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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-06-20

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00:00 Muffin_ someone needs some caffine :P
00:01 BatSteve-Phone is now known as BatSteve
00:01 BatSteve I'm back
00:01 Seroster Wb battie
00:01 Ponko92 hey batsteve
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00:02 Ponko92 i think i might do a MSA if they all do it
00:02 eadthem b and w
00:02 Ponko92 but idk the scholarship might contradict i take a different i'm not sure how it works though
00:03 Ponko92 least its not ZANADU
00:03 tonsofpcs i got the chyron!!!!!!!!!!
00:03 tonsofpcs it's even easier than what i was trying!
00:03 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
00:03 tonsofpcs I set the date to be AFTER when it was instlled :D
00:04 Ponko92 Steve do GVSU have a MSA?
00:04 tonsofpcs ok, seee if you get video out of the chyron now :D
00:04 Ponko92 oh he's gone
00:04 tonsofpcs i'll put video on both frambuffers
00:04 Ponko92 nope
00:04 Ponko92 haha lol
00:04 tonsofpcs YUP!
00:04 Ponko92 tggmc do GVSU do MSA?
00:04 tonsofpcs i've gott something on each
00:05 tonsofpcs note that there's two outputs and one input for each card
00:05 tggmc ok and let me check ponko
00:05 Ponko92 idk if i'd be a under-grad or a post-grad o_O
00:06 tggmc ponko92
00:06 Ponko92 and thats a post-grad degree
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00:07 Ponko92 lol
00:07 Muffin_ lol
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00:07 tggmc looks like they have bachlors and masters
00:07 tonsofpcs so there's 4 bncs on each card, i think? maybe 5?
00:08 Ponko92 but i haven't done any college would i have to do under or post?
00:08 Ponko92 well college like that
00:08 tonsofpcs there's two outputs two inputs each card, minimum
00:08 Muffin_ under
00:08 tonsofpcs one of the inputs is genlock
00:08 tonsofpcs one of the outputs is key the other is fill
00:08 tonsofpcs both outputs on both cards should have vide
00:08 tonsofpcs o
00:08 tonsofpcs although these might be SDI :(
00:09 tonsofpcs oh, wow
00:09 BatSteve Ponko92: I think you can do accountancy as either an undergrad or a postgrad
00:09 tonsofpcs it's a CODi!
00:09 tonsofpcs give it genlock on 'analog ref'
00:09 Ponko92 well idk what I AM though lol
00:09 BatSteve Oh
00:09 BatSteve I see
00:09 BatSteve have you ever graduated from college before?
00:09 tonsofpcs do we have any signal at all on the outputs?
00:09 Ponko92 umm well technically yes but technically no
00:10 Ponko92 by graduate college how do you mean
00:10 BatSteve If you haven't, or if you're beginning a new degree in a field you haven't already gotten a degree in, then you're an undergrad.
00:10 Ponko92 yeah thats fine
00:10 BatSteve If you're continuing in a field after you've already gotten a degree in that field, you're a grad
00:11 Ponko92 well then under grad
00:11 Ponko92 idk what that'll do to my football hopes i'd want to be playing idl benchwarming
00:11 Ponko92 :\
00:11 Cprossu ok I am back
00:11 Ponko92 anyway
00:12 Ponko92 continue Steve with the analouge
00:12 Cprossu Ponko92: it's a humax series 2 with a dvd recorder
00:12 tonsofpcs hit the underscan and the HV delay buttons, steve?
00:12 Cprossu I got the dvd playing in another player
00:12 tonsofpcs (on the monitor)
00:12 Cprossu it's non-standard
00:12 Ponko92 noo the film
00:12 Cprossu they fucked with the menu
00:12 Cprossu oh the new one
00:12 Ponko92 True Grit
00:12 Cprossu lol
00:12 Cprossu the new one.
00:12 Ponko92 lol
00:12 Ponko92 Jeff Bridges
00:12 Cprossu we have the old one it plays just fine
00:12 Ponko92 that was funny
00:12 Cprossu anyway tggmc what's up
00:13 tonsofpcs wow, there's a 35 second delay here
00:13 tonsofpcs the monitor
00:13 Cprossu click pause, tonsofpcs then click play
00:13 Cprossu on the stream
00:14 Ponko92 "I find that mighty bold talk for a 1 eyed fat man." "Jim you're had you son of'a bitch"
00:14 Cprossu and you should be back to 5 seconds
00:14 * tonsofpcs reloads stream
00:14 tonsofpcs Cprossu: yea, i did that
00:14 Cprossu without viewing the ad
00:14 tonsofpcs :)
00:14 tonsofpcs bah, it's running the ad
00:14 Cprossu I told you
00:14 Muffin_ there are seriously people that dont use adblockplus?
00:14 Cprossu you have to press pause and play
00:14 LeadHead Ads
00:14 LeadHead rofl
00:14 Cprossu you fail!
00:14 LeadHead I haven't seen ads in years
00:14 eadthem i use noscript and nod32
00:14 Muffin_ nor have i
00:14 tonsofpcs Cprossu: i did
00:14 tonsofpcs Muffin_: on this pc i don't, no
00:15 eadthem and then the ipcop snort blocks ads
00:15 Cprossu ding tggmc lag test.
00:15 Ponko92 well can you get it on IE9 LeadHead
00:15 Cprossu hrmmm 7-8 seconds
00:15 BatSteve there are ads on the internet still?
00:15 BatSteve wow
00:15 tonsofpcs BatSteve: i saw an ad for 'add this counter to your website' yesterday :X
00:15 LeadHead tggmc
00:15 tonsofpcs oh, nice, ustream just died for me
00:15 BatSteve really!?  hahahahaha
00:15 Cprossu ding lat test at :15:00 tggmc
00:16 tonsofpcs BatSteve: well, the twilight zone was created in binghamton.....
00:16 Cprossu whoops I messed that up
00:16 Ponko92 i love the fact the Chevy Cruze can get updates from facebook
00:16 Muffin_ is that even safe?
00:16 injektion No
00:16 Cprossu ding lat test at :16:50 tggmc
00:17 Ponko92 well i didn't get an answer
00:17 injektion Anything that distracts the driver is not safe
00:17 LeadHead tggmc
00:17 tonsofpcs steve - anything on the monitor? (ustream died on me)
00:17 Cprossu router's dropping frames tggmc
00:17 Cprossu and 10 second lag
00:17 tonsofpcs ah, ustream is back!
00:17 Cprossu no
00:17 Muffin_ yeah its getting laggy
00:17 Cprossu router's dropping frames tggmc
00:17 LeadHead 7-8 seconds here
00:17 tonsofpcs tggmc: anything on that monitor from the chyron at all?
00:17 Ponko92 well CaptainBoden knows that i am in a hut in Albania tggmc
00:17 Cprossu because it's cutting out every 10 seconds
00:17 Cprossu to 20 seconds
00:18 tonsofpcs i'm thinking it's SDI
00:18 tonsofpcs time to try chyron #alternate
00:18 tonsofpcs four screws to take it out of that cage ;)
00:18 Ponko92 that was when my delay was about that long
00:18 tonsofpcs you said it's in a road case
00:18 Cprossu power off right?
00:18 tonsofpcs the other chyron from the road case
00:18 tonsofpcs oh
00:19 Cprossu he wants you to go get the hdd I think
00:19 tonsofpcs it's just a beast
00:19 Cprossu ?
00:19 tonsofpcs steve can you go look at the cards in it and the front panel to see what version it is?  (take a quick pic of the back maybe?)
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00:20 tonsofpcs is it a duet?
00:20 tonsofpcs what's with the plastic? my duet has a metal front panel....
00:20 obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:20 tonsofpcs with the flip open and chain and all that
00:20 tonsofpcs front cover is 5 lbs :)
00:20 obtuse_ Steve, do you need help carrying something? i could drop by
00:21 tonsofpcs wow, cheap plastic version
00:21 tonsofpcs yea, the right half opens separate from the left?
00:21 tonsofpcs mine's much newer
00:21 tonsofpcs it's HDSDI
00:21 tonsofpcs with Leitch Velocity cards :X
00:22 tonsofpcs yea, for two video outputs they put two full  Leitch Velocity cards in it
00:22 tonsofpcs no wonder they cost like $80k :-p
00:22 tonsofpcs mine does...... i don't know why
00:22 tonsofpcs chyron doesn't know why
00:23 tonsofpcs i should run memtest on it for a day....
00:23 Cprossu You must be logged in to download files. Please log in and try again.
00:23 Cprossu jerks
00:23 tonsofpcs i'mma go with "this is SDI" (see screen)
00:25 tonsofpcs just get SDI cameras and you're all set :-p
00:25 tonsofpcs nah, for monitors you get little SDI>HDMI adapters
00:25 obtuse_ well this sounds depressing
00:25 tonsofpcs or SDI multiviewers
00:25 tonsofpcs cheap compared to analog interfacing
00:26 tonsofpcs 3d compatible one is $470
00:26 tonsofpcs (3d hd)
00:26 Cprossu
00:26 Cprossu no such luck
00:27 Cprossu these are MORE expensive
00:27 tonsofpcs good luck.  our local stations are still mostly SD analog
00:27 Cprossu than the analog to sdi
00:27 tonsofpcs we're HD (and awesome) (and not upgrading anytime soon)
00:27 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
00:27 tonsofpcs one of them plays back shows on S-VHS :-p
00:27 tonsofpcs oh yea, that one is HD to air.  They pass-through network
00:28 tonsofpcs heh
00:28 Cprossu they'd have been better sticking with umatic 3/4
00:28 tonsofpcs Cprossu: i don't think they had funding for it
00:28 Cprossu lol.
00:28 tonsofpcs note: I'm in a market below #150
00:28 * tonsofpcs checks
00:29 tonsofpcs we don't count this as a metro area in NY :-p
00:29 Seroster If I had a camera I would have a subject for an awesome autopsy video
00:30 tonsofpcs Grand Rapids-Kalmzoo-B.Crk is #40
00:30 tonsofpcs err, 41
00:30 tonsofpcs 2010-2011 it is #41
00:30 tonsofpcs we went down again this year to #158...
00:31 tonsofpcs our secondary market went up from 176 to 174!
00:31 tonsofpcs yea
00:32 tonsofpcs mind you, the population difference between markets in the 170s is around 500-1000 TVHH (Televission households)
00:32 tonsofpcs largest jump is about 4000 TVHH
00:33 Cprossu I bet our stations are already throwing hd out
00:33 Cprossu what is Phoenix, AZ
00:33 tonsofpcs in the 40s, the difference is 2000 TVHH to 40000TVHH
00:33 tonsofpcs phoenix/prescott is #12
00:33 Cprossu I knew we were way up there
00:33 tonsofpcs 1881310 TVHH
00:33 Cprossu even our public access channels are all hd I think
00:34 tonsofpcs 740230 TVHH for GR
00:34 Ponko92 you're suppose to sound more evil
00:34 Ponko92 thats better
00:34 Ponko92 lol
00:34 tonsofpcs 138370+96390 for us....
00:34 tonsofpcs (two markets)
00:34 Ponko92 you need a british accent to do it lol
00:35 SparkyProjects You just need to turn the lights off and shine the torch on your face :D
00:35 CaptainBoden back
00:35 CaptainBoden Wassup Steve
00:35 tonsofpcs wow, Lima dropped 30000 TVHH
00:35 Ponko92 haha
00:35 CaptainBoden Chyron working?
00:35 CaptainBoden is he high or something?
00:35 tonsofpcs CaptainBoden: yes, but it's SDI
00:35 CaptainBoden fuck
00:35 tonsofpcs i had to set the date forward to make it work :D
00:35 CaptainBoden did you check both racks?
00:36 CaptainBoden well, we MAY be able to use it, we do have the digital input for the console
00:37 tonsofpcs steve - does the capturee card have SDI in?
00:37 CaptainBoden There's no possible way to bring them together?
00:37 CaptainBoden No, it doesn't
00:37 tonsofpcs ah
00:37 CaptainBoden it barely has analogue
00:37 CaptainBoden the blackmagic probably does
00:37 tonsofpcs CaptainBoden: you could daisy chain them with converters....
00:37 tonsofpcs like, feed the analog sw'r into the digital sw'r with analog > sdi converter
00:37 CaptainBoden So hey're totally seperate units, the video feds themselves never actually enter the control surface
00:37 tonsofpcs but then i suppose you also need SDI monitoring (and test equipment)
00:38 tonsofpcs right
00:38 CaptainBoden poo
00:38 CaptainBoden ok, well we have the analogue bug generator
00:38 tonsofpcs it enters a backframe for the effect
00:38 tonsofpcs is it a tek 700?
00:39 tonsofpcs tek 700:
00:39 CaptainBoden ok, so let's get off the SDI mojo, what about the analogue one in Studio D, the bug generator, we also have a keygen I think
00:40 tonsofpcs wow
00:40 CaptainBoden plus, we could, in theory, use the piece of shit grass valley in the rack there for a keygen
00:40 tonsofpcs the 16001?
00:40 CaptainBoden piece, of, shit
00:40 tonsofpcs i still want to see a good pic of it
00:40 Cprossu_Netbook back on the netbook lol
00:41 CaptainBoden for a decent donation, it could be yours.
00:41 Cprossu_Netbook lol
00:41 tonsofpcs switcher, not mixer, you're not in europe :-p
00:42 tonsofpcs oh, wow
00:42 Cprossu_Netbook I love the analog gvg  :(
00:42 tonsofpcs and it works??!?!?
00:42 tonsofpcs it's a pre-110!
00:42 Cprossu_Netbook we had such a fun time getting it working
00:42 CaptainBoden for varying values of "work"
00:42 Cprossu_Netbook remember tggmc ?
00:42 tonsofpcs i think it's post-100, pre-110
00:42 tonsofpcs CaptainBoden: hey, remember, an analog GVG switcher flew the millenium falcon!
00:42 Ponko92 right night all
00:42 CaptainBoden what?
00:43 tonsofpcs in the milenium falcoln, there's a grass valley switcher on the console
00:43 Cprossu_Netbook I need a remote robot so I can assemble the comptuer parts and the BM Intensity card into so I can get that box running
00:43 CaptainBoden show me a pic of this
00:43 CaptainBoden I'm a star trek guy, not star wars
00:43 Cprossu_Netbook so we can put the haugeppauge in thumper
00:43 * tonsofpcs finds it
00:43 CaptainBoden oh I believe it, I just wanna SEE it
00:44 CaptainBoden My favourite of that type of thing is still the steadicam arm in Alien
00:44 Ponko92 wait what?
00:44 Ponko92 lol
00:44 CaptainBoden Remember the Mexican girl in Aliens, with the giant gun?
00:44 Ponko92 ahhh yeah
00:45 CaptainBoden She wore it on a vest with a balancing arm.
00:45 CaptainBoden That's actually a Steadicam arm and vest.
00:45 CaptainBoden yeah
00:46 CaptainBoden ok, so let's get the new console all patched in and clean up the mess a bit :)
00:46 CaptainBoden It would be nice to have all those labelled buttons actually do what they say
00:47 tonsofpcs *trying to find the pic of the falcon*
00:47 Ponko92 yep me too right steve get your keister home and sleep
00:47 * Ponko92 thought tonsofpcs found it
00:48 tggmc it's the deathstar
00:48 tggmc claims it was a 1600
00:49 tggmc i wonder if we have THE starwars gvg
00:49 tonsofpcs yea, that's a 1600 3
00:49 tonsofpcs nah, you have a 1600 1
00:49 * Ponko92 is trying his hardest not to fall asleep and that would be epic stev
00:49 tggmc aww too bad
00:50 tonsofpcs but it's the same generation switcher
00:50 tonsofpcs the 3 just has 3 M/E busses
00:50 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
00:50 tonsofpcs you have a mini-deathstar!
00:50 tggmc that makes scense
00:50 tggmc it's only good for moons
00:51 Ponko92 oh god Steve you were right O_O taking over the world one step at a time
00:51 tonsofpcs you could use the SDI chyron system to generate graphics for use in post.  It can do 3d positioning and such
00:51 tonsofpcs (and lighting effects, etc)
00:51 tonsofpcs it can export targa sequences and probably also AVIs (not sure about v4.1 on the AVIs)
00:51 Cprossu_Netbook
00:52 tggmc realtime post?
00:52 Ponko92 ok i'm gonna drop the laptop if i don't go to sleep lol
00:52 Cprossu_Netbook 5 minutes and this is the best I can find??
00:52 tonsofpcs tggmc: nah, you render the animated scene
00:52 tonsofpcs bring the file over
00:52 tggmc I didn't know if it could render at realtime speeds
00:53 * Ponko92 slurs word half asleep
00:53 Ponko92 gooo nighhh *snore*
00:53 SparkyProjects Gotobed ponko, read the log tomorrow :)
00:53 Ponko92 will do
00:54 Ponko92 you must have insomnia too Sparky
00:54 Ponko92 anyway
00:54 SparkyProjects My sleep cycle has moved
00:54 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
00:55 Cprossu_Netbook
00:55 Cprossu_Netbook that's a bigass gvg
00:55 Muffin_ left #thegeekgroup
00:55 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
00:55 SparkyProjects Too late cprossu ^
00:56 CaptainBoden The control room is for a boiler system or a powerhouse
00:56 Cprossu_Netbook this one is at least wachable SparkyProjects
00:56 Cprossu_Netbook yeah it's gotta be a power plant
00:56 Cprossu_Netbook or perhaps a nuclear reactor simulator
00:56 CaptainBoden yeah
00:56 tggmc los angeles steam plant i think
00:57 CaptainBoden anyone else shown up there since you've been in?
00:59 tggmc
01:00 tggmc Los Angeles Steam Plant
01:00 Python_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:00 tggmc not that I know of I have been in MC
01:04 LeadHead Is that the Windows school of fish background
01:04 LeadHead on those monitors
01:04 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
01:04 tonsofpcs LeadHead: huh?
01:04 LeadHead Steam plant
01:04 LeadHead picture
01:04 tonsofpcs is what i see.
01:04 tonsofpcs g'nite steve
01:05 LeadHead
01:05 tonsofpcs 100" projecto
01:05 Cprossu_Netbook ?
01:05 tonsofpcs it's what i waatch tv on
01:06 tonsofpcs it's either that or alt-tabbing on the eeepc with 1024x600 screen
01:06 tonsofpcs i had ustream smaller most of the night w/ teamviewer on half the screen
01:06 Cprossu_Netbook it's like steve is in the next room
01:06 Cprossu_Netbook lol
01:06 Cprossu_Netbook xD
01:06 tonsofpcs Cprossu_Netbook: earlier, with the camera shot, i turned and he was sitting right next to me
01:08 Cprossu_Netbook take it easy tggmc
01:09 Cprossu_Netbook try and get some sleep
01:09 Cprossu_Netbook tonight
01:09 tonsofpcs g'nite
01:09 * tonsofpcs leaves ustream open and switches back to tv
01:10 wannabe1987 .g lighthouse title holland mi
01:10 BotSteve wannabe1987:
01:10 wannabe1987 damn you ccan't give me their number?  ok
01:12 wannabe1987 o.O wheres speed?!
01:12 wannabe1987 .seen speedrunnerg55
01:12 BotSteve wannabe1987: I last saw speedrunnerg55 1.63 hours ago at 2011-06-19 23:34:59 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 01:12:41 UTC
01:12 LeadHead Not long enough.
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01:16 Cprossu_Netbook .seen tggRED
01:16 BotSteve Cprossu_Netbook: I last saw tggred 125.46 hours ago at 2011-06-14 19:49:21 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 01:16:41 UTC
01:18 wannabe1987 .g zipcode ashland oh
01:18 BotSteve wannabe1987:
01:18 tonsofpcs anyone know where i need to go to change my sig on the forums?
01:19 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
01:19 wannabe1987 hi LinuxH4x0r
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01:19 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
01:19 LinuxH4x0r hi
01:20 wannabe1987 TOAST!
01:20 Seroster  thatis so damn awesome.
01:20 Toastdude Wannabe!!
01:20 wannabe1987 :D
01:20 Toastdude :D
01:20 Toastdude Guess what I made Wannabe??
01:21 wannabe1987 burnt toast?
01:21 wannabe1987 cheesy bread
01:21 wannabe1987 steak
01:21 tonsofpcs hi
01:21 wannabe1987 hi tonsofpcs
01:21 Toastdude An atomic bomb....
01:21 Toastdude On RCT3
01:21 wannabe1987 rct?
01:21 Toastdude Roller coaster tycoon 3
01:22 LeadHead RCT3 makes me rage
01:22 Toastdude Why?
01:22 LinuxH4x0r
01:22 eadthem they trashed the game
01:22 LinuxH4x0r we installed one of those in my friend's loft in downtown albuquerque
01:22 LinuxH4x0r 400w metal halide
01:22 eadthem rct and rct2 had great gameplay   it just needed some expanding
01:22 LinuxH4x0r from about 1/2 a mile away it was still the brightest thing we could see
01:23 eadthem rct and rct2 wer also written in 100% assembly languige
01:23 tonsofpcs innteresting
01:23 LeadHead RCT3 is very buggy
01:23 eadthem chris sawyer is an ASM programmer  not a C or C++ programmer
01:23 eadthem ya never had a crash once on the first 2   3rd one was bad
01:23 SparkyProjects tonsofpcs, there's a problem with profiles at the moment, it's on the todo list
01:24 LeadHead 400w metal halide lamps are quite common
01:24 Toastdude The 3rd one has never crashed for me once
01:24 obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
01:25 tonsofpcs SparkyProjects: ah, ok
01:25 Toastdude Did you ever make custom fireworks on RCT3?
01:25 SparkyProjects There's a thread in the 'website' board
01:26 Cprossu_Netbook never played any of them
01:26 Cprossu_Netbook but the coaster o' death on youtube made me laugh
01:26 eadthem ya saywer is a genus  RCT1 was written entirely by him artwork from simon foster and music from allister brimble       its unherd of to have such a qualty game done by such a small dev team
01:26 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
01:26 Toastdude Hi speedrunner!!
01:26 speedrunnerG55 Hi
01:26 Cprossu_Netbook epic pinball was the neatest programming work I've ever seen
01:26 eadthem my computer wasnt fast enuff for night time and thus fireworks
01:27 speedrunnerG55 Hi Toastdude
01:27 speedrunnerG55 :)
01:27 Cprossu_Netbook anyone remember epic pinball?
01:27 eadthem played rct2 and 1 fine    plays simcity4 ok  but couldnt handle rct3 at times
01:27 speedrunnerG55 No
01:27 LeadHead I could never manage to get a City to work
01:27 eadthem
01:27 LeadHead in Sim City 4
01:27 LeadHead SimCity 3000, yeah not a problem
01:27 Cprossu_Netbook iirc it was entirely in assembly
01:27 LeadHead Sim City 4, nowaynohow
01:28 eadthem sc4 just played diffrently
01:28 Cprossu_Netbook and it had some tables made by members of futurecrew (who made the Unreality II demo)
01:28 eadthem tbh  if they had updated the graphics and expanded SC2K it would of made a better game than SC4K
01:28 LeadHead I find that there is just soo much to manage in SC4
01:29 eadthem mmm remeber sim farm
01:29 LeadHead that it can be overwhelming at times
01:29 eadthem my bigist problem with SC4 was lack of flexablty with roads  and tranist   and not enuff ways to manage some things
01:29 speedrunnerG55 Cprossu_Laptop: Thats epic
01:29 eadthem remeber the SC2k tax system
01:29 Toastdude Cprossu_Netbook: Is this it?
01:30 tonsofpcs lack of flexibility with roads has been a problem with every SC version
01:30 eadthem you could set the tax code by type
01:30 eadthem like 10 or 15 types
01:31 Cprossu_Netbook Toastdude:  he made free balloons
01:31 Toastdude Oh, I've played Epic Pinball! At our old library they used to have a '98
01:31 Cprossu_Netbook and trapped everyone in
01:31 Toastdude Lol
01:31 Cprossu_Netbook with one way turnstyles and blocked the exits with a maintenance thing
01:31 * speedrunnerG55 consideres eating toast
01:32 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
01:32 eadthem simfarm is one they could stand to redo
01:32 eadthem but not like SC4 or RCT3 redo
01:32 Toastdude Lol, I didn't even know the captain was on...
01:33 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
01:34 Toastdude Hi egrsteve!
01:34 egrsteve hello
01:34 Seroster Anyone got a swizz card?
01:35 Toastdude How are you Steve?
01:35 Toastdude_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:35 egrsteve tired
01:36 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
01:36 * tonsofpcs replied to tysk's photo post
01:36 Seroster I already carry evrything in the swizzcard times three, but I might get one just for the heck of it
01:36 Toastdude_ I'm sorry Steve
01:36 Toastdude_ is now known as Toastdude
01:37 tonsofpcs swizzcard?
01:37 egrsteve it's ok, I will sleep soon enough
01:37 tonsofpcs *googles*
01:37 Seroster tonsofpcs, Its a kickass thing from Victorinox
01:37 Cprossu_Netbook Toastdude:
01:38 Seroster It got a knife, scissors, pen, pin, pick, tweezer and ruler, and is the size of a credit card
01:38 Seroster I don't need one, but it would make a nice conversation piece, not to mention having yet another knife in case of a zombie apocalypse.
01:40 * speedrunnerG55 squirms about
01:40 Toastdude Cprossu_Netbook: LOL
01:40 LeadHead wow! you spelt that right!
01:40 Cprossu_Netbook ^ that's been my favorite for a long time, Toastdude
01:41 tonsofpcs oh, that thing
01:41 wannabe1987 botsteve, should i have more pizza
01:41 BotSteve No way
01:41 wannabe1987 hi speedrunnerG55
01:41 wannabe1987 botsteve, should i have more pizza
01:41 BotSteve Reply hazy, try again later
01:41 wannabe1987 botsteve, should i have more pizza
01:41 BotSteve Reply hazy, try again later
01:41 Seroster When I saw "roller coaster bowling" I thought "O. New extreme sport?"
01:41 wannabe1987 botsteve, should i have more pizza
01:41 BotSteve Not a chance
01:41 tonsofpcs Seroster: my favorite smallscale multitool is the Leatherman Squirt EL/E4
01:41 Seroster Is that used for pleasuring a woman?
01:42 Cprossu_Netbook BotSteve: should I shut this netbook and watch the movie?
