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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2011-12-28

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00:03 lwq-ipod Seroster what did you do
00:10 Seroster Something stupid
00:10 Seroster I put a male shuko on a wire that already had a male shuko
00:10 Seroster Wich, had I plugged it in, would have been quite an electrocution hazard.
00:11 tonsofpcs erm
00:12 masterofmonks Seroster: I thought you used them is *CENSORED* with your *CENSORED*.
00:12 masterofmonks in*
00:12 tonsofpcs at least you weren't trying to patch a generator into your circuits with one or something equally silly!
00:13 Seroster Are you fucking kidding me, people do that?
00:13 Seroster This is a 1foot extension cord with the outer insulation stripped in the middle, to allow for a clamp on meter.
00:13 tonsofpcs Seroster: well, I haven't heard of someone doing it with a stinger, but I have heard of people wiring generators into circuit breakers to backfeed their service....
00:14 tonsofpcs that reminds me, I have an in-line ammeter (in a box with a NEMA 5-15P on a cord and NEMA 5-15R on the box) that I need to take apart and fix.
00:15 Seroster I read in the paper about a guy who had a beefy diesel generator in a shed, that activated automatically when he lost power.  When a service tech cut power to the 10kv line and went on to remove the fallen tree....
00:15 Seroster Since then safety switches that disengage power feed from line when the generator kicks on are mandatory...
00:16 tonsofpcs Seroster: yup, that's what happens when people wire them in without a proper ATS and/or without notifying the power company that they have a generator.
00:16 Seroster =)
00:17 tonsofpcs after flooding throughout the northeast here, to restore service the power company would cut off whole communities if they saw any voltage on the lines and couldn't discern exactly where it was coming from.
00:17 injektion When I had a diesel generator I manually disconnected the power company's feed and manually started up the generator
00:17 injektion I also had a big sign next to the generator
00:17 tonsofpcs injektion: yea, that's not enough.
00:17 Seroster If you have a generator that kicks on automatically you gotta have automatic safety
00:17 tonsofpcs SquareD makes interesting bonding straps for panels now that will, with the main in the panel on one side and the generator tied into the panel across, make the two switch together.
00:18 tesla4d_ tonsofpcs: "manually started up the generator"
00:18 tonsofpcs tesla4d_: irrelevant.
00:18 Seroster Yes indeed. But it is slightly better than not.
00:19 tonsofpcs tesla4d_: the fact that it can physically happen in normal operation to someone skilled in the art without knowledge of the system is a VERY bad thing.
00:19 tesla4d_ Oh, shit. You and Seroster are the same color in my IRC program. I misunderstood the conversation. Whoops.
00:19 Seroster NOOOO! =P
00:19 * tesla4d_ disappears again.
00:19 * tonsofpcs is now blue
00:19 Seroster ... Wich colour is it?
00:19 tesla4d_ Powder blue.
00:19 Seroster How cuddly
00:19 Seroster Anyway. This piece of wire is illegal in more than one way
00:20 tonsofpcs at work, we have ATSs for the generator.  For our UPS which has a maintenance bypass (basically it has a built-in backfeed system), there's a keyed lock-out on each feed and there's a key-holder with interlock tied to the UPS so you can't not do it in the wrong order.
00:20 Seroster 1, It goes from grounded to non grounded. 2, its MISSING INSULATION...
00:20 Seroster Erm
00:20 Seroster Lol, right.
00:21 injektion When we lived at my grandmothers they actually read the sign :|
00:22 tonsofpcs what injektion was doing could easily be made non-dangerous by having a lock-out system such that you needed to lock the main breaker open using a key that was held in when it was unlocked (and able to be closed) and use the same exact key (no duplicates available) to start (or engage) the generator (or its breaker).
00:22 Seroster Erm
00:22 Experimentonomen overloaded the genny, injektion ?
00:22 injektion tonsofpcs, How my grandmothers house was wired there was no breaker outside the house
00:22 injektion It was in the laundry room which was always locked
00:23 tonsofpcs who said anything about outside the house?
00:23 Seroster Screw that. You need a com/nc/no contactor.  Com to the house, NC to feed and NO to generator, and a few relays to make the logic circuit that makes the contactor pull when power is cut.
00:23 tonsofpcs Seroster: yup.
00:24 injektion Experimentonomen, The generator died
00:24 Seroster Your description of a lockout system was lacking =P
00:24 Seroster Pft, you just made a bigass electric motor with a compressor connected to it =D
00:24 tonsofpcs Seroster: that's a standard ATS (also, an additional relay to fire the generator start and a time-delay relay to turn it off after a cooldown and return to mains)
00:24 injektion I built the generator engine myself when I worked for an engine manufacturer
00:24 tonsofpcs Seroster: a lockout system would be one way of creating a safe manual change-over
00:24 Seroster Screw manual =P
00:25 tonsofpcs remember: these people who install things silly are trying to do the impossible on the cheap.
00:25 Seroster Mate
00:25 injektion Sad thing is that the FIP started going out I said fuck it and I decided not to fix it
00:25 tonsofpcs wwhich reminds me, I need to take pictures of the ATS for the guy who sold it to us anyway.  I'll take a picture of our fancy UPS bypass lockout system tomorrow :)
00:25 Seroster Ive seen the stupidest shit ever
00:26 injektion Those engines were meant to be disposable never repaired
00:27 Seroster A guy who installed his dishwasher with a ten centimeter screw, from the supposedly watertight chamber of the dishwasher, missed the water package of the washer by half a millimeter, and ended up with the screw tip a centimeter from the 400volt threephase feed to the oven next to the washer.  Water moved over the screw by capillary action and actually dripped onto L1.
00:28 tonsofpcs we had all sorts of stories from the electricians who did our generator and UPS install.  I was facepalming to at least one a day
00:29 tonsofpcs Although I think the best electrical I've dealt witth is the power company telling us that their service tolerance on 480V is 20%.
00:29 masterofmonks Seroster: I once worked on a dryer that had stopped working turned out that there was 150lbs of rifle amuntion under the drum.
00:30 tonsofpcs masterofmonks: did you stop working on it, grab your rifle, and explain to the owner how dangerous it was with a live-fire demonstration?
00:30 masterofmonks The people would throw a couple of rounds in their pocket and go hunting, come back, and forget the ammo was there, and throw the clothes in the laundry.
00:33 Seroster Morons with guns kinda scare me.
00:35 injektion I am out of Siracha
00:35 injektion :(
00:36 masterofmonks My favorite hotsauce of the past coupe of years has been El Yucatecho.
00:36 injektion Siracha is so good I don't even use ketchup
00:36 masterofmonks But only the green.
00:36 masterofmonks I don't ever use ketchup.
00:37 masterofmonks I find the substance to be revolting.
00:37 injektion Every now and then I use a Dijon mustard
00:38 Seroster Since I moved out I haven't bought either ketchup or mustard.
00:38 injektion What do you use?
00:39 masterofmonks Seroster uses KY.
00:42 CaptainNiobe ... can't leave you boys alone for a minute... goto she shops, come back, find mom's being naughty in main... MOM! YOU'RE THE BLOODY GOD +OF MAIN! y u  so naughty? *headdesk*
00:48 Seroster oooops
00:48 tonsofpcs Monkeh: no one that has responded actually does SMD work like that in the UK, sorry.  (I've got people that do it and people in the UK, none that both)
00:52 Seroster Whoa
00:52 Seroster Autopsy of a party popper
00:52 * CaptainNiobe rocks out to testeo
00:52 Seroster I got two for a buck a piece
00:52 CaptainNiobe testio*
00:52 Seroster A LOT of glitter and confetti
00:53 Seroster Now I got into the explosives, I can see how twisting of the tube ignites the charge...
00:53 Seroster But what scares me is that from what I can tell of it a big evil metal thing comes flying too
00:53 Seroster Either that or this is a grenade
00:53 CaptainNiobe sero, you already killed your knee, don't kill you too lol
00:54 Seroster I dont want to dremel it open
00:54 Seroster Too wide for my pipe cutters
00:54 Seroster Dont want to twist the cap off, since twisting it.... SETS IT OFF
00:55 tonsofpcs put it in a fire-proof safe next to C4, cover the safe in lead, then set off the C4?
00:57 Seroster Why would I do that?
00:59 Hackfox joined #thegeekgroup
01:02 Ponko hmm when does the show start
01:02 SparkyProjects1 Do the russiian militery make your party poppers Seroster ?
01:02 SparkyProjects1 Ours are not a lot different to how a christmas cracker snap works, and there's a cardboard disc that pushes the streamers out
01:02 Seroster I kinda think
01:03 Seroster Heh
01:03 Seroster You mean the tiny ones, plastic, a string, two pieces of cardboard and a little confetti?
01:03 SparkyProjects1 Something like that
01:04 Seroster Yeah... Those are tiny ones
01:04 Seroster I could stuff one in my armpit and set it off, without caring much
01:04 Seroster But this thing was a foot long, and got a 2inch welded metal can in the bottom
01:04 Seroster Looks a bit like a tiki torch
01:05 SparkyProjects1 Ah
01:05 Seroster On the end where the wick would be there is a piece of metal, that grips into the tube. When twisted it explodes
01:06 Monkeh tonsofpcs: Unacceptable!
01:06 Monkeh tonsofpcs: Thanks though
01:06 Ponko hype yourself for the big show by listening to this
01:07 BotSteve Title: NFL Primetime Songs (2 of 5) THE CLOCK IS TICKING - YouTube
01:14 injektion My AeroShot arrived today :)
01:15 tonsofpcs Monkeh: do it yourself :)
01:15 tonsofpcs [hey, ya gotta learn some time!]
01:18 injektion
01:18 BotSteve Title: AEROSHOT Pure Energy
01:20 Ponko hmmm
01:20 Ponko very quiet
01:20 injektion I'm going to wait until tomorrow to try it
01:25 Monkeh tonsofpcs: I.. don't have an iron fine enough
01:26 tonsofpcs Monkeh: so buy one.  I've got one but I don't have a hand steady enough.
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01:43 NeWtoz That needs to be changed
01:45 SparkyProjects1 left #thegeekgroup
01:48 Ponko NeWtoz: you know when the show goes on JTV?
01:48 Ponko and NeWtoz Nicklas Lidstrom best NHL Defenseman currently playing?
01:52 tonsofpcs show?
01:52 tonsofpcs you mean tomorrow?
01:52 tonsofpcs NeWtoz: yes, it does.
01:53 Ponko wait what's today?
01:54 Ponko oh crap yeah
01:54 tonsofpcs tuesdday
01:54 Ponko they were prepping for the show
01:54 tonsofpcs 4pm is 2100 UTC
01:54 * Ponko facepalm
01:54 Sgt_Lemming bout to post a very amusing disturbing video, but it's kinda nsfw work, so anyone who wants to see it join #tgg:nsfw
01:56 Katemonster joined #thegeekgroup
01:57 NeWtoz Ponko, what show?
01:57 NeWtoz and I don't watch the NHL enough to know
01:58 Ponko ah ok
01:58 Ponko NeWtoz: don't worry it's on tomoz
02:01 tonsofpcs NeWtoz:
02:11 egrsteve|away hello
02:13 egrsteve|away anything new here
02:13 Monkeh tonsofpcs: Dude, I'm addicted to caffeine, you think I do? ;)
02:15 Monkeh egrsteve|away: Apparently not.
02:31 injektion Does anyone here know anything about SCSI cables?
02:34 egrsteve|away what aboutt them?
02:34 egrsteve|away I know you must terminate them
02:37 injektion Do they make cables that can go from 68 pin or 50 pin to the Centronics 50 connector? or do you need adapters?
02:41 producerbill2 joined #thegeekgroup
02:42 Monkeh injektion: Adapters and they suck
02:42 producerbill2 live stream seems tone ready for tomorrow
02:42 Monkeh egrsteve|away: While you're here, I must ask. Are you greasing that poor drill you're abusing?
02:42 producerbill2 no
02:43 producerbill2 we get one with each box
02:43 producerbill2 sooo I guess
02:43 Monkeh producerbill2: Somehow I think we're talking about different drills. :P
02:44 Monkeh (the cheap round shank stuff you get for free does not need greasing)
02:44 injektion Ok I need a 68pin SCSI cable that goes to Centronics 50
02:44 producerbill2 what one are you talking about
02:45 Monkeh producerbill2: The SDS.
02:45 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
02:46 producerbill2 sds not sure what that is
02:46 Monkeh The big corded one.
02:46 Monkeh Which takes special bits.
02:47 producerbill2 I see. no I have never oiled a electric drill
02:47 Monkeh producerbill2: You don't oil them.
02:48 producerbill2 ok
02:48 Monkeh You grease them.
02:49 producerbill2 the drill motor, or the bit?
02:49 Monkeh The bit
02:49 Monkeh At the shank
02:50 producerbill2 I guess I never thought about it.
02:51 producerbill2 and never greased a masion bit in the past
02:52 Monkeh producerbill2: Look at it this way: The drill shank is a piece of metal sliding across a piece of metal (the chuck) a huge number of times, very fast. What do you do with metal on metal contact?
02:53 producerbill2 the bit Gould not be sliding so it shouldn't be building up heat.  now the drill tip would be building up heat as it impacts the surface
02:54 producerbill2 but I don't really know
02:54 Monkeh producerbill2: Uhm.. It should be sliding. That's how the SDS chuck operates.
02:54 Monkeh producerbill2: See here:
02:54 BotSteve Title: Chuck (engineering) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
02:54 producerbill2 guess I am not understanding the issue
02:54 producerbill2 or problem
03:15 Coderjoe "The hammer action actually moves the bit up and down within the chuck since the bit is free to move a short distance. Two sprung balls fit into closed grooves, allowing movement whilst retaining the bit."
03:17 * wannabe1987 survived work
03:18 wannabe1987 Toastdude
03:18 Coderjoe wow
03:18 Coderjoe "The Trinidad Scorpion Butch T pepper is so strong that those who handle it must wear protective gloves. Exposure to the eye or skin near the eyes when handling this pepper could cause temporary blindness. While preparing the Butch T, one should wear a chemical mask or a body suit to defend against fumes given off in the cooking process.[6]"
03:19 wannabe1987 i heard about that
03:19 Ponko .cookie wannabe1987
03:19 BotSteve Here you go, wannabe1987, I baked you a chocolate chip cookie!
03:20 wannabe1987 yum
03:20 wannabe1987 thanks Ponko!  i'm starving
03:20 Ponko you're more than welcome
03:21 wannabe1987 is that for surviving work?
03:23 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
03:24 injektion Mmk I hope this is the right cable
03:26 wannabe1987 hi injektion
03:26 wannabe1987 .c 9.5 x 2
03:26 BotSteve 19
03:28 * wannabe1987 picked up a shift at HCA for tomorrow :D
03:28 injektion Hi wannabe1987
03:28 wannabe1987 .seen Toastdude
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03:28 BotSteve wannabe1987: (1 more)
03:29 wannabe1987 BotSteve: tell Toastdude he's got more nicks than i do i think
03:29 BotSteve wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when Toastdude is around.
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03:33 wannabe1987 thanks monkey
03:33 Monkeh wannabe1987: Nope, same number. :P
03:33 wannabe1987 no banana for you!
03:33 Monkeh wannabe1987: Don't think! Find out!
03:33 wannabe1987 too much work
03:33 wannabe1987 and my feet hurt
03:33 wannabe1987 but i picked up 2 hours for tomorrow!
03:33 Sgt_Lemming;v=XM3drzq4BWE <--- Lamborghini Gallardo wins the Targa High Country, while on FIRE
03:33 BotSteve Title: Targa High Country 2011 - Day Two - YouTube
03:36 eadthem joined #thegeekgroup
03:37 wannabe1987 hi eadthem
03:37 injektion MMk I got the SCSI cable situation figured out 68pin male to 50 pin centronic male
03:38 eadthem hey
03:39 eadthem so i just got a compaq presario 1245 :p
03:39 eadthem wonder how well it can run linux
03:40 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
03:40 sndwrx 333MHz AMD K6-2 / 32MB RAM?  Ought to run Puppy okay.
03:40 Bat-Mobile word
03:40 BotSteve batsteve: I have the following messages for you:
03:40 BotSteve At 26 Dec 14:09Z, Guest14504 asked me to tell batsteve that i have a list of commands if he were to want to make either a website or a way to have botsteve tell them if needed
03:40 eadthem i think its a 400
03:40 eadthem and 192mb ram
03:40 Bat-Mobile thanks guest14504....if only I knew who you were
03:40 wannabe1987 omg Bat-Mobile you live!
03:41 wannabe1987 it was me....
03:41 wannabe1987 i didn't identify in time
03:41 Bat-Mobile oh ok
03:41 Bat-Mobile hi kelly!
03:41 Bat-Mobile merry christmas!
03:41 wannabe1987 merry christmas to you too!  you were MIA for a few days
03:41 wannabe1987 we got worried
03:41 sndwrx eadthem: Sounds like you got the nice one.  I'll bet Puppy, Slitaz or Crunchbang would run pretty well.  I'm sure a few others would to, but they don't come to mind off-hand.
03:42 Bat-Mobile I was busy christmasing with my family
03:42 eadthem prob wont use it that often
03:42 Bat-Mobile did I miss anything important?
03:42 wannabe1987 ahhhh did you have fun christmasing?
03:42 Bat-Mobile had a blast
03:42 wannabe1987 perhaps
03:42 Bat-Mobile it was awesomesauce
03:42 wannabe1987 i started work tonight, thats interesting...
03:42 eadthem wonder if it can run flash player :p
03:43 wannabe1987 and i'm sick :P
03:43 eadthem nope  they must of stuck the nic somewhere else
03:44 Bat-Mobile ):
03:44 NeWtoz Bat-Mobile, I have questions regarding the bot
03:44 Bat-Mobile Why did they let you work then?
03:44 Bat-Mobile hi NeWtoz - lay your questions upon me
03:44 wannabe1987 because i was shadowing :)
03:44 NeWtoz Have you guys already implemented a DB of some sorts?
03:45 NeWtoz I wanted to know your plan on that before I keep coding a module
03:45 NeWtoz I noticed you guys do a storage thing, but was wondering if you implemented a flatfile like sql lite or soemthing
03:46 NeWtoz or just a .txt
03:46 Bat-Mobile actually yeah, we've got a JSON store that astro spent a while on that seems to be working pretty well
03:46 NeWtoz something new to learn then
03:46 Bat-Mobile and there's sqlite for more impressive queries as well
03:47 Bat-Mobile I'm mostly using sqlite in BotSteve as a way for me to learn more about sql.
03:48 NeWtoz I know sql, so I'd be more comfortable with it, but if it's just going to be moved to something else later, I'd have to have to recode it
03:48 NeWtoz I'd hate to have to recode it*
03:48 Toastdude Bat-Mobile: !!
03:48 eadthem booting win98
03:48 BotSteve toastdude: I have the following messages for you:
03:48 BotSteve At 03:29Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell toastdude he's got more nicks than i do i think
03:49 wannabe1987 Monkeh figured it out, we have the same number :P
03:49 Toastdude Wannabe!
03:49 wannabe1987 shit
03:49 wannabe1987 hi
03:49 Toastdude ...
03:49 wannabe1987 sorry.  friend stuff
03:49 eadthem whats funny is i just plugged a thumbdrive in to it with more storage than the HDD by 2x
03:51 Bat-Mobile NeWtoz: depending on what you're trying to do, you can use SQLite or not
03:51 Bat-Mobile the goal kind of determines the methods really
03:51 NeWtoz k, sounds good
03:53 eadthem firefox 0.8
03:56 wannabe1987 food time!
03:58 injektion
03:58 BotSteve Title: Intel's 32nm "Medfield" Mobile Chip Surprising Performance, Power Consumption Leaked by
04:05 wannabe1987 cheesecake, eggs (fried) and a dinner roll = good healthy supper, RIGHT?
04:05 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: LEFT
04:05 wannabe1987 CROOKED!
04:06 ajprog_laptop wannabe1987: yep, are you sharing?
04:06 wannabe1987 no?
04:06 wannabe1987 i'm not driving it anywhere....
04:07 wannabe1987 the cheesecake is from GFS
04:09 ajprog_laptop :(
04:09 wannabe1987 awww my eggs are runny :(
04:09 injektion GFS?
04:09 wannabe1987
04:10 wannabe1987 gordan food service
04:10 ajprog_laptop you better give them to me then ;)
04:10 wannabe1987 gordon*
04:10 wannabe1987 yep
04:10 injektion Hospital food?
04:10 wannabe1987 i don't like runny eggs. i 'm etating them anyway tho :P
04:10 wannabe1987 what?
04:10 wannabe1987 no
04:10 wannabe1987 i'm at home
04:10 wannabe1987 i don't work at a hosptial anyway
04:10 injektion <-- no brain
04:11 wannabe1987 no, you have a brain
04:11 wannabe1987 i promise
04:11 injektion It's not working right now
04:11 wannabe1987 that may be, but you still have a brain
04:12 tonsofpcs hmmm
04:14 Ponko OMG Bat-Mobile
04:14 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
04:14 Ponko DUDE
04:14 leepod hi
04:14 Toastdude Lee
04:15 wannabe1987 Leepod!
04:15 leepod lol
04:15 wannabe1987 thats awesome nick, btw
04:15 leepod the one and only leepod
04:15 wannabe1987 win
04:16 injektion This is going to take forever
04:16 wannabe1987 gah.  i wish i could go to tgg party tomorrow....
04:16 injektion I wish I could too
04:16 Bat-Mobile Ponko: yo!
04:16 wannabe1987 i'm going on vacation so i cannot go
04:16 Toastdude Me too wannabe..
04:16 Ponko had a good xmas break batty?
04:17 sndwrx There's a TGG party tomorrow?
04:17 Bat-Mobile Ponko: fantastic
04:17 Toastdude Yep, you should go on behalf of us sndwrx
04:17 Ponko good good :)
04:18 NeWtoz If I wasn't stuck at my parents house, I'd go to the party
04:18 NeWtoz I didn't know there was going to be a party either...
04:18 Ponko i had a very good Xmas night i might add Bat-Mobile :P
04:18 NeWtoz that is, if it's open to people
04:18 Toastdude Yep, members
04:18 wannabe1987 there.  i told Toastdude
04:19 Ponko 35-21 against the bears is a fantastic present
04:19 sndwrx Well, I'm not a member.
04:19 sndwrx Nor have I had the time to volunteer the way I've wanted.
04:19 Ponko how do you become a member
04:19 Ponko join the forums?
04:20 wannabe1987 pay money?
04:20 wannabe1987 idk
04:20 wannabe1987 hi sndwrx
04:20 Ponko lol
04:20 Monkeh|Lap sndwrx: I'm sure being known around IRC will get you in
04:20 Bat-Mobile I agree Ponko - by the way, my beloved lions are in the playoffs
04:20 Toastdude sndwrx: Then we couldn't have met.. open to members only
04:20 wannabe1987 i'm a member, i hang out online and thats good enough for me, i go in occassionally if i need to /have time
04:20 Toastdude Mebership iss free, though
04:20 Ponko yeah congrats
04:21 Ponko but i'm still scratching my head though
04:21 Toastdude Bat-Mobile: You like the Lions too?
04:21 sndwrx Toastdude: I've been there a couple times and no one has said anything about it.  :P
04:21 Toastdude Lol, okay then :P
04:21 Ponko which is better Ravens or Lions
04:21 sndwrx I hung out snapping photos for hours after the GiveCamp ended, while they were testing stomper.
04:22 Bat-Mobile Lions
04:22 Monkeh|Lap I think they're generally pretty lax about it until they officially open
04:23 leepod god this ipods stupid it said i had 20%batt life like 5 times now
04:23 wannabe1987 lax about what, photos?
04:23 wannabe1987 don't get me started on boden, dave and pictures
04:23 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: No, members and access to the building.
04:23 sndwrx Monkeh|Lap: That seems to be the case.
04:24 wannabe1987 ahhh
04:24 Monkeh|Lap I only recently became an (unpaid) member but having spoken to Chris on Youtube a few times I imagine if I were over there and told him who I was I'd get a 'Hey, come on in, have a look around. Want to see Gemini?', regardless of membership.
04:24 Bat-Mobile You would
04:25 NeWtoz don't worry, I've let Ponko know about the Lions this year ;)
04:25 sndwrx How does one become an unpaid member?
04:25 NeWtoz website
04:25 Monkeh|Lap sndwrx: By signing up on the site.
04:25 sndwrx oh, ha.
04:25 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
04:25 Ponko welp that's really annoying
04:25 Monkeh|Lap sndwrx: You can then purchase a paid membership and play with the toys (or volunteer and get to play with the toys in return)
04:26 * sndwrx nods.
04:26 Ponko did i miss an interesting convo Bat-Mobile
04:26 wannabe1987 :)
04:26 wannabe1987 ajprog_laptop: that was yummy cheesecake
04:26 Bat-Mobile I just got here
04:26 Bat-Mobile .log
04:26 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
04:26 Bat-Mobile is your best bet
04:26 wannabe1987 he was gone for 5 (?) days
04:27 wannabe1987 i know things he doesn't know
04:27 wannabe1987 bats, my computer died :(
04:27 sndwrx It did?
04:27 sndwrx What happened?
04:27 wannabe1987 yeah....
04:27 wannabe1987 it won't charge :/
04:27 wannabe1987 so i'm on my dell laptop :/
04:27 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream |   Channel log: |  Report website problems to dr_jkl with ".bug". | The name's Bond...Ionic Bond.  Taken, not shared. | Word of the day: laevoduction
04:28 Ponko ah yes Bat-Mobile a question
04:28 wannabe1987 i plug it in and it doesn't light up to be on charge and none of the normal tricks work so i backed it up last night (instead of sleeping ...) and now i'm on this computer.
04:28 wannabe1987 and highly annoyed
04:28 Bat-Mobile go for it
04:28 sndwrx Damaged jack?  Power brick go bad, maybe?
04:28 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: May be repairable.
04:28 Ponko Nicklas Lidstrom, best defenseman currently playing in the NHL?
04:29 wannabe1987 i don't multimeter in the house to check the power supply
04:29 Ponko hey i'm a Pens fan saying that
04:29 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: It doesn't even run off the adapter?
04:29 wannabe1987 doesn't charge at all
04:29 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Doesn't have to charge to run.
04:29 wannabe1987 i plug the adapter? in and nothing still uses battery
04:29 Monkeh|Lap Okay
04:29 sndwrx He's asking if it will run without the battery.
04:29 Monkeh|Lap Bad jack, cable, or PSU.
04:30 Ponko infact there's alot of Red Wings id have in my all-time NHL team Bat-Mobile
04:30 Bat-Mobile Ponko: yes, definitely
04:30 Ponko well he must be a loon though
04:30 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Take it down to the lab, if it's just the jack they'll have it fixed in no time.
