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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-05-07

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00:00 jeremys_ top gun is the 94th best movie ever made in my list of 10,000
00:00 BatSteve There've been 10,000 movies made?
00:00 BatSteve I guess I can believe that.
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00:01 NeWtoz easily
00:01 jeremys_ yeah brady bunch the movie is my 10,000th
00:01 BatSteve .wa number of movies ever filmed
00:01 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:01 BatSteve drat
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00:02 jeremys_ .w bon jovi
00:02 BotSteve "Bon Jovi is an American hard rock band from Sayreville, New Jersey." -
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00:02 Seroster LOL!
00:02 Seroster I found a piece of paper stapled to the inside of the bed
00:02 eggplant96 old technology then..
00:03 Seroster 750110 08
00:03 Seroster That's 1975.... Lol
00:03 NeWtoz Emily!
00:03 LeadHead Looks like around 600 movies per year are released
00:04 NeWtoz back to work for me
00:04 Seroster Only 600?
00:05 LeadHead Atleast as far as the MPAA is concerned
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00:05 eggplant96 mpaa???
00:05 NeWtoz oh, so only 600 american movies then
00:07 Seroster I doubt there is less than a thousand american movies, unless you count the ones that go on the big screen
00:07 Seroster unless you ONLY*
00:09 BatSteve I'm going with the first definition of "movies" that comes to my mind, which is movies which have been shown in theaters.  I'm not counting direct-to-tv or web releases like Red vs Blue
00:09 Seroster Still more than 600 in the world ;P
00:10 Seroster But yes, 600 shown in theaters in the us sounds fair
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00:10 BatSteve .w steamboat willie
00:10 BotSteve "Steamboat Willie (1928) is an animated short released on November 18, 1928." -
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00:11 BatSteve ok so let's be generous and say that 600 movies have been created yearly from 1928 until now.
00:11 CaptainBoden as of 2008 there were 413,000 US produced files in the SAG database.
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00:11 BatSteve .c (2011-1928) * 600
00:11 BotSteve 49 800
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00:11 BatSteve Really?  Wow.
00:11 CaptainBoden no, I just totally made that up. I wanted to fuck with Seroster.
00:12 BatSteve oh, drat.
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00:13 BatSteve Well then, call it 50,000 "movies".  I guess I could see a list of the top 10,000.  it wouldn't be hard.  Just rank every movie ever made on a scale of one to five.  Fives go on the list.
00:13 jeremys_ lol
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00:13 Thermoelectric Does that include sequels?
00:13 BatSteve I'm including them, yes.
00:16 Cprossu hey BatSteve
00:16 BatSteve hey Cprossu
00:16 Cprossu how goes everything?
00:16 Cprossu we were abusing the bot and it messed up again
00:16 BatSteve Goes good.  Been busy.
00:16 Cprossu for no other apparant reason
00:16 BatSteve I went back and saw that, yeah
00:16 BatSteve I'm not sure what it is.  I blame threading.
00:17 Cprossu wow are those processes actually multithreaded?
00:17 BatSteve Threading is like voodoo magic to get right and I apparently don't understand it well enough.
00:17 BatSteve A couple of them are.
00:17 BatSteve The notifiers, specifically.
00:17 BatSteve The video and the forum notifiers.
00:17 BatSteve to prevent blocking while the pages are being scraped
00:17 Cprossu I noticed BotSteve wasn't in tgg-bots today
00:17 BatSteve Or the apis are doing their thing
00:18 BatSteve ....oh
00:18 BatSteve that's because he's not set up to auto-join the bots channel
00:18 BatSteve a mistake which I have just fixed
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00:19 Cprossu good deal
00:20 BatSteve I hope at some point to fix the tell database to make it persistent as well.
00:20 BatSteve what I *really* need is to figure out the best way to run a second instance of the bot so that I can have a stable and an experimental
00:21 BatSteve so that I'm not introducing buggy features into the main channel bot
00:21 LeadHead Virtual Machine?
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00:27 BatSteve umm
00:27 BatSteve I guess I could
00:27 BatSteve seems like an awful lot of work for what should just be a second process
00:28 Cprossu I don't see any reason to
00:28 Cprossu just keep your nose to the grindstone
00:28 Cprossu and lose your nose
00:28 Thermoelectric .c 977K in C
00:28 BotSteve 703.85 degrees Celsius
00:29 Cprossu (seriously who came up with these?)
00:29 Cprossu .tfw 85023
00:29 BotSteve 97�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Do you have life insurance?'
00:29 jeremys_ did you guys know that Giligans isle was just a tv sow and not a documentary?????  All this time I thought it really happened
00:29 Thermoelectric .tfwc 85023
00:29 BotSteve 36�C?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Beach.'
00:29 Thermoelectric That is quite hot...
00:29 jeremys_ .tfw 90210
00:29 BotSteve 63�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Beverly Hills, CA!  'I've seen better days'
00:30 Cprossu it'll eventually reach
00:30 Cprossu .c 115F to C
00:30 BotSteve 46.1111111 degrees Celsius
00:30 Thermoelectric O_o
00:30 Cprossu but not today
00:30 jeremys_ what is the zipcode for the sun?
00:30 Cprossu it's been as high (recorded) as:
00:30 jeremys_ .tfw the sun
00:30 Cprossu .c 123.5F to C
00:30 BotSteve Unknown location
00:30 BotSteve 50.8333333 degrees Celsius
00:30 Thermoelectric That's insane.
00:31 Cprossu .tfw Lake Havasu
00:31 BotSteve 100�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Lake Havasu City, AZ!  'Beach.'
00:31 Cprossu .tfwc Lake Havasu
00:31 BotSteve 37�C?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Lake Havasu City, AZ!  ' bed!'
00:32 Thermoelectric That is also pretty high.
00:32 Cprossu luckily I live in phoenix
00:32 jeremys_ .tfw muskegon mi
00:32 BotSteve 54�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Muskegon, MI!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
00:32 Cprossu we are 1C cooler right now
00:32 Cprossu .tfw brazil
00:33 BotSteve 70�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Virginia, BR!  'IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME'
00:33 jeremys_ .tfw sun
00:33 BotSteve 99�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Sun City, AZ!  'Beach.'
00:33 Cprossu .tfw miami
00:33 BotSteve 78�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Miami, FL!  'Enjoy.'
00:33 Cprossu .tfw cuba
00:33 BotSteve 72�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Cuba, AL!  'Quit your bitching'
00:33 jeremys_ .tfw my balls
00:33 Cprossu damn
00:33 BotSteve Unknown location
00:33 Cprossu it's a girl!
00:33 Cprossu OMG
00:33 Cprossu j/k
00:33 * Thermoelectric snickers
00:33 jeremys_ oops
00:33 exor674 .tfw 80228
00:33 BotSteve 73�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Denver, CO!  'I can't  believe it's not porn!'
00:34 Cprossu .tfw bullhead city
00:34 BotSteve 100�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Bullhead City, AZ!  'Still not appropriate to wear a speedo though.'
00:34 Cprossu .tfwc bullhead city
00:34 BotSteve 37�C?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Bullhead City, AZ!  'SWIMMIN HOLE!'
00:34 exor674 .tfw the sun
00:34 BotSteve Unknown location
00:34 Cprossu .tfw pluto
00:34 BotSteve Unknown location
00:34 * Thermoelectric waits for BatSteve to notice BotSteve going insane
00:34 BatSteve .wa temperature of the surface of the sun
00:34 BotSteve solar photosphere->temperature;(5600 to 8900) K  (kelvins);~~ (5300 to 8800) °C  (degrees Celsius);~~ (9000 to 16000) °F  (degrees Fahrenheit);~~ (10000 to 16000) °R  (degrees Rankine);~~ (4200 to 7200) °Ré  (degrees Réaumur);~~ (2800 to 4700) °Rø  (degrees Rømer);Thermodynamic energy E from E = k T:, ->(486 to 768) meV  (millielectronvolts);Blackbody energy flux Phi fro
00:34 BatSteve there you go exor
00:34 Cprossu .wa hottest day in arizona
00:34 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:35 Cprossu .wa hotest day in arizona
00:35 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:35 Cprossu hmm
00:35 cctoide woop, finished Portal 2 co-op
00:35 Cprossu .wa record temperature in arizona
00:35 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:35 Cprossu .g Arizona Record Temperature
00:35 BotSteve Cprossu:
00:35 cctoide also found this
00:35 jeremys_ .wa dow jones
00:36 BotSteve Dow Jones Industrials;12638.74(4:30:00 pm EDT->4 hrs 6 mins ago);day->month->YTD->year->5 year, -0.55%->+2.12%->+9.2%->+16.06%->+18.15%;, , alpha->2.54%, beta->0.910, R^2->0.954
00:36 jeremys_ awesome
00:36 Cprossu record maximum temp -> 128 June 29, 1994 Lake Havasu City 505
00:36 Cprossu 128F
00:36 Cprossu rofl
00:36 exor674 so I guess the sun isn't a good place to go on vacation
00:36 Cprossu .c 128F to C
00:36 BotSteve 53.3333333 degrees Celsius
00:36 jeremys_ .g the geek group
00:36 BotSteve jeremys_:
00:36 Cprossu neither was lake havasu city in 1994
00:37 Cprossu .tfw death valley
00:37 BotSteve 95�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Death Valley, CA!  'uncontrollable swamp-ass'
00:37 jeremys_ .g mustard balls
00:37 BotSteve jeremys_:
00:37 Cprossu pfft
00:37 Cprossu death valley pfft
00:37 jeremys_ lol
00:37 Cprossu I live in PHOENIX
00:37 Cprossu .tfw 85020
00:37 BotSteve 97�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Better than winter.'
00:37 jeremys_ .wa the geek group
00:37 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:37 Cprossu .wa your mom
00:37 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:37 Cprossu damn
00:38 Cprossu .tfw greenland ranch
00:38 Python left #thegeekgroup
00:38 BotSteve Unknown location
00:38 Cprossu .tfw greenland ranch, CA
00:38 BotSteve Unknown location
00:38 Thermoelectric .tfw Cairns
00:39 BotSteve 79�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Cairns, AS!  'I can't  believe it's not porn!'
00:39 Cprossu .tfw laughlin
00:39 BotSteve 87�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Laughlin AFB, TX!  ' bed!'
00:40 Cprossu this isn't gonna lookup I bet
00:40 Cprossu .tfw Waste Isolat. Pilot Pit
00:40 BotSteve Unknown location
00:40 jeremys__ joined #thegeekgroup
00:40 jeremys__ back
00:40 Cprossu .tfw Alton
00:40 BotSteve 64�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Dalton, GA!  'I've seen better days'
00:40 Cprossu dalton? I said Alton
00:40 Cprossu .tfw Alton, KA
00:40 BotSteve Unknown location
00:41 Cprossu new york time
00:41 Cprossu .tfw 12345
00:41 BotSteve 65�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Schenectady, NY!  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
00:41 Cprossu .tfw seymour
00:41 BotSteve 57�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Seymour, CT!  'I've seen better days'
00:41 jeremys__ .g your momma jokes
00:41 BotSteve jeremys__:
00:42 Cprossu .tfw Al 'Aziziyah, Libya
00:42 BotSteve Unknown location
00:42 Cprossu .tfw Libya
00:42 BotSteve 72�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Tripoli, LY!  'FUCKING SWEET'
00:42 jeremys__ .wa largest steam engine
00:42 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:42 Cprossu .tfw israel
00:42 BotSteve 66�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Jerusalem, IS!  'OPEN A FUCKING WINDOW'
00:42 jeremys_ left #thegeekgroup
00:42 jeremys__ .wa stock price herman miller
00:43 BotSteve Herman Miller->price;$24.77  (MLHR->NASDAQ->3:58:03 pm GMT\/BST -> Friday, May 6, 2011);£15.14  (British pounds)  (at current quoted rate);change->+$0.15 (0.61% up from last close), close->$24.76, open->$24.38, day\'s range->$24.38 (-0.9%) to $25.44 (+3.4%), volume->107712 shares, (percentage changes based on initial stock value)
00:43 Cprossu .wa stock price HSBC
00:43 BotSteve HSBC Holding->price;$53.02  (HBC->NYSE->3:59:49 pm EDT -> Friday, May 6, 2011);change->-$0.12 (0.23% down from last close), previous close->$53.16, open->$53.31, day\'s range->$52.68 (-0.9%) to $53.72 (+1.1%), volume->2.941 million shares, (percentage changes based on initial stock value)
00:43 Cprossu .tfw Chuping
00:43 BotSteve Unknown location
00:44 Cprossu .tfw Malaysia
00:44 BotSteve 81�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Kuala Lumpur, MY!  'Beach.'
00:44 jeremys__ .wa address the geek group
00:44 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
00:44 Cprossu .tfw Myanmar
00:44 BotSteve ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 47, in tfw)
00:44 Cprossu hey BatSteve
00:44 jeremys__ .g address the geek group
00:44 BotSteve jeremys__:
00:44 BatSteve huh
00:44 BatSteve lookit that
00:44 Cprossu we killed the weather
00:44 Cprossu .tfw Myanmar
00:44 BotSteve ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 47, in tfw)
00:45 jeremys__ .tfw grand rapids mi
00:45 BotSteve 61�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
00:45 BatSteve I'm thinking I need to introduce throttling.
00:45 Cprossu with myanmar
00:45 Cprossu .tfw Myanmar
00:45 BatSteve do it again
00:45 BotSteve ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 47, in tfw)
00:45 BatSteve oh
00:45 BatSteve well
00:46 BatSteve oh
00:46 SparkyPojects Batsteve, just give them a 'break BotSteve' channel :P
00:46 BatSteve wait it's not throttling
00:46 jeremys__ .g did tesla invent the snickers bar
00:46 BotSteve jeremys__:
00:46 Cprossu we jave pme actia;;y
00:46 Cprossu *we have one actually
00:46 Cprossu I was one key off on one hand
00:46 BatSteve yeah, it's #tgg-bots
00:46 BatSteve and I know why myanmar breaks the bot
00:46 BatSteve
00:47 jeremys__ sorry to spam you guys was having fun with the bots
00:47 BatSteve bad source data
00:47 Cprossu wow no kidding
00:47 jeremys__ batsteve can you access the who invented site on the bot????
00:47 MC_Bolton .tfw 40031
00:47 BotSteve 66�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN La Grange, KY!  'WOO, Spring Break!'
00:48 BatSteve jeremys__: Can you link me to the site?
00:49 jeremys2 joined #thegeekgroup
00:49 jeremys2 it is above at 20:46
00:49 BatSteve you're talking about
00:50 jeremys2 yeah is it a real site lol i didn't open it
00:50 jeremys2 it would be cool to ask it who invented stuff and it tell us
00:50 Seroster .c 385/2
00:50 BotSteve 192.5
00:50 Seroster I love metric.
00:50 BatSteve Yeah, but all you're going to do with it is search for Tesla.
00:51 jeremys2 lol
00:51 jeremys2 i want to do a .wi motorcycle
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00:52 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
00:52 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
00:52 tggRED Hey internet.
00:52 jeremys2 and it say tesla
00:52 BatSteve hi red
00:52 jeremys2 hi red
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00:52 LeadHead Can anyone tell me how home-owner assocations are legal
00:52 tggRED How are you guys doing tonight?
00:52 jeremys2 hey red, I just want to say you kick ass.  that is all thank you
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00:53 Thermoelectric What's with all the consecutive ping timeouts?
00:53 jeremys2 china beach theme song on show
00:53 BatSteve dunno
00:54 tggRED (Blushes) jeremys2
00:54 BatSteve jeremys2: have you ever been to
00:54 BatSteve like, have you ever actually looked around?
00:54 jeremys2 no
00:55 jeremys2 first i had seen it was in irc lol.
00:55 BatSteve Okay.  I just went looking at it, and it's not the sort of thing that the bot can easily scrape.
00:55 jeremys2 i am not what you would call smart
00:56 jeremys2 i have no idea how bots work or get info
00:56 BatSteve So it's unlikely that I'll implement it.
00:56 BatSteve unless I get really, really bored one day, and for some reason feel like it.
00:56 jeremys2 can you just have it answer any inquiry as tesla?
00:56 LeadHead Just do not understand Homeowners Associations. Oh you bought your house, paid for it yourself
00:56 LeadHead but you can only do what we tell you what you can do
00:57 BatSteve BotSteve: should I implement a function that has you return "tesla" for any "who invented" query?
00:57 BotSteve Maybe
00:57 Big joined #thegeekgroup
00:57 jeremys2 i doubt that any of their regs would hold up in court if you own the house and property
00:57 BatSteve Well...there you go, you have a chance.
00:58 jeremys2 woot
00:58 jeremys2 red audio 11
00:58 SparkyPojects Will be a sadd day if that gets implemented, we have enough of Tesla invented everything as it is :P
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00:59 jeremys2 its all in fun sparky.
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01:00 Thermoelectric 288K in C
01:00 Thermoelectric .c 288K in C
01:00 BotSteve 14.85 degrees Celsius
01:00 CaptainBoden Hi Dave
01:00 jeremys2 dear ustream we want audio in the cafe ty jeremy
01:00 cctoide hmm
01:00 tggRED_ hi again. youre watching zomb ^_^
01:00 cctoide seems like someone came up with an implementation of what is essentially Echolink for PMR446 radio
01:00 jeremys2 red hit audio 11 for us so we can hear
01:00 CaptainBoden The wrong Audio feed is selercted, we have MDH audio I think.
01:01 BatSteve SparkyPojects: it's annoying enough when the human does it, don't hold your breath for me to implement it in the bot.
01:01 tggRED_ cory turned the audio off, sorry.
01:01 LeadHead Funny how TGG is still in the same time zone as me, yet its still light out there
01:01 CaptainBoden not on the camera, it's on the mackie mixer
01:01 BatSteve It will be a very, very boring day in IRC when that happens.
01:01 LeadHead been dark for a while here
01:01 CaptainBoden I don't know what channel, we need to mark them out.
01:02 tggRED_ I will go back upstairs in a little bit and turn the audio on.
01:02 CaptainBoden I *think* it's 16
01:02 jeremys2 damn you cory and your button turning off
01:02 SparkyPojects Captain, it's 10
01:02 LeadHead I thought cafe audio was 10
01:02 LeadHead yeah
01:02 tggRED_ @CaptainBoden - I was just making sure that it was still plugged in, it was unplugged yesterday.
01:02 CaptainBoden Jeremy, I have $20 that says you can't even turn master control ON.
01:02 jeremys2 you said video was 10 and audio was 11 earlier when you turned it on for demolishion
01:03 SparkyPojects other way round Jeremy
01:03 Seroster Could the cameras be used for zomb cheating?
01:03 CaptainBoden That's the switcher, the Mackie is different.
01:03 jeremys2 i have $20 that says i can break a lot of stuff trying
01:03 CaptainBoden ROTFLMFAO
01:03 Seroster Or is it less tactics more grunt? =P
01:03 CaptainBoden well played young man.
01:03 * BatSteve gives jeremys2 a cookie for that one
01:03 cctoide heh, PMR446 frequencies are ham radio freqs in the US, and FRS freqs are emergency service freqs in Europe
01:04 jeremys2 yeah i maight have them flipped anything above 10 i have to go to toes and it all goes to hell
01:05 LeadHead I don't think I've actually ever seen anyone *break* something trying to turn something on before
01:05 BatSteve LeadHead: start a jet engine sometime.
01:05 jeremys2 I am special
01:05 BatSteve Turns out you can destroy one just turning it on wrong.
01:06 LeadHead Yeah, EGTs can shoot way up
01:06 LeadHead on start up
01:06 Seroster BatSteve, I knew a woman like that once..
01:06 BatSteve Seroster: the operative word in that sentence being "once"
01:06 SparkyPojects Try turning on a 400 amp breaker when there's a short on a busbar :P
01:06 LeadHead Still never actually seen anyone sucessfully destroy a jet engine, or anything by turning it on
01:06 SparkyPojects And that's 3 phase
01:07 Seroster BatSteve, Well, since she was "destroyed" afterwards...
01:07 LeadHead Wonder how much force a 400 amp breaker flips the switch back with?
01:07 jeremys2 I tried to turn on Julie Rosenbalm in 9th grade and broke both her legs
01:07 LeadHead enough to break a finger or two?
01:08 LeadHead Unless it be one of dem fancy electronic circuit breakers
01:08 SparkyPojects You don't feel the force, the mechanism trips internally, but the busbar arcs with a very bright flash
01:08 LeadHead Ah
01:09 SparkyPojects They trip internally to stop you holding it on under fault condition
01:09 jeremys2 I hooked up the 340DC buss on a Haas up wrong years ago and when i turned on the machine blew 4 amps
01:09 LeadHead I've never seen a 3 phase short out before, must be impressive
01:09 Seroster !=D
01:10 SparkyPojects It's impressive, but you can't see for a few minutes :P
01:10 LeadHead The most impressive thing I saw was when my father's company got their new phancy 480vAC 3Ph 60HP air compressor set up
01:10 Seroster The high speed of the mythbusters dropping a frozen turkey on a dog skeleton covered in ballistics gel. xD
01:10 jeremys2 place in GR had a squirrel on the transformer outside on the pole that touched both leads and the flash where i was standing 100 yards away or so was blinding
01:10 LeadHead and the start up current somehow blew the the protection out on the pole outside teh building
01:10 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
01:11 LeadHead Kind of interesting when you fire up an air compressor, and every single electrical device in the entire building just goes dark
01:11 SparkyPojects yeah, well i was standing in front of the cabinet with the busbars, so only about 3 feet from it
01:11 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
01:12 LeadHead Yeah, that's a bad day.
01:12 LeadHead Get arc burns on your eyes?
01:12 SparkyPojects Luckily no
01:12 egrsteve hi red
01:13 jeremys2 hi red and steve
01:13 LeadHead I noticed that some people seem to be a lot more senstive to the UV released from arcs a lot more than others
01:13 LeadHead I've got this 6-watt LED UV flashlight for finding leaks in stuff with flourescent die
01:14 LeadHead I've looked at the light plenty of times without issue, a person I know looked into the light for just a second or two
01:14 Seroster My arms get way darker from welding than tanning
01:14 LeadHead next day his eyes were all blistered up
01:14 egrsteve oh look zomb is happening
01:14 tggRED Hai.
01:14 tggRED Hi ergsteve !!
01:14 SparkyPojects I think i heard the bang and closed my eyes, so maybe that helped
01:14 LeadHead Probably
01:14 Seroster SparkyPojects, I doubt that, the light would have reached your eyes before the sound reached your ears
01:15 Seroster (I think?)
01:15 egrsteve is that brad yelling?
01:15 tggRED_ left #thegeekgroup
01:16 egrsteve tggred inform zomb that IRC requires a brad hunt
01:16 LeadHead There must still be some daylight in michigian damn near 10 PM on the solstice
01:16 LeadHead eh?
01:16 tggRED lol, I will.
01:16 SparkyPojects Biggest current switch we had for 415 3 phase and neutral was 1000 amps, i took my 14 year old daughter with me that weekend, when it was time to close the switch, she was hanging on it and it wouldn't operate :D, takes a bit of force
01:16 tggRED Yes, it was brad, by the way.
01:16 Seroster Damn, SparkyPojects!
01:16 egrsteve BRAD HUNT!
01:17 Seroster I want a nice high amp switch. It doesnt have to switch high amps, I just want a BIG lever of science to pull
01:17 LeadHead Is that what they run in the UK?
01:17 Seroster And hook it to something stupid like a 40w lamp
01:17 LeadHead 415?
01:17 Seroster Phase-phase adds up to 415
01:17 LeadHead Main 3 ph. voltages here are 240/460-480
01:18 Seroster UK got 230 phase-neutral
01:18 tggRED_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:19 SparkyPojects Seroster, on the site we had a main ring with 11KV coming from the grid, from that it went to a main 11KV switch, then out to 5 more switches that controlled 5 transformer subs (11KV to 415v 3ph+N), i was licensed to switch anything from that main switch down (not the ring switch)
01:19 exor674 speaking of high-corrent things. Aren
01:19 Seroster Damn
01:20 SparkyPojects UK is 230 phase-neutral, or 415 phase to phase
01:20 exor674 aren't a lot of high-amp breakers basicly blow once and then they're fucked?
01:20 exor674 er designed to basicly..
01:20 LeadHead I think you're thinking of surge surpressors
01:20 LeadHead MOVs
01:20 Seroster Err, that's called a Fuse, mate =P
01:20 exor674 heh, I thought there were some breakers that get quite fucked up when they pop ( that aren't fuses )
01:20 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
01:21 egrsteve tggred do they know the camera is on?
01:21 SparkyPojects Not really, they aren't designed to be used as an on off switch, but you can break the load quite a few times before they might get damaged
01:21 Seroster Well, a breaker doesnt like to be tripped, but they will work a couple hundred times =P
01:21 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
01:22 Seroster My parents house is wired to be a DEATHTRAP...
01:22 Seroster And there is a GFI that when it trips trips to a locked position
01:22 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
01:22 Seroster Even when all power (the BIG switch) is off
01:22 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
01:22 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
01:23 jeremys2 there are breaker that get damaged on trip, ut not a lot.
01:24 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
01:24 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
01:25 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
01:25 tggRED_ is now known as tggRED
01:25 LeadHead US is 208/240 phase-to-phase, 120 phase-nuetral
01:25 egrsteve your back red
01:25 LeadHead or 460-480 phase-to-phase
01:26 exor674 ofc, I have exposed ( okay, recessed, but exposed ) 120 in my breaker box
01:26 exor674 one slip and my hand could meeth appy happy 120
01:27 LeadHead If your hand slips between both hots
01:27 LeadHead you'll get 240
01:27 w0vha which hurts like a bitch, let me tell you...
01:27 tggRED who's red?
01:27 tggRED oh.
01:27 tggRED yep.
01:27 exor674 I really need to get that damn thing either with some plastic things to cover the things
01:27 exor674 or replaced
01:27 tggRED I was coming down from Master Control and the internet cut out.
01:28 exor674 because really that can NOT be good
01:28 w0vha next time someone is in the cafe, get me the model # on the Harris TV repeater...
01:28 jeremys2 hey red i had a dream the you beat the hell out the harwoods cause they would not let you carry a heavy piece of equipment out of Dante
01:29 SparkyPojects The box should have a cover over it, the internal covers are not really that important for the home user. they shhouldn't be inside the box
01:29 w0vha there better damn well be video of that...
