CCTV here... oh well, I'll fight with it later, I may just give this thing up and get another Dell Poweredge
05:10 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: tell link why dont you speek?
05:10 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__: I'll pass that on when link is around.
05:10 Cprossu I think I set one up for poop and it's still there
05:10 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: tell mario sorry the princess is in another castle
05:10 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__: I'll pass that on when mario is around.
05:11 w0vha lol
05:11 Cprossu I like how they handeled chell not speaking in portal 2
05:12 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: tell supermario f--- you the princess in in a nother castle
05:12 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__: I'll pass that on when supermario is around.
05:14 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: tell samus_aran the last metroid is in captivity, the galaxy is at peace
05:14 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__: I'll pass that on when samus_aran is around.
05:15 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: tell the_king ENOUGH my ship sails in the morning
05:15 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__: I'll pass that on when the_king is around.
05:15 speedrunnerG55__ ok thats enough bot abuse for now
05:15 CSMonster no such thing as enough
05:16 speedrunnerG55__ want more?
05:17 CSMonster not really
05:19 * CSMonster is trying to pick up the slack on her blog finally
05:19 Cprossu botsteve: tell hindenburg Oh, the humanity!
05:19 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when hindenburg is around.
05:19 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: tell c you are a champion in track
05:20 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__: I'll pass that on when c is around.
05:20 BotSteve RuntimeError: dictionary changed size during iteration (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 40, in dumpReminders)
05:20 Cprossu sweet
05:20 Cprossu BatSteve-Away: We fucked it up again
05:20 speedrunnerG55__ hi botsteve
05:20 BotSteve Salutations speedrunnerG55__!
05:20 egrsteve botsteve: tell speedrunnerG55____ that bot abuse is fun
05:20 BotSteve egrsteve: I'll pass that on when speedrunnerG55____ is around.
05:20 Cprossu BotSteve: tell BatSteve: We managed to fuck it up again, 22:20 GMT-7
05:20 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
05:21 wannabe1987 wahoo lol
05:21 Cprossu BotSteve: tell BatSteve: We managed to fuck it up again, 22:20 GMT-7 05/05/2011
05:21 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
05:21 CSMonster .seen batsteve
05:21 BotSteve CSMonster: I last saw batsteve 24.00 hours ago at 2011-05-05 05:21:40 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 05:21:50 UTC
05:22 Druidic_Rifleman hey CSmonster
05:22 CSMonster hi
05:22 CSMonster i take it you saw my blog today
05:22 Druidic_Rifleman I kiked your bit about Pillar bedding a nagant
05:22 Druidic_Rifleman yeah
05:22 Druidic_Rifleman like*
05:22 CSMonster the stats tab says someone from Canada viewed it today :p
05:22 CSMonster thanks.
05:23 Druidic_Rifleman O_O stalker...
05:23 CSMonster you should subscribe or something.
05:23 CSMonster lol
05:24 Druidic_Rifleman How does i Subscribe?
05:24 CSMonster fuck if i know :p
05:24 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: tell botsteve_ there can only be one botsteve
05:24 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__: I'll pass that on when botsteve_ is around.
05:25 CSMonster "subscribe to FUTD via google, netvibes, newsgator, or my yahoo"
05:26 CSMonster or follow on google.
05:26 speedrunnerG55__ .yt legend of zelda sea floor spreadding
05:26 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__:
05:26 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
05:26 CSMonster swear to go i'm going to post something tonight.
05:27 Cprossu props for that one speedrunnerG55_
05:27 Cprossu or speedrunnerG55__
05:27 Cprossu whatever
05:27 speedrunnerG55__ what
05:27 Druidic_Rifleman i tried not sure if it works
05:27 Cprossu I meant the botsteve_ tell
05:27 speedrunnerG55__ lol ok
05:29 speedrunnerG55__ i have  to go guys, but before i leave, botsteve
05:30 Druidic_Rifleman night
05:30 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve:tell yoshie he should find a better friend since supermario bros 3
05:30 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: tell yoshie he should find a better friend since supermario bros 3
05:30 BotSteve speedrunnerG55__: I'll pass that on when yoshie is around.
05:31 speedrunnerG55__ night
05:31 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
05:32 Druidic_Rifleman How is that Mosin project comming by the way?
05:33 CSMonster slow
05:33 CSMonster i don't have the money for a glass bedding kit right now.
05:33 CSMonster and it's not high priority
05:34 CSMonster i did the pillar bedding because it was only about $5 for the pipe
05:35 CSMonster man, where is pilot boy
05:36 CSMonster wow.  someone in portugal viewed it today.
05:36 CSMonster the internet is weird.
05:36 egrsteve night all
05:37 CSMonster page views by country in the last 24 hours: 27 from the US, 4 from Canada, 1 from Portugal.
05:37 CSMonster night steve
05:37 * CSMonster kicks Cprossu in the shin to see if he's awake
05:38 * CSMonster ...the fuzzy bastard...
05:40 CSMonster
05:41 wannabe1987 lol at CSMonster
05:41 wannabe1987 at my status comment...
05:41 CSMonster DONTLAUGHATME! :(
05:41 wannabe1987 its a friendly laugh
05:41 wannabe1987 i'm laughing at what i told you...
05:42 CSMonster PFFT
05:42 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
05:42 wannabe1987 lol
05:42 CSMonster never accuse me of being a maple leaf
05:42 CSMonster (my dad is from Ohio.  i sincerely hope that i'm joking.)
05:42 wannabe1987 i have plenty of maple leaf friends...
05:42 wannabe1987 i live with 2 of them...:O
05:43 wannabe1987 (its below MI)
05:43 wannabe1987 and i hope i spelled saskatchewan correctly...
05:43 CSMonster I KNOW WHERE OHIO IS god
05:43 wannabe1987 lol
05:43 wannabe1987 i had to do a report on it in 7th grade...
05:44 CSMonster my dad is from Niles, OH
05:44 CSMonster fucking cold.
05:44 wannabe1987 cool.  theres a niles MI
05:44 wannabe1987 :P
05:45 CSMonster oh...
05:45 CSMonster oh god...
05:45 wannabe1987 ?
05:45 CSMonster i'm probably going to get in trouble for linking this.
05:45 CSMonster but it's too bad not to share.
05:45 wannabe1987 ??
05:45 CSMonster
05:46 wannabe1987 lol furry sheep
05:46 wannabe1987 and a cock
05:47 Cheese baaa
05:47 wannabe1987 lol
05:48 CSMonster that poor horse.
05:49 CSMonster wannabe1987 did you see my blog?
05:50 NeWtoz left #thegeekgroup
05:53 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
05:53 CSMonster is there a newtoz?
05:54 Druidic_Rifleman he looks like the horse liked it
05:55 CSMonster, the horse looks panicked.
05:55 Cheese the horse is just pretending
05:56 CSMonster cheese is a furry.
05:56 CSMonster and obtuse is still a bot.
05:58 wannabe1987 CSMonster said it was guns...
05:58 wannabe1987 what am i?
05:58 CSMonster a wannabe?
05:58 CSMonster you said you liked guns. :p
05:58 wannabe1987 wannabe what?
05:58 wannabe1987 lol i like shooting them
05:58 CSMonster idk.  what do you want to be?
05:58 wannabe1987 i don't understand the different makes/models
05:59 wannabe1987 i don't know...:'(
05:59 CSMonster it's never too late to learn.
05:59 Cheese I'd still like to apply for starfleet academy
05:59 CSMonster lol
06:01 wannabe1987 starfleet?
06:01 CSMonster yes
06:01 CSMonster it's in ohio.
06:01 Cheese where in ohio
06:02 wannabe1987 huh
06:02 CSMonster (actually it's in san francisco)
06:02 wannabe1987 i don't think i'll do cookies tonight...TOMORROW
06:02 wannabe1987 you failed
06:02 CSMonster i did no such thing
06:02 wannabe1987 of course not!
06:02 wannabe1987 why would i ssay such a thing
06:02 Cheese isn't there some kinda star trek thing in vegas?
06:03 CSMonster there was.  i'm pretty sure they got rid of it
06:03 CSMonster took it down
06:03 Cheese what a shame
06:03 CSMonster because i remember people being very sad and angry about that
06:03 Cheese i'll be going to defcon this year. was hoping to check it ou
06:03 Cheese out
06:04 wannabe1987 def con?
06:04 Cheese are you playing that questions only game from whose line?
06:04 wannabe1987 what no
06:05 wannabe1987 i dont know what "defcon" is...i know what "cons" are tho
06:05 Cheese does your computer do google?
06:05 CSMonster
06:05 Cheese
06:06 CSMonster
06:06 wannabe1987 i don't want to get the wrong definition
06:06 wannabe1987 SORRY
06:06 Cprossu meh
06:06 wannabe1987 didn't mean to piss off people
06:06 Cprossu defcon has been mainly posers for the last 3 years in terms of attendance =(
06:06 CSMonster lol, you didn't.  we're just making fun of you :p
06:06 Cprossu toorcon is getting that way too
06:06 CSMonster THERE'S Cprossu.
06:06 Cheese define posers
06:06 * CSMonster kicks Cprossu in the shin again
06:07 Cprossu posers: people who go "ZOMG HACKSINGGGSSSS HACK THE GIBSON!!!"
06:07 Cprossu or think they are the shit because they can pick a lock
06:07 CSMonster what if they are just shit at picking locks?
06:07 Cheese you have to allow people to be proud of small achievements man, let it go.
06:07 CSMonster lol
06:08 Cprossu I am, but as for ... .I went to defcon, I know how to hack
06:08 * CSMonster can't make bump keys work for some reason, and not for lack of trying, by a long mile
06:08 Cprossu crowd
06:08 Cprossu I am tired of them
06:08 Cheese its all about learning is it not?
06:08 Cprossu well they are pretencious as hell
06:08 Cprossu if you've been there before
06:08 Cheese i have not
06:08 Cheese I was at phreaknic recently
06:09 Cprossu everyone is set in their ways, everyone likes to piss on another, it was a very dissatisfying experience
06:09 Cheese i forget if it was this year or last year as far as the callendar
06:09 Cprossu and quite frankly I hate the script kiddes that always attend and send the cool guys running for the hills
06:10 Cheese i enjoyed the talks though. skydog threw a party across the hall from my room for what seemed like the duration of the convention. was pretty fun
06:10 Cprossu they like their rules and don't like anyone who shares certain pieces of info
06:10 Cprossu some of the talks are enjoyable but most of the cool experts
06:10 Cprossu go to toorcon instead
06:10 Cprossu but that's been kinda messed up the last year or two too
06:11 Cheese i believe i missed toorcon
06:11 Cheese besides we've already planned 2 day drive
06:11 Cheese its my vacation
06:11 Cprossu I like conferences where I am a part of the conversation and get to think of and try things on the fly
06:12 Cprossu as opposed to 'the expert set in his ways' lecturing
06:12 Cheese if you write off everyone as script kiddies how do you expect to start a conversation?
06:12 Cprossu Hey, I was once exciteable
06:12 Cprossu after seeing the phoneys so called security people ended up being
06:13 Cprossu I take everything that grows to a certain size with a bag of rock salt
06:14 Cheese idk, i've always found a little niche of 3 or 4 people at the confrences i've attended
06:14 Cprossu often they'd work off the backs of others without giving credit, calling it their own stuff, relabeling it, selling it, and eventually taking credit off of it
06:14 Cprossu I'm sure there are around 10-20 people worth talking to and hanging out with
06:14 Cprossu but it's not worth the harassment I often face
06:14 Cheese perhaps you hold yourself on such a high pedestal we can't possibly reach your expectations
06:14 Cprossu fuck no
06:15 Cprossu I just want people to have an open mind
06:15 Cheese very well :)
06:15 Cprossu and when I go to one of those conferences what I expect
06:15 Cprossu is people I can throw ideas off of
06:15 * CSMonster has solved this problem by not knowing anything about computers
06:16 Cprossu or generally bitch on how a certain practice will bite everyone in the ass come 5 years
06:16 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
06:16 Cheese perhaps you would know. what exactly was broken into on the playstation network?
06:16 Cheese was all that data in one place in plaintext? or did they steal a large block of encrypted stuff?
06:16 Cprossu old apache web server version that wasn't behind a firewall
06:16 Cprossu from what I've heard
06:17 Cheese brilliant
06:17 Cprossu I remember I was in vegas for a paticular event bringing up the possible failures RFID would face back in 2006 or so
06:17 Cprossu we're starting to see the fruits of that now actually
06:18 arran-g joined #thegeekgroup
06:18 Cheese could you give an example?
06:18 Cprossu I also laughed at keyless entry systems for cars for years
06:18 Cprossu but here's a good one
06:18 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
06:18 Cprossu take a car that has a key transponder
06:19 * CSMonster takes car
06:19 Cprossu it works in the general rf freqs of 900mhz to 2.4ghz in most cases
06:19 Cprossu take a couple of chinese repeaters that you can buy
06:19 Cprossu (essentially linear amps)
06:19 Cprossu boost the signal to the point the car unlocks and can start
06:20 Cheese you still have to have the correct code... though that wouldnt take long to roll through all possible codes
06:20 Cprossu simple hack, bad result, no bothering with breaking encryption
06:20 Cprossu since you are using the original singal from the transponder
06:20 Cprossu (pretend guy is sitting in a restaraunt)
06:20 Cprossu (with keys in pocket)
06:21 CSMonster receiving and copying the code when the legit owner uses the original remote, right?
06:21 Cheese i'm not seeing the usefulness
06:21 Cprossu no
06:21 CSMonster (steeling cars, duh)
06:21 Cprossu taking it and repeating it
06:21 CSMonster *steal
06:21 Cprossu not storing
06:21 Cprossu the new ones use rolling codes
06:21 CSMonster ah
06:21 Cprossu but it doesn't matter once it's started for most cars
06:21 Cprossu plus you'll be a ways away before it shuts down on you
06:21 Cprossu using the original signal boosted
06:22 Cprossu there's no way around it
06:22 Cheese the investment to tune all of that to work properly would make it not worth the trouble
06:22 Cprossu remember I said 900 and 2.4ghz
06:22 Cprossu a rf wifi extender will work
06:22 Cprossu as long as it's just a linear amp
06:23 Cprossu tuning isn't an issue
06:23 Cheese it's got to be tuned to modulate properly
06:23 Cheese antenna matching
06:23 Cprossu it already is
06:23 Cprossu it's close enough
06:23 Cheese the dipole it comes with will cover 900mhz efficiently?
06:23 Cprossu all you need is about 20 meters
06:23 Cheese 20 meters? of what
06:24 Cprossu signal from one place to the next
06:24 Cheese ok heres the problem
06:24 Cprossu I'm talking a simple repeater based on hardware you can buy and not tweak
06:24 Cheese you're going to have to be close enough to that guy to capture the button press
06:24 Cprossu the frequencies here in the US are strict
06:24 Cprossu I'm not talking a capture
06:24 Cprossu I mean a full on repeater
06:24 Cprossu without store
06:24 Cheese why would you need this?
06:24 Cprossu as in RF in RF out
06:25 Cprossu you asked me for an example right?
06:25 Cprossu ok, let's go for another one
06:25 * CSMonster is so confused at this point.
06:25 Cprossu back when 802.11b was finalized
06:25 Cheese thats not even RFID though
06:25 Cprossu yeah it's a transponder
06:25 Cprossu still it's based off the same tech
06:25 Cprossu when it comes down to it
06:26 Cheese ... i don't follow your logic on that
06:26 Cheese i'm pretty sleepy though
06:26 Cprossu ok, fine want a wifi hack or a true rfid hack?
06:26 Cprossu take one
06:26 Cheese no, as i know how both of these work already.
06:26 Cprossu of course they do
06:27 Cprossu but they were inconcievable back when they came up with the technologies
06:27 Cprossu and I can't think of for what reason
06:27 Cheese i just haven't heard of any major RFID exploits other than cloning them from a distance.
06:27 Cprossu writing to them
06:27 Cprossu from a distance
06:27 Cprossu depending on the RFID too
06:28 Cheese but at that point its really just like taking a picture of someones keyring and cutting a key to match it
06:28 Cprossu it's possible for me to take an entire UPS truck and fuck with all the RFID tags for an instance
06:28 Cheese i'd like to see you selectively mess with a single tag out of the bundle from a distance
06:28 Cprossu yeah but if you could take a picture of someone's key while it's in their pocket without them knowing
06:29 Cheese yeah
06:29 * CSMonster totally copied all of the keys to all of the classrooms in high school
06:29 Cprossu no, but if I know an entire truck is loaded with say
06:29 Cprossu electronics
06:29 Cprossu who would be the wiser without real hard text labels where it has to go?
06:29 Cprossu if I get it before it hits the electronic routing equipment
06:29 Cprossu it can certainly cause a mess
06:30 Cheese how would you know it was full of electronics
06:30 Cprossu because they showed off the electronic RFID routing and shipping systems that are used in their sorting facilities
06:30 Cprossu social engineering is how you'd know
06:30 Cprossu just like real detective work
06:30 Cprossu nothing happens in a vacuum
06:31 Cheese then i fail to see where RFID comes into play if youre socially engineering your way into knowing the electronics are in the truck
06:31 Cprossu if you know a company ships UPS you can find out what route it comes on
06:31 Cprossu if you find out what route it's on
06:31 Cprossu you can find out the truck
06:31 * CSMonster doesn't like it when mommy and daddy argue...
06:31 Cheese i just want to hear of a new RFID exploit :<
06:31 Cprossu find out the truck and it's schedule and then you will have an idea of it's contents
06:32 Cheese i get where you're coming from on that
06:32 Cprossu Didn't a group of students go and screw up a bunch of rfid's at a wal mart once?
