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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-05-09

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00:00 DruidicRifleman speed?
00:00 speedrunnerG55__ The goal it hold a text book
00:00 speedrunnerG55__ Sorry
00:01 DruidicRifleman Span
00:01 speedrunnerG55__ Which makes me wonder. Why so little. The span also is weird
00:01 speedrunnerG55__ Not too big
00:01 DruidicRifleman Not to big as in 4 feet?
00:01 speedrunnerG55__ Yes
00:01 DruidicRifleman 3 feet 2 feet 1 foot
00:01 speedrunnerG55__ 1-2 feet
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00:02 DruidicRifleman Is there a specific Style he has to use
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00:02 speedrunnerG55__ No.
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00:06 NeWtoz I know how to do it with spaghetti
00:07 DruidicRifleman are there matirial allotments?
00:08 speedrunnerG55 Balsa
00:09 NeWtoz I was/am a competitor/coach for a local spaghetti bridge building competition for the high school level
00:09 critterpal The scanner on U-stream is talking about a possible new patient for me
00:09 DruidicRifleman How much does he have
00:09 speedrunnerG55 I've already made a spagetti bridge
00:09 critterpal how joyful
00:09 speedrunnerG55 It held 275 l s
00:09 speedrunnerG55 Lbs
00:10 speedrunnerG55 One pound of pasta
00:10 NeWtoz I'm guessing a small span or epoxy
00:10 NeWtoz or similar
00:10 DruidicRifleman Nods use the stongest adhesive you can
00:11 speedrunnerG55 He has 25 lengths. 3 foot
00:11 speedrunnerG55 We have plenty. It was cheek
00:12 speedrunnerG55 Cheap
00:12 DruidicRifleman Create a Simple Box truss
00:12 DruidicRifleman Press the Bonds
00:12 DruidicRifleman REALLY well
00:12 DruidicRifleman as mych pressure as possible
00:12 DruidicRifleman Then Duplicate
00:13 DruidicRifleman Two lenths accorss the top and then another across the bottom
00:13 DruidicRifleman Likethis
00:13 DruidicRifleman --------------------------------------------
00:13 DruidicRifleman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
00:14 DruidicRifleman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
00:14 DruidicRifleman Grrrr
00:14 DruidicRifleman I sucks at ACI
00:14 speedrunnerG55 ASCII art?
00:14 DruidicRifleman yeah
00:15 speedrunnerG55 Warren prat?
00:15 DruidicRifleman That till Give you A fair bit of stenth Sandhiching you Box trus lenths with 4 lenths crossing the Span
00:15 speedrunnerG55 Or w/e that's called?
00:16 NeWtoz I'd make an upside down arch bridge, but that's just me
00:16 exor674 DruidicRifleman: okay, sorry for the delay -- now I *think* this is correct, blah blah, don't blame me if you shoot the fencepost into orbit or blow something up -- maybe double check. my math says you'd need a muzzle velocity if 29.94m/s
00:17 NeWtoz but if you want to keep it simple, the typical truss system would work easily
00:17 DruidicRifleman Thwats why i suggested it
00:18 DruidicRifleman And exor I need to know the kenetic energy
00:18 speedrunnerG55 My design I made for him isn't that simple.
00:18 DruidicRifleman So i know How Stong the tortion arms need to be
00:18 speedrunnerG55 But I should press the joits?
00:19 DruidicRifleman If your using glue UEAH
00:19 DruidicRifleman YEAH
00:19 speedrunnerG55 Tortion?
00:19 DruidicRifleman Creates a stronger bond
00:19 DruidicRifleman For a balista
00:19 speedrunnerG55 Ok. I usually pin the design to foam
00:20 speedrunnerG55 Each side on wax paper wile it driess
00:20 speedrunnerG55 How should I press it
00:20 DruidicRifleman A heavy book
00:20 speedrunnerG55 Rubber bands?
00:20 DruidicRifleman get a board a plank EXT
00:20 DruidicRifleman Constant even pressure
00:21 exor674 DruidicRifleman: working on it *g*
00:21 DruidicRifleman I'd hug you exor674 but i know you chase the whispering eye
00:21 speedrunnerG55 Ok. Even if it's not forcing the pieces together?
00:23 DruidicRifleman Yep
00:24 DruidicRifleman when you post i'll do a quick MS paint scetch
00:24 DruidicRifleman IF you Can do a 3 inch hugh truss
00:25 speedrunnerG55 Does it have to be the box truss?
00:25 exor674 DruidicRifleman: 6707J ( assuming you actually meant 12 ft, ignoring wind resistance )
00:26 speedrunnerG55 But I can make it 3" high
00:26 exor674 assuming you actually meant 4inch by 4 inch by 12ft
00:26 DruidicRifleman 67073? foot plbs?
00:26 exor674 you need ft lb/s?
00:27 DruidicRifleman If it's not to hard
00:27 DruidicRifleman you should be Able to have each Beam contact 4 going the opposite way
00:27 DruidicRifleman which IF you can would make it VERY sturdy
00:28 DruidicRifleman I just need to know what unit of messurement you used
00:28 exor674 DruidicRifleman: sorr,y do you want foot-pound second, foot-pounds, or foot-pound/second
00:28 DruidicRifleman Foot lbs as in draw weight
00:29 exor674 because only foot-pounds is energy ( 4948 foot pounds-force )
00:29 DruidicRifleman XD Sweet
00:29 DruidicRifleman thankies
00:29 exor674 ( but as I said, you probably need to go a little higher as air resistance is hrd to calculate )
00:30 DruidicRifleman If the thing we're to fall short Meh It's still Throwing a tree
00:31 DruidicRifleman Now i have an idea of what it would take
00:32 exor674 which is a decent amount of energy heh
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00:35 speedrunnerG55 I'm getting my friend to screen capture the design and post it on fb. Then I'll put it on the forum
00:35 speedrunnerG55 Ok DruidicRifleman
00:35 DruidicRifleman OK
00:36 DruidicRifleman Over engioniring NEVER hurts
00:38 DruidicRifleman If you can make it to hold two text books AND not break rules
00:39 DruidicRifleman IF Tou are allowed to Wrap joints with String
00:39 DruidicRifleman and then Set with a 2 part epoxy
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00:41 * exor674 waves at wannabe1987
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00:48 speedrunnerG55 I don't think epoxy is allowed
00:48 speedrunnerG55 But I'll ask
00:48 speedrunnerG55 Only glue and balsa tho
00:50 DruidicRifleman epoxy is glue
00:51 DruidicRifleman I love it i use it for allot of projects Dad Keeps a tube of it
00:51 DruidicRifleman Used it to Set A spear head last summer
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00:52 jeremys wassup
00:53 DruidicRifleman Designing bridges AND Seige engions
00:57 speedrunnerG55 This is going to be interesting. Friend screen capture > save on phone> upload to photo bucket > post on forum
00:57 speedrunnerG55 Facebook >then phone
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01:05 Injie Wow.. This is hilarious. I haven't used IRC since I was 14 and was doing my own scripting. :) How is everyone tonight?
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01:07 jeremys fantastic
01:09 critterpal that's funny. if you are listening to the u-stream radio
01:10 critterpal chick just was talking about chris and geek group
01:11 Injie That's cool. I really like the Geek-Group so far. Especially because Chris Boden has helped change my pack n' a half - two pack a day and help turn it into 1 cigarette in 4 weeks. o.o
01:12 cctoide .seen \_Obtuse
01:12 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen \_obtuse around.
01:12 cctoide .seen Obtuse
01:12 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen obtuse around.
01:12 jeremys .seen my penis
01:12 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen my around.
01:12 jeremys .seen mypenis
01:12 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen mypenis around.
01:12 Injie Is anyone currently using MIRC at the moment?
01:13 cctoide critterpal: yeah, seems it's w0vha
01:13 critterpal oh. funny
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01:15 Injie How often do you actually get to speak to the geek squad team here?
01:15 jeremys what do you mean?
01:15 Injie Well.. I'm under the assumption that you can actually speak to the geek-squad via this chat-room (IRC), correct or no?
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01:16 jeremys you mean members of the geek group?
01:16 jeremys yeah
01:16 Injie How often does that happen?
01:16 cctoide if you mean the people in the videos, yes, they come on here fairly often
01:16 jeremys like right this second
01:17 cctoide CaptainBoden (Chris) is in here now, for instance, he comes on a few times a day usually
01:17 cctoide it was rarer before the stream was set up though
01:17 Injie o.0 Does that mean he's actually here or is he AFK?
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01:18 jeremys probably afk he cannot be on irc every second
01:19 Injie Well thank you for answering my question. (Well of course not, that would be slightly insane, no?)
01:19 speedrunnerG55 O_o BotSteve is a girl?!
01:19 Injie I logged in to say thank you. I thought it would be a very slim if not next-to-no chance to actually speak to him.
01:20 jeremys just hang out for a bit he will pop in
01:20 Injie I'm glad to know they use a chat system I'm relatively familiar with and that they are on often. :)
01:24 jeremys tina fey is hot and funny
01:25 SparkyPojects On a normal day, Chris comes here in the morning (GR Time) until about midday, then he's at the lab, later in the evening he will often be back here, and on a rare occasion will login from his office on a break.
01:26 SparkyPojects (office at the lab that is)
01:26 CaptainBoden Someone looking for me?
01:26 speedrunnerG55 Hi jeremys
01:27 CaptainBoden Good evening gentlemen.
01:27 jeremys howdy boss
01:27 SparkyPojects Speak of the devil and he appears :D
01:27 CaptainBoden What's up guys
01:27 SparkyPojects Injie was asking ^
01:27 CaptainBoden who?
01:27 Injie Hello there :)
01:27 SparkyPojects new person
01:27 Injie Good evening and how are you Captain?
01:27 CaptainBoden Hi, I'm Chris
01:28 Injie My name is Injie. :) It is a pleasure to meet you Chris.
01:28 CaptainBoden I'm healing from a long week. It's a pleasure to meet you as well sir.
01:29 Injie I came here to say thank you very much. Your video has definitely contributed to my journey of quitting cigarettes. :)
01:30 CaptainBoden Glad I could help, it's a bit of a personal crusade.
01:30 Injie Actually- right now I'm on camera showing a friend of mine who smokes how the Volcano Magma works. o.o
01:31 Injie Volcano beats the crap out of Sinless Smoke (I got 3 years ago.. What a JOKE they are). Your videos have been very informative and I've made a lot of progress with a few minor set-backs along the way. :) So thank you kindly for all your assistance. It is refreshing I'm not the only person who took a battery and atomizer apart just to see what was inside.
01:31 CaptainBoden awesome
01:32 CaptainBoden I just try not to bore the hell out of people and hopefully make their lives a little better along the way. Thanks for watching though ;)
01:33 Injie Most definitely. I'll keep checking to see what recent updates are made to your videos. ^^ It keeps me entertained.
01:33 Injie Out of curiosity.. Is #thegeekgroup accessable through MIRC?
01:33 CaptainBoden We'll be doing another set of Volcano ones in a couple weeks.
01:33 CaptainBoden yes
01:33 Injie Really? What is the video going to be about if you don't mind me asking?
01:34 CaptainBoden We're doing a whole set on their productcs, one video for every thing they carry
01:34 LeadHead So I've just recently acquired an old 60s GE 1HP electric motor. Dual voltage, reversible. Rated 12.5 FLA @ 115volts. So I changed the taps for 115v operation and CCW rotation. It starts up, runs fine, and seems to have no trouble at all running my air compressor. Except that unloaded, it draws 8.5 amps, which seems high for a motor just ticking over with no load
01:35 CaptainBoden That is a bit high.
01:35 CaptainBoden But you're feeding a reactive load, try adding some phase correcting capacitance.
01:35 Injie Wow. That's really cool. I had trouble with the atomizers when I purchased the kit and my PCC isn't working all that well. I'll make it work though. I purchased the Magma tank-o-mizer and the first 3 days were amazing. I think.. I'm too rough on the product and break them. x_x;
01:35 CaptainBoden Be gentle ;)
01:36 Injie Right..? :( Its so difficult to be gentle with them. -pouts-
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01:36 BatSteve hey all
01:36 BatSteve welcome Injie
01:36 CaptainBoden I still use the very first atty I opened every day. Take care of them, they'll take care of you.
01:37 CaptainBoden I have nearly a YEAR on this atty.
01:37 SparkyPojects Double check the connections, is it capacitor start or capacitor run or both ? you may have wired the run coil and start coil wrong.
01:37 Injie Thank you, BatSteve. :)
01:37 LeadHead It seemed to settle down a bit under load though once I belted it up to the compressor. @ 50 PSI it only had crept upto 10.00 amps
01:37 speed-away im back
01:37 LeadHead Capacitor start
01:38 Injie The replacement atomizer I've been using (without cartridges.. replaced with a drip-tip) has been very effective and productive for the time being.
01:38 LeadHead Had the motor running for around 10 minutes on the compressor and it wasn't even getting warm.
01:38 Injie The tank-o-mizer though.. Kind of scared me today. I used a replacement tankomizer.. I primed it.. The first puff I took.. Made a ridiculously loud electric bang/pop sound.
01:39 Injie So I'm praying I didn't break it. I actually went off your tutorial video on how to clean the tankomizers.. Hopefully this will recover the one I broke within a 72 hour period. :\
01:39 CaptainBoden like I said, be gentle
01:39 CaptainBoden you don't need anything but water
01:39 CaptainBoden and I've never had to flush out one of mine.
01:40 CaptainBoden brb, cornbread :)
01:40 BatSteve dude...cornbread
01:40 BatSteve I just got back from grilling and thanks to you now I'm all hungry again
01:40 SparkyPojects Off load, does it seem to buzz more than you think it should ? also, you should hear a click once the motor gets running, and again as it slows down, , even so, there's a possibility the centrifugal start contact isn'r breaking
01:40 SparkyPojects or you shorted it when rewiring
01:40 Injie I don't entirely understand what the loud bang/pop was from the tankomizer.. I'm praying it wasn't a dry-burn (even though I primed it.) x_x;
01:41 LeadHead Startswitch is disengaging properly. It actually got stuck open the first time we fired the motor off
01:41 LeadHead so the 2nd time around it wouldn't start
01:41 LeadHead Took the end-bell off and blew out the years of packed in sawdust
01:41 LeadHead and then cleaned and lubed the switch assembly up
01:42 LeadHead Motor runs nice and quiet besides a little bit of bearing noise
01:42 NeWtoz I must run to the store and get cookies and ice cream!
01:42 Injie -tummy growls- Food.. Sounds so good. -inhales vapor- x.x; Ahh.. No more craving for food.
01:43 SparkyPojects If possible, lube the bearings, when you turn the motor of (off load) does it continue to spin freely ?
01:43 LeadHead Motor has grease fittings, and we lubed the bearings
01:43 LeadHead turns very freely
01:43 NeWtoz tehe, he said lube
01:43 LeadHead tehe, grow up
01:43 NeWtoz no way
01:43 NeWtoz I'm a kid for life
01:44 LeadHead 60Hz, Single Phase, 1725 RPM.
01:44 SparkyPojects Also, if it was full of sawdust, be sure there's no sawdust between rotor and stator (used to have similar problems in a grain dryer, was like damp flour)
01:44 LeadHead Ignore the garden hose, that was just for testing
01:44 speed-away steve here?
01:45 BatSteve speed-away: which Steve?
01:45 speed-away ergsteve
01:45 speed-away sorry
01:45 SparkyPojects heh, old cast iron one by the looks of things, heavy !!
01:45 LeadHead Yes
01:45 LeadHead cast iron
01:45 LeadHead We blew out all the saw dust, and there was a lot of it
01:45 LeadHead windings look fine, no hot/burned spots
01:46 speed-away is now known as speedrunnerG55__
01:46 Injie I wonder.. How long does it take for a tank-o-mizer to air dry?
01:46 speedrunnerG55__ whats up batsteve
01:46 SparkyPojects Let it run offload for quite a while, then check current again. it seems high, but that isn't too excessive.
01:47 BatSteve orange sherbert, what about you?
01:47 LeadHead We had it under-load running the compressor for about 10 minutes
01:47 LeadHead and it didn't even get warm
01:47 LeadHead also keep in mind this is on 115vAC
01:47 LeadHead not 230
01:49 SparkyPojects Sounds ok to me, but worth giving it an hour, you can connect it to the pump for a bit of load, but open the valve so it continues to pump, if temperature is ok, you should be fine, especially as it's short duty in use.
01:49 SparkyPojects Is the motor rated for 115?
01:49 LeadHead Its a dual voltage motor
01:49 LeadHead I changed the taps over to 115
01:50 SparkyPojects As long as you followed the connections correctly for setting the voltage, i don't see a problem, just do the test to be sure.
01:51 LeadHead yeh.
01:51 SparkyPojects Is that a double ended shaft ?, might be good to remove the slug of metal on this end of it
01:52 LeadHead yup, double ended
01:52 LeadHead That pulley is actually leather
01:52 LeadHead the machine it was on used an old school flat-belt
01:52 SparkyPojects ah, ok :)
01:52 LeadHead I'm going to pull it off anyways
01:52 LeadHead as its not balanced well
01:53 speedrunnerG55__ high c
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01:53 SparkyPojects yeah, good idea, would make it easier to protect the shaft from accidents
01:53 SparkyPojects ah, balance could increase current a bit
01:57 SparkyPojects Used to work with 30KW 3 phase 415 motors in my last job, they were some beasts :P
01:58 LeadHead .c 30,000/746
01:58 BotSteve 40.2144772
01:58 LeadHead Ah, there we go
01:58 Injie ^^
01:58 LeadHead 40HP motors, pretty big!
01:58 BatSteve also, who was it who was asking if BotSteve was female?
01:59 LeadHead Biggest motor I've seen was a 60HP 3 phase 480v motor at my fathers work
01:59 LeadHead driving a rotary-screw compressor
01:59 Injie SpeedRunner asked that.
02:01 BatSteve should know better than that
02:03 SparkyPojects Yep that's big, i don't remember all the motors in the grain drier, most had star-delta starters, but there was a big one that needed a manual stepped transformer, you moved the handle to position 1 and wait till it got up some speed, then moved it to position 2 and waited again, there were about 7 steps in all before it got to full speed and power. i believe that one was well over the 30Kw, luckily we never act
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02:03 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
02:03 LeadHead This 60HP motor was direct-start
02:04 LeadHead balls-the-wall the moment you pushed the switch
02:04 LeadHead inrush current was
02:04 SparkyPojects Ouch (for the grid)
02:04 LeadHead large to say the least
02:04 Injie lol
02:04 LeadHead Yeah, when they first installed it in their building
02:04 LeadHead they blew out the power on the POLE
02:05 Injie Sometimes I can't help but crack up over politics or how honest politicians can be. X-)
02:06 SparkyPojects I'm not surprised, i know of a few large motors (i didn't have anything to do with them) diect on line starting, and they had to notify the power company before they started it
02:06 LeadHead Well once the power company upgraded the gear on the pole
02:07 LeadHead they didn't have any more issues
02:07 SparkyPojects I bet it still mad the lights dim though :D
02:07 LeadHead They re-did the wiring in the building
02:07 LeadHead lights get their power from a different pole
02:07 BatSteve Injie: talking (or complaining about) politics is welcome here, arguing about politics (and therefore annoying the channel) is usually not.  I don't have a problem with you talking politics, just want to make you aware of the local customs
02:07 LeadHead now, afaik
02:08 Injie Oh. Not arguing.
02:08 Injie I'm humored by something I saw about B.O.
02:08 BatSteve I know, I didn't think you were - I just wanted to mention it since I haven't seen you in here before
02:08 speedrunnerG55__ batsteve i was asking if botstve was femail
02:09 Injie Thank you for telling me in advance. :) I don't have much of an interest in politics anyways.. Psychology is where I have interest.
02:09 Injie That and computers.. Video-games.. I'm pretty dorky. :P
02:10 Injie Nothing like what I saw on the videos though. o.o I cannot pull off cool stuff like I saw on the gs videos.
02:10 jeremys Is anyone in here interested in a remote control nerf cannon that we can control from via the net?
02:10 BatSteve speedrunnerG55 -'s named after me.  Steve is a male name?
02:12 speedrunnerG55__ also someone ased botsteve asked botsteve if it saw "my penis" and it replyerd no
02:12 jeremys lol
02:13 speedrunnerG55__ asked*
02:13 speedrunnerG55__ well.whatever
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02:15 Injie Steve are you familiar with the volcano products?
02:15 * wannabe1987 came back
02:15 BotSteve wannabe1987: At 08 May 22:49Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you to check her email.  if she is interested, I can send her the rest
02:15 BotSteve wannabe1987: At 08 May 22:50Z, BatSteve asked me to tell you to check her email.  if she is interested, I can send her the rest.
02:16 wannabe1987 yes...we figured this out in text messages :D
02:16 Injie o.-;
02:16 exor674 wannabe1987: yay!
02:17 * wannabe1987 hugs exor674 from earlier :D
02:18 speedrunnerG55__ hi wannabe
02:18 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
02:18 BatSteve yeah toast!
02:18 speedrunnerG55__ HI TOAST DUDE
02:18 wannabe1987 hi speedrunnerG55, Toastdude
02:18 exor674 I should go make dinnar
02:18 Toastdude HI!!!
02:18 BatSteve exor674: what's for dinnar?
02:18 Toastdude lol
02:18 * speedrunnerG55__ makes toast
02:18 exor674 BatSteve: probably will end up being a TV dinner unless I want to hand-clean a pan
02:18 wannabe1987 .O
02:18 wannabe1987 o.O*
02:19 exor674 because I need to do the dishes oops
02:19 wannabe1987 i had hotdogs; everyone else had steak
02:19 exor674 ooh I could do hot dogs
02:19 exor674 i have hot dogs
02:19 wannabe1987 batsteve - do you have the lil shop of horrors sound track too?
02:19 BatSteve hot dogs with the little cheese bits inside them are whamazing, that's what I had
02:20 Injie o.0 I feel like an odd-ball.. I have no idea what topic to choose to spark conversation.
02:20 speedrunnerG55__ at least wanabe saw what i did
02:20 * SparkyPojects is thinking about breakfast, but first ii must sleep Goodnight :D
02:20 BatSteve wannabe1987: I don't know.  I'll look.
02:21 wannabe1987 ok
02:21 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
02:21 Toastdude gnight SparkyPojects
02:21 BatSteve Injie: you don't have to provide the conversation, just jump in when someone says something that interests you.
02:21 * speedrunnerG55__ makes toasdude style toast
02:21 Toastdude -___-
02:21 Toastdude brb
02:22 BatSteve for example:  I think that Skinnerian behavorial conditioning is the only branch of psychology that isn't pseudoscience!
02:22 speedrunnerG55__ oh man that never gets old
02:22 wannabe1987 and injie - to answer and earlier question - i use mIRC
02:22 speedrunnerG55__ i should stop tho
02:22 BatSteve (:
02:22 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
02:22 Injie I use to love MIRC. I created and published my own edit/scripted MIRC client.
02:22 Injie Those were the days :)
02:23 wannabe1987 i don't know what that means...
02:23 Injie Please elaborate and educate me.. What is 'Skinnerian Behavioral Conditioning'?
02:23 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
02:24 BatSteve .w b.f. skinner
02:24 BotSteve "Burrhus Frederic Skinner (March 20, 1904 – August 18, 1990) was an American behaviorist, author, inventor, social philosopher[1]|[2]|[3]| and poet." -
02:24 speedrunnerG55__ TOASTDUDE
02:24 BatSteve also, I just said that because you mentioned that psychology is one of your interests and I wanted to give you something in your field to talk about
02:24 speedrunnerG55__ wb
02:25 BatSteve I was hoping you'd be able to educate me
02:25 wannabe1987 i like psych...but more figuring people out and what makes them wonky
02:25 Injie I personally am interested in going to college to study and major in psychology when I find a grant.
02:25 wannabe1987 hence i hang out with hoedown :D
02:25 speedrunnerG55__ toastdude needs a wb.
02:25 speedrunnerG55__ wb
02:25 wannabe1987 woooo!
02:25 Toastdude Is the Captain here?
02:25 Toastdude wb?
02:25 Injie More so because of my own personal experience within the mental health facilities.
02:25 speedrunnerG55__ welcomeback
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02:25 Toastdude Oh, thanks
02:26 Injie I personally would want to work with people struggling with substance abuse and sexually abused victims.
02:27 Injie When I look back and reflect on my own experience.. I really felt at odds with myself and being accountable for my actions. Much more so- I harbored a lot of subtle hostility and remained on the defense when taking advice from psyciatrist and counselors who had not a damned clue of the pain, suffering- and long term mental/physical damage involved with both situations.
02:27 wannabe1987 Injie - i want to work with people with mental health issues...
02:28 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
02:28 Toastdude Hi Steve!!
02:28 egrsteve hello
02:28 Toastdude How are you?
02:28 Injie That doesn't necessarily mean I would've changed the decisions I had made.. However.. I do think it would've had a better influence. I might've taken someone's opinion seriously and avoided some stubborn self-inflicted suffering along the way. Like I said though.. I want to go to college to study Psychology. I really do not believe I could assist anyone otherwise unless it was through friendly conversation.
02:29 Toastdude What level are you on, Cprossu?
02:29 Cprossu huh?
02:29 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
02:29 Toastdude On Portal 2
02:30 wannabe1987 Injie - i do best with friendly convo also...
02:30 egrsteve good, just finnished replacing the pads of my orthodics with mouse pads
02:30 Cprossu oh shit! (left it running a long time)
02:30 Cprossu I was going through the dev commentary
02:30 Cprossu and forgot about it
02:30 Cprossu is CaptainBoden on?
