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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2012-01-01

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00:00 masterofmonks Seriously how many times is that video going to be linked?
00:00 roadran422 xD
00:00 masterofmonks I saw it like 3-4 times today.
00:00 roadran422 I've done it 2 times... xD
00:00 electricguy looks like x-chat 2 on the big screen
00:01 leepod damn 3 hours and i droped a nut and lost my magnetic nut driver bit
00:01 roadran422 Lol, that sucks... Just get another
00:01 masterofmonks leepod: Shop vac ftw
00:02 electricguy year of the Troll... XD
00:02 leepod i cant stick anything big in thete
00:03 leepod damnit
00:03 electricguy that's what he said to the virgin
00:03 roadran422 ^ xD
00:03 masterofmonks I was refraining from comment.
00:03 electricguy XD just had to :P
00:03 roadran422 xD
00:03 leepod lol
00:03 sndwrx Okay maybe you guys can help me find this site.  Google hasn't been helpful, of course I'm not using very good search terms.
00:03 roadran422 Leepod, go get a broom stick
00:03 sndwrx I may have originally got the site from someone in this channel, I don't remember.
00:03 roadran422 What are you looking for?
00:04 electricguy bad idea. i don't think she want a broom and a stick in there... XD
00:04 leepod what good that going to do
00:04 masterofmonks :nsfw
00:04 sndwrx It's a streaming music site that you can enable "party mode", or something named to that effect, that gives you an SMS short code for your party guests to text music requests to.
00:04 electricguy i have never ever said WHERE, so i don't think it's that nsfw :P
00:05 masterofmonks Oh that..
00:05 leepod i lost a new bit to my new craftsman set and a nut
00:05 electricguy never even heard of that
00:05 masterofmonks sndwrx: give me a second and i will rememeber.
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00:05 roadran422 Djtxt
00:05 masterofmonks roadran422: na.
00:05 roadran422 Grooveshark?
00:05 masterofmonks no.
00:05 leepod what i get for helping put new tail lights in my bros car
00:06 roadran422 xD
00:06 electricguy grooveshark sux balls XD it buffers so damn slow :P
00:06 ajcc when's new york eve in your guys time zones?
00:06 ajcc it's 2012 here, 1am
00:06 electricguy new york eve?
00:06 sndwrx Oh.  I didn't know about djtxt.
00:06 ajcc ops :) a bit tired
00:06 ajcc new years eve
00:06 electricguy XD
00:06 roadran422 moonplyaer?
00:07 SparkyProjects ajcc:
00:07 BotSteve Title: TimeTicker and the time tickers...
00:07 sndwrx Well, I thought it was moonplayer, but visiting the site quickly I didn't see the SMS options.
00:07 sndwrx So I moved on in my search.
00:07 roadran422 Oh...
00:07 masterofmonks ?
00:08 BotSteve Title: The Ultimate Music Blog for Free MP3s, Free CD Listening, Discovering New Artists - Spinner
00:08 sndwrx Ah.  Ther's the "start party" button.
00:08 sndwrx It was moonplayer that I was thinking of.
00:08 ajcc SparkyProjects: neat site!
00:08 SparkyProjects :)
00:09 sndwrx Awesome, I need to check out djtxt.  Thanks guys.
00:09 roadran422 Idk... It's what I found Djtxt and Moonplayer... All I got
00:09 roadran422 materofmonks: What do you have?
00:10 SparkyProjects They'll have to update timeticker, Samoa and another island are going to skip a day today
00:11 ajcc skip a day?
00:11 electricguy yepp :)
00:12 ajcc hmm, in Sweden we add the 29'th of february every forth year or century (I think). I wonder if it's that in most parts of the world?
00:13 roadran422 No one got the joke?
00:13 SparkyProjects ajcc:
00:13 BotSteve Title: BBC News - Samoa and Tokelau skip a day for dateline change
00:14 electricguy roadran422, what joke?
00:14 roadran422 materofmonks
00:14 sndwrx ajcc: We call it Leap Year in America.
00:15 SparkyProjects It's leap year in UK too
00:15 SparkyProjects It would have to be a global event
00:15 ajcc when is the next leap second?
00:17 ajcc sndwrx: it's almost named the same here :), except it's something you put in, or shove in, like a book in a bookshelf.
00:18 ajcc is a tree shoot, also a new branch?
00:20 sndwrx ajcc: 2012 is a leap year.
00:21 ajcc neat :)
00:26 ajcc SparkyProjects: oh, if you're in UK, happy new years eve ½h late :)
00:26 SparkyProjects Seems that leap seconds are inserted about every 18 months
00:26 SparkyProjects
00:26 BotSteve Title: Leap second - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
00:26 SparkyProjects Happy new year to you too :)
00:26 SparkyProjects Yes i'm UK
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00:26 Vladdeh Happy New Year folks :)
00:27 ajcc Vladdeh: happy new year to you too
00:27 * Experimentonomen slams voice coils into magnets
00:27 Electricguy__ bedtime! night night all :)
00:27 roadran422 Night!
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00:37 leepod hi
00:37 ajcc hey
00:37 Experimentonomen
00:37 BotSteve Title: NewYears PowerAmp - YouTube
00:39 ajcc Experimentonomen: I can smell the lacquer melting from here :)
00:40 Experimentonomen i had to replace th driver transistors with MJE340/350 as BD139/140 doesent like running above 40V rails
00:41 Rahlon happy 40 min late new year
00:41 ajcc Rahlon: you too :)
00:41 Experimentonomen happy new year GEEKS! :P
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00:44 ajcc this year, 2012, I'm going to build a Tube tester and learn something about electron tubes :)
00:45 ajcc because they are glowing and nice
00:56 HappyNiobeYears happy new years' everyone... :D
00:57 SparkyProjects Blwyddyn Newydd Dda HappyNiobeYears :)
00:57 InteliWasp joined #thegeekgroup
00:57 HappyNiobeYears lol... morning Sparky, thank you for the welsh :D
00:58 SparkyProjects :D
00:58 roadran422 Hi!
00:58 roadran422 HappyNiobeYears:
00:59 HappyNiobeYears you too, roadran422
00:59 roadran422 Hahha, so how's 2012 so far?
00:59 roadran422 x
00:59 roadran422 xD
00:59 HappyNiobeYears sleepy :P
00:59 roadran422 Lol
01:00 * Experimentonomen listens to mono music on low enuf volume to hear the howl of the cooling fan on the newyears amp
01:01 HappyNiobeYears new years *amp*? O.O
01:02 Experimentonomen built it in 1.5-2 hours on newyears eve
01:02 Experimentonomen¨
01:02 BotSteve UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa8' in position 12: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 224, in meth)
01:02 roadran422 ^Batsteve
01:03 ajcc hey guys, what are those balancing transformer things called that steve needs for the security cameras?
01:03 Experimentonomen baluns ?
01:03 ajcc I tried balun at amazon but couldn't find any
01:03 roadran422 Botsteve: Tell batsteve I said error... Type it in to chat, it errors out and says "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa8' in position 12: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 224, in meth)"
01:03 BotSteve roadran422: I'll pass that on when Batsteve is around.
01:03 BotSteve Title: NewYears amp - Imgur
01:03 roadran422 What the... ^
01:04 Monkeh roadran422: That's because you didn't get the ¨
01:04 Monkeh
01:04 BotSteve Title: NewYears amp - Imgur
01:04 Monkeh¨
01:04 BotSteve UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa8' in position 12: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 224, in meth)
01:04 HappyNiobeYears it's in amplifier ex built :P
01:04 roadran422
01:04 BotSteve Title: NewYears amp - Imgur
01:04 Monkeh BotSteve: Tell BatSteve to stop using ascii, it's so 1970s.
01:04 BotSteve Monkeh: I'll pass that on when Batsteve is around.
01:05 roadran422 xD
01:05 ajcc Experimentonomen: hmm, thanks, balun worked, I must have tried something stupid before
01:07 HappyNiobeYears i wish i had a use for an amp lol
01:07 HappyNiobeYears looks pretty cool, ex... :)
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01:09 ubern00b what'd i miss? had to take my cat to the vet.
01:10 ajcc are these the baluns Chris linked too? the old link doesn't work, but these look a lot like the ones in the Too many cameras blog
01:10 BotSteve Title: 1 Channel Twisted Pair Video Balun Transceiver - Black (Pair) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
01:11 SparkyProjects Those  are different, but they should work
01:11 SparkyProjects Depends on the quality
01:12 ubern00b everything is SD at the moment
01:13 SparkyProjects Will be ok for security
01:13 ajcc hmm, are these the ones then?
01:13 BotSteve Title: CCTV via Cat-5 Twisted Pair Video Balun Transceivers (Pair) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
01:14 ajcc they are both 300m color over UTP, unless you have an active reciver
01:15 SparkyProjects Not those either, i'm sure the originals had tails for the cat5
01:15 SparkyProjects I'm  thinking the first ones you linked could be the replacements as the old link no longer works
01:15 SparkyProjects They look neater too
01:15 ajcc oh
01:16 ajcc hmm, I wonder if they want the ones with tails then?
01:16 SparkyProjects Doesn't matter
01:16 ajcc well, I want to make Steve extra happy :)
01:17 Monkeh These:
01:17 BotSteve Title: CCTV via Cat-5 Twisted Pair Video Balun Transceivers with Extension Cable (Pair) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
01:18 SparkyProjects Was just about to say, look at 10:33 in the vid
01:18 BotSteve Title: Captain's Blog 10-17-11 Radio Station, WiFi, and Security Cameras - YouTube
01:19 ajcc yes, those are the baluns we're looking for
01:19 SparkyProjects All they've done is mount the BNC on the box instead of a tail
01:20 SparkyProjects The ones Monkeh linked to have a longer range
01:20 SparkyProjects i think
01:20 ajcc ONLY if the reciver is active
01:20 ajcc that tricked me too
01:20 SparkyProjects ah yes, i saw that
01:21 ajcc and balun to balun is a passive-passive thing :)
01:21 ajcc but 300m, that's 3 full rolls of CAT5-UTP
01:21 Monkeh ajcc: No, that's one box.
01:21 ajcc oh?
01:21 SparkyProjects the ones ajcc linked to are cheaper, more baluns for the money
01:21 ajcc thought they sold in 100m
01:22 Monkeh ajcc: Only to DIYers.
01:22 ajcc I see
01:22 Monkeh ajcc: cat5e is properly sold in 305m/1000ft boxes, which are what TGG are eating for breakfast.
01:22 ajcc hehe, film, 35mm, is sold in "raw" rolls of 30,5m for labs and serious amateurs :)
01:23 ajcc but I realize that's because of the feet to meters round-of
01:24 Monkeh SparkyProjects: Without a tail for the BNC the balun is stuck sticking out the arse of the camera
01:24 Monkeh SparkyProjects: There may not even be space for that with colour cameras
01:24 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
01:24 SparkyProjects That's true
01:28 roadran422 ynos?
01:28 roadran422 Batsteve: tell ynos I said, I didn't know you had a huge forhead!
01:29 roadran422 Botsteve: tell ynos I said, I didn't know you had a huge forhead!
01:29 BotSteve roadran422: I'll pass that on when ynos is around.
01:29 NeWtoz Ferengi!
01:30 SparkyProjects This one would be neater, and should fit behind the camera, but doesn't mention the range, though i would assume the same
01:30 SparkyProjects
01:30 BotSteve Title: Network CAT5 to Camera CCTV BNC Video Balun Transceiver (2-Piece Set) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
01:30 SparkyProjects oh wait, the datasheet image says 400m colour
01:31 ajcc color 400m
01:31 ajcc yes
01:36 Monkeh I would take that with a grain or ten of salt
01:37 Monkeh Ask Steve if he'd like them when he's on
01:37 SparkyProjects You could say the same about the tailed versions :P
01:37 SparkyProjects But even if those right angled ones are 300m, they would still work fine
01:37 Monkeh SparkyProjects: Oh, I know, but Steve explicitly asked for those, so.. :P
01:40 Monkeh Okay, who's run off with my glue gun
01:40 DeRaaf Happy New Year! Did they manage to fire stomper?
01:43 ajcc well, now I'll just have to wait until Steve gets the balun, maybe they suck, maybe the rock.
01:45 SparkyProjects DeRaaf: Not this weekend, they want to assure it is safe and reliable, so another HV weekend is being planned
01:46 DeRaaf That's a shame SparkyProjects.
01:47 ajcc well, they had quite a bit to go
01:49 ajcc oh well, it's 2:50 here, so nighty night
01:49 ubern00b whose manning the livestream cameras?
01:50 ubern00b the traffic is captivating and all, but y'know
01:52 ubern00b OOO!!! morse code on the scanner!
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01:57 Monkeh It is compleeeeete!
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02:03 roadran422 Monkeh: What'd you complete?
02:03 Monkeh roadran422: Small PSU project.
02:03 Monkeh Just reusing a board I had kicking around
02:03 roadran422 Oh... What's the psu for?
02:04 Monkeh Mostly my ADSL 'modem' and my AP.
02:04 roadran422 Oh... Nice
02:10 wannabe-afk joined #thegeekgroup
02:12 wannabe1987 hi
02:13 roadran422 Hi
02:14 Seroster^Away Happy fucking new year I got parts for a tesla coil
02:15 qwertyboy joined #thegeekgroup
02:15 qwertyboy hi
02:15 Monkeh Right, Seroster'll be dead in a week
02:15 wannabe1987 lol
02:15 Seroster Hello qwertyboy
02:15 roadran422 Why?
02:15 roadran422 Did your psu short and blow a fuse?
02:15 qwertyboy why is seroster dieing?
02:15 roadran422 Then, used a screwdriver as a temporary one.
02:15 Seroster Happy fucking new year I got parts for a tesla coil
02:16 roadran422 o...
02:16 roadran422 xD
02:16 roadran422 I read it wrong
02:16 qwertyboy im in the process of building one right now, actually
02:16 roadran422 If  I had the parts. Time. And the tools. I would.
02:16 roadran422 Also, kowledge.
02:16 Monkeh Kill yourself? Yes, most likely. :P
02:17 qwertyboy the only thing i'm hung up on is finding a suitable transformer
02:17 Seroster qwertyboy, I made mine.
02:17 roadran422 I'd never be able to... I'd never be able to design a board, get the parts or anything... xD
02:17 qwertyboy Seroster how?
02:18 Seroster
02:18 BotSteve Title: HexaMOTstack first light - YouTube
02:18 qwertyboy i see
02:19 wannabe1987 roadran422:  never say never
02:19 roadran422 ... xd
02:19 roadran422 *xD
02:19 Seroster roadran422, I was stupid once too, maybe not as stupid as YOU are, but pretty damn ignorant.
02:19 qwertyboy it appears as though your jacob's ladder melted. lol
02:19 Seroster Yeah... Kinda.
02:19 Seroster Oops.
02:20 roadran422 xD
02:20 Monkeh Ahh, Seroster, diplomatic as always
02:20 qwertyboy lol
02:20 roadran422 Seroster: -_-, what's that supposed to mean xD. I'm not really ignorant but stubborn as a mule.
02:23 Seroster Stay out of my lil feud with roadran422, Monkeh.
02:24 roadran422 xD
02:25 Monkeh Seroster: Fire and gas, eh?
02:25 Lwq-SleepinBear masterofmonks it says that the game download is paused
02:26 wannabe1987 reboot.  bbl
02:26 * wannabe1987 pokes Lwq-SleepinBear
02:27 wannabe1987 reboot. ttul
02:32 masterofmonks Well un pause it?
02:32 masterofmonks Should be a little pause button next to the progress thing looks like this symbol ||
02:32 Monkeh masterofmonks: Jeez, do we have to thing of everything around here? ;)
02:33 roadran422 What's the game?
02:34 roadran422 Seroster: what's the rest of the fude?
02:34 Roadran422 group
02:34 Roadran422 What happened to the nick server?
02:37 qwertyboy
02:37 BotSteve Title: Cory Nut Check - YouTube
02:37 Roadran422 Thanks qwertyboy! xd
02:37 Roadran422 *xD, I didn't post the link this time.... I cut the video btw...
02:38 qwertyboy yep! saw it on the captain's facebook
02:38 Roadran422 xD
02:38 masterofmonks Seriously....
02:38 Roadran422 Ik you'd say something...
02:41 Roadran422 ... I can't register this username in to my account...
02:42 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
02:42 Bat-Mobile (:  HappyNiobeYears
02:42 BotSteve batsteve: I have the following messages for you:
02:42 Bat-Mobile I like it
02:42 BotSteve At 01:03Z, roadran422 asked me to Tell batsteve I said error... Type it in to chat, it errors out and says "UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa8' in position 12: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 224, in meth)"
02:43 HappyNiobeYears lol... hey, Bat-Mobile... :)
02:43 Bat-Mobile I like it
02:43 Roadran422 ... like what?
02:43 Roadran422 xD
02:43 Bat-Mobile your nick
02:43 Bat-Mobile hi Roadran422
02:43 Roadran422 Hi...
02:43 Bat-Mobile I'm trying your link now
02:43 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: Dude, ASCII, so 1970s.
02:43 Bat-Mobile
02:43 BotSteve Title: NewYears amp - Imgur
02:43 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: He failed to c+p the odd character correctly.
02:43 Bat-Mobile did I do something wrong?
02:43 Roadran422 Idk... It didn't work when the poster did it..
02:43 Monkeh It was..
02:43 Bat-Mobile oh I see
02:44 HappyNiobeYears lol... thanks, battie... i thought it would be cute for a bit... :P
02:44 Monkeh¨
02:44 BotSteve UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xa8' in position 12: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 224, in meth)
02:44 Monkeh Specifically ¨
02:44 Bat-Mobile ah!  Thank you
02:44 Roadran422 Idk... I'm no coder... xD
02:44 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: UTF-8, man. Embrace it.
02:44 Bat-Mobile Monkeh: in my defense, that wasn't my code
02:44 Roadran422 Bat-Mobile: Did you see the new video on cory?
02:44 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: Well, go replace it. :P
02:45 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: Compliance with UTF-8 is mandatory unless you want to get thumped by me.
02:45 Roadran422 xD
02:45 Bat-Mobile Roadran422: I usually don't have time to watch any of the videos
02:45 Roadran422 Only... If I knew what that is..
02:45 Roadran422 Only 18seconds!
02:45 BotSteve Title: Cory Nut Check - YouTube
02:46 Roadran422 masterofmonks: He's going to hate me for that xD
02:46 Bat-Mobile heh
02:46 masterofmonks Hate no.
02:46 * Bat-Mobile wonders where the module is that titles links
02:46 Roadran422 masterofmonks: xD
02:47 Roadran422 Monkeh: Why not utf-16... (Idk just looked it up...)
02:47 eadthem takes up 2x the space on disk
02:47 Monkeh I.. I'm not getting into that at 3am.
02:47 eadthem and lets face it   who realy needs more than ascii
02:48 Roadran422 xD
02:48 Roadran422 Idk what utf stuff is...
02:48 Roadran422 Nor ascii
02:48 Lwq-SleepinBear hey roadran i saw your upload on youtubw
02:48 Lwq-SleepinBear youtube
02:48 Roadran422 Lwq-SleepinBear: xD
02:48 Roadran422 lee...
02:48 lwq1996 yup
02:48 lwq1996 i never changed that
02:49 Roadran422 I could posted the aids victim one. But, after I showed him the first video, he said it was offensive
02:49 dr_jkl ....
02:49 lwq1996 lol
02:49 eadthem its december
02:49 eadthem the AC is running
02:49 eadthem and not for the fun of it
02:49 Roadran422 ... lol
02:50 Bat-Mobile Monkeh: try the link again
02:50 Bat-Mobile should be fixed
02:50 Bat-Mobile or the bot will crash
02:50 Bat-Mobile one or the other
02:50 Roadran422 CRASH!
02:50 Roadran422¨
02:50 BotSteve Unencodable character in link
02:50 Roadran422 NO1
02:50 Roadran422 NO!
02:51 Roadran422 Why didn't he crash!
02:51 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: That is no fix, sir.
02:51 Bat-Mobile Because I'm moderately good at my job.
02:51 Roadran422 xD ^
02:51 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: Cheap workaround, perhaps. :P
02:51 Roadran422 xD ^
02:51 Roadran422 Rocker dots
02:52 Monkeh http://ᚠᛇᚻ᛫ᛒᛦᚦ᛫ᚠᚱᚩᚠᚢᚱ᛫ᚠᛁᚱᚪ᛫ᚷᛖᚻᚹᛦᛚᚳᚢᛗ.com
02:52 BotSteve Unencodable character in link
02:52 Monkeh Shame.
02:52 Bat-Mobile Monkeh: You may go perform lewd acts with a waterfowl sir.
02:52 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: Too late, I ate it.
02:52 Bat-Mobile Ah, drat.
02:52 Roadran422 xD
02:53 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: I demand UTF-8 implementation with an uncertain timescale!
02:54 Roadran422 xD
02:54 Roadran422 10 minutes.
02:54 Monkeh Quiet, you.
02:55 Bat-Mobile Monkeh: I demand a commode made out of solid rubidium.  Life is full of disappointments.
02:55 Roadran422 Monkeh: What...
02:55 Roadran422 No Bat-Mobile It's francium!
02:56 Roadran422 Well *BatSteve
02:56 Monkeh Bat-Mobile: Man.. it's pycrap, right?
02:57 Bat-Mobile Python, yeah
02:57 Monkeh Gimme a link to the source and I might just give you a patch sometime :P
02:57 Monkeh Should be relatively trivial
02:57 Bat-Mobile
02:57 BotSteve Title: #119: Monkeh demands a UTF-8 implementation - Issues - Steve-V/tgg-BotSteve - GitHub
02:57 Roadran422 xD
02:57 Monkeh :D
02:58 Bat-Mobile For the current source, click the "Code" button on the left
02:58 Monkeh Yes, I can navigate around github :)
02:58 Monkeh Unfortunately.
02:58 Roadran422 THERE ARE 119 ISSSUES!
02:58 Bat-Mobile OH NOEZ
03:00 Roadran422 Where did seroster go? And wannabe?
03:00 Roadran422 Last I checked a restart doesn't take that long...
03:00 Monkeh Roadran422: THERE ARE FOUR LIGHTS!
03:00 dr_jkl THERE ARE
03:00 dr_jkl *FOUR* LIGHTS!
03:00 dr_jkl yes
03:00 Roadran422 What?
03:00 Roadran422 I don't get it?
03:00 Bat-Mobile ha!
03:00 Roadran422 BatSteve-Away: the nick serv isn't running?
03:00 dr_jkl it's a Star Trek TNG reference.
03:00 Monkeh Oh my god, he's missing significant education.
03:01 Roadran422 xD
03:01 Bat-Mobile Roadran422: nickserv is totally running....what do you mean?
03:01 dr_jkl Monkeh: I think I love you. That's one of the most powerful eps of the series
03:01 Roadran422 How do I connect to it?
03:01 Monkeh dr_jkl: Which is in itself a reference to Nineteen Eighty-Four
03:01 Roadran422 I go to chanserv type in nickserv and this " Invalid command. Use /msg ChanServ help for a command listing."
03:02 Roadran422 Yet is says this.... "nickserv: Send a command to nickserv"
03:02 dr_jkl oh god
03:02 Monkeh Roadran422: chanserv != nickserv.
03:02 sndwrx evenin' everyone.
03:02 Monkeh Roadran422: You want /msg nickserv
03:02 Roadran422 evenin
03:02 dr_jkl /msg  nickserv foo
03:02 Monkeh dr_jkl: I've seen every episode of TNG, DS9, and Voy at least three times by now. Most of them probably six or seven.
03:02 Roadran422 chanserv != nickserv.
03:02 Roadran422 No...
03:02 Roadran422 Nope.
03:03 Roadran422 I can't get it to work
03:03 sndwrx What are you trying to do?
03:03 Monkeh Roadran422: YDIW
03:03 dr_jkl Monkeh: same
03:03 Roadran422 I need to register a few more nick names under my username
03:03 Monkeh dr_jkl: I'm presently refreshing my local collection of DS9 and TNG. Voy I think I already have..
03:03 sndwrx So you need to place other nicks within your group/
03:03 dr_jkl it's so awesome to watch law and order from the beginning and see all these TNG actors in the shows on their lean weeks
03:03 sndwrx ?
03:03 Roadran422 Yes
03:03 Bat-Mobile hi sndwrx
03:04 sndwrx hey Bat-Mobile.  How's it goin'?
03:04 Bat-Mobile Pretty good.  Is it the new year for you yet?  I've lost track of where you are.
03:04 dr_jkl oi
03:04 dr_jkl shit
03:04 sndwrx I'm in GR.
03:04 dr_jkl its Bat-Mobile
03:04 Roadran422 Uh...
03:04 Monkeh dr_jkl: As long as it's not Hwil Hwheaton
03:04 Roadran422 Anyone...
03:05 Bat-Mobile dr_jkl: whoop whoop, pull up, pull up
03:05 dr_jkl Bat-Mobile: did you do the parking break trick with anyone yet
03:05 Bat-Mobile Yeah, it was unspectacular, all that happened was he groundlooped
03:05 Bat-Mobile I was very disappointed
03:05 * dr_jkl uses the cabin intercom call tones as unobtrusive call/text notifications
03:06 dr_jkl the 757 cabin int tones
03:06 dr_jkl heh, someday i'm going to have a house with an a320 simulator in it
03:07 dr_jkl the a320 is a beautiful machine
03:07 Monkeh dr_jkl: So it can fly itself while you watch?