06:32 Cprossu but the issue with this is basic things
06:32 Cheese I wasn't aware of walmart having RFID's
06:32 Cprossu if a tech is seen as flawless or never wrong
06:32 Cprossu oh yes
06:32 Cprossu walmart uses a shit ton of them
06:32 Cheese i know i saw a thing about them considering it for tracking sizes of pants in stock
06:33 Cprossu they even have pallets that have built in GPS units
06:33 Cprossu and cell equipment
06:33 Cprossu so they can tell where each pallet is
06:33 Cheese ah, so backend stuff
06:33 wannabe1987 cool
06:33 Cheese alot of pallets have RFID
06:33 * wannabe1987 is back for a bit...
06:33 Cprossu but I'm talking way neater than RFID there
06:34 Cprossu of course
06:34 Cprossu the flip side is
06:34 Cprossu get the cell phone number and figure out the system
06:34 Cprossu and you yourself can track them
06:34 Cheese the only thing is,  youre scrambling a identifier. so its like taking the pricetags off of everything.
06:34 Cprossu all you need is a prepaid cell phone under an assumed or stolen name
06:34 Cheese or switching pricetags
06:34 Cprossu except one thing
06:34 Cheese now tell me, from another perspective, that that doesnt look like script kiddy stuff
06:35 Cprossu this is script kidde stuff
06:35 Cprossu all of it
06:35 Cprossu that's what's scary
06:35 Cheese then break out the big guns
06:35 * CSMonster pokes wannabe1987 with a chopstick
06:35 Cheese i wanna hear some cool shit, come on
06:35 Cprossu on RFID? it's all really easy to screw with
06:35 Cprossu the hardcore stuff comes from not so easy things
06:35 CSMonster ........i think the "big guns" is hacking PSN.  :/
06:35 wannabe1987 OW!!!!  CSMonster gets poked with an unloaded gun...i checked
06:36 Cprossu well in PSN's case
06:36 Cheese is it really hacking if someone leaves themselves unprotected?
06:36 * CSMonster confiscates gun from wannabe
06:36 Cprossu it was not updating or disquising their software
06:36 wannabe1987 probably a good idea till i get a lic
06:36 Cprossu or keeping check on what was accessing their systems
06:36 CSMonster you should know better.  never point at anyone you don't intend to shoot, ever, even if confirmed unloaded.
06:36 * wannabe1987 is shamed...again
06:36 Cprossu a simple buffer overflow with execution techniques was probably used to inject a rootkit into one of their database servers
06:37 Cprossu through a well known flaw
06:37 Cprossu (Aka one script kiddes would even have access to)
06:37 Cheese it amazes me how the more i learn, the more obvious little flaws in security are
06:37 Cprossu you can find out for the most through passive techniques what version of software is running on a server,
06:38 Cprossu it could be as minute as a way a system handles data or a pattern that arrises
06:38 Cheese motd?
06:38 Cprossu message of the day?!
06:38 Cheese am i thinking cisco class again? x.x
06:38 Cprossu point is for PSN it was a well known patch
06:38 * CSMonster passes P85 back to wannabe
06:38 CSMonster don't let it happen again.
06:38 wannabe1987 what is this?
06:38 CSMonster .w ruger p series
06:39 BotSteve "The Ruger P series are a line of centerfire semi-automatic pistols made by Sturm, Ruger & Company." -
06:39 Cprossu but seriously for the big guns
06:39 Cprossu take a seriously tuned antenna
06:39 Cprossu and it's possible to read keystrokes produced by any means of rubber membrane or mechanical keyboard
06:39 Cprossu without proper shielding the EM signatures carry pretty freaking far
06:39 Cheese anything is possible if enough nerds decide it is :)
06:40 Cprossu it's not in the realm of a script kidde to accomplish though
06:40 wannabe1987 hmmm
06:40 wannabe1987 ok
06:40 Cprossu and it's not really an issue I'd be worried about
06:40 * wannabe1987 recieves gun, puts in holster
06:40 Cprossu for the most part
06:40 Cheese thats what i meant when i said its not really worth the trouble
06:40 Cprossu if a entity has enough interest in something they'll get it one way or another
06:40 Cprossu in the case of a car though
06:40 Cprossu there's $20,000 on 4 wheels
06:41 Cheese for the low low price of a brick, they could be in your car anyway
06:41 Cprossu and with $150 of equipment I can move it
06:41 Cprossu yes but starting say a lexus or an infinity
06:41 Cprossu without some really intense gear
06:41 Cheese more work, definately
06:41 Cheese hehe
06:41 Cprossu (which does exist)
06:41 Cprossu is a screaming bitch
06:41 Cprossu if you could set a bag outside of a cafe
06:41 Cprossu and simply drive the car away
06:41 * wannabe1987 minimizes irc again...want me? ding me :D
06:41 Cprossu doesn't that seem scary?
06:42 Cheese i was amazed when my boss started his mercedes by touching it
06:42 CSMonster hey Cprossu i actually got a question re: car security
06:42 Cprossu it defeats the whole purpose of the systems involved though, does it not?
06:42 Cprossu it's a joke
06:42 Cheese i still havent figured that out, unless its inductively coupled to him, and he's inductively coupled to the car
06:42 Cprossu show me a car and I'll show you a blood pressure kit and a weed puller that can get into it quickly
06:43 Cprossu no cheese, it's a transponder in his pocket
06:43 CSMonster cars with some sort of RF electronic component inside the base of the ignition key, requiring it to be inserted into the lock cylinder to be registered by the ECU and allow the car to spark
06:43 CSMonster how exactly do those work?
06:43 Cheese i'm not familar with the transponder system in use Cprossu
06:43 Cprossu ahh ok
06:44 Cprossu as for the rfid settings
06:44 Cprossu there's a module in the ign lock
06:44 CSMonster is it EM resonance like wacom tablet pens?
06:44 Cprossu it's got the reader in it, and the ECU is set to identify a key
06:44 Cprossu each key has a different rfid identifier in it
06:44 Cprossu so the ecu is programmed to the key, not the other way around
06:44 Cheese so then the touch is simply a capacitive sensor of some sort
06:44 Cprossu yes
06:44 CSMonster ah
06:45 CSMonster dumb noob question: does that require a battery in the key or no?
06:45 Cheese so if rfid key = valid and present, when touch = high, start car?
06:45 Cprossu CSMonster: no
06:45 CSMonster k
06:45 Cprossu it's an inductive antenna with a little juice running through it
06:45 Cheese ahy do i think like computer
06:45 Cprossu and here's what it does depening on the make
06:45 Cprossu in GM, you can start the car
06:46 Cprossu but the module scans the key
06:46 CSMonster i just remember that because in auto class we had a buick i think that had that system in it.....
06:46 Cprossu and then if it matches one in the ECU
06:46 Cprossu or the BCM
06:46 Cprossu or the gauge cluster
06:46 Cprossu it can be one or all three
06:46 Cprossu depending on the system
06:46 Cprossu it sends a serial coded message
06:47 Cheese "engineers go to school to learn how to make things hard to work on" my dad always said.
06:47 Cprossu which will continue the use of IGN and/or fuel injectors
06:47 CSMonster but the lock assembly was broken so we just started it via hotwiring.  but it still required the key, so we had the removed lock cylinder by itself duct taped to the side of the steering column with a single wire attached to it and the key in it
06:47 Cprossu and early systems will disable the fuel pump instead which is easy enough
06:47 Cprossu GM systems without the RFID though and still using the passlock system were funny as hell
06:47 Cprossu the gauge cluseter had the logic built into it
06:48 Cprossu and there was an analog generator in the ign lock
06:48 Cheese guys i have to get to bed. i have a final tomorow in telecommunications x.x
06:48 Cprossu it would produce a wave based upon key movement
06:48 CSMonster night queso
06:48 Cprossu and thoretically it was the same each time
06:48 cromartie-x588 joined #thegeekgroup
06:48 Cprossu and if you tried to break the lock it wouldn't work the right way
06:48 * CSMonster is waiting for comics to update at midnight
06:48 cromartie-x588 left #thegeekgroup
06:48 Cprossu but because you could jimmy the ign lock, only 4 tumblers mattered
06:49 Cheese nite
06:49 Cprossu defeat the 4 tumblers and get it torqued the right way and you are gold
06:49 Cheese left #thegeekgroup
06:49 Cprossu night chees
06:49 Cprossu on the chrysler skim system
06:49 Cprossu replicate the rfid of a key programmed
06:49 CSMonster that is just *odd*.
06:49 Cprossu and you are golden 2 ways
06:50 Cprossu 1) you use the right rfid once and it starts
06:50 CSMonster (the one based on cylinder lock movement that is)
06:50 Cprossu 2) you pull off skim while it's running
06:50 Cprossu yeah it was
06:50 Cprossu 3) after pulling off skim, security is completely defeated forever
06:50 CSMonster wow
06:50 Cprossu the problem with all these systems is that the information on them is obscure at best
06:51 Cprossu even for the people who work on them and fix them
06:51 Cprossu so when a baddie gets ahold of a way to subvert it
06:51 Cprossu no one knows how to deal with it
06:51 CSMonster yeah i took a GM computer control class and we never touched on security at all
06:51 Cprossu and the companies involved don't want it out anyway
06:51 Cprossu that their system failed
06:52 Cprossu gm security is one of the biggest roundabout messes in the world
06:52 CSMonster lol
06:52 Cprossu involving lots of class 2 encoded serial messages
06:52 Cprossu get one thing communicating wrong due to a buss issue on the gauge cluster and it all falls apart
06:53 Cprossu and requires 3 hours of programming and/or hair pulling
06:53 CSMonster geez.
06:54 Cprossu or heaven forbid a gague cluster that takes out the BCM due to a short that happens where it's not supposed to
06:54 Cprossu then good fucking luck
06:54 Cprossu the ECM needs one or the other to agree
06:54 Cprossu to avoid shutting off the fuel injectors
06:54 Cprossu and you have to program the modules in a specific order too
06:55 Cprossu with secret codes and bullshit and downloads
06:55 Cprossu it's hard to diagnose a system that's kept secret if it fails, or is proven ineffective
06:56 Cprossu yes, the more eyes that look at something, the more flaws will be found with it, but if the wrong eyes find it anyway it's a moot point
06:56 CSMonster is it bad of me to want to rip the computer system out of a car and just put in a basic fuel/emissions control system built from an arduino, and revert everything back to mechanical operation?
06:57 CSMonster *everything else
06:57 Cprossu depends on your state
06:57 Cprossu it could even be illegal
06:57 CSMonster Washington
06:57 CSMonster i wasn't that concerned about the legality though
06:57 CSMonster just for fun.
06:58 Cprossu if you drive it on the road, you could be fucking with federal law
06:58 Cprossu especially if it's a 96+ car
06:58 CSMonster an arduino *is* good enough to run a fuel injection system, right?  i don't think that requires that much processing power....
06:59 Cprossu considering GM built their original systems on a Motorola 6800
06:59 Cprossu you'll be fine
06:59 CSMonster lol
06:59 CSMonster ok
06:59 CSMonster that's what i thought
06:59 Cprossu I still don't think an arduino would be my first choice though
07:00 Cprossu keep in mind the vibration it will face every day and the number of inputs/outputs that have to be monitored and acted upon in real time
07:00 CSMonster i'm an amateur when it comes to electronics
07:00 Cprossu have you looked at the megasquirt system
07:00 Cprossu ?
07:00 CSMonster i've spent the last twelve years studying nothing but firearms tech.  i'm not very good at anything else :(
07:00 Cprossu most of the hard stuff was ironed out on that system years ago
07:00 CSMonster i haven't heard of it
07:01 Cprossu check it out
07:01 Cprossu if i recall
07:01 Cprossu this will give you a good idea of what you're up against
07:01 CSMonster hmmmm 1996 is the start of OBD-II right?
07:01 Cprossu exactly
07:01 CSMonster that's what i thought
07:02 Cprossu and emissions testing stations pass/fail you on the obdII stuff
07:02 Druidic_Rifleman Wow... Cprossu.... i saw that link and expected something way differant
07:02 Cprossu Druidic_Rifleman: your mind is in the gutter lol
07:02 CSMonster lol
07:02 Cprossu technically there were plenty of obdII systems in use/semi use in '95 though
07:03 Cprossu and also technically there's still OBDI stuff in use today
07:03 Cprossu FUCK YOU NISSAN
07:03 Cprossu anyway
07:03 CSMonster the coolest thing i saw in automotive was in a Ford automatic transmission class, our instructor taught us to pull the trouble codes of a 93 ford topaz using an analog multimeter or a lightbulb
07:03 CSMonster that was amusing
07:04 Druidic_Rifleman CSmonster about not knowing much other then firearms i kinda know what thats like
07:04 Cprossu I know I've thrown around the wiring diagram I made for our little 2.2L S10 engines at school
07:04 Cprossu since we didn't want the horror show that was security we made them run with '94 computers
07:05 CSMonster lol
07:05 Cprossu let me find the link I made
07:07 CSMonster
07:08 CSMonster ^ yes.
07:08 wannabe1987 awesome website
07:08 Cprossu
07:08 Cprossu ^ here
07:08 Cprossu it came out rather nice too
07:09 wannabe1987 CSMonster is it considered a comic or what?
07:09 CSMonster basically yeah
07:09 wannabe1987 :nods:
07:09 CSMonster i'm just amused by tonight's page
07:09 wannabe1987 i'll check it in a minute...
07:10 CSMonster that..... looks fairly straightforward.
07:10 Cprossu I'm proud of it too, CSMonster
07:10 Cprossu
07:10 Cprossu ^ nice
07:10 CSMonster LOL
07:10 CSMonster yes.
07:10 Cprossu so CSMonster
07:10 Cprossu imagine this
07:11 Cprossu '95 has all OBDII terms despite lack of OBDII on actual truck
07:11 Cprossu '96 has a different engine computer completely
07:11 Cprossu and a different ICM
07:11 Cprossu they changed the reluctor in the crankshaft in '98
07:12 Cprossu and changed over to Cam timing
07:12 Cprossu as opposed to crank
07:12 Cprossu now this is important
07:12 Cprossu before the ICM took the AC signal from the crank signal
07:12 Cprossu and sent it to the ECM for the reference signal to fire the injectors off
07:12 Cprossu the module produced it's own base timing for spark as well
07:13 Cprossu in '96 the ECM took crank right from the sensor
07:13 Cprossu so the ICM's 96 and on wouldn't bloody work
07:13 Cprossu despite having the same set of connectors
07:13 Cprossu (different signals were at work)
07:14 Cprossu they took all control of spark timing off the module and put it on the ECM
07:14 Cprossu the '94 ecm won't control spark until the engine is running
07:14 CSMonster reluctor = the notched/toothed reference wheel for the hall effect sensor, right?  (auto was four years ago and i haven't really used it other than oil and tire changes)
07:14 Cprossu yes
07:14 Cprossu but
07:14 Cprossu in this case
07:14 Cprossu they just used a AC generator
07:14 Cprossu (not a hall effect sensor)
07:14 CSMonster ah
07:15 Cprossu so it generates AC and not a DC square wave sig
07:15 Cprossu \/\/\ vs ---|_|---
07:15 CSMonster yeah, got it
07:16 Cprossu or I should say \ /   \       /\/\/ but you get the point
07:16 Cprossu so '95 was wrong
07:16 Cprossu and '94 had a misprint
07:17 Cprossu the '94 manual incorrectly stated that it used a distributer for the 2.2
07:17 Cprossu it was copied from the ealier 2.5 man
07:17 CSMonster ah.
07:17 Cprossu yes the distrib hole was there but unusable due to the intake manifold
07:17 Cprossu as the 2.2 came from the cavalier 1.8
07:17 Cprossu which was bored and stroked to 2.0
07:17 Cprossu (and the last distrib on that was 1987 while it was still 2.0)
07:18 Cprossu then bored and stroked again to 2.2
07:18 Cprossu it's a pushrod engine based on an Opel design to make things even more confusing
07:18 CSMonster lol
07:19 Cprossu and because it sucks
07:19 Cprossu there's no drop in performance engine computer for it
07:19 Cprossu (no market)
07:19 Cprossu those who want performance in an S10 either mess with their v6 or drop a '350 in it
07:20 Cprossu and for those who run superchargers for the measly amount of HP they get out of it seem to be fine with the stock ecm
07:20 Cprossu since they aren't gonna go above 14psi on any day
07:21 CSMonster i didn't get to take any engine rebuilding classes.  (the instructor for those was a chauvinistic jerk. :/ )  just automatic transmissions and one ECM class
07:21 Cprossu awww =(
07:21 Cprossu there's nothing more fun than rebuilding an engine and firing it up
07:22 CSMonster lol
07:22 Cprossu although wiring one up, testing everything, building a fuel system in 1 day, and it firing up on the hit of the key was pretty cool too
07:22 CSMonster that's what i have a weed eater engine for :p
07:22 Cprossu I mean I was laughed at by other students
07:22 Cprossu for my use of the tek 100mhz oscope we had
07:22 CSMonster lol
07:23 Cprossu testing every day for a few weeks until I got the signals I wanted
07:23 CSMonster the class electronics nerd.
07:23 Cprossu when I hit that key I rigged up to it though
07:23 Cprossu and it hit just like >snap<
07:23 Cprossu idled great
07:24 Cprossu the students present
07:24 Cprossu eyes bugged outa their heads
07:24 Cprossu first start attempt on a motor that was never run
07:24 CSMonster lol
07:24 Cprossu and stored for 5 years at least as a crate engine too
07:25 Cprossu gm is so cool, their crate engines have even their oil filled proper
07:25 Cprossu rofl
07:25 CSMonster LOL
07:25 Cprossu but it's darn nice to know you covered every base you could have thought of
07:25 Cprossu and have no bugs on the first demo
07:26 Cprossu if you have a problem it will always be during a demo though
07:26 CSMonster i have a..... i don't remember the displacement.  it doesn't really matter.  but it's a 2 stroke ryobi weed eater engine that i rebuilt with some RC aircraft racing parts; in theory ti should run, but i haven't started it yet.  i need some helicoils to fix the stripped-out holes to hold the plastic cooling manifold on the block
07:27 CSMonster just for fucking around
07:27 Druidic_Rifleman Ford produced a truck called the raptor.... did any one see the Top gear show where the raced a halo jumper accross the texas dessert in one?
