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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2012-01-13

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00:13 Toastdude You killed the chat, tonsofpcs
00:14 tonsofpcs disagree.  It was dead and I shot it a few times to make sure.
00:21 Experimentonomen *baaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuurrrrrrrppp*
00:21 CaptainNiobe gross, ex, i heard that all the way from australia :P
00:22 Experimentonomen im not in aus :P
00:22 JA12 that's the point
00:22 CaptainNiobe i know, that's why it was gross :P
00:22 Experimentonomen niobe, i thought u lived in us near the lab
00:23 CaptainNiobe noooo, i live in aus, east side
00:23 JA12 pretty much exactly in the other side of the globe?
00:23 JA12 than Experimentonomen
00:26 JA12
00:26 BotSteve Title: Map Tunnelling Tool
00:26 JA12 almost
00:27 Monkeh|Lap Cprossu: Gerber's won out over Leatherman for when I can afford one, sorry. ;P
00:30 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
00:31 injektion I feel awful
00:31 Toastdude :/
00:31 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
00:34 injektion I hate my job so damn
00:34 injektion Much
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00:41 Obtuse in case anyone missed it ...
00:41 BotSteve Title: Obtuse - A billion is bigger than oprah - Tindeck MP3 Download
00:41 JA12 I'm going to get better leatherman than I have now
00:42 Obtuse a captains blog remix
00:45 JA12 "why didn't you get a proper one in the first place?" you might ask. I got my current leatherman as a gift from my former boss
00:45 JA12 leatherman fuse
00:50 JA12 the brand doesn't matter much but after years of use it's still as good as new, so why change
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00:54 Obtuse i have a leatherman squirt
00:55 Obtuse nothing too great
00:56 JA12 keychain leatherman
00:56 MoxieMike i've got a leatherman wave
00:59 JA12
00:59 BotSteve Title: Leatherman Multi-Tools
01:01 JA12 if I had leatherman wave, I wouldn't need a new one
01:02 JA12 fuse is great but having tools on the grip side is annoying
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01:05 roadran422 Multitools eh?
01:06 MoxieMike yar
01:06 roadran422 What's your choice, swiss, gerber or leatherman?
01:07 JA12 all of them + some led flashlights?
01:07 roadran422 ....
01:07 MoxieMike i like leatherman
01:08 roadran422 Oh..
01:09 roadran422 I'd like a nice multitool... Crimpers Cutters, a saw and screw driver, bottle opener, pliers and scissors.... That is well built and deploys easily....
01:09 roadran422 Anything come in mind?
01:11 JA12 swiss army knife is out if you want hefty pliers
01:11 JA12 still.. wouldn't hurt to have one in the pocket
01:12 roadran422 ..
01:12 roadran422 Swiss is ehhe
01:12 JA12 is what?
01:12 roadran422 *ehh good but not really for what I'd be using
01:12 JA12 it's more than nothing when you need one
01:13 egrsteve|away morning all
01:13 roadran422 Morning egrsteve|away
01:13 egrsteve|away well maybe most
01:13 roadran422 JA12: True
01:13 JA12 morning
01:13 MoxieMike a gerber is faster deploy than leatherman, but both can be quite quick.
01:13 egrsteve anything new here?
01:13 roadran422 Gerber has some nifty things, carbide cutters and that remgrit blade
01:15 JA12 I might get this one
01:15 BotSteve Title: Leatherman multi-tools: Surge
01:16 tonsofpcs JA12: what do you need one for?
01:16 tonsofpcs oh, for roadran422
01:16 tonsofpcs roadran422: for what kind of use primarily?  I use a Squirt EL (now "Squirt E4") for electronics
01:17 roadran422 Just for general usage, to cut things, open things on the fly...
01:17 roadran422 I see this.
01:17 BotSteve Title: Multi-Plier 600 - Pro Scout Needlenose Stainless, w/ Tool Kit, Sheath
01:18 tonsofpcs one of these days, I'mma buy a ratchet-pliered gerber
01:19 roadran422 What's that? lol
01:19 tonsofpcs they make some multitools that there's a ratcheting and/or geared mechanism to make the pliers able to squeeze stronger
01:20 tonsofpcs that MP 600 looks nice
01:20 roadran422 Oh that's nice!
01:20 tonsofpcs one of the things that keeps me from buying another multitool like that is that I really don't need pliers that often.
01:20 roadran422 Yah... I might get it, slim on tools but good enough..
01:20 Coderjoe i've got that one
01:20 roadran422 Coderjoe: How is it?
01:20 tonsofpcs I need wire cutters a lot, a knife a lot, and a screwdriver a lot....
01:20 Coderjoe fairly good
01:21 tonsofpcs oftentimes, it's much easier to just have a pocket with a knife, a pair of cable cutters, and a screwdriver or two in it...
01:21 Coderjoe best scissors on a multitool I think I have ever had. (better be, since gerber is a division of fiskars)
01:21 roadran422 Ahh
01:21 roadran422 I hear the remgrit is great!
01:22 BitViper wheeee, currently plans in place to get down to the lab this coming tuesday, hopefully bearing chili for lunch
01:22 Coderjoe I haven't used it
01:22 tonsofpcs the squirt EL was nice running around the theatre at college, since it was small enough i had a keyring on it and could tie it off to a carabener  (you can't normally climb above 4' without pretty much everything you have on you somehow tied to you).  Since I had it, I could go up to grid height (50' up) and have a mini toolbox at my hands, without any issue
01:22 Coderjoe I think the philips blade is too big. considering getting the add-on toolkit that has the "standard" hex bit adapter
01:23 tonsofpcs Coderjoe: is it not 1/4" hex?!?
01:23 tonsofpcs (it looks to be...)
01:24 Coderjoe I put it in quotes because I have seen other sized bits
01:24 tonsofpcs I have plenty of other sized bits, but 1/4" is very common
01:24 Coderjoe yes, 1/4 is the most common, and I don't think I had seen smaller until a little over a month ago
01:24 roadran422 .c 1/8 inch bits
01:24 BotSteve 0.000396875 m Bytes
01:24 roadran422 Wtf ^
01:24 tonsofpcs lol
01:25 roadran422 Wtf?!?!??!?!?!
01:25 tonsofpcs meter * bytes :)
01:25 roadran422 I was looking 1/8 inch bits..
01:25 roadran422 what the heck is a meter byte.
01:25 tonsofpcs VERY.  Like 90%+ of my bits are 1/4" (unless you count the 1/16th or so bits I have for a precision driver set, there's like 40 of those)
01:25 tonsofpcs (might be even 3/64th)
01:26 tonsofpcs google's calculator default converts input to a 'base' set of units.  meter is the base length unit, byte is the base data unit...
01:26 tonsofpcs .c 1/8 watt furlongs
01:26 BotSteve 25.14600 m^(3) kg / s^(3)
01:26 tonsofpcs :)
01:26 roadran422 Can anyone tell me what a meter byte is?
01:27 Toastdude Yes
01:27 tonsofpcs I can tell you what a byte/meter is...
01:27 roadran422 What is it?
01:28 BitViper its when there's a short in the meter and it bites you when you touch it *runs for cover*
01:28 tonsofpcs I guess a meter byte is one of those calculated out over an area.
01:28 roadran422 BitViper: xD
01:28 roadran422 tonsofpcs: ...
01:29 JA12 or it's a calculation and conversion mistake =)
01:30 roadran422 lol
01:30 JA12 which could indicate that you should use .g instead of .c
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01:32 NeWtoz anyone in the grand rapids area know how bad the weather is?
01:33 Coderjoe I'm in the Grandville area and I haven't looked outside in awhile, but was told it was coming down pretty hard
01:33 BitViper well east of big rapids is GREAT (read as snowing nicely in that fine grained extremely slippery form)
01:34 Coderjoe (grandville is southwest of GR)
01:34 BitViper the more snow and the more slippery ... the better imo :)
01:34 NeWtoz oh, your near Big Rapids?
01:34 JA12 haha
01:34 Coderjoe storm reports:
01:34 NeWtoz I grew up there
01:34 BotSteve Title: National Weather Service Text Product Display
01:34 JA12
01:34 BotSteve Title: Cable Dawg Tool
01:34 BitViper im east of big rapids near mecosta yes
01:34 JA12 yo dawg, we heard you like cables..
01:35 NeWtoz cool
01:35 Coderjoe JA12: but you didn't put cables in my cable
01:35 BitViper NeWtoz : ynos aparently lived up here for a while too
01:35 JA12 Coderjoe: coax
01:35 Coderjoe but that isn't what you are showing
01:35 BitViper NeWtoz : im hoping to get down to the lab next tues
01:36 Coderjoe and I can do you better... audio snake
01:36 NeWtoz Nice, I live pretty close to the lab, but I don't get there as often as I'd like
01:36 BitViper NeWtoz : 15 years ago i lived just a block from where the lab is. too bad the lab wasnt there then =(
01:37 NeWtoz heh, you went from GR to BR?
01:37 Coderjoe you love to stay at the ....
01:37 NeWtoz seems like you went backwards
01:37 BitViper NeWtoz : ha, and several places in between
01:37 JA12 Coderjoe: wha? gerber cable dawg -> yo dawg
01:37 BitViper including west of kzoo for a while
01:38 BitViper also 18 months on the streets of gr too =(
01:38 NeWtoz :(
01:38 Coderjoe JA12: but to do the xibitz meme, you have to put something on/in itself
01:38 NeWtoz Mecosta is an ok place to be
01:38 BitViper i like the area, i hate living in big population areas
01:38 NeWtoz I drove through there a lot a few years ago
01:39 NeWtoz I don't like it much because I hit a coyote right outside of mecosta on the west side
01:40 BitViper better than a deer
01:40 NeWtoz I've hit a few of those too
01:40 Coderjoe I haven't hit a deer yet, but have come close a couple times
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01:44 speed_ponyG55 joined #thegeekgroup
01:44 BitViper i havent smashed up a car with a deer yet, but have knocked over and run over two of em
01:44 BitViper both of whom got up and ran off somehow
01:45 BitViper aparently i need a bigger car
01:45 speed_ponyG55
01:45 BotSteve Title: Discord Who? (Q in My Little Ponies) - YouTube
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01:49 Toastdude Lee!
01:50 * lwq1996 turns to quickly and sneezes on toastdude
01:50 roadran422 How's the possible?
01:50 lwq1996 sorry toast
01:50 Toastdude :|
01:50 roadran422 You turn the wrong way?
01:51 lwq1996 idk roadran im sick
01:51 roadran422 ...
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01:52 Toastdude WB Experimentonomen
01:55 NeWtoz OMG, tomorrow is Fri the 13th!
01:57 masterofmonks NeWtoz: It's friday.
01:57 masterofmonks It's the 13th.
01:58 masterofmonks You'll live.
01:58 eadthem funny with how today went i would of thought today was friday the 13'th
01:58 * NeWtoz is scared!
01:58 NeWtoz actually, I'm not
01:58 roadran422|HCN Hi!
01:59 NeWtoz Yo Dogg
01:59 roadran422|HCN <----- Anyone get the reference?
02:00 injektion|nap hydrogen cyanide?
02:00 roadran422|HCN Yes!
02:02 Experimentonomen;_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649#ht_4024wt_1163 <-- i couldent resist :P
02:02 BotSteve Title: eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
02:07 tesla4d joined #thegeekgroup
02:21 Toastdude I hope we have a snow day tomorrow...
02:22 roadran422|HCN Lol
02:22 roadran422|HCN I've seen snow once. Felt like shredded ice.
02:23 egrsteve roadran422|HCN: snow cones don't count
02:23 LiClO I hope it doesn't snow in GA this year
02:23 roadran422|HCN egrsteve: not that :P
02:24 roadran422|HCN I was in claifonria in the mountains. I haven't seen snow ever since then. It felt like shredded ice, but I can't really compare to "real" snow..
02:24 egrsteve sounds more like sleet
02:24 roadran422|HCN xD
02:24 egrsteve snow is fluffy
02:24 roadran422|HCN I don't really know, I was 3-5 ish.
02:25 roadran422|HCN Yep, I haven't seen "real" snow then.
02:25 masterofmonks It sleets fairly often here, and about once a year we will get fluries, but not any snow that makes it to the ground.
02:25 roadran422|HCN :(
02:25 roadran422|HCN I think I seen hail in florida.
02:25 roadran422|HCN Which proves a point that it was just too cold for snow.
02:25 masterofmonks I certainly have seen hail in Florida.
02:26 roadran422|HCN If there is hail in Florida, then could there be snow...?
02:26 masterofmonks In the middle of July no less.
02:26 masterofmonks The last time I recall snow here was in 1989.
02:26 roadran422|HCN Wow...
02:26 masterofmonks You weren't born yet.
02:26 roadran422|HCN Ik that and I wasn't even here yet lol
02:27 masterofmonks .ty lordi it snows in hell
02:27 masterofmonks .yt lordi it snows in hell
02:27 BotSteve masterofmonks:
02:27 roadran422|HCN ?
02:27 masterofmonks Watch it, like it.
02:28 roadran422|HCN Uh...
02:28 roadran422|HCN No.
02:28 roadran422|HCN No. xD
02:30 masterofmonks Don't like it?
02:30 * LiClO likes it
02:30 Toastdude LiClO: Hi
02:32 roadran422|HCN left #thegeekgroup
02:32 roadran422|HCN joined #thegeekgroup
02:32 roadran422|HCN Hi LiClO
02:32 roadran422|HCN What's the chemical?
02:32 roadran422|HCN Lithium Chlorine and Oxygen?
02:32 masterofmonks .g LiClO
02:32 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
02:32 BotSteve masterofmonks:
02:33 * masterofmonks looks at roadran422|HCN
02:33 roadran422|HCN Ok... xD
02:33 roadran422|HCN LiClO: Why the username/
02:33 masterofmonks Might have something to do with his job.
02:34 roadran422|HCN lol
02:34 roadran422|HCN Pool cleaner?
02:34 roadran422|HCN Hitman?
02:34 LiClO You really don't want to know
02:34 LiClO I'm going to be sick for days
02:35 roadran422|HCN Why?...
02:35 masterofmonks Oh, again?
02:35 masterofmonks Well keep something to spit in handy.
02:35 roadran422|HCN ....
02:36 LiClO I feel like dying
02:36 hopstafarian joined #thegeekgroup
02:36 masterofmonks You'll live.
02:36 LiClO Sadly I will
02:36 roadran422|HCN LiClO: What is your job?
02:37 masterofmonks Rest assured that I know your pain.
02:37 hopstafarian look for a little help with msaccess
02:37 roadran422|HCN I'm confuzzled.
02:37 hopstafarian ?
02:37 LiClO masterofmonks: I don't know what is worse the lithium hypochlorite or the trichlor
02:37 roadran422|HCN What do you do? Extract metals with cyanide?
02:37 LiClO No
02:37 LiClO I work in a chemical factory
02:38 masterofmonks LiClO: rapidly decomposing sodium hypochlorite.
02:38 Sashi joined #thegeekgroup
02:38 roadran422|HCN LiClO: Could you get me so gallium, nitric acid, sulfiric acid, hydrochloric acid by any chance?
02:38 roadran422|HCN hi Sashi
02:38 roadran422|HCN *some
02:38 IsopropylAlcohol hi
02:38 LiClO roadran422|HCN: I think you can get most of those off the internet
02:38 masterofmonks roadran422|HCN: You can get it for yourself.