01:29 QuickBen joined #thegeekgroup
01:29 tggRED lol.
01:30 tggRED jeremys2 that's pretty funny...and likely.
01:30 QuickBen left #thegeekgroup
01:32 mtearle .help
01:33 tggRED Help, I need somebody, help..not just - you know I need someone HEELLLLPPP
01:33 tggRED Is no one going to sing along? :(
01:33 mtearle I'm trying to remember the syntax to get BotSteve to tell BatSteve something
01:33 LeadHead SparkyPojects: How is UK household power derived?
01:34 BatSteve mtearle: it's BotSteve: tell BatSteve whatever
01:34 mtearle you're around anyhow :)
01:34 BatSteve BotSteve: tell mtearle like this
01:34 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when mtearle is around.
01:34 jeremys2 .tell botsteve you need to help red
01:34 BotSteve Sorry, .tell is not yet implemented.  Use BotSteve: tell
01:35 mtearle anyhow, BotSteve should look at youtube links posted to the channel and let folk know the title of what they link to
01:35 BotSteve mtearle: At 01:34Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you like this
01:35 jeremys2 botsteve: tell you need to help red
01:35 BotSteve jeremys2: I'll pass that on when you is around.
01:35 mtearle BotSteve, thankyou!
01:35 LeadHead Like the US uses a high-leg delta system. Each home gets a nuetral, and two 120v lines 180* out
01:36 LeadHead Do you guys just have a Y setup and just take a single hot and a nuetral per home?
01:36 * w0vha is going to set up an RF echolink node...
01:36 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
01:36 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
01:36 BatSteve mtearle:
01:36 BatSteve this is already a known issue
01:36 mtearle LeadHead, that's typical for Australia .... also most places are wired for MEN
01:37 LeadHead MEN?
01:37 BatSteve I'm not yet convinced that it's necessary though.
01:37 LeadHead and which one is typical for australia? Y, or high-leg delta?
01:38 mtearle LeadHead, Y setup
01:38 LeadHead and MEN?
01:38 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
01:39 mtearle multiple earthed neutral,   each building main switchboard has a localised earth at the building
01:39 tggRED Men.
01:39 LeadHead Oh, that's how its done here too. Neutral and earth are tied together in the panel, and each house/buliding is either grounded out through the plumbin
01:40 LeadHead or a ground rod
01:40 arruid joined #thegeekgroup
01:40 BatSteve mtearle: aside from preventing rickrolls, what would be the point of posting the title of youtube links?
01:40 CSMonster hey batsteve
01:40 CSMonster and tggred
01:40 BatSteve hi CSMonster
01:40 tggRED Hi honey! <3
01:41 mtearle BatSteve, reading back through scrollback each day ... so I don't have to bother clicking on links to see what they are about
01:41 exor674 hey CSMonster
01:41 CSMonster <3
01:41 CSMonster and <3 hi exor
01:41 BatSteve oh, I see.
01:41 exor674 <3
01:42 BatSteve Entirely too much love in this channel.
01:43 tggRED lol.
01:43 tggRED LOOOVEEE.
01:43 * mtearle thinks of Love Actually
01:43 egrsteve all you need is love?
01:43 tggRED Careful Batsteve, you might catch the looovvvveeeee.
01:43 tggRED do dooo dod od do
01:44 BatSteve O  O  .   .
01:44 jeremys2 red do you believe in love at first site?
01:44 tggRED Yes, I do.
01:44 tggRED I've experienced it before. I didn't before...but I do now.
01:44 masterofmonks Can you feel the love tonight?
01:44 tggRED Why do you ask?
01:44 * masterofmonks breaks out the Elton John.
01:45 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
01:45 cctoide
01:45 jeremys2 idk
01:45 CSMonster heh
01:45 jeremys2 seemed like a good question
01:45 tggRED ....connnfffuuused.
01:45 jeremys2 did you know that tesla invinted love at first site
01:46 CSMonster no, no, the one at the top-left is an M16 :p
01:46 jeremys2 lol sorry sarky
01:46 BatSteve CSMonster: don't be ridiculous, it's a glock
01:46 CSMonster LOL
01:46 cctoide there's an extended version apparently
01:46 cctoide
01:46 CSMonster batsteve you see my blogger?
01:47 BatSteve I did
01:47 BatSteve Read 60% of what you wrote.  Not all of it seemed interesting, but the stuff that did was well written.
01:47 CSMonster and to think it used to be all about the Tec-9.  times have changed
01:47 CSMonster ah
01:47 CSMonster thanks
01:48 BatSteve (60% is a guess - I didn't say "oh my, I've reached my quota!" and stop reading midway through a sentence)
01:48 CSMonster LOL
01:48 CSMonster no i totally assumed that's how you roll.
01:49 egrsteve jeremys2 whan the big tools are in place I think a remote control nerf turret for IRC is in order
01:49 jeremys2 we could do it
01:50 LeadHead who was the one that wanted to put a turret
01:50 LeadHead on omni
01:50 egrsteve the latenecy would by fun, but people standing around in the lobby would be fun
01:50 jeremys2 i can use my mindstorm legos to build the firing and aiming mecanisms
01:50 egrsteve I have no idea, one of the younger IRCers
01:51 * BatSteve starts wondering if a dog could be trained to fire a turret using a bite sensor or some such
01:51 CSMonster there should just be a wireless cam on omni's collar
01:51 cctoide well, you can play an FPS on a server in the US from Europe at 120 ping decently
01:51 LeadHead there was at one point I think
01:51 LeadHead but omni got mad
01:51 egrsteve I wonder if we could build a multi barrel minigun
01:51 LeadHead I believe
01:51 cctoide though I guess even that level of responsiveness is too much to expect
01:51 jeremys2 omg we have to research a wireless cam for omni
01:51 LeadHead cctoide: the problem is the ustream delay is like 5 seconds
01:52 cctoide true
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:52 cctoide maybe IPTV could be used instead, though
01:52 tggRED Omni <3 Love that dog.
01:52 cctoide er
01:52 cctoide ... IP camera, not IPTV
01:52 tesla4d BatSteve, are you one of the various Steves in the videos?
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ I'm totally joining it
01:52 egrsteve we would need a low latency webcam on it that only the current operator can see and mirror it on ustream via the main channel
01:52 LeadHead Possibly
01:52 BatSteve tesla4d: I have been in exactly one video and my face was never shown.
01:52 egrsteve no, that would be me
01:52 LeadHead I think really for FPSshootcam
01:52 LeadHead to work
01:52 speedrunnerG55_ They help me become technician level
01:52 LeadHead you'd have to bypass ustream completely
01:53 tesla4d Oh, dang.
01:53 speedrunnerG55_ And so on
01:53 speedrunnerG55_ I'm so exited
01:53 jeremys2 i don't think i have ever been in a video.
01:53 speedrunnerG55_ And hi everyone
01:53 cctoide I think for remote control projects you could probably come up with better ideas to put all that effort into, though
01:54 egrsteve I seem to show up in captains blogs frequently
01:54 cctoide because even in ideal conditions it doesn't seem like you'd be able to hit anything but a static target
01:54 tggRED it's cuz you have a nice face, ergsteve
01:54 egrsteve thanks
01:54 tggRED brings up the ratings ^_^
01:54 speedrunnerG55_ Hi red
01:54 tggRED Hi dear.
01:54 LeadHead I think a remote control beer-fetching robot
01:54 LeadHead would be ideal
01:54 Cprossu tggRED is liz around?
01:54 cctoide maybe you could do indirect fire, though
01:54 tggRED no.
01:54 egrsteve also tggred, I think your dislecsic
01:54 Cprossu poor liz =(
01:55 cctoide a ping pong ball catapult or something
01:55 tggRED Why am i dislecsic?
01:55 Cprossu so what's up with everyone?
01:55 speedrunnerG55_ Dear?
01:55 LeadHead oh lawd, I lol'd at that spelling of dyslexic
01:55 egrsteve read my name and what you called me
01:55 speedrunnerG55_ I was thinking the animal
01:55 speedrunnerG55_ Nevermind
01:55 Cprossu Slysdexia runs in the faimly
01:55 tggRED oops.
01:55 egrsteve I knew there should be a "Y" I just didn't feel like looking fo rit
01:55 tggRED I think I always type it that way.
01:56 egrsteve i know and it doesn't beep me
01:56 LeadHead So I've acquired a recaro racing seat
01:57 LeadHead but I do not know what to do with it
01:57 CSMonster maybe you should change your nick to accommodate her.
01:57 egrsteve Jeremys2 do you think we could manage a hopper feed mecanism?
01:57 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
01:57 speedrunnerG55_ So this amature radio clubb I'm so exited about
01:57 LeadHead I'm thinking about mounting to the pedastal my computer chair is on
01:57 egrsteve is now known as ergsteve
01:57 BatSteve .w erg
01:57 BotSteve "An erg is the unit of energy and mechanical work in the centimetre-gram-second (CGS) system of units, symbol 'erg'." -
01:57 jeremys2 i am possitive we can
01:57 BatSteve that's what I thought
01:57 mman454 .seen captainboden
01:57 BotSteve mman454: I last saw captainboden 0.90 hours ago at 2011-05-07 01:03:33 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 01:57:30 UTC
01:57 ergsteve nick egrsteve
01:57 ergsteve is now known as egrsteve
01:57 jeremys2 might take a few tries but with the brain ower we have available to us we can for sure
01:57 speedrunnerG55_ I'm going to get the book and study for technitian leve
01:58 egrsteve don't bother
01:58 LeadHead I think you should do engnrsteve
01:58 egrsteve there is plenty of online resorces
01:58 LeadHead or something
01:58 jeremys2 we will want to get Eakin in on it, so it can have an ardrino on it
01:58 egrsteve for blog cred
01:58 LeadHead because everytime I see egrsteve, i see it as E-G-R steve, as in exhaust gas recirculation
01:58 tggRED Gah. now you changed it and i'm going to be more confused.
01:58 speedrunnerG55_ Anny one here a ham radio operator?
01:58 LeadHead +1 xkcd reference
01:58 tggRED Sttevvve.
01:58 tggRED Gah.
01:58 egrsteve yes, kd8llk
01:59 jeremys2 east grand rapids steve right
01:59 LeadHead engineer
01:59 tggRED Derp.
01:59 egrsteve you can't use eng because it looks like english
01:59 speedrunnerG55_ Ok, I'm going to study for technician
01:59 cctoide has GG ever done potato cannons?
01:59 LeadHead Think you've been haning around Eakin too much, Red.
01:59 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
01:59 egrsteve let me find you some links
01:59 tggRED mhmm
02:00 jeremys2 hi liz =)
02:00 CSMonster you mean it's not Edgar-Steve?
02:00 tggRED We just loaded in the potato cannon to the GR lab yesterday.
02:00 tggRED Hey liz.
02:00 speedrunnerG55_ Also I'm joining my towns amature radio club
02:00 tgg_Liz hi jeremy/red
02:00 cctoide ah
02:00 speedrunnerG55_ There are 5 stations
02:00 tgg_Liz is now known as Liz_Home
02:00 cctoide guess they never made a video on it
02:00 speedrunnerG55_ Best in state
02:00 cctoide I like the look of this one
02:00 speedrunnerG55_ Posibally best setup on country
02:01 speedrunnerG55_ Links?
02:01 egrsteve
02:01 jeremys2 egrsteve we could so shoot batman right now if we had the web nerf gun
02:02 tggRED lol
02:02 egrsteve unload about 100 rounds in 10 sec
02:02 tggRED I could walk out there and shoot him for you too.
02:02 egrsteve do it
02:02 speedrunnerG55_ Thank you
02:02 jeremys2 turn in the lights and do it
02:02 tggRED lol.
02:03 egrsteve and
02:03 tggRED lemme go grab my gun
02:03 speedrunnerG55_ Again?
02:03 egrsteve the second link is online practice tests
02:03 * speedrunnerG55_ grabs graphic
02:05 jeremys2 a cop driving by tgg with the lights of and flashlights going has to be confusing
02:05 LeadHead y
02:05 CSMonster okay, i think i'm finally done fucking around with blogger today.
02:05 egrsteve I imagine it is
02:05 speedrunnerG55_ Ohh
02:05 speedrunnerG55_ Someone told me about that Ty
02:06 jeremys2 lol red unloaded on him
02:06 speedrunnerG55_ Lol red
02:06 jeremys2 batman is going for revenge now
02:07 egrsteve good job red, RUN
02:07 tggRED lol
02:07 CSMonster ...i'm getting the feeling i just missed something awesome on the stream.
02:07 jeremys2 oh cool superman is there
02:07 egrsteve red unloaded a nerf gun on batman
02:07 jeremys2 on our command
02:07 * CSMonster turns on streamtube
02:08 * CSMonster is *quite* confused
02:08 egrsteve it's zomb
02:08 CSMonster oooooooh.
02:08 CSMonster ok
02:09 egrsteve and omni
02:10 egrsteve we need a building wide PA so Gen BA can change rules in the middle of the game
02:11 jeremys2 we need ustream control of lights and doorways
02:11 egrsteve that would be fun
02:11 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
02:11 egrsteve BOcsy needs a backdoor for that kind of fun
02:12 tggRED Thats not omni, that's bella.
02:12 egrsteve can't say I have mey bella yet
02:12 tggRED probably not.
02:13 tggRED Come over and hang out at zomb and you can meet her.
02:13 tggRED I'm sure you're done with your prior engagement.
02:13 jeremys2 did you have a hot date steve?
02:13 egrsteve I am, but I have to get up early and I want to catch up on sleep too
02:13 tggRED Rawr.
02:14 egrsteve I wish, dinner with step grandparents
02:14 CSMonster you're making red angry.  you shouldn't have done that.
02:14 cctoide heh, copper brick
02:14 tggRED lol.
02:14 * egrsteve hids on corner
02:14 jeremys2 hey they have pizza
02:14 tggRED You never need to hide from me, Steve.
02:14 jeremys2 who delivers pizza this late?
02:14 CSMonster /!\ Steve has startled the Red
02:14 tggRED Dude, if you ever want a hot date, gimme a call. You're fun.
02:15 tggRED lol, Loves you CSMonster.
02:15 CSMonster lol
02:15 CSMonster :D
02:15 LeadHead That's a lot of copper
02:15 tggRED egrsteve - I think I may have frightened you with my proposition, If I did..I apologize.
02:16 CSMonster LOL
02:16 CSMonster /!\ Red has startled the Steve
02:16 jeremys2 i think red just said she wants your bod steve
02:16 egrsteve no, thats fine, I'm just distracted by huge piece of copper
02:16 tggRED Woah, sexy.
02:16 tggRED There are some things you shouldn't admit on the internet though, lolz.
02:16 CSMonster .yt breakfast machine witch
02:16 BotSteve CSMonster:
02:18 * egrsteve closes Ustream
02:19 tggRED ohh no
02:19 * egrsteve loads hulu
02:19 tggRED ^_^
02:19 tggRED *Angry Red goes to pillage.
02:19 CSMonster lol
02:20 CSMonster have fun, red.
02:20 tggRED hehe.
02:20 tggRED I'm sitting in the office with BA eating noms. om nom nom
02:20 cctoide
02:20 cctoide dodgy site, but they seem to sell something of a similar size
02:21 Seroster Aaaah. There we go.
02:21 cctoide $30
02:21 Seroster A couple of boards going from the bookshelf to the loft bet
02:21 Seroster d*
02:21 Seroster And I think I'll call it a... Catwalk!
02:22 cctoide wonder why sites selling metals always look so shitty
02:23 egrsteve tggred, I should be there in the afternoon
02:23 RageRiot|a left #thegeekgroup
02:23 tggRED Where?
02:23 egrsteve the lab
02:23 tggRED yay
02:24 tggRED Bats and I waved when we drove past your work in the big box truck today, by the way....but idk if you could see.
02:24 egrsteve my work?
02:24 tggRED Idk, Bats said it was your work.
02:25 egrsteve which one?
02:25 tggRED Broadcasting?
02:25 tggRED by the river.
02:25 egrsteve grandvalley?
02:25 tggRED mhmm
02:25 egrsteve ah school, ya, wasn't working there today
02:25 egrsteve I was working my other job
02:26 tggRED Darn, who'd we wave at then? lolz.
02:26 egrsteve but yes, I do work at GV some days
02:26 egrsteve I have no idea
02:26 tggRED Dun, Dun duuun.
02:27 egrsteve you wouldn't have seen me anyway, the building has almost all frosted glass
02:27 tggRED we still waved.
02:27 egrsteve thanks for the though
02:28 egrsteve t
02:28 speedrunnerG55_ I'm back
02:28 speedrunnerG55_ I'll look at those links when I get home. There open on my browser
02:29 speedrunnerG55_ Studdying the phonetic alphabet wile riding home lol
02:30 tggRED Allright, gonna go play some rounds of zomb.
02:30 tggRED Steve, I'll see you tomorrow...everyone else - Goodnight!
02:30 speedrunnerG55_ Bye red
02:30 speedrunnerG55_ Night
02:30 egrsteve night red
02:30 egrsteve have fun zombing
02:31 tggRED oh, i will
02:31 CSMonster later red my love
02:31 tggRED it's time to kiick some ass. ;)
02:31 tggRED Goodnight CSMonster dear ^_^
02:31 tggRED tggRED_zombing
02:31 tggRED is now known as tggRED_zombing
02:32 * speedrunnerG55_ didn't know red was a zomb
02:33 speedrunnerG55_ Anyho
02:33 speedrunnerG55_ I can take the test at the place
02:35 speedrunnerG55_ Eh?
02:37 egrsteve probably, they most likly offer the test monthly
02:37 Technowizard joined #thegeekgroup
02:37 speedrunnerG55_ Yes . 15$
02:37 Technowizard good evening internets
02:37 egrsteve standard arrl fee
02:38 speedrunnerG55_ Arri? Amature radio ...?
02:38 Technowizard i have a question on an old Kyosan power supply, ok if i list details here?
02:38 egrsteve american radio relay leauge
02:38 speedrunnerG55_ Oh
02:39 speedrunnerG55_ -_-
02:39 BatSteve Technowizard: you're welcome to try, no guarantees anyone will be able to help
02:39 Technowizard the power supply is model number KRII055M and is old enough that the label says made in taiwan, republic of China
02:40 w0vha yay, echolink node 591974 is up and running!
02:40 Technowizard It takes 120 AC in and gives 5VDC out at 11 amps, its the ground and an INH port i am not sure about
02:41 mman454 Just a note, you will most likley get more help in the forums.
02:41 speedrunnerG55_ I herd echolink in my town was down
02:41 Technowizard there are two grounds connected together, CG and FG,   INH is next to it
02:42 speedrunnerG55_ :(
02:43 Technowizard i can't sign up for the forums.  javascript error
02:43 speedrunnerG55_ :(^
02:43 mman454 Oh. Contact and let them know.
02:43 Technowizard  : then i fill in the required fields and .. ok
02:44 speedrunnerG55_ Work around FTW
02:44 Technowizard its been down for at least a couple days. you would think someone else would have said something about it being down :/  i will email though thanks
02:44 speedrunnerG55_ what being down
02:45 mman454 They wouldn't know if everyone assumed someone let them know. ;)
02:45 mman454 membership registration
02:45 Technowizard the ability to create an account an is down
02:45 speedrunnerG55_ Oh. Ok
02:46 Technowizard anyone else watching the Ustream? looks like zomb time
02:46 speedrunnerG55_ I'm not
02:46 mman454 yup
02:46 mman454 They need some IR flood lights. ;)
02:51 LeadHead Stumbleupon has got me figured out pretty well
02:51 LeadHead It just brought me to summitracing
02:51 Technowizard or Radium paint on the weapons :P
02:53 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
02:53 egrsteve I don't think parents would apreciate there kids to come home glowing
02:54 LeadHead Flourescent paint + blacklights
02:54 LeadHead is much cooler looking
02:56 Technowizard true.  radium paint reference was kind of me being silly as no one in their right mind since the 1920s would use that stuff on something you touch with your hands
02:57 LeadHead ever heard of the radium girls?
02:57 Technowizard yes exactly what i was thinking of
02:57 jeremys2 k time for me to go too bed.  gotta work in the morning
02:57 Technowizard their story most recently recaptured on the 1000 ways to die show
02:58 LeadHead really?
02:58 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
02:58 Technowizard yes indeedy
03:02 Technowizard i watch the geek group and physicsduck youtube vids all the time
03:02 Technowizard even made a science education video myself   how to make a leyden jar (with clips of it in use)
03:03 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
03:04 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
03:04 critterpal Uga Buga
03:04 LeadHead O
03:04 LeadHead I'm not courage
03:05 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
03:05 critterpal Que? Q
03:05 CSMonster LOL
03:05 CSMonster <3 courage
03:05 LeadHead I assumed that was a reference to Courage the Cowardly Dog
03:05 speedrunnerG55_ Hi
03:05 Technowizard anyone know if they found the rotary spark gap for Gemini yet?
03:06 speedrunnerG55_ Idk. No
03:06 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
03:06 speedrunnerG55_ I don't
03:07 critterpal praple n snicks
03:07 Technowizard if you end up needing a new rotary spark gap, there are many tesla coil experts on the TCML mailing list and someone may very well have an extra one they can donate maybe
03:07 LeadHead classy
03:07 exor674 okay I amgoing to go curl up in bed andsleeeep <3  Early for me but Iam tired mrr ( I better notbe getting sick )
03:07 * exor674 hugs CSMonster and wannabe1987 ( for when she's back around )
03:08 Technowizard or parts for one like some tungsten rod
03:08 CSMonster okie
03:08 CSMonster sleep well exor.
03:08 speedrunnerG55_ Night exor674
03:09 Technowizard Is anyone in the lounge there on the youstream camera observing this chat now?
03:11 speedrunnerG55_ Annyone?
03:11 Technowizard ... Beuler?
03:12 speedrunnerG55_ ...annyone?
03:12 BatSteve Technowizard: unlikely
03:12 speedrunnerG55_ Oh!
03:12 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
03:12 speedrunnerG55_ Hi BatSteve
03:12 BatSteve hi speed
03:12 Druidic_Rifleman No one says hi to me
03:12 Druidic_Rifleman :(
03:13 speedrunnerG55_ Hi dr_j
03:13 speedrunnerG55_ Hi Druidic_Rifleman
03:13 Druidic_Rifleman hey
03:14 cctoide what possesses people to use Os as zeros :|
03:14 speedrunnerG55_ egrsteve: The transmitter that have 100w
03:14 BatSteve I don't know, but if you use a proper font, it doesn't matter
03:14 Technowizard well the difference between 0 and O is like the difference between I and l
03:14 egrsteve what about 100w
03:14 Technowizard or 1 and I
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ 40m 10m 6m 2m
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ Ham
03:15 Technowizard Bacon?
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ Radio
03:15 Thermoelectric Press button, recieve bacon
03:15 speedrunnerG55_ At the club
03:16 Technowizard I want to see someone use a plastic piggy bank as a case for a ham radio :P
03:16 Technowizard to house the circuits
03:16 speedrunnerG55_
03:16 speedrunnerG55_ Tune the utters
03:16 speedrunnerG55_ Why not
03:16 BatSteve aight, enough of this.  goodnight all
03:16 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
03:16 Technowizard snout as the volume knob
03:17 Thermoelectric Night Steve
03:17 speedrunnerG55_ Antenna tail
03:17 Technowizard yeehaw
03:17 speedrunnerG55_ Night steer
03:17 speedrunnerG55_ Steve
03:18 egrsteve not bad, at school we have a "all band all mode" that will output 100w nice little unit, so to have those bands at 100W is not suprising for a club that size, but it's only a single dual radio (HF/VHF&UHF) so only one person can operate it, I assume that have seperate radios there
03:19 Technowizard there was this band, men without hats, and they made this fun song
03:20 egrsteve yes, safety dance, we all know that
03:20 egrsteve speaking of safety dance, Ponko hasn't been on
03:21 CSMonster Ponko the Brit?
03:21 egrsteve yes
03:21 CSMonster i imagine him speaking in a cockney dialect for my own amusement
03:22 LeadHead You should see what dialect I picture seroster speaking in...
03:22 egrsteve I'm not sure what to think
03:22 CSMonster LOL
03:23 CSMonster i don't think it matters much with seroster since he usually just talks out of his ass.
03:23 LeadHead Why is it that the simplest of flash games
03:23 LeadHead are the most irritating
03:23 egrsteve why was asteroids so challenging?
03:24 LeadHead Because I can't use a mouse to drag the ship out of the way
03:24 Druidic_Rifleman Why can some people not wrap they're Head around Right to representation by parllement and the right to property the enjoyment there of not to be deprived with out due proccess?
03:25 LeadHead Druidic, have you been drinking again?
03:25 Druidic_Rifleman Sadly no
03:25 LeadHead I think you should start
03:25 LeadHead Odly enough, I can understand you way better when you do
03:25 egrsteve is red beating up batman?
03:25 LeadHead Not to be offensive or anything
03:25 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
03:25 kristopher ola
03:25 egrsteve wait, she stopped
03:26 Technowizard you know how to make a good cheap (almost free) prop ray gun
03:26 LeadHead no how
03:27 Technowizard take the handle off a squirt bottle like what glass cleaner comes in, cut if off at an angle and then put it upside down
03:27 Technowizard that becomes the pistol grip
03:27 Druidic_Rifleman oooh i missed red physically assualting someone :(
03:27 Technowizard the a plastic 16 oz soda bottle with a slot in the side becomes the rest of it. just spray paint and stuff to fancy it up
03:29 Technowizard its explained here
03:29 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
03:29 LeadHead That was quick
03:29 egrsteve I'm not complaining
03:31 speedrunnerG55_ We also have a repeated
03:31 speedrunnerG55_ Repeater
03:31 Technowizard ever bounce a radio signal off the moon?
03:31 speedrunnerG55_ I was about to say that
03:32 speedrunnerG55_ I herd people do that
03:32 Technowizard likewise i only heard of it being done
03:32 speedrunnerG55_ And taking "the long way"
03:32 egrsteve I have not done it
03:32 egrsteve long path happens
03:33 speedrunnerG55_ The other way around the world
03:33 egrsteve JT65 makes moon bounce easier
03:33 egrsteve as less power is needed but both stations must be running the jt65 software
03:34 Technowizard can you get ham license without having to know morse code?
