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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-05-15

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00:07 jeremys omg wht a long day.  I am whooped
00:17 Nazca epic, I now have a hacked led lit latching push switch
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00:35 LeadHead Just sayin', but I hate it when people "hack" something
00:36 Nazca why?
00:37 LeadHead Because everyone says it
00:37 LeadHead To the point where it just loses all meaning.
00:37 LeadHead Kind of like epic.
00:37 * tesla4d has always loved "bodge"
00:37 Nazca no ... I hacked it
00:37 tesla4d We'll be the judge of that...
00:37 Nazca literally, I hacked a hole in the bottom with random hand tools
00:37 tesla4d What'd you do to it?
00:37 jeremys so should he make up a new word that means hack?
00:37 LeadHead To me it sounds like you modified it to haven LED
00:38 LeadHead have an
00:38 Nazca exacto knife and hand turned drill bit
00:38 Nazca it's a hack, a slight bodge cause I need to hot glue the wires to keep them steady before it's a proper job
00:38 jeremys wow that is an epic hack
00:39 LeadHead See, it has no meaning any more
00:39 LeadHead Kind of how like "lol" doesn't actually mean
00:39 LeadHead "lol" anymore
00:40 LeadHead It now means I couldn't think of anything better to say
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00:40 tesla4d END OF LINE
00:40 jeremys the way you said has lost all of its meaning now
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00:42 jeremys and lol means that was funy,  sometimes used as a way to say yep i heard you, it was funny, i have nothing else to say at this time
00:43 tesla4d (Master Control was a far better villain than CLU)
00:43 LeadHead and lol, used to mean Laughing Out Loud
00:43 LeadHead something that was hysterically funny
00:43 LeadHead Now it doesn't.
00:43 jeremys things change
00:44 LeadHead Likewise, Epic and Hack have lost their meaning
00:44 LeadHead just like lol
00:44 masterofmonks LeadHead: I have to ask, does your nick hace anything to do with Zepplins?
00:44 Nazca I would say modifying something from what it was designed to do is hacking it
00:44 LeadHead Sadly not
00:45 masterofmonks have*
00:45 tesla4d That's not what hacking originally meant, back when it meant something.
00:45 LeadHead I wish I could say it did.
00:45 LeadHead but the story behind my name is far less interesting
00:45 masterofmonks As is the case with many names.
00:46 jeremys lol you guys crack me up.....
00:46 jeremys .w hack
00:46 masterofmonks .g define: hack
00:46 BotSteve masterofmonks:
00:46 Nazca hack has a lot of meanings, originally in this context it referred to sculpting through creative use of an axe iirc
00:46 LeadHead I mostly think "Hack Job" when I hear hack
00:47 LeadHead and it just kills me when I hear people say something like "I hacked this, I hacked this arduino to do xxx"
00:47 LeadHead You get the idea
00:47 Nazca it can also refer to a taxi cab and a bunch of other things
00:47 jeremys hacking originally meant a hell of a lot different than the hack you are referrring to as "losing its meaning"
00:47 tesla4d Jargon file, bitches:
00:47 Nazca you're only hacking the arduino if it involves taking a soldering iron to it, as far as I'm concerned
00:47 masterofmonks tesla4d: Assuming that isn't one of the entries that has been perverted by the current curator.
00:48 Nazca masterofmonks: that's the jargon file, end of story
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00:48 BotSteve "Hack (computer science), an inelegant but effective solution to a computing problem" -
00:48 Nazca "1. n. Originally, a quick job that produces what is needed, but not well." <--- exactly what this switch is
00:49 LeadHead on the other hand
00:49 LeadHead "2. n. An incredibly good, and    perhaps very time-consuming, piece of work that produces exactly what is    needed.  "
00:49 masterofmonks Nazca: there has been some controversy about the jargon file of late concerning the current curator using it to promote his own ideals.
00:49 jeremys or to cut up into small pieces
00:49 jeremys BEFORE it lost its meaning
00:50 LeadHead Oh Jeremy
00:50 Nazca masterofmonks: no ... that is /the/ jargon file, the old one ... the one that the version history claims hasn't changed since 2003
00:50 masterofmonks
00:50 LeadHead My beef with hack, lol, and epic is that they are quite litterally beaten to death until they stop being significant
00:51 tesla4d HEY
00:51 LeadHead It's kind of like that guy everyone knows who says fuck every other word
00:51 tesla4d "LITERALLY"
00:51 jeremys lol was significant?
00:51 tesla4d LEARN TO USE IT
00:51 tesla4d None of those words suffered physical violence, much less sufficient violence to end their lives.
00:51 Nazca the words don't have life or substance so you can't literally beat them to death or otherwise
00:51 LeadHead Oh indeed they did
00:52 Nazca seriously, if you use literally in that form you can't complain about other's use of hack and epic :p
00:52 tesla4d ^^^^indeed
00:52 masterofmonks Spatula.
00:52 LeadHead 4. in effect; in substance; very nearly; virtually.
00:52 LeadHead –adverb for the most part; almost wholly; just about: He is virtually unknown.
00:53 jeremys virtually?  i thought we were talking about literally
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00:53 Nazca indeed
00:53 Nazca those are not synonyms of literally
00:54 LeadHead Literally means Virtually
00:54 jeremys lol
00:54 jeremys no it literally does not mean virtually
00:54 LeadHead according to random house disctionary
00:54 LeadHead It does.
00:54 Ponko92 ok i have returned from the field of battle and as promised i am victourious
00:54 Nazca literally means that something actually happened exactly as stated
00:54 LeadHead and I will believe the random house dictionary before I believe jeremys on IRC.
00:55 Nazca virtually means it that it almost happened or happened as if, or many other variations on that theme
00:55 jeremys lol
00:55 Ponko92 ok
00:55 Ponko92 .wa Virtually
00:55 BatSteve really, you shouldn't believe anything that jeremys says - particularly facts about Tesla
00:55 BotSteve virtually  (English word);1->adverb->in essence or effect but not in fact, 2->adverb->(of actions or states) slightly short of or not quite accomplished; all but;v\'erchoouhlee  (IPA: v\\:02c8\\:025dt\\:0283u\\:0259li);vir-tu-al-ly  (9 letters ->4 syllables);written: 2246th most common  (1 in 21739 words)  ( &gt; 99% adverb);spoken: 1832nd most common  (1 in 34483 words);(includes some inflected forms);about -> almost
00:55 jeremys seiously you guys virtually crack me up
00:55 jeremys oops i mean literally crack me up
00:55 masterofmonks
00:56 Nazca
00:56 Ponko92 .wa literally
00:56 LeadHead "informal used  for emphasis while not  being  literally true:I have  received  literally thousands of letters"
00:56 BotSteve literally  (English word);1->adverb->in a literal sense, 2->adverb->(intensifier before a figurative expression) without exaggeration;l\'iteruhlee  (IPA: l\\:02c8\\:026at\\:025d\\:0259li);lit-er-al-ly  (9 letters ->4 syllables);figuratively;(none among common words);laterally -> liberally; -> -> -> ->   (total: 5);Strictly speaking -> Word for word,
00:56 Nazca all the other dictionaries disagree
00:56 masterofmonks OED bitches.
00:56 Ponko92 lets shut up and drop it
00:57 tesla4d masterofmonks, I wasn't aware of the politics surrounding the jargon file. Thanks for pointing it out to me. Worrying stuff, it is.
00:57 Ponko92 agreed?
00:57 masterofmonks Yes, you lot sound like a bloody murder of crows around the corpse of a roadkill armadillo.
00:57 Seroster Omnomnom
00:58 jeremys I literally am laughing out loud, virtually speachless.  this is an epic hack of english
00:58 LeadHead So let me get on my beef with hacked, epic, and lol. It's like that guy you know that says fuck every other word. It loses its impact, its meaning so to speak. Where as if that quiet kid in the corner suddenly blurts fuck, you know shit has just hit the proverbial fan.
00:58 tesla4d It just bugs me when people use "literally" to mean "figuratively". They have opposite meanings, for heaven's sake.
00:58 tesla4d Fucking OPPOSITE
00:58 Ponko92 yeah so what people do it all the time get over it
00:59 tesla4d Ponko92, I promise to get over it as long as you promise not to whine about being held in low esteem for your language.
00:59 Ponko92 noo not you
00:59 tesla4d Well, not you specifically. People who mix up "literally" and "figuratively" in general.
00:59 masterofmonks Lets see here, it's /mode #thegeekgroup +m isn't it?
01:00 LeadHead Quite so
01:00 Ponko92 hmm lets all just sit down and a have a lovely cup of tea
01:00 Nazca now where did I put that string of resistors
01:00 jeremys what is +m?
01:01 LeadHead I have an interesting mental picture of what people in this IRC are like.
01:01 tesla4d figuratively speaking, of course
01:01 Ponko92 streams awfully quite
01:01 jeremys do you literally have a picure or virtually have one?
01:01 tesla4d jeremys, it sets the channel to "moderated" mode, where only people who have mode +v, or "voice" can chat. IIRC
01:01 Nazca jeremys: moderated, only voice or higher can talk
01:01 masterofmonks
01:02 jeremys moderate a channel with 5 people in it?????  oh the power you possess
01:02 Ponko92 oh so like a skype type of thing
01:03 masterofmonks jeremys: I count a bit over ten times that number in here.
01:03 tesla4d I'd say it's the other way around. Insomuch as any modern communications system has that mode, it came from IRC, almost certainly.
01:03 Ponko92 jeremy there is more than that and there not speaking they are there
01:03 Ponko92 trust me
01:04 jeremys i mean the 4 or 5 people that were chatting
01:05 masterofmonks Well there is always +q which is something like the sniper version of +m.
01:05 LeadHead Masterofmonks, he in my mind is a wise one. Someone everyone would respect. Ponko92, he's a chill dude. Someone you could have a beer and talk about anything with. Jeremys would be "that guy", everyone talks to him but...
01:05 LeadHead Seroster would be that guy everyone is pals with
01:05 Ponko92 yeah but there is more than 5 that CAN chat but prefer to be silent because of the nonsence that happens here
01:05 Seroster Eh?
01:05 LeadHead but no one can't quite shake the feeling he might just kill everyone on eday
01:06 LeadHead With a large piece of prime beef
01:06 Ponko92 what? and no TEA O_O NOOOO
01:06 masterofmonks Ponko92: More like they watch until the conversation swings in a direction in which they have an opinion they feel like speaking.
01:06 Ponko92 yeah
01:07 LeadHead Wars, Guns, Cars mainly?
01:07 Seroster LeadHead, I am pretty damn far from pals with evryone, I'd say at least two or three here dislike me =P
01:07 masterofmonks Speaking of that. Has anyone played with NFC?
01:07 speedrunnerG55 Hey geeks
01:08 masterofmonks Seroster: The world is burning.
01:08 Ponko92 i was GOING to say that next but i was delaying it ;)
01:08 Seroster Thanks for the adivice masterofmonks
01:08 Seroster And there is crap under my V key
01:08 Thermoelectric Seroster is the entertaining one.
01:08 Ponko92 i play as Green Bay in the NFC?
01:08 masterofmonks No, Near Field Communications.
01:08 Seroster I'll second that Thermoelectric  =P
01:09 masterofmonks Entertaining in the same way a fungal infection is.
01:09 tesla4d Re: seroster patiently waiting to kill people. He's swedish, not Finnish. VIHTA!
01:09 Ponko92 i had a feeling it wasn't National Football Conference ;)
01:09 Seroster masterofmonks, That much be some pretty fucking awesome 'shrooms.
01:09 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
01:10 masterofmonks Seroster: More like entertainign to watch happen to other people.
01:10 Ponko92 i've dabbled but not got into it
01:10 Ponko92 interesting stuff i think
01:10 masterofmonks
01:11 * Ponko92 ponders the thought of having either a cider or a cup of tea
01:11 Seroster Have a cup of cider
01:11 masterofmonks I am working on my second liter of coffee for the day.
01:11 Ponko92 hmmmm
01:12 Ponko92 Coffee.... not my cup of Tea
01:12 LeadHead zing
01:12 Ponko92 :P that joke never gets old in my house
01:12 speedrunnerG55 LOL Ponko92
01:12 LeadHead I really wish IRC had an instant rimshot button
01:12 Ponko92 XD
01:12 Ponko92 i try
01:12 masterofmonks LeadHead: No you don't.
01:12 Ponko92 haha lol
01:12 speedrunnerG55 Lol
01:12 LeadHead For my own personal use.
01:13 Ponko92 get a drum kit then
01:13 LeadHead
01:13 LeadHead /my life is complete
01:14 * Ponko92 likes this fact
01:14 Ponko92 :P
01:14 speedrunnerG55 Hehe
01:15 Ponko92 hmmm
01:17 * Ponko92 is going to have 2 crisp sandwiches a can of Gaymers Cider and a cup of tea in his Porsche mug
01:17 LeadHead crisp sandwiches
01:17 Ponko92 yeah
01:17 LeadHead How does that work
01:17 Ponko92 .w crisp sandwiches
01:17 BotSteve "A crisp sandwich (in British English), chip sandwich, chipwich or potato chip sandwich (in North American or Australian English) is a sandwich that includes crisps (potato chips) as one of the fillings." -
01:18 Ponko92 thats how it works
01:18 Ponko92 :P
01:18 LeadHead potato chip sandwhich
01:18 LeadHead sandwich
01:18 Ponko92 oh yeah
01:18 * Ponko92 grins
01:18 LeadHead Interseting.
01:18 Ponko92 try it
01:18 jeremys i thought i was the only person who put potatoe chips on their sandwich
01:18 Ponko92 well your not ;)
01:19 LeadHead You guys have silly names for everything
01:19 jeremys its nice to know I am not alone
01:19 LeadHead Chips are not fries :-P
01:19 Ponko92 oh bugger orff
01:19 speedrunnerG55 Well Ponko92, that sounds tasty
01:19 Ponko92 lol
01:20 LeadHead I do wonder how our "Fish and Chips" compare to yours
01:20 LeadHead however.
01:20 Ponko92 and i said off like that to make you KNOW it was a joke ;)
01:20 LeadHead There's a place not to far from my house called "Ye Olde Fish and Chip"
01:20 LeadHead Never been in it though.
01:21 Ponko92 you should mate
01:21 Ponko92 have a chip butty too :)
01:21 LeadHead A wut.
01:21 Ponko92 .w chip butty
01:21 jeremys there is a place down the road from my house called Ye olde post office.  They sell nick knacks.
01:21 BotSteve "A chip sandwich, chip barm, chip cob, chip butty, chip muffin, piece-n-chips (in Scottish English), hot chip sandwich (in Australian English), or french fry sandwich (in North American English) is a sandwich made with bread or bread roll (usually white and buttered) [...]" -
01:22 Ponko92 F**KING delicous
01:23 LeadHead French fry sandwich?
01:23 Ponko92 oh yes
01:23 LeadHead What don't you guys put on bread?
01:23 Ponko92 the english style though
01:23 Ponko92 we do
01:23 LeadHead English style?
01:23 Ponko92 well i do
01:23 Ponko92 english style fries
01:23 LeadHead which are
01:23 Ponko92 big and chunky
01:24 Ponko92 well basically hand cut
01:24 Ponko92 if one is partially red then yeah hand made
01:24 LeadHead Wedges?
01:24 LeadHead
01:24 Ponko92 sort of but not really
01:24 Ponko92 the skin is removed
01:25 LeadHead Got a picture?
01:25 Ponko92 one sec
01:26 Nazca ah hah!
01:26 Nazca my power button is green lit when there is power to the supply
01:26 Nazca it goes orange when it is turned on
01:26 Ponko92 o_O isn't it normally?
01:26 Nazca and it will go red if something happens to push the power outside limits
01:27 Nazca no .... I mean the power button I just made and wired :)
01:27 Nazca the actual button lights up
01:27 Ponko92 leadhead;imgrefurl=;usg=__l5iQaphPEtIKeWseo5joiD_8f9g=&amp;h=539&amp;w=350&amp;sz=37&amp;hl=en&amp;start=0&amp;sig2=S6430QZ-05EDAp7QTabpug&amp;zoom=1&amp;tbnid=6xkE2IeGKYFAxM:&amp;tbnh=136&amp;tbnw=93&amp;ei=5SvPTeK0Ko2Fswbv7vjHCw&amp;prev=/search%3Fq%3Dchip%2Bshop%2Bchips%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%
01:27 LeadHead oh those
01:27 Ponko92 lol
01:27 LeadHead I didn't know those were english style
01:27 Ponko92 yes those
01:27 LeadHead We just call them big fries
01:27 LeadHead vs. mcdonalds tiny fries
01:27 Ponko92 well its english style
01:28 Ponko92 healtier aswell
01:28 Nazca those are chips ¬_¬
01:28 LeadHead Fries.
01:28 LeadHead Chips are hard and crispy
01:28 Nazca real chips, not those silly piddly fries
01:28 Nazca no, those are crisps
01:28 jeremys Fries are good for you
01:28 Nazca duh
01:28 LeadHead Crisps are Cookies
01:29 Ponko92 wait Nazca where you from?
01:29 Nazca the land of fish and chip shops :p~
01:29 Ponko92 like me :)
01:29 Ponko92 and Greene King IPA :P
01:29 Nazca manchester, england ^_^
01:29 Ponko92 ah footy fan?
01:30 Ponko92 good day for Manchester football
01:30 jeremys IRC has a lot of international members
01:30 Ponko92 that it does, that, it, does
01:30 Ponko92 anyway
01:30 Nazca not really .... and I can near enough see United's ground from my house
01:31 speedrunnerG55 Oh hi jeremys
01:31 speedrunnerG55 WB
01:31 jeremys wassup speedrunner
01:31 Ponko92 you a fan of either?
01:31 speedrunnerG55 A little late
01:31 Nazca nah, not really
01:31 jeremys you missed an epic english deabte earlier Speed
01:31 Ponko92 but a good day for them anyway
01:31 Ponko92 now
01:32 Ponko92 i'm off to make crisp sandwiches and tea
01:32 Ponko92 cider easy, open fridge, get can, close fridge
01:34 speedrunnerG55 Sounds tasty
01:34 Ponko92 oh yes it is
01:35 jeremys Cool ranch Doritoes on a ham and swiss is my favorite
01:36 Nazca one thing that does get me about things over in the states is the fact most of your cars don't have front number plates
01:36 LeadHead It varies by state
01:36 LeadHead some statse require them, some dont
01:36 tesla4d (most don't)
01:36 LeadHead Most people hate the front plates because they look ugly
01:36 Nazca because I'm so used to them it looks weird without
01:36 Nazca though they do generally look ugly
01:36 LeadHead How many times have you been to the states?
01:37 Ponko92 lol
01:37 Nazca I haven't
01:37 Ponko92 i've been about 17 times
01:37 Nazca I have watched a lot of video of the states :p
01:37 jeremys I do not see the need for front plates.
01:37 Ponko92 2 times holiday 5 times personal stuff 3 business and the rest was ALL NFL related
01:38 LeadHead Hm
01:38 Ponko92 most recent being the super bowl XD
01:38 Ponko92 and we won :P
01:38 LeadHead we?
01:38 Nazca jeremys: two uses of them in this country is for police spotting oncoming cars going things wrong .... and we have on coming speed traps
01:38 Ponko92 well my team won
01:38 LeadHead which was
01:39 Ponko92 .w Superbowl XLV
01:39 BotSteve "Super Bowl XLV was an American football game between the American Football Conference (AFC) champion Pittsburgh Steelers and the National Football Conference (NFC) champion Green Bay Packers to decide the National Football League (NFL) champion for the 2010 season." -
01:39 LeadHead Oh that game
01:39 Ponko92 YEAH XD
01:40 * speedrunnerG55 Thought about the game
01:40 LeadHead So how successful are the games that the NFL has in the UK
01:40 speedrunnerG55 CRAP
01:40 LeadHead in terms of
01:40 LeadHead crowd turnout
01:40 Ponko92 pretty good :)
01:41 Nazca NFL, is that the ones where they play rugby while wearing their body weight in padding? :p~
01:41 Ponko92 bears are here next year to play the bucs if i go again unlike last year and the years previous i'm cheering for both teams i'm cheering for the bucceneers
01:41 Ponko92 past years i was cheering on the game
01:41 speedrunnerG55 Thought of it again
01:42 Ponko92 this year (if it happens) i'm cheering for the Bucs
01:42 LeadHead Hm
01:42 Ponko92 i fricking hate the bears
01:42 Ponko92 but i LOVE mike ditka that guys funny as F**K
01:42 speedrunnerG55 Foot ball FTL
01:43 LeadHead Why?
01:43 tesla4d "Handegg" Get it right.
01:43 jeremys the padding is incredably light.  but needed.  if you ever get hit by a 350# man running full speed while he is running full speed you would want some pads too
01:43 Nazca tesla4d: ++
01:43 Ponko92 for once you've made an excellent point
01:43 Ponko92 who here likes the UK Wildcats
01:43 LeadHead The who
01:44 speedrunnerG55 My dad went to UK
01:44 Nazca jeremys: dude, rugby is near enough the same game played in the mud and rain... wearing a tshirt and shorts
01:44 Ponko92 i might be joining there FOOTBAWL team next semester
01:44 Ponko92 Nazca if it wasn't for rugby NFL wouldn't be in exitence
01:44 speedrunnerG55 Cool. But i dont like footbal
01:44 Ponko92 oh one more thing about rugby
01:44 jeremys I have no idea what rugby is.  I heard it is like quiddece without brooms
01:44 Ponko92 C'MON YOUR SARRIES
01:45 Ponko92 yeah your being ridiculous
01:45 Ponko92 you don't know what rugby is then why do you know what footbawl is
01:45 jeremys cause i watch football
01:46 Ponko92 footbawl is the evolved version of it
01:46 Ponko92 .w Rugby
01:46 jeremys is it a requirement to know rugby to watch football?
01:46 BotSteve "Rugby football in various forms: Rugby league, 13 players per side" -
01:46 Nazca <--- this is rugby ^_^
01:46 Ponko92 no Castleford Tigers is rugby
01:46 LeadHead Those guys are little compared to NFL players
01:46 * Ponko92 reads the Warrington score
01:47 Ponko92 maybe not
01:47 Ponko92 LeadHead which college is near you
01:47 LeadHead URI, Roger Williams, Brown, Bryant
01:48 LeadHead Harvard
01:48 Ponko92 and jeremys its not needed no but if you KNOW thats where it came from you can avoid having someone put you in your place
01:48 jeremys It looks like a girled up version of football
01:48 Ponko92 what does?
01:48 jeremys rugby
01:48 tesla4d BWAHAHAHAAA!
01:48 tesla4d No.
01:48 Ponko92 NFL = Padding Rugby = No Padding
01:48 Nazca no padding Lo
01:49 Ponko92 which came before which? NFL or Rugby?
01:49 jeremys yeah but the tackles are anti-clamatic
01:49 Sgt_Lemming Rugby
01:49 Sgt_Lemming rugby has been around hundreds of years
01:49 Ponko92 yeah but the guy gets up and keeps going
01:50 jeremys the rules are totally different to.  They are about as simular as soccer and football
01:50 Ponko92 not really
01:51 jeremys it would be like trying to say that without croquet golf would have never been invented.  I am not buying
01:51 Nazca four ways to identify rugby players: they're built like magnus magnuson, they have broken noses, they have funny ears, and they have necks as thick as your thigh
01:51 Sgt_Lemming First playedEarly 19th century (early forms)
01:51 Sgt_Lemming 1845 (first written rules)
01:51 Sgt_Lemming that's ruby union
01:51 Ponko92 yeah which was first Footbawl or Rugby
01:51 Sgt_Lemming when you say football, you need to be spcific
01:52 Nazca rugby tackles are a bit like running in to a brick wall at full pelt :p
01:52 Ponko92 yeah
01:52 Sgt_Lemming football to europeans is soccer, here it's AFL
01:52 Ponko92 as a right wing half i think i know about tackling
01:54 Nazca given the choice I'd rather pick a fight with a boxer than a rugby player
01:54 Nazca boxers hurt less and run slower :p
01:54 LeadHead What about an american football player
01:54 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
01:55 Sgt_Lemming depends on the class of boxer
01:55 Ponko92 yeah but what about one who's both
01:55 Sgt_Lemming welterweights are pretty damned fast
01:55 Ponko92 heavyweight
01:55 LeadHead average weight is 250 pounds, and the heaviest posistion averages over 300 pounds and 6ft tall
01:55 Ponko92 how about QB?
01:56 LeadHead looks like 6 foot 3 inches and around 250 pounds
01:56 LeadHead for QB.
01:56 Seroster Breaking news! For the first time IN MY LIFE I have thrown away a screwdriver bit.
01:56 Ponko92 why?
01:56 jeremys do you want to be punched by someone who can throw a ball 80 yards in the air, and is an athelte who is one of 30 people in the world good enough to make millions doing what he does?
01:56 Seroster Because it was a ph2 from untempered steel stripped down enough to fit in a ph0?
01:57 Ponko92 hey jeremys if i punched you just realise i can do that too
01:57 Yaotzin well if it fit ph0 why not use it for that
01:58 Ponko92 i'm QB for my local side and i don't think i'd have 8-10 colleges after me and as a UK based player thats pretty good going
01:58 jeremys you can throw a football 80 yards in the air?
01:58 * Ponko92 nods
01:59 Seroster Ponko92, well, the tip of it was round...
01:59 Ponko92 my brother weighs about 14 or so stone i can lift him in my arms for 20 mins
01:59 Ponko92 no lol it was a NFL official ball
01:59 jeremys what college are you plannining on playing QB for?
01:59 Sgt_Lemming Ponko92, the only reason you are getting offered colleges is because the colleges make money off you
01:59 LeadHead .g 14 stone to pounds
02:00 BotSteve LeadHead:
02:00 Seroster Pounds I get, but when it comes to stones that just fucks with my mind. Is it 4 pounds or what?
02:00 LeadHead 14 pounds
02:00 LeadHead apparently.