01:42 BotSteve I don't think so
01:42 * speedrunnerG55 squirms some more
01:42 tonsofpcs best thing I ever bought at radio  shack... 3x
01:42 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
01:42 speedrunnerG55 Hi wannabe1987
01:42 wannabe1987 fucking bot
01:42 tonsofpcs (lost one, then just decided i should have two - one on keychain and one in car)
01:42 Seroster ^^
01:42 Seroster I am a big fan of multitools of all kinds.
01:42 speedrunnerG55 wannabe1987 should be happy
01:43 Toastdude Wannabe: Ask me
01:43 speedrunnerG55 Right BotSteve ?
01:43 BotSteve Nope
01:43 speedrunnerG55 Sorry wanabe
01:43 wannabe1987 i am eating more piza
01:43 Toastdude Is that okay, BotSteve?
01:43 Seroster My favourite (that is ALWAYS in my pocket, including at funerals) is my big screwdriver where you can pick out the entire shaft from the handle and reverse it. And in the shaft there is a reversabe bit. So you got ph1+2 and two straightblades.
01:43 masterofmonks Hmm.. If Harry Dresden has a fireplace, why not also have a wood fired water heater?
01:43 Toastdude BotSteve: Is that okay?
01:43 tonsofpcs Seroster: it's 2" long and has needle-nose pliers, wire strippers, wire cutters, knife, file, tweezers, P1, 2 slotted drivers, and an opener thing
01:44 Toastdude Darn
01:44 Seroster Nice
01:44 speedrunnerG55 BotSteve: Should Toastdude learn proper syntax?
01:44 BotSteve Maybe
01:44 Seroster I might do a reappearance in the tgg daily carriage thread, since I now out-flashlight the captain
01:44 Toastdude -____-
01:44 tonsofpcs actually, i's probably a bit shorter than 2"
01:44 Seroster I carry five.
01:44 * speedrunnerG55 squirms
01:45 tonsofpcs
01:45 Toastdude Why are you squirming speedrunner?
01:45 wannabe1987 i carry a 1 inch "knife"
01:45 Cprossu_Netbook I generally carry 3 flashlights on me
01:45 Seroster Also called nails?
01:45 Cprossu_Netbook 1 knife, 3 leathermans
01:45 Seroster Lol
01:45 Cprossu_Netbook all leatherman
01:46 Cprossu_Netbook 1 original wave, one surge, one original super tool. and sometimes I carry my new wave too
01:46 wannabe1987 Seroster no
01:47 tonsofpcs i generally carry a flashligh when i'll need one
01:47 Cprossu_Netbook I have a supertool 200 somewhere and also a original
01:47 tonsofpcs and a squir and a least one paraframee knife
01:47 Cprossu_Netbook I also have a freestyle
01:47 Cprossu_Netbook but it's too small to keep around
01:47 Cprossu_Netbook so it stays in my car
01:47 Cprossu_Netbook for "oh shit" moments
01:48 speedrunnerG55 I dont carry wepons
01:48 speedrunnerG55 I took marshal arts
01:49 Seroster Bitset (ph, tx, hex, pz, s) + ratchet handle, dual swizz army knives, a set of 10 allen wrenches, an adjustable spanner, stubby 6in1 screwdriver, the bigass primary screwdriver, electric straightbladae driver, small pokey screwdriver (rarely turns screws) one primary light, 3watt LED. one secondary light. three other lights, rare earth magnet, gloves... 5 spare carabeners (not including the three on my keychain)...
01:49 masterofmonks speedrunnerG55: pepper spray.
01:49 Seroster masterofmonks, that is concidered a weapon and thus illegal in some places.
01:50 SparkyProjects I've got the Supertool
01:50 SparkyProjects I also carry a half size cheap version (no name on it) plus a 4" adjustable spanner
01:50 SparkyProjects When i'm fully tooled up, i also carry a set of allen keys that have some sockets
01:50 Toastdude Songs we played at CIS Band Camp:
01:50 Seroster I might get a multimeter with a pouch for it xD
01:51 SparkyProjects My meter can hang on my belt :D
01:51 Seroster I usually carry a few pens, another multidriver, some paper^^
01:51 Cprossu_Netbook I've got a pocket multimeter
01:51 Seroster Cprossu All multimeters are pocket multimeters. Depending on how large pockets you got
01:51 Cprossu_Netbook about the size of 6 credit cards stacked
01:51 SparkyProjects Depends how big the pockets are :D
01:52 Seroster Btw, a roll of electric PVC tape is worth GOLD
01:52 SparkyProjects Ah, Cprossu, is that a meter where the probes are permanently wired in ?
01:52 Seroster Instant bandaid n stuff.
01:52 Seroster SparkyProjects, there is this model that is pretty avlong, with one probe attatched to the meter, and you only got one wire.
01:53 Seroster SparkyProjects,
01:53 SparkyProjects Seroster, i got one of those too, and it's digital, great for hanging round your neck when not in use
01:54 Cprossu_Netbook
01:54 Seroster We like, cprossu!
01:54 Cprossu_Netbook ^ credit card sized. and I like it
01:54 Seroster =)
01:55 Seroster My daily carry (summer) is 5kg+, and that is without a handgun =P
01:55 SparkyProjects Cprossu, yep that's similar to one i had, was handy for a quick check, but we found the PVC wire cracked too easily, so replaced it with a rubber (silicon i think) leads
01:56 Cprossu_Netbook nice.
01:56 Seroster :c
01:56 Druidic_Rifleman 5KG doing what
01:56 SparkyProjects Also, we kept leaving them on and got fed up with batteries always being flat, so we scrapped them
01:56 Seroster I'd love to have a bench PSU/Meter/scope/tempprobe
01:56 Seroster What kind of batteries did it run, SparkyProjects?
01:57 Druidic_Rifleman Seroster?
01:57 LeadHead I used to carry around a bunch of stuff all the time until I realized it was a huge hastle and big waste of time.
01:57 SparkyProjects They were like watch batteries, might have been 2032's
01:57 Seroster I found pretty awesome flashlights that ran 12volt batteries, too damn expensive when you run them out in a hurry
01:57 Seroster Druidic_Rifleman, You wonder what I work with?
01:57 Cprossu_Netbook I think mine runs on something smaller
01:57 Cprossu_Netbook my other small mutlimeters use the small 12v cells
01:58 Seroster You can titulate me in a lot of ways, from Freelance electrician, handyman, or you can stick to the truth and just say I'm unemployed =P
01:58 Druidic_Rifleman Just currious as to what your EDC include
01:58 Druidic_Rifleman 's
01:58 Cprossu_Netbook my creditcard one has an autooff though
01:58 Cprossu_Netbook the other one I have does not
01:58 Druidic_Rifleman Mine flexes depending where i am where i am going
01:58 Druidic_Rifleman NOTE WHEN packing a KABAR take if off before you go into mcdollands at 4 am
01:59 Seroster True, aint much reason to carry a multimeter if you are not dealing with electronics
01:59 SparkyProjects All i know is that our stores didn't carry them, so it was a special order, yes we ordered a good anount, but that amount got depleted quickly
01:59 SparkyProjects First choice on new meters was for auto turn off
01:59 Cprossu_Netbook if has to be reading <.02 though
01:59 tonsofpcs Druidic_Rifleman: why? you win any fights :-p
01:59 Cprossu_Netbook for it to shut off
01:59 Seroster And wtf is a KABAR? =P
01:59 Druidic_Rifleman ....
01:59 Druidic_Rifleman it's a combat knife
01:59 Druidic_Rifleman It's the kind they give marines
01:59 tonsofpcs Seroster: it's a marine issue combat knife, superthin (sharp) blade
01:59 Seroster Just in case of the zombie apocalypse?
02:00 Cprossu_Netbook Druidic_Rifleman: seriously.
02:00 Druidic_Rifleman what...
02:00 speedrunnerG55 I cant remeber the  skull kid song from OoT
02:00 Cprossu_Netbook you're gonna set yourself on fire one day and it's gonna sound like popcorn
02:00 speedrunnerG55 Darn it
02:00 Seroster And why not bring it to mcdonalds? I thought it was legal to carry in public? - and if it isnt... Why did you walk around with it? =P
02:01 SparkyProjects I got a 'rambo' knife many years ago, still got it, but would never wear it, i use it for fishing, it stays in the box.
02:01 Cprossu_Netbook I like the $3 harbor freight machettes
02:01 Cprossu_Netbook one of these days I'll buy one
02:01 Seroster I have an axe in my apartment. I don't carry that one in public either xD
02:01 Druidic_Rifleman I can carry a katana Openly
02:01 speedrunnerG55 Ahhhhh
02:02 Druidic_Rifleman Mccdonalds bitch in moronto get freaked if you walk in with military issue weaons on your hip :P
02:02 Seroster Druidic_Rifleman, You can be discrete....
02:02 SparkyProjects There's a lot of stuff that is illegal to carry in the UK
02:02 Seroster Move it to your back and they wont even notice ^^
02:02 speedrunnerG55 Rawer!
02:02 Druidic_Rifleman I have two fixed blade knives 5 floggers 4 frat paddles  2 rug beaters hanging above my bead
02:02 Seroster SparkyProjects, Indeed. But stay away from the gunlaws tipic =P
02:02 Druidic_Rifleman OOOH and a cattle prod :P
02:03 Seroster May I ask why you have rug beaters over your bed?... Wait... Nevermind...
02:03 Druidic_Rifleman Beating carpet of course LP
02:03 Druidic_Rifleman :P
02:03 Seroster So that is what it's called nowdays? =D
02:03 * speedrunnerG55 squirms
02:04 Druidic_Rifleman funny no one bats an elash at the cattle prod
02:04 astro73|derrial Funny, i don't think beating carpet is generally appreciated
02:04 astro73|derrial oh, that's an interesting item too
02:04 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
02:04 tonsofpcs in upstate NY, you can carry pretty much anything so long as it is peacebound within the limits of a 'settled place'
02:04 astro73|derrial but "beating carpet" is way more fun
02:04 Druidic_Rifleman then my paint ball guns nerf guns First aid kit
02:05 tonsofpcs I have friends who were carrying boffer weapons (things that larpers use, made of foam) through a 'city', were stopped by a state trooper who instructed them that they had to peacebind them
02:05 astro73|derrial lol
02:05 Seroster BotSteve, should I continue working on this printer even thou it seems to have ben suffering from catastrophic toner leakage?
02:05 BotSteve Oh yeah!
02:05 Seroster Right
02:06 Seroster I might get black
02:06 astro73|derrial i've had larper friends that have told police they were carrying "plumbing supplies"
02:06 tonsofpcs lol
02:06 Seroster wtf
02:06 tonsofpcs the police knew what they were, but because it's core is a shaft that is over a certain length, it's a weapon and must be peace bound
02:07 astro73|derrial you could use PVC for assault
02:07 astro73|derrial just not as well as other things
02:07 tonsofpcs knives under a certain length are not weapons, over a certain other length they're daggers and must be peacebound, inbetween they're 100% illegal
02:07 astro73|derrial tonsofpcs: you serious? weird
02:08 astro73|derrial where is this and what's the lengths?
02:08 tonsofpcs i don't remember the lengths
02:08 tonsofpcs it's in NY code
02:08 Seroster tonsofpcs, Here a knife exceeding 5cm (2in) is concidered a weapon
02:08 tonsofpcs mind you, certain types of knives are illegal entirely
02:08 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
02:09 astro73|derrial i remember in MA, any knife over 3" required a permit
02:09 Druidic_Rifleman ... Every thing is a weapon
02:09 astro73|derrial which has an amusing story to it
02:09 Druidic_Rifleman A spork is a weapon
02:09 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
02:09 tonsofpcs in NY, you can get a permit for anything from your county sherrif
02:09 Druidic_Rifleman XD i can totally kill a dude with a spork if i had to
02:09 astro73|derrial I was going to college in Worcester, which has several less savory parts
02:10 eadthem wait  nerf bats considerd weapons?
02:10 astro73|derrial If you're a resident, you'd have to get your carry permit from the local police, who would, after several questions, say "fuck, no"
02:10 Druidic_Rifleman Astro when i got to a fetish party I've made a habit of open carrying my Kabar Since my toys Are worth 500 bucks
02:10 Druidic_Rifleman 3 of my floggers would Cost 75 bucks to buy
02:11 astro73|derrial if you're an out-of-stater (like me), you'd have to go to the state police, where the conversation goes like this:
02:11 Druidic_Rifleman You wanna gun... FUCK no
02:11 wannabe1987 exor674 is really funny :P
02:11 Druidic_Rifleman utah was nice before they removed allot of the non resident stuff
02:11 astro73|derrial "Why do you need the permit?" "I live in Worcester." "Oh, ok. Here you go."
02:11 Druidic_Rifleman where is she
02:11 tonsofpcs lol astro73|derrial
02:11 Druidic_Rifleman ah LMAO
02:11 astro73|derrial Druidic_Rifleman: this is just long knives
02:12 Druidic_Rifleman I wanna Sword cane
02:12 Druidic_Rifleman most of em suck sadly
02:12 * exor674 waves
02:12 Druidic_Rifleman Can't slash fucking nilly fensing blade's
02:12 Druidic_Rifleman AHHHH a lesbian
02:12 astro73|derrial Druidic_Rifleman: sword dagger might be better.
02:12 * Druidic_Rifleman hides
02:13 astro73|derrial *dagger cane
02:13 Druidic_Rifleman Meh
02:13 Druidic_Rifleman I am looking at a Cold steal voyager
02:13 Druidic_Rifleman tanto
02:13 Druidic_Rifleman XD
02:13 eadthem any knife over 3 inches?
02:13 eadthem how could you cook
02:13 Druidic_Rifleman Open carry
02:14 dr_jkl if i can't flip it open, and unlock and flip-close it with one hand, it's useless
02:14 tonsofpcs dr_jkl: an unassisted-open knife is illegal in NY
02:14 dr_jkl mm, i didn't say unassisted open
02:15 astro73|derrial I can almost do that with my leatherman. I can open it with one hand, but the lock requires more practice
02:15 tonsofpcs that said, a folding knife with thumb-assist open can be loosened to the point that you can flick your wrist to open it
02:15 dr_jkl tonsofpcs: ^
02:15 dr_jkl that
02:15 tonsofpcs although i think that's technically illegal too
02:15 dr_jkl pft
02:15 dr_jkl it's illegal if you get caught
02:15 speedrunnerG55 Eh?
02:15 dr_jkl solution: locked toolbox :)
02:16 tonsofpcs my paraframe has a 'push' open on the back end, forming a little lever
02:16 Cprossu_Netbook ,,,
02:16 Cprossu_Netbook
02:16 Cprossu_Netbook ^ this is me fyi
02:16 dr_jkl the knife i carry now for general bullshit, has a push-open that i just need to get past a certain point and it will lever open the rest of the way
02:16 tonsofpcs it's tight enough that you can't just flick it open but loose enough hat you can if you're just touching that
02:16 Cprossu_Netbook tonsofpcs:  ^
02:16 astro73|derrial could always machine it funny so that you have to squeeze the end for it to slide open like that
02:17 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
02:17 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
02:18 wannabe1987 wb asnopus
02:19 wannabe1987 filling out  job apps while watching bond sucks...just saying
02:19 wannabe1987 :P
02:19 asnopus Hey
02:19 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Eric Adler on Manipulating Film in a Light Proof Box
02:20 wannabe1987 thanks BotSteve
02:20 BotSteve Happy to help, wannabe1987
02:20 Seroster _COUGH COUGH_
02:20 Seroster HOLY SHIT!
02:20 injektion left #thegeekgroup
02:20 Seroster Well. The printer didnt break down because of a lack of toner
02:20 Seroster My poor poor table :c
02:20 asnopus I swear my house is lined with lead
02:21 eadthem lol
02:21 eadthem Seroster becarufl what kind of vacume you use for the remains once the bulk is gon
02:21 eadthem kirbys are safe  as the airflow for motor is indepdendant of  the airflow for the bag
02:22 Cprossu_Netbook tonsofpcs:  are you ok?
02:22 eadthem shopvac shuld be safe
02:22 astro73|derrial motor+toner=bad?
02:22 eadthem motor + toner = potental fire
02:22 Cprossu_Netbook I think I scared him off ._.
02:23 eadthem even the hepa ones   that the air from the hose eventauly cools the motor arent a good idea  because leaks around seals  while prob will never cause a issue could
02:24 tonsofpcs Cprossu_Netbook: hmm?
02:24 Cprossu_Netbook you mentioned letherman opening
02:24 tonsofpcs no, knife
02:24 Seroster eadthem, I am aware odf the safety regarding carbon dust
02:24 Cprossu_Netbook I posted vid of self doing said thing...         ohhhhhhhh
02:24 Cprossu_Netbook mind flicks open fine
02:24 Seroster astro73|derrial, the toner is electrically conductive, and smaller partices than the filter can filter out
02:24 eadthem not everyone is thats why i mentoned it
02:24 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:25 Seroster Not to mention it is flammable, and makes a HELLOVA static charge in the hose
02:25 Seroster Airborn dust + static = POOF
02:25 Obtuse_ Solution to global food issues ... Turd Burgers ...;feature=player_embedded
02:25 Cprossu_Netbook yeah my lockbladed leatherman flicks open just fine
02:25 Cprossu_Netbook never had an issue with it
02:25 Obtuse_ anyone want to eat shit?
02:25 Cprossu_Netbook no Obtuse_  no one wants to eat feces.
02:26 wannabe1987 Obtuse_ why...
02:26 Seroster So either it sets the vac on fire, or it shorts out the motor (fire) or it kills the motor, or it blows up.  And even if the powder doesnt a lot of it will still pass through the HEPA filter.
02:26 eadthem new meaning to the phrase   flush 2ice its a long way to the cafatiria
02:26 Obtuse_ watch my link
02:26 Seroster What can you do? Cold water mop and time
02:26 wannabe1987 can't
02:26 Cprossu_Netbook I think what I said about that
02:26 Cprossu_Netbook was the shit they used better not stink!
02:26 Obtuse_ crazy japanese scientist claims you can treat it a certain way
02:27 Obtuse_ and eat it
02:27 eadthem how many times can you go thrue that cycle before theres nothing left of value however
02:27 Seroster Luckily I have a home made shopvac, doesnt matter if it burns, and it takes any vacuum cleaner motor. Not to mention it got quadruple HEPA filters, all made from scrap cleaners
02:27 eadthem mmm that thought alone is nausiating
02:28 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
02:28 eadthem Seroster you have photos
02:28 Seroster Nope
02:28 eadthem sounds like something id make
02:28 Obtuse_ agree eadthem
02:29 muffin_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:29 Seroster It is a motor just sucking in (simple cloth filter in front)
02:31 Seroster Big wooden box, two chambers. 1st chamber collection. Got a hole with a coarse filter leading to the motor.  The motor blows into the second chamber, wich got the electronics and a piece of PVC pipe with a few HEPA filters in.  Opens with 4 screws, got a bead of silicone as a gasket.  I have no photos and it doesnt live in my apartment, I made it for my grandparens to suck ash
02:31 Seroster We've used up five motors so far
02:31 eadthem you have cyclone on it to?
02:32 Seroster A what?
02:32 speedrunnerG55 Can someone test to see if my munecraft server os on?
02:32 eadthem its easy to make     you take a large bucket and suck the air out of the dead center
02:32 Seroster xD
02:32 eadthem intake is from the sides but its aimed at the wall of the bucket  so it makes it spin around the outside
02:32 speedrunnerG55 Who here plays minecraft
02:33 Seroster And that removes heavy particles?
02:33 eadthem heaver stuff flys outward
02:33 speedrunnerG55 Druidic_Rifleman: You here?
02:33 Seroster I made that cleaner to be expendable, cheap, fast and easy to replace stuff =P
02:33 eadthem just a large open container has the effect somewhatt  but if you put a angle on it to make it swirrle diliberatly  it will remove an amasing ammount of stuff
02:34 eadthem i setup my dads shop dust collector with a 55gallon drum for this
02:34 Seroster Maybe a few pieces of plywood could achieve something like that
02:34 eadthem his dust collector bag hasnt been changed in years    he just emptys the 55 gallon drum
02:34 Seroster lol
02:34 astro73|derrial and 55 gallon drums have convenient off-center holes
02:35 eadthem o well the drum he got from a auction  it was a glass dust collector with a useless 3phase motor
02:35 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
02:35 muffin_ left #thegeekgroup
02:35 eadthem so it had a top thingy that lifted off the drum   i just had to add a elbo on the intake
02:35 speedrunnerG55 Eh?
02:36 * speedrunnerG55 pokes wannabe
02:36 * wannabe1987 has her computer shut for reasons...
02:36 eadthem this is how the dyson works btw    cept they made there cyclones rediculasly small  as a point of marking to say they had X number of them
02:36 speedrunnerG55 Oh
02:37 eadthem
02:37 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
02:38 * speedrunnerG55 pokes Toastdude
02:38 eadthem generaly you want about 1 foot from the  output  to the wall to be effective
02:38 Seroster Hm
02:38 eadthem the large buckets for drywall and paint however do work well
02:39 * Toastdude pokes speedrunnerG55 back
02:40 * speedrunnerG55 lets Toastdude play with his 3ds for a little
02:44 Toastdude 3ds?
02:44 eadthem
02:44 speedrunnerG55 Yes Toastdude
02:44 Toastdude What is that?
02:44 eadthem;feature=related  thats a good one  in that you can see it easaly
02:45 speedrunnerG55 Nintendo 3ds
02:45 Seroster This bigass photocopyer got some nifty shit
02:46 Toastdude Oh
02:46 * Toastdude thanks speedrunner
02:46 Toastdude :D
02:46 Seroster At leat 2 coolin fans
02:46 astro73|derrial so i think today's item on might make an interesting project box
02:47 Toastdude Ok, I got to go. Bye all!
02:47 * Toastdude gives speedrunner his 3ds back
02:47 Toastdude Reluctantly
02:48 tonsofpcs *looks at woot*
02:48 tonsofpcs astro73|derrial: the sellout would maake an interesting box too
02:48 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
02:49 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
02:49 astro73|derrial tonsofpcs: a bit more challanging, though, i expect
02:50 astro73|derrial but possibly more comfortable to handle
02:50 speedrunnerG55 Toastdude left :(
02:51 speedrunnerG55 Im so bored. Walki g my dog
02:51 tonsofpcs $13+$5 seems expensive for a projec box
02:51 astro73|derrial it's true
02:51 tonsofpcs i have a bunch of aloids tins *Grr @ t key*
02:52 astro73|derrial although you get some components, too
02:52 tonsofpcs hmm, lie detector kiit... meter of some kinnd?
02:53 tonsofpcs i really should jus move his eeepc's ssd into he other
02:53 speedrunnerG55 :(
02:53 astro73|derrial i would guess so
02:53 astro73|derrial some kind of capacitive or resistive sensor
02:53 eadthem if the other person dosent know  anything can be a lie detector :p
02:54 astro73|derrial it's true
02:54 eadthem found that out in jr high
02:54 astro73|derrial Bluff makes amazing lie detectors
02:54 eadthem small circut that did nothing + earphone that said nothing  worked wonders on my lttle brother who knew nothing
02:57 speedrunnerG55 I can only less than three dee
03:00 astro73|derrial ok, so question: What embedded processor platform is the easiest (cheapest) to get started on?
03:01 tonsofpcs the one that someone already built an OS for :)
03:02 astro73|derrial I mean on the scale of PICs, MSP430, arduino, etc
03:02 exor674 probably depends on how much computing power you are looking
03:03 eadthem astro73|derrial  id reccomend AVR
03:03 eadthem witch is what arduino is based on
03:03 astro73|derrial at this point? Nearly none
03:03 eadthem arduino is like a basic stamp  its not the chip but the addon stuff to make it easyer to run
03:04 Cprossu wow
03:04 astro73|derrial I'm just looking at cost, including per-unit cost
03:04 Cprossu a computer I was fixing here 4 days ago
03:04 Cprossu got me blacklisted
03:04 Cprossu (it had a virus I was removing)
03:04 eadthem avr chips are about 1-10$ each
03:05 eadthem a avrICP II in circut programmer  is about 34$
03:05 eadthem software is free and you can download it and simulate the chip without buying the chip      simulations are done in asm  but you can program with GCC if you dont want to use avrasm
03:05 Cprossu;.submit=Lookup
03:06 Cprossu ffffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu cbl I want to login to efnet
03:06 Cprossu and I am banned for a day
03:06 eadthem arduino will make it easyer to get in to avr  but its not needed  at all if you have basic electronics stuff   breadboards power supply  multimeter and etc
03:07 eadthem Cprossu so it had a IRC virus?
03:08 Cprossu no
03:08 astro73|derrial eadthem: i was thinking about launchpad, since for $5 i get programmer and a few chips
03:08 Cprossu but efnet checks the listings
03:08 Cprossu before it allows you in
03:08 Cprossu and it d-lines you if you show up
03:08 eadthem 5$ for a programmer and chips????
03:08 eadthem link me
03:09 astro73|derrial TI Launchpad, from their website
03:09 astro73|derrial at least, that's what I think it is
03:10 astro73|derrial also available from newark and digikey
03:11 astro73|derrial although I think the MSP430 is slightly less powerful than the arduino
03:12 eadthem wow  TI is realy pushing this one hard
03:12 eadthem remeber arduino is a wrapper for a AVR
03:12 eadthem just like a basic stamp is for a pic
03:14 * speedrunnerG55 rolls about
03:14 Seroster Nite folks
03:15 astro73|derrial i thought the basic stamp and PIC were made by completely different manufacturers? (parallax and microchip)
03:15 eadthem TI wants to impress me  do the same thing for there DSP chips
03:15 eadthem parallax makes the stamp circutboards
03:15 eadthem and puts pic chips on them
03:15 speedrunnerG55 Night piratw
03:15 speedrunnerG55 Pirate*
03:15 eadthem arduino makes arduino circut boards and puts atmel AVR chips on them
03:15 astro73|derrial TI has been really trying to capture the hobbyist market hard
03:16 eadthem ya  and yet there DSP's and highend chips still have huge pricetags
03:16 eadthem avr the 34$ programmer and free software will do all of there chips
03:17 eadthem hell if you want you can make a hacked together LPT programmer using just some resistors and a cable
03:17 eadthem but the 34$ programmer will just simply work
03:17 eadthem my issue with the launchpad is;DCMP=TIHomeTracking&amp;HQS=Other+OT+home_p_dsp   its consipicusly missing from this page
03:19 astro73|derrial *shrug*
03:19 astro73|derrial do they list any dev boards?
03:19 eadthem from who?
