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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2012-01-03

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00:00 daviecee where is the camera we can control
00:01 Cprossu AWOL (it's parts ran off to other projects)
00:01 PacketHumper lol
00:01 daviecee haha
00:02 PacketHumper i can't wait till stomper is done
00:06 PacketHumper we are running out of ideas on the minecraft server
00:07 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
00:07 PacketHumper must not have a good connection there.
00:07 leepod god damn cutting out wifi
00:07 leepod not much at all
00:08 PacketHumper if you are like me you'll start looking for the wifi ap and try to fix it.
00:08 leepod lol
00:10 injektion_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:10 injektion_ apinger: ALARM: WAN( *** down ***
00:10 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
00:14 leepod i hate hospitals
00:14 injektion I only like hospitals when I am heavily sedated
00:15 leepod me too
00:17 leepod i like riding in ambulences though best ride you could ever take
00:19 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
00:19 DruidicRifleman hey
00:20 leepod i gregory
00:20 leepod hi*
00:21 DruidicRifleman lee
00:22 leepod yes?
00:23 DruidicRifleman hey
00:23 DruidicRifleman i wanna build a UAV
00:24 leepod uav?
00:25 wannabe1987 DruidicRifleman!  i was just thinking about you and wondering if you were alive...
00:25 leepod im not
00:25 JA12 unmanned air vehicle
00:25 DruidicRifleman Dial up is an abomination and i wanna put a Bomb in the bell canada head office and force them to let me purchase a Fiberoptic connection at my cottage
00:25 JA12 and evening everyone
00:25 leepod ah
00:26 wannabe1987 leepod you're not alive?
00:26 wannabe1987 hi JA12
00:26 leepod im in a hospital
00:27 Seroster Getting your lobotomy?
00:27 leepod whats that
00:27 wannabe1987 part of your brain cut off
00:28 JA12 I need that right now
00:28 JA12 I have a headache and the painkillers aren't working
00:28 leepod seroster when did you get yours
00:28 wannabe1987 JA12 :(
00:28 Seroster I didnt need one, I was dropped enough as a child =)
00:28 wannabe1987 lol
00:28 leepod lol
00:29 Seroster All the skin is falling off from my knee. Cool.
00:29 wannabe1987 lol
00:29 leepod why seroster
00:30 Seroster I dont know
00:30 Seroster And it kinda freaks me out
00:31 wannabe1987 you need your own personal nurse/nursing student
00:31 leepod did you touch any car batterys lately
00:32 wannabe1987 i had a great nap :D
00:32 leepod 2
00:32 leepod damit
00:35 leepod im bored
00:35 wannabe1987 whats wrong w/ your gram?
00:35 Experimentonomen same
00:35 wannabe1987 i'm eating dinner :)
00:36 leepod idk to tell u the truth
00:37 wannabe1987 did she fall?  have a heart attack?  are you in the cardio wing?  ICU?
00:38 leepod IDK
00:38 wannabe1987 okayyyyy
00:38 leepod im in the dark
00:38 wannabe1987 ask
00:40 DruidicRifleman I wanna Build a riot control UAV gunship
00:40 DruidicRifleman Dad fell down drunk NYE
00:40 leepod lol
00:40 leepod hey DruidicRifleman i got a .22
00:41 JA12 ok guys, stop here
00:41 JA12 you're not going to put a .22 on a uav
00:42 * leepod facepalm
00:42 wannabe1987 lol
00:42 wannabe1987 whats a uav?
00:42 JA12 :P
00:42 leepod lol
00:42 JA12 <JA12> unmanned air vehicle
00:43 wannabe1987 a .22 sounds great
00:43 leepod i cam group bullets on a rest but i aim a little high
00:44 DruidicRifleman Awesome lee
00:44 DruidicRifleman Now get an AK47
00:45 JA12 =)
00:45 leepod i need a scope for it
00:45 DruidicRifleman No you don't
00:45 leepod open sights are a bitch
00:45 DruidicRifleman you need to learn how to shoot
00:46 DruidicRifleman Open sighs are given to new shooters so they can learn properly
00:46 tonsofpcs can lee even hold an AK?
00:46 DruidicRifleman Wait lee where do you live again?
00:46 leepod DruidicRifleman, i can shoot a full clip of bulls eyes with a scope but i can only group them with open sights
00:47 leepod Pa
00:47 DruidicRifleman yeah keep practising
00:47 Seroster WWWWHAAAAT
00:47 Seroster One ten megaohm resistor, TEN BUCKS
00:47 DruidicRifleman Pennsivania?
00:47 leepod i need a bipod for it too
00:47 tonsofpcs Seroster: well, it's 10 1Mohm  resistors tied together :-p
00:47 tonsofpcs DruidicRifleman: yes
00:47 DruidicRifleman Not if your learning
00:47 Seroster Wanna bet, tonsofpcs?
00:47 Seroster
00:48 tonsofpcs Seroster: yup.  cleave it into 10 pieces ;)
00:48 JA12 depending on the gun and the shooter, open sights can be quite accurate
00:48 leepod my rang benches are to short
00:48 tonsofpcs that's actually kinda tiny for a 1 Mohm *reads down spec sheet*
00:49 Seroster Five thousand megaohm resistor
00:49 Seroster Daaamn.
00:50 tonsofpcs 5Gohm?
00:50 Coderjoe that would be a 5 gigaohm
00:50 Seroster Yes, that would be five gigaohms
00:50 Danz409 wouldn't a gap of air do just as good?
00:50 tonsofpcs it's like an oh-m-G but backwards :)
00:50 DruidicRifleman the comb mie might be a 1/10 of an in
00:50 tonsofpcs lol Danz409
00:50 DruidicRifleman inch off*
00:50 tonsofpcs Danz409: you can't calibrate air gaps due to changing humidity ;)
00:50 Danz409 good point
00:51 tonsofpcs that's a pretty sharp derating curve
00:51 Seroster Five gigaohm datasheet:  That is 5'000'000'000 ohms. How many meters of 1awg copper wire is that? xD
00:51 tonsofpcs Seroster: 0.  just space the electrodes (sure, it gets a touch capacitive, but with that resistor design I would expect the same)
00:52 tonsofpcs and that first sheet you shared goes up to 10 G
00:53 tonsofpcs same sheet, it seems
00:53 DruidicRifleman Tonsofpcs you can calibrate aircaps with humidity control
00:53 tonsofpcs DruidicRifleman: or you can use a solid gap, like plastic.
00:54 DruidicRifleman yeah any thing more complicated then a lightswitch or plug i avoid when it comes to electricity and wiring
00:55 NeWtoz worst it can do is kill you
00:55 wannabe1987 lol
00:56 wannabe1987 hi devast8a
00:58 DruidicRifleman And every one in the building
00:58 DruidicRifleman I mean I AM abetter ellectrician then the guy who did the wiring for the Church who owned the lab
00:59 wannabe1987 what?  lee!!!! :(
00:59 Coderjoe i'm not an actual electrician and I am probably better than that guy
01:00 DruidicRifleman I could do safer wiring Drunk and blind folded
01:00 wannabe1987 lol
01:00 wannabe1987 how was your holidays, druid?
01:00 DruidicRifleman meh
01:00 DruidicRifleman Dad fell down drunk
01:01 wannabe1987 you said that
01:01 wannabe1987 thats not you tho
01:01 wannabe1987 did he get hurt?
01:01 DruidicRifleman my parrentsare getting me a 200 lbs anvil
01:01 DruidicRifleman I don't think so
01:02 tonsofpcs DruidicRifleman: I could do safer wiring sober!
01:04 DruidicRifleman thats easy
01:04 wannabe1987 lol
01:04 tonsofpcs DruidicRifleman: eh, i'm more cautious drunk
01:05 DruidicRifleman Yeah
01:05 DruidicRifleman I light explossives off holding a A champaign glass
01:05 * wannabe1987 still needs to unpack
01:07 tonsofpcs DruidicRifleman: of course! glass is not very conductive.
01:07 DruidicRifleman Yeah
01:13 wannabe1987 i have a question
01:14 wannabe1987 why do people who get paint in their eye think its a good idea to put PAINT THINNER in the eye as well "to get the paint out"
01:14 wannabe1987 and no, the idiot in question is NOT blind after their "stunt"
01:16 roadran422|eat xD
01:16 roadran422|eat I do that ;)
01:16 roadran422|eat I can't be on for long I have lots of hw...
01:16 wannabe1987 GET OFF THE INTERWEBZ then
01:16 DruidicRifleman LMAO
01:16 DruidicRifleman Wow that person wasdone
01:17 DruidicRifleman Dumb
01:17 wannabe1987 mhm
01:18 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
01:19 DruidicRifleman wannabe i need a zipcode for something whats yours
01:19 wannabe1987 hi Fulsy
01:19 Fulsy Hellu
01:19 wannabe1987 the lab is 49504
01:19 wannabe1987 hows your new year?
01:19 Seroster Fuck it dude. Let's go bowling.
01:20 * Seroster molests dr_jkl
01:21 * DruidicRifleman contacts interpole and files a warrent Seroster as a dangerous international cyber rapist
01:21 DruidicRifleman a warrent for seroster
01:22 wannabe1987 INTERPOL*
01:22 Coderjoe molestation, while being a sexual assault, is not exactly rape
01:26 wannabe1987 BotSteve: should i have more soup
01:26 BotSteve I don't think so
01:26 wannabe1987 but i'm hungry....
01:26 wannabe1987 and teh soup is easy....
01:27 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
01:28 BatSteve Member blogs?  I leave for Christmas and everything is crazy when I get back!
01:28 BotSteve batsteve: I have the following messages for you:
01:28 BotSteve At 01 Jan 14:18Z, roadran422 asked me to Tell batsteve that when links are typed in to irc, bot doesn't say anything... ""
01:28 wannabe1987 hi bats :)
01:28 BatSteve .seen roadran422
01:28 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw roadran422|eat 0.20 hours ago at 2012-01-03 01:16:32 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 01:28:48 UTC
01:28 wannabe1987 member blogs?  what do you mean....
01:28 BatSteve in the topic
01:29 wannabe1987 mine?
01:29 DruidicRifleman Why did my dad who is not a geekgroup member get a card and not me when i am a card carrying meber ?
01:29 Coderjoe works fine
01:29 wannabe1987 card?  as in thankyou/post card?
01:29 BatSteve also, why are my speakers made of fail
01:29 BatSteve brb
01:30 wannabe1987 why is my browser made of fail?
01:30 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
01:30 wannabe1987 why is my browser made of fail?
01:31 wannabe1987 bats, what member blog are you talking about?
01:31 Coderjoe because the whole world is made of fail
01:31 Coderjoe type /topic
01:31 BatSteve current topic is:  Lab's Live Stream: |   Channel log: |  Minecraft TGG Lab File: | ANNOUNCING MEMBER BLOGS
01:31 BotSteve Title: Topic: Member Blogs! Yay! | The Geek Group
01:31 BatSteve wannabe1987: ANNOUNCING MEMBER BLOGS
01:31 BatSteve that one
01:31 wannabe1987 oooo
01:31 wannabe1987 i didn't see it!!!!
01:31 wannabe1987 my blog used to be in tehre annoucing a way to win cookies
01:31 wannabe1987 sorry
01:31 DruidicRifleman I swear this country Is run by idiots... I can Mail order a gun with 14,895 foot lbs of kenetic energy to my cottage and shoot it off the front porch
01:32 DruidicRifleman I can't own a .25 ACP with 93foot pounds of muzzel energy
01:32 DruidicRifleman At all here
01:32 DruidicRifleman Is it just me... or does not make NOOOOO sense
01:32 Coderjoe where is "here"?
01:33 Monkeh Coderjoe: Canadastan
01:33 * BatSteve shrugs
01:33 BatSteve oh well.
01:33 BatSteve I have no sound for a while, apparently.
01:33 Monkeh BatSteve: Fail
01:33 BatSteve If anyone needs me, make sure to highlight, because I probably won't hear a beep
01:33 BatSteve Monkeh: I blame you.  (:
01:34 Coderjoe because canadia needs long guns for hunting mooses, deer, and elk. you don't need a pistol to hunt.
01:34 Monkeh BatSteve: For why?
01:34 BatSteve Monkeh: Because I need someone to blame, and you were convienient.
01:34 Monkeh BatSteve: Fair enough. What's broken?
01:34 wannabe1987 his speakers
01:34 wannabe1987 are you not paying attn?
01:35 Monkeh wannabe1987: Quiet, you.
01:35 wannabe1987 what?  i can't hear you, you broke bats' speakers
01:35 BatSteve Nah, the speakers are fine, they play just fine.
01:35 BotSteve Title: RickRoll'D - YouTube
01:35 BatSteve darnit BotSteve
01:35 Monkeh BatSteve: Foiled!
01:35 wannabe1987 lolololol
01:35 DruidicRifleman Yeah Ican own a gun that can murder bambi If he's chilling inside of an Armoured personel carrior
01:35 BatSteve I'm putting in an exception for that.  (grumble)
01:36 DruidicRifleman but not a piss ant little pistol
01:36 DruidicRifleman Though i'd love to use a 1911 for deer hunting
01:36 Monkeh BatSteve: :)
01:36 BatSteve DruidicRifleman: I feel like you'd have to get mighty close to the deer to use a 1911.
01:37 DruidicRifleman Yeah
01:37 wannabe1987 BatSteve: did you have fun discharging weapons over break?
01:37 Monkeh Anyone in GRR who's got a couch and wouldn't mind me staying for a few weeks around, say, feb, get in touch.
01:37 DruidicRifleman The area i hunt might as well be a building
01:37 BatSteve Or maybe machine a custom sight, so that you could have a larger sight radius.
01:37 Monkeh I'll have to post that on the forum later
01:37 wannabe1987 Monkeh: get a hold of moose
01:37 Monkeh wannabe1987: She's slippery.
01:37 wannabe1987 yes
01:37 wannabe1987 i know
01:38 wannabe1987 i would offer you a couch if 1) i had one and 2) i was allowed to have people spend the night
01:38 DruidicRifleman the chance's of seeing a deer past 50 yards are almost impossible
01:38 Monkeh I know you would :)
01:38 DruidicRifleman I want to move to Grand rappids and start a small defense contractor...
01:39 Coderjoe is your name Eric Prince?
01:39 JA12 .calc 150 m to yards
01:39 BotSteve 164.041995 yards
01:39 BatSteve wannabe1987: Didn't do any shooting this break, sadly.
01:40 wannabe1987 aw....facebook said you did :/  Did it lie?
01:40 DruidicRifleman i just shot soft air
01:40 DruidicRifleman Gonna go skeet shooting with my cousin
01:41 JA12 we had 3 shooting tests when I was in the army, best shot with the assault rifle..
01:41 DruidicRifleman i love shotguns
01:42 BatSteve Where did facebook say I went shooting?
01:42 BatSteve Perhaps it lied.
01:42 Coderjoe i've not shot skeet or trap in a loooooong time
01:42 BatSteve Or perhaps it was before my break started?
01:42 wannabe1987 someone tagged you in it
01:42 BatSteve ah
01:42 BatSteve ok yeah
01:42 JA12 with open sights, I can take someones head off 164 yards away
01:42 BatSteve that was before break started.
01:42 wannabe1987 ah.  ok
01:43 BatSteve JA12: you've got the advantage on me.  I can make someone very uncomfortable at 50 feet.
01:44 Monkeh BatSteve: With what, a hairdryer?
01:44 JA12 BatSteve: I think you have the advantage. you can have an assault rifle, I only have a licence for a shotgun =)
01:44 BatSteve Monkeh: Confetti popper.  "Back off evildoers, I've got razzle-dazzle!"
01:45 wannabe1987 lol
01:46 Danz409 for a variac can you put in lower voltage? i pulled a 120v - 400v variac out of this powersupply
01:47 Danz409 can i put in 12VDC?  and use it as a voltage selecter
01:48 JA12 BatSteve: and I'm nothing compared to russian snipers. I have to assume that because their sniper rifle (dragunov) has open sights that goes up to 1.2km
01:49 JA12 that thing is not built for humans anyways so they must have inhuman capabilities
01:50 DruidicRifleman My SKS has sight's out to 1000
01:50 wannabe1987 its the vodka
01:50 wannabe1987 it gives them in human capabilities
01:50 BatSteve .g ballmer peak
01:50 BotSteve BatSteve:
01:50 BatSteve Like that, but for marksmanship
01:51 DruidicRifleman That explains The armagah sniper
01:51 JA12 Programmer (noun): An organism that can turn caffeine and alcohol into code
01:55 wannabe1987 that was my sisters issue in her python course - they weren't allowed to drink!  (dry campus, plus she's underage)
01:55 egrsteve|away morning all
01:55 Coderjoe crap. I can't remember how far the rear leaf sight on my mosin-nagant goes out to
01:55 wannabe1987 hi steve
01:56 egrsteve|away hi kelly
01:56 egrsteve|away anything exciting happening here?
01:56 MoxieMike joined #thegeekgroup
01:56 DruidicRifleman lack of drinking
01:56 DruidicRifleman hey steve
01:56 wannabe1987 firearms discussion
01:57 DruidicRifleman who do i contact about Errors in mail from the geek group
01:57 Coderjoe i just know it isn't sighted in for crap right now. someone shortened the barrel at some point (still legal length) and the front sight blade they put on is crap and gets knocked easily
01:57 wannabe1987 moose
01:57 wannabe1987 Monkeh: can you fb msg moose?  that might be easier than emailing her about couches
01:57 Monkeh wannabe1987: *shudder* Facebook..
01:58 wannabe1987 it won't kill you
01:58 Monkeh I do, however, have her on G+ I think
01:58 wannabe1987 ooo you're there too?
01:58 Monkeh Do I look like a computer geek to you?
01:58 DruidicRifleman Nagans we're graded out to 2000
01:58 wannabe1987 you're a monkey.  i give you bananas
01:58 wannabe1987 I DON"T KNOW
01:58 wannabe1987 i've never seen you
01:58 DruidicRifleman nagants*
01:58 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
01:58 Coderjoe i'm a computer geek and hate social networking sites.
01:58 Monkeh wannabe1987: Well I am, so of course I am. :P
01:58 JA12 DruidicRifleman: modified versions of it are made, with the same caliber
01:59 eadthem Coderjoe join the club
01:59 wannabe1987 sorry joe
01:59 Monkeh Coderjoe: Yeah but it helps me keep in touch with daily bits and pieces from people I actually care to hear from. ;)
01:59 DruidicRifleman huh Ja12?
01:59 JA12 Coderjoe: and that mechanism it has gets very unsafe in time
01:59 BatSteve hmmm
01:59 BatSteve Something in my computer case is clicking
01:59 wannabe1987 HDD
02:00 wannabe1987 maybe its teh computer midgit you had installed
02:00 BatSteve that is the opposite of what I want it to be.
02:00 wannabe1987 yes.  i know
02:00 DruidicRifleman why is boden filling computerframes with concreat...
02:00 BatSteve Nah, already checked for midgets.
02:00 BatSteve Oh well.  New HDD time.
02:00 wannabe1987 ok
02:00 BatSteve boooo.
02:00 wannabe1987 :(
02:00 * BatSteve starts checking newegg and tigerdirect.
02:01 JA12 DruidicRifleman: a bit hard to have conversation about guns because I don't know all the terms in english =)
02:01 wannabe1987 google is your best friend
02:01 wannabe1987 and where the f did lee go :/
02:01 DruidicRifleman what gun are you talking abourt
02:01 JA12 yeah, I'm fast but it's not realtime =)
02:01 DruidicRifleman about
02:02 JA12 mosin-nagant firing mechanism that exists in modified versions
02:02 JA12 if it has wear and tear, it's very unsafe
02:03 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
02:03 BotSteve TOASTY!
02:03 DruidicRifleman we scared my moms friend
02:03 Monkeh BatSteve: Uh, many HDDs click in normal operation.
02:03 wannabe1987 toast :D
02:03 DruidicRifleman We proved to him that Lee enfileds canbe converted to full auto
02:03 wannabe1987 my long lost brother!!!!!
02:03 Toastdude wannabe! :D
02:04 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: .. I don't even know why you'd want to do that to a perfectly good rifle..
02:04 BatSteve Monkeh: this machine (not yet sure it's the HDD) is clicking much more than it has in the past.
02:04 DruidicRifleman the comonwelth needed Machine guns and all the had we're lee enfieldsa
02:04 BatSteve (that is, more than when I left it before christmas)
02:04 Monkeh BatSteve: It's more likely a fan if it's regular.
02:05 BatSteve That would be fantastic, but I checked the fans, there's nothing caught in any of them, unless something somehow went UP into the power supply fan.
02:05 BatSteve I think the next thing to do is start disconnecting them one by one and see if anything changes.
02:05 Monkeh BatSteve: They don't click because something's caught.
02:05 Toastdude BatSteve!
02:06 Monkeh BatSteve: The bearings can click. Welcome to cheap, shit sleeve bearings.
02:06 BatSteve Oh...okay, I gotcha.
02:06 Monkeh BatSteve: Put a finger in each of them.
02:06 Monkeh .. unless they're 80mm or smaller.
02:06 Monkeh DO NOT stick a finger in a 60mm fan.
02:06 BatSteve ::nod::
02:06 wannabe1987 why?
02:06 Coderjoe you can touch the hub just fine
02:06 Monkeh wannabe1987: They'll take skin. Quite happily.
02:07 wannabe1987 fun
02:07 Coderjoe just stay away from the blades
02:07 Monkeh Coderjoe: Yeah but that introduces you to the world of friction burns and is bad for the bearing.
02:07 Monkeh 120mm fans are very easy to stop with a finger without causing damage to anything
02:07 DruidicRifleman
02:07 BotSteve Title: Charlton Automatic Rifle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
02:07 Coderjoe you're only doing it for a brief moment to see if the sound changes
02:08 Monkeh Coderjoe: I'd rather stop the fan entirely personally. It's educational on the state of the bearing to see it start again.
02:08 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: Wow, that's.. special.
02:08 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: I've never seen that one before.
02:09 BatSteve Hurmf.
02:09 BatSteve That's weird.
02:09 BatSteve Didn't change the fans, no clicking.
02:09 * BatSteve needs to do something to cause hard disk activity.
02:10 DruidicRifleman People wonder why i got worried by the RCMP trying to claim guns that can be converted to full auto are illegal
02:10 DruidicRifleman I know how many guns that Would apply to
02:10 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: Well, that's more than a simple conversion.
02:10 BatSteve grep "e" /
02:10 roadran422|eat I am back!
02:10 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: But of course they don't bother with the words 'easily' or 'without significant modification'
02:11 BatSteve er, grep -r e /
02:11 BatSteve yeah
02:11 BatSteve that'll do it.
02:11 roadran422 What?
02:11 Monkeh BatSteve: Surely easier just to do find /
02:11 Fulsy Just D/L'ed the TGG minecraft map
02:11 DruidicRifleman Monkeh they consider several Techs spending a year and a half in a machine shoptrying to convert a firearm "easily converted"
02:11 BatSteve roadran422: the bot doesn't always give a title for a link
02:11 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: .. right.
02:11 DruidicRifleman .minecraft
02:11 roadran422 ok xD
02:11 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
02:11 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
02:11 roadran422 BatSteve: Wow... You remembered
02:11 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: I consider a visit with a drill or a bench grinder 'easily converted'.
02:12 Fulsy I'm gonna make the HVAC units a bunch of TNT
02:12 BatSteve Monkeh: I grep things all the time, but I almost never find
02:12 DruidicRifleman yeah your not a facist pig
02:12 BatSteve I use locate instead
02:12 BatSteve clicking
02:12 wannabe1987 Fulsy: sounds awesome
02:12 DruidicRifleman the RCMP ARE
02:12 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: If it requires complete fabrication of parts or more than simple modifications to existing ones, it's not easily done by the average person.
02:12 BatSteve I can hear the HDD operating, it sounds normal.
02:12 BatSteve must've been something else.
02:12 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: Almost anyone who can do such modifications can create an entire firearm from scratch.
02:12 BatSteve how strange.
02:13 DruidicRifleman yeah
02:13 Monkeh Given some time and the Haas machines at the lab I could make a whole variety of firearms for myself
02:13 BatSteve isn't rifling a barrel the hardest part of creating a firearm?  I don't know, but that's what I've heard.
02:13 Monkeh Next up: Lathes and mills will be banned.
02:13 Monkeh BatSteve: A decently straight, rifled barrel of any significant length is a pain in the butt, yes.
02:13 DruidicRifleman thats the only hard part
02:13 DruidicRifleman Every thing else can be done with out CNC
02:14 Monkeh BatSteve: Pistol and SMG sized ones aren't so bad, but a full rifle barrel requires a very specialised setup.
02:14 DruidicRifleman By hand
02:14 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: But it can be done better with.
02:14 DruidicRifleman Depends
02:14 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: Very high tolerances and the ability to have multiple parts machined at once without mistakes.
02:14 DruidicRifleman If i was makinga sten or stirling based design CNC is more efort then needed
02:14 Monkeh True
02:15 Monkeh Simple stamped designs are really easy
02:15 Monkeh I think the Sten was stamped anyway
02:16 Monkeh I could probably make a very respectable pistol on a CNC machine with the basic plans and some time to refine it
02:17 DruidicRifleman Ummm
02:17 Katemonster the sten was not stamped
02:17 wannabe1987 hi kate
02:17 Katemonster hi
02:17 Monkeh Been a while since I refreshed my knowledge of that era of firearms. :)
02:17 Monkeh However I can quote "The Sten used simple stamped metal components and minor welding, which required a minimum of machining and manufacturing."