03:07 dr_jkl no, i.. heh
03:07 dr_jkl i've seen all the airbus a320 emergency procedures
03:07 dr_jkl and
03:07 dr_jkl i'm familiar enough with the plane itself that i could probably fly one right now.
03:08 * Monkeh could probably fly an A10 right now
03:08 dr_jkl the airbus a320 is transit porn for me
03:08 Cprossu hey I have a puzzle for everyone
03:08 Cprossu
03:08 BotSteve Title: (d)iskette (O)rgan
03:08 Cprossu anyone think they can figure out a easy way to drive say 13 drives?
03:08 dr_jkl yes
03:09 * dr_jkl opens up eagle
03:09 dr_jkl gimme a bit lol
03:09 Cprossu The only thing I am grappling with is what drives I should use and what case I should use for best 'tonal' properties
03:10 Cprossu I know it would make a kickass TGG demo and I don't think it would cost me much to ship either
03:10 dr_jkl i would personally build custom enclosures that look like elizabethan collars
03:10 Cprossu esp if I had a midi in on it
03:10 dr_jkl it would make them speakers
03:10 Monkeh Cprossu: A mostly empty small PC case? Yeah, fairly cheap.
03:10 Cprossu I am thinking like an Antec 300
03:10 Monkeh They're not overly heavy.
03:10 Cprossu something with a shit ton of 5 1/4 bays
03:10 Monkeh Oh, I can get you cases which are nothing but.
03:10 Cprossu and I want to fill it with mostly HH drives
03:11 Cprossu possibly a few full heights thrown in
03:11 Cprossu from what I've read up I need steppers big enough not to overheat and die
03:11 Cprossu this kicks the 3 1/2's out the window for the most part
03:11 Cprossu I know the steppers in teac's are beefy enough for the job
03:11 Monkeh Cprossu: Old ones should be fairly durable.
03:12 dr_jkl Cprossu: fuck, i want to build one of these now
03:12 Cprossu it looks bloody simple
03:12 Monkeh The newer ones are toys, but if you can get hold of some early 3.5" drives you should be fine.
03:12 Cprossu the only early ones I have are also rare
03:12 dr_jkl BAH
03:12 Cprossu I just want a case filled with 5 1/4's
03:12 Monkeh Someone needs to replicate this for a TGG display:
03:12 Cprossu I think it'll sound better
03:12 BotSteve Title: Queen Bohemian Rhapsody Old School Computer Remix - YouTube
03:12 dr_jkl thre's got to be a way to do this with an arduino,
03:13 Cprossu yeah there is
03:13 Cprossu I just don't like the guy's implementation
03:13 Cprossu it's not very clean, this one it
03:13 Cprossu *is
03:13 dr_jkl neither do i, but it would work
03:13 Cprossu
03:13 BotSteve Title: SammyIAm/Moppy - GitHub
03:14 Cprossu ^ this is a arduino implementation but I really dislike it
03:14 Cprossu
03:14 Cprossu ^ see why I want to use HH teac 5 1/4's though?
03:16 eadthem what would a function declaration requiring a pointer to a non static member funcition look like.
03:16 eadthem c++
03:16 Cprossu the other thing that would work fine would be a full height tandon
03:16 Cprossu
03:17 Monkeh Cprossu: You know this'll have to be done when Chris walks into the lab:
03:17 BotSteve Title: Imperial March (of the Floppies) - YouTube
03:17 Cprossu btw that mix of bohemian rhapsody never made me happy
03:17 Monkeh Cprossu: It doesn't sound quite right but the idea of using various devices to get different sounds is solid.
03:18 Cprossu the 'remix' of radiohead's Big Ideas: Don't get any
03:18 Cprossu Was fucking awesome
03:18 Cprossu
03:18 BotSteve Title: Big Ideas (don't get any) on Vimeo
03:18 Roadran422
03:18 BotSteve Title: Cory Nut Check - YouTube
03:18 Roadran422 Uh... Didn't mean to...
03:18 Cprossu Check this out though
03:19 Cprossu First minute 5 is loading btw
03:19 Cprossu and it wasn't one take but man
03:19 Cprossu it kicks ass and sounds better than the original track
03:23 Seroster Hm
03:23 Seroster I think Ill die.
03:23 Cprossu Seroster nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
03:23 Seroster Lol
03:23 Seroster Erm
03:23 Seroster A MOT gives me 1:10 voltage
03:24 Seroster So if I feed a mot 2.2kv I would get about 22kv out. =>
03:24 Seroster Provided the mot doesnt explode
03:24 Seroster And electrocute the entire town
03:24 Seroster Should I do an experiment?
03:24 Cprossu uh.
03:24 Cprossu what's the gap breakdown of air at 22kv lol
03:25 Seroster 2.2cm
03:25 maglinvinn_home joined #thegeekgroup
03:25 maglinvinn_home hey all
03:26 Cprossu this quackulator said 2.77cm to a possible max of 100cm in bad conditions, I think somehow that's wrong(!)
03:27 Roadran422 Hi maglinvinn_home Did stompper get any progress?
03:27 Roadran422 Seroster: I have a question. What is the amperage change?
03:27 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
03:27 maglinvinn_home when i had left they were solving the master discharge switch
03:27 Roadran422 Hi Hackbat
03:27 Seroster Ampere and volts are linked
03:27 Seroster Double the voltage halfs the amperage
03:27 Roadran422 How is energy amplified
03:27 lwq1996 hey masterofmonks how do you pronounce your name is it E-lem or EL-em
03:27 Seroster So ten times the voltage is a tenth of the amperage
03:27 maglinvinn_home in a week or two we'll go back and lace up the hv wiring
03:27 Seroster The energy is the same
03:27 Roadran422 Oh ok
03:28 Monkeh Cprossu: Somehow I think this version sounds better:
03:28 BotSteve Title: Floppy music DUO - Imperial march - YouTube
03:28 Cprossu I really dislike the imperial death march
03:28 Monkeh Cprossu: Bah, you are no nerd.
03:28 Cprossu I mean on other hardware
03:28 Seroster Imagine a pipe. Pressure is volts, diameter of pipe is amps and total water flow is watts.   You can have a HUGE pipe with almost no pressure or a tiny pipe with insane pressure and still get the total water flow
03:28 Cprossu I remember how the one I coded up for musical tc's turned out
03:29 Cprossu it sounded like shite.
03:29 Monkeh Cprossu: You'd need a big TC (hey, we know where to get oen of those) to even approach the sound
03:29 Roadran422
03:29 Roadran422 Wait..
03:30 maglinvinn_home lul
03:30 Roadran422
03:30 BotSteve Title: Simple Gifts from Appalachian Spring - YouTube
03:30 masterofmonks E-lim
03:30 Roadran422 Love the song...
03:30 Cprossu ours were pretty decently big, I am refering to the former austin group of tgg's coils
03:30 Cprossu back in 2003 2004 or so
03:31 lwq1996 lim as in limb but no b
03:31 Cprossu when we got to quadraphonic it was a pita keeping the IGBT's in one piece though
03:31 Monkeh Cprossu: But you're right, nothing can sound right after hearing that played by a live orchestra.
03:31 Cprossu ^ even a bad one btw
03:31 Cprossu (orchestra that is)
03:32 Cprossu Just like no one will ever make a midi of Orbital's P.E.T.R.O.L.
03:32 Cprossu ^ which makes me cry that no one has done this and I don't have the talent to
03:32 Roadran422 What's the song/
03:32 Roadran422 Or what ever it is..
03:33 Cprossu
03:33 BotSteve Title: Listen to P.E.T.R.O.L. (Wipeout Mix) by Orbital on WipEout (Sony Playstation) | Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming
03:33 Cprossu ^ I use this for sound tests
03:33 Cprossu it's a very kickass track
03:34 sndwrx Didn't realize anyone knew who Orbital are anymore.
03:34 Cprossu tells me everything about the system that I am tuning
03:34 sndwrx Pretty cool.
03:34 Cprossu I can do a base EQ tune based on that track alone
03:34 Roadran422 What is this techno?
03:34 Roadran422 Da freak?
03:35 Cprossu it was techno before techno existed as a term
03:35 Roadran422 Eh... It's just ehhh
03:35 sndwrx It's Orbital.  They're mostly a genre of their own.
03:35 Roadran422 Repetivie, but fun I guess
03:35 Roadran422 *repetive
03:35 Cprossu you're not listening to the complicated patterns that progress then =P
03:36 Cprossu because you can plot the sucker out and it is damn complex
03:36 Roadran422 lol
03:36 Cprossu (speaking to someone who watches spectrum analyzers and scopes when tuning)
03:36 Roadran422
03:37 BotSteve Title: Appalachian Spring - Aaron Copland LIVE - YouTube
03:37 Monkeh Cprossu: Man, now you've gone and mentioned Orbital.
03:37 Monkeh Cprossu: You make me want to watch something.
03:37 Bat-Mobile Cprossu: this would be good coding music
03:37 Cprossu Monkeh is that good or bad?
03:37 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new YouTube videos posted by PhysicsDuck.  New videos:   Captain's Blog 12-31-11 Go-No Go
03:37 Monkeh Cprossu: Sort of both.
03:37 Cprossu Bat-Mobile it's killer coding music
03:37 Seroster Hey Bat-Mobile!
03:37 Bat-Mobile Woo!  First view!
03:38 Monkeh As is anything off the Uplink soundtrack
03:38 Seroster I am in 2012, sucker!
03:38 Bat-Mobile Monkeh: I was going to link that next, but I hadn't found it yet
03:38 Cprossu I really want the uplink soundtrack
03:38 Bat-Mobile hey Seroster!  You're communicating to me from the future!
03:38 Seroster YES!
03:38 Monkeh Cprossu: You want me to dig it all out?
03:38 Bat-Mobile Cprossu: individual files, or one combined mp3?
03:38 Bat-Mobile I have them both.
03:38 Cprossu oh Bat-Mobile I finally found a fucking AZ flag made in the USA.
03:38 Seroster So fucking stupid with people that think newyears is special
03:38 Cprossu individual files would be nice
03:39 Seroster It's an irrelevant point in a planets trajectory around a sphereoid of hydrogen undergoing fusion
03:39 Monkeh Seroster: It was an opportunity to watch an app fail horribly and some awesome fireworks.
03:39 Seroster Wich app?
03:40 Monkeh Seroster: First one which came up on the Android market which displayed seconds (synced via NTP).
03:40 Monkeh Seroster: Crashes at random and any time you rotate the phone (which mine likes to do when you put it down)
03:45 Cprossu so prognosis dr_jkl?
03:45 Monkeh Hey, anyone know if those Dremel stands fit non-Dremel tools?
03:46 eadthem they may make use of the threaded coller on the case
03:46 Seroster Depends on the type of tool
03:46 eadthem the front ring unscrews  so you can screw on stuff like saw shealds and such
03:47 Seroster What i found with dremel is that they arent complete douches when it comes to cross brand compability
03:47 Monkeh eadthem: Yeah, it's also how you attach the flexible shaft..
03:47 eadthem yep
03:47 Monkeh Seroster: Well, it's a Skil. So.. it's made by the same people as Dremel and as far as I can tell is just an old (old.) model of Dremel, but I'm not certain.
03:47 Seroster might work
03:47 Cprossu at least you don't have the black & decker 'dremel'
03:48 Cprossu that thing is a pos
03:48 Seroster lool
03:48 Cprossu I wish I had taken the chance to buy an uber specce'd fucked with dremel when I had the chance
03:48 Cprossu I used to know someone who worked at a dremel factory
03:48 eadthem any ideas on the c++ function pointer
03:48 Monkeh Only problem with mine is the case splits when you lock the shaft
03:48 Cprossu and they made 'special ones' occasionally
03:48 Monkeh I've had to disassemble it a few times to remove a stuck collet because of that
03:49 eadthem void reset(void (*guiRedraw)(void));  this is a function requireing a pointer to a C function
03:49 eadthem i have no idea how to reformat it to take a nonstatic member function
03:50 eadthem after reading about 10 diffrent websites ive seen alot of talk about doing it but nobody accualy doing it
03:51 Monkeh Meet my Dremel that isn't:
03:51 eadthem wow that looks suprisngly dremel like
03:51 Monkeh eadthem: As I said, it's made by the same people.
03:52 eadthem both by bosch ?
03:52 eadthem i know dremel is bosch
03:52 Monkeh eadthem: Yep.
03:52 Monkeh Bosch bought them in 1996
03:52 eadthem didnt know skil was as well
03:52 Monkeh Skil used to be a pretty good name but they're budget tools now
03:53 eadthem iye
03:53 Monkeh This thing was £20 with the hood, flexible shaft, and an assortment of accessories.
03:53 Bat-Mobile .minecraft
03:53 BotSteve The 'official' TGG minecraft server address is: (online)
03:53 Monkeh vs. the Dremel next to it on the shelf at £50 by itself in a box with nothing but a cutting wheel
03:53 Roadran422 18 minutes in to such a peice!
03:53 Roadran422
03:54 BotSteve Title: Appalachian Spring - Aaron Copland LIVE - YouTube
03:54 Monkeh I flat out won't use it without the shaft because the thing gets rather obscenely hot
03:55 Seroster Dremel is quite an awesome tool
03:55 Seroster But not because it is a dremel, but because it is a handy thing to have small rotary tools in an affordable machine
03:55 Monkeh This thing's come in really handy
03:55 Monkeh Only problem is I haven't found any cutting disks I like
03:55 Monkeh I had some real Dremel reinforced ones when I first got it, they were brilliant
03:55 Roadran422 My mom is a maincurist, I can't use one of her machines as a dremel! :P
03:56 Monkeh THe newer ones are hopeless, and cheap ones just don't work
03:56 Seroster The speedclick ones?
03:56 Roadran422 Well... It's a rotary machine isn't it..
03:56 Seroster They are A W E S O M E
03:56 Monkeh Seroster: This was like, two or three years before speedclick.
03:56 Seroster Last forever
03:56 Monkeh But they did last
03:56 Seroster Speedclick are reinforced... =P
03:56 Monkeh Seroster: Yeah, but I'm talking about old, old ones :P
03:57 Seroster So? Get something that is still made =P
03:57 Monkeh Anyway, I've got some cheap reinforced ones here from the same set as ordinary abrasive ones
03:57 Monkeh A single abrasive disk from it gets about eight inches in 0.8mm steel sheet
03:57 Monkeh The reinforced ones last about 2.
03:57 Seroster Heh
03:57 Monkeh And the last real Dremel ones I bought just shattered.
03:58 Seroster =D
03:58 Monkeh I may have to try those obscenely overpriced speedclick things
03:58 Seroster I was used to changing discs every minute, then came speedclick and it just kept going
03:58 Monkeh Hmm, they have special plastic cutting wheels now?
03:59 Monkeh I've just been using a toothed one for ages
03:59 Seroster I have no idea, but the ceramic tile wheels should work for plastic
03:59 Seroster I bought a new set the other day, an assortment of misc, including wire brush wheels
03:59 Monkeh Seroster: I just have this little finely toothed thing. Works great but you'd best start near one end if you're using it in the middle of a sheet..
03:59 Monkeh They don't cut backwards. They just melt.
03:59 Seroster Heh
04:00 Seroster Great
04:00 Seroster I never got one of those :(
04:00 Monkeh I got it in a cheap set from Lidl.
04:00 Seroster I don't cut a lot of plastic, but when I do I prefer a heated knife. xD
04:00 Seroster Ooooo
04:00 Seroster Where are you from?
04:00 Monkeh Seroster: Heated knife not so good for the cutouts I was doing :P
04:00 Monkeh The UK.
04:00 Seroster Right
04:01 Seroster When eating canned corn from Lidl I found a fucking m10 nut.
04:01 Seroster Since then I always twitched when hearing that name
04:01 * eadthem used his soldering iron for the cutouts in the APC case for his sous vidi PID and pump controller.
04:01 Seroster That's GREAT for the tip! =D
04:01 Monkeh Never had a problem myself.
04:01 eadthem i recommend ventlation and patiants
04:02 Monkeh eadthem: I'm used to the smell of hot plastic.
04:02 Seroster Its like the molten plastic lubricates the solder and makes it flow better! =D
04:02 Monkeh I spent a while in an injection moulding factory last year.
04:02 Seroster I thought of nicrome wire where the blade used to go in a plastic hacksaw
04:02 eadthem ya fortuantly there nice tips so they take the abuse  that and the plummers flux dose nice for re tinning it afterwards
04:02 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
04:03 Seroster eadthem, I have a crap tip for abuse and one tip for solder =P
04:03 Monkeh You spend the day in front of a granulator throwing nylon into it and you get really, really used to the smell of melting plastic. :D
04:03 wannabe1987
04:03 eadthem ive been to lazy to buy a 2nd tip
04:03 BotSteve Title: Stellaƒly Social Media » The Geek Group celebrates A Year of Awesome
04:03 wannabe1987 58 minutes till midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!
04:03 wannabe1987 57
04:03 eadthem still on the orignal   5 years old and still good
04:03 Seroster I got a tesla coil secondary base today
04:05 Seroster 14cm diameter 70cm lenght
04:05 Seroster .c 14/2.5
04:05 Monkeh I think I might take a shot at these Dremel workstations soon.
04:05 BotSteve 5.6
04:05 Bat-Mobile .in 55 minutes Happy New Year!
04:05 BotSteve Bat-Mobile: Okay, will remind at 05:00Z
04:05 Seroster So, a 5.6in coil =)
04:05 Monkeh Would've made my life a whole lot easier today
04:05 wannabe1987 i already have one for 11:59 :P
04:05 wannabe1987 hi Bat-Mobile :)
04:05 Bat-Mobile hi kelly!
04:06 wannabe1987 hows BC?
04:06 Bat-Mobile Don't know, I'm in Detroit.  But the weather is looking awesome for tomorrow.
04:06 Monkeh Seroster: Ever use one of these?,2-mm
04:06 Bat-Mobile And by awesome I mean "winter storm warning / blizzard warning"
04:07 BotSteve Title: High Speed Cutter 3,2 mm (194) - Dremel
04:07 Seroster Monkeh, No but i got one in the set I bough a week ago
04:07 wannabe1987 noes, not snow!  my cousin is excited tho :)
04:07 Monkeh Seroster: They're an ass to use freehand.
04:07 wannabe1987 i crossed a river/creek walking on a log!
04:07 Seroster I bet
04:07 Bat-Mobile Cool!
04:07 Monkeh They work but I really, really recommend bracing your hand to do it because it will try and drag you off line
04:08 wannabe1987 yeah.  facing fears is what i do on family vacations! :P
04:08 * eadthem shares air conditioning from kansas city with Bat-Mobile
04:08 * wannabe1987 looks up airline ticket prices from GRR/ORD to san diego
04:08 Bat-Mobile I need air conditioning?
04:08 Bat-Mobile hi eadthem
04:08 Monkeh Seroster: Crappy focus, but this is what I use for straight cuts in plastic:
04:09 Bat-Mobile wannabe1987: you have a voucher!
04:09 Bat-Mobile Why are you looking for prices?
04:09 wannabe1987 it expired
04:09 wannabe1987 mission trip this summer.
04:09 Bat-Mobile you didn't use it?!
04:09 Bat-Mobile Sad day!
04:09 eadthem i did   but it prob wotn run tonight
04:09 Seroster;-mandrel-13-mm-grit-60  < I use that for removing calluses.
04:09 wannabe1987 i didn't have a chance
04:09 BotSteve Title: 7-Day Forecast for Latitude 38.91°N and Longitude 94.69°W (Elev. 1033 ft)
04:09 Monkeh Seroster: Heh.
04:09 Monkeh Seroster: That's about all they're good for.
04:09 BotSteve Title: Sanding Band & Mandrel 13 mm grit 60 (407) - Dremel
04:10 Seroster My hands get so torn up I need to sand them, or else my woman complains.
04:10 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
04:10 Monkeh Seroster: I've tried the real Dremel ones and about five other brands and all of them slip if you actually touch anything.
04:10 Seroster I think they are great for rounding sharp edges and such
04:10 Seroster You are doing it wrong
04:10 Monkeh At which point I grab a sheet and make calluses.
04:10 Seroster Its a rubber thing with a screw in it, right?
04:10 Monkeh Yes.
04:11 Seroster Put band over rubber
04:11 Seroster Screw tight
04:11 Monkeh And marvel as it still slips.
04:11 Seroster Screw compresses rubber, rubber expands and applies pressure to band
04:11 Seroster I have never ever had one slip, I often struggle to get them off...
04:11 Monkeh Seroster: I've also broken no less than three of those screws.
04:12 * Monkeh just does these little bits the old fashioned way
04:12 Seroster '-'
04:12 Monkeh Hey, I have rolls of sandpaper for a reason.
04:14 Seroster They work pretty good for sharpening my junk knife blade
04:15 * Monkeh does sharpening by hand too
04:15 Monkeh Especially chisels.
04:15 Seroster Note JUNK
04:15 Monkeh Seroster: Most of mine are more or less junk :P
04:15 Seroster This is the blade I use to seperate transformer layers
04:16 Seroster This is the one I use to pry apart shit
04:16 Monkeh Oh, so a semi-sharp steel prod, then. :P
04:16 Seroster With a cutting edge
04:16 Monkeh Of sorts.
04:16 Seroster and even thou I chop metal with it there is not a single dent in the edge
04:16 roadran422|zZz Night
04:17 Seroster It used to be a kitchen knife, but the handle broke and someone threw it in the garbage.
04:21 djrock9000 joined #thegeekgroup
04:23 wannabe1987 who is eric adler?
04:23 wannabe1987 night roadran422|zZz
04:24 djrock9000 Hello again all. Does anyone know what shotgun mic TGG uses to record with for the videos? The one from the captain's blog at this link   Thank you :)
04:24 BotSteve Title: Captain's Blog 12-31-11 Go-No Go - YouTube
04:25 wannabe1987 hi djrock9000
04:25 wannabe1987 nice minecraft vid, btw
04:25 djrock9000 Hello
04:25 djrock9000 Thanks :)
04:25 djrock9000 I need to get the world files online. Probably going to do that tonight
04:25 wannabe1987 i know some people that want to tour it before coming here :)
04:26 djrock9000 That would be cool
04:27 wannabe1987 mhm
04:28 HeavyMetal joined #thegeekgroup
04:30 Bat-Mobile .w tortisesvn
04:30 BotSteve "TortoiseSVN is a Subversion client, implemented as a Microsoft Windows shell extension." -
04:30 Cprossu and it blows chunks!
04:30 Cprossu (but at least it works most of the time)
04:31 * wannabe1987 has sparkling pink moscato wine
04:31 Seroster Hey peeps
04:31 Seroster 2012 sucks.
04:31 Seroster Goodnight =)
04:31 wannabe1987 lol
04:31 wannabe1987 night
04:32 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
04:33 Bat-Mobile night Seroster
04:33 Cprossu .minecraft
04:33 BotSteve Cprossu: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
04:33 BotSteve Cprossu: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
04:33 Cprossu nice.
04:33 Bat-Mobile is anyone on the server right now?
04:33 Bat-Mobile can you take it down?
04:33 Bat-Mobile or block port 25565 or something?
04:34 Bat-Mobile just momentarily, so we can check if status detection works?
04:34 Cprossu I had a connection attempt from an ip
04:34 Cprossu yeah hang on
04:34 Cprossu server's down
04:34 Cprossu .minecraft
04:34 BotSteve Cprossu: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
04:34 BotSteve Cprossu: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: DOWN
04:34 Bat-Mobile :D
04:34 Cprossu nice
04:34 Cprossu .minecraft
04:34 BotSteve Cprossu: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
04:34 BotSteve Cprossu: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
04:34 wannabe1987 lol
04:34 Cprossu OOOH
04:35 Cprossu I see the query on the server console
04:35 Cprossu nice
04:35 Cprossu btw we're running the week 50 snapshot
04:35 Cprossu (what happened to 51?!)
04:35 Cprossu I should probably put that in my forum post
04:41 Gaxnys Ooh, minecraft. :D
04:42 Gaxnys Why can't I connect Cprossu? :c
04:43 Cprossu what error you getting?
04:43 Cprossu also are you using the latest snapshot?
04:43 Gaxnys What did I miss now? :c
04:44 Cprossu I don't see a server query from you Gaxnys
04:44 Gaxnys says "Can't reach server"
04:44 Gaxnys Oh, my bad.
04:44 Gaxnys My new firewall isn't all that friendly. ;P
04:44 Cprossu oooh.
04:44 Cprossu hrmmm
04:45 Gaxnys Have to allow outgoing on 25565
04:45 Gaxnys At least I think it will be 25565.
04:45 Gaxnys TCP or UDP? Do you know? o:
04:45 Cprossu that's the port I got it running on, are you on a software firewall?
04:45 Cprossu tcp
04:45 Cprossu let me check to make double sure
04:45 Gaxnys Yeah, got a machine with Debian running as router.
04:45 Gaxnys With shorewall. :D
04:46 Cprossu nice
04:46 Cprossu I've been running smoothwall myself for nearly a decade
04:46 wannabe1987 .c 13 x 7
04:46 BotSteve 91
04:47 Cprossu on the same motherboard and hard drive none-the-less
04:47 wannabe1987 13 min
04:47 Cprossu poor 425mb seagate hard drive
04:47 Gaxnys Haha. :D
04:48 Gaxnys Ugh, didn't work.