04:30 Bat-Mobile Detroit = Hockeytown.  If I had to choose between the Lions and the Wings, I'd take the wings instantly
04:30 wannabe1987 if its on battery power, why would i try to run it w/o battery?!
04:30 Ponko because he's from the Land of Seroster
04:30 sndwrx Bat-Mobile: That's not a choice, they're entirely different sports.  :P
04:31 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: You never said if it was running off the adapter and not charging the battery or just not reacting to being plugged in at all.
04:31 wannabe1987 ooo
04:31 sndwrx wannabe1987: BEcause it can help determine if it's the adapter or jack.
04:31 sndwrx Or the PSU
04:31 wannabe1987 well, its plugged in, dead....want me to try to turn it on?
04:31 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Yes.
04:31 Ponko yeah me i'd Have Gordie Howe Mario Lemeux Wayne Gretsky Nicklas Lidstrom & Sidney Crosby
04:31 wannabe1987 OMG TENDONITIS ALERT
04:32 Monkeh|Lap If it powers up without a battery then it's the battery, battery connector, or battery controller
04:32 * Toastdude thinks "The beeltles is a very nice band, ever."
04:32 Monkeh|Lap If it does not then it's the PSU, jack, cable, or brick.
04:32 Monkeh|Lap Jack and cable are the most likely candidates
04:32 Ponko 2 Red Wings 2 Penguins 1 Oilers
04:32 wannabe1987 it...booted
04:32 wannabe1987 so it won't charge, right?
04:32 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: That's.. not good. Can you physically remove the battery?
04:33 Ponko that's a good line don't you think Bat-Mobile
04:33 wannabe1987 it shut down then
04:33 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Okay, that IS good.
04:33 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: It's not running off the adapter at all.
04:34 Monkeh|Lap That means it's probably one of the cheaper faults.
04:34 wannabe1987 i want it to charge tho..............
04:34 sndwrx Did you take the battery out while it was plugged in and on?
04:34 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Yes, but this identifies the problem as being in the non-battery, and thus cheap and easy (usually) side of things.
04:34 wannabe1987 sndwrx: yes
04:34 wannabe1987 Monkeh|Lap ok
04:34 ajprog_laptop now you are just teasing me
04:35 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Take it down to the lab, I'm sure someone will take a look at it for you
04:35 wannabe1987 ajprog_laptop: of course
04:35 wannabe1987 hey, wanna look at a netbook?
04:35 wannabe1987 :P
04:35 sndwrx Try to turn it back on now that the battery is out, while still plugged in.
04:35 Bat-Mobile sndwrx: totally a choice... hockey > football
04:35 sndwrx But yeah I agree with Monkeh|Lap, it's most likely a relatively simple fix.
04:35 tonsofpcs hockey > association football > american gridiron football
04:35 sndwrx Bat-Mobile: Why not both?
04:36 wannabe1987 sndwrx, does simple = cheap?
04:36 Monkeh|Lap sndwrx: Well there's four places for it to fail. One is easy to fix, one is cheap to fix, one is a small pain to fix, and the last is expensive to fix.
04:36 sndwrx I mean they're not comparable sports...  So why would one compare them?  Why would one have to choose between them?
04:36 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: If it's just the jack someone at the lab'll probably fix it for you there and then!
04:36 Bat-Mobile sndwrx: because otherwise I have nothing with which to annoy ponko
04:36 wannabe1987 i'll hope for that then, yes
04:37 Monkeh|Lap sndwrx: (that's jack, cable, adapter, and PSU in order)
04:37 Ponko hey ;) lol
04:37 sndwrx Monkeh|Lap: Right.
04:38 sndwrx I worked at a repair shop briefly, they were mesmerized by my dual-wielding soldering irons and legend of a 10-minute jack repair had spread to the neighboring BBQ joint by lunch time.  :P
04:38 sndwrx ha
04:38 sndwrx I'm not master at soldering, but that job wasn't a big deal.
04:39 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Half the people at the lab should be able to do it, so I'm sure you'll find someone. :)
04:39 Monkeh|Lap sndwrx: Neither am I, but reheating a joint or two is a simple exercise. Especially big fat ones like those.
04:39 wannabe1987 ajprog_laptop, if hes there :P
04:39 tonsofpcs 10-minute jack repair?  I can get a connector onto 10GX32 faster than that!
04:39 sndwrx I hated the jack on my old Gateway laptop so I replaced it with what I had on-hand... a couple of RCA jacks and a pigtail.  haha
04:39 wannabe1987 .seen sythen
04:39 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen sythen around.
04:39 ajprog_laptop wannabe1987: do what?
04:39 wannabe1987 awwww
04:39 Ponko and Bat-Mobile i'm a man of many sports
04:39 wannabe1987 fix my computer, are you not paying attention?!
04:39 ajprog_laptop nope not really :P
04:40 tonsofpcs she broke it (or something, I'm not sure)
04:40 wannabe1987 omg read up
04:40 wannabe1987 wtf
04:40 wannabe1987 i blame dad
04:40 wannabe1987 he used it first
04:40 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: make/model ?
04:40 sndwrx Monkeh|Lap: Well, this one was completely broken so I removed a good one from a bad board and replaced the bad one on the good board while the "lead tech" posted craigslist ads for prostitutes.
04:40 wannabe1987 toshiba nb205
04:40 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Or Chris, yNos, Steve, Bill..
04:40 tonsofpcs nope, I don't know that one.
04:40 wannabe1987 i'd rather not deal with chris (male), thx very much
04:40 wannabe1987 its a netbook
04:40 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: heh.
04:41 tonsofpcs sndwrx: did he find one?
04:41 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Yeah, I wouldn't waste his time with a simple job like that either, but just saying.. :P
04:41 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: He'd probably tell you to leave it with him and turn it into a video production.. :D
04:41 ajprog_laptop I can take a look at it, but if it needs something soddered (like a power jack) you will have to talk to bill or egrsteve|away
04:41 wannabe1987 lol
04:42 Monkeh|Lap ajprog_laptop: What, you can't solder?
04:42 sndwrx tonsofpcs: Sorry, to clarify he was taking calls from available prostitutes and posting ads in the personals sections, for them.
04:42 tonsofpcs i'd expect bill, batman, dave, ynos, or egrsteve should be able to handle a soldering iron
04:42 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: I have to say, I've no idea what Dave's abilities are (beyond being scary).
04:42 ajprog_laptop Monkeh|Lap: not to the skill to work on a laptop
04:43 wannabe1987 beyond zomb?  idk
04:43 Monkeh|Lap ajprog_laptop: What, a power jack?
04:43 Monkeh|Lap ajprog_laptop: They're huge!
04:43 Monkeh|Lap Not like it's SMD work or anything
04:43 tonsofpcs ajprog_laptop: eh, you probably could handle a power jack on a laptop.  Idk about this netbook though, no clue how it's laid out.  Most laptop power jacks just need a @#^*@( ton of heat and some patientce until the solder is flowing and you can pop them out
04:44 * Monkeh|Lap throws a 70W iron at tonsofpcs
04:44 tonsofpcs weak
04:44 wannabe1987 my laptop is holding out well, its from the lab
04:44 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: It's a gas iron so not that weak.
04:44 wannabe1987 wtf nick you have more nicks than i do!
04:44 * tonsofpcs throws a 250 watt iron at Monkeh|Lap and watches as it crashes to the ground about halfway there
04:44 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
04:45 wannabe1987 so do i start an ep of dr who or do i see if i'm needed in GR/allendale?
04:45 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: May be only 70W but it'll run up to about a thousand degrees easy enough. 1300 if you solder with a blowtorch. :P
04:45 wannabe1987 i'm not being texted back, which makes me WORRIED
04:45 sndwrx Needed where at midnight?
04:45 wannabe1987 my friend broke up w/ his gf
04:46 wannabe1987 you never know
04:46 sndwrx Oh, bummer.
04:46 wannabe1987 yeah....
04:46 sndwrx But what with the "GR/Allendale" ?  They're entirely separate.  :P
04:46 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: bring the ep of doctor who with you?
04:46 wannabe1987 its on a laptop....
04:46 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Xmas special?
04:46 wannabe1987 i can't watch and drive....
04:46 tonsofpcs right, which means it can go with you.
04:46 tonsofpcs I didn't say to watch while you go!
04:46 wannabe1987 no....season 1, ep 7?
04:47 wannabe1987 ep 9*
04:47 sndwrx I think he's suggesting that you watch it with your friend when you get there.  Not while you drive.  :P
04:47 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: Of the new Doctor Who I take it?
04:47 wannabe1987 right....
04:47 wannabe1987 2005
04:47 wannabe1987 yes, i know
04:47 Monkeh|Lap Eccleston then
04:47 wannabe1987 he lives in tallmadge, but he was in GR tonight where/when the breakup happened
04:47 Monkeh|Lap He's.. different.
04:47 wannabe1987 i'm trying to watch dr who...
04:47 wannabe1987 lol
04:47 sndwrx Gotcha.
04:48 tonsofpcs lol Monkeh|Lap
04:48 wannabe1987 yes monkey
04:48 sndwrx I can't get into Dr. Who.
04:48 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: Don't mess with the gas, man.
04:48 wannabe1987 i have so far
04:48 tonsofpcs also, I was severely disappointed not to find anything new cool in the christmas episode.
04:48 * wannabe1987 starts ep 10
04:48 sndwrx Then again, I haven't even tried, honestly.
04:49 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: It's a tip killer though.
04:49 wannabe1987 well, theres your issue, sndwrx
04:49 sndwrx I have no interest in it.
04:49 wannabe1987 after i watch it i have a british accent
04:49 wannabe1987 both talking AND in my mind
04:50 tonsofpcs Monkeh|Lap: no, like "I like <x>.  <x> are cool."
04:50 wannabe1987 MOMMY!!!! are you my mommy?
04:50 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: :)
04:50 sndwrx My internal monologue takes on a British accent when I watch a lot of British programming.
04:50 wannabe1987 i've been to england....its not like i have a horrible "fake" accent....i won a "contest" held by our driver as the best in teh group :)
04:50 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: Hm?
04:51 sndwrx wannabe1987: Cab driver, or something?  He was playing you up for a bigger tip.  :P
04:51 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
04:51 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: We appear to have a breakdown in communications.
04:51 wannabe1987 bus driver....
04:51 wannabe1987 we toured....we had a bus
04:52 wannabe1987 and he was scottish
04:52 sndwrx I'm pretty disappointed that I didn't travel to England when I had the chance.
04:52 wannabe1987 you'll have to go later....i'm going back sometime!
04:52 Hackbat <3
04:52 BotSteve Title: CHLLNGR - Music Video - "Change" on Vimeo
04:52 sndwrx Was going to pick up a friend and we were headed for Estonia for a month.
04:52 tonsofpcs Monkeh|Lap: in the new christmas episode, I disliked the lack of "I like <x>.  <x> are cool."
04:52 Hackbat thiiiiiiissss song
04:53 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: Yes, I got that much. Does not have any connection with what I was saying. :P
04:53 wannabe1987 what happened instead, sndwrx?
04:54 sndwrx Instead I did squat.
04:54 wannabe1987 awwww
04:54 * tonsofpcs points out the 'also,' denoting an aside
04:55 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: Did not seem to be directed to me. ;P
04:55 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: But yeah, it wasn't that great. The xmas episodes usually aren't, though.
04:57 masterofmonks Also, BWA HA HA HA HA!!!
04:58 tonsofpcs also, "saw it coming" [the ending] like 5 minutes in...
04:59 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: I'm often able to predict the direction of Dr. Who episodes early on. It's how they do it which is interesting. :)
04:59 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: It IS half a kids show, remember.
05:00 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
05:00 tonsofpcs Monkeh|Lap: the show is older than most kids!  Even if you count just the actual time it's had on-air!
05:00 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: I know this.
05:00 Bat-Mobile dinrartime
05:00 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: It's older than me and I haven't been a kid in quite a while
05:00 Toastdude Bye Bat-Mobile
05:00 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
05:00 wannabe1987 lee!
05:00 wannabe1987 nice photo, btw :P
05:01 tonsofpcs I mean hour-by-hour actual time on air ;)
05:01 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
05:01 tonsofpcs [ok, not quite, but you get the idea]
05:01 leepod damn thing
05:01 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: HALF a kids show. ;)
05:02 tonsofpcs Monkeh|Lap: eh, it's british, that's how they all are :-p
05:03 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: Oh, that's rich, coming from the most poorly educated first world country :P
05:04 wannabe1987 leepod: how does it feel to be 15?  how was your birthday?
05:04 tonsofpcs Monkeh|Lap: do you watch british TV? c'mon ;)
05:04 Monkeh|Lap wannabe1987: I imagine it feels a lot like being 14. :D
05:04 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: Nope.
05:04 wannabe1987 lol ik
05:04 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: I hardly watch any TV.
05:05 tonsofpcs what feels like being 14? watching top gear or graham norton?
05:05 wannabe1987 my question
05:05 Monkeh|Lap tonsofpcs: I got exposed to what kids watch these days the other day and a large portion of my brain died.
05:05 wannabe1987 agreed
05:05 Monkeh|Lap It consisted of christmas carols being sung with animal sounds.
05:06 wannabe1987 i watched yo gabba gabba the other day .  i'm worried and i want to know what drugs they were on
05:14 tonsofpcs who whatta whatta?
05:14 tonsofpcs that sounds like something jabber jaw would say...
05:14 wannabe1987 .yt yo gabba gabba
05:14 BotSteve wannabe1987:
05:15 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
05:15 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
05:15 wannabe1987 that.
05:15 wannabe1987 its.
05:15 wannabe1987 yo gabba gabba
05:16 Monkeh|Lap Is that my brain I feel oozing out my ears?
05:16 tonsofpcs WTF.  My kids are going to watch reruns of reading rainbow.  Screw this crap.
05:16 wannabe1987 agreed
05:16 wannabe1987 i love reading rainbow
05:16 tonsofpcs (also, levar posted a tweet recently saying to watch for something new RR style)
05:17 wannabe1987 awesome
05:25 sndwrx Reading Rainbow is still around?
05:25 sndwrx Geez I haven't seen that in over 20 years.
05:25 wannabe1987 dunno, but levar burton still is :D
05:25 sndwrx I find it midly entertaining that Levar Burton tweets.
05:26 wannabe1987 why?
05:27 Coderjoe speaking of levar...
05:27 BotSteve Title: Cameo - Word Up - YouTube
05:28 sndwrx I don't know why.  I guess partially because when I think back to Reading Rainbow, I'm transported back the '80s [*shudder*], and anything associated with that era entertains me when it modernizes itself.
05:28 astro73|alice god. I forgot how BAD revenge of the sith is
05:28 Toastdude lol
05:28 wannabe1987 lol
05:29 wannabe1987 i'm loling at sndwrx
05:29 wannabe1987 why are you watching it then, astro?
05:29 astro73|alice i told my girl to start at new hope, but nooooo
05:29 astro73|alice she wanted to start at ep1
05:29 astro73|alice just finished
05:29 wannabe1987 but it starts at ep 4!!!!
05:30 astro73|alice yes
05:30 wannabe1987 does she not know this?!
05:31 wannabe1987 new ep
05:31 wannabe1987 they danced.
05:31 Coderjoe bleh
05:31 sndwrx Oh, man, that's a phenomenal 'stache.  Wish I had one like that.
05:31 wannabe1987 hi Coderjoe
05:31 Coderjoe when first released, there was no "episode 4" or "a new hope"
05:31 Coderjoe it was just "star wars"
05:31 wannabe1987 yes.  i know
05:31 Coderjoe the other bits came later
05:31 wannabe1987 you damn purists!
05:31 astro73|alice Coderjoe: yes. I looked at the laserdisc covers today
05:31 wannabe1987 :P
05:32 sndwrx Much later.
05:32 astro73|alice wannabe1987: no, she didn't.
05:32 wannabe1987 my brother wants to go to the movies in theatre with me
05:32 sndwrx Not that I've seen any of them.
05:32 Coderjoe i mean even in the opening crawl
05:32 wannabe1987 annnnn ok
05:32 wannabe1987 ahhhH* ok
05:33 astro73|alice wannabe1987: all post-processed 3D is terrible. If it wasn't filmed in 3d, don't bother
05:33 wannabe1987 but he hasn't seen anything but ep II
05:33 wannabe1987 because (for some reason) all my parents own is epII
05:34 wannabe1987 and my parents have never seen starwars
05:34 astro73|alice so rent it
05:34 astro73|alice or torrent it
05:34 Coderjoe astro73|alice: heh. I have the "faces" laserdiscs.
05:34 wannabe1987 i should rent it and watch it with my brother :hmmm:
05:34 Coderjoe ugh
05:34 wannabe1987 except not
05:34 astro73|alice Coderjoe: we don't have many left. star wars, fantasia, and maybe a few others
05:34 wannabe1987 i'lll torrent it thx
05:34 Coderjoe rental will probably be the special special editions
05:35 sndwrx You guys are talking about the giant CD-looking laser disc, right?
05:35 astro73|alice sndwrx: is there another kind?
05:35 sndwrx I could swear that my old video discs were also called laser disc, but they were like giant floppy discs.
05:35 Coderjoe yes. the slightly-more-commercially-successful cousin to the CVD
05:36 sndwrx long before the CD and laser disc.
05:36 sndwrx You mean VCD.
05:36 Coderjoe no
05:36 wannabe1987 the 8track?
05:36 Coderjoe I mean CVD
05:36 Coderjoe Capacitive Video Disc
05:36 astro73|alice seems unlikely that the were laserdisc, then
05:36 sndwrx Ah, thought you were referring to the VCD which was more popular in Europe.
05:37 astro73|alice since i doubt it used lasers, and laserdics is a trademark
05:37 sndwrx astro73|alice: Right, but I vaguely recall seeing "laser disc" labeled on it.
05:37 Coderjoe It was also the 12-inch size that laserdisc was, but came in a hard cartridge you inserted into the player, then removed while the media stayed inside.
05:37 sndwrx I had the Hobbit and some Disney flicks on, whatever kind of disc it was.
05:37 sndwrx It was literally very much like a floppy disc for videos.
05:38 sndwrx Except it had some other sort of mechanism to expose the disc, rather than the sliding metal bit like on a 3.5" floppy.
05:38 sndwrx Yup that was it.
05:38 Coderjoe er, CED not CVD
05:38 Coderjoe
05:38 BotSteve Title: Capacitance Electronic Disc - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
05:38 sndwrx Although I'm pretty certain you didn't remove the cartridge on my player.
05:39 Coderjoe it was like a video record player
05:39 Coderjoe literally
05:39 Coderjoe it used a needle to read the media
05:39 astro73|alice weird
05:39 sndwrx All I know is that it was pretty bad ass to me back in something like 1983 or 1984
05:39 astro73|alice i didn't think you could get that kind of bandwidth from a needle
05:40 wannabe1987 astro and i weren't around then
05:40 Coderjoe LD was around at about the same time
05:40 sndwrx I had my own player in my bedroom.
05:40 sndwrx I thought laserdisc was a few years later.
05:40 astro73|alice .w laserdisc
05:40 BotSteve "LaserDisc (LD) was a home video format and the first commercial optical disc storage medium." -
05:40 Coderjoe hmm
05:40 Coderjoe yea
05:40 sndwrx But I didn't follow that kind of stuff closely so I'm going by memory.
05:40 Coderjoe CED was invented in 64
05:40 Coderjoe but LD was also around in the 80s
05:41 sndwrx aha
05:41 Coderjoe mm
05:41 Coderjoe came out in the states in 78
05:41 astro73|alice except apparently RCA really fucked up CED and didn't get it going until the early 80's
05:42 sndwrx Yeah, seems like my player was RCA.
05:42 sndwrx I remember looking through the videos at Millard's in Stanton.
05:43 sndwrx One of the only things I remember well from that era, was that I asked to see Richard Harris star in Camelot for my seventh birthday.
05:43 sndwrx And I did.
05:45 wannabe1987 nice
05:45 Ponko hmmm
05:45 wannabe1987 its a brit!
05:45 Ponko indeed
05:46 Ponko a bored brit
05:46 wannabe1987 better than a dead brit
05:46 Ponko hungry aswell
05:46 Coderjoe i've got a pioneer CLD-V121G on the table behind me
05:46 wannabe1987 or a brit with an alien inside
05:46 Ponko yeah
05:46 Ponko ........
05:46 Coderjoe it does LD (single-sided, so I need to flip it), but also CD+G
05:46 wannabe1987 i'm watching dr who!
05:46 wannabe1987 dont' mind me
05:46 wannabe1987 i have a mtg at 9....hmmmm
05:47 Coderjoe magic the gathering?
05:47 wannabe1987 meeting
05:47 wannabe1987 fuck M:TG
05:47 Ponko lol
05:47 Ponko lol magic the gathering :P
05:47 * tonsofpcs hands wannabe1987 an island for her mtg
05:47 sndwrx Coderjoe: You a karaoke fan?
05:47 Coderjoe f abbreviations
05:47 wannabe1987 why an island?
05:48 Coderjoe tonsofpcs: I don't think she's playing blue
05:48 tonsofpcs because having a meeting on a swamp, mountain, plains, or forest isn't as fun
05:48 wannabe1987 its in a church....
05:48 tonsofpcs Coderjoe: it is the best card in the game, regardless.
05:48 Coderjoe even less fun are the frozen variety
05:48 wannabe1987 i never played that game....
05:48 wannabe1987 and if masterofmonks ever gets toast and lee togheter, i might :P
05:49 tonsofpcs oo, it could be a snow-covered island!
05:49 Coderjoe i haven't played in over 10 years
05:49 sndwrx I've never played Magic, but I have played Munchkin!
05:49 Coderjoe and I haven't really bought new cards in just about as long
05:49 tonsofpcs I haven't played in over a year.
05:49 sndwrx That was kinda fun.
05:49 Coderjoe I have picked up sets like unglued and unhinged
05:49 wannabe1987 i hung out with magic players at MCC tho....
05:49 sndwrx If I had anyone to play Munchkin with here, I'd probably buy a set or two.
05:50 tonsofpcs where is here?
05:50 sndwrx Grand Rapids area.
05:50 * tonsofpcs bribes the GM with food
05:50 astro73|alice sndwrx: I love munchkin
05:50 astro73|alice and more sets is always better
05:50 sndwrx Really?  Sweet!
05:50 wannabe1987 oh noes
05:50 tonsofpcs there's way too many expansions for munchkin now.
05:50 wannabe1987 now i have to introduce you two
05:51 tonsofpcs Seriously, there's three CHRISTMAS expansions.
05:51 sndwrx I've never cared for games like that, but I had a pretty good time playing it last summer.
05:51 Coderjoe for MTG, iirc, there is a weekly event at Goldmine Comics on 54th street just a hair west of Division (on the north side of the street, next to the Shell gas station at the corner)
05:51 astro73|alice ok, the christmas ones you can probably skip
05:51 astro73|alice as well as axecop munchkin
05:51 tonsofpcs you just need munchkin and munchkin2.
05:51 tonsofpcs anything else is overkill.
05:51 Coderjoe ... on friday nights
05:51 wannabe1987 my friends brother owns alpha players on 44th and division
05:52 Coderjoe (just to cement the "dateless geek/nerd" thing...)
05:52 wannabe1987 well, its on division somewhere :/
05:52 wannabe1987 lol
05:52 wannabe1987 astro prolly knows ben as well
05:52 astro73|alice big ben?
05:52 wannabe1987 mhm
05:53 astro73|alice yeah, i played his game for a while
05:53 wannabe1987 he told me this when we were dating :shudder:
05:53 wannabe1987 with corwin?
05:53 wannabe1987 but his brother owns a card store
05:53 astro73|alice we had a second round, with john's friend katie
05:53 wannabe1987 john....anthony?
05:53 astro73|alice tonsofpcs: I enjoy some of the themed ones
05:53 astro73|alice wannabe1987: john wood, my friend
05:53 tonsofpcs astro73|alice: yea, just don't mix them.   Blender (sorry, Munchkin 7) kills it
05:54 wannabe1987 oooo ok
05:54 astro73|alice tonsofpcs: I thought mixing it was half the fun
05:54 astro73|alice and munchkin blender is pretty much optional for that
05:54 sndwrx I played Munchkin with seven or eight other people, and the Munchkin, Cthulhu, Super and Fu decks.
05:55 astro73|alice also, i'm pretty sure being a munchkin purist/hipster is not allowed
05:55 Coderjoe I've not done karaoke in awhile. Used to go to Village Inn on thursdays with friends
05:55 sndwrx Yeah I was under the impression that it's practically a requirement to mix the decks.
05:56 tonsofpcs Mind you, having once had a Two-handed Laser Maser Fo Faser of Doom +1, I suppose it is still possible to allow exceptions.
05:57 sndwrx Coderjoe: I was teasing, because of your mention of CD+G.
05:57 wannabe1987 my friend is apparently well known for karoke in GR.
05:57 tonsofpcs astro73|alice: well, when you have munchkin+expansion combined, then you have Super + expansion, then something else + expansion, etc. mixing them just gets annoying.
05:57 astro73|alice i mean, why wouldn't you want your vampire orc wielding space blasters?
05:57 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
05:57 wannabe1987 he's filipino and fancies himself a country singer
05:57 wannabe1987 HI BATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05:57 Coderjoe well, I have messed with authoring CD+G and have a few CD+G discs
05:57 astro73|alice .w CD+G
05:57 BotSteve "CD+G (also known as CD+Graphics) is an extension of the compact disc standard that can present low-resolution graphics alongside the audio data on the disc when played on a compatible device." -
05:58 Bat-Mobile hey kelly
05:58 wannabe1987 :)
05:58 astro73|alice it's almost as good as mixing flux decks
05:59 wannabe1987 you've walked into an 80s/gamer/who knows what convo
05:59 wannabe1987 good luck
05:59 wannabe1987 it all started with reading rainbo
05:59 Ponko still shocked by that
06:00 tonsofpcs astro73|alice: I saw a new fluxx in the game store last week and was saddened...
06:00 wannabe1987 what, reading rainbow?
06:00 astro73|alice tonsofpcs: oh? what is it?
06:00 tonsofpcs i forget
06:00 tonsofpcs *goes to the LL page*
06:00 astro73|alice because i don't think anything can top monty python fluxx
06:00 Ponko no doesn't matter
06:00 tonsofpcs Star Fluxx
06:00 * wannabe1987 is playing with tin foil
06:01 wannabe1987 why does it rip?
06:01 sndwrx How do magnets work?