02:00 Seroster Crap
02:00 BatSteve .c 14 stone -> pounds
02:00 BotSteve 196 pounds
02:00 Seroster So one stone is 7kg
02:01 Seroster .c 14*7
02:01 BotSteve 98
02:01 Sgt_Lemming .c stone -> kg
02:01 BotSteve 6.35029318 kilograms
02:01 Sgt_Lemming .c 14 stone -> kg
02:01 BotSteve 88.9041045 kilograms
02:01 LeadHead ..c 14 stone -> kg
02:01 LeadHead drat
02:01 Seroster You got a pretty damn fat brother, Ponko92
02:01 Sgt_Lemming not that impressive
02:01 Sgt_Lemming 88Kg is not that huge
02:01 Ponko92 seroster hes got Cerebal Palsy and can't walk
02:01 Seroster Right, forgot that
02:02 LeadHead 196 Pounds is pretty large amount of weight to hold for 20 minutes
02:02 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
02:02 Ponko92 i've felt the pain after but i need to carry him that far
02:03 Ponko92 i didn't just hold him in my arms for 20 mins like a lemon lol
02:03 LeadHead What an interesting expression
02:03 Seroster =P
02:04 Ponko92 lol an english one lol
02:04 Seroster Ponko92, I know you drive on the left side, and measure stuff in stupid ways, but you haven't even got wheelchairs? =P
02:04 speedrunnerG55 .c 20€ -> $
02:04 BotSteve 28.22 US$
02:04 Ponko92 heck holding 1 kilo for a long period of time is strenuous
02:04 LeadHead The Euro is that worthless now?
02:05 speedrunnerG55 15€ -> $
02:05 Ponko92 yeah we do but the fact is the wheelchair wasn't were we left it
02:05 speedrunnerG55 15€ -> $
02:05 speedrunnerG55 .c 15€ -> $
02:05 LeadHead .c 15 Euro -> USD
02:05 BotSteve 21.16500 U.S. dollars
02:05 BotSteve 21.16500 US$
02:05 speedrunnerG55 O_o
02:05 Seroster Lol
02:06 Seroster .c 100 Euro -> USD
02:06 BotSteve 141.1 U.S. dollars
02:06 Seroster 15 is a bad sample for comparison
02:06 Seroster ...And so is 12. *Damn you imperialists!*
02:06 speedrunnerG55 .c 1£ -> $
02:06 BotSteve 1.6172 US$
02:07 Ponko92 jeremys you there?
02:07 speedrunnerG55 .c 1¥ -> $
02:07 BotSteve 0.01237 US$
02:07 speedrunnerG55 LOL
02:09 Ponko92 to answer your question i've had UK, Flordia, GA Tech, AL State, MS State, Michigan, Boise, Missou, Wisconsin-Madison & Washington
02:09 Ponko92 offer me but i can't decide yet as i need to sort stuff out over here first
02:09 exor674 ow
02:10 Ponko92 what?
02:10 exor674 bad pain day meh
02:11 Ponko92 ah know how you feel
02:11 exor674 I am tempted to go to bed early too :(
02:12 exor674 except generally I find if I go to bed before 9pm, i wake up at like... 3am
02:12 Ponko92 3 am?
02:12 BatSteve and that's fine
02:12 Seroster I can't wait to become a licensed electrician.... Then I'll rip out all the fucking garbage from the walls in my parents house....
02:12 Ponko92 sorry my screen has obsurced part of that
02:13 Ponko92 brb
02:13 exor674 i dunno, 9pm seems to be a line between "wake up insanely early" and "wake up at a reasonable time"
02:13 Nazca I should probably put a current limiting resistor on this circuit lol
02:13 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
02:14 Seroster The oven is fed, on 3 phases, from a 3 wire cable that probably came from a fridge. The ground is phase1, the hot is p2 and the neutral is p3...  And it's probably a 16amp cable
02:14 exor674 Seroster: .... wut?
02:14 Sgt_Lemming err
02:14 Seroster And it was installed by a professional.
02:14 Sgt_Lemming it's not 3 phase seroster
02:14 Sgt_Lemming that's single phase
02:15 Seroster Sgt_Lemming, Yes it is, it is hacked into a perilex outlet
02:15 Sgt_Lemming 3 phase needs 5 wires
02:15 Seroster Sgt_Lemming,  my point exactly
02:15 LeadHead what
02:15 jeremys damn thats an impressive list of colleges.  Go to Michigan state it is a mere 2 hours from TGG galactic headquarters
02:15 Sgt_Lemming so they are using a 3 phase outlet but with only 3 wires?
02:15 Seroster Yep
02:16 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
02:16 Sgt_Lemming that was a much easier way of saying it
02:16 Seroster My bad
02:16 Nazca 24V ... 464 ohm... that should make 5.1mA ... yea, that's over kill
02:16 Ponko92 ok was it 8 or 3?
02:16 Ponko92 milli or mega?
02:16 Sgt_Lemming using a single phase off a 3phase outlet is fine
02:17 Nazca milli
02:17 Ponko92 ah
02:17 Sgt_Lemming so long as it's just a simple load
02:17 jeremys 3 phase needs 5 wires?
02:17 SparkyPojects 3 phase neutral and earth needs 5 wires, but you can have 3 phase and earth (no neutral) for things like motors and heaters
02:17 Seroster It is using all 3 phases, and that oven is from 1955
02:17 Ponko92 if it was 1.21GW we'd go back or forward
02:17 Sgt_Lemming it can't be using three phases with 3 wires
02:17 Ponko92 10 to 30 years
02:17 Seroster 3 phases just need 3 wires
02:17 exor674 that thing's horribly wired though hah
02:17 Seroster exor674, fucking deathtrap
02:18 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
02:18 Sgt_Lemming that is physically not possible, unless the chassis of the oven is earthed
02:18 SparkyPojects using a single phase from a 3 phase is ok as long as there isn't a 'single phasing' trip
02:18 Nazca I think I probably need at least a couple of hundred mA to get a motor running
02:18 LeadHead (10:14:30 PM) Seroster: The oven is fed, on 3 phases, from a 3 wire cable that probably came from a fridge. The ground is phase1, the hot is p2 and the neutral is p3...  And it's probably a 16amp cable
02:18 LeadHead PJ
02:18 LeadHead OH
02:18 LeadHead Now I get it.
02:18 Ponko92 he used the star winding for the flux capaciter didn't he?
02:19 SparkyPojects An oven needs an earth, it could be earthed through the conduit if code allows
02:19 Seroster All the wiring inside the oven is cloth insulated garbage, and that's just the beginning of the kitchen. There's a non-grounded outlet about two centimeters from the facuet =)
02:19 Nazca I need to find a 100 ohm or lower resistor then I think
02:19 jeremys Flux capsitors cause Parkinsons
02:19 Seroster SparkyPojects, Nothing about that darn cottage is to code =P
02:19 LeadHead Too soon, jeremys.
02:19 Ponko92 well one of the plugs in my hous had burnt out and actually melted a plug
02:19 Nazca just cause the resistance of a running motor is probably not something I want to trust
02:19 Ponko92 or the other way round
02:20 Ponko92 the outlet works but the plug uhhh not so much
02:20 SparkyPojects Ponko, poor quality plug or socket i think
02:21 Seroster Or a penny as a fuse
02:22 exor674 now I wonder how big of an overload it would take to melt a penny
02:22 LeadHead Now much, I'd imagine
02:22 LeadHead *not
02:22 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
02:22 Seroster I came across that as a repairman, oven that malfunctioned and we checked the three fuses, and my sensei pulled out the "fuse", looked at it, brushed it off and pu it back in '-'
02:22 Ponko92 no the plug live was literally melted out and the plug was red hot and it was a brand new plug
02:22 Ponko92 so it was the socket
02:22 jeremys getting a house to code in England has to be harder than in the US.  An old house here is 200 years old.  An old house in England could be 1000 years old
02:22 SparkyPojects Well if the plug has overheated, you can almost guarantee the socket metal contacts have been heat treated, and should change it
02:23 Ponko92 yeah Jeremys no
02:23 Ponko92 thats just dumb
02:23 LeadHead jeremys: It's not like UK houses have 1000 year old wiring
02:23 Ponko92 more like 100
02:23 Ponko92 but i doubt it
02:23 Ponko92 this place is too new
02:24 IIsi50MHz UK plugs are better than US ones.
02:24 LeadHead Personally
02:24 LeadHead I can't get over Ring-Mains
02:24 Seroster jeremys, It's easy to get a house to code. Rip out all the old crap and do it over from the start
02:24 LeadHead in the UK
02:24 IIsi50MHz Less chance to shock yourself.
02:24 SparkyPojects a 1000 year old house with electrics must be up to the code as it  stands at the time of wiring, if the house is tested many years later, it can be failed, and would need some or all rewired.
02:24 Seroster IIsi50MHz, Let's talk about the german plugs =)
02:25 Ponko92 but theres a plug in the hallway and well its quite loose not soo loose but it wobbles
02:25 Seroster Where you can reverse hot/neutral by flipping it over =)
02:25 jeremys so you just rip out the brick from an ancient house.  I am saying that england has been around longer, so it has older houses, and getting elec and plumbing through them has to be a challeng
02:25 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
02:25 SparkyPojects What's wrong with ring mains ? it distributes the current evenly round it 2 directions
02:25 IIsi50MHz Not sure I've seen those. 32 prongs, with per-connector sensing? (^:
02:25 Seroster Nope, you just have to rip out old and put in new =P
02:26 Ponko92 yeah but electricity didn't come out over after here
02:26 LeadHead Ring mains just seem inherently more dangerous than branch circuits
02:26 IIsi50MHz Oh, ok Seroster.
02:26 LeadHead Since they rely on fuses within the plugs
02:26 LeadHead to not overload an outlet
02:26 Ponko92 its not a video game
02:26 IIsi50MHz Well, old US plugs were not polarised. You could just flip them.
02:26 Seroster I like the in-plug-fuse <3
02:26 * Ponko92 dunks biscuit in tea
02:26 Seroster You can still reverse hot and neutral, it's AC, the lighbulb won't care
02:27 SparkyPojects Not really, if you have several sockets on a branch, the cabling closest to the dist board is carrying more current
02:27 LeadHead The wiring on a branch circuit is sized to carry the maximum amount of current allowed by the breaker
02:27 IIsi50MHz True, Seroster.
02:27 LeadHead and the breaker is rated to deliver no more current than any individual outlet
02:28 SparkyPojects Also,  with a ring i can change a socket live without disrupting other sockets on the same circuit :-X
02:28 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
02:28 Nazca hmmm, I should probably wire a pot in here to give me some kind of speed control
02:28 jeremys neither did 2x4s.  and drywall.  Older houses have difficult obstacles
02:28 Seroster IIsi50MHz, and that goes for any AC appliance, you can reverse the polarities for your TV or anything, provided nobody treats the neutral as a ground
02:29 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
02:29 * IIsi50MHz imagines using a pot as a speed control on IRC <-:
02:29 BotSteve At last!  My only friend!
02:29 Seroster I had a soldering iron that used the neutral both as a neutral and as a ground. With a german plug =)
02:29 SparkyPojects Our ring breakers are rated at 32 amps, we have a fuse in each plug rated at 13 amps.
02:29 LeadHead Yes
02:29 speedrunnerG55 Hi
02:29 LeadHead are the outlets themselves fused
02:29 LeadHead or just the plug
02:29 SparkyPojects nope
02:29 exor674 since we're all talking about electricity stuff
02:29 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: MattG on HELP! PLZ check my CAP BANK math....
02:30 LeadHead So yes, the circuit is capable of delivering more current than the outlet can safely pass
02:30 exor674 does anyone know if that happy test button on GFCI outlets actually causes a ground fault
02:30 LeadHead relying solely on the fusing in the plug
02:30 exor674 or do they just test the shutoff mechansim
02:30 IIsi50MHz US outlets in kitchens and bathrooms have ground-fault interrupt, so usually just one outlet trips off instead of the whole circuit
02:30 Ponko92 Sparky isn't that the norm for plugs nowadays
02:30 Ponko92 13 Amp Fuse
02:31 SparkyPojects If you were to get a 4 way socket on a flex, the plug has a 13 amp fuse, so if you tried plugging in several high current devices, you cannot exceed that 13 amps.
02:31 IIsi50MHz And US holiday lighting usually has plug fuses.
02:31 Seroster Waitwhat, 13amp?
02:31 Ponko92 yeah
02:31 SparkyPojects You are supposed to put the correct size fuse in relating to the appliance, so a table lamp should be 1 amp
02:32 Ponko92 yeah
02:32 Seroster SparkyPojects, I thought that the job of the circuit breaker panel was to kill the power if the 4way was overloaded? =P
02:32 Ponko92 of course
02:32 LeadHead the GFCI test button creates a ground fault
02:32 SparkyPojects we generally get 3, 5, 10, and 13 amp fuses, but 1 amp are available
02:32 jeremys a lot of stuff has fuses built into it.  M tore apart a window fan the other day and it had a fuse built into it.  That is what made it stopw working.  It wasn't replacable either.  So i just bypassed it
02:32 Seroster I've never even seen a 13amp fuse.
02:32 Seroster Here we have 16 instead
02:33 IIsi50MHz We have 15A
02:33 LeadHead Branch circuits here usually have a 15 or 20 amp breaker.
02:34 LeadHead Special cases have 30
02:34 SparkyPojects
02:34 jeremys left #thegeekgroup
02:34 Ponko92 HOORRAAHHHHH
02:35 * Ponko92 loud cheers erupt
02:35 Ponko92 anyway
02:35 Ponko92 Sparky i've seen fuses that were 17 amp
02:36 Ponko92 but i saw one with a date and well it was something my dad had during the 60's
02:36 Ponko92 other than a beatles hair cut
02:37 Ponko92 even though he started losing his hair in 72
02:37 LeadHead 115v sucks to be honest.
02:37 Ponko92 he reckons it was the car crash he had that started his hair falling out
02:38 SparkyPojects In our distribution board we have circuit breakers, the board has 2 sections, one for things likely to be exposed to touch (sockets, shower, cooker etc), and another section for lights etc. the side with the sockets is covered by a RCCD, this will trip if more current passes through one power conductor more than the other (meaning some is going to earth), the whole board is also usually covered by a less sensiti
02:38 speedrunnerG55 Hi IIsi50MHz
02:39 Ponko92 Sparky did you have a beatles haircut?
02:39 SparkyPojects I could wire a 3 bedroom, 2 floor house with no more than 8 breakers, in the states that seems to be a lot more.
02:39 SparkyPojects Nope
02:39 Seroster However, I Love the bullshit plug (BS1363)
02:39 Ponko92 ahh dang
02:39 SparkyPojects I was more a hippy :P
02:39 IIsi50MHz Yo, speedrunner
02:39 Ponko92 haha like the beatles in the late 60's
02:40 Ponko92 i can't see my dad like that
02:40 Ponko92 he's bald as post
02:40 Ponko92 lol
02:40 LeadHead My fathers 3 bedroom 2 floor house has bout 30 breakers iirc.
02:40 SparkyPojects Well, you may inherit his baldness, so don't laugh too soon :P
02:41 Ponko92 uh oh i look like my dad umm i hope at the age of 24 my hair doesn't fall out
02:41 LeadHead We have a main 200 amp (per leg breaker, since we use split-phase 230 in the US, so either 200 amps of 230v max, or 400 amps of 115v)
02:41 Ponko92 or have a car crash
02:41 Seroster Ideally I'd have a house running on 250volts, 600hz(great for clocks, and more efficient transformers) and have the wire lenghts measured in Metric.
02:41 LeadHead and typically one breaker will do the outlets
02:41 LeadHead per room
02:42 LeadHead and another breaker will perhaps do the lighting for multiple rooms
02:42 SparkyPojects We use just  a single 240 supply, and usually no more than 100 amp total, usually about 80amp
02:42 LeadHead some homes have 100 amp main breakers here, so 200 amps of 115v, or 100 amps of 230
02:42 Ponko92 americans like breaking things don't they lol
02:43 Ponko92 take it as a joke and move on lol
02:43 IIsi50MHz heh
02:43 LeadHead Seroster, do you mean 60
02:43 LeadHead or 600 hz
02:43 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
02:44 Ponko92 what you gonna see when that baby hits 88 Mph?
02:44 LeadHead Some serious shit.
02:45 SparkyPojects A bit of a fact, many years ago we used to 'home run' our sockets, that went out with the ark, but america still uses it. also, your sockets (if you pull them out the boxes) have exposed wires, ours are shielded, the wires go in holes, not wrapped around terminals
02:45 Ponko92 :D and what is the Power going through it to make shit look that serious
02:45 SparkyPojects and we used to have wirenuts, they are also gone
02:45 LeadHead 1.21
02:45 LeadHead GW
02:45 Ponko92 is the AMOUNT
02:45 Ponko92 yeah XD
02:45 Ponko92 what is that Hp?
02:46 Ponko92 imagine a car with an output power of that
02:46 LeadHead Sockets here are not home runned
02:46 LeadHead There will usually be 3-4 or more sockets on a branch
02:47 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
02:47 LeadHead All US outlets for the past 30 years if not more also have holes in the back, but most electricians here prefer to wrap them around the terminals, and than put a layer of tape around it
02:47 LeadHead Wirenuts are pefectly legal here. Not sure how else you'd make spliced connections?
02:48 SparkyPojects Yeah, we has 5 amp sockets with several on a run, but the 15 amp sockets were home run, needless to say we didn't have many 15 amp ones.
02:48 Ponko92 LeadHead how much power is 1.21 GW
02:48 LeadHead horsepower?
02:48 Ponko92 yes
02:49 LeadHead 1210000000
02:49 LeadHead .c 1210000000 / 746
02:49 BotSteve 1 621 983.91
02:49 LeadHead That many horsepowers.
02:49 Ponko92 O_O damn
02:49 SparkyPojects Instead of wirenuts, we use screw terminal connectors, though some lighting manufacturers get away with something like a wirenut inside their fittings, but it's a crimp cap
02:50 speedrunnerG55 .yt nyan cat
02:50 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:
02:50 SparkyPojects yeah, even with the wire in the holes, the screw is still exposed, and tape can fall off over time
02:51 LeadHead and?
02:51 Seroster LeadHead, 600 hz
02:51 Seroster Six zero zero
02:51 Thermoelectric While there is speak of electrical stuff, would it be safe to replace the inductive ballast for my ceiling fan with a capacitive one (the ones most newer fans use)?
02:51 speedrunnerG55 Whats thunper put out?
02:52 LeadHead I've seen 50 year old things wrapped in electrical tape, and the tape still hasn't fallen off
02:52 LeadHead Even if it falls off, if the outlet or switch was properly installed
02:52 LeadHead there is no issue
02:52 parsleyfirefly left #thegeekgroup
02:52 LeadHead 600Hz would have a large skin effect I think
02:53 LeadHead although electric motors would have a very cool sound
02:53 LeadHead I think.
02:53 IIsi50MHz I've seen three-week old electrical tape wraps that are falling off, and the glue turned to gum that sticks /on/ everything, but /holds/ nothing.
02:53 LeadHead Electrical tape doesn't take kind to grease or dirt on fingers/devices
02:54 SparkyPojects There is if you have to find a fault, you pull the socket out of the box with the power on and you could easily touch terminals, but then i'm forgetting, yours is mostly the safe 110 :D
02:54 cctoide left #thegeekgroup
02:55 LeadHead Yeesh, most of the guys here cut the power
02:55 LeadHead when pulling stuff out of boxes
02:55 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
02:55 LeadHead Which isn't a big deal since everything is on branch circuits, so only whatever you're working on looses power, not half the house
02:55 LeadHead :-P
02:55 mman454 left #thegeekgroup
02:55 SparkyPojects but then once it's out of the box, you may want to turn it on to trace the fault
02:56 LeadHead and?
02:56 Thermoelectric Aparrently 600Hz is the sound mosquitoes wings beat at.
02:56 Ponko92 to any NY Rangers fan
02:58 SparkyPojects all is recessed with ours.
02:59 LeadHead Still failing to see the big deal about the terminals being exposed inside of a closed box
02:59 IIsi50MHz Because the box is not always closed.
03:00 LeadHead It should be ;)
03:00 SparkyPojects I'm talking about open boxes while testing
03:00 Ponko92 ah it must be a brit with a name like dave
03:00 IIsi50MHz Not while working on it.
03:00 speedrunnerG55 For some reason i cant login
03:02 LeadHead
03:02 LeadHead It's not like the screws stick way the hell out
03:02 SparkyPojects I think one of the only things i like about US electrical code is that you must leave 6 inch tails in a socket box, this aids if you have to reterminate the wire, and is easier
03:02 mtearle next LeadHead will be telling us exposed busbars are safe :P
03:02 LeadHead I'd say getting electrocuted while working on it with the power on is about as likely as with UK stuff
03:02 IIsi50MHz And it's not like it taks much effort to touch the exposed screws, either.
03:03 speedrunnerG55 Whats up with the forum. I cant login
03:03 Thermoelectric It's not that bad if you're not grounded and only touch one.
03:03 SparkyPojects Exposed busbars are safe, as long sas no one touches them :P
03:03 speedrunnerG55 It says my screen name is not registered
03:03 LeadHead Most electricans here don't work on live stuff anyways unless they absolutely have to
03:04 SparkyPojects Thermo, that's my party trick :D
03:04 Thermoelectric Heehee.
03:04 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
03:04 speedrunnerG55 Hi jeremys
03:04 jeremys back
03:05 speedrunnerG55 WB
03:05 SparkyPojects Speed, you could send moose an eamil if you are having trouble
03:05 IIsi50MHz That's because stuff here is too dangerous to work on live :P
03:05 SparkyPojects I'm logged in all the time i'm online, i just refreshed and am still logged in
03:05 Ponko92 we missed you while we were sleeping
03:05 IIsi50MHz Been so many times I've wished I could just open a panel in single room and disable the current just the lights or just the sockets in that room...
03:06 LeadHead Funny, we can do that here.
03:06 IIsi50MHz But in Real Life, most of the circuits in the breaker box are mixed among rooms, lights, sockets...
03:07 SparkyPojects IIsi50MHz:, you can if you istall the 'smart home' system, even do it from your phone :D
03:07 IIsi50MHz So you have to keep flipping things off, and finding out things like the only way to disable the power where you're gonna work also disables the power outlet you were going to use for you spotlight or tools...
03:07 SparkyPojects hmmm, lights and sockets shouldn't be mixed
03:07 LeadHead Even in branch circuits they should not.
03:08 Thermoelectric Which is why battery powered lamps/tools are useful
03:08 LeadHead ^^^
03:08 IIsi50MHz :P
03:08 Thermoelectric e.g. What if something in the breaker box is tripping the main fuse, and it's dark out. Good luck fixing that without a torch. :)
03:09 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
03:09 LeadHead psh, Just hold the main breaker on with your hand until you find the problem
03:09 IIsi50MHz want to fix somebody's new ceiling fan, which they miswired...and it's on the same circuit as their computer (which they didn't know), so poof! Bye-bye to a few files.
03:10 Thermoelectric LeadHead: That could work, considering the problem would have quite the number of amps running through it.
03:10 LeadHead Yup, when you see the problem start glowing
03:10 LeadHead You'll find it quickly
03:10 Thermoelectric Then just remember not to touch the pretty glowing thingy.
03:10 LeadHead yes
03:11 IIsi50MHz "Ah, I see your electrical panel has a built-in bug zapper."
03:11 SparkyPojects
03:12 * IIsi50MHz wanders off to see if Doctor Who recorded (side-effect of DVR is never knowing exactly when a show really airs)
03:12 speedrunnerG55 Ill try again
03:13 speedrunnerG55 Still not wirking
03:15 Thermoelectric SparkyPojects: That's a weird way of wiring things? A seperate circuit for the smoke detectors? The ones in this house are tied in with the lights/fans.
03:16 LeadHead Seperate breaker here for the smoke detectors
03:16 Thermoelectric Huh. That a regulation or something?
03:17 LeadHead Dunno
03:17 LeadHead might be
03:17 SparkyPojects In industrial or commercial premises, that's how it's always been done, they are moving over to that for domestic too, this also covers rentals
03:17 LeadHead Alls I know is that US breaker panels are vastly different
03:18 Thermoelectric Ah.
03:18 LeadHead Typical US panel
03:18 LeadHead without the cover on
03:19 SparkyPojects It means that if you blow a circuit, the smoke alarms stay active, you don't know why a circuit has blown, could be more potential for when a fire could start
03:19 Thermoelectric That makes more sense.
03:19 Thermoelectric LeadHead: That's quite a bit different from the panel's I've seen over here.
03:20 LeadHead Are you in the UK too?
03:20 Thermoelectric That one looks more or less like the big ones at school.
03:20 Thermoelectric Nah, Aus.
03:20 LeadHead From what I understand, larger buildings in the UK/Australia
03:20 LeadHead revert to branch wiring to save on copper costs
03:20 Thermoelectric Ah, I see.
03:20 SparkyPojects That looks more like an industrial panel we would use here, and we would have to sleeve the bare earths, and those power intake connections should be covered.
03:21 LeadHead They are typically covered in more modern panels
03:21 LeadHead earths are always bare here
03:22 SparkyPojects that's a 2 phase panel, our industrial panel like that is 3 phase, a 3 phase breaker can replace 3 single phase ones.
03:22 LeadHead We don't call it 2 phase here
03:22 Thermoelectric That looks a bit nasty.
03:23 LeadHead We call it split-phase, and it's what every US house has, two hots and a nuetral
03:23 LeadHead 230v hot-hot
03:23 LeadHead 115v hot-nuetral
03:23 SparkyPojects
03:23 LeadHead Yup, electrical panels can get messy quick if you have a careless electrician
03:23 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
03:24 LeadHead Here's a more modern splitphase panel for US residential/light commerical
03:24 LeadHead
03:24 SparkyPojects thermo, that looks like a panel that has been added to over the years :P
03:25 Thermoelectric I guess you could say that. :P
03:25 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
03:25 LeadHead 3 phase panels here don't look much different
03:25 LeadHead except a 3rd hot
03:25 masterofmonks Hmm I wonder if it would be possible to content filter youtube videos comming into my house based on wether they are country music or not.
