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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-06-21

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00:00 wannabe1987 o wait.  wannabe and kev are the same person :P
00:00 lwq1996 yes
00:00 Cprossu_Netbook chicago pneumatic ftw.
00:00 speed-mobile FLASH! Ohhhhhhh
00:00 lwq1996 its .ftw chicago pneumatc
00:01 lwq1996 .ftw chicago pneumatic
00:01 KB3NZQ cprossu did you look at the specs
00:01 CaptainBoden ok guys, booting to windows to edit, brb
00:01 wannabe1987 .tfw 49006
00:01 BotSteve 77�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Kalamazoo, MI!  'It is now safe to leave your home.'
00:01 speed-mobile
00:01 wannabe1987 wasn't safe before?!
00:01 lwq1996 .tfw chicago pneumatic
00:01 BotSteve Unknown location
00:01 Cprossu_Netbook flaw with your want, KB3NZQ . who the fuck would donate the diesel
00:01 lwq1996 wtf
00:01 wannabe1987 was kicked by CaptainBoden: wannabe1987
00:01 lwq1996 .tfw irvona
00:01 BotSteve 73�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Irvona, PA!  'WOO, Spring Break!'
00:02 Cprossu_Netbook .tfw 85020
00:02 BotSteve 101�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'sweating my balls off'
00:02 lwq1996 wtf...why did he kick you
00:02 speed-mobile .tfw 07410
00:02 BotSteve 78�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Fair Lawn, NJ!  'uh, can we trade?'
00:02 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
00:02 Cprossu_Netbook because it's fun for him.
00:02 lwq1996 lol he kicks me off too i may go about now
00:02 speed-mobile Oh my
00:02 lwq1996 chris do u like doing it just to do it
00:02 Cprossu_Netbook must be the fact you guys have dates in your names.
00:03 exor674 .tfw 80228
00:03 KB3NZQ captian i have a script that will slap and kick at the same time
00:03 BotSteve 66�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Denver, CO!  'It is now safe to leave your home.'
00:03 lwq1996 idk
00:03 Cprossu_Netbook *guys/gals
00:03 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
00:03 lwq1996 kelly are you mad at him
00:03 wannabe1987 he has too much fucking fun kicking me for no fucking reason.  im not mad.  i'm pissed off
00:03 KB3NZQ it could run on bio diesel that thay could make inhouse from cooking oil
00:04 KB3NZQ *used cooking oil*
00:04 Seroster wannabe1987, I thought mad and pissed off could be used interchangeably =P
00:04 speed-mobile WB wannabe1987
00:04 wannabe1987 no.  ones more annoyed than the other...
00:04 wannabe1987 thanks speed-mobile
00:04 Seroster Still. When there is an angry woman in the room it is time to leave
00:04 Seroster Goodnight folks!
00:04 speed-mobile GOOD NIGHT SEROSTER
00:05 wannabe1987 i'm not mad at the rest of ya'll...just at boden
00:05 wannabe1987 why do you think i was happy to move to kpoo?
00:05 lwq1996 good thing she dont have pms and a gun
00:05 Seroster wannabe1987, I was going to hit the hay anyway
00:05 livefiretj lol seroster
00:05 speed-mobile :D
00:05 wannabe1987 i know
00:05 wannabe1987 night Seroster
00:05 livefiretj she has a gun
00:05 wannabe1987 lwq1996 theres a gun in my closet...
00:05 Seroster lwq1996, And even if she did I'm on the other side of the globe, and she would need a BIGASS gun to get to me.
00:05 wannabe1987 our gov't has missles :D
00:05 lwq1996 we dont want her to be a pms, beer and gun
00:06 lwq1996 bad combo
00:06 livefiretj accidently launch...?
00:06 wannabe1987 no PMS now, nope
00:06 Seroster And if she actually cared enough to get a plane ticket to get here, find me and shoot me... Fuck it, I aint gonna press charges, that's some fucking willpower from her side! =P
00:06 speed-mobile Yay
00:06 lwq1996 lol....wanabe turns into the hulk
00:06 Seroster Well. Nite.
00:06 speed-mobile I can see that
00:06 Seroster left #thegeekgroup
00:07 lwq1996 im so mean
00:07 speed-mobile Have you seen the it crowd male mestome episode?
00:07 speed-mobile Menstrome
00:07 lwq1996 no...i dont know what that is
00:08 wannabe1987 lwq1996 why are you mean??
00:08 speed-mobile It crowd
00:08 speed-mobile .yt it crowd
00:08 BotSteve speed-mobile:
00:08 lwq1996 im mean because i have a short temper and i just dont give a shit no more
00:09 injektion 0118 999 881 999 119? 725...3
00:10 lwq1996 wtf
00:11 speed-mobile lwq1996 and Cprossu and wannabe1987 ^
00:11 kev1987 no
00:12 speed-mobile Yes
00:12 speed-mobile Oh i forgot
00:12 speed-mobile Ok sry
00:12 speed-mobile Let Cprossu and lwq1996 explain it
00:12 speed-mobile Describe it^*
00:12 wannabe1987 i mean, i could watch it on THIS compyuter...but i don't want to
00:13 speed-mobile Oh
00:13 egrsteve_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:14 speed-mobile I promise its not japonese anime
00:14 LinuxH4x0r lies!
00:14 lwq1996 have you tryed turning it off and on again
00:14 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
00:15 egrsteve_ is now known as egrsteve
00:16 speed-mobile Hi egrsteve
00:16 egrsteve hi mr speed
00:16 speed-mobile Ponko92: Clickk my link
00:16 speed-mobile :)
00:17 * Ponko92 wakes
00:17 Ponko92 hmmmm
00:17 speed-mobile Scroll up
00:17 b011011000110111 left #thegeekgroup
00:17 tonsofpcs back
00:17 speed-mobile Lol binary
00:18 speed-mobile WB. tonsofpcs
00:18 tonsofpcs TY
00:18 Cprossu_Netbook hrmmmm
00:18 Cprossu_Netbook what in the fuck did I miss?!
00:18 Thewhite left #thegeekgroup
00:19 speed-mobile Everrything
00:19 tonsofpcs these buffalo fingers are hotter than usual :D (they failed to dunk the fried chicken so I just doused it in frank's red hot hot buffalo )
00:19 Cprossu_Netbook good.
00:19 Cprossu_Netbook hrmmm
00:20 tonsofpcs is anyone planning on moving the other chyron upstairs today?
00:21 Cprossu_Netbook I don't think so
00:21 Cprossu_Netbook it would be a good thing to mention when captain logs back in
00:21 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
00:22 speed-mobile BATSTEVE!
00:22 tonsofpcs BotSteve: ask captainboden to see about bringing the other chyron (and other keying gear) upstairs
00:22 BotSteve tonsofpcs: I'll pass that on when captainboden is around.
00:22 speed-mobile :D
00:22 BatSteve hey speed-mobile
00:22 BatSteve happy speed appreciation day
00:22 BatSteve you're a pretty cool guy
00:22 speed-mobile Yay ^_^
00:23 Ponko92 hmm this star QB is gonna get sacked
00:23 lwq1996 so im not =(
00:24 tonsofpcs thanks BotSteve :)
00:24 BotSteve You're welcome, tonsofpcs
00:24 lwq1996 .cookie BotSteve
00:24 BotSteve For me?  Thank you!  *om nom nom*
00:25 speed-mobile Ponko92: ?
00:25 Ponko92 hmm?
00:25 speed-mobile Ur going to get sacked?
00:25 speed-mobile O=
00:25 Ponko92 yeah by my duvet
00:27 Ponko92 lol
00:27 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
00:29 Ponko92 well i'd say something more on getting sacked but this isn't the place to say it lol
00:29 wannabe1987 llol
00:30 tonsofpcs We apologize for the errors in the credits.  Those responsible have been sacked.
00:30 Ponko92 well i think wannabe got my point ;)
00:30 tonsofpcs (Mynd you, moose bites can be pretti nasti)
00:30 Ponko92 well my fiancee certainly did
00:30 wannabe1987 LOL
00:30 Ponko92 lol me and my innuendos
00:30 Ponko92 anyway
00:30 * Ponko92 is snoozing
00:31 speed-mobile Creddits?
00:31 Ponko92 see you at 8ish my time
00:31 * lwq1996 is eating
00:31 * speed-mobile checks youtube
00:31 speed-mobile CRUD i havnt keept up with youtube in a few days!!!
00:31 Ponko92 tonsofpcs lol Monty Python and the Holy grail
00:31 tonsofpcs speed-mobile: monty python and the holy grail opening credits
00:31 Ponko92 wik
00:32 BatSteve BotSteve: tell seroster I agree with him.  (incredible I know)
00:32 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when seroster is around.
00:32 Ponko92 also also wik
00:32 tonsofpcs al(th)o wik
00:32 Ponko92 haha lol
00:32 tonsofpcs als\o als\o wik
00:32 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
00:32 tonsofpcs rotten nik akten di
00:32 tonsofpcs [best] producer [ever]:  Ralph the Wonder Llama!
00:33 Ponko92 hahahahahahahah  ROFL
00:33 Ponko92 eki eki eki fetang futon meowannn
00:33 Ponko92 in background
00:33 Ponko92 ni
00:34 wannabe1987 NI
00:34 wannabe1987 bring out your dead!
00:34 Ponko92 uh i'm not quite dead sir
00:34 * egrsteve knonk
00:36 lwq1996 ponko wannabe is a girl
00:36 wannabe1987 its ok this time
00:37 BatSteve WHAT
00:37 BatSteve REALLY?!?
00:37 BatSteve :]
00:37 wannabe1987 lol
00:38 lwq1996 no shes a man in a womens body
00:38 wannabe1987 o.O
00:38 lwq1996 hehe im mean
00:38 wannabe1987 HOW DID YOU FIND OUTTTTTTT
00:38 Ponko92 one day lad all this will be yours
00:38 Ponko92 what the curtains?
00:39 Ponko92 lwq1996 i know wannabe is a girl
00:39 wannabe1987 WARNING!!!! THIS IS THE WORST VIRUS EVER TO HIT FACEBOOK!!!!...The ASTC Virus ( Ass Stuck to Chair). The virus glues you to your chair for several hours! No housework will be done, children will starve and the dog will not get it's walk. You're likely to lose all contact to the outside world. Put this on your status - It may be too late for most, but you might save a few friends from this
00:39 wannabe1987 virus!!!
00:39 lwq1996 i know things about you that you dont even know
00:39 wannabe1987 LOL
00:39 wannabe1987 you sure you're not drew?  he's the only one with access to those files
00:39 Ponko92 and thats a qoute from the movie SHE quoted something AFTER it did
00:39 BatSteve Actually she's a woman in a man's body in a woman's body.  Surprisingly, it actually cancels out.
00:39 lwq1996 lol
00:40 wannabe1987 BatSteve i'm confused
00:40 BatSteve wannabe1987: then my work here is done
00:40 BatSteve I'm like the US Government.  My motto is "I'm not happy until you're not happy"
00:40 Ponko92 yes and i'm a Man in a Teens body playing a mans game....
00:40 Ponko92 right?
00:40 lwq1996 hehe
00:41 wannabe1987 lol
00:41 Ponko92 tonsofpcs
00:41 Ponko92 enjoy
00:42 lwq1996 how do u spell the babys name from family guy...steuie
00:42 wannabe1987 stewie
00:42 Ponko92 ^^
00:42 lwq1996 ok in other words ponko92 is stewie
00:42 Ponko92 eh?
00:42 speed-mobile My boddy is readdy
00:42 tonsofpcs Ponko92: I don't need it, I have _it my mind_
00:43 lwq1996 except hes a baby in a mans body in a babys body
00:43 Ponko92 yes Stewie can play American Football
00:43 Ponko92 but i get your point lol
00:43 Ponko92 but i don't want to kill my mum
00:44 lwq1996 i think cprossu may be a stewie to becuase he thinks hes alwys right and is supper evil
00:44 lwq1996 i want to kill mine she evil
00:45 Ponko92 and you think he doesn't know everything
00:45 lwq1996 and he has plans for a particle accelorator so hes a evil genius
00:45 Cprossu_Netbook no I truely don't know everything.......yet.
00:45 lwq1996 well everyone knows stuff other people dont know
00:45 Ponko92 lol
00:45 Ponko92 THATS your master plan
00:45 lwq1996 lol
00:46 Ponko92 you've already taken Roger Hoy's duty ar luton
00:46 lwq1996 oh no he was listening....RUN
00:46 Cprossu_Netbook I think my master plan is to _cause_ the zombie apocolypse Druidic_Rifleman's preparing for
00:46 Cprossu_Netbook the reason being to evaluate his preparedness.
00:46 Dougy left #thegeekgroup
00:46 Dougy joined #thegeekgroup
00:46 lwq1996 LOL
00:46 Ponko92 and idt my right arm will help me in THAT situation
00:46 lwq1996 HI DOUGLAS
00:47 wannabe1987 ...
00:47 Ponko92 3 & Long maybe but a Zombie Appocolypse idt i can call an audible for that
00:47 Cprossu_Netbook oh well then
00:47 wannabe1987 germany?  i don't belive this...
00:48 Cprossu_Netbook it was worth a shot though, right?
00:48 Ponko92 or just for the RUNning game
00:48 lwq1996 i hope i can make a particle accelorator...ive got plans on my computer right now
00:48 Cprossu_Netbook Either that or I'd do it to see how vegetarians would handle being zombified
00:48 wannabe1987 y lwq1996
00:48 Cprossu_Netbook maybe they would crave
00:48 Cprossu_Netbook GRAINS...............GRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
00:48 BatSteve GRAAAAAINS
00:48 Cprossu_Netbook lol
00:48 speed-mobile Douglas isnt me
00:48 lwq1996 i wana make some lithium-6 so i can make a hydrogen fuel system
00:49 BatSteve +1 Cprossu
00:49 BatSteve well done
00:49 Ponko92 where everyone from the O-Line to Quarterback are just running
00:49 tonsofpcs lol
00:49 speed-mobile lwq1996: !
00:49 BatSteve lwq1996: how do you plan to store the hydrogen?
00:49 BatSteve or do you plan to generate it on the fly?
00:49 Ponko92 even if the QB or RBs don't have the ball fuck it there's zombies all over the place
00:49 lwq1996 the lithium-6 can be used as hydride
00:49 Ponko92 RUN
00:49 Cprossu_Netbook just out of curiosity, lwq1996 , have you chosen a proper PEM material yet?
00:50 speed-mobile Run?
00:50 speed-mobile Why?
00:50 BatSteve because there's zombies behind you, speed
00:50 * speed-mobile runs
00:50 Ponko92 yep
00:50 lwq1996 no its a thing in the making i need to learn about eveything first
00:50 Cprossu_Netbook or are you planning on a different type of propulsion than electric?
00:50 Ponko92 BatSteve will my arm be helpful in that situation
00:50 * speed-mobile speedrunns to BatSteve
00:50 BatSteve Ponko92: ask the bot
00:51 lwq1996 4tanks of hydrogen stored in lithium-6 can power a vehical for 400miles
00:51 Ponko92 BotSteve will my arm be helpful in that situation
00:51 BotSteve Oh yeah!
00:51 Ponko92 HOW????
00:51 Ponko92 oh yeah lobbing grenades at them
00:51 Ponko92 duh
00:51 Cprossu_Netbook yes, yes, but to know how much power you'll need first right?
00:51 Cprossu_Netbook build the pieces that are easiest to build first.
00:51 BatSteve the reason I ask, lwq1996, is because I remember reading something about hydrogen that said that no matter how good a storage tank you make, you still lose 3% volume of hydrogen every 24 hours
00:52 lwq1996 BotSteve do you think its a good idea to make a particle accelorator?
00:52 Cprossu_Netbook get the propulsion system done, lwq1996
00:52 Cprossu_Netbook then you can worry abou the hydrogen source later
00:52 lwq1996 this is going to be a long term thing that i may patton
00:52 BatSteve BotSteve: should lwq1996 make a particle accelerator?
00:52 BotSteve I don't think so
00:52 Ponko92 haha lol
00:52 Cprossu_Netbook lwq1996:  remember what I said earlier?
00:53 lwq1996 ik...
00:53 maglinvinn_home haha lwq, where you from
00:53 injektion I want to make a giant black hole
00:53 Cprossu_Netbook and remember your resonse was:
00:53 lwq1996 pennsylvania born and raised
00:53 Cprossu_Netbook that you would only use it for personal use
00:53 Ponko92 i want to throw 90+
00:53 Ponko92 yards
00:53 Cprossu_Netbook which is why I asked you how you intended to make and sell it
00:53 maglinvinn_home lwq, i live in lansing
00:53 Hackfox joined #thegeekgroup
00:53 maglinvinn_home united nuclear is around the corner from me
00:53 Ponko92 AIR TIME
00:53 Cprossu_Netbook to patent it you have to sell it.
00:53 maglinvinn_home like, less than 30 minutes drive
00:53 BatSteve I want to rock all night
00:53 Cprossu_Netbook it's a law =)
00:53 maglinvinn_home are you quoting their sources and site?
00:54 BotSteve I want to be a real boy!
00:54 lwq1996 im not going to sell it im gona patton it tho if someone finds a lupol that finds out how they can
00:54 Ponko92 :P
00:54 maglinvinn_home you can't patent it
00:54 maglinvinn_home united nuclear has patented the idea for lit 6 hydride fuel source for automotive use
00:55 Cprossu_Netbook prior art, he can still make a patent of his own though
00:55 Ponko92 USE?
00:55 lwq1996 damn well im just gona make it for personal use
00:55 maglinvinn_home and they're already working on the biggest hurdle, you know, the whole selling of lit 6 which can be a weapons grade radioactive material
00:55 maglinvinn_home lol.
00:55 Ponko92 i know SAE is Society of Automotive Engineers
00:55 Ponko92 .w USE
00:55 Cprossu_Netbook that's why I asked you about making it and selling it lwq1996
00:55 BotSteve "United States of Europe, a term sometimes used to refer to a hypothetical Federal Europe." -
00:55 Ponko92 eh?
00:55 maglinvinn_home have you seen the united nuclear page on it lwq?
00:55 maglinvinn_home its pretty interesting.
00:55 maglinvinn_home i'd use it, personally.
00:56 Ponko92 that can't be right maglinvinn_home?
00:56 maglinvinn_home if i had 10k to invest in solar panels, hydrogen generator, and the hydride tanks
00:56 lwq1996 yes but i didnt know they had a patent on it
00:56 Ponko92 what does USE mean lol
00:56 maglinvinn_home yeah, they patented it, and are spearheading legislation on getting the laws loose enough to vend the tanks.
00:56 lwq1996 umm they cant sell it yet
00:56 Cprossu_Netbook well once the patent system falls completely apart I am going to be happy.
00:56 Cprossu_Netbook they did though
00:57 Cprossu_Netbook they just need to make one sale to someone who is licensed to work with li-6
00:57 Cprossu_Netbook and it's good enough for the patent
00:57 maglinvinn_home lol.  the patent system is what pays my bills, so i'll hold onto it a while longer
00:57 lwq1996 use means for personal use in a specialised tank for hydrogen...
00:57 Ponko92 lol
00:57 maglinvinn_home specialized, btw.
00:57 lwq1996 what ever
00:58 BatSteve Cprossu_Netbook: my bet is that the copyright system will fall before the patent system
00:58 Cprossu_Netbook anyway I lost faith in the patent system years ago =P
00:58 Cprossu_Netbook BatSteve:  you could be right
00:58 lwq1996 im set to change the live of millions and find a lopol in the us law that say i cant sell the lithium 6
00:58 maglinvinn_home meanwhile, its not against the law to own lit 6, but it is against the law to vend it.
00:58 Ponko92 I'M GOING OF THE RAILS ON A.....
00:58 maglinvinn_home so you could sell them the particle accelerator
00:59 lwq1996 yes lol...
00:59 maglinvinn_home just saying.
00:59 maglinvinn_home hehehehe
00:59 BatSteve Ponko92: sorry don't know that one
00:59 Ponko92 Crazy Train by Ozzy
00:59 Ponko92 lol
00:59 lwq1996 so i cant put the lit 6 on a website for free
01:01 Ponko92 whyiyiyiyiyiy don't you uuuuuuse it tryiyiyiyiy not to bruise it, buyiyiyiyiyiy time don't lose it
01:01 maglinvinn_home no.  vending of any sort is against the law.  which includes freebies, donations and purchases
01:01 maglinvinn_home lol.
01:01 Ponko92 sorry everyone i'm in a VERY music mood
01:01 tggRED joined #thegeekgroup
01:01 wannabe1987 music mood?
01:01 maglinvinn_home hey red
01:01 wannabe1987 hi red
01:01 lwq1996 so i cant give it to the geek group.
01:02 lwq1996 hi red
01:02 tggRED hey internet :)
01:02 BotSteve tggRED: I have the following messages for you:
01:02 BotSteve At 18 Jun 08:35Z, Cprossu asked me to tell tggRED We're glad you're back at the lab <3
01:02 maglinvinn_home no.  and, you should know, i've already talked about this topic extensively with chris boden
01:02 maglinvinn_home he was not remotely interested in it
01:02 Cprossu lwq1996: when you change the world, let me know where to send the thank you card, or if you are a jerk about it, where to send the hate mail :)
01:02 * BatSteve is always in a music mood, except when there's fools to be pitied
01:02 Cprossu hey red, the internet loves you
01:02 Cprossu <3
01:02 egrsteve hi red
01:03 maglinvinn_home cause chris joked about having an accelerator in the lab...
01:03 maglinvinn_home and i asked for some lit 6
01:03 maglinvinn_home haha
01:03 lwq1996 hate mail goes up your ass and the thank you card comes in the form of a cake with stripers
01:03 lwq1996 =P
01:03 Cprossu lwq1996: you're not old enough for me to legally give you a stripper cake, sorry
01:03 lwq1996 lol....
01:03 Cprossu I could be listed as a sexual predator for doing htat
01:03 Cprossu *that
01:03 tggRED <3
01:03 lwq1996 lol...
01:04 lwq1996 hi red
01:04 westmi left #thegeekgroup
01:04 speed-mobile Oh hi RED!
01:04 Ponko92
01:04 Ponko92 RED :)
01:04 * Ponko92 does the touchdown dance
01:05 Cprossu and "My ass"'s zip code changes too often for the USPS to send anything to it.
01:05 lwq1996 uhg tgg website is down
01:05 Cprossu so when that time comes you'll have to be more specific
01:05 maglinvinn_home i'm on tgg right now...
01:05 Cprossu tgg website is up for me, lwq1996
01:05 lwq1996 never mind its not....stupid me i put the .com in instead of .org
01:05 maglinvinn_home lul
01:06 Ponko92 lol
01:06 Cprossu oh and one more thing, lwq1996, I am a skeptic and an asshole to everyone, just not you :]
01:06 speed-mobile wannabe whats the preformance rating of your pc
01:06 Ponko92 tgg site is on my favourites bar
01:06 wannabe1987 huh?
01:06 speed-mobile Ur new one^
01:06 Ponko92 AS is the IRC
01:06 speed-mobile The preformance rating
01:07 Cprossu or rather not just you
01:07 lwq1996 i hate that im gona make a universal "." thingy
01:07 Cprossu my grammar is failed heh
01:07 wannabe1987 what doy ou mean "performance rating"
01:07 Cprossu ._.
01:07 kev1987 left #thegeekgroup
01:07 * wannabe1987 is n00b
01:07 Cprossu wannabe1987, speed-mobile, the windows performance index is dumb anyway, ignore it
01:07 speed-mobile ... D:
01:08 speed-mobile Why is it dumb?
01:08 wannabe1987 Cprossu ok
01:08 Cprossu it's a pile of crap and I can edit the ratings to show anything I want to
01:08 speed-mobile It ranks the pc by its slowest link
01:08 Cprossu but it's an arbitrary value
01:08 speed-mobile You can edit it?
01:08 Cprossu that has no basing in anything
01:08 Cprossu yeah of course you can
01:08 speed-mobile O_o
01:09 Cprossu I can make it read nearly anything
01:09 Cprossu it's why it's a moot point.
01:09 Cprossu plus it's "benchmarks" fail
01:09 Nazca left #thegeekgroup
01:09 speed-mobile :)
01:09 speed-mobile :( *
01:09 Cprossu when it puts the 3d capabilities of an Intel Integrated HD above the ones of a Geforce 9650M GT
01:09 Cprossu then there's no point to it's garbage numbers
01:09 speed-mobile Lol
01:10 Cprossu benchmarks in general have been a moot point since around 2004 for most things
01:11 Cprossu ATI, Nvidia, Intel, all cheated in their drivers to "optimize" their performance when running benchmark tests
01:11 Cprossu nvidia went as far as to remove rendered elements
01:11 * Ponko92 hugs tggREED
01:11 * Ponko92 hugs tggRED
01:11 Cprossu and intel plain hacked the frame counter of 3dmark
01:11 * tggRED hugs tggRED
01:11 Cprossu using a machine level memory patch
01:11 speed-mobile Hacked?
01:11 Cprossu ^
01:11 * tggRED hugs Ponko92
01:11 speed-mobile red?
01:11 wannabe1987 in xp, Cprossu where do you find system info???
01:11 speed-mobile Lol
01:12 * Cprossu high fives wannabe1987
01:12 Cprossu good job.
