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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2012-01-05

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00:02 wannabe1987 hashbrowns are to go upstairs, preheat oven, and bake chicken :D
00:03 BitViper not easily
00:03 iSasha Can I do it using a linux box + some usb wifi interfaces?
00:04 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
00:04 injektion
00:04 Bot-Mobile Title: One Somerset customer attacks another over parking space | Detroit Free Press |
00:05 Bat-Mobile greetz
00:05 injektion > Toyota Camry
00:05 BitViper partly, but to do it right would also require sometime similar on the internet side of both networks, ie a server out on the net. what you want to look into is called bonding
00:05 BitViper network bonding
00:05 Topic for #thegeekgroup is now Lab's Live Stream: |   Channel log: |  Minecraft TGG Lab File: | ANNOUNCING MEMBER BLOGS | BotSteve is going to be down for another 24 hours.
00:06 Toastdude Hi Bat-Mobile!
00:06 Bat-Mobile hi Toastdude!
00:06 iSasha Uh... why is my life so complicated? Oh, and hi Bat-Mobile and Toastdude!!
00:06 Toastdude Hello Sasha!
00:06 Toastdude How are you?
00:06 Guardianzozo hey bat, what happened to botsteve?
00:07 wub joined #thegeekgroup
00:07 * Experimentonomen roasts Toastdude and spreads some orange marmelade on him ;)
00:07 Toastdude wub wub wub
00:07 iSasha Good, good Toastdude. I'm about to go to sleep, but before that I want to figure out some networking stuff.
00:07 Toastdude Sorry, had to..
00:07 Toastdude Ooh, awesome :)
00:07 Bat-Mobile Guardianzozo: I run BotSteve on my home desktop PC
00:07 Guardianzozo ah
00:07 Bat-Mobile and the CPU fan on that PC just decided to eat itself.
00:07 Toastdude I'm going to learn about networking stuff... after all, I have 50 ft of CAT-6 :P
00:08 Guardianzozo ouch
00:08 Bat-Mobile Additionally, when I took the computer down to replace the fan, I couldn't get it to come back up afterwards.
00:08 Bat-Mobile So I checked the power supply.  It was done too.
00:08 Bat-Mobile So now I have to get a new power supply as well.
00:08 iSasha Damn... I kinda blew up a power supply a couple of weeks ago as well
00:08 Bat-Mobile oh?  How?
00:10 iSasha I turned the PC on :P
00:10 wannabe1987 bats!  you're back!
00:10 Zugan I blew my psu a few years ago from getting my cpu really hot
00:10 Zugan I was running my cpu at about 102C (105 is shutdown) under load
00:11 wannabe1987 o.o
00:11 Zugan that burnt out the fans in the psu
00:11 Zugan and then the psu went from that
00:11 iSasha Damn. I don't let mine go past 60°c without high RPM fanning involved :P
00:11 iSasha I guess that is how I broke my macbook's fan...
00:11 JA12 Zugan: P4?
00:11 Zugan JA12, core 2 quad q6600, the same cpu i'm running now
00:12 Zugan the heatsink was clogged
00:12 Zugan Yea, with the fan I have now, I'm running it at about 28C idle
00:12 JA12 Zugan: oh ok
00:12 JA12 :)
00:12 Bat-Mobile holy cow, were you boiling water?
00:12 Zugan when I took the heatsink off
00:12 Zugan some of the arctic silver was clear
00:13 Zugan I guess running that hot doesn't do well with anything :p
00:13 Cprossu I dislike runniny any cpu that high
00:13 Cprossu GPU's are one thing
00:13 Cprossu CPU's however get goofy
00:13 Zugan I only do about 48C under load with a 3ghz overclock
00:13 Zugan with the new cooler
00:13 Cprossu bbl
00:13 iSasha What's the highest you would say is ok Cprossu?
00:15 iSasha Ah, whatever. I G2S now ;)
00:17 Cprossu 57c max
00:19 BitViper Cprossu : im going to have to watch those videos tomorow after i beat the crap out of my isp, im getting worse inbound than outbound at the moment O_O
00:19 Cprossu BitViper
00:19 Cprossu
00:19 Cprossu ^ the map is here
00:19 Cprossu I guess I managed not to mention it!
00:19 BitViper hahahaha
00:20 wannabe1987 who thinks up these things?  edward cullen/sarah palin fan fic?
00:22 injektion I've written some palin fan fiction where russia invades her window
00:22 wannabe1987 but edward cullen sarah palin?
00:22 wannabe1987
00:22 Bot-Mobile Title: Adult Content Notice
00:22 wannabe1987 its odd
00:24 wannabe1987 yummy food
00:25 Seroster Hey tonsofpcs, you said something about grounding and AC, what are you on about?
00:25 wannabe1987 hi Bat-Mobile
00:25 Seroster I have no AC and running a ground to my apartment will take about 50 meters of wire down my balchony
00:26 Bat-Mobile hey kelly, what's up?
00:26 wannabe1987 eating yummy food alone :/
00:27 wannabe1987 .in 15min oven
00:27 Bot-Mobile wannabe1987: Okay, will remind at 00:42Z
00:27 * Toastdude travels to Kelly's house to nom noms with her.
00:28 wannabe1987 this is why Toastdude is awesome
00:28 BitViper Cprossu : basement looks like a great place to get lost
00:28 wannabe1987 nah, its a great place to play zomb :D
00:28 wannabe1987 in the dark
00:28 wannabe1987 before everything was moved in
00:28 BitViper wannabe1987 : lol cool
00:29 Bat-Mobile .define serendipity
00:29 Bot-Mobile serendipity — noun: 1. An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident and sagacity, 2. a combination of events which are not individually beneficial, but occurring together produce a good or wonderful outcome
00:29 Bat-Mobile Neat
00:30 wannabe1987 i made up these recipes.....and they turned out well
00:30 wannabe1987 they shall be blogged!
00:30 wannabe1987 well, the chicken is still cooking, but i assume it will be good :P
00:30 wannabe1987 i just need to find my meat thermometer or see if ethan/monica have one...
00:31 wannabe1987 i'm using their oven
00:31 wannabe1987 is there such a thing as too much lime?
00:32 wannabe1987 my hands smell like lime
00:32 Bat-Mobile wannabe1987: lime is delicious.  as long as you can taste the food underneath the lime, you're fine
00:32 wannabe1987 ok.  i put lime zest in the coating and then squirted lime on top. plus used lime as teh bottom in the pan as well....
00:34 Seroster hm
00:34 Bat-Mobile Too late now!
00:34 Bat-Mobile You can't change it, might as well enjoy it.
00:34 wannabe1987 yeah....its in the oven :P
00:34 wannabe1987 why is lime so delicious and sour at the same time?
00:36 roadran422 wannabe1987: Did you just drink lemon juice!
00:36 roadran422 With out the water and sugar
00:38 wannabe1987 how would i get lemon juice from a lime?
00:39 wannabe1987 ...
00:39 wannabe1987 roadran422?
00:39 wannabe1987 .c 28+15
00:39 Bot-Mobile 43
00:42 Bot-Mobile wannabe1987: oven
00:42 Bat-Mobile .wa vernal equinox
00:43 Bot-Mobile next vernal equinox;12:12 am CDT -> Tuesday, March 20, 2012;2 months 15 days 5 hours 29 minutes 2 seconds in the future
00:43 Bat-Mobile .wa winter solstice
00:43 Bot-Mobile next winter solstice;5:18 am CST -> Friday, December 21, 2012;11 months 16 days 10 hours 34 minutes 44 seconds in the future
00:43 Bat-Mobile thanks Bot-Mobile
00:43 Bot-Mobile No problem, Bat-Mobile
00:45 Guest97024 joined #thegeekgroup
00:45 squeak joined #thegeekgroup
00:46 Seroster Hello there squeak
00:46 squeak hi
00:47 Guest97024 hi squeak
00:47 squeak hi
00:47 wannabe1987 there
00:47 wannabe1987 much better
00:47 wannabe1987 and i *love* unsolicitated advice...NOT
00:48 wannabe1987 i also want my meat thermometer back...i want to know where my stuff keeps going :/
00:48 roadran422 wannabe1987: xD
00:48 roadran422 Wannabe, you can... Crossbreed a lime and a lemon!
00:48 wannabe1987 roadran422: you cannot get lemon juice out of a lime.  it just doens't work that way
00:48 wannabe1987 no....
00:48 roadran422 :)
00:49 wannabe1987 yummy zucchini
00:49 roadran422 Hahahahha
00:49 Bat-Mobile roadran422: Crossbreed a lime and a saber-toothed tiger!
00:49 Bat-Mobile .g saber toothed lime
00:49 Bot-Mobile Bat-Mobile:
00:49 wannabe1987 liger!
00:49 wannabe1987 its like my favorite animal
00:49 roadran422 A liger?
00:49 roadran422 Is that even an animal?
00:50 wannabe1987 omg
00:50 wannabe1987 you've never seen napolean dynomite, have you
00:50 roadran422 No...
00:50 wannabe1987  what does the yellow check mean?
00:50 roadran422 I thought it was just a myth... Or a fake.
00:50 Bot-Mobile Title: Membership Breakdown | The Geek Group
00:50 wannabe1987 thats your issue....
00:51 wannabe1987 GO WATCH!  learn!
00:51 roadran422 I can ask moose... xD napolean dynamite learn from that. as if..
00:51 wannabe1987 you'll learn what a liger is
00:51 roadran422 xD
00:51 Bat-Mobile it means "somewhat"
00:51 roadran422 Do you want me to ask moose for you?
00:51 wannabe1987 bats: thats what i thought
00:52 wannabe1987 roadran422: i can ask her myself when i get my ass to the lab
00:52 roadran422 I can ask her on fb...
00:52 wannabe1987 so can i
00:52 roadran422 Ok ok xD
00:52 roadran422 :(
00:52 roadran422 :'(
00:53 squeak and i live closer
00:53 wannabe1987 where are you at?
00:53 roadran422 Hi squeak
00:53 wannabe1987 i just figure out who you are irl :P
00:53 squeak 1 mile away
00:53 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
00:53 NeWtoz dang, you beat me
00:53 NeWtoz I'm 1.5 miles away
00:53 wannabe1987 put the nick and what boden called you in the NYE vid (or whatever it was) and figured it out
00:53 roadran422 Squeak, this might not be a nice question to ask... But, why is your nickname squeak
00:53 wannabe1987 i used to be 1/2 block away....
00:54 squeak watch some of the capt blogs and you will find out
00:54 wannabe1987 watch the "one year of awesome" vid
00:55 wannabe1987 you'll find out
00:55 roadran422 squeak: I watched most of them... I still don't
00:55 roadran422 And that one
00:55 wannabe1987 theres your issue
00:55 wannabe1987 you'll never find out who i am...i'll get on a nother video sometime
00:55 wannabe1987 i think i was on the live stream the otherday (tues)
00:55 roadran422 .....
00:56 roadran422 I still don't know why
00:57 wannabe1987 squeak where do you live thats so close?
00:58 squeak leanard and covel
00:59 squeak leonard
00:59 wannabe1987 wanna know something funny?  The laptop i brought to the lab to get fixed uses torque?  torx?  screws that the lab doesnt have any to fit....
00:59 wannabe1987 nice.  i know where that is.
00:59 BitViper i used to be closer
00:59 roadran422 Torque and torx are different things?
00:59 Bat-Mobile Torx
00:59 wannabe1987 i don't know
00:59 sndwrx Yeah I find it odd that the lab doesn't have matching torx bits.
00:59 wannabe1987 thanks bats
00:59 roadran422 Torx...
00:59 wannabe1987 BitViper: we know.  you and i lived on the same street
01:00 BitViper wannabe1987 : but was it at the same time ?
01:00 wannabe1987 no...i lived there oct 2010-may 2011
01:00 squeak i have some very small ones
01:00 wannabe1987 jeffs gonna check his tools at home...
01:00 BitViper ah, much more recent, was umm 95 for me
01:01 wannabe1987 lol i was in *counts* elementary school then :D
01:01 BitViper my last year of college
01:01 wannabe1987 (not to make you feel old or anything, no of course not)
01:01 wannabe1987 ...
01:01 wannabe1987 whered you go to school?
01:01 BitViper im only 19 ... and holding as long as i can
01:01 BitViper davenport
01:01 wannabe1987 lol
01:01 BitViper and grcc for one class
01:01 wannabe1987 cool
01:01 wannabe1987 which class?
01:02 BitViper took photography for trasnfer credit back to dav to fill my um, humanities credit
01:02 wannabe1987 ah.  one of my grandfathers is a prof/teacher there for english, i was just wondering
01:03 BitViper i couldnt even tell ya the teacher, but i still have the camera i bought just for that class
01:03 wannabe1987 what kind of camera?
01:03 wannabe1987 i have my moms old 35mm camera
01:03 BitViper 35mm all manual
01:04 wannabe1987 cool
01:04 wannabe1987 hers is outside, i should probably bring it inside...its cold out
01:04 BitViper i think it was pentax, but its been a while since i saw it, its in storage somewhere
01:07 * wannabe1987 defenestrates her computer, maybe it'll work better
01:07 wannabe1987 this is why i want my netbook back...its faster and works better damnit
01:07 BitViper waste of time, it'll just get dirty again
01:07 wannabe1987 nah, it'll just get snowy
01:08 BitViper hrm, considering that im watching "dirty jobs" right now, i wonder if some sort of computer anti-virus type job would qualify for the show
01:08 wannabe1987 most medical jobs would, but they can't be filmed/aired
01:09 BitViper i know, political jobs should all qualify :)
01:09 wannabe1987 yes
01:09 BitViper and financial jobs
01:09 wannabe1987 speaking of politics, this michelle bachman person stepped down, thank goodness
01:10 BitViper now if only B.O. would
01:10 BitViper hrm, nice initials too
01:10 wannabe1987 l;ol
01:11 wannabe1987 lol*
01:11 wannabe1987 people confuse me
01:11 Cprossu .minecraft
01:11 Bot-Mobile Cprossu: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
01:11 Bot-Mobile Cprossu: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
01:13 Bat-Mobile Cprossu: what's the new server again?
01:13 Bat-Mobile I can fix that now
01:14 KawaiiJess joined #thegeekgroup
01:14 wannabe1987 so my phone has a broken screen and the lady on the phone today asked me how many minutes i have left, i told her i have no clue because my screen is broken....
01:14 wannabe1987 people are stupid
01:14 wannabe1987 hi jess! :D
01:14 BitViper hahahaha
01:15 BitViper saying ppl are stupid is an understatement
01:15 BitViper or over statement, or something
01:15 wannabe1987 she also asked me to go into a menu find my serial number
01:15 BitViper *facepalm*
01:16 wannabe1987 so i flipped the phone over, took the battery out, and told her
01:16 wannabe1987 .g lg 330
01:16 Bot-Mobile wannabe1987:
01:16 KawaiiJess Hi wannabe1987
01:16 KawaiiJess God dammit. Where is my kate
01:16 wannabe1987 how are you jess?
01:16 wannabe1987 not here?
01:16 KawaiiJess Well today was our first day of school
01:16 KawaiiJess Oh wait I know why
01:16 wannabe1987 oh.  how did it go?
01:16 producerBill joined #thegeekgroup
01:16 KawaiiJess Her mom just got off work 15 minutes ago so she's probably not even home yet
01:16 wannabe1987 hi bill!
01:17 producerBill hi there
01:17 producerBill yNos
01:17 producerBill are you there
01:17 producerBill ?
01:18 producerBill what is up wannabe1987
01:18 producerBill ?
01:18 wannabe1987 not much...waiting for dinner to cook
01:18 wannabe1987 waiting for my computer to stop thinking
01:18 wannabe1987 just waiting, really
01:18 producerBill lol
01:18 producerBill do you know how to leave a message/
01:18 producerBill ?
01:18 wannabe1987 Bot-Mobile: tell producerBill hi
01:18 Bot-Mobile wannabe1987: I'll pass that on when producerBill is around.
01:19 Sgt_Lemming mornink all
01:19 wannabe1987 its a lem!
01:19 wannabe1987 hi lem!
01:20 Sgt_Lemming morning wannabe1987
01:20 Sgt_Lemming how goes it?
01:20 wannabe1987 it goes
01:20 producerBill Bot-Mobile: tell yNos I got 2 4 GB flash sticks for the NAS servers today. They should work as boot/OS drives I put them by the server in the Astroloundge so,,, there you go.
01:20 Bot-Mobile producerBill: I'll pass that on when yNos is around.
01:20 Bot-Mobile producerbill: I have the following messages for you:
01:20 Bot-Mobile At 01:18Z, wannabe1987 asked me to tell producerbill hi
01:20 wannabe1987 :D
01:20 wannabe1987 there you go!
01:21 producerBill thanks
01:21 wannabe1987 you're welcome
01:21 Sgt_Lemming producerBill, what software you using for the NAS?
01:21 Sgt_Lemming FreeNAS?
01:21 producerBill freeNAS
01:21 Sgt_Lemming cool
01:21 producerBill I guess I know nothing about it
01:21 producerBill I installed it,,, but that is it
01:22 Sgt_Lemming it's quite nice, only reason I am not using it is it's a pita to get PS3 Media Server running under it with full transcoding
01:22 Sgt_Lemming which consider the amount of HD content I have, is kinda important
01:23 producerBill ok
01:23 producerBill i don't know I has just making sure the hardware was working
01:23 Sgt_Lemming kk
01:24 producerBill I will play with it later
01:24 Sgt_Lemming ever used Smoothwall, IPcop or PFsense?
01:24 Sgt_Lemming or the ever evil ClarkConnect
01:24 producerBill no
01:24 producerBill are they NAS?
01:24 Cprossu hey producerBill what's new?
01:25 wannabe1987 dinners ready :D
01:25 Nam3o joined #thegeekgroup
01:25 producerBill just stilling at home
01:25 wannabe1987 and i found someone to eat some of it (yay for housemates)
01:25 Sgt_Lemming no, dedicated linux router packages producerBill
01:25 producerBill ok
01:25 Cprossu stilling, what are you and yNos making 180 proof evil?
01:26 producerBill servers
01:26 producerBill and I am also working on a cctv power supply
01:27 Sgt_Lemming what voltage/amperage?
01:28 producerBill it will have two power supplies. One 24VAC and the other 12 VDC
01:28 Sgt_Lemming kk
01:28 producerBill as for amperage I am not sure. I am going to build in some fuseing to protect it.
01:31 wannabe1987 mmm lime
01:31 roadran422 From a lemon?
01:32 wannabe1987 yes.  a green lemon
01:32 roadran422 Ok! :)
01:32 wannabe1987 there is a real lemon in the fridge....
01:32 wannabe1987 perfect amt of lime :)
01:32 roadran422 Lime juice from a lemon can work.
01:34 masterofmonks I feel that being from a sitrus producing state I am obligated to point this out.
01:34 masterofmonks Lemon!=lime no matter how green.
01:34 wannabe1987 citrus*
01:34 wannabe1987 and i know
01:35 roadran422 ...
01:35 roadran422 What's the difference between a lemon and a lime?
01:35 wannabe1987 seriously?
01:35 wannabe1987 i thought you were joking
01:35 masterofmonks .wik lime
01:35 Bot-Mobile "Lime (fruit)" -
01:35 roadran422 Other than color.
01:35 wannabe1987 :facepalm:
01:35 roadran422 Other than color.
01:35 masterofmonks .wik lemon
01:35 Bot-Mobile "The lemon is both a small evergreen tree (Citrus × limon, often given as C. limon) native to Asia, and the tree's ellipsoidal yellow fruit." -
01:35 roadran422 Other than color.
01:35 roadran422 Other than color.
01:35 masterofmonks Read the articles.
01:35 wannabe1987 lemon is more sour i think
01:35 wannabe1987 and different flavor
01:35 roadran422 Ik the color difference. Not the taste really...
01:36 wannabe1987 go buy some!  lemons are like 79 cents and limes are 8 for 2 dollars
01:36 roadran422 xD
01:36 masterofmonks Wait.
01:36 * masterofmonks gives roadran422 a look.
01:36 masterofmonks Don't you live here in Florida?
01:36 roadran422 Yes. I have a lime bush outside...
01:36 roadran422 Bush or tree whatever it is
01:37 wannabe1987 somoene has too much time on their hands...
01:37 * wannabe1987 calls troll
01:37 roadran422 llol
01:38 wannabe1987 go grab a damn lime then, open it up, eat it
01:38 wannabe1987 go find a lemon, do the same thing
01:38 Sgt_Lemming roadran422, lemon and lime are very VERY different flavours and aroma's
01:38 tonsofpcs mmm, dinner :D
01:38 roadran422 Sgt_Lemming: I'm no cook.
01:38 Sgt_Lemming lemon is more astringent and sharp, lime is a lot more subtle
01:38 wannabe1987 doesn't mean you can be ignorant tho
01:38 roadran422 I'm not -_-
01:38 roadran422 I'm just confused...
01:39 wannabe1987 :sigh:  how are you confused
01:39 roadran422 xD
01:39 roadran422 I sorta get them now..
01:39 roadran422 The flavour differences
01:40 wannabe1987  so if i combine a card and a volunteer membership i get the same thing as a paid membership?
01:40 Bot-Mobile Title: Membership Breakdown | The Geek Group
01:40 roadran422 wannabe1987: I think so
01:40 * wannabe1987 asks Bat-Mobile
01:40 Bat-Mobile Maybe!
01:41 wannabe1987 you're no help :P
01:41 Bat-Mobile :P
01:41 roadran422 xD
01:41 * wannabe1987 throws limes
01:41 roadran422 Throws HCl
01:41 wannabe1987 actually, its 1/2 a lime
01:41 wannabe1987 good luck
01:41 wannabe1987 .element roadran422
01:41 Bot-Mobile Here you go, roadran422, I'm giving you 476 dime bags of pure Krypton !
01:42 masterofmonks <spatula> Needs to be wider </spatula>
01:42 roadran422 Wait.
01:42 roadran422 Wait.
01:42 wannabe1987 what?
01:42 * wannabe1987 makes it wider
01:42 roadran422 Isn't krypton a gas?
01:42 wannabe1987 i don't know
01:42 roadran422 It can escape dime bags easily can't it?
01:42 wannabe1987 ask Toastdude
01:43 wannabe1987 no, they're zipped shut
01:43 masterofmonks And a dime bag is a measurment of volume.
01:43 roadran422 Why would toastdude know... xD
01:43 roadran422 masterofmonks: I didn't know that.... Literaly xD
01:43 wannabe1987 bbecause he knows chemicals?
01:43 roadran422 Ok... xD
01:43 wannabe1987 dime bags (afaik) is what mj comes in....
01:43 masterofmonks wannabe1987:  I would think because he coded that part of the bot?
01:43 wannabe1987 i'm glad you dont know stuff about them
01:43 roadran422 ... ok ...
01:43 wannabe1987 you're too young
01:43 masterofmonks .wik dime bag
01:43 Bot-Mobile "Darrell Lance Abbott (August 20, 1966 – December 8, 2004), also known as Diamond Darrell and Dimebag Darrell, was an American guitarist." -
01:44 masterofmonks Of course it could also be a unit of guitarist.
01:44 roadran422 xD
01:44 wannabe1987 lol
01:45 roadran422 wannabe1987: How much do you want to pay for a bag of air?
01:45 roadran422 About 5cc's?
01:45 wannabe1987 nothing.  air is free
01:46 roadran422 xD
01:46 wannabe1987 krypton (?) idk what that is.....its not free, i assume
01:46 roadran422 It's one of the noble gases.
01:46 wannabe1987 i don't know what that means
01:46 roadran422 It's one of the noble gases that can be forced to react.
01:46 wannabe1987 last time i had any chemistry in a class was 8th grade, 2001....
01:46 roadran422 A noble gas is in group (or period) 18, it has a full outer ring, and is mostly inert.
01:46 wannabe1987 omg you know the piano guys too?!
01:46 roadran422 It can be forced to react, but many of the other noble gases, can't.
01:47 wannabe1987 omg yelling
01:47 * wannabe1987 hides under a pillow
01:47 roadran422 Sorry, It was just very good lol
01:47 wannabe1987 no shit, its the piano guys
01:47 wannabe1987 have you seen cello wars?
01:47 roadran422 xD no....
01:47 wannabe1987 .yt cello wars the piano guys
01:47 Bot-Mobile wannabe1987:
01:48 wannabe1987 watch it!
01:48 roadran422 ok lol
01:52 roadran422 xD vader
01:55 wannabe1987 yt vids play 3 seconds and then pause for 30....its a sucky way to listen to vids so no more vids :(  can't even do cbs :(
01:55 roadran422 xD failiure
01:55 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
01:57 PacketHumper joined #thegeekgroup
01:57 wannabe1987 hi PacketHumper
01:57 wannabe1987 did you explode today?
01:57 PacketHumper no :(
01:57 roadran422 xD what?!?!??!
01:58 wannabe1987 your PSA had me wondering...
01:58 PacketHumper not for lack of trying.
01:58 wannabe1987 lol
01:58 roadran422 Psa of what?
01:58 wannabe1987 public safety announcment
01:58 roadran422 Ik what a psa is. What was it about though?
01:58 roadran422 It can't be a psa of a psa?
01:58 wannabe1987 patience young padawan
01:58 wannabe1987 I"M LOOKING IT UP
01:59 roadran422 xD
01:59 roadran422 *I'm
01:59 wannabe1987 i told you before, slow browser
01:59 PacketHumper it is very important that you allow gas to pass.
01:59 wannabe1987 yeah, thats what happens with a shift key
01:59 roadran422 You told me what a psa was... Ik what it was already xD
01:59 roadran422 wannabe1987: bad computer typing skills. cap locks for long sentences
01:59 wannabe1987 "If you hold in your gas too long you will expload. this has been a public service anouncement."
01:59 roadran422 xD
01:59 wannabe1987 i disabled my capslock does other things now
02:00 roadran422 ...
02:00 PacketHumper if you don't allow the gas to leave your body then it builds up causing you to expload.
02:00 roadran422 That can't happen. Can it?
02:00 wannabe1987 kitty = cute, btw
02:00 wannabe1987 try it
02:00 PacketHumper who's kitty?
02:00 roadran422 wannabe1987: I don't lay flatuelence.
02:00 wannabe1987 the black and white one
02:00 roadran422 .... racist jokes.
02:00 PacketHumper oh she's ancient and doesn't leave the bed.
02:00 wannabe1987 lay?