02:30 Captain_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:30 Cprossu good timing
02:30 Toastdude Oh... nice..... what level WERE you on?
02:30 egrsteve he is now
02:30 Cprossu Captain_: you there?
02:30 Toastdude lol, yeah
02:31 Toastdude kinda creepy
02:31 Cprossu Captain_: I need to know if a Carver M-1.0T is worth $250
02:31 LeadHead I find Valve's Dev Commentary to be fascinating
02:31 Cprossu one room I cleared in 2 seconds flat (the one they mention experimentation with fizzlers)
02:32 Injie You work with mental patient/recovery wannabe1987?
02:32 Cprossu on the first run in
02:32 Cprossu and now I know why
02:32 wannabe1987 i'll PM you
02:32 Cprossu 'we dumbed it the fuck down'
02:32 Toastdude lol
02:32 Cprossu was basically the commentary
02:32 Cprossu in fact I think I could have even stray click solved that shitty room
02:33 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
02:33 BatSteve Cprossu: have you gotten through co-op yet?
02:33 exor674 mm hot dogs
02:33 Injie What is a M-1.0T?
02:33 speedrunnerG55__ hot dogs FTW
02:35 * Toastdude agrees with speedrunnerG55
02:36 BatSteve .g carver m-1.0t
02:36 BotSteve BatSteve:
02:36 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
02:36 speedrunnerG55__ WB lemlap
02:37 BatSteve looks like it's an amp, Injie
02:39 Injie Oh. -nods-
02:40 cctoide regarding the pendrive I mentioned earlier, in the end I couldn't wipe it and it seems it's just broken
02:40 cctoide as opposed to infected
02:41 cctoide reading worked fine, and I managed to pull off all the files, but any attempt at writing seemed to succeed until you unmounted and remounted it, which revealed nothing had actually changed
02:42 Cprossu ahh
02:42 Cprossu probably time for it to have died
02:42 cctoide so it's now a very effectively write-protected pendrive *g*
02:42 cctoide which isn't really usable in Windows, though
02:43 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
02:43 Cprossu did you try rawwriting an image over it?
02:43 Cprossu of a different format than it is?
02:44 speedrunnerG55__ whats the video in the stream
02:44 Cprossu (eg 1.44mb floppy image)
02:44 cctoide plugging it in under W7 (instead of XP) pops open a "do you wish to scan and fix this drive" dialog, instead of an error
02:44 speedrunnerG55__ it looks like a still immage
02:44 cctoide but trying to have Windows format it seemed to make it unmount and remount itself
02:45 egrsteve leonard st, with a bit of wiper on the left edge just saw a cara pass too
02:45 cctoide Cprossu: no, I was going to but I didn't have rawrite on that computer, and it didn't have an internet connection
02:45 cctoide I'm somewhere else now, and I only have linux in a VM here, which probably wouldn't work as Windows will throw a fit as soon as I plug it in
02:46 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
02:46 cctoide ... don't know if it would work through a VM's USB interface, anyhow
02:46 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
02:46 speedrunnerG55__ i had to refresh
02:47 Injie Rick-Rolled! X_X By my younger sibling.
02:47 speedrunnerG55__ it was a still immage
02:47 speedrunnerG55__ lool i knew something was wrong since it was daytime
02:47 speedrunnerG55__ but i herd the radio
02:48 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55_ i sent hoedown a msg with your linky (fb profile) in it and told him you might have things for his project like you stated
02:48 cctoide I had another weird glitch vaguely related to that computer, though
02:49 cctoide there's a 30m CAT5 cable running from a switch which only works with certain NICs
02:50 speedrunnerG55__ it it broken?
02:50 speedrunnerG55__ or you should use cat 5e?
02:50 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
02:50 cctoide there's three network cards (two onboard, one add-on) it doesn't even light up with, and a laptop and a set-top box it immediately works with
02:50 CSMonster haaaaaay
02:50 Toastdude Hi!!!!!
02:51 * CSMonster feels drunk but actually isn't
02:51 Toastdude lol
02:51 Toastdude brb
02:51 BatSteve hi CSMonster
02:51 Toastdude is now known as Toastdude_Away
02:51 CSMonster hey bats
02:51 cctoide speed: I don't know, I get the feeling someone either royally screwed up the cable when running it or it's picking up interference somehow
02:51 BatSteve I had an idea I wanted to ask you about, but I forgot it.  I rememeber thinking "I shouldn't bug her with this, it's astonishingly stupid"
02:51 BatSteve so you probably didn't miss much
02:52 CSMonster LMAO
02:52 speedrunnerG55__ cctiode, you have a cable checker?
02:52 CSMonster batsteve, i *embrace* the contemplation of stupid ideas
02:52 CSMonster :D
02:52 cctoide yup
02:52 cctoide it's good
02:52 BatSteve oh
02:52 cctoide the cards it "won't work" with will actually light up after a long time (10 minutes or so), but then they can't identify with the router on the other end
02:52 BatSteve well...if I think of it, I'll let you know
02:53 CSMonster lol okay :D
02:53 cctoide which should mean the signal's really shitty, as far as I can tell
02:53 speedrunnerG55__ how long can utp go?
02:53 speedrunnerG55__ that isnt it, just wondering
02:54 egrsteve just over 300ft i think
02:54 * CSMonster wants a MAS.223
02:54 speedrunnerG55__ thanku steve
02:55 jeremys i am tired but cannot sleep
02:55 egrsteve or about 100 meters
02:55 speedrunnerG55__ can you do loop back ping to check each nic that dont work?
02:56 egrsteve that I'm not sure, I'm not a network guy
02:56 speedrunnerG55__ <----is in a networking class
02:56 speedrunnerG55__ i should know
02:56 speedrunnerG55__ **should**
02:56 cctoide The network cards that "don't work" can't ping the router
02:57 jeremys i am not a network guy either but i stayed in a holiday in express last night
02:57 cctoide they worked when connected via a much shorter cable, so the cards are fine
02:57 speedrunnerG55__ canthey ping themselves?
02:57 speedrunnerG55__ internal loopback
02:57 cctoide I'm not at the place now to check, but yeah, they should be able to
02:58 cctoide both the set-top box and the laptop, which can connect without any problems, are newer than the cards, though
02:58 speedrunnerG55__ ok. ughhh. swich not recognising mac adress
02:58 cctoide doesn't seem like it should make that much of a difference, but I guess it could
02:58 speedrunnerG55__ ?
02:59 wannabe1987 ...
02:59 speedrunnerG55__ reboot it with the nic you want connected
02:59 speedrunnerG55__ ?
02:59 cctoide I haven't checked to see if the switch recognizes anything when the cards finally light up, actually
02:59 cctoide I'll try that next time I'm over there
03:00 speedrunnerG55__ what kayer swich is it?
03:00 speedrunnerG55__ layer
03:00 speedrunnerG55__ 2,3?
03:00 speedrunnerG55__ layer 1 swich = stupid swich
03:01 speedrunnerG55__ switch**
03:01 speedrunnerG55__ <---- needs to learn proper keyboarding
03:02 cctoide not sure, let me see if I can find that
03:03 RED_home Hey guys, I'm back.
03:03 speedrunnerG55__ hi red
03:03 * CSMonster pokes red
03:03 jeremys wassup RED
03:03 RED_home :hugs for speedrunnerG55__ and CSMonster :
03:03 egrsteve hi Red_home
03:04 jeremys red sing us a lullabye I am tired and cannot sleep
03:04 RED_home Hi egrsteve and jeremys
03:04 * speedrunnerG55__ hugs back
03:04 RED_home How would I sing you a lullaby through IRC, dear?
03:04 egrsteve jeremys, I see you posted on the forums about a nerf connon
03:04 egrsteve *cannon
03:04 * egrsteve hugs red back
03:04 jeremys hell yeah i want to start brainstorming it and work it
03:04 egrsteve I imagine a Pnumatic firing mechnaism with a hopper feed
03:05 egrsteve on some sort of a pan/tilt assembly
03:05 speedrunnerG55__ make it an auto turret
03:05 jeremys first we can just make it RC then once it is operational add the web control i figure
03:05 egrsteve if we build a good pan/tilt system we might want to make a couple for cameras too
03:05 speedrunnerG55__ yyess!!!
03:06 * exor674 waves at CSMonster
03:06 egrsteve that seems like a good plan
03:06 RED_home That would be cool.
03:06 CSMonster hey exor!
03:06 RED_home I need an apple nerd. My trackpad is all messed up :(
03:06 egrsteve I don't this chris has intent to install shop air through the building so it would need it's own air system
03:06 BatSteve jeremys: here, have a lullaby -
03:06 speedrunnerG55__ thre is such things as apple nerds?
03:06 speedrunnerG55__ loljk
03:06 egrsteve what is your trackpad doing ot not doign>
03:06 egrsteve ?
03:07 egrsteve ya, one that uses the unix under osx
03:07 Toastdude_Away is now known as Toastdude
03:07 BatSteve CSMonster: I just remembered it!
03:08 CSMonster ?
03:08 speedrunnerG55__ HI TOAST
03:08 RED_home Earlier it was spazzing out completely and moving itself...but every once in a while lately it doesn't click down all the way - it's like it's stuck in the halfway position.
03:08 speedrunnerG55__ WB
03:08 RED_home Still works, just not right.
03:08 BatSteve I was thinking about how tasers always look much bulkier than handguns, and I was wondering if there was some more convienient method for them
03:08 wannabe1987 OMG more friends engaged...:sigh:
03:08 exor674 aw wannabe1987 :(
03:08 egrsteve it might have some type of debri under it or a smc reset might fix it
03:08 CSMonster have you seen the latest ones?  they are actually pretty damn small
03:09 BatSteve and so I thought "Huh, I wonder if they could make a rail-mount taser, so you could put it under your M4 or whatever"
03:09 Toastdude Hi speedrunnerG55, thanks
03:09 CSMonster LOL, they actually have those too
03:09 BatSteve really?
03:09 RED_home egrsteve - would you be able to fix it?
03:09 BatSteve See, I thought that would be stupid, because by the time you need a rifle, you've moved beyond the need for a taser
03:10 CSMonster lol, yes, you have
03:10 RED_home You'd be my hero forever (not that you already aren't with all the epic you do around the lab).
03:10 wannabe1987 whats broken?
03:10 CSMonster but never underestimate the power of marketing
03:10 CSMonster
03:10 RED_home I need a taser. That...would be epic.
03:10 BatSteve YES.  that exactly.
03:10 BatSteve that was precisely the picture in my brain
03:10 CSMonster what is much more awesome is that they make taser shotgun slugs now
03:10 CSMonster LOL
03:11 speedrunnerG55__ red, with taser would be scarry
03:11 RED_home *evil grin*
03:11 Toastdude Ahhhh!!!! Nooooooo!!!!
03:11 CSMonster .g taser xrep
03:11 BotSteve CSMonster:!276481/video-of-xrep-wireless-taser-shotgun-shocking-some-dude
03:11 egrsteve red nevermind smc doesn't handle the touchpad
03:11 exor674 haha
03:11 speedrunnerG55__ apple care?
03:11 RED_home Damn.
03:12 speedrunnerG55__ do you have that^
03:12 RED_home no...i dont' think so at least.
03:12 egrsteve how old is the system?
03:13 RED_home Mine?
03:13 egrsteve ya
03:13 RED_home New.
03:13 egrsteve under 1 year?
03:13 RED_home It's a macbook pro bought last summer.
03:13 Captain_ left #thegeekgroup
03:13 egrsteve take it to the apple store in woodland mall
03:13 Cprossu damn he left
03:13 RED_home Where's Woodland Mall?
03:14 Liz_Home 28th street
03:14 egrsteve east beltline and 28th st
03:14 Toastdude Does anyone know if you can type in the code for Unicode in the irc to get the symbol?
03:14 RED_home I'll have to attempt that tomorrow.
03:14 RED_home Thanks, Steve..I appreciate you.
03:14 RED_home ^_^
03:14 egrsteve google for an address
03:14 wannabe1987 hi RED_home :D
03:14 RED_home (Thank you Liz, too for the location of said mall)
03:14 RED_home Hey Wannabe.
03:15 Liz_Home you're welcome
03:15 speedrunnerG55__ toastdude, idk why not
03:15 Toastdude ok, ill try
03:15 speedrunnerG55__ try it
03:15 Toastdude U+00B0
03:15 Toastdude nope
03:15 speedrunnerG55__ try ascii
03:15 jeremys hi liz home
03:15 Toastdude ?
03:15 Toastdude whats that?
03:15 speedrunnerG55__ ascii code
03:16 Liz_Home hi
03:16 Toastdude is that the language or the code
03:16 Toastdude ?
03:16 egrsteve easiest way for you to get there would probably get off 96 at east beltline and turn south, the mall will be on the right in about 2-3 miles
03:16 speedrunnerG55__ the .....code?
03:16 egrsteve red_home ^^
03:16 speedrunnerG55__ its look-up
03:16 RED_home Yes, Steve?
03:17 egrsteve look up
03:17 RED_home I did. I've been reading :)
03:17 egrsteve ok
03:17 RED_home I'm trying to figure out which one 96 is.
03:17 RED_home I'm bad with directions *hides in corner in the skee*
03:17 jeremys it used to be THE mall 15 years ago
03:17 RED_home Remember guys, I dont live in GR. lolz.
03:17 egrsteve before rivertown
03:18 egrsteve i know thats why I gave directons from 96
03:18 RED_home Which one is 96?
03:18 speedrunnerG55__ you are still closer than me
03:18 egrsteve i96 runs from you to GR
03:18 RED_home The one that the leonard street exit is off of, or the one after that.
03:18 RED_home i mix up 96 and 141
03:18 RED_home 131*
03:18 speedrunnerG55__ and at least you have local geeks you can see
03:18 egrsteve 131 is north south, which has a leonard st exit
03:19 RED_home okay, so 96 is the one that you take to the left off of 131?
03:19 speedrunnerG55__ toastdude?
03:19 speedrunnerG55__ hey toast?
03:19 egrsteve take 96 past 131 it will merge with 196 then just after that merge is the easbeltline exit
03:19 * speedrunnerG55__ gets out his butter
03:19 wannabe1987  lol
03:19 wannabe1987 butter for toast?
03:19 RED_home Thanks Steve ^_^
03:20 * speedrunnerG55__ gets out his jelly
03:20 Toastdude Yeah, speedrunnerG55?
03:20 speedrunnerG55__ dont makeme eat you toast dude
03:20 wannabe1987 egrsteve - the path from the water treatment plant is almost dry...
03:20 wannabe1987 om nom nom
03:20 Toastdude ok, i wont
03:20 egrsteve is it?
03:20 speedrunnerG55__ lol wanabe
03:20 wannabe1987 well, the waterboats parking lot is seeable :D
03:20 wannabe1987 and dry...
03:20 wannabe1987 but parts around it are still flooded :(
03:20 egrsteve then the path isn't
03:21 wannabe1987 rode past today...
03:21 egrsteve there is a low spot on the path that takes weeks to dry out
03:21 egrsteve after the lot is dry
03:21 speedrunnerG55__ you still wanting to do symmbols toastdude?
03:21 CSMonster clearly the solution egrsteve is an amphibious bicycle.
03:21 Toastdude may I PM you, SpeedrunnerG55?
03:22 egrsteve or a reverse portage
03:22 speedrunnerG55 Yes
03:22 speedrunnerG55 Not me
03:22 speedrunnerG55__ pm me
03:22 wannabe1987 awwww
03:22 wannabe1987 awww is for the path
03:22 speedrunnerG55__ path train?
03:23 Toastdude So I can?
03:23 speedrunnerG55__ yes in this screen nema
03:23 speedrunnerG55__ name
03:23 Toastdude ok
03:23 wannabe1987 no the bike path that egrsteve and i r talking about
03:23 speedrunnerG55__ oh ok.
03:23 speedrunnerG55__ :P
03:23 egrsteve although another part of the trail is rail to trail
03:24 egrsteve there is a nice converted train bridge on it
03:24 egrsteve it used to spin about a center column to allow river traffic to pass from what I can tell
03:25 wannabe1987 yep
03:25 wannabe1987 really
03:25 RED_home Is it an epic train bridge?
03:25 wannabe1987 i shall go look at this bridge again...
03:26 egrsteve it is an old truss bridge, it would have connected to the trussle I sent you a  pic of I took
03:26 egrsteve that old trussle has sense had a walmanized deck installed and is part of the trail
03:27 wannabe1987 anyone here know how to fix a back??? mine hurts...
03:27 wannabe1987 brb motrin run
03:27 egrsteve visit a chiropractor
03:27 RED_home Epic.
03:28 LeadHead wannabe1987: What do you sit in
03:28 exor674 wannabe1987: did you do anything to it or is it just hurting?
03:28 wannabe1987 :zygrate comes in a little glass vial:
03:28 wannabe1987 well, i played zomb last night
03:28 wannabe1987 its the muscles
03:28 wannabe1987 and my thighs hurt from the stairs
03:29 wannabe1987 LeadHead - i sit on my bed usually...right now tho i'm on a couch
03:29 wannabe1987 egrsteve - no fundage for chiro :(
03:29 wannabe1987 i don't think my clinic has one there either...i'll ask tuesday
03:30 egrsteve stretching will help alot too, and doesn't cost too much either
03:30 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987
03:30 exor674 back pain sucks :'(
03:30 wannabe1987 owwww
03:30 wannabe1987 stretching...likewhat kinds?
03:30 Cprossu back pain does suck =(
03:32 jeremys lay on the floor with your knees in the air and roll your knees left to right slowly,  if it hurts don't push it.
03:32 RED_home I was told to try yoga for my back pain. maybe you should try it to.
03:32 RED_home too*
03:32 jeremys knees together so it rolls your lower back
03:32 LeadHead All you youngins with back pain
03:32 egrsteve for what ever musles are tight, it should hurt a little bit and hold it then relaxy
03:32 RED_home egrsteve - take me to that bridge? lol.
03:33 egrsteve you can get there by driving down indian mound road from G-ville, and coming out at market (it's a one way road)
03:33 egrsteve or you can bike or walk there
03:34 jeremys lay flat on back with your feet on the wall and your legs thighs 90 degrees...then push back so your butt lifts again if it hurts do not push it but stretch your middle back
03:34 egrsteve from g-ville, market, butterworth millinium park and maybe another spot I can't remember
03:35 wannabe1987 "one does not simply QWOP into mordor"
03:36 jeremys gandolf knows the way through mordor, but if you travel with Thorin and 12 other dwarves you can make it with much toil
03:36 jeremys use your invisable ring if you get into trouble
03:36 egrsteve but not too much
03:36 egrsteve it tends to draw unwanted attention
03:37 jeremys my favorite book
03:37 wannabe1987 i like the movies better...
03:37 wannabe1987 not as tedious :(
03:38 * egrsteve prepares for book vs movie war
03:38 jeremys the books are not nearly as good as the books IMO
03:38 wannabe1987 ...
03:38 RED_home jeremys ready what you just wrote.
03:38 RED_home Just sayin' honey.
03:38 wannabe1987 lol
03:38 jeremys the movie made the hobbits appear to be gay
03:38 wannabe1987 hence the dots
03:38 RED_home lolz.
03:38 BatSteve jeremys: I agree with jeremy's first try
03:38 jeremys lol
03:38 RED_home haha.
03:38 jeremys movie are not as good as the books lol
03:39 LeadHead I didn't think the hobbits were gay?
03:39 exor674 so what, maybe the hobbits like other hobbits of the same sex!
03:39 BatSteve Betcha didn't think that about Dumbledore either, though.
03:39 egrsteve the movies are fun, much do to howard shores sound track, but the books are just epic
03:39 wannabe1987 i lOVE howard shores :D
03:40 egrsteve whom is back for the hobbit from my understanding
03:40 egrsteve (or there and back, by bilbo baggins)
03:41 jeremys i want to get a giant tattoo of Bilbo fighting a spider acrooss my entire back
03:41 wannabe1987 ...
03:42 exor674 ... too
03:42 RED_home Sometimes, I worry about you. ;)
03:42 BatSteve wannabe1987: those emails are on the way
03:42 jeremys lol
03:42 wannabe1987 sweet :D
03:42 exor674 ( also nrrrrr, I wish simple stretching would help me :( )
03:42 wannabe1987 eh.  at least jeremys has a good sized back for the battle
03:42 RED_home *goes back to editing like mad. Whilst still kind of continueing in conversation.
03:43 Cprossu oh I saw a public blue screen of death today
03:43 exor674 RED_home: edit edit edit!
03:43 Cprossu I should upload those images
03:43 * exor674 cheers you on
03:43 jeremys whatcha editing?
03:43 exor674 I am guessing a video
03:43 RED_home Two different senior pic shoots.
03:43 LeadHead Cprossu: I had thought the 10,500 RPM redline on my bike was crazy enough, turns out the 2009+ versions of my bike extended that to 13,500
03:44 exor674 ah gues not
03:44 RED_home and then making announcements for said seniors.
03:44 LeadHead Crazy what they are getting out of these little motors
03:44 BatSteve exor674: why does stretching not work?
03:44 jeremys ok time for bed
03:44 jeremys tommorrow ima start sketching my tat.
03:44 exor674 chronic pain yay :(
03:45 jeremys i always wanted to get a tattoo of myself only 5 inches taller.  I am so tired of being 6'
03:45 RED_home Goodnight jeremys
03:45 jeremys night
03:45 wannabe1987 night
03:46 egrsteve night
03:46 BatSteve maybe stretching would help with the chronic pain?
03:47 jeremys left #thegeekgroup
03:47 RED_home You know. It is said that sex helps with headaches....maybe you should try a method like that...physical exertion to the point of feeling bettter.
03:47 speedrunnerG55__ grr i gust missed jeremys
03:48 wannabe1987 lol
03:48 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55__ you can find him on facebook
03:48 speedrunnerG55__ its ok,i just wanted to say bye
03:48 exor674 BatSteve: doubtufl, but I am going to talk to my doc when I get a chance about things
03:48 RED_home For those of you who are my friend on Facebook or have liked my photography page...This is the senior shoot I'm editing right now:;set=a.169702213077162.34837.161568750557175&amp;type=1&amp;theater
03:48 BatSteve See, I would have recommended running as a first thought.  But yeah I guess sex is good too.
03:49 wannabe1987 llol
03:49 wannabe1987 i wouldn't know
03:49 exor674 RED_home: yeah, that'd end in me crying in agony :(
03:49 wannabe1987 :(
03:49 RED_home not if you were on bottom....
03:49 exor674 or getting to a point where I trip over things every step
03:49 exor674 well, the "physical exertion" bit
03:49 speedrunnerG55__ senior shot?
03:49 RED_home lol.
03:50 RED_home Yep, senior.
03:50 speedrunnerG55__ who is htat
03:50 RED_home My nephew's girlfriend.
03:50 RED_home I did these pics for her this morning.
03:50 RED_home I'm editing the rest, and then they'll be online too.
03:50 speedrunnerG55__ nice shot
03:50 RED_home I always try to do a sneak peak though ^_^
03:50 RED_home THanks, we went into an old abandoned was creepy...and sooo much fun!
03:50 exor674 aw.
03:51 RED_home I got a new sign for my collection ^_^
03:51 RED_home *cough*
03:51 RED_home I mean, I bought a new sign at an antique store for my collection *cough*
03:51 exor674 RED_home: by "got" you mena "stole"
03:51 exor674 liberatedd?
03:51 wannabe1987 lol
03:51 RED_home (Red realizes she needs to stop hanging out with Chris, who encourages said "getting" of signs)
03:51 speedrunnerG55__ last  time i went into an abandon building the floor was rooting and i was afraiod it would cave in
03:51 wannabe1987 liberated is a good word!
03:52 RED_home THe ceiling was caving in...and there was an old broken down cool.
03:52 LeadHead Last time I went into an abandoned building, it turned out not to be abandoned
03:52 wannabe1987 lol
03:52 exor674 oops
03:52 LeadHead Yurp.
03:52 wannabe1987 last time i went into an abandond building it was in WV
03:52 speedrunnerG55__ LOL
03:53 speedrunnerG55__ ive only been in abandiened buildings twice in one sittuing
03:53 speedrunnerG55__ it was fun
03:53 speedrunnerG55__ a factory and a shopright
03:54 speedrunnerG55__ alsowent on the roof of the shopright
03:54 RED_home Psst. Exor...stop callin me out - lol.
03:54 speedrunnerG55__ yyou broke urban exploring rules
03:54 BatSteve yeah, we can't let the ops know what's going on.
03:54 BatSteve shhhhhh
03:55 speedrunnerG55__ ok
03:55 * BatSteve glances at ChanServ suspiciously
03:55 exor674 heh
03:55 speedrunnerG55__ sorry
03:55 RED_home hehehe
03:55 speedrunnerG55__ wait. why am i sorry
03:55 speedrunnerG55__ :P
03:56 wannabe1987 ...
03:56 Cprossu red with the theatrics!
03:56 speedrunnerG55__ llol
03:56 RED_home Always ;)
03:57 BatSteve how many rules of Fight Club were there?
03:57 BatSteve I think 8.
03:57 LeadHead .wa rules of fightclub
03:57 Cprossu fail
03:57 BatSteve yeah
03:57 BatSteve .w fight club rules
03:58 BatSteve deadbot
03:58 BatSteve BotSteve!
03:58 LeadHead Either that
03:58 Cprossu .g are you alive?
03:58 BotSteve BatSteve!