03:34 tggRED_zombing left #thegeekgroup
03:34 egrsteve all levels are no code scense '07
03:34 LeadHead yes
03:34 speedrunnerG55_ Yes
03:34 Technowizard oh ok
03:35 egrsteve to get your tech you just have to taje a 35 question multi guess test
03:35 Technowizard i used to work for radio shack just before they stopped selling ham license test prep books
03:35 Technowizard they wanted us to focus on selling cell phones. analog ones
03:36 egrsteve must have been a few years ago, I haven't seen real radio stuff or electronics there in years
03:36 Technowizard can you get your ham call sign on your geek group member card? if you have one?
03:36 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
03:36 egrsteve I hear the harwoods
03:37 egrsteve idk, it might be nice for station access some day, we will have to convinse them I suppose
03:37 egrsteve mine does not have my call on it if thats what your asking
03:38 Technowizard one time a customer came in the store, she was fighting off some kind of physical pain from the looks of it while i found an AC/DC adapter for the black cloth covered box
03:38 speedrunnerG55_ I'd totally get one if I could
03:38 Technowizard after i found it and she turned it on, turns out it was a BREAST PUMP and this look of ecstatic joy and thanks came over her
03:39 egrsteve ok, thats funny
03:39 Technowizard true story
03:39 egrsteve now you would have to order one online, it could take a couple days
03:39 Technowizard i went to the back room and washed my hands repeatedly after that...
03:40 egrsteve are we watching a dark lobby?
03:40 jeremys2 left #thegeekgroup
03:40 Technowizard that we are steve
03:41 egrsteve exciting
03:41 speedrunnerG55_ Oh lol
03:41 Technowizard hey look! its dark matter!  lolz
03:42 egrsteve I wonder what the odds of a collision in a farnsworth fuser creating dark matter is?
03:42 speedrunnerG55_ :|
03:42 speedrunnerG55_ Farnswortj?
03:42 speedrunnerG55_ Star in a jar?
03:42 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
03:43 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
03:43 egrsteve ya, did I spell it wrong?
03:43 speedrunnerG55_ No i did
03:43 speedrunnerG55_ I ditnt recognise it
03:43 egrsteve ok, I though i had it right
03:43 egrsteve ah, ok, same guy invented the TV
03:44 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
03:44 speedrunnerG55_ Wasnt he a farmer?
03:44 speedrunnerG55_ Or is that someone els
03:44 Druidic_Rifleman anyone updated to fire fox4
03:44 LeadHead Yeah
03:45 LeadHead Sucks
03:45 speedrunnerG55_ Me
03:45 LeadHead Memory hog
03:45 Druidic_Rifleman is zomb over?
03:45 speedrunnerG55_ ^tru
03:45 speedrunnerG55_ Aboyt fox 4
03:47 Technowizard what is a simple way to explain the concept of what a patrial differential equation is?
03:48 egrsteve don't
03:48 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
03:48 egrsteve I con't think of an easy way to eaplain that
03:49 egrsteve thats 2-3rd year calc, there is no simple there
03:50 egrsteve your best option would be create a simple example
03:50 egrsteve and try to explain it through that
03:51 Technowizard does all math break down eventually into addition and subtraction? just different ways of stating it at higher levels of complexity
03:51 Druidic_Rifleman is zomb over allready?
03:52 egrsteve ya, it's almost midniht
03:53 egrsteve for linear operations maybe, but non-linear DEq i doubt it
03:54 egrsteve although, many microprocessors only suppose add, subtract, boolian and bitwise operators
03:54 egrsteve w. risc
03:54 egrsteve .w risc
03:54 BotSteve "Reduced instruction set computer, CPU design philosophy with relatively few and simple instructions" -
03:55 egrsteve so maybe it could be reduced to sucsessive operations and recursion
03:55 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
03:55 egrsteve and I know there are some complex libraries avaliable to run on risc systems
03:56 egrsteve ARM is a risc system, it runs most smartphones
03:56 arruid left #thegeekgroup
03:57 speedrunnerG55_ Asembely?
03:59 egrsteve yes, at an assembly/ system core level
03:59 speedrunnerG55_ Cool. Idk much other than adders
03:59 speedrunnerG55_ And gates
03:59 egrsteve all compiled code is reduced to opticode, which can be reprresented directly with assembly
03:59 speedrunnerG55_ (all the gates)
03:59 egrsteve FPGAs?
04:00 speedrunnerG55_ ?
04:00 egrsteve .w fpga
04:00 BotSteve "A Field-programmable Gate Array (FPGA) is an integrated circuit designed to be configured by the customer or designer after manufacturing—hence 'field-programmable'." -
04:00 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
04:00 speedrunnerG55_ Oh
04:00 LeadHead FPGAs are neat
04:00 speedrunnerG55_ Sounds like memory
04:01 egrsteve but a PIA to debug
04:01 speedrunnerG55_ Burned chips?
04:01 speedrunnerG55_ Pia?
04:01 egrsteve no it's logic gates that can be implimented in hardware programed via software
04:01 egrsteve pain in the ass
04:01 MoxieMike left #thegeekgroup
04:01 LeadHead Alls I know is that this USB to Ford EEC-IV Memory bus tuner my friend bought
04:01 LeadHead uses an FPGA
04:01 LeadHead and its awesome
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ Ughh
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ I'm lost
04:02 egrsteve xilincs ?sp IDE isn't very stable either
04:02 LeadHead Doesn't matter to me, someone else did the dev work ;)
04:02 speedrunnerG55_ ...
04:02 egrsteve think of it as all the logic gates you could want in a single IC that you can tell it how to hook them up
04:03 speedrunnerG55_ Oh ok
04:03 speedrunnerG55_ Cool
04:03 LeadHead You can basically make it emulate any kind of chip you want
04:03 speedrunnerG55_ Burning fuses?
04:03 LeadHead but using physical hardware instead of software
04:03 egrsteve FPGAs can handle huge amounts of information quickly
04:04 LeadHead not burning fuses
04:04 LeadHead you can reprogram them
04:04 speedrunnerG55_ Oh
04:04 LeadHead update the firmware
04:04 egrsteve in a sense it's programable hardware
04:04 LeadHead If you really wanted to, you could even create a basic processor
04:04 LeadHead within an FPGA
04:04 speedrunnerG55_ Ohh. Like...EPROM. But not memory
04:04 egrsteve sort of, but not really
04:04 LeadHead Well the FPGA access firmware stored on some kind of memory device
04:05 LeadHead that tells it what to do
04:05 LeadHead basically
04:05 LeadHead *accesses
04:05 egrsteve FPGAs tend to be volital so they must be configured on powerup
04:05 egrsteve so it loads firware from some memory source
04:05 LeadHead Yarh
04:05 speedrunnerG55_ Huh
04:06 LeadHead speedrunnerG55 pretend an FPGA is a person with short term memory issues
04:06 LeadHead you have to tell them what to do everytime you power them back up
04:06 LeadHead So the configuration of all the gates, has to be stored on some kind of memory device
04:06 LeadHead perhaps an EEPROM
04:07 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
04:07 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
04:07 speedrunnerG55_ What's the other e
04:07 egrsteve electronicly ereasable
04:07 LeadHead Electronically Eraseable Program
04:07 LeadHead yeah
04:07 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
04:08 egrsteve EPROMs requred UV light to erease them
04:08 speedrunnerG55_ Ye
04:08 LeadHead FPGAs are basically chips that you can "program" to do about anything you want
04:08 speedrunnerG55_ Quarts infused window
04:08 LeadHead you can program them to emulate other chips
04:08 LeadHead etc..
04:09 speedrunnerG55_ Lol program as in configuring hardware
04:09 Technowizard i heard you can make a computer form whats in the bottom of a Doritos bag
04:09 Technowizard you know .. its full of micro chips ...
04:09 egrsteve wow, just wow
04:10 LeadHead;feature=related
04:10 LeadHead for example
04:10 speedrunnerG55_ ...I want to jump of a bridle now.
04:10 Technowizard (rimshot)
04:10 speedrunnerG55_ Lol jk
04:10 LeadHead this guy programed that FPGA to be a graphics processor
04:11 speedrunnerG55_ Ohh cool
04:11 speedrunnerG55_ Fpga stands for
04:11 LeadHead field programable gate array
04:11 egrsteve they are generally programed to do a specific task
04:12 LeadHead this FPGA has been programmed to be a synthesizer
04:12 LeadHead But the cool thing is, you could take that exact same FPGA and reprogram it to be a graphics processor if you wanted
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04:13 speedrunnerG55_ Make it an iPhone
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ XD lol jk
04:13 egrsteve that synth is impressive
04:13 Technowizard can you make it into an audruino?
04:13 egrsteve you mean a atmel328?
04:13 speedrunnerG55_ Huh
04:13 LeadHead It might in theory be possible to emulate the AT328 chip
04:14 LeadHead but why bother
04:14 LeadHead FPGAs are expensive
04:14 LeadHead atmet328s are cheap
04:14 LeadHead :-P
04:15 egrsteve the atmel328 is the processor used on the arduino
04:15 LeadHead yurp
04:15 egrsteve atmel324s are expensive compared to arms even
04:16 egrsteve well, my laptop power cord just broke, again
04:16 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:16 LeadHead You can get an atmega328 for about $3
04:16 Obtuse_ Hello
04:16 Obtuse_ and then you can spend a while making sure it gets configured properly
04:16 LeadHead Your're looking at like $200 for basic FPGA kits
04:16 Obtuse_ I vote for buyin an arduino
04:17 speedrunnerG55_ Nuu. What happened
04:17 Obtuse_ i'm probably missing on some of the conversation
04:17 Obtuse_ what are you guys doing with the FPGA kits?
04:18 egrsteve just talking about what an FPGA is
04:18 Obtuse_ ah cool
04:18 Obtuse_ powerful little buggers is what they are
04:18 egrsteve trying to explain programable hardware in  a not so confuding way
04:18 speedrunnerG55_ Why aren't you _/
04:18 egrsteve *confusing
04:19 Obtuse_ different computer
04:19 Druidic_Rifleman whats this Aduino being used for
04:19 speedrunnerG55_ If you are that I'll be _\
04:19 LeadHead Heh
04:19 egrsteve it's an arbitary arduino, it doesn't exist
04:19 LeadHead This guy programmed an FPGA to be an OpenSparc T1 CPU
04:19 Obtuse_ i have 3 of them right in front of me
04:20 egrsteve Xilincs?
04:20 Obtuse_ Arduinos
04:20 egrsteve ?sp
04:20 Obtuse_ i have 1 Xilinx
04:20 egrsteve oh ya those are easy to come by
04:20 Obtuse_ dev board
04:20 egrsteve nexus?
04:20 Obtuse_ yes sir
04:21 egrsteve I have only used the basis
04:21 Obtuse_ nexys just has more bells and whistles
04:21 LeadHead Interseting
04:22 egrsteve I about ready to point a heat gun at this power connector and hope for the best
04:22 LeadHead Aparently the ARM architecture can be implemented on FPGAs
04:22 LeadHead So I suppose if you had an FPGA with enough balls, you could effectively make iPhone hardware with one
04:22 speedrunnerG55_ Arm. Power management?
04:22 Obtuse_ true LeadHead, you can pretty much create any cpu architecture on an FPGA.
04:23 Obtuse_ If you had enough design information to copy the iphone hardware
04:23 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
04:23 LeadHead Yarh
04:23 Obtuse_ people remake Video Game Consoles on FPGA devices
04:23 egrsteve;name=EP4SE820F43I3-ND
04:23 Obtuse_ like an NES or Sega
04:23 Cprossu I wonder if the guy who did the Cray-1 on a fpga ever completed it
04:24 Cprossu I haven't checked in months
04:24 LeadHead $16,000
04:24 egrsteve ya, crazy
04:24 Obtuse_ um wtf
04:24 Druidic_Rifleman CSMonster this a decen't upper?
04:25 LeadHead That better be a mistake, or that thing should be able to cook me dinner
04:25 egrsteve biggest FPGA digikey sells
04:25 LeadHead and do the laundry
04:25 egrsteve 1760 pin package
04:25 LeadHead Imagine going back into the 70s
04:25 egrsteve with  1120 IO lines
04:25 Obtuse_ BGA i'm guessing?
04:26 LeadHead Showing your little FPGA dev board to Seymour Cray
04:26 egrsteve ya, I would hope so
04:26 Cprossu lol no way
04:26 LeadHead and telling him you just implemented his entire supercomputer on one chip
04:26 Cprossu What I would do
04:26 Cprossu instead
04:26 Cprossu is hand cray the Cray-3 cpu with all the plans
04:26 Cprossu that would really have fucked things up
04:26 Obtuse_ the supply voltage is less than a volt!!!!
04:26 Cprossu back when he was still working at CDC
04:27 egrsteve and only .06 volt range
04:27 Obtuse_ BGA's however, have made electronics less fun
04:27 Cprossu the thing you need to know about seymour cray is he believed in certain things, that quite frankly are done wrong on a fpga
04:27 egrsteve that they have
04:27 Cprossu this is someone who did 80mhz..................with wire to wire
04:27 egrsteve but a 1700 pin DIP is a bit unreasonable
04:28 Obtuse_ yep. totally agree
04:28 LeadHead 1700 pin DIP
04:28 Cprossu I wonder what he'd have done with a graphene transistor though
04:28 LeadHead that would be interesting
04:28 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
04:28 egrsteve hi red_home
04:28 Obtuse_ hello Red
04:28 CSMonster hey there's a RED_home
04:29 CSMonster and Druidic_Rifleman yes that's one of the best uppers you can possibly get.
04:29 Cprossu we are debating, if we had one single trip in a time machine with one object (or set of objects) to bring to an early computer engineer what would it be?
04:29 Cprossu I think
04:29 * Druidic_Rifleman hugs red
04:29 Cprossu Actually I have to say
04:29 Druidic_Rifleman I kinda am a fan of thicker barrels
04:29 Cprossu I'd visit von neumann
04:29 LeadHead Wire to wire running at 80Mhz?
04:29 egrsteve tesla, tardis
04:29 LeadHead Nuts
04:29 Cprossu yeah
04:30 Cprossu now... what could I give von neumann that would have fucked shit up?
04:30 Obtuse_ Steve, I need a camera with a loooooong exposure time. To do this ...
04:30 Obtuse_ got any suggestions for a budget camera?
04:30 LeadHead SLR?
04:30 LeadHead SLR Like
04:30 LeadHead Point and Shoot
04:30 Cprossu film? digtial?
04:30 speedrunnerG55_ Hi
04:30 egrsteve easy way use film and a lock cable
04:30 LeadHead What color plastic?
04:30 Obtuse_ I have a Fuji Film S1 Pro digital camera
04:30 egrsteve digital gets noisy on long exposures
04:31 LeadHead Depends on what kind of Camera
04:31 Cprossu I don't know, I've been happy with my Nikon D40
04:31 Cprossu on it's long exposures
04:31 LeadHead modern digital cameras can easily keep noie down with multi-minute exposures
04:31 egrsteve true, they are getting better
04:31 Obtuse_ i have the camera but have no idea how to lengthen the exposure time
04:31 LeadHead I think the latest Canon EOS can do upto ISO 100,000
04:32 Cprossu that's not the right way
04:32 egrsteve I figure an 8x10 view camera should provide suatable resolution
04:32 LeadHead Well its hella noisy at ISO100,000
04:32 Cprossu and stupid
04:32 egrsteve when scanned at 1000+ dpi
04:32 Cprossu 2000 stops a bullet
04:32 Cprossu what more could you want?
04:32 Obtuse_ maybe i should steal one from my dad next time i'm home
04:33 LeadHead wow
04:33 RED_home Hi guys!
04:33 LeadHead
04:33 * speedrunnerG55_ goes to read Tech study guide
04:33 LeadHead That's a shot taken with a Nikon D3S @ ISO 102,400
04:33 RED_home Sorry for the delay, I'm makin' noms.
04:33 LeadHead My old Canon PowerShot S3 has more noise at ISO800
04:33 Cprossu grainy lol
04:34 RED_home Camera talk? *happy sigh and huuuge smile*
04:34 CSMonster uuuuuuuuugh
04:34 CSMonster i'm fighting with noms.
04:34 CSMonster nombat.
04:34 RED_home DUN DUN DUUUN
04:34 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
04:34 RED_home I'm makin homemade mac n cheese
04:34 CSMonster my burritos are falling apart
04:34 Obtuse_ yes cameras. long exposure needed!
04:34 * CSMonster goes to get a fork
04:34 RED_home Oh no.
04:34 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:35 egrsteve mortal nombat?
04:35 RED_home I lovvve cameras, and photography. It's an obsession.
04:35 Cprossu I hear that
04:35 RED_home Hi egrsteve
04:35 RED_home and let's have a nom war, CSMonster.
04:35 Cprossu although I tell you I am happy to be out of the darkroom
04:35 RED_home It would be epic.
04:35 Cprossu although I will always miss HC110 =(
04:35 egrsteve sorry, I just knocked myself off, again
04:35 RED_home I wish I still had access to one, I used to spend every day in the dark room at my high school. 3 years of it everyday. :\
04:35 RED_home I miss it.
04:35 Cprossu red, did you have a favorite developer?
04:36 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
04:36 Obtuse_ will geek group have a dark room?
04:36 Cprossu yes I think it will
04:36 egrsteve no, they don't want the chemsicals from my understanding
04:36 CSMonster Druidic_Rifleman: then you should get one of those Model 737 kits i showed you.  that's a colt military HBAR
04:36 Cprossu eventually
04:36 egrsteve but I would like them to
04:36 Cprossu it will, just as long as they can make....uh... it safe-ish
04:36 RED_home No.
04:37 Cprossu =(
04:37 RED_home egrsteve explained why.
04:37 RED_home it makes my heart sad.
04:37 Cprossu so what was the C41 idea in the forum?
04:37 egrsteve I have a bulk loader of tmax-400 that needs to be exposed
04:37 Cprossu good film too
04:37 RED_home We might have a little one that's portable, but it would just be out of the handicap bathroom since i'ts basically lightproof..but that's a long way down the road.
04:37 egrsteve and a half a gallon of couple year old D76
04:37 Cprossu I used to shoot a shit ton of tmax 100
04:37 RED_home Jealous, egrsteve jealous.
04:38 Druidic_Rifleman I'm supprised you haven Succesfully begged Chris to allow you to build one in the lab with you and moose both being shutter addicts i figured that would be allready Planned and Approved
04:38 Cprossu I never saw the apeal of c76
04:38 RED_home It's not Chris, it's the city.
04:38 Cprossu awwwwwwwwwwwwww
04:38 Cprossu =(
04:38 RED_home They dont' want us to have that many chemicals or something like that.
04:38 LeadHead Modern digital cameras can make acceptable shots with ISOs as high as 12,000
04:38 LeadHead its crazy
04:38 Druidic_Rifleman yet you can have the chemistry lav
04:38 Druidic_Rifleman lab
04:39 Cprossu there are more deadly things in the janitorial closet than most photo chems
04:39 Cprossu I hate beurocracy
04:39 egrsteve red_home I have a preloaded 36 exp of tmax you can use, if you return the reusable canister to me
04:39 Druidic_Rifleman Agrees with Cprossu
04:39 RED_home egrsteve (Red melts into a puddle of photographic jello)
04:40 * Druidic_Rifleman puts read into a bucket
04:40 RED_home I know, right Cprossu ?
04:40 egrsteve I will take that as a yes?
04:40 Cprossu yeah
04:40 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
04:40 LeadHead Heh, my moms got an old Canon film SLR
04:40 Cprossu I've got a Nikon F, and 2 Nikon FM's
04:40 Obtuse_ cool
04:40 CSMonster Burritos: 0  -  Katemonster: 2
04:40 Druidic_Rifleman I know how to make a  crude Mustard gass from that stuff
04:40 Cprossu as well as an EF and a FE that don't ever see use
04:40 Cprossu and possibly an EM
04:41 LeadHead to give you an idea how little it's been used
04:41 Druidic_Rifleman wanna know a way to make your science teacher never trust you
04:41 egrsteve Minolta srT101
04:41 LeadHead It still has Eveready Energizer alkalines that still work
04:41 LeadHead and they date from 1988
04:41 Cprossu Druidic_Rifleman: put a strip of magnesium inside a pumpkin and say "watch this!" as you light it
04:41 egrsteve and minolta maxxum 7000
04:41 RED_home I collect old cameras..Love the,.
04:42 Druidic_Rifleman nnnnnooooooooooooooooooo ask if you can make C4H10FO2P
04:42 RED_home You should see my collection ^_^
04:42 RED_home It's getting quite large.
04:42 Obtuse_ I also need to build some sort of linear movement device.
04:42 Obtuse_ stepper motor+ threaded rod
04:42 Cprossu Druidic_Rifleman: Johny was a chemists son, but Johny is no more, for what he thought was H2O was H2SO4 xD
04:43 Druidic_Rifleman the first aid instructions for that shit State if proper treatment can not be administered euthanise to spare the patient form suffering
04:43 egrsteve red_home my mistake it's tmax 100
04:43 Cprossu egrsteve: my favorite
04:43 egrsteve even better
04:43 Cprossu that shit kicks ass
04:44 RED_home The world's finest-grained 100-speed black-and-white film *melts*
04:44 Cprossu I used to push process that stuff too
04:44 Cprossu gives it such a weird look
04:44 LeadHead The batteries actually have a thing on them saying if they leak and damage your device you can return them to the Uniion Carbide Coporation. Union Carbide Sold of their battery division in 1986
04:44 Cprossu you know what I miss though?
04:44 egrsteve has a process by date of 07, but it should be fine, it's been stored in the cool basement
04:44 Cprossu for a very very short period of time
04:44 LeadHead So I have 25 year old alkaline batteries that somehow still work.
04:44 Cprossu Fuji made a black and white film
04:44 Cprossu called neopan
04:45 Cprossu *I think*
04:45 Druidic_Rifleman Suddenly could see red trading Sexual favors for camera related equiptment and makes a note to one day introduce her to ian
04:45 egrsteve I wish I could have shot kodacrome, once
04:45 Cprossu amd we used to buy shit tons of it
04:45 Cprossu I got the chance to and it kicks tail
04:45 RED_home Old film always has fun effects.
04:45 Cprossu silver based color
04:45 RED_home Druidic_Rifleman don't put it past me.
04:45 Cprossu my dad shot agfacolor once
04:45 Cprossu and actually developed it
04:46 * speedrunnerG55_ is tired
04:46 Cprossu oh this will make you crap cookies
04:46 RED_home oh god, kodochrome? egrsteve let's go hunt some down
04:46 Cprossu we have a 1920's leitz enlarger
04:46 LeadHead Reminds of this time I was at this place that basically bought out closing down stores' inventory
04:46 * speedrunnerG55_ sleepzzzzzzzzzz
04:46 LeadHead I found some old ancient movie camera case
04:46 Cprossu
04:46 egrsteve moose had shot some a few months ago and self developed it to B&W if I remember right
04:46 Cprossu ^ pretty much looks like that
04:47 LeadHead opened it up, there were a bunch of rolls of Kodachrome
04:47 Cprossu I love that enlarger
04:47 LeadHead experining in 1956
04:47 LeadHead *expiring
04:47 Cprossu I hope someone like the impossible project brings back kodachrome
04:47 Druidic_Rifleman what was good about codachrome
04:47 egrsteve didn't someone bring back poloroide?
04:47 Cprossu red: <- this is like the enlarger we got
04:47 RED_home This whole conversation just makes me weak in the knees.
04:47 Cprossu egrsteve: the impossible project
04:47 RED_home and yes, egr steve they did.
04:47 * Druidic_Rifleman knows more about guns then cameras
04:48 LeadHead Kodachrome was one of the if not hte first color film
04:48 RED_home JEALOUS.
04:48 egrsteve ok, I couldn't remember who it was
04:48 LeadHead and it had a distinctive look and color
04:48 LeadHead most color films did not have
04:48 egrsteve vivid saturation
04:48 RED_home Dammit, egrsteve - we are making an underground darkroom in the basement of the lab - in one of the secret tunnels. you in?
04:48 Cprossu specifically it was more of a black and white than a color film, it was silver chemistry iirc
04:48 egrsteve it was a slide film not negative too
04:48 LeadHead That's why the process involved dyes
04:48 Cprossu and it's why it kicks ass
04:48 LeadHead to develop it
04:48 egrsteve with layers
04:48 Druidic_Rifleman Um red When I'll come visit the lab
04:49 LeadHead and its developing process was also part of its demise
04:49 LeadHead its tricky and expensive to develop it in color
04:49 egrsteve sadly it was, too complicated
04:49 LeadHead I think its already tricky enough to develop it in BW
04:49 LeadHead let alone color
04:50 Cprossu sweet
04:50 Cprossu
04:50 Druidic_Rifleman illegall under ground complex constuction *cries cause he wasn't invited to help and he has the US army corpse of engioneres hand book on underr ground bunkers*
04:50 Cprossu ^ this is how ours looks
04:50 Cprossu !!!!!!!!!
04:50 Cprossu so cool
04:50 Druidic_Rifleman OOOH and i know a retired CF combat engionie who would love to play with the baby tesla coil in the tesla coil in the cafe
04:50 RED_home egrsteve you in?
04:51 Druidic_Rifleman Can i come help?
04:51 LeadHead Druidic, please start using some kind of punctuation
04:51 egrsteve am I in?
04:51 LeadHead I have no idea what you are saying
04:51 Druidic_Rifleman ok.
04:51 egrsteve ah, darktroom tunnels
04:52 Druidic_Rifleman Do i get to help with Project illegal photo lab?
04:52 egrsteve hmm, better yet crawl space under main lobby
04:52 Cprossu can I show you the pride of my lens collection red?
04:52 RED_home Let's do it.
04:52 RED_home Please do Cprossu
04:52 Druidic_Rifleman When?
04:53 Druidic_Rifleman Really wants to visit the lab but realise's he would go through awesomeness withdrawls when he sadly comes home
04:53 Cprossu *tries to find a pic on the internet*
04:53 egrsteve red remind me to give you that film tomarrow
04:53 RED_home Mkie.