02:01 wannabe1987 you're so confusing.
02:01 PacketHumper who me?
02:01 PacketHumper i've been told that before
02:01 wannabe1987 no,
02:01 wannabe1987 the 14 year old
02:01 PacketHumper oooooooooo
02:01 wannabe1987 kids these days
02:02 roadran422|away ?
02:02 PacketHumper lol
02:02 roadran422|away What?!?!??
02:02 wannabe1987 nothing
02:02 roadran422|away ....
02:02 roadran422|away brb
02:04 wannabe1987
02:04 wannabe1987 puppy
02:05 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
02:05 wannabe1987 hi!
02:05 PacketHumper greetings
02:05 wannabe1987 do you have a penguin for me ?
02:06 PacketHumper penguin?
02:06 wannabe1987 only the best animal ever
02:06 PacketHumper yah if you live in the arctic
02:06 wannabe1987 have you ever seen/read mr poppers penguins?
02:06 PacketHumper the best animal ever is a loki
02:06 PacketHumper yes
02:07 exor674 that thing is cute, for a puppy
02:07 PacketHumper my horse is way better
02:07 exor674 wannabe1987: ^^
02:07 PacketHumper lol
02:07 PacketHumper he's 9 months old and huge
02:07 wannabe1987 isn't that your puppy?
02:07 lwq1996 i dont have a penguin :(
02:07 PacketHumper yah that's my puppy
02:07 wannabe1987 i call all dogs, even 15 year old ones, puppy
02:07 wannabe1987 ok then
02:07 wannabe1987 yes, dredre?
02:07 exor674 what I said! that's cute ( for a puppy )
02:07 Toastdude PUPPY!
02:08 Toastdude So noble
02:08 wannabe1987 wow....dredre thinks a puppy is cute o.O
02:08 wannabe1987 ok
02:08 wannabe1987 time to go do dishes
02:08 wannabe1987 bbl
02:08 Toastdude Bye Kelly
02:08 PacketHumper bye
02:09 Toastdude Do you care if I call you that in here?
02:09 PacketHumper you could at least use her name.  calling her "that" isn't very nice
02:10 lwq1996 toastdude want to help with minecraft?
02:10 Toastdude ...
02:11 Toastdude After I eat, okay?
02:11 lwq1996 i asked, you dont have to if you dont want to
02:11 lwq1996 ok
02:12 LemPhone joined #thegeekgroup
02:12 LemPhone mmm, bendy bus
02:13 lwq1996 hi lemming
02:13 LemPhone lo
02:13 LemPhone omw out to the space to fix things and do some other work
02:13 PacketHumper the space?
02:13 LemPhone hackerspace
02:13 PacketHumper there is a bus that takes you into space?  way cool!
02:13 LemPhone I run the local one
02:14 LemPhone hehe, I wish
02:14 PacketHumper local?
02:14 PacketHumper where is local?
02:14 LemPhone Brisbane, Australia
02:14 PacketHumper ah
02:14 PacketHumper cool.
02:14 LemPhone yup
02:14 LemPhone El Presidente Lemming
02:15 Toastdude BSBNE?
02:15 roadran422 Hi all!
02:16 LemPhone HSBNE
02:16 roadran422 What is that...
02:16 Seroster The deeper into this sony tv I get the more I love sony
02:16 LemPhone the hackerspace I run
02:16 Toastdude The local hackerspace in Brisbane
02:16 roadran422 Oh nice xd
02:16 roadran422 *xD
02:16 PacketHumper uh oh turn away from the light.
02:16 PacketHumper it's sucking you in.
02:16 Seroster This degauss coil is like all other degauss coils wrapped in tape, but the tape is not common electrical tape and it is NOT STICKY
02:16 Seroster YAY
02:16 astro73|alice I'd just like to put this out there: LucidChart is a wonderful diagramming tool.
02:16 LemPhone but it's so pretty!
02:16 lwq1996 seroster you fucking a tv?
02:16 roadran422 Wait... Toastdude
02:17 roadran422 Oh wait nvm xD
02:17 Toastdude LemPhone: I watched the live feed and controlled the camera... It was fun :D
02:17 roadran422 xD no fair!
02:17 roadran422 How!
02:17 LemPhone heh
02:17 LemPhone
02:17 LemPhone find the camera link
02:17 roadran422 This should be fun.. xD
02:17 Toastdude That camera has great zoom..
02:18 roadran422 lol
02:18 roadran422 Only if that was availiable in tgg
02:18 Toastdude I read labels on the right wall on the bench
02:18 PacketHumper can it be used to look down shirts?
02:18 Toastdude Etching stuff
02:18 roadran422 Etchant!
02:18 lwq1996 damn now i want to go hog hunting, thank you sons of guns T.T
02:19 LemPhone lol
02:19 roadran422 What's the chemical in the echant is?
02:19 roadran422 I forgot :P
02:19 PacketHumper lol with claymores
02:19 LemPhone Ammonium Persulphate I think in that one atm
02:19 roadran422 The other etchant
02:19 LemPhone anyways, getting off the bus in a minute
02:20 LemPhone back later all
02:20 roadran422 Ok... xD
02:20 PacketHumper later lem
02:20 roadran422 That's what it was. Ferric Chloride!
02:23 PacketHumper mmm sounds like a good drink.
02:23 roadran422 No.
02:23 roadran422 No.
02:23 roadran422 I think it could kill you/
02:24 PacketHumper add a cherry on top and yum
02:24 roadran422 No... lol
02:24 PacketHumper i'd like a ferric chloride with a cherry on top
02:24 roadran422 You like to die then? xD
02:25 PacketHumper i'm invincible
02:25 Toastdude With a bit of arsenic sprinkles!
02:25 roadran422 Yep^
02:25 roadran422 PacketHumper
02:25 roadran422 I have a question for you
02:25 PacketHumper uh oh
02:25 PacketHumper ask away roadran422
02:25 roadran422 Would you eat an ingot of francium if you had access to it?
02:26 PacketHumper only if it was baked into a pie
02:26 roadran422 xD
02:27 roadran422 It isn't.
02:28 PacketHumper hmmm well then how to french people eat it?
02:29 PacketHumper it was discovered in france wasn't it
02:29 PacketHumper like 1940 or something
02:29 PacketHumper hang on i must use the google
02:29 PacketHumper oh 1939
02:30 roadran422 ...
02:31 roadran422 Would you or not. Simple question xD
02:31 roadran422 CaptainNiobe:
02:31 roadran422 CaptainNiobe: What's the other channel for offensive things?
02:31 Bat-Mobile #tgg:nsfw
02:32 Toastdude Hi Bats!
02:32 roadran422 No not that... xD
02:32 roadran422 There was another channel lol
02:33 Bat-Mobile oh
02:33 Bat-Mobile #tgg:controversial
02:33 Bat-Mobile That's the "go here to argue" channel  (:
02:35 roadran422 Yah that xD
02:35 roadran422 Thanks lol
02:35 roadran422 Is the bot working yet Bat-Mobile?
02:35 Bat-Mobile roadran422: no, we're using the backup bot
02:35 Bat-Mobile hi Bot-Mobile
02:35 Bot-Mobile Salutations Bat-Mobile
02:36 roadran422 Ok... xD
02:36 roadran422 .c 1/2
02:36 Bot-Mobile 0.5
02:36 roadran422 What's the diff with the backup?
02:39 tonsofpcs Bat-Mobile!  I made a $100 cheeseburger joke earlier and you weren't around :(
02:39 roadran422 What's the joke?
02:39 Bat-Mobile awwww
02:40 roadran422 ..
02:41 roadran422 *..
02:41 roadran422 *...
02:42 tonsofpcs fpcs> ($100 cheeseburgers are even better when they're free)
02:42 Seroster SparkyProjects, Stage 01 of coil winding will now commence
02:42 roadran422 Ok... lol
02:42 Seroster Getting my wire on a spool
02:44 roadran422 Magnet wire?
02:44 roadran422 x
02:44 roadran422 xD
02:47 Seroster Yes
02:47 roadran422 Ok....
02:49 roadran422 At the lab, can anyone be a volunteer?
02:50 Seroster Yes
02:51 roadran422 Ok... xD
02:51 Seroster Provided they are not overly stupid
02:51 egrsteve|away and your willing to do some work
02:51 roadran422 xD, So I could, ask dave to give me a tour, and then sign up as a volunteer?
02:51 egrsteve|away yes
02:52 roadran422 NICE! I just need about 1k....
02:52 egrsteve|away if you haven't sign up on the forums too
02:52 roadran422 I have...
02:53 Seroster God damn this wire doesnt unravel evenly
02:54 roadran422 xD
02:54 egrsteve|away does magnet wire ever unwind nice
02:54 Seroster That is why I am putting it on a spool before winding it on a coil
02:54 Seroster Yes, from a spool it does
02:54 egrsteve|away if you have a slight friction drag on the spool
02:55 egrsteve|away even better
02:55 roadran422 If you ever wired a fishing thingy. You'd understand
02:55 Seroster What is 0.5mm in awg
03:00 egrsteve|away idk
03:00 roadran422 Same ^
03:02 egrsteve|away anyone here have interst in a new Ham video series to teach people about amateur radio and get them on the air?
03:04 azop will you help me pass the amatuer radio FCC test?
03:05 azop (is moorse code knowledge still required?)
03:06 Seroster Well that didnt work at all.
03:06 Seroster .c 0.5mm to awg
03:06 Bot-Mobile Sorry, no result.
03:06 Seroster .wa 0.5mm awg
03:06 Bot-Mobile Couldn't pull result from Wolfram Alpha
03:07 roadran422 Ok... one second.
03:08 roadran422 seroster
03:08 roadran422 between 24 and 25 gauge
03:08 wannabe1987 bacl
03:08 wannabe1987 back*
03:08 roadran422 25 gauge is 51054
03:08 roadran422 24 gauge is 45466
03:08 Seroster Wich means I need 500 meters of this shit
03:09 roadran422 xD
03:09 roadran422 *.51054 and .45466 mm
03:09 egrsteve|away azop: code is no loonger reqired as of 2003
03:09 roadran422
03:09 Bot-Mobile Title: American Wire Gauge table and AWG Electrical Current Load Limits with skin depth frequencies
03:10 azop ahh
03:10 azop good
03:10 egrsteve|away so a tech license if very easy to obtain
03:10 roadran422 egrsteve|away: your name is still away xD
03:10 egrsteve|away My idea is to make a video series that will teach people everything they need to know to take the test
03:11 egrsteve not just the answers but a basic understanding
03:11 egrsteve as anyone and memorize answers but understanding them is dar more valuable
03:11 egrsteve *far more...
03:12 wannabe1987 steve: can we combine the volunteer and the $20 member ship and get everything the 40$ membership gets?
03:13 egrsteve I don't know, that would be a moose question
03:13 wannabe1987 i'm already a volunteer...i go there to get computer troubleshooting/repair and boden puts me to work...
03:13 wannabe1987 :sigh: ok i go find moose next time i'm there....
03:13 roadran422 xD
03:13 wannabe1987 BitViper: are you on facebook?
03:13 egrsteve I would ask in the forums if you have questions
03:13 wannabe1987 i don't like the forums
03:13 wannabe1987 they're set up oddly
03:13 squeak i would be intersted egrsteve
03:13 egrsteve
03:13 Bot-Mobile Title: Topic: Membership Breakdown | The Geek Group
03:14 Experimentonomen *brurp*
03:14 wannabe1987 thanks.  i can never find anything in the forums
03:14 roadran422 lol
03:14 wannabe1987 i'll take that as a compliment to the chef (me)
03:14 egrsteve the first segment would be a what is amateur radio, which is as hard to define as TGG
03:15 roadran422 No. First would be what is a radio
03:15 egrsteve I have a topic here if you have ideas and comments or just interest v
03:15 egrsteve
03:15 Bot-Mobile Title: Topic: New Ham video series | The Geek Group
03:15 roadran422 Hams!
03:15 roadran422 I love eating pork xD
03:15 wannabe1987 i love ham!
03:15 wannabe1987 :P
03:16 JA12 don't forget spam
03:16 roadran422 :- )
03:16 wannabe1987 ewwww
03:16 roadran422 Spam, is ehhh
03:16 wannabe1987 spam
03:16 wannabe1987 spam spam spam spam spam spam spam eggs spam
03:16 roadran422 wannabe1987: Why do you hate spam? xD
03:16 JA12 it's a great word
03:16 roadran422 green eggs and ham I am
03:16 wannabe1987 it is a great word, but it is a  nasty food
03:16 roadran422 lol
03:17 wannabe1987 Bat-Mobile: what happened to botsteve?
03:17 JA12 next time a police officer stops you and asks for drivers licence, just start to repeat "spam spam"
03:17 roadran422 Then randomly sperm
03:19 Bat-Mobile wannabe1987: power supply and cpu fans died
03:19 wannabe1987 you broke him!
03:19 roadran422 lol
03:20 JA12 wannabe1987: it's amazingly great food if you haven't slept in 3 days and walked/ran 100+ miles days and nights without eating and finally get to eat something =)
03:20 JA12 delicious
03:21 wannabe1987 i'll tkae your word for it....i'm a bit of a foodie
03:21 wannabe1987 so of all the photos i have of the lab....they're all from EONS ago when there was NOTHING in the lab (well, comparatively) and i got in trouble for taking photos :P
03:22 JA12 trouble? why's that?
03:22 wannabe1987 because i could take a photo of someones project and publish it online and then everyone would know
03:23 * Seroster headdesks
03:23 wannabe1987 i took vids of wzzm13s stuff they sent us, painting, the ceiling (which isn't even teh same color anymore) omni, and the sheep room before being painted
03:24 wannabe1987 and max
03:24 JA12 wannabe1987: ahh ok. I first thought someone didn't want to get photographed
03:24 JA12 or you were in mens bathroom
03:25 wannabe1987 no, we have to sign releases for our image to be photographed/videographed
03:25 Seroster How do I stand talking to so stupid people?
03:25 wannabe1987 you don't?
03:25 Seroster On a forum with a thread about a mother complaining that the doctor at the hospital asking her about if she had complications during her previous birth (she's 7month prego)
03:26 Seroster Or go be omish, deliver your baby in a fucking cottage you stupid bleeptey bleep.
03:27 wannabe1987  look at where the cnc's are now....
03:29 JA12 and why is asking that a problem again? I'm not a doctor but I assume that the doctor asked her that so they could be sure she's not in danger in the next birth
03:30 JA12 common sense?
03:33 wannabe1987  before the big door
03:33 wannabe1987 my pictures are old...i should discreetly get new ones.....
03:34 JA12 wannabe1987: umm. is that first link right?
03:34 wannabe1987 i dunno
03:34 wannabe1987 let me see
03:34 * wannabe1987 clicks
03:34 wannabe1987 no
03:34 JA12 there's a dog looking where the cnc's are =)
03:34 wannabe1987 thats PacketHumper's dog
03:34 JA12 cute one too
03:34 wannabe1987 ik!!!!
03:34 wannabe1987 hi loki!!!!
03:34 wannabe1987 loki should come meet omni
03:35 wannabe1987 ok good the 2nd photo is correct
03:36 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
03:36 Bot-Mobile TOASTY!
03:36 tonsofpcs ham video?  will there be a kosher version?
03:36 Toastdude Lol
03:37 egrsteve only for you
03:38 wannabe1987  look at where the cnc's are now....
03:38 wannabe1987 JA12: its fixed now
03:38 wannabe1987 i want kosher vidoes!
03:42 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
03:42 wannabe1987 hi DruidicRifleman
03:42 DruidicRifleman hey
03:42 Toastdude wb
03:42 wannabe1987 hows canada?
03:44 roadran422 Kosher salt
03:44 roadran422 Night all!
03:44 pegasus joined #thegeekgroup
03:44 wannabe1987 thank god, he's going to bed!
03:44 wannabe1987 i mean, night!
03:44 roadran422|zZz xD, I start school 2 morrow at 9 got an ortho appointment xD
03:44 roadran422|zZz And wannabe1987 Shut it :P
03:44 wannabe1987 i don't know how
03:45 wannabe1987 just ask my sister
03:45 wannabe1987 she agrees with that statement
03:45 roadran422|zZz What?
03:45 wannabe1987 I'm always talking
03:45 roadran422|zZz What statement? "Shut it"? xd
03:45 wannabe1987 no, the i don't know how one
03:45 wannabe1987 GO TO SLEEP
03:45 wannabe1987 they want to mess with your teeth
03:45 roadran422|zZz xD night
03:46 roadran422|zZz botsteve: tell someone I said Hi
03:48 JA12 btw. why's so many people changing their nick when going away when there's perfectly functional away system. and if your irc client is not made before spam wars, it can show who's away
03:48 wannabe1987 i do /away and it says "you are no longer marked as being away"
03:49 roadran422|zZz Idk...
03:49 wannabe1987 because i like to do it?
03:49 wannabe1987 it tells me when i went to sleep
03:49 wannabe1987 ....
03:49 roadran422|zZz I asked wannabe and she told me just to set it as a different nick
03:49 wannabe1987 don't blame me!
03:49 roadran422|zZz xD
03:49 egrsteve I do it beacuse I SSH into a server that I always have IRC running on
03:49 JA12 =)
03:49 JA12 wannabe1987: you're using mirc?
03:49 roadran422|zZz I just keep pidgin on
03:49 roadran422|zZz Yep
03:49 wannabe1987 yes
03:50 roadran422|zZz xD
03:50 egrsteve irssi here
03:50 roadran422|zZz Pidgin here
03:50 roadran422|zZz NIGHT AMERICA!
03:50 * wannabe1987 is going to calvin college tomorrow to hear mr varineau talking about music :D so excited!
03:50 wannabe1987 what about the non-americans like mr lovely JA12?
03:50 roadran422|zZz Music theory!
03:50 roadran422|zZz Well, then NIGHT WORLD!
03:50 JA12 wannabe1987: mirc works the same as others, /away <reason> and /away to toggle it off
03:50 wannabe1987 i don't like music theory
03:50 wannabe1987 GO TO BED
03:50 roadran422|zZz EXCEPT FOR WANNABE1987
03:51 roadran422|zZz xD
03:51 wannabe1987 whats it say?
03:51 JA12 although, it was made before spam wars so it might not show whos away automatically
03:51 wannabe1987 i put it as away
03:51 roadran422|zZz Now, night... I had to find my clock xD
03:51 wannabe1987 why doesn't it show my nick as being wannabe|away
03:51 JA12 wannabe1987: you're away
03:51 wannabe1987 whast my reason?
03:51 wannabe1987 lol
03:51 wannabe1987 way too much funny online tonight
03:52 JA12 [wannabe1987] is away (roadran422|zZz)
03:52 wannabe1987 lol
03:52 wannabe1987 o boy
03:52 wannabe1987 i scared ethan with my laughter i think
03:52 wannabe1987 why is it broken?!
03:53 JA12 it's not =)
03:53 wannabe1987 my browser is
03:53 wannabe1987 so yes it is
03:53 JA12 oh
03:53 wannabe1987 or its facebook
03:54 wannabe1987 prolly is facebook, honestly
03:54 JA12 was it firefox ?
03:54 wannabe1987 yes.  always firefox, chrome wouldn't even load google :/
03:55 wannabe1987 awww my milk is gone :(
03:55 JA12 umm...
03:55 Toastdude twss.......
03:55 wannabe1987 :facepalm:
03:55 wannabe1987 i do not make chocolate milk
03:55 JA12 so firefox barely works and chrome doesn't load pages?
03:55 wannabe1987 mh
03:56 wannabe1987 m
03:56 wannabe1987 i can't wait to get my netbook back :D
03:56 Toastdude Try IE :P
03:56 JA12 does firefox crash or is it just dead slow?
03:56 wannabe1987 it loads and can watch videos
03:56 wannabe1987 no
03:56 wannabe1987 slow
03:56 wannabe1987 ie doesn't know passwords, so its lame to use
03:56 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
03:56 wannabe1987 accio ipod
03:56 wannabe1987 why doesn't magic work?
03:57 Seroster Wow
03:57 JA12 chrome might not load pages because firewall doesn't let it
03:57 Seroster I thought that no degree of stupidity could EVER surprise me.
03:57 Seroster Once again, WBC proves me wrong
03:57 Seroster
03:57 Bot-Mobile Title: The Escapist : News : Westboro Baptist Church, Wikileaks Troll Steve Jobs' Death
03:58 Kaytee
03:58 Bot-Mobile Title: Queen + Luciano Pavarotti - Too Much Love Will Kill You - YouTube
03:58 JA12 firefox can be slow for various reasons. incompatible add-ons is one, and I today changed my dns server to google server because my ISP's dns responds so slowly -> pages seems to load slowly
03:59 tonsofpcs $^***(*$* keyboard
03:59 egrsteve wannabe1987: see magic/more magic for details
04:01 Cprossu I feel your pain tonsofpcs
04:01 Cprossu haha egrsteve
04:01 wannabe1987 i don't understand
04:03 * wannabe1987 hand out hershy candy cane kisses
04:03 tonsofpcs Cprossu: note that I slammed all of the number keys a few times while holding shift there
04:03 tonsofpcs just swapped for the spare
04:05 tonsofpcs (eeepc900a, I have two, swapped keyboard over)
04:06 Seroster cya folks
04:06 wannabe1987 night sero
04:06 Seroster I think my brain just imploded from the wbc documentary
04:07 Seroster And it took all my mental powers to avoid trying to hit their smutty hypocritical faces through the screen
04:07 tonsofpcs oh, and putting the 'bad' keyboard into the other machine, iit works just fine @($*^(@*^@(*
04:07 Seroster Bat-Mobile, PLEASE crash a plane on the WBC HQ. It would be fucking hillarious.
04:07 tonsofpcs wbc?
04:08 Seroster Apparantly god hates fags.
04:08 Seroster Wich is odd, because Jesus is God, right?
04:08 tonsofpcs oh
04:08 Seroster And why would a man hang out with eleven other guys in dresses if he isnt a fudgepacker himself?
04:08 Bat-Mobile Yeah, them.
04:09 Seroster Bat-Mobile, If you ever go insane and crash a plane, please do it on wbc
04:09 Seroster For the lulz
04:09 Bat-Mobile Planes that I'm flying don't crash.
04:10 tonsofpcs s/go/realize that you are/
04:10 tonsofpcs Bat-Mobile: hey, any landing taht you can walk away from is a good landing, right?
04:10 tonsofpcs is it still a good landing if you bail out?
04:11 Cprossu tonsofpcs depends if you live or not
04:11 Bat-Mobile Agreed
04:11 tonsofpcs Bat-Mobile: so 'land' the plane wherever sero wants and chute out early?
04:12 Seroster And whone of them dies we should gather all the gays in the world, and a million people could stand around where they try to have their funeral and be like "Heeeey guyyyys!"
04:12 tonsofpcs (it'll be a good landing, not a great one, of course)
04:12 Seroster You know, the overly stereotypical obnoxious gay voice
04:12 Bat-Mobile tonsofpcs: ^_^
04:12 Bat-Mobile great means you can use the plane again
04:12 Bat-Mobile exactly!
04:12 Seroster And we should have an entire section of the anti wbc funeral collection dedicated to BDSM, all leather and whips and chain and hot candlewax. It will be beuatiful
04:13 tonsofpcs Bat-Mobile: I'm well aware :)
04:13 Seroster And the only food will be hotdogs
04:13 Seroster So evryone will walk around with a footlong wiener in their mouth =D
04:13 tonsofpcs Seroster: why so limited? you can have all sorts of sausages
04:13 wannabe1987 ...
04:14 Seroster Then we can arrange a wet tshirt contest for the lesbians, next to the bordello
04:14 Seroster Let's just take evrything they have ever said and say "The opposite is moral"
04:14 Seroster If wbc ever says "Raping kittens is bad!" I will do it, just to prove a point
04:14 wannabe1987 figures
04:15 Seroster As for if this belongs in the controversial room, ofc it doesnt. Saying "I hate WBC" is about as controversial as "I like icecream"
04:26 wannabe1987  this is so cool....
04:26 Bot-Mobile Title: This 365 Day Exposure Photo Looks Like A… | Bit Rebels
04:30 Bot-Mobile In the last hour, there have been 1 new YouTube videos posted by PhysicsDuck.  New videos:   Captain's Blog 1-4-12 Keag's Sucks and Batman Rules
04:31 wannabe1987 keags fricken way
04:31 wannabe1987 Toastdude: new vid
04:31 wannabe1987 guess you'll have to stay up longer
04:31 Gaxnys Oh wow
04:31 Toastdude :D
04:34 * wannabe1987 needs to put sheets on the bed before she can sleep, and has to be at her friends by 9....
04:34 wannabe1987 thankfully i can leave at 8:55 and get there on time :D
04:35 Bat-Mobile You technically don't need sheets.
04:35 wannabe1987 true, i could sleep on the mattress pad....
04:36 sndwrx So much nicer with sheets though.
04:36 wannabe1987 yeah....
04:36 sndwrx Nice clean, newly tucked in sheets.
04:36 wannabe1987 i even washed the sheets today :D
04:38 wannabe1987 every 5-10 seconds the vid stops and noise stops and it buffers and then keeps going....
04:38 wannabe1987 and then stops every 10 seconds
04:38 wannabe1987 bill has a wife?
04:39 Gaxnys Apparently. .P
04:39 wannabe1987 odd
04:39 Gaxnys :P*
04:39 wannabe1987 not bad tho....
04:39 wannabe1987 just odd
04:40 wannabe1987 do counties have flags?
04:40 Toastdude Don't think so..
04:41 wannabe1987 .g ottawa county flag
04:41 Bot-Mobile wannabe1987:
04:44 Toastdude ...
04:44 wannabe1987 wrong ottawa county :P
04:45 wannabe1987 i cut my nail too far down and now i'm bleeding
04:45 wannabe1987 nifty
04:46 wannabe1987 italia!
04:47 wannabe1987 i want to send a haitian flag, even tho i'm not haitian
04:49 PacketHumper back sorta
04:49 wannabe1987 sorta
04:49 wannabe1987 whered yourun away to?
04:49 PacketHumper working on a fairly large antivirus upgrade
04:49 wannabe1987 ooo
04:49 PacketHumper last one went pretty well but this one is being a pain.
04:50 wannabe1987 my grandpa thinks he has to use an antivirus he pays for....
04:50 PacketHumper for home users just use microsofts
04:50 PacketHumper it's free and works pretty well
04:51 PacketHumper for businesses i use avg business.