07:27 CSMonster might put it on a step scooter or something
07:27 CSMonster
07:27 Druidic_Rifleman it's a kinda neat truck
07:27 Cprossu put a compression tester on it, if it makes compression put a spark tester on it, if it makes spark and at the right moment, all you need is the proper air fuel and it runs.
07:28 Cprossu period
07:28 Cprossu now for how long, and how well, pfft
07:28 CSMonster oh i know.  it gets compression and spark just fine
07:28 CSMonster lol
07:28 CSMonster i gotta screw with the carb i'm sure to get it tuned
07:28 Cprossu 2 stroke carbs are so fucking touchy
07:29 CSMonster but supposedly they are pretty robust for a garden tool engine, and are pretty popular for RC planes
07:29 Cprossu also low duty on either of those
07:29 Druidic_Rifleman hmmm interesting
07:29 Druidic_Rifleman Wouldn't mind a UAV
07:29 CSMonster yeah
07:29 CSMonster 31cc, that's what it is
07:30 Cprossu in UAV-ville, stealth becomes of importance
07:30 Cprossu especially if you don't want to attract certain unfriendly attention
07:30 CSMonster i put a new air filter in it and an aftermarket RC muffler
07:30 Druidic_Rifleman I am pretty sure bambi Does not have a fucking clue what a UAV is
07:30 CSMonster and there's few things less stealth than a 2 stroke engine.... :p
07:31 Druidic_Rifleman LOL
07:31 Cprossu haha, but if it weighs enough, and can cause damage when it falls,
07:31 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
07:31 Cprossu it can land one in enough hot water for a group of men
07:32 CSMonster " The new MTD 31cc (1.8 ci) converted string trimmer engines by Jag Engines. are the perfect answer to your low cost big scale R/C airplane needs.  They are light, powerful, compact, very easy to run and extremely durable.  The engines are made in Chandler, AZ (about a million a year) and parts are readily available.  They will fly planes from 11 lbs. to over 23 lbs. depending on wing...
07:32 CSMonster ...loading using props from 16" to 20".  They can be easily started using a standard 12 volt Sullivan or Hobbico type starters with no need for the spring type starter or heavy duty electric starter.  MTD’s are very economical to operate using only about 16 oz of 40:1 gas-oil mixture for over 30 minutes of flight time.  Several California R/C Marathon planes using similar 31cc engines have...
07:32 CSMonster ...flown for over 5 1/2 hours covering more than 240 miles non-stop on ½ gallon of gas! "
07:32 Druidic_Rifleman then your not building a UAV your building a propeller powered kennetic kill crusse missile
07:32 Cprossu rofl I could drive over there and pick one up
07:32 CSMonster that's the engine i have.
07:32 CSMonster lol
07:33 Druidic_Rifleman DUDE isn't chandler the home of the heartattac grill?
07:33 Druidic_Rifleman Did you ever go they have an all you can eat frenchfri bar
07:33 Cprossu I've never eaten there
07:33 Cprossu I prefer Bryan's bbq in cave creek though
07:34 Druidic_Rifleman You should go with some friends Video tape it and be like "I'm Crossu and to day i might DIE!!!"
07:34 Druidic_Rifleman and send it into the geek group
07:34 Cprossu I eat enough crap lol
07:34 Cprossu no need to get stuff that doesn't taste fucking awesome
07:34 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:35 Cprossu boo csmonster is gone
07:36 Cprossu Druidic_Rifleman: that reminds me
07:36 Cprossu I was welding at the sho[
07:36 Cprossu *shop
07:36 Cprossu and... a person who only knew me as a computer tech did a double take
07:36 Druidic_Rifleman Cool
07:36 Cprossu 'what the fuck, you weld?!'
07:36 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
07:37 CSMonster stupid f'in firefox
07:37 Druidic_Rifleman I had people do that when they know i am pagan and realise I like guns and hunt dear
07:37 CSMonster sorry about that.
07:37 CSMonster cprossu you still here?
07:37 Druidic_Rifleman OK thats an understatement I LOVE!!!! guns
07:37 Cprossu I was welding at the shop
07:37 Cprossu [00:36] <Cprossu> and... a person who only knew me as a computer tech did a double take
07:37 Cprossu [00:36] <Druidic_Rifleman> Cool
07:37 Cprossu just repeating for CSMonster
07:37 CSMonster ah
07:37 Cprossu good moment lol
07:38 CSMonster this would be the engine:
07:38 CSMonster and the aftermarket mount, and muffler
07:38 Cprossu nice and clean
07:38 Druidic_Rifleman i need to actuallY fill some Dent's in my anvil in the morning I'll bring it in fill then grind It clean AND then Clean up the freaking horn
07:38 CSMonster but mine still has the plastic cooling manifold on it and the impeller blades haven't been turned off the flywheel like on that one
07:38 Cprossu how balanced is that flywheel?
07:39 CSMonster idk, i haven't tried
07:39 CSMonster *haven't checked.  don't think i have anything to check it with
07:39 Cprossu I saw a briggs motor with an alternator and starter attached the other day
07:39 Cprossu thought it was cooler than snot lol
07:39 CSMonster lol
07:40 Druidic_Rifleman CSM neat little motor how much do they run
07:40 CSMonster no idea.  i got mine for free
07:40 Druidic_Rifleman ah
07:40 CSMonster go look on ebay or something for 31cc ryobi
07:40 Druidic_Rifleman Does any one Habe the info for the CNC router
07:41 Cprossu I once rebuilt a 35cc ryobi that I was gonna use for a rc car
07:41 Cprossu never materialized though
07:41 CSMonster oh and i replaced all the gaskets
07:41 Cprossu I kept having issues with the transmission I wanted to build
07:41 CSMonster and fuel lines
07:41 CSMonster ah
07:42 CSMonster actually..... that's why i got the engine.  the old fuel lines rotted out and the owner decided to just get a new weed whacker
07:42 Cprossu speaking of which
07:42 Cprossu is there a good place to get that shitty old fuel line in a nice roll?
07:43 Cprossu I just remembered I need to redo mine
07:43 CSMonster lol idk.
07:43 Cprossu also wouldn't hurt me to get a new fuel bulb for my briggs lawnmower
07:43 CSMonster i just ordered mine specifically as spare parts for that engine
07:43 Cprossu I never like putting anything back to stock
07:46 CSMonster holyshit firefox 4 is out?
07:46 * CSMonster was just prompted to update
07:47 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
07:47 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
07:48 CSMonster hey, i'm gonna head to bed now.  good chatting with you cprossu
07:48 Cprossu I still don't like how they handled the printing techniques in ff4... it always manages to screw something up still
07:48 Cprossu good talking with you
07:48 CSMonster night
07:48 Druidic_Rifleman Night
07:48 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
07:48 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:49 Cprossu good times
07:49 Druidic_Rifleman 150 for that motor but i have to buy a whole weed trimmer to get it
07:50 Druidic_Rifleman though if they Can fly an 11 lbs air plane I could totally Use one to build a Paint ball UAV
07:50 Druidic_Rifleman XD!!!
07:50 Cprossu air soft would be doable though
07:51 Druidic_Rifleman Why would paint ball not be
07:51 Cprossu extra weight
07:51 Druidic_Rifleman 6 lbs at most
07:52 Cprossu left #thegeekgroup
07:52 Cprossu joined #thegeekgroup
07:52 Cprossu wow fail
07:52 Cprossu_laptop god damn peer
07:52 Cprossu_laptop *shakes fist*
07:53 Druidic_Rifleman and monster was saying they can Be used on up to 23 lbs
07:53 Druidic_Rifleman Heck give me 4 i'll even put a couple grenade launchers in it :P
07:53 Cprossu still
07:54 Druidic_Rifleman wel maybe just 1 metadyne
07:54 Cprossu those damn things are difficult to control as it is
07:54 Druidic_Rifleman the UAV or the projectiles
07:54 Cprossu the uav
07:55 Druidic_Rifleman Maybe
07:55 Cprossu I'd use the extra weight capacity to add in some sort of gyro feedback system
07:55 Cprossu but that's because I fail at controlling the buggers
07:56 Cprossu plus mechanical gyros are awesome
07:57 Druidic_Rifleman yeah the wiring would be something i need help with
07:58 Druidic_Rifleman I'd fly over the field 200 feet up Looking down at the field
07:58 Druidic_Rifleman would make tower defense Gamse really Quick
07:58 Druidic_Rifleman DUDE we're ginna win
07:58 Cprossu lool
07:58 Druidic_Rifleman It's just Druid and a bunch of renters
07:58 Druidic_Rifleman he's a good leader but whats he gonna do?
07:59 Druidic_Rifleman .... Why are the refs putting up a wind sock?
07:59 Druidic_Rifleman ... FML damn you druid....
07:59 Cprossu now he's got a lawn chair out
08:00 Druidic_Rifleman LOL heck it's a UAV i'd be sitting by the conncession Stand
08:00 Druidic_Rifleman I have to be able to Safely operate that aircraft at all times
08:00 Druidic_Rifleman IF i got shot i might crash the 20 lbs of plane on someone
08:00 Cprossu as you spill mustard on your control box
08:01 Druidic_Rifleman LOL
08:04 Druidic_Rifleman i'd use a tough book :P
08:04 Cprossu I'd hack your controls to run on the god awful touchpad
08:04 Druidic_Rifleman Could be in a light rain
08:05 Druidic_Rifleman Cprossu I fucking HATE touch pads
08:05 Druidic_Rifleman and tought buttons
08:05 Cprossu hilarity ensues
08:05 Druidic_Rifleman any thing but a mouse
08:05 Druidic_Rifleman is crap
08:06 Cprossu my feelings about keyboards
08:06 Druidic_Rifleman For gamming IF applicable Joy sticks and other systems are acceptivle
08:06 Cprossu love keyboards <3
08:06 Cprossu hate mice
08:17 Druidic_Rifleman lol
08:18 arran-g left #thegeekgroup
08:18 Druidic_Rifleman if we we're ment to have touch pads The mouse wouldn't of needed to be invented
08:21 Druidic_Rifleman LOL i wam watching the AARP nazi episode of South park
08:32 cromartie-x182 joined #thegeekgroup
08:33 cromartie-x182 left #thegeekgroup
08:36 Cprossu I think what you meant to say was if we're not meant to have screaming pain in one of our hands and get all our so called work done slower by a large factor, pointing devices wouldn't have needed to be invented.
08:37 Cprossu night/morning Druidic_Rifleman
08:38 Druidic_Rifleman it's night
08:38 Cprossu oddly enough it's morning here
08:38 Cprossu (01:38)
08:49 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
09:17 Druidic_Rifleman any one awake
09:18 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
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09:34 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
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10:08 NeWtoz left #thegeekgroup
10:09 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
10:11 Druidic_Rifleman Chriss is the only guy who would say I get to Clean shit stained toilet paper with a pressure washer? COOL!!!
10:44 pegasus
10:51 Hackbat what if we don't know who either is
10:57 Druidic_Rifleman pegasus are you the guy who suggested incorperating instead of marrying?
10:57 pegasus i am
11:00 Druidic_Rifleman Ah
11:01 Druidic_Rifleman Yeah i only know who the person on the right Cause she's a stupid twat who needs her head kicked in
11:23 Hackbat I know Sagan, had to think about who the girl was.
11:24 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
11:24 kristopher olo
11:25 kristopher tggconsole
11:25 kristopher lol
11:26 kristopher tggconsole
11:27 kristopher is anyone on? @CaptainBoden?
11:27 kristopher the piggies just drove past on live cam
11:28 kristopher more pigs
11:30 Obtuse_lappy at this time of morning, no one is moving
11:30 Obtuse_lappy 7:30 am
11:31 kristopher lol
11:31 kristopher its like 9:30 here
11:31 Obtuse_lappy cept me cuz i gotta go work a day job
11:31 Obtuse_lappy 9:30 PM?
11:31 kristopher yeah
11:31 kristopher the joy of time zones
11:32 kristopher what does lappy mean
11:33 asnopus Laptop
11:35 kristopher oh
11:35 kristopher so it 7 oclock
11:36 Obtuse_lappy yea, it drives me nuts
11:36 Obtuse_lappy laptop
11:36 Obtuse_lappy i pulled it mainly from homestarrunner cartoons though
11:36 Obtuse_lappy strongbad reads his emails and he has a lappy486
11:36 Obtuse_lappy so you are in australia?
11:37 kristopher yep
11:38 ebb-sleeping left #thegeekgroup
11:38 Obtuse_lappy cool
11:38 Obtuse_lappy well i gotta go take a shower
11:38 Obtuse_lappy time to get the day started. have a good night kristopher
11:38 kristopher thanks seeya
11:39 Druidic_Rifleman hack bat who is sagan?
11:39 kristopher dunni
11:40 Druidic_Rifleman :( no one's responded to my thread on Ontario area projects
11:40 Druidic_Rifleman OOOH it's Day light
11:40 Druidic_Rifleman XD I can get to work in my forge
11:41 kristopher cool
11:42 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
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11:44 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
11:46 Andromedan joined #thegeekgroup
11:54 Psi what would be a cool way to produce bass audio frequencies from some high voltage?
11:55 Psi a normal musical tesla coils only seem good for making music at high audio frequencies
12:00 cctoide oh, wow
12:00 cctoide seems like UVB-76 turned into a full blown numbers station since this year rolled in
12:03 Obtuse_lappy joined #thegeekgroup
12:05 Druidic_Rifleman UVB-76
12:05 Druidic_Rifleman ?
12:05 cctoide .w UVB-76
12:05 BotSteve "UVB-76 (sometimes referred to as UZB-76, but recently MDZhB[1]|) is the call sign of a shortwave radio station that usually broadcasts on the frequency 4625 kHz (AM suppressed lower sideband)." -
12:17 Druidic_Rifleman ah i see
12:21 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
12:41 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
12:41 speedrunnerG55 Hi people
12:58 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
13:08 CaptainBoden Goodmorning gentlemen, we're talking about numbers stations?
13:10 cctoide sort of, I was seeing if I could bring up UVB-76 on my scanner, and I decided to google to see if anything interesting had been going on with it
13:11 cctoide and it looks like there's been dozens of voice transmissions in Jan/Feb
13:11 cctoide
13:11 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
13:12 CaptainBoden we need to get a numbers station coming in on the scanner here and we'll play it overnight
13:13 Thermoelectric Sounds like a good idea.
13:14 cctoide hm, you'll certainly be able to get UVB-76, since it's been going for almost 30 years, but it's just the buzzer most of the time
13:15 cctoide other number stations usually operate on a schedule of some sort, but all the station databases I could find seemed to have been abandoned a few years ago
13:16 Cprossu_laptop man you guys are making me want to brush up on my fcc and actually get my damn lisc
13:17 Thermoelectric Just noticed the Exploring a Sewer Vacuum Truck video. The whole concept of such easy access to the sewerage system is different...
13:19 Hackbat oh?
13:19 exor674 joined #thegeekgroup
13:19 exor674 is now known as Guest20613
13:20 Thermoelectric We don't have manholes in Australia, atleast that I've ever seen.
13:20 Guest20613 left #thegeekgroup
13:20 cctoide are you in a city?
13:21 Thermoelectric Yep.
13:21 exor674 joined #thegeekgroup
13:21 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
13:21 Thermoelectric Our sewer systems are more or less isolated, we still have those manholes, just much bigger ones that hide in the back of some properties...
13:21 Thermoelectric system access points*
13:22 cctoide That sounds odd given how much I've read about urban exploration being pioneered by "drainers" in Australian cities
13:22 cctoide I guess it might not extend to sewers, though
13:23 Cprossu_laptop they use septic tanks in the outback?
13:23 Thermoelectric Maybe I just live in the wrong place, but I've *never* seen a manhole anywhere on/next to a road.
13:23 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
13:23 BotSteve Oh balls, it's him again.
13:23 Thermoelectric Yeah, not in the towns and cities though, generally.
13:25 hehe joined #thegeekgroup
13:25 Cprossu_laptop
13:25 Cprossu_laptop they look so happy......
13:25 Cprossu_laptop the caption for that picture was 'preparing a sewage sample'
13:26 Cprossu left #thegeekgroup
13:26 Druidic_Rifleman CaptainBoden Check and see if that package arrived i am worried.
13:26 Druidic_Rifleman If you could please
13:27 Thermoelectric They are suprisingly happy for working with... shit.
13:27 CaptainBoden I understand your worry but at exactly what point did you think I quit doing real work and started spending my time in the mail room?
13:28 CaptainBoden When it gets here, I'll let you know. Until then, please quit asking me about it every 12 hours.
13:28 CaptainBoden The only thing that arrived yesterday was a radio from brad and a charger I ordered off ebay ;)
13:28 CaptainBoden You shipped it Canada Post right?
13:28 hehe lol
13:29 Cprossu_laptop ^ epic
13:29 hehe XD
13:29 CaptainBoden
13:30 hehe F*** i hate youtube it unsupscribes me from pepole god damit :(
13:31 CaptainBoden 1st world problem
13:31 Cprossu joined #thegeekgroup
13:32 Cprossu_laptop at this point I am just happy if it loads videos
13:32 cctoide you weren't using bodypacks on that shoot, were you?
13:32 cctoide the tour one
13:32 hehe :)
13:32 CaptainBoden no, that's onboard shot on the sony
13:32 cctoide ok
13:32 CaptainBoden it was a very impromptau thing
13:34 cctoide What was the reason for clearing the Thumper firing with Steve?