02:38 roadran422|HCN :P
02:39 LiClO One of the worst things I have ever done was open a drum of calcium hypochlorite
02:39 * roadran422|HCN catches IsopropylAlcohol on fire xD
02:39 roadran422|HCN Only if I knew what was so bad...
02:39 IsopropylAlcohol oh noes i need to dilute myself next time
02:39 roadran422|HCN xD It's still flamible
02:39 LiClO Mix alcohol and water
02:39 LiClO Then get a match
02:40 roadran422|HCN Yay! Fun!
02:40 * IsopropylAlcohol dilutes himself to 10%
02:40 masterofmonks LiClO: when you have to stand over a a drum shooting a billowing cloud of decomposing vapor out and having to fish out the offending bits so the whole warehouse doesn't go up.
02:40 roadran422|HCN Still flammable.... And you are a male.
02:40 masterofmonks That is when it sucks most.
02:40 IsopropylAlcohol yes, i am a man, why?
02:40 roadran422|HCN Dang, LiClO your job must suck, and a job that you don't enjoy doing is no job you should be in.
02:41 roadran422|HCN IsopropylAlcohol: Idk... xD
02:41 IsopropylAlcohol lol
02:41 masterofmonks roadran422|HCN: if wishes were horses.
02:41 LiClO masterofmonks: O
02:41 LiClO err
02:41 roadran422|HCN ...
02:41 roadran422|HCN Horses/
02:41 LiClO I have had been involved in a lithium hypochlorite explosion
02:42 astro73|alice is it chemistry night?
02:42 masterofmonks Sucks like hell.
02:42 masterofmonks astro73|alice: No, one of those times that LiClO and I complain about things people think are safe.
02:43 LiClO That was quite terrible and I don't want it to happen again
02:43 roadran422|HCN Dang...
02:43 roadran422|HCN Why do you work for them?
02:43 masterofmonks Protip: household bleach is fucking dangerous.
02:43 masterofmonks roadran422|HCN: because he needs money, and they pay.
02:43 roadran422|HCN :(
02:43 LiClO I make 8.50 an hour
02:43 roadran422|HCN That's not bad pay.
02:43 roadran422|HCN Is the shop or place osha secured?
02:44 LiClO No
02:44 masterofmonks BWA HA HA HA HA
02:44 masterofmonks OSHA
02:44 * masterofmonks ROFLS
02:44 LiClO OSHA is a joke
02:44 masterofmonks The only agency that LiClO's employer cares about is the EPA
02:45 masterofmonks And that is because they can fine them into oblivion.
02:45 astro73|alice namely not getting caught?
02:45 LiClO I've been meaning to report them to the EPA for faulty dust collectors leaking chemicals into the environment
02:45 masterofmonks LiClO: Won't go anywhere, unfortunately.
02:46 masterofmonks And you have to fight for your whistleblower rights.
02:46 roadran422|HCN Epa?
02:46 roadran422|HCN Ik what epa is.
02:46 roadran422|HCN Osha?
02:46 roadran422|HCN Osha?
02:46 roadran422|HCN Osha?
02:46 astro73|alice .w OSHA
02:46 BotSteve "Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a federal agency of the United States that regulates workplace safety and health" -
02:46 roadran422|HCN Ik what osha is.
02:47 LiClO Too bad I am not part of a union
02:47 roadran422|HCN But, it's not osha regulated? No masks? No washing stations?
02:47 masterofmonks Now, what might work LiClO is contacting your employer's insurance company.
02:47 roadran422|HCN Dang, if any of you read the book on CYANIDE based on a true story...
02:47 LiClO I have no idea who it is
02:47 roadran422|HCN Atleast it's good pay and you have benefits...
02:48 LiClO I have no benefits d
02:48 astro73|alice 8.50 is not good pay
02:48 masterofmonks And that certainly is not good pay, it keeps you fed, most of the time.
02:48 roadran422|HCN Per hour? Not bad i'd reckon...
02:48 LiClO 8.59 is not even a living wage
02:48 masterofmonks roadran422|HCN: because you are 14.
02:48 LiClO 8.50
02:48 roadran422|HCN Dang :(
02:48 roadran422|HCN I don't know money, but I spend wisely.
02:49 roadran422|HCN Sorry for you man.
02:49 astro73|alice $10/hr is barely tolerable
02:49 masterofmonks Not hard to spend wisely at 14.
02:49 masterofmonks astro73|alice: it depends on the area.
02:49 LiClO I live on $50 a week and the rest of it goes into savings
02:49 masterofmonks I make 9.5 and it is better than $10 where I was working.
02:50 roadran422|HCN :(
02:50 astro73|alice LiClO: that is a skill, right there.
02:51 roadran422|HCN Dang.
02:51 roadran422|HCN masterofmonks: If you say that to a girl xD
02:51 masterofmonks roadran422|HCN: please remove your foot from your mouth before speaking.
02:52 Toastdude Ya know, making a face after every sentence you type is a bit overkill. xD
02:53 roadran422|HCN Sorr....
02:53 roadran422|HCN It's habit, it's either "lol" or "xD"...
02:53 masterofmonks "My House is on fire lol"
02:53 masterofmonks Why are you laughing?
02:54 roadran422|HCN ...
02:54 JA12 it's sparta?
02:54 astro73|alice because he's going to die shortly, and he'd rather laugh
02:54 roadran422|HCN Only on chat...
02:56 roadran422|HCN It's something I only do... It's habit because It's just odd for me personally.
02:56 hopstafarian i just kill a hooker!...j/k
02:56 roadran422|HCN ...
02:56 hopstafarian i know, bad taste...sorry
02:57 roadran422|HCN ....
02:57 roadran422|HCN LiClO: Do you like working there?
02:57 * hopstafarian has a real problem with that..seeking professional help
02:58 LiClO No
02:58 roadran422|HCN Dang...
02:58 LiClO I didn't like working there as soon as I walked in
02:58 roadran422|HCN Isn't there any other jobs? Do you have degree or something
02:59 hopstafarian LiClO, what are your other options?
02:59 LiClO No college yet
02:59 astro73|alice "do you like working for a place with dangerous conditions, poor pay, and an apparent disregard for worker safety?"
02:59 roadran422|HCN astro73|alice: Don't say anything....
02:59 roadran422|HCN LiClO: What are your other options?
02:59 LiClO I don't have many other options
03:00 masterofmonks astro73|alice: your nick doesn't like auto complete.
03:00 astro73|alice masterofmonks: i think that's just because there's two of me
03:00 roadran422|HCN ...
03:00 masterofmonks roadran422|HCN: I think that astro73|alice understands the situation better than you do.
03:00 roadran422|HCN :(
03:01 masterofmonks And the irony is when I was working as a chemist, I actually liked the job, and I loved my boss, but holy shit was it dangerous.
03:01 astro73|alice i've been fortunate enough to work in decent crap industrial jobs
03:01 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
03:01 hopstafarian LiClO, how so...what are your skills, how did you get that job?  you know what the periodic symbol for Lithium is?
03:01 roadran422|HCN My dad is a machinist, my mom is a manicurist. Dad works 8hrs a day, mom works about 12 hrs a day...
03:01 LiClO Lithium is Li
03:01 hopstafarian LiClO, see...
03:02 LiClO hopstafarian: there are no special skills needed because it's un-rewarding manual labor
03:02 roadran422|HCN I have to go...
03:02 masterofmonks hopstafarian: When I was interviewed to be a chemist the entire statemtn on the subject was "I had chemistry in highschool"
03:03 hopstafarian LiClO, where do you live...there has to be an unskilled job nearby that isn't
03:03 LiClO I hate unskilled work
03:03 astro73|alice everyone hates unskilled work
03:03 hopstafarian masterofmonks, i just copied and pasted "is hell endothermic or exothermic?"
03:04 Toastdude Exothermic?
03:04 hopstafarian LiClO, so what are your interests, then?
03:04 LiClO Something that involves sitting at a desk
03:05 astro73|alice phonebanks?
03:05 masterofmonks LiClO: You know I have a dream about doing somehing like that, then I realize that I would suddenly weigh 9000lbs.
03:05 hopstafarian LiClO, ok, cause you're detail oriented, and get off on filling forms, or something computer based?
03:06 hopstafarian LiClO, i think i'm asking the wrong ?s...what do you do for fun?
03:07 astro73|alice the retail merchandizing I did for RGIS wasn't terrible, but the hours are erratic and the commute can be long
03:07 LiClO masterofmonks: I exercise daily outside of work anyway
03:08 LiClO hopstafarian: I love filling out paperwork
03:08 hopstafarian LiClO, really?
03:08 LiClO Yes
03:08 masterofmonks LiClO: I lift huge fuel tanks all day long, and do paper work, and inspect welds... Strangely enough I really like the trowing big tanks around part.
03:08 masterofmonks throwing*
03:09 hopstafarian LiClO, ok, so is there some agency or business nearby that involves paperwork that is not easily understandable to the average person that doesn't do that for a living?///math skills?
03:09 hopstafarian LiClO, medical forms, govt agency?
03:10 LiClO hopstafarian: First I have to escape the temporary job hell I am currently in
03:10 hopstafarian LiClO, i unnerstand, though hard to do without someplace else to go..
03:10 hopstafarian LiClO, i'm just trying to help you brainstorm here...
03:11 LiClO I've been out of manufacturing too long to do it
03:11 LiClO I enjoyed manufacturing
03:11 hopstafarian LiClO, manufacturing sans chemicals, i'm assuming..?
03:11 masterofmonks LiClO: take welding classes at night?
03:12 LiClO I'm too tired after dealing with the chemicals for 10 hours to do anything after work
03:13 hopstafarian LiClO, no way to switch around your sched, so that you can take classes in the midday, and then go to work/
03:13 hopstafarian ?
03:13 masterofmonks Then you will be too tired ten years from now.
03:13 * hopstafarian seconds mom's subtle hint...
03:14 masterofmonks .yt pink floyd time
03:14 BotSteve masterofmonks:
03:14 * hopstafarian mumbles something about the horns, and a bull
03:15 LiClO There is no night shift where I work
03:17 hopstafarian LiClO, 12 hr shifts?
03:17 LiClO 10
03:17 masterofmonks 4x10?
03:17 LiClO Yes
03:17 masterofmonks Take your classes on Friday.
03:17 hopstafarian LiClO, that leaves 3 days..
03:18 LiClO 3 days if I am lucky not to work Friday-Sunday
03:18 hopstafarian LiClO, how many kids you have?
03:18 * hopstafarian thanks mom for the floyd...
03:19 LiClO I don't have kids
03:19 LiClO I am 24, male, and I am unable to have kids
03:21 masterofmonks LiClO: because of your orientation?
03:21 LiClO yes
03:22 hopstafarian LiClO, adoption is an option, dependent on where you live, for what that's you have a SO?
03:22 tonsofpcs lithium chloride? or is it chlorate?
03:22 tonsofpcs err
03:23 masterofmonks tonsofpcs: hypochlorite
03:23 tonsofpcs yea, that!
03:23 tonsofpcs sorry, been ... oh, ... 10 years? since chem
03:24 hopstafarian LiClO, i ask, cause i'm curious about what he might think about your predicament?
03:24 Katemonster joined #thegeekgroup
03:24 Toastdude Kate!
03:25 Katemonster hi.
03:25 tonsofpcs onmonmon!
03:25 hopstafarian tonsofpcs, shucks, only 10...i had to google the term 'chemistry', xD, JK
03:25 BitViper ut oh, snow's been falling for a few hours ... now power is flickering, this isnt good
03:26 tonsofpcs snow? where?!
03:26 * tonsofpcs files the hopstafarian away with the hiphopopotamus
03:26 astro73|alice Katemonster: still breathing?
03:27 Katemonster yup.
03:27 MoxieMike where does the pastafarian get filed?
03:27 * hopstafarian spoons w/ the rhymnocerous...
03:27 LiClO hopstafarian: I live in metro Atlanta and I do have an SO
03:27 * Experimentonomen hooks up BitViper with a 5MW diesel genny
03:27 astro73|alice Katemonster: good. I prefer you not dead.
03:28 MoxieMike i also prefer people in their living form
03:28 Katemonster you have good taste.
03:28 tonsofpcs 5MW? on diesel?  can you pump diesel that fast?
03:28 hopstafarian LiClO, weird, i was thinking GA...what is his input into your current sitch?
03:28 Experimentonomen its really fuel efficient, only draws 2 gallons a week
03:28 Experimentonomen :P
03:28 Sgt_Lemming fucking telemarketers >_<
03:28 Experimentonomen Sgt_Lemming, burp at them ;)
03:29 tonsofpcs Experimentonomen: lol.  I have a 1/4 MW that draws about 1/10th that amount... unloaded... for 30 minutes per week...
03:29 Katemonster ask them to hold then hang up.
03:29 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, offer to call them back at their most inconvenient moment?
03:29 astro73|alice i saw a youtube about that once
03:29 Sgt_Lemming I got cold called.... by a company I am already a customer of >_<
03:29 LiClO hopstafarian: He doesn't want me working there
03:30 hopstafarian LiClO, cause he cares (and is close to the situation, via you)...what is his advice as far as a way out?
03:31 * Experimentonomen looks for a project on google that uses the AD8932 dds ic in conjunction with an arduino
03:31 tonsofpcs Experimentonomen: I bet you could make a flashing LED with that!
03:31 * hopstafarian perks up his ears at the mention of arduino
03:32 astro73|alice
03:32 BotSteve Title: Getting off the List - YouTube
03:32 hopstafarian tonsofpcs,'re referring to raspberry PI?
03:32 tonsofpcs hopstafarian: to what?
03:32 LiClO hopstafarian: He hasn't said too much other than he doesn't want me working there
03:33 hopstafarian LiClO, and i wouldn't want you to either if you were mine...but other than yourself, hes prolly more intimate with your strengths and weaknesses?
03:34 hopstafarian tonsofpcs, to Raspberry PI
03:35 * hopstafarian share his anti telemarketer strategy...answer the phone in pashtun...they hate that...
03:36 astro73|alice .w pashtun
03:36 BotSteve "member of the Pashtun people" -
03:37 LiClO I'm going to bed
03:37 LiClO I have to go to the women's shelter tomorrow and do some IT work
03:38 tonsofpcs oy vey
03:38 hopstafarian LiClO, well, good luck w/ that, and please do what it takes to remove yourself from such a caustic environment...
03:39 LiClO By the time I get a ticket out of there I'd be dead
03:39 LiClO Or close to it
03:39 hopstafarian LiClO, successful martial artist are successful when they turn all of their weaknesses into their strengths....
03:40 hopstafarian LiClO, lets hope that's not the case,//
03:40 LiClO I hope not
03:41 sndwrx well.
03:41 wannabe-afk who is licio?
03:41 Toastdude WANNABE!!!
03:41 wannabe1987 Toastdude!
03:42 wannabe1987 i survived the drive 25 mph!
03:42 MoxieMike YELLING!!
03:42 hopstafarian wannabe1987, don't know, but a little fatalistic,..
03:42 wannabe1987 interesting.
03:42 DruidicRifleman lisdtning to anema by tool and behind blue eyes today epic blows
03:42 wannabe1987 i shall read his? her? convo l8r
03:42 wannabe1987 and i butt-dialed 911 earlier :/
03:42 sndwrx .w
03:42 BotSteve
03:42 MoxieMike lithium hypoclorite
03:42 sndwrx damnit.