04:51 PacketHumper it's simple and gets the job done without being obnoxious
04:51 wannabe1987 i keep trying to tell him, but he doesn't listen, and dad doesn't help by assisting him in changing paid antivirii providers...
04:51 wannabe1987 i have avast
04:51 DruidicRifleman yNos around
04:51 wannabe1987 probably not....he tends to go to bed early
04:57 Seroster Screw it
05:02 wannabe1987 toastdrew:
05:03 wannabe1987 there is no flag for ottawa county, but there is flags for two of the cities IN ottawa county
05:03 wannabe1987 speaking of heat + mdh, it was warm in there tuesday....
05:03 wannabe1987 lol @ ginger princess
05:07 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
05:08 wannabe1987 hi LemLap
05:10 wannabe1987 so my client asked me today if i knew how to do stained glass....he apparently makes stained glass stuff....he's currently working on an airplane.
05:10 wannabe1987 its really cool
05:10 LemLap lo
05:11 Bat-Mobile time to go!
05:11 Bat-Mobile goodnight all
05:11 wannabe1987 night bats!
05:11 wannabe1987 sleep well
05:11 Bat-Mobile left #thegeekgroup
05:16 * wannabe1987 defenstrates her computer again
05:17 wannabe1987 all i wanna do is check my bank balance!
05:19 wannabe1987 twitter sent me an email saying they miss me
05:19 wannabe1987 wtf
05:23 Gaxnys Oh lol. :D
05:24 Toastdude Those creepers..
05:27 wannabe1987 lol ikr
05:27 Toastdude If only I could do my creepy face for you... :P
05:28 wannabe1987 yay they took my money!  i have car ins for another month :D
05:28 wannabe1987 now, i only have 18$ in my bank acct, but still
05:29 wannabe1987 thats cuz i spent $20 at the dollar tree today....
05:29 wannabe1987 but i got silverware and a tape measure!
05:29 Toastdude Yay!
05:31 wannabe1987 and cleaner.  and ketchup.  and paper towel.  and other things that are needed....
05:35 wannabe1987 i got home from work at like 3, and then promptly changed into my pjs....i got so much done today....but my room doesn't look it :P :(
05:38 nfoman joined #thegeekgroup
05:44 Experimentonomen *yawn*
05:45 wannabe1987 morning dear
05:46 * Experimentonomen morning belches
05:47 wannabe1987 Experimentonomen does thou has a facebook?
05:47 Experimentonomen no
05:47 wannabe1987 awww
05:47 Experimentonomen and i wont go anywhere near it
05:47 wannabe1987 i collect tgg members on facebook :P
05:47 wannabe1987 g+?
05:47 Experimentonomen nope
05:47 wannabe1987 twitter
05:48 Experimentonomen i had one back when i hung out at fatmanandcircuitgirl with george sanger and jeri ellsworth in the FMCG irc channel and live stream now called geekstreams
05:49 wannabe1987 ??
05:49 wannabe1987 congrats youconfused me.  not so tough to do tho :P
05:50 Experimentonomen i havent used it in ages though so i'll say nope on the twitter question too
05:50 wannabe1987 ok
05:53 sndwrx welp.
05:53 Experimentonomen and i cant say im a tgg member either since i've never been to the lab cuz theres a huge pond in my way
05:53 wannabe1987 hi sndwrx
05:53 wannabe1987 you're a member, you take part in online discussions via irc, no?
05:55 wannabe1987 dude, if the fact you haven't been to the lab makes you a non-member, then tgg only has a small hanful of members....
05:55 * Experimentonomen yells at his connection yet again for sitting consistently at 0kbps
05:57 Experimentonomen those that have been to the lab are the true tgg members, the rest are just forum/irc members
05:57 wannabe1987 wait....they got married?!
05:57 wannabe1987 sorry
05:57 Cprossu pssssshhhhh Experimentonomen
05:57 Cprossu you're a member
05:58 Experimentonomen i was a forum member until they changed to the new layout which in my opinion sucks
05:58 wannabe1987 listen to Cprossu
05:58 wannabe1987 agree!
06:00 sndwrx hey hey
06:02 wannabe1987 whats new by you?  how was your dinner?
06:02 * Experimentonomen looks in the service manuals for the old nikko alpha series power amplifiers for no reason
06:02 wannabe1987 mine was fantabulous
06:02 sndwrx Pretty good, pretty good.
06:02 sndwrx I had soft shell tacos, peach slices and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles.
06:03 wannabe1987 i had lime chicken and hash browns....
06:03 wannabe1987 mine wins
06:03 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
06:03 wannabe1987 wb,
06:03 sndwrx Fair enough.
06:04 wannabe1987 lime zest in with my panko bread crumbs, on my chicken, with lime juice on top....
06:04 sndwrx Lime zest, eh?
06:04 wannabe1987 o yes
06:04 sndwrx Not enough people use citrus zest.
06:05 wannabe1987 i bought a lime for $.25 and a lemon for .79 and it will be used another day for more chicken :D
06:06 sndwrx cool
06:06 wannabe1987 mhm
06:12 wannabe1987 .yuno Toastdude
06:12 Bot-Mobile Weekend: Y U NO LAST LONGER???????????
06:12 Katemonster joined #thegeekgroup
06:12 wannabe1987 hi Katemonster, jess
06:12 Toastdude Kate!
06:12 Katemonster ohai
06:12 wannabe1987 aww, jess was looking for you earlier
06:14 Experimentonomen *yawn*
06:14 wannabe1987 again?
06:14 Experimentonomen yes ?
06:15 wannabe1987 you'll make me do that soon..plz don't, its only 1:15am
06:15 Experimentonomen :P
06:16 * Experimentonomen wonders what a person looks like that wannabe1987
06:17 Experimentonomen ;) :P
06:17 Toastdude OLD
06:17 Toastdude :P
06:17 wannabe1987 ?
06:18 wannabe1987 i'm not old!
06:18 Toastdude ...
06:18 Toastdude I know
06:18 wannabe1987 i really have no clue whats going on here
06:18 wannabe1987 i'm putting laundry away :P
06:18 wannabe1987 (supposedly)
06:19 kiks joined #thegeekgroup
06:35 lwq1996 im so borded
06:35 wannabe1987 tomorrows lecture:
06:35 Bot-Mobile Title: The January Series of Calvin College - John Varineau: January 5, 2012
06:35 wannabe1987 hi lee :D
06:36 lwq1996 greetings
06:36 wannabe1987 i'm going to bed, sorry :/
06:36 wannabe1987 have to be up at 8....
06:37 lwq1996 PFT I GET UP AT 6
06:37 lwq1996 lol jk
06:37 Toastdude Night wannabe
06:37 wannabe1987 i also have to don't
06:37 wannabe1987 Katemonster: whats wrong with being human?
06:38 lwq1996 being human sucks i want to be a bird
06:38 wannabe1987 why, so you can shit on people?
06:39 wannabe-zz didn't you know?  im female, i read minds
06:39 wannabe-zz and i'm seriously going to bed now....
06:39 wannabe-zz mhm
06:39 Katemonster everything.
06:39 wannabe-zz night exor674
06:39 lwq1996 kate should be a bird so she can shit on people she doesnt like
06:43 * exor674 BITES Katemonster
06:44 Katemonster owie
06:44 Katemonster hi
06:58 PacketHumper man trying to resell network equipement is a pain.
06:58 PacketHumper it all looses it's value the second it's not brand new anymore.
07:01 dr_jkl what have you got?
07:02 PacketHumper mixture of cisco and dell power connect switches, 3g data routers, usb 3g adapters for ATT you name it.
07:02 PacketHumper just trying to sell some of this stuff to give me money until my clients decide to pay me.
07:02 exor674 things that are not the same: cisco, crisco
07:02 PacketHumper for some reason they think they can do net90-120 terms.
07:03 PacketHumper lol
07:03 dr_jkl PacketHumper: usb 3g dongles?
07:03 dr_jkl what models
07:03 PacketHumper yah
07:03 PacketHumper lightning and shockwave
07:03 exor674 ( as an aside, next time I replace my access point, I am tempted to get a commercial grade and not a residential )
07:03 PacketHumper if you need them i have old pcmcia versions as well
07:03 exor674 speaking of expensive network hardware
07:03 PacketHumper i have commercial grade wanpipes as well
07:04 PacketHumper great routers with usb/pcmcia/and express card slots.
07:04 PacketHumper does multiple wan links with multiple 3g backups
07:05 PacketHumper this was back before i required my clients to pay for the hardware directly.
07:05 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
07:05 PacketHumper i would pay for it, mark it up slightly and sell it to them.  didn't work out so well in the end.
07:05 PacketHumper also have an ipad 1 for sale.
07:05 PacketHumper lol
07:05 PacketHumper pretty much if you are looking for something cheap/used but in good condition ask.
07:06 PacketHumper cordless phones, wifi thermostats, 2 way radios, hard drives, system boards, ram, servers, sigh....
07:07 dr_jkl servers, like rackmount boxes?
07:07 PacketHumper dell power edge
07:07 PacketHumper just sold the last r410
07:07 PacketHumper but i have some 2600's and a couple of r510's
07:08 PacketHumper one i think i'm going to keep
07:08 dr_jkl how are your prices for said items?
07:08 PacketHumper power connect switch with 2 years nbd warranty $500 instead of $1k brand new.
07:09 PacketHumper that's a 24port poe switch
07:09 PacketHumper i just sold the redundant psu for it
07:09 dr_jkl talk to me about servers
07:09 PacketHumper what are you looking for?
07:09 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
07:09 PacketHumper I can easily aquire what you are looking for.
07:10 PacketHumper i have too many to just list off.
07:10 dr_jkl don't really know. :) just a box for fucking around, fileserver/gaming...
07:10 dr_jkl openarena or minecraft, yanno
07:10 PacketHumper ah, build one if it's for personal use
07:10 PacketHumper cheaper on power. lol
07:10 dr_jkl i'm a sysadmin
07:10 PacketHumper my r510 costs me about $15 a month.
07:10 dr_jkl i can just colo it
07:10 PacketHumper as am i
07:10 PacketHumper ah cool.
07:10 dr_jkl I HAVE RACKSPACE. lol
07:10 PacketHumper i have boxes like that at some of my clients.
07:10 PacketHumper nice.
07:11 PacketHumper if you are looking for a good minecraft server to fiddle in, we have one
07:11 PacketHumper mostly all sysadmins, programmers, dba's...
07:11 PacketHumper it's protected so no one breaks stuff.
07:12 dr_jkl i might check it out on my vacation next week. whitelist me? same name as here. :)
07:12 PacketHumper we use bukkit with minecontrol addon.
07:12 PacketHumper it's permissions based.
07:12 dr_jkl aah
07:13 PacketHumper you have to log in first before i can specify permissions.  it's all scripted. :)
07:13 dr_jkl eh. well when i'm in front of a real computer i can :)
07:13 dr_jkl xda needs to hurry up and give me a way to get debian onto this tablet
07:13 PacketHumper lol yah same here i'm on an asus transformer (android tablet with keyboard)
07:13 dr_jkl so am i
07:13 PacketHumper what tablet you got?
07:13 PacketHumper lol
07:13 dr_jkl lol
07:13 PacketHumper you got the keyboard dock?
07:13 * lwq1996 is going to kick himself in the morning for staying up this late
07:14 dr_jkl do chickens peck? :)
07:14 PacketHumper isn't it grand?
07:14 dr_jkl i wanted the extra battey and oozbe slots
07:14 dr_jkl battery*
07:14 dr_jkl what terminal app do you use?
07:14 PacketHumper i'm probably taking it back and getting the prime when it comes available for the extra $50
07:14 dr_jkl btep pisses me off and connectbot likes to segfault
07:15 PacketHumper but i'm stunned at how well this little guy works.  rdp is a breese.
07:15 PacketHumper good to know. haven't fired up connectbot yet.
07:15 PacketHumper but i use andchat for irc and it works great
07:15 dr_jkl btep works better than connectbot
07:15 dr_jkl but
07:15 dr_jkl personally
07:15 lwq1996 night guys im heading to bed, school is going to be a bitch without it
07:15 PacketHumper looking for a good tty software for configing routers and ipphones
07:16 dr_jkl i use connectbot if i'm not doing serious work. because id rather it keep crashing so i can send crash reports so the crash can be fixed
07:16 PacketHumper night lwq1996
07:16 dr_jkl i just used the word crash too many times. *fines herself*
07:16 PacketHumper lol
07:17 PacketHumper i lug around a dell precission mobile workstation m6600 with ALL the goodies.  just maxed it out.  cost me almost $6k.
07:17 dr_jkl heh
07:17 PacketHumper sadly i use this more since it's portable.
07:17 * exor674 randomly hugs dr_jkl
07:17 dr_jkl $dayjob has an agreement with dell so i bought an alienware for home
07:17 dr_jkl heya exor674!
07:17 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
07:17 * dr_jkl hugs
07:18 PacketHumper i never know what i'll be doing. and i've had to re-encode high def video on the fly for a client on the show floor of ces out in vegas.
07:18 PacketHumper was for koss actually.
07:18 PacketHumper decided my old slow laptop which took 6 hours was not going to cut it anymore.
07:19 PacketHumper went a little overboard... as we geeks tend to.
07:19 PacketHumper the invite for minecraft goes for anyone who wants to play.  it's very casual and everyone is respectful.  we have a few under age players who play so keep the language clean.
07:20 PacketHumper dr_jkl: what do you use for irc?
07:20 dr_jkl irssi and a terminal multiplexer
07:20 PacketHumper lol
07:21 PacketHumper used to do that.
07:21 PacketHumper people always assumed i was there.
07:21 PacketHumper finally changed to andchat so i was signed out when not on.
07:21 dr_jkl this is why we have
07:21 dr_jkl !bug
07:22 dr_jkl oh the bot isn't here
07:23 dr_jkl oh, that's what i was going to say
07:23 dr_jkl i can watch my language on minecraft. mostly.
07:23 PacketHumper lol
07:23 dr_jkl i grew up around ex-military, so really late at night the occasional fuck pops out
07:24 PacketHumper lol yah happens
07:24 dr_jkl usually preceeding the word 'creeper!'
07:24 dr_jkl fuck! creeper!
07:24 dr_jkl lol
07:24 PacketHumper the chat in the mc server is linked to the room #runwithscissors
07:24 dr_jkl ssssSSsssss.
07:24 dr_jkl *boom!*
07:24 PacketHumper at least most of the time it is.
07:24 PacketHumper yah... kind of hate that.
07:25 PacketHumper works pretty well.  that way when guys are ingame in mc they aren't missing out on irc. lol
07:25 PacketHumper most of the guys use terminal at work so no one says anythign about them being in an irc room.
07:26 PacketHumper so we linked the chats so we could talk
07:26 dr_jkl thats why i use irssi
07:27 PacketHumper well if you join the mc server you can hop in #runwithscissors and you'd be able to chat with anyone who is on the mc server.  it's pretty slick.
07:28 dr_jkl heh
07:28 PacketHumper it supports xmpp as well but i haven't bothered setting it up
07:29 PacketHumper not sure if it acts as the server or if it needs to be joined to a room on an xmpp based server.
07:30 PacketHumper so what do you admin?
07:31 dr_jkl linux, irix, freebsd.
07:31 dr_jkl redrat and centos mostly
07:31 PacketHumper oooo
07:31 PacketHumper fun
07:31 PacketHumper im a microsoft guy mostly but deal with centos
07:31 sndwrx I should be sleeping.
07:32 PacketHumper i'm not so good with linux.... ask any of the guys on the mc server lol
07:32 dr_jkl heh
07:32 dr_jkl sndwrx: hey sweetie!
07:32 PacketHumper i get a little adventurous and try strange things
07:32 sndwrx hey dr_jkl
07:32 PacketHumper you work for yourself or a company?
07:32 sndwrx How goes?
07:32 dr_jkl A company.
07:33 sndwrx dr_jkl: Need a minion?
07:33 dr_jkl sndwrx: for what, specifically?
07:34 sndwrx Oh, I don't know.
07:34 sndwrx Some work would be nice.
07:34 sndwrx I'm already too busy as it is, though.  :/
07:34 sndwrx Maybe I'm just looking for excuses to go back to FL.  :P
07:35 PacketHumper lol
07:35 PacketHumper where at in florida?
07:35 dr_jkl i live in fort lauderdale. Why?
07:36 PacketHumper cool
07:36 PacketHumper have a time share in marco
07:37 PacketHumper was just down there for december
07:37 PacketHumper i'm one of those idiot tourists
07:37 PacketHumper though we've been going there for years
07:37 PacketHumper it's much nicer down there than it is up here. lol
07:38 dr_jkl ah, that's a bit of a trek but not impossible. I used to make regular pilgramege to Sarasota.
07:38 PacketHumper fun
07:38 dr_jkl so how about a discount on some hardware? i swallow. :)
07:38 PacketHumper kinky
07:38 PacketHumper what are you looking for?
07:38 dr_jkl *giggle*
07:38 dr_jkl i don't know anymore. i've had rum.
07:39 dr_jkl ask me tomorrow. :)
07:39 PacketHumper lol
07:39 dr_jkl i'll tell you what eats
07:39 PacketHumper i wonder what you'd do if i showed you a picture of my desk. lol
07:39 dr_jkl running out of gas on I-75.
07:39 dr_jkl Just you, your car, and the gators.
07:40 PacketHumper lol
07:40 dr_jkl it's worse at night
07:40 PacketHumper how are the gators involved
07:40 dr_jkl because everyone and their mother is doing a dollar-ten down the road, MINIMUM
07:40 PacketHumper cuz that's a level of kinky i've not known.
07:40 PacketHumper yah noticed that
07:40 dr_jkl uh, i75 cuts thru a national preserve
07:41 dr_jkl and sometimes
07:41 PacketHumper cops don't care if you do 90
07:41 dr_jkl if you're out changing a tire in the dark
07:41 PacketHumper blammo
07:41 dr_jkl sometimes they're like 20-30 feet away. you can hear 'em.
07:41 PacketHumper that's why i carry several flashlights, a lantern and a passenger to throw at them.
07:41 dr_jkl the smokies tend to care if you break triple digits on the 'pike, or if you do close to it on the highway
07:42 PacketHumper i just set the cruise at 90 and never had an issue
07:42 dr_jkl but i've been lit up before just so i'll get out of their way, and i was doing like a buck-fifteen
07:42 PacketHumper the law is different down there.
07:42 dr_jkl the hyundai has a nice purr at about 105
07:42 PacketHumper up here it's handled by speed cams and red light cams.
07:43 PacketHumper i got me one o dem battrie cars.
07:43 dr_jkl ugh, red light cams.
07:43 dr_jkl I MISS MY CAMRY.
07:43 PacketHumper (that's how my uncle says it
07:43 dr_jkl I would give no end of sexual favors for a toyota.
07:43 PacketHumper camry's are very nice cars
07:43 PacketHumper oh really?
07:43 PacketHumper lol
07:43 PacketHumper how about for a ride in one. lol
07:44 dr_jkl I haven't owned a car in like three years. It's been difficult.
07:44 PacketHumper how do you get around?  CAT?
07:44 wyeth joined #thegeekgroup
07:44 dr_jkl ooh, look at you!
07:44 dr_jkl community area transit!
07:44 dr_jkl which is a twenty-five cent word for
07:44 dr_jkl THE BUS
07:44 PacketHumper lol
07:45 dr_jkl no, actually. i work a sufficiently different shift than my roomie that i can use his car.
07:45 PacketHumper it's always funny to bring that up.  so many people are offended by the buss
07:45 PacketHumper fun.
07:45 PacketHumper i drive a prius.
07:45 PacketHumper best car i've ever owned.
07:45 dr_jkl PacketHumper: seriously. lol...  you just made my night with the CAT remark
07:45 Monkeh|Lap joined #thegeekgroup
07:45 PacketHumper lol
07:45 * Monkeh|Lap tickles dr_jkl
07:46 dr_jkl lol the sarasota busses
07:46 dr_jkl they're the SCAT, sarasota community area transit
07:46 PacketHumper it's funny, when you pass the buss stop no one is facing the road.  they are always looking into the ditch or brush so they don't get eaten.
07:46 dr_jkl so the folks call 'em scatbuses
07:46 dr_jkl scat = shit = lol
07:46 PacketHumper dr_jkl: i figured it was because they smelled like shit
07:47 PacketHumper if you are still in that area next year i may have to stop by and say hello on my way to the island.
07:47 Monkeh|Lap dr_jkl: So the donation form is fixed. But uh.. my name seems to have disappeared.
07:47 dr_jkl From whre?
07:48 Monkeh|Lap Forums.
07:48 dr_jkl Sigh.
07:48 dr_jkl What's your userid?
07:48 Monkeh|Lap dr_jkl: Assuming you're not looking for a number I can't see, 'monkeh'
07:48 dr_jkl hang on
07:48 Monkeh|Lap Known bug?
07:49 dr_jkl hang oooonnnn
07:49 PacketHumper we need one of those intelligent bots in here
07:49 PacketHumper that you can talk to
07:50 PacketHumper that way you can ask it creepy things.
07:50 angy-work joined #thegeekgroup
07:50 PacketHumper and it gives an even more creepy answer
07:50 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: Just use Seroster for that.
07:50 PacketHumper lol
07:50 PacketHumper one nday i'll learn who everyone is.
07:50 dr_jkl Monkeh|Lap: what do you want your display name to be
07:50 PacketHumper whatever a nday is
07:51 Monkeh|Lap dr_jkl: 'Monkeh' will be fine, so long as it displays it. ;)
07:51 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: Learning who Seroster is may be truamatic.
07:52 PacketHumper lol trying ot put names with faces.
07:52 PacketHumper anyone who wants to add me on facebook my email is
07:52 PacketHumper was hiding on facebook for awhile but might as well add some friends.
07:52 dr_jkl
07:52 dr_jkl that's me.
07:52 Bot-Mobile Title: SDF Public Access UNIX System - Free Shell Account and Shell Access
07:53 angy-work hello dr_jkl
07:54 dr_jkl alors!
07:54 dr_jkl hello
07:54 PacketHumper well hello there
07:54 dr_jkl Monkeh|Lap: try it now?
07:54 sndwrx PacketHumper: I do favors, too.  What kind of hardware do you sell?
07:54 PacketHumper lol
07:54 Monkeh|Lap dr_jkl: Yay, I am no longer anonymous.
07:54 PacketHumper tell me what you need and i'll see if i have it.
07:55 dr_jkl sql update statements ftw
07:55 dr_jkl look at that.
07:55 sndwrx Where are you from, PacketHumper ?
07:55 dr_jkl INSTANT SERVICE. just add mad scientist.
07:55 dr_jkl also
07:55 sndwrx dr_jkl: You're more colorful than I'm used to seeing you.
07:55 angy-work INSTANT SERVICE;
07:55 angy-work :)
07:55 PacketHumper chicago areaish
07:55 dr_jkl PacketHumper: please understand i do not mean this personally
07:56 dr_jkl PacketHumper: this is just my civic duty as a floridian
07:56 sndwrx Ah, cool.  I lived in West Chicago and Sycamore for several years.
07:56 dr_jkl PacketHumper: Fuckin' snowbirds.
07:56 PacketHumper lol
07:56 PacketHumper i'd live there year round if i could.
07:56 dr_jkl oh god
07:56 PacketHumper 500 s coullier blvd
07:56 dr_jkl people from new york
07:56 dr_jkl come down here and drive like they own the road
07:56 PacketHumper you got that right.
07:57 PacketHumper we had a couple of new idiots that just bought a condo.  acted like they owned the place.
07:57 PacketHumper it was funny.
07:58 PacketHumper most of them buy a unit for 1 week out of the year and then spend the whole time complaining that it's too quiet, or too hot, or too cold.
07:58 dr_jkl sndwrx: colorful how?
07:58 PacketHumper our entire family goes down every year at the same time for a month.  it's nice to get away.
07:59 PacketHumper though if i could i'd stay there year round.
07:59 PacketHumper falling asleep to the sound of the waves rolling in..... sigh.
08:00 sndwrx Ugh.
08:00 sndwrx I miss Clearwater.
08:00 astro73|alice joined #thegeekgroup
08:01 dr_jkl hey, astro
08:01 * Monkeh|Lap ponders what to break today
08:01 dr_jkl muppet movie quote quit message FTW
08:02 PacketHumper lol
08:03 PacketHumper and the dog just passed gas.  thanks for that
08:04 dr_jkl ugh dog farts.
08:04 PacketHumper they are nightmarish
08:05 PacketHumper who handles the website?
08:06 dr_jkl I do.
08:06 dr_jkl Moose makes it, I make it run.
08:06 angy-work dr_jkl is very good at it
08:06 PacketHumper go to store, pick store items, and then look at the layout.
08:06 PacketHumper something isn't right.
08:06 dr_jkl thats a moose problem
08:07 PacketHumper does it in ff, and chrome.  IE actually looks correct... which is odd.
08:07 angy-work yeah, we know that it´s a problem, but currently no solutions
08:07 dr_jkl send a screenie and steps to duplicate to helpdesk at
08:07 PacketHumper wish i could help but i'm a hardware/mail guy
08:07 PacketHumper kk
08:07 PacketHumper lol you sure you want my screenshot?
08:07 dr_jkl yes
08:07 PacketHumper it's spread accross 5 monitors.
08:08 dr_jkl no.
08:08 dr_jkl lol
08:08 angy-work use one 200in 3D monitor!
08:08 PacketHumper lol dell 30" ultrasharp
08:08 PacketHumper the 3d tv's give me a headache
08:09 PacketHumper it's super easy to reproduce... just go to store lol
08:09 angy-work I´m not really talking 3d tv, a few step further, 3d reality cave
08:09 angy-work :p
08:09 PacketHumper wake me up when we have holodecks
08:09 PacketHumper and transporters
08:09 PacketHumper that way i can join dr_jkl for some drinking
08:10 PacketHumper yah the store is pretty much broke.
08:10 PacketHumper sorry miss moose
08:10 angy-work we already have holodesk at my office
08:10 PacketHumper where do you work?
08:11 angy-work research lab, helps a lot to have fun technology
08:11 PacketHumper where is it located on the globe?
08:11 PacketHumper i want to work there?
08:11 dr_jkl Fuckbuckets.
08:12 PacketHumper cool name for a company lol
08:12 DruidicRifleman Any one at the lab???
08:12 DruidicRifleman I am bored
08:12 PacketHumper i'm in my own lab... and i'm bored too
08:13 PacketHumper dr got rather quiet.