13:34 Druidic_Rifleman Yes it was sent canada post,
13:34 CaptainBoden we put it on the live stream
13:34 Druidic_Rifleman wpuld come in though the USPS
13:34 cctoide Ah
13:35 CaptainBoden As a guy who's sitting in the house with not one, but two Canadians I know well and fully of the legendary reliability of Canada Post. I'll expect your package in time for Christmas.
13:37 Hackbat Most awesome Xmas gift ever.
13:38 Cprossu_laptop Knowing the short term history of the USPS me getting mail only 3 years later than it was sent, I know not to even ask about the package I'm sending
13:39 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
13:39 Cprossu_laptop it'll get there when it gets there and hopefully it remains in the amount of pieces I sent it in
13:39 exor674 Cprossu_laptop: years? lol
13:39 exor674 that's some level of fail right there
13:39 Hackbat I have a letter from an Ex boyfriend that is YET to get to me.
13:39 Cprossu_laptop yeah I once had a letter come back 3 years
13:40 Cprossu_laptop after it's postmark
13:40 Cprossu_laptop it was water damaged, chewed up, missing 1/2 of it's side
13:41 Druidic_Rifleman CaptainBoden I've had Every package shipped with them Arive In pristeen condition UPS Yeah i was glad every thing was in the box
13:41 Druidic_Rifleman it was open on both ends and bent in half
13:42 Cprossu_laptop I once had a hard drive come with a dented lid from ups
13:42 hehe left #thegeekgroup
13:43 Cprossu_laptop I think that ups must have a martial arts package drop kicking school their workers attend and get certified at
13:44 JA12 future of alternate payment methods is here
13:44 JA12 I guess the sign wont say "insert card here"
13:45 Cprossu_laptop usps usually handles bigger things nicer than ups from my experiences.... but it getting to the right place in a useful amount of time, not so much
13:45 cctoide I expected this from the japanese, not the chinese...
13:45 Cprossu_laptop as for fedex........
13:45 JA12 cctoide: I did too
13:45 Cprossu_laptop is that a dvd player built in?
13:46 cctoide looks like it
13:47 Cprossu_laptop I wonder what the lead content is in those plastics
13:49 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
13:52 Druidic_Rifleman ... And Sperm ATM's used to be a joke someone actually HAD to make one
13:52 Hackbat;feature=player_embedded :D
13:53 Druidic_Rifleman I find that UPS and USPS get things to me in the same ammount of time
13:53 Druidic_Rifleman USP just tripples the cost when it gets to my door
13:53 Druidic_Rifleman for a package they played base ball with
13:54 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Tysk on change signature
13:55 Druidic_Rifleman I though bat steve disabled updates
13:58 Thermoelectric Love the neighbour kids who just wander in to see what's happening.
13:59 Druidic_Rifleman I wonder if they fixed the sound at 10 minutes 13 seconds
13:59 Druidic_Rifleman make sure you tell chriss if it's down
14:00 cctoide it's fixed, Chris just linked to the updated video
14:01 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Tysk on change signature
14:05 Thermoelectric Shows you how much I pay attention, I would have never noticed that.
14:07 cctoide ?
14:07 Thermoelectric "Druidic_Rifleman: I wonder if they fixed the sound at 10 minutes 13 seconds"
14:08 Thermoelectric I'd have never noticed the sound being whatever...
14:08 cctoide well, there was no sound at all after that point, it was pretty obvious :p
14:09 cctoide I thought it was something to do with the coil he was messing with at first
14:09 Thermoelectric Maybe I'm just going insane and not realising which videos are what.
14:10 cctoide I wonder if there's any interesting instances of the experiments interfering with the AV equipment
14:10 cctoide apart from stuff like autofocus not being very fond of arcs and stuff
14:11 Hackbat I might have to start playing a cpu intensive game in my bedroom, it's getting kinda cold.
14:11 Big-Al_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:12 Thermoelectric Just wave hello to Folding@Home. :)
14:12 cctoide get a two-cards, one-slot SLI graphics card, these pump out an impressive amount of heat
14:13 cctoide enough that the room is about 5-6C colder if the PC isn't turned on
14:15 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
14:15 Ponko92 man audio capctha scares me
14:15 Cprossu_laptop when I was running folding@home as a hobby when electricity was much cheaper
14:16 Cprossu_laptop my room was a constant
14:16 Cprossu_laptop .c 115f to c
14:16 BotSteve 46.1111111 degrees Celsius
14:16 Cprossu_laptop pretty much year round
14:16 Cprossu_laptop at it's peak I had 29 pc's running in here
14:17 cctoide and you were inside a room at 46C? :o
14:17 Thermoelectric 46C? O_O
14:17 Ponko92 damn you in Australia?
14:17 Thermoelectric That's like, blood boiling temperature.
14:18 Hackbat .c 41.5C to f
14:18 BotSteve 106.7 degrees Fahrenheit
14:18 Cprossu_laptop no I am in Phoenix, Arizona
14:18 Ponko92 .c 100C to f
14:18 BotSteve 212 degrees Fahrenheit
14:18 Cprossu_laptop sorta the same
14:18 Thermoelectric But we haz kangaroos.
14:18 Ponko92 lol thats just alot of desert
14:18 Hackbat not bad I'm running cool taday :3
14:18 Cprossu_laptop actually
14:19 Cprossu_laptop the city keeps temps high during the night
14:19 Ponko92 .tfwc Scotsdale
14:19 BotSteve Unknown location
14:19 Cprossu_laptop .tfw 85015
14:19 BotSteve 71�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Quit your bitching'
14:19 cctoide was it, like, extremely dry in that room?
14:19 Ponko92 when was it 46?
14:19 Cprossu_laptop it's supposed to be ~93.5F
14:19 Cprossu_laptop in my room, Ponko92
14:19 Ponko92 what NOW?
14:19 Cprossu_laptop with 29 pc's running folding@home
14:19 cctoide because 46C doesn't sound survivable after a few hours
14:19 Cprossu_laptop back when I did that
14:20 Cprossu_laptop it is
14:20 Hackbat .tfw 28150
14:20 BotSteve 52�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Shelby, NC!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
14:20 Ponko92 .tfwc Luton
14:20 BotSteve 22�C?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Luton, UK!  'Quit your bitching'
14:20 Cprossu_laptop ok, see how it's 71
14:20 Hackbat ;A;
14:20 Ponko92 :D yay
14:20 Cprossu_laptop right now?
14:20 Hackbat so cold
14:20 Ponko92 yeah
14:20 Cprossu_laptop it's 07:20 hours here
14:20 Thermoelectric .tfwc Cairns
14:20 BotSteve 21�C?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Cairns, AS!  'uh, can we trade?'
14:20 Ponko92 hackbat thats 22C not farenhiet
14:21 Cprossu_laptop .tfwc 85015
14:21 BotSteve 21�C?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Phoenix, AZ!  'FUCKING SWEET'
14:21 Thermoelectric .c 22C to F
14:21 BotSteve 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit
14:21 Cprossu_laptop either way
14:21 Ponko92 .c 22F to C
14:21 BotSteve -5.55555556 degrees Celsius
14:21 Cprossu_laptop o_O
14:21 Hackbat no I mean here @_@
14:21 Ponko92 that would be cold
14:21 Hackbat so cold
14:21 Ponko92 where you at?
14:21 Cprossu_laptop well anyway you get the point
14:21 Thermoelectric Not as bad as walk in freezers
14:21 Cprossu_laptop it should hit ~93 or so
14:22 Hackbat .tfw 28150
14:22 BotSteve 52�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Shelby, NC!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
14:22 Hackbat I'm there
14:22 Cprossu_laptop and yes what I was saying was I had an exhaust fan in my room to the outside
14:22 Ponko92 .c 52F to c
14:22 BotSteve 11.1111111 degrees Celsius
14:22 Cprossu_laptop if you went outside and it was hot out
14:22 Ponko92 not that bad its cool
14:22 Cprossu_laptop .... the air coming out of my room was hotter than ambient
14:22 Hackbat I know but I got used to warm
14:22 Cprossu_laptop since electricity isn't cheap anymore
14:22 Cprossu_laptop I don't do it
14:22 Ponko92 folding at home is that PS3 thing right?
14:22 Cprossu_laptop no
14:22 Cprossu_laptop it's been around way longer
14:23 Ponko92 they have that on there though?
14:23 Thermoelectric Can be any platform, generally.
14:23 Hackbat yeah
14:23 Cprossu_laptop I think I started folding in 2000
14:23 Ponko92 right?
14:23 Cprossu_laptop they do have it
14:23 Thermoelectric .g Folding At Home
14:23 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
14:23 Ponko92 yeah you have PSN you can do stuff with it
14:23 Cprossu_laptop .w folding@home
14:23 BotSteve "Folding@home ('Folding at Home', FAH, F@h) is a distributed computing (DC) project designed to perform computationally intensive simulations of protein folding and other molecular dynamics (MD), and to improve on the methods available to do so." -
14:23 Thermoelectric That one.
14:23 Ponko92 is it made by Sony?
14:23 cctoide The @home projects were so much better before they introduced BOINC
14:23 cctoide I hate that thing :/
14:24 Cprossu_laptop yep
14:24 Cprossu_laptop Initial release 2000-10-01
14:24 Thermoelectric While we're on the topic of electricity, I asked how much power work used, they said ~$2.5K worth monthly...
14:24 Ponko92 if its made by sony THATS why its on the PS3 with the capabilty it has and all that
14:24 Thermoelectric Typical fast food joints..
14:24 Hackbat .w seti@home
14:24 Ponko92 it can pick up windows 7 systems i think
14:24 BotSteve "SETI@home ('SETI at home') is an internet-based public volunteer computing project employing the BOINC software platform, hosted by the Space Sciences Laboratory, at the University of California, Berkeley, in the United States." -
14:25 Hackbat I thought that was a waste of time on my part
14:25 Ponko92 lol
14:25 cctoide SETI@home's been around long enough to be featured in an episode of JAG...
14:25 Cprossu_laptop Ponko92???????????????
14:25 Hackbat more likely to cure cancer than find aliens
14:25 Ponko92 yes cprossu?
14:25 Druidic_Rifleman Jag was good i miss it
14:25 Cprossu_laptop [07:24] <Ponko92> if its made by sony THATS why its on the PS3
14:25 Cprossu_laptop ^ what?!
14:26 Ponko92 because its sony
14:26 Hackbat what?
14:26 Ponko92 c'mon think about it
14:26 Cprossu_laptop ..............
14:26 Ponko92 thats why its NOW on it
14:26 Thermoelectric .g F@H
14:26 BotSteve Thermoelectric:
14:26 Thermoelectric Look at the URL
14:26 Cprossu_laptop they historically also let linux run on it, did sony make linux too?
14:26 Hackbat Sony is a group of heartless cock sucking corprate goons
14:27 Ponko92 noo but idk how made it in the first place
14:27 Ponko92 who*
14:27 Cprossu_laptop you need some history lessons
14:27 Ponko92 yes i do
14:27 Cprossu_laptop .w linus travolds
14:27 BotSteve "Linus Benedict Torvalds (Swedish pronunciation: [ˈliːn.ɵs ˈtuːɹ.vald̥s] ( listen); born December 28, 1969 in Helsinki, Finland) is a Finnish[2]|[5]| software engineer and hacker, best known for having initiated the development of the Linux kernel." -
14:27 Hackbat WOOOOO
14:27 cctoide I recall there was someone working on a distributed rendering project on BOINC...
14:27 Hackbat GO Liney
14:27 Cprossu_laptop *alds lol
14:27 Ponko92 in anything other than guns and warfare
14:27 cctoide don't know if anything ever came out of that
14:27 Ponko92 .w NERF Barricade
14:27 BotSteve "N-Strike is the main line of Hasbro's Nerf Blasters toy series." -
14:28 Cprossu_laptop .w nerf RV-10
14:28 BotSteve "N-Strike is the main line of Hasbro's Nerf Blasters toy series." -
14:28 Druidic_Rifleman Actually the one... remotely sane Comment From the show anchent alliens was a bit on cargo cults in the specific where indigiouness people's in the pacific Started cults around trying ti get the plains to come back that brought food and supplies During ww2
14:28 Ponko92 in JAG
14:29 Cprossu_laptop I'm leaving for now, bbl
14:29 Druidic_Rifleman 4 of they're refercences we're similar to the traditions these cargo cults developed post ww2
14:29 Ponko92 yes i have annoyed you enough
14:30 Druidic_Rifleman and.... why wouldn't there be extra terrestrial life? that would like Really suck if we're the only life in the universe
14:30 Ponko92 what about NCIS thats a good show
14:31 Druidic_Rifleman NCIS is good
14:32 Druidic_Rifleman AND actually IT's same universe as Jag
14:32 Seroster Hm
14:32 Thermoelectric The chances of us being the only life there are just stupid, we're a speck in the universe, who's to know we're not in a universe some mad scientists from another universe created?
14:32 Seroster Wiring up my bed with phone chargers etc
14:32 Druidic_Rifleman I remember gibbs interigating rhab
14:32 Seroster Maybe I should ground it... But I havent got a grounded outlet nearby
14:32 Druidic_Rifleman It was over the death of his nefiews mother
14:32 Druidic_Rifleman Singers
14:32 Druidic_Rifleman AKA the blond bitch
14:33 Ponko92 JAG isn't that the Judge Advocate Generals Corps
14:33 Druidic_Rifleman yeah
14:33 Ponko92 thought soo
14:33 cctoide yes, aliens probably exist, but they're most likely too far away to ever matter
14:33 Druidic_Rifleman Yeah...
14:33 Ponko92 X-COM have them invading in 1999
14:34 Ponko92 that game was fun
14:34 Druidic_Rifleman But we'd like to have a chance to meat them
14:34 Druidic_Rifleman OR better yet go to war with them like the federation VS the dominion on DS9
14:34 Ponko92 hmm tell me what are the people like that spot UFO's?
14:34 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
14:35 Ponko92 there either crazy rednecks or something along that same sanity line
14:35 Druidic_Rifleman I don't know
14:35 Druidic_Rifleman actually...
14:35 Ponko92 the ones that I'VE heard of
14:35 Seroster Hah! Brain fart!  "Maybe I'll just ground out this huge metal bed with the netural lead of the outlet".  Then, a microsecond later, sanity returned to my mind.
14:35 Ponko92 not SAYING ALL are
14:35 CSMonster mornin geeks
14:36 Thermoelectric Seroster: You should have, a nice wake up.
14:36 Ponko92 afternoon
14:36 Druidic_Rifleman Actually There are some who Are Former USAF with a history In aviation
14:36 Seroster Especially if I do it with a german plug =P
14:36 Druidic_Rifleman it really is a wide cambit
14:36 Seroster The one you can plug in upside down, so you get phase mains 220vac on the bed =P
14:36 Druidic_Rifleman gambit
14:36 cctoide seeing lights in the sky doesn't make you crazy
14:36 Ponko92 MAJORITY of them are in the crazy end of the spectrum
14:36 Druidic_Rifleman Personnally if we had aliens to fight immagine peace on earth!!!
14:37 Thermoelectric There'll never be peace.
14:37 Ponko92 yeah Laser Rifles
14:37 cctoide claiming to be abducted and whatnot with no proof, on the other hand...
14:37 Ponko92 the SAS would be SUPER Elite then
14:37 Druidic_Rifleman JTF2 is epicer
14:37 Druidic_Rifleman Less is known about them
14:37 Ponko92 JTF2?
14:38 cctoide also it's unfortunate that "UFO" has come to mean "alien spaceships!"
14:38 Druidic_Rifleman ... the guys who captured the first POW's in the war on terror
14:38 Druidic_Rifleman Canada's Joint task force 2
14:38 Ponko92 AHHH i've heard of them
14:39 Ponko92 i know them as the Joint Task Force
14:39 Ponko92 didn't know the full name lol
14:39 Ponko92 now i do
14:39 Ponko92 the geeks of MI speak up
14:40 Druidic_Rifleman They Are part of the candian Special opeations Command
14:40 Druidic_Rifleman CSOR are pretty bad ass
14:40 Ponko92 well what about the CMP?
14:40 Ponko92 lol
14:40 CSMonster the civilian marksmanship program?
14:40 Druidic_Rifleman My moms neghbour growing up was in the devils brigated
14:40 Druidic_Rifleman Brigade
14:41 Ponko92 ah didn't they have a assault version of the Johnson rifle
14:41 CSMonster they had a machine gun version, yes
14:41 exor674 g'mornin CSMonster
14:41 CSMonster morning exor
14:42 CaptainBoden
14:42 CSMonster how're you doing?
14:42 Ponko92 you've got to know who the CMP are
14:42 Druidic_Rifleman OK does it seam odd that osama lived in A walled Compound With in range of a Daisy 875C air rifle of Packistans version of RMC or west point...
14:42 Druidic_Rifleman and they didn't know he was there?
14:42 Ponko92 hai captain
14:42 CSMonster morning captain
14:43 Ponko92 yeah druidic thats a load of horse crap they KNEW
14:43 Ponko92 F**KING obvious
14:43 Cprossu hahahahaha CaptainBoden
14:43 Druidic_Rifleman CaptainBoden you know your the only person i've known who would go OOOH cool when being given the chance to Power wash shit stained tailet paper of the road
14:44 Cprossu he's not the only one I've known
14:44 Ponko92 lol druidic
14:44 Druidic_Rifleman I;m like...
14:45 CSMonster LOL poor liz.
14:45 Mattmanslim joined #thegeekgroup
14:45 CaptainBoden I'm here to educate and entertain
14:45 Cprossu keep any sharp objects away from liz today
14:45 Teshima joined #thegeekgroup
14:45 Mattmanslim ahoy!