06:01 tonsofpcs flux
06:01 Coderjoe sndwrx: miracles
06:02 Ponko what about a Flux Capacitor
06:02 Coderjoe all capacitors are flux capacitors
06:02 astro73|alice tonsofpcs: I think SciFi could totally use a fluxx game
06:02 sndwrx I want to play Munhkin Impossible, the Good the Bad and the Munchkin, and Munchkin Booty.
06:02 wannabe1987 sndwrx:
06:02 BotSteve Title: Let me google that for you
06:02 astro73|alice mashing together all the SF tropes into a terrible concotion
06:02 sndwrx wannabe1987: Great, thanks for that.
06:02 wannabe1987 you're welcome
06:03 Coderjoe it wasn't a reference to the ICP thing?
06:03 wannabe1987 the day after christmas sales at meijer were a bad bad bad thing
06:03 sndwrx Yes, it was.  :P
06:03 Coderjoe ok
06:03 wannabe1987 i miss most references because i'm sheltered and a nongeek
06:03 astro73|alice sndwrx: I don't think i've played any of those
06:03 Coderjoe .
06:03 Ponko it took Emmett L Brown 30 years and his entire family fortune to come up with that Coderjoe sndwrx
06:03 astro73|alice wannabe1987: start torrenting classic scifi
06:03 wannabe1987 i don't have enough disk space
06:04 Bat-Mobile does anyone here own a copy of the game Uplink?
06:04 sndwrx astro73|alice: Seems like they'd be fun together.
06:04 tonsofpcs astro73|alice: the keepers have abilities.
06:05 astro73|alice sndwrx: Cool
06:05 astro73|alice tonsofpcs: really? lame
06:05 Coderjoe "How do magnets work?" is a reference to the ICP song "Miracles"
06:05 tonsofpcs video on the bottom of
06:05 sndwrx astro73|alice: Don't you think?  Kind of an odd combination of deck themes.
06:05 wannabe1987 somoene should invite me over nextweek (not tues or weds) and force me to watch classic scifi
06:05 wannabe1987 :P
06:06 wannabe1987 better than me torrenting it all :P
06:06 astro73|alice sndwrx: that just makes it more hillarious
06:06 astro73|alice wannabe1987: there's too much. You have to spend a lot of time visiting
06:06 sndwrx Entirely why I want to play it sometime!
06:06 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
06:06 wannabe1987 lend it to me then....this computer has a cd drive
06:07 astro73|alice i can still only fit 6 episodes on a DVD
06:07 wannabe1987
06:07 BotSteve Title: No Friday in Samoa | Blogs
06:07 astro73|alice 4 as DVD video
06:09 astro73|alice wannabe1987: do you want me to start telling you how many discs are required for shows?
06:10 wannabe1987 i don't even know what shows you're talking about
06:10 Experimentonomen *yawn*
06:10 wannabe1987 hi Experimentonomen
06:10 Experimentonomen guten morgen ladies
06:11 wannabe1987 i think i'm the only lady here, but thanks
06:11 Kaytee So I'm gonna run a windows xp VM just for skype in linux
06:12 Kaytee because linux skype can't handle conference calls and won't ever be fixed
06:12 Kaytee and current skype won't run in wine
06:12 Coderjoe you should be able to fit about 10 episodes on a DL disc, if they are scene-sized SD encodes
06:12 sndwrx Sounds like a crummy reason to succumb to Windows.
06:12 Kaytee sndwrx: all my friends use skype
06:12 astro73|alice wannabe1987: Babylon 5: 146 episodes and movies. TNG: 195 episodes. BSG: 98 episodes
06:12 Kaytee and it's better than actually USING windows
06:13 Kaytee which atm I'm forced to for conference calls
06:13 wannabe1987 i'm working on acquiring sg1
06:13 Coderjoe SG1, SGA, SGU
06:13 astro73|alice Kaytee: I've done conference audio on linux skype
06:13 Kaytee astro73|alice: can't join existing ones
06:13 Kaytee you can START them
06:13 Kaytee but they have to call you in to join ghtm
06:13 Kaytee the host does
06:13 astro73|alice Coderjoe: I don't have those files anymore. But I know SG1 alone has >200
06:13 wannabe1987 Coderjoe: i've seen sga
06:13 Coderjoe I was given season 1 of SG1 on dvd for christmas. (I've already seen much of the show, though)
06:14 Coderjoe yes
06:14 wannabe1987 yes, astro, theres 10 seasons :/
06:14 Kaytee they can invite you to a chat
06:14 wannabe1987 season one is at 53%
06:14 Kaytee but only call host can bring linux users into the call
06:14 astro73|alice wannabe1987: yes. Plus 6 of SGA. I didn't bother watching SGU
06:14 Coderjoe there are also three SG post-series movies
06:14 sndwrx Coderjoe: Haha, don't forget not to talk in that channel otherwise you'll be penalized.
06:14 Kaytee that's broken as hell and I'm not okay with it
06:14 wannabe1987 i've seen all 6 seasons of SGA
06:14 Coderjoe sndwrx: I am well aware of how idlerpg works.
06:15 astro73|alice and I haven't even dug into anime
06:15 Coderjoe iirc, I was playing the first incarnation of it when it was created.
06:15 wannabe1987 noes!  not anime!!!!
06:15 astro73|alice anime is awesome
06:16 Coderjoe iirc, SGU was just starting to get their footing when it was cancelled
06:16 astro73|alice they do wild and crazy stuff that's impractical in a live-action format
06:16 sndwrx Coderjoe: K, I assumed you were familiar but was reminding you since you've said quite a few things in the channel it seems.  :P
06:16 Coderjoe astro73|alice: there are japanese live action movies that do rather weird things, largely thanks to (usually-crappy) CG
06:16 wannabe1987 well, i've never seen anime, but ....
06:17 astro73|alice Coderjoe: but on the budget of a show?
06:17 Coderjoe i have not said that much there. perhaps a little before creating a character and a little when the bot was missing, and then one line just now
06:18 sndwrx Gotcha.
06:18 sndwrx Didn't realize the bot ever went missing.
06:18 Experimentonomen stargate = lame :P
06:18 Coderjoe astro73|alice: the budgets are pretty low
06:18 astro73|alice wannabe1987: My friend Ken used to say that the three essential anime are Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Trigun
06:18 sndwrx But there was a day or two that I didn't pay attention to it.
06:18 astro73|alice Coderjoe: Yeah. Animation just make the whole experience better.
06:18 Coderjoe GitS yes. NGE, yeah. trigun? meh
06:19 sndwrx Experimentonomen: I thought the original Stargate movie was okay, but I don't watch any of the tv shows.
06:19 Coderjoe dirty pair.
06:19 astro73|alice I would say in this context, Cowboy Bebop is a better choice
06:19 Coderjoe and yes, cowboy bebop
06:19 Hackbat Bebop! :D
06:22 astro73|alice I'm also a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist (I prefer Brotherhood over the original)
06:22 * Experimentonomen doesent watch tv anymore
06:23 astro73|alice I also have Outlaw Star and Vandread for spacey scifi, but they're not as good as previous suggestions
06:23 wannabe1987 DALEKS
06:23 astro73|alice or you could just watch doctor who
06:23 wannabe1987 i have been, thanks
06:23 astro73|alice i noticed
06:23 wannabe1987 meeting at 9, who needs sleep :P
06:24 Experimentonomen i dont think i've even seen dr who
06:24 wannabe1987 i'm sorry
06:24 astro73|alice well, i'm feeling sleepy
06:24 wannabe1987 then, you should sleep
06:24 astro73|alice i'm horribly out of shape; drumming in rock band wears me out
06:26 wannabe1987 lol
06:26 wannabe1987 it'd wear anyone out :P
06:26 astro73|alice oh, ok
06:26 astro73|alice that's good
06:26 wannabe1987 it wore me out
06:26 astro73|alice g'night irc
06:26 wannabe1987 night astro
06:26 sndwrx night astro73|alice
06:26 Experimentonomen *burp*... err i mean nite
06:27 Coderjoe i'm horribly out of shape. I used to be pretty good at DDR and the like, but now I'm either bored (because the song is mentally easy) or dead (because my body can no longer keep up)
06:27 * Kaytee in great shape
06:27 wannabe1987 poor joe
06:28 Coderjoe and if you play In The Groove in the arcade and get the credits... read them :D
06:29 * Kaytee looking forward to a strongman competition.
06:29 * Experimentonomen waits for woofers in the mail
06:29 Experimentonomen and capacitors
06:29 * Kaytee can load a 300 pound stone without trouble, squat and DL over 3x bodyweight, etc.
06:29 wannabe1987 Kaytee?  are you new?  are you female?  i'm so confused as to who you are and where you came from....
06:30 Kaytee wannabe1987: somewhat, no, and you've talked to me before
06:30 wannabe1987 if you're not female why do you have a female name?
06:30 Experimentonomen transvestite ? :P
06:31 wannabe1987 from translyvania?
06:31 Kaytee because pet name from bdsm-y boyfriend
06:31 wannabe1987 ah
06:31 Coderjoe you missed a line, wannabe1987
06:31 wannabe1987 it was written the same time i wrote :P
06:32 Coderjoe wannabe1987: regarding TV shows... what about MST3k?
06:32 * wannabe1987 needs to finish packing
06:33 * Experimentonomen wants more time in bed
06:33 wannabe1987 ..................
06:33 Coderjoe though I suppose some of the references in it might be more difficult for younger viewers
06:33 Experimentonomen i HATE early mornings
06:34 wannabe1987 what time is it, Experimentonomen?
06:34 Coderjoe
06:34 BotSteve Title: Mystery Science Theater 3000 short: Spring Fever (MST3K) - YouTube
06:34 Experimentonomen 7:35 am here
06:34 wannabe1987 ah
06:35 Experimentonomen im so powerless nowdays that i cant even get started on my projects
06:35 wannabe1987 why not?
06:35 Experimentonomen too tired, cant be bothered :/
06:36 Experimentonomen getting up in the morning is like a marathon :/
06:38 wannabe1987 :(
06:40 sndwrx Coderjoe: I thought I heard the old host from MST3K is back?
06:40 sndwrx I can't remember his name, unfortunately.
06:40 sndwrx Experimentonomen: Everything okay?
06:40 Coderjoe joel, trace, frank, josh, and mary jo are back as Cinematic Titanic
06:41 Coderjoe mike, kevin, and bill are doing rifftrax
06:42 sndwrx I don't know what either of those are.  :/
06:42 Coderjoe
06:42 sndwrx ;nods.
06:42 sndwrx er
06:42 * sndwrx nods.
06:43 Experimentonomen sndwrx, not really, i feel like all i wanna do is stay in bed all day
06:43 Ponko damn i wish i could do chris bermans fastest 3 minutes
06:43 sndwrx Experimentonomen: What's going on man?
06:43 wannabe1987 soundslike my depression fyi
06:43 Experimentonomen my pile of planned projects i wanna do real bad is growing but i just cant get started
06:44 * Experimentonomen yawns his way through each day
06:44 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
06:44 wannabe1987 lwq1996!
06:44 wannabe1987 :D
06:44 sndwrx hey lwq1996
06:45 Ponko lee my PA BOI
06:45 lwq1996 hi
06:45 masterofmonks Hi lwq1996
06:45 lwq1996 hi
06:45 wannabe1987 masterofmonks lives!
06:45 lwq1996 ponko????
06:45 sndwrx hey masterofmonks
06:45 wannabe1987 pa, penslyvania........
06:45 Ponko what
06:45 * Experimentonomen types in 666 in grooveshark and marks 111 songs and hits "play all"
06:47 lwq1996 i wonder about ponko sometime
06:47 wannabe1987 lol
06:47 wannabe1987 same
06:48 Ponko lee i do to
06:48 Coderjoe sleep... SLEEP!
06:48 wannabe1987 you going to bed?
06:49 Coderjoe yeah
06:49 wannabe1987 night
06:49 Coderjoe night all
06:49 sndwrx Night Coderjoe
06:49 Coderjoe ... will help you catch your Z's?
06:50 Coderjoe i'll be here all week. remember to tip your waiter or waitress.
06:50 wannabe1987 .sandwich sndwrx
06:50 BotSteve Here you go, sndwrx, I made you a applewood smoked ham,provolone cheese garnished,lettuce,tomato,mayo on italian sandwich!
06:50 wannabe1987 so if i provide food, i get tips?!
06:50 wannabe1987 nifty
06:50 wannabe1987 too bad i'm going on vacation
06:50 masterofmonks Fuck, that's what a call a sandwich, sans mayo
06:50 sndwrx What is it with applewood smoked stuff the last couple years?
06:51 sndwrx You know what I miss from Orlando?  the Fu Man Chu sandwich from Pom Pom's.
06:51 wannabe1987 have the girl make you one, mom....
06:51 wannabe1987 except it'll take forever to get there
06:52 Experimentonomen i'll try and summon enuf power to build this, this coming weekend:
06:52 wannabe1987 why?
06:53 sndwrx Because this:  Asian pulled pork, watercress, goat cheese, cranberry chutney and red onions on choice of white, wheat, pumpernickle or rye.
06:53 sndwrx mmmmmm
06:54 Experimentonomen hm
06:55 masterofmonks wannabe1987: I am not so sexist as that, and I make fucking awesome sandwiches.
06:55 * wannabe1987 hugs Experimentonomen, here have energy
06:55 wannabe1987 lol ok
06:56 wannabe1987 i failed on my eggs today
06:56 wannabe1987 :(
06:56 wannabe1987 they were runny
06:57 Experimentonomen yuck
06:57 wannabe1987 stove and new pan
06:57 Experimentonomen i like my eggs hard boiled
06:57 wannabe1987 i fried them
06:58 Experimentonomen i boil my eggs for 2 weeks at highest heat setting
06:58 Experimentonomen :P
06:58 sndwrx Day changed to Wed, 28 Dec 2011
06:58 wannabe1987 an hour ago, yes
06:58 wannabe1987 almost 2 hours ago....
06:58 sndwrx My server is MST.
06:58 wannabe1987 ah
06:58 wannabe1987 clearly
06:59 sndwrx I don't have locales set up to be accurate to our time zone.
07:02 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
07:02 masterofmonks wannabe1987: sunny side up or over easy?
07:02 wannabe1987 i don't know the difference....
07:02 wannabe1987 hi Superphosphate
07:02 * masterofmonks blinks..
07:02 Superphosphate Hello
07:02 wannabe1987 i ate them scrambled up until a few years ago
07:03 wannabe1987 i don't like eggs normally...i ate too many while poor
07:03 masterofmonks
07:03 wannabe1987 :P
07:03 masterofmonks Sunny Side up.
07:03 Ponko masterofmonks: is that how you like your eggs?
07:03 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
07:03 masterofmonks Over Easy.
07:03 * Ponko hi 5s masterofmonks
07:03 masterofmonks Ponko: Bat-Mobile can tell you how I like my eggs.
07:03 wannabe1987 over easy then, i guess....
07:04 Ponko you like yours with a kiss
07:04 Ponko ;)
07:04 masterofmonks *cough* Bat-Mobile *cough*
07:05 wannabe1987 exterminate
07:05 wannabe1987 exterminate
07:05 wannabe1987 stupid daleks
07:05 Bat-Mobile thrown away and replaced with whiskey?
07:05 wannabe1987 one more ep and the season is done....
07:05 wannabe1987 yes
07:05 Bat-Mobile Because that's how I like my eggs
07:05 Ponko hahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
07:05 wannabe1987 lol
07:05 masterofmonks Bat-Mobile: how about on a hamburger?
07:05 Bat-Mobile that too
07:05 Bat-Mobile Whiskeyburger
07:05 wannabe1987 ah shit....did i take my med earlier or not?  i don't think i did...
07:05 Bat-Mobile (but seriously, eggs on a hamburger is the greatest thing ever)
07:05 Bat-Mobile (and you should all try it)
07:05 * Ponko bangs his head into the wall to stop laughing
07:05 CaptainNiobe mom, you're cooking me bacon and eggs on weekends! :D
07:06 wannabe1987 WIN
07:06 Superphosphate hamburgers are yum
07:06 wannabe1987 good luck getting them, won't fly!
07:06 Ponko hey CaptainNiobe you're making me hungry
07:06 CaptainNiobe no, but he will :P
07:06 masterofmonks Fine, but there will be grits too.
07:06 wannabe1987 lol
07:06 Superphosphate just put what you want in a haburger
07:06 CaptainNiobe hmmm, sounds yummy... *snuggles mom* :x
07:07 Ponko hmm should i have my traditional fried egg bacon sarnie
07:07 Ponko i have 2 eggs and 8 slices of bacon hmmm
07:07 Ponko i just want to say a word on drugs
07:07 Ponko nice
07:08 wannabe1987 lol @ niobe
07:08 Ponko BotSteve: should i make my bacon and egg sarnie?
07:08 BotSteve Not a chance
07:09 masterofmonks BotSteve: conspires against your continued hapiness.
07:09 wannabe1987 lol
07:09 Ponko it's because of thanksgiving
07:09 Ponko never got over that loss
07:09 * Ponko smirks
07:10 Bat-Mobile (:
07:10 Ponko but Ravens are better than the lions in my opinion
07:10 Superphosphate Im off to have breakfast, bye peoples :)
07:10 * CaptainNiobe tacklehugs Bat-Mobile
07:10 lwq1996 jackass is so funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
07:10 Bat-Mobile hi CaptainNiobe!
07:10 wannabe1987 ...
07:11 CaptainNiobe g'day, battie, how are we?
07:11 Ponko lions no running game only passing Ravens great passing defense in the AFC if not the NFL
07:11 Ponko but the Chargers handsomely walked over Baltimore and got battered by Detroit that's the point i'm making Bat-Mobile
07:12 Ponko but then again the chargers are like thick custard inconsistent
07:12 Bat-Mobile lions don't need a running game Ponko, throw three times and if it doesn't work, punt
07:12 Bat-Mobile (:
07:12 Ponko lol
07:13 Ponko well against Ed Reed and that great Ravens Secondary that'll be a common occurance
07:13 Ponko but how the Chargers beat them and lost to the lions idk
07:13 wannabe1987 i swear, i don't have something packed that i have to have packed
07:13 Ponko on paper the Chargers lose to the Ravens and beat the Lions
07:14 Ponko wannabe1987: sods law
07:14 wannabe1987 huh?
07:14 Ponko and lwq1996 OF COURSE IT'S funny
07:14 Ponko .ud sods law
07:14 BotSteve Ponko:
07:14 wannabe1987 thanks Ponko
07:15 Ponko now BotSteve answer this question CORRECTLY
07:15 Ponko BotSteve: should go and make my egg bacon sandwich and stay on IRC?
07:15 BotSteve Absolutely
07:16 * Ponko thumbs up BotSteve
07:17 wannabe1987 ....he kissed the dr on the lips...
07:18 masterofmonks wannabe1987: Captian JAck Harkness?
07:18 wannabe1987 yes
07:18 masterofmonks He's hot isn't he?
07:18 wannabe1987 lol yes
07:18 wannabe1987 but....really?  ON TEH LIPS
07:18 masterofmonks Yes.
07:18 wannabe1987 ok
07:18 masterofmonks wannabe1987: Wait until you see Torchwood...
07:19 wannabe1987 i'm gonna finish season 1 tonight and then go sleep, i *do* have to be up at 8:P
07:19 masterofmonks That is less than 6 hours from now.
07:19 wannabe1987 and then mtg at 9, go to grandmas, change, grab map/directions, go to work for 2 hours, and then GO ON VACATION
07:19 wannabe1987 yes, i know
07:19 wannabe1987 but whenever i try to sleep i hack
07:19 wannabe1987 hack
07:19 wannabe1987 hack
07:19 wannabe1987 up lungs
07:19 wannabe1987 like....4 of them
07:19 wannabe1987 so....
07:20 masterofmonks wannabe1987: You need a humidifyer.
07:20 wannabe1987 wanna donate one?
07:20 masterofmonks Should be about $12 at walmart for a Vicks brand one.
07:21 wannabe1987 yesh, i don't have $12
07:21 Ponko ok what have i just missed lol
07:21 wannabe1987 maybe mom and dad have one to donate
07:21 masterofmonks As pot of hot water will help some.
07:22 Ponko i've got some tinnies CaptainNiobe want one :P
07:22 lwq1996 boil a cup of water in the microwave and use oven mits to carry it around
07:23 wannabe1987 i can touch it with my hands lee....or my sweatshirt :P
07:23 CaptainNiobe lol... i rarely drink, so... thanks, but nah thanks, Ponko :)
07:23 lwq1996 it will burn you
07:23 Ponko yeah women have aspestos fingertips
07:23 wannabe1987 not the handles
07:23 Ponko lol ok
07:26 Ponko to comment on the Norwich City Vs Tottenham Hotspur match as an Arsenal fan i wanted a Norwich win but as an Ipswich Town fan i wanted a Spurs win but seeing though i'm both i wanted Carrow Road to explode
07:26 Ponko nobody wins but Charlie Sheen does
07:27 Experimentonomen *yawn* :/
07:27 * masterofmonks lights Ponko's chair on fire and wanders off.
07:27 wannabe1987 lol
07:28 * Ponko stares at his chair and thinks why did he set fire to my neighbours chair i'm in the kitchen
07:29 Experimentonomen lol
07:29 CaptainNiobe fail, mom :P
07:29 Ponko hmm
07:30 * Ponko prepares to make his bacon and egg sarnie
07:30 * Experimentonomen calls pyro on masterofmonks
07:30 masterofmonks Duh?
07:31 Experimentonomen :P
07:31 Ponko whilst still staying on IRC adhereing to BotSteves answer to his question
07:32 Bat-Mobile spycheck!
07:33 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
07:33 Ponko don't mess i'm holding a HOT frying pan
07:34 * Experimentonomen throws an egg at Ponko
07:34 * Ponko catches
07:35 Hackbat
07:36 Toastdude ..
07:36 wannabe1987 lol
07:37 * Ponko is cooking
07:37 Bat-Mobile what is this I don't even
07:38 wannabe1987 BotSteve: "hola"?
07:38 BotSteve wannabe1987: Unable to guess your crazy moon language, sorry.
07:38 wannabe1987 Bat-Mobile, what happened to botsteves translator
07:39 * Ponko coughs and opens a window
07:40 Toastdude BotSteve: "sehr"?
07:40 BotSteve Toastdude: Unable to guess your crazy moon language, sorry.
07:40 Ponko very what toastdude?
07:41 Bat-Mobile I dunno
07:41 wannabe1987 ok
07:41 Bat-Mobile lots of things are broken apparently
07:41 Bat-Mobile BotSteve: "guten tag"?
07:41 BotSteve Bat-Mobile: Unable to guess your crazy moon language, sorry.
07:41 Bat-Mobile ):
07:41 Toastdude D:
07:41 wannabe1987 you should not have christmas'd....
07:41 wannabe1987 lol
07:42 SitkaGrown joined #thegeekgroup
07:43 Bat-Mobile apparently not
07:44 Ponko FUCKING HELL
07:44 Toastdude Hello SitkaGrown
07:44 Toastdude You haven't been on here, have you?
07:44 Ponko BotSteve: "Wie gehts?"
07:44 Ponko BotSteve: "Wie gehts?"?
07:44 BotSteve Ponko: Unable to guess your crazy moon language, sorry.
07:44 SitkaGrown Hello, I'm a bit tired
07:44 Ponko yep he's not well
07:45 wannabe1987 hello SitkaGrown
07:45 SitkaGrown Hello guys
07:45 Toastdude I have seen you on the forums, though
07:46 Ponko hmm Bat-Mobile if this lions team had a certain Barry on there team i could see this be a first SB for Detroit
07:46 wannabe1987 they kissed
07:46 Ponko who did?
07:46 wannabe1987 the dr and rose
07:46 Ponko ah yes
07:46 wannabe1987 have you not seen dr who?!
07:47 wannabe1987 ok good
07:47 SitkaGrown Yea, I'm not much of a PC  guy , I'm a little more like Joe S. (Fabrication/repair)
07:47 Ponko -_- what a dumb question for a brit who has the ACTUAL original Dr Who
07:47 wannabe1987 you askeed the question "who did?"
07:47 wannabe1987 its known that i'm watching dr who
07:47 wannabe1987 i just finished season 1!!!!!!
07:48 Ponko yeah but i forgot that
07:48 wannabe1987 ok lol
07:49 SitkaGrown Later Guys, I'm a little of my league ,LOL
07:49 NeWtoz no idea if anyone can help, but here it goes:
07:49 Ponko don't you agree Bat-Mobile NeWtoz that if the Lions had Barry playing for them RIGHT now they'd be going to the Super Bowl if not winning
07:49 NeWtoz :)
07:49 wannabe1987 bye SitkaGrown
07:49 NeWtoz I don't deal with what ifs
07:50 Ponko yeah but just think about it?
07:50 Toastdude Bye SitkaGrown
07:50 Ponko laters SitkaGrown
07:50 Ponko come back man it's actually fun here :)
07:51 wannabe1987 ok so david tennant is hot
07:51 wannabe1987 and i'm going to bed!
07:51 NeWtoz I'm coding in python and getting results from a sqlite database, it outputs it as [(u'This is the first test quote',)], how do I get it to now show the brackets and parentheses and that u
07:51 Ponko lol
07:51 Toastdude Night wannabe-zz
07:51 NeWtoz get it to not show*
07:52 Ponko idk
07:52 Ponko clone Barry Sanders?
07:52 NeWtoz well, we did just pick up a new RB
07:52 Ponko Bat-Mobile: what are we playing for on sunday?
07:52 NeWtoz from the saints practice squad
07:52 Bat-Mobile NeWtoz: you're probably using print to get that output, right?
07:52 Ponko who loses buys the beers?
07:52 NeWtoz something similar
07:53 * wannabe-zz wants a tardis
07:53 wannabe-zz kthxbai
07:53 NeWtoz phenny.say(str(result))
07:53 Bat-Mobile ah
07:53 NeWtoz I'm stumbling through this
07:53 NeWtoz first time using python and sqlite
07:53 Bat-Mobile the kludgy way to do it is phenny.say(str(result[0]))
07:54 Bat-Mobile because the brackets indicate that it's returning a 1-item list
07:54 Electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
07:54 Bat-Mobile you say [0] and you get the first element of that list
07:54 Bat-Mobile try that, see if it works
07:54 NeWtoz the [0] removed the []
07:54 Ponko NeWtoz: be glad that you're not relying on a school teacher to be your QB
07:55 NeWtoz I now just get (u'This is the first test quote',) instead of [(u'This is the first test quote',)]
07:55 NeWtoz progress
07:55 Ponko yay
07:55 Bat-Mobile ok
07:56 Bat-Mobile then do result[0][0]
07:56 Bat-Mobile see what that does
07:56 NeWtoz LOL, yup!