04:48 Gaxnys I think windows chooses ports at random. :c
04:48 Cprossu ok we need to find out why hang on
04:48 Cprossu let me make sure other issues aren't there
04:48 Gaxnys No, it's my firewall that's blocking.
04:48 Gaxnys I know it is.
04:48 Cprossu windows firewall?
04:48 Cprossu you have yours enabled?!
04:48 Cprossu yikes
04:48 Gaxnys No
04:49 Gaxnys shorewall, on my server.
04:49 Cprossu so outgoing and incoming?
04:49 Gaxnys yep
04:49 Gaxnys Or well, incoming won't be a problem.
04:50 wannabe1987
04:50 Gaxnys wonder which log holds the network traffic.
04:50 BotSteve Title: Stellaƒly Social Media » The Geek Group celebrates A Year of Awesome
04:50 wannabe1987
04:51 wannabe1987 HappyNiobeYears
04:51 HappyNiobeYears what's up, wannabe?
04:55 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
04:56 wannabe1987 i set my computer down and it turned off wtf
04:56 wannabe1987 so.fucking.bored
04:56 Cprossu Gaxnys try typing in my ip
04:56 Cprossu no port
04:56 wannabe1987 corrupted errors?
04:57 Gaxnys Cprossu: I need to allow outgoing on the ports minecraft use. And I don't know what ports that is.
04:57 wannabe1987 my sister just called him "justin beaver"
04:59 wannabe1987 the ball is falling!
04:59 * masterofmonks grabs HappyNiobeYears and performs a gratuitous public display of affection on her.
04:59 BotSteve wannabe-afk: HAPPY NEW YEAR (est)!
04:59 wannabe1987 o.O
05:00 Gaxnys Oh lol, wrote APPECT instead of ACCEPT. No wonder it didn't work. And I didn't notice when restarting shorewall either. Man, I'm quite tired. xD
05:00 HappyNiobeYears happy new years everyone! :D
05:00 * wannabe1987 banishes masterofmonks and HappyNiobeYears to NSFW
05:00 NeWtoz YEY
05:00 wannabe1987 happy new years!
05:00 BotSteve Bat-Mobile: Happy New Year!
05:00 HappyNiobeYears lol... wannabe, he means kissing :P
05:00 wannabe1987 i know
05:00 wannabe1987 hi sndwrx!
05:00 NeWtoz I actually forgot about new years until 2 minutes ago
05:00 * wannabe1987 clangs glass
05:00 Gaxnys Happy New Year!
05:00 wannabe1987 lol @ NeWtoz
05:00 NeWtoz and I hear fireworks
05:01 wannabe1987 ooo
05:01 djrock9000 Happy New Years to those East of Minnesota!
05:01 NeWtoz must be downtown
05:02 wannabe1987 oooo the motorcycle/snow mobile will jump!
05:02 Cprossu Gaxnys no tp'ing sadly!
05:03 Cprossu we've decided against it after we had creative mode, went ape shit and it wasn't fun anymore
05:03 Gaxnys xD
05:03 Gaxnys Yeah, it tends to do that. :P
05:03 Cprossu as a result every dungeon brick you see built and etc was fired in a furnace or stolen from somewhere else
05:04 Cprossu we still haven't killed the enderdragon in this map yet
05:04 Cprossu xD
05:04 Gaxnys Awh, If I would've got more than 1 GB ram in my server, I would've got a Minecraft server running 24/7. :<
05:04 Gaxnys Oh. o:
05:04 Cprossu that'll be fun
05:04 Gaxnys Indeed. :D
05:04 Cprossu I need to dump more ram in mine
05:04 Cprossu java sucks
05:04 Gaxnys Haven't done it for real yet. I set out to do it with a friend, but we haven't played all that much.
05:05 Gaxnys Well, it's not javas fault really.
05:05 wannabe1987 RICKY BOOBY!
05:05 Gaxnys It's a GIANT world that the server has to keep track of.
05:05 Cprossu no, other things do it just fine
05:05 Cprossu and it is java's fault
05:05 Bat-Mobile Happy new year!
05:05 Gaxnys Oh?
05:05 Cprossu if he did the thing in sdl it woulda turned out better
05:05 Cprossu HAPPY NEW YEAR!
05:05 Cprossu I still have 2 hours
05:06 Gaxnys I have -6 hours. :3
05:06 wannabe1987 lol
05:06 Nam3o_ happy new year
05:06 masterofmonks Hmm one of my firecrackers was a dud.
05:08 wannabe1987 awwww
05:08 wannabe1987 happy new year Nam3o
05:09 Cprossu
05:09 Cprossu ^ check out what I am doing heh
05:09 Cprossu I need to build it different though darnit
05:10 Gaxnys Oh, cool. :3
05:11 wannabe1987 .c 40*7
05:11 BotSteve 280
05:11 Nam3o_ nice
05:12 wannabe1987 happy new year, exor674
05:12 exor674 2hrs early but <3
05:12 wannabe1987 its 00:12, 1/1/2012 for me :D
05:13 joek248 joined #thegeekgroup
05:13 wannabe1987 happy new year, joek248
05:13 joek248 Happy new years ALL
05:13 NeWtoz just remember, we won't be having another new years
05:13 djrock9000 The Geek Group Minecraft World files are now available for download at Enjoy! :)
05:13 BotSteve Title: The Geek Group Labs in Minecraft | MissionDuke
05:14 Danz409 bot steve a bot?
05:15 NeWtoz yes
05:15 wannabe1987 yes
05:15 NeWtoz +1 newtoz
05:15 Cprossu
05:15 Cprossu boredom is a terrifying thing isn't it?
05:15 Bat-Mobile yes
05:16 Bat-Mobile djrock9000: Excellent!  Thank you!
05:17 thefuk joined #thegeekgroup
05:17 djrock9000 No problem. Spread the word. :)
05:17 Danz409 you do any more work to this djrock9000 ?
05:17 Cprossu good job, you did a heck of a good job for not being at the lab
05:17 Cprossu you gonna get to visit sometime I hope?
05:17 Danz409 <- working on my verson of the lab. ill share it once i complete it
05:18 djrock9000 Thanks. And yes we plan to visit maybe this up coming year.
05:18 Danz409 i havn't been there myself. plan to visit at some point
05:18 Danz409 have you did any work to this since the video djrock9000?
05:18 Cprossu it's fun and thanks to you djrock9000 I won't get roped into autocadding the place on my next visit :D
05:18 djrock9000 No I never got a chance to do any work on it. Been busy with family
05:19 djrock9000 lol
05:19 djrock9000 Gonna keep going on it though.
05:20 Danz409 wander how many people are working on the whole "buld a lab" thing?
05:21 djrock9000 Wish i could just host the server but I promised I wouldn't start my server back up because it runs a little expensive lol.
05:21 joek248 brb
05:21 Cprossu I am running a little box on my internet myself
05:21 Danz409 expensive? nah. i'm shure once the contest is over. we can get a server running at the lab
05:21 Danz409 all it takes is a computer to be on 24/7
05:21 Cprossu you are invited to mess around on that server, but it is in SMP mode without any creative mode
05:22 Cprossu .minecraft
05:22 BotSteve Cprossu: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
05:22 BotSteve Cprossu: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
05:22 Danz409 i have a server but cant afford to keep it running 24/7
05:22 Cprossu ^ on the 72. number
05:22 Cprossu I'm leaving it on 24x7.
05:22 Gaxnys I'm not old enough to have to pay my own bills, so I have a server and 100 Mbit/s internet for free. :D
05:23 Danz409 100mbit internet O.O
05:23 Danz409 wow
05:23 Gaxnys It's only 10 Mbit/s up, but stil.
05:23 Gaxnys :D
05:23 Danz409 oh
05:23 Gaxnys And that's not the fastest I can get. ;P
05:23 Danz409 100 is a huge differance compared to 10
05:23 Gaxnys 200 Mbit/s down is available as well.
05:23 Cprossu all I have is 35/16 and I am happy with that
05:23 djrock9000 I calculated the cost on my IBM server with a meter and came up with around $15/month in electricity. Not sure if the math was correct lol.
05:23 Cprossu my buddy has 50/50 though
05:23 Gaxnys djrock9000: depende on load etc. ;)
05:24 djrock9000 Yep that was at idle
05:24 Danz409 paying $70 for 30 down/ 5 up
05:24 Gaxnys I'm going to get 1000/100 when I move away from home. :D
05:24 Cprossu djrock9000: I am running on a c2d 1.86 that I got saran wrapped with a foxconn mobo at a goodwill ($20)
05:24 Cprossu rofl
05:24 Cprossu somehow it worked
05:24 djrock9000 nice.
05:24 Danz409 when did goodwill have anything other than old lamps with missing shades
05:24 djrock9000 lol
05:24 Danz409 goodwills around here have nothing but garbage
05:24 Gaxnys my internet costs like 60 usd or something. And that's with 20% tax.
05:25 Cprossu I've always had damn good luck at my goodwills
05:25 Cprossu Gaxnys: frontier? verizon?
05:25 Cprossu just curious
05:25 Gaxnys Cprossu: Com Hem AB, Sweden. ;)
05:25 Cprossu oooooh
05:25 Cprossu that explains everything
05:25 Cprossu you guys have damn good infastructure
05:25 Danz409 best deal i got from a goodwill was a CRT monitor for my MAME cab for only $7
05:26 Gaxnys Indeed we do. :D
05:26 Cprossu best deal I ever got at googwill
05:26 Cprossu *good
05:26 Cprossu was a pair of Altec Model 19's
05:26 Gaxnys I got two CRT monitors for free quite some time ago. Damn things was 19" large. Oh the times. :)
05:26 Cprossu for $30
05:26 Cprossu and I sold that pair
05:26 Cprossu IN THE PARKING LOT
05:26 Gaxnys xD
05:26 Cprossu for $600
05:27 Danz409 O.O
05:27 Danz409 wow
05:27 Gaxnys Really? xD
05:27 Cprossu yes really.
05:27 Cprossu I was going out the door with them and an audio enthusiest popped up
05:27 Cprossu and got his guy over
05:27 Danz409 so if you was just 3 min later that guy would of beat ya to them
05:27 djrock9000 I got an IBM x345 and a Dell PowerEdge 2450 and 2500 with some array boxes for free from work.
05:27 Cprossu one woofer was totally borked
05:27 Cprossu but I was going to spend like $200 on a recone
05:27 Cprossu because they are scary good speakers
05:28 Cprossu and he knew this
05:28 Cprossu I worked him up to $600 and fucking took it
05:28 Cprossu he'll have enough to make some money on it if he wants
05:28 Cprossu but I was damn happy
05:29 djrock9000
05:29 BotSteve Title: My IBM xSeries 345 Server & PowerEdge 2500/2450 - YouTube
05:29 Cprossu nice catch
05:29 Danz409 whoa. 2 blogs in 1 day
05:30 Cprossu they are nice and quiet too
05:30 Cprossu (when compared to sun xfires which could deafen anyone)
05:31 Cprossu nice channel you have djrock9000 mine's full of boring and uninteresting stuff
05:31 Bat-Mobile Lab's Live Stream |   Channel log: |  Minecraft TGG Lab File: | <-- Click this link you could win cookies!!!! Yay Cookies!!!!
05:31 BotSteve Title: Phood in your face: Almost the 1 year blogaversary!
05:31 Bat-Mobile oops
05:31 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream |   Channel log: |  Minecraft TGG Lab File: | <-- Click this link you could win cookies!!!! Yay Cookies!!!!
05:38 qwertyboy yay happy new year 30 mins late!!!!!!!!!
05:38 Gaxnys 38 actually. ;)
05:38 qwertyboy true, true
05:39 lwq1996 hi bat-mobile
05:39 Bat-Mobile hi lwq1996!
05:39 Bat-Mobile happy new year!
05:39 lwq1996 lol happy new year batty
05:39 lwq1996 whats your new years resoulution
05:41 masterofmonks How is your game download going lwq1996 ?
05:41 masterofmonks Did you get it un paused?
05:41 Bat-Mobile Oh...i didn't think up a new year's resolution
05:41 lwq1996 no i just now figured out how too
05:41 Bat-Mobile hey channel!  What should be my resolution?
05:42 thefuk bag more bitches!
05:42 Danz409 ah man.... not even going to attempt finishing stomper untill kidwell comes in town? (3 weeks)
05:42 sndwrx Bat-Mobile: Throw a frozen turkey from a plane!  ;)
05:43 wannabe1987 mine is the same as lee's
05:43 masterofmonks wannabe1987: which is?
05:43 sndwrx Eat more cookies?
05:43 lwq1996 get thin
05:44 masterofmonks A good resolution.
05:44 lwq1996 im already working on it :P
05:44 lwq1996 i only had one cookie :P
05:44 wannabe1987 lol
05:44 joek248 joined #thegeekgroup
05:44 wannabe1987 i went on a walk and then had a bowl of ice cream...
05:44 * joek248 is back
05:45 Bat-Mobile sndwrx: that's a great resolution!
05:45 lwq1996 well that cancells out the icecream you ate
05:46 sndwrx Bat-Mobile: Wasn't it a turkey that was mentioned in conversation some weeks ago?  Or was it a bowling ball?  haha.
05:47 Bat-Mobile One of those.
05:47 wannabe1987 going on a walk again
05:47 wannabe1987 bye
05:47 wannabe1987 :D
05:48 wannabe1987 and i played in the sand dunes, running/walking up, sledding down, etc today
05:52 Bat-Mobile "The net isn't a directed graph.  It's not a tree.  It's a single point labeled "Google" connected to 10 billion destination pages.  "
05:56 threebuddies joined #thegeekgroup
05:57 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
05:58 masterofmonks Bat-Mobile: that is a disturbingly accurate description of the world wide web, and a disturbingly inaccurate description of the internet.
05:58 injektion I will never drink at another hip hop bar ever again
05:58 masterofmonks injektion: why did you do it the first time?
05:59 masterofmonks You can't tell me it seemed like a good idea...
05:59 Bat-Mobile masterofmonks: it wasn't my quote, but I found it amusing enough to subject the rest of the channel to
05:59 * masterofmonks is feeling ranty for some reason.
05:59 injektion masterofmonks: I can see why there is a lot of alcoholism in
05:59 injektion The people that go there
06:00 masterofmonks Drink until the music doesn't suck?
06:00 injektion I got a crown and coke and the drink was 95% crown and 5% coke
06:00 * masterofmonks suddenly has an epiphany about country music.
06:00 injektion I hate hip hop but the bar had good service
06:01 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
06:01 masterofmonks Well at least you don't feel like you got cheated out of your alcohol.
06:02 lwq1996 fuck im gonna need to reorganise my music
06:02 injektion I only get a buzz from alcohol of I enjoy it
06:03 wannabe1987 back
06:04 injektion I should be home in 30 so I can continue drinking at home
06:04 sndwrx injektion: You don't get a buzz if you don't enjoy it?  So.. You could drink a fifth and not be drunk?
06:05 injektion Probably
06:05 sndwrx I'd like to see that.
06:06 * Bat-Mobile wonders if injektion has a different definition of 'a buzz'
06:06 Bat-Mobile because I'm pretty sure that intoxication is unavoidable, given enough alcohol
06:06 MoxieMike happy new year
06:06 sndwrx I mean, there's a certain element of mind-over-matter, but the human body processes alcohol in the same way for pretty much everyone.
06:07 injektion Well I feel buzzed I am not enjoying myself like usually do
06:08 Bat-Mobile happy new year MoxieMike!
06:08 eadthem see my post on
06:08 BotSteve Title: Edison would've loved new light bulb law -
06:08 eadthem :p
06:08 sndwrx Well, that sucks.  Should go somewhere that you'll enjoy yourself.
06:09 injektion I'd like someone from the TGG to provide me a safe place to drink and I'll provide the turbo gay music
06:10 bobthebanana joined #thegeekgroup
06:10 sndwrx Guess you'll have to find TGG members in the Atlanta area, or recruit them.
06:10 sndwrx I have friends that live in Woodstock.
06:11 injektion I'd like to start TGG Alanta
06:11 injektion Atlanta
06:13 injektion I'm not kidding and it's not the alcohol talking
06:17 wannabe1987 you should start tgg atlanta.  that'd be cool
06:19 * joek248 YAWNS
06:20 * wannabe1987 thinks joek248 should go to bed :P
06:20 joek248 maybe
06:20 wannabe1987 where r u from/
06:20 lwq1996 wannabe werent you going for a walk?
06:20 wannabe1987 we did, a short one just to cool off/calm down before bed
06:21 lwq1996 ah
06:21 wannabe1987 dude, i climbed/walked in sand for 3-4 hours, went sledding down the sand dunes, went on a 2 mile walk and walked across a river/creek on a log.  what more do youwant?!
06:21 wannabe1987 cousin wants to go swimming in lake MI tomorrow
06:21 wannabe1987 its 43*F
06:21 lwq1996 elim i mean masterofmonks how is borderlands
06:22 Danz409 i went swimming in it when it was around that timp
06:22 Danz409 wasn't as bad as i thought it was gonna be... untill i was done
06:22 wannabe1987 lol
06:22 wannabe1987 where in MI are you?
06:22 Danz409 im not
06:22 wannabe1987 we're currently on the MI side of the southern tip
06:22 wannabe1987 o.  ok
06:23 Danz409 i was on a visit to chicogo to get my passport
06:23 wannabe1987
06:23 wannabe1987 ahhh ok
06:23 wannabe1987 its GEMINI!  look!
06:23 Danz409 new desktop background...
06:23 wannabe1987 ooo thats a good idea...
06:24 lwq1996 i cant have a backround >:| damn win7 starter
06:24 Danz409 thats one thing my camra is good at is dark pics
06:24 Danz409 ewwwwwwwwwww
06:24 Danz409 somebody uses that crap?
06:24 sndwrx Great image of the bolts, but it looks like the ISO is a little high in it.
06:24 wannabe1987 lee, thats why my netbook has home
06:24 wannabe1987 iso?
06:24 wannabe1987 and how?
06:25 Danz409 start limits you to 2 gigs of ram too dosn't it?
06:25 injektion I think so
06:25 sndwrx wannabe1987: The sort of speckled "noise" in the image.
06:26 Danz409 what ISO was that taken at? or was it auto?
06:27 Danz409 *checks to see if the shutter speed is adjustable on his cam*
06:27 wannabe1987 ah.  well, i wouldimagine to get that kind of photo you can't always have your settings perfect, the bolts are always can't just "freeze" it there and adjust your camera
06:27 wannabe1987 Danz409: i don't know, i didn't take it, i found it on the album for tgg's year of awesome stellafly took photos for
06:27 Danz409 i want to set my shutter speed to extreamly slow and catch like 30 seconds of bolts
06:28 Cprossu good times
06:28 wannabe1987 i have a camera i can do up to 15 seconds on...
06:29 sndwrx Bulb mode for the win.
06:29 joek248 nite nite tgg room
06:30 sndwrx Night joek248.
06:30 Danz409 wow. i don't have sutter options on my camra...
06:30 Danz409 down sides to a point and shoot
06:30 wannabe1987 Danz409: agre
06:30 wannabe1987 ee*
06:30 Bat-Mobile time to go
06:30 wannabe1987 thats what i got, a PnS witha a broken screen (i broke it)
06:30 Bat-Mobile so long all
06:31 wannabe1987 bye bats!
06:31 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
06:31 Danz409 i went though like 3 camras before i found thisone
06:31 Danz409 after decideding to stick with this camra a week later its $40 cheaper
06:32 sndwrx Danz409: What kind of point-and-shoot is it?
06:32 Danz409 dosn't take bad video. its about as good as a camcorder with that :D
06:32 Danz409 cannon powershot ELPH100HS
06:32 sndwrx Nice.
06:32 sndwrx Check out CHDK, I'll bet your model is compatible.
06:32 Gaxnys 07:32. What am I doing up? ._.
06:33 sndwrx CHDK should give you shutter controls and a bunch of other things you'll love.
06:33 Danz409 CHDK?
06:33 sndwrx Canon Hack Development Kit
06:33 Danz409 ooooh
06:33 sndwrx It's software that lives on the SD card (so it doesn't actually do anything to modify the camera's firmware).
06:33 Danz409 i know chris sed hes now useing a powershot for the captons blogs. which one is he useing?
06:33 sndwrx And it really, really opens up the options.
06:33 Danz409 oh wow
06:33 Danz409 so no firmware updates or anything needed?
06:34 sndwrx Nope.  Format the SD card, make it bootable, plunk the software on it.  Done.
06:34 sndwrx I don't know what Chris Boden uses now.
06:35 sndwrx bah.
06:35 sndwrx CHDK isn't available for that model.
06:35 sndwrx You've got one of probably a small handful that aren't supported.  :P
06:35 Danz409 lame
06:35 sndwrx Sorry to get your hopes up.
06:36 Danz409 next time a buy a camra it WILL be cannon because they are damn good camras
06:36 Danz409 and ill get one thats compatable :D
06:36 sndwrx There is a development release, apparently.
06:36 sndwrx Yeah, I love the Canon cameras for cheapies.
06:37 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
06:37 sndwrx I had an SD1000.
06:37 sndwrx With CHDK I could pair it with another one and take 3D photos.  Could adjust settings and do time-lapse.  All kinds of neat stuff.
06:40 Danz409 one thing i wouldn't mind doing is putting some sort of higher zoom lens on somehow
06:40 Danz409 *Duct tapes a small telescope on his camra*
06:40 wannabe1987 so i'm falling asleep.........
06:40 wannabe1987 and Danz409, toastdude has a telescopic lense on his webcam....he glued it there (hotglue)
06:41 wannabe1987 i'm giong to bed
06:41 wannabe1987 night
06:42 sndwrx night wannabe-zz
06:43 sndwrx BTW, looks like the picture of Gemini was taken with a Nikon D300S, ISO 3200.
06:43 sndwrx Exposure was set to manual, but I presume ISO was still on automatic.
06:44 Danz409 i think thats moos's cam
06:45 sndwrx It's watermarked as someone else's.  And the image by-line has the same name as the watermark.
06:47 Danz409 i just got a crazy idea
06:47 sndwrx hmm?
06:48 Danz409 step 1. USB webcam. step 2. remote controled telescope... step 3. build my own weathercam! :D
06:48 sndwrx Oh, cool.
06:48 Danz409 unless there is a far far cheaper pan/tilt option
06:49 bobthebanana joined #thegeekgroup
06:51 sndwrx Yes.  You can get pan/tilt cams from dealextreme for around $50, IIRC.
06:52 Danz409 whoa
06:52 Danz409 cool
06:52 sndwrx I mean, I'm pretty sure they have them for as little as $25-$30, but a couple people here had mentioned poor experiences with them (as to be expected).
06:52 Danz409 was looking at these too. should get one of these on every livestream camra and let the live-streamers controle them
06:52 sndwrx Seems like mashpriborintorg has one that was about $50, and I thought he was fairly pleased with it.
06:53 sndwrx What's the rest of that URL?
06:53 sndwrx overview.???
06:55 Danz409 oh
06:55 Danz409 sorry
06:55 Danz409 aspx
06:55 sndwrx Thanks.
06:55 sndwrx Of course, the Windows-hosted extension is the one I didn't think to try.
06:56 nfoman joined #thegeekgroup
06:56 sndwrx Yeah, I don't see why that couldn't be used.
06:57 Danz409 now THAT is a usb hub...
06:57 Danz409
06:57 djrock9000 Does anyone know what shotgun mic the TGG video team uses?
06:57 nfoman joined #thegeekgroup
06:58 Danz409 not shure. the one for the main videos is allright. but the livestream dosn't have any
06:58 Danz409 the foam on it is a bit beat up tho
06:58 dr_jkl
06:58 BotSteve Title: Parent Fails, Use this
06:59 Danz409 lol. i saw that
07:03 Danz409 im thinking of getting an arduino
07:03 Cprossu weee happy new year
07:03 Danz409 i got a box of erector set peaces and a heap of legos i see nothing but fun comeing out of the 3 items mixed
07:03 Cprossu etc
07:04 Cprossu --------------------------------
07:10 lwq1996 hey its jeremiah duke
07:10 Coderjoe hi #thegeekgroup!
07:11 Coderjoe "liquor before beer, in the clear" right? :D
07:12 Coderjoe happy new year!
07:18 exor674 nono, it's "don't consume organic solvents at all, in the clear"
07:20 Coderjoe what about inorganic solvents?
07:21 astro73|alice joined #thegeekgroup
07:21 Coderjoe yeahh... that might be bad....
07:21 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
07:25 Hackbat woo
07:25 Hackbat happy bday to me
07:25 lwq1996 hey masterofmonks you must be up
07:25 masterofmonks Yes?
07:26 lwq1996 i have to re-download borderlands
07:26 masterofmonks Why is that?
07:26 lwq1996 idk
07:26 masterofmonks What is it doing?
07:27 lwq1996 something when wrong when downloading and i get error about things missing
07:27 lwq1996 i already undid everything and am re-downloading
07:27 Hackbat hmm
07:27 masterofmonks Odd, whenn damn, try again.
07:27 Hackbat so I have voice now?
07:27 Hackbat interesting I guess
07:27 masterofmonks For ~24 hours.
07:27 Hackbat heh
07:28 Hackbat I demand mod rights! my mom was born today too
07:28 lwq1996 i think it was when my computer shut off because ofmy cord
07:28 Hackbat I in myself was a birthday present
07:28 Toastdude Hi
07:29 masterofmonks I was not.