03:20 astro73|derrial their own
03:21 eadthem whos
03:21 astro73|derrial nvm
03:22 eadthem for ti   dont know    not seeing anything up there
03:23 eadthem for atmel  arduino would be there dev boards    but atmel has there own offical ones as well  STK600 namely  witch isnt cheep
03:23 eadthem but pepole with atmel chips typicaly dont use one   its just as easy to plug it in to a breadboard and wire the avrICPII to it
03:24 astro73|derrial yeah
03:24 astro73|derrial I have experience with embedded programming, but not making my own circuits with the chip
03:25 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
03:25 eadthem what kind of stuff do ya do or want to do
03:26 astro73|derrial well, to start with, the display project
03:26 astro73|derrial which involves 1 or 2 procs to handle data routing
03:27 eadthem what kind of display
03:27 astro73|derrial
03:28 astro73|derrial I don't expect to be working on anything major for a while
03:29 astro73|derrial (although I may use a pandaboard for a personal project, but that's like comparing an ant to an elephant)
03:29 eadthem ic
03:29 eadthem offhand  for this you would use something like a mega16
03:30 eadthem i do not know pic or ti
03:30 eadthem so all i can help with is avr
03:31 astro73|derrial I know PIC18s pretty well
03:31 astro73|derrial they suck
03:31 astro73|derrial as an architecture
03:31 eadthem ya ive seen diagrams of how they process data
03:31 eadthem its crap
03:31 astro73|derrial not like perihperals or anything
03:32 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
03:32 eadthem atmel dose almost all operatons in 1 clock cycle   rest are 2 3 or at most 4 clock cycles but  thos are only for complex shit  where your doing something to a memory address and incrementing it and so on
03:32 wannabe1987 apparently i'm going to "fuck" up this other computer...its got xp!!!!!!
03:32 astro73|derrial ok, as an example
03:33 eadthem;category_id=163&amp;family_id=607&amp;subfamily_id=760
03:34 astro73|derrial in the PIC18, indirect addressing (pointers or variable indexes) is handled as a memory mapped hardware. With registers
03:34 * Hackotter has twostep verification for his google account
03:34 Hackotter yay
03:34 eadthem 40 pin DIP  4 8bit ports   8 ADC channals  15 clocks per ADC convert 10bit res
03:34 speedrunnerG55 Hi Hackotter :3
03:34 eadthem memory mapped hardware?
03:34 Hackotter lets just hope my phone never dies!
03:35 eadthem on atmel you just do a JMP or ljmp or rjmp  depending on what your device supports(memory and flash size)
03:35 eadthem pointers and such  you use the X Y or Z register
03:36 astro73|derrial eadthem: to get data from a pointer, store the computed address in one register, get the data from another
03:36 eadthem on large flash and memory devices you use the Z register because it has rampZ   witch is a 2 byte +1 or more bit ramp for addressing beond 256 bits
03:36 wannabe1987 bond is naked
03:36 eadthem astro73|derrial on atmel its LPM namedaddress
03:36 astro73|derrial and by register, I mean a specific address in the special use memory
03:36 eadthem and it takes 1 2 or 4 clocks depending on if you want to increment as well as how big the address is
03:37 eadthem well LPM R16-31,namedaddress
03:37 eadthem or hell even LPM r16-31
03:37 astro73|derrial well, if I remember my MSP class, all it's instructions have several addressing modes, which i think are constant, address, pointer+index, and maybe one other?
03:37 eadthem err 32
03:38 eadthem that i dont know
03:38 Muffin_ joined #thegeekgroup
03:38 eadthem  thats atmels instruction set
03:38 eadthem for all AVR 8bit chips including the 8/16 bit Xmega
03:39 eadthem lol for embeded programming in collage the professors first assignment was to print off the avr instruciton set and datasheets for mega16 tiny2313 and avr1200
03:39 eadthem en total 2 reams of paper per person
03:40 astro73|derrial yeah
03:40 eadthem that was our textbook
03:40 eadthem mmm proff carter      he had style
03:40 eadthem open note open book takehome tests
03:40 astro73|derrial nice
03:41 eadthem topped off with a open book open note takehome final
03:41 astro73|derrial brb
03:41 eadthem accualy it was a study guide test   and wen we got to the final he said copy the bubles over to the scantron sheet :p
03:43 eadthem anyhow on atmel  LD or LDI LDS load indirect  or load imediate  load direct  are for ram     ST STS are store and store direct  also to ram
03:43 eadthem LPM ELPM are load program or flash memory   SPM are store program memory witch BTW is how arduino works
03:43 Cprossu_Laptop egrsteve I hope it's not that big of a burden but I offered the fellow who helped us with the jupiter code a 'live video tour
03:44 Cprossu_Laptop of our setup
03:44 Cprossu_Laptop if we can make the times work
03:44 eadthem the bootloader talks to arduinos nonstandard software and writes the program out to the rest of the flash its self using the LPM and SPM
03:44 egrsteve ok
03:44 eadthem also all these load and store will work with no   post and pre   increment or deincrment on the pointer
03:44 Cprossu_Laptop I don't even know if he's going to respond to me in the next 2 days, but I figured i'd offer him that
03:44 eadthem all 1 or 2 clock cycles dependong on device
03:45 eadthem well LPM is 3 now that i look at it
03:47 eadthem all of the stores and loads will want one of the X Y or Z registers  and thats the only register specifc stuff on avr    usaly the Z register R31 and 32
03:53 astro73|derrial eadthem: ok, so it does it in a somewhat sane manner. I don't actually plan on doing any assembly programming if i can help it
03:53 eadthem ya
03:53 eadthem you do have to load the address in to Z alot of the time however
03:53 Muffin_ left #thegeekgroup
03:54 eadthem depends  if its a small device  then the imediat or direct version will do it all
03:54 eadthem indirect requires Z or X or Y
03:54 eadthem for the pointer
03:55 eadthem
03:55 eadthem you shuld look in to that
03:55 eadthem it would make a good DMM front end
03:55 eadthem they do make a version ment right for 7seg output   but if you use the atmel you can do autoscaleing and other things
03:56 astro73|derrial yeah, I'm still not sure how I'm going to do that....
03:57 astro73|derrial Mostly, I'm trying to sort out one thing at a time
03:58 eadthem the max134 has a ready to go schmatic that would need only minor mods to make it safe for 1000 10000 100000 1000000 volt range
03:59 eadthem basicly some surge supression (zenner diodes)  and  diffrent reistnace values and resistors ment for those voltages
03:59 astro73|derrial i don't plan on doing the data collection myself
04:01 eadthem so how else would ya do it
04:02 egrsteve cprossu arranging the time will be the hardest part, the backside of the console currently looks like a wire from hell on failblog
04:02 Ycarene joined #thegeekgroup
04:02 egrsteve it would be nice if I can get stuff cleaned up first
04:02 astro73|derrial eadthem: using the meters already in the lab, since they have a nice data port and will happily tell me the values
04:03 eadthem got to head to bed cya
04:04 eadthem avrs do typicaly have more than 1 USART that will also work as a UART   you just need to add a max232 or similar chip for serial data
04:04 astro73|derrial yup
04:04 astro73|derrial knew that
04:05 astro73|derrial well, the MAX bit, not the UART bit
04:05 egrsteve FTDI chips are handy too
04:05 egrsteve ttl so virtual usb serial port ICs
04:06 eadthem thats why i recommended the mega164pa (p pico power  a   hardware revision a)
04:06 egrsteve * ttl to usb serial
04:06 CSMonster joined #thegeekgroup
04:06 astro73|derrial they are, but I need a RS-485 chip
04:06 eadthem 485 is what diffrental rs232?
04:06 egrsteve ah thats not max 232 then
04:06 egrsteve no
04:06 astro73|derrial eadthem: I'm still looking at cost of chip
04:07 egrsteve it's differential but the signaling valtages are different
04:07 egrsteve you need an RS485 transciever IC
04:07 eadthem if ya know what ya need  you can defanly go cheeper    i only like the mega164 because it has everything in it
04:07 astro73|derrial yes, I know
04:07 astro73|derrial i've had threads discussing it
04:08 egrsteve ok
04:08 astro73|derrial;t=859
04:09 Fulsy left #thegeekgroup
04:11 eadthem so chris wants CFL's
04:11 astro73|derrial that's what he said
04:11 Cprossu_Laptop egrsteve don't worry you'll have plenty of time
04:11 egrsteve ok
04:11 Cprossu_Laptop since he has a dayjob
04:11 astro73|derrial i think he was actually looking at colored mod tubes
04:12 eadthem only issue is CFL's  strike at a voltage 2 - 3 x higher than run
04:12 astro73|derrial although EL wire might be cool enough to serve as a substitute, it's other issues not withstanding
04:12 Cprossu_Laptop so egrsteve we'll have to work out the best vnc solution I think
04:12 Cprossu_Laptop and I also want to see if i can get the so called 'software panels' working
04:12 eadthem well with CFL's you could trigger a restrike on display update
04:13 eadthem and use 1 HV power supply for the top side of all the tubes
04:13 egrsteve how about a VNC/ustream tour I assume he would like to see MC as well
04:13 eadthem and just use pulldown mosfets or BJT's rated for 3KV  to select the tubes in use
04:13 astro73|derrial honestly, I haven't looked into it that closely, since it depends on the specific equipment i can get
04:14 eadthem EL would be alot  simpler
04:14 Cprossu_Laptop egrsteve actually I am thinking we can do something with serial control
04:14 astro73|derrial since if I end up with the mod tubes (vernacular "cold cathode tubes"), i would have one power supply for each tube
04:15 eadthem or maby not  if it uses HV HF to drive it
04:15 Cprossu_Laptop depending on what that other panel looks like
04:15 Cprossu_Laptop yeah egrsteve I was just suggesting MC
04:15 Cprossu_Laptop but he'll likely want to see other stuff
04:15 egrsteve cprossu we have 2 GVG 20ten routers (20 in, 10 out) matrix units I wonder if we can control them though the saturn/jupiter system
04:15 Cprossu_Laptop yes we can
04:16 Cprossu_Laptop I read it somewhere
04:16 astro73|derrial eadthem: but how much is 63 feet of EL wire? and how well does it show in daylight?
04:16 egrsteve you have seen stuff for them in there
04:17 eadthem
04:17 astro73|derrial ok, not bad
04:18 eadthem its 120V 1khz drive
04:18 eadthem ish
04:18 astro73|derrial but can it be had for <$250 ($4/ft)?
04:18 egrsteve astro, I have some EL wire I can bring into the lab for you to take a look at
04:18 egrsteve yes
04:18 egrsteve sparkfun has it about 1$/ ft I can show you the stuff I have from theme
04:18 eadthem 18 inch segments right
04:19 astro73|derrial egrsteve: that'd be cool. Maybe wed?
04:19 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
04:19 egrsteve possibly wend
04:19 Cprossu_Laptop oh egrsteve that reminds me of something random
04:19 BatSteve left #thegeekgroup
04:19 Cprossu_Laptop let me find it
04:19 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:19 BotSteve Welcome back, boss.
04:19 astro73|derrial if we go with EL wire, I might control it with relays, then
04:20 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
04:20 Cprossu_Laptop the el wire though that I've used doesn't seem very bright
04:20 egrsteve why not triacs?
04:21 astro73|derrial do you have to do something fancy with triacs? or just to get them to dim right?
04:21 Cprossu_Laptop egrsteve how hard would it be to make a segmented neon display?
04:21 eadthem for CFL its about 11$ per a tube
04:21 egrsteve hmm, neon
04:21 eadthem but with both CFL and EL wire   the EMI off the tesla coils might light them up
04:21 astro73|derrial eadthem: cold cathode tube kits can be had for $6 bucks each
04:21 Cprossu_Laptop think you could get a sign shop to donate time and material?
04:21 LeadHead what are we talking about here?
04:21 eadthem im talking about raw tubes for LCD displays
04:21 egrsteve could you do LED light boxes for each digit
04:21 eadthem didnt think of modding kits
04:22 astro73|derrial eadthem: that's what I thought of first, since chris said "cold cathode tube", and it was in a brick-and-morter store
04:22 eadthem i sugest that when egrsteve brings in the EL wire   you find out if the tesla coil will light it up  like a florecent
04:22 Cprossu_Laptop so laser projection is out, did you guys give up on using regular flourescents?
04:23 eadthem EL prob wouldnt be affected like a CFL
04:23 Cprossu_Laptop actually I just got an idea
04:23 eadthem mmm off to bed cya
04:23 Cprossu_Laptop electronic ballasts
04:23 egrsteve EL wire has a phosporus covered core wire wrapped in a very fine wire, the e field between them lights it up
04:23 astro73|derrial Cprossu_Laptop: it's just price and complexity. Regular flourescent i doubt would work well for a display, given it's strike time
04:23 LeadHead someone give me a hint
04:23 LeadHead as to the topic at hand
04:24 LeadHead I've read the log, and still have no idea
04:24 Cprossu_Laptop how about T5 with an electronic ballast, astro73|derrial?
04:24 egrsteve HVL meter dislay
04:24 LeadHead for what?
04:24 astro73|derrial LeadHead:
04:24 egrsteve big volt meter display
04:24 Cprossu_Laptop High Voltage Lab giant fucking multimeter, LeadHead with giant capabilites
04:25 eadthem real fast tho   astro73|derrial  the ends have cathode heaters in them  if you dont ever turn off those cathode heaters  then the lamp will ignite on demand practicaly
04:25 eadthem cold cathode dosent have those heaters
04:25 astro73|derrial eadthem: how do you control that?
04:26 LeadHead Cold cathodes use brute force
04:26 eadthem you would need 1 lowside transformer for all of them and a highside for each tube
04:26 LeadHead and multi-kv ignition voltages
04:26 LeadHead they fire off just about instantly
04:26 eadthem i dont think the cathodes take much power
04:26 eadthem i am of corse talking about the 2 pin lamps
04:26 LeadHead The problem with keeping warm/hot cathode heaters on
04:26 eadthem 2 pins on each side
04:26 LeadHead is that you'll wear out the cathodes prematurely
04:26 astro73|derrial ok, I'd rather not turn this into another HV project
04:27 eadthem ya you dont want to run the cathodes at full power
04:27 egrsteve is there a reason LEDs have been ruled out?
04:27 astro73|derrial I just mean, I have so little experience in electronics in general, I have no fucking clue about high voltage
04:28 eadthem naw astro73|derrial  for regular FL  you would just want to run the cathodes at 50% power   for the highside   just use a small transformer  wouldnt need to be to big
04:28 astro73|derrial egrsteve: pre-made 4" 7-segment displays run about the same place as a pile of 12" or 18" cold cathodes
04:28 eadthem to accualy turn it on you just need a relay to switch the highside to line voltage
04:28 eadthem ish
04:29 * eadthem 2nds egrsteve's comment
04:29 egrsteve ok, how about making your own LED segment boxes ie
04:29 egrsteve box with frosted plexi cover and LEDs inside
04:29 eadthem 100 leds can be had for about 5$ on ebay
04:29 astro73|derrial eadthem: how bright?
04:29 eadthem ive made flashlights out of them
04:30 egrsteve how long you want them to last?
04:30 eadthem my bedroom lamp has some 130,000mcd 20mA 3V 10mm ones
04:30 eadthem iirc there like 15 degree 1/2 angle
04:30 eadthem maby 30
04:30 egrsteve what color you looking for?
04:31 Cprossu_Laptop hrmmm
04:31 eadthem there are 460mm in 18 inches   ish
04:31 egrsteve do a cree option if you want bright
04:31 eadthem or about 230mm per a segment
04:31 eadthem ish
04:32 astro73|derrial oddly, color hasn't really discussed
04:32 astro73|derrial but the cooler (to chris), the better?
04:33 egrsteve you cant make a wheel untill you know what color people want it in
04:33 egrsteve white, red blue, green UV, IR
04:33 BatSteve (you can't make a bikeshed without people discussing the color either. )
04:34 egrsteve here I make a HHG2G ref and no one gets it
04:34 astro73|derrial UV might be fun
04:34 egrsteve well maybe batsteve
04:35 astro73|derrial but I've been so buried in design of everything else that color came pretty far down the list
04:35 BatSteve .w parkinson's law of triviality
04:35 Cprossu_Laptop egrsteve the futurama episode with the body switching is on
04:35 BotSteve "Parkinson's Law of Triviality, also known as bikeshedding or the bicycle-shed example, is C. Northcote Parkinson's 1957 argument that organisations give disproportionate weight to trivial issues." -'s_Law_of_Triviality
04:35 egrsteve in this case a color goal matters on technology to be used
04:35 astro73|derrial trying to figure out how to schlepp data across an electrically hostile environment
04:35 BatSteve Cprossu: the one with the futurama algorithm at the end?
04:36 egrsteve cprossu, they accualy came up with and proved that theorm
04:36 Cprossu_Laptop yes
04:36 Cprossu_Laptop I know and it's funny as hell
04:36 BatSteve "also, I'm making you a duke"
04:36 eadthem;_sid=197621527&amp;_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
04:36 * BatSteve laughs at that line every time and can't explain why
04:36 eadthem this is the seller ive bought from before
04:36 eadthem there prices have gon way up
04:37 eadthem use to be 100 red leds for 6$
04:37 Cprossu_Laptop hmmm
04:37 astro73|derrial oh, btw, I don't actually have $200 to spend on display elements
04:38 eadthem well  consider you prob dont need 100 leds per a element   if you aim them right  it will only take say 5-10 per a element
04:38 eadthem and now i am off to bed
04:38 Cprossu_Laptop hrmmm
04:38 LeadHead Cprossu, I don't know how the corvette racing guys do it
04:38 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
04:38 Cprossu_Laptop LeadHead: do what?
04:39 LeadHead Make their engine put out any kind of power
04:39 LeadHead at all
04:39 Cprossu_Laptop high compression.
04:39 LeadHead no not that
04:39 LeadHead its a 7.0L V8
04:39 LeadHead BUT
04:39 eadthem sugest the pink ones   maby that will peek chrises coolness button enuff to avoid the CFL highvoltageness  witch btw   isnt that bad
04:39 LeadHead the American LeMans series puts intake restrictors on them
04:39 Cprossu_Laptop again.
04:40 Cprossu_Laptop high compression
04:40 LeadHead the C6.R engine has to breath through two 32mm throttle bodies
04:40 LeadHead 32 milimeter.
04:40 LeadHead That's the size of a 50 cent coin
04:40 Cprossu_Laptop is it running ethanol??
04:40 LeadHead pump gas
04:40 Cprossu_Laptop are you sure
04:40 LeadHead and its making around 500-550HP through those
04:40 Cprossu_Laptop and what octane
04:40 LeadHead two little throttle bodies
04:40 Cprossu_Laptop I bet they need a ton of cooling
04:40 Cprossu_Laptop but the answer is find out the compression they run
04:40 astro73|derrial eadthem: cc tubes take 12v and meassure in single digit watts,
04:41 Cprossu_Laptop I guarantee it's higher than you would want to run in a v8
04:41 eadthem thats if you use a 12v driver
04:41 eadthem the tube itslef uses 1000 to 3000V to start and 300-1000V to run
04:41 Cprossu_Laptop is there any kind of element you can inductively drive, astro73|derrial?
04:41 LeadHead never mind sorry, the C6.R is pushign 590HP
04:42 eadthem left #thegeekgroup
04:42 astro73|derrial eadthem: that's the usually kit
04:42 Speed_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
04:42 Cprossu_Laptop ahhh supercharged?
04:42 Speed_Laptop hi
04:42 LeadHead N/A.
04:42 LeadHead through two 32mm throttle bodies
04:42 astro73|derrial Cprossu_Laptop: the what-whatdrive who-what?
04:42 Cprossu_Laptop inductive drive
04:42 Cprossu_Laptop as in you drive coils of wire to light up an element
04:43 Cprossu_Laptop like the tc lights up the flourescents
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04:43 BatSteve hi Speed_Laptop
04:45 * Cprossu_Laptop compliments a speedrunnerG55
04:45 astro73|derrial Cprossu_Laptop: I'm sure there is, since I'm making the display. Have no idea how, though.
04:45 LeadHead Looks like compression ratio is around 12:1
04:46 LeadHead high
04:46 LeadHead but not crazy
04:46 Speed_Laptop Cprossu_Laptop, ?
04:46 Cprossu_Laptop read topic, Speed_Laptop
04:47 Cprossu_Laptop LeadHead that's doable
04:47 Cprossu_Laptop but they are running it LEANNNNNNNNN
04:47 Speed_Laptop holy crap
04:47 LeadHead 590HP through 2x32mm
04:47 LeadHead i dunno man, I think they may be doing some black magic
04:47 LeadHead or something
04:47 LeadHead my little dirtbike only makes 56HP and it has a 39mm carb!
04:48 Cprossu_Laptop nah the black magic they are doing
04:48 LeadHead and she's running 12.5:!
04:48 LeadHead *12.5:1
04:48 Cprossu_Laptop your dirtbike is also not fuel injected
04:48 Cprossu_Laptop and doesn't have the pulling power on the air
04:48 LeadHead The 2009+ bikes went EFI.
04:48 Cprossu_Laptop so as hot as they can run it
04:48 Cprossu_Laptop is what they do
04:48 LeadHead 40mm throttle body
04:49 LeadHead same power
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop as lean as possible
04:49 LeadHead Is lean a good idea for a 24 hour endurance race?
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop no
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop it is not
04:49 LeadHead That's what the C6.Rs race in
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop but with a bit of cooling system tweaks
04:49 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop and the fact they don't sit still
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop might help
04:49 LeadHead true
04:49 Speed_Laptop bye speedrunnerG55
04:49 LeadHead It's too bad they're so tight lipped
04:49 LeadHead on their racing program
04:49 Cprossu_Laptop see if their radiator fans are running all the time
04:50 Cprossu_Laptop that'll be a good hint
04:50 Cprossu_Laptop if they sound like a hurricane it'll be a bigger hint
04:50 Cprossu_Laptop you can bet they are running some really odd head gaskets too
04:51 LeadHead 56mm intake valves
04:51 Cprossu_Laptop and probably zerox or water wetter
04:51 LeadHead titanium rods and pistons
04:51 LeadHead can't run antrifreeze on tracks
04:51 LeadHead usually straight water
04:51 Cprossu_Laptop true
04:51 LeadHead sometimes they allow additives
04:51 Cprossu_Laptop water wetter and zerox additives
04:51 Cprossu_Laptop is what I was talking about
04:52 Cprossu_Laptop if they blow up and slightly light pink stuff comes out
04:52 Cprossu_Laptop that's what happened
04:52 Cprossu_Laptop but you can bet
04:52 Cprossu_Laptop they are running fucking leaaaaaaaan
04:52 Cprossu_Laptop they'll be lucky to keep their engines cooler than 250
04:52 Cprossu_Laptop on the track
04:53 Speed_Laptop i ennabled time stamps and collered nick names
04:53 LeadHead
04:53 Speed_Laptop on my client ^_^
04:53 LeadHead That's what it looks like
04:53 LeadHead tuned runners for sure
04:53 LeadHead whow
04:53 LeadHead *whoa
04:53 LeadHead check out the coolant pipe
04:53 Cprossu_Laptop um
04:54 Cprossu_Laptop so where is the restriction
04:54 LeadHead i'll show you, but first check out that coolant pipe
04:54 Cprossu_Laptop that coolant pipe tells me they are running fucking hot
04:54 LeadHead It's connected to the heads
04:54 LeadHead directly
04:54 Cprossu_Laptop yeah
04:54 Cprossu_Laptop because they don't want any cylinders running hotter than others
04:54 LeadHead
04:54 LeadHead the restrictor
04:54 Cprossu_Laptop and blowing the head gasket as a result
04:55 LeadHead is kind of obvious
04:55 LeadHead rofl
04:55 Cprossu_Laptop wow
04:55 Cprossu_Laptop I Think I hit it on the head
04:55 Cprossu_Laptop looking at that setup
04:55 Cprossu_Laptop runnning LEAN
04:56 LeadHead they had to go to even smaller restrictors later on
04:56 LeadHead
04:56 Cprossu_Laptop wait do you see what I see?
04:56 Cprossu_Laptop c6 006 -2
04:57 LeadHead ??
04:57 Cprossu_Laptop that's a heat exchanger
04:57 Cprossu_Laptop the metal box
04:57 LeadHead yes
04:57 LeadHead I see it
04:59 Cprossu_Laptop so what are they cooling that exchanger with
05:00 Speed_Laptop alright i set speed and speedrunner to ding me
05:00 LeadHead radiator
05:00 LeadHead
05:00 LeadHead that's the latest version
05:01 LeadHead you can see ther adiator
05:01 Cprossu_Laptop find out what auxilary cooling the heat exchanger's being cooled with but I think I hit the nail on the head
05:02 Cprossu_Laptop also look what they did
05:02 Cprossu_Laptop to the intakes
05:02 Cprossu_Laptop they are getting everything they can out of them
05:02 LeadHead no doubt
05:02 Cprossu_Laptop look for where the foglights would be
05:02 LeadHead yeah
05:02 LeadHead its a ram air type
05:02 Speed_Laptop whats up BatSteve
05:02 LeadHead setup
05:02 Speed_Laptop other than yourself :3
05:02 LeadHead oh you know what
05:03 LeadHead I bet that's an oil cooler.
05:03 LeadHead They use dry sump oiling
05:03 BatSteve Speed_Laptop: sitting, thinking about going to bed, talking a bit in other channels.
05:03 BatSteve what are you up to?
05:03 Speed_Laptop same, prittu mutch
05:03 Cprossu_Laptop see the multiple temp sensors, LeadHead?
05:03 Speed_Laptop i got ocarina of time on the 3ds
05:03 LeadHead yes
05:04 Cprossu_Laptop that's how they keep from blowing up
05:04 BatSteve is it any good?
05:04 LeadHead see the CNC'd machine heads?
05:04 LeadHead rofl
05:04 Speed_Laptop verry
05:04 BatSteve awesome!
05:04 LeadHead not even castings
05:04 Speed_Laptop ?me nintendo fan boy
05:04 Speed_Laptop of course ill say itrs good
05:04 Cprossu_Laptop I see at least 3 there
05:04 Cprossu_Laptop that don't count as stock
05:04 * Speed_Laptop is nintendo fan boy
05:05 Cprossu_Laptop and their carbon fiber cutting and fabrication is top notch, LeadHead
05:05 Cprossu_Laptop that corvette intake is anything but normal
05:05 LeadHead
05:05 Speed_Laptop wannabe, uur pc is still closed?
