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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-05-08

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00:00 speedrunnerg55__ we are?
00:00 speedrunnerg55__ oh nevermind
00:01 speedrunnerg55__ broadcasting as in the fcc term for tv or....ustream
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00:04 speedrunnerg55__ thank you chriss
00:05 speedrunnerg55__ stomper?
00:05 speedrunnerg55__ i couldt hear those specs :(
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00:06 speedrunnerg55__ 0_0
00:07 speedrunnerg55__ ?
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00:08 speedrunnerg55__ oh ok
00:11 speedrunnerg55__ :D
00:13 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
00:13 speedrunnerg55__ hi jeremys_
00:13 speedrunnerg55__ wb
00:14 jeremys howdy
00:15 jeremys I must have left minutes before the truck arrived.figures
00:15 exor674 lol wut... is it just me or is this a horribletwitter acct for a business?!/DominosDenver
00:16 speedrunnerg55__ sling shot?
00:16 exor674 ( an now I go out and eat )
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00:29 speedrunnerg55__ eh?
00:30 speedrunnerg55__ oh hes blogging :D
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00:41 speedrunnerg55__ ho w0va
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00:41 w0vha Good evening
00:41 speedrunnerg55__ whats up
00:42 w0vha Was just talking to Chris on the radio.  As soon as he's back from shooting Captain's Blog, I'm going to put this new sound card in the echolink PC and see if that fixes the hum... working midnight-8 tonight... and that's about it... you?
00:43 speedrunnerg55__ what is echolink
00:43 w0vha it's VOIP software for linking ham radio equipment over the internet
00:44 speedrunnerg55__ all i know is, radio transmition + computer
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00:44 speedrunnerg55__ what site
00:44 SparkyPojects
00:45 w0vha beat me to it... I'm connected to the GR repeater with my handheld in Columbia, MO.  How cool is that?
00:46 speedrunnerg55__ with eco link?
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00:48 w0vha yes, I have a radio in the rack, connected to the echolink server, which takes audio to and from my handheld radio and forwards it to whoever I'm connected to in the echolink software (have to fix the hum, as you control who you're connected to with DTMF tones, and the tones are being mangled by 60hz hum...)  I have to actually click on the station I want to connect to until I get this hum fixed...
00:49 SparkyPojects Echolink = skype with cordless handsets :D
00:50 speedrunnerg55__ nice
00:51 speedrunnerg55__ im studying for tech, so what band is that
00:51 speedrunnerg55__ or bands
00:51 speedrunnerg55__ no, wait, that shouldnt matter
00:51 speedrunnerg55__ nevermind
00:52 w0vha It's FM, so anything 50MHz and up.  My link is on 2 meters, the Grand Rapids repeater I'm connected to is on 70cm.
00:52 w0vha and the GR repeater just timed me out, so I'm going to go ahead and shut down the machine and change out sound cards.  I'll be back in a bit.
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00:53 BatSteve .seen CSMonster
00:53 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw csmonster 1.27 hours ago at 2011-05-07 23:37:26 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 00:53:22 UTC
00:54 BatSteve CSMonster: ground effect vehicles are super cool.
00:54 BatSteve just saying
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00:56 LeadHead clossest thing to a ground effect vehicle I have
00:56 LeadHead is a hovercraft
00:58 speedrunnerg55__ if only it could submerg
00:58 speedrunnerg55__ xD
01:00 LeadHead eh
01:00 LeadHead not a big deal
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01:07 speedrunnerG55;feature=youtube_gdata_player <----that is a big deal
01:07 speedrunnerg55__ whats up with the stream
01:08 speedrunnerg55__ allert!, video distortion
01:08 speedrunnerg55__ its good now
01:08 speedrunnerg55__ nope
01:11 speedrunnerg55__ zomb?
01:12 speedrunnerg55__ ...zomb
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01:14 speedrunnerg55__ hicctiode
01:14 speedrunnerg55__ what is cctiode
01:14 speedrunnerg55__ ccoide
01:14 speedrunnerg55__ cctoide*
01:15 speedrunnerg55__ left/right channel ahhhh
01:15 speedrunnerg55__ CRAP
01:15 speedrunnerg55__ left channel
01:15 speedrunnerg55__ no its everywere
01:15 speedrunnerg55__ thankyou
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01:20 jeremys nxt is a pain to program
01:21 speedrunnerg55__ i know
01:21 speedrunnerg55__ you got it
01:21 speedrunnerg55__ ?
01:22 speedrunnerg55__ lego nxt should be a part of robotics
01:23 jeremys i do not have my own set.  Ihave a loaner set from a friend to make sure i wanted to drop 350 bucks on it.  I DO
01:23 speedrunnerg55__ i need the software
01:24 jeremys Yes it should be, but unless Legos becomes a sponsor, or someone with deep pockets donates it it would be hard to start.  the legos are expensive
01:24 speedrunnerg55__ get this, i dont have the software anymore, i cant get it.
01:24 speedrunnerg55__ i deleted it from the cd idk how
01:24 speedrunnerg55__ but i did
01:25 speedrunnerg55__ when installing it there was an option to select what you want, and the option to remove stuff
01:25 cctoide are you coding in NQC or with Lego's programming thing?
01:25 speedrunnerg55__ yes?
01:25 cctoide or NXV, NBC, whatever it's called now
01:25 speedrunnerg55__ idk, i need the software
01:25 jeremys right now I am just reading the insructions, and since I am stupid as a brick it makes my head hurt
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01:35 * w0vha hates windows...
01:35 BatSteve
01:35 tggcritterpal-Am joined #thegeekgroup
01:36 tggcritterpal-Am I see you!
01:37 tggcritterpal-Am Hi steve!
01:37 BatSteve target lost
01:37 tggmc1 hello
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01:39 speedrunnerg55__ weres my chees burger
01:39 speedrunnerg55__ LOL
01:40 speedrunnerg55__ target aquired
01:40 speedrunnerg55__ fiering
01:41 speedrunnerg55__ hunter?
01:41 speedrunnerg55__ LOL
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01:46 * speedrunnerg55__ plugs usb into ethernet port sitting next to correct port -____-
01:46 speedrunnerg55__ bye red
01:47 exor674 nrr ow home and fed
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01:49 w0vha Fixed!  It was the onboard sound.  Everything seems to be working fine now. :-)
01:50 speedrunnerg55__ "backing up backing up backing up cus my daddy tought me goooodd"
01:50 speedrunnerg55__ llol
01:51 speedrunnerg55__ music?
01:52 speedrunnerg55__ "smokers?"
01:52 speedrunnerg55__ is this L4D2?
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01:53 speedrunnerg55__ hitggnick
01:53 speedrunnerg55__ hi tggnick
01:53 tggnick hi
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01:59 speedrunnerg55__ capture the flag ftw
01:59 speedrunnerg55__ who all is here on chat
02:00 tggcritterpal-Am I wish I had a comfy chair
02:00 BatSteve I wish I had a piece of flair
02:01 speedrunnerg55__ i wish i had some....compressed air
02:01 tggcritterpal-Am if I had an extra I'd give you a spare
02:01 BatSteve But how would it get from here to there?
02:02 speedrunnerg55__ ship it via us air
02:03 BatSteve They treat your mail with greatest care!
02:04 tggcritterpal-Am ugh. too many chips and tootsie rolls.
02:04 speedrunnerg55__ because if my package ever got dammaged, id pull my hair
02:05 BatSteve aw, combo breaker
02:05 BatSteve that was cool though
02:05 speedrunnerg55__ epic
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02:06 speedrunnerg55__ brb, getting food
02:07 speedrunnerg55__ back
02:08 tggcritterpal-Am that was fast
02:09 speedrunnerg55__ me? i just got 5 slices of bread and butter
02:12 speedrunnerg55__ those screaches are worse than left for dead
02:13 speedrunnerg55__ whats up batsteve
02:13 BatSteve makin smores in the microwave and munching on 'em
02:13 speedrunnerg55__ cool
02:13 BatSteve Reading the Bocsy thread on the forums
02:13 BatSteve Wondering what the old Bocsy core looked like.
02:14 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
02:16 cctoide link, please?
02:17 BatSteve
02:17 cctoide thanks
02:20 speedrunnerg55__ thnx
02:22 speedrunnerg55__ souldnt that be on the intercom
02:23 BatSteve ?
02:23 speedrunnerg55__ "game starts now"
02:23 BatSteve ah
02:24 speedrunnerg55__ be cool if they made it like team fortress 2
02:24 speedrunnerg55__ with an anouncer
02:24 speedrunnerg55__ and if the anouncer had acess to cctv
02:24 speedrunnerg55__ or stream tv
02:25 speedrunnerg55__ thatd be soo cool
02:25 speedrunnerg55__ but idk if zomb is the thing for that
02:25 BatSteve Laser tog would be much easier than zomb
02:25 speedrunnerg55__ yes!
02:26 BatSteve Simpler to track kills and so on
02:26 BatSteve *laser tag
02:26 speedrunnerg55__ agrees
02:26 speedrunnerg55__ what you think of an anouncer
02:26 speedrunnerg55__ on intercom
02:27 BatSteve it would either be annoying or awesome.  Would need to try it to figure out which.
02:28 cctoide Zomb looks so haphazard from the outside I'm not sure any sort of scorekeeping is possible
02:28 speedrunnerg55__ so would you want pre recorded messages, or live
02:28 speedrunnerg55__ or a mix
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02:33 BatSteve um
02:33 BatSteve Depends on the role you want the announcer to play
02:33 BatSteve if it's color commentary, then live
02:33 speedrunnerg55__ i havnt been on the forums in a wile, awesome now
02:33 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
02:33 BatSteve if it's just statistics and tracking, then it can be prerecorded
02:33 speedrunnerg55__ ah
02:34 LeadHead Just use the Quake sounds that you find on any CounterStrike server
02:34 speedrunnerg55__ statistics, tracking
02:34 BatSteve "Ludicrous kill!"
02:34 speedrunnerg55__ :D
02:35 speedrunnerg55__ and even track sertian people like that
02:35 speedrunnerg55__ have an id, then action
02:35 speedrunnerg55__ be like <person> (doubble kill)
02:38 LeadHead Might have to leave the "Holy Shit!" Quake sound out though
02:38 LeadHead ;)
02:38 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
02:39 cctoide just dub it out with the bike horn, heh
02:45 speedrunnerg55__ LOL
02:45 speedrunnerg55__ that would be funny...once
02:45 speedrunnerg55__ or twice.
02:46 MadManMarkAu1 Oooh, is Zomb still happening?
02:47 MadManMarkAu1 Or am I looking at someone who broke into TGG?
02:47 MadManMarkAu1 Nope, looks like Zomb :P
02:48 exor674 if they broke in wielding nerf guns
02:48 exor674 I'd laugh
02:50 speedrunnerg55__ heh
02:51 speedrunnerg55__ but that would almost hide them perfectly from us
02:51 speedrunnerg55__ seams dumb but tactical
02:53 speedrunnerg55__ by the way, who were you sticking you toung at before
02:55 Liz_Home joined #thegeekgroup
02:58 * CSMonster is back
02:58 exor674 yay
02:59 * CSMonster hugs exor674
02:59 * exor674 hugs! ( I did go and eat! )
03:00 CSMonster awesome! :)
03:00 exor674 ( back is a little angrier at me now, but meh )
03:01 speedrunnerg55__ there still going at it?
03:01 CSMonster what's up with your back, if you don't mind me asking?
03:01 tggcritterpal-Am uh oh
03:01 tggcritterpal-Am batman is pissed
03:02 speedrunnerg55__ i was just listening
03:02 speedrunnerg55__ whats going on
03:02 CSMonster batpissed?
03:02 CSMonster what's he pissed about?
03:02 tggcritterpal-Am someone injured a door
03:02 * CSMonster has stream turned off
03:02 speedrunnerg55__ is it a door?
03:02 speedrunnerg55__ ok, door
03:04 speedrunnerg55__ they zombing? leaving?what?
03:04 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
03:04 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 30m idle (been away for 12h 56m)
03:04 RageRiot anyone have any knowlege on win server group policy
03:05 speedrunnerg55__ i do, what about it
03:05 tggcritterpal-Am I think they are still zombing a bit. a few people are leaving
03:05 speedrunnerg55__ i think
03:05 RageRiot pm ?
03:05 speedrunnerg55__ no wait, i definitally dont know annymore than you
03:05 RageRiot O_o
03:05 speedrunnerg55__ pm
03:18 BatSteve tiem for portal 2 co-op
03:18 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
03:18 speedrunnerg55__ steve?
03:18 tggmc1 maybe
03:19 speedrunnerg55__ .....definitly steve
03:19 tggmc1 ya, steve
03:19 tggmc1 A tired steve too
03:19 CSMonster is there slaughtering going on?  should i turn on the stream?
03:20 speedrunnerg55__ sitting
03:20 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
03:22 tggmc1 I thinki they are regrouping
03:22 t2sink joined #thegeekgroup
03:22 speedrunnerg55__ wow
03:22 speedrunnerg55__ another game?
03:22 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
03:22 speedrunnerg55__ with a pose like that id think so
03:23 MoxieMike so, we're watching zomb?
03:23 tggmc1 yes, we are watching the end of zomb right now
03:24 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
03:24 speedrunnerg55__ zomb= lol
03:24 MoxieMike did the Lotus arrive today?
03:24 CSMonster i see a batman.
03:24 tggmc1 I don't belive so
03:24 CSMonster who is tggmc1
03:25 tggmc1 egrsteve right now
03:25 MoxieMike i thought tat was the plan...
03:25 speedrunnerg55__ so what do you think of an anounser for the games steve?
03:25 CSMonster ah, hi steve
03:25 tggmc1 and red says hello
03:25 CSMonster YAY hi red
03:25 speedrunnerg55__ hi red
03:26 tggmc1 it would be interesting, once we get more camera's around, but I doubt any one could keep track of it all
03:27 speedrunnerg55__ it dosent have to be play by play
03:27 speedrunnerg55__ but statistics and score
03:27 tggmc1 I doubt anyone could do a play by play of zomb
03:27 speedrunnerg55__ and major actions
03:28 MoxieMike we would need more cameras for one
03:28 speedrunnerg55__ ye, they wouldnt have to be streamed
03:28 speedrunnerg55__ cctv
03:28 tggmc1 we would need camera's everyware
03:28 CSMonster aren't you going to have cameras everywhere anyway?
03:29 tggmc1 we have some cctv stuff I hope to get working, quality isn't great, but it might work to watch hallways
03:30 speedrunnerg55__ LOL
03:31 speedrunnerg55__ hehe
03:32 MoxieMike so, you're the steve that makes everything at master control work?
03:32 speedrunnerg55__ yes
03:32 speedrunnerg55__ he is
03:32 MoxieMike ok
03:32 MoxieMike just trying to put a face to the name
03:32 tggmc1 ya, I'm the one that makes it work
03:33 speedrunnerg55__ at first when he was anouncing the live stream, i was totally unaware of the projected complexity
03:33 speedrunnerg55__ whoever has that strobe must ....not use that annymore
03:33 exor674 lol that strobe is really angering that camera
03:34 tggmc1 that would be patterson
03:34 speedrunnerg55__ its noying
03:34 speedrunnerg55__ a^
03:35 tggmc1 looks like they are starting another round
03:35 speedrunnerg55__ wow
03:36 speedrunnerg55__ hi batman.
03:36 t2sink Ginger sends a e-hug to batman.
03:37 speedrunnerg55__ ninja?
03:37 t2sink Ginger loves you too batman.
03:37 speedrunnerg55__ ....native?
03:38 speedrunnerg55__ ?
03:42 speedrunnerg55__ whats the story behind zomb
03:43 CJ_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:43 MoxieMike that was covered in a vid
03:43 MoxieMike i'm too tired to find it right now
03:45 MoxieMike maybe i'm not too tired:;feature=channel_video_title
03:45 speedrunnerg55__ thank yoiu
03:47 * CSMonster busts up laughing at BA's impression of chris
03:49 CSMonster AND a Jonathan Coulton reference.  made of win.
03:49 LeadHead I think I might have to strip the heat-spreader off my CPU.
03:49 LeadHead Heatsink is cool to the touch, core temp is 33*C
03:52 MoxieMike ya, that might not be working right
03:52 MoxieMike did you mix thermal compounds?
03:52 LeadHead nope
03:53 MoxieMike i think you need to clean off the existing stuff and put on something good
03:53 tggcritterpal-Am My leg fell completely asleep
03:53 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
03:53 tggcritterpal-Am so sad
03:53 CJ_ left #thegeekgroup
03:53 Ponko92 ahhhh
03:55 t2sink Yes, we can hear you.
03:55 speedrunnerg55__ tttcritterpal? whos that?
03:56 tggcritterpal-Am me
03:56 tggcritterpal-Am duh
03:56 speedrunnerg55__ idk
03:56 tggcritterpal-Am this delay is odd.
03:57 speedrunnerg55__ who is "me"
03:58 Ponko92 zomb?
03:58 Ponko92 or has it settled down
03:58 tggcritterpal-Am still some zomb
03:58 speedrunnerg55__ i still dont know who tggcritterpal is
03:59 tggcritterpal-Am I hope they are done soon
03:59 tggcritterpal-Am Amy
03:59 tggcritterpal-Am I think, therefore I am
03:59 speedrunnerg55__ or do you
03:59 speedrunnerg55__ .lol jk
04:00 tggcritterpal-Am I am actually from another dimension
04:00 speedrunnerg55__ i am, therefore i think
04:00 tggcritterpal-Am decarte is an interesting fellow
04:00 tggcritterpal-Am decartes
04:02 speedrunnerg55__ another demention? so how much time do you expirienced at anny +- 4d space
04:02 CSMonster tggcritterpal-Am = amywomanperson?
04:02 * CSMonster writes this down
04:02 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
04:02 * MoxieMike wasn't paying attention...what's going on?
04:02 tggcritterpal-Am je suis une femme. oui
04:04 MoxieMike je ne suis pas une femme
04:04 speedrunnerg55__ or should i ask, what extera demention do youposses?
04:04 tggcritterpal-Am I am from the 11th dimension. Thank you very much
04:05 speedrunnerg55__ oh gosh, you must be god.
04:05 speedrunnerg55__ knowing all time. all posibilitys and all ends
04:05 speedrunnerg55__ whithin a point
04:05 speedrunnerg55__ and all beginnings^
04:06 tggcritterpal-Am alpha and omega. nah
04:06 CSMonster Крутой.  Очень приятно, tggcritterpal-Am.
04:06 speedrunnerg55__ ugh, what?
04:06 tggcritterpal-Am absolutely
04:06 CSMonster "Cool.  Pleased to meet you..."
04:06 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
04:07 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
04:07 tggmc1 CSMonster - Red loves you.
04:07 wannabe1987 did anyone see me (black hoodie, yellow shirt) playing zomb?????
04:07 CSMonster :D
04:07 CSMonster csm loves red too.
04:07 speedrunnerg55__ i thought i did
04:08 wannabe1987 o god...i didn't know there was a camera in there...
04:08 speedrunnerg55__ there are 2
04:08 tggcritterpal-Am funny
04:09 speedrunnerg55__ lol
04:10 * speedrunnerg55__ clapps
04:10 t2sink I saw you wannabe1987.
04:10 wannabe1987 o god not here too!!!!!
04:11 wannabe1987 i waved before i left...i was waving at ginger aka t2sink
04:11 t2sink Yup, I saw you waving.
04:11 speedrunnerg55__ lol
04:11 wannabe1987 ...
04:13 speedrunnerg55__ achievement!
04:13 speedrunnerg55__ get
04:13 Ponko92 99 Luftballons
04:13 speedrunnerg55__ ?
04:13 tggcritterpal-Am left #thegeekgroup
04:13 speedrunnerg55__ he recieves 10,000 internets for staying alive
04:14 wannabe1987 see i saw camera on the hallway...but not the one in the i was really really embarrassed when if ound out::(
04:14 speedrunnerg55__ why
04:15 wannabe1987 i don't like being on camera...and i look like shit
04:15 wannabe1987 i was sweating!  i hate sweating
04:15 Ponko92 Steve :)
04:15 speedrunnerg55__ night steve
04:15 Ponko92 later steve
04:15 * exor674 hugs CSMonster and wannabe1987 and goes bed
04:15 wannabe1987 night exor674
04:15 tggmc1 night all
04:15 CSMonster nighty night XOR
04:15 t2sink What a lovely street, and Night Steve.
04:15 Ponko92 RIP Seve Ballesteros
04:16 speedrunnerg55__ night xor
04:18 CSMonster hey hey it's ponko the brit
04:18 speedrunnerg55__ oh
04:18 speedrunnerg55__ lol
04:18 speedrunnerg55__ how do you know
04:19 CSMonster Ponko92, i know this makes me a total jerk, but I just want you to know that, for my own amusement, i imagine you speaking with a cockney dialect and singing chas & dave songs.  :p
04:20 Ponko92 lol ;) you may say that lol
04:20 CSMonster :D
04:20 Ponko92 having cups of tea on will
04:20 CSMonster .yt chas and dave rabbit
04:20 BotSteve CSMonster:
04:22 wannabe1987 so i didn't know zomb was on the live stream...sorry for swearing :(
04:22 CSMonster LOL
04:22 wannabe1987 :(
04:22 CSMonster no one minds, wanna
04:22 wannabe1987 i know...but still
04:23 wannabe1987 did you enjoy the little child?
04:23 CSMonster i didn't watch very much.
04:24 wannabe1987 when she was piggy backing on a guy wearing all black with semi-long hair...thats the joker aka HoeDown
04:25 CSMonster were they doing the master-blaster thing?
04:25 CSMonster .yt thunderdome master blaster
04:25 BotSteve CSMonster:
04:27 wannabe1987 i don't know what master-blaster is...and no videso
04:28 CSMonster lame.
04:28 CSMonster master blaster was a duo from the movie Mad Max III: Beyond Thunderdome
04:28 wannabe1987 o
04:29 CSMonster a very smart dwarf riding on the back of a very, very large and mildly retarded man.  the brains and the brawn
04:29 wannabe1987 LOL
04:29 wannabe1987 well, we had lily (child) riding on the back of the joker...
04:29 CSMonster
04:34 speedrunnerg55__ back
04:34 speedrunnerg55__ finished that video about zomb
04:34 speedrunnerg55__ cool stuff
04:35 LeadHead Oh wow
04:35 LeadHead its 12:30 already
04:35 speedrunnerg55__ what...
04:37 LeadHead 12:30 AM
04:39 speedrunnerg55__ oh wow
04:40 speedrunnerg55__ its late
04:42 wannabe1987 honk
04:42 speedrunnerg55__ honk
04:42 CSMonster honk?
04:42 speedrunnerg55__ beep
04:42 LeadHead honk?
04:42 LeadHead This seems like a bad SNL skit
04:43 CSMonster .yt chrysler road runner horn
04:43 BotSteve CSMonster:
04:43 speedrunnerg55__ lol
04:43 * Ponko92 is having a nice cup of tea
04:44 wannabe1987 so british....
04:44 Ponko92 2 sugars tan colour
04:44 LeadHead Colour, so british....
04:45 speedrunnerg55__ garbage = dustbin?
04:45 wannabe1987 rubbish!
04:45 LeadHead flannel = face cloth?
04:45 wannabe1987 trousers/pants!
04:45 LeadHead soppy/wet?
04:45 wannabe1987 we had a good discussion on that before going to england...
04:45 speedrunnerg55__ garbage can?=
04:46 LeadHead whos the girl in todays captains block with th eyellow shirt
04:46 wannabe1987 link?
04:46 LeadHead;feature=channel_video_title
04:46 LeadHead around the 1 minue marke
04:46 LeadHead mark
04:47 RageRiot left #thegeekgroup
04:48 speedrunnerg55__ red = ftw
04:48 wannabe1987 o thats lucy, the little girl's sister...
04:48 LeadHead oh
04:48 wannabe1987 her mom, amy, works at the lab...
04:48 LeadHead whos the little girl
04:48 LeadHead oh
04:48 wannabe1987 lily
04:48 wannabe1987 her mom is amy
04:48 LeadHead Don't know who that is
04:49 wannabe1987 lol
04:49 LeadHead They should really do a staff video
04:49 wannabe1987 she was sitting on the floor on a computer during zomb...if you saw on the cafe camera...
04:49 LeadHead I did not
04:49 wannabe1987 then you lose
04:50 LeadHead Okay
04:50 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
04:50 wannabe1987 and i got a "final warning" from BA for taking time i take a photo at the lab he takes away my camera...
04:50 wannabe1987 i have yet to figure out if i stated that i wouldn't take any photos there...
04:50 CSMonster Ponko92:
04:51 LeadHead and he takes away your camera
04:51 LeadHead then what?
04:51 wannabe1987 i don't have my camera?  and i get fucking pissed off...i don't go a day (usually) with out taking pictures...
04:51 wannabe1987 all i was doing was taking pictures of my friends...i'm NOT HAPPY
04:51 LeadHead Don't quite see how he could take away your camera
04:52 CSMonster i'm confused.  *why* is it against the rules to take photos?
04:52 LeadHead I don't think he could legally, the most they could do is kick you out of the buliding
04:52 wannabe1987 apparently all the photos that go on the interwebs from the/of the lab have to be taken by the "offical" TGG photog...which they don't take any pictures of interest...
04:52 wannabe1987 CSMonster i don't know...
04:52 LeadHead and not let you come back in
04:52 LeadHead not take your camera away
04:53 wannabe1987 and LeadHead i don't think they can tak e my camera away either...i'm getting pissed off...
04:53 CSMonster red has a bunch of photos from the lab on her FB
04:53 LeadHead Did you sign a non-disclosure agreement?
04:53 wannabe1987 i know...apparently they're "different" because they are taken on her comptuer??
04:53 wannabe1987 i don't think so...