07:29 lwq1996 lol
07:29 masterofmonks My birthday was like 12 days ago.
07:30 lwq1996 cool your bday is near mine
07:30 Hackbat you're birthday hasn't happened yet
07:30 lwq1996 what mine is december 27
07:30 lwq1996 i got proof man
07:31 Hackbat it's fucking january man
07:31 Hackbat you've got a long time to wait
07:31 Hackbat and if the crazy people are right you'll never have another
07:31 Hackbat imagine how pissed I'll be
07:32 Hackbat a few days till my birthday
07:32 Hackbat till I'm 21
07:32 Hackbat till I can drink
07:32 Hackbat and the would will end
07:32 lwq1996 my friend has a bday on the 21 XD
07:33 Hackbat Time for BIRTHDAY CALE
07:33 Hackbat *CAKE
07:33 Hackbat newyork cheese cake
07:33 Hackbat mmmmm
07:34 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
07:38 Hackbat
07:38 BotSteve Title: Happy New Year | Geekosystem
07:40 eadthem
07:40 BotSteve Title: Magnitude 6.8 - IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION
07:43 eadthem aparently thers a 7.9 ish yet to register as well
07:45 eadthem mmm i think the 7.9 might be bs
07:46 lwq1996 damnit my ipod woulnt open apps up
07:47 lwq1996 it will open what came with the ipod though
07:48 eadthem off to bed  just  relaised its after 1am
07:50 Danz409 ok. i got a arduino and a protosheild, what else should i get to start my prototypeing?
07:51 lwq1996 lots of stuff like diodes caps transistors
07:51 lwq1996 and jumper wires if you dont have any made
07:51 Danz409 i got some laying around. but most are odd sizes capacitance and mostly from monitors and computer powersupplys
07:51 lwq1996 what arduino did you get Danz409
07:52 Danz409 well didn't buy it yet
07:52 Danz409 but i plan to
07:52 lwq1996 ah
07:52 lwq1996 what do you plan to get
07:52 Danz409
07:52 BotSteve Title: Arduino Nano V3.0 - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
07:52 Danz409 3.0
07:53 Danz409 got a nabor beating on his apartment door yelling "give me my bubbly"
07:53 lwq1996 what?
07:53 lwq1996 wtf
07:53 Danz409 yea... i think he has had 1 too many bubblys
07:54 lwq1996 lol
07:54 lwq1996 dude thats cheap and i can get that with free shiping, damn i want one now
07:55 Danz409 proto shield to go with it only $8
07:55 Danz409 thing is shipping takes like 3 weeks
07:55 lwq1996 eh, i got breadboards laying around
07:55 Danz409 i have a SINGLE micro sized one
07:55 lwq1996 they usually say it takes six from mine to ship to my house but it get there in the most a week and a half
07:55 lwq1996 lol
07:56 lwq1996 i saw that one a video
07:56 Danz409 is there any bulk kits that come with a heap of resistors/caps etc?
07:56 lwq1996 where it only has like six pins?
07:56 Danz409 no
07:56 lwq1996 well you can get grab bags and stuff like that
07:56 Danz409 its about the size of the ones on the proto boards just with power bus on the ends
07:56 lwq1996 from jameco and digi key
07:56 lwq1996 ah
07:57 Danz409 digikey has grab bags?
07:57 lwq1996 i think i saw them on digi key
07:57 lwq1996 i know makers shed and jame co i think has them
07:58 lwq1996 on this model the digital pins can double as analog right?
07:59 Danz409 not shure
07:59 Danz409 but for the price it can't be beat for a first time arduno
08:00 lwq1996 yeah i know
08:00 lwq1996 i want to do a binary watch
08:00 lwq1996 this would be perfect
08:01 lwq1996 does this have usb3?
08:02 Danz409 why would you need USB3?
08:03 Danz409 youll at the most only be transfering 2mb of code
08:03 Danz409 and thats HUGE
08:03 lwq1996 idk, i was looking at the pins and i thought usb three have like 6pins instead of 4
08:03 lwq1996 ik
08:04 lwq1996 nah its usb 2
08:04 Cprossu lwq1996, jameco == makers
08:04 Cprossu iirc.
08:04 Cprossu for the grab bags
08:04 lwq1996 ah
08:05 lwq1996 i was wondering
08:05 Cprossu 'gee why do they have the same part number and picture?!' rofl
08:05 Danz409 whoa. this IRC log came up when i googled that O.o
08:05 Cprossu Danz409 haahahah
08:05 lwq1996 googled what?
08:06 Danz409 lwq1996, jameco == makers
08:06 lwq1996 lol
08:06 Electricguy__ joined #thegeekgroup
08:06 Danz409 3 pounds of parts! O.O
08:07 lwq1996 but most of them are header pins i think
08:07 lwq1996 but you'll need them
08:08 lwq1996 i need an arduino
08:09 masterofmonks lwq1996: Why not a msp430?
08:09 lwq1996 msp430?
08:09 lwq1996 because ive already learned arduino code mostly
08:09 masterofmonks Texas Instruments micro controller costs $4.30
08:10 lwq1996 but i also want a avr
08:10 lwq1996 ah
08:10 Danz409 don't see a good mix of smaller caps or resisters in that mix
08:10 Danz409 stuff that id be useing the most of
08:10 masterofmonks Where are these parts bags?
08:10 Danz409 jameco
08:11 Danz409 if they have asorted bags of 1/4 watters id be intrested in that
08:11 lwq1996 masterofmonks do you have a msp430
08:11 masterofmonks I do.
08:11 masterofmonks Can't code for shit.
08:12 lwq1996 what language is it
08:12 Danz409 same. i suppose ill learn
08:12 masterofmonks C and Assembly.
08:12 lwq1996 assembly?
08:12 Danz409 i can promis there is gonna be a craptun of code tutorals on youtube
08:12 lwq1996 ive never heard of that
08:12 lwq1996 i can code python a little
08:12 sndwrx You've never heard of assembly?
08:13 masterofmonks .wik assembly
08:13 BotSteve "Deliberative assembly, An organization comprising members who use parliamentary procedure for making decisions" -
08:13 sndwrx Learn it.  It'll give you a good foundation.
08:13 lwq1996 Danz409 this my be a weird question but how old are you
08:13 Danz409 25, sorry for the spelling. its kinda my weak point
08:13 lwq1996 ah, i see
08:14 lwq1996 its ok im 14 and masterofmonks knows from experience that my spelling sucks
08:14 Danz409 my emails to chirs probably drives him into a rage
08:14 Danz409 chris*
08:15 lwq1996 lol
08:15 masterofmonks F7
08:15 masterofmonks Seriously.
08:15 lwq1996 what?
08:15 masterofmonks The default spell check key in many word processing programs.
08:16 lwq1996 lol
08:16 Cprossu lwq1996 your spelling has vastly improved since you've been here
08:16 Danz409 spell check can only take you soo far
08:16 masterofmonks I agree with Cprossu
08:16 Danz409 <<< damaged beyond repair
08:16 lwq1996 okey masterofmonks i can not find the microcontroler you use
08:17 lwq1996 if you have dislexia i know how it is because my teacher has it
08:18 lwq1996 and my irc doesnt have spell check
08:18 masterofmonks
08:18 BotSteve Title: MSP430 Microcontroller | 16 bit Microcontroller | 16 bit MCU –
08:18 lwq1996 now can i get different versions and upgrades for it like lcds?
08:18 masterofmonks Oh yes.
08:19 Danz409 woot they do have them. lwq1996, jameco == makers
08:19 Danz409 woops
08:19 Danz409
08:19 BotSteve Title: ASST30-R: JAMECO VALUEPRO: Passive Components
08:19 Danz409 $15 for 540 resistors! :D
08:19 lwq1996 jameco is the source to get electronic parts
08:19 Danz409 i don't think ill be going to a radio shack any more ^^
08:19 lwq1996 lol
08:19 lwq1996 nope
08:20 Danz409 $10 for a low quality 100 peace assortment... nope nope nope
08:20 lwq1996 how long have you been a member of the geek group Danz
08:20 Danz409 well. i registerd a wile ago
08:20 Danz409 been kinda hideing in the background for a wile tho
08:20 lwq1996 ah and never used it
08:20 lwq1996 oh lol
08:21 Danz409 well. i kept up to date with captons blogs mostly
08:21 lwq1996 we not newtoz lurking around here most the time
08:21 lwq1996 lol
08:21 Danz409 i kinda relized on of the videos how chris pointed out "geeks are shy" and relized... its very true
08:21 Danz409 and im not going to acomplish much learning hideing in the back row
08:22 lwq1996 lol
08:22 lwq1996 yeah ik how that is
08:23 lwq1996 masterofmonks they need pictures on their website of what their microcontrolers look like
08:24 lwq1996 ok masterofmonks i see that they have a status think idk what it is and its active or preview what does that mean
08:25 masterofmonks
08:25 BotSteve Title: MSP430 LaunchPad - MSP430 LaunchPad - TI E2E Community
08:26 lwq1996 i think im going to get the series six with the lcd
08:26 Danz409 arduino and protoboard, $25, resistor/eletro caps/ disk caps assortment bundle, $28, makeing a remote controled car with aimable nerf gun to hunt down and distory roomate... priceless
08:27 lwq1996 lol
08:27 Danz409 should probably get some solderless jumper wire to prevent from haveing to tin a billion powersupply wires
08:27 masterofmonks lwq1996: I just have the 430. I haven't used it because I haven't figured out what I want to use it for.
08:28 lwq1996 lol
08:28 lwq1996 make a robot
08:28 lwq1996 a robot like project jeff
08:28 Danz409 not a bad idea
08:29 lwq1996 thats what im planing to do on a small scale
08:30 lwq1996 masterofmonks does the msp430 launchpad come with everything
08:30 lwq1996 OH I CAN MAKE PLANES
08:31 * lwq1996 nudges masterofmonks
08:31 masterofmonks It comes with a crystal that you have to solder on, headers, and two chips.
08:31 lwq1996 i have to solder chips?
08:32 masterofmonks No.
08:32 masterofmonks Just the crystal.
08:32 lwq1996 oh i have to do that headers for the chips
08:32 lwq1996 so nothing else not even a corde
08:32 lwq1996 cord
08:32 masterofmonks You get a cord
08:32 lwq1996 what all comes with it
08:32 masterofmonks You get pretty much everything.
08:33 Danz409 got all these parts comeing in... now one problem
08:33 Danz409 where and how am i going to organize thousands of parts?
08:33 lwq1996 bolt depo box
08:33 Danz409 those do look nice
08:33 Danz409 probably would cost an arm and a leg to ship
08:34 lwq1996 lol ik
08:34 lwq1996 nah
08:35 masterofmonks What probably costs an arm and a leg to ship?
08:36 Danz409 plastic bin from bolt depot
08:36 masterofmonks Grab one from harbor freight?
08:36 lwq1996 lol
08:36 masterofmonks lwq1996:
08:36 BotSteve Title: MSP430 LaunchPad (MSP-EXP430G2) unboxing - YouTube
08:36 lwq1996 that'll work
08:37 Danz409
08:37 BotSteve Title: 20 Piece Poly Bins and Rails
08:37 Danz409 YAY :D
08:37 * masterofmonks loves harbor freight.
08:38 Danz409 its an allright place
08:38 lwq1996 lol
08:38 Danz409 i wouldn't buy just anything there
08:38 Danz409 most items sold there is imports thart made so well...
08:38 Danz409 but i don't see how you can go wrong with plastic bins
08:39 Danz409 anything with an eletric motor in it. id avoid it
08:39 lwq1996 i will buy their flat dikes there again becase they havent dulled and i cut like 15 gauge wire with them
08:39 lwq1996 well maby not that but it was thick
08:39 lwq1996 and they are lifetime warranty
08:39 Danz409 my grandpa bought a band saw... withen a week of LIGHT use... returned it
08:40 lwq1996 lol
08:40 Danz409 i bought a sander
08:40 lwq1996 well sometimes they dont have good stuff
08:40 Danz409 same issue
08:40 Danz409 motor went out
08:40 Danz409 yea
08:40 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
08:40 BotSteve TOASTY!
08:41 Danz409 even better than the other ones...
08:41 Danz409
08:41 BotSteve Title: 40 Bin Organizer with Full Length Drawer
08:42 lwq1996 i use cheap bins from the dollar store to store big stuff
08:42 masterofmonks My welder from there is perfectly good.
08:42 lwq1996 well with moving parts you have to watch
08:42 lwq1996 but they have some good stuff
08:43 Toastdude Hi
08:43 lwq1996 hi toasty
08:44 Danz409 i suppose this is gonna be a good new years resalution... to learn how to arduino
08:44 lwq1996 its not hard
08:44 lwq1996 toastdude can tell you
08:44 Danz409 another project i have planned
08:44 masterofmonks
08:44 BotSteve Title: Slingshot Zombiehammer with Skull Ejector - YouTube
08:44 Danz409 getting stepper motor controllers
08:44 lwq1996 though it takes time to get good to do it without errors
08:45 Danz409 and makeing music with stepper motors
08:45 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
08:45 Danz409 iv yet to see moose load up a program on any of the HAAS machines that just play music
08:45 Danz409 that would be epic
08:45 lwq1996 lol
08:46 Danz409 now that i think about it... with a arduino you can make a CNC machine
08:47 Danz409 machines making machines!
08:47 lwq1996 you can make a 3d printer
08:49 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
08:50 Danz409 can you make live controles from your arduino? like wile its running hit keys on your computer to change what its doing
08:51 Danz409 aka replicateing a pan/tilt device controled from your PC
08:51 lwq1996 no
08:52 lwq1996 you have to upload it to the board
08:53 masterofmonks Night lwq1996.
08:53 lwq1996 night masterofmonks
08:53 lwq1996 well im about to head to bed myself
08:53 masterofmonks Hopefully that will download without errors this time.
08:54 lwq1996 yeah it should download this time
08:54 lwq1996 its been going good so far
08:56 NeWtoz .c ((8.7+14*3)*1024)
08:56 BotSteve 51 916.8
08:57 NeWtoz .c ((8.7+14*3)*1024)/60
08:57 BotSteve 865.28
08:57 NeWtoz no ways
08:57 NeWtoz .c ((8.7+14*3)*1024)/60/24
08:57 BotSteve 36.0533333
08:57 NeWtoz hmm, something is wrong there
08:58 Danz409 apperntly there is a arduino simulator for the iphone
09:01 Electricguy__ morning :)
09:01 lwq1996 well its night for me
09:02 electricguy lol
09:02 lwq1996 well i guess morning
09:02 lwq1996 its 4am
09:02 electricguy ouch
09:02 lwq1996 i got to do this one last thing
09:02 electricguy LOL... XD
09:02 lwq1996 got to post comment that chris will read or my class project will be jacked
09:02 Danz409 and just as i go to check out at jameco they have networking issues...
09:03 electricguy hehhe ok
09:03 awesomedude joined #thegeekgroup
09:03 awesomedude hi is anyone there
09:03 awesomedude ?
09:03 lwq1996 lol
09:03 electricguy it's always a good idea to go with the shotgun approach and ask more than one person... :P
09:03 Danz409 404
09:03 lwq1996 hi awesome dude
09:03 Danz409 arrrrrg
09:03 electricguy hi hi awesomedude
09:03 awesomedude hi is anyone and audio engenere or expert? sorry bout spelling :P
09:04 electricguy i know some basics at least.. XD
09:04 lwq1996 yes we have those people they are all sleeping saddly :/
09:04 lwq1996 i should be sleepig
09:04 awesomedude well done all of u :P
09:04 Danz409 i wanna be the first to order something from jameco this year *wines*
09:05 djrock9000 night all!
09:05 electricguy night night djrock9000
09:05 awesomedude ok my question is
09:06 awesomedude i have 2 old amps
09:06 awesomedude bout 120 watts each
09:06 awesomedude my speakers are 100 watts each at 8 ohms
09:06 Superphosphate How did the fireworks go peoples???
09:06 Danz409 these the max rateings or RMS?
09:06 awesomedude every time i play music (im a Dj) it distorts heaps
09:06 awesomedude @ Danz RMS
09:06 electricguy awesomedude, don't crank it as much as you can and it'll be fine
09:06 Danz409 both rateings are RMS?
09:06 awesomedude yes
09:07 awesomedude oh no
09:07 awesomedude the speakers have a max rating of 100
09:07 Danz409 you should be able to get clear sound up to about %50 valume
09:07 lwq1996 im going to bed guys, been a long night
09:07 Danz409 %75 is max unless you want to chance blowing those speakers
09:07 electricguy if it dists it's the amp choking not the speakers. cause it's easy to hear if speakers bottom out. that doesn't sound like dist
09:07 awesomedude then wats rong wiv the amps?
09:07 lwq1996 fucking scary shows on tv are giving me hebe gebes
09:08 electricguy bogus specs
09:08 electricguy what's the brand on your amps?
09:08 awesomedude how so?
09:08 lwq1996 its lost tapes
09:08 Danz409 most cheap stuff will do that
09:08 awesomedude ok
09:08 awesomedude im in aus
09:08 lwq1996 its aliens that fucking creap me out
09:08 Danz409 off brands
09:08 awesomedude BTW
09:08 awesomedude anyway
09:08 lwq1996 ok im going to bed
09:08 awesomedude 1's freedman sound
09:08 electricguy what brand d you have on your amps?
09:08 electricguy oki
09:08 electricguy never even heard of that
09:08 awesomedude the other is i think audio technica
09:09 electricguy ahh
09:09 awesomedude but i just wanna know why the amps have a fault
09:09 electricguy the ratings on them can be WAAY higher than the amps can give IRL
09:09 Superphosphate awesomedude, what state of aus?
09:09 electricguy it's it's not a good quality amp
09:09 awesomedude @Super id rather not say
09:09 awesomedude why do you wanna know?
09:10 electricguy no one is going to come kill you.. XD
09:10 awesomedude :P
09:10 Lwq-SleepinBear one two hes comin for you
09:10 Superphosphate ?  ok  I lived in WA and Vic
09:10 Lwq-SleepinBear 3 4 lock the door
09:10 Lwq-SleepinBear 5 6
09:10 Lwq-SleepinBear crusafix
09:10 awesomedude SHUT THE HELL UP
09:10 Lwq-SleepinBear 7 8 stay up late
09:10 Lwq-SleepinBear 9 10 freddies back again :P
09:10 awesomedude GO DIE
09:11 electricguy awesomedude, don't be rude...
09:11 awesomedude sorry
09:11 Lwq-SleepinBear lol i dont care
09:11 electricguy if you are, you can GTFO
09:11 Lwq-SleepinBear im being a dick :P
09:11 awesomedude oi no being rude! :P
09:11 awesomedude anyway
09:11 awesomedude any solutions to my problems?
09:12 electricguy try with a better amp and see if there is any difference
09:12 awesomedude im broke
09:12 electricguy maybe you can borrow a amp from someone
09:12 awesomedude :P
09:12 awesomedude nah im 13 who of my friends own amps!!!??
09:12 Lwq-SleepinBear later guys
09:13 awesomedude ok
09:13 electricguy ok, you're 13 and DJ... = cheap system = amps with way too high specs :P
09:13 awesomedude but i dont get it
09:13 electricguy i would be truly amazed if a 13 year old could afford to buy a good DJ PA and everything
09:13 awesomedude i have a gud PA
09:13 awesomedude this is my home set up
09:14 awesomedude cause the rest is in my studio
09:14 awesomedude :)
09:14 electricguy manufacurers of cheap amps want you to think that your amps give more than they really do.
09:14 awesomedude theyre not cheap
09:14 awesomedude RRP when they existed was about 500$$$
09:14 electricguy it looks better to rate a amp at 600Watts even if it only gives 75Watts..
09:14 awesomedude my currect real amp is a crown 802, i have 3
09:14 Danz409 great. both Jameco AND dealextreme haveing complications makeing my orders
09:14 electricguy googling that
09:15 Danz409 screw it. ill order them tommarow
09:15 awesomedude they are much nicer
09:15 electricguy no to be mean. but the specs on those Crown amps kinda sux :P
09:15 angy joined #thegeekgroup
09:16 awesomedude how?
09:16 awesomedude explain
09:16 electricguy total harmonic distortion 0.5% that's a LOT
09:16 awesomedude but 800 freakin watts per channel
09:16 electricguy yeah that's what it says on the paper. the question is, do they really give that much?
09:17 awesomedude oh well
09:17 NeWtoz fyi: when talking about audio gear, no one will agree with you
09:18 electricguy awesomedude, also, how many speakers do you have hooked to each channel?
09:20 electricguy if you have a pair of 4 Ohm speakers hooked to oner channel the amp is going to see 2 Ohms and it's going to choke as fuck and you'll be happy if you don't fry it
09:22 NeWtoz I have two 8ohms hooked together, but meh
09:22 NeWtoz my receiver is handling it
09:22 electricguy that gives 4 Ohms. most amps can handle that
09:22 NeWtoz Just gets a little hotter
09:23 NeWtoz but I like my amps like I like my women
09:23 electricguy that's normal as you double the load
09:23 NeWtoz well aware
09:23 electricguy :)
09:25 NeWtoz I wonder how much Chris wants random fun flag
09:25 NeWtoz s
09:25 NeWtoz like the pirate flag
09:25 NeWtoz because I want to send something similar, but I don't want to if it's not going to be used
09:26 electricguy heheh :P
09:26 electricguy send one with the Atari logo ;D
09:26 NeWtoz I should make my own
09:26 electricguy do that :P
09:32 Cprossu NeWtoz it would be funny to make up a flag and send it
09:34 Gaxnys Or combine two flags. However that would be done. :D
09:34 electricguy Chris would be soo confused.. XD
09:34 Gaxnys No, wait, I know of a flag that I have to send!
09:34 Gaxnys
09:35 Gaxnys ugh, long link.
09:35 electricguy HAHAH XD
09:35 Gaxnys But anyways, that's the flag of Skåne. electricguy knows what it is. ;P
09:35 electricguy yepp :P
09:35 Gaxnys It's basically a combinasion of the swedish and danish flags. :D
09:36 electricguy Skåne is in the southest part of sweden. it belonged to Denmark once. so it's pretty much a half swedish half Danish flag
09:36 Gaxnys Now then. Where do I get one?
09:37 electricguy
09:37 Gaxnys Thanks. :D
09:37 electricguy :)
09:37 Gaxnys Think they will ship to the US?
09:37 electricguy no idea
09:38 Gaxnys It would probably confuse Chris just a tiny bit more. :D
09:38 electricguy otherwise you can order it to you and then send it
09:38 Gaxnys Yeah.
09:38 electricguy hahaha true :P
09:38 Gaxnys That's the other option.
09:39 Gaxnys What's the proper size then?
09:40 electricguy biggest possible! XD
09:40 Gaxnys Haha! :D
09:40 Gaxnys 3 metres, will that do? :D
09:40 electricguy i think so :P
09:40 electricguy would be EPIC! :D
09:40 Gaxnys Don't know what side is three metres though.
09:40 Gaxnys And it's a bit on the expensive side. :c
09:41 electricguy someone should send a Swedish one of that size... XD
09:41 Gaxnys Haha xD
09:41 KawaiiJess joined #thegeekgroup
09:41 electricguy 60x120 might do
09:41 electricguy or around there
09:42 electricguy google for flag stores in grand rapids michigan
09:42 Gaxnys The smallest one they've got is 150 cm
09:42 electricguy they should be able to send it directly to TGG :P
09:42 Gaxnys as I said before, I don't know what side that is.
09:42 Gaxnys oh, wait, there's a 75 cm as well
09:42 electricguy 150 should be the lengh
09:43 electricguy lenght*
09:43 electricguy length*
09:43 electricguy meh... fuck that... XD
09:43 electricguy buy a flag here and send it directly to TGG ;)
09:43 BotSteve Title: Flags Unlimited!, flags, countries, world, country, international, american, state
09:44 Gaxnys Oh.
09:46 Gaxnys Meh. I want to send them the flag of Skåne. Just for fun. :D
09:46 electricguy yeah. do that XD
09:47 electricguy you don't have to buy the biggest one.... :P
09:47 electricguy would be fun with a small one
09:47 electricguy cause then everyone is going to notice it and ask what it is :P
09:47 Gaxnys Haha, yeah. :D
09:49 electricguy or send them a pennant (vimpel)... XD
09:49 electricguy just to be bitchy :P
09:49 Gaxnys Haha xD
09:50 electricguy :P
09:50 Gaxnys;iPageID=70 that one should do. :)
09:50 electricguy yeah! :)
09:50 Gaxnys Wasted money though. :(
09:50 electricguy true
09:50 Gaxnys Or is it? It will probably be quite entertaining.
09:50 Gaxnys :D
09:50 electricguy but you'll probably spend that money on some other useless shit anyways ;P
09:50 electricguy it'll be VERY fun :P
09:51 Gaxnys I was planning on getting an SSD. :3
09:51 electricguy lol
09:51 electricguy i'm sure you'll get that money back sooner or later ;)
09:51 Gaxnys Yeah, I guess. :P
09:53 Gaxnys Oh, yeah. I can send it to them directly, I think.
09:53 Gaxnys Or should I resend it and add a note?
09:53 Gaxnys And check for any possible text that gives it away?