01:12 Cprossu and ignore speed-mobile
01:12 wannabe1987 ...highfives
01:12 * exor674 hugs tggRED
01:12 wannabe1987 back
01:12 Ponko92 yay
01:12 speed-mobile 0_o
01:12 wannabe1987 i'm confused but my question still stands
01:12 speed-mobile :(
01:12 * tggRED gives exor674  a kiss on the cheek. :)
01:12 exor674 <3
01:12 Cprossu xp doesn't have such a stupid performance rating
01:12 * Ponko92 wants to get sacked by a certain female
01:12 Cprossu my computer->properties though
01:13 lwq1996 haha....looks like exor674 is a little ocupied
01:13 livefiretj ....
01:13 * tggRED is confused by Ponko92 's comment about getting sacked by a certain femal.
01:13 Ponko92 my fiancee
01:13 exor674 om nom macorni and cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
01:13 tggRED jealous
01:13 * lwq1996 tggRED the certain female is you
01:14 Cprossu or if you have a crappy keyboard (for the most part) you can press <Windows Key>+<Break>
01:14 Cprossu ^ @ wannabe1987
01:14 speed-mobile Wannabe sack Ponko92
01:14 Ponko92 lwq1996 wrong
01:14 speed-mobile Lol jk
01:14 * Ponko92 gets the pass off before sacked
01:14 thebatman joined #thegeekgroup
01:14 Ponko92 the game
01:14 lwq1996 hi thebatman
01:14 Cprossu hey thebatman, what's up dude!
01:14 tggRED <e you thebatman <3
01:15 Cprossu saw you in hvl and near the haas's
01:15 lwq1996 fail
01:15 lwq1996 lol
01:15 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
01:15 Nazca left #thegeekgroup
01:15 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
01:15 wannabe1987 what for?
01:15 * Cprossu wonders if he can fill up a barn with HAAS equipment and call it a "HAAS STABLE"
01:15 lwq1996 nothing...
01:15 thebatman hey yall im doing fine and the haas is in mdh
01:16 thebatman if u can afford cprossu
01:16 wannabe1987 Cprossu lame
01:16 Cprossu is jermey down there still?
01:16 Ponko92 and by i want my fiancee to sack me i want her to jump.... i'll just stop right there
01:16 * speed-mobile says haas stable to himself
01:16 speed-mobile I dont get it
01:16 lwq1996 lol
01:16 wannabe1987 horse stable/haas stable
01:16 wannabe1987 say it with a boston accent
01:17 thebatman no he was ona time limit to be hre 2dy but jeremy will b back tomorro
01:17 speed-mobile :p
01:17 Cprossu or perhaps a texan/arizonan one
01:17 Ponko92 or Irish
01:17 Cprossu cool.
01:18 Ponko92 oh would ya look at now its an elegant merry-go-round HAAS
01:18 thebatman wannabe1987 lame
01:18 Cprossu I take it the captain needs moose around to not make funny faces and aggrivated gestures at the haas machines, thebatman?
01:18 wannabe1987 i'm lame?  how...
01:18 Ponko92 funny i didn't know there were any foxes in Ireland
01:18 * lwq1996 hugs wannabe
01:18 Ponko92 lol
01:18 lwq1996 your not lame
01:18 thebatman yeah pretty much
01:18 tggRED I love you, internet. You make me giggle.
01:19 wannabe1987 thebatman thinks i am, lwq1996
01:19 lwq1996 the internet love you too red =P
01:19 Ponko92 would you look at know its RED very nice & plu..... *shuts up*
01:19 tggRED ^_^
01:19 tggRED What Ponko92  ?
01:19 thebatman indeed i do
01:19 thebatman lol jk
01:20 Ponko92 ummm nothing >_> <_<
01:20 tggRED Tell me.
01:20 lwq1996 ew bug guts on my glasses
01:20 lwq1996 ponko92 has a crush on you red
01:20 wannabe1987 ...
01:20 BatSteve next time, wait till the bug flies away rather than smooshing it on your glasses
01:20 Ponko92 i was just about to compliment your posterior
01:21 thebatman who doesnt have a crush on red?
01:21 lwq1996 i didnt mean to smush it...i thought it was a dirt particle and it was one of them tiny bugs
01:21 tggRED Meoooww.
01:21 * Ponko92 is good friends (almost) with Red
01:21 Ponko92 lol thebatman
01:21 * Ponko92 is falling asleep
01:21 lwq1996 cory dont hes gay
01:22 tggRED Wanna bet?
01:22 thebatman yeah but ifu
01:22 wannabe1987 thebatman i don't...
01:22 lwq1996 uggg fucking bug guts...
01:22 * Ponko92 is waiting for the whistle to be blown
01:22 thebatman if u see red and corey together u would think they were married
01:22 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: randommscience117 on Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher into water bottle?
01:22 tggRED thank god.
01:23 * wannabe1987 wolf whistles
01:23 * speed-mobile pops into chat from the stack
01:23 speed-mobile Lol
01:23 Ponko92 ;) thanks i do have nice legs wannabe
01:23 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
01:23 speed-mobile Hi Hackfox
01:24 Hackfox lol
01:24 egrsteve red you in tomarrow
01:24 Hackfox my other pc quits so you say Hi
01:24 speed-mobile Hackfox: Do i know you?
01:24 * lwq1996 finally got the bug guts of his glasses
01:24 * Ponko92 is in the huddle
01:24 Hackfox is now known as Hackbat
01:24 speed-mobile Hi Hackbat
01:25 thebatman i am the night
01:25 speed-mobile Holy sh*t
01:25 speed-mobile I am speed!
01:25 egrsteve ^^ he's the night
01:25 * Ponko92 has 506 yards on 32/34 passes and 12 TDs
01:25 thebatman i am vengence
01:25 * Cprossu should really clean the bug guts of his right hand 22" crt
01:25 speed-mobile I am speed!
01:25 Hackbat I am the guy who sits around and eats cheetos as he codes
01:26 thebatman I AM BATMAN
01:26 Ponko92 50 more yards and i've beaten Norman Van Brocklin's Record
01:26 Ponko92 nannanananananananananna BATMAN
01:26 tggRED where's your nightlite, bats?
01:26 * speed-mobile kills thebatman parents
01:26 Cprossu so thebatman, tggRED, how goes the progress in GH5?
01:26 speed-mobile Lol
01:26 * Ponko92 is about to confuse people
01:27 tggRED good.
01:27 tggRED shit's getting done
01:27 tggRED :)
01:27 thebatman whoa whoa
01:27 thebatman da f*ck speed
01:27 Cprossu what do you think the timeframe is for 'livable'?
01:27 thebatman it is livable
01:27 speed-mobile BatMand parents get killed
01:27 * Hackbat is batman's new side kick. I sit in the Cave and google stuff for the old man.
01:27 speed-mobile At gun pount
01:27 Cprossu because I nearly need to buy my airplane tickets a month in advance to get the good rates
01:28 speed-mobile Point^
01:28 wannabe1987 Ponko92 ...
01:28 thebatman yea sooo iguess that makes u a random hobo
01:28 tonsofpcs tggRED: it might be good if, while people are there, the other chyron (and other video keyer eqquipment) can make its way up to MC
01:28 Ponko92 yes and then batman became Mayor of Quahog
01:28 speed-mobile Yep :)
01:28 speed-mobile Lol
01:29 Cprossu I'm not a random hobo but I would like to stay in MI for a month and bust my ass
01:29 tonsofpcs steve was saying that it's too bulky for one person
01:29 tggRED tonsofpcs: I'm exhausted...and not moving anything.
01:29 speed-mobile Thermoel
01:29 tggRED lol.
01:29 Cprossu and take a shitload of equipment up there in my luggage
01:29 thebatman and then shot on the court house staits?
01:29 tonsofpcs tggRED: wasn't sure if there were a bunch of people there or not
01:29 Cprossu that would otherwise cost me $110 per package to ship
01:29 speed-mobile thebatman: For somereasom i was thinking the sandman. But i got that confilused
01:29 * lwq1996 01101000 01100101 01101000 01100101 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01111001 01101111 01110101 00100000 01101011 01101110 01101111 01110111 00100000 01110111 01101000 01100001 01110100 00100000 01101001 01101101 00100000 01110011 01100001 01111001 01101001 01101110 01100111
01:29 tonsofpcs Cprossu: shipping is generally cheaper than luggage....
01:29 Cprossu sure we do, lwq1996
01:30 Cprossu next time try epcidic
01:30 lwq1996 damn
01:30 Ponko92 ok Red Right 24 Double Sqaure Out on three Ready-Break
01:30 wannabe1987 BotSteve should livefiretj and i go swimming
01:30 BotSteve Oh yeah!
01:30 Cprossu tonsofpcs: not for the irregular things I want to ship
01:30 Cprossu sadly.
01:30 Ponko92 BoSteve will i score on this play
01:30 Cprossu I already looked into it and determined
01:30 Ponko92 BotSteve will i score on this play
01:30 BotSteve Oh yeah!
01:30 Cprossu that for the stuff I could bring on an airplane
01:30 Ponko92 :)
01:31 tggRED ...why are we playing IRC football again, Ponko92 ?
01:31 tonsofpcs Cprossu: you're not supposed to ship yourself in the luggage.....
01:31 Cprossu round trip tickets with extra bags one way would be ~$320 with taxes
01:31 lwq1996 01100100 01100001 01101101 01101110 00100000 01110100 01101000 01101001 01110011 00100000 01100110 01110101 01100011 01101011 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01100011 01101111 01101110 01110110 01100101 01110010 01110100 01100101 01110010 00101110 00101110 00101110 01101001 01110100 00100000 01100100 01101111 01101110 01110100 00100000 01100100 01101111 00100000 01110011 01101000 01101001 01110100 00101110 00101110 0010
01:31 Ponko92 IDK
01:31 Ponko92 because i am
01:31 Ponko92 and it confuses people doing that
01:31 lwq1996 lets talk in binary
01:31 tonsofpcs lwq1996: you got cut off at "0010" :-p
01:32 tonsofpcs lwq1996: I am talking in binary.
01:32 thebatman wow i can handle so much irc. peace!
01:32 thebatman left #thegeekgroup
01:32 wannabe1987 lol
01:32 tonsofpcs lwq1996: (I think it just cut a \., not sure)
01:32 wannabe1987 we killed him
01:32 tonsofpcs he's not therealbatman
01:33 Ponko92 and you're running a Sluggo Stop Route lwq1996 and red you're running a Train Route
01:33 Ponko92 :P
01:33 tggRED I'm not doing shit Ponko92
01:33 speed-mobile ?
01:33 Ponko92 well the BatSteve is :P
01:33 lwq1996 wtf how did you know that
01:33 Ponko92 me?
01:33 Cprossu rofl @ lwq1996
01:33 Ponko92 lol
01:34 speed-mobile I have a great quit message
01:34 lwq1996 ok i didnt even know tha
01:34 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
01:34 Ponko92 anyway
01:34 speed-mobile Imah impliment it....
01:34 speed-mobile Once i figure out how
01:34 injektion I have a great quit message too: There is no place like ::1
01:34 * Ponko92 takes snap drops 7 steps looks and.....
01:34 Cprossu still nice try
01:34 * Ponko92 throws to BatSteve
01:35 Ponko92 BotSteve will BatSteve catch the pass
01:35 BotSteve Yep!
01:35 Ponko92 BotSteve will BatSteve score
01:35 BotSteve Ask again later!
01:35 * BatSteve catches the pass
01:35 Ponko92 -_- not helpful
01:35 Ponko92 BotSteve will BatSteve score
01:35 BotSteve No way
01:35 Ponko92 prove him wrong man
01:36 * BatSteve dodges, fakes left, runs right
01:36 Cprossu lwq1996: 59 6f 75 72 20 6d 65 73 73 61 67 65 73 20 61 6d 75 73 65 20 6d 65 2e
01:36 * BatSteve spots a hole....TOUCHDOWN
01:36 * Ponko92 fist pumps and has 13 TDs on 33/35 for 546 Passing Yards
01:37 speed-mobile Idk how to set quit message
01:37 Ponko92 only need 9 to top Norman
01:38 lwq1996 wtf cprossu
01:38 * wannabe1987 goes swimming. jealous?
01:39 lwq1996 no ive got a pool
01:39 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
01:39 wannabe1987 o.o
01:39 lwq1996 i swam in it at 2am
01:39 Ponko92 YEAH TOAST
01:40 Ponko92 and hey toastdude
01:40 Ponko92 lol
01:40 tonsofpcs SGFoYWhhaGEhCg==
01:40 * Ponko92 takes the snap on a no huddle in the shotgun for a hail mary
01:40 Cprossu nope that's not right, either of you
01:41 * Ponko92 looks for an open man
01:41 * BatSteve is not open in the slightest
01:41 Druidic_Rifleman Hey tggRED
01:41 tonsofpcs speed-mobile: /quit [message]
01:41 tonsofpcs usually
01:42 speed-mobile Ty
01:42 Druidic_Rifleman How does one play IRC foot ball...
01:42 Toastdude Or /part
01:42 Cprossu come on, convert the hex to binary. each pair is 8 bits.
01:42 Cprossu ^ @ lwq1996
01:42 * Ponko92 throws long bomb to Druidic_Rifleman
01:42 speed-mobile left #thegeekgroup
01:42 lwq1996 im eating hold on
01:43 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I stand by my statement.
01:43 * Druidic_Rifleman hit's it with a 3.5 inch supper magnum duck load
01:43 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
01:43 Toastdude Oh, sorry... Hi Ponko92
01:43 Ponko92 lol
01:43 Ponko92 hey man
01:43 Druidic_Rifleman From behind his back Standing one leg with the gun upside down
01:43 NeWtoz left #thegeekgroup
01:43 speedrunnerG55 Like it?
01:44 Cprossu 59 hex is 01011001 right? what's 01011001 in ascii?
01:44 Cprossu ^ @ tonsofpcs
01:44 speedrunnerG55 I wonder who got my joke
01:44 Ponko92 we have no ball now
01:44 Ponko92 apart from the other 6
01:44 tonsofpcs Cprossu: one sec, making this more fun :D
01:44 Ponko92 right i'm going to bed
01:44 Toastdude Use speedrunner's :P
01:44 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
01:44 BatSteve night Ponko92
01:45 speedrunnerG55 ?
01:45 tonsofpcs Cprossu: 59 6f 75 72 20 6d 65 73 73 61 67 65 73 20 61 6d 75 73 65 20 6d 65 2e
01:45 tonsofpcs bah
01:45 tonsofpcs wrong pastebuffer :-p
01:45 tonsofpcs Cprossu: WQo=
01:45 Toastdude Nvm.... Night Ponko
01:45 Ponko92 i'll have chat open but i won't be able to read it
01:45 tonsofpcs ^^ MIME is better :D
01:45 speedrunnerG55 Night Ponko92
01:45 tonsofpcs (well, base64/RFC1521)
01:46 Cprossu ahh fuck it if we're going to do encryption and mathematical sequencing I am out
01:46 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I just answered your question
01:46 tonsofpcs this is left as a problem for lwq1996 to decode :-p
01:46 NeWtoz left #thegeekgroup
01:46 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
01:46 Toastdude NOOOOO CPROSSU!!!
01:46 tonsofpcs Cprossu: Y you out? ;)
01:46 Obtuse_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:46 Ponko92 if i talk then umm panic because it won't be me unless i state it is
01:46 Cprossu lol
01:46 Toastdude Hi Obtuse_
01:46 speedrunnerG55 Did annyone get my joke?
01:47 Ponko92 yeah speedy
01:47 lwq1996 yes im eating i cant decode right now
01:47 speedrunnerG55 :)
01:47 Obtuse_ Hey Toastdude
01:47 Cprossu lol lwq1996
01:47 tonsofpcs joke?
01:47 Obtuse_ I just got back from the Grand Rapids Python User Group meeting
01:47 * lwq1996 mmmm pork chops
01:47 Obtuse_ over at calvin college
01:48 Cprossu tonsofpcs: funny pm
01:48 tonsofpcs Obtuse_: really? I totally went through some of the opening credits from MPHG in here :-p
01:48 Obtuse_ MPHG?
01:48 * speedrunnerG55 return
01:48 speedrunnerG55 Hi
01:48 tonsofpcs oh,
01:48 tonsofpcs nevermind
01:49 tonsofpcs you meant the bad kind of python, not the monty kind :-p
01:49 NeWtoz left #thegeekgroup
01:49 Ponko92 oh yeah Druidic i hope you know you shot the football
01:49 Obtuse_ oh! its not that bad kind
01:49 Ponko92 anyway
01:49 Toastdude Lol tonsofpcs
01:49 Obtuse_ python the language was named after Monty Python
01:49 Toastdude ....
01:49 Obtuse_ the tutorials make many references to Monty Python
01:50 Cprossu I like the little scribbles that are left in tektonix manuals =)
01:50 Toastdude is now known as Toast_Away
01:51 speedrunnerG55 Bye Toast_Away
01:51 Toast_Away I'll be close-ish.....
01:51 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
01:52 tonsofpcs Obtuse_: I know that ;)
01:52 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I prefer the ones left inside the cases of the older gear (the ones with the globe logo)
01:52 Cprossu
01:52 NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
01:53 Cprossu tonsofpcs : I own a type 547 and a type 535
01:53 tggRED left #thegeekgroup
01:53 Cprossu love them.
01:53 Cprossu my 535 is kludged together though
01:54 tonsofpcs we have a 535...B? I think?  at work
01:54 KB3NZQ {Playing} "Rock N Roll Train (Instrumental Version)" - Artist: Back In Black - Album: Rock N Roll Train (A Salute to AC/DC) - Single - Rating: [?????]
01:54 tonsofpcs oh, wait, no, it's not the 545
01:54 tonsofpcs *535
01:54 Hackbat GUYS! GUYS!
01:54 Hackbat;
01:54 Hackbat Uber cute
01:54 tonsofpcs it's the transistor curve tracer that they maade out of the 535
01:55 tonsofpcs 575?
01:55 Cprossu no
01:55 tonsofpcs that looks like it
01:55 Cprossu 547 as in the 50mhz scope
01:56 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
01:56 tonsofpcs no, I'm saying we have a 575
01:56 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
01:56 Cprossu OHHH!
01:56 Cprossu lol
01:56 Cprossu they are hard to kill
01:56 Cprossu what was the vacuum tube model?
01:56 Cprossu 656?
01:56 Cprossu *565
01:56 Cprossu I can't ever remember
01:56 tonsofpcs something like that
01:57 tonsofpcs we have the crash cart scope that looks like the same knobs as the 547 but with the specan addon.... it needs work
01:57 Cprossu 570
01:57 Cprossu I have both carts for my scopes
01:57 tonsofpcs we have tons of carts
01:57 tonsofpcs the 575 can do the tubes too, it just doesn't have the socket
01:57 lwq1996 damn internet is not working....ugh
01:58 Cprossu
01:58 Cprossu mine looks like this
01:58 Cprossu I have 4 modules for it
01:58 Cprossu but I generally use my 4 input BNC one
01:59 tonsofpcs we have lots of tek gear
01:59 Cprossu serial 008103 :)
01:59 tonsofpcs including some of their modern stuff in 'built-into-a-computer' test form ;)
01:59 Cprossu I always liked it
01:59 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
01:59 Cprossu I actually have a crappy BK 10mhz scope
01:59 Cprossu that's like 00003 serial
01:59 tonsofpcs lwq1996: cut off
01:59 Cprossu or perhaps 00006 or something
01:59 Cprossu I can't ever remember
01:59 Cprossu let me go look
02:00 tonsofpcs I have a Tek PQA.  Not a PQA-200.  Not a PQA-300.  A PQA.  The tek salesguy looked at me funny for about 2 minutes after I told him that I had one until I explained to him how :-p
02:01 lwq1996 does anyone have a good router lying around that i can buy
02:01 tonsofpcs lwq1996: I have a craftsman and a ryobi.
02:01 Sgt_Lemming_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:01 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
02:01 Sgt_Lemming_ is now known as Sgt_Lemming
02:01 lwq1996 i mean internet router
02:01 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
02:01 Cprossu rofl
02:01 tonsofpcs no, I use all of my good ones.  Want to buy a d-link?
02:02 Cprossu do you have a spart computer, a few ethernet cards, and some nice network switches, lwq1996?
02:02 Cprossu *spare
02:02 lwq1996 are they good...mine keeps getting hot and shuting down
02:02 tonsofpcs my dir-615c1 is a POS
02:02 Cprossu yours is a router/switch combo isn't it?
02:02 Cprossu what make/model?
02:02 lwq1996 i have 2old laptops
02:02 tonsofpcs original firmware denied any PC with a MAC addy that didn't start with "00"
02:03 Cprossu got any pc card ethernet cards?
02:03 Obtuse_ hey guys, join us here ...
02:03 Obtuse_ with the grlug
02:03 lwq1996 idk...its from my internet company i didnt buy it so idk
02:03 tonsofpcs any other firmware failed the wireless after a week OR the wired after 2 weeks....
02:03 Obtuse_ share music!
02:03 lwq1996 they hooked it up
02:03 * Cprossu head keyboard
02:03 Nekoroms joined #thegeekgroup
02:03 Cprossu lwq1996 any pc card ethernet 100bt cards?
02:03 speedrunnerG55 Cprossu: Want to know something funny my mod 1 teacher said?
02:03 Darkseco1d joined #thegeekgroup
02:03 lwq1996 my computer has a built in ethernet card
02:03 Cprossu go ahead speedrunnerG55
02:03 tonsofpcs Cprossu: iit took about 2 hours on the phone with them to convince them to send a memo to engineering about it
02:04 tonsofpcs it was fixed a week later.
02:04 Cprossu yes but you need two, lwq1996 for what I am going to show you
02:04 speedrunnerG55 Whoever controlls the electrons controlls the world
02:04 pranq_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:04 tonsofpcs speedrunnerG55: CONELRAD controls the electrons.
02:04 lwq1996 i have to computers...if that helps...
02:04 Cprossu lol
02:04 speedrunnerG55 Lol
02:04 Cprossu two?
02:05 tonsofpcs I have to laundry.
02:05 lwq1996 i dont have spare computer parts my mom throws all electronic shit away when they dont work...i hate her for that and yes two
02:05 lwq1996 two yes
02:05 Cprossu by spare computer I mean one that you can sacrifice to run as a router.
02:05 Cprossu hence the need for 2 ethernet cards
02:05 Cprossu Cable or DSL?
02:05 lwq1996 oh well it does run off a router
02:06 Cprossu a shitty one.
02:06 Cprossu if you want stability you won't get it using that.
02:06 * Cprossu eyes tgg labs with a hateful look
02:07 Cprossu so what's your 20, lwq1996?
02:07 speedrunnerG55 0= Cprossu
02:07 lwq1996 hold on...i got to go clean up dog shit i will write you in a pm
02:08 * SparkyProjects thinks Cprossu has been watching Convoy again :D
02:08 Cprossu just a state would be fine.
02:08 wannabe1987 left #thegeekgroup
02:08 seanzzz left #thegeekgroup
02:08 pranq left #thegeekgroup
02:08 Darksecond left #thegeekgroup
02:08 Av_Nekoroms left #thegeekgroup
02:09 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
02:09 * Cprossu actually watched convoy once. it was a bad idea. we watched it in garrysmod... also a bad idea, we built gmod trucks afterwards, which was the worst idea of the lot.
02:09 speedrunnerG55 What hath ipv6 wroutlght
02:09 speedrunnerG55 Wrout
02:09 LeadHead Nice try
02:09 Cprossu and then we drove them through evocity and crashed my server
02:09 LeadHead Still not correct
02:10 speedrunnerG55 Wrought
02:11 Cprossu but lwq1996: a state or a country would suffice
02:12 Cprossu I'm going to take a wild ass guess and say Little Rock, Arkansas?
02:12 lwq1996 i live in pennsylvania
02:12 Cprossu wow I was wrong
02:12 Cprossu guesses generally are lol
02:12 lwq1996 irvona pa
02:12 speedrunnerG55 Cprossu: I once saw a netsplit so big there were 4 people left
02:13 lwq1996 haha
02:13 Cprossu no that was a small netsplit
02:13 Cprossu you were just on the wrong side.
02:13 Cprossu xD
02:13 speedrunnerG55 Apparently i lost connection i reopened the app and it was normal
02:13 lwq1996 i have a belink router that i got from windstream...
02:14 * KB3NZQ is about a 2 to 3 hour drive from lwq1996
02:14 speed-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
02:15 lwq1996 lol...dont worry NB3NZQ its not worth the trip and where do u live
02:15 Cprossu belink?!
02:15 KB3NZQ Mars PA
02:15 Cprossu that's a first
02:15 Cprossu never heard of them before
02:15 speed-mobile Im back
02:15 lwq1996 lol well i dont know how to spell the name right now it starts with a b
02:15 Cprossu it could be anything
02:15 Cprossu belkin perhaps?
02:16 Cprossu speedstream?
02:16 Cprossu 2wire?
02:16 lwq1996 yes thats it..belkin
02:16 injektion I used to use an old P4 3GHz HT IBM ThinkCentre for a firewall now it serves as a PBX running asterisk
02:16 lwq1996 i forgot the name and im to lazy to get up and check
02:16 Cprossu does it tie to the phone line or a TV line?
02:16 lwq1996 phone line i think
02:17 lwq1996 its a bundle deal with windstream... the thing where you get phone,internet, and direct tv
02:17 KB3NZQ lwq1996 i have been wanting to come back out to that area for a weekend to chase trains if you would let me crash at your house for 1 or 2 nights i could possibly bring you a router to use for a wile
02:17 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
02:17 speed-mobile is now known as speedrunnerG55
02:18 lwq1996 KB3NZQ how old are you
02:18 KB3NZQ 22
02:18 lwq1996 sorry would look wrong to my parent if i had a 22 year old friend...