04:53 wannabe1987 i need a copy of what i signed...
04:54 wannabe1987 i said it was ok for me to be photographed/videographed...
04:54 CSMonster have you taken it up with chris?
04:54 LeadHead Even if you did sign an NDA, they unfortunately (fortunately?) rarely mean anything
04:54 Cprossu fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
04:54 Cprossu best goodwill day EVER
04:54 speedrunnerg55__ what
04:54 wannabe1987 CSMonster no.....i can't find him ever...
04:54 speedrunnerg55__ i have a question
04:54 Cprossu I found a pair of Altec Model 19's
04:55 LeadHead NDA would mean you can't share pictures, but realistically the most they could enforce that too is not letting you back in the building.
04:55 Cprossu paid $30 for the pair
04:55 speedrunnerg55__ itfeels like i havnt seen kidwell in a wile
04:55 Cprossu one had the 15" driver split
04:55 Cprossu so I was gonna take it and send it to be fixed
04:55 LeadHead Kidwell was there last week, speedrunnerg55_
04:55 Cprossu but a guy offered me cash for it
04:55 speedrunnerg55__ ok
04:55 Cprossu after I had bought it
04:55 Cprossu $100, I said, quit pulling my leg
04:55 LeadHead Cash talks
04:56 wannabe1987 lol yep
04:56 Cprossu so I loaded em in my van
04:56 Cprossu and he wanted to help load them
04:56 Cprossu I refused
04:56 Cprossu put them in
04:56 Cprossu he got his dude on the phone
04:56 Cprossu told him I wouldn't take any less than $800 for the pair
04:56 Cprossu (as that was what the cabinets were going for
04:56 Cprossu or so
04:57 Cprossu after haggling
04:57 Cprossu I got $600 cash money
04:57 Cprossu on the spot
04:57 LeadHead goodwill
04:57 LeadHead sold those for $30
04:57 CSMonster holyshitson
04:57 LeadHead ?
04:57 Cprossu yes
04:57 LeadHead But they wanted how much for that shitty JVC camera?
04:57 CSMonster *holyshitson*
04:57 Cprossu different goodwill
04:57 LeadHead Oh.
04:57 Cprossu I truely had no place to put these damn things... they are HUUUUUGGGEEE
04:58 Cprossu but I was going to throw away a shit ton of stuff
04:58 LeadHead I have no place to put half the junk I get
04:58 masterofmonks wannabe1987: he is logged onto this channel right now, though it appears that he is currently away.
04:58 Cprossu to put them in where I wanted
04:58 CSMonster you turned $30 into $600
04:58 Cprossu yes
04:58 CSMonster Cprossu wins the day
04:58 wannabe1987 boden?  i'd like to speak to him in person...altho he seems to not like my presence at the lab...
04:58 masterofmonks You can send him a PM and he should be able to get it.
04:58 Cprossu He's gonna turn his $600 + $50 finders fee (the guy that got my attention)
04:59 Cprossu plus a $150 recone, ~$50 of dust covers, and likely about 6 man hours of work on the cabinets
04:59 Cprossu into ~$1600 if my calculations are right
04:59 speedrunnerg55__ happy mothers day
05:00 masterofmonks wannabe1987: just send him a PM saying "I would like to speak with you at the lab" or something like that.
05:00 speedrunnerg55__ if thwere are anny mothers here, idk
05:00 Cprossu so he should get ~600-700 profit on it
05:00 LeadHead You made a 1900% profit
05:00 LeadHead You should work for General Motors, you'd get them sorted out in a jiffy
05:00 Cprossu I am a fucking happy camper
05:01 wannabe1987 lol
05:01 Cprossu every single speaker I've gotten at goodwills previous to this
05:01 Cprossu came to $320
05:01 CSMonster i kinda hate you right now.   i want some of that.
05:01 Cprossu including my altec santanas
05:01 Cprossu I will send some to the lab as soon as I get it in my bank account
05:01 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
05:02 speedrunnerg55__ hi bth8
05:02 Cprossu I passed my HAM test today too
05:02 LeadHead Like I said wannabe1987, don't worry about BA's threats to take your camera. He can't legally take it, and TGG doesn't have the cash to take you to court
05:02 Cprossu (technicians lisc)
05:02 wannabe1987 lol
05:02 Cprossu and I got a 17" sony LCD monitor/tv combo unit
05:02 Cprossu for $25
05:02 wannabe1987 lol ok
05:02 Cprossu and a very nice bubble level for $1.50
05:02 LeadHead Cprossu
05:03 LeadHead you sound a bit like me
05:03 Cprossu I'm damn happy right now
05:03 LeadHead I have a hard time passing up a good deal
05:03 Cprossu well today I felt like I couldn't bust
05:03 Cprossu so after the first trip I decided to just go to every goodwill around
05:03 LeadHead 1964 3500 Watt all cast iron generator in great condition on craigslist for $35?
05:03 LeadHead Do I need a generator? No
05:04 Cprossu damn.. what engine in that sucker?
05:04 Cprossu I need speakers though
05:04 LeadHead Do I want an awesome generator for $35? Yes
05:04 Cprossu I USE THEM!
05:04 Cprossu come to think of it
05:04 LeadHead 9 HP Briggs and Stratton, all cast-iron
05:04 Cprossu I need a generator (BIG BEEFY ONE) and a good welder
05:04 Cprossu sweet motor
05:04 LeadHead powers my mig welder fine
05:04 LeadHead makes the ground rumble when the governor opens up
05:04 LeadHead I like it
05:04 LeadHead :)
05:05 Cprossu I really really want to get a lincoln 800 amp 3 phase arc welder
05:05 Cprossu just so I could make 3" boiler plate mail boxes
05:05 Cprossu 'could'
05:05 Cprossu xD
05:05 LeadHead My friend that lives a couple of streets over
05:05 Cprossu imagine the punk who comes to try and take that out with a baseball bat
05:05 LeadHead kept getting their mailbox taken out by assholes, snow plows
05:05 LeadHead etc..
05:05 Cprossu especially with about 4' of concrete
05:06 Cprossu well actually my welding instructor
05:06 Cprossu built one that TOOK OUT A SNOW PLOW
05:06 LeadHead so his dad got some 4x4 1/4" thick square steel tubing
05:06 Cprossu 6' concrete holding it in
05:06 LeadHead welded one end shut
05:06 Cprossu 2" boiler plate
05:06 LeadHead put a hinge and a door on one end
05:06 Cprossu and are you ready for the support?
05:06 Cprossu A STEEL I-BEAM!
05:06 LeadHead 1/4" thick 4x4 steel post into like 4 feet of concrete
05:06 LeadHead sunk into the ground
05:06 LeadHead this mailbox aint going anywhere
05:07 Cprossu the other person who tried to take it out
05:07 LeadHead yup
05:07 Cprossu broke his arm
05:07 LeadHead mistake
05:07 Cprossu in 3 places
05:07 Cprossu and they couldn't do SHIT
05:07 Cprossu federal property is a bitch like that
05:08 LeadHead One guy around here has a woodstove
05:08 LeadHead as a base for his mailbox
05:08 Cprossu let me get my cell phone so I can upload the only pics I got of those speakers
05:08 Cprossu rofl cast fucking iron I bet
05:09 LeadHead yurp
05:10 * wannabe1987 is watching the rocky horror picture show with some besties :D
05:11 speedrunnerg55__ im helping a friend of mide design a balso wood bridge
05:11 LeadHead Balsa
05:11 speedrunnerg55__ to be able to hold a textbook
05:11 speedrunnerg55__ balsa*
05:12 Cprossu_laptop
05:12 Cprossu_laptop ^ FUCKING HELL!
05:12 LeadHead Cabinets are in great shape besides some ass that stabbed the cone
05:13 Cprossu there were some deep scratches in it too but hey
05:13 Cprossu sadly the cone was torn all the way down too on that left side one
05:14 Cprossu still fucking amazing
05:14 Cprossu I almost bought that perculator too
05:15 LeadHead Almost as amazing as this Recaro racing seat I converted into an office chair
05:15 LeadHead today
05:15 LeadHead Paid $10 for the seat
05:15 Cprossu you know what's really fucked up though?
05:15 LeadHead and shes mint
05:15 Cprossu I passed them like 2 times without seeing them
05:16 Cprossu because last time I was there
05:16 Cprossu there was a crappy non-hammond organ in that place
05:16 Cprossu then I came at it from that angle
05:16 Cprossu and my jaw dropped to the floor
05:16 Cprossu is CaptainBoden around?
05:17 LeadHead
05:17 LeadHead That's what I got
05:17 LeadHead except mine has an armrest
05:17 Cprossu wow it even looks comfy!
05:17 LeadHead I'll put it in my next vehicle
05:17 LeadHead but for now, its a godly office chair
05:17 LeadHead I can't even recline in it, or I just want to go to sleep its so comfortable
05:18 Cprossu when someone tells me racing seat
05:18 Cprossu I generally think of these ->
05:18 Cprossu which I swear
05:18 t2sink left #thegeekgroup
05:19 Ponko92 hmm who likes RC Cola here?
05:19 Cprossu I think they've made more comfortable IRON MAIDENS than that seat
05:19 Cprossu Cherry RC or no RC
05:19 speedrunnrG55 joined #thegeekgroup
05:19 Ponko92 uh which ever lol
05:19 speedrunnrG55 hi
05:19 Cprossu lol
05:19 Ponko92 RC Cola speedrunner
05:19 speedrunnerg55__ left #thegeekgroup
05:19 Cprossu Ponko92: just had the best goodwill trip ever
05:20 Ponko92 did you?
05:20 Cprossu yes
05:20 Cprossu
05:20 speedrunnrG55 cola?
05:20 Cprossu ^ I picked up these
05:20 Ponko92 yes
05:20 Cprossu for $30
05:20 Cprossu and flipped them for $600 in THE PARKING LOT
05:20 speedrunnrG55 steal
05:20 Cprossu he'll probably make a good profit off of them once he restores them too
05:21 LeadHead Yeah, this seat is megacomfy
05:21 CSMonster there's ponko.
05:21 LeadHead and the side bolsters will keep me we planted in the seat during heated internet arugments
05:21 LeadHead :-P
05:21 CSMonster um
05:21 Cprossu for 15 minutes of work, I've sure done a lot worse than $570
05:21 CSMonster Ponko92: i don't think i've ever had RC, actually
05:21 Ponko92 hmmm
05:21 LeadHead I had Kosher Coke, the other day actually
05:22 Cprossu yellow cap for the win
05:22 LeadHead It's made with real sugar
05:22 Cprossu tastes like maple syrup though
05:22 Ponko92 i'm having Diet RC
05:22 Cprossu compared to mexican coke
05:22 LeadHead It's weird, I didn't exactly like the taste of the Kosher coke, didn't mind it
05:22 Ponko92 all the way from america
05:22 LeadHead but I then had regular coke the day after
05:22 Ponko92 (being derby)
05:22 LeadHead and I didn't like the tast of regular coke
05:22 Cprossu I ended up killing a couple bottles of the kosher coke
05:22 LeadHead which I liked before trying kosher coke
05:22 Cprossu addictive as hell
05:22 speedrunnrG55 ive had peruvian soda before
05:23 Cprossu mexican coke though I think is the best coke there is
05:23 Cprossu and Pepsi Throwback rocks too
05:23 LeadHead I like soda from a local "Brewery" here
05:23 Cprossu I drink a shit ton of throwback mtn dew and throwback pepsi
05:23 Cprossu and they stopped carrying the throwback dr. pepper
05:23 Cprossu so I am only slowly drinking my stash of that
05:23 LeadHead
05:23 LeadHead this is what I like
05:24 LeadHead made here in Rhode iSland
05:24 Cprossu neat
05:24 CSMonster Ponko92 did you see the link i sent you?
05:24 Cprossu Mexican coke might as well be made here
05:24 Ponko92 bloody biscuits fallen in my tea
05:24 Cprossu not that far away
05:24 Ponko92 CSMonster i didn't sorry
05:24 LeadHead Yacht Club is great stuff though, and is pretty cheap if you buy it by the 24 bottle case
05:24 CSMonster
05:25 LeadHead bring the bottles back and you get $3 off
05:25 Cprossu
05:25 Cprossu ^ I could live on this
05:25 Cprossu it's made with cane sugar btw
05:25 LeadHead yurp, so is yacht club
05:25 speedrunnrG55 :D
05:25 LeadHead I got this feeling Kosher coke might be made with beet sugar
05:25 Cprossu could be
05:25 Cprossu either way it tasted like maple syrup
05:25 speedrunnrG55 lol
05:26 LeadHead Better than regular coke
05:26 Cprossu (not a bad thing mind you)
05:26 Cprossu (I rather enjoyed it)
05:26 Cprossu speaking of which
05:26 LeadHead Wish someone had an unopened perfectly perserved can of coke
05:26 Cprossu log cabin is made with real sugar too now
05:26 LeadHead from the 70s/early 80s
05:26 LeadHead before they changed
05:26 Cprossu isn't that a real 21st century term though?
05:26 Cprossu "NOW MADE WITH _REAL_ SUGAR!!!!"
05:26 LeadHead so I could compare how coke should taste
05:26 Cprossu who the fuck saw that label coming?!
05:27 speedrunnrG55 lol brb im thirsty
05:27 LeadHead to Kosher coke, and mexican coke
05:27 Cprossu so am I, brb
05:27 LeadHead and see which one is more faithful
05:27 CSMonster YES.  i FINALLY figured out a better name.
05:27 Cprossu I don't know which one would be honestly
05:27 Cprossu xD
05:27 Cprossu and now I have monies to buy ham stuff!
05:27 LeadHead smlpns would be unforunate
05:28 Cprossu doesn't it at least have to start with a k or something?
05:28 LeadHead I think so
05:28 LeadHead if Ham stuff is anything like motorcycle stuff
05:28 CSMonster FUTD blog is now known as Excessive Headspace.
05:28 speedrunnrG55 back
05:28 LeadHead you say you have money now, but wait a few days
05:28 LeadHead it'll be gone
05:28 LeadHead very quickly
05:28 LeadHead :-P
05:29 Cprossu KR0FL would be funny though
05:31 masterofmonks left #thegeekgroup
05:31 speedrunnrG55 monks?
05:32 speedrunnrG55 incidentelly monks never sent me anny links
05:32 speedrunnrG55 (thats a good thing)
05:33 speedrunnrG55 annyho. cprso
05:33 speedrunnrG55 you just certified?
05:35 Ponko92 ooo britishness and guns
05:35 Ponko92 gotta love it
05:38 speedrunnrG55 ?
05:38 masterofmonks joined #thegeekgroup
05:38 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
05:39 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
05:40 Duidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
05:40 Cprossu musta been a netsplit at some time
05:40 Cprossu welcome back
05:40 CSMonster lol Ponko92 you like?
05:40 Cprossu hey RED_home: had an amazing day
05:40 Ponko92 yes i do :)
05:41 RED_home Hi internet.
05:41 CSMonster also we *FINALLY* found a more appropriate name for the blog
05:41 RED_home Who had an amazing day?
05:41 CSMonster HI RED
05:41 * CSMonster locks red in a deathhug
05:41 RED_home Hi CSMonster - my dear ^_^
05:41 Cprossu RED_home: <- picked these up at a goodwill today... $30 for the PAIR!
05:41 Cprossu ended up flipping it in the parking lot for $600
05:41 Cprossu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05:42 LemLap gonna need some repairs on those Cprossu
05:42 Cprossu yeah cone on left one was shot
05:42 LemLap looks like the surrounds are rotting too
05:42 Cprossu I know a place that only does altec up here
05:42 Cprossu no
05:42 RED_home EPIC Cprossu
05:42 Cprossu that's just how altec surrounds looked
05:42 LemLap kk
05:43 Cprossu minus the rip all through the cone on the left one
05:43 LemLap nice speakers nonetheless
05:43 Cprossu they were in damn good condition
05:43 speedrunnrG55
05:43 speedrunnrG55 solder bridge
05:43 speedrunnrG55 lol
05:43 Cprossu certainly worth the $30 I paid for both of them
05:43 LemLap nice speedrunnerG55_
05:43 Cprossu nice point to point lol
05:43 LemLap Cprossu: I should really take some pics of my speakers
05:43 LemLap 6 drivers per speaker
05:43 LeadHead I'd take pictures of my JBL830s, but they're nothing special
05:44 Cprossu my sp2500's have a lot of drivers too
05:44 * Ponko92 performs Scorpions fatality on Tsang Sung
05:44 Cprossu but they don't compare to those altecs
05:44 Cprossu they didn't make it passed the goodwill parking lot
05:44 LemLap 12" subwoofer, 10" woofer, 8" 6" and 4" midranges 2" tweeter
05:44 LeadHead I'd hate to see the crossover
05:44 LeadHead on that
05:45 wannabe1987 CSMonster - same...agreed...on the stuff on my status...
05:45 Cprossu
05:45 * Ponko92 shoots harpoon at RED_home then shouts "GET OVER HERE!!!!"
05:45 LemLap LeadHead: 3 amps
05:45 Cprossu I have tons of cool speakers thankfully
05:45 Ponko92 sorry in a MK mood tonight
05:45 LemLap per speaker
05:45 Cprossu LemLap: my sp2500's
05:45 LeadHead so 3 crossover networks then?
05:45 Cprossu
05:45 LemLap MDK > MK
05:45 Cprossu xD
05:45 Cprossu granted those aren't actually mine
05:45 Cprossu but same model
05:45 LemLap leadhead, yeah
05:46 Cprossu that pic of the altecs though
05:46 LeadHead Werd.
05:46 RED_home Get over where, Ponko92 ?
05:46 Cprossu was mine for 15 minutes
05:46 LemLap 3 way crossover before the amps, 3 2 way crossovers in the speakers
05:46 Cprossu and LemLap: I Still DO have a pair of these at least
05:46 Cprossu
05:46 Ponko92 idk red its what scorpion in MK shouts
05:46 RED_home lol
05:46 Cprossu and thanks to the guy I met today
05:47 Cprossu I got the name of someone who can recone the biflex into a duplex!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05:47 LemLap RED_home: he shouts that, then fires a harpoon at them and pulls them to him
05:49 Cprossu so yeah, I had a hell of a time today
05:49 LemLap I spent most of the day at home cleaning
05:49 Cprossu passed my technicians test, got money from goodwill parking lot
05:49 LemLap and now I am off to the parents house to do mothers day
05:49 Cprossu life is excellant
05:50 Cprossu ephasis on the misspelled ant
05:50 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
05:50 LemLap lol
05:50 speedrunnrG55 oh hi red
05:51 RED_home Ohhai
05:51 Duidic_Rifleman How is red
05:51 speedrunnrG55 not white
05:52 LemLap not blue either :-P
05:52 speedrunnrG55 or pink
05:52 Cprossu so I was totally gone all day
05:52 Cprossu what happened up at the lab?
05:52 speedrunnrG55 more stuff somming in
05:52 speedrunnrG55 those HUGE capacitors
05:53 Cprossu ahhh the pulse caps right?
05:53 speedrunnrG55 arent those for stomper?
05:53 speedrunnrG55 is stomper real?
05:54 RED_home Red is sleeepy.
05:54 LemLap stomper is but a rumour at this stage I think
05:54 RED_home We got a bunch of the ceilings torn out.
05:54 LeadHead Sleepy red?
05:54 speedrunnrG55 can tell, red is in third person
05:54 LemLap but oh how I hope it becomes real
05:54 RED_home Red is exhausted.
05:54 RED_home and stressed.
05:54 RED_home I spent the last $6 I had to my name on gas today, and my credit cards are all maxed out.
05:54 LeadHead Stressed.?
05:54 Cprossu I don't blame red... any more paint get sloshed up?
05:54 LeadHead Oh.
05:54 RED_home I don't know who I'm going to pay for gas to continue getting to the lab.
05:55 RED_home :(
05:55 LemLap how far is the lab from your place?
05:55 speedrunnrG55 ...sad face
05:55 Cprossu lol should I earmark a some of my monetary donations? 'Gas money for RED', 'Lotus money'
05:56 Duidic_Rifleman :( improverished red is impoverished
05:57 speedrunnrG55 poor red
05:57 speedrunnrG55 :(
05:57 Cprossu :(
05:57 RED_home lol, that would be epic Cprossu.
05:57 RED_home lol.
05:57 RED_home if anyone wants to donate gas money, I'd love you forever.
05:57 Cprossu once I get my cash in the bank I'll do it
05:57 RED_home and I live 45-50 minutes from the lab.
05:57 Cprossu damn
05:57 Cprossu what kinda mileage you get?
05:58 RED_home 22 miles to the gallon.
05:58 LeadHead the hell are you driving
05:58 speedrunnrG55 meh
05:58 RED_home 98 ford escort.
05:58 LeadHead Somethings wrong
05:58 speedrunnrG55 wow
05:58 Cprossu LeadHead: it's called the 1.9 sohc and an auto tran
05:58 Cprossu I bet
05:58 LeadHead Hers is a stick
05:58 RED_home manual.
05:58 Cprossu o_O
05:58 RED_home i mean automatic.
05:58 LeadHead That should be pulling mid 30s
05:58 LeadHead easy.
05:58 RED_home sorry.
05:58 Cprossu OK good
05:58 Cprossu I called it!
05:59 LeadHead Even then
05:59 LeadHead once in OD
05:59 LeadHead that should pull low 30s high 20s
05:59 LeadHead not 22.
05:59 RED_home I do not know.
05:59 wannabe1987 manual 97 escort gets 34mpg on a good tank...
05:59 Cprossu have you ever driven one of those cars LeadHead?
05:59 LeadHead Who has the escort stick then?
05:59 LeadHead oh
05:59 LeadHead wannabe
05:59 LeadHead I've never driven one
05:59 LeadHead been in one though
05:59 LeadHead two
05:59 LeadHead actually
05:59 Duidic_Rifleman Pistols are also very easily removed from the owner and turned on them. this was off a link wannabe gave me
05:59 * speedrunnrG55 needs to get a drivers license x_x
06:00 LeadHead Know someone with an Escort 4EAT with a SPFI2000
06:00 LeadHead they get high 20s/low 30s, and its a wagon
06:00 Duidic_Rifleman IF someone's close enough to grab your gun THEY are close enough to stab you....
06:00 LeadHead Red, you got any warning lights on the dash
06:00 RED_home no...why would I?
06:01 speedrunnrG55 oldcar
06:01 Duidic_Rifleman Red i'll see what i can do
06:01 RED_home No, I don't.
06:01 LeadHead Sounds like it's not going into overdrive
06:01 LeadHead oh
06:01 LeadHead Red
06:01 RED_home Hmm?
06:01 LeadHead I was saying I know someone with that car
06:01 LeadHead not asking you
06:02 RED_home I dont' have any warning lights, it what I mean.
06:02 LeadHead I was thinkign specifical an OverDrive light that would be on, or blinking
06:02 LeadHead which would defintely indicate a transmission fault
06:03 Cprossu wow, you live 50 miles from the lab??
06:03 LeadHead 98 Escort is 2.0, and using the revised EPA method
06:03 LeadHead is rated at 31 highway
06:03 speedrunnrG55 how long of a drive is that
06:03 LeadHead Something is defintely wrong if you're getting 22, either that or you drive 90 MPH the whole way
06:03 RED_home It's like 38 miles.
06:04 RED_home I drive 85 there.
06:04 LeadHead That would do it.
06:04 speedrunnrG55 long?
06:04 Cprossu then it shouldn't take you 45 minutes to get there
06:04 RED_home It does when I go the speed limit.
06:04 Cprossu lol
06:04 LeadHead But you said you go 85
06:04 RED_home When i go 85 it's less than a half hour.
06:04 Cprossu how many revs when you go 85?
06:04 * speedrunnrG55 goes to google maps and sees how far he is
06:04 LeadHead Yeah, that destroys economy.
06:04 RED_home but that burns more gas.
06:04 LemLap traffic + red lights as well Cprossu
06:04 Cprossu yeah I am aware
06:05 Cprossu but there are ways around even that
06:05 LeadHead Remember for every double in speed, in requires 8 times the energy
06:05 Cprossu it just sucks
06:05 RED_home mhmm.
06:05 speedrunnrG55 whats the labs adress?
06:05 Cprossu you know nothing kills my economy like my AX
06:05 Cprossu *AC
06:05 RED_home 902 Leonard Street. GR, MI
06:05 Cprossu I'm convinced they used the compressor off of one of their quad cab trucks in the damn thing
06:05 speedrunnrG55 thnx\
06:06 Cprossu because I go from 27 to 21.5 when the AC kicks in
06:06 Cprossu and I can get 37mpg average... but it's 37 very unfun miles per gallon
06:06 LeadHead Drop it down to 60 red, only an extra 10 minutes
06:06 LemLap wind the windows down and leave the tailgate open :-P
06:07 LemLap instant wind tunnel
06:07 Cprossu do you have a tach, red?
06:07 Cprossu you know I heard a newbie in one of the automotive classes call it an 'rpm meter' xD
06:07 RED_home tach?
06:07 LemLap lol
06:07 Cprossu the teacher looked at him and said, 'that's funny I don't know of this RPM meter thing'
06:07 LemLap Tachomoete
06:07 Cprossu tachometer
06:08 LemLap gah
06:08 LemLap that^
06:08 RED_home Sure.
06:08 RED_home ?
06:08 RED_home lol, idk.
06:08 Duidic_Rifleman Cprossu you know the Efficency of the AC is better then opening the windows
06:08 LeadHead at high enough speeds
06:08 RED_home I don't use AC, I either have the windows down or just keep the same air circulating through my car.
06:09 Cprossu RED_home:
06:09 LeadHead I doubt she has a tach, most escorts i've seen don't have em
06:09 Cprossu see the meter on the right?
06:09 LeadHead wrong link
06:09 LeadHead Cprossu
06:09 Cprossu do you has one?