08:13 angy-work i´m doind minecraft voodoo at my lab
08:13 angy-work it´s across europe
08:13 PacketHumper bummer
08:13 PacketHumper lol
08:13 PacketHumper ooo minecraft.  i can play minecraft.
08:13 PacketHumper if anyone wants to join me they can.
08:14 PacketHumper where the hell did all these chickens come from?
08:14 angy-work I´m mapping my world of minecraft, which is easier when you have access to a 10g internet connexion
08:14 PacketHumper i haven't tried the world of minecraft client.  what's the advantage of it?
08:15 angy-work none, minecraft should only be player in multi
08:16 PacketHumper oh god.  people have been zapping pigs with lightning again. sigh
08:17 PacketHumper yah that's why i started my own server.  single player just isn't fun.
08:17 PacketHumper it's hosted on a pretty hefty server and link so it should easily handle tons of players
08:18 angy-work depend on where you place hefty for servers
08:18 angy-work we may have a quite different scale for that
08:18 PacketHumper lol
08:19 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Use the TGG scale, where 'hefty' means 'anything better than a P3'
08:19 PacketHumper dell r510, 48gb ram, 2x xeon quad core procs, hardware raid.
08:19 angy-work nah, it has since moved to old netburst xeon
08:19 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: Mildly speedy. :P
08:19 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Eeewwww.
08:19 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Keep it away from me.
08:19 PacketHumper lol
08:19 PacketHumper mildly speedy?
08:19 angy-work dell hardwaire raid, so someone still believe in raid that is not LSI?
08:20 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Someone still uses hardware RAID?
08:20 angy-work it greatly depend on which xeon are they
08:20 PacketHumper i don't do software raid.
08:20 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: If they're really quad-core, they're decent enough.
08:20 angy-work Monkeh|Lap: ho yes, once you will have a crash of soft raid, you will never ever do it again
08:20 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: You don't do reliable, consistent, portable RAID. Okay. ;)
08:20 PacketHumper lol
08:21 PacketHumper software raid = nightmare
08:21 angy-work and when you need DAS, you have no choice
08:21 PacketHumper never had a software raid work.
08:21 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Sorry, I trust it a lot more than I trust some chinese made card which has to be replaced with a totally identical one or nothing works.
08:21 angy-work as well as when you do raid50 or 60
08:21 PacketHumper raid 60 with a full server backup to san.
08:21 PacketHumper hourly snapshots.
08:21 PacketHumper recovery is a piece of cake.
08:22 angy-work I urge you to check your consistency if you do soft raid on more than 2 disks
08:22 PacketHumper lol exactly
08:22 angy-work I bet (and I´m sure of it) that your raid is not consistent
08:22 PacketHumper i'm fully loaded.
08:22 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: My array is consistent.
08:22 PacketHumper and that's why i run hardware
08:22 dr_jkl goodnight goys.
08:22 dr_jkl boys*
08:22 PacketHumper even in my desktop
08:22 angy-work nigh dr_jkl
08:22 PacketHumper lol nigh dr
08:22 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: As a matter of fact my largest array was recently thoroughly checked due to a drive dropping. No problems.
08:23 angy-work it was not checked
08:23 angy-work the only soft raid I do is zfs
08:23 angy-work because it´s better than hard raid :)
08:23 PacketHumper well zfs is marginally safe.
08:23 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
08:23 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
08:23 PacketHumper but i trust hardware raid.
08:23 angy-work zfs is safer than anything you can imagine when you know it well
08:23 PacketHumper and why would you ever want to change out a raid card for a different one?
08:24 angy-work and it´s the only way to export full 10Tb+ volume without having speed issues
08:24 PacketHumper yah i break my volumes down to 6tb chunks
08:24 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: Why would you ever be sure you can obtain an identical card with identical firmware on demand unless you keep them on hand?
08:24 PacketHumper why wouldn't you keep one on hand?
08:25 PacketHumper i only buy/deal with dell hardware so i always have them on hand.
08:25 Monkeh|Lap Why wouldn't I pay £500 for one in the first place? Right..
08:25 angy-work you don´t need identical cards
08:25 angy-work that´s why you should use real raid card
08:25 angy-work volume import exists
08:25 PacketHumper and most of the cards store the configs on each drive
08:25 PacketHumper i've pulled drives from one box and popped them in another and bam off and running.
08:25 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: 'most of'? God help me, if I find a card which doesn't store it on the drives..
08:26 PacketHumper hardware raid isn't what it was back in the day.
08:26 angy-work LSI SAS 9280 will allow you to raid all your drive and export import across firmware and cards
08:26 PacketHumper it only matters if you don't have a backup of your data
08:26 angy-work oh, I found out, Monkeh|Lap uses SATA, not SAS
08:26 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: And yes, actually, it was checked.
08:26 angy-work I said consistency check, not mdadm check
08:26 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: God forbid I not have access to £15000 of equipment.
08:26 PacketHumper who in the IT world doesn't backup their data?
08:27 angy-work that is quite different
08:27 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: Depends what the data is.
08:27 angy-work LSI mega raid is $700 card
08:27 PacketHumper true.  porn can be replaced.
08:27 PacketHumper i do photography and will occasionally do a wedding.
08:28 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Good for it. Find me a slot to put it in, a case which can support all those drives by itself, and... Wait, sorry, that's actually more expensive than the entire setup I have. By itself.
08:28 PacketHumper all of my data no matter what it is is fully backed up daily with hourly snapshots
08:28 angy-work Monkeh|Lap: yeah, but your setup is not enterprise grade, and will not support 100s of users using it
08:28 angy-work it´s the huge different, I´m not talking home raid box here
08:29 PacketHumper lol i am...
08:29 PacketHumper this is turning into a nerd war.
08:29 Monkeh|Lap When you decide to get into these arguments about RAID, you may want to consider that people have viewpoints which don't include budgets of tens of thousands of dollars.
08:29 angy-work for home, go with soft raid, it will crash eventually or be corrupted by the kernel, but don´t care, it´s home data
08:29 PacketHumper not many people use hardware raid in their workstations and even in their laptop.
08:29 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: I do care, and no it won't.
08:29 PacketHumper i've lost data on every software raid i've ever used.
08:30 angy-work but soft raid will corrupt, if you don´t see how and don´t see how mdadm or gmirror will not found out, go back with kernel and you´ll find
08:30 angy-work or just search the web for soft raid corruption
08:30 PacketHumper oh here are the procs on my minecraft server.... 2x Xeon E5620
08:30 PacketHumper at 2.4ghz
08:31 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: How is hardware RAID any different, except for being totally closed and running on a seperate CPU?
08:32 PacketHumper the system doesn't have to handle the load, it's a dedicated device that handles all the storage and calculations.
08:32 PacketHumper in my case it has a battery which backs up the write buffer
08:32 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: .. And? My CPU can add 2+2 just as well as any other.
08:32 PacketHumper so no data is lost
08:32 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: I have a pair of gigantic batteries which back mine up. And let it flush and shut down cleanly.
08:32 PacketHumper not trying to pick a fight.
08:32 angy-work it´s always the same problem, block level access versus bit access
08:33 PacketHumper angy and i are just enterprise level admins.
08:33 PacketHumper we think and run with that idea in our minds at all times.
08:33 angy-work and there is a very weird handling of badblock using soft raid
08:33 Monkeh|Lap I'd love to be if there were a job worth a shit within a hundred miles of me.
08:33 PacketHumper sadly though i'm not the only it guy on my block who has a backup gennie
08:33 angy-work md is not aware of badblock and tries to access them even though the drive says their are bad
08:33 PacketHumper monkeh if i had more clients i'd hire you.
08:34 angy-work you need to run badblock thing on your raid device from time to time
08:34 PacketHumper but i have just enough clients to keep the lights on.
08:34 Monkeh|Lap My POV would most certainly change if I could ever afford to actually use these things for myself, until then I see lots of downsides, not including the price (which is UTTERLY obscene, thank you very much)
08:34 Monkeh|Lap And of course there's the eternal closed vs open development model problem.
08:35 angy-work and you should check from time to time the sync and mismatch on your raid
08:35 PacketHumper sadly i came across these dell r510's when my client went under and didn't pay me for them.  i couldn't return them.
08:35 PacketHumper that i understand.
08:35 angy-work md can be aware of mismatch and not try to correct them, because the block is said to be good but is in reality bad
08:35 PacketHumper cost hurts
08:36 angy-work the funnier thing I ever came across on soft raid was a complete silent corruption
08:36 PacketHumper though i wonder... does an intel ich10 capable of raid5 count as hardware or software?
08:36 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: .. software.
08:36 angy-work after a drive lost in a 3-way mirror (leaving 2 drives), reconstruct OK by md, all good
08:36 PacketHumper aangy that is what happened to me.  was fiddling with linux just for storage and one day random files were empty.
08:36 angy-work compute sha checksum of a file, copy it, compute checksum
08:37 angy-work and there, different checksums
08:37 PacketHumper ok so technically i have one box with a software raid then.
08:37 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Only corrupted soft RAID I've had was due to a head crash in the middle of a sync. That was nice..
08:37 angy-work silent corruption
08:37 PacketHumper hmmm actually 2 then.  my m6600 has a raid 5 with 3 256gb sata 3 ssd's.
08:37 angy-work most of the time, I had silent corruptions
08:37 angy-work that is why I don´t do soft raid anymore
08:38 angy-work except zfs
08:38 Monkeh|Lap I've had lots of silent corruption thanks to Windows in the past. Never had an issue with my RAIDs though.
08:38 PacketHumper wait... why does intel call it hardware raid if it's software?
08:38 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: Because the 'hardware' does it.
08:38 angy-work yeah, windows /is/ a silent corruption :o
08:38 PacketHumper well then my ich10 controllers are hardware then.
08:38 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: And by that they mean the option ROM run briefly by the BIOS before the OS takes over.
08:38 angy-work it´s harstraid for intel
08:38 angy-work it´s a combinasion of the two in a weird way
08:38 PacketHumper ah
08:38 PacketHumper yah figures
08:39 PacketHumper i've at least never had that go wrong.
08:39 PacketHumper even if it does though i have a full backup.
08:39 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Only good thing about it is a standardised container format which both Linux and Windows can understand. That I like.
08:39 angy-work :)
08:39 PacketHumper windows software raid = deathtrap for data
08:39 Monkeh|Lap I would not object to hardware controllers nearly as much if they used an industry standard container which would allow me to access my data WITHOUT the obscenely expensive card if needed.
08:39 angy-work I don´t do raid anymore on my computers, only raid thing I still have is the filer
08:40 angy-work which run solaris, hence zfs
08:40 angy-work it´s doable in mirror arrays
08:40 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: I've looked into ZFS but it's not reliably supported on any OS I care to use daily.
08:40 angy-work not in anyothers
08:40 angy-work freebsd
08:40 PacketHumper had a box which ran server08r2 and used it just for data storage.  software raid5.  kept getting messages that it was resyncing constantly.
08:40 angy-work or debian k/bsd
08:40 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Debian is a deal breaker with me. FreeBSD I don't get along with.
08:40 Monkeh|Lap G/FBSD is not quite ready yet.
08:40 PacketHumper turns out the bios was writing it's config to a random drive every time and killing the raid.
08:41 angy-work it´s currently... funny
08:41 angy-work there is another linux that have a port of zfs, but I don´t remember which
08:41 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: ZFS is available for Linux.
08:41 Monkeh|Lap It's userspace, way behind other implementations.
08:41 angy-work yeah, but fuse is useless
08:41 angy-work I don´t call it a port
08:42 Monkeh|Lap Until it catches up to where FBSD is (which is behind Solaris..) in kernel-space, I'm not interested
08:43 Monkeh|Lap Ah, it did catch up.
08:43 Monkeh|Lap Then they got bought out and it stopped.
08:43 angy-work opensolaris was awesome for filers
08:43 angy-work but is oracle dead now
08:44 PacketHumper lol oracle bought sun and destroyed every product they made
08:44 PacketHumper like virtual box
08:44 angy-work I would have to go see if the constellation still exists
08:45 angy-work they tried to kill mysql as well
08:45 PacketHumper yah
08:45 PacketHumper there were many angry nerds when they tried
08:45 PacketHumper it's past my bedtime if i'm going to read.  nice to meet you all.
08:45 PacketHumper monkeh  where are you from?
08:46 Monkeh|Lap Butt end of nowhere, GB.
08:46 PacketHumper bummer.  if you were near chicago i'd ask around for you.
08:47 PacketHumper every once in awhile there is an opening at a server farm around here.
08:47 angy-work ohhhh, you´re farming servers! :p
08:47 angy-work don´t water them too much
08:47 PacketHumper i have pointed many people in that direction.  not glorious but it's a foot in the door.
08:47 Monkeh|Lap PacketHumper: Is that when fat Karl walks into the datacenter and they have to scramble to replace headcrashed drives? :P
08:47 PacketHumper and you have to feed them electrons.
08:48 PacketHumper rofl
08:48 angy-work sun did a study using very loud music and how it affects hard drives
08:48 Monkeh|Lap (I have a VPS in Chicago, I have some experience of the local DCs from over here. Some of them... not so good.)
08:48 angy-work the conclusion was to have your drives in a very quiet env
08:48 PacketHumper one of my buddies works at one, he basically sits there until he gets a request to reboot a box.  he usually just logs into the RAC and power cycles it. then goes back to trolling reddit.
08:48 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Music = vibration = bad.
08:49 angy-work yeah, but classical is better than metal, which in turns is better than electornic
08:49 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: I know something worse than music.
08:49 PacketHumper i just use my shure in ears
08:49 angy-work know I know I can have my servers listening to classical whitout damaging them a lot
08:49 PacketHumper lol night guys.
08:49 angy-work I have a vibration chamber down in the lab, I could have fun with that and a hard drive
08:50 angy-work bight
08:50 angy-work night
08:50 angy-work eventhought it´s 10am :p
08:50 Monkeh|Lap Night PacketHumper
08:50 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: 0850, barbarian
08:50 PacketHumper it's 2:50 am here
08:50 Monkeh|Lap UTC or no time at all. :P
08:50 PacketHumper lol
08:50 angy-work TAI!
08:50 PacketHumper left #thegeekgroup
08:50 angy-work UTC is no more a standard, fu** leap second
08:51 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: Mmm, they do like to mindfuck with leap seconds.
08:51 angy-work it´s a very big problem in banking systems
08:51 Monkeh|Lap Banking systems have bigger problems.
08:52 angy-work all systems have bigger problems, but that one is a very huge for interconnecting old mainframes and nez ones
08:52 angy-work one of them does leap, the other don´t. but I don´t remember which is which
08:52 Monkeh|Lap And of course you can't get them to just use NTP and be happy?
08:52 angy-work nope
08:53 Monkeh|Lap (or a GPS clock)
08:53 Monkeh|Lap (I'd like a cheap GPS clock.)
08:53 Monkeh|Lap There's a mission for you, go find me a nice cheap device I can attach a serial port to and get time from. :P
08:53 angy-work NTP is not precise enough, but I don´t remember what they use
08:54 angy-work I have one somewhere, it´s a repurposed GPS receiver
08:54 Monkeh|Lap NTP's fairly precise, too. If used properly.
08:54 angy-work but it´s not precise time as GPS already deviated
08:54 Monkeh|Lap angy-work: If you're trying to coordinate two systems in different locations, GPS is about as good as you'll get.
08:55 angy-work always the same problem of precision required
08:55 Monkeh|Lap Go ask CERN to set up your clocks.
08:55 angy-work GPS is awesome for coordination
08:55 angy-work we have CERN clocks here
08:55 angy-work we have two 2-tier atomic clocks in the lab
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10:49 einball joined #thegeekgroup
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10:58 einball Oh yeah ... I can see my problem: Iam too far away from the lab!
10:59 y007-nb lol
11:01 einball Not really funny. At least for me.
11:01 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
11:05 MadManMarkAu Wheeee~
11:05 MadManMarkAu I just got a home made postcard from TGG radio :D
11:09 MadManMarkAu Looks like it was signed at one point, but it got wet :/
11:10 tonsofpcs einball: yyou can see that?
11:10 tonsofpcs MadManMarkAu: QSL?
11:10 einball tonsofpcs: Yes
11:11 MadManMarkAu Unfortunately not
11:11 MadManMarkAu "Hi, it's Mitchell McCoy at the radio station @ TGG. Thanks for your support and Happy Holidays!"
11:20 einball Radio refers to radio in the usual sense "brodacasting" or "web radio"?
11:33 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
11:38 einball Yummy! Coffee!
11:39 y007-nb sigh
11:39 y007-nb i have to go to school later
11:39 y007-nb but today is our robotics meeting so thats one upside
11:40 einball I don't know whats your local time, but it's lunch time over here in germany. And holiday time :)
11:40 y007-nb its 5:40AM
11:41 einball You've been up the whole night?
11:41 y007-nb no
11:42 y007-nb i woke up at 3
11:42 einball Why? (Iam shocked!)
11:42 tonsofpcs Thu Jan  5 06:42:47 EST 2012
11:43 einball Its like 12:45 over here
11:43 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
11:44 einball And I hear the black box (kitchen) working .. so lunch should drop out of there soon
11:45 einball I got tons of stuff to throw away ... That is to sad ... :(
11:47 einball Fans, cables, resistors, embedded hardware, amps, McDonalds voucher
11:47 Ponko lol
11:47 Ponko mcds voucher
11:48 einball (No joke! It's right beneath me in the bin!)
11:48 Ponko lol i didn't say it was but it was the placing of the list
11:49 einball I couldn't remember the other stuff ... too painful to remember ;)
11:49 Ponko lol
11:50 einball And all that just .. for the sake of emtpy storage space
11:51 Ponko hey its worth it
11:52 einball Is it? Why?
11:52 einball I'd like to donate to TGG but I can't afford the transport overseas
11:57 roadran422|zZz HI all
12:00 roadran422 botsteve: tell batsteve that I said, what did you do now? Punch a hole in the harddrive of the computer? Really, another 24 hrs! :P
12:01 roadran422 bot-mobile: tell batsteve that I said, what did you do now? Punch a hole in the harddrive of the computer? Really, another 24 hrs! :P
12:01 Bot-Mobile roadran422: I'll pass that on when Batsteve is around.
12:01 roadran422 Thanks Bot-Mobile
12:01 Bot-Mobile Happy to help, roadran422
12:05 Ponko hmm
12:06 angy-afk-work hello P´ky
12:06 Ponko hello angy-afk-work
12:06 Ponko you seem to be in a hectic situation
12:06 angy-afk-work standard for here
12:07 Ponko ah well you're fine then lol
12:13 Ponko brb windows update
12:19 kiks joined #thegeekgroup
12:19 einball "Anyone who has old HeNe lasers [...]" lol ... CO2 lasers are also welcome? :P
12:23 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
12:26 electricguy this cheap RPM meter can be fun to do something with. it's very hackable! as it's based on a Atmel AT89S52 CPU
12:26 electricguy
12:27 electricguy
12:31 einball A At89 in a commercial product? *like*
12:33 electricguy yeah :)
12:33 electricguy in a device that cheap too. pretty weird
12:41 einball WEE! Big caps .. :3
12:42 einball But no 555 or coil wire ..
12:44 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
12:44 electricguy lol
12:45 electricguy the difinition of big caps is a bit fuzzy :P
12:45 electricguy to me they are tiny :)
12:45 y007-nb joined #thegeekgroup
12:46 einball Well ... Normally I work with low voltage low energy stuff. So any capacitor bigger than 5 by 5 cm is HUGE ;)
12:47 einball But I'd love to test some tesla coild related stuff
12:47 einball -d
12:47 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
12:48 electricguy lol okey :P
12:49 einball Eg. a small musical tesla coil to wake me up every morning with the tetris melody or something like that
12:50 electricguy that would be totally awesome :P
12:52 electricguy i wonder if this light meter is Atmel based too. the casing looks very similar
12:52 Bot-Mobile Title: 50000Lux 2.1" LCD Digital Light Meter - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
12:52 einball electricguy: Buy&Try :)
12:53 electricguy maybe XD
12:53 electricguy but i don't have any use for a Lux meter XD
12:54 einball Uhm .. thats the first step "generate a need"
12:54 electricguy lol
12:54 electricguy yeah XD
12:57 einball Wow .. water from the sky, horizontal water, water from the bottom ... That's what I'd call a storm over here
12:57 electricguy this brand sounds very familiar.. *cough*
12:58 Bot-Mobile Title: Rubicon Electroprobe Large (with Slot Screw Driver) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
12:58 electricguy swap the i with a y and you'll get a capacitor instead :3
12:59 einball rubicon is not common here in germany :)
13:01 electricguy hehe
13:02 einball Hmm, why a tesla coil? Take a higher frequency and generate plasma :)
13:02 electricguy this scopemeter looks nice
13:02 electricguy i wonder if it's any good
13:02 Bot-Mobile Title: DSO1060 5.7" LCD 60MHz 2-Channel Handheld Scopemeter Oscilloscope with USB Host/Device - Free Shipping - DealExtreme
13:02 angy-afk-work left #thegeekgroup
13:03 einball It will do fine. But don't try to exceed 40Mhz :)
13:04 electricguy hell no XD
13:04 electricguy i'm thinking of buying something for my portable lab...
13:04 electricguy maybe a DSO nano or DSO quad is better for that tough
13:04 electricguy they are much smaller
13:05 einball "portable lab"? Uhm .. No way for me :)
13:05 electricguy lol :P
13:06 electricguy of course i have a real stationary lab too :P
13:06 electricguy but i'm working on a portable one too :)
13:08 wannabe-zz how is it portable?
13:08 einball What is a "lab" for you?
13:08 electricguy wannabe1987, ok, luggable :P a number of boxes and cases with stuff to build up a functional mini lab :)
13:09 electricguy (electronics lab)
13:09 wannabe1987 doesn't sound very portable to me :P
13:09 wannabe1987 and goodmorning
13:09 electricguy portable enough ;)
13:09 electricguy morning wannabe1987
13:09 electricguy and, to be even more geeky i'm planning to build a MORE portable lab, ie. backpack size
13:10 electricguy currently looking for a cheap laptop backpack
13:10 electricguy they are more suitable cause more square
13:10 einball Hmm
13:10 einball I don't even have a lab :)
13:10 einball It's just a junk collection
13:10 electricguy lol :P
13:12 einball (but it's large .. :P)
13:12 electricguy LOL XD
13:13 einball (do you ned a proof ? :P)
13:14 electricguy nah :P
13:15 einball Goddamnit weather out there .. Iam not a FISH!
13:15 roadran422 wannabe1987: HI!
13:22 wannabe1987 hi
13:23 wannabe1987 sorry, i was reading packethumper and dr_jkl's convo from after i went to bed.  too funny
13:23 wannabe1987 and now i must go shower....bbl
13:24 LemLap amusing things going down on the camera atm
13:25 electricguy ?
13:26 Zugan joined #thegeekgroup
13:31 yNos 'lo all
13:32 Bot-Mobile ynos: I have the following messages for you:
13:32 Bot-Mobile At 01:20Z, producerBill asked me to tell ynos I got 2 4 GB flash sticks for the NAS servers today. They should work as boot/OS drives I put them by the server in the Astroloundge so,,, there you go.
13:32 yNos woot!
13:32 ajcc yNos: 'lo, same time as yesterday too:)
13:32 yNos takes the same amount of time to walk out of a meeting to my desk ;)
13:34 ajcc :)
13:35 electricguy hi hi yNos
13:35 ajcc hi electricguy
13:35 electricguy oh hi ajcc :)
13:35 ajcc doing better?
13:35 electricguy not much
13:35 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
13:38 NeWtoz .c 119 cm in
13:38 Bot-Mobile 0.030226 m^(2)
13:38 NeWtoz ...
13:38 electricguy lol
13:38 electricguy .c 119cm to in
13:38 Bot-Mobile 46.8503937 in
13:38 NeWtoz .c 119cm to inches
13:38 Bot-Mobile 46.8503937 inches
13:39 wannabe1987 oh noes, its Seroster
13:39 NeWtoz .c 149cm to inches
13:39 Bot-Mobile 58.6614173 inches
13:39 NeWtoz .c 149cm to feet
13:39 Bot-Mobile 4.88845144 feet
13:40 electricguy i wonder if killakee is sober today :P
13:41 ajcc are people doing drunk irc:ing??
13:41 wannabe1987 why wouldn't he be?
13:41 wannabe1987 some people do....
13:41 wannabe1987 and hi CaptainNiobe :)
13:41 electricguy wannabe1987, you never know ;P
13:42 wannabe1987 he's got young children under his care, why would he be drunk?
13:42 electricguy he didn't say anything yesterday, so maybe he was loading up even more XD
13:42 ajcc well, now that I think about it, it's not uncommon to find drunk people in the netbsd chat at 1AM on a friday or saturday
13:43 electricguy lol
13:44 CaptainNiobe hi :) sorry, was in the shower...
13:44 electricguy *waves to CaptainNiobe*
13:44 wannabe1987 you're allowed....
13:44 wannabe1987 i just saw a green dot by your name on fb so i knew you were up :D
13:45 CaptainNiobe ahh... yeah... except i no longer change my status when i go to bed, i just mute the computer now lol
13:45 wannabe1987 lol
13:45 wannabe1987 plus its like....what, 9 at night there?
13:45 wannabe1987 i suck with overseas time zones :P
13:46 CaptainNiobe lol... 11:45pm
13:46 ajcc we're kind of a lost cause, NetBSD didn't get the funding to develop the "next and amazing" release, a lot of things were planed and yeah... we're just mourning all days long. and we're happy if there's a message from the mailing-lists, (it usually happens 1 or 2 a month, :( )
13:46 wannabe1987 yeah
13:46 wannabe1987 see?
13:46 wannabe1987 w00t into the 40s today :D
13:46 CaptainNiobe it's ok, i do know mom is 15 hours behind me... and i know it's almost 9am in gr...
13:46 wannabe1987 means the white shit will melt!
13:46 ajcc into the 40s?
13:46 wannabe1987 yeah.