14:46 Ponko92 and entertain you do sir :)
14:46 Druidic_Rifleman Well i know the afgan national army Could be whipped out by a group of 12 13 and 14 year old Femail Candian army cadets... maybe the packistanni military that blitheringly incompitant as well
14:46 Cprossu hey, CaptainBoden, what would room+board be like for a month if I were to get up there for a bit to bust ass/stuff?
14:47 Ponko92 true
14:47 CaptainBoden wait until we have GH5 and a guest room.
14:47 Ponko92 how tall is that 2 Post Jack Cap?
14:47 Cprossu don't worry it's months off
14:47 Cprossu at best
14:47 * mtearle appears
14:47 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
14:48 cctoide what's the brown box on the wall over the lift?
14:48 cctoide same thing as the ones in girl geeks?
14:48 CSMonster Ponko92:
14:48 Cprossu and you can bet if I drive I'll likely find a truck to tailgate most of the way at the speed I want it
14:48 * CSMonster facepalms at the ".306" at the beginning of that video
14:48 Cprossu with no AC, windows rolled up, blower on
14:48 Ponko92 CSMonster i saw that before
14:49 Cprossu I'll be on later
14:49 CSMonster similar action and same model number as the semiatuo rifle but way different, few interchangeable parts
14:49 Seroster .time grandrapids
14:50 Seroster :c
14:50 Druidic_Rifleman You know the myth buster's tested AC vs rolling down the windows
14:50 Mattmanslim left #thegeekgroup
14:50 Thermoelectric That they did
14:51 Druidic_Rifleman Jamie Had to wair a winter coat for the test
14:51 CSMonster problem with that rifle though is that it's short-stroke recoil operated so part of the balance of the system is the weight of the barrel, and it wouldn't cycle with the bayonet attached.
14:51 Druidic_Rifleman the cameraman almost whent into hypo thermia
14:52 Druidic_Rifleman Nods Guns with out bayonnets don't interest me
14:52 Druidic_Rifleman there is an exhemption for sniper rifle's...
15:03 * CSMonster hears crickets
15:06 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
15:08 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
15:11 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
15:12 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
15:12 Ponko92 damn you quit because of crickets?
15:13 Ponko92 lol
15:13 CSMonster i restarted to make sure there wasn't a problem with my connection and i was missing a conversation.
15:13 CSMonster it was awfully quiet.
15:14 CSMonster /too/ quiet
15:14 cctoide usually the lagmeter will tell you that
15:14 cctoide or the main window if you're on mIRC
15:15 Ponko92 yes too quiet is bad
15:16 exor674 hate when that lagmeter shows up
15:16 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:16 CSMonster i'm on chatzilla
15:16 Ponko92 least your not on chat roulette
15:16 CSMonster LOL
15:17 Ponko92 aka cock roulette
15:17 Ponko92 just for the fact nearly every 'person' is a guy tossing (jacking) off
15:18 Ponko92 majority of the time anyway lol
15:18 CSMonster lol, tossing.
15:18 CSMonster you're funny, brit.  :p
15:18 Ponko92 if i was a gay man i'd stop and admire but i don't i just take the piss
15:20 CSMonster hmm.  still no official word on the Raging Judge 28...
15:21 CSMonster oh, there it is.  "we will not be going forward with this product"
15:22 ttiracing joined #thegeekgroup
15:27 ttiracing left #thegeekgroup
15:30 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
15:33 CSMonster is now known as CSM_away_shower
15:34 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 SparkyPojects joined #thegeekgroup
15:40 Seroster .c 12*3.14
15:40 BotSteve 37.68
15:40 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
15:40 Seroster No, crap.
15:40 Seroster .c 2*3.14
15:40 BotSteve 6.28
15:40 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:40 Seroster .c 6.25*12
15:40 BotSteve 75
15:41 Seroster Owtf.
15:41 Seroster That means taht sewer pump truck main tank is 75 cubic meters
15:42 Seroster One m3 of water is a tonne
15:42 Seroster That's 75 metric tonnes of CRAP
15:44 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
15:45 * Ponko92 is watching TGG vids :P
15:47 Ponko92 lol the random golf cart in the Sewer Vacuum Truck video
15:48 Thermoelectric Seroster: Most of the stuff is just water though, so probably a lot less crap, mainly just diluted urine.
15:49 Thermoelectric "Flick my jigger-ma-whizzer!" -Cat in the Hat
15:51 Thermoelectric *notices he is killing the conversation and goes to bed*
15:52 jutman joined #thegeekgroup
15:53 cctoide cleaning products and liquified feces?
15:53 cctoide I thought that was what gave it its... "milky" look
15:53 jutman left #thegeekgroup
15:54 RageRiot left #thegeekgroup
15:54 Seroster Lol
15:54 Seroster Thermoelectric,
15:55 Seroster My cat is fucking batman
15:55 Seroster Five meter jump, from the couch up onto the loft bed
15:56 Seroster The sucker weighs in at 5.7kg, that took some damn force!
15:57 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
15:58 cctoide I hope I didn't scare jutman away :o
15:59 speedrunnerG55_ Hi people
16:01 CSM_away_shower is now known as CSMonster
16:01 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
16:01 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
16:02 speedrunnerG55__ is there a stream?
16:03 CSMonster there's always a stream
16:03 speedrunnerG55_ .ok I won't ask then
16:03 speedrunnerG55_ Nice view of the road
16:04 CSMonster the correct question is
16:04 CSMonster "is there anything interesting going on on the stream?"
16:04 CSMonster and i'm guessing no
16:04 speedrunnerG55_ There's nothing.
16:04 speedrunnerG55_ Wether camera
16:05 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
16:05 speedrunnerG55_ Looking at the road . Nice view
16:05 CSMonster whether camera?  whether camera or what?
16:05 CSMonster :p
16:05 speedrunnerG55_ Idk.
16:05 Druidic_Rifleman OK so people know what Reductio ad Hitlerum is?
16:05 CSMonster (you're safely allowed to ignore me)
16:05 speedrunnerG55_ Only 1 camera up there?
16:06 CSMonster yes, druid.
16:07 Druidic_Rifleman I witnessed a new version of it "argumentum ad Sauronum"
16:08 Ponko92 thats a great veiw on stream
16:08 Druidic_Rifleman IS weather cam on a pole?
16:09 Ponko92 what just one pole?
16:10 Ponko92 or on a group of poles
16:10 Ponko92 or an elevated platform
16:11 Druidic_Rifleman it's obvioulsy higher
16:12 Druidic_Rifleman Ugh some days i wish that I was born in 1920... Would be nice having a europe filled with nazi's to shoot XD... yeah yeah Something aint right with me... i wanna Decent war
16:14 WB1A2 They make video games to satisfy that need now.
16:15 Big-Al_ left #thegeekgroup
16:15 Druidic_Rifleman ... Video games arn't the same Shooting video game nazi's isn't as satisfying as shooting a real one
16:16 WB1A2 Maybe join a paintball team?
16:17 Druidic_Rifleman Team Staf SGT of the  3/5/14 Candian scenario Paint ball operations Call Sign the crows
16:18 WB1A2 Oh right on then.
16:18 Druidic_Rifleman Knifing a kid with a sharpie isn't the Same As removing a Kid boinking SS officer's Voice box with a Kabar
16:19 WB1A2 Strange thing to want to do. To each his own I suppose.
16:20 Druidic_Rifleman Kill Vial Genicidal mother fucker's?
16:23 WB1A2 My mistake, I read that last statement wrong. Yeah that would be a good thing.
16:24 Ponko92 what game/film is this from "GET OVER HERE!!!"
16:24 WB1A2 Dunno, but people quote it all the time.
16:25 Ponko92 do they shout it in a deep manly way
16:25 WB1A2 yeah
16:26 WB1A2 "git over 'ereee!!"
16:26 Ponko92 yeah you ever played any fighting games before>
16:26 Ponko92 ?*
16:27 Ponko92 and THAT is in that game
16:27 WB1A2 sure, not for some time though. Which game?
16:27 Ponko92 MK
16:28 Ponko92 if you get from that then i won't need explain the abbreviation
16:29 WB1A2 ohh. well then maybe that's where the quote orinigates
16:29 Ponko92 yes it does indeed
16:30 WB1A2 originates*
16:31 Ponko92 sub-zero out of his get up ain't right
16:32 Ponko92 sektor crushes you to death
16:36 WB1A2 heh, people are telling me to play the latest one... the ending moves do look pretty badass from what I've seen..
16:39 jackkollan left #thegeekgroup
16:40 Ponko92 oh heck yeah
16:40 Ponko92 there badass enough to make quiet jack there leave
16:41 tggmc1 joined #thegeekgroup
16:41 WB1A2 yo mc1
16:42 Ponko92 good timing
16:43 tggconsole left #thegeekgroup
16:44 SparkyPojects Druidic_Rifleman, the camera is still in the plywood base, but close to the edge of the roof, they also lost zoom when they moved it
16:48 Druidic_Rifleman WB1A2 yeah I Use a sword in paint ball big games And got one guy to waste 4 bucks worth of paint trying to hit me... I wallked off when i ran out of ammo in the pistol a guy lent me
16:50 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
16:50 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
16:52 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
16:53 CSMonster hey good timing.  i just turned on the stream and i hear someone in the building now
16:58 Seroster You put PEOPLE in your buildings?
17:00 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
17:03 tggmc1 left #thegeekgroup
17:04 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
17:06 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
17:07 CSMonster .....yes, seroster.  it's an american thing.  you wouldn't understand
17:07 Seroster Odd
17:08 CSMonster We also primarily construct our buildings with cut up fir trees and powdered gypsum rock formed into sheets, if you weren't aware.
17:09 Druidic_Rifleman Dead stream... seams dead
17:11 WB1A2 'tis dead.
17:11 CSMonster why is wb1a2 dead?
17:12 WB1A2 It's the way to be.
17:13 Druidic_Rifleman CSMonster where's the new post?
17:15 MoxieMike That gypsum sheet stuff is starting to be replaced with more environmentally friendly
17:15 MoxieMike
17:15 arruid joined #thegeekgroup
17:16 CSMonster good.  gypsum is fuckin nasty.
17:16 MoxieMike here's Pop-Sci talking about it:
17:18 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
17:19 Druidic_Rifleman YAY the Video's fixed it no longer looses audio
17:20 Teshima left #thegeekgroup
17:22 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
17:24 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
17:24 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
17:27 SparkyPojects Stream has been dead a while :/
17:27 tggmc1 joined #thegeekgroup
17:27 SparkyPojects And it's back
17:27 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
17:28 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
17:30 codeman joined #thegeekgroup
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17:31 tgg_Liz_ joined #thegeekgroup
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17:32 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
17:34 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
17:34 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
17:35 codeman left #thegeekgroup
17:37 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
17:38 Druidic_Rifleman Awww liz
17:38 * Druidic_Rifleman thinks thats liz
17:38 Druidic_Rifleman whats happening tggmc1
17:59 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
18:00 mashpriborintorg hi all
18:01 CSMonster new post:
18:04 CSMonster AND NOW LUNCH.
18:10 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: AdderD on High-amperage voltage controller
18:10 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: AdderD on High-amperage voltage controller
18:11 tggBig-Al joined #thegeekgroup
18:11 wannabe1987 .seen yaotzin
18:11 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen yaotzin around.
18:11 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen yaotzin around.
18:11 wannabe1987 awwww
18:11 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
18:11 wannabe1987 the bot is broken...haha
18:12 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
18:12 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
18:13 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell yaotzin that i need to "speak" with him ASAP
18:13 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when yaotzin is around.
18:15 mman454 hey guys
18:16 mman454 what's up?
18:16 mman454 .seen captainboden
18:16 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen captainboden around.
18:16 mman454 .seen batsteve
18:16 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen batsteve around.
18:16 CSMonster hi mman
18:16 mman454 .seen BatSteve
18:16 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen batsteve around.
18:16 mman454 hi csmonster
18:17 mman454 What happened to botsteve's last seen database?
18:17 CSMonster it's not... what's the right word
18:17 CSMonster it clears when he restarts.
18:17 CSMonster not persistent
18:18 mman454 When did he restart?
18:19 exor674 also whee dad let me borrow his macro lens:
18:19 mman454 brb
18:19 mman454 is now known as mman454-away
18:19 exor674 ( for being handheld on 1/20 and me *guessing* on the focus ( manual lens, DSLR ) I think that's pretty good )
18:22 exor674 ( need moar light! )
18:22 eightbitbrad .seen CaptainBoden
18:22 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen captainboden around.
18:22 CSMonster mman: idk
18:22 eightbitbrad hrm
18:22 CSMonster probably early this morning
18:23 CSMonster wait, no, the captain was here this morning.  so within the last few hours i guess
18:23 mman454-away is now known as mman454
18:23 cctoide .seen mashpriborintorg
18:23 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen mashpriborintorg around.
18:23 cctoide last time he joined
18:23 mashpriborintorg just watching the new videos
18:23 cctoide is when it reset
18:24 CSMonster .seen botsteve
18:24 BotSteve I'm right here, actually.
18:26 cctoide hm, looks like I'm not going to pick up SSTV here
18:28 SparkyPojects Captain was on this morning as usual, his name is still in the list, but as Botsteve went offline not long ago, maybe he doesn't register this. maybe botsteve only see if the person logs in or posts.
18:29 speedrunnerG55_ Question. I was at a computer store, and saw RJ45's for cat5e and cat6 ... How and why are they different
18:29 cctoide mash talked at 1900 my time, BotSteve disconnected at 1911, I asked him at 1923
18:29 cctoide so it reset when he quit just now
18:31 Seroster Baaaatsteeeve!
18:31 Seroster I'm longing for your warm body :c
18:31 speedrunnerG55_ What happened to BatSteve-Away
18:32 CSMonster seroster.
18:32 CSMonster geez.
18:32 CSMonster perv
18:32 Seroster I didnt say I wanted to bang him, I just wanted his warm body =P
18:32 speedrunnerG55_ Hi BotSteve
18:32 BotSteve Salutations speedrunnerG55_
18:32 Seroster ohai BotSteve
18:32 BotSteve Hey Seroster
18:33 speedrunnerG55_ As long as I have BotSteve
18:33 speedrunnerG55_ I'm fine
18:33 mman454 lol did you add that to his response database?
18:33 speedrunnerG55_ Lol jk
18:33 eightbitbrad hrm.
18:33 mman454 sup BotSteve
18:33 BotSteve Hello mman454!
18:33 mman454 BotSteve
18:33 eightbitbrad I need to re-work the "seen" function methinks
18:33 mman454 hmm
18:33 Seroster He's all lights and clockwork. Sure he can pleasure you, but there is no real love behind it!
18:34 mman454 Sadly.
18:34 cctoide Well, he can't pleasure you yet
18:34 cctoide It'd need to be integrated with that chinese robot first
18:34 speedrunnerG55_ ...
18:34 CSMonster you can get pleasure from clockwork.
18:34 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:34 Seroster Yes, but you are kind of wierd, CSMonster
18:34 wannabe1987 lol
18:34 speedrunnerG55_ Anyone know the answers to my question?
18:34 CSMonster :p
18:34 wannabe1987 CSMonster - its ok.  i think you're awesome
18:35 CSMonster thanks, wanna.  :)
18:35 Seroster What question, speedrunnerG55?
18:35 cctoide Mu.
18:35 Seroster wannabe1987, I agree, wierd is almost always awesome.
18:35 mman454 I'm watching a tv show online. What's happening in the stream?
18:35 wannabe1987 except your way, seroster :P
18:35 speedrunnerG55_ Question. I was at a computer store, and saw RJ45's for cat5e and cat6 ... How and why are they different
18:36 * CSMonster just thought of something else that needs to be posted about
18:36 Darksecond speedrunnerG55_: shielding
18:36 Darksecond cat6 has better shielding than 5e
18:36 speedrunnerG55_ The jack
18:36 speedrunnerG55_ Not the cable
18:36 Darksecond hmmm, not sure then
18:36 eightbitbrad mman454: Captain, Cory and someone else on stream... looks like they're working rack-mounting something
18:36 Seroster Pins?
18:37 speedrunnerG55_ I was like WTF. Same pins same stuff
18:37 Seroster The jack?
18:37 speedrunnerG55_ Maybe it just physically fits the different cables better
18:37 eightbitbrad no audio on stream though
18:37 Seroster What can you ask for from a jack?
18:37 Seroster Except for fit or pinout
18:38 mashpriborintorg THUMPERCAM :)
18:38 speedrunnerG55_ Same pinouut. 802.3 same wires since cat 3
18:38 mman454 .stream
18:38 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
18:38 Seroster Humpercam, that would  be fun =D
18:38 SparkyPojects buzz on stream
18:39 SparkyPojects louder buzz on stream
18:39 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
18:39 SparkyPojects Chris, stop messing with us :D
18:39 mman454 seroster. Uh no.
18:39 mashpriborintorg hi liz
18:39 cctoide I'm guessing they replaced that pneumatic valve that broke
18:39 mman454 Hi liz!
18:40 CSMonster hey, it's a liz.
18:40 eightbitbrad there's Cap
18:40 eightbitbrad THE SHARRRRRKKKK
18:40 cctoide All the gallery people need radio aliases
18:41 tgg_Liz hi guys
18:41 eightbitbrad bah, we <3 Cory
18:41 mman454 Hi liz
18:41 eightbitbrad DVD?  yes please
18:41 wannabe1987 if my friend says "human blood is the best" and someone says "i agree, actually" (in relation to drinking it) should i be worried?
18:41 SparkyPojects We need smellyvision for Liz
18:41 eightbitbrad this broadcast of the Shark needs more Red.
18:41 mashpriborintorg Me, if it's dvd exclusive stuff
18:41 mman454 sparkyprojects Hey now... be nice.
18:41 eightbitbrad lol
18:42 jeremys_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:42 cctoide adventures in Cory's hair?