06:09 RED_home lol
06:09 Cprossu it gets the point across
06:09 CSMonster fail, cprossu.
06:09 RED_home Those is speakers, sir.
06:09 Cprossu oooooooh
06:09 Cprossu ROFL
06:09 LeadHead Hence, wrong link Cprossu
06:09 LeadHead :-P
06:09 Cprossu epic FAIL
06:09 Cprossu
06:10 CSMonster it gets /some/ point across, but probably not the one you were aiming for
06:10 speedrunnrG55 im a 12 hour drive from the lab
06:10 Cprossu |
06:10 Cprossu \
06:10 Cprossu |
06:10 LeadHead was that an upshift
06:10 LeadHead cprossu
06:10 RED_home I think I do, but without going upstairs to look, I'm not for sure.
06:10 Cprossu READY_
06:11 Cprossu but if you have one
06:11 Cprossu ...or rather
06:11 Cprossu if you don't have one
06:11 Cprossu ask duck to install one for you
06:11 Cprossu then once you have one
06:11 LeadHead Keep the revs 3k or under
06:11 LeadHead on the highway
06:11 Cprossu play a game we call 'keep the needle as low as it can go'
06:11 Cprossu while maintaining speed
06:12 LeadHead I liked the old BMWs with the fuel economy gauge
06:12 LeadHead just a vacuum gauge, the more you planted the pedal down the lower it read :P
06:12 Cprossu in my case I have a nice point around ~53 mph that's like under 2000 rpm
06:12 RED_home Herm, I will have to try that.
06:12 Cprossu or so
06:12 speedrunnrG55 left #thegeekgroup
06:12 LeadHead You should see my friend's truck Cprossu, he's got 31" tires and 3.55 gears
06:12 Cprossu I can't remember what anymore
06:13 CSMonster are we discussing maximizing red's gas mileage?
06:13 LeadHead 55 MPH hes turning 1000 RPM.
06:13 Cprossu yes
06:13 Cprossu v8? I6?
06:13 LeadHead Ford 460
06:13 Cprossu stroked?
06:13 LeadHead nope
06:13 speedrunnerg55 joined #thegeekgroup
06:13 LeadHead 7.5L of V8
06:13 LeadHead lawl
06:13 Cprossu fuel injected?
06:13 LeadHead yurp
06:13 speedrunnerg55 since i cant drive
06:13 LeadHead E4OD automatic
06:13 Cprossu wow ... mfi or cpi?
06:14 speedrunnerg55 it would be a 9 days 15 hours bike to the lab
06:14 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
06:14 LeadHead 1996, multiport
06:14 speedrunnerg55 bike ride
06:14 speedrunnerg55 amagin that
06:14 Cprossu god damn nice... that thing got a 90psi pump on it?
06:14 Cprossu (checks)
06:14 Duidic_Rifleman Red when was the last time the tranny fluids and air filter we're replaced?
06:14 LeadHead dual tanks, pressure spec is like 50 PSI I think
06:14 Cprossu not at the reg, at the pump
06:15 LeadHead no idea, dual pumps as well
06:15 Cprossu ford always overbuilds stuff xD
06:15 RED_home A month or so ago Duidic_Rifleman
06:15 LeadHead even at 55 mph and 1000 RPM
06:15 Duidic_Rifleman Should all be good then hrm
06:15 LeadHead he still gets like 12 MPG
06:15 Cprossu at least on their v8 stuff
06:15 Cprossu anyway
06:15 LeadHead That 460 is a thirsty girl
06:15 Duidic_Rifleman Do you  have any Un nessisary crap in the car?
06:15 RED_home Yep.
06:15 RED_home Half of my closet., lol
06:15 Cprossu ditch the spare tire and the clothing and the seats if you can xD
06:15 mtearle;vendor=3428203&amp;searchnum=9958986
06:15 LeadHead We're ripping it's EFI system out though, and replacing it
06:16 CSMonster LOL yeah tear out as much weight as you can.
06:16 Duidic_Rifleman ^yeah^
06:16 LeadHead It's got a speed-density (map based) bank-fire fuel injection system. We're converting it to mass-air sequential EFI
06:16 CSMonster like in The Fastest Indian
06:17 CSMonster remove the brakes, that's unnecessary weight.
06:17 Duidic_Rifleman LMAO
06:17 LeadHead and than the bigger fuel injectors and turbocharger go in. ROFL.
06:17 mtearle;val=c8_m16_l587
06:17 Cprossu LeadHead:;An=599001+101996+50028+2028028
06:17 LeadHead I have a feeling his mileage is going to dip into the negatives once the turbo is in
06:17 Cprossu did that come up right for you LeadHead?
06:17 LeadHead No, it di dnot
06:17 LeadHead give me the part number
06:18 RED_home Loves you CSMonster - you shouldn't try to kill me
06:18 Duidic_Rifleman If you could pull the back seat and Clothing you don't need that day you should maybe Squeese a mile extra pergallon
06:18 Cprossu AFP E2064MN
06:18 CSMonster LOL i would never do such a thing red <3
06:18 Cprossu look at specs, then shit bricks
06:18 Ponko92 GREEN ARMY
06:18 LeadHead 50 GPH @ 110 PSI
06:18 CSMonster
06:18 LeadHead interesting
06:18 Cprossu pretty cool, no?
06:18 LeadHead Very cool, but that GPH is worrysome
06:19 Cprossu want to see something really awesome
06:19 Cprossu for a budget pump?
06:19 Duidic_Rifleman leave the spair tire in it's kinda a good thing to have
06:19 LeadHead we're putting 36 lb/hr injectors in it for the turbo
06:19 RED_home lol
06:19 Cprossu you know what would be worrysome?
06:19 LeadHead Oh
06:19 LeadHead looks like we'll be at 40 GPH max
06:19 Cprossu using 36 lb/hr of gas.
06:19 Cprossu oh lb
06:20 Cprossu not gal rofl
06:20 LeadHead That's 36 lb an hr per injector
06:20 Cprossu so 4.5 gal/hr
06:20 LeadHead yeah
06:20 Cprossu x 8 is ~36 or so
06:20 Cprossu no worries
06:20 LeadHead he could drain his gas tanks in like half an hour basically
06:20 LeadHead *one tank in half an hour
06:21 * CSMonster wants to see that movie, bad
06:21 LeadHead you should see all the goodies sitting on his workbench though, nice big turbo, injectors, intercooler
06:21 speedrunnerg55 we should use electric cars lol
06:21 LeadHead 90MM (!!!) mass-air flow sensor out of a ford lightning
06:21 LeadHead just has to get put in now
06:21 Cprossu see if I got the number right, LeadHead
06:21 Cprossu BSH N69133
06:21 LeadHead Electric cars are boring
06:22 Cprossu check your pricing on it!
06:22 LeadHead Planting the pedal down in a big truck with big tires, and then hearing that big V8 down shift and light up that big turbo
06:22 LeadHead will put a smile on your face everytime
06:22 speedrunnerg55 whats holding back electric cars is the bateries
06:22 Cprossu LeadHead: check that napa part number
06:23 Cprossu for a fun time
06:23 Cprossu rofl
06:23 speedrunnerg55 bateries are generally inificient
06:23 LeadHead 30 bucks
06:23 Cprossu see how it's specced?
06:23 Cprossu it's WRONG
06:23 LeadHead 22.45 gallons per hour
06:23 Cprossu it's actually 90/50
06:23 LeadHead How do you know this
06:23 Cprossu 90psi, 50gph
06:23 Cprossu because I BOUGHT ONE
06:24 Cprossu hoping to use it on a project without a regulator
06:24 Cprossu NFP P74643S
06:24 Cprossu look up that part number next
06:24 LeadHead 50 gph
06:24 LeadHead 90
06:24 LeadHead 270 bucks
06:24 LeadHead what
06:24 Cprossu same fucking pump
06:24 LeadHead yeah but thats an intank pump
06:24 LeadHead not inline
06:24 Cprossu it's the same pump!
06:25 Cprossu ford put those 'inline' pumps
06:25 Cprossu in tank!
06:25 LeadHead intersing
06:25 Cprossu oh and also
06:25 Cprossu that cheap pump
06:25 Cprossu comes with 100psi SUBMERSIBLE fuel hose (a little bit)
06:25 Cprossu that normally goes for $30/foot
06:26 LeadHead What's scary is the guys that need fuel pumps
06:26 Cprossu 2 hose clamps, and some other stuff
06:26 LeadHead that move 140 gallons per hour
06:26 LeadHead of fuel
06:26 Cprossu well I was going to put a walbro 255 in my caravan
06:26 Cprossu I don't know what the specs of it were off hand
06:26 LeadHead I'm hoping my friends pump will be upto the task for the power we want
06:26 LeadHead we're only looking for about 350 HP
06:27 Cprossu (255 liters/hour)
06:27 Cprossu so that's a 67 fucking gph pump
06:27 LeadHead The wideband O2 will be the tell all though
06:27 LeadHead if I fatten up the tune with binaryeditor
06:27 LeadHead and the wideband still goes lean
06:27 LeadHead guess we'll need more fuel pump
06:28 LeadHead My buddy has $1400 tied up in this turbo project already
06:28 LeadHead I think he might kill me if I tell him he needs a bigger fuel pump
06:28 LeadHead LOL.
06:28 Cprossu 50psi@67 gph for my turbo 2.5 is what I am looking at
06:28 Cprossu I should check the injectors I am putting in, hang on
06:29 LeadHead so anyways, we bought a mass-air computer that could strill control his transmission
06:29 LeadHead out of a 95 F-150 5.0 V8 california emissions automatic
06:29 Cprossu mopar +20 injectors, hrmm
06:29 LeadHead do you know how hard it was to find that exact computer?
06:30 Cprossu 42lbs/hr on those
06:30 LeadHead made a mistake on our injectors
06:30 Cprossu LeadHead: yes I do know
06:30 LeadHead they're 38 lb/hr at 45 PSI
06:30 LeadHead 42 lb/hr @ 60
06:30 * mtearle bops
06:30 Cprossu I bet we have a ton of those specific computers here in arizona
06:30 LeadHead had to pay $125 for that damn computer
06:30 Cprossu that's not that bad
06:30 LeadHead we called every single junkyard in rhode island and massachusts
06:30 LeadHead and I emailed several across the country
06:30 LeadHead not a single one had one
06:31 Cprossu we have mustang junkyards here in AZ that specialize in them
06:31 Cprossu they damn near have everything you could want
06:31 LeadHead We were originally going to use a mass-air mustang computer
06:31 LeadHead but it turns out it wouldn't be able to control his automatic
06:31 LeadHead the mustang automatic uses an entire different control system
06:31 LeadHead so we had to get out of an F-150
06:32 Ponko92 lol;feature=related
06:32 Cprossu you know
06:32 Cprossu why didn't you guys just run a piggyback unit?
06:32 LeadHead hmm?
06:32 LeadHead Piggyback is ghetto.
06:32 Cprossu as in a separate computer for fuel
06:32 Cprossu megasquirt is awesome you know
06:32 LeadHead My friend is a stickler for doing things the exact right way
06:32 Cprossu bust costs more than $125 too
06:33 LeadHead he wouldn't have agreed to a piggy back unit
06:33 LeadHead but with the truck computer
06:33 LeadHead we can run this
06:33 Cprossu well we'll see how bad the turbo bug bites him
06:33 LeadHead
06:33 LeadHead which we have
06:33 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
06:33 LeadHead That little bit right there is probably the coolest thing ever made
06:34 Duidic_Rifleman question for those who visit the lab
06:35 LeadHead tuner with live tuning for any pre 2005 ford computer
06:35 Cprossu I always liked how clean the megasquirt computers were
06:35 Cprossu
06:35 LeadHead interfaces with this program right here:
06:35 Duidic_Rifleman Would you buy hand made chocolates in the Cafe?
06:35 RED_home I love making handmade chocolate.
06:35 LeadHead and basically, he'll be in the drivers seat driving the shit out of the truck
06:35 LeadHead and i'll be in the passenger seat watching the wide band
06:35 LeadHead and adjusting fuel tables
06:35 Cprossu nice
06:36 LeadHead and transmission shift stratetgies
06:36 LeadHead with a laptop
06:36 Cprossu the base tune on that think'll be whack though
06:36 LeadHead Yeah it will
06:36 LeadHead considering the base tune will be for a 5.0L V8
06:36 LeadHead @_@
06:36 Cprossu what did you guys do to the tranny to hold up to the abuse it's gonna take?
06:36 LeadHead shift-kit
06:36 LeadHead and we're gonna bump line pressure up with the tuner
06:36 Cprossu no extra frictions?
06:36 LeadHead nope.
06:36 Cprossu that seems worrysome
06:37 Cprossu any bands in that transmission?
06:37 LeadHead The diesel guys are putting 1000 lb-ft through this exact same transmission with a good shift kit and transmission tuning
06:37 Cprossu or one way sprags?
06:37 LeadHead Wel'll be a little over half that, so I'm not worried
06:37 Cprossu I'm always worried heh
06:37 LeadHead one band
06:37 LeadHead and a sprag
06:37 Cprossu how about the rear end?
06:37 * Ponko92 picks up football goes back 5 steps goes forward 2 then launches the ball 67 yards
06:38 Yaotzin .
06:38 Duidic_Rifleman Red_home i used to do it every winter for a charity auction
06:38 LeadHead Rear end is a 10.25 Sterling
06:38 LeadHead not worried about that thing
06:38 LeadHead its a tank
06:38 Cprossu just 2wd no transfer case right?
06:38 LeadHead nope 4x4
06:38 Cprossu hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
06:38 LeadHead same case used behind the diesels
06:39 LeadHead not worried about that either
06:39 Cprossu still
06:39 LeadHead :-P
06:39 Cprossu don't they have a bunch of torque management on the diesels?
06:39 LeadHead not the old 7.3s
06:39 tggmastercontrol joined #thegeekgroup
06:40 Cprossu did you put on a high stall torque converter of any kind
06:40 Cprossu ?
06:40 Cprossu what's stock?
06:40 LeadHead only thing we did to the transmission is the shift kit
06:40 LeadHead that's it.
06:40 LeadHead High stall? The engine redlines at 4600 RPM.
06:41 Cprossu I mean if you put your foot on the brake
06:41 Cprossu and floor the accelerator
06:41 LeadHead i know
06:41 LeadHead Stall is real low
06:41 Cprossu 1500 2500?
06:41 LeadHead its a very torquey, low reving engine
06:41 tggmc1 left #thegeekgroup
06:42 Cprossu if you do it right, it should break the tires in 3rd
06:42 LeadHead not this truck
06:42 LeadHead 3.55 gears and 31" tires
06:43 LeadHead We'll only be pushing around 350HP anyways, not that much
06:43 Cprossu even then it will still chirp in 2nd I think
06:43 LeadHead with the shift kit a lone
06:43 LeadHead it pretty much snaps your neck on the 1 - 2 shift
06:43 LeadHead *shift kit alone
06:44 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
06:45 LeadHead Stock stall is below 2000 RPm
06:45 LeadHead 1700 RPM says the internet
06:46 LeadHead Oh, and as far as the turbo bug goes
06:46 LeadHead He already has the bug, and the damn turbo isn't even yet
06:46 Cprossu if he truely has it wait until he blows his first head gasket doing something dumb
06:46 LeadHead we got a wastegate
06:47 LeadHead heres the thing, he's already talking about the future
06:47 LeadHead when he gets back from basic for the air foce and gets assigned to a base
06:47 LeadHead he wants to tear the engine out
06:47 LeadHead drop the compression a bit, put in forged internals
06:47 LeadHead and boost this thing to around 600HP
06:48 LeadHead I just keep telling him one step at a time
06:48 Cprossu if I were you
06:48 Cprossu I'd scope out a replacement engine
06:48 Cprossu then build that one the hell up
06:48 LeadHead Yarh
06:48 LeadHead so when this one finally pops
06:48 LeadHead drop the new one in
06:48 Cprossu then rebuild the old one unless it threw a rod out the side
06:49 LeadHead I'm debating on whether or not to tell him
06:49 LeadHead that 460's can turn 6000 RPM on stock rods
06:49 LeadHead I think I'll keep that one to my self
06:49 Cprossu don't tell him rofl
06:49 LeadHead They can, some guys push it to 6500 RPM
06:49 Cprossu we don't need him trying to get 9 grand outa it
06:50 LeadHead I'll keep the stock rev-limiter
06:50 LeadHead 4600 RPM
06:50 LeadHead haha.
06:50 Cprossu good idea
06:50 Cprossu though
06:50 LeadHead I could be an ass though.
06:50 Cprossu how well did you engineer your turbos
06:50 LeadHead The Ford computer has two rev limiters in it
06:50 LeadHead one for park/nuetral, another for drive
06:50 Cprossu what rpm do they hit max boost or when you hit the wategate
06:50 Cprossu my dodge is the same way
06:51 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
06:51 Cprossu revlim in neutral/park is ~4.5k in my neon
06:51 LeadHead I could be a dick, and set it so it revs freely to 4500 RPM in park, so it seems all good
06:51 LeadHead then once its in drive, it won't go over 1800
06:51 LeadHead :-P
06:51 LeadHead engine will live forver doing that
06:51 Cprossu and is somewhere around 7500
06:51 Cprossu in drive
06:51 LeadHead The turbo is off a 7.3L power stroke diesel
06:52 LeadHead luckily the 460 and the 7.3 have quite similar operating RPM range
06:52 LeadHead and displacement
06:52 Cprossu wait
06:52 Cprossu did the 7.3 have progressives or just one?
06:52 LeadHead single
06:52 LeadHead ~62mm
06:52 Cprossu I can't keep track of all the ford diesel changes
06:53 LeadHead We're going to be running about 8-9 PSI, and from my estimations
06:53 Cprossu all I know is the older ones leak oil all over the top of the engine really well
06:53 LemLap I need a nice big turbo, I wanna make a gas turbine out of one
06:53 LeadHead it should be fully spooled by around 1400-1500 RPM
06:53 Ponko92 lol vin diesel on helium
06:53 Ponko92;feature=related
06:53 Cprossu what's the compression ratio on that fucker
06:53 LeadHead possibly less.
06:53 LeadHead the 460?
06:53 Cprossu yeah
06:53 * Duidic_Rifleman wants to make chocolatte
06:55 LeadHead 8.5:1
06:55 LeadHead turbo friendly
06:55 LeadHead :)
06:55 Cprossu damn surprising
06:55 LeadHead Eh
06:55 LeadHead its a big old american gas engine
06:55 Cprossu doesn't matter how poorly the heads flow either
06:55 LeadHead heads flow shit all
06:55 LeadHead rofl
06:55 LeadHead That's why we're turboing it
06:56 Cprossu you know I'd say
06:56 Cprossu you could probably hit 14psi at least
06:56 Duidic_Rifleman;creative=395261&amp;creativeASIN=B000EJPJZI&amp;linkCode=asn :P does kidwell have a sweet touth?
06:56 LeadHead injectors won't support 14 PSI
06:56 LeadHead :(
06:57 LeadHead Tooth, Duidic_Rifleman.
06:57 Cprossu that's a pity too
06:57 LeadHead Maybe some day we'll get a nice set of 80 lb/hr injectors
06:57 Cprossu I will be probably running 23 in my van xD
06:57 CSMonster he's canadian, he's allowed to spell it that way
06:57 Cprossu speaking of shitty flowing 8 VALVE HEADS
06:58 LeadHead My dirtbike has a ridiculous flowing 4 valve head
06:58 LeadHead It runs 12.5:1 compression on pump gas
06:58 LeadHead You can go upto 13.5:1 using 93 octane
06:58 Duidic_Rifleman you guys never spell neighbour correctly
06:58 LeadHead CSMonster: It is my goal by the end of the year to have Duidic_Rifleman being a national spelling champion
06:59 LeadHead Cprossu, you should put that seet Turbo II (I think?) Lotus head on it
06:59 CSMonster LOL
06:59 LeadHead *Sweet
06:59 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
06:59 RED_home All right guys, time for Red to get some shuteye. Goodnight my dears.
06:59 Duidic_Rifleman cattle prods leadhead
06:59 * CSMonster hugs RED_home
06:59 Cprossu turbo IV is the lotus head
06:59 CSMonster night dear.
06:59 LeadHead Night, RED_home
06:59 * Duidic_Rifleman goodnight hugs read
07:00 Cprossu you know what flows as well though?
07:00 Cprossu DOHC 2.0 16V neon head!
07:00 RED_home :Instigates giant group hug:
07:00 LeadHead That bolt up?
07:00 Duidic_Rifleman :P
07:00 Cprossu awwww
07:00 Cprossu yes it bolts right up
07:00 Cprossu only 2 passages to change too
07:00 Duidic_Rifleman post in those links i PM'd you
07:00 Cprossu and there is a company that sells the right timing belt to convert it over
07:00 LeadHead hum
07:00 Cprossu so you can have your 2.5L with 2.0 dohc neon head
07:01 Duidic_Rifleman should help slow rate of blood loss that 9 inch Dagger stuck in your wallets doung Red_home
07:01 Cprossu stock compression for the 2.5 to hazzard a guess?
07:01 LeadHead 8:1
07:01 Cprossu I think it was 8.1:1 xD
07:02 Cprossu some were 7.8 or so iirc
07:02 Ponko92 has anyone here inhaled Sulfur Hexafluoride
07:02 Duidic_Rifleman OK does any one know where i can find me a High pressure like 3000 PSI rated fast acting valve?
07:02 LeadHead Hydraulic shop
07:03 Cprossu *thinks of the implications*
07:03 LeadHead I wonder what them there Ford Ecoboosts are running for compression
07:03 LeadHead holy shit
07:03 LeadHead They're running 10:1
07:03 Cprossu lay off the funny gas, Duidic_Rifleman... wait... is your name spelled wrong or am I just tired
07:03 LeadHead 10:1 Compression on a factory twin-turbo engine
07:04 Cprossu yeah but low psi right?
07:04 Duidic_Rifleman is now known as Druidic_Rifleman
07:04 Druidic_Rifleman wasn't paying attention when i logged in
07:04 Ponko92 Cprossu i've done it before and my god i sounded EVIL when i was laughinh
07:04 LeadHead 10 PSI in the taurus/flex, 13 in the trucks
07:05 Cprossu Ponko92 I remember when the mythbusters did it
07:05 Ponko92 did the MK man Shao Kang and Arnie
07:05 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
07:05 Cprossu also is it true ford's trying to play off the taurus as a cop car?
07:05 LeadHead Yurp
07:05 Cprossu I think that's gonna go down like a lead balloon
07:05 LeadHead Ford must be running on the ragged edge of detonation
07:05 LeadHead with 13 PSI and 10:1 compression
07:05 Cprossu well the computers are good enough to compensate
07:05 LeadHead with 87 Octane
07:06 Cprossu and do they have variable valve timing on them too?
07:06 LeadHead yeah
07:06 LeadHead they do
07:06 Cprossu because that can help out a fuck of alot
07:06 Ponko92 wait 13 psi is the compression pressure?
07:06 LeadHead boost
07:06 LeadHead pressure
07:06 Ponko92 i was going to say
07:06 Druidic_Rifleman Is it just me or is the website liek totally unraliable at night?
07:06 Cprossu boost pressure, it adds/multiplies to the compression pressure
07:06 Druidic_Rifleman relaible
07:06 LeadHead Reliable
07:06 Cprossu compression is probably above 150psi easily
07:07 Ponko92 in one cylinder?
07:07 Cprossu yes
07:07 Cprossu unless I am tired again
07:07 Cprossu which could be the case
07:07 Cprossu *or above 130 at least I'd think
07:07 Ponko92 idk i'm tired to do
07:07 Ponko92 lol
07:07 Cprossu hey LeadHead: find the compression test for an ecoboost and tell us what it says =P
07:08 Cprossu preferably the running one if it's specified in the service man
07:08 Cprossu or rather what counts for one today =P
07:08 LeadHead Can't find it
07:08 Cprossu engine mechanical blah blah
07:08 LeadHead I tihnk they only use leak-down now
07:09 Cprossu well on the bright side
07:09 Cprossu if I ask very nicely on monday
07:09 Cprossu I could probably have the car to test it
07:09 Cprossu xD
07:09 Cprossu bitch to get at it all though
07:09 LeadHead I do have the complete factory service manual, including all 3 books
07:09 LeadHead on CD for the 2012 Mustang
07:09 LeadHead though
07:09 Cprossu he's more of a hands on guy than a 'let's look it up guy'
07:09 LeadHead no ecoboost engine
07:10 Cprossu I should take a picture of the econoline he hacked up
07:10 Cprossu it's a moving rolling working cutaway!
07:11 LeadHead wow
07:11 Cprossu I'll tell you
07:11 Cprossu replacing the fuel pump is much easier when it's all frame
07:11 Cprossu xD
07:11 LeadHead Reminds me of this one time
07:11 Druidic_Rifleman Is the website refusing to load for any one else
07:11 LeadHead sophmore year in auto classs
07:11 LeadHead It's not working here, Druidic_Rifleman.
07:12 LeadHead Chrysler
07:12 LeadHead uh
07:12 Cprossu loading...we'll see
07:12 LeadHead 1993, 3.5L V6, FWD
07:12 LeadHead Chrysler something
07:12 Cprossu o_O they had 3.5's in '93?!
07:12 LeadHead might have been a 94
07:12 LeadHead don't remember
07:12 LeadHead but it was a chrysler something
07:12 LeadHead dodge intrepid
07:12 LeadHead but chrysler
07:13 Cprossu so sirrus or whatever
07:13 LeadHead nooo
07:13 Cprossu with the batt in the fneder
07:13 LeadHead luxury
07:13 LeadHead something
07:13 Cprossu wouldn't that have been 2.7 though?