13:47 wannabe1987 mom and i have the same timezone
13:48 CaptainNiobe ahh, ok... so just remember, i'm currently 15 hours ahead of you... when your daylight savings comes in, i'll be 14 hours ahead (queensland doesn't get daylight savings - a fact i am profoundly grateful for lol)
13:48 wannabe1987 yeah, i suck at counting :P
13:48 ajcc if think everyone should use Newton degress, N instead of F
13:48 wannabe1987 i should *probably* get dressed, i have to leave in like 10 minutes
13:49 Seroster What
13:49 CaptainNiobe jusr to the opposite to what it is, plus 3 - your midday, make it your midnight, plus 3, so 3am here
13:49 ajcc Newton based his scale after the time he could hold his hand in hot water, before the pain got to much
13:49 Seroster Newton degrees, ajcc?
13:49 Seroster Areyou fucking trolling?
13:49 ajcc nope
13:49 Seroster Well kindly tell newton to go fuck himself, will ya?
13:49 Seroster Use kelvin instead..
13:50 wannabe1987 maybe some have better pain tolerances with hot water than others....
13:50 electricguy what's wrong with Celcius?...
13:51 electricguy more logical to have 0C as freezing point :P
13:51 Seroster electricguy I
13:51 electricguy Seroster I
13:51 Seroster I'd argue that celcius makes more sense than farenheit
13:51 Seroster I hit enter instead of ', my bad.
13:52 y007-nb joined #thegeekgroup
13:53 ajcc well, Celcius vs. Kelvin is like arguing that the french meter stick is more correct than the lenght light travels at a given time
13:54 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
13:56 Seroster Newtondegree is the stupidest I have heard about to date
13:56 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
13:56 Seroster Second stupidest in farenheit, then celcius and lastly kelvin
13:57 electricguy seroisly, how the fuck can this guy have so many views?!? o_O;feature=relmfu
13:58 * ajcc was wrong about Newtons temperature scale, it's another guy who did the hand thing, Newton used a line-seed thermometer and used some known constants to scale it
13:58 electricguy here he connects a inverter with HF output straight to a DMM...;feature=g-vrec&amp;context=G2d3e4bcRVAAAAAAAAAA
13:58 NeWtoz your momma is the second stupidest temperature scale
14:00 dr_jkl newtoz; yo' momma so dumb she thought tupac shakur was a jewish holiday
14:00 electricguy *rim shot*
14:04 NeWtoz heh
14:05 ajcc just to clear things up, a video about Temperature, from The University of Nottingham
14:14 Seroster Wtf electricguy, he's almost as stupoid as photy
14:15 electricguy photy?
14:15 ajcc about Kelvin, Celcius and Fahrenheit
14:16 ajcc :/ why are people complaing about Photonicinduction all the time?
14:16 Seroster Because he's annoying?
14:17 Seroster And a hazard to himself and people around him?
14:21 Ponko because he's from South London
14:21 electricguy nothing wrong with him..
14:22 Ponko no course not lol
14:22 Ponko he's alright
14:22 ajcc I really like Photonicinduction
14:22 Ponko me too
14:22 electricguy i don't think he would have a whole frickin wall with diplomas about electrical safety and other stuff and run his own electric installation and service company if  he didn't know what he's dealing with..
14:23 Ponko yeah tell that to sero
14:23 Ponko and all the other haters
14:24 electricguy he got full control all the time, but he's just fooling around in his videos.
14:24 ajcc you should tell them what PWM is and why it's not a magical solution to just about anything, because that annoy the crap out of me.
14:25 Ponko i like the one where he's green screening himself driving lol
14:25 ajcc hehe
14:25 electricguy lol yeah. that one is funny as hell XD
14:25 ajcc
14:26 ajcc is Bot-Steven asleep today?
14:26 ajcc a new autopsy video
14:26 Ponko yep another 24hrs
14:27 electricguy ooh autopsy!
14:28 Ponko how would you pronounce Stobart
14:28 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
14:28 Ponko Stob-Art or Stow-Bart
14:31 Ponko i like the new intro
14:32 ajcc yep, the Michelangelo intro is beautiful
14:32 ajcc I hope someone donates a video-capture card for the overhead sony cam, it looked quite awesome
14:33 ajcc I'm trying to find one for myself, it's hard!
14:33 electricguy PCI tv tuners use to have composite video in
14:33 electricguy i got some ASUS tv tuner with that. it's a pretty good capture card
14:34 ajcc donate it :)
14:34 electricguy hell no :P i use it myself  :)
14:34 ajcc oh
14:34 ajcc ok :)
14:34 ajcc does it have S-Video in as well?
14:34 electricguy but as analog tv barely exists anymore you can probably find those cards cheap
14:34 electricguy no only composite
14:34 ajcc I thought so too
14:36 electricguy just search on pci tv tuner on ebay :P
14:36 electricguy there are a LOT of them XD
14:38 electricguy the only thing you have to do first is to use a tv tuner software to switch the card over to composite video
14:38 electricguy then it acts like any other video capture devicd
14:38 electricguy device*
14:40 ajcc k.
14:40 ajcc I'd like to find one that works in Linux as well :), which might be a bit of a tall order
14:40 electricguy LOL yeh
14:40 ajcc there are some WinTV ones that works, but there's two or three decades of different WinTV cards
14:41 electricguy mkay
14:41 ajcc wow, the production on the autopsy videos are really awesome now days :), I watched some really old ones on X-Ray heads and Transformers earlier today
14:45 N_M joined #thegeekgroup
14:47 astro73|alice still not connected to anything at work, but at least i have a student employee badge
14:50 yNos back.. i hate meetingdays..
14:51 yNos but at least i am out earlier.. have to go get my front end aligned to mah back end ;)
14:51 ajcc electricguy: can you capture the video from editing software directly?
14:51 electricguy why do you want tot capture it from a editing program?
14:53 yNos so what kind of fun are we working on today?
14:53 electricguy i'm wathing the new autopsy vid atm XD
14:53 electricguy watching*
14:54 yNos hmm
14:55 electricguy i want a camera housing so i can mount my CCD camera outdoors..
14:56 electricguy hmm.... maybe i'll build one..
14:57 electricguy need some plastic box, some rubber bushings and a piece of glass
15:07 ajcc yNos: Oh, I got a question for you. I'm working on installing a usefull OS onto my eMac and I have some problems with it, so I'd like to capture the terminal in some sort of way. I know that I can get a serial console, but I'm thinking about how to capture the actuall things typed, in a way that's useful. Plain bytes and reformatig it?, the reciving end is a PC running Debian.
15:11 y007-nb joined #thegeekgroup
15:11 yNos are you thinking of script?
15:11 yNos for grabbing the output as it streams over the terminal?
15:11 ajcc yes, something along those lines
15:12 yNos man script
15:13 ajcc hey that's just what I need, thanks! :D
15:14 yNos np
15:19 Monkeh Why do chairs suck so badly?
15:19 ajcc buy a piano bench?
15:20 Monkeh ajcc: Not quite suitable.
15:31 electricguy can anyone guess what this is? :P
15:32 ajcc a big blur hiding a ship?
15:32 electricguy no :P
15:32 electricguy censorship :D
15:32 ajcc hehe
15:33 electricguy meanwhile in Japan..
15:33 ajcc why are those never getting cheaper?
15:33 ajcc 18.40 is ok though
15:33 electricguy that's not expensive
15:33 ajcc that's one dirty broom
15:34 electricguy lol
15:36 Ponko omg i LOVE the kick a buck ad
15:36 electricguy yeh it's pretty funny :P
15:37 electricguy LOL!
15:37 ajcc those are actually useful, the ones with the memory which you can step-through
15:38 electricguy yeah i have thought of buying one of those
15:38 electricguy they are really cheap
15:38 ajcc yep, make sure it's one with a memory
15:38 electricguy yeah :P
15:38 electricguy or if you have good reaction time :P
15:39 ajcc :P
15:39 ajcc bbl, dinner time
15:39 * ajcc &
15:39 electricguy oki
15:39 electricguy LOL! win!
15:42 yNos yaychez olgas for lunch:D
15:43 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
15:43 joek248 joined #thegeekgroup
15:43 joek248 Hello The Geek Group
15:44 yNos Hello
15:44 joek248 hey YNOS
15:46 electricguy hi hi joek248
15:46 yNos joek248: how are things in chi area?
15:47 joek248 hey electricguy
15:47 yNos at least i think that is a chi area wildwest addy...
15:47 joek248 am in royal oak Michigan
15:48 yNos ahh
15:48 yNos nice
15:48 joek248 BRB
15:50 joek248 left #thegeekgroup
15:51 joebking248 joined #thegeekgroup
15:52 joebking248 left #thegeekgroup
15:55 joebk248 joined #thegeekgroup
15:56 joebk248 left #thegeekgroup
15:58 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
15:59 sndwrx It's really driving me nuts trying to find this site.
15:59 sndwrx It's kind of fun, sometimes there's useful info.
15:59 sndwrx I don't know what your needs are, ajcc, but this could supplement what you're trying to record from the command line.
16:00 sndwrx It's basically a site like YouTube, but it's strictly streams of people working in CLI.
16:02 joe248 joined #thegeekgroup
16:02 joe248 back
16:03 joe248 Greeting The  Greek Group
16:03 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
16:05 sndwrx AHA
16:06 sndwrx It's
16:08 * yNos likes tight sweaters.. omg
16:09 yNos dems like a mammory amplifier
16:09 yNos dont know how it works.
16:09 yNos magic
16:09 sndwrx Magnets?
16:09 * BitViper yawns and stretches
16:09 yNos could be..
16:17 sndwrx And playterm relies on ttyrec.
16:22 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
16:22 wannabe1987 yay for unsecured internets!
16:23 wannabe1987 hello?
16:23 Monkeh goodbye
16:23 Monkeh :P
16:23 wannabe1987 :OP
16:23 wannabe1987 :P*
16:23 wannabe1987 hi monkeh
16:23 Monkeh 'lo
16:23 wannabe1987 hows the uk?
16:24 Monkeh Wet, windy, and severely lacking in lumbar support
16:24 wannabe1987 i'm sorry to hear that
16:24 wannabe1987 its snowy, sunny, blue sky here
16:24 wannabe1987 :D
16:24 Monkeh boo.
16:24 wannabe1987 .tfw 49546
16:24 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
16:24 wannabe1987 awww
16:24 Monkeh Foiled!
16:24 wannabe1987 the bot died
16:24 wannabe1987 both bots died
16:24 * wannabe1987 holds funeral
16:25 sndwrx Hey what are you doing in my zip code?
16:25 * einball holds the plug in his hands
16:25 wannabe1987 i'm at calvin....
16:25 * wannabe1987 glares at einball
16:25 sndwrx Ah, cool.
16:25 einball Keep rollin' !
16:25 einball :)
16:26 wannabe1987 yeah....kate's working on grad school apps (i'm not jealous) for her phd and then at 12:30 we're gonna listen to mr varineau speak at the january series
16:26 wannabe1987 and then more grad school stuff after that !
16:26 wannabe1987 so i have my computer.  and book.  and knitting
16:28 Kaytee there's linux-native serious sam
16:28 wannabe1987 because noone told you
16:28 einball THERE IS!?
16:28 wannabe1987 and my friend (kate) was telling me about linux (ubuntu) that she puts on a netbook....(as she has a netbook as well)
16:28 einball I just played that game with my brother :)
16:28 wannabe1987 ajprog_laptop: any progress?
16:29 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
16:29 wannabe1987 hi sparky :)
16:29 SparkyProjects Hi
16:29 sndwrx wannabe1987: Some netbook specific version, or what?
16:29 SparkyProjects Botsteve is offline for 24 hours
16:29 wannabe1987 unity?
16:30 wannabe1987 botmobile was here for a while, but he's not here anymore either
16:30 sndwrx Unity is the GUI that newer versions of Ubuntu use.
16:30 wannabe1987 gui?
16:30 * electricguy got noms! :D mahahaha!
16:30 sndwrx Not the version of Ubuntu.
16:30 sndwrx Graphical User Interface
16:30 wannabe1987 then i dont know....she walked away, so i can ask her when she gets back...
16:31 wannabe1987 windows takes up too much of my ram/cpu stuffs so i'd like something smaller on ubuntu!  and then i can be geeky :P
16:31 wannabe1987 geekier ?
16:31 einball Windows versus Ubuntu? No big difference ;)
16:31 sndwrx You need to learn the basics, like "GUI", to be geekier. :P
16:31 wannabe1987 everyone uses acronyms, so i never learn!
16:32 sndwrx But yeah, Ubuntu has become pretty bloated in the last few versions.
16:32 sndwrx Let me give you a tip:
16:32 sndwrx Google's pretty good at it, too.  :P
16:33 einball xubuntu is imho better. I use a GUIless ubuntu with fluxbox
16:33 wannabe1987 yeah.  i just wish i had a faster browser to look up acronyms with...i just rebooted the browser tho
16:33 electricguy i have tried xubuntu and lubuntu. total crap
16:34 einball Crap - why?
16:34 sndwrx Of course, I haven't used it in a couple years, but Puppy linux was always touted as being relaitely light on resources.
16:34 sndwrx er, what?
16:34 einball Puppy will no longer be developed
16:34 electricguy einball, hard to find drivers, very limited OS, barely any settings at all..
16:34 wannabe1987 awww poor puppy
16:34 sndwrx Oh really?  Sad day.
16:34 einball Uh, stop! that was DSL, not puppy
16:34 sndwrx It's...Ubuntu.
16:34 sndwrx With a different GUI.
16:34 electricguy regular ubuntu is better, but i don't really like linux anyways, so i'm not a expert at it :P
16:35 wannabe1987 w00t 6000 members strong :D
16:35 sndwrx Where?
16:35 einball I used Debian on my netbook. No way ... At the moment I use Mint. I like it, as it supports my netbook completely :)
16:35 wannabe1987 tgg
16:36 wannabe1987 what kind of netbook do you have?
16:36 einball It's a Aspire One 521
16:37 sndwrx Gotta get ready for work.
16:38 wannabe1987 alright.  drive safe
16:38 wannabe1987 i have a toshiba nb205
16:38 electricguy i got some packard bell netbook. it's just a rebranded Acer. lol..
16:38 wannabe1987 lol
16:39 wannabe1987 mine was a hand me down almost a year after it was bought
16:39 * Monkeh hates chair shopping
16:39 electricguy lol
16:39 wannabe1987 then don't shop?  just sit!
16:39 electricguy XD
16:39 Monkeh wannabe1987: But my chair is broken :{
16:40 wannabe1987 then sit on another one
16:40 einball I like my netbook because it has a AMD single core and a decidated graphics card. Much faster than the atom netbooks. I'd like to get a Thinkpad but they are so expensive :-/
16:40 Monkeh The only other swivel chair in the house is not wide enough and the gas ram will die if I sit on it.
16:40 wannabe1987 gas ram?
16:40 Monkeh wannabe1987: The big rod which goes up and down when you pull a lever. :P
16:41 wannabe1987 i'd like my netbook back, but its at the lab getting fixed (i hope).  i might stop by there later (with kate) and see how its going....she doesn't know what the lab/tgg is ...
16:41 Monkeh wannabe1987: After she seems Gemini she'll either love the place or refuse to set foot in it again. ;)
16:41 einball wth is "Gemini"? :P
16:41 wannabe1987 lol ikr?  she goes to school in texas tho, so she wont be back much
16:41 electricguy the 2 TC's
16:41 wannabe1987 the twin tesla coils....
16:42 einball Hm. Gemini is a space program .. nothing else :P
16:42 Monkeh Good luck convincing Chris of that. :P
16:43 electricguy gosh... that dude i maled to about the ipod yesterday. i got an answer from him. i asked him a lot of questions about the price and stuff... i got a "yeh.. i still got it" from him.. -,-
16:43 electricguy not buying that...
16:43 wannabe1987 i hate those people
16:43 electricguy and i can't even pronounce his name! o_O
16:43 wannabe1987 ....
16:43 wannabe1987 what is it?
16:43 * BitViper grabs the back of electricguy's undies and pulls them over electricguy's head!
16:43 wannabe1987 o.o
16:44 electricguy wannabe1987, deleted the mail.. hard to remember that name.. XD
16:44 * electricguy tries to catch BitViper
16:44 * BitViper hides behind a creeper
16:44 einball Hmm, you start to see the results of my work today :)
16:45 einball *I
16:45 electricguy but creepers are really cute with the right texture pack :P
16:45 einball Sweet electricguy
16:45 BitViper pedo-creeper
16:46 electricguy XD
16:46 electricguy PEDO BEAR!
16:46 einball *like*
16:46 electricguy *megusta.jpg*
16:47 einball aww, that creeper is so cute ^^^
16:47 wannabe1987 *foreveralone.jpg*
16:48 electricguy lulz
16:48 electricguy hmmm i need to buy some velcro with sticky back
16:49 electricguy gonna strap my SB audigy card on my netbook
16:50 electricguy
16:51 electricguy simply because the onboard sound card sucks balls XD
16:51 electricguy like all onboard soundcards do. lol
16:52 * einball imagines what electricguy just said. strapon soundcard ... fixated with elastic tape :D
16:52 electricguy lol
16:52 wannabe1987 :facepalm:
16:53 einball (trollface?)
16:53 electricguy *head desk*
16:54 einball :)
16:54 electricguy nice remix
16:54 electricguy Jan Wayne presents Gorgeous X - Black Velvet (dj gollum vs jan wayne remix edit)
16:54 electricguy LONG title XD
16:55 einball long title is as long as longcat
16:55 electricguy lol
16:55 electricguy *trashcat is not amused*
16:56 einball Hehe
16:59 einball electricguy: Can't stop thinking about the monorail cat now .... ^^
16:59 wannabe1987 ok.  i'm going now, i'll bbl
16:59 electricguy HAHA XD
17:00 electricguy ok, cya wannabe1987
17:00 einball cul wannabe1987
17:00 astro73|alice still waiting for my staff access. I saw people this morning discussing that process. Hasn't happened yet.
17:04 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
17:17 y007-nb joined #thegeekgroup
17:18 einball There's nothing better than sittin in my room and listening to the sweet tunes of wavetable synthesizers like the Microwave II :)
17:25 Cprossu good morning/afternoon/evening/night everyone
17:26 Cprossu where in the world did bat-mobile go :(
17:27 y007-nb joined #thegeekgroup
17:28 BitViper g'mourning Cprossu
17:33 Seroster .c 1E9
17:33 * Seroster beats _ilbot
17:33 y007-nb lol
17:34 Seroster 'lo Cprossu
17:35 * BitViper is slowly watching the cap log series, just watched the kzoo robery
17:42 Cprossu you're fairly far behind lol
17:42 Cprossu get any sleep?
17:42 Cprossu that's a lot of blogs and logs
17:43 einball BitViper: may you give me the link of that episode?
17:43 BitViper sec
17:43 BitViper;feature=plcp&amp;context=C34af286UDOEgsToPDskJpgJDeGRs_ziyLBiQhbV_4
17:44 einball mni tnx
17:44 Cprossu YAY
17:44 Cprossu batman found someone to put in shocks for him!
17:44 BitViper Cprossu : i just got started a couple hours ago, starting at the first GR "we have a bldg" video
17:44 Cprossu cool.
17:45 ajcc do they still have the Kzoo Lab?
17:45 Cprossu no
17:45 BitViper Cprossu : for the record ... im insanely jealous of the space, ive wanted for YEARS to have my own combo metal, wood, electrical, electronics, computer, radio, etc workshop
17:46 ajcc oh, so that's why they haven't made progress on Zuze?
17:46 Cprossu we lost heavy industries due to a tax muck up @ BitViper. (Township of Kalamazoo for the loss).
17:47 BitViper kzoo sucks in so many ways, i used to do delivery out of grand rapids to kzoo
17:55 Ponko ahh what a nice chat i had with my gf :)
17:55 BitViper lol, i love the electrical system re fire call jan 7
18:02 benanater joined #thegeekgroup
18:06 BL117 joined #thegeekgroup
18:06 BL117 greetings fellow things
18:06 BL117 oops
18:06 PacketHumper there
18:07 PacketHumper no one saw me do that.
18:07 BitViper see what ? *innocent look*
18:07 PacketHumper exactly
18:07 ajcc /whois PacketHumper
18:08 PacketHumper I am the terror that flaps in the night.
18:08 PacketHumper wow it's quiet during the day.
18:08 PacketHumper much more fun at night when people are drinking.
18:09 Cprossu PacketHumper: You're the flag of the Benin Empire????
18:10 PacketHumper really?  no one has seen dark wing duck?
18:10 PacketHumper i probably just dated myself there.
18:10 Cprossu there are people who probably saw it but tried to bleach their mind of it.
18:10 BitViper i knew i remembered that reference from somewhere
18:10 BitViper o/ SparkyProjects
18:10 BitViper er, Cprossu
18:11 * BitViper smashes his keyboard
18:11 Cprossu you should get a Model M
18:11 tonsofpcs yawn
18:11 Cprossu clickyclickyclickyclicky
18:11 BitViper mine makes quite enough noise as it is
18:11 PacketHumper i miss my model m
18:11 SparkyProjects ?
18:12 BitViper i think mine registers on the ricter scale when i get going
18:12 PacketHumper i had the black one with the little nubby in the middle
18:12 Cprossu wow, ibm or unicomp branding?
18:12 PacketHumper ibm
18:13 PacketHumper god i miss that keyboard
18:13 Cprossu PacketHumper this is mine.
18:13 Cprossu
18:13 PacketHumper people in the next room heard you typing away like a mad man.
18:14 Cprossu notice the <ESC> key is in the proper place.
18:14 PacketHumper wow with verticle enter key and everything
18:15 Cprossu (ala the same as the original AT keyboard)
18:15 ajcc I which you could use SUN's Type-5 keyboards on PCs
18:15 ajcc those are the best
18:15 PacketHumper they just don't make them like that anymore
18:15 Cprossu can you tell what specifically rare type of keyboard this is though PacketHumper?
18:15 Cprossu because not many of these exist.
18:15 PacketHumper give me a minute i'm thinking.
18:15 PacketHumper i've seen one before.
18:16 PacketHumper long long long ago
18:16 Cprossu see how it's got the terminal keys mapped out too?
18:16 PacketHumper it was the first series to actually be in plastic instead of a metal case
18:16 ajcc The Type-5 :)
18:16 Sgt_Lemming wow am I tired and sore...
18:16 PacketHumper and how is your mom?
18:17 Cprossu that reminds me of a NCR keyoard I used to use ajcc
18:17 Sgt_Lemming a
18:17 Sgt_Lemming at home in bed asleep PacketHumper, it's 4am here
18:17 Cprossu
18:17 Cprossu ^ Wang keyboards work wonderfully well too
18:17 * yNos has a happy tum-tum
18:17 Cprossu hey yNos what's up!
18:17 yNos hows it going Cprossu?
18:18 yNos not a whole lot here
18:18 Cprossu trying to think of stuff
18:18 ajcc Cprossu: NCR keyboard?
18:18 PacketHumper ok so it's obviously a mainframe keyboard
18:18 yNos i have problems thinking myself
18:18 PacketHumper and it's older than i am.
18:18 Cprossu PacketHumper yes
18:18 Cprossu specifically the PC that IPL'ed those machines
18:18 PacketHumper either from a 5000 series or 3000 series
18:19 PacketHumper one had the function keys on the right
18:19 Sgt_Lemming yNos, just spent about 13 hours in the hackerspace working on various things
18:19 ajcc aren HP 5000 and 3000 series workstations?
18:19 yNos yup, 9000 is server
18:19 Sgt_Lemming we now have another light hung from our 24 foot ceiling
18:19 yNos ajcc: ^
18:19 yNos nice
18:19 Vladdeh joined #thegeekgroup
18:19 Cprossu yNos we've nearly built the leonard street labs in minecraft
18:19 Cprossu it's been an effort in hair pulling
18:19 Sgt_Lemming plus rehoused our locking system
18:20 PacketHumper Cprossu: man i'm racking my brain to remember this. lol
18:20 yNos i can imagine.. but what is the relevence of ? the wang term?
18:20 Cprossu WANG was a company
18:20 yNos i know
18:20 Cprossu that made computers
18:20 Cprossu and there was a WANG building!
18:20 Cprossu in indianapolis
18:20 Cprossu it was the guy's last name iirc
18:20 yNos yarp
18:20 Cprossu and the company was WANG research
18:21 Cprossu they made great kit.
18:21 Cprossu I have a WANG server that runs netware....3.10?!
18:21 yNos
18:21 yNos lol
18:21 yNos netware rage
18:22 Cprossu AHHH Wang Laboratories
18:22 ajcc :) wing wang
18:23 tonsofpcs what about wang?
18:23 tonsofpcs get a new printer?
18:23 yNos Cprossu: which wang machine is it you have?
18:23 Cprossu a weird one
18:24 Cprossu it's a 386 which has the distinction
18:24 Cprossu of having 16MB of ram
18:24 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
18:24 Cprossu which is quite a lot for a 386
18:24 ajcc this is an odd 386 :) the SUN 386i
18:24 Cprossu the scary thing is that it has 32 ram slots.
18:25 Cprossu can you tell what I am about to say next yNos
18:25 Cprossu ?
18:25 Cprossu 512K 30 pin sims, 32 of them.
18:26 BitViper i have a collection of those sims
18:26 Cprossu I've tried it with 1mb simms before
18:26 Cprossu and it works
18:26 Electronics thumper on MCTGG now works
18:27 Cprossu One of these days my plan for it is to pretty it up and install linux on it with ~32mb of ram
18:27 yNos lol
18:27 yNos nice
18:27 PacketHumper my first pc was an 8086 with math co processor and 1mb of ram.
18:27 yNos it'll be a screamer
18:28 Cprossu PacketHumper the first PC of my very own was a IBM 5150 PC which I bought at a computer swap meet for $42
18:28 Cprossu 2 360k floppy drives, a copy of ibm dos 3.3, a monochrome monitor, and the original keyboard
18:28 PacketHumper lol
18:28 PacketHumper my first monitor was amber.  what color was yours?
18:29 Cprossu green!
18:29 PacketHumper lol
18:29 PacketHumper my second one was white
18:29 Cprossu by the time I was done it had a Seagate ST-251 40meg hard drive, a HH teac 5 1/4 360k, a teac 3 1/2 360k in an adapter, a CGA card, and a IBM CGA monitor which weighed a fuck ton
18:29 ajcc Cprossu: is your WANG listed there?
18:29 Cprossu PacketHumper the monitor in my Heathkit H89 is black/white
18:29 PacketHumper micropolis 80 dude!
18:29 Cprossu love it
18:30 PacketHumper i had a micropolis 80
18:30 PacketHumper i couldn't fit it inside the case
18:30 PacketHumper it was 5.25" and double hight
18:30 Cprossu it's in the same case as the pc 250 ajcc
18:30 Cprossu *pc 240
18:30 ajcc k.