04:54 RED_home On the 11th Thursday of 2012 we will strike the lab down. Steve, you're in charge of distracting/turning off ustream and then we will striek and assemble our secret darkroom.
04:54 LeadHead Out of curiosity, what time does the sun set in Grand rapids
04:55 egrsteve
04:55 egrsteve red that is a pic I took on that film a few years ago
04:55 RED_home Sooo cool, where is it?
04:55 Druidic_Rifleman i has the date ed adding it to Ipod callander and count down
04:55 egrsteve millinuium park, before it was turned into a board walk
04:55 Cprossu RED_home:
04:56 Cprossu found one!
04:56 Cprossu 135mm micro nikkor!
04:56 RED_home Damn, sexy. do want.
04:56 LeadHead If you guys are all into vintange/antique photography, I really recommend checking out
04:56 RED_home egrsteve you and i need to go on a photoventure sometime.
04:56 LeadHead
04:56 Druidic_Rifleman Should of taken more pics durring hunting season there were some nice views
04:57 LeadHead They crawl the LoC online database for pictures mainly during the late 1800s
04:57 LeadHead to 1940s
04:57 wannabe1987 "did it come with a body bag?"
04:58 RED_home THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING ME TO THIS SITE *Dives in neer to be seen again*
04:58 wannabe1987 red_home - what site?
04:58 egrsteve 200mm minolta prime lens
04:58 LeadHead
04:58 wannabe1987 RED_home how are you?
04:59 Cprossu I think the scarriest thing you can do though
04:59 Cprossu is put a teleconverter on it!
04:59 LeadHead I found shorpy on the antique fan collectors forum :|
04:59 Cprossu the depth that thing can focus is intense
04:59 RED_home
04:59 RED_home and I'm good, how are you?
04:59 RED_home I bet, jealous. I loooove playing with depth of field.
05:00 wannabe1987 doing good...i have people over...:D  like...real humans!  we drove past the lab and you were still there :P
05:00 Cprossu macro lenses are so much fun heh
05:00 egrsteve
05:00 egrsteve
05:00 RED_home wannabe1987 of COURSE I was still there, I'm always the first one there and the last to leave, if I leave. lolz.
05:00 LeadHead I'm really impressed with the little lense on my little cannon power shot
05:01 LeadHead it can focus onto the surface of the lense itself in macro mode
05:01 LeadHead kind of interesting
05:01 wannabe1987 lol i was odd tho :P
05:01 Cprossu the ED zoom lenses I have for my d are nice
05:01 RED_home *melts* ohhhh lenses.
05:01 wannabe1987 it was a lil after 11 tho...
05:01 Cprossu but they still don't get as sharp as my old micro nikkor
05:01 wannabe1987 had to have been...we left skegon around 10:30
05:01 RED_home I have the most EPIC micro FILTERS that go on my main lens. they work EPICALLY - you'd think they were a seperate lens.
05:02 Cprossu nice
05:02 Cprossu I used to have the atachment from a nikon FM to a microscope
05:02 Cprossu I wish I still had it
05:02 egrsteve another fav is my 28mm
05:02 Obtuse_ DJO fucks with the Royal Wedding ...;feature=feedu
05:03 egrsteve took this with my 28mm
05:03 egrsteve
05:04 Obtuse_ ooo. that's neat
05:04 RED_home Steve, that is EPIC.
05:04 Cprossu
05:04 Obtuse_ seams like it needs to be on a poster
05:04 Druidic_Rifleman you would love to have living space at the lab huh red
05:04 Cprossu ^ imagine 2 of these but beat to hell
05:04 * wannabe1987 is going away again...
05:04 egrsteve that is an epic pic, 35mm 400iso film
05:05 Cprossu and one of these ->
05:05 egrsteve you can see the buildings in the background on the original fim scan
05:05 RED_home I would.
05:05 LeadHead God I could look at shorpy for ages
05:05 LeadHead
05:05 LeadHead the resolutions on their scans is insane
05:05 Cprossu epic indeed
05:05 egrsteve I want a tilt - shift lens myself
05:06 Cprossu I almost got an OM1 as my first camera
05:06 Cprossu
05:06 RED_home The one lens i've never gotten to play with but have always wanted to is a fisheye.
05:06 Cprossu but I instead used my money on more nikon lenses
05:06 RED_home and then a concave 30degree. but those are rare.
05:06 egrsteve I imagine so
05:07 Cprossu I remember seeing those lenses.... almost buying them... and being like...
05:07 Cprossu what the hell would I ever use it for?!
05:07 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
05:07 RED_home lol
05:07 RED_home for photovventures
05:07 Cprossu I think the lowest I used on a regular basis was a damn fine 25MM
05:07 Cprossu that I own still
05:08 RED_home I use a 28-58mm or my 50mm most regularly.
05:08 Obtuse_ i've got a 28-105 mm
05:08 LeadHead When you think of a picture from 1900, you sually don't picture anything with this kind of clarity or detail
05:08 LeadHead
05:08 LeadHead do you
05:08 egrsteve I only have primes for my favorite SLR, my newer one has a couple zooms but I like the old full manual
05:09 RED_home I love my digital, but I still love my old film cameras more, especially when i had acces to a dark room and could develop my film and images myself.
05:09 egrsteve that was probably a 4x6 or larger view cam
05:09 RED_home Miss it sooo much
05:10 RED_home Love, love, love manual photography.
05:10 Cprossu You know... It took me 3 hours to do in a darkroom what I can do in 10 seconds in photoshop =(
05:10 CSMonster damn, nice pompom
05:10 RED_home If you know what you're doing, the darkroom is the best.
05:10 egrsteve heres what I want to build a film projector that projects onto a flatbed scanner
05:10 RED_home There are so many things that you can't do with photoshop that you can do with a darkroom.
05:11 egrsteve for super hires film scans
05:11 Cprossu if you know your darkroom skills you can replicate it in photoshop very easily
05:11 RED_home that would be epic, steve.
05:11 LeadHead egrsteve: Why?
05:11 egrsteve I have an old LCD projector lens for the project already
05:11 RED_home Cprossu you will not diss the darkroom, lest badddd things happen.
05:11 Cprossu that would half the resolution
05:11 Cprossu no I ain't dissing it at all
05:11 egrsteve film is small and difficult to scan at hi res, enlarge it and it's easy
05:11 Cprossu I just hated doing vinnettes for people in the dark room
05:12 Cprossu know what I mean?
05:12 RED_home vinnettes can suck ass from photoshop though, especially if it's overdone, which is easy to do with photoshop.
05:12 egrsteve unless I am missing something due to optic losses
05:12 LeadHead Seems like a compeltely different world back then
05:12 LeadHead
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05:13 egrsteve look at the perspective there
05:13 Cprossu god damn 4x5 neg there?
05:13 egrsteve the film plane and lens are // but shifted
05:13 Cprossu decently long exposure
05:13 LeadHead 8x10 Glass Negative
05:13 Cprossu hrmmm
05:13 LeadHead 1908
05:13 Cprossu what did they develop that with???
05:14 LeadHead St. Paul, Minn., circa 1908. "Robert Street." With dental parlors in  Starbucksian abundance. 8x10 inch glass negative, Detroit Publishing Co.
05:14 LeadHead all I have on it
05:14 CSMonster lol, Prudential Insurance.
05:14 Technowizard left #thegeekgroup
05:14 CSMonster they've been around a while it seems
05:14 Cprossu shoe shining...parlor???
05:15 egrsteve red, if I could find an old enlarger that would work even better for scanning
05:15 Cprossu egrsteve: I wouldn't use a lcd projector though
05:15 Cprossu that would 1/2 your res wouldn't it?
05:15 egrsteve no, just the lens from it
05:15 Cprossu oooh ok
05:16 Cprossu damn I am tired
05:16 LeadHead Want to get depressed?
05:16 egrsteve use the lens to project the film onto the scanner plane w/o any glass in the way
05:16 Cprossu .tfw 85015
05:16 BotSteve 86�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'times you wish you didn't have leather seats'
05:16 LeadHead
05:16 RED_home I bet that we could find an old darkroom that's going out of comission and find one there.
05:17 LeadHead Penn. Station in New York
05:17 LeadHead was demolished
05:17 egrsteve that would be awsome, so much less fussing to get a good image and film holding mechanish
05:17 Cprossu I missed out on a nice omega color enlarger 3 years back
05:17 Cprossu made me very sad =(
05:18 LeadHead Madison Square Garden sits on top
05:18 LeadHead of what used to be that
05:18 egrsteve just place  a good flatbed under it w/o glass, enclose in lightproof box, and enjoy super hi res film scans
05:18 RED_home that would be perfect, Steve.
05:19 RED_home Just as long as you rigged the scanner so that the light would be coming from the enlarger, versus underneath like normal.
05:19 egrsteve I bet tgg has a pile of scanners some where even if there only 300-600 dpi it will still be fine when enlarged to 8x10+
05:20 LeadHead Wonder what kind of scanners the library of congress uses
05:20 egrsteve yes, remove the lamp in it
05:20 LeadHead that's where all of shorpy's pictures come from
05:20 egrsteve expensive onoes
05:21 LeadHead how could they demolish somethin gilke this
05:21 LeadHead
05:22 Cprossu the same way they demolished the camera store I went to years ago =(
05:24 Cprossu R.I.P. The Guild (camera shop) =(
05:25 LeadHead
05:25 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
05:26 Druidic_Rifleman OM NOM
05:27 LeadHead
05:27 LeadHead "942. Chrysler Corporation plant at Highland Park, Detroit. "Conversion.  Here, in a former automobile plant, 40 mm. anti-aircraft gun barrels are  machined and made ready for front-line duty. Since they must shoot  fast-moving objects at great distances, they must be finished to the  very finest of tolerances." Medium format negative by Alfred Palmer for  the Office of War Information. "
05:27 Druidic_Rifleman 3 chease lipton sidekicks with extra cheese amd bacon
05:29 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
05:30 Cprossu we sure did some amazing shit
05:31 Cprossu
05:31 LeadHead looks like shorpy has a dedicated fan base
05:31 LeadHead to colorizing pictures
05:31 LeadHead
05:31 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
05:31 RED_home All right, guys. I'm falling asleep over here, I've had a long day. I'm gonna go now, but can we please, please, please have more photography conversations soon?
05:31 RED_home Thanks.
05:31 RED_home G'night!
05:31 Druidic_Rifleman lead head those links go no where
05:32 egrsteve that is good colorization
05:32 egrsteve night red
05:32 LeadHead night red
05:32 Druidic_Rifleman Awww red :( the channel loose 20 Awesome points when you leave
05:32 * Druidic_Rifleman hus red goodnight
05:32 egrsteve and I will be off to bed soon too
05:32 Cprossu this was always one of my favorite pictures
05:32 Cprossu
05:32 LeadHead oak ridge
05:32 RED_home Sorry Druidic_Rifleman - But I need my sleep I'll be at the lab in 10 hours after an hours' drive to the lab.
05:32 egrsteve btw how did we get from FPGAs to historic photos?
05:32 RED_home So i must go to sleep.
05:33 RED_home Anyways, Goodnight Internet - Have fun. And egrsteve - I'll see you tomorrow. ^_^
05:33 RED_home is now known as RED_unconscious
05:33 Cprossu
05:33 Cprossu ^ look at this quick
05:33 LeadHead my problem with a lot of colorizations
05:33 Cprossu none of them knew what was happening!
05:34 LeadHead is that often they end up looking like paintings
05:34 Druidic_Rifleman Cpossu i got
05:34 Druidic_Rifleman orbidden  You don't have permission to access /images/battle_trinity9.jpg on this server.  Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
05:34 Cprossu booo
05:34 LeadHead works fine here
05:35 Cprossu
05:35 Cprossu ^ smaller version
05:35 Cprossu anyway the last 2-3 photos
05:35 Cprossu cool thing about the high powered electromagnets for that installation
05:35 Cprossu they weren't wound with copper
05:36 LeadHead wasn't gold
05:36 LeadHead was it
05:36 Cprossu nope
05:36 LeadHead mercury coils?
05:36 Cprossu copper was too important for the war effort
05:36 Cprossu no
05:36 LeadHead then what
05:37 Druidic_Rifleman mercyury was used for bombs
05:37 Cprossu come on, what conducts electricity better than copper?
05:37 CSMonster silver
05:37 LeadHead silver and gold
05:37 Cprossu silver, not so much gold
05:37 Cprossu but it was silver
05:38 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
05:38 Cprossu they borrowed coinage silver from the tresury
05:38 CSMonster gold isn't a better conductor, we just use it for contacts since it doesn't corrode as easily as.... anything else, really.
05:38 Cprossu melted it down and made wire out of it!
05:38 Cprossu ^ CSMonster is right
05:38 LeadHead Gold is better than something
05:38 LeadHead aluminum?
05:39 Cprossu for electrical possibly, for heat transfer, no
05:39 Cprossu xD
05:39 LeadHead looks like gold conducts electricity better than aluminum
05:40 LeadHead not as good as silver or copper
05:40 Cprossu silver's awesome until it tarneshes
05:40 LeadHead gold conducts heat almost twice as good as aluminum alloys
05:40 LeadHead odly enough
05:40 Cprossu gold needs nickel in order to plate on it
05:40 Cprossu aluminum is better at getting rid of heat
05:41 Cprossu copper is good at retaining it though
05:41 RED_unconscious left #thegeekgroup
05:41 Cprossu *and for a pcb gold won't plate to it directly, you need nickel to make it work
05:41 Cprossu which further scews up the usage for circuitry
05:42 Cprossu copper plates pretty much directly
05:42 LeadHead Gold conducts heat better than aluminum, copper better than gold. Conduct, as in transfers
05:42 Cprossu so if you can coat it it's wonderful
05:42 Cprossu gold has a lower melting temp than all of those though, right?
05:42 Cprossu .wa gold melt
05:42 BotSteve gold->melting point;1064.18 &deg;C  (degrees Celsius);1337.33 K  (kelvins);1947.52 &deg;F  (degrees Fahrenheit);2407.19 &deg;R  (degrees Rankine);851.344 &deg;R&eacute;  (degrees R&eacute;aumur);566.194 &deg;R&oslash;  (degrees R&oslash;mer);235.8 &deg;C below to 364.2 &deg;C above typical temperature of magma (700 to 1300 &deg;C);170 &deg;C above large log fire temperature (1170 K);, perceived color->, peak wavelengt
05:42 LeadHead specific heat is how much heat a certain material
05:42 LeadHead can contain
05:43 Cprossu .wa copper melt
05:43 LeadHead different than conductivity
05:43 BotSteve copper->melting point;1084.62 &deg;C  (degrees Celsius);1357.77 K  (kelvins);1984.32 &deg;F  (degrees Fahrenheit);2443.99 &deg;R  (degrees Rankine);867.696 &deg;R&eacute;  (degrees R&eacute;aumur);576.926 &deg;R&oslash;  (degrees R&oslash;mer);215.4 &deg;C below to 384.6 &deg;C above typical temperature of magma (700 to 1300 &deg;C);190 &deg;C above large log fire temperature (1170 K);Thermodynamic energy E from E = k
05:43 Cprossu .wa aluminum melt
05:43 BotSteve aluminum->melting point;660.32 &deg;C  (degrees Celsius);933.47 K  (kelvins);1220.6 &deg;F  (degrees Fahrenheit);1680.2 &deg;R  (degrees Rankine);528.26 &deg;R&eacute;  (degrees R&eacute;aumur);354.17 &deg;R&oslash;  (degrees R&oslash;mer);(300 to 600) &deg;C below typical temperature of magma (700 to 1300 &deg;C);240 &deg;C below large log fire temperature (1170 K);Thermodynamic energy E from E = k T:, ->80 meV  (mil
05:43 Cprossu Oh duh
05:43 Cprossu aluminum melts easy (hahahaha)
05:43 Cprossu how could I forget that
05:43 Cprossu it goes *POOF*
05:43 Cprossu so easily
05:43 Cprossu .wa silver melt
05:43 Druidic_Rifleman Wow
05:43 BotSteve silver->melting point;961.78 &deg;C  (degrees Celsius);1234.9 K  (kelvins);1763.2 &deg;F  (degrees Fahrenheit);2222.9 &deg;R  (degrees Rankine);769.42 &deg;R&eacute;  (degrees R&eacute;aumur);512.43 &deg;R&oslash;  (degrees R&oslash;mer);338.2 &deg;C below to 261.8 &deg;C above typical temperature of magma (700 to 1300 &deg;C);60 &deg;C above large log fire temperature (1170 K);, perceived color->, peak wavelength->2.
05:44 Druidic_Rifleman .w steel melt
05:44 BotSteve "Steel is an alloy that consists mostly of iron and has a carbon content between 0.2% and 2.1% by weight, depending on the grade." -
05:44 Cprossu .wa iron melt
05:44 BotSteve iron->melting point;1538 &deg;C  (degrees Celsius);1811 K  (kelvins);2800 &deg;F  (degrees Fahrenheit);3260 &deg;R  (degrees Rankine);1230 &deg;R&eacute;  (degrees R&eacute;aumur);814.9 &deg;R&oslash;  (degrees R&oslash;mer);130 &deg;C below melting point of titanium (1668 &deg;C);60 &deg;C below temperature of a Bunsen burner flame (1870 K);140 &deg;C above temperature in the blue part of a candle flame (1670 K);, pe
05:44 Cprossu .wa steel melt
05:44 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
05:44 * CSMonster misses her aluminum blast furnace
05:44 Druidic_Rifleman OOOOH could do cast copper XD
05:44 LeadHead Copper has a heat conductivity of 401 W/(mK)
05:44 LeadHead Silver is 429
05:45 LeadHead Diamond can go upto 2320 W/(mK)
05:45 LeadHead Graphene is about 5000 W/(mK)
05:45 Cprossu diamond is nuts if in the right form
05:45 Cprossu it's tricky as hell though
05:45 LeadHead imagine a heatsink made out of graphene
05:45 Cprossu imagine if you accidently ignite it
05:45 Cprossu (Shudder)
05:46 LeadHead Graphene?
05:46 Cprossu graphite, graphene, bad bad bad
05:46 Cprossu .wa ignition of graphite
05:46 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
05:46 Cprossu .wa ignition of carbon
05:46 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
05:46 Cprossu poop
05:47 LeadHead I've never had much luck getting graphite
05:47 LeadHead or carbon to burn
05:47 Cprossu if you ever do get it
05:47 Cprossu to burn
05:47 LeadHead I held a blow torch to a piece of coal once and still couldn't get it to go
05:47 LeadHead I felt dumb after that
05:47 Cprossu it doesn't exactly put itself out
05:47 CSMonster it's one of those things with a really absurdly high ignition temperature, but if you ever reach it, run.
05:48 LeadHead I've had sticks of graphite going bright white and smoking before
05:48 CSMonster leadhead, if you want to make charcoal burn, you don't add more heat.  you add a little heat and a lot of oxygen.
05:48 Cprossu but not self sustaining
05:49 LeadHead Well with a lot of oxygen
05:49 LeadHead you can make just about anything burn
05:49 CSMonster titanium apparently wants nitrogen rather than oxygen.
05:49 LeadHead you dump some LOx onto a luke warm piece of wood
05:49 LeadHead and it'll auto ignite
05:49 LeadHead Titanium will actually burn in both nitrogen and oxygen
05:49 LeadHead which is why its quite tricky to melt down
05:50 LeadHead and forge/cast into other stuff
05:50 LeadHead That's where its expense comes from, not because its rare or anything. Almost (if not all) white house paint is Titanium dioxide
05:51 Cprossu sodium and/or potasium metal is pretty damn scary
05:51 CSMonster i had a blast furnace i made back in high school for casting aluminium, charcoal fired.  light it, wait for the lighter fluid to go out, connect and start the blower, and put the lid on.  in ten minutes it was around 1200 F i think
05:51 Cprossu damn I Am tired
05:51 Cprossu night all
05:51 CSMonster aw.
05:51 CSMonster night cprossu
05:51 LeadHead Yeah
05:51 LeadHead my friend and I built a little charcoal furnace
05:51 LeadHead with a little fan on it
05:51 LeadHead melted aluminum pretty easily
05:52 CSMonster it wasn't worth taking it with me when i moved so i'm just going to build a new one.
05:52 CSMonster i'd like to build a carbon arc furnace actually.
05:52 LeadHead lol, we made this one in a coffee can
05:53 CSMonster yeah mine was a galvanized garbage pail lined with 4" of clay refractory
05:53 Druidic_Rifleman i Saw those plans...
05:53 Druidic_Rifleman the 2 buck furnace... right?
05:53 CSMonster it was around $20 total i think
05:54 CSMonster and i used a 120mm, 110vac server fan for the air source
05:54 LeadHead used a hair-dryer blower
05:54 CSMonster that works
05:54 LeadHead Those fans work quite nicely on 12 volts
05:55 CSMonster
05:56 LeadHead I think I'll stick with coal
05:56 CSMonster lol
05:56 Druidic_Rifleman ... i wanted to do thise once
05:57 CSMonster i want one of those for sand casting iron.
05:57 CSMonster that's pretty damn close to what i had, druid
05:57 CSMonster mine was bigger though
05:57 Druidic_Rifleman ...
05:57 CSMonster like a six gallon pail
05:58 Druidic_Rifleman interesting coincidence
06:01 CSMonster Gingery, that's the name i was looking for.
06:01 CSMonster i built a gingery furnace
06:01 CSMonster now it's time to scale up though.
06:02 Druidic_Rifleman how far are you scaling it up
06:03 LeadHead my friend and I were thinking about experimenting with lost-foam casting
06:03 CSMonster i was thinking double.
06:04 CSMonster but who knows.  it's not a priority right now, so i haven't put much thought into it
06:05 Druidic_Rifleman what projects are a priority
06:05 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
06:06 CSMonster a new liberty training rifle with a suppressor, and an M16A1.
06:06 Druidic_Rifleman ... your a appleseeder?
06:07 Druidic_Rifleman an appleseeder*
06:08 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
06:09 Druidic_Rifleman Any of the UK geeks on?
06:10 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
06:10 CSMonster dammit firefox, fuck you.
06:10 CSMonster no, i'm not a fan of appleseed, but i like the rifle concept.
06:10 Druidic_Rifleman ah
06:11 Druidic_Rifleman Yeah those weed wacker motors Yo
06:11 Druidic_Rifleman you we're talking about re ignighted my interest in UAV's
06:13 CSMonster heh
06:13 LeadHead
06:14 CSMonster LOL
06:14 CSMonster yeah that's about right.
06:16 Druidic_Rifleman LMAO
06:16 LeadHead
06:16 LeadHead
06:20 Druidic_Rifleman lol
06:27 Druidic_Rifleman am i still connected?
06:27 Druidic_Rifleman apparently so
06:29 CSMonster yes.
06:29 CSMonster but i'm not.
06:29 CSMonster night yall.
06:30 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
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07:27 * wannabe1987 wonders if anyone is still up
07:27 wannabe1987 .see red_home
07:27 wannabe1987 .seen red_home
07:27 BotSteve wannabe1987: I last saw red_home 1.90 hours ago at 2011-05-07 05:33:35 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 07:27:39 UTC
07:27 wannabe1987 i'm assuming she went to bed
07:28 Phu left #thegeekgroup
07:28 Druidic_Rifleman yes she did wannabe
07:28 wannabe1987 thats what i thought.  i was just wondering
07:29 wannabe1987 i'm heading to sleep...ttul
08:02 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
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09:08 Druidic_Rifleman hey liming
09:09 Druidic_Rifleman leming
09:17 yilmazer joined #thegeekgroup
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09:34 Sgt_Lemming evening all
09:37 Druidic_Rifleman Hows you in
09:38 Druidic_Rifleman australia right
09:55 Sgt_Lemming lol
09:55 Sgt_Lemming that made little sense
09:56 Druidic_Rifleman lol
09:59 Sgt_Lemming not too bad here though
09:59 Sgt_Lemming had an epically dumb customer at work this morning though
09:59 Sgt_Lemming 45 minutes to create a playlist
10:00 Sgt_Lemming not fix it, not edit it, not use it, not export it.... create it
10:00 Sgt_Lemming it takes about 3 clicks
10:03 LinuxH4x0r1 joined #thegeekgroup
10:03 Druidic_Rifleman hehehe
10:05 Sgt_Lemming I very very nearly spat it
10:06 Sgt_Lemming can't do that of course
10:06 Sgt_Lemming but I nearly dad
10:06 Sgt_Lemming I certainly muted him a few times and swore my head off
10:06 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
10:07 Druidic_Rifleman Yay stupid People XD!!
10:08 Sgt_Lemming yay for mic mute button is more like it
10:10 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
10:10 Sgt_Lemming last customer of the day was cool, spent about 15 minutes explaining to him how port forwarding and public/private ip
10:10 Sgt_Lemming works
10:11 Druidic_Rifleman i see
10:16 Sgt_Lemming <--- awesome flash game
10:21 xanhs goodmorning guys
10:26 Sgt_Lemming beautiful
10:27 Sgt_Lemming there are these monsters in this game that appear out of holes in floor, spit out slugs and then pop back down, one of them appeared and spat his slugs off the edge of the level, and I managed to kill them before they plummeted to their doom anyway
10:29 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
10:39 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
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10:59 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:03 Druidic_Rifleman Kinda neat
11:03 Druidic_Rifleman SGt_lemming I wanna build a fake cemitary for a larp And some of the graves will be connected to VC style NPC tunner's So zombies can crawl out of the ground and attack the players
11:05 Sgt_Lemming nice
11:11 Druidic_Rifleman Nods The design also has a hidden crypt thats hidden in a false stone coffin that when the lids removed will Apear to be a lader Into An area With what will look like bunks with Prop corpse's
11:11 Druidic_Rifleman greate place for a litch to hang out and Summon undead minions
11:14 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
11:15 Sasha Hey guys
11:15 Sasha You should put this in the lab:!5799382/the-last-vending-machine-youll-ever-need
11:17 Druidic_Rifleman that ling goes to a general page
11:18 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
11:18 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
11:20 Sasha Try this:;utm_medium=feed&amp;utm_campaign=Feed%3A+wired%2Fgadgets+%28Wired%3A+Gadgets%29
11:20 Druidic_Rifleman Looks like a standard vending machine
11:20 Sasha With like cool stuff inside. Would be pretty cool to have something like that at the lab...