05:06 Cprossu_Laptop look where the injectors normally go, LeadHead
05:06 Cprossu_Laptop see anything WRONG?
05:07 LeadHead in what picture
05:07 Cprossu_Laptop the one before the last
05:07 wannabe1987 no, you dinged
05:07 LeadHead injectors don't appear to be there
05:07 Cprossu_Laptop
05:07 Cprossu_Laptop indeed
05:07 LeadHead look
05:07 LeadHead carefully
05:07 Speed_Laptop kk
05:07 LeadHead theres a wire going into one
05:07 LeadHead and one in the back too
05:07 wannabe1987 i need a light with a not so dim bulb
05:08 wannabe1987 what do you need Speed_Laptop
05:08 Cprossu_Laptop o...m...g
05:08 LeadHead pressure sensors?
05:08 Speed_Laptop i was just wondering if u were on
05:08 wannabe1987 i'm gonna shut the comptuer, try to sleep
05:08 Cprossu_Laptop what in the world is that guage of wire used for?
05:08 LeadHead what, the in-cockpit
05:08 LeadHead wires?
05:08 wannabe1987 i'm ALWAYS here (unless i don't have signal :P)... weathe ror not i'm paying attn is different.
05:08 wannabe1987 night!
05:09 Speed_Laptop night wannabe
05:09 Cprossu_Laptop are they allowed to use battery motor systems
05:09 BatSteve goodnight wannabe
05:09 wannabe1987 night Cprossu_Laptop, Speed_Laptop
05:09 wannabe1987 night BatSteve
05:09 Cprossu_Laptop like a transmission out of a hybrid surburban?
05:09 Cprossu_Laptop yes in the cockpit.
05:10 LeadHead oh
05:10 LeadHead those
05:10 LeadHead those are just the emergency battery disconnect
05:10 LeadHead for the entire car
05:10 LeadHead so if it gets flipped, and sets on fire or something
05:10 LeadHead track crew can disable the entire electrical system
05:10 LeadHead
05:10 Cprossu_Disconne joined #thegeekgroup
05:10 Cprossu_Disconne crap
05:10 Cprossu_Disconne got disconned
05:11 Cprossu_Disconne LeadHead what's the last thing I said?
05:11 LeadHead (1:09:58 AM) Cprossu_Laptop: yes in the cockpit.
05:11 Cprossu_Disconne still a manual tranny though
05:11 Cprossu_Disconne but are they allowed to use hybrid systems?
05:11 Cprossu_Disconne because regen braking would really make a killing in a 24 hour race
05:12 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
05:12 LeadHead no hybrid
05:12 LeadHead those are just emergency battery disconnect iirc.
05:12 Cprossu_Disconne then why are those wires built that big
05:12 LeadHead cause even the starter current passes through them
05:12 Cprossu_Disconne they woulda saved weight if they could have
05:12 Cprossu_Disconne the starter doesn't take that big a wire
05:12 Cprossu left #thegeekgroup
05:12 Cprossu_Disconne unless they pull more amps because of high compression
05:13 LeadHead maybe
05:13 Speed_Laptop Cprossu_Disconne, ipv6?
05:13 LeadHead it is a 7L engine
05:13 Speed_Laptop lol jk
05:13 Cprossu_Disconne lol no you can laugh now
05:13 LeadHead wanna see soemthing cool though?
05:13 LeadHead
05:13 LeadHead the car has one of those on each corner
05:13 LeadHead
05:14 Cprossu_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
05:14 Cprossu_Disconne I don't see anything really weird
05:14 LeadHead put air in there, and the whole car lifts up
05:14 Cprossu_Disconne those aren't just transponders?
05:14 Cprossu_Disconne wow
05:14 LeadHead the big metal canister
05:14 Cprossu joined #thegeekgroup
05:14 LeadHead pneumatic jack
05:14 Cprossu_Disconne oooh
05:14 LeadHead 4 of them
05:14 LeadHead they can change all 4 tires in 10 seconds
05:14 Cprossu_Disconne damn
05:14 LeadHead wheel spindles are titanium
05:15 Cprossu_Disconne top left heat treated metal
05:15 Cprossu_Disconne what the fuck is that for
05:15 LeadHead where?
05:15 Cprossu_Disconne zip ties around it
05:15 LeadHead oh is ee it
05:15 LeadHead I think that's the air conditioner reciever
05:15 LeadHead these cars are AC'd iirc.
05:16 LeadHead oh yes
05:16 LeadHead
05:16 LeadHead middle left
05:16 LeadHead that's the evaporator. It's forced fed by ram air
05:16 Cprossu_Disconne I want to know how much of that AC goes to the driver =P
05:16 LeadHead they said they can get cockpit temperatures down from 117*F to 80*F
05:17 Cprossu_Disconne you sent me the same jpg
05:17 Cprossu_Disconne LeadHead
05:17 Cprossu_Disconne did you mean to send me a diff one?
05:17 dr_jkl BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden Hey, ever see a frustrated woodpecker?
05:17 BotSteve dr_jkl: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
05:18 LeadHead no
05:18 LeadHead same pic
05:18 LeadHead middle left of picture
05:18 LeadHead you can see the evaporator core
05:18 dr_jkl if boden remembers the VSL woodpecker when he sees that, i will be SO happy.
05:19 LeadHead ooooo
05:19 LeadHead
05:19 LeadHead That's the back of the car. Oil tank
05:19 LeadHead I see another radiator too
05:19 Speed_Laptop left #thegeekgroup
05:19 Cprossu_Disconne I was totally expecting the other radiator
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05:20 astro73|derrial dr_jkl: story time?
05:20 LeadHead transmission is an X-Trac sequential 6 speed
05:21 Cprossu_Disconne I wonder what they did to the exhaust
05:21 Cprossu_Disconne any pics of that?
05:21 LeadHead
05:21 LeadHead Titanium
05:21 SpeedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
05:21 LeadHead holy brakes
05:22 SpeedrunnerG55 im back
05:22 dr_jkl astro73|derrial: sec
05:22 astro73|derrial ok
05:22 Cprossu_Disconne I'm looking for something that provides scavenging, LeadHead
05:22 * astro73|derrial enjoys stories of the old
05:22 LeadHead as far as I can tell
05:22 dr_jkl astro73|derrial:;feature=channel_video_title
05:22 LeadHead its a 4-1 collector
05:22 * SpeedrunnerG55 spins around in circles
05:22 LeadHead than it dumps out the side there
05:23 Cprossu_Disconne 6 piston caliper?
05:23 dr_jkl When I originally saw this video, I could NOT STOP LAUGHING for like twenty minutes.
05:23 Cprossu_Disconne so my prediction is this
05:24 LeadHead looks like it
05:24 Cprossu_Disconne hook an exhaust analyzer to it
05:24 LeadHead wow, they even have almost a full dash when in race prep form
05:24 LeadHead
05:24 Cprossu_Disconne fuckton of nox
05:24 SpeedrunnerG55 i have to go
05:24 astro73|derrial oh my
05:24 astro73|derrial have some hair
05:24 SpeedrunnerG55 i have to go to bed  night everyone
05:24 * SpeedrunnerG55 hugs everyone
05:25 astro73|derrial dr_jkl: and yes, that is quite amusing
05:25 * SpeedrunnerG55 hits the hay
05:26 Cprossu_Disconne lol they have a CEL
05:26 Cprossu_Disconne is now known as Cprossu_Laptop
05:26 LeadHead rofl
05:27 LeadHead I wonder what you do
05:27 LeadHead if that were to come on
05:27 LeadHead in the middle of a race
05:27 LeadHead ignore it like John Q Public does?
05:27 LeadHead then again, I bet they have it so if that CEL comes on, you better get the hell off the track now
05:27 LeadHead or that things gonna blow
05:30 Cprossu_Laptop lol
05:31 Cprossu_Laptop that digital dash is probably fairly advanced
05:31 Cprossu_Laptop since it has PAGE buttons
05:31 LeadHead It's also has a rearview camera
05:32 Cprossu_Laptop so here's what we know. they run it fucking lean high high compression
05:33 LeadHead cam is retarded too
05:33 LeadHead Just found a video of one idling
05:34 LeadHead I've heard clothes dryers with bolders in them
05:34 LeadHead have a smoother sound
05:34 LeadHead *boulders
05:34 Cprossu_Laptop that's because of the compression
05:34 Cprossu_Laptop it barely idles I bet
05:34 LeadHead lumpy, rough idle
05:34 LeadHead probably running tons of overlap
05:36 LeadHead This says compression is 12:1
05:37 LeadHead wow, an unrestricted one for private road racing
05:37 LeadHead they said it shakes your bones at idle
05:38 Cprossu_Laptop yeah as it should
05:40 Cprossu_Laptop if you don't have to have a smooth idle or a car that won't overheat at a long stop light, you can get away with pulling a lot of hp from it without much fuel
05:40 Cprossu_Laptop I wonder if they have an extended cooling tank
05:40 Cprossu_Laptop somewhere
05:40 Cprossu_Laptop how much water can they hold and what PSI do they keep it at
05:41 LeadHead hm
05:41 LeadHead wo
05:41 LeadHead wow
05:41 LeadHead the C6.R engine is making 640 lb-ft
05:44 Psi left #thegeekgroup
05:49 Cprossu_Laptop;imgrefurl=;usg=__8D5tVBv3CSOm4McjsHGV4RMqzkc=&amp;h=564&amp;w=750&amp;sz=73&amp;hl=en&amp;start=6&amp;zoom=1&amp;tbnid=AblErqQBP2nffM:&amp;tbnh=108&amp;tbnw=144&amp;ei=NN_-TbqpD4XPgAfwz9DuCg&amp;prev=/search%3Fq%3DC6.Rs%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Doff%26sa%3DN%26biw%3D789%26bih%3D378%26tbm%3Dis
05:49 Cprossu_Laptop ch&um=1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=111&vpy=76&dur=745&hovh=195&hovw=259&tx=164&ty=133&page=2&ndsp=8&ved=1t:429,r:0,s:6&biw=789&bih=378
05:49 Cprossu_Laptop oops
05:49 Cprossu_Laptop
05:49 LeadHead gonna have to tinyurl that thign
05:49 Cprossu_Laptop ^ they do run air filters
05:49 LeadHead not very big ones
05:49 LeadHead funky water pump.
05:50 Psi joined #thegeekgroup
05:50 Hackotter left #thegeekgroup
05:51 LeadHead oh!
05:51 LeadHead that's it!
05:51 LeadHead That's what that box is
05:51 LeadHead I bet you a freaking nickle
05:51 LeadHead that heat exchanger
05:51 LeadHead is the condenser
05:52 Cprossu_Laptop
05:53 LeadHead holy oiling system
05:53 Cprossu_Laptop as to be expected
05:54 pegasus
05:54 LeadHead lol wow
05:54 LeadHead it looks like they may have had other reasons
05:55 LeadHead for putting an AC system in
05:55 LeadHead ""Under the ACO regulations, running a full air conditioning system  allows us to run slightly larger intake air restrictors to make up for  the power that's used to run the system," he explained. "We're using a  31.3 mm diameter restrictors with air conditioning; the restrictor size  would be 30.8 mm without it.""
05:56 astro73|derrial pegasus: nice
05:56 pegasus yarr.
05:56 Cprossu_Laptop hahahaa
05:57 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
05:57 Hackfox joined #thegeekgroup
05:58 LeadHead .5mm
05:59 Cprossu_Laptop you mean 1mm
05:59 Cprossu_Laptop don't you?
05:59 LeadHead 31.3 vs 30.8
05:59 Cprossu_Laptop but they run 2 of them
05:59 LeadHead oh right
06:00 Cprossu_Laptop they'll fix that for next year I bet
06:00 LeadHead they changed class
06:00 LeadHead They were in the GT1 class, but nobody else raced in the GT1 class
06:00 LeadHead Team Corvette moved to GT2 last year I believe
06:00 LeadHead Now its a 5.5L V8
06:00 LeadHead "only" 440HP.
06:01 pegasus LeadHead: so they race with the AC off, and that's legit?
06:01 LeadHead It could be, but I doubt it
06:01 Cprossu_Laptop pegasus : no. it's a grey area.
06:02 pegasus i wonder if they did power-to-weight calculations for the added weight of the AC system vs the extra intake it allows
06:02 LeadHead Yes
06:02 Cprossu_Laptop but they missed something
06:02 LeadHead the race regulators look at car weight, displacement, aero, class, etc..
06:02 Cprossu_Laptop that the vette team took into account for
06:02 LeadHead in determining what size intake restrictors they can have
06:02 pegasus i mean the people that decided to put the AC in
06:03 CSMonster left #thegeekgroup
06:03 LeadHead that would be team corvette
06:03 pegasus them, then
06:03 Cprossu_Laptop well they put the AC in to get the extra air due to the fact they were running balls lean
06:03 LeadHead the team doesn't decide the restrictors
06:03 LeadHead the race regulators do
06:03 Cprossu_Laptop when you are running that fucking lean
06:03 pegasus i think the point is getting missed here, i'll try and explain
06:03 Cprossu_Laptop every fucking molecule of o2 makes a difference
06:03 LeadHead True
06:03 LeadHead but the AC is for the driver
06:03 LeadHead not the engine
06:04 Cprossu_Laptop rules wise
06:04 pegasus if you don't have the AC, you can't have the extra intake, but you also have a slightly lighter car
06:04 pegasus if you do have the AC, you can have the extra intake, but your car also weighs a bit more
06:04 LeadHead 35 pounds
06:04 pegasus it's a question of power to weigh ratios at the end of the day
06:04 LeadHead it added
06:04 pegasus weight even
06:04 Cprossu_Laptop when it's already a land yaght you can save weight elsewhere
06:04 LeadHead hence why they get a bigger restrictor
06:04 LeadHead actually
06:04 LeadHead the C6.Rs
06:04 LeadHead weigh in around 2400 pounds wet
06:05 LeadHead Production vettes are around 3200-3300
06:05 pegasus so the question is if they actually considered the PWR or just the P when they decided to throw in the AC system
06:05 Cprossu_Laptop they considered the fact they wanted to run their engine with a specific fuel stoich, pegasus
06:05 Cprossu_Laptop the ac was just a means
06:06 pegasus you can achieve that other ways, though
06:06 Cprossu_Laptop no you can't
06:06 Cprossu_Laptop the intake restrictors fuck you there
06:06 pegasus k, i'll just let this argument rot rather than have it.
06:07 Cprossu_Laptop it's kind of like if you have the fastest x86 computer in the world, if you stick a rage128 on it, you won't be able to game very well
06:07 LeadHead pegasus, also factor in the driver
06:07 LeadHead The car's interior was hitting close to 120*F
06:07 Cprossu_Laptop you take the factors that get you in balance
06:07 LeadHead with the AC it was down to 80*
06:07 LeadHead I bet a driver will preform a lot better at 80*F
06:07 LeadHead than 120*F
06:07 LeadHead considering they're also in a triple layer fire suit
06:08 Cprossu_Laptop probably but the extra intake gets them 'closer' to stoich
06:08 Cprossu_Laptop no matter what extra load goes on the engine
06:09 LeadHead
06:09 Cprossu_Laptop but it's clear to me the race systems would keep the thing from destroying itself possibly by cylinder deativation or fuel mixture changes
06:09 LeadHead gold foil covered evaporator box
06:09 LeadHead don't see that all the time
06:09 Cprossu_Laptop LeadHead did you find the injectors yet?
06:09 LeadHead not yet
06:10 Cprossu_Laptop there's more of those thick power cables too
06:10 LeadHead I found who builds the engines
06:10 LeadHead for GMRacing
06:11 Cprossu_Laptop is the red tank the extinguishing system?
06:11 LeadHead yes
06:12 LeadHead found where the injectors go
06:12 Cprossu_Laptop got a photo?
06:12 LeadHead They DO go up top
06:12 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
06:12 LeadHead it looks like for that picture
06:12 LeadHead they just had something shoved in the injector ports
06:12 LeadHead for whatever reason
06:12 LeadHead
06:12 LeadHead fuel rail
06:14 Cprossu_Laptop wait a minute
06:14 Cprossu_Laptop I see something
06:15 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
06:15 BatSteve-Away left #thegeekgroup
06:15 Cprossu_Laptop so you see a crosspath between the intake sides?
06:15 LeadHead yes
06:15 LeadHead in the in-car pictures
06:15 LeadHead theres a hose between the two
06:15 Cprossu_Laptop bingo
06:15 Cprossu_Laptop that's how they run the v8 on it and get the hp
06:15 LeadHead they must have some crazy resonance
06:15 LeadHead tuning
06:15 LeadHead going on
06:15 Cprossu_Laptop yes.
06:16 Cprossu_Laptop on the bright side
06:16 LeadHead check out that oil pump
06:16 Cprossu_Laptop only 4 cylinders intake per revolution
06:16 LeadHead lower left
06:16 Cprossu_Laptop so let's figure this out
06:17 Cprossu_Laptop we can count it as a 62.6mm throttle body right?
06:17 LeadHead nope!
06:17 Cprossu_Laptop 3.5L of displacement
06:17 Cprossu_Laptop on one revolution
06:18 LeadHead the whole squared area thing means we can't do that
06:18 Cprossu_Laptop what do you mean no? are the restricters 15.65mm each?
06:19 LeadHead area of one intake is 7.7 cm^2
06:19 LeadHead so 15.2 cm^2 total area
06:19 Cprossu_Laptop ooh I get you
06:19 Cprossu_Laptop but it's the radius we need to look at
06:20 LeadHead 62mm throttle body would be
06:20 LeadHead 30.7 mm^2
06:20 LeadHead total
06:20 LeadHead err
06:20 LeadHead no
06:20 Cprossu_Laptop no
06:20 Cprossu_Laptop lol
06:20 LeadHead 30.7 cm^2
06:20 Cprossu_Laptop if I take 2 throttle bodies and attach them both to the same tube
06:21 Cprossu_Laptop don't I get double the area?
06:21 LeadHead yes
06:21 LeadHead but
06:21 LeadHead you can't double the width of the throttle body
06:21 LeadHead because its radius squared
06:21 Cprossu_Laptop true
06:21 Cprossu_Laptop but we still have 2x as much air
06:21 Cprossu_Laptop to work with
06:21 LeadHead but anyways, we have 15.2 cm^2
06:21 LeadHead total intake area
06:21 LeadHead both added together
06:22 Cprossu_Laptop and we are pulling roughly 3.5L of air through it per revolution
06:22 Cprossu_Laptop which means the air speed is what?
06:22 Cprossu_Laptop (in an ideal world)
06:23 Cprossu_Laptop at 900rpm
06:23 Cprossu_Laptop all the components to figure that out are there I think
06:23 Cprossu_Laptop we should ask in physics rofl
06:23 LeadHead .c 900 x 3.5
06:23 BotSteve 3150
06:24 LeadHead 3150 liters of air/minute
06:24 Cprossu_Laptop that's a fuck ton of air
06:24 Cprossu_Laptop and 1cm^3 = 1ml
06:25 Cprossu_Laptop so 3150L/m^3?
06:25 Cprossu_Laptop or rather
06:26 Cprossu_Laptop 3150M^3 air
06:26 Cprossu_Laptop no
06:26 Cprossu_Laptop that's not right is it?
06:26 LeadHead found a calculator
06:26 Cprossu_Laptop ok punch in what we got
06:27 Cprossu_Laptop we might be able to figure out lb/hr at stoich for the fuel
06:27 LeadHead its 3.15 m^3
06:27 Cprossu_Laptop 3.15 m^3 air per minute?
06:27 LeadHead yes
06:28 Cprossu_Laptop so 0.0525m^3 per second
06:28 Cprossu_Laptop so 0.0525m to cm
06:28 Cprossu_Laptop .c 0.0525m to cm
06:28 BotSteve 5.25 centimeters
06:28 Cprossu_Laptop so 5.25 cm^3 per second air
06:28 LeadHead holy what
06:28 LeadHead this calculator
06:28 LeadHead gave me 2000 m/s
06:28 LeadHead air velocity
06:28 Cprossu_Laptop .c 2000 m/s to mph
06:29 BotSteve 4 473.87258 mph
06:29 LeadHead no way that is right
06:29 Cprossu_Laptop no way in hell
06:29 LeadHead back to the drawing board
06:29 Cprossu_Laptop did you get the area correct?
06:29 LeadHead dead sure
06:29 Cprossu_Laptop .g speed of sound in mpg
06:29 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop:
06:29 Cprossu_Laptop .g speed of sound in mph
06:29 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop:
06:30 Cprossu_Laptop 768 mph is speed of sound
06:30 Cprossu_Laptop I wonder if we are off by a factor of 60 somewhere LeadHead
06:31 LeadHead the throttle blades
06:31 Cprossu_Laptop .c 4,473.87258/60
06:31 BotSteve 74.564543
06:31 LeadHead are on the intake runners themselves.
06:31 LeadHead I wonder how deep of a vacuum those plenums are in
06:31 LeadHead under full throttle
06:31 Cprossu_Laptop well technically
06:31 Cprossu_Laptop hrmmm
06:32 Cprossu_Laptop at full snap it shouldn't be under vacuum at all
06:32 LeadHead remember
06:32 LeadHead the throttle blades are in the runners
06:32 LeadHead 8 throttle blades
06:32 LeadHead the restrictors are straight shot into the plenum
06:32 Cprossu_Laptop the vacuum is before the throttle blades, no?
06:32 LeadHead but I'm talking at full throttle
06:32 LeadHead obviously that engine is capable of sucking in a lot more air than those restrictors can flow
06:32 Cprossu_Laptop well the deal is what is the revlimiter set at?
06:33 LeadHead meaning the plenums has to be under vacuum
06:33 Cprossu_Laptop find out and we can calculate backwards
06:33 Cprossu_Laptop max engineered revs is what we need to know
06:33 LeadHead found full engine specs
06:33 LeadHead awesome
06:33 LeadHead wow
06:33 LeadHead they don't rev high
06:33 LeadHead at all.
06:33 Cprossu_Laptop I didn't think it wold
06:33 Cprossu_Laptop *would
06:34 Cprossu_Laptop link?
06:34 LeadHead 570HP @ 5400 RPM (pre A/C specs)
06:34 LeadHead 620 ft-lbs @ 4400 RPM
06:34 LeadHead
06:34 Cprossu_Laptop .c 5400 * 3.5
06:34 BotSteve 18 900
06:35 Cprossu_Laptop .c 18900/60
06:35 BotSteve 315
06:35 Cprossu_Laptop 12.5:1
06:35 Cprossu_Laptop compression
06:35 Cprossu_Laptop jesus
06:35 Cprossu_Laptop on a v8
06:36 LeadHead NASCAR is running around 14 iirc.
06:36 LeadHead This engine is in a whole different league than nascar though
06:36 Cprossu_Laptop
06:36 Cprossu_Laptop hahahahaha
06:37 Cprossu_Laptop it's connected to a cooler so it doesn't overheat I bet
06:37 LeadHead rofl
06:38 LeadHead so do you think that red knob
06:38 LeadHead is a dipstick
06:38 LeadHead or oh-shit-the-engines-on-fire
06:38 LeadHead fire extinguisher
06:38 Cprossu_Laptop
06:38 Cprossu_Laptop that lisc plate area
06:38 Cprossu_Laptop well done corvette racing
06:39 Cprossu_Laptop
06:39 LeadHead From what I can find
06:39 Cprossu_Laptop that might not be too lean
06:39 LeadHead these cars are actually riding on production based corvette chassis
06:39 Cprossu_Laptop I wonder if they are using a rich mixture to enhance engine cooling
06:39 LeadHead actually lean is what usually gives pops on deceleration
06:39 Cprossu_Laptop yeah they are
06:40 LeadHead If i'm decelerating on my bike
06:40 LeadHead and push the hot-start in
06:40 LeadHead (which leans it out)
06:40 LeadHead it'll start throwing fireballs
06:40 Cprossu_Laptop
06:40 Cprossu_Laptop this flame
06:40 LeadHead I think it's funny how LeMans cars
06:40 LeadHead actually have real headlights
06:40 Cprossu_Laptop is the key to whatever they did
06:40 LeadHead not just stickers
06:40 LeadHead That's a very hot looking fire
06:40 Cprossu_Laptop how else do you expect them to run at night, LeadHead?
06:40 Cprossu_Laptop xD
06:41 LeadHead I know
06:41 LeadHead lol
06:41 Cprossu_Laptop
06:41 Cprossu_Laptop look at the exhaust
06:41 Cprossu_Laptop they are just dumping fuel in by the ton aren't they?
06:41 LeadHead hm.
06:41 LeadHead what cars are those
06:41 LeadHead oh
06:42 LeadHead retired cars
06:42 Cprossu_Laptop the yellow one
06:42 LeadHead the yellow one
06:42 Cprossu_Laptop didn't suffer the same fate
06:42 LeadHead doesn't have the carbon
06:42 Cprossu_Laptop exactly
06:42 Cprossu_Laptop they had different fueling
06:42 Cprossu_Laptop they ran the blue one rich
06:43 Cprossu_Laptop so it wouldn't blow up
06:43 Cprossu_Laptop and it would finish
06:43 LeadHead It's weird
06:43 Cprossu_Laptop and so you wouldn't notice it
06:44 LeadHead When you hear race engine
06:44 Cprossu_Laptop the car was blue
06:44 LeadHead you think high rpm screamer
06:44 LeadHead 5400 RPM is lazy
06:44 LeadHead The production Corvette C6 Z06 (7.0L, 505HP N/A, 90mm throttle body)
06:44 LeadHead makes peak power at 7000 RPM
06:45 Cprossu_Laptop pretttty
06:46 LeadHead gotta love how they have a whole data collection system
06:46 LeadHead just for the chassis dyanmics
06:46 Cprossu_Laptop new view
06:46 Cprossu_Laptop
06:46 LeadHead no fan
06:46 LeadHead unless its in front
06:47 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
06:47 LeadHead It must be something to talk to the guys at Katech (they designed and built the engine)
06:48 Cprossu_Laptop well we know the blue capped things
06:48 Cprossu_Laptop are coolant quick connects now
06:48 Cprossu_Laptop on the heat exchanger
06:48 Cprossu_Laptop and that heat exchanger is probably for that purpose
06:48 Cprossu_Laptop wait no
06:48 Cprossu_Laptop it's not
06:48 pegasus
06:48 Cprossu_Laptop it's clearly seperate
06:50 LeadHead they go into some cross over tube thing
06:50 LeadHead that connectors into cooling system some how
06:50 Cprossu_Laptop actually
06:50 Cprossu_Laptop hrmm
06:50 LeadHead I'm still fairly certain that heat exchanger is the condenser
06:50 Cprossu_Laptop I don't think so
06:50 Cprossu_Laptop I think the condenser is on the lisc plate
06:50 LeadHead oh
06:50 LeadHead maybe
06:51 Cprossu_Laptop that heat exchanger however is a piece of the magic that makes the car work
06:51 LeadHead just look at the carbon fiber work
06:51 LeadHead on those plenums
06:51 Cprossu_Laptop otherwise they wouldn't have welded it as nicely
06:51 BatSteve-Away joined #thegeekgroup
06:51 Cprossu_Laptop that's my feeling
06:53 Cprossu_Laptop so the question is. what will porche copy out of this?