02:18 Cprossu lwq1996: does it look like a or a ?
02:18 lwq1996 im 14 so if you were around that age then maby
02:19 Cprossu you're probably SOL at that age group for your interests, sadly =(
02:19 speedrunnerG55 ?
02:19 lwq1996 SOL?
02:19 Cprossu most parents don't like their kids playing with electricity and fire
02:19 exor674 shit outta luck
02:19 Cprossu thus it's rare to find any
02:19 Cprossu =(
02:20 lwq1996 lol they dont care as long as i dont hurt myself or blow up the house
02:20 Cprossu been there done that
02:20 injektion You should of seen my dad when I used some homemade napalm to burn a tree stump
02:20 Cprossu both of which are way possible if you don't have a good person to lean on for guidance
02:20 KB3NZQ no problem i went to HGAC in johnstown and got an associates in computer networking and also chased trains from as far as altoona in to johnstown and then to greensburg PA
02:20 speedrunnerG55 ##electronics
02:21 injektion My dad thought I was crazy but in the end the tree stump is no longer there
02:21 lwq1996 KB3NZQ : btw the train tracks have been torn up since i dont know when so sorry your out of luck for chasing trains around my area unless you go to altoona
02:21 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
02:21 tonsofpcs KB3NZQ: chasing trains?
02:22 tonsofpcs CONRAIL cut out one of their two tracks across the southern tier of NY....
02:22 tonsofpcs @($(^@*@(s
02:22 tonsofpcs I was hoping for a return to passenger service on the old E-L lines...
02:22 tonsofpcs (well, here they were mostly L, but some E and some post-merger)
02:23 KB3NZQ i live 1 block from the B&P/AVR tracks
02:23 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new YouTube videos posted by PhysicsDuck.  New videos:
02:23 BotSteve Captain's Blog 6-20-11 Thumper Setup and CNC comes online!
02:23 Cprossu oh did you decode the message yet, lwq1996?
02:23 tonsofpcs KB3NZQ: I grew up on the Erie main line...  there's still passenger service there.  The tracks up here are an extension of the same line.  No service :(
02:23 tonsofpcs They only run as far as Port Jervis now
02:24 KB3NZQ ok
02:24 tonsofpcs *clicks video link*
02:24 KB3NZQ tonsofpcs what is the closest city to you
02:24 lwq1996 hehe i got to it first
02:25 lwq1996 me?
02:25 tonsofpcs KB3NZQ: binghamton
02:25 KB3NZQ state?
02:25 tonsofpcs KB3NZQ: they still run one train per yearon the Ithaca (lackawana) extension and two a year on the oneonta branch (DL&W?)
02:26 tonsofpcs NY
02:26 tonsofpcs (or NYS&W maybe?)
02:26 KB3NZQ ok
02:26 * tonsofpcs grew up in northern NJ
02:27 * speedrunnerG55 pops in
02:27 BatSteve .t +10
02:27 BotSteve Tue, 21 Jun 2011 12:27:17 +10
02:27 speedrunnerG55 Im in norther nj now
02:27 KB3NZQ i haven't done much chasing up there i have done some as far north as Butler PA
02:27 * tonsofpcs pushes speedrunnerG55 over to the radburn station
02:27 speedrunnerG55 ?
02:27 speedrunnerG55 tonsofpcs: Gyess what
02:27 lwq1996 i/me saddend since he has never chased a train
02:27 tonsofpcs wat?
02:28 KB3NZQ brb time for my late night snack
02:28 tonsofpcs you live in the red multiple unit dwellings right next to radburn?
02:28 * lwq1996 saddend sice he has never chased a train
02:28 speedrunnerG55 Im standing at the boadway fairlawn station
02:28 tonsofpcs ah, broadway
02:28 tonsofpcs I remember before they paved it!
02:28 KB3NZQ lwq have your mom take you to altoona and cresson sometime
02:28 speedrunnerG55 O_o
02:29 tonsofpcs when it was a partial-stop station and you had to stand behind the bench to avoid from being hit by debris but you still had to flag the conductor to get the train to stop!
02:29 lwq1996 i go to altoona all the time but they dont let me do stuff.....stupid parents -.-
02:29 tonsofpcs I also remember minimum fare being $1.35....
02:29 Toast_Away is now known as Toastdude
02:29 speedrunnerG55 O_o
02:30 tonsofpcs and when you could upgrade a one-way to an ORT on-train and it only mattered if your return was on-peak or not
02:30 speedrunnerG55 O_o
02:30 Toastdude Lol
02:31 * tonsofpcs used to take the train to broadway to go to Game Master (26-13 Broadway, then became Clubhouse Games, now is Gamer's Gambit)
02:31 speedrunnerG55 tonsofpcs: Imah take a picture and upload it to photobucket
02:31 speedrunnerG55 K?
02:31 lwq1996 kk
02:31 tonsofpcs did they ever actually redo the bridge there?
02:31 tonsofpcs sure
02:31 tonsofpcs take it to the west, so we see 7/11
02:31 tonsofpcs they don't have 7-11 here :(
02:32 Cprossu hrmm
02:32 Cprossu captain isn't there for me to complain about the abrupt ending to todays c. blog
02:33 tonsofpcs what is thumper and why does it have bulb son top?
02:33 injektion tonsofpcs, to dump the voltage
02:33 lwq1996 oh dont know what thumper is
02:34 LinuxH4x0r what is thumper!?!?! Its pure epic
02:34 wannabe1987 did i disconnect?
02:34 LinuxH4x0r in capacitor bank form
02:34 lwq1996 yes it is
02:34 lwq1996 i think you did
02:34 Toastdude Hi wannabe1987
02:34 tonsofpcs LinuxH4x0r: is this the thing in the recessed area in HVL?
02:34 lwq1996 hi
02:34 LinuxH4x0r it vaporizes things
02:34 LinuxH4x0r idk
02:34 lwq1996 lol
02:34 LinuxH4x0r somewhere in there
02:35 tonsofpcs ah, ok
02:35 tonsofpcs it's a taser!
02:36 Cprossu tonsofpcs:
02:36 Cprossu .yt thumper aluminum mesh
02:36 BotSteve Cprossu:
02:36 Cprossu ^ watch that
02:36 LinuxH4x0r its a tazer for godzilla :P
02:36 lwq1996 go look up videos on thumper on tgg youtube profile and physicsducks channle
02:36 Cprossu I already posted the most epic one
02:37 speedrunnerG55 tonsofpcs: Uploadding
02:38 Cprossu tggmc lol
02:38 SparkyProjects Actually, the lamps serve 2 purposes, as a charge resistor and a dump bank, if you notice when the charging starts the lamps are bright, but dim as the voltage rises
02:39 tonsofpcs also, they're pretty :-p
02:40 lwq1996 yes they are
02:40 lwq1996 but not as pretty....there are bulbs missing
02:41 tonsofpcs Cprossu: this is what I set up today:
02:41 lwq1996 toastdude you here
02:41 Toastdude Yeah
02:41 lwq1996 ok
02:41 lwq1996 hi
02:41 tonsofpcs
02:42 tonsofpcs I get to put it through a full test tomorrow :D
02:42 tonsofpcs I grabbed 24 mics before leaving today.  Guy that's been sorting mics is gonna freak :-p
02:42 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
02:42 lwq1996 so your going to test thumper
02:42 astro73|derrial tonsofpcs: nice snake there.
02:42 tonsofpcs I need to find 24 XLR cables, white tape, and a sharpie for the intern to wire it up
02:43 lwq1996 oh nvm
02:43 Cprossu lol I have one of those same powerstrips, tonsofpcs
02:43 tonsofpcs i already have a round table that can hold most of the mics, some of them can go on stands
02:43 tonsofpcs captain should see if he can get some old kleigl dimmers donated :D
02:44 lwq1996 why is there no "I" in your name
02:44 speedrunnerG55 tonsofpcs:
02:44 Cprossu that little yamaha amp is co cute, xD
02:44 Cprossu ^ tonsofpcs
02:44 tonsofpcs 18:59:14 < tonsofpcs> two types of people love my handle:  nerds and people who think it has an 'i' in it.
02:44 speedrunnerG55 There are more
02:44 tonsofpcs speedrunnerG55: yea, that sign got redone :-p
02:44 lwq1996 lol
02:45 tonsofpcs the little one didn't though, that's basically the same
02:45 speedrunnerG55 Theres more in the album
02:45 tonsofpcs how do I get ot the album?
02:46 BatSteve .seen redhome
02:46 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw redhome 45.21 hours ago at 2011-06-19 05:33:10 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 02:46:02 UTC
02:46 BatSteve .seen tggred
02:46 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw tggred 1.21 hours ago at 2011-06-21 01:33:15 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 02:46:07 UTC
02:46 BatSteve crap, I forgot to set up a tell for tggred
02:46 Cprossu I set a tell up for her
02:46 Toastdude A tell? what's that?
02:47 BatSteve BotSteve: tell Toastdude this is a tell
02:47 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Toastdude is around.
02:47 Cprossu while she was out of state even
02:47 Toastdude Oh
02:47 BotSteve Toastdude: I have the following messages for you:
02:47 BotSteve At 02:47Z, BatSteve asked me to tell Toastdude this is a tell
02:47 Cprossu .log
02:47 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
02:47 speedrunnerG55 tonsofpcs: Can you see all the pictures?
02:48 tonsofpcs no
02:48 speedrunnerG55 Hmm
02:48 Cprossu
02:48 BatSteve oh well, too late now.
02:48 Cprossu ^ that worked out well
02:48 speedrunnerG55
02:48 Cprossu I didn't even remember I did it until you said something, BatSteve
02:49 tonsofpcs ah, got it
02:49 tonsofpcs i figured itout
02:49 tonsofpcs
02:49 tonsofpcs also, why the heck are you @ broadway station, speedrunnerG55 ?
02:50 Cprossu whistling of death
02:50 Toastdude speedrunnerG55: Has anyone ever told you that you look a bit like Corey Vidal?
02:51 speedrunnerG55 ?!
02:51 speedrunnerG55 tonsofpcs: Im walking my dog
02:52 lwq1996 nice pic of dig fuse
02:52 tonsofpcs speedrunnerG55: well, stay on that side of the street, don't want him to get into any brothels
02:53 speedrunnerG55 ?
02:53 lwq1996 sorry big fuse
02:53 tonsofpcs speedrunnerG55: they shut down like 3 or 4 of them one year all between dunkin donuts and morlot, south side of broadway....
02:54 Toastdude What's this speedrunnerG55?;current=camera2-1.jpg
02:54 tonsofpcs driver circuitry
02:55 speedrunnerG55 Lol
02:55 lwq1996 cool
02:55 speedrunnerG55 A proposal to TGG
02:55 speedrunnerG55 THat failed
02:56 tonsofpcs so yea, speedrunnerG55, go grab me a slurpee? :)
02:56 Cprossu stream blank tggmc lights out?
02:56 Toastdude Was that a digital drawing or in a program? jw
02:56 speedrunnerG55 ...makes me want to get one myself!
02:56 speedrunnerG55 Ahrgh
02:56 tonsofpcs heh
02:56 tonsofpcs it's only like 1.5 miles for you! It's about 200 for me!
02:57 speedrunnerG55 Ye.
02:57 speedrunnerG55 It less than 1.5 miles
02:57 speedrunnerG55 Actually
02:57 speedrunnerG55 Let me see
02:57 astro73|derrial is sound horribly off for anyone else in today's blog?
02:58 tonsofpcs 0.7 miles from thee train station, speedrunnerG55
02:58 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
02:58 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
02:59 CaptainBoden
02:59 tonsofpcs wait, not even
02:59 BotSteve CaptainBoden: I have the following messages for you:
02:59 lwq1996 HI CAPTAIN
02:59 BotSteve At 00:22Z, tonsofpcs asked me to ask CaptainBoden to see about bringing the other chyron (and other keying gear) upstairs
02:59 tonsofpcs (was expecting you to be back on before closing shop)
02:59 tonsofpcs 0.5 miles, speedrunnerG55
02:59 speedrunnerG55 .8 miles from my house :3
03:00 lwq1996 we saw the new cb
03:02 speedrunnerG55 What the zoinks red
03:02 speedrunnerG55 Lol
03:02 Cprossu hey CaptainBoden: it ends rather abruptly
03:02 Cprossu was that on purpose?
03:02 lwq1996 lol
03:02 lwq1996 yeah
03:03 Cprossu so if I get too close it'll shut off<cut>
03:03 lwq1996 lol
03:04 lwq1996 i guess captain isnt gona talk
03:04 CaptainBoden it's supposed to end like that, listen close o the audio
03:05 CaptainBoden Just because I'm logged in, doesn't mean I'm on the computer, I do other htings
03:05 lwq1996 good way to end a thumper
03:05 lwq1996 and yeah got to fix computers and stuff so you can use them at the lab
03:06 LeadHead I would imagine fixing computers for use at the lab is probably not a priority
03:06 LeadHead Since they seem to have buckets of extra computers all over the place
03:06 CaptainBoden no, tonight I'm working on a proposal, and then bedtime, gnite gentlemen
03:07 tonsofpcs gnite
03:07 lwq1996 talk to you tomorrow captain **sulutes captain boden**
03:07 Cprossu take it easy CaptainBoden
03:07 egrsteve night captain
03:07 Cprossu I think we got left on MDH
03:07 Cprossu for the stream
03:08 egrsteve maybe I should leave it on that bad scan converter for a night some time
03:08 lwq1996 yeah... all i hear is static and see darkness
03:09 lwq1996 crprossu who are you even...
03:09 lwq1996 what your name
03:09 Obtuse_ left #thegeekgroup
03:10 BatSteve I think his real name is Dirk Hardpeck.
03:10 lwq1996 you say you always help out at the lab...but i dont know who you are
03:11 astro73|derrial actually, I think it's more help out with the lab
03:11 BatSteve Or possibly Slab Bulkhead.
03:11 LeadHead actually
03:11 lwq1996 well help out....same thing
03:11 LeadHead last I heard, his name was Dovetail Wood
03:12 egrsteve maglinvinn_home mind if I setup a forum post on the pan tilt project
03:13 BatSteve .trope big mclargehuge
03:13 BotSteve BatSteve:
03:13 Cprossu egrsteve, we know bring you the apocolypse
03:13 egrsteve I do?
03:13 Cprossu with the bad scan converter
03:14 Cprossu lwq1996. KF7POU. figure out the rest yourself.
03:14 lwq1996 i dont know what your talking about there is alot i can figure out
03:14 egrsteve ah yes, i need that and 1k tone gen fed through a phaser with some distortion added
03:14 * speedrunnerG55 pops into chat
03:14 Cprossu rofl
03:15 * egrsteve rofl
03:15 Cprossu we could put it through an oscillator too
03:15 LeadHead ergsteve, you'd have the equivalent of dubstep there
03:15 LeadHead just get some low frequency beats
03:15 Cprossu or how about autotune
03:15 Cprossu set to 650hz
03:15 egrsteve autotune just makes a harminic mess
03:15 egrsteve no 999hz
03:15 Cprossu ROFL
03:16 lwq1996 lol
03:16 egrsteve better yes 439hz
03:16 LeadHead lwq1996: It's not nice to laugh at something that you don't know why it's funny.
03:16 egrsteve * yet
03:16 egrsteve it sounds a bit flat
03:17 lwq1996 so i can still lauge...rofl, lol
03:18 Obtuse_lappy joined #thegeekgroup
03:19 LeadHead If you say so
03:21 Cprossu egrsteve
03:21 LeadHead Wannabanned?
03:21 LeadHead Why
03:21 astro73|derrial indeed
03:22 LeadHead Cprossu, I've heard bearings make a similar noise to that before
03:22 egrsteve not bad, a lot if feedback in that
03:22 egrsteve *lot of
03:23 wannabe1987 was kicked by masterofmonks: wannabe1987
03:23 Cprossu lol
03:23 speedrunnerG55 O_o
03:23 egrsteve I have heard sound systems on the edge of feedback making a similar sound just about ready to explode
03:24 LeadHead If you don't have smoke pooring out of the amps
03:24 LeadHead You're not trying hard enough
03:24 LeadHead pouring?
03:24 Cprossu I'm making a better one
03:24 speedrunnerG55 What did wannabe do?
03:24 Cprossu hang on
03:24 astro73|derrial masterofmonks: seriously, why? Do you have a reason? I didn't think she was actively abusing the channel
03:25 * speedrunnerG55 misses wannabe
03:25 lwq1996 because hes a dick
03:25 lwq1996 i just told her that someone kicked her
03:26 lwq1996 NO HE BANNED HER
03:26 LeadHead Oh god, I am laughing so hard
03:27 astro73|derrial BatSteve: Thermoelectric: Mind having a discussion with one of your ops?
03:27 speedrunnerG55 Hey capslock
03:27 speedrunnerG55 Calm down
03:27 LinuxH4x0r hold on a sec, lets figure this out
03:28 masterofmonks For clarification, this ban was passed down from the main staff of The Geek Group.
03:28 LinuxH4x0r ahh
03:28 lwq1996 WHY...
03:28 astro73|derrial Ok, fair enough, but why?
03:28 lwq1996 she didnt do nothing wrong
03:28 speedrunnerG55 Zoinks
03:28 Cprossu egrsteve :
03:29 astro73|derrial lwq1996: she did do a lot of off-topic complaining, which might have rubbed staff wrong
03:29 lwq1996 what did i do
03:30 astro73|derrial But I would appreciate an actual reason
03:30 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
03:30 lwq1996 i didnt...well im complaining for a great reason now...he kicked her for no readon
03:30 astro73|derrial lwq1996: I never said you did anything
03:30 astro73|derrial masterofmonks: did the staff tell you why?
03:30 egrsteve cprossu sounds like it's based on a triangle or sawtooth function
03:31 Cprossu sawtooth.
03:31 masterofmonks Actions that took place outside of IRC.
03:31 Cprossu did you hear what else I added?
03:31 egrsteve figured
03:31 Cprossu you know the berringer sound?
03:31 LeadHead I hear some real low frequencies in there
03:31 livefiretj so they band someone for something that hapened out of IRC
03:31 Obtuse_lappy ah that berringer sound
03:31 Cprossu Berringer 60HZ(tm)
03:31 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
03:31 LeadHead Knew I heard something
03:32 LeadHead You should stick some 60Hz AC hum (actually 120Hz audible) in there
03:32 LeadHead for good measure
03:32 livefiretj you relized she doesnt even live in GR anymore?
03:32 Cprossu I can do that
03:32 egrsteve nice, I though i heard a bit of a second tone, i hope a sine there
03:32 Cprossu yeah
03:32 lwq1996 she did nothing wrong it was outside of the irc....
03:32 livefiretj BatSteve wannabe wants to talk to u
03:32 livefiretj lwq thats lame
03:33 livefiretj and unfair
03:33 BatSteve livefiretj: have her do "/msg BatSteve hello"
03:33 BatSteve that should get to me
03:33 lwq1996 is they shoulnt of done that it was outside the irc
03:33 livefiretj well whats wierd is that she has not been to tgg since May
03:34 astro73|derrial it's their channel; they can run it as they like
03:34 Cprossu ahh crap
03:34 Cprossu audacity crashed on me
03:34 lwq1996 no i dont see no staff of tgg on her except cprossu
03:34 astro73|derrial although it would be nice to know that ops aren't banning people on whims
03:34 LeadHead Cprossu is not TGG staff.
03:34 Cprossu nope
03:35 LeadHead "(11:28:03 PM) masterofmonks: For clarification, this ban was passed down from the main staff of The Geek Group."
03:35 LeadHead "(11:28:03 PM) masterofmonks: For clarification, this ban was passed down from the main staff of The Geek Group."
03:35 LeadHead "(11:28:03 PM) masterofmonks: For clarification, this ban was passed down from the main staff of The Geek Group."
03:35 lwq1996 so....its stupid
03:35 livefiretj seems kinda personal attack to me
03:36 speedrunnerG55 We dont know what happened tho
03:37 livefiretj they wait over three weeks to do so
03:37 speedrunnerG55 ... At the surface it sounds personal. But you just dont know
03:37 astro73|derrial ok, when the bannee doesn't know what's going on, clarification is good
03:37 LinuxH4x0r She did some not so brilliant things that got her banned
03:37 livefiretj like...
03:37 LeadHead Oh jesus guys, all of you shut the fuck up
03:37 LinuxH4x0r its not up for discussion at the moment
03:37 LeadHead Seriously.
03:37 LeadHead She's banned. She did something wrong, TGG brass didn't like it.
03:37 LeadHead Get the hell over it.
03:38 livefiretj what post a few pictures
03:38 livefiretj at lease tell her
03:38 livefiretj im done now
03:38 dr_jkl hey, guys
03:38 dr_jkl c'mon
03:38 dr_jkl everything will sort itself out
03:39 dr_jkl it doesn't really matter who did what and why and for how long. The matter's dealt with.
03:39 speedrunnerG55 Ye
03:39 dr_jkl They'll be back after a while, I'm sure, and life will go on.
03:39 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
03:39 lwq1996 30days...and tgg is her life
03:40 livefiretj how about mid march
03:40 livefiretj she got me into tgg
03:40 livefiretj in April
03:41 livefiretj hi bat steve
03:41 livefiretj never got the chance to meet u
03:42 dr_jkl [BatSteve] nananananananananananananananana THIS GUY
03:42 livefiretj lol
03:42 BatSteve hey livefiretj, how's the casino going?
03:43 livefiretj good looking for another job thirds are killing me
03:43 BatSteve ugh
03:43 BatSteve I've been there
03:43 BatSteve third shift blows
03:43 astro73|derrial agreed
03:43 speedrunnerG55 I need to write my resume
03:43 speedrunnerG55 Lol
03:43 livefiretj yea I'm not much of a night guy
03:43 LeadHead Good luck with that speedrunnerG55, you're gonna' need all the help you can get.
03:43 speedrunnerG55 :P
03:44 lwq1996 i hated it when my dad worked third
03:44 lwq1996 hi tj....never met a good friend of kellys
03:45 Cprossu it's going to be much quieter here without wannabe around =.(
03:45 livefiretj nice to meet u lwq * shakes hand*
03:46 masterofmonks Cprossu: Not for as long as it looks like from this end of things.
03:46 lwq1996 **shakes hand** nice to meet you too
03:46 livefiretj lol
03:47 lwq1996 this is stupid...banned her for things that happend OUTSIDE of the irc
03:47 * Cprossu wishes he knew what the fuck happened
03:47 Cprossu .log
03:47 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
03:47 masterofmonks Cprossu: that is a personal matter between her and the G5 staff.
03:47 lwq1996 im getting details from wannabe
03:48 speedrunnerG55 Good luck finding it in the log
03:48 speedrunnerG55 ... :"o
03:48 lwq1996 cprossu and i think that that thing that went down between red and i boden "fixed" by banning me
03:48 lwq1996 what went down
03:48 lwq1996 stupid shit
03:48 lwq1996 what happend
03:48 lwq1996 red wanted her x dead, i said no, went to facebook, told a group chat i'm in, which includes her x, and he joined irc
03:48 lwq1996 this is what she said on facebook
03:48 speedrunnerG55 That was a long time ago
03:49 speedrunnerG55 I dought it was that
03:49 LeadHead Cprossu, I blew a coolant line today
03:49 Cprossu I think several people did
03:49 speedrunnerG55 It was OUTSIDE irs
03:49 speedrunnerG55 Irc
03:49 NeWtoz third shift isn't that bad...
03:49 BotSteve NeWtoz: I have the following messages for you:
03:49 BotSteve At 18 Jun 08:35Z, Cprossu asked me to tell NeWtoz I can't think of anything funny for botsteve to tell you
03:50 NeWtoz ...?
03:50 Cprossu ^fallout from a june 18'th bot abuse
03:50 livefiretj lol
03:50 Cprossu or was it the 17'th
03:50 NeWtoz oh
03:50 NeWtoz I guess i don't talk much
03:51 livefiretj I talk less :P
03:51 astro73|derrial speedrunnerG55: it's reasonable to ban in irc for extra-chat events, under circumstances
03:51 livefiretj im hardley on irc
03:51 livefiretj rolls eyes
03:52 NeWtoz Q: does the woodshop have a planner?
03:52 lwq1996 sorry tj clicked enter by accident
03:52 * speedrunnerG55 sighs
03:52 masterofmonks Yes, the IRC channel is an official arm of The Geek Group.
03:52 NeWtoz planer*
03:54 LinuxH4x0r yes, the wood shop has a planer
03:55 speedrunnerG55 Ok
03:55 NeWtoz how big? if you know
03:55 NeWtoz s/big/wide
03:55 LinuxH4x0r i think its just a small one
03:55 LinuxH4x0r I remember seeing flooring going through it
03:55 LinuxH4x0r maybe 2 feet?
03:55 NeWtoz 2 feet would probably work well for me
03:55 LinuxH4x0r dewalt iirc
03:56 NeWtoz sounds good
03:57 NeWtoz it's the one tool I wish I owned
03:57 NeWtoz back in my days of high school, I was spoiled with the big industrial one they had
03:57 Cprossu
03:57 Cprossu ^ I guess this didn't blow over at all :.(
03:58 Cprossu speedrunnerG55 ^
03:58 Cprossu and I guess I didn't realize how serious it must have been
04:00 speedrunnerG55 Im still oppening it
04:01 speedrunnerG55 Where?
04:01 Cprossu 03:46
04:01 NeWtoz heh, the whole cardboard box thing was funny
04:01 Cprossu I clearly didn't understand wtf was happening
04:02 LeadHead I standby what I said.