07:13 LeadHead Concorde
07:13 LeadHead 3.5
07:13 Cprossu I'll be damned they did have the 3.5 and the 3.3
07:14 Cprossu back in the first gen
07:14 Cprossu both nice engines
07:14 LeadHead not just kidding, pretty sure it was an LHS
07:14 LeadHead *nope
07:14 LeadHead ****nope just kidding,
07:14 Cprossu Chrysler LHS
07:14 Cprossu Chrysler Concorde
07:14 Cprossu Chrysler New Yorker
07:14 Cprossu Eagle Vision
07:14 Cprossu *pick a chrysler
07:14 LeadHead one of those
07:14 LeadHead lol
07:14 LeadHead but the engine was facing the correct way
07:14 LeadHead but it was FWD
07:15 Cprossu yeah the tranny was underneath
07:15 Cprossu cool bit of engineering on that one
07:15 LeadHead anyways, tranny was junk, car was gonna be scrapped
07:15 Cprossu wow
07:15 LeadHead auto teacher wanted the cats, gas tank drained
07:15 Cprossu quite a few of those were nice though
07:15 LeadHead and the engine/transmission out
07:15 LeadHead we weren't going to tie up the lift
07:15 LeadHead so we flipped the car on its side
07:15 LeadHead in the back lot
07:15 Druidic_Rifleman thinks somethings wrong with the site
07:15 LeadHead sawzalled the cats out
07:16 Cprossu yeah the site is broked again
07:16 LeadHead turns out the gas tank had a drain plug
07:16 LeadHead which was odd
07:16 Ponko92 wow i haven't slept i feel like throwing up
07:16 LeadHead took the subframe bolts out
07:16 LeadHead cut the cv-shafts in half
07:16 LeadHead flipped the car back over
07:16 Cprossu engine dump lol
07:16 LeadHead at which point the engine promptly slammed on the ground
07:17 LeadHead auto teacher had us throw dirt over the oil, antrifreeze and ATF
07:17 LeadHead that had dumped out everywhere
07:17 LeadHead and then we just cut every single wire and hose going to the engine
07:17 LeadHead they lifted the front of the car up with a cherry picker
07:17 Cprossu no finesse lol
07:17 LeadHead and some kid brought his truck 'round back and they dragged the engine out from underneath
07:17 * wannabe1987 is back
07:17 Cprossu even less finesse
07:18 Cprossu you couldn't get away with doing that today, imagine the insurance forms xD
07:18 LeadHead next year we tore two engines apart
07:18 LeadHead a 3.5L Chrysler
07:18 LeadHead and a 4.6L Ford V8
07:18 LeadHead these days?
07:18 LeadHead That was only four years ago...
07:18 wannabe1987 o talk?!
07:18 Cprossu exactly
07:19 LeadHead The school doesn't know what my autoteacher did/does
07:19 LeadHead ;)
07:19 Cprossu haha
07:19 LeadHead You should see all the antifreeze we dumped out of a ford van last year
07:19 LeadHead man that was a mess
07:19 LeadHead It'd leak gallons out over night
07:19 Cprossu you shoulda seen the antifreeze that got dumped like 2 years ago at one shop
07:19 Cprossu we used SQUEEGIES
07:19 wannabe1987 lol
07:20 Cprossu to move around like 25 gallons of antifreeze
07:20 Cprossu (long long story)
07:20 LeadHead lol.
07:20 LeadHead the schools got an old aerostar outback
07:20 LeadHead they maintenace department used to use
07:20 Cprossu nothing like clogging up a drain and it being completely GREEN
07:20 LeadHead until one year they went to register it
07:20 LeadHead and the inspection guy laughed at them
07:20 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
07:20 LeadHead because of the rot
07:20 Cprossu I hate aerostars
07:20 Cprossu they all need to die
07:21 Cprossu like windstars =P
07:21 LeadHead my auto teacher uses it to store all the stripped briggs and stratton engine blocks
07:21 Cprossu although if you had an aerostar with a 302 it would be at least bearable and fun
07:21 LeadHead He always liked to collect a few dozen briggs
07:21 LeadHead and then scrap em at once
07:22 LeadHead He's the kind of guy
07:22 LeadHead That get's a $300 car
07:22 Cprossu all of our cars eventually have to be cut up and destroyed, even the parts broken beyond repair
07:22 LeadHead and then gets rid of it when it needs new tires
07:22 LeadHead even though hes got plenty of money, and his wife gets a new car every two years
07:23 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
07:23 HoeDown joined #thegeekgroup
07:23 Cprossu_laptop well I am packing it in for the night
07:23 LeadHead night
07:23 Cprossu_laptop I have a shit ton of work to do tomorrow
07:23 HoeDown well howdy fools
07:24 LeadHead Eh, its 3:30 AM
07:24 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:24 LeadHead I should probably get to sleep.
07:24 Cprossu_laptop including depositing and redistributing some cash
07:24 Cprossu_laptop and making sure red gets some gas money rof
07:24 Cprossu_laptop l
07:25 LeadHead yarh
07:26 wannabe1987 lol yeah...she's superstressed about fundage...
07:27 LeadHead night
07:28 wannabe1987 night
07:29 Cprossu_laptop night
07:29 HoeDown ...
07:30 HoeDown freaks and their sleep...
07:30 wannabe1987 lol
07:30 wannabe1987 sleep is for weeks...weekends are for parties
07:30 HoeDown ...i'll pretend that made sense...
07:31 wannabe1987 i did in my head...
07:31 Cprossu_laptop yaarg $30 for red, $20 to member card, and $50 to lotus I think
07:31 Cprossu_laptop hold me to at least that hah
07:32 HoeDown I would give my right leg for a job at TGG, just sayin'
07:32 HoeDown and my first job could be to design a robotic right leg.
07:32 wannabe1987 lol
07:33 Cprossu_laptop careful what you wish for
07:33 HoeDown hey hey, I've been working on the designs for months, i'm ready for a "freak accident" any time, lol
07:33 Cprossu_laptop and don't drop anything on it while there is all I can say
07:34 wannabe1987 Cprossu_laptop where are you from?
07:34 Cprossu_laptop as in live or from
07:34 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
07:34 HoeDown howdy ponk
07:34 Cprossu_laptop because where I am from I spent all of my first year of life at
07:34 Cprossu_laptop and that's it
07:34 HoeDown oh, i mean Bye ponk
07:35 Cprossu_laptop (Indianapolis, IN) moved to Phoenix, AZ in 1987
07:35 wannabe1987 thats when i was born!
07:35 HoeDown and really, if you wanna take the leg as payment for membership or something, i'm sure we could work things out...
07:35 Cprossu_laptop I was born at the tippy end of '85
07:35 Cprossu_laptop we moved at the very beginning of '87
07:36 wannabe1987 cool
07:36 Cprossu_laptop .tfw 85023
07:36 BotSteve 84�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Looked in the fridge this morning for some eggs. They're already cooked.'
07:37 wannabe1987 .tfw
07:37 BotSteve 50�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'It could be worse.'
07:37 Cprossu_laptop I wonder what the high was today
07:37 Cprossu_laptop *23:38 and 84F out lol
07:37 LemLap .tfw brisbane
07:37 BotSteve 68�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Brisbane, AS!  'WOO, Spring Break!'
07:37 Cprossu_laptop roughly
07:37 LemLap not spring here
07:37 LemLap it's autumn
07:37 HoeDown i prefer rain, personally
07:38 HoeDown though, that isn't a season...
07:38 wannabe1987 i like sun
07:38 Cprossu_laptop 300+ days of it here
07:38 wannabe1987 sun or rain?
07:38 Cprossu_laptop sun
07:38 wannabe1987 o.  hoedown better not move there then
07:38 Cprossu_laptop (phoenix, az that is)
07:39 HoeDown lol, i'll hide in my theatre and never leave. nice cold, dark theatre.
07:39 wannabe1987 are you now the phantom?
07:39 Cprossu_laptop let's tie him to a dimmer rack and see if he combusts
07:40 wannabe1987 but i don't want to blow people up...
07:40 HoeDown heh. i've had my fair share of shocks from the fixtures, i don't need to go to the source for this one
07:40 Cprossu_laptop I hate lighting
07:40 HoeDown i like it, but only as a passing fancy. my real brain is aimed at audio, whenever i get the chance
07:41 Cprossu_laptop they always laughed at me for wearing welding gloves whenever I had to go up there
07:41 Cprossu_laptop jerks
07:41 wannabe1987 like...walking down the street?
07:41 HoeDown heh, yah, the instruments get hot after a while.
07:42 Cprossu_laptop I was roped into audio.. but that was a long story chronicalled at least 3 times in the logs
07:42 Cprossu_laptop .log
07:42 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
07:42 Cprossu_laptop you might be able to find it there somewhere
07:43 HoeDown eh, too lazy to look, i'll just wait for you to forget, and tell us again another time.
07:43 HoeDown ...because remembering isn't more work, or anything... heh.
07:43 HoeDown so, roped into audio, hate lighting, what is it that you do?
07:43 Cprossu_laptop well...
07:43 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
07:43 Cprossu_laptop long story short
07:44 Cprossu_laptop I was a tech guy
07:44 Cprossu_laptop known to be good at fixing shit
07:44 Cprossu_laptop they had 3 blown biamps and a failed power sequencer
07:44 HoeDown >whoooo<
07:44 Cprossu_laptop so I was broght in to fix it
07:44 Cprossu_laptop there was more wrong than just that
07:44 Cprossu_laptop so after I wired it up the *right* way
07:45 Cprossu_laptop and trained 2 people on it
07:45 Cprossu_laptop no one could figure out the new non retarded way of making it work
07:45 Cprossu_laptop they were still using audio tape for sound effects for gods sake
07:45 Cprossu_laptop so I got roped into doing the next 2 shows
07:45 HoeDown oh dear god
07:46 HoeDown i physically twitched a little there
07:46 Cprossu_laptop I had my laptop and 3 old ass mac's I found in the props loft
07:46 Cprossu_laptop one had a really creepy tts I fucked with people with
07:46 Cprossu_laptop and the other sound guy had a 9v battery chain
07:46 Cprossu_laptop 700+ volts
07:47 Cprossu_laptop we changed the wirelesses every single night
07:47 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
07:47 Cprossu_laptop btw
07:47 Cprossu_laptop we had an UNGROUNDED METAL STAIRCASE
07:47 HoeDown ja ja, so lots of spare 9vs
07:47 Cprossu_laptop I damn near got bit by it once too
07:48 Cprossu_laptop anyway no wait
07:48 Cprossu_laptop the lighting guy
07:48 Cprossu_laptop had saved all the batteries!
07:48 Cprossu_laptop anyway whatever
07:48 Cprossu_laptop jerk
07:49 Cprossu_laptop more of that is somewhere
07:49 HoeDown and le-ZAP, ja?
07:49 HoeDown something about lighting guys and electricity, i think
07:49 Cprossu_laptop but I am really out of it right now and am seeing double least I touch type
07:49 HoeDown I had/have one guy at the Frauenthal, he'd bring in a cattle prod and screw with the crew.
07:49 wannabe1987 O.o
07:49 HoeDown Those were some interesting shows.
07:50 Cprossu_laptop I got our lighting guy really good once
07:50 Cprossu_laptop if I ever remember what I did to him I'll tell you
07:50 Cprossu_laptop but it was totally unintentional
07:50 HoeDown heh, isn't it always?
07:50 Cprossu_laptop and he never screwed with me again
07:51 HoeDown the best shit happens when nobody expects it
07:51 Cprossu_laptop ooooooooh
07:51 Cprossu_laptop I remember now
07:52 Cprossu_laptop I removed the freshly dead bulb from a spotlight and put it on the metal chair
07:52 wannabe1987 o?
07:52 Cprossu_laptop he sat on it.................................
07:52 LemLap Cprossu: mates of mine had the contract to change all the batteries in the smoke detectors in a big old retirment home
07:52 HoeDown OH GOD
07:52 LemLap 4500 9v batteries
07:52 LemLap we hooked em up in series....
07:52 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
07:52 Cprossu_laptop it didn't burn through his whitie tighties
07:52 LemLap it made one hell of an arc
07:52 HoeDown i see this not going any sort of well
07:52 HoeDown lol
07:52 Cprossu_laptop yeah they do
07:53 LemLap 40'500v or thereabouts
07:53 Cprossu_laptop we only had like 400 in our link by the time it was done
07:53 LemLap they were doing this once a year by the way
07:53 Cprossu_laptop and he had shorted it out to the point of it not being a big voltage to my knowlege
07:53 * Thermoelectric whines. Stupid relay jumping between on and off as cap discharges. :/
07:54 Cprossu_laptop man that's nutssssssss
07:54 LemLap Thermoelectric: go buy a proper relay ffs
07:54 LemLap and an optocoupler
07:54 Thermoelectric Bleh.
07:54 Cprossu_laptop or just use a god damn wall wart and suck it up
07:54 Cprossu_laptop =P
07:54 Thermoelectric I may just give up and use a wall wart. Almost had it working though.
07:54 LemLap what the hell were you trying to do anyway?
07:55 Thermoelectric The problem lies in the switching, not the power thingy.
07:55 Cprossu_laptop I wonder how much energy he's wasted through arcing
07:55 Thermoelectric Use a few relays to turn on/off computer crap when the laptop turns on/off.
07:55 LemLap ...
07:55 Thermoelectric What?
07:56 LemLap using USB power or what?
07:56 Thermoelectric Meh.
07:56 Thermoelectric USB
07:56 LemLap you realize most laptops turn off the +5v line on the usb connector when the computer turns off?
07:56 Thermoelectric That's the point.
07:57 LemLap you just need the right relay
07:57 LemLap or even better, a solid State Relay
07:57 Thermoelectric I've got one relay running off the 5V line, which switches the power to another relay (extra isolation)...
07:57 Thermoelectric I has no SSR's.
07:57 Thermoelectric And those are generally a bit expensive.
07:59 LemLap how much load are you trying to switch Thermoelectric?
07:59 Thermoelectric Not much
07:59 LemLap how much is not much?
07:59 Thermoelectric 3LCD's, speakers and subwoofer.
08:00 LemLap my definition of not much is less than 10A
08:00 Thermoelectric Mmm
08:00 Thermoelectric I wonder if it's worth it to just go out and buy a small SSR for this purpose...
08:01 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
08:01 LemLap yes, yes it is
08:02 Thermoelectric In labour, yes, but in reality, how much power would 3 LCD's, a set of puny desk speakers and a woofer use in standby?
08:02 qwebirc100015 joined #thegeekgroup
08:03 qwebirc100015 hello
08:03 LemLap is it running off one power socket?
08:03 LemLap i.e. a power board plugged into a wall socket?
08:03 Thermoelectric Yes.
08:03 Thermoelectric I don't have a (working) watt meter at the moment though.
08:04 qwebirc100015 is now known as DruidicRifleman
08:04 LemLap if it's running off a power board, no more than 10A
08:04 Thermoelectric >_>
08:04 LemLap because that is what the breakers in the boards are rated too
08:04 Thermoelectric I found that out last night.
08:04 Thermoelectric Killed the breaker in one board, with a short in my test circuit.
08:05 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
08:05 LemLap well done
08:05 Thermoelectric Only killed one of the two inline though.
08:05 Thermoelectric Thankyou.
08:05 Thermoelectric -.-
08:08 LemLap if your load is under 2A;keywords=solid+state+relay&amp;form=KEYWORD
08:09 LemLap it may well be, as 2A is 480watts
08:09 LemLap and the monitors are probably only 50 or 60 watts each
08:09 Thermoelectric Hmm
08:09 LemLap keep in mind you really want two of them though, switch the active and neutral lines
08:09 Thermoelectric The current it will be switching is just standby stuff... How much does a monitor draw in standby?
08:09 LemLap sweet fuck all
08:09 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
08:10 LemLap but you still need to rate it to the load it will be carrying, not the load it will be switching
08:10 LemLap trying to run a 10A load through a 2A switch will end badly
08:10 Thermoelectric Hence why I wonder if using it to switch just the standby stuff off would save much power.
08:10 Thermoelectric Yeah.
08:12 HoeDown left #thegeekgroup
08:13 LemLap as someone put it the other night, it will take years to make back it's own cost
08:13 LemLap even just the two relays is $20
08:13 LemLap that means it's ~100KWh worth of electricity
08:13 Thermoelectric Yeah, though they were free scrap.
08:13 Thermoelectric ...Wow. That's a lot more than I expected.
08:14 wannabe1987 NIGHT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08:14 LemLap the combined standby load is going to be what, 20w at most?
08:14 wannabe1987 sleeeeeep good
08:14 Thermoelectric More than likely.
08:14 Thermoelectric Sleep well wannabe1987
08:14 wannabe1987 thanks Thermoelectric
08:14 LemLap so it's going to take 50'000 hours in standby, to make up the cost
08:14 wannabe1987 hoedown already
08:14 Thermoelectric Think I'll be better off to try and build a nice and chunky Stirling engine.
08:15 * LemLap nods
08:15 LemLap I should build now that hsbne has a lathe actually
08:15 * LemLap ponders
08:16 Thermoelectric Lucky bastard.
08:16 Thermoelectric My dad has a lathe at work, though...
08:16 Thermoelectric Guess just the metal to use is going to cost the most.
08:16 LemLap yes but can you get free access to it whenever you want? :-P
08:16 LemLap go to a scrap metal yard
08:19 Sasha_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:21 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
08:24 Thermoelectric Well when dad is there, weekends or so, yes.
08:25 Thermoelectric Scrap metal yards won't have like 15-20cm diameter thick walled tube, in good condition.
08:25 Thermoelectric I'd assume
08:28 Thermoelectric Maybe more like 10cm. I couldn't figure out the dimensions of the one I saw.
08:30 LemLap dude
08:30 LemLap 15-20cm?
08:30 LemLap that's a fucking big stirling engine
08:30 Thermoelectric As I said, I couldn't figure out the dimensions of the one I saw.
08:30 LemLap most of the ones I have seen are like 5cm
08:31 Thermoelectric Yeah, pretty big, as in 4.7kW output
08:31 LemLap ...
08:31 LemLap why?!?!?!
08:31 Thermoelectric 4.27*
08:31 Thermoelectric Solar power, maybe.
08:31 LemLap I would try and make a small one first
08:32 LemLap making a big one is going to need some precision machining
08:32 Thermoelectric This is true.
08:32 Thermoelectric But how small is small?
08:32 LemLap 5cm diameter
08:32 Thermoelectric What other specs?
08:33 Thermoelectric Output?
08:33 LemLap maybe a few cubic centimetres displacement
08:33 LemLap not worried about output as it's a machining exercise
08:33 LemLap a "can I do it?"
08:33 Thermoelectric So the displacer would only be moving less than a cm?
08:34 LemLap depends,  on what the ratio of bore to stroke is
08:34 Thermoelectric Hmm.
08:34 Thermoelectric What is bore to stroke? I believe I've heard of it, just not understood it...
08:35 LemLap bore is diameter of the piston
08:35 Thermoelectric Ohh.
08:35 LemLap stroke is how far the piston moves
08:36 Thermoelectric What's usual in Stirlings?
08:37 Sasha_ left #thegeekgroup
08:38 LemLap nfi
08:38 LemLap go look into it :-P
08:38 Thermoelectric Pfft.
08:38 LemLap but I have seen some with some pretty crazy ratios
08:38 LemLap like 20cm diameter pistons with 1cm stroke
08:38 Thermoelectric O_o
08:40 LemLap;playnext=1&amp;list=PL4AA8E4EB073924A5
08:40 Thermoelectric Dinner, be back soon
08:41 LemLap kk
08:43 LemLap <--- even bigger one
09:01 Thermoelectric;feature=related That
09:01 Thermoelectric 's a really big one, just little detail on the engine
09:08 LemLap 5Hp is about 3.5Kw
09:08 Thermoelectric Which is still pretty big
09:19 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
09:19 Sgt_Lemming_ joined #thegeekgroup
09:19 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
09:19 Sgt_Lemming_ is now known as Sgt_Lemming
09:20 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
09:21 Thermoelectric Welcome back?
09:26 tanilolli left #thegeekgroup
09:35 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
09:35 MadManMarkAu1 left #thegeekgroup
09:53 DruidicRifleman broken site is broken :(
09:55 LemLap Thermoelectric, home connection keeps dropping out.
09:57 Ycarene left #thegeekgroup
09:58 DruidicRifleman looks like the labs internet
09:59 Ycarene joined #thegeekgroup
10:04 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
10:04 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
10:04 speedrunnerg55 left #thegeekgroup
10:06 DruidicRifleman sooo who is awake
10:07 DruidicRifleman #tggOntCan
10:15 Yaotzin on the can?
10:21 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
10:21 BotSteve All right, show us on the doll where Seroster touched you.
10:21 Seroster That makes me so happy to see =)
10:21 DruidicRifleman ont =ontario
10:21 DruidicRifleman can Canada
10:22 DruidicRifleman he touched my bum that sick pervert!!
10:27 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
10:35 mashpriborintorg Hello whoever is not sleeping
10:36 Sasha_ joined #thegeekgroup
10:40 Sasha_ So... anything happening here?
10:49 mashpriborintorg I'm filling my tax forms, nothing else happening :(
10:53 Sasha_ Screw having 24 different time zones!
10:59 mashpriborintorg yees, yesterday I had to go to bed just when the fun was beginning
11:01 Sasha_ What happened yesterday?
11:03 mashpriborintorg langoliers tearing down ceilings, then cory annoying liz, after I don't know
11:04 Sasha_ So basicallly what was in the captain's blog
11:04 mashpriborintorg yep
11:16 Seroster What time is it in 'merica
11:16 Seroster 5am?
11:16 Sasha_ like 7
11:19 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:21 mashpriborintorg yes 7 am I believe
11:22 mashpriborintorg the captain must be under the shower by now
11:26 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
11:31 Sasha_ He should get a waterproof pouch for his phone so that he can chat in the shower :P
11:35 mashpriborintorg let him have some relax time, he works so much :)
11:35 Seroster Lol
11:35 Seroster I dont think he got IRC on the phone
11:38 Sasha_ doesn't he have an iphone?
11:38 Seroster I hope not
11:38 mashpriborintorg Not sure of what it is, it seems smaller than a iphone
11:38 Sasha_ How come?
11:39 Sasha_ How come you hope not?
11:39 Seroster Because an Iphone is a waste of money, and TGG is poor enough already
11:39 mashpriborintorg sometimes in the vids we see him using his phone
11:39 Sasha_ It's called an iPhone...
11:39 Sasha_ :P BTW, that kinda sucks
11:39 Seroster I am aware of that, Sasha_.
11:39 mashpriborintorg of course, I thing he has an Android
11:40 Seroster If he has a smartphone he has an android.
11:40 Seroster Sasha_, I hate that lower case i bullshit.
11:40 Sasha_ I dunno why, but something gives me the impression that like EVERYONE in the states has an iPhone...
11:40 mashpriborintorg with Iphone, it's just how to pay for stuff you can get free
11:40 Seroster Most people are stupid
11:41 Seroster Apple hasn't made a product worth buying since 1994
11:41 mashpriborintorg maybe they are affordable when you take when with a new mobile phone subscription
11:41 Yaotzin Sasha_: I have a $20 prepaid phone that doesn't even have a camera on it
11:41 Seroster The Mac Classic was awesome. And it was just downhill from there
11:41 Yaotzin and only has midi ringtones
11:41 Sasha_ Here they're like a buck with a suscription
11:42 Seroster I have a $50 phone that I got 2 years ago, sony ericson, works like a charm. It got a 3mbp camera (wich I never ever use) it sends texts and I can call from it
11:43 Seroster I don't need my phone to surf the net, I don't need the phone to be my camera. I don't need a phone that wipes my ass...
11:43 Sasha_ Sony Ericsson used to be a great brand, but now they totally suck. You see the sort of stuff they have came out with lately? No wonder their market share has fallen from like 30% to 3% in the last few years.
11:43 Seroster Like HEY! Look at my new Phone/Camera/MP3/computer/printer/scanner/lamp/car/boat/plane/dildo!
11:44 mashpriborintorg Now I have a smartphone, but since a few weeks only, yes I can install any scrappy apps
11:44 Seroster What I wanted from my phone was that it folds in the middle and it places phonecalls.
11:44 mashpriborintorg btw, there is Siundhound which is a fantactic app
11:44 Sasha_ Guys, the definition of a phone varies wildly between where I live and where you live...
11:45 mashpriborintorg I reconignes any music title by listening to it a few seconds
11:45 Seroster I might get a touchscreen phone if it was 1, cheap.   2, robust.  3, Foldable
11:45 mashpriborintorg it recognizes
11:45 Seroster I hate phones that doesnt fold. Screen gets all fucked up after a week
11:45 Sasha_ Mashpriboringorg, you mean SoundHound?
11:45 mashpriborintorg yes
11:45 Sasha_ Epic app
11:46 Sasha_ Like miles ahead of Shazam
11:46 mashpriborintorg well, it has some problems with haitian vodoo music, put apart from that, how powerfull it is
11:46 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
11:47 mashpriborintorg The database and servers than run it must be incredible
11:47 Sasha_ ok, what sort of music do we listen to here?
11:47 LinuxH4x0r Glitch at the moment
11:48 LinuxH4x0r and now Heavy Metal by Don Felder
11:48 mashpriborintorg Me, World music, from west indies to Tibet
11:48 Sasha_ Glitch's fine. I personally love to listen to House, Trance, Minimal Tech, and some Rock. But oh god do I hate pop, r&b and rap.
11:49 mashpriborintorg ooops not my tastes X(
11:50 DruidicRifleman mornings geeks
11:50 Sasha_ 'morning
11:51 mashpriborintorg hi
12:01 Sasha_ Anyone have any idea why I haven't yet recieved my registration email?
12:05 mashpriborintorg it seems sometimes they arrive marked as spam, check relevant folder
12:05 mashpriborintorg Moose should be able to forward it to you
12:06 Sasha_ dude, you seriously think that I wouldn't have checked the spam?