06:54 Cprossu_Laptop brb food time
06:54 LeadHead porsche has their own GT2 cars
06:54 LeadHead turbo flat sixes
06:54 LeadHead lol pegasus
06:59 Cprossu lol @ idea of twin turbo airbox with a balanced plenum leading to 2 intakes
06:59 LeadHead I wonder what the restrictors porsche has to use are
06:59 Cprossu it must be interesting
07:01 Cprossu wow
07:01 Cprossu I think we just had a tremor here
07:01 Cprossu usgs says no
07:01 Cprossu hrmm
07:02 Cprossu was freaky too
07:02 Cprossu I had 2 shelves move back and forth
07:03 LeadHead The GT2 5.5L engine
07:03 LeadHead has to breath through two 28.8 restrictors
07:04 Cprossu think the next porche will be air conditioned?
07:04 LeadHead from what i can tell
07:04 LeadHead all 2007+ LeMans cars
07:04 LeadHead have to be AC'd
07:04 Cprossu is there any restriction on type
07:04 Cprossu electrical vs mechanical?
07:04 SpeedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
07:04 LeadHead I am not sure
07:08 Cprossu do they still run ice heat exchangers in any lemans car?
07:08 LeadHead I can't imagine they would
07:08 LeadHead usually ice is strictly for drag racing
07:08 Cprossu you see it in nascar
07:08 Cprossu and I mean for driver cooling
07:08 LeadHead ohhh
07:08 Cprossu not for engine cooling xD
07:10 Cprossu I actually saw someone at a drag strip
07:10 Cprossu who rigged a r134 'leak' to hit their intercooler
07:10 Cprossu speaking of dumb shit things
07:10 LeadHead rofl
07:11 Cprossu and I've seen way weirder things on illegal cars
07:11 Cprossu my fav was a dry nos run through emissions vac lines
07:11 Cprossu the hard type
07:11 LeadHead rofl
07:12 Cprossu it 'looked' like a '87 camero with a old beaten to shit 305
07:13 Cprossu but it was not
07:13 Cprossu it was a 327 iirc
07:13 Cprossu tweaked to hell
07:14 Cprossu made to look like SHIT
07:14 LeadHead sand baggin'
07:15 LeadHead haev i showed you this little baby yet
07:15 LeadHead
07:15 Cprossu I did say it was an illegals car
07:15 Cprossu no you didn't
07:15 Cprossu and holy fucking shit
07:15 Cprossu v4?!
07:15 LeadHead It was designed by Katech (the same guys that made the C6.R engine)
07:15 LeadHead its a 1.6L V4
07:15 LeadHead based on the C6.R engine
07:16 LeadHead 160HP @ 7800 RPM
07:16 LeadHead from 1.6L
07:16 LeadHead pushrod.
07:16 LeadHead direct injection
07:16 Cprossu speaking of insane engines
07:16 Cprossu;stc=1
07:16 Cprossu I always liked that one
07:17 LeadHead my favorite
07:17 LeadHead retardedly overkill engine
07:17 LeadHead is currently this one
07:17 LeadHead
07:17 Cprossu well the reason that other one is insane
07:18 LeadHead looks like two street bike heads
07:18 LeadHead on a V8 block
07:18 Cprossu it is
07:18 Cprossu 400hp
07:18 LeadHead hah
07:18 Cprossu 2.8L
07:18 LeadHead nuts
07:18 Cprossu 200lbs
07:18 LeadHead crazyness
07:19 Cprossu wet.
07:19 LeadHead stupid.
07:19 LeadHead rofl
07:19 LeadHead make a fun gokart
07:19 LeadHead
07:19 LeadHead Can you see why this is my current favorite overkill engine yet?
07:19 Cprossu
07:19 Cprossu yeah that's sweet
07:20 LeadHead oh
07:20 LeadHead the Radical
07:20 LeadHead that thing is nuts
07:20 LeadHead just has a habit of catching on fire
07:20 Cprossu that has said engine
07:20 LeadHead nuts
07:20 LeadHead but yeah, that engine
07:20 Cprossu listen to the revs
07:20 LeadHead 9 Liter
07:20 LeadHead 8000 RPM
07:20 LeadHead 32 valve
07:20 LeadHead DOHC
07:20 LeadHead twin-turbo.
07:20 LeadHead fuel injection
07:21 LeadHead 1350HP in "standard" boost
07:21 LeadHead suposedly 1700HP is just a quick EFI setting change away
07:21 Cprossu some of the detroit diesels they make for boats
07:21 Cprossu are fucking nuts too
07:21 LeadHead that radical engine should rev out
07:21 LeadHead to around 13-14
07:22 Cprossu that guy has more driving skill
07:22 Cprossu than I could ever
07:22 Cprossu fuckkkkk
07:22 LeadHead and balls
07:22 LeadHead 'cause like I said
07:22 LeadHead they're known to catch on fire
07:22 LeadHead for no good reason
07:22 Cprossu they must have built a compartment for his balls into the car
07:23 Cprossu god his downshifts are insane
07:23 LeadHead
07:26 LeadHead night
07:26 LeadHead 3 AM here
07:26 LeadHead I've got to go to the DMV in the morning
07:27 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
07:44 kristopher joined #thegeekgroup
07:45 kristopher hola
07:57 Cprossu hola and goodnight
07:57 Cprossu switcher is functioning and live
08:02 kristopher cool
08:02 kristopher left #thegeekgroup
08:40 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
08:57 Teshima joined #thegeekgroup
09:03 Teshima left #thegeekgroup
09:07 Ycarene left #thegeekgroup
09:11 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
11:46 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
13:14 ynos|racepreppin g'morning everyone
13:14 ynos|racepreppin is now known as ynos
13:14 asnopus Morining
13:14 ynos everyone have a good weekend?
13:15 asnopus It would help if I spelt the right... morning*
13:15 ynos Close enough, i knew the concept you were trying to convey ;)
13:15 asnopus :p
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13:22 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
13:22 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
13:23 ynos re: Steam distillation of Catnip to produce Nepetalactone - Valerian root is cheaper, easier and has a much better effect...
13:23 ynos imo
13:23 CaptainBoden So what's up today
13:23 BotSteve CaptainBoden: I have the following messages for you:
13:23 BotSteve At 05:17Z, dr_jkl asked me to tell CaptainBoden Hey, ever see a frustrated woodpecker?
13:25 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
13:26 CaptainBoden For those that don't know the joke on that, it dates back to October 2008,
13:30 maglinvinn_work joined #thegeekgroup
13:40 ynos gdamn you Ian McCulloch.. have had the "killing moon" stuck in my head for the past 4 days...
13:40 ynos anyone else have that happen?
13:47 maglinvinn_work not ... recently... lol.
13:47 ynos i can get songs stuck for weeks at a time...
13:47 ynos usually some really annoying shit
13:47 maglinvinn_work i have a special CD for that.  its a bunch of songs mashed up and mixed up
13:48 maglinvinn_work all super catchy tunes
13:48 maglinvinn_work i don't get ~a~ song stuck in my head, but dozens... and then it doesn't feel so bad
13:48 maglinvinn_work kinda like shooting yourself in the foot when you have a migraine
13:48 ynos right.
13:49 ynos i usually try to find something else... a lesser evil.. doesnt always work.. a month ago i had frank zappa's peaches en regalia stuck.. just the organ riff..
13:50 ynos could displace it with other stuff temporarily
13:50 ynos but ended up with a migrane and a sore foot ;p
13:51 Thermoelectric As to interrupt the conversation, does anyone know how the hell to make a box and whisker plot on a computer?
13:51 BotSteve Thermoelectric: I have the following messages for you:
13:51 BotSteve At 19 Jun 13:48Z, tonsofpcs asked me to tell Thermoelectric that there should be a "quick guide to IRC" that explains these things like multiple conversations, idling, etc.  I had to explain to users who thought they were 'interrupting' and wouldn't say what they really wanted until they got a direct acknowledgement...
13:51 Thermoelectric So I did get beeped.
13:53 ynos what program are you trying to use?
13:53 Thermoelectric Trying Excel, doesn't like me though.
13:53 Seroster Ello Thermoelectric!
13:53 Thermoelectric Ello there Seroster!
13:53 Seroster Sup?
13:53 Thermoelectric Assignments...
13:54 Seroster Yay!
13:54 Thermoelectric -.-
13:54 ynos thermoelectric: did you try this?
13:55 ynos or this..
13:55 ynos looks like there is a youtube howto
13:55 Thermoelectric YouTube may be useful...
13:55 Seroster Hrm
13:55 Seroster Thermoelectric, My multimeter burned =D
13:56 Thermoelectric What'd you do this time?
13:58 Seroster Nothing wrong xD
13:58 Hackfox left #thegeekgroup
13:58 Thermoelectric Haha
14:01 Thermoelectric Thankyou for mentioning that YT video, ynos, that's much more explanatory than those pages.
14:02 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
14:03 ynos np
14:04 SparkyProjects CaptainBoden, woodpeckers might just be doing the knocking to sound out their territory as in this vid
14:04 SparkyProjects Although it's not woodpeckers, it's similar
14:04 SparkyProjects oops, it is woodpeckers
14:11 maglinvinn_work too cool.
14:13 * Python hellos world
14:15 Thermoelectric I am so glad I had a nap earlier today... Quarter past midnight, school tomorrow, bedtime. :/
14:16 Seroster Eloh SparkyProjects
14:16 SparkyProjects Hi Seroster :)
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14:22 Python_ left #thegeekgroup
14:22 Python left #thegeekgroup
14:25 Python joined #thegeekgroup
14:35 CaptainBoden Is Red here?
14:39 maglinvinn_work haven't seen her talking if she is.
14:40 maglinvinn_work and her usual screennames are not present...
14:41 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
14:45 Druidic_Rifleman Morning geeks
14:45 Druidic_Rifleman hmmm should i blow a case of paint today...
14:45 Druidic_Rifleman well half case..
14:45 Druidic_Rifleman :( i want a car of muh own
14:53 ynos a case of paint?
14:53 ynos painting a car are you?
14:53 ynos rattle can, or real paint?
14:57 maglinvinn_work lul.  paintball i think
14:58 ynos ahhh
14:58 maglinvinn_work case of paint refers to  2000 rounds in a box
14:58 maspriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
14:58 maspriborintorg hi
14:58 maglinvinn_work 4 bags of 500 each, in a case.  :)
14:58 ynos not 4 quarts (like a box of auto-paint ;)
14:58 maglinvinn_work nope.
14:58 maglinvinn_work heh.
14:59 Druidic_Rifleman hey maglinvinn
15:00 Druidic_Rifleman Unless it's 50 cal or First strike
15:00 Druidic_Rifleman 50 call case's are 4000
15:00 Druidic_Rifleman I have a 1000 rounds of frost bite field...
15:01 Druidic_Rifleman which is winter fill
15:02 Druidic_Rifleman wait i do have a case caddys are 1000 rounds each
15:02 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
15:03 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
15:03 Cprossu_Laptop .seen redhome
15:03 BotSteve Cprossu_Laptop: I last saw redhome 33.50 hours ago at 2011-06-19 05:33:10 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 15:03:26 UTC
15:03 Cprossu_Laptop good morning all, morning CaptainBoden
15:03 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
15:04 Cprossu_Laptop is that corey at the lab?
15:04 speedrunnerG55 Hi
15:04 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
15:05 Cprossu_Laptop hey tgg_Liz thx for music
15:05 tgg_Liz you're welcome
15:05 Cprossu_Laptop mc switcher is live btw
15:05 CaptainBoden ok guys, what's the latest on that console?
15:05 Cprossu_Laptop works.
15:05 CaptainBoden is it all patched in?
15:06 Cprossu_Laptop beats me
15:06 CaptainBoden btw, if anyone wants to be a damn hero, we need an air compressor, a big one.
15:06 Cprossu_Laptop I think he's got at least 4 things patched in
15:06 CaptainBoden k
15:06 Cprossu_Laptop he wants to clean it up though I think he said
15:06 fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
15:09 * maglinvinn_work is digging the ustream tunes
15:09 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
15:09 Druidic_Rifleman tgg_Liz never let cory control the music...
15:10 maglinvinn_work haha, it was epic when he thought he was trolling us with it
15:10 maglinvinn_work i love nyan cat
15:10 eightbitbrad Sounds like it's a good thing I shouldn't have the stream on. lol
15:10 Druidic_Rifleman for the love of all that is science he has aweful tatses
15:10 Druidic_Rifleman tastes*
15:10 maglinvinn_work ...  true
15:10 eightbitbrad but don't taunt IRC
15:10 eightbitbrad cause IRC taunts back
15:10 Druidic_Rifleman Sooooooooooooo any one in ontario wanna play some paint ball today?
15:10 eightbitbrad Especially once that Powerwheels bot is functional.
15:11 Druidic_Rifleman MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
15:11 Druidic_Rifleman OOOOH i think we should put a paint ball gun on it.
15:11 Druidic_Rifleman XD
15:11 tgg_Liz i'll try to keep him from choosing any druidic
15:12 maglinvinn_work ... artist and title request?
15:12 maglinvinn_work dont' recgonize it
15:13 ynos Druidic_Rifleman: meet me halfway.. in sarnia ;)
15:14 tgg_Liz maglinvinn_work: modest mouse, satin in a coffin
15:14 maglinvinn_work thx'
15:14 tgg_Liz np
15:16 eightbitbrad Anyone have any ideas on how I can hook these old Commodore 64s up?  I don't have a TV old enough for the A/V switch connection.   hrm.
15:16 tgg_Liz go to a thrift store and find a tv old enough?
15:16 Cprossu_Laptop eightbitbrad: you have he right cable?
15:17 Cprossu_Laptop eightbitbrad it should just be a composite
15:17 maglinvinn_work commodore uses the two screw UHF connection
15:17 Cprossu_Laptop no it doesnt o_O
15:17 Xylera joined #thegeekgroup
15:17 maglinvinn_work doesn't?
15:17 Cprossu_Laptop no
15:17 Cprossu_Laptop it just uses composite
15:17 maglinvinn_work hmm.  i seem to remember mine had that on it
15:17 eightbitbrad I'm pretty sure I've got everything.   tgg_Liz: I'd rather not get yet another TV. :)
15:17 maglinvinn_work picutres speak a thousand words.
15:17 eightbitbrad If it's straight composite I'm fine, I just wasn't sure that's what it was.
15:18 maspriborintorg not necessary to bother going to a trift store, here crt tvs are often abandoned on the pavement
15:18 Cprossu_Laptop eightbitbrad a cable that has 4 wires, red white black yellow right?
15:18 Cprossu_Laptop it goes into a DIN
15:18 Cprossu_Laptop that's the preferred method
15:18 eightbitbrad Cprossu_Laptop: I'll have to double-check tonight.  I know I've got a composite-looking cable and the power brick of doom
15:18 Xylera Hi
15:19 maglinvinn_work hey Xylera
15:19 Xylera (it's kristopher)
15:19 Xylera I'm on my mobile
15:19 Xylera I has pepsi
15:19 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
15:20 Xylera Is anything happening today?
15:20 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
15:20 maglinvinn_work Captain was in here earlier, but i haven't heard of anything in particular.
15:20 Xylera Oh
15:21 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
15:21 Xylera left #thegeekgroup
15:21 eightbitbrad I have two 64s.  I suspect one is DOA just because of how beaten up it is.  If it is, it's going to the lab for an autopsy.  I'm hoping one of them works at least.
15:22 Cprossu_Laptop but yeah eightbitbrad if I recall
15:22 Xylera joined #thegeekgroup
15:22 Cprossu_Laptop use the one that goes to DIN
15:22 Xylera Sorry bout that
15:22 Cprossu_Laptop the one that looks like a regular composite is a RF out
15:22 Cprossu_Laptop like an atari
15:22 Cprossu_Laptop but you don't want to use that output
15:23 Cprossu_Laptop eightbitbrad:
15:23 Cprossu_Laptop ^ it will look just like this
15:23 eightbitbrad hmmm I'll check the box tonight and see what I have.
15:24 Cprossu_Laptop or this
15:24 Cprossu_Laptop but either way
15:24 Cprossu_Laptop it'll be yellow for video, red and white for audio
15:24 Cprossu_Laptop iirc
15:24 eightbitbrad yeah, typical composite :)
15:24 Cprossu_Laptop the black one is for a commodore monitor
15:25 Cprossu_Laptop and gives it a better picture
15:25 Cprossu_Laptop I think it's a black & white signal of some sort
15:25 Cprossu_Laptop like split chroma luma
15:25 Cprossu_Laptop in that mode
15:25 Druidic_Rifleman ynos issue I have no car
15:25 Druidic_Rifleman and sarnia is a bitch to get to
15:25 Xylera Your talking shit to me
15:26 Cprossu_Laptop @ Xylera what?! also what kind of pepsi do you has? is it pepsi throwback?
15:27 Xylera It's pepsi max
15:27 Cprossu_Laptop ahh.
15:27 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
15:27 Cprossu_Laptop at least it's not pepsi regular
15:27 Xylera Hi speedrunnerG55
15:27 speedrunnerG55 Hi :)
15:27 Xylera Yeah it's shit just like straight coke, it's like syrup
15:27 speedrunnerG55 Xylera: Do i know you?
15:28 Xylera (it's kristopher but I'm on my phone)
15:28 SparkyProjects If anything has a RF output for connecting to a TV aerial socket, the RF modulator often has a composite input, if you know what you're doing you can bypass the RF and get composite out
15:29 Xylera Cool
15:29 Xylera What's that got to do with anything?
15:30 maglinvinn_work it quite directly affects the price of tea in china you see....
15:31 tgg_Liz but then there'd be no tea...
15:31 speedrunnerG55 Lol
15:31 Xylera Lol
15:31 SparkyProjects you can get tea from India :P
15:31 Xylera I actually laughed at that
15:31 speedrunnerG55 "Lol" iphone ftw
15:31 tgg_Liz which gets problematic for me
15:32 tgg_Liz the next time i try to kick caffeine again
15:32 maglinvinn_work why kcik it
15:32 maglinvinn_work embrace it!
15:32 * maglinvinn_work has a case of redbulls in the jeep waiting for a hug... and some more bacardi
15:32 speedrunnerG55 Hehe
15:33 tgg_Liz i get enough headaches naturally without having to haves ones due to forgetting to drink a pop on the odd day :P
15:33 Xylera I have a "slab" of monsters
15:33 eightbitbrad mmmm redbull
15:34 Cprossu_Laptop I blame it on too many bodens, tgg_Liz
15:34 Xylera Omnomnomnom
15:34 Cprossu_Laptop xD
15:34 Xylera Lol
15:34 eightbitbrad SparkyProjects: I don't know that I'm that skilled yet.   I'll snap some pics tonight of what I'm dealing with if I can't figure out what I have.   Been 20+ years since I've dealt with Commodore.
15:34 * speedrunnerG55 hands liz an asprin
15:35 Xylera PING
15:35 Cprossu_Laptop P
15:35 Cprossu_Laptop (3 packets lost)
15:35 speedrunnerG55 Ing
15:35 speedrunnerG55 1 packet lost
15:35 Cprossu_Laptop 1 packet corrupted too
15:36 Cprossu_Laptop lets try this again Xylera lol
15:36 SparkyProjects
15:36 speedrunnerG55 I think we collided
15:37 tgg_Liz cprossu_laptop: as do i
15:37 Xylera 100 kilometere hour winds YAY
15:38 Cprossu_Laptop .tfw 85020
15:38 Xylera Or 50 miles
15:38 BotSteve 85�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  ' bed!'
15:38 Cprossu_Laptop it's a nice morning
15:38 Xylera Or something
15:39 Seroster I am 50/50 laughing crying, Why Do I never learn?
15:39 Seroster "ooo, a big bulky black thing from a printer.... I wonder what's inside"
15:39 SparkyProjects eightbitbrad, the modulator in a c64 is more complex than standard, the input toit id 'sync+lum' and 'colour' top right of diagram
15:39 * Seroster gets back to cleaning what once was a WHITE sink
15:40 Cprossu_Laptop SparkyProjects he shouldn't have to worry about anything
15:41 eightbitbrad I'll know more once I'm at home and sitting in front of it.  I'll hop on here and turn on my old ustream channel to show you guys.
15:41 maglinvinn_work Sero, alcohol can clean that up
15:41 maglinvinn_work mythyl or denatured
15:41 speedrunnerG55 Seroster: Whats up
15:41 maglinvinn_work if its toner
15:41 maglinvinn_work well, or ink
15:42 SparkyProjects Seroster had a toner explosion, yay for inkjet :D
15:43 Cprossu_Laptop as long as he has the 8 pin din for the video cable he'll be pulling composite.
15:43 Cprossu_Laptop ^ @ SparkyProjects
15:44 SparkyProjects True, or an aerial cable that he can plug into TV
15:44 Xylera I hadz a toner explosion at school. In the main photocopier it just dumped and sprayed
15:45 fulsy .tfw 06483
15:45 maspriborintorg I already saw a HP printer bleeding ink from the bottom, it's not better
15:45 BotSteve 70�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Seymour, CT!  'READ A FUCKIN' BOOK'
15:45 maglinvinn_work meanwhile, toner in a mineral oil bath at the right saturation can act like ferrofluid
15:45 Cprossu_Laptop was it a canon or a Richoh Xylera?
15:45 maspriborintorg or Xerox XD
15:46 Cprossu_Laptop xerox's just bloody work, even if they steal everyone elses engines
15:46 maspriborintorg Sharp copiers fail well, also
15:46 Cprossu_Laptop Ricoh's though
15:47 Cprossu_Laptop are the band of my bloody existance
15:47 Cprossu_Laptop *bane
15:47 Cprossu_Laptop they need to round all of them up
15:47 Cprossu_Laptop and melt them down for the good of mankind
15:47 Seroster SparkyProjects, Inkjet is a pain
15:47 Seroster Toner...
15:47 Seroster ... Damn that sucks
15:47 SparkyProjects I've got some lenses from some Xerox copiers, unfortunately they removed the cameras before they scrapped them
15:47 Seroster Garbage bag time
15:48 maspriborintorg btw, Ricoh KR-5 and KR-10 were incredibly great and strong slr cameras
15:48 Cprossu_Laptop Seroster you are really taking apart a toner, not just kidding with us?
15:48 Seroster Want a fuckin picture? =P
15:48 Cprossu_Laptop wtf man?!
15:49 fulsy they should autospy a toner cartridge
15:49 Cprossu_Laptop no they should not
15:49 Seroster YES THEY SHOULD
15:49 Xylera It was a konica minolta bizhub 200 I think
15:49 Seroster Woul make an awesome swearwideo
15:49 Cprossu_Laptop it would make a dirty set
15:49 Xylera No they fucking should
15:49 Seroster Thought the Pipe cutting pain was fun? Imagine toner autopsy!
15:49 Cprossu_Laptop they should do it at your place then, Xylera
15:49 speedrunnerG55 Hi
15:49 SparkyProjects If someone is willing to do the cleanup, i'm sure they'll do an autopsy :P
15:50 speedrunnerG55 Cprossu_Laptop: Guess what
15:50 Seroster SparkyProjects, You just need a vacuum cleaner from hell
15:50 Xylera And cancerous
15:50 Xylera Fuck no!
15:50 Cprossu_Laptop speedrunnerG55: what?
15:50 Seroster Xylera, Carbon?
15:50 speedrunnerG55 I got a 100 on my last test :3
15:50 Xylera The fake coloured shit
15:50 Cprossu_Laptop g/j I suppose
15:50 * Cprossu_Laptop gives speedrunnerG55 a t-shirt and a cherry dumdum
15:51 fulsy Well, I'm about to leave to go to NYC
15:51 maspriborintorg photocopier disassembly in old movie fashion lol
15:51 Seroster SparkyProjects, Luckily I am experienced with toner mishaps, so I ran to the bathroom and went apeshit with cold water and dishwashing liquid.  Being in the bathroom makes cleanup easier, you can just flush EVRYTHING down the drain and hope the pipes wont mind
15:51 Cprossu_Laptop speedrunnerG55: I got the master control switcher working!
15:51 speedrunnerG55 Ty Cprossu_Laptop
15:51 Cprossu_Laptop as in fully functional
15:51 speedrunnerG55 Oh!
15:51 speedrunnerG55 Awesome!
15:52 speedrunnerG55 I saw it involved software 0_o
15:52 Cprossu_Laptop not just any software, badly written and cobled together software!
15:53 speedrunnerG55 That file i shared yes?
15:53 Cprossu_Laptop and it's very ......uh.... hormonal.
15:53 Cprossu_Laptop speedrunnerG55: ????
15:53 speedrunnerG55 ....
15:53 speedrunnerG55 The file you shared*
15:53 Xylera Yay
15:53 Xylera It keeps saying on ustream mobile that the feeds down
15:53 SparkyProjects Cprossu, would that be known as 'Cussware' ? :D
15:53 Xylera But I can get sound
15:54 Cprossu_Laptop no I don't think so
15:54 maglinvinn_work left #thegeekgroup
15:54 Cprossu_Laptop KludgeSoft
15:54 Cprossu_Laptop (c) 1997
15:54 speedrunnerG55 Cprossu_Laptop: Was that the zip file you shared?
15:54 Cprossu_Laptop I shared many zips
15:55 Cprossu_Laptop I don't think I ever shared the final config file though
15:55 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
15:55 speedrunnerG55 ...
15:55 speedrunnerG55 Was in it
15:55 Cprossu_Laptop no that's a directory
15:55 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
15:55 speedrunnerG55 Oh
15:55 fulsy left #thegeekgroup
15:55 maspriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
15:55 Cprossu_Laptop and that's a Saturn Input
15:55 Cprossu_Laptop config
15:55 Cprossu_Laptop it changes name if you label it different
15:55 Seroster SparkyProjects, I had some connections to the people at the library, and when their MONSTER photocopier died and they got a new one I got their old.   That was a learning experience that resulted in a big black patch in my parents garden xD
15:56 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
15:56 BatSteve left #thegeekgroup
15:56 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
15:56 BotSteve Welcome back, boss.