04:02 speedrunnerG55 Looks at self saying "zoinks"
04:02 LeadHead Boxes are for bitches.
04:02 speedrunnerG55 LOL
04:02 astro73|derrial Cprossu: i know them both as friends, and I don't know what's going on
04:02 NeWtoz LeadHead, heh, yeah, I laughed at that line
04:02 LeadHead It's pretty clear what's going on
04:03 speedrunnerG55 Cprossu: You were right . This is funny. But anyho. Back to looking
04:03 masterofmonks Gentlemen and ladies, Speculation on this matter is rather a moot point since even *I* don't have the complete details of what lead to this decision.
04:03 Cprossu now it's pretty fucking clear at least.
04:03 LeadHead Red hates her Ex with the fiery passion of a thousand suns. Wannabe appears to have some emotional attachment to her ex.
04:03 LeadHead Fight ensues
04:03 livefiretj lead head made a joke
04:03 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:03 livefiretj you relized shes in a relationship
04:04 livefiretj with me
04:04 LeadHead Don't know, don't particularly care.
04:04 Cprossu I hate human relationships, you can't just buy replacement parts.
04:04 livefiretj then let it go...
04:04 LinuxH4x0r lol
04:04 LeadHead Alls I know is that my above theory fits my "picture" of what's going on, and that leaves me satisfied.
04:05 livefiretj so tru cprossu
04:05 Cprossu that's why I am dying single and alone :.(
04:05 livefiretj I have a stable relationship with my lappy
04:05 LeadHead Cprossu, maybe not replacement parts
04:05 LinuxH4x0r you and me both buddy -_-
04:05 LeadHead But russia makes it quite easy to buy replacement women!
04:05 LinuxH4x0r :D
04:05 BatSteve I think that's mostly everyone here
04:05 BatSteve LeadHead: and nigeria makes it easy to afford it!
04:06 * astro73|derrial has shifty eyes and hides in a corner
04:06 LeadHead Damn skippy!
04:06 * lwq1996 hides with astro
04:07 * Toastdude joins group
04:07 LeadHead I mean just last week I had a conversation with Prince Zarwhai Swazhilli IV.
04:07 * Cprossu hides with astro73|derrial too
04:07 LeadHead He is going to transfer "the sums of eleven million us dollars"
04:07 LeadHead To my bank account!
04:07 Cprossu I have a cardboard box, but it's probably too soon.
04:07 * lwq1996 is to young for russian women
04:07 BatSteve No way!  Cut me in on that action!
04:07 * BatSteve gets out checkbook
04:07 LeadHead No problem brah'!
04:07 livefiretj * steals cardboard box*
04:07 LeadHead I'm gonna be straight rollin' in dough
04:08 BatSteve Ballin.
04:08 Cprossu livefiretj: did you get to the part about the additions?
04:08 astro73|derrial lwq1996: so.... how's the stable relationship going?
04:09 LeadHead Man.
04:09 livefiretj what additions
04:09 LeadHead If you had told someone back in, hell even 2000
04:09 lwq1996 i dont have a relationship....damn women broke my heart and made me want to kill myself
04:09 LeadHead That we'd be able to render something like this in real time @ 60 FPS @ 1920x1080
04:09 LeadHead They'd laugh at you
04:09 speedrunnerG55 Hi
04:09 LeadHead
04:09 LeadHead
04:09 speedrunnerG55 :"(
04:09 astro73|derrial oh
04:09 livefiretj * confused*
04:10 * astro73|derrial finds the corner filled with people in stable relationships that are low in drama and heartbreaking
04:10 * lwq1996 feels down and wants to die
04:11 * speedrunnerG55 hides with Cprossu
04:11 LeadHead Jesus christ lwq1996, you're 14 years old
04:11 masterofmonks lwq1996: Eat some chocolate.
04:11 lwq1996 im fat enough and i finished my last chocolat piece today
04:11 livefiretj 96 makes 15
04:12 livefiretj oh your the 14y old wannabe talks about lol
04:12 lwq1996 ok me and her were together for a tell me that aint love
04:12 lwq1996 sorry a month not year
04:12 lwq1996 lee
04:12 livefiretj * shakes head*
04:12 lwq1996 no i was born on december 1996 so im 14
04:12 livefiretj go over to fb
04:12 BatSteve hi speed
04:12 lwq1996 kk
04:13 NeWtoz I knew a emo 14 year old once
04:13 NeWtoz he survived
04:13 LeadHead Unfortunately.
04:14 speedrunnerG55 Hi BatSteve
04:14 livefiretj emo! what happen to gothic
04:19 * livefiretj pokes irc
04:20 BatSteve it's dead
04:20 * BatSteve readies pistol and prepares to headshot it, like a horse with a broken leg
04:20 BatSteve ...which I've actually never understood
04:20 eadthem left #thegeekgroup
04:20 BatSteve do horses' legs not heal?
04:20 * lwq1996 pronouced dead at 12:20 on 6/21/2011
04:21 speedrunnerG55 Hi BatSteve
04:21 lwq1996 batsteve your supose to kill a horse with a broken leg
04:22 BatSteve lwq1996: yeah, I have heard people say that, but I don't know why
04:22 BatSteve I mean, why doesn't the broken leg heal?
04:22 obtusemobile joined #thegeekgroup
04:22 lwq1996 they cant walk because they are so heavy
04:22 lwq1996 it may not heal right and that would be even bader
04:22 LeadHead bader
04:23 speedrunnerG55 Badder?
04:23 NeWtoz bader
04:23 LeadHead More bad
04:23 obtusemobile nice
04:23 NeWtoz badger
04:23 lwq1996 what ever its 12 in the morning her im tired
04:23 astro73|derrial worse
04:23 BatSteve Darth Bader - worst of all.
04:23 speedrunnerG55 Lol
04:23 BatSteve lwq1996: no I got what you meant
04:23 BatSteve t
04:23 LeadHead BatSteve: Most horses are either show animals, or race horses
04:24 LeadHead With a broken leg, the horse is basically useless to the owners.
04:24 lwq1996 my friend doesnt show or race them she only rides them
04:24 lwq1996 yes leadhead
04:24 obtusemobile waste of money
04:24 LeadHead Now if it was a personal horse, you can often heal the leg if you can get the horse to not move for long enough
04:25 astro73|derrial sounds.... challenging
04:25 lwq1996 yeah...but even vet put the horse down if its got a broken leg. you are saving them from pain and suffering
04:25 * NeWtoz is glad he is not a horse
04:25 LeadHead Just hung like one, right?
04:25 BatSteve huh...did not know that.
04:25 NeWtoz ;)
04:25 BatSteve ::snerk::  nice
04:26 Cprossu hrmmm
04:26 lwq1996 ?
04:26 obtusemobile lol
04:26 LeadHead I'll tell you when you're older, lwq1996
04:26 * lwq1996 grows older
04:26 lwq1996 tell me
04:26 lwq1996 ?
04:26 Cprossu fucking hell, LeadHead
04:27 LeadHead Back in the olden days, they use to hang horses off parade floats
04:27 LeadHead with straps
04:27 LeadHead to showcase their beauty
04:27 LeadHead was really quite odd
04:27 LeadHead by olden days
04:27 LeadHead I mean like late 1800s.
04:27 lwq1996 0.o ok then...lets not go into the old days
04:28 LeadHead Yeah, those were dark times.
04:28 NeWtoz this is why I don't think I'd want a time machine
04:28 BatSteve technically he's right, lwq1996 is now several seconds older than he was
04:28 NeWtoz or part
04:28 LeadHead I told him BatSteve.
04:28 BatSteve well, that and the rampant racism
04:28 lwq1996 im working on making one but it only goes back word adn woulnt take you back agian
04:28 LeadHead So it's a non issue.
04:29 BatSteve LeadHead: I know, I just type slow
04:29 NeWtoz break time is over :(
04:29 * Cprossu smacks LeadHead upside the knoggin with a swirl combustion chambered 302 head.
04:29 lwq1996 lol
04:30 LeadHead Swirl combustion?
04:30 LeadHead Gross.
04:30 Cprossu yes it was picked for grossness
04:30 BatSteve that reminds me of something.
04:30 BatSteve darn.
04:30 BatSteve it's gone now.
04:30 Cprossu good for all of us.
04:31 * BatSteve had an automotive question
04:31 LeadHead Ask it.
04:31 LeadHead oh
04:31 LeadHead You forgot.
04:31 Cprossu was it relating to shit-tastic automatic transmissions
04:31 Cprossu ?
04:31 BatSteve oh well, I'll think of it just before I fall asleep, and then I'll curse
04:31 Cprossu or cars you can't afford?
04:32 obtusemobile so you drove a 94 ford taurus
04:32 obtusemobile shittiest car ever
04:32 Cprossu no it's not
04:32 * lwq1996 rolls on floor laughing
04:32 obtusemobile not ever
04:32 Cprossu not even close
04:32 obtusemobile but it pissed me off
04:32 Cprossu I'd probably enjoy a yugo more than a taurus though
04:33 lwq1996 ok the ford pinto is the shitiest car ever
04:33 Cprossu nope
04:33 LeadHead Not really
04:33 Speed_Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
04:33 LeadHead Pinto's had their issues
04:33 Speed_Laptop hi
04:33 Cprossu not even that is the shittiest car
04:33 LeadHead But they're pretty fun.
04:33 Speed_Laptop sorry i felf for a second
04:33 Cprossu Chevrolet Vega comes close.
04:33 Speed_Laptop left
04:33 LeadHead Tempos were pretty horrid too.
04:33 Speed_Laptop what did i miss
04:33 obtusemobile i dont know that car. the vega
04:33 Cprossu that's because they are all DEAD
04:34 lwq1996 lol
04:34 obtusemobile haha
04:34 Cprossu (or nearly all)
04:34 Cprossu some got v8 transplants before being scrapped
04:34 LeadHead Speaking of automatic transmission
04:34 LeadHead Want to see an E4OD that's in great distress?
04:34 Cprossu but the original vega engine was a marvell of engineering.........failure.
04:34 BatSteve it wasn't automatic transmissions, but because I'm curious, in two sentences or less, how does an automatic transmission detect when to shift?
04:34 BatSteve is it just a simple RPM sensor?
04:34 LeadHead;feature=related
04:34 LeadHead BatSteve
04:34 LeadHead how old of a car
04:34 Cprossu an electronic one or an older one?
04:34 Speed_Laptop i guess nothing
04:34 BatSteve ::shrug::  don't know, it just occurred to me
04:34 lwq1996 it has gears batsteve with a clutch
04:35 Cprossu on a truely hydraulic one, BatSteve, it's really cool
04:35 lwq1996 you press the clutch and shift
04:35 Cprossu you have a check valve with 2 pressures on each side of it
04:35 LeadHead lwq1996: You have no idea what you're talking about.
04:35 Cprossu when one pressure overcomes the other
04:35 Cprossu the valve moves
04:35 Cprossu and a pathway is let through
04:35 lwq1996 oh you mean how it does it
04:35 Cprossu that sends fluid to a clutch pack or a band
04:36 Cprossu the clutch packs are forced together hydraulically
04:36 LeadHead Mechanical automatics compare road speed vs. throttle posistion for a really quick description
04:36 Cprossu and that 'changes' the gear
04:36 Cprossu physically though
04:36 LeadHead yeh
04:36 LeadHead Now electronically controlled automatics
04:36 Cprossu what happens is you have a planetary gearset
04:36 LeadHead We'll let's just put it his way
04:36 LeadHead *this way
04:36 Cprossu this is for both mechanical and electronics
04:36 Cprossu and you have 3 components that move on the gearset
04:37 Cprossu sun gear, planetary gear, and the ring gear
04:37 Cprossu (essentially)
04:37 LeadHead I have the 1000+ page book released by Ford on the programming logic for the computer of a 94 Ford pickup with an electronically controlled transmission.
04:37 Cprossu drive one, hold one, the last one outputs
04:37 LeadHead 300-400 of those pages deal with the logic that determines what gear the transmission should be in.
04:37 Cprossu ^ BatSteve follow this?
04:37 BatSteve Cprossu: yes, absolutely, the part about oil pressures is how a prop governor works
04:38 BatSteve I understand that perfectly
04:38 Cprossu yeah and what produces that pressure
04:38 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
04:38 BatSteve the gearing I'm still making a picture of in my head, but go on
04:38 Cprossu is the governor pressure sender
04:38 BatSteve LeadHead: I follow you as well
04:38 Cprossu that's on the output shaft
04:38 BatSteve and am not ignoring you
04:38 Cprossu of the transmission
04:38 Cprossu for the manual one
04:38 BatSteve your explanation was clear, concise, and excellent for my knowledge level, LeadHead
04:38 Cprossu the electronic ones just replace the pressure valves with electromagnetic solenoids
04:39 LeadHead They also ditch the mechanical governor
04:39 Cprossu and replace it with the speedometer drive known as the vss
04:39 LeadHead Ford uses PWM solenoids in the E4OD to regulate fluid pressure
04:39 Cprossu yeah ford and GM both have variable displacement oil pumps
04:40 LeadHead In mechanical automatics, the throttle was also connected to the transmission via cable or rod, or vacuum modulator
04:40 Cprossu chrysler however didn't forever
04:40 Cprossu vacuum modulators, man those were horrifying
04:40 LeadHead This directly controlled the main fluid pressure regulator from the pump
04:40 Cprossu the diaphram breaks, and transmission fluid goes straight into the engine, often sucking the trans oil dry
04:40 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
04:41 Cprossu it does however decarb the engine a little bit
04:41 LeadHead If you have a say, an 80s cars (jeeps had them until the late 80s though)
04:41 lwq1996 .cookie
04:41 BotSteve Here you go, lwq1996, I baked you a chocolate-covered cherry cookie!
04:41 LeadHead and it's shifting really early and really soft
04:41 LeadHead The cable or rod going down to the transmission is most likely too slack
04:41 LeadHead **jeep had them until the 90s
04:41 LeadHead so the fluid pressure is too low, making the transmission "think" you're driving easy all the time
04:42 REDhome joined #thegeekgroup
04:42 LeadHead Too tight, and it will hold gears really late, and shift hard
04:42 Cprossu wb REDhome
04:42 BatSteve hi red
04:42 Cprossu <3
04:42 LeadHead Electronic transmision, oh lord.
04:42 REDhome Hai Internet <3
04:42 BotSteve REDhome: I have the following messages for you:
04:42 BotSteve At 19 Jun 21:34Z, BatSteve asked me to ask REDhome if she looked closely at the insignia on that Robin costume she linked
04:42 BatSteve there it was
04:42 LeadHead Put it this way, at least in Ford world.
04:43 REDhome Botsteve: Tell BatSteve  that no i hadn't, why?
04:43 BotSteve REDhome: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
04:43 LeadHead The engine computer is actually actively calculating how much torque the engine is putting out at a given time, to determine fluid pressure before, during and after shift
04:43 LeadHead It factors in the rotating inertia of the engine
04:43 LeadHead Throttle posistion, vehicle speed, last two selected gears
04:43 LeadHead The computer even analyzes how FAST the throttle posistion is advancing
04:44 LeadHead So it can tell if you're rolling into the throttle, or smashing the pedal to the floor.
04:44 Cprossu BatSteve:
04:44 LeadHead and that's from a car from 1993.
04:44 Cprossu steels and frictions in a clutch pack out of an automatic work the same way, only with a hydraulic cylinder
04:45 BatSteve REDhome: stand by for pm
04:45 BotSteve BatSteve: I have the following messages for you:
04:45 BotSteve At 04:43Z, REDhome asked me to Tell BatSteve  that no i hadn't, why?
04:45 LeadHead;feature=related Cprossu, did you see that
04:45 REDhome lol, BatSteve
04:45 Speed_Laptop hi RED
04:45 LeadHead I wonder how many people think "wow this shifts realll smooth, it must be working great"
04:45 Cprossu no I didn't, his cel is on though right?
04:46 LeadHead I think that's O/D Off
04:46 Speed_Laptop how are you red?
04:46 * BatSteve understands almost all of this and is surprised at how cool it is
04:46 REDhome Hey Speed.
04:46 Cprossu good because I often tell people, automatics are way easier to understand than manuals
04:46 REDhome Sleepy. :p
04:47 Cprossu easier to take apart too =P
04:47 REDhome long day at the lab, but I'm really glad to be back :)
04:47 LeadHead On Chrysler 727's once you get the pump off
04:47 LeadHead the whole assembly pretty much slides right out
04:47 Cprossu REDhome: do you have any new photos of gh5?
04:47 obtusemobile you were gone?
04:47 Speed_Laptop kk
04:48 lwq1996 hey red you should accept my friends request
04:50 Speed_Laptop tonsofpcs, you said between morlot and brodwar?
04:50 Speed_Laptop brodway
04:50 REDhome No I don't Cprossu
04:51 REDhome I haven't taken any.
04:51 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
04:51 Speed_Laptop :( no new pics
04:51 BatSteve Cprossu and LeadHead - thanks very much
04:51 Speed_Laptop :( no new pics
04:52 BatSteve excellent explanation, very clear and easy to follow, and I appreciate it.
04:52 REDhome lwq1996:  i didn't accept because i didn't know who you were. lol.
04:52 Speed_Laptop ahh i hate it when this happens, i think its not working, but i have scrolled up
04:52 lwq1996 my facebook is lee queen
04:53 Speed_Laptop BatSteve, ?
04:53 BatSteve ? ?
04:53 Speed_Laptop explanation?
04:54 Speed_Laptop meh
04:54 LeadHead Just basically remember vehicle speed determines what range of gears you can use (without over or under revving the engine), and throttle posistion roughly chooses whether or not you want to be in the "economy" side that range
04:54 LeadHead or the "performance" side
04:55 Speed_Laptop oh
04:55 BatSteve Speed_Laptop: we're talking about how a car decides when to shift
04:55 Speed_Laptop how does it?
04:55 Speed_Laptop lol
04:55 BatSteve magic.
04:55 LeadHead Basically.
04:55 BatSteve that's what I got from the explanation
04:55 BatSteve :]
04:56 Speed_Laptop all i know it keeps it in the optimal rpm range
04:56 LeadHead So you know nothing.
04:56 Speed_Laptop gass engines dont do well in low rpm
04:56 LeadHead Also incorrect.
04:56 Speed_Laptop ye thats it
04:56 LeadHead BatSteve:
04:56 LeadHead
04:56 LeadHead That's what does the magic.
04:57 Speed_Laptop they do do well in low rpm?
04:57 LeadHead God bless the man that had the patience and knowledge to design that
04:57 BatSteve LeadHead: ::mind blown::
04:57 injektion Mmm the idea of not shifting yourself is something I never want to think about again
04:58 LeadHead It's funny BatSteve, my friend bought a kit for the transmission in his truck
04:58 LeadHead To make it shift quicker and harder.
04:58 LeadHead Part of the kit involved drilling holes straight through that
04:58 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
04:58 injektion I'd happily drive a manual in NYC or Los Angeles traffic
04:58 Speed_Laptop o_o
04:58 BatSteve that sounds like a nervewracking procedure
04:59 Speed_Laptop how does that work?
04:59 BatSteve high opportunity for mistakes
04:59 LeadHead Especially when it has you drilling
04:59 LeadHead 5 1/8" holes
04:59 LeadHead straight. through.
05:01 Speed_Laptop im goin to hed off to bed soon
05:01 Speed_Laptop head*
05:01 injektion "It is based on the ZF 6HP26 transmission" That was a stupid idea Ford because ZF transmissions are shit
05:02 LeadHead It's funny, because they're been fairly reliable as they're built by Ford.
05:02 Speed_Laptop is now known as speedrunnerG55
05:02 lwq1996 wow i just found out my cats can get under doors
05:02 injektion ZF transmission + not changing the fluid and filter = transmission failure in 100k
05:02 speedrunnerG55 :)
05:02 LeadHead so
05:02 LeadHead change the fluid and filter?
05:03 injektion That gets expensive
05:03 injektion A manual is cheaper to maintain
05:03 lwq1996 damn i just droped my laptop
05:03 LeadHead You're driving a hunk of metal that looses value each and every single day you own it
05:03 LeadHead whether you drive it or not
05:04 injektion But at least I can enjoy having more control over the car than just steering it
05:04 LeadHead You're looking at about $100 in maitenance for a transmission every ~50,000 miles
05:05 LeadHead Not that big of a deal.
05:05 injektion Every 30k
05:05 LeadHead Oh shit, $30 a year, oh man.
05:05 LinuxH4x0r left #thegeekgroup
05:06 injektion You change the fluid and filter every 30k and pray that it doesn't fail at 100k
05:06 LeadHead Maybe BMW transmission
05:06 injektion That 750iL I had I really wanted to do a manual swap to it
05:06 LeadHead Friends truck: 160,000 miles. Shifts fine, Mothers car 96,000 miles, shifts fine. Father's truck, tranny fluid is burnt 170,000 miles, still shifts fine
05:07 LeadHead Another friends Imprezza, 212,000 Miles, shifts better than most automatics I've seen
05:07 injektion Toyota T100: 261k transmission failure
05:07 LeadHead Sounds like that transmission served it's purpose.
05:08 injektion For a japanese built automatic I expected more than that
05:08 injektion Hell if my ex's Volvo 940 can do 305k with no transmission problems
05:08 LeadHead I don't get it.
05:09 crohakon Any of you ever work with jailkit?
05:09 LeadHead You're telling me it's a lucky chance if an automatic makes it over 100,000 miles
05:09 LeadHead Yet you just gave me two casses of your very own with automatics well over that
05:09 injektion LeadHead, With certain ZF transmissions it's iffy if it will
05:10 akeeh left #thegeekgroup
05:10 injektion 120k seems to be the max
05:10 injektion Before the transmission goes into 3rd gear limp mode
05:10 LeadHead If you say so
05:11 injektion "Sealed For Life" BMW tried that shit and it backfired now Ford is doing it with the automatics in the new Focus
05:12 akeeh joined #thegeekgroup
05:13 Cprossu OMG
05:13 injektion I was with my dad when the salesmen told him that and I pretty much fainted
05:13 Cprossu I almost made an electric motor startup sound in audacity
05:13 speedrunnerG55 alright im going to bed bye everyone
05:13 BatSteve gnight speed
05:14 injektion "You've got to be fucking kidding because there is no way in hell this will be durable enough to last a long time" were also the first words out of my mouth
05:16 injektion There are only 2 American built cars I'd like to own 1) Corvette 2) CTS-V
05:17 LeadHead I'd own myself a FERD TRUCK.
05:18 injektion I'd never own another pickup truck
05:18 Cprossu injektion: what about the shelby ultimate aero?
05:19 BatSteve Not even a FERD F-TEENTHOUSAND?
05:19 injektion Cprossu: I don't like the styling
05:22 injektion They need to have someone else do it because that is the most hideous thing I've seen next to the new beetle
05:22 injektion Or a chrysler crossfire
05:25 injektion Don't forget about this one
05:25 LeadHead I want to get a big FERD TRUCK
05:25 LeadHead So I can put some TRUCK NUTZ
05:25 LeadHead on it
05:26 injektion The expensive FWD V8 Italian styled car designed to compete with the big boys
05:27 Cprossu FUCK
05:27 Cprossu I should really update audacity
05:27 Toastdude What version do you have?
05:27 Cprossu 1.3.....beta
05:28 Toastdude Lol
05:28 Cprossu 1.31 I think
05:28 Cprossu let me check
05:28 Toastdude The latest is 1.3.13
05:29 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
05:29 Cprossu damnit die you stupid process
05:29 Cprossu tskill didn't even take it out
05:29 Cprossu WTF
05:30 BatSteve Cprossu:  kill -9
05:30 BatSteve ?
05:31 BatSteve hmm that reminds me of a really crappy rap I heard once
05:31 Cprossu under 'doze right now
05:31 BatSteve .yt mc plus plus kill dash nine
05:31 BotSteve BatSteve:
05:31 BatSteve blast.
05:32 injektion Awesome
05:33 Cprossu yay it closed
05:33 injektion I'm up late and I have to be somewhere in the morning early to fix another damn dell laptop
05:34 injektion It's the fucking power supply again
05:34 Cprossu fuck it crashed again
05:35 Cprossu must be a bug in changing temp
05:35 Cprossu o
05:35 injektion I need to set hours where people can call me for tech support
05:37 injektion Or just give them the PBX number so I don't have to worry about it
05:38 Cprossu guys
05:38 Cprossu did I kill
05:38 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
05:39 Cprossu hey I got bored
05:39 Cprossu
05:39 injektion Not loading for me
05:39 BatSteve Cprossu killed
05:39 lwq1996 cprossu im looking at new captain blogs and nice work on the switcher
05:39 BatSteve right BotSteve
05:39 Cprossu ^ I made a motor startup sound
05:39 BotSteve You're right
05:39 Cprossu in audacity
05:39 BatSteve :]
05:39 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
05:39 BatSteve see?
05:39 Cprossu well attempted
05:39 Cprossu motor startup sound
05:39 lwq1996 sorry old captain blogs
05:40 injektion left #thegeekgroup
05:41 Cprossu and it sounds out of balance too
05:42 Cprossu wait I know what I did wrong
05:45 lwq1996 what did you do wrong
05:46 Cprossu hrmm
05:46 Cprossu good question
05:48 lwq1996 is anyone on besides you and batsteve
05:49 Toastdude I'm here...
05:49 lwq1996 hi toastdude
05:49 Toastdude Hi lee
05:50 lwq1996 do u got a facebook yet
05:52 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
05:57 Cprossu
05:58 Cprossu ^ test # 2 making motor startup noise
06:02 lwq1996 hey cprossu how did you do the switcher in master control
06:02 mantere left #thegeekgroup
06:02 Cprossu are you at the lab?
