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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2012-01-02

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00:01 BobCat Experimentonomen do it
00:01 Experimentonomen last time i was over there, most of the active ppl were beeing jerks
00:03 BobCat Experimentonomen - I will tell then to not be jerks
00:03 BobCat you are an op there
00:03 BobCat or if not i will fix that
00:04 electricguy BobCat, just make sure that he can't kickban me without reason....
00:04 BobCat you are an op
00:04 BobCat no op wars
00:04 electricguy i know
00:05 electricguy but i have been kickbanned 3 times and i have no idea what i did to deserve it
00:05 BobCat everybody is nice on geekstreams
00:05 BobCat harden up!
00:05 BobCat heehee
00:05 BobCat we shall all try to get along
00:06 Experimentonomen and btw i dont wanna be op, i do not deserve it in any ways
00:07 BobCat you can deop yourself
00:07 wannabe1987 ring ring ring ring ring banana phone!
00:07 electricguy LOL
00:07 BobCat but just ignore it, no one uses ops there lately. everyone has been very polite
00:08 Experimentonomen btw i've heard somewhere that freenode policies are to have no ops in channels when not needed
00:08 BobCat I have 80 ops in geekstreams
00:08 Experimentonomen dunno if thats true or not
00:08 Coderjoe that is a suggestion, not a hard rule
00:08 BobCat it's a suggestion because ppl can be rude, but we use peer pressure to be polite
00:09 BobCat works for us
00:09 roadran422 I .
00:09 roadran422 I.
00:09 roadran422 I.
00:09 roadran422 I.
00:09 roadran422 I. am a human,
00:13 electricguy bedtime! night night all :)
00:14 BobCat Experimentonomen come over to geekstreams...
00:14 BobCat we loack analog hacking
00:14 BobCat lack
00:14 Retep good evening Experitonomen
00:15 Experimentonomen g'day retep
00:15 Experimentonomen btw im getting a free Vincent SV-233 amplifier as soon as the guy has figured out shipping
00:16 Experimentonomen all thats wrong with it is a weak channel, likely a worn colume control or corroded input selector or a bad solder joint in the preamp
00:20 * wannabe1987 just shuts up, i keep ruining things
00:22 wannabe1987 TOO MUCH FAMILY
00:22 wannabe-afk someone save me
00:22 wannabe-afk please
00:22 wannabe-afk except...i'm not allowed to be online right now
00:23 Ponko oh?
00:23 roadran422 xD
00:25 tonsofpcs hi
00:26 roadran422 Hu
00:26 roadran422 *Hi
00:26 wannabe-afk hi Ponko
00:27 Ponko hey wannabe-afk
00:39 Experimentonomen
00:39 BotSteve Title: Measuring output power - YouTube
00:44 Cprossu .seen djrock9000
00:44 BotSteve Cprossu: I last saw djrock9000 15.66 hours ago at 2012-01-01 09:05:09 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 00:44:49 UTC
00:50 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
00:57 roadran422 War!
00:57 roadran422 Hu!
00:57 roadran422 Yah!
00:57 roadran422 What is it good for, absolutely nothing!
00:57 roadran422 Sing it with me!
00:58 roadran422 No one?
00:59 roadran422 ping?
01:00 Gaxnys Wait, what?
01:01 roadran422 Ping
01:01 roadran422 Idk... My internet was acting up
01:01 Gaxnys xD
01:01 roadran422 xD
01:02 NeWtoz ...
01:02 roadran422 It sucks when you use google 2 step auth
01:02 roadran422 And your phone is out of battery and you need to connect to email.
01:02 roadran422 And lastpass
01:03 NeWtoz When your Chuck Norris, you don't have this problem
01:03 roadran422 xD
01:03 roadran422 NeWtoz: Do you know what I am talking about? xD
01:04 NeWtoz umm.. yeah
01:04 roadran422 xD...
01:05 NeWtoz It's cool man
01:05 roadran422 lol
01:09 LittleGreenFlame joined #thegeekgroup
01:10 LittleGreenFlame Hello everyone [=
01:10 Experimentonomen g'day
01:10 Nam3o hi
01:10 LittleGreenFlame I'm order 20 pairs of baluns to be sent to TGG [=
01:10 LittleGreenFlame ordering*
01:11 Nam3o nice
01:12 NeWtoz narly
01:13 tonsofpcs I'm watching
01:13 BotSteve Title: Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberley Academy - 2010-Jan-29 - YouTube
01:15 LittleGreenFlame Ugh
01:16 LittleGreenFlame DX wont take the credit card we give it
01:16 LittleGreenFlame Wont take 2 accually
01:16 LittleGreenFlame So
01:16 NeWtoz Weird
01:16 LittleGreenFlame I guess I wont be ordering baluns tonight ]=
01:16 LittleGreenFlame Yeah
01:17 LittleGreenFlame Anyone here at the lab?
01:17 LittleGreenFlame OH wait
01:17 LittleGreenFlame Duh >.>  Not open on Sunday
01:18 LittleGreenFlame Guess I could try using paypal >.><
01:18 NeWtoz well, DX wouldn't be shipping anyways today, so you could try tomorrow
01:19 LittleGreenFlame True
01:19 LittleGreenFlame I wonder if they don't like the billing address to be different form the shipping address?
01:20 NeWtoz maybe
01:20 NeWtoz I have come across 1 business that denied me for that
01:20 NeWtoz it's rare, but does happen
01:21 LittleGreenFlame Which would be a royal pain in the butt, because then I would have to have them shipped here, and then reship them to the lab
01:21 LittleGreenFlame I wonder if newegg has them?\
01:21 LittleGreenFlame DX is cheap though =/
01:21 LittleGreenFlame I can get 20 PAIRS for only $85
01:21 LittleGreenFlame shipped
01:21 NeWtoz I'd wait until tomorrow morning
01:22 LittleGreenFlame k
01:22 LittleGreenFlame Where about are you from?
01:22 NeWtoz Great city of Grand Rapids :)
01:22 NeWtoz , MI
01:22 LittleGreenFlame Lucky ]=
01:23 LittleGreenFlame Do I know you from the Captains blog?
01:23 NeWtoz I'm not a common feature
01:23 LittleGreenFlame =P
01:23 NeWtoz I've only been on it twice
01:23 Nam3o Newtoz I am from GR also
01:23 LittleGreenFlame Awesome
01:23 NeWtoz GR IN DA HOUSE
01:23 LittleGreenFlame I'm from Houston Texas =P
01:24 Nam3o only been down to the lab three times though
01:24 LittleGreenFlame But I got a week long trip to the lab for Christmas [=
01:24 Nam3o nice
01:24 LittleGreenFlame When I go up there, you guys have to come, so dad and I can meet ya [=
01:24 NeWtoz Sure
01:24 Nam3o I just found out about TGG one wednesday
01:24 Nam3o on
01:24 LittleGreenFlame Oh wow
01:25 LittleGreenFlame A newbie [=
01:25 Nam3o yup
01:25 NeWtoz Welcome
01:25 Nam3o but this is something that is very interesting to me
01:26 LittleGreenFlame I've been following for a bit of Kzoo, and all throughout the basement cyan mountain [=
01:26 Nam3o NeWtoz have you been helping with stomper?
01:26 LittleGreenFlame Not to be hipster or anything >.>
01:26 NeWtoz ah yes, the party thing was on Wed
01:26 NeWtoz nah, I've been tied up
01:26 LittleGreenFlame Omnis B-day party [=
01:27 NeWtoz I was there for a short time
01:27 roadran422 Happy B-day Omni!
01:27 roadran422 Well... I think B-Lated
01:27 NeWtoz enough for the speech, then I had other obligations
01:27 LittleGreenFlame Yeah XD
01:28 LittleGreenFlame Well, I'll check back tomorrow [=
01:28 LittleGreenFlame Bye guys!
01:28 Nam3o l8er
01:29 NeWtoz later alligator
01:30 roadran422 Cya!
01:30 roadran422 Brb...
01:30 roadran422 Gtg heat some egg rolls mom made this morning...
01:31 Danz409 crazy snow on the weather cam
01:31 Danz409 waiting to see a accadent
01:31 roadran422 xD
01:31 Nam3o it is crazy in GR tonight'
01:32 Danz409 glad i didn't try to make it up there for the unvailing of stomper
01:32 NeWtoz what part of GR?
01:32 Nam3o all of it
01:32 roadran422 lol
01:32 Danz409 would of been dispaointed to see it not fire and than get stuck in a snow storm
01:32 Nam3o all the time
01:32 Nam3o NE side
01:32 NeWtoz well yeah, it was loud in my area for most of the night
01:33 NeWtoz weather is weather
01:33 Nam3o yup
01:33 * Ponko grins beamingly at NeWtoz
01:33 Danz409 at least your nabor wasn't beating on his own door yelling "give me my bubbly" to his wife
01:33 roadran422 WTF
01:33 Nam3o thats why i am staying home
01:33 Nam3o ?
01:33 HeavyMetal joined #thegeekgroup
01:34 Danz409 im regreating i didn't grab my camra and recording the whole thing
01:34 Ponko how are you NeWtoz
01:34 NeWtoz I couldn't make out what everyone was saying on the street, but loud enough to bother me trying to sleep
01:34 NeWtoz I'm not giving you any satisfaction Ponko!
01:34 Ponko :D
01:35 Ponko 2nd string team and we still win
01:35 NeWtoz I think your second string performed better then your would be first
01:35 NeWtoz regardless, we are both in the playoffs
01:37 Danz409 wow this power supply is a beast
01:37 roadran422 My brother called egg rolls. BURITOS.
01:37 roadran422 I MEAN REALLY BURITOS.
01:37 Danz409 my uncle gave me a power supply he was useing to power his mixboard
01:37 Danz409 omg total overkill
01:38 Danz409 Hickok model PS-505
01:38 Danz409 -30v - 400v
01:41 Ponko NeWtoz: that always tends to happens
01:41 Ponko but here's a message for you
01:48 roadran422 xD
01:48 roadran422 What...
01:48 wannabe-afk .seen eightbitbrad
01:48 BotSteve wannabe-afk: I last saw eightbitbrad 54.86 hours ago at 2011-12-30 18:56:43 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 01:48:37 UTC
01:48 wannabe-afk he's at DnD now...:/
01:50 Ponko ok
01:50 wannabe1987 what'd i miss?  movie isn't done
01:56 roadran422 Hi wannabe
01:56 roadran422 Idk what you missed...
01:56 roadran422 .log
01:56 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
01:56 roadran422 ^HA
01:56 wannabe1987 lol
01:56 roadran422 READ IT.
01:57 roadran422 xD
01:57 wannabe1987 i have the log on my computer....
01:57 roadran422 :P
01:57 wannabe1987 if i'm logged into irc, it logs so its on my computer....
01:57 roadran422 What irc client are you using?
01:57 wannabe1987 mirc
01:58 roadran422 Oh...
01:58 roadran422 I'm using pidgin
01:58 wannabe1987 brother: "whats a titty bar"  dad: you don't wanna know
01:58 wannabe1987 eh.
01:58 roadran422 ...
01:58 roadran422 what is a titty bar...
01:58 wannabe1987 strip club
01:58 roadran422 Oh...
01:58 roadran422 How old's your brother?
01:59 wannabe1987 11
01:59 roadran422 Oh...
01:59 roadran422 How old are you?
01:59 wannabe1987 24
01:59 roadran422 Ok...
01:59 wannabe1987 my youngest sibling is 10
02:00 roadran422 Ok...
02:00 wannabe1987 what?
02:00 roadran422 Uh...
02:00 roadran422 Idk xD
02:00 wannabe1987 adoption is a wonderful thing :D
02:00 roadran422 Oh!
02:00 roadran422 Wow.
02:00 wannabe1987 :)
02:00 roadran422 Could of said that.
02:00 roadran422 xD
02:01 masterofmonks wannabe1987, educating the youth, one kid at a time.
02:01 wannabe1987 said what, my adopted brother?  or adopted sister?  they're siblings to me, i don't distinguish between adopted/biological
02:01 wannabe1987 i try, masterofmonks, i try
02:01 roadran422 No...
02:01 tonsofpcs is there a reason that my screen is full of lines containing 2 - 5 letters?
02:01 tonsofpcs s/letters/characters/
02:01 wannabe1987 you....broke it?
02:01 roadran422 Because, you are 24, and your sibblings are 11. Was wondering how old your parents were....
02:01 wannabe1987 46/47?
02:02 roadran422 Idk...
02:02 roadran422 My head is hurting!
02:02 wannabe1987 i'm not sure either....LOL
02:02 lwq1996 hi
02:02 wannabe1987 but as of the 27th they'll be the same age again
02:02 wannabe1987 HI LEE!  :hugs:
02:02 roadran422 Hi lee
02:02 Danz409 ummm leftovers from new years party
02:02 wannabe1987 we don't have leftovers :/
02:03 roadran422 Cookies!
02:03 wannabe1987 no, raisin bread stuff :/
02:03 wannabe1987 ewwwww
02:03 Danz409 shrimp coctail and mikes hard lemonade
02:03 wannabe1987 shrimp were gone in 2 minutes
02:03 wannabe1987 and i don't like shrimp yet
02:03 roadran422 ...
02:03 wannabe1987 (i've never had it)
02:04 wannabe1987 thats why i said "yet"
02:04 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
02:05 lwq1996 hey masterofmonks you may be able to help me with this problem
02:05 roadran422 Never?
02:05 roadran422 How?
02:05 wannabe1987 a pine cone just fell out of the "sky" (aka roof)
02:05 injektion I don't eat sea food
02:06 roadran422 Ok...
02:06 masterofmonks lwq1996: Perhaps?
02:06 wannabe1987 by not eating them?  we don't eat shrimp except for NYE
02:06 Coderjoe "I'm on a seafood diet. What I see, I eat."
02:06 lwq1996 i need a scope and a scope mount that will fit on my .22 but heres the thing its not a slide on rail its a bolt on and i want to have through sights to shoot with the open sights
02:06 wannabe1987 lol
02:06 Ponko hmmm
02:06 injektion To get the full nutritional value from sea food you have to have it fresh from the ocean not from a farm
02:07 injektion There's also a lot of pollution in the ocean and I really don't like the smell of sea food
02:07 Ponko NeWtoz: you have to agree though that was a great game
02:07 masterofmonks lwq1996: I may have a solution for you.
02:07 * masterofmonks takes this to PM
02:07 roadran422 xD
02:08 roadran422 How do you help a girl that doesn't like to be helped...
02:08 Coderjoe bolt on a picatinny?
02:08 wannabe1987 what do you mean?
02:08 Ponko don't help her
02:08 Ponko she'll soon ask for it
02:08 Ponko hmm
02:09 wannabe1987 hy  - details
02:09 Ponko NeWtoz: think i should watch the Giants game?
02:10 wannabe1987 denver lost, right?
02:10 Ponko yes
02:10 Ponko 7-3
02:10 wannabe1987 watched it
02:10 wannabe1987 well, it was on...
02:10 Ponko bit mediocre from what i heard
02:10 wannabe1987 my cousin wanted to watch a game that wasn't on TV
02:11 wannabe1987 sucked
02:12 Ponko pretty mad though 3 AFC North teams in the playoffs
02:16 hopstafarian joined #thegeekgroup
02:16 wannabe1987 hi hopstafarian
02:16 * hopstafarian sends his best wishes to all for the new year!
02:16 hopstafarian wannabe1987, goes it?
02:17 wannabe1987 it goes
02:17 wannabe1987 happy new year to you too :)
02:17 hopstafarian wannabe1987, nething you wannabe getting off your chest...that was a lil lackluster?
02:17 wannabe1987 vacation ends tomorrow AM
02:18 hopstafarian wannabe1987,, son
02:18 hopstafarian wannabe1987,  how long was the vacay?
02:19 wannabe1987 since weds
02:22 wannabe1987 .tfw sawyer MI
02:22 BotSteve 32°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Sawyer, MI!  'Freezing my balls off IN here'
02:22 hopstafarian wannabe1987, that's not so's always a highwire act...anything more than a week was sufficient, but makes it all the harder to come back, and 3-4 days is too short, but easier to slide back're kinda in noman's, a) good luck w that, and b) can't be certain, but won't be so bad?
02:23 wannabe1987 no, it wont...i start 2 new jobs when we come back.  BUT my cousins are from california and i don't see them much...
02:24 hopstafarian wannabe1987, sounds like you're an old pro at new jobs...sorry to hear is fambly...where in cali
02:24 hopstafarian ?
02:24 wannabe1987 sac
02:25 hopstafarian wannabe1987, that's right...sorry,  i used to partake heavily of the marihuana
02:25 wannabe1987 lol
02:26 hopstafarian wannabe1987, exciting things coming down the pike for you in 2012?
02:27 wannabe1987 possibly a mission trip to mexico
02:27 wannabe1987 in july/august
02:27 wannabe1987 other than that just working, hanging out, orchestra, dancing, etc
02:28 wannabe1987 time to go pack....bbl
02:30 hopstafarian wannabe1987, mission?  lds?
02:31 Ponko NeWtoz: look at it this way you've got the Saints at the Benz you win you'll play the Pack you beat us you'll have the 49ers and that will get you alot of well earned respect
02:31 Ponko do it the hard way man
02:32 roadran422 Lakers rule!
02:32 hopstafarian Ponko, i don't really follow, but niners are doing pretty well this year..
02:32 Ponko i know
02:32 Ponko 13-3 done great
02:32 Ponko but the NFC West is a joke
02:32 Ponko they're the only decent team there
02:33 roadran422 Who watches basketball
02:33 * Ponko raises hands
02:33 hopstafarian Ponko, i know, even a nerd like me can go and hang out w/my sports-following-friends, and get excited about the game...
02:33 Ponko lets go MAVS
02:33 roadran422 Lakers rule, celtics suck balls
02:34 Ponko where you from roadran422
02:34 Ponko LA?
02:34 roadran422 Yes
02:34 Ponko ahh makes sense
02:34 Ponko San Diego Chargers?
02:34 Ponko or Oakland Raiders
02:34 roadran422 No..
02:34 roadran422 Lakers.
02:34 roadran422 FtW
02:35 Ponko yeah i'm talking NFL here
02:35 roadran422 ....
02:35 roadran422 xD
02:35 roadran422 No other sports xD
02:35 Ponko fair enough
02:35 roadran422 xd
02:35 roadran422 *xD
02:35 hopstafarian Ponko, kinda makes me ponder about the psychology or ruling in gladiator time...i mean that it a positive way, ...there is some societal benefit, though i still hold that we could still give them their hazard pay, cut 20 per off the top, and spread that around to incentivize educators
02:35 Ponko so not a UCLA fan then roadran422
02:36 Ponko they play bball
02:36 roadran422 No...
02:36 roadran422 I like to watch but ehh
02:36 Ponko hopstafarian good idea
02:36 Ponko hey you know where the Lakers players come from
02:37 roadran422 No....
02:37 hopstafarian Ponko, LA
02:37 Ponko college
02:37 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
02:37 BotSteve TOASTY!
02:37 Ponko they come from college
02:37 Toastdude .seen wannabe1987
02:37 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw wannabe1987 0.15 hours ago at 2012-01-02 02:28:42 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 02:37:54 UTC
02:38 roadran422 Ponko. Ik.
02:38 roadran422 xD
02:38 roadran422 Just ehh..
02:38 Ponko lol
02:38 hopstafarian bball fans got robbed last year...
02:38 Ponko yeah
02:38 Ponko but heat got there just desserts
02:38 Ponko :)
02:38 Ponko go MAVS
02:39 roadran422 Magic Johnson
02:40 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
02:40 wannabe1987 Toastdude
02:40 Ponko i'd of thought the Lakers would of hated the Clippers
02:40 roadran422 I hate the celtics.
02:40 roadran422 ;)
02:40 hopstafarian einstein was the last rockstar scientist here,..kinda sad...
02:42 e|equalls|mc^2 Ha!
02:42 e|equals|mc^2 Now Ha!
02:42 Ponko he was german as well he was drunk on Jagermeister
02:42 wannabe1987 lol
02:43 e|equals|mc^2 :)
02:43 Ponko nearly every german i know drinks that lol
02:43 wannabe1987 .c 186.84-144
02:43 BotSteve 42.84
02:43 hopstafarian Ponko, i thought he was austrian?...(damn you wikipedia...damn you all to hell!)
02:43 e|equals|mc^2 lol
02:43 e|equals|mc^2 I'm a formula!
02:43 Ponko well that's what i heard
02:44 Ponko are you the number one formula
02:44 e|equals|mc^2 Lol
02:44 AgCNO6 I'm a chemical formula
02:45 Ponko not the number one formula
02:45 hopstafarian e|equals|mc^2,  hoson-biggs? coming soon to a large collider near you?, naw, i didn't think so either...
02:45 e|equals|mc^2 What...
02:45 * Ponko is waiting to see if anyone gets my joke
02:45 e|equals|mc^2 Ponko. I don't get it.
02:46 e|equals|mc^2 Oh yah toastdude.
02:46 Ponko number ONE FORMULA
02:46 e|equals|mc^2 nope...
02:46 Ponko Formula One
02:46 HCN I killed you all.
02:46 HCN Ponko. Still nope.
02:46 HCN xD
02:46 Toastdude ...
02:46 Ponko the motor sport you pillock
02:47 HCN xD
02:47 wannabe1987 ........
02:47 HCN^HFl I gtg.
02:47 wannabe1987 there are two chemicals in my PMs....HCN and HCI
02:47 HCN^HFl xD
02:47 wannabe1987 they look alike
02:47 wannabe1987 ....
02:47 hopstafarian Ponko, got it...r williams was funnier...3 mile island, shakespeare, ghost of einstein...(i give you e=mc^2, and you meshugganah, you f*ck it up like THIS?!)
02:48 Ponko yes....
02:48 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
02:48 hopstafarian so two hydrogen atoms walk into a bar
02:49 hopstafarian one turns to the other and says...hey, i lost a GD proton...his friend replies "are you sure?"///
02:49 hopstafarian dud, I'm POSITIVE!
02:49 hopstafarian *dude
02:49 HCl Wow roadran..
02:49 hopstafarian er...make that electron...i sooooo suck at telling jokes..
02:49 HCl Haha
02:50 Toastdude </nickchange>
02:50 hopstafarian wa,waaaa
02:51 * Experimentonomen upgrades the newyears amp with a PCB for the poer stage wiring
02:52 hopstafarian so here's random....any windows cli masters present?...have an easy one...
02:53 tonsofpcs newyears amp?
02:54 Experimentonomen tonsofpcs: <-- that one
02:54 BotSteve Title: Measuring output power - YouTube
02:54 tonsofpcs hopstafarian: maybe
02:54 wannabe1987 apparently tigger (the cat) is a she.  oops
02:55 tonsofpcs oh, that thing
02:55 tonsofpcs why water and not oil?
02:55 wannabe1987
02:55 BotSteve Title: Phood in your face: Family Vacation
02:56 Seroster Now lets see how many idiots got the short end of natural selection this new years eve.
02:58 Seroster Ha, someone got shot with a gun, evryone thought the shots were fireworks
02:58 Seroster So criminals aint COMPLETELY retarded =)
02:59 Coderjoe "bullets aren't affected by gravity!"
02:59 Seroster I want to get a bucket of them and drop it on your feet.
03:00 Coderjoe my feet? I'm not one of the stupid people that shoot guns in the air
03:01 roadran422 90 Straight up in the air.
03:01 tonsofpcs my tv needs a degauss coil and a new flyback...
03:01 Seroster If the bullets are not affected by gravity you woudlnt mind me dropping a bucket with 10 gallons of laed on your foot now would you?
03:01 hopstafarian tonsofpcs, well is a switch to the 'shutdown -r' to do a safe reboot?...or someoother command that i'm unaware of?
03:01 Seroster tonsofpcs, I have both. Want to pay for shipping? =D
03:01 tonsofpcs safe reboot?
03:02 tonsofpcs Seroster: nah, you can pay for shipping.  Where do you want me to send the TV?  NTSC and ATSC tuners, 20-some inches
03:02 Coderjoe note the quotes around the line? I was quoting the idiot thinking. it is not my own statement.
03:02 tonsofpcs (24?)
03:02 * tonsofpcs will replace it with a flyback-less tv
03:04 hopstafarian tonsofpcs, other than the '-r' switch the only other options are to assign a reason code?
03:05 Experimentonomen tonsofpcs, a: i dont have any oil, b: oil is messy, c: oil is flammable
03:05 tonsofpcs hopstafarian: I believe so
03:06 wannabe1987 Ponko: do you want a cup of tea?
03:06 tonsofpcs oo, tea
03:06 wannabe1987 i'm boiling some water, have some for yourself
03:06 Seroster tonsofpcs, Are you going to replace it with a tv without a flyback?
03:07 Seroster great, then you have TWO broken televisions
03:08 Ponko oo yes please wannabe1987
03:08 wannabe1987 .tfw sawyer mi
03:08 BotSteve 31°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Sawyer, MI!  'I'm sorry.'
03:08 wannabe1987 alright.  2 sugars?
03:08 tonsofpcs Seroster: how so?
03:08 wannabe1987 .tfw tgg
03:08 BotSteve 30°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Where's the cat? Oh shit. Fluffy's frozen.'
03:08 Ponko you know me :P
03:08 Ponko yes
03:08 wannabe1987 .tfw 49428
03:08 BotSteve 30°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Jenison, MI!  'Warmer than Hoth.'
03:09 wannabe1987 of course
03:09 Seroster Erm
03:09 Seroster Right
03:09 tonsofpcs mineral oil is non-conductive...
03:09 Seroster tonsofpcs, I am too fucking tired to make sense.
03:09 Seroster And it sure is
03:10 tonsofpcs Seroster: LCD TV would be flyback-less
03:10 Seroster I've heard people refer to the small high frequenzy transformer in misc devices as "flybacks"
03:11 Seroster I have no idea if it's right or wrong
03:12 hopstafarian tonsofpcs, basically trying to do a remote reboot into safe mode via the windows cli ?
03:12 wannabe1987 waters hot :)
03:13 tonsofpcs hopstafarian: oh, i don't think so.  not sure.  no windowss here and each version is different
03:13 tonsofpcs I *think* the server versions can
03:14 hopstafarian tonsofpcs nw, windows here either....that's why i ask...