09:54 electricguy a README.TXT is always fun XD
09:54 electricguy geek humor :P
09:54 Gaxnys Haha. :D
09:54 electricguy ... XD
09:54 electricguy LOL!
09:54 Gaxnys xD
09:54 Gaxnys Or I could try to find as many boxes as possible that fit in each other.
09:55 Gaxnys And try to max out the shipping weight and size. :D
09:55 electricguy LOL yeah :P
09:55 electricguy like, a small box in the middle wrapped in a whole roll of ducttape... XD
09:56 Gaxnys Haha, yeah. =D
09:56 Gaxnys Hmm, I have some old hardware boxes left.
09:56 Gaxnys That will do it. =D
09:56 electricguy hahaha, that should do :P
09:57 electricguy be sure to use exessive amounts of tape! no matter what tape it is XD
09:57 Gaxnys "Ooh, a power supply! Wait, no?"
09:57 electricguy heaploads of tape is always annoying XD
09:57 Gaxnys Yeah, duct tape. :D
09:57 Gaxnys So much that he won't find the openings. >:D
09:57 electricguy yeah XD
09:57 electricguy HAHAHA XD
09:58 electricguy would be SO FUN to watch that :P
09:58 Gaxnys Haha, yeah. :D
09:59 Gaxnys So what will shipping to the US cost? o:
09:59 electricguy no idea.. XD
10:00 Gaxnys wtf, can't un-tick both. xD
10:00 BotSteve Title: Skickaguiden -
10:01 electricguy a 1kg 20x20x20cm box is around 200kr
10:01 Gaxnys oh wow
10:01 electricguy
10:01 BotSteve Title: Skickaguiden
10:02 electricguy but you can send it as a anvelope or similar. doesn't have to be a box :P
10:02 electricguy envelope*
10:04 Gaxnys 102 sek if I keep the size and weight down. Might be cheaper
10:04 electricguy yeah
10:04 electricguy but in a funny note or something instead :P
10:05 Gaxnys and by keeping the weight down, I meant 500 g in a box for a power supply. :P
10:05 electricguy HAHAH XD
10:06 Gaxnys You think they want a Razer Diamondback 3G?
10:06 Gaxnys I have one lying around for no good.
10:06 electricguy gonna google that
10:07 electricguy ahh. a mouse
10:07 electricguy i'm sure they'll take whatever they get :P
10:07 Gaxnys Since I'm gonna send them a package, I might just send them something useful as well. :)
10:08 electricguy yeah :)
10:08 electricguy toss in some radom fun stuff
10:08 Gaxnys I'll see what I can find. :)
10:08 electricguy something that's always fun is to send some stuff that they don't have in the US. like swedish candy and stuff :P
10:08 Gaxnys Oh yeah. :D
10:08 electricguy cause that's really not what they expect to get.. :P
10:09 Gaxnys So what's a typical swedish thing? ;P
10:09 electricguy and candy and that is very cheap too :P so why not :)
10:09 electricguy Ahlgrens bilar! XD
10:09 electricguy falukorv... XD
10:09 Gaxnys Oh yeah!
10:09 electricguy LOL
10:09 Gaxnys Hahaha, falukorv xD
10:09 electricguy would probably get smelly :P
10:09 Gaxnys All rotten and soggy when it arrives. Dripping from the box. xD
10:09 electricguy HAHAHAHAH!!! XD
10:10 electricguy IRL LOL XD
10:10 Gaxnys I could send them a magazine in Swedish as well, just for the lulz. :D
10:11 electricguy yeah XD
10:11 Gaxnys Hey, it's tech, so why not? :D
10:11 electricguy awesome :P
10:11 electricguy sure :D
10:11 Gaxnys Hey, you know Mysteriet på greveholm?
10:11 Gaxnys I have a game of that somewhere.
10:11 Gaxnys Should totally send them that. :D
10:11 electricguy yeah :D best fucking christmas calendar EVER made :P
10:12 Gaxnys :D
10:12 Gaxnys Oh, it's in english as well. The game that is. :D
10:12 electricguy send them a USB stick with typical swedish stuff on it! XD
10:12 Gaxnys 16 GB of ABBA? ;D
10:13 electricguy HAHAHAHA XD
10:13 electricguy horrifying! :P
10:13 Sgt_Lemming 16gb of abba...
10:13 Gaxnys Or dansband. =D
10:13 * Sgt_Lemming backs away slowly
10:13 electricguy OH DEAR GOD NO!! O_O
10:13 electricguy HAHA XD
10:13 electricguy HAHAH XD
10:14 Gaxnys and a really short network cable. ;)
10:14 electricguy yeah XD
10:14 Gaxnys "I heard you needed cables"
10:14 electricguy 10cm patch cable :P
10:14 Gaxnys No, 3
10:14 Gaxnys Or less. :D
10:14 electricguy ok XD
10:14 electricguy that would be SO FUNNY :D
10:14 electricguy you should totally do that :P
10:15 Gaxnys With a broken off pin and all xD
10:15 electricguy hahaha XD
10:15 electricguy yeah :P
10:15 Gaxnys I think it's more like 1,5 m.
10:15 electricguy speaking of network cables. i made a Ethernet killer once :P
10:16 Gaxnys o:
10:16 Gaxnys a what now?
10:16 electricguy a mains cable with a RJ45 crimped in the other end.. XD
10:16 electricguy still got it :P
10:16 Gaxnys HAHAHA xD
10:16 electricguy PoE the hardcore style!! XD
10:16 Gaxnys Haha, indeed. :D
10:18 electricguy :P
10:19 Gaxnys That will be one fun Captain's Blog. :D
10:19 electricguy yeah! :D
10:19 electricguy as hell
10:24 Gaxnys I wonder how big wikipedia is.
10:25 electricguy in dtamass?
10:25 electricguy data*
10:25 Gaxnys yeah
10:26 electricguy hmm yea
10:26 electricguy
10:26 Cprossu one of my IT folk that I knew had a hollowed out frag grenade
10:26 BotSteve Title: Wikipedia:Size comparisons - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
10:26 electricguy
10:26 BotSteve Title: Wikipedia:FAQ/Overview - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
10:26 Cprossu and it had a bent paperclip stuck in it
10:26 Cprossu (that he used to unstick cd and floppy drives)
10:26 Cprossu where the pin would be
10:26 electricguy hehe
10:26 Cprossu always made me laugh
10:26 electricguy :P
10:27 Gaxnys I wonder if it's possible to save the entire swedish part of wikipedia on a USB-drive.
10:27 Gaxnys :D
10:27 electricguy maybe :P
10:27 electricguy it's only text and some low res pics
10:28 y007ghg7 try it
10:29 Gaxnys the text part was not that big.
10:29 Gaxnys Or, I don't know if this was the right thing.
10:29 electricguy lol, Moose is most likely the only one at TGG that can read the stuff... :P
10:30 electricguy if it's in swedish XD
10:30 Gaxnys She knows swedish? o:
10:30 electricguy yepp
10:30 Gaxnys Cool. :)
10:30 electricguy swedish, english and german
10:30 electricguy she's equally grown up in sweden, germany and the USD :)
10:30 electricguy US*
10:31 Gaxnys Oh. :D
10:31 electricguy hence her channel name "tyskkvinna" on youtube XD
10:31 Gaxnys xD
10:35 Gaxnys There we go. All html files of swedish wikipedia as of 2008
10:35 Gaxnys That'll do
10:35 Gaxnys :D
10:35 electricguy LOL yeah :P
10:35 electricguy got a link to them? :P
10:35 Gaxnys 525 MB archived. x)
10:36 electricguy hahah XD
10:36 Gaxnys
10:36 BotSteve Title: Wikipedia Static HTML Dumps
10:36 electricguy lol
10:37 electricguy i get Not Found when i click the links
10:37 Gaxnys clock download?
10:37 Gaxnys click*
10:37 electricguy can try that
10:38 electricguy tee hee XD
10:38 electricguy 36MB link list... XD
10:38 Gaxnys xD
10:39 electricguy sorry, HTML list
10:39 electricguy that's an insane amount of lines... XD
10:39 Gaxnys Well, it is a pretty big site. ;P
10:39 electricguy true :P
10:39 Gaxnys I'd rather not download the english version. :D
10:40 electricguy LOL
10:40 electricguy 14GB... XD
10:40 Gaxnys xD
10:40 Gaxnys how about unpacked? :P
10:40 electricguy insane... XD
10:41 electricguy hehehe.. the HTML list for the english wikipedia is 692MB... XD
10:41 electricguy LOL
10:42 Gaxnys xD
10:42 electricguy NOT okey... XD
10:43 y007ghg7 i could fit the englosh wikipedia on my hdd
10:43 y007ghg7 i wouldnt want to tho
10:43 Gaxnys unpacked size of swedish wikipedia in HTML form seems to be 9 GB or so xD
10:43 electricguy lol
10:44 bobthebanana joined #thegeekgroup
10:44 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
10:44 ajcc morning
10:45 electricguy morning
10:45 electricguy urm.. i hear morse very faint here from time to time. no idea where it comes from! o_
10:45 electricguy scary
10:47 ajcc probably the live stream
10:47 electricguy ahh! thanks. didn't think of that
10:48 Coderjoe electricguy: live stream has a radio scanner on it right now. the various repeaters (including police, fire, and ambulence) transmit the station ID in morse code periodically, as required by the FCC
10:48 electricguy ahh okey
10:49 electricguy i almost thought it was a youtube easter egg or something first. as i heard morse twice when watching youtube vids XD
10:49 Coderjoe that is, the FCC requires station ID periodically, and the repeater controller sending morse is the fastest way to get it over with
10:49 electricguy hehe oki
10:50 electricguy btw, 11.175MHz is fun to listen to :P
10:50 electricguy US Air force :)
10:51 Coderjoe the repeaters usually have a CTCSS tone that unsquelches the recievers, and the morse code is transmitted without the tone, so the normal users of that frequency don't even know the morse is being transmitted
10:51 electricguy ahh oki. nifty
10:52 electricguy here is what i recorded from 11.175MHz once
10:52 BotSteve Title: 11.175MHz US shortwave transmitter by Electricguy's zoundz on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
10:52 bobthebanana joined #thegeekgroup
10:52 electricguy US air force communicating from the base to a plane over short wave for some reason
10:54 Coderjoe andrews afb. the andrews end sounds like a test
10:54 electricguy it's comm they use for atomic bomb training
10:55 HappyNiobeYears LMFAO!!! weird call, my brother must have never formatted a machine with a legit copy of windows before... he borrowed my copy of xp to do his son's machine, and just called me about the activation process... LMFAO!!! :D
10:55 electricguy i can't remember, but there is one code, when they say that they go hot.. XD
10:55 electricguy HappyNiobeYears, LOL! XD
10:55 Coderjoe your receiver is slightly off the transmitter freq, i think
10:56 electricguy had to be, otherwise it disted and sounded like shit
10:56 electricguy also, it's SSB
10:56 electricguy very hard to tune spot on
10:56 electricguy i got a iCom IC-R70 a bit old receiver. but very good
11:01 CaptainNiobe fail:
11:01 BotSteve Title: Spire should remain fireworks focus: Doyle
11:05 Sgt_Lemming CaptainNiobe, one of the articles I read about it was saying that it was a firework that failed to launch and just smoldered off
11:06 CaptainNiobe i have no idea, lemming, i just found that...
11:06 CaptainNiobe happy new years, by the way... :)
11:06 Sgt_Lemming happy new years
11:07 ajcc happy new years
11:12 Coderjoe good grief
11:12 Coderjoe
11:12 BotSteve Title: CAMRAS - WebSDR
11:13 Coderjoe hit "all bands" and watch the waterfall on the 23cm band (or just pick 23cm...)
11:14 Coderjoe there is someone that transmits with a huge splatter
11:14 electricguy holy balls!
11:14 electricguy all over the place
11:15 electricguy digital data in the top of the band
11:16 electricguy he should really fix his transmitter...
11:17 Coderjoe probably doesn't even know it is doing this
11:18 Coderjoe mmm
11:18 electricguy most likely not
11:19 Coderjoe caught a cq
11:19 Coderjoe gah
11:20 Coderjoe completely destroying 23cm with those
11:20 electricguy yepp
11:20 electricguy took a screenprint XD just for fun :P
11:20 electricguy
11:22 Coderjoe so many harmonics
11:22 electricguy yeh
11:22 electricguy insane
11:27 Coderjoe this sounds like a broken record
11:27 Coderjoe oh...
11:27 Coderjoe "recording made with 25 m dish"
11:28 Coderjoe "Currently, there is no live reception. Instead, we're playing a recording made during the EME activation of the 300m Arecibo dish during the Echoes of Apollo project. This recording was made on April 17, 2010, around 19:00 UTC, on 70 cm. "
11:28 Coderjoe eye kan reed
11:30 Coderjoe man.. 23cm EME
11:37 JustoStyle joined #thegeekgroup
11:50 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
12:16 Electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
12:19 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
12:26 Electricguy WANT!
12:26 BotSteve Title: V8 snowblower 2010 - YouTube
12:26 Coderjoe cool. HF-FAX
12:28 Coderjoe takes forever to get the weather chart, though
12:58 killawayZZzz Electricguy: do you have snow ?
12:58 killawayZZzz we have none
12:58 Electricguy nope
12:58 Electricguy but rain
12:58 killawayZZzz here too
12:59 killawayZZzz and this is the first year we mave a realy big snow blower :(  it blows... no phun intended :P
12:59 Electricguy lol
12:59 Electricguy
13:00 BotSteve Title: V8 snowblower 2010 - YouTube
13:07 killawayZZzz :)
13:14 Wannabegeek joined #thegeekgroup
13:14 Wannabegeek Hi guys
13:15 CaptainNiobe hi :)
13:18 Wannabegeek joined #thegeekgroup
13:34 Electricguy ok, back from the noms store :3
13:34 CaptainNiobe nomnoms?
13:34 Electricguy yepp :P
13:35 Electricguy pringles :3
13:35 CaptainNiobe i want... :P
13:35 Electricguy cheese & onion
13:35 CaptainNiobe ohhhh... send me some! :P
13:35 Electricguy LOL :P
13:35 Electricguy *me shares some chips with CaptainNiobe*
13:36 CaptainNiobe oh, OMNOMNOMNOM! thankies!
13:36 CaptainNiobe :P
13:36 Electricguy hahah XD
13:36 * Electricguy checks out some wearable hacks at hackaday
13:36 roadran422|zZz Hi all
13:36 roadran422|zZz Happy new year! In america!
13:37 Electricguy hi hi
13:37 CaptainNiobe hi, hy :D
13:37 roadran422 :P
13:37 roadran422 xD
13:54 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
13:56 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
13:56 Experimentonomen *yawn*
13:57 roadran422 Experimentonomen: Why yo always tured,
13:57 roadran422 *you always tired.
13:58 Experimentonomen dunno
13:58 roadran422 ...
14:14 Electricguy heh
14:14 Electricguy the pc is much more cute than the mac :3
14:16 roadran422 Why didn't botsteve load?
14:16 Electricguy no idea
14:16 Electricguy ...
14:16 Electricguy
14:16 roadran422 ...
14:16 Electricguy weird
14:17 Electricguy LOL @ the second comment from the top
14:17 BotSteve Title: PC VS MAC | Text FAIL
14:17 Electricguy PC= A lovable machine. Mac= A faggot who collects leaves.
14:17 Electricguy XD
14:17 roadran422
14:18 roadran422 Botsteve: Tell batsteve that when links are typed in to irc, bot doesn't say anything... ""
14:18 BotSteve roadran422: I'll pass that on when Batsteve is around.
14:18 CaptainNiobe it doesn't title direct image links.
14:18 roadran422 Oh. Duh! xD
14:18 CaptainNiobe lol
14:18 roadran422 botsteve: tell batsteve Nvm... CaptainNiobe said it doesn't load images like that xD
14:18 BotSteve roadran422: I'll pass that on when Batsteve is around.
14:18 * Experimentonomen plays "Beats 4 My Van" so loud that the speaker box back panel is rattling
14:19 roadran422 Lol
14:19 roadran422 Electricguy Wow... I like macs better anyways
14:19 Electricguy lol
14:19 Electricguy i like their hardware. but the software totally sux
14:20 roadran422 xD
14:20 roadran422 You can run bootcamp?
14:20 roadran422 And switch between windows, macintosh, and even linux
14:20 Electricguy wtf is bootcamp?
14:20 roadran422 Switch between windows, macintosh, and even linux
14:20 Electricguy ahh
14:20 roadran422 xD
14:21 Electricguy well, why the fuck even keep iOS? XD
14:21 roadran422 xD
14:21 Electricguy it looks all pretty and that, but meh, it sux
14:21 roadran422 Electricguy: iOS are on the ipods...
14:21 roadran422 and ipads and iphones...
14:21 roadran422 OSX are on teh comptuters
14:21 Electricguy see, THAT'S how much i care about macs! XD
14:21 roadran422 xD
14:22 Electricguy wtf is a comptuter?
14:22 Electricguy :P
14:22 roadran422 :P
14:22 Electricguy everyone with a iPod should use Rockbox! XD
14:22 roadran422 *computer *the
14:23 Electricguy like on my ipod mini gen.2.... with the original OS it munched battery as fuck and ALL EQ settings distroted the audio
14:23 roadran422 That sucks
14:23 Electricguy now i got about 4 times as long battery life, a AWESOME EQ
14:23 Electricguy and i can even use the ipod as a media controller or mousepad for my computer if i want
14:23 roadran422 Lol
14:24 roadran422 I don't have an old iPod....
14:24 Electricguy i trashpicked mine! :D
14:24 Electricguy works perfectly fine :)
14:24 roadran422 Lol
14:24 Electricguy and upgraded to 8GB solid state
14:25 roadran422 Why....
14:25 roadran422 What songs could you possibly put in there to fill up 8gbs?
14:25 Electricguy because it had a 4GB MicroDrive before
14:25 Electricguy i filled up 4GB first time i pulled music over to it
14:25 roadran422 My cousin has a 16gb or 32gb ipod. She uses about 2-3 gigs of it. Total waste -_-
14:26 roadran422 Did you fill your 8gb?
14:26 Electricguy and now it's WAY more schock proof (no HDD that can crash) got better acess time and uses less power
14:26 Electricguy i got 2GB left of the 8GB card
14:26 roadran422 xD
14:26 roadran422 Access time matters?
14:26 Electricguy it's much faster now than before
14:27 Lwq-SleepinBear hello guys
14:27 Electricguy and, i don't have any harddrive to break
14:27 Lwq-SleepinBear whoops
14:27 Electricguy hi hi lwq
14:27 roadran422 Lol
14:27 roadran422 Lol
14:27 roadran422 Hi lee
14:27 lwq1996 roadran do you got a facebook
14:27 roadran422 Ya... Y?
14:27 lwq1996 i dont believe i added you yet if you do
14:27 roadran422 Ok... I guess.... xD
14:28 Electricguy this is how the screen on my ipod looks now :P
14:28 lwq1996 i try to add everyone in here on my facebook :P
14:28 roadran422 xD
14:28 roadran422 Hey queen
14:28 Electricguy with iOS i had a shitty statusbar and the title... nothing else
14:28 lwq1996
14:28 roadran422 Lol
14:28 roadran422 Done
14:28 lwq1996 i just got a new 8g ipod touch for christmas
14:29 roadran422 Dude. That is cow turd.
14:29 lwq1996 i woulnt trade this in for my old 80g classic
14:29 lwq1996 lol
14:29 roadran422 xD
14:29 roadran422 My cousin still has a 128mb flash drive.
14:29 lwq1996 my mom got in a creative mood and made cookies and had left over walnut filling
14:29 Electricguy hmm, i see. i only got the menu system in that link...
14:29 roadran422 Lol
14:30 roadran422 Man that rockbox doesn't look so user friendly. Also, it looks lek crap
14:30 lwq1996 my teacher still has a 65mb flash drive
14:30 roadran422 xD
14:30 lwq1996 yes they do exist
14:30 roadran422 Lol
14:30 Electricguy it's geekier. and if you have more than 45 IQ you can use it without problem :P
14:30 Electricguy and it much better looking than iOS
14:30 roadran422 Lol
14:31 roadran422 Lee... 64mb
14:31 roadran422 I don't think there is a 65 mb?
14:31 Electricguy btw, i bet 600 bucks that you really aren't loling...
14:31 roadran422 :P
14:31 lwq1996 anyone want to see a 5mb hard drive that had to be lifted from a fork lift
14:31 Electricguy MB ffs! :) you just typed 64millibit..
14:31 roadran422 I thought hard drive space was in powers of four?
14:31 roadran422 4*4*4*4*4?
14:32 lwq1996 no
14:32 roadran422 I always thought that...
14:32 angy hard rive space is in number of sectors on the drive, you can have a drive nearly any size you want
14:32 lwq1996 they are in bytes but when you see 1tb and its actually 800.what ever that is becuase geeks use binary and regular people use 10 digit numbers
14:32 roadran422 Oh.... I always thought it of 4, then 16, then 32, then 64, then 128, then 256, then 512, then 1024
14:33 roadran422 xD
14:33 lwq1996 no
14:33 lwq1996 2,4,8,14
14:33 roadran422 I didn't know that -_-
14:33 lwq1996 16*
14:33 lwq1996 thats binary
14:33 Electricguy ok, after digging in the site HTML code i found the pic. THIS is how the screen on my ipod looks
14:33 roadran422 Just take everything and multiply it by 2
14:33 lwq1996 multiplying by two
14:33 roadran422 How do you read binary?
14:33 roadran422 0110101
14:33 Electricguy even got the volume in dB :3
14:33 angy IBM had a 7500MB hard drive in ~85
14:34 wannabe-zz .tfw sawyer MI
14:34 angy not really a power of 2 :)
14:34 BotSteve 42°F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Sawyer, MI!  'It could be worse.'
14:34 roadran422 I don't understand binary...
14:34 wannabe-zz lol not snowing yet
14:34 lwq1996 road ran right to left multiplying my two
14:34 lwq1996 so its
14:34 lwq1996 16,8,4,2,1
14:34 roadran422 Binary is backwards then.... xD
14:35 angy oh, and happy new year 0x7dc
14:35 roadran422 How do you read binary then? 0101010101010111110
14:35 lwq1996 yeah, i really just learned it from Dans binary clock project that is on tgg youtube
14:35 Electricguy 174782
14:35 roadran422 Watching it again -_-
14:36 roadran422 How do you know that Electricguy
14:36 Electricguy it's called SCHOOL! :P
14:36 roadran422 xD
14:36 Electricguy our fucking teachers forced us to learn it XD
14:36 roadran422 lol
14:37 Electricguy speaking of binary. i have a 4 bit binary counter! :D
14:37 Electricguy made with relays! :3
14:37 Electricguy
14:37 BotSteve Title: computer controlled clocking board. software download link in the description - YouTube
14:38 Electricguy with parallal port controlled clock freq changer
14:38 Sgt_Lemming one distinct advanatage of a hard plastic mousepad
14:38 Sgt_Lemming it's easy to clean
14:40 Electricguy i also made a DAC prototype for the relay counter
14:40 BotSteve Title: DAC prototype for the relay counter - YouTube
14:40 lwq1996 why in the fuck cant i download this game
14:40 Sgt_Lemming what game?
14:40 Electricguy my little pony
14:40 lwq1996
14:41 BotSteve Title: PC VS MAC | Text FAIL
14:41 lwq1996 borderlands
14:41 lwq1996 masterofmonks gave it to me for my birthday on steam and i cant download i
14:41 lwq1996 it*
14:41 Electricguy borderlands got pretty cool graphics
14:41 Sgt_Lemming yeah
14:41 Sgt_Lemming cell shaded
14:41 Sgt_Lemming lwq1996, restart steam
14:42 Electricguy i had a bordelands skin for minecraft a while ago XD
14:42 Electricguy called bordercraft
14:43 Sgt_Lemming fucking ow >_<
14:43 lwq1996 lol
14:43 Sgt_Lemming making donuts before (yes we have a deep fryer and donut maker) and got splashed with oil
14:43 Sgt_Lemming just on the back of my thumb but fricking ow !@#$!@#$ >_<
14:44 lwq1996 with steam do i need to do anything before closing it to shut it down
14:44 Sgt_Lemming no
14:44 Sgt_Lemming and closing the window doesn't shut it down
14:44 roadran422 Binary. Fun.
14:44 Sgt_Lemming it stays resident in the tray
14:44 roadran422
14:44 BotSteve Title: Cory Nut Check - YouTube
14:44 lwq1996 ok
14:44 roadran422 Adios! Got to go eat!
14:44 lwq1996 roadran XD
14:44 Electricguy should be nomming... not eating
14:45 Experimentonomen roadran422|eatin's nick reminds me of the game RoadRash :P
14:45 Electricguy :D
14:45 lwq1996 wtf does steam have cloud X|
14:45 roadran422|nom AHH! NO! NO RASHES
14:45 lwq1996 lol
14:46 lwq1996 i called him roadkill once
14:46 roadran422|nom xD ^
14:46 roadran422|nom It was from roadrunner!