02:18 Monkeh I've got a somewhat more authoritive source than wikipedia around here somewhere but I'm not sure where.
02:18 Monkeh I suspect it's stowed in a box
02:18 Katemonster the receiver is just a cut piece of steel tubing with some welding; none of the major structural components are stamped
02:18 Monkeh Katemonster: Still, my point stands. Simple designs like that are very easy.
02:18 DruidicRifleman
02:19 DruidicRifleman Monkeh i can getyou the CNC cad files
02:19 Katemonster trigger, magazine body (as with most), possibly the trigger pack cover although that was usually made of wood
02:19 Katemonster they are, yes
02:19 DruidicRifleman I have plans for a mac 10
02:19 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: I can get them myself too
02:19 roadran422 is electric guy on?
02:20 DruidicRifleman i already did
02:20 DruidicRifleman See link
02:20 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: I'm already familiar with that site
02:21 Katemonster but the sten is an open-bolt, fixed firing pin design.  as with the mac m-10 and the gustav m45.  that's about as simple as it gets... and is highly illegal in the US even if you try to make it semi-only
02:21 Monkeh Believe me, if I had my own CNC equipment and a source of ammunition I'd already have created some of my own and be damned with the law.
02:22 DruidicRifleman Idesigned a receaver but the cad program i had was way to primitive to design the bolt
02:22 DruidicRifleman I would love a hass machine
02:22 Toastdude I think a lot of people would...
02:23 Monkeh That reminds me, I need to find that bracket and make sure I pack it with me if I manage to get to the lab
02:23 Monkeh I'll abuse the mill for a few minutes and make the left hander on it..
02:24 DruidicRifleman hmmm
02:24 DruidicRifleman what bracket?
02:24 Monkeh DruidicRifleman: Just a door bracket for a fridge.
02:24 DruidicRifleman i see
02:24 Monkeh Nothing exciting but I have no access to the tools I need to make my own here
02:25 DruidicRifleman i see
02:25 DruidicRifleman hey egrsteve
02:25 Monkeh And before anyone says to buy one, trust me, I looked. They're not available.
02:25 DruidicRifleman what
02:25 DruidicRifleman the bracket?
02:25 Monkeh Yes
02:26 DruidicRifleman hmmm
02:27 roadran422 What's senile agitation?
02:27 roadran422 Or is it segile agitation?
02:28 DruidicRifleman when someone gets angry cause they are old
02:28 roadran422 xD
02:28 roadran422 Ok lol
02:28 Monkeh .w senility
02:28 BotSteve "Dementia (taken from Latin, originally meaning 'madness', from de- 'without' + ment, the root of mens 'mind') is a serious loss of global cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what might be expected from normal aging." -
02:29 roadran422 Ok...
02:30 wannabe1987 dementia?  who has that?
02:30 Monkeh Kidwell
02:30 DruidicRifleman LOL
02:30 wannabe1987 figures
02:30 Sgt_Lemming;feature=related
02:30 BotSteve Title: Vin Diesel on Helium - YouTube
02:30 Sgt_Lemming too fucking funny
02:30 wannabe1987 hi lem
02:30 Sgt_Lemming lo
02:30 wannabe1987 hows stralia?
02:31 Sgt_Lemming good
02:31 roadran422 xD
02:31 roadran422 Kidwell probably does
02:31 wannabe1987 no, you'd be able to tell.  or i would anyway
02:31 roadran422 xD
02:31 roadran422 I'll ask him...
02:32 wannabe1987 you do that.  you do know what dementia is, right?
02:32 roadran422 Yah... Old crazed people
02:32 wannabe1987 no
02:32 roadran422 .... xD
02:32 wannabe1987 i work with older respectful
02:33 roadran422 Ok... Ok...
02:33 roadran422 Dementia. When seniors get to be a little cranky.
02:33 wannabe1987 nope
02:33 roadran422 Dementia = Seroster!
02:33 roadran422 xD
02:33 wannabe1987 you clearly need to read what bosteve said aobut dementia
02:34 wannabe1987 about*
02:34 DruidicRifleman LOL
02:34 Monkeh wannabe1987: Kids.
02:34 roadran422 What is it then wannabe1987 xD
02:34 DruidicRifleman I wonder if i should donate a really cheap full auto soft air gun and an old RC car
02:34 roadran422 wannabe1987: I'd understand what it meant if I knew half the words. Layman's terms please
02:34 wannabe1987 dementia is a serious loss of global cognitive ability in a previously unimpaired person, beyond what might be expected from normal aging.  aka when you start to forget things foar sooner than you're supposed to
02:34 DruidicRifleman or if i should make a killer robot here and not let boden take apart a Tyco rc Rebound
02:35 roadran422 Ok... Alzheimer?
02:35 BatSteve Monkeh: yeah, it's a fan.  More fan noise, more clicking.  Yay.
02:35 BatSteve Thanks for the help
02:35 wannabe1987 alzheimers is a type of dementia
02:35 Monkeh BatSteve: Well, pull 'em out, give 'em some oil
02:35 roadran422 Ok... What does that have to do with senile agitation!
02:35 Monkeh BatSteve: I kill 3-5 120mm fans in a year. I try and keep them alive as long as I can..
02:36 wannabe1987 i don't know what senile agitation is!  we were going by the words - senile happens to old people, agitation - when one gets agitated
02:36 roadran422 wannabe1987: He's on fb right now! I really want to....
02:36 wannabe1987 go ahead
02:36 wannabe1987 he doesn't have ti tho
02:36 Toastdude .seen PacketHumper
02:36 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw PacketHumper 2.47 hours ago at 2012-01-03 00:08:04 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 02:36:32 UTC
02:36 wannabe1987 who is PacketHumper
02:36 roadran422 Ok... I'll tell you what he says.
02:36 Monkeh It's just an old person joke.
02:36 roadran422 xD
02:37 roadran422 I have two questions. Do you have dementia. 2. Do you have senile agitation problems/
02:37 roadran422 I asked him that
02:37 eadthem witch ones having senile agitation ?
02:37 roadran422 xD I asked paul
02:37 roadran422 Paul is going to yell at me...
02:37 eadthem naw
02:37 DruidicRifleman Did he say he had to show you thumper?
02:38 roadran422 Negative... but Chris accuses me of it often
02:38 roadran422 That's what he said.
02:38 DruidicRifleman ah
02:38 Monkeh As I said, old man joke. :P
02:38 roadran422 Lol
02:39 roadran422 My life is slowly eroding away. Well, my social life is..
02:40 eadthem your a geek  you need to quit worrying about your social life
02:40 eadthem just get use to the fact that this is it
02:40 roadran422 Eadthem. No.
02:40 roadran422 Don't say taht.
02:40 roadran422 Just no.
02:40 roadran422 Wannabe teach him a lesson.
02:40 * roadran422 helps wannabe find the paddle.
02:41 DruidicRifleman I wanna make a geek group themed frat paddle
02:41 DruidicRifleman with inset gears
02:41 roadran422 .define frat
02:41 BotSteve frat — noun: 1. Shortened form for fraternity, college organization. (Often used as a noun modifier.)
02:41 roadran422 A fraternity stick...
02:41 roadran422 .define fraternity
02:41 BotSteve fraternity — noun: 1. The quality of being brothers; brotherhood, 2. A group of people associated for a common purpose, 3. (US) A social organization of male students at a college or university; usually identified by Greek letters
02:41 DruidicRifleman .define frat paddle
02:41 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for frat paddle.
02:42 roadran422 ...
02:42 BatSteve .urban frat paddle
02:42 BotSteve BatSteve:
02:43 roadran422 Wait.
02:43 roadran422 Brotherhood. Inititation. I think I sorta know what it is.
02:45 DruidicRifleman What i wanna leave the geekgroup logo on a chicks ass next time i paddleachick
02:45 Danz_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:45 roadran422 ...
02:45 roadran422 That's a branding iron.
02:45 DruidicRifleman I have one of those
02:45 eadthem moose has one fo those
02:45 DruidicRifleman Some where
02:46 DruidicRifleman moose has two
02:46 DruidicRifleman But mine leavethe logo for a company i nevergot off the ground
02:46 roadran422 One out of metal not woold
02:46 roadran422 *wood
02:47 DruidicRifleman I wonder if moose will make those brands for sale
02:47 roadran422 ..
02:47 roadran422 What could your possible brand with wood.
02:48 DruidicRifleman the Brand i have was for putting logos onto spanking paddles
02:48 DruidicRifleman And if you know what yourdoing You can use a spanking paddlewith ebossing of some kind to leave amark on someones ass
02:48 roadran422 .... xD
02:49 Sgt_Lemming just had a nice parcel turn up
02:50 Sgt_Lemming about 30 5 way nav switchs, and more SMD LED's than I care to count
02:50 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
02:50 wannabe1987 that was annoying
02:50 roadran422 lol
02:50 Sgt_Lemming ...?
02:51 wannabe1987 no internet and i rebooted
02:51 roadran422 Lol
02:52 wannabe1987 .weather tgg
02:52 BotSteve Clear ☼, 21.2℉ (-6℃), 30.19in (1019mb), Gentle breeze 10kt (↑) - KGRR 01:53Z
02:53 wannabe1987 21 out.  dang its cold
02:53 wannabe1987 maybe i *wont* go to the store....
02:53 wannabe1987 i'll go tomorrow
02:53 wannabe1987 i have plenty of soup :P
02:53 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
02:53 wannabe1987 we're going out to eat tomorrow and then i'm going dancing  w00t
02:53 roadran422 Nice additon bat steve!
02:53 wannabe1987 what addition?
02:53 wannabe1987 the .weather?
02:53 wannabe1987 its been there.
02:53 wannabe1987 for a while
02:53 roadran422 Oh...
02:53 roadran422 xD
02:53 Sgt_Lemming mmm, 36 SMD nav switches
02:53 Sgt_Lemming .tfwc brisbane
02:54 roadran422 .weather 34208
02:54 BotSteve 26°C?! ITS FUCKING NICE IN Brisbane, AS!  'I can't  believe it's not porn!'
02:54 BatSteve roadran422: that's been there
02:54 roadran422 lol
02:54 BotSteve Clear ☼, 55.4℉ (13℃), 30.24in (1021mb), Light breeze 5kt (↑) - KSPG 01:53Z
02:54 wannabe1987 can't believe its not WHAT?!
02:54 wannabe1987 your bot needs better language/ideas
02:54 roadran422 xD ^
02:56 roadran422 .botsteve 34208
02:56 Sgt_Lemming ...?
02:56 wannabe1987 .log
02:56 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
02:56 roadran422 Whoops...
02:56 roadran422 .tfw 34208
02:56 BotSteve 56°F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Bradenton, FL!  'At least you aren't living in a small town in Alaska'
02:56 roadran422 xD
02:56 PacketHumper back
02:57 PacketHumper so much for a quick trip to the store.
02:57 roadran422 Hi.
02:57 PacketHumper it's 19 degrees here and windy
02:58 wannabe1987 hi, you must be new?
02:58 wannabe1987 i'm wannabe, i make cookies
02:59 roadran422 I am getting some ;) xD
02:59 wannabe1987 only if you comment and win
02:59 tonsofpcs cmment and win?
02:59 PacketHumper lol i've been watching the captains blog for over a year and the other night as i was lurking around irc i finally decided i should stop in here.
02:59 roadran422 xD
02:59 roadran422 I have...
02:59 wannabe1987 yes tonsofpcs, comment on the blog post and you might win COOKIES!
03:00 wannabe1987 thats a good idea....where are you from?
03:00 PacketHumper chicago, il
03:00 PacketHumper i'm bl117 on the forums
03:00 Monkeh Chicago eh.
03:00 roadran422 wannabe1987. I shall win.
03:00 * Monkeh makes note: PacketHumper may be of utility
03:00 DruidicRifleman LOL
03:00 Monkeh PacketHumper: Do you have a couch?
03:00 wannabe1987 i don't go to the forums
03:00 roadran422 xD
03:01 PacketHumper lol yes i have a butt holding device.
03:01 wannabe1987 i don't like the layout
03:01 PacketHumper i'm using it right now
03:01 Monkeh PacketHumper: I may need to borrow it for a night.
03:01 roadran422 xD
03:01 PacketHumper lol that would be up to my female half.
03:02 PacketHumper though i suppose as long as you brought it back in one piece unstained i don't see anything wrong with it
03:02 wannabe1987 lol
03:02 Monkeh It'd never leave its present location. :P
03:02 PacketHumper you'd have to sleep with a 120 lb dog
03:03 roadran422 If it has white viscous, glows under uv stains.
03:03 roadran422 Then we know what happened.
03:03 Monkeh If I go to the lab I'll have to make a connection in Chicago, so it's a case of do I get to GRR late in the evening or spend a day in Chicago
03:03 roadran422 But, we all know monkeh wouldn't do that.
03:03 Monkeh roadran422: You have an unhealthy obsession.
03:03 roadran422 xD ^
03:03 Monkeh And you don't even know what sex I am. :P
03:03 PacketHumper lol
03:04 wannabe1987 browser crash :(
03:04 roadran422 Monkeh. What sex are you male, female or both?
03:04 Monkeh roadran422: I decline to answer.
03:04 BatSteve dinnartime
03:04 PacketHumper he's that 3rd one.
03:04 PacketHumper the one no one talks about
03:04 wannabe1987 alien?
03:04 roadran422 Wannabe.
03:04 roadran422 Can you help me?
03:04 PacketHumper it's along those lines
03:05 wannabe1987 he is from the UK
03:05 Monkeh wannabe1987: Damnit!
03:05 roadran422 photonic induction! xD
03:05 wannabe1987 i cannot help those with that many issues!
03:05 JA12 wannabe1987: what's with your browser? windows+firefox+flash?
03:05 wannabe1987 lol
03:05 wannabe1987 mhm
03:05 Monkeh No, I'm not photonic.
03:05 wannabe1987 good.  you won't blow up the lab
03:05 roadran422 xD
03:05 PacketHumper i might.
03:05 roadran422 night all
03:05 Monkeh wannabe1987: .. Actually, I might, I have more of an interest in explosives than he does..
03:05 PacketHumper night road
03:06 PacketHumper i have an unhealthy obsession with making things out of other broken things.
03:06 wannabe1987 Toastdude
03:06 Toastdude Wannabe
03:07 JA12 wannabe1987: a friend of mine complained few hours back that flash plugin crashes new firefox on windows
03:07 PacketHumper did you tell them to uninstall flash?
03:07 tonsofpcs flash 10+ is broken
03:07 JA12 I have new firefox and flash player on linux and it works the same as previous versions
03:07 tonsofpcs they know about it, they fixed part of it, that's why firefox yells at you to update
03:07 PacketHumper adobe abandoned it
03:07 roadran422|zZz Night! gtg sleep. In hs I got to wake up at 6
03:07 roadran422|zZz AM
03:07 tonsofpcs err, not firefox, facebook
03:08 wannabe1987 i have my firefox up to date
03:08 JA12 wannabe1987: it was the latest version he complained about
03:08 wannabe1987 BotSteve should i get more soup
03:08 BotSteve Definitely
03:08 wannabe1987 awesome
03:08 wannabe1987 food!
03:08 tonsofpcs
03:08 BotSteve Title: Check the status of Flash Player version
03:09 JA12 PacketHumper: I did say that flash sucks
03:09 PacketHumper BotSteve: how much wood could a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood?
03:09 Monkeh JA12: Yes, flash is really, really broken these days.
03:09 wannabe1987 can someone make google work please?
03:09 PacketHumper yah adobe is in the process of ditching it
03:09 JA12 which is not a groundbreaking information...
03:09 wannabe1987 my gmail
03:09 wannabe1987 and my  gvoice DON"T WORK
03:09 wannabe1987 but g+ will
03:09 Monkeh Problem is
03:09 Monkeh Youtube want to go to HTML5
03:09 Monkeh .. which is even MORE broken.
03:10 PacketHumper it's the internet... it's broken to start with.
03:10 tonsofpcs bah, audio is leading video on CBS
03:10 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: no it isn't.
03:10 wannabe1987 i just got off vacation and i need a vacation to recover
03:11 tonsofpcs gopher is a great way to transfer files!
03:11 nfoman joined #thegeekgroup
03:11 JA12 PacketHumper: adobe ditching flash sucks even more. instead of making it good, they leave more voids before flash gets replaced
03:11 Monkeh They've should've done it years ago, frankly.
03:11 Monkeh Alternatively they could man up, fork out some money, open source it and we'd rewrite it for them so it WORKS.
03:11 PacketHumper true
03:12 tonsofpcs they should've done it when they bought macromedia, just like they did to shockwave
03:12 JA12 Monkeh: or do the right thing like HP, open source it
03:12 Monkeh JA12: Did I not just say that.
03:12 JA12 umm
03:12 wannabe1987 why is my browser so slow?
03:12 wannabe1987 please fix kthxbai
03:12 JA12 Monkeh: yeah, sorry
03:13 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: try private browsing mode -- is it slow there?
03:13 wannabe1987 i don't know....ithe tabs i want are in firefox tho....
03:13 wannabe1987 pho?
03:13 tonsofpcs Monkeh: obv.  Or that tells if it's a cache issue or a plugin issue (which is more likely to be spying on you tbh)
03:13 Monkeh tonsofpcs: I know, I'm kidding.
03:14 tonsofpcs how many tabs do you have open?
03:14 wannabe1987 6
03:14 tonsofpcs when is the last time you closed and reopened firefox?
03:14 wannabe1987 one is youtube
03:14 wannabe1987 i'm working through them
03:14 wannabe1987 i just rebooted
03:14 Monkeh tonsofpcs: And this is exactly what you shouldn't have to do. It all worked fine until fairly recently.
03:14 tonsofpcs yea, try private browsing see if it's better
03:14 * Monkeh is a tab hog, too
03:14 Monkeh Not unusual for me to have 30 or so tabs.
03:14 tonsofpcs Monkeh: what is exactly what you shouldn't have to do?
03:15 Monkeh tonsofpcs: restart the browser constantly.
03:15 tonsofpcs killall plugin-container makes firefox speed up like 5000%
03:15 tonsofpcs it's not firefox usually, it's plugins.
03:15 Monkeh tonsofpcs: Firefox has plenty of nasty memory leaks unfortunately.
03:15 Monkeh It's slowly improving though.
03:15 JA12 I might have mentioned this before but my personal record for open tabs is 400+
03:15 wannabe1987 what is plugin container?
03:15 wannabe1987 JA12 why?
03:15 Monkeh wannabe1987: It's the wrapper process they use to run unstable turds like flash.
03:15 tonsofpcs the thread that contains plugins (like flash)
03:16 Monkeh I like my answer better.
03:16 tonsofpcs hey, it sometimes conttains stable turds and unstable polished rocks
03:16 wannabe1987 i use toomanytabs as an extention and i store tabs there...i was working through those tabs and trying to get my email working.  stupid google
03:16 JA12 wannabe1987: lots of image galleries to go through and go overboard with opening them in tabs...
03:16 wannabe1987 ahhh
03:16 JA12 wallpapers, 3d art
03:17 DruidicRifleman whats up
03:17 wannabe1987 my computer background/wallpaper is gemini
03:17 tonsofpcs my computer wallpaper on the big screen is the picture of saturn eclipsing the sun w/ earth showing through between the rings
03:18 wannabe1987 this
03:18 JA12 wannabe1987: mine almost shows in this one (mainly shows xchat because of conversation I had on the other channel but anyways)
03:19 NeWtoz Mine is the Detroit Lions logo
03:19 wannabe1987 why
03:20 tonsofpcs and my desktop at work is (always changing) pictures of/along Lake Ontario
03:20 NeWtoz No why is needed
03:20 wannabe1987 lots of whys are needed
03:20 wannabe1987 altho, i did wear a detroit "d" logo hat this past weekend
03:20 NeWtoz meh
03:20 wannabe1987 hey look
03:20 NeWtoz that is more of a Tigers thing
03:21 wannabe1987 yt vids will actually load now!
03:21 wannabe1987 it said soemthing about a championship world series 2006 or what not
03:21 NeWtoz Baseball
03:21 wannabe1987 i don't know sports
03:21 wannabe1987 (obv)
03:22 NeWtoz If they don't interest you, they don't interest you
03:22 scubadiver10000 joined #thegeekgroup
03:22 NeWtoz I got Ponko for my football conversations
03:22 PacketHumper|Pho sorta back
03:23 wannabe1987 mhm
03:23 wannabe1987 thank god for ponko
03:23 tonsofpcs NeWtoz: that's kinda sad, you need to talk all the way to the UK for gridiron football :-p
03:23 wannabe1987 lol
03:23 NeWtoz well, in this channel
03:23 * tonsofpcs suggests a more common sport like association football or hockey
03:23 NeWtoz there are a few others, but mainly ponko
03:23 wannabe1987 its still slow :/
03:24 tonsofpcs still slow how?
03:24 wannabe1987 my video visual isn't at the same speed my audio is :(
03:24 wannabe1987 boden is jerky
03:24 tonsofpcs that's a flash issue... but 'still' in relation to what? what did you change?
03:24 wannabe1987 we went to the private browsing
03:24 tonsofpcs ok, try disabling all plugins/extensions, then try watching it again
03:24 tonsofpcs (after restarting the browser)
03:26 JA12 as a side note, flash has one "feature" that defeats the purpose of private browsing in any browser...
03:27 wannabe1987 stupid vid WILL NOT PAUSE
03:27 JA12 because it has it's own cache
03:27 sndwrx Evenin' all.
03:27 wannabe1987 hi
03:27 wannabe1987 does weds work for lifting heavy things?
03:28 sndwrx No messages from BotSteve.  No love for me.  D:
03:28 wannabe1987 i was gonna send one, but i just asked it :/
03:28 JA12 sndwrx: evening
03:28 sndwrx Possibly.  I'm severely behind on things for the library due to the holidats.
03:28 sndwrx holidays*
03:28 sndwrx Hey JA12
03:28 wannabe1987 ahhh
03:29 sndwrx I haven't been to the library since
03:29 sndwrx uh
03:29 sndwrx er
03:29 wannabe1987 i have to talk w/ greg and see what he's up to as well
03:29 wannabe1987 ...
03:29 wannabe1987 why not?
03:29 sndwrx Last Tuesday?  I thought I'd been there one day at the end of the week, too.
03:29 sndwrx Well partially because of days that it's been closed.
03:29 wannabe1987 true
03:29 sndwrx Partially because I've been working from my home lab.
03:29 wannabe1987 have you been working tho?
03:29 wannabe1987 ahhh ok
03:30 wannabe1987 do you like the snow?
03:30 sndwrx Also because I've had half a dozen other projects interrupt it.
03:30 sndwrx Yeah, it's okay.  I'm only disappointed that I didn't have my camera set up for some time lapse photography yesterday.
03:30 wannabe1987 ahhh.  yesterday?  (i came home from st joe today)
03:31 sndwrx I thought it was yesterday that the snow arrived.
03:31 sndwrx What kind of heavy things do you need moved?  I may be useless depending on the objects, honestly.
03:31 sndwrx I'm definitely not in the shape I used to be.
03:32 wannabe1987 it did
03:32 sndwrx ;sighs and dips a twinkie in fondue chocolate.
03:32 wannabe1987 its a desk.  we'd need more than one person.
03:32 wannabe1987 lol
03:32 sndwrx er, /me even.
03:32 wannabe1987 you're better at it than my grandpa would be...
03:32 wannabe1987 tonsofpcs: how does one disable plugins/extentions?
03:34 tonsofpcs depends on the version
03:34 tonsofpcs it's in tools somewhere usually
03:34 PacketHumper on what browser?
03:34 wannabe1987 ff
03:34 tonsofpcs ff
03:34 PacketHumper oh count me out of that discussion.
03:34 PacketHumper mostly use chrome
03:34 tonsofpcs lo siento
03:34 wannabe1987 i would to if killing it weren't so difficult!
03:35 PacketHumper lol
03:35 PacketHumper i like that each tab is a new process
03:35 PacketHumper makes killing tabs fun when you don't know which one is which.
03:35 wannabe1987 i have a billion tabs open....thats bad forme
03:35 tonsofpcs wait? what? lol
03:35 PacketHumper lol
03:35 tonsofpcs *stabs chrome*
03:36 PacketHumper better than ff
03:36 PacketHumper ok so at this point we have established that web browsers suck
03:36 wannabe1987 what is "java quickstarter"
03:36 PacketHumper back to text
03:36 wannabe1987 yes
03:36 wannabe1987 lol
03:36 wannabe1987 no thanks
03:36 wannabe1987 i like pretty colors
03:36 PacketHumper colored text?
03:36 sndwrx You can have colors in a text browser.
03:36 wannabe1987 are there 256million or whatever colors?
03:37 tonsofpcs java quickstart is a java app launcher
03:37 wannabe1987 i couldn't play farmvill then....(id on't anyway)
03:37 wannabe1987 do i need it?
03:37 wannabe1987 and why are there two java consoles?
03:37 PacketHumper java quickstarter is some idiotic idea created to sit in your app tray and waste system resources.