07:56 NeWtoz crazy
07:57 NeWtoz there probably is a command so I don't have that silly workaround
07:58 Ponko Bat-Mobile: be glad that Nicklas Lidstrom DOESN'T know Seroster
07:58 NeWtoz Thanks Bat-Mobile
07:58 NeWtoz I've been tempted to move to a .txt file this entire time
07:59 NeWtoz now I probably won't need to
07:59 Bat-Mobile NeWtoz: there probably is.  pastebin or gist a code snippet and I'll look at it
08:01 NeWtoz
08:01 BotSteve Title: Code Upload - Untitled - a free pastebin for sharing code with colleagues
08:01 NeWtoz there is more, but that is all that matters
08:02 NeWtoz oh, and ignore that insult line
08:02 NeWtoz that does nothing
08:04 NeWtoz unless my db is structured weirdly, I don't know the issue
08:05 NeWtoz I guess I could look though the tgg.db
08:05 Ponko it's a pity us 3 aren't in the same room
08:05 Ponko as in practically
08:06 Bat-Mobile ok
08:07 Toastdude Anyone know what time the event is going on at the lab?
08:07 Ponko 8PM CST
08:07 Bat-Mobile NeWtoz: so that SELECT query is going to return one and only one result, right?
08:07 Ponko or CT
08:08 NeWtoz that one does, yes
08:08 Bat-Mobile ok
08:09 Bat-Mobile if you only need one result, then you don't have to do fetchall()
08:09 Bat-Mobile you can do fetchone()
08:09 Bat-Mobile that'll return you one item, rather than an entire list
08:09 Bat-Mobile if you're gonna get multiple results, then you want fetchall()
08:09 Ponko Bat-Mobile NeWtoz Toastdude it would be fun if we in the same actual room i'd pop my head round the kitchen and ask who wants a sandwich
08:09 Bat-Mobile but something else that's cool that you can do is you don't even need to use the fetch commands
08:09 Toastdude Lol...
08:09 NeWtoz I was working previously with multiple results, but switched to that to debug
08:10 NeWtoz but that could also be my problem
08:10 * NeWtoz tests
08:10 Bat-Mobile you can just do
08:10 Bat-Mobile db_curr.execute("SELECT WHATEVER")
08:10 Bat-Mobile for item in db_curr:  do stuff
08:10 Bat-Mobile which is really the pythonic thing tod
08:10 Bat-Mobile to do
08:12 NeWtoz I was doing that earlier, but I was having more problems, so I switched to a simpler thing of just 1 object instead of many
08:12 NeWtoz fetchone makes it so I only need [0] instead of [0][0], which makes sense
08:12 NeWtoz at least I understand how it all works
08:13 NeWtoz now to go crazy
08:13 Bat-Mobile (:
08:13 Bat-Mobile have fun
08:13 NeWtoz fyi, I'm making a quotedb
08:14 NeWtoz where in chat you .+quote <quote> and it adds it to the db
08:14 NeWtoz and you can recall the quotes by id or eventually by keyword, or just a random one
08:15 NeWtoz there are too many out of context quotes floating around in IRC that are not being captured
08:15 NeWtoz but if I figure this out, I can do other things
08:18 lwq1996 night all
08:18 lwq1996 im hitting the hay
08:24 NeWtoz Bat-Mobile, in python, in loops and if statements and whatnot, is the indenting and spacing responsible for what is actually part of the loop/statement/whatev?
08:28 Bat-Mobile NeWtoz: yes
08:28 Bat-Mobile exactly
08:29 Bat-Mobile it's a language that enforces good indentation conventions.  :]
08:29 NeWtoz I like it
08:29 NeWtoz in a small way
08:29 Bat-Mobile me too
08:29 Bat-Mobile leave me a tell if you have any other questions
08:29 * Bat-Mobile sleeps
08:29 NeWtoz but it makes me want every coder to learn python first
08:30 * Experimentonomen wishes he could sleep :/
08:30 NeWtoz learn python!
08:30 NeWtoz if you don't already know it
08:30 Experimentonomen im NOT a coder or programmer or anything
08:31 Toastdude Bye Bats
08:33 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
08:44 * Ponko burnt himself on oil
08:48 Ponko well i'm one heck of a prized
08:54 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
09:04 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
09:19 Ponko hmmm western Michigan is on tv?
09:37 angy_ joined #thegeekgroup
09:45 Experimentonomen *yawn* urk
09:45 Ponko hmm
09:46 * Experimentonomen yawns his head off and considers ending his work day and go home and goto bed, its very tempting
09:49 Ponko i'd do that
09:52 Experimentonomen only 2 weeks left at this place and i already got the last bit of wage/salary whatever so i dont really loose anything on takin off, i'd just get asked tomorrow why i left, or get called up later today
09:58 piku joined #thegeekgroup
10:29 piku joined #thegeekgroup
10:30 piku_ joined #thegeekgroup
10:31 Ponko hmm tough call
11:36 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
11:45 NeWtoz I think my quotedb is in beta stage now
11:50 NeWtoz 53 lines
11:51 NeWtoz now to add more functionality
12:02 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
12:07 angy joined #thegeekgroup
12:15 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
12:15 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
12:43 angy joined #thegeekgroup
13:10 Electricguy oki i'm off to pick up my new computer PSU! :D brb!
13:15 yNos mah
13:15 yNos how the internets?
13:16 yNos demz gud?
13:19 wannabe-zz joined #thegeekgroup
13:21 wannabe-zz hi
13:26 wannabe1989 fuck irc
13:26 wannabe1989 god damnit
13:28 wannabe1987 it helps to spell "identify" properly
13:40 NeWtoz it does
13:40 NeWtoz I've been up all night coding
13:40 NeWtoz more research then coding
13:44 producerbill2 joined #thegeekgroup
13:50 Seroster WHAT
13:50 Seroster THE
13:50 Seroster FUCK
13:51 Experimentonomen me got package
13:53 tonsofpcs BotSteve: tell wannabe1987 that (if she is using mIRC, which I think she is) she can make an fkey (such as F2) do things automagically [try it with something other than your password first to make sure I didn't screw it up]: /alias /f2 /quote nickserv identify wannabe1987 $?="password?" | /nick wannabe1987
13:53 BotSteve tonsofpcs: I'll pass that on when wannabe1987 is around.
13:53 tonsofpcs thanks BotSteve
13:53 BotSteve You're welcome, tonsofpcs
13:55 NeWtoz she could also do it automagically I'm sure on connect
13:58 Seroster From now on Mom is to be known as Dad.
14:00 producerbill2 joined #thegeekgroup
14:08 producerbill2 morning geeks
14:10 Monkeh Afternoon producerbill2
14:11 producerbill2 I am so pysiced for today
14:13 Monkeh Well now, those caps were easy to remove.
14:13 Monkeh They were so helpful and pushed themselves off the board for me.
14:14 producerbill2 ok
14:14 producerbill2 what are you working on?
14:14 Monkeh producerbill2: Fixing and repurposing a small PSU.
14:15 producerbill2 ok how small
14:15 Monkeh Uh, 12V 2A iirc.
14:15 Monkeh And 5V 2A
14:15 producerbill2 very useful though
14:16 Monkeh Yep. It's going to power all my little 5V and 12V devices without requiring a small army of wallwarts
14:16 producerbill2 nice
14:17 Monkeh Without being as bulky as my current solution (an old AT PSU)
14:23 Sgt_Lemming <--- finished soldering the 7 segment driver together
14:23 BotSteve Title: Picasa Web Albums - Lemming Dixon - Touch Pro 2
14:23 exor674 joined #thegeekgroup
14:24 producerbill2 nice work
14:24 producerbill2 looks good
14:24 Monkeh I imagine that took a few minutes.
14:24 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
14:25 Sgt_Lemming just a couple
14:25 Sgt_Lemming doing all the 0603 resistors and SOT-23 MOSFET's was a PITA
14:25 Monkeh Yeees.
14:26 producerbill2 we need to get some solder paste and a heat gun
14:26 Monkeh producerbill2: Solder paste is great.
14:27 producerbill2 ya
14:27 Sgt_Lemming you've seen the business card PCB I am working on Monkeh?
14:27 Monkeh Sgt_Lemming: Yep
14:28 Sgt_Lemming yeah, gonna either get that one professionally done, or solder stencil, paste and reflow it
14:28 Sgt_Lemming cause fuck hand soldering 160 0603 LED's
14:28 producerbill2 ya
14:29 Electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
14:29 producerbill2 I want to build a led array,,,, but I don't know enough to make it happened
14:29 producerbill2 happen
14:29 Electricguy ok, got the new PSU installed now! :)
14:29 Sgt_Lemming high power or LED display array producerbill2?
14:31 producerbill2 ya, something like that
14:31 producerbill2 I would also like to build a 3. color led
14:31 Sgt_Lemming err, which one
14:31 producerbill2 array
14:31 Sgt_Lemming High power as in lighting, or LED Display array as in scrolling text/graphics across it?
14:32 producerbill2 why not both
14:32 producerbill2 smile
14:32 Sgt_Lemming it "can" be done
14:32 Sgt_Lemming it would be incredibly hard to do
14:33 Sgt_Lemming high power mosfets tend to have high switching times, so the displays refresh rate would suffer
14:33 producerbill2 I see
14:33 JustoStyle joined #thegeekgroup
14:34 producerbill2 I guess I don't know
14:35 jonnybeats joined #thegeekgroup
14:35 Sgt_Lemming you can pretty easily get 100 watt LED's now as well
14:36 Sgt_Lemming so making a display out of them, while cool, would be ever so slightly insane
14:36 Sgt_Lemming a display with the same res as mine at that scale would draw upto 16 kilowatt...
14:37 producerbill2 ok it should be inside friendly
14:38 Sgt_Lemming standard 5mm LED's should be fine thehn
14:38 Sgt_Lemming then*
14:39 Sgt_Lemming the hardware design is relatively simple, just do it row and column like I have, then it's a matter of 1 IO pin per row/column
14:39 Sgt_Lemming to turn on an LED, you just turn on the corresponding two IO pins
14:39 Sgt_Lemming simple as shit to implement/design/program
14:41 NeWtoz I have a led message board thing
14:41 NeWtoz I need to work on that sometime
14:42 producerbill2 I would like it to have a ton of leds 200+  leds
14:42 masterofmonks Also, Seroster.
14:43 Seroster ?
14:43 Sgt_Lemming producerbill2, if you do 8 rows, that is enough to display any character in the ASCII dataset, then do 25 columns
14:43 Sgt_Lemming there's your 200LED's
14:43 Sgt_Lemming keep in mind though, cost, complexity, power, etc, etc
14:43 producerbill2 sure
14:44 producerbill2 gtg talk to you all later
14:45 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
14:46 Electricguy some pics of the computer PSU change
14:46 BotSteve Title: EG's new computer PSU - Imgur
14:47 Sgt_Lemming Electricguy, scoll back up a bit and I posted a link to the completed giant 7 segment board
14:48 Electricguy i can't see any link
14:48 Sgt_Lemming
14:48 BotSteve Title: Picasa Web Albums - Lemming Dixon - Touch Pro 2
14:49 Electricguy thx
14:49 Electricguy hehehe nice :P
14:50 Sgt_Lemming soldered 35 0603 resistors, 35 sot-23 mosfets, had one soldering snafu
14:50 Sgt_Lemming not a bad effor
14:50 Sgt_Lemming effort*
14:50 Electricguy hehehe :P
14:50 Electricguy yeah, soldering SMD is a bit time consuming
14:50 JA12 speaking of leds.. I just bought a led flahslight. it's cheap but works. much better than no light when you need one
14:50 Sgt_Lemming just a bit...
14:51 Electricguy JA12 nice :)
14:51 Sgt_Lemming JA12, I have 2 LED flashlights (a little 18650 powered handlight, and a 14500 powered headlamp) in my EDC bag, and a 900LM LED headlight on my bike
14:51 Electricguy i got one of these flashlights
14:51 Electricguy and a LED Lenser L7
14:51 BotSteve Title: T6 900-Lumen 5-Mode White LED Flashlight - Titanium Color (2x18650) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
14:51 Sgt_Lemming nice
14:52 Electricguy with a CREE XM-L T6 emitter
14:52 Electricguy a little review i made of it :)
14:52 BotSteve Title: T6 900-Lumen 5-Mode White LED Flashlight - Titanium Color (2x18650) DealExtreme Flashlight - YouTube
14:53 injektion My days of building PCs are over
14:53 JA12 Electricguy: those dx lights are bright I hear
14:54 Xela joined #thegeekgroup
14:54 Sgt_Lemming they are
14:54 Sgt_Lemming 2 of mine are DX lights and they are FUCKING bright
14:54 Xela Hello everybody
14:54 injektion Hardware is too much of a commodity
14:54 tonsofpcs hi
14:55 Electricguy JA12, yeah, i measured the output at work. and it gives 896Lumen. so the specs aren't lying :)
14:55 Xela I have here with me a laptop, a PC, a router to which all can connect (LAN) and the need to copy all data from the laptop's HDD to a drive inside the PC.
14:55 JA12 I just needed something I can keep with me and it doesn't matter much if I lose it
14:55 Electricguy hehe oki :P
14:55 injektion Take laptops if something was to break it's best to just buy a new one
14:56 Electricguy yeah cheap flashlights are always handy
14:57 Xela Anybody have any ideas on how to pull an entire HDD via LAN?
14:57 tonsofpcs yes.
14:57 tonsofpcs But the drive needs to not be mounted.
14:57 Sgt_Lemming Xela, does the laptop boot?
14:58 tonsofpcs I'm pretty sure you can pipe dd through uucp
14:58 Xela So live-CD, keep hdd unmounted and then uucp?
14:58 Sgt_Lemming Xela, you running linux or windows on your pc?
14:59 Xela The laptop boots, (so does the PC), both are by default Windows but the PC is a ubuntu dual boot and nothing is stopping me from putting *nix on the laptop
15:00 Sgt_Lemming Xela, just use a live cd on the laptop
15:01 Sgt_Lemming there are plenty of live cd's that will let you dump a HDD image to an SMB or NFS share
15:01 JA12 like parted magic
15:01 Xela doh...I didn't even think of that
15:07 NeWtoz coding session over
15:08 NeWtoz BotSteve, tell BatSteve I'm almost done with my module, let me how you want to proceed
15:08 BotSteve NeWtoz: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
15:11 JA12 NeWtoz: "know" :)
15:11 NeWtoz ?
15:11 JA12 missing word
15:11 NeWtoz OH
15:12 NeWtoz meh
15:12 JA12 he'll understand without it
15:14 NeWtoz yeah
15:14 Andyroo_ joined #thegeekgroup
15:14 NeWtoz next time we are both on, BotSteve will have a quote function hopefully
15:15 Andyroo_ Howdy folks
15:15 NeWtoz granted my code is approved
15:15 NeWtoz first time writing python, but all should be well
15:16 NeWtoz time to go get my car and head back to Grand Rapids
15:16 NeWtoz and if I'm not too tired, I'll head to the party
15:22 Electricguy animals playing hide and seek
15:22 BotSteve Title: Sockersöta djur leker kurragömma! @
15:22 Electricguy XD
15:26 Coderjoe hahah
15:26 Coderjoe dd into uucp?
15:26 Electricguy :P
15:26 Sgt_Lemming I love the cat in the sink
15:26 Coderjoe only if you have enough room on the source end of the uucp and have the sync set up
15:27 Electricguy yeah XD
15:41 Seroster ooo
15:41 Seroster Lol
15:42 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, scroll up, posted a pic of the completed 7 segment driver board
15:42 Seroster cba
15:43 Sgt_Lemming ...?
15:44 Seroster Odd.
15:44 Sgt_Lemming ...?
15:44 Seroster I am messing with cs
15:45 Coderjoe ha
15:45 Coderjoe er, meant "heh"
15:45 Coderjoe built a 7segment driver in minecraft
15:45 Coderjoe redstone is a pain in the butt
15:46 Coderjoe especially when you abuse it and cause the server to bog down
15:47 Sgt_Lemming Coderjoe, this is a 5 digit 7 segment countdown clock driver board
15:47 Sgt_Lemming with interface buttons for judges and competitors
15:48 Coderjoe ah
15:48 Sgt_Lemming as well as outputs for revolving lights and a siren
15:49 Coderjoe I was looking at making a clock in minecraft, with the help of a craftbook IC that, iirc, gave server time. (or perhaps I was going to calibrate the clock pulse to be about one second and then do a set-and-run thing. I forget)
15:50 injektion This makes me sad on so many levels
15:50 Sgt_Lemming Coderjoe <--- I'd rather do real electronics
15:51 Coderjoe yeah. I was just trying to challenge myself in minecraft
15:51 Sgt_Lemming implement that in MC and I will be impressed
15:52 Coderjoe is that a 10x16 matrix display?
15:53 Sgt_Lemming yup
15:53 Sgt_Lemming with full row and column drive
15:53 Coderjoe yeah... that might be difficult in MC... redstone SUCKS
15:53 Sgt_Lemming yup
15:54 Coderjoe best matrix display I've seen was pre-programmed to what it was supposed to display
15:54 Sgt_Lemming yeah
15:55 Coderjoe there is no real way to do a multiplexed display with redstone. it is too slow and burns out if switched too fast
15:55 * Sgt_Lemming nods
15:59 Coderjoe it was quite difficult to do one 7-segment without cheating and using craftbook ICs for multi-input gates or wireless ICs for separating things a bit more
16:00 Coderjoe and without doing the cheap hack method with long bus lines from the display going back to a series of number-state decoders (one decoder for 0, which set all the segments for 0, etc)
16:01 Coderjoe so I guess that setup would be a long series of address decoder circuits with the outputs tied to the segments needed to count that address
16:01 Coderjoe and I need to go
16:04 Seroster Mrgh
16:04 Seroster My board isnt big enough for this motstack
16:05 Sgt_Lemming heh
16:17 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, found a source for NST's here the other day
16:18 Sgt_Lemming $75 for a 12kv 30ma, $100 for a 15kv 30ma, he can provide us with upto 15kv 200ma!
16:21 Seroster Right...
16:21 Seroster So
16:21 Seroster ..
16:21 Seroster Shipping?
16:21 Experimentonomen too much :P
16:21 piku joined #thegeekgroup
16:32 tesla4d_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:42 tonsofpcs NSTs? Non-Shielded Transformers?
16:43 tonsofpcs (just a SWAG)
16:43 tesla4d_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:44 Seroster ...
16:44 Seroster Neon sign xfromers
16:44 tonsofpcs ah
16:44 tesla4d joined #thegeekgroup
16:44 tonsofpcs Sgt_Lemming: you still haven't placed IC3? :)
16:45 Sgt_Lemming nope, that is the same pic as earlier
16:45 Sgt_Lemming haven't worked on it since that one
16:45 Sgt_Lemming well, not much
16:46 tesla4d I *knew* it was a bad idea to try to load X-Plane 10 on my computer.
16:46 tesla4d Well, time to buy a new one, I guess...
16:48 tonsofpcs tesla4d: a new computer or a new plane? :)
16:48 tonsofpcs also, let me and BatSteve know if you find a good combat flight sim.
16:48 tonsofpcs (preferrably free/cheap)
16:49 * tonsofpcs has a flight yoke and throttle quadrant on a table in his living room that needs to be placed in front of the 100" screen and go for a fly
16:49 * tesla4d_ is indescribably jealous.
16:50 tesla4d_ I honestly don't know if anybody makes combat flight sims anymore.
16:50 Seroster Hey tesla
16:50 Seroster Got a new honda yet?
16:50 tonsofpcs I found one that looked interesting when we were actively looking for them but I can't find it in my logs
16:50 tonsofpcs honda? his name is tesla, go for a roadster!
16:50 tesla4d_ Seroster: Yeah, I got one a few months ago, and I know I told you about it.
16:51 tesla4d_ New car, same as the old care.
16:51 tesla4d_ *car
16:51 Seroster <3
16:51 Seroster I... I love your honda.
16:51 tesla4d_ Same color, same model. One year newer, one trim level higher, but still a manual transmission.
16:51 tonsofpcs how long is the clutch throw?
16:51 Seroster Can I rub it?
16:52 tesla4d_ tonsofpcs: I don't really know, honestly.
16:52 * tesla4d_ looks up the term "clutch throw"
16:52 Seroster I assume it is how far you have to push it before it does its thing
16:53 tesla4d_ Very short.
16:53 Seroster btw, tesla4d, you should totally join #TGG:NSFW . I know you want to.
16:54 tesla4d_ I still drop it to the floor when changing gears out of habit, but to slip it a little only takes "a thought and a twitch."
16:54 Seroster Lol
16:54 tesla4d_ It's kind of weird, honestly. I suspect it means I'll have to replace the clutch relatively soon.
16:55 * tesla4d_ doesn't really know *that much* about how cars work. Embarrassing for an engineering student.
16:57 * tesla4d_ pokes tonsofpcs
16:59 tesla4d_ If I enjoyed poking around under the hood, I don't think I would have a honda.
16:59 tesla4d_ They're horrifying.
17:00 tesla4d_ I think this is the heart of the domestic versus foreign feud.
17:01 tesla4d_ If you want a car to work on, domestic. If you want a car to drive, foreign. But then, as I admitted, I don't have much experience yet.
17:07 injektion <tesla4d_> If you want a car to work on, domestic. <--- I wouldn't say that
17:07 injektion Especially with Ford and their Ecoboost engines
17:08 tesla4d_ That's probably fair. Now that I think about it, I know some people who enjoy fooling with foreign cars, too.
17:08 injektion Also the ford fiesta lacks a temperature gauge
17:09 tesla4d_ One of them built a new ECM for his van, even... But wait, his van was an econoline something-or-other. He doesn't fiddle with his BMW's. Damn.
17:09 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
17:10 injektion I prefer any Bosch powered ECU to anything the americans ever tried to do
17:10 mashpriborintorg hi
17:11 mashpriborintorg speaking about ECU ? I love taking them apart
17:14 tesla4d_ Whoops.
17:15 Seroster And an ECU is?
17:15 tesla4d_ I just realized I keep using terms like "foreign" and "domestic" in a chatroom full of international users.
17:15 tesla4d_ I'm an idiot.
17:15 mashpriborintorg Engine Control Unit
17:15 Seroster You sure are tesla4d =)
17:15 mashpriborintorg the electronics  box fitted in your motor compartment
17:16 Seroster Btw, by foregin we ALL mean japanese, german or italian cars. I am not aware of any chat members from either of those
17:17 mashpriborintorg as a good frenchie, I have a Peugeot car :)
17:17 Seroster My mother drives an R.R
17:17 Seroster Rusty Renault thatis.
17:18 mashpriborintorg lol this model is for export only, not seen here
17:20 mashpriborintorg they do not rust too much, but Renault had huge reliability issues around 2000-2006, it's getting better now
17:20 Sgt_Lemming mmm, so nice when someone is arguing something about a product, and the product makers own blog contradicts them
17:21 Sgt_Lemming game set and freaking match
17:21 tesla4d_ Does this relate to the car discussion, or is it something else?
17:23 Sgt_Lemming something else
17:23 Sgt_Lemming completely stupid argument I was having with someone in #sparkfun
17:27 NeWtoz anyone else here going to that party thing?
17:28 mashpriborintorg following it on the stream for me, but my soul will be there
17:28 Sgt_Lemming wishing I was
17:28 tesla4d_ What party thing?
17:29 NeWtoz apparently TGG is having an end of the year party
17:29 mashpriborintorg what , there's a party thing ? where ? :p
17:29 NeWtoz I didn't know about it until last night
17:29 mashpriborintorg you did not learn your Captain's blog well enough tesla4d
17:30 mashpriborintorg it's like homework, you need to watch them until you know them on the fingertips
17:31 tesla4d_ I'll do that when I get paid to.
17:32 tesla4d_ For now, it's free entertainment. Not homework.
17:38 mashpriborintorg I'm so angry against the postal service, they "lost" my parcel
17:41 Seroster Im bored
17:42 Seroster It's time to P-A-R-T "Y" - BECAUSE I GOTTA!
17:43 Seroster Look ma! I'm roadkill! Ha-Ha-HA!
17:43 reesk joined #thegeekgroup
17:43 reesk hey guys i wanna test something
17:43 reesk ايم ستعمل يعلمكم كل الكلام افغان
17:43 reesk what did i just say
17:44 tesla4d_ Looks like not-quite-arabic, rendered from right to left.
17:44 Seroster Erm
17:44 Seroster You said a lot of rubbish
17:44 tesla4d_ I guess that means I have the correct character encoding set up?
17:44 reesk i just said im going to teach you to speak arabic which proves a point i was making elsewhere that you cant expect to teach someone something without teaching them the basics
17:45 Seroster I do also have the correct encoding, but it still looks like rubbish to me
17:45 Seroster How many letters are there in the arabic alphabet?
17:45 tesla4d_ For the record, I've always wanted to learn a little Arabic.
17:45 sndwrx My font is too small for it to be legible.
17:45 reesk basically i just got sent to a link to a site that teachies php by giving you lengthy code examples and expecting you to know what there talking about
17:46 reesk instead of teaching you from the begingin
17:46 Seroster erm...
17:46 reesk its like your french teacher speaking nothing but french and expecting you to understand on your first day
17:46 sndwrx ḋ̞̖͍̯̭̪̪̏̿ͫ̈̎̅̿͜ö̧͙͍̝͓͉̞́̉̿͆͌͛͠ě̖̙̹̦̺̎̈́̆͡s͔̥̥͗̒̓̀͋̑̃̽̀͘͡ ̨̥̠̟̱̰̙ͮ̎̏̚͜͞z̩̫̙̻ͩ̇ͥ̏̄̚a̢͚̘̩͓̘̤͍ͩ͌͑ͪ͢l͓̩̾͋́͋ͤ̆̆͌͟g͕͍̏͑̊̐̅͝o̷̜͙ͮ̊́͛̃ ̟̩̳̤̍̃̿̌̽ͥ̄̀w̥̟͓̙̣̩̹̅̋̕̕͞ǫ̙͙̜͔͕̘̞͔͑̒ͩ̄̆ͮ̚͢r̵̨̧̻̖̝͈͔͛͊̈́ͮk̵̯͇̯ͣ̆̑̚
17:46 sndwrx ̘̱͖̲ͫ̂̽̃͡o̡͕͇ͮ͂͒ͩ̏ͪͫn̡̠̟͙̰̬͖ͮ̂̃͌̆̚ ̸̢͍̬̦͇͈̳͕̙̜͛ͪ͗̿̌̾̏ͥ̕I͍̥̊͒͗͂͜͜͢R̰͖̪̱̳̮̱̫̋̄̐̃͊͋ͪ͠͠C̢̼̠͊͆̒͗͘͜?̪̯͎̖̑̓
17:46 sndwrx ͚̹̣͈͙̙͍͎̽͛ͮ͋͜apparently not.