06:02 Cprossu lol
06:03 lwq1996 no...i see the video tho
06:03 Cprossu I programmed it with really shitty software
06:03 lwq1996 did you do it remotly through teamviewer
06:03 Cprossu man I am making some really messed up noises now
06:03 lwq1996 lol
06:03 Cprossu in my case yeah it was like that
06:04 Cprossu tightvnc powered
06:04 lwq1996 what software did you use to set it up
06:04 Cprossu a crappy one called Jupiter Network Suite
06:05 lwq1996 lol
06:05 lwq1996 nice work...and did you change mdf to mdh on it...typo
06:05 Cprossu as for the connection itself and the remoting in I was using showmypc
06:05 Cprossu yeah of course I did
06:06 lwq1996
06:06 Cprossu I just got it in my head one long night trying to get it to all work that it was main demonstration FLOOR =P
06:06 lwq1996 lol....
06:06 lwq1996 i would too
06:10 lwq1996 hows it going with the motor
06:13 Cprossu lol
06:13 Cprossu I made something that has no relation to a motor
06:13 Cprossu but it sounds fucking cool
06:13 lwq1996 lol what did you make
06:14 Cprossu
06:14 Cprossu ^ I really have no clue
06:14 Cprossu but it sounds fucking cool
06:18 lwq1996 lol....omfg it sounds like a spaceship
06:19 lwq1996 ouch the last second was like of it hitting critical speed
06:19 lwq1996 wow im listening to it again
06:20 lwq1996 omfg that awsome it sound like a hard drive motor am i right
06:20 Cprossu I've got another motor noise coming this one might actually sound like a motor
06:21 lwq1996 is it a harddrive motor
06:24 jeffrey_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:24 jeffrey_ damn fucking internet connection
06:24 Cprossu rofl
06:24 jeffrey_ hi
06:25 jeffrey_ rawr damn thing is lwq1996 actually...
06:25 lwq1996 left #thegeekgroup
06:25 jeffrey_ thanks now
06:25 jeffrey_ is now known as lwq1996
06:25 lwq1996 there we go
06:26 Cprossu damn it's still not right
06:26 Cprossu oh well I'll upload this too
06:26 lwq1996 what type of motor is it
06:26 Cprossu I don't know
06:26 lwq1996 the last one sounded like a space ship
06:26 Cprossu I am just trying to make the noise from scratch
06:26 Cprossu as in no recordings
06:27 lwq1996 lol
06:27 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
06:27 Cprossu
06:27 Cprossu this one takes a while to 'spin up'
06:28 lwq1996 now it sounds like a space ship
06:29 tanilolli left #thegeekgroup
06:30 lwq1996 i need to do that with a motor
06:33 lwq1996 damn im bored
06:33 Cprossu take 5
06:34 lwq1996 do u have a web cam
06:34 Cprossu I have several that I can use as such
06:34 REDhome left #thegeekgroup
06:35 dr_jkl left #thegeekgroup
06:35 lwq1996 do u have one that u can use to make a video of that
06:35 BatSteve left #thegeekgroup
06:35 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
06:35 BotSteve Welcome back, boss.
06:35 lwq1996 lol...hi batsteve
06:35 BatSteve I'm going to need to disable that greet of yours, BotSteve.
06:35 Cprossu of what? me playing with audacity?
06:36 lwq1996 the motor that you are doing to make the sounds
06:36 Cprossu I'm not
06:36 Cprossu I'm using tone generators
06:37 lwq1996 well what every you are doing to make the sounds
06:37 BatSteve "And the LORD said, never worry about tomorrow, for you will be just as silly then as you are now, and deeper in debt"
06:37 BatSteve goodnight all
06:37 Cprossu lol BatSteve
06:37 Cprossu want to hear something horrifying
06:37 Toastdude I'm sorry Steve. I'm afraid you can't do that.
06:37 lwq1996 night batsteve
06:37 Cprossu
06:37 Cprossu
06:37 Toastdude Night BatSteve!
06:37 Cprossu
06:38 BatSteve Cprossu: at this instant I don't - but send me a tell with them and I'll horrify myself tomorrow morning
06:38 Cprossu I've been trying to make a motor startup sound using nothing byt tone generators
06:38 Cprossu instead one sounded almost like a jet airplane
06:38 BatSteve yep, I know, I've been watching the channel
06:38 BatSteve anyway
06:38 BatSteve is now known as BatSteve-Away
06:38 lwq1996 night
06:39 Cprossu BotSteve: tell BatSteve for horrifying results,,,
06:39 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
06:45 Toastdude That's just a little horrifying....
06:46 Cprossu this one actually sounds like a motor sort of, perhaps a brushless AC
06:46 Cprossu
06:46 Cprossu BotSteve: tell batsteve best attempt at a motor yet <-sounds like a brushless AC sort of
06:46 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when batsteve is around.
06:46 Toastdude Cprossu: PM?
06:47 Cprossu yeah,
06:47 Cprossu kinda like a muffin fan
06:49 lwq1996 damn fucking kittens can slip under doors
06:50 Cprossu lwq1996: at least that's closer than my other attempts eh?
06:50 lwq1996 yeah
06:51 Toastdude I made a mechanical siren sound using two tracks of sawtooth waves....
06:51 Toastdude It sounded kinda cool
06:51 lwq1996 any of you have a youtube
06:52 Cprossu yeah
06:52 lwq1996 whats the name
06:52 Toastdude You havew mine already...
06:52 Toastdude *have
06:52 lwq1996 no i dont
06:53 Toastdude Toastdude1212...
06:54 lwq1996 oh yes i do it seems....cprossu do u have a youtube
06:54 Cprossu yep
06:54 Cprossu three quesses what it is
06:54 Cprossu *guesses even
06:54 lwq1996 cprossu
06:54 Cprossu yep
06:55 Cprossu and I am not to be held responsible for what I uploaded to it
06:55 lwq1996 lol
06:56 lwq1996 damn lots of leathermans
06:56 Cprossu that's not all of them
06:56 Cprossu <3 leatherman
06:57 lwq1996 i have 1 leatherman, 2 $5 multitools, soon a gerber
06:58 lwq1996 i love my orange $5 multitool
06:59 lwq1996 nice seagate drive
06:59 Toastdude I'm going... Night all
07:00 lwq1996 night toastdude
07:00 Cprossu thanks, that one is a keepr
07:00 asnopus Night Toastdude
07:00 Cprossu *keeper
07:00 Cprossu my other ones noisy as they are are still going strong
07:00 Cprossu thankfully
07:00 Cprossu I sent TGG that giant 20MB IBM one in the crappy looking video
07:01 lwq1996 cool
07:01 Toastdude is now known as Toast_Burnt
07:01 lwq1996 who burnt the toast
07:01 Toast_Burnt Time
07:01 lwq1996 lol burnt toast
07:02 Toast_Burnt :D
07:03 Toast_Burnt .seen CSNomster
07:03 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen csnomster around.
07:03 Toast_Burnt .seen CSMonster
07:03 BotSteve Toast_Burnt: I last saw csmonster 96.94 hours ago at 2011-06-17 06:06:54 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 07:03:12 UTC
07:06 lwq1996 like the portal music in the one video
07:06 Cprossu that was during the first portal ARG
07:06 Cprossu for portal 2
07:06 Cprossu they had a BBS up
07:06 Cprossu shortly there after I think it was the escapist
07:06 lwq1996 cool
07:06 Cprossu was doing it's march madness thing
07:06 lwq1996 lol
07:07 Cprossu where it puts game developers against one another
07:07 Cprossu so I made this video for that reason
07:07 lwq1996 cool
07:07 Cprossu I had to step in because the makers of farmville were winning vs valve
07:07 Cprossu fuck that!
07:08 lwq1996 yes they suck the cant win
07:08 Cprossu and they didn't
07:08 Cprossu I totally forgot about it this year though
07:08 Cprossu come to think of it
07:08 lwq1996 yes we win !!!!!!!!!
07:08 lwq1996 damn
07:09 Cprossu it was really interesting making ascii images out of pictures to be dumped to a real terminal though
07:10 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
07:10 lwq1996 cool
07:10 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
07:10 Cprossu I really had to turn the brightness down on the terminal though
07:10 Cprossu you can't tell from the video
07:10 Cprossu but it was barely visible
07:11 lwq1996 oh
07:12 Cprossu lol the end screen of that video was pretty epic
07:12 lwq1996 yes it was
07:13 Cprossu that reminds me
07:13 Cprossu
07:13 Cprossu I've decided drag racing only for me
07:13 Cprossu if I do this bad in sims I don't even want to think about what going around the track would mean for me
07:16 lwq1996 lol gitch
07:24 Cprossu_Laptop 5 days until top gear
07:24 Cprossu_Laptop speaking of which
07:24 lwq1996 YES TOP GEAR
07:32 Cprossu_Laptop night caps heh
07:33 lwq1996 is now known as lwq_sleeping
07:34 pegasus left #thegeekgroup
07:34 pegasus joined #thegeekgroup
07:45 Ponko92 moring
07:46 Ponko92 morning
07:58 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
08:03 tonsofpcs yawwwwwn
08:11 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
09:08 crohakon left #thegeekgroup
09:11 ynos left #thegeekgroup
09:13 ynos joined #thegeekgroup
09:15 pegasus left #thegeekgroup
09:15 pegasus joined #thegeekgroup
09:52 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
09:52 * Ponko92 is backkkk
09:58 Ponko92 hmmm thermoelectric... you awake?
09:58 Ponko92 seroster
10:00 Ponko92 Roger Hoy i mean Cprossu
10:00 Ponko92 status
10:05 Bth8 left #thegeekgroup
10:07 mantere left #thegeekgroup
10:14 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
10:40 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
11:30 maglinvinn_home left #thegeekgroup
11:41 ynos G'morning everyone
11:43 Ponko92 morning ynos :)
11:44 ynos How are things going on teh internets?
11:44 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
11:47 Ponko92 pretty good for me right now
12:09 Ycarene joined #thegeekgroup
12:10 westmi left #thegeekgroup
12:12 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
12:13 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
12:18 obtusemobile left #thegeekgroup
12:22 Ponko92 speedy :)
12:30 speedrunnerG55 Ponko92: :)
12:32 Ponko92 blimey i'm knackered
12:40 speed-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
12:41 speed-mobile Hi.
12:41 speed-mobile Lol nice
12:41 speed-mobile It took mt alternarive nick
12:41 speed-mobile :)
12:41 speed-mobile My^
12:42 speed-mobile I wonder why speedrunnerG55 stays here
12:43 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
12:43 speed-mobile is now known as speedrunnerG55
12:45 speedrunnerG55 I wonder why intel is marketing there dual core?
12:52 ynos as an hpux weenie, they have been pushing dual cores for a while...
12:52 ynos
13:06 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
13:17 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
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13:26 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
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13:29 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
13:29 speedrunnerG55 Hi
13:31 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
13:38 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
13:40 CaptainBoden anyone here good at Wine?
13:40 Sgt_Lemming wine is not an emulator? or wine as in oenophile?
13:40 CaptainBoden emulator
13:40 Sgt_Lemming what about it?
13:42 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
13:43 CaptainBoden The ONLY thing keeping me in windows is Sony Vegas.
13:44 CaptainBoden If I could run that reliably in Wine, I'd be able to never use Windows again :)
13:45 tgg_Liz joined #thegeekgroup
13:45 ynos can you setup a machine in the basebent and rdp?
13:46 ynos i am stuck with a couple apps for managing remote hardware.. windows only with random wine crashes.
13:47 ynos So we have a mchine downstairs that we RDP into and manage from there when we need to.
13:47 CaptainBoden RDP won't work in this case
13:47 ynos uses hardware rendering?
13:47 obtusemobile joined #thegeekgroup
13:47 CaptainBoden Try feeding a 4-6 monitor display via RDP
13:48 ynos oh
13:48 ynos yeah, that'd suck
13:48 ynos how about some ip KVM soloution?
13:49 CaptainBoden how about Wine
13:50 devast8a left #thegeekgroup
13:51 ynos my experience with wine has been fairly ragey with little success..
13:51 ynos but its been a few years..
13:51 ynos Anyone else have input?
13:52 speedrunnerG55 Me too. I just use wine for small things like... Notepad or word. I cant even play halo 1 on it
13:53 speedrunnerG55 I got google sketcuup working on it. That supprised me
13:53 ynos VNC can multiscreen, cant it?
13:55 Ponko92 yow i just slept till 2 lol
13:55 speedrunnerG55 Good morning Ponko92
13:55 speedrunnerG55 Lol
13:55 ynos Ponko92:slacker
13:55 * ynos ducks
13:56 Ponko92 lol no i took a nap and olny just woke up
13:56 ynos ahh
13:56 Tggnick joined #thegeekgroup
13:58 speedrunnerG55 Hi nick
13:59 Tggnick left #thegeekgroup
13:59 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
13:59 speedrunnerG55 Bye Nick
14:00 tgg_Liz anyone feel like helping me out with a link hunt?
14:00 tgg_Liz i'm looking for an online copy of the Wheatstone TV 600 manual
14:00 ynos find /path -type l
14:00 ynos different link... sry
14:00 tgg_Liz which doesn't seem to exist on the wheatstone site itself
14:01 tgg_Liz so any help tracking it down is appreciated
14:04 Sgt_Lemming mmm, I got a neat one tonight
14:04 Sgt_Lemming HP t5730 thin client
14:04 Sgt_Lemming it's an AMD Sempron 2100, 1GB ram, 1GB SSD
14:08 Ponko92 brb going to shop
14:08 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
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14:25 Ponko92 wow nothing happened while i was out?
14:26 Ponko92 lol
14:29 speedrunnerG55 Hi
14:32 Ponko92 hey :)
14:38 * speedrunnerG55 hops around Ponko92
14:38 * Ponko92 is wondering why speedrunnerG55 is doing that
14:38 speedrunnerG55 I forgot my text book
14:38 speedrunnerG55 At hime
14:38 speedrunnerG55 At home
14:39 maglinvinn_work joined #thegeekgroup
14:39 Ponko92 is that why you're hoping around me like a loony
14:40 maglinvinn_work yar
14:40 maglinvinn_work ustream dead?
14:43 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
14:44 ynos Hello DR
14:45 ynos maglinvinn_work: looks like it is dark
14:45 ynos they moved the camera to the basement
14:45 ynos ;)
14:48 obtusemobile left #thegeekgroup
14:53 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
14:53 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
14:53 Druidic_Rifleman Hey
14:58 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
15:01 jtek joined #thegeekgroup
15:02 asnopus left #thegeekgroup
15:04 jasons_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:04 jtek left #thegeekgroup
15:04 jasons_ is now known as jasons214235
15:04 jasons214235 liz u der??
15:05 maglinvinn_work left #thegeekgroup
15:05 maglinvinn_work joined #thegeekgroup
15:05 maglinvinn_work hmmm
15:05 jasons214235 is now known as jasons|dc
15:06 dr_jkl joined #thegeekgroup
15:07 tgg_Liz i'm here
15:08 tgg_Liz who am i talking to?
15:08 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
15:08 maglinvinn_work the internet?
15:09 tgg_Liz i meant as far as who specifically is asking for me :P
15:09 tgg_Liz i've never seen that call sign in here before
15:09 Cprossu good morning all
15:09 tgg_Liz morning
15:10 tgg_Liz jasons|dc: i'm here
15:10 Cprossu did the mc die, are the lights off, or is the camera just off in mdh?
15:10 Cprossu just curious
15:10 tgg_Liz the lights are just off in HV
15:10 Cprossu ahh so that's hv cam?
15:11 tgg_Liz it was
15:11 tgg_Liz now it's roof
15:11 Cprossu looks like a nice day outside
15:11 tgg_Liz tfw. Grand Rapids
15:11 tgg_Liz fail
15:12 tgg_Liz .tfw Grand Rapids
15:12 BotSteve 81�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Not even PAM can make me not stick to this seat'
15:12 exor674 .tfw 80228
15:12 BotSteve 64�F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Denver, CO!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
15:12 Cprossu .tfw 85021
15:12 BotSteve 86�F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Looked in the fridge this morning for some eggs. They're already cooked.'
15:12 exor674 .tfw The Surface of the Sun
15:12 Cprossu 8:12AM, it should go over 100 easy today here in Phoenix
15:12 BotSteve Unknown location
15:12 Cprossu that doesn't work, exor674
15:12 exor674 yeah I Know :P
15:13 Cprossu you have no clue how many times I've tried that
15:13 tgg_Liz .tfw Tokyo
15:13 BotSteve 72�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Tokyo, JA!  'What would you do for a holyshititsniceout bar?'
15:13 Cprossu .tfw fukushima
15:13 BotSteve 70�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Fukushima, JA!  'I approve of this message!'
15:13 Cprossu ^ minus the excess rads
15:15 exor674 .tfw Zaranj
15:15 BotSteve 111�F?! ITS FUCKING...ARE YOU OKAY? IN Zaranj, Nimruz Province, !  'I just saw a fucking bird panting.'
15:15 tgg_Liz lol
15:16 seanzzz joined #thegeekgroup
15:16 dr_jkl omg
15:16 dr_jkl a liz
15:16 exor674 .tfw Clean Air
15:16 BotSteve Unknown location
15:16 dr_jkl BotSteve: gimme my snail, you chattering piece'a....
15:16 exor674 .tfw NZSP
15:16 Cprossu so anything we can do to keep you amused, tgg_Liz?
15:16 BotSteve Unknown location
15:16 exor674 aw okay
15:17 exor674 /me was hoping to see what tfw said with -90f
15:17 dr_jkl c'mon.
15:17 dr_jkl .tfw intercourse,pa
15:17 BotSteve 74�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Intercourse, PA!  'It is safe to take your ball-mittens off.'
15:17 dr_jkl .tfw intercourse, pa
15:17 * exor674 hugs dr_jkl ?
15:17 BotSteve 74�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Intercourse, PA!  'IT'S ABOUT FUCKING TIME'
15:17 Cprossu ^ rofl
15:17 Cprossu good description
15:17 dr_jkl heya exor674
15:17 tgg_Liz if anyone can help with actually locating an online copy of the Wheatstone TV 600 console to link in our video, the help will still be appreciated
15:18 tgg_Liz their site only has TV 80 and TV 1000
15:18 Cprossu yeah I saw the tv80 manual just now
15:19 tgg_Liz i'm guessing it doesn't exist except as something you'd have to buy in hard copy from the company
15:19 tgg_Liz which makes editing that part of the video a bit more interesting
15:20 exor674 I am guessing someone said "click below for the link"
15:20 exor674 which... doesn't exist?
15:21 tgg_Liz chris mentions in the video that he'll post a link
15:21 exor674 simple, lower third that  says "Chris lied!"
15:21 tgg_Liz and i was just going to put it in as a lower 3rd
15:21 tgg_Liz lol
15:21 tgg_Liz this is a really important video, so i doubt that'd fly
15:21 maglinvinn_work left #thegeekgroup
15:23 dr_jkl hey tgg_Liz
15:23 dr_jkl
15:23 dr_jkl ^
15:23 Cprossu I saw that link a few seconds ago, lol
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15:24 tgg_Liz yeah i've seen that :)
15:24 Cprossu about 1/2 the links on google relate to tgg now about tv-600 documents
15:24 tgg_Liz yeah, if we can find anything in the next few minutes i'm just going to cut it out as best as I can
15:25 dr_jkl tgg_Liz: i don't know that you're going to find an online copy.
15:25 Cprossu the problem is this thing was built and retired before the internet really took off
15:25 tgg_Liz it doesn't look like we will
15:25 tgg_Liz but thanks for trying guys
15:25 dr_jkl tgg_Liz: many references I can find to the tv-600's manual cite a 'large, spiral bound notebook with many fold-out blueprints'
15:25 tgg_Liz yeah, we have that
15:25 Cprossu they have that
15:25 Cprossu but it would be a monumental PITA to scan it in
15:25 tgg_Liz but chris was hoping to post a link with the video for anyone who wanted to see them online
15:25 speedrunnerG55 Hi Cprossu
15:26 Cprossu which is why no one has done it, probably
15:26 tgg_Liz but apparently there is no such link
15:26 speedrunnerG55 I just finnished a test todaty
15:26 speedrunnerG55 Just now
15:26 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
15:27 maglinvinn_work joined #thegeekgroup
15:27 speedrunnerG55 Its sad nearly all the students dont care about micro prossesors or programming
15:27 SparkyProjects Liz, just wondering if Wheatsone have an online copy in a hidden archive, and maybe contacting them would get them to put it back, i know it's a longshot
15:27 speedrunnerG55 This one guys alyways interupting and talking about windows server
15:28 exor674 programming is boring, apparently! rolleye
15:28 speedrunnerG55 (same guy i sent here) i was hopung hed stop after finding a solution
15:28 SparkyProjects Or if there was a way to apologize to viewers and put a link to something similar
15:28 tgg_Liz SparkyProjects: maybe, but we want this video to be out pretty fast, so I think we'll cut our losses and cut out any mention of a link
15:28 SparkyProjects OK
15:29 eightbitbrad hi all.
15:29 tgg_Liz hi eightbitbrad
15:29 speedrunnerG55 Oh well
15:29 eightbitbrad No composite cabling for the Commodore *sighs*  wonder if I can find a DIN cable and build one.
15:29 eightbitbrad hiya tgg_Liz, how are ya?
15:32 speedrunnerG55 Hi eightbitbrad and liz
15:32 eightbitbrad hiya speedrunnerG55
15:33 Cprossu so tgg_Liz, got a bunch of minions and a large flatbed scanner?
15:33 speedrunnerG55 Minions?
15:33 speedrunnerG55 Lol
15:34 speedrunnerG55 Is liz takking over the world?'
15:35 tgg_Liz eightbitbrad: i'm good, you?
15:36 tgg_Liz cprossu: sadly no minions
15:36 dr_jkl liiiis.
15:36 dr_jkl Phil Owens
15:36 dr_jkl Wheatstone Corp.
15:36 dr_jkl 252-638-7000
15:36 Cprossu darn.
15:36 dr_jkl someone see if phil still works there? :)
15:36 tgg_Liz dr_jkl: lol, i already made the cut to the video
15:36 dr_jkl heh
15:36 tgg_Liz the battle for the online manual has already been forfeited
15:37 Nazzy left #thegeekgroup
15:37 speedrunnerG55 Er?
15:37 eightbitbrad Hanging in there, enjoying the fact that I have to educate a sysadmin. I don't understand how some of these people get into the positions they're in.
15:37 eightbitbrad </rant>
15:38 * dr_jkl quietly tucks her sysadmin card in her pocket so nobody notices
15:38 tgg_Liz lol
15:39 Cprossu eightbitbrad: simple, they lie and promise the people who hire them the world.
15:40 Cprossu tgg_Liz: the tv-80 does share some things in common with the tv-600 but it's not worth it
15:40 tgg_Liz yeah, i'm cutting the mention of the link out of the video now :P
15:41 eightbitbrad dr_jkl: I suspect you're not in the same boat the people I'm dealing with are.
15:41 tgg_Liz we'd just get lots of messages about posting a link to the wrong manual
15:41 eightbitbrad Cprossu: yes, exactly.
15:41 Cprossu eightbitbrad: been there, done that.
15:42 Cprossu usually cleaning up said sysadmins gigantic mess
15:43 Cprossu OOOOOH WE'RE GOING TO USE VIRTUAL MACHINES because it sounds COOL! lets see I have 2 hard drives in this server in raid 1 hardware, I'll just UNDO THE RAID, PUT THE OS ON ONE DRIVE, AND THE VHD'S ON THE OTHER!
15:43 Cprossu ^ eightbitbrad
15:43 eightbitbrad LOL
15:44 eightbitbrad yes!
15:44 Cprossu I'll give you three guesses.
15:44 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
15:44 Cprossu the first two don't count
15:44 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
15:44 Cprossu on which drive ate it.
15:44 eightbitbrad my all-time favorite question...  "how do I freeze a cluster?"  From a... cluster admin.
15:44 * dr_jkl twitches
15:44 eightbitbrad lol bye bye vhds
15:44 Two-Times-P joined #thegeekgroup
15:45 eightbitbrad What's worse?  I'm not even supposed to admin.  I do software support and installation for my company's billing products on these things.
15:45 Cprossu promise the world for a price that can't be delivered and you'll get the job over the more qualified tech.
15:45 eightbitbrad It amazes me that some of these customers have servers that work
15:45 speedrunnerG55 O_o
15:46 eightbitbrad i'd better stop with the horror stories, I don't wanna make dr_jkl asplode.
15:46 Cprossu I can't lie on such matters so they look at me, say "well this other guy says it can be done for x and be reliable"
15:46 dr_jkl eightbitbrad: i'm too sleepy to explode
15:46 Cprossu and I'm like "Just see how that turns out"
15:46 eightbitbrad LOL, good answer
15:46 Cprossu usually 6 months later I get a phone call
15:46 eightbitbrad dr_jkl: yeah, I needs sleep too... but here I sit.
15:47 Cprossu and I really have to decide if I want to clean up person x's mess
15:47 dr_jkl if i go back to bed *right now* i can get maybe 90 minutes of sleep before I absolutely _must_  get up and shower
15:47 Cprossu and if I do it's an in and out, and "I told you so, here's the bill", no way I am accepting a permanent job here.
15:47 eightbitbrad I vote nap!
15:47 Cprossu for reasons just disclosed.