18:30 yNos *my* first machine wasnt much of a computer... an 8057 that had compusite out and a keyboard.. connected to an mfj-1278b..
18:30 ajcc the PC 250 is nice Cprossu
18:30 PacketHumper my second computer was a motorola mini computer with 1gb scsi hard drive and 3 tty terminals.
18:31 PacketHumper it run unix
18:31 Cprossu PacketHumper that reminds
18:31 Cprossu me
18:31 yNos my parents machine was the screaming 286 with 16 mb of ram..
18:31 Cprossu I had a hard drive
18:31 Cprossu HH, like 20mb
18:31 Cprossu and it had a wooden top!!!!
18:31 PacketHumper lol
18:31 yNos ibm PS2
18:31 yNos woot
18:31 PacketHumper i never had one of those
18:31 PacketHumper but i did fix a few
18:31 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
18:31 PacketHumper the monitors would go out on them but the rest would be fine
18:32 yNos on the ps2?
18:32 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
18:32 PacketHumper anyone remember the old laptops that sears sold?  they had liquid quartz displays
18:32 yNos nop
18:32 PacketHumper and they would kill you if you dropped it on your foot
18:32 Cprossu I have a mac portable, one of the early ones with a active matrix non-backlit display
18:32 PacketHumper some didn't even have the display built into the laptop. lol
18:33 Cprossu 15 hours of battery life
18:33 PacketHumper yah there was a pc version just like that.
18:33 Cprossu all it's ram is SRAM
18:33 PacketHumper the battery was the size of a brick
18:33 Cprossu has a 3.5" conner scsi hard drive with a fucked up ribbon and pinout
18:33 ajcc Cprossu: Tandy TRS-80 Model 100?
18:33 PacketHumper like a house type brick
18:33 PacketHumper YAH!
18:33 PacketHumper that's it
18:33 Cprossu the original battery is a brick PacketHumper, lead acid too
18:33 PacketHumper lol yah
18:33 pixl joined #thegeekgroup
18:34 PacketHumper hey pixl
18:34 pixl hey
18:34 PacketHumper my first laptop was an ast 386 16mhz
18:34 PacketHumper with 4mb of ram
18:34 Cprossu wow the 16's are rare
18:34 Cprossu I had a compaq with a 16, the chip was marked weirdly
18:34 Cprossu no big intel logo
18:34 PacketHumper had a built in 4800 baud modem
18:35 Cprossu oh I have something weird in my collection (besides the other weird things)
18:35 PacketHumper think i got one of those upstairs in my drawer.... just a small i on it with the chip number
18:35 Cprossu it's an IBM PC 5150 that has a special card in it
18:35 BitViper the weridest thing in my collections is ... me =)
18:35 PacketHumper wow that's old.
18:35 Cprossu the card connects to a isa slot and has a ribbon cable that goes to the 40 pin dip.
18:36 Cprossu where the 8088 would reside
18:36 PacketHumper never seen one of those
18:36 PacketHumper ah
18:36 Cprossu the card in question is made by intel
18:36 ajcc some sort of memory expansion?
18:36 Cprossu it's a Intel Inboard 386
18:36 PacketHumper it's funny even when the pentium 100's came out we still had dip swithces, pins that had to be
18:36 ajcc O
18:36 Cprossu 386/16, 1MB of ram, on a card
18:37 PacketHumper even network adapters were a pain in the ass
18:37 Cprossu
18:37 Cprossu ^ !!!!!!!!
18:37 PacketHumper hard disks had 2 cables before ide
18:37 Cprossu here's the sad thing
18:37 Cprossu some idiot...spent $2,599 on it
18:37 PacketHumper people take computers for granted these days.
18:37 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I have the original purchase receipt from a "YIBM -- Your Personal Computer"
18:38 Cprossu nice
18:38 tonsofpcs 8088, something like 3k iirc
18:38 Cprossu I wish I still had receipts from my favorite computer store =(
18:38 PacketHumper lol omg i love how the 1991 is crossed out and they put a 2
18:38 Cprossu "Your Computer Supermarket"
18:38 PacketHumper babages?
18:38 tonsofpcs I wish I still had my favorite computer store << fixed it for you.
18:38 Druidrifleipod Going to pick me up a new net work cable
18:38 Cprossu my second favorite place is called recycled micro
18:39 Cprossu but it's really far away
18:39 ajcc what's the NEC chip people bought to put in their IBM's 8088 compy?
18:39 ajcc NEC V20 or something
18:39 Cprossu V20.
18:39 Cprossu they are SCREAMING fast
18:39 ajcc which could almost run 286 binaries iirc
18:39 Cprossu I have one in my xt clone that I built up from scratch
18:39 Cprossu it's a kickass processor
18:39 PacketHumper then the alpha came along
18:40 Cprossu Though (those who know the answer because I told you don't say anything)
18:40 Cprossu I own the first IBM clone
18:40 ajcc Alpha was cool, but what's a computer without software?
18:40 Cprossu care to hazzard a guess what it is?
18:40 PacketHumper you had to write it
18:40 ajcc so the Alpha had a very limited market
18:41 ajcc plus it was expensive, and Pentium-II kicked it's ass :)
18:41 ajcc not by performance, but performance/buck
18:41 PacketHumper it was made by cdp wasn't it
18:41 PacketHumper they copied the bios from ibm
18:41 Cprossu indeed it was PacketHumper
18:41 PacketHumper never seen one
18:41 Cprossu and it was a hell of a machine.
18:41 PacketHumper you still have it?
18:41 Cprossu MPC1600
18:41 Cprossu yeah of course I do
18:42 PacketHumper dear god
18:42 PacketHumper post a pic
18:42 Cprossu I need to dig it out of storage
18:42 Cprossu it was ahead of it's time though
18:42 Cprossu the board was GIGANTIC
18:42 Cprossu it had 8 isa slots
18:42 PacketHumper to this day i'm still bummed that i threw away the first pc i fully bought and built myself.
18:42 Cprossu and a onboard floppy controller
18:42 Cprossu and a terminal built in!
18:43 PacketHumper wow
18:43 Cprossu came with CGA graphics
18:43 PacketHumper lol
18:43 Cprossu as a standard option!
18:43 Cprossu
18:43 Cprossu ^ this is it
18:43 PacketHumper my first cga monitor had metal touch buttons.
18:43 PacketHumper if you were barefoot on cement it shocked you
18:43 Cprossu the power supply in the mpc was hand built
18:43 Cprossu and very well built.
18:44 PacketHumper looks like the tandy 80
18:44 PacketHumper lol tandy
18:44 Cprossu I have a tandy 1000
18:44 Cprossu piece of shit
18:44 PacketHumper they all were.
18:44 PacketHumper thats why i'm laughing
18:44 Cprossu the roms died for it
18:44 Cprossu the mpc however
18:44 Cprossu was not a piece of shit
18:44 PacketHumper they were the first packard bell
18:44 Cprossu it was built way better than the pc.
18:45 Cprossu there's a reason I call them "Trash 80's"
18:45 Cprossu haha
18:45 PacketHumper lol everyone called them that
18:45 sndwrx Yeah, I never even had one and I call them that.
18:45 PacketHumper remember cyrix?
18:46 sndwrx I have one still.
18:46 Cprossu but yeah 8 isa slots and you didn't get one sucked up by the floppy controller
18:46 sndwrx Cyrix MEdia GX 150MHz.
18:46 Cprossu yNos has a couple too
18:46 PacketHumper my floppy controllers were always built into the hd controller
18:46 Cprossu I have a MII laying around and also a Cyrix 386....
18:46 PacketHumper which ran the length of the case
18:46 Cprossu the WORST chip though
18:46 Cprossu the worst pc chip that is
18:46 Cprossu Texas Instruments 486DLC
18:47 Cprossu fit in a 386 socket, ran fucking hot, didn't work worth a damn
18:47 PacketHumper hmmm i wonder if i have any intel 486 procs upstairs
18:47 Cprossu <3 AMD 386DX/40
18:47 Cprossu now that was a solid chip
18:47 PacketHumper yes it was
18:47 PacketHumper no heat sink needed
18:48 PacketHumper got a little warm though
18:48 Cprossu mine had a heatsink and a fan, but I also was running it at 50mhz
18:48 Cprossu man that was awesome
18:48 PacketHumper that was the first processor i burned myself on.
18:49 PacketHumper so what's the worst pc anyone has ever owned?
18:49 sndwrx hm.
18:49 sndwrx Practically any 'big box' computer.
18:49 PacketHumper i already mentioned packard bell
18:49 Druidrifleipod Dell
18:50 sndwrx Although I loved the old NetFinity machines.
18:50 PacketHumper lol back when they were still beige
18:50 ajcc oh, I saw a little message about CGA, do you guys know of any CGA to VGA adapter that works?, last time I asked people said they've found an RGB to Video chip they thought would work
18:50 PacketHumper man where's wannabee when i'm not sure about spelling
18:50 Druidrifleipod The one I had before this one
18:50 Cprossu worst pc
18:50 Cprossu hrmmm
18:51 PacketHumper ajcc without googling i don't know one off the top of my head.
18:51 Cprossu ajcc I have several 8 bit VGA adapter cards
18:51 Cprossu I've owned a lot of shit in my time.
18:51 Cprossu but worst...
18:51 Cprossu there's some real competition there
18:51 BitViper Cprossu : you guys need to have a page with a list or thumbs or something of all the live cams such that the user visiting the page can select which camera feed they want to watch
18:51 ajcc I only think I have EGA at the most in 8-bit ISA
18:51 PacketHumper lol yah back then everything sucked
18:52 sndwrx Up vote / down vote is a good idea, PacketHumper.
18:52 Cprossu ajcc I'll keep an eye out for another paradise 8 bit VGA card
18:52 Cprossu oooh that reminds me
18:52 Druidrifleipod Some where in the lab there are 2 nvidia video cards I donated
18:52 Cprossu ajcc do you have any 16 bit trident vga cards?
18:52 Cprossu in the tvga series?
18:52 ajcc Cprossu: I think I do, let me check
18:52 PacketHumper trident! lol
18:52 Cprossu those had a cool feature
18:53 PacketHumper man this is making me laugh
18:53 Cprossu they would work 8 bit
18:53 Cprossu or 16
18:53 PacketHumper my only trident card only had enough ram for 256 colors
18:53 ajcc Cprossu: Trident TVGA8900C
18:53 Cprossu look stupid while doing it but it would work
18:53 ajcc oh, neat!
18:53 Cprossu ajcc stick that in a 8 bit pc
18:53 ajcc thanks for the tip mate!
18:53 Cprossu I am pretty sure that should work
18:53 Cprossu let me see if it needs any jumper setting
18:53 Cprossu or dip
18:54 PacketHumper i'm laughing so hard right now
18:54 PacketHumper having to look through manuals for dip switch settings
18:54 Cprossu make sure SW4 is set to open
18:54 ajcc PacketHumper: :), good old bad times
18:54 PacketHumper keeping a pair of pliers in the case for swapping jumpers
18:54 Cprossu it'll be called 8/16-BIT BUS DETECTION  ajcc
18:55 ajcc I can't make sure of that Cprossu , my card doesn't have a SW4
18:55 Cprossu it's probably hard set then
18:55 Cprossu which is good
18:56 PacketHumper i've had to solder across jumper points before since they didn't put the jumper block on
18:56 Cprossu is your card layed out like this?
18:57 ajcc nope, mine's a Microway TV8900-8SD-A06 or if it's TVGA96X8C21
18:57 Cprossu
18:57 Cprossu ok
18:58 Cprossu well either way cool
18:58 Cprossu ok now back to worst pc
18:58 Cprossu the T1000 was pretty bad
18:58 ajcc hmm, maybe mine's a newer non-compatible Trident chip, I don't have the classic Trident edge-connector on my card
18:59 Cprossu I also had a pentium 233 packard bell "tower" and I use ther term "tower" lightly
18:59 Cprossu that really blew chunks
18:59 sndwrx My mom had an old Packard bell, 133Mhz or 166MHz thing.  I can't remember which.
18:59 sndwrx I later upgraded it with a 233MHz but the board would only run it at 200MHz.
18:59 Cprossu nope I know know
19:00 sndwrx 32MB EDO SIMMs
19:00 Cprossu Compaq Presario desktop, pentium 133, passively cooled, quantum bigfoot hard drive
19:00 Cprossu worst overall.
19:00 sndwrx She used to run XP and do graphics work in Paint Shop Pro
19:00 sndwrx On that thing.
19:00 * sndwrx snickers.
19:00 Cprossu proprietary everything and it was unstable as hell
19:00 sndwrx Yeah those bigfoots sucked.
19:00 Cprossu and it was butt ugly too
19:00 sndwrx I had this slim Compaq desktop with a 2.1GB Bigfoot.
19:01 sndwrx That's the box with the Cyrix 150MHz in it.
19:01 sndwrx Speakers built-in to the front corners.
19:01 sndwrx One of the speakers was even in an enclosure that ported out the rear of the case.
19:01 PacketHumper omg the bigfoot drives
19:01 PacketHumper they wouldn't spin up so you'd put them in the freezer
19:01 PacketHumper then they would spin up and you could get the data off them.
19:02 Cprossu PacketHumper that's not what happened to mine
19:02 PacketHumper lol
19:02 Cprossu whirrrrrrrrrrr chunk chunk chunk chunk rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
19:02 PacketHumper ohhhhh
19:03 PacketHumper i had that happen to a quantum fireball.
19:03 ajcc are they doning HV in this weekend?
19:03 Cprossu you know I had a IBM 60GXP 20 gigger
19:03 PacketHumper there were some that the heads would adhere to the drive so you would bang it on the table and it would seperate them.
19:03 Cprossu and it was the fastest nicest drive ever
19:03 PacketHumper i think that was in macs though.
19:03 Cprossu until it died.
19:03 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
19:03 * wannabe1987 has sushi for dinner tonight :D
19:03 wannabe1987 SO MUCH WIN
19:03 PacketHumper anyone remember a 1gb scsi 40 pin seagate drive
19:03 Cprossu PacketHumper the biggest problem with the bigfoot drives was factory contamination
19:03 Cprossu built in
19:04 wannabe1987 hi PacketHumper
19:04 PacketHumper when it powered up it made a sound like a bomb going off.
19:04 Cprossu that's interesting
19:04 sndwrx wannabe1987: Store sushi or something?
19:04 Cprossu 40 pin?!
19:04 PacketHumper hey wannabe1987
19:04 Cprossu sure it wasn't 50?
19:04 wannabe1987 calvin makes it on tuesdays and thursdays in johnny's cafe in the commons :D
19:04 PacketHumper er yah
19:04 sndwrx Oh cool
19:04 sndwrx So it's cafeteria sushi.  ;)
19:04 Cprossu you know my favorite failure noise was the old 3.5-20gb maxtor drives
19:05 Cprossu they made funny beeps
19:05 wannabe1987 handmade by asians....
19:05 wannabe1987 ajprog_laptop: any news on my laptop yet?
19:05 PacketHumper man i want to find a video of this drive
19:05 sndwrx Seems a bit racist, no?  :P
19:05 wannabe1987 i guess i'll just go to the lab
19:05 wannabe1987 yeah, i know.
19:05 Cprossu dooodleydooodleydoodleyyyyy RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
19:05 Cprossu ZZZZT
19:05 PacketHumper it litterally sounded like a bomb falling and exploading
19:05 Cprossu ^ my impression of a failing maxtor drive lol
19:05 PacketHumper that's a pretty good one. lol
19:06 PacketHumper time to start googling.  i wanna find that drive.
19:07 Cprossu
19:07 Cprossu ^ YAY!
19:07 Cprossu HAHAHAHAHA
19:07 Cprossu ahahahahahahah
19:07 Cprossu;feature=related
19:08 Cprossu yay youtube!
19:08 wannabe1987 .c 2011-1965
19:08 ajcc dodidodidodidodiiii pttchhhhhhh
19:08 wannabe1987 damn bot
19:08 ajprog_laptop wannabe1987: it needs a T6 torque driver and I can't find one of those
19:08 ajcc it's 46
19:08 wannabe1987 torque or torx?
19:09 pegasus somebody please tell chris that there is no such word as "toroidial"
19:09 Cprossu ajprog_laptop a lot of good that driver does you here in AZ with me, sorry I left it
19:09 Cprossu *torx*
19:09 Cprossu * ajprog_laptop sorry I didn't leave a set there
19:09 wannabe1987 i thought it was torx....kthx
19:09 Cprossu I should have figured we didn't have one
19:09 wannabe1987 sndwrx: do you have one?
19:10 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
19:10 ajcc pegasus: there is such a word
19:10 mashpriborintorg hiya
19:10 wannabe1987 damn bot i need you, come back
19:10 wannabe1987 hi mashpriborintorg
19:10 pegasus
19:10 pegasus is there really? what language is it?
19:11 ajcc it's spelled toroidal
19:11 pegasus correct, and it's pronounced that way too.
19:11 pegasus there is, however, no such word as "toroidial"
19:11 azop why does it matter?
19:11 wannabe1987 they're like....$6 :P
19:11 mashpriborintorg I saw a dying ipad today, the screen had red pixels dancing and bouncing all over
19:12 wannabe1987 awww how pretty
19:12 wannabe1987 who killed it?
19:12 mashpriborintorg my boss :p
19:12 wannabe1987 and my friend (sadly) won't be going to the lab with me...
19:12 sndwrx wannabe1987: Pretty sure I do.
19:12 sndwrx No idea where, though.
19:12 sndwrx My tool are currently spread throughout three locations.
19:12 Cprossu I need some food bbl
19:13 wannabe1987 right.  can you go to gowen tnight and check? :P
19:13 sndwrx Nope.
19:13 wannabe1987 awwww
19:13 ajcc toroid isn't pronounced the way it's spelled, but oh well, toroidal transformers are sexy.
19:13 sndwrx Just use a small straight edge.
19:13 wannabe1987 tell ajprog_laptop
19:13 sndwrx / flat head
19:13 sndwrx I know it's crummy, but it works.
19:13 sndwrx I can't imagine the screws are torqued in so hard that a flathead won't work.
19:14 pegasus -- the little speaker icon there says it's pronounced the way it's spelled, so idk what you're talking about
19:14 wannabe1987 ajprog_laptop: whats going on at the lab today....did you get another truckload in?
19:14 sndwrx Or go buy a small torx set at Harbor Freight for a few bucks.
19:14 wannabe1987 i'm thinking of that....wheres the closest HF?
19:15 sndwrx I can only think of the one on 28th street near the old Studio 28.
19:16 ajcc isn't T6 a really common one?
19:16 sndwrx GRAND RAPIDS MI #152 (4.2 mi)
19:16 sndwrx 950 28TH ST SW STE A
19:16 sndwrx GRAND RAPIDS, MI 49509
19:16 wannabe1987 thats what i thought
19:16 wannabe1987 ajcc: doesn't mean the lab will have it....
19:16 sndwrx Apparently there is only one location.  I must have been thinking of Orlando, that there are more locations.
19:16 ajcc have people asked bat-man about it?
19:17 sndwrx Oh that's right, it's called a "star bit" in layman's terms.  Shucks, should have remembered that.
19:17 ajprog_laptop sndwrx: I can't get a good enough grip on it with a small straight edge
19:17 wannabe1987 ajcc, i'm assuming jeff did....
19:17 ajcc :/
19:17 ajprog_laptop wannabe1987: we will be later this afternoon
19:18 wannabe1987 like what time?  i'm out in GR and need something to do :P
19:18 ajprog_laptop ajcc: yep
19:18 ajcc well, if bat-man said it wasn't there, it isn't there :)
19:18 ajprog_laptop I am not sure, when ever batman shows up
19:18 ajcc because he's awesome
19:18 sndwrx Go to Harbor Freight, for starters.  :P
19:18 wannabe1987 lol
19:18 sndwrx
19:18 wannabe1987 i don't really have $6 to spend at HF....
19:18 wannabe1987 i bought sushi instead :/
19:19 PacketHumper this is the closest i could find....;feature=youtube_gdata_player
19:19 PacketHumper spin up is right but the head seek isn't the same
19:19 wannabe1987 and i need to take photos for BitViper
19:19 ajcc PacketHumper: TWO AMPS!
19:20 PacketHumper lol yah
19:20 sndwrx I don't think I can continue beyond 0:10, that kid's voice saying "sounds really pimp" grates my nerves.
19:20 PacketHumper lol
19:20 ajcc :)
19:20 PacketHumper but they did back then.
19:20 PacketHumper they sounded awesome
19:21 PacketHumper drives are too quiet now
19:21 wannabe1987 ok...time to go pack up, go to HF, look for this thing (T6 torx driver thingy) and then off to the lab for photos for BitViper and um helping out....:D
19:21 PacketHumper there is now awesome spinup noise
19:21 wannabe1987 bye
19:21 sndwrx Right, but he should be slapped for saying it sounds pimp.
19:21 PacketHumper wannabee don't forget to get on the captains blog and give the volcan greeting
19:22 PacketHumper lol
19:22 ajcc live long, and prosper
19:22 PacketHumper i meant more of the split finger thing
19:23 ajcc isn't that included? :)
19:23 PacketHumper should be but some people can't do it
19:23 ajcc :O
19:23 PacketHumper i practiced it as a kid till i could do it without thinking
19:23 PacketHumper then i got beat up for being a nerd
19:24 ajcc but then 10 years later you drew by the kids, in a brand new car, while they were stealing copper
19:24 electricguy i love stores with geek humor :D check the display on this calculator :3
19:24 sndwrx I want to beat up the creator of Star Trek for being a nerd.
19:25 ajcc :P
19:26 PacketHumper ajcc: yah it's funny those guys that picked on my in highschool are still working at the same quick lube place.
19:26 electricguy ajcc, are you a member on :)
19:26 PacketHumper just for kicks one day i stoped in and had them change my oil.
19:27 ajcc electricguy: yep, but they aren't that helpful so I rarely visit it
19:27 electricguy lol ok :P
19:27 electricguy yeah, true :P
19:28 ajcc writing a full page or double page with as detailed explonation of my problem as possible, and have some jerk come along and tell me that that chip sux or that they don't do valves, damn, it's just sad
19:28 electricguy it was a very nice forum back in 2007 when i joined. now it's just a bunch of old dry men picking on newcomers and telling them how stupid they are instead of helping them
19:28 Druidrifleipod One guy I know drives a rangerover and he does that
19:28 electricguy there are like 3 persons out of several hundred that are helpful..
19:29 ajcc electricguy: indeed, and a bunch of newcomers who know nothing about electronics who ask stupid questions on things barley related to your question
19:29 Druidrifleipod Visits the dead end garage and torments the guys who picked on him
19:29 ajcc and some old guys who know nothing about electronics as well, when I think about it
19:29 electricguy lol yeh XD
19:30 ajcc it's a good thing there's a real world outside the internet
19:30 PacketHumper there is?
19:30 electricguy hehehe yeah
19:31 ajcc PacketHumper: yep, it's not that fun to being with, but as you learn to filter all the people out, you'll find some that makes all the trouble worth while
19:31 ajcc ;)
19:31 PacketHumper lol
19:31 PacketHumper putting people on an ignore list or giving them random commands to wipe their computer is much more fun than slamming a door in their face.
19:32 PacketHumper though they are pretty equally satisfying.
19:32 ajcc sudo rm -rf /, or sudo chmod -x -R /
19:33 ajcc if you make a directory non-executable in UNIX, you can't list the directory anymore
19:34 PacketHumper lol didn't know that
19:34 PacketHumper that's way better than removing it all
19:34 ajcc yNos: ^Z and fg, aren't they just the sweetest couple?
19:34 PacketHumper cuz it's still there but they can't get to it
19:34 PacketHumper who are they?
19:35 ajcc ^n is a way of typing ctrl-n, and fg brings programs back to the foreground
19:35 ajcc ^z makes a program run in the background
19:35 PacketHumper in the 1 year aniversary video who was sitting on batmans lap?
19:36 PacketHumper oh duh lol
19:36 bygmesterfinnega joined #thegeekgroup
19:36 producerBillWork joined #thegeekgroup
19:37 mashpriborintorg truck unloading on the stream, new delivery of awesome :D
19:37 ajcc :O :D
19:37 producerBillWork ok
19:37 PacketHumper wonder if the stream will work on here.
19:37 producerBillWork aaahh someone moved the camera
19:37 PacketHumper oooo htpc ftw
19:37 producerBillWork it was looking at a wall a min ago
19:38 producerBillWork cool
19:38 bygmesterfinnega would a high voltage coilgun be more or less efficient than a low voltage coilgun?
19:39 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
19:39 mashpriborintorg I would like so much to help for taking apart these big copiers
19:39 producerBillWork my understand is that the higher the voltage the more gauss produced
19:39 ajcc is that another xerox?
19:39 producerBillWork more gauss more effect
19:40 mashpriborintorg seems yes
19:40 mashpriborintorg I already took apart a huge colour Canon copiers
19:40 mashpriborintorg only the screws filled several jars
19:40 ajcc gauss is the magnetic feild right?
19:40 bygmesterfinnega well at a high voltage would insulation become a problem like less turns would be able to be used because insulation takes up space?
19:41 producerBillWork I might be spelling it wrong
19:41 producerBillWork but yes that is what I am taking about
19:41 producerBillWork and yes the higher the power the more insulation is need and the bigger it gets
19:42 bygmesterfinnega well what if a series of archimedes style coils were used rather than a normal helixical coil?
19:42 producerBillWork but something like 600 Voltage can still be a smallish wire
19:42 bygmesterfinnega do you think if that was used at a high voltage it could exceed the efficiency of typical electrolyric style coilguns and achieve a higher velocity?
19:43 bygmesterfinnega well wouldn't the current also influence the electromagnetic field produced?
19:43 producerBillWork I have been thinking about that myself and I think the key has more to do with small coils timed correctly
19:44 producerBillWork as for fields the higher the voltage the more field produced.
19:44 bygmesterfinnega I was thinking of using some 1/4" soft copper tubing and attaching them to some energy storage capacitors
19:44 ajcc oh, pallet of Apple G4s!
19:44 producerBillWork but if you have 6 coils timed correctly it is more of a componded effect... At least I think
19:45 bygmesterfinnega I've just never seen a coil gun designed using a moderately high voltage
19:45 PacketHumper so i have the live stream up right now but all i see is a box for a rigid shop vac
19:45 producerBillWork the "barrel" should not be conductive
19:45 electricguy a multistage coilgun is much more powerful than a single stage
19:45 bygmesterfinnega have you ever seen something like that?