03:42 hopstafarian wannabe1987, 25? whoa..slow down there killer!
03:42 wannabe1987 thanks MoxieMike
03:42 wannabe1987 i know!
03:42 wannabe1987 esp in the snow!
03:43 wannabe1987 stupid rain froze, then turned into snow :/
03:43 MoxieMike we just had snow here
03:43 astro73|alice hi wannabe-afk
03:43 hopstafarian wannabe1987, errr...we call that sleet here in cali
03:44 wannabe1987 lol hi astro73
03:44 astro73|alice hopstafarian: you don't understand michigan weather then
03:44 hopstafarian wannabe1987, surprised that you inuits done have a word for that..
03:44 wannabe1987 i hung out with jqm before work
03:44 DruidicRifleman wow i have done 62 MPH on snow...
03:44 wannabe1987 yeah, FUCKING SNOW
03:44 wannabe1987 DruidicRifleman, so have i....and i crashed
03:44 wannabe1987 so now its 25
03:44 astro73|alice every blend of liquid and solid falls from our sky
03:44 hopstafarian astro73, a little too well, which is exactly the reason that i don't live in MI
03:44 astro73|alice wannabe: nice
03:45 DruidicRifleman No wonder my passanger was scared shitless
03:45 wannabe1987 except for meatballs and spaghetti
03:45 wannabe1987 ...
03:45 wannabe1987 you have to ask, druid?
03:46 wannabe1987 how do i have 15 fb  notifications for 12 hours?!
03:46 hopstafarian wannabe1987, you're have too many friends?
03:46 wannabe1987 apparently
03:46 wannabe1987 or they comment too much
03:47 eadthem do what i do
03:47 eadthem turn off notifcations
03:47 hopstafarian wannabe1987, hmmm...sounds like a cart/horse, chicken/egg type situation
03:47 eadthem and tell gmail to send fb to spam
03:47 wannabe1987 lol
03:47 wannabe1987 you can not get the emails...
03:48 wannabe1987 YAY ZOMB!
03:48 eadthem cant be botherd by what you dont get
03:48 wannabe1987 no, i love my friends.  i just comment on too much stuff that gets commented on in return
03:48 hopstafarian wannabe1987, know a lot about transformer and or condensers, and how the relate to circuits?
03:48 wannabe1987 hahahah thats funny.  me knowing HV :P
03:49 wannabe1987 lwq1996:poke
03:49 hopstafarian wannabe1987, lol..."doc it hurts when i do this, what should i do?"
03:49 wannabe1987 don't do that!
03:49 hopstafarian wannabe1987, zactly
03:49 wannabe1987 lol ik
03:50 hopstafarian wannabe1987, so easy to talk, i sez, sez i
03:50 hopstafarian wannabe1987,  *talk to..
03:50 wannabe1987 i'm reading everything on here in a mexican accent, thanks to the lady i trained with today :/
03:51 MoxieMike nice
03:51 hopstafarian wannabe1987, que...?
03:52 hopstafarian wannabe1987, who was training who?
03:52 hopstafarian wannabe1987, and on what
03:52 hopstafarian wannabe1987, ?]
03:52 wannabe1987 she was training me on people...
03:52 wannabe1987 o.O
03:53 hopstafarian wannabe1987, people...i've heard tell of them...what's that like?
03:53 wannabe1987 old.  annoying.  needing to be redirected every 15 minutes.  needing to be transfered JUST RIGHT or they yell at you
03:53 wannabe1987 not annoying, loving :P
03:54 hopstafarian wannabe1987, oh..over the phone, i initially thawt you meant in person..
03:54 wannabe1987 no, in person.  i work at a nursing home
03:55 hopstafarian wannabe1987, oh ok...cause it gives you something in return, though it's hard to express/articulate exactly what is, eh?
03:56 hopstafarian wannabe1987, what *that is...
03:56 wannabe1987 eadthem: found you on fb :P
03:56 wannabe1987 it was really hard...
03:56 eadthem yep
03:57 wannabe1987 i wasn't sure until you have the ircing and did #thegeekgroup for one of them.....
03:57 * wannabe1987 is brilliant
03:57 * hopstafarian also has a cat that can smell death, and make sure to give special attention to that in the final hours...sits on my chest every morning about 5 am....kinda freaky...
03:58 hopstafarian wannabe1987, used to do that too, and have a real respect for those that can do it consistently...
03:58 wannabe1987 hopstafarian: i ddn't answer your last question cuz i have no clue what you were trying to say...
03:58 hopstafarian wannabe1987, join the club...1sec, while i scrollback...
03:59 hopstafarian wannabe1987, err...why do you do what you do...?
03:59 wannabe1987 because its a way to make money so i can attend school later to become a registered nurse
04:00 wannabe1987 so i can be tgg's medic!
04:00 hopstafarian wannabe1987, and why do you wannabe RN/
04:00 hopstafarian ?
04:00 MoxieMike the army trains medics too
04:00 MoxieMike i have a lot of respect for RNs
04:00 wannabe1987 so i can work somewhere, perferably a hospital.
04:00 MoxieMike they know a lot of stuff and take a lot of crap
04:00 wannabe1987 we keep the dr's from killing you
04:01 wannabe1987 they* aka rn's
04:01 hopstafarian wannabe1987, are you sure that it's just because of the quest for work, and not bcause you care..?...cause there are easier jobs out there...?
04:02 wannabe1987 who ever said i don't care?!
04:02 wannabe1987 now you're putting words in my mouth
04:02 wannabe1987 i love my residents AND clients
04:02 hopstafarian wannabe1987, i'm not making fun...caring is paramount...the lack of it pervades every social illness that we suffer from...
04:03 hopstafarian wannabe1987, i know, and so i ask again, why do you do what you do?
04:03 wannabe1987 because i like taking care of people
04:03 hopstafarian wannabe1987, keeping in mind that you are now amongst friends...
04:04 masterofmonks At this rate in a years time Firefox will be releasing their own stand alone hardware client.
04:04 wannabe1987 and the entire world as this is logged, but go on
04:04 hopstafarian wannabe1987, there we go, and my hat's off to you...
04:04 wannabe1987 hi mom
04:04 masterofmonks Hi wannabe1987
04:04 wannabe1987 rpg tomorrow?
04:04 masterofmonks ja.
04:04 masterofmonks After guns.
04:04 wannabe1987 k
04:04 wannabe1987 guns?
04:04 masterofmonks Guns.
04:04 wannabe1987 cool
04:04 wannabe1987 i wanna shoot!
04:04 CaptainNiobe may i watch again please? wannabe?
04:04 hopstafarian wannabe1987, despite what they say, ppl like you, not capitalism are the glue...
04:04 wannabe1987 yes dear
04:05 wannabe1987 i don't mind you watching, you're nice
04:05 CaptainNiobe thankies *hugs wannabe*
04:05 masterofmonks 3x m91/30 Mosin Nagant rifles.
04:05 * wannabe1987 hugs back
04:05 wannabe1987 so, one of the residents is wearing what he was told is a "austrailian sheep hearders hat"  he's proud of it :P
04:05 CaptainNiobe stock hat?
04:06 wannabe1987 looks like a US cowboy type hat
04:06 masterofmonks wannabe1987:  A stetson?
04:06 wannabe1987 no, he called it a "dow-something"
04:08 Sgt_Lemming wannabe1987
04:08 BotSteve Title: Akubra - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
04:09 wannabe1987 looks similar.  had decorations, but looked kinda like that
04:09 Sgt_Lemming that's about the only uniquely australian hat
04:09 wannabe1987 cool
04:09 wannabe1987 i will tell him on saturday
04:09 Sgt_Lemming sometimes seen with corks hanging from the brim as a measure to keep flys away from your face
04:11 masterofmonks Sgt_Lemming: does it actually work?
04:11 Sgt_Lemming yes
04:11 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, ziploc bags filled w/ water and a penny or two are waaay more effective than corks...
04:11 wannabe1987 so is the 2 yr anniv of the haiti EQ
04:12 Sgt_Lemming hopstafarian, for keeping flies away from your face while you are walking around?
04:12 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, also, if you wannabe making a hat that keeps out the mind-rays, spend the extra duckets on the heavy-duty foil
04:13 Sgt_Lemming hopstafarian, this is not some hokey science thing, this is an actual working idea
04:14 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, actually, for any kind of fly-warding-off situation...the light diffraction of the water and the shiny object confuses the multifaceted nature of their eyes, or so they say...oh sh*t...i thought we were talking hokey what is the science then?
04:15 Sgt_Lemming the constant movement near your face discourages fly's etc from landing on the relatively static surface of your fave
04:15 Sgt_Lemming face*
04:16 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming,  ok, that's who's run that experiment?
04:17 Sgt_Lemming no-ones run an experiment on it to my knowledge, but this was something that was done in the australian bush for quite a few years. It
04:17 wannabe1987 apparently the australians?
04:17 Sgt_Lemming It's cheap and it works
04:19 * hopstafarian is not TRYING to be a d*ck, but works at a place where they have bags of water hanging from the back door, with some pennies, to keep away the flies...on the suggestion of some old wives tale...the bad news is that it didn't work, the good news is that i work at a place where no matter how b*tsh*t, management will listen...
04:19 Sgt_Lemming this works on a hat because you are moving your head, the corks bounce about becaue of that and discourage the flies
04:20 Sgt_Lemming think of it like waving your hand at an annoying fly
04:20 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, please don't confuse my questioning for cynicism...good to know..
04:20 Sgt_Lemming it won't work in an emplaced situation as there would be no movement
04:22 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, this 'emplacement' was hanging from and industrial fly there was plenty of movement, and thank god, cause i needed the chuckle...
04:22 SparkyProjects Won't work on Mexican sombrero's :P
04:22 Sgt_Lemming hopstafarian, maybe consider putting in some bug suckers or something like that?
04:22 Sgt_Lemming the traps that use a fan to suck them into a water filled container
04:22 hopstafarian SparkyProjects,'ve been lurking...i know you can help me out with my transformer, condenser dilemma..?
04:23 SparkyProjects Maybe, but not for long, going to bed in a moment
04:24 hopstafarian SparkyProjects, how to test if a xformer is working with a multimeter?
04:24 hopstafarian SparkyProjects, the short answer
04:25 Sgt_Lemming erm, you can test it has no broken wires, you can test the resistance of the coils, but not much else
04:25 Sgt_Lemming and the resistance doesn't tell you if it's shorted internally or not
04:25 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, k, that's what i about a condenser coil w/ the same multimeter?
04:26 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, resistance as well?
04:26 Sgt_Lemming condenser coil as in a big inductor?
04:26 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, yes
04:26 Sgt_Lemming you can do the same tests on it, again same restrictions apply
04:26 SparkyProjects First thing i'd do is a resistance check, the primary and secondary should reflect the windings ratio.
04:26 SparkyProjects Apply power, then check the secondary gives the right voltage (usuallly a bit higher than specified if offload)
04:26 SparkyProjects Apply a reasonable load and see what the voltage does, it should drop to about the specified voltage.
04:26 SparkyProjects Leave powered, and check to see it doesn't heat up
04:26 Sgt_Lemming some multimeters can measure inductance as well
04:27 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, that's what i thought...unfortunately back to the same hypothesis that is a fusible link somewhere within the sytem that cause it to run fine, and then shut down...
04:28 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, mine doesn't, unfortunately..
04:28 Sgt_Lemming if it was a fusible link, it would never start up again
04:28 Sgt_Lemming probably more likely a self resetting fuse, or a thermal circuit breaker
04:29 SparkyProjects If there's a thermal circuit breaker, you might find a bulge in the winding.
04:29 SparkyProjects I would be careful about bypassing though
04:29 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, good point...sometimes you have to shut it down and then restart it to reproduce the shutting down...?...don't think it's the ic, cause then it wouldn't work at all...if i could just see a manual, ...but alas, if they were willing to pay for that, they wouldn't need me..
04:29 SparkyProjects (bulge where it is located)
04:30 Sgt_Lemming got a pic of it I can look at hopstafarian?
04:30 Sgt_Lemming pic of the whole PCB I mean
04:30 hopstafarian yes, ok to post it here?
04:30 Sgt_Lemming yes\
04:31 SparkyProjects I'll leave it in your capable hands Sgt_Lemming, night :)
04:31 Sgt_Lemming night
04:31 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
04:39 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, almost there...been trying to get my phone to usb tether, and now have to unset the changes...give me a min...
04:39 Sgt_Lemming s'ok
04:39 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, and thanks for the help, btw
04:39 Sgt_Lemming np
04:41 Sgt_Lemming actually, bbiaw, coffee
04:43 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, sure (mmmm,,,coffee....)
04:48 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, and you're undoubtably right w the self resetting fuse theory...that's exactly how it's acting, but don't ever deal with them, and so kinda (yes, just say it, "what an idiot") disregarded that possibility...
04:53 lwq1996 hey
04:53 wannabe1987 hi! :D
04:57 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
04:59 * hopstafarian is just a poor boy tho' my story's seldom told
05:00 Sgt_Lemming hopstafarian, chuck the picture up on tinypic or something
05:01 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, tinypic?
05:01 Sgt_Lemming .g tinypic
05:01 BotSteve Sgt_Lemming:
05:03 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, like this?
05:03 Sgt_Lemming yeah, but what I really need is a pic of the PCB
05:05 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, kinda pissing me off...have my own photo sharing
05:05 Sgt_Lemming then use it?
05:05 Sgt_Lemming "tinypic or something"
05:06 hopstafarian
05:07 Sgt_Lemming hopstafarian, I need to see inside the box, not outside it....
05:09 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, re: the money shot...
05:09 Sgt_Lemming try and leave a space before and after links, it makes them clickable
05:09 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming,
05:10 wannabe1987 there you go!
05:10 Sgt_Lemming heh
05:10 Sgt_Lemming tis ok dude, I'd already opened it, just an fyi
05:10 Sgt_Lemming any chance you can move the big cap in centre shot out of the way?
05:11 Sgt_Lemming the big silver one I mean
05:11 Sgt_Lemming also, on the end where there aer 4 brown wires going to the panel, left of pic, are there buttons or connectors or something on that end?
05:12 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, not right now..but maybe tomorrow...that a cap?,,, thought it was a condenser?
05:12 Sgt_Lemming it could be either
05:12 Sgt_Lemming but it looks like a non-polarized electrolytic cap to me
05:13 hopstafarian the 250v meant to run on 120vac made me think it might be the latter?
05:13 Sgt_Lemming those 4 brown wires though?
05:13 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, your the expert, ...let me know what i need to do..?
05:13 Sgt_Lemming there are pretty clear 250vAC markings inside it
05:14 Sgt_Lemming just clip the cable tie holding it in place then move it aside and take another pic
05:14 Sgt_Lemming top right of the PCB looks like a switchmode psu brick
05:15 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, maybe you have some resources that i don't gmbh co., bizerba se12, d slicer?
05:15 Sgt_Lemming note it has "250vAC" white label, then "12vDC" on the label that's stuck on
05:15 Sgt_Lemming my resource is google, you have just as much access to it as I do
05:15 Sgt_Lemming it's more about knowing what you are looking for
05:16 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, i know...wanted to peel that off to see what was underneath, but didn't want to wreck the OP..
05:17 Sgt_Lemming I think it's just a PSU brick, nothing really fixable about them, easily anyway
05:17 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, ok...thats what i was afraid of...on accounta i'm kinda an ignorant bastard...thank you for taking the time...