15:48 Cprossu oh
15:48 Cprossu eightbitbrad
15:48 Cprossu once
15:48 Cprossu hahah
15:48 Cprossu once
15:48 Cprossu I went into a wiring closet
15:48 dr_jkl less crlf, more content
15:48 eightbitbrad Cprossu: sounds like here at times.  We beg customers to heed our warnings about some things, just based on what we've seen on other sites.  They don't, their servers implode, then we get to bill them to rebuild the box and application.
15:48 Cprossu Saw all this nice cabletron and cisco gear right?
15:48 eightbitbrad uh oh.
15:48 Cprossu someone went to the effort of buying and setting up all this nice equipment
15:49 Cprossu and it was all installed very well
15:49 Cprossu it was all off
15:49 Cprossu and there was no noise in the room
15:49 Cprossu and then I looked at the patch pannel
15:49 Cprossu ready for this one?
15:49 dr_jkl oh no.
15:49 Cprossu the sysadmin they had hired
15:49 Cprossu packed it full of blue box consumer grade linksys boxes
15:50 * eightbitbrad falls over
15:50 Cprossu some were dangling behind the racks, some were on the flood
15:50 Cprossu *floor
15:50 eightbitbrad If it's good enough for my network, it's good enough for the company's!
15:50 eightbitbrad lol
15:50 Cprossu the people who installed the network initially
15:50 Cprossu left nice documentation and labeling
15:50 * dr_jkl looks at RHCSA prep+test pricing, and wilts
15:51 Cprossu and for a reason I'll never know
15:51 Cprossu ready for the missing link?
15:51 dr_jkl there is no option here for 'pay by sexual favors'
15:51 Cprossu I hooked it all up, everything seemed to work right
15:51 Cprossu no internet
15:51 dr_jkl why are these things so expensive? :(
15:51 Cprossu the tranciever was dangling from the ceiling
15:51 Cprossu for the last connection
15:51 Cprossu on a nylon string
15:52 Cprossu hooked it back up, rebooted everything
15:52 Cprossu right as rain
15:52 Cprossu all the configs were what the customer had wanted, all the routes worked
15:52 eightbitbrad dr_jkl: no clue...  I want to get some certs in the next year or so two... and it's ouch.
15:52 eightbitbrad Cprossu: sounds like a miracle in and of itself.
15:52 Cprossu it was
15:53 Cprossu I was expecting to spend a week there
15:53 Cprossu I spent all of 2 days just checking stuff
15:53 Cprossu still
15:53 Cprossu a closet full of linksys
15:53 n00b9 joined #thegeekgroup
15:53 Cprossu blue box linksys, no switch being more than 8 ports
15:53 Cprossu I still see that in my nightmares sometimes
15:54 eightbitbrad LOL I think I would, too.
15:54 Cprossu I wish I took pictures, no, on second thought, I'm glad I didn't.
15:55 SparkyProjects Cprossu, you should have got a photo or video, upload to a site and give it a title "How NOT to run IT"
15:55 Cprossu at that time though
15:55 Cprossu I felt like riddley in aliens going back for the kid at the end with the ship about to blow up
15:56 Cprossu with the flamethrower =P
15:56 SparkyProjects Flamethrower in the closet would have helped :D
15:56 Cprossu no, because there were things to be saved in it
15:57 Cprossu mainly the entire WORKING installation someone had clearly thought out and paid big bucks for
15:58 Cprossu you know I had a boss of the company pass by
15:58 Cprossu "You know it used to be louder near here before we hired him"
15:59 Cprossu ^ @ eightbitbrad
16:00 eightbitbrad LOL
16:00 dr_jkl i need more sleep. bbl.
16:00 eightbitbrad okay, I'll be back shortly, need to go grab lunch
16:00 dr_jkl also: eightbitbrad- you and i should get together and compare notes someday
16:00 eightbitbrad is now known as ebbrad_away
16:00 ebbrad_away dr_jkl: Sounds like fun :)
16:06 Ray13 joined #thegeekgroup
16:08 Druidic_Rifleman Cprossu that wasn't a ship that was a nuclear reactor...
16:08 Druidic_Rifleman She had to use a flame thrower because every other weapon fired High explosive armour peiceing bullets
16:09 Cprossu wow, tgg_Liz, all the documents on wheatstone's website that I can find were created after November 10 2010, so it's even possible they haden't even done it by then o_o
16:09 Druidic_Rifleman And they had to blow it up to kill the hive
16:09 Cprossu Druidic_Rifleman: what?!
16:09 tgg_Liz cprossu: yeah, there's no hope for it
16:10 Druidic_Rifleman I was commenting on the film aliens
16:10 Cprossu Druidic_Rifleman: I think you missed the reference
16:11 Cprossu and she did have projectile weapons too
16:11 Cprossu on that last stint
16:11 Cprossu as it was going to blow up anyway
16:11 SparkyProjects tgg_liz note to chris, 'check for resources before making important videos to save Liz a headache' :D
16:11 tgg_Liz lol, it'll probably fall on deaf ears
16:11 Cprossu SparkyProjects: She'll have an easier time getting him tied to a cow
16:11 tgg_Liz to be fair, it's something that I would think is normal to assume is floating around
16:12 tgg_Liz these days anyway
16:12 Cprossu why can't everything be like the orban? =(
16:13 Cprossu because there were likely less than 5,000 tv-600's ever made is my guess
16:13 Cprossu and it was a 1990-1991 console
16:14 tgg_Liz true
16:16 Cprossu what I am somewhat curious about is the original config of yours and what went in the empty 2 spots
16:16 Cprossu from the factory at least
16:16 tgg_Liz no idea, i'm sure there's something in the fold out schematics though
16:16 tgg_Liz i haven't looked at them personally yet
16:17 Cprossu we have a local seller who is selling the modules (big part + small part in same package) for $75 a pop
16:17 Cprossu so if you find out what parts would go there I could probably nab a couble to fill the gap
16:18 tgg_Liz i'll let chris know, but unless they turn out to be super important, i doubt he'll jump for them right awa
16:18 tgg_Liz *away
16:18 tggmc left #thegeekgroup
16:21 Cprossu tgg_Liz : the parts that look available to me are the- MG-68 Group module + FM | SO-62 Output + FS | SC-68 Soruce module + FVM and the MG-68 group module
16:21 tgg_Liz mk
16:21 SparkyProjects Cprossu, looking at some images, those slots could be for another couple of channels, or just be left blank anyway, maybe the covers were lost or used for another console
16:21 Cprossu could be SparkyProjects
16:22 Cprossu but I am thinking that each tv-600 was a custom job
16:22 Cprossu and each one had it's own specific configuration
16:22 Cprossu whatever that might be
16:23 SparkyProjects Yeah true, but in that one i think there's a bank of mono, and a bank of stereo, so the spaces could just be separation as in this one
16:25 SparkyProjects Actually, looking at it, each upper section has a lower section to go with it (i assume routing at top, faders below), but if i remember, the lower section had covers
16:26 EntKitty joined #thegeekgroup
16:26 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
16:26 EntKitty sunchips. cheddar flavored SPARC.
16:27 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
16:28 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:28 mashpriborintorg hi all hi captain
16:28 xanhs joined #thegeekgroup
16:28 xanhs waall
16:29 Ray13 left #thegeekgroup
16:29 ebbrad_away is now known as eightbitbrad
16:29 eightbitbrad back.
16:30 eightbitbrad Cprossu or SparkyProjects: any thoughts on building a DIN to composite cable for the Commodore?  I've only got the antenna/RF adapter.
16:31 * maglinvinn_work knew he wasn't crazy the other day... lol.
16:32 Cprossu tgg_Liz :;authkey=CIS-6MAD
16:32 SparkyProjects eightbitbrad, i'll just do a search for the right info, the din has luma and chroma etc, so it has to convert from that to composite
16:32 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
16:33 tgg_Liz cprossu: these are the ones for sale?
16:33 Cprossu yes.
16:33 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
16:33 Cprossu one in the same apparently
16:33 tgg_Liz k, i'll pass them along thanks
16:34 Cprossu tgg_Liz, on a less mature note, is there anything in the disclaimer you want edited out?
16:35 eightbitbrad SparkyProjects: Sounds good.  From the pictures I saw, it didn't seem like there was a whole lot to that cable.   4 pins, 4 wires
16:35 tgg_Liz the captain's blog one?
16:35 Cprossu yeah
16:35 tgg_Liz i dunno, i haven't looked at it in days
16:35 tgg_Liz relink?
16:35 Cprossu;authkey=CIuH5-UF
16:36 tgg_Liz i think it's up to chris really, no one but him edits the blog videos
16:36 SparkyProjects yeah, it will be something like this or this
16:36 SparkyProjects But let me find more specific info
16:36 Cprossu I haven't looked at it in days either lol.
16:36 tgg_Liz the only thing i had my hand in concerning those was the opening title
16:37 eightbitbrad lol love this line: "Be advised: The amount of hugging that goes on in the IRC channel can potentially triple when RED logs in."
16:37 Cprossu I think lately he's been dumping the video, making one or two cuts fades and going to sleep
16:39 EntKitty ya think nintendo would mind if I made a gameboy compatible computer?
16:39 Cprossu I think last time he used the intro or the disclaimer, tgg_Liz was a week ago
16:39 eightbitbrad EntKitty: possibly.
16:41 EntKitty I'm honestly surprised more hasn't been done with gameboy. it's a little portable z80 box...
16:41 SparkyProjects eightbitbrad, looking again at the c64 diagram
16:41 SparkyProjects There's a composite pin plus lum and colour, just wondering if you make a lead for composite and plug into a monitor, the other end plug the shield into 'common' and plug the core into composite on the computer.
16:41 SparkyProjects If you get some results that aren't good, then maybe a resistor or capacitor to short between comp and lum and/or colour
16:42 SparkyProjects still looking
16:42 EntKitty oh, and here's a fun project for you all: make your own resistors
16:42 eightbitbrad SparkyProjects: sounds good.  Tonight I'm gonna check and make sure at least one of them powers up.  I may be able to dig up a TV to connect to.
16:43 EntKitty it's actually useful to know how to do in some situations
16:43 SparkyProjects;sid=bc270f7b061b259abf663c6e3d70c9c1 second post maybe
16:44 SparkyProjects though that looks like s-video
16:46 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
16:46 Fulsy I'm about to do my first electronics hacking project
16:46 eightbitbrad hmm, yeah, it might work.  I'll poke at it tonight and see
16:46 maglinvinn_work take picutres
16:46 maglinvinn_work whats the project
16:46 eightbitbrad whatcha hacking Fulsy?
16:47 SparkyProjects eightbitbrad, found something
16:47 SparkyProjects That's to connect c64 to scart, which is basically composite
16:47 Fulsy Gonna take an old cheap electronic kid's drumset and turn the built in rhythm unit into some cheesy drum machine
16:48 eightbitbrad SparkyProjects: looks like that might do the trick.
16:49 Fulsy Or maybe just circuit bend it
16:49 SparkyProjects Only one way to find out :)
16:50 injektion left #thegeekgroup
16:51 eightbitbrad indeed.  will see what wires and such I have lying around.  Worst case, like I said, is I did find an old enough TV in the closet to connect up to.
16:53 Cprossu yay moose is back
16:53 Cprossu all is right with the world
16:56 Fulsy .tfw 06483
16:56 BotSteve 79�F?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Seymour, CT!  '...what?'
16:57 xanhs left #thegeekgroup
16:57 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
16:57 injektion Great uverse is down
16:58 Fulsy Found Two pounds lying in a cup
16:58 Fulsy and I don't even live in the UK
16:58 injektion This is probably related to the fiber optic trailer I saw earlier today
16:59 mashpriborintorg left #thegeekgroup
16:59 injektion I wish they would of notified me before they took it out of service
17:00 tggCaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
17:00 Cprossu tggCaptainBoden I have a special request. Run that other 10b2 card through thumper please for all the horrible pain it caused me.
17:00 tggCaptainBoden lol, have Steve put it in the HVL and  will
17:01 Cprossu thanks. steve coming in the lab today?
17:01 tggCaptainBoden I never know
17:01 tgg_Liz Chris, Cprossu may have found some parts we can buy to fill the hole in the mixer
17:02 tgg_Liz if that was a goal of ours
17:02 Cprossu oh yeah.;authkey=CIS-6MAD
17:02 Cprossu ^ someone local to me took apart a PBS's tv-600
17:02 eightbitbrad hiya tggCaptainBoden
17:02 injektion left #thegeekgroup
17:02 Python left #thegeekgroup
17:03 Cprossu here's the parts they got if you can figure out what it was initially configured with, or if you want to reconfigure it a bit
17:03 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
17:05 tggCaptainBoden I'd love to fill the hole
17:05 Cprossu let me know what you want the hole filled with lol
17:06 tggCaptainBoden Just a couple blank panels wouldbe fine, especially if I can get them donated
17:06 Cprossu because there's no documentation online for the darn thing =(
17:06 tggCaptainBoden I'm not spending anything on it, duct tape works fine nd if I'm really in need we can fab some
17:06 Overkill117 joined #thegeekgroup
17:07 tggCaptainBoden ok guys, conduit time
17:07 Cprossu have fun!
17:08 eightbitbrad conduit... of SCIENCE!
17:08 injektion Apparently the Uverse gateway runs Linux
17:09 eightbitbrad I keep getting these little project ideas, I need to actually do one or two of them.
17:09 Cprossu tggCaptainBoden: I might be able to get the module/modules donated
17:09 Cprossu but I gotta know what part/parts to ask for
17:09 eightbitbrad I was threatened with death if I dismantled the coffee pot.
17:10 Cprossu as the pbs one was configured fully it didn't have any blank panels
17:10 speedrunnerG55 Cprossu: Server guys still havving problems
17:13 lwq_sleeping is now known as lwq1996
17:13 lwq1996 hi
17:13 eightbitbrad left #thegeekgroup
17:14 speedrunnerG55 Eh?
17:15 speedrunnerG55 astro73|derrial: ?
17:15 lwq1996 nom nom nom hot dogs
17:16 injektion I need to eat healthy
17:16 lwq1996 i do too all i eat is bad stuff
17:16 speedrunnerG55 :(
17:17 * speedrunnerG55 noms on candy
17:18 lwq1996 wtf my cats like going on a meowing hunt for food
17:19 astro73|derrial speedrunnerG55: yes?
17:19 speedrunnerG55 Lol lwq1996
17:19 speedrunnerG55 The server guys still havving problems
17:19 lwq1996 every second all you hear is a meow
17:19 speedrunnerG55 He cant utalise all of his 2TB drive
17:20 speedrunnerG55 lwq1996: Thats awesome
17:20 * speedrunnerG55 mews :3
17:20 lwq1996 damn cat had kittens 5weeks ago
17:21 speedrunnerG55 :)
17:21 speedrunnerG55 Get it nutered
17:21 speedrunnerG55 Or spadded
17:21 lwq1996 dont have the money too
17:21 speedrunnerG55 :p
17:22 SparkyProjects sell the kittens to pay for op :P
17:22 lwq1996 lol...nah their not cute enough....they are so butt ugly...the look like wolves
17:22 lwq1996 im just gona give them away to good homs
17:23 speedrunnerG55 astro73|derrial: ??
17:23 lwq1996 yeah ik
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17:24 astro73|derrial speedrunnerG55: you mentioned me
17:24 speedrunnerG55 Server guy is still havving problems
17:24 speedrunnerG55 He cant utalise all of his 2tb drive
17:28 speedrunnerG55 astro73|derrial: ^^^^^
17:28 astro73|derrial speedrunnerG55: os? file system? sata/ide?
17:29 speedrunnerG55 Sata
17:29 astro73|derrial partitions?
17:29 speedrunnerG55 Yes
17:29 speedrunnerG55 2
17:29 astro73|derrial sizes?\
17:29 speedrunnerG55 C: and E:
17:30 astro73|derrial and what do you mean by "can't use"?
17:30 speedrunnerG55 C is 55.90 gb
17:30 speedrunnerG55 Unalocatabke
17:30 speedrunnerG55 Unalocatable
17:30 astro73|derrial what file systems on the partitions?
17:30 speedrunnerG55 Ntfs
17:30 speedrunnerG55 E: is 886.45 gb
17:30 astro73|derrial does windows detect it all
17:31 speedrunnerG55 It detects unalocated partition
17:31 speedrunnerG55 It cant be formatted
17:31 astro73|derrial have you tried it under linux?
17:31 speedrunnerG55 No
17:31 speedrunnerG55 Were using windows server 2008
17:31 astro73|derrial have you tested the drive in general?
17:32 speedrunnerG55 How?
17:32 speedrunnerG55 I dont know.
17:32 astro73|derrial imho, linux has better partition support
17:32 astro73|derrial surface scan? not sure these days
17:32 speedrunnerG55 I know how to do it in linux
17:32 speedrunnerG55 Benchmark.
17:32 speedrunnerG55 Idk how to read the data :(
17:32 astro73|derrial get a live cd and open up gparted
17:33 astro73|derrial linux and ntfs are happy these days
17:33 speedrunnerG55 Gparted?
17:33 maglinvinn_work left #thegeekgroup
17:33 astro73|derrial the gtk partition editor
17:33 speedrunnerG55 Is that in ubuntu?
17:33 astro73|derrial boot the server with a live cd
17:34 astro73|derrial and several others
17:34 astro73|derrial i have to go, test the drive using several tools.
17:35 astro73|derrial if nothing else, open a terminal in linux and run `dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null` (replace sda with the drive)
17:35 astro73|derrial i have to go
17:35 speedrunnerG55 Ok
17:43 injektion left #thegeekgroup
17:43 Two-Times-P left #thegeekgroup
17:45 dr_jkl lol
17:48 Hackbat
17:48 tgg_Liz left #thegeekgroup
17:48 speedrunnerG55 Hi Hackbat
17:49 Hackbat heyo
17:49 speedrunnerG55 Why is hack<animal> so popular?
17:51 Hackbat hmm?
17:53 speed-mobile joined #thegeekgroup
17:53 * pegasus is now known as Hackpegasus
17:54 Hackbat >_>
17:54 speedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
17:54 speed-mobile is now known as speedrunnerG55
17:54 pegasus *** speedrunnerG55 is now known as Hackcheetah
17:56 speedrunnerG55 is now known as hackcheetah
17:56 hackcheetah :)
17:57 hackcheetah Hi Hackbat
17:58 ynos
17:58 ynos physical security on these things usually lacks..
17:58 ynos and michigan has a habit of not resetting the password from the default.
17:58 hackcheetah Brb
17:58 hackcheetah left #thegeekgroup
17:58 Hackbat 1234 <enter>
17:59 speedrunnerG55 joined #thegeekgroup
17:59 pegasus ynos: pretty much everywhere keeps the password default.
17:59 speedrunnerG55 is now known as hackcheetah
17:59 Hackbat <Caution! Lava Feild Ahead>
17:59 hackcheetah :)
17:59 Hackbat *Field
18:00 pegasus best part: "Richard, the state Department of Transportation spokesperson in Grand Rapids, said it's likely a waterproof box containing the messaging equipment was mistakenly left unlocked on the unit."
18:00 hackcheetah Hackbat: Whqts up
18:00 pegasus because picking locks is hard.
18:00 * Hackbat is about to go fold clothes
18:00 hackcheetah Kk
18:01 pegasus "The portable boards can be accessed remotely, he said, ..."
18:01 pegasus this requires research.
18:06 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
18:07 Cprossu what in the world is going on here
18:07 Ponko92 Cprossu whats up
18:08 Cprossu speedrunnerg55 having problems with server '08?
18:08 Cprossu I prefer what they did to signs down here (I think by ASU)
18:09 Cprossu
18:09 Cprossu
18:09 Cprossu etc
18:09 hackcheetah Hi Cprossu
18:10 Cprossu hi speedrunnerg55
18:10 hackcheetah :)
18:10 Cprossu so... uh...
18:10 Cprossu what problem are you having?
18:10 hackcheetah My friends havving the same problem
18:10 hackcheetah Half of the 2tb drive is unalocatabke
18:11 hackcheetah Its not the boot drive
18:13 hackcheetah Formatted to ntfs
18:13 hackcheetah And there is 2 partitions. But one he cant format
18:15 hackcheetah Hes going to try to use a windows 7 cd to format it
18:21 tanilolli joined #thegeekgroup
18:22 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
18:23 Hackbat Cprossu, remember that lot of computers I was going to buy for like 50 bucks?
18:24 Hackbat well they took down the lot before it finished so they could wipe some hardrives
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18:24 Hackbat when they put it up they added like 10 LCD screens
18:25 Hackbat took it like 2 hours to outpid me then double what I can afford D:<
18:25 n00b9 left #thegeekgroup
18:27 hackcheetah Lol
18:28 BatSteve-Away is now known as BatSteve
18:28 Ponko92 man my arm feels smashed
18:29 BatSteve how'd things go today ponko?
18:29 BotSteve BatSteve: I have the following messages for you:
18:29 BotSteve At 06:39Z, Cprossu asked me to tell BatSteve for horrifying results,,,
18:29 BotSteve At 06:46Z, Cprossu asked me to tell BatSteve best attempt at a motor yet <-sounds like a brushless AC sort of
18:29 BatSteve ah yes
18:29 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
18:29 BotSteve All right, show us on the doll where Seroster touched you.
18:30 Seroster I ripped of it's head and ate it. So what?
18:30 BotSteve Seroster: I have the following messages for you:
18:30 BotSteve At 00:32Z, BatSteve asked me to tell Seroster I agree with him.  (incredible I know)
18:30 Ponko92 it went ok i was a tad better then yesterday but my arm feels sore and just bruised
18:30 Ponko92 its like i've dislocated it or something
18:30 Ponko92 but i haven't o_O
18:31 Ponko92 or did i?
18:31 BatSteve I'm pretty sure that dislocated joints are fairly obvious
18:32 BatSteve like, take off your shirt and look in a mirror
18:32 Ponko92 yeah but the pain isn't as great
18:32 Ponko92 i DID dislocate it once before
18:32 Ponko92 a HUGE Linebacker flattened me on my with my arm in the throwing motion
18:33 hackcheetah BATSTEVE!
18:33 hackcheetah Hi
18:33 BatSteve ahhh gotcha
18:33 BatSteve hey hackcheetah
18:33 BatSteve whatup?
18:33 Ponko92 i went on and the next pass was weak then i passed a deep one and i felt my arm go numb and BOOM there goes my arm
18:34 Ponko92 if i didn't have skin covering it and all that it would of followed the ball
18:34 BatSteve wow
18:34 BatSteve yeeah
18:34 Ponko92 i threw and immediately went AHHHHHH
18:34 Seroster .log
18:34 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
18:35 Ponko92 i went on and just went for a run each time
18:35 Ponko92 3 mins of that pain but i kept going
18:35 * hackcheetah pounces on BatSteve
18:35 Ponko92 i single handedly beat the defense
18:35 Ponko92 literallty
18:35 Ponko92 literally*
18:36 BatSteve Ponko92: that is because you are a god of football.
18:36 Cprossu hey BatSteve I forgot about that
18:36 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
18:36 * hackcheetah turns around and pounces Ponko92
18:36 Cprossu to my credit I was very tired and bored
18:36 BatSteve Though eleven stand against you they shall not overcome
18:36 Electronics Evening all
18:37 BatSteve Cprossu: the one really was amazingly bad
18:37 Ponko92 lol thats true
18:37 BatSteve the others sounded...well...close to acceptable
18:37 hackcheetah Ok ill stop
18:37 hackcheetah .
18:37 BatSteve like, acceptable for a first attempt, maybe
18:37 hackcheetah is now known as SpeedrunnerG55
18:37 SpeedrunnerG55 :)
18:38 Ponko92 BatSteve i had a dream i ran 102 yards for a Super Bowl winning TD with busted lip and NO helmet on 4th & 29 so literally ON the goalline
18:38 Overkill117 left #thegeekgroup
18:38 Cprossu I think I also attempted an air raid last night
18:38 Cprossu but didn't upload it
18:38 Ponko92 10 secs left 4th 1/4
18:38 Cprossu after someone commented you could do it with 2 sawtooth waves
18:38 Electronics ?
18:39 Ponko92 Botsteve will my dream come to be?
18:39 BotSteve Maybe
18:39 Ponko92 promising
18:39 Ponko92 ok one more
18:40 Ponko92 BotSteve will Arsenal will a trophy this season?
18:40 BotSteve Maybe
18:40 Ponko92 so no then lol
18:40 * Ponko92 needs ice on his shoulder
18:41 NeWtoz par tay
18:41 Cprossu_Laptop get BatSteve
18:41 Cprossu_Laptop
18:42 Toast_Burnt is now known as Toastduyde
18:42 Cprossu_Laptop ^ air raid attempt I did before falling completely asleep
18:42 Toastduyde is now known as Toastdude
18:43 Toastdude Cprossu: I also said that here
18:43 Ponko92 oh yeah BatSteve it was against the Patriots aswell
18:43 Cprossu_Laptop yeah you were the one I was talking about Toastdude
18:43 Cprossu_Laptop [11:38] <Cprossu> after someone commented you could do it with 2 sawtooth waves
18:43 Toastdude Oh, I thought you meant on the link....
18:43 Ponko92 lol
18:43 Cprossu_Laptop what?! I made that one
18:44 Toastdude ?
18:44 Cprossu_Laptop ^
18:44 Cprossu_Laptop ^ I just uploaded that 15 seconds ago
18:44 Toastdude Oh, ya, I know
18:45 Toastdude I'm going to try to make what I made earlier
18:45 Cprossu_Laptop cool
18:45 Toastdude I need 1.3.13...