14:46 Sgt_Lemming lwq1996, so it can store your saves/settings/scores in the cloud
14:46 roadran422|nom iCloud
14:46 lwq1996 ah
14:46 Sgt_Lemming != iCloud
14:47 lwq1996 i dont get cloud thought
14:47 Sgt_Lemming iCloud is retarded, like all their other attempts at internet services
14:47 lwq1996 though*
14:47 Sgt_Lemming cloud just means it's stored on a server somewhere on the internet lwq1996
14:47 roadran422|nom 00110000001101110011000100111000
14:47 lwq1996 thats stupid
14:47 angy cloud means it's store on /more/ than one server
14:47 lwq1996 i cant even use it on my ipod too
14:48 Sgt_Lemming not neccesarily angy
14:48 angy if someone sells you cloud something without failover, it's not cloud
14:48 lwq1996 it means you can acces it from a different computer but same account
14:48 Sgt_Lemming in your opinion angy
14:48 roadran422|nom iCloud
14:49 angy in VMWare opinion, and lots of other that is Sgt_Lemming
14:49 Sgt_Lemming whatever angy
14:49 lwq1996 anyone want a 5dollar micro controller
14:49 lwq1996
14:49 Sgt_Lemming .w in the cloud
14:49 BotSteve Title: LaunchPad Microcontroller Projects - MSP430 LaunchPad - TI E2E Community
14:49 BotSteve "Cloud computing is the delivery of computing as a service rather than a product, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices as a metered service over a network (typically the Internet)." -
14:50 Sgt_Lemming no reference to failover at all angy
14:50 Sgt_Lemming lwq1996, they are shit
14:50 lwq1996 how so
14:50 Sgt_Lemming they have some nice features but arduino is SOO much better and a much more mature environment
14:50 lwq1996 yeah i know but for the price you cant beat
14:51 Sgt_Lemming launchpad is TI going "Hey, this arduino thing is making atmel heaps of money. We want some too!"
14:51 lwq1996 i also want to get AVR
14:51 Sgt_Lemming what you save in price you will pay in dev time
14:51 Sgt_Lemming arduino is AVR
14:51 lwq1996 it can also code in c
14:51 Sgt_Lemming yes, so can arduino
14:52 lwq1996 oh
14:52 Sgt_Lemming it's the IDE that decides what you code in, not the chip
14:52 lwq1996 DAMNIT JUSTIN LIED TO ME >.<
14:52 Sgt_Lemming shit you could write code for an arduino in BASIC if you had a suitable compiler
14:52 Sgt_Lemming .w AVR-GCC
14:52 BotSteve "The GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) is a compiler system produced by the GNU Project supporting various programming languages." -
14:53 lwq1996 can i make the launch
14:53 Sgt_Lemming eh?
14:53 lwq1996 the launch pad to write in python*
14:53 * y007ghg7 yawns
14:53 y007ghg7 ive stayed up all night
14:53 lwq1996 hi y007ghg7
14:53 y007ghg7 hi
14:54 Sgt_Lemming possibly, just need a compiler that will compile from python into assembly code for the launchpad
14:54 Sgt_Lemming afaik, most stuff for the launchpads though is windows only, and c++ based
14:54 Sgt_Lemming you "can" get them running under linux, but it's nowhere near as easy as the AVR series chips
14:55 lwq1996 well i must go get a shower and change guys, talk to you when i get back
15:01 Experimentonomen
15:01 BotSteve Title: NewYears BassOut at 150 watts rms - YouTube
15:19 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
15:26 Electricguy lots of water on the stream cam
15:27 roadran422|nom Electric short.
15:28 killawayZZzz Experimentonomen: what speakers are that ?
15:32 Nam3o joined #thegeekgroup
15:32 Nam3o good morning
15:33 killawayZZzz morning
15:34 killawayZZzz Experimentonomen: you need some real monsters of a pair of speakers ;)
15:35 Nam3o loud noises
15:35 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
15:37 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 Nam3o big speakers
15:40 Electricguy ugly but powerful one :P
15:40 BotSteve Title: Testing Cerwin-Vega Stroker 18" - YouTube
15:40 Electricguy the cerwin vega stroker is a insane driver. but it's surely not pretty XD
15:42 Electricguy stuff fall down from the shelves, but the speaker barely moves XD
15:47 Experimentonomen Nam3o, these are kinda nice:
15:47 BotSteve Title: Knock stuff down with loud music - YouTube
15:48 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
15:48 killawayZZzz cerwinwega.. shivver
15:49 Electricguy cerwin vega have made seom really beasty speakers :P
15:49 mashpriborintorg hiya... Happy new year
15:50 Electricguy my dad had a pair of cerwion vega 18" boxes in the living room some years ago...cracked 3 windows with them, lol XD
15:50 Electricguy happy new year mashpriborintorg
15:50 mashpriborintorg lots of tinkering, lots of treasure finds in the trash, and lots of Captains blogs
15:51 Electricguy sounds awesome! :P
15:54 Electricguy i want to make some wearable hack...
15:55 mashpriborintorg I should move in a new home this year, with enough space for putting together a small lab in a room and retrieving all my stuff, which is currently clustered in several storage locations
15:55 Electricguy nice :)
15:58 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
16:00 eadthem joined #thegeekgroup
16:21 Electricguy i just bought a pair of these :D
16:21 BotSteve Title: Designer's Fashion Folding Stereo Headphone Earphone - Black (2 x AAA) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
16:21 Electricguy supposed to be a VERY good replica of the real ones
16:25 mashpriborintorg the chinese can make good stuff, them they want
16:31 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
16:32 leepod i get to go clean and shoot my new savage .22
16:34 Electricguy mashpriborintorg, yes
16:34 Electricguy they are supposed to be about 97% as good as the genuine ones for almost 300 bucks
16:35 Electricguy they even got the DR. Dre sign under the battery lid. and a ID that you can register on the website
16:35 Electricguy so they are really preoperly made replicas
16:41 Nam3o has anyone here ever tried to make aerogel?
16:42 Electricguy nope
16:43 Nam3o I was thinking that it may be a good isulator if stomper
16:44 Nam3o also it could give us a window into what is happening to the quarter at the moment of discharge
16:46 Electricguy yeah
16:46 Electricguy nice idea
16:47 mashpriborintorg real aerogel is damn hard to get and expensive tho
16:47 Nam3o i was thinking that if we put the quarter in a column of aerogel and light if from the bottom, put a camera on top
16:47 masterofmonks
16:48 BotSteve Title: 12-in-1 USB 2.0 Almighty Flight Simulator Dongle - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
16:48 masterofmonks Seems legit
16:48 Electricguy LOL
16:48 Electricguy sure it does!
16:48 Electricguy *cough*
16:48 Nam3o it will destory the camera but maybe get a shot of something
16:48 Electricguy LOL
16:50 masterofmonks Nam3o: Why not use a mirror to get the same shot?
16:50 Electricguy neat!
16:50 Electricguy cheaper to replace a mirror :P
16:51 Nam3o good idea
16:51 Nam3o i like to break things
16:51 Electricguy you can buy aerogel from ebay
16:51 Electricguy but only pretty small pieces
16:51 Nam3o not very cheep though
16:52 Nam3o also its more fun to make stuff
16:52 Electricguy a 20cc cubic piece, 139 dollars
16:52 Electricguy yeah but aerogel is pretty tricky to make
16:52 Nam3o we can buy small quarters too i am sure
16:52 Nam3o
16:53 Nam3o Open Source Aerogel
16:53 BotSteve Title:
16:53 Electricguy nice
16:53 Nam3o been reading if for an hour
16:53 Electricguy hehe oki
16:53 Nam3o dosent sound undoable
16:54 Electricguy it's tricky and it's quite a process that inclodes a chemical that's hard to get. but it's surely doable
16:54 ajcc Nam3o: he's following the recepie, oh, and check out his DIY electron scanning microscope!
16:54 BotSteve Title: Making silica aerogel at home - YouTube
16:55 Nam3o hard to get maybe but maybe someone can help
16:55 Electricguy yeah that video is good
16:55 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
16:55 Nam3o Build a Supercritical Dryer  seens the most fun
16:55 Nam3o brb
16:55 Electricguy kk
16:55 ajcc you guys already seen it?, oh, oh well:) Ben is an awesome geek everyone should know about
16:56 Electricguy yeah he's really cool :P
16:58 Nam3o so how do we find tetraethyl orthosilicate
16:58 web1678 joined #thegeekgroup
16:59 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
16:59 Cprossu good morning everyone
16:59 Cprossu except those it's afternoon for, then good afternoon
17:00 Electronics I would almost say evening here...
17:00 Cprossu then good evening or good night to the rest!
17:00 Electronics :P
17:01 Cprossu Electronics do you have garrysmod? just curious
17:01 Electronics yeah
17:01 Cprossu cool
17:01 Electronics I used to be on your server AGES ago....
17:01 Nam3o I found an MSDS from a company called Arkema but thire website has no refrence to them makeing it
17:01 Cprossu musta been ages ago too
17:02 Nam3o
17:02 Cprossu I has an extra copy so I was just checking heh
17:06 wannabe-zz .tfw
17:06 BotSteve 37°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'You think this is cold? Have you been to upstate New York?'
17:12 Experimentonomen its fucking cold everywhere now :P
17:13 ajcc yes, I found it again :D this is a tour of the WBUR Transmission tour, with the transmitters included, quite extensive!
17:13 BotSteve Title: WBUR 90.9 Transmission Tower Tour - YouTube
17:13 ajcc quite awesome!
17:14 * Cprossu clickies
17:15 wannabe-zz .tfw sawyer
17:15 BotSteve 52°F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Sawyer, OK!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
17:15 wannabe-zz .tfw sawyer mi
17:15 BotSteve 37°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Sawyer, MI!  'Global Warming? Bullshit.'
17:16 masterofmonks Experimentonomen: unless you are in the southern hemisphere.
17:16 Cprossu hey yNos
17:16 Cprossu;skuId=4260033&amp;st=4260033&amp;cp=1&amp;lp=1
17:16 Electricguy got 3.2C here
17:16 BotSteve Title: Coby - Kyros MID7120-4G 7" 4 GB Tablet Computer - Wi-Fi - 800 MHz - MID7120-4G
17:17 Cprossu ^ yikes an android tablet with 256mb of ram O_O yikes
17:17 masterofmonks Cprossu: I have one of those.
17:17 Cprossu looks sucky
17:17 Cprossu does it work better than it seems?
17:17 masterofmonks ehhhhhhhh
17:17 masterofmonks It isn't fast, that is certain.
17:17 Cprossu for $100 I almost jumped
17:17 masterofmonks Hands down my touchpad beats it.
17:17 wannabe1987 hi masterofmonks
17:18 masterofmonks Morning wannabe1987
17:18 masterofmonks But for someone like say my mother, it would be awesome.
17:18 Electricguy hi hi wannabe1987 :)
17:18 * wannabe1987 looks at clock. its afternoon now, i think
17:18 wannabe1987 hi Electricguy
17:18 masterofmonks wannabe1987: It's morning somewhere.
17:19 wannabe1987 true
17:19 Cprossu ajcc loving that video!
17:19 masterofmonks Cprossu: check this thinclient out.
17:19 ajcc Cprossu: :)
17:19 BotSteve Title: NC600 Multi-User 100Mbps LAN Network Workstation Terminal - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
17:19 wannabe1987  best BBQ sauce i've had in a while....#justsayin
17:19 BotSteve Title: Legend Regional Gourmet Barbecue Sauce, Heartland Sweet & Zesty, All Natural, Gluten Free | Seasons Harvest
17:20 Cprossu what processor is that based on masterofmonks?
17:20 masterofmonks wannabe1987: if you break the english language you ahve to fix it!
17:20 Electricguy yeah you really ahve to fix it!
17:20 wannabe1987 you're the one that misspelled have*
17:20 Electricguy it's already borking :P
17:20 wannabe1987 i don't know how to fix it .... sorry :/
17:20 masterofmonks wannabe1987: Consider this.
17:20 Electricguy damn!
17:21 Electricguy oh well, who speaks english anyways?
17:21 wannabe1987  watch this!
17:21 BotSteve Title: Legend Regional Gourmet Barbecue Sauce, Heartland Sweet & Zesty, All Natural, Gluten Free | Seasons Harvest
17:21 wannabe1987 awwww
17:21 wannabe1987  THIS
17:21 BotSteve Title: Dec 31, 2011 9:30pm | Facebook
17:21 wannabe1987 stupid computer
17:21 masterofmonks You typed a sentence, the person reading it got to the end, and *then* had to retroactively apply your hashtag to the sentence.
17:21 wannabe1987 huh?  i didn't break anything...
17:22 Electricguy seems to be raining quite a lot in grand rapids
17:22 masterofmonks wannabe1987: I am on a hashtag rant lately.
17:22 wannabe1987 i didn't realize...i am sorry
17:22 masterofmonks Cprossu: I haven't got a clue.
17:23 wannabe1987 yes, Electricguy, it going to snow lately
17:23 Cprossu that reminds me masterofmonks
17:23 masterofmonks wannabe1987: Not your fault I am ranty on  the subject.
17:23 Electricguy oh. alls
17:23 Cprossu I have a REALLY COOL thinclient
17:23 Electricguy balls*
17:23 Cprossu that I haven't hacked yet
17:23 wannabe1987 no, but my fault i used one while you're ranty
17:23 wannabe1987 :P
17:24 Cprossu it's an ncomputing L300
17:24 Cprossu ^ @ masterofmonks
17:24 Electricguy looks cool
17:24 masterofmonks Cool.
17:25 Cprossu I know it runs linux I just haven't stuck a jtag on it yet
17:25 wannabe1987 my cousins looks at my mirc and goes "is that HTML?"  no.....
17:25 wannabe1987 i am not coding on a sunday....i don't code much at all :P
17:28 Cprossu ajcc an older optimod fm :D lol
17:28 Cprossu in use none-the-less
17:28 Electricguy ok, some cNC pron :P;v=X-Yd8v2Ub9E
17:28 BotSteve Title: Making of aquagrafx GTX 480 - YouTube
17:28 Electricguy high speed milling in copper
17:29 Cprossu design looks like a bitch to clean
17:29 Electricguy lol
17:29 Electricguy the result is amazing
17:30 wannabe1987 lwq1996: really?
17:30 wannabe1987 a gun?
17:30 Electricguy the tool changer on that machine is damn fast
17:30 Cprossu the thinner the copper near the die at the fins, the better off it is
17:30 Cprossu cooling wise at least
17:30 Cprossu but microfins get clogged easily =(
17:31 Electricguy yeh
17:34 wannabe1987  WIN COOKIES
17:34 BotSteve Title: Phood in your face: Almost the 1 year blogaversary!
17:34 wannabe1987 someone has to comment sometime, RIGHT?!  :/
17:34 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
17:35 Seroster Haaaaaaaaa
17:35 Seroster
17:35 BotSteve Title: File:Columbia Ammeter 02.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
17:35 Seroster I WANT
17:35 Nam3o where can i get some instructions on how to use a oscilloscope
17:35 Seroster What function are you thinking about?
17:36 Nam3o i have two and dont know how to use them
17:36 Nam3o all of the :-}
17:36 Seroster Got wires?
17:36 Nam3o some
17:36 Nam3o i cam make anything
17:36 Nam3o can
17:36 Seroster =)
17:36 Seroster Righto
17:36 Cprossu got makes and models for those Nam3o?
17:36 Nam3o brb
17:36 Electricguy Nam3o, search on like basic oscilloscope tutroial on youtube or something
17:37 * Cprossu wonders if B.A.M.A. will come to the rescue
17:37 Seroster Start off with simple freqenzy, get a mains to low voltage transformer. Like 6, 9 or 12 volts
17:37 Electricguy frequency*
17:38 Seroster I prefer z
17:38 masterofmonks Cprossu: and another one
17:38 BotSteve Title: IGRS Windrunner D10 BitTorrent + HTTP + FTP + Thunder Online Download Box - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
17:38 Nam3o Tektronix 453
17:38 masterofmonks Obvious bot is obvious.
17:39 Nam3o the other one is a kit built by my great uncle
17:41 Seroster Stick to the Tektronix
17:42 Nam3o i think the other one might go to the lenard st lab for display
17:42 Nam3o its cool that he built it and it works
17:42 Electricguy masterofmonks, ooh! cheap
17:43 masterofmonks With *enormous* downside.
17:43 masterofmonks "You can control device ONLY through"
17:43 Seroster Hey electricguy, I assume you are electricnoob, right?
17:43 Electricguy it's cheap as fuck, what do you expect? XD
17:44 Electricguy Seroster, no. i'm electricguy
17:44 Seroster ... On youtube?
17:44 Electricguy i'm sk7ca on youtube
17:44 Seroster Odd.
17:44 Electricguy
17:44 BotSteve Title: sk7ca's Channel - YouTube
17:45 Electricguy bbiab.. gonna take a dump and a shower
17:45 Electricguy (not at the samed time)
17:45 Electricguy same*
17:46 Electricguy Seroster, nice piston...
17:46 Nam3o Tetraethyl orthosilicate;ltyp=AllFixedPriceItemTypes&amp;var=sbar&amp;_lwgsi=y&amp;cbt=y
17:46 BotSteve Title: AEROGEL PRECURSOR Tetraethyl orthosilicate TEOS on eBay!
17:46 Seroster Yes. It hangs on my wall =)
17:47 Electricguy that's the worst tuning job i have ever seen
17:47 Electricguy i can do it better with a elephant trunk and a stone...
17:47 Seroster =D
17:48 Seroster I think he tried to drill the plug, slipped and hit the piston
17:48 Electricguy yeah possibly
17:48 Seroster The owner, my mother in law lent it to a guy
17:48 Seroster He said that the plug... err.. rusted out
17:48 * Seroster headdesks
17:49 Seroster And the class1 moped (legal to 30kph) could suddenly do 80+
17:49 Electricguy must have been a very bad quality plug then. lol
17:50 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
17:50 masterofmonks Hmmmmmmmmm
17:50 masterofmonks
17:50 BotSteve Title: Buy Mini Servo, Led Emitter, Led Light Strip - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
17:50 Electricguy ok, bbiab
17:51 Hackfox joined #thegeekgroup
17:57 davidrobison joined #thegeekgroup
18:01 Ycarene What would automation be classified under?  Robotics?
18:02 davidrobison My guess would be either robotics or computer science, depending on what you're automating...
18:02 Ycarene Servos, pneumatic cylinders, etc...
18:03 davidrobison Probably robotics...
18:03 Seroster Ocrap
18:03 davidrobison It probably doesn't matter to much...
18:04 davidrobison Where'd you put it?
18:09 Cprossu Seroster stole the first headdesk of the new year!
18:11 technowizard joined #thegeekgroup
18:11 technowizard hey hey
18:11 technowizard happy 2012
18:12 qwertyboy joined #thegeekgroup
18:12 technowizard hi
18:12 qwertyboy hi everyone
18:12 Nam3o hi
18:13 technowizard so far today there's another earthquake in Japan, 6.8, and a 4.something in Ohio
18:13 technowizard who's still taking bets on Dec 21st this year being the end?
18:14 davidrobison I'll bet it's not...  A million bucks...  If I'm wrong you won't be able to collect anyway.
18:14 technowizard lol
18:17 Experimentonomen there we go, end of capturing distortion bith bob pease
18:18 qwertyboy even though the new year happens all at once, the earth celebrates it 24 times
18:21 * Electricguy returns
18:22 wannabe-afk same
18:22 davidrobison Sounds like the Ohio quake was another fracking-related one.
18:23 wannabe1987 ohio quake?
18:23 davidrobison yeah, a 4.0 in ohio Sat.
18:23 wannabe1987 where?
18:23 davidrobison NE Ohio McDonald, OH.
18:23 wannabe1987 interesting
18:24 davidrobison Anyone in MI feel it?
18:24 davidrobison <--  Grew up near Lansing.
18:24 wannabe1987 nope...i was on a dune then, so there was lots of activity.  i'm currently near sawyer
18:24 wannabe1987
18:24 BotSteve Title: 4.0 Earthquake In Ohio Also Felt Near Pittsburgh - News Story - WPXI Pittsburgh
18:25 mashpriborintorg yay
18:25 BotSteve Title: Defibrillator teardown - YouTube
18:29 * eadthem has a sirloin steak swimming at 57C for dinner :p
18:29 wannabe1987 we had pulled beef sandwiches
18:30 davidrobison It's only 11:30 here and we're about to have Sausage Biscuits and Gravy...  Mmm...
18:32 wannabe1987 where are you?  mountain time?
18:33 davidrobison AZ
18:33 wannabe1987 ah
18:33 davidrobison Pacific time half of the year and Mountain the other half...  No DST
18:34 wannabe1987 mhm
18:35 davidrobison Speaking of whiich...  It's time for that heavy late breakfast and some video games.  Might be back in awhile.
18:37 wannabe1987 alright.  take care
18:38 davidrobison thanks...  Have fun everyone.
18:42 wannabe1987 always
18:49 roadran422|nom Homebrewed wii
18:49 roadran422|nom Hi wannabe
18:50 wannabe1987 hi roadran422|nom
18:50 roadran422|nom whoops...
18:50 roadran422 So...
18:51 wannabe1987 oh noes
18:51 wannabe1987 netsplit!
18:51 roadran422 xD
18:51 wannabe1987 HOLD ON TO YOUR SERVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:51 wannabe1987 :P
18:51 roadran422 AHHH!H
18:51 wannabe1987 sorry.  overly dramatic
18:52 roadran422 NO!
18:52 roadran422 xD
18:52 wannabe1987 working on a new blogpost :D
18:52 roadran422 Nice..
18:52 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
18:57 wannabe1987 i just agreed to go to a polar bear plunge if people raise enough money.  pictures/video will be taken.  WHO WANTS TO DONATE?!
18:58 davidrobison What!?!!?  Just do it...  You don't need a reason to Polar Bear swim...  Just a pint of Black Velvet and a lake.
18:58 davidrobison BTW, I'm back for now...
18:59 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
18:59 mashpriborintorg I will donate something in the next day, but no need to have someone going in frozen water for it
19:00 Seroster I found a new good channel
19:00 Seroster;feature
19:01 BotSteve Title: Defibrillator teardown - YouTube
19:01 wannabe1987 no, funds are not going to TGG, they're going to a ministry in mexico
19:01 davidrobison It's not frozen water they go in...  That would hurt...  You cut a hole in the frozen part and jump in the liquid water that's approximately 32F...  No big deal...
19:02 davidrobison To Michiganders it's just a part of winter.
19:02 mashpriborintorg not sure if the guys who makes thgese videos knows about the geek group
19:02 davidrobison Fun Stuff
19:06 davidrobison What's ministry in Mexico is it for, just out of curiosity...  I'm a broke SOB, so I can't afford to chip in.
19:06 roadran422 I need help..
19:06 wannabe1987 La Roca del Alfarero
19:06 wannabe1987 roadran422: we all do
19:06 roadran422 The roc of alfreado...
19:06 roadran422 Who has a wii that is homebrewed
19:07 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
19:07 davidrobison I have an Atari 2600...  Does that help?
19:08 roadran422 xD
19:08 roadran422 No...
19:08 davidrobison Oh, ok...
19:09 davidrobison Sorry I'm in a smart-$% mood today...
19:09 roadran422 I'm having trouble cheating this game... Of of harddrive...
19:11 davidrobison Sorry, newest system I have is a PS2...  Unhacked thus far.
19:11 roadran422 xD
19:11 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
19:12 roadran422 I had one, I broke the switch. Took it apart, couldn't fix it even with new ribbon cable. That was the first time I shocked myself.
19:13 Coderjoe found some of the open pins on the power supply module, eh?
19:13 davidrobison First time I shocked myself was a finger in a light socket about 20 years ago...
19:13 roadran422 xD
19:13 roadran422 My brother stuck a hairclip in to electrical outlet
19:14 roadran422 Coderjoe: I think so xD
19:14 Coderjoe I don't even know when the first time I got a bite from 110 was
19:14 roadran422 Lol, he didn't get bit he shorted the breaker
19:14 roadran422 Who knows what a cig lighter in the cars are?
19:14 mashpriborintorg One one, I touched a live 380 volts conductors with damaged insulation
19:14 davidrobison I used to blow the circuit breakers in my school (2nd to 3rd grade) with a wire stuck in the sockets...
19:15 Coderjoe roadran422: in most recent cars, those are called aux power ports now
19:15 roadran422 Well... There was a peice of metal in the cig lighter in the car, it didn't short the contacts yet. I told my brother to fish it out. You can imagine what happened.
19:15 mashpriborintorg thankskully, one other finger was touching ground at the same time
19:15 roadran422 xD ^
19:15 roadran422 Let's say, he had a minor burnt finger.
19:16 Coderjoe pull the fuse first
19:16 mashpriborintorg the track on the electrons left a burn pattern on the skin for some time :p
19:16 roadran422 xD ^ I didn't think of it... I didn't think of it being able to short
19:16 roadran422 mashpriborintorg: How'd you manage to do such a thing....
19:16 Coderjoe my ps2 isn't really hacked... but I can play games off the hard drive.
19:17 roadran422 Nice
19:17 mashpriborintorg At school, onto a physics expetiment table
19:17 roadran422 xD
19:17 Coderjoe (even though I have taken it apart several times, just to see what is in it, I have not put any mod chips or anything in it)
19:17 roadran422 Why not? xD
19:17 roadran422 Do it for the fun of it
19:17 mashpriborintorg it was old damaged tables with 380 volts onto banana plug sockets :p
19:17 Coderjoe no need
19:17 roadran422 mashpriborintorg: Nice...
19:17 roadran422 Coderjoe: For fun!
19:18 roadran422 I homebrewed my wii for no reason...(2 weeks after, I found a reason to...)