03:15 hopstafarian tonsofpcs, what distros do you like?
03:15 tonsofpcs depends on the purpose
03:15 Seroster Goodnight folks
03:15 tonsofpcs Seroster: wikipedia has a passing note that the transformer in a SMPS is a flyback, but no reference and it seems like the note means to say that they are similar, not that they are flybacks.
03:15 tonsofpcs g'nite
03:16 Seroster What is the acronym SMPS?
03:16 eadthem switch mode power supply
03:16 Seroster I grammar good not.
03:16 hopstafarian tonsofpcs, rest well
03:16 Seroster Thankyou
03:16 wannabe1987 night
03:16 Seroster hopstafarian, I was going to bed, not tonsofpcs.
03:16 wannabe1987 Ponko:  heres you're tea
03:16 Seroster My brain is full of pineapples.
03:16 eadthem gramer no well i read can
03:17 wannabe1987 pineapples?
03:18 eadthem so whats your question about smps?
03:18 * hopstafarian realizes the extent of his own BD, then promptly forgets...duuh...c'mon george, i wann tend the rabbits..
03:18 eadthem BD ?
03:19 * masterofmonks throws rocks at Toastdude
03:19 tonsofpcs BD?
03:19 hopstafarian eadthem, selfinduced) brain damage
03:19 hopstafarian eadthem, viva la mota
03:19 tonsofpcs eadthem: none, the question was about flybacks.  Seroster said he heard of othher things being called flyback transformers
03:20 hopstafarian tonsofpcs, selfinduced) brain damage
03:20 hopstafarian tonsofpcs viva la mota,
03:22 wannabe1987 masterofmonks: why are you throwing rocks at toasty?
03:23 masterofmonks Get his attention.
03:23 wannabe1987 ah.  pebbles work as well....
03:23 roadran422 d
03:23 tonsofpcs so does bam bam.
03:23 wannabe1987 you again....hi roadran422
03:23 roadran422 Hi..
03:23 masterofmonks Don't leave thwe same ringing in the head.
03:24 tonsofpcs masterofmonks: if pebbles isn't enough, let bam bam have a go ;)
03:24 wannabe1987 lol
03:26 lwq1996 hey masterofmonks guess what
03:26 masterofmonks What?
03:26 wannabe1987 hi lwq1996
03:26 lwq1996 SPATULA\
03:26 wannabe1987 ...
03:26 lwq1996 hi
03:27 tonsofpcs spatulae!
03:28 lwq1996 mom is probally heading his desk now :P
03:28 Toastdude Spatulum?
03:28 injektion turkey baster
03:29 lwq1996 lol
03:32 Coderjoe
03:32 BotSteve Title: Sony Jumbotron extreme teardown - YouTube
03:32 sndwrx phuh
03:32 sndwrx Good game this afternoon.
03:34 wannabe1987 which one?
03:34 wannabe1987 and hi sndwrx
03:34 sndwrx Lions at Packers.
03:34 wannabe1987 ah.  didn't see that one
03:34 sndwrx It was close.
03:34 Ponko indeed it was :)
03:35 Ponko but atm i have low hopes for them doing anything but bowing out to the Saints
03:35 sndwrx Lions or Packers/
03:35 sndwrx ?
03:35 Ponko if they win the Super Bowl i'll have respect for them
03:35 Ponko the former
03:35 sndwrx Oh.
03:35 sndwrx Well, hard to say.
03:35 Ponko that's what i mean
03:36 Ponko was there any defense there today?
03:36 Ponko or where they too drunk to remember who to stop a score
03:36 sndwrx I know it was just a volley of scores.
03:36 Ponko how*
03:37 sndwrx I score, then you score.  Then I score, then you score.  Let's take turns, yay!
03:37 Ponko lol
03:37 wannabe1987 dallas and the giants are playing now
03:37 Ponko like keepers kicking the ball back and forth to each other
03:37 Ponko i did that once
03:37 Ponko about 7 times
03:38 Ponko yeah the GGGGGG men will see that out
03:42 Ponko i'm glad i didn't have to suffer the Broncos Chiefs game
03:45 sndwrx k back to work.
03:45 wannabe1987 have fun
03:52 wannabe1987 hi
03:54 NeWtoz women are giggling outside my apartment...
03:55 wannabe1987 oooo women!
03:55 NeWtoz wannabe1987 has a thing for women
03:55 wannabe1987 no, not really
03:55 wannabe1987 i like guys
03:55 Toastdude Yes, wannabe likes me. :P
03:56 wannabe1987 :s
03:56 wannabe1987 you're my brother!
03:56 wannabe1987 i can't like you *that* you're too young
03:56 NeWtoz OH, so you like older men?
03:56 Toastdude don't like me at all?
03:56 wannabe1987 toast: i love you like a brother.  i told you that
03:56 wannabe1987 NeWtoz: i like men my age
03:57 NeWtoz hmm, I don't have a good comeback for that one
03:57 wannabe1987 :D
03:57 Toastdude I know :P
03:57 wannabe1987 good.
03:57 wannabe1987 :D
03:58 wannabe1987 lwq1996: i want to like your status, but it'd be as a joke :/  and i don't want to do that to you....
03:58 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
03:58 wannabe1987 look!  a cowboy!
04:02 * lwq1996 slaps toast with a red herring
04:02 Toastdude Finally.
04:02 wannabe1987 its lee!
04:02 wannabe1987 :D
04:03 lwq1996 lol
04:03 lwq1996 toastdude you have a steam account?
04:03 Ponko what's the call Giants or Cowboys
04:03 lwq1996 who do i ask i know what it is
04:03 wannabe1987 cowboys 14, giants 21
04:03 wannabe1987 my uncle says giants
04:04 Ponko hmm i do to
04:04 wannabe1987 ....the helmets were stuck
04:04 lwq1996 toastdude i sent you a friends request on steam, ACCEPT IT
04:05 Toastdude I saw that
04:05 NeWtoz I want the Giants to get in, ONLY because I don't want the Cowboys to get in
04:06 lwq1996 lol i just got an error message saying steam servers are to busy to handle my request
04:06 NeWtoz must be a lot of condensation in the pipes
04:06 lwq1996 yup
04:06 Ponko yeah NeWtoz you reckon you could pull it off
04:06 Toastdude stole my picture, Lee! :P
04:07 Ponko lol funny NeWtoz
04:07 lwq1996 lol
04:07 lwq1996 toastdude i didnt steal it, im using its rights ;)
04:07 Toastdude :P
04:07 NeWtoz Only if our defense shows up
04:08 NeWtoz You might want yours to show up also
04:08 Ponko i thought you didn't like ifs
04:08 NeWtoz I don't like what ifs
04:08 NeWtoz slight difference
04:08 Ponko idl not having Headphones
04:09 * NeWtoz goes back to his movie-a-thon
04:09 * Cprossu goes back to wasting time in fucking minecraft
04:09 Ponko but we've got a week to wake up first
04:09 NeWtoz Lions have 6 days
04:10 Ponko so do the saints
04:10 NeWtoz and hopefully in that time, we get some players back
04:10 eadthem i sware  minecraft has to be the most insidius game ever devised
04:10 eadthem worse than wow
04:10 Ponko tbh the beat the panthers that wasn't really a hard task
04:10 masterofmonks eadthem: Terraria.
04:10 Cprossu I am going to be happy when boxtin gets good
04:10 Cprossu as that's at least coded in sdl
04:10 Cprossu not fucking javaaaaa
04:11 lwq1996 masterofmonks i havent played yet but im already addicted
04:12 Cprossu *how thick did chris say the concrete was in hvl? (*spoiler*)*
04:13 lwq1996 cpossu, um its a trick question its a pool and it probally veries
04:13 eadthem;q=wow+player+dies+in+real+life&amp;oq=wow+player+dies+in+real+life&amp;aq=f&amp;aqi=&amp;aql=&amp;gs_sm=s&amp;gs_upl=0l0l0l9545l0l0l0l0l0l0l0l0ll0l0
04:13 BotSteve Title: wow player dies in real life - Google Search
04:13 eadthem and thats saying something
04:13 wannabe1987  i want this shirt for a sibling, but i can't unless i get one for myself :/
04:13 Cprossu ok I am going to upload a picture give me a moment (grr)
04:13 eadthem mmmm google is heading in the wrong direction when a link to search results is that long
04:14 Cprossu too bad djrock isn't here
04:14 eadthem he was the other night
04:14 Toastdude Wow, a game that doesn't suck on my computer...
04:14 Coderjoe
04:14 BotSteve Title: Video on an Oscilloscope - YouTube
04:14 lwq1996 toastdude do you have portal?
04:15 lwq1996 i mean a legit version
04:15 asnopus joined #thegeekgroup
04:15 Cprossu
04:15 wannabe1987 hi asnopus
04:15 Cprossu ^ I took a few liberties with djrock's design
04:16 wannabe1987 yeah, cuz you've been there
04:16 Cprossu indeed.
04:16 asnopus Hello
04:16 Toastdude Yes Lee
04:16 eadthem i bought minecraft  played for 2 days and saw it for what it was  and deleted it
04:16 Toastdude I've played it and beaten it about half a million times...
04:16 Cprossu eadthem my friends roped me into it finally =(
04:16 lwq1996 damn i was going to sent portal to you if you didnt and added me as a friend
04:16 wannabe1987 i know better than to get minecraft
04:16 Cprossu at least I am playing it on a friend's account
04:16 eadthem i made a huge castle in those 2 days
04:17 Cprossu any suggestions before I tackle HVL?
04:17 eadthem the last time i was 1/2 that obsessed was Starwars Galxaxys before the combat upgrade
04:18 Cprossu btw doing handicap ramp, I forgot how useless our handicap ramp was in design, taking up room, and being disfunctional.
04:19 wannabe1987 lol
04:20 asnopus Is that the one that goes into the offices?
04:20 Cprossu yes
04:21 asnopus Ah
04:21 wannabe1987 giants won
04:27 wannabe1987 31 to 14
04:30 wannabe1987 CaptainNiobe
04:30 CaptainNiobe what's up, wannabe?
04:30 wannabe1987 just saying hi
04:30 wannabe1987 hows 2012?
04:30 * lwq1996 jumps on captinniobe
04:30 wannabe1987 only masterofmonks is allowed to do that
04:30 CaptainNiobe hi :D
04:30 CaptainNiobe 2012 is... quiet... if you doun't count my noisy next door neighbours lol
04:31 wannabe1987 lol
04:31 CaptainNiobe for you?
04:31 lwq1996 repeatedly atleast -looks around to see if hes watching-
04:31 wannabe1987 he's like god....always watching
04:31 lwq1996 lol
04:31 wannabe1987 lee, hows your break going?
04:31 lwq1996 i go back tomorrow
04:31 wannabe1987 my 2012 is going well...spent w/ family but we leave tomorrow
04:31 wannabe1987 so soon!
04:31 wannabe1987 you survived, i assume
04:32 CaptainNiobe lee, it's not you jumping on me you gotta be worried about... it's what you try to do to me after that you gotta worry about... :P
04:32 lwq1996 o.o
04:32 lwq1996 never niobe never
04:33 CaptainNiobe good boy lol
04:33 Ponko haha
04:34 Ponko mofmonks would have something to say about that though i'm sure
04:35 CaptainNiobe for a START - i'm more than double lee's age... :D
04:35 masterofmonks Only slightly more than double.
04:36 CaptainNiobe still... IT'S MORE THAN DOUBLE! lol
04:37 Ponko well my point still stands
04:39 CaptainNiobe ?
04:40 Ponko mofmonks would have something to say about you and lee lol
04:40 Ponko anyway.....
04:41 CaptainNiobe lol...
04:42 Ponko LET'S GO PENGIUNS *clap* *clap* *clap* *clap*
04:42 Toastdude ..
04:43 CaptainNiobe ... bloody men and their bloody football... :D
04:43 lwq1996 ponko you watch hocky?
04:43 Ponko heck yeah
04:43 Ponko you're team i guess is the Pens
04:43 Ponko :P
04:43 lwq1996 WAHOO PENGUINS
04:44 lwq1996 no penguins
04:44 * Ponko fist bumps lwq1996
04:44 * lwq1996 pounds it
04:44 Ponko yeah boi
04:44 Ponko lol
04:45 Ponko lol i loved being at the winter classic last year lol
04:47 Ponko even if we lost
04:47 Ponko i wish i watched that was the winter classic
04:47 BotSteve Title: Evgeni Malkin scores 7 seconds into game 1/5/11 - YouTube
04:48 Ponko typical though, i go to watch them and they lose i watch them at home on tele and the win a resounding 7-1
04:49 Experimentonomen
04:50 Ponko nice
04:50 Ponko what's it for
04:51 Experimentonomen 245 watt amplifier
04:51 Experimentonomen <-- that thingamajig
04:51 BotSteve Title: Measuring output power - YouTube
04:51 Ponko ah cool
04:53 Ponko;v=CXCafeCDdDU&amp;feature=endscreen wow lol
04:53 BotSteve Title: Viktor Stalberg hits all 3 posts 1/5/11 - YouTube
04:55 Ponko;feature=relmfu lwq1996 how much did you lol at that
04:55 BotSteve Title: Steven Stamkos falls on penalty shot 1/5/11 - YouTube
04:55 Experimentonomen i hate sports
04:55 Ponko fair enough
04:55 Experimentonomen :P
04:55 Ponko any particular reason why
04:55 Experimentonomen so bleedy boring
04:56 Ponko ok? fair enough
04:56 Experimentonomen it'd be more entertaining to watch the commentators masturbate on camera in comparison :P
04:58 Ponko that's a weird comparison
04:59 Ponko would you play it
04:59 Ponko oh one min i'm night all
04:59 Ponko i'm tired*
04:59 crohakon joined #thegeekgroup
05:00 wannabe1987 night Ponko
05:00 wannabe1987 hi crohakon
05:00 * Ponko quits *waves* and leaves
05:00 wannabe1987 sleep well, brit
05:00 Ponko fail
05:01 crohakon hey
05:01 wannabe1987 hows life?
05:02 crohakon besides the back issues and the flu? Great. =)
05:02 wannabe1987 uh oh.  drinking lots of fluids?
05:03 wannabe1987 hows your year starting out (other than sick)
05:03 eadthem im constantly amased by how much GTK documentation there is and how little use it is
05:04 eadthem would it kill anyone to make examples of use for each widget
05:04 wannabe1987 gtk?
05:05 eadthem that said  its atleast better than the windows api  hwind  and such
05:05 eadthem srry   getting by butt kicked by gtk_tree_view atm
05:10 wannabe1987 why must the plug in crash?!  i want to watch the CB1
05:10 wannabe1987 !*
05:17 astro73|alice just saw Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
05:17 astro73|alice do you know what got me?
05:17 Coderjoe tom "madman" cruise?
05:17 astro73|alice more than the strange devices or unreal agents
05:18 astro73|alice the car drop at the end?
05:18 Coderjoe SPOILERS!@
05:18 astro73|alice not only did it land on it's nose (angular momentum much?), it was doing 90mph when it hit
05:19 astro73|alice dude, it's an action flick. you watch it for playing with cool gizmos in awesome fight scenes
05:19 wannabe1987 hi astro!
05:19 astro73|alice spoiler: they win
05:19 astro73|alice hi wannabe1987
05:21 astro73|alice spoiler: not only do the good guys win, they all survived to take on new missions
05:22 Nam3o
05:22 BotSteve Title: THE EYES HAVE IT
05:22 wannabe1987 .yuno
05:22 BotSteve College Degree: Y U NO GET ME JOB????????????
05:23 wannabe1987 nifty, Nam3o
05:24 astro73|alice nice
05:26 Nam3o
05:27 wannabe1987 lol
05:27 astro73|alice rofl
05:29 wannabe1987 john anthony bought a fiero (sportscar) for the winter.  its mid engine, rear wheel drive.  what whas he thinking?!
05:29 wannabe1987 ITS SNOWING
05:29 wannabe1987 rwd + snow = a bit difficult
05:32 CaptainNiobe snowchains?
05:32 wannabe1987 nah.  he needs more weight in the "trunk" which has an engine in it.
05:33 CaptainNiobe rr cars on the snow... mmm, sounds like fun... :D
05:33 wannabe1987 lol yes
05:33 astro73|alice that sounds challenging to do...
05:33 wannabe1987 except....he works at the hospital so he needs to be able to get to work
05:33 eadthem RWD FTW
05:33 wannabe1987 lol
05:33 wannabe1987 i have FWD
05:34 eadthem you have my sympathy
05:34 eadthem :p
05:34 wannabe1987 and get to drive from the state line to hudsonville tomorrow :/
05:34 wannabe1987 thanks eadthem
05:34 eadthem if you know how to use it  RWD owns snow and ice
05:34 eadthem its possable to be more in control than in FWD
05:34 CaptainNiobe i'd like a honda integra, ff... not that i have rl experiance, but i remember racing it on gran turismo 3 - and kicking ass in it...
05:35 wannabe1987 lol
05:35 eadthem but alot of pepole drive RWD like its FWD  and that results in a mess on ice
05:35 wannabe1987 mhm
05:35 CaptainNiobe it results in a mess anywhere... lol...
05:36 wannabe1987 lol @ tornado siren
05:36 * CaptainNiobe admits she's a road safety advocate
05:36 wannabe1987 same
05:36 Danz_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:37 Danz_ rendering my minecraft replica of the lab now :D
05:37 wannabe1987 nice
05:37 Nam3o
05:37 BotSteve Title: Fatty Falcon Punch (Hilarious!) Video
05:37 wannabe1987 OMG i LOVE the teslas :D
05:37 Nam3o fake
05:37 Nam3o but funny
05:39 eadthem for RWD in winter you need your tires at the right pressure not under inflated,  also  you need 1 or 2 tubes of sand and a full gas tank
05:39 Nam3o going to bed see yall l8er
05:39 wannabe1987 night Nam3o
05:39 Nam3o left #thegeekgroup
05:39 eadthem and if you start to skid  accerate a bit
05:45 lwq1996 toastdude im stuck now in my house one terraria
05:45 lwq1996 brb
05:46 Toastdude Nice....
05:46 Toastdude Don't break
05:46 wannabe1987 .cookie Toastdude
05:46 BotSteve Here you go, Toastdude, I baked you a frosted sugar cookie!
05:46 Coderjoe "all the blood is rushing to her head!" "well, nature abhors a vaccum..."
05:47 Toastdude COOKIES!!!
05:47 wannabe1987 zomg
05:48 Toastdude Yay zomb! :P
05:48 wannabe1987 ...
05:48 wannabe1987 i didn't say zomb
05:48 wannabe1987 i said zomg
05:49 Toastdude Zomb!
05:50 * Toastdude got two books full on networking terms :D
05:50 wannabe1987 scary
05:51 Toastdude Now I can understand people
05:52 wannabe1987 i'll be all alone on my misunderstanding.  thanks.
05:53 wannabe1987 yes, i can fall asleep to this drill thingy o.o
05:53 wannabe1987 cb 12-26-11
05:54 wannabe1987 he's really loud tho :/
05:57 wannabe1987 boden has a family?
05:57 wannabe1987 odd
05:57 wannabe1987 i mean, i know he does, he has to, but we don't hear much/know much about them/it
05:58 astro73|alice he mentions his family?
05:58 wannabe1987 yeah.  12-26-11, his family came through for a tour
05:59 Retep_ joined #thegeekgroup
06:00 wannabe1987 roadran422: are you hee deep?
06:01 wannabe1987 i keep saying HII DEEP and want to know how to actually say it :/
06:02 wannabe1987 uh oh
06:04 wannabe1987 i don't like facebook updates "so and so went from "in a relationship" to "single"
06:05 Cprossu
06:05 Cprossu I had to totally redo the hvl
06:05 Cprossu still in progress
06:06 Cprossu Man this building is a mess
06:12 wannabe1987 looks good
06:12 wannabe1987 nice robot
06:16 wannabe1987 bill doesn't know when his birthday is :P
06:19 lwq1996 i dont know if i have school tomorrow and i cant get onto my schools website
06:20 wannabe1987 how do you not know?
06:21 lwq1996 i lost track o time
06:24 wannabe1987 i just forgot where i was :P
06:25 wannabe1987 holy crap the vid is an hour 5
06:25 wannabe1987 why so long?!
06:30 lwq1996 hey masterofmonks you around
06:30 masterofmonks Yes.
06:30 lwq1996 how do you send games too people
06:30 lwq1996 i want so send one to you and my sister
06:31 masterofmonks Hit the community tab, then your inventory.
06:31 lwq1996 ah
06:32 lwq1996 ok now what do i do
06:32 masterofmonks Do you see the games?
06:32 lwq1996 i see tabs
06:33 masterofmonks Do you see one labeled Steam?
06:33 lwq1996 yes
06:33 lwq1996 theres nothing under it
06:38 wannabe1987 bill seems to be better with ladders
06:38 lwq1996 what?
06:39 wannabe1987 not as scared of heights
06:44 wannabe1987 w00t for theological discussions at almost 2am....
06:46 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
06:47 lwq1996 lol
06:48 wannabe1987 i'm hungry
06:53 wannabe1987 too late
06:53 lwq1996 lol
06:54 wannabe1987 mmmmm ghiradelli chocolate
06:54 lwq1996 lol
06:55 lwq1996 god i hate myself >.< i cant even ask a girl out
06:55 wannabe1987 why not?
06:55 lwq1996 and a girl i really love
06:56 Toastdude Good. There's no need for girls.
06:56 wannabe1987 GIRLS ARE EVIL
06:56 Toastdude Except wannabe and Niobe
06:56 wannabe1987 dad just got up
06:56 lwq1996 toastdude you will be forever alone
06:56 wannabe1987 and gave me a strange look that said "why are you still up"
06:56 Toastdude Meh, yeah..
06:56 Toastdude No, I don't
06:56 lwq1996 i thought you did
06:56 Toastdude Did
06:56 wannabe1987 lol
06:57 Toastdude She broke up cause I'm a geek... -_-
06:57 lwq1996 i mean i love this girl, i went out with her and she broke up with me because i was so fucking immature then
06:57 lwq1996 lol
06:57 Toastdude Nice.. lol
06:57 wannabe1987 trina?
06:57 lwq1996 yes trina
06:57 wannabe1987 ...
06:57 lwq1996 look who liked my status
06:57 Toastdude Why can't you ask her out again?
06:58 lwq1996 im to scared too
06:58 wannabe1987 don't wanna get hurt again?
06:58 lwq1996 dont wanna be put down again
06:58 wannabe1987 ....boden = kermit?!
06:58 lwq1996 ?
06:58 wannabe1987 well, she did like it....
06:58 wannabe1987 in the 12-27-11 vid
06:59 lwq1996 wannabe needs to catch up on her captains blogs
06:59 wannabe1987 yes
06:59 wannabe1987 she does
07:00 wannabe1987 she's been preoccupied the for the end of the year...
07:00 CaptainNiobe i thought chris sounded quite good as kermit... :P
07:00 wannabe1987 he does
07:00 wannabe1987 i was impressed
07:00 CaptainNiobe me too lol
07:00 wannabe1987 and lee, i wanted to like the status, but it woulad been in jest, so id din't.
07:01 wannabe1987 i don't like hurtin friend
07:01 wannabe1987 s*
07:01 lwq1996 i can do a kermit but its not as good
07:02 lwq1996 i woulnt anyways because my, wait i blocked my dad, nvm
07:02 wannabe1987 its ok lee.  we still love you :)
07:02 lwq1996 lol
07:02 wannabe1987 :)
07:03 * wannabe1987 also loves CaptainNiobe
07:03 wannabe1987 o.O
07:03 * CaptainNiobe loves wannabe1987 too
07:03 lwq1996 i just want to run my head into a brick wall, i want to spill my heart out to her, but she may deny and i will be forever alone because of her
07:03 wannabe1987 :D
07:03 wannabe1987 trina?  she liked it!  ask her what she wants
07:03 CaptainNiobe lee. that's no way to think.
07:04 astro73|alice guys, guys, guys.
07:04 astro73|alice i think i found something scarier than SOPA
07:04 astro73|alice
07:05 wannabe1987 is this what you posted on fb?
07:05 wannabe1987 o
07:05 wannabe1987 no
07:05 wannabe1987 ok
07:05 astro73|alice can anyone confirm or deny it?
07:05 astro73|alice no, i mean legit scarier than SOPA
07:05 wannabe1987 i read it now
07:05 wannabe1987 this is scary
07:06 astro73|alice oh shit
07:06 astro73|alice it gets scarier than that
07:06 lwq1996 fuck the president
07:06 astro73|alice
07:06 BotSteve Title: What The NDAA Is And Isn’t | Lez Get Real
07:06 wannabe1987 lwq1996 is now a terrorist
07:06 lwq1996 they cant hurt me im a child
07:07 lwq1996 i didnt say i wanted to kill him
07:07 lwq1996 i just hate him
07:07 wannabe1987 night kitty
07:07 astro73|alice the president had to sign it because it authorizes payment for things like soldiers benefits
07:07 lwq1996 night night sleepycat
07:07 astro73|alice but the republicans added the rider stripping rights
07:07 astro73|alice but stripping constitutional rights won't hold in court
07:08 astro73|alice well, shouldn't
07:08 * wannabe1987 starts a third vid
07:09 wannabe1987 kids expression is so cool!
07:09 wannabe1987 omni has a birthday!!!!
07:10 wannabe1987 (i know, i'm behind)
07:10 lwq1996 its one day after mine too
07:10 wannabe1987 :)
07:10 astro73|alice ok, that makes me feel better about obama
07:10 wannabe1987 what did you get for your birthday?