18:42 mashpriborintorg even for free X(
18:42 wannabe1987 hi eightbitbrad
18:42 eightbitbrad 30 minute standup spotlight of CaptainBoden
18:42 jeremys_ Geeks gone wild
18:42 eightbitbrad hiya wannabe1987
18:42 wannabe1987 whats up?
18:42 CSMonster why does SparkyPojects want to smell liz.  that should not be a thing
18:42 wannabe1987 lol
18:42 wannabe1987 girls smell good CSMonster
18:42 SparkyPojects It's a thing with Chris
18:43 eightbitbrad ?
18:43 eightbitbrad lol
18:43 CSMonster i'm not sure i agree with that after running 13 miles.........
18:43 mman454 cctoide A cory cam would lead directly to taco bell.
18:43 eightbitbrad Zima and a taco
18:43 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
18:43 wannabe1987 well, no, not after running
18:44 wannabe1987 zima?
18:44 CSMonster lol, zima.
18:45 CSMonster .w zima
18:45 BotSteve "Zima is a clear, lightly carbonated, alcoholic beverage, made and distributed by the Coors Brewing Company, ultimately MillerCoors." -
18:45 eightbitbrad oh, come on now... this channel is rated A for AWESOME
18:45 wannabe1987 ...
18:45 wannabe1987 who said it wasn't?
18:45 jeremys_ .w candy coated condom
18:45 BotSteve "The Hogan Family (originally titled Valerie, and later, Valerie's Family) is an American television situation comedy that aired from March 1, 1986 to July 20, 1991." -
18:45 eightbitbrad lol
18:46 mman454 ././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././././
18:46 CSMonster Coroner Candy's Chocolate Corpses: Dig up the deliciousness!
18:46 wannabe1987 ...
18:46 wannabe1987 i'm so lost
18:46 mman454 oops didn't mean to hit enter.
18:46 jeremys_ she is fine
18:46 * wannabe1987 hides
18:46 cctoide Slash dot dash dot slash dot com.
18:46 eightbitbrad I am.... Cory-holio!  I need taco for my...  yeah, not gonna finish that.
18:46 speedrunnerG55_ What I miss
18:47 tggBig-Al Big-Al says Cory you can take  the Captain  off of the farm , you cant take the farm out of the Captain !
18:47 cctoide
18:47 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
18:47 wannabe1987 eightbitbrad - dont' go there
18:48 cctoide lightly carbonated, like Cory
18:48 speedrunnerG55_ Hi jeremys_
18:48 eightbitbrad no, I stopped
18:48 wannabe1987 thanks
18:48 eightbitbrad but..  Why am I picturing Cory and captain sitting watching MTV now
18:48 eightbitbrad many, many moons ago that was
18:49 jeremys_ left #thegeekgroup
18:49 Druidic_Rifleman CSM problem with your article Mags fucntioning In both a bolt gun and a semi is not a good thing
18:49 jeremys_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:50 Druidic_Rifleman Cause in Canada it's the differance between 5 and As many rounds as you have
18:50 cctoide Cory's doing Gerber slash?
18:50 SparkyPojects That overhaed mic needs to be on
18:50 jeremys_ HI liz
18:50 speedrunnerG55_ Hi Cory
18:51 CSMonster that's a legal problem, druid.  not a technical one.
18:51 cctoide hot Diesel/Black stories
18:51 eightbitbrad lol
18:51 jeremys_ Cory is kinda of my hero
18:51 CSMonster i'm far less interested in the legal implications.
18:52 Druidic_Rifleman Nods it's why the 7615 sucks ass but i blame a dumb drunk blond for that... fhat sound sexist but it's sadly true
18:52 Druidic_Rifleman well in canda it does
18:53 Druidic_Rifleman YAY baying 10 dollars more for a magazine that holds 1/6 the ammo THATS economic Sanity right there...
18:53 Druidic_Rifleman paying*
18:53 Druidic_Rifleman wow your listening to christian radio?
18:54 CSMonster i'm what?
18:54 Druidic_Rifleman I heard a blurb about christian radio on the stream
18:54 CSMonster oh
18:55 Druidic_Rifleman But yweah Pmags in canada are 25 bucks AND are pinned to 5 rounds
18:55 mman454 .tfw 46385
18:55 BotSteve 64�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Valparaiso, IN!  'I've seen better days'
18:55 speedrunnerG55_ .w 07410
18:55 BotSteve Can't find anything in Wikipedia for "07410".
18:56 jeremys_ .tfw 50210
18:56 BotSteve 70�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN New Virginia, IA!  'Enjoy.'
18:56 funtime180 left #thegeekgroup
18:56 mashpriborintorg The guy with the hammer is still hammering the wood pieces
18:57 Seroster Crap. The loft bed is great, makes the room feel bigger, makes the bed feel a bit more private, the cats love it and it looks good. But it provides challenges while dealing with marital activities
18:57 speedrunnerG55_ .weather 07410
18:57 BotSteve Clear ☼, 71.6℉ (22℃), 29.88in (1009mb), Moderate breeze 14kt (↑) - KTEB 18:51Z
18:58 tggmc1 left #thegeekgroup
18:58 tggBig-Al tggBig-Al get the man w/ the hammer a set of bull-nosed dykes to clip the nails short will cut hammering in 1/2
18:59 jeremys_ lol
18:59 jeremys_ that is not very politically correct
19:00 mashpriborintorg and it will be less noisy
19:04 tggBig-Al tggBig_AL or maybe more !
19:05 wannabe1987 i think metal door jambs hurt more than wood ones....owwwwwwww
19:06 mman454 cctoide was it you that I was talking to about the dell system
19:09 speedrunnerG55_ Any door jams hurt enough
19:10 cctoide nope
19:10 cctoide Cprossu maybe?
19:11 ValveBoy joined #thegeekgroup
19:12 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Electronics on High-amperage voltage controller
19:13 ValveBoy knock knock any one out there?
19:13 speedrunnerG55_ Thank you BotSteve
19:13 BotSteve You're welcome, speedrunnerG55_
19:13 speedrunnerG55_ Ping
19:13 ValveBoy hmm slow connection
19:14 speedrunnerG55_ Idk
19:14 ValveBoy weak wireless signal
19:14 speedrunnerG55_ Ah ok
19:14 cctoide ugh
19:15 speedrunnerG55_ Wifi. A,B,G. Or N
19:15 speedrunnerG55_ Or cellular
19:15 ValveBoy N I think
19:15 cctoide wanted to experiment with SSTV over my old walkie set, but the mic in is a smaller TRS plug
19:15 cctoide guessing it's 2.5mm
19:15 speedrunnerG55_ Wow
19:16 speedrunnerG55_ That be interesting. What channel
19:16 ValveBoy anyone seen Moose
19:17 speedrunnerG55_ No.
19:17 ValveBoy ok
19:17 speedrunnerG55_ ValveBoy: Do you have steam
19:17 ValveBoy nope
19:21 MoxieMike i do
19:21 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
19:21 ValveBoy left #thegeekgroup
19:21 MoxieMike i'm pretty sure my nick here is my username on Steam too
19:22 speedrunnerG55_ Ok.
19:22 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
19:23 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
19:23 wannabe1987 LeadHead - hi.  whered your nick come from?
19:24 LeadHead It's a story way to long to even begin to explaiin
19:24 wannabe1987 then i will just believe my story of bullets in your brain
19:26 wannabe1987 :)
19:26 speedrunnerG55_ Lol wannabe
19:27 wannabe1987 i'd start asking more people...but i'm almost ready to leave
19:28 eightbitbrad heh
19:28 MoxieMike Mine is easy
19:28 eightbitbrad Mine's easy enough.
19:28 eightbitbrad My name's Brad, and I like retro games, especially those from the eight bit era.
19:28 Seroster Working on the underside of a 150cm bed when you are 175 tall is a bitch
19:28 wannabe1987 shrink!
19:28 MoxieMike I like Moxie...It's a softdrink with a very unique flavor...I can't remember if it's distributed in MI
19:29 wannabe1987 never heard of it
19:29 wannabe1987 :P
19:29 tesla4d left #thegeekgroup
19:29 Seroster Working with stuff over your head sucks. But having to bend in strange ways to do it....
19:29 Seroster Too high for me to sit, or stand or my knees too =P
19:29 MoxieMike .g moxie
19:29 BotSteve MoxieMike:
19:32 tesla4d joined #thegeekgroup
19:32 wannabe1987 seroster - tj is 200 centimeters tall...he has that issue too :P
19:33 Seroster Then he could sit on a chair and (somewhat) comfortably work
19:33 wannabe1987 yeah...but its still working above his head...
19:34 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
19:34 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
19:34 Seroster The worst is working under a car on a crawler. Always end up with rust in all the holes you've got in your head
19:35 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
19:45 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
19:46 speedrunnerG55_;feature=youtube_gdata_player
19:48 speedrunnerG55_ What does nver mean
19:49 speedrunnerG55_ Nver mind x_x
20:06 chunks joined #thegeekgroup
20:07 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
20:08 jeremys_ is batman or chris on irc?
20:09 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
20:10 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
20:11 arruid left #thegeekgroup
20:12 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Tarsman013 on High-amperage voltage controller
20:12 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
20:14 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:15 speedrunnerG55_ Hi
20:15 MoxieMike welcome back
20:15 speedrunnerG55_ Thank you :)
20:16 MoxieMike what's your name on steam?
20:16 speedrunnerG55_ I sent some motors a wile back during spring break. Did they get there?
20:17 speedrunnerG55_ Iether killerdouglol
20:17 speedrunnerG55_ Or speedrunnerG55
20:18 speedrunnerG55_ I'm not on steam
20:18 speedrunnerG55_ Won't be for a wile
20:19 MoxieMike ok
20:19 MoxieMike but i figured it should find your account
20:19 speedrunnerG55_ Yep you could
20:19 MoxieMike neither of those names worked
20:19 speedrunnerG55_ Killerdoug?
20:20 speedrunnerG55_ Oh!
20:20 MoxieMike it gotcha
20:20 speedrunnerG55_ Killerdoug1
20:20 MoxieMike the add friends interface didn't get you
20:20 speedrunnerG55_ It's killerdoug1
20:20 MoxieMike speedrunnerg55 worked
20:21 speedrunnerG55_ ...
20:21 speedrunnerG55_ What's my logo
20:21 MoxieMike when searching the community
20:21 MoxieMike mario
20:21 speedrunnerG55_ :D that's me
20:21 MoxieMike friend invite sent
20:22 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
20:23 speedrunnerG55_ Annything going on in the strea
20:23 speedrunnerG55_ M
20:23 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
20:24 eightbitbrad just a view of the HVL
20:24 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
20:25 speedrunnerG55_ I can't wait for a super high speed shot of thumper.
20:26 MoxieMike no kidding
20:26 speedrunnerG55_ It would make me gity to see metal sublimated like that
20:26 MoxieMike super slow mo would be so cool
20:28 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
20:29 cctoide Neat, got SSTV working between a couple of walkies
20:33 CSMonster WOW TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY i'm on a roll.
20:33 CSMonster i'm not sure what kind of roll, but it's a roll nonetheless
20:33 CSMonster
20:33 speedrunnerG55_ Egg roll?
20:33 NeWtoz barrel roll?
20:34 speedrunnerG55_ Lol^
20:34 Seroster You need pictures, caspian
20:35 CSMonster bite me, seroster.
20:35 Seroster Where would you like me to do that? Buttocks, thighs? Calves, chest?
20:35 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
20:36 * wannabe1987 is back
20:36 CSMonster i'm avoiding posting any pics without permission.
20:36 wannabe1987 peopel need to learn how to park...
20:36 CSMonster hi wannabe
20:36 wannabe1987 hiscs
20:36 wannabe1987 hi CSMonster*
20:36 Seroster wannabe1987, Go ahead and rant!
20:37 wannabe1987 theres room for 4 cars in the back (damen, tj, me, corwin) and they are evenly spaced so theres only room for three...
20:38 Seroster Fat people + doors = fail
20:38 wannabe1987 fat?  who is fat...
20:38 eightbitbrad I am.
20:38 wannabe1987 i sorry
20:38 wannabe1987 happens
20:38 Seroster Well, I am rather skinny and I still prefer a foot or two for opening my door =P
20:38 eightbitbrad and yes, I totally can't walk through any doors
20:38 wannabe1987 we can usually comfortably park 4 cars...
20:39 Seroster Well, since they can't park... FUCK THEM!
20:39 Seroster Put your car in such a way that neither one can get out
20:39 jeremys_ i cannot open doors with my feet .....damn your evolution for no opposing big toe
20:39 wannabe1987 so...i parked in the foreclosed neighbor's yard
20:39 eightbitbrad but yeah... I've developed a car-fu for when people give me not enough room to get into a car
20:39 wannabe1987 car-fu?
20:39 eightbitbrad yep, car-fu
20:39 eightbitbrad I can shuffle across seats
20:40 wannabe1987 i have a stick shift...kinda hard to do sometimes
20:40 Seroster </B-tard>
20:40 jeremys_ kinda hard and you need a cigerteete after
20:40 wannabe1987 love me?  ewwwww
20:41 eightbitbrad either from the hatchback or any of the other doors
20:41 eightbitbrad I have one of these:
20:41 eightbitbrad except in steel gray
20:41 wannabe1987 oooo
20:41 wannabe1987 tj will be jealous...he's got a charger
20:41 tggmc1 joined #thegeekgroup
20:41 eightbitbrad I test drove a charger before getting my Magnum
20:42 tggmc1 test
20:42 xanhs_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:42 eightbitbrad tggmc1: you pass
20:42 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
20:42 tggmc1 thumper test in ~5min
20:42 eightbitbrad yay, big asplosion!
20:42 Seroster Tyvm tggmc1
20:43 * wannabe1987 is rebooting...brb
20:43 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
20:44 Seroster OW
20:44 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
20:44 eightbitbrad ow?
20:44 eightbitbrad Seroster: you still messing with your bed?
20:44 jeremys_ boom and lights
20:44 Seroster No
20:44 Seroster Thumper siren test
20:45 speedrunnerG55_ Thumper is awesome
20:45 Seroster You hear that mate? That's 60hz
20:45 Seroster A lot of it
20:45 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
20:45 Seroster Owtf?
20:46 Seroster Did he forget to put a can in it?
20:47 Seroster tggmc1, wtf is going on? =P
20:48 eightbitbrad [16:42] <tggmc1> thumper test in ~5min
20:48 Seroster Yeah
20:49 Seroster Siren worked, evrything worked, except for the thump
20:49 CSMonster i would be absolutely terrified of being around that thing after a failure to discharge.
20:49 Seroster There is a dump bank
20:50 jeremys_ is it loaded lol
20:50 Seroster Althou... I'd like to have a good size jesus stick
20:50 Seroster Jeremys If it was Chris wouldnt be touching that puck
20:50 eightbitbrad Valve trouble
20:51 CSMonster the worst kind of trouble
20:51 Seroster That is a mistake he would do once and once only
20:51 eightbitbrad Cap's not happy
20:51 eightbitbrad "Yeah, they fixed it alright..."
20:51 Cprossu hey
20:51 jeremys_ i meant is the wire connecting the 2 lads
20:51 Cprossu BatSteve-Away
20:51 Seroster Capn fixed it!"
20:51 Cprossu are you actually away?
20:51 eightbitbrad now it should work.
20:52 Seroster He sure is cprossu
20:52 Cprossu BotSteve: tell Cprossu_laptop testing for error
20:52 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when Cprossu_laptop is around.
20:52 themirotv left #thegeekgroup
20:52 LeadHead what was wrong wit hit
20:52 LeadHead internet died for a second
20:52 Cprossu_laptop BotSteve: tell Cprossu poopie
20:52 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: At 20:52Z, Cprossu asked me to tell you testing for error
20:52 BotSteve Cprossu_laptop: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
20:52 Cprossu yay no error
20:52 BotSteve Cprossu: At 20:52Z, Cprossu_laptop asked me to tell you poopie
20:52 CSMonster you know...... that thing could probably power a pretty wicked rail gun.
20:52 Cprossu WHAT?!
20:53 Cprossu ahh
20:53 LeadHead So what was wrong with das thumper?
20:53 Seroster CSMonster, you must be the 5000th person that thought of that =P
20:53 CSMonster probably, yes.
20:53 Seroster AW! It crapped out as it fired
20:53 eightbitbrad it worked, but knocked the camera out
20:53 CSMonster and WOW it quit.
20:53 chunks aww...
20:53 Seroster Damn thats a nice still
20:53 CSMonster KABOOM.
20:53 Seroster Hahahaha
20:53 LeadHead That wasn't camera
20:53 Seroster Proof of concept!
20:53 SparkyPojects They killed the stream :D
20:53 LeadHead Maybe it was
20:53 Seroster Hahaha!
20:53 CSMonster lol, knocked off the air
20:54 Seroster "There's a little bit of aluminium up there"
20:54 jeremys_ it broke the camera
20:54 Seroster Nope it didnt jeremys_
20:54 Seroster It works fine =P
20:54 Cprossu horrible person
20:54 Cprossu it says it right here
20:54 Cprossu yeah they still indeed are
20:54 eightbitbrad hmmm, weird timing for it to go down
20:54 Cprossu a bit blueish though
20:54 CSMonster yes chris we see you.
20:54 Seroster eightbitbrad, Not that wierd really
20:54 cctoide grah, stream fired up and ruined my transmission
20:54 jeremys_ a hunk of aluminun knocked it out for a second
20:55 Seroster I mean, there is a HUGE EM transmission and quite a lot of air pressure
20:55 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
20:55 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
20:55 eightbitbrad jeremys_: it would have taken the image down, but not the stream itself.
20:55 LeadHead Yeah, the camera died *after* the electricty was done doing its thing
20:55 LeadHead so it had to be something else
20:55 eightbitbrad the feed is broadcast from control
20:55 Seroster No, during?