19:18 mashpriborintorg the other times it was mostly flash capacitor bites
19:18 Coderjoe putting a mod chip in my PSOne was frustrating enough
19:18 roadran422 Lol
19:19 Coderjoe it doesn't help that the people that made the kit included wire wrap wire which solder refused to stick to
19:19 roadran422 xD
19:19 davidrobison Ok...  Breakfast is ready...  Back in a while...
19:19 roadran422 Cya
19:20 roadran422 Who's played black ops
19:23 wannabe1987 swimming is at 4:30est if we get funds raised
19:25 roadran422 What funds are for?
19:25 wannabe1987 dump ministry in tijuana mexico
19:26 roadran422 What?
19:26 roadran422 xD
19:29 wannabe1987 a ministry at a dump in tijuana mexico
19:29 roadran422 ...
19:29 wannabe1987 the people there are getting paid 5-10 dollars for a 55gallon drum full of plastic because they don't have paperwork for a job
19:30 roadran422 Oh...
19:30 wannabe1987 so my cousin is going to start a ministry (he's almost 15) and feed them and help with paperwork costs
19:30 roadran422 That's nice!
19:30 wannabe1987 yep.
19:31 roadran422 I thought you said brother... Lol
19:32 wannabe1987 nah.  he's a cousin.  pretty cool one tho :)
19:32 roadran422 Cool...
19:32 wannabe1987 mhm
19:33 roadran422 I'm professor rosseforp
19:33 roadran422 Palindrome! FTW
19:34 wannabe1987 ....
19:34 roadran422 lol
19:38 wannabe1987 yay for windows movie maker?
19:38 roadran422 I gues..
19:38 Electricguy movie maker is pretty crappy, but it works... sort of :P
19:39 roadran422 lol
19:39 wannabe1987 yeah.  i know.  not the best, but i just need to put videos together into one video
19:39 roadran422 Use vegas or permire
19:39 Electricguy then it works just fine :)
19:39 roadran422 *premier (how ever you spell it)
19:39 Electricguy premiere is very good
19:40 roadran422 Worse or better than vegas?
19:40 Electricguy never tried vegas so i don't know
19:40 roadran422 Never tried any so idk either...
19:40 Electricguy hehe ok
19:41 Electricguy i want my headphones from DX now...!!!!
19:41 roadran422 lol
19:41 roadran422 Beats?
19:41 wannabe1987 its snowing
19:41 roadran422 Nice ,,
19:41 Electricguy yepp
19:41 roadran422 I haven't had a pair of beats... xD
19:41 Electricguy
19:42 BotSteve Title: Designer's Fashion Folding Stereo Headphone Earphone - Black (2 x AAA) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
19:42 roadran422 Idk the diference
19:42 Electricguy they only got good reviews. so they should be a good replica
19:42 roadran422 Those look like something you'd get out of china town....
19:42 roadran422 xd
19:42 roadran422 Well.... Of course it's from china town! Replica of the original!
19:43 Electricguy they look identical to the genuine ones
19:43 roadran422 xD looks can be decieving young one (xD)
19:44 wannabe1987 ...
19:44 roadran422 ...
19:44 wannabe1987 dotdotdot
19:45 roadran422 circlecirclecircle
19:45 wannabe1987 mummy
19:45 wannabe1987 are you my mummy?
19:45 roadran422 mommy wannabe1987 mommy
19:45 roadran422 I'm not a mummy soaked in fermaldehyde, let alone a mummy.
19:45 wannabe1987 no, in dr who its mummy
19:45 roadran422 xD
19:45 wannabe1987 its british damnit!
19:46 roadran422 xD
19:46 roadran422 How does fermaldehyde smell?
19:46 wannabe1987 you don't know?
19:47 wannabe1987 it has a distinct chemical smell.  reminds me of high school, we dissected pigs
19:48 roadran422 I'm taking biology online ;)
19:49 wannabe1987 odd
19:49 roadran422 ...
19:49 wannabe1987 homeschooled?
19:49 roadran422 No...
19:49 roadran422 I am not. I go to pulbic school.
19:49 wannabe1987 ah.  ok
19:49 roadran422 But, I'm taking biology and alg 2 online next year. I took alg 1 this year so I could take chem.
19:50 wannabe1987 why online?
19:50 roadran422 I don't like the class biology. I finished alg 1 in 2 weeks...
19:50 wannabe1987 nice
19:50 roadran422 Yah... I was only homeschooled once. In preschool xD
19:51 wannabe1987 lol
19:51 roadran422 Ya.. lol
19:56 wannabe1987 its snowing more
19:57 roadran422 ...
19:58 Kaytee So I ask someone what made them choose teamviewer over VNC, seeing as they don't really take advantage of it, and somehow they'd never heard of VNC
19:58 roadran422 What is VNC? xD
19:58 roadran422 I know 3 rdc connections. Windows, Logmein, and Teamviewer.
19:59 Kaytee
19:59 roadran422 and Gotomypc
19:59 BotSteve Title: Virtual Network Computing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
19:59 roadran422 What are the advantages of vnc over teamviewer?
19:59 tonsofpcs yawn
19:59 roadran422 ...
19:59 tonsofpcs vnc is free, teamviewer costs
20:00 tonsofpcs vnc can be more easily managed by a firewall.
20:00 roadran422 Teamviewer? Not on commercial
20:00 roadran422 I mean personal
20:00 tonsofpcs that's about it.
20:00 roadran422 Teamviewer's free for personal usage, just not commercial..
20:00 tonsofpcs mind you, most RDPs these days are bsed on VNC.  VNC is really old.
20:00 roadran422 Lol
20:01 roadran422 .wiki rdp
20:01 BotSteve "Ramer–Douglas–Peucker algorithm, an algorithm for polygonal simplification" -
20:01 roadran422 xD ^
20:01 Kaytee
20:01 tonsofpcs Stop that.
20:01 tonsofpcs Remote Desktop Protocols.
20:01 roadran422 Ok... xD
20:03 Monkeh Kaytee: Teamviewer lets me connect to hosts on dynamic IPs without having to find out what the IP is. It also performs well, offers file transfers and VPN, and has clients for multiple platforms (which all behave the same)
20:04 Monkeh Kaytee: Is that sufficient? ;)
20:04 roadran422 xD
20:13 Coderjoe setting up a dynamic dns service takes care of the IP problem. several VNC products provide file transfer functions. there is a java client, which is potentially served up as an applet via a simple http server by the VNC server program.
20:14 Coderjoe one failure of many VNC products is the lack of encryption
20:17 Kaytee Monkeh: yes, wasn't talking about anyone in here
20:17 Monkeh Coderjoe: Yes, set up an extra and annoying tool to take care of the problem. ;)
20:17 Kaytee just kinda shocked that someone using teamviewer would never have heard of VNC
20:17 Monkeh Coderjoe: As for Java.. good grief, keep it away.
20:18 mman454 joined #thegeekgroup
20:18 wannabe1987 well, hello mman454
20:18 Monkeh Coderjoe: As for 'several VNC products provide file transfer functions', that nicely illustrates my point on clients. There are so many, none of them behave the same way, many don't reliably interact..
20:18 mman454 Hello everyone.
20:19 roadran422 Hi
20:19 Monkeh Coderjoe: Forks of forks of forks. No thanks, I'll go with one solution which works everywhere. ;)
20:20 mman454 I'm on winter break and I'm writing a report for my government class about last months school bard meeting...
20:20 KB3NZQ any one want to play mine craft (or teach me some stuff about it )
20:21 wannabe1987 where do you go to school/what do you do?
20:21 Monkeh Kaytee: VNC isn't usually seen on Windows, so it's not surprising people haven't heard of it.
20:21 mman454 Valparaiso High School. I live in Valparaiso, IN.
20:21 mman454 .tfc 46385
20:21 mman454 .tfw 46385
20:21 BotSteve 34°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Valparaiso, IN!  'My nipples could cut glass'
20:22 KB3NZQ .tfw 16046
20:22 BotSteve 52°F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Mars, PA!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
20:23 Coderjoe to each their own
20:24 Kaytee Monkeh: well this was a self-proclaimed "computer guy"
20:24 mman454 Yea about an hour and a half of the meeting was public comments. The meeting was on budget and A LOT of people were pissed off that there is $2 million is unacounted for.
20:24 Coderjoe VNC works fine for me, and if I need file transfers, I have SCP/SFTP.
20:24 Coderjoe (or a vpn connection even)
20:24 Kaytee ssh is enough for me
20:26 Kaytee scp and for file transfers, but I usually don't have any need to transfer files between my machines
20:26 Kaytee everything I need is already where it needs to be, for the most part
20:27 Kaytee the only time I'd need to transfer files if if I come up with some cool extra-useful bash script I want on all my boxen
20:27 Kaytee and even then, dropbox is easier
20:27 Coderjoe f dropbox
20:27 Coderjoe it may be easier, but I don't trust them.
20:28 Kaytee encrypt your stuff before you stick it on dropbox, decrypt on other end
20:28 Kaytee if you're really worried
20:29 Coderjoe I have scp. i'll just keep it on a system I control and connect in with scp when I need it
20:31 roadran422 left #thegeekgroup
20:32 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
20:32 roadran422 Hello..
20:32 roadran422 xD
20:36 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
20:41 peter__ joined #thegeekgroup
20:42 Seroster Who was I discussing dremel assecories with yesteday?
20:42 Seroster I just love those tools
20:45 roadran422 ...
20:46 roadran422 .c the memory capacity of Seroster
20:46 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
20:46 roadran422 ^Does that help you Seroster?
20:46 Seroster I DO remember that you are a douche.
20:47 roadran422 xD
20:47 roadran422 Just joking with you xD
20:47 astro73|alice uh-huh
20:47 roadran422 xD
20:48 astro73|alice isn't that a memory card?
20:48 roadran422 ...
20:50 Monkeh Kaytee: Yeah, there's lots of them around. They make me laugh.
20:50 roadran422 ...
20:50 astro73|alice
20:50 Danz409 joined #thegeekgroup
20:50 BotSteve Title: xD-Picture Card - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
20:51 Monkeh Kaytee: I recall speaking to the owner of a computer shop who was convinced PCI-E 2.0 cards don't work on 1.1 boards. That was a little sad..
20:52 roadran422 Again... (..._
20:52 roadran422 *)
21:00 Danz409 for amuture radio classes
21:00 Danz409 just heard that on the live stream
21:00 Danz409 only $20 too. sounds like a good deal
21:02 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
21:02 KB3NZQ_Biostar joined #thegeekgroup
21:03 KB3NZQ_Biostar .mc
21:03 lwq1996 hey roadran!!!!
21:03 lwq1996 guess what!!!!!
21:03 KB3NZQ_Biostar .minecraft
21:03 BotSteve KB3NZQ_Biostar: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
21:03 BotSteve KB3NZQ_Biostar: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
21:03 mman4541 joined #thegeekgroup
21:05 lwq1996 NUT CHECK
21:06 Cprossu hey KB3NZQ
21:06 lwq1996 i finally got to go shoot my .22
21:06 masterofmonks So I saw.
21:06 masterofmonks What did your groups look like?
21:07 lwq1996 i had open sights, first time ever, i grouped good but was high
21:07 masterofmonks Did you string much?
21:08 lwq1996 sting?
21:08 masterofmonks .
21:08 masterofmonks .
21:08 masterofmonks .
21:08 masterofmonks Like that.
21:09 lwq1996 oh no, not really a patteren
21:09 lwq1996 but i grouped them
21:09 lwq1996 i got to raise the sight though
21:09 lwq1996 my dad also took his savage .22 auto
21:09 masterofmonks You going to put a rimfire scope on it?
21:09 lwq1996 well semi-auto
21:10 lwq1996 most likely yes, but going to try to get those brackets where you can use an open sight if needed
21:11 lwq1996 omg, captain is actaully going to let me interview him
21:11 masterofmonks Good deal.
21:11 lwq1996 lol
21:12 Seroster lee
21:12 Seroster ASK
21:12 Seroster HIS
21:12 Seroster AGE
21:12 lwq1996 hes like 31
21:12 Seroster Nobody fucking know
21:12 Seroster s
21:12 Seroster I bet his mother doesnt know either
21:12 lwq1996 lol
21:12 Seroster PAUL doesnt know, or he's not telling.
21:12 lwq1996 lol
21:13 lwq1996 you know you can find that stuff out by searching google.
21:13 lwq1996 his name is chris allen boden if i remember right from the searches it did
21:13 lwq1996 well his middle is a
21:14 Electricguy i'm slightly bored
21:15 lwq1996 lol
21:15 Electricguy NICE weather on the stream!
21:15 Electricguy not
21:15 lwq1996 hes 36
21:15 KB3NZQ_Biostar hi cprossu
21:15 lwq1996 hey i was shooting guns in the rain
21:16 Electricguy o_O
21:16 * KB3NZQ_Biostar will be back in a few minutes
21:16 Electricguy here it's foggy as fuck. so i was outside with my half beasty 900Lumen flashlight... XD
21:16 MYSTERY05 joined #thegeekgroup
21:16 lwq1996 lol
21:17 Electricguy approx 60 feet long 4" wide lightsaber! XD
21:17 lwq1996 his full name is christopher allan boden and hes 36
21:17 MYSTERY05 how can i watch moose on a camera?
21:17 masterofmonks lwq1996: I love shooting in the rain, especially larger rounds, makes great little steam rings when the ball hits a rain drop.
21:17 lwq1996 lol
21:18 Electricguy MYSTERY05, on planet earth we say HEY! :P
21:18 MYSTERY05 its now snowing outside the geek group HQ
21:18 Electricguy yes it is
21:18 Electricguy and i don't think anyone is there atm
21:19 MYSTERY05 "HEY" how can i watch moose on a camera?
21:19 Electricguy you can't
21:19 MYSTERY05 :(
21:19 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
21:19 masterofmonks Hey MYSTERY05 weren't you the guy I muted about a week ago?
21:19 lwq1996 ok heres all the guns that is in our house, 3 .22 savages 2, bolt action, 1 auto. 2 12gauge shotguns, 1 is a break out and the other pump. 1 .30-30. 1 .25 handgun. 2 bb guns
21:19 Electricguy best way to stalk her is by visiting the lab or watch the captains blog! ;D
21:20 MYSTERY05 a week ago? i wasnt online a week ago
21:20 lwq1996 lol
21:20 * masterofmonks starts looking through his logs.
21:21 MYSTERY05 shouldnt you be doing something else masterofmonks? like humming or praying?
21:21 Electricguy maybe he got nothing better to do than looking through his logs
21:24 masterofmonks Ah, yes. December the 14th
21:25 Electricguy LOL
21:25 Electricguy ....
21:25 masterofmonks At 19:30 hours EST MYSTERY05 joined this channel, and was muted 11 minutes later.
21:26 lwq1996 lol
21:26 Electricguy obvious stalker is obvious
21:26 Electricguy i serioulsy hate stalkers...
21:27 Electricguy ok, fine if you want to chat with the person and that. but starting out with "where can i see <whatever person> is creepy
21:27 masterofmonks Well last time he was talking about making her thighs clap together.
21:28 Electricguy o_O
21:28 masterofmonks He was imediately muted.
21:28 Electricguy seriously, WTF...
21:28 Electricguy not okey
21:28 roadran422 What happened?
21:29 masterofmonks Someone trolling.
21:29 masterofmonks Because that is what he is doing.
21:29 masterofmonks He isn't really stalking.
21:29 roadran422 o_o
21:29 Electricguy mkay
21:30 Electricguy stalking troll then :)
21:30 Electricguy almost worse
21:30 roadran422 I saw the above messages he said. I think he meant to say, "How can I stalk and troll moose on the live stream?"
21:30 roadran422 Clapping thighs..... O_O
21:30 roadran422 Uh...
21:30 masterofmonks Oh, for the sake of accuracy....
21:30 masterofmonks .define trolling
21:30 BotSteve trolling — verb: 1. Present participle of troll
21:31 roadran422 .define troll
21:31 BotSteve troll — noun: 1. (fantasy) A supernatural being of varying size, now especially a grotesque humanoid creature living in caves or hills or under bridges. [from early 17th c.], 2. (slang) An ugly person of either sex, especially one seeking random sexual experiences — verb: 1. (intr.) To saun[...]
21:31 Electricguy yeh. that's the obvious thing when someone just randomly joins in, don't say hi and comes with weird Q's or comments
21:31 roadran422 xD
21:31 masterofmonks roadran422: in correct.
21:31 roadran422 Lol
21:31 masterofmonks Trolling refers to the fishing technique of the same name.
21:31 roadran422 Lol
21:31 Electricguy .define internet troll
21:31 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for internet troll.
21:31 Electricguy damn
21:31 masterofmonks .g trolling fishing
21:31 roadran422 I got it...
21:31 BotSteve masterofmonks:
21:32 Electricguy ok, persons that try to annoy others to tick them off
21:32 roadran422 "In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory,[2] extraneous, or off-topic  messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum,  chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an  emotional response[3] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[4] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: "That was an excellent troll you posted"."
21:32 roadran422 There we go! ^
21:32 masterofmonks roadran422: how old are you?
21:32 roadran422 14...
21:33 masterofmonks Yes. I was on the internet before you were born.
21:33 roadran422 I've been in trouble for trolling 1 time. I had to look it up xD
21:33 Electricguy hehe
21:33 roadran422 Lol
21:33 Electricguy masterofmonks, may i ask, are you someone that's regularly at the lab? :)
21:33 masterofmonks Trolling is a method of fishing where one or more fishing lines, baited with lures or bait fish, are drawn through the water.
21:33 masterofmonks Electricguy: I am never at the lab.
21:33 roadran422 Ok...
21:33 Electricguy ahh oki
21:34 Electricguy oh, and the golden rule DOn*T feed the troll!
21:34 roadran422 Never at the lab as in never been there. Or not often?
21:34 Electricguy unless you are really sure that you can pwn the living fucking shit out of the troll
21:34 wannabe1987 there is 60 raised for mexico and going swimming....does anyone want to donate more?
21:34 wannabe1987 :P
21:34 masterofmonks roadran422: I am closer to you than the lab.
21:34 wannabe1987 who is a troll?
21:34 roadran422 Wannabe
21:34 roadran422 No.
21:34 roadran422 masterofmonks: :P
21:34 roadran422 No as in don't ask what a troll is.
21:35 roadran422 Not as no more donating...
21:35 wannabe1987 i know what a troll is, i'm from the internet
21:35 roadran422 xD
21:35 masterofmonks Electricguy: The lab is like 1300 miles from me.
21:36 roadran422 Idk how far from Bradenton Fl
21:36 Electricguy lol okey :P
21:36 roadran422 Well.. Cprossu lives where?
21:36 roadran422 xD
21:36 wannabe1987 AZ
21:36 masterofmonks roadran422: It is about 1500 miles from you.
21:36 roadran422 Ok...
21:36 roadran422 How far is the lab from AZ?
21:37 Electricguy i'm veeeery far from the lab... Kalmar in Sweden
21:37 Electricguy sadly :/
21:37 roadran422 XD
21:37 lwq1996 im taking a nap
21:37 roadran422 You can drive there
21:37 wannabe1987 night lee!
21:37 Electricguy i would love to visit the lab!
21:37 roadran422 Lol ^Drive
21:37 Electricguy which i'm planning to do sometime in the future
21:37 masterofmonks roadran422:
21:37 Electricguy but i have no idea where i would sleep and that shit... hotels and expensive
21:37 roadran422 :P
21:37 roadran422 Too lazy
21:37 wannabe1987 Electricguy: couches
21:38 roadran422 Electricguy: Ditto
21:38 Electricguy yeah
21:38 wannabe-afk going to go watch my cousins swimming.....IN 34 degree water :D
21:38 Electricguy would have to find a couch somewhere then
21:38 roadran422 xD
21:38 Electricguy wannabe-afk, lol ok, have fun ;)
21:39 eadthem 34C or F
21:39 roadran422 True...
21:39 roadran422 I think F
21:39 Electricguy yeah
21:39 masterofmonks eadthem: F
21:39 Electricguy 34C is pretty warm.. XD
21:40 eadthem 34C is about right
21:40 roadran422 Lol
21:40 roadran422 She said it was snowing...
21:40 eadthem hot tubs
21:40 Electricguy do wannabe live in Grand Rapids?
21:40 roadran422 True...
21:40 roadran422 Electricguy Yah
21:40 Electricguy ok
21:40 Electricguy then check the weather status here... XD
21:40 roadran422 .tfw tgg
21:40 BotSteve 32°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Really?'
21:41 roadran422 .tfwc tgg
21:41 Electricguy :D
21:41 BotSteve 0°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Actually, a sharp-stick in the eye might not all be that bad right now.'
21:41 roadran422 In tgg is the water outside freezing?
21:41 Electricguy .tfwc kalmar
21:41 roadran422 0c is freezing point of water right?
21:41 BotSteve IndexError: list index out of range (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/hg-botsteve/modules/", line 34, in tfw)
21:41 roadran422 Another error!
21:41 Electricguy >_>
21:41 roadran422 Botsteve: Tell Batsteve .tfwc kalmar Won't work
21:41 BotSteve roadran422: I'll pass that on when Batsteve is around.
21:42 roadran422 Botsteve: tell batsteve it was from electricguy.
21:42 BotSteve roadran422: I'll pass that on when Batsteve is around.
21:42 Electricguy .tfw kalmar
21:42 BotSteve IndexError: list index out of range (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/hg-botsteve/modules/", line 34, in tfw)
21:42 Electricguy hrm
21:42 roadran422 I told him xD
21:42 Electricguy .tfw sweden
21:42 BotSteve 37°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Stockholm, SW!  'THO Season.'
21:42 Electricguy .tfw kalmar sweden
21:42 BotSteve IndexError: list index out of range (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/hg-botsteve/modules/", line 34, in tfw)
21:42 roadran422 xD
21:42 Electricguy .tfw sweden kalmar
21:42 roadran422 They hate kalmar
21:42 BotSteve IndexError: list index out of range (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/hg-botsteve/modules/", line 34, in tfw)
21:43 Electricguy yepp..
21:43 Electricguy crap
21:43 roadran422 xD
21:44 Electricguy :P
21:46 * masterofmonks begins laying out stones in a circle.
21:47 * masterofmonks stands and begins chanting.
21:47 * masterofmonks casts Summon: toastdude
21:49 * Cprossu casts magic missile!
21:49 Electricguy LOL
21:49 masterofmonks You can't cast magic missile, what are you attacking?
21:49 Cprossu the darkness!
21:50 * Electricguy casts leatherman super tool 300....
21:50 masterofmonks .yt The Darkness - thing called love
21:50 BotSteve masterofmonks:
21:50 masterofmonks Good call Cprossu, good call.
21:50 * Cprossu ups Electricguy one original leatherman super tool
21:51 Electricguy :3
21:54 masterofmonks I forgot this video had space ship tentacle pr0n
21:54 Cprossu I think I am going to send my surge back to leatherman though and see what they send back
21:54 Cprossu damn thing has never been right
21:55 Electricguy that sux
21:55 Electricguy i like the super tool 300
21:55 Electricguy crammed with stuff
21:57 Cprossu whenever there are bits installed in my surge, it won't close properly
21:57 Cprossu also the small bits are very fragile
21:57 Electricguy that's annoying
21:57 KawaiiJess joined #thegeekgroup
21:57 Cprossu plus my pliers are off square by a bit =(
21:57 Cprossu My favorite leatherman tool is the original wave though
21:58 Electricguy oki
21:58 Electricguy the leatherman core is pretty nice too
21:58 Cprossu my father still has the original leatherman we bought him back in like 1995
21:58 Electricguy nice :)
21:59 Cprossu been through a factory job still works =D
21:59 Electricguy lol:P
21:59 Cprossu he got to watch so many gerbers self destruct heh
21:59 Electricguy nice :P
21:59 Electricguy yeah. Gerbers look prettier and they got all these fancy things
22:00 Electricguy Leathermans look cheaper but they hold together well :)
22:00 Cprossu yeah as I like them
22:00 Cprossu did I tell you I lifted a car with my leatherman wave the other day?
22:00 Cprossu (ha ha ha ha)
22:00 Electricguy lol :P
22:01 Electricguy my boss got a leatherman core he have had for years
22:01 Cprossu my mom's tire blew out and the tire iron wasn't in the car, my universal fit the lugs, but didn't fit the jack lol
22:01 Electricguy and he's pretty much abusing the shit out of it daily, no problem! XD
22:02 Electricguy LOL ok XD
22:02 Cprossu mine are so well used I have quick release on them
22:02 Electricguy hahahah XD
22:06 roadran422 Allen Bradely
22:06 Electricguy sux
22:06 roadran422 xD what?
22:06 Electricguy at least their PLCs XD
22:06 roadran422 Idk... xD
22:06 roadran422 About gerbers. I need one, all I have is an artifact. I broke all the blades, and I have ONE left. Literaly 1.
22:07 roadran422 And I'm using the last one..
22:07 Electricguy i'm gonna buy a leatherman super tool 300. only 80 bucks at the local store :P
22:07 Electricguy cheapest in Sweden, lol XD
22:07 roadran422 Leatherman Vs. Swiss Army vs. Gerber.
22:08 roadran422 Why isn't Swiss the cheapest?
22:08 roadran422 Wait... No...
22:08 roadran422 xD
22:08 roadran422 Swiss is switzerland xD
22:08 Electricguy no shit.. :P
22:08 roadran422 xD
22:08 roadran422 Leatherman Vs. Swiss Army vs. Gerber.