07:10 lwq1996 this kid knows alot
07:10 lwq1996;feature=g-u&amp;context=G2afacc7FUAAAAAAAAAA
07:10 BotSteve Title: I fixed my oscilloscope - YouTube
07:10 astro73|alice still leaves me wanting to strangle the republican party
07:10 lwq1996 oh its still in the mail wannabe
07:10 astro73|alice but that's not new
07:10 lwq1996 but its stuff for my ipod
07:10 wannabe1987 oooo
07:11 wannabe1987 and COOKIES
07:11 wannabe1987 and um the card is um at home still :/
07:11 lwq1996 and im getting a scope, see threw scope mount and maby a bipod for my rifle
07:11 wannabe1987 it'll get sent out sometime
07:11 wannabe1987 cool
07:11 lwq1996 dont worry wannabe
07:11 lwq1996 cookies were enough
07:11 Danz_ video uploaded. my responce to the minecraft lab challange.;
07:11 BotSteve Title: TGG minecraft lab - YouTube
07:13 astro73|alice Danz_: Have you visited the lab?
07:13 Danz_ nope
07:13 Danz_ i plan on it
07:13 lwq1996 lol
07:13 wannabe1987 did you get it from djrock's vid?
07:13 wannabe1987 Danz_ where are you?
07:13 Danz_ no thisone is from scratch
07:14 lwq1996 oh btw you may need to change the begining with tgg come in
07:14 wannabe1987 ah.  ok
07:14 Danz_ i live in cincinnati
07:14 wannabe1987 not *too* far
07:14 astro73|alice you missed the back door in the astro lounge
07:15 Danz_ its not perfect. but considering iv never been there. im shore its not bad
07:15 lwq1996 astro you've been to the lab :P
07:15 astro73|alice that's why i'm telling him
07:15 wannabe1987 astro lives 20 min max from the lab
07:15 wannabe1987 i hope he's been there
07:15 wannabe1987 i've seen him in a vid.
07:15 astro73|alice and i don't think they've ever shown upstairs in vid
07:15 wannabe1987 :nods:
07:15 wannabe1987 upstairs where?
07:15 astro73|alice the other lockerroom, sauna, etc
07:16 wannabe1987 i think they have....
07:16 wannabe1987 i've been up there.  idk
07:16 astro73|alice I think it's slotted for staff areas
07:17 astro73|alice "I have no idea what this is" is a utility closet, iirc?
07:17 wannabe1987 i'm not watching that vid, so idk
07:17 wannabe1987 i'm watching a cb
07:17 Danz_ there is a few places i wasn't able to get
07:18 astro73|alice and that back lockerroom area? it's a mess
07:18 Danz_ the womans locker room?
07:19 astro73|alice mens
07:19 astro73|alice the stairs go down, there's a door to the outside. the stairs double back and continue down to the storage field
07:19 Danz_ so a tornado hit the woodworking lab?
07:19 astro73|alice on the door level, it goes to the showers, and eventually to the wood area
07:20 astro73|alice the doors to the boiler room are to the right of the steps as you go down
07:20 astro73|alice does bolt depot still have a door to tools?
07:20 wannabe1987 yes
07:21 astro73|alice the two sets of stairs
07:21 astro73|alice one goes down to the computer lab
07:21 astro73|alice one goes up and connects to the cafe level and continues up to women's
07:22 Danz_ this was made without maps too
07:22 Danz_ i got a PDF of the lab
07:22 Danz_ ill be makeing a more accurate version some time soon
07:22 astro73|alice there are no maps afaik
07:22 astro73|alice there's a PDF of the lab now?
07:22 astro73|alice that's an improvement
07:23 astro73|alice aaaaaaaand you've stumped me on those stairs. IDK what's at the bottom of them either
07:24 astro73|alice that half of the building would have the secondary labs in the basement (computer, electronics, and chemistry)
07:26 astro73|alice those robotics stairs are correct. They also go up and connect to the astro lounge and the lower broadcast lab (with the sound stages)
07:26 Danz_ ooooh
07:27 Danz_ i had a feeling there was some sort of acess there
07:27 Danz_ i saw some stairs but never seen them used
07:27 astro73|alice also, if you walk along the wall from the stairs in robotics, there is another set of stairs
07:27 Danz_ ill figure it out when i make 2.0
07:28 astro73|alice they connect to the other end of lower broadcast and the only access to master control (which is directly above broadcast)
07:29 astro73|alice if that makes any sense at all
07:29 astro73|alice there's PDFs?
07:30 astro73|alice the sound studio is physically pretty much the same as the other two
07:30 Danz_ yea
07:30 astro73|alice link?
07:31 Danz_
07:31 astro73|alice and the  you're right about the pendulum. it connects to the robotics lab at the bottom
07:32 Danz_ i have the map for download if you want to play with it
07:33 lwq1996 push button recieve bacon ftw!
07:33 astro73|alice i don't have minecraft
07:33 Danz_ lol was that you that just commented on that? lol
07:33 lwq1996 yes :P
07:33 Danz_ its like $24 and worth every penny
07:33 Danz_ anyone with a creative imagenation its like digital crack
07:34 astro73|alice and i'm so broke i can't afford the gas to visit my girlfriend
07:34 wannabe1987 o.O
07:34 wannabe1987 you are?
07:34 astro73|alice and my creativity has floated away over the years
07:34 lwq1996 i get bored with everything and it would just be waisted money for me:P for that i could buy a rifle scope
07:34 astro73|alice wannabe1987: I've been on a gas allowance for months
07:34 wannabe1987 i'm sorry :/
07:34 wannabe1987 yeah.  i know that
07:34 astro73|alice Danz_: I can comment on stairs and levels though
07:35 astro73|alice eg, the first page isn't very clear about up stairs and down stairs
07:36 Cprossu I have a fucking headache now lol
07:36 wannabe1987 why?
07:36 wannabe1987 too much alcohol?
07:36 lwq1996 to much soldering fumes?
07:36 Cprossu nope
07:36 Cprossu too much minecraft =P
07:36 lwq1996 lol
07:36 wannabe1987 lol
07:37 Cprossu
07:37 Cprossu and it's thundering now
07:37 Danz_ as fun as it was. im happy to be done with the video tour watching for hours
07:37 Cprossu HVL hvac 'installed'
07:37 wannabe1987 i'm going to be dead tomorrow....its almost 3 and i'm still up
07:37 astro73|alice unfortunately, Cprossu probably has Danz_ beat
07:38 astro73|alice given that's he's probably spent more time at the lab than i have
07:38 wannabe1987 altho, i started the vacation on 4 hours of sleep
07:38 Cprossu I could help you probably with mostly anything you need located
07:39 astro73|alice a few stairs and all of the downstairs
07:39 Cprossu I'm doing this mostly by memory but there are plenty of captains blogs videos with definitive stuff
07:39 Danz_ mine was built from videos (requirements for the contest)
07:39 astro73|alice Cprossu:
07:39 Danz_ however. i am going to be building a v2.0 useing maps
07:39 Cprossu astro73|alice that drawing is way off
07:40 Danz_ it is?
07:40 Cprossu yeah =/
07:40 astro73|alice that's what i thought the status was
07:40 Cprossu some of it is more off than other parts
07:40 Danz_ dosn't every building have a copy of its blueprints at the local town hall?
07:40 astro73|alice supposedly
07:40 Cprossu it's a long story
07:41 Cprossu there's exactly one copy
07:41 Cprossu and one guy
07:41 astro73|alice every building is also supposed to be to code
07:41 Cprossu that does ALL the work for the city
07:41 Cprossu you have to schedule time with him months in advance
07:41 Danz_ *cough* electical *cough*
07:41 Cprossu at least that's waht I found out when I was there
07:42 Cprossu the thing that looks the most off is the swimming pool area
07:42 wannabe1987 why does boden know how to put on a straightjacket?
07:42 wannabe1987 poor soops
07:42 astro73|alice wannabe1987: why ask questions like that? it's boden
07:42 Danz_ so other than that drawing. the best way to get a idea of what is where. is to visit the lab?
07:42 Cprossu the offices are completely different too
07:43 astro73|alice Cprossu: he got the offices right, though.
07:43 wannabe1987 i can work on making my own not-to-scale blueprints :/
07:43 astro73|alice mostly what's off is the stairs
07:43 wannabe1987 i will eventually, but um i work 2 jobs now
07:43 Cprossu best way is to look at the 'gutting' work captains blogs
07:43 wannabe1987 mhm
07:43 Cprossu the stairs are everywhere on this map
07:43 astro73|alice wannabe1987: having a structural map of the lab would be helpful
07:43 wannabe1987 mhm
07:43 Toastdude Don't go wannabe!
07:44 wannabe1987 where am i going?
07:44 Cprossu I have a few floor plans but they are from before the plans were final
07:44 Cprossu and also you have to remember
07:44 Cprossu 3-4 additions
07:44 Toastdude To sleep
07:44 Cprossu including the removal of some structure
07:44 Danz_ well. that can be worked around
07:44 astro73|alice it honestly wouldn't surprise me if the plans filed with the city were wrong
07:44 Danz_ can get a outdated copy. and have a tour. and mark what has been updated
07:45 Cprossu let's just say when you put it all together in autocad you'll be utterly confused.
07:45 astro73|alice god yes
07:45 Danz_ its gotta be one of the most comlex buildings ever
07:45 Cprossu here's a good example
07:45 Cprossu you know the lounge right?
07:45 Cprossu the door leading to the studios and downstairs mdh
07:45 Danz_ if you look at it from google maps. it looks like 4 buildings stitched togeather
07:45 Cprossu Danz409 it is
07:46 Cprossu and I am getting to one of those stitches
07:46 Cprossu the door from the staircase to the lounge is where two buildings meet
07:46 Cprossu and you know master control?
07:46 Cprossu the 'wall' of master control is exterior brick of the gym (mdh)
07:46 Danz_ yup
07:46 Danz_ i remember that part
07:47 Danz_ they ran a cable through it and it went out to the roof
07:47 Cprossu to make things more confusing
07:47 Cprossu the handball courts
07:47 Cprossu as they are today
07:47 Cprossu came about like this
07:47 Cprossu There was NOTHING after the lounge green door at one time
07:47 Cprossu they added a outdoor handball court
07:47 Cprossu they tore it down later
07:47 Cprossu they built the track then
07:48 Cprossu then they put 4 handball courts ontop of it (indoor)
07:48 Danz_ wow
07:48 astro73|alice Cprossu: where do the back stairs past the board room come out in the basement?
07:48 Cprossu they come out at a door
07:48 wannabe1987 they dont....they go out a door
07:48 Cprossu but here's a interesting factoid about those stairs
07:48 Danz_ i think its right near the door that exits in the MDH
07:48 Cprossu the other side of the stairs is a locker room
07:48 Cprossu (can't remember which one)
07:49 wannabe1987 i don't know which is wich :P
07:49 Cprossu;tab=Xl
07:49 BotSteve Title: Google Maps
07:50 Cprossu check the sattelite out
07:50 astro73|alice try that link again?
07:50 Cprossu the stairs go out to the little door to the right of the generator
07:50 Cprossu (little tent thing up too)
07:52 Danz_ i need to find a schematic for this power supply. wanna get it running agan
07:52 Cprossu but as far as I know the order was, pool was built with the building, the gym added later, the outdoor handball court after that, the track after that
07:53 Cprossu (along with the indoor handball courts)
07:53 Danz_ don't think im going to find the transformer needed...
07:53 Danz_ should probably just toss a computer power supply in it
07:53 Cprossu so you got that satellite photo to look at Danz_?
07:53 Danz_ one sec
07:53 Danz_ i got it from google maps. but i got a pic of it in the froums
07:54 Danz_ thought i did
07:54 Danz_
07:55 Cprossu that image is tiny
07:55 wannabe1987 I AM GOING TO BED IT IS 3AM and i have to drive tomorrow (today)
07:55 wannabe1987 night!
07:55 Danz_ could be bigger but quility wouldn't inprove any
07:55 astro73|alice,+grand+rapids+mi&amp;hl=en&amp;ll=42.9851,-85.691149&amp;spn=0.001305,0.002411&amp;sll=37.0625,-95.677068&amp;sspn=46.005754,79.013672&amp;vpsrc=6&amp;hnear=900+Leonard+St+NW,+Grand+Rapids,+Kent,+Michigan+49504&amp;t=h&amp;z=19
07:55 BotSteve Title: 900 leonard, grand rapids mi - Google Maps
07:55 Cprossu astro73|alice there we go
07:56 Cprossu and zoom in @ Danz_
07:56 Cprossu the right hand side of the three buildings is the original building, what looks like segments is gas pipeline
07:56 Danz_ zooming in does nothing a that point but bloat the pixals
07:56 Cprossu I have a clear picture Danz_
07:57 Cprossu on astro73|alice's link
07:57 astro73|alice turning off 45deg is helpful
07:57 Cprossu top most left hand side is the handball courts + robotics + master control.
07:57 Cprossu master control's floor is actually anchored to the last building (the gym)
07:58 Cprossu so with the top left building we have 3 clear levels,
07:58 Cprossu but the lower level is not connected in any way to the old building's basement
07:59 astro73|alice of the four pieces, the right 2 are the same building, yes?
07:59 Cprossu yes
07:59 astro73|alice the HVAC space above the cafe kitchen is at the same level as the girls lockerroom, then
08:00 Cprossu Pool/main building including lockers was first, gym was second, odd things happened in the area the handball courts reside in, and those were built.
08:00 Cprossu the pool area is higher than the front of the building
08:00 Cprossu and that includes the cafe area
08:01 Cprossu speaking of which I still have to build upper mech
08:01 astro73|alice it's been good fun picking brains, but it's 3am here. good night
08:01 Cprossu night astro73|alice
08:01 Toastdude Night astro
08:02 Danz_ cprossu you sed you have a copy of the old floor plans right? is it that PDF i showed?
08:02 Cprossu nope
08:02 Cprossu mine is really really old
08:02 Danz_ are you able to post them?
08:02 Cprossu as in when they were proposing the building to be made
08:02 Danz_ whoa
08:02 Danz_ thats cool
08:02 Cprossu I am not due to having signed an NDA with the grr library
08:02 Cprossu so sorry about that
08:03 Danz_ not due to haveing signed an NDA?
08:03 Cprossu (we might be able to make it all public in time)
08:03 Cprossu *am not able to hand them out freely*
08:03 Cprossu I snapped some photos of it but it won't help you out
08:04 Cprossu because they rearranged it before it was built
08:04 Cprossu and the drawings are concept and 'not to scale'
08:04 Cprossu Danz_ there is a roof walkthrough you should look at though
08:04 Danz_ suppose ill just hold on my more accurate build than
08:04 Cprossu I think the only way we're gonna get accurate though
08:05 Danz_ at least untill i visit
08:05 Cprossu is if we get some surveying equipment and some other stuff
08:05 Cprossu and figure out just WTF happened
08:05 Cprossu I remember stitching 3-4 plans together that we had to say 'this part describes this area better than this one' etc
08:06 Cprossu but when it came to the basement all bets were off
08:06 dr_jkl [Cngh
08:06 Danz_ whoever owned that building before the geek group... just wow...
08:07 Cprossu the people who actually did the renovation work uh.... lets just say they weren't known for their craftsmenship
08:07 Danz_ im shocked that some of the eletrical was in the conditoin it was in
08:07 Cprossu we have 4 flavors of electrical in that building
08:08 Danz_ redneck, older than kidwell, gank as crap, and correct wireing to last decade code
08:08 Cprossu the original cloth stuff from the late 50's, very well done stuff from the mid to late 60's, really junk stuff from the early to mid 80's,
08:08 Danz_ that would be the older than kidwell
08:08 Cprossu and whatever horrible things the later maintenance men did
08:08 Cprossu We worked out the electrical didn't go completely to shit until the early 90's
08:09 Danz_ about the time YMCA had it right?
08:10 Cprossu the Y had it from 1957 (built then) 'till 2005
08:11 Cprossu and it really went to shit with the churches/etc that got it
08:11 Cprossu big time
08:11 Danz_ chances are they didn't hire a real eletriction to do the work and took it upon themself to do it
08:12 Cprossu indeed they did
08:12 Cprossu assholes.
08:14 Danz_ wouldn't they be responsible for any damages done with there craftsmanship aka a fire
08:14 Cprossu good luck with that
08:23 PacketHumper joined #thegeekgroup
08:23 PacketHumper quiet in here tonight.
08:24 Danz_ wow
08:25 PacketHumper someone else who's alive!
08:25 Danz_ so not only is fedex tossing valuble eletronics around like nobody owns it
08:25 Danz_ they plan to increase there rates by 6%
08:25 PacketHumper doesn't shock me.
08:25 Danz_ and they wander why more people are useing USPS/UPS
08:25 PacketHumper Are you talking about drivers and the way they treat their equipment?
08:25 Danz_ yea
08:26 Danz_ soo many videos of fedex drivers just chucking packages over fences and down peoples driveways
08:26 Danz_ and yet they want you to pay a premeum for that service
08:26 PacketHumper My mother in law works at UPS.  it's pretty funny the stories of damaged trucks, pads, etc.
08:26 PacketHumper lol never thought to look for those
08:27 PacketHumper i wonder if ups does the same or if they cleaned up their act thanks to ace ventura.
08:28 Danz_ all shipping companies are guilty
08:28 Danz_ just fedex is the worst by a long shot
08:28 Cprossu well I am going to partake in the ancient tradition of sleeping
08:29 Cprossu later all
08:29 Danz409 wow
08:29 Danz409 apperntly i was signed in 2 clients at once
08:29 Cprossu it happens
08:30 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
08:31 PacketHumper people still sleep?
08:31 PacketHumper night CP
08:32 PacketHumper wow this client does let me hit tab for autocomplete?  how am i supposed to be lazy?
08:32 PacketHumper oops doesn't
08:33 lwq1996 i should get to bed
08:33 PacketHumper i should too but it's too much fun watching my dog try to catch snow flakes through a closed sliding door.
08:33 Danz409 lol
08:34 lwq1996 lol
08:34 Danz409 i would expect him to do the same with a laser pointer?
08:34 lwq1996 lol
08:34 PacketHumper hardwood floors and 125lb dog are bad enough... add a laser pointer and it's a party.
08:34 PacketHumper Toastdude: shhhh they like it
08:34 Toastdude Haha
08:34 Danz409 ROFL
08:35 Danz409 dog bowling much?
08:35 Danz409 *sets up wall of tissue paper*
08:35 Toastdude Well if it suits them, okay :P
08:35 Toastdude Dog bowling!
08:35 PacketHumper funny you mention that... tree is connected to an i-bolt in the wall via cable.
08:36 PacketHumper not taking a chance on the tree falling due to dogs or my stupidity. lol
08:36 lwq1996 im going to bed guys
08:36 lwq1996 later everyone
08:36 Toastdude Awe, night Lee
08:36 PacketHumper night
08:36 lwq1996 and i have been up since 9am\
08:37 Toastdude I know, but I stayed up till 5 yesterday :P
08:37 PacketHumper funny, i've watched the captains blog since the beginning while idling in an irc room but never thought to jump in here.
08:37 Toastdude Oh... nevermind then
08:37 PacketHumper east coast huh?
08:37 PacketHumper chicago-ish here
08:37 lwq1996 pittsburgh ish here
08:38 PacketHumper any snow?
08:38 lwq1996 i think i see a little dusting but nothing much if any
08:39 PacketHumper same here
08:39 lwq1996 i want snow!!!!!
08:39 lwq1996 hasnt bearly snowed here this year
08:39 lwq1996 its strange
08:39 lwq1996 but i gtg
08:40 lwq1996 later guys have fun
08:40 PacketHumper for new years we had a fire outside.
08:40 PacketHumper later
08:40 lwq1996 one question though why is you name PacketHumper
08:40 Toastdude Because they like it.
08:41 PacketHumper because BoxHumper was taken
08:41 Toastdude lol
08:41 lwq1996 o.o poor packets
08:41 lwq1996 lol
08:41 lwq1996 ok gnight
08:41 Sgt_Lemming
08:42 Toastdude That's kinda neat..
08:42 PacketHumper poor? they practically beg for it.  zipping through cable and equipment.
08:42 PacketHumper Wow, what kind of sorcery did that.
08:43 Toastdude Light!
08:43 PacketHumper man that had to have taken a lot of patients
08:43 Toastdude Or CS5...
08:44 Toastdude :P
08:44 PacketHumper photons to be more specific.
08:44 PacketHumper lol the easy way
08:44 Toastdude After a few hundred shots "Oh, to heck with that..." *photoshop*
08:45 PacketHumper adobe makes it way to easy now adays
08:45 * PacketHumper has been there.
08:46 electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
08:47 PacketHumper to be more specific on the nickname, it came about at around 6am after being awake for almost 48 hours straight during a network upgrade.
08:48 PacketHumper anyone else who works in IT should know how things are after that much time.
08:53 PacketHumper is there a trivia bot in here?
08:55 Danz409 sleepy time
08:55 Danz409 gonna get started on trying to fix my power supply tommarow
08:56 PacketHumper !trivia
08:56 PacketHumper bummer
08:58 PacketHumper time to get some shuteye.  toodles
09:18 electricguy morning
09:57 Sgt_Lemming + === whole barrel of fun
09:57 BotSteve Title: HobbyKing R/C Hobby Store : Mercury Alloy 64mm 3700KV EDF Unit (3s~5s)
09:59 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
10:00 Seroster;v=pIB9Qz8d3Xk
10:00 BotSteve Title: GOODBYE, 2011 - YouTube
10:05 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
10:06 ajcc is DealExtreme a good store? I got a request from a staff member to scan/photograph my credit card and my ID, and put the images up up ImageShark... that's not at all a safe nor sound way to handle credit card information!
10:07 Seroster DO NOT
10:08 Seroster If ANYONE asks you for your card information and ID tell them to go fuck themselves with a sledgehammer
10:08 ajcc I'm not that stupid, but it's quite alarming and The Geek Group should not recommend this store!
10:08 ajcc that's what I did
10:08 ajcc but in an orderly and kind way
10:10 ajcc hmm, they have already pulled the money from the card :/
10:10 Seroster Tell your story, with links and screendumps, and send to
10:13 CaptainNiobe ajcc, if you didn't authorise the transaction, get a hold of your bank and have thewm stop them, and if possible, reverse the transfer
10:14 ajcc I canceled the electronic card, so it should bounce, if not I'll call my bank
10:14 ajcc but I'll e-mail the bank just to be safe as well
10:14 ajcc now that you mention it
10:14 CaptainNiobe this is why i never give my redit card info. if i can't use paypal to pay, i won't buy. that simple.
10:15 CaptainNiobe credit* fail lol
10:15 ajcc my bank offers a secure card for using with electronics store, the card can only be used once, and only with a limited amount, so they can rip me off, but they can't steal all my money. some saftey at least
10:16 Toast^Terraria You have a... creative mind Seroster.. :P
10:24 ajcc ok, email sent to the geek group
10:25 ajcc there's the two screenshots
10:25 BotSteve Title: E-mail from Deal Extreme - Imgur
10:26 electricguy i'm thinking about buying the book 30 arduino projects for the evil genius :3
10:27 ajcc oh, hmm, they told me to hide he first 6 digits and last 4... oh well, maybe I just got away in the heat of things
10:28 ajcc :/
10:30 ajcc I feel a bit stupid now, but this can't be a propper way to do things? Scanning your ID and Credit Card with hidden numbers?
10:30 electricguy why would you do that?
10:32 ajcc I'll come back later and hear what people say about all this. Take care guys!
10:33 electricguy that card scan thing doesn't sound like Dealextreme at all.... sounds like spam
10:34 electricguy that's not even how a real mail from DX looks
10:40 electricguy i have bought a lot of stuff from Dealextreme and it's great. i have never ever got any messange asking me to scan or take a photo of my credit card
10:58 Sgt_Lemming sending anyone a scan/fax of a credit card is a BAD idea
11:08 electricguy yeah
11:08 electricguy i really wonder how and why he got that message telling him to do that
11:57 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
11:58 JA12 joined #thegeekgroup
12:00 killawayZZzz øhgcdg,mkho5whl
12:00 killawayZZzz 'lbjnfz
12:00 killawayZZzz hgjnbxdcbhcdtgjkcgdcbjhvc vf c
12:00 killawayZZzz jdckhdfjkthf
12:01 * CaptainNiobe watches
12:02 killawayZZzz v,lsjkgjugfyrfhccfgjhgvc,ju.volibknnnnnnvtbcxcbxzsxgbch vfb uvgcnmnxuhedfhgjjgvrunvynmouyn8viimuehjgtkutngjvbtyfvhfv
12:02 killawayZZzz jug5ithjkjud2ifrhgfjyutyg
12:02 CaptainNiobe come on, settle please
12:05 Seroster killawayZZzz... I KILL YOU
12:08 killawayZZzz its my kids
12:08 killawayZZzz :P
12:08 killawayZZzz they love computers :P
12:10 killawayZZzz they  arent doing that again
12:11 Seroster Hey
12:11 Seroster Can your kids read?
12:12 Seroster HAAA FUCK IT!
12:12 Seroster CaptainNiobe, Do you mind if I die?
12:14 y007ghg7 sigh
12:14 y007ghg7 i have to go to school today
12:14 Sgt_Lemming fricking ow, ingrown hair that's grown under a scar...
12:14 CaptainNiobe sero?
12:14 CaptainNiobe lemming, tweezers?
12:15 Sgt_Lemming it's ingrown, i.e. under the skin CaptainNiobe, gonna have to attack it with a scalpel later
12:15 Seroster Imma have electricity fun!
12:15 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, how goes the MOT stack?
12:15 killawayZZzz yes my kids can read
12:15 electricguy i'm thinking about building a power supply shield for my arduino
12:15 CaptainNiobe eek... i can see what i can do about it tomorrow if you'll be at the space if you want lemming?
12:15 Sgt_Lemming CaptainNiobe, I am fine
12:16 CaptainNiobe okays
12:16 Sgt_Lemming not the first time I've handled it myself
12:16 electricguy a shield with a LiPo cell, a charger and a switching regulator
12:16 Sgt_Lemming downside of doing things that make me sweat lots
12:16 electricguy but i don't have any female headers with long legs... so i dunno
12:16 Sgt_Lemming electricguy, more than cell would be a good idea so you can get more than 3.3v out of it
12:16 Seroster Sgt_Lemming,
12:16 BotSteve Title: HexaMOTstack first light - YouTube
12:16 Seroster Thats how its going
12:16 Seroster Now
12:17 Seroster I am going to do the Big R
12:17 Seroster Research!