11:22 Druidic_Rifleman cool
11:22 Druidic_Rifleman Ouch the 40 pointer's The size of a bullet you need to basicly touching to hit....
11:23 Druidic_Rifleman I just wonder what Chriss would do when he can Go from a single building TO like a Colage campus sized facility
11:24 Druidic_Rifleman other then run around laughing like the madscitist in a james bond movie....
11:25 Sasha .tell captainboden to check out
11:25 BotSteve Sorry, .tell is not yet implemented.  Use BotSteve: tell
11:26 Sasha tell captainboden to check this out
11:26 Sasha What is the tell command again
11:27 NeWtoz it's BotSteve: tell Sasha use it this way?
11:27 NeWtoz BotSteve: tell Sasha use it this way?
11:27 BotSteve NeWtoz: I'll pass that on when Sasha is around.
11:27 NeWtoz need to include the name
11:28 Druidic_Rifleman OK does any one know if bowling regulations Include a spcific ball size ?
11:28 Sasha Thanks ;)
11:28 BotSteve Sasha: At 11:27Z, NeWtoz asked me to tell you use it this way?
11:29 Druidic_Rifleman I'm really tempted to build a bowling ball Mortar
11:29 Sasha BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden about this vending machine that you should implement at the lab:
11:29 BotSteve Sasha: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
11:33 Druidic_Rifleman Botsteve makes messages \come out wierd
11:33 Druidic_Rifleman even i know they don't quite sound right
11:35 Druidic_Rifleman Botsteve: tell wannabe1987 this is an awesome larp weapon
11:35 BotSteve Druidic_Rifleman: I'll pass that on when wannabe1987 is around.
11:35 Sgt_Lemming something tells me that will be a fair way down the list sasha
11:35 Sgt_Lemming there is a LOT of stuff for them to still do to leonard st before they can even really think about starting new projects
11:35 Druidic_Rifleman getting gemini And actrous up and running Finding a room LARGE enough to house project Jeff
11:36 Druidic_Rifleman Building a Recording stuido not designed by an idiot
11:36 Druidic_Rifleman getting the CNC shit on line
11:36 Sasha Yeah guys, I know, I watch the captains log's.... it was just an idea, you know...
11:37 Druidic_Rifleman getting the Wood out of Reds future home the photography studio Getting a food selling permit for the Cafe
11:37 Druidic_Rifleman Though vending machines might be Cool if the Are bocey compatable with the membership cards
11:38 Druidic_Rifleman the power wheels killer robot
11:46 Druidic_Rifleman Wow... how does chriss Keep his sanity....
11:50 Druidic_Rifleman any one awake
11:50 Sgt_Lemming yeah
11:50 Sgt_Lemming still playing rk2
11:51 NeWtoz kinda
12:05 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
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12:16 NeWtoz do you need TGG needs some random 10/100 switches, or should I junk htem
12:16 NeWtoz them
12:35 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
12:37 * Thermoelectric ponders. Does a bridge rectifier, without *any* load, draw current?
12:42 Sgt_Lemming yes
12:42 Sgt_Lemming but an infintessimal amount
12:44 Thermoelectric Ah, okay.
12:47 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
12:50 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
12:51 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
12:55 xanhs
12:57 Thermoelectric Argh. I swear it was easier to get a stupid 12VDC relay to run from 240VAC. Appears I must have forgotten how to do it...
12:57 Sgt_Lemming ...
12:57 Sgt_Lemming current limiting resistor ++
12:58 Cprossu good morning to everyone... except those who don't have morning right now, then good afternoon, or night instead
12:58 * Thermoelectric used a resistor, capacitor and rectifier (think I used a rectifier), last time.
12:58 mtearle Cprossu, the truman show?
12:59 Cprossu decent movie
13:00 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
13:00 Cprossu (thinks for a second)I really hope CaptainBoden gets to pump some more sewage today, he really enjoyed it! xD
13:01 mashpriborintorg hi all
13:02 mashpriborintorg yeah happy sewage, I wonder the price of such a truck
13:03 Cprossu fucking expensive
13:04 Cprossu
13:04 Cprossu granted that doesn't seem too bad
13:04 Cprossu new I bet they are outragous
13:06 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
13:06 mashpriborintorg eh, this one is a great deal...
13:06 Druidic_Rifleman LMAO
13:07 mashpriborintorg but for the same price you can get a scrap fighter jet, which is luch more exciting to play with
13:07 Thermoelectric left #thegeekgroup
13:07 Cprossu I think it's somewhat disturbing that we are talking about great deals on fully equipped sewage pumping trucks
13:07 mashpriborintorg I hpe they empty them before the sale
13:07 Cprossu you could drive the pumper down the road and ruin the life of one of your enemies with that truck... which is more that can be said for the scrap fighter jet
13:08 xanhs
13:09 Thermoelectric joined #thegeekgroup
13:09 Thermoelectric It appears that was a bad idea.
13:10 Cprossu what am I looking at, xanhs?
13:10 * Thermoelectric goes to look for whatever tripped.
13:10 asnopus To me it looks like a theatre
13:10 Cprossu either way no audio
13:13 Thermoelectric I just killed a power board...
13:15 Cprossu explain
13:15 asnopus How did you manage that?
13:15 Cprossu context is everything =/
13:16 Thermoelectric Was trying to get a relay to run off 240V (a 12V relay), with a cap, resistor and rectifier. Had a short somewhere in it, a nice little poof later, and one power board is being a turd.
13:17 Thermoelectric I think the little resettable breaker in it tripped, but doesn't want to reset.
13:17 Cprossu why the hell were you doing that?
13:18 Cprossu tiny tiny windings
13:19 Thermoelectric The resistor and cap in parallel with the load do stuff to make it work, it was working, not properly, so I tried it with an LED in it's place. While doing that I changed around the rectifier, letting it short (leads touched, I think)
13:20 Cprossu still didn't answer the question though
13:20 Cprossu was it just so you could or was there a greater goal?
13:21 Thermoelectric There was a greater goal. It was to be (with some more isolation), the relay to turn on and off computer accessories, when the computer turns off.
13:21 Thermoelectric I've used that method before, I just don't think I used the right values or something. T'was unhappy.
13:21 Cprossu so.... why not run a 12v relay that is capable of switching 240vac off of the pc power supply?
13:22 Thermoelectric It's a laptop. I do not want to dig that far into it.
13:22 Cprossu so how do you tell that the computer turned off?
13:23 Thermoelectric USB.
13:23 Thermoelectric The 5V rail drops out after it turns off.
13:23 Cprossu so why not use a wall wart?
13:23 Cprossu surely you have plenty
13:23 Thermoelectric That defeats the purpose of reducing standby load...
13:24 Sasha BTW, couldn't you use an arduino relay?
13:24 Sasha They're like designed to run on 5v
13:24 Cprossu how much standby load does a little 12v 100 microamp wallwart cause you?
13:24 Cprossu compared to the loads you are switching off?
13:25 Thermoelectric Well, considering they would be in standby, they're not too different.
13:25 Cprossu are you switching off the laptop's charging power supply?
13:26 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
13:26 speedrunnerG55__ Hi people
13:27 asnopus Hello
13:27 Thermoelectric Cprossu: Yes, I would be, but that wouldn't be drawing much, as the laptop is charged, and would not be drawing anything, as it is off...
13:28 Cprossu so power your powerdown device off of it?
13:28 Cprossu ~19 volts??
13:28 Thermoelectric The reason I used the resistor/cap method is that I've used it before, and it has worked. I just wasn't using the right values of stuff tonight.
13:28 Thermoelectric Not that easy to tap into, unless I splice into the power cable, which I would rather not do.
13:29 Cprossu it still seems to me you're swatting a fly with a 25lb sledgehammer
13:29 Thermoelectric In what way?
13:29 Cprossu because you have the possibility to leak unfiltered voltage back through your usb port if things go wrong
13:30 Cprossu unless you're using some isolation that's powered by the usb directly that I don't know about
13:31 Cprossu the risk reward quotient doesn't seem to work out in my mind
13:32 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
13:32 Cprossu I mean how much components are you using money wise to save a very small amount of power?
13:32 Cprossu or is your power company just that bonkers that it's worth it?
13:32 Thermoelectric I've got a little reed relay running from the USB port, with around 4000uF of caps to keep it running in the periods where the USB power jumps around. That, was going to switch the output of the resistor/cap thingie, to the coil of the relay which switches the load.
13:33 Thermoelectric It's all just stuff I've pulled out of my scrap pile.
13:33 Cprossu but if you had to put a value on it
13:33 Cprossu (at one time you salvaged the stuff from your scrap pile)
13:33 Thermoelectric It's because I can, not really because it saves any significant amount of power (though, at 17c/kwh), it may be worth it.
13:33 Cprossu what would it come to in just labor compared to the power you're using
13:34 Cprossu ok
13:34 Cprossu so after like.... 50 years it has the chance to pay for itself
13:35 Thermoelectric Don't really care. I find it entertaining to make stuff like this, so really, it doesn't bother me.
13:35 Cprossu still cool I suppose
13:36 Cprossu I'd just be hesitant to blow out the USB ports on my computer in such a way
13:36 Thermoelectric Though, it'll switch the laptop PSU, a 100W woofer, set of desktop speakers, and 2 LCD's, so it will save a bit.
13:36 Cprossu I'd rather blow a usb port out working on a CNC death laser or something
13:36 Thermoelectric That's why I'm using two relays.
13:36 Thermoelectric One to do the USB stuff, one to do the mains.
13:36 Cprossu good
13:37 Thermoelectric is now known as Thermo|Lappy
13:37 ToVaa joined #thegeekgroup
13:37 ToVaa eyaaa
13:38 Thermoelectric joined #thegeekgroup
13:39 ToVaa left #thegeekgroup
13:39 Thermo|Lappy I'm just going to have a look at my previous projects involving that type of circuit, so I can see why it isn't working well.
13:39 Thermo|Lappy But that is a project for tommorow.
13:39 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
13:40 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
13:40 Thermo|Lappy I'm sortof tempted to see if it does it again, or works...
13:40 CaptainBoden CQ KD8PZH listening
13:40 BotSteve CaptainBoden: At 11:29Z, Sasha asked me to tell you about this vending machine that you should implement at the lab:
13:42 Druidic_Rifleman Chriss how do you stay sane with all the stuff you do?
13:45 Thermoelectric Well, it didn't go boom that time, and it lit a 10mm LED, so I don't see why it doesn't want to run the relay. *sigh*
13:45 CaptainBoden I'd go nuts if I didn't.
13:46 Druidic_Rifleman Hows the Computer lab comming?
13:46 Sasha BTW, you are a ham radio operator? Like... how many things are you? I quite literally learn something new about you every day CaptainBoden
13:47 CaptainBoden no idea, I haven't been down there in days. I've been unloading trucks and doing shelving all week
13:47 Druidic_Rifleman Ah cool
13:47 CaptainBoden Yes, though I did it backwards. I've been licensed for professional broadcasting since I was 15, and only a month ago I got licensed for amatour radio.
13:48 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
13:48 CaptainBoden Turns out, Professional is actually easier, but amatour is a lot more fun.
13:48 Thermo|Lappy left #thegeekgroup
13:49 Sasha So you're gonna broadcast radio stuff too?
13:49 CaptainBoden Na, I prefer video.
13:49 Sasha Then what is the point of having a licence?
13:49 CaptainBoden If I was going to do radio I'd just do podcasting, and I've been kicking around the idea of doing a little 2hr shift a week "radio" show on the live feed.
13:50 CaptainBoden It's anatour radio, ARRL. It's a science thing and a disaster preparedness thing. I dig it. It let's me add one more thing to my list of superpowers and it's serious Geek cred.
13:50 Sasha No but seriously, what else do you hide?
13:51 Thermoelectric His insanity.
13:51 CaptainBoden Amatour radio isn't nearly as popular as it used to be, but it's still just as fun and really cool. It's something I'd like to get a lot more kids introduced to.
13:52 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
13:52 masterofmonks I am a big fan of QRP, though it appears that my local HAM club literally died off.
13:54 Druidic_Rifleman So have you hit the 5% of whats in Kzoo moved yet?
13:54 Sasha I'm pretty sure they have. You seen all the stuff they moved?
13:57 CaptainBoden We're making progress on Kzoo
13:57 CaptainBoden another load today.
13:58 Sgt_Lemming did you ever sort out the tax issue with them?
14:03 Cprossu wow I'll be damned
14:03 * mtearle raises eyebrows
14:03 Cprossu lowest value deemed to cause electric shock (at least for amature radio purposes) is 30 volts... didn't it used to be 48?
14:04 Druidic_Rifleman :( there is a show called canada's worst handy man... It scare's me that people can bye tool when they are that dumb
14:05 Cprossu Watching holmes on holmes is scary enough, Druidic_Rifleman
14:05 Cprossu he's canadian too right?
14:05 Druidic_Rifleman yeah
14:05 Druidic_Rifleman He's atleast Earned his stripes unlike lessStroud
14:08 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
14:08 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
14:10 * Thermoelectric goes to sleep
14:12 mtearle Cprossu, is that at AC or DC?  AC is it RMS, peak to peak or AVG ... 30V RMS is about 85V peak to peak
14:13 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Tysk on Evolution of the Geek Website
14:13 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
14:15 * w0vha hates PC sound cards...
14:16 Obtuse_ what are you trying to do?
14:16 speedrunnerG55_ hi obtice
14:17 w0vha I have my echolink PC running, and there is a pretty bad hum on the receive audio, which is screwing up DTMF decoding... weird, as the audio lines are transformer isolated... can't figure out if it's the radio, the computer, or the cabling... aaarrrggghhh!
14:17 speedrunnerG55_ obtuse
14:17 Obtuse_ hello speed runner
14:18 Obtuse_ so you're doing the whole sending text over HAM Radio
14:18 Obtuse_ don't know the name of it
14:18 * Druidic_Rifleman wants to pass a law saying Stupid people can't shop at home improvement stores with out a licenced Contractor...
14:18 Obtuse_ cool stuff though
14:19 mtearle w0vha, what's your earthing like?  desktop or laptop?
14:19 w0vha it's voice, not data.  I've done this with this interface before, and never had problems...
14:19 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
14:19 xanhs
14:19 Obtuse_ what are the DTMF tones for?
14:19 w0vha everything is in a grounded rack, so everything is tied to rack ground, which is tied to building ground.
14:20 w0vha the tones control the link (connecting/disconnecting to other nodes, etc)
14:21 cctoide I love the mock social stream entries that show up on new Ustream channels
14:22 mtearle the radio and the computer are connected to a common earth presumably
14:22 Cprossu mtearle: I'm speed reading the arrl question pool
14:22 Cprossu to see if I can make the test today that I didn't know they had today
14:22 mtearle best of luck!  I should look into the Australian equivalent at some point
14:23 w0vha correct.  I double checked grounding, as it sounds like a ground loop, but I find no grounding issues... I'm beginning to think it's the crappy onboard sound on this 4U server... might be time to see if I have a PCI sound card laying around somewhere.
14:23 mtearle w0vha, I'd look and see if the cable is wrapped around something or running next to something that is noisy and you are picking up the hum via induction
14:24 mtearle see if you are ... even
14:24 mtearle at least it's not a laptop ... laptop PSUs and soundcards are notoriously for high pitched hums in audio systems
14:25 w0vha inductive pickup shouldn't be a problem, as cables are shielded, and run up the data side of the cabinet, power is on the other side.
14:25 w0vha (yeah, I've tried this with a laptop before, and their P/S's are NOISY!)
14:25 * mtearle notes my grammar is going to poo as it's after 10pm here
14:26 Obtuse_ laptop sound pisses me off. that's why i've always had USB soundcards
14:26 w0vha that's all right, it's 9:30am here, and mine ain't any better... :-)
14:26 Sasha Obtuse_ same, bought a 1$ one of DX, huge difference!
14:26 Cprossu 15 pages down
14:26 Obtuse_ nice.
14:27 mtearle w0vha, stuffed connector on either end of the cable?
14:27 Cprossu 61 to go lol
14:27 Cprossu funny thing though
14:27 Obtuse_ I am also a musician so I need a decent way to record my bass guitar
14:27 Cprossu Which of the following methods is used to locate sources of noise interference or
14:27 Cprossu jamming?
14:27 LinuxH4x0r1 is now known as LinuxH4x0r
14:27 Cprossu the first one is A. Echolocation
14:27 Cprossu xD
14:27 w0vha they check OK with a meter..., and they are almost brand new...
14:27 Cprossu B. Doppler radar XDDDDD
14:27 Cprossu C. Radio direction finding
14:28 w0vha Answer: C
14:28 Cprossu D. Phase locking
14:28 Cprossu xDDDD
14:28 Cprossu yeah
14:28 mtearle w0vha, do you have a CRO?
14:28 Cprossu duh but
14:28 Cprossu ecolocation and doppler radar
14:28 w0vha CRO?
14:28 Cprossu funnny as hell
14:28 w0vha some of those questions have the funniest answers...
14:28 mtearle w0vha, oscillascope ...
14:28 w0vha yes
14:29 Cprossu oh god
14:29 Cprossu this one is even worse
14:29 Cprossu What do the initials LEO tell you about an amateur satellite?
14:29 Cprossu D. The satellite uses Light Emitting Optics
14:29 w0vha please don't tell me one of the answers is it's a cop...
14:29 Cprossu D. The satellite uses Light Emitting Optics
14:29 cctoide heh
14:30 mtearle w0vha, you could probe both ends of your setup and see if the noise is there?
14:30 Cprossu A. The satellite battery is in Low Energy Operation mode
14:30 Cprossu and this one didn't copy
14:30 Cprossu B. The satellite is performing a Lunar Ejection Orbit maneuver
14:30 Cprossu ^ hahahahaah
14:30 w0vha LOL
14:30 Sasha Guys, what exactly are we talking about?
14:30 Cprossu Arrl.
14:30 w0vha I'll try scoping the cables this evening when I get up...
14:30 xanhs lol youre actually watch my stream well i have to turn this off
14:31 xanhs in a moment
14:32 cctoide oh, now I see something
14:32 w0vha what's weird is transmit audio is ok, and it's in the same shielded cable, same path, same radio, everything... just audio INTO the PC sucks... I tried changing from line-in to mic-in, just in case, and there was no difference...
14:33 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
14:33 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
14:33 mtearle w0vha, gain setting on your soundcard?
14:34 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
14:34 w0vha set midpoint for levels, and makes no difference in the level of hum...
14:34 cctoide Man, the loaner forklift is sexy
14:34 w0vha ick, we have a storm heading this way.  I'm going to sign off and shut some gear down before it gets fried... 73 all, and thanks for the help.
14:35 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
14:36 CaptainBoden GAH!
14:36 CaptainBoden I just got back and I was hoping to catch him
14:37 Cprossu darn-
14:37 Big left #thegeekgroup
14:38 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
14:38 cctoide odd that the jersey barrier there doesn't have fork slots
14:38 Cprossu *tries to find a good study guide for subelement T8 on the test
14:40 Big-Al_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:40 Big-Al_ we have movement in the tripwire!
14:41 Druidic_Rifleman Looks like a bat man
14:42 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
14:43 w0vha ok, non-UPS-backed equipment is shut down...
14:43 Cprossu CaptainBoden: he's back
14:43 w0vha uh oh, what'd I do now... :-)
14:43 CaptainBoden W0vha!
14:43 Cprossu [07:37] <@CaptainBoden> GAH!
14:43 Cprossu [07:37] <@CaptainBoden> I just got back and I was hoping to catch him
14:44 CaptainBoden You're Brad right?
14:44 w0vha as I was, am now, and ever shall be... <bows>
14:44 CaptainBoden BRAD!
14:44 CaptainBoden So, I've got my charger, fired up ch1 this morning and fell into something called a Net.
14:45 w0vha sweet... nets can be a very good way to meet people.
14:45 CaptainBoden They did an open call and I'm registered,e tc.
14:45 xanhs
14:45 w0vha I mailed your QSL card today...
14:45 CaptainBoden Also, got a local contact with a FOAF which is rather odd (we connected throught the Moline repeater and he's in Ada, I'm in EastGR at the moment.
14:46 CaptainBoden I need to know a few things.
14:46 w0vha shoot
14:46 CaptainBoden 1. WTF is the little 2 position switch on top of the radio on the Left side as it's facing you.
14:47 w0vha It's for secure/insecure.  There is not a secure module in that radio, so it doesn't do anything.  Also, the two buttons marked . and .. under the PTT button don't do anything either...
14:47 CaptainBoden Those were my next question
14:47 w0vha :-)
14:47 CaptainBoden What ARE they?
14:47 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
14:47 w0vha I was going to ask if you've beaten anyone to death with the saber/brick yet... :-)
14:47 CaptainBoden You fail at blind, how did you know those dods were there, hell *I* can barely see them.
14:48 w0vha I think those two buttons are for trunking or some feature that the software I have doesn't have...
14:48 CaptainBoden Oh it's certainly a brick, this thing weighs as much as my S&W 5906
14:48 w0vha I can feel the dots in the buttons...
14:48 CaptainBoden lol
14:48 CaptainBoden ok, I figured out how to get from the one bank to the can I program different stations in here?
14:48 w0vha seriously, my fingertips are VERY sensitive
14:49 w0vha you need the RIB cables and an old computer
14:49 CaptainBoden That's what a lifetime of braille gets you.
14:49 w0vha damn straight
14:49 CaptainBoden I'm a Bass player and an avid shooter, I'm doing good to still have fingertips.
14:49 CaptainBoden I figured out this is a SaberII
14:49 w0vha that thing has 10 available banks / zones with 12 channels each, so you have plenty of room to expand
14:50 CaptainBoden yeah, but I'm guessing the plug in is for a special custom cable that connected to the field of gold terminals on the back?
14:50 w0vha yeah, a SABERI has no front panel/LCD, the saberII has the LCD and 3 buttons, and the saberIII has the lcd and 15 buttons (but you really only use 3)
14:50 w0vha that's correct, but you can get the RIB and cable on ebay pretty cheap
14:50 CaptainBoden I may have to do that
14:51 w0vha I think I paid $40 for the whole shot.
14:51 CaptainBoden This thing is pretty kickass for an 80's vintage brick.
14:51 SparkyPojects joined #thegeekgroup
14:51 CaptainBoden What is the signifigance of ther sticker?
14:51 CaptainBoden UHF 1525
14:51 CaptainBoden It's right on the front
14:52 w0vha Sabers have a 4 digit radio ID.  That one is programmed with 1525.  It can be changed in software.  I put those on all of my radios so when I loaned them out at events we knew which radio was which (I have 8 more sabers...)
14:53 CaptainBoden Is that a number I should know?
14:53 CaptainBoden can someone on the other end see the number and know who I am, etc?
14:53 w0vha nah, unless you have a radio that can decode it, and it will only be transmitted when you're on the second bank
14:54 w0vha I turned it off on the ham frequencies, as some hams don't like it...
14:54 CaptainBoden What does the little boobs symbal mean?
14:54 CaptainBoden It's on the display, a pair of little arches, looks like a schematic symbol for a coil.
14:54 w0vha On your scanner, when you hear some of the GRPD radios go "BRAAAP", that's what they are transmitting, is their radio ID
14:54 CaptainBoden ah ok
14:55 w0vha oh, that means you're on a repeater channel.  If you change to calling (446.000), it will go away
14:55 CaptainBoden Can you explain the channels?
14:55 w0vha the one that looks like a little speaker means you're transmitting a PL tone (quiet code on your FRS radios)
14:55 CaptainBoden cool
14:56 w0vha explain the channels?
14:56 CaptainBoden yeah, like, Ch10 is 446.000 CSQ Calling Freq
14:56 CaptainBoden wtf does that mean? I understand the frequency...the rest is greek
14:57 w0vha CSQ means carrier squelch, meaning no PL tone (sorry, it's hard for me to remember when I type up stuff like that that not everyone knows what the hell I'm talking about...)
14:58 CaptainBoden ok, Calling Frequency?
14:58 w0vha Each ham band has a specified calling frequency, like a "meeting place".  I always program it in, just in case (espically on commercial gear where you can't change the programming from the front panel like you can on ham gear)
14:58 critterpal joined #thegeekgroup
14:58 CaptainBoden ok, so...that's Ch19 basically
14:58 CaptainBoden to use a CB term
14:59 w0vha pardon me while I scream, but yeah... :-)
14:59 CaptainBoden LMFAO
14:59 w0vha I haven't played with 11m (CB) for about 17 years...
14:59 CaptainBoden Hey, SOME of us started simple.
14:59 CaptainBoden That's ok, I haven't in  12
14:59 w0vha I started there myself... I just love giving 11m shit...
15:00 CaptainBoden ok, I'm using Ch1 a lot, Echolink, it's the only one I've heard anyone on.
15:00 CaptainBoden Teach me about echolink
15:00 CaptainBoden I assume it's a national repeater network?
15:01 SparkyPojects
15:01 w0vha Think of it as skype, but with radios on each end... I have a radio in my cabinet, plugged into a computer, running echolink software, and I can tell it to connect to another echolink PC, like the PC in the repeater cabinet there in GR, then we can talk between stations.
15:02 w0vha I'm sitting here with a saber by my left elbow, connected via EL to the GR repeater... I have had conversations with folks in Germany with my HT...
15:02 CaptainBoden that's ionsane
15:03 w0vha I remember when it first came out, people were screaming "IT'S NOT RADIO!!!", but people seem to have mostly embraced it.
15:03 SparkyPojects It's radio but not DX :P
15:05 w0vha I always say whatever flips your trigger.  Some people LOVE morse code.  I don't care for it so much, but I love the digital modes, and some people don't like them... something for everyone, IMO.
15:06 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
15:06 RED_home Good Morning, internet.
15:07 w0vha Good morning, Red.
15:07 w0vha we're just confusing the hell out of Chris
15:07 RED_home ^_^
15:07 CaptainBoden Hey Red
15:07 CaptainBoden ok, so....what can I do with this, with the frequencies I have?
15:07 Obtuse_ looking at echolink, this is very cool
15:07 RED_home Good Morning, Chris. Why are they confusing you?
15:07 Cprossu 44 pages down, 53 minutes until the test
15:08 RED_home You'll do great Cprossu, just dont' stress.