12:06 Sasha_ Maybe the email address is too short, I used -1@something
12:07 mashpriborintorg maybe it it was deleted as spam even before arriving to you
12:07 Sasha_ Dunno... does hotmail do that?
12:07 mashpriborintorg btw, the website is not responding by now
12:08 mashpriborintorg in an other live, i was technical hotliner for Compuserve, omg there were strange issues with the mails
12:09 Sasha_ Oh my god dude, I would never be able to be a c&s agent
12:09 mashpriborintorg I've ended with it now
12:10 mashpriborintorg I was at the higher level of tech support, dealing with all the shit issues
12:10 Sasha_ Oh so dude, would you be able to troubleshoot network issues?
12:12 mashpriborintorg We had some info for network issues, but the real problems where just emailed to the headquarters, we had no control onto it
12:12 mashpriborintorg the crappy modem problems gave us headaches
12:13 mashpriborintorg "Xircom pcmcia rtc and isdn modem"
12:13 mashpriborintorg what a piece of shit
12:13 Sasha_ Oh, so you wouldn't know why my internet connection only works during the day for the past month or so, after 3 technicians from the ISP came over, and the cable, modem, isdn splitter, isdn switch were replaced?
12:15 mashpriborintorg sometimes it is just issues on the phone network, but the do not communicate about it, and the helpdesk itshelf is not aware of it
12:16 masterofmonks Sasha_: Who is your ISP?
12:16 Sasha_
12:16 mashpriborintorg idsn is completely dead here !
12:17 Sasha_ So it is a bad thing that I have ISDN? I thought it was like the future standard. Well at least that is what they told us...
12:17 mashpriborintorg it did never spread wide anyway
12:17 masterofmonks Hmm, your hostmask reports
12:17 mashpriborintorg yes, it should have been a future standart
12:17 Sasha_ Same company
12:17 Sasha_ What is the "current" future standard? FTTH?
12:18 masterofmonks Fiber
12:18 mashpriborintorg but dsl, cable and now fiber optics did kill it
12:18 Sasha_ We have VDSL
12:20 mashpriborintorg fiber optics is spreading wide, but its still limited to the big cities areas
12:20 Sasha_ So basically, you mean that for 120$/month we're being seriously ripped off?
12:20 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
12:21 mashpriborintorg elsewhere it is dsl or satellite if you're in the middle of nowhere... 3G is also spreading fast
12:22 masterofmonks Depends on your available bandwith.
12:22 Sasha_ 20/2
12:22 Sasha_ But I rarely reach that
12:22 masterofmonks 20Mb down 2Mb up?
12:22 mashpriborintorg I pay 25 per month euro for 20 meg cable connexion, with unlimited worldwide voip
12:22 mashpriborintorg yeah it's often it
12:23 Sasha_ masterofmonks yeah, but like I really hate how you have to divide by 8 to get the real speed. I hardly ever go over the 1 mbps mark in uTorrent
12:24 masterofmonks Well, your theoretical bandwith is better than mine, but my ISP couldn't care less what I do with my connection and they tend to be extremely reliable.
12:25 mashpriborintorg coax cable is quite reliable by the way, very few issues with it, except for some random router crashes
12:25 masterofmonks mashpriborintorg: I have only seen trouble with cable customers.
12:26 Sasha_ Well we have an overhead copper cable... does that count :P
12:26 masterofmonks Though it may be a question of sample size for this study.
12:27 mashpriborintorg yes, the weak point is the outdoor network usually, it's subject to rain, freeze, copper stealers, drunk drivers...
12:29 masterofmonks the problem with satellite internet is that you start running into speed of light issues if you are doing anything that is time critical.
12:30 Sasha_ I don't have a satallite tho
12:30 mashpriborintorg yes and the mixed  solutions with downstream from satellite, upstream trough dsl, must be quite shitty XD
12:31 masterofmonks If you can get your up stream through DSL why not just have DSL?
12:32 mashpriborintorg some areas have bad dsl connectivity, limited to 256 or 512 k
12:32 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
12:33 mashpriborintorg it's enough for regular customer  upstream btw, if no p2p is done
12:33 masterofmonks Which is why there shoudl be a secondary wifi mesh network.
12:35 masterofmonks Of course ISPs wouldn't like that.
12:35 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
12:36 speedrunnerG55 hi guys
12:36 masterofmonks Ah, it's speedrunnerG55
12:36 mashpriborintorg Here they are starting to put restrictions onto youtube use, they say it takes 95% of their bandwith
12:36 * masterofmonks hands speedrunnerG55 a carp.
12:36 speedrunnerG55 is it magic?
12:37 masterofmonks No, it's a fish.
12:37 speedrunnerG55 oh
12:37 Sasha_ BTW, it's a shame that I can't post in the forums, since I just finished building my first variable power supply and I wanted to share it with the world!
12:37 speedrunnerG55 what am i to do with this carp
12:38 masterofmonks speedrunnerG55: ask Seroster later.
12:38 speedrunnerG55 ok
12:40 masterofmonks It has always been my opinion that if you provide an infrastructure for your customers, you should be willing to expand it as your customers need. Otherwise your customers will soon be somebody else's customers.
12:40 Sasha_ The thing is, that there is a complete monopoly here
12:41 masterofmonks Yeah, here too.
12:41 Sasha_ You do not understand to what point tho... we don't even have cable. Just one operator can give us internet and telephone
12:42 mashpriborintorg monopoly sucks
12:42 masterofmonks We have one cable provider here, and one phone provider here, with the exception of cell phones.
12:42 Sasha_ Where do you live?
12:43 masterofmonks The U.S., Florida.'
12:43 Sasha_ Aren't there like 20 isps in the US?
12:44 masterofmonks There are many many more than that, but it is more complicated that it seems.
12:44 masterofmonks Basically the major ones used to be part of Bell
12:44 speedrunnerG55 like they only cover an area
12:44 masterofmonks And everyone else buys bandwith from them.
12:45 masterofmonks Doesn't matter that it's the small ISPs that actually lay the lines that give the large networks coverage.
12:45 speedrunnerG55 tier 1 internet buys bandwith of of fiber backbone
12:46 Sasha_ Oh yeah, well in that sense we have like a dozen operators here offering the same thing, but at higher prices than the main one
12:46 mashpriborintorg and when there's an issue, they say "it's not us, it's the network"
12:46 speedrunnerG55 replase tier 1 with isp
12:47 speedrunnerG55 tier 1 leases conection from there fiber backbones to isp's
12:49 masterofmonks mashpriborintorg: I dunno, there was a point where I was having trouble connecting to IRC because of a server on the Sprint network, (I managed to track the damn thing down via it's IP.) I called sprint up, and they freaked ebcause I was calling on the technitian only number ( can't help that is the number that their opperator gave me.) and they said  that my ISP would have to *make* them fix the issue. So I called up my ISP talked to the tech to
12:49 masterofmonks ld him what the Sprint tech said and he says "Oh really, Let me go make a phone call..."  It was fixed within the hour.
12:50 Sasha_ Well, the funny thing is, that if the ISP would have layed fiber to my house, they would have saved loads of cash spent on 3 technicians at 300$/hour comming to my home, and ~50 hours on the phone.
12:51 mashpriborintorg Well, sometimes the issues reports work well, hopefully
12:52 mashpriborintorg but sometimes it is just... crap and a hell to figure out
12:52 Sasha_ I think that the later is exactly what is happening now.
12:53 mashpriborintorg usually they don't like when you call them and you say "there's a probel m in your network, here it is"
12:54 mashpriborintorg then guy at the phone usually hab$v
12:54 mashpriborintorg have not clue of what you are speaking about :D
12:55 Sasha_ I don't do that tho... but it pisses me off when they ask me to check the cables and reset the moedm, ad that doesn't change anything. The explaining and checking part takes like 20 minutes each day. Seriously pisses me off.
12:56 mashpriborintorg yeah, it's a stupid script they have to follow
12:56 Sasha_ It's not just the script, they have to get aproval from a technician to change the IP for example... and they're not allowed to view the history/notes until i've told them all of the personal details...
12:58 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
12:58 mashpriborintorg one day, I called Compaq helpdesk for a laptop not powering up... the guy on the phone was stuck, because I had no "orange or green" light dot, on the lower right cornet of my screen :D
12:58 masterofmonks Heh.
12:59 Sasha_ Oh dude, I don't even want to go into HP's customer service...
12:59 mashpriborintorg As I said you it is a LAPTOP... Which color is the screnn light, mr
12:59 mashpriborintorg end of story, the laptop was DOA and they had to replace it
13:00 Sasha_ Nah, well HP can't find ANY records on my computer whatsoever, especially on the wrong mobo that they relpaced the one in my computer in, which has now broke like in every way possible
13:01 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
13:02 mashpriborintorg I've found the worst issues I've ever seen, in a HP pro desktop computer
13:02 mashpriborintorg HD broken after 1,5 year
13:02 Sasha_ Which brand?
13:02 mashpriborintorg chipset heatsing detached and fallen in the botton on the case
13:03 Sasha_ Wait, are you talking about the hard drive or the gpu?
13:03 mashpriborintorg HP, the small form factor setirs from 2005 or so
13:03 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
13:03 mashpriborintorg first, the hard drive
13:03 mashpriborintorg then, few months later, the heatsink detached
13:04 mashpriborintorg because of one of the U holding the heatsings haped thingies was desoldered from the modo
13:04 mashpriborintorg them, on the same pc, few months later
13:04 Sasha_ BTW guys, I g2g, anything interesting going to happen today?
13:05 mashpriborintorg all the capacitors rusted and bulged, and a burnt power supply
13:05 mashpriborintorg the poor thing finished as scrap metal
13:06 mashpriborintorg because of one of the U shaped thingies holding the heatsink was desoldered from the mobo
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13:07 mashpriborintorg easier to understand this way :)
13:08 Sasha_ Soo... anyone bother to answer my question?
13:08 mashpriborintorg Don't they have filled the MDH with stuff, waiting to be put on shelves
13:08 mashpriborintorg they whant to take everything in photo and put everything in a database
13:08 Cprossu morining folks
13:09 mashpriborintorg moose's job for next few years :)
13:09 Cprossu mashpriborintorg: who made that power supply? bestec?
13:10 Cprossu because all the issues you mentioned aren't because it was HP
13:10 mashpriborintorg don't remembe, the whole shit was thrown away
13:10 mashpriborintorg it's HP who selected the parts and put them together, btw
13:11 Cprossu sff's all have an issue
13:11 Cprossu for the most part
13:11 Cprossu it's called cooking their components to death
13:11 mashpriborintorg at my job, we have HP and DELL
13:12 mashpriborintorg all of the problems I've dealed with up to now where on the HP stuff
13:12 Cprossu I hate optiplex 280's (ughhh_
13:12 Cprossu pieces of SHITTTTTTTTTT
13:13 mashpriborintorg even the 1600 euro laptops have issues
13:13 mashpriborintorg one more issue I had with the HP SFF: after replacing hard drive and reinstalling the OS with the supplied restore DVD-rom
13:14 mashpriborintorg not possible to detect the LAN adapter at all
13:14 Cprossu they supplied a restore disk???????????
13:14 Cprossu usually you had to manually burn those if it was HP
13:14 mashpriborintorg onto HP website, 5 or 6 different LAN driver available for this model
13:14 Cprossu oh that's nothing
13:15 mashpriborintorg It was the last time they supplied a restore disk i believe :D
13:15 Cprossu we had 150 dells come in over a 1 month period
13:15 Cprossu we specifically requested they all be the same
13:15 mashpriborintorg Each driver about 150 megs to download
13:15 mashpriborintorg none of them worked
13:15 Cprossu we had on the optiplex 280's
13:15 Cprossu 4 chipset revisions
13:15 Cprossu 3 different lan controllers
13:16 Cprossu and most annoyingly 5 different sata controllers
13:16 mashpriborintorg I found a old Realtek lan card abandoned in a drawer
13:16 mashpriborintorg it worked immediately, with no crappy drivers to downloas :)
13:16 CaptainBoden Gmonring gentlemen
13:16 Cprossu all had the same exact model number
13:16 mashpriborintorg Hi captain
13:16 Cprossu CaptainBoden: thanks for your support, passed my technician test yesterday
13:16 CaptainBoden Good show!
13:17 Cprossu and I had the best day at goodwill EVER
13:17 Cprossu I found a pair of Altec Model 19's
13:17 CaptainBoden no shit?
13:17 Cprossu one had damage on the speaker
13:17 Cprossu picked up the pair for $30
13:17 Cprossu was gonna have one driver reconed for $200
13:17 CaptainBoden Ihope your crabs get herpes.
13:17 Cprossu but instead
13:18 Cprossu I flipped them for $600 in the parking lot
13:18 CaptainBoden i could cry, lol
13:18 CaptainBoden How the hell did you do that?
13:18 Cprossu I got them and was moving them out
13:18 Cprossu as a pro audio guy who was making the rounds got there
13:19 CaptainBoden lol
13:19 Cprossu and was like 'are these still for sale'?
13:19 Cprossu I was like 'No, they're mine'
13:19 Cprossu he said, give you $100 for them
13:19 Cprossu I told him to stop pulling my leg
13:19 qwebirc323277 joined #thegeekgroup
13:19 Cprossu I could cut ONE of the cabinets in 4 pieces and it be worth more than that
13:19 Cprossu_laptop
13:19 Cprossu_laptop ^ these are it!
13:20 Cprossu I almost bought the perculator on top of it too
13:20 Cprossu sadly the cone in the left side one was split all the way to the surround
13:21 qwebirc323277 Hey, seems to be pretty good stuff
13:21 Cprossu so the good news is once I get to my bank, gonna get the id card from you guys, $50 to the lotus, $30 to RED for gas
13:21 CaptainBoden doesn't matter, replacement drivers are a given in units that old.
13:21 Cprossu and I'll get that drive shipped
13:21 Cprossu actually the HF was in damn good condition
13:21 CaptainBoden lol, well thank you sir :)
13:21 CaptainBoden The Hf's are compression drivers and should be fine.
13:21 Cprossu anyway I was floored
13:21 CaptainBoden The surrounds are definatly toast.
13:21 CaptainBoden yeah
13:22 CaptainBoden That's an epic find.
13:22 Cprossu actually that's just how altecs look
13:22 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
13:22 Cprossu those surrounds are actually ok
13:22 CaptainBoden no way, not at that age.
13:22 CaptainBoden Put some power to them, they won't last an hour.
13:22 Cprossu it's tar around them
13:22 Cprossu either way
13:22 Cprossu I was expecting a recone
13:22 CaptainBoden totally
13:22 Cprossu and I knew people by name who do only altecs
13:23 Cprossu the guy I sold them to is gonna get $1500 once he is done restoring them
13:23 Cprossu I just know it
13:23 CaptainBoden oh easily
13:23 CaptainBoden The Japs are paying about $4-5k for them.
13:24 mtearle CaptainBoden, did some googling on the truck tank - pasted a couple of links in channel
13:24 Cprossu but he's gonna have from what I talked to him, $50 for the finders fee, $600 from me, $150 a speaker at least, some new dust covers (because these have none) for $200 or so
13:24 DruidicRifleman morning boden
13:24 CaptainBoden And the cool thing is that efficiency has gone up orders of magnatude since those were made. With new drivers for them you could have a set of speakers that would shake you like a British nanny.
13:25 Cprossu the company that recones those speakers makes an updated 604 duplex
13:25 Cprossu that really kicks tail
13:25 CaptainBoden;vendor=3428203&amp;searchnum=9958986 $250 was the best I've seen so far.
13:25 CaptainBoden I plan on ordering it tomorrow.
13:25 Cprossu nice
13:25 Cprossu that beats the price I got
13:25 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
13:25 Cprossu I found one NOS
13:25 mtearle CaptainBoden,  how much will shipping cost?
13:25 Cprossu but.... at $1000 I was questioning how the price got that high
13:26 * mtearle has no idea of US shipping costs ... Aussie shipping costs are limbs and first born children (at least to the Western states)
13:26 CaptainBoden Joe's gonna weld it first,w e're going to try to repair it.
13:26 Cprossu fill it with water first
13:26 Cprossu is all I can say
13:26 CaptainBoden dur
13:26 w0vha :-)
13:26 Cprossu you wouldn't believe how many people don't
13:27 Cprossu scares me to death
13:27 mtearle Cprossu, Fifth Element style - big badda boom!
13:27 w0vha Captain, you owe me a Dr. Pepper, after I lost one out my nose last night... :-)
13:27 CaptainBoden you wouldn't belive how many people overlook that I'm the president of a national science center and trade in genius at the commodity level.
13:28 CaptainBoden Why?
13:28 w0vha what you said in the blog about the radio.  I nearly lost it!
13:28 CaptainBoden The 20-inch-penis?
13:28 CaptainBoden *bows*
13:28 w0vha uh huh... I had to explain that one to a friend at work who was watching the video with me
13:29 Cprossu CaptainBoden: one day when I get a chance, I'm gonna get some damn nice cabs and put these inside
13:29 Cprossu;source=web&amp;cd=3&amp;ved=0CDsQFjAC&amp;;rct=j&amp;q=604-8H-III&amp;ei=gJrGTfqCHMTh0QHSw82OCA&amp;usg=AFQjCNEfu9BPQSb1vJDKFokWmwfWJtGjXg&amp;cad=rja
13:29 Cprossu shit I hate how pdf links in google copy hang on
13:29 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
13:29 CaptainBoden Well it's true, it's massive, ungainly, fun to play with....but you can't really DO anything with it.
13:29 CaptainBoden Still, it's pretty nifty to have one.
13:29 qwebirc323277 left #thegeekgroup
13:30 w0vha you can once you have the programmer, but look at it this way, there isn't a lot to screw up and get frustrated with while you're learning the basics...
13:30 speedrunnerG55 is now known as speed-dressing
13:30 Cprossu CaptainBoden:
13:30 speed-dressing am i still here?
13:30 w0vha and you can knock someone the FUCK OUT with it if need be...
13:30 speed-dressing oh ok.
13:30 CaptainBoden LMFAO
13:30 Cprossu check out the frequency response on that driver!
13:31 SparkyPojects joined #thegeekgroup
13:31 w0vha is it normal to get only five or six good hits from two drops of ejuice with a volcano?  I keep thinking I'm doing something wrong...
13:33 CaptainBoden no, you're ok, it takes a while for the atty to break in ;)
13:33 w0vha cool
13:33 CaptainBoden That's nice.......I'll take 8 of those please.
13:33 CaptainBoden And a set of custom cabinets to hold 4 each.
13:33 CaptainBoden price?
13:33 Cprossu last time I checked through the roof
13:34 Cprossu *checks*
13:34 w0vha WOW! 38lbs each!?  That's a heavy speaker!
13:34 Cprossu
13:34 Cprossu hrmmm
13:34 Cprossu write them a letter
13:34 Cprossu or email or something
13:35 CaptainBoden if you have to ask.....
13:35 Cprossu I wonder if you can get them donated
13:35 CaptainBoden Doubful
13:35 w0vha That was my thought... if they don't say, you probably don't want to know...
13:35 CaptainBoden If there were 5 companies making them, sure, with one, you never know.
13:36 CaptainBoden I want to do a demo with sound, but I have yet to find the right speakers to do it.
13:36 CaptainBoden I want to make a dedecahedral box, out of .5" thick aluminum.
13:36 CaptainBoden Each side is filled with one speaker, all facing in.
13:36 Cprossu well shoot great plains an email, the worst they can say is no
13:36 CaptainBoden Speakers would be large, like 12-18" perhaps.
13:37 Cprossu they do recone and make some really fucked up speakers
13:37 Cprossu because they have all the Altec tooling iirc
13:37 CaptainBoden The goal would be to focus the energy to the center, and, using ONLY sound energy, light a fire.
13:37 SparkyStudio joined #thegeekgroup
13:37 CaptainBoden I know it CAN be done (it has happened accidentally with giant air-raid sirens starting fields on fire). I want to do it as a lab demo. Light a fire with Sound.
13:38 w0vha Would you want to drive them in phase or out of phase to do something like that?  I'm thinking in phase...
13:38 CaptainBoden no idea
13:38 mashpriborintorg Makes me think to the core at the National Ignition Facility :D
13:38 CaptainBoden Research is what we're doing when we don't know what we're doing.
13:38 MadManMarkAu1 Haha, the stream is on the weather cam, that is pointed at the church next door
13:38 w0vha :-)
13:38 Cprossu hrmmm
13:38 MadManMarkAu1 I'm watching all the christfags arrive at church :P
13:38 Cprossu
13:38 Cprossu I wonder if you'd be better off with hf drivers
13:39 MadManMarkAu1 Oh, hi Captain
13:39 MadManMarkAu1 is now known as MadManMarkAu
13:39 Cprossu CaptainBoden:
13:39 CaptainBoden might be, and we can get the Apollos pretty easily, 100W HFCDs
13:39 Cprossu ^ muhahahahahahahaahahaha
13:39 Cprossu look at the specs on that driver
13:40 w0vha 114dB SPL at 1 Watt? WOW!
13:40 Cprossu that's altec design for you
13:41 w0vha that'll leave a mark!
13:41 MadManMarkAu Wait, what?
13:41 CaptainBoden Yeah, I'll take 3 dozen.
13:41 Cprossu you'll pop every eardrum in the lab with those lol
13:41 CaptainBoden Na, it's all into a sealed aluminum box
13:41 CaptainBoden well...nubly ball.
13:42 MadManMarkAu How th hell can you get that much sound out of a speaker with only 1 watt of input??
13:42 iamo joined #thegeekgroup
13:42 w0vha if you don't blow the welds...
13:42 CaptainBoden and we have to design the enclosure to fit them.
13:42 Cprossu MadManMarkAu: make it very well
13:42 CaptainBoden It won't, this is easy.
13:42 Cprossu the welds won't break
13:42 CaptainBoden 1W is a lot more than most people think.
13:42 Cprossu indeed it is xD
13:42 w0vha it was more sarcasm than anything...
13:43 CaptainBoden The average person listening to a home stereo very seldom takes it above 5W of power.
13:43 Darksecond left #thegeekgroup
13:43 MadManMarkAu Hrm, okay
13:43 Cprossu and with a good pair of speakers you shouldn't have to take it very high
13:44 CaptainBoden My home system is rated 50,000 Watts ILS.
13:44 w0vha "If Lightning Strikes".  I love it
13:44 CaptainBoden How did you KNOW that.
13:44 Cprossu the pair of altecs that I own still (as opposed to owned for 15 minutes), don't take much to power and yet they treat cinder block walls like....paper
13:44 w0vha I've seen the video...
13:44 CaptainBoden fucker
13:44 w0vha thanks
13:44 CaptainBoden There's a backstory behind that.
13:45 CaptainBoden When I was about 20 I lived in Holland, MI with a...well...a girl with more tits than brains.
13:45 CaptainBoden BIG storm came through, and I called her as I was driving home and asked her to unplug the studio gear.
13:45 MadManMarkAu w0vha: Video?
13:46 CaptainBoden She did...except for the amp.
13:46 w0vha I know a few with 34A's that fit THAT bill...
13:46 MadManMarkAu You mean the TGG one?
13:46 w0vha Which one was that, Chris, the one with Paul discussing rectifier diodes?
13:46 w0vha lightning strikes, blows piss out of amp...
13:47 CaptainBoden After the storm, and the fire...I autopsied the amp. There was a large spinal cord loking heatsink that went through the middle of the amp, it was toasted, and covered in solder blobs. It looked like some manner of alien parasite.
13:47 CaptainBoden It hung on my office wall for years.
13:47 MadManMarkAu Heh
13:47 CaptainBoden So, after that, when I bought a new amp, I put a sticker on it, "50,000W ILS"
13:47 Cprossu rofllllllll
13:47 CaptainBoden and know you know the whole story.
13:47 MadManMarkAu How many Bodens is that? :3
13:48 w0vha :-)  I ought to put a sticker that says that on the front of our repeater cabinet...
13:48 Cprossu that's better than pmpo
13:48 CaptainBoden I have a thing for interesting stickers. Like the Intel Atom one on the bottom of my baby glock.
13:49 Cprossu I also like how you included degraded performance at high wattages and didn't just go for 1,210,000,000 Watts ILS
13:49 CaptainBoden I just wanted to make it somewhat believeable ;)
13:49 MadManMarkAu *groan*
13:49 w0vha What the hell is a jiggawatt?!
13:49 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
13:49 CaptainBoden I've had posers actually BELIEVE it.
13:50 Cprossu hah hahahaha hah
13:50 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
13:50 Cprossu I think I once had a set of computer speakers that were '1600watts pmpo' though
13:50 MadManMarkAu pmpo == Pean mean power output?
13:50 MadManMarkAu *peak
13:50 Cprossu rofl pean
13:50 CaptainBoden I took the maximum wattage into my house (24VAC*100A=24kW) and doubled it.
13:51 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
13:51 * MadManMarkAu throws a pean at Cprossu
13:51 Cprossu
13:51 w0vha 24volts? cool! (I know...)
13:51 Cprossu they looked exactly like these only white
13:51 CaptainBoden They'll take it....for .003 seconds.
13:51 Cprossu I don't give them that
13:51 Cprossu maybe........... .003 microseconds
13:51 CaptainBoden Bring them here, we'll test them in Thumper.
13:51 Cprossu that'd be awesoem
13:51 w0vha Fire in the hole!
13:51 CaptainBoden 144MW
13:51 Cprossu lol
13:52 Cprossu speaking of which
13:52 Cprossu have you ever done a speaker?
13:52 CaptainBoden and soon, we have to build Stomper.
13:52 MadManMarkAu Oh boy
13:52 CaptainBoden No, we haven't....but, you know....
13:52 MadManMarkAu A speaker on Thumper
13:52 CaptainBoden ok, we'll do a speaker this week.