17:47 reesk looks cool though
17:47 injektion Holy Hell sndwrx
17:47 reesk does zalge work on irc
17:47 injektion You made my IRC client take a crap all over my screen
17:47 sndwrx HAHA
17:47 Seroster That... Is just gibberish
17:47 sndwrx Oh, guess it works for some clients.
17:47 sndwrx Just looked like plaintext on mine.
17:47 * sndwrx snicker.s
17:47 Seroster Right. Please stop fucking around with non latin alphabets, please.
17:48 injektion I want you to clean the diarrhea off my screen
17:48 * sndwrx laughs.
17:48 sndwrx Don't like zalgo text?
17:48 reesk why was my name messed up
17:48 tesla4d_ It's a good way to get kicked for spamming.
17:48 NeWtoz .seen BatSteve-Away
17:48 BotSteve NeWtoz: I last saw Bat-Mobile 11.75 hours ago at 2011-12-28 06:04:13 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 17:48:57 UTC
17:49 sndwrx How many lines did it render?
17:49 BotSteve NeWtoz: I last saw Bot-Mobile 187.26 hours ago at 2011-12-20 22:33:21 UTC on #tgg-bots.
17:49 BotSteve NeWtoz: I last saw BatSteve-Away 276.54 hours ago at 2011-12-17 05:16:48 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
17:49 Monkeh
17:49 BotSteve NeWtoz: I last saw Farts-Mobile 419.86 hours ago at 2011-12-11 05:57:14 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
17:49 reesk why does you using zalgo make everyones screen mess up
17:49 NeWtoz SPAM
17:49 Monkeh So, that's good for wire and.. yep, that's about it.
17:49 sndwrx On my client it was only two plain-text lines.
17:49 Seroster BotSteve: tell BatSteve Dude. We need to talk about the .seen command.
17:49 BotSteve Seroster: I'll pass that on when BatSteve is around.
17:49 reesk why doe we use latin alphabets when were not latin
17:49 Seroster Because I kick your ass if you don't? =)
17:50 reesk wan i use wingdings
17:50 reesk its like sign language so blind people can see it lol
17:50 NeWtoz .code
17:50 BotSteve You can download my code at
17:51 reesk i envy blind people
17:51 reesk they aparently have braile pron
17:51 reesk they can read on the buss and only they know what there looking/feeling
17:51 sndwrx I have a couple different braille stampers, or whatever they're called.
17:52 Seroster You envy blind people?
17:52 Seroster Come here and say that to my phillips 2 screwdriver bitch.
17:52 sndwrx Anyway, how many lines did that zalgo text smear across your screen?
17:52 reesk not the fact there blind
17:52 reesk just there ability to read adult litreture in public places without any odd looks
17:52 sndwrx You like porn that much, reesk ?
17:52 Seroster Learn braile then
17:58 tesla4d_ OH GOD.
17:58 tesla4d_ I got caught up in chat, and forgot that I had minecraft running until a zombie found me.
17:59 tesla4d_ Lucky it wasn't a creeper. O.o
17:59 Seroster I have a recut version of the mask on my computer. IT's only the parts when he actually is the mask
18:00 mashpriborintorg oh shit I missed the Kim's funerals, seems it was epic
18:00 Seroster Because seriously who gives a damn about hte other parts
18:00 Seroster epic in what way, mashpriborintorg?
18:00 * Experimentonomen keeps tripping the amplifiers short circuit protection into his new lab speakers :P
18:04 tesla4d_ Damn it, reesk, now I keep wondering if/how porn for blind people is written differently from porn for sighted people.
18:04 tesla4d_ Thanks for ruining me. >.<
18:05 NeWtoz yup
18:05 Andyroo joined #thegeekgroup
18:06 Andyroo Your voice is carrying all the way to the UK :D
18:06 reesk tesla4d_: ooooh dot dot double dot dot 2 dots on top of each other OMG THIS IS SO HOT
18:07 tesla4d_ Aww, come on. That's not necessary.
18:07 reesk hush up or ill show you my dot dot 3 dots diagonally
18:09 Andyroo D.... dots?
18:10 tggmc joined #thegeekgroup
18:11 tggmc Cprossu you around?
18:13 tesla4d_ reesk: I feel compelled to point out that there can't be "3 dots diagonally". Braille symbols are only 2 wide.
18:13 reesk check your pms
18:14 reesk how do you do a full stop or a : in braile
18:14 tesla4d_ How do you do an "a"?
18:15 tesla4d_ There's no reason for the symbols to be similar.
18:16 Tullejente joined #thegeekgroup
18:17 reesk deaf people intrigue me too
18:17 reesk how do they talk in a dark room
18:17 reesk and whilst driving?
18:19 Andyroo heh, look on that kid's face, Chris just told him about Zeus, right? :D
18:20 reesk being a quadraplegic deaf person is just hell id imagine
18:21 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
18:21 BotSteve TOASTY!
18:21 Toastdude Hi
18:21 Andyroo Hi, Toastdude
18:24 Toastdude How are you?
18:25 Andyroo Tip top here, settled in, occasionally flipping back to the live stream, party time in 2.5 hours :D
18:25 Toastdude :D
18:26 Toastdude Really wish I coukd be there..
18:28 NeWtoz any idea what they will be doing?
18:28 Andyroo Snap - I'd need to get a train, then a bus, then a flight, then another flight, then another bus, then I'd be there :O
18:29 Toastdude WWhere are you, Andyroo ?
18:29 mashpriborintorg Or get in touch with the USS Enterprise to get teleported at the lab
18:29 Andyroo The sunny west coast of Scotland, et tu?
18:29 Andyroo Aye, beam me up!
18:30 Toastdude Centeral Illinois..
18:30 Toastdude Central
18:30 Andyroo You've no excuse, get drivin' :D
18:30 Toastdude 5 hours!
18:30 NeWtoz I'd rather have the USS Defiant
18:30 mashpriborintorg but you need to give precise coordinates if you don't want to end up embedded in a wall :p
18:30 Andyroo Nah, Runabout. More cosy. :)
18:30 Toastdude And I'm only 13..
18:30 NeWtoz I'd settle for a runabout
18:31 Andyroo Ah, I see, you are at a disadvantage there :O
18:32 NeWtoz according to google, I'm 1.6 miles away
18:33 Andyroo As the runabout flies, or walking distance? :)
18:34 NeWtoz that would be walking
18:34 NeWtoz I wonder if google can do the other
18:34 Andyroo Heading up there today? Wave into the live stream for us :D
18:34 NeWtoz sure
18:40 Andyroo Oh look! Hai Chris and guests :D
18:45 sndwrx When does the party begin?
18:45 NeWtoz 4pm, stuff starts at 5
18:45 NeWtoz I think
18:45 * sndwrx nods.
18:46 NeWtoz I'm pretty darn tired, so I'm going to be a zombie there
18:47 sndwrx You headed up there?
18:47 NeWtoz I figured I might as well
18:47 NeWtoz it's just down the road
18:47 * sndwrx nods.
18:48 mashpriborintorg you are so lucky to be near the lab, don't miss it
18:49 sndwrx Unfortunately I won't be able to attend.
18:51 mashpriborintorg 3 hours I'm listening to a blank radio :p
18:53 Seroster fuck
18:53 Seroster where is sparky when you need him
18:53 Seroster neither sparky nor thermo
18:53 tggmc .seen masterofmonks
18:53 BotSteve tggmc: I last saw masterofmonks 16.93 hours ago at 2011-12-28 01:57:30 UTC on #TGG:NSFW.  Current time: 18:53:33 UTC
18:53 masterofmonks ??
18:53 Seroster Who is at mc?
18:54 tggmc can you update channel topic for the da?
18:54 tggmc *ay?
18:54 tggmc *Day
18:54 tggmc Steve
18:54 Seroster Yes, I can.
18:54 Seroster So... What do you want?
18:54 tggmc note that at 5:00 est Chis will be giving a 1 year presentation
18:55 tggmc *chris
18:55 NeWtoz That is a really long presentation!
18:55 tggmc on the live stream
18:55 Toastdude lol
18:55 mashpriborintorg yeah ;p
18:55 mashpriborintorg poor Chris
18:55 tggmc we all know chris is long winded
18:55 Seroster What is that time in gmt?
18:55 Seroster I.E london time?
18:56 tggmc +5
18:56 mashpriborintorg 21 pm
18:56 tggmc i think
18:56 NeWtoz !time GMT
18:56 tggmc so 10
18:56 NeWtoz .time GMT
18:56 Seroster 21pm, sure about that?
18:56 NeWtoz meh
18:56 Toastdude .t GMT
18:56 BotSteve Wed, 28 Dec 2011 18:56:23 GMT
18:56 mashpriborintorg at the worst 22
18:56 Seroster tggmc, 21=!ten =P
18:56 Seroster So it's 19.00 GMT
18:56 NeWtoz aka (in 3 hours)
18:56 Seroster .time tgg
18:56 tggmc yes
18:56 Seroster Righto
18:56 tggmc if it starts on time
18:57 Seroster 22 gmt is correct then
18:57 tggmc updates will be given as it gets closer as I can
18:57 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream |   Channel log: |  Report website problems to dr_jkl with ".bug". | The name's Bond...Ionic Bond.  Taken, not shared. | At 5:00 EST (22.00 GMT) Chris will be givinga 1 year presentation on the live stream
18:57 Seroster .in 3hours remind yo dood live stream.
18:57 BotSteve Seroster: Okay, will remind at 21:57Z
18:58 NeWtoz well, that could be spammed
18:58 producerbill2 joined #thegeekgroup
18:58 Seroster tggmc, if you run into chris, tell him that "The swedish douchebag Seroster is building a motstack, with a little luck he'll die" =)
18:58 producerbill2 looks like things are getting setup
18:59 Seroster How, bill?
18:59 NeWtoz I'd could go help, but last time I was there, someone had to cut a gas line
19:00 Seroster ...We love you even if you fucked up a bit newtoz =P
19:00 Sgt_Lemming jeebus f'ing christ
19:00 Sgt_Lemming there is a 442GB torrent on pirate bay
19:00 NeWtoz yes child?
19:00 Sgt_Lemming have a guess what it is...
19:00 Obtuse joined #thegeekgroup
19:00 tggmc well do Seroster
19:00 Andyroo Who's dulcet tones were they, tgg? :D
19:00 mashpriborintorg so it was the day Chris was interviewed by the pretty reporter woman :)
19:01 producerbill2 I am hoping to head the at 3
19:01 tggmc ?
19:01 Obtuse haha. you go ahead and the all you want at 3
19:01 mashpriborintorg from the news team when the gas leak occured
19:01 Seroster Now. Dinner.
19:01 NeWtoz there is a 647.81GB torrent on a site that I'm of course not affiliated with...
19:01 producerbill2 tggmc has anyone tested the audio feed?
19:01 kuzzle joined #thegeekgroup
19:01 Obtuse (I know bill meant head to the lab)
19:01 Seroster mashpriborintorg, didnt he invite her for coffee or something?
19:01 tggmc working on it now
19:02 tggmc I'm going to set my tone gen down there
19:02 mashpriborintorg yeah but she had no time, too bad
19:02 producerbill2 ok I am listening now
19:02 producerbill2 ya obtuse you going to come?
19:03 Seroster I can't sing, I can't tell what note is being played, but I CAN tell you the frequenzy of a given note =P
19:03 Obtuse indeed I will be there
19:03 Toastdude Hi kuzzle
19:03 Obtuse I've also got a bunch of stuff to drop off
19:03 Andyroo @Seroster, can we call you the hertz whisperer? :D
19:03 Obtuse my dad saw TGG videos and he was like "I've got stuff to get rid of"
19:03 producerbill2 nice see you there
19:03 Obtuse mostly old video stuff
19:03 Seroster ... No... Only if you give me an NST
19:04 Seroster If you give me an NST you can call me your little bitch and slap me around. =P
19:04 Seroster lol Obtuse
19:04 Obtuse but i might wait till tomorrow or friday to bring that in. Not sure how busy things will be
19:04 Obtuse there's a NADY wireless mic in there
19:04 Obtuse could be handy
19:04 Andyroo That's a solid offer I can't refuse. Now I just need an NST....
19:05 mashpriborintorg NST... pure unobtainium here
19:05 Seroster mashpriborintorg, here they are...
19:06 Andyroo Ah, is that what the goop inside is made of then?
19:06 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 Seroster Superphosphate!
19:06 mashpriborintorg some petroleum or wax based goop I assume
19:06 sndwrx Sgt_Lemming: wikileaks archives?
19:06 Seroster Ik heb een grote lul!
19:06 Sgt_Lemming nope
19:06 Superphosphate Hi Seroster!
19:06 Sgt_Lemming porn
19:06 Seroster mashpriborintorg, nsts are most often full of tar
19:07 Seroster If its not tar its epoxy
19:07 Superphosphate Haha Seroster, can you prove it though :-p
19:07 producerbill2 clock go faster,,, then slower
19:07 NeWtoz if it's tar, you just need to tar -xvvf it
19:07 mashpriborintorg I hate epoxy coatings
19:07 Seroster Lol
19:07 Seroster I love epoxy, until the second you got to get rid of it
19:07 Seroster After that it kinda sucks
19:08 mashpriborintorg yeah, it is usefull for keeping things secret
19:08 tggmc loud tone warning
19:08 NeWtoz SUCCESS
19:09 Toastdude A220?
19:09 Andyroo Beeeeeeeeeeep
19:09 tggmc sounds like e have a signal
19:09 Obtuse heard that
19:09 tggmc 440
19:09 Toastdude Oh
19:09 mashpriborintorg as here: only x_ray or tomography can give a clue of what's inside the resin block
19:09 BotSteve Title: Mig autopilot computer | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
19:09 tggmc one octave off
19:09 Andyroo He was only hearing it in one ear, hence the half frequency :D
19:09 Toastdude At least I got the A correct lol
19:09 tggmc funny
19:09 tggmc time to kill the tone
19:10 Andyroo tggmc, any other interesting feeds around the building right now?
19:10 injektion Does BBC's iPlayer still use flash?
19:11 NeWtoz he's left
19:11 producerbill2 lol tone maybe some warning
19:11 NeWtoz producerbill2, has some lag
19:12 NeWtoz I loved how it was load, and as soon as I lowered my volume, it got louder
19:12 producerbill2 no just busy
19:12 producerbill2 lo
19:12 producerbill2 lol
19:12 NeWtoz loud*
19:13 Andyroo I always worry about the latency, the security cam feed clock is always 5 hours 15 minutes off my local time... so the 5 hours is GMT offset.. but the fifteen minutes, I wonder :O
19:13 mashpriborintorg uh-oh Batman has rack servers
19:13 mashpriborintorg lots of lame servers it seems
19:16 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
19:16 ajcc are they getting computers? :D
19:16 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
19:16 Electricguy i just bought one more arduino and a screw terminal protoshield :P
19:16 mashpriborintorg should be rendering engines for video production
19:16 Obtuse a conversation on the radio?
19:17 NeWtoz ?
19:17 Obtuse on the live stream
19:17 ajcc mashpriborintorg: oh, can't they put one in the NAC(?) network center room thingy, to replace one of those Pentium-II machines
19:17 NeWtoz yeah, it's just ham radio dudes
19:18 Obtuse pretty damn clear amatuer radio signal
19:18 NeWtoz it's a local repeater
19:19 producerbill2 joined #thegeekgroup
19:20 tggmc or security
19:20 Superphosphate_ joined #thegeekgroup
19:21 tggmc there is a 15 drive 300+ gb 15k SAS array there
19:21 Toastdude Hi Superphosphate
19:21 Superphosphate_ Hi Toastdude
19:21 tggmc as well as a handfull of additional servers
19:22 mashpriborintorg it's Christmas again then
19:24 Andyroo Time for a third rack in the NOC then?
19:25 ajcc did you guys see the minecraft geek group map?, I wonder if anyone is working on the CAD one, would be neat for us outside US :), all those weird stairs always confuse me
19:26 mashpriborintorg Seroster: Sparky must not be far from his computer, he just uploaded a new yt video !
19:26 Seroster I know
19:26 Seroster Already commented =P
19:26 superman joined #thegeekgroup
19:26 superman Boo!
19:27 Superphosphate_ Hello superman
19:27 Andyroo Ah, he has a special guest on this one too!
19:27 superman How's it going?
19:27 killakee joined #thegeekgroup
19:27 Toastdude superman!
19:27 Andyroo Hi superman
19:27 Toastdude You were the secret santa person!
19:28 mashpriborintorg He's beginning to do dangerous things, Photonic contaminated him
19:28 superman Hi toast, super, and andy
19:28 superman yes...yes i was. you guys will see me on the cameras around 4:45ish
19:28 Sgt_Lemming after building that 7 segment board today, I realized a few changes were in order
19:28 ajcc Photonicinduction is the reason I know about The Geek Group :), don't blame the man
19:28 Sgt_Lemming <--- updated board
19:29 Sgt_Lemming not sure if I will ever need it, considering I have 4 more unpopulated PCB's here, but eh, I was bored
19:30 tlockley joined #thegeekgroup
19:30 tlockley afternoon
19:30 Seroster Hoooly crap
19:31 tlockley tggmc can we get local sound?
19:32 ajcc aww, now it's just a blur :(
19:32 Sgt_Lemming what'd I miss?
19:33 tggmc white balancing
19:33 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
19:33 Andyroo Sparky touched a livewire, was quite entertaining :)   ...don't quite fancy trying that one meself though.
19:33 Seroster lol
19:33 Seroster I wouldnt either
19:33 Seroster In theory its safe
19:33 Seroster And... Well that aint respect xD
19:33 Seroster
19:33 Seroster Does that thought seem sound?
19:33 Seroster Pink mots are positive when green mots are negative
19:33 scubadiver joined #thegeekgroup
19:34 Andyroo Is that weathercam on the feed? Very foggy today then? :)
19:34 NeWtoz A RAINBOW!
19:34 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
19:34 NeWtoz SO PURDY
19:34 Andyroo That was spooky :O
19:34 Andyroo What was that, camera without a lens attached?
19:34 ajcc hmm, testbars :/, they are cute but those computers looked neat
19:36 DruidicRifleman Hey
19:36 mashpriborintorg seems pretty dangerous Seroster, I'd rather use some corona converter for old photocopier to produce such voltages... "It's not the volts that kills you, that's the amps"
19:36 ajcc yay, Bolt Depot :)
19:36 superman yeah..that sign.. batman and i hung it
19:36 tggmc no, it's a steve checking signals
19:36 Sgt_Lemming heh,
19:37 Andyroo Well, I'm off to play Skyrim for a bit if things are on the go slow. Back later, have fun :)
19:37 Sgt_Lemming Joke: What's the difference between a Mechanical Engineer and a Civil Engineer?
19:37 Seroster mashpriborintorg, Yeah. It is pretty damn dangerous, 2000watts at 12000 volts would be 166ma, more than five times more than lethal.
19:38 Sgt_Lemming Mechanical Engineers build weapons, Civil Engineers build targets
19:38 tgg|ajprog joined #thegeekgroup
19:38 Seroster I am aware of the danger. I just wonder if my schematic is theoretically sound
19:38 Sgt_Lemming it is
19:40 Seroster Worst case scenario I trip a few breakers and kill a bunch of mots. Wich.. Doesnt really matter since I got 25+ of the suckers =P
19:40 DruidicRifleman Whats up
19:40 ajcc Micro Oven Transformers are dangerous evil little things!
19:40 tgg|ajprog yNos: you in?
19:40 Seroster sure are, ajcc.
19:41 mashpriborintorg what's the goal of this setup Seroster, cooking an ostrich with arcs ?
19:41 Seroster I was thinking about rhinos
19:41 Seroster I'll have to quote adam savage, "The end of the exercise wasn't really the point of the exercise to begin with now was it?"
19:41 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
19:42 mashpriborintorg or make a thumper like thing, but for blewing old locomotives :D
19:42 Seroster I have 40 microwave oven capacitors to go with those transformers.
19:42 ajcc wouldn't the second and third transformers just arc themself to death?
19:42 mashpriborintorg oh god.
19:43 Seroster They are pretty well insulated
19:43 Seroster 6kv winding-core kills them
19:43 Seroster If the core is 6kv and the feed is 230v you are under 6kv and the isolation will be fine
19:44 Sgt_Lemming ajcc, I've done a 4 stack like what seroster is planning before
19:44 Sgt_Lemming if you search my nick on youtube you will find vids of it
19:44 iSasha joined #thegeekgroup
19:44 Seroster I've done a sixer before
19:44 Seroster And a quad
19:44 iSasha .seen captainboden
19:44 BotSteve iSasha: I last saw CaptainBoden 261.10 hours ago at 2011-12-17 22:38:46 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 19:44:34 UTC
19:44 Seroster Not to mention an 8stack, that failed catastrophically
19:45 iSasha Oh whatever. Is anyone over at TGG HQ?
19:45 Seroster yes
19:45 Seroster tggmc
19:45 iSasha Ok then, do you guys need a 8EAIsa01.0d2 card
19:46 Seroster If its free the answer to "do you need" is always yes.
19:46 iSasha and 3 55g3435 cards? They may or may not work. The thing is that shipping is quite expensive (30$ = lots of $$$), so I'll only send them if you guys actually need them.
19:48 ajcc Sgt_Lemming: nice arcs!
19:48 Sgt_Lemming heh
19:48 Sgt_Lemming thanks
19:49 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
19:49 ajcc Sgt_Lemming: are they connected secondary to primary in series? or just the secondary coils in series and the primarys in parallell?
19:50 Sgt_Lemming basically the same as what Seroster draw, just with two less transformers
19:51 iSasha Ah, whatever. Ask whoever is in charge of networking if they need these cards. They're server grade if I recall correctly.
19:51 Toastdude .seen Katemonster
19:51 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw Katemonster 45.23 hours ago at 2011-12-26 22:38:17 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 19:51:49 UTC
19:51 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw PISSEDMONSTER 229.62 hours ago at 2011-12-19 06:14:35 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
19:51 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw Katenomster 401.28 hours ago at 2011-12-12 02:35:12 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
19:51 Sgt_Lemming iSasha, looking up that part number returns some freaking ANCIENT cards on google
19:52 Toastdude Thanks BotSteve
19:52 BotSteve No problem, Toastdude
19:52 Sgt_Lemming 16 bit 10mbit isa cards with AUI ports
19:52 iSasha Well, you don't need them then?
19:52 mashpriborintorg ouch... museum pieces
19:52 Sgt_Lemming they would be for the museum, that's about it
19:53 Toastdude I need RAM..
19:53 ajcc Sgt_Lemming: hmm, I think I get the drawing now, at first I thought they were connected 230V->4KV -> 230V on the next and so forth
19:54 iSasha Are they really that old?
19:54 Sgt_Lemming yup
19:54 mashpriborintorg search for datecodes on the chips
19:54 iSasha Would 9303 be a datecode?
19:54 mashpriborintorg yeah :p
19:55 iSasha It runs on NetWare...
19:56 mashpriborintorg I have a chip with a freaking old datecode in an aircraft intrument, 1967 or so
19:57 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
19:57 iSasha Ah, BTW, Top Gear is starting in 3 minutes
19:57 mashpriborintorg there, 1969 chips
19:57 BotSteve Title: Strange chips 2 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
19:58 Seroster ajcc, the mots are out of phase paralell
19:58 MacUserTX joined #thegeekgroup
19:58 NeWtoz so, how long is this party lasting for tonight?
19:58 NeWtoz I so should of taken a nap
19:58 ajcc Seroster: yes, I just had to wait for my brain to realise it too
19:58 NeWtoz I'm well over 24hrs of being awake
19:59 Sgt_Lemming definitely a hand drawn PCB as well Seroster
19:59 Sgt_Lemming mashpriborintorg I mean
19:59 Seroster Right
19:59 mashpriborintorg I have some specimens of handdrawn multilayer pcbs :p
20:03 mashpriborintorg Chris on the stage.... no sound...
20:04 NeWtoz The Boden needs no sound
20:04 The_RedDragon joined #thegeekgroup
20:05 mashpriborintorg yeah, a sismograph will allow to record what he's saying
20:05 The_RedDragon hey ya'll
20:05 tggmc hmm, I can't get sub carier sync on the 3rd cam
20:05 tggmc and I'm almost out of skittles
20:05 NeWtoz lol, Buckcherry
20:05 The_RedDragon looking for new job.
20:06 NeWtoz I went to a concert of theirs one time, that was a crazy time
20:07 * mashpriborintorg needs titanium Boden proof eardrums
20:08 ajcc f-bombs for the masses!
20:08 mashpriborintorg Hi, Larsen
20:09 DruidicRifleman Bodensee p
20:09 tggmc it's the boden censor
20:09 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
20:09 DruidicRifleman Boden proof hearing protection does not exist
20:10 SparkyProjects Seroster
20:11 mashpriborintorg the right side view cam is blurry
20:11 tggmc i know, it's also not quite in sync
20:12 tggmc he wants fedback, how nice
20:12 ajcc :D
20:12 Toastdude Hi Chris
20:12 superman this could go so wrong
20:12 Toastdude ....
20:12 Gaxnys What's up with the delay? :(
20:12 NeWtoz dancing striping midgets?
20:13 Toastdude lol
20:13 tggmc it's a thing
20:13 Gaxnys Guessing the computer streaming the video is listening to a network stream of the audio from the radio-station-thiny
20:13 Toastdude yeah..
20:13 ajcc SMARTIES!
20:13 NeWtoz Hi steve
20:13 Toastdude NO!!!!!!!!!
20:13 * Toastdude buys Steve skittles
20:14 mashpriborintorg tggmc on strike, oh shit
20:14 qwertyboy joined #thegeekgroup
20:14 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
20:14 ajcc oh, Skittles, sorry :(
20:14 tggmc beep!
20:14 qwertyboy hello
20:14 Toastdude Hello
20:14 ajcc that's like 1½ second lag there
20:14 Toastdude lol
20:14 tggmc not too ad
20:14 tggmc *bad
20:14 ajcc or 5 perhaps
20:14 tggmc brb
20:15 qwertyboy when does the action start?
20:15 NeWtoz 5
20:15 Toastdude WTF Chris???
20:15 qwertyboy lol
20:15 scubadiver lol
20:16 NeWtoz well, stuff starts at 4, action at 5
20:16 NeWtoz I THINK
20:16 Toastdude lol
20:16 superman beep
20:16 qwertyboy ok
20:16 ajcc f-bombs at the live stream, is it a thing?