15:08 Cprossu I'm speed reading the ARRL question pool
15:08 Cprossu time to get a lisc lol
15:08 w0vha I think I put in everything on the 440 band within a 50 mile radius, if my Michigan Repeater Council directory is accurate... UHF can go a fair peace, and that's a 6 watt radio, so do some listening, and get your call out there...
15:08 CaptainBoden I got my FCC license, so Brad (being the dick that he is) sent me the world's most idiot-proof radio. It's like having a 20 inch penis, fun to play with, but you're really limited in application.
15:09 w0vha LOLOLOL
15:09 Cprossu rofl
15:09 Cprossu I have no real radio.. I'm just hoping to get my buddy to give me his old standby tube driven Drake
15:09 w0vha and if that's the only reason I get called a dick today, I'll be happy...
15:10 CaptainBoden get a tech class and one of these SaberII's, they're DIRT cheap and it would appear you can actually get your feet wet with them.
15:10 CaptainBoden It's not what I would call a REAL radio, but it's interesting.
15:10 CaptainBoden Oh Brad!
15:10 CaptainBoden On the Net thing, they were calling out to people with radios and SMARTPHONES.
15:10 kofee_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:10 w0vha I have one that's more idiot proof than that one.... I have an old Icom IC2AT that has thumb-wheels to select the channel...
15:10 CaptainBoden Can I use my Droid phone to get on a repeater?
15:10 CaptainBoden and, how?
15:11 w0vha There is an app for the Iphone for Echolink.  There may be one in the droid store as well, search for echolink
15:11 CaptainBoden checkuing
15:12 CaptainBoden ok, so what else should I know for basics?
15:12 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
15:12 CaptainBoden why do I get a blip of static every few seconds?
15:13 w0vha Do you have a receiver that can do shortwave (3-30Mhz)? If so, tune around the HF bands and listen to some of the traffic nets, you'll get a sense of how to handle real emergency traffic.
15:14 CaptainBoden no I don't, but I'd like to
15:14 w0vha As for the static, it's probably just interference from other stuff (I get it all the time, and have gotten used to it)
15:14 CaptainBoden k
15:14 CaptainBoden What manner of "emergency traffic" is on shortwave?
15:14 w0vha check out the repeater I marekd as RACES on your list, I think it's 444.250, as that is where your stormspotters nets will be.
15:15 w0vha HF is good for very long range communications, so you'll hear traffic being passed in and out of a disaster (e.g. the tornadoes in AL last week) on a regional basis.
15:16 SparkyPojects That static could be interference (local radio system that's wideband, not set up properly) that is opening your squelch, you can adjust the squelch, but then you could miss a call, depends how bad the interference is.
15:16 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
15:16 CaptainBoden I'll hang out on the RACES channel (tha'ts 2) when the weather gets intereting
15:17 w0vha He won't be able to adjust the squelch on that radio without the RSS... I set it fairly tight (more squelch breaks from interference, but you won't miss calls)
15:18 CaptainBoden k
15:18 w0vha You'll be like me, grab the camera and the HT and head out the door when everyone else is running for the basement. "anyone who's a pussy, can, like, head to the basement..." :-)
15:18 CaptainBoden There's no sticker with a model num,ber on it, I was hoping to decode it
15:18 CaptainBoden lol, yeah, I'm an avid fan of weird things like weather, and "the exileration of winter driving"
15:19 w0vha Look on the RSS printout in the case, I think the model # is printed at the top of the page...
15:19 CaptainBoden k
15:19 CaptainBoden You said this doesn't have the secure module, but it has the case for one (with the extention below the speaker grill)
15:19 CaptainBoden so, it's just not actually in there I assume
15:19 CaptainBoden but I'll bet I can find it on ebay ;)
15:19 w0vha correct, I think that radio is an H44QXJ7139C, if I'm not mistaken
15:20 CaptainBoden Submersible?
15:20 CaptainBoden no, non sub, sec capable
15:20 w0vha You can find the module on Ebay, but the keyloader is about a $900 item, and you can't use encryption on the ham bands anyway...
15:20 CaptainBoden no, but with the encryption I could listen to secure police freqs can't I?
15:21 CaptainBoden or is that all trunked and locked these days
15:21 w0vha no, you'd have to have their keys, and I doubt they use the same encryption scheme anyway...
15:21 CaptainBoden I can get the key, it's having a suitable radio that's hard.
15:22 w0vha Most trunked systems are still analog... even most P25 digital systems are in the clear, you just have to have a radio that can use it (Uniden BCD396/996XT, $600)... :-)
15:22 w0vha RadioReference doesn't show anything in the GR area that's encrypted...
15:22 CaptainBoden There's a lot of middle channels just labeled Grand Rapids, are these all repeaters?
15:23 w0vha yes, they're all repeaters, they just didn't have any more information listed with them.
15:23 CaptainBoden k
15:23 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:23 w0vha I think I'm going to sign off and hit the rack, I've been awake and at work all night, and I'm fried...
15:24 speedrunnerG55_ night
15:24 CaptainBoden I'd like for you to get with Steve (he's also a ARRL guy) and see about getting us licensed as a club with a vanity sign (something TGG).
15:24 CaptainBoden I want a base station at the lab.
15:24 w0vha BTW: before I forget, did I see you on the forklift in yesterday's video... It looked like the back wheels are the ones that turned?
15:24 w0vha I checked, N8TGG is available... I'll send him a message.
15:24 CaptainBoden they are, most lifts are rear steering
15:24 speedrunnerG55_ vanity call sign?
15:25 CaptainBoden in fact, I've never owned one that wasn't rear-steering
15:25 w0vha You can apply for a custom call sign.  Mine, W0VHA, is a vanity call (veterans health administration)
15:25 LeadHead I've never actually seen a forklift that was front steering
15:25 CaptainBoden Me either
15:26 CaptainBoden Thank you Brad for the help :) I've got a lot to study (and a burning desire for a yaseu now). KD8PZH clear.
15:26 w0vha Chris, you'll have to show that brick off in a Blog video.  See you all later.  Just shoot me an email if I can answer anything further.  73's all.
15:26 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
15:27 cctoide Is there any chance of you getting the opportunity to make a video on the inside a transmitter building?
15:27 cctoide and would it be worth it?
15:27 CaptainBoden We did, and it was, and we had to pull it.
15:27 CaptainBoden I'm going to try and do it again at a different transmitter soon.
15:27 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:27 LeadHead I'd imagine not a lot of places would like the inside of the transmitter building
15:27 LeadHead public
15:27 RED_home Headed off to sell my soul and then to the lab. Bye internet.
15:28 * Druidic_Rifleman hugs the red
15:28 cctoide ah
15:29 cctoide well, theonlineengineer seemed to have a fair amount of photos taken inside one, I don't know what sort of transmitter it was though, or who owned it
15:30 LeadHead It probably all depends
15:30 CaptainBoden I've got hundreds of pics inside one that we can't share, and 4 hours of video.
15:30 CaptainBoden We posted it on the main channel and had to pull it within a week. The head engineer loved it, Corporate has a shit hemmorage
15:30 CaptainBoden brb
15:30 cctoide same blog that released the video of that technician climbing up a tower to replace the light
15:31 cctoide apparently that one got them into trouble though
15:31 LeadHead The one where here free climbed like 1500 feet or something crazy?
15:32 cctoide yes
15:32 cctoide this one
15:32 SparkyPojects The one he said he climbed 1750, but only climbed the last 150, the first 1600 was by lift :P
15:32 LeadHead Yup
15:33 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
15:33 cctoide He pulled it, but it'd already hit youtube by then
15:33 LeadHead Would you free climb 150 feet while already 1600 feet in the air?
15:34 SparkyPojects Well, if you step out the lift at 1600 you could fall and die, what would another 150 add to that, true that i would probably not go that high in the first place, but if i did ....
15:35 speedrunnerG55_ sounds like transmition tower
15:35 SparkyPojects yes it was
15:35 LeadHead Nuts that OSHA allows free climbing
15:35 speedrunnerG55_ lol.
15:37 LeadHead I mean theres points in the video where hes barely holding on and standing on anything
15:37 * speedrunnerG55_ would die it such situation if wasnt tethered
15:37 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 SparkyPojects Any safety organisation doesn't necessarily disallow it, as long as you show reasonable reason, and that it can't be done any other way, safety of aircraft is more important than the safety of one guy
15:38 mashpriborintorg Well, after all, office work is quite good...
15:39 LeadHead OSHA doesn't deal with air planes or anything like that
15:39 LeadHead They're strictly occupational safety
15:39 SparkyPojects No, but they wouldn't want an aircraft to crash into the tower either
15:39 LeadHead and they're real hardasses about everything. If an autoshop at a school has an extension cord running across the floor, that's a demerit
15:40 speedrunnerG55_ lol
15:40 speedrunnerG55_ were is the cord suposed to go
15:40 LeadHead If your drill press does not have a telescopic guard, you either have to put on a guard on it, or permantely disable it until there is a guard
15:40 speedrunnerG55_ (never had auto shop in school)
15:40 SparkyPojects Extension cord across a floor is a trip hazzard
15:41 speedrunnerG55_ telecopic guard?
15:41 speedrunnerG55_ whats that
15:41 LeadHead well I suppose not necesarily telescopic
15:41 speedrunnerG55_ (can amagin it) but ive never seen it
15:41 LeadHead
15:42 speedrunnerG55_ are in more danger of it locking up and hitting you
15:42 speedrunnerG55_ whatever you are drilling
15:43 LeadHead OSHA says anything you're drilling should be clamped securily ;)
15:43 SparkyPojects There's telescopic and flip down guards for drill presses, i removed mine :P
15:43 speedrunnerG55_ ive never had proper clamops in my shop class
15:43 speedrunnerG55_ clamps
15:44 LeadHead Like I said, OSHA are sticklers about everything, even if that extension cord is in use, and is routed cleanly, they still won't have it
15:44 speedrunnerG55_ <---- town has a horible high school when it came to shop/tech classes
15:44 LeadHead They want drop down extension cords from the cieling
15:44 speedrunnerG55_ oh i had those in wood shop
15:45 speedrunnerG55_ i remember, because we didnt have safty cutoff switches
15:45 LeadHead Not necessarily a bad thing, but its just weird when you hear OSHA making an exception allowing people to free-climb something
15:45 SparkyPojects Many times it's possible to plug the extension in closer to where you want power, if not then more power points should be installed.
15:45 speedrunnerG55_ my tech class was practically closed for half a year
15:47 SparkyPojects Look at it this way, they allow live wire work on overheads using a helicopter, because it's the only way to do it, and they've shown a method statement and risk assessment.
15:47 LeadHead I'd rather do that, then free climb 1600 feet in the air
15:48 LeadHead Those guys are usually tethered in
15:49 Sasha Guys, quick question: does tgg have any confirmed guinness world records?
15:51 SparkyPojects I believe Chris said no, but he had the forms and sent them off, he hasn't heard back from them about someone visiting to check, that was a while ago he sent off the forms
15:51 SparkyPojects Guiness need badgering.
15:51 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
15:53 speedrunnerG55_ so whats the defining aspect to why the neutions craddle is "the biggest in the world"
15:53 speedrunnerG55_ number of balls?
15:53 LeadHead Newton
15:53 LeadHead and I believe number of balls is correct
15:53 speedrunnerG55_ ...
15:53 SparkyPojects Sheer size and amount of balls i think
15:53 speedrunnerG55_ newton
15:54 speedrunnerG55_ wouldnt steel balls be better?
15:54 Sasha You know guys, without context, that does sound kinda stupid :P
15:54 LeadHead Yup
15:54 LeadHead Except it'd be a tremendous amount of weigh
15:54 LeadHead weight
15:55 LeadHead and cost
15:55 SparkyPojects If you can get hold of steel balls already drilled with the eyes, then yes
15:55 speedrunnerG55_ so? personally i dont like bowling balls
15:55 SparkyPojects Those bowling balls were specially made to have a harder shell
15:55 Sasha How much does it currently cost?
15:56 mashpriborintorg The small newton craddle in the cafe works pretty well, seems to use billard balls
15:56 LeadHead which are very hard
15:56 LeadHead very hard
15:56 mashpriborintorg yah
15:56 mashpriborintorg I need to find a bucnh of them and make my own
15:56 SparkyPojects Get some large billiard balls then :P
15:57 speedrunnerG55_ how about kroshet balls
16:00 LeadHead If the balls were steel.
16:00 LeadHead At their current size, each one wuld weigh 94 pounds
16:00 LeadHead *would
16:00 SparkyPojects And there's about 30 of them
16:00 LeadHead Regulation bowling balls can't be any more than 16 pounds
16:01 LeadHead You'd be looking at 2,700 pounds in just the balls alone if they were steel
16:02 SparkyPojects As it is, the cradle weighs a ton
16:03 Hackbat I made a 36.16236% Major geek :3
16:03 mashpriborintorg another bigger challenge should be to make the world smallest newton cradle, I wonder if it should still work, at the molecular or atomic level
16:04 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
16:05 speedrunnerG55_ ^^ibm would win
16:05 mashpriborintorg yes they could probably do it, if not already done
16:05 LeadHead I don't think anyone actually makes hardened steel balls
16:05 LeadHead 9.5" diameter
16:06 LeadHead Biggest I can find is 1"
16:08 mashpriborintorg Check for the largest ball bearing use in heavy equipment
16:09 mashpriborintorg very large one often use rollers, btw
16:09 kofee_ left #thegeekgroup
16:09 mashpriborintorg soneone at the lab
16:10 LeadHead looks like the biggest ball bearings are about 12 feet diameter
16:10 separatedmind joined #thegeekgroup
16:10 LeadHead but I don't knwo if they are hardneed
16:10 LeadHead it was being used as a counterweight for bridges
16:11 mashpriborintorg not the thing you can get at surplus stores :/
16:11 LeadHead found some 100mm diamaeter
16:11 critterpal anyone on here know what the project plans are for the lab today?
16:11 LeadHead I suppose someone, somewhere has them
16:11 LeadHead but good luck finding them
16:12 critterpal I am thinking I would like to paint...but then maybe there is something else more pressing
16:12 mashpriborintorg And what about the Taipai 101 counterweight :D
16:12 critterpal like building shelves or something.
16:12 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
16:13 critterpal or maybe there isn't enough paint.
16:14 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
16:16 Sasha Hey guys, and idea why I can't register?
16:18 masterofmonks -NickServ- Information on sasha (account sasha):
16:18 masterofmonks -NickServ- Registered : Jun 10 18:49:20 2010 (47 weeks, 1 day, 21:28:30 ago)
16:18 masterofmonks -NickServ- Last addr  :
16:18 masterofmonks -NickServ- Last seen  : May 05 19:02:07 2011 (1 day, 21:15:43 ago)
16:18 masterofmonks -NickServ- Flags      : HideMail
16:18 masterofmonks -NickServ- *** End of Info ***
16:18 masterofmonks That would be why.
16:19 Sasha Oh, you mean someone already registered under sasha?
16:19 cctoide I think the neatest nanomachine I've seen was a "propeller" connected to a gear with an escapement
16:19 LeadHead Yeah brah'
16:20 masterofmonks Sasha: Yes.
16:21 Sasha Well that sucks. I guess I'll just register as iSasha then
16:21 critterpal what's all the boom boom?
16:21 critterpal shelves?
16:22 speedrunnerG55_ boom boom?
16:23 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
16:23 critterpal on ustream
16:23 speedrunnerG55_ omg
16:23 speedrunnerG55_ that was loud
16:24 speedrunnerG55_ reminds me of thumper
16:24 critterpal not quite that loud. and definitely metallic sound
16:25 speedrunnerG55_ CORY
16:25 * speedrunnerG55_ sees a cory
16:25 speedrunnerG55_ were are we going
16:25 critterpal cory always looks like he just got out of bed
16:26 critterpal unloading truck
16:26 speedrunnerG55_ are you comming back
16:26 Sasha Uh, I still can't register...
16:26 speedrunnerG55_ ohh that thing has numbers on it
16:27 Druidic_Rifleman more stuff
16:27 speedrunnerG55_ ok imdone quoting GLaDOS cores
16:27 critterpal I guess I will go help unload that truck...
16:27 speedrunnerG55_ thats cool
16:28 critterpal buhbye
16:28 speedrunnerG55_ when is the cnc going to go
16:28 speedrunnerG55_ cnc's
16:28 critterpal I thought the CNC machines were going to be shipped
16:28 speedrunnerG55_ ok, they should be
16:28 speedrunnerG55_ but when
16:29 critterpal that is a good question
16:29 cctoide` joined #thegeekgroup
16:29 speedrunnerG55_ hey ccthode
16:30 speedrunnerG55_ cctoide.....what is cctoide
16:31 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
16:32 speedrunnerG55_ i hear chriss?
16:32 speedrunnerG55_ i see chriss
16:33 Druidic_Rifleman why don't they pop that pallet off with a fork lift?
16:33 Hackbat poor poor server D:
16:33 Hackbat
16:33 critterpal they will
16:33 speedrunnerG55_ there you go
16:34 speedrunnerG55_ :D
16:34 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
16:34 speedrunnerG55_ whats that emmision comming off the top
16:35 speedrunnerG55_ of the forklift
16:35 speedrunnerG55_ thats gass powered?
16:35 critterpal exhaust
16:35 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
16:36 speedrunnerG55_ 0_0
16:38 LeadHead aww dang
16:38 LeadHead the ignition transformer for my furance just quit
16:39 speedrunnerG55_ OMNII
16:41 Druidic_Rifleman School Av cart
16:41 speedrunnerG55_ this?
16:41 speedrunnerG55_ what is "this"
16:43 Druidic_Rifleman loud bat man is loud
16:44 Druidic_Rifleman you can hear moose playing with omnii
16:44 speedrunnerG55_ lol omni
16:47 speedrunnerG55_ what were those red boxes?
16:47 critterpal empty containers
16:48 speedrunnerG55_ i see they are getting more shelving
16:48 speedrunnerG55_ thats cool
16:48 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
16:48 speedrunnerG55_ they make shelving look cool
16:50 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
16:50 speedrunnerG55_ the irony
16:51 SparkyPojects I think those red boxes fit on the shelving in that wall
16:51 speedrunnerG55_ ohh, thats cool
16:52 Big_E joined #thegeekgroup
16:53 speedrunnerG55_ were are we going
16:54 SparkyPojects They should move that cable on the floor, i can see that getting damaged.
16:54 speedrunnerG55_ what type of cabpble is it
16:54 speedrunnerG55_ hi chriss
16:55 speedrunnerG55_ bbut ye i think they should move it
16:55 SparkyPojects Don't know, but it's for the vehicle lift, they don't actually need that yet. it was done to test the lift
16:56 speedrunnerG55_ oh ok
16:59 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
17:03 SparkyPojects Is that critterpal talking to Chris ?
17:04 LeadHead whos critterpal
17:04 critterpal Amy
17:04 critterpal is I
17:04 SparkyPojects He was talking about going to the lab to help unload ^
17:04 critterpal she
17:04 critterpal is me
17:05 SparkyPojects ops :P
17:05 tesla4d Woot!
17:05 * tesla4d has passed the Technician class exam
17:05 tesla4d Just waiting for my callsign now.
17:05 LeadHead is that the kid that showed up
17:05 LeadHead the other day
17:06 critterpal I don't know who that is in the forklift with chris
17:06 critterpal can't see well enough
17:07 speedrunnerG55_ tesla4d awesomw!!
17:07 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
17:08 speedrunnerG55_ tesla 4d, im actually studdying for that now
17:08 speedrunnerG55_ whats it like
17:08 tesla4d Thank you! I'm so excited. They let me try the General class test, but I did not pass it since I didn't study, like, at all.
17:08 speedrunnerG55_ cool, whats the test like
17:09 tesla4d The technician class license exam is pretty easy. It's a 35-question multiple choice exam, and it's mostly about basic electronic theory and a little bit of the laws about what Hams are allowed to do.
17:09 tesla4d You can take a practice exam online:
17:10 speedrunnerG55_ ok, ill just do that and see what i can do
17:10 masterofmonks
17:10 speedrunnerG55_ im also readding the studdy guide
17:11 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
17:13 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: jaaz95 on buckyball success!!!
17:15 SparkyPojects Hi Chris :)
17:15 speedrunnerG55_ :D
17:15 SparkyPojects Give him a chance
17:16 Druidic_Rifleman whats a variack?
17:16 SparkyPojects Wales is part of the UK
17:16 critterpal Need to see what kind of talent he has besides video production
17:16 speedrunnerG55_ single winding?
17:16 Druidic_Rifleman ummm make him do a ballerina move?
17:17 Druidic_Rifleman No job if he Cant make a fool of him self
17:17 LeadHead A variac is an adjustable autotransformer
17:17 Cornholio joined #thegeekgroup
17:17 LeadHead It's a transformer with a dial on the top
17:17 LeadHead and you can go from 0 volts to a little over line voltage
17:17 speedrunnerG55_ oh ye autotransformer, i rmember now
17:17 cctoide` is now known as cctoide
17:17 * speedrunnerG55_ havving fun
17:18 Druidic_Rifleman He attempted making a fool of him self give him the job
17:18 Druidic_Rifleman Yeah XD we can make fun of him
17:18 speedrunnerG55_ like 0-130 i saw one in my friends house,
17:18 speedrunnerG55_ they cant be used as isolation transfomers yes?
17:19 LeadHead They cannot
17:19 LeadHead nuetral is common between the input
17:19 LeadHead and output
17:19 Sasha Who's chris talking too?
17:19 SparkyPojects Brandon, new guy
17:19 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
17:19 Daddeldu joined #thegeekgroup
17:20 dr_jkl OW OW OW OW FUCK
17:20 cctoide time to work on lip reading skills
17:20 * dr_jkl hops around holding a finger she just shut in a desk drawer
17:20 speedrunnerG55_ lol,nice
17:20 cctoide well, pixel reading is more like it
17:20 Sasha What's his department?
17:20 cctoide is that Steve's car?
17:20 speedrunnerG55_ dj_jkl oh noe!!
17:20 SparkyPojects He is wanting to learn video production
17:21 * Druidic_Rifleman things we totally need to Do a deadlyest geek contest.
17:21 Druidic_Rifleman thinkS
17:21 Cprossu wow
17:21 Cprossu that was surprisingly easy
17:22 Cprossu with any luck through usps, I'll have my technician lisc in the mail soon
17:22 Druidic_Rifleman I;ve found that USPS doesn't destroy my shit like UPS does
17:22 Cprossu Damn near got my general lisc too unstudied (missed 4 too many though)
17:22 Cprossu thanks CaptainBoden
17:22 Druidic_Rifleman And they are just as fast comming to canada
17:23 Druidic_Rifleman though. . . apparently the lab hasn't gotten the video cards i sent them
17:23 Cprossu Customs probably thinks the heatsinks are stuffed with cocaine
17:24 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
17:24 Cprossu give it some time
17:24 exor674 dust. cocaine
17:24 exor674 same diffrence
17:24 SparkyPojects Didn't tracking say they delivered ? maybe you should contact them
17:24 Cprossu there is a difference though
17:24 Cprossu one is legal to ship
17:24 Cprossu xD
17:25 Daddeldu left #thegeekgroup
17:25 Cprossu when did red leave?
17:25 Druidic_Rifleman never ship jello
17:25 exor674 powder or prepared?
17:26 Druidic_Rifleman powdered
17:27 Cprossu lol they'll think it's cherry flavored cocaine?
17:28 Druidic_Rifleman LOL
17:28 Druidic_Rifleman Canada custems has this bad habbit of steeling stuff
17:29 exor674 like jello?
17:29 exor674 they can't go out and *buy* jello?
17:29 cctoide
17:29 cctoide 3rd item
17:30 masterofmonks left #thegeekgroup
17:30 masterofmonks joined #thegeekgroup
17:30 BotSteve Spatula.
17:31 mikemol joined #thegeekgroup
17:31 Druidic_Rifleman They Confiscated an EMT's entry tool
17:31 Druidic_Rifleman Said it was a prohibited weapon
17:31 mikemol BotSteve: Any messages?
17:31 mikemol k
17:31 speedrunnerG55_ in the practise test i got a 71, first day studying, didnt know much regulation yet
17:32 mikemol An FYI for anyone who wants to know, I'm going to make it to the lab today.
17:32 mikemol er.
17:32 speedrunnerG55_ never ship galium via us air
17:33 mikemol That was supposed to be, "An FYI for anyone who wants to know, I'm not going to make it to the lab today."
17:33 mikemol Also got "probably not going to be there"'s from most of the people who I know would normally try.
17:34 mikemol left #thegeekgroup
17:34 speedrunnerG55_ tesla4d?
17:34 tesla4d Yar?
17:35 speedrunnerG55_ i got a 71, not good with the regulation yet i think
17:35 speedrunnerG55_ my first day studying
17:35 tesla4d Yeah, that's the hard part.
17:35 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
17:35 tesla4d The theory is all really easy, if you're a geek.
17:35 speedrunnerG55_ electronics part was laughable
17:36 tesla4d That's what I mean.
17:36 speedrunnerG55_ what is the identifyer to a station..."ssid" wtf
17:36 speedrunnerG55_ thats wifi
17:36 exor674 lol ssid.. really?
17:40 speedrunnerG55_ aslso a question amout amplitud modulation
17:40 speedrunnerG55_ what used itt, i think it was ssb
17:40 speedrunnerG55_ one of the answeres were spread spectrum
17:40 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
17:40 speedrunnerG55_ thats also wifi, yes?
17:45 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
17:45 BotSteve All right, show us on the doll where Seroster touched you.
17:46 Seroster Good job, BatSteve-Away! =D
17:48 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
17:49 Obtuse_ anyone have any ideas why these LED bulbs cost 25 bucks ...
17:49 Obtuse_ what is in these guys
17:49 Obtuse_ yes, i know LEDs
17:50 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
17:50 Kafka because the LEDs in it each cost more than an incandescent bulb?
17:51 tggmc1 The str4eam right now is going to be live coverage of some zomb guys taking downthe drop ceiling in the cafe area
17:51 WB1A2 because they can and some people are dumb enough to buy it at that price?