12:17 electricguy Sgt_Lemming, switching regulator...
12:17 Seroster A mot makes 2200volts from 220volts
12:17 Sgt_Lemming step up?
12:17 Seroster If I feed a mot 2200 I would in theory get 22000 out
12:17 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, that's a bit more than 2200 volts
12:17 Seroster Yeah, that is six times 2.2kv, 13.2kv total
12:17 electricguy i have the stuff hooked up here. a little Pololu reg that can take 0.8V-4.something V and give 5V out
12:17 electricguy it can run th
12:17 electricguy oops
12:18 Sgt_Lemming yeah I know the one electricguy
12:18 Sgt_Lemming I have the 23v version
12:18 electricguy it can run my arduino thermometer for about 12H on the little 1Ah LiPo cell
12:18 Sgt_Lemming 2.2v to 9v input, 10 - 23v output
12:18 electricguy my reg is 13x8mm
12:18 electricguy pretty much the size of a 3 pin pin header
12:19 electricguy 5V 200mA out
12:19 Sgt_Lemming yeah, this one is the same size
12:19 electricguy oki
12:19 electricguy they are pretty handy
12:19 electricguy then i got a LiPo cell and charger/distro board for it from sparkfun
12:20 electricguy can cahrge fropm a mini USB plug or a DC jack
12:20 electricguy charge*
12:20 Sgt_Lemming yeah
12:20 Sgt_Lemming I know the one
12:21 electricguy oki
12:22 electricguy i may buy a protoshield and some headers and make it into a PSU shield
12:23 Sgt_Lemming I have a project in mind where I will doing a similar thing, but mine will be using a single cell stepped up to 5v and then get the bejsus filtered out of it because I want it CLEAN for an audio amp
12:24 electricguy hehe oki
12:24 electricguy :)
12:25 electricguy an alternative i'm thinking of is to make a tiny box with the LiPo and regulator and that
12:25 electricguy to have for portable purposes
12:26 electricguy but a shield is also nic
12:26 electricguy nice*
12:26 electricguy so i don't have to have any cables and crap hanging out
12:28 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
12:28 electricguy btw, the protoscrewshield from sparkfun is fucking awesome
12:28 Sgt_Lemming heh
12:29 electricguy and then a regular breadboard shield ontop of that
12:29 Sgt_Lemming electricguy
12:29 BotSteve Title: Picasa Web Albums - Lemming . - Touch Pro 2
12:30 electricguy yeah i've seen that
12:30 Sgt_Lemming kk
13:11 BobCat hey, that ajcc guy was wrong about dealextreme
13:16 tonsofpcs ?
13:17 electricguy BobCat, yes
13:17 electricguy i have bought stuff from dX many many times and i have never got the question to scan my credit card.. so i have no idea what ajcc was doing really.
13:18 electricguy buying stuff from DX is never a problem. just like buying form any other online store
13:19 Sgt_Lemming I have been asked to confirm a detail on the card, like Exp or last 4 digits of the card number
13:19 Sgt_Lemming but never been asked for a picture of the card
13:19 Sgt_Lemming I would never give them that anyway
13:20 electricguy exactly
13:22 electricguy i almost always have to specify something on my card. but i can't see any problem with that
13:22 BobCat they already have his numbers...
13:22 electricguy yeah
13:23 electricguy as long as they don't know how the card looks it's pretty safe
13:23 BobCat they never asked  to post his info on imageshark
13:23 BobCat he hallucinated that
13:23 electricguy yeah, that too
13:26 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
13:27 electricguy wb ajcc
13:27 ajcc hey guys, so I'm not that upset anymore. about Deal Extreme, they did only ask me to scan the credit card with some numbers shown, and the security numbers well hidden. and also the id.
13:27 ajcc electricguy: thx
13:28 electricguy ajcc, about that dealextreme thing, i don't what the hell you have done, cause i have bout stuff from DX many many times and i have never got any mail telling me to scan my card.
13:28 electricguy so, nothing wrong with DX
13:28 electricguy and that meail you got doesn't even look like the ones i get from DX.. o_O
13:28 ajcc yeah, I think I've must have picked their own credit card thing, instead of the third party (but professional) secure option
13:29 roadran422 Hola
13:29 electricguy hi roadran422
13:29 electricguy i use their second payment option
13:29 electricguy which is a 3rd party thing, but not paypal
13:29 BobCat ajcc it did not say to  put yor info on imageshark...
13:29 Seroster So
13:30 Seroster Now I got power in for my seriestack
13:30 tonsofpcs they tell you that if you use theirs, every /n/ get randomly selected for an ID scan.
13:30 electricguy so, nothing wrong with DealExtreme at all :) just buy and have fun with your toys :)
13:30 ajcc BobCat: not in the e-mail, but on their site, the second image. the upload image bars stated that they used ImageShark, or that one should use it if theirs didn't work.
13:31 electricguy do anyone know if there is going to be any acticity in TGG lab today?
13:31 electricguy activity*
13:32 BobCat how about youe lab?
13:32 BobCat all i see is trees
13:32 ajcc tonsofpcs: well, it's not a way to do it that's correct and safe imo, and my bank strongly recommended against anything like that. unless it was an ID check at a physical store.
13:32 electricguy nah, i don't feel that great today
13:32 tonsofpcs electricguy: only people who may be going there may know
13:32 ajcc tonsofpcs: it's probably alright and all that jazz, but it creeps me out and I don't feel safe doing so
13:32 electricguy starting to get a cold, so it's not very motivating to do hacks
13:32 tonsofpcs ajcc: so don't do it.
13:32 ajcc I'd rather just use paypal or so
13:33 * ajcc just want to say: Sorry for sharing my paranoia. Deal Extreme is probably alright, but use their second credit card option, which uses a real electronic identification system, instead.
13:35 electricguy use this option
13:35 electricguy have never been any problem for me
13:36 BobCat just send electricguy an envelope of cash
13:36 electricguy lol
13:36 ajcc :)
13:36 BobCat well, i trust you
13:36 ajcc how do you guys type in the address to the geek group labs?
13:36 ajcc I wonder if that's what made that ID thingy go red-flag
13:38 electricguy The Geek Group
13:38 electricguy c/o Donations
13:38 electricguy 902 Leonard Street NW
13:38 electricguy Grand Rapids MI 49504
13:38 roadran422 So tired
13:38 electricguy then go to bed
13:38 ajcc oh, so c/o Donations is the last name? I only got one row for the address
13:38 electricguy no idea
13:38 ajcc ok
13:39 electricguy that's what i found in the donations section on
13:39 roadran422 electricguy, I woke up about 10 minuts ago.
13:39 electricguy then go to bed
13:39 electricguy ;)
13:39 roadran422 :P
13:45 Seroster When working with HV make sure to use wood as an insulator
13:45 Seroster Extra points if it is moist! =D
13:49 Seroster Cleaned the board for my insane project to get rid of all the ash and debris on it
13:49 Seroster Gave it a good ironing, heating it all the way through, and now letting it soak up some mineral oil
13:49 ajcc the 6 MOTs?
13:50 Seroster Nonono, this is FAR more insane =D
13:50 ajcc oh :)
13:51 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, planning to go buy a couple of litres of mineral oil this week
13:51 Seroster Either a gay BDSM session coming up or high voltage =D
13:51 Sgt_Lemming who said it had to be gay? unless you wanna be involved?
13:52 Seroster I would love to =)
13:52 Seroster Call CaptainNiobe and masterofmonks, they might wanna join
13:52 Sgt_Lemming rofl
13:52 CaptainNiobe ...
13:56 electricguy i hooked my ataripunk console to my mini kaoss pad, and this came out :)
13:56 BotSteve Title: APC MINIKP by Electricguy's zoundz on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free
13:56 electricguy i kinda like the part after 3:12
13:57 Seroster Aaaaw
13:57 Seroster My cat is sleeping on the treadmill
13:57 Seroster ...
13:57 * Seroster giggles
13:57 Seroster I'm a baaad boy! =D
13:58 ajcc flying cats?
13:58 electricguy nah, you're just Seroster..
14:16 * CaptainNiobe watches tumbleweed slowly zooming by
14:19 electricguy looks very...comfy... XD
14:25 CaptainNiobe HAHA! is that yours, eg?
14:25 electricguy nah'
14:25 electricguy :P
14:25 electricguy some pic i found on the net :)
14:25 CaptainNiobe aww... you got one?
14:25 electricguy i wish i did
14:26 CaptainNiobe vets usually adopt kitten out... :) but be wary, SOME kittens are like puppies and try to chew everything in sight... mine did... lol...
14:26 electricguy yeh
14:26 * electricguy is allergic
14:27 CaptainNiobe aww... i'm sorry... :-\
14:27 electricguy np
14:27 electricguy it kinda sux though
14:27 ajcc what about sphynx cats?
14:27 electricguy those naked ugly ones?
14:28 ajcc they like velvet :), and warm and cute and intelligent as well
14:28 Sgt_Lemming ajcc, do not send the DX email address your credit card
14:28 electricguy i don't think they are very cute.. Xd i like furry cas :)
14:28 Sgt_Lemming bad idea
14:28 Sgt_Lemming bad idea from A to Z
14:30 electricguy lol... a DIY stylophone
14:30 BotSteve Title: StyloBuzz - Synthesizer
14:30 ajcc Sgt_Lemming: I won't, I told them to cancel my order, and that's it :) It seems that I'm the only one who got one of those emails, and it might be because I choose the wrong credit card payment alternative, there's another one with propper electronic id too. so yeah, people said paypal was the way to go too.
14:31 CaptainNiobe the paypal thing depends
14:31 CaptainNiobe i use it because i haven't had a problem with it
14:31 electricguy i have never used paypal
14:31 CaptainNiobe others have had serious problems with it
14:32 electricguy i have never had any problems with the direct credit card payment, so that's what i use :)
14:33 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
14:33 Seroster HAAA
14:34 Seroster This is gonna be A W S U M
14:35 ajcc Electronics: love the little VOX amp and the cutting mat :), two kinds of sexy.
14:37 ajcc Electronics: that guy made a looper (a synth that loops what you're playing) and another synth with PICs as well
14:38 electricguy ajcc, is it me you are trying to talk to?
14:38 ajcc ops
14:38 ajcc sorry
14:38 electricguy lol
14:38 ajcc Electronics: sorry, wrong guy
14:38 Electronics XD
14:38 electricguy yeah that little looper is pretty fun
14:38 Electronics I assumed you meant the other electronics in here
14:39 ajcc electricguy: it's odd that irssi picked Electronics before your name, oh well
14:39 Katemonster joined #thegeekgroup
14:39 electricguy here is a demo vid of all my noise synth gear
14:39 BotSteve Title: Noise synth summary video! - YouTube
14:39 electricguy the atari punk console got a joystick now too
14:39 ajcc electricguy: look at that one yesterday, neat little noise makers :)
14:40 electricguy hehe oki
14:40 electricguy thx :)
14:41 electricguy are you P55CxE9 on youtube?
14:42 ajcc yup
14:42 electricguy oki
14:42 electricguy says channel unavailable when i try to open it
14:43 Katemonster i think maybe i creeped out duck a little bit  :/
14:43 ajcc I think I told YouTube to not show my favorites and playlist to anyone
14:43 electricguy ok
14:43 electricguy well, seems to work as no one can enter your channel
14:43 electricguy lol
14:43 ajcc :)
14:44 ajcc it's a bit odd, but oh well
14:44 electricguy i hope you don't have any uploaded videos, cause when i search for your channel nothing is found
14:45 ajcc nope, no videos, I'm trying to find a video-capture card so that I can make some C64 related videos
14:45 electricguy hehe oki
14:46 ajcc last year I said that I should learn to program in Assembly, and using the C64 to do so, but yeah. I got a working C64 at least, so that's a start.
14:46 ryannthewhitehat joined #thegeekgroup
14:46 electricguy lol ok :)
14:47 ryannthewhitehat big respect from ireland people, you are epic
14:48 ajcc you should become a member, it's free :)
14:48 electricguy member in what?
14:48 ajcc the geek group
14:48 electricguy oh
14:49 electricguy doesn't it cost anything to apply for a membership? o_O
14:49 ajcc nope
14:49 electricguy hmm
14:49 ajcc basic membership is free, and will be forever
14:49 electricguy then i need to register
14:50 ajcc paid membership is, well, not free :), but then it includes access to the labs to work on your own projects. you can still go to the labs and do voluntary work and hangout at events with the basic membership
14:50 ryannthewhitehat why can i here police radio ?
14:50 electricguy;
14:52 ryannthewhitehat joined #thegeekgroup
14:52 ryannthewhitehat Any one want to explain the police radio ?
14:52 electricguy ok, now i'm a regged member :3
14:52 ajcc yay :)
14:52 electricguy;
14:53 electricguy and crank the volume on the stream
14:53 ajcc ryannthewhitehat: there's a receiver (or more than one perhaps) at the lab, to which you are listening via the live stream
14:54 ryannthewhitehat haha is that not illegal ?
14:54 CaptainNiobe not to listen, but it is to transmiit
14:54 ryannthewhitehat cool
14:54 electricguy you can listen to whatever you want
14:54 Seroster Bwahaha
14:54 Seroster Hoook up and first light of the retard stack =D
14:54 ryannthewhitehat officer down
14:55 ajcc :O
14:56 ryannthewhitehat talk about being connected
14:57 ryannthewhitehat we need one of these centre's in ireland
14:58 ajcc do it!
14:59 ryannthewhitehat the problem is finding people in ireland that want to help
15:00 ajcc start small, like Chris did, with just a bunch of geeks who meet up and talk about projects and share knowledge
15:00 ajcc the problem is, as you said, finding geeks :)
15:01 ryannthewhitehat any one in the irc that live's here ?
15:01 * CaptainNiobe is in australia
15:01 * electricguy is in Sweden
15:01 ryannthewhitehat see the problem ?
15:03 CaptainNiobe check locally... look for any geeky groups in your area?
15:03 ajcc Chris talked about going to conventions or places where it was likely to find geeks. Don't remember which Captains Blog, I'll try to see if I can find it
15:03 Seroster In ireland?
15:03 Seroster Nobody lives in ireland, just grinches and midgets.
15:03 CaptainNiobe sero, shut up :P
15:03 ajcc and U2 :), right? :/
15:03 Seroster Sorry mistress
15:03 CaptainNiobe good boi :P :P
15:04 Seroster My girl was in ireland once
15:04 Seroster She got really really drunk, then she got stoned, and then she got a stomach virus. Good times.
15:04 CaptainNiobe lol...
15:04 Seroster That was before me
15:06 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
15:06 ryannthewhitehat here we build america
15:06 ryannthewhitehat built **
15:06 Seroster Yeah, but I prefer ireland
15:07 CaptainNiobe ryannthewhitehat, forgive my being geographically challeneged (lol), but how far is ireland from wales?
15:08 ryannthewhitehat 30 min plane ride, not sure about the mileage
15:08 Seroster Few hundred yards
15:08 ryannthewhitehat LOL
15:08 ryannthewhitehat not far enough
15:09 CaptainNiobe ok... just thinking, one of our members, and a good friend of mine wants to start a geek group in wales... too far for you?
15:10 ryannthewhitehat yes, we need it over here because of the problems with religion. nothing like blowing stuff up to bring the communitys together
15:10 electricguy i want a hackerspace near where i live. but there is none, and i don't have money and space for one
15:10 CaptainNiobe problem with religion?
15:11 ryannthewhitehat catholic and Protestant, it so stupid but people get killed over it
15:12 CaptainNiobe :-\ see, i'm not religious, but that sure as hell isn't what my idea of religion is... :-\ some people need to grow the hell up...
15:13 Seroster People give a fuck about catholic vs protestant?
15:13 ryannthewhitehat i know, but its been going on for years and it now part of the culture
15:13 CaptainNiobe :-\
15:13 Seroster Its the same god AND the same book
15:13 ryannthewhitehat need to be stamped oit
15:13 Seroster Come to sweden
15:13 ryannthewhitehat out*
15:14 Seroster Here saying "I'm a christian" is a bit like saying "I've got chlamydia!"
15:14 electricguy true :P
15:14 Seroster "Err. Ew. Right... Eh... Coffee?"
15:14 ajcc I got Christian friends, mind you.
15:14 ryannthewhitehat if you really want to see how bad it is i can send videos ?
15:15 Seroster What kind of videos? ^o)
15:15 Seroster Drinking songs?
15:15 ryannthewhitehat public disorder
15:15 wannabe-zz whats wrong with christian friends, ajcc?  i am one (a christian) myself....
15:16 Seroster Not really, it's just a lot of shaky camera, people in hoods running around and screeming
15:16 Seroster screa*
15:16 ajcc wannabe-zz: I'm a Swede, and Seroster and electricguy have a bit of an odd view of Sweden, imo
15:16 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
15:16 wannabe-zz i see.  it happens
15:16 ryannthewhitehat nothing  wrong with christian, it just this country
15:16 Seroster You aint a swede, you're norwegian.
15:16 wannabe1987 what country, ryan, america or sweden?
15:16 Seroster ryannthewhitehat, Nothing wrong with religion until you think your god wants you to kill people.
15:17 * CaptainNiobe agrees with Seroster
15:17 ryannthewhitehat yessss....thank you
15:17 Seroster If he really wanted the dirty protestants dead he would do it himfuckingself, don't come and say he can't.
15:17 electricguy a regular evening in Rosengård, sweden... XD;feature=fvst
15:17 BotSteve Title: Kravaller och upplopp i Rosengård Malmö 20090319 - YouTube
15:17 electricguy what a lovely place
15:17 Seroster Oh piss off electricguy =P
15:17 Seroster Ever been there?
15:17 electricguy yes
15:17 electricguy lived there for almost 2 years
15:17 ajcc oh, here we go, I'm off guys, take care!
15:17 ajcc I ain't having it!
15:17 CaptainNiobe laterm ajcc :)
15:17 CaptainNiobe later*
15:17 ajcc (Where's my hammer)
15:17 electricguy lol
15:17 ajcc CaptainNiobe: take care!
15:17 ryannthewhitehat Belfast in 2010....bad stuff happened -
15:17 BotSteve Title: 12 July 2010 riots Ireland - YouTube
15:18 CaptainNiobe you too :)
15:18 ajcc thanks
15:18 ryannthewhitehat watch that whole video and you will be shocked
15:18 wannabe1987 awww niobe where are you going? :(
15:19 wannabe1987 its ok...i'm signing off too....need to pack up the computer
15:19 CaptainNiobe nowhere, wannabe, ajcc was off... lol
15:19 wannabe1987 ahhhh
15:19 wannabe1987 i can't tell when goodbyes are ssaid, apparently
15:20 CaptainNiobe lol... it's ok, we still lurves ya, girl... *huggles wannabe*
15:20 ryannthewhitehat any one watchn that video ?
15:20 wannabe1987 nope
15:20 wannabe1987 i'm signing off
15:20 wannabe1987 i don't know if videos are nsfk or not
15:20 CaptainNiobe we'll see you when you get home and login again, wannabe :)
15:20 wannabe1987 yep
15:20 wannabe1987 and i meant sfk (safe for kids)
15:20 CaptainNiobe ahh
15:21 chunks joined #thegeekgroup
15:21 tonsofpcs ryannthewhitehat: are you in Ireland or Northern Ireland?
15:21 ryannthewhitehat northern ireland
15:21 CaptainNiobe idea for another subchannel? SEROSTER!?
15:21 Seroster ...Oh bugger off
15:21 CaptainNiobe no way... lol
15:22 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
15:22 ryannthewhitehat This is what happened this year, its madness. Why ? -;annotation_id=annotation_638295&amp;feature=iv&amp;v=XiQtPVY4Txw
15:22 BotSteve Title: 12 July 2011 riots Ireland - YouTube
15:23 Seroster Right. Let's stop with those links eh?
15:23 Nam3o joined #thegeekgroup
15:24 ryannthewhitehat the world gona turn a blind eye untill one day, the war starts again
15:24 electricguy hi hi Nam3o
15:24 Nam3o hi all
15:24 chunks hello
15:24 CaptainNiobe hey nam3o :)
15:25 electricguy hi hi chunks
15:25 Seroster Did you just call him fat? =P
15:25 electricguy no, my TAB key did :)
15:25 Seroster Hey ryannthewhitehat, what kind of geek are you? HV? Audiovisual? Electronics?
15:25 ryannthewhitehat Electronics
15:26 electricguy lulz, i'm pretty much a mix of everything XD.
15:26 ryannthewhitehat but i like any thing
15:26 electricguy maybe i just have problems to decide :P
15:27 tonsofpcs pshaw, High Voltage is just a component in audiovisual electronic circuitry ;)
15:27 electricguy lol
15:28 tonsofpcs (What? You don't have a 50kW TV transmitter in your AV lab?)
15:28 electricguy who doesn't?
15:28 * tonsofpcs really needs to figure out a good way to dispose of that transmitter....
15:29 ryannthewhitehat thegeekgroup should have an overclocking championship with the old P3's hahah
15:29 electricguy tune it to the 3 meter band and start a pirate radio station ;P
15:29 Seroster Lol
15:29 tonsofpcs electricguy: right, it has to get out of the building that it's in.
15:29 electricguy lol
15:29 Seroster ryannthewhitehat, So, latest project? =P
15:29 electricguy take it apart and keep the fun stuff :P
15:29 tonsofpcs it's hazmat.
15:30 ryannthewhitehat overclock a p3 to run 3dmark 05 hahah
15:30 ryannthewhitehat win 100$
15:30 tonsofpcs there's a reason it is still in the building that it's in.  It was shut down almost 3 years ago.
15:30 tonsofpcs well, parts of it are hazmat
15:31 electricguy don't be such a pussy! ;P
15:31 electricguy XD
15:31 tonsofpcs selling it is an option (I think, I'd need to check grant encumberances) if I can find a buyer
15:31 electricguy ebay it
15:33 ryannthewhitehat whats peoples opinion on M-theory ?
15:34 electricguy M-theory?
15:35 ryannthewhitehat particle physics
15:35 tonsofpcs can't sell hazmat on ebay
15:35 Seroster First test of crazystack, no luck, 100w didnt do it
15:35 electricguy i'm not a physicist, so i don't know
15:35 Seroster Now, 2kw.
15:35 electricguy have never heard of it before
15:35 tonsofpcs Seroster: crazystack?
15:36 ryannthewhitehat its linked to string theory...basicly everything is made up of vibrating strings
15:36 electricguy oki
15:37 Seroster tonsofpcs, An experiment
15:37 Seroster Feeding a mot 2200volts
15:37 Seroster =)
15:37 Seroster I expect 22kv out
15:37 Seroster =D
15:37 electricguy what you should expect is a internal winding short
15:37 ryannthewhitehat it really opens up you mind, they can now basicly prove there are 11 dimensions
15:38 tonsofpcs so what are the Watts?
15:38 tonsofpcs ryannthewhitehat: there are n+1 dimensions, where n is however many you think there are and/or can prove.
15:38 tonsofpcs because I can always prove that dimension n can be spun outside of itself.
15:39 ryannthewhitehat isnt the +1 Time ?
15:39 Seroster HAHAHA
15:39 Seroster FIRE
15:39 Seroster =D
15:40 tonsofpcs I was talking spacial, but ok, s+1+t+?
15:40 Seroster I got 5kv out
15:40 Seroster xD
15:40 CaptainNiobe go put it out, sero :P
15:40 Seroster Aaand its still smoking
15:40 tonsofpcs Seroster: quench it.
15:40 electricguy Seroster, pics or it didn't happen :)
15:40 tonsofpcs pics? video!
15:40 Seroster electricguy I'll give you pics
15:40 Seroster 24per second
15:40 tonsofpcs :D
15:40 Seroster This smells truly awful
15:41 CaptainNiobe you uploading to youtbe, sero? i gotta see this if you are... :D
15:41 Seroster ye
15:41 CaptainNiobe oh, sweet... :D
15:41 ryannthewhitehat its quite mind boggling, we are a lot smarter than we think we are
15:41 electricguy it's insane how inefficient MOTs are
15:42 electricguy they pull around 2A ide
15:42 electricguy idle*
15:43 * CaptainNiobe waits for sero's upload
15:43 Seroster Shutup =P
15:43 CaptainNiobe nty :P
15:44 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
15:44 CaptainNiobe hey injektion :)
15:44 tonsofpcs ryannthewhitehat:
15:44 BotSteve Title: Stephen Colbert Interviews Neil deGrasse Tyson at Montclair Kimberley Academy - 2010-Jan-29 - YouTube
15:45 Seroster Can you upload amr files?
15:45 Seroster Or
15:45 Seroster Can you use them at all
15:45 CaptainNiobe to youtube? not sure... try it and see...
15:46 CaptainNiobe if not, look for a converter...
15:46 ryannthewhitehat tonsofpcs thanks im gona watch the whole thing
15:47 tonsofpcs ryannthewhitehat: Neil posted a list of his 'favorites from 2011' on his facebook page.  This was #1, iirc
15:47 tonsofpcs there's also two reddit AMAs
15:52 * CaptainNiobe is bored
15:54 injektion hi CaptainNiobe
15:54 CaptainNiobe :) how's it going?
15:55 injektion Had some family fallout this morning
15:55 CaptainNiobe oh... i'm sorry... *hugs*
16:05 Seroster Wanted vid?
16:05 electricguy yepp
16:05 Electronics yaa
16:05 Sgt_Lemming injektion, what happened?