20:55 Cprossu that's a horrifying noise that just went away
20:55 jeremys_ my stream never went down
20:55 Fulsy was it the HVAC?
20:55 Seroster Mine didnt either, but the camera froz
20:55 Fulsy it's back
20:55 Seroster Yes it is, Fulsy
20:56 chunks left #thegeekgroup
20:56 CSMonster mine went off air for a couple seconds
20:56 jeremys_ it went black then came back as BA and chris were pulling the hunk of alum out of the side of the camera
20:56 Seroster I wouldnt fire thumper in the main control =P
20:56 LeadHead Seroster, the explosion was well finished before the image froze
20:56 LeadHead ustream said off air
20:56 LeadHead which means TGG must have had an internet hiccup
20:56 kom joined #thegeekgroup
20:56 Seroster And the stream crapping out at that very moment, a  bit too convenient =P
20:56 jeremys_ my ustream did not go down or off air
20:56 cctoide looks like I missed Thumper, again :I
20:56 MoxieMike with the way they were looking at the camera, it makes me think something hit the camera
20:57 LeadHead Yeah
20:57 jeremys_ it craped out because alum hit the camera
20:57 kom wat is tjis al about
20:58 eightbitbrad something happened to the stream itself, it hiccuped
20:58 eightbitbrad it went off air
20:58 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
20:58 jeremys_ maybe yours did not mine
20:58 eightbitbrad I'm not gonna sit here and argue semantics. :P
20:58 LeadHead Okay Jeremy, you are not the same as everyone else
20:58 LeadHead My stream said Off-Air as well
20:58 kom why is it staying in one position
20:58 LeadHead Maybe your client/internet was just too slow updating to realize the stream was off-air
20:59 jeremys_ did you see the part where cap and Ba pulled the hnunk of metal out of the camera?
20:59 eightbitbrad jeremys_: and?
20:59 eightbitbrad Let me give you an example...
20:59 jeremys_ geniuses
20:59 kom left #thegeekgroup
21:00 Cprossu jeremys_: how goes the cnc transplant?
21:00 eightbitbrad nevermind.
21:00 LeadHead Something hitting the camera wouldn't throw the stream offline.
21:00 jeremys_ hence why mine didn't go offline
21:00 eightbitbrad but two others did
21:00 Cprossu I didn't get knocked off
21:00 koma joined #thegeekgroup
21:01 jeremys_ maybe yur internet didn't like the screen going black
21:01 LeadHead Internet doens't have feelings
21:01 Cprossu that's what you think
21:01 LeadHead U-Steam is perfectly okay broadcasting black
21:01 koma why wont the cammera move ho r u supposed to see wats going on
21:01 eightbitbrad ah well, I'm just going to agree to disagree and leave it at that.
21:01 SparkyStudio Jeremy's_, my stream froze, then it went offline for a matter of a couple of seconds, then it came back, i'm watching the pop out viewer, you may not have actually seen the same.
21:01 eightbitbrad internet arguments are pointless
21:01 jeremys_ i give up. you are right the internet hiccuped the exact second it went off.  pure coincedence
21:02 Cprossu so LeadHead: bets on when the google cloud becomes sentient?
21:02 * eightbitbrad puts on his genius cap
21:02 eightbitbrad :P
21:02 LeadHead When Chrysler finally ditches their 5 speed automatic
21:02 Cprossu so in a year
21:02 koma left #thegeekgroup
21:02 LeadHead About righ
21:02 LeadHead t
21:03 eightbitbrad I wish IRC had a nifty whiteboard feature.
21:03 Cprossu I still think their 3 speeds were the best
21:03 LeadHead 727 Torqueflite
21:03 Cprossu damn straight
21:03 Cprossu my van has a 998 torqueflite
21:03 Cprossu *had
21:03 Cprossu the one that got stolen
21:03 LeadHead Too bad they screwed that all up with the 4 speed versions of the torqflite
21:04 LeadHead No cooler fluid flow in park
21:04 LeadHead great idea guys!
21:04 Cprossu The A413 was pretty killer too
21:04 Cprossu (fwd)
21:05 eightbitbrad my 06 Magnum... I forget which tranny it has in it.
21:05 LeadHead Mecedes WA540
21:05 LeadHead i thin
21:05 LeadHead t think
21:05 LeadHead *Mercedes
21:05 Cprossu what engine in your magnum?
21:05 LeadHead or something like that
21:05 eightbitbrad yeah...  I've got the 3.5V6
21:05 Cprossu was it autostick?
21:05 LeadHead Oh
21:05 eightbitbrad yeah
21:05 LeadHead V6.
21:05 LeadHead Than you had the 42RE I think?
21:05 eightbitbrad That sounds about right
21:06 LeadHead My current project is learning the intracasies of the Ford E4OD. My friend is turbocharging his 460 F-250, and we're trying to figure out how to make the tranmission last without replacing any hard parts
21:06 Cprossu Didn't those use the NAG1?
21:06 * LeadHead goes to wikipedia
21:06 Cprossu or am I getting it confused?
21:07 LeadHead V6s were 42RLE says Wiki
21:07 LeadHead V8s had W5A580
21:07 Cprossu ok
21:07 CSMonster Seroster: there, now photos.
21:07 LeadHead We put a TransGo shift kit in it (drilling holes through valve bodies is not fun!)
21:07 LeadHead **reprogramming kit
21:08 LeadHead shifts hard and fast now, once the turbo is in I'll probably jack up the line pressure a bit more to be on the safe side with the tuner
21:08 eightbitbrad I swear though...  I crapped a brick the other month.  Had the ABS and traction control warning lights light up, and the transmission shifted odd.  Root cause?  loose left rear axle nut causing a speed sensor to mis-align
21:08 Cprossu I've rebuilt 2 of them
21:08 LeadHead I'll probably dial in more spark-retard during shifts though
21:09 Cprossu but I cannot remember what the model is for the 4 speed they used on the cummins
21:09 Cprossu because it was a hell of a tranny
21:09 LeadHead 47RE and 48RE
21:09 Cprossu they are damn nice
21:09 LeadHead Still based on the 46RE/Torqueflite
21:09 Cprossu both times all the hard parts survived some rather bad shit
21:10 LeadHead Yeah newer cars can be funny about ABS junk like that
21:10 Cprossu like a dude towing a 7500lbn travel trailer until it was junk
21:10 Cprossu put new frictions in it, got it all good, and it was good to go
21:10 Cprossu 250,000 miles
21:10 LeadHead What's crazy is the current 68RFE behind the cummins
21:10 Cprossu then again
21:10 Cprossu the current cummins
21:11 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
21:11 LeadHead Crazy because
21:11 Cprossu is crazy in of itself
21:11 LeadHead its basically the 545RFE behind the V8s
21:11 LeadHead with a different gearset, and a few more frictions
21:11 LeadHead the case is even almost the same except for the bellhousing
21:11 * CSMonster rolls eyes
21:11 Seroster Can I put a jack under the trailer hitch of a car and jack it up, or will I just end up breaking off the hitch?
21:11 Cprossu 6.7L in 6 cylinders though, rofl
21:11 LeadHead The 68RFE reliability has been a bit less than stellar
21:11 Cprossu and they didn't spare any expense on the frame either
21:12 LeadHead from what I've seen on the forums, probably because it is based on al ight duty tranny
21:12 Cprossu too bad too because the 47re/48re's are bulletproof
21:12 LeadHead Eh, they won't hold up long without upgrades based on what the 6.7 is putting out
21:12 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 2 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: PhotoMan on Wanted ANLY Digital Timer.....jaaz95 on buckyball success!!!
21:12 Cprossu I don't know much that could survive what the 6.7 is capable of
21:12 Cprossu and they have not tapped it out yet
21:13 LeadHead Built 48REs
21:13 LeadHead for one
21:13 Cprossu there's still plenty on the table for that engine
21:13 LeadHead :-P
21:13 LeadHead 68RFE as of right now seem to be impossible to build up to handle over 600-700HP reliably
21:13 LeadHead 47/48RFE are in the 1000HP range
21:13 Cprossu well what you mean to say
21:13 Cprossu is torque
21:13 Cprossu tranny's are generally rated on that,
21:14 Seroster =D
21:14 LeadHead Yeah, but when talking about one specific engine, running similar RPMs
21:14 LeadHead we can talk HP
21:14 Cprossu the HO 6.7 can put out 800ftlb of torque
21:14 LeadHead Only behind the 68RFE odly enough
21:14 LeadHead the 6 speed stick is limieted to 650
21:14 Cprossu which is freaking nuts
21:14 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
21:15 Cprossu 350 horse, 800ftlb of torque... in a fucking pickup truck
21:15 LeadHead The Ford 5R110W is a pretty nuts transmission too. Stock those things can handle 600HP/1400 lb-ft
21:15 LeadHead from the powerstrokes
21:15 Cprossu but no matter how you call it, the powerstroke is still an international sleveless garbage truck engine
21:15 LeadHead So is the Cummins :-P
21:16 Cprossu no the cummins is a manure pumper =P
21:16 Cprossu and it is sleved
21:16 LeadHead Nope, 5.9/6.7 are parent-bore
21:16 Cprossu ...................................
21:16 LeadHead The 8.3 is sleeved
21:16 Cprossu I could have sworn
21:16 Cprossu the 5.9 was sleved
21:16 Cprossu because we have a 5.9's sleves in the parts room
21:17 LeadHead Once they're worn out, you can punch em out
21:17 LeadHead and sleeve em
21:17 Cprossu wow I'll be damned
21:18 Cprossu so the 4.5L is
21:18 eightbitbrad hi steve
21:18 LeadHead Looks like Cummins calls it a salvage sleeve
21:19 LeadHead last chance effort I guess if you really like your 5.9
21:19 LeadHead that specific 5.9
21:19 Cprossu I know people who had bought them for drag racing purposes iirc
21:19 Cprossu I still didn't know it wasn't wet sleeved though
21:20 Cprossu so it's kind of shocking!
21:20 egrsteve hello
21:20 LeadHead 8.3 is though
21:20 LeadHead The new 6.7 Power-Stroke has 400HP/800 Lb-ft, new transmission too 6R140
21:21 Cprossu and I hope a revamped EGR system that doesn't have an automatic clogging system built into it
21:21 Cprossu man I hate EGT
21:21 Cprossu *EGR
21:21 LeadHead Most EGR problems on the internationsl were fixed with the 6.4
21:21 LeadHead 6.0 was horrible
21:21 Cprossu someone should find who was responsible for it being on diesels should be shot
21:21 LeadHead 6.7 is no longer international
21:21 LeadHead in house Ford
21:22 Cprossu *etc
21:22 Cprossu what's it based on then?
21:22 LeadHead I think the 6.7 may be a ground up new engine
21:22 LeadHead lemme check
21:22 Cprossu nothing is new, everything is recycled at some point
21:22 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
21:23 Captain-Office joined #thegeekgroup
21:23 Captain-Office Thumper works
21:23 Cprossu Captain-Office: got any pics of the camera damage?
21:23 LeadHead This article claims the 6.7 PSD is a clean-sheet design
21:23 CSMonster we saw!
21:23 CSMonster and that poor camera
21:23 Captain-Office did you hear it?
21:24 LeadHead Steam went off-line, looks like you had an internet hiccup
21:24 LeadHead *stream
21:24 CSMonster the stream cut out for a few seconds right after the explosion, but we saw/heard it
21:24 jeremys_ no the explosion crapped the feed
21:24 Captain-Office we did, is it back up?
21:24 CSMonster yeah
21:24 Captain-Office cool
21:24 CSMonster it came back up after a few seconds and we saw you and BA doing surgery on the cam
21:24 Captain-Office The EMP from a 144MW blast is pretty good ;)
21:24 LeadHead It was weird, the explosion was about finished, than it died
21:25 LeadHead I think another test run will nee to be done in order to confirm if it was EMP, or just a hiccup :-P
21:26 Cprossu btw the camera looks like it ate some viagra, the pic's all blueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
21:26 egrsteve did I just miss thumper?
21:26 CSMonster well it didn't cut out like that the other day when he was giving those kids a tour
21:27 Cprossu yes you did
21:27 Captain-Office Steve!
21:27 CSMonster egrsteve, yeah, a while ago
21:27 egrsteve hello
21:27 Cprossu wrong steve I think?
21:27 Cprossu (doesn't know)
21:27 LeadHead egrsteve is Steve_____
21:27 egrsteve no, right steve
21:27 Cprossu ok good
21:27 Captain-Office ou heading in?
21:28 LeadHead Cprossu Have you seen the new 6.7 PSD?
21:28 Captain-Office Steve, you heading in?
21:28 LeadHead Too much junk going on.
21:28 egrsteve no, have dinner with grandparents in an hour
21:28 Captain-Office k
21:28 Captain-Office WE got new samples for Thumper, they're *good*
21:28 LeadHead
21:28 Captain-Office Joe brought them in
21:28 LeadHead
21:28 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
21:28 egrsteve did thumper damage a camera?
21:28 Cprossu hey egrsteve: do you hear our mysterious radio station back?
21:29 CSMonster apparently yes, slightly
21:29 Captain-Office the jesus station?
21:29 Cprossu nm they are making too much noise
21:29 egrsteve yes, I heard it a couple nights ago, it's only on one of the mixer inputs
21:29 Cprossu I Thought it was a country station
21:29 Captain-Office I was getting that in the console on one fo the channels, we have a mic cable demoding AM radio
21:29 Cprossu yeah I hear it
21:29 egrsteve so we may have another bad mic cable
21:29 Captain-Office I used to have a bass that would do it REALLY well.
21:29 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
21:30 BigTank YAY
21:30 egrsteve the buzz from MDH was caused by an open on pin 2 of the cable between the wall plate and the mixer
21:31 egrsteve it is now wired direct with working phantom
21:31 egrsteve (no more beeping camera)
21:31 Captain-Office thank god
21:31 egrsteve so I have a cable to fix when I get that workbench
21:31 BigTank Allo Captain
21:31 Cprossu ahhhhhhhhk
21:32 egrsteve and chris is not on irc
21:32 BigTank haha i noticed
21:33 jeremys_ moose is so cool
21:33 BigTank moose is awesome, that was my nickname in high school
21:33 SparkyStudio ergsteve, today chris demonstrated why the plexi in front of the lense would be a good idea, it got hit with aluminiun shrapnel
21:34 LeadHead "Core i7-equipped MacBook Pro CPU hits 100 degrees Celsius"
21:36 egrsteve the lense ok?
21:36 SparkyStudio yes, but i can see it getting hit worse one day
21:36 SparkyStudio Was only the sparks from thumper
21:37 egrsteve ya, we have some small plexi somewhere
21:37 Cprossu but will it do
21:37 Cprossu a manhole cover?!
21:37 BigTank allo captain!
21:37 Cprossu good to see you folks, Phoenix, AZ, USA
21:37 SparkyStudio Hi from Wales UK
21:37 LeadHead Harrisville, Rhode Island
21:37 BigTank SEATTLE WA U.S.
21:37 jeremys_ muskegon Mi USA
21:37 Geek101 uk
21:37 mantere Tampere, Finland
21:37 Fulsy Seymour Connecticut, USA
21:38 Thewhite joined #thegeekgroup
21:38 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
21:38 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
21:38 dcrand Eau Claire, wi.
21:38 hubzcaps sacremento california
21:38 stevereynolds joined #thegeekgroup
21:38 gh22 joined #thegeekgroup
21:39 PeterAshmore joined #thegeekgroup
21:39 Cprossu I remember those
21:39 Cprossu good times
21:39 BigTank YAY but what are they used for?
21:39 jeremys_ i got some cnc collets and tooling coming =)
21:39 egrsteve ya, tooling
21:39 Cprossu ... do you even have to ask?
21:39 Python joined #thegeekgroup
21:40 BigTank well i would guess thumper, but i never herad him explain where they came from
21:40 jeremys_ now we just need 240 AC 3 phase
21:40 Cprossu no not thumper lol
21:40 LeadHead Apparently that's what Apple thinks is adequete
21:40 LeadHead for a cooling solution
21:40 Cprossu that's not the worst they've ever done
21:41 Cprossu
21:41 BigTank well then IDK
21:41 LeadHead jeremys_: Why stop at 240? Might as well bring in big-daddy 460/480
21:41 egrsteve agreed 480
21:42 BigTank woo
21:42 PeterAshmore left #thegeekgroup
21:42 jeremys_ The machines run on 240 3 pahase, so if it comes 480, it will need to be transformed down
21:42 LeadHead If your electric service can't toss someone clear across the state
21:42 LeadHead you don't have enough power
21:43 BigTank hahahaha
21:43 jeremys_ my poo
21:43 Cprossu poo and tacos
21:43 LeadHead Transformers are an easier solution
21:43 LeadHead than running out of power
21:43 hubzcaps optics n lasers wee
21:43 BigTank HUGE caps there
21:44 LeadHead Wonder if they contain delicious PCBs
21:44 jeremys_ but even if they run 480.i still need 240ac so ummmm lets continue with samantics
21:44 SparkyStudio Transformers are a loss in the system if they are not needed.
21:44 Cprossu I know they sold a few
21:44 Cprossu so I don't think so
21:45 LeadHead my entire father's company gets 480 VAC 3Phase
21:45 LeadHead Use transformers for everything
21:45 Seroster The mythbusters episode (s04e13) where they create water vortexes  they have some scale tests where they use a bucket with a hole in the bottom and a pump sucking from the hole pumping to the top.  Makes a pretty neat sprial.  Doesnt that sound like a great TGG demo? Coloured water, plexiglass tube, maybe some glitter in the water to highlight the direction of the spin?