03:37 tonsofpcs because updating it adds more
03:37 PacketHumper depending on your system you may have the 32bit and 64bit javas
03:37 wannabe1987 this is xp
03:37 PacketHumper ah
03:38 PacketHumper 32bit then
03:38 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: irrelevant, firefox doesn't see java itself as a plugin
03:38 PacketHumper sounds like you need to uninstall java, make sure none of it loads and then install the latest version.
03:38 wannabe1987 computer was acquired from tg btw....
03:38 tonsofpcs you can safely disable those.
03:38 wannabe1987 do i need the adobe acrobat plug in?
03:38 wannabe1987 wtf who uses netscape?
03:39 tonsofpcs you should just disable everything and test it, then *if* it works fine, you can re-enable them one-by-one until it dies again
03:39 wannabe1987 ooo
03:39 PacketHumper lol it still exists?
03:39 wannabe1987 that'd be fun
03:39 wannabe1987 it says its for ff and netscape
03:39 tonsofpcs netscape navigator evolved into the mozilla codebase which is the basis for firefox
03:39 wannabe1987 i don't know what these are....silverlight?
03:39 PacketHumper does ff have an option like IE where you click it and it sets the browser back to defaults and kills plugins?
03:39 PacketHumper silverlight is microsfts version of flash
03:39 tonsofpcs IE has a feature?!?!?
03:40 wannabe1987 lol
03:40 PacketHumper because the world needed another version of flash.
03:40 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: hey, let's not be mean here.  flash is much more stable than silverlight.
03:40 PacketHumper which is why netflix has so many issues. lol
03:40 PacketHumper they use sliverlight
03:40 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: to their credit, it isn't by their own choice
03:41 PacketHumper i'm not pointing fingers, but flash is horrible and silverlight is a clone of flash.... when you clone a clone it just gets worse.
03:41 PacketHumper interesting.  didn't know that.
03:41 PacketHumper if i had my choice i'd choose neither
03:41 PacketHumper flash slows my tablet down like a mofo
03:42 eadthem no need to point    its just a fact
03:42 wannabe1987 can you write your own?
03:42 eadthem flash sucks
03:42 eadthem so dose silverlight
03:42 * wannabe1987 shuts down ff
03:42 PacketHumper i just don't use either
03:43 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new YouTube videos posted by PhysicsDuck.  New videos:   Captain's Blog 1-2-12 Flat Tire and Demon Robot Cat
03:43 PacketHumper very careful with my browsing.  to many bad places on the internet.
03:43 wannabe1987 Toastdude: new vid
03:43 PacketHumper ooooo
03:43 wannabe1987 demon robot cat?!
03:43 PacketHumper demon robot cat.  i'm intrigued.
03:44 * wannabe1987 starts ff
03:44 wannabe1987 i'd use chrome more often if firefox and chrome would share my open tabs, bookmarks, and history
03:44 wannabe1987 but i highly doubt they'd do that....
03:45 PacketHumper i just use chrome
03:45 PacketHumper gets the job done.
03:45 sndwrx You can import things like bookmarks from one to the other.
03:45 wannabe1987 sndwrx: went to Lake MI today and yesterday (my cousins went in the water) and the waves were ferocious and the sand/snow was blowing like a bitch
03:45 PacketHumper on occasion i've been known to use IE but that's due to lazyness in downloading chrome onto a machine that doesn't have it.
03:45 wannabe1987 yes, but importing every few days sucks
03:45 sndwrx You can also keep things like bookmarks between multiple computers.
03:45 PacketHumper and tablets/phones.
03:45 wannabe1987 i had multiple computers.  now i have this machine
03:46 DruidicRifleman wow 3 irc channels are a pain
03:46 * wannabe1987 has a dumbphone with a cracked screen. i can't do much.
03:46 tonsofpcs DruidicRifleman: 3 out of how many?
03:46 wannabe1987 i can only call you if you're in speed dial or i have your number memorized
03:46 PacketHumper iphone with an asus transformer tablet.
03:46 PacketHumper though for work i have an ipad2
03:47 sndwrx wannabe1987: Haven't gotten the other laptop fixed?
03:47 wannabe1987 no...i was on vacation.  got back today
03:47 wannabe1987 i'll prolly bring it by the lab tomorrow
03:47 PacketHumper whats wrong with it?
03:47 wannabe1987 its a netbook
03:48 wannabe1987 actually
03:48 DruidicRifleman I have Irc MSN and google talk going
03:48 wannabe1987 it won't charge. (?)
03:48 wannabe1987 or something broke
03:48 PacketHumper asus transformer with andchat works great
03:48 DruidicRifleman and have not had good internet since last fucking year
03:48 * tonsofpcs gets wannabe1987 a pocketmod to keep phone numbers:
03:48 JA12 some people start to say things like "you should use chrome, it works" when they find out I use firefox. I do use chrome, opera, midori, and firefox, but mainly firefox
03:48 wannabe1987 lol
03:48 BotSteve Title: PocketMod: The Free Recyclable Personal Organizer
03:48 wannabe1987 midori?
03:48 tonsofpcs you use a color to browse the internet?
03:48 wannabe1987 never heard of it
03:48 tonsofpcs it's japanese for green.
03:49 wannabe1987 lol
03:49 PacketHumper does it power on without the battery in it?
03:49 wannabe1987 no
03:50 JA12 wannabe1987: it's based on a webkit, like many browsers are. I use it to test sites if I'm working on web dev
03:50 wannabe1987 ahhh
03:50 JA12 and firefox comes with web dev tools so that's what I use
03:50 PacketHumper have you checked to see if there is voltage from the charger?
03:50 JA12 also, adblock (with element hider) and noscript are available
03:50 wannabe1987 no, i don't have a multimeter
03:50 wannabe1987 and i just started working so theres no funds
03:51 wannabe1987 hence going to the lab!
03:51 wannabe1987 i have to be in GR anyway tomorrow
03:51 wannabe1987 might as well make myself useful
03:53 wannabe1987 love living by gr
03:53 PacketHumper there are ways to test though i don't recommend anyone try them
03:54 wannabe1987 o?
03:54 PacketHumper got a paper clip?
03:54 PacketHumper lol
03:54 wannabe1987 nope.  bobby pin tho
03:54 PacketHumper not saying you should try this, but plug the charger in, push the paperclip into the barel connector and touch it to the outside metal.  if it sparks it's good, if it doesn't you can do the tungue test. lol
03:55 wannabe1987 i won't....
03:56 wannabe1987 no thanks
03:56 wannabe1987 you can tho!
03:56 PacketHumper been there and done that. lol
03:56 PacketHumper i just use my multimeter
03:56 PacketHumper lol
03:56 PacketHumper do any lights on the netbook come on when you plug the charger in?
03:56 wannabe1987 i'll go to the lab and have them use theirs....
03:56 PacketHumper lol
03:56 * wannabe1987 looks at computer
03:56 PacketHumper true they have perfctly good tungues
03:57 wannabe1987 lights on
03:57 wannabe1987 tongues*
03:58 PacketHumper math i'm good at, spelling i'm not
03:58 wannabe1987 vice versa here
03:58 wannabe1987 cooking/baking i'm good at as well
03:59 wannabe1987 LOL
03:59 wannabe1987 videos won't play cuz my plugins are disabled.  DUH
03:59 wannabe1987 o and i'm also blonde
04:00 PacketHumper i was born blond
04:00 PacketHumper didn't last
04:00 PacketHumper as i leveled up my hair color got darker
04:00 wannabe1987 i was born w/ black h air.  didn't last
04:00 PacketHumper aliens
04:00 wannabe1987 where in the chicago area areyou....downtown or a suburb?
04:00 PacketHumper outer burb
04:00 wannabe1987 which one?
04:01 Coderjoe i was blonde as a kid. bright blonde
04:01 PacketHumper volo
04:01 PacketHumper next to fox lake
04:01 wannabe1987 haven't heard of it
04:01 PacketHumper far north west
04:01 wannabe1987 whenever my relateives talk about "new linix" (apparently its a burb) i get confused....
04:01 wannabe1987 they might be moving there
04:01 PacketHumper hmmm never heard of that one
04:02 PacketHumper we are on the edge of civilization
04:02 wannabe1987 its apparently the size of GR.  the church my uncle might be moving to is located there
04:02 PacketHumper still a train close by but it's quiet and dark
04:02 wannabe1987 ah.
04:03 PacketHumper i grew up in iowa so i'm used to quiet dark nights.
04:03 wannabe1987 my x works downtown chicago.  my college roomate is from the il/wi border area.  she's now in dekalb
04:03 wannabe1987 where in iowa?
04:03 PacketHumper around here that's hard to come by.
04:03 PacketHumper little town called dewitt.  just west of the quad-cities
04:03 wannabe1987 heard of it
04:04 wannabe1987 i think i've passed through it
04:04 wannabe1987 family in pella and orange city/souix center
04:04 PacketHumper probably.  hwy 30 and 60 zip through there
04:04 PacketHumper ah ok you probably have then.
04:04 wannabe1987 mhm.  yay for iowa
04:04 PacketHumper brb my horse wants to go outside.
04:04 wannabe1987 ok
04:05 wannabe1987 does he live inside?
04:06 wannabe1987 tonsofpcs: what is "windows presentation foundation"?
04:06 JA12 as a european, I have no idea what you guys are talking about. but it's nice that you don't know either =)
04:07 wannabe1987 its a plugin
04:07 wannabe1987 i have no clue
04:07 wannabe1987 do i need the quicktime plug in?
04:08 JA12 iowa, orange country, dewitt.. there just place names. no idea where exactly they are and how big is the place, so on
04:08 CaptainNiobe would everyone please do me a favour? tell masterofmonks to go to bed so he won't be tired when he rides his motorcycle to work tomorrow? :D
04:08 wannabe1987 lol masterofmonks: she'll still be there can sleep
04:09 wannabe1987 we won't blow up the chat
04:09 wannabe1987 i promise
04:09 sndwrx wannabe1987:  Dekalb, eh?  I lived near there for a short while.
04:09 sndwrx In Sycamore.
04:10 wannabe1987 cool
04:10 JA12 wannabe1987: wpf is this extra clutter ms puts out to piss off devs
04:10 wannabe1987 i see
04:10 JA12 wannabe1987: it's a graphics library of sorts
04:10 wannabe1987 JA12: iowa is a state in the middle of the country.  its mainly filled with cornfields
04:10 wannabe1987 is it needed?
04:11 JA12 wannabe1987: if something requires it, you'll get it from ms site
04:11 wannabe1987 microsoft DRM  i have two of these.
04:11 JA12 wannabe1987: not really if no programs require it
04:12 wannabe1987 i'll enable them later if i have to
04:12 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
04:12 Experimentonomen *yawn*
04:12 wannabe1987 morning
04:12 wannabe1987 :P
04:12 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: you don't need any plugins.  disable them all.
04:13 wannabe1987 but then i can't watch vid
04:13 wannabe1987 videos*
04:13 wannabe1987 i already did
04:13 wannabe1987 now i'm re-enabling some
04:13 tonsofpcs dewitt is east of syracuse... and what are the quad cities?
04:14 Experimentonomen wannabe1987, its morning yes and i never went to bed :P
04:14 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
04:14 wannabe1987 you came back!!!!! :D
04:14 * wannabe1987 gives you cookie
04:14 wannabe1987 i mean
04:14 wannabe1987 carrot stick*
04:14 wannabe1987 why not, Experimentonomen?!
04:14 Experimentonomen guten morgen lwq1996
04:14 PacketHumper my horse is my dog lol
04:14 wannabe1987 i was wondering
04:14 wannabe1987 great dane?
04:14 JA12 Experimentonomen: oh you too =)
04:14 Experimentonomen been watchin youtube vidz
04:14 wannabe1987 mastiff?
04:15 PacketHumper part yellow lab part golden retriever
04:15 wannabe1987 ah.  so not *that* big
04:15 PacketHumper at 10 months he weighs in at 119.5 and you can see his muscles and bones.
04:15 JA12 Experimentonomen: it's 5:15 there, don't wake up seroster just yet :D
04:15 lwq1996 mine is a daushound
04:16 PacketHumper they are fun
04:16 wannabe1987 i like dogs
04:16 PacketHumper loki is just huge
04:16 PacketHumper very tall
04:16 PacketHumper but is very gentle.
04:16 wannabe1987 at part golden, i would hope so
04:16 PacketHumper and when he wants water biscuts (ice cubes) he knows where to put his nose on the fridge to get them. lol
04:16 wannabe1987 lol
04:17 PacketHumper yah he's a perfect dog... just really tall.
04:17 wannabe1987 i broke my x's dog into likeing ice cubes as well :D
04:17 PacketHumper and gallops like a horse.
04:17 PacketHumper it's a very cheap treat. lol
04:17 wannabe1987 mhm
04:17 wannabe1987 lwq1996
04:18 Experimentonomen JA12, i dont like seroster, hes a weirdo
04:18 wannabe1987 lol
04:18 wannabe1987 i feel bad for his gf
04:18 PacketHumper lol
04:18 PacketHumper loki (the dog) never really barks unless omni barks.  then he barks.  it's odd.
04:18 wannabe1987 speaking of dogs, a choc lab just walked into my room
04:19 PacketHumper other dogs bark and he doesn't cared.
04:19 wannabe1987 lol
04:19 wannabe1987 you hsould bring loki to meet omni
04:19 wannabe1987 :nods:
04:19 PacketHumper that's what i really wanted
04:19 * wannabe1987 pet jen and now i have to go take my allergy pill
04:19 PacketHumper but loki was 9 months old and was skin and bones.   he needed a good home.
04:19 wannabe1987 awwww
04:19 wannabe1987 poor puppy
04:20 DruidicRifleman i wanna puppy
04:21 wannabe1987 what will you do to the puppyp
04:21 DruidicRifleman hug and love it?
04:21 DruidicRifleman and teach it to bite people who are decendedfrom nazi's who threatend to rape my little sister
04:22 wannabe1987 good
04:22 wannabe1987 kelley just left....nick is in bed....and its only 11:22pm
04:23 wannabe1987 entertain me!
04:24 wannabe1987 i dislike my dog allergy
04:24 DruidicRifleman wannabe are you not kelly
04:25 wannabe1987 i am kelly.  she is kellEy
04:25 Danz_ anyone buy anything from totobay?
04:25 PacketHumper dog alergies suck
04:25 wannabe1987 agreed
04:25 Danz_ i found a benchtop power supply for only $30. however i went to go check out and before i can give thim shipping information they want payment
04:26 PacketHumper oh god, he found one of his tennis balls
04:26 DruidicRifleman don'y you have a dog
04:26 Bth8 joined #thegeekgroup
04:26 wannabe1987 PacketHumper: i just tried to boot the toshiba (netbook) and the light went on (its plugged into the wall) and then it turned off
04:26 PacketHumper i want to bring him out to meet omni
04:26 JA12 Experimentonomen: very honest of you =) me, I don't like anybody unless they give a reason for it
04:26 wannabe1987 and won't boot
04:26 wannabe1987 ....
04:26 wannabe1987 do you like me?  *not that way
04:26 PacketHumper hmmm
04:27 tonsofpcs will it boot without the battery?
04:27 wannabe1987 you're not that far of a drive from the lab, depending on chicago traffic
04:27 wannabe1987 no, we tried that...
04:27 JA12 wannabe1987: why of course. you've given lots of reasons ;)
04:27 wannabe1987 i can try it again
04:27 PacketHumper yah sounds like ac adapter
04:27 wannabe1987 :D
04:27 tonsofpcs will it boot unplugged?
04:27 PacketHumper it tries with the battery in
04:27 PacketHumper but without battery will not
04:27 PacketHumper even with ac adapter plugged in
04:28 PacketHumper dumb question... have you tried another outlet?
04:28 PacketHumper some outlets are switched and i've done that before
04:28 tonsofpcs google says 3 hours 10 minutes from chitown to leonard nw
04:28 PacketHumper mmmm double hot chocolate with carmel and salt
04:28 wannabe1987 no battery - no boot.  battery, unplugged, no boot, but light.  battery and plugged in, no boot, but light
04:28 wannabe1987 and i did try a different plug
04:29 PacketHumper k.  hopefully it's just your ac adapter
04:29 wannabe1987 mhm
04:29 egrsteve|away morning
04:29 PacketHumper those can be found usually for around $40
04:29 PacketHumper morning
04:29 wannabe1987 ayi
04:29 tonsofpcs it says about 15 minutes shorter for a drive that takes me 2:15 - 2:30... not too bad.
04:29 PacketHumper i'm just over the border of wisconsin
04:29 PacketHumper i need a carboat
04:29 wannabe1987 oh noes.  a cheesehead!
04:30 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: does the battery have a level-check button/display on it?
04:30 egrsteve|away Mmm cheese
04:30 PacketHumper while i do like my pepperjack i'm still fairly human. don't worry
04:30 wannabe1987 no
04:30 wannabe1987 ok good
04:30 wannabe1987 i don't care for cheese if its not melted
04:30 tonsofpcs cheese? where?
04:30 PacketHumper none of the toshiba netbooks did unfortionately
04:30 tonsofpcs what light is coming on?
04:30 PacketHumper good point... i just assumed it was power
04:30 wannabe1987 the power light?
04:31 tonsofpcs what color? solid or flash? how soon does it stop being lit?
04:31 PacketHumper do you have a kill-a-watt?
04:31 wannabe1987 what?
04:31 wannabe1987 do you want a video?
04:31 tonsofpcs not really
04:31 PacketHumper i'd take that as a no
04:32 PacketHumper kill a watt is a small watt meter that plugs into the wall and has an outlet on it.
04:32 tonsofpcs and a kill a watt won't tell you much about a SMPS unless the supply side is failed hard
04:32 PacketHumper lets you see things like current draw
04:32 eadthem it might show a power factor issue
04:32 PacketHumper but it would show if any power at all was being drawn into the adapter.
04:32 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: It doesn't appear to be an adapter issue
04:32 PacketHumper just trying to problem solve without a volt metere
04:32 eadthem mmm thats a intresting thought
04:33 PacketHumper why not an adapter issue?
04:33 tonsofpcs this reminds me, I need to fix the ammeter in-a-box that I have
04:33 eadthem off to bed
04:33 eadthem captans blog was good
04:33 PacketHumper powers on with battery but not with batter
04:33 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: because it does the same with and without the power supply attached
04:33 PacketHumper exactly
04:33 eadthem that cat thing was more annoying than the real thing
04:33 tonsofpcs but i still don't know what it was, so I can't say much more
04:33 wannabe1987 what they were thinking is its the spot where the computer and teh power jack meet....because i've hadd issues with it wiggling out in the past ebefore it died
04:33 PacketHumper what if there was just enough juice in the battery to power on and off
04:34 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: this is why I asked about the light, its color, its status mode, and duration
04:34 wannabe1987 you can get all this w/ a vid....
04:34 PacketHumper yah that's what i was trying to figure out.  was if the adapter was putting out any juice at all.
04:34 tonsofpcs I could, but your eyes should be able to tell just as well
04:34 wannabe1987 but i don't know what the lights are....
04:35 tonsofpcs I thought it was just one
04:35 PacketHumper if it's the connector then hopefully they can just resolder it and be done
04:35 PacketHumper if you lived near here i'd tell you to stop by and i'd check it and resolder it for you.
04:36 PacketHumper but you live in michigan so that will be hard.
04:36 wannabe1987 yes, PacketHumper, that was the thinking.  i live 20 min from the lab and we're going to eat in GR anyway tomorrow night so i'll just stop there for a bit in the afternoon, get some volunteering in for my work they might do for me :D
04:37 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
04:37 PacketHumper if you happen to get on the captains blog tell us hi. lol
04:37 wannabe1987 i've been on a vid or two
04:37 wannabe1987 i don't like being on camera tho
04:37 PacketHumper really?
04:37 PacketHumper lol
04:37 PacketHumper what video?
04:38 PacketHumper eventually i'll get all the crap i have collected and in the car and make a journey out there.
04:38 * wannabe1987 goes to find it again
04:38 PacketHumper i have some cisco switches and a stack of 19 inch monitors as well as a few old tell laptops/desktops to bring out
04:39 wannabe1987 19 inch monitors?
04:39 wannabe1987 they wouldn't be crts, r they?
04:39 PacketHumper yah they are
04:39 wannabe1987 don't bring them
04:39 wannabe1987 they don't want them
04:39 * Experimentonomen listens to enigma on low volume
04:39 PacketHumper though 3 of them are trinitron flat crts
04:39 wannabe1987 they had a closet full of them
04:40 PacketHumper ah
04:40 wannabe1987 and were trying to dump them on people
04:40 PacketHumper most of these were never never even used
04:40 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: VGA only or VGA+BNC?
04:40 PacketHumper well good, that will save me gas.
04:41 PacketHumper i'll check.  1 has bnc
04:41 PacketHumper figured that one they could use
04:41 tonsofpcs egrsteve|away might have a use for the ones with BNCs in
04:41 tonsofpcs *prods egrsteve|away *
04:41 wannabe1987 yes.  ask steve.
04:41 PacketHumper i'll check the next time i'm down there
04:41 wannabe1987 he knows everything bout the lab
04:41 wannabe1987 :D
04:41 wannabe1987 he's there more than i am
04:41 egrsteve|away yes?
04:41 wannabe1987 which is good, as i'm not there much
04:41 PacketHumper well if he knos of network equipement they need i have tons of stuff laying around.
04:42 tonsofpcs egrsteve|away: Sony Trinitron monitors with R/G/B/H/V inputs on BNC?
04:42 tonsofpcs (19"+ CRTs)
04:42 PacketHumper you need any?
04:42 PacketHumper they are rebadged sony trinitrons
04:42 tonsofpcs (they're multisync too)
04:42 PacketHumper i think one is still new in box never even opened.
04:42 egrsteve|away i don't think we need any more crts
04:43 tonsofpcs egrsteve|away: none needed for master and/or component out testing?
04:43 tonsofpcs [sure, the colorspace is wrong but it's nice to check signals and  you could build a signal conversion matrix if you really want]
04:43 PacketHumper if not i'll have them pay to dispose of them.
04:44 egrsteve|away are they rack mount?
04:44 tonsofpcs no, they're computer monitors
04:44 tonsofpcs but you can probably fit them in a rack on a shelf
04:45 the_ joined #thegeekgroup
04:45 egrsteve|away i think we have enough
04:45 PacketHumper any need for cisco 5448 switches with fiber gbics?
04:46 tonsofpcs that's a yNos question
04:46 wannabe1987 i doubt he's still up
04:46 wannabe1987 CaptainNiobe
04:46 tonsofpcs and probably (although idk what a 5448 is)
04:46 egrsteve|away yes
04:46 PacketHumper i'm still learning who is who
04:46 KB3NZQ PacketHumper i need some gbics
04:46 CaptainNiobe i see pm wannabe :)
04:47 wannabe1987 :D
04:47 egrsteve|away fiber switches are useful
04:47 PacketHumper if they are needed then i'll bring them out
04:47 * tonsofpcs needs to start pulling fibre at work
04:47 PacketHumper they are 48 port 10/100 with 2 gbic ports
04:48 tonsofpcs 5448 doesn't sound like a cisco model #
04:48 PacketHumper hang on i'll get you the exact ones
04:48 PacketHumper they are discontinued
04:48 KB3NZQ i have 2 switches with gbic slots but i don't have the cards
04:48 PacketHumper i have 4 of them.
04:48 PacketHumper brb let me run out to the garage
04:49 wannabe1987 don't die
04:49 nfoman dell powerconnects? :)
04:49 PacketHumper i do have many dell power connects lol
04:49 PacketHumper but those i paid for
04:49 PacketHumper lol
04:50 nfoman 5448 are dell.. used one today odly
04:50 wannabe1987 vs getting for free?
04:50 PacketHumper my father is the wide area admin for nicor gas.
04:50 PacketHumper so when they throw out equipement he grabs a bunch for me
04:50 PacketHumper they are 3550's
04:50 tonsofpcs hey, if tgg doesn't want them, I work for a nonprofit that can always use stuff (sure, it's another 12 hours east....)
04:51 nfoman ahhh oops
04:51 PacketHumper with 1000 base sx fiber gbics
04:51 KB3NZQ do you have the cards that go in the slots
04:51 tonsofpcs singlemode or multimode?
04:51 Danz_ did youtube just die?
04:51 KB3NZQ either
04:52 PacketHumper how can i tell from thebgbic?
04:52 tonsofpcs *checks 1000b sx*
04:52 lwq1996 hehe i think i got someone to rick roll chris
04:52 PacketHumper lol
04:52 Toastdude lol
04:52 Toastdude How?
04:52 lwq1996 you got a qr code reader on your ipod?
04:52 tonsofpcs sx  is multimode
04:53 PacketHumper i do have a lot of dell power connect iscsi switches as well as little 16 port managed gigabit switches
04:53 tonsofpcs sx  is multimodem
04:53 PacketHumper though i do have a 24 port power connect poe switch that i bought for a client who never paid me for it.
04:53 egrsteve|away PacketHumper: bring what you want to tgg, it will either be used for infistructure or stuff for people to hack on
04:54 PacketHumper been trying to sell it but may just have to donate it.
04:54 KB3NZQ PacketHumper will those 16 port gigabit switches work for ip?