17:51 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
17:51 speedrunnerG55_ what was that for
17:51 Obtuse_ yes, they will cost more than incandescent but 25 is quite steep
17:52 Obtuse_ they have between 5 and 9 Leds
17:52 Kafka Obtuse_, also, pretty housing and all the circuitry needed to let an LED run from the power in a lightbulb socket
17:52 NeWtoz I own a server rack now :) :)
17:53 speedrunnerG55_ coool
17:53 Kafka it'd cost less than half that to make, but... well, profit has to come from somewhere
17:53 Obtuse_ they're just not quite cheap enough
17:53 speedrunnerG55_ newtoz the z a sideways n
17:53 Kafka The headphone amps I build I sell with a 300% markup
17:53 Obtuse_ although really cool!
17:53 Kafka why? because I can
17:54 NeWtoz it is a variation of Newton, but I like your idea better then my old one now that you mention it....
17:54 Obtuse_ Audiophails will pay anything for marketing words
17:54 Kafka Obtuse_, um, a headphone amp isn't marketing
17:54 * NeWtoz wonders why he never thought of it...
17:54 Kafka I have several pairs of headphones that literally do nothing without an amp
17:55 NeWtoz as of now, speedrunnerG55: yes
17:55 Obtuse_ oh i understand.
17:55 speedrunnerG55_ :D
17:55 Kafka now, if I was selling cables...
17:55 tggmc1 hey Brad, you listening?
17:55 speedrunnerG55_ its  like the n is falling sideways
17:55 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
17:55 speedrunnerG55_ :D
17:55 Obtuse_ i'm just saying they will pay anything and not price shop
17:55 Kafka also not true
17:56 tggmc1 WB1A2, you listening?
17:56 Kafka most audiophiles never pay MSRP for their equipment
17:56 Kafka well, real audiophiles. not those people who say "I spent $30,000 on cables because they sound better than your cables!"
17:56 WB1A2 Yes I am
17:56 Obtuse_ yea, i guess i was targeting those chumps
17:56 Obtuse_ like people who shop at audio advisor
17:56 Kafka or "yeah, I gotta let this solid-state amp burn in before i can review it"
17:57 WB1A2 Am I supposed to be hearing something in particular?
17:57 tggmc1 trying on echolink
17:57 Kafka burnin on speakers is real, because they have moving parts that settle after some good use
17:57 Kafka other than that, no
17:57 cctoide wow, really
17:57 cctoide $20 to register a tone generator I could probably code myself with no special knowledge :/
17:58 tggmc1 trying to get you on echolink, no joy
17:58 Obtuse_ my favorite joke is those Monster HDMI cables
17:58 Obtuse_ 80 bucks for 6 feet of cable
17:58 tggmc1 ok, so, if I want toinitiate a QSO, how do I do thiat
17:58 Obtuse_ for Digital signals
17:58 Kafka well, actually, if you get them at the prices the retailers get them it's worth it just for the durability
17:58 Kafka they're not that expensive if you order them in bulk
17:59 speedrunnerG55_ what is echolink by the way
17:59 Kafka and if you buy them at a store you have a insane markup
17:59 NeWtoz ham radio using a computer program
17:59 speedrunnerG55_ ive seen it in tthe club
17:59 Obtuse_ Kafka, where do you live?
17:59 speedrunnerG55_ it was down so i didnt know what it was
17:59 tggmc1 trying on calling 444600
17:59 Kafka Obtuse_, mboro
18:00 speedrunnerG55_ it was labeled on a computer
18:00 speedrunnerG55_ im not technitian yet
18:00 speedrunnerG55_ *yet*
18:00 Obtuse_ mboro? murfressboro, AK?
18:00 tggmc1 no joy
18:00 Seroster Obtuse_, the reason a LED bulb costs way more than its incadecant counterpart is because it got a crapload of electronics in it.  Either a voltage regulator or a transformer, and is generally harder and more expensive to make
18:01 Kafka Obtuse_, nope
18:01 Cornholio left #thegeekgroup
18:01 WB1A2 And it will have more life one hopes.
18:01 tggmc1 ?
18:01 Kafka Obtuse_, the murfreesboro where all those protests about "mooslims takin over amurrika" happened
18:02 Obtuse_ hm, true Seroster, forgot about that part. gotta convert the AC to DC for LEDs.
18:02 Kafka silly rednecks
18:02 speedrunnerG55_ rectyfyer
18:02 Seroster I dont know if it rectifies the voltage before it goes into the diodes or the diodes just run half the cykle
18:02 Seroster And a capacitor do reduce flickering
18:02 Seroster I think that would be cheaper
18:03 Obtuse_ probably what they do then.
18:03 critterpal I hope there is something for me to do when I get there.
18:03 Obtuse_ merica, fuck yea
18:03 Seroster Obtuse_, I could check in the lightbulbs collection box the next time I throw out the garbage, might be able to find a LED bulb and autopsy it
18:04 Obtuse_ yea Seroster? that would be awesome.
18:04 Obtuse_ i just started seeing them sold in the states at the big box stores
18:04 Obtuse_ time for food
18:05 Obtuse_ bbl
18:06 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
18:07 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:09 WB1A2 Does one have to have a valid Amateur Radio license to listen in on echolink? or is that only if you talk out?
18:10 Cprossu tggmc1: what's new?
18:10 NeWtoz WB1A2, I do
18:10 NeWtoz OH, misread
18:11 NeWtoz WB1A2, kind of
18:11 NeWtoz you need one to run the program
18:11 WB1A2 Oh, well then that's a yes. Bummer.
18:11 Cprossu took my technician exam today and passed, waiting on the mail
18:12 Cprossu Damn near got my general without studying too
18:12 NeWtoz took me a few months to get mine in the mail
18:12 Cprossu I had 45 minutes to study hahahah
18:12 Cprossu worked out well though
18:13 NeWtoz I attended a study session on the day of the exam, after the first hour, since I studied a little before had, all I did was study for the general
18:13 Cprossu the general asked quite a bunch of proceedurals
18:13 NeWtoz I even took the extra just to see how lucky I can guess
18:13 Cprossu I got the technicals all right, but missed on the rules stuff
18:14 NeWtoz I didn't pass the extra ;)
18:14 Cprossu the extra looks daunting
18:14 Cprossu years ago (like in 2002) I prepped to take the darn thing
18:14 Cprossu and... decided to not do morse.. I was 'busy' and all
18:15 Cprossu so I let it slide
18:15 Cprossu now they don't even require it?!
18:15 NeWtoz it does, I was thinking about studying to get it, but quickly decided not to
18:15 Cprossu I'll be doing all my morse with computer =P
18:15 Cprossu lol
18:16 NeWtoz i'd probably only take it just so I can claim I have it
18:17 Cprossu <dork>I can't wait to see what my callsign ends up being</dork>
18:17 NeWtoz I'm happy I didn't have to learn morse code
18:17 NeWtoz I just wish two letters of mine were switched
18:18 NeWtoz last 3 are NRP, kinda wanted NPR afterwards
18:18 NeWtoz just so I could say "national public radio" when I say my call sign
18:19 NeWtoz but it is a cool feeling knowing you have a callsign
18:20 Cprossu Now I just need the lisc and some equipment to get me started
18:22 NeWtoz I just have an old handheld
18:22 Cprossu I'll probably nab an old motorola
18:22 NeWtoz but I've been wanting to put one in my vehicle for a while now
18:23 NeWtoz just haven't done the research yet
18:23 Cprossu although I did laugh a bit
18:23 Cprossu on the general
18:24 Cprossu there was a question about the problems of using 'tin lead solder'
18:24 Cprossu hahahaha
18:24 Cprossu lead poisioning if not handled correctly?! rofl
18:24 Cprossu be back later though
18:24 Druidic_Rifleman I have 25 lbs of lead shot
18:25 wannabe1987 .weather kgrr
18:25 BotSteve wannabe1987: At 11:35Z, Druidic_Rifleman asked me to tell you this is an awesome larp weapon
18:25 BotSteve Scattered, 66.2℉ (19℃), 29.87in (1008mb), Light air 3kt (↻) - KGRR 17:53Z
18:25 wannabe1987 scattered what/!
18:25 wannabe1987 ?!*
18:25 NeWtoz probably showers
18:25 NeWtoz but it's really nice out
18:25 wannabe1987 its sunny (barely any clouds) and HOT
18:25 wannabe1987 its fuckin HOTTTTTT
18:25 wannabe1987 i walked 1/2 hour to the rehearsal and 1/2 hour home...
18:26 wannabe1987 shoulda drove..but parkings a bitch
18:26 NeWtoz I was just out in it, and I enjoyed
18:26 NeWtoz had my windows down going down the highway
18:27 wannabe1987 where r u?
18:27 wannabe1987 i don't have gas to drive many places...
18:27 NeWtoz Hudsonville
18:28 wannabe1987 really?!
18:28 wannabe1987 i grew up in georgetown forest...
18:28 NeWtoz I've only been here for a year, I'm originally from Big Rapids
18:28 wannabe1987 cool
18:29 wannabe1987 whatcha doin in hudsy?
18:29 Big_E left #thegeekgroup
18:29 NeWtoz just living, I work in grand rapids
18:30 wannabe1987 ahhhh
18:30 wannabe1987 cool
18:30 wannabe1987 my parents still live 28th and baldwin-ish
18:30 NeWtoz 28th and port sheldon
18:30 NeWtoz right down the road
18:30 xanhs stage gonne open in a minut
18:31 Druidic_Rifleman wannabe did you get that link
18:33 wannabe1987 cool NeWtoz
18:33 wannabe1987 Druidic_Rifleman yes but i dont care
18:34 master0fmonks joined #thegeekgroup
18:35 wannabe1987 hi master0fmonks
18:36 masterofmonks left #thegeekgroup
18:37 master0fmonks is now known as masterofmonks
18:38 wannabe1987 hi masterofmonks
18:38 masterofmonks Hi wannabe1987
18:38 wannabe1987 hows life?
18:39 masterofmonks Umm, I just cut a 2 inch hole in a piece of 5/8" thick work hardened cast steel with a hole saw and a hand drill. It's allright.
18:39 chunks joined #thegeekgroup
18:40 NeWtoz at first I thought you said jig saw..
18:40 NeWtoz I was confused
18:41 masterofmonks It's possible....
18:41 wannabe1987 i don't know what you said or why you said it...
18:41 masterofmonks 2 inch hole, got that part?
18:41 xanhs the stage stream is offline if you want to see that is inpossible
18:41 wannabe1987 yes
18:41 wannabe1987 the guy next to me is playing minecraft
18:42 masterofmonks 5/8 inch thick got that part?
18:42 grwebguy joined #thegeekgroup
18:42 grwebguy left #thegeekgroup
18:43 wannabe1987 yes
18:43 wannabe1987 the drills and saws confuse me
18:43 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
18:43 wannabe1987 HI tggRED
18:43 tggRED Hi dear.
18:43 wannabe1987 hows life?
18:43 tggRED Hi internet
18:44 xanhs hi red
18:44 tggRED stressed, Life is stressful, I have no money for gas to get to and from GR.
18:44 tggRED :\
18:44 exor674 aw :'(
18:44 wannabe1987 awwww ((hugs)) i'll give you a real one in a bit...
18:45 wannabe1987 i hear we're going ot the lab for the car...and zomb
18:45 tggRED the car?
18:46 wannabe1987 tesla?
18:46 wannabe1987 BA says its coming in today
18:48 Druidic_Rifleman it's red!!!
18:48 wannabe1987 ...
18:49 speedrunnerG55_ left #thegeekgroup
18:49 tggRED Hey
18:50 wannabe1987 so i blame blake...i have parts of REPO stuck in my head...we watched it last night...and we were quoting it at the lip dub today...
18:55 wannabe1987 its all good, i guess...
18:58 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
19:00 Druidic_Rifleman so what are you working on today tggRED
19:00 tggRED Nothing yet, just hanging out at the moment.
19:00 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
19:02 Fulsy I see that horrible 1960's dropdown ceiling in the lobby is gone
19:03 masterofmonks wannabe1987:
19:03 NeWtoz That was my favorite part!
19:03 NeWtoz poor poor ceiling
19:03 Obtuse_ I think today is going to be a music making day
19:03 NeWtoz I'll miss you
19:03 Obtuse_ gonna load up Reason and Record
19:04 cctoide hope they're going to paint the actual ceiling like it is in the cafe
19:04 Obtuse_ and make some electronic dance music
19:04 wannabe1987 Obtuse_ u coming 2 lab 2day?
19:04 Obtuse_ not planning on it at this point
19:04 wannabe1987 :(
19:05 Fulsy I did like the light fixtures though
19:07 Kafka I wanna get a pair of Martin Logan Vantage
19:10 speedrunnerG55_ I saw this guy just now dresses like Waldo
19:10 * speedrunnerG55_ found Waldo
19:11 wannabe1987 at the lab? or...
19:11 speedrunnerG55_ By a store I go to
19:11 * wannabe1987 is tired...walked 1 hour inthe sun today
19:13 NeWtoz sweet, woot shirts came in the mail
19:13 wannabe1987 ??
19:13 speedrunnerG55_ Woot?
19:13 NeWtoz
19:13 speedrunnerG55_ Wool?
19:13 wannabe1987 ooo
19:13 NeWtoz no no no, not wool
19:14 speedrunnerG55_ Can I have URL. Not domain
19:14 NeWtoz
19:14 NeWtoz they sell one shirt every night
19:16 speedrunnerG55_ One design?
19:16 LeadHead or one shirt
19:16 NeWtoz I bought and
19:16 NeWtoz one design, not one shirt
19:16 NeWtoz that would be weird and silly
19:16 LeadHead Woot is weird
19:16 LeadHead and silly
19:16 NeWtoz you do have a point there
19:16 speedrunnerG55_ Lol and if you got 2..that would be lucky
19:17 speedrunnerG55_ The portal one is funny
19:18 NeWtoz if you go into the forums ('community') you can see what they've done in the past
19:19 NeWtoz they do go on a pun spree a lot
19:20 speedrunnerG55_ I swear ferbys are evil
19:20 Fulsy oh god
19:20 Fulsy furbies
19:21 Fulsy especially when their batteries die
19:21 speedrunnerG55_ I made one talk to me in a store
19:21 speedrunnerG55_ It won't stop
19:21 speedrunnerG55_ I think this one is going low on batteries
19:21 speedrunnerG55_ Distorted voice
19:22 Fulsy *In distorted voice* Me love you
19:22 Fulsy 0_0
19:22 wannabe1987 ...
19:23 wannabe1987 c-4!
19:23 speedrunnerG55_ .yt furby on fire
19:23 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_:
19:23 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
19:23 speedrunnerG55_ Or is it
19:23 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
19:23 speedrunnerG55_ .yt furbie In microwave
19:23 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_:
19:24 Fulsy lmao
19:24 Fulsy Cock a doodle doo- BZZZZZZZZZZZZ
19:24 speedrunnerG55_ ye lol
19:24 Fulsy Put a furby in thumper
19:24 speedrunnerG55_ Yes!
19:24 wannabe1987 :O
19:24 mashpriborintorg and unknown girls on the stream
19:25 wannabe1987 joker says thats teh best use for a furby
19:25 wannabe1987 o?
19:25 speedrunnerG55_ What?
19:25 Fulsy Furby: Cock a doodle*BLAM*
19:25 wannabe1987 mashpriborintorg - hi!
19:25 Fulsy Boden: LOVE MAH JOB
19:25 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
19:25 mashpriborintorg hi, I'm  back after BBQ
19:26 speedrunnerG55_ Omg WTF BBQ
19:26 wannabe1987 BBQ?
19:26 wannabe1987 frenchies do american bbqs?
19:27 mashpriborintorg .w bbq
19:27 Fulsy OH GOD
19:27 BotSteve "Barbecue or barbeque (common spelling variant)[1]| (with abbreviations BBQ & Bar-B-Q; Barbie, used chiefly in Australia and New Zealand; Braai used in South Africa) is a method and apparatus for cooking meat or poultry with the heat and hot smoke of a fire, smoking [...]" -
19:27 mashpriborintorg yes, in fact
19:27 wannabe1987 o god what, Fulsy
19:27 wannabe1987 lol
19:27 Fulsy Thumper Buzzer
19:28 mashpriborintorg bbq with thumper should be less time consuming, btw
19:28 speedrunnerG55_ LOL
19:29 Fulsy Awesome flash
19:29 Fulsy Omni!
19:29 mashpriborintorg There's a bug in the stream matrix, I've already seen this dog
19:31 speedrunnerG55_
19:32 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
19:33 wannabe1987 OMNI dog...
19:35 speedrunnerG55_ Omni?
19:35 wannabe1987 omni is chris' dog
19:36 speedrunnerG55_ I know.
19:36 speedrunnerG55_ What about omni
19:36 NeWtoz I assumed he appeared in the live feed
19:37 mashpriborintorg she doesn't stop showing on the camera
19:37 NeWtoz she
19:37 NeWtoz I have a bad habbit of assume all animals are male
19:37 NeWtoz habit
19:38 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
19:38 speedrunnerG55_ Omni is a she?
19:38 NeWtoz I have no idea
19:38 wannabe1987 yes
19:39 NeWtoz I do have an idea
19:39 wannabe1987 the joker says omni is a girl
19:39 wannabe1987 the joker has been a part of tgg longer than i have...
19:40 LeadHead the joker?
19:40 wannabe1987 aka hoedown, a user here..
19:40 LeadHead oh
19:40 speedrunnerG55_ What's up with these comic book Herod
19:40 speedrunnerG55_ Heros
19:41 wannabe1987 ...i dunno...he was the joker before i met hime
19:41 wannabe1987 him*
19:42 wannabe1987 its actually for zomb...
19:42 HoeDown joined #thegeekgroup
19:42 HoeDown Somebody call for a Joker?
19:42 mashpriborintorg wow, that's reactivity
19:43 speedrunnerG55_ Did the motors I sent get there?
19:43 wannabe1987 i don't know speedrunnerG55_
19:43 speedrunnerG55_ Small electric dc motors.
19:43 wannabe1987 doesn't help
19:43 wannabe1987 i haven't been there
19:43 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
19:44 HoeDown ooh, how small? they may become part of one of my projects if they aren't claimed already
19:44 mashpriborintorg I've sent a small overseas parcel too, with some neat unusual stuff, the contents will be a surprize
19:44 speedrunnerG55_ Like the ones in that camera project
19:45 mashpriborintorg chris should show it in a blog, but I had to do a small parcel, in order to keep low postage fees
19:45 HoeDown hmm. give me an actual "smaller than a breadbox" description, i'm not familiar with a lot of the projects previously done
19:46 speedrunnerG55_ Like 1inch wide 3 inch
19:46 speedrunnerG55_ Long
19:47 speedrunnerG55_ Estamate
19:47 HoeDown ah. then i could totally use those. heading in to the lab to-day, i'll ask if i remember
19:48 speedrunnerG55_ Ok I sent 8
19:48 HoeDown alrighty! (three more than i need, perfect)
19:48 speedrunnerG55_ :)
19:49 speedrunnerG55_ What you making
19:50 wannabe1987 something epic i guess
19:50 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
19:51 tesla4d left #thegeekgroup
19:51 HoeDown well, i've had my mind set on a few different projects, but the one i'm thinking of here is more of a strength-augmentation thing, enhance dexterity and grip strength in a sort of glove-like device.
19:51 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
19:51 HoeDown prosthetics and strength augmentation have been my main focuses for my ideas lately, actually
19:51 hubzcaps admiral bird!!
19:52 wannabe1987 hi hubzcaps
19:52 Laryk joined #thegeekgroup
19:52 hubzcaps hello wannabe87 (;
19:52 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
19:52 Bat-Mobile cheers
19:53 hubzcaps heloo batman
19:54 hubzcaps i wouldnt wanna F with batman  quite a burly dude!! duardian of the TOOL room!!!   RAWWWWWWRRRR
19:54 speedrunnerG55_ I'm thinking those motor would work better for arms
19:54 speedrunnerG55_ Or even legs or feet
19:54 hubzcaps cheesy bread mm
19:55 speedrunnerG55_ Hi hubzcaps
19:55 hubzcaps yo
19:55 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
19:56 speedrunnerG55_ What's up hubzcaps
19:56 Ponko92 i feel a zomb coming on
19:56 hubzcaps nagant mousin   holy shit what a gun!!!!
19:56 hubzcaps shot that yesterday
19:56 hubzcaps 7.62.54
19:56 speedrunnerG55_ ...?
19:56 wannabe1987 hubzcaps batman and bat-mobile / batsteve are NOT the same person...
19:56 hubzcaps ohhhhhhh
19:57 hubzcaps (:
19:57 wannabe1987 batman is a rather large guy with suspenders...bat-mobile is skinny
19:57 speedrunnerG55_ Lol ^tru
19:57 Bat-Mobile and attractive
19:57 hubzcaps .w nagant mousin
19:57 BotSteve "The Mosin–Nagant (Russian: Винтовка Мосина, ISO 9: Vintovka Mosina) is a bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations." -
19:57 speedrunnerG55_ Lol BatSteve-Away
19:57 speedrunnerG55_ I mean lol Bat-Mobile
19:58 wannabe1987 Bat-Mobile i wouldn't know :P
19:58 HoeDown well, i've got a design in mind, works with a sort of counter-tensioning system, so that everything has the reactivity of being instantaneous, but the flexibility of slight movements. though i bet you're right, I could probaby improve my current arm prosthetic sketchups to include the same motors
19:58 wannabe1987 .seen CSMonster
19:58 BotSteve wannabe1987: I last saw csmonster 13.47 hours ago at 2011-05-07 06:29:51 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 19:58:18 UTC
19:58 wannabe1987 awwwww
19:58 Ponko92 time for a HoeDown
19:58 hubzcaps rodeo!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:58 hubzcaps romp
19:59 hubzcaps < starts engine
20:00 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell tell Gentlemen START YOUR ENGINES
20:00 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when tell is around.
20:00 wannabe1987 ...
20:00 Druidic_Rifleman hub caps
20:00 Druidic_Rifleman
20:00 wannabe1987 Druidic_Rifleman:;t=12826
20:01 Ponko92 yay wannabe is here
20:01 wannabe1987 ...
20:01 hubzcaps nice  yup those the parts
20:01 wannabe1987 i brought hoedown...
20:02 wannabe1987 hi Ponko92 :D
20:03 Druidic_Rifleman Cool Wannabe1987
20:03 Ponko92 hmm brb gotta do something
20:04 HoeDown WILL IT BLEND?
20:04 Ponko92 CAPTAIN HOE
20:05 HoeDown yes?
20:05 Ponko92 not you i was saying captain walked by
20:05 wannabe1987 you spelled hoe wrong then...
20:05 HoeDown lol
20:05 Bat-Mobile oh
20:05 Ponko92 see
20:05 wannabe1987 it'd be captian HO!
20:05 Bat-Mobile ho, not hoe
20:05 Ponko92 thats what i was GOING to put aswell
20:06 Fulsy incoming demolition
20:06 speedrunnerG55_ Hi wannabe
20:07 Ponko92 WE GOT INCOMING
20:07 mashpriborintorg the langoliers are coming !
20:07 wannabe1987 what...hi
20:07 wannabe1987 whats being demoed?!  do i need to get over there soon?
20:07 Fulsy The Ceiling apparently
20:08 HoeDown careful, don't piss off the cat
20:09 mashpriborintorg everything will fall apart !
20:09 wannabe1987 oh noes!
20:09 Ponko92 shooting down the walls of heartache bang bang
20:10 Ponko92 i am the warrior
20:10 Ponko92 lol
20:10 Fulsy are they gonna get rid of that ugly green floor too?
20:10 Laryk left #thegeekgroup
20:11 mashpriborintorg I don't think so
20:11 wannabe1987 what room?
20:11 mashpriborintorg but the ceiling is dirty, and the real ceiling behind it as a great industrial look
20:12 mashpriborintorg some corridor
20:12 mashpriborintorg behing the cafe area I think
20:13 _Poweroid_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:13 HoeDown more asbestos ceiling doom?
20:13 SparkyStudio Cafe to HV lab
20:13 SparkyStudio the blue doorway is HVL
20:13 wannabe1987 omg more people!!!!
20:14 wannabe1987 (in my house, that is...)
20:14 NeWtoz Party at wannabe1987's
20:14 Fulsy Tomorrow's my birthday
20:14 Fulsy ..on mother's day...
20:14 wannabe1987 helllllll to the yes!!!!
20:14 wannabe1987 ....
20:14 wannabe1987 i sorry
20:15 mashpriborintorg geeks + ladderq + hammers = weapon on mass destruction
20:15 Fulsy how many geeks does it take to remove a janky-ass ceiling
20:15 mashpriborintorg poor Saddam, he didn't know it
20:15 Fulsy LOL
20:15 Fulsy someone touched a wire
20:15 NeWtoz heh
20:15 HoeDown heh, i gots a joke
20:15 NeWtoz either that, or someone just messed with them
20:16 HoeDown question: how many lighting guys does it take to change a light bulb?
20:16 LeadHead Is this a theater joke?
20:16 exor674 how many light bulbs does it to change a human!
20:16 HoeDown yes it is.
20:16 wannabe1987 you spelled theatre wrong
20:16 Fulsy In soviet russia, light bulbs change YOU
20:16 HoeDown because i'm a terrible person.
20:16 LeadHead I'm going to say at least 5
20:17 exor674 in that case: They're not called light bulbs. they're called *lamps*
20:17 HoeDown SOMEONE GETS IT. danke, exor.
20:17 _Poweroid_ aziz light !
20:18 exor674 and in my experience in the ONE lamp I had to see changed when I was doing tech
20:18 exor674 3
20:18 LeadHead Light-Board operator yell the bulbs burned, a few stage hands to yell the bulbs burned at the board operator, two actors say they like it better burned out since the light isn't in their eyes
20:18 exor674 { those fuckers are hard to change }
20:18 HoeDown and the Master Electrician kills them all.
20:18 HoeDown and then changes the lamp
20:18 HoeDown but depends on the fixture, really
20:19 wannabe1987 lol
20:19 HoeDown I'm an audio tech mostly, but i've done my share of lighting work
20:19 * wannabe1987 hugs exor674 :D
20:19 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987
20:19 LeadHead I messed with helping out with ilghting in high school
20:19 LeadHead that was enough to tell me not to make a career in doing that
20:19 * SparkyStudio has done stage lighting, school and theatre
20:20 wannabe1987 SparkyStudio!  you spell theatre the right way!!! !:D
20:20 NeWtoz no
20:20 exor674 when I was doing theatre lighting, I got suckered into being a focus dummy way too many times
20:20 SparkyStudio yeah, because i'm English :D
20:20 Fulsy holy hell
20:20 LeadHead Oh, you just finished making your entire cue-stack?