22:08 Electricguy the super tool 300 is the only leatherman i have found with changable carbide cutter heads
22:09 roadran422 Gerber?
22:09 Electricguy leatherman
22:09 roadran422 They can do that can't they? The other captain blog had a replacement carbide cutter. The fish tape one...
22:09 roadran422 The gerber ^
22:09 wannabe-afk they went underwater....
22:09 roadran422 ..?
22:10 Electricguy i found some fancy gerber at another store i thought of buying first. but dude, it was almost empty.. XD i buy a multitool because i was a shitload of tools, not a fancy frontend with no guts.. :P
22:10 roadran422 What tools?
22:10 Electricguy some Gerber  found
22:10 Electricguy i*
22:10 roadran422 As far as I know... A gerber has about 1-3 blades, a plier, cutters and strippers, and a screwdriver, and a bottle opener
22:10 roadran422 As interchangeble heads
22:11 roadran422 Some were needle nose pliers, the fat ones...
22:11 Electricguy here is the super tool 300
22:11 Electricguy got lots of stuff
22:11 BotSteve Title: Leatherman multi-tools: Super Tool 300
22:11 Electricguy and extra thin plier tips
22:12 roadran422 Well... Some of the screwdrivers, can be taken off as there is a bit changer on the gerber...
22:12 Electricguy so? :P
22:12 roadran422 Idk about crimper...
22:12 Electricguy why not?
22:12 roadran422 xD
22:12 roadran422 No idk about crimper on a gerber xD
22:12 Electricguy if there is empty space, why not use it for something instead of leaving it empty?
22:13 roadran422 True, but have you looked at any other ones? xD
22:13 Electricguy a multitool is supposed to be full with tools, otherwise you have totally failed at designing it... XD
22:13 Electricguy yes i have
22:13 roadran422 Ok...
22:13 roadran422 Idk...
22:13 Electricguy and the super tool 300 is the best one i could find
22:13 roadran422 What about hte best gerber? xD
22:13 Electricguy i have also used one IRL already, and it's totally awesome
22:14 roadran422 Let me find a gerber ;)
22:14 Electricguy i don't want to spend several hundred bucks on it
22:14 roadran422 Almost went in to baby food -_-
22:14 Electricguy the super tool 300 costs around 100 bucks and it's the best i could find for that price
22:15 roadran422 What are the extra knifes for?
22:15 roadran422
22:15 BotSteve Title: Multi-Plier 600 - Pro Scout Needlenose Stainless, Sheath
22:16 Electricguy sure Gerber is good and all that, but i don't need anything that looks fancy :P
22:16 roadran422 It's like having a bit set with 500 bits of the same kind -_-
22:16 Electricguy that thing is whimpy as fuck dude... XD
22:16 Seroster I want a Fiskars x3
22:16 roadran422 Fiskar scisors!
22:16 roadran422 *scissors
22:17 Electricguy i don't want a empty multitool :P as most Gerbers are sadly
22:17 wannabe-afk i have a mini stanley....get a leatherman!
22:17 roadran422 I'm not the one to get in to a fight with multitools ok? xD
22:18 roadran422 Ik nothing...
22:18 Electricguy yeah i've used a leatherman super tool 300 IRL, so i know it's really awesome and totally packed with nice stuff. so, yeh. i'm gonna buy that one :)
22:18 roadran422 xD
22:18 Electricguy as i can buy it locally
22:18 roadran422 Electricguy How old are you?
22:18 Electricguy can be handy if for some reason something should be wrong with it
22:18 Electricguy 19
22:18 roadran422 Ok...
22:18 Electricguy yeppers
22:21 nf89h joined #thegeekgroup
22:21 roadran422 Hi nafta!
22:21 roadran422 nf89h:
22:22 Cprossu I've got a fiskars pair of gardening sheers
22:22 roadran422 My dad does too...
22:22 Cprossu and I've used them to snap 3" wide branches before
22:22 Cprossu (not fun but I did)
22:22 roadran422 He's also got that huge blade on a pole to cut palm trees down. If you lived in florida, you know what I mean
22:23 roadran422 *Branches off of palm trees
22:23 Cprossu roadran422 I live in Arizona
22:23 roadran422 Not whole trees xD
22:23 Cprossu of course I know what you mean
22:23 roadran422 Palm Trees in Arizona...
22:23 roadran422 xD
22:23 roadran422 Idk..
22:23 roadran422 left #thegeekgroup
22:23 wannabe-afk TOUCHDOWN!
22:24 masterofmonks It's called a bushhook.
22:24 Electricguy lol :P
22:24 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
22:24 Cprossu roadran422:
22:24 masterofmonks roadran422: It's acalled a bush hook
22:24 Cprossu believe me I know.
22:24 masterofmonks
22:24 roadran422 xD
22:25 Cprossu
22:25 Cprossu we got palm trees :D
22:25 roadran422 Lol ok
22:25 Cprossu
22:25 Cprossu ^ and it's fucking scary
22:25 roadran422 Lol
22:27 roadran422 masterofmonks: Thanks! I now know what it is!
22:27 roadran422 I almost made my self get a seisure.
22:28 wannabe-afk ...
22:28 wannabe-afk DON"T DO THAT
22:28 roadran422 I waved my hand over my eyes at a fast pace....
22:29 wannabe1987 why?
22:29 roadran422 I cupped my mouth, and then blew air in to it and then took my hand it covered it and uncovered it fastly, to make weird noises. In doing so, I made my self dizzy xD
22:30 Experimentonomen ok newyears amp measures 97.5W right before clipping into 3.9 ohms with the current psu
22:30 Seroster Hrm
22:31 Seroster SparkyProjects, How many windings would you want on a coil 70cm long 14cm diameter powered by roughly 12kv 150ma?
22:32 SparkyProjects Just a sec, what size wore ?
22:32 SparkyProjects *wire
22:34 Seroster I dont really knw
22:34 Seroster I got the cardboard tubes today
22:34 Seroster Old fireworks ftw =)
22:35 Seroster Btw, they had three tubes inside (3 fireworks) when I shifted those tubes I could put one big tube on the other big tubes small tubes, now it's a 140cm long 14cm diameter coil. Heh.
22:36 wananbe1988 joined #thegeekgroup
22:40 SparkyProjects And this is for a tesla coil ?
22:41 Electricguy i just never get tired of watching this vid.. XD;feature=related
22:41 BotSteve Title: Fagge´s Power arc, nu med alla hästar hemma - YouTube
22:41 Electricguy swedish DIY electric bike
22:41 Electricguy around 9kW if i remember right :P
22:41 Electricguy built on a mountainbike. lol
22:42 roadran422 I was an idiot to think that 30 gauge wire, 50 feet was a deal. I didn't know how big a gauge was 3 years ago. -_-
22:42 roadran422 The wire, was WAY to small for any use.
22:42 Electricguy lol
22:43 Electricguy yepp
22:43 roadran422 Is the bigger the gauge, the smaller the diameter?
22:43 Electricguy i think so
22:43 Katemonster joined #thegeekgroup
22:44 roadran422 xD
22:45 roadran422 Hi kate and wannabe
22:45 roadran422 And wannabe fail xD
22:45 wannabe1987 hi guys
22:45 wannabe1987 no, not fail
22:46 Katemonster hi
22:46 roadran422 ... xD
22:46 wannabe1987 i was not at the computer when it logged back on
22:46 wannabe1987 i was making PIZZA
22:46 Electricguy hi hi Katemonster
22:46 roadran422 Well... It didn't change out of nowhere? xD
22:46 Katemonster hello
22:46 Electricgal I now pissed electricguy off.
22:46 wannabe1987 i changed it, but i changed it to the correct nick
22:46 Electricgal xD
22:46 Electricgal Hi Electricguy
22:46 Electricguy Electricgal, nope :P
22:46 Electricgal xD
22:47 Electricguy fail! ;D
22:47 Electricgal Now no one can use it!  HA
22:47 * Experimentonomen thinks roadran422 is a girl :P
22:47 electricgal ...
22:47 roadran422 xD
22:47 wannabe1987 i'm so confused
22:47 wannabe1987 :P
22:47 roadran422 xD
22:47 electricguy lulz :P
22:47 roadran422 ElectricGUY I made my name in to GAL instead of GUY
22:48 electricguy no sjit! :P
22:48 roadran422 I can ungroup...
22:48 electricguy i'm not blind! ;)
22:48 roadran422 xD
22:48 roadran422 No wannabe was confused
22:48 electricgal ungroup
22:48 roadran422 I ungrouped it, now electricguy you can be a transgendered with a different name also.
22:48 roadran422 xD
22:49 electricguy no thanks :P
22:49 roadran422 xD
22:49 electricguy dmn, got dark pretty fast in grand rapids
22:49 roadran422 xD
22:49 electricguy damn*
22:49 roadran422 It's not dark yet in fl
22:50 roadran422 wannabe you are kelly right? Cookies?
22:50 sndwrx .tfw 49546
22:50 BotSteve 30°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Fuck this place.'
22:50 Experimentonomen lol
22:51 Experimentonomen BotSteve is not amused :D
22:51 Experimentonomen :P
22:51 roadran422 xD
22:52 wannabe1987 yes
22:52 roadran422 Ok...
22:52 wannabe1987 roadran422: are you eric?
22:52 roadran422 Cookies! xD
22:52 roadran422 No... I'm Hy D.
22:52 wannabe1987 cookies
22:52 wannabe1987 lol i knew that
22:52 wannabe1987 damn who is eric adler?!
22:52 roadran422 xD
22:52 electricguy OMFG! wannabe1987 comes from the dark side! O_O
22:53 electricguy as she got cookies
22:53 roadran422 I want cookies!
22:53 roadran422 electricguy xD
22:53 wannabe1987 enter to win then
22:53 roadran422 There are only 30 people... That liked the page xD
22:53 wannabe1987 i don't send cookies for free unless you win them....
22:53 wannabe1987 yes, i know.  i'm sad.  cuz noone has commented :(
22:53 roadran422 *36 people xD
22:53 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream |   Channel log: |  Minecraft TGG Lab File: | <-- Click this link you could win cookies!!!! Yay Cookies!!!!
22:54 roadran422 then I shall win!
22:54 roadran422 MUAHAHAHHAHAHA
22:54 roadran422 I can't really spread the word....
22:54 Nam3o joined #thegeekgroup
22:54 roadran422 Hi namco!
22:54 roadran422 I mean nam3o
22:54 Nam3o hi
22:54 BobCat joined #thegeekgroup
22:55 roadran422 xD
22:55 Nam3o so its snowing like crap out now
22:55 roadran422 Hi bobcat
22:55 roadran422 Cookies, aren't poised right... -_-
22:55 wannabe1987 dinner time
22:55 wannabe1987 poised right?
22:55 * Experimentonomen borrows the power transformer from the telefunken amp for a test
22:55 roadran422 Yes... poised as in poisoned
22:55 wannabe-afk why would i poison cookies that i want people to eat?
22:56 roadran422 idk..
22:56 roadran422 People would eat them... Allright
22:56 Nam3o if they are good
22:56 roadran422 xD
22:57 Nam3o I think the geek group needs to sell T-shirts
22:58 electricguy :P
22:58 roadran422 I don't have any money to get anything :9
22:58 roadran422 *:(
22:58 roadran422 I want a pen, a magnet and a tgg shirt!
22:58 roadran422 They do sell shirts Nam3o
22:59 Nam3o not yet I am working on it though
22:59 roadran422 ....
23:00 Nam3o I think if we can get some of the sponsers to put up the money to print them and put their logos on them
23:00 roadran422
23:00 roadran422 So anoying!
23:01 BotSteve Title: Space Harrier - Main Theme (MIDI) - YouTube
23:01 roadran422 But catchy...
23:03 BobCat left #thegeekgroup
23:06 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
23:07 Ponko hello peeps
23:08 roadran422 Hi ponko
23:09 roadran422 Or bye..
23:11 electricguy We can dance if we want to...
23:11 electricguy that song never gets bad! XD
23:11 Nam3o we can leave your friends behind...
23:12 Nam3o thanx 4 that
23:12 electricguy cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance they're no friends of mine!
23:12 Nam3o LOL
23:12 electricguy :D
23:12 electricguy awesome extended club mix :3;list=FLILw-C8ptzspdz35L9HBvIg&amp;index=5&amp;feature=plpp_video
23:12 BotSteve Title: Men Without Hats - The Safety Dance (Club Mix) - YouTube
23:13 roadran422 What song?
23:13 roadran422 xD
23:13 roadran422 The thing I posted?
23:13 electricguy check the link i just posted
23:13 roadran422 Ok xD
23:13 Nam3o dont do it
23:13 electricguy XD
23:13 electricguy IT'S A TRAP
23:13 roadran422 xD
23:13 electricguy .... XD
23:13 electricguy not
23:13 Nam3o yup
23:13 roadran422 Uh oh...
23:14 electricguy it's very unsafe!
23:14 Nam3o nsfl
23:14 roadran422 wtf is this?
23:14 Monkeh There, that's better, now my cabinet has some fans in it.
23:14 Nam3o just watch
23:14 Monkeh Amazing what you can do with some cable ties.
23:14 roadran422 FUNNY TUNE Xd
23:14 Nam3o yes it is
23:14 roadran422 *XD
23:14 electricguy roadran422, music that you are probably too young to have heard XD
23:15 roadran422 xD
23:15 Nam3o
23:15 roadran422 This is weird.
23:15 Monkeh Nam3o: THat's basically what I've just done.
23:15 Nam3o keeps 4 ati cards cool
23:15 roadran422 Just use jb wle.d
23:15 electricguy and to totally random change genre, INDUSTRIAL RAVE! XD
23:15 BotSteve Title: [x] - Rx - Stage 2 - YouTube
23:16 roadran422 This is funny music xD
23:16 Nam3o xbox 360 fans and zip ties
23:16 Monkeh Nam3o: Pile of cheap 92mm fans for me. Three of 'em running across a cable entry.
23:16 Monkeh Keep me switches from going ARGH NO THE HEAT
23:16 roadran422 I wathced half way..
23:16 Nam3o i can keep my cards at 70c with that
23:17 Monkeh Nam3o: I was a little more sophisticated with joining the wires, though. :P
23:17 Nam3o i was in a pinch 0.o
23:17 Monkeh Nam3o: Literally. ;)
23:18 electricguy;list=FLILw-C8ptzspdz35L9HBvIg&amp;index=40&amp;feature=plpp_video
23:18 BotSteve Title: Toto - Africa (best remix) - YouTube
23:18 electricguy actually the best remix of that song i have found :P
23:18 wannabe-afk roadran422: i'm friending you now
23:19 roadran422 xD
23:19 roadran422 THanks wannabe :P
23:19 wannabe-afk your photo looks crazy fyi
23:19 electricguy some catchy dubstep is always fun! :D;list=FLILw-C8ptzspdz35L9HBvIg&amp;index=36&amp;feature=plpp_video
23:19 BotSteve Title: Nero - Crush On You (KillSonik Remix) - YouTube
23:20 Nam3o temps
23:20 Monkeh Toasty
23:20 Nam3o they run at 100% GPU load all day
23:21 Monkeh Sir is going to kill his VRMs
23:21 Nam3o dont need them
23:21 Nam3o
23:22 wannabe-afk win!
23:22 Monkeh Nam3o: The.. cards won't work without them.
23:22 electricguy are the GPUs used to crunch data?
23:22 Nam3o they are fine the mem isent used to much and is clocked down very low
23:23 Monkeh Nam3o: And the memory is of no consequence to power usage.
23:23 Nam3o power usage is less when clocked down but its still alot of power
23:24 Monkeh With stock heatsinks, hence why I said you're going to kill the VRMs.
23:25 Nam3o temps are within the spec
23:25 Monkeh Do you monitor VRM temps?
23:25 electricguy Nam3o, what's that GPU stack used for?
23:25 Nam3o bitcoin
23:25 roadran422 wannabe-afk: :P
23:25 electricguy no idea what that is... :P
23:26 roadran422 xD
23:26 Nam3o I make back my investment
23:26 * electricguy googles on bitcoin
23:26 roadran422 Bitcoins...
23:26 roadran422 Anyone watch code lyoko?
23:26 Nam3o
23:27 BotSteve Title: What is Bitcoin? - We Use Coins
23:27 electricguy P2P electronic cash system?
23:27 Nam3o yup
23:27 electricguy oki
23:27 roadran422 Anyone?
23:27 electricguy not me
23:27 roadran422 No one!
23:27 Nam3o
23:27 BotSteve Title: Bitcoin Watch
23:27 Nam3o current exchange rates
23:28 roadran422 Well... It's a show about hese people virtualizing in to a supercomputer world fighting evil. The virus that entraps this girl, can control the outside world through electricity.
23:28 roadran422 I want that supercomputer to be generating me some bitcoins.
23:28 roadran422 Imagine the power of a computer that can hold a whole new virtual universe.
23:28 Nam3o nice
23:29 roadran422 xD
23:29 roadran422 Got some money...
23:29 roadran422 Cant you convert bit coins in to cash?
23:29 Nam3o yes you can
23:29 roadran422 Nice!
23:29 Nam3o i do it all the time
23:30 roadran422 I don't have a good enough computer to do such a thing.
23:30 Nam3o
23:30 BotSteve Title: Mt.Gox - Bitcoin Exchange
23:30 roadran422 What do they do with bitcoins?
23:30 Nam3o that rige cost me $1000
23:30 Nam3o sell them to other people
23:31 roadran422 Wow.
23:31 roadran422 YOU GOT 1K WITH BITCOINS?
23:31 Nam3o i am close
23:31 roadran422 wow.
23:31 roadran422 How long did that take you?
23:31 roadran422 I wish had a good enough computer to do it.
23:31 Nam3o I have been in and out for 6 months
23:32 roadran422 :P
23:32 Nam3o you can do it with any computer
23:32 roadran422 Do you get bitcoins based on computer performance?
23:32 Nam3o if you are in a pool
23:32 roadran422 ^If so, my computer isn't really fit
23:32 Nam3o in the pool every share you submit pays the same
23:33 roadran422 Ok...
23:33 Nam3o join # eligius for more info
23:33 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
23:33 roadran422 I don't really want to do bitcoins...
23:33 roadran422 xD
23:34 roadran422 My parents wouldn't understand and they think I'd be hacking in to a bank.... -_
23:34 roadran422 -_-
23:34 Ponko well that was annoying
23:34 Nam3o lol
23:34 roadran422 xD
23:34 roadran422 Ponko: I said hi and then you quit on me. :P
23:34 Nam3o yes you did i seen it
23:34 roadran422 lol
23:34 Ponko i honestly don't know what happened then
23:35 roadran422 xD
23:37 Nam3o do you guys mod stuff
23:37 electricguy i do :)
23:37 roadran422 No...
23:37 electricguy i prettu much mod everything so it fits me better... XD
23:37 roadran422 Well...
23:37 roadran422 I hombrewed m wii?
23:37 roadran422 *my
23:37 Nam3o
23:38 electricguy hehe, nice casemod :)
23:38 Nam3o thnx
23:38 Nam3o
23:38 Experimentonomen now with the transformer from the telefunken ha900 amp im getting 246W into 3.9 ohms
23:38 roadran422 I will show you my mods.
23:39 roadran422;set=a.1540660609713.75137.1630880222&amp;type=
23:39 BotSteve Title: Facebook
23:39 roadran422;set=a.1457013318583.65948.1630880222&amp;type=
23:39 BotSteve Title: Facebook
23:39 roadran422 From a CD Drive ^
23:39 roadran422;set=a.1457013318583.65948.1630880222&amp;type=3
23:39 BotSteve Title: Facebook
23:39 roadran422 Idk what the green stuff is ^
23:39 roadran422;set=a.1204072355217.30859.1630880222&amp;type=3
23:39 BotSteve Title: Facebook
23:40 roadran422 Made from a monitor ^
23:40 Ponko roadran422: how about just link us to the album
23:40 electricguy none of the links work
23:40 Experimentonomen and we cannot see the pictures without registering to facebook when aint gonna happen for me
23:40 roadran422 OH!
23:40 roadran422 Sory.
23:40 Nam3o cant view them
23:40 roadran422 I am a idiot...
23:40 roadran422 I copied wrong link.
23:40 electricguy you can open the pic on youtube, rightclick and copy the image addy
23:40 electricguy then it works
23:40 Nam3o
23:40 roadran422;l=7c1b93dc12
23:40 Nam3o send friend reqest
23:41 BotSteve Title: Hy Diep's Photos | Facebook
23:41 electricguy i friended
23:41 roadran422;l=016df96aaa
23:41 BotSteve Title: Hy Diep's Photos | Facebook
23:41 roadran422 Give me a bout 2 minutes...
23:41 electricguy a sperm with green eyes? XD
23:42 roadran422 One second... xD
23:42 BobCat joined #thegeekgroup
23:42 roadran422 Ok. Here are all the links.
23:42 electricguy Nam3o, have made a autofire mod on the xbox controller huh? ;)
23:42 Nam3o yup
23:43 electricguy NE555? :P
23:43 Nam3o yup
23:43 roadran422;l=9413d48c02
23:43 roadran422;l=016df96aaa
23:43 roadran422;l=7c1b93dc12
23:43 roadran422;l=142aa4831b
23:43 BotSteve Title: Hy Diep's Photos | Facebook
23:43 roadran422 Done.
23:43 BotSteve Title: Hy Diep's Photos | Facebook
23:43 BotSteve Title: Hy Diep's Photos | Facebook
23:43 BotSteve Error!  Too many requests!
23:43 electricguy classic mod :P
23:43 Retep joined #thegeekgroup
23:43 Seroster SparkyProjects,
23:43 SparkyProjects ?
23:43 Seroster A transformers transforming abilities is a relationship of its primary and secondary windings
23:44 roadran422 There are my "mods" I have done.
23:44 electricguy what's with the green goo on the USB stick? :P
23:44 SparkyProjects Yep
23:44 Seroster I have a MOT where the secondary is removed and a heavy duty wire (4 turns) is put there instead
23:44 SparkyProjects That would be a welder :P
23:45 Experimentonomen nope
23:45 Experimentonomen way too small
23:45 Seroster Wanna bet on tha?
23:45 roadran422 It's the heeley wheel remover. I stuck a usb drive on it... A heely is a shoe with a wheel on the back, the stick is the thing to remove the wheel.
23:45 SparkyProjects A welder for very small stuff :P
23:45 Seroster It does a decent work with stick welding =)
23:45 roadran422 Idk what the green crap is though
23:45 Cprossu oo
23:45 electricguy Nam3o, you have a very cute GF! ;)
23:45 roadran422 electricguyNo.
23:46 Nam3o wife
23:46 roadran422 ...
23:46 electricguy oh, even that :P
23:46 Nam3o and 3 kids
23:46 roadran422 electricguy NO>
23:46 electricguy cool! :P
23:46 roadran422 xD
23:46 electricguy stfu... :P
23:47 electricguy
23:47 electricguy HAHAHA XD
23:47 roadran422 Nam3o I am adding yo.
23:47 Nam3o k
23:48 electricguy suddenly, i got 9 facebook tabs open.. .o_O
23:48 roadran422 electricguy What the heck is that?
23:48 Seroster In theory, could I remove the primary (230turns) and replace it with 5 turns, getting a 5:2200 ratio? So when I energize the five turns I get... eh. (2200/5)*230volts out?  But I suppose the losses will be insane due to the low frequenzy. So If i dig out the hf circuit from a powerboard to give the 5 turns a few thousand hertz of 230v,  WOuld that work in theory? xD
23:48 electricguy *le closing 8 tabs*
23:48 roadran422 electricguy stop stalking.
23:48 BobCat hey electricguy, why haven't you invited everyone to ?
23:48 BotSteve Title: GeekStreams
23:48 roadran422 Don't be that mysterous guy.
23:48 electricguy roadran422, stop being a whiny little bitch
23:48 electricguy ;D
23:48 roadran422 xD
23:48 roadran422 :P
23:49 SparkyProjects In theory yes
23:49 electricguy BobCat, well, i could invite them to my own channel too if i wanted.. :)
23:49 BobCat well, be friendly, we need streamers
23:49 electricguy i need people for my channel cause it's almost dead
23:49 roadran422 lol
23:50 Seroster I like that answer, SparkyProjects!
23:50 roadran422 Is it illegal to make a back up of YOUR own games?
23:50 BobCat go to watch the streams, put one up, join #geekstreams
23:50 BotSteve Title: GeekStreams
23:50 Seroster In theory compressing hydrogen and oxygen in an old carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, for HHO use, is safe. In theory =D
23:50 Seroster I have never ever seen anyone give a MicrowaveOvenTransformer (220v to 2200v) 2200volts on the primary.  Has it been done? Did it work? Will I write incredibly stupid electronics history?
23:50 electricguy but we can do like this. if you guys wanna hang out with other geeks and stream some, join #geekstreams
23:51 electricguy if you guys want to support my channel, chat with other people and share fun stuff, join #electricguy
23:51 electricguy :)
23:51 electricguy do as you like
23:51 BobCat yes, do all that
23:51 BobCat the more the hackier
23:51 electricguy i'm also hanging in #geekstreams and streaming on the multistream page
23:52 BobCat and slinky is recapping a motheboard
23:52 Nam3o recapping is fun
23:53 BobCat come over and watch
23:53 BobCat and heckle :)