04:54 * tonsofpcs needs like 20-30x 24/48 port gigabit switches, managed, with 10 gig fibre uplink and a bunch of 10g fibre switches
04:54 PacketHumper yes.  using them for my home infrastructure
04:54 KB3NZQ darn i wanted 2 of them
04:54 KB3NZQ owell
04:55 PacketHumper lol
04:55 lwq1996;hl=en&amp;safe=off&amp;sa=N&amp;biw=1366&amp;bih=667&amp;tbm=isch&amp;tbnid=EdMnM-3uU1aJWM:&amp;imgrefurl=;docid=aWlghKmCrTAMXM&amp;imgurl=;w=508&amp;h=508&amp;ei=CM_7TsSLKMGztwebkNGXDQ&amp;zoom=1&amp;iact=hc&amp;vpx=185&amp;vpy=204&amp;dur=656&amp;hovh=139&amp;hovw=139&amp;tx=104&amp;ty=76&amp;sig=110701419964125389855&amp;page=11&amp;tbnh=138&amp;tbnw=138&amp;start=184&amp;ndsp=18&amp;ved=1t:
04:56 BotSteve Title: 4chan
04:56 lwq1996 oh yeah masterofmonks i went to walmart today and the CCI shells for the .22 are 6.75 for 100
04:56 PacketHumper i pass on anything i'm not using
04:57 wannabe1987 lwq1996, hopefully mom went to bed....
04:57 lwq1996 why?
04:57 KB3NZQ PacketHumper i live in PA
04:57 PacketHumper so the next time i swap out equipement i'll send it on.
04:57 wannabe1987 so he can not fall asleep driving to work tmorrow?
04:57 lwq1996 so do i KB3NZQ
04:58 lwq1996 he lives in mi right?
04:58 PacketHumper if you paid for shipping i'd have sent them to you.
04:58 PacketHumper but they are getting used. except for the poe switch.
04:58 PacketHumper which i paid 2k for and couldn't return.
04:59 KB3NZQ how much for 2 gbics shipped to zip code 16059
04:59 wannabe1987 lwq1996: mOm is in florida
04:59 lwq1996 ok same time zone
04:59 PacketHumper i only have 4 and it depends on if they are needed for the lab.
04:59 wannabe1987 mhm  its midnight
04:59 lwq1996 he goes to work at what time?
04:59 PacketHumper if not i'll send them to you for the cost of shipping.
05:00 KB3NZQ ok
05:00 wannabe1987 i don't know, but he's driving a motorcycle and i assume he hasn't slept "regularly" over the holiday....
05:00 KB3NZQ well time for me to go tosleep
05:00 lwq1996 lol
05:00 wannabe1987 night
05:00 KB3NZQ 73's all
05:01 NeWtoz Real men use 10GE switches
05:01 PacketHumper night
05:02 PacketHumper lol i dont ahve any clients that use anything that large
05:02 NeWtoz I can dream though :(
05:02 PacketHumper i'm trying to get one client to use the dell poe switch so i can charge them for it.  hard to keep your company going when your clients keep going bankrupt.
05:02 wannabe1987 ....yeah
05:03 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
05:03 LemLap well they can't say I'm not keen
05:03 PacketHumper wow now that's an ip
05:03 LemLap 1 hour EARLY for my interview >_<
05:03 LemLap eh?
05:03 PacketHumper starts with 1.
05:03 LemLap ah
05:04 LemLap interesting...
05:04 wannabe1987 PacketHumper: i am in a purple metro pcs shirt in the beginning of the vid.;ob=video-mustangbase#p/search/0/Mmi5GY1mvhY
05:04 BotSteve Title: thegeekgroup's Channel - YouTube
05:04 PacketHumper just never come across one before
05:04 LemLap that's the IP of my mobile phone :-P
05:04 wannabe1987 LemLap: thats pretty awesome :P
05:04 LemLap wannabe1987, down the road in a coffee shop atm killing time
05:04 wannabe1987 probably a good thing...
05:04 NeWtoz I don't know why freenode doesn't mask the ips
05:05 PacketHumper that would be convenient
05:05 LemLap NeWtoz, it can, doesn't mean you always want it to
05:05 LemLap convenient from an end user POV
05:05 LemLap not convenient for an admin
05:06 LemLap easier to ban by IP than anything else, and it's a lot harder for most people to change their IP these days
05:06 NeWtoz I guess on such a large network
05:07 LemLap yeah
05:07 LemLap banning me by IP would be annoying as well, as I often use IRC from my phone as well
05:08 lwq1996 toastdude you awake
05:08 Gaxnys Once upon a time I only had to walk to the other side of my appartment and I would've got another IP. :P
05:08 wannabe1987 lwq1996, he pinged
05:09 LemLap Gaxnys, it's not hard to spoof an IP really
05:09 Gaxnys I know.
05:10 PacketHumper wannabe1987: cool.  it's awesome to put a face to a name
05:10 wannabe1987 :)
05:10 wannabe1987 or you could facebook me and get OMG LOTS OF PHOTOS
05:10 PacketHumper you are lucky enough to be close by.  sadly i'm 4 hours away
05:10 wannabe1987 i am lucky :D
05:10 Gaxnys But, well, I guess most people doesn't think of that.
05:10 LemLap PacketHumper, I'm about 40 hours away.... by plane
05:10 wannabe1987 ...
05:10 wannabe1987 you could swim :P
05:11 LemLap yeah that'd be about 4000 hours methinks
05:11 PacketHumper i'm hard to find on facebook. lol
05:11 PacketHumper
05:12 * LemLap pastes PacketHumper's email into a 4chan /b thread
05:14 wannabe1987 would it be quicker to take the boat across the lake than to drive aroudn the lake?
05:14 tehdark45 joined #thegeekgroup
05:14 LemLap wannabe1987...?
05:14 wannabe1987 oh noes....its tehdark45!! :P
05:14 wannabe1987 to PacketHumper:  re getting to the lab
05:14 LemLap is that comment about the boat aimed at me?
05:14 tehdark45 OH NOES
05:14 LemLap ah ok
05:14 LemLap was gonna say
05:14 tehdark45 its a wannabe
05:14 tehdark45 :P
05:14 wannabe1987 .cookie wannabe1987
05:14 BotSteve Here you go, wannabe1987, I baked you a white chocolate macadamia nut cookie!
05:14 wannabe1987 YUM
05:14 LemLap not many bridges between .au and well... anywhere
05:15 wannabe1987 lol
05:15 LemLap anyways
05:15 LemLap time to head
05:15 LemLap later all
05:15 LemLap wish me luck
05:15 tehdark45 luck
05:15 wannabe1987 good luck
05:15 wannabe1987 on the jorb interview
05:16 tehdark45 i love jorbs
05:16 tehdark45 :P
05:17 wannabe1987 course yo udo
05:17 wannabe1987 you* do*
05:17 tehdark45 wannabe1987, is it time for bed? :P
05:17 wannabe1987 its 12:17am
05:17 wannabe1987 nope
05:18 tehdark45 00:17*
05:18 tehdark45 :P
05:18 wannabe1987 yeah, thats what mirc says
05:18 wannabe1987 brb
05:19 tehdark45 there is alot going on
05:22 PacketHumper 11.22 here
05:22 wannabe1987 would be
05:22 wannabe1987 tea is hot agaiN :D
05:22 wannabe1987 and tehdark45: i took a 3 hour nap earlier
05:23 tehdark45 PacketHumper, 23:22 :P
05:23 wannabe1987're candaian
05:23 wannabe1987 so that happens
05:23 tehdark45 what does canadian have to do with time?
05:23 wannabe1987 everything
05:24 tehdark45 Chris used 24h and i don't think he is Canadian
05:24 PacketHumper and nothing at the same time
05:24 tehdark45 uses*
05:24 PacketHumper i used to use 24h format but no one had any idea what i was talking about
05:24 PacketHumper non geek people are just dumb
05:24 tehdark45 PacketHumper, are you gona like poision my packets or something?
05:24 wannabe1987 mirc uses it but it confuses me sometimes
05:25 PacketHumper lol it's a long story
05:25 PacketHumper i'm a network admin/it director.  was working one night for a client.
05:25 tehdark45 ah
05:25 PacketHumper we got 48 hours into a massive switch upgrade only to find a flaw in one of ciscos new switches
05:26 tehdark45 how many switches?
05:26 PacketHumper i hadn't slept for 2 days and things got nuts
05:26 PacketHumper 7 stacked
05:26 PacketHumper turns out they all had to be recalled
05:26 tehdark45 what you mean 7 stacked?
05:26 wannabe1987
05:27 PacketHumper cisco has a model of switch that has stacking ports
05:27 PacketHumper they were brand new
05:27 tehdark45 ^American Astoronomy ;)
05:27 wannabe1987 no, foodie astronomy*  spell it properly
05:28 PacketHumper and we bought 14 of them for either side of the building.
05:28 PacketHumper turns out they had some flaw that required cisco to replace them and recall that particular model
05:28 tonsofpcs hmm, is 'spareparts' on the chat ever?
05:29 tehdark45 They should bring out a team to do it for you
05:29 tehdark45 lol
05:29 PacketHumper they did actually
05:29 tehdark45 Oh thats good
05:29 PacketHumper hence the screwing around on the second day
05:29 PacketHumper they sent 2 engineers out
05:29 tehdark45 one for each side?
05:30 PacketHumper this particular company buys a crapton of cisco equipement for all their locations
05:30 PacketHumper so they get taken care of.
05:30 tehdark45 ahh
05:31 tehdark45 do you like linksys?
05:31 PacketHumper no
05:31 * tonsofpcs replies to a post on the forum that he probably should have replied to a month or five ago
05:31 PacketHumper i don't like cisco either
05:31 tehdark45 tonsofpcs, Thats bumping :P
05:31 PacketHumper i like power connect and procurve
05:31 tonsofpcs tehdark45: yes, yes it is.
05:31 tonsofpcs and unless you're "spareparts", I will be bumping it.
05:32 tehdark45 tonsofpcs, banhammer lol
05:32 lwq1996 how do you delete alot of stuff on WOM
05:32 tehdark45 wom?
05:32 tonsofpcs tehdark45: no, not really.  Someone asked a question that still has gone unanswered when the answer has been on the internets since july.
05:32 lwq1996 world of minecraft
05:32 tonsofpcs lwq1996: rm -rf / and stop playing minecraft :)
05:33 tonsofpcs now then... what was my forum password...
05:33 PacketHumper lol
05:33 lwq1996 rm-rf
05:33 tehdark45 123456
05:33 lwq1996 ?
05:33 PacketHumper that's the combination on my luggage
05:33 tonsofpcs tehdark45: tried that :-p
05:33 tehdark45 Omg lwq1996 is not worthy of tgg. Not know a fundamental Linux command
05:33 tehdark45 :P
05:34 tonsofpcs (not really, I just told it to reset)
05:34 tonsofpcs rm = remove
05:34 tonsofpcs -r = recursive
05:34 tonsofpcs -f = force
05:34 tonsofpcs = root
05:34 tonsofpcs / = root
05:34 tonsofpcs so rm -rf / recursively removes everything, forcefully
05:34 tehdark45 tonsofpcs, what if you are [xyz @home dir] then it wont do root :P
05:35 tonsofpcs tehdark45: I'm assuming that lwq is running as root.
05:35 lwq1996 it doesnt work
05:35 PacketHumper it's funny when people log in with root@ip
05:35 lwq1996 i need to delete everything
05:36 tehdark45 lwq1996, is it a server?
05:36 lwq1996 wom:realms
05:36 tonsofpcs lwq1996: you shouldn't actually run that unless you really want to delete _everything_
05:36 tonsofpcs you should, however, quit minecraft while you still have an outside life
05:36 wannabe1987 happy birthday to j.r.r. tolkien today :D
05:36 tehdark45 tonsofpcs, thats WoW :P
05:37 tehdark45 who?
05:37 tehdark45 :P
05:37 lwq1996 tonsofpcs how do i delete all the stuff in my realm
05:37 PacketHumper woot! halo primordium came out
05:37 * wannabe1987 slaps tehdark45 with a dead trout
05:37 tonsofpcs tehdark45: no, WoW is "you should quit before Blizzard decides you aren't worth their time anymore"
05:37 tonsofpcs herrings are better, wannabe1987.
05:37 PacketHumper i admin a minecraft server.  we take breaks  in between projects lol
05:37 tehdark45 PacketHumper, you can play that while they recall nect time ;)
05:37 * wannabe1987 uses a herring as well
05:37 wannabe1987 and minnows
05:37 wannabe1987 and other thhings
05:37 PacketHumper it's a book.
05:37 wannabe1987 o.O
05:38 tehdark45 wannabe1987, i just use a treefrog with gloves ;)
05:38 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: do you know why a herring?
05:38 wannabe1987 no
05:38 tonsofpcs because you can cut down trees with them! (yes, like most things in life, this is just a monty python reference)
05:38 wannabe1987 i figured
05:38 PacketHumper preordered it about 4 months ago and just got a random email saying i had been billed for it. lol
05:39 tehdark45 PacketHumper, is it a keags sister company? ;)
05:39 tonsofpcs lol
05:39 PacketHumper lol
05:39 PacketHumper no one is as bad as keags
05:40 PacketHumper no amazon.
05:40 tehdark45 PacketHumper, City of Kzoo?
05:40 PacketHumper i preorder books and forget so i surprise myself when it comes out
05:40 lwq1996 god damnit
05:40 PacketHumper lol ok i'll give you that one
05:40 wannabe1987 lol
05:40 wannabe1987 what lee?
05:41 lwq1996 i dont know how to how to restore my minecraft to its original thing
05:41 tehdark45 lwq1996, is it a server or what?
05:41 wannabe1987 tonsofpcs: ni
05:42 lwq1996 idk if it is
05:42 lwq1996 maby
05:42 lwq1996 its wom:realms
05:43 PacketHumper never heard of it
05:44 lwq1996
05:44 BotSteve Title: World of Minecraft | Minecraft at its finest
05:44 * wannabe1987 has tea. why does it always go cold?
05:44 lwq1996 its a minecraft client
05:44 PacketHumper ah
05:44 PacketHumper mmm tea
05:44 PacketHumper i like orange blossom green tea
05:45 wannabe1987 black spice chai tea
05:46 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
05:47 wannabe1987 hi Superphosphate
05:47 PacketHumper omg i'm watching todays video
05:47 Superphosphate Hi :)
05:47 PacketHumper that cat is awesome
05:47 tonsofpcs ecky ecky ecky ptang zoomboingenoingen
05:47 PacketHumper it's the anoyatron 9000
05:47 wannabe1987 lol
05:48 * wannabe1987 needs to watch it yet
05:48 wannabe1987 if, you know, the compooper co-operates
05:48 PacketHumper lol
05:49 wannabe1987 browser is shut and i'm still hearing YT vids....
05:49 wannabe1987 for a good 30-45 seconds
05:50 PacketHumper ouch
05:50 PacketHumper lol
05:50 PacketHumper it was a short cb
05:50 wannabe1987 more annoying
05:50 wannabe1987 lol
05:50 wannabe1987 short ones are ok
05:50 Coderjoe swapping in stuff slowing down the shutdown of the plugin container
05:50 PacketHumper you need to date an it guy
05:51 tonsofpcs tehdark45: happy? I bumped.
05:51 wannabe1987 btdt
05:51 tehdark45 RAGE
05:51 tehdark45 :P
05:51 PacketHumper didn't work huh?
05:51 wannabe1987 i'm single...
05:51 PacketHumper ah.
05:51 PacketHumper find another one
05:51 PacketHumper most it guys are single too lol
05:51 wannabe1987 bt dt 3x now, actually....
05:52 lwq1996 tonsofpcs how do i delete alot of blocks at once
05:52 wannabe1987 i'm going to take a break for a bit first, get life back on track
05:52 tonsofpcs tehdark45: you can rage after you read my reply.
05:52 lwq1996 like start from scratch
05:52 * PacketHumper puts on my relationship theropy hat.
05:52 tonsofpcs lwq1996: I have no clue.  Try ##minecraft ?  I've never touched the game.
05:52 tehdark45 tonsofpcs, i dont even know where you are posting >.<
05:52 tehdark45 :P
05:52 tonsofpcs tehdark45:
05:52 tehdark45 oh ok
05:52 wannabe1987 lwq1996: delete the game, re download the game
05:52 PacketHumper everyone should play minecraft
05:53 PacketHumper yah that's the easiest fix
05:53 wannabe1987 no, i don't need another addiction
05:53 PacketHumper yes yes you do
05:53 PacketHumper if you play minecraft you can't have a sex life
05:53 wannabe1987 no, i don't.....
05:53 wannabe1987 i don't have one anyway!
05:53 PacketHumper it's just how it works
05:53 DruidicRifleman wow si many messages
05:53 PacketHumper see you should play minecraft
05:53 DruidicRifleman I do
05:53 wannabe1987 i'd rather dance, thx
05:54 DruidicRifleman and i have a sex life
05:54 PacketHumper lol that could be taken the wrong way
05:54 wannabe1987 i get to dance tues night :D
05:54 wannabe1987 swing/ballroom dance
05:54 PacketHumper thanks for clerifying
05:54 wannabe1987 clarifying*
05:54 PacketHumper i have one too but all i can think about is cubes
05:54 wannabe1987 and you're welcome :D
05:54 PacketHumper wannabe1987: you are my official spell checker
05:54 wannabe1987 i feel bad for the woman
05:54 wannabe1987 i'm tgg's spell checker
05:54 wannabe1987 just ask around
05:55 PacketHumper lol the woman plays too
05:55 wannabe1987 is she a geek as well?
05:55 PacketHumper lol most definately
05:55 wannabe1987 boy and i lived 1/2 block from the lab
05:55 PacketHumper wish we lived that close
05:56 wannabe1987 he still lives that close but doesn't visit.  i live 20 min away and visit
05:56 PacketHumper but we all just sit here and watch the cbs
05:56 * wannabe1987 opened chrome
05:56 PacketHumper lol
05:56 wannabe1987 all i want to do is watch vids and facebook.  ff won't let me :/
05:56 PacketHumper down with ff
05:57 PacketHumper i'm going to start a herum.
05:57 PacketHumper a geek girl herum.
05:57 wannabe1987 .seen RED
05:57 BotSteve Sorry, I haven't seen RED around.
05:57 wannabe1987 :D
05:57 PacketHumper it will be known as the Nerdery.
05:58 wannabe1987 harem*
05:58 wannabe1987 and why?
05:58 PacketHumper every guy geeks dream
05:58 Retep_ joined #thegeekgroup
05:58 PacketHumper man i really need to play some bf3
05:59 wannabe1987 bf3?
05:59 DruidicRifleman i missed so many vids
05:59 PacketHumper battlefield 3
05:59 wannabe1987 o. right.
05:59 PacketHumper better get watchin
06:00 wannabe1987 only vidya game i like is little big planet :D
06:00 PacketHumper lol
06:00 wannabe1987 but its on boy's ps3 and i'd have to restart from the beginning on my housemates....
06:00 PacketHumper almost every husband/boyfriend in my neighborhood is a geek/gamer/it guy. so we all play together but not on monday nights.
06:00 wannabe1987 nice
06:01 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
06:01 PacketHumper we have a ps3
06:01 PacketHumper it's holding up one side of a book shelf at the moment.
06:01 PacketHumper most usefull it's been since we got it.
06:01 wannabe1987 lol
06:01 PacketHumper eventually i'll hook the dumb thing up and update it so we can watch hulu and netflix.
06:02 lwq1996 well #minecraft was useless
06:02 wannabe1987 we used his for netflix
06:02 PacketHumper lol you expected anyone there to be helpful?
06:02 PacketHumper even though this is freenode and not efnet most people are useless on here.  like me.
06:03 wannabe1987 you're useless?
06:03 PacketHumper xbox 360 is way better than ps3
06:03 PacketHumper depends on what's in it for me.
06:03 wannabe1987 are you zomg halo?
06:03 PacketHumper yah i'm a halo nut
06:03 wannabe1987 typical
06:03 PacketHumper i even have all the megablock halo stuff
06:03 wannabe1987 ??
06:03 PacketHumper have you read the books?
06:03 PacketHumper google megablock halo
06:03 wannabe1987 no?
06:04 wannabe1987 my browser doesn't work
06:04 PacketHumper the entire story is epic
06:04 wannabe1987 i can't
06:04 PacketHumper kick it?
06:04 PacketHumper did chrome work?
06:04 PacketHumper have you tried ie?
06:04 wannabe1987 its not working
06:04 wannabe1987 i dont' have ie on here i don't think
06:04 PacketHumper is it windows?
06:04 wannabe1987 yes, but it boy
06:04 wannabe1987 "customized" it for me
06:05 wannabe1987 o look
06:05 wannabe1987 IE
06:05 PacketHumper go to start, run, type iexplore.exe and hit ok
06:05 wannabe1987 why?
06:06 PacketHumper that will start IE
06:06 PacketHumper hmm i wonder if chat rulette works on here.
06:06 JA12 can it be removed from vista/7?
06:06 * wannabe1987 watches the demon cat ep
06:06 PacketHumper there is a version with it removed
06:06 wannabe1987 i don't know, i don't have vista/7
06:06 PacketHumper made for the eu
06:06 tehdark45 IE: Internet Evil
06:07 PacketHumper not as bad as the memory leaks in ff
06:07 wannabe1987 what is a "memory leak" that ppl talk about
06:07 wannabe1987 and why did you give my headache back?  i don't want it
06:07 PacketHumper IE crashes more often so the memory gets released.
06:07 JA12 reserved memory that doesn't get freed
06:07 PacketHumper some programs allocate it and never release it.
06:07 PacketHumper they just slowly eat more and more.
06:07 PacketHumper it's a case of bad programming.
06:08 wannabe1987 om nom nom
06:08 PacketHumper exactly
06:08 wannabe1987 o like my sister taking all the shrimp but never eating it and not letting john eat any
06:08 wannabe1987 ok
06:08 PacketHumper yes
06:08 PacketHumper it hordes it and forgets about it
06:09 JA12 but that's not completely fair to say that ff leaks memory
06:09 PacketHumper omg dog just licked the cats face and the cat is wiggin out. lol
06:09 wannabe1987 2 mor vids and the cb will be at 400 vids...
06:09 wannabe1987 lol
06:09 wannabe1987 poor kitty
06:09 JA12 it's not universally true that if it's a program called firefox, it leaks memory
06:10 PacketHumper last few revisions have.
06:10 PacketHumper not sure about the latest
06:10 JA12 I don't run it on windows, no memory leaks
06:10 JA12 not everyone has memory leaks on windows
06:10 JA12 and not in all versions
06:10 PacketHumper i don't use a browser on linux.  just wget to grab the crap i want.
06:11 PacketHumper it was what is universaly called a joke.
06:11 * PacketHumper is a smart ass.
06:11 JA12 I'm what's called tired
06:11 PacketHumper it's like saying macs never get viruses
06:11 wannabe1987 omg my dad likes to tell me that one and that he never has to reboot his mac
06:11 PacketHumper i'm itchin to read my new halo book which is waiting in the kindle app for me.
06:12 PacketHumper lol
06:12 PacketHumper well i never have to reboot my mac
06:12 wannabe1987 i just tell him good luck
06:12 wannabe1987 he has to reboot it tho, see
06:12 PacketHumper it's running windows 7
06:12 wannabe1987 he's got lion i think
06:12 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
06:12 PacketHumper it also has 24gb of ram
06:12 wannabe1987 holy crap
06:12 wannabe1987 hi Toastdude!
06:12 PacketHumper howdy toast
06:13 Toastdude Hi Wannabe and PacketHumper!
06:13 PacketHumper i have this thing that should really be diagnosed.  it's when you open tons of programs and never close them.
06:13 wannabe1987 lol
06:13 PacketHumper and you hate rebooting so you only do it about once every few months.
06:13 wannabe1987 program-aholic?
06:13 PacketHumper so i load all my workstations up with a crapton of ram and leave it at that.
06:14 wannabe1987 that works
06:14 PacketHumper wannabe1987: if you saw my office and my desk you'd shit yourself.
06:14 wannabe1987 wanna send me some?
06:14 wannabe1987 probably
06:14 PacketHumper what you need?
06:14 wannabe1987 my room is messy and it bothers me
06:14 PacketHumper i'll take a pic sometime
06:14 wannabe1987 dell latitude d810 and toshiba nb205.  they each have less than 1gb ram each
06:14 JA12 people also tell me that chrome works use it. well I had it crash on me several times so no it's not perfect, welcome to the world
06:14 wannabe1987 bothers me to no hell
06:14 PacketHumper wait seriously?
06:15 wannabe1987 1gb or less, yeah
06:15 PacketHumper i'm too lazy to see what kind of ram it uses but if i come out that way soon i'll bring you some
06:15 PacketHumper i'm sure i have some 1 or 2 gig sodimms around here somewhere.
06:15 wannabe1987 ok.  sndwrx figured it out once, but the info is probably on the toshiba and....its dead
06:15 PacketHumper probably ddr2
06:15 JA12 why I really really don't like IE is because of MS. latest version already has features that other browsers don't, and I mean stuff that you _can_ use in your website
06:16 JA12 so it's IE 6 with the number upside down
06:16 PacketHumper lol
06:16 PacketHumper welcome to the internet
06:16 Coderjoe
06:16 tonsofpcs ok, any other forum posts I really should reply to, Cprossu  or egrsteve|away ?
06:16 tonsofpcs or ajprog_laptop ?