05:17 Sgt_Lemming getting that condenser/cap out of the way would be good, as it looks like power handling circuitry under it
05:17 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, but you also would discount the ic, and the motor?
05:18 Sgt_Lemming bottom middle and bottom right of the pcb
05:18 Toastdude Bye all
05:18 Sgt_Lemming no, just looking for things that might tell you why it's tripping off
05:18 wannabe1987 sleep well toasty
05:18 Sgt_Lemming have you cleaned and regreased the motor? if it's full of cruft it could be overloading the driver
05:18 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, unfortunately, i checked...nothing under that big silver tube...
05:18 Sgt_Lemming nothing at all?
05:19 wannabe1987 lwq1996
05:19 Sgt_Lemming that big black square thing dead centre next to the massive filter cap looks like an IGBT brick to me as well
05:19 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, though of that, but very well sealed, and that crap is just surface sh*t...doesn't account for burning it out, plus, it does work...but then it stops...
05:20 Sgt_Lemming does it get hot when working?
05:20 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, damn hardy motor, imho
05:20 Sgt_Lemming the controller or the motors?
05:20 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, checked for that to the touch for everything that i could check...
05:21 Sgt_Lemming including all the components inside the box?
05:21 Sgt_Lemming that big black square thing looks like a chunky power transistor
05:22 Sgt_Lemming big heavy traces on the PCB going to/from it as well, which implies high current
05:22 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, yep...cap/cond, coupling box/motor...everything that i could safely touch seemed at or below room temp...
05:22 Sgt_Lemming how long does it run before it shuts off?
05:24 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
05:24 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, 1-5 mins...depends...everytime they try to show me it just keeps on running...until the eff w/ the safety mech, unplug and then turn back on...almost seems like pilot error?
05:24 Sgt_Lemming "eff w/ the safety mech"?
05:25 leepod there we go
05:25 leepod ippd shit itself
05:26 leepod needd better baterry life
05:26 wannabe1987 hi
05:26 Sgt_Lemming ipod ipood?
05:26 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, there's a cutoff notch in the nylon bushing that controls how far the blade can come out...electromechanical cutoff...they have to manipulate that to make it quit?
05:26 Sgt_Lemming then I would be looking at that switch
05:26 Sgt_Lemming entirely possible the contacts in it are pooched
05:27 Sgt_Lemming and it's making/breaking the circuit when it's not supposed to
05:27 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, good eye..i will look at that...
05:30 BatSteve and we're back
05:30 Sgt_Lemming lo BatSteve
05:30 BatSteve howdy sarge
05:30 BatSteve What's news?
05:30 Sgt_Lemming not alot
05:31 Sgt_Lemming sitting at home bored out of my freaking tree and looking into installing a 3G card in my laptop
05:31 * hopstafarian doesn't mean to be overly effusive/inappropriate, but has to say " i  love you guys..(cartman style)"...has never had to deal with a*holes, or found anyone unwilling to put forth their all and do their best to help...what a whally representative group, when it comes to the argument "why shouldn't i just bring a gun to work"///good job y'all, and thank you again for all past present and future help...f*ck're the greatest..!!
05:32 hopstafarian what a *wholly
05:32 Sgt_Lemming "f*ck Ali"...?
05:32 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, no, not really...personal hero, if you must know..
05:32 Sgt_Lemming Muhammed Ali?
05:33 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, aka, Cassius Clay
05:33 Sgt_Lemming yeah, well aware of that
05:33 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, aint no Viet Cong, never called him, N*
05:34 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, personal hero
05:34 * BatSteve apparently walked into some deep personal feelings here
05:34 Sgt_Lemming ... yes, I get the picture hopstafarian, methinks you are crossing the line from personal hero into creepy stalker
05:35 hopstafarian BatSteve, see above: re: don't really know how to be appropriate around real human beans..apologizes for that...
05:35 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, always...
05:35 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, got the roll of duct tape to prove it..
05:36 * Sgt_Lemming sees hopstafarian's roll of duct tape and shows him a roll of thousand mile an hour tape
05:36 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, (roll of duct tape and soundproofed garage to prove it...(
05:37 wannabe1987 hi BatSteve
05:37 wannabe1987 :D
05:37 * hopstafarian quietly put the lotion in the basket..
05:37 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, thousand mean like mach 1.2?
05:37 Sgt_Lemming
05:37 BotSteve Title: It Rubs The Lotion On It's Skin­eepersmusic - YouTube
05:38 Sgt_Lemming hopstafarian, yes, it's tape used to repair aircraft that do quite a lot of speed
05:38 Sgt_Lemming was used a lot in vietnam to patch bullet holes in Helicopter rotors
05:38 Sgt_Lemming .w speed tape
05:38 BotSteve "Speed tape is an aluminized tape used to do minor repairs on airplanes." -
05:38 BatSteve hey kelly!
05:38 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, we've had this discuss. about helis...but you work on them...? specifically...modified c-130s?
05:39 Sgt_Lemming nope
05:39 Sgt_Lemming a c-130 is a fixed wing cargo plane...
05:39 BatSteve (until you put a howitzer in the side of it)
05:40 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, naw, essentially is  a modified 707?
05:40 Sgt_Lemming no
05:40 Sgt_Lemming has nothing in common with a 707, other than being an aircraft
05:41 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, c130 gunship, is what your referring to?
05:41 Sgt_Lemming no
05:41 Sgt_Lemming C-130 is a cargo plane
05:41 Sgt_Lemming AC-130 is the gunship
05:41 Sgt_Lemming which is just a modified C130 as the name would suggest
05:42 Sgt_Lemming;rls=en&amp;q=C130&amp;oe=utf-8&amp;channel=suggest&amp;um=1&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;hl=en&amp;tbm=isch&amp;source=og&amp;sa=N&amp;tab=wi&amp;ei=4MMPT-CLPMSNiAf438E6&amp;biw=1916&amp;bih=882&amp;sei=48MPT7rmNseviQe38Lk_ <--- C130
05:42 BotSteve Title: C130 - Google Search
05:42 Sgt_Lemming;hl=en&amp;safe=off&amp;client=opera&amp;rls=en&amp;channel=suggest&amp;biw=1916&amp;bih=882&amp;tbm=isch&amp;sa=1&amp;q=707&amp;oq=707&amp;aq=f&amp;aqi=&amp;aql=&amp;gs_sm=e&amp;gs_upl=74852l75095l0l75286l3l3l0l0l0l0l0l0ll0l0 <---- Boeing 707
05:42 BotSteve Title: 707 - Google Search
05:42 BatSteve (you might be thinking of the AWACS - I think that might be built on the 707 frame?)
05:42 BatSteve .g awacs
05:42 BotSteve BatSteve:
05:42 BatSteve Ah yep
05:42 Sgt_Lemming yeah
05:42 BatSteve .w e-3 sentry
05:42 BotSteve "The Boeing E-3 Sentry is an airborne warning and control system (AWACS) developed by Boeing as the prime contractor." -
05:42 BatSteve there we go
05:43 Sgt_Lemming note, it has NO WEAPONS
05:43 Sgt_Lemming none
05:43 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, regardless...a badass turboprop....reminds me of the pby
05:43 Sgt_Lemming nada
05:43 Sgt_Lemming zip
05:43 Sgt_Lemming zilch
05:43 Sgt_Lemming (why yes doctor, I've had this argument before, what gave you that impression?)
05:44 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, what gave me that impression, was i've had that teaspoon sticking in my eye b4
05:44 Sgt_Lemming lol
05:44 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, apparently, it all boils down to henny youngman one-liners...
05:45 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, i was reading about the ills and evils of inspired give up reading...
05:45 Sgt_Lemming I've had people before trying to tell me that the radome on top of the AWACS aircraft is a directed energy weapon
05:45 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, see above, re: ballmer peak
05:46 Sgt_Lemming about the only offensive capability it has, is the ability to direct other aircraft on attack vectors
05:46 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, good luck w/ doubt a precursor to the us' EMP tech..?
05:46 Sgt_Lemming yeah
05:48 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, follow the republican field lately...scares me that all you have to do to become a front runner is to just not say something crazy-as-hell for like a week or so...
05:48 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, does not bode well for this country...which i Love, btw,,,
05:49 Sgt_Lemming the closest anyone has come to using radar as a weapon is the AN/SPY "Billboard" radar. It has enough power that it can fry the radar and poorly shielded electronics of any aircraft that fly too close
05:49 Sgt_Lemming it does have a 6 Megawatt output though....
05:49 Sgt_Lemming also, I'm not in the USA hopstafarian
05:50 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, ooh...6 megawatts...were you trying to talk me out of the tinfoil hat idea, cause that is NOT helping...
05:50 hopstafarian Sgt_Lemming, didn't think so....aussie?
05:50 BatSteve I don't know, I hear they're working on a new radar weapon to melt the chocolate bars out of the enemy's pockets...
05:50 Sgt_Lemming yeah hopstafarian
05:50 Electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
05:51 MoxieMike i don't think a tin-foil hat will help either
05:51 tonsofpcs why not?
05:51 Sgt_Lemming it would likely make the problem worse
05:51 hopstafarian BatSteve, never touch the stuff...chocolate is evil....get my sugar from beer...
05:51 tonsofpcs what if I ground it?
05:51 JA12 because it's aluminum?
05:52 Sgt_Lemming tonsofpcs, it would act like a massive lightning rod and get rather hot, rather quickly
05:52 * hopstafarian has to go eat dinner, but thanks everyone for the input....never fails...y'all are awesome...!
05:55 * hopstafarian is agnostic and/or possibly a deist/theists...but like the befana witch...wishes everyone a good night...!
05:56 * BatSteve wonders what just happened.
05:58 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
05:58 wannabe1987 hi Hackbat
05:58 wannabe1987 BatSteve: i dunno...what happened?
05:58 Hackbat eeeeyyy
05:59 BatSteve wannabe1987: no idea
06:00 wannabe1987 was it hopstifarian?  if so, good luck figuring it out....
06:00 wannabe1987 he has a weird way with words
06:01 wannabe1987
06:01 BotSteve Title: An estimated $10,000 in equipment stolen from Moore Hall | Central Michigan Life
06:01 Sgt_Lemming you don't say?
06:01 wannabe1987 10,000$$$$ in camera equip, incl mixer board
06:01 wannabe1987 yeah, i know, right?
06:01 wannabe1987 methinks he's not originally from 'merica
06:05 Hackbat <3 microwave ovens
06:07 Hackbat made a big bowl of soup homemade soup in 8 minutes
06:13 wannabe1987
06:13 BotSteve Title: Women at CES give the side-eye to “booth babes” | She Posts
06:16 wannabe1987 apparently women shouldn't chose tech over "shopping or cooking"....wait, what?  exor674
06:17 exor674 ...
06:18 exor674 if someone said that to me, I'd tell them they should choose something productive over flaunting their sexiness for money
06:18 exor674 *cough*
06:18 wannabe1987 LOL
06:18 wannabe1987 exactly!
06:18 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
06:18 wannabe1987 its you!
06:18 Seroster Mornin, americans.
06:19 wannabe1987 morning, swede
06:19 tehdark45 joined #thegeekgroup
06:20 wannabe1987 evening, canadian :P
06:20 tehdark45 African*
06:20 tehdark45 :P
06:20 tehdark45 You amerikun :P
06:20 BatSteve howdy Seroster
06:21 wannabe1987 i thought you were in canadia, ok
06:21 Seroster Overslept a bit
06:22 tehdark45 wannabe1987, I am in Canadia, but i'm not from Canadia
06:22 wannabe1987 oooo
06:22 tehdark45 So you not read FB info?
06:22 tehdark45 :P
06:22 wannabe1987 you're from canuckistan?
06:22 wannabe1987 sometimes that lies :P
06:22 tehdark45 no mine is true
06:22 wannabe1987 see, i didn't know....
06:22 wannabe1987 kwazulu-natal to me is a non-existant place.
06:22 wannabe1987 sounds made up :P
06:23 wannabe1987 ahhh i see a map now!
06:23 wannabe1987 you're on the water!
06:23 tehdark45 Not quite
06:23 tehdark45 I'm near it though
06:23 tehdark45 :P
06:23 wannabe1987 close enough to make it count
06:24 wannabe1987 i'm 30 min from the water (lake MI)
06:24 wannabe1987 depends on how fast you drive :P
06:24 wannabe1987 and if there are cops on the road...its basically STRAIGHT
06:24 tehdark45 wannabe1987, doesn't count. Unless you have an ocean, you are landlocked
06:24 tehdark45 :P
06:24 wannabe1987 o fuck no....michigan is a penninsula....we have 4 lakes!
06:24 wannabe1987 big uns too!
06:25 wannabe1987 so how do you go from south africa to british columbia?  why the move?
06:25 tehdark45 Dad is an engineer
06:25 BatSteve wannabe1987: 5 lakes!  everyone forgets Erie
06:25 wannabe1987 its not touching michigan
06:25 wannabe1987 I DIDN"T FORGET
06:25 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
06:25 wannabe1987 wb
06:26 tehdark45 your lakes are nothing compared to our Husdon
06:26 tehdark45 :P
06:26 wannabe1987 hudson bay?
06:26 tehdark45 yep
06:26 Seroster frk
06:26 wannabe1987 i know a guy who went to go be a pastor onthe bay....his wife said "hellll no" and stayed be hind :/
06:27 tehdark45 lol
06:27 Seroster xD
06:27 tehdark45 thats cuse its east
06:27 Seroster Good woman.
06:27 tehdark45 west canada is best
06:27 wannabe1987 it was only accessible by snow mobile.....i wouldn't go!
06:27 tehdark45 cuse we are far from the frenchies
06:27 tehdark45 lolol
06:28 Seroster ... Nadians ARE french
06:28 wannabe1987 some
06:28 wannabe1987 not all
06:28 BatSteve Traverse City is only accessible by snowmobile for three months out of the year
06:29 tehdark45 Seroster, ok so all Scandanavians are Swedish from now on K?
06:29 tehdark45 :P
06:29 wannabe1987 i like TC in the summer
06:29 Seroster Sure, fine by me
06:29 Seroster =D
06:29 wannabe1987 there is cat hair on my shirt....guess thats what i get for picking the cat up....
06:29 wannabe1987 no, no, no, all scandanavians are finnish.  is that ok Seroster?
06:29 wannabe1987 mantere might like that tho...
06:29 tehdark45 Norweigen
06:29 Seroster At least there aint cat hair on your shit. Or cat shit on your hair.
06:30 einball1 hood morning
06:30 wannabe1987 hood morning to you too, einball1
06:30 Seroster Finland isnt a part of scandinavia, they are a part of russia.
06:30 wannabe1987 whatever
06:30 tehdark45 Yeah unless you are in ON or QC, the french population is very low
06:30 wannabe1987 fine, you're norweigian
06:31 Seroster HA, I got shitloads of oil and you mericans aint getting any!
06:31 tehdark45 Seroster, you ain't the middle east
06:31 tehdark45 :P
06:31 wannabe1987 is ok.  we get ours from venezuela, alaska, and iran.
06:31 Seroster ....