03:26 Ycarene left #thegeekgroup
03:26 SparkyPojects Well i'm going to bed, goodnight guys :)
03:26 SparkyPojects left #thegeekgroup
03:28 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
03:28 speedrunnerG55 Im back
03:30 Ycarene joined #thegeekgroup
03:30 speedrunnerG55 Rrraaawwweeerrrrrr
03:30 speedrunnerG55 Hi Ycarene
03:31 Ycarene Hello
03:31 speedrunnerG55 Am i really the only one having problems with the foru
03:32 speedrunnerG55 M
03:32 BatSteve speedrunnerG55 yes
03:32 speedrunnerG55 :(
03:32 speedrunnerG55 Well at least its just me
03:33 speedrunnerG55 No wait. Nevermind. It just desided to work all of a sudden
03:35 BatSteve Maintenance time!
03:35 BatSteve BotSteve: Break Time!
03:35 mantere left #thegeekgroup
03:35 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
03:35 speedrunnerG55 Bye botsteve
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03:39 * BatSteve crosses his fingers
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03:39 BatSteve BotSteve: should I x
03:39 BotSteve Not a chance
03:39 BatSteve cool
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03:41 speedrunnerG55 BotSteve: Should i BotSteve
03:41 BotSteve Ask again later!
03:41 speedrunnerG55 BotSteve: Should i ask this question twice
03:41 BotSteve I don't think so
03:42 speedrunnerG55 BotSteve: Should hi five BatSteve
03:42 BotSteve I don't think so
03:43 CaptainBoden Official version
03:43 speedrunnerG55 :D yay!!
03:49 speedrunnerG55 Reds photo ftw
03:49 LeadHead This must be one of the first "real" videos in the new lab
03:50 LeadHead save the autopsy vids
03:57 Ponko92 is in a skype call with his ex and her sister and its getting weird o_O
03:57 LeadHead End it now ponko
03:57 Ponko92 i can't
03:57 Ponko92 its too funny
03:58 speedrunnerG55 Wow. I agree tho. End it
03:58 Ponko92 maybe if i mute the mic
03:58 Thermoelectric Just mute your mic so they forget you are there.
03:58 speedrunnerG55 LOL good idea
03:58 Ponko92 i will
03:58 Ponko92 but now there talking to me
03:59 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
04:00 Ponko92 this is getting mad
04:00 Ponko92 freaky
04:00 speedrunnerG55 ...
04:00 Ponko92 i'm really freaked out right now
04:01 Ponko92 just speechless
04:01 speedrunnerG55 Why. May i ask
04:01 Ponko92 believe me its best you don't know
04:02 speedrunnerG55 Ok
04:04 Thermoelectric Does anyone else loathe speeches with a passion?
04:04 IIsi50MHz Masterofmonks, how'd that work? By sending the song/video title off to Pandora, then reading their detail tags? (:
04:04 masterofmonks IIsi50MHz: Hell if I know, I would just like to do it.
04:06 * Ponko92 is gonna let that cool down for 10 mins
04:10 * IIsi50MHz blows on it
04:10 Ponko92 lol
04:11 Big-Al_ left #thegeekgroup
04:11 Sgt_Lemming Thermoelectric, giving or listening?
04:11 Sgt_Lemming or just in general?
04:14 * CSMonster is back
04:15 CSMonster Thermoelectric: i find loathing speeches with fire is more effective
04:15 * exor674 hugs CSMonster
04:15 CSMonster ojai
04:15 * CSMonster hugs XOR
04:16 LeadHead Whatup
04:16 exor674 I theoretically go to bed now
04:16 CSMonster slow-cooked pork ribs and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly on blueray.  GOOD evening.
04:16 exor674 hopefully today i'll master actually going to bed when I say  I will
04:16 BatSteve I agree.  giving or listening, thermo?
04:16 IIsi50MHz Both!
04:17 IIsi50MHz Thinking of B?tSteve, I never did find .wa in the code. Maybe the zip isn't new enough?
04:18 speedrunnerG55 Hi cave story monster
04:18 speedrunnerG55 WB
04:19 * CSMonster ignores speedrunner
04:19 speedrunnerG55 :(
04:19 CSMonster you know what the CS stands for.
04:19 speedrunnerG55 Hi caspian sea monster
04:19 IIsi50MHz Creative Suite Monster, then?
04:19 CSMonster i am creative, and some people would call me sweet but they don't know me very well.
04:20 IIsi50MHz heh
04:21 CSMonster less "sugar spice and everything nice", more "angst depression and ammunition"
04:21 speedrunnerG55 No. You sure arent :p
04:21 IIsi50MHz Scary larry.
04:21 Sgt_Lemming Praise the lord and pass the ammo!
04:22 CSMonster <- praises the ammunition and passes the lord
04:22 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:23 CSMonster
04:27 IIsi50MHz heh
04:28 LeadHead Drinking pancakes
04:28 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:28 CSMonster as a person who has attempted this, i do not recommend it.
04:29 IIsi50MHz Ew
04:29 CSMonster yeah.
04:29 CSMonster "ew" is a good term
04:30 speedrunnerG55 Dosent that contain eggs?
04:30 Sgt_Lemming pancake mix doesn't
04:30 CSMonster from scratch yeah, some mixes don't require it
04:31 CSMonster pretty sure Bisquick is just-add-water
04:31 CSMonster otherwise i wouldn't have done that.  raw egg is.... no.
04:31 Ponko92 ok its cooled
04:31 * speedrunnerG55 suppresses jokes
04:31 CSMonster problem ponko?
04:32 speedrunnerG55 So whats wrong with drinking pankake mix
04:32 CSMonster the consistency is not pleasant.  try it some time.
04:35 speedrunnerG55 Tempting
04:35 IIsi50MHz You'll be sorry.
04:36 speedrunnerG55 I bet its tasty.
04:36 speedrunnerG55 Ill makr a small cup of it if i see any in the cubberd
04:37 speedrunnerG55 Cubbord?
04:37 CSMonster cupboard?
04:37 BatSteve IIsi50MHz:
04:37 BatSteve at the very bottom
04:37 CSMonster i had a friend in high school who ate paper constantly.  Jr. year he challenged himself to eat the entire Antelope Valley phone book over the course of the school year.  he did it.
04:37 Sgt_Lemming rofl
04:38 Sgt_Lemming that is mildly fucking weird
04:38 zer00 left #thegeekgroup
04:38 IIsi50MHz Ruminant!
04:38 CSMonster i am mildly fucking weird and keep like company :D
04:38 Ycarene Anybody know of any geek group chapters in nw iowa, ne nebraska or se south dakota?
04:39 speedrunnerG55 In newjersey?
04:39 BatSteve as far as I know, there's only one "offical" chapter, in massachusetts.
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04:39 LeadHead What does this chapter consist of?
04:39 LeadHead I'm just minutes away fro mmass
04:40 BatSteve
04:40 speedrunnerG55 What about newjersey
04:42 BatSteve and by "official" I mean "has a physical location"
04:45 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
04:47 speedrunnerG55 Im making a cup of pancake mix now
04:47 speedrunnerG55 Ill tell you how it goes
04:47 CSMonster have fun.
04:48 speedrunnerG55 Oh man this stuff is awesome
04:48 CSMonster uh huh.
04:48 speedrunnerG55 Too bad i need a spoon
04:48 LeadHead You made it in less than a minute
04:50 LeadHead I don't believe you for some reason
04:50 speedrunnerG55 I alreaddy had it in the cup
04:50 speedrunnerG55 I just mixed it
04:50 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
04:50 speedrunnerG55 But id rather cook it
04:51 speedrunnerG55 The texture is getting to me
04:51 speedrunnerG55 Needs butter
04:51 speedrunnerG55 Brb
04:53 speedrunnerG55 Back
04:53 * speedrunnerG55 put cup in frige
04:53 speedrunnerG55 Ill make pancakes tomorrow
04:53 speedrunnerG55 Puts*
04:54 speedrunnerG55 That was interesting
04:55 Cprossu_KF7POU my god this channel moves through some insane topics
04:55 CSMonster no shit?
04:55 LeadHead Inane is more like it.
04:56 Cprossu_KF7POU final iphone thumper vid turned out pretty decent
04:56 LeadHead I mean that in a very positive way, of course.
04:56 BatSteve inane and insane are both correct
04:56 LeadHead To be honest, I thought the latest thumper vid has been one of the best TGG Main Channel vids in a while
04:56 LeadHead In terms of editing, content, and image quality
04:57 Cprossu_KF7POU I'm just glad my box o' crap made it intact
04:57 Ponko92 i'm still awake
04:57 speedrunnerG55 I should do a box o' crap
04:57 Cprossu_KF7POU you totally should
04:58 BatSteve Cprossu_KF7POU: darn, you got me all excited
04:58 Cprossu_KF7POU I just wish they made larger flate rate boxes
04:58 BatSteve I thought you meant that you had *received* a Bag O' Crap
04:58 BatSteve
04:58 Cprossu_KF7POU oh no
04:58 LeadHead Mean
04:59 Cprossu_KF7POU no boxing oxen of confederacies for me
04:59 LeadHead I'd be weary of plugging anything called a Ninja Master into my house
04:59 LeadHead that only cost $19.99
04:59 LeadHead *Man
05:00 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
05:00 BatSteve oops
05:00 BatSteve killed him
05:00 Cprossu_KF7POU CaptainBoden: official version was fun.
05:01 CSMonster fail
05:01 Ponko92_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:01 speedrunnerG55 Whatever happened with that telescope project
05:01 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
05:01 LeadHead What is fail, CSMonster?
05:01 CSMonster bat killed the bot
05:01 BatSteve Sorry BotSteve
05:01 BotSteve Don't worry about it
05:01 CSMonster that's botslaughter
05:01 speedrunnerG55 Sorry BotSteve
05:01 BotSteve Yeah, yeah, whatever
05:01 Ponko92_ oh god
05:01 CSMonster yay!
05:01 speedrunnerG55 ...LOL
05:01 Ponko92_ the underscore is here
05:02 Cprossu_KF7POU I need a flyswatter for all these god damn impersonators
05:02 LeadHead .insult
05:02 BotSteve Hey, LeadHead, don't feel bad, I think your poor self-image is *completely* justified.
05:02 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
05:02 speedrunnerG55 so what happened with that telescope / aurduino project
05:02 Cprossu_KF7POU BotSteve: tell LeadHead .insult
05:03 BotSteve Cprossu_KF7POU: I'll pass that on when LeadHead is around.
05:03 LeadHead WHATUP, YO.
05:03 BotSteve LeadHead: At 05:02Z, Cprossu_KF7POU asked me to tell you .insult
05:03 LeadHead Didn't work.
05:03 Ponko92_ is now known as Ponko92
05:03 Cprossu_KF7POU yeah completely wrong format
05:03 Cprossu_KF7POU but I wanted to see
05:03 LeadHead .insult Cprossu_KF7POU
05:03 BotSteve Hey, LeadHead, i'd hit you, but I don't want to get stupid on my hands.
05:04 LeadHead darn
05:04 Cprossu_KF7POU I tried that earlier
05:05 speedrunnerG55 Brb
05:05 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
05:06 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
05:06 speedrunnerG55 im back
05:07 Ponko92 hmmmm
05:07 speedrunnerG55 batsteve, i searched "telescope" and nothing came up
05:08 speedrunnerG55 you know what i am talking about tho, right?
05:08 BatSteve No.
05:08 BatSteve ???
05:08 speedrunnerG55 i think i remember someone donated a telescope to be interfASED WITH AN AURDIUINO
05:08 speedrunnerG55 ops caps
05:09 BatSteve oops has two O's, not one.
05:10 speedrunnerG55 oops*
05:10 BatSteve also, why are you telling me this?
05:10 BatSteve like....i haven't posted in *any* telescope threads
05:10 speedrunnerG55 because i have this electonic eye piece
05:11 LeadHead Oh god what
05:11 LeadHead The 24 Hours of Lemons guys are crazy
05:11 LeadHead twin-engined MR2. Automatic out back, manual up front
05:15 Cprossu_KF7POU that sounds nuts
05:15 Cprossu_KF7POU and I thought a northstar V8 mr2 was nuts
05:16 LeadHead The LeMons guys do crazy things
05:16 LeadHead especially to MR2s
05:16 LeadHead there is one that has a 5 cylinder WW1 radial aircraft engine in the back
05:16 LeadHead and they converted it to megasquirt
05:17 BatSteve all right, I'm done.  speed, I have no idea what you're talking about.  sorry I couldn't help.
05:17 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
05:18 LeadHead Really wish I could do a LeMons race, theres one coming up locally
05:18 LeadHead But it's expensive to race, even though the cars can't cost more than $500
05:19 Ponko92 ha i want a car that can be insured for that much
05:20 IIsi50MHz left #thegeekgroup
05:21 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
05:23 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
05:23 speedrunnerG55 what i miss?
05:24 speedrunnerG55 bye batsteve
05:25 dr_jkl mmm
05:25 speedrunnerG55 hi DR
05:25 CSMonster i see a dr jekyll
05:25 dr_jkl hey.
05:25 CSMonster how is mrs hyde?
05:25 dr_jkl sleeping peacefully next to me :)
05:26 Cprossu_KF7POU still mr2's are nice
05:26 Cprossu_KF7POU they are a budget lotus!
05:26 Cprossu_KF7POU well until you...uh... dump 40 grand into it at least
05:26 LeadHead Just like how fieros are budget ferraris!
05:26 LeadHead :-P
05:27 Cprossu_KF7POU no, LeadHead
05:27 dr_jkl lol.
05:27 Cprossu_KF7POU lotus had to do more with the MR2 than you think
05:27 Cprossu_KF7POU sort of like how lamborgini had something to do with the viper
05:27 CSMonster dr_jkl if you actually refer to each other as such, i will scream in fangirlish glee
05:27 Cprossu_KF7POU except lotus was more involved
05:28 CSMonster hmm.  is exor674 still awake?
05:28 LeadHead It was a tounge-in-cheek comment Cprossu_..........
05:28 LeadHead Once again...
05:28 dr_jkl csmonster: sometimes.
05:28 dr_jkl :)
05:29 CSMonster .trope squee
05:29 BotSteve CSMonster:
05:29 Cprossu_KF7POU
05:29 Cprossu_KF7POU yeesh that's nuts
05:29 LeadHead I see you found it
05:29 dr_jkl mmm. she rolled over and now she's sleep-spooning me. adoooorable.
05:30 Cprossu_KF7POU yikes
05:30 Cprossu_KF7POU;feature=related
05:30 Cprossu_KF7POU is all I can say
05:30 CSMonster dr_jkl: daaaaaaw
05:31 Ponko92 hmmm
05:31 Ponko92 tea
05:31 CSMonster hey i think there's a slight possibility that exor *actually went to bed*
05:31 CSMonster Ponko92 has tea?  is it earl gray?
05:31 Cprossu_KF7POU LeadHead:;feature=related
05:31 dr_jkl tea, earl gray, hot.
05:32 Cprossu_KF7POU watch your head
05:32 LeadHead Yup, I've seen that one too
05:32 Ponko92 nope
05:32 LeadHead He's got some crazy torque converter drive on that one though
05:32 Ponko92 just good old british tea
05:32 LeadHead The MR2 guys are using some cobbled chain and gear and transfercase system mated to a subaru gearbox
05:32 * CSMonster dislikes tea.  and coffee.  and alcohol.
05:33 * CSMonster is weird.
05:33 LeadHead CSMonster: You wouldn't fit in here in my town then
05:33 LeadHead That's all everyone does to pass the time
05:33 CSMonster LeadHead: that's making the assumption that i fit in *anywhere*
05:33 dr_jkl cofee mmm.
05:33 CSMonster (hint: i don't)
05:33 Cprossu_KF7POU those subaru gearboxes are damn near indestructable
05:33 dr_jkl csmonster: why?
05:34 CSMonster why what?  why don't i fit in?
05:34 LeadHead They already broke it once
05:34 Cprossu_KF7POU so are some of their transfer cases
05:34 LeadHead testing it
05:34 dr_jkl yeah i'm curious
05:34 LeadHead They're using a transfercase out of a power boat
05:34 LeadHead a V-Drive
05:34 LeadHead modified V-Drive
05:34 Cprossu_KF7POU rofl
05:34 Cprossu_KF7POU so
05:34 Cprossu_KF7POU what was the point, what did they gain?
05:34 LeadHead What was what point?
05:35 Cprossu_KF7POU I mean did they gain anything from having the radial engine in there as opposed to something more...conventional
05:35 Cprossu_KF7POU was there a rule they were trying to bend?
05:35 LeadHead I think you fully comprehend
05:35 LeadHead what LeMons is about
05:35 LeadHead *I don't think
05:36 Cprossu_KF7POU other than reliability and nut jobs?
05:36 LeadHead Reliability?
05:36 Cprossu_KF7POU good point
05:36 LeadHead Yeah, You don't understand LeMons
05:36 Cprossu_KF7POU I think the only thing I understand is drag racing
05:36 Cprossu_KF7POU at least it's the only thing I have the attention span for
05:36 Cprossu_KF7POU ooooh wait
05:36 Cprossu_KF7POU lemons!
05:36 Cprossu_KF7POU I get it
05:37 * CSMonster facepalms
05:37 Cprossu_KF7POU *read about it like 2 years ago*
05:37 Cprossu_KF7POU sorry
05:37 LeadHead
05:37 * CSMonster throws lemons at cprossu
05:37 LeadHead That is typical LeMons racer
05:37 Cprossu_KF7POU what was the most sorry ass car there this time, LeadHead?
05:37 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
05:37 Cprossu_KF7POU yeah I know what you are talking about NOW
05:38 LeadHead Dunno
05:38 LeadHead they have races all over the country
05:38 dr_jkl Le Mons, by calvin klein.
05:38 Cprossu_KF7POU LeadHead: man it really makes me want to get my caravan going
05:38 Cprossu_KF7POU that would be like perfect
05:39 LeadHead Someone raced a minibus once
05:39 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
05:39 speedrunnerG55 what i miss
05:39 Cprossu_KF7POU perhaps I should put a smokey shot bearings turbocharger on it
05:40 LeadHead I don't recall any ghettocharged lemons racer
05:40 LeadHead lasting more than a few laps
05:40 Cprossu_KF7POU well the engine is turbo'ed
05:40 Cprossu_KF7POU I'd just need to get a less ...uh... functional turbo
05:40 Cprossu_KF7POU because I want thick clouds of smoke coming out the back!
05:41 LeadHead That's a black flag
05:41 Cprossu_KF7POU boooooooooooooooo
05:41 Cprossu_KF7POU so not allowed to have a smokey car?
05:41 Cprossu_KF7POU what's the fun in that?
05:41 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
05:41 LeadHead If your car starts spewing oil, gas, antifreeze, or smokes excessively
05:41 LeadHead its a black fag
05:41 LeadHead and that happens quite often
05:41 Cprossu_KF7POU pity
05:43 LeadHead Eh
05:43 Cprossu_KF7POU
05:43 LeadHead It IS a race
05:43 Cprossu_KF7POU you know
05:43 Cprossu_KF7POU this might not be my cup of tea lol
05:44 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
05:44 LeadHead Well considering if you get the audience-hates-you-award
05:44 LeadHead They usually destroy your car
05:44 LeadHead on the spot
05:44 Cprossu_KF7POU wow dumbest engine swap awards?
05:45 LeadHead yes
05:45 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
05:45 Ponko92 LeadHead is 6' 14St 7lb ok for a QB?
05:45 LeadHead dunno
05:45 LeadHead I'm not into football
05:46 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
05:46 Cprossu_KF7POU LeadHead: I have a serious question for you
05:47 LeadHead what
05:47 Cprossu_KF7POU has anyone swapped a 3 cylinder geo metro engine in a 80's caprice?
05:47 LeadHead Not that I know of
05:47 LeadHead But probably will happen
05:47 Cprossu_KF7POU props if they made it FWD
05:48 LeadHead If I ever do go to LeMons
05:48 LeadHead It's going to be something crazy
05:48 Cprossu_KF7POU wellllll
05:48 Ponko92 14st 7Lbs is 205lbs right?
05:48 LeadHead and will probably blow itself to pieces within minutes
05:48 LeadHead .c (14 x 14) + 7
05:48 Cprossu_KF7POU actually here's what I want to do
05:48 BotSteve 203
05:48 Ponko92 ooo
05:48 Cprossu_KF7POU there was a toyota commercial a long time ago
05:48 Cprossu_KF7POU for trucks if I recall
05:49 Cprossu_KF7POU and the truck had a pull start horizontal lawnmower engine in it
05:49 Ponko92 i did all that in my head
05:49 Ponko92 oh of course its 16
05:49 Ponko92 i thought it was 18
05:49 Ponko92 lol
05:49 dr_jkl hah
05:49 Cprossu_KF7POU I want a mazda b2000 with a lawnmower engine
05:49 Cprossu_KF7POU what do you think, LeadHead?
05:49 Cprossu_KF7POU PULL START
05:49 LeadHead Doable
05:50 dr_jkl omg i should be sleepy but i'm not
05:50 LeadHead Maybe a nice Kohler K Series
05:50 LeadHead that should hold up for a race
05:50 Cprossu_KF7POU it's gotta be briggs
05:50 LeadHead Oh
05:50 LeadHead If you ditch the bed, find a short wheel base one
05:50 LeadHead and gut as much stuff as you can
05:50 LeadHead it should be doable
05:50 Cprossu_KF7POU yeah rofl
05:50 Cprossu_KF7POU you know
05:50 dr_jkl briggs and fucking straton, the brick shithouse of small enines
05:51 Cprossu_KF7POU we could go with a 22hp briggs from a riding mower
05:51 dr_jkl gines even
05:51 Cprossu_KF7POU *does a craigslist search*
05:51 Cprossu_KF7POU LeadHead: where you based out of?
05:51 LeadHead Rhode Island
05:52 Cprossu_KF7POU wow
05:52 Ponko92 LeadHead you seem to be asked alot of questions tonight
05:52 Cprossu_KF7POU that's a bit of a distance to cover
05:52 Ponko92 lol
05:53 dr_jkl aaaagghh why am i not tired
05:53 Cprossu_KF7POU <-19 hp, $150
05:53 Cprossu_KF7POU that blows quite a lot of budget
05:53 LeadHead You can sell parts from the car
05:53 LeadHead And depending on how wild your creation is
05:53 LeadHead you can usually get away with more
05:53 LeadHead You could probably double your budget
05:53 LeadHead if you even made it belt drive
05:54 Cprossu_KF7POU how much weight could we cut outa a ranger?
05:55 Cprossu_KF7POU ooooh
05:55 Cprossu_KF7POU
05:55 Cprossu_KF7POU that would be light enough for the briggs to drive
05:55 LeadHead I can tell you right now that two guys can lift the bed off a ranger
05:55 LeadHead and 4 guys can lift the cab off one
05:55 Cprossu_KF7POU hey lookie
05:55 Cprossu_KF7POU '87 suzuki samurai
05:55 LeadHead Curb weight for a reg cab short bed 2wd 4 cyl ranger from the 80s
05:55 LeadHead is around 2700
05:55 Cprossu_KF7POU no weight reduction needed!
05:56 speedrunnerG55 ive been to rohad island a few times before
05:56 LeadHead Rhode.
05:56 LeadHead Rhode Island
05:56 dr_jkl rohad island lol
05:56 Cprossu_KF7POU 2125lbs curb weight before weight reduction
05:57 LeadHead There you go
05:57 LeadHead Mount in the rear
05:57 speedrunnerG55 rhode island
05:57 LeadHead like them riding mowers
05:57 Cprossu_KF7POU damn look at this car!
05:57 speedrunnerG55 well at least i didnt say road island
05:57 Cprossu_KF7POU
05:57 LeadHead and have some obnoxiously long v-belt going to some cobbled together pulley on the input shaft of the transmission
05:57 * Ponko92 is watching MLB highlights
05:57 Cprossu_KF7POU suzuki cultus
05:58 * Ponko92 wants to have a drink with LeadHead
05:58 Cprossu_KF7POU curb weight is 1,367lbs
05:58 Cprossu_KF7POU chevy sprint
05:58 Cprossu_KF7POU I can find one
05:59 LeadHead I don't drink, Ponko92.
05:59 Ponko92 well whatever your poison
05:59 LeadHead I've got a fun engine.
05:59 LeadHead 1987 Rotax 521 two-cylinder two-stroke
05:59 Ponko92 ooo nice
05:59 LeadHead 90HP @ 8000 RPM
05:59 Cprossu_KF7POU hahhahahaa
06:00 LeadHead It's actually in a go-kart right now
06:00 Cprossu_KF7POU we could run it with a EEC IV?
06:00 LeadHead and we finally got the belt
06:00 LeadHead that we need
06:00 Ponko92 nice compact not too shabby
06:00 LeadHead You'd have to do some trickery
06:00 Cprossu_KF7POU *checks list of cheap cars*
06:00 Ponko92 and for a go kart well the power to weight ratio increases that Power
06:01 LeadHead 90HP and the kart will probably weigh around 300 pounds
06:01 genshou joined #thegeekgroup
06:01 Ponko92 how do they work it out again?
06:01 * genshou pokes masterofmonks again
06:01 Ponko92 every tonne or pound?
06:01 LeadHead hp/ton
06:01 LeadHead is usually how they do it
06:02 Ponko92 ok so its 90 x .3
06:02 Ponko92 .c 90 x .3
06:02 BotSteve 27
06:02 Ponko92 divided?
06:02 LeadHead .c 2000 / 3
06:02 BotSteve 666.666667
06:02 Ponko92 O_O
06:02 LeadHead errr
06:02 Ponko92 damn
06:02 LeadHead .c (2000 / 300) x 90
06:02 BotSteve 600
06:03 LeadHead That's not right
06:03 Ponko92 .c 90 / .3
06:03 BotSteve 300
06:03 Ponko92 that?
06:03 LeadHead .c 2000 / 300
06:03 BotSteve 6.66666667
06:03 Ponko92 its gotta have a kick right
06:03 LeadHead .c 6.66666666 x 90
06:03 BotSteve 599.999999
06:03 LeadHead Heh, that is right
06:03 LeadHead rope start
06:03 LeadHead pull start
06:03 LeadHead its out of a snowmobile
06:04 LeadHead not sure what you call them in england
06:04 Ponko92 so thats go kart is as powerful even more so than the GT2 RS
06:04 Ponko92 damn i got to get me a test drive
06:05 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
06:05 LeadHead Only rear brakes
06:05 Cprossu_KF7POU LeadHead
06:05 Cprossu_KF7POU I thought of something funny
06:05 Cprossu_KF7POU I just don't know if a running one exists anymore
06:05 Ponko92 ah so you need front brakes whats the prob up front?