06:16 JA12 PacketHumper: no, that's all on ms
06:16 Coderjoe grr, damn you firefox
06:16 Coderjoe
06:17 BotSteve Title: 500 LED Extreme flashlight - YouTube
06:17 wannabe1987 o.o
06:17 PacketHumper lol JA12 i'll give you that one lol
06:17 JA12 PacketHumper: and in case of IE 6/9, it's more like "welcome to the intranet"
06:17 PacketHumper why isn't anyone complainging about safari
06:17 JA12 because macs are perfet
06:17 JA12 perfect
06:17 wannabe1987 i don't use safari ?
06:18 PacketHumper i use chrome because it syncs with my transformer tablet
06:18 JA12 oh, I take that back
06:18 wannabe1987 anything steve jobs and the rest of the team does is perfect :P
06:18 JA12 safari is available on windows too
06:18 PacketHumper macs are close to perfect... i'll admit that my ipad 2 and iphones have no real issues
06:18 PacketHumper though my last mac pro upgrade went seriously wrong.
06:19 wannabe1987 yes, JA12 i know\
06:19 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
06:19 BotSteve TOASTY!
06:19 Toastdude ..
06:19 wannabe1987 you're not supposed to ping!
06:19 PacketHumper they had to write a firmware update due to an issue with nvidia gfx cards not working correctly.
06:19 Toastdude Wait..
06:19 wannabe1987 PacketHumper: i keep reading "project thumper" as your nick
06:19 PacketHumper lol
06:19 wannabe1987 too much tgg?
06:20 PacketHumper i'll show you a thumper
06:20 wannabe1987 o.O
06:20 wannabe1987 i do have thumper bait in the older dell laptop w/ all the innards taken out
06:20 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
06:20 PacketHumper more of O.O
06:20 JA12 PacketHumper: except occational slow downs, upgrade costs, program/os compatibility, hw compatibility, battery problems, and connection problems. apart from that, they're perfect, yes
06:20 wannabe1987 wb Toastdude
06:20 Toastdude Danke
06:21 Toastdude lwq1996:
06:21 Thermoelectric joined #thegeekgroup
06:21 wannabe1987 hi Thermoelectric
06:21 Toastdude Hi Thermoelectric!
06:21 wannabe1987 long time no see!
06:21 PacketHumper ram failure, upgrades that don't support the previously purchased expensive hardware....
06:21 JA12 :)
06:22 PacketHumper hey, it keeps food on my table.
06:22 PacketHumper as long as shit breaks, i get paid to fix it.
06:22 JA12 I do know one thing that really is good in macs
06:22 PacketHumper the diagnostic led's that answer a lot of the why won't it boot questions?
06:22 JA12 you get more when you sell one
06:22 PacketHumper yah you do
06:23 PacketHumper it's because mac owners are mostly tools who will sell their soul to pay for overpriced hardware
06:24 JA12 I would pay for overpriced hw if it actually were as good as they present it
06:24 PacketHumper i say that having stood in line for my iphone 3g, 3gs, iphone 4, ipad, ipad 2, sigh
06:24 PacketHumper it's all marketing
06:24 PacketHumper oh and iphone 4s
06:24 PacketHumper can't forget good ole siri
06:24 PacketHumper always willing to answer my odly complex mathmatical equasions.
06:24 JA12 but I don't dislike the products, and many mac users are great...
06:25 JA12 what I dislike is apple
06:25 PacketHumper kill the fruit
06:26 JA12 they're the ones that make arbitary lock-ins and restrictions so that you have to pay more to keep crap working
06:26 PacketHumper they are good at it
06:26 PacketHumper you just wish you thought of it first.
06:27 PacketHumper we should write to them and tell them that tgg uses windows.
06:27 wannabe1987 so long and thanks for all the fish - whats that from?
06:27 PacketHumper oh god
06:27 PacketHumper that's the dolphins singing in the begining of the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy
06:28 wannabe1987 of course.  how could i forget something i watched excactly 1 time
06:28 PacketHumper what?
06:28 PacketHumper i've laughed at that movie so many times
06:28 wannabe1987 at least i've watched it!!!!
06:28 PacketHumper someone needs to help you with your movie watching
06:28 PacketHumper yah i'll give you cred for that.
06:28 wannabe1987 many someones
06:28 JA12 I have watched it only once too
06:28 wannabe1987 come on over, we will have movie watching party
06:29 PacketHumper how about equilibrium?
06:29 PacketHumper if you weren't 4 hours away i would.
06:29 PacketHumper thursday nights are movie nights here.
06:29 PacketHumper good or bad
06:29 wannabe1987 i was talking to JA12, he's in finland
06:29 PacketHumper if they are bad we just make fun of them.
06:29 JA12 oh =))
06:29 PacketHumper awww poor guy
06:29 wannabe1987 i cold over there :P
06:29 wannabe1987 and far far far from the lab
06:29 JA12 -3C
06:29 PacketHumper wait... how cold is it?
06:30 wannabe1987 .c -3c to f
06:30 BotSteve 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit
06:30 JA12 .calc -3 c to f
06:30 BotSteve 26.6 degrees Fahrenheit
06:30 PacketHumper ok colder there
06:30 wannabe1987 not bad
06:30 wannabe1987 .weather tgg
06:30 BotSteve Clear ☼, 19.4℉ (-7℃), 30.24in (1021mb), Gentle breeze 8kt (↑) - KGRR 05:53Z
06:30 wannabe1987 colder here than there WTF
06:30 PacketHumper yah no shit
06:30 JA12 very strange
06:30 PacketHumper so um.... i guess we are going to your place JA12
06:31 wannabe1987 .weather finland
06:31 BotSteve EFPY: no such ICAO code, or no NOAA data
06:31 wannabe1987 .weather helsinkifinland
06:31 BotSteve No ICAO code found, sorry
06:31 wannabe1987 lol
06:31 wannabe1987 i fail
06:31 wannabe1987 um
06:31 wannabe1987 i can't spell it either :/
06:31 PacketHumper guess finland doesn't exist.
06:31 JA12 christmas 2010 we had -35C with wind
06:31 wannabe1987 .tfw helinksi
06:31 BotSteve Unknown location
06:31 PacketHumper ok you win.
06:31 wannabe1987 no
06:31 wannabe1987 thats not correct either
06:31 wannabe1987 help?!
06:31 PacketHumper that made my nuts shrink just thinking about it.
06:31 wannabe1987 PacketHumper: my cousins went into lake MI yesterday....
06:31 wannabe1987 it was in the lower 40s
06:32 wannabe1987 windy
06:32 PacketHumper for new years eve we had a fire out back that everyone sat around and then came inside and watched 2012
06:32 wannabe1987 and the undertow was STRONG
06:32 PacketHumper well more of made fun of 2012
06:32 wannabe1987 lol
06:32 wannabe1987 i haven't seen the movie
06:32 PacketHumper yah they are nuts
06:32 PacketHumper you aren't missing much
06:32 JA12 without wind it wouldn't been so bad
06:33 PacketHumper but it doesn't make you appreciate limos
06:33 PacketHumper er does
06:33 PacketHumper man i'm getting tired
06:33 wannabe1987 i've seen day after tomorrow a few times tho
06:33 PacketHumper it's just as dumb. lol
06:33 PacketHumper but makes even less sense
06:33 wannabe1987 i figured
06:34 JA12 do you like horror movies?
06:34 wannabe1987 if i have someone to watch it with, yes
06:34 PacketHumper lol i crack up through them but yes
06:34 PacketHumper wannabe1987: come on over. room on the couch.
06:34 JA12 I don't like but I have one I could recommend
06:34 wannabe1987 some of them freak me out (paranormal activity) but the rest i go like wtf to
06:34 PacketHumper what is it?
06:34 wannabe1987 greg has room on his couch too :P  and he's closer
06:35 JA12 it looks like low budget movie but idk for sure.. wait a sec, I make sure what the name was
06:35 PacketHumper psshh so i'm not worth driving 4 hours for?
06:35 JA12
06:35 BotSteve Title: The Descent (2005) - IMDb
06:35 PacketHumper i see how it is.
06:35 wannabe1987 my car is no?
06:35 PacketHumper rofl yah it was pretty good
06:36 wannabe1987 you already have girl
06:36 wannabe1987 all i can bring are cookies
06:36 PacketHumper i was in tears by the end of it.  the one liners that can be had are histerical
06:36 PacketHumper wannabe1987: never hurts to have another.
06:36 wannabe1987 ...
06:36 wannabe1987 i have no reply to that other than i am not mormon
06:36 PacketHumper wannabe1987: just an fyi i was kidding but i have many many geeky guy friends who are single.
06:37 wannabe1987 right
06:37 wannabe1987 are they over here?
06:37 PacketHumper no most live within 10 minutes of the fortress.
06:37 wannabe1987 i don't do the long distance thing nicly...i work every weekend :/
06:37 PacketHumper was just sayin.
06:37 PacketHumper if i new any decent guys in that area i'd introduce you
06:37 wannabe1987 i understand :)
06:38 wannabe1987 i know plenty....
06:38 PacketHumper our house is the hang out house.  it's where guys come to hang out and girls come to meet nice guys.
06:38 wannabe1987 thats cool
06:39 PacketHumper it would be cool to start a geek group chapter out here.
06:39 JA12 I think I pick up on a worlds oldest profession and do it as remote work x)
06:39 PacketHumper lol
06:39 wannabe1987 you probably could....
06:39 PacketHumper there are enough of us
06:40 PacketHumper we need more than it guys though
06:40 JA12 you're reading too much in to my comment =)
06:40 PacketHumper we need electrical and mech engineers
06:40 wannabe1987 find some!
06:40 wannabe1987 who is, JA12?
06:40 PacketHumper we don't have that many hot pockets though
06:40 Coderjoe holy shit
06:40 tonsofpcs PacketHumper: for what?
06:40 wannabe1987 i know and it guy, but yeah, thats not what you need
06:40 wannabe1987 make them bring their own!
06:41 Coderjoe I had not seen that load center box
06:41 JA12 wannabe1987: no one is, but you just get funny conversation pieces if you take comments out of original context
06:41 PacketHumper tonsofpcs: was making a joke about geeks getting together.
06:41 PacketHumper JA12: exactly
06:41 PacketHumper i like pieces
06:41 wannabe1987 thats the best part!
06:42 PacketHumper the cream in the middle.
06:42 wannabe1987 you talking to seroster?
06:42 PacketHumper who me?
06:42 wannabe1987 you and your cream, so yeah
06:42 JA12 =)
06:42 PacketHumper mmm cream
06:42 wannabe1987 now i want ice cream, damnit
06:43 PacketHumper mmmm ice cream
06:43 wannabe1987 i don't have any
06:43 PacketHumper got milk?
06:43 wannabe1987 nope
06:43 wannabe1987 i got oj
06:43 PacketHumper oh
06:43 wannabe1987 i just got back from vaca
06:43 wannabe1987 and i have amini fridge i share....
06:43 wannabe1987 2 mini fridges for 3 people
06:43 PacketHumper well um...
06:43 PacketHumper hmmm
06:44 PacketHumper i was going to tell you to go outside and make ice cream.
06:44 Toastdude BotSteve: Should I sleep soon?
06:44 PacketHumper but that won't work.
06:44 BotSteve Not a chance
06:44 wannabe1987 i'm going grocery shopping at meijer tomorrow, i'll get some then
06:44 PacketHumper omg you shop at meijer too!
06:44 wannabe1987 where else is there to shop?
06:44 JA12 speaking of ice cream.. in summer I consume about 5 liters of ice cream per week
06:44 PacketHumper go to their mexican section and they have boxes of chips.
06:44 PacketHumper 5 dollars
06:45 PacketHumper they are amazing
06:45 wannabe1987 JA12: your fb broke my browser!
06:45 PacketHumper you can use them with salsa, cheese dip, cinnimon
06:45 PacketHumper ha ha
06:45 PacketHumper man i watch too much simpsons
06:45 wannabe1987 if you watch *any* simpsons thats too much
06:45 PacketHumper you are lucky i'm not an op in here.
06:46 wannabe1987 i've watched it against my will many times
06:46 wannabe1987 that doesn't make it a fav tv show of mine
06:46 PacketHumper i'm going to start my own room called #thegeekiergroup
06:46 wannabe1987 lol
06:46 wannabe1987 you'll be the only one there....
06:46 PacketHumper that way when you join i can kickban you
06:46 PacketHumper how about family guy?
06:46 wannabe1987 good show
06:47 JA12 wannabe1987: finnish dialect might have crashed your browser. sorry about that
06:47 PacketHumper few
06:47 wannabe1987 lol
06:47 wannabe1987 phew*
06:47 PacketHumper lol you rock
06:47 wannabe1987 of course!
06:47 wannabe1987 i make cookies
06:47 wannabe1987 damnit
06:47 PacketHumper you and my fiance should have a bake off
06:47 PacketHumper i'll judge
06:47 PacketHumper that way i can eat cookies
06:47 wannabe1987 give me an addresss, i'll ship cookies
06:48 PacketHumper JA12:  you can help.
06:48 JA12 PacketHumper: watch out for the tracking cookies
06:48 wannabe1987 LOL
06:48 PacketHumper wannabe1987: you'll have to wait awhile... we have to get through all the holiday cookies and nuts we got.
06:48 wannabe1987 lol
06:48 wannabe1987 thats fine
06:48 wannabe1987 i have to make 2 doz cookies for my blog give away....
06:48 wannabe1987 i'll have cookies
06:48 PacketHumper JA12: if there was ever a need for a budump tsshhhh it was there.
06:49 JA12 PacketHumper: or sunglasses and screaming
06:49 PacketHumper rofl
06:49 wannabe1987 YEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH!
06:49 PacketHumper 9 thousaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand
06:49 PacketHumper far too many funny things on youtube tonight.
06:50 PacketHumper i haven't even made it to the wtf section of reddit yet
06:50 wannabe1987 lol
06:50 JA12
06:50 BotSteve Title: Welcome to Instant Rimshot
06:50 PacketHumper lol
06:51 wannabe1987 chrome told me the page was in finnish and asked if i wanted it translated
06:51 JA12 there's a autoplay option but it's not nice to just link to it without actual context
06:51 wannabe1987 how nice of chrome to do such a thing for me :)
06:51 JA12 wannabe1987: no!
06:51 wannabe1987 o.O
06:51 JA12 do not translate anything
06:51 PacketHumper see you killed Rahlon
06:51 wannabe1987 ....
06:51 wannabe1987 what do you put on there thats not supposed to be translated?
06:52 JA12 wannabe1987: ignorance is bliss
06:52 JA12 =)
06:52 wannabe1987 "the translateion failed because of a server error"  WHAT DID YOU DO!?
06:52 PacketHumper wannabe1987: it's about how he wants to cover you in puding and do strange things with a wetsuit and a baseball bat
06:52 JA12 I killed _my_ fb
06:52 wannabe1987 its a photo
06:52 wannabe1987 of you with a weapon
06:52 PacketHumper mmmmm weapons
06:53 wannabe1987 strange looking weapon
06:53 JA12 is it a nude pic?
06:53 JA12 =))
06:53 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
06:53 wannabe1987 no, you are clothed in black, per usual
06:54 JA12 what. I have clothes with color in them. I have one shirt that has dark grey sleeves
06:54 wannabe1987 you have 4 pictures on facebook
06:54 wannabe1987 how am i supposed to know all your clothing?!
06:55 JA12 I told you didn't I?
06:55 JA12 maybe not
06:55 wannabe1987 you said you have some oclor.  i figured it was socks :P
06:55 PacketHumper pink socks
06:55 PacketHumper mmmm socks
06:56 PacketHumper you know there is nothing like a brand new pair of socks
06:56 PacketHumper it's like sex for your feet
06:56 JA12 oh yes there is
06:56 wannabe1987 i'd rather be barefoot
06:56 JA12 someone else's feet without socks
06:56 PacketHumper kinky
06:56 JA12 don't ask more information
06:56 wannabe1987 NSFW for you!
06:57 JA12 :D
06:57 PacketHumper lol
06:57 JA12 this is not no where near seroster stuff =)
06:57 PacketHumper that's over in #thenudegroup
06:57 JA12 -not
06:57 wannabe1987 no, serosters not the one that scarred me in nsfw actually
06:57 Toastdude ...
06:57 Toastdude I'm afraid to ask who..
06:57 wannabe1987 hi toasty.  guys, be nice around our younger(est) member
06:58 Toastdude Haha :P
06:58 PacketHumper how old are you toasty?
06:58 Toastdude Wait... am I the youngest gg member?
06:58 Toastdude 13
06:58 wannabe1987 on irc, yes
06:58 PacketHumper have you seen goatse yet?
06:58 Toastdude What about the website? I'm sure not..
06:58 wannabe1987 dunno.
06:58 wannabe1987 eightbitbrad's minion is a tgg fan, idk about member tho
06:59 JA12 Toastdude: there might be a member that's not even born yet =)
06:59 Toastdude Haha :P
06:59 PacketHumper Toastdude: if you have seen goatse then you have become a man.
06:59 wannabe1987 not here, nothing in this belly but food and fat
06:59 wannabe1987 what would i become?
07:00 PacketHumper scared
07:00 PacketHumper lol
07:00 wannabe1987 i was told that only men drive stickshifts.  i asked them what i was then.  they didn't have an answer.
07:00 wannabe1987 boden has called me a "vile woman" once
07:00 Toastdude ...
07:00 wannabe1987 what?
07:00 PacketHumper men are outies, women are innies.
07:01 PacketHumper toast has not learnt of such things
07:01 wannabe1987 what, vile women?
07:01 wannabe1987 i hope not.....
07:01 Toastdude Chris called me a retard on the stream...
07:01 PacketHumper lol
07:01 PacketHumper can't wait till he meets me then.
07:01 wannabe1987 its ok....he told me he loved me "this much" because i brought him a new HV guy
07:02 Toastdude Yeah.. It was because I said MoM instead of his username.. lol
07:02 wannabe1987 (backstory: boden has disliked me for a while, i didn't go to the lab for a few months (mainly cuz i was out of town).  )
07:02 wannabe1987 you did what?
07:03 wannabe1987 ida called you a retard as well!
07:03 Toastdude I called masterofmonks MoM :P
07:03 wannabe1987 ah
07:03 wannabe1987 yea
07:03 wannabe1987 ida called you a retard as well!
07:03 JA12 wannabe1987: only men drive stickshifts in where? only men drive cars but you have to be in saudi arabia for that to be true
07:03 Toastdude Thanks......
07:03 wannabe1987 america....
07:03 lwq1996 toastdude how do you clear lots of blocks on wom
07:03 wannabe1987 most people don't drive a stick sadly
07:03 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
07:03 BotSteve Ponko is credit to team!
07:03 wannabe1987 PO
07:03 Toastdude PONKO!
07:03 wannabe1987 PONKO!!!!!!!!!!!
07:03 * wannabe1987 offers tea
07:04 Ponko Yes sir that I am
07:04 PacketHumper lol
07:04 Ponko Sure Kelly
07:04 wannabe1987 kk
07:04 wannabe1987 lolol
07:04 Ponko One sec
07:04 wannabe1987 yt vids are running worse on chrome than ff
07:04 JA12 wannabe1987: I know but that's a very strict statement that only men drive stickshift cars. so it takes 1 woman to drive one and they're wrong?
07:04 lwq1996 im going to bed guys i got school
07:04 Toastdude People call you Kelly but no one ever says my name... just toasty..
07:05 PacketHumper JA12: women are just always wrong.
07:05 wannabe1987 i don't know.  most girls would rather talk, eat and do make up while driving
07:05 wannabe1987 night lee
07:05 lwq1996 ANDREW
07:05 wannabe1987 sorry toastdrew
07:05 Toastdude Haha
07:05 lwq1996 there i said it
07:05 wannabe1987 instead of "rowing their own" which i enjoy doing
07:05 wannabe1987 i made you a new name
07:05 wannabe1987 do you like it?
07:05 lwq1996 even his own friends irl call him toast
07:05 Ponko Toasty is an epic name you're in mortal Kombat for gods sake
07:06 PacketHumper hmm the dog ate all the cat food so the cat is eating the dog food.
07:06 Ponko Brb
07:06 wannabe1987 om nom nom
07:06 PacketHumper this dog cat thing is funny
07:06 Toastdude Lwq-SleepinBear: That's where it came from...
07:06 PacketHumper who is ponko
07:06 Toastdude Yes wannabe :)
07:06 Toastdude An awewsome person
07:06 wannabe1987 Ponko is from the UK
07:07 PacketHumper i'm still learnering who everyone is.
07:07 wannabe1987 he plays american football
07:07 PacketHumper well he's an admin here.
07:07 Toastdrew :D
07:07 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
07:07 dr_jkl mmm footy.
07:07 PacketHumper so i should probably behave
07:07 wannabe1987 lol
07:07 wannabe1987 LemLap, you done already?
07:07 Ponko GREEN ARMY
07:08 PacketHumper well folks i think i'm going to take my horse out to potty one last time and then head to bed.
07:08 dr_jkl horse?
07:08 PacketHumper dog
07:08 LemLap wannabe1987, yeah, done and the interview went well
07:08 PacketHumper he's huge
07:08 wannabe1987 sleep well
07:08 LemLap fingers crossed i think I have the job
07:08 wannabe1987 did you get it?
07:08 LemLap no
07:08 PacketHumper grats lem
07:08 LemLap don't know yet
07:09 LemLap but it looks promising
07:09 PacketHumper i hope you do
07:09 wannabe1987 sleep well packet hunter thumper thinger
07:09 LemLap dropping out again for a bit, playing with networking stuffs here
07:09 Ponko-iPad Wait did someone say they thought I was admin?
07:09 PacketHumper dr_jkl: he's tall enough that you could ride him like a horse.  120 lbs of puppy
07:10 PacketHumper i thought i saw it op you when you joined.
07:10 Ponko-iPad no it just greeted me
07:10 Ponko-iPad But I see what you lol
07:11 Ponko-iPad You mean*
07:11 PacketHumper hmmm odd.  thought i saw it flag you +o
07:11 PacketHumper that's just how tired i am.
07:11 PacketHumper i'm out of here.
07:12 PacketHumper night
07:12 Toastdrew Night
07:12 wananbe1988 joined #thegeekgroup
07:12 PacketHumper rofl
07:12 PacketHumper just saw that as i was about to /part
07:13 JA12 my sleeping schedule is on time
07:13 JA12 however, on a wrong timezone
07:13 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
07:14 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
07:14 wannabe1987 ...
07:14 wannabe1987 internet suckage ftw
07:14 wannabe1987 .log
07:14 BotSteve Channel history can be found at:
07:14 LemLap yay
07:14 LemLap back
07:14 LemLap had to get some info off the old modem
07:14 Ponko-iPad Hmm I might go watch the professionals
07:17 torpid joined #thegeekgroup
07:21 LemLap_ joined #thegeekgroup
07:22 * Ponko-iPad thinks he should leave the door opened because then people can come and go as they please
07:22 Ponko-iPad Anyway never mind that
07:22 wannabe1987 ok?
07:22 Ponko-iPad Lol dw :P
07:23 wannabe1987 ok
07:23 * Ponko-iPad watches tv
07:26 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
07:26 ajcc morning
07:26 wannabe1987 hi
07:26 ajcc hey, you're up late :)
07:26 wannabe1987 mhm
07:27 wannabe1987 i took a 3 hour nap from 4p-7p
07:27 wannabe1987 i'll prolly go to bed soon tho
07:27 wannabe1987 i need to go to the lab tomorrow
07:27 ajcc what's happning at the lab?
07:28 wannabe1987 nothing.  i need to get my computer fixed
07:28 ajcc it's ill?
07:28 wannabe1987 it won't turn on....power cord or jack issue
07:29 ajcc sounds bad, but the geek group is the right place for ill computers :)
07:29 wannabe1987 yep
07:31 ajcc did you manage to figure out how to sand the glass you found?
07:31 wannabe1987 not yet....i don't have a dremel or sandpaper yet....i got home from vaca today and haven't started unpacking yet :P
07:32 ajcc o
07:32 JA12 sand the glass? why?
07:32 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
07:35 JA12 wannabe1987: you're planning to sand patterns/pics on glass or are you doing it for some other reason (like broken glass decorations)?
07:36 wannabe1987 make it into jewelry
07:36 wannabe1987 so sanding away rough edges and then drilling a hole into it
07:36 wannabe1987 at some point
07:36 wannabe1987 i need to get my desk in here first so i have a place to work
07:37 JA12 ok. please take pictures =)
07:37 wannabe1987 of what, the process or the finished product?
07:37 wannabe1987 it'll eventually go on my etsy...
07:37 JA12 both
07:37 wannabe1987 of course
07:37 wannabe1987 i'm a photoholick
07:37 wannabe1987 holic*
07:38 ajcc :)
07:38 wannabe1987 but now i must sleep
07:38 ajcc nighty night
07:38 wannabe1987 Toastdrew when do you go back to school?
07:38 JA12 I'm not sure I'm that interested in the process but there might be one or two who are
07:38 Toastdrew Today
07:38 wannabe1987 you should sleep as well then
07:38 JA12 but I do like pretty jewelry and glass art
07:38 Cprossu .seen djrock9000
07:38 BotSteve Cprossu: I last saw djrock9000 46.56 hours ago at 2012-01-01 09:05:09 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 07:38:52 UTC
07:38 Cprossu shoot
07:39 wannabe1987 sooner you go to bed, sooner you wake up, sooner you go to school, sooner the year is done :D
07:40 Toastdrew :D
07:41 JA12 that comment could be continued to be so depressing that toast wouldn't want to have his 14th birthday =)
07:41 wannabe-zz night all.  JA12: you should get some sleep as'll make the headache go away....