19:45 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
19:45 ajcc PacketHumper: try pausing and playing, some times doesn't work right. or watch it through
19:45 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
19:45 electricguy also a singlestage where you turn off the power when the projectile is in the center of the coil
19:45 producerBillWork Using something like fiber glass or better yet nothing
19:46 electricguy cause when the projectile comes to the center and there is still power applied to the coil it's going to try to pull the projectile back
19:46 producerBillWork The coil effect will always go in one dirrection so  turning it off should not be a problem
19:46 electricguy a optical sensor in the barrel that triggers a cutoff circuit works
19:47 producerBillWork the coil should only produce a field that flows in one direction
19:47 electricguy also, DON't use a copper or aluminum tube as barrel due to eddy currents
19:47 PacketHumper omg the commercials
19:47 electricguy cutting the power actually helps. how weird it may sound
19:47 Cprossu I have many fun seagate drives
19:47 PacketHumper they really need mic's in various areas so you don't have to listen to the scanner
19:47 Cprossu @ ajcc
19:48 producerBillWork lol
19:48 ajcc Cprossu: have you found more of then?
19:48 Cprossu yeah
19:48 producerBillWork ya the radio is kind of anoying during the day
19:48 Cprossu I mean I have several strange ones
19:48 producerBillWork If someone designs a cheep mic circuit and post it to the forms I will build them
19:48 PacketHumper Cprossu: what strange ones you got?
19:48 ajcc Cprossu: :), tell me!
19:48 Cprossu several full height drives,
19:49 producerBillWork focus "Cheep" and buildable from mouser orderable parts
19:49 electricguy but a multistage coilgun is still better. the best is a multistage where you cut the power when the projectile reaches the center of each coil. it's tricky to make, but that's the best one
19:49 electricguy ok, simple...
19:49 Cprossu few 4.3gb's, a 9.6gb, and I think a 30 somewhere
19:49 Cprossu all full height
19:49 Cprossu all 5 1/4
19:49 * Experimentonomen eats blazing bbq pringles
19:49 electricguy disposable cameraflash, wire from a headphone cable and a lightswitch! XD
19:50 yNos
19:50 Coderjoe producerBillWork: last weekend, when paul was there and everyone was looking at thumper, I was looking at getting a couple (admittedly cheap and probably crappy) nady electret shotgun mics to donate, for mounting on cameras
19:50 Cprossu I still think though
19:50 PacketHumper wait.  what is going on over the radio on the live stream lol
19:50 Cprossu my favorite hdd noise
19:50 Cprossu of all time
19:50 electricguy also, as a coilgun is very inefficient it's a VERY good idea to use a solid state switch. IE. a SCR
19:50 Cprossu is the st-251
19:50 Cprossu ever hear a st-251 ajcc?
19:50 PacketHumper lol
19:50 PacketHumper 25mb
19:50 electricguy MB...
19:50 Cprossu 251's were 40!
19:50 ajcc Cprossu: don't know, is it the one in the early IBM PCs?
19:51 Cprossu 225 was 20 megger
19:51 PacketHumper ait
19:51 Coderjoe but in the end, I couldn't find any in stock locally
19:51 PacketHumper was just typing that lol
19:51 bygmesterfinnega well it just seems extremely inefficient to have a low voltage device that uses such long pieces of thin wire
19:51 PacketHumper i used to have one. half hight with a green activity led
19:51 ajcc vwestlife made a ST-412 video yesterday
19:51 ajcc on the tubes
19:51 electricguy bygmesterfinnega, yes. you want to use around 400V and up and beafy cables
19:51 bygmesterfinnega I mean something like 15kv
19:52 PacketHumper is that seriously the grand rapids pd?
19:52 Cprossu ajcc :;v=B0huAoKUzGg#t=132s
19:52 electricguy ok, well. that's a totally different story XD
19:52 Cprossu ^ factory fresh.
19:52 Cprossu one in my collection
19:52 PacketHumper i'm factory fresh
19:52 Coderjoe (plus I didn't really have the money available to buy them)
19:52 PacketHumper wow they just give anyone a radio
19:52 ajcc Cprossu: wow, that's a nice spin up and seek!
19:52 bygmesterfinnega like have you ever seen ring launchers?
19:52 Cprossu look at the beginning of the video and you'll see why lol
19:53 ajcc Cprossu: I've set my bios to seek the floppy drives, just because I miss those sounds :)
19:53 ajcc when it boots
19:53 electricguy bygmesterfinnega, yes. and built 6
19:53 tonsofpcs darn, it uses the PCI card as a dongle
19:53 Cprossu but yeah that's as clean as you will find a 251, that's got no hours on it
19:53 bygmesterfinnega I'm not sure if it'd work as well if it was a normal projectile, is the ring going to increase the efficiency considerably?
19:53 Cprossu came from everex systems
19:53 bygmesterfinnega like a multistage ringlauncher basically
19:53 ajcc Cprossu: cool find! :)
19:53 Cprossu found it still wrapped up with it's factory documentation
19:54 roadran422 Back
19:54 roadran422 Hi
19:54 PacketHumper hey road
19:54 PacketHumper ok so we need a repeater at the lab
19:54 electricguy a multistage ringlauncer sounds very complicated. as the coil is sitting under the ring....
19:54 roadran422 People get to ride me ;)
19:54 Cprossu wow ajcc how in the fuck did that get 500 views?
19:54 electricguy also, a ring launcer doesn't shoot that far due to very shitty aerodynamics
19:55 ajcc Cprossu: people love the IBM PC Cprossu  :)
19:55 roadran422 electricguy
19:55 electricguy roadran422,
19:55 roadran422 I heard that when they tried a ring launcher in side, the ring went through the metal roof.
19:55 bygmesterfinnega well it's still going to move anything made of iron you place inside right?
19:55 roadran422 *steel
19:55 bygmesterfinnega I'm not sure if you're talking about the same thing
19:55 bygmesterfinnega I mean with energy storage capacitors at like 10-15kv
19:56 bygmesterfinnega not the little toy things
19:56 electricguy roadran422, yes, i know. but that was POWERFUL :P and if they had made it as a coilgun instead it would have gone WAAAY further
19:56 Coderjoe tonsofpcs: what does?
19:56 roadran422 xD
19:56 bygmesterfinnega I've seen them accidentally hammer a copper disk into a two by four
19:57 electricguy that's a different type of ring launcer
19:57 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
19:57 electricguy it's more commonly called washerlauncher
19:58 electricguy
19:58 electricguy you have a pancake coil you place the disc on
19:58 roadran422 Just stuff a ring in to a pressurized air canon, at 1000psi.
19:58 electricguy then it launches the disc up from the coil and not to the side
19:58 piku joined #thegeekgroup
19:58 electricguy yeah, air cannons are more fun :P
19:58 roadran422 xD
19:58 PacketHumper you can launch cats with those
19:59 Coderjoe you can launch frozen turkeys at glass
19:59 electricguy the only advantage with electromagnetic weapons is that they are silent. well, part from the railgun. but they are VERY inefficient
19:59 bygmesterfinnega ok do you mean these things?
19:59 einball yummy .. scrambled eggs :)
19:59 electricguy mythbusters! :D
19:59 bygmesterfinnega
19:59 electricguy no
19:59 electricguy
19:59 bygmesterfinnega ok well when railguns are scaled up are they still as efficient as a similarly sized coilgun?
19:59 electricguy watch the video...
20:00 electricguy no no no, railguns are EXTREMELY inefficient
20:00 PacketHumper what else is the live feed audio besides the pd
20:01 Coderjoe you mean the scanner?
20:01 PacketHumper yah
20:01 bygmesterfinnega ok well then would it still be able to achieve as high of a velocity then?
20:01 ajcc The Chicken Gun :)
20:01 Coderjoe the scanner has PD, Fire, Ambulence, some HAM repeaters, and the local bus system
20:01 electricguy railguns shoot faster. but they don't have as much mass
20:01 Coderjoe and some pocsag pager channel that keeps pissing me off
20:02 bygmesterfinnega well someone was saying that if say the polywell fusion reactor was feasible it would be better to simply use coilguns at that scale
20:02 Coderjoe I should pull up a pocsag decoder and have it read out the pages
20:02 bygmesterfinnega do you think that's accurate?
20:02 electricguy huh? a reactor? o_O
20:02 bygmesterfinnega you know bussards reactor
20:03 PacketHumper Coderjoe: they need to remove the repeaters and bus system.  it's a little odd
20:03 electricguy what's the connection between a reactor and a electromagnetic gun?
20:03 bygmesterfinnega well it's small enough potentially to fit on a ship
20:03 Cprossu oh that reminds me ajcc
20:03 Cprossu I gave chris a st-251 to autopsy
20:03 tonsofpcs and by PCI card, I mean EISA card
20:03 Cprossu it's got screwed heads
20:03 bygmesterfinnega so that electromagnetic weapons could become a feasible alternative to missiles
20:03 tonsofpcs Coderjoe: this test equipment I have
20:03 ajcc Cprossu: oh, I wonder if it didn't go into the museum
20:04 electricguy i really don't get the connection between them o_O
20:04 Cprossu I sent him a 20 meg full height for the museum
20:04 Cprossu IBM branded even
20:04 Coderjoe ah
20:04 bygmesterfinnega it'd be it's power supply
20:04 bygmesterfinnega it outputs around as much as a typical coal burning plant
20:04 electricguy ahh, that kinda makes sense
20:04 Cprossu and I made a video of procuring it
20:04 einball bygmesterfinnega: There are some quite powerful emps out there :)
20:04 Cprossu with my cell phone
20:04 Cprossu my cell phone takes REALLY SHITTY video
20:05 electricguy well, a weapon the size of something that you can dump a whole reactors power into isn't small...
20:05 bygmesterfinnega well it'd be diverted from the motors
20:05 einball bygmesterfinnega: And they are in fact nuclear powered ...
20:05 electricguy this railgun is BIG
20:05 einball bygmesterfinnega: google for NEMP
20:05 ajcc Cprossu: yeah, cell phones aren't the best for video :)
20:06 PacketHumper unless it's an iphone
20:06 Coderjoe oh, and the local-area NOAA weather radio station sometimes peeks through. I don't understand why it is only occasionally. that transmitter is running 24/7.
20:06 PacketHumper they do pretty good
20:06 Cprossu;v=RIEA6pWmPZ0#t=48s
20:06 bygmesterfinnega you just mean a nuclear weapon designed to maximize emp at a high altitude right?
20:06 Cprossu ^ shakeycam!
20:06 roadran422 Eating noodles.
20:06 einball bygmesterfinnega: yep
20:06 PacketHumper yah they need pd and fd only
20:06 PacketHumper it's a little crouded
20:06 ajcc Cprossu: check that one, quite shakey, and windy
20:07 PacketHumper is that the local school?
20:07 einball bygmesterfinnega: one detonated over us territory would destroy big parts of the power lines on the ground
20:07 bygmesterfinnega well a typical tomahawk missile costs huge amounts of money, a railgun is capable of delivering the same amount of energy and travel faster
20:08 bygmesterfinnega you could likely hit any location on the earth from the ocean though not as accurately
20:08 einball the railgun itself, yes. but the
20:08 electricguy buty a railgun of that power would be a MONSTER
20:08 einball powersource is way too heavy
20:08 bygmesterfinnega it's not too heavy for boats
20:08 bygmesterfinnega it's a very light reactor
20:08 electricguy a tomahawk missile is a bit more practical than a whole house
20:08 Coderjoe does the new GVG unit have the ability to be controlled externally?
20:09 einball Maybe a space launched projectile would be effective
20:09 Cprossu Coderjoe what new gvg unit?
20:09 PacketHumper good idea
20:09 PacketHumper a space launched projectile could just use gravity
20:09 einball capacitors charged up by the sun and then it travels by gravity
20:09 Coderjoe Cprossu: you said the new vision mixer was also a grass valley unit, iirc
20:09 einball but it will never reach supersonic speed
20:09 bygmesterfinnega yeah but you'd need to get it up there first
20:09 Coderjoe or someone did
20:09 einball Velocitas eradico :)
20:10 bygmesterfinnega the railgun would just be a method of getting it to the edge of the atmosphere
20:10 Cprossu find me a reference Coderjoe
20:10 Cprossu because it's news to me
20:10 einball bygmesterfinnega: so just use the MIRV missiles that carry the nuclear bombs. they are all on standby
20:10 Cprossu we are running a GVG 20-ten video matrix
20:10 Cprossu but the master control is a BTS Saturn
20:10 PacketHumper wait. what if it luanched it into the atmosphere and then it used a railgun to launch a second projectile at even more insane speed.
20:10 PacketHumper is that possible?
20:11 Coderjoe I'm just wondering about making a web control console, so someone can poke it over to other cameras when nobody is in front of it
20:11 Coderjoe ah.
20:11 Cprossu technically I could as is
20:11 Cprossu but I can't do anything about your audio
20:11 PacketHumper listening to the buss people sucks. lol
20:12 PacketHumper if i had a scanner i wasn't useing i'd donate it.
20:12 einball PacketHumper: there is a cost efficient method to do that and it has already been invented without the railgun: MIRV
20:12 PacketHumper they really should just use an audo feed from radio reference.
20:12 bygmesterfinnega
20:12 PacketHumper einball interesting reading up on that now
20:13 einball Warheads travel much easier in space than in the atmosphere
20:13 Coderjoe Cprossu: I was also musing over using a computer to do the mixing awhile back. unfortunately, you need a lot of quality ADCs for that. :-\
20:13 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
20:14 bygmesterfinnega you can't always just use nuclear missiles in combat
20:14 PacketHumper and now data is being sent
20:14 einball bygmesterfinnega: oh believe me: YOU CAN!
20:14 Cprossu Coderjoe: or just a couple of specifically built cards, which cost $5,000 each which is cheap
20:14 bygmesterfinnega most military action only takes place to accomplish imperialist aims
20:14 Cprossu until you find out the software is another $15K
20:14 bygmesterfinnega so you wouldn't want the country you overthrew to become radioactive
20:14 einball Well ... then railguns are ineffective
20:14 Coderjoe well, those specifically built cards are going to have said ADCs.
20:15 bygmesterfinnega otherwise it'd burn up all the oil refineries and you couldn't make plastic as cheaply
20:15 Coderjoe haha. cheap. I suppose in the professional world where they would normally be used, sure
20:15 bygmesterfinnega they'd be effective if you had an adequate power supply
20:15 Cprossu Coderjoe: in the professional world, lenses are $25,000
20:15 sndwrx
20:15 Coderjoe yeah
20:15 einball bygmesterfinnega: Then you want to use Smart bombs and the regular cruise missiles
20:16 Cprossu the saturn system for an example
20:16 Cprossu I found a reciept for a control panel that went with it
20:16 Cprossu 16 buttons is all it had
20:16 bygmesterfinnega the projectile would only cost a couple thousand dollars compared to millions of dollars
20:16 bygmesterfinnega for a similarly sized missile
20:16 Cprossu ready for the price Coderjoe?
20:16 Cprossu $16,500.
20:16 Cprossu that's over $1000 per button.
20:17 einball bygmesterfinnega: do you know the Naval test base for railguns?
20:17 Coderjoe and this was just a remoteish-control panel? no actual video routing internally?
20:17 Cprossu exactly.
20:17 Cprossu throw out anything reasonable and add 2 zeros to it
20:17 Cprossu then multiply it by 2.5
20:18 Coderjoe so, essentially, multiply by 250
20:19 Cprossu remember in the world of broadcasting 1) they will only sell one of them 2) they will only make 5,000 of them
20:19 Coderjoe yeah
20:19 PacketHumper they need to switch the camera
20:19 Coderjoe i know.
20:19 PacketHumper they parked a fork lift in front of it.
20:19 Cprossu ok what dare I ask should I switch it _to_?
20:19 PacketHumper anything
20:19 PacketHumper lol
20:19 PacketHumper something with epople moving
20:20 Coderjoe my employer currently also does low quantity stuff like that
20:22 bygmesterfinnega yeah I know of it why?
20:23 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
20:23 einball bygmesterfinnega: that would be a great start for you with railguns. what they are about and the problems (or . difficulties) they have.
20:23 wananbe1988 joined #thegeekgroup
20:23 PacketHumper wannabe you should try to get on the live cam and wave
20:24 PacketHumper we need something on there.
20:24 wananbe1988 where is it pointing?
20:24 PacketHumper at the fork lift
20:24 bygmesterfinnega yeah but that's assuming you're using electrochemical bonds as a power supply
20:24 wananbe1988 i was just in there ....
20:24 wananbe1988 hold on...
20:24 wananbe1988 i bought the torx bits, they're in jeffs pants now o.O
20:24 PacketHumper now it's pointed at the pool table
20:24 PacketHumper now it's back
20:24 Electronics back at the fork lift
20:24 Cprossu nothing interesting
20:24 sndwrx Alright.  Stupid question here.
20:24 roadran422 crotch cam!
20:24 wananbe1988 i'm hiding :P
20:25 bygmesterfinnega the main difficulty would be making the projectile turn in midair
20:25 PacketHumper hiding
20:25 Cprossu yeah anyway
20:25 PacketHumper i don't see you
20:25 wananbe1988 someone kick my wannabe|tgg thingy
20:25 Cprossu nothing going on at the lab =P
20:25 wananbe1988 they just got a load in, i guess
20:25 wananbe1988 idk
20:25 wannabe1987|tgg there
20:25 PacketHumper there should be a puppet show every 15 minutes
20:25 PacketHumper now it's black
20:25 bygmesterfinnega if you simply used coilguns so they aren't going to corrode and become useless, you could easily launch metal halfway around the world
20:25 PacketHumper now i see cars
20:25 Electronics weather cam
20:25 Cprossu weathercam or lab?
20:25 PacketHumper i don't see any weather
20:25 roadran422 wannabe1987|tgg: can you tell chris I said hi? xD
20:25 sndwrx The old Dell Dimension BIOS have "Resume by Alarm" configuration available.  It requires a value of 0 to 31, to specify day(s) it powers on automatically.
20:25 wannabe1987|tgg well,i'm wearing jeans, a black sweatshirt and  agreen tshirt that says haiti....
20:26 wannabe1987|tgg if i find him...i saw adam byrd
20:26 einball bygmesterfinnega: Unfortunately there is absolutely no power source that can deliver so much power in such a short time. So the whole thing becomes inefficient.
20:26 Coderjoe wannabe1987|tgg: if you are using nickserv for it, you can use that to kill it. (kicking from the channel won't help)
20:26 roadran422 ok...
20:26 wannabe1987|tgg i'm gonna go find something to do...
20:26 sndwrx Is it pretty safe to assume that a value of 0 indicates everyday?
20:26 tonsofpcs Cprossu: ntoffline gives a boot error :(
20:26 PacketHumper my fiance's name is adam byrd.  odd
20:26 Cprossu back to forkliftcam.
20:26 bygmesterfinnega what about inertial electrodynamic plasma confinement?
20:26 wannabe1987|tgg i never secured wannabet|tgg
20:26 Cprossu tonsofpcs I bet it doesn't have the scsi driver needed?
20:26 PacketHumper ok people wander by and entertain me
20:26 bygmesterfinnega and fill the rest of the boat up with large capacitors
20:27 Cprossu so you've seen your options....what do you want?
20:27 bygmesterfinnega the boat could easily be much larger and still move then
20:27 tonsofpcs Cprossu: it gives a boot error loading linux.  It's probably buit for 686?
20:27 sndwrx wannabe1987|tgg: It's spelled with an 'i'.
20:27 sndwrx wannabe1987|tgg: His name is Adam Bird.
20:27 Cprossu could be tonsofpcs
20:27 Cprossu hrmmm
20:27 PacketHumper i want someone to entertain me dammit.. lol
20:27 Cprossu so PacketHumper what will your poison be camera wise?
20:27 einball bygmesterfinnega: large capacitors are large and heavy. Fusion will give huge amounts of power in the form of heat and radiation.
20:27 PacketHumper this is fine nothing is going on.
20:27 Cprossu =P
20:27 tonsofpcs *grabs oldest version*
20:28 einball bygmesterfinnega: so you need to convert that stuff.
20:28 bygmesterfinnega I don't mean tokamak reactors
20:28 einball what else?
20:28 bygmesterfinnega you could make a compact nuclear reactor
20:28 Cprossu electricguy we made progress with the lab yesterday
20:28 bygmesterfinnega inertial electrodynamic plasma confinement
20:28 PacketHumper how can i get on and change it?
20:28 bygmesterfinnega which was a different method invented by the CCCP
20:29 Cprossu we've got guardianzizo, druidicrifleman, and a few other people working on it now
20:29 electricguy Cprossu, IRL or in minecraft? XD
20:29 Cprossu I wish irl. =P
20:29 einball bygmesterfinnega: sorry, never heard of that
20:29 sndwrx Sometimes I feel like I'm muted.
20:29 electricguy lol. yeah i have seen that on the server :) very nice
20:29 tonsofpcs sndwrx: no, we're deafed
20:29 Electronics hry Cprossu, thumper now actually fires, I took off the circuits though as it lagged the server slightly
20:29 bygmesterfinnega well if it was constructed the economy would likely collapse so I guess it's a moot point really
20:29 electricguy Cprossu, also, my lava light is firesafe! :D
20:30 Cprossu mine is too
20:30 Cprossu I removed the wool yesterday
20:30 electricguy nice
20:30 Cprossu but
20:30 Cprossu when I installed that light
20:30 Cprossu 20 minutes and poof
20:30 Cprossu o_O
20:30 electricguy very strange
20:30 Cprossu I think notches code is buggy.
20:30 electricguy no shit ;P
20:31 Cprossu sheep room is carved out now!
20:31 Cprossu also do you have teamspeak electricguy
20:31 wannabe1987|tgg sndwrx: i got the jist of it correct :P
20:31 wannabe1987|tgg tornado siren?
20:31 Coderjoe I'm amused that you can use a bucket of lava to refine sand into glass, but yet you can use glass to contain lava. (or for that matter, you can use a bucket to carry lava)
20:31 sndwrx wannabe1987|tgg: What?
20:31 einball bygmesterfinnega: ah okay ... well that type of fusion generates a lot of heat ... the energy generation is really no problem. even a lithium battery could deliver enough power for a full magazine of shots
20:31 einball bygmesterfinnega: the problem is the storage.
20:31 electricguy Cprossu, nice. yes i have teamspeak, but no mic atm as i managed to rip the cable off on my headset earlier today -,-
20:32 Coderjoe you _think_ notch's code is buggy?
20:33 einball bygmesterfinnega: lithium batteries are powerful and have a very low resistance. but it is still too high to power a rail or coilgun. capacitors have a much lower impedance and therefore they are perfect for the job, but they are also large and heavy
20:33 Cprossu booo
20:33 sndwrx wannabe1987|tgg: You mean the spelling?  I can let grammar slide, but I have a difficult time letting it go when someone misspells another's name when there's resource to find the appropriate spelling.  :P
20:33 electricguy here you can see the reason why the cable snapped off...
20:33 electricguy not all the beafy at the plugs
20:33 einball bygmesterfinnega: So you better choose a regular weapon with the same energy stored in small capsules of black powder
20:35 tonsofpcs Cprossu: you know how I told you there were 3 drives but I saw two partitions?
20:35 Cprossu oh dear.
20:35 tonsofpcs Well, there's 7 or 8 drives.  4 or 5 of them appear to be attached directly to the MTS card.  I'm guessing it uses them as realtime filesystemless raided buffer.
20:36 Cprossu wow.
20:36 PacketHumper we need people to dance around the fork lift
20:36 funtime180 joined #thegeekgroup
20:37 tonsofpcs now I just need to figure out how to use the realtime software :D
20:39 PacketHumper mmm data radio
20:39 Seroster dr_jkl!
20:39 PacketHumper who is in charge of what frequencies the scanner monitors?
20:39 Cprossu chris.
20:39 Seroster Whoever is at mc?
20:40 Cprossu nope the frequencies programmed in are from chris's personal freq stash
20:40 PacketHumper ah, so what's the chance of getting the data channels and bus people removed
20:40 Cprossu zero
20:40 tonsofpcs hmm, maybe that floppy was bad
20:40 Cprossu they hop freqs
20:40 tonsofpcs original version booted fine, stealing its ldlinux.sys
20:40 PacketHumper wait.. they hop freq?
20:40 PacketHumper that means it's a trunked system
20:40 Cprossu nearly everyone has a trunked these days
20:41 PacketHumper let me see what system type it is.
20:41 PacketHumper brb
20:41 Seroster Trunked meaning the obvious or is it a slang for something else?
20:41 tonsofpcs oh, on a scanner
20:41 tonsofpcs I'm like "most things are spread spectrum"
20:42 tonsofpcs trunked meaning they have X frequencies and they use a control channel and coding to tell each transmission where to go and to tell receivers where to find transmissions for each 'trunked' channel
20:42 tonsofpcs so they can have more channels than frequencies
20:42 tonsofpcs blame motorola.
20:42 Seroster Can't you just block out the bad channels?
20:43 bygmesterfinnega you could easily transport enough large capacitors if you had the output of an average coal plant
20:43 tonsofpcs bad channels?
20:43 * tonsofpcs missed the start of discussion
20:43 Seroster Yeah, whatever it is PacketHumper wants to get rid of, data channels and bus people
20:43 tonsofpcs bussing is probably not trunked (or at least, not trunked with anything but bussing)
20:44 Seroster Like "most bus drivers hang out on freq X channel Y - let's remove that frequenzy"
20:44 einball bygmesterfinnega: Show me some small capacitors with large capacy and then I will believe you .. I always thought about it the other way round!?
20:44 PacketHumper grand rapids isn't trunked
20:44 Cprossu still it was funny
20:44 Coderjoe I don't think GR public safety is using trunked
20:44 PacketHumper wish i could see what the frequencies are
20:44 Cprossu during the 'gas incident'
20:44 bygmesterfinnega their size and weight wouldn't matter as much if you weren't using standard fuel
20:44 PacketHumper they aren't
20:44 Cprossu we saw a bus
20:45 Cprossu that said "I can't go, the street is blocked"
20:45 bygmesterfinnega far larger boats would become feasible
20:45 Seroster What are you on about, bygmesterfinnega?