06:31 wannabe1987 tehdark45: the middle east isn't the only place oil comes from
06:32 Seroster There are places outside the mideast that got oil
06:32 tehdark45 Most of it does though
06:32 Seroster Stupid damn 'mericans ;P
06:32 tehdark45 Because of the heat
06:32 Seroster Waitwhat
06:33 tehdark45 I duno i am not an oiler
06:33 tehdark45 lol
06:33 Seroster Know why texas got so much oil? It aint because of the heat, it's beause texas was a bigass swamp a few million years back.
06:33 Seroster Or, if you are into ID, god put it there and made it look like texas had been a swamp, wich makes perfect sense.
06:33 tehdark45 and wannabe1987, i have lived in Aus and Indonisia too
06:34 wannabe1987 where in indo?
06:34 tehdark45 South Asia, silly american
06:34 tehdark45 :P
06:34 wannabe1987 no, where in indonesia did you live?
06:34 wannabe1987 not where is...
06:34 tehdark45 Ohh lol
06:34 wannabe1987 i know where it sister will go there this summer
06:34 tehdark45 Pekinbaru
06:34 wannabe1987 her college roommate is from jakarta
06:34 wannabe1987 ahh
06:35 wannabe1987 and i know a few other ppl from jakarta
06:35 tehdark45 There was a pulp mill and my dad was a chem eng there so we lived there for 18 months.
06:36 tehdark45 And it wasnt the TV part of Indo
06:36 * einball1 lights the flame of the day
06:36 tehdark45 it was the industrial village kinda place
06:36 lwq1996 i wish it was november again
06:36 tehdark45 lwq1996, why?
06:36 lwq1996 first week of deer hunting is first monday after thanksgiving
06:36 tehdark45 einball1, where is einball0?
06:37 tehdark45 :P
06:37 tehdark45 lwq1996, redneck
06:37 tehdark45 :P
06:37 einball einball is unique
06:37 lwq1996 come on next november come sooner
06:37 einball lol .. "plans are for people in control ... Are we in control!?"
06:37 wannabe1987 opening season here is nov 15...
06:37 wannabe1987 no
06:37 wannabe1987 we are not in control
06:38 tehdark45 we are outta contorl
06:38 tehdark45 wooo
06:38 einball Planless, controlless ... ! HA! :D
06:39 tehdark45 lwq1996, just go hunting now
06:39 * einball leveled up and got coffee drinking skills +1
06:40 wannabe1987 o.O  how do you get that?!
06:40 lwq1996 tehdark thats illegal
06:40 * tehdark45 used Drill and emptied the mug. einball dies
06:40 wannabe1987 its always tourist season....
06:41 Seroster LOL
06:41 einball wannabe1987: Good mood, plenty of coffee yesterday (bout 30 coffee ... WHOA! :o ) and a perfect handmade coffee this morning
06:41 BatSteve Seroster: don't be ridiculous, God put a swamp there, but then when Jesus came and invented the internal combustion engine, he turned the swamp into oil
06:41 Seroster Ah
06:41 wannabe1987 nice
06:41 Seroster Right
06:41 wannabe1987 lol @ BatSteve :P
06:41 Seroster Now when we are running dry, why doesnt he do anything about the florida everglades?
06:42 Seroster Or the rainforest?
06:42 wannabe1987 i wish i could have been at my moms house today....
06:42 wannabe1987 lol
06:42 Seroster Or just turning water into wi... er. Crude.
06:42 einball wahrgl, that sucks ...
06:42 tehdark45 wannabe1987, wats at your moms house?
06:42 einball 17:00 examn today
06:42 Seroster Instead of parting the black sea it should have been turned into oil xD
06:42 BatSteve isn't the black sea in the ukraine?
06:42 BatSteve .w black sea
06:42 BotSteve "The Black Sea is bounded by Europe, Anatolia and the Caucasus and is ultimately connected to the Atlantic Ocean via the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas and various straits." -
06:43 Seroster Jesus doesnt do miracles outside the US?
06:43 Seroster =D
06:43 wannabe1987 the 12th was the 2 year anniv of the Haiti went to Haiti a few days after the EQ
06:43 BatSteve Wow.  it is.  Or rather it's touching the ukraine.  Americans don't know geography...busted.
06:43 tehdark45 ah
06:44 BatSteve Seroster: you're thinking Red sea, not Black
06:44 wannabe1987 its an emotional day on the 12th of jan every year
06:44 BatSteve Hebrews never made it as far as the black sea
06:44 wannabe1987 they crossed the redsea....
06:44 tehdark45 BatSteve, well the president doesn't even know the number of states so...
06:44 wannabe1987 srsly?
06:45 wannabe1987 typical
06:45 einball They really crossed it?
06:45 einball
06:45 wannabe1987 stupid americans
06:45 tehdark45
06:45 * lwq1996 my see if me and his dad can go shoot guns this week end
06:45 BotSteve Title: Obama Claims He's Visited 57 States - YouTube
06:45 wannabe1987 yes, the red sea and the jordan river.....
06:45 einball But what did they say? "Multipass" :P
06:45 wannabe1987 lwq1996: i'm coming with.
06:46 tehdark45 wannabe1987, you have enough gas to PA?
06:46 tehdark45 :P
06:46 wannabe1987 sure, why not.
06:46 lwq1996 the lotery is for idiots that cant do math
06:46 wannabe1987 its either PA to shoot with lee or FL to shoot with masterofmonks....PA is closer
06:47 tehdark45 Well obv
06:48 tehdark45 wannabe1987, why not go to the place chris went
06:48 tehdark45 no need to travel long distance
06:48 wannabe1987 because i do not have a weapon, nor non-spent bullets
06:48 wannabe1987 all i have are spent bullets or casings :P
06:48 wannabe1987 they're in my car....
06:48 lwq1996 for about 220dollars you can get a gun and a box of bullets
06:48 tehdark45 wannabe1987, you are a disgrace to americans. No gun?
06:48 tehdark45 :P
06:49 wannabe1987 i know!
06:49 wannabe1987 i needed a job, now i can get my Conceal/carry, and then someone can buy me a gun!
06:49 lwq1996 i wonder what a police officer thinks when he pulls her over and sees the casings
06:49 Seroster I know Im thinking about the red sea, BatSteve. But if you are going to turn a sea into oil it might aswell be te black sea to begin with
06:49 einball lwq1996: yep .. Same with the greencard lottery :D
06:50 Seroster But I should leave now
06:50 Seroster Cya mericans
06:50 tehdark45 einball, try canada, you will have a better time I think LO
06:50 wannabe1987 bye
06:50 tehdark45 L
06:50 BatSteve wannabe1987: buy your own gun!
06:50 tehdark45 cya Norweign
06:50 einball tehdark45: Maybe ;)
06:50 * Seroster^Away gives BatSteve a goodbye kiss
06:50 wannabe1987 i can't afford it!
06:50 * BatSteve adds tongue
06:50 wannabe1987 NSFW!
06:50 tehdark45 wannabe1987, not even like a glock?
06:51 wannabe1987 sure.  i don't have one tho
06:51 BatSteve wannabe1987: that's what the job is for!
06:51 lwq1996 i want a glock
06:51 einball Heaven shall burn, earth is on fire, we are damned .... So lets listen to METAL :D
06:51 einball Glocks are for kids :)
06:51 lwq1996 i dont even know how to fire a pistol though
06:51 wannabe1987 you pull a trigger?
06:51 lwq1996 einball im 15
06:51 wannabe1987 .....
06:51 BatSteve Well, if you get a glock, there's exactly one control you have to learn.
06:51 tehdark45 lwq1996, what she said
06:51 lwq1996 the action wannae the action
06:51 lwq1996 and take one apart
06:52 BatSteve The action is "pull trigger"
06:52 wannabe1987 i know how to shoot a pistol and rifle, i've never loaded one tho....tyler did that
06:52 tehdark45 BatSteve, 2, a safty :P
06:52 einball I want a set of those:;feature=related
06:52 BotSteve Title: Declassified U.S. Nuclear Test Film #55 - YouTube
06:52 BatSteve tehdark45: Incorrect.  Glocks don't have manual safeties.
06:52 lwq1996 ive loaded rifles and clips
06:52 tehdark45 that sounds unsafe :/
06:52 einball lwq1996: See? I didn't even had a glock in my hand ...
06:53 BatSteve tehdark45: Depends on what your definition of "safe" is.
06:53 lwq1996 i like manual safeties better than auto
06:53 BatSteve if you're silly enough to have your finger inside the trigger guard, then yeah, it's not "safe"
06:53 lwq1996 einball how many guys you own?
06:53 einball lwq1996: One coilgun ....
06:53 BatSteve ....
06:53 einball and 2 slaves
06:53 BatSteve "i like manual safeties better than auto"
06:53 BatSteve I have no idea what this means
06:53 lwq1996 the most important safety is the one between your ears
06:53 wannabe1987 i've found my mom in this vid! :D
06:54 einball (y is not even close to n .. wth?)
06:54 wannabe1987 nose?
06:54 lwq1996 do you guys ever take this seriously
06:54 einball lwq1996: I don't like guns ... They are lethal ;)
06:54 wannabe1987 yeah....but not at 2am
06:54 lwq1996 i watched a guy today that was a complete idiot
06:54 wannabe1987 only if you aim them at a person
06:54 wannabe1987 where, at school?
06:55 lwq1996 he fired a weapon without looking down range
06:55 lwq1996 no video
06:55 einball lwq1996: that's okay
06:55 lwq1996 and pa doesnt have schools with ranges
06:55 einball As long as he shoots down the range ;)
06:55 BatSteve I'm still confused about what an auto safety is
06:55 wannabe1987  my mom is sitting outside the van in a pink shirt.  she was taking care of a baby with menengitis.
06:55 BotSteve Title: GLA Group waits to board the plane - YouTube
06:55 lwq1996 einball what if someone went to check their targets
06:55 tehdark45 lwq1996, they allow guns at school? Sounds really redneck :P
06:56 einball lwq1996: Maybe he would be dead ... who knows? But that'd teach him never to do that again
06:56 wannabe1987 ........
06:56 einball I don't care, beacuse I never step on or on to shooting ranges
06:56 wannabe1987 even i know to look downrange
06:56 lwq1996 i need op power
06:56 tehdark45 lwq1996, so does everyone
06:56 einball You are not austrian, you won't get any :P
06:56 tehdark45 but you don't see us with it
06:57 tehdark45 He's also 15
06:57 BatSteve that'll change soon, maybe.
06:57 lwq1996 tehdark you would ban everyone from teh room
06:57 tehdark45 no
06:57 wannabe1987 australian*  not austrian
06:57 tehdark45 just you
06:57 tehdark45 :P
06:57 einball As I said: Guns are for noobs that can't argue well
06:57 wannabe1987 CaptainNiobe is from austraila, not austria
06:57 lwq1996 just becuase your a dick with a sick sence of humor
06:57 einball wannabe1987: I said austrian. Hitler came from there :P
06:57 tehdark45 BatSteve, everyone active gets OP K?
06:57 tehdark45 :P
06:58 einball Sick? Well, not really .. It's the right sense of humor :D
06:58 wannabe1987 i don't even know how to kick someone when opped :/  /fail
06:58 lwq1996 einball guns are for people that protect themselfs and put food on your plate
06:58 CaptainNiobe hey, i'm not always active, but most of the time i watch... lol...
06:58 einball A little bit black flavored, but thats okay :D
06:58 BatSteve tehdark45: I'm working on giving almost everyone halfops
06:58 BatSteve and seeing what happens.
06:58 einball lwq1996: The food on my plate comes from the supermarket!
06:58 tehdark45 BatSteve, working?
06:58 wannabe1987 halfops?
06:58 einball lol :P
06:58 tehdark45 It's click a button
06:58 tehdark45 :P
06:58 wannabe1987 lol
06:58 BatSteve tehdark45: really?  Which button would that be?
06:59 wannabe1987 +h
06:59 wannabe1987 duh
06:59 tehdark45 the halfop one?
06:59 einball lwq1996: Why protect myself? I can do that with a knife and my fists
06:59 tehdark45 :P
06:59 einball And I also gotta firin mah lazor
06:59 BatSteve tehdark45: the halfop button that freenode doesn't have enabled?
06:59 BatSteve that one?
06:59 BatSteve (:
06:59 tehdark45 oh
06:59 tehdark45 didnt know that
06:59 tehdark45 lol
06:59 wannabe1987 seriously?  thats stupid.  matt has it on his server :P
06:59 BatSteve Yeah, sorry.  I didn't either until I went looking for it.
06:59 lwq1996 yeah someone comes into your apt at night while your sleeping and you are half grogy you think you will fight well
07:00 wannabe1987 i know i won't aim well :P
07:00 tehdark45 and lee, i would'nt really ban you you know :P
07:00 wannabe1987 o! theres guns across the hallway, bullets too
07:00 wannabe1987 my landlord collects weaponry.  i don't know what he has tho
07:00 lwq1996 i pick on the ops just to let you know :P
07:00 tehdark45 and wannabe1987 i think half can only kick but not ban
07:00 lwq1996 masterofmonks and niobe sitting in a tree :P
07:00 wannabe1987 ...
07:00 wannabe1987 thats cool
07:01 wannabe1987 how does one kick?
07:01 einball LOVELY! :o)
07:01 tehdark45 with a leg?
07:01 tehdark45 :P
07:01 BotSteve Title: Song Of Storms Dubstep Mix - Ephixa (Download at - YouTube
07:01 wannabe1987 asshole
07:01 einball Zeldastep :o)
07:01 BatSteve tehdark45: correct
07:01 einball definition of asshole: darm, deep and sometimes filled
07:01 einball -r
07:01 einball +r -m +k
07:02 tehdark45 and CaptainNiobe i was refering to people actually talking right now, not always chatting ;)
07:02 wannabe1987 how does one kick on irc?*
07:02 lwq1996 niobe you here?
07:02 lwq1996 we cant kick only ops
07:02 wannabe1987 yes, i know
07:02 wannabe1987 i had ops in a nother channel, i wanted to know how to kick
07:02 einball ./kick wannabe1987
07:02 lwq1996 that would be /kick *insert name*
07:02 wannabe1987 thanks
07:03 lwq1996 or for my client kick
07:03 CaptainNiobe i'm here lee
07:03 einball *like*
07:03 BotSteve Title: Give You Back Life (Swifty Song) - Ephixa (Dubstep) - YouTube
07:03 lwq1996 ok good
07:03 lwq1996 eh hem
07:03 CaptainNiobe why?
07:03 einball The song is soo cool .. I listen to it anytime, I have to ride the train :D
07:03 tehdark45 and lee, /kick *name* *reason*
07:04 lwq1996 niobe and monks sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g
07:04 einball reasons are for fools: D
07:04 CaptainNiobe ...
07:04 einball lwq1996: they actually do that
07:04 einball lwq1996: they also masturbate with frogs
07:05 tehdark45 einball, is that a german thing O_o
07:05 lwq1996 i dont even want to imgaine what goes off in your head
07:05 wannabe1987 yes, just like eating froglegs is an indo thing.....
07:05 lwq1996 well i got to go to bed
07:05 wannabe1987 awww ok lee
07:05 einball tehdark45:
07:05 BotSteve Title: Video What The Hell Another Freaky Monkey Rapes Frog Orally! - YouTube
07:05 tehdark45 bye lee
07:06 wannabe1987 have good day at school tmrw
07:06 lwq1996 was kicked by CaptainNiobe: But... HE TEASED MEH! :D
07:06 wannabe1987 lol
07:06 wannabe1987 he did that 2x i think....