13:52 Cprossu xD
13:52 MadManMarkAu Or, or, make a speaker, with like 4AWG coils...
13:52 CaptainBoden bonus if someone sends me an interesting speaker.
13:52 Cprossu watch out you may have a projectile lol
13:52 MadManMarkAu (AWG is not my strong point)
13:52 CaptainBoden something...BIG.
13:53 Cprossu you know
13:53 Cprossu hrmmm
13:53 w0vha that'd look like the speaker blowing up at the beginning of BTTF...
13:53 CaptainBoden I want some ghettoass 18" beast.
13:53 MadManMarkAu Haha, awesome
13:53 Cprossu I DO have 2 kicker 12" comp12's
13:53 Cprossu but that'd be a waste
13:53 MadManMarkAu w0vha: LOL YES! You win an internet for that remark :P
13:53 CaptainBoden yeah, shame to waste all that energy on a pair of Kickers.
13:53 w0vha the shipping would be murder, but I have two 18" guitar amp speakers that have torn cones
13:54 Cprossu with a big enough coil you could end up with a rather interesting projectile too
13:54 CaptainBoden I have a shitty old sony home cabinet we could try......hmmmm
13:54 Cprossu it's gonna stinkkkkkkkkkkkkk
13:54 Cprossu lol
13:54 MadManMarkAu Impromptu coilgun :P
13:54 CaptainBoden I'll do one IN the cabinet, see if we can blast the sides off.
13:54 Cprossu HAHAHAHAAH
13:54 Cprossu compression cabinet?
13:54 Cprossu if not make it one
13:54 w0vha rock and roll...
13:54 CaptainBoden I really have to make a blast shield sometime soon.
13:54 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
13:55 Sasha_ Ok, I'm back... so what happened in the past 30 min here? Oh, and hi CaptainBoden, any plans for today?
13:55 MadManMarkAu It's a pity the lab doesn't have a shooting range or ballisticks area
13:56 Cprossu scroll up sasha, it's worth it
13:56 MadManMarkAu 'cause making a coil gun with Thumper would kick so much ass
13:56 CaptainBoden We have a range and ballistics area, it's just not at the lab.
13:56 MadManMarkAu Ah
13:56 SparkyStudio Heard one story about a guy who connected a speaker to 240 mains, wasn't in a cabinet, the cone and coil went one way, the magnet went the other, leaving the frame hanging on a string, it was the old style speaker (before neodimium)
13:56 w0vha Chris really wants to see me shoot.  I'm half blind and shoot better than some of the cops at work...
13:57 MadManMarkAu SparkyPojects: Plenty of people do that on YouTUBE\
13:57 Sasha_ WAIT wait wait... you're making a GIFUCKINORMUS coil gun? Oh dude...
13:57 MadManMarkAu They don't really blow apart
13:57 Cprossu CaptainBoden:
13:57 Cprossu ^ took me forever
13:57 CaptainBoden I've SEEN, in person, a guy take a brand new speaker out of the box, place it on a table, connect a extension cord directly to it, plug it in the wall, and let it sit there and HUMMMMMMMMMMMMM for an hour nonstop.
13:57 MadManMarkAu Sasha_: No, I was just commenting. They're going to hook a speaker up to Thumper :D
13:57 Cprossu I got 2 of those instead of $20 for a computer job I did a few years back
13:57 CaptainBoden Then, after he came back from lunch, he plugged a little Walkman into it, and it worked fine.
13:58 CaptainBoden He sold a truckload of those speakers in the following 20 minutes.
13:58 Sasha_ Ok. Could someone please tell me how much tgg spends on insurance?
13:58 MadManMarkAu Too much?\
13:59 SparkyStudio Well this speaker was only probably a few watts, it was more like hummmmmm boom
13:59 MadManMarkAu Actually, it's all contents isn't it?
13:59 CaptainBoden We have 2 different insurances, $00/Mo for one, and $1300 every quarter for the other.
13:59 MadManMarkAu After all, TGG makes people sign waivers and such.
13:59 w0vha that's what the waivers are for "you won't sue us if you blow your ass up"
13:59 CaptainBoden yes
13:59 Sasha_ Still, I can barely believe that insurance ppl want to take the risk to allow you to have super duper high voltage stuff...
14:00 Cprossu usually speakers don't last too well at 120hz from what I remember
14:00 CaptainBoden What country are you in Sasha?
14:00 MadManMarkAu 120? Or 50/60?
14:00 Sasha_ I already told you dude, Switzerland
14:00 Cprossu 60
14:00 CaptainBoden Come to the US, we're a little
14:00 MadManMarkAu Sasha_'s ISP:
14:01 CaptainBoden We play with very dangerous things at the lab, but you'll also note that we have an impeccable safety record.
14:01 Cprossu;feature=related
14:01 Sasha_ I'd love too. However, you know how much a plane ticket costs?
14:01 w0vha yeah, Chris still has his eyes...
14:01 CaptainBoden and even some of my teeth.
14:01 CaptainBoden about half of my hair....
14:02 CaptainBoden AND A TWENTY INCH PENIS!
14:02 MadManMarkAu Well, a lot less than you use d to have
14:02 MadManMarkAu Hait, I mean
14:02 w0vha I imagine you didn't lose any of your teeth because of a lab accident, but because Vicki, Moose, or Paul punched you in the mouth
14:02 MadManMarkAu *Hair
14:02 Cprossu Liz might be next (j/k!)
14:02 Sasha_ Have you had any accidents yet?
14:02 CaptainBoden actually, I lost teeth in rock climbing and general stupid stuff over a long childhood.
14:03 MadManMarkAu Poor Liz, dealing with Chris' crisps
14:03 CaptainBoden Bones knit, scars fase, but teeth don't grow back.
14:03 Sasha_ Oh, dude, captainboden, I totally forgot, but I never got my registration email from you...
14:03 CaptainBoden I've broken my nose so many times (seven) that if you look close, it doesn't point straight ahead anymore. It veers to my left.
14:03 w0vha what was it said on the simpsons... "bones heal, chicks dig scars, and the US has the best doctor/daredevil ratio in the world"
14:03 CaptainBoden That's because we think you're kind of a douche and don't want to let anyone from Switzerland in.
14:04 w0vha :-)
14:04 Sasha_ WHAT?? I know you're being sarcastic (or are you), but still
14:04 CaptainBoden See, and that's the beauty of my art, you'll never really know for sure.
14:04 MadManMarkAu "It veers to my left" -- I've noticed
14:05 w0vha LOL
14:05 Sasha_ No, but seriously.... can you like fix that email thingy for me?
14:05 CaptainBoden Send moose an Email, the website has been going through massive upgrades and it's likely your email got eaten.
14:05 CaptainBoden ask in the forums.
14:05 w0vha <BURP>
14:06 Sasha_ CaptainBoden.... I was signing up for the forums...
14:06 CaptainBoden try again
14:06 Sasha_ I tried twice dude
14:06 CaptainBoden try again
14:06 Sasha_ How hard for you is it to resend an email :P?
14:07 Sasha_ was kicked by CaptainBoden: Sasha_
14:07 CaptainBoden That feels better.
14:07 w0vha Women... can't live with 'em, can't kill 'em.
14:07 MadManMarkAu I'm not sure about the current bb software, but in phpbb you can resend a validation e-mail
14:07 CaptainBoden I think it's a dude with a faggy name.
14:07 cctoide are you planning on having warehouse shelving along the MDH walls?
14:07 w0vha probably...
14:07 CaptainBoden We already have some installed.
14:07 MadManMarkAu "I think it's a dude with a faggy name" -- I now have Queen songs running through my head... Thanks.
14:07 w0vha pallet racks FTW
14:08 CaptainBoden DONT....STOP...ME...NOW!
14:08 w0vha :-)
14:08 MadManMarkAu lol
14:08 w0vha don't make me go get out some LP's...
14:08 CaptainBoden fuck that, I have Grooveshark.
14:08 CaptainBoden Which is quite possibly the best thing the internet has ever given me.
14:08 w0vha never heard of it...
14:09 CaptainBoden
14:09 MadManMarkAu Supported by advertising?
14:09 CaptainBoden best source for obscure shit you haven't heard since you were 15.
14:09 CaptainBoden I run adblock, I have no idea.
14:09 MadManMarkAu Oh, cool, I'm there
14:09 CaptainBoden I don't even get the ustream or hulu ads.
14:09 MadManMarkAu Neither do I
14:09 cctoide .seen \_Obtuse
14:09 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen \_obtuse around.
14:09 MadManMarkAu Or YouTUBE ads
14:09 w0vha hey, that's COOL!
14:09 JA12 I used before grooveshark
14:10 w0vha <BOOKMARKED>
14:10 SparkyStudio Reminds me, i must get on with backing up my vinyls to hard drive, 2,000 done, 2,500 to go :P
14:10 MadManMarkAu HOLY SHIT it has Danny Kaye
14:10 MadManMarkAu That's... impressive
14:10 CaptainBoden It has...everything. I've only stumped it a few times.
14:11 cctoide how long do you have the loaner forklift for?
14:11 CaptainBoden until the Kzoo one arrives.
14:11 MadManMarkAu Which one was the one that died?
14:11 MadManMarkAu Ages ago
14:12 CaptainBoden Little Red one.
14:12 w0vha Boy, does no one in GR talk on the radio on Sunday mornings?  That's a staple around here... I haven't heard anyone since about 0600CDT...
14:12 CaptainBoden We replaced it with Litle Orange one (which has also since died).
14:12 MadManMarkAu Ah
14:12 CaptainBoden I left my radiop at the lab last night, lol sorry
14:12 * MadManMarkAu has Fallout 3 flashbacks while playing Danny Kaye on grooveshark
14:12 MadManMarkAu It's such the same mood :D
14:12 cctoide well, the loaner one is sexy
14:13 CaptainBoden I like it, a lot, but it's twitchy.
14:13 MadManMarkAu The loner one looks beefy
14:13 CaptainBoden It's Hydrostatic drive, and I'm used to straight electric.
14:13 MadManMarkAu And it's gas powered?
14:13 w0vha my dad, who is a forklift operator, wants to know what you're doing to them to kill them?
14:13 cctoide like someone finally figured you can actually style a forklift
14:13 CaptainBoden Propane.
14:13 MadManMarkAu Australia calls propane just simple "gas"
14:13 MadManMarkAu And "gas" is petrol
14:14 CaptainBoden Yeah but you're a nation of convincts.
14:14 MadManMarkAu True
14:14 * MadManMarkAu scratches his leg under the shackle
14:14 CaptainBoden So...funny concepts like calling things "Petrol" really is to be expected. You guys still have a feral CAMEL problem for god's sake.
14:15 w0vha lol
14:15 cctoide how high is the current forklift with the lift down, roughly?
14:15 CaptainBoden idea....8' or so?
14:15 CaptainBoden It's pretty big
14:15 cctoide hm
14:15 Cprossu *thinks of something obscure* how about Bo Diddley Itus (loads grooveshark)
14:16 Cprossu *itis... wow awesome
14:16 CaptainBoden Dude, it has Star Turtle......and that album went triple wood.
14:16 MadManMarkAu lol
14:16 CaptainBoden I'm pretty sure he sold 3 copies, one was to me and the other two were his parents.
14:16 SparkyStudio So, you get a propane powered car, and tell an american to fill it with gas, and he has trouble putting the nozzle in the tank :P
14:16 MadManMarkAu Danny Kaye - The Vessel with the Pestle <3
14:16 SparkyStudio :D
14:16 MadManMarkAu I love this one :P
14:17 Cprossu SWEET
14:17 Cprossu even got "P.E.T.R.O.L by oribital
14:17 Cprossu (one of my favorite cuts)
14:18 Cprossu it's a pity they didn't record him live at this even
14:18 Cprossu
14:19 Cprossu *event
14:19 MadManMarkAu did you put the pellet with the poison in the vessle with the pestle? No, the pellet with the poison is in the flagon with the dragon, not the chalice fromt he palice.
14:19 MadManMarkAu *Palace
14:19 w0vha They have Gaelic Storm... damn, I need a new violin...
14:20 Cprossu as far as making a record out of it at least
14:20 SparkyStudio CaptainBoden, would there be any merit to putting a camera in the observation deck in MDH, often we can hear things going on in there, but the camera is facing the wrong way, it would also give an overall view, like if the door is open and everyone wanders off to do other things, doesn't the side wall meet with master control ?
14:21 CaptainBoden It does, and we're working on that actually :)
14:21 SparkyStudio cool :)
14:22 Cprossu anyone else here a bo diddley fan? (just curious)
14:22 MadManMarkAu not me, sorry, I haven't heard of him
14:22 SparkyStudio Sounds like Cory's desk needs to move for a bit while you drill
14:22 CaptainBoden no, we already have a hole ;)
14:23 NeWtoz I've only heard of Bo Diddley, and that's because he was on NPR's Wait Wait, Don't tell me
14:23 SparkyStudio :)
14:23 Cprossu nutty guy
14:23 Cprossu did some crazy shit very early
14:23 Cprossu rhythm guitar
14:24 cctoide heard of the "Bo Diddley beat", never listened to his stuff
14:24 DruidicRifleman mmmm blt and hasbrowns XD om nom nom
14:24 Cprossu click that youtube for some of his...err.. more hardcore shit
14:24 cctoide I'm liking the Orbital song you mentioned though
14:24 Cprossu it's a hell of a cut
14:26 Cprossu here's a much better sounding video of it
14:26 Cprossu;feature=player_detailpage#t=88s
14:26 w0vha If you wonder what us visually impaired telephone operators do in the middle of the night at work, search for dueling violins / feet of flames.  Several of us play violin, and we rock out like this...
14:27 Sasha joined #thegeekgroup
14:27 CaptainBoden Wow guys know how to party.
14:27 Sasha CaptainBoden... really? BTW, I managed to sign up, won't bother you with it again ;).
14:27 w0vha gotta do something to pass the time
14:27 CaptainBoden Let me tried again.
14:28 Sasha Nop, I used an email without a - in it
14:28 Cprossu hrmmm
14:28 CaptainBoden tried again.
14:28 Cprossu he tried again with different variables
14:28 CaptainBoden There's no point in trying again with the same ones and expecting a different result.
14:29 Cprossu I've never thought to put a dash in any of my email affresses
14:29 Cprossu ever
14:29 Cprossu *add
14:29 Cprossu lol
14:29 Sasha I just didn't use my "-1@ a very popular email service" address
14:30 cctoide does the VSL have an engine crane?
14:30 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
14:30 Darksecond joined #thegeekgroup
14:30 MadManMarkAu Cprossu: that's a good video, this guy has... what's the term... He gets you into it.
14:30 CaptainBoden No, but.....we can lift one.
14:30 RED_home Good Morning, internet!
14:30 Cprossu no kidding. that's the hardest you'll ever hear 3 chords ever worked on a guitar too
14:31 CaptainBoden WE have a vehicle lift, forklift, and a small hoist.
14:31 CaptainBoden If that doesn't work, we also have 27 OompaLoomps in the basement, they're good for delicate lifting.
14:31 RED_home We also have Moose...just saying.
14:32 w0vha :-)
14:32 MadManMarkAu ... can totally imagine General Badass turning into a blueberry-man :P
14:32 CaptainBoden *snork*
14:32 w0vha ...or drinking from the chocolate river...
14:32 MadManMarkAu ^-- this, very this
14:33 SparkyStudio hmmm, the Harwoods as oompa loompa's out on the street raising funds :D
14:33 MadManMarkAu HArwoods?
14:34 SparkyStudio BA, Batman and the other one
14:34 Cprossu speaking of people who really get you into it...Dick Dale->  <-1963 <-the best cut of that soung, 1996
14:34 w0vha none of us look this good, but this is what we play (this is one of our favorite numbers to do, I've broken bows doing this...)
14:34 w0vha
14:34 Cprossu notice how dick dale plays completely wrong
14:34 MadManMarkAu This video contains content from Image Entertainment, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
14:34 Cprossu right hand guitar, left handed strings set for a right hand
14:34 Cprossu masterofmonks: which one?
14:34 MadManMarkAu Oh, damn, I know this song
14:35 MadManMarkAu It was the closing song to Pulp Fiction
14:35 MadManMarkAu t<3
14:35 RED_home The "other one's" name is Patrick...and there are more than just them.
14:35 Cprossu opening
14:35 masterofmonks Eh?
14:35 Cprossu opening to pulp fiction
14:35 MadManMarkAu Opening? Hrm.
14:35 Cprossu which one containted blocked?
14:35 Cprossu was it either of my links?
14:35 MadManMarkAu tMight have been, it's been a few years.
14:35 MadManMarkAu The first one was BLAWKED!!
14:35 Cprossu WTF
14:36 MadManMarkAu Also, forgive the "t" in front of many of my lines. I play Minecraft...
14:36 Cprossu;feature=fvst
14:36 Cprossu ^ how about that one?
14:36 CaptainBoden There's at least 5, I know they have a Sister, and Tommy.
14:36 MadManMarkAu That one is fine
14:36 w0vha there's something to be said for typing with both hands...
14:36 Cprossu 1963!
14:36 MadManMarkAu w0vha: IN Minecraft, you hit "t" to chat.
14:36 Cprossu who looks out of place there?!
14:36 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
14:36 Cprossu xD
14:36 MadManMarkAu It's becoming second nature :<
14:38 Cprossu still left handed, right handed guitar, strung for a right hander xD
14:38 MadManMarkAu Ah right, I was wondering...
14:38 SparkyStudio w0vha, have you heard of Darryl Way ? he's the nephew of Yehudi Menuin, got Gypsy blood
14:38 w0vha the name sounds famailiar...
14:39 SparkyStudio an example
14:40 Cprossu btw, MadManMarkAu: on the newer video see anything weird with his guitar?
14:40 SparkyStudio Electric violin, and always has broken bowstrings
14:41 w0vha sweet!  I've heard him before (I only wish this was in better than 240p...)
14:41 MadManMarkAu Cprossu: He's holding it the wrong way around, it's strung in reverse, looks to be deliberately built that way...
14:41 Cprossu (count the pickups too)
14:41 MadManMarkAu 3?
14:41 Cprossu yeah!
14:41 MadManMarkAu Can't quite see...
14:41 MadManMarkAu Isn't 3 normal?
14:41 Cprossu no
14:42 SparkyStudio Take a look around, you might find something better, most would be with curved air, but he's done solos
14:42 w0vha my violin is electric... I need a new one, as the pickup coil is starting to bad, and it's all chipped and ugly, but we have a mixer at work that we all plug into, so if we want to record, we don't have to set up mics...
14:42 MadManMarkAu I've seen many guitars in videos that have 3 pickups
14:42 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
14:42 MadManMarkAu I didn't think it was unusual
14:42 Cprossu heheh yeah it's a custom thing
14:43 MadManMarkAu Ah, right
14:43 MadManMarkAu does it change the sound?
14:43 Cprossu big time
14:43 MadManMarkAu I know shifting the pickup does, but adding more?
14:43 MadManMarkAu Ah
14:43 Cprossu see the bottom pickup?
14:43 Cprossu bo diddly I think used 4 pickups
14:44 Cprossu and shit tons of effects built into it
14:44 Cprossu
14:44 Cprossu ^ there's like maybe 9-12 effects pedals built into some of his guitars
14:44 w0vha it's about time for me to get some sleep.  You all have fun.  I'll drop in when I get up, after I put the new echolink radio in the rack
14:44 w0vha 73 all,
14:45 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
14:45 MadManMarkAu Whee, GF wants me to come to bed
14:45 NeWtoz IT'S A TRAP
14:45 MadManMarkAu lol, w0, 73s
14:45 SparkyStudio Darryl also has a perspex violin, you have to remember a lot of the effects were done with feedback and 'copycat' (tape driven echo)
14:45 MadManMarkAu Oh wait, that was their callsign
14:45 MadManMarkAu *derp*
14:46 MadManMarkAu Anyway, I gotta head off
14:46 MadManMarkAu I'll talk tomorrow afternoon :)
14:46 MadManMarkAu nini peeps
14:46 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
14:46 RED_home Bye, dear.
14:47 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
14:51 Cprossu later
14:51 Cprossu I have some bank deposits to make followed by some donations
14:51 RED_home You're leaving too/
14:51 RED_home ?
14:51 Cprossu CaptainBoden: is the freaking paypal still functioning and do you mind me earmarking gas money for red?
14:51 Cprossu xD
14:52 CaptainBoden Paypal is fine,a nd I don't mind at all.
14:52 Cprossu good deal
14:52 CaptainBoden Paypal
14:56 Sasha Did you get my donation dude? Sorry I couldn't give more, that was all that I had left on my pp.
14:58 Sasha left #thegeekgroup
14:59 CaptainBoden You'd have to ask Moose or Vicki, I would imagine we did, but I honestly don't have anything to do with the money side of things.
14:59 Sasha_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:00 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
15:00 CaptainBoden I'm the guy on camera and people think I do it all here, I really don't. There's an army of very intelligent, very dedicated people who work insane hours doing massive amounts of work to make me look good.
15:01 Sasha_ So captainboden, did you get my donation? Afaik I was disconnected (or kicked... who knows you :P)...
15:01 SparkyStudio Sasha, just quoting Chhris as you had left when he replied "You'd have to ask Moose or Vicki, I would imagine we did, but I honestly don't have anything to do with the money side of things."
15:01 Sasha_ oh, k, sorry....
15:02 Cprossu hey, CaptainBoden: $100 is yours.. give red at least $30 for gas
15:02 Cprossu it should have transfered
15:03 Cprossu and there's 70 in there for lotus delivery/more important things if the roof should fall in
15:04 Cprossu so good luck
15:05 RED_home :gives GIANT thank you hug:
15:05 CaptainBoden Thank you sir, I'm sure she'll get it.
15:06 CaptainBoden and the rest is going to the lotus. Which should arrive here next Sat if all goes well.
15:06 DruidicRifleman Morning red
15:06 Cprossu I hope you're able to reach the goal by then
15:07 Cprossu as I know you guys are bleeding money faster than.......... uh... do we have a reference we can even begin to compare this to?
15:07 CaptainBoden I'm working on it
15:07 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 3 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Tysk on Building Tour with the Neighbors!.....Red on Cory's buzz cut for science fund raiser?.....DruidicRifleman on Cory's buzz cut for science fund raiser?
15:07 DruidicRifleman I'll try and put some money towards the Shave Corys head fund and the help red keep one notral above watter fund
15:07 CaptainBoden We're spending money like it's an olympic sport.
15:07 RED_home Goodmorning DruidicRifleman
15:07 * DruidicRifleman tackle hugs the red
15:09 Cprossu oh did you find out if you had a tachometer, red?
15:11 RED_home I haven't.
15:11 RED_home I'll look today, though. I'm about to leave in like 30 minutes to go take picutres for some family.
15:12 DruidicRifleman a paying gig?
15:12 CaptainBoden Red....when you start your car, is there a needle that moves with the engine? Like, you press the gas and a needle moves?
15:12 RED_home No, not a paying gig :(
15:13 RED_home I don't know, that's what I'm gonna go look at. I know what a tachometer is, I've just never paid attention to if i have one or not.
15:13 DruidicRifleman Did you look at those links and post there
15:13 CaptainBoden You don't have one
15:13 CaptainBoden If you did, you'd notice.
15:13 CaptainBoden If you didn't notice, you shouldn't be allowed to drive.
15:13 Cprossu CaptainBoden: any loose ones hanging around at the lab?
15:14 CaptainBoden tachs? no
15:14 Cprossu we were all trying to wrap our heads around a ford escort getting only 21mpg mostly highway
15:14 RED_home Rawr, Chris. Rawr.
15:15 CaptainBoden no idea on that one, I know she drives a LOT, lol
15:15 Cprossu on and I have one more thing to show you
15:15 Cprossu
15:15 RED_home only to and from the lab, really. I have no life anymore.
15:15 Cprossu ^ get in contact with those guys and see if they'll donate a scantool for the lab
15:15 DruidicRifleman Are the tire's at pressue
15:15 CaptainBoden none of us do, lol
15:16 Cprossu their stuff kicks tail
15:16 DruidicRifleman pressure
15:16 Cprossu it's surprising actually
15:16 Cprossu I've been messing with one for a while now
15:16 DruidicRifleman Lower tire pressure costs millage
15:16 Cprossu and the guy who owns the company is local to here
15:16 DruidicRifleman Red you do remember to turn of the hand brake right? :P
15:16 Cprossu and has entirely too much money
15:17 RED_home Druidic, I'll cut you.
15:17 RED_home Derp.
15:17 DruidicRifleman kinky :P
15:23 RED_home Rawr.
15:23 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
15:24 RED_home Hi lovey!
15:24 * DruidicRifleman pats RED_home on there head there there you'llbe tough and scary.. one day
15:24 DruidicRifleman the head*
15:25 DruidicRifleman hey sea monster
15:25 RED_home Oh, you've yet to have seen my wrath DruidicRifleman - I'm fucking terrifying.
15:25 RED_home Except for to Chris. He has a gun...and could kick my ass.
15:25 DruidicRifleman I have guns to
15:25 DruidicRifleman and a cattle prod :P
15:25 CaptainBoden Now you're just turning her on.
15:25 DruidicRifleman really?
15:26 CaptainBoden *backs away slowly*
15:26 Big-Al_ left #thegeekgroup
15:26 RED_home No comment.
15:26 DruidicRifleman Pleading the 5th?
15:26 RED_home No comment.
15:26 * Cprossu hands CaptainBoden an electric fence generator and some chain link
15:27 RED_home ...? *hides in corner*
15:27 Cprossu protection
15:28 * mashpriborintorg just won 50 euro with buying things into flea markets and selling them onto ebay... do not tell it to the tax office
15:28 RED_home epic!