20:45 Cprossu and we saw it on weathercam
20:45 PacketHumper lol
20:45 einball bygmesterfinnega: They do! you know thumper, right? It is not even ten percent of the power a railgun needs
20:45 bygmesterfinnega the future of naval warfare
20:45 einball Seroster: Railguns.
20:45 bygmesterfinnega not necessarily railguns
20:45 Seroster einball, If it is something the us goverment is willing to spend money on it's killing people
20:45 bygmesterfinnega just electromagnetic propulsion
20:46 bygmesterfinnega that and stifling agricultural production
20:46 Seroster If you did a thumper cabinet size bank of supercapacitors it could probably power a decent railgun
20:46 einball Seroster: does the government have the money to do that? :P
20:46 Seroster Me, I'm a bit oldschool and prefer throwing rocks at people
20:47 einball Seroster: that's the problem: Super Capacitors have a quite high resistance
20:47 Coderjoe I don't know... do they?
20:47 PacketHumper we could narrow down the frequencies easily.
20:47 bygmesterfinnega well why couldn't a compact nuclear reactor be able to move around as much weight as you'd need then?
20:47 PacketHumper frequencies and pl tones.
20:48 SparkyProjects Use supercapacitors to power a linear motor, at a high enough frequency you could get decent speeds
20:48 PacketHumper
20:48 bygmesterfinnega battleships are massive, their size could easily be increased two or three fold
20:48 PacketHumper scroll down to grandrapids
20:48 PacketHumper it's all right there.
20:49 bygmesterfinnega if you just decked it out with energy storage capacitors I don't see how there'd be a real problem
20:49 einball bygmesterfinnega: you could. but it scales up linear. You saw the small bolt they fired there in the video and the large gun they needed.
20:49 PacketHumper what happens if it rolls the boat over?
20:50 bygmesterfinnega make it really wide
20:50 bygmesterfinnega it'd not going to roll the boat over
20:50 PacketHumper like a floating island
20:50 einball making it really wide gives a great radar signature
20:50 bygmesterfinnega it's*
20:50 einball and a big big area to get hit
20:50 Cprossu now you see, this is why compressed air cannons are the way to go
20:50 PacketHumper make it shaped like a curly mustache
20:50 Cprossu =P
20:50 einball *target area
20:50 bygmesterfinnega ok well what about electromagnetically assisted rounds?
20:51 PacketHumper a MAC
20:51 PacketHumper magnetic acceleration canon
20:51 PacketHumper At that point it's just a matter of the size of the slug
20:51 PacketHumper for space battles that would be awesome
20:52 Cprossu for space battles?!
20:52 PacketHumper good use for all the old cars we crush
20:52 PacketHumper yah
20:52 PacketHumper in space there is no resistance
20:52 * Cprossu installs a defective heating element inside his enemies oxygen tanks, problem solved.
20:52 PacketHumper so you put an insane amount of kinetic energy behind something and blam.
20:52 einball Cprossu: Hey, they made it home ;)
20:53 PacketHumper yah what a disapointment
20:53 Cprossu indeed they did :D
20:53 Cprossu shhh PacketHumper
20:53 PacketHumper lol
20:53 bygmesterfinnega well I guess if you could hit any location in the world there would be no real point in making it mobile
20:53 bygmesterfinnega now that I think about it
20:53 Cprossu any day duct tape and pee bags saves the day is a good day @ PacketHumper.
20:53 roadran422 What is an inter-governmental organization? How do they function as elements of supranationalism?
20:53 Cprossu *DUCK TAPE
20:53 Cprossu FUCK
20:53 Cprossu now I said duct tape
20:53 einball bygmesterfinnega: okay, another problem: if you fire that thing radar systems will see it and warn the enemy
20:53 Cprossu DAMN YOU GUYS
20:53 PacketHumper lol
20:53 PacketHumper sounds like a kinky fun time to me
20:54 roadran422 Can anyone help me with that?
20:54 PacketHumper wow lets all talk at once on our radios
20:54 bygmesterfinnega why couldn't you just set up a really large capacitor bank and hit almost anything with a meteor like object?
20:54 Cprossu you wouldn't be laughing so hard is if that's what you needed to breather PacketHumper
20:54 bygmesterfinnega just from a high elevation or something
20:54 einball bygmesterfinnega: because it would need HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE amounts of energy :)
20:54 PacketHumper if i died in space i would consider it a great honor.
20:54 bygmesterfinnega yeah but then you could just derive that from light nuclei
20:54 PacketHumper Ka'pla
20:55 Cprossu I forgot, didn't they use a fair amount of the flight manual in that fix einball?
20:55 einball Qapla?
20:55 bygmesterfinnega anything worth doing requires huge amounts of energy
20:55 Cprossu not so true bygmesterfinnega!
20:55 einball Cprossu: yes .. together with duct tape (or duck tape? :)) they built a CO2 absorber
20:56 PacketHumper that is the standardized roman spelling
20:56 Cprossu well they built an adapter for a co2 absorber anyway
20:56 Cprossu since the filterpacks were not interchangable
20:56 PacketHumper english propper is ka' pla
20:56 bygmesterfinnega there must be something you could do with a coilgun attached to a nuclear reactor
20:56 Cprossu brb
20:56 einball yeah, WITH the flight manual :D
20:56 PacketHumper i could wipe some ass with the flight manual
20:56 einball PacketHumper: okay ... iam roman .. no german .. fuck it, iam a geek
20:57 PacketHumper lol
20:57 einball bygmesterfinnega: yes! blow it up! :D
20:57 Saxton joined #thegeekgroup
20:57 PacketHumper wow moose is colorful today
20:57 PacketHumper they really need to move the fork lift
20:57 electricguy lol yeah
20:57 PacketHumper i wanna see what they are doing.  looks like they are on the cnc machines
20:57 PacketHumper we got a camera over there?
20:58 bygmesterfinnega well could you ionize air with a giant uv laser and then aim it at locations and direct plasma at them?
20:58 PacketHumper the covenant can.
20:58 einball bygmesterfinnega: you will use megawatts in the atmosphere
20:58 PacketHumper they've been doing on their super cariers for years
20:59 bygmesterfinnega so what?
20:59 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
20:59 bygmesterfinnega it'd be around 500 megawatts anyway
20:59 PacketHumper ok i'm muting the audio this is rediculous
20:59 bygmesterfinnega and you could always attach a few together
20:59 einball bygmesterfinnega: and you could not fire it and stop immediatly
20:59 bygmesterfinnega I mean like continuously
20:59 PacketHumper what's a few thousand megawatts when you are obliterating a country.
21:00 bygmesterfinnega just slowly move around the plasma beam
21:00 einball bygmesterfinnega: where goes all the energy if you don't want to fire the laser?
21:00 PacketHumper better term, glassing
21:00 PacketHumper the superheated plasma would bake the sand and dirt to glass.
21:00 bygmesterfinnega you could just turn off a nuclear reactor
21:00 bygmesterfinnega after it'd burned everything
21:01 einball bygmesterfinnega: we speak in terms of mili or microseconds ...
21:01 PacketHumper could we launch a melting down reactor at a country?
21:01 einball you can NEVER shut down a reactor that fast
21:01 einball decay heat
21:01 electricguy turn off a neclear reactor is a little more complicated than flipping a toggleswitch XD
21:01 PacketHumper lol
21:01 bygmesterfinnega what would it matter?
21:01 einball toxication of the reactor, etc ..
21:01 PacketHumper tell that to comEd
21:01 bygmesterfinnega just leave it on and keep the beam going
21:01 einball *poisoning
21:01 bygmesterfinnega alright then, what if you placed it inside a large tank
21:02 einball bygmesterfinnega: and where should all the energy go?
21:02 PacketHumper look up the nuclear facility owned by comed
21:02 PacketHumper it's on lake michigan.
21:02 PacketHumper you'll laugh when you read about it's tragic downfall
21:02 bygmesterfinnega and then had a sibniie style marx generator on top that rapidly fired, and burned everything within a mile radius or so
21:02 einball PacketHumper: Do you have a link for me? :o)
21:03 PacketHumper hang on googling now
21:03 bygmesterfinnega well why couldn't you just sustain a uv laser
21:03 electricguy you watch too much sci-fi :P
21:03 einball PacketHumper: google gives me only the german comed :(
21:03 bygmesterfinnega I actually don't watch much sci-fi
21:04 bygmesterfinnega so you're saying even if you had 500 megawatts you couldn't just sustain a UV laser indefinitely?
21:04 electricguy it surely sounds like it ;)
21:04 einball bygmesterfinnega: 500MW laser demandy more than 1GW of pure energy. that amount demands 2GW of thermal energy and THAT demands a little more than a RMBK1000
21:04 einball bygmesterfinnega: the actual limit is 6kW
21:04 einball for a CO2 Laser
21:04 einball because the gas needs to be cooled down.
21:05 electricguy you can make a several MW pulsed laser. but only short pulses... a 9mm pistol would be more impressive
21:05 einball electricguy: nope
21:05 bygmesterfinnega I'm not saying a 500MW laser, I mean a 500MW power supply attached to a UV laser
21:05 einball The laser would be more impressive :D
21:05 bygmesterfinnega how far would that even be able to ionize the air?
21:05 electricguy it depends on what you are firing at XD
21:06 bygmesterfinnega there must be some way to make one
21:06 electricguy why strap a 500MW PSU to a laser that can only give 6kW anyways? sounds like overkill
21:06 einball bygmesterfinnega: yes there is .. after you get pass those obstacled
21:06 einball obstacles
21:06 BitViper overkill is always good
21:06 einball BitViper: word :D
21:06 electricguy of course :P
21:06 bygmesterfinnega well why is there a limit to how large a laser can be?
21:06 electricguy but there are limits XD
21:07 tonsofpcs electricguy: color shift?
21:07 bygmesterfinnega and why would it be that small
21:07 PacketHumper
21:07 electricguy color shift?
21:07 einball 6kW laser
21:07 PacketHumper this is why you follow procedures
21:07 einball thanks PacketHumper
21:08 einball bygmesterfinnega: because the gas needs cooling if it is a CO2 laser
21:08 PacketHumper i've been there.  not inside but outside.  got some cool pictures
21:08 einball *CO -> gas
21:08 bygmesterfinnega you can make a UV laser without CO2 gas
21:08 einball if it is a solid laser then the heat has to be carried away and there is a energy limit the solid lasers can take
21:08 einball further activation of those solids will only lead to more heat
21:09 PacketHumper and explosion
21:09 einball not to a higher luminance
21:09 bygmesterfinnega though that uses an electric arc which probably would melt basically anything
21:09 PacketHumper which isn't a bad thing
21:09 einball bygmesterfinnega: no, it is a laser ;)
21:10 PacketHumper i see people moving!
21:10 bygmesterfinnega well I could make a simple UV laser out of some pieces of metal
21:10 einball but not >100W
21:10 bygmesterfinnega aww
21:10 bygmesterfinnega why not?
21:10 PacketHumper i need an invisible laser that will cut poeple in half when they walk by my house
21:10 BitViper use larger peices of metal :O)
21:11 bygmesterfinnega you couldn't make a massive T.E.A. laser?
21:11 einball ups, caps
21:11 PacketHumper lol i just saw butt crack on the live stream
21:12 electricguy why not just do like Dr. Evil? mount a fat ass laser on the moon and call it the Tractor beam and everyone will scream in fear :P
21:12 bygmesterfinnega
21:12 PacketHumper i just throught of something
21:12 bygmesterfinnega why couldn't you just make that like a couple miles long
21:12 PacketHumper we need to have a switcher that watches for motion on the cameras.
21:12 bygmesterfinnega and throw a gigawatt across it
21:12 PacketHumper similar to a dvr
21:12 Coderjoe dr evil called it a "laser"
21:13 PacketHumper and he wanted them on sharks heads
21:13 Coderjoe as part of his "alan parsons project"
21:13 einball you have to accelerate the gas to near supersonic speeds, low pressure, need 99,999% pureness of the gasses, etc ...
21:13 einball (am i being trolled? -.- )
21:13 electricguy Coderjoe, oh, yeah, snap! was a while since i watched that movie XD
21:13 bygmesterfinnega yeah but what about T.E.A. lasers?
21:13 Coderjoe woah
21:14 Coderjoe the first movie he wanted sharks with lasers on their heads, right?
21:14 PacketHumper we need hard light
21:14 PacketHumper so we can make light bridges
21:14 electricguy i really like Dr. Evil's illtempered mutated seabass :3
21:14 Coderjoe and the second movie, he supposedly hadn't heard of lasers?
21:14 PacketHumper and force fields
21:14 bygmesterfinnega I want some laser carp
21:14 wannabe1987|tgg saw thumper AND gemini, now doing work....
21:14 wannabe1987|tgg afk
21:14 bygmesterfinnega someone needs to mod laser carps into dwarf fortress
21:14 einball by the way: Can't wait to see that thing in action next week :);feature=related
21:14 einball nd:YAG laser with 2kW Power <33
21:15 PacketHumper who is in the hvl?
21:15 electricguy a human!
21:15 bygmesterfinnega oh well I guess I'll have to settle for particle beam weapons
21:15 wannabe1987|tgg there are lots of people with impressive looking cameras walking around o.O
21:15 wannabe1987|tgg i don't know...i'm not there :P
21:15 bygmesterfinnega stupid particle beams
21:15 PacketHumper she has a red coat
21:15 Coderjoe a woman in a red coat and a scarf
21:15 PacketHumper is she british?
21:15 PacketHumper she looks confused
21:16 PacketHumper ah she is taking a picture
21:16 electricguy is this James Bonds spy center?
21:16 PacketHumper yes
21:16 PacketHumper yes it is
21:16 electricguy surely seems like it
21:16 bygmesterfinnega do you think capitalism would be capable of existing in a post scarcity economy?
21:16 wannabe1987|tgg PacketHumper: there are lots of people wandering the lab that don't have names, they seem to be doing interview of people....
21:17 PacketHumper it's fun and if i was there i would expect you guys to make fun of me while i was walking around.
21:17 wannabe1987|tgg lol
21:17 wannabe1987|tgg i don't like being on camera.
21:17 PacketHumper go in there and wave to me dammit
21:17 Coderjoe they don't have names? that's rather cruel of their parents...
21:17 electricguy PacketHumper, lol, i would go like, huh ok, another random dude hanging around... :P
21:17 PacketHumper no kidding
21:18 PacketHumper electricguy: lol
21:18 PacketHumper they need a room with hidden speakers
21:18 PacketHumper that way they can make strange noises
21:18 PacketHumper in random places
21:19 PacketHumper wow was that a guy with a camera on the end of his penis?!
21:19 PacketHumper it was rather... bendy
21:19 wannabe1987|tgg no.  i'm going to go take pictures of the exterior of the building for BitViper
21:19 PacketHumper awww come on.  we all wanna see you wave to us
21:20 electricguy you want to
21:20 PacketHumper i know you do too
21:20 PacketHumper where did the guy with the penis mounted camera go
21:20 electricguy no i don't. cause wannabe1987|tgg doesn't seem to comfy with it and i don't like to force people to stuff they really don't want to do
21:20 BitViper wannabe1987|tgg : woot ! concentrate on photos from the corners, ideally i need to see two adjacent sides clearly
21:21 einball PacketHumper: hehehe, mni tnx fer link :D
21:21 Experimentonomen PacketHumper is... humping packages ? XD
21:21 PacketHumper einball: isn't that funny?
21:21 BitViper poor wannabe1987|tgg is aparently shy ... i can equate, i prefer to be the one with the camera, not on the camera
21:21 einball PacketHumper: It's just "Have you tried turning it off and on again?"
21:21 einball :D
21:21 PacketHumper that's why i hide behind a large camera
21:22 Coderjoe <Boden> I collect antisocial people
21:22 PacketHumper einball: lol very nice.  the guy could have saved his job if he followed procedures.
21:22 electricguy PacketHumper, COME ON!! MAKE A YOUTUBE VIDEO SO WE ALL CAN SEE YOU!
21:22 electricguy :)
21:22 PacketHumper there are youtube videos of me
21:23 PacketHumper look for bl117 on youtube
21:23 PacketHumper hence why i'm bl117 when i first sign on to irc
21:24 electricguy can't see you in any of the 4 vids
21:24 PacketHumper for anyone on xbox live i'm "sbo bl117"
21:24 PacketHumper watch the one with the printer
21:24 electricguy who of them are you?
21:24 PacketHumper i'm the one who is choosy about what he smashes
21:24 PacketHumper i made it very colorfull
21:24 einball PacketHumper: yes ... Let me guess: You are one of those persons reading wikipedia for hours just for the sake of getting knowledge? :P
21:25 wannabe1987|tgg there.... BitViper: pictures are done....
21:25 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
21:25 electricguy lol, i know one of those people in another channel XD i use to ask him for the wikipedia link instead. lol :P it easier :)
21:25 PacketHumper einball: yah i'm facinated by random stuff.
21:25 PacketHumper who is CaptainNiobe?
21:26 CaptainNiobe a channel op.
21:26 wannabe1987|tgg an australian member
21:26 einball haha
21:26 wannabe1987|tgg cory's shirt says HAT
21:26 wannabe1987|tgg ....
21:26 wannabe1987|tgg i'm confused
21:26 * wannabe1987|tgg is covered in DUST
21:26 SparkyProjects What does his hat say ?
21:26 PacketHumper ah.
21:26 wannabe1987|tgg he doesn't have one
21:26 PacketHumper i just got in trouble. lol
21:26 wannabe1987|tgg by?
21:26 wannabe1987|tgg ooo bye
21:27 Coderjoe SPARKS
21:27 BitViper someone just had a brain storm
21:27 electricguy nice
21:27 DruidicRifleman is it just me or does cory seam like a chubbyer version of the camera geek in never back down???
21:27 PacketHumper CaptainNiobe:  i said a naughty word.
21:28 PacketHumper i wonder if masculine genitalia would have been more appropriate
21:28 roadran4221 joined #thegeekgroup
21:28 CaptainNiobe ...
21:28 electricguy ... -,-
21:28 Experimentonomen was the printer you threw and smashed working when u did that ?
21:29 BitViper wannabe1987|tgg i pm'd you
21:29 PacketHumper sort of
21:29 roadran4221 Hi
21:29 roadran4221 Hi CaptainNiobe
21:29 PacketHumper if you count colored smears as working
21:29 roadran4221 wannabe1987|tgg: You still at the lab?
21:29 CaptainNiobe g'day, roadran422, what's up?
21:29 roadran4221 Procrasinating xD you CaptainNiobe?
21:30 CaptainNiobe lol... not much, just watching a few tgg videos, waiting for masterofmonks to get home...
21:30 Coderjoe and thumper just went off
21:30 roadran4221 Lol why are you waiting? I just watched the usp autopsy
21:31 electricguy UPS :)
21:31 Experimentonomen so ur the guy that hit the wall instead of the printer
21:31 roadran4221 ...
21:31 * masterofmonks glomps CaptainNiobe
21:31 CaptainNiobe MOM! *tackles* welcome home! :D
21:31 roadran4221 CaptainNiobe: Your husband is here!
21:32 CaptainNiobe roadran422, we aren't married... YET! :P
21:32 electricguy BF! ;)
21:32 CaptainNiobe :D
21:32 roadran4221 You guys know each other in real life?
21:32 PacketHumper Experimentonomen: no
21:32 masterofmonks roadran4221: You think this is not real?
21:32 CaptainNiobe no, not yet...
21:32 roadran4221 ....
21:32 PacketHumper i'm the shorter one
21:33 electricguy this isn't real life??! BALLS i think i've missed something...
21:33 electricguy :P
21:33 roadran4221 What's shorter your penis or what/
21:33 masterofmonks Here, you see the intricacise of people's lives lived out before your eyes.
21:33 PacketHumper OOOOOOOOO you gunna get in trouble
21:33 roadran4221 xD ^
21:33 electricguy LOL!
21:33 electricguy scary
21:33 CaptainNiobe rules is rules, people. tow the line.
21:33 masterofmonks Also roadran4221 take anatomical talk to #tgg:anatomy
21:33 roadran4221 Ok sorry CaptainNiobe
21:34 roadran4221 What are all the secret channels?
21:34 CaptainNiobe :)
21:34 PacketHumper lol
21:34 PacketHumper is there a #tgg:penetration channel?
21:34 electricguy ...
21:34 PacketHumper you know for chemicals and substrates?
21:34 CaptainNiobe PacketHumper, that's what :NSFW is for.
21:34 electricguy this starts to go a little over the edge.
21:34 roadran4221 xD
21:35 CaptainNiobe NSFW = Not Suitable For Work.
21:35 roadran4221 There is no such channel
21:35 roadran4221 Talking about nsfw, someone needs 2 change the topic xD
21:35 masterofmonks roadran4221: No such channel as what?
21:35 PacketHumper what if your job is to see how far liquids can be soaked into a porous material
21:36 einball Sh... I need something to do. I don't want to do that what I have to do. ..
21:36 electricguy roadran4221, tgg:nsfw
21:36 PacketHumper also known as that p word i just got in trouble for using.
21:36 roadran4221 xD
21:36 Experimentonomen PacketHumper, then i guess ur the one that smashed the toner cartridge at the end
21:36 roadran4221 ...
21:36 roadran4221 xD
21:36 PacketHumper no, i was holding the camera laughing like a mad man most of the time
21:36 roadran4221 I failed epically, I didn't know that my username had a one after it lol
21:37 PacketHumper i wear glasses.
21:37 roadran422 Samem here
21:37 PacketHumper i think i was the only one in there with glasses
21:38 wannabe1987|tgg sorry, gemini and thumper called
21:38 PacketHumper i'm being sensored here.  i don't like it
21:38 roadran422 AH one second xD
21:38 iSasha joined #thegeekgroup
21:38 iSasha Ugh... Recent Items betrayed me!
21:39 PacketHumper if all of you were in the nsfw channel i'd talk in there
21:39 PacketHumper see there he is
21:39 PacketHumper looooook
21:39 PacketHumper what is it mounted on
21:39 electricguy ?
21:39 PacketHumper i think that other guy is going to play the obo
21:39 electricguy some sort of chest mount it seems
21:39 PacketHumper look at the live stream
21:39 PacketHumper ahhhhh not mounted on um... .other regions.
21:39 PacketHumper my bad
21:40 electricguy why on earth would it?
21:40 wannabe1987|tgg also, got vid of gemini :D
21:40 PacketHumper you never know
21:40 electricguy NICE :D
21:40 PacketHumper some people are strange
21:40 electricguy <3 tesla coils
21:40 wannabe1987|tgg LOL
21:40 TeslaHumper booyah
21:40 TeslaHumper now they are setting up a tent
21:41 TeslaHumper for those of you not watching the live stream i'm going to narrate for you
21:41 Experimentonomen <3 building amplifiers
21:41 tonsofpcs Cprossu: added bonus!  no scsi driver :(
21:41 TeslaHumper ok jesus is there
21:41 electricguy TeslaHumper, just give them the frickin link istead..;
21:41 TeslaHumper and they are laying down a bearskin rug
21:42 wannabe1987|tgg are they in hvl?
21:42 TeslaHumper and chestycam is showing off his goods
21:42 TeslaHumper yah
21:42 electricguy wannabe1987|tgg, yes
21:42 TeslaHumper wannabe go in there
21:42 wannabe1987|tgg i was just in there
21:42 wannabe1987|tgg omg
21:42 Experimentonomen btw TeslaHumper, u guys sound kinda russian
21:42 TeslaHumper they are
21:42 TeslaHumper i'm a mut
21:42 TeslaHumper i can sound like whatever i want to sound like
21:42 wannabe1987|tgg a brit?
21:42 iSasha You guys are lucky you can even watch this stuff. This morning I had to buffer the captains blog in 360p whilst I was in the shower!
21:42 TeslaHumper wait... those are drums
21:42 wannabe1987|tgg i was just in hvl....i'll probably end up back in there
21:43 TeslaHumper jesus has drums
21:43 wannabe1987|tgg lol he's a photog
21:43 TeslaHumper maybe the other guy really is going to play the obo
21:43 tonsofpcs ok, any suggestions on how to reset the admin password on an NT install on a system that I can't get linux SCSI drivers for?
21:43 TeslaHumper who jesus?
21:43 Experimentonomen TeslaHumper: <-- dats wut i look like :P
21:43 TeslaHumper tonsofpcs: i'm guessing you are using the linux nt password cd
21:43 tonsofpcs TeslaHumper: floppy.  This thing can't boot from Cd.
21:44 wannabe1987|tgg im a female with blonde hair pulled back and glasses....i should be easy to spot :P
21:44 tonsofpcs
21:44 TeslaHumper it's flanel jesus
21:44 tonsofpcs wannabe1987|tgg: you mean you aren't hiding from the cameras?!?!
21:44 TeslaHumper i don't see you
21:44 wannabe1987|tgg well, i am now....
21:44 y007-nb joined #thegeekgroup
21:44 wannabe1987|tgg i don't bring this heavy laptop into hvl
21:44 wannabe1987|tgg found out netbook has dead power supply :(
21:44 TeslaHumper but does that guy look like jesus when you are in there
21:44 tonsofpcs internal or external
21:44 y007-nb im at our schools robotics meeting :p
21:44 Coderjoe boot a bartpe disk with the correct scsi drivers and modify it through that? (I don't know how to change passwords or the like offhand)
21:44 Experimentonomen be patient or fast forward a few minutes
21:44 TeslaHumper wannabe1987|tgg: that's good.  cheapest thing to fix
21:44 wannabe1987|tgg there are two, jabroni and the photog guy
21:44 wannabe1987|tgg no, i can't afford a cord :(
21:45 tonsofpcs Coderjoe: you can fit bartpe on a floppy?  and run it on a pentium pro? :)
21:45 wannabe1987|tgg but i donated the torx thingys to the lab
21:45 Coderjoe ppro yes. floppy no.
21:45 wannabe1987|tgg they cost me 2.53 :P
21:45 TeslaHumper someone has a floppy?
21:45 tonsofpcs Coderjoe: well, that doesn't help then.
21:45 wannabe1987|tgg which is jesus, the guy in flanel?
21:45 TeslaHumper wannabe1987|tgg: might be 20 bucks.  you never know
21:45 tonsofpcs TeslaHumper: YEs, I use floppies.
21:45 TeslaHumper wannabe1987|tgg: yah
21:45 TeslaHumper tonsofpcs: don't copy that floppy
21:45 wannabe1987|tgg he's a photographer
21:45 tonsofpcs I have a Tek Oscope that uses floppies, I have a ETC light controller that uses floppies, ...