18:46 Toastdude I'll upload it as soon as I'm done
18:47 Toastdude I'm uploading The Grid
18:47 SpeedrunnerG55 Cprossu: I wonder
18:47 SpeedrunnerG55 Whats causing the interfierence pattern?
18:47 Cprossu_Laptop which one?
18:48 Cprossu_Laptop there are so many in that harmonic
18:48 SpeedrunnerG55 The "wowowowowo" sound in the siren
18:48 Toastdude frequency differences
18:48 Cprossu_Laptop the fact I used two different sliding frequencies
18:49 Cprossu_Laptop I assure you I did that on purpose.
18:51 SpeedrunnerG55 Oh?
18:51 Toastdude
18:52 Cprossu_Laptop rofl Toastdude I c what you did there
18:52 Cprossu_Laptop oh nm
18:52 Toastdude What?
18:52 Cprossu_Laptop lol
18:52 Cprossu_Laptop nm
18:52 Toastdude Okay.... lol
18:52 Hackotter joined #thegeekgroup
18:53 Cprossu_Laptop just ignore that :)
18:54 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
18:54 SpeedrunnerG55 What did Toastdude do there?
18:54 Toastdude Did you hear it?
18:54 BatSteve I didn't see what he did there
18:54 SpeedrunnerG55 Im listenu g now
18:54 Cprossu_Laptop hence ignore it
18:55 BatSteve ...oh
18:55 Cprossu_Laptop there's nothing
18:55 BatSteve gotcha
18:55 SpeedrunnerG55 8 bit tron FTW
18:55 Cprossu_Laptop for a second I thought he zipped up a file and renamed it a .wav
18:55 SpeedrunnerG55 oh lol
18:55 Ponko92 BatSteve i did have a dream of getting 768 44/44 17 TDs vs the Lions though
18:55 Cprossu_Laptop until I downloaded it lol\
18:57 SpeedrunnerG55 Lol
18:57 BatSteve Ponko92: yes but that's the Lions
18:58 BatSteve I mean that's like dreaming about the one time when you ran faster than a sleeping dude who had a broken leg
18:58 Ponko92 hahaha lol
18:58 Toastdude So you like it?
18:58 Ponko92 well i did reapeat that fate against the Bears though
18:59 BatSteve oh, well that's fine then
18:59 Python joined #thegeekgroup
19:00 Ponko92 but i got my helmet ripped off in the Super Bowl
19:00 Ponko92 still won though against the Pats
19:01 Seroster Ey SpeedrunnerG55!
19:01 SpeedrunnerG55 Ahoy
19:01 Seroster Did I mention I love you?
19:02 Ponko92 Batsteve i think i broke 8 tackles in that play
19:02 NeWtoz hey hey, the Lions are getting better :(
19:03 Seroster SpeedrunnerG55, If you ever want to try the other white meat you can come see the Seroster. ^^
19:03 Ponko92 yeah but they won't get SB champs in the next 2-5 years
19:03 SpeedrunnerG55 What?!
19:03 NeWtoz if stafford says healthy, watch out
19:03 Ponko92 yeah but thats one guy
19:04 Ponko92 GB one the SB with SIXTEEN on the IR list
19:04 Ponko92 and lost 2 playmakers in the SB
19:04 BatSteve SpeedrunnerG55: I think he's appreciating you
19:04 BatSteve even though speed appreciation day is technically over
19:04 BatSteve I just need to change the topic
19:04 SpeedrunnerG55 Lol
19:05 Seroster SpeedrunnerG55, you know... My meat? =D
19:05 SpeedrunnerG55 ?
19:05 SpeedrunnerG55 No?
19:07 Ponko92 ummm i hope you're not being rude there Seroster
19:07 SpeedrunnerG55 Seroster: ?
19:08 Seroster Ponko92, It wasnt supposed to be? Just me declaring my undying love =)
19:08 Seroster SpeedrunnerG55, This is a PG13channel. Sorry mate xD
19:08 Ponko92 lol but was you're reference a rude one
19:08 SpeedrunnerG55 What are you talking about?
19:09 Ponko92 i think seroster wants to show you his package
19:09 Ponko92 oi god
19:09 Seroster I got it in the mail today! =D
19:09 Toastdude I'm uploading the siren...
19:09 SpeedrunnerG55 ....huh? Whats in it?
19:09 Ponko92 yeah it was from god
19:09 Ponko92 lol
19:09 Ponko92 i don't want to answer that
19:10 Seroster .g the other other white meat
19:10 BotSteve Seroster:
19:10 Toastdude
19:11 Ponko92 it can be beaten to right seroster
19:11 Seroster SpeedrunnerG55, This is a package you wouldnt want to unwrap without a face shielt
19:11 Seroster d*
19:11 SpeedrunnerG55 Its not lettig me donload it Toastdude
19:12 Toastdude Really? It is for me...
19:12 SpeedrunnerG55 Its telling my to login
19:13 SpeedrunnerG55 ... Seroster huh?
19:13 Seroster Just a brainfart from my messed up mind
19:13 SpeedrunnerG55 Aparently
19:14 SpeedrunnerG55 :P
19:16 Nazzy joined #thegeekgroup
19:19 Toastdude Hi Nazzy
19:19 masterofmonks .
19:19 Seroster I got new soldering tips today!
19:19 Seroster Tried to solder with a nail in the iron. Didnt work.
19:19 Seroster Well, almost worked a bit
19:20 SparkyProjects A copper nail would have :D
19:20 Seroster Galvanised stee
19:20 Seroster And a copper nail isnt optimal either
19:21 SparkyProjects Better than steel
19:21 Seroster Indeed ^^
19:21 SparkyProjects As i think i said, i've used copper wire before
19:22 Nazzy Toastdude, hi
19:22 Seroster I was at the kickass hardware store in the tiny village outside this small town, and I was amazed he didnt have the coupling from a C02 extinguisher to a common high pressure hose
19:22 Seroster He got a couple square kilometers of storage with the strangest shit
19:25 masterofmonks Seroster: When dealing with galvanized steel remember this.
19:25 masterofmonks .wik metal fume fever
19:25 BotSteve "Metal fume fever also known as brass founders' ague, brass shakes,[1]| zinc shakes, Galvie Flu, or Monday morning fever[2]| is an illness caused primarily by exposure to certain fumes." -
19:25 Seroster "Don't fucking weld it!"
19:26 masterofmonks Don't heat it.
19:27 Seroster Right
19:27 Seroster One time is no time, two is one too many?
19:28 Ponko92 Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio
19:28 Seroster Is it like welding with short sleeves, a bad idea, but you can do it once a month without problem, but if you do it 6 hours a day every day you die?
19:28 Cprossu_Laptop
19:28 Cprossu_Laptop that sure didn't work out
19:29 Cprossu_Laptop BatSteve: my next motor has a bad bearing I think
19:29 Cprossu_Laptop so many harmonics involved
19:32 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
19:32 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
19:33 BatSteve Cprossu_Laptop: next motor?
19:33 BatSteve you mean next motor sound?
19:33 Cprossu_Laptop yes
19:33 Cprossu_Laptop next motor sound.
19:33 Cprossu_Laptop this one is even somewhat synchronous
19:34 BatSteve awesome
19:34 Cprossu_Laptop I could have added a few layers/extended the spindown sound though
19:35 Cprossu_Laptop but I was trying for the soft start kind of noise, BatSteve
19:35 Cprossu_Laptop I still didn't get it
19:37 BatSteve you will, probably
19:38 DocZero joined #thegeekgroup
19:39 Psi left #thegeekgroup
19:43 Cprossu_Laptop or I'll give up for now
19:44 BatSteve or that too
19:44 Psi joined #thegeekgroup
19:45 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
19:45 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
19:47 Cprossu_Laptop wow
19:47 Cprossu_Laptop;feature=player_profilepage#t=88s
19:47 Cprossu_Laptop ^ someone is a bigger idiot than photonicinduction with washing machines
19:47 Druidic_Rifleman left #thegeekgroup
19:48 DocZero left #thegeekgroup
19:48 livefiretj left #thegeekgroup
19:49 Ponko92 joined #thegeekgroup
19:51 SparkyProjects Nah, Photoinduction would have also powered it from a few thousand volts :D
19:52 Cprossu_Laptop but that was a pretty epic washer destruction though, am I wrong?
19:53 SparkyProjects As the guy said, best one yet :D
19:53 SparkyProjects Though it didn't clean those parts :-/
19:57 Sgt_Lemming left #thegeekgroup
19:57 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
19:58 speed_Linux joined #thegeekgroup
19:58 injektion I HATE that guys accent
19:59 kingofmetal joined #thegeekgroup
19:59 injektion wait
19:59 injektion nevermind
19:59 injektion wrong country
19:59 kingofmetal left #thegeekgroup
20:02 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
20:03 LinuxH4x0r joined #thegeekgroup
20:09 Fulsy nope.avi
20:10 injektion 5 days to go
20:14 injektion They let Clarkson review the 1M
20:14 injektion I don't have a good feeling about this >_<
20:15 Seroster Right
20:15 injektion
20:16 Phu <-- pleased as a dog with two cocks
20:16 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
20:17 Phu I modified an audio mixer circuit and built an 8-channel stereo audio mixer with master volume control.... and it worked without any audio distortion first time!
20:17 Phu The world will now end. Thank you for your time :P
20:18 injektion I don't see why he'd review it in the first place especially with a giant Mercedes logo on his forehead
20:23 speed_Linux test
20:24 injektion pong
20:27 Cprossu error unidentified ping source.
20:27 injektion Please insert 25 cents to continue
20:28 Cprossu Please insert 25 euros for conversion costs
20:28 injektion Please remember conversion rates do not start until you get into dollar amounts
20:28 Cprossu oooh
20:29 * Python has 2966 unread messages on IRC
20:29 Cprossu I wonder what moose is routing
20:29 Cprossu check it out
20:29 Cprossu tggCaptainBoden, what's moose routing? :)
20:30 SparkyProjects Needs dust extraction for the chips :P
20:30 Cprossu you mean corey with a shop vac, SparkyProjects
20:31 SpeedrunnerG55 Cprossu: !
20:31 SpeedrunnerG55 My pc went beeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
20:31 SpeedrunnerG55 And didnt boot before
20:31 Cprossu
20:32 SpeedrunnerG55 I know
20:32 SpeedrunnerG55 But it freaked me out
20:32 Cprossu well beats me on that one
20:32 mantere left #thegeekgroup
20:32 Cprossu could be anything
20:32 SpeedrunnerG55 Idk what hapoened actually its working now
20:33 Electronics left #thegeekgroup
20:33 SparkyProjects Cprossu, needs someone to donate something like this once the woodshop is online too
20:33 SpeedrunnerG55 But i turned it on then walked away.
20:33 Cprossu test your ram, take some excedrin, and call me in the morning
20:33 SpeedrunnerG55 I came back because i herd it 2 rooms away
20:33 SpeedrunnerG55 It was continously peeepig
20:33 SpeedrunnerG55 One long beep
20:33 Cprossu god damn that's a pretty big dust collector too
20:33 injektion ^
20:34 SpeedrunnerG55 Ok ill do that
20:34 * SpeedrunnerG55 reboots
20:35 SparkyProjects Had one bigger at the old place i worked, was a bit like a silo, but you could drive a trailer under it to unload it.
20:35 LeadHead Meh, just get something like this
20:35 LeadHead;oe=utf-8&amp;rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&amp;client=firefox-a&amp;um=1&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;tbm=shop&amp;cid=14574844744720426260&amp;sa=X&amp;ei=gwABTrGNJvSx0AG_7d3SDg&amp;ved=0CGQQ8wIwAg
20:35 LeadHead Large chips/heavy dust falls into bucket
20:35 LeadHead dust goes into bag
20:36 Cprossu except when it clogs
20:36 Cprossu then nothing goes anywhere
20:36 LeadHead Which is why it seperates heavy shit
20:36 LeadHead from light shit
20:37 LeadHead I can assure you that nothing TGG would ever do, could ever clog a 2HP dust collector
20:37 LeadHead Unless some 'tard
20:37 Cprossu abuse.
20:37 LeadHead dumped a 10 gallon bucket of saw dust
20:37 LeadHead into the intake
20:37 LeadHead all at once
20:37 Cprossu and you wouldn't put that passed anyone there?
20:37 Cprossu seriously?
20:37 LeadHead I'd figure some of them would have common sense
20:38 Cprossu some of them would
20:38 LinuxH4x0r those grizzly collectors wouldn't even flinch at 10 gallons of sawdust all at once
20:38 Cprossu the 1 person who'd do it wouldn't
20:38 SparkyProjects They replaced the silo with some of these
20:38 SparkyProjects Problem was that they had to have them indoors (silo was outside), and you could get fine dust through the top bag filter
20:39 eadthem joined #thegeekgroup
20:39 LinuxH4x0r those things suck
20:39 LinuxH4x0r and not in the good way
20:39 LeadHead the ones that seperate the heavy shit
20:39 LeadHead are much better
20:39 LinuxH4x0r agreed
20:40 LinuxH4x0r better plan
20:40 SpeedrunnerG55 Cprossu: How do i bring up the grum loader?
20:40 SpeedrunnerG55 X_x
20:40 SpeedrunnerG55 Grub*
20:40 LinuxH4x0r we build one that burns the fine dust like those things in oil refineries :D
20:40 Cprossu by installing it to the mbr, SpeedrunnerG55?
20:41 SpeedrunnerG55 Mbr?
20:41 LeadHead Master Boot Record
20:41 * Cprossu *head*keyboard*
20:41 SpeedrunnerG55 Ughhhwere do i do that
20:42 Cprossu gentoo or otherwise?
20:42 Cprossu or ubuntu?
20:42 Cprossu read your god damn install manual.
20:43 lwq1996 hi cprossu
20:43 Cprossu hey lwq1996
20:43 SpeedrunnerG55 ...ubuntu
20:43 Python left #thegeekgroup
20:43 LeadHead How did you screw up a Ubuntu install?
20:44 lwq1996 so anythng new in the life of the irc
20:44 Cprossu nope
20:44 * Ponko92 is watching The A-Team
20:44 Seroster "Next, Next, accept, next, next, n... Wait... What was I supposed to press?"
20:44 SpeedrunnerG55 I didnt screw it up
20:44 LeadHead Well if you did it right, Grub will automatically start up
20:44 Cprossu you installed windows over it on a different partition, didn't you?
20:44 SpeedrunnerG55 Just the grup loader dosent com up by default i forgot how to srt it
20:45 SpeedrunnerG55 No. Its just ubuntu on this
20:45 Seroster LeadHead, Is Grub the software verision of Grendel?
20:45 Python joined #thegeekgroup
20:45 Cprossu then what do you mean you forgot how to start it?!
20:45 LeadHead Grendel, the mythical creature?
20:45 Python left #thegeekgroup
20:45 Seroster Like you install it and POOF! GRUB appears and starts killing people!
20:45 LeadHead speed, Grub will automatically start up
20:46 Cprossu do you have any cd's in your optical drives?
20:46 LeadHead If you did everything right
20:46 Seroster ...That would make a kickass movie!
20:46 Seroster About a computer virus that kills people.
20:46 SpeedrunnerG55 Yes
20:46 Cprossu take them out
20:46 Seroster WOOT! I'm off to hollywood!
20:46 SpeedrunnerG55 Ok
20:46 SpeedrunnerG55 Ok
20:47 livefiretj joined #thegeekgroup
20:48 Python joined #thegeekgroup
20:49 BatSteve Seroster: they already made that
20:49 BatSteve
20:52 masterofmonks
20:52 LeadHead .
20:52 masterofmonks Cat on keyboard.
20:53 Seroster BatSteve, Sec
20:53 Seroster Might dl
20:53 Seroster Nah
20:53 Seroster Crap movie
20:53 Seroster Want some GREAT damn cinema?
20:53 Seroster One Eyed Monster
20:54 Seroster Best movie EVAR
20:54 SpeedrunnerG55 Cprossu: Grub is still not comming up
20:54 Seroster God damn that is awesome!
20:56 Obtuse_lappy i just had the most amazing experience
20:56 SparkyProjects shopvac time
20:56 Obtuse_lappy hot house to extremely cold room
20:57 Seroster O, Obtuse_lappy?
20:57 Obtuse_lappy its also amazing to be home before 5
20:57 Obtuse_lappy yes. praise the AC creator
20:58 SparkyProjects Obtuse, try  gong from warm lab to -20C room, then coming out of -20C room to warm lab, that's an experience
20:58 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
20:58 Obtuse_lappy haha. that is!
20:58 Python left #thegeekgroup
20:58 SpeedrunnerG55 Hi Toastdude
20:58 lwq1996 is now known as lwq_staining-cha
20:58 Toastdude Hi speedrunner
20:59 Seroster Obtuse_lappy, Semi RAS, mate
20:59 lwq_staining-cha is now known as lwq_painting
20:59 Obtuse_lappy RAS?
21:00 Obtuse_lappy anyone have experience with the MSP430?
21:02 masterofmonks Obtuse_lappy: I do.
21:02 masterofmonks It makes a great decoration for my routing server.
21:03 masterofmonks Seriously though I would recommend #43oh
21:03 Obtuse_lappy thanks
21:03 Obtuse_lappy i just ordered 2 devboard
21:03 Obtuse_lappy s
21:03 Obtuse_lappy they've got a new one with FRAM
21:04 Obtuse_lappy supposedly way faster than Flash
21:04 Obtuse_lappy and uses less power
21:04 masterofmonks Yeah and dirt cheap.
21:05 Obtuse_lappy and 16 bit
21:05 Obtuse_lappy so I doubt it'll be beat my love of arduinos
21:05 Obtuse_lappy but its still cool stuff
21:07 injektion left #thegeekgroup
21:09 maglinvinn_work joined #thegeekgroup
21:09 maglinvinn_work yar.  is steve here
21:09 BatSteve which one?
21:09 maglinvinn_work egr.
21:09 maglinvinn_work video steve
21:09 maglinvinn_work hehe
21:10 SpeedrunnerG55 Steves here?
21:10 SparkyProjects Not in the online list
21:10 BatSteve this group seriously has more steves than it has working robots.
21:10 BatSteve I think it's something to do with the name.
21:11 SparkyProjects Yeah, it's a common name :D
21:11 Obtuse_lappy One day there will be armies of evil robots
21:11 Obtuse_lappy in the robotics labs
21:11 Obtuse_lappy lab
21:11 Phu ah yes.. you can always rely on flash to balls up when you need to audio test
21:11 SpeedrunnerG55 All named steve
21:11 maglinvinn_work ok.  how do i get botsteve to give egrsteve a message
21:11 SpeedrunnerG55 Lol jk
21:11 maglinvinn_work .seen egrsteve
21:11 BotSteve maglinvinn_work: I last saw egrsteve 17.66 hours ago at 2011-06-21 03:32:16 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 21:11:51 UTC
21:11 Obtuse_lappy the powerwheels robot will chase you around
21:12 SparkyProjects Dan 'tell ergsteve ....'
21:12 maglinvinn_work as in .tell or ?
21:13 SparkyProjects tell maglinvin_work i'm not sure if it's .tell
21:13 Phu hi Mr Eakin.
21:13 SparkyProjects then it's  .tell
21:14 Phu I'm using Nyan as an audio test in the absence of anything else on my linux box that produces interesting audio :P
21:14 Cprossu BotSteve: tell maglinvinn_work what the fuck are you guys doing
21:14 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when maglinvinn_work is around.
21:15 Cprossu BotSteve: tell SparkyProjects what the fuck are you guys doing
21:15 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when SparkyProjects is around.
21:15 maglinvinn_work derp
21:15 BotSteve maglinvinn_work: I have the following messages for you:
21:15 BotSteve At 21:14Z, Cprossu asked me to tell maglinvinn_work what the fuck are you guys doing
21:15 maglinvinn_work great.
21:15 SparkyProjects ah, forgot the bot part :P
21:15 BotSteve SparkyProjects: I have the following messages for you:
21:15 BotSteve At 21:15Z, Cprossu asked me to tell SparkyProjects what the fuck are you guys doing
21:16 maglinvinn_work Botsteve: tell egrsteve pan tilt head coming along, got a control circuit set up, will only need 2 wires of your cat5 to control it.  You can plan on putting your genlock and whatnot on that cable again :)
21:16 BotSteve maglinvinn_work: I'll pass that on when egrsteve is around.
21:16 maglinvinn_work cool.  time for me to bail.  peace.
21:16 maglinvinn_work left #thegeekgroup
21:17 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
21:17 Cprossu wow that was quick
21:17 egrsteve ?
21:17 BotSteve egrsteve: I have the following messages for you:
21:17 Cprossu egrsteve you have a message when you type something
21:17 BotSteve At 21:16Z, maglinvinn_work asked me to tell egrsteve pan tilt head coming along, got a control circuit set up, will only need 2 wires of your cat5 to control it.  You can plan on putting your genlock and whatnot on that cable again :)
21:17 Obtuse_lappy haha
21:17 Cprossu literally 1 minute
21:18 egrsteve I am just that good
21:18 QuickBen joined #thegeekgroup
21:18 * SparkyProjects bets steve was lurking on the irc log :P
21:19 egrsteve no, I just logged onto my computer
21:19 SparkyProjects sixth sense then :D
21:19 egrsteve hmm, this spectrum analyzer won't reconize my flash drive
21:20 Cprossu I don't think quickben has ever said a word in here
21:20 * egrsteve tries another drive
21:21 Cprossu I wish I had a spectrum analyzer =(
21:21 egrsteve other drive works
21:21 egrsteve I'm at school, it was brought down because they couldn't get it to save
21:21 QuickBen Thats because I only speak if I have something to say
21:21 egrsteve it was set to save states on internal not screenshots on USB
21:21 Cprossu welcome to irc QuickBen! :D
21:22 Cprossu congrats on talking!
21:22 egrsteve upperclass engineering students and they con't set how to save right
21:22 Obtuse_lappy serious?
21:22 Obtuse_lappy n00bs
21:22 Cprossu egrsteve we could stick them with some old analog equipment
21:22 QuickBen lol, thanks. now I just need to see of I can get irc to work on my phone
21:22 Cprossu for a few months
21:23 SparkyProjects Unfortunately steve, if it's not in the book, they don't know how to do it :P
21:23 Obtuse_lappy I have a scope at work that has an attached printer
21:23 Obtuse_lappy doesn't work
21:23 Obtuse_lappy but it is cool
21:23 Cprossu I bet they'd never have a single issue with any digiral equipment again
21:23 BatSteve achievement unlocked:  quickben spoke!
21:23 egrsteve this is a agilent N9320A
21:23 BatSteve (:
21:23 Cprossu *digital
21:23 Cprossu lol
21:23 Obtuse_lappy those things were sweet
21:23 Cprossu damn 3ghz
21:24 Obtuse_lappy I miss having access to the EMC Lab
21:24 egrsteve I could return the tek 2710 instead
21:24 Obtuse_lappy hell, access to all the GVSU labs
21:24 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new posts on the Geek Group forums.  New posts made by: brousch on Machine Vision Presentation on June 23
21:24 egrsteve the R & S anylizers are nice too
21:25 egrsteve GVSU does have nice labs
21:26 Obtuse_lappy back then I didn't know what to do with them
21:26 Obtuse_lappy but now. muhaha
21:26 egrsteve TGG needs tek, ageilent, phillips ect as sponsors
21:26 Obtuse_lappy yes!
21:26 egrsteve they hare useful items
21:26 Cprossu egrsteve you should find an old tek 491
21:26 Cprossu lol
21:26 egrsteve 491, let me look
21:26 Cprossu see how they like dem apples
21:27 egrsteve how about a tek 370?
21:27 Cprossu lol too much automation
21:27 egrsteve HP330B distortion anylizer
21:28 egrsteve I have a few tek 2215s here too
21:28 Cprossu hahhaha
21:28 egrsteve haven't been used in years
21:28 Cprossu nice scope though
21:29 egrsteve I have 14 tek behind me as wellTDS3012
21:29 egrsteve I have 14 tek TDS3012 behind me as well
21:29 Cprossu I had the use of a tek 2235 for a while, nice scope
21:29 egrsteve 16 functions gens the list goes on
21:29 egrsteve I think i have a couple 2235 as well
21:30 egrsteve no 2232
21:30 egrsteve I want one of those if they ever get rid of or sell them
21:31 Cprossu that's a nice scope as well
21:31 QuickBen left #thegeekgroup
21:31 egrsteve that it is, the sad thing is none of the phosphorse display scopes are used anymore, they just sit in storage
21:32 Cprossu it is a pity. the old scopes were much better at identifying certain transients IMO than newer ones
21:32 Cprossu the newer ones you almost have to know exactly what you are looking for
21:32 Cprossu then you can get a picture of it
21:32 egrsteve that thay are, they don't has as much lag between scans
21:33 egrsteve how about a keithley 197 microvolt dmm
21:33 egrsteve we need keithley as a sponsor too
21:34 Cprossu is tektronix a sponsor yet?
21:34 egrsteve not that I am aware of
21:34 Cprossu we totally need tektronix as a sponsor.
21:35 Cprossu how about fluke?
21:35 egrsteve tek donated about a million in gear to GVSU a few years back if I remember right, so all the labs are outfitted with tek here and someday when grads need to buy test equipment odds are they will buy tek
21:35 egrsteve [17:26] <egrsteve> TGG needs tek, ageilent, phillips ect as sponsors
21:35 Cprossu yeah lol
21:35 egrsteve I forgot about fluke eariler
21:36 egrsteve although the ect might have incluted them
21:36 Obtuse_lappy damn straight, i'm buying atek
21:36 Cprossu you can't include fluke in an etc
21:36 Cprossu or an 'ect'
21:37 egrsteve fluke is not theatre lighting?