15:56 Cprossu_Laptop good morning BotSteve
15:56 Cprossu_Laptop and BatSteve
15:56 BatSteve howdy Cprossu_Laptop
15:56 Cprossu_Laptop .cookie BatSteve
15:56 BotSteve Here you go, BatSteve, I baked you a chocolate-covered cherry cookie!
15:56 BatSteve How's everyone today?
15:56 BatSteve ooooh, those are awesome
15:56 Cprossu_Laptop pretty happy
15:57 BatSteve
15:57 Cprossu_Laptop the video
15:57 BatSteve that happy?
15:57 Cprossu_Laptop is going through the switcher
15:57 Cprossu_Laptop all happy and stuff
15:57 BatSteve Awesome, congrats!
15:58 Cprossu_Laptop in my case someone jammed a giant wall in between that straight path with that software
15:58 Cprossu_Laptop in that 'comic'
16:00 BatSteve ah
16:03 astro73|derrial StW is often quite amusing
16:04 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
16:05 Xylera left #thegeekgroup
16:06 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:06 Cprossu_Laptop food time I think
16:07 Cprossu_Laptop I have a few boxes of cookies but I better eat something else instead
16:07 maglinvinn_work joined #thegeekgroup
16:07 BatSteve Cprossu_Laptop: steak!
16:08 Seroster Ahoy bat
16:08 Seroster Sup
16:08 BatSteve yar har Seroster
16:08 BatSteve Thinking about steak and wishing I had some in the fridge.
16:09 Seroster Get some fucken steak then?
16:09 Xylera joined #thegeekgroup
16:10 BatSteve Yeah that would require that I move.  I'm going to be moving all evening.  For the next five minutes I am going to remain stationary
16:11 Seroster PIZZA TIME
16:11 BatSteve PIZZA
16:11 Seroster Get swume
16:11 Xylera left #thegeekgroup
16:14 eightbitbrad Pizza with steak on top.  win!
16:15 eightbitbrad maglinvinn_work: I haven't forgotten about the Xbox, haven't been able to get it shipped yet.
16:15 BatSteve Meh.  /me is not a vegetarian, but I really like veggies on pizza more than meat
16:15 BatSteve Especially tomatoes.
16:15 maglinvinn_work lul eightbit, its all good man, lab is busy anyways.  i'd love to get it set up though, to stream some aweosme geek group videos in the cafe
16:16 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
16:20 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
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16:23 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
16:24 MadManMarkAu1 left #thegeekgroup
16:24 maglinvinn_work did the music die on the ustream?
16:27 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
16:28 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
16:28 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
16:30 Seroster OOOOOOO
16:30 Seroster Electromechanic counter
16:30 Seroster This printer has ben used 39438 times. Lol =D
16:30 Cprossu_Netbook holy crap this is still connected.
16:30 BatSteve Number of times or number of pages?
16:30 Seroster I have no idea
16:30 Cprossu_Netbook my lj8000 only has 370,000 pages on it.
16:30 Seroster FH7-9209  (Electromagnetic counter)
16:31 SparkyProjects A counter on a printer is usually the number of pages printed
16:32 maglinvinn_work does AdderD from the forums frequent IRC here?
16:33 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
16:33 Seroster Yet another RAS! "CVR recorder"
16:35 maglinvinn_work ... nothing?  hehe
16:37 SparkyProjects
16:39 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
16:40 Python interesting
16:41 Cprossu .seen adderd
16:41 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen adderd around.
16:41 maglinvinn_work yeah.  looks like he doesn't use irc
16:41 Cprossu gonna say IDK on that, maglinvinn_work
16:42 Cprossu the .seen logs got cleared I think 4 days ago
16:42 maglinvinn_work got it
16:42 eightbitbtad joined #thegeekgroup
16:43 BatSteve Cprossu: the seen log database gets updated every time someone requests a seen
16:43 BatSteve Meaning that when BotSteve crashes, the database is only current as of the last time someone seen'ed someone else
16:44 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
16:45 maglinvinn_work its a boden
16:45 maglinvinn_work and a red!
16:45 eightbitbtad red?
16:45 Cprossu_Laptop yay
16:45 eightbitbtad where? hehe
16:45 Cprossu_Laptop a wild red too
16:46 * eightbitbtad smacks his inner red fanboy a bit
16:46 * mashpriborintorg installing LTSpice
16:46 Seroster I got a bucket of usefulness
16:46 maglinvinn_work on stream eightbit
16:46 * eightbitbtad waits for the ad
16:46 Seroster A bucket of crap, a box of crap and a bag of crap, not to mention a bag in a bag in a bag in a bag with the HAZMAT fucking toner =P
16:46 mashpriborintorg Look at that ceiling, red, it is not painted in white
16:47 mashpriborintorg but it should be
16:47 * Cprossu_Laptop watches stream, takes a nap
16:47 eightbitbtad oh hai   CNC machines.
16:47 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
16:47 Cprossu_Laptop Seroster: now imagine thousands of children doing what you are doing, that's where chinese toner comes from.
16:47 Seroster I envy them
16:48 Seroster In some ways
16:48 Cprossu_Laptop they often get lung diseases
16:48 Seroster I find turning screws counter clockwise a chi thing.
16:48 SparkyProjects Seroster, even the left hand thread screws ?
16:48 Seroster FUCK YEAH
16:49 SparkyProjects HVL noises :P
16:50 tonsofpcs so the forums mobile style only shows the first post in each thread....
16:54 Cprossu_Laptop hello tggmc
16:56 tanilolli joined #thegeekgroup
16:59 Sepiaq joined #thegeekgroup
17:00 BatSteve we have a mobile forum now?
17:00 Sepiaq left #thegeekgroup
17:00 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
17:09 Druidic_Rifleman Field was empty :( no kids to shoot today
17:10 Cprossu_Netbook left #thegeekgroup
17:12 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
17:15 tonsofpcs i'll read your forum post when i get back to work, cprossu (at lunch now)batsteve - the forum detects mobile browsers and changes stylesheets
17:15 BatSteve oh that's kind of cool
17:17 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
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17:24 Seroster SparkyProjects, My overall guru and Sensei, can you guesstimate the price for tungsten?
17:25 SparkyProjects I have no idea, it's not something i buy offten :P (not at all really)
17:25 Seroster Hehe
17:26 Seroster Unless it is over 20 pounds a kilo I wont even bother
17:28 mashpriborintorg wanna want to break old bulbs sir salvaging the tunsgten wire ? Not sure it will be worth the work... and the cuts
17:28 speedrunnerG55 Oh my gpsh
17:28 speedrunnerG55 Oh my gosh
17:28 speedrunnerG55 .yt meep spin
17:29 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:
17:29 * speedrunnerG55 dances
17:29 mashpriborintorg but breaking old transformers for copper is quite easy and fast with the good tools and procedures
17:29 Seroster asn
17:29 maglinvinn_work whats chris drilling for now???
17:29 Seroster mashpriborintorg, I am scrapping quite a lot of electronics for parts and metal. I was just thinking about heating elements
17:30 speedrunnerG55 .yt meep spin
17:30 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:
17:30 speedrunnerG55 WRONG VIDEO
17:31 mashpriborintorg Chris makes so many holes it these walls....
17:32 mashpriborintorg It is the final place for Thumper I believe
17:35 maglinvinn_work yeah, thats where thumpers table will be...
17:35 maglinvinn_work i THINK that opens up into the boiler room though...
17:36 mashpriborintorg maybe the compressed air will come from there ?
17:37 maglinvinn_work that would be slick.
17:40 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
17:44 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
17:44 Ponko92 hello all :)
17:45 Seroster I remember the Canon Rebel Autopsy video, "Canon made this camera and they are VERY proud of it!"   - Autopsying a photocopyer and DAMN canon is proud they made it xD
17:46 guest23 joined #thegeekgroup
17:49 mashpriborintorg Lol did did never notice the last hidden screw while tahing apart the canon
17:49 mashpriborintorg it was just below his thumb
17:50 Ponko92 lol sods law
17:50 mashpriborintorg Olympus analog SLRs are a hell to take apart
17:51 mashpriborintorg I've already processed so many cameras... more than 100 maybe
17:52 guest23 left #thegeekgroup
17:55 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
17:55 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
17:56 mashpriborintorg oh oh
17:56 mashpriborintorg broken glass noise
17:57 mashpriborintorg could be the thumper discharge bulbs
17:58 Seroster O
17:58 Seroster Handmade solders
17:58 Seroster Piece of fucking art!
17:58 mashpriborintorg no they seem to be intact
18:10 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
18:10 Druidic_Rifleman mmmmmm falaful
18:20 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
18:20 Electronics evening all
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18:34 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
18:36 Ponko92 that was a boring conversation anyway
18:37 BatSteve Luke we're gonna have company!
18:40 Ponko92 uh everythings thing we're alright now, how are you?
18:41 Ponko92 everythings fine* rather lol
18:42 Ponko92 hey batsteve
18:42 BatSteve hey Ponko
18:43 Ponko92 weird day i had today
18:43 maglinvinn_work that intercom definately shot first
18:43 Ponko92 went to the park to practice and was throwing like a melon
18:44 BatSteve +1 maglinvinn_work
18:44 BatSteve that's awesome
18:44 BatSteve I want that on a t-shirt
18:44 Ponko92 what throwing like a melon
18:45 wannabe1987 what can you do with an 80gb hard drive????
18:45 wannabe1987 can't store pictures.  can't store much music.  can do documents
18:45 BatSteve Put it into a HDD enclosure and make it external.
18:46 wannabe1987 ...
18:46 wannabe1987 i know, right.
18:46 wannabe1987 i have a 25 and a 60 to do that with
18:46 wannabe1987 i need enclosures tho
18:46 wannabe1987 but its in this computer my boyfriend got for me
18:48 Ponko92 batsteve you mean what i said lol
18:48 BatSteve pardon?
18:48 Ponko92 throwing like a melon
18:48 Ponko92 on a t-shirt
18:48 BatSteve oh, no.
18:48 BatSteve sorry
18:48 Ponko92 lol
18:48 BatSteve I meant the "intercom shot first" thing
18:48 maglinvinn_work lol batsteve
18:49 Ponko92 wel i couldn't believe it though and that is funnt
18:49 Ponko92 funny
18:49 Ponko92 batsteve i played yesterday like i was playing today i'd have NO offers and some pull out
18:50 BatSteve Ponko92: good thing you didn't then, huh?
18:50 Ponko92 if i was* sorry
18:50 Ponko92 and YEP i stunk
18:51 Ponko92 i was at college playing in the park
18:51 wannabe1987
18:51 Ponko92 on my own
18:52 Ponko92 no pressure to throw a duck yet i still do o_O
18:52 Ponko92 literally NONE
18:53 jason__ joined #thegeekgroup
18:53 BatSteve Ponko92: get it all out of your system now, I guess
18:53 BatSteve Besides a little bit of pressure actually helps you do better.
18:53 Seroster "Last night a hypnotist convinced me I was a soft, malleable metal with an atomic number of 82. I'm easily lead."  Irl nurd lol! =D
18:53 Ponko92 lol yep
18:54 * BatSteve needs to scram
18:54 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
18:54 jason__ is now known as Jason0
18:55 SparkyProjects Where did you steel that joke from Seroster :P
18:55 Seroster .yt periodic videos lead
18:55 BotSteve Seroster:
18:55 Seroster And I wasnt very covert with the fact I stole it, citation marks
18:56 Jason0 is now known as b011011000110111
18:56 maglinvinn_work sero, you missed his spelling of steal....
18:56 maglinvinn_work lol.
18:56 Ponko92 steel
18:56 Ponko92 er
18:56 Ponko92 s
18:56 Ponko92 lol
18:58 Seroster maglinvinn_work, eh. Ah. Right.
18:59 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
18:59 Seroster I am so used to being on the internet I unconciously correct spelling errors.
18:59 maglinvinn_work :)
19:00 Ponko92 can i ask is it seen as professional to offer a scholarship over the phone?
19:00 maglinvinn_work you were the one posting a joke about play on words
19:00 * speedrunnerG55 hi fives Seroster and maglinvin
19:00 Seroster Indeed ^^
19:00 Seroster Sup speedy?
19:00 Ponko92 GO PACK GO
19:00 speedrunnerG55 Pack?
19:00 Ponko92 yes
19:01 Ponko92 the Green Bay Packers :D
19:01 speedrunnerG55 ...
19:01 Ponko92 you're a Jet or Giant
19:01 wannabe1987 is now known as kev1987
19:02 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
19:02 wannabe1987 heyyyyyy
19:02 Ponko92 HAI wannabe1987
19:02 eightbitbtad ot
19:02 eightbitbtad it's a wannabe1987
19:02 Ponko92 and whats wrong with the GB Pack speedy
19:03 wannabe1987 hai i have two computers!!!
19:03 wannabe1987 and happy belated fathers day, eightbitbtad
19:04 eightbitbtad Thankies, wannabe1987  :)  It was a good one.
19:04 Ponko92 well i'd was gonna say hey what about me but TECHNICALLY i'm not a dad YET
19:04 wannabe1987 what did you get from little geek?
19:04 eightbitbtad we just went out and had ice cream and hung out.  Didn't get anything this year, didn't really bother me either.
19:05 Ponko92 ah workshop noise
19:05 wannabe1987 cool :)  ice cream is yummy
19:05 speedrunnerG55 Oh hi wannabe!
19:05 eightbitbtad
19:06 eightbitbtad there ya go.
19:06 speedrunnerG55 Ponko92: Im i giants fan. I know one of the coatches personally
19:06 Ponko92 lol
19:06 speedrunnerG55 B)
19:06 Ponko92 i feel sorry for you
19:06 speedrunnerG55 Lol
19:07 eightbitbtad Phillies.
19:07 Ponko92 i think he means New York Giants
19:07 eightbitbtad Steelers.
19:07 eightbitbtad :)
19:07 wannabe1987 hi speedrunnerG55.  kev1987 is also me
19:08 Ponko92 haha we one :)
19:08 speedrunnerG55 kev1987: ?
19:08 speedrunnerG55 Two connections?
19:08 speedrunnerG55 You got another pc?
19:09 speedrunnerG55 wannabe?
19:09 speedrunnerG55 What kind?
19:09 Ponko92 you may have 6 Super Bowls but we have the 1st 2 :P
19:10 eightbitbtad haha I have better grammar than you...  you're looking for won, not one.  Taunt right or don't taunt at all. :P
19:10 Ponko92 mmmm thats what MEANT to say lol
19:10 kev1987 yes sped
19:10 kev1987 speed*
19:10 Ponko92 i wasn't thinking lol
19:11 eightbitbtad [15:08] <Ponko92> haha we one :)
19:11 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55 its a dell latitude D810
19:11 Ponko92 i meant to say we won lol
19:11 eightbitbtad anyway, I don't play the sports team pissing match game :)  yay new computers
19:11 Ponko92 lol
19:11 kev1987 dunno about "new" its got an 80gb hd....
19:12 eightbitbtad new to you, at least.
19:12 * mashpriborintorg sleep time yay
19:12 kev1987 yeah
19:12 Ponko92 hooray
19:12 kev1987 night  mashpriborintorg
19:12 speedrunnerG55 My laptop has an 80gb hdd
19:12 speedrunnerG55 Its not bad
19:13 wannabe1987 kk
19:13 Electronics same
19:13 speedrunnerG55 I also have a laptop with 500 Gb
19:13 Ponko92 do you play worms eightbitbrad
19:15 eightbitbtad Ponko92: I don't.  My latest addiction seems to be Minecraft
19:16 Ponko92 lol well i would if i could afford it :(
19:16 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
19:17 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
19:19 eightbitbtad I picked up Minecraft back during the Alpha days.  Finally spent the weekend getting up to speed with it.  Now, I'm trying to decide what to build.
19:20 kev1987 wannabe
19:20 wannabe1987 yay it works :D
19:20 Druidic_Rifleman :( i am bored
19:21 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
19:21 Ponko92 why have you got 2 btw
19:22 kev1987 who
19:22 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: obtuse on Power Wheels Robot
19:22 speedrunnerG55 What works wannabe?
19:22 kev1987 highlights
19:22 speedrunnerG55 Ohh cool
19:23 wannabe1987 yep
19:23 wannabe1987 and Ponko92 who?
19:23 wannabe1987 me?
19:23 Ponko92 yes you lol
19:23 speedrunnerG55 More like why do i have 5?!
19:23 wannabe1987 because i awes always complianing about the netbook being slow so drew got me another computer
19:24 speedrunnerG55 X_x
19:24 eightbitbtad Ponko92 just lost 100 geek points for questioning why someone would have two computers.
19:24 wannabe1987 speed youre a computeraholic
19:24 wannabe1987 lol
19:24 speedrunnerG55 Lol
19:24 Ponko92 nooo why does she have 2 names lol
19:24 eightbitbtad wannabe1987 gains those 100 geek points
19:24 wannabe1987 cuz i'm logged on on two computers...
19:24 kev1987 duh?
19:24 Ponko92 fair enough
19:24 eightbitbtad And Ponko92 gets a trip to the IRC penalty box.
19:24 eightbitbtad or better yet...
19:24 kev1987 i don't know how to do it with one nick, two computers
19:24 * eightbitbtad tosses a yellow flag
19:25 wannabe1987 lol
19:25 speedrunnerG55 eightbitbtad: Whats the foul
19:25 * Ponko92 turns around and asking what call was for
19:25 eightbitbtad Illegal ask of a silly question.  15 yard penalty, first down.
19:25 Cprossu_Laptop you don't, other than vnc, kev1987
19:25 wannabe1987 vnc?
19:25 Ponko92 for us me great
19:25 Ponko92 i'm ON the offense
19:26 * wannabe1987 donsn't understand sports
19:26 Cprossu_Laptop as in remote desktio
19:26 * eightbitbtad throws another flag
19:26 speedrunnerG55 Vnc?
19:26 speedrunnerG55 X_x
19:26 eightbitbtad Arguing with the eightbitbtad, immediate ejection from the game.  You're outta here! :P
19:26 eightbitbtad I'm in a mood. hehe
19:26 wannabe1987 LOL
19:26 wannabe1987 go eightbitbtad
19:26 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
19:26 Ponko92 i wasn't arguin
19:26 wannabe1987 ohai
19:27 Ponko92 arguing*
19:27 * KB3NZQ monitoring
19:27 eightbitbtad IRC is such that you cannot have two IRC sessions, either on the same computer or two different ones using the same nick.  It just no worky.
19:27 livefiretj shes a woman there " always" right
19:27 wannabe1987 but...mtheis does it...
19:27 wannabe1987 he doesn't log out
19:27 wannabe1987 he's the same nick at work and at home
19:27 eightbitbtad yeah, he has a session permanently running on a remote computer
19:27 wannabe1987 o ok
19:27 wannabe1987 damn
19:27 * Ponko92 is in the middle of a consipiricy to make him lose the game
19:27 eightbitbtad he logs into that computer and reconnects to the session from where ever he is.
19:28 livefiretj I guess eight bit never broke a rule...
19:28 eightbitbtad Oh, I break rules all the time.
19:28 eightbitbtad :)
19:28 wannabe1987 its what dads do
19:28 SparkyProjects Used to use vnc for work, and if i had a voip phone at home, it could seem to others that i was actually at work
19:28 SparkyProjects VNC= Virtual Network Computing, meant i had access to everything on the network that i usually have, not just one computer
19:28 eightbitbtad and dads get to make rules...  ask the little bitty, she knows. hehe
19:28 eightbitbtad Although, Ponko92 gave me a good idea.
19:29 speedrunnerG55 Ty SparkyProjects
19:29 Ponko92 lol
19:29 eightbitbtad Maybe I need a little penalty flag for the mini-me.
19:29 Ponko92 hmm
19:29 wannabe1987 lol
19:29 eightbitbtad She does act like some of the players when they get upset. lol
19:29 speedrunnerG55 Everything on the network ?!?
19:29 KB3NZQ batsteve-away got quick ? for you about the bot
19:29 speedrunnerG55 As in Shared files?
19:30 speedrunnerG55 Eh? SparkyProjects ?
19:31 KB3NZQ botsteve tell batsteve that i have a question for him and he can find me either on as kb3nzq or kb3nzq_biostar
19:31 eightbitbtad KB3NZQ: Fire your question, maybe I can help.
19:31 wannabe1987 why is the dvorak keyboard under accessiblity options?
19:32 eightbitbtad hi BotSteve
19:32 BotSteve Cheers eightbitbtad!
19:32 eightbitbtad is now known as eightbitbrad
19:32 SparkyProjects Speedrunner, our IT dept set up the VNC, basically it tapped me into the works network, i had a works computer at home for the purpose, so anything connected to the network was able to be reached by me from home
19:32 SparkyProjects This included some security or building control stuff, very handy for call-out where i didn't need to attend in person to fix  problem
19:32 KB3NZQ no it is for batsteve directly
19:32 eightbitbrad ah okay then.
19:33 KB3NZQ sorry
19:33 eightbitbrad I hack around on the bot sometimes too.
19:33 SparkyProjects Work also had VOIP, so i could have had a phone at home too
19:33 Ponko92 you live in pittsburgh eightbitbrad you should own a Terrible Towel
19:33 Ponko92 lol
19:33 eightbitbrad I have one somewhere, and I'm not in the burg, just a fan.
19:34 eightbitbrad Originally from PA, living in Atlanta these days
19:34 eightbitbrad Can't bring myself to root for the Falcons.
19:34 Ponko92 lol well thats your flag for you
19:34 Ponko92 ummm no lol who can
19:34 KB3NZQ the question is is there a way i can tell botsteve to pass a message but tell the bot in a pm and not in the channel
19:34 Ponko92 i went to see the Packers wipe there butts in the playoffs damn they sucked
19:35 Ponko92 and football should be played OUTSIDE
19:35 * speedrunnerG55 ty SparkyProjects
19:35 Ponko92 i get told off for playing inside
19:35 eightbitbrad KB3NZQ: Right now, I don't believe so.
19:35 Ponko92 whipped that should be
19:35 KB3NZQ ok check your PM
19:35 eightbitbrad If you're on the forums, you can send a message that way.
19:36 wannabe1987 hey eightbitbrad do you know if dvorak is on xp??? i can't find it
19:36 eightbitbrad XP? hmmm...  You'd think so.  I'm not sure.  I don't have an XP box in easy reach to check.
19:36 wannabe1987 darn.  i cant seem to find it
19:36 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
19:37 wannabe1987 found it!
19:37 wannabe1987 its in a different spot than in 7
19:38 wannabe1987 its under languages
19:38 wannabe1987 on 7 i found it under accessibility
19:38 exor674 ... accessibility?
19:39 exor674 that's a horrible place for keyboard layouts
19:39 wannabe1987 i know
19:39 wannabe1987 i was confused
19:40 Ponko92 the reflex is an only child he's waiting by the park.
19:40 * Ponko92 starts dancing to Duran Duran
19:41 KB3NZQ who makes devices with Device VendorID/ProductID:   0x148F/0x2573   (unknown vendor)
19:41 KB3NZQ on the case it says wifi max
19:41 Ponko92 damn these headphones are LOUD
19:42 Ponko92 i could put my ears next to speakers and they won't be this
19:42 Ponko92 loud
19:42 KB3NZQ and the mac starts 000e8e
19:44 KB3NZQ never mind the wlan chip is made by sparklan out of taiwan
19:44 wannabe1987 Ponko92 whatcha goin on about now
19:44 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
19:45 Ponko92 the headphones i have with my iPod are slightly deafening
19:45 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
19:48 maglinvinn_work left #thegeekgroup
19:49 Cprossu_Laptop KB3NZQ : USB Ralink RT73
19:51 Cprossu_Laptop Edimax EW-7318USg
19:51 KB3NZQ i got it now i just have to take the time to setup backtrack and the driver then gonna teach my friend's family why thay need to protect them selfs online
19:51 KB3NZQ my friend gave me the ok to do that
19:52 Cprossu_Laptop good luck with that
19:52 KB3NZQ mine is wl-685r made by sparklan
19:52 * Cprossu_Laptop dissapears
19:52 KB3NZQ your next cprossu
19:53 Cprossu_Laptop hmmm oh 00:0E:8E whoops
19:53 KB3NZQ just kidding
19:54 KB3NZQ i'm not planing on coming to AZ for a long time
19:54 Cprossu_Laptop I just don't ever put anything I want online.
19:54 KB3NZQ lol
19:54 Cprossu_Laptop or use any specific services I don't care about
19:54 Ponko92 ok what are they doing on the stream
19:54 Cprossu_Laptop hv lab build and clean
19:54 Cprossu_Laptop which includes whistling
19:55 Cprossu_Laptop and phone calls
19:56 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
19:57 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
19:57 BatSteve KB3NZQ: helloo
19:57 BatSteve *hello
19:57 BatSteve Are you still around?
19:57 KB3NZQ yes i will pm u
19:58 BatSteve Ok.
20:03 wannabe1987 hi BatSteve
20:04 BatSteve hey wannabe1987
20:04 BatSteve what's up?
20:04 wannabe1987 setting up new laptop ...
20:05 wannabe1987 its got 80gb of space
20:06 BatSteve yep I heard
20:06 BatSteve I suggested enclosures, remember?
20:06 BatSteve (:
20:07 Seroster EY BatSteve!
20:08 Cprossu_Laptop thumper
20:08 Druidic_Rifleman hey bat steve
20:08 Seroster Subject?
20:08 Cprossu_Laptop operational test
20:08 BatSteve hey Seroster and Druidic_Rifleman
20:08 Druidic_Rifleman does this video accurately depict what it's like to fly....
20:09 Druidic_Rifleman even thought you know,,, you don't fly a fighter jet
20:09 BatSteve Druidic_Rifleman: I've flown a stunt plane before.  Similar power-to-weight ratio.
20:09 BatSteve And yes, that's exactly what it's like
20:10 Seroster Sup homie?
20:10 Druidic_Rifleman hmmmm there is a flight school going in to the local air port...
20:10 pegasus left #thegeekgroup
20:10 BatSteve about to leave actually Seroster, I'll be back in 30-45
20:10 BatSteve sorry, did you need me?