16:06 electricguy;feature=plcp&amp;context=C3d9efc4UDOEgsToPDskJH-UoH7GczBRgBOYe-e267
16:06 BotSteve Title: HexaMOTstack first light - YouTube
16:06 injektion Sgt_Lemming, Fighting about student loans
16:06 Sgt_Lemming ah fun
16:07 Seroster Not THAT one electricguy
16:07 Seroster
16:07 BotSteve Title: MOT feeding MOT first try and FAIL - YouTube
16:07 Seroster This is the new one
16:08 electricguy lol
16:08 electricguy BALLASTS? o_O
16:08 Seroster Yes
16:08 Seroster You will see what happens WITHOUT ballasts
16:11 electricguy that's why you don't connect something that gives around 2kV and 600mA to somthing that pulls 2A at 230V
16:11 electricguy slight overload ;)
16:11 Seroster Pf
16:11 CaptainNiobe sero fail... :P
16:12 CaptainNiobe sero, you gotta talk more in your videos... :D
16:12 electricguy a single MOT give way more power than that :P
16:12 Seroster I don't because I like making you sad
16:12 Seroster Yeah
16:12 Seroster The second mot only acted as a HV ballast
16:13 electricguy oki
16:14 electricguy i made a weird HV pulse PSU based on a MOT and a microwave oven cap and a spark gap some time ago
16:14 BotSteve Title: burning some electronics with high voltage - YouTube
16:14 electricguy the first thing i made that i was actually scared of XD
16:14 electricguy i sound so lame in that vid...
16:16 CaptainNiobe eg, you're fine... :)
16:16 electricguy :)
16:17 electricguy more fun at the end of the vid
16:17 electricguy like, around 5:20
16:17 CaptainNiobe still watching
16:18 jonnybeats joined #thegeekgroup
16:18 tonsofpcs there's also two reddit AMAs
16:18 tonsofpcs wait, the first stage smoked?
16:19 Seroster Yeah
16:19 Seroster Too much in
16:19 Seroster Need ballast
16:19 Seroster =)
16:19 Seroster Nice vid electricguy
16:19 electricguy thx
16:19 Seroster We should get together someday and test the conductivity of semen.
16:19 electricguy here is the MOT unballasted
16:19 BotSteve Title: doing some basic arcs with my MOT (microwave oven transformer) - YouTube
16:19 electricguy it's a pretty juicy MOT from a late 80's microwave XD
16:19 tonsofpcs Seroster: you need an IR thermometer
16:20 electricguy can pull about 5" arcs with it
16:20 tonsofpcs also, nice bottle of mineral oil :)
16:20 Seroster Great idea to bring out around arcs
16:20 Seroster Thankyou
16:20 Seroster It is older than me and medical grade
16:24 Seroster Haha
16:24 Seroster First mot 250ohm primary
16:25 CaptainNiobe eg, you aren't worried about where you lost what you were saying for a second, are you?
16:25 Seroster Huh?
16:26 CaptainNiobe i was talking to electricguy lol
16:26 electricguy CaptainNiobe, huh? o_O
16:26 electricguy i don't get it
16:26 CaptainNiobe where you said, "and connect it to... something..."
16:27 KB3NZQ_Biostar joined #thegeekgroup
16:27 electricguy have to watch the vid myself.. no idea what you are talking about :P
16:27 CaptainNiobe LOL!!!
16:28 electricguy where in the video? XD
16:28 CaptainNiobe sometime after the 5:20 mark
16:29 CaptainNiobe because i think you sound fine, though you were definately in a hurry to end the video after the circuitboard :P
16:29 Seroster First mot is actually fine
16:29 Seroster LOL
16:29 electricguy CaptainNiobe, ahh, nah i was just trying to figure out where i would connect the lead
16:29 tonsofpcs how? it let the magic smoke out!
16:37 tonsofpcs from the FB page: "We are looking for a merchandise rockstar. It is a paid position, and you must be in the Grand Rapids area. Your job would include managing the store, shipping out items, printing up items we do ourselves, writing listings for new products and being generally awesome. You must be able to write product descriptions, have a sharp wit, be comfortable working in web environments, be comfortable taking photos, and
16:39 ajcc and?
16:40 _ato_ joined #thegeekgroup
16:42 Seroster Ow
16:42 Seroster Ow
16:42 Seroster Ow
16:42 Seroster Ow
16:42 Seroster Crap
16:43 Seroster This mot is now a 5kilo VERY HOT doorstop.
16:43 CaptainNiobe lol... don't touch it then, doofus :P
16:44 Sgt_Lemming joined #thegeekgroup
16:48 CaptainNiobe welcome back, Sgt_Lemming :)
16:48 Experimentonomen uppdate:
16:48 BotSteve Title: NewYears amp - Imgur
16:49 CaptainNiobe is it just me with my lack of knowledge, or is it starting to look pretty, ex?
16:49 roadran422 O blew up
16:49 roadran422 Hi everyone...
16:49 CaptainNiobe hi, hy :P
16:50 HFl^HCN All are dead.
16:51 HFl^HCN Wait...
16:51 Experimentonomen CaptainNiobe, pretty it is not :P
16:51 HF^HCN ...
16:51 CaptainNiobe my lack of experience shows... *dies* :P
16:51 HF^HCN What isn't?
16:54 Seroster And thats one less mot
16:59 eadthem joined #thegeekgroup
17:00 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
17:08 Seroster Got the new stack ready
17:08 Seroster progress later
17:11 tonsofpcs heh
17:11 CaptainNiobe i expect video of your failure, sero... and a voice! :P
17:12 tonsofpcs I expect you're going to invest in an IR thermometer now
17:12 KB3NZQ_Biostar joined #thegeekgroup
17:12 Seroster I will not tonsofpcs
17:12 Seroster But feel free to donate one
17:14 [1]KB3NZQ_Biosta joined #thegeekgroup
17:15 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
17:18 tonsofpcs they get to about $18 at harbor freight here on ocassion
17:18 Seroster But feel free to donate one
17:19 tonsofpcs feel free to make one :)
17:23 Seroster lol
17:29 Jonnybeats joined #thegeekgroup
17:38 qwertyboy joined #thegeekgroup
17:38 qwertyboy good afternoon everyone
17:39 electricguy afternoon :)
17:40 CaptainNiobe g'day, qwertyboy :)
17:43 jeremys joined #thegeekgroup
17:46 jeremys Hello everyone
17:46 electricguy hi hi
17:48 peter__ joined #thegeekgroup
17:53 tonsofpcs ahoy
17:53 Cprossu hello everyone
17:56 HF^HCN Who is jeremy...
17:56 Cprossu cnc guy.
17:56 roadran422 He tried to add me on fb... o_O?
17:56 Cprossu (aka haas guy in the videos)
17:57 roadran422 I think ik who... BUt ehh
17:58 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
17:58 Ponko ahhhh
17:59 Ponko hello all
17:59 Experimentonomen g'day Ponko
17:59 roadran422 Hi
17:59 roadran422 Duck got delayed...
17:59 roadran422 He got a flat tire
18:00 Seroster SparkyProjects,
18:00 Ponko alright Experimentonomen
18:00 Seroster Wich winding on a hotplate will be the full blast winding?
18:00 eadthem photos  Seroster
18:01 eadthem and the one thats connected to high
18:01 Seroster Resistance
18:01 Seroster Highest or lowest
18:01 SparkyProjects The one with the lowest resistance
18:01 Seroster Tyvm
18:01 eadthem ya but hotplates dont use a potentiometer for adjusting
18:04 eadthem id be certan that modern stoves use a triac
18:05 eadthem as for older ones im not sure
18:05 * eadthem had hoped to find a schmatic for older ones but assumes it must be a transformer or reactor type control
18:07 roadran422 Warning. Non-Toxic doesn't mean edible. Ex. Glue.
18:08 Monkeh ...
18:08 Monkeh roadran422: Try eating soem cyanoacrylate.
18:08 Monkeh Have fun with that.
18:08 roadran422 xD
18:08 roadran422 Superglue!
18:08 Monkeh Precisely.
18:08 roadran422 JB weld is non toxic, but you can't really eat it...
18:08 eadthem you could
18:08 roadran422 At least I think it isn't non-toxic
18:09 eadthem the jb weld water weld stuff i used for the sous vidi machine  says drinking water safe   potable water tanks    hot water lines
18:09 Monkeh eadthem: That's when it's set. :)
18:09 eadthem it also says if swallowed get prompt metical attention
18:09 eadthem exactly
18:09 roadran422 xD
18:10 roadran422 You don't want to put part a and b on your mouth, mix it and swallow.
18:10 roadran422 Same with epoxy..
18:10 eadthem or not mix it
18:10 Seroster Ha
18:10 Seroster My internet didnt die
18:10 eadthem ither way   only safe when set
18:10 Seroster Hey SparkyProjects
18:10 roadran422 eadthem: Yep xD
18:10 Seroster
18:10 BotSteve Title: MOT feeding MOT first try and FAIL - YouTube
18:10 roadran422 Choking hazzard.
18:11 eadthem mot in to mot
18:11 eadthem mmm  both stock windings?
18:11 SparkyProjects Yeah, that was a fail :P
18:11 eadthem Seroster ?
18:11 roadran422 Seroster, now my internet is bugging out.
18:13 eadthem the primary winding isnt ment for more than 600V ish, the primary winding requires a high magnitising current witch increases proporitonaly to input voltage   this is unloaded current, the output windings arnt rated for the voltage that would result.
18:13 electricguy it's just going to result in a dead short no matter what you do
18:14 electricguy and the first MOT is WAY underpowered to power the second one
18:15 Seroster It didnt dead short
18:15 Seroster It just got very very hot very very fast because the core couldnt handle it
18:15 eadthem whats the normal output of 1 mot
18:16 eadthem 6kv?
18:16 Seroster 2kv at 1a, 2kw.
18:16 electricguy about 2kV and 600mA
18:16 eadthem right
18:16 electricguy depending on the size
18:16 eadthem 120 in?
18:16 Seroster 230
18:16 Seroster Phase-neutral. For us with manly mains voltage.
18:16 electricguy a idling MOT on 230V pulls around 2A on the primary
18:16 electricguy that, UNlodaded.. o_O
18:16 electricguy loaded*
18:17 eadthem k first of all get that ring off your hand now before you kill yourself with it
18:17 eadthem same for any other jewlry
18:17 Seroster If I get close enough for anything to arc to my ring I'm dead anyway.
18:17 eadthem everythign else seams decently safe  but that ring is a no no
18:17 electricguy so, if it's a 1:10 trafo.. that pulls 2A on 230V.. that would require about 20A on 2.3kV, right? XD
18:18 eadthem yes in theory that would be the requirements
18:18 electricguy you would need a pole pig to power that MOT backwards
18:18 electricguy LOL
18:18 Seroster xD
18:18 eadthem id estmate the magnitising current is probably .5A  but still thats 5A needed
18:19 eadthem the magnitisng current on my APC UPS 900  setup for stepdown is quite low  and its larger than ither mot you have
18:19 eadthem well core size
18:20 Monkeh eadthem: Mmm, big meaty transformers.
18:20 eadthem only issue is its stacked winding so i cant rewind the 24-36V secondarys without damageing the 120V primary
18:22 eadthem Seroster you could possably run a mot on 2x the primary voltage for 2x the output voltage but that is the limit
18:22 Monkeh Break out the phases!
18:23 Monkeh Oh right, he's stuck with single phase.
18:23 eadthem and we are all around talking killyou volts so id recommend adding plastic or ceramic standoffs to hold wires in place and working with a 2nd person who has there own cutoff switch next to them
18:23 Seroster Haha, Limits.
18:23 Monkeh Seroster: Haha, life.
18:23 Seroster No, he says the limit is 4.4kv
18:23 Nam3o joined #thegeekgroup
18:23 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
18:23 eadthem ?
18:24 Seroster A mot will go faar beyond its rating
18:24 mashpriborintorg hiya
18:24 eadthem probably
18:24 Monkeh Seroster: If you can feed it
18:24 electricguy Seroster, there is a fucking good reason why transformers for higher voltages are casted in epoxy or submerged in oil and got big ceramic insulators for the output
18:24 electricguy :)
18:25 Seroster As for the danger, I am well aware of the dangers. It's as safe as crossing the road. You are generally safe until you do something retarded, like, stopping in front of a bus.
18:25 Monkeh electricguy: Smoke, fire, blindness and possibly death?
18:25 electricguy yepp
18:25 mashpriborintorg HOLY CRAP PLANNED OBSOLESCENCE STOLE ME 80 euros
18:25 electricguy fail
18:25 Seroster Electricguy, Those are made to function reliably for years in bad conditions. Air insulation is part of the sport.
18:25 eadthem Seroster ya srry   i always feel oblgated to give the safety speech when a irc discussion involvles killyou volts
18:25 Seroster It's quite alright
18:26 Monkeh Seroster: Your future is either bright, short, or very much both. ;)
18:26 Seroster I got hit by 10kv yesterday
18:26 electricguy but they can barely handle the normal operating conditions. you even fry it if you load it down on 230V...
18:26 Seroster "Normal operating conditions"
18:26 electricguy ok, normal operating voltages
18:26 eadthem i know a clean desk is hard (looks around his own room) but thats also another safety consideration      if its piled your alwase tempted to reach over your experement to grab something
18:27 Seroster Normal operating conditions is in the high voltage circuit of a microwave =P
18:27 Seroster There they work for years
18:27 electricguy yes, buy they are not meant to operate at 10 times the power
18:27 Seroster eadthem, I work with a dead mans switch in one hand and the other either on the hotstick or behind my back.
18:28 electricguy MOTs are in fact really shitty trafos.. XD, just the welded together core is a bad thing :P
18:28 Seroster Stops the rattling eh
18:28 Ponko left #thegeekgroup
18:29 electricguy increases eddy currents and saturates the core very easily too
18:29 Seroster Yeah
18:29 Monkeh Mass production. Sucks much?
18:30 Seroster Microwaves are affordable, more effective than resistive heating and and they used to work for decades
18:31 eadthem ile attest to that   my parents have a 1980s sharp carosel  650W electronic control
18:31 eadthem the thing wont die
18:32 Seroster Mine is the corpse of components from five different mos
18:32 Nam3o 30 x 20 array uses 600 LEDs exactly
18:32 Nam3o each 1200 ohm resistor dissipates 480 mW
18:32 Nam3o together, all resistors dissipate 9600 mW
18:32 roadran422|dead I'm not daed.
18:32 roadran422|dead *dead
18:32 Nam3o together, the diodes dissipate 38400 mW
18:32 Nam3o total power dissipated by the array is 48000 mW
18:32 Nam3o the array draws current of 400 mA from the source
18:33 eadthem Nam3o arry     display or light ?
18:33 Nam3o 120V power light
18:33 eadthem ya they work diffrently than that
18:33 Nam3o i want it to be the size of a two liter
18:33 eadthem there arnt any resistors to start with
18:34 eadthem well maby 1 or 2
18:34 Nam3o
18:34 BotSteve Title: LED series parallel array wizard
18:34 * eadthem looks for his 95% efficancy mains led driver
18:34 Nam3o 120 source
18:34 eadthem linear
18:34 Nam3o 3.2 forward
18:34 Nam3o 20 current
18:34 eadthem typical
18:35 Nam3o 600 LEDs
18:35 Nam3o Solution 7: 30 x 20 array uses 600 LEDs exactly
18:36 Nam3o BRB
18:38 Mr joined #thegeekgroup
18:39 eadthem
18:40 eadthem
18:42 eadthem thats 53 leds per string
18:42 eadthem iirc 90-95% efficancy     only using a lm317 regulator and 63 ohm resistor
18:42 eadthem this is how chrismas light led strings work
18:42 electricguy not the best circuit, but that works
18:42 eadthem only they dont use caps
18:43 eadthem ya PF isnt great
18:43 eadthem about .6 iirc
18:43 eadthem if you leave off the caps it adds .1 to PF
18:43 eadthem but adds alot of flicker
18:43 Nam3o why is one better than the other
18:43 eadthem ?
18:43 electricguy and if one LED fails it kills the whole chain, and that can happen fairly easy
18:44 Nam3o O
18:44 eadthem in chrismas lights
18:44 eadthem not in a bulb
18:45 Nam3o so if one LED dies then i will lose a string of 30
18:45 hranz joined #thegeekgroup
18:45 electricguy yes
18:45 electricguy and not the most fun job to find the dead one.. XD
18:45 eadthem so if you want 600 lights you need only about 11 of these circuts  ( F1 C4 R1 U1 and led string, the rest will work for all of them.
18:45 Nam3o right
18:45 eadthem yes but 1 led dosent fail that often
18:46 eadthem not unless you abuse them
18:46 eadthem in chrismas lights its typicaly wireing problems more than anything or  raw mechancial abuse
18:46 eadthem if the whole thing is solderd to 1 PCB thers no issue
18:48 Monkeh No different to losing strings of conventional lights, except LEDs don't fail nearly as often.
18:48 Nam3o I going to make the whole thing the size of a two liter bottle
18:48 eadthem right
18:48 Nam3o am*
18:48 eadthem ergo unless you solder a led backwards  there isnt a good chance of the string failing
18:49 Monkeh I did that the other day :{
18:49 Monkeh Very confusing LED.
18:49 Nam3o when done I want to be able to plug it in to an outlet
18:49 eadthem so best make it as long as possable
18:49 eadthem err led string lenght
18:49 injektion Which would be better filing for bankruptcy or waiting 3 more years for the negative credit items to drop off?
18:50 eadthem bankrupcy sticks with you for iirc 7 years
18:50 Monkeh eadthem:
18:50 Monkeh eadthem: Which is the anode? ;)
18:50 injektion Well I have some "debt buyers" listed
18:51 Retep joined #thegeekgroup
18:51 eadthem woa
18:51 eadthem long leg is annode normaly
18:52 eadthem flat faces cathode
18:52 Monkeh eadthem: Indeed. But inside that looks like the cathode on any LED I've ever seen.
18:52 eadthem your internal structure is backwards
18:52 eadthem but that dont mean much
18:52 eadthem so they stuck the die on upside down
18:52 Monkeh eadthem: Only time I've ever seen it.
18:53 Monkeh So it got soldered backwards. Easy fix but annoying.
18:53 eadthem case and lead were right wernt they
18:54 Monkeh Yeah, except I can't actually see the 'flat' spot without a magnifying glass.
18:54 Nam3o how about useing 48v
18:54 eadthem you can
18:54 Monkeh eadthem: Oh, no, I can't.
18:54 Nam3o 15 x 40 array uses 600 LEDs exactly
18:54 eadthem but you shuld cosnider using 169V
18:54 eadthem if your on 110
18:54 Nam3o ?
18:54 eadthem or 120
18:54 eadthem mains
18:54 Nam3o 110AC
18:54 eadthem yes  witch is realy 169V peek to peek
18:55 Nam3o AC LEDs?
18:55 eadthem 110V is 155.5V peek to ground
18:55 eadthem 120V is 169V peek to ground
18:56 Nam3o wont they blink
18:56 Monkeh eadthem: Real men have to deal with 340V :P
18:56 Nam3o and burn up
18:56 eadthem assume you will drop 1V in the bridge rectifyer
18:56 Nam3o k
18:56 eadthem and 4v in the regulator
18:57 eadthem so that means if you have weak mains and realy have 110V  then you must have 150V strings max
18:57 eadthem if you have good mains like every house ive been in   then you have 117 to 122V
18:57 eadthem so then your strings are 160V   165.4V = 117VAC
18:58 eadthem and yes they would flicker without caps   at 120hz
18:58 eadthem this is not a huge issue    as florecents flicker at 60 hz
18:58 eadthem add a cap and the flicker goes away
18:59 eadthem 100uf-270uF was sufficant in spice
18:59 Nam3o Can you draw that for me?
18:59 eadthem wy sure  in 2009
18:59 Nam3o i can follow directions
18:59 eadthem
19:00 eadthem
19:00 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
19:00 eadthem the first is the prefferd circut
19:00 eadthem the 2nd is minimums
19:00 Nam3o how many times do i have to repeat this to get to 600
19:00 eadthem there are 53 leds in a string
19:00 Nam3o like 10
19:01 Monkeh eadthem: Moar cap I say.
19:01 Nam3o ok
19:01 eadthem so if you want 600 lights you need only about 11 of these circuts  ( F1 C4 R1 U1 and led string, the rest will work for all of them.)
19:02 eadthem ie f2 r2 c2 u2 bridgerectifyer Ds r3 c3   are for all
19:02 eadthem now  Ds R3 C3 are optional  and you may need a larger cap or you may need to duplcate that part of the circut as well    it helps smooth out the remaining miniscule filcker
19:03 eadthem if you short out the led string   U1 LM317 will likely explode   a TL783 is the same part but more forgiving to high voltages  still it will explode if shorted directly to ground
19:04 Monkeh Seroster: You just insulted nearly every electronic component you have. gg, sir.
19:04 Seroster Yeah
19:04 Seroster Just opened a mot
19:04 Seroster And
19:04 Seroster ALUMINIUM! YAY
19:05 Seroster Aluminium painted with copper epoxy! =D
19:05 eadthem Nam3o quite simply you get away with a 30V linear regulator because it only sees about 5-20V drop
19:05 Nam3o Lunch time!
19:05 eadthem o and R2 F2 C2 U2  consittute a decent surge supressor
19:06 eadthem F2 may need increased for more than 1 string
19:06 eadthem but simulate it in spice first
19:07 Nam3o ?
19:07 eadthem it wont need .5A + 11 strings   thats for dam sure
19:07 roadran422|dead Is it safe to use JB weld, as an insultator/
19:07 eadthem i dont think so
19:07 eadthem its ment to be conductive
19:07 eadthem or least the metal kind is
19:07 roadran422 It is. O_O
19:07 injektion I don't know what would look better if a potential employer was to check my credit report a bankruptcy or a lot of unpaid accounts
19:07 roadran422 Then... If the toy car gets a bit toasty, I'm dead.
19:08 eadthem it is not conductive
19:08 eadthem but it contains iron fileings
19:08 roadran422 Ok. good
19:08 roadran422 Uh...
19:08 Nam3o is there an open source option for Spice
19:08 eadthem swcad/ltspice
19:08 eadthem info on getting it
19:08 BotSteve Title: Final Web Services
19:09 Monkeh eadthem: It'll be plenty conductive with enough volts. ;)
19:09 eadthem its free but not open source
19:09 eadthem Monkeh exactly
19:09 eadthem even glass is conductive at the right voltage
19:09 roadran422 I used it to glue a wire to a resistor, from a motor from a toy car
19:09 eadthem ya  battery voltages  your prob not going to have a issue with
19:09 roadran422 The battery was a bit toasty, so I think it was shorted
19:10 eadthem MOT NST PIGS   uhh  no
19:10 roadran422 eadthem: Ok, good, then my 2 yr old cousin won't die from a fire.
19:10 eadthem didnt say that   if you put a penny in the fuse holder as well then  probably yes
19:10 roadran422 ...
19:10 roadran422 Never do that.
19:11 roadran422 It shorted once, it will again, this time with the penny being the projectile
19:11 eadthem naw  it will be flaming naplam
19:11 roadran422 xD
19:11 eadthem if yoru talking about a hotweels car for kids
19:11 roadran422 lol
19:11 eadthem them things can push some current
19:11 eadthem so can RC cars
19:11 Monkeh roadran422: I'd say learn to solder but.. ehhh...
19:12 * Monkeh imagines roadran422 with a soldering iron
19:12 Monkeh FIRE!
19:12 eadthem we make controllers for rc cars that go to 160A 50V and 200A 25V    if the lipo pack in that experences an "event"  there will be alot of flaming napalm including the penny in the fuse holder
19:13 mashpriborintorg iron soldering is not that hard, it does just require practice
19:14 Monkeh mashpriborintorg: He's like 14.
19:15 eadthem we can learn him up on soldering pritty easy
19:15 roadran422 Monkeh: I didn't have one
19:16 roadran422 I can solder! It's easy!
19:16 roadran422 But, I still need few supplies. Lead free solder, helping hands, a stand, and something to remove the solder and plastic from the tip...
19:16 mashpriborintorg There's no age for learning soldering
19:17 roadran422 I sorta know how to... I soldered 2 wires to gether...
19:17 Monkeh Why on earth would you want lead-free?
19:17 roadran422 I cut a usb cord and soldered it back to gether.
19:17 mashpriborintorg no ! no lead free solder ! it's crap
19:17 roadran422 I don't want to shell out about 80bucks for a fume extractor.
19:17 Monkeh .. You're not going to die from using lead solder.
19:17 Monkeh The only fumes are the flux anyway and that hasn't changed.
19:18 roadran422 Well... What's the point of a fume extractor then....
19:18 Monkeh Just put a small fan on across the room
19:18 roadran422 You aren't going to die right? xD
19:18 Monkeh roadran422: Health and safety BS.
19:18 roadran422 xD
19:18 mashpriborintorg a simple fan pushing the fumes away is enought for occasionnal use
19:18 roadran422 Ok hahahaha
19:18 Monkeh Flux fumes are flux fumes. You're melting the lead, not vaporising it.
19:18 mashpriborintorg you will not solder all day long all week long
19:19 Monkeh Even my gas iron doesn't run that hot.
19:19 roadran422 Ok... My iron was 10bucks from radio shack...
19:19 roadran422 I have a simple fan...
19:19 roadran422 I need a 9v battery clip though..
19:19 mashpriborintorg washing hands after touching the solder is a good idea tho
19:19 roadran422 Lol
19:20 Monkeh mashpriborintorg: Eh, I do, but it's not all that important.
19:20 Monkeh mashpriborintorg: You get more lead and copper in you from your water pipes than you will from not washing your ands.
19:20 mashpriborintorg yeah XD
19:20 roadran422 Ok... I shouldn't be worried then xD
19:20 eadthem lead free solder isnt hard
19:20 Monkeh eadthem: Actually, it is.
19:20 Monkeh eadthem: Literally.
19:20 eadthem you just need the right tools
19:21 roadran422 Then, all I need, is more solder, helping hands, desoldering pump, thing to remove plastic and solder from tip and a stand...
19:21 Monkeh eadthem: It's crap, though.
19:21 * Experimentonomen plays some loud animusic on the big mono amp
19:21 eadthem Monkeh were 100% lead free at work
19:21 Monkeh eadthem: I'm sure. It's still crap compared to lead. :P
19:21 eadthem if you know how to use it it works as well or better than lead
19:22 eadthem you can never do 0201 and cerantly never 01005 with lead solder
19:22 Seroster
19:22 Seroster WOW
19:22 BotSteve Title: Huge 48-inch shell firework. [VIDEO]
19:22 Monkeh Yeah, but we're not talking SMD
19:22 eadthem dosent matter
19:22 roadran422 Smd is hard or easy?
19:22 Monkeh We're talking typical through-hole and wire jointing work.