07:06 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
07:06 CaptainNiobe wb lee :D
07:06 wannabe1987 you were going to bed, sir?
07:06 einball lwq1996: now believe me? ;)
07:06 lwq1996 nope i didnt click it
07:07 tehdark45 lol, that vids URL was Q_Q
07:07 einball lwq1996: So you'll have to believe me if you don't want to click that ;)
07:08 wannabe1987 we don't have to believe you....we can choose to not believe you
07:08 wannabe1987 even if we don't click the link....
07:08 einball :D
07:09 einball Well, its not that if you are interested you had to pay more .. It's youtube :D
07:09 wannabe1987 i'm busy watching haiti rescue vids from 2 years ago
07:10 tehdark45 Jesus is coming, look busy!
07:11 wannabe1987 ?
07:11 tehdark45 It from a movie
07:11 wannabe1987 ah
07:11 Cprossu hey DruidicRifleman
07:11 wannabe1987 which one?
07:11 leepod ok bed it is computer shit itself again
07:11 Cprossu ts == dead
07:11 tehdark45 It has Rowan Atkinson in it
07:11 wannabe1987 night leepod
07:12 CaptainNiobe i was enjoying listening to DruidicRifleman and Cprossu talk, too... lol...
07:13 wannabe1987 "now that you have two these people and get them to stop calling."  I DOn't have the finances to pay them!!!! but i guess i'll call them :/
07:13 wannabe1987 don't have and won't have...
07:13 tehdark45 CaptainNiobe, seeing not hearing
07:13 tehdark45 :P
07:13 CaptainNiobe no, teamspeak = voicechat
07:13 leepod im going bye
07:13 DruidicRifleman damn it zoz
07:14 tehdark45 oh
07:14 DruidicRifleman zozo
07:14 CaptainNiobe later lee, sleep well and sweet dreams
07:14 tehdark45 Y U NO open source?
07:14 wannabe1987 tehdark45: you don't know everything....stop acting like it
07:14 tehdark45 no
07:14 tehdark45 u
07:14 tehdark45 :p
07:14 CaptainNiobe ...
07:14 wannabe1987 i knew what she was talking about, so i didn't correct her
07:14 leepod .yuno
07:14 BotSteve Fat people who don't wear shirts: Y U NO HAVE SHAME??????
07:14 speed_ponyG55;feature=related
07:14 BotSteve Title: Cutie Mark Crusaders Theme Song (Alex S. Dubstep Remix) - YouTube
07:15 Cprossu .yuno keags
07:15 BotSteve Little Kids: Y U NO SPELL RIGHT???????????
07:15 leepod i dont have shame
07:15 wannabe1987 SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07:15 wannabe1987 keags:  Y U NO FIX SHIT
07:15 tehdark45 Cprossu, Y U NO NOT USE KEAGS
07:15 einball lol speed_ponyG55 ^^
07:15 leepod havent seen speed in a while
07:15 speed_ponyG55 ?
07:16 leepod why u pony?
07:16 wannabe1987 you're alive!
07:16 leepod brain!!!!!!!why u no let me sleep!!!!!!
07:17 wannabe1987 because girl
07:17 wannabe1987 :hugs:
07:17 speed_ponyG55 because i am? my oc
07:17 BotSteve Title: speedrunnerg55 on deviantART
07:17 tehdark45 leepod, only you can not let yourself sleep ;)
07:17 leepod later guys
07:17 wannabe1987 night dear
07:17 speed_ponyG55 i drew that
07:17 wannabe1987 congrats?
07:17 leepod left #thegeekgroup
07:17 wannabe1987 but i don't get the brony/mlp obsession....its fucking stupid
07:18 tehdark45 Agreed
07:18 speed_ponyG55 not really. its a well made show. and i enjoy the comunity.
07:18 wannabe1987 that may be, but the community is what confuses me.....
07:19 wannabe1987 its a little kids show
07:19 DruidicRifleman any one at the lab
07:19 BatSteve That's kind of like saying that Harry Potter is a kids book.
07:19 speed_ponyG55 there are references and things in the show that little kids cant grasp
07:19 BatSteve It might have started that way, but it isn't now.
07:19 wannabe1987 its a 2am, druid....
07:19 wannabe1987 HP is a kids book....but i sitll enjoy it....
07:20 wannabe1987 druid, noone better be at teh lab, its not a 24hr thinger yet
07:20 CaptainNiobe harry potter WAS a kid's book - at first... aimed at around 10 years of age... but the series grew to an older age... :P
07:20 speed_ponyG55 and 4chan
07:20 wannabe1987 yes, i sister is a potter-holic
07:20 tehdark45 lol 4Chan
07:22 speed_ponyG55 ya know q from star trech?
07:22 wannabe1987 trek*
07:22 speed_ponyG55 star trek*
07:23 wannabe1987 but, no, i don't know Q.  i haven't watched much StarTrek
07:25 speed_ponyG55
07:25 BotSteve Title: Star Trek: Q's Lessons - YouTube
07:25 * einball watches Wargames
07:25 wannabe1987 i'm busy elsewhere on YT
07:25 speed_ponyG55 oh ok
07:26 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
07:26 wannabe1987 hi lem!
07:27 exor674 ... haha, automated system is confused
07:27 exor674 I was looking to see if my ISP has faster uplink speeds in my area
07:27 exor674 ... apparently I am not inside their service area
07:28 * exor674 eyes her DSL sync light...
07:28 exor674 I think someone is lying
07:28 wannabe1987 ...
07:28 speed_ponyG55 i got a job interview tomorrow at the board of ed. for an it job
07:28 wannabe1987 lol
07:28 wannabe1987 oooo
07:28 wannabe1987 speed, that sounds cool
07:28 wannabe1987 what time is the interview?
07:28 speed_ponyG55 11:30 am
07:29 wannabe1987 you should go to bed then
07:29 wannabe1987 its 2:30a
07:29 speed_ponyG55 yep
07:30 BatSteve good for him!
07:30 tehdark45 It's only 23:30 here
07:31 DruidicRifleman Sweet i can almost snipe a skeliton from 100 meters in minecraft
07:42 Cprossu .c 17m to ft
07:42 BotSteve 55.7742782 feet
07:43 Cprossu .c 9m to ft
07:43 BotSteve 29.5275591 feet
07:45 Sgt_Lemming fuck I love this shjow sometimes :-D
07:45 Sgt_Lemming "Tripping the Rift"
07:48 Cprossu hey Sgt_Lemming
07:48 Cprossu the mc lab progresses interestingly
07:48 Sgt_Lemming yah?
07:48 Cprossu we didn't upgrade to 1.1 though, we're still running old
07:54 Sgt_Lemming
07:54 Sgt_Lemming
07:56 wannabe1987 lol
07:58 DruidicRifleman Soooo i think i am gonna do some bench testing on a flame thrower
07:58 wannabe1987 ....a semi jack-knifed on the highway in teh snow....
08:02 DruidicRifleman i am bored....
08:02 wannabe1987 sleep?
08:02 DruidicRifleman i wonder if i can get the air compressor out side
08:02 DruidicRifleman nope wired awake
08:02 wannabe1987 shovel snow? :P
08:02 DruidicRifleman gota whole 6 hours of nightmares today
08:03 wannabe1987 i wouldn't want to sleep then if thats what happens either
08:09 DruidicRifleman ah kate monster isn't on
08:09 wannabe1987 she quit before midnight our time
08:10 einball A strange game. The only winning move is not to play.
08:11 BatSteve DEFCON?
08:11 wannabe1987 thanks.  i lost the game
08:11 Cprossu hey DruidicRifleman
08:11 wannabe1987 asshat :P
08:11 Cprossu interesting fact.
08:11 DruidicRifleman hey
08:11 Cprossu we're working on a 1 1/3:1 scale apparently
08:11 BatSteve "It's global thermo-nuclear war, and nobody wins.  But maybe, just maybe, you can lose the least."
08:11 einball BatSteve: Nope, the thing DEFCON derived from
08:11 DruidicRifleman zozo's server is right down...
08:11 DruidicRifleman huh???
08:11 BatSteve einball: yeah, but I like the game more than the movie.
08:11 Cprossu things are 1 1/3 times bigger than in real life
08:11 einball Wargames \o/
08:12 einball BatSteve: The game is... well .. It's quite too hectic for me ...
08:12 DruidicRifleman yeah
08:12 einball :P
08:12 Cprossu I think we did pretty good!
08:12 DruidicRifleman depends on "the thing"
08:12 Cprossu the thing is the racketball courts though heh
08:12 einball MAD is quite a nice strategy ^^
08:12 Cprossu the only thing that they could be better at is one more meter deep
08:13 DruidicRifleman HMMM chickmade M14;cPath=17_677_679&amp;products_id=4325
08:13 BotSteve Title: Norinco M14 Desert Digital Camo FREE SHIPPING [NOR-camoM14] - $559.95 : , Frontier Firearms
08:13 einball Too expensive
08:13 DruidicRifleman Or the only starndard war saw pact infantry rifle not based on the AK47
08:13 einball What about chess?
08:13 Cprossu the actual handball courts are 20ft wide, 40ft deep
08:13 DruidicRifleman;cPath=17_677_679&amp;products_id=1677
08:13 BotSteve Title: CZ 858 Tactical-2 7.62x39mm Full stock model FREE SHIPPING [CZ858FULL] - $729.95 : , Frontier Firearms
08:13 Cprossu the ones in mc currently are 9m x 17m
08:14 Cprossu so one meter off deep wise being scale
08:14 Cprossu but then the wall gets in the way
08:14 DruidicRifleman thats an issue minecraft is metricated the lab is not metricated
08:14 Cprossu still I am impressed that we are working on a nearly usable scale
08:14 DruidicRifleman yep
08:15 Cprossu that's why it doesn't look like shit!
08:15 DruidicRifleman soooo when will we do a garrys mod ?
08:15 Cprossu if we were doing 1:1 it would, sadly enough
08:15 DruidicRifleman yeah
08:15 Cprossu as soon as I sleep for a week after this gets ported to zozo's server
08:16 DruidicRifleman thats just to compansate for the compound errors of using 1 meter blocks for a6 inch thick wall
08:16 CaptainNiobe provided zozo's server stays up, Cprossu? :P
08:16 Cprossu indeed apparently.
08:16 DruidicRifleman Zozo's server isn't that bad
08:16 Cprossu yeah DruidicRifleman so it balances out
08:16 DruidicRifleman Sooooo
08:17 Cprossu soooooooooooooo
08:17 BatSteve BED.
08:17 Cprossu night BatSteve-Away
08:17 DruidicRifleman when are you sticking EGR steve into a hole to take messurements
08:17 Cprossu easy I am not
08:17 CaptainNiobe goodnight BatSteve-Away, sleep well and sweet dreams :)
08:17 Cprossu I may need actual help with something serious
08:18 DruidicRifleman oooh?
08:18 Cprossu one day... it's not like I have a r/c robot at the lab which can climb stairs and manipulate ladders yet
08:18 Cprossu yet anyway
08:18 DruidicRifleman ah
08:18 DruidicRifleman ummm what if we bribe himwith cookies???
08:18 * Cprossu doesn't know what kind of cookies the egrsteve prefers
08:19 DruidicRifleman LOL
08:19 DruidicRifleman thats an issue
08:19 tehdark45 good ones?
08:19 DruidicRifleman sooo listening to anema buy tool
08:25 DruidicRifleman hey Cprossu
08:26 devast8a_ joined #thegeekgroup
08:27 DruidicRifleman ? any one know when Some Work OF SOME kind will get done on GH5
08:29 DruidicRifleman I also wonder if the B.I.L. can thread a pipe the same ID as a billiards ball
08:29 tehdark45 DruidicRifleman, when you donate 100K? :P
08:29 DruidicRifleman if i had that much i would i can donate 3 bucks in bitch change
08:30 tehdark45 bitch change?
08:30 einball What to listen to now? Abney Park?
08:31 DruidicRifleman small pocket change
08:31 tehdark45 einball, some JB
08:31 tehdark45 :P
08:31 einball Jungle?
08:32 tehdark45 Justin Bieber
08:32 einball Yeah, go fuckyourself. Thanks ;)
08:32 * einball pukes
08:32 tehdark45 thats not very nice
08:32 tehdark45 :P
08:32 DruidicRifleman I'd rather stab my earts with a rusty ice pick then listen to that hack
08:32 einball (09:30:30) tehdark45: einball, some JB < THAT was an insult
08:33 tehdark45 no
08:33 einball >.<
08:33 tehdark45 that was a suggestion
08:33 einball Nobody likes that thing
08:33 tehdark45 Thing lolol
08:33 tehdark45 Yeah hate him
08:33 einball You know, there's music out there ;)
08:34 einball But_not_that_
08:34 einball I'd rather listen to Noisecore :P
08:34 tehdark45 Lol
08:34 tehdark45 SineWaveCore
08:35 einball o_O
08:35 tehdark45 lol
08:36 einball (steampunk is cool, isn't it? :P )
08:37 tehdark45 TriangularSquareCore
08:38 einball tehdark45: If you mention that thing again, I gonna find you, bond you and then take a headphone, playing it in a loop
08:38 einball And leave you forever alone
08:38 einball mwahaha!
08:38 wannabe1987 <foreveralone.jpg>
08:38 tehdark45 einball, youa are already frorever alone
08:38 tehdark45 forever*
08:39 einball Iam fine with it :>
08:39 einball Btw: Noisecore is a actual genre ;)
08:39 tehdark45 wannabe1987, <derpface.jpg>
08:39 CaptainNiobe tehdark45, how 'bout dropping the insults, huh?
08:39 wannabe1987 dont' do that too much, tehdark45, it'll stick
08:39 Experimentonomen guten morgen geeknerds :P
08:39 tehdark45 CaptainNiobe, einball did it first
08:39 tehdark45 :P
08:40 einball CaptainNiobe: he mentioned ... urgs .... HE WAS FIRST! :D
08:40 tehdark45 wut?
08:40 einball *did it
08:40 * einball needs more coffee
08:40 CaptainNiobe well, i did see einball tell you the beaver shit was an insult. do i have to go through logs to determine who's lying?
08:41 wannabe1987 hi Experimentonomen
08:41 tehdark45 CaptainNiobe, no i said that but i was joking?
08:41 einball He said .. J..juu..biber
08:41 wannabe1987 were you?
08:41 tehdark45 yeah
08:41 wannabe1987 you put a ? behind, so idk
08:41 tehdark45 i'd never force anyone to do that
08:41 wannabe1987 how did it get to be almost 4am?
08:42 tehdark45 the clock ticked
08:42 tehdark45 :P
08:42 wannabe1987 i blame my dad and  (my dad set the page up)
08:42 CaptainNiobe having too much fun wannabe? :P
08:42 BotSteve Title: 2 Years Since the Quake – Parents Look Back
08:42 wannabe1987 no, actually, i'm busy crying, all these miracles and sad stories....
08:42 * Experimentonomen gived ein a cuppa decaff
08:42 einball o_O
08:42 einball another insult!
08:42 wannabe1987 ewww fake "coffee"
08:43 wannabe1987 lol
08:43 einball Trying to kill me, eh?
08:43 wannabe1987 i dunno, are you allergic to coffee?
08:43 tehdark45 well einball 30 is kinda excessive
08:43 Experimentonomen caffine is a poison
08:43 tehdark45 Experimentonomen, so is just about everything
08:43 wannabe1987 my cookies != poison
08:43 Experimentonomen and it can kill if u drink too much of it
08:45 tehdark45 Experimentonomen, water does that too
08:45 einball tehdark45: no, it isn't
08:45 einball do you knwo Club-Mate?