20:16 Toastdude Guess it is now
20:17 mashpriborintorg fourth pair of ears broken since the show started :p
20:17 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
20:17 ajcc OMNIDOG!
20:17 qwertyboy the audio is out of sync
20:17 NeWtoz glad I'm not a ferengi
20:17 NeWtoz APPLE SLAM
20:18 superman get on top of it cap
20:18 ndyag100 joined #thegeekgroup
20:18 NeWtoz HI!
20:18 ndyag100 hi
20:18 qwertyboy hi omni
20:18 vanjan14 joined #thegeekgroup
20:18 scubadiver hi
20:18 injektion I use a Mac and I know how to use a computer. I just use them so I don't have to deal with any issues like with X11/Xorg and crappy video drivers
20:19 theyooper15 joined #thegeekgroup
20:19 ajcc injektion: Xorg is your friend
20:19 NeWtoz lol, whole bunch of freenodes
20:19 injektion ajcc, The nvidia drivers freeze everything they touch for mew
20:19 ajcc injektion: Apple's Out-of-date by some 10 years and still shipping X11 is not
20:19 injektion me*
20:19 SparkyProjects I just pointed them here from the stream chat
20:20 mashpriborintorg How many geeks does it need to connect a laptop to wifi :p
20:20 injektion ajcc, Apple doesn't even use X11 for the display on OS X
20:20 mashpriborintorg Hi SparkyProjects
20:20 ajcc injektion: nVidia drivers works like awesome
20:20 injektion It uses Quartz which is so much better
20:20 Toastdude Is there a way to delay live stream video by 4 seconds? :P
20:20 SparkyProjects Hi mashpriborintorg :)
20:20 ajcc injektion: no, but you can get X11 for OSX for "compability"
20:20 Toastdude And keep the audio at the same pace?
20:20 NeWtoz we could, but tggmc is on strike
20:20 NeWtoz he ran out of skittles
20:21 Toastdude D:
20:21 injektion ajcc, Every time I run an OpenGL screen saver under Linux with my laptop the system freezes and there is no way of recovering it without killing power
20:21 mashpriborintorg lol @ Chris
20:21 qwertyboy then dont do that. ;)
20:21 Gaxnys injektion: ctrl+alt+f1 ;)
20:22 tggmc cprossu you around?
20:22 injektion Doesn't matter Linux is a modern OS and should perfectly work from a fresh install
20:22 Gaxnys and then kill -9 whatever is troubling you.
20:22 theyooper15 congrats on making an awesome building!
20:22 NeWtoz You're doing it wrong
20:22 SitkaGrown joined #thegeekgroup
20:22 Seroster SparkyProjects!
20:22 ajcc injektion: which flavor of Linux are you talking about?, and did you use the real nVidia kernel + Xorg drivers? and did you install any obsolete OpenGL stuff?
20:22 Gaxnys injektion: Linux yes, proprietairy drivers no.
20:22 Seroster  What do you think doctor, will I still be able to play the piano?
20:22 SparkyProjects So what did you do to your Mot's Seroster ?
20:22 injektion ajcc, I used the drivers from nvidia's website
20:23 ajcc injektion: hmm, you should really use the nVidia kernel and Xorg modules shipped WITH your flavor of Linux
20:23 injektion I tried both and they ended up with the same result
20:23 ajcc injektion: doing things by hand makes for head-aches
20:23 ajcc hmm
20:23 DruidicRifleman Bye geeks got to leave mcdeaths.
20:23 roadkillinri joined #thegeekgroup
20:24 Toastdude Bye DruidicRifleman
20:24 SparkyProjects Seroster, you might have broken down the insulation with that set up
20:24 injektion I'm like fuck it. OS X does't do it, Windows doesn't do it, even my Octane doesn't do it
20:24 Seroster Mrgh. I was just sorting out the weak ones xD
20:24 Seroster But the schematic is sound in theory, right?
20:25 Seroster because then poor hookup isnt the issue
20:26 Toastdude Lost live stream!
20:26 NeWtoz tggmc!
20:26 qwertyboy fghjk
20:26 mashpriborintorg Cory has an awful colour T-shirt, really
20:26 theyooper15 cmon steve, fix the sync issue
20:26 ajcc hey, were did the live stream go?
20:26 NeWtoz it's back
20:26 Toastdude Audio is synced, I think
20:26 ajcc yay
20:26 injektion Linux is nice but it's not ready for the desktop imo
20:27 NeWtoz depends
20:27 captain joined #thegeekgroup
20:27 Obtuse injektion, it would be if there weren't so many proprietary drivers
20:27 ajcc injektion: Debian is, Ubuntu is too but it's users are not
20:27 NeWtoz CAPTAIN!
20:27 Gaxnys injektion: Sure it is. Just not the 3D-graphics-part.
20:27 SparkyProjects I think there's a mistake
20:27 Sgt_Lemming SparkyProjects
20:27 BotSteve Title: Picasa Web Albums - Lemming Dixon - Touch Pro 2
20:27 tggmc sorry, I had to kill the stream to fix it
20:27 Obtuse like my biggest killer is no silverlight support. so no netflix
20:27 Geek101 joined #thegeekgroup
20:27 NeWtoz HEY!
20:27 ajcc tggmc: it's in sync here
20:28 qwertyboy hello!
20:28 scubadiver hi
20:28 ajcc captain: Hey!
20:28 tggmc good
20:28 NeWtoz yes
20:28 Geek101 hi
20:28 scubadiver yes
20:28 qwertyboy yep
20:28 injektion Yes
20:28 Toastdude Chris! Hi!
20:28 mashpriborintorg it, Windows doesn't do it, even my Octane doesn't do it
20:28 mashpriborintorg [21:24] <@Seroster> Mrgh. I was just sorting out the weak ones xD
20:28 mashpriborintorg [21:24] <@Seroster> But the schematic is sound in theory, right?
20:28 mashpriborintorg [21:25] <@Seroster> because then poor hookup isnt the issu
20:28 ndyag100 yup
20:28 theyooper15 yep
20:28 mashpriborintorg Hi captain
20:28 Seroster wtf mashpriborintorg?
20:28 mashpriborintorg copy pastev issue
20:28 theyooper15 center
20:28 brascotheduck joined #thegeekgroup
20:28 NeWtoz center and state right
20:28 tggmc right
20:28 NeWtoz now left...
20:28 NeWtoz way to go steve!
20:28 SparkyProjects Sgt_Lemming: That's looking good :)
20:29 ajcc now back too me
20:29 Sgt_Lemming thanks
20:29 Sgt_Lemming redesigned the pcb a little after doing that as well
20:29 theyooper15 keeps switching
20:29 Sgt_Lemming found a few things that could be improved
20:29 Toastdude Chris, can you come up with a teleport in the next half hour so we can all be there?
20:29 Toastdude :P
20:29 Seroster I really need to figure out a better way to have stream and chat side by side
20:29 qwertyboy lol
20:30 qwertyboy use two screens
20:30 Gaxnys Seroster: dual monitors!
20:30 Seroster Gaxnys, My computer is slightly retarded and doesnt accept that.
20:30 NeWtoz bet that wont work corey...
20:30 theyooper15 windows 7 split screen
20:30 ajcc f-bomb!
20:30 qwertyboy lol steve
20:31 Seroster Oh fuck you ajcc =P
20:31 ajcc :O
20:31 Toastdude lolol
20:31 tggmc serial attachd scsi
20:31 tonsofpcs Serial Attached SCSI
20:31 injektion Serial attached storage?
20:31 NeWtoz scsi stands for sexy
20:31 tonsofpcs (hi)
20:31 Seroster Good thinking there NeWtoz
20:31 Toastdude Hi tonsofpcs
20:32 tonsofpcs SCSI stands for Scuzzy
20:32 tanilolli joined #thegeekgroup
20:32 Seroster I wonder if captain has ever stacked mots, and how far he went.
20:32 qwertyboy probably
20:32 tonsofpcs yes, yes it does.
20:32 tggmc define stacked mots with series secondary, parralel primaries?
20:33 superman Captain should beatbox
20:33 roadkillinri joined #thegeekgroup
20:33 Seroster more or less tggmc. There's phasing and dark magic involved too
20:33 DannyW joined #thegeekgroup
20:33 tggmc I know
20:33 tonsofpcs someone should get that compressor/limiter working.  Until then, I'm running one here.
20:33 tonsofpcs (I think)
20:33 mashpriborintorg The number of users logged in the channel is awemsome, we passed 80
20:34 mashpriborintorg First time It occurs I beleive
20:34 DannyW chris wave @ the camera
20:34 Toastdude Lol, nice Chris
20:34 Obtuse you know you're a geek when you have your own compressor/limiter on your own system
20:34 Seroster Who is mc, cory or steve?
20:34 ajcc tggmc: shure should sponsor you guys with new SM58 wind-sheilds, they smash too easy
20:34 tggmc Steve
20:34 Obtuse love it
20:34 Seroster Right
20:34 NeWtoz mc is steve
20:34 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
20:34 NeWtoz cory is captain
20:34 SparkyProjects Seroster, like this
20:34 superman effing a cap. and hi cory. i'll be there in an hour or less
20:34 Obtuse I should begin my 5 minute drive to the lab
20:35 K1OCD-Adam joined #thegeekgroup
20:35 tonsofpcs Yay, stereo tool :D
20:35 NeWtoz I should also
20:35 Obtuse later everyone. Enjoy the show
20:35 Seroster Hmm, SparkyProjects.
20:35 tonsofpcs id est corIE?
20:35 Seroster Can you spell cory in any other way than "cory"?
20:35 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
20:35 Seroster YO DOOD I'm KAEWRII!
20:36 SparkyProjects Always have the ground of the transformer close to to centre
20:36 qwertyboy wtf
20:36 theyooper15 looool
20:36 Seroster Ah, that might explain the fire, SparkyProjects =)
20:36 mashpriborintorg umm, Mot fumes
20:36 SparkyProjects Though i would worry about insulation past 4kv
20:36 Seroster captain, suggested renick: "TGG:MDH" or "TGG:Captain"
20:37 tonsofpcs i don't think you can have : in nick, can you?
20:37 Seroster SparkyProjects, If I don't do something fun with them they are only 5kg uglyass paperweights
20:37 Seroster Dashes work.
20:37 Toastdude ...........
20:37 Cprossu hey everyone, nice to see everyone.
20:37 SitkaGrown Hello Friends, I'll be stalking for my viewing pleasure .
20:37 ajcc DISTORTION!
20:37 ndyag100 preacher man!
20:37 ajcc I can hear the op-amps crying
20:37 * tonsofpcs is using a processor
20:37 qwertyboy hahahah!
20:38 Seroster And... captain, you fail, you don't have a radio reciever in your ear =D
20:38 ajcc clouds
20:38 Toastdude ....Steve?
20:38 Fulsy I felt a if thousands of transistors cried out at once..and were silenced
20:38 Seroster You have VERY good eyes, ajcc!
20:38 Seroster I didnt notice them until you mentioned them! =D
20:38 ndyag100 ;ittle fluffy clouds
20:38 Seroster And... Projecting IRC behind him? That will result in some EPIC ASCII trolling!
20:38 Cprossu we hear you @ captain
20:38 Gaxnys Seroster: är tre svenskar i ett IRC-rum för mycket? ;P
20:39 Cprossu seems we may need a bit more gain
20:39 ajcc three Swedes?
20:39 Toastdude lol Seroster
20:39 Gaxnys ajcc: You, me and Seroster. ;P
20:39 NeWtoz yeah... ircing on a projector, not a good idea
20:39 Seroster Keep to english or I'll rip off your balls and eat them.
20:39 tggmc don't drive over the CCU cables
20:39 K1OCD-Adam at least it's in sync now
20:39 tonsofpcs tggmc: uh oh!
20:39 SparkyProjects Remote spotlight with Pan/tilt
20:39 theyooper15 listen to steve
20:39 ndyag100 you guy need talk back
20:39 Seroster Computer, projector,
20:39 tonsofpcs you need an IFB to the 'studio', steve :)
20:39 tggmc we do, it's text back
20:39 K1OCD-Adam now who is driving the console
20:40 tggmc if he was reading
20:40 Cprossu hey tggmc that about as much gain as we got?
20:40 tonsofpcs computer, projector, ssh to somewhere with irssi
20:40 tonsofpcs [or run it locally]
20:40 K1OCD-Adam AAAAAa non perpendicular witring
20:40 tonsofpcs Cprossu: it needs a processor.
20:40 Toastdude Wow Chris
20:40 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I have a pretty good StereoTool preset going here via VAcard on my end...
20:40 Cprossu tonsofpcs what now?
20:40 tonsofpcs captain: how about the laptop?
20:41 ajcc dave, dave, dave!, batman? BATMAN!?
20:41 NeWtoz for a geek group, they aren't very prepared in the computer department
20:41 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
20:41 Cprossu our audio is running through an optimod 8282 tv, by processor do you mean video processor?
20:41 Seroster Someone, I.E Jbrony should monitor the laptop
20:41 roadran422 Hi!
20:41 tonsofpcs NeWtoz: there's a room full of them downstairs
20:41 Seroster Hello roadran422
20:41 tonsofpcs Cprossu: no, I mean audio.
20:41 tonsofpcs You need to set it to 'stun' ;)
20:41 roadran422 Who's watching the live stream?'
20:41 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
20:41 Fulsy Image :D
20:41 Seroster 65 of us
20:42 qwertyboy i am
20:42 roadran422 LOl
20:42 roadran422 I am
20:42 tggmc not remotely
20:42 Seroster Most of us are
20:42 Coderjoe no, 42 people are watching
20:42 roadran422 Lol
20:42 injektion Great the DNS on the LAN crapped out and no longer works properly :(
20:42 ajcc Sony != JVC friendly?
20:42 tonsofpcs 42 of us, according to the stream thing
20:42 tggmc I can not focus
20:42 Seroster I see "65" as viewers.
20:42 Coderjoe 65 is the number of followers
20:42 Fulsy HALP
20:42 roadran422 I see 41 lol
20:42 Cprossu tggmc think we need a bit more gain
20:42 Seroster Feel free to uptade.
20:42 Cprossu we're rather dark
20:42 Cprossu I can do it at the cap card level if needed
20:42 tonsofpcs Cprossu: you don't need gain, you need iris open.
20:43 DannyW good
20:43 Cprossu we were dark before they turned the lights off
20:43 Seroster I've had worse shit in my nose...
20:43 NeWtoz don't worry Sawzall will be at the lab soon
20:43 chevyZ71 joined #thegeekgroup
20:43 roadran422 Is chris monitoring the irc?
20:43 Cprossu indeed he is roadran422
20:43 ajcc eew, now it looks all gained and nasty
20:43 Coderjoe why would you have a gibroni hair up your nose?
20:43 Seroster Either that or he is psycic
20:43 superman at times
20:43 roadran422 Oh... Hahah
20:43 roadran422 HI CHRIS! XD
20:43 w0vha joined #thegeekgroup
20:43 Seroster DON'T ASK Coderjoe!
20:43 roadran422 Lol
20:43 roadran422 Why would he...
20:43 chevyZ71 Haha I' new to the IRC
20:43 tonsofpcs it also needs white balance or color tweak)
20:44 Cprossu we're looking good now though
20:44 tonsofpcs ot
20:44 Cprossu could be worse lol
20:44 Fulsy Keag's: I accidentally the HVAC. The WHOLE HVAC.
20:44 roadran422 Chris!
20:44 DannyW moose is very talented
20:44 chevyZ71 Say HI
20:44 qwertyboy yes or no?
20:44 Toastdude How are you today, Chris?
20:44 roadran422 You want a qustion?
20:44 Cprossu How does it feel to have won the publisher's clearing house? (I wish)
20:44 Seroster Chris, have you stacked mots, and how many is the most you got to work?
20:44 DannyW moose is very talented
20:44 w0vha Why in god's name are you comparing Gabroni's hairs with the dog's hair?
20:44 roadran422 Who am I?
20:44 Coderjoe who do we ask a question of?
20:44 Seroster Oh come on with those fucking troll questions
20:44 tonsofpcs Which would you rather have? An ATS or an automated lockout system with lightbulbs and keys and buttons?
20:44 Toastdude Da heck jabroni?
20:44 maplecitykid joined #thegeekgroup
20:44 Petri joined #thegeekgroup
20:45 DannyW HI CHRIS
20:45 tggmc the camera by the overhead door needs to be looked at
20:45 roadran422 Chris, Who am I?
20:45 theyooper15 where do you see the geeekgroub being in 10 years
20:45 ajcc captain: what were those computers you guys got today?
20:45 Seroster roadran422, if you repeat your question you'll be muted. =)
20:45 roadran422 Ok...
20:45 Toastdude You were pawin at the air...
20:45 Tarsman013 joined #thegeekgroup
20:45 roadran422 I'm hy hahaha
20:45 tonsofpcs lol
20:45 Seroster Hey whoever is reading the questions - read up
20:46 Toastdude lol
20:46 tggmc we can't cory
20:46 NeWtoz can we show up a little early?
20:46 tggmc hear cory
20:46 w0vha Jabroni's pretty high ALL THE TIME!
20:46 ndyag100 I am 12 what is this>
20:46 Coderjoe what nick do we address?
20:46 Seroster Read up, as in speak up, am I making sense?
20:46 roadran422 Chris. I sent a florida flag! Yay!
20:46 Humza joined #thegeekgroup
20:46 ajcc wow, Paul too?, neat!
20:46 Tarsman013 Congrats everyone on one year! and also Happy Birthday Omni :-D
20:46 tggmc tell steve the camera by the door is bad
20:46 Toastdude I need to send an Illinois flag..
20:46 roadran422 Chris, you are right I am 14 and my name is Hy D.
20:46 Seroster What is the most serious injury sustained in the lab? (Not counting gas leaks)
20:47 Fulsy I wonder if they got  a Connecticut flag yet
20:47 Humza Huh, I'm 14 :p
20:47 chevyZ71 PIE
20:47 Tarsman013 live steam is up for me
20:47 K1OCD-Adam yes it is
20:47 Humza same
20:47 Tarsman013 stream*
20:47 tonsofpcs did corie break the internet?
20:47 Humza LOL
20:47 qwertyboy cory broke the internet
20:47 theyooper15 whats up with corey face?
20:47 Fulsy Cory: I accidentally the internet
20:47 Toastdude C'mon Cory!
20:47 ndyag100 don't cross the streams
20:47 chevyZ71 Derp
20:47 tonsofpcs lol Tarsman013
20:47 Tarsman013 all 27 tubes??
20:47 K1OCD-Adam THE TUBES
20:47 Humza ouch
20:47 Tarsman013 owwwwwww
20:48 Humza you have a wedgie
20:48 w0vha OWWWWW
20:48 roadran422 Chris...
20:48 Humza had
20:48 theyooper15 ahh figured
20:48 qwertyboy the internet is a series of tubes
20:48 roadran422 Do you like pasta?
20:48 Tarsman013 al gore created it
20:48 Fulsy I'll never think of a cheese grater the same way again
20:48 Seroster Oh for fucks sake mom
20:49 josh1743 joined #thegeekgroup
20:49 Seroster Be patient. Evrything will be revealed.
20:49 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
20:49 Tarsman013 joined #thegeekgroup
20:49 w0vha Why haven't you killed Corey yet?
20:49 qwertyboy yes  or no?
20:49 tonsofpcs can you get genlock hooked up to the projector so that its timing matches the camera and we don't see it flicker?
20:49 Infinity__ joined #thegeekgroup
20:49 josh1743 hmmmm interesting
20:50 MacUserTX What time of camera is this being shot with????
20:50 Cprossu no tonsofpcs
20:50 kallix joined #thegeekgroup
20:50 theyooper15 what system will you be using for the card entry system
20:50 Seroster What is the most serious injury sustained in the lab? (Not counting gas leaks)
20:50 w0vha I said WHY haven't you killed Corey yet...
20:50 Toastdude Why'd you quiet the channel, MoM?
20:50 Fulsy a sony 2 o' clock
20:50 Infinity__ left #thegeekgroup
20:50 roadran422 So... the yo-yo trick please
20:50 tonsofpcs type of camera: twelve stuck together!
20:50 Rahlon can you sing us a song? :)
20:50 sy6351 joined #thegeekgroup
20:50 Humza left #thegeekgroup
20:50 MacUserTX Yes the live stream camera(s)? What is it??
20:51 ndyag100 have you run out of cat5 cable yet?
20:51 Toastdude MoM = masterofmonks
20:51 Seroster chris, MoM is MasterOfMonks
20:51 Humza_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:51 josh1743 Can you do magic tricks today?
20:51 roadran422 Thanks! Chris! Hahahaha
20:51 K1OCD-Adam you bought him the grater didn't you
20:51 Toastdude Thanks Chris... :P
20:51 ajcc Why doesn't people like Corey?, he seems like a nice guy, just with a thing for tacos
20:51 Coderjoe chris: masterofmonks changed the channel to moderated for a few minutes
20:51 tggmc steve the camera at 10 o'clock is messed up
20:51 w0vha Your yo-yo is wearing a green shirt... :-)
20:51 Cprossu news to me Seroster and Toastdude
20:51 theLabScreen joined #thegeekgroup
20:51 tggmc 2 oclock
20:51 josh1743 right
20:51 Tarsman013 Why did you initially create the geek group, or was it initially formed for what it is now?
20:51 NeWtoz stage right
20:51 tonsofpcs the one you're staring towards
20:51 Seroster chris, We are trying to sort out the logistics of this entire situation, to keep non relevant chat from relevant
20:52 K1OCD-Adam your right
20:52 Humza_ I need a yoyo too
20:52 chevyZ71 Why does corys shirt say "hat"?????
20:52 tonsofpcs house left, corie is between it and you.
20:52 tggmc you are on the one at you 2 oclock
20:52 masterofmonks Yeah, trying to make sure that fewwer "Do you like eggrolls" questions get asked and more important ones.
20:52 josh1743 devil hankie?
20:52 Coderjoe liz looks happy
20:52 NeWtoz stage right
20:52 Humza_ yes
20:52 Tarsman013 yes
20:52 ajcc yes
20:52 qwertyboy yes
20:52 ajcc yes
20:52 ajcc yes
20:52 ajcc yes!
20:52 chevyZ71 YES
20:52 K1OCD-Adam TES
20:52 Coderjoe indeed
20:52 NeWtoz cccombo breaker
20:52 roadran422 I still don't get the sugar one...
20:53 Coderjoe and my stream is getting choppy :(
20:53 chevyZ71 Im on the big screen!
20:53 Seroster We can see it
20:53 josh1743 HI GEEK GROUP!
20:53 Fulsy change the camera
20:53 Toastdude Yay, IRC on the wall!
20:53 K1OCD-Adam HI GEEKS
20:53 InteliWasp joined #thegeekgroup
20:53 tggmc he need the wireless mic on
20:53 Fulsy oh nvm
20:53 NeWtoz acsii art commence!
20:53 Andyroo joined #thegeekgroup
20:53 Fulsy sound is ded
20:53 roadran422 Wow... What the?
20:53 Humza_ talk near the mic
20:53 Andyroo We're live on the wall!!!! HI MDH :D
20:53 tonsofpcs tggmc: if the stage will often be there, I suggest hanging wired lavs.
20:53 Humza_ Chris, get near the mic!!!
20:53 Humza_ :P
20:54 tonsofpcs (they're just omnis on the end of a wire)
20:54 josh1743 thumb magic really? lol
20:54 ndyag100 saw cory in half
20:54 K1OCD-Adam lavalier is needed
20:54 Tarsman013 lol
20:54 qwertyboy put cory on the sr100
20:54 roadran422 No yo-yo :(
20:54 Fulsy hello IRC
20:54 josh1743 i suggest using a wireless mic?
20:54 roadran422 Hi fulsy
20:54 ajcc hey, steve synced the projector! :D
20:54 ajcc manually!
20:54 roadran422 xD hahahaha
20:55 Humza_ Good idea josh1743
20:55 Fulsy oo
20:55 w0vha Your audio is almost dead when you're away from that mic... it must be a uni...
20:55 Humza_ beatboxing
20:55 tggmc someones heads in the way
20:55 roadran422 HAHAHAHA
20:55 ajcc hey, that's crude chris
20:55 Humza_ indeed
20:55 Rahlon and now 500 complaints got sent :P
20:55 roadran422 lol
20:55 Humza_ that isn't really funny
20:55 qwertyboy thats funny
20:55 theyooper15 you wont run the tornado siren
20:55 Andyroo Oh lordy XD
20:55 Toastdude lol
20:55 josh1743 YO-YO!!
20:55 Humza_ Chris is sexy.
20:55 K1OCD-Adam ewww
20:56 Tarsman013 go for cory then
20:56 tggmc tell obtuse to move
20:56 w0vha YEAH!
20:56 roadran422 Thanks chris!
20:56 Monkeh As long as Cory's among them it'll be fine
20:56 ajcc what's an off string jojo?
20:56 josh1743 nah just leave it t here
20:56 tonsofpcs $7k camera?
20:56 tggmc thanks obtuse
20:56 ajcc oh, now I see
20:56 roadran422 Hy D.
20:56 tggmc switching o center camera
20:56 Humza_ haha
20:56 Toastdude haha
20:56 Humza_ 14 actually in London. Ouch.
20:57 Humza_ :\
20:57 Tarsman013 CAPTAINS BLOG HEY!!!!!!!
20:57 roadran422 Chris... Hy Diep sent it in the request lol
20:57 Cprossu gain up .25db
20:57 Cprossu there we go
20:57 josh1743 needs more light!
20:57 Andyroo IM IN UR CAPTAINS BLOG!!!!
20:57 Humza_ Sound.
20:57 tggmc yell at chris to put on the wireless!!!!!!!!!!!!11
20:57 tonsofpcs I'm in ur captains blog, stealing your cheetos
20:57 Andyroo I'm famous on the internet on the internet! :D
20:57 Tarsman013 yo dog i heard you like yoyo's
20:57 Humza_ You need to get a wireless mic.
20:57 InteliWasp chris really needs a clip mic or get a wid3e area mic on stage
20:57 ajcc Andyroo: it's no the captains blog
20:57 Tarsman013 HI INTERNET!!!!!!!!!
20:57 Monkeh Damnit, Chris, the mic is over there
20:57 roadran422 Lol
20:57 Toastdude PUT ON THE WIRELESS!!! -Steve
20:57 Cprossu I reject your need for light and substitute gain on the capture card.
20:57 tonsofpcs Humza_: no they don't, they just have to duct tape chris in position for the wired mic.