06:05 LeadHead No provisions for mounting front brakes
06:05 LeadHead What is that Cprossu_
06:06 Ponko92 not enough goals for one... sorry different problem upfront
06:06 Cprossu_KF7POU LeadHead: FOUND ONE!
06:06 Cprossu_KF7POU
06:06 Ponko92 and different front all together
06:06 Cprossu_KF7POU but that would be blowing the budget on the engine
06:06 LeadHead I believe there has been a vega
06:06 Ponko92 LeadHead whats wrong with the front brakes
06:06 LeadHead There was a diesel chevette
06:06 LeadHead there are no front brakes
06:06 LeadHead there is no place to mount front brakes
06:06 Cprossu_KF7POU but what about another car with a vega engine swap?
06:06 Ponko92 oh doesn't come with them
06:06 LeadHead its a scratch built gokart
06:07 LeadHead we built it ourselves
06:07 Ponko92 ah ok lol
06:07 LeadHead I couldn't tella ya Cprossu_, I only loosely follow LeMons
06:07 LeadHead mainly the more wild cars
06:07 Cprossu_KF7POU can you think of a worse americal engine than a 4 cyl vega engine?
06:07 Cprossu_KF7POU *american
06:07 LeadHead Iron Duke?
06:07 Cprossu_KF7POU they didn't self destruct
06:08 Cprossu_KF7POU as badly
06:08 Ponko92 but Cprossu_ his GK has more power than a Porsche
06:08 Ponko92 but not more than the old 917's
06:08 Ponko92 damn they had power
06:08 Ponko92 1500 or so
06:09 LeadHead I really can't think of any motors
06:09 LeadHead Yes Ponko92
06:09 LeadHead The power of the engine came as a surprise
06:09 Cprossu_KF7POU hrmmm
06:09 Cprossu_KF7POU what's the cadillac 4100?
06:09 LeadHead we were just looking for an engine, and found this one for $60 USD
06:09 Ponko92 your one or the Porsche
06:10 LeadHead 4100 is the pile with the aluminum block and cast iron heads
06:10 LeadHead afaik
06:10 LeadHead our engine
06:10 LeadHead $60 USD
06:10 Ponko92 because the Porsche 917 had to be LIMITED
06:10 Cprossu_KF7POU wow LeadHead: wtf was their thinking?!
06:11 Ponko92 picture?
06:11 LeadHead Cadillac
06:11 LeadHead or the people who sold me our rotax
06:11 Ponko92 you have a wankel engine in the kart
06:12 LeadHead No
06:12 LeadHead It's a piston engine
06:12 LeadHead Rotax is a company
06:12 Ponko92 i thought you said rotary
06:12 Ponko92 lol
06:13 dr_jkl ugh porsche.
06:13 Ponko92 whats wrong with Porsche
06:14 dr_jkl you can always tell the length of a porsche owner's cock by subtracting the second two numbers from the first in the model
06:14 Ponko92 yeah the drivers can be douches
06:15 Ponko92 one said i don't have the class to work for them and asked what i knew about Porsche
06:15 LeadHead I'd be content driving a 911 then
06:15 Ponko92 lol ;)
06:16 Cprossu_KF7POU ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
06:16 Cprossu_KF7POU 135 horsepower at 4,400 rpm
06:16 Cprossu_KF7POU for a v8
06:16 Cprossu_KF7POU wow
06:16 LeadHead You say that like it's bad
06:17 LeadHead Look up the 1976 Cadillac 500 Cubic Inch plant
06:17 LeadHead 8.2L V8
06:17 LeadHead 190HP @ 3600 RPM
06:18 Cprossu_KF7POU at least that has some torque to it right?
06:18 LeadHead only 360 lb-ft
06:21 Ponko92 Nm's please
06:21 LeadHead 488
06:21 Ponko92 i'm foot pounds confuse me
06:22 Ponko92 ahh ok
06:22 Ponko92 thank you
06:24 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
06:24 Cprossu_KF7POU I think I may have found a winner
06:24 Cprossu_KF7POU (another one)
06:24 Cprossu_KF7POU this swap might be easier too
06:24 Cprossu_KF7POU and sacreligious too
06:25 LeadHead and what is that
06:25 Cprossu_KF7POU Olds 350 diesel in a camero
06:25 LeadHead I don't recall ever seeing one of those
06:25 LeadHead Also, there is an index of effluency award
06:25 LeadHead meaning often times
06:26 LeadHead the least probable car to complete the race
06:26 Cprossu_KF7POU hahaahah
06:26 LeadHead that actually does
06:26 LeadHead usually gets more esteem
06:26 LeadHead than the actual winnar
06:26 Cprossu_KF7POU
06:26 Cprossu_KF7POU starting out with that
06:27 Cprossu_KF7POU finding that engine might be tougher than I Thought
06:27 LeadHead they're around
06:27 Cprossu_KF7POU a *working* one
06:27 Cprossu_KF7POU I wonder if GM ever made torque to yield headbolts for it
06:27 Cprossu_KF7POU if they did it would probably finish the race
06:28 LeadHead just put some ARP headstuds in it
06:28 LeadHead and forgettaboutit
06:28 Cprossu_KF7POU omg
06:29 Cprossu_KF7POU;feature=player_detailpage#t=48s
06:29 Cprossu_KF7POU it sounds so shittttttty hahahahah
06:30 LeadHead Sounds like a Ford IDI
06:30 Cprossu_KF7POU only with broken pieces in it
06:33 Cprossu_KF7POU I'd want it to be a nicer looking camero though lol
06:34 Cprossu_KF7POU just think of the "OLDS 5.7 DIESEL" and Jegs decals we'd put all over it
06:35 LeadHead yes
06:35 LeadHead I dunno man
06:35 LeadHead;feature=related
06:35 LeadHead those old Ford IDI diesels
06:35 LeadHead sound like death too
06:36 Cprossu_KF7POU;feature=player_detailpage#t=11s
06:38 Cprossu_KF7POU you know... it sounds... fucking weird
06:38 LeadHead Sounds like a V8
06:38 LeadHead when he revs it
06:38 Cprossu_KF7POU then when he lets it idle
06:38 LeadHead back to diesel
06:38 LeadHead sound
06:39 Cprossu_KF7POU that would be awesome
06:39 Cprossu_KF7POU and epic
06:41 LeadHead;feature=related
06:41 Cprossu_KF7POU ooooh
06:41 Cprossu_KF7POU turbo
06:42 Cprossu_KF7POU no I want to keep it NA
06:43 Ponko92 ok i'm dosing off lads and ladies i'll see you lot later
06:43 LeadHead;feature=related
06:44 LeadHead night Ponko92
06:44 Cprossu_KF7POU lates
06:44 * Ponko92 waves
06:44 Cprossu_KF7POU lol nice
06:44 Cprossu_KF7POU actually it might be harder
06:44 LeadHead sounds horrible
06:44 Cprossu_KF7POU but what...if
06:44 LeadHead but I love it
06:44 Cprossu_KF7POU we put it in a corvette?!
06:44 LeadHead good luck finding a cheap vette
06:45 Cprossu_KF7POU I can
06:45 Cprossu_KF7POU it'll have some damage though and likely be a late 80's early '90's
06:45 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
06:47 LeadHead yeh
06:48 MadManMarkAu1 left #thegeekgroup
06:49 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
06:50 Cprossu_KF7POU darn
06:50 Cprossu_KF7POU
06:51 Cprossu_KF7POU not cheap enough
06:51 LeadHead 70s
06:51 Cprossu_KF7POU
06:51 Cprossu_KF7POU more work than they are worth
06:52 LeadHead yeah
06:52 Cprossu_KF7POU could you imagine it though?
06:52 Cprossu_KF7POU a corvette with a 5.7 olds diesel
06:52 LeadHead yes
06:53 Cprossu_KF7POU i still don't know
06:53 Cprossu_KF7POU which would piss more people off?
06:53 Cprossu_KF7POU camero or corvette?
06:53 LeadHead neither
06:53 LeadHead really
06:53 Cprossu_KF7POU being 'converted' to a diesel?
06:54 LeadHead the more offensive it is
06:54 LeadHead the more lemons people like it
06:54 Cprossu_KF7POU true
06:54 Cprossu_KF7POU so my question is, which is more offensive?
06:54 Cprossu_KF7POU corvette or camero or other?
06:54 LeadHead vette
06:54 LeadHead probably
06:55 Cprossu_KF7POU lol
06:55 Cprossu_KF7POU
06:55 Cprossu_KF7POU if we painted it like a judge GTO
06:55 Cprossu_KF7POU xD
06:55 Cprossu_KF7POU wouldn't turn for shit though
06:56 LeadHead tempest
06:56 LeadHead funky driveshaft
06:56 LeadHead in them
06:57 Cprossu_KF7POU so what color would we paint the vette then?
06:57 LeadHead not a clue
06:58 Cprossu_KF7POU lol we'd need plenty of epic emblems though
06:58 Cprossu_KF7POU
06:58 Cprossu_KF7POU look at these
06:59 LeadHead yes
07:04 Nazca ok, this is seriously kludged .... I turned an atx psu and a random plastic lunch box from the kitchen cupboard in to a basic desktop power supply
07:10 genshou left #thegeekgroup
07:11 Nazca remember kids, card board tubes and masking tape are not suitable materials for key structural components of a power supply
07:15 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
07:15 Nazca (it's a prototype that only has to last a week so I'm not overly worried)
07:17 Cprossu_KF7POU lol LeadHead: I tried a quick render
07:20 Cprossu_KF7POU LeadHead:
07:20 Cprossu_KF7POU thoughts?
07:20 LeadHead that would be killer
07:20 LeadHead man
07:20 LeadHead Iits late
07:20 LeadHead I'm going to bed
07:20 LeadHead night
07:21 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
08:08 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
08:18 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
08:36 tanilolli left #thegeekgroup
08:46 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
09:20 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
10:42 n00b9 joined #thegeekgroup
11:01 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
11:21 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
11:28 Druidic_Rifleman morning geeks
11:37 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
11:37 zimm morning
11:37 * mashpriborintorg hasn't got any kind of relationship with D.S.K.
11:38 mashpriborintorg hello
11:52 Druidic_Rifleman Ok Soooo wait till Family wakes up Then I am gonna make a metal Casting Cruciple
11:59 masterofmonks Druidic_Rifleman: What are you making it out of?
12:00 Druidic_Rifleman Steel
12:00 masterofmonks And what are you casting?
12:00 Druidic_Rifleman Aluminum
12:00 masterofmonks What did you use for your refractory?
12:01 Druidic_Rifleman Nothing i am sticking it in the forgeAnd piling the Coal around it
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12:02 masterofmonks I see.
12:02 masterofmonks That is one way to do it.
12:03 Druidic_Rifleman I'm Just wanting yo try it
12:03 masterofmonks What casting method are you using?
12:03 Druidic_Rifleman First try i am simply gonna try and melt aluminum
12:04 masterofmonks For your benefit I would advise having somewhere to cast it once you melt it.
12:05 Druidic_Rifleman Nods I'll probly weld up some scrap into A ingot mold
12:05 masterofmonks A muffin pan should do fine, however don't buy a teflon coated one.
12:05 Druidic_Rifleman Nods
12:05 masterofmonks Also be aware that aluminum and steel don't play nicely together.
12:06 Druidic_Rifleman hmmm
12:06 masterofmonks So if you get your crucible too hot your aluminum will become contaminated.
12:06 masterofmonks You will also need a skimmer.
12:06 Druidic_Rifleman The hardest use any of my castings would be used in Is Cast decorative handles On knives used in violet wand play
12:06 Druidic_Rifleman Nothing structual
12:07 masterofmonks Well it's aluminum.
12:07 * masterofmonks works in an aluminum fabrication shop.
12:09 Druidic_Rifleman Cool
12:09 masterofmonks The thing about aluminum that people don't really get is that it's actually a pretty reactive metal.
12:09 Druidic_Rifleman I just wanna See if i Can even melt the stuff
12:09 masterofmonks It's just that it forms a skin of aluminum oxide on the exposed surface.
12:09 Druidic_Rifleman Also Also doing some improvements tp my forge
12:09 masterofmonks Which is generally non-reactive.
12:10 Druidic_Rifleman Gonna weld A shelf onto the forge as well
12:11 masterofmonks You have a coal forge, is it a rivet style forge?
12:13 Druidic_Rifleman A cast iron break drum off a truck
12:14 masterofmonks Ah.
12:14 Druidic_Rifleman it runs charcoal mostly
12:15 Druidic_Rifleman coals to much of a pain to get
12:15 Druidic_Rifleman wish i could get actual coal
12:15 masterofmonks I have a simi brake drum, that I need to get a second for to make a bad ass propane forge/ furnace.
12:15 Druidic_Rifleman nods My grampas old firend works at a junk yard and gave me a good deal
12:15 Druidic_Rifleman goood old gumpa
12:16 masterofmonks If you paid for it, you probably paid too much.
12:16 Druidic_Rifleman yeah i got rid of it for them
12:16 Druidic_Rifleman and put it to good use
12:18 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
12:18 masterofmonks I am going to cast refractory into my brake drums and put them face to face so that I can open it up in the middle for crucible work.
12:20 Druidic_Rifleman Cool
12:20 Druidic_Rifleman A project i want Is a 4inch x 4 inch x10 inch gas forge for heating blade's for quenching
12:21 masterofmonks Well you know how to make a venturi burner right?
12:21 masterofmonks Also...
12:21 masterofmonks
12:21 masterofmonks Trent's good people.
12:22 masterofmonks Currently he has all of his videos up for free.
12:23 Druidic_Rifleman has him subscribed on you tube
12:24 masterofmonks Yeah, you have many more videos on his site.
12:26 Druidic_Rifleman Nods a few of his how two's helped me
12:26 Druidic_Rifleman I need Some kind of roof
12:27 Druidic_Rifleman I am tempted to build And weld a metal frame and Cover it with sheet metal of ime kind corrigated tin So i have a dry place to work
12:28 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
12:28 kristopher hello
12:28 masterofmonks Shhhh every get quiet kristopher is here.
12:29 kristopher fuck you
12:29 kristopher why are you all dicks here?
12:30 masterofmonks It was a joke.
12:30 masterofmonks See you lack context.
12:30 kristopher it better be
12:30 kristopher you all have stuff to talk about, i dont
12:31 masterofmonks And why not?
12:31 kristopher because i do nothing
12:31 Druidic_Rifleman find something you enjoy foing...
12:32 Druidic_Rifleman doing*
12:33 masterofmonks And seriously on what basis are you calling everyone dicks here?
12:34 kristopher some of you are insulting me most of the time
12:34 Hackbat .insult
12:34 BotSteve Hey, Hackbat, I would have been your father, but the other guy had exact change.
12:34 Hackbat It's only botsteve that insults D:
12:34 Druidic_Rifleman but yeah monks my next project  Is likly tools I need to make some hardies
12:35 masterofmonks That should be fun.
12:36 Druidic_Rifleman I need tooling for making armour soo
12:37 Druidic_Rifleman One of the things IS a Steal covered form for making greaves and bracer's
12:38 kristopher so what time is it in america
12:38 kristopher well at thhe lab to be exact
12:39 masterofmonks About 12 hours off from you.
12:39 masterofmonks Or, you could do this.
12:39 kristopher oh
12:39 masterofmonks .t grand rapids
12:39 BotSteve masterofmonks: Sorry, I don't know about the 'grand rapids' timezone.
12:39 masterofmonks Bah.
12:39 kristopher so it's 10 am there?
12:40 kristopher or 11
12:40 masterofmonks .t GDT -5
12:40 BotSteve masterofmonks: Sorry, I don't know about the 'GDT -5' timezone.
12:40 masterofmonks .t -5
12:40 BotSteve Sun, 15 May 2011 07:40:31 -5
12:40 masterofmonks Ok, that is off by an hour.
12:40 kristopher lol
12:40 kristopher so its 8?
12:41 kristopher the stream is off
12:41 tggconsole joined #thegeekgroup
12:41 tggmastercontrol left #thegeekgroup
12:41 kristopher lol i think there was just a power failure
12:41 kristopher or the computer shut down
12:41 zimm 14:41 over here
12:42 kristopher 11:00 pm here
12:42 kristopher .t bulleen
12:42 BotSteve kristopher: Sorry, I don't know about the 'bulleen' timezone.
12:42 kristopher .t gmt+5
12:42 BotSteve kristopher: Sorry, I don't know about the 'gmt+5' timezone.
12:42 kristopher .t gmt +5
12:42 BotSteve kristopher: Sorry, I don't know about the 'gmt +5' timezone.
12:42 kristopher DAMN IT
12:43 masterofmonks .t +5
12:43 BotSteve Sun, 15 May 2011 17:43:17 +5
12:43 kristopher lol that is off by about 20 mins
12:44 kristopher on the live feed why are we looking at boxes of crap
12:44 kristopher ?
12:44 masterofmonks Dunno, I don't watch the live feed.
12:44 kristopher lol is someone at teh lab now?
12:45 masterofmonks Dunno, I am about 1 kilomile from there.
12:46 kristopher oh is anyone from the lab awake?
12:46 Druidic_Rifleman internet tough guys are funny
12:46 Druidic_Rifleman So many people will get in my face online who would never Say a cross word in person
12:46 kristopher man i really want to the lab but i have no moneys
12:47 ais_0192837465 joined #thegeekgroup
12:47 Druidic_Rifleman Hello I am pastor druid i lead the chior
12:47 masterofmonks kristopher: Build your own.
12:48 masterofmonks Druidic_Rifleman: I thought you were in the cult of Emacs still.
12:48 Druidic_Rifleman isn't joining a cult
12:48 Druidic_Rifleman i'll lead one won't join
12:48 kristopher sorry spent all my money on my tail
12:49 Druidic_Rifleman ah your furry... thats a -5 to your wealth score right there
12:50 masterofmonks Your tail...
12:50 kristopher furry
12:51 masterofmonks Your tail...
12:52 Druidic_Rifleman Soooo
12:52 masterofmonks Druidic_Rifleman: You should build a propane forge.
12:52 Druidic_Rifleman before the fursecution starts I saw this photo of a muslim holding live 5.56x45mm nato chartidges claiming the hit her house
12:52 SparkyPojects joined #thegeekgroup
12:53 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
12:53 Druidic_Rifleman Nods i am very tempted to But before i build that I need a roof of some kind and a dooo OOOOH how i wish i had one of those nifty door do hickies
12:54 masterofmonks Druidic_Rifleman: You can build one in 25 minutes.
12:54 masterofmonks Or so.
12:54 Druidic_Rifleman Nods yeah
12:55 Druidic_Rifleman I wish i had the $ for a 150-200 lbs anvil
12:57 masterofmonks Just build you a frame from PVC, paint it, and then throw a tarp over the top.
12:58 masterofmonks Lets see, you live in California, finding an anvil there shouldn't be too hard.
12:58 Druidic_Rifleman ...
12:58 masterofmonks Wait.
12:58 Druidic_Rifleman i am in canada
12:59 masterofmonks Yeah, I just thought about that.
12:59 * Druidic_Rifleman feeds his pet bever some ceder chips
12:59 masterofmonks I was looking at the .ca
12:59 masterofmonks Had it been california it would have been .ca.
13:00 masterofmonks Even so, finding an anvil shouldn't be super hard for you up there.
13:00 masterofmonks Unless you live in the middle of nowhere.
13:00 Druidic_Rifleman it's the issue of the lack of money
13:01 Druidic_Rifleman That and Setting a pel so i can work on my sord and board skills
13:01 masterofmonks Do you have something to hammer on now?
13:01 Druidic_Rifleman a 75 lbs China ALO
13:02 masterofmonks ASO?
13:02 Druidic_Rifleman Anvil shaped object yeah
13:03 Druidic_Rifleman I need to find away to Heat the whold thing up and harden it
13:03 Druidic_Rifleman whole
13:03 Druidic_Rifleman that and hard face the thing
13:03 masterofmonks Not a good idea.
13:04 masterofmonks Since it is most likely cast iron, if you harden it it will shatter.
13:04 Druidic_Rifleman mmm
13:04 Druidic_Rifleman I wish i had the money to buy a good anvil
13:04 masterofmonks Where i was going with that... you have a welding machine?
13:05 Druidic_Rifleman A very small one
13:05 Druidic_Rifleman habby one for home depot
13:05 masterofmonks mig, stick, or tig?
13:05 Druidic_Rifleman stic
13:05 Druidic_Rifleman very tinu sticks
13:06 masterofmonks OK, yuck
13:06 Druidic_Rifleman I want a commercial welder.
13:06 masterofmonks It's an AC welder.
13:06 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
13:06 Druidic_Rifleman yeah
13:06 Druidic_Rifleman Nooot good for hard facing
13:06 masterofmonks Have any microwave transformers?
13:06 Druidic_Rifleman the one in the kitchen
13:07 masterofmonks You can build a fullwave rectifyer out of the microwave diodes and have a AC/DC welder.
13:11 kristopher i pulled one of them from an old 900 kva 3 phase generator
13:13 Druidic_Rifleman i am not jery rigging welding equiptment
13:13 Druidic_Rifleman I will be grinidn some dent's out of the anvil today though
13:13 masterofmonks No, constructing your own.
13:14 Druidic_Rifleman ... yeah... I don't feel confident in such an endever
13:14 masterofmonks If you never do it...
13:15 Geek101 left #thegeekgroup
13:16 Druidic_Rifleman i never accidently electricute my self :)
13:17 Druidic_Rifleman i am not saying it can't be done
13:17 Druidic_Rifleman just i don't know how
13:18 Druidic_Rifleman One thing since i made a 14 gauge steal Burner plate for the Forge she's been running allot better
13:19 Obtuse_ Druidic, do you have pictures of your shop?
13:19 Druidic_Rifleman better
13:19 Obtuse_ vidya?
13:20 Druidic_Rifleman
13:20 Druidic_Rifleman YEPPERS
13:20 Obtuse_ sweet
13:21 Druidic_Rifleman the video Cover's abit of the spiritual stuff
13:21 masterofmonks Druidic_Rifleman: can you weld 1/8 inch square steel tubing?
13:21 Druidic_Rifleman Posibly
13:22 Druidic_Rifleman why do you ask
13:23 masterofmonks Because if you can, you can make the money you need to buy an anvil.
13:23 Druidic_Rifleman doing what?
13:24 Obtuse_ that's a pretty cool hacked up system you've got there
13:24 Cprossu_Laptop good morning
13:24 Obtuse_ morning Cprossu
13:24 Druidic_Rifleman thanks
13:24 Druidic_Rifleman I've hadded tools since then
13:24 Obtuse_ I love the Dr. Pepper bottle
13:24 Druidic_Rifleman added*
13:25 Druidic_Rifleman LOL
13:26 masterofmonks Druidic_Rifleman: Build grills.
13:26 Druidic_Rifleman thats a hold over from The first forge i used and i Kept it Cause the High tech blower i used was intended for some rare oval shaped pipe that i don't have
13:27 Druidic_Rifleman like BBQ grills or auto
13:27 masterofmonks Both.
13:27 * Druidic_Rifleman love's good BBQ
13:28 masterofmonks Use expanded metal for the grill surface, 2x2x1/8 square tubing as the legs, and sheet steel as the body.
13:28 Obtuse_ I need to make a blog video for the beat707 drum machine.
13:29 masterofmonks Clean it up good and paint it with high temp grill paint and there you go.
13:29 Obtuse_
13:30 masterofmonks Sell them for $25 more than it cost you to make and very quickly you will have your money.
13:33 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
13:36 Druidic_Rifleman Can one arc weld stainless?
13:36 Druidic_Rifleman well with the cheap one i have
13:37 masterofmonks I wouldn't try.
13:38 masterofmonks Of course you can also construct custom brush grills for trucks too.
13:38 Druidic_Rifleman hmm i doubt people would buy mild steal grills
13:39 Druidic_Rifleman ooor Security bars for stores
13:39 masterofmonks And now you are getting the idea.
13:39 Druidic_Rifleman nods
13:39 masterofmonks And they will buy mild steel grills all day long.
13:39 masterofmonks Your average person doesn't know one steel from another.
13:39 Druidic_Rifleman lol
13:40 masterofmonks They don't.
13:40 Druidic_Rifleman But yeah i have Sheet metal to Bend into shape and then weld
13:41 Druidic_Rifleman How close is 1/8 to 1 gauge
13:41 Druidic_Rifleman 14
13:41 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
13:45 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:46 Obtuse_ ugg, fuck comcast
13:46 Druidic_Rifleman fuck mother nature fucking rain
13:46 Obtuse_ totally agree
13:46 Obtuse_ rained all day yesterday, today
13:47 Druidic_Rifleman looks like iam not getting my welding down
13:47 Druidic_Rifleman done
13:47 Druidic_Rifleman dad says i can't weld in the basment
13:47 Druidic_Rifleman soooo OUT side only sooo no work today
13:47 Obtuse_ boo
13:48 Druidic_Rifleman had allot of nice dry days i could of dne the work on
13:48 Druidic_Rifleman But i have been grimpy cause someone didn't bring the good mask
13:48 Druidic_Rifleman he brought the lens on a popsicle stick that came with the welder
13:49 Druidic_Rifleman But yeah
13:49 Obtuse_ you need one of these for your videos ...
13:50 Druidic_Rifleman one thing i noticed In some of the higher end grills with cast ionr
13:50 Druidic_Rifleman obduse
13:50 Druidic_Rifleman obtuse... i made that video qith a codiack pocket cam
13:50 Druidic_Rifleman sorry a polarroid
13:51 Druidic_Rifleman there is no way to mount a bipod
13:51 Obtuse_ ah, need an adapter then
13:51 Druidic_Rifleman;ob=5#p/a/u/1/kD44x7ztS2c
13:51 masterofmonks Druidic_Rifleman: even $30 cameras have a mount for a tripod.
13:51 Druidic_Rifleman this video i used the one for my Spotting scope
13:52 masterofmonks Druidic_Rifleman: You could possibly cast your own grills, however you will need to build a real foundry for that and forget steel crucibles for that.