19:22 eadthem smt is easy  with ther ight tools
19:22 roadran422 Ok..
19:22 Monkeh Lead melts at a lower temperature, flows better, is more flexible, and is just generally easier to use.
19:23 eadthem you atm have just lead solder and a 10$ radioshack iron
19:23 roadran422 My dad doesn't know that...
19:23 eadthem right
19:23 roadran422 Ues
19:23 roadran422 *Yes
19:23 roadran422 I think it is lead...
19:23 Monkeh There's no good reason to use lead-free over lead for your average home soldering.
19:23 roadran422 Ok....
19:23 roadran422 My dad needs to know I won't die.
19:23 eadthem no  if your a hobbyist thers nothing wrong with lead
19:23 Monkeh So he needs a high-school education? ;)
19:23 roadran422 He's a machinist...
19:24 eadthem stick with 6040 or 6337 and you will be fine
19:24 eadthem what kind of flux core do you have
19:24 roadran422 What's that...
19:24 Monkeh eadthem: Personally, lead-free has caused me some pain and annoyance.
19:24 eadthem lead alloys
19:24 mashpriborintorg and a solder iron for lead free solder must be much hotter, and burns fingers skin even worse than a usual iron :p
19:24 Monkeh roadran422: lead/tin ratio.
19:24 roadran422 Idk... I just got it for christmas for the heck of it...
19:24 Monkeh roadran422: 60/40 or 63/37
19:24 roadran422 Ok Monkeh
19:24 eadthem 60 40%  tin lead iirc
19:24 roadran422 Ok...
19:24 Monkeh 63/37 is better but it's not all that important
19:24 Monkeh Is it that way around? Can't recall.
19:24 eadthem nether can i
19:25 roadran422 How about 99/1
19:25 roadran422 99% percent lead, 1% tin
19:25 eadthem ya 6337 is better but not a huge issue
19:25 eadthem 99/1 would be lead free
19:25 Monkeh You're right, it's tin/lead
19:25 eadthem o
19:25 roadran422 Ok... How about 1/99
19:25 eadthem ya thats not for electronics
19:25 eadthem nether is that
19:25 roadran422 xD
19:25 roadran422 I won't be eating solder...
19:26 eadthem roadran422 there are 3 ways to handle fumes
19:26 eadthem and you shuld do atleast 1 of them
19:26 roadran422 I had a fan, that had a sock attached to it that sucked fumes away
19:26 eadthem well 4 but the 4th i hate
19:26 Monkeh eadthem: I've used both and I find 63/37 does work better, but that's also some _OLD_ solder and there's something different about the flux in it.
19:26 eadthem roadran422 ya thats not going to help  its just hideing the smoke
19:26 roadran422 xD
19:27 mashpriborintorg security glasses is a good idea, sometimes solder can splash, especially when unsoldering salvage componants with a little brute force
19:27 roadran422 I don't have money...
19:27 Monkeh eadthem: It's definitely rosin but it's a hell of a lot more effective than the stuff I've bought lately.
19:27 Monkeh Unfortunately it's 1.2mm wire so it's rather on the large side
19:27 eadthem it could be 3% instaed of standard 2 or 1% flux core
19:27 roadran422 I really need to get my self alot of electrical and other supplies.
19:27 electricguy got coffee! <3
19:27 Monkeh Yeah, hard to tell, there are no markings on it
19:27 electricguy geek crack! XD
19:27 roadran422 xD
19:27 Monkeh It's just wire wrapped around a home-made wooden spool.
19:27 eadthem roadran422  you can  open a window and stick a fan in it   prefferably having your desk for soldering at the same window
19:28 roadran422 xD
19:28 roadran422 I sit about 2 feet away from the window...
19:28 eadthem you can get a small AC fan realtivly cheep  typicaly under the name of muffin... by comair rotron  on ebay  and hook a dryer hose up to it and put that or a couple of them in the window
19:28 Monkeh Just put a small fan on low pointed above your desk
19:28 electricguy if you don't want to get the smoke drirectly in your face, take a 120mm computer fan (they are more silent) and stand it next to whatever you are soldering
19:28 Monkeh It'll draw the fumes away from you
19:28 eadthem witch is nice for winter so your only moving the smoke and not the whole room full of air
19:29 electricguy that use to help me prevent headache at least
19:29 roadran422 I do have a computer fan... I need a 9v bat clip
19:29 Monkeh Uh oh.
19:29 electricguy do you have a 9 or 12V DC wallwart?
19:29 Monkeh Next up: roadran recreates my PSU project and fries himself.
19:29 electricguy then you don't have to change battery all the time
19:30 electricguy LOL!
19:30 eadthem you can get a HEPA filter unit   somethign with a larger filter  say a honeywell   this is what we have for the heattable at work
19:30 BotSteve Title: Honeywell Long-Life Pure HEPA QuietCare Air Purifier, 17000: Home & Garden
19:30 Monkeh eadthem: Fear what little of my soldering you can see:
19:30 eadthem or you can wear nosh  witch is the option i wouldnt consider
19:31 electricguy carbon filters for deep fryer odour filters work very good for removing solder fume smell
19:31 roadran422 Again... I don't have money...
19:31 eadthem the honeywell is a great option paticuarly if you also have allergys  as it will effecitvly eliminate them as well
19:31 roadran422 I am just going to wear a mask.
19:31 electricguy roadran422, do you have a computer PSU laying around?
19:31 eadthem right  so i sugest the boxfan approch   or just get a wide short  double window fan
19:31 roadran422 No... Electricguy
19:31 electricguy crap
19:31 Monkeh Or just deal with it. Really, it's not going to kill you to breath some flux fumes from time to time.
19:31 roadran422 xD
19:31 eadthem;field-keywords=window+fan&amp;x=0&amp;y=0
19:31 electricguy well, solder fumes aren't directly dangerous
19:31 BotSteve Title: window fan: Home & Kitchen
19:32 roadran422 I'm going to get a mask and more supplies.
19:32 roadran422 What I also need is this....
19:32 Monkeh Constant exposure in some cases can cause occupational asthma.
19:32 electricguy i have been soldering most of my years (since i was 6) without any fume extractor... no problem :)
19:32 Monkeh Constant. In some cases.
19:32 roadran422 A screwdriver set. All torx (ones for hardrive), security bits, philips and other things. Here's the hardpart, no bits but a screwdriver with a long thing shaft...
19:32 roadran422 *thin
19:33 Monkeh roadran422: They're around. Might be easier to find a set of torx keys.
19:33 roadran422 I never could find any. All the pits are way to thick to fit in to the hole.
19:33 roadran422 ^NO JOKES.
19:33 electricguy yes, if you are soldering pretty much 24/7 it's not good to not have a fume extractor
19:33 roadran422 *bits
19:33 roadran422 Electricguy Yah... I would think so..
19:33 eadthem as for soldering irons  what you have will work  but you will find it quickly gets overloaded
19:33 electricguy but for hobby soldering and that it's not needed
19:33 Monkeh A cheap soldering station is a good investment
19:33 roadran422 A person with a soldering iron will burn them self for the first time.
19:33 roadran422 :)
19:34 Monkeh I've got a nice cheap 50W one, works great.
19:34 eadthem;qid=1325532775&amp;sr=8-25
19:34 BotSteve Title: Hakko Soldering Station, FX-888: Home Improvement
19:34 electricguy spend at least 60 bucks on a soldering irons. those 20 dollars ones really suck
19:34 eadthem this is the next step
19:34 electricguy yeah that hakko station is decent
19:34 eadthem i recommend xytronic hakko and aoyue    all 3 are made by aoyue    do not get weller
19:34 Experimentonomen
19:34 BotSteve Title: Big amp update - YouTube
19:34 roadran422 I am not going to get that crazed in to it.
19:34 ajcc electricguy: can you buy hakko in Sweden?
19:34 Monkeh What I have is.. literally this with a different iron holder:;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1325532863&amp;sr=1-14
19:34 BotSteve Title: Velleman 50W Soldering Station: Home Improvement
19:34 eadthem whatever you do   do not get weller
19:34 electricguy ajcc, no idea
19:34 roadran422 Why?
19:34 Monkeh Works fine.
19:35 electricguy and i don't want one as i got 5 Weller irons... XD
19:35 eadthem a weller tip is hollow
19:35 eadthem and heats from the outside of the tip
19:35 roadran422 Oh... xD
19:35 ajcc I got a Weller, it's better than a soldering iron
19:35 roadran422 Nice...
19:35 electricguy that velleman station is horrible!
19:35 roadran422 I wish I had 100-200 dollars.
19:35 Monkeh electricguy: Works fine for me.
19:35 tonsofpcs so I need a good way to sort out cables and computer parts (and store them for easy access).  Thoughts?
19:35 Monkeh electricguy: Temperature is sort of controllable, tip is great, it's heavy enough to stay where I put it.
19:35 roadran422 I would get a few power tools, screw drivers, and pliers, socket things like that.
19:36 Coderjoe i have a nice weller, which I bought from a local shop after my old radio shack POS one helped me lift traces off a circuit board
19:36 electricguy we had those in school. they are just a regular shit iron and a light dimmer.. they even got iron chunks glued inside so it wont tip over -,-
19:36 roadran422 xD
19:36 Monkeh electricguy: Pretty much, yeah. And it's fine to start with. ;)
19:36 electricguy yeah maybe
19:36 electricguy XD
19:36 roadran422 What is a good cheap inexpensive tool kit?
19:36 Monkeh electricguy: Let's not advise the 14 year old to spend 80 bucks on a soldering station he'll kill the tip on in an hour. ;)
19:36 roadran422 Good for opening consoles, and harddrives
19:37 roadran422 Monkeh: xD
19:37 eadthem a aoyue/xytronic/hakko is 1 of 2 kinds   for nicrhome its a solid chunk of copper about 2 inches long     for ceramic  its still 2 inches long  just as heavy and is heated from the inside
19:37 electricguy but after using a Weller iron you really start to wonder how you could use that crap.. XD
19:37 roadran422 Lol
19:37 eadthem weller is about 1 inch long and very light weight copper
19:37 Monkeh electricguy: Yeah, well, I don't solder enough to justify it :)
19:37 electricguy roadran422, good and cheap when it comes to tools really don't mix... XD
19:37 eadthem the weight of copper in the tip matters as much as the wattage of the iron
19:37 roadran422 Ok... Cheap and good...
19:37 Monkeh There's a fine line between cheap and good
19:37 Monkeh It IS possible to stand on it.
19:37 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
19:37 Monkeh But it's not easy.
19:38 ajcc I got one of those, not a Weller, confusing with this Vellerman thing.
19:38 eadthem also a 70-100W iron    now all of this is the next step up  its a 100$ ish step   but its what you will want 1 day
19:38 BotSteve Title: Velleman nv
19:38 tonsofpcs roadran422: crap from harbor freight
19:38 roadran422 I'm not going to buy a 100-200 dollar on something I rarely do.
19:38 roadran422 xD
19:38 eadthem exactly
19:38 wannabe1987 i made it home in the snow
19:38 eadthem if you rairly do it  dont spend money on it at this time
19:38 Monkeh ajcc: Again, that's basically the same as what I have with a different shell
19:38 Monkeh ajcc: It works. It's cheap.
19:38 roadran422 But I need a good enugh tool set. Few sockets, a few screwdrivers things like that... To open laptops, consoles, harddrives. And to pull things apart (pliers)
19:39 electricguy hi hi wannabe1987 :)
19:39 Monkeh And the iron in that picture there appears to have been extensively heated.
19:39 ajcc Monkeh: didn't hear your first comment about it :), yep, I can only agree
19:39 Monkeh ajcc: I'd love a proper temperature controlled station, but they're way too expensive for what I do.
19:39 wannabe1987 hi electricguy
19:39 roadran422 Hi wannabe
19:39 ajcc Monkeh: aren't you just running it too hot?
19:39 Monkeh Variable power and a stand which stays where I put it is quite sufficient
19:39 roadran422 I also need a psu
19:39 wannabe1987 hi hy
19:39 roadran422 Ok.
19:39 roadran422 I have a question that will stump most of you...
19:39 Monkeh ajcc: No, I'm careful to keep the temperature as low as reasonable.
19:40 roadran422 Efficient, Cheap, Reliable. Pick 2 of them, you can't have all 3
19:40 Monkeh Doesn't help that most of what I do is modify and repair existing boards, though.
19:40 ajcc Monkeh: it's about 185C for 50/50 solder
19:40 eadthem;qid=1325533183&amp;sr=8-50;qid=1325533166&amp;sr=8-39
19:40 Monkeh Having to burn through epoxy first is a pain in the butt.
19:40 BotSteve Title: CHIP QUIK® No Clean Flux in Squeeze tubes: Home Improvement
19:40 eadthem now thats the kind of flux you want to have
19:40 electricguy the Uni-T UTP3702 is a very good lab PSU for the price
19:41 roadran422 Brb... Looking at harbour freight crap
19:41 electricguy the whole back of the case is a heatsink... :P
19:41 ajcc Monkeh: it's really slow so you have to give it a while to heat up
19:41 Monkeh ajcc: My iron? Yes, I know.
19:41 eadthem i recommend getting that even if you dont do much soldering    its very good  and immesnly better than liquid flux or rosen jars
19:41 Monkeh ajcc: And you should heat it slowly anyway.
19:41 electricguy not neccesary to heat it slowly if the regulation is good
19:42 Monkeh ajcc: I can say fairly authoritively that my solder melts at 183C. As for the solder on the board I'm working on..
19:42 electricguy Metcal stations heat up in about 4 seconds
19:42 eadthem just a 2x2x2mm dot to a 10AWG wire,  tin your copper pad,    solder the wire
19:42 ajcc Monkeh: well, you shouldn't have any problems with the Vellerman then
19:42 roadran422|harbo
19:42 Monkeh ajcc: I.. don't.
19:42 BotSteve Title: 105 Piece Tool Kit
19:42 ajcc Monkeh: oh.
19:42 roadran422|harbo Is that good...
19:42 ajcc who's getting a new soldering station then?, I hear a lot of wining :/
19:43 Monkeh ajcc: I was saying it's perfectly good for what I do. I'd like better, I can't afford £150 to have better.
19:43 eadthem your probably not going to use most of that
19:43 Monkeh ajcc: We're advising roadran. eadthem and electricguy are hating on cheap stations. :P
19:43 electricguy a crapload of tools including a box for 50 bucks. nah. it's most likely crap. sadly
19:43 roadran422|harbo eadthem: It's 50 bucks, on the chea!
19:43 eadthem its a nice set but its also cheeply made
19:43 roadran422|harbo xD
19:43 Coderjoe I didn't know pittsburgh was in china!
19:43 roadran422|harbo xD
19:43 Monkeh Yeah, that set'll be a joke.
19:43 roadran422|harbo I'm not like removing screws welded on...
19:43 roadran422|harbo It's good enough..
19:44 Monkeh I've had sets like that before
19:44 ajcc Monkeh: I see
19:44 roadran422|harbo Few wrenches, vice grips,
19:44 Monkeh And I've found they all have one or two useful parts in them
19:44 roadran422|harbo Sockets, screw drivers
19:44 roadran422|harbo Monkeh: For what use...
19:44 Monkeh And the rest quickly gets thrown away or used as a hammer until it needs throwing away
19:44 eadthem lol
19:44 roadran422|harbo I'm taking things apart....
19:44 roadran422|harbo It's not like I'm doing rocket science
19:44 eadthem roadran422|harbo did you see the links for flux?
19:44 roadran422|harbo Let me look up
19:44 electricguy roadran422|harbo, that set is good if you are a hobby mechanic. ok, it's stills hit, but yeh, not suitable for electronics
19:45 eadthem i cant stress enough how much paste flux will help you
19:45 roadran422|harbo :P
19:45 Monkeh roadran422|harbo: In that set? The only useful thing will end up being the stubby ratchet driver and even that's questionable.
19:45 electricguy looks for something with lots of small screwdrivers and stuff
19:45 roadran422|harbo Ok...
19:45 eadthem just know that it wont take much   most things need less than a dab or dot
19:45 Monkeh Those little metal screwdrivers are hopeless unless you know how to fix them
19:45 roadran422|harbo The flux? I'm barely doing anything major!
19:45 Monkeh (which, btw, involves a blowtorch and a high temperature solder)
19:45 Monkeh (I really don't advise doing that.)
19:46 eadthem well keep the link   if you have a project involving a circutboard or PCB  id get it at that time
19:46 roadran422|harbo I'm just adding components, and removing them... Why the flux? xD
19:46 eadthem you can get chipquick a several places
19:46 electricguy Monkeh, i have been soldering for 13 years and i have never ever needed any extra flux... :P
19:46 electricguy other than what's in the solder
19:46 roadran422|harbo xD
19:46 Monkeh electricguy: Ahem, I'm not the one suggesting flux. :P
19:46 roadran422|harbo Lol
19:47 roadran422|harbo Electricguy, What set do you have?
19:47 electricguy ok, F.. eadthem ... read what i said to Monkeh
19:47 electricguy .. XD
19:47 eadthem :p
19:47 electricguy i don't buy sets with tools, cause those tools are usually crap... :P
19:47 Monkeh I doubt most people here use tool sets as such.
19:47 roadran422|harbo Electricguy.... What tools do you have and where...
19:47 electricguy i buy screwdrivers one by one, pliers one by one and so on..
19:47 roadran422|harbo I don't have much mula
19:47 eadthem when i buy tools i genearly get ace husky or craftsman
19:47 Monkeh My various collections of tools (I have like four complete toolkits for different things) are made up mostly of individually purchased tools.
19:47 Monkeh Good ones mostly.
19:48 roadran422|harbo I don't have the money!
19:48 roadran422|harbo Each tool is about a buck a peice.... Add them up xD
19:48 eadthem i got 1 set of tools from amazon right out of collage  and i imedatly returnd them
19:48 Monkeh roadran422|harbo: And you won't have the tools once those break!
19:48 eadthem road what tools do you have now
19:48 electricguy i have like 8 different pliers, 25 different screwdrivers, 3 different wirecutters... XD
19:48 roadran422|harbo xD
19:48 eadthem and what projects do you want to do
19:48 Monkeh I've had some cheap tools which are decent
19:48 roadran422|harbo Just taking things apart and reassembling things like that.
19:48 electricguy roadran422|harbo, a buck a piece for tools? XD lol :P
19:48 roadran422|harbo Also, the tools I have. A stupid ratchet set which isn't mine....
19:48 Monkeh I've got some screwdrivers I use for my electronics and PC stuff which are really, really nice, and they were like £5 for the set
19:49 electricguy my wirecutters are 20 bucks... :P
19:49 roadran422 xD
19:49 Monkeh And some nice VDE screwdrivers which were £20 for the box
19:49 Monkeh Also some nice chisels which were like £2.50 each.
19:49 ajcc talking about things that cost £150, here's my knife:
19:49 Monkeh They're the exception.
19:49 BotSteve Title: Victorinox Swiss Army makers of Swiss Army Knives, the best cutlery, timepieces, womens fashion, mens fashion, fragrances, and travel gear
19:49 ajcc :)
19:49 roadran422 Can someone just send me a generic set...
19:49 Monkeh roadran422: Send me a generic wad of money.
19:49 eadthem get a small set of screwdrivers from ace hardware  shuld be around 10-20$ for a 10 peice set
19:49 roadran422 I have only about 50 dollars.
19:50 eadthem buy 1 good wire cutter and 1 good combo crimper/stripper
19:50 roadran422 Here's the low down on the things... A basic socket, a few screwdrivers with security tips. The one's with a shaft, few pliers and strippers.
19:50 electricguy yeah. a small set of screwdrivers, a small set of pliers and so on
19:50 eadthem buy 1 long nose neelde nose plyers
19:50 electricguy that's much better than buying a big box with everything
19:50 roadran422 Security tips as in triangles, torx, torx with a hole in center
19:50 eadthem and buy a set of security bits
19:50 roadran422 How do you fit a bit in to a small hole...
19:51 roadran422 That's something I've never got. Bits are way to big...
19:51 electricguy you use the correct size bit..
19:51 eadthem roadran422 what state you in?
19:51 roadran422 I'm in florida...
19:51 eadthem you have lowes?
19:51 roadran422 Yes..
19:51 tonsofpcs triwings are $3 for a set from DX
19:51 roadran422 I forgot about lowes xD
19:51 tonsofpcs lowes sells everything else from greenlee
19:52 eadthem roadran422 are you willing to give out a zipcode near yours?   i cant see prices on lowes for your area without it
19:52 tonsofpcs eadthem: I use a Leatherman Squirt EL/E4 for cut/strip/crimp.  Best $40 I ever spent at ratshack
19:52 roadran422 Yes... 34208
19:52 roadran422 You can't reallly find me with a zip code.
19:52 roadran422 Wait nvm...
19:53 eadthem not anymore than i could with your ip address
19:53 roadran422 xD
19:53 roadran422 I'm removing listing from whitepages.
19:53 eadthem thats why i said near yours  ie  change one fo the least signifcant digits by 1 or 2
19:54 roadran422 ....
19:54 NeWtoz zip codes are large
19:54 roadran422 xD
19:54 Danz409 joined #thegeekgroup
19:54 roadran422 Not with whitepages. I use it alot!
19:54 roadran422 It should be gone...
19:55 roadran422 Is kobalt good?
19:55 eadthem its not bad
19:55 eadthem its a name brand
19:55 roadran422 Ik that...
19:55 eadthem well store brand
19:55 jeremys kobalt is very good for the price
19:55 electricguy Pro's kit is crap
19:56 Danz409 i'm looking for a schematic for a Hickok PS-505, anyone know where i can find one. i already tried google... not much there
19:56 roadran422 The only problem is. I can't find anything that will fit in to a small hole...
19:56 NeWtoz that's what she said
19:56 roadran422 Dude. No.
19:56 roadran422 xD
19:56 electricguy XD
19:56 tonsofpcs wht is it, Danz409?
19:56 electricguy what sort of hole is it?
19:56 eadthem one sec i may have that alredy
19:56 Danz409 its a powersupply
19:56 roadran422 Like on a ds... Or something like that...
19:56 Danz409 also known as stark PS-506
19:57 jeremys I used to be a craftsman guy, but kobalt is much better IMO
19:57 electricguy long thin screwdrivers
19:57 electricguy bits are for noobs
19:57 roadran422 Yes exactly that.
19:57 roadran422 Long thin shafted screwdrivers.
19:57 tonsofpcs Danz409: in/out?
19:57 Danz409 in/out?
19:57 roadran422 eadthem: ...
19:57 tonsofpcs voltage/current ?
19:57 electricguy roadran422, browse
19:57 Danz409 well. one of the transfomers blew. im trying to find a replacement
19:58 BotSteve Title: precision screw - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
19:58 eadthem    im adding to the list right now
19:58 Jonnybeats joined #thegeekgroup
19:58 roadran422 Ok xD
19:58 Danz409 oh its a benchtop unit so 110v in
19:58 jeremys If you use a lot of cordless screw guns, bts become your best friend
19:58 eadthem but first itme is the screwdriver you wer just askign about
19:58 roadran422 Thanks! For anyone who was helping!
19:58 Danz409 and it has 3 differant rails. the 1-40v DC 1amp is out
19:58 jeremys the key is getting a quality bit holder
19:58 Monkeh jeremys: Bosch ones FTW.
19:58 eadthem the husky is what i have   we ahve 3 at work and i have 1 at home
19:59 roadran422 Why is that.... When everyone says FTW I think it means fuck their way.
19:59 electricguy but if bits are too thick to reach down in a hole they are still totally useless
19:59 eadthem for the win
19:59 jeremys i use a bosch at work every day.  it is small and powerful, and you cannot break it
19:59 roadran422 eadthem: Ik xD
19:59 Monkeh jeremys:
20:00 tonsofpcs Danz409: is it from a pair or is it solo?
20:00 tonsofpcs (the ttransformer)
20:01 Danz409 i'm not exactly 100% shore on that. let me open it up
20:01 Monkeh jeremys: This has been on my shopping list for a while:
20:01 jeremys yeah that is a nice holder
20:01 BotSteve Title: PS21-2A 12V Max 2-Speed Pocket Driver™ | Bosch
20:01 electricguy roadran422, a tip when looking for screwdriver sets, look for ones with lots of screwdrivers and not the cheapest crap you can find
20:02 roadran422 xD
20:02 roadran422 Also, look for a set with many types of screwdrivers, but ones that are different.
20:02 jeremys thats the one i use
20:02 roadran422 Not like 20 peice #0 phillips
20:02 roadran422 In a huge jumbo set xD
20:02 Monkeh jeremys: I've used the Makita version. They're awesome little things.
20:02 Danz409 looks like each rail has its own transformer
20:03 Danz409 wow these componits are old as dirt
20:03 Danz409 paper caps
20:03 tonsofpcs Danz409: so you can just probe at a working one and build/buy one to match?
20:03 Danz409 im thinking of just useing the case and putting a switching supply in it
20:03 electricguy this one is pretty clever, LONG bits
20:03 BotSteve Title: Precision Screwdrivers for Electronics DIY (34-Piece Set) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
20:03 tonsofpcs eww, why would you do thaat?
20:03 electricguy the thin type of bits
20:04 roadran422 eadthem: When you are done with the links... Please tell xD
20:04 * tonsofpcs needs to build a rectifier, meter set, and bigger box for his variac
20:04 roadran422 eadthem: Also thx!
20:04 eadthem you can refresh at any time im still adding
20:04 eadthem your not the first person to ask about tools so figured we mitaswell make a list
20:04 roadran422 xD
20:05 eadthem trying to find my hex driver atm
20:05 Danz409 im tarrafied to use this thing at all
20:05 Danz409 the other cought fire
20:05 Monkeh eadthem: I haven't looked but please tell me there's a digital caliper and some small ratchet clamps on that list.
20:06 Danz409 the insulator used on it. kinda got gooy over the years
20:06 eadthem not yet   link some and ile add them
20:06 Danz409
20:06 roadran422 Ok...
20:06 eadthem atm im only priceing lowes and home depot
20:06 Monkeh eadthem: Can't recall where I found the clamps, but..
20:06 wannabe1987 why was there money in the trash can?