20:57 roadran422 He does need a mic
20:57 roadran422 lol
20:57 qwertyboy all your blogs ar belong to us
20:58 Andyroo ajcc, Dave's blogging :)
20:58 Tarsman013 mic up chris :-)
20:58 Monkeh Or duct tape the mic to Chris
20:58 tonsofpcs Cprossu: please don't gain on the capture card, he has to balance all the cameras, right now they arne't
20:58 Cprossu tonsofpcs: or duck tape the micro...
20:58 roadran422 Good job bill haha
20:58 K1OCD-Adam OR shotgun the live feed camera
20:58 Cprossu damn you Monkeh lol
20:58 Seroster Crap
20:58 Monkeh Cprossu: Far too slow you are.
20:58 Humza_ tonsofpcs: All I really care is that I can hear :P
20:58 Cprossu K1OCD-Adam not gonna happen
20:58 tonsofpcs Monkeh: that's not as fun.
20:58 Cprossu our shotgun mics suck.
20:58 Humza_ planking on such a low table
20:58 ajcc isn't Dave always blogging when he's not just being plain awesome?
20:58 tonsofpcs hmm, the runco is rebooting
20:58 Tarsman013 runco broke -_-
20:58 K1OCD-Adam gotcha
20:58 Andyroo And... Gibroni's planking as well?
20:58 Toastdude Jabroni is inverse planking...
20:58 W6DTV joined #thegeekgroup
20:58 roadran422 Hahaha
20:58 Cprossu looks like they are trying to make the text bigger via lower resolution
20:58 qwertyboy haha
20:58 Cprossu perhaps
20:59 Monkeh How crude
20:59 Cprossu man our color is off
20:59 Cprossu everything is GREEN
20:59 Tarsman013 hes gonna owl on Dave next!
20:59 Monkeh Yeah, those cameras need some tweaking.
20:59 K1OCD-Adam turn the mic stand around
20:59 ajcc lower resolution is fault proof
20:59 josh1743 why not magnify?
20:59 tonsofpcs Cprossu: right, fluorescent lights, they're set to tungsten I'm sure.
20:59 ChevyZ71 joined #thegeekgroup
20:59 Cprossu hello jeff.
20:59 Tarsman013 HELLO
20:59 tlockley hey
20:59 NeWtoz hello
20:59 josh1743 whose this?!
20:59 K1OCD-Adam no JABRONI
20:59 theyooper15 herro
20:59 ndyag100 hello jabroni
20:59 qwertyboy gibroni
20:59 Monkeh Get off the stage!
20:59 Tarsman013 neither do we gebroni
20:59 Cprossu indeedd
20:59 Seroster I need input on a management idea.  Should we leave chat as it is now, a bit of a mess, or shall I mute the channel, redirect all chat concidering the stream to #TGG:STUDIO and thus getting rid of some of the non essential stuff?
20:59 Toastdude Jabroni!
21:00 K1OCD-Adam set it on the floor then
21:00 Tarsman013 what that no one is spelling you name correctly?
21:00 roadran422 Yep haha
21:00 tonsofpcs Cprossu: are you tweaking the capture card?
21:00 ChevyZ71 What happed? what did i miss?
21:00 TGG_MDH joined #thegeekgroup
21:00 qwertyboy how is your name spelled?
21:00 NeWtoz Seroster, nah, too confusing
21:00 ndyag100 get in to an argument with yourself
21:00 Andyroo Deeep voice :O
21:00 Cprossu yes but they are tweaking the gain too
21:00 Rahlon goodtime for a jabroni Q&A session
21:00 tonsofpcs if so, please revert and get steve to tweak the cameras to match house bars.
21:00 roadran422 He is monotone ok lol
21:00 Toastdude Hello TGG_MDH
21:00 Seroster Right. Fuck it then, NeWtoz.-
21:00 Tarsman013 hehehehe
21:00 josh1743 ray romano?
21:00 Cprossu working on it tonsofpcs
21:00 Fulsy abe lincoln?
21:00 * tonsofpcs goes back to work for another hour or two
21:00 mashpriborintorg Hey videocrew, what about part 4 of forklift autospy ?
21:01 roadran422 Chris can you do a ball check to cory?
21:01 NeWtoz go into the options...
21:01 Humza_ Is that IE?
21:01 ChevyZ71 Gerbroni are you high???
21:01 Tarsman013 its an awkward shot the mic is coming from Corys critch to gibroni's mouth
21:01 Andyroo Gibroni, tell us a little about yourself :D
21:01 tlockley cause it sfunny
21:01 Tarsman013 crotch*
21:01 ajcc tggmc: Ctrl-Alt-+
21:01 roadran422 HAHAha
21:01 qwertyboy HAHAH
21:01 roadran422 Thanks
21:02 ChevyZ71 No life story?
21:02 Toastdude lol
21:02 roadran422 Liz how do you spell your name? Liz and Moose confuses me ...
21:02 Tarsman013 he doesnt
21:02 josh1743 all you can do is just look at it
21:02 Andyroo YES, COMIC SANS :D
21:02 mashpriborintorg Hi Joe
21:02 ajcc Hey Joe!
21:02 Seroster Right folks. Please refrain from shit that just spams the chhannel, will ya?
21:02 Fulsy He burps?
21:02 w0vha Should I break out the violin and play Nearer My God To Thee for Gabroni who's laying in state?
21:02 maplecitykid left #thegeekgroup
21:02 Tarsman013 its the most interesting too cory
21:02 Cprossu relay to Engineer Steve that the Capture Card has been reset to 0dB Gain.
21:02 josh1743 how are you doing corey?
21:02 roadran422 Who is on the camera?
21:02 qwertyboy yes or no?
21:02 Rahlon btw cory you should steel the captains blog camera more often
21:03 Tarsman013 what is your life story
21:03 Toastdude How are you?.
21:03 ajcc Corey: What does your shirt say?
21:03 Seroster Wich two questions should we ask?
21:03 ndyag100 Does Chris make you rage?
21:03 roadran422 Is cory on the camera? If not, who's the person in the green shirt?
21:03 tlockley thats corey, was
21:03 Tarsman013 cory is in the green shirt
21:03 Tarsman013 we can hear you
21:03 DannyW Cory why do live like a bum?
21:04 zer00 joined #thegeekgroup
21:04 Tarsman013 we are the inernet, all hearing and all seeing ;-)
21:04 Toastdude ndyag100: Neodymium Yttrium Silver?
21:04 Toastdude lasers?
21:04 roadran422 Hahahaha
21:04 ChevyZ71 Throw a bucky ball at cory!
21:04 Seroster cory, how much would I have to pay you for you to come into my van? =)
21:04 roadran422 Chris... Gerber giveaway?!
21:04 K1OCD-Adam moosde
21:04 Rahlon I though he was a goat?
21:04 Andyroo But not a real uberball, that's cruel
21:04 Tarsman013 today is awesome... it is also my parents 26th anniversary :-)
21:04 K1OCD-Adam moose*
21:04 qwertyboy das uberball!
21:04 Toastdude AND Omni's birthday :D
21:05 josh1743 NOOOOOOOOO!
21:05 tggmc I am
21:05 Humza_ Gimme :D
21:05 Gjposner joined #thegeekgroup
21:05 roadran422 Thanks... -_-
21:05 Tarsman013 :-)
21:05 roadran422 Hahaha
21:05 Tarsman013 HI STEVE!!!!
21:05 ChevyZ71 UBER BALLLLLLL!!!!!
21:05 ajcc Hi Steve!
21:05 Monkeh Cool, 'cos I killed my G-Shock.
21:05 roadran422 Das Uber Ball.
21:05 ajcc oh, the other steve
21:05 tggmc hi Tarsman013
21:05 w0vha Omni needs her radio license...
21:05 Tarsman013 do stand up!
21:05 josh1743 comedy?
21:05 w0vha Like Ron White...
21:05 Toastdude Wit das umlaut!
21:05 K1OCD-Adam yeah right on w0vha
21:05 roadran422 I have a question, what about the gumy bear vodka thing?
21:05 Andyroo "No, I don't have 15 dollars and a hell of a nice watch, but... I have, uh, 2 dollars.. and a Casio!" *waves across arm*
21:06 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new YouTube videos posted by PhysicsDuck.  New videos:   Captain's Blog 12-27-11 So Many Cameras
21:06 DannyW where is kidwell
21:06 tlockley Chris, has mail arrived yet today?
21:06 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
21:06 K1OCD-Adam 1645 for kidwell
21:06 ajcc BotSteve: I love you BotSteve !
21:06 Tarsman013 hi gjposner
21:06 qwertyboy i hear music
21:06 NeWtoz an hour long captains blog right now?
21:06 Tarsman013 (hes my twin)
21:06 Gjposner hi
21:06 josh1743 mail time?
21:07 Plex joined #thegeekgroup
21:07 Seroster Let it buffer, NeWtoz
21:07 ChevyZ71 Im on the big screen! Hi mom!!!
21:07 ChevyZ71 Lol
21:07 roadran422 Hahaha
21:07 Humza_ Sounds like ghost hunters.
21:07 roadran422 Can someone tell batman... I got the postcard?
21:07 Seroster ChevyZ71, mom is right up there in the ops list and he is in a BAD fucking mood. I suggest you don't bother him.
21:07 theyooper15 batman!
21:07 Fulsy I can't leave without my buddy, superfly!
21:07 josh1743 Hey guys, today is a day to reflect of how much work can get done with a group of people.
21:08 Humza_ batman: roadran422 got the postcard :P
21:08 roadran422 xD
21:08 roadran422 Hahaha
21:08 DannyW Cory why do you smell like sewer rat
21:08 josh1743 now only if congress follows that idea, we can get something done
21:08 Tarsman013 its the taco bell
21:08 K1OCD-Adam Purple Hair People
21:08 roadran422 DannyW: Even though its' true, you don't have to say it!
21:08 Toastdude DannyW: How do you know what he smells like?? Creeper...
21:08 angy joined #thegeekgroup
21:08 Plex Greetings, TGG! Congratulations on the full year!
21:08 Humza_ DannyW: a sewer rat, grammat!
21:08 Humza_ *grammar
21:08 Toastdude Angy!
21:08 qwertyboy hi people looking at the stream!
21:08 * Humza_ yawns
21:08 qwertyboy i mean icr!
21:08 Tarsman013 :-)
21:08 angy Toasty
21:08 Seroster AAAND WE broke the 100 people limit!
21:08 qwertyboy *irc!
21:09 * Humza_ is bored
21:09 Tarsman013 beat on cory!!!
21:09 NeWtoz you should never encourage IRC
21:09 josh1743 :D
21:09 Tarsman013 (but not that way)
21:09 Gjposner GET HIM
21:09 Toastdude Wow.
21:09 Humza_ spank cory
21:09 roadran422 The ball check was funny hahaha
21:09 Gjposner lol
21:09 Fulsy Throw soap at cory
21:09 qwertyboy bleep. bloop
21:09 Humza_ trololol
21:09 Toastdude Be NICE to Cory!
21:09 Humza_ Spanking is nice
21:09 DannyW thanks abe lincon
21:09 ChevyZ71 Soap?
21:09 theyooper15 lol
21:10 roadran422 No sadistic things on the stream please...
21:10 Humza_ :(
21:10 roadran422 lol
21:10 qwertyboy :(
21:10 ChevyZ71 I hear the Haas beeping lol
21:10 Monkeh Why? There's going to be lots going on in the lab, I'm sure. :P
21:10 Humza_ Mean roadran422 D:
21:10 ajcc so it starts in 50 min?
21:10 Tarsman013 this is the internet WE ARE NOT NICE
21:10 roadran422 Huma_: XD hahaha
21:10 Andyroo Jibroni... The winged messenger of dooooom, with his voice like the booming thunder, and his beard like a brick-strewn path to nowhere :O
21:10 w0vha Liz, your hair is purple and fuzzy, you might want to get that checked out... :-)
21:10 roadran422 Hass...
21:10 SitkaGrown Nice Green Leprechaun standing by the stage
21:10 roadran422 w0vha: Which hair down below?
21:11 Plex Technically, I don't see Cory ON the stream... so neither would the sadistic thing be there, just now... :-)
21:11 qwertyboy the stream turned yellow
21:11 Humza_ bad colour filters
21:11 NeWtoz Don't worry, they are professionals...
21:11 Humza_ and yeah, colour not color
21:11 DannyW I'm just kidding around
21:11 roadran422 Chris, you should set up a meet to call keags. All the members there should.
21:11 Plex Ah, yes, the fun of Chair Shuffle....
21:11 qwertyboy nope, chuck testa
21:11 Fulsy Prank call Keags
21:11 roadran422 LOl
21:11 Humza_ You should come to Essex, UK :)))))))000
21:12 w0vha Someone start playing the piano for musical chairs...
21:12 Humza_ LOL
21:12 Monkeh Humza_: No, Essex sucks
21:12 Humza_ WTF
21:12 Cprossu @ tonsofpcs we're under mercury vapor right now
21:12 Fulsy WINDOWS XP
21:12 roadran422 2 guys walk in to the bar. One says he wants H20, the other says he wants H20 too. The second guy dies. Why?
21:12 Seroster Someone wiggle the mouse will ya?
21:12 K1OCD-Adam AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa screensaver
21:12 Humza_ Monkeh: Where do you live bitch?
21:12 qwertyboy screen saver on the screen
21:12 Monkeh Humza_: Not sodding Essex. :P
21:12 Gjposner anyone know how to use the IRC and watch the stream without flipping between screens?
21:12 Humza_ Huh :(
21:12 qwertyboy use dual screens!
21:13 K1OCD-Adam two monitors
21:13 SitkaGrown Tell Keags to get some cock on those leaks
21:13 Monkeh Gjposner: Use smaller windows?
21:13 roadran422 Have windows 7. Drag the irc to one side, and the stream to the other.
21:13 Gjposner without 2 monitors -_-
21:13 Tarsman013 laptop ftl
21:13 Gjposner maybe..
21:13 Andyroo Gjposner, go to, but you'll have to scroll :)
21:13 Seroster Gjposner, I have them side by side on one screen, half screen is irc other is stream
21:13 Tarsman013 yup
21:13 NeWtoz I have 4 monitors
21:13 Gjposner hmmm ok, I guess I will use 2 smaller screens lol
21:13 NeWtoz 1 steam, 1 captains blog, 1 irc
21:13 Fulsy KEAGS would put caulk on everything but the leaks
21:13 roadran422 You don't have windows 7 Gjprosner
21:13 Humza_ Monkeh: Lemme just tell you Essex isn't all like the idiots at The Only Way is Essex, I'm better than that. We got a house in Kent too, I prefer Kent  :)
21:13 Gjposner that is a win
21:13 Gjposner no I dont
21:13 roadran422 Fulsy: xD
21:14 roadran422 Oh ok. Windows 7 can snap windows to sides
21:14 SparkyProjects Gjposner: You could download an irc client, i use pidgin, but you may get other suggestions
21:14 Monkeh Humza_: I prefer not being anywhere near that side of the country. :P
21:14 Gjposner Yea, soon I will though!
21:14 K1OCD-Adam only has 3
21:14 roadran422 Pidgin is what I use also. Thanks for the suggestion Sparky!
21:14 NeWtoz Xchat!
21:14 Humza_ Monkeh: You up north?
21:14 Gjposner Thanks Sparky!!
21:14 Humza_ X-Chat2
21:14 Monkeh Humza_: Good god, no.
21:14 w0vha Stream on one monitor, and BitchX on the linux box in Putty on the other.  Works great!
21:14 Toastdude XChat
21:14 Humza_ Monkeh: Don't tell me you're Irish, if so GTFO
21:14 NeWtoz real men use xchat
21:14 Toastdude lol
21:15 Monkeh Humza_: That would be a different country.
21:15 roadran422 Lol, i'm 14, should I look it up?
21:15 roadran422 xChat sounds like pornography?
21:15 Gjposner lol
21:15 Humza_ I'm 14 too
21:15 qwertyboy lulz
21:15 Toastdude XCht is an IRC client...
21:15 Humza_ Monkeh: part of it is in the uk
21:15 roadran422 Ok...
21:15 mashpriborintorg NeWtoz: not watching the Captains blog in full screen hi-res is a crime
21:15 Toastdude *XChat
21:15 roadran422 Just wondering lol
21:15 w0vha roudran422: depends on what channel you're in...
21:15 K1OCD-Adam 32" for the stream... 19" 16:9 for the irc... 15" 4:3 for FB
21:15 roadran422 LOl
21:15 Humza_ XChat = non-free
21:15 Monkeh Humza_: And the UK consists of several countries.
21:15 Humza_ Xchat2 = free
21:15 Monkeh Humza_: The UK is a nation. England is a country.
21:15 Humza_ indeed.
21:16 roadran422 Ok... lool
21:16 DannyW HI CHRIS
21:16 ChevyZ71 joined #thegeekgroup
21:16 Humza_ Monkeh: Yerp, just tell me where you're from lol
21:16 roadran422 What flavour is your e-juice?
21:16 w0vha What flavor are you vaping today?
21:16 Humza_ pineapple
21:16 Monkeh Humza_: Cornwall.#
21:16 Humza_ Countryside :P
21:16 Seroster It's cumflavour what do you think? -.-
21:16 Monkeh Which reminds me, Chris, if you're watching this, I'll be sending you a Cornish flag shortly hopefully.
21:16 roadran422 Seroster. No.
21:16 NeWtoz for free windows xchat
21:16 BotSteve Title: X-Chat 2 for Windows
21:16 Fulsy I see a Boden
21:16 ChevyZ71 CHRIS...Hi
21:16 K1OCD-Adam WISHES Samsung had an app for justintv fot rhe 55"
21:16 Humza_ NeWtoz: indeed
21:17 NeWtoz but real men use linux anyways
21:17 angy real men use unices or BSD
21:17 roadran422 Liz.. the one with the skirt. How do spell your name?
21:17 NeWtoz I guess I could head to the lab
21:17 Seroster You just did.
21:17 Gjposner Liz Bokt?
21:18 angy Lis
21:18 Toastdude No, the production Liz
21:18 K1OCD-Adam PICK PICK
21:18 Toastdude Oh, Lis
21:18 Andyroo Moose is Lis. That other Liz is Liz :)
21:18 Gjposner oh, no idea lol
21:18 roadran422 Yah the production one hahaha
21:18 roadran422 Ok thanks lol
21:18 SparkyProjects Gipsoner Lis Bokt is the blonde
21:18 roadran422 Are they both german?
21:18 roadran422
21:18 qwertyboy derpderpderpderpderpderpderp
21:18 roadran422 .seen wannabee1987
21:18 Gjposner yea, sorry, hit z and not s lol
21:18 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen wannabee1987 around.
21:18 roadran422 .seen wanabe1987
21:18 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen wanabe1987 around.
21:18 roadran422 .seen wannabe1987
21:18 Toastdude .seen wannabe1987
21:18 BotSteve roadran422: I last saw wannabe-zz 13.43 hours ago at 2011-12-28 07:53:09 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 21:18:45 UTC
21:18 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw wannabe-zz 13.43 hours ago at 2011-12-28 07:53:09 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 21:18:46 UTC
21:18 BotSteve roadran422: I last saw wannabe-afk 26.86 hours ago at 2011-12-27 18:26:59 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:18 Andyroo .spell wannabe1987 :O
21:18 Fulsy The Boden has vanished
21:18 roadran422 Thanks lol
21:18 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw wannabe-afk 26.86 hours ago at 2011-12-27 18:26:59 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:18 BotSteve roadran422: I last saw zombie1987 142.19 hours ago at 2011-12-22 23:07:41 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:18 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw zombie1987 142.19 hours ago at 2011-12-22 23:07:41 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:18 BotSteve roadran422: I last saw wannabe|tgg 219.12 hours ago at 2011-12-19 18:11:27 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw wannabe|tgg 219.13 hours ago at 2011-12-19 18:11:27 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 BotSteve roadran422: I last saw captn_obvious 313.91 hours ago at 2011-12-15 19:24:16 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 Coderjoe NeWtoz: I prefer xchat-wdc to silverex these days. it is usually more up-to-date
21:19 qwertyboy .seen wannabe1987
21:19 Cprossu yikes
21:19 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw captn_obvious 313.91 hours ago at 2011-12-15 19:24:16 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 BotSteve roadran422: (1 more)
21:19 roadran422 Now.. we flooded chat.
21:19 BotSteve Toastdude: (1 more)
21:19 Fulsy Okay guys who broke botsteve
21:19 qwertyboy .seen wannabe1987
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw wannabe-zz 13.43 hours ago at 2011-12-28 07:53:09 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 21:19:08 UTC
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw wannabe-afk 26.87 hours ago at 2011-12-27 18:26:59 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 roadran422 XD
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw wannabe-zz 13.43 hours ago at 2011-12-28 07:53:09 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 21:19:13 UTC
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw zombie1987 142.19 hours ago at 2011-12-22 23:07:41 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 Cprossu roadran422 this was a bad idea
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw wannabe-afk 26.87 hours ago at 2011-12-27 18:26:59 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw wannabe|tgg 219.13 hours ago at 2011-12-19 18:11:27 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw zombie1987 142.19 hours ago at 2011-12-22 23:07:41 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 Fulsy You made him angry
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw captn_obvious 313.92 hours ago at 2011-12-15 19:24:16 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw wannabe|tgg 219.13 hours ago at 2011-12-19 18:11:27 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 Cprossu BatSteve-Away stop being away.
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: (1 more)
21:19 roadran422 Cprossu: Sorry hahaha
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: I last saw captn_obvious 313.92 hours ago at 2011-12-15 19:24:16 UTC on #thegeekgroup.
21:19 BotSteve qwertyboy: (1 more)
21:19 Gjposner uhoh..
21:19 SparkyProjects Lets not abusr the bot while there are so many onlinr
21:19 Andyroo Botsteve, quiet!
21:19 roadran422 Good idea.
21:19 roadran422 Sorry.
21:19 Toastdude Fulsy: He does that... displays every nick registered to that specific nick
21:19 Fulsy oh
21:20 Toastdude Kinda spammy, but oh well..
21:20 Fulsy e = backwards N G 3
21:20 roadran422 I'm from California also. Near woodland hills
21:20 Coderjoe NeWtoz:
21:20 BotSteve Title: xchat-wdk - - Google Project Hosting
21:20 Toastdude Hi Liz
21:20 BotSteve left #thegeekgroup
21:20 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
21:20 Cprossu ok that's fixed for now
21:20 Gjposner lol
21:20 Tarsman013 you suck cory
21:20 Fulsy Cory's gonna sing us a duet
21:20 Fulsy with chris
21:21 roadran422 Cory had a ball check!
21:21 Gjposner SING SING SING SING
21:21 Monkeh Yes, get off. :P
21:21 Gjposner BYE!
21:21 qwertyboy SIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:21 qwertyboy SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:21 Gjposner lol
21:21 Fulsy lol sign
21:21 roadran422 Encour!
21:21 qwertyboy *facepalm
21:21 K1OCD-Adam shadow puppets
21:21 roadran422 Monkeh, did you disable botsteve?
21:21 roadran422 I don't see him as on lol
21:21 Seroster Because you were abusing him
21:22 Andyroo With your face like a discarded pastry :S
21:22 Gjposner wow it seems it updates there faster than it does for me lol
21:22 roadran422 Sorry... I didn't mean to lol
21:22 Monkeh roadran422: What makes you think I had anything to do with it?
21:22 Seroster And he is very much on, just not here.
21:22 K1OCD-Adam ITS JOE
21:22 roadran422 Idk Monkeh lol
21:22 Gjposner works!
21:22 Tarsman013 hi chris!
21:22 Fulsy the check of alignment
21:22 theyooper15 almighty joe simon
21:22 Gjposner laggy for anyone else?
21:22 Tarsman013 pretty good from our angle
21:22 Tarsman013 it is a little
21:22 Gjposner ok
21:22 Fulsy Joe Simon could build a better HVAC system with a straw
21:23 K1OCD-Adam slightly laggy... nb tho
21:23 Cprossu Gjposner the stream seems to be running fine
21:23 Tarsman013 but thats always for a stream...
21:23 roadran422 Hahaha fulsy
21:23 Cprossu let me double check
21:23 Gjposner oh yes he could, Joe Simon is one of our gods
21:23 Humza_ turn the big fat lamps on pls :)
21:23 Gjposner ok, thanks /Cprossu
21:23 qwertyboy we can hear you chirs
21:23 roadran422 2 guys walk in to the bar. One says he wants H20, the other says he wants H20 too. The second guy dies. Why?
21:23 w0vha Doug says "get the girls up on stage and "work the pole"
21:23 K1OCD-Adam DERP
21:23 Monkeh I'll post you some Chris
21:23 * Toastdude gives Chris more blue M&M's
21:23 Gjposner WE NEED BLUE M&M's people!
21:23 tlockley Lol
21:23 Monkeh They'll be a bit crap by the time they get there from the UK though
21:24 Cprossu everything looks good at our end, we're not being throttled, so everythings good.
21:24 Tarsman013 crap i only have red ones!
21:24 Gjposner we should send chris thousands of blue M&m's
21:24 Gjposner ok thanks for checking again!
21:24 K1OCD-Adam what variety of nicotene device is that anyway
21:24 roadran422 lol
21:24 Humza_ I'll send some, I'll give you a bit of hash too
21:24 Andyroo Blue M&M donation ahoy!
21:25 tlockley spelled Crane
21:25 K1OCD-Adam crane?
21:25 Fulsy NUUUU
21:25 Humza_ Kill IRC?
21:25 Monkeh Aww, don't kill us
21:25 Humza_ NOO
21:25 roadran422 No :(
21:25 Andyroo DON'T KILL US!
21:25 Gjposner nO
21:25 qwertyboy dont kill us!
21:25 Fulsy :C
21:25 Cprossu that's right, you are all dead!
21:25 roadran422 We are people over here!
21:25 SparkyProjects K1OCD-Adam:  Chris uses Volcano ecigs
21:25 Andyroo We live here!
21:25 Humza_ If you kill me I'll flippin kill you.
21:25 theyooper15 nooooooooooo
21:25 Rahlon ahhhhh We ARE ALL GONNA DIE
21:25 Gjposner noooooooooooooooooooo
21:25 K1OCD-Adam tns spark
21:25 K1OCD-Adam tkx
21:25 Humza_ lol
21:25 roadran422 .chris nuke us.
21:25 Humza_ Don't kill me
21:25 Humza_ please
21:25 ChevyZ71 Don't kill me!!!!!!!
21:25 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
21:25 Gjposner we dies?
21:25 * roadran422 Powers on Shields!
21:26 Andyroo We are sacrificed to the gods :(
21:26 qwertyboy AGH!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DEAD!!!!!!!!!