15:29 * mashpriborintorg 's wife works AT the tax office, btw :(
15:29 Cprossu woo
15:29 Cprossu .c $570 to euro
15:29 BotSteve 397.628183 Euros
15:29 Cprossu that's how many I made yesterday flipping a pair of speakers in a thift store parking lot
15:30 Cprossu $30 US invested, $600 got
15:30 mashpriborintorg I sold one vintage desktop calculator, one vintage portable reel to reel recorder
15:30 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
15:30 mashpriborintorg saw something neat this morning, too expensive, it was a 70'S orange clock, with flipping numbers
15:31 RED_home Epic, do want.
15:31 Sasha_ Guys, quick question: do the forums have some sorta rules or guidelines?
15:31 DruidicRifleman maybe i should go tot he flee market
15:31 Cprossu mashpriborintorg:
15:32 DruidicRifleman no psudoscience
15:32 Cprossu ^ these were mine for 15 minutes
15:32 Cprossu not refering to the table or the perculator (almost bought the perculator though)
15:32 mashpriborintorg not lol :( such stuff must be for life
15:32 RED_home I gots to go guys. I'll talk to you later.
15:32 DruidicRifleman aaaw :*
15:32 DruidicRifleman :(
15:32 Cprossu mashpriborintorg: pretty awesome, no?
15:32 * DruidicRifleman hugs the red good bye
15:33 Cprossu take it easy red
15:33 RED_home :hugs: Goodbye for now, internet. Have a good Sunday.
15:35 CSMonster aw
15:35 CSMonster just as i got here :/
15:35 * CSMonster logged in then wandered off afk somewhere...
15:35 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
15:38 CSMonster okay i have a question that is probably really rude but as a curious human being i have to ask it and hope it doesn't come off as super-offensive
15:38 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
15:39 CaptainBoden ok
15:39 CSMonster does moose bleach her hair or is she afflicted with minor albinism?  her hair is *really* white
15:39 CaptainBoden both, lol
15:39 CaptainBoden She bleaches it AND she's pale as hell
15:39 CSMonster
15:40 Sasha_ Will she get angry at you telling this :P?
15:40 CaptainBoden na
15:40 CSMonster phew.
15:41 * CSMonster will always find it awkward as hell to ask about other people's bodies
15:41 * Sasha_ will always feel awkward around this irc
15:42 CSMonster good.  keeps you on your toes :p
15:43 CSMonster i am soooooo happy with how XHS is turning out.  I just gotta draw up a new background image.
15:44 * CSMonster gets out the wacom
15:48 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
15:51 NeWtoz I need to find a small sub amp
15:52 NeWtoz or a powered sub I guess
15:53 SparkyStudio CaptainBoden, saw something different used on the making of Dr Who, it was a version of a clapperboard, but it was only what looked like 2 pieces of 2x2 with a hinge, painted black and white stripes, and was about 3 foot long
15:54 iamo left #thegeekgroup
15:55 NeWtoz I've also seen someone make a loud clap with their hands
15:55 CSMonster i've seen CaptainBoden make a loud clap with his voice on set.
15:56 SparkyStudio That happens quite a bit
15:57 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
15:59 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
15:59 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
16:00 speedrunnerG55 Argh.  I left my bike at my towns community center.
16:00 NeWtoz I want to go see a movie in IMAX, but not in 3D
16:01 speedrunnerG55 I'm going to try to pick it up
16:10 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
16:10 speedrunnerG55 Hey NeWtoz
16:11 NeWtoz yo dawg
16:11 speedrunnerG55 Dawg?
16:11 speedrunnerG55 Lol
16:12 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:13 speedrunnerG55 Hi mashpriborintorg
16:14 speedrunnerG55 Seroster: Here?
16:14 NeWtoz Sunday mornings are slow times
16:14 speedrunnerG55 It's noon n_n
16:15 CSMonster no, it's morning still.
16:15 CSMonster come out west and you'll see.
16:16 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
16:16 mashpriborintorg One day, I'll install an IRC client that doesn't suck
16:16 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
16:16 speedrunnerG55 Anyone hear of the train accident in Hoboken
16:17 CSMonster neg, what happened?
16:17 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
16:17 CaptainBoden The PATH one?
16:17 speedrunnerG55__ Yes
16:18 CaptainBoden Nothing serious.
16:18 speedrunnerG55__ Mechanical failure. All I herd
16:20 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
16:20 speedrunnerG55__ is now known as speedrunnerG55
16:21 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
16:23 speedrunnerG55 I've taken that path train a few times :3
16:27 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
16:29 CSMonster hey look, it's a wannabe.
16:30 DruidicRifleman is it just me or does the weather cammra Have black spots on both sides of thepucture
16:30 Sasha_ The one on the left is the wiper I believe
16:32 wannabe1987 maybe...
16:32 CaptainBoden That's the wiper
16:33 Sasha_ Did you fix the control unit for the camera?
16:35 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
16:36 Nikita_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 wannabe1987 nikita_?  like the TV show???
16:37 Nikita_ I suppose :p
16:37 wannabe1987 lol
16:37 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
16:38 Nikita_ Oh my
16:38 Nikita_ It seems we have more then one Nikita on this server
16:38 Nikita_ is now known as Nulleks
16:39 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
16:39 CSMonster BATS!
16:39 CSMonster hey
16:39 Nulleks is now known as Niki-afk
16:39 BatSteve hey csm!
16:39 CSMonster we finally figured out a better name for our blog.
16:40 BatSteve oh yeah?
16:40 BatSteve what it is?
16:40 CSMonster Excessive Headspace
16:40 BatSteve haha!  I like it!
16:40 Niki-afk haha nice
16:40 CSMonster :D
16:40 CSMonster
16:40 WB1A2 joined #thegeekgroup
16:41 CSMonster i'm drawing out a new background for it right now too.
16:41 DruidicRifleman CaptainBoden how come red only has G1 status on the forum?
16:42 * BatSteve is so confused - he needs to rip the entire RSS module out and rewrite it line-by-line
16:42 CSMonster uh oh, do we have bot problems?
16:42 BatSteve Two hours ago, BotSteve did something he physically should not be able to do.
16:42 BatSteve I've got him set to only post forum notifications in #tgg-bots
16:43 CSMonster physically?
16:43 BatSteve and yet, two hours ago at 11:07, he posted an update in this channel
16:43 BatSteve (physicially was a poor choice of words, or a good choice of hyperbole)
16:44 BatSteve it's probably something to do with threading.  I'm pretty sure that every module of SkyNet started with "import threading"
16:44 CSMonster i embrace hyperbole
16:44 CSMonster lol
16:44 BatSteve voodoo magic goin' on up in here.
16:44 geekster joined #thegeekgroup
16:47 BatSteve anyway
16:47 BatSteve great blog name though
16:47 Seroster Hyperbole is an awesome word. Whatever it is.
16:47 CSMonster thanks
16:47 BatSteve I've already added it to my feedreader
16:47 CSMonster hyperbole is extreme exaggeration
16:48 CSMonster like if i burn popcorn in the microwave and say that my kitchen exploded (which it did)
16:48 Seroster Wich makes it even more awesome
16:48 Seroster That would also be awesome.
16:48 BatSteve Seroster: you are an annoying person.  that's a statement of fact.  You are as evil as hitler, as arrogant as Torvalds, and as attractive as gabe newell.   That's hyperbole.
16:48 CSMonster LOL
16:49 Seroster I wonder how many sentences I can use the word Awesome in before it gets too annoying.
16:49 Seroster And some people would argue that your statement isnt hyperbole at all.
16:49 BatSteve (grin)
16:49 CSMonster :D
16:50 BatSteve Nah.  You're not as arrogant as torvalds.
16:50 Seroster Batsteve, how old were you when the latest Alien movie came out?
16:50 BatSteve um
16:50 CSMonster (1997)
16:50 * BatSteve doesn't follow the alien series.  which one was that?
16:50 CSMonster .w alien resurrection
16:50 Seroster I don't know who torvalds is... I havent slept with him and I wouldn't..
16:50 BotSteve "Alien Resurrection is a science fiction film released in 1997 by 20th Century Fox." -
16:50 BatSteve Oh.  I was 13.
16:50 Seroster Ah
16:51 Niki-afk I was 5
16:51 Niki-afk lovely
16:51 Seroster Good times
16:51 Seroster That is a wonderful thing that makes you feel old.
16:51 BatSteve .youtube linus torvalds google git
16:51 BotSteve BatSteve:
16:52 Seroster Batsteve, did you know Home Alone came out more than 20 years ago?
16:52 Seroster =D
16:52 BatSteve fast forward to any random point in that video more than say 5 minutes or so
16:52 CSMonster
16:53 Seroster Yes, CSMonster.
16:53 Seroster Torvalds.. Eh
16:55 CSMonster BatSteve: that came up because someone last night mentioned something about his chest exploding and someone else said they thought it was an alien, and the guy responded "oh right, predator lol"
16:55 CSMonster ........
16:55 BatSteve .....
16:55 BatSteve um
16:55 * Seroster goes away to watch alien
16:55 Seroster WTF
16:55 Seroster What has predator got to do with exploding chests?
16:55 Seroster Unless you count their shoulder mount guns
16:56 BatSteve Maybe the shoulder cannons?
16:56 CSMonster lol
16:56 BatSteve Did we ever settle on the difference between a "gun" and a "cannon"
16:56 BatSteve ?
16:56 CSMonster so then it became "/how old/ were you when the last alien movie came out?"
16:56 CSMonster "4"
16:56 BatSteve .w cannon
16:56 BotSteve "A cannon is any piece of artillery that uses gunpowder or other usually explosive-based propellants to launch a projectile." -
16:57 Seroster Isnt the only exploding chest in the predator movies when Dutch gets blown to pieces?
16:57 Seroster .w gun
16:57 BotSteve "A gun is a muzzle or breech-loaded projectile-firing weapon." -
16:57 CSMonster gun traditionally refers to large naval artillery pieces
16:57 Seroster And the Predator weapon is neither
16:57 CSMonster cannon traditionally refers to howitzers of a particular size.
16:57 CSMonster at this point no one cares (except the USMC) and the terms are interchangable
16:58 Seroster That thing they got isnt running on BP
16:58 Seroster It would either be a rail gun or a particle weapon
16:59 CSMonster seroster, what we have now isn't running on BP either.
16:59 Seroster True that
16:59 BatSteve oh..interesting
16:59 SparkyStudio Isn't a canon only used with loose powder, as in you put the charge in, then a projectile ? but a gun uses a shell, many of the big guns on ships etc use shells
16:59 BatSteve "A cannon fires a shell, a gun fires a bullet"
16:59 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
17:00 Seroster That might be true, SparkyStudio
17:00 BatSteve where a shell contains some sort of explosive and a bullet does not, it's just a solid piece of metal
17:00 Seroster But isnt the BP in an old style cannnon packed by the ball?
17:00 SparkyStudio BatSteve, canonballs :P
17:00 Cprossu hey BatSteve, what's up?
17:00 DruidicRifleman A shell Is simply a caontainer that holds the projectile primer and poweder in 1 quick to load system
17:01 BatSteve Cprossu: threads are freaking me out.  the bot is doing things he shouldn't be able to do.  voodoo magic going on all up in here.  that's the short version
17:01 CSMonster "back in the day" all cannon (which is actually plural despite america's insistence that "cannons" is a word) were muzzle loaders.  *all firearms were muzzle loaders* when the term came into use
17:01 DruidicRifleman FUCK!!! i just realised A problem :"(
17:01 Seroster Butthe definition of a gun or a cannon by the explosive and delivering system still doesnt adress what the predators has
17:01 Cprossu I had a fucking score at goodwill yesterday and because of it was able to donate $100 to dah lab and give red some gas money
17:02 BatSteve that's true.
17:02 Cprossu <- Picked up, $30 for the pair at the goodwill, sold for $600 in the parking lot
17:02 CSMonster seroster, i think we've move beyond that topic by now.
17:02 Seroster What kind of score cprossu?
17:02 Cprossu Altec Model 19's
17:02 CSMonster yes, you're a bastard cprossu, we know.  :p
17:02 Seroster The thing I am interested in is what to call that device. =P
17:02 Cprossu BatSteve doesn't know yet lol
17:02 DruidicRifleman the plans I was gonna use to celibrate the recent good fortunes from the ellection of a home made Mortar bomb luancher :( are and D: drive :( and that drive is fucked
17:03 BatSteve Cprossu: I always read the backlog, to find out if there have been fools in the channel that require my pity.
17:03 Cprossu ahh
17:03 BatSteve so actually I had heard about it
17:03 BatSteve and I thought it was cool
17:03 Cprossu hahah nice
17:03 Cprossu I did too
17:03 Sasha_ left #thegeekgroup
17:03 Cprossu I'm freaking stoked
17:03 Cprossu I made profit, that guy will make profit
17:03 Cprossu all in all good deal
17:04 BatSteve what I'm interested in is who goes to goodwill and buys something in the parking lot?
17:04 BatSteve like, what was the situation that led to this?
17:04 Cprossu ok I got the speakers to the door
17:04 Cprossu and a guy who had been goodwilling for audio equip comes up
17:04 Cprossu this was his last stop
17:04 DruidicRifleman :( wants a mortar :(
17:04 Cprossu yesterday was 50% off day
17:04 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
17:04 Cprossu so he wanted to buy them but I said I already got em
17:05 Cprossu he asked me where they 'even hook up' I said the bottom, he said 'I'll give you $100 for them'
17:05 Cprossu I said quit pulling my leg
17:05 Cprossu so I got them out the door and the van pulled up
17:05 Seroster <3   "Fork...."   "Fuck?"   "....It's a fork..."
17:05 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
17:05 Cprossu he asked if he could help load them
17:05 Cprossu I said, nah I got it
17:06 Cprossu we got them loaded, he said "Wait, I've got someone not far away who has more money"
17:06 Cprossu so 5 minutes pass, I tell my father to take the van to the bar and have a drink, I had a tough decision to make
17:07 Cprossu so 5 minutes after that, the guy shows up in his truck
17:07 Cprossu we walk over to the van
17:07 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 3 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: DruidicRifleman on Evolution of the Geek Website.....DruidicRifleman on buckyball success!!!.....DruidicRifleman on Cory's buzz cut for science fund raiser?
17:07 Cprossu I had said to the other guy that I couldn't take less than $800, the price the cabinets were going for without the speakers
17:07 Cprossu (which was a slight lie but meh)
17:08 Cprossu so that took apart the condition issues he wanted to bring up nearly entirely
17:08 Cprossu so the offer went to 475 and then 500
17:08 Cprossu and I said, for $500 I am too attached to them ..emotionally.. to give them up
17:09 BatSteve you just bought them at goodwill five minutes ago.  at this point in the discussion, I give you the finger and walk away.  Just saying.
17:09 Cprossu so he dug out his pockets, gave up, got the last $100 from his wife that I think he didn't intend to get
17:09 BatSteve But apparently he didn't do that.
17:09 Cprossu yeah
17:09 Cprossu he already had a buyer is what happened and I know this
17:10 Cprossu that guy who stopped me also got $50 for a finder fee (rofl)
17:10 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
17:10 Cprossu so he had $650 in the speakers I had $30 into
17:10 Cprossu I was going to put $200 into the recone
17:10 Cprossu he's got someone who can do it for $150
17:10 CSMonster he turned $30 into $600.  that makes him a bastard.
17:11 Cprossu he's gonna turn $650 into ~$1800 with the right customer, perhaps more
17:11 Cprossu sorry, $800 into $1800
17:12 Cprossu plus some more man hours on the cabinets
17:12 Cprossu by the time he's done he gets a pretty chunky profit I think
17:12 BatSteve left #thegeekgroup
17:12 Cprossu and I didn't even have to store it
17:12 Cprossu $570 in 15 minutes is the most I've ever earned.
17:13 Cprossu ever
17:13 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
17:13 BotSteve Welcome back, boss.
17:13 Cprossu [10:12] <Cprossu> and I didn't even have to store it
17:13 Cprossu [10:13] <Cprossu> $570 in 15 minutes is the most I've ever earned.
17:13 Cprossu [10:13] <Cprossu> ever
17:13 Cprossu (as far as 'hourly wages' goes)
17:13 DruidicRifleman More then you'd make man whoring
17:13 NeWtoz You'd know
17:14 Cprossu now if there was only one way I could get an hourly job making that much rofl
17:14 DruidicRifleman I wish :( i could use 4 grand
17:14 mashpriborintorg I've already purchased something 1 euro and sold it 200 euros, but it's the exception
17:14 Cprossu too bad there wasn't 8 of those there
17:15 Cprossu I had room for 6
17:15 Seroster I found a Miele washer at a garage sale for $10.
17:15 Seroster Cleaned up the clogged hose and sold for $1000
17:15 CSMonster there are currently four baby mule deer in my back yard.
17:16 Cprossu didn't those have a pwm induction motor?
17:16 BatSteve Seroster: after thinking about it I don't think there is a proper term for the predator's shoulder weapon.  It's probably whatever the designer decides to call it.
17:16 Seroster A gun. =P
17:16 Cprossu Seroster: didn't those have a pwm induction motor?
17:16 Seroster They sur do Cprossu
17:16 Cprossu heh nice
17:16 Cprossu be back in a bit
17:16 Cprossu eating time
17:16 Seroster Even that motor is worth an ecess of $500 fr the spare parts
17:16 DruidicRifleman MMMM bamby sausages :P
17:17 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
17:17 DruidicRifleman it's RED!!!!
17:17 * DruidicRifleman hugs
17:17 CSMonster oshit
17:17 CSMonster i mean hi
17:18 RED_home Hey guys.
17:18 CSMonster how are ya?
17:18 BatSteve I'll be back in a bit.  (nothing personal, red.)
17:18 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
17:18 RED_home lol, it's cool BatSteve
17:19 cctoide uh... so, I'm trying to completely wipe an infected/pooched pendrive under linux
17:20 cctoide tried several methods I could find so far involving mkfs and dd from /dev/zero, but it's not working
17:23 * DruidicRifleman wonder's IF plaster filled Vacume formed lexan Could Survive being fired from a mortar tune
17:23 DruidicRifleman tube*
17:23 NeWtoz I was just thinking the same thing
17:24 Seroster Research is what we are doing when we dont know what we are doing!
17:25 NeWtoz I just heard a windows tray popup sound and I was confused for a moment, forgot I had windows in a VM
17:28 RED_home dun dun ddduuun
17:29 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
17:30 seanzzz left #thegeekgroup
17:30 speedrunnerG55 Hey Seroster ?
17:30 NeWtoz time to go do some shopping
17:30 RED_home Antique shops?
17:30 NeWtoz nope
17:30 speedrunnerG55 Ok NeWtoz. When you be back
17:31 speedrunnerG55 And hi red
17:31 NeWtoz not a huge fan of antiques
17:31 Seroster Yeah, speedrunnerG55?
17:32 speedrunnerG55 Monks gave me this fish
17:32 Seroster Ofuck.
17:32 speedrunnerG55 What should I do with it
17:32 Seroster Are you male?
17:32 speedrunnerG55 Yes.
17:32 Seroster Then.. Eat it
17:32 speedrunnerG55 ...ok
17:33 RED_home Hi Speedrunner..
17:33 * speedrunnerG55 eats cod
17:33 RED_home Oh boy.
17:33 speedrunnerG55 Ops
17:33 speedrunnerG55 It was a carpe
17:33 speedrunnerG55 Carp
17:33 speedrunnerG55 An e-fish
17:33 Cprossu I'm back now lol
17:34 Cprossu cctoide: how pooched is it?
17:35 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
17:35 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
17:35 Cprossu cctoide: have you tried to rawrite an image to it?
17:35 speedrunnerG55 So what was that fish all about
17:35 Niki-afk left #thegeekgroup
17:35 Cprossu I'd reccomend a 1.44mb floppy image
17:35 Cprossu then try and format it normal
17:35 Cprossu then repartition
17:36 CSMonster i have created a vaguely mas-shaped block
17:36 cctoide I'm not sure exactly what infected it, but it caused constant "Could not find /device/..." messages under Windows
17:36 Cprossu do you have a windows 98 computer?
17:36 cctoide I managed to copy everything off to another pen under linux (it had a friend's valuable files on it)
17:37 Cprossu ahh that's good
17:37 Cprossu how big is it?
17:37 cctoide 1GB
17:38 cctoide I changed the USB port it was on, now it's showing up as sdb1 and I'm trying dd again
17:38 Seroster Why are people in movies so stupid?
17:41 wannabe1987 what do you mean, seroster?
17:41 cctoide no drama otherwise
17:41 speedrunnerG55 Hi wannabe
17:41 cctoide though the few movies which avoid that are a breath of fresh air
17:41 Seroster Unless they are parodies
17:42 speedrunnerG55 Seroster: What was that fish all about
17:43 Seroster Err. Food?
17:44 RED_home I'm making pizza for lunch. om nom nom.
17:44 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
17:44 wannabe1987 ooooo i had mac'n'cheese with STUFFS added
17:44 wannabe1987 :P
17:45 RED_home om nom nom.
17:45 speedrunnerG55 Lol red
17:45 wannabe1987 o yes.  it was delish.  i eated two bowls
17:45 wannabe1987 what kind of pizza, RED_home
17:45 RED_home I'm just throwing whatevers in the fridge on it. lol.
17:46 RED_home so far peporoni (sp?) and onions and green peppers.
17:46 speedrunnerG55 Pasta pizza is cool
17:46 RED_home lookin for some ham.
17:46 wannabe1987 yum
17:46 RED_home om nom nom.
17:47 wannabe1987
17:47 wannabe1987 watched rocky horror last night...kept falling asleep.  i fail
17:48 seanzzz joined #thegeekgroup
17:49 qwebirc187140 joined #thegeekgroup
17:49 speedrunnerG55 I fell asleep last night on the irc
17:49 cctoide Nope, no luck
17:50 speedrunnerG55 Woke up in my computer chair thinking. Ughh what happened
17:50 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
17:50 RED_home lol.
17:51 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
17:51 Ponko92 hmm
17:51 wannabe1987 lol @ speedrunnerG55
17:51 wannabe1987 HI Ponko92
17:51 Ponko92 hey wannabe :P
17:51 wannabe1987 we have a member named speed-dressing ????
17:51 Cprossu rofl speedrunnerG55
17:51 wannabe1987 odd
17:52 Cprossu I just noticed that too
17:52 Cprossu at the same fucking time
17:52 speedrunnerG55 Speed dressing
17:52 speedrunnerG55 Is me
17:52 Cprossu rofl
17:52 Ponko92 getting dressed i guess
17:52 Ponko92 lol
17:52 * Cprossu kicks speed-dressing for making it harder to <TAB> predict speedrunnerG55
17:52 RED_home Hey Ponky.
17:52 speedrunnerG55 Haha
17:52 wannabe1987 lol
17:52 Ponko92 hai Red
17:52 wannabe1987 thats when i saw it too :P
17:53 Cprossu speedrunnerG55: I have to seriously press one more button =P
17:53 Ponko92 hmmm very quiet on stream
17:53 speedrunnerG55 I made it because I was dressing this morning
17:53 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
17:53 Ponko92 lol
17:53 wannabe1987 hi Photon939
17:53 Photon939 hi
17:53 speedrunnerG55 Really fast
17:53 Ponko92 wannabe1987 is our greeter
17:54 wannabe1987 lol
17:54 wannabe1987 only when awake/on irc
17:54 Ponko92 lol
17:54 speedrunnerG55 Sometimes I greet
17:54 Seroster Sounds like its a drug
17:54 Ponko92 i just work lol
17:54 wannabe1987 lol
17:54 Seroster "Sometimes I do it... But I'm trying to quit"
17:54 speedrunnerG55 Lol
17:55 wannabe1987 i do it for names/people i recognize/know/like to talk to
17:55 Ponko92 hmm might watch some old Red Vs Blue :)
17:55 geekster left #thegeekgroup
17:55 speedrunnerG55 Lol that's a fun show
17:55 RED_home Mheh. I just got hairdye on my face. stupid blue.
17:56 Ponko92 lol
17:56 speedrunnerG55 O_o
17:56 speedrunnerG55 Blue?
17:56 CSMonster red vs. blue
17:56 Ponko92 search Red Vs Blue on youtube
17:56 speedrunnerG55 I know that
17:56 speedrunnerG55 Halo series
17:56 speedrunnerG55 Thing
17:56 speedrunnerG55 There still doing that?
17:56 wannabe1987 :'( mom didn't mention me as her daughter...
17:57 speedrunnerG55 Mabe it's a surprise
17:57 speedrunnerG55 Or, something
17:58 speedrunnerG55 Idk
17:58 speedrunnerG55 Whait...what?
17:58 RED_home lolz.
17:59 Ponko92 i don't think so lol
17:59 speedrunnerG55 Lack of mothers day spirit or what
17:59 speedrunnerG55 Am I missing something
18:02 wannabe1987 ??  both my sisters could afford to drive home for mothers day, but neither of them were able/willing to offer to pick me up
18:05 Cprossu blue haid dye?
18:05 producerBill joined #thegeekgroup
18:05 RED_home fixed my blue streak Cprossu
18:05 Cprossu btw there was something wrong with my 17" sony LCD computer monitor/TV combo
18:06 Cprossu the audio doesn't seem to be making it to the audio amp
18:06 speedrunnerG55 Why blue
18:06 Cprossu from the tuner
18:06 Cprossu so I have a prokject!
18:06 producerBill humm
18:06 producerBill left #thegeekgroup
18:09 Ponko92 Red is hot Blue Is cold
18:09 wannabe1987 are you sure?
18:10 RED_home What?
18:10 wannabe1987 lol red is hot
18:10 wannabe1987 :P
18:11 RED_home (blushes)
18:11 wannabe1987 so if red were to have blue hair...what would she be?
18:11 RED_home Red does have blue hair. and pink and blond. It's all strewn throughout her red.
18:11 CSMonster purple
18:11 wannabe1987 you have blue?  i musta missed it...