07:41 Toastdrew Haha, okay..
07:41 wannabe-zz no, he wants the school year done
07:41 Toastdrew Night wannabe!
07:41 JA12 night wannabe-zz. I will
07:41 wannabe-zz ok
07:41 Toastdrew My birthday is before the school year is finished
07:44 JA12 a few hours of sleep and an agonizing wake-up is what'll come next. night all o/
07:45 Thermoelectric Night JA12
07:45 tesla4d I just watched the latest Captain's Blog...
07:46 * Cprossu clickies
07:46 tesla4d Bill is awesome. His whole dialogue with Chris amounts to "I know everything you're going to tell me and I am prepared to make good decisions without your help. By the way, we have two big cameras, not just one."
07:47 sndwrx 850 lines to scroll back so I can see why my name was highlighted.
07:47 tesla4d But he's not a jerk about it.
07:47 ajcc sndwrx: /away is your friend
07:47 sndwrx That makes too much sense.
07:48 sndwrx Fortunately I have the highlighting set up to be red background with yellow foreground.  It's very easy to spot.
07:48 sndwrx wannabe-zz: It's DDR2
07:49 ajcc there's a lot of noise once they get talking here
07:49 ajcc it's nice, but confusing from time to time
07:52 * sndwrx nods.
07:52 Ponko-iPad Ah so it was old bloke all along
07:52 * Ponko-iPad just finished watching the professionals
07:53 Ponko-iPad .yt The Professionals opening
07:53 BotSteve Ponko-iPad:
08:05 torpid joined #thegeekgroup
08:15 Cprossu after setting fire to the virtual mdh 3 times
08:15 Cprossu
08:15 Cprossu I decided on using bloody glowstone =(
08:18 Coderjoe sndwrx: your rpg character is one angry mofo... picking fights like there's no tomorrow
08:19 Toastdrew From the lights?
08:19 Coderjoe (which sets off the nick highlight like a christmas tree)
08:20 Cprossu Toastdrew:
08:20 sndwrx haha yeah I noticed that.  He's been that way since you two joined the channel.
08:20 Toastdrew Yeah I saw that in the forums
08:21 Toastdrew Great ojb by the way
08:21 sndwrx But the nick highlighting is separate per channel.
08:21 Toastdrew *job
08:21 Toastdrew And now I leave. Night all
08:22 sndwrx night Toastdrew
08:22 killakee wooohoooo... osciloscope .. fianly :D
08:23 Coderjoe Cprossu: what's wrong with setting fire to the virtual mdh?
08:24 Coderjoe you have a security system to keep the mobs at bay?
08:25 sndwrx Coderjoe: My server will be going down momentarily in a day or two for hardware upgrade.  I should restart the round and make some minor changes to the idleRPG.
08:27 Gaxnys Speaking of hardware upgrade, I really need to get a hold of an external harddrive. But they are so expensive nowadays. :c
08:29 Cprossu it's also raining in hvl Coderjoe =P
08:30 Coderjoe aewsome
08:30 Cprossu;s=5
08:30 Coderjoe awesome, too
08:30 BotSteve Title: Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
08:30 Cprossu but I put a bucket out so it'll be fine xD
08:30 Coderjoe nothing like high voltage and water!
08:32 Gaxnys Why the hell is game data saved to My Documents? I'd rather have it at some better, more specific location. C:/Users/user/gamedata perhaps.
08:34 Coderjoe it would have to be C:\users\username\AppData\Roaming\GameName
08:34 Gaxnys Or that
08:34 Gaxnys Still don't want it to be in My Documents
08:34 killakee ennyone tryed this ? :;feature=context&amp;context=G24ded89RVAAAAAAAADQ
08:35 BotSteve Title: Working Nathan Stubblefield Coil! - YouTube
08:37 Cprossu I'd rather have it saved to my documents than bloody \documents and settings\application data\.game =P
08:37 Cprossu * \documents and settings\userhere\application data\.game =P
08:37 Gaxnys Well, I usually don't mind. But when I do a backup of documents and stuff, I'd rather not end up with 1 GB of mostly useless stuff.
08:38 Cprossu I just hate hunting for malformed saves/junk that shouldn't be there in obscure places
08:39 Cprossu Anyone who saves shit in \documents and settings\userhere\local settings\application data\their hidden folder should die in a fire.
08:39 Gaxnys But that's a flaw in the operating system now, isn't it? ;)
08:39 Cprossu no.
08:39 Cprossu the flaw in the OS
08:39 Cprossu we call the registry.
08:40 Cprossu if all other flaws in windows, that's the biggest.
08:40 Gaxnys /home/user/.hiddenfolder is a pretty good place for stuff such as game data imo. You know where it is, but doesn't see it unless you need to.
08:40 Cprossu it's not
08:40 Gaxnys Sorry if this is a noob question, but what's the registry for anyways?
08:40 Cprossu many games are using webkit browsers
08:41 Cprossu that download shit tons of stuff
08:41 Cprossu the windows registry keeps track of user settings
08:41 Cprossu for damn near everything you can think of
08:41 Coderjoe and system settings
08:41 Cprossu .w windows registry
08:41 BotSteve "The Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores configuration settings and options on Microsoft Windows operating systems." -
08:41 Cprossu and it's a gigantic mess.
08:41 Coderjoe there are several different disk files that make up the registry
08:42 Cprossu and they get corrupted rather easily.
08:42 Coderjoe called "hives"
08:42 Cprossu using just the registry you can completely lock down a computer and make it useless
08:42 Gaxnys Well that's just stupid.
08:43 Cprossu it gets better
08:43 Cprossu it has code that dates back to the windows 3.0 days still in it even today
08:43 Coderjoe "using just inittab you can completely lock down a computer and make it useless"
08:43 Cprossu true but that takes talent
08:43 Coderjoe so?
08:43 Cprossu all I need is a malformed activex script with a reg key in it
08:44 Cprossu and *poof*
08:44 Coderjoe linux has code dating to 92. unix philosophies date into the 70s
08:44 Cprossu yeah but they were good philosophies, not bad logic.
08:44 Coderjoe just because something is old doesn't necessarily make it bad
08:45 Cprossu no but it was flawed at the time.
08:45 Coderjoe but your statement about windows 3.0 was mainly about the age of code
08:45 Coderjoe or read that way
08:45 Cprossu it meant they made it a shitty way in 3.0
08:45 Cprossu and never improved upon it
08:45 Cprossu they just kept it in
08:46 Thermoelectric1 joined #thegeekgroup
08:46 Gaxnys Ugh, I need some coffee. Brb.
08:46 Cprossu surounding it with more garbage like the worlds worst shit sandwich.
08:46 Cprossu with shits of various age
08:46 Cprossu Cheap bad wine doesn't get better with age either right?
08:46 Coderjoe there are some improvements. you need admin privs to write outside your user hive. plus vista added per-key permissions
08:47 Cprossu they did but UAC can be totally bypassed
08:47 Coderjoe this has nothing to do with UAC
08:47 Cprossu and vista taught an entire generation of computer users to blatently ignore permissions.
08:47 Coderjoe no, everything PRIOR to vista taught them that
08:48 Coderjoe "oh, separate permissions for installing are too hard...."
08:48 Coderjoe vista at least tried to do something about it, but it was already too ingrained and just added frustration at some annoying popup
08:51 Cprossu after dealing with the bullcrap that is the windows registry forever, sometimes even using exploits just to fix the damn thing, along with .net framework's fallacies, those are two things I won't step down on calling crap.
08:51 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
08:51 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
08:52 Coderjoe i'm not saying it is great, but saying there were no improvements since 3.0 is complete crap
08:52 DruidicRifleman 4 hours of Captains blogs
08:52 Cprossu Coderjoe: I am saying it's worse, much worse
08:52 Cprossu and every windows version it gets more crap added to it
08:55 NeWtoz If only we moved to web based OSes
08:55 Cprossu at this point the registry is to me the most unappetizing compost heap that has been preserved in a 4 mil plastic bag with an inert atmosphere and every years refuse is compacted on top of the older stuff
08:56 NeWtoz well, space is expanding
08:56 NeWtoz we might have room
09:00 Coderjoe sweet. there is a filter installed that crashes graphedit every time i expand the "directshow filters" branch
09:24 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
09:26 electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
09:33 killakee electricguy: hi
09:33 electricguy morning all
09:33 killakee late start ? :)
09:34 electricguy yeh
09:34 killakee hehe
09:34 electricguy i'm sick, didn't feel like getting up early
09:34 killakee ah that sucks
09:34 killakee cold ?`
09:34 electricguy yeah
09:34 killakee i just had that shit .. now i only got lovely cold sores
09:35 killakee or what the h they are caled
09:35 electricguy hehe oki
09:35 killakee lol
09:35 killakee its that time of the year
09:35 killakee hey
09:35 electricguy breakfast time. br
09:35 killakee ok
09:35 electricguy brbb*
09:35 electricguy ..
09:35 killakee guddie
09:35 electricguy BRB*
09:35 killakee haha
09:36 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
09:36 BotSteve Ponko is credit to team!
09:36 Ponko indeed
09:37 killakee hi ponko
09:38 killakee where are you from ?
09:38 killakee budapest?
09:38 Ponko Lutob
09:39 killakee lutob in budapest ?
09:39 Ponko Luton*
09:39 Ponko its in England
09:39 killakee england
09:39 killakee yes i knpw
09:39 killakee damn know
09:39 killakee :)
09:39 Ponko i think that's the server that's in budapest
09:40 killakee ah ic
09:40 killakee i got family in oundel and peterbourgh
09:40 killakee scotland
09:40 Ponko oundel?
09:41 Ponko you mean London?
09:41 killakee no
09:41 killakee its in schotland
09:41 Ponko my gf is in Kelso
09:41 killakee :)
09:41 killakee im from norway myself.. so my english is so so ..
09:41 killakee hehe
09:42 killakee england is a lovely contry though
09:43 killakee better than this long cold mountany shit hole
09:43 killakee hehe
09:45 killakee how long you been a gg member ?
09:47 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
09:48 killakee DruidicRifleman: morning
09:54 killakee enny one know if its possible tu by all the parts for a good audio mixer somwhere so i can build ?
09:57 electricguy ok, back from the breakfast
09:58 electricguy killakee, the last good audio mixer kits i have seen was in a Elfa catalogue from 1994 :P
10:02 killakee thanks
10:02 killakee wiløl look
10:02 killakee hey are you the electricnob
10:03 killakee building amplifiers ?
10:03 KawaiiJess joined #thegeekgroup
10:03 electricguy you are 18 years too late to find those kits at elfa :P
10:03 killakee ah
10:03 electricguy hi hi kawi
10:03 electricguy KawaiiJess,
10:03 electricguy *
10:03 killakee are you building amps ?
10:04 electricguy not relly
10:04 electricguy ralley*
10:04 electricguy really*
10:04 electricguy i can't spell today!
10:04 killakee ah.. then ist not you ;)
10:04 electricguy nah
10:04 KawaiiJess Hai electricguy
10:04 killakee i cant spell enny day :P
10:04 electricguy i'm sk7ca on youtube
10:04 killakee ah
10:04 killakee who is the one building amps ?
10:04 electricguy i'm more into chipamps and mofifyuing exisitng amps
10:04 electricguy Experimentonomen,
10:05 killakee you are ?
10:05 killakee oooooh
10:05 killakee i got one for you !
10:05 electricguy X
10:05 killakee i have a proson 2050
10:05 electricguy XD
10:05 electricguy ok
10:05 electricguy gotta google that
10:05 killakee and i need bigger caps in it ..
10:05 killakee i think
10:06 electricguy mkay
10:06 electricguy should an easy fix
10:06 killakee what should i think of when changing
10:06 killakee i cant butt like 900000 farad caps in there XD
10:07 electricguy here is my GainClone amp i have built    and here is my VERY modded AudioPro TA-150 amp :)
10:07 BotSteve Title: EG's Class AB amplifier - Imgur
10:07 electricguy check the value on the existing caps
10:07 killakee ok?
10:07 killakee and
10:07 electricguy be sure to use the same voltage rating, or higher
10:07 killakee and thats it ? :OP
10:08 electricguy pretty much
10:08 killakee but the capassistance ?
10:08 electricguy check  how many µF they are on
10:08 electricguy yeh
10:08 electricguy if it's around 6800-10000µF it's not worth changing them
10:08 electricguy if they aren't dry
10:08 killakee can you put to bigg cappasistance in there ?
10:08 killakee dry?
10:09 electricguy if you put in too big you are going to blow the fuse in the amp as the start current increases with bigger caps
10:09 electricguy yes, electrolytic caps dry with time
10:09 killakee i got some narley caps from my old doxa block :)
10:09 electricguy how old is the amp?
10:09 killakee 4 months
10:09 electricguy LOL
10:10 killakee hehe
10:10 electricguy why do you want to change caps?
10:10 killakee i just want to not get powerloss ..
10:10 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
10:10 killakee the mids are a little week
10:10 electricguy okey
10:10 killakee weak
10:10 electricguy does it sound bad when you crank up the volume?
10:10 killakee im pikky i know :P
10:11 killakee for me .. well a little
10:11 killakee but it doesent bother me
10:11 electricguy hehe okey.. :P
10:11 killakee im just picky
10:11 angy-work joined #thegeekgroup
10:11 electricguy it gives 2x75Watts out, what's the rating on your speakers?
10:12 killakee the transisstors.. are they possible to change ?
10:12 killakee 200
10:12 electricguy cause 2x75Watts is WAAY more than enough for a home stereo
10:12 electricguy ok
10:12 electricguy is there any minimum power rating on them?
10:12 killakee lookig
10:12 electricguy a new amp like is probably using some sort of chipamp and not transistors
10:14 killakee sadly.. no
10:14 killakee :(
10:14 killakee no
10:14 electricguy the minimum rating use to be low, like 10Watts or so
10:14 electricguy hmmm
10:14 killakee its transistors
10:14 killakee 4 of then
10:14 electricguy ok
10:14 killakee and 4 channels out
10:14 electricguy it's actually just 2 channels out
10:15 Psi joined #thegeekgroup
10:15 electricguy you connect them in parallel to get 4 outputs
10:15 electricguy do you have 4 speakers connected?
10:15 killakee no
10:15 electricguy ok
10:15 killakee why?
10:16 electricguy if you have 4 speakers that are 4 Ohms each, you'll get 2Ohms on the amp
10:16 electricguy and most home amps can't handle 2 Ohms without choking or even die
10:16 killakee hey my nighbour wanted to buy my spackers and amp.. and he has serwinwega 1515s XD
10:16 killakee lol
10:16 electricguy lol :P
10:17 killakee 2 ohms
10:17 electricguy but if you get the amp to the point it starts to distort with 2x75Watts something is wrong with your speakers... XD
10:17 killakee you are thinking abuote the amp and my speaker combo
10:17 mtearle joined #thegeekgroup
10:17 killakee no
10:17 killakee they never distort
10:18 electricguy if you have 2 pairs of speakers, that are both 4 Ohms you'll get 2 Ohms
10:18 killakee its just the mids thats sound a little weak
10:18 electricguy ok, good, then nothing is wrong with your stereo! :D
10:18 electricguy that's the amp charactereistics
10:18 killakee hehe that i know .. so does my nigbour ;)
10:18 electricguy lol
10:19 killakee i must get a good eq
10:19 killakee :)
10:19 electricguy you need a good EQ to tweak the sound if it's some register that sounds weak
10:19 electricguy exactly
10:19 electricguy cause it's the amp itslef that got the sound
10:19 killakee that i know my friend
10:19 electricguy :)
10:19 killakee :)
10:19 killakee i have worked in a local radiostation ...
10:20 electricguy nice :P
10:20 killakee hense the pikky lound
10:20 killakee hehe
10:20 electricguy i'm really picky with sound too XD
10:20 killakee the speakers are 8 8" and tweeters
10:20 killakee but!'
10:20 electricguy hehe ok
10:20 killakee i have rebuilt them
10:20 electricguy oh, ok
10:21 killakee one 8 is mid
10:21 electricguy did you put in other speaker drivers?
10:21 electricguy ah
10:21 killakee and built a costom filter
10:21 electricguy that might be why it sounds a bit funny then :)
10:21 electricguy EQ IT AS FUCKING HELL!!!! XD
10:21 killakee no i have tryed 12 amps ..
10:21 electricguy LOL
10:22 killakee so i know
10:22 killakee its not ;)
10:22 killakee and i had help
10:22 electricguy :)
10:22 killakee i miss my old eq :(
10:22 killakee sob
10:22 electricguy hehe
10:23 killakee old ass me .. and sooo nice sound
10:23 electricguy lol oki
10:23 killakee you see i lost my sound studio in a fire
10:24 electricguy aww!
10:24 killakee yeah
10:24 electricguy that totally sucks!
10:24 killakee well
10:24 killakee the sound did
10:24 killakee lol
10:24 killakee but im better off in a new house XD
10:24 killakee the old one was 135 years old ;P
10:24 electricguy heheh :D
10:24 electricguy ouch XD
10:26 killakee yeah
10:26 killakee but its water under the nutts
10:26 killakee so
10:26 electricguy i'm pretty picky with sound too.. :P i got my vinyl turntable on a separate little table that stands on spikes on the floor, then the player itself stands on spikes on the little table! XD
10:26 electricguy just to stop resonance and shit XD
10:27 killakee HAHA
10:27 killakee now you are in my world ;)
10:27 electricguy LOL XD
10:28 electricguy and i got a almost totally flat EQ on the stereo.. :P
10:28 killakee every one that listen to music... NEVER I MEEEN NEVER work att a pro radio station
10:28 electricguy it's olny compensated after the speakers performance.. XD
10:28 electricguy as good as i could
10:28 electricguy :P
10:28 killakee if you do .. and get home .. then listen to the same songs .. they suck :P
10:28 electricguy lol, yeah XD
10:29 killakee but then again im half deaf
10:29 killakee lol
10:29 electricguy LOL, oops :P
10:29 NothingNerd joined #thegeekgroup
10:29 killakee dont start djing att 14
10:29 killakee lol
10:29 electricguy lol
10:30 electricguy i grew up with a big ass subwoofer in my room... so i'm half deaf on my right ear.. XD
10:30 electricguy hi hi NothingNerd
10:30 NothingNerd Morning
10:30 killakee once i had my had in a bass port of a 1500w jbl bass and my frind turned it on..
10:30 killakee max
10:30 electricguy ouch!
10:30 killakee that sucked and drained half my hearing
10:31 killakee 3 days later i got hearing
10:31 killakee lol
10:31 killakee i didnt laught then ..
10:31 electricguy heh
10:32 killakee why does older amps sound so fing good compaird to new ones ?
10:32 killakee like from the 80
10:32 killakee some from 70
10:32 killakee damn tecnology
10:32 NeWtoz old people always love the good old days ;)
10:32 killakee lol
10:32 killakee haha
10:32 killakee you would to
10:33 killakee ;)
10:33 electricguy back in the 80's people knew how to build proper transistor based amps! :P
10:33 killakee you are used to applte phony and all that jazz
10:33 electricguy with real raw power :P
10:33 killakee :)
10:33 killakee me likes
10:34 killakee electricguy: why does my amp have real transisstors ..
10:34 killakee its fing new ?
10:34 electricguy i got a Akai A-1030 stereo receiver from the late 70's. it's heavy as FCUK!, it's just a big trafo inside.. XD   it gives 2x30Watts out, but, it rattles windows like it was nothing... o_O insane
10:35 electricguy killakee, no idea. i'm surprised that it's not a chipamp
10:35 killakee i know
10:35 killakee :)
10:35 killakee daddy likes :)
10:35 killakee a.k.a. me
10:35 electricguy :P
10:35 killakee it is cheap ass dirt too
10:36 electricguy how much did the amp cost?
10:36 killakee and it has a ferit toroid transformer like my doxa amp..
10:36 killakee 2500 k
10:36 killakee kroners
10:36 electricguy oki
10:36 killakee norwegian
10:36 electricguy pretty cheap.. :P
10:36 killakee hell yeah
10:37 killakee argh ii used to have the first 10" subs from seas :(
10:38 electricguy lol
10:38 electricguy those ols SEAS subs are really easy to drive :P
10:39 killakee 4 ohm
10:39 killakee but damn they could blow
10:39 electricguy yeah
10:39 killakee like the vifa shongleris 12"
10:39 electricguy they need like 15Watts to bottom out :P
10:39 killakee i know
10:40 electricguy but they give a hell lot of sound for that little power!
10:40 killakee oh yeah
10:40 killakee like i sayd
10:40 killakee things whas better ond the old days XD
10:40 killakee LOLO
10:40 electricguy LOL! so true :P
10:41 killakee how old are you ?
10:41 Cprossu holy crap
10:41 Cprossu;feature=related
10:41 Cprossu someone found a copy!
10:41 BotSteve Title: Tetris Theme - Tesla Version - YouTube
10:41 electricguy killakee, 19 :)
10:41 electricguy i have realized that i should have been living in the 80's instead.. :P
10:42 Cprossu ^ we did that back in late 2003 fyi
10:42 killakee gues how or when i was born XD
10:42 killakee cpross
10:42 electricguy 1987 in a studio? XD
10:42 killakee that has to be redone in a biiiiig way <3
10:43 killakee 19frikkin 80
10:43 electricguy cool XD
10:43 killakee well not raly.. XD i have grown up with elvis and contry all my life ... so no..
10:43 Cprossu I miss those days
10:44 killakee it sounded good though ;)
10:44 Cprossu killakee: I made the music file for it
10:44 Cprossu I should know!
10:44 killakee hehe
10:44 killakee you geek you ..
10:44 killakee oh
10:44 killakee never mind
10:44 Cprossu we also did thunderstruck and rock lobster too
10:44 Cprossu lol
10:45 killakee <3
10:45 killakee VIDEOOOOO
10:45 killakee thunderstuck is a dream for me to se on realy big tcs
10:45 roadran422|zZz hello!
10:46 killakee hi roadran422|zZz
10:46 roadran422|zZz .tfw 34208
10:46 BotSteve 57°F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Bradenton, FL!  'Where life is mediocre'
10:46 roadran422|zZz It's freezing in florida!
10:46 electricguy this one is, well, creepy :P
10:46 roadran422|zZz .weather 34208
10:46 BotSteve Title: Singing Tesla Coil - ArcAttack - Creepy Circus Song - YouTube
10:46 BotSteve Clear ☼, 55.4℉ (13℃), 30.23in (1020mb), Fresh breeze 20kt (↑) - KSPG 09:53Z
10:46 roadran422|zZz Wow... It's cold
10:47 killakee haha
10:47 killakee a man on fire should stay in the middle of thouse two tcs XD
10:47 electricguy lol
10:47 killakee welcome to hells cirus XD
10:47 electricguy XD
10:48 electricguy i like the big white PVC bass organs :P
10:48 killakee forgive me father for i have sinned...
10:48 electricguy a speaker driver mounted in a tuned pipe with a Y pipe
10:48 electricguy modulated to create bass freqs XD
10:48 killakee today i had to use windows mediaplayer ...
10:48 electricguy WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!?!?
10:48 electricguy XD
10:48 roadran422|zZz xD
10:48 roadran422|zZz I use vlc
10:49 roadran422|zZz But sometimes, it lags with some of the hd formats
10:49 killakee forgive me :(
10:49 roadran422|zZz I never understood that
10:49 electricguy mostly Winamp for me. only using VLEC for weird stuff and video
10:49 killakee havent installed
10:49 roadran422|zZz But, why does it lag with hd stuff
10:49 electricgal Hola!
10:49 electricgal xD
10:49 killakee hola ..
10:49 electricguy too slow computer perhaps
10:50 electricgal xD
10:50 electricguy or too bad GPU
10:50 killakee is that the same as hola att a nig***
10:50 killakee ?
10:50 electricguy good question :P
10:51 electricguy this is by far the best remix of this song;list=FLILw-C8ptzspdz35L9HBvIg&amp;index=3&amp;feature=plpp_video
10:51 killakee always woundred that
10:51 BotSteve Title: Martin Solveig & Dragonette - Hello (Ti-Mo Bootleg Mix) (Cut) - YouTube
10:51 killakee electricgal: tuuuuneeee
10:51 killakee solveig
10:51 killakee lol
10:52 electricguy XD
10:52 killakee norwegian girl name
10:52 electricguy killakee, if you have your computer hooked to your stereo, i really hope that you use a better soundcard than the stock crap one! ;P
10:52 electricguy it's a swedish girl name too XD
10:52 killakee hehe
10:53 killakee only the best )
10:53 electricguy HAHA XD
10:53 Cprossu that reminds me
10:53 Cprossu later on that group of fellows did a hell of a rendition of popcorn
10:53 killakee electricuy : just as you know i like dubstep best now ;)
10:54 electricguy for this computer i got a Soundblaster audigy platinum (i know, a bit old, but it was free and still WAAAAY better than the onboard crap) :P
10:54 electricguy and for my netbook i got a soundblaster SB0300
10:55 electricguy this song is nice too;feature=autoplay&amp;list=FLILw-C8ptzspdz35L9HBvIg&amp;lf=plpp_video&amp;playnext=1
10:55 BotSteve Title: Ziggy x - Bassdusche 2k9 (Offbeat Radio Mix) - YouTube
10:55 electricguy pretty cheesy bassline
10:55 killakee i got corsair hf1 right now
10:55 killakee couse my nigbour complained :P
10:56 electricguy i can't find anything called corsair HF1... XD
10:57 killakee hs1
10:57 electricguy ah
10:57 killakee sorry my reading dissability
10:58 electricguy nice
10:58 electricguy i got a plantronics gamecom 377
10:58 killakee but theyr modified XD
10:58 electricguy crap headset... XD
10:58 electricguy ok :P
10:58 killakee lol
10:59 electricguy i use my stereo plugged to my computer instead..:P
10:59 killakee i did but my nigbour hated it ..