13:52 Druidic_Rifleman nods
13:53 Druidic_Rifleman I'd love to Make custem cast iron grills to replace the one in our BBQ with ones I can scrub
13:53 Druidic_Rifleman fo decades Sreight lines from the front of the stove to the back have been used AND there was a reason for that
13:54 Druidic_Rifleman Speaking of the vest in that video i need to actually film the damn review
13:54 Druidic_Rifleman and monks it's not that good of a camera
13:54 Druidic_Rifleman I wish it had a tripod mount
13:55 masterofmonks Does it have a screw hole at the bottom?
13:55 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
13:55 Druidic_Rifleman nope
13:55 Druidic_Rifleman lanyard hole
13:56 mashpriborintorg so it's really a crappy, entry consumer level camera :(
13:56 masterofmonks Not even that...
13:56 Druidic_Rifleman Just a cheap pocket cam
13:56 Druidic_Rifleman i have a 720 P camera
13:56 Druidic_Rifleman but i don't use it allot
13:57 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
13:57 mashpriborintorg I only use Canon and Nikon, along with Panasonic, all other brands are crap
13:57 mashpriborintorg Sony ones works quite well... before they fail
13:58 Obtuse_ i've got the Sony Bloggie for video
13:58 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
13:58 kristopher ola again
13:58 Druidic_Rifleman should go out to the paint ball field for a day of filming
13:58 Obtuse_ that would be cool
14:00 kristopher if you do trust me, wear padding wear you would never think of wearing padding, cuz' you will need it
14:00 Druidic_Rifleman i need to replace the trigger on my A5 is npt setting propperly
14:00 Obtuse_ where are you in canada Druidic?
14:00 Druidic_Rifleman ...
14:01 Druidic_Rifleman Oshawa ontario
14:02 Druidic_Rifleman i have the origional one some where
14:02 Druidic_Rifleman put an after market double trigger on it and it's been iffy
14:02 Obtuse_ ah. any plans to drive to tgg this year?
14:03 Druidic_Rifleman i hope to try making it out
14:03 Obtuse_ it's like a 10 hour drive?
14:04 Druidic_Rifleman about that
14:04 Druidic_Rifleman why do you ask?
14:06 Druidic_Rifleman 6 hours or so nonstop
14:07 obtusemobile joined #thegeekgroup
14:07 Obtuse_ +/- a few hours if problems at the border
14:07 Obtuse_ .weather 49504
14:08 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 42.8℉ (6℃), 29.79in (1005mb), Light Rain, Moderate breeze 15kt (↑) - KGRR, 13:53Z
14:08 Obtuse_ oh just curious if you'd come for a visit. I like meeting people from all around the country/ world
14:08 mashpriborintorg Passing the border without problems will depend of what you have in the trunk...
14:08 Druidic_Rifleman going into the US is easyer then going into canada
14:09 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
14:09 Obtuse_ I've had the opposite experience
14:09 Druidic_Rifleman they search every thing comming back
14:09 mashpriborintorg if it's special awesome stuff for the lab it may be an issue, with stupib border policemen
14:09 Obtuse_ yea, best to ship that stuff
14:10 Obtuse_ I like to go through ontario when I drive to NY State
14:10 mashpriborintorg I've already received very special equipment in the mail XD
14:10 Obtuse_ what kind of special equipment?
14:10 mashpriborintorg eg several lbs of cardial pacemakers
14:11 Druidic_Rifleman One of the projects i wanna build is a set of Cannon's designed to Shoot paint balls into a specific point as a large scale demo of a fusor
14:11 Druidic_Rifleman So they all bounch off each other
14:12 mashpriborintorg pieces from aircrafts... and parts from  other unammed, fast flying, rocked powered thingies, if you see what I mean
14:13 Obtuse_ what are you doing with those?
14:13 mashpriborintorg collecting them
14:14 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
14:14 Druidic_Rifleman hehehe
14:15 Obtuse_ watching yesterdays captain's blog
14:15 mashpriborintorg it's more interesting than stamps, btw
14:17 mashpriborintorg They shuold have made a custom scaffolding for working up there, seems to be quite dangerous with the harness
14:21 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
14:22 Cprossu_Laptop nah harnesses are fine lol
14:23 mashpriborintorg if the thing you are harnessed to is strong enough :|
14:23 Cprossu_Laptop I think he was harnessed to a piece of structual steel
14:23 mashpriborintorg it may have cut the harness
14:23 Cprossu_Laptop pfft
14:24 Cprossu_Laptop what's the worst that could have happened?
14:24 Cprossu_Laptop he falling and splitting his head open
14:24 Cprossu_Laptop come on where's your sense of adventure?
14:24 mashpriborintorg yeah :/
14:27 Druidic_Rifleman why land an air plane when halo jumping from 40K feet makes you look so much more bad ass
14:27 Cprossu_Laptop well I'm sure if captain sees your advice he'll promptly ignore it... unless he decides to do a long dissertation on his gear and setup
14:28 Cprossu_Laptop in which case we'll likely never hear the end of it and he'll make a point of using climbing gear instead of scaffolding as much as he can
14:30 Druidic_Rifleman LOL Make red paint the MDH with climbing gear and not sacafolding
14:31 kristopher whats the time in grabd rapids?
14:31 Druidic_Rifleman 1021
14:31 Druidic_Rifleman 1031*
14:31 Cprossu_Laptop I don't think he'll make anyone else
14:31 kristopher normal time?
14:31 Cprossu_Laptop but he'll do it himself and never let anyone forget it
14:33 Druidic_Rifleman XD
14:34 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
14:34 SparkyPojects There are copanies that specialise in rope access, if you have the training and knowledge, doing what Chris did is safe, on a stairwell you need special scaffolding, trying to improvese is more dangerous.  i would  guess Chris was tied on to roof beams, and would have protected his rope against cuts
14:34 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
14:34 SparkyPojects
14:37 CaptainBoden Chris has spent 15 years climbing steel and rock and knew exactly what he was doing, as the use of a proper harness, slings, and rigging made very clear.
14:37 mashpriborintorg yo captain
14:38 CaptainBoden Goodmorning gentlemen.
14:39 SparkyPojects Exactly Captain :)
14:39 Cprossu_Laptop yay!
14:39 Cprossu_Laptop morning, ready for another day of knuckle bashing?
14:40 Cprossu_Laptop it's good to see it all coming together.
14:40 CaptainBoden The only thing I'm bashing today is a petite'm taking the day off to heal.
14:40 Cprossu_Laptop good
14:40 Druidic_Rifleman ooooh your groupies visiting today?
14:41 CaptainBoden ROTFLMFAO.....never fuck a fan, never.
14:41 CaptainBoden I won't date a girl who knows who I am.
14:41 Druidic_Rifleman Sooo your into the 1 night NSA types? no last name kinda deal :P
14:42 kristopher lol
14:42 kristopher chi;dren
14:42 CaptainBoden no, I'm into short, petite brunettes typically.
14:42 kristopher lol
14:42 kristopher sweet
14:42 CaptainBoden I can't have kids, I'm fixed.
14:42 kristopher lol
14:42 CaptainBoden and I'm Married to the Group.
14:42 CaptainBoden No wife, no kids, ever.
14:43 * Druidic_Rifleman thinks you should of gone and donated sperm so you DNA will be carried over to the next generation
14:43 kristopher
14:44 kristopher vasectomy song
14:44 kristopher lol
14:45 CaptainBoden god no
14:45 kristopher lol
14:45 ais_0192837465 left #thegeekgroup
14:45 CaptainBoden I am in no manner compelled or obligated to breed.
14:46 kristopher well this could have this
14:46 kristopher;NR=1
14:47 kristopher;NR=1
14:47 * Phu stirs
14:48 kristopher;feature=related
14:49 kristopher
14:50 kristopher\
14:50 kristopher freakin fcc
14:50 SparkyPojects CaptainBoden, couple of thoughts about Thumper, first is to get an old watch strap (with watch if you like), the metal expanding kind, then put a smaller charge through it to demonstrate why you don't wear jewellery with electrics, more impressive if you have something to act as a wrist.
14:50 SparkyPojects The other thing is that i notice a build up of blast materiall between the contacts, so when you rebuild, a couple of stand off insulators might be best
14:52 CaptainBoden Thumper is on it....shit it has to be at least 8 or 10th prototype. It gets better every time, and I already have the new ram sitting on my desk.
14:52 CaptainBoden I'm eagerly awaiting being done building the lab and moving in so that we can actually get to work on projects again.
14:52 CaptainBoden The only way that will happen though is if we get a lot more members, volunteers, and support.
14:56 CaptainBoden I'd like to see that latest video with the iphone posted everywhere, it's certainly got the potential to go viral.
14:56 Druidic_Rifleman I'd love to visit and volentire
14:56 kristopher you need about 10 of these for thumper
14:56 SparkyPojects The watch idea came from something i heard about someone in a telephone exchange put their arm on 2 busbars carrying 48 volts at a few thousand amps, the watch strap melted, you can guess what happened to his wrist
14:57 Druidic_Rifleman A prok roast
14:57 CaptainBoden Send me a dozen cheap watch straps and I'll do a video ;)
14:57 mashpriborintorg large AC motors control units have such capacitor banks also
14:58 Druidic_Rifleman But yeah
15:01 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
15:01 kristopher this sounds epic
15:01 kristopher
15:01 Druidic_Rifleman The supply room riminds me of the place i did my Communist service hours for highschool organising the food bank
15:01 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
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15:02 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
15:03 kristopher also epic
15:03 kristopher;feature=related
15:04 Ponko92 Druidic your a Communist? o_O
15:04 Druidic_Rifleman Fuck no i am a commie basher
15:04 Druidic_Rifleman in ontario you have to do like 80 hours of community service or they will not let you graduate highschool
15:04 Ponko92 good i'd have to of bashed you with my newspaper like a brit would lol
15:04 kristopher;feature=related
15:05 SparkyPojects If you guys haven't seen this yet, this shows Chris' confidence in his climbing rig
15:05 Druidic_Rifleman use A peace of 7/8 inch gas line pipe
15:05 Ponko92 oh that would be in the newspaper so it looked innocent
15:06 Ponko92 kill a wasp with a rolled up newspaper and kill a commie with a lead pipe
15:08 Ponko92 in soviet russia pipe kill you
15:08 Druidic_Rifleman I like welding Spikes to it first
15:08 Druidic_Rifleman get midevil
15:08 Obtuse_ I need to read twitter more often. I totally missed TEDxGR
15:08 Ponko92 ah well thats a whole new level
15:10 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
15:13 Druidic_Rifleman making perogies
15:13 kristopher in soviet russia, jesus believe in you!
15:14 Ponko92 indeed he does
15:14 CaptainBoden god I was young.....
15:15 SparkyPojects :D
15:15 SparkyPojects How old do you reckon
15:15 CaptainBoden BAck then, a kid.
15:15 SparkyPojects 12 years ago ?
15:15 CaptainBoden That was the very early days of the Group
15:17 Obtuse_ 10 gig scsi drives
15:19 kristopher in soviet russia, you hit car
15:22 Ponko92 also in soviet russia the geek group donate to you....
15:22 Ponko92 hang on thats wrong
15:22 kristopher in soviet russia, toilet pee on you
15:23 Ponko92 because tgg came into extistence after the curtain had fallen
15:24 Ponko92 damn i miss the 90's
15:26 Ponko92 damn Chris you remind me of an old friend of mine
15:26 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
15:27 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
15:28 Ponko92 pony tail a quaint charm and a idc what anyone thinks about me attitude
15:29 Druidic_Rifleman om nom nom :) i have perogies
15:29 Ponko92 oooo
15:29 Ponko92 what are may i ignorantly ask?
15:29 kristopher hey chris you remind me alot of a guy at my old school, he was the it guy at the school and one thing he did really remind me of you, he had dissapeared for about 20 mins when he fell through the roof and was hanging by network caples in the middle of the room
15:29 kristopher omnomnom i have doughnuts
15:29 Ponko92 O_O wtf
15:30 kristopher yeah
15:30 Ponko92 did he get bullied?
15:30 kristopher TEACHER
15:30 Ponko92 still did he get stick
15:30 kristopher and i meant to say I.T
15:30 kristopher the computer tech
15:31 kristopher he was standing on a hanging ceiling
15:31 Ponko92 yeah ok i think i get the picture
15:32 Ponko92 not as bad as the time i saw some get a sharpened Sai and drive through there stomach and kill themself with Hari Kiri
15:33 kristopher oh shit
15:33 kristopher i saw someone jump off a bridge...... then land on our car, beat that
15:34 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
15:34 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
15:35 kristopher chuck norris' shadow can be seen in total darkness
15:36 kristopher there is now theory of evolution, just a list of animals chuck norris has allowed to live
15:36 Ponko92 yeah i'm not in a competition mate and that happened when i was 10
15:36 kristopher 5
15:37 kristopher "scarred" apperently. ( to be honest thats probably why i'm a furry)
15:37 kristopher was kicked by CaptainBoden: kristopher
15:37 CaptainBoden Ahhhhhhhhh
15:37 Ponko92 HOORAHHH
15:37 * Ponko92 hears ruptous cheering
15:38 Ponko92 ruptuous*
15:38 * Hackbat goes back to heating up his lunch
15:38 * Ponko92 goes to make cup of tea
15:38 Ponko92 anyone feel like doing the same go right ahead :)
15:39 * mashpriborintorg hasn't got any kind of relationship with Dominique Strauss Kahn
15:39 Hackbat Get kicked by the captain? I think I'll pass.
15:39 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
15:39 kristopher why
15:39 Ponko92 nooo have a cup of tea or coffee
15:40 Hackbat "Om nom nom Boston butt"
15:40 Ponko92 o_O eh?
15:41 kristopher do you know whats funny? if you turn up your volume and listen to the live feed then say tggconsole you hear the chat noise
15:42 asnopus inb4 someone yells
15:43 Ponko92 interesting
15:45 wannabe1987 well, i slept 13.5 hours
15:45 Ponko92 yay for long sleeps
15:45 Ponko92 i bet someone slept for longer though
15:46 Druidic_Rifleman was it a good sleep wannabe1987
15:46 wannabe1987 yes
15:46 wannabe1987 better than the night before
15:46 wannabe1987 however, i slept through chatting with my friends :(
15:46 Ponko92 lol
15:46 Ponko92 that happens
15:46 Ponko92 thats why i do video call on skype
15:47 Ponko92 because that way they know your asleep
15:51 Cprossu_Laptop rofl
15:51 NeWtoz that would be way more awkward for me
15:52 Ponko92 lol for me its not
15:53 wannabe1987 i wouldn't mind...but i was supposed to discuss witha friend bad life choices and never got to...
15:53 wannabe1987 my other friend tried to handle it but she did poorly
15:53 Cprossu_Laptop CaptainBoden: btw if I hadn't mentioned it properly before, the big ass 20mb ibm drive goes with that mfm controller, after a low level it should be able to take an OS. The ST-251 is pooched, as are all the IDE hard drives sent. I hope the Quad core AMD works out with the intensity card
15:54 Cprossu_Laptop and if you guys get to it I'm really curious what's inside that toshiba drive
15:54 CaptainBoden lol ok
15:54 Hackbat Quad core AMD?
15:54 Cprossu_Laptop yeah Phenom 9750
15:54 Hackbat D:
15:54 Hackbat ;A;
15:54 Hackbat mines a 9660
15:54 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
15:54 Cprossu_Laptop 9650?
15:55 Hackbat prolly
15:55 Cprossu_Laptop I didn't know there was a 96_60
15:55 Hackbat I know it's 96XX
15:55 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:55 Cprossu_Laptop well either way it should come in handy
15:56 Hackbat I gotta upgrade sometime
15:56 Ponko92 i wish i could show the screen of youtube i have the point of exploding
15:56 Hackbat printscreen
15:56 Cprossu_Laptop CaptainBoden: that reminds me, the conner I think has an aluminum case
15:56 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
15:57 Cprossu_Laptop heh
15:57 Ponko92 Hackbat how do i send it on here though
15:57 Cprossu_Laptop tinypic?
15:57 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
15:58 obtusemobile left #thegeekgroup
15:58 Cprossu_Laptop
15:59 Ponko92 NOOO it remove the screen
15:59 Druidic_Rifleman OK i wish they would make a new seires from the serenity universe... they need more space cowboy films
15:59 NeWtoz overlay
16:00 Cprossu_Laptop o_O mspaint
16:00 Cprossu_Laptop ctrl+v
16:00 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
16:01 Hackbat
16:01 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
16:01 Hackbat I like this one
16:02 Ponko92 yeah computer or web?
16:03 Ponko92 or do i need to save the pic
16:04 NeWtoz "prt scr" -> mspaint -> ctrl+v -> save
16:04 Cprossu_Laptop just ctrl printscreen it
16:04 Cprossu_Laptop mspaint
16:04 Cprossu_Laptop ctrl+v
16:04 Cprossu_Laptop save as png =P
16:04 NeWtoz ninja'd
16:05 NeWtoz but yeah, png ;)
16:07 Ponko92 one sec
16:10 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
16:10 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
16:12 Ponko92 CaptainBoden what do you think of this
16:12 Ponko92 that was with the video in 720p
16:13 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
16:14 Ponko92 too much for hackbat
16:17 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
16:18 Phu hmmm where's a USB lead when you want to canabilise one
16:18 Ponko92 leadhead look at that
16:20 LeadHead Noice
16:20 ais_0192837465 joined #thegeekgroup
16:21 Ponko92 pretty precise spacebar pushing to get that
16:21 LeadHead I'd say so
16:23 Ponko92 lol
16:23 Ponko92 720p quality
16:25 Ponko92 needs to be a shirt
16:26 Ponko92 BOOM on 92.1 THE SHARRRRK
16:26 kristopher when does the feed start??
16:28 Ponko92 it won't
16:29 Ponko92 its a sunday
16:29 kristopher lol thats right
16:29 kristopher its monday here
16:29 Ponko92 lol ;)
16:29 Ponko92 NZ or AS
16:29 kristopher aus
16:29 Ponko92 ahh
16:29 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
16:30 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
16:31 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:31 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
16:32 tggconsole hey egrsteve , are you there?
16:32 egrsteve yes
16:32 tggconsole How do I get the rotating cameras back?
16:32 tggconsole it's still on that multicam mode right now
16:32 egrsteve hmm, where did I patch those too
16:32 tggconsole no idea!
16:33 egrsteve there is 2 diplay outputs, the multi cam and the rotating
16:33 tggconsole Well, if I switch to it on the switcher, it's just black
16:34 egrsteve the rotating is ooutput via the call output, you will have to look on the backside where that is on the patchpanel because I don't think I ever labeled it
16:34 tggconsole Thanks :p
16:34 egrsteve if it's not plugged in just add it to a panel somewhere
16:34 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
16:34 tggconsole Well, the output right now is just black...would it have something to do with that?
16:34 egrsteve maybe idk
16:35 egrsteve let me load the stream
16:35 egrsteve and my ad block isn't workign today
16:35 egrsteve ok, I am looking at MDH currently
16:36 egrsteve is 1 still MC
16:36 LeadHead Hey steve, how are the cameras all hooked up right now? From what I understand it goes like this DVR >> Dumbswitcher >> GVG >> Capture card?
16:36 tggconsole Alright, I got it steve, but one of those cameras just made the switcher cry
16:36 egrsteve no, it's patch panel > switcher> preview moniter > DVR
16:36 Druidic_Rifleman Did cory touch the console?
16:37 egrsteve no I was working in it yesterday
16:37 Nayr joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 LeadHead Then how do you have the automatically switching camera views
16:37 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 Druidic_Rifleman the feed is really glitchy
16:37 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
16:37 tggconsole The feed from Call on the rotater was leading to the patch panel, so I set #4 on the switcher to be that output
16:37 egrsteve it will glitch at evry switch
16:38 egrsteve ok
16:38 LeadHead Call, rotator?
16:38 tggconsole But, I think the switcher is also rotating #4, which is why it's freaking out
16:38 egrsteve who is this in MC
16:38 tggconsole I'm sorry, switcher = rotater
16:38 tggconsole Cory :P
16:38 egrsteve ok press the menu button on the dvr
16:38 egrsteve then enter
16:38 tggconsole Is that the thing that's rotating them?
16:38 egrsteve push the down arrow to cameras
16:38 speedrunnerG55 Hi cory
16:38 egrsteve and enter
16:39 speedrunnerG55 Hi steve
16:39 tggconsole Steve, big white rotating box = DVR?
16:39 egrsteve selesct a camera ie 4
16:39 egrsteve yes the white box
16:39 tggconsole kk
16:39 LeadHead Wouldn't all the camera feeds have to go into the DVR to rotate them?
16:39 egrsteve yes
16:39 egrsteve it will only rotate what is patched
16:39 egrsteve I may add some perminate ones there later
16:40 LeadHead So you have the patch panel up front
16:40 egrsteve cory switch the main switche rto 1 please
16:40 LeadHead that all the feeds go into
16:40 egrsteve yes
16:40 tggconsole Steve, when I press menu, it asks me for a password
16:40 LeadHead and than those going into the switcher?
16:40 egrsteve enter
16:40 egrsteve see signal flow above
16:40 tggconsole Main switcher is the baby rackmount, right?
16:40 egrsteve yes
16:40 tggconsole not gvg?
16:40 tggconsole kk
16:41 LeadHead Yeah but, I thought the switcher only outputed one thing at a time
16:41 tggconsole switched to one
16:41 LeadHead so how can the DVR cycle through multiple feeds
16:41 egrsteve it does, most pro items have high impediance loop through inputs
16:41 egrsteve it chains via those
16:41 tggconsole Alright, the DVR is now somehow off that multicam mode
16:41 egrsteve ok you have the menu
16:41 speedrunnerG55 Hi BatSteve
16:41 speedrunnerG55 WB
16:42 tggconsole When I press menu, it asks for a password
16:42 egrsteve down arrow to cameras
16:42 egrsteve then press enter
16:42 LeadHead This is pointless over IRC, you'd have to show me in person how its all setup
16:42 egrsteve I imagine so
16:42 egrsteve or draw a diagram
16:42 LeadHead That I could understand.
16:42 egrsteve cory press menu then enter it will bypass the passwor
16:42 egrsteve d
16:42 tggconsole I think I got it
16:42 tggconsole Let's see
16:43 egrsteve down arrow )right d pad) to cameras
16:43 tggconsole Got it :)
16:43 egrsteve press enter
16:43 tggconsole I figured it out :p
16:43 SparkyPojects I've given instructions over a phone before, as long as the steps are clear, shouldn't be a problem
16:43 tggconsole Once I got into the menu, it was kinda easy after that
16:43 tggconsole Thank you Steve!
16:43 egrsteve down arrow to sleected camera press enter to select
16:44 tggconsole egrsteve, I figured it out :p
16:44 egrsteve right arrow to dwell and change it to off to emove from rotation
16:44 Nayr hello.
16:44 egrsteve them menu to return to nect camera
16:44 tggconsole I know steve! xD
16:44 egrsteve to set to rotate or not
16:44 egrsteve ok
16:44 tggconsole Thank you :p
16:44 tggconsole Back to my computer!
16:44 egrsteve just making sure it was clear
16:44 LeadHead speaking of cameras
16:44 speedrunnerG55 You know you could make a smart board. With a projector a wiimote, a computer and a blutooth antenna
16:44 LeadHead What ever happened to the timelapse
16:45 kristopher tggconsole whats happening?
16:45 egrsteve it was run for the flooring but I don't knnow the current status or the camera's or the footage
16:48 kristopher lol so the laptops on the hanging things are still recording??
16:48 egrsteve idk
16:49 quick_phone joined #thegeekgroup
16:49 quick_phone left #thegeekgroup
16:51 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
16:51 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
16:51 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
16:53 BatSteve kristopher: from now on, you can do this
16:53 BatSteve .t tgg
16:54 BotSteve Sun, 15 May 2011 12:53:59 TGG
16:54 BatSteve to get the local lab time
16:54 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:54 Nayr *frown*
16:54 NeWtoz cool, we have our own time zone
16:54 Nayr nothing happening on the live feed.
16:55 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
16:55 speedrunnerG55__ is now known as speedrunnerG55
16:55 BatSteve I'm currently trying to figure out how to assign time zones to users
16:55 Nayr ah, I see.
16:55 BatSteve so that you could do something like .t NeWtoz and have it come up with your local time
16:55 BatSteve but as yet I haven't figured it out
16:56 NeWtoz just need a database that stores their timezone
16:56 Nayr indeed.
16:56 BatSteve Well, right, obviously, what I mean is how to hook the database into the timezone display module
16:56 NeWtoz no idea how to do that in python, but :)
16:59 Obtuse_ is there an ip to local address function somewhere?
16:59 Obtuse_ or some service that figures that out
16:59 Obtuse_ cuz then you could do a whois on everyone
16:59 Obtuse_ parse the data
16:59 Obtuse_ and bam
17:00 Obtuse_ you know where they are
17:00 BatSteve .w geoip
17:00 BotSteve "Geolocation is the identification of the real-world geographic location of an object, such as a radar, mobile phone or an Internet-connected computer terminal." -
17:00 NeWtoz doesn't work for people that are using a proxy or bnc
17:01 Obtuse_ true. but i don't see a lot of people doing that anyway
17:02 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
17:02 NeWtoz normally not, but I do
17:02 Obtuse_ is there a geoip lookup table?
17:03 Obtuse_
17:04 NeWtoz doesn't work for me
17:04 Obtuse_ yea, this thing is a POS
17:05 LeadHead Dunno, its within a town
17:05 LeadHead to me
17:05 NeWtoz it doesn't even list anything for my IP
17:06 Obtuse_
17:08 themirotv left #thegeekgroup
17:08 BatSteve .g python geoip
17:08 BotSteve BatSteve:
17:08 Obtuse_ also some neat info here ...