18:11 wannabe1987 lol purple
18:12 RED_home I've had purple hair before. Twas fun.
18:12 wannabe1987 ^_^  purple is an amazing color
18:13 Cprossu_laptop how did you end up with the nickname red just outa curiosity?
18:13 wannabe1987 ima assume her red hair...
18:13 CSMonster red is her name.  her parents lacked creativity.
18:13 CSMonster :P
18:13 wannabe1987 lol
18:14 RED_home lol.
18:14 RED_home I was born a redhead.
18:14 RED_home when i was little i was referred to as "Little Red" - Now, I'm just Red.
18:14 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
18:15 Cprossu_laptop holy cow
18:15 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
18:15 Cprossu_laptop this stand is made of magnesium
18:15 RED_home let's put it on THumper.
18:15 DruidicRifleman XD!!!
18:15 Cprossu_laptop I've got a much larger piece of magnesium than that
18:15 wannabe1987 hi batsteve
18:16 Cprossu_laptop It's the case for a umatic portable recorder
18:16 DruidicRifleman What a Wheel?
18:16 * DruidicRifleman wonder's if Chriss ever thumpered an old cell phone
18:16 Cprossu_laptop perhaps I'll send it if CaptainBoden thinks it wouldn't...errrrr
18:16 Cprossu_laptop you get the point
18:16 BatSteve hi wannabe1987
18:17 speedrunnerG55 Hi BatSteve
18:17 BatSteve hey speed
18:17 RED_home BatSteve, you're back!
18:17 RED_home Heeyyyy
18:17 DruidicRifleman Hey What would happen if we got a huge LIPO battery pack and Hooke dit up to thumper?
18:19 speedrunnerG55 Lipoprotein?
18:19 speedrunnerG55 ...
18:19 speedrunnerG55 LIPO?
18:20 CSMonster LiFePO4
18:20 SparkyPojects There would be a mess for someone to clear up :P
18:20 speedrunnerG55 iPhone autocorrect, gota love it
18:20 CSMonster lithium iron nanophosphate battery
18:20 speedrunnerG55 Ohh
18:20 speedrunnerG55 Nano? Phosgpate?
18:20 speedrunnerG55 Phosphate?
18:21 CSMonster .w lithium iron phosphate battery
18:21 BotSteve "The lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, also called LFP battery, is a type of rechargeable battery, specifically a lithium ion battery, which uses LiFePO4 as a cathode material." -
18:21 CSMonster there's a company called A123 that makes what they call lithium iron nanophosphate batteries.  they are used in the 36V series cordless dewalt tools
18:22 DruidicRifleman lithioum polymer
18:22 Photon939 DruidicRifleman: that could be interesting
18:23 Photon939 would probably make a mess though
18:23 Photon939 or just vaporize the wires to the pack
18:23 CSMonster it would probably set the building on fire.
18:23 Photon939 i doubt that
18:23 DruidicRifleman Soooooooooo Fire extingquishers?
18:24 * DruidicRifleman wonder 's if a Maritime CO2 fire suppression system would be possible System for using in the HVL
18:24 Cprossu_laptop wow
18:24 Cprossu_laptop these hinges are magnesium too
18:25 Cprossu_laptop leave it to sony
18:25 DruidicRifleman what are you aking apart dude
18:25 speedrunnerG55 Put a neon or xeon bulb in thumper
18:25 Cprossu_laptop 17" sony LCD TV/monitor combo
18:26 speedrunnerG55 Tube*^
18:26 DruidicRifleman ah i see
18:26 speedrunnerG55 What's the magnesium for
18:26 Cprossu_laptop holding stuff togetther without weighing a ton?
18:27 RED_home his meth lab.
18:27 speedrunnerG55 Lol
18:27 speedrunnerG55 That's dangerous
18:29 speedrunnerG55 I think thumper should do different things than just sublimation
18:29 DruidicRifleman knosw a former unclicenced pharmasist who specialised in red phospherous methemphetamine
18:29 DruidicRifleman Giant Ring launcjer
18:32 speedrunnerG55 Tgg should Make a minature particle accelerator
18:32 speedrunnerG55 XD
18:32 Cprossu_laptop we could have a cyclotron...but
18:32 Cprossu_laptop now wouldn't be a good time
18:32 CSMonster yeah.... i think the NRC gets mad if you build a cyclotron.
18:32 Cprossu_laptop since everyone is scared of radiation
18:32 speedrunnerG55 nRC?
18:32 Cprossu_laptop fucking thanks, japan xD
18:32 Cprossu_laptop .W NRC
18:33 speedrunnerG55 .wiki
18:33 BotSteve
18:33 CSMonster .w nrc
18:33 BotSteve "National Research Centre, Egypt" -
18:33 Cprossu_laptop errr
18:33 CSMonster no.
18:33 CSMonster nuclear regulatory commission
18:33 Cprossu_laptop .w nuclear regulatory commission
18:33 BotSteve "The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) is an Independent agencies of the United States government that was established by the Energy Reorganization Act of 1974 from the United States Atomic Energy Commission, and was first opened January 19, 1975." -
18:33 speedrunnerG55 Cool
18:34 DruidicRifleman Nods Maybe when TGG buys an old Abandond town and set's up the avalon learning center
18:34 dcrand left #thegeekgroup
18:35 DruidicRifleman They Can Have a day glow geek experimentation lab
18:36 BatSteve Unrelated to anything:  the apollo command module main control panel.
18:36 DruidicRifleman personnaly it would be cool if thumper could be expanded to the size of the server room where the old Sauna
18:41 speedrunnerG55 That would be so awesome
18:42 qwebirc187140 vaporizing a old car with high energy :D
18:42 speedrunnerG55 Well maybe nit that
18:43 speedrunnerG55 Launching a probe into space via rail gun!!!
18:43 qwebirc187140 Geek Sat-1
18:44 qwebirc187140 wtf is that nickname
18:44 speedrunnerG55 What ever happened to that aurduino thing
18:44 qwebirc187140 is now known as mashpriborintorg
18:44 speedrunnerG55 What nickname
18:45 speedrunnerG55 Oh hi mashpriborintorg
18:45 speedrunnerG55 Didn't see you there
18:46 mashpriborintorg Hi was hiding behind an unwanted dummy nickname :(
18:46 DruidicRifleman i have some idea's for A geek Ship XD
18:46 speedrunnerG55 Really
18:46 DruidicRifleman I need some time on a lathe to build a bybrid rocket motor
18:46 Cprossu_laptop I fixed the TV!
18:46 Cprossu_laptop loose connection!
18:47 speedrunnerG55 What's the idea
18:47 Cprossu_laptop this is way too cool
18:47 DruidicRifleman basicly a small Cessan sized Space plane
18:47 Cprossu_laptop now I just need to put back 50 screws
18:47 speedrunnerG55 Launched by plane?
18:47 Cprossu_laptop I'll say this... sony doesn't fuck around with how they build stuff
18:48 speedrunnerG55 .wiki cession
18:48 BotSteve "The act of Cession, or to cede, is the assignment of property to another entity." -
18:48 DruidicRifleman A scaled down shuttle probly
18:48 mashpriborintorg I should need a lathe for opened something very special: the sealed electronics module from a sonobuoy, its a welded metal cylinder
18:48 DruidicRifleman Cessna*
18:48 Cprossu_laptop their panels fit together so well most manufactueres would use it as mechanical retention too
18:48 speedrunnerG55 .wiki cassia
18:48 BotSteve "Plants" -
18:48 speedrunnerG55 .wiki cessna
18:48 BotSteve "The Cessna Aircraft Company is an airplane manufacturing corporation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas, USA." -
18:48 mashpriborintorg I HAVE one of these devices, btw
18:49 Cprossu_laptop and the inverter board is.....fucking not screwing around
18:49 mashpriborintorg but not a such complicated one
18:51 speedrunnerG55 What is that
18:51 cctoide what exactly do they skimp on in cheap AAs that makes them so light?
18:51 mashpriborintorg it's an expendable sonar, for tracking submarines
18:52 WB1A2 probably thinner casings?
18:52 speedrunnerG55 Wow
18:53 mashpriborintorg not the thing you can find a your local thrift store
18:53 DruidicRifleman going to hunt your self a nuclear sub?
18:53 CSMonster the MAS is coming along nicely
18:54 mashpriborintorg I'd like to get a old sub, but not nuclear if possible :D
18:54 CSMonster ^ USS Holland
18:54 DruidicRifleman what like peter munson?
18:55 mashpriborintorg good old diesel will do it, If I already have to deal with tons of rusty batteries
18:55 DruidicRifleman he was selling the kraka at one point
18:55 speedrunnerG55 CSMonster: What is that
18:55 mashpriborintorg old soviet subs are even available for free, they are just abandoned
18:55 CSMonster French GIAT MAS.223, semiauto version of the FAMAS F1 assault rifle
18:55 CSMonster or did you mean the submarine
18:56 CSMonster .w uss holland
18:56 BotSteve "USS Holland (SS-1) was the United States Navy's first commissioned submarine, named for her Irish-American inventor, John Philip Holland, although not the first submarine of the US Navy, which was the 1862 Alligator." -
18:56 DruidicRifleman LOL yeah I'd make sure you het it inspected
18:56 DruidicRifleman get it Inspected
18:57 DruidicRifleman Accident's in submarines are instant death
18:57 CSMonster not always true.
18:57 speedrunnerG55 Oh man
18:57 DruidicRifleman they can be
18:57 mashpriborintorg there are more than 12 sunk nuclear subs around the world
18:58 speedrunnerG55 Zunks
18:58 CSMonster they can be.  but sometimes it's death trapped in the last watertight compartment after the food and air runs out and no one comes to save you.
18:58 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
18:58 mashpriborintorg half on them in north atlantic
18:58 DruidicRifleman having a personal sub would be fin
18:58 DruidicRifleman fun*
18:58 speedrunnerG55 Would be epic
18:58 DruidicRifleman it would need torpedos though
18:58 CSMonster .w kursk submarine
18:59 DruidicRifleman So i can sink yuppie idiots in they're speed boats
18:59 BotSteve "K-141 Kursk was an Oscar-II class nuclear-powered cruise missile submarine of the Russian Navy, lost with all hands when it sank in the Barents Sea on August 12, 2000." -
18:59 mashpriborintorg some people in Colombia know how to make them :/
18:59 DruidicRifleman the make semi submersibles
18:59 DruidicRifleman A part of them is allways above the watter
19:01 DruidicRifleman Would love one large enough to Go over to russia Grab some military surplus and bring it home with out people knowing who don't need to know
19:02 mashpriborintorg last day I found a photo onto a russian forum, the guy had found something special in the waste
19:03 mashpriborintorg here it is
19:03 CSMonster there have been some suggestions of turning one or two of the Акула II class submarines into cargo vessels after they retire since they can go directly under they arctic ice cap instead of having to go around it like surface cargo ships.
19:03 mashpriborintorg DO WANT  :D
19:03 RageRiot|a is now known as RageRiot
19:03 * RageRiot is back from: auto-away after 30m idle (been away for 1h 28m)
19:04 CSMonster they already scrapped half of them though :/ that kinda pisses me off.
19:05 mashpriborintorg in Barents sea, when you walk on the seaside, sometime you can find... littered nuclear combustible assemblies :/
19:05 DruidicRifleman LOL
19:06 DruidicRifleman what was that used for?
19:06 CSMonster ?
19:06 mashpriborintorg waste from the Northern fllet
19:06 DruidicRifleman also BC and alaska are soon to get trash from japan
19:06 CSMonster what was what used for?
19:06 mashpriborintorg removed from submariens
19:06 Seroster Damn winona ryder is hot.
19:06 Seroster Well. Was.
19:07 DruidicRifleman what ever that was for it looked expensive when it was made
19:07 mashpriborintorg it is a missile radar head
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19:07 mashpriborintorg from a small ground-air missile
19:08 Seroster Nice radar gadget
19:08 mashpriborintorg it's just the antenna, btw, but in great condition
19:08 DruidicRifleman XD!!!
19:09 DruidicRifleman would be nice IF we could get it And get it working
19:09 mashpriborintorg such devices are hard to find but not impossible
19:11 mashpriborintorg eBay Germany is the place you can hope to see such stuff for sale, but the customs may be a problem, even if it's inert
19:12 DruidicRifleman I wonder what itar forms i'd have to fill out
19:13 mashpriborintorg "obsolete electronic equipment"
19:13 mashpriborintorg it already worked several times for me :D
19:15 mashpriborintorg The only parcel I ever had rejected at the custom was an aircraft instrument, because of radium paint on the dial
19:15 speedrunnerG55 Don't get mad
19:15 speedrunnerG55 Get GLaD
19:18 mashpriborintorg Well, I have to wake up early tomorrow, bed time
19:18 speedrunnerG55 Ok night
19:18 speedrunnerG55 Who all is on now?
19:19 Cprossu_laptop I am
19:19 DruidicRifleman one thing i would like IS a sub with sub surface launced Missiles
19:19 * mashpriborintorg ZZZzzzZZZZzzz
19:19 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:20 DruidicRifleman even if they're nothing more then a rocket XD the idea of taking up a possition off shore and firing Rockets from under water into the air
19:20 DruidicRifleman XD
19:20 LinuxH4x0r
19:20 LinuxH4x0r Howdy folks
19:24 Ponko92 why is it quiet today?
19:24 Cprossu_laptop howdy LinuxH4x0r
19:24 speedrunnerG55 Omg
19:24 speedrunnerG55 Hi LinuxH4x0r
19:24 Cprossu_laptop because I have a screwdriver right now, that's why
19:25 CSMonster Cprossu is drinking on the job
19:25 LinuxH4x0r hey guys
19:25 Ponko92 did anyone see a bird fly past?
19:26 Cprossu_laptop we should make a really nasty drink and call it a phillips screwdriver, we can number it for it's potance as well
19:26 speedrunnerG55 No
19:26 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
19:26 Cprossu_laptop it's gotta have 4 kinds of alchohol in it
19:27 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
19:27 CSMonster there already is a philips screwdriver
19:27 CSMonster vodka and milk of magnesia
19:27 speedrunnerG55 Duh
19:27 Cprossu_laptop how about torx?
19:27 Cprossu_laptop btw lol
19:27 speedrunnerG55 Hex?
19:28 Cprossu_laptop you mean an Allen screwdriver
19:28 RED_home I'm fallin asleep over here, lol≥
19:29 DruidicRifleman Same I need to stay up till like7
19:29 speed-dressing im back
19:29 RED_home is now known as RED_shower
19:29 speed-dressing no i mean hex
19:30 speed-dressing it goes around hex bolts
19:30 Cprossu_laptop lol speakinjg of drinks
19:30 Cprossu_laptop inverted torx!
19:31 CSMonster how about tamperproof torx?  vodka and ipecac
19:32 Cprossu_laptop with a penis sticking out of the middle of the glass =P
19:32 * CSMonster rolls eyes
19:33 Cprossu_laptop you _had_ to see that coming
19:33 CSMonster you know what ipecac is right?
19:34 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
19:34 speed-dressing i cant get you a submerine but
19:35 speed-dressing;feature=channel_video_title
19:36 CSMonster i gotta go, bbl tonight.
19:37 speed-dressing im not dressing >_>
19:37 speed-dressing is now known as speedrunnerG56
19:37 speedrunnerG56 nahhh
19:37 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
19:37 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
19:38 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
19:38 speedrunnerG56 is now known as speedrunnerG55
19:38 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
19:38 speedrunnerG55 HI steve
19:38 egrsteve hello
19:40 Cprossu_laptop steve were you there when I told my goodwill story?
19:41 DruidicRifleman no one at the lab today?
19:41 egrsteve don't think so
19:41 Cprossu_laptop I went to goodwill yesterday and picked these up:
19:41 Cprossu_laptop $30 for the pair
19:42 Cprossu_laptop I ended up selling them in the parking lot for $600
19:42 egrsteve nice
19:42 egrsteve left foam surround a bit damaged?
19:42 Cprossu_laptop left entire cone
19:42 Cprossu_laptop is scrap
19:43 Cprossu_laptop They are altec model 19's though
19:43 egrsteve easy enough to have re cone
19:43 egrsteve ed
19:43 Cprossu_laptop I was going to send it to great plains audio
19:43 Cprossu_laptop since they have the Altec tooling to do it
19:43 egrsteve there is a place right in cascasde too
19:43 Cprossu_laptop and that would be a $200 recone
19:44 Cprossu_laptop well anyway I decided to sell them as a guy walked in the door and got me beside
19:44 egrsteve no, caladonia
19:44 Cprossu_laptop the entire story is in the log
19:44 egrsteve nice
19:44 Cprossu_laptop if you want to look
19:44 egrsteve
19:44 Cprossu_laptop and I just fixed one of my other goodies
19:44 egrsteve look at there showroom on the homepage
19:46 Cprossu_laptop
19:46 Cprossu_laptop ^ inside of my sony 17" tv/pc lcd combo
19:46 Cprossu_laptop 1280x768, $25
19:47 Cprossu_laptop fixed the audio loose cable
19:47 egrsteve nice
19:47 egrsteve just resoldered my macs magsafe connector, again, today
19:47 speedrunnerG55 cool
19:48 egrsteve I keep streasing the solderjoints removingit and cracking them
19:48 Cprossu_laptop
19:48 speedrunnerG55 magsafe
19:48 speedrunnerG55 ?
19:48 Cprossu_laptop ^ Very happy with it
19:48 egrsteve apple power connector
19:48 speedrunnerG55 oh that thing that pops out
19:48 * speedrunnerG55 pop
19:49 egrsteve it's 5 spring pins with a metal bit around it and a magnet in the computer to hold it in place
19:49 Cprossu_laptop but yeah, $570 for 15 minutes
19:49 Cprossu_laptop .log
19:49 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
19:49 egrsteve a really good deal
19:50 egrsteve the spring pins are soldered to a small circuit board in the connectot and I keep breaking the pins off of the board
19:50 Cprossu_laptop <-
19:50 Cprossu_laptop for the story
19:50 egrsteve I'm waiting to destroy the pads on the board next
19:51 Cprossu btw I convinced captain to put a speaker on thumper later on this week
19:51 Cprossu xD
19:52 speedrunnerG55;feature=channel_video_title
19:54 egrsteve that should br imressive  push the driver through the front grill if it has one
19:54 WB1A2 left #thegeekgroup
19:54 egrsteve also Cprossu congrats on your tech lisense
19:55 Cprossu yeah I'm stoked
19:55 Cprossu damn near got the general without studying too
19:55 egrsteve should take  a 1-2 weeks for your lisense to to come
19:55 Cprossu I had 45minutes to prepare, and I aced the damn thing
19:56 egrsteve genral is a bit harder, tech is easy with an electronics background
19:56 egrsteve just need to review the operating rules
19:56 Cprossu yeah there's a shitload of proceedure in the general
19:56 egrsteve that there is, I took and passed tech and gen in the same day
19:57 egrsteve I think i got a perfect score on tech and maybe gen too
19:57 speedrunnerG55 ye mee too
19:57 Cprossu from what I heard extra was a pain in the butt though
19:57 speedrunnerG55 rules / regulations
19:57 egrsteve it took all of 15 min ti take both, I was still the first one done
19:57 Cprossu I was only 3 off for the general from passing
19:58 egrsteve ya, I have looked at extra, and would like it someday
19:58 egrsteve but that has a lot bigger question pool and longer tets
19:58 egrsteve *test
19:58 Cprossu if I had 30 more minutes to study I woulda passed the general
19:58 egrsteve so it will take some studying
19:59 egrsteve nice, well you can take it next time it's offered locally
19:59 Cprossu but it was like.. hrmm I should take the test soon, let's see when the next one is..........oh fuck it's today
19:59 Cprossu and in an hour
19:59 Cprossu lol
19:59 egrsteve I think there is one june 4 in hudsonville at the IRA hamfest
20:00 Cprossu We have one here in phoenix on the 6th I think
20:00 Cprossu *june 6th
20:00 egrsteve well it sounds like with an hour of prep you did well
20:00 Cprossu I shoulda peeked at the general pool
20:00 egrsteve that and it's hamfest season too most offer the tests there
20:01 Cprossu with just a few specific questions I'd have passed
20:01 Cprossu they are doing it for a redcross event
20:01 Cprossu in my case
20:01 egrsteve red cross offers monthly tests in many cities
20:02 Cprossu you know
20:02 Cprossu I might become a sony TV whore
20:02 Cprossu this thing was a dream to work on
20:03 Cprossu and it looks just stunning
20:03 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
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20:08 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
20:08 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
20:23 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
20:25 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
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20:25 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
20:33 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
20:36 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
20:45 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
20:51 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
20:56 DruidicRifleman what are people up to
20:59 Seroster Yay! Dentist tomorrow! WOOH!
21:00 Seroster Fuck yeah! Let the good times roll!
21:01 * wannabe1987 just spelled baby as "babby"
21:02 wannabe1987 dentist on tuesday...:P
21:04 Seroster Grats
21:06 * speedrunnerG55 wokeup from a nap
21:06 * speedrunnerG55 streches
21:06 speedrunnerG55 hi
21:06 * wannabe1987 is leaving. HA!
21:06 speedrunnerG55 0_0
21:07 speedrunnerG55 bye
21:07 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
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21:08 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
21:08 speedrunnerG55 hey botsteve
21:08 BotSteve Hey speedrunnerG55
21:09 speedrunnerG55 ops i really didnt mean to do that
21:09 speedrunnerG55__ Bye
21:09 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
21:13 Seroster Morning speedrunnerG55
21:14 speedrunnerG55 hey
21:14 speedrunnerG55 all my photoes from my phone are geotaged, so im looking at all the placec ive been of google maps.
21:18 themirotv left #thegeekgroup
21:18 RED_shower is now known as RED_home
21:19 RED_home I'mmmm back.
21:19 speedrunnerG55 hi red
21:21 RED_home hi
21:22 speedrunnerG55;feature=channel_video_title
21:24 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
21:25 Ponko92 people on IRC
21:25 Ponko92 you have to agree that the Guile Theme goes with EVERYTHING
21:26 Seroster Nope
21:26 Ponko92 oh c'mon you know it does ;)
21:27 speedrunnerG55 guile?
21:27 BatSteve .yt guile theme
21:27 BotSteve BatSteve:
21:29 speedrunnerG55 meh
21:30 BatSteve Ponko92: I disagree.
21:30 BatSteve Doesn't go with "Narwhals".
21:31 Ponko92 ooo biker gang
21:31 Seroster Doesnt go well with genocide either
21:31 Ponko92 give me a sec
21:31 * speedrunnerG55 cant believe ive never seen this
21:31 BatSteve which one?  Guile or Narwhals?
21:31 speedrunnerG55 narwals
21:31 Seroster Either?
21:32 BatSteve (:
21:32 BatSteve it's catchy
21:32 speedrunnerG55 narwhals*
21:32 speedrunnerG55 that was amazing
21:33 speedrunnerG55 html hex code FTW
21:34 Ponko92 BUG off
21:34 Ponko92 hah
21:34 exor674 .tfw 80228
21:34 BotSteve 81�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Denver, CO!  'Looked in the fridge this morning for some eggs. They're already cooked.'
21:35 speedrunnerG55 that tune seaMS SO FRAMILIAR
21:35 speedrunnerG55 ops caps
21:36 cctoide does the weather cam points towards the LSL parking lot, or someone else's lot?
21:36 cctoide *point
21:36 BatSteve .stream
21:36 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
21:36 mman454 you have a bad habit of caps don't you?
21:36 speedrunnerG55 chicken wings chikec wing chicken and macarony chilin with my homie <---- that tune sounds like it
21:36 BatSteve cctoide: I think someone else's lot
21:36 BatSteve I don't believe TGG has a parking lot on leonard
21:36 BatSteve .g maps 902 leonard Grand Rapids michigan
21:36 BotSteve BatSteve:
21:37 cctoide hmm
21:37 BatSteve hey cool
21:37 cctoide maybe that's the rear of the building
21:37 RED_home The parking lot is off of Widdicomb,
21:37 RED_home It's in the rear of the building.
21:37 SparkyPojects It's pointing to the car park of next door, a church or something, pointing west
21:37 RED_home A funeral home.
21:37 Ponko92 yeah google maps is your friend
21:37 Ponko92 lol
21:37 SparkyPojects Ah, looked busy today, but not other days
21:37 Ponko92 that and RED knows
21:38 cctoide this channel was e-stalking LSL way ahead of you all :p
21:38 Ponko92 its a Sunday
21:38 RED_home Red knows all ;)
21:38 BatSteve (grin) this channel knew where LSL was when it was still codenamed "Site L"
21:38 Ponko92 Sparky there like Royal Mail
21:38 Ponko92 no work on sunday
21:39 BatSteve We figured it out 4 days before the official release
21:39 Ponko92 well some come in but thats not the point i'm makinh
21:40 Ponko92 lol
21:40 cctoide and we kept it in the channel for a while because we didn't know if Chris wanted the location known
21:41 Ponko92 For I beheld Satan as he fell from heaven like LIGHTNING!
21:41 cctoide ... and... I made these rough blueprints from the walkthrough video... yeah.
21:42 mman454 batsteve: We did?
21:42 BatSteve We sure did
21:42 BatSteve You weren't here.
21:43 Seroster Damn sushi is disgusting.
21:43 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
21:43 * wannabe1987 is back...
21:43 mman454 figures
21:44 Ponko92 oh noes
21:44 wannabe1987 :o
21:44 Ponko92 lol ;)
21:44 Ponko92 For I beheld Satan as he fell from heaven like LIGHTNING!
21:44 RED_home <3
21:44 wannabe1987 :blink blink:
21:45 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
21:45 exor674 no, sushi is AWESOME
21:46 RED_home Raawwwrrrr.
21:46 speedrunnerG55 wanabe?
21:47 speedrunnerG55 i thought you left
21:47 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987