21:26 Gjposner at least we will be among the greats of Joe Simon
21:26 DannyW sorry my if my spelling isn't good
21:26 SparkyProjects K1OCD-Adam: if you search tgg's vids, Chris has covered ecigs, Volcano is a TGG sponsor
21:26 Cprossu now we're lagging a bit
21:26 w0vha You're getting some RFI into the stream, it sounds like...
21:26 Cprossu jr,,,
21:26 Fulsy I see a big logo on the screen
21:26 roadran422 I hope my dad doesn't walk in...
21:26 Cprossu w0vha there's a  radio on in mdh
21:26 K1OCD-Adam saw it in passing
21:26 Cprossu right now
21:27 roadran422 He doesn't get me lol
21:27 Cprossu *at least that's what I was told*
21:27 w0vha Oh, OK.
21:27 Cprossu it could be rf, we've had it before
21:27 roadran422 Chris! I am not korean!
21:27 Cprossu but right now we're all hoping it's just a crappy radio on in mdh
21:27 Andyroo Speaking of, found my old tornado. covered in cat hair. Still with a charge in it, but I can't find my USB charger. Ah well, I kinda wanted a tank system anyways.
21:27 w0vha It sounds like a commercial radio station, but I can't understand it...
21:27 Andyroo Time for a new one :)
21:27 Cprossu it is
21:27 Cprossu AM
21:27 K1OCD-Adam RF from cellular devices for sure
21:27 Coderjoe shouldn't be getting rf in any balanced mic feeds
21:28 Cprossu Coderjoe it's our mixer that's the issue
21:28 Humza_ I need to go, damnit. Emergency server maintinence at Redstation Rackcenter1 :(
21:28 Coderjoe oh
21:28 K1OCD-Adam what proper ground lol
21:28 Cprossu ground loop probably
21:28 K1OCD-Adam the only proper ground is in the hvl
21:28 Cprossu but wait for egrsteve|away to confirm.
21:28 w0vha AM RFI is a bitch... I know THAT for sure!
21:28 roadran422 Lol
21:28 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
21:28 Toastdude PONKO
21:28 Monkeh K1OCD-Adam: Define 'proper ground'.
21:29 Toastdude hi
21:29 K1OCD-Adam chunk band W0
21:29 K1OCD-Adam :)
21:29 roadran422 .g proper ground
21:29 qwertyboy metal rods stuck in the ground
21:29 K1OCD-Adam rf ground vs safety ground
21:29 Cprossu roadran422 botsteve has been... disabled... due to spam reasons for now
21:29 Monkeh qwertyboy: What sort of ground? How deep? How far apart?
21:29 roadran422 I forgot lol
21:29 ajcc tggmc: tell chris that the head-part is the part that breaks on tripods, or missing the fast-mount
21:29 Ponko hey toasty
21:29 Coderjoe qwertyboy: every electrical service has that at point-of-entry (just that general description)
21:29 qwertyboy Monkeh: no idea
21:30 roadran422 Projector is off
21:30 Monkeh roadran422: Computer is off.
21:30 qwertyboy they cant silence us forever!
21:30 roadran422 Ok. Duh. TGG_MDH just quit... lol
21:30 K1OCD-Adam and a safety ground is not necessarily a good rf ground
21:30 Monkeh Coderjoe: That very much depends where you are. :P
21:31 Coderjoe Monkeh: in pretty much the entire US, afaik
21:31 Monkeh K1OCD-Adam: Indeed, and vice versa. It's not as simple as whacking a bit of copper-plated rod into the ground for either use.
21:31 K1OCD-Adam <-NMEA MEI
21:32 * Toastdude thinks the IRC is getting too crowded...
21:32 theyooper15 they have a whole vid on how they did rhe grounging
21:32 K1OCD-Adam general fun with electronics
21:32 Cprossu This is nothing Toastdude heh.
21:32 roadran422 Toastdude: THere is only 94 people?
21:32 qwertyboy Toastdude: then stop thinking
21:32 Monkeh K1OCD-Adam: Then you have at least some idea. :)
21:32 roadran422 36 views 94 irc'ers
21:32 Coderjoe it has calmed down now that we don't have the attention
21:32 K1OCD-Adam ind Monkeh
21:32 Toastdude For this IRC channel, I mean
21:32 Toastdude Tru
21:32 K1OCD-Adam indeed*
21:32 Toastdude *True
21:32 Andyroo A... cricket bat?
21:32 Monkeh Coderjoe: You'll be hard pressed to find a ground rod in my property. ;)
21:33 Monkeh And yet I have an exceptional ground connection
21:33 w0vha Cricket? Nobody understands cricket! You gotta know what a crumpet is to understand cricket!
21:33 roadran422 o_O
21:33 Andyroo Crumpet's just not cricket :O
21:33 Ponko w0vha: and that would me mate
21:33 K1OCD-Adam and Amateur Extra ... lol fwiw
21:33 qwertyboy o_O
21:33 roadran422 Wannabe1987 should be there lol
21:34 Rahlon is that a cricket bat?
21:34 Ponko we on stream/
21:34 DannyW the production crew is doing a very good job
21:34 roadran422 Chris! Do something amazing!
21:34 roadran422 I'm sitting here yawning
21:35 Cprossu right now they are just setting up and testing
21:35 Toastdude Chris is always amazing, roadran422 :P
21:35 Ponko ^^
21:35 roadran422 Toastdude: I never said he wasn't... He's not doing anything right now... xD
21:35 Rahlon I thought the usa doesn't play cricket?
21:35 Ponko epic win
21:35 tlockley The US doesent really recognize cricket as a sport
21:36 tlockley though quite a few play in the US
21:36 roadran422 Is crumpet a sport?
21:36 Ponko no
21:36 tlockley my college has a sizeable cricket team for being a state school
21:36 K1OCD-Adam pastry
21:36 K1OCD-Adam of sorts
21:36 roadran422 Then what's the relationship between Crumpet and Cricket?
21:36 tlockley britan
21:36 Ponko there isn't one
21:36 roadran422 ...
21:37 w0vha That was a quote from the first Ninja Turtles movie...
21:37 Ponko crumpet is a food and sometimes it's eating at tea
21:37 Rahlon aah ok, I'm assuming it depends on the state as well?
21:37 roadran422 Ohhh
21:37 Coderjoe when you say "football", do you mean global football (soccer in the states), american football, or canadian football?
21:37 Ponko lol i remembered that :P
21:37 Andyroo Eat crumpet, watch cricket, drink tea, feel upper class.
21:37 tlockley note really Rahlon. UMass Dartmouth just has a huge indian population
21:37 roadran422 What is the hunk of wod?
21:37 tlockley and their favorite pastime apparantly is playing cricket
21:38 Rahlon yeah that would make sense
21:38 tlockley so we have a cricket pitch in the middle of the campus
21:38 w0vha That's some bad hat, Dan.
21:38 Rahlon it's one of the things they have left over from when they were part of the empire
21:38 roadran422 PAUL!
21:38 theyooper15 kidwell!
21:38 tlockley and i must say they are really good at it
21:39 roadran422 Paul!
21:39 roadran422 Kidwell!
21:39 roadran422 Kidwell?!
21:39 Coderjoe yes, Paul is there
21:39 roadran422 Paul!
21:39 roadran422 Lol
21:39 Monkeh I see mad scientist hair
21:39 roadran422 Lol
21:39 Toastdude Where?
21:39 williamfr joined #thegeekgroup
21:39 Coderjoe IRC is not on the wall or anywhere. they are not paying attention
21:39 roadran422 He should donate is hair
21:39 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
21:39 w0vha Probably an accident involving a ceiling fan and a soldering iron
21:39 Rahlon hmm I never really got into it, a bunch of my friends liked it though, it's mostly the south of england that play it
21:40 Coderjoe so what the heck is everyone watching and filming?
21:40 Cprossu Anyone who thinks their video may be behind, you can click "Pause" and "Play" without the need to see another ad, and the stream will reset locally for you.
21:40 roadran422 lol
21:40 Rahlon the north tends to play more gritter sports such as football and rugby
21:40 K1OCD-Adam they are generating RF what are they messing with
21:40 Tarsman013 whats going on there???
21:40 w0vha SSTC?
21:40 Cprossu K1OCD-Adam: I think we have a XLR cable somewhere patched in that we should have put into the 'bad pile'
21:40 K1OCD-Adam got it
21:41 Cprossu or had several times before
21:41 theyooper15 switch cameras
21:41 Coderjoe next time it is determined to be bad, cut the ends off
21:41 Cprossu theyooper15 we're just testing things out right now.
21:41 Coderjoe so it can't be used again accidentally
21:41 roadran422 There should be a new camera. Specifically for chris. It's called Crotch Cam!
21:41 K1OCD-Adam I usually cut them.. harder to make the mistake when it isn't a whole cable
21:42 Cprossu we usually cut 'em
21:42 qwertyboy maglinvin!
21:42 Cprossu but sometimes it gets hecktic
21:42 roadran422 Dan!
21:42 qwertyboy we want to see whats going on!
21:42 roadran422 Dan... Laugh on line!
21:43 Rahlon so what's the plan for today then? I've gathered chris is planning to do some kinda speech what else is planned?
21:43 Coderjoe it could also just be bad ends.
21:43 theyooper15 yes we do!
21:43 tgg|NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
21:43 tgg|NeWtoz yo
21:43 Tarsman013 hi :-)
21:44 Coderjoe for my con tech gig, we have/had some cables where the plug pulls out of the microphone's jack a little, and when it does, the connection goes bad, too
21:44 roadran422 I play clarinet... :)
21:45 Coderjoe working on replacing them with better cables, as the pursestring-holder allows
21:45 roadran422 Joe!
21:45 roadran422 2 guys walk in to the bar. One says he wants H20, the other says he wants H20 too. The second guy dies. Why?
21:45 DannyW Me Back
21:45 tgg|NeWtoz bunch of introverts
21:45 Coderjoe because of a bad pun
21:45 qwertyboy he got hydrogen peroxide
21:45 Coderjoe :P
21:46 roadran422 qwertyboy: Correct! xD
21:46 roadran422 Ot
21:46 roadran422 It's a chem cat thing
21:46 roadran422 Codejoe: :P
21:46 qwertyboy i told a chemistry joke. there was no reaction
21:46 Toastdude ....
21:46 roadran422 ...
21:46 Rahlon ......
21:46 Coderjoe aren't you hipster?
21:46 Gaxnys roadran422: What's that song? I just played it. o:
21:46 Toastdude Na.
21:47 roadran422 Gaxnys:  Idk no song lol
21:47 Gaxnys roadran422: Oh. It sounded nice lol. :)
21:47 roadran422 What are cats composed of? Lol
21:47 Gaxnys roadran422: mind if I steal it? >:D
21:47 roadran422 It doesn't matter lol
21:48 Toastdude C N O P S  roadran422 :P
21:48 qwertyboy iron, lithium, and neon
21:48 roadran422 Qwertyboy! Correct! FeLiNe
21:48 w0vha :-)
21:48 roadran422 Argon walks in to a bar. The Barman says get the hell out. What does he do?
21:48 Electronics *groans*
21:48 Toastdude Ar?
21:48 roadran422 Nope.
21:48 qwertyboy wanna hear a joke about nitric oxide?
21:48 Toastdude lol
21:48 Toastdude No
21:48 roadran422 Lol
21:48 Toastdude :P
21:48 roadran422 Argon doesn't react! Hahahahaha
21:49 w0vha ba dum bum
21:49 qwertyboy Doeas anyone know any jokes about sodium?
21:49 Toastdude Na
21:49 roadran422 A neutron buys a 1 dollar candy bar. Not tax, How much did he pay?
21:49 roadran422 *No
21:50 qwertyboy no charge
21:50 roadran422 Hahahaaha
21:50 qwertyboy wanna hear a joke about element 116?
21:51 roadran422 Uhh
21:51 roadran422 What do you do with a dead chemist? (These are tasteless jokes)
21:51 qwertyboy barium
21:51 roadran422 Lol :)
21:51 w0vha oy...
21:51 qwertyboy what's the coldest element?
21:51 injektion I feel like an idiot right now
21:51 Toastdude Depends on the state
21:51 w0vha my ex wife...
21:51 roadran422 ...
21:52 qwertyboy berrrrrilium
21:52 roadran422 Hahha
21:52 roadran422 What is the houdini element?
21:52 roadran422 It's not really a joke but..
21:52 tgg|NeWtoz ...
21:52 qwertyboy ...
21:52 roadran422 Bromine
21:52 Seroster I know wich one it is, but I wont tell ya
21:52 roadran422 It's not a joke... It was a question ll
21:53 Seroster Not even glass will hold it
21:53 roadran422 Yep. lol
21:53 qwertyboy HF?
21:53 Lewis joined #thegeekgroup
21:53 Seroster Not hafnium, no
21:53 roadran422 Could Argon get a vasectomy?
21:53 qwertyboy hydroflouric acid?
21:53 roadran422 No.. Barium
21:53 qwertyboy im not good at spelling right now
21:54 roadran422 Could Argon get a vasectomy?
21:54 qwertyboy ...
21:54 roadran422 No! He's inert!
21:54 threebuddies joined #thegeekgroup
21:54 qwertyboy *facepalm*
21:54 roadran422 Hahahaha
21:54 roadran422 Get it? The captain's blog joke haha
21:54 qwertyboy i see clouds
21:54 w0vha The lens has schmutz on it
21:54 Electronics hmm
21:55 roadran422 Why are the dutch scared of the showers?
21:55 Gjposner YAY!!!
21:55 roadran422 *jewish
21:55 Tarsman013 yay keynote
21:55 roadran422 No. Powerpoint. He hates macs.
21:55 threebuddies The joke was " I'm polish I'm uncomfortable in showers"
21:56 w0vha More like OpenOffice Presenter... as he hates winblows too...
21:56 roadran422 Yep Hahahaha
21:57 roadran422 I don't openoffice lol
21:57 roadran422 But ok hahaha
21:57 tonsofpcs scanner audio?
21:57 ajprog_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:57 tggmc here we go
21:57 tlockley tggmc scanner is still on
21:57 Bolt_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:57 tonsofpcs tggmc: scanner...
21:57 Tarsman013 KEYNOTE
21:58 tonsofpcs also, pan left?
21:58 tgg|NeWtoz joined #thegeekgroup
21:58 Seroster I bet some machinist will stab me now,  but I just threaded a hole with a regular powerdrill
21:58 threebuddies why does chris have a paddle?
21:58 roadran422 lol
21:58 Guest34423 Volume seems low.
21:58 tggmc I have no idea
21:58 tlockley threebuddies: cricket bat
21:58 Gjposner beatin stick?
21:59 threebuddies Ok why does chris have a cricket bat?
21:59 Rahlon a keynote, oh no he's not gonna start chanting developers, developers, developers is he?
21:59 Gjposner is Moose using a Sony A850?
21:59 roadran422 lol
21:59 Cprossu all I can confirm is that moose has a sony dslr.
22:00 Gjposner ok, sounds like a Sony lol.  I have the original A100, so that sound is second nature lol
22:00 tonsofpcs volume? what volume?
22:00 tonsofpcs *turns compressor on*
22:00 Andyroo There's a moose camera review buried somewhere in thegeekgroup channel
22:00 mashpriborintorg lol real geeks notice the camera but not the girl holding it
22:00 Gjposner we have noticed her multiple times
22:00 tonsofpcs I'm hearing the AM station :(
22:00 tggmc so I am I
22:00 Gjposner she is always around, the camera is not lol
22:00 Gjposner WORKS!
22:01 Guest34423 Raises hand... working on that.
22:01 tonsofpcs *raises hand*
22:01 roadran422 Good luck!
22:01 K1OCD-Adam audio sync is out again
22:02 tonsofpcs K1OCD-Adam: oh, I thought it was just me
22:02 Cprossu oh shit
22:02 tonsofpcs offline....
22:02 JA12 gah
22:02 Guest34423 Noooooo
22:02 Cprossu *  hence the o shit
22:02 Gjposner uhoh...
22:02 qwertyboy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
22:02 Electronics uh oh
22:02 Gjposner lol
22:02 theyooper15 ahhhhhh
22:02 tlockley well now its all complete
22:02 tonsofpcs back
22:02 Andyroo tggmc, emergency!!!
22:02 K1OCD-Adam who sat on the power strip
22:02 Rahlon the fired the tesla coil I guess
22:02 Tarsman013 what the hell man
22:02 tonsofpcs Fulsy: I was hungry!
22:02 roadran422 Lol
22:02 Fulsy HALP
22:02 Cprossu I took care of it
22:02 tggmc CPROSSU!
22:02 roadran422 2 viewers
22:03 threebuddies Thank you whoever fixed that.
22:03 Gjposner lol
22:03 Fulsy KICK IT
22:03 ChevyZ71 joined #thegeekgroup
22:03 Cprossu shhhh I fixed it
22:03 Tarsman013 must have been that dividing by 0 thing...
22:03 qwertyboy tggmc: its dead
22:03 ajprog_mdh joined #thegeekgroup
22:03 roadran422 Lol
22:03 tonsofpcs mmm, bagels.  I have one of those in the fridge.
22:03 Cprossu it's up again
22:03 Fulsy oh ok
22:03 Tarsman013 hit pause then play
22:03 Cprossu ^^^^
22:03 tonsofpcs non-synchronous camera switching?
22:03 Gjposner refresh kids refresh
22:03 Cprossu NO
22:03 qwertyboy ok
22:03 Cprossu DONT REFRESH
22:03 Gjposner oh
22:03 Gjposner oops
22:03 Cprossu if you refresh you have to watch an ad
22:03 Guest34423 pause then play worked... thanks
22:03 tggmc one cam is out of sync
22:03 roadran422 Xd
22:04 roadran422 xD
22:04 tonsofpcs tggmc: middle one? (which also needs to be panned left)
22:04 K1OCD-Adam stage left
22:04 Cprossu If the stream drops for you * click pause and play, not refresh! *
22:04 tggmc WHOA i HAVE A CAMERA OP
22:04 Cprossu ^ whoa you have caps lock on
22:05 ajprog_mdh me
22:05 tggmc no I as yelling
22:05 roadran422 Lol
22:05 Cprossu ^ but your 'I' was a i
22:05 tonsofpcs
22:05 roadran422 lol
22:05 mashpriborintorg did Chris prepare his speech or it's all improvised ?
22:05 roadran422 lol
22:05 Guest34423 Some of these shots need some white balance help
22:05 Gjposner knowing chris, improved
22:05 tonsofpcs Guest34423: the cameras need someone inside them with a tweaker tool for about 6 hours each.
22:06 tggmc I need to do a lot of tweaking and more light
22:06 K1OCD-Adam Improv...he is an accomplished presenter imho
22:07 isasha joined #thegeekgroup
22:07 K1OCD-Adam TEACHER
22:07 qwertyboy arduino FTW!
22:07 isasha Am I the only one with video that is freaking out?
22:08 injektion No
22:08 tonsofpcs isasha: it's non-synchronous switching
22:08 Fulsy This speech makes me want to get my home electronics lab working again
22:08 roadran422 LOl
22:08 K1OCD-Adam THEY ARE
22:08 tonsofpcs heh heh
22:08 roadran422 Hahaha
22:08 K1OCD-Adam no we don't
22:08 roadran422 ^true
22:08 tggmc ouch
22:08 Cprossu ouuuch
22:08 Cprossu so what happened to it tggmc?
22:08 tonsofpcs yes, i saw that steeve
22:09 Rodsur joined #thegeekgroup
22:09 isasha So wait, you guys get like 0.5 seconds of audio, then 3 seconds of silence like i do?
22:09 tggmc it tried to cross fade
22:09 Cprossu I thought we were good to go earlier
22:09 tggmc one cam is out of sync
22:09 tggmc I can't get he sub carrier to stabalize
22:09 K1OCD-Adam ctr is out now too
22:09 tonsofpcs isasha: no, no audio issues here
22:09 Cprossu oh it's bouncing back and forth?
22:09 isasha Its totally freaking out
22:10 Cprossu try cycling the genlock unit tggmc
22:10 K1OCD-Adam sync
22:10 tonsofpcs isasha: try pause then play
22:10 tonsofpcs Cprossu: NO
22:10 tggmc I have
22:10 roadran422 Ditto.
22:10 Cprossu tonsofpcs it's bouncing
22:10 Cprossu it happens
22:10 tggmc but not while live
22:10 Coderjoe yeah. I saw the roll on that switch :(
22:10 isasha tonsofpcs: that didn't help much
22:11 tonsofpcs lol
22:11 qwertyboy KEAGS!
22:11 roadran422 Hahaha
22:11 roadran422 Gonnahrea
22:11 isasha I really hope this will be on yt tomorrow...
22:11 tonsofpcs Cprossu: this is recording on justin, right?
22:12 roadran422 Sync?
22:13 tonsofpcs fix it in po... oh, wait, chris doesn't believe in tape.
22:13 Cprossu tonsofpcs yes
22:13 Ponko mmmm doritos and dip
22:13 Cprossu technically the first part of it is up
22:13 Cprossu because of a failure
22:13 Cprossu lol
22:13 SparkyProjects isasha: i think they have the video cameras running too, so yeah it shoulld be on YT
22:14 K1OCD-Adam He is doing Great
22:14 tonsofpcs yes.
22:14 K1OCD-Adam hell yeah... southern arfica
22:14 Fulsy ROFL
22:14 K1OCD-Adam africa lol
22:14 Tarsman013 YA GEEK GROUP!!!
22:14 roadran422 XD
22:14 roadran422 |X|D
22:15 Guest34423 Hi Roy
22:15 tonsofpcs erm, I wouldn't classify anything above the equator as 'southern africa'
22:15 qwertyboy hey roy
22:15 roadran422 Drums
22:15 roadran422 xD see
22:16 tonsofpcs 48 of us watching now, chris
22:16 tggmc there you go, it will be a main channel video soon
22:16 tonsofpcs only because you can miraculously hold it steady.
22:16 Tarsman013 I AM ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE!
22:16 roadran422 How do I know I am a member?
22:17 isasha Man, this after watching Top Gear in HD...
22:17 qwertyboy he did it
22:17 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
22:17 tggmc are you a member on the forums
22:17 roadran422 Hahaha
22:17 roadran422 Idk...
22:17 roadran422 Lol
22:17 roadran422 I have a member card...
22:17 roadran422 I am not really on the forum though..
22:17 roadran422 It was just a basic card
22:17 tggmc then you a a member if you have a card
22:17 roadran422 Ok... Then... Lol
22:17 * tonsofpcs needs to do that membership thing
22:18 roadran422 Not a IRL member... But a member in florida! Yay!
22:18 tonsofpcs of course, I'm still waiting for a reply from moose from an email sent in june....
22:18 tggmc moose has been busy
22:18 tonsofpcs yes, she has.
22:18 Tarsman013 yay us for sharing the videos!!!!!
22:18 roadran422 52 viewers
22:18 tonsofpcs I suppose I should just send a regular membership app so I hit the pile too.
22:19 isasha Ok, could you guys please explain to me why the stream works flawlessly on my phone??
22:19 tonsofpcs isasha: your phone is better than your pc?
22:19 ajcc tggmc: is back-focusing the same on video as 35mm mitchell cameras?, kubrick bought some back-focus mitchell ones, I've always wondered what made them so special
22:19 isasha Hm.. iPhone 4 vs Macbook Air?
22:19 tggmc It's the same theory
22:20 tonsofpcs ajcc: same theory, entirely different in practice.  Video lenses have a LOT more element groups, yet alone elements.
22:20 roadran422 Hahaha
22:20 tggmc and most of ours have doubler elements
22:20 K1OCD-Adam cricket bat.. yeah ... ok
22:21 roadran422 Hahaha
22:21 tonsofpcs how many people saw the 110 blocks hidden inside old electrical panels? *facepalm*
22:21 tlockley ^
22:22 Coderjoe ...
22:22 Coderjoe you're kidding
22:22 tggmc there was 66 punch blocks for the phone system in a sq D breaker type box
22:22 tlockley fun...
22:23 tonsofpcs err, yea, 66 blocks
22:23 tonsofpcs and not even the standard spacing modern 66 blocks
22:23 tonsofpcs (using modern loosely hear, of course)
22:23 tlockley ever seen a 66 used as a 110?
22:23 Cprossu If they were 110 blocks I'd have been happy and you would have too tonsofpcs
22:23 isasha 518??
22:23 Cprossu rofl
22:23 tonsofpcs Cprossu: hey, I brought both tools.
22:24 tonsofpcs I even brought a krone tool!
22:24 Seroster Hey SparkyProjects
22:24 Seroster Do you think that 24vac could run this motstack?
22:24 Cprossu I gave them tools to take care of all of them tonsofpcs heh
22:24 SparkyProjects You will get something out of it, but not a lot
22:24 Gjposner wow the audio is off
22:25 Gjposner its all good though
22:25 tggmc pause and play on your player
22:25 Cprossu tggmc it goes deeper than that
22:25 Cprossu sadly
22:25 tggmc i know
22:25 Cprossu we're gonna have to get together and just figure it out
22:25 tonsofpcs tggmc: I think it's changing with every nonsynchronous switch, since the ADC is reclocking
22:25 Gjposner ok
22:26 tggmc hmm, I suppose it could be
22:26 tonsofpcs tggmc: do you have a spare TBC you can put in-line between the switcher and the capture card?
22:26 tggmc not handy
22:26 tonsofpcs tggmc: more handy than I have for you! :-p
22:27 * tggmc prepares to rack dive
22:27 tonsofpcs heh
22:27 Cprossu tggmc pm
22:28 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
22:28 tggmc even better rerouted the out of sync cam to a tbc
22:29 lwq1996 hi
22:29 lwq1996 whos at mc?
22:29 tggmc egrsteve
22:29 Coderjoe nice fade
22:29 Cprossu steve is.
22:29 lwq1996 i steve
22:29 tonsofpcs don't climb into upper-mechanical when chris is playing with HV
22:29 qwertyboy haha
22:29 tggmc the only one who can rack diev that fast
22:29 lwq1996 hey i see we got a new member
22:29 lwq1996 hi qwertyboy
22:29 roadran422 YES!
22:29 * Rahlon claps
22:30 Tarsman013 i actually clapped.... yup im a geek
22:30 Gjposner lol
22:30 qwertyboy *clap clap*
22:30 mashpriborintorg and buy memberships
22:30 Coderjoe nice card
22:30 lwq1996 wow we got a couple new people
22:30 tonsofpcs tggmc: well, put the switcher through a frame sync (it doesn't need a proc amp) when you get a chance ;)
22:30 roadran422 So much time and to little to do! Wait no, other way around!
22:30 Ponko ooo i see a UofMI hat
22:30 qwertyboy lwq1996: umm, hi?
22:30 lwq1996 so hows everyone doing this fine day
22:30 roadran422 What the!