20:06 Monkeh;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1325534792&amp;sr=1-2
20:06 BotSteve Title: 6 Inch LCD Digital Caliper with Extra Battery and Case: Home Improvement
20:06 eadthem ya  some 4$ quick grip clamps are a must
20:06 Monkeh eadthem: They're literally all the same thing, so..
20:06 eadthem yuck   digital
20:07 Monkeh eadthem: They're really convenient.
20:07 Monkeh .. as long as you buy proper batteries.
20:07 roadran422 xD
20:07 electricguy i have a nice quality non digital caliper, works great
20:07 mashpriborintorg Time to go to sleep, cheers
20:07 roadran422 eadthem: I think I know a few I might get from the list
20:07 roadran422 night mashpriborintorg
20:07 electricguy sleep well mashpriborintorg
20:07 mashpriborintorg thanks
20:08 Monkeh electricguy: I'd probably have to read most ordinary calipers with a magnifying glass, so..
20:08 Danz409
20:08 wannabe1987 why was there money in the trash can?
20:08 electricguy Monkeh, lol, ok XD
20:08 Monkeh electricguy: I can get precision out of a digital one which would be most awkward with a normal one. :)
20:08 Monkeh But you really, REALLY have to buy proper batteries.
20:08 electricguy true
20:08 Monkeh Do NOT buy alkaline ones. Ever.
20:09 electricguy AND a proper caliper with something claeed precision! ;)
20:09 electricguy called*
20:09 Monkeh Get silver-oxide or you'll be kicking yourself
20:09 Monkeh electricguy: Digital ones are really quite accurate.
20:09 electricguy otherwise it's like taking a crap boombox from walmart, buy some REALLY expensive NASA grade batteries and try to get it to sound like a cinema! ;P
20:10 roadran422 brb////
20:10 Monkeh electricguy: You looked at digital calipers much? ;)
20:10 * wannabe1987 needs to go grocery shopping before making supper tonight
20:10 electricguy actually quite a lot since i considered buying one
20:10 Monkeh electricguy: They're basically all the same thing from $10 to $100 from what I've seen
20:11 electricguy but i got a good quality mechanical one from dad instead
20:11 eadthem i dont like the digital ones because they need a battery
20:11 Monkeh Yeah, the battery is a pain.
20:11 electricguy we got a pretty expensive one in the garage, that one is much better than the cheap ones i looked at at least
20:11 Monkeh .. also, I managed to short mine on a cap and kill it for a while.
20:11 eadthem if they made them solar  they would be far better than mechanical ones
20:12 electricguy but, as with all things, there are cheap decent ones too
20:12 Monkeh It came back to life after about 15 minutes, but it was.. uncomfortable.
20:12 jeremys digital calipers are very accurate, if you get a decent pair, if you get one for $10, you get a $10 caliper digital or not
20:12 electricguy yeah
20:12 Monkeh I support the idea of a solar powered caliper.
20:13 electricguy good tools ARE pretty pricy. there is no way around it unless you steal good materials and make your own tools :P
20:13 Monkeh Let's develop, patent, and market one.
20:13 Monkeh .. Oh, hey, they already exist.
20:14 Monkeh From cheaptastic here:;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1325535213&amp;sr=1-1
20:14 BotSteve Title: Solar-Power Digital Caliper 6" Carbon Fiber SAE/Metric: Home Improvement
20:14 electricguy LOL
20:14 Monkeh To manly caliper here:;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1325535213&amp;sr=1-2
20:14 BotSteve Title: Mitutoyo 500-784, IP67 Solar Digimatic Digital Caliper, 0 - 6"/150mm, .0005"/0.01mm, Non-Output: Home Improvement
20:14 electricguy looks very chunky
20:14 Monkeh electricguy: The former isn't much bigger than a normal one.
20:14 eadthem k thats all fo the screwdrivers
20:15 electricguy i meant the solar powered one
20:15 Monkeh electricguy: They're both solar
20:15 eadthem onesec  i need to format this   its time for some html
20:15 electricguy oh, right!
20:15 electricguy the first one
20:15 Monkeh electricguy: Yeah, and no wheel puts me off.
20:15 Monkeh Still, they're out there.
20:15 electricguy yeah
20:15 Monkeh eadthem: Real men use XHTML
20:16 electricguy the second one was pretty clever... have a solar panel around the LCD
20:16 Monkeh Yep
20:16 Monkeh Hell of a price though
20:16 Monkeh I'll have to have a proper look for an affordable one
20:16 electricguy it better be good
20:16 wannabe1987 what kind of a price?
20:16 Monkeh To avoid batteries I'll happily pay £30-40
20:16 roadran422 Back
20:16 wannabe1987 oh noes.  roadran422 is back!
20:17 electricguy Monkeh ... the obvious solution is a wallwart! :P
20:17 roadran422 xD
20:17 electricguy wallpowered calipers! XD
20:17 Monkeh electricguy: Hahaha, no. :D
20:17 electricguy or a wind up dynamo :D
20:17 roadran422 xD
20:18 electricguy LOL, Chris got a flat tire on his car a while ago, now he posted this: Tire will be in tomorrow, heading to lab now on fake toy tire.
20:18 electricguy XD
20:18 roadran422 xD
20:18 electricguy fake toy tire :P
20:19 roadran422 Lol
20:19 roadran422 eadthem: Ik what i am getting
20:19 roadran422 If I get the resources
20:19 roadran422 This
20:19 roadran422;storeId=10051&amp;catalogId=10053
20:19 roadran422 and this
20:19 roadran422;storeId=10051&amp;catalogId=10053
20:19 BotSteve Title: 55-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver and Socket Bit Set-12838 at The Home Depot
20:19 BotSteve Title: 32-Piece Tamperproof Bit Set-32525 at The Home Depot
20:20 Monkeh I.. would not buy that screwdriver. But that's me.
20:20 Coderjoe mmm donut spares
20:20 roadran422 Also, A percision screwdriver set
20:20 electricguy roadran422, should do as first tool set :)
20:21 roadran422 Good enough xD
20:21 electricguy you don't really have to hurry to build up a lab.. :P it have taken me 15 years to build up mine, and i'm still expanding my stuff :P
20:21 technowizard_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:21 roadran422 Lol
20:21 roadran422 I just need good enough
20:21 electricguy yeh
20:21 technowizard_ badingading
20:22 technowizard_ woot i got a mosfet in the mail today that can handle 900 watts
20:22 electricguy and when you wear that set out you want better and better all the time, cause you are going to break some tools :P
20:22 roadran422 xD
20:22 electricguy technowizard_ nice :P
20:22 technowizard_ yep got two of em
20:22 technowizard_ and two nice little 30kv doorknob caps
20:22 electricguy nice
20:22 electricguy ooh :P
20:23 electricguy i got fome 330pF 7.5kV doorknob caps :)
20:23 technowizard_ some one was selling them on the tesla coil mailing list.
20:23 electricguy from the anode PSU for a clystron tube from a swedish air force radar module XD
20:23 technowizard_ sweet
20:23 threebuddies joined #thegeekgroup
20:23 technowizard_ air force surplus? howd you happen to get that?
20:23 electricguy local radio club :3
20:23 wannabe1987 technowizard_, you have a tail
20:24 electricguy the quality on the stuff is totally insane
20:24 technowizard_ thats why
20:24 technowizard_ probably have some other browser open
20:24 electricguy hehe
20:24 electricguy use a real IRC client ;)
20:24 wannabe1987 technowizard
20:24 wannabe1987 technowizard_
20:24 eadthem
20:24 BotSteve Title: Final Web Services
20:24 roadran422 I wish I had like 50 bucks xD
20:25 electricguy someday you will :)
20:25 eadthem formatting FTW
20:25 technowizard_ anyways i just 'machined' my plastic supports for 1/4" tube flat spiral primary for my tesla coil
20:25 roadran422 xD
20:25 roadran422 Thanks hahahah
20:25 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
20:25 eadthem k where was that solar digital calapters
20:26 eadthem calapers
20:26 electricguy calipers*
20:26 electricguy ;)
20:26 technowizard_ came out a bit rough as i had a hand operated power drill and one of those vibrating multitools to do the straight line cutting
20:26 electricguy technowizard_ nice
20:26 Monkeh eadthem: FAIL!
20:26 eadthem ?
20:26 technowizard_ a drill press and vertical band saw would have made them look much better ... but meh i can clean up what i have
20:26 Monkeh eadthem: 51 errors. Unacceptable.
20:26 eadthem :p
20:27 eadthem wait realy
20:27 Monkeh eadthem:;charset=%28detect+automatically%29&amp;doctype=Inline&amp;group=0
20:27 BotSteve Title: [Invalid] Markup Validation of - W3C Markup Validator
20:27 electricguy i want my damn headphones from DealExtreme now...
20:27 eadthem dam
20:27 eadthem well none of it is on this page it seams
20:27 eadthem its all on the headb.ssi.htm
20:27 technowizard_ spend about 2 hours or so on those supports though/ i have room for up to 24 turns of 1/4 inch copper tubing now and it will fit nicely on my 18# square plexi top around the toilet flange to hold the secondary
20:28 technowizard_ * 18 inch
20:28 electricguy :P
20:29 technowizard_ today's comments brought to you by the letter T.  As in Toilet flange, and Tesla coil :P
20:29 Monkeh eadthem: Sloppy.
20:29 electricguy lol
20:29 roadran422 The homedepot shopping card is crappy!
20:29 roadran422 It takes forever to add anything on
20:29 technowizard_ cart?
20:29 eadthem wtf  my ssi is messed up
20:29 technowizard_ oh, gift card
20:29 wannabe1987 naptime!
20:29 roadran422 cya xD
20:30 electricguy nap well wannabe1987
20:30 electricguy :)
20:30 wannabe1987 thx
20:30 wannabe1987 i was falling asleep :/
20:30 electricguy should be hibernation time though... :P
20:30 technowizard_ zzzzz
20:30 electricguy so, to be geeky, hibernate well! :D
20:30 wannabe1987 i got like 5 hours last night and then drove and now am SLEEPY
20:30 technowizard_ or in the UK, zed zed zed zed zed zed zed
20:30 Monkeh eadthem: Also, it's recommend, not reccomend. :)
20:30 wannabe1987 lol
20:30 electricguy LOL @ technowizard_ XD
20:30 roadran422 WOW
20:31 roadran422 Some things are store only some are online only.
20:31 technowizard_ just like its colour and aluminium
20:31 roadran422 That pisses me off.
20:31 Danz409 ok. tunsofpcs i got a bunch of pics posted on the froums. i honistly thing the best option is to just gut the whole thing, keep the variac / termanals and put in a switching power supply
20:31 jeremys i do not recognize the people talking on the radio
20:31 Danz409
20:31 Monkeh technowizard_: Quite. Except reccomend really is wrong. :P
20:31 BotSteve Title: Topic: Looking for a Hickok PS-505 schematic | The Geek Group
20:31 technowizard_ well its 'brick and mortar' or 'click and order' ... one or the other
20:31 technowizard_ or both for everything, i agree
20:32 Danz409 tonsofpcs*
20:33 eadthem Monkeh happy now?
20:34 Monkeh eadthem: Slightly happier. :P
20:34 Monkeh Starfield is so 90s. :P
20:34 eadthem ya i canged it back to headb.ssi.htm
20:34 Monkeh Still 9 errors. :P
20:34 eadthem witch needs cleanup that im not going to do right now
20:35 Monkeh eadthem: Don't mind me, I'm just being picky to be picky. :)
20:37 eadthem
20:37 BotSteve Title: Mitutoyo 182-107, Steel Rule, 6"/150mm ( 1/10, 1/100", 1mm, 0.5mm), 3/64" Thick X 3/4" Wide, Satin Chrome Finish Tempered Stainless Steel: Industrial & Scientific
20:37 eadthem now thats a ruler
20:38 ajcc <3 metric and ½ mm :)
20:38 electricguy <3 :D
20:38 Monkeh eadthem: I like a good rule.
20:38 electricguy steel rulers are very handy
20:39 eadthem stiff steel    10ths  100ths  inch     mm and .5mm on other side
20:39 eadthem none of this fraction crap
20:39 eadthem 3/8 can suck it
20:39 electricguy yepp :P
20:39 Monkeh eadthem: Yeah, in the real world we call that 10mm. :P
20:39 tonsofpcs ruler?  Bah, real men use triangle scales
20:39 Monkeh (yes, I know, it's 9.5 and a bit)
20:40 tonsofpcs oh, and a slide rule
20:40 electricguy i got a triangle scale too XD almost never use it though
20:40 tonsofpcs I totally want a slide/scale combo.
20:40 tonsofpcs pocket-sized
20:40 electricguy sounds nice
20:41 electricguy aww :3
20:41 tonsofpcs nice.  Do you have a way to test components, Danz409 ?
20:41 eadthem theres a 12 inch version somewhere
20:42 Danz409 yea... a $8 DMM... and the battery is very low. i got a bunch of stuff comeing in however
20:42 ajcc oh, before you guys lose the subject, the bad things about metric is that no one, absolutely no one, in Sweden knows how to do math with fractions
20:42 Danz409 the thing is. i don't know if its worth it.
20:42 eadthem i spent a hour looking for that thing when i bought it
20:42 Danz409 these parts are oozing and older than dirt
20:42 Danz409 i don't want to be useing a fire hazzerd
20:42 eadthem ile never understand why pepole make those stupid cork backed POS rulers
20:43 tonsofpcs so they don't slide when you use them as a straight-edge
20:43 roadran422 .bug
20:43 BotSteve To report website bugs, email:  helpdesk at thegeekgroup dot org
20:43 tonsofpcs they're not designed for critical use.
20:43 eadthem that one dosent slide when i use it as a strait edge
20:43 eadthem it also dosent bend
20:43 ajcc eadthem: fractions are awesome, they are the path to zen for the working man and geeks alike :)
20:43 electricguy yeh, cork backed ones are crap
20:44 tonsofpcs A good scale shouldn't be used as a straightedge.
20:44 eadthem k i got ruler and calaper     now we need multistripper and wirecutter
20:44 tonsofpcs multistripper?
20:44 eadthem onesec
20:44 Monkeh eadthem: No cheap strippers. Please god no.
20:44 Danz409 one that can pole dance AND lap dance?
20:44 electricguy self adjusting wire stripper?
20:45 electricguy i got some very good wire strippers. called Super No. 5
20:45 tonsofpcs I use 'klondike' cable cutters for stripping anything over about 16 AWG.
20:45 electricguy they cost about 25 bucks
20:45 eadthem well tbh the 1 stripper i like i cant find anywhere   its a alagator style thing
20:45 electricguy REALLY amazing ones
20:45 electricguy you can strip 30 guage wire with them if you want.. XD
20:45 Monkeh eadthem:;Ntt=stripper&amp;pl=1&amp;currentURL=%2Fpl__0__s%3FNtt%3Dstripper&amp;facetInfo=
20:45 BotSteve Title: Shop IRWIN 8" Self Adjusting Wire Stripper at
20:45 Danz409 i can strip wires with a fingernail clipper suppriseingly well
20:46 eadthem nope
20:46 Danz409 smaller ones that is
20:46 roadran422 Nothing to do...
20:46 Monkeh eadthem: They're good strippers though.
20:46 tonsofpcs small wires can be stripped with a fingernail, Danz409
20:46 eadthem ya probably but there way to complacted  just like the ideal ones below that
20:46 electricguy this is what i use
20:46 Monkeh eadthem: Complicated?
20:47 tonsofpcs Monkeh: yea, but those aren't useful for making a very short strip
20:47 Monkeh tonsofpcs: Oh, but they are.
20:48 tonsofpcs I use something like these: OR
20:48 BotSteve Title: Leatherman multi-tools: Squirt E4
20:48 tonsofpcs (the former is for larger guage, the latter for smaller guage)
20:48 Seroster GOD DAMN IT
20:48 Seroster I brought TWO dead transformers out today
20:48 Seroster I got three in my backpack on the way home xD
20:48 electricguy lol
20:49 Monkeh tonsofpcs: This short enough for you?
20:49 roadran422 You got the leatherman yet?
20:49 tonsofpcs Monkeh: I can't tell, what guage is that?
20:50 Monkeh tonsofpcs: That's 0.25mm square wire.
20:50 tonsofpcs if it's 12, sure.  If it's smaller, no, not at all.
20:50 Monkeh tonsofpcs: In your money, 23AWG
20:50 Monkeh The strip length is 2mm
20:50 Seroster Ffffuuuuuuu =P
20:50 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
20:50 tonsofpcs why do you need a strip length 8x the conductor width? that's a waste.
20:51 Seroster That is VERY interesting!
20:51 BotSteve Title: Traffic jam theory. [VIDEO]
20:51 electricguy had to try how short my strippers could strip a wire, a little less than 1mm, no problem XD
20:51 Monkeh tonsofpcs: I can go as short as 1.5mm
20:51 roadran422 What strippers do you have!
20:51 tonsofpcs I can probably go shorter than .25mm
20:51 roadran422 xD
20:52 Monkeh tonsofpcs: The conductor width, btw, is .5mm.
20:52 roadran422 What strippers are those?
20:52 Monkeh roadran422: These, basically:;storeId=10051&amp;catalogId=10053
20:52 BotSteve Title: 8 in. Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper with ProTouch Grips-2078300 at The Home Depot
20:52 Monkeh tonsofpcs: I don't see how a shorter strip is of any particular use.
20:53 roadran422 Down to .25 of a mm...
20:53 roadran422 Dang!
20:53 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
20:53 Monkeh I see no reason to strip anything shorter than I can get it with these.
20:54 roadran422 Anything neat on the live stream?
20:54 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
20:54 smellme411 joined #thegeekgroup
20:54 Monkeh And these work with wires as small as 24AWG up to as big as around 10AWG
20:54 Coderjoe scanner and leonard street to the west
20:54 roadran422 Ok... Nothing then xD
20:54 roadran422 How about 30awg?
20:54 Monkeh And they'll take the sheath cleanly off most normal sized DI wire or cables, too.
20:55 electricguy LOL! i stripped a 20 guage wire .5mm XD
20:55 Monkeh roadran422: I don't go that small.
20:55 Monkeh electricguy: And the advantage of that over my 1.5m? :P
20:55 Monkeh Er
20:55 Monkeh 1.5mm
20:55 tonsofpcs well, for certain connections you want a very specific strip length.  For solder-type connectors and PCB connections of small guage wire, you want a VERY small strip length and when making repairs you don't want to overstrip.
20:55 Monkeh Damn m key. Do as you're told.
20:56 electricguy none, but it's fun that it can strip that short :P
20:56 Monkeh tonsofpcs: I've not done anything where 1.5mm would be too large yet.
20:56 tonsofpcs Monkeh: I have.
20:56 tonsofpcs Solder-type BNC center pins.
20:56 tonsofpcs Such a PITA.  0.5mm is probably too much.
20:56 electricguy maybe when modding SMD stuff
20:56 tonsofpcs and ^^
20:56 electricguy if you need to solder on a chip pin
20:56 Coderjoe oh, and snow
20:57 Monkeh Okay, so SMD stuff and weird RF connectors used weirdly. :P
20:57 tonsofpcs yes, it is snowing here
20:57 roadran422 Monkeh:  I though 50ft of 30awg wire was a steal!
20:57 electricguy here is the 20 guage wire stripped .5mm XD
20:57 electricguy <3 macro
20:57 roadran422 But, way to small!
20:57 Monkeh electricguy: I can do macro with my camera. It's not on hand. :)
20:57 Coderjoe it is not snowing here. just the leftover 1-2 inches of accumulation from yesterday
20:57 tonsofpcs 30AWG? wtf you gonna use that for?
20:57 Monkeh Yep, that's more or less pointless for 90% of things. :P
20:57 Monkeh Again, for general purpose use, these strippers are ideal.
20:57 tonsofpcs we're getting lake effect off Ontario, long throw today.
20:58 roadran422 xD
20:58 Monkeh They'll do everything from little 24AWG wire up to proper sized cables
20:58 Coderjoe and we are in the studio autopsy set
20:58 smellme411 yay
20:58 eadthem i cant find the one i have
20:58 Monkeh ie. AC power cables and the like.
20:58 Coderjoe with the scanner still
20:58 killawayZZzz oh live stream everyone
20:58 killawayZZzz ah
20:58 smellme411 do u have audio from the set
20:58 Coderjoe wish they would take that POCSAG channel off the scanner
20:58 Monkeh As I said, they'll take the sheath cleanly off DI and flex
20:58 eadthem
20:58 Monkeh Most strippers won't.
20:58 BotSteve Title: Gardner Bender #GS-370 8" Pro Wire Stripper: Home Improvement
20:59 eadthem execpt i payed 20$ for the tool and a bunch of crimpons
20:59 tonsofpcs Monkeh: my problem there is that "everyday" use doesn't matter that much.  It's the "omg this broke and needs to be fixed NOW" that drives tool purchases.
20:59 Monkeh tonsofpcs: And never have I needed such a ridiculously fine strip for an 'omg NOW' moment.
20:59 Monkeh tonsofpcs: If I did I can do it with one of my many, many sharp knives easily enough.
20:59 eadthem the one thing is  DONT use them for plyers
20:59 eadthem they wont survive that
21:00 eadthem long as there used as screw shears  cutters srippers and crimpers they last forever
21:00 eadthem provided you dont say try to cut steel with them
21:00 Monkeh eadthem: I hate those multipurpose things in general.
21:00 tonsofpcs Monkeh: lucky you.  I've had to fix a solder-type BNC for a camera with 0 excess (I was shortening the cable by stripping the end) during a news broadcast.
21:00 Monkeh Especially as most of them are unusably cheap.
21:00 eadthem ya there not speedy
21:00 scubadiver10000 joined #thegeekgroup
21:00 threebuddies What does 3 long beeps and 1 short beep mean when trying to boot a computer?
21:00 eadthem well that one isnt  and yes  most of them are very crappy
21:01 Monkeh threebuddies: It means something's wrong, hang on
21:01 eadthem;storeId=10051&amp;catalogId=10053
21:01 eadthem now that is crappy
21:01 BotSteve Title: Terminal and Crimping Tool Kit-GS-67K at The Home Depot
21:01 Coderjoe depends on the bios
21:01 threebuddies I have AWARDS BIOS
21:01 Danz409 that cat thing chris is playing with looks like satans robo-kitty
21:02 Monkeh threebuddies: Sure it's 3 long, 1 short?
21:02 smellme411 yep
21:02 eadthem Monkeh what do ya got for crimpers
21:02 threebuddies Yes
21:02 Coderjoe an autopsy of a roboraccoon?
21:02 Monkeh eadthem: I don't crimp much, but I use those strippers usually.
21:02 eadthem cus the one i wanted to add  i cant find
21:02 Monkeh eadthem: They're also good for cutting mid-sized solid wire.
21:02 Monkeh eadthem: As a general purpose choice they work well.
21:03 eadthem i mean  not at the price i would buy it for
21:03 Monkeh eadthem:;storeId=10051&amp;catalogId=10053
21:03 BotSteve Title: 8 in. Self-Adjusting Wire Stripper with ProTouch Grips-2078300 at The Home Depot
21:03 killakee omg paypal is slow :(
21:03 Monkeh eadthem: They strip, they crimp, they cut largish wire (romex as you call it).
21:04 threebuddies I uploaded a video of the tone to youtube
21:04 threebuddies
21:04 BotSteve Title: Help computer - YouTube
21:04 Coderjoe threebuddies: stop all the downloadin
21:04 killakee ram
21:04 threebuddies What?
21:04 TGA joined #thegeekgroup
21:04 killakee that beep is faulty ram on my computer
21:04 killakee :P
21:05 Monkeh threebuddies: Probably faulty or badly seated RAM.
21:05 killakee but its not the same card
21:05 Coderjoe damn... I can't even really hear the beeps :(
21:05 Coderjoe I can sorta hear them, but not well enough to tell when they start and stop
21:05 thegamer579 joined #thegeekgroup
21:05 killakee thats easy to find out
21:05 thegamer579 hi there
21:05 Danz409 ever heard ram error for a system that takes rambus ram? it sounds like the start of eye of the tiger
21:05 Jonnybeats_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:05 killakee just take out all ram.. and putt one and one inn again ..
21:05 threebuddies Don't feel bad my dad can't here them either
21:06 Monkeh I hear them just fine
21:06 Monkeh You're all deaf.
21:06 thegamer579 is there no mic in the studio ?
21:06 killakee hope there will be sound
21:07 eadthem k i added both of them
21:07 Coderjoe i could hear them on the speakers, just not in headphones
21:08 TGA I'm just hearing a radio
21:08 Monkeh eadthem: What we need to find are really small side cutters.
21:08 eadthem dikes
21:08 Coderjoe thegamer579: there are, but nobody's fiddled with the mixer to change from the scanner to the studio
21:08 eadthem those i know of
21:09 Monkeh eadthem: Yes, those.
21:09 Monkeh eadthem: Really, really small pair. Invaluable for cable ties, small wires, cropping legs on through-hole components..
21:09 Jonnybeats_ "Today on the geek group, we direct this creepy looking cat..."
21:09 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now  Lab's Live Stream: |   Channel log: |  Minecraft TGG Lab File: | ANNOUNCING MEMBER BLOGS
21:09 Jonnybeats_ *Disect, stupid autocorrect
21:10 Cprossu haha
21:10 Coderjoe NO DISASSEMBLE!
21:10 Monkeh eadthem: Also, sharp knives.
21:10 Coderjoe jeez. three different implementations of a terrible invention in the topic
21:11 Danz409 hopefully we can discover what makes them soo damn attracted to laser pointers
21:11 Jonnybeats_ Haha xD
21:11 Monkeh Coderjoe: Terrible and yet terribly useful
21:11 chris_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:11 chris_ sup
21:11 Jonnybeats_ Hey!
21:12 chris_ hey
21:12 chris_ sup
21:12 Coderjoe tggmc: anyone there? can you switch the audio over to the studio?
21:12 NB_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:13 roadran422 Ok.
21:13 chris_ astrophysics ftw
21:13 roadran422 What do you think of this commercial?