08:46 einball Experimentonomen: LD50 is about some g
08:47 tehdark45 So you going to the lab wannabe1987?
08:47 wannabe1987 tomorrow?  fuck no....roads r to slippery
08:47 einball 20mg caffeine in 100ml ... A bottle has 500ml .. And there's even more: clubmate# .. that would be 2 caffine pills into the clubmate. I did that once .. I will never do that again :)
08:48 tehdark45 wannabe1987, salt?
08:48 wannabe1987 i will be there next friday for ZOMB
08:48 wannabe1987 i don't do well driving in snow
08:48 wannabe1987 or ice
08:48 einball wannabe1987: what about a sledge?
08:48 wannabe1987 sledge?
08:48 tehdark45 .tfwc grand rapids mi
08:48 BotSteve 5°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Even penguins are wearing jackets.'
08:48 einball skid
08:48 einball sleigh
08:48 wannabe1987 oooo
08:48 tehdark45 tube
08:48 wannabe1987 sleigh
08:48 wannabe1987 um
08:48 wannabe1987 no
08:48 einball (I don't know more synonyms)
08:48 wannabe1987 i don't have any
08:49 DruidicRifleman Hmmm Are there melee weapons in zomb???
08:49 wannabe1987 depends on dave's mood
08:49 tehdark45 so they dont salt the roads?
08:49 wannabe1987 its on the 20th if you wanna come :P
08:49 wannabe1987 they do
08:49 DruidicRifleman If i had a place to stay i totally would
08:49 wannabe1987 they didn't on my way home tho (at 10-10:30
08:49 tehdark45 so then it shoulnt be slipery
08:49 wannabe1987 you're talking to the girl who crashes in snow
08:50 wannabe1987 unless i can walk there safely
08:50 DruidicRifleman i love snow
08:50 tehdark45 dont you haz the bus
08:50 wannabe1987 hahahah
08:50 wannabe1987 i live in a small town
08:50 wannabe1987 no
08:50 wannabe1987 busses
08:50 wannabe1987 druid, you can have it
08:50 tehdark45 a park and ride?
08:50 tehdark45 lol
08:50 einball park&slide :P
08:50 wannabe1987 what good is park and ride going to do for me?  i need to drive to get there....
08:50 DruidicRifleman i never get a reall chance to wair my winter tactical gear
08:51 DruidicRifleman I have a full set of CF winter whites
08:51 wannabe1987 tactical?
08:51 DruidicRifleman I look fucking ninga
08:51 tehdark45 wannabe1987, less driving
08:51 tehdark45 :P
08:51 DruidicRifleman yeah
08:51 DruidicRifleman ninja
08:51 wannabe1987 yes, but i can't get to the lab still
08:51 wannabe1987 o.O
08:51 tehdark45 how?
08:51 wannabe1987 damn ninjas
08:51 wannabe1987 because no busses
08:51 einball 5°C is cold for you? :o
08:51 wannabe1987 closest bus is the next county over
08:52 wannabe1987 .tfw tgg
08:52 BotSteve 22°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'My nipples could cut glass'
08:52 wannabe1987 yes
08:52 wannabe1987 its 22 out!
08:52 einball hm
08:52 wannabe1987 .tfwc tgg
08:52 DruidicRifleman LOL
08:52 BotSteve 5°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Its time for a vacation.'
08:52 einball We have that kind of temperature kinda often
08:52 wannabe1987 .c 5c to f
08:52 BotSteve 41 degrees Fahrenheit
08:52 tehdark45 .tfwc surrey bc
08:52 BotSteve 1°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Surrey, CA!  'THO Season.'
08:52 tehdark45 Ha
08:52 wannabe1987 .c -5c to f
08:52 BotSteve 23 degrees Fahrenheit
08:52 DruidicRifleman you wouldn't last a through a canadian winter
08:53 wannabe1987 its actually -5c here....
08:53 wannabe1987 BotSteve fails
08:53 tehdark45 .c 1c to f
08:53 BotSteve 33.8 degrees Fahrenheit
08:53 * einball likes cold winter
08:53 einball +s
08:53 DruidicRifleman when i was 16 we we're shipped of to black down
08:54 DruidicRifleman it was so cold
08:54 DruidicRifleman the mod tents had a half inch of ice on them
08:54 wannabe1987 who names their kid "cash"?
08:54 einball wannabe1987: rich parents :D
08:54 wannabe1987 lol
08:54 einball They like it when "cash2 listens to them :D
08:54 DruidicRifleman the base we we're on was an old ww2 tank gunnery range
08:55 wannabe1987 his name was richardo, they changed it to cash
08:55 DruidicRifleman LMAO
08:55 einball DruidicRifleman: That's actually the right weather to have some real fun :)
08:55 wannabe1987 people are weird
08:55 DruidicRifleman whats fun is when the fat kid over heats and sweats through the 2 sleeping bags
08:55 DruidicRifleman COT SURF
08:55 DruidicRifleman :P
08:56 einball err
08:56 einball no, thats not funny
08:56 tehdark45 errrrr
08:56 einball DruidicRifleman: It's only funny if the kid freezes up with the cot
08:57 DruidicRifleman yeah
08:57 DruidicRifleman one time the reg force Drill Sergent majors grand daughter got cought on her knees in the male Sgt's tent
08:58 einball -5°C (22F) is quite a nice temperature. I like that rather than sweating all the time :(
08:58 DruidicRifleman getting caught indecently exposed in a tent full of guys Is bad
08:58 einball Supposed to be a hell lot of fun :d
08:58 DruidicRifleman It's worse when it's worse when it's your grand dad
08:59 einball :D
08:59 einball DruidicRifleman: You're from canada? Or another freezing country?
08:59 tehdark45 .tfwc muhlacker
08:59 BotSteve 2°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Muhlacker, GM!  'Should have gone south'
08:59 DruidicRifleman Canada that was my RCACC winter indoc training
08:59 einball that's not accurate
09:00 tehdark45 lol
09:00 einball Well, okay. that IS accurate
09:00 DruidicRifleman .tfwc Renfrew
09:00 BotSteve 6°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Renfrew, PA!  'Fresh off the tap.'
09:00 DruidicRifleman .tfwc Renfrew on
09:00 einball .tfwc Mühlacker
09:00 BotSteve 2°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Renfrew, CA!  'Warmer than Hoth.'
09:00 BotSteve KeyError: u'\xfc' (file "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 1238, in quote)
09:00 tehdark45 DruidicRifleman, how is it over there?
09:00 wannabe1987 you broke it
09:00 DruidicRifleman ummm not sure
09:00 einball :P
09:00 DruidicRifleman .tfwc oshawa
09:00 einball .tfwc Muehlacker
09:00 BotSteve 3°C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Oshawa, CA!  'Keep track of your local old people.'
09:00 BotSteve UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xb0 in position 1: ordinal not in range(128) (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/hg-botsteve/modules/", line 71, in tfw)
09:01 einball ._.
09:01 tehdark45 DruidicRifleman, is that -3?
09:01 wannabe1987 stop breaking/abusing the bot!
09:01 wannabe1987 tfw doesn't do -'s apparently
09:01 wannabe1987 good luck
09:01 einball Why will it accept Muhlacker but not the original name? :(
09:01 DruidicRifleman the only old person i has is locked up in a maximum security geritric containment facility
09:01 DruidicRifleman I feel sorry for the nurse's at the home that kidwell gets sent to
09:02 tehdark45 einball, we dont use accents in english
09:02 einball But it should accept Muehlacker, right?
09:02 tehdark45 if it exists
09:02 einball ue is ü in english
09:02 wannabe1987 druid - me too
09:03 Experimentonomen .tfw 87150
09:03 BotSteve 39°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN 87150, !  'Your source of crude weather!'
09:03 tehdark45 Well Kidwell would need his own bathroom with a bio hazard sign
09:03 wannabe1987 lol
09:03 einball 2°C is quite accurate. I just read the thermometer. It's a little bit cold for t-shirts :D
09:04 einball tehdark45: biohazard signs? I have some! :)
09:04 wannabe1987 i have found that most of the guys' bathrooms need the biohazard sign....THEY SMELL
09:04 tehdark45 And Chris.. they wont know what to do with him
09:04 tehdark45 lol
09:04 einball Iam so white'n'nerdy *sing*
09:05 tehdark45 wannabe1987, at least the only place there is blood errywhere is in the ghetto for us
09:05 tehdark45 :P
09:05 DruidicRifleman HEY CPROSSU
09:05 DruidicRifleman Birthday gift for kidwell?
09:05 tehdark45 einball, how are your pentiums
09:06 einball :D
09:06 einball Well, THAT's music! :D
09:06 einball tehdark45:
09:06 einball :P
09:07 wannabe1987 you've been tagged - druid, and tehdark
09:07 tehdark45 einball, i dont wana know what is in that
09:07 tehdark45 :P
09:07 einball Nothing at the moment
09:07 tehdark45 Lol
09:07 einball That was my first thing I ever did in CAD by myself (And machined it on a Laser)
09:08 tehdark45 thats what TGG needs
09:08 tehdark45 a CNC laser
09:08 tehdark45 lol
09:08 einball They can't afford it ... That thing costs half a million USD
09:08 tehdark45 yeah
09:08 DruidicRifleman what did i do
09:08 wannabe1987 get one donated!
09:08 einball No way lol
09:08 wannabe1987 said something funn
09:08 wannabe1987 y
09:08 DruidicRifleman why was i tagged
09:09 wannabe1987 go see!
09:09 tehdark45 DruidicRifleman, I think she is trolling
09:09 DruidicRifleman ah lol
09:09 DruidicRifleman SOOO
09:09 exor674 ... how the fuck is it 2am?
09:09 DruidicRifleman When the lab opens will there be fireworks
09:09 wannabe1987 same way it is 4 am
09:10 tehdark45 wannabe1987, u dont have Chris?
09:10 einball (I need a mill and a lathe :( )
09:10 wannabe1987 no.  he won't accept my friend request
09:10 tehdark45 LOL
09:10 tehdark45 He circled me on G+
09:10 tehdark45 U Jelly?
09:10 tehdark45 :P
09:10 wannabe1987 i circled him
09:10 wannabe1987 so no
09:11 DruidicRifleman hey wannabe
09:11 DruidicRifleman XD
09:11 tehdark45 No he circled me back
09:11 wannabe1987 we only have 25 friends in common :P
09:11 DruidicRifleman I want a 30 pack
09:11 wannabe1987 go ahead:P
09:11 einball wannabe1987: Even better:
09:11 DruidicRifleman I wonder if the Lab with do a 4th of july desplay
09:12 DruidicRifleman hehehe
09:12 wannabe1987 GR already does one so they'd have to compete
09:12 tehdark45 Woah Paul was born on they date i was due (plus a couple years)
09:12 tehdark45 lol
09:12 DruidicRifleman I just wanna See 6000 rockets going off
09:13 DruidicRifleman and maybe 288 of those missiles i posted
09:14 tehdark45 DruidicRifleman, only in America would that be leagl
09:14 tehdark45 lol
09:14 * einball yawns
09:14 einball another coffee!
09:14 * wannabe1987 gives you a caffiene-IV
09:14 einball :D
09:14 DruidicRifleman why do you think i wana move to the USA like a Oxi addict wants to Break open the back doorof a pharmacy
09:15 DruidicRifleman 80 of these
09:15 DruidicRifleman XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09:15 DruidicRifleman
09:16 DruidicRifleman Less then 2 bucks each
09:16 DruidicRifleman XD!!!!!
09:16 wannabe1987 "You know what happens when you slam 1 chuck norris into 1 charlie sheen and do so in a vacuum environment pumped full of albert einstein? Chris Boden" - dan eakin 2011
09:17 einball it creates antimartter?
09:17 einball -r
09:17 wannabe1987 its in boden's quotes onf b
09:17 einball hm
09:17 einball I got a room maybe
09:17 einball Without heat
09:18 Cprossu DruidicRifleman hell yes
09:18 einball To do stuff in it :)
09:18 DruidicRifleman i need someone to modify arduinos so i can program things
09:18 wannabe1987 stuff?  ^.^
09:18 * Cprossu carries a big stick to fend off the oxy americal loving addict
09:18 Cprossu night everyone
09:18 wannabe1987 night Cprossu
09:18 Cprossu this is a sign I should go to bed.
09:19 DruidicRifleman I am not setting off 1000fire works 1 at a time
09:19 tehdark45 cya Cprossu
09:19 Cprossu DruidicRifleman you know you totally would if you had the button in front of you =P
09:19 einball wannabe1987: Well .. Fun stuff like Teslacoils
09:19 wannabe1987 oooo ok
09:19 wannabe1987 that kind of "stuff" :P
09:19 Cprossu just as long as it was a 1ms delay
09:20 DruidicRifleman Yeah
09:20 einball wannabe1987: What did you thought I'd do?
09:20 einball Sex? o_o
09:20 wannabe1987 that goes in NSFW
09:20 wannabe1987 i cannot tell you here
09:20 * Cprossu ponders how to start another bottle rocket fight between chris and mr. kidwell
09:21 einball Well .. Are teslacoils even SFW? :D
09:21 * Experimentonomen wakes up einball with some trance music
09:21 wannabe1987 why wuldn't they be?
09:21 DruidicRifleman BTW cprossu
09:21 einball Because they are FIRIN THEIR LAZORS :D
09:22 einball and they generate X-Rays
09:22 wannabe1987 ....
09:22 DruidicRifleman UMMM 60 ofthose
09:22 wannabe1987 i have no response for you
09:22 DruidicRifleman are 100 shot cakes
09:22 einball It's just because my room looks like the home of a total freak.
09:23 einball the kind of room you see in the movies
09:23 einball know what I mean?
09:24 DruidicRifleman Hmmm
09:24 einball So I sell, donate and give some of my stuff away and try to rent a small room
09:24 DruidicRifleman i wonder if canz getz my pyro card if i could plan a4th of july fireworks demo at the lab...
09:25 DruidicRifleman well display
09:26 Experimentonomen einball, your room is tidy compared to mine
09:26 einball Experimentonomen: you saw only one half ..
09:26 einball And tidy is not equal to "looks normal"
09:27 DruidicRifleman OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
09:27 einball Open the cupboard and stuff will fall out of it
09:27 DruidicRifleman 2880 bottle rockets... for 70bucks....
09:27 * Experimentonomen listens to;feature=related
09:27 BotSteve Title: Ziki - Never Ending Story (Original Mix) [HD] - YouTube
09:28 einball Experimentonomen: try that: :D
09:28 BotSteve Title: Dirty Dubstep June 2011 - YouTube
09:28 Experimentonomen btw ein, i nearly blew up my sub yesterday :P
09:29 tehdark45 Experimentonomen, you shouldnt blow your teachers up
09:29 tehdark45 :P
09:29 einball Experimentonomen: y u do taht?
09:29 DruidicRifleman einball
09:29 DruidicRifleman ....
09:29 Experimentonomen einball:
09:29 DruidicRifleman i <3 this site
09:29 BotSteve Title: 10Hz subwoofer and amp test - YouTube
09:30 einball yup ... 10hz is supposed to be played by a rotary subwoofer
09:30 einball Experimentonomen:
09:30 BotSteve Title: Rotary Subwoofer - Worlds Lowest Freq Subwoofer - YouTube
09:30 Experimentonomen i know those
09:30 einball DruidicRifleman: y u no like my style? :P
09:30 DruidicRifleman ...