17:08 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
17:08 speedrunnerG55 Hey geeks
17:09 Obtuse_ oo, they have a python app
17:09 Obtuse_ well that couldn't be easier for you batsteve
17:10 BatSteve yeah, I'm reading up on it right now
17:10 speedrunnerG55__ joined #thegeekgroup
17:10 speedrunnerG55__ Hey Obtuse_
17:10 Obtuse_ hey Speedrunner
17:10 speedrunnerG55__ is now known as acute_\
17:10 acute_\ :D
17:10 Obtuse_ lol
17:11 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
17:12 acute_\ is now known as speedrunnerG55
17:13 Obtuse_ I'm trying to play with kinnect
17:13 Obtuse_ and set up a python workspace for myself to control it
17:13 Obtuse_ not control
17:13 Obtuse_ but grab data from it
17:13 speedrunnerG55 Can you irc with it?
17:13 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
17:13 Obtuse_ what do you mean?
17:14 speedrunnerG55 Can you do this on kinect
17:14 Obtuse_ Kinnect is a webcam / infared sensor
17:14 speedrunnerG55 With your xbox?
17:14 SparkyPojects
17:14 Obtuse_ i'm using the OpenKinect drivers
17:14 Obtuse_ for linux
17:14 Obtuse_ I actually don't own an xbox
17:15 Yaotzin joined #thegeekgroup
17:15 speedrunnerG55 Brb my clients going insane
17:15 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
17:15 Obtuse_ on a sunday?
17:15 Ponko92 oh sparky what do you think of this pic and others :)
17:15 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
17:16 Ponko92 by and others i'm asking what people think
17:16 Obtuse_ that's cool
17:17 SparkyPojects That was a good capture :)   i didn't look at others, i got mine by sampling the vid, editing in Vegas, then used a vid to gif converter
17:18 LeadHead Yeesh that's a lot of work
17:18 Nayr do something on the live feed! :P
17:18 SparkyPojects 10 minutes  i think
17:18 LeadHead I would have just set VLC to image-output mode, grab the relavant frames and shove them into image-ready
17:19 SparkyPojects took longest to download the vid first off
17:19 Ponko92 no there was only that one i meant and others tell me what you think as in other people lol
17:21 kristopher who's at the lab now?
17:21 kristopher i fell asleep
17:21 Nayr left #thegeekgroup
17:23 Ponko92 nobody its still sunday someone might be but its unlikly
17:24 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
17:24 speedrunnerG55 Hi Ponko92
17:25 Ponko92 hey :)
17:26 Ponko92 look at that :)
17:26 * speedrunnerG55 clicks
17:27 Hackbat;feature=feedu
17:27 speedrunnerG55 I can only less than three thumper
17:27 Hackbat A guide for the upcoming rapture D:
17:31 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
17:31 Nahoj joined #thegeekgroup
17:31 * wannabe1987 is home...
17:31 * wannabe1987 spent $$ at the store
17:31 BatSteve how was the party?
17:32 wannabe1987 last nights was good...some swing dancing, some food, some ice cream, some was all good
17:33 wannabe1987 left early cuz my ride was leaving early...
17:33 wannabe1987 came home, slept from 10:30p-11:30a
17:34 Yaotzin I spent like $50 at dave and busters Friday
17:34 Yaotzin but it was totally worth it
17:34 speedrunnerG55 Hi wannabe
17:34 Yaotzin Also mornin
17:34 wannabe1987 oh no!  not speedrunnerG55! :P hi
17:34 wannabe1987 morning? Yaotzin
17:34 wannabe1987 its def afternoon here...
17:34 Yaotzin I just woke up not that long ago miss
17:35 wannabe1987 lol
17:36 Yaotzin I wish so bad that Michigan had a Dave and Busters
17:36 wannabe1987 they'd prolly put one in a popular place - detroit, GR, kzoo lansing, etc
17:37 Yaotzin It's a Chuck E Cheese for adults. Full restaurant, massive amount of arcade games, cabinets, sims, and ticket games. And the place is covered in bars
17:37 wannabe1987 nice
17:38 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
17:38 Yaotzin Getting drunk and playing at the arcade, winning tickets, going outside to the huge outdoor mall for some gelato and a movie? Why is it that I'm only now having fun in Orange just a few days before I leave?
17:38 wannabe1987 lol
17:39 Yaotzin Oh I got to see Thor
17:39 Yaotzin in Imax 3D
17:39 wannabe1987 i dislike 3D movies
17:39 wannabe1987 i have nothing against them..they're great
17:39 Yaotzin This was the first 3D movie since Red and Blue glasses in a Disney World attraction
17:39 Yaotzin that I've seen
17:40 wannabe1987 but i'm already wearing one pair of glasses...why do i need two?!
17:40 Yaotzin like 10 years ago?
17:40 Yaotzin Yeah me too
17:40 Yaotzin and I'm near sighted
17:40 wannabe1987 i can never remember the difference
17:41 wannabe1987 i can see up close, but far away is blurry
17:41 Yaotzin Yeah the 3D was kind of more hassle than it was worth, but on imax it's fine
17:41 Yaotzin also wannabe1987 then you're near sighted
17:42 Yaotzin Also I have to ask why do you [like] random statuses?
17:42 Yaotzin You're an odd one you is
17:45 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
17:45 speedrunnerG55 Im eating at this awesome mexacan resturaunt
17:45 speedrunnerG55 And irc'ing lol
17:46 Obtuse_ I really need to figure this out ...;feature=player_embedded
17:46 Obtuse_ using kinect to let your hand act like a mouse
17:47 speedrunnerG55 Poor wannabe is near sited
17:47 wannabe1987 sighted*
17:47 speedrunnerG55 You can make a smart board with a wiimote
17:48 wannabe1987 my pants are wet.  stupid rain
17:48 speedrunnerG55 .. Wet pants FTL
17:48 wannabe1987 we need rain...yes...but not all at once!!!!
17:49 speedrunnerG55 i had a thunder storm this morning
17:49 speedrunnerG55 Havt had thunder in a wile
17:49 speedrunnerG55 Ive been missing it
17:49 Obtuse_ i could. but i have a kinect!
17:50 Obtuse_ microsoft is going to release an sdk for it in windows
17:50 wannabe1987 nice, speedrunnerG55
17:50 Obtuse_ and all the functionality will be copied to linux
17:50 Obtuse_ by the open kinnect people
17:51 wannabe1987 sdk?
17:51 Obtuse_ software development kit
17:51 wannabe1987 ooo ok
17:53 speedrunnerG55 Tgg should have smart boards made for drawing boards n stuff
17:53 speedrunnerG55 Make em out of wii motes
17:53 Obtuse_ we have one at work using a wii mote
17:53 Obtuse_ i haven't tested it
17:54 speedrunnerG55 Lol. Nice
17:54 hubzcaps joined #thegeekgroup
17:54 Obtuse_ it involved a lot of steps to setup
17:54 speedrunnerG55 Its not hars
17:54 speedrunnerG55 Hard
17:54 Obtuse_ i know
17:54 speedrunnerG55 Ive done it
17:54 Obtuse_ just took time that i didn't have before a meeting
17:54 hubzcaps hello all
17:55 speedrunnerG55 Hi hubzcaps
17:55 speedrunnerG55 WB
17:55 hubzcaps (:\
17:55 speedrunnerG55 ya know whenever i type wb
17:56 speedrunnerG55 I say "doubble you bee" to myself
17:56 hubzcaps last night i watched a realy good documentry on heavy metal music..awsome
17:56 hubzcaps 60,s blue cheer was the first of em
17:58 wannabe1987 Yaotzin does butter (tub) go bad?
17:58 Yaotzin Tub? so Margarin?
17:58 wannabe1987 sure
17:59 Yaotzin well there's a difference
17:59 Yaotzin Is it margarin? is it salted or sweet butter?
17:59 wannabe1987 can't tell...doesn't say on teh tub.  but the date says aug3111 so its still good...
17:59 wannabe1987 its just theres liquid in it...
18:00 Yaotzin sweet or cream butter take the shortest to spoil, with salted butter taking a bit longer, and margarin lasting a pretty long time
18:00 Yaotzin that liquid is just oil that has separated from the margarin
18:00 Yaotzin margarin is mostly oil
18:00 wannabe1987 o ok
18:00 Yaotzin You can just pour it off or into whatever
18:00 Yaotzin but don't try to mix it back in, it's like yogurt that way
18:00 Yaotzin or sour cream
18:01 speedrunnerG55 Ive never seen tubed butter
18:01 speedrunnerG55 Whats that like
18:01 wannabe1987 ...
18:01 wannabe1987 tub?  or tube?
18:01 Seroster Omnomnom
18:01 speedrunnerG55 Tupe
18:01 speedrunnerG55 Tube
18:01 Seroster Tubed butter sounds stupid =P
18:01 BatSteve butter in a tube would be kind of col
18:01 wannabe1987 i've never seen tube either
18:01 BatSteve *cool
18:02 BatSteve it'd be like toothpaste, sort of
18:02 speedrunnerG55 Ye
18:02 BatSteve ....butter flavored toothpaste....
18:02 wannabe1987 ...
18:02 BatSteve augh
18:02 speedrunnerG55 ... XD
18:02 Yaotzin There is bacon flavored floss
18:02 Yaotzin so why not
18:02 wannabe1987 ya'lls odd
18:02 Seroster Omnomnom
18:02 speedrunnerG55 Something to take to the resturaunt
18:02 Seroster Bacon toothpaste ftw
18:02 BatSteve There is bacon flavored mayonnaise too
18:02 Seroster MAYO!
18:02 Seroster GOOD FOR YOU!
18:03 BatSteve .g thinkgeek bacon mayo
18:03 BotSteve BatSteve:
18:03 BatSteve there it is!
18:03 Yaotzin Mayonnaise is one of the few things I prefer the knockoff version to
18:03 speedrunnerG55 Ewwww
18:03 speedrunnerG55 Oliv oil mayonase
18:04 speedrunnerG55 Olive?
18:04 wannabe1987 ...
18:04 wannabe1987 olive
18:04 Yaotzin That is to say I prefer miracle whip to real Mayo
18:04 wannabe1987 olive eye
18:04 wannabe1987 ewe*
18:04 BatSteve .c 14 c -> f
18:04 BotSteve 57.2 degrees Fahrenheit
18:04 Yaotzin Granted Miracle Whip and Mayo have different applicaitons
18:04 Yaotzin applications
18:04 BatSteve I agree with you Yaotzin - on sandwiches and stuff I like miracle whip better too.
18:04 Yaotzin However in the situations where either could be used I prefer miracle whip
18:05 Yaotzin Like Tuna Noodle Casserole
18:05 Yaotzin or sandwiches
18:05 Yaotzin I think it's a midwest thing
18:05 Yaotzin or whatever Michigan is in
18:05 Yaotzin Everyone down here uses real mayo
18:05 SparkyPojects We get butter in tubs there's also aerosol butter
18:06 Yaotzin Yeah we have aerosol butter/oil and butter with flour in it
18:06 Yaotzin for non stick
18:06 Yaotzin well
18:06 Yaotzin oil with flour in it
18:06 speedrunnerG55 Non stick sprey + sand = super sand
18:06 BatSteve miracle whip and faygo, the two things that make Michigan great
18:09 Yaotzin ^
18:09 speedrunnerG55 Lol
18:09 speedrunnerG55 What about TGG?
18:10 BatSteve Chris Boden is not as delicious as Faygo.  Sorry.
18:10 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
18:10 wannabe1987 smells soooooo good
18:10 hubzcaps left #thegeekgroup
18:10 Murphyslaw_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:10 wannabe1987 lol
18:10 wannabe1987 Murphyslaw_
18:11 Murphyslaw_ this is EPIC
18:11 Murphyslaw_ Hi
18:11 Murphyslaw_ :D
18:11 BatSteve hi murphy
18:11 speedrunnerG55 LLOOLL BatSteve
18:11 speedrunnerG55 Hi Murphyslaw_
18:12 Murphyslaw_ its my gamer tag i use becuase it makes pplz scared to be in my vehicle
18:12 Murphyslaw_ Well hey there
18:12 wannabe1987 where are you from Murphyslaw_?
18:13 astro73|derrial joined #thegeekgroup
18:13 wannabe1987 i don't like your tail...#justsayin
18:13 Murphyslaw_ im guessing @ means Admin?
18:13 wannabe1987 yes
18:13 wannabe1987 batsteve is the reason we're all here...
18:13 wannabe1987 ITS ALL HIS FAULT!
18:14 Seroster Sure is Murphyslaw_
18:14 Murphyslaw_ born in canada, lived in chicago for 13 years, now im back in canada
18:14 speedrunnerG55 Lol
18:14 wannabe1987 damn canadians
18:14 Cprossu_Laptop man I am tired
18:14 Murphyslaw_ :D
18:14 wannabe1987 Cprossu_Laptop then sleep?
18:14 Murphyslaw_ Dont be Hatin'
18:14 Cprossu_Laptop good idea
18:14 wannabe1987 islept 13 hours...i dunno why
18:14 wannabe1987 i won't
18:14 * Cprossu_Laptop ZZZzzZZzzZzzzz bbl
18:14 speedrunnerG55 Cool
18:15 wannabe1987 Murphyslaw_ i live with two canadians
18:15 Murphyslaw_ lol
18:15 Murphyslaw_ where abouts?
18:15 Murphyslaw_ aboots*
18:15 Druidic_Rifleman Murphyslaw_ what part of canada?
18:15 speedrunnerG55 Have you been to vancuver?
18:15 Murphyslaw_ ontario
18:16 Murphyslaw_ nah. i have hardly been anywhere in canada lol
18:16 wannabe1987 both from ontario i believe
18:16 Druidic_Rifleman Did you see the ontario Discussion board on the forum? check it out
18:16 wannabe1987 plus, druidic is from canadia
18:16 speedrunnerG55 Welcome to #thegeekgroup
18:16 Druidic_Rifleman yes i know i am ashamed of it do you have to rub it in wannabe1987?
18:16 Murphyslaw_ its been a long time since i have been here, how do i nav to the fourms?
18:17 wannabe1987 yes i do
18:17 Druidic_Rifleman i'll link you
18:17 Druidic_Rifleman
18:17 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
18:18 Murphyslaw_ G2G, bbl
18:18 Murphyslaw_ :(
18:18 Murphyslaw_ cyah
18:18 Murphyslaw_ cya laterz
18:18 Murphyslaw_ left #thegeekgroup
18:18 speedrunnerG55 Byeee
18:18 speedrunnerG55 Aww missed it
18:19 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
18:19 speedrunnerG55 HI STEVE
18:19 egrsteve hello
18:19 speedrunnerG55 WB
18:20 egrsteve thanks
18:20 Obtuse_ watcha up to steve?
18:20 egrsteve not much, relaxing sunday afternoon
18:21 wannabe1987 hi steve
18:21 speedrunnerG55 Cool
18:21 Obtuse_ with shitty weather
18:21 wannabe1987 watching it rain...
18:21 astro73|derrial it was raining pretty good earlier
18:21 speedrunnerG55 Its raining here too :3
18:21 Obtuse_ I just got a sub
18:21 Obtuse_ and am staring at code
18:22 wannabe1987 .radar
18:22 astro73|derrial ooph, yours or someone elses?
18:22 BotSteve;product=NCR&amp;overlay=11101111&amp;loop=yes
18:22 shockmebabby joined #thegeekgroup
18:22 Obtuse_ astro, staring at OpenKinect code
18:22 Not-MurphysLaw joined #thegeekgroup
18:22 Not-MurphysLaw Back?
18:22 wannabe1987 ,...
18:23 Not-MurphysLaw :D
18:23 astro73|derrial Obtuse_: yeah, that's often not much fun, trying to figure out someone else's code.
18:23 Obtuse_ no other option in this case
18:23 Obtuse_ i don't know how to OpenGL or to get data from the kinnect
18:23 speedrunnerG55 Hi Not-MurphysLaw
18:23 Obtuse_ nor would i want to
18:23 Druidic_Rifleman Did you check out that link murphy?
18:23 speedrunnerG55 Hi shockmebabby
18:24 wannabe1987 how is babby formed
18:24 wannabe1987 ?
18:24 themirotv left #thegeekgroup
18:24 Not-MurphysLaw i dont think so
18:24 Not-MurphysLaw sry
18:24 wannabe1987 baby*  baby* baby*
18:24 wannabe1987 not babby*
18:24 Not-MurphysLaw :/
18:24 Druidic_Rifleman
18:24 shockmebabby hello
18:24 Obtuse_ well, learning opengl actually wouldn't be too bad
18:24 BatSteve .ud babby
18:24 BotSteve BatSteve:
18:24 wannabe1987 lol ud
18:25 Not-MurphysLaw well actually, i only live about 4 hours from KZ
18:25 Not-MurphysLaw oops
18:25 Not-MurphysLaw grandrapids
18:25 Not-MurphysLaw lol
18:25 Not-MurphysLaw frogot
18:25 Druidic_Rifleman themsville
18:25 Druidic_Rifleman ?
18:25 wannabe1987 really?  i have a friend near london Ontario...
18:25 speedrunnerG55 What is murphys law?
18:26 astro73|derrial Something will go wrong.
18:26 wannabe1987 what goes up must come down?
18:26 wannabe1987 lol
18:26 Not-MurphysLaw What can go wrong, will go wrong
18:26 speedrunnerG55 .wiki murphys law
18:26 BotSteve "Murphy's law is an adage or epigram that is typically stated as: 'Anything that can go wrong will go wrong'." -
18:26 Obtuse_ i'd like to add "in ways you never expected"
18:27 Not-MurphysLaw lol
18:27 wannabe1987 lol
18:27 speedrunnerG55 Like what wannabe said. In an abstract sence
18:27 mashpriborintorg so true :(
18:27 Obtuse_ in circuits made in mass production, you can never predict some of the failures you see
18:27 speedrunnerG55 Whatever goes online. Must go offline?
18:28 Not-MurphysLaw lol
18:28 Obtuse_ I found a ferrite under a voltage regulator
18:28 mashpriborintorg always expect the worse, when it will happen you will be ready
18:28 BatSteve Murphy's Corrolary:  "What can go wrong, has not been sufficiently engineered"
18:28 Obtuse_ works cuz a ferrite is essentially a wire
18:28 wannabe1987 not the animal, i suppose
18:28 Obtuse_ but it filters out high frequency
18:28 Not-MurphysLaw thats more newtans law
18:29 Not-MurphysLaw the online offline
18:29 Not-MurphysLaw thing
18:29 shockmebabby left #thegeekgroup
18:29 speedrunnerG55 Oh man
18:29 themirotv joined #thegeekgroup
18:30 Druidic_Rifleman An exhample of murphys law would be the liberal party's 2011 ellection Plans... LOL
18:30 speedrunnerG55 Everyones singing sweet caroline
18:30 speedrunnerG55 Were i am
18:30 BatSteve .yt sweet caroline
18:30 BotSteve BatSteve:
18:30 BatSteve now we can all sing along
18:30 Not-MurphysLaw Oh man, i feel so popular! all this attention! :P
18:30 Not-MurphysLaw lol
18:30 speedrunnerG55 LOL
18:30 Not-MurphysLaw oh wait, im not murphys law
18:30 Not-MurphysLaw nvm
18:30 Not-MurphysLaw :D
18:32 shockmebabby_ joined #thegeekgroup
18:32 * masterofmonks hooks electrodes to shockmebabby_
18:32 speedrunnerG55 LOL
18:33 wannabe1987 lol
18:33 shockmebabby_ wow
18:33 Not-MurphysLaw So where are you gents from anyway?
18:33 Obtuse_ GR
18:33 astro73|derrial ada
18:34 wannabe1987 im a lafy, sir
18:34 wannabe1987 lady*
18:34 speedrunnerG55 New jersey <-----
18:34 wannabe1987 gr
18:34 BatSteve inb4 wannabe
18:34 BatSteve darnit
18:34 wannabe1987 ...
18:34 Not-MurphysLaw lol
18:34 wannabe1987 soon to be kzoo tho
18:35 shockmebabby_ youngstown ohio
18:35 Not-MurphysLaw Fine! sheesh, where are you pplz from! :p
18:35 shockmebabby_ i've basicly had electrods in me before... when i got nailed from a 15000 volt nst
18:35 speedrunnerG55 Not fun
18:35 Druidic_Rifleman Oshawa here
18:35 wannabe1987 ohio, eh?
18:36 shockmebabby_ lol
18:36 wannabe1987 i used to live in mansfield and ashland..
18:36 shockmebabby_ ya ohio is like hell
18:36 astro73|derrial kichey tourist trap?
18:36 speedrunnerG55 Masfield isnt as bad as newjersey
18:36 Druidic_Rifleman shockmebabby_ that sounds painfull
18:36 shockmebabby_ its always dark and dreary
18:37 wannabe1987 yeah... shockmebabby_ my x is still trying to find work in ashland...can't find any
18:37 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
18:38 Not-MurphysLaw So does anyone have the new Motorola Atrix?
18:38 Druidic_Rifleman yeah ohio is kinda crumby
18:38 Druidic_Rifleman crummy*
18:39 speedrunnerG55 Ive driven through ohio quite a few times
18:39 Not-MurphysLaw
18:39 Not-MurphysLaw its insane
18:39 Not-MurphysLaw :D
18:39 shockmebabby joined #thegeekgroup
18:40 shockmebabby left #thegeekgroup
18:40 Druidic_Rifleman welcome back
18:40 Not-MurphysLaw im a child and a phone like that woulf make me feel better
18:41 shockmebabby joined #thegeekgroup
18:41 speedrunnerG55 WB
18:41 Druidic_Rifleman WB
18:42 shockmebabby_ left #thegeekgroup
18:42 shockmebabby my internet connetion suxs
18:42 Not-MurphysLaw lol
18:42 wannabe1987 do you have timewarnercable?
18:42 shockmebabby it keeps kicking me off
18:42 shockmebabby idk im at work
18:42 wannabe1987 o
18:42 Not-MurphysLaw you should try internet in canada! its like a dictatorship
18:43 wannabe1987 lol
18:43 shockmebabby and i cant connect to the t1 line we have so im using a local wireless
18:43 shockmebabby lol
18:43 speedrunnerG55 WOW
18:44 speedrunnerG55 t1< cable
18:44 speedrunnerG55 Just sayin
18:44 Not-MurphysLaw bandwidth caps suck SO much. keep in mind if you live in the states, there going to try to bring bandwidth caps there
18:44 Not-MurphysLaw AH, a preson!
18:44 wannabe1987 i kno
18:44 shockmebabby we have a t1 line in the front of the building and i ran a piece of cat5e to the back where im at
18:45 speedrunnerG55 How long is the cable?
18:45 shockmebabby and i got a wireless router back here broad casting my signal
18:46 shockmebabby about 225 feet
18:46 shockmebabby it just started acting up today
18:46 speedrunnerG55 It cant be > 300 so your good
18:47 shockmebabby im probably gonna reconfig the router again
18:47 speedrunnerG55 A router?
18:47 speedrunnerG55 A router in the front?
18:47 shockmebabby but wat is weird is my ipod is connected to it
18:48 speedrunnerG55 A router???
18:48 shockmebabby there is one up front broadcasting a unscure signal for the public
18:49 shockmebabby and i have one in the back with a locked signal
18:49 shockmebabby i work in a bowling alley
18:49 Not-MurphysLaw bbl
18:49 shockmebabby ?
18:49 Not-MurphysLaw Cya guys.. AND gals
18:49 Not-MurphysLaw Be Back Later
18:49 shockmebabby ok
18:49 speedrunnerG55 Ok
18:50 wannabe1987 lol ok
18:50 speedrunnerG55 So you use etho?
18:50 Not-MurphysLaw left #thegeekgroup
18:50 shockmebabby ok
18:50 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55 is in networking...
18:50 shockmebabby ?
18:50 speedrunnerG55 shockmebabby one more time
18:50 shockmebabby no clue
18:50 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
18:50 wannabe1987 Ponko92!
18:50 wannabe1987 hi
18:50 speedrunnerG55 Thank u wannabe1987
18:51 wannabe1987 :)
18:51 wannabe1987 i'm watching chris do not-so-safe stuffs
18:51 speedrunnerG55 what exactelly
18:51 wannabe1987 newest captn's blog
18:52 shockmebabby g2g i gotta oil lane... ill be back once im done
18:52 shockmebabby ok
18:52 speedrunnerG55 Ok lol
18:52 shockmebabby left #thegeekgroup
18:53 speedrunnerG55 Why does he call it a blog
18:53 speedrunnerG55 When its a vlog
18:53 speedrunnerG55 And what does b-log stand for?
18:53 speedrunnerG55 .wiki blog
18:53 BotSteve "A blog (a blend of the term web log)[1]| is a type of website or part of a website." -
18:53 SparkyPojects wannabe, he's doing it the safest way, unless they want to hire in a special scaffold, but then again you can fall off scaffold
18:53 obtusemobile joined #thegeekgroup
18:54 wannabe1987 SparkyPojects i know
18:54 speedrunnerG55 How does web = b
18:55 mashpriborintorg I should have filled the lower staircase in a complete structure, in order to create a floor
18:55 speedrunnerG55 It dosent make sence
18:55 SparkyPojects we-blog
18:55 speedrunnerG55 Oh
18:55 mashpriborintorg with nowhere to fall
18:55 Ponko92 ok i've won the battle
18:55 Ponko92 and hey wannabe :P
18:55 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55 weBLOG
18:55 wannabe1987 weBLOG
18:55 wannabe1987 weBLOG
18:56 speedrunnerG55 Ive been up scafolding that was put on top of a table
18:56 speedrunnerG55 In dramma club
18:57 SparkyPojects table on top of the scaffold would have been safer, but even so, unsafe  :P
18:57 speedrunnerG55 I was like 3 levels high
18:58 speedrunnerG55 And i had stage lights with me
18:58 speedrunnerG55 Putting them on
18:58 mashpriborintorg which must no be very lightweight
18:58 speedrunnerG55 Ye
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19:02 SparkyPojects Yeah, i used to do some stage lighting at school and a small theatre, school had scaffolding high enough (about 20 feet in main hall), i used to put a dexion frame together, haul that up to some steel straps over the girders, then attach the lights and cables.
19:03 speedrunnerG55 Cool
19:03 speedrunnerG55 Masques
19:04 speedrunnerG55 <---my high school drama club
19:05 egrsteve .seen CaptainBoden
19:05 BotSteve egrsteve: I last saw captainboden 3.19 hours ago at 2011-05-15 15:54:19 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 19:05:46 UTC
19:08 Ponko92 wannabe and egrsteve look at this
19:08 speedrunnerG55 What about me. Can i see?