10:59 electricguy lol
10:59 killakee og and they live 100 meters from me :P
10:59 killakee oh i mean
10:59 electricguy that's where you don't give up and make your neighbour love it! :D
10:59 killakee love dubstep...
11:00 killakee thats a looooong way to go for a red neck ;)
11:00 electricguy lol
11:00 electricguy i like this dubstep track, pretty interesting one with a fat bassline XD;list=FLILw-C8ptzspdz35L9HBvIg&amp;index=37&amp;feature=plpp_video
11:00 BotSteve Title: Nero - Crush On You (KillSonik Remix) - YouTube
11:00 Cprossu electricguy hope you have the receipt
11:00 Cprossu the wire ain't very good quality
11:01 Cprossu I killed my first one within a year =(
11:01 killakee didnt take you for a dub person
11:01 killakee damn
11:01 Cprossu (gamecom 377 that is)
11:01 electricguy Cprossu, yeah i do. pretty crappy cable on it
11:01 electricgal DEMON CAt!
11:01 electricguy killakee, i listen to a lot of stuff XD
11:01 killakee #"&%#¤§§!! not again.. i need a new fing drive
11:01 electricguy electro swing is a interesting genre too XD
11:02 electricgal That was one hell of a cat! xD
11:02 killakee just filled my 5 terra :(
11:02 electricgal Fail
11:02 electricguy LOL
11:02 killakee its starting to get xpensive
11:02 electricguy this track is pretty old, but i like it :);list=FLILw-C8ptzspdz35L9HBvIg&amp;index=60&amp;feature=plpp_video
11:02 BotSteve Title: The Prodigy - Breathe (Numbernin6 Remix) - YouTube
11:02 killakee by the way .. tuuuuune
11:03 killakee prodigy... be carefull now ;)
11:03 killakee thats the holy grale ;)
11:03 electricguy it's not much prodigy left :P
11:03 killakee hihi
11:04 killakee oh... i got one 4 you
11:04 electricguy :P
11:04 killakee orbital - the box
11:04 killakee listen loud ;)
11:04 electricguy searching!
11:04 killakee your welcome
11:04 killakee ;)
11:05 electricguy :P
11:05 electricguy that's some weird stuff XD
11:05 killakee know ;)
11:05 killakee video is sooo trippy
11:06 electricguy yeah
11:06 electricguy this one is better! XD;feature=related
11:06 BotSteve Title: Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch - YouTube
11:06 killakee i hate you XD
11:06 electricguy XD
11:06 killakee hehe
11:06 electricguy HAHAHAH!
11:06 electricguy here is a guy from a swedish electronics forum :P;list=FLILw-C8ptzspdz35L9HBvIg&amp;index=13&amp;feature=plpp_video
11:06 BotSteve Title: Foona - Foona i wågform DUBSTEP TEASER - YouTube
11:07 electricguy he made some fun music :P
11:07 killakee fåna
11:07 killakee hehe
11:07 electricguy :P
11:07 killakee still cool music
11:08 electricguy he's.... random XD
11:08 electricguy;feature=plcp&amp;context=C37919b0UDOEgsToPDskLYWVG2-IZMI2Vxt4ayH49l
11:08 BotSteve Title: Foona - Bom Pah Bom Pah [Vocal DnB] with shitty video.wmv - YouTube
11:08 Cprossu funny you mention breathe...
11:08 killakee whats next stanup dub step XD
11:08 killakee ?
11:08 Cprossu I did that up for a musical tc file but we all agreed it didn't work out the way we hoped it would
11:08 killakee en om gongen..
11:09 electricguy lol
11:09 electricguy Cprossu, haha oki
11:09 killakee hehe
11:09 roadran422 What time is over there?
11:09 roadran422 It's 6:09 no
11:09 roadran422 *now for me
11:09 Cprossu mmmm clint mansell
11:09 Cprossu
11:09 BotSteve Title: Listen to Clint Mansell / We Got the Gun by Various Artists on Pi | Grooveshark - Listen to Free Music Online - Internet Radio - Free MP3 Streaming
11:09 killakee 12:09
11:09 electricguy Cprossu, you need to make Funkytown for the TC :D
11:09 roadran422 lol
11:09 Cprossu electricguy nah my musical days are over
11:10 electricguy fuck
11:10 killakee electricguy good mixer
11:10 electricguy yeah
11:10 killakee he knows hes deck
11:10 electricguy he have built his own BAD ASS MIDI controller too :3
11:10 killakee you know that aint easy
11:10 killakee i use to have
11:11 electricguy
11:11 BotSteve Title: Foona - Bring Em Down "Im Your's" Riddim Dub LIVE session - YouTube
11:11 killakee kross caospad
11:11 killakee ?
11:11 killakee :)
11:11 electricguy no.. homemade.. :P
11:11 killakee haha
11:11 killakee no
11:11 electricguy Foona's controller is homemade...
11:12 killakee your fucking kidding ?
11:12 roadran422 .weather 34208
11:12 BotSteve Scattered, 51.8℉ (11℃), 30.27in (1022mb), Fresh breeze 19kt (↑) - KSPG 10:53Z
11:12 electricguy nope :P
11:12 killakee restekpa
11:12 roadran422 What are knots?
11:12 electricguy it's called the Dubmasta XD
11:12 electricguy
11:12 electricguy
11:12 electricguy
11:12 killakee knots a vertical
11:12 electricguy that MIDI controller is geek porn :P
11:13 electricguy
11:13 roadran422 knots as in wind. Wind speed?
11:13 killakee MOTHER OF ALL INVETION!!
11:13 killakee damn
11:13 killakee thats just
11:13 electricguy he made a PSU for it too.. :P
11:13 killakee wowo
11:13 electricguy
11:13 killakee psus are 4 pussise
11:13 killakee ;)
11:13 electricguy if i remember correctly it got 3 MIDIBox SID's inside
11:14 electricguy without a PSU it wont do much ;P
11:15 killakee electricguy: i think a powe suply me kan lage ;) :;list=UUWAFyW77pbFcXoZkEUnzreg&amp;index=1&amp;feature=plcp
11:15 BotSteve Title: teslacoil tuned.MP4 - YouTube
11:15 killakee hehe
11:15 killakee couse knowing IS half the battle !!
11:15 killakee XD
11:15 killakee i had to
11:16 electricguy sorry but i don't get it... XD
11:16 killakee g i
11:16 killakee ?
11:16 killakee oh
11:16 killakee 80
11:16 electricguy ?!??! XD
11:17 killakee stupid joke
11:17 killakee lol
11:17 electricguy yeah cause i don't understand a shit... XD
11:17 killakee now i feel old and wortless
11:17 killakee :(
11:17 killakee lol
11:17 electricguy lol
11:17 roadran422 .weather tgg
11:17 BotSteve Overcast ☁, 19.4℉ (-7℃), 30.26in (1021mb), Gentle breeze 8kt (↑) - KGRR 10:53Z
11:18 killakee pulling up to the ranks of sparky and dont having the noledge.... that sucks
11:18 roadran422 I'm sitting here in florida thinking it's fucking cold, while in grand rapids, it's like 30 degrees colder -_-
11:18 killakee LOL
11:18 roadran422 .tfwc tg
11:18 roadran422 .tfwc tgg
11:18 BotSteve 7°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Blue balls x 2'
11:18 NeWtoz It's 19, thank you very much
11:18 BotSteve 11°C?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN San Diego/Montgomery Field, CA!  'It could be worse.'
11:19 killakee roadran422 yeah and im thinking its F warm...
11:19 roadran422 Wow. Water could be frozen solid by now.
11:19 roadran422 killakee: xD
11:19 killakee stop complining
11:19 killakee XD
11:19 roadran422 Isn't 0 degrees celcius the point of freezing water?
11:19 NeWtoz yes
11:19 killakee wanna change one real norwegian winter ?
11:19 roadran422 lol
11:19 killakee :)
11:20 killakee it will and realy f u u ...
11:20 roadran422 where do you live?
11:20 NeWtoz no way it's 7C
11:20 killakee norway
11:20 killakee hahaha
11:20 NeWtoz .tfwc tgg
11:20 roadran422 o....
11:20 BotSteve 7°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Blue balls x 2'
11:20 roadran422 diaf
11:20 electricguy here is awas -16.6F last winter... XD
11:20 NeWtoz THAT WOULD BE -7
11:20 electricguy (-27C)
11:20 roadran422 :P
11:20 roadran422 .c -27c in to f
11:21 killakee have you ever stand guard in the militery when its 30 - C thats celsius
11:21 BotSteve Sorry, no result.
11:21 electricguy i didn't even pull up the zipper on my jacket.. XD cause i wasn't cold. lol
11:21 roadran422 :P
11:21 killakee lol
11:21 killakee that realy sucks
11:22 roadran422 Killakee and electricguy you are used to cold weather right?
11:22 electricguy well, yes :P
11:22 NeWtoz .c -27c to f
11:22 BotSteve -16.6 degrees Fahrenheit
11:22 roadran422 If so, you'd like to be in 0 degrees Kelvin?
11:23 roadran422 Do you guys like to be in 0 degrees Kelvin then?
11:23 electricguy of course
11:23 roadran422 .... That's absolute zero.. -_-
11:23 killakee where are you ... when you ask this qestion ?
11:23 electricguy cause it would be totally dead, and wouldn't feel a thing :)
11:23 NeWtoz That way I could wake up when the Vulcans arive
11:23 killakee hehe
11:23 NeWtoz arrive*
11:23 killakee ja
11:23 roadran422 Everything be frozen!
11:23 roadran422 Nothing could move
11:23 electricguy yepp
11:24 killakee did you read my thermostat now ?
11:24 electricguy so i clearly wouldn't complain that it's cold
11:24 roadran422 Lol
11:25 * Cprossu queues up some DEVO!
11:29 killakee i got a heat pump <3
11:29 electricguy nice
11:29 electricguy last year i had my big DIY class A amp to warm up my lab XD
11:29 killakee i stoped my facebook .. you want to know why
11:30 electricguy worked a little too good though, got around 26C in there. lol
11:30 electricguy sure
11:30 killakee people think i burned down the house because of the sparks and high voltage :)
11:30 electricguy lol
11:30 electricguy fail
11:30 killakee i love my life
11:31 killakee yes i burned my studio and all i have buildt :P
11:31 killakee offcourse
11:31 killakee XD
11:31 killakee dumb f...
11:31 electricguy yeah! why wouldn't you?
11:31 electricguy XD
11:32 killakee only the studio... and i lost it
11:32 killakee 12 years of woks
11:32 electricguy eah
11:32 electricguy yeah*
11:32 killakee work
11:32 killakee HARD work
11:32 killakee hehe
11:32 electricguy :)
11:32 electricguy brb
11:33 killakee aparently sound issnt hard work.. you just listen to it X
11:33 killakee XD
11:35 killakee Cprossu: what linux would you install on a Eee pc with one gigg ram... only thing im using it 4 is music mixing and net
11:35 Cprossu mint?
11:35 killakee it stutters like a ....  when its battery power
11:36 killakee on hd movies
11:36 killakee asus powersave .. something
11:36 Cprossu uh....
11:36 Cprossu HD?!
11:36 Cprossu 1080P?!
11:36 killakee ja
11:36 Cprossu on a eeepc?!
11:36 killakee yes
11:36 Cprossu no fucking way.
11:36 electricguy back
11:36 killakee yes
11:36 electricguy LOL! HD movies on a netbook... XD
11:36 Cprossu gma950?
11:36 killakee oled
11:36 electricguy holy balls :P
11:37 Cprossu my aod150 and aod250 both crap cookies when fed 720P
11:37 electricguy my netbook almost chokes when watching standard def. movies.. :P
11:37 Cprossu what processor do you have anyway?
11:37 killakee ok the fing movies can play with the plugg plugged inn..
11:37 killakee batteryes .. no way..
11:38 killakee duelcore 1,66
11:38 electricguy intel Atom?
11:38 Cprossu what's the model exactly?
11:38 killakee ;)
11:38 killakee you think i know that
11:38 electricguy an intel atom is far from a race machine.. XD
11:38 Cprossu a dual core I can believe but your batt life must be shit
11:38 Cprossu as atom 330's sucked
11:38 killakee i only over clock this comp
11:39 electricguy OVERCLOCK A NETBOOK??!?!?! O_O
11:39 Cprossu it's doable
11:39 killakee there are asus powersave programs and so on shit...
11:39 electricguy you really want to fry it huh? XD
11:39 killakee haha
11:39 electricguy they run very hot even at stock speed
11:39 killakee electricguy you dont know
11:39 Cprossu eeepc's are known for their lack of cooling lol
11:39 killakee c
11:39 Cprossu the first ones didn't have heatsinks
11:39 Cprossu man they sucked
11:40 Cprossu also the keyboard was too tiny
11:40 killakee Cprossu: my com actualy has a sterling silver cooling block...
11:40 Cprossu (7" er I am talking about)
11:40 electricguy i used a EeePC as stream computer a while ago, that one died due to overheat when running ustream.. XD
11:40 killakee the one im sitting on now
11:41 Cprossu killakee: I used to have a silver cathar built cascade.
11:41 Cprossu kicked ass
11:41 electricguy but the CPU cores are still running too hot whenoverclocked, cause netbooks got TINY CPU coolers
11:41 killakee i hate you ;)
11:41 Cprossu killakee I wish I still had it =(
11:41 killakee mine costed 100 kr
11:42 killakee 100 kroners
11:42 killakee XD
11:42 electricguy IE. like 10 bucks
11:42 killakee hehehe
11:42 killakee i was smart
11:42 killakee ;)
11:42 Cprossu I can't remember what I paid the dude for my block
11:42 Cprossu but I sold it for $500
11:42 killakee i have a 4 x 120 radiator onb it
11:43 killakee yeah its loud...'
11:43 killakee i say so
11:43 Cprossu the only thing I regret was not pairing it with an IWAKI pump
11:43 electricguy radiators?
11:43 electricguy fans?
11:43 Cprossu electricguy: we're talking water cooling
11:43 electricguy oh
11:43 killakee electricguy delta fand
11:43 Cprossu oh you'll like this killakee
11:43 killakee ofcourse ;)
11:43 Cprossu I was running a '76 caprice heater core
11:43 killakee no i dont
11:44 killakee what ?
11:44 electricguy i got a 120mm DElta fan here... it's pulling 3A on 12V :3
11:44 electricguy 195CFM, lol
11:44 Cprossu 1976 Chevrolet Caprice heater core
11:44 Cprossu
11:44 Cprossu ^
11:44 killakee a friend of mine lost a part of hes finger last time i was on a lan
11:45 killakee he wanted to AIR cool his pc
11:45 Cprossu anyway I had a Thorton 2000+ with a Asus A7N8X rev 1.6
11:45 killakee "smart"
11:45 Cprossu care to hazzard my overclock?
11:45 killakee 3,7
11:45 Cprossu fuck no
11:45 Cprossu on a thorton 2000+?!
11:46 Cprossu 2.49
11:46 killakee 3,4
11:46 Cprossu .... do you know the die and year I am talking?
11:46 Cprossu I'm talking on water.
11:47 Cprossu not LN2 or cascade cooling
11:47 electricguy i got one of these fans :P
11:47 killakee i have actualy xploded a athlon 2,4 @ 3,2
11:47 electricguy had it as my chassie fan for a while. hehe
11:47 BotSteve Title: Really Loud Computer Fan - YouTube
11:47 killakee with peltier
11:47 Cprossu killakee: know what the stock mhz is for a thorton 2000+?
11:47 killakee ca bo m
11:47 killakee no never tryed that
11:47 Cprossu 1.66.
11:47 Cprossu *ghz
11:48 electricguy LOL
11:48 killakee u got it to ?
11:48 killakee :O
11:48 Cprossu 2.49
11:48 electricguy IN MY ASS that you can clock a 1.66GHz to over 3GHz
11:48 Cprossu 2.49 was really pushing it
11:48 killakee nice
11:49 killakee like i want my quad core to go 4 g
11:49 killakee NO way
11:50 Cprossu I've had 2 of my 1075T's cores above 3.95 for a few benchmarks
11:50 electricguy i tried to overclock my 2.8GHz AMD to 3,6 once. it didn't boot XD
11:50 Monkeh lol, overclockers.
11:50 Monkeh (says the guy on an overclocked CPU)
11:50 electricguy 3.2 is the max recommended speed. mine runs at 3.1GHz atm. runs fine :)
11:50 Cprossu oddly enough I am very happy at stock
11:50 electricguy 37C CPU temp :)
11:51 Cprossu (CPU) AMD Phenom(tm) II X6 1075T Processor, AMD64 Family 16 Model 10 Stepping 0, AuthenticAMD - Central Processor - Load: %39 - 3009 Mhz
11:51 killakee issent it lovely that we have better cpus than you and you paid ?
11:51 electricguy <3 big ass CPU coolers :P
11:51 Cprossu very happy with stick =)
11:51 Monkeh I'm very happy at what my CPU is perfectly capable of reaching without breaking a sweat because they sold them significantly underclocked due to really nice production runs.
11:51 Cprossu (stick stock!)
11:51 Cprossu (Uptime) 11wks 2days 20hrs 41mins 8secs
11:51 Cprossu I am very happy with my STABLE computer
11:51 Cprossu :D
11:51 Monkeh Cprossu:      1    87 days, 04:48:14 | Linux 2.6.39-ck2          Wed Jul 20 19:54:24 2011
11:51 killakee i have quad 2,66 @ 3,3..
11:52 killakee oly with water
11:52 electricguy i'm also very happy with my stable overclocked computer! ;)
11:52 killakee 800 ram @ 1200
11:52 electricguy my server on the other hand is UNDERclocked :P
11:52 Cprossu no point on running ram at high speed
11:52 Monkeh killakee: I have quad 2.4GHz at 3Ghz on air. And 2.66 at 3.2 on air. Because these CPUs were actually made to run at those speeds.
11:52 Cprossu all it does is increase your latencies
11:52 Monkeh I don't really consider it overclocking if the CPU was designed and manufactured to run at the speed I run it at
11:53 killakee i clocked my cpu till it didnt go enny more @800
11:53 Monkeh Once you start adding volts you're doing it wrong.
11:53 killakee and then the ram
11:53 Cprossu you were doing something wrong then
11:53 killakee monk
11:53 Cprossu Monkeh reminds me of the p4 northwoods that I dodged
11:53 killakee your clock ?
11:53 killakee LOLS
11:53 electricguy i just cranked the multiplier in BIOS. not increasing th core voltage. i tried that too, but the only thing it did was to make it run warmer...
11:53 Cprossu everyone got on the p4 northwood bandwagon
11:54 Cprossu 2.4's at 3.8
11:54 Monkeh Cprossu: The actual latency reduces with clock, though, so increasing the RAM's speed doesn't really increase latency (significantly)
11:54 Cprossu didn't perform as well as a axp @ 2.5ghz
11:54 killakee no numbers thats a trade secret...
11:54 killakee :P
11:54 killakee LOL
11:54 electricguy my current Core voltage is 1.31V
11:54 Monkeh Cprossu: .. however, most RAM is borderline at the specced clock and memory controllers are still unreliable especially if you have to increase the voltage.
11:54 Cprossu when you're looking for benchmark points though it can
11:54 Cprossu yeah
11:55 Cprossu I got out of the benchmarking scene a long time ago though
11:55 Monkeh Benchmarking is pointless
11:55 Cprossu remember when nvidia and ATI were caught cheating 3dm2001?
11:55 Cprossu that's when I left
11:55 electricguy i don't give a crap about benchmarking. as long as my computer works for what i'm doing with minimal lag! :)
11:55 Monkeh Hey look, I can make really high numbers while spending obscene amounts of money to run things out of spec very briefly before they die!
11:55 Cprossu all the fun was sucked out of it back then
11:55 killakee my volts are .... : are you realy that stupid... aaaaaargh im burning ... put me out ...
11:55 killakee phunn
11:55 Cprossu Monkeh: I loved topping the charts with cheap crap
11:56 Cprossu it was fun
11:56 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
11:56 killakee Cprossu:you got it ;)
11:56 Monkeh Cprossu: Give me some liquid nitrogen and a small supply of cheap CPUs and I can get you some stupidly fast 'stable' machines. They'll just survive about an hour of operation before they die.
11:56 Ponko ahh what fun
11:56 Cprossu I never did LN2
11:56 Cprossu I have done cascade systems though
11:56 killakee i got friends ... i7 ? go and eat your mother
11:56 Cprossu Propane in first stage, -100C :D
11:56 killakee XD
11:57 Cprossu doesn't work with SOI chips though
11:57 electricguy this is a pretty nice casemod;v=0BXCnGYq9f8
11:57 BotSteve Title: The Red Turbine PC - YouTube
11:57 Ponko i love driving a Zamboni its fun :)
11:57 Cprossu meh not my cup of tea
11:57 killakee må øse båten
11:57 Cprossu if it'sthe one I remember
11:57 * Monkeh doesn't really see any point in running a CPU past what it's designed for
11:58 Cprossu The casemods I loved were all done by a guy on the madonion (if you remember that far back) forums
11:58 Monkeh Not in anything you plan to use, anyway.
11:58 Cprossu went by the name 'holley'
11:58 electricguy that's why i keep inside the specs of what my CPU can overclock :P
11:58 electricguy i HATE unstable computers
11:58 Monkeh electricguy: As I said, my 'overclocks' are just letting the CPU do what it was designed and manufactured for.
11:59 Cprossu
11:59 Cprossu ^ he was very good at making computers that looked like they didn't have the cabling to even run
11:59 Monkeh electricguy: The vast majority of mid-range CPUs have nothing wrong with them and will run nearly top of the line clocks at stock voltage. Whack the FSB up while you're at it (because again, it's actually designed for it) and you've got a performer with no risk.
11:59 electricguy Monkeh, hmm, okey, well, thanks for the info :P i'm not aiming anything at you :P
11:59 killakee wanna c my mods
11:59 Cprossu
11:59 killakee one sec
11:59 Cprossu ^ eg
12:00 Monkeh model name: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q6600  @ 2.40GHz
12:00 Monkeh cpu MHz: 3006.000
12:00 Monkeh Not overclocking: Just letting it do what it should.
12:00 electricguy Cprossu, nice. weird CPU cooler
12:00 Cprossu you know I was really mad Monkeh
12:00 Cprossu I bought a Q6600 years back
12:00 Cprossu when they were new
12:01 Monkeh B3?
12:01 Cprossu I don't recall
12:01 Monkeh Probably was.
12:01 Cprossu but it didn't go past 2.59
12:01 Cprossu really made me mad
12:01 Monkeh The B3s sucked.
12:01 Cprossu everyone was getting 2.8-3's
12:01 Cprossu and I picked one up.
12:01 Cprossu 2.fucking59
12:02 Monkeh This could go further but I can't really be bothered with testing it
12:02 Cprossu yeah there were a lot of nice q6600's out therer
12:02 Cprossu I just never got one
12:02 Monkeh I doubt it'd have much trouble doing around 3.2 or even 3.4 at stock voltage but I really, really cannot be bothered to make sure it's stable.
12:02 Cprossu also it was unstable as hell at stock too Monkeh
12:02 Monkeh Hell, if it's an exceptional one it might even do 3.6, but.. meh.
12:02 Cprossu made me stay with AMD another 2 years
12:02 Monkeh Cprossu: Meanwhile, mine is rock solid :)
12:02 Cprossu to wash the bad taste out of my mouth
12:03 Cprossu though a good thing did happen
12:03 Monkeh Cprossu: Had this thing like four years now.
12:03 Cprossu the motherboard I bought december 2008
12:03 Monkeh Through two boards. Never missed a beat.
12:03 Cprossu accepted the 1075t :D
12:03 Monkeh Even had it overclocked with a piece of copper tape at one point.
12:03 Cprossu I love Asus
12:04 Monkeh Got an E6600 and a Q9450 too. They just keep on truckin'.
12:04 Cprossu they gave me an updated bios to run the hex core even though my board was ancient
12:04 electricguy Asus mobo's got relly good caps
12:04 electricguy really*
12:04 Cprossu Poor abit =(
12:04 Cprossu their designs were so good :.(
12:04 Monkeh Cprossu: Well, that was the whole advertised point of AMD's socket designs.
12:04 Cprossu I never had a epox worth a damn either
12:05 Cprossu come to think of it
12:05 Cprossu Monkeh I was shocked to upgrade the CPU in this system
12:05 Monkeh Cprossu: Still rockin' two Abit boards here. :)
12:05 Cprossu honestly
12:05 Cprossu and for it to be a shut down, put chip in, boot back up thing
12:06 Cprossu I got to upgrade my CPU twice now
12:06 Cprossu xD
12:06 Cprossu I started out with a Phenom 9500 quadcore
12:06 Cprossu and upgraded to a phenomII 805 which I overclocked to 2.85
12:06 Cprossu ($75 for the 805!!!!!)