09:30 DruidicRifleman what
09:30 Experimentonomen eminent technology and their fucking expensive, i thing like 10 grand or more
09:30 DruidicRifleman fireworks...
09:31 wannabe1987 i is bedtime
09:31 einball The Saturn-5? :D
09:32 einball Eminent is not expensive .. It's just unrivaled
09:32 DruidicRifleman ah
09:32 einball brb
09:32 DruidicRifleman yeah
09:32 DruidicRifleman might just have a few zoning issues
09:32 Experimentonomen einball, before that vid i did the same thing with 20Hz and before that a movie on full blast,
09:33 DruidicRifleman awww
09:34 wannabe-zz .cookie tehdark45
09:34 BotSteve Here you go, tehdark45, I baked you a mocha cappuccino cookie!
09:34 wannabe-zz peanut butter nutella swirl*
09:34 tehdark45 .cake wannabe-zz
09:34 BotSteve Here you go, wannabe-zz, I baked you a brownie cake!
09:34 einball Experimentonomen: You really try to kill it, right? ;)
09:35 DruidicRifleman druid wants fire works
09:36 einball :P
09:36 Experimentonomen i do have a spare driver laying around if this one blows up, but i think im gonna find a driver that can take 250 watts without blowing up after 5 seconds
09:36 einball 250Watts @ 2hz? winwin :D
09:36 Experimentonomen maybe go up from 10" to a 12" driver
09:37 einball Why not a 15"
09:37 * wannabe-zz 's bladder will explode overnight,sorry about TMI tho :P
09:37 Experimentonomen above 12" u dont reallt gain anything
09:37 einball The eminence kappa is cheap and quite resistant against mismatch and overload
09:38 einball Well ... efficiency
09:38 Experimentonomen even commercial 18" subwoofers like those maxxarcade on youtube has still only do 25Hz at -3 dB
09:38 einball more air is moved and the resonance frequency drops
09:38 einball "only"
09:38 Experimentonomen my subs box is onlu 40 liters and a 12" driver would pretty much fill the entire baffle
09:39 einball Sure, if oyu want to go very low oyu have to have quite a bit more than 30"
09:39 einball 40
09:39 einball hm, not very much
09:39 Experimentonomen btw many small drivers are better than one large
09:39 einball Yup
09:40 einball 30" of area (summed)
09:40 Experimentonomen big drivers like 15" and up pretty much needs 500 watts minimum to retain a somewhat controlled bass
09:40 einball The Kappa15 will do fine with my small amp :)
09:41 einball at least in my small room
09:42 einball But I plan to do one more to have 30" membrane area and then try how low I can go
09:42 einball with a more powerful amplifier and temperature sensors on the coils
09:53 DruidicRifleman ,... i think
09:53 DruidicRifleman i might have an explosives addiction...
09:56 DruidicRifleman and chat is dead
09:56 einball No
09:56 einball :P
09:57 Experimentonomen bbiab
09:57 einball brb, shower :o)
09:58 DruidicRifleman OMGODS
09:59 DruidicRifleman for 70$ for 1440 of em....
10:00 wannabe-zz i can't
10:04 DruidicRifleman awwww
10:05 DruidicRifleman i wanna do a fire works display for July 4 at the lab
10:05 wannabe-zz i know
10:05 wannabe-zz you've said that 30 times now
10:05 DruidicRifleman ...
10:05 DruidicRifleman what...
10:05 wannabe-zz nothing
10:05 wannabe-zz i'm going to try sleeping again
10:06 Ycarene Well, I've got 18 days of vacation, I'm just trying to figure out who to give them out to.
10:06 wannabe-zz tgg
10:06 wannabe-zz duh
10:07 * wannabe-zz tries sleeping again. tired now ...
10:07 Ycarene Know any other geek group members that work for wells dairy?
10:08 Ycarene I'll probably end up hanging on to them until other people start running out.
10:14 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
10:18 * einball cranks up the volume!
10:22 piku joined #thegeekgroup
10:23 Experimentonomen bakkk
10:28 einball
10:28 BotSteve Title: LabCAST - The MIT Media Lab Video Podcast » Archive » #57 Boxie
10:28 * einball likes
10:28 Experimentonomen
10:28 BotSteve Title: Some loud bass - YouTube
10:29 einball quite nice max excursion :d
10:30 einball I won't drive my sub to max because things start falling down :D
10:31 einball someone liked hellschreiber :D
10:31 BotSteve Title: Hellduino: Hellschreiber radio transmissions from an Arduino board - Hack a Day
10:32 einball the eminence kappa has a Xmax of about 6mm
10:32 einball Generates nice airpressure :D
10:33 Experimentonomen i believe my 10" pa sub only stays linear within like 3-4mm
10:35 DruidicRifleman einball your from bc right?
10:36 einball germany
10:36 DruidicRifleman ah
10:36 einball no, you won't be able to throw firecrackers at me!
10:37 einball Experimentonomen: yup
10:38 Experimentonomen <-- for some ground shaking bass :P
10:38 BotSteve Title: 50 hp Fairbainks Morse Y Diesel Cold Start - YouTube
10:38 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new YouTube videos posted by PhysicsDuck.  New videos:   Captain's Blog 1-12-12 Bluecherry, Hanging Flags, and VSL
10:39 einball lol Experimentonomen :D
10:44 DruidicRifleman i wanna visit the lab
10:44 einball +1
10:45 einball I wanna work in the lab
10:45 Hackbat move to GR then
10:45 Experimentonomen <-- this one also makes my sub work
10:45 BotSteve Title: Deutz MAH914 10 hp diesel engine built in 1954 starting and stopping - YouTube
10:45 Hackbat or at least near it
10:45 Ycarene I'd love to have the time to go there, even if I end up doing demo or schlepping stuff around, it'd just be all around cool to help.
10:46 einball Hackbat: yup, planned in 4 yrs
10:48 DruidicRifleman hackbat... i'd LOVE to live in GR
10:49 einball +1
10:49 Experimentonomen ein, i wanna visit the lab too but i dont think tgg will be in existance abut the 45 years into the future where i will finally have the mony for a trip to the us
10:49 Ycarene Heh, what's the job market like there?
10:50 einball ah well .. it's about 4000€ for the trip
10:50 einball But IF I visit the lab, it will be a oneway ticket
10:50 Experimentonomen hm
10:53 BitViper job market ? in michigan ? *dies laughing*
10:53 einball Far Far away from germany
10:53 BitViper hey DruidicRifleman : what happened to the ts server ?
10:59 DruidicRifleman zozo
10:59 DruidicRifleman I wonder if i could get a grant from the state to get some people off welfare
10:59 BitViper what'd he do to it, down for maintenance or what ?
11:00 BitViper DruidicRifleman : put me on your list then LOL
11:00 DruidicRifleman i don't know
11:00 DruidicRifleman write your state congressman
11:00 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
11:00 BitViper *cough* would be more useful to write to santa
11:01 DruidicRifleman then write who ever is running against him
11:02 DruidicRifleman or her
11:24 piku joined #thegeekgroup
11:30 Owen joined #thegeekgroup
11:32 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
11:38 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
11:43 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
11:44 Electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
11:51 Ponko this baby is sitting next to me
11:52 Ponko my dad doesn't get how that is an antique he understands how and why but it's like 50 years ago THAT was somewhat like an iPad is now you got one you took it for granted
11:54 einball Ponko: It's boring. It has no tubes in it
11:54 einball :P
11:54 Ponko lol
11:54 Ponko but it's an antique
11:54 einball yup
11:55 Ponko but it's weird though because when he had it in 1962 it wasn't
11:55 einball uhm . .think about the pentium II
11:55 Ponko like in 1985 the Nintendo was just a games console NOW it's an antique
11:55 einball breakthrough technology
11:55 Ponko yeah exactly
11:56 einball around 1999 I had my first P3
11:56 Ponko in 50 years i bet the TV i'm watching The Professionals on right now will be an Antique
11:56 einball no, it was 2000 I think
11:56 einball yup =)
11:57 einball Now the P3 is like .. "oh yes, it is quite energy saving" :D
11:57 Ponko but i won't appreciate that fact but my grandson will
11:57 Ponko lol
11:59 einball ah well .. that's progress
12:00 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
12:03 Ponko i know that but you get my point
12:04 einball Yip
12:04 Ponko :P
12:05 einball But does it really matter? I mean .. I like to use tube transceivers that have been built before I was even planned :P
12:05 Zugan joined #thegeekgroup
12:15 Experimentonomen deadday
12:27 Ponko lol well that's what i'm getting at
12:27 Ponko i wouldn't mind looking inside this radio
12:29 Experimentonomen just a piece of phenolic board with some black tree legged thingies and some resistors and caps on it
12:31 Ponko you looked at the chat?
12:31 Ponko if not i'll post a link of what i'm on about
12:32 Experimentonomen ein: tubes :P
12:32 BotSteve Title: More tubeing - YouTube
12:32 Ponko
12:33 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
12:41 einball *like*
12:41 BotSteve Title: Dark Dust - Black Sun - (Official Music Video) - YouTube
12:42 einball aah, please highlight me .. Otherwise I'll not notice
12:42 einball Experimentonomen: I've seen that video. Outstanding work! :)
12:49 Ponko is it me or is that Cory that does the kick a buck ad on tgg vids?
12:50 BitViper if you cant tell yourself from someone else you have some serious problems =P
12:53 * Experimentonomen is so bored that he plays a scene from the movie The Jackal loud enuf to shake the entire building
12:53 einball hehe
12:54 Experimentonomen are there any good movies with ridicolously low freq effects ?
12:55 Ponko yay
12:58 Ponko i tried to send off for passport papers on monday and my browser wasn't working that well and after i submitted i thought it crashed and my request didn't go through so yesterday i sent off for papers on my sisters iPad and today THREE envelopes containing passport papers arrived
12:59 Ponko yesterday was a make sure i actually sent it
12:59 Ponko today was just sods law
12:59 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
13:14 einball today is completely boring
13:19 Experimentonomen hm there dont seem to be any good movies containing low freq effects :/
13:21 einball err .. What is a "participant" in a bussystem?
13:22 einball A peer?
13:23 einball A node!
13:28 * Experimentonomen decides to gibe tron: legacy a go and hits the "download torrent" btton
13:28 einball torrents are bad for illegal files
13:29 Hackbat :\
13:29 N_M joined #thegeekgroup
13:30 Hackbat my dad
13:30 Hackbat sucks
13:30 Experimentonomen i dont really like buying movies unless i know their good
13:30 einball Hey, mine too ^^
13:30 Hackbat at doing electrical wark
13:30 Hackbat *eltrical work
13:30 einball electrocuted himself?
13:30 Hackbat fuck spelling
13:30 Hackbat no
13:30 einball :D
13:30 Hackbat the stereo unit in my car
13:30 Hackbat the sound has been going funny
13:31 einball :D
13:31 Hackbat I look back there and it's horrible
13:31 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
13:31 Hackbat he didn't even make sure the coupling connectors covered the wire enough
13:31 druidicRifleman2 joined #thegeekgroup
13:32 einball :D
13:32 Experimentonomen daggonit its cold in my apartment again :/
13:32 einball Experimentonomen: Keags?
13:32 Experimentonomen nope
13:32 Experimentonomen i have district heating
13:33 einball hehe
13:35 Experimentonomen Hackbat, poweramp and sub install ?
13:35 Hackbat no
13:35 einball Snow ._.
13:35 einball HERE! NOW!
13:35 Experimentonomen i hate snow
13:35 Hackbat it's just a simple radio
13:35 einball What the heck?
13:35 Hackbat I'm going to take a picture of whats back there
13:35 Hackbat maybe
13:36 Experimentonomen Hackbat, a headunit should be peice of cake to install, just plug connectors together and push into place until the little locking tabs clicks in place
13:37 Hackbat 1) he had to splice wire
13:37 Hackbat 2) the radio is held in by friction
13:37 Hackbat 3) expossed wire
13:37 Hackbat 4) it's ugly as fuck
13:38 einball friction is good *trollface*
13:38 Experimentonomen press fit car radio, hmmm
13:38 Hackbat 5) there's nothing to help REMOVE it
13:40 einball fail :D
13:41 Experimentonomen sounds like his hackjob had the potential to cause some expensive damage
13:41 Hackbat anyone know anything about ford's color code?
13:47 CaptainNiobe not a clue... :-\ sorry
13:47 einball :D
13:48 * CaptainNiobe curses body's sudden wish to make self panic over nothing
13:48 einball why?
13:49 CaptainNiobe occasionally i suffer panic attacks... and one wanted to come on right then... *grins wryly*
13:50 einball Hmm
13:50 einball Not good
13:51 einball But better than being bored
13:52 CaptainNiobe they can be handled and staved off, most of the time... you just gotta get your head together when it comes up... it's easier for some than it is for others, some people suffer constant anxiety (i did for a couple of months)
13:52 einball I don't know what it's like
13:52 einball so I can't imagine that :-/
13:52 CaptainNiobe trust me, you don't want to know... lol...
13:53 yNos damn
13:53 yNos 1hr 40 mins drive in today
13:53 yNos suck...
13:53 CaptainNiobe oh?
13:54 yNos normally a 30-40 minute drive in
13:54 yNos avg speed was approx 15-20mph
13:54 Hackbat okay...
13:54 CaptainNiobe too much snow now?
13:54 einball blizzard?
13:54 yNos .c 15 mph in kph
13:54 BotSteve 24.14016 kph
13:54 yNos .c 20 mph in kph
13:54 BotSteve 32.18688 kph
13:54 Hackbat he's got only 3 speaker wires hooked up
13:55 yNos not snow, just the first one that wasnt cleaned up quick enough...
13:55 Hackbat only
13:55 Hackbat 3
13:55 yNos not *just* the snow
13:55 CaptainNiobe that's slower than our school zone spees limits of 40kph
13:55 yNos .c 40kph in mph
13:55 BotSteve 24.8548477 mph
13:55 yNos yup
13:58 yNos was thinking of differtn names for my home brews...
13:58 yNos i think i want to name my nut brown Jim Schwartz
14:01 CaptainNiobe craig bailey sounds good to me :P
14:03 * einball will head to his exam now
14:04 CaptainNiobe good luck, einball :)
14:04 einball thank you CaptainNiobe
14:04 einball brb in 4h
14:04 CaptainNiobe ok
14:09 Hackbat WTF
14:09 Hackbat this car stereo color code doesn't fit anything for ford
14:09 Hackbat there's a brown wire D:
14:10 druidicRifleman2 hmmm
14:21 Sgt_Lemming sigh, someone find me a pair of Crank Brothers Mallet 2's cheaply >_<
14:29 druidicRifleman2 Wow i spent 3 weeks 140 KM away from the site of the worst nuclear accident in canadian history
14:32 Sgt_Lemming ...?
14:33 Sgt_Lemming also your missing a capital
14:33 Sgt_Lemming yo're?
14:33 Sgt_Lemming sigh
14:33 Sgt_Lemming tired lemming
14:33 westmi joined #thegeekgroup
14:33 Sgt_Lemming you're*
14:33 CaptainNiobe you can always go to bed, y'know, lemming :D
14:35 egrsteve morning all
14:35 