03:58 LeadHead the bot knows the first rule of fightclub
03:58 BotSteve Cprossu:
03:58 BotSteve "Fight Club (novel), a 1996 novel by Chuck Palahniuk" -
03:58 Cprossu BotSteve: hi
03:58 Cprossu yay galactica lol
03:58 speedrunnerG55__ hi botsteve
03:58 BotSteve Hey speedrunnerG55__!
03:59 speedrunnerG55__ xD
03:59 LeadHead .wa
03:59 BotSteve LeadHead: Missing search term
03:59 LeadHead .wa fight club
03:59 Cprossu my god
03:59 LeadHead .wa earth
03:59 Cprossu who wants to watch the BSG miniseries?
03:59 RED_home Did egrsteve go away? Haven't heard from him in a while.
03:59 Cprossu damn that kicked ass
03:59 BatSteve I keep thinking that along with "you don't talk about fight club" and "If this is your first night at fight club you have to fight" there should be "If you bring snacks, make sure you have enough for everyone"
03:59 LeadHead Yeah, looks like botsteve is having osme issues
03:59 BatSteve .seen egrsteve
03:59 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw egrsteve 0.23 hours ago at 2011-05-09 03:46:00 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 03:59:49 UTC
03:59 BatSteve yeah
04:00 BatSteve BotSteve: Break Time!
04:00 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
04:00 LeadHead Found em
04:00 LeadHead 1st RULE: You do not talk about FIGHT CLUB. 2nd RULE: You DO NOT talk about FIGHT CLUB. 3rd RULE: If someone says "stop" or goes limp, taps out the fight is over. 4th RULE: Only two guys to a fight. 5th RULE: One fight at a time. 6th RULE: No shirts, no shoes. 7th RULE: Fights will go on as long as they have to. 8th RULE: If this is your first night at FIGHT CLUB, you HAVE to fight.
04:00 speedrunnerG55__ lol fight club
04:00 BatSteve 9th RULE:  If you have gum, make sure you bring enough for everyone.
04:00 BatSteve done
04:00 Cprossu lol
04:01 speedrunnerG55__ gum?
04:01 speedrunnerG55__ lol
04:01 Cprossu 9th RULE of A/V Club: If your cell phone rings, you are buying drinks for everyone
04:01 speedrunnerG55__ LOLL
04:02 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
04:02 Cprossu ok guys I have to rewatch the bsg miniseries because of the bot and what it sent my link to
04:02 Cprossu to see if it was as good as I remembered it
04:02 LeadHead oh wow
04:02 LeadHead its 12AM again
04:03 speedrunnerG55__ 12 am :D
04:03 Cprossu hrmm (debates)
04:05 * exor674 lets see if she can get to bed at a good time toniiiight
04:05 speedrunnerG55__ good luck
04:06 wannabe1987
04:06 speedrunnerG55__ wtf^^
04:06 speedrunnerG55__ lol
04:06 wannabe1987 night exor674
04:06 Toastdude good night
04:06 wannabe1987 just an amazing song :D
04:06 exor674 lol maybe as soon as I am done with this last hot dog
04:06 wannabe1987 om nom nom
04:06 speedrunnerG55__ ye night
04:07 RED_home Night!
04:09 speedrunnerG55__ wanabe, what the heack
04:11 RED_home I'm guessing the om nom nom was for the hot dog?
04:11 Toastdude I'm going to bed.... Goodnight all!
04:11 CSMonster night
04:11 RED_home G'night Toasty!
04:11 speedrunnerG55__ toast, night
04:11 Toastdude thanks for showing me that, speedrunner
04:12 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
04:12 wannabe1987 night toast
04:12 wannabe1987 was RED_home
04:12 speedrunnerG55__ toast▐toastdude▐ make that ur screen name
04:12 speedrunnerG55__ darn
04:12 wannabe1987 theres black squares
04:13 speedrunnerG55__ ye
04:13 speedrunnerG55__ ascii code
04:13 wannabe1987 ooo
04:13 speedrunnerG55__ and wanabe
04:13 wannabe1987 he put his hair on
04:13 wannabe1987 what
04:13 speedrunnerG55__
04:13 wannabe1987 its wanNabe
04:13 wannabe1987 two n's
04:13 speedrunnerG55__ thats music
04:13 wannabe1987 whats this???
04:14 wannabe1987 i paused my movie...better be good
04:15 speedrunnerG55__ ok wannabe
04:15 wannabe1987 there you go!  now i got a ding
04:15 wannabe1987 turned off your video...i like my movie (REPO) better
04:15 RED_home DING!
04:15 critterpal left #thegeekgroup
04:15 wannabe1987 dong
04:15 wannabe1987 the witch is dead
04:15 RED_home wannabe1987
04:15 RED_home wannabe1987
04:15 RED_home wannabe1987
04:15 RED_home wannabe1987
04:15 RED_home wannabe1987
04:15 RED_home wannabe1987
04:15 wannabe1987 RED_home
04:15 wannabe1987 RED_home
04:15 wannabe1987 RED_home
04:15 wannabe1987 RED_home
04:15 wannabe1987 RED_home
04:15 wannabe1987 RED_home
04:15 RED_home DING!
04:15 wannabe1987 RED_home
04:16 wannabe1987 :D
04:16 speedrunnerG55__ 0_0
04:16 Cprossu spam
04:16 Cprossu spam
04:16 Cprossu spam
04:16 Cprossu spam
04:16 Cprossu spam
04:16 Cprossu spam
04:16 wannabe1987 love you RED_home
04:16 exor674 ham!
04:16 RED_home My dinger isn't workin; :(
04:16 Cprossu what's up?
04:16 RED_home Loves you too Wannabe1987
04:16 wannabe1987 spam eggs and spam
04:16 wannabe1987 stuff and things
04:16 wannabe1987 still stressed?
04:16 speedrunnerG55__ wow
04:16 RED_home how I break the internet. lol.
04:16 wannabe1987 wahoo!
04:16 speedrunnerG55__ you nead ore than that
04:16 speedrunnerG55__ need
04:16 speedrunnerG55__ more
04:17 Cprossu spam, eggs, sausage, spam, spam, spam and spam
04:17 wannabe1987 sausage?!
04:17 wannabe1987 noone ever put that in the quote
04:17 Cprossu there was one with sausage
04:17 * exor674 thinks she needs a cuddle :I
04:18 * wannabe1987 cuddles you
04:18 Cprossu Well, there's egg and bacon; egg sausage and bacon; egg and spam; egg bacon and spam; egg bacon sausage and spam; spam bacon sausage and spam; spam egg spam spam bacon and spam; spam sausage spam spam bacon spam tomato and spam;
04:18 RED_home Red needs a cuddle too! :insert sad puppy face here:
04:18 wannabe1987 red....i sorry
04:18 Cprossu You can't have egg bacon spam and sausage without the spam.
04:18 * wannabe1987 cuddles red
04:18 speedrunnerG55__ you can bring a server down by sending a tremendous amountor request packets
04:18 BatSteve entirely too much touchery going on in this channel
04:19 wannabe1987 there?
04:19 speedrunnerG55__ that is a DOS attack, usually dony my mulitple cpmputers
04:19 BatSteve Next there's gonna be unicorns
04:19 LeadHead Indeed there is, wannabe1987.
04:19 * CSMonster pokes batsteve in the shoulder
04:19 BatSteve I see how it is.
04:19 BatSteve (:
04:19 wannabe1987 LeadHead - yeah...probably
04:19 RED_home Toucha toucha toucha touch me...I wanna....Rocky horror reference, anyone?
04:19 CSMonster LOL
04:19 wannabe1987 iwatched that last night...and i fell asleep watching it :(
04:20 LeadHead This channel has a daily touch quota, and its dangerously close to being exceeded.
04:20 Cprossu a toast =P
04:20 wannabe1987 i did...
04:20 wannabe1987 blake and nikki didn't keep me awake
04:20 RED_home I feel as though it is always I who gets the touch quota to close to being exceded.
04:20 speedrunnerG55__ i agree with leadhead
04:20 speedrunnerG55__ notouchy feally
04:21 * exor674 is going to bed. ( hopefully! )
04:21 LeadHead Most of the touching does not happen until Red shows up.
04:21 speedrunnerG55__ no, you exeed it
04:21 RED_home :gives speedrunnerG55__ and LeadHead GIANT BEAR HUGS OF DOOM:
04:21 wannabe1987 RED_home - i did...and then i stayed up hour later cuz yeah...
04:21 * exor674 hugs red and wannabe1987 and CSMonster and passes out
04:21 CSMonster night exor674
04:21 LeadHead I do not hug.
04:21 speedrunnerG55__ oh crap
04:21 RED_home I am the reason for the touching?
04:21 RED_home Score.
04:21 RED_home lolz.
04:21 wannabe1987 lol
04:21 wannabe1987 lol @ RED_home
04:21 RED_home You do not need to hug, Leadhead in order to be hugged.
04:22 wannabe1987 lol
04:22 wannabe1987 its just an ehug
04:22 RED_home :hugs exor674: sleep well, dear.
04:22 wannabe1987 sleep good exor674
04:22 exor674 I'll try
04:22 exor674 last night some idiot outside woke me up and it took me liek 3hrs toget back to sleep
04:22 RED_home Totally made my day. This is now my quote of the day: "<LeadHead> Most of the touching does not happen until Red shows up."
04:22 RED_home ^_^
04:23 wannabe1987 :D
04:23 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now <LeadHead> Most of the touching does not happen until Red shows up.  |  Boden Unit of Measurement: | Lab's Live Stream: | Channel log:
04:23 LeadHead Oh lawed
04:23 LeadHead Thank you, Steve
04:23 speedrunnerG55__ LLOOOLL
04:23 wannabe1987 win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
04:23 LeadHead Just what I need.
04:24 RED_home ^_^
04:24 * wannabe1987 can touch red whenever RED_home is at the lab...
04:24 RED_home Love my life.
04:24 wannabe1987 that sounds awkward
04:24 wannabe1987 anyway
04:24 RED_home Thank you Batsteve ^_^
04:24 speedrunnerG55__ lol
04:25 LeadHead .tfw 02830
04:25 LeadHead oh right
04:25 LeadHead no bot
04:25 wannabe1987 what?!
04:25 wannabe1987 no bot?!
04:25 wannabe1987 and how is botsteve a girl???
04:25 speedrunnerG55__ .weather 07410
04:25 LeadHead Bot is not here speedrunnerG55
04:25 speedrunnerG55__ noooooooooooooooooooooooooo
04:25 BatSteve oh
04:26 BatSteve haha
04:26 BatSteve I forgot to start him up
04:26 speedrunnerG55__ my only friend
04:26 BatSteve <-- derp
04:26 LeadHead What was wrong with it
04:26 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:26 speedrunnerG55__ kloljk
04:26 speedrunnerG55__ lol jk
04:26 wannabe1987 .seen CSMonster
04:26 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen csmonster around.
04:26 wannabe1987 ...
04:26 CSMonster ....
04:26 wannabe1987 OMG HAI
04:26 wannabe1987 i have video for you ... hold on
04:26 CSMonster .tfw OJAI
04:26 BotSteve 56�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Ojai, CA!  'Where life is mediocre'
04:27 speedrunnerG55__ .weather 0741
04:27 BotSteve Clear ☼, 19℃, 1030mb, Gentle breeze 9kt (↑) - EEPU 12:50Z
04:27 speedrunnerG55__ .weather 07410
04:27 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 62.6℉ (17℃), 29.95in (1011mb), Calm 0kt (↑) - KTEB 03:51Z
04:27 speedrunnerG55__ .tfw 07410
04:27 BotSteve 62�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Fair Lawn, NJ!  'I've seen better days'
04:27 LeadHead Ojai...
04:27 wannabe1987 CSMonster, BatSteve:
04:27 wannabe1987 gun he built...
04:27 LeadHead That is not prouncouned like Oh hai, is it?
04:28 CSMonster yes, it is.  it's spanish
04:28 wannabe1987 thats awesome
04:28 wannabe1987 .weather
04:28 BotSteve Try .weather London, for example?
04:28 wannabe1987 o :(
04:28 LeadHead Hot damn, those 6 years of spanish in school paid off
04:28 wannabe1987 .tfw 49504
04:28 BotSteve 57�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'It could be worse.'
04:28 Cprossu .tfw Myanmar
04:28 BotSteve ValueError: invalid literal for int() with base 10: '' (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/BotSteve/modules/", line 47, in tfw)
04:28 CSMonster it's a town in CA a little bit north of Ventura
04:28 Cprossu .tfw 85025
04:28 BotSteve 84�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'sweating my balls off'
04:29 exor674 .tfw 80228
04:29 BotSteve 68�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Denver, CO!  'I approve of this message!'
04:29 exor674 ( and now I go to bed really! putting my laptop down and everything)
04:29 BatSteve lies
04:29 Cprossu *struggles to get into bed*
04:29 wannabe1987 kick her!!!!
04:29 LeadHead Night.
04:29 wannabe1987 you kicked me...
04:30 CSMonster lol, night exor
04:30 CSMonster i rode my back from ventury to ojai and back on time.  that was..... x_x
04:30 wannabe1987 ??
04:31 egrsteve red_home still looking for me?
04:31 CSMonster 50 miles total, wannabe1987
04:31 wannabe1987 ooo ok
04:31 wannabe1987 bike?
04:31 CSMonster yeah
04:31 CSMonster mountain bike
04:31 CSMonster definitely not suited to that particular activity
04:31 * wannabe1987 owes a big THANK YOU to batsteve
04:32 RED_home egrsteve YOU'RE ALIVE!!!!
04:32 wannabe1987 lol
04:32 wannabe1987 i hope so anyway
04:32 speedrunnerG55__ ?
04:32 egrsteve yes, I was in the shower
04:32 RED_home I thought BotSteve got mad and killed you off or something...
04:32 speedrunnerG55__ hi steve
04:32 wannabe1987 lol
04:33 egrsteve no, not yet
04:33 wannabe1987 shoot him w/ your nerf gun...
04:33 speedrunnerG55__ ...
04:33 wannabe1987 get punisher in on it too...he's fully armed
04:33 RED_home His nerf gun....could kill a human.
04:33 wannabe1987 RED_home did lily wear you out?
04:33 RED_home oh yes.
04:33 Cprossu_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
04:33 Cprossu_Laptop wow
04:33 egrsteve what did botsteve ever do to me, other than tell me the weather
04:33 RED_home I'd already been playing with her all day. lolz.
04:33 Cprossu_Laptop when I was working on my TV
04:34 wannabe1987 lol when i came up and that and you looke reallly tired i told her that you were really tired and that she should hang out with brad for a bit...
04:34 Cprossu_Laptop I unplugged my laptop's power adaptor
04:34 Cprossu_Laptop oooops
04:34 RED_home idk. You're friends with me...and I almost killed botsteve earlier today..
04:34 wannabe1987 altho, you prolly heard that on stream
04:34 RED_home might be revenge.
04:34 wannabe1987 lol
04:34 RED_home lol.
04:34 RED_home I was watchin her play on the live feed...makin sure she was safe, ready to run down the stairs if anything happened.
04:34 speedrunnerG55__ ╝7,♦7B♂▬!▐7♣6♦♂oW▐☻▬↨!M!♥▬▐«╬♫ÄÄÄ☺♂oWg♂,7+◙j*¬   ascii ftw
04:35 MadManMarkAuMobi joined #thegeekgroup
04:35 RED_home Hey MadMan
04:35 MadManMarkAuMobi ;lo
04:35 egrsteve it's true, she was, I need cctv through the whole lab with IR lights
04:35 Liz_Home left #thegeekgroup
04:35 MadManMarkAuMobi on a bus, cn;t type
04:35 RED_home ^_^
04:35 BatSteve wannabe1987: you're welcome
04:36 wannabe1987 and thats how you knew blake took the barrel thingy off your gun...
04:36 wannabe1987 it was creepy, i won't lie
04:36 egrsteve that would be fun
04:36 MadManMarkAuMobi HAI RED *HUGD*"
04:36 wannabe1987 hi MadManMarkAuMobi
04:36 MadManMarkAuMobi hiya wannBE
04:37 MadManMarkAuMobi *wannabe
04:37 wannabe1987 its ok :)
04:37 wannabe1987 you can't type
04:37 RED_home :hugs:
04:37 MadManMarkAuMobi left #thegeekgroup
04:37 Cprossu_Laptop ♪©®@√♪
04:37 RED_home ♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪♪
04:37 speedrunnerG55__ »»»»»»»»»»»»»
04:37 RED_home ^_^
04:38 speedrunnerG55__ ascii ftw
04:38 Cprossu_Laptop ♫ balls ♫
04:38 wannabe1987 lol
04:38 wannabe1987 musical balls
04:38 speedrunnerG55__ you can make pacman with ascii
04:39 wannabe1987 om nom nom ghosties!
04:39 speedrunnerG55__ ghosties?
04:39 speedrunnerG55 Ghosts?
04:39 MadManMarkAuMobi joined #thegeekgroup
04:39 Cprossu_Laptop get out your №2 pencils everyone
04:40 speedrunnerG55 Hi MadManMarkAu1
04:40 speedrunnerG55__ LOL
04:40 wannabe1987 isn't it ghosties that pacman eats?
04:40 MadManMarkAuMobi lol
04:40 speedrunnerG55 Lol Cprossu_Laptop
04:40 MadManMarkAuMobi irc client had a sad
04:40 wannabe1987 sad
04:41 Cprossu_Laptop don't be racist =P ☻☺
04:42 Cprossu_Laptop <|||||   ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊)>-       snaaaakee snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakeeeeeeeee
04:43 speedrunnerG55__ snak? snaaaaakkkkkeeeeeee
04:43 speedrunnerG55__ otacon?
04:43 MadManMarkAuMobi need to write a winmobile irc client that doesnt suck
04:43 Cprossu_Laptop you cant have winmo without the suck
04:43 Cprossu_Laptop it's a rule ﺕ
04:44 MadManMarkAuMobi lol
04:44 * speedrunnerG55__ needs to get back to readding the studdy guide
04:46 CSMonster >_< fuck you, gimp.
04:47 wannabe1987 batsteve...hoedown will dislike you (eventually) for giving me this soundtrack...but maybe now i'll be able to quote this with the best of them...
04:47 BatSteve ?
04:47 MadManMarkAuMobi i like gimp
04:47 BatSteve CSMonster: did I miss something?
04:47 CSMonster sometimes ctrl+z just stops working and i have to restart the program
04:47 BatSteve oh
04:47 CSMonster no, you didn't
04:47 wannabe1987 o
04:47 BatSteve I thought you were speaking to a person in channel.
04:47 BatSteve wannabe1987: you're welcome
04:47 CSMonster lol
04:47 MadManMarkAuMobi lol
04:47 CSMonster seroster is the gimp.
04:48 wannabe1987 :)  i like annoying not people who anoy me...but yeah
04:48 BatSteve yeah, that's more like what I was expecting
04:48 MadManMarkAuMobi hey, hey apple! apple!
04:50 BatSteve Hey!  Hey Link!  Listen!
04:50 CSMonster lol
04:51 MadManMarkAuMobi haha
04:51 Cprossu_Laptop I read that as a strange combination of the apple lisa and zelda through misreading
04:52 speedrunnerG55__ cdmosster
04:53 speedrunnerG55__ how dare you speek down to gimp
04:53 wannabe1987 lol
04:53 speedrunnerG55__ csmonster
04:53 CSMonster О кусай меня.
04:53 speedrunnerG55__ ?
04:54 speedrunnerG55__ what did he say?
04:54 MadManMarkAuMobi nfi
04:54 * CSMonster kicks speedrunnerG55 hard
04:54 speedrunnerG55__ nfi?
04:54 speedrunnerG55__ ouch
04:54 speedrunnerG55__ why
04:54 speedrunnerG55__ gimp is pimp
04:54 * speedrunnerG55__ kicks back
04:55 CSMonster because CSMonster is female and said "Oh bite me"
04:55 BatSteve BotSteve: "О кусай меня."?
04:55 BotSteve BatSteve: "On bite me." (ru to en,
04:55 MadManMarkAuMobi heh
04:56 speedrunnerG55__ csmonster is femail?
04:56 speedrunnerG55__ whts goin on here
04:56 CSMonster some people in this channel suck at paying attention to detail.
04:56 RED_home Yes, yes they do.
04:57 speedrunnerG55__ x_x
04:57 MadManMarkAuMobi what is this I don't even...
04:57 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
04:57 speedrunnerG55__ what gender am i?
04:57 BatSteve BotSteve: is speedrunnerG55_ male?
04:58 CSMonster pull down your pants and check.
04:58 BatSteve crap
04:58 BatSteve BotSteve: should speedrunnerG55_ check?
04:58 CSMonster assuming you're even wearing pants
04:58 BatSteve double crap
04:58 speedrunnerG55__ ......
04:58 BatSteve .should I fix the "should" code ?
04:58 speedrunnerG55__ yes i am
04:58 BatSteve .insult
04:58 BotSteve Hey, BatSteve, If you keep that up, I'll rip your arm off and beat you with the wet end.
04:58 BatSteve all right, at least one module works
04:58 wannabe1987 yay!!!!!
04:58 CSMonster LMAO
04:58 wannabe1987 i like insult ones
04:59 wannabe1987 .insult CSMonster
04:59 BotSteve Hey, wannabe1987, Don't feel bad, I think your poor self-image is *completely* justified.
04:59 wannabe1987 awww you can't insult a person tho
04:59 BatSteve not yet
04:59 CSMonster .......
04:59 wannabe1987 sorry
04:59 wannabe1987 you're the first person that came to mind
04:59 MadManMarkAuMobi lol
05:00 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
05:01 BatSteve I *know* I implemented "should" somewhere.
05:01 wannabe1987 lol
05:01 BatSteve did I overwrite it?
05:01 BatSteve argh
05:01 MadManMarkAuMobi what is should?
05:02 wannabe1987 is it the 8 ball function?
05:02 wannabe1987 :D
05:02 BatSteve yeah
05:02 BatSteve oh.. it requires "should I"
05:02 BatSteve well...that was pretty dumb
05:03 BatSteve BotSteve: should speedrunnerG55_ pay more attention in channel?
05:03 BotSteve Absolutely
05:03 BatSteve tada!
05:03 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
05:03 BotSteve All right, show us on the doll where Seroster touched you.
05:03 speedrunnerG55__ hi
05:03 CSMonster LMAO
05:03 Seroster Oi
05:03 MadManMarkAu1 BotSteve: Should I donate more to The Geek Group?
05:03 BotSteve Yep!
05:04 MadManMarkAu1 :D
05:04 wannabe1987
05:04 Seroster Whatche laughing 'bout, CSMonster?
05:04 speedrunnerG55__ no
05:04 wannabe1987 yes...
05:04 speedrunnerG55__ no
05:04 CSMonster nothing, scandie.
05:04 CSMonster :p
05:04 wannabe1987 RED_home needs gas monies
05:04 MadManMarkAu1 wannabe1987: what?
05:04 Seroster Btw, would schellac dissolve in 40% alcohol in water?
05:04 MadManMarkAu1 Surgery?
05:04 MadManMarkAu1 What's this?
05:04 LemLap left #thegeekgroup
05:04 wannabe1987 huh?
05:04 wannabe1987 o
05:04 wannabe1987 REPO
05:04 Seroster Surgery is when you cut someone open to fix whatever is broken inside
05:04 Seroster '-'
05:04 MadManMarkAu1 Seroster: No, dissolve it in Coke
05:05 Seroster Does that work? P
05:05 MadManMarkAu1 Yes, you then drink it :P
05:05 Seroster ..
05:05 wannabe1987 MadManMarkAu1 - from REPO the genetic opera
05:05 MadManMarkAu1 wannabe1987: LOL, YES!
05:05 Seroster If it doesn't work I'll go berserk on your ass =P
05:05 MadManMarkAu1 MORE ZYDRATE!
05:05 wannabe1987 :D
05:05 wannabe1987 yay!!!!!! people who know
05:05 wannabe1987 i'm new to this
05:05 MadManMarkAu1 Haha :D
05:06 MadManMarkAuMobi left #thegeekgroup
05:06 CSMonster repo was a trip.
05:06 speedrunnerG55__ should this statement be incorrect i will explode
05:06 speedrunnerG55__ .should this statement be incorrect i will explode
05:06 wannabe1987 REPO is awesome
05:06 speedrunnerG55__ how do i "should"
05:06 BatSteve BotSteve: should speedrunnerG55_ start his questions with your name?
05:06 BotSteve Ask again later!
05:07 MadManMarkAu1 BotSteve: Should I do something?
05:07 BotSteve Reply hazy, try again later
05:07 speedrunnerG55__ oh
05:07 MadManMarkAu1 BotSteve: Should I
05:07 BotSteve Yep!
05:07 speedrunnerG55__ oh crap MadManMarkAu1
05:07 MadManMarkAu1 ?
05:07 wannabe1987 botsteve: should i watch little shop of horros
05:07 BotSteve Nope
05:07 RED_home BotSteve: Should my paint be in at the lab tomorrow?
05:07 BotSteve Nope
05:07 MadManMarkAu1 is now known as MadManMarkAu
05:07 Cprossu_Laptop BotSteve: should Cprossu_Laptop go the fuck to sleep?
05:07 BotSteve Oh yeah!
05:07 Cprossu_Laptop night all
05:07 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: should this statement be incorrect i will explode
05:07 BotSteve Maybe
05:08 RED_home Goodnight cprossu, dear.
05:08 NeWtoz BotSteve: Should I conduct this test to see if you function correctly
05:08 BotSteve Absolutely
05:08 NeWtoz BotSteve: Should I conduct this test to see if you function correctly
05:08 BotSteve Yep!
05:08 wannabe1987 RED_home where are should watch it with me
05:08 * speedrunnerG55__ explodes
05:08 wannabe1987 ...
05:08 Cprossu_Laptop good job
05:08 MadManMarkAu LOL
05:08 MadManMarkAu nini Cprossu
05:08 BatSteve wannabe1987: which part of RED_home seems unclear?
05:08 wannabe1987 night
05:08 Cprossu_Laptop will MadManMarkAu die in a cloud of radiation and destruction?
05:08 wannabe1987 lol
05:08 wannabe1987 all of it
05:08 NeWtoz new feature needed, if it already answered your question, it should respond appropriately.
05:08 Cprossu_Laptop botsteve: will MadManMarkAu die in a cloud of radiation and destruction?
05:08 BatSteve the red or the part where she's at home?
05:08 wannabe1987 red
05:09 MadManMarkAu Cprossu_Laptop: Die in a neuclear fire, kthx :)
05:09 Cprossu_Laptop botsteve: should I tell MadManMarkAu that he'll die in a cloud of radiation and destruction?
05:09 BotSteve Ask again later!
05:09 Cprossu_Laptop darn
05:09 RED_home I'm home...llz.
05:09 MadManMarkAu lol
05:09 speedrunnerG55__ im back
05:09 MadManMarkAu HI RED! I'm home too :D
05:09 * MadManMarkAu hugsa Red
05:09 RED_home DUN DUN DUN.
05:09 RED_home lol.
05:09 speedrunnerG55__ ?
05:09 wannabe1987 i know you is home
05:09 Seroster Botsteve: Should I have hot steamy sex with my cats?
05:09 BotSteve Ask again later!
05:09 RED_home but not at the same home...that would be creepy.
05:09 wannabe1987 but sometime
05:09 wannabe1987 when you're here
05:09 RED_home :hugs:
05:09 MadManMarkAu ^__^
05:10 RED_home Seroster....things I don't need to know. lolz.
05:10 RED_home Which version?
05:10 Seroster I don't say I want to! I just asked if I SHOULD
05:10 Seroster =P
05:10 * speedrunnerG55__ usses gimp
05:10 speedrunnerG55__ lol
05:11 wannabe1987 lol
05:11 NeWtoz pussy is pussy
05:11 CSMonster ooooo yeah.  the new block of MAS is so much better than the first attempt.
05:11 speedrunnerG55__ what you use to make that
05:11 CSMonster gimp
05:11 RED_home Oh boy.
05:12 wannabe1987 BANG BANB
05:12 wannabe1987 G*
05:12 wannabe1987 CSMonster did you see the video i posted here with your name before it
05:12 CSMonster this is the new background image for my blog, in the making
05:12 CSMonster yes, i did
05:12 speedrunnerG55__ why is it square
05:12 wannabe1987 kkk  my x and the gun he built
05:12 CSMonster your ex is in the kkk?
05:13 CSMonster that explains why you got rid of him i guess..... :/
05:13 wannabe1987 lol
05:13 wannabe1987 yes
05:13 speedrunnerG55__ wow
05:13 MadManMarkAu BotSteve: Should I browse more porn?
05:13 BotSteve Definitely
05:13 wannabe1987 totally..theres a kkk in gary INDiana
05:13 wannabe1987 ...
05:13 MadManMarkAu IT'S A DEAL!
05:13 speedrunnerG55__ o_o
05:13 wannabe1987 he's not
05:13 wannabe1987 my hand shook when i typed k
05:13 CSMonster lol
05:14 CSMonster oooooooooooook
05:14 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve" should i visit the lab in the future
05:14 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: should i visit the lab in the future
05:15 BotSteve Absolutely
05:15 speedrunnerG55__ yesss
05:15 wannabe1987 botsteve: should boden be an ass tomorrow?
05:15 BotSteve Nope
05:15 wannabe1987 HAHA
05:15 wannabe1987 good luck
05:15 MadManMarkAu ROFL
05:16 CSMonster beer goggles:
05:16 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: should i go within the year?
05:16 BotSteve Absolutely
05:16 CSMonster fyi, this is what i started with:
05:16 speedrunnerG55__ its getting my bed time
05:17 speedrunnerG55__ i must get my needed sleeep
05:17 * wannabe1987 commencing LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS
05:17 CSMonster bye speedrunner
05:17 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: should i sleep now?
05:17 BotSteve Reply hazy, try again later
05:17 wannabe1987 that means no
05:17 speedrunnerG55__ botsteve: should i sleep now?
05:17 BotSteve Nope
05:17 speedrunnerG55__ darn you
05:17 wannabe1987 its only 1:20 am
05:18 speedrunnerG55__ well im going to disobey botsteve
05:18 speedrunnerG55__ sorry botsteve
05:18 wannabe1987 ...:O
05:18 wannabe1987 never
05:18 wannabe1987 ever
05:18 wannabe1987 ever
05:18 wannabe1987 disobey
05:18 wannabe1987 the bot
05:18 wannabe1987 he'll eat you
05:18 * MadManMarkAu kicks BotSteve
05:18 RED_home G'night Speedrunner
05:18 speedrunnerG55__ night red
05:18 wannabe1987 night speedrunnerG55__
05:19 speedrunnerG55__ night wannabe
05:19 MadManMarkAu nini speedrunnerG55_
05:19 speedrunnerG55__ night emadmaruku
05:19 speedrunnerG55__ night batsteve
05:19 speedrunnerG55__ and....
05:19 MadManMarkAu is now known as emadmaruku
05:19 speedrunnerG55__ night csmonster
05:19 CSMonster bye
05:20 wannabe1987 lol
05:20 wannabe1987 emadmaruku LOL
05:20 emadmaruku :P
05:20 speedrunnerG55__ is now known as spee-zzzZZZzzzZZ
05:20 Seroster wannabe, FYI, it's 7.30'
05:20 * wannabe1987 thinks that audry II should eat hobos
05:20 wannabe1987 no, its 1:20am
05:20 emadmaruku Try 1:20PM
05:20 wannabe1987 lol
05:21 wannabe1987 its monday!
05:21 emadmaruku GMT+8
05:21 Seroster OCRAP! a 'STRALIAN!
05:21 RED_home They cause indigestion, Wannabe.
05:21 emadmaruku I'M IN THE FUTURE, BITCHES!
05:21 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
05:21 wannabe1987 lol
05:21 wannabe1987 really...
05:21 wannabe1987 RED_home that sucks
05:21 RED_home WOuldn't wanna do that to AudreyII
05:21 wannabe1987 nope
05:21 wannabe1987 poor audrey II
05:22 wannabe1987 at least my dentist doesn't get off on pulling my teeth...
05:22 wannabe1987 and bill murray was awesome
05:25 spee-zzzZZZzzzZZ left #thegeekgroup
05:26 RED_home So many pictures. I might just have to call it a night for now - I'm exhausted..but so close to being done. Ugh, idk what to do.
05:27 wannabe1987 what are you doing to them, red?
05:27 wannabe1987 like when you edit them...what do you do?
05:27 BatSteve RED_home: the pictures will be there in the morning.  the chance to sleep tonight will not
05:27 BatSteve unless, you know, electrical storm or something
05:27 BatSteve .tfw Grand Rapids michigan
05:27 BotSteve 55�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
05:27 BatSteve and it looks like no electrical storms are on the way
05:28 RED_home lol.
05:28 RED_home This is true.
05:28 RED_home I just go through and adjust the levels - do some basic editing, unless the client wants something spectacular, or i'm doing an art shot.
05:32 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
05:37 Noise_Marine left #thegeekgroup
05:39 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
05:39 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
05:39 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
05:42 Seroster Sylvester stallone was in a porno?!
05:42 Seroster Damn, to the PirateBay mobile!
06:03 RED_home All right guys, I'm gonna go get some sleep, I'm waking up in 6 hours.
06:03 BatSteve Seroster: congratulaitions, you have silenced the channel for +20 minutes
06:03 RED_home Goodnight :hugs:
06:03 RED_home lol.
06:03 BatSteve goodluck red
06:03 * CSMonster hugs red
06:03 CSMonster night
06:03 BatSteve also
06:03 BatSteve .g imdb stallone
06:03 BotSteve BatSteve:
06:05 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
06:05 wannabe1987 night
06:05 * wannabe1987 is back...
06:06 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
06:07 Seroster Lol BatSteve =P
06:08 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
06:11 wannabe1987 :down on skid row:
06:11 BatSteve down on main street
06:12 wannabe1987 do you know this show too, batsteve?
06:12 BatSteve No, not at all, I was just quoting song lyrics that started with the word "down"
06:12 wannabe1987 awwww you don't know "little shop of horrors" ?  :O
06:12 BatSteve next I would have done "downtown", "down doobie do down down" and "down by the bay"
06:13 wannabe1987 needs to be fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!
06:13 BatSteve .youtube downtown petula clark
06:13 BotSteve BatSteve:
06:14 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
06:18 wannabe1987  #6 GR MI is mentioned :D
06:18 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
06:18 BatSteve-Away night all
06:18 wannabe1987 night BatSteve-Away
06:28 Seroster Cya BatSteve-Away
06:28 CSMonster aw, night bats
06:28 Seroster Owait, ten minutes late
06:28 Seroster Fuck.
06:29 * CSMonster has only be partly paying attention
06:39 wannabe1987 lol
06:42 Injie Does anyone else here use a Volcano (E-Cigarette)?
06:42 CSMonster not i.
06:43 wannabe1987 nope
06:43 wannabe1987 CSMonster same here...only paying part attn
06:43 CSMonster eye yam dwawing
06:43 wannabe1987 win
06:44 CSMonster i'd *like* to have this new background done before i go to bed but...... that doesn't seem likely  :/
06:44 wannabe1987 lol whens bed?
06:44 CSMonster whenever i feel like it and/or pass the fuck out
06:45 CSMonster but i'm not pulling an all-nighter over this
06:48 * CSMonster is staring at the pistol grip she is going to have to draw
06:48 CSMonster ........yeah, i'm gonna finish this tomorrow.
06:49 wannabe1987 lol night CSMonster :)
06:49 Seroster Why does evryone use porno music for demo clips?
06:49 Seroster Goodnight CSMonster
06:49 CSMonster i'm not quite out yet
06:49 CSMonster i'm just done working on this
06:49 Seroster k
06:50 wannabe1987 oooo ok
06:51 CSMonster progress made:
06:52 Seroster right
06:52 Seroster Doesnt look overly ergonomic
06:53 CSMonster it's gonna be a major bitch getting the shape of that pistol grip to look right.
06:53 CSMonster no, it's a bit of an ergonomic oddball
06:53 CSMonster
06:53 CSMonster blame the french
06:54 Seroster Eh
06:54 Seroster Sturmgewehr is german
06:55 CSMonster your point?
06:55 Seroster German =/= french
06:55 CSMonster ....yeah...?
06:56 CSMonster the rifle i'm drawing up is a french design.
06:56 CSMonster GIAT MAS.223
07:04 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
07:05 wannabe1987 ohai Druidic_Rifleman
07:06 Druidic_Rifleman hey wannabe1987
07:06 wannabe1987 Druidic_Rifleman
07:08 Druidic_Rifleman nice
07:08 wannabe1987 yep
07:08 wannabe1987 he apparently built it
07:09 Druidic_Rifleman i kinda want one of thse really bad
07:09 wannabe1987 sorry, i won't watch any videos...i'm watching little shop of horrors
07:10 Druidic_Rifleman
07:10 Druidic_Rifleman minute of talibanfucktard at a mile
07:11 Druidic_Rifleman garontied
07:22 CSMonster okay, i'm on my way out, but Druidic_Rifleman i got something you may find interesting.
07:22 Druidic_Rifleman ooooh?
07:22 CSMonster work in progress: the new background for XHS
07:23 Druidic_Rifleman Kool
07:26 Druidic_Rifleman have a good night
07:26 wannabe1987 night CSMonster
07:27 CSMonster Спокойной ночи.
07:27 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
07:30 Ycarene left #thegeekgroup
07:32 Ycarene joined #thegeekgroup
07:37 Injie I'm out of here for the evening. Sweetest dreams and good night :)
07:37 Injie left #thegeekgroup
07:42 Druidic_Rifleman wow dragons breath ammo is expensive ammunituon
07:56 Druidic_Rifleman where did every one go
07:58 wannabe1987
07:58 wannabe1987 they got molexted and went to bede
07:59 emadmaruku left #thegeekgroup
07:59 emadmaruku joined #thegeekgroup
08:00 torpid left #thegeekgroup
08:01 torpid joined #thegeekgroup
08:03 Druidic_Rifleman lol
08:03 wannabe1987 .tfw battle creek MI
08:03 BotSteve 50�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Battle Creek, MI!  'Better than a sharp stick in the eye.'
08:04 wannabe1987 .tfw 49504
08:04 BotSteve 49�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'It could be worse.'
08:05 Druidic_Rifleman soooooooo awhat ae people up to today?
08:05 wannabe1987 um DR?  its 4am...most the sane people are asleep
08:05 wannabe1987 i *should* be asleep...but i'mnot
08:06 Druidic_Rifleman Yeah i am trying to adjust my sleep schedual
08:06 Druidic_Rifleman whent ot bed like 8 pm
08:06 wannabe1987 to what...y?
08:08 Druidic_Rifleman Cause i Can't get any work done In the midel of the night
08:08 Druidic_Rifleman My Family gets pissy when i run the angle grinder at 4 am
08:12 Druidic_Rifleman i don't know why
08:13 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
08:17 Seroster ......
08:18 Druidic_Rifleman .... that was obviously sarcasm
08:19 Vladdeh left #thegeekgroup
08:19 Seroster rr.
08:19 Vladdeh joined #thegeekgroup
08:19 Seroster It aint 4am here and Im bored.
08:26 Druidic_Rifleman Build a small hybrid rocket motor?
08:26 Sgt_Lemming I'm considering that
08:26 Sgt_Lemming going to build an aluminium burn chamber for a laugh
08:26 Sgt_Lemming cause it will probably let go once the heat and pressure get high enough
08:27 Druidic_Rifleman I'm thinking of building one but i need access to a lathe
08:27 * Sgt_Lemming has access to a lathe :-P
08:28 Seroster You just need glue and your angle grinder =D
08:28 Sgt_Lemming although I might do a mythbusters and just use some steel pipe
08:28 Druidic_Rifleman Would be fun to Build An air frame And test it Like that Simple RC controls to see if it would work
08:28 Druidic_Rifleman I'd love to GPS guide it but the issue from what Kidwell has said about GPS chips is the Chip would think it was in a cuise missile and turn off
08:29 Sgt_Lemming there are limits to how fast and high the chips will go
08:33 Druidic_Rifleman yeah and you can't find that out UNLESS you stap it into a System and make it fly
08:33 Druidic_Rifleman Some are both some are 1 or the other
08:33 Sgt_Lemming actually the limits are fairly well published
08:33 Druidic_Rifleman the issue is I need both
08:33 Sgt_Lemming indeed
08:34 Druidic_Rifleman I'd be tempted To buy the chip and register it as a DD just to get access to AN un resticted chip... Cause i really do not want a rocket Deciding I don't wan Go steight up HARD evilvator OOOOH LOOK  a day car center!!!!
08:35 Druidic_Rifleman ooooo OOOH look the Sheed where the nitruss oxide is stored
08:35 Druidic_Rifleman OR ooooh look the guy who built me
08:35 Druidic_Rifleman Stighte up and then at appogee Controled Glide
08:37 Druidic_Rifleman Shile on the way UP it just needs to Go 90 degrees I'd be worried of hitting the Restrictions and then the chip not going back on
08:37 Druidic_Rifleman a fot wide fiber glass air plane fusalage.... could do allot of dammage
08:38 Druidic_Rifleman Heck they made a GPS/lazer guided brick to take out A tank 10 feet from a hospital During the invassion of iraq
08:52 Sgt_Lemming yes
08:54 Sgt_Lemming it's called a Kinetic Energy weapon
08:54 Sgt_Lemming look into "LOSAT"
08:54 Sgt_Lemming Line Of Sight Anti-Tank
08:55 Sgt_Lemming 184KG missile that was steel filled with concrete, and did Mach 6
08:58 Sgt_Lemming
09:03 Sgt_Lemming
09:07 qwebirc579310 joined #thegeekgroup
09:20 qwebirc579310 OK i am So tempted to build a scaled paint ball Dehavlind mosquito
09:20 qwebirc579310 is now known as DruidicRifleman
09:38 Cprossu_Disconne joined #thegeekgroup
09:39 asnopus_ joined #thegeekgroup
09:40 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
09:41 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
09:52 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
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09:54 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
09:54 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
09:54 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
09:54 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
09:56 DruidicRifleman is now known as Druidic_Rifleman
09:57 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
10:04 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
10:08 qwebirc670741 joined #thegeekgroup
10:09 MadManMarkAu1 left #thegeekgroup
10:09 qwebirc670741 is now known as DruidicRifleman
10:09 emadmaruku joined #thegeekgroup
10:10 asnopus_ is now known as asnopus
10:16 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
10:23 Noise_Marine left #thegeekgroup
10:29 DruidicRifleman any one awake
10:51 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
10:54 Seroster Being a sceptic is about open mindness. But ESP.... Sigh.
10:54 Seroster Yes I am awake, DruidicRifleman. It is 1pm
11:08 DruidicRifleman i see
11:09 Seroster Sup?
11:11 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:13 DruidicRifleman Contemplating a large scale RC version of this;imgrefurl=;usg=__f5eCFkn85k7QhnDjgecVLsKgoag=&amp;h=400&amp;w=496&amp;sz=7&amp;hl=en&amp;start=151&amp;sig2=GkIjncRNnGnh9jxoNFpSWg&amp;zoom=1&amp;tbnid=LcpKmLaLCjra4M:&amp;tbnh=127&amp;tbnw=159&amp;ei=RczHTbi7PNLAgQfemKnMBA&amp;prev=/search%3Fq%3Dd
11:13 DruidicRifleman Grrr
11:13 DruidicRifleman long link is long
11:14 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
11:15 DruidicRifleman I would wanna put a Paint ball gun in the nose and make it drop paint grenades
11:17 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
11:21 DruidicRifleman XD Cause yeah :P
11:34 Seroster Rarr
11:34 Seroster I just got another perfectly good microwave oven for free
11:34 Seroster ....Derp.
11:34 Seroster Spare parts it is.
11:37 DruidicRifleman hehehe
11:39 DruidicRifleman But yeah I'd Love to Have a paint ball DH-98
11:39 Seroster Lol
11:39 Seroster Would be fun but unusable
11:39 DruidicRifleman HEY Swooping in Using telipressense
11:40 DruidicRifleman Dropping paint grenade's into a squad
11:40 Seroster Erm.
11:40 Seroster All those kinds of weapons is against the arena rules =P
11:41 DruidicRifleman Flying accross A front dropping paint grenades And straffing the comander
11:53 Sgt_Lemming mmm,
11:53 Sgt_Lemming world's most awesome nacho's for dinner
11:53 Seroster Microwave oven autopsy <3
11:55 Sgt_Lemming I really should have taken pics
11:55 Sgt_Lemming but it's about 5lb's total, 4" deep, 8" diameter casserole dish
11:57 DruidicRifleman om nom
11:57 cctoide joined #thegeekgroup
11:58 Sgt_Lemming lots of cheese, chips, salsa, mince, beans and frijoles
12:03 DruidicRifleman ... wants mexican now... Damn you
12:04 * Sgt_Lemming is gonna be farting like whoppee cushion in a few hours though :-P
12:09 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
12:09 speedrunnerG55 Hi
12:10 speedrunnerG55 Good morning everyone
12:12 speedrunnerG55 What's up with the NYC trains.
12:14 speedrunnerG55 I herd something happened to the amtrak
12:17 speedrunnerG55 Well whatever
12:17 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
12:18 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
12:18 speedrunnerG55 Eh?
12:18 Sgt_Lemming there was a derailment in a tunnel apparently
12:20 Seroster That sucks
12:23 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
12:24 speedrunnerG55__ Not terrorists. Mechanical error
12:24 speedrunnerG55__ At least I hope
12:26 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
12:26 speedrunnerG55__ is now known as speedrunnerG55
12:26 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
12:27 DruidicRifleman sooooo I want mexican food Should I A go to taco bell
12:27 DruidicRifleman B go to some mom and pop place
12:27 speedrunnerG55 B!
12:27 DruidicRifleman C kid nap a mexican chick and force her to cook for me
12:27 speedrunnerG55 Ygbkm
12:27 speedrunnerG55 Ughh
12:28 speedrunnerG55 Hrm
12:28 speedrunnerG55 B or C.....
12:28 speedrunnerG55 Lol jk
12:28 speedrunnerG55 B
12:30 Sgt_Lemming anyone here know the movie "Dark city"?
12:31 speedrunnerG55 Not me
12:34 Guardianzozo joined #thegeekgroup
12:35 DruidicRifleman it's a zozo
12:36 speedrunnerG55 A truck pulled out on the highway and alost went in my lane
12:36 speedrunnerG55 O_0
12:36 Guardianzozo yup
12:36 Sgt_Lemming Zozo, you familiar with the movie "Dark City"?
12:37 DruidicRifleman happens speed
12:37 Guardianzozo nope, you recommend it?
12:37 Sgt_Lemming yeah
12:37 DruidicRifleman one time i was doing *0 K and realised I was going to reach the end of a rampthe same momend that a kenworth with a load of timber
12:37 Sgt_Lemming there is a nice crazy one in it
12:37 Sgt_Lemming the camera on average changes shot every 2 seconds.... for the whole movie
12:37 Lewis_ joined #thegeekgroup
12:38 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
12:38 DruidicRifleman A crazy kidnapped mexican chick forced to cook tacos at gun point?
12:38 Lewis_ xD
12:39 Guardianzozo ill take a look at it
12:39 Sgt_Lemming it's a great bit of cinematic work
12:39 Sgt_Lemming I feel sorry for the poor editor though
12:39 Cprossu good morning, extra early for me today
12:40 Guardianzozo morning cpro
12:40 DruidicRifleman Sooo yeah zozo I have the idea for the most Epic Paint ball attack vehicle
12:40 Sgt_Lemming Cprossu, "Dark City" you seen it?
12:40 Cprossu negative
12:40 Sgt_Lemming gah
12:40 Sgt_Lemming you guys suck
12:40 DruidicRifleman
12:40 Cprossu I don't get out much
12:41 DruidicRifleman a giant scale RC version
12:41 Cprossu and when I do it's to buy weird shit
12:43 Guardianzozo cool
12:43 speedrunnerG55 I'm at school now bye
12:44 speedrunnerG55 Bye everyone
12:44 Guardianzozo bye
12:45 Guardianzozo so what are you guys up to today?
12:46 Cprossu Trying to ID a carver amp
12:46 Cprossu
12:46 Cprossu seriously, how hard is it to fucking put the model number in your ad?
12:47 Guardianzozo send a email asking the model number?
12:49 Sgt_Lemming "Has one of the shortest Average shot lengths (ASL) of any modern narrative production at 1.8 seconds. This means there is a cut almost every 2 seconds."
12:50 Sgt_Lemming
12:50 Cprossu then he'll probably raise the price
12:50 Cprossu I'm thinking it's low because he didn't bother looking at what he had
12:50 Guardianzozo ah
12:50 Cprossu $250
12:50 Guardianzozo i take it thats good?
12:51 Cprossu idk
12:51 Cprossu it's hard to tell without the model
12:51 Cprossu that's why I'm hoping captain wakes up
12:51 Cprossu lol
12:51 DruidicRifleman hea's on facecrack
12:51 Thermoelectric So you are too
12:51 Cprossu I will not setup a facebook account lol
12:52 Cprossu screw that
12:52 asnopus You win my respect
12:52 Guardianzozo lol
12:52 Cprossu I've set up a twitwhore account that I never use and feel cheap because of it alone
12:53 Thermoelectric I'm trying to quit Facebook, but it gets boring just having Twitter after a while..
12:53 Guardianzozo cancel the account?
12:53 Sgt_Lemming I have facecrack, I refuse to use twitter though
12:53 Cprossu the reason I set it up was ... wait why the fuck did I set that up?
12:53 Cprossu I think it was something for a scholarship or to fulfill a contest rule..
12:53 Thermoelectric *goes to bed to keep away from social networking*
12:54 Guardianzozo i got a facebook, but i started that around the time facebook began, havent really used it much in over a year
12:54 Cprossu all I know is the only thing I've used it for in the last year or whatever was when I posted on the 'ustream' social thing on tgg channel
12:55 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
12:55 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
12:55 Cprossu CaptainBoden: I need your help!
12:56 Cprossu
12:56 CaptainBoden Ok, but remember, when you DO lose something up your anus, the first thing is to NOT PANIC.
12:56 Cprossu Trying to ID this amp, guy wants $250, I'm trying to remember wtf it is
12:56 Guardianzozo lol
12:56 Cprossu CaptainBoden: it says that in nice big friendly letters on the guide I carry around
12:56 CaptainBoden Looks like a Carver
12:56 Cprossu it is
12:57 NeWtoz left #thegeekgroup
12:57 CaptainBoden Don't know which one exactly, and it's the wrong colour
12:57 Cprossu I can't for the life of me figure out what model
12:57 CaptainBoden M1 t?
12:57 Cprossu nope
12:57 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
12:57 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
12:58 Cprossu and the knobs are on the left horizontally, power switch is on the right bottom
12:59 CaptainBoden yeah, it's an oddball, I've never seen it before.
12:59 CaptainBoden What's the wattage?
13:00 Cprossu I have a feeling the price is based on the fact that he doesn't know what he has...
13:00 Cprossu since he didn't list shit about it
13:00 CaptainBoden Tell me what you know
13:00 CaptainBoden Wattage?
13:00 Cprossu I know zero
13:00 CaptainBoden you suck
13:00 Cprossu I found a ad
13:00 torpid left #thegeekgroup
13:00 CaptainBoden That's a horrible thing to do to a guy on a Monday morning.
13:00 Cprossu he's trying to get rid of it
13:01 CaptainBoden walk in here and give me a puzzle like that.
13:01 Cprossu I'm guessing failed dj friend or something
13:01 CaptainBoden I'll take it, I'd love to have one in my collection.
13:01 CaptainBoden But I don't want to drop $250 on it.
13:01 CaptainBoden If I had $250 to play with I'd have a motorcycle that ran.
13:01 CaptainBoden and there's no way I drop $250 on an unknown Carver of questionable history.
13:01 Cprossu yeah I hear that
13:02 CaptainBoden Carvers don't like to be abused, DJ's beat the shit out of their gear.
13:02 Cprossu I was just trying to figure out wtf it was
13:02 CaptainBoden It's possibly a chinese knockoff (rare, but it happens).
13:02 CaptainBoden I'd like a look inside it to ID it.
13:02 Sgt_Lemming a white van special
13:02 CaptainBoden I'll give him $50 for it to satisfy my curiosity, IF it works.
13:02 Cprossu considering I've seen zero carvers configured the same it could be either that or a special edition
13:03 CaptainBoden It's easy to tell if it's an SE, see if it has an autograph on it.
13:03 CaptainBoden Bob signed all the special ones.
13:03 CaptainBoden But I've been a Carver superfreak since I was 16 and I've never seen that amp.
13:03 Cprossu oooh
13:03 CaptainBoden So, I think it's a fake.
13:04 CaptainBoden 90% odds it's worthless, 10% odds it's worth a fortune.
13:04 CaptainBoden I'd spend $50 to find out.
13:04 Cprossu hrmmm thank you Guardianzozo.
13:04 Cprossu
13:04 Cprossu getting closer
13:05 Guardianzozo no prob cpro
13:05 CaptainBoden Closer, but not quite, colours right too, what is it?
13:05 Guardianzozo PM-175\
13:05 CaptainBoden oh it's one of the oddballs.
13:05 Guardianzozo -\*
13:05 Cprossu although I've seen quite a few 175's not configured the same way
13:06 CaptainBoden When the company tanked there was a lot of really weird shit made, that's probably one of those.
13:06 Cprossu
13:06 CaptainBoden They pretty much started pulling things off the parts racks and saying "IT MAKES SOUND! SHIP IT!"
13:06 Hackbat It's amazing the amount of bullshit you can write in a paper in 4 hours
13:06 Cprossu lol
13:06 Cprossu it is
13:06 CaptainBoden LMFAO
13:06 CaptainBoden Got me through high school
13:06 Sgt_Lemming CaptainBoden, please tell me you have seen the movie "Dark City"?
13:07 Hackbat Physics in the Workplace
13:07 CaptainBoden long time ago, yeah
13:07 Sgt_Lemming crazy fact for you about it
13:07 Sgt_Lemming the camera angle changes every 2 seconds on average
13:07 Guardianzozo what do you guys think of this server for 80 bucks
13:07 CaptainBoden um, ok
13:07 Guardianzozo
13:07 CaptainBoden 0902hrs, Cory reports for duty
13:08 Cprossu dual opty 275, ... $80?!
13:08 Cprossu it's certainly old though
13:08 Sgt_Lemming opteron 275 is none too shabby though
13:08 Sgt_Lemming but try and get one that has PCI-E
13:08 Cprossu just a bit power hungry
13:09 Sgt_Lemming not really
13:09 Cprossu you're talking dual cores
13:09 Sgt_Lemming not compared to a xeon
13:09 Cprossu and dual dual cores
13:09 Guardianzozo they have another for 90 that is a little better
13:09 Guardianzozo;C=220&amp;S=987
13:09 Cprossu when compared to a newer quad core xeon
13:09 Cprossu that thing eats power
13:09 Guardianzozo this one uses DDR2 at least
13:09 Sgt_Lemming iirc those machines use 65w cpu's
13:09 Sgt_Lemming quad core xeons are normall 130w
13:09 Cprossu that one has shitty bios, Guardianzozo
13:10 Cprossu those damn things have been a thorn in my side before
13:10 Guardianzozo ah alright, i just need something to most my minecraft server while i save up for a dual processor 12 core amd system
13:10 Hackbat I'm pissed at my college
13:10 torpid joined #thegeekgroup
13:10 Cprossu ahh
13:11 Sgt_Lemming it's a server, who gives a shit about the bios?
13:11 Cprossu oh you think that Sgt_Lemming?
13:11 Sgt_Lemming so long as it's stable and fast
13:11 Cprossu the bios on a server has the ability to really fuck things up in the OS
13:12 Guardianzozo well work calls be back in about 45
13:12 Cprossu and I had issues with 2850's running novell and oracle like you wouldn't possibly believe
13:12 Hackbat they're willing to be fucking stupid and put a crap ton of useful computer parts on govdeals for 5 dollars in stead of letting the students have at it
13:12 Cprossu and the problems all acted like software too
13:12 Sgt_Lemming yes well that's novell and oracle
13:12 Sgt_Lemming which are shite
13:12 Cprossu it took us months to find out what the issue was
13:12 Cprossu it came down to a flaw in the bios
13:12 Cprossu and dell knew about it
13:12 Cprossu but didn't give us the fix for months
13:12 Hackbat I mean there's 8 dos-windows 98 era pc's
13:13 Cprossu so those pieces of SHIT just stayed there forever
13:13 Cprossu expencive pieces of shit I may add
13:13 Cprossu we spent so much time pulling our hair out, swapping hardware out, calling vendors
13:13 Cprossu only to find out that the issue was related to disk caching in the bios
13:14 Cprossu and it wasn't something you could just disable
13:14 Cprossu because dell fucking locks it down tighter than a (insert underage prostitute joke about a specific country here)\
13:15 Cprossu the standard intel bios for that board had 0 issues
13:15 Cprossu but it's not like we could have run it
13:15 Cprossu </Nerd Rage>
13:16 Cprossu since then if I ever have a stange issue like that, and it happens to be a Dell server, I completely ignore it and let someone else get it
13:16 Cprossu because that kind of shit is frustrating to diag
13:17 Cprossu and not rewarding when you do
13:18 Hackbat Cprossu where do you live?
13:18 Cprossu Phoenix, AZ
13:18 Hackbat damn if you were closser I would of said I had a deal you'd like
13:19 Cprossu lol you can still say it
13:19 Hackbat about 200-300 pounds old pc parts
13:19 * Sgt_Lemming hugs his shoebox sized quadcore server
13:19 Hackbat 3 moniters
13:19 Hackbat 8 pc's
13:19 Cprossu year wise?
13:19 Hackbat (of varying level of completness)
13:19 Hackbat most have turbo buttons
13:20 Cprossu so 90's
13:20 Cprossu nothing under a 386 is my bet
13:20 Hackbat nope
13:20 Hackbat it's all vertical tower
13:20 Cprossu yeah I got enough of those thankfully
13:20 Hackbat sept so Hewett Packers
13:21 torpid left #thegeekgroup
13:21 Hackbat but they're still newish
13:21 Cprossu basically I am set ~93-99 parts
13:21 Hackbat k
13:22 Hackbat I'm trying to find people to team up with to buy this lot at a price they'd love
13:22 Cprossu now when it comes to '82-'89 parts not so much
13:22 Hackbat so they don't put it on gov deals
13:22 Cprossu that reminds me
13:22 Cprossu I hate auctions
13:22 Cprossu especially community college auctions
13:23 Hackbat they're slapping it on for 5 bucks
13:23 Cprossu last time I went there were 2 people with lots of money who bought pallet after pallet...of absolute CRAP
13:23 Cprossu for an example
13:23 Hackbat but I'd have to wait like 15 days for it to end @_@
13:23 Cprossu 13 15" CRT monitors, abused (fuzzy) for 6 years
13:23 Hackbat so I'd rather get it all now
13:24 Cprossu want to know how much that pallet went for?
13:24 Hackbat 300
13:24 Cprossu $1700
13:24 Hackbat jesus
13:24 Cprossu just because there were two people there with deep pockets I think having a pissing contest with one another
13:24 Cprossu great for the system, not so good for me wanting a bargain
13:25 Cprossu and it was like that until the end
13:25 Cprossu with everything essentially being sold for a thousand or more bucks more than it was worth
13:25 Cprossu a pallet of Umatic 3/4" equipment went for $3900
13:25 Cprossu and I know where it came from
13:26 Cprossu none of it even worked
13:26 Cprossu they were all at that time parts machines
13:26 Cprossu there might have been one good vtr there if you put them all together and found one of the few magical gnomes in state who can still work on them properly
13:27 Cprossu about the only pallets that went cheap that day
13:27 Cprossu were pallets of broken chairs
13:28 Cprossu but 'used hard and put away wet' pretty much describes the condition of most stuff at our community college auctions
13:31 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
13:31 Cprossu CaptainBoden: so final thought on that amp= not a great deal right?
13:31 Sgt_Lemming wunderba
13:31 Sgt_Lemming my usb3 hdd caddy seems to have died
13:31 Cprossu awww 2.5"?
13:31 Sgt_Lemming yeah
13:32 CaptainBoden Depends on how much $250 is in your world. In my world, that's a big deal.
13:32 CaptainBoden I'd need to know if it worked well, and what the wattacge is.
13:32 CaptainBoden Unknown amp that works well (and you can prove it) and sounds decent is worth a buck-a-watt.
13:32 Cprossu CaptainBoden:
13:32 CaptainBoden Personally, I'd give him a buck-a-pound for it.
13:33 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
13:33 Cprossu 175W/channel 8 ohm
13:34 Guardianzozo sorry about that emergency call i had to take care of
13:34 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
13:35 Cprossu no prob
13:35 Cprossu all you missed was nerd rage
13:35 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
13:35 Guardianzozo lol ok
13:36 Guardianzozo so i should wait on either of those servers and just save up for the uber one?
13:36 Cprossu it depends, where is it going?
13:37 Cprossu if it's your bedroom you might not be able to sleep with the damn thing
13:37 Guardianzozo my apartment, and im used to the sound of fans, my main system has 10 120mm fans in it
13:37 Cprossu hahahahah
13:37 Cprossu are they deltas?
13:37 Guardianzozo nah
13:37 Guardianzozo thermaltake
13:38 Cprossu are you sure you know what the sound of the fans is?
13:38 Cprossu are you really sure?
13:38 Guardianzozo i work in server rooms all day =)
13:38 Cprossu then you know it's the 40's and 50's that kill you
13:39 Guardianzozo yup
13:39 Sgt_Lemming well fuck
13:40 Sgt_Lemming two different drives
13:40 Sgt_Lemming two different usb controllers
13:40 Guardianzozo ill just wait for the bigger server, the current pc is running my server stuff fine for now
13:40 Sgt_Lemming every time the drive drops out after a few minutes
13:40 Sgt_Lemming which means it has to be the caddy :-(
13:41 Cprossu
13:41 Guardianzozo take the drive out and pop it into another enclosure?
13:41 Cprossu I personally can't live with that all day next to my head
13:41 Sgt_Lemming don't have another enclosure
13:41 Sgt_Lemming :-(
13:42 Cprossu;NR=1
13:42 Guardianzozo you using a laptop?
13:42 CaptainBoden Required Reading -
13:42 Cprossu ^ yeah this gets really oldd
13:43 Cprossu I was looking for that
13:43 Cprossu actually
13:43 Sgt_Lemming zozo, I have a laptop
13:43 Sgt_Lemming but this was to take a large file to a friend
13:43 Guardianzozo and cpro, thats about what i deal with all day at work, dont wanna deal with that at home also lol
13:43 Cprossu yeah I know, Guardianzozo
13:43 Sgt_Lemming meh
13:44 Guardianzozo lem: you have a desktop ya can pop the drive into to get the file?
13:44 Sgt_Lemming that has nothing on an IBM blade centre
13:44 Cprossu and that hp operton server would be about that on the second link
13:44 Cprossu no kidding
13:44 Cprossu I just mean one of those in a bedroom
13:44 Sgt_Lemming Guardianzozo, I have the file, I was wanting to put it on the drive to take it to a friend
13:44 Cprossu is bloody irritating
13:44 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
13:44 Guardianzozo ah
13:44 Cprossu btw, CaptainBoden, they come off real condescending at the beginning of that article
13:44 Sgt_Lemming <---- that one
13:45 Sgt_Lemming listen to those fans spin up
13:45 Guardianzozo guessl ill have to change a closet in my apartment to a server rack to contain the noise a bit
13:45 Sgt_Lemming protip, the FANS in an ibm bladcentre draw 1200w
13:45 Cprossu I have a louder fan than that
13:45 Sgt_Lemming that doesn't portray it all that well
13:46 Cprossu it's a sunon 24V 120MM, 280CFM fan
13:46 Sgt_Lemming the bass is impressively loud in them
13:46 Sgt_Lemming sorry, that should be 120w, not 1200w
13:46 Cprossu I can live with bass
13:46 Cprossu I cannot live with high pitched screeching
13:46 Sgt_Lemming but yeah the fans are 12 10A
13:46 Sgt_Lemming those sunons are what, 50 watts?
13:46 Guardianzozo guess ill just wait for a real server system till later
13:47 Cprossu let me look
13:47 Cprossu 20 watts
13:47 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
13:48 CaptainBoden They ARE condecending, remember, Bob Carver pissed a lot of people off on a regular basis ;)
13:49 Cprossu WOW
13:49 Cprossu
13:49 Cprossu I never saw that before on youtube
13:49 Cprossu ^ looook!
13:49 Cprossu and you thought bending a paper clip to hit a reset button in a NT server was difficult
13:51 DruidicRifleman XD!!!!!!!!!!!!
13:51 DruidicRifleman I can hand hammer a steel Rivit
13:52 Sgt_Lemming can you swage a shrink fit though?
13:52 Cprossu damn we didn't get to see it come online (
13:52 Cprossu all that 50hz too lol
13:53 Guardianzozo my connection sucks, still downloading the vid
13:54 Lewis_ left #thegeekgroup
13:55 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
13:55 CaptainBoden Keag's is here, roof camera coming around shortly.
13:56 Guardianzozo cool
13:58 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
13:58 tggmastercontrol I haven't heard them all morning, so i don't know where they are
14:03 w0vha left #thegeekgroup
14:09 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:10 DruidicRifleman keags as in HVAC idiots?
14:10 Cprossu lol tggmastercontrol
14:10 Cprossu the current weathercam shot
14:10 Cprossu reminds me of fukushima
14:11 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
14:13 speedrunnerG55__ hey guys
14:15 speedrunnerG55__ hey guys?
14:17 emadmaruku is now known as MadManMarkAu
14:17 MadManMarkAu Mew?
14:18 speedrunnerG55__ mew?
14:18 MadManMarkAu Ah, sorry, my standard greeting
14:18 MadManMarkAu What's up?
14:18 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
14:18 speedrunnerG55__ i was thinking pokemon
14:18 MadManMarkAu No, "mew", like a cat
14:18 speedrunnerG55__ xD im in class, durring break
14:18 MadManMarkAu AH, cool
14:19 MadManMarkAu Whatcha studying?
14:19 speedrunnerG55__ just got to be shure im notr here durring lecture
14:19 speedrunnerG55__ \networking
14:19 MadManMarkAu Cool
14:19 MadManMarkAu I went the software route
14:20 MadManMarkAu Never did networking
14:20 DruidicRifleman tggmastercontrol Keags are the hvacidiots right?
14:20 MadManMarkAu NFI
14:20 CaptainBoden yeah
14:21 DruidicRifleman I thought they we're involed in a hivoltage accident...
14:21 MadManMarkAu No, a Master Control accident
14:21 MadManMarkAu Lost a little equipment to water
14:28 speedrunnerG55__ water?
14:28 speedrunnerG55__ oh noe
14:30 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
14:31 speedrunnerG55__ brb
14:36 speedrunnerG55__ so whats up everyone
14:40 CaptainBoden is his needle stuck?
14:40 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
14:41 MagneticCow joined #thegeekgroup
14:42 SparkyPojects joined #thegeekgroup
14:43 speedrunnerG55__ hrm?
14:43 speedrunnerG55__ oh the radio
14:43 geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
14:43 CaptainBoden tggmastercontrol, Cory, turn the radio off.
14:43 CaptainBoden give us Cafe audio
14:44 SparkyPojects Cory's probably got his headphones on and can't hear the radio
14:44 CaptainBoden yeah
14:44 speedrunnerG55__ >_>
14:45 DruidicRifleman XD Armour making rocks!!!
14:45 MagneticCow whats with the white dot zipping about ?
14:45 SparkyPojects Give him a call Chris
14:45 cctoide water drops
14:45 CaptainBoden ANyone else know what that is?
14:45 CaptainBoden nope, not water
14:46 mtearle moth?
14:46 CaptainBoden I figured it out a few days ago
14:46 CaptainBoden nope
14:46 mtearle butterfly?
14:46 CaptainBoden are you high?
14:46 cctoide spiderweb being blown about?
14:47 CaptainBoden yes
14:47 mtearle that would be better if I was :P
14:47 CaptainBoden I'll get up there and fix it today
14:47 mtearle sun reflection off of something that is moving?
14:48 speedrunnerG55 Lol^ got to get back to class bbl
14:49 cctoide so is it more likely that someone's stuff is broken or is this guy transmitting this on purpose?
14:49 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
14:50 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
14:50 CaptainBoden thank god
14:58 Cprossu o_O
14:59 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
15:04 cctoide
15:11 RED_home joined #thegeekgroup
15:11 SparkyPojects
15:11 * DruidicRifleman hugs red
15:12 DruidicRifleman Guess what i mannaged red
15:12 RED_home :hugs: Hey internet.
15:12 RED_home Hmm?
15:12 DruidicRifleman I managed to figure out how to planish a rivet by hand
15:13 RED_home cool
15:13 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
15:13 BotSteve At last!  My only friend!
15:13 * DruidicRifleman crosses his arms "i can haz plate armour for LARP!!!"
15:14 speedrunnerG55 LOL
15:15 RED_home :)
15:16 MoxieMike g'morning guys
15:17 speedrunnerG55 good morning
15:21 wannabe1987 .in 6 hours remind me to find my CNA papers
15:21 BotSteve wannabe1987: Okay, will remind at 21:21Z
15:21 wannabe1987 thanks botsteve
15:21 BotSteve Happy to help, wannabe1987
15:22 Guardianzozo morning
15:22 wannabe1987 i've never heard of you Guardianzozo
15:22 wannabe1987 hi
15:22 Guardianzozo been awhile since ive been on
15:22 Guardianzozo lots of work and minecraft lately
15:22 Guardianzozo =)
15:24 wannabe1987 lol
15:24 wannabe1987 minecraft.  ha!
15:24 MoxieMike Hey CaptainBoden, would you want any fiberoptic cable?  The cable company left some on the ground at my parent's house.
15:25 CaptainBoden lol, sure
15:25 MoxieMike ok
15:26 DruidicRifleman the offical TGG server or ?
15:26 RED_home Blech, girly....blech.
15:27 wannabe1987 girly?
15:27 RED_home I'm beginning to regret this promise to Bats.
15:27 wannabe1987 o.O
15:27 DruidicRifleman belching isn't very lady like read.... someone should teach you a lesson
15:27 DruidicRifleman red*
15:27 RED_home I promised Bats that I'd show up to the lab all girly.
15:28 Guardianzozo im getting my "unoffical" TGG server back up and running druid =)
15:28 RED_home I'm currently in a dress...
15:28 RED_home and wearing eyeliner.
15:28 speedrunnerG55 CaptainBoden: You guys have ip cameras yet?
15:28 RED_home and blech.
15:28 Guardianzozo just working out the permission details then it should be back
15:28 DruidicRifleman lol
15:28 DruidicRifleman details with
15:28 wannabe1987 o gosh RED_home
15:28 RED_home blech wannabe1987 , blech
15:28 wannabe1987 agreed
15:29 Guardianzozo the permissions file, tells the game what people can use what commands
15:29 CaptainBoden Red, have you lost it or something?
15:29 wannabe1987 BatSteve - how far is it to kzoo?  all the maps say 40 that right?
15:29 wannabe1987 yes...aren't you painting today red?
15:30 RED_home yeah, i'm bringing work clothes. I won't stay girly for long.
15:30 wannabe1987 ooo ok
15:30 RED_home and CaptainBoden....maybe.
15:30 MadManMarkAu Hmm
15:30 wannabe1987 maybe?!
15:30 MadManMarkAu What's that interference on the weather cam?
15:30 MadManMarkAu ...I think it stopped now
15:31 MadManMarkAu Blah, encoding error, I tihnk
15:31 RED_home ...finding tights....*shudders*....blech.
15:31 MadManMarkAu *think
15:31 MadManMarkAu RED_home: Think of David Bowie in The Labyrinth
15:31 MadManMarkAu you may now groan :P
15:31 SparkyPojects Mark, think it's a spider web on the camera
15:31 MadManMarkAu Oop, interference is back
15:31 Guardianzozo lol
15:31 wannabe1987 tights?!
15:32 MadManMarkAu SparkyPojects: Ah, right-o
15:33 BatSteve wannabe1987: from where?
15:33 wannabe1987 BC
15:34 BatSteve 40 is a bit high.  it usually takes about 30 on the highway
15:34 wannabe1987 ok
15:34 wannabe1987 tj put a deposit down on housing in kzoo...
15:34 Guardianzozo brb work calla again
15:34 Guardianzozo calls*
15:34 BatSteve probably a good call
15:35 BatSteve Kalamazoo > Battle Creek in most respects
15:35 wannabe1987 he's lived in the complex before...liked it the first time
15:35 wannabe1987 so now i get to start packing my shit up :D
15:37 speedrunnerG55 is now known as speed-school
15:38 CaptainBoden Red, you got an interview today or something?
15:38 RED_home Why?
15:39 CaptainBoden Because you're getting dressed nice to do.....shelving and paint?
15:39 CaptainBoden It's going to be a rough, messy day.
15:39 wannabe1987 she's bringing work clothes, captain
15:39 RED_home No. I promised Bats I would come in girly. Like I said, I'm bringing work clothes...
15:39 RED_home (and i do have an interview later tonight)
15:39 wannabe1987 :)
15:39 wannabe1987 where, red?
15:40 RED_home Some stupid realty place... :(
15:40 CaptainBoden k :)
15:40 RED_home Blech.
15:45 MadManMarkAu I hear movement on site
15:45 MadManMarkAu Steve?
15:45 RED_home left #thegeekgroup
15:46 speed-school Steve there?
15:46 MadManMarkAu Male, definitely
15:46 MadManMarkAu Someone walked in, did something, and walked out
15:46 speed-school O_o
15:48 MadManMarkAu Still there, down in the studios
15:51 Teshima joined #thegeekgroup
15:51 MadManMarkAu LOUD!
15:52 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
15:52 speed-school Going on stream
15:53 speed-school What is that?
15:53 speed-school Steve?
15:54 MadManMarkAu I don't think that's Steve
15:54 MadManMarkAu Sounds too "metal pole"
15:54 SparkyPojects Sounds like MDH or cafe
15:54 MadManMarkAu Ah, the audio isn't being taken from MC?
15:55 speed-school Oh no radio
15:55 speed-school I hear something like an fm radio
15:55 SparkyPojects I'm just going by the echo and metallic sounds, some of it sounds like metal shelving, like the metal backplates
15:55 speed-school Or am
15:56 speed-school Why is it so metallic. Is what I'm wondering
15:57 speed-school O_o hi there
15:57 MadManMarkAu Hi random dude
15:57 speed-school "Duh" spoken to camera lol
15:57 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
15:58 speed-school Hi Nahoj
15:59 SparkyPojects Speed, if it's MDH, then it's metal shelves, if it's cafe are, then it's the metal ceiling bars
15:59 speedrunnerG55 ah ok
16:00 speedrunnerG55 class network is back up by they way
16:00 speedrunnerG55 on break
16:08 wannabe1987 break me off a piece of that kit kat bar, prease
16:15 speed-school left #thegeekgroup
16:15 speedrunnerG55 lol
16:15 * speedrunnerG55 breaks off a piece
16:15 * speedrunnerG55 eats it
16:16 wannabe1987 asshole
16:16 wannabe1987 ;)
16:17 * speedrunnerG55 breaks of another piece
16:17 * speedrunnerG55 hands it to wannabe
16:17 wannabe1987 :O :D
16:17 * wannabe1987 eats
16:17 wannabe1987 om nom nom
16:18 speedrunnerG55 :D
16:19 MagneticCow left #thegeekgroup
16:20 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
16:20 BatSteve this is pretty cool
16:20 BatSteve
16:21 MadManMarkAu Okay, that's definitely the MDH I can hear
16:22 speedrunnerG55 0_0
16:22 speedrunnerG55 oh nevermind
16:22 SparkyPojects BatSteve, you trying to make me jealous ? just had a small thunderstorm here, tried to capture it without success, and i live in the mountains and valleys.
16:22 speedrunnerG55 batsteve you took that shot
16:22 speedrunnerG55 ?
16:23 BatSteve I wish I could clam I took the picture, but no, I just found it.
16:23 BatSteve see how it says "national geographic" at the bottom?
16:23 speedrunnerG55 lol
16:23 speedrunnerG55 taken by michel nickol
16:23 speedrunnerG55 s
16:24 speedrunnerG55 michel
16:24 wannabe1987 lol
16:24 wannabe1987 that looks like the grand canyon :D
16:25 speedrunnerG55 that was an awesome photo
16:26 wannabe1987 was?  still is...
16:26 wannabe1987 lol
16:26 speedrunnerG55 that
16:26 wannabe1987 i like to be difficult. :D
16:26 speedrunnerG55 they dont call me speed for nothing
16:26 speedrunnerG55 xD lol jk
16:27 sp00nix joined #thegeekgroup
16:27 wannabe1987 you do a lot of speed?  what...
16:27 wannabe1987 drugs are bad, mmmkay?
16:27 speedrunnerG55 hi sp00nix
16:27 sp00nix whos on speed?
16:27 sp00nix hey speedrunnerG55
16:27 wannabe1987 hopefully noone
16:28 sp00nix true that
16:28 wannabe1987 he says "they don't call me speed for nothin" and i say "you're on speed"?
16:28 wannabe1987 CONTEXT ROCKS
16:29 speedrunnerG55 no
16:29 sp00nix O_o
16:30 speedrunnerG55 yes it does
16:30 speedrunnerG55 and there is more context to it
16:30 speedrunnerG55 [12:25] <speedrunnerG55> that was an awesome photo [12:26] <wannabe1987> was?  still is... [12:26] <wannabe1987> lol [12:26] <speedrunnerG55> that
16:31 wannabe1987 yes, but i don't understand your response
16:31 speedrunnerG55 as in my sence of time is fast
16:31 speedrunnerG55 like it went from is, to was really quickly
16:31 sp00nix maybe you should try a brisk walk
16:31 speedrunnerG55 LOL
16:32 speedrunnerG55 im sitting in a classroom
16:32 speedrunnerG55 xD
16:32 SparkyPojects Pretty multiband dipole
16:32 sp00nix where?
16:33 sp00nix my dipole met the mower :(
16:33 SparkyPojects Was on the stream
16:33 SparkyPojects Looked like a duble ended trident
16:35 sp00nix hmm
16:39 speedrunnerG55 wowowow?
16:41 sp00nix Eh?
16:43 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
16:43 wannabe1987 oshit...theres a building on fire in GR
16:44 wannabe1987 like nearish down town.
16:44 wannabe1987 and its a furniture store...
16:44 wannabe1987 eeeeeee
16:44 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
16:44 NeWtoz time for some looting!
16:45 wannabe1987 hi eightbitbrad
16:45 eightbitbrad hiya wannabe1987 :)
16:45 wannabe1987 hows life?
16:46 eightbitbrad I'm surviving... was sick most of last week and the weekend, finally feeling better at least.
16:46 sp00nix ouch
16:46 wannabe1987 awww  sick is no fun
16:46 wannabe1987 did you get it from the geeklet?
16:47 eightbitbrad I think so.  She's doing better too, so it's all good.
16:47 wannabe1987 yay (that you're all becoming healthy, not that she got you sick)
16:48 eightbitbrad yeah, now I can get things back in order.  Testing the Xbox tonight to make sure I'm not sending crap to GR, then gotta get it boxed and sent out this weekend.
16:48 eightbitbrad and I need to work on some stuff for the bot at some point.
16:48 Superman13 joined #thegeekgroup
16:49 wannabe1987 oooo bot.  as long as he doesn't om nom nom should be good
16:49 speedrunnerG55 ?
16:49 speedrunnerG55 as long as i dont om nom nom toast dude he should be fine
16:49 eightbitbrad oh, he won't.  I need to implement a couple of things, such as .dice 2d8 and the link.
16:49 eightbitbrad *like
16:49 Superman13 is anyone at tggmastercontrol?
16:50 wannabe1987 HI SUPERMAN1
16:50 wannabe1987 13*
16:50 Superman13 hi wannabe1987. no ones at control?
16:51 wannabe1987 no clue...not at teh lab
16:51 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:51 Superman13 theres apparently a fire able to be seen from alpine and the didnt know if they could c it there or not..
16:52 wannabe1987 yeah...i was watching wzzm 13s live stream
16:52 wannabe1987 i don't think so, cuz our building isn't that tall...the
16:52 wannabe1987 fire is downtown-ish
16:52 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
16:52 mashpriborintorg hi all what's going on
16:52 Superman13 oh... lol i suppose not
16:52 wannabe1987 hi mashpriborintorg :)
16:53 wannabe1987 fire in GR...not visible from lab
16:54 mashpriborintorg well it happens... some months ago a house in my street was on fire
16:55 mashpriborintorg kids playing with matches :(
16:55 wannabe1987 but its a furniture store/factory
16:56 mashpriborintorg such things burns well, I remember seeing the fire of a vehicle scrapyard... gigantic
16:56 wannabe1987 :O :(
16:57 Quick joined #thegeekgroup
16:57 Superman13 left #thegeekgroup
16:58 Quick So... not much going on today I see.
16:58 wannabe1987 hi quick
16:58 eightbitbrad heya Quick
16:58 wannabe1987 well, theres a fire in GR, but can't see it from the lab
16:59 Quick I'm sure there's always a fire somewhere in GR.
16:59 sp00nix GR?
16:59 NeWtoz Grand Rapids
16:59 Quick Grand Rapids.
16:59 wannabe1987 lol this one is at a furniture factory
16:59 sp00nix ah, what i thought
16:59 wannabe1987 GR = city lab is in
16:59 sp00nix gotcha
16:59 sp00nix been a while since ive been active in TGG
16:59 Quick Which one?
16:59 mashpriborintorg Chris mom should call him and tell him ""Chris, go tidy your MDH"
16:59 wannabe1987 kindle
17:00 wannabe1987 lol the MDH is a MESS
17:00 Quick My uncle's dad was the guy that owned Isreals furniture.
17:00 wannabe1987 cool
17:00 eightbitbrad Well, someone's taken the forklift for a run
17:00 Quick Wondering if maybe it was one of theirs.
17:01 wannabe1987 division and garden street...
17:01 geek101 left #thegeekgroup
17:01 sp00nix now i have thursday in my head
17:02 * sp00nix air drums
17:02 * wannabe1987 is listening to the shoundtrack to REPO. i'm happy
17:02 Quick Hah. I've got 10,000 Days going. If I open my windows and crank my amp, you might be able to hear it from the lab.
17:02 eightbitbrad Reeeeepo maaaan.
17:03 wannabe1987 lol
17:03 wannabe1987 zydrate comes in a little glass vial
17:03 Quick Repomen or Repo the Genetic Opera?
17:03 wannabe1987 genetic opera
17:03 wannabe1987 never seen repo man (yet)
17:03 wannabe1987 someday i might...depends on how bored i get haha
17:04 wannabe1987 yay for netflix
17:04 Quick It's a decent movie.
17:07 Quick left #thegeekgroup
17:09 sp00nix i coudlnt be in a building where everythig i say is streamed lol
17:09 sp00nix i say to many stupid things
17:09 wannabe1987 lol i found that out AFTER zomb...
17:09 eightbitbrad LOL
17:09 wannabe1987 i was mortified to find out we were streamed
17:09 wannabe1987 i was wearing a yellow shirt, all...
17:09 sp00nix haha
17:09 sp00nix video is one thing, but audio is different
17:10 wannabe1987 yeah...
17:22 eightbitbrad we haz Red sighting on stream
17:22 wannabe1987 ooooi hear she's all girly
17:22 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
17:22 wannabe1987 hi Hackbat
17:22 Hackbat Heyo
17:22 Hackbat Sup?
17:22 wannabe1987 nm
17:23 wannabe1987 apparently red went in all girly today...
17:23 wannabe1987 like in a dress and everything
17:23 wannabe1987 make up
17:23 wannabe1987 the whole shebang
17:23 eightbitbrad uh, nope
17:23 eightbitbrad jeans and a shirt it would appear
17:23 wannabe1987 lol
17:23 eightbitbrad your source is teh wrong.
17:23 wannabe1987 she went IN all girly
17:23 wannabe1987 she brought work clothes along
17:23 wannabe1987 she has job interview tonight too
17:23 eightbitbrad ah cool.
17:24 wannabe1987 see, i get my info from HERE
17:24 wannabe1987 so...yeah
17:25 speedrunnerG55__ A dress??
17:26 speedrunnerG55__ Lol I'm in class and all I can do is quickly scan the irc
17:26 wannabe1987 go back to school/studying
17:27 speedrunnerG55 ._.
17:27 speedrunnerG55 ok
17:27 speedrunnerG55__ I'll go back
17:28 speedrunnerG55 is now known as speed-school
17:30 eightbitbrad lol
17:31 speed-school people talking about cars around me
17:31 speed-school hard to work
17:33 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
17:37 mashpriborintorg earthshake at the lab
17:38 mashpriborintorg or just camera shake
17:38 wannabe1987 no earthshake here...
17:38 * wannabe1987 will be moving AWAY from the lab soon :O
17:39 eightbitbrad Trying to figure out what they're setting up...  maybe a paint sprayer?
17:39 SparkyPojects I'd go with paint sprayer too
17:39 wannabe1987 lol finally
17:39 eightbitbrad yeah, I think that's what it is.
17:40 eightbitbrad let the fun begin!
17:40 cctoide no more rollers?
17:40 MadManMarkAu From the social stream: "wut r u duing" and "hat dint sand good"
17:40 MadManMarkAu ...oh wow
17:40 wannabe1987 i know...i saw that there
17:40 wannabe1987 and i was don't type your accent :P
17:41 MadManMarkAu lol
17:41 MadManMarkAu ah maht have to disagreh wif ya dere
17:41 SparkyPojects This is something that should have been done with the room empty, i can see a lot of the stuff in there being white specled
17:41 wannabe1987 and the zydrate gun goes against your anatomy
17:41 MadManMarkAu ^-- THIS
17:41 wannabe1987 SparkyPojects - yes...i to boden
17:41 MadManMarkAu I love you wannabe1987 :D
17:41 cctoide he said he wanted airtight dropcloth
17:41 RageRiot evening
17:41 cctoide or something along those lines
17:42 wannabe1987 shoulda been MCC then MDH THEN everywhere else to be painted
17:42 wannabe1987 why, MadManMarkAu
17:42 MadManMarkAu For the Zydrate comment
17:42 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
17:42 cctoide so he probably though of that
17:42 * RageRiot bashes head on desk... monday blues
17:42 MadManMarkAu So, what is that device?
17:42 wannabe1987 :D  i LOVE repo...batsteve gave me the soundtrack via email(s) (6 of them)
17:42 MadManMarkAu lol
17:42 wannabe1987 it kills pain...
17:42 MadManMarkAu I want those MP3s
17:42 MadManMarkAu :P
17:43 MadManMarkAu TO ISOHUNT!
17:43 wannabe1987 so that amber sweet can be addicted to the knife
17:43 mman454 .log
17:43 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
17:43 wannabe1987 and theres mighty fine print...
17:43 wannabe1987 poor mag
17:43 eightbitbrad MadManMarkAu: It would appear to be a paint sprayer
17:43 MadManMarkAu Captain: Have you tried turning it off and on again?
17:43 eightbitbrad That's our guess right now
17:43 MadManMarkAu kk :)
17:44 eightbitbrad "What operating system are you using?"  "Vista"  "We're going to die!"
17:44 mman454 oh CaptainBoden is trying to figure out a paint sprayer. This could be good.
17:44 wannabe1987 lol
17:44 * eightbitbrad <3s The IT Crowd
17:45 speedrunnerG55__ Me too
17:45 MadManMarkAu Me three
17:45 eightbitbrad 0118 999 88199 9119 725    3
17:46 MadManMarkAu Dammit, you remembered it all?
17:46 MadManMarkAu It's correct, too
17:46 eightbitbrad Memorized.  My favorite episode :)
17:46 MadManMarkAu lol :D
17:46 MadManMarkAu Four! I mean, five! I mean, fire!
17:46 eightbitbrad Four!  I mean Five!  I mean Fire!
17:46 eightbitbrad LOL yes
17:46 speedrunnerG55__ Hoedown here?
17:46 MadManMarkAu LAWL
17:47 mman454 .seen tggmastercontrol
17:47 BotSteve mman454: I last saw tggmastercontrol 3.81 hours ago at 2011-05-09 13:58:45 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 17:47:04 UTC
17:47 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
17:47 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55__ no...he's online you want him here?
17:47 MadManMarkAu OMni-Dog!
17:47 speedrunnerG55__ No. I'm chatting with him on fb actually
17:47 speedrunnerG55__ Lol
17:47 wannabe1987 ok lol
17:47 MadManMarkAu You mean, friendface?
17:47 wannabe1987 THATS why he's so silent...haha
17:48 mman454 Aw. Poor Omni. She probably hates the paint sprayer.
17:48 speedrunnerG55__ RED!
17:48 wannabe1987 i don't mind...srsly
17:48 wannabe1987 poor omni got painted one day
17:48 speedrunnerG55__ What they mixing?
17:48 MadManMarkAu lol wut?
17:48 speedrunnerG55__ Paint?
17:48 MadManMarkAu Paint, I beliveve
17:48 mman454 Theyre priming the sprayer
17:48 MadManMarkAu *believe
17:48 eightbitbrad indeed.
17:48 speedrunnerG55__ Geezers
17:48 speedrunnerG55__ Geezers
17:48 mashpriborintorg they are making cake
17:48 speedrunnerG55__ ...
17:48 wannabe1987 om nom nom
17:48 speedrunnerG55__ Yesssssss
17:49 wannabe1987 no...its frosting!
17:49 cctoide Wall candy.
17:49 MadManMarkAu YOU LIE!
17:49 MadManMarkAu </invaderzim>
17:49 wannabe1987 might end up regretting my decision i made this last weekend...O WELL lifes good
17:50 mman454 BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden The whole IRC started freaking out when you turned on, and started priming the paint sprayer.
17:50 BotSteve mman454: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
17:50 mashpriborintorg how many geeks are needed to whatch a thing mixing a bucket
17:50 MadManMarkAu 26, apparently
17:51 cctoide two to look for manuals online, the rest to suggest a better way of doing it
17:51 mashpriborintorg + 3 in the MDH + 1 or 2 at the console
17:51 BatSteve-Away and one to correct MadManMarkAu's dyslexia.
17:51 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
17:51 MadManMarkAu I don't have lesdyxia
17:52 mman454 batsteve! its been a while...
17:52 mman454 omni!
17:52 MadManMarkAu 'lo BatSteve
17:52 cctoide hopefully Omni won't be white by tonight
17:52 wannabe1987 lol
17:52 BatSteve oh, huh, lookit that.  26 watching the stream, 62 in channel
17:52 MadManMarkAu heh
17:52 BatSteve apparently I spoke too soon
17:52 MadManMarkAu lol
17:52 speed-school hi batsteve
17:53 mman454 BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden Cory was abusing your dog... You don't push down hard on her back to get her to sit!
17:53 BotSteve mman454: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
17:53 mman454 egrsteve are you here?
17:53 Guardianzozo back
17:53 mman454 White balance is really messed up on that camera.
17:54 BatSteve speed - why aren't you paying attention in school
17:54 speed-school school ended
17:54 wannabe1987 mman454 - thats how you train a dog to sit..
17:54 mman454 I'm in school as well. ;)
17:54 wannabe1987 right...
17:54 wannabe1987 "ended"
17:54 speed-school im still in my classroom tho
17:54 wannabe1987 talking to chicks?  o wait...we're not all chicks...nvm
17:55 mman454 wannabe1987 yes but putting weight on a dogs back to get them to sit can actually injure them.
17:55 wannabe1987 ahhh
17:55 mashpriborintorg omni has titanium bones
17:55 wannabe1987 omni knows how to sit if you tell her to...
17:56 speed-school it ended
17:56 speed-school really
17:56 mashpriborintorg for some biscuit she will sit
17:56 speed-school im sitting in class waiting to get picked up
17:56 wannabe1987 THEN why are you speed-school till?
17:56 wannabe1987 o.O by a hooker?!
17:56 speed-school because im in class
17:56 MadManMarkAu Okay, I cannot remain concious anymore
17:56 speed-school by my dad xD
17:56 MadManMarkAu Nini geeks
17:56 BatSteve so long mark
17:56 wannabe1987 night MadManMarkAu
17:56 Guardianzozo later mark
17:57 speed-school night
17:57 Guardianzozo hey steve how ya been?
17:57 mman454 wannabe1987 Do we know you from any of the videos?
17:57 BatSteve heya zozo
17:57 wannabe1987 i was in one of them
17:57 speed-school why dosent it just run comtinuosly
17:57 wannabe1987 i was also at zomb the other night if you were watching...
17:58 mman454 It has a pressure switch.
17:58 speed-school is it electric?
17:58 mman454 Yes
17:58 speed-school and electronically controlled?
17:58 mashpriborintorg omg these paint pistol is taking Red's job
17:58 wannabe1987 i'm sure she's ok with it
17:58 cctoide so did this come from Kzoo or did they buy it now
17:58 mman454 In a sense. Electromechanically controled
17:58 speed-school what what?
17:59 mman454 No pcb's are used.
17:59 speed-school left #thegeekgroup
17:59 DruidicRifleman hey
17:59 mman454 tggconsole or anyone at  the lab. Are you curently online?
18:00 Seroster Would an electric flyswatter put out an excess of 600v?
18:01 Seroster If it does it will void my warranty while tweaking it for maximum power
18:01 mman454 It won't from the factory. And it would obviously void your warranty.
18:01 wannabe1987 duh
18:02 mman454 seroster You're trying to do that modification that household hacker did, aren't you?
18:02 DruidicRifleman they gave chriss A paint gun
18:03 DruidicRifleman WHAT ARE THEY THINKING
18:03 mashpriborintorg yeah Red is jobless now
18:03 cctoide Chris handles his hose like a pro
18:03 wannabe1987 lol
18:03 mman454 He is much smarter than he looks.
18:03 wannabe1987 red's BEEN jobless except this tgg
18:03 DruidicRifleman she was a volenite not an employie
18:04 mman454 I got to get goin guys. TTYL
18:04 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
18:04 DruidicRifleman did i miss something while getting taco noms?
18:05 mashpriborintorg she is volunteer for employing her mind and body at the lab, btw
18:06 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 speedrunnerG55 I'm here
18:07 speedrunnerG55 In car jaw
18:07 speedrunnerG55 Jaw
18:07 speedrunnerG55 Now
18:07 mashpriborintorg Steve really needs to figure out the white balance on this camera
18:07 wannabe1987 mashpriborintorg - they're starting payroll soon, but theres no funding to pay backwages...:(
18:07 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 cctoide gain, I think
18:07 speedrunnerG55 And dude. Chrissy
18:08 speedrunnerG55 Is a scientist
18:08 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
18:08 speedrunnerG55 Omg
18:08 speedrunnerG55 I didn't mean to say that
18:08 wannabe1987 i'm so confused as to what you're giong on about...but itsok :Di have repo soundtrack.
18:09 wannabe1987 ya know...all this iphone auto correct stuff WOULDN"T HAPPEN if people would read what they're posting before hitting ok
18:09 mashpriborintorg yeah funding, the big problem :(
18:09 wannabe1987 and red's mom won't let her spend a few nights in GR
18:09 speedrunnerG55 Ok
18:10 wannabe1987 it would help save her some gas here and there
18:10 BatSteve speedrunnerG55:  settings > general > keyboard > autocorrect off
18:11 speedrunnerG55 Thank you.
18:11 mashpriborintorg the lab has enought rroms for making a bedroom for overnight workers
18:11 mashpriborintorg What about the new geehouse, does somebody know ?
18:12 wannabe1987 what about it?
18:12 speedrunnerG55 It's off now
18:12 speedrunnerG55 :)
18:12 wannabe1987 thats what she said
18:12 speedrunnerG55 :( poor red
18:12 DruidicRifleman yeah 130 minutes a day driving with no job... thats harsh to pay for i feel sory for her cedit card
18:13 mashpriborintorg
18:13 speedrunnerG55 DruidicRifleman: Im still wating for the screen capture
18:14 DruidicRifleman of what?
18:14 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
18:15 Seroster Fuck. Mman left.
18:15 wannabe1987 lol
18:16 wannabe1987 send him a tell
18:16 Seroster BotSteve: tell mman454 No. I am nopt trying to do whatever householdhacker did. I am going to remove a few resistors, add a few batteries and spiking it up with a couple of capacitors, hold the button down for 15 secs to charge, hit a fly and WHAM.
18:16 BotSteve Seroster: I'll pass that on when mman454 is around.
18:16 Quick joined #thegeekgroup
18:16 Seroster ....I didnt have a toothache BEFORE i went to the fucking dentist.
18:17 wannabe1987 ...
18:17 BatSteve Seroster: that's because the protective layer of filth has been stripped away from the stubs that you call teeth
18:17 BatSteve (:
18:18 Seroster Those ridicilously huge Xray plates you have to bite down on. Feels like my mouth was fucked by a porcupine
18:18 BatSteve ohhh...those....
18:18 BatSteve yeah...
18:18 DruidicRifleman that camera angle sucks
18:18 wannabe1987 owwww
18:18 wannabe1987 those hurt
18:18 Seroster Anyone got a mouth big enough that those fuckers FIT?
18:18 exor674 I dunno, I find the plastic wrapper worse
18:19 exor674 as that has sharp corners that poke me
18:19 Seroster I know they want a big background for the teeth to show up good,
18:19 Seroster But why not make it CONCAVE?
18:19 Seroster Derp
18:19 DruidicRifleman when was the Decission to use a power painter to paint the MDH made
18:20 Seroster A minute after Red jammed her very sore arm up the captains ass? =P
18:20 wannabe1987 what?!  o.O
18:20 Quick Hey, does anyone know the lab phone number?
18:20 Seroster My guess is that they decided to use it as soon as they laid their hands on it.
18:20 wannabe1987 its on the website, quick
18:21 Quick Where?
18:21 Quick I couldn't find it.
18:21 wannabe1987 let me go look
18:21 wannabe1987 otherwise i have a doc with it on it
18:21 Seroster .g theGeekGroup phone number
18:21 BotSteve Seroster:
18:21 speedrunnerG55 Im bacl
18:21 Seroster You know the beginning of the phone number? Wtf it's called, area code?
18:22 speedrunnerG55 Ye
18:22 mashpriborintorg send 20 Hz in the phone, it will will apparently
18:22 mashpriborintorg ring
18:22 Quick 616
18:22 Seroster Good!
18:22 Quick Is the downtown GR area code.
18:22 Seroster .g thegeekgroup 616
18:22 BotSteve Seroster:
18:22 Seroster That might be it
18:23 wannabe1987 quick -  its on here
18:23 wannabe1987 how could you not find this?!
18:23 NeWtoz 616 is all of lower west michigan
18:23 BatSteve NeWtoz: false, there's also 269
18:23 Quick Mkay, thanks.
18:23 wannabe1987 ...
18:24 NeWtoz oh, you are right
18:24 wannabe1987 yeah...616 is mid west michigan
18:24 Quick It wasn't there when I checked...
18:24 wannabe1987 he better be...
18:24 wannabe1987 thats his number
18:24 wannabe1987 well
18:24 wannabe1987 you click "contact" and the number shows up...
18:24 NeWtoz I'm used to when most of the west side was all 616
18:24 NeWtoz before 231 in the north
18:26 Quick Why are we arguing about area codes?
18:26 Seroster I could explain why if you want me to, but I suppose that was a retorical question
18:26 NeWtoz it's the new thing
18:26 wannabe1987 what else is there to agrueia bout?
18:26 Quick I'm filling out job applications like mad, and this is the first one that required a phone number for employment history.
18:26 wannabe1987 argue*
18:27 NeWtoz I'm guessing arguing about area codes isn't a bad thing comparatively
18:28 Seroster We can talk about something less controversial if you want, like religion, gun laws or politics?
18:29 Quick Organized religion is the bane of humanity.
18:29 MoxieMike gun laws are interesting
18:29 Seroster sure are
18:30 Quick left #thegeekgroup
18:30 MoxieMike in other news: Red is handling heights of scaffolding a lot better than I would be
18:30 Seroster How high?
18:30 BatSteve Seroster: this is The Geek Group - our controversial topics are things like "Can a plane take off on a treadmill" and "I just invented a device that harnesses free energy"
18:30 wannabe1987 can a plane toake off on a treadmill?
18:30 Seroster It sure can take off from a treadmill
18:30 BatSteve yeah
18:30 Seroster The wheels will spin twice as fast
18:31 wannabe1987 cool
18:31 Seroster But they don't provide thrust
18:31 wannabe1987 the planes BatSteve flies?
18:31 Seroster If they did the plane would lose speed as soon as it falls down
18:31 MoxieMike she's sitting on the top platform
18:31 Seroster ANY plane
18:31 BatSteve assuming a big enough treadmill, yes
18:31 wannabe1987 o.o
18:31 Seroster the wheels are just on bearings, no connection to the engine
18:31 NeWtoz Mythbusters did a show on it
18:31 MoxieMike a plane requires relative air speed...the wheels are idle at take off
18:31 Seroster Yup
18:32 Seroster Season.... 5?
18:32 wannabe1987 i haven't seen all of mythbusters yet, NeWtoz...working on it...on netflix
18:32 Seroster The wheels are ALWAYS idle. =P
18:32 Seroster Even on the ground you move by propeller or jet thrust
18:32 NeWtoz Episode 97
18:32 cctoide ... didn't we arrive at the conclusion it wouldn't :|
18:32 BatSteve Yeah, the wheels don't receive power.
18:32 Seroster cctoide, Wanna bet?
18:33 wannabe1987 true
18:33 wannabe1987 no betting with my name please
18:33 Seroster A CAR on a treadmill wouldnt be able to move forward. But a plane =/= a car
18:33 wannabe1987 why not
18:33 Seroster ...Wings for one? =P
18:33 cctoide unless the plane has magical bearings for the wheel axles, I don't see it moving
18:34 wannabe1987 no...
18:34 wannabe1987 asshole
18:34 Seroster I sure am!
18:34 wannabe1987 the car not working on a treadmill
18:34 Seroster Well
18:34 NeWtoz now this is arguing
18:34 MoxieMike the plane moves forward by thrust from the propeller or jets, a car moves forward by appling torque to the wheels
18:34 BatSteve NeWtoz: see?
18:34 BatSteve :]
18:34 wannabe1987 who says we're arguing?
18:34 wannabe1987 i'm clueless
18:34 Seroster The wheels spin, contact with the ground, and that is what drives the car.  if the ground moves the car will be stationary relative to the rest of the world
18:35 wannabe1987 and trying to gain knowledege
18:35 Seroster And by the ground I mean the treadmill
18:35 wannabe1987 o ok
18:36 cctoide well, I recall discussing this with BatSteve a few weeks ago
18:36 speedrunnerG55 Yesssss
18:36 Seroster Lol
18:36 Seroster An airplane's lift is generated by air flow relative to the wings. The
18:36 Seroster speed of the aircraft relative to the runway is, in principle,
18:36 Seroster irrelevant.
18:36 Seroster In fact, let's put it this way: As long as the plane's wheels are
18:36 Seroster free to roll, the conveyor belt can move either forwards or backwards,
18:36 Seroster at any speed, but the engines will exert thrust and the aircraft will
18:36 Seroster aquire airspeed, and will liftoff regardless the belt.
18:36 Seroster </quote>
18:36 speedrunnerG55 I got home wih 2% battery left
18:37 speedrunnerG55 Speed?
18:37 speedrunnerG55 Lol jk
18:38 Seroster ...Sigh.
18:38 BatSteve Seroster: right.  the belt and the wheels of the plane would basically be freewheeling
18:39 Seroster The army, patriotism and nazis... FUUCk
18:42 wannabe1987 .
18:42 cctoide still not seeing it, it seems to depend on how you expect the wheels to work
18:43 wannabe1987 america is wondering if we should stop taking in so many refugees...UM YEAH?
18:43 wannabe1987 we don't have enough jobs as it is!
18:43 BatSteve cctoide: try and explain it in channel as you understand it
18:43 BatSteve in both ways if possible
18:43 BatSteve I promise we won't pounce on you till you're done
18:44 RageRiot is now known as RageRiot|a
18:44 * RageRiot|a is now auto-away after 30m idle
18:45 wannabe1987 whats he explaining?
18:45 BatSteve the plane on the treadmill
18:46 wannabe1987 ooo ok
18:46 cctoide If the engines are idle, and the treadmill starts to move, the aircraft would move with it, due to (eventually) friction in the wheel bearings, right?
18:46 DruidicRifleman Canada shouldn't even take the one's we take in
18:46 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
18:46 cctoide so it seems you could always oppose any force acting on the airplane by moving the treadmill back
18:47 DruidicRifleman amd some people think the US and canada have "absolutly no right to refuse refugees or have Any immigration laws"
18:47 speedrunnerG55 Wait the plane on treadmill haha!
18:47 tggRED Did you guys see? WHAT I GOT?
18:47 speedrunnerG55 Thats so dumb
18:47 Seroster cctoide, If the plane engine was off. But it would have no problem whatsoever taking off.
18:47 wannabe1987 tggRED :D
18:47 speedrunnerG55 We all saw
18:47 eightbitbrad tggRED: Indeed we did!
18:47 DruidicRifleman you got a paint sprayer no didn't see it
18:47 speedrunnerG55 And hi RED
18:47 eightbitbrad kid, meet candystore :)
18:48 cctoide though from what I'm reading I should say my interpretation is that the treadmill tries as hard as it can to keep the plane stationary, and not to match its speed
18:48 DruidicRifleman also didn't see your but as you climed the scafolding
18:48 NeWtoz after ALL this time, you finally got a paint sprayer??!!?
18:48 BatSteve cctoide: right.  that's the key - keeping the plane stationary
18:48 speedrunnerG55 we dont want scafolding but
18:49 BatSteve the only way to prevent the plane from taking off is to make sure it remains stationary relative to the surrounding atmosphere
18:50 speedrunnerG55 ^^
18:50 cctoide yup
18:50 Seroster cctoide, even if the plane is on a treadmill going a million mph the plane wouldnt move backwards if the propeller was spinning at idle speed.
18:50 Seroster *The treadmill being at 1.000.000 mph*
18:50 cctoide Why?
18:50 exor674 isn't this where "theory" and "real life" diverge though
18:51 Phu joined #thegeekgroup
18:51 BatSteve I'm interested in hearing where Seroster is going with this as well.
18:51 cctoide Things on wheels tend to move if the ground moves under them
18:51 Phu blah. Power failures while away indeed.
18:51 speedrunnerG55 They did this in mythbusters
18:51 Seroster Yes, but that force is TINY
18:51 wannabe1987 hi Phu
18:51 speedrunnerG55 It was busted
18:51 cctoide They will stay in one spot if you do it fast enough, but eventually they will start moving with it
18:51 Phu hi wannabe1987 :) How's you?
18:51 wannabe1987 alive!
18:52 wannabe1987 and doing well
18:52 speedrunnerG55 Yay wannabe is alive
18:52 cctoide unless there's a zero friction interface between the vehicle and the ground, in which case, yeah, the plane will take off because the treadmill might as well not exist
18:52 Seroster Sure will cctoide, if the plane is turned off the bearing friction overcomes the inertia of the plane
18:52 speedrunnerG55 I mean darn
18:52 speedrunnerG55 Lol jk
18:55 Seroster You killed IRC, speedrunnerG55!
18:55 speedrunnerG55 What?
18:57 speedrunnerG55 How i kill it?
18:58 Phu you were the last to speak before it all went quiet :P
18:59 Phu see, now I've killed it :(
18:59 * BatSteve starts wondering about the corrolary - what happens if a plane *lands* on the treadmill instead?
18:59 Phu so I will take my vengence by mentioning the game.
19:01 speedrunnerG55 NOOOOOOOO
19:01 wannabe1987 lol
19:01 wannabe1987 i hate you
19:01 wannabe1987 x_x
19:01 cctoide but what is the treadmill doing?
19:01 speedrunnerG55 i lost
19:02 wannabe1987 being cruhed
19:02 BatSteve See, that's the thing - the treadmill isn't well defined in the previous question. By rephrasing it you force a definition.
19:03 LeadHead Man, I'd hope mythbusters would have ended this once and for all
19:04 BatSteve nope!
19:04 BatSteve it never ends, much like which star trek was better.
19:04 tggRED ^_^
19:04 tggRED Red is a happpy happy camper.
19:04 eightbitbrad tggRED: I bet!
19:04 wannabe1987
19:04 eightbitbrad Now you can do some really awesome graffiti ;)
19:05 wannabe1987 lol
19:05 speedrunnerG55 Lol red
19:12 wannabe1987 ... speedrunnerG55 you keep killing chat!
19:12 * speedrunnerG55 pulles out the paddles
19:12 speedrunnerG55 CLEAR
19:12 * wannabe1987 jolts
19:12 speedrunnerG55 CLRAL
19:13 speedrunnerG55 ops
19:13 speedrunnerG55 CLEAR
19:13 BatSteve speedrunnerG55 - oops has 2 o's
19:13 wannabe1987 lol
19:13 DruidicRifleman tggRED can you move the camera?
19:13 BatSteve you've misspelled it for as long as I've known you.  I wasn't sure if you actually knew the correct spelling.
19:13 speedrunnerG55 that was on purpose
19:13 BatSteve oh
19:14 BatSteve My mistake!
19:14 wannabe1987 lol
19:14 speedrunnerG55 ;)
19:14 speedrunnerG55 To get a responce
19:14 zgasma joined #thegeekgroup
19:14 wannabe1987 spelling fail.  do not pass go, go straight back to school, do not collect $200
19:14 speedrunnerG55 Oh. Thanks for correcting me tho
19:14 speedrunnerG55 Oops
19:16 tggRED Move the camera where?
19:17 * speedrunnerG55 goes to wach stream
19:18 wannabe1987 no comment
19:18 cctoide eh, I think I've found my hangup
19:18 speedrunnerG55 Yes comment
19:18 LeadHead With spelling?
19:19 wannabe1987 omg he spelled something right :D
19:19 wannabe1987 ;P
19:19 cctoide With plane/treadmill.
19:19 LeadHead Oh
19:19 speedrunnerG55 Lol
19:21 LeadHead Jesus Red, if OSHA saw what you're doing they'd have a cow
19:21 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
19:22 * wannabe1987 needs to see this now...
19:22 LeadHead She was hanging off the side of the scaffolding with a foot in the air
19:23 wannabe1987 ooo
19:23 LeadHead while spraying. I'm not a huge stickler for safety
19:23 LeadHead but dam
19:23 wannabe1987 very safe!
19:23 LeadHead *Damn
19:23 wannabe1987 i think that working at the lab, painting, would be better with REPO: the genetic opera soundtrack....
19:24 cctoide hm
19:24 cctoide wonder what the cafe ceiling is coated with
19:24 cctoide just paint or some sort of paint/fiber mix
19:24 SparkyPojects I agree about Red, hanging on with one hand like that she could slip, even more worried about her being on the top with no form of safety rail, surely that top section of scaffold could be turned round so the board could be lowered to a better height.
19:24 BatSteve asbestos and cyanide
19:25 wannabe1987 lol
19:25 wannabe1987 wait...she's been standing on the top boards?!
19:25 wannabe1987 :blink blink:
19:25 LeadHead she wa about halfway up
19:25 wannabe1987 ooook
19:25 wannabe1987 them boards don't look safe, either...btw
19:26 SparkyPojects No, sitting on the top board, but climbing up there looked dodgy, i don't mind heights, i've used scaffold, but i would still wat a grab rail
19:26 LeadHead IF she fell and got hurt, the TGG is basically done. Even if she didn't sue them, her health insurance most defintely would if the injuries were severe enough.
19:27 SparkyPojects Those boards are locked onto the rails
19:27 tggRED Hey guys...I'm afraid of heights...can we NOT discuss how unsafe this is, kthanks.
19:27 wannabe1987 lolsorry red
19:27 tggRED Also, I signed release TGG is fine.
19:28 LeadHead Release forms mean shit in the real world, unfortunately. If you had $150,000 in medial bills, you bet your ass your health insurance would sue the shit out of them
19:28 SparkyPojects Red, ask if that top piece of scaffold can be turned 180, and that top board lowered onto the ladder part, please
19:28 LeadHead Just how it is these days
19:28 LeadHead **medical
19:28 Guardianzozo left #thegeekgroup
19:29 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
19:29 speedrunnerG55 Hi red
19:29 LeadHead The only thing I was saying about the safety of the scaffolding is just to move it over so you're standing on the boards, not hanging off the side of it
19:29 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
19:31 speedrunnerG55__ hi
19:32 Mr_NoLife joined #thegeekgroup
19:32 * speedrunnerG55__ joining stream now
19:32 speedrunnerG55__ wtf spanish addd
19:33 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
19:33 * speedrunnerG55__ afriaid of but sht, shields his eyes
19:33 SparkyPojects Red is going up to hand paint the part close to the roof (to avoid the overspray), and is going to the top, you'll see what i mean
19:34 Mr_NoLife left #thegeekgroup
19:35 wannabe1987 hand painting it makes sense...
19:35 wannabe1987 so thats her...ohai red!
19:37 Seroster ...
19:37 Seroster My toe nail is about to fall off. And It annoys me.
19:37 speedrunnerG55__ 0_0
19:37 speedrunnerG55__ which one
19:37 speedrunnerG55__ the little one?
19:38 Seroster I want to tie a rope to it, the other end of the rope to a big chunk of metal and throw it off the balchony
19:38 Seroster left big toe nail
19:38 Seroster I dropped a HAKI scaffold on it
19:38 speedrunnerG55__ omg
19:38 speedrunnerG55__ at the lab?
19:38 Seroster Eh
19:38 wannabe1987 ...
19:38 wannabe1987 no
19:38 Seroster I am on the other side of the globe, mate
19:38 wannabe1987 he can't
19:38 wannabe1987 lol
19:38 wannabe1987 hes swedeish
19:38 speedrunnerG55__ ...ok
19:39 Seroster But fuck it's itching.
19:39 wannabe1987 use a toe nail clipper and cut it off?
19:40 speedrunnerG55__ use freeon
19:40 speedrunnerG55__ freez it off
19:40 speedrunnerG55__ idk
19:40 mashpriborintorg burn it with fire
19:40 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
19:40 speedrunnerG55__ not burn freez
19:40 Seroster Wanabe, well. A clipper wouldnt be able to get in between the nail bed and the nail
19:41 Seroster I was more into.. Scalpel.
19:41 Seroster Speedrunner, I got butane...
19:41 LeadHead R600, good enough
19:41 LeadHead Just don't light a smoke
19:41 wannabe1987 i don't have one of those, tho, Seroster
19:41 Seroster I have fuckloads. =P
19:41 Seroster LeadHead, Tsk.
19:41 * wannabe1987 thinks Seroster is the dentist from Lil shop of horrors
19:42 Seroster You know, I've ben firebrething. I'm a poi spinner.
19:42 speedrunnerG55__ whats that green bar on the top of the stream
19:42 Seroster I've breathed fire with butane. I've used it to het my apartment
19:43 wannabe1987 the bar is the video capture card
19:43 wannabe1987 it has an issue
19:43 speedrunnerG55__ what did red just throw down
19:43 Seroster A bra? =D
19:44 speedrunnerG55__ no :P
19:44 speedrunnerG55__ .......NO!!!
19:45 mashpriborintorg the cardboard piece she used for protecting the ceiling
19:45 SparkyPojects A piece of cardboard she used as a shield when spraying close to the roof, to stop overspray, but it didn't work
19:45 Seroster She threw down some.... Protection?
19:45 * Seroster giggles and runs away
19:45 speedrunnerG55__ ?
19:45 mashpriborintorg yes protections against projections
19:45 BatSteve yeah that didn't make sense even to me
19:46 speedrunnerG55__ ?
19:46 * wannabe1987 is gonna leave that one alone
19:48 speedrunnerG55__ o:
19:49 speedrunnerG55__ o_o
19:49 * wannabe1987 slaps speedrunnerG55__ with a trout
19:49 wannabe1987 why do you need three nicks on here anyway?!
19:50 speedrunnerG55__ LOL
19:50 speedrunnerG55__ idk were they all are
19:50 wannabe1987 o.
19:50 wannabe1987 o.O
19:50 Seroster oo?
19:50 speedrunnerG55__ i only know of 2 of them
19:51 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55, speedrunnerG55_, and speedrunnerG55__
19:51 wannabe1987 you only need one identity,young man
19:51 wannabe1987 unless you have DID/MPD...
19:51 speedrunnerG55__ whats that
19:51 Seroster Say that to the other 1986 wannabes....
19:51 mashpriborintorg Going to sleep, cheers
19:51 speedrunnerG55__ cheers
19:52 wannabe1987 DID = dissasociative (can't spell) identity disorder / MPD = multiple personality disorder
19:52 wannabe1987 night frenchie :D
19:52 Guardianzozo joined #thegeekgroup
19:52 mashpriborintorg 11 hours of work tomorrow :(
19:52 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:53 speedrunnerG55__ wannabe, sounds like me
19:54 speedrunnerG55__ lol jk
19:54 wannabe1987 ...
19:54 wannabe1987 mental health issues are NOT to be joked around about...
19:55 SparkyPojects Speed, i think it's because you drop out, but your nick is still in the list, so when you reply again you get a new nick with the underscores.
19:57 speedrunnerG55 Really
19:58 speedrunnerG55__ hrmm
19:58 speedrunnerG55__ does TGG have ip cameras?
19:59 cctoide probably several, in pieces
20:00 speedrunnerG55__ achoooooo
20:00 cctoide seriously though, I don't think I've ever seen any in the videos
20:01 cctoide maybe when Moose's inventory management software is ready we'll be able to check
20:01 speedrunnerG55__ they need lots of cameras for zomb
20:02 SparkyPojects Chris had a PTZ camera, that might have been IP, i think he wants more IP cameras though, so i would guess they have some
20:03 speedrunnerG55__ we need ip cameras and a sisco swich with POE
20:03 LeadHead Cisco.
20:03 speedrunnerG55__ ye that
20:07 speedrunnerG55__ who is spraying?
20:07 exor674 I always read "cisco" as "crisco"
20:07 speedrunnerG55__ -___-
20:09 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
20:09 speedrunnerG55__ HI TOAST  DUDE
20:10 Toastdude Hello
20:10 * speedrunnerG55__ makes toast
20:10 SparkyPojects Those  bolts in the wall must be holding the wallplate that supports the master control floor
20:10 wannabe1987 hi
20:10 Toastdude On the live stream?
20:10 wannabe1987 toast
20:11 wannabe1987 i had to take an irc break...i'm back now
20:11 SparkyPojects yes toast
20:11 Toastdude Hi wannabe ☺
20:11 wannabe1987 ...
20:11 Toastdude I meant ☻
20:11 speedrunnerG55__
20:11 wannabe1987 i'm not black
20:11 Guardianzozo im out of here, see you guys later
20:11 wannabe1987 kk
20:11 Toastdude Bye
20:11 speedrunnerG55__ noooooooooooooo
20:11 wannabe1987 hmmmm my ff disappeared
20:11 wannabe1987 odd
20:11 wannabe1987 awesome song
20:11 Guardianzozo left #thegeekgroup
20:12 Toastdude I'm not saying you were..... Its just the smiley one is black
20:12 wannabe1987 i can't see wht tha face is yeah
20:12 wannabe1987 REBOOT
20:12 wannabe1987 brb
20:13 Toastdude Smile > ☻ Frown > ☺
20:13 speedrunnerG55__ ╬╝
20:15 kellyEv joined #thegeekgroup
20:17 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
20:17 kellyEv is now known as wannabe1987
20:18 DruidicRifleman Mdh is looking good
20:18 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
20:18 * wannabe1987 is still in the running for a position at firekeepers :D
20:18 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:18 BatSteve Do you know which one yet?
20:19 wannabe1987 EVS (housekeeping) and food server
20:19 wannabe1987 hi Obtuse_
20:19 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
20:19 speedrunnerG55 I wonder
20:20 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
20:20 wannabe1987 ...
20:20 wannabe1987 GO AWAY
20:20 speedrunnerG55__ did i kill it?
20:20 speedrunnerG55__ why
20:20 speedrunnerG55__ :(
20:20 wannabe1987 we don't need 3 of you
20:20 wannabe1987 only one
20:21 wannabe1987 he had pinged out...but now __ is back...
20:21 speedrunnerG55__ im back xD
20:22 Obtuse_ oh hey Wannabe.
20:22 exor674 om nom hot dog
20:22 wannabe1987 he's coming for you...
20:23 Obtuse_ are you on comcast
20:23 speedrunnerG55__ no
20:23 Obtuse_ cuz my connection is horrendous
20:23 speedrunnerG55__ im on optimum cable
20:23 Obtuse_ it goes fast when it works
20:23 Obtuse_ but it always seems to have interrupted service
20:23 * BatSteve watches his phone choke while attempting to generate a 4096-bit RSA key
20:24 speedrunnerG55__ lol red
20:24 Obtuse_ like i'll load a page and there will be no response
20:24 Obtuse_ crazy Batsteve
20:25 Obtuse_ why are you generating a 4096 bit rsa key on your phone?
20:25 BatSteve because I have everything but pubkey authentication disabled on my PC and I want to SSH into my PC from my phone
20:26 * BatSteve tries again with 2048
20:26 Obtuse_ ah, gotcha
20:27 Obtuse_ so I'm worried.
20:27 speedrunnerG55__ about?
20:27 Obtuse_ I may have an interview with chrysler this friday
20:27 Obtuse_ and it could lead to a job
20:27 Obtuse_ causing me to move to detroit
20:27 wannabe1987 ooo
20:27 BatSteve woot Detroit
20:27 Obtuse_ i'm probably worry way before i need to
20:27 wannabe1987 i'm moving to Kzoo
20:28 Obtuse_ I'm on contract and its pissing me off
20:28 Obtuse_ 1.5 years on contract is not right
20:28 wannabe1987 ??
20:28 Obtuse_ I don't work for the company i work for... i just work there
20:28 Obtuse_ someone else pays me
20:28 wannabe1987 o.O
20:29 Obtuse_ its something that should be done when you need a temporary worker
20:29 speedrunnerG55__ good job RED
20:29 Obtuse_ my company uses it as an excuse to pay less
20:29 wannabe1987 ooo
20:30 Seroster Fuck
20:30 Obtuse_ This other job at chrysler is also contract, but they have been directly hiring people that start on contract too.
20:30 Seroster I just hung and old CRT monitor under my loft bed, and it seems my computer wont interface with it anymore
20:30 Obtuse_ so if they pay a considerable amount more... goodbye to GR.
20:31 Obtuse_ end rant
20:31 Obtuse_ or to make it parseable </end rant>
20:31 Obtuse_ you're hanging a CRT?
20:32 Obtuse_ sounds safe
20:32 wannabe1987 lol
20:32 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
20:32 DruidicRifleman i/me things red is over enjoying the paint sprayer
20:32 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
20:32 wannabe1987 HI PONKO92
20:32 speedrunnerG55__ bye batsteve
20:32 speedrunnerG55__ hi  PONKO92
20:33 tggRED Red is breaking things, it's okay.
20:33 wannabe1987 ooo what kind of things, red?
20:33 DruidicRifleman liking the new Spray gun red?
20:33 Obtuse_ Red has a spray gun? how much faster does painting go now?
20:34 wannabe1987 quite
20:34 speedrunnerG55__ red , keep a leven even hand when spraying
20:34 wannabe1987 except she still has to hand paint the top...
20:34 speedrunnerG55__ level
20:34 tggRED I pulled apart the basketball hoop so that we can move the scaffolding.
20:34 tggRED and I know about the wrist thing,..i keep catching myself.
20:35 speedrunnerG55__ white balance ail
20:35 speedrunnerG55__ fail
20:35 speedrunnerG55__ spelling fail^
20:35 DruidicRifleman lol
20:36 DruidicRifleman I wish i could compeat in the international sniper match at fort benning gorgia... :(
20:36 speedrunnerG55__ you could do an apple commertial right there
20:36 speedrunnerG55__ with white ballence like that
20:36 Obtuse_ woah, that is one white image
20:37 DruidicRifleman who showed up
20:37 speedrunnerG55__ whos that
20:37 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
20:37 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
20:40 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
20:42 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
20:42 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
20:42 wannabe1987 hi
20:42 speedrunnerG55 ?
20:43 DruidicRifleman tggmastercontrol Can you get someone to lower the camera down so we can see who is chatting?
20:43 speedrunnerG55 Darn
20:44 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
20:44 Teshima left #thegeekgroup
20:44 speredrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
20:45 wannabe1987 speredrunner?  lol spelled wrong!
20:45 Obtuse_ oh yea, red. climb that scaffolding!
20:46 Obtuse_ i'm too chickenshit to go that high
20:46 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
20:46 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
20:46 wannabe1987 lol red is scared of heights, Obtuse_
20:46 Obtuse_ well she sure hides it well
20:47 wannabe1987 lol yep
20:47 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
20:47 Obtuse_ like that is very high
20:47 wannabe1987 yes
20:48 speedrunnerG55 Draat
20:49 speredrunnerG55 i cant believe it
20:49 wannabe1987 haha
20:49 wannabe1987 speredrunnerG55
20:49 wannabe1987 there are still 3 of you
20:49 * speredrunnerG55 cries
20:49 wannabe1987 i don't understand how this is an issue
20:49 wannabe1987 ...
20:49 speedrunnerG55 /nick speedrunnerG55__
20:50 speedrunnerG55 is now known as speedrunnerG55__
20:50 speredrunnerG55 is now known as speedrunnerG55
20:50 speedrunnerG55 msg NickServ identify <password>
20:51 speedrunnerG55 darn you
20:51 speedrunnerG55 whatever
20:54 wannabe1987;feature=player_embedded  HOW NOT TO LOAD YOUR CAR
20:55 speedrunnerG55__ DruidicRifleman: ?
20:55 speedrunnerG55 ops wrong person
20:55 DruidicRifleman what?
20:56 wannabe1987 please, speedrunnerG55, spell things correctly...ok?  oops...not ops.  ops is what BatSteve has...
20:57 speedrunnerG55 i made the bridge design in west point brisdge designer
20:57 speedrunnerG55 bridge
20:57 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
20:57 speedrunnerG55 ill try
21:00 speedrunnerG55 have you used west point bridge designer?
21:02 wannabe1987 who r u talking to?!
21:02 * masterofmonks hands wannabe1987 the letters "aeyo"
21:03 wannabe1987 ??
21:04 tesla4d wannabe1987, you seem to have run out. He's just being nice.
21:04 wannabe1987 i'm  so confused
21:04 speedrunnerG55 he handed me a fish before
21:04 wannabe1987 i think i'm getting 1/2  a convo
21:05 masterofmonks No, you are getting the whole conversation.
21:05 wannabe1987 how do you know...i have some people on silent...
21:05 wannabe1987 who handed you a fish?
21:05 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
21:05 speedrunnerG55__ Grr did i timeout?
21:06 Druidic_Rifleman i miss any thing important?
21:06 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
21:06 wannabe1987 Druidic_Rifleman of course!
21:07 qwebirc958475 joined #thegeekgroup
21:07 masterofmonks [17:02] <wannabe1987> who r u talking to?!
21:07 masterofmonks [17:02] * masterofmonks hands wannabe1987 the letters "aeyo"
21:07 wannabe1987 aeyo?  i'm confused
21:07 masterofmonks are you
21:08 wannabe1987 excuse me for trying to use short hand...i was drinking and typing...sorry
21:08 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
21:08 qwebirc958475 i got "cod"
21:08 masterofmonks speedrunnerG55: did you do what I told you to with the carp?
21:08 qwebirc958475 no
21:08 DruidicRifleman left #thegeekgroup
21:08 qwebirc958475 i asked seroster
21:09 qwebirc958475 he told me to eat it
21:09 masterofmonks Did you?
21:09 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
21:10 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
21:10 speedrunnerG55__ is now known as speedrunnerG55
21:10 qwebirc958475 is now known as speedrunnerG55__
21:10 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:10 * wannabe1987 minimized irc to not have a headache
21:10 speedrunnerG55__ yes i did
21:10 masterofmonks Well then there you go.
21:10 masterofmonks wannabe1987: did it help?
21:11 speedrunnerG55__ "cod"  "aeyo"  tries to fit the puzzle together
21:11 speedrunnerG55__ not working
21:12 Druidic_Rifleman Dunk irc?
21:12 wannabe1987 masterofmonks - yes...cuz then i'm nott rying to figure out who is takling to whom and i'm one handed typing cuz i'm making foods
21:13 Druidic_Rifleman sooo other then red watching whats geeks up to
21:14 speedrunnerG55__ i designed the bridge in west point bridge designer
21:14 Druidic_Rifleman west point as in west point military accadomy
21:14 speedrunnerG55__ yes
21:15 speedrunnerG55__ i entered there contest and was a semifinalist a year ago
21:16 Druidic_Rifleman remember's Sitting in a class room at 14 singing this song
21:16 speedrunnerG55__ zone 1
21:17 speedrunnerG55__ im team doug
21:17 speedrunnerG55__ since, im doug
21:18 Cprossu hey there everyone what's up?
21:18 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
21:18 Cprossu the  bot timed out, I see
21:18 Druidic_Rifleman trying to decide what to get to celibrate the down fall of the firearms act
21:19 Druidic_Rifleman Mortar... a flamer thrower... or maybe a Custem Engraved wood stolcked Mini 14
21:19 Cprossu holy crap did red paint that thing in the top middle?
21:19 Cprossu xD
21:20 Druidic_Rifleman the flame thrower falls under the catagory of "forestry equiptment"
21:20 SparkyPojects It's a painting, apparently 'it's a thing# :D
21:21 Druidic_Rifleman Cprossu of those three weapons which would you think is most epic
21:21 BotSteve wannabe1987: remind me to find my CNA papers
21:22 Cprossu of those, the flamethrower
21:22 wannabe1987 .in 2 hours remind me to find my CNA papers
21:22 BotSteve wannabe1987: Okay, will remind at 23:22Z
21:22 wannabe1987 i'm cooking now
21:22 wannabe1987 thanks botsteve
21:22 BotSteve No problem, wannabe1987
21:22 Cprossu the mortar is only good for a few shots and you have to be at a decent range
21:23 Cprossu the flamethrower will make others who hear of it crap their pants
21:23 Cprossu it won't take many fatalities to have people running away from you with brown yellow poka dotted trousers
21:24 Cprossu terrible fucking way to go
21:24 LeadHead SparkyPojects: Ran that motor for at least a half hour under load today
21:24 LeadHead Motor stayed stone cold to the touch
21:24 LeadHead I think I'm going to call it good
21:24 Cprossu yes but it's hard to fire one at an ememy 3 meters away
21:26 SparkyPojects Yep, sounds good to me, did you recheck the current ?
21:27 Druidic_Rifleman Nods I'd love a legal chance to shoot someone with a 12gauge dragons breath shot shell XD!!! did you see the FPSrussia video with that things?
21:27 LeadHead My friend took his clamp-on ammeter back
21:27 LeadHead so I coudln't check
21:28 SparkyPojects Should sound something like this, you can hear the start contact working when it slows
21:32 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:35 speedrunnerG55__ is hoedown here/
21:35 speedrunnerG55__ ?
21:35 LeadHead Yes, I know what the start contact sounds like. It works fine
21:35 Seroster Crap
21:35 Seroster CRT monitors DOES NOT like hanging upside down.
21:35 LeadHead Although repulsion induction motors have a compeltely different way of startiing than my little induction motor
21:36 Seroster Especially not when their "downside" is against a piece of cloth
21:36 Seroster They get HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT
21:36 Seroster Now I gotta work out how to hang it rightside up
21:36 wannabe1987 yay i fried dinner :)
21:37 Seroster Wich will involve a precision monitor tool (hammer drill) and zipties
21:39 SparkyPojects True it's a different way of starting, but the sound is similar
21:39 LeadHead yurp
21:39 LeadHead motor has a similar sound to that once its running too. Seems to be a characteristic of older motors
21:41 Seroster I might just amputate my entire toe with an angle grindr
21:45 wannabe1987 odd
21:45 speedrunnerG55__ left #thegeekgroup
21:45 Seroster That sums up my entire existance
21:46 wannabe1987 does
21:48 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
21:48 masterofmonks Seroster: You are like PhotonicInduction, only way less cool.
21:49 LeadHead ..and less not as awesome in every possible way
21:49 LeadHead **and less awesome
21:52 Cprossu_Disconne Seroster??????????
21:53 Cprossu_Disconne what do you mean crt's don't like to be
21:53 Cprossu_Disconne 'hung upside down'?
21:53 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
21:53 Cprossu_Disconne is now known as Cprossu_Laptop
21:54 exor674 I thin they mean "CRTs don't like to have their vent holesblocked"
21:54 Cprossu_Laptop I think thats what he meant too
21:54 wannabe1987 lol
21:54 Cprossu_Laptop at least one would hope
21:55 wannabe1987 OMNI DOG!!!!
21:55 speedrunnerG55 How can i cick the other speedrunnerG55's of here
21:55 speedrunnerG55 Kick
21:55 wannabe1987 ghost them?
21:55 wannabe1987 ask someone how you ghost and ghost them out...
21:56 exor674 nrrrrargrarl allergies
21:57 wannabe1987 lol i hate them too!
21:57 Cprossu_Laptop using a ghost command
21:57 Cprossu_Laptop *too tired to tell you the correct way to do it*
21:57 wannabe1987 lol
21:57 wannabe1987 isn't it /ghost <nick> <Pass>?
21:57 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
21:58 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
21:59 speedrunnerG55 speedrunnerG55_:  LEAVE NOW.
21:59 speedrunnerG55 AND NEVER COME BACK
22:02 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
22:03 speedrunnerG55 LEAVE NOW
22:03 egrsteve hi yggtrd
22:03 speedrunnerG55 AND NEVAH COME BACK
22:03 egrsteve hi tggred
22:03 speedrunnerG55 hi red
22:03 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:03 * exor674 hugs tggRED
22:03 exor674 speedrunnerG55: that won't work
22:04 exor674 can't you disconnect whatever device they're on?
22:04 mantere left #thegeekgroup
22:04 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
22:04 speedrunnerG55 Idk were it is
22:04 speedrunnerG55 I checked all my pcs
22:05 wannabe1987 school?
22:05 speedrunnerG55 No. I shut it down
22:06 wannabe1987 cool!
22:06 wannabe1987 someone thinks they're you!!!!
22:06 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
22:06 wannabe1987
22:06 exor674 16:06 [freenode] -!- speedrunnerG55_ []
22:06 exor674 16:06 [freenode] -!- speedrunnerG55__ [435030f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.]
22:06 tggRED Hey Steve, you coming in today?
22:06 exor674 if that helps?
22:08 wannabe1987 american dad is an oddly weirdly funny show
22:08 egrsteve no, I have stuff I need to do :(
22:09 egrsteve but I shoudlbe in later in teh evening tomarrow
22:09 egrsteve I work till 7 at GV tomarrow so as soon as I'm out there I will be headed to the lab
22:11 blorp_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:11 blorp left #thegeekgroup
22:11 {{localhost}} left #thegeekgroup
22:14 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
22:15 {{localhost}} joined #thegeekgroup
22:15 {{localhost}} left #thegeekgroup
22:18 * speedrunnerG55 arghhhh
22:19 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:22 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
22:23 macman__ joined #thegeekgroup
22:23 * speedrunnerG55 grrrrrrrrr
22:23 macman__ ??????
22:24 speedrunnerG55 I dont know how to remove speedrunnerG55_ and just know i cant find my flash drive.
22:25 wannabe1987 why do you need your flashdrive?
22:25 speedrunnerG55 Now^
22:26 speedrunnerG55 For my sanity
22:26 {{localhost}} joined #thegeekgroup
22:26 macman__ sanity is always good
22:26 speedrunnerG55 I need to know were everything is
22:26 speedrunnerG55 And since i dont really have a room to put annything in
22:26 wannabe1987 ahhh
22:27 wannabe1987 you don't have a bedroom?
22:27 speedrunnerG55 No not really
22:27 swizz joined #thegeekgroup
22:27 wannabe1987 that sucks
22:27 wannabe1987 hi swizz
22:27 speedrunnerG55 For a few years now i havnt
22:27 swizz hey
22:27 wannabe1987 where you living?
22:27 swizz kzoo
22:27 speedrunnerG55 And my brother has two prictically
22:28 speedrunnerG55 In my house.
22:28 wannabe1987 swizz - you're in kzoo?  i'm moving there from GR
22:28 speedrunnerG55 My parents hiuse^*
22:28 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55 thats stupid
22:28 speedrunnerG55 I know
22:28 {{localhost}} left #thegeekgroup
22:29 speedrunnerG55 I sleep on the floor in my mooms room
22:29 wannabe1987 thats not awkward
22:32 swizz where's the audio coming from? sounds like police/fire...
22:32 macman__ its the scaner in mcr
22:32 L0C41H05T joined #thegeekgroup
22:32 L0C41H05T left #thegeekgroup
22:32 swizz mcr?
22:33 wannabe1987 master control room
22:33 wannabe1987 aka MCC (master control center)
22:33 swizz right on, thanks
22:33 * speedrunnerG55 calms down
22:33 L0C41H05T joined #thegeekgroup
22:33 speedrunnerG55 Im good now
22:34 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55 you alright?
22:34 wannabe1987 you find it?
22:34 speedrunnerG55 I am now. No im just calm
22:34 wannabe1987 mines plugged into my boyfriends ps3 :P
22:34 speedrunnerG55 When i find it ill be happy
22:35 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:35 wannabe1987 good :)
22:35 Seroster cprossu, ye tharr?
22:35 masterofmonks Ok, does anyone know who TheGeek1024 is?
22:36 speedrunnerG55 1024 llol
22:36 TheGeek1024 ?
22:37 masterofmonks Ah, it lives
22:37 masterofmonks Breaking a 552 hour idle streak.
22:37 speedrunnerG55 Might as well be TheGeek-kilo
22:37 TheGeek1024 oh lol
22:38 masterofmonks TheGeek1024: Please see your PMs
22:38 TheGeek1024 i see
22:38 speedrunnerG55 Who just texted me
22:38 masterofmonks speedrunnerG55: It was BotSteve.
22:39 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
22:39 speedrunnerG55 0_o
22:40 SparkyPojects BA on camera :P
22:40 SparkyPojects well he was :P
22:40 dcrand joined #thegeekgroup
22:41 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:41 speedrunnerG55 Kilo-geek?
22:41 wannabe1987 who is kilo-geek?
22:42 speedrunnerG55 Geek1024
22:44 wannabe1987 i don't know that person
22:44 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
22:44 wannabe1987 no...don't trace'll get the name "natsun eisen" and thats not me
22:44 wannabe1987 hi cook!
22:44 Yaotzin Hey Wallabe wannabell
22:44 wannabe1987 wannabell?
22:44 Yaotzin So those haitian mangos, do they come pre-shaken?
22:44 wannabe1987 ??
22:45 Yaotzin Facebook miss
22:45 Yaotzin Haitian Mangos at wholefood
22:45 macman__ do explain
22:45 RageRiot|a left #thegeekgroup
22:45 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
22:45 jeremys howdy boys and babes
22:45 speedrunnerG55 You ARE creepy. But ive sean worse
22:46 wannabe1987 lol sorry
22:46 wannabe1987 i thought it'd be fun!
22:46 Yaotzin Wannabell is from someone saying Wannabe!!
22:46 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
22:46 wannabe1987 i know...what do you mean by "shaken"
22:46 wannabe1987 ooo ok
22:46 Yaotzin and it looked like Wannabell
22:46 wannabe1987 hi gun dude
22:46 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
22:46 wannabe1987 OOO!!!!  its storming out :D
22:46 Yaotzin wannabe1987: I was making a haiti joke which clearly fell
22:46 Yaotzin flat
22:46 Yaotzin on its nose
22:46 wannabe1987 thunder and rain and a white tee-shirt
22:47 speedrunnerG55 I even have a photo album dedicated to a texting convo between this random girl that added me from a singing school i went to in oclahoma
22:47 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:47 swizz someone asked about my interest in a new hacker space in Kzoo - isn't the geek group this? already in Kzoo? (obtuse hasn't actually quit :)
22:47 jeremys it is storming like mad in Muskegon.  Started just as my daughter tee ball practice ended
22:47 wannabe1987 did...and i have 2 haitian siblings
22:47 wannabe1987 good timing, jeremys
22:47 Yaotzin Well at least you're wearing a bra right wannabe? And you've made haitian jokes before miss
22:47 wannabe1987 i have a white cami on under...
22:47 wannabe1987 i have?
22:48 Yaotzin You have on facebook
22:48 * wannabe1987 is clearly clueless
22:48 wannabe1987 o lol
22:48 wannabe1987 yes
22:48 wannabe1987 cuz yeah
22:48 jeremys picyures wannabe or it didn't happen
22:48 Yaotzin Not going to guilt me little ma'am
22:48 Yaotzin Also a white cami?
22:48 Yaotzin What's a cami
22:48 jeremys yeah whats a cami?
22:48 wannabe1987 jeremys - no pics for you!!!!
22:49 masterofmonks A camisole
22:49 wannabe1987 cami is the tank top w/ a built in bra
22:49 jeremys lol
22:49 masterofmonks
22:49 Yaotzin Oh
22:49 Yaotzin Crazy
22:49 * masterofmonks shakes his head, children these days.
22:49 wannabe1987 no, freeing
22:49 jeremys you are a super heros girl aren't you wannabe?
22:49 wannabe1987 superhero?  fuck them
22:49 wannabe1987 no...thats re
22:49 wannabe1987 d
22:49 Yaotzin masterofmonks: That looks like a teddy
22:49 wannabe1987 tggRED is a superhero...i'm not
22:50 masterofmonks No, that is a camisole.
22:50 jeremys no you are the girl OF a super hero
22:50 wannabe1987 ??
22:50 Yaotzin Or rather a night gown is what I always called it
22:50 jeremys i guess i don't know who you are lol
22:50 wannabe1987 :sigh: -> Yaotzin
22:50 wannabe1987 no, i haven't met you at the lab yet
22:50 masterofmonks A teddy is a camisole and panties in one piece.
22:50 wannabe1987 and i'm moving yeah
22:51 Yaotzin I see
22:52 wannabe1987 we were gonna go to the park...but its raining :(
22:53 swizz I was asked about interest in a new hacker space in Kzoo - isn't the geek group basically this? and already in Kzoo? or is their space only in GR?
22:53 wannabe1987 they are only in GR now...they moved out of Kzoo
22:54 Yaotzin Camisole, underwear, same deal. Yeah they're only in GR now although there are chapters everywhere
22:54 Yaotzin Sadly none of them closer to bridgeport than Grandrapids
22:55 speedrunnerG55 I think (hope) i left my drive at school
22:55 wannabe1987 i hope you find it...anything important on it?
22:55 speedrunnerG55 But i remember waiting for my computer to shut down specifically to remove it so idk
22:55 wannabe1987 is it in the car?
22:55 speedrunnerG55 All my text books / notes
22:56 speedrunnerG55 Well my textbooks also have hard coppys. But my notes
22:56 wannabe1987 notes are important
22:57 speedrunnerG55 I should check the car
22:57 wannabe1987 yes...go do that sir
22:58 swizz was there not enough interest/support in Kzoo to maintain it here or the building/resources in GR too good to pass up?
22:58 wannabe1987 neither
22:59 Yaotzin Kalamazoo decided to tax a non-taxable non-profit organization
22:59 Yaotzin and chased TGG out of town
22:59 wannabe1987
22:59 swizz that doesn't bode well.... thank you!!!! for the link
23:00 wannabe1987 yw
23:00 wannabe1987 its randomly bookmarked...
23:01 jeremys in my opinion the best thing that could have happened to TGG is leavin K-poo and going to GR
23:02 wannabe1987 wait, jeremys, you're in skegon?
23:02 jeremys yeah
23:02 wannabe1987 cool
23:02 jeremys you too?
23:02 wannabe1987 i have a friend there and i ocasionally go up there to pick him up and bring him here...
23:02 wannabe1987 no...i'm 1/2 block from the lab, but movving to the zoo soon
23:02 jeremys is his name John?
23:03 wannabe1987 blake
23:03 jeremys I know blake
23:03 wannabe1987 he's known in here as hoedown
23:03 jeremys if it is the zomb blake
23:03 wannabe1987 the joker guy?  yep
23:04 jeremys baker and red are from muskegon too
23:04 wannabe1987 i actually have his gun here...
23:04 wannabe1987 i know
23:04 wannabe1987 im friends with both of them
23:04 jeremys do youhave red hair and wear a do rag?
23:04 wannabe1987 noooo i'm blonde
23:04 * speedrunnerG55 didnt find it :( will check at school torow
23:05 jeremys hmm I sooo don't know you lol
23:05 wannabe1987 i'm sorry speed
23:05 tggRED .seen CaptainBoden
23:05 speedrunnerG55 At least im calm
23:05 BotSteve tggRED: I last saw captainboden 7.42 hours ago at 2011-05-09 15:40:33 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 23:05:36 UTC
23:06 wannabe1987  jeremys  this is me
23:06 speedrunnerG55 I have stuff to do. (go to barns and nobels and get study guide to ham radio technotian level)
23:06 jeremys I have seen you there before
23:06 jeremys with your dog and your husband
23:06 exor674 wannabe1987: you like crossword puzzles?
23:06 jeremys ummm kelly i think
23:07 wannabe1987 yep
23:07 wannabe1987 yeah
23:07 wannabe1987 anyway...i gotta run...we're going to meijer...
23:07 jeremys kk have fun
23:09 speedrunnerG55 Bye wannabe1987
23:09 speedrunnerG55 And thanx
23:11 Druidic_Rifleman tggRED how much painting did you get done?
23:11 tggRED Mheh. I don't wanna talk about painting right now.
23:12 tggRED On the bright side, Chris bought me a paint sprayer today...but on the not so bright side...It exploded on me when I was cleaning it - and I'm now covered head to toe in paintwater....wah-freaking-hoo.\
23:12 Cprossu rofl
23:12 Cprossu NICE
23:12 LeadHead Is it broken, or did you happen to open it while it was under pressure?
23:12 Cprossu could be worse though
23:12 Cprossu nah she's fine, it's fine
23:12 Cprossu likely
23:12 jeremys why did i go home.if i stayed i could have seen this
23:13 tggRED rawr. idk why did you go home?
23:13 jeremys my daughter had a tee ball game
23:13 Druidic_Rifleman how did the paint sprayer asplode?
23:14 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
23:17 NeWtoz I GOT THUNDAR
23:18 speedrunnerG55 So whats up everyone
23:21 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
23:21 Cprossu I'm watching the last 2 captains blogs
23:21 Ponko92 ok i'm on who messaged me?
23:21 tggRED Hey Ponky.
23:21 Cprossu and contemplating going into the room of doom to find video distro amps and other wonderful goodies to fill my flate rate box with
23:21 Ponko92 hey RED :)
23:22 macman__ hi red
23:22 Ponko92 tehe ;)
23:22 BotSteve wannabe1987: remind me to find my CNA papers
23:22 Liz_Home joined #thegeekgroup
23:22 Druidic_Rifleman it's a liz
23:22 Liz_Home yes it is
23:22 jeremys hi liz =)
23:23 Liz_Home hi
23:23 Ponko92 hey Liz
23:23 Cprossu hi Liz_Home, we're sorry captain was mean to you the other day =(
23:23 Liz_Home hi ponko
23:23 Ponko92 :)
23:23 Liz_Home Cprossu: if anything he said actually bothered me i'd punch him
23:23 Liz_Home there's no reason to be sorry
23:23 Cprossu ok xD
23:24 Druidic_Rifleman liz_home I think i need to find a job.... So many sharp pointy object so little time
23:24 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
23:24 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
23:24 Liz_Home ooo pretty
23:25 macman__ how much got painted after i left?
23:25 jeremys eakin can make those
23:25 Druidic_Rifleman Sadly iy's made by queerbecer's
23:25 Druidic_Rifleman I Could to probly if i had a better anvil
23:26 * Druidic_Rifleman is a proud seperatist basher...
23:26 tggRED Who are you that left...
23:26 tggRED macman__
23:26 tggRED who is you?
23:26 macman__ kegan
23:26 macman__ isnt it obvious
23:26 tggRED Oh...The boiler room didn't get finished...cuz stupid Chris stupidly left (without a hug - that jerk)
23:27 macman__ of corse he
23:27 macman__ did
23:27 exor674 awwww
23:27 * exor674 hugs red
23:28 tggRED :hugs:
23:28 Yaotzin 8 days 22 hours until I leave for Michigan
23:28 macman__ group hug
23:28 tggRED ^_^
23:28 Yaotzin at least I'm moving up and going from a 2 bedroom apartment to a 3 bedroom house
23:29 Yaotzin woo
23:29 macman__ nice
23:29 tggRED epic.
23:29 jeremys brothers don't shake hands...brothers hug
23:29 * Druidic_Rifleman things tggRED is a hug addict
23:30 Druidic_Rifleman thinks*
23:30 Yaotzin Granted I'll be living with my cousin as my roommate but I think he'd work out much better than my current roommates
23:30 Yaotzin I won't have to worry about politics with him
23:30 * speedrunnerG55 hugs red
23:30 cctoide it's odd how little information there is online about this image
23:31 jeremys how much info do you need.  the photoshop site?
23:31 Liz_Home is now known as Liz_Home_Away
23:32 Druidic_Rifleman .yt shut up and swallow XD this song is like SOOOOOO cool
23:32 BotSteve Druidic_Rifleman:
23:32 cctoide you mean this one
23:32 jeremys no way that is real
23:33 Ponko92 .yt OOOOO TECHNOLOGY
23:33 tggRED DUN DUN DUN
23:33 BotSteve Ponko92:
23:33 cctoide well, it is
23:33 cctoide wasn't the first one either
23:33 jeremys with perfectly round sides?
23:33 speedrunnerG55 .yt rick roll garden state plaza
23:33 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:
23:33 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
23:34 cctoide they're usually round
23:34 cctoide .w great blue hole
23:34 BotSteve "The Great Blue Hole is a large underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize." -
23:34 jeremys I am not buying
23:34 LeadHead Gadem Hoses do not take kindly to air compressor duty
23:34 LeadHead *Garden
23:35 speedrunnerG55 Thats me rick rolling
23:35 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
23:35 cctoide I'm more intrigued by the bottom of it
23:35 Druidic_Rifleman liz_home_away What is this a knock off of
23:35 cctoide I guess that's the water table
23:35 macman__ left #thegeekgroup
23:36 LeadHead Putting together an air compressor from free junk  (80 gallon air tank, free compressor head, free 1HP motor), and just for testing I used a piece of garden hose from the compressor to the tank
23:36 LeadHead By 60 PSI the hose had expanded about 50% larger than it was before. Which was interesting because it doesn't_do_that_with_water
23:36 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
23:36 LeadHead even though my household water pressure is around 65
23:37 zgasma left #thegeekgroup
23:37 LeadHead I'll do it up right sometime this week with copper pipe though
23:37 jeremys does it rip your skin off when you take a shower?
23:37 LeadHead No?
23:37 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
23:37 BotSteve You mess with the Bull, you get the horns!
23:38 mman454 Hey guys!
23:38 BotSteve mman454: At 18:16Z, Seroster asked me to tell you No. I am nopt trying to do whatever householdhacker did. I am going to remove a few resistors, add a few batteries and spiking it up with a couple of capacitors, hold the button down for 15 secs to charge, hit a fly and WHAM.
23:38 speedrunnerG55 Hey mman454
23:38 mman454 .seen seroster
23:38 BotSteve mman454: I last saw seroster 1.05 hours ago at 2011-05-09 22:35:41 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 23:38:33 UTC
23:38 Seroster I'm right here
23:38 mman454 hi speedrunnerg55
23:39 mman454 I see what you're doing. But why would you have to hold the button longer for it to charge?
23:39 LeadHead jeremys: 65 PSI is not that much
23:39 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
23:39 Seroster mman454, to move more elctrons from the battery pack to the capacitors
23:40 Seroster The batteries won't discharge fast enough
23:40 LeadHead What are we talking about
23:40 Seroster Check the message from botsteve to mman454
23:40 Seroster Electric flyswatter
23:41 mman454 Oh, I skiped the adding the capacitors part.
23:41 speedrunnerG55 What kind of fly swatter