21:45 Seroster Talking about currents, northern/southern hemisphere spin etc
21:47 Cprossu .tfwc 85015
21:47 BotSteve 35�C?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Don't own a grill? Just use the driveway.'
21:47 LeadHead Including 240v 3 Phase equipment goes through a transformer, all of their single phase is transformed too. 480v is the way to go IMO if you're going to be using very high power 3 phase junk
21:47 Cprossu .tfw 85015
21:47 BotSteve 96�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Don't own a grill? Just use the driveway.'
21:47 Cprossu =)
21:47 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:47 speedrunnerG55_ Hi
21:47 Cprossu lol
21:48 Cprossu .tfw 85016
21:48 BotSteve 96�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'BIKINI WEATHER!'
21:48 Cprossu ^ the last one said 'Don't own a grill? Just use the driveway.'
21:48 BigTank .tfw 98042
21:48 BotSteve 54�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Kent, WA!  'Where life is mediocre'
21:48 SparkyStudio I don't see the point of bringing in 480 when the machines are 240.
21:49 LeadHead For the HV Lab.
21:49 BigTank BAHH LIES... Its pissing here
21:49 hubzcaps thumper
21:49 LeadHead Thumper runs on single phase 110
21:50 SparkyStudio Depends also what supplies are available locally, you don't want to be charged for a special line from further away
21:50 LeadHead Well obviously it would be impractical if there is no 480 available locally
21:50 Seroster 110vac is so cute =)
21:50 SparkyStudio and relatively safe
21:51 Seroster So is 220
21:51 Cprossu at high amperage
21:51 Cprossu anything is deadly
21:51 Cprossu and in a cap bank your 125 is more like 185
21:51 SparkyStudio That's true, i can touch live 220 without dying :P
21:51 LeadHead 110 vAC will happilly pass 300+ amps through ordinary house wiring
21:51 Seroster I got a static shock from one of my cats a couple of minutes ago, about 100kv or so =P
21:52 gh22 left #thegeekgroup
21:52 Seroster LeadHead, 1.5vac will also happily pass thousads of amps
21:52 Thewhite left #thegeekgroup
21:52 LeadHead Cprossu , the 110vAC goes into a MOT, around 1800 volts for thumper
21:52 LeadHead Seroster: My comment was refering to household power
21:53 BigTank somone needs to switch the cams activley
21:53 LeadHead 110v is not relatively safe, it will still kill you
21:53 Cprossu unless at a rediculously funny small amperage
21:53 Seroster LeadHead, 480vac will also pump 400+ amps through your house wiring
21:54 LeadHead Seroster, you need to fuck off
21:54 Captain-Office no, it won't
21:54 Cprossu it's limited by the conductor
21:54 Seroster That was uncalled for...
21:54 Captain-Office kick him
21:54 LeadHead Seroster, you have a little comment for every single thing I say
21:54 LeadHead It's getting old REAL quick.
21:55 Cprossu I need to get ops in here (rolls eyes)
21:55 Seroster And you comment anytning I say, it's called symbiosis.
21:55 hubzcaps fight!!!!!!!
21:55 hubzcaps <cracks beer
21:55 jeremys_ gets popcorn.this should be interesting
21:55 LeadHead Captain, just switch your nick and sign into Freenode
21:55 Cprossu ok, #getachannelyoutwo
21:55 egrsteve is/was there more stuff from k-zoo today
21:56 LeadHead if you want Ops
21:56 Seroster I wouldnt call it a fight ^^
21:56 Captain-Office I'm signed in at home, can I log in from two places at once?
21:56 Seroster Captain-Office, you can get op acess by /ghost CaptainBoden *password* and then changing your nick to CaptainBoden and idetifying
21:56 Cprossu you can use a ghost kill
21:56 Seroster That will disconnct the other captain thou
21:56 Captain-Office Kicking him does do any good
21:57 Captain-Office Banning his entire IP range would be the only useful thing
21:57 Seroster I do not know if it is possible to group nicks on this network
21:57 jeremys_ seroster didn't do anything wrong
21:58 Captain-Office I say we let them sort it out
21:59 Cprossu just think, one day we'll be able to settle it with turn based remote controlled battlebots, looser gets kb'ed for 15 minutes
21:59 Captain-Office truck just left kzoo
21:59 Captain-Office oh steve, there's a new antenna on the roof, it's on the mast next to the ladder, lowest one, it's that nice new scanner antenna
22:00 Seroster That would be AWESOME, cprossu! But not that awesome from a safety standpoint, having internet RC robots controlled by fuck knows who sounds like a recipie for disaster =P
22:00 speedrunnerG55_ Hey guys
22:00 xanhs_ left #thegeekgroup
22:00 speedrunnerG55_ I'm like 90% sure I'm going to join the amaature radio club.
22:01 Seroster Grats =)
22:01 speedrunnerG55_ It seams rather legit
22:01 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
22:01 speedrunnerG55_ . Like have you ever hear of fair lawn amature radio club?
22:02 Seroster Nope
22:02 Seroster How big is that club?
22:02 speedrunnerG55_ It's used as a emergency communication response
22:02 speedrunnerG55_ Ugh idk yet
22:02 Seroster If it's like 250 people you can be pretty sure they are legit
22:03 speedrunnerG55_ It's 3rd in the state
22:03 speedrunnerG55_ Or states
22:03 Seroster I don't know what the american laws concidering radio broadcasting are =P
22:04 speedrunnerG55_ Lol ok
22:04 Captain-Office you know, we have over 3500 members, just sayin
22:04 egrsteve broadcasting or transmitting?
22:04 Seroster Sorry, transmitting =P
22:04 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
22:04 LeadHead Forum/Website members
22:04 LeadHead or paying members?
22:04 Seroster or shoud I say "Using a bigass antenna to put shit on air"
22:04 Captain-Office website
22:04 speedrunnerG55_ ...ok lol. It's in my town. I'd love to spent time at tgg lab and I hope I do
22:05 Captain-Office if we had 3500 payingmembers I wouldn't have thefundin problems we do
22:05 LeadHead Werd.
22:05 SparkyPojects Captain-Office, once you have the amateur club set up, see if you can get a club license with 'tgg' at the end
22:05 Captain-Office already on it
22:05 SparkyPojects :)
22:05 speedrunnerG55_ That'd be nice
22:05 NeWtoz I was hoping for a whole section of ham radio
22:05 egrsteve we need to file that still or have you started the paperwork?
22:06 Captain-Office you and brad are going to file it
22:06 Captain-Office I'll cover the fee
22:06 speedrunnerG55_ .g fair lawn amature radio club
22:06 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_:
22:06 egrsteve ok, what days is he in at the lab?
22:06 Captain-Office he's not, he's in MO
22:06 Captain-Office but he's in here often
22:06 Seroster Here transmitting amateur radio is illegal, but nobody cares if you don't disturb other frequenzies, transmit illegal stuff or impersonate legit channels =P
22:06 speedrunnerG55_ That's it
22:06 egrsteve ah, ok
22:07 LeadHead Ham's here are viscious. You transmit illegally, and they'll find you.
22:07 egrsteve Seroster, where are you?
22:07 Seroster Sweden, northern europe
22:07 egrsteve and they don't have amateur radio or equivalent
22:08 egrsteve licensing
22:08 NeWtoz in that case, I agree with Conan
22:08 Seroster Licensing yes, but many don't care =P
22:08 NeWtoz Go Findland
22:08 egrsteve ah, ok
22:08 NeWtoz finland*
22:08 egrsteve lacking regulation/enforcement
22:09 Cprossu [15:00] <Seroster> That would be AWESOME, cprossu! But not that awesome from a safety standpoint, having internet RC robots controlled by fuck knows who sounds like a recipie for disaster =P: not if they are the size of tonka toys
22:10 NeWtoz Since moving to GR, I haven't joined a radio club
22:10 Cprossu tripping hazard at best
22:10 Seroster Cprossu I was more into "pneumatic axe"
22:10 speedrunnerG55_ Nice video. With those youngins. That walked in
22:10 Cprossu Seroster: I was more thinking resettable sumo bots with an RF ring
22:11 Cprossu or something else easily scorable
22:11 Seroster Ah
22:11 NeWtoz yeah, you probably changed that kids future, if he come back regularly
22:11 egrsteve the latency would make it intersting
22:11 speedrunnerG55_ That would be epic
22:11 Seroster If both kid has 10 mates that they tell about tgg, and half of those mates come visit, and they tell...
22:11 Cprossu egrsteve: that's why I thought turn based
22:11 jeremys_ i want to play with robots.  I cannot wait for the robotics lab to come on line
22:12 Cprossu so some arbitrary number and direction
22:12 egrsteve ah ok
22:12 Cprossu within some limit
22:12 Seroster How would you make the bots reset?
22:12 speedrunnerG55_ I found out about the GG because of the lifter video way back when
22:13 egrsteve that would be more achivable, 5-10 sec latency would make for an interesting competition though
22:13 egrsteve make little mars rovers
22:13 egrsteve styled sumo bot
22:13 speedrunnerG55_ Always wagged the videos. Didn't join till last year
22:13 Cprossu resetting would be accomplished by painting the 'ring' in an encoder type way
22:13 speedrunnerG55_ Watched
22:13 Cprossu so the bots can 'home' one way or another and reset easily
22:14 Cprossu within some percentage of precision
22:14 Cprossu (doesn't have to be perfect)
22:14 Cprossu orrrrrrr
22:14 Seroster If you have two different bots there is alraedy a set winner, the strongest one
22:14 Cprossu the bots could be controlled by a webcam computer
22:14 Cprossu no, it's strategy based
22:14 Cprossu since your nove
22:14 Cprossu *move
22:14 Seroster If you have two identical robots they'll just burn the motors if you push against eachother
22:15 Cprossu will be limited to x spaces
22:15 Cprossu so you can technically put yourself in a position to be knocked out
22:15 Cprossu also we could use webcam detection on this come to think of it
22:16 Cprossu since the image processing will be lightweight
22:16 egrsteve mount a cam over head, 2 diff color bots with a direction making on them
22:16 Cprossu over a checkerboard grid
22:16 Cprossu and there you have it
22:17 jeremys_ dream big, then figure a way to make it happen
22:17 Seroster Get on it! I volounteer you! =D
22:17 Cprossu I need to get to GR first
22:17 Seroster :P
22:17 Cprossu I plan to do so, after they get GH5 up and running
22:18 Cprossu granted I'll probably be busting ass on other things than IRC controled sumo robots
22:18 Cprossu but I wouldn't count it out
22:18 BigTank whoo, next door neighbor just got arrested...
22:18 NeWtoz weird thing is, I'm more excited for the wood shop then anything else
22:19 Cprossu you mean they didn't arrest you for stalking??
22:19 Cprossu (j/k)
22:19 jeremys_ i am excited for the cncs
22:19 BigTank lol, no thay think he is a suspect in alot of local auto break ins, and this is usually a good area
22:19 Cprossu (was thinking that someone got your address one number off and they arrested your neighbor instead)
22:19 Cprossu hrmmm
22:20 Cprossu too little too late to check his trash for goodies I suppose
22:20 jeremys_ 2 words...............zomb robot
22:20 BigTank haha, i never got to know him tho, good thing i guess
22:21 jeremys_ it trapped your souls
22:21 LeadHead Cprossu: You might like this
22:21 LeadHead;feature=feedu
22:21 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
22:21 speedrunnerG55_ is now known as speedrunnerG55
22:21 Cprossu you know
22:21 Cprossu someone made a v24 I think
22:21 Cprossu little model airplane engine
22:22 LeadHead Yeah, the attention to detail on this one is crazy though
22:22 LeadHead knife and fork connecting rods
22:23 jeremys_ i want to make a wind powered back scratching robot
22:23 Cprossu he's here, egrsteve
22:23 Cprossu CaptainBoden's calling you
22:23 egrsteve hello
22:24 egrsteve not watching the stream
22:24 Cprossu he needs to know how to get cafe video
22:24 egrsteve input 11
22:24 Cprossu he now needs audio
22:24 LeadHead Cprossu, have you seen inside one of those 4-stroke weedwhackers yet?
22:24 Cprossu no
22:24 egrsteve ch 10
22:25 LeadHead I was amazed and shocked at the same time. The valves are barely wider than a pencil eraser
22:25 BigTank to loud
22:25 BigTank bring it down a touch
22:25 Cprossu owwwwwww
22:25 LeadHead but the crankshaft throw was a bunch of cheap stamped steel pieces riveted together
22:25 BigTank ass
22:25 LeadHead than pressed on a shaft
22:25 BigTank b l e e d i n g ears
22:25 SparkyStudio Distortion
22:26 egrsteve turn it down please
22:26 BigTank better
22:26 Cprossu ear cancer
22:26 SparkyStudio cafe is louder than you
22:26 BigTank cant hear ya cap
22:26 SparkyStudio much louder
22:26 egrsteve chris MC mic is very low, cafe is lound
22:27 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
22:27 Cprossu for attention to detail though,
22:27 Cprossu ^ that's prety cool
22:27 LeadHead Bet that blower works too
22:28 egrsteve demo hammer may still be on that counter in HVL observation
22:28 Cprossu yes it does
22:28 LeadHead is that dry sump oiling?
22:28 BigTank cafe is TO LOUD
22:28 LeadHead craziness
22:28 egrsteve chris is not in mc
22:28 NeWtoz luckily I have a volume adjustment
22:29 egrsteve and there is a short shotgun condencer pointed right at them
22:29 SparkyPojects It's so loud i can hear vehicles driving past outside :P
22:29 BigTank can u turn the shotgun to the side, i.e. ambient, nto direct?
22:29 BigTank *not
22:30 LeadHead Cprossu:;feature=related
22:30 LeadHead this guy even made a scale fuel pump
22:30 LeadHead and FL1A oil filter!
22:30 SparkyPojects If no  one in MC is reading the irc,  nothing can be done
22:30 egrsteve unless I make a phone call
22:30 SparkyPojects Steve needs to educate Chris to wait a bit longer when setting audio
22:30 tggmc1 I am up here!
22:30 egrsteve can you turn down ch 10
22:31 Cprossu we need to hear less banging o_O
22:31 BigTank i thoiught it was 11
22:31 NeWtoz I think video 11, audio 10?
22:31 BigTank never mind thats camera
22:31 egrsteve 11 on video switcher, 10 on audio
22:31 BigTank ...
22:31 BigTank lol
22:31 egrsteve 11 was in use on the mixer already
22:31 egrsteve so I put suond on 10
22:32 Cprossu I still don't know which of these is more nuts
22:32 SparkyPojects Sounds like a bit of reorganising is needed, 1 video is 1 audio
22:32 Cprossu
22:32 Cprossu or
22:32 Cprossu;feature=related
22:32 NeWtoz the more confusing for the interns the better
22:32 egrsteve tggmc1 let thwm know the demo hammer is in HVL observation
22:32 egrsteve sparky, I thouoght about that but some rooms have more cams than mics and vice versa
22:33 egrsteve but reoranization is due
22:33 LeadHead Cprossu, the answer to your question is Yes
22:33 NeWtoz proper labeling and you're good
22:33 SparkyPojects Ah, that's awkward, maybe just don't use the audio if a cam is not associated with it, if that's possible
22:34 LeadHead However, for ultimate death machine
22:34 LeadHead;feature=related I think that takes the cake
22:34 Cprossu no it doesnt
22:34 LeadHead that little golf probably weighs all of 5 pounds
22:35 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
22:35 egrsteve ttyl
22:35 SparkyPojects cya steve :)
22:35 LeadHead Nevermind, you're right
22:35 LeadHead;feature=related
22:36 Cprossu
22:36 Cprossu nice
22:36 Cprossu I'm gonna have to top that
22:36 Cprossu hang on
22:36 LeadHead Nothing must seem fast anymore after driving a smart car - or a go kart with a sport-bike engine
22:36 Cprossu;feature=related
22:37 Cprossu ^ how about this?
22:37 Cprossu shit
22:37 Cprossu that doesn't have video
22:37 Cprossu hang on
22:37 LeadHead I saw the TopGear epside on that
22:37 LeadHead completely forgot about that thing
22:37 Cprossu;feature=related
22:37 Geek101
22:38 Cprossu Geek101:
22:38 LeadHead It's funny he left the the van V6 up front too
22:38 Geek101;feature=related
22:39 BigTank so we can expect to see this captains blog up tonight?
22:40 LeadHead Here you go Cprossu, heres an actual review of the Atom 500
22:40 LeadHead;feature=related
22:40 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
22:40 Cprossu;feature=related
22:40 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
22:41 tggnick joined #thegeekgroup
22:42 tenten joined #thegeekgroup
22:43 BigTank wow
22:44 tenten is that the front door?
22:44 SparkyPojects yes it is
22:44 tggnick left #thegeekgroup
22:44 BigTank your watching ceiling work in the cafe
22:46 BigTank i want to be there to help...
22:46 tenten who is funding things like the big door install and the car lift?  landlord or thegeekgroup?
22:47 Cprossu I HAVE A HAMMER
22:47 tenten its not cheap to cut a giant hole and put over head door in it
22:47 BigTank mmmbutscratcher heare!
22:47 Cprossu no, they are bleeding money out the ass
22:47 Cprossu donate! every cent helps
22:47 LeadHead now lets cool it down a notch
22:47 LeadHead
22:48 LeadHead with a nice old american classic
22:48 LeadHead The Land Lord has to pay for essential things such as heating and plumbing iirc
22:48 LeadHead Demo, door, lift, etc..
22:48 LeadHead is all from TGG's pockets
22:48 LeadHead as far as I know
22:48 BigTank oh got LeadHead u have made me happy! i love old HaM engines!
22:48 SparkyPojects Some things are donated from local companies.
22:49 tenten I hope they can get many years out of this building to recover the investment
22:49 Cprossu I see your american classic;feature=related
22:49 BigTank that JD sounds really well timed
22:49 Cprossu with another