21:13 roadran422
21:13 BotSteve Title: SATIS-FASHION footwear BUNKER Commercial - YouTube
21:13 NB_ Is there a problem with sound?
21:13 roadran422 No...
21:13 jeremys lack of autopsy audio makes baby Jesus cry
21:14 Danz409 maybe if we all yell loud enugh they can hear us
21:14 TGA all together on 3
21:14 Cprossu jeremys you could give chris a call causing buying of drinks during shooting (j/k)
21:14 Jonnybeats_ And tearing a cat limb from limb doesn't?
21:14 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
21:14 roadran422 Is he watching the irC?
21:14 Danz409 this is going to make a very intresting video
21:14 threebuddies Dan your a genius
21:14 tonsofpcs Cprossu: huh?
21:14 Cprossu obviously not!
21:14 Cprossu lol
21:14 chris_ thats a funny commercial
21:15 roadran422 xD
21:15 roadran422 What buffon is setting the live stream with audio laid over by scanner!
21:15 roadran422 We want to watch and hear!
21:15 eadthem wholy crap  32$ for 4 inch dikes
21:15 stevyrey joined #thegeekgroup
21:15 roadran422 xD ^
21:15 TGA It is interesting video, just not as interesting audio
21:15 chris_ who is from australia
21:16 Danz409 see this is where we need the nerf/airsoft guns on the camras to get there attention
21:16 roadran422 What is he taking apart!
21:16 Danz409 A CAT!
21:16 roadran422 FeLiNe
21:16 chris_ where?
21:16 threebuddies Some satanic cat
21:16 Cprossu yNos you at dah lab?
21:16 Coderjoe some robotic cat toy
21:16 roadran422 Cats are made up of Iron,Lithium, and Neon
21:16 Jonnybeats_ @Danz409 A future project maybe?
21:16 chris_ and potassium
21:16 roadran422 :P
21:16 roadran422 FeLiNe
21:16 Danz409 and laster detector hunt and distory module
21:16 NeWtoz I never understood why people call them dikes
21:17 chris_ i wonder what cats taste like?
21:17 Monkeh NeWtoz: Diagonal cutters.
21:17 roadran422 I don't ^
21:17 Monkeh NeWtoz: Dikes.
21:17 roadran422 Or the other definition
21:17 Cprossu DIagnal KuttErS lol
21:17 Monkeh Dicks?
21:17 NeWtoz I know, but I just call them diagonal cutters, or wire cutters
21:17 roadran422 Cprossu: xD
21:17 Monkeh NeWtoz: I call them side cutters.
21:17 Monkeh NeWtoz: As opposed to end cutters.
21:17 jeremys I call them cutter thingies
21:17 Coderjoe becase people like shorthand
21:17 roadran422 xD
21:17 dr_jkl "when in doubt, dike it out'
21:17 roadran422 *whip
21:17 Cprossu I've always called 'em dikes because when I asked for other things I never got what I wanted
21:18 Seroster
21:18 roadran422 xD
21:18 BotSteve Title: 100 years of special effects. [VIDEO]
21:18 Seroster There is a scene there from who framed rodger rabbit
21:18 chris_ whats a dike?
21:18 roadran422 who is JKL?
21:18 Cprossu chris_: age?
21:18 chris_ 14
21:18 Seroster The interaction of a REAL PERSON with an animated character, by STRINGS and GOOD ACTING
21:18 NeWtoz I always relate "dikes" to the offensive word
21:18 Cprossu they are cutters.
21:18 roadran422 I am to xD
21:18 Seroster Not the idiotic annoyingly plastic Avatar garbagte
21:18 chris_ oh i see
21:18 roadran422 Who is jkl... Just out of curiousit
21:18 Seroster ARRRRR
21:18 chris_ scissors?
21:19 electricguy i got 2 pairs of Knipex 78 61 125
21:19 electricguy really nice ones
21:19 roadran422 ....
21:19 electricguy and only 20 bucks
21:19 roadran422 anyone
21:19 Seroster chris_, Dikes/Dykes either is a pair of sidecutters or a lesbian.
21:19 roadran422 ^Yep
21:19 chris_ oh fun
21:19 Seroster If you call a lesbian a dyke she will remove your penis with a dyke.
21:19 roadran422 xD ^
21:19 chris_ lol
21:19 Jonnybeats_ Gerber time!
21:19 roadran422 Still... Who is jkl?
21:19 Cprossu well at least there's some good advice there
21:19 chris_ the guy with the feet and the hair
21:20 Cprossu dr_jkl how did the code bashing head thing work out on the 'floppy controller'
21:20 roadran422 Someone in here has the name JKL, and then someone at tgg helpdesk has the username JKl...
21:20 roadran422 So who is JKl...
21:20 Seroster Eh
21:20 chris_ dr jeckel
21:20 Seroster You mean dr jkl?
21:20 tonsofpcs mr_hide
21:20 chris_ chuck norris's brother
21:20 roadran422 Yes dr jkl..
21:20 Seroster He's an op. And he woke up with a baaad mood.
21:20 Andyroo_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:20 Seroster So I would stop asking if I were you
21:21 roadran422 I think of dr jkl from csi..
21:21 Danz409 today we weatch chris screw a pussy on cam
21:21 roadran422 He's a creepy serial killr
21:21 chris_ he is chuck norris's brother
21:21 threebuddies Ew
21:21 roadran422 xD
21:21 Danz409 or unscrew rather
21:21 electricguy lol
21:21 roadran422 and that pussy is liz.
21:21 Jonnybeats_ lol
21:21 Jonnybeats_ This is getting a little inappropriate...
21:21 roadran422 xD
21:21 electricguy indeed
21:21 chris_ XD
21:21 Cprossu NSFW!
21:21 roadran422 Liz.... She always seems down for some reason...
21:22 Danz409 i noticed that too
21:22 roadran422 She always seems pissed or sad or mad...
21:22 chris_ astrophysics for tha win!!!
21:22 Danz409 seems very unhpapy about everything
21:22 roadran422 Ik ^
21:22 Coderjoe or just meh
21:22 tonsofpcs dikes == the cutters, dykes == the system of water regulation (levees).
21:22 roadran422 Just not right...
21:22 Coderjoe or bored
21:22 electricguy maybe she's just tired of all these horny guys fapping at home and jizzing over the screen... XD
21:22 Cprossu now I'll be away I am building upper mechanical
21:22 roadran422 xD
21:22 roadran422 Or Dykes, what we could consider Seroster...
21:22 roadran422 ;)
21:22 roadran422 Seroster. I am just kidding.
21:22 * dr_jkl perks
21:22 electricguy lulz
21:22 dr_jkl where are there horny guys?
21:23 roadran422 Dr_Jkl, what is your real name?
21:23 Danz409 what these conversations roll to when we DONT HAVE ADUIO to enjoy the feed with >.>
21:23 dr_jkl they're fun to tease.
21:23 Seroster Cprossu, tonsofpcs, SparkyProjects I need help decoding an electrical symbol. It is a thing that looks just like a diode and sits between the two terminals of a microwave oven capacitor. (There is another diode that goes to case, as usual)  But this diode got a big diode symbol pointing to a small diode symbol like so >||< .  What the fuck is that? A device that only lets current flow in no direction? WTF?!
21:23 electricguy dr_jkl, sadly, all over the world! o_O
21:23 dr_jkl roadran422: Jessica.
21:23 roadran422 Ok...
21:23 Seroster And dr_jkl is a dyke.
21:23 dr_jkl Why?
21:23 Coderjoe picture?
21:23 Seroster We all are
21:23 electricguy it's fun to say that they are stalkers, cause they use to rage as fuck and claim that they are NOT stalkers :P
21:23 Andyroo_ @seroster, an ideal infinite ohm resistor? :O
21:23 roadran422 xD
21:23 tonsofpcs Seroster: show a picture?
21:23 jeremys she is tons of fun, she doesn't look sad or mad she looks serious.she is doing her job and making sure everything  its getting filmed right.   its her business face
21:23 roadran422 Seroster xD
21:24 Danz409 its all gerbroni's falt
21:24 Seroster tonsofpcs, *Slaps* That's no way to talk to a woman! '-'
21:24 roadran422 That's one fun diode, somthing that doesn't lead electricty flow at all
21:24 dr_jkl Coderjoe: huh?
21:24 Cprossu bbl, I am going to 'build' upper mechanical.
21:24 tonsofpcs Seroster: of your diode!
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 Coderjoe dr_jkl: Seroster was asking what something was. a picture of the symbol would do wonders
21:24 chris_ .
21:24 Monkeh chris_: DIAF.
21:24 roadran422 No spaming.
21:24 chris_ was kicked by dr_jkl: do that shit elsewhere
21:24 roadran422 DIE IN A FIRE.
21:24 tonsofpcs ty dr_jkl
21:25 jackkollan joined #thegeekgroup
21:25 tonsofpcs Cprossu: you're building uppermechanical? are you in GR?
21:25 Seroster tonsofpcs, I can show you a picture of my "diode" whenever you want ;D
21:25 roadran422 ...^
21:25 tonsofpcs Seroster: sure.  how about now so I can tell you what it is?
21:25 dr_jkl heh
21:25 roadran422 Can someone pass the message to chris that I said Hi... If they are at the lab
21:25 dr_jkl is your diode one way?
21:25 KawaiiJess joined #thegeekgroup
21:25 Seroster -->|-|<--
21:25 siri_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:25 tonsofpcs lol
21:26 Seroster I have a two way diode
21:26 roadran422 Seroster, I have an idea how to test it.
21:26 Andyroo_ Oh dear, no sound from the set? :(
21:26 roadran422 Plug it in, and hold your finger on the terminals.
21:26 dr_jkl Seroster: you go both ways? ;)
21:26 electricguy this chat is so confusing.. hard to understand 2 different topics at once
21:26 dr_jkl siri_: i think i love you siri_
21:26 Seroster dr_jkl, You wouldnt even want to know
21:26 roadran422 That's how you are going to test it seroster. You put your hands on the terminals.
21:26 Seroster electricguy, THAT is why you adress the person you are talking to with their name.
21:27 Seroster Great fucking idea. I want to see you show how its done
21:27 electricguy pfft, only noobs do that ;)
21:27 roadran422 xD
21:27 SparkyProjects Seroster it's more likely a varistor
21:27 BotSteve Title: Varistor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
21:27 roadran422 Seroster, you said you needed help. I gave you advice.
21:27 Andyroo_ (he was saying that to pfft, or someone else??) :P
21:27 roadran422 Now, touch the terminals when plugged in with your tounge.
21:28 Danz409;index=17&amp;src_vid=upxzaVMhw8k&amp;list=PL5AB4B8F2A335A9F7&amp;feature=iv&amp;v=Mmdc9RIhmOI
21:28 BotSteve Title: NUGGET in a BISCUIT!! - YouTube
21:28 electricguy and as always, be sure to ground yourself through your 3rd leg
21:28 Andyroo_ To quote the captain, "It tastes like burning!"
21:28 roadran422 xD
21:28 Jonnybeats_ Haha!
21:28 dr_jkl Seroster: why do you think i wouldn't want to know?
21:28 roadran422 Why is the scanner on!
21:28 Seroster SparkyProjects, It does say HVR on it.
21:28 siri_ lol
21:28 roadran422 Cprossu fix it!
21:28 dr_jkl i asked, didn't i?
21:28 Seroster dr_jkl, go to #Tgg:NSFW and we can talk about my diode all day long
21:28 roadran422 Ok.
21:29 Andyroo_ oh, are they diodes with a specific breakdown voltage or something?
21:29 Cprossu what are you asking me to fix now roadran422?
21:29 Cprossu if it's audio related not my dept.
21:29 Danz409 TGG has a NSFW channel?
21:29 roadran422 Oh... then nvm..
21:29 roadran422 Well, cprossu can you switch to a different camera?
21:29 Cprossu yes but there isn't another one on that set at this moment
21:30 roadran422 Oh...
21:30 siri_ theres video chat?
21:30 threebuddies thanks guys one of the ram cards wasn't working.
21:30 Coderjoe i love listening to digital modes
21:30 electricguy a wireless portable camera would be fun for the live stream
21:30 roadran422 xD
21:30 Cprossu please not that he's using the official autopsy set not the other bigger one
21:30 electricguy with a BAD ASS batterytime
21:30 Cprossu *note
21:30 dr_jkl AHAHHAA
21:30 dr_jkl
21:30 BotSteve Title: Don't use your cell while I'm playing. [VIDEO]
21:30 Seroster Yes, TGG has a NSFW channel, since discussions on how to improve... Errr. Adult electronics... Isnt suitable for this room
21:31 adamxp12 joined #thegeekgroup
21:31 roadran422 xD
21:31 electricguy HAHAHAAHAHAHA @ that link dr_jkl
21:31 electricguy XD
21:31 tonsofpcs SparkyProjects: I was thinking phototransistor.
21:32 siri_ adamxp12 whatsup
21:32 SparkyProjects Nope
21:32 tonsofpcs (a diode with a small arrow pointing at it)
21:32 Coderjoe MORE POWER! *grunting*
21:32 siri_ its tim the toolman taylor
21:32 Seroster tonsofpcs, This is how the symbol looks in ascii -->|-|<--
21:32 siri_ love that show
21:32 Danz409 1.21 gigawatts?
21:32 Seroster Two diode symbols directly ahead of one another
21:33 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
21:33 electricguy a double diode
21:33 tonsofpcs Seroster: and the arrows are the same size?
21:33 Seroster No
21:33 electricguy there must be a center tap
21:33 Coderjoe Seroster: can you take a picture of the symbol and post it?
21:33 Seroster It got two legs and a lot of ceramic
21:33 Seroster Gimme a sec Coderjoe
21:33 electricguy maybe a diac?
21:33 Danz409 i don't see much left of that kitty
21:33 tonsofpcs oh, sure, show your diode to joe and not me,, I see how it goes :-p
21:33 electricguy
21:33 BotSteve Title: DIAC - Wikipedia
21:34 Danz409 he gonna feed the scraps to omni?
21:34 Seroster
21:34 SparkyProjects A photodiode has the sane symbol as a led, except the arrows point towards it.
21:34 SparkyProjects A varistor symbol is 2 diodes pointong towards each other, uaually with a line acrooss
21:34 Seroster Yeah, no, not a photodiode
21:34 Seroster This is a heavy ceramic thing, the exact same I linked to
21:34 electricguy looks like a HV diode
21:34 electricguy from a microwave
21:35 Coderjoe "short protection rectifier"
21:35 tonsofpcs SparkyProjects: really? Varistors are usually two stacked diodes in opposite direction, I thought.  I would think this would be a transiet surpressor
21:35 Seroster No shit electricguy
21:35 Seroster But it is a diode that DOES NOT ALLOW CURRENT TO FLOW ANY DIRECTION
21:35 electricguy *megusta.jpg*
21:35 SparkyProjects oops, yeah, like a triac without a gate
21:35 Seroster Seriously, what is its use if it doesnt allow current to move xD
21:35 electricguy Seroster, did you measure it with a DMM?
21:35 Seroster Not yet
21:35 eadthem i got nothing for dikes
21:36 electricguy maybe it's a dead component
21:36 Monkeh Seroster: Sounds like the exact opposite of a 0 ohm resistor to me. :D
21:36 eadthem everytime i buy them i go to the store because i want o make sure i get good ones  not nessicalry expensive ones
21:36 roadran422 left #thegeekgroup
21:36 tonsofpcs
21:36 Seroster It is placed there for a reason, if the manufacturer could save a buck not having it here they wouldnt
21:36 ajprog_laptop joined #thegeekgroup
21:36 Monkeh eadthem: I've existed on cheap oens for a while.
21:36 Seroster It fills some kind of function
21:36 eadthem;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1325539615&amp;sr=1-25
21:36 Monkeh eadthem: Mostly because they inevitably get abused and used for something they're just not good enough for
21:36 BotSteve Title: Stanley 89-858 6-3/8-Inch Diagonal Cutting Plier: Industrial & Scientific
21:36 eadthem seams decent to me
21:36 tonsofpcs those two there are surge suppressors.
21:37 Monkeh eadthem: They're fairly large though.
21:37 tonsofpcs stop playing with your dikes, eadthem.
21:37 eadthem ya  i know
21:37 Monkeh eadthem: This is more what I was suggesting:;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1325540248&amp;sr=1-14
21:37 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
21:37 Monkeh Couple of pairs of those are invaluable
21:38 eadthem thats what i have
21:38 eadthem pritty close to it
21:38 Monkeh eadthem: The bigger ones of course are required too.
21:38 Coderjoe
21:38 electricguy buy cutters with a flat bottom instead. they cut the wires MUCH cleaner
21:38 BotSteve Title: HVR062 datasheet and application note, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout | Datasheet Archive
21:38 SparkyProjects This is what  was thinking about
21:38 Monkeh Now, do Amazon keep the knife I love so..
21:38 BotSteve Title: File:Transient voltage suppression diode symbol.svg - Wikimedia Commons
21:38 Andyroo_ Hey guys, is there a reason why no audio is being broadcast from the stage?
21:39 Coderjoe because nobody changed the mixer when the video was changed
21:39 electricguy no idea
21:39 Danz409 nobody has figured that out yet
21:39 tonsofpcs SparkyProjects: my other thought is a transistor of some kind.
21:39 Danz409 nobody in MC seem to can't get the message that there is an issue
21:39 Jonnybeats_ Dunno but it seems more fun to imagine what they're saying!
21:40 Seroster That is not quite the one, SparkyProjects
21:40 roadran422 Don't ever trust seroster.
21:40 roadran422 Ever.
21:40 roadran422 Ever.
21:40 tonsofpcs you could call chris ...
21:40 electricguy Seroster, ask on EF
21:40 roadran422 Also, if he ever sends you a link to go to a site that has the name goat in it. Don't go.
21:41 roadran422 Just don't.
21:41 roadran422 Or anything with the worlds tub
21:41 roadran422 or tubgirl
21:41 Seroster Shutup =P
21:41 Monkeh Close enough..
21:41 Monkeh eadthem:;qid=1325540459&amp;sr=8-1
21:41 BotSteve Title: Stanley 10-049 Pocket Knife with Rotating Blade: Home Improvement
21:41 electricguy or the words lemon and part... :P
21:41 electricguy party*
21:41 qwertyboy whats the autopsy on?
21:41 electricguy a cat
21:42 qwertyboy cool
21:42 roadran422 i gtg.
21:43 Coderjoe
21:43 BotSteve Title: Varicap - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
21:43 Coderjoe getting closer to the symbol
21:43 electricguy a varicap got 3 legs and looks like a transistor
21:44 electricguy they use to be TO-93
21:44 eadthem k dikes done
21:44 eadthem now  need serrated needle nose and long needle nose
21:44 Monkeh eadthem: Stick that knife in too, they're really handy.
21:44 SparkyProjects Seroster, describe it again, or draw it
21:44 eadthem the latter i know is expensive
21:44 Seroster
21:44 Seroster I draw very fast and very accurate
21:44 Coderjoe I see plenty of varicap diodes that are two-pin
21:44 electricguy i admire your MS paint skills
21:45 Monkeh eadthem: Also this is handy:;qid=1325540643&amp;sr=8-4
21:45 BotSteve Title: Stanley #10-813 Quickslide 3Sport Knife: Car Electronics
21:45 eadthem done
21:46 stevyrey joined #thegeekgroup
21:46 SparkyProjects
21:46 BotSteve Title: HVR062 datasheet and application note, data sheet, circuit, pdf, cross reference, pinout | Datasheet Archive
21:46 SparkyProjects LEADED (THRU-HOLE): High Voltage Fast Recovery & Short Protection Rectifiers
21:46 Monkeh eadthem: Also, I suggest putting some properly insulated cutters on the list.
21:46 Coderjoe I pasted that 8 minutes ago
21:46 eadthem irwins ?
21:46 roadran422 What is the video of cutting fishtape
21:47 Monkeh eadthem: Simply because they're a lot more comfortable to use on big cables.
21:47 Seroster I can find it for you roadran422
21:47 eadthem ya  irwin 8 inch
21:47 roadran422 ^HELL NO.
21:47 roadran422 HELL NO SEROSTER.
21:47 Monkeh eadthem: I have Stanley ones, but you know the ones I mean, the really, really thick insulation with the finger guards.
21:47 eadthem yep
21:47 eadthem;ie=UTF8&amp;qid=1325540595&amp;sr=1-2
21:47 threebuddies joined #thegeekgroup
21:47 roadran422 If any of you went to the nsfw chat don't trust seroster.
21:47 Monkeh eadthem: Yeah, those Irwin ones are fairly close.
21:47 eadthem im saying thats on the list
21:47 BotSteve Title: Irwin 2078308 Vise Grip 8-Inch Diagonal Cutting Plier: Industrial & Scientific
21:48 eadthem trying to stick to name brands and cheep :p
21:48 Coderjoe woah
21:48 Coderjoe
21:48 Monkeh eadthem: See, it's the opposite over here.
21:48 BotSteve Title: Heterostructure barrier varactor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
21:48 Monkeh eadthem: Stanley are affordable, Irwin are obscenely overpriced.
21:48 eadthem both are about the same here
21:48 Coderjoe look at that symbol...
21:48 eadthem you get in to greenlees and channellocks and the price goes up
21:48 Monkeh eadthem: I <3 8" cutters though.
21:49 eadthem craftsman is same as the generic ones around here
21:49 Monkeh eadthem: Most people still only use the 6" ones, and they really struggle to go through larger solid core wires. I come along with mine and just snip through like paper.
21:49 eadthem kinda sad about vice grip getting bought out by irwin
21:50 Monkeh eadthem: THey've bought out a LOT of really good brands lately.
21:50 Monkeh eadthem: Thankfully they're still pretty good quality tools.
21:51 Monkeh eadthem: Quick-Grip for example.
21:51 Experimentonomen hm some guy is askin me how much an amp in the 200-300 watt range cost :/
21:51 eadthem vice grip was made in dewitt NE
21:52 eadthem about 350 pepole in the town lost there jobs in 2008 when they moved them to china       thats alot of pepole for a town of 600
21:52 Monkeh eadthem: Did you guys have Marples over there?
21:52 eadthem ?
21:53 Monkeh I'm guessing not.
21:53 eadthem guess thats a no
21:53 Monkeh They made chisels.
21:53 Monkeh Really, really good chisels.
21:53 Av_Nekoroms joined #thegeekgroup
21:53 Monkeh Irwin bought them out a while back and now they're.. well, they're not bad chisels. But not one of them will last as long as the original ones.
21:54 Monkeh There's still one prodict Irwin make well though. A vice.
21:54 Monkeh They make some serious vices.
21:54 eadthem for chisles my dad uses alot of Robert Sorby but he also makes alot of his as well
21:55 eadthem thers no great place to get them
21:55 eadthem speaking of wtich i shake my head every time i see moose turning wood on that metal lathe
21:55 Monkeh heh
21:55 Monkeh Yeah, it's not quite the tool for the job
21:55 eadthem ya it works  but i could do it my self to that accuracy by hand   in 1/8th the time
21:55 Monkeh But hey, make what you have work.
21:55 eadthem and my dads the pro wood turner  :p
21:56 Monkeh eadthem: Yeah, but with that thing she can set it and walk off.
21:56 Cprossu DAMN
21:56 eadthem true
21:56 Cprossu I made a 3 block error in mc
21:56 Monkeh Don't have to hang around and watch it work when it's just doing wood
21:56 Monkeh I'd love to see a piece of wood tough enough to defeat it!
21:56 eadthem i still think she might like to try it the manual way somet ime
21:57 electricguy this is the first french song i don't hate.. XD
21:57 BotSteve Title: Lolita joli garcon (Ron bon beat project remix edit) - YouTube
21:57 Monkeh eadthem: donate a good lathe!
21:57 Killa-X joined #thegeekgroup
21:57 eadthem it will certanly give a smoother finish using a fingernale chisle as aposed to a flat one
21:58 eadthem unfortunatly the one i have for me is not technicaly good
21:59 jeremys Moose and I are talking about a new project for the gym flooring.  its a chunk with a slot for your member card and a cut out the exact size of a normal quarter for you to put your shrunk quarter in.  It will show the shrink ize well
22:00 masterofmonks eadthem: related.
22:00 BotSteve Title: Just a guy making chess pieces. [VIDEO]
22:00 eadthem  i want moose to try this with the lathe
22:00 eadthem she will likely have to make a chisle for it
22:01 eadthem i bet it can do it
22:01 Coderjoe Seroster:
22:01 BotSteve Title: Heterostructure barrier varactor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
22:03 Seroster Yeah that looks like it
22:03 eadthem hes pritty good at that
22:03 Seroster The main application for the HBV diode is to generate signals at extremely high frequencies from 100 GHz[2] up to 450 GHz
22:04 Cprossu ppppphew
22:05 Cprossu it was just a telescopic distortion
22:10 eadthem one thing you never see on youtube is anyone accualy using a lathe at speed
22:10 eadthem everyones explaning and demoing and going slow
22:12 eadthem mount a 4x4 chunk   do 2 passes at 600 and then set it for 800 RPM and get it rouhed down in about 30 seconds  then  on to 1000-1500 RPM and get it smooth
22:12 eadthem should take less than 5 min to get a smooth cilender
22:13 Seroster eadthem, I get a hardon from seeing vast ammounts of turnings flying evrywhere
22:13 Seroster If I had a CNC machine I would put the biggest block of aluminium I could find in it and turn it down to a toothpick.
22:13 jeremys look up seiko they will show some high speed cutting vids
22:14 eadthem when doing a sweep for roughing  if all the curls from the start of the sweep have hit the ground by the time youve finished   your doing it slow
22:18 jeremys a lot of people think that the more RPM the better,  Its not that way at all.  Its all about the chip load
22:18 jeremys all going to fast will do is dull your cutter early
22:19 Coderjoe
22:19 BotSteve Title: Geek Group CNC #5 - SFM--Surface Footage Per Minute - YouTube
22:22 roadran422 Seroster?
22:22 Seroster I eat babies.
22:22 roadran422 Check the nsfw page..
22:23 Monkeh Seroster: GET IN MAH BELLY!
22:23 roadran422 xD
22:24 Killa-X metal..and rig up my laser engraver CNC..