21:37 egrsteve news to me
21:37 egrsteve I bet thumper could turn it into light
21:37 Cprossu not en engine coolant temperature sensor either
21:38 Cprossu OHHHH
21:38 Cprossu I almost forgot
21:38 Cprossu I called in a favor
21:38 Cprossu but you need to get it down there
21:38 egrsteve that would be interesting a DMM hooked to "measure" thumpers output
21:38 egrsteve ok, what have you pulled
21:38 Cprossu egrsteve you know that one winbond card?
21:38 Cprossu I asked captain if he'd thumper it for all the pain it caused me
21:38 Cprossu he said if you dragged it down there he would
21:39 Cprossu as in the one that never works properly
21:39 egrsteve ok, I will make sure it's fed to thumper, was that the first or second one?
21:39 Cprossu the one that's not inside the computer
21:39 egrsteve I think it was the first as the other one is workign
21:40 ynos left #thegeekgroup
21:40 Cprossu the linksys EthercardII pci thing
21:40 egrsteve and how should thumper be injected
21:40 egrsteve BNC port?
21:40 Cprossu hmmmm
21:40 Cprossu well technically there's an arrestor on it
21:40 egrsteve PCI, RJ45
21:40 Cprossu for lightning
21:40 egrsteve so, it won't matter
21:40 Phu evening cprossu and egrsteve
21:40 Cprossu go through the bnc
21:40 egrsteve evening pho
21:40 Obtuse_lappy so what's the word on the sexy CNC machinery?
21:40 egrsteve *phu
21:41 Cprossu it all works, Obtuse_lappy, moose just made something on the sheet router
21:41 egrsteve thumper has too much current to be arrested it will at least explode the arrestor
21:41 Cprossu actually
21:41 Cprossu let me look at that card again
21:41 Obtuse_lappy Its been ages since I milled something
21:41 Cprossu (hangs on)
21:41 Obtuse_lappy oh sweet
21:41 Cprossu
21:41 Cprossu ok guys, how should we feed this card to thumper?
21:42 Cprossu oh wait, egrsteve, can you wrap it in aluminum mesh?
21:42 egrsteve so many people dislike machining at school but later they learn the value of the resource
21:42 Obtuse_lappy aluminum mesh is a great idea
21:42 Obtuse_lappy yea, i hated it though because i had no use for it
21:42 Cprossu then feed it through the mesh and the bnc?
21:42 egrsteve i could, but the mech would just explode around it, although it might plate it
21:42 SparkyProjects Was going to say one terminal on the bus, the other on the bnc
21:42 Cprossu plating would be cool
21:43 Phu Cprossu: do you have some unrequited anger towards network cards?
21:43 Obtuse_lappy wrap some wire around it
21:43 Cprossu Phu: this one has caused me great pain
21:43 egrsteve nicrome anyone?
21:43 Cprossu ask egrsteve
21:43 jasons|dc is liz there
21:43 Cprossu how about nichrome loaded into a BNC?
21:43 Obtuse_lappy doesn't look like it jasons
21:43 jasons|dc kk
21:43 Obtuse_lappy or at least not on irc
21:43 Obtuse_lappy you can do this ...
21:44 egrsteve would nicrome have too much resistance?
21:44 Obtuse_lappy do a batsteve: tell tggLiz <message>
21:44 Cprossu hrmm
21:44 Cprossu new idea
21:44 BatSteve except that I'll forget
21:44 BatSteve you really should use BotSteve instead of BatSteve
21:44 Cprossu our card has that bootrom socket right, egrsteve?
21:45 SpeedrunnerG55 left #thegeekgroup
21:45 Phu cprossu: that card does look particularly shit
21:45 egrsteve I think so
21:45 Phu The clue there however is "WinBond"
21:45 Cprossu Phu: there's an identical one that works inside our master control one
21:45 BatSteve or else I'll hilariously mangle the message.  "Liz, Obtuse_lappy says that you eat cats and fart gasoline"
21:45 Cprossu this one is just flakey
21:46 obtusemobile joined #thegeekgroup
21:46 Phu rofl BatSteve
21:46 Cprossu ok how about thumper injection through the crystal and bootrom socket, egrsteve?
21:46 Phu now I would pay money to see Liz's reaction to that
21:46 Obtuse_lappy haha. sorry about that Batsteve
21:46 Obtuse_lappy haha. Eats cats and farts gasoline?
21:47 egrsteve hmm I can try the hard part will be not exploding the wire leads to it
21:47 Cprossu solder some thick stuff to it?
21:47 BatSteve Obtuse_lappy: she'd be the solution to the world's energy problem, and the world's stray cat problem
21:48 Phu lol
21:48 Cprossu although it would be interesting egrsteve, to see if the lighning arrestor works
21:50 Obtuse_lappy haha.
21:51 Obtuse_lappy that's so amusing
21:51 Cprossu hrmmm egrsteve "PM7102 is an ethernet unregulated DC/DC converter with isolation (input/output) in a plastic 24pin case
21:52 egrsteve thumper vaporizes 10 awg aluminum wire, I don't know the limit for copper but I would guess about the same
21:52 Obtuse_lappy all these cnc machines just need g codes right?
21:52 Cprossu 5volts in 9 volts out
21:52 egrsteve interesting
21:52 Obtuse_lappy what free programs out there can help me do cad work?
21:52 ynos joined #thegeekgroup
21:52 Obtuse_lappy and output a g code?
21:52 egrsteve the CNCs run G codes, the header may need to hand coded later to get it right
21:53 Cprossu 20F001N is the 10bt filter so the other one must be 10b2
21:53 egrsteve IDK, I have had access to GVSU cad for now
21:53 Obtuse_lappy yea, Pro E is nice and all but seriously expensive
21:53 westmi left #thegeekgroup
21:54 egrsteve GV is now using solidworks as well
21:56 Cprossu YCL Lan Isolation Transformers, 16PT-005b, turn ratio 1:1, primary inductance min:100uH, leakage inductance max: 0.20uH , primary capacittance: 10pF, DCR max: 0.30 ohm, rise time: 3ns, Hi-Pot: 500 VRMS, ET constant min: 2.1 V-us
21:56 Cprossu ^ egrsteve that tell you anything?
21:57 egrsteve 500Vrms is a lot less than thumper
21:57 Cprossu so ground and middle pin coax for first attempt?
21:57 Cprossu aluminum mesh to finish the damn thing off.
21:58 BatSteve left #thegeekgroup
21:58 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
21:58 Cprossu omg
21:59 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
21:59 Cprossu we're botless
21:59 Cprossu shit
21:59 * Cprossu runs * the sky is falling, the sky is falling *
21:59 exor674 left #thegeekgroup
21:59 Bat-Mobile BotSteve will be down until my power comes back on.
21:59 Phu doh
21:59 exor674 joined #thegeekgroup
21:59 egrsteve batsteve misplaced power?
21:59 Cprossu stupid power company
22:00 egrsteve
22:00 Bat-Mobile if brad or jason want to get eightbitbot or pythons-pet running in the interim, go for it
22:00 Bat-Mobile or any other bot clones I don't know about
22:01 * egrsteve starts marvin
22:02 * egrsteve followed by freddy
22:02 egrsteve boom
22:03 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
22:03 egrsteve more boom
22:03 egrsteve rumble
22:04 egrsteve lots of rumble
22:04 egrsteve I smell burger king
22:05 Cprossu mmm burger king
22:05 Cprossu .tfw grand rapids
22:05 Cprossu oh yeah
22:05 Cprossu duh
22:06 eadthem the bot died?
22:06 Cprossu no power
22:06 eadthem ?
22:06 egrsteve bat_steve lost power
22:06 egrsteve GGR is in a tornado watch
22:06 eadthem o bots not run at the lab then
22:07 egrsteve ya, lots of thunder here
22:08 Cprossu I guess I have to do it myself though
22:09 Cprossu .tfw grand rapids
22:09 Cprossu 91F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Grand Rapids, MI! Do you have life insurance?
22:09 Cprossu .tfw 85020
22:09 Cprossu 105F?! ITS FUCKING HOT IN Phoenix, AZ! HOLY FUCK
22:10 egrsteve cprossu we had a heat index of 97 at 5pm
22:10 egrsteve
22:10 Cprossu how's the humidity, egrsteve?
22:11 Cprossu 58%
22:11 Cprossu yeck
22:11 egrsteve very humid
22:11 Fulsy .tfw 06483
22:11 Fulsy O_o
22:12 Toastdude Nice Cprossu :P
22:12 Fulsy .tfw 06483
22:12 Cprossu making me do all the work =P
22:12 Cprossu 79?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Seymour, CT! I can't believe it's not porn!
22:12 Fulsy lol
22:13 Cprossu 5% humidity here, egrsteve
22:13 Cprossu rofl
22:13 Fulsy oh lmao
22:13 Fulsy Didn't notice
22:13 Fulsy "Bat_steve lost power"
22:13 Fulsy derp
22:13 egrsteve ncie, when we step outside we need to wear a lifejacket it's so wet
22:13 obtusemobile left #thegeekgroup
22:13 Cprossu .tfw Fulsy's ass
22:13 Cprossu Unknown Location
22:14 Fulsy :c
22:14 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
22:14 KB3NZQ left #thegeekgroup
22:14 Toastdude LOL
22:15 ynos left #thegeekgroup
22:15 Fulsy "105?! ITS FUCKING SWAMPASS IN Fulsy's ass! I can't believe it's not porn!
22:16 Cprossu so egrsteve is the generator wired up yet?
22:16 Fulsy Stream down
22:16 * Cprossu wonders if power is out
22:17 Fulsy Guess I gotta check the radar myself
22:17 Fulsy Oh jesus
22:18 egrsteve still have power at GVSU
22:18 Fulsy Ad
22:18 egrsteve AD
22:18 Fulsy Off Clip-on Repellat
22:18 Fulsy *repellent
22:18 egrsteve lexus
22:18 Fulsy whatever
22:18 Fulsy black screen
22:18 egrsteve also black
22:19 eadthem meh  thats not much of a thunderstorm
22:19 Fulsy any tornado warnings?
22:19 egrsteve it's a bunch of small strong sells
22:19 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
22:19 eadthem nope
22:19 tggCaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
22:19 eadthem not even any pink
22:19 Fulsy oh derp I'm on wunderground
22:19 egrsteve just tornado watch
22:20 Fulsy yea
22:20 Cprossu hrmm
22:20 eadthem just some noise, stiff breeze, and a little water
22:20 Fulsy Is the system down or are we just seeing a dark room?
22:20 egrsteve chris just pinged out, they may have lost power
22:20 Cprossu I think the system is down, see how it flickers the same way
22:20 Cprossu it did that before
22:21 Cprossu only showing video
22:21 Cprossu looping
22:21 Cprossu and we're back
22:21 Fulsy ah I see
22:21 Fulsy A Boden
22:21 Cprossu give us volume if you want us to hear you captain lol
22:21 egrsteve just starte raining here
22:21 Cprossu audio check
22:21 Cprossu what happened guys?
22:21 Cprossu god damn
22:22 Fulsy jeebus
22:22 Fulsy That's not a happy cloud
22:23 egrsteve captainboden put on 145.110
22:23 Toastdude Not a happy cloud at all....
22:23 egrsteve more captain less scanner
22:25 Fulsy Reminds me of when that microburst hit one time over here in CT
22:25 Fulsy oh jizz
22:25 LeadHead left #thegeekgroup
22:25 obtusemobile joined #thegeekgroup
22:25 Cprossu you guys are broadcasting lol
22:25 egrsteve you are online
22:26 Fulsy Still see ya
22:26 Cprossu they can't tell hahah
22:26 Toastdude That sucks
22:26 Toastdude Ahhh, morse code
22:26 obtusemobile left #thegeekgroup
22:26 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
22:26 obtusemobile joined #thegeekgroup
22:26 egrsteve kvm is behind th moniters
22:26 egrsteve input 1
22:26 Fulsy gonna watch this fullscreen
22:26 Cprossu lol you should call him
22:27 Toastdude Lol
22:27 egrsteve no response
22:27 egrsteve on cell
22:27 Cprossu it figures
22:27 tggnetcontrol joined #thegeekgroup
22:27 Cprossu wb
22:27 Cprossu [15:26] <egrsteve> kvm is behind th moniters
22:27 Cprossu yes
22:27 egrsteve yes
22:27 eadthem yes
22:27 Cprossu yes
22:27 Fulsy yep
22:27 Toastdude yes
22:27 Obtuse_lappy lol. sample and hold
22:28 Toastdude Turn down the scanner a bit
22:28 Cprossu listening to the WXGRR-L repeater on echolink
22:28 eadthem can you take 3dB off the scanner vol ?
22:28 ynos joined #thegeekgroup
22:28 Obtuse_lappy oh shit
22:28 Obtuse_lappy things are shitty out there
22:29 Fulsy quite
22:29 Toastdude Crashes
22:29 Obtuse_lappy glad i'm not driving out there
22:29 tggnetcontrol;product=NCR&amp;overlay=11101111&amp;loop=yes3
22:29 Toastdude Holy *
22:29 Cprossu wow
22:29 Cprossu it's a bigger storm than I thought
22:29 Cprossu tggnetcontrol we need more volume
22:29 Cprossu on your mic
22:29 Cprossu and less on the scanner
22:29 Fulsy lmao
22:30 Cprossu Jason leaks?
22:30 Fulsy Chasing leaks
22:31 Fulsy Dem trees
22:31 Cprossu us131 trained spotter bradley exit, wild cloud
22:31 jasons|dc is liz there
22:31 Cprossu wtf is a wild cloud?
22:31 Toastdude G
22:31 egrsteve idk
22:31 Cprossu tornado warning!
22:32 Cprossu north central elegan county sw mi
22:32 Toastdude Shit....
22:32 eadthem tornado warning south of grand rapids  heading east
22:32 Fulsy Good luck guys
22:32 eadthem GR is not warned
22:32 Fulsy you're gonna need it
22:32 Toastdude I think i see where it is
22:32 Cprossu good lightning there too
22:33 Toastdude On the rdar
22:33 egrsteve wow, not much visibility here
22:34 Cprossu lol
22:34 eadthem it has a wiper
22:34 Cprossu did they ever get it working?
22:34 eadthem needs turned on
22:34 egrsteve 3rd floor GVSU by 131 S-curve
22:34 egrsteve no wiper not workign ye
22:34 egrsteve t
22:34 Cprossu I didn't think so
22:35 Cprossu dog bites don't wait for tornados
22:35 Cprossu lol
22:35 tggCaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
22:35 Cprossu tggCaptainBoden we read you
22:35 Cprossu tornado warning.
22:35 Cprossu us131 trained spotter bradley exit, wild cloud
22:35 Cprossu etc
22:35 Fulsy that tree way to the right is getting hammered
22:36 Cprossu yay that raindrop finally fell down
22:36 CaptainBoden left #thegeekgroup
22:36 Cprossu look at the streetlighs
22:36 Cprossu tornado warning remains in effect until 7PM daylight time
22:37 Cprossu 1" hail... chesire township
22:37 jtek joined #thegeekgroup
22:37 eadthem man gr dosent have good leval 3 radar service
22:37 Fulsy Sounds like it's gone hell in a handbasket
22:38 Cprossu it looked nice this morning
22:38 jtek Whats going on
22:38 Cprossu tornado warning
22:38 Toastdude And reain
22:38 Toastdude *rain
22:39 Toastdude Transformer blew...
22:39 eadthem there we go   meso circulation over GR  not warned 1 1/2 inch hail south of GR
22:39 eadthem that hail is in the vinincity of the tornado warning south of gr heading east
22:39 eadthem lol thats where i just got the meso indcator on
22:40 Obtuse_lappy hanger collapse?
22:40 eadthem thats what i herd
22:41 Obtuse_lappy wait what was happening at alpine street?
22:41 eadthem trees down iirc
22:42 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
22:42 Seroster Crap
22:42 eadthem causing crash
22:42 Seroster Where did my batsteve go
22:42 Cprossu lost power
22:42 * Ponko92 is back from Peenemunde
22:43 Toastdude We have a storm here too
22:43 egrsteve stream just loose sound?
22:43 eadthem just got that same update he read
22:43 Cprossu no
22:43 Cprossu it's still going
22:43 egrsteve ok
22:43 egrsteve there it is
22:43 Hackotter left #thegeekgroup
22:43 ynos left #thegeekgroup
22:44 eadthem futher south theres 2 .25 inch hail
22:44 Cprossu if you have a problem with the stream, click pause and play and it doesn't have to reload/show you commercials
22:44 egrsteve ok, it's back now
22:44 obtusemobile left #thegeekgroup
22:45 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
22:45 Fulsy looks like it's calming down
22:45 * egrsteve sees flashers down street
22:45 Ponko92 rain on stream
22:45 Ponko92 haha the irony
22:45 egrsteve looks like fire truclk
22:46 ynos joined #thegeekgroup
22:46 eadthem radar indcated .75in hail in GR   .5in heading for GR
22:46 Cprossu 1/4" hail
22:46 Cprossu wow
22:46 eadthem detroit radar is marginaly better than gr radar
22:46 Cprossu pea sized is what I heard
22:46 jasons|dc left #thegeekgroup
22:47 eadthem well thats the hail size in the clouds
22:47 egrsteve someone just linked a repeater i think
22:47 egrsteve and were stuck on it making it's connection
22:47 egrsteve fire truck westbound on fulton
22:48 Toastdude A  little gree..
22:48 Toastdude *green
22:48 Cprossu I'm listening in on WX8grr-L right now
22:48 Cprossu with echolink
22:48 Fulsy grass fire?
22:48 egrsteve sounds like fun
22:49 Fulsy oh wow
22:49 Fulsy house fire
22:49 egrsteve fire activation tone
22:50 Ponko92 isn't it very ironic now
22:50 Obtuse_lappy grass fire? that's crazy
22:51 Ponko92 though* rather
22:51 exor674 wtf is that noise
22:51 eadthem packet radio
22:51 Ponko92 its because i was on a hot streak lol
22:52 Ponko92 where streaming rain.....
22:52 eadthem hail cancled for GR  .5 in hail heading for gr
22:53 eadthem Cprossu what radar program you using?
22:53 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
22:53 Cprossu I'm listening to the WX8GRR repeater right now
22:54 Cprossu and relaying that here
22:54 Cprossu they haven't talked in a while
22:54 exor674 retail fraud?
22:54 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
22:55 Ponko92 Cprossu is doing the Roger Hoy
22:55 Obtuse_lappy egrsteve how is it looking by you?
22:55 Cprossu flash flooding at some bus station
22:55 egrsteve litening up
22:55 Obtuse_lappy that's what it seems like by the zoo
22:56 egrsteve sun is starting to come out
22:56 Fulsy where's Chris?
22:56 eadthem in irc
22:56 egrsteve I'm a mile from the zoo
22:56 Obtuse_lappy <Obtuse_lappy> this is some storm
22:56 Obtuse_lappy <brousch> half of a tree fell on my house
22:56 Obtuse_lappy <Obtuse_lappy> did it fall through?
22:56 Obtuse_lappy <brousch> woohoo! my pic was just on woodtv
22:57 egrsteve nice obtuse, but not a good reason to be on wood
22:58 eadthem ut o
22:58 Obtuse_lappy not good.
22:58 Fulsy "Smell of natural gas"
22:58 egrsteve obtuse_lappy, damage report?
23:00 Obtuse_lappy egrsteve, no damage here.
23:00 Peter_ joined #thegeekgroup
23:00 Obtuse_lappy some rooms in the house are wet
23:01 Obtuse_lappy since i didn't close the windows fast enough
23:01 eadthem wind near GR is 30MPH heading north west west
23:01 Peter_ Whats the radio on the livesteam?
23:01 eadthem scanner  mostly police
23:01 Peter_ Is that legal?
23:02 eadthem ya
23:02 Peter_ left #thegeekgroup
23:02 SparkyProjects Peter, aren't you UK ?
23:02 SparkyProjects :P
23:02 eadthem might not be leagal in the UK
23:03 eadthem in the us anyone can have a police scanner
23:03 Obtuse_lappy suicide attempt?
23:03 Obtuse_lappy I CAN"T TAKE THE WEATHER
23:03 Obtuse_lappy sorry
23:03 Obtuse_lappy i shouldn't joke
23:03 Cprossu wow
23:03 Cprossu that was a bad report
23:03 Obtuse_lappy that's some serious shit
23:03 eadthem wait
23:03 eadthem gas meters glowing red
23:04 Cprossu and going backwards
23:04 eadthem meters going in reverse
23:04 Toastdude Gas meter?
23:04 eadthem ooo fire in the line
23:04 SparkyProjects Last i heard, it's legal to listen to a scanner on police freq's, but not to act on what you here (if thatt makes sense)
23:04 SparkyProjects Basically you can't use the info for illegal purposes, like avoiding being caught
23:04 SparkyProjects Besides, we use secure for a lot of things
23:04 eadthem so sucking o2 from the house   buring in the pipe and blowing out the side of the pipe?
23:05 egrsteve 2ft water at wealthy and us131 bus stop
23:05 maglinvinn_home joined #thegeekgroup
23:05 SparkyProjects Steve, i think i'll take the car :D
23:06 obtusemobile joined #thegeekgroup
23:06 egrsteve ya, don't get stuck in the puddle on the road
23:06 Toastdude Hi maglinvinn_home
23:06 egrsteve brb
23:07 Toastdude Wow, look at the cloud
23:07 Toastdude It's moving quite quickly toward you
23:08 eadthem still not shure
23:08 eadthem how a gas meter can glow red and run backwards
23:08 eadthem i mean its got to be on fire  but personaly i wouldnt of gotten that close to such a thing
23:09 SparkyProjects If the outgoing pipe is heated, that will cause pressure
23:09 SparkyProjects It's possible a bad earth meaning that a live is using the gas pipe for a return
23:09 ynos left #thegeekgroup
23:09 eadthem ya i was thinkgint something with electricty
23:10 SparkyProjects heh, had a house where there was a short to the plumbing, the cold water feed to the house was hot, they even got steam coming from the toilet cistern :P
23:12 Obtuse_lappy can you imagine being on that toilet when that happend
23:12 Obtuse_lappy lol
23:12 Ponko92 BatSteve is off to Norway
23:12 Fulsy I'd shit my pant-Oh wait
23:12 eadthem incomming hail is about 1 inch  radar indcated
23:13 eadthem SparkyProjects so possably live wire shorting to the gas pipe
23:13 eadthem like  power co wire
23:14 SparkyProjects In the radio convo, maybe, in my example live shorted via conduit to copper water pipe, the incoming pipe was plastic
23:15 Fulsy thought he said a bagel was on fire for a second
23:16 Toastdude left #thegeekgroup
23:16 Cprossu Obtuse_lappy at least it would sterilize the toilet
23:16 Obtuse_lappy where does that sample and hold sound come from?
23:16 Obtuse_lappy haha. true
23:16 eadthem that there
23:16 eadthem ?
23:17 exor674 ... power box *BLEW OFF*
23:17 Cprossu there's another little strong cell heading to grr
23:17 Cprossu do you see that, eadthem?
23:17 eadthem yes
23:18 Cprossu very small and purpley badless
23:18 eadthem that was the incoming 1 inch hail radar indcated
23:18 Cprossu *badness
23:18 eadthem 65dBz peek
23:18 eadthem now .5 inch hail
23:18 SparkyProjects;product=NCR&amp;overlay=11101111&amp;loop=yes3
23:19 eadthem atm im using weatherScope
23:19 ynos joined #thegeekgroup
23:20 eadthem north of gr radar detected mesocylcone (not tornado just tornadic) 1.5 inch
23:20 eadthem its been there a while
23:20 eadthem doubht it will finish developing
23:22 eadthem 50MPH diffrental winds in that meso   -60 to -10
23:22 egrsteve crap badwin and main flooded to a couple feet, I need to get thorugh that to get home
23:22 egrsteve waist deep water
23:22 eadthem this thing blow up a stormsurge off the lakes
23:23 egrsteve I can believe that
23:23 eadthem or dose gr's stormdrain system just this craippy
23:23 egrsteve a lot of water here
23:23 egrsteve most of the water flows into the grand river
23:23 eadthem ok just set it to 3 hour rainfall
23:24 eadthem ok 1 hour rainfall  3hour is bad     as are most lvl3 products from this shitty noaa station
23:24 egrsteve a some storm drains still drain to waste water treatment that often overflows with a lot of rain
23:25 eadthem GR 1.5 to .8 inches of rain  from south to north sides of town
23:25 egrsteve 4 injouries at airport, hangers damaged
23:26 eadthem where the tornado south of gr was  2.5 inches
23:26 eadthem this is rain in the last hour
23:26 eadthem radar indcated
23:26 egrsteve ok, time to pack up and head over to lab
23:27 eadthem hes got GR2 analyst
23:28 eadthem or atleast a GR radar system
23:29 obtusemobile left #thegeekgroup
23:30 Ponko92 left #thegeekgroup
23:30 egrsteve left #thegeekgroup
23:33 Druidic_Rifleman Whats up
23:33 Obtuse_lappy I'm glad i'm not driving on M6 right now
23:33 Cprossu tornado watch in grr was warning
23:33 Hackbat left #thegeekgroup
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23:34 Cprossu and they probably lost either internet or power at the lab
23:34 Cprossu back up
23:34 eadthem back up
23:34 eadthem ish
23:34 eadthem damit  ads
23:35 Cprossu I can confirm back up
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23:35 SparkyProjects hmmm, didn't get the ad, and not blocking
23:35 SparkyProjects I'm using the pop out
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