20:20 Fulsy computer is just randomly crapping out
20:20 LeadHead Let me just re-write the entire play an hour before show
20:20 Fulsy explorer.exe just died
20:20 HoeDown lol, indeed. I've been doing a bit of audio/backstage work here and there. And i hated being in the catwalks, so working as focus-dummy was the shit job on my list
20:21 LeadHead "You'll be able to make and test all the lighting changes for rehersal in 5 minutes, right?"
20:21 wannabe1987 i'm confused/lost...someone wanna show me the  light?
20:21 Bat-Mobile anyone want to help settle an argument? what makes drafting different than other types of drawing?
20:21 LeadHead You get paid to draft
20:21 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell CSMonster that theres an epic link on her facebook about guns
20:21 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when CSMonster is around.
20:22 _Poweroid_ left #thegeekgroup
20:22 SparkyStudio In school we needed a follow spot, so the metalwork teacher made a bar with 2 tang ends, the woodwork teacher made 2 file handles to go on the ends, the assembly was screwed to the back where the access door is, we called that light 'the motorbike'
20:23 HoeDown drafting, if done properly, requires a specific set of tools and instruments in the process of drawing, thus creating a more precise and overall cleaner final result.
20:23 wannabe1987 what HoeDown said
20:24 HoeDown and Sparky, you're people are freaking astounding.
20:24 LeadHead Not to mention what flakey electricity does to computerized lighting systems
20:24 SparkyStudio Computerised lighting ? we had old rheostats, lighting changes were done manually
20:25 LeadHead At my school they had a full DMX controlled system
20:25 LeadHead digitally controlled SCR dimmer racks in the electrical room
20:25 LeadHead digital light control board up in the booth
20:25 SparkyStudio With the rheostats you had to avoid putting your plastic cup of drink on top :P
20:26 LeadHead System was ridiculously fragile. One little power hiccup would make it get very angry
20:26 speedrunnerG55_ What I miss
20:26 wannabe1987 lights
20:26 wannabe1987 and theatre people
20:26 LeadHead Last time I went into the auditorium at that school, one single backstage lamp was slowly turning it self on and off
20:26 LeadHead no one was in the booth
20:26 HoeDown oooh, i love the ghosting things.
20:27 LeadHead Only way to fix it was to power down everything
20:27 LeadHead and turn it all back on
20:27 HoeDown We had just shut down the lighting console for the night, had a couple air-cannons full of confetti rigged up to a bump-button on the console, and one of them ghosted, confetti everywhere.
20:27 LeadHead yup, weird
20:28 Fulsy teddy on stream
20:29 Big-Al_ FONSY BEAR
20:29 gh22 joined #thegeekgroup
20:30 speedrunnerG55_ BotSteve: Tell you why why don't you eve prevent Forrest fires
20:30 BotSteve speedrunnerG55_: I'll pass that on when you is around.
20:31 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55_ stop the bot abuse!
20:31 speedrunnerG55_ Ok
20:31 speedrunnerG55_ But it's so fun
20:31 speedrunnerG55_ :| ok
20:31 wannabe1987 sorry...
20:31 cctoide actually, I wonder if there's an online service you could link to to get that sort of emergency alerts
20:31 wannabe1987 sorry botsteve
20:31 LeadHead You guyz are weird
20:33 Bat-Mobile wannabe: don't worry, I clean out the bot every now and again
20:34 wannabe1987 lol
20:34 wannabe1987 good
20:34 wannabe1987 so our useless tells never get told
20:34 LeadHead Anyone else picture bender from futurama opening his hatch up, and cleaning junk out of it?
20:34 SparkyStudio Still, t can get annoying when one abuses and others join in.
20:34 speedrunnerG55_ D:
20:34 Fulsy apparently, the quicktime installation and itunes installation just got fucking stuck
20:34 Fulsy I LOVE when it does that
20:35 Fulsy I LOVE when ANY program does that
20:35 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
20:35 LeadHead uh
20:36 SparkyStudio I hate anything related to apple on my windows PC's
20:37 speedrunnerG55_ Why don't you like apple
20:38 LeadHead lol.
20:38 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
20:39 wannabe1987 OMG
20:39 SparkyStudio Always slows down or messes with my computers, i only wanted to view QT movies, but it comes with a load of other crap, and even when i'm not using the viewer, my PC seems slow, yet i uninstall QT and all is well.
20:39 wannabe1987 hi Yaotzin
20:39 Yaotzin Hi wallabe
20:39 BotSteve Yaotzin: At 06 May 18:13Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell you that i need to "speak" with him ASAP
20:39 cctoide My favorite part of Apple software on Windows is how the QuickTime in-browser player simply shows as a black bar on 64 bit systems
20:39 SparkyStudio I think it's a conspiracy for me to get a mac.
20:39 wannabe1987 i don't need to talk to Yaotzin anymore...
20:39 Yaotzin Orly
20:39 cctoide they apparently have known this for years and don't give a shit
20:39 Yaotzin Oh?
20:39 LeadHead I just stick to VideoLan or Media PLayer Classic
20:39 LeadHead works dandy
20:39 Yaotzin Why no
20:40 speedrunnerG55_ You had a check list of what you want to install
20:40 SparkyStudio I've got other viewers that work, can't remember what it is.
20:40 cctoide I don't know, but that's what I gathered from the discussions I found while googling for that problem
20:40 SparkyStudio Same goes for realplayer
20:41 SparkyStudio too close to the mic
20:41 speedrunnerG55_ I use rhythm box
20:42 cctoide
20:43 cctoide "QuickTime is not supported on a Windows 64 bit OS and the black controller is one of the known issues."
20:43 LeadHead Apple doesn't care about a lot of things
20:43 LeadHead Like how the new i7 Mac Book Pros will hit over 100*C on the CPU core
20:43 LeadHead doing something intensive
20:43 LeadHead you know, like what MacBook Pros are supposed to do
20:43 tggmc1 fun on the live stream
20:44 Bat-Mobile solong all
20:44 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
20:44 HoeDown left #thegeekgroup
20:44 SparkyStudio Chris, is the gain of that mic a bit high ? sounds distorted
20:46 cctoide hm
20:46 cctoide they could probably have multistory shelves along the MDH walls
20:47 Ponko92 oh god
20:47 Ponko92 i think i've just discovered something i didn't want
20:47 Ponko92 to
20:47 cctoide wonder what the prices on those are
20:47 Ponko92 well i'm now back on the market i guess
20:48 LeadHead The Stock Market?
20:48 wannabe1987 ...
20:48 tggRED Red has skittles.
20:48 wannabe1987 omg
20:48 LeadHead Who is getting killed
20:48 wannabe1987 i have people and cookies...
20:48 LeadHead in master controller
20:48 LeadHead *master control
20:49 mashpriborintorg Cory, stop annoying the poor Liz and do some editing
20:49 Rahlon left #thegeekgroup
20:49 wannabe1987 poor liz...
20:49 Yaotzin Cookies eh
20:50 wannabe1987 yes
20:50 wannabe1987 with peanut butter
20:50 Yaotzin You know, I don't care how horrible they are for you and low class they are, I like sugar cookies
20:50 wannabe1987 and oat
20:50 wannabe1987 and choc on top
20:50 LeadHead Ponko92: What's up man?
20:50 Yaotzin I will not deny my love
20:50 mashpriborintorg Well, bed time, stupid timezone issues
20:50 Yaotzin Oh Oatmeal cookies
20:50 Yaotzin My father loves those
20:50 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
20:50 Yaotzin Hmm, maybe I'll make him some when I'm back in Michigan
20:51 mashpriborintorg have fun
20:51 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
20:51 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
20:51 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
20:51 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
20:51 Ponko92 well idk if it could just be me miss interepting things but i think my ex fiancee is cheating on me
20:51 LeadHead If she is your ex
20:51 LeadHead how can she cheat
20:51 Yaotzin ^
20:51 Ponko92 well she was the girl i was with now
20:51 LeadHead Oh
20:51 LeadHead Your now ex
20:51 Ponko92 so NOW she's me ex fiancee
20:51 LeadHead fiance
20:51 tggRED Ponky, did something happen?
20:51 tggRED Oh no!
20:51 Ponko92 yep
20:51 Ponko92 ;(
20:52 LeadHead And what coudl you be
20:52 LeadHead mis interpeting
20:52 hubzcaps <haz nilla waferz
20:52 wannabe1987 awwwwwww Ponko92 i'm sorrrrrry :(  (hugs)
20:52 Yaotzin Young love withered as quickly as it bloomed
20:52 tggRED ;hugs ponky;
20:52 hubzcaps red
20:52 hubzcaps !
20:52 hubzcaps (:
20:52 Yaotzin I'd play a song if bass was an acceptable instrument for such a situation
20:52 tggRED Yes hubzcaps ?
20:53 hubzcaps nice to see ya again? (:
20:53 speedrunnerG55_ Hi red
20:53 tggRED Nice to talk to you again too.
20:53 tggRED Hi internet
20:54 Yaotzin Hello REDwhite
20:54 Yaotzin How's that mural in the MDH coming?
20:54 speedrunnerG55_ Howdown?
20:54 tggRED Red is only Red today. thank you very much
20:54 Yaotzin ;)
20:54 tggRED no mural. just paint.
20:54 hubzcaps about what time did intel cpus have the ability to change thair clock speeds on the fly what year??
20:54 tggRED I wish it was a mural.
20:54 LeadHead Speedstep was around in the pentium 3 era I think
20:54 speedrunnerG55_ I wish it was a gg logo
20:55 hubzcaps PLL adjustments work 2
20:55 LeadHead SpeedStep was introduced on the 2nd Generation of Pentium 3 Processors
20:55 tggRED Gotta go back to work, bye guys.
20:56 speedrunnerG55_ Bye
20:56 LeadHead So that would be Coppermine
20:56 LeadHead probably 1999 then
20:58 hubzcaps and i remember the AMD K62 had some sse2 instrucion sets!!!  thermal monitors (:
20:58 hubzcaps had some sort of P state throteling
20:59 hubzcaps im bumpin a AMD turion TL55  at 2.5 ghz (: dual core
21:00 hubzcaps OC,d a little with Ntools
21:00 hubzcaps and ntune
21:00 hubzcaps only for nforce4 dv6809wm laptops
21:00 Yaotzin Mothers day is tomorrow
21:01 Yaotzin fair warning
21:01 speedrunnerG55_ Lol
21:03 Ponko92 :(
21:05 wannabe1987 i know...
21:06 Ponko92 :@ GRRRRRR
21:07 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
21:14 * wannabe1987 pokes irc
21:14 * Yaotzin jiggles
21:14 Yaotzin woohoo
21:15 wannabe1987 lol
21:15 wannabe1987 hows cali?
21:15 Yaotzin Cali is, uh
21:15 Yaotzin mild?
21:16 Yaotzin Slowly getting things packed
21:16 wannabe1987 yay
21:16 Yaotzin Just found out I'll have a 3 bedroom house waiting for me with a buddy with only $200/mo rent/utilities
21:16 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
21:16 Yaotzin So that's exciting
21:16 wannabe1987 cool
21:17 Yaotzin I won't have to stay at home for more than a week or so
21:17 wannabe1987 yay
21:19 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:19 Ponko92_ godammit
21:19 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
21:19 Ponko92_ the underscore has returned
21:19 Ponko92_ is now known as Ponko92
21:21 DavidJKuhr joined #thegeekgroup
21:22 Ponko92 anyway
21:22 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
21:22 DavidJKuhr yes
21:22 speedrunnerG55_ is now known as speedrunnerG55
21:22 Ponko92 hey steve
21:22 hubzcaps yhea
21:24 speedrunnerG55_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:26 Ponko92 thumper GOO
21:26 speedrunnerG55 Hi Steve
21:26 Ponko92 O_O
21:29 hubzcaps woohooo live fireing
21:29 DavidJKuhr with something other than a pop can or wire
21:29 Ponko92 GRENADE
21:30 exor674 lol what was that?
21:30 Ponko92 thumper
21:30 exor674 no I mean
21:30 DavidJKuhr screen or fencing
21:30 exor674 what did they feed to it?
21:30 DavidJKuhr not really sure
21:30 DavidJKuhr it looked like screen or fine wire fencing
21:32 * wannabe1987 is hanging out with people IRL
21:32 exor674 YAY!
21:33 * exor674 wishes she was doing that
21:33 Ponko92 YAY :D
21:33 Ponko92 wants to be playing whit Light Machineguns
21:33 wannabe1987 exor674 fly here :D
21:33 exor674 wannabe1987: maybe I will!
21:33 exor674 ( if I had $$$$$ I totally would! )
21:33 wannabe1987 you weekend :D
21:34 HoeDown joined #thegeekgroup
21:34 speedrunnerg55__ joined #thegeekgroup
21:34 speedrunnerg55__ hi there
21:35 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
21:35 HoeDown hey hey hey
21:35 speedrunnerg55__ (i just came in the stream/irc)
21:35 Ponko92 get down to the HOEDOWN
21:35 HoeDown oh god, here we go
21:37 wannabe1987 :D
21:37 wannabe1987 i love parties!!!!!!
21:37 wannabe1987 thats why theres one in my bed  w00t w00t
21:37 speedrunnerg55__ partie?
21:38 HoeDown SEXIE PARTIE
21:38 wannabe1987 yes...with computers and food and stuffs
21:38 speedrunnerg55__ 0_0
21:38 HoeDown i brought the sexy
21:38 speedrunnerg55__ i was thinking irc
21:38 wannabe1987 did
21:38 Yaotzin I read pasties there for a second
21:38 wannabe1987 :D
21:38 wannabe1987 hi cook
21:38 HoeDown i prefer mine full of meat and potatoes
21:38 speedrunnerg55__ pasties?
21:39 Yaotzin Oh sure, yeah I meant the food surely
21:39 Yaotzin they're like
21:39 speedrunnerg55__ i made a pasta bridge once
21:39 Yaotzin stuffed pastry
21:39 Yaotzin In the UP you can get Smoked Fish and Pasties everywhere
21:39 Yaotzin There are signs for it every damn place
21:41 separatedmind left #thegeekgroup
21:41 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
21:42 separatedmind joined #thegeekgroup
21:42 speedrunnerg55__ nice
21:42 speedrunnerg55__ was that steve?
21:46 * wannabe1987 pokes HoeDown
21:47 DavidJKuhr has anyone here ever tried to run multiple computer motherboards off of one psu by splicing additional 20+4 pin connectors to the one already on the psu?
21:48 speedrunnerg55__ it would draw more current
21:48 speedrunnerg55__ but no
21:48 speedrunnerg55__ just do the math and see if you could
21:49 DavidJKuhr the reason I ask is I have several old working single core boards in the 2-3Ghz range that I thought about running F@H on but I don't want to have to buy a bunch of power supplies for them
21:49 Ponko92 ok something is telling me its back on?
21:49 Ponko92 me and my fiancee but i'm VERY skeptical right now
21:49 wannabe1987 tggRED sweet pics
21:49 tggRED Thanks ^_^
21:49 tggRED Still working on sortng them out.
21:49 wannabe1987 Ponko92 PM
21:50 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
21:50 tggRED This one is my favorite:
21:50 tggRED It's thumper from today, if you guys wanna see.
21:50 speedrunnerg55__ is that..stomprr?
21:51 speedrunnerg55__ those are stompuer caps
21:51 wannabe1987 nice
21:51 wannabe1987 i saw the ones on fb
21:51 speedrunnerg55__ or did they start using those for thumper
21:52 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
21:52 kristopher r they gonna blow something up?
21:53 wannabe1987 they didd
21:53 wannabe1987 did*
21:53 kristopher shit
21:53 kristopher so whats happening now?
21:53 wannabe1987 no clue...i'm still home
21:54 kristopher ok
21:54 kristopher seeya
21:54 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
21:54 LeadHead He's a weird one.
21:54 speedrunnerg55__ hes a fast one
21:55 wannabe1987 who, kristopher?
21:55 speedrunnerg55__ yes
21:55 wannabe1987 at least he's not trollin no more...
21:56 speedrunnerg55__ whats that noise
21:56 wannabe1987 karaoke in my bedroom!
21:56 wannabe1987 ^^
21:56 speedrunnerg55__ ...
21:56 wannabe1987 "don't stop belivein"
21:57 tesla4d joined #thegeekgroup
21:57 speedrunnerg55__ grr
21:58 gh22 left #thegeekgroup
22:00 speedrunnerg55__ who was that
22:00 speedrunnerg55__ whats going on
22:01 speedrunnerg55__ hi there forklift
22:01 tesla4d I'm pretty sure that's the guy who did the last drive-by "fuck"-ing
22:01 tesla4d Unless...
22:01 tesla4d Never mind
22:01 wannabe1987 what do you mean, drive by "fuck"ing?
22:01 Ponko92 wait what?
22:01 tesla4d I just got here.
22:01 Big-Al_ thumbs up for a slow roll thru TGG camera 2camera
22:01 tesla4d I don't have the context
22:02 speedrunnerg55__ ok? i guess that was cool
22:02 Big-Al_ UStream
22:02 DavidJKuhr I wonder if teh switcher has the option to do a continuous roll through cameras once every few seconds
22:02 DavidJKuhr *the
22:02 exor674 no
22:03 speedrunnerg55__ that would be cool
22:03 exor674 ) that's been asked before )
22:03 DavidJKuhr ah
22:03 speedrunnerg55__ peep
22:03 speedrunnerg55__ boop
22:03 DavidJKuhr i just ask since my security system stuff has that option
22:03 speedrunnerg55__ hi cory
22:04 speedrunnerg55__ was that the cafe?
22:05 DavidJKuhr looked like it went from master control straight to the mdh feed
22:06 speedrunnerg55__ oh that was master conrool
22:06 speedrunnerg55__ captins blog = FTW
22:07 speedrunnerg55__ mic torchure = LOL
22:08 HoeDown SOUND GUY RAGE HATE... i gotta go find some chips...
22:09 speedrunnerg55__ hi cory
22:09 Obtuse_ camera switching reminds me of wayne's world
22:09 Obtuse_ Camera one, camera 2
22:09 speedrunnerg55__ is that that new guy?
22:09 Obtuse_ camera one , camera two
22:09 Obtuse_ 3 corvettes in a row just drove by
22:09 Obtuse_ lol
22:10 speedrunnerg55__ :D
22:10 speedrunnerg55__ hi brandon
22:10 Overkill117 joined #thegeekgroup
22:11 speedrunnerg55__ thumper = awesome, '
22:12 HoeDown amen to that
22:12 wannabe1987 i haven't seen thumper yet :(
22:12 LeadHead Guessing you've had a bad experience with a corvette driver, captain?
22:13 Obtuse_ and all activity goes away in the MDH
22:13 speedrunnerg55__ wannabe irc?
22:13 speedrunnerg55__ irl**^
22:13 wannabe1987 i haven't seen thumper in action IRL
22:13 speedrunnerg55__ me niether,
22:14 HoeDown it's astounding, it is
22:14 speedrunnerg55__ ive never been to the lab iether
22:14 wannabe1987 but i live next to the lab...
22:14 HoeDown i felt my lungs compress when the shockwave hit
22:14 HoeDown it was epic
22:14 speedrunnerg55__ 0_0
22:14 HoeDown ....DAMN
22:14 speedrunnerg55__ thats epic
22:14 * HoeDown puts a penny in the Epic Jar
22:15 HoeDown ...I'm gonna go play Porta 2, see you crazy cats later
22:15 HoeDown left #thegeekgroup
22:16 speedrunnerg55__ epic jar?
22:16 wannabe1987 i guess
22:16 wannabe1987 i'm watching portal 2 played by hoedown now...
22:16 speedrunnerg55__ ?
22:16 wannabe1987 hoedown is on my bed with me...
22:16 speedrunnerg55__ oh ok
22:16 wannabe1987 and he's playing portal 2
22:16 speedrunnerg55__ thats an awesome game
22:16 wannabe1987 and i've never heard of or seen portal 2 before...
22:16 speedrunnerg55__ how far is he?
22:17 wannabe1987 quite a ways...he's beaten it once...
22:17 speedrunnerg55__ ah,
22:17 speedrunnerg55__ im in space
22:17 speedrunnerg55__ spaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaace
22:17 exor674 space!
22:18 speedrunnerg55__ i wana go to space
22:21 Overkill117 left #thegeekgroup
22:21 speedrunnerg55__ durp?
22:21 speedrunnerg55__ ahh ops
22:21 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
22:22 speedrunnerg55__ is cory on irc?
22:23 wannabe1987 tggmc1 is the only one on here...
22:23 speedrunnerG55 Ok.
22:23 exor674 buh
22:23 exor674 .twf 80228
22:23 wannabe1987 exor674!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:23 wannabe1987 tfw not twf
22:23 exor674 .tfw 80228
22:23 BotSteve 81�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Denver, CO!  'Beach.'
22:23 speedrunnerG55 .tfw
22:23 BotSteve 64�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
22:23 wannabe1987 damn...
22:23 exor674 isn't it not fucking SPRING
22:23 exor674 no wonder I am melting lol
22:23 wannabe1987 lol
22:24 exor674 fan time!
22:24 speedrunnerG55 .weather 07410
22:24 BotSteve Clear ☼, 64.4℉ (18℃), 29.82in (1006mb), Gentle breeze 8kt (↑) - KTEB 21:51Z
22:26 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
22:26 hubzcaps see if captain chris will do some magic for us...
22:32 Ponko92 .tfw
22:32 BotSteve 64�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
22:33 Ponko92 ahh i guess thats for the preset location
22:34 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
22:34 speedrunnerg55__ hi toastdude
22:34 Toastdude Hello
22:34 * speedrunnerg55__ makes toast dude into sandwich
22:34 speedrunnerg55__ yum
22:34 Toastdude Nooooooo!!!!!!!
22:34 speedrunnerg55__ anyho, whats up
22:35 Toastdude Not much, how about you?
22:35 wannabe1987 HI TOAST
22:35 speedrunnerg55__ joinning an amature radio club. tranning for technitian level
22:35 Toastdude Cool :)
22:35 Toastdude Hi wannabe!!
22:35 wannabe1987 how r u?
22:36 Yaotzin wannabell
22:36 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
22:36 Obtuse_ I started reading up on stuff to get a general level license
22:37 wannabe1987 she's science?
22:37 speedrunnerg55__ LOL
22:37 Obtuse_ nice refresher to basic electronics
22:37 speedrunnerg55__ pritty as a post card
22:38 speedrunnerg55__ reference to basic elelctronics?
22:39 Yaotzin Ring a ding wannabell
22:39 Obtuse_
22:40 Obtuse_ refresher on caps and inudctors, coils
22:40 Obtuse_ I've gotten so used to digital design in electronics
22:40 Obtuse_ if i need a cap there is a formula or i just copy a reference design
22:41 Ponko92 they adjusting the Newtons Cradle
22:42 Toastdude Sorry, I'm well, hbu?
22:43 Ponko92 right peeps i'm off to bed
22:43 speedrunnerg55__ Fr= 1/(2xpixrxc)
22:44 speedrunnerg55__ i mean 2pi
22:44 Toastdude ok, bye
22:44 Ponko92 night, morning, afternoon, evening all
22:44 Ponko92 delete applicable
22:44 Ponko92 lol
22:44 Toastdude lol
22:44 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
22:45 Yaotzin Good%t
22:45 speedrunnerg55__ t=rc? fc=1/2pi x f x c?
22:45 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
22:45 Toastdude Hi
22:45 Yaotzin CounterstrikeMonster
22:46 speedrunnerg55__ lol
22:46 Obtuse_ yes, what does the CS stand for?
22:46 CSMonster hey yaotz.  what's cookin
22:46 BotSteve CSMonster: At 20:21Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell you that theres an epic link on her facebook about guns
22:46 CSMonster Caspian Sea
22:46 speedrunnerg55__ CAVE STORY monster
22:46 Obtuse_ i thought it was Computer Science
22:46 wannabe1987 lol
22:46 speedrunnerg55__ LOL
22:46 Yaotzin Chinese, CSMonster
22:46 wannabe1987 no
22:46 CSMonster .w caspian sea monster
22:46 Toastdude lol
22:46 BotSteve "A ground effect vehicle (GEV) is one that attains level flight near the surface of the Earth, making use of the aerodynamic interaction between the wings and the surface known as ground effect." -
22:46 Obtuse_ that makes since i guess
22:46 Yaotzin As for food I'm not sure yet
22:46 Yaotzin doho
22:47 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
22:47 wannabe1987 doing pan-fried pork chops tonight...:D
22:47 wannabe1987 cooking for friends w00t
22:47 Toastdude lol
22:48 CSMonster
22:48 CSMonster
22:48 CSMonster
22:48 CSMonster that's the Caspian Sea Monster.
22:49 Toastdude wow.....
22:49 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
22:49 Toastdude pretty cool
22:49 speedrunnerg55__ omg
22:49 speedrunnerg55__ thats insane
22:49 CSMonster КМ Экраноплан
22:49 speedrunnerg55__ does that fly?
22:49 CSMonster yes
22:50 CSMonster well, not anymore.  it was destroyed
22:50 speedrunnerg55__ can it swim?
22:50 speedrunnerg55__ amfibious?
22:50 CSMonster it's essentially a cargo ship made to fly 500mph 40 feet above the water
22:50 CSMonster not amphibious
22:51 speedrunnerg55__ i would crap bricks if i saw that
22:51 CSMonster lol
22:51 CSMonster
22:52 CSMonster ^ video of it flying
22:52 speedrunnerg55__ oh man, i can make a wall with these bricks
22:53 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
22:55 CSMonster lol
22:55 mantere left #thegeekgroup
22:55 wannabe1987 CSMonster - HI!!!!
22:56 CSMonster hey wannabe
22:56 * wannabe1987 has a party on her bed ^_^
22:56 wannabe1987 hows life
22:56 CSMonster sexy
22:56 CSMonster and sexy
22:56 wannabe1987 lol
22:56 Yaotzin I could go for a bed party
22:56 wannabe1987 me and two boys..