20:10 pegasus joined #thegeekgroup
20:11 Druidic_Rifleman i wonder if i can get Flight school classes put towards Finishing my grade 12 diploma
20:11 Cprossu_Laptop I wonder if the air system has a leak in it
20:11 Cprossu_Laptop the compressor has been going a long time
20:11 BatSteve Druidic_Rifleman: There are high schools in Detroit that allow that.
20:12 Seroster Not more than usual =P
20:12 Cprossu_Laptop FINALLY.
20:12 Ponko92 you know who i havent seen for a while, CSMonster
20:12 BatSteve she was online last night actually, Ponko
20:13 BatSteve and now I'm leaving for real
20:13 Druidic_Rifleman how is she steve?
20:13 Ponko92 Basketball Buzzer
20:13 Cprossu_Laptop thumper works.
20:13 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
20:13 Ponko92 Cprossu where did they get that arena horn
20:14 Ponko92 hmm ok batsteve i didn't see her :\
20:15 Cprossu_Laptop beats the hell outa me Ponko92
20:15 Cprossu_Laptop I ain't in MI
20:15 Ponko92 BatSteve: Tell CSMonster Ponko92 wonders where you are
20:15 Ponko92 BotSteve: Tell CSMonster Ponko92 wonders where you are
20:15 BotSteve Ponko92: I'll pass that on when CSMonster is around.
20:16 Ponko92 lol all i was waiting for was alot cheering and a NHL game to start
20:16 SparkyProjects Ponko, if you look at the end of the last captains blog, there's a siren and an air horn in the HVL now
20:16 wannabe1987 sounds scary
20:17 Ponko92 hmmm ok i'll check it out
20:17 Ponko92 it sounds like something in a NBA or NHL Arena
20:17 SparkyProjects aat 4:50
20:17 SparkyProjects looks more like a big truck horn
20:18 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
20:18 Ponko92 how it sounded though is what i mean
20:18 Ponko92 i thought i had ESPN on lol
20:19 wannabe1987 o.O gas is 3.41/gal
20:20 speedrunnerG55 WOOT!
20:20 Ponko92 O_O BLIMEY we best get over there and fill our cars up Sparky ;) lol
20:20 wannabe1987 :D
20:20 wannabe1987 i know...its cheaper right?
20:20 Ponko92 thats cheap by brit standards
20:20 Ponko92 lol
20:20 wannabe1987 cheap for here too
20:20 wannabe1987 :P
20:20 Kafka joined #thegeekgroup
20:20 wannabe1987 hi Kafka
20:21 speedrunnerG55 I wonder what it is here
20:21 Cprossu_Laptop
20:21 Cprossu_Laptop
20:21 Cprossu_Laptop wow
20:21 Ponko92 ah Cprossu
20:21 Ponko92 Weeeeee
20:21 Cprossu_Laptop that's fucking awesome
20:21 Ponko92 lol
20:22 Ponko92 i was ASLEEP when you did that Cprossu
20:23 Cprossu_Laptop and?
20:23 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
20:23 Ponko92 i'm sad to have missed that moment
20:25 LinuxH4x0r woot
20:25 LinuxH4x0r my UPS works :D
20:25 LinuxH4x0r swapped in some used gel cells and let it charge over night
20:30 speedrunnerG55 Ups FTW
20:31 Ponko92 yeah that looks like an Arena horn Sparky
20:31 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
20:31 Ponko92 to me anyway
20:31 * speedrunnerG55 goes back to playing zelda
20:32 injektion left #thegeekgroup
20:35 Ponko92 ocarina of time SpeedrunnerG55
20:37 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
20:41 Cprossu gemini test
20:44 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
20:44 livefiretj mah
20:46 wannabe1987 wb livefiretj
20:53 speedrunnerG55 Wats her name kills flying mantas if you throw her at them
20:53 speedrunnerG55 O_O
20:53 speedrunnerG55 1 hit kill
20:56 KB3NZQ for those of you where helping me figure out what the chip was on that wifi dongle here is a set of pics of the PCB
20:57 KB3NZQ brb is 1 min
20:57 KB3NZQ ment in
21:06 Vladdeh left #thegeekgroup
21:07 Vladdeh joined #thegeekgroup
21:09 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
21:13 speedrunnerG55 .yt meepspin
21:13 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:
21:14 wannabe1987 hi Bat-Mobile
21:15 speedrunnerG55 I cant find meep spin
21:15 livefiretj ohla
21:15 livefiretj senoir
21:15 speedrunnerG55 Hi Bat-Mobile
21:15 wannabe1987 tj do you need the map anymore?
21:16 livefiretj no... maybe
21:16 livefiretj need the main street name
21:16 Bat-Mobile hey speed and wannabe
21:16 livefiretj where its at
21:16 wannabe1987 milham
21:16 livefiretj ahh
21:16 livefiretj im good now
21:16 wannabe1987 :)
21:16 speedrunnerG55 Wjats itclaaed?
21:17 speedrunnerG55 Whats it called?*
21:17 livefiretj dont feel good
21:17 livefiretj milham
21:17 wannabe1987 why not?
21:17 wannabe1987 speedrunnerG55 that was an epic fail!
21:17 livefiretj stomach
21:17 wannabe1987 hmmm well when we get back i'm making dinner
21:18 livefiretj how did you get the a and the l backwards...
21:18 livefiretj oh
21:18 Ponko92 Bat-Mobile how are you doing old bean :)
21:18 livefiretj watcha making
21:18 speedrunnerG55 Ya know that girl with the celery stick?
21:18 wannabe1987 cheeseburger pie
21:18 Bat-Mobile pretty good, kinda busy, will be leaving within 20m
21:18 speedrunnerG55 She spins it
21:18 livefiretj ... it is eatable?
21:18 speedrunnerG55 In her hand
21:18 wannabe1987 ...always
21:19 Ponko92 what you up to old chap
21:19 speedrunnerG55 Whats it called?
21:19 Cprossu yay haas
21:20 Ponko92 lol i WILL tallk like this on tv if we get on it lol
21:20 SparkyProjects Are you talking about leek spin ?
21:20 speedrunnerG55 And sings "ha da da da daa hididiaydo haddili di da di da di do doy"
21:20 SparkyProjects Speed;source=hp&amp;q=girl+spins+celery+stick&amp;meta=&amp;aq=f&amp;oq=
21:21 speedrunnerG55 Yes :D
21:21 wannabe1987 i want chocolate milk...why'd you drink it allllll
21:21 speedrunnerG55 TY
21:21 * speedrunnerG55 dances
21:21 wannabe1987 o.O speed is dancing RUN FOR YOUR LIFE
21:21 SparkyProjects Speed, do you notice what i put in the search ?
21:21 * wannabe1987 leaves for a bit
21:22 Cprossu it's a good thing they tore apart the moldy sauna or chris might have converted it into the worlds largest ejuice vaporizer
21:22 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 2 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Bill Jones on Power Wheels RobotBill Jones on Power Wheels Robot
21:22 speedrunnerG55 Ah i remeber its leek spin
21:23 speedrunnerG55 And wannabe im dancing with myselffff
21:23 speedrunnerG55 Oh oh!
21:23 kev1987 speedrunnerG55 thats creepy stop it
21:23 speedrunnerG55 And its called leek spin
21:24 speedrunnerG55 .yt leek spin
21:24 BotSteve speedrunnerG55:
21:24 Cprossu chris + haas = !@#$?
21:24 speedrunnerG55 ^_^
21:24 Cprossu he needs moose.
21:25 speedrunnerG55 Ok thats enough leek spin
21:27 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
21:28 Cprossu so tggmc what's up/new?
21:28 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
21:29 Hackbat GARG! Maxim D:<
21:30 eadthem joined #thegeekgroup
21:30 Hackbat They sent me all the chips I asked for EXCEPT for the Quad pack ;A;
21:31 eadthem dont  ya love it when they do that
21:31 BigTank joined #thegeekgroup
21:31 BigTank hola
21:32 BigTank ?
21:32 Cprossu hola BigTank
21:32 Hackbat Now I have to wait a week to see if they we sending it seperate or wait 2 weeks to order it again
21:32 BigTank do they have that switcher working?
21:33 BigTank the new one for MC? (Cant remember the name of it)
21:34 speedrunnerG55 ...
21:34 speedrunnerG55 Sorry for spamming earlyer
21:34 Cprossu brb I need to go get some take out or something
21:35 * KB3NZQ is not happy i did not get the job that i interviewed for 5 weeks ago because of other staffing changes at the bank
21:35 SparkyProjects Cprossu is shy about telling you he (and i believe tonsofpcs) seem to have got it working, though i think it's SDI
21:37 SparkyProjects BigTank ^
21:38 BigTank ahhh yes i remember now, they are only analog... lol, i guess its a nice paperweight untill they can use it properly... :)
21:38 SparkyProjects Just need some cameras donated now
21:39 BigTank Yup
21:40 SparkyProjects Cprossu was able to switch between 2 feeds remotely though
21:40 BigTank im just impressed at the number of monitors they have in storage... O,o
21:41 BigTank AHHHH holy shit
21:42 SparkyProjects That's Gemini firing
21:42 Sgt_Lemming_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:42 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
21:43 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
21:43 Sgt_Lemming_ is now known as Sgt_Lemming
21:45 BigTank yes he is
21:45 MadManMarkAu1 captain, was that a Gemeni test I heard?
21:45 BigTank but i think he is away
21:46 MadManMarkAu1 BotSteve, tell Cprossu to set the clock on the MAster control console
21:46 BotSteve MadManMarkAu1: I'll pass that on when Cprossu is around.
21:46 kirE_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:46 BigTank yay
21:46 MadManMarkAu1 Thanks, Captain :D
21:47 speedrunnerG55 The stack is in the microprosessor itself?
21:47 speedrunnerG55 For some reason i thought it was in memory
21:48 MadManMarkAu1 What processor?
21:48 MadManMarkAu1 I believe it's in RAM, too
21:48 speedrunnerG55 8085
21:48 MadManMarkAu1 Yeah, it's in RAM
21:48 speedrunnerG55 ....
21:48 MadManMarkAu1 iirc
21:48 speedrunnerG55 Ahhhh
21:48 speedrunnerG55 Where
21:49 MadManMarkAu1 The current CS
21:49 MadManMarkAu1 SP decrements when you push
21:49 speedrunnerG55 Where is it pushed to?
21:50 MadManMarkAu1 Push->CS:SP; SP-=2;
21:50 tanilolli left #thegeekgroup
21:50 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
21:50 MadManMarkAu left #thegeekgroup
21:50 Python left #thegeekgroup
21:50 Nazzy left #thegeekgroup
21:50 speedrunnerG55 Cs? Stack pointer...?
21:51 MadManMarkAu1 CS == Code Segment, SP == Stack Pointer
21:52 MadManMarkAu1 "Program, data and stack memories occupy the same memory space. The total addressable memory size is 64 KB. " -
21:52 speedrunnerG55 O_o
21:53 MadManMarkAu1 Ah, 8085, I'm thinking 8086
21:53 MadManMarkAu1 8085 doesn't have a CS register
21:53 speedrunnerG55 Oh
21:53 MadManMarkAu1 HERP DERP
21:53 Druidic_Rifleman Any one from the video prouction group online
21:54 MadManMarkAu1 "It also has a 16-bit stack pointer to memory (replacing the 8008's internal stack), and a 16-bit program counter." -
21:55 speedrunnerG55 Ye
21:56 Nazzy joined #thegeekgroup
21:57 BigTank left #thegeekgroup
21:57 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
21:58 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
22:00 MadManMarkAu1 Hmm, from what I can tell, SP is initialized to 0xFFFF
22:00 MadManMarkAu1 Pushing will push a value and decrement the SP
22:00 speedrunnerG55 ?
22:00 MadManMarkAu1 So, works the same as the 8086, but in 8-bit
22:00 speedrunnerG55 Oh the top of the stack
22:00 MadManMarkAu1 Yeah
22:01 MadManMarkAu1 First value you push will be stored at [0xFFFF], next one at [0xFFFE], etc...
22:01 speedrunnerG55 First in last out
22:01 MadManMarkAu1 yeah
22:01 speedrunnerG55 But how big is it?
22:02 MadManMarkAu1 I'd say 64K
22:03 speedrunnerG55 The entire memory? ...x_x
22:04 DOOM is now known as Noise_Marine
22:04 MadManMarkAu1 WEll, the SP is a 16-bit register...
22:04 MadManMarkAu1 And the processor can address 16 bits of address space...
22:04 speedrunnerG55 ...zoinks
22:04 MadManMarkAu1 Yeah, this was quite common in the "olden days"
22:05 speedrunnerG55 Did they ever seperate it?
22:05 MadManMarkAu1 Uhm, I think so, lemmie double-check
22:06 MadManMarkAu1 8086 addressed this
22:06 speedrunnerG55 Lol
22:06 MadManMarkAu1 It could address 24 bits of memory
22:06 MadManMarkAu1 (iirc)
22:07 MadManMarkAu1 and the stack was located at [SS:SP]
22:07 MadManMarkAu1 Stack Segment/Stack Pointer
22:07 speedrunnerG55 And if i have 2k of memory (which i do) it would sstart somwere elss?
22:07 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
22:07 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
22:07 Seroster .c Canon FH4-5288-01  MC-8331 221
22:07 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
22:07 Seroster '-'
22:08 MadManMarkAu1 Uhm
22:08 Seroster Anyhow. I have one of them ch�ps for sale. Let's say a buck plus shipping
22:08 MadManMarkAu1 On which processor, Speed?
22:08 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
22:09 MadManMarkAu1 Anyway, I gotta run. Have to get to work....
22:09 MadManMarkAu1 God luch, speedrunnerG55
22:09 speedrunnerG55 8085
22:09 MadManMarkAu1 *luck
22:09 speedrunnerG55 :/ ok thnx
22:09 MadManMarkAu1 8085, I suppose you could initialise the SP to something sane and within memory range, but yeah...
22:10 speedrunnerG55 Oh so thats why i did that command
22:10 speedrunnerG55 Ok thanks
22:20 tggnick joined #thegeekgroup
22:20 Thewhite joined #thegeekgroup
22:20 tggnick left #thegeekgroup
22:22 eadthem river song is amilia ponds daughter ?!?!?!
22:22 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: AdderD on Power Wheels Robot
22:25 Cprossu I'm back
22:25 BotSteve Cprossu: I have the following messages for you:
22:25 BotSteve At 21:46Z, MadManMarkAu1 asked me to tell Cprossu to set the clock on the MAster control console
22:25 Cprossu what's up at the lab dudes
22:25 Cprossu MadManMarkAu1: What?!
22:26 Cprossu I see they have 2 of the hass machines happy!
22:27 speedrunnerG55 Ok i finished a chunk of my homework
22:28 Serostern joined #thegeekgroup
22:28 Cprossu MadManMarkAu1 : steve should have set the clock yesterday or something
22:28 Serostern EY! PHONY!
22:28 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
22:28 Cprossu o_o
22:28 Cprossu WTF?!
22:28 Serostern Thats right sucker! Out you go!
22:28 Serostern is now known as Seroster
22:28 mantere cprossu captain wants it on the military time i guess
22:28 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
22:28 Cprossu ahh, well...
22:29 Cprossu I can't set it from this end
22:29 Cprossu easily
22:29 Cprossu it has to be done at the MC
22:29 serroster joined #thegeekgroup
22:29 serroster Hi
22:29 Seroster "speedrunn@mobile-166"
22:29 Seroster You aint very covert, Speed =P
22:30 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
22:30 serroster Lol
22:30 Cprossu so is anyone here at the lab?
22:30 Seroster tggmc, is
22:30 Cprossu well obviously
22:30 Seroster =P
22:30 Cprossu but I mean talking
22:30 lwq1996 hello cprossu...
22:30 lwq1996 hello seroster
22:30 Cprossu so 1996 now?
22:30 Cprossu so many years we have here
22:30 Cprossu lol
22:30 Seroster If anyone is at the lab they should have tgg-nick, and since MC is the only one here with that prefix...
22:31 lwq1996 im 14....
22:31 Seroster And highlighting is always a decent way to get someones attention
22:31 Cprossu no I mean we have wannabe1987, and now lwq1996 and I seem to remember 2 others
22:31 lwq1996 im finally in the geek group forum's.... =p
22:31 Cprossu that had bdates/whatever in their names
22:31 lwq1996 lol
22:32 lwq1996 lol....yeah ther is alot of people with kev1987
22:32 lwq1996 ponko92
22:33 Ponko92 yeah
22:34 lwq1996 lol...1year membership to the city of grand rapaids...
22:34 kirE_ left #thegeekgroup
22:35 Ponko92 is there something you require lwq1996
22:36 lwq1996 i dont know what you mean
22:37 lwq1996 im just bored so i thought i would hop on to the irc and talk...oh yeah there is one you know where to get blueprints for a partical accerator
22:37 lwq1996 acelerator
22:37 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
22:37 lwq1996 i cant spell
22:38 astro73|derrial lwq1996: I think it's usually a big enough undertaking that you get an expert to design you one
22:38 astro73|derrial lwq1996: although the electron gun in a CRT tube might count?
22:39 * serroster lurks around
22:39 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
22:39 lwq1996 i need to make a substance called lithum 6 and i thats what i need it for
22:40 serroster left #thegeekgroup
22:40 astro73|derrial why do you need lithium-6?
22:40 exor674 what the heck do you need that for?
22:40 SP33D joined #thegeekgroup
22:40 SP33D Im back
22:41 lwq1996 its used for hydride in a hydrogen fuel system in a car
22:41 lwq1996 altho you cant buy it that would be illegal you can make it...
22:42 astro73|derrial yeah; it also has major uses in nuclear reactors and weaponry
22:42 lwq1996 yes it does....not what im making...
22:42 Cprossu lwq1996 yes I do, no you can't have them, yes this model would take too much power (read neighborhood sized block) and would post logistical problems radiologically
22:42 tonsofpcs I see GR bu I hear what sounds like the HVL
22:43 SP33D is now known as spees-mobile
22:43 spees-mobile :D
22:43 lwq1996 im looking to make a car that runs 400miles on 4tanks of hydrogen using lithium 6
22:43 astro73|derrial Cprossu: .... why do you have a particle accelerator?
22:43 Cprossu no
22:43 Cprossu it's blueprints for one
22:43 astro73|derrial oh, ok
22:43 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
22:43 Cprossu (a "small" sized synchrotron)
22:44 spees-mobile Cprossu: Why do you have bluprints of a particle acselortator?
22:44 spees-mobile Lol
22:44 Cprossu also you'd need a helium cooling system for the magnets
22:44 spees-mobile If i may ask
22:44 exor674 and also, given punctuation seems to be beyond beyond you, do you really think it is a good idea to mess with fucking particle accelerators?
22:44 Cprossu I have friends who work at or around fermilab
22:44 Cprossu that's how =)
22:44 Toastdude Lol @ spees
22:44 astro73|derrial lwq1996: correct if i'm mistaken, you want to shoot lithium full of neutrons in hope of getting some lithium-6?
22:44 spees-mobile Spees?
22:45 lwq1996 1. i live in the country where i can do stuff 2. i can work safely with these things 3. i am trying to make myself more green
22:45 spees-mobile Oh 0_o
22:45 exor674 check your nick
22:45 Toastdude Hi Lee!
22:45 Toastdude Lol
22:45 spees-mobile Im spees!
22:45 spees-mobile Lol
22:45 exor674 lwq1996: get paint, it's cheaper
22:45 lwq1996 hi toast dude
22:45 spees-mobile Imah fix tht
22:45 astro73|derrial just saying, any work with particle physics is kind of a major undertaking
22:45 spees-mobile is now known as speed-mobile
22:45 Cprossu I also have a piece of a nuclear reactor containment building's inner steel wall
22:45 speed-mobile Ty
22:45 tonsofpcs SparkyProjects: the analog MC Switcher is working (thanks to Cprossu and egrsteve slaving away for days).  I got a Chyron working but it's SDI only.   There's anotherr MC switcher that is SDI only.
22:46 speed-mobile Cprossu: O_o
22:46 Cprossu I think that's the coolest artifact I own
22:46 Toastdude I'm jealous, Cprossu
22:46 exor674 where the heck do you live that you are allowed to do particle physics experiments in your garage?
22:46 tonsofpcs grrr, why can't dropbox integrate into the 'send to' menu on my blackberry like facebook and twitter do?
22:46 Cprossu and to make matters more complicated we also have a purely analog gvg production switcher and a barbie doll extra frame to put onto the saturn system
22:47 tonsofpcs Cprossu: barbie doll exra frame?
22:47 astro73|derrial exor674: and also, why is he connecting through a US proxy?
22:47 tonsofpcs (excuse the t/y failures on this keyboard)
22:47 exor674 ( also, I would assume the accelerator would use up more power to just create the litium you need then you would get out of a hydrogen generator
22:47 Cprossu yes as in that thing has more accessories than a barbie doll
22:47 tanilolli joined #thegeekgroup
22:47 tonsofpcs Cprossu: does it have the SDI <> analog converter card then?
22:47 Cprossu like the SDI only M-2100 even came with the malibu beach house
22:48 Cprossu tonsofpcs that's one of the accessories missing I bet
22:48 Cprossu or at least misplaced
22:48 Cprossu and not properly identified
22:48 tonsofpcs wha does i have hen?
22:48 tonsofpcs *grr* onigh's job: swwich eeepcs
22:48 tonsofpcs (bbiab)
22:48 Cprossu ^ WHAT!?
22:48 lwq1996 i need the lithium-6 to store the hydrogen not produce it....anyone ever look at a unitednuclear hydrogen video
22:48 Cprossu I hate it when you turn into a chicken tonsofpcs
22:49 astro73|derrial Cprossu: his T key is full of bogons
22:49 lwq1996 i live in the "country" as in far away from people...
22:49 Cprossu yes I saw that but aren't you a little worried that lithium-6 is fiddly and.... a little unstable?
22:49 Toastdude tonsofpcs: Umm....... Could you repeat that??
22:49 astro73|derrial lwq1996: I was under the impression that hydrogen could be stored in a tank
22:50 Cprossu yes but the point is to increase the density so you can store more of it @ astro73|derrial
22:50 Cprossu and iirc reduce the working pressure
22:50 Cprossu ^ it's one of those magical things that it can supposedly do
22:51 lwq1996 cprossu i see your point...
22:51 astro73|derrial ok, fair enough. Why do you need exoctic isotopes? from what little i read, Li-6 is most known for fusion and nuclear programs
22:51 Cprossu no one wants to drive a big bomb around, lwq1996, even if they do already.
22:52 lwq1996 its not a bomb...
22:52 Toastdude Hi wannabe1987
22:52 lwq1996 it only has lithium-6 and hydrogen i belive
22:52 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I'm switching eeepcs cus of the t/y key issue on that one (typing on the big screen right now)
22:52 Cprossu any place I can consolodate enoguh hydrogen and combine it with just the right amount of oxygen  is a bomb.
22:52 tonsofpcs "what does it have then?"
22:53 Toastdude .w lithium 6
22:53 BotSteve "Naturally occurring lithium (Li) (standard atomic mass: 6.941(2) u) is composed of two stable isotopes, 6Li and 7Li, the latter being the more abundant (92.5% natural abundance)." -
22:53 Cprossu lwq1996: + in a confined space
22:54 astro73|derrial Toastdude: i've been reading
22:54 speed-mobile Pokes wannabe
22:54 * exor674 bangs head against the wall
22:54 speed-mobile Whats the windows proformance rating on your new pc wannabe1987 ?
22:54 Cprossu unless he's running SSD's, it's 5.9 =P
22:54 Toastdude I didn't know Lithium-4 was very possible.... or Lithium-10
22:54 lwq1996 **facepalm** cprossu...can you help or not...i am not a terrorist....i live in the us...i have freedom and have the right to stick by my plans...unless its a criminal act i dont see why i cant do it
22:55 Cprossu no that's not the problem
22:55 speed-mobile 5.9?!
22:55 Cprossu I mean the problem of building it and selling it
22:55 speed-mobile O_o
22:55 Cprossu speed-mobile: unless you are using ssd's or raid0 or 5
22:56 lwq1996 im not selling it...its for personal use...if i sell the stuff or even give it away i could possibly be put in a federal jail for life
22:56 Cprossu so what kind of tank do you intend to use to store the hydrogen and li-6 "catalyst" as we'll call it?
22:56 astro73|derrial lwq1996: TGG does some crazy stuff. Building your own particle accelerator probably tops anything by at least five-fold
22:57 Cprossu astro73|derrial : I wouldn't say five-fold
22:57 tonsofpcs well, I got the one I wanted to up
22:57 exor674 ofc, wasn't TGG joking about putting a linear accelerator in the tunnels under the HVL? :P
22:57 Cprossu we do have a fusor.
22:57 tonsofpcs the other one now has a screw floating around inside
22:57 lwq1996 its a big undertaking ik...
22:57 Toastdude tonsofpcs: I can't help but think tonsofpics first...
22:57 Cprossu but tgg would have the capabilities of building a cyclotron
22:57 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
22:57 Cprossu but there are zoning and fear issues
22:58 lwq1996 lol
22:58 Cprossu that we just don't want to deal with
22:58 Toastdude Hi LeadHead
22:58 tonsofpcs Toastdude: nah, I don't deal with microcontrollers :-p
22:58 lwq1996 yes...and i thought the zonning didnt aprove of dangerous chemicals
22:58 Toastdude Lol :P
22:58 Cprossu Although I'd be willing to bet money
22:58 Cprossu that one of these days someone will donate a functioning SEM
22:58 Cprossu that will be pretty awesome.
22:59 tonsofpcs two types of people love my handle:  nerds and people who think it has an 'i' in it.
22:59 Toastdude I REALLY hope someone does
22:59 lwq1996 lol....and im sure people woulnt link being shot with particals that can kill your if you put it in the tunnle
22:59 tonsofpcs an SEM? really? :)
22:59 Cprossu I bet money that someone will donate one eventually
22:59 Toastdude tonsofpcs: No, 10 types :P
23:00 tonsofpcs Toastdude: right, I said two.
23:00 lwq1996 lol yeah someone will donate probally
23:00 tonsofpcs for numbers less than ten, you normally write out the number long-form.
23:00 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
23:00 KB3NZQ so what is going on @ the lab now
23:00 Cprossu tonsofpcs: base 2, hint hint
23:00 tonsofpcs is the video feed a freezeframe of outside for anyone else?