19:08 Ponko92 and anyone else who hasn't seen it
19:08 Ponko92 so yes lol
19:08 speedrunnerG55 Thats awesome
19:09 Ponko92 720p
19:09 speedrunnerG55 Who took that photo
19:09 Ponko92 i did
19:09 speedrunnerG55 Not as good as reds. But still AWESOME
19:09 Ponko92 well i took it from the video
19:09 SparkyPojects  :P
19:10 Ponko92 epic :)
19:10 Ponko92 that the same vid?
19:11 SparkyPojects The iphone :)
19:11 speedrunnerG55 Poor iphone
19:11 Ponko92 yep same as mine
19:11 Ponko92 well th pic not the phone lol
19:11 SparkyPojects But mine moves :D
19:12 speedrunnerG55 :D
19:12 Ponko92 ;) moving is better than still
19:12 Ponko92 but ask a hunter what he'd rather shoot a moving target or a stand still target
19:13 speedrunnerG55 Hehe
19:13 wannabe1987 ooo pretty picture!
19:13 Ponko92 i'd go for moving because you have to act fast and shoot when ready but still is better lol
19:13 speedrunnerG55 A moving target is more of a chalenge ;)
19:13 Ponko92 you miss a stand still target you look like a prat
19:13 SparkyPojects A still target is probably aready dead :P
19:13 Ponko92 lol
19:13 mashpriborintorg oh no it is getting too expensive for me to bid;item=380338315930&amp;ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT
19:14 Ponko92 but if you MISS it might as well join Spurs
19:14 speedrunnerG55 What is that mashpriborintorg
19:15 mashpriborintorg a great professional studio camera
19:15 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
19:15 speedrunnerG55 High speed??
19:15 Ponko92 31 Euros not bad
19:15 mashpriborintorg with 3ccd, diecast body and all the stuff, a vintage one
19:15 Ponko92 anyone here can help him out?
19:15 speedrunnerG55 High speed?
19:15 mashpriborintorg + 22 euro shipping
19:15 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
19:16 Ponko92 ahh
19:16 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
19:16 mashpriborintorg last one of this kind sold over 150 euro
19:16 mashpriborintorg no high speed, just a regular good studio cam
19:17 * Ponko92 is watching MLB Philadelphia Phillies @ Atlanta Braves on
19:18 mashpriborintorg the lenses for these beasts are incredibly expensive, even well used ones
19:19 Ponko92 yeah its like some Porsche 914's old cars but parts are still expensive
19:19 Ponko92 new or used
19:20 speedrunnerG55 <---speed wants speed
19:20 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
19:20 mashpriborintorg new, it is just totally unaffordable for common people
19:20 Ponko92 oh yeah tell me about it
19:21 Ponko92 hope you know what i mean by that
19:22 mashpriborintorg I try to start a collection of broadcast camera, that's all...
19:23 Ponko92 yeah i've tried to get my own collection of prestige cars
19:23 wannabe1987 does anyone know how long the lab was in Kzoo?
19:23 Ponko92 but i can only do that in the form of match box cars
19:23 Ponko92 what do you mean?
19:23 speedrunnerG55 How long?
19:24 speedrunnerG55 Time?
19:24 speedrunnerG55 Thyme?
19:24 speedrunnerG55 Lol jk
19:24 Ponko92 Parsley?
19:24 mashpriborintorg For now I just have a JVC GY-X1 in brand new body condition, a panasonic F10, and some Sony HVC-3000S
19:24 Ponko92 nice :)
19:24 mashpriborintorg how many feets length and witdh ?
19:26 wannabe1987 how many months/years was the geek group in kalamazoo, BatSteve-Away?
19:29 speedrunnerG55 Tell BotSteve to ask batsteve
19:30 wannabe1987 it'll ding him
19:30 wannabe1987 he'll see it
19:30 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell batsteve wannabe wants to know how many years TGG was in kzoo
19:30 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
19:31 wannabe1987 that better speedrunnerG55?
19:31 wannabe1987 you happy now?
19:31 speedrunnerG55 Yes
19:31 speedrunnerG55 Lol
19:32 speedrunnerG55 But at least there is redundancy
19:33 Yaotzin left #thegeekgroup
19:34 BatSteve-Away wannabe1987: approx 1 decade
19:34 wannabe1987 they were in kzoo for 10 years?
19:34 speedrunnerG55 Wow!
19:35 speedrunnerG55 And whats avalon?
19:35 themirotv left #thegeekgroup
19:35 mashpriborintorg I bid until 36 euro, the camera sold at 44 euro, lost for me this time :/
19:35 mashpriborintorg Avalon is TGG utopia
19:35 Cprossu_Laptop naps rock
19:35 n00b9 left #thegeekgroup
19:35 qwebirc785277 joined #thegeekgroup
19:36 qwebirc785277 Ok i am back
19:36 Cprossu_Laptop how much did you pay for the jvc, mashpriborintorg?
19:36 Cprossu_Laptop most of those were beaten the crap outa
19:37 qwebirc785277 is now known as DruidicRifleman1
19:37 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
19:38 speedrunnerG55 Hi LinuxH4x0r
19:38 speedrunnerG55 WB
19:38 mashpriborintorg the JVC was at 50 euro, but with much lower shipping, and it is really looking great
19:38 LinuxH4x0r hi
19:38 speedrunnerG55 hi DruidicRifleman1
19:38 speedrunnerG55 WB
19:38 DruidicRifleman1 hey
19:39 mashpriborintorg
19:39 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
19:39 DruidicRifleman1 is now known as Druidic_Rifleman
19:39 zimm left #thegeekgroup
19:40 wannabe1987 drew: "i'm going to watch family guy" :puts on american dad:  me: "this isn't family guy..."
19:41 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
19:41 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
19:41 speedrunnerG55 Lol
19:41 speedrunnerG55 Are those vnc connectors?
19:41 Nahoj left #thegeekgroup
19:42 speedrunnerG55 That comes with it being pro?
19:42 Cprossu_Laptop god damn mashpriborintorg, what is the story with that cam?
19:42 Cprossu_Laptop did it get lost and stored in pillowville?
19:43 speedrunnerG55 Lol
19:43 mashpriborintorg Don't know really, I never tested ot, missing cassette, lens, and power supply
19:43 mashpriborintorg some surplus camera
19:43 speedrunnerG55 Thats an awesome camera
19:44 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
19:44 Ponko92 hmmm
19:44 mashpriborintorg sure it's better than the crappy consumer camcorder, I do not even bother again to ask for the prices of them in fleamarkets
19:45 Cprossu_Laptop I used to use panasonic omnimovies to stream shit
19:45 mashpriborintorg I NEVER saw a real broadcast camera in fleamarket
19:45 Cprossu_Laptop beat the hell outa a webcam
19:45 Cprossu_Laptop I've seen a few
19:45 Seroster Right
19:45 Cprossu_Laptop but parts unit...... would be too generous of a term for some
19:45 Seroster My loft bed is going down :(
19:46 Seroster Because my proony neighbours have complained...
19:46 mashpriborintorg aircraft instruments, it occured 2 or 3 times since 15 years I visit fleamarkets
19:46 Cprossu_Laptop I really _hate_ fleamarkets
19:46 speedrunnerG55 Ive seen a webcam with 720p
19:46 Cprossu_Laptop vendors often think they have garbage cast out of gold
19:46 Seroster Why do you hate fleamarkets, cprossu?
19:47 Cprossu_Laptop ^ above
19:47 Seroster Well fuck that
19:47 mashpriborintorg sometimes, you can get great deals, as vintage HP calculators @ 1 euro
19:47 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
19:47 Cprossu_Laptop I get much better deals at goodwills
19:47 Seroster If you dont want to give more than $10 for a thing just tell the dude "I'll give you 10. If not, fuck you!"
19:47 mashpriborintorg theu sell for about 150-200 euro to fellow collectors :D
19:47 Cprossu_Laptop which hp?
19:48 Cprossu_Laptop I have quite a few but I abuse mine and use them xD
19:48 wannabe1987 .wa bear mace
19:48 mashpriborintorg My best deal was with a HP-11C
19:48 BotSteve Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
19:48 wannabe1987 .w bear mace
19:48 BotSteve "This page has been deleted." -
19:48 wannabe1987 .w pepper spray
19:48 BotSteve "Pepper spray, also known as OC spray (from 'Oleoresin Capsicum'), OC gas, and capsicum spray, is a lachrymatory agent (a chemical compound that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain, and even temporary blindness) that is used in riot control, crowd control, and [...]" -
19:48 mashpriborintorg it's becoming very rare to see them by now
19:48 wannabe1987 .ud bear mace
19:48 BotSteve wannabe1987:
19:48 Seroster I found a Miele washing machine ($7000!!!) at a garage sale for $100 with a broken drive belt (that cost $50 from a parts dealer)
19:48 Cprossu_Laptop (goes and grabs the ones he rarely uses)
19:48 Cprossu_Laptop garage sales are fine
19:48 Cprossu_Laptop flea markets, bleh
19:48 wannabe1987 i like garage sales
19:49 wannabe1987 flea markets are iffy
19:49 Seroster I like any second hand deals
19:49 Seroster You can always find great shit
19:49 mashpriborintorg this morning, i got a Nokia N-gage for 2 euro
19:49 Seroster And if you don't find anything fun just walk away =P
19:50 Cprossu_Laptop of the ones I don't use I have a 18C and a 28C both with their leather cases and manuals
19:50 Cprossu_Laptop and I also have a 41CV that I do use
19:50 mashpriborintorg yeah, I did a good deal with a 41CV also, came in a custom suitcase with printer and all the stuff
19:51 Cprossu_Laptop as well as my 48G and 32SII
19:51 Cprossu_Laptop mine didn't have the printer
19:52 Cprossu_Laptop I love my 32sII though
19:52 mashpriborintorg but 95% of time, people just sell shit at incredible prices tho
19:53 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
19:53 Cprossu_Laptop I paid $10 for my hp 48g =)
19:54 Cprossu_Laptop .c $10 to euro
19:54 BotSteve 7.08717222 Euros
19:54 mashpriborintorg The MIT fleamarket, or Dayton Hamvention must be much more interesting
19:54 speedrunnerG55
19:55 speedrunnerG55 What ever happened to sparkmebabby
19:56 Cprossu_Laptop I think it's best not to ask
19:56 speedrunnerG55 Why
19:56 Cprossu_Laptop awkward sounding question
19:56 speedrunnerG55 Who was it with the networking isue?
19:58 Cprossu_Laptop 'shockmebabby' who works at a bowling alley =/
19:58 speedrunnerG55 Ok
19:58 Cprossu_Laptop and was connecting with a web irc client
19:58 Cprossu_Laptop * shockmebabby (1890f64b@gateway/web/freenode/ip. Quit (Quit: Page closed)
19:59 Cprossu_Laptop I wonder how the ipod thumper vid is coming
19:59 shockmebabby joined #thegeekgroup
19:59 Cprossu_Laptop as far as views
19:59 speedrunnerG55 24.144.246. I wonder were that is
19:59 Cprossu_Laptop only 609 hmmm
20:00 shockmebabby hey wats up
20:00 speedrunnerG55 Hey
20:00 speedrunnerG55 Shockme
20:01 shockmebabby_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:01 speedrunnerG55 So....
20:01 shockmebabby_ wats up
20:01 Cprossu_Laptop I'd say lost connection for a sec
20:01 tanilolli joined #thegeekgroup
20:01 speedrunnerG55 How do you connect to the internet
20:02 shockmebabby_ yes i did
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20:02 speedrunnerG55 Wifi?
20:02 shockmebabby_ well now my router is letting me connect to the t1 line
20:02 shockmebabby_ ya
20:02 speedrunnerG55 How manny routers are there
20:03 speedrunnerG55 You only want 1 DHCP server
20:04 shockmebabby_ there r 2 routers
20:04 speedrunnerG55 Are they connected to eachother?
20:04 shockmebabby_ the first is a linksys wireless n
20:04 shockmebabby_ yes
20:04 speedrunnerG55 How are they
20:04 shockmebabby left #thegeekgroup
20:04 shockmebabby_ the second is a linksys wireless g
20:05 speedrunnerG55 And are you abble to conect to iether one?
20:05 Cprossu_Laptop ok wait a sec
20:05 shockmebabby_ the line runs from port 2 on the first 1 to port 1 on the second one
20:05 Cprossu_Laptop the T1 line has it's own dcu box on it and you're connecting ethernet to one of your linksys routers, in this case a linksys 'wireless n'
20:06 Cprossu_Laptop and the wireless g's internet port is connected to the lan side of the n'
20:06 Cprossu_Laptop why in the world are you doing this?
20:06 Cprossu_Laptop also what routers do you have? WRT160N and a WRT54G?
20:06 shockmebabby_ the t1 connection is through armstrong cable
20:06 Cprossu_Laptop shockmebabby_: then it's not a 'real' t1
20:07 shockmebabby_ yes thats it
20:07 Cprossu_Laptop it's running off a cable modem?
20:07 Cprossu_Laptop or close
20:07 Cprossu_Laptop and what are you trying to do with this setup?
20:07 shockmebabby_ idk... all i know is that is wat the installer told me wat it was
20:07 Cprossu_Laptop and/or why?
20:08 shockmebabby_ all im trying to do is use the internet
20:08 Cprossu_Laptop because as it is you have a ip conflict
20:08 shockmebabby_ earlier it wouldnt let me connect
20:08 Cprossu_Laptop as both of your routers unless you configured them properly are running on the 192.168.1.x network
20:09 Cprossu_Laptop and both have dhcp servers at 1.1
20:09 speedrunnerG55 Yes
20:09 shockmebabby_ there shouldnt be because i changed the ip adress of the second router
20:09 Cprossu_Laptop but did you disable the dhcp server?
20:10 speedrunnerG55 Did you at least chang the starting ip
20:10 mashpriborintorg botsteve: tell CaptainBoden Have you already seen this website, her work is awesome and totally TTG compliant :
20:10 Cprossu_Laptop and also running 2 networks like you are is silly
20:10 shockmebabby_ and the dhcp is off on the second router also
20:10 BotSteve mashpriborintorg: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
20:10 ais_0192837465 left #thegeekgroup
20:10 Cprossu_Laptop ok good
20:10 Cprossu_Laptop if dhcp is TRUELY off
20:10 Cprossu_Laptop do you have a crossover cable?
20:10 Cprossu_Laptop it might autocrossover but
20:10 shockmebabby_ no i dont
20:10 Cprossu_Laptop ok, then attach the lan ports together and see if you get a link light
20:11 speedrunnerG55 You need a crossover cable ?
20:11 shockmebabby_ im running to networks because
20:11 speedrunnerG55 To go from router to router
20:11 speedrunnerG55 Is that a daisy chain?
20:11 speedrunnerG55 Or hierachiel
20:11 shockmebabby_ i cant pick up the wireless from the front of the building
20:11 Cprossu_Laptop they are running a daisy chain right now
20:11 Cprossu_Laptop they don't need to
20:11 Cprossu_Laptop you need to set the SSID's to the same and lan them together
20:12 shockmebabby_ ya i have a link light
20:12 Cprossu_Laptop ok good, set the ssid's to the same
20:12 shockmebabby_ that idk how to do
20:12 Cprossu_Laptop wireless settings, its the name of the network you connect to
20:12 shockmebabby_ right now im connected through it
20:12 Cprossu_Laptop like 'linksys' for an example
20:13 shockmebabby_ ok
20:13 Cprossu_Laptop do they both come up as the same name?
20:13 speedrunnerG55 Go to a browser and enter the routers ip adress
20:13 Cprossu_Laptop speedrunnerG55: wait
20:13 shockmebabby_ those have been changed
20:13 speedrunnerG55 Ok
20:13 Cprossu_Laptop ok, you need to set the 'g' router to the same name as the
20:13 Cprossu_Laptop 'n' router
20:13 Cprossu_Laptop and what ip did you give the 'g' router?
20:14 Cprossu_Laptop because you'll likely have to set a manual IP to gain access to the web access
20:14 Cprossu_Laptop especially if you set it to 192.168.2.x
20:14 shockmebabby_ the g has the ip
20:14 Cprossu_Laptop ok
20:14 Cprossu_Laptop the n has right?
20:15 shockmebabby_ yes
20:15 Cprossu_Laptop what OS Are you running?
20:15 shockmebabby_ xp
20:16 Cprossu_Laptop you will lose internet but what you have to do is manually set your IP to, ignore dns, to do this go into Network Connections
20:16 Cprossu_Laptop right click wireless properties
20:16 Cprossu_Laptop goto Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties
20:16 Ponko92 who here is near Atlanta?
20:16 shockmebabby_ i cant right now
20:16 Cprossu_Laptop use following IP address
20:16 speedrunnerG55 :)
20:17 Cprossu_Laptop, subnet
20:17 Cprossu_Laptop leave everything else blank
20:17 speedrunnerG55 The dns?
20:17 shockmebabby_ that is exactly how i have it set up
20:17 Cprossu_Laptop everyting blank
20:17 Cprossu_Laptop no
20:17 shockmebabby_ yes
20:17 Cprossu_Laptop how do you have internet then?
20:18 shockmebabby_ idk it just works
20:18 Cprossu_Laptop o_O
20:18 Cprossu_Laptop ok start->run
20:18 shockmebabby_ i cant get into the router right now
20:18 Cprossu_Laptop type cmd<enter>
20:18 speedrunnerG55 Cmd ftw
20:18 Cprossu_Laptop ipconfig /all
20:18 speedrunnerG55 What is your ip adrees and dns server
20:19 Cprossu_Laptop click the left corner
20:19 Cprossu_Laptop edit->mark
20:19 Cprossu_Laptop select everything on the screen by dragging corner to corner
20:19 Cprossu_Laptop right click copy
20:19 Cprossu_Laptop and paste it in here o_o
20:20 Cprossu_Laptop are you on a laptop right now?
20:20 Cprossu_Laptop I have a feeling you may have configged your wired or wireless in the way you say but not the other
20:21 Cprossu_Laptop speedrunnerG55: that would be awesome to know but I have a feeling we're dealing with 2 differenly configged interfaces
20:21 Cprossu_Laptop or the sky has fallen
20:21 Hackbat
20:21 Hackbat :D!
20:22 shockmebabby_ Microsoft Windows XP [Version 5.1.2600]
20:22 shockmebabby_ it wont let me copy
20:22 Cprossu_Laptop paste or copy?
20:22 speedrunnerG55 Edit> mark
20:22 shockmebabby_ did that
20:22 Cprossu_Laptop you're using the web client aren't you?
20:23 speedrunnerG55 Right click> mark
20:23 speedrunnerG55 Hilight everything
20:23 shockmebabby_ when i right click it goes back to normal
20:23 speedrunnerG55 Ctl c
20:23 shockmebabby_ did that to
20:23 speedrunnerG55 Ctr c
20:23 speedrunnerG55 Ctr v
20:23 shockmebabby_ still didnt work
20:23 Cprossu_Laptop
20:23 Cprossu_Laptop Paste it here
20:24 Cprossu_Laptop give us a link
20:24 Cprossu_Laptop damn
20:24 Cprossu_Laptop I typed it twice
20:24 Cprossu_Laptop ^ use that one
20:24 speedrunnerG55 Yes. Dont flood. Lol
20:24 Ponko92 anyone who hasn't noticed PSN is back
20:24 speedrunnerG55 Psn?
20:25 Cprossu_Laptop you should be able to drag a big box around all the text hopefully =/
20:25 Cprossu_Laptop remember to hold down left mouse button and drag
20:25 Cprossu_Laptop when in the "mark" config
20:26 speedrunnerG55 Does he have to ctr c?
20:26 shockmebabby_ ok i got to paste in the link
20:26 shockmebabby_ now how do i put it to where u can see it
20:27 Cprossu_Laptop put your name in
20:27 Cprossu_Laptop and hit send
20:27 Cprossu_Laptop we'll figure the rest out
20:27 speedrunnerG55 :)
20:27 Cprossu_Laptop
20:27 shockmebabby_ ok
20:28 Cprossu_Laptop
20:28 Cprossu_Laptop do you have a spare ethernet cable?
20:29 Cprossu_Laptop plug it into the g router lan port and your laptops ethernet port
20:29 speedrunnerG55 LOL
20:29 shockmebabby_ sorry to say but no i dont have one with me
20:29 shockmebabby_ there all at home
20:30 shockmebabby_ and im stuck at work till close
20:30 Cprossu_Laptop ok then you'll need to actually follow the advice I gave
20:30 Cprossu_Laptop and configure the correct connection this time
20:30 shockmebabby_ ok do i have something wrong
20:30 Cprossu_Laptop you need your wireless ip to be, with everything else blank and manually configured
20:30 Cprossu_Laptop on your laptop
20:31 Cprossu_Laptop and this is critical
20:31 Cprossu_Laptop set to automatic to get internet back on both accounts
20:31 Cprossu_Laptop but before you do
20:31 Cprossu_Laptop goto your web browser
20:31 Cprossu_Laptop you won't have internet
20:31 shockmebabby_ im lost
20:31 speedrunnerG55 Is that so everyhing that conects to it starts at 100?
20:31 Cprossu_Laptop connect to
20:31 Ponko92 .speedrunnerG55 its Playstation Network
20:31 Cprossu_Laptop and set the IP as
20:32 speedrunnerG55 ?
20:32 Cprossu_Laptop if he's running stock linksys firmware, yes, speedrunnerG55
20:32 shockmebabby_ the thing is i dont have the password for the first router
20:32 Cprossu_Laptop the n or the g?
20:32 shockmebabby_ the n
20:32 Cprossu_Laptop don't worry about it
20:33 speedrunnerG55 Is it "password"?
20:33 speedrunnerG55 Lol jk
20:33 Cprossu_Laptop shockmebabby_: you misinterpreted me
20:33 shockmebabby_ and for some reason after i changer the ip on the g i cant acess it either
20:33 Cprossu_Laptop you need to set the g router
20:33 Cprossu_Laptop to
20:33 Cprossu_Laptop it is on the .2 network
20:33 Cprossu_Laptop which is why you can't access it
20:34 Cprossu_Laptop therefore you need to configure your laptop on the .2 network
20:34 Cprossu_Laptop as .2.100
20:34 Cprossu_Laptop
20:34 Cprossu_Laptop then you can get to your g router
20:34 Cprossu_Laptop set it to
20:34 Cprossu_Laptop so you can still access it on the other side
20:34 Cprossu_Laptop get it?
20:34 shockmebabby_ no
20:34 shockmebabby_ im still lost
20:34 speedrunnerG55 ...needs time to take this in
20:35 * mashpriborintorg going to sleep, hard day of work tomorrow
20:35 Cprossu_Laptop speedrunnerG55: simplify this down for him I g2g
20:35 shockmebabby_ im still new at this stuff
20:35 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
20:35 speedrunnerG55 What??
20:35 Cprossu_Laptop speedrunnerG55: you got everything you need to help him right?
20:35 Cprossu_Laptop get him through changing his IP to and back from manual
20:36 Cprossu_Laptop he should know what to do when he starts his browser and goes to
20:36 speedrunnerG55 To on pc?
20:36 Cprossu_Laptop yeah
20:36 Cprossu_Laptop simple stuff
20:36 speedrunnerG55 And on g router?
20:36 Cprossu_Laptop that's what he needs to config it to
20:36 Cprossu_Laptop he'll need to initially access it at .2.1
20:36 Cprossu_Laptop and change it to 1.2 =)
20:37 Cprossu_Laptop then he sets his ip to automatic again
20:37 Cprossu_Laptop and everything is happy
20:37 Cprossu_Laptop he simply then has to make sure the SSID's match
20:37 Cprossu_Laptop and it'll be seemless
20:37 Cprossu_Laptop shockmebabby_: does your boss have a wireless pw on the other router? does your boss know you brought one in?
20:38 shockmebabby_ no pw on the n and idk
20:38 shockmebabby_ the second one shows up if u search for signals
20:39 shockmebabby_ but the second one is passworded
20:40 Cprossu_Laptop second one = the g?
20:40 Cprossu_Laptop and the g' is _yours_?
20:40 shockmebabby_ yes
20:40 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
20:41 Cprossu_Laptop ok, in this order... detach the G router from the N, hold the reset button on the G for 5 seconds, connect to the G, type in your web browser after connecting back up to the G router
20:41 Cprossu_Laptop and set it's IP to and DHCP to off
20:42 shockmebabby_ ok
20:42 speedrunnerG55 You will use the n to assign ip adresses
20:42 Cprossu_Laptop make sure to connect the lan port of the n to the lan port on the g
20:42 Cprossu_Laptop then have fun
20:42 Cprossu_Laptop speedrunnerG55: : I'm out good luck
20:42 speedrunnerG55 You dont want maching ips on the lan
20:43 shockmebabby_ ok give me a minute to do it
20:43 shockmebabby_ ok thanks
20:43 speedrunnerG55 Were you saying that to me?
20:43 speedrunnerG55 Or atme
20:43 speedrunnerG55 At me
20:44 shockmebabby_ ???
20:44 speedrunnerG55 Cprossu
20:44 shockmebabby_ left #thegeekgroup
20:45 speedrunnerG55 Ok. You doing.....oh noe
20:52 Druidic_Rifleman think you have socks connection fixed Cprossu_Laptop
20:53 Murphyslaw_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:54 Murphyslaw_ Is there something going on tonight?
20:55 Druidic_Rifleman not that i know of
20:55 Druidic_Rifleman there is a discussion about a meet and greet for pasta intoronto on the forum for those in ontario
20:56 Murphyslaw_ where abouts?
20:56 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
20:56 speedrunnerG55 Hi jeremys
20:57 speedrunnerG55 Meet and greet?
20:57 jeremys howdy howdy speedy
20:57 speedrunnerG55 There needs to be a meet and greet in newjersey
20:57 Murphyslaw_ lol @ Jersey! :p
20:57 Druidic_Rifleman the old spagetti factory near union station
20:58 Druidic_Rifleman ... i wouldn't go to it SpeedrunnerG55 even if you put me up in a 5 star hotel and paid for me food... new jersey,,,, ew
20:58 Druidic_Rifleman oooh and travel
20:59 Murphyslaw_ lol
20:59 speedrunnerG55 .....i think im the only member in the tri state are
20:59 speedrunnerG55 According to the map
20:59 Murphyslaw_ well, rifle, ill admit that im from saint catharines so its not that much better
20:59 speedrunnerG55 But i dought thats tru
21:01 Druidic_Rifleman nods been through there a few times and my grumpa lives in London
21:01 REDhome joined #thegeekgroup
21:02 jeremys i am the only TGG member on my block.  But Muskegon is havily represented at TGG
21:02 speedrunnerG55 HI RED!!