12:06 Cprossu then I upgraded again to the 1075T
12:07 Monkeh So, several years down the line it can finally compete with an Intel from its own era? ;)
12:07 Cprossu it's alawys performed for me
12:07 Cprossu honestly
12:07 Monkeh AMD scales nicely but Intel still have the edge on single socket performance.
12:07 Cprossu I get higher framerates in my games than many of my buddies building their dream pc's
12:08 Cprossu part of it is OS related though
12:08 Cprossu they have a lot more overhead than I do :D
12:08 Monkeh Fapples? ;P
12:08 Cprossu no I mean windows 7
12:08 Cprossu I run the weird ass bastard child of server 2003
12:08 Cprossu (XP x64)
12:09 Monkeh Win 7 is the best gaming platform I've ever had.
12:09 Monkeh I can think of several notable cases of XP being totally worthless in comparison.
12:09 Cprossu remember I am running a WEIRD ass os
12:09 Monkeh Cprossu: Yes, but these are limited to DX9 issues.
12:09 Cprossu uh...
12:09 Cprossu let me show you something
12:10 killakee love the fakt: youtube search: pantera : 1: walk 2: this love 3: im broken .... and so on :D
12:10 Monkeh What, the daft hacks for DX10 on XP?
12:10 Monkeh Doesn't get around the crappy driver framework.
12:10 Cprossu still works
12:11 killakee Cprossu:arent you from usa ?`
12:11 Monkeh Cprossu: Give us a shout when driver bugs don't take the entire OS down and you can get drivers for all my hardware on that. ;P
12:11 Cprossu
12:11 killakee issent the clock there like omg .. late
12:11 Cprossu Monkeh
12:11 Cprossu as stated
12:12 Cprossu I can update a driver
12:12 Monkeh Cprossu: Oh, and I kinda like WASAPI. Give that a port back, too.
12:12 Cprossu and it restart
12:12 Cprossu remember I am not running XP 32
12:12 Cprossu I might as well be running server 2003.
12:12 killakee XD
12:12 Cprossu it has a different system.
12:12 electricguy i'm thinking about doing a case mod on my chassie. fractal design chassies really got crappy airflow
12:12 Cprossu the driver gets to restart and recover if that happens.
12:13 Cprossu so don't talk out your ass about a strange OS you have no experience with! xD
12:13 Monkeh Cprossu: I was unaware it addressed the basic limitations which make XP a useless OS.
12:13 Monkeh Cprossu: Now, to address the limitations which make it a useless OS. :P
12:13 Monkeh Cprossu: Drivers, WASAPI, etc.
12:14 electricguy i run XP and i'm happy :) i don't feel any limitations :P
12:14 killakee code mfs
12:14 Cprossu I wonder what my xp 32 sp1's uptime is up to
12:14 killakee get a hd44780 to work without winring 0
12:14 Cprossu hah hah hah
12:14 killakee ?
12:14 killakee try
12:15 killakee couse winring 0 and so on is gone
12:15 electricguy what's winring?
12:16 killakee no not winring .. but winring that can talk wilh wy stupiod pci paralell port again...
12:16 killakee programin
12:17 killakee one sec
12:17 Monkeh Anyone got the slightest clue what he's saying?
12:17 electricguy "not winring, but winring"?!?!? XD
12:17 electricguy Monkeh, i have no idea
12:17 killakee winring0 1.3.1a
12:17 killakee its gone
12:17 electricguy but i think he want to control a LCD display with a LPT port
12:18 killakee ja
12:18 electricguy in that case, use LCD Smartie
12:18 killakee el
12:18 killakee dont say that ...
12:18 killakee just dont
12:18 killakee ;)
12:18 electricguy that's what i use for this display
12:18 BotSteve Title: Status display for my home server - YouTube
12:18 electricguy works REALLY good :)
12:18 killakee im converting mine to usb...
12:19 electricguy LCD Smartie can handle USB too
12:19 electricguy that's what i did at work... :P
12:19 killakee but no i repete .. NO one could help me getting that winring to work...
12:19 electricguy cause the damn display had some crap called LCDC, which is shareware
12:19 killakee its like magic...
12:20 electricguy WTF is winring?!?!
12:20 killakee winring0 1.3.1a
12:20 killakee find it
12:20 Monkeh electricguy: How pedestrian.
12:20 killakee i dear you
12:20 electricguy but WHAT is it? what does it do?
12:20 killakee :)
12:20 killakee BUT
12:20 killakee winring
12:20 electricguy Monkeh, :D
12:20 killakee can be a virus
12:20 electricguy killakee, are you high or something? o_O
12:21 killakee no
12:21 electricguy seems like it as you type totally random crap and can't answer a simple question :P
12:21 killakee im just having a great ol time with my friends <3
12:21 Monkeh electricguy: It's a ring0 driver which allows userspace programs to directly access hardware.
12:21 Monkeh electricguy: This is generally known as A Bad Thing(tm)
12:21 electricguy Monkeh, THANK YOU!
12:21 killakee and i lurn to read .
12:22 Monkeh But people like silly hackish ways to get things done on Windows.
12:22 electricguy finally someone that can tell me what it is :P
12:22 killakee halleluja
12:22 killakee !!!!
12:22 killakee winring0 1.3.1a
12:22 killakee is gone
12:22 killakee dissapaired
12:22 electricguy fail
12:22 Monkeh No, you just can't find it
12:22 killakee carefull now
12:23 killakee :P
12:23 killakee where
12:23 electricguy use LCD smartie then.. XD it's freeware and can handle parallel, serial (including USB) displays
12:23 killakee ?
12:23 killakee electricguy: no
12:23 Monkeh killakee: Did I say I have a copy?
12:23 electricguy killakee, why?
12:23 killakee no
12:23 electricguy ...
12:23 killakee do you have
12:23 killakee ?
12:24 killakee ok wich full thinkinbg
12:24 killakee electricguy: wassent ansvering you ;)
12:25 electricguy no shit
12:25 Cprossu morning everyone fuck!
12:25 killakee sherlock ;)
12:25 Cprossu I need some sleep
12:25 killakee snipp.... you are feeling drowsy
12:26 Cprossu *notices that what he said can be taken out of context* Morning Everone.... *fuck, it's too late to call it night and I need sleep*
12:26 killakee but i still feel naked ...
12:26 killakee oh
12:26 * electricguy looks at the other screen and tries to ignore the totally random shitstorm of words...
12:26 electricguy XD
12:26 killakee <3
12:26 killakee hahah
12:26 killakee aotch
12:26 angy-work not morning everywhere ;)
12:27 Cprossu heh heh he
12:27 Monkeh killakee: Some googling suggests you might find what you need here:
12:27 BotSteve Title: WxPIC Download
12:27 Cprossu have fun angy and good day sir?
12:28 killakee be kind man
12:28 angy-work it's OK, first day as a PhD, I'm starting to get my office
12:28 Cprossu Piled Higher and Deeper, eh?
12:28 angy-work /but/ the windows are on the machine shop, which is kind of busy right now
12:28 Monkeh killakee: Now, please, leave the IRC until you are not intoxicated or under the influence of powerful drugs. :P
12:28 electricguy hmm, the "program your arduino with the soundcard" idea is interesting...
12:28 Cprossu if you were a geologist, phd would mean "Post Hole Digger"
12:29 electricguy then you can toss "code" over to a MP3 player and easily program a arduino on the go. if you know what code you need
12:29 angy-work Potential Holliday Damper is good as well
12:29 Monkeh Cprossu: And oh boy is that a fun time when you don't have hydraulic tools handy.
12:29 Cprossu hahahah
12:29 killakee so now im on drugs :(
12:30 Cprossu I prefer the explosive kind Monkeh
12:30 Cprossu still sucks
12:30 Cprossu no matter what you are working with
12:30 JA12 Cprossu: that's what it means in universities too
12:30 JA12 morning/evening/hello everyone
12:30 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
12:31 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
12:31 Cprossu I really need some sleep @ JA12 so have fun :D
12:32 JA12 no night sleep, few hours of sleep, just woke up and got the hiccups. how annoying is that (answer: very)
12:32 Monkeh 15c15
12:32 Monkeh < */10  *  * * *roottest -x /usr/sbin/run-crons && /usr/sbin/run-crons
12:32 Monkeh ---
12:32 Monkeh > */10  *  * * *roottest -x /usr/sbin/run-crons && /usr/sbin/run-crons
12:32 Monkeh Spot the oh so important difference.
12:34 killakee easyer said than done ...
12:35 killakee never mind
12:37 Ponko man watching a game of hockey and i've seen 2 fights in 3 mins
12:37 killakee;feature=relmfu
12:37 BotSteve Title: Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone (Video) - YouTube
12:43 killakee;feature=related
12:43 BotSteve Title: Pantera - I'm Broken (Video) - YouTube
12:45 killakee im broken ?
12:45 killakee lol
12:49 Ponko another fight
12:50 killakee nei
12:50 killakee født av hippie
12:50 killakee hehe
12:50 Ponko i can understand that fighting is a part of Ice Hockey
12:50 Ponko but 3 times in under 9 mins
12:50 electricguy lol
12:51 killakee kan jeg hoppe på toge ?
12:51 killakee LOL
12:51 Ponko in english please
12:51 electricguy killakee, no one can understand you in here...
12:52 killakee can i get on what you r saying ?
12:52 electricguy i can half.understand what you type
12:52 Ponko BotSteve: translate "kan jeg hoppe på toge"
12:52 Ponko oh damn it
12:52 electricguy "can i jump on the train"
12:53 Ponko lol ok
12:53 electricguy but why type in Norwegian in a english channel? o_O
12:54 Ponko i sware any more fights that penalty box is going to be packed
12:54 killakee i cunt speak real ængelish ;)
12:54 electricguy CAN'T!
12:54 Ponko google translate
12:54 electricguy cunt is something different..
12:54 Ponko yes....
12:54 Ponko MUCH different
12:54 killakee hehe
12:54 killakee tuller
12:57 electricguy nom time. brb
12:57 killakee jeg elsker forkjølelses sår ....
12:57 killakee beste jeg veit ..
12:57 killakee <3
12:58 Ponko please
12:58 Ponko no norweigian
12:58 Ponko sorry
12:58 killakee now way punk...
12:58 Ponko lucky i'm not a mod
12:59 killakee your what ?
12:59 Ponko dw
12:59 killakee du ?
12:59 Ponko don't worry
13:00 killakee geeks shoot me dovn
13:00 NeWtoz du -sh
13:00 NeWtoz *
13:00 Ponko NeWtoz: my man
13:01 killakee dont
13:01 killakee im the last drunk nurd
13:01 killakee so dont
13:01 Ponko ok you're drunk?
13:02 killakee ok....
13:02 Ponko well are you?
13:02 killakee i have got my kids 4 30 days
13:02 Ponko ok
13:02 killakee she sayd .. fuck you
13:03 Ponko what? why?
13:04 killakee ok alway i say
13:04 killakee fuck yuou
13:04 Ponko right o_O
13:04 killakee 'there is no way in hell
13:05 Ponko yes.... >_> <_<
13:05 CaptainNiobe killakee, do you want to back off please? bear in mind, there are children as young as 13 in this channel.
13:06 NeWtoz both physically and mentally
13:06 killakee no
13:06 killakee im sorry no
13:06 killakee you have lurnd me .. no
13:07 killakee no
13:07 CaptainNiobe killakee. enough.
13:08 Ponko i'm sorry i don't get his problem
13:08 killakee papa is a drunk
13:08 JA12 the first problem would be that he's drunk and have kids to take care of
13:08 * Ponko thinks you need to lie down
13:09 killakee thank you
13:09 CaptainNiobe to be honest, i don't care if papa is drunk. he's in a social situation here. he tows the line or gets kicked. end of story.
13:10 killakee i know its wrong¨
13:10 angy-work there is a channel for that
13:10 JA12 CaptainNiobe: that's because you have a channel to take care of :)
13:11 CaptainNiobe :)
13:11 killakee and i pray for shi...
13:11 killakee ok
13:11 Ponko anyway moving on
13:12 angy-work how´s football doing P´ky?
13:12 Ponko pretty good
13:12 Ponko how's work going
13:13 Ponko ding
13:13 angy-work work is quite slow, I´m idling currently
13:13 Ponko ah you must be bored though lol
13:13 angy-work need to sign a lot of paperm but that´s for tomorroz
13:14 Ponko oh fun
13:14 Ponko NeWtoz: what was that about?
13:14 angy-work way too much paper pushingm canada was better on that side
13:15 Ponko yeah that's kinda the reason i wanna move there
13:15 NeWtoz We'll meet again my friend
13:15 NeWtoz we'll meet again
13:17 electricguy this whole conversation in here is so confusing today! o_O
13:17 NeWtoz probably because we are having at least 3 at the same time
13:17 electricguy the only stuff that i fully get is wha CaptainNiobe type, cause that's not directly a part of the random mass with words... XD
13:18 CaptainNiobe LOL!!! pleased to be of service, electricguy! :P
13:18 electricguy XD
13:18 Ponko NeWtoz: how do you mean?
13:19 NeWtoz when we win on saturday, guess who we get to play?
13:19 electricguy this is SO much me right now.. XD
13:19 Ponko yeah but who are you playing on Saturday
13:19 NeWtoz I like your thinking, one win at a time
13:20 NeWtoz we'll resume this convo next week
13:20 Ponko and i could be wrong but the Benz is somewhat of a fortress
13:20 Ponko and i could be wrong but the lions DID lose to the Saints
13:20 electricguy btw CaptainNiobe,  thx for the sub on youtube :)
13:21 CaptainNiobe you're welcome, thank you for yours in return :)
13:21 Ponko NeWtoz: i just hope you don't get too cocky
13:21 Ponko i admire confidence but i despise cockiness
13:21 electricguy :)
13:22 electricguy hmmm... i need to find a pretty small analog meter from like the 50's-60's ....
13:22 electricguy the ones i have are all too big :/
13:26 Ponko NeWtoz: tbh as i've said i'll give your team respect if they end up getting to Indianapolis
13:27 NeWtoz we're doing pretty well for our defensive issues
13:27 NeWtoz but we definitely need work
13:27 Ponko but will be enough
13:27 Ponko will it*
13:28 NeWtoz maybe
13:28 NeWtoz maybe not
13:28 NeWtoz regardless, they've done better then both of us though they would
13:28 NeWtoz thought*
13:28 Ponko if they fall i'll still have the same level of respect for them
13:29 Ponko but it'll be more than it was last season
13:29 Ponko and my respect for the vikings well i don't tend to use those words in the same sentence
13:30 Ponko i do have to say they are consistant
13:30 Ponko in being disappointing
13:31 NeWtoz heh, BUT they did have that one awesome year with Favre...
13:31 Ponko yeah ONE
13:31 Ponko and fell
13:31 NeWtoz meh, it wasn't even that good of a year
13:32 Ponko i still laugh at this one Vik fan who said they'd beat us down and crush everyone next year and go 16-0
13:32 Ponko they nearly went 0-16 this year
13:33 NeWtoz at least this year, the worst was 2 wins
13:33 Ponko lol
13:33 NeWtoz poor colts
13:33 Ponko i like opptimism and confidence but arrogance and cockyness i don't
13:34 Ponko that's why i'd be great as a player of any sport
13:34 Ponko no matter how strong or weak our opponents are i never right them off
13:34 Ponko sure confident of winning but not cocky about it
13:35 Ponko are you the former or latter of those 2 NeWtoz
13:36 NeWtoz there was a latter of formers and latters, but I'll take the latest?
13:36 NeWtoz there were a lot of (
13:36 NeWtoz **
13:37 Ponko let me explain
13:37 NeWtoz I get what you are saying
13:37 Ponko are you confident of a win or dead sure of a win
13:37 NeWtoz I just wanted to joke around with you
13:37 NeWtoz former
13:37 Ponko lol
13:37 Ponko good
13:37 Ponko that's a good trait
13:38 Ponko there's nothing more annoying than someone who's the latter
13:38 Ponko good team of crap team
13:38 Ponko or*
13:38 Ponko yeah you think the 49ers will be in the NFC Championship
13:40 NeWtoz I have no idea
13:40 Ponko but NeWtoz now you'll know what it's like to be an Englishman and watch football on a Saturday
13:41 NeWtoz two weeks ago we played on a saturdya
13:41 NeWtoz saturday*
13:41 Ponko yeah but you get my point
13:41 NeWtoz man, typing and watching Star Trek at the same time isn't a good idea
13:41 Ponko which Star Trek?
13:41 NeWtoz Deep Space Nine
13:42 Ponko oh that one
13:42 Ponko lol
13:42 NeWtoz I'm going through all of them
13:42 Ponko ahh ok
13:42 NeWtoz after this final season, I'll be on Voyager
13:42 Ponko my dad calls that deep space nincompoop
13:44 Ponko he's not a Sci-Fi fan
13:44 Ponko he'd watch the original Star Trek but he was my age when that was on
13:45 NeWtoz It was a good one
13:45 Ponko oh hell yeah
13:50 Ponko but the 1981 NFC Championship was good one
13:53 Ponko NeWtoz: Joe Montana and JR Ronnie Lott Dwight Clark Roger Craig, Craig Taylor were cloned and played in the SF Detroit game don't you think that game would of been won by the 49ers
13:54 NeWtoz maybe
13:55 Ponko ok you're leading by 3 late in the 4th 1/4 and the 49ers have the ball in there half who wins
13:56 Ponko history says Joe Montana
13:56 Ponko heck this Lions team is the best team you've had for a long time
14:00 Ponko Red Wings Win Pistons Win Tigers Win Lions Win
14:00 Ponko if all 4 of those things happen this year
14:00 Ponko the world will end
14:00 Ponko or
14:00 Ponko Detroit will suddenly turn around
14:01 Ponko it's the City attitude that makes the teams suck
14:01 Ponko the Red Wings play a violent sport and well Detroit is a violent city so yeah
14:04 Ponko anyway
14:04 * Ponko changes subject
14:04 Ponko what are your new years resolutions people
14:05 CaptainNiobe i didn't make one, i never do... don't do them, so why bother? lol...
14:05 Ponko fair enough
14:05 Ponko well i'm gonna be a heck more pro-active
14:09 Ponko hmm
14:09 Ponko .seen Bat-Mobile
14:09 BotSteve Ponko: I last saw BatSteve 11.09 hours ago at 2012-01-03 03:04:18 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 14:09:29 UTC
14:09 Ponko hmm
14:09 Ponko thanks BotSteve
14:09 BotSteve No problem, Ponko
14:10 electricguy i'm bored!
14:10 Ponko so am i
14:11 electricguy it SUCKS being sick... :/
14:11 Ponko indeed
14:11 electricguy not motivated to do a crap
14:11 electricguy well, sort of, i want to find a analog meter mad of bakelite...
14:12 electricguy and swap the one in my retro looking active speaker for my noise synth's
14:12 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
14:12 electricguy would be so awesome to have a meter of proper age in it
14:12 Ponko oh gawd lol
14:13 Superphosphate hi
14:13 electricguy hi hi
14:13 electricguy the meter in this thing is too new..
14:13 Superphosphate I saw blue clouds yesterday
14:13 BotSteve Title: Active speaker for the Atari Punk Console - YouTube
14:13 NeWtoz bed time for me
14:13 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
14:14 NeWtoz the sun is out, time for me to hide
14:14 electricguy sleep well
14:14 Ponko well watching a full game of VR NHL is kinda boring when there's no fighting
14:16 Ponko well it's 13-7 so i can't complain too muc..
14:16 Ponko make that 14-3
14:16 Ponko 14-7*
14:17 killakee 6459 i
14:18 killakee left #thegeekgroup
14:18 Ponko ok
14:18 electricguy erm...
14:18 electricguy i really wonder what's up with him today... o_O
14:18 Ponko yeah me too
14:18 Ponko well he was drunk and looking after his kids
14:18 Ponko that's what he said i think
14:19 electricguy sounds like a wonderful dad...
14:19 CaptainNiobe wanna take this to pm, you two? since it's specifically about a person?
14:19 Ponko yes lets
14:19 CaptainNiobe :)
14:20 electricguy i'm mostly worried about him..
14:24 Ponko 16-4
14:24 Ponko 16-7
14:24 Ponko kinda one sided really
14:24 electricguy lol
14:25 Ponko 16-8
14:27 Ponko welp final score Ponksville Slashers 16 Detroit Red Wings 8
14:27 Ponko yeah i know
14:52 KB3NZQ_Biostar morrning Ponko
14:52 Ponko afternooon
14:53 KB3NZQ_Biostar o are you in england
14:53 Ponko yes in clearish england
14:53 KB3NZQ_Biostar ok
14:53 Ponko was chucking it down a few hours ago
14:54 KB3NZQ_Biostar well i'm in Pittsburgh PA USA
14:56 KB3NZQ_Biostar well ponko have a good afteroon and talk to you later i have to start working on some things here at home
14:56 Ponko well i want to be in Pen town
14:57 Ponko and you have a good morning and LET'S GO PENGUINS
15:14 killakee joined #thegeekgroup
15:17 killakee beste song
15:20 Ponko ok.....
15:26 tonsofpcs bah
15:26 tonsofpcs anyone know how to get into the BIOS config/test on a Proliant 2500 (old compaq server)
15:27 angy-work F10 most likely
15:27 * tonsofpcs tries
15:27 Monkeh Also F1, F2, del..
15:27 Monkeh Who knows
15:28 angy-work old compaq is most likely F10
15:39 tonsofpcs yay! got it working!
15:39 angy-work use a sledgehammer, either it makes it works pristine, or destroy it
15:39 tonsofpcs I hammered F10 a few times and then did the keyboard slam (held down like 50 keys) it boots MSDOS to run the config utility... but it's now in NT4 where it belongs
15:41 tonsofpcs wahoo! I have a (somewhat?) working Tek MTS!
15:45 KB3NZQ_Biostar joined #thegeekgroup
15:46 KB3NZQ_Biostar is any one there
15:58 Ponko hmm reply hazy try again later
15:58 KB3NZQ_Biostar lol
15:59 Ponko :)
15:59 Ponko go PENS
16:00 KB3NZQ_Biostar ponko are you on a windows box?
16:00 Ponko hmm?
16:00 Ponko pidgin
16:00 Ponko ;) lol
16:00 KB3NZQ_Biostar ?
16:00 KB3NZQ_Biostar do you run windows
16:01 Ponko yes
16:01 Ponko Vista
16:01 Ponko premium
16:01 KB3NZQ_Biostar ok was wondering was all
16:01 Monkeh Ponko: KILL IT WITH FIRE
16:01 Ponko lol
16:01 KB3NZQ_Biostar well i have to get back to work
16:01 Ponko good luck
16:04 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
16:37 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
16:38 * Experimentonomen listens to music on the big mono amp to make sure its stable and wont blow up spontanously without reason
16:39 JA12 Experimentonomen: unless you've packed it with a reason to blow up, that test could take a long time =)
16:39 JA12 C4!
16:40 eightbitbrad joined #thegeekgroup
16:40 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
16:40 * angy-work fondles Seroster
16:41 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
16:42 Seroster Fuck you angy, you fondled my IRC to death
16:43 angy-work :)
16:45 Ponko lol
16:47 tonsofpcs bah, I need to replace a KMM drawer with integral 8-port KVM.  Existing cables cannot be replaced and are all PS/2 male+VGA (I'm ok sticking gender changers on the VGA -- in fact, some already have them).  Any suggestions?
16:51 Experimentonomen JA12, i've had other pörojects play for a full day and then out of the blue just fail for no reason
16:52 eightbitbrad tonsofpcs: Scrapyards?  Hmmmm might be hard pressed to find something new with PS/2 connections
16:52 tonsofpcs eightbitbrad: well, everyone makes "PS/2" KVMs, the issue is that the 'big boys' all stick their own propriety connector on the switch end so that you have to buy their cables
16:54 JA12 Experimentonomen: well that sucks. are you sure your wall outlet is putting out 230V/50Hz and not human feces?
16:55 eightbitbrad tonsofpcs: hrm, that is a bit of a pain.
16:59 eightbitbrad tonsofpcs: It's expensive, but can be mounted in a rack.  Don't know how integral you need:
17:00 BotSteve Title: ServSwitch Wizard PRO - SW648A - Shop now - Black Box
17:00 astro73|alice good news: My first day at my new job in IT is going alright
17:01 astro73|alice bad news: until they get me an account with useful permissions, i can't do anything
17:02 eightbitbrad astro73|alice: Well, that's good/bad then.  Sit back and read useless documentation... sounds like my first day way back when.
17:02 astro73|alice documentation? what's that?
17:02 astro73|alice do you mean the white board?
17:03 eightbitbrad astro73|alice: LOL okay, well uh... hrm
17:03 eightbitbrad pretend to look busy!  We need to keep your IRC screen scrolling I guess.
17:04 astro73|alice they're in the middle of transitioning from novell to active directory, lockstepped with the transition from XP to Win7
17:04 astro73|alice and helpdesk doesn't know the new way of handling student employees
17:05 astro73|alice so i'm hanging out with the bench guys
17:06 JA12 astro73|alice: what, you don't have instructions written on you?
17:06 JA12 "shake before use"