23:00 injektion Hahahaha I got a laugh at the expense of my dad tonight
23:00 lwq1996 sounds like metal work
23:01 tonsofpcs Cprossu: yes, two base two is 10.  I get that, it's still "two" though.
23:01 speed-mobile Base 2?
23:01 speed-mobile Binary?
23:01 Cprossu lol
23:01 Cprossu yes
23:01 Cprossu .
23:01 Cprossu thus endeth the lesson.
23:01 * Cprossu head on keyboard to speed-mobile
23:01 * exor674 hits head agaist a wall again
23:01 * lwq1996 is looking up plans for building a partical accelorator
23:01 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
23:01 speed-mobile O_o
23:01 speed-mobile Lol
23:01 exor674 it would help if you could spell it
23:01 Cprossu good morning egrsteve
23:01 Toastdude Lol
23:01 Cprossu afternoon
23:02 Cprossu or night as it may be
23:02 lwq1996 i have bad spelling
23:02 KB3NZQ injektion what did he do
23:02 egrsteve good afternight
23:02 lwq1996 its still daylight where i live
23:02 Toastdude Hi egrsteve!
23:02 egrsteve hello all
23:02 Toastdude Are those the CNC's on the stream?
23:02 Cprossu lwq1996: improve your spelling, then worry about synthesizing lithium-6 and building cyclotrons and/or linac's
23:02 injektion KB3NZQ, the transmission in his Toyota truck is dead :D
23:02 egrsteve did they get the CNC gear unpacked
23:03 egrsteve yes that is them
23:03 Cprossu yeah the cnc's were running earlier
23:03 KB3NZQ is it a auto or manual
23:03 Cprossu the haas guy was there
23:03 egrsteve on the left is the SR100 sheet router
23:03 injektion KB3NZQ, Automatic of cource
23:03 Cprossu egrsteve: they had green blinkenlights on the top earlier
23:03 egrsteve on the right is the TM1 tool mill
23:03 KB3NZQ how did he kill it
23:03 lwq1996 YES
23:03 kev1987 lee?
23:03 speed-mobile Keyboard apply directly to the speed-mobile
23:04 Cprossu oh and CaptainBoden wants to know how to set the MC clock, he wants it in UTC (facepalm)
23:04 injektion KB3NZQ, Apparently even japansese automatic transmissions have issues lasting past 250k
23:04 KB3NZQ o
23:04 egrsteve further right (out of frame) is the TL1 tool lathe
23:04 Toastdude Bye all!
23:04 speed-mobile Head crab apply directly to the Cprossu
23:04 speed-mobile XD
23:04 KB3NZQ my dad once killed a bobcat trackhoe
23:04 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
23:04 Cprossu injektion: the automatic in my parents sentra doesn't last even 80k per rebuild
23:04 Cprossu egrsteve: catch the utc comment?
23:05 Toastdude speed-mobile: LOL
23:05 egrsteve captainboden you here?
23:05 egrsteve I did
23:05 Cprossu no he's not, but you can always phone him
23:05 lwq1996 i think hes not there
23:05 egrsteve i could but even if I do if he's not in MC it doesn't matter
23:06 tonsofpcs I would be afraid of anyone building a particle accelerator who cannot spell either word
23:06 injektion Cprossu, I've said it once and I will say it again: non-heavy duty truck automatic transmissions are junk
23:06 lwq1996 hey im dislexic
23:06 KB3NZQ he was ripping out a bush and punched the pressure side hose fitting and snapped it right off the cylinder
23:06 Toastdude You look the same today, speed-mobile! (there's your compliment)
23:06 lwq1996 see how bad i can spell
23:06 tonsofpcs lwq1996: dyslexia's fine.  Have someone else read and write the designs then :)
23:06 exor674 that doesn't excuse mispelling dyslexic... or your total lack of punctuation!
23:07 speed-mobile Ty Toastdude
23:07 Toastdude Lol
23:07 Cprossu a little bit of slysdexia never hurt anyone...
23:07 lwq1996 im out of school i dont use much work
23:07 Cprossu ^ waits for someone to google it and prove me wrong
23:07 speed-mobile And Toastdude you look exeptionally golden today
23:07 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I don't need to google it to prove you wrong.
23:07 exor674 then what are those . things? Huh? HUH!?
23:07 tonsofpcs NASA has had its share.
23:07 * speed-mobile om nom nom
23:07 lwq1996 this is why i get mad people make fun of a 14 year olds inablility to spell
23:08 Toastdude Why thank you, speed-mobile
23:08 Cprossu tonsofpcs: Nasa also has issues converting to metric, that doesn't count
23:08 tonsofpcs Cprossu: same issue.  Someone read it wrong.
23:08 egrsteve I see a tggred
23:08 exor674 maybe because you are walking proof?
23:08 * lwq1996 is sadend =(
23:08 Cprossu lwq1996: You'll find if you punctuate and spell correctly, people will take you more seriously.
23:08 speed-mobile Reds not in here
23:08 * tonsofpcs was only walking proof when he was doing geometry and precalc assignments
23:08 tonsofpcs Cprossu: is moose ever on IRC?
23:09 Cprossu I think the counter is at 3 times
23:09 speed-mobile I think i saw moose once
23:09 speed-mobile Lol
23:09 lwq1996 well sorry for being in the 9th grade and i failed spelling and gramar
23:09 Cprossu and all <5 minutes
23:09 exor674 *and* it is good practice for when you are back in school, where punctuation and grammar and spelling matters
23:09 exor674 lwq1996: this is why we *practice*
23:09 Cprossu lwq1996: you have the enitre internet to help you out
23:09 KB3NZQ 2 days ago i put the engine back on the deck of my mower and then pulled it over a few times and it didn't sound rite so i put a bit of sae30W in the cylinder and started it my dad came up and said that my muffler was dripping oil on the deck cause he didn't know i put oil in the cylinder
23:09 SparkyProjects Leave lee alone, i see enough typo's from many others because you are too quick to post, maybe slow down too and proof read your own posts
23:10 Cprossu lwq1996: it's a good thing :)
23:10 speed-mobile Why dosent moose ever come on here :(
23:10 Toastdude There were a bunch of people at Wal-Mart that looked like people from tgg.......
23:10 Cprossu because moose is always really busy, she works her ass off :(
23:10 speed-mobile Ah
23:10 exor674 There is a total diffrence between making a mistake and not trying at all
23:10 kev1987 lwq1996, its wannabe
23:11 lwq1996 wait why is yoru name kev1987 then
23:11 kev1987 cuz i'm wannabe1987 on my other computer...
23:11 Kafka left #thegeekgroup
23:11 Toastdude Kelly V
23:11 kev1987 kelly e vanderwell is my name, yo
23:11 KB3NZQ speed-mobile i was told by batsteve that she hates irc and doesn't want to have to admin it at all
23:11 lwq1996 oh...i see thanks toastdude.
23:12 speed-mobile :(
23:12 speed-mobile Hi wannabe
23:12 Cprossu be back in a bit, again
23:12 Toastdude That's a cool last name :D
23:12 * tonsofpcs debates what to order for dinner... chinese or buffalo chicken fingers or pizza.....
23:12 lwq1996 people are mean kelly.....they are making fun of my spelling
23:13 tonsofpcs who made fun of it?
23:13 lwq1996 cprossu and exor674
23:13 speed-mobile Hi kev1987
23:13 kev1987 lee we make fun of speed's spelling
23:13 speed-mobile ?
23:14 speed-mobile Lee?
23:14 lwq1996 lol...just because im in highschool doesnt mean i cant spell like a genius
23:14 lwq1996 im lee speed
23:14 tonsofpcs It doesn't?
23:14 kev1987 lwq1996 = lee, kellyv1987 = wannabe
23:14 kev1987 speed-mobile = doug
23:14 kev1987 Ponko92 = ryan
23:14 kev1987 :D
23:14 Toastdude Hi Doug!
23:14 speed-mobile Ahhhh
23:14 kev1987 BatSteve-Away = steve
23:14 speed-mobile Noooooo
23:14 kev1987 yessss
23:14 * tonsofpcs == tonsofpcs (or, ya know, eric)
23:14 kev1987 it says douglas when you log on
23:14 speed-mobile NOOOOOO
23:15 tonsofpcs Cprossu == c-pross-u
23:15 speed-mobile im speed!
23:15 kev1987 thats how i see it
23:15 kev1987 you're douglas ian Lou********
23:15 kev1987 (i didn't want to spell your last name
23:15 kev1987 not that i can't
23:15 Toastdude Central Processing Unit!
23:15 lwq1996 and is there any reason a 9th grade 14year old boy cant make a partical accelorator...i know kids that have already made the david hann nuclear reactor
23:15 tonsofpcs speedrunner
23:16 lwq1996 hi douglas
23:16 tonsofpcs lwq1996: no reason they can't.  No reason I would want them to either.
23:16 speed-mobile :P
23:16 * KB3NZQ hurts lwq1996 with a breath taking non-functional AT power source
23:16 tonsofpcs KB3NZQ: eh, use the keyboard, it has a higher density
23:16 egrsteve and the haas guy is still there aka Jeremys
23:16 lwq1996 lol..
23:16 exor674 and how many of those kids got law enforcment or worse on their tails?
23:16 speed-mobile You dont know my middle name and never will >:D
23:16 maglinvinn_home joined #thegeekgroup
23:17 Ponko92 kev1987 whats with the real names
23:17 lwq1996 none of them...they built them safely
23:17 kev1987 nothing
23:17 Noise_Marine left #thegeekgroup
23:17 kev1987 is up with them
23:17 egrsteve hi maglinvinn
23:17 tonsofpcs Ponko92 == pon-ko ninety-two
23:17 kev1987 they didn't know lwq1996 was lee
23:17 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
23:17 lwq1996 whats my middle name
23:17 * KB3NZQ tortures tonsofpcs with a suspicious QuakeNET server
23:17 tonsofpcs hi steve
23:17 Toastdude Hi maglinvinn_home!
23:17 maglinvinn_home hey steve.  do you know of any 24 v transformers at the lab there?
23:17 maglinvinn_home hey toast
23:18 tonsofpcs KB3NZQ: i don't see you there with that name
23:18 egrsteve AC supply or DC?
23:18 speed-mobile Noone will guess my middle name
23:18 kev1987 hi maglinvinn_home
23:18 tonsofpcs hi maglinvinn_home
23:18 egrsteve I asusme AC
23:18 KB3NZQ ???
23:18 maglinvinn_home ac...
23:18 tonsofpcs speed-runner-mobile
23:18 maglinvinn_home i have dc ones
23:18 Ponko92 no its
23:18 tonsofpcs ^^
23:18 Ponko92 YEAH TOAST
23:18 egrsteve I have 1 small one, but I doubt it will run that pan/tilt
23:18 maglinvinn_home peak amps is .5
23:18 tonsofpcs KB3NZQ: I don't see you on quakenet as "KB3NZQ"
23:18 speed-mobile Lol tonsofpcs
23:18 speed-mobile No
23:18 egrsteve how much current is it rated
23:18 Toastdude Yes, Ponko?
23:19 maglinvinn_home 1 amp if both motors start at the same tim
23:19 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
23:19 egrsteve thanks
23:19 maglinvinn_home 9 wat
23:19 tonsofpcs and i'm too lazy to do log grepping or searching to figure out who you are
23:19 maglinvinn_home watt
23:19 speed-mobile My real middle name
23:19 * lwq1996 is bored and need to go put light bulbs in flood lams
23:19 KB3NZQ cause i'm not on quakenet at all
23:19 lwq1996 lamps
23:19 maglinvinn_home 24v 9w .39amps
23:19 maglinvinn_home if my math is right
23:19 tonsofpcs then how do you prod me with a quakeenet server? :-p
23:19 egrsteve hmm, I will have to look around there, see if I can find any
23:19 KB3NZQ it is a script
23:20 egrsteve I assume there are a few, they just need to be found, I know we have DC supplies
23:20 KB3NZQ so i can slap you in 2 clicks of my mouse one to select nick and 2nd to slap
23:20 maglinvinn_home k.  i'm going to do 2 12v in series and get it moving.  i'm going to build a little relay box and a processor that can use 3 lines of data
23:21 * tonsofpcs sends KB3NZQ into a talking 1982 Trans Am
23:21 egrsteve ok, I will have 12DC at the camera if you want to use it for controls
23:21 Druidic_Rifleman what are you talking about maglinvinn
23:21 speed-mobile Flash. Ohhhhhh
23:21 injektion brb
23:21 injektion left #thegeekgroup
23:21 egrsteve maglinvinn have you concidered rs485 given the distance and EMF we are running through
23:22 Cprossu_Netbook joined #thegeekgroup
23:22 tonsofpcs egrsteve: should probably get some ferrites for everything in the HVL sooner rather than later....
23:22 * KB3NZQ runs tonsofpcs over with a 2009 chevy express 3500 with a 6L V8 towing a 5 ton trailer of horse shit
23:22 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: Tmb on Power Wheels Robot
23:22 egrsteve I am planning on adding ferrites to the camera power in there
23:22 tonsofpcs KB3NZQ: but that doesn't say "Hello, Michael"
23:23 CaptainBoden Steve, are you in the lab?
23:23 Cprossu_Netbook I think it's gonna need something more heavy duty than ferrites lol
23:23 Seroster HM!
23:23 Cprossu_Netbook *just ferrites
23:23 egrsteve as well as the other signals I have running there, I have some bonded to lead ferites I am going to use in conectors, and no, I am at home
23:23 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
23:23 tonsofpcs Cprossu_Netbook: eh, I can run ethernet through a 100MHz (roughly) transmitter with just one turn through a ferrite toroid....
23:23 tonsofpcs *fast ethernet
23:24 SparkyProjects ergsteve, just a fyi, when the camera in the MDH was on stream and gemini ran, there were interference lines on the MDH feed
23:24 Seroster  There are three components crossing the line from the mains side to the low voltage side. The transformer, a capacitor and... Wtf is that third thing, four pins, always 2 pins on either side.  They seem to be in all modern PSUs... Anyone know?
23:24 KB3NZQ no but as i run you over i press a button in the van and the trailer then dumps the load of crap right on you with out me getting out of the van to dump it
23:24 egrsteve videos fastest signal is colorburst at 3 mhz ish
23:24 tonsofpcs Cprossu_Netbook: I suppose a ferrite choke coil and a bead in-line might be best....
23:24 Cprossu_Netbook how many turns are the gemini secondaries roughly, egrsteve ?
23:24 egrsteve yes I know there is interferiance
23:24 tonsofpcs egrsteve: the entire signal has a bandwidth of about 6MHz.
23:25 egrsteve I have no idea, ask captainboden ^^
23:25 tonsofpcs although without audio modulated in, you're closer to 4.5ish
23:25 egrsteve tons, this is running composite
23:25 SparkyProjects Serostter, the 4 pin thing is an optocoupler to keep the HV and LV separate electrically
23:25 Seroster O?
23:26 tonsofpcs right.  Your subcarrier is _base_ 3.58 MHz
23:26 Seroster I thought you could do that by not having a component there? =P
23:26 tonsofpcs a change in subcarrier phase (which causes an instantaneous frequency change) encodes color.
23:26 Cprossu_Netbook Never The Same Color. xD
23:26 tonsofpcs so you have higher frequency 'data' in the signal
23:26 SparkyProjects Serosster, it's a feedback loop, something needs to be there
23:26 egrsteve I am looking at the fesibility of runing the HVL cam over balanced lines with a balun on each end, if the quality is good enough
23:26 tonsofpcs Cprossu_Netbook: you fail to calibrate your monitor then :-p
23:27 tonsofpcs egrsteve: I would try a choke first
23:27 egrsteve ya I forgot about the phase shift in the signal
23:27 tonsofpcs if the choke doesn't work, then do both balun and choke (on the balanced)
23:27 tonsofpcs egrsteve: that's what the triangleish looking  display on the scope is for
23:27 tonsofpcs it shows you the deviations in phase/frequency to show validity
23:28 SparkyProjects Seroster
23:28 egrsteve I was thinking I could run pan/tilt and video over a single cat5 or better
23:28 tonsofpcs (and amplitude)
23:28 egrsteve ah ok
23:28 tonsofpcs pan/tilt each taking 3 wires, video taking 2?
23:28 Seroster Hm, so what does it tell the lv side that the hv side doesnt want it to know? =P
23:28 CaptainBoden egrsteve, are you at the lab now?
23:28 egrsteve hoping pan/tilt 3 video 4 so I send genlock as well
23:29 egrsteve no
23:29 tonsofpcs oh
23:29 CaptainBoden k
23:29 tonsofpcs egrsteve: I would run P/T balanced...
23:29 egrsteve as I would like to genlock my genlockable sources
23:29 CaptainBoden I have a little camera I'd like you to get hooked up, it has a RJ-11 jack on it that carries power, video, and audio.
23:29 CaptainBoden It's going in a hostile environment, in the alcove ;)
23:29 egrsteve ok
23:30 SparkyProjects If you look at that diagram, tthe opto is U2, the feedback tells the IC what frequecy to run at (i think) and that regulates the voltage
23:30 egrsteve tons thats why I mentioned RD485 to magvlinn
23:30 Seroster SparkyProjects, Now I know what it is, how it works and what it does... But not what it is used for =P
23:30 tonsofpcs although, have you plugged the PTZ in inside the HVL and monitored it to see if it's sufficientlly shielded to prevent movement during firing?
23:30 Toastdude Hi CaptainBoden
23:30 CaptainBoden hi
23:30 SparkyProjects Seroster ^
23:30 * tonsofpcs orders chinese food, brb
23:30 Seroster Right
23:30 egrsteve captainboden, you want to know how to set that clock
23:30 lwq1996 hey captain do you need any telophone cable
23:30 CaptainBoden btw, all 3 CNC machines came online today
23:31 CaptainBoden Cat-3?
23:31 tonsofpcs CaptainBoden: AWESOME!
23:31 egrsteve thats good to here
23:31 CaptainBoden We need all the cable we can get, in any form.
23:31 Seroster To be honest, anything smaller than a pinhead fucks with my mind when it comes to electronics =P
23:31 tonsofpcs bah, closed monday...
23:31 CaptainBoden also, we need an air compressor
23:31 CaptainBoden a serious one
23:31 CaptainBoden 50Gal or better.
23:31 lwq1996 ok...i may be able to give you like a big box of it so you will have lots
23:31 CaptainBoden That would rock :)
23:31 Seroster And the compressor has to be legal as usual?
23:32 CaptainBoden That would be best, yes
23:32 egrsteve captainboden, you need a mason for that brick work outside HVL
23:32 CaptainBoden What we NEED is something in the 20A 3ph range with a 100 Gallon tank.
23:32 CaptainBoden yes I do
23:32 CaptainBoden I don't happen to have a mason in my pocket though
23:32 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
23:33 egrsteve I might
23:33 Seroster CaptainBoden, had time for some industrial surplus drooling lately?
23:33 lwq1996 my local garage is closing and actioning everything they can off they have lots of stuff....maby one of you could come down and get stuff
23:34 Cprossu_Netbook CaptainBoden:  how far away is crystal and/or walker?
23:34 CaptainBoden Walker is in our back yard
23:34 Cprossu_Netbook hrmmmmm
23:34 CaptainBoden The only Crysal I know I havne't seen since I was 21 or so....she was fun
23:34 Cprossu_Netbook is moose in town?
23:34 CaptainBoden of course
23:35 CaptainBoden Went to the surplus place last week, it's where we got the transformer for the CNC machines
23:35 CaptainBoden egrsteve, I don't want a mason for that just yet, I want to see if I can get a door donated ;)
23:35 CaptainBoden I'd rather fix the hole with a hole.
23:35 egrsteve ah, ok
23:35 tonsofpcs we have a crystal at our radio station...
23:36 Cprossu_Netbook
23:36 CaptainBoden I have a Crystal IN MY RADIO!
23:36 Cprossu_Netbook ^ hrmmmm
23:36 tonsofpcs CaptainBoden: :)
23:36 tonsofpcs our crystal is actually on-air talent though :-p
23:36 Cprossu_Netbook I'd send over some cash if you want to pick that up @ CaptainBoden
23:37 CaptainBoden No idea where Crystal is, though I really should write a CL post asking for old tool donations (and one specifically for an air compressor)
23:37 tonsofpcs also, ?
23:37 Cprossu_Netbook
23:37 Cprossu_Netbook ^oooh
23:38 Seroster If I had a nearby surplus store I would be in my apartment so rarely i might  aswell sell it.
23:38 egrsteve it's a tinytower
23:38 tonsofpcs egrsteve: yea, you can put it on the roof!
23:38 Cprossu_Netbook I gotta call up my bank hang on
23:38 CaptainBoden That's the size compressor we need, yeah.
23:39 Cprossu_Netbook still a 40 gal for $125
23:39 Cprossu_Netbook is realllly cheap
23:39 CaptainBoden It is, but it bugs me without a pic
23:40 CaptainBoden and compressor shopping is an art form, you have to know how to check a tank.
23:40 Cprossu_Netbook true
23:40 CaptainBoden IT's not like I can hydrotest it in the field.
23:40 lwq1996 u may be able to find a 100gal for cheap on ebay
23:40 SparkyProjects lwg1996 mentioned the garage closing, maybe they have a big compressor
23:40 lwq1996 i think...
23:41 lwq1996 they are selling everything but a lift they have
23:41 CaptainBoden Someone (Cprossu I'm guessing) please draught text for a "wanted for donation, air compressor" CL post in a google doc please.
23:41 CaptainBoden We need 2 CL posts, one asking for an old compressor, and one asking for old tools of all manner, hand, power, pneumatic, etc.
23:41 KB3NZQ my neighbor built a 100gal air comp out or 2 tanks and a belt drive pump and a 30amp 220V motor
23:41 CaptainBoden Yeah but where does he live?
23:42 lwq1996 tomorrow im going down to the garage and going to take a pic of the air compressor and send it to you to see if you like it
23:42 CaptainBoden and I don't want to BUY a compressor, I want to get one DONATED.
23:42 lwq1996 oh
23:42 Cprossu_Netbook lol
23:42 CaptainBoden There's a million of them out there, and big ones are hard to sell ;)
23:42 Druidic_Rifleman Hey CaptainBoden when your shooting a how to video do you reherse, do you have a like Teleprompter or do you just wing it?
23:42 Cprossu_Netbook so sending you money so you can buy one is not enough?
23:42 CaptainBoden You can sell a 30gal rollaround in seconds, try unloading something that has to  be moved with a forklift.
23:42 * Cprossu_Netbook bangs head on wall
23:42 KB3NZQ Same place as that the gas tank for the box truck 20Mi North of pittsburgh PA
23:42 CaptainBoden I don't want to spend your money if I don't have to. ;)
23:43 lwq1996 i may be able to get the guy to donate the compressor hes a really good friend of mine but you will need to get it
23:43 CaptainBoden It owuld cost more to ship it than it's worth from PA guys.
23:43 CaptainBoden Let's see if he'll donate it first, that may be an option if nothing can be had locally.
23:43 Cprossu_Netbook well ask irc and we offer to pay for it if you do the legwork.
23:43 CaptainBoden But you're looking at $300 to ship that on a pallet.
23:44 Cprossu_Netbook but as far as us being able to get one donated? too far away in most cases.
23:44 CaptainBoden Let's write a CL post first and see what happens ;)
23:44 Druidic_Rifleman How big a compressor do you need?
23:44 Cprossu_Netbook k, I'm not in grr so I call 'not it'
23:44 CaptainBoden CL works locally, I'll bet we get one donated within 24hrs if we ask right.
23:44 lwq1996 yeah it will cost alot to ship...but it would cost cheaper to come get it maby if you have someone to do it
23:44 speed-mobile O_o
23:44 CaptainBoden I need a minimum of 50Gal, 100 woule be nominal.
23:44 KB3NZQ the one i'm talking about is not for sale it is preeminently installed in his gaurge and plumbed with copper pipe through the whole building
23:44 CaptainBoden Should be at least 10HP, preferably 3ph 480
23:45 Seroster Damn
23:45 Cprossu_Netbook from my experience the bigger you ask for the more beaten in and dead the one you'll get
23:45 CaptainBoden You guys should know by now, I don't do anything in a small way.
23:45 Druidic_Rifleman would be nice if you had one that had a 3000 PSI out put.
23:45 CaptainBoden Good fucking luck.
23:45 CaptainBoden I've never seen a 3kpsi compressor.
23:45 Seroster Bathtub, sheet steel, mig welder, V8 engine, manly compressor! ARR!
23:45 CaptainBoden Not for air anyways
23:45 Cprossu_Netbook HPA @ CaptainBoden
23:46 lwq1996 i think i may be able to get the guy to donate it because hes retireing and is selling everything he just maybe
23:46 CaptainBoden Never used it
23:46 Cprossu_Netbook but ignore him he just wants to use it to shoot people
23:46 Druidic_Rifleman;view=article&amp;id=4&amp;Itemid=5
23:46 Cprossu_Netbook and steve just wants it to shoot fun noodles
23:46 KB3NZQ captain you build build your own and get it inspected
23:46 CaptainBoden I've shot Tennis balls though 3/4 plywood with half that.
23:46 lwq1996 i just hope its the one you want...i think he may have a 150 or something
23:46 lwq1996 would that do
23:47 Druidic_Rifleman 150 gallon
23:47 Druidic_Rifleman yeah
23:47 CaptainBoden That would be excellent
23:47 lwq1996 yeah 150gal
23:47 Druidic_Rifleman that compressor will Do 4500 PSI
23:47 lwq1996 but i said i have to go down and see
23:47 Seroster CaptainBoden,  do you need really high pressures or just a bigass tank?
23:47 CaptainBoden yeah, I don't want or need 4500psi
23:47 KB3NZQ my neighbors is just 2 50 gallon galv steel tanks
23:47 CaptainBoden big tank, I only want 120Psi on the tank
23:47 CaptainBoden At what pressure?
23:47 Druidic_Rifleman OOOOH come on it's only double the pressure needed to Detonate petrolium
23:48 CaptainBoden big building, lots of kids...think hard
23:48 tonsofpcs 120PSI?  I have a 10 gallon tank unit that can handle about 115 PSI continuous...
23:48 CaptainBoden When you start paying my insurance, you can put that in here.
23:48 Druidic_Rifleman umm I sleep with one
23:48 CaptainBoden Yeah, and I can use that 10 gallons in seconds.
23:48 Druidic_Rifleman well under the bed
23:48 lwq1996 idk what psi it is...but one day i went down to pump up my bike tire and this guy was pumping up all his camper tires so it must be big