21:02 Druidic_Rifleman OMG my favorite person from the lab :)
21:02 REDhome I'm from the Skee too, jeremys
21:02 * Druidic_Rifleman hugs REDhome
21:02 REDhome And hello internet :)
21:02 * speedrunnerG55 hugs red
21:02 REDhome :hugs:
21:02 jeremys yep yep
21:03 Druidic_Rifleman hey red I have some awesome storrys for you from friday if you wanna hear them in PM
21:03 REDhome We should carpool. lol. if only I didn't keep crazy hours at the lab.
21:04 astro73|derrial what are the public hours at the lab?
21:04 REDhome um...
21:04 REDhome 12-6.
21:04 Ponko92 RED XD
21:04 Ponko92
21:04 jeremys yea I can only go on Saturdays, and on special Sunday builds.  You are always there way befoore me, and stay way after me
21:04 Ponko92 Druidic you seen that?
21:04 Murphyslaw_ left #thegeekgroup
21:05 Druidic_Rifleman the iphone?
21:05 jeremys builds (like the newtons cradle)
21:05 speedrunnerG55 Almost as good as reds picture
21:06 jeremys how did zomb go red?
21:06 * Druidic_Rifleman stabs speedrunnerG55 with a speer for commiting heracy
21:06 speedrunnerG55 Heracy?
21:06 REDhome it was lots of fun.
21:07 Ponko92 yes druidic :)
21:07 jeremys it was rainy i thought it might be ruined
21:08 Ponko92 Red that pic ain't as good as yours but its good :)
21:08 speedrunnerG55 How did i commit herasy?
21:08 speedrunnerG55 Heracy*
21:09 REDhome Thanks Ponky. lol. that was a video still, i do beleive.
21:09 Druidic_Rifleman Cause red is supper awesome photographer
21:09 Druidic_Rifleman i'd hire her to do Photo work for me but 100 bucks won't cover the gas to get out here
21:09 REDhome (blushes)
21:10 REDhome Thanks guys.
21:10 jeremys whats it like to be famous Red?  =)
21:10 Druidic_Rifleman oooh yeah red How much gas would you need to travel 640 KM or 397.67 miles
21:11 REDhome probably about $60-$70 dollars worth.
21:12 Ponko92 yes it was and i had to be precise in pausing
21:12 Ponko92 i mean snapping it
21:12 Ponko92 lol
21:12 shockmebabby joined #thegeekgroup
21:12 REDhome lol
21:13 speedrunnerG55 Lol
21:13 shockmebabby im back
21:13 speedrunnerG55 So whats up shockme
21:13 shockmebabby nuthing
21:13 speedrunnerG55 Did you configure the router like he siad
21:14 shockmebabby i just had to reset the router about 6 times
21:14 shockmebabby ya it took six different tries
21:14 speedrunnerG55 Did you go into the browser to configure it?
21:14 shockmebabby and i didnt even get to change the ssid
21:15 shockmebabby ya
21:15 astro73|derrial i'm attempting to schamticize this PCB for a lamp controller. It's not making a lot of sense? But it is doing magic.
21:15 shockmebabby every time i tried to change to ssid it locked up the laptop
21:16 shockmebabby ill have to bring in a peice of cat5 cable to do that
21:17 shockmebabby the sad thing is that this isnt even my laptop
21:17 speedrunnerG55 You disabledhcp?
21:18 speedrunnerG55 You sisable dhcp?
21:18 speedrunnerG55 Disable
21:18 shockmebabby it is my moms she sent it down from kzoo for me to fix
21:18 * speedrunnerG55 hides from wannabe
21:18 shockmebabby yes i did
21:18 wannabe1987 dude...
21:18 wannabe1987 I"M NOT HERE
21:19 wannabe1987 I"M NOT PAYING ATTENTION
21:19 wannabe1987 stop dinging me!
21:19 speedrunnerG55 K
21:19 shockmebabby lol
21:20 jeremys ding
21:20 shockmebabby i have no clue wat the hell u 2 r doing... today is to first time im really getting to use the irc
21:20 REDhome hehe
21:21 shockmebabby every other time i would sign on just to see wat every body was talking about
21:22 shockmebabby hey speed thanks for the help and also let him know i said thanks also
21:22 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 speedrunnerG55 Lol red
21:23 shockmebabby ok how do u do the ding
21:23 speedrunnerG55 Ok shockmebabby
21:23 jeremys shockmebabby
21:23 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 speedrunnerG55 You say the whole name
21:23 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 REDhome shockmebabby DING!
21:23 REDhome Get it?
21:23 speedrunnerG55 Yes red he gets it
21:24 shockmebabby REDhome
21:24 REDhome Ding!
21:24 REDhome :)
21:24 shockmebabby did it work
21:24 speedrunnerG55 Just say the whole name of whoever it is
21:24 REDhome yessireebob
21:24 shockmebabby ok
21:24 speedrunnerG55 And it will hilight make noise
21:24 shockmebabby thanks
21:24 speedrunnerG55 Also. Whats the hotkey to select names?
21:24 shockmebabby ok well mine isnt making noise right now
21:25 speedrunnerG55 Tab?
21:25 speedrunnerG55 What client are you using?
21:25 shockmebabby idk
21:25 speedrunnerG55 Are you in a web browser?
21:25 wannabe1987 try the tab button
21:26 wannabe1987 it seems to work on mIRC and the web client
21:26 shockmebabby im in internet explored
21:26 speedrunnerG55 Ok.
21:26 wannabe1987 IE?!
21:26 wannabe1987 ewwwww
21:26 speedrunnerG55 Lll
21:26 shockmebabby lol
21:26 speedrunnerG55 Lol
21:26 speedrunnerG55 Get firefox
21:26 speedrunnerG55 Or chrome
21:26 speedrunnerG55 Or...ANNYTHING BUT IE
21:27 * Hackbat sighs
21:27 shockmebabby eithier of them slow this thing to a crawl
21:27 jeremys do you mean that literally or virtually?
21:27 Hackbat No engineering internship for me
21:27 shockmebabby literaly
21:27 speedrunnerG55 aww :(
21:27 IIsi50MHz joined #thegeekgroup
21:28 shockmebabby let me check the stats real quick
21:28 speedrunnerG55 Even chrome?
21:28 wannabe1987 botsteve: tell REDhome that its gonna be ok, if she needs someone to talk to, text me
21:28 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when REDhome is around.
21:28 wannabe1987 thanks
21:29 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
21:29 speedrunnerG55 HI TOAST
21:29 Toastdude Hello Speedrunner!
21:30 speedrunnerG55 Whats your stats shockmebabby
21:30 shockmebabby ya even chrome
21:30 * speedrunnerG55 makes toast
21:30 Druidic_Rifleman hmmm bringigng red out here for a 19th birthday drinkathon is less expensive then i though Gas money wise
21:30 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
21:30 shockmebabby cpu 1.80 GHz
21:30 jeremys does red drink?
21:31 shockmebabby and 512 ram
21:31 REDhome not usually. But sometimes.
21:31 BotSteve REDhome: At 21:28Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell you that its gonna be ok, if she needs someone to talk to, text me
21:31 speedrunnerG55 So Toastdude will it be jelly or honney
21:31 REDhome Thanks wannabe1987
21:31 Druidic_Rifleman not in michigan because discussing criminal behavure goes against geek group rules
21:31 Toastdude jelly
21:31 wannabe1987 you're welcome dear
21:31 Druidic_Rifleman as of some day in august in ontario she will be allowed to drink her self into a mild coma... legally...
21:32 speedrunnerG55 How old is that laptop
21:32 Druidic_Rifleman I don't advise drinking that much... you make a fool out of you self
21:32 shockmebabby idk
21:32 Toastdude Whats wrong, REDhome?
21:32 shockmebabby it is a p4 processor
21:33 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
21:33 speedrunnerG55 Id sugjest to buy a new laptop. But thats just me
21:33 REDhome what do you mean, toast?
21:33 shockmebabby and it is a dell latitude C840
21:33 speedrunnerG55 Wanabe seamed to be worried about you red
21:33 shockmebabby ya i know but it is my moms
21:33 Toastdude I dont mean to pry, but wannabe said its going to be okay
21:33 speedrunnerG55 So he saw that and was curious
21:34 Toastdude Yes, I was
21:34 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987
21:34 Druidic_Rifleman be more worried about the person making red not happy
21:34 wannabe1987 aww thanks exor674 but i must leave now...
21:34 wannabe1987 Druidic_Rifleman better not touch anything/one...
21:34 * wannabe1987 goes to meijer
21:34 Toastdude True....
21:34 REDhome Oh, just dealing with ex's. Feeling a bit worthless in regards to that.
21:35 * exor674 hugs REDhome too@1
21:35 shockmebabby its my moms laptop... and well she dont have the money to go and just buy a new one
21:35 speedrunnerG55 Is there importiant files on it?
21:35 REDhome One of them said I was "too good" for them the other said I was "too nice"
21:35 * Ponko92 likes to flirt with REDhome
21:35 Ponko92 ummmm
21:35 * REDhome hugs exor674
21:35 Ponko92 lol
21:35 REDhome lol Ponky.
21:35 * Toastdude hugs REDhome
21:35 shockmebabby not really i just reformatted it
21:35 Druidic_Rifleman Red they're ass holes they don't deserve you
21:35 exor674 lol, someone told you you were "too nice"
21:35 * Ponko92 makes Tea and Toast
21:36 * obtusemobile hugs red
21:36 speedrunnerG55 LOL ponko
21:36 Ponko92 Red is perfect for anyone
21:37 Ponko92 like a nice cup of tea :)
21:37 REDhome :hugs everyone: Big group hug :)
21:37 Toastdude Except those who don't deserve her
21:37 * speedrunnerG55 hugs red
21:37 REDhome Thanks POnky? lol.
21:37 shockmebabby hugs red
21:37 * Toastdude hugs Red again
21:38 speedrunnerG55 shockmebabby: When you do an action
21:38 Druidic_Rifleman nods if red called me at 1 am and was like I has emergency bring shovel to GR i'd show up some how
21:38 speedrunnerG55 Say /me then the action
21:38 shockmebabby ??? im lost
21:38 jeremys you are scaing me a little druidic
21:38 speedrunnerG55 Type /me
21:38 Toastdude "/me hugs Red"
21:38 speedrunnerG55 Yes
21:39 Toastdude without the quotes
21:39 speedrunnerG55 But....why hugs red
21:39 Toastdude Idk, just an example
21:39 shockmebabby ok give me a sec i gotta fix something here at work
21:39 speedrunnerG55 A common example
21:39 exor674 beause Red needs hugs?
21:39 Druidic_Rifleman why would you be scared of me jeremys
21:39 Toastdude cause Red DESERVES hugs
21:40 Ponko92 brb
21:40 jeremys you sound a little hand that rocks the cradle
21:40 REDhome lol
21:41 Druidic_Rifleman how do you know that her dog didn't fall into a well and she needed help rescuing the poor thing?
21:41 Druidic_Rifleman what did you assume i was gonna drive to GR from oshawa ontario with a shovel for?
21:41 speedrunnerG55 Lol
21:42 jeremys lol
21:42 exor674 besides, that's an ineffective way to dispose of somebodies corpse
21:43 Druidic_Rifleman exactly if she needed to borrow a corpse re knows enough to ask for a 55 gallon drum of nitric acid and a Presure vessel large enough to fit the body
21:43 Druidic_Rifleman Dispose of a corpse*
21:43 Druidic_Rifleman Brying someone is so Dumb
21:44 exor674 but what if she needed to borrow a corpse?
21:44 Druidic_Rifleman I'd get her a glock :P
21:46 Toastdude lol
21:46 speedrunnerG55 lol
21:46 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
21:46 speedrunnerG55 Toastdude: Will it be honney or jelly
21:46 REDhome Hey CSM <3
21:46 * exor674 hugs CSMonster
21:46 Toastdude CSMonster!!
21:46 speedrunnerG55 Hey CSMonster
21:47 CSMonster hello ladies
21:47 CSMonster and toast
21:47 CSMonster and speed
21:47 Toastdude I said jelly, speed! lol
21:47 speedrunnerG55 Oh ok
21:47 * speedrunnerG55 gets out the jelly
21:47 Druidic_Rifleman hey monster
21:47 CSMonster Toast, speed, and women.  Sounds like an exciting night.
21:47 * speedrunnerG55 eats Toastdude
21:47 CSMonster hi drew
21:48 Toastdude Who's Drew?
21:48 speedrunnerG55 Lol
21:48 CSMonster drewidickrifleman
21:48 Druidic_Rifleman lol
21:48 CSMonster (just me getting progressively more and more lazy)
21:48 Toastdude Yeah, I got it as soon as I hit Enter.....
21:48 Toastdude Fail.....
21:48 CSMonster i miss anything?
21:49 Toastdude Not really
21:49 Toastdude That I know of...
21:49 speedrunnerG55 A group hug
21:49 Druidic_Rifleman we discussed how if you kill someone you don't ask for a shovel you ask for 55 gallons of nitric acid
21:49 CSMonster those happen on a regular basis.
21:49 Toastdude But Speedrunner ate me :(
21:49 speedrunnerG55 And shockmebabby fixing his internet
21:49 Druidic_Rifleman buring the body leaves all kinds of forensic evidence for the police to find
21:50 CSMonster only if you use too little fire.  enough fire will destroy all the evidence.  that's what thermite is for.
21:50 CSMonster twice the person's body weight usually does the trick.
21:50 Toastdude lol
21:50 jeremys yeah and buying a 55 gallon drum of acid is trail free
21:51 speedrunnerG55 You need to goug out the eyes
21:51 speedrunnerG55 Cut off the hands
21:51 Toastdude What about C-4?
21:51 astro73|derrial CSMonster: i have no idea who you are, but i like your style
21:51 speedrunnerG55 And carve out anny tatoos
21:51 CSMonster :D thank you astro
21:51 jeremys or don't kill them
21:51 CSMonster what fun is that?
21:52 Toastdude Answer: None
21:52 speedrunnerG55 Lol
21:52 Druidic_Rifleman the issue with C4 is it spreds the evidence around and doesn't really destroy it
21:53 speedrunnerG55 Good luck CSMonster
21:53 speedrunnerG55 Now go forth and finish it
21:53 CSMonster the other issue with C4 is that it is an evidence trail in and of itself.  you mix thermite yourself from commonly available materials and thermite it has no special chemical signature, just LOTS OF HEAT.
21:54 Druidic_Rifleman yepper's
21:54 speedrunnerG55 Thermite is iron oxide and aluminum
21:54 CSMonster correct
21:54 Druidic_Rifleman YEP YEP
21:55 Toastdude In equal weight or volume?
21:55 speedrunnerG55 Verry common material
21:55 Druidic_Rifleman generally
21:55 speedrunnerG55 I thouht it was like 2/3
21:55 Druidic_Rifleman yes it is speed
21:55 Druidic_Rifleman but there are differant formulars
21:55 Druidic_Rifleman formulas
21:55 Druidic_Rifleman 50 50 works
21:55 speedrunnerG55 Ok
21:55 CSMonster toast: no.  it's by weight and there is a specific ratio that i don't remember anymore cause i haven't made thermite in 6 or 7 years
21:56 CSMonster one thing to remember though is that granule size matters.  the finer the aluminum powder, the faster it burns
21:56 CSMonster if it burns too fast, it'll pop and explode almost like thermate
21:56 REDhome jeremys - you still here?
21:56 jeremys yes maam
21:56 REDhome zomb -
21:57 * speedrunnerG55 takes notes
21:57 CSMonster lol
21:58 speedrunnerG55 I tried tommake thermite once
21:58 CSMonster a friend of mine in high school (the one who ate paper) mixed it with plaster of paris and formed it into solid bricks
21:58 speedrunnerG55 Wow
21:58 Druidic_Rifleman how much thermite to plaster?
21:58 Druidic_Rifleman One would think elmers or similar would be better
21:59 CSMonster i don't remember.  and it makes the whole thing burn slower and a little colder but for long term storage it's great because then the powders don't separate
21:59 jeremys i have never seen those 4 hunters before red
21:59 speedrunnerG55 I tried to make my own iron oxide through electrolosys
22:00 speedrunnerG55 But i didnt know were to get the aluminum
22:00 CSMonster the first time i made thermite involved a rusted out railroad spike, a file, a dust mask, and a loooooooooooong time
22:00 speedrunnerG55 Next time ill just buy the stuff
22:00 * CSMonster should really probably not be telling teenagers how to make thermite
22:01 astro73|derrial it's nothing that's not on wikipedia
22:01 * CSMonster ...but whatever
22:01 Druidic_Rifleman Actually what you need to try IS Making RDX speedrunner
22:01 CSMonster yeah, i know.
22:01 speedrunnerG55 I alraddy know how.
22:01 speedrunnerG55 But it INSANELY dangerous
22:01 CSMonster you do, but i think a lot of this is new to toast
22:01 speedrunnerG55 Imagin instant lave
22:01 speedrunnerG55 Lava
22:01 CSMonster yes speed, that's what it does.
22:01 CSMonster you know what thermite is actually used for (aside from destruction) right?
22:02 speedrunnerG55 Actuallt molten iron
22:02 Druidic_Rifleman Faster burn rate = hoter reaction right?
22:02 speedrunnerG55 No
22:02 astro73|derrial weilding rails, iirc?
22:02 Druidic_Rifleman yeppers
22:02 CSMonster yeah, welding
22:03 CSMonster faster burn rate = same amount of energy released much, much faster.  kind of like the difference between a 2 stroke engine and a molotov cocktail
22:03 CSMonster slow burning thermite can melt and weld and burn; fast burning thermite can explode.
22:03 Druidic_Rifleman OK so i should strive for the finest aluminum possible if i wanted to Burn through or atleas perminantly destroy a car
22:04 CSMonster with with very much power, but you still don't want to be anywhere near a sputtering ball of molten iron
22:04 CSMonster *not with
22:04 * CSMonster goes to grab a relevant video
22:05 CSMonster
22:05 CSMonster ^ thermite isn't supposed to do that when you're welding with it.
22:06 Seroster Lol
22:06 astro73|derrial ooo.... prettty...
22:06 Seroster Err
22:06 shockmebabby lol
22:06 shockmebabby im back and u guys r disturbing
22:06 CSMonster another one.
22:06 Seroster I rarely weld during nighttime
22:07 speedrunnerG55 I have to go
22:07 CSMonster bye speed
22:07 astro73|derrial i mean, that was very dangerous and should never have been done
22:07 shockmebabby the sad thing that im also a grave digger
22:07 Seroster That's the thermite + ice the mythbusters said you shouldnt try at home, CSMonster =)
22:07 Toastdude BYE speedrunner!
22:07 shockmebabby later speed
22:07 CSMonster druid, if you're trying to melt something to a pile of slag, you *don't* want it to be doing that.
22:08 CSMonster seroster, the description for the first video: "using way too much thermite to weld in rural ca "
22:08 Cprossu_Laptop hey what's up?
22:08 CSMonster hey cpu
22:08 Cprossu_Laptop just got back
22:09 Cprossu_Laptop shockmebabby: I'm gonna guess you were able to get back online
22:09 Cprossu_Laptop did it all go ok?
22:09 CSMonster shockmebabby: i don't see what there is to be disturbed about here.
22:10 shockmebabby ya except i cant change the ssid yet
22:10 Cprossu_Laptop hrmm meh oh well
22:10 Cprossu_Laptop at least you can get to it now hopefully
22:10 shockmebabby them talking about using thermite to destroy a dead body
22:11 shockmebabby yes i can thanks
22:11 Cprossu_Laptop probably wouldn't work as well as you would hope
22:11 jeremys the nasty ceiling dust me an batman un earthed yesterday made my eyes feel like gravel is in them
22:11 shockmebabby ya i know
22:11 Seroster CSMonster, Even when I am not being fucked up in the chat I am pretty disturbing. He can feel the chi energy of disturbedness emitted from my mind.
22:12 CSMonster HAH
22:12 CSMonster okay that's fair
22:12 Cprossu_Laptop I wonder if it's asbestos, jeremys, you're all gonna die!
22:12 REDhome left #thegeekgroup
22:12 Seroster Might be
22:12 shockmebabby the trick to getting rid of a body is to bury it under a vault in a cementery
22:12 shockmebabby lol
22:12 jeremys no its not abestos just old old old dust
22:13 Cprossu_Laptop lol ground penetrating radar
22:13 CSMonster shockmebabby: destroying a body with thermite (cprossu: the key word here is *excessive*) is much less disturbing than doing it with acid.  much easier to clean up (after it cools down anyway)
22:13 Seroster shockmebabby, I've always ben a huge fan of black garbage bags, rocks and oceans.
22:13 shockmebabby lol that works to i guess
22:13 Seroster I dont think thermite can get rid of all the evidence
22:13 Druidic_Rifleman;feature=related
22:13 Seroster Unless you use a few metric tonnes
22:13 Cprossu_Laptop actually, if you time it right, the dump works statistically well
22:14 shockmebabby how knows
22:14 Seroster There is a risk with the dump
22:14 Cprossu_Laptop there's a risk with thermite
22:14 exor674 I wonder how effective burying a body in a preexisting, very very old grave would be
22:14 Seroster If getting rid of an entire body it will be suspicious, especially if you have to take it to a garbage station
22:14 jeremys pigs will eat a body bones and all
22:14 shockmebabby there is a risk with everything
22:15 Cprossu_Laptop Seroster: little tiny pieces
22:15 Seroster exor674, There will be excavation marks
22:15 CSMonster yes, pigs are probably still the best way.
22:15 Cprossu_Laptop and throw away the tool too
22:15 Druidic_Rifleman wonder's if There is a geek group policy about Hidind body's of people one has killed
22:15 Cprossu_Laptop pigs don't eat bones do they?
22:15 Seroster cprossu_ Yeah, but dismembering a body takes time and privacy, and leaves A LOT of evidence in your bathtub
22:15 CSMonster the risk of using that much thermite at once is igniting the atmosphere.  :P
22:15 CSMonster brb
22:15 Seroster Druidic_Rifleman, You just gotta get a HUNGRY pig =D
22:16 Cprossu_Laptop Seroster: use someone you hate's bathtub who doesn't know you
22:16 speedrunnerG55 Well CSMonster Druidic_Rifleman i have to go
22:16 Seroster Heh.  Right.
22:16 Cprossu_Laptop and is out of town
22:16 speedrunnerG55 Bye everyone
22:16 Seroster Easier to hire a boat and get some garbage bags
22:16 Cprossu_Laptop and hides his keys underneath his door mat
22:16 shockmebabby later speed
22:16 Cprossu_Laptop garbage scow pirate!
22:16 Cprossu_Laptop lol
22:17 Seroster I have lots of friends I hate that don't know me that live out of town that hide their keys under their door mats.
22:17 Seroster :D
22:17 Cprossu_Laptop oddly enough I know at least 3
22:18 Cprossu_Laptop still. if you can find some other murder-ers
22:18 Cprossu_Laptop who are also getting rid of bodies
22:18 Cprossu_Laptop maybe you could get a 2 for 1 deal
22:18 Seroster Or we could just refrain from killing people?
22:18 Cprossu_Laptop easiest way
22:19 jeremys it worries me how much time you all have invested in researching how to hide bodies
22:19 shockmebabby how about this go to a fresh grave in an old cementery... drop the body in and cover it with wood chips... and tell the vault guy there was water at the bottom of the hole... and then let them put the new body in the vault on top of it
22:20 shockmebabby ten to on ethat is where jimmy hoffa is
22:20 Druidic_Rifleman Sooo your a grave digger who works in a bowling alley
22:20 shockmebabby lol
22:20 shockmebabby yes i am
22:21 Druidic_Rifleman Lol
22:21 Druidic_Rifleman guy or girl
22:21 Seroster shockmebabby, I think he is in the fucking ocean =P
22:21 shockmebabby im 23
22:21 shockmebabby guy
22:21 CSMonster every time someone uses the word "gravedigger" i think of Zelda OOT
22:21 shockmebabby i worked at a cementery for 5 years
22:22 shockmebabby and been here at the bowling alley for 3 years now
22:22 shockmebabby brb
22:24 Cprossu_Laptop bowling, grave digging, and now networking
22:24 Cprossu_Laptop working on your 'jack of all trades master of none' certificate I see
22:25 CSMonster a specialist is a person who knows everything about nothing and a generalist is a person who knows nothing about everything
22:26 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
22:26 shockmebabby im also an electrican
22:27 shockmebabby and mechanic
22:27 Cprossu_Laptop I personally have Computing, Networking, Electrical, Electronics, Welding, Automotive, Drafting, High Voltage, and General Tinkering so far
22:27 Cprossu_Laptop woo
22:27 CSMonster merit badges?
22:27 Cprossu_Laptop what's your opinion on worst engine to work on?
22:28 shockmebabby ya i got welding and high voltage
22:28 CSMonster woo! car talk!  that means i can get back to my writing :p
22:28 Cprossu_Laptop lawl
22:28 shockmebabby anything that is computerised
22:28 Cprossu_Laptop oh come now lol
22:28 Cprossu_Laptop I'll take a fuel injected engine over a plugged up quadrajet any day
22:29 shockmebabby if it has a carbrator i can work on it
22:29 Cprossu_Laptop *plugged up with a burst accelerator pump*
22:29 Cprossu_Laptop todays gas really sucks ass though
22:29 shockmebabby i have no idea
22:29 Cprossu_Laptop the varnish it produces in a very short order of time is...
22:29 Cprossu_Laptop unreal
22:29 shockmebabby ye it does
22:30 Cprossu_Laptop and it gets into everything
22:30 astro73|derrial how can you tell a zener diode from a regular one?
22:30 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
22:30 Cprossu_Laptop *wonders if there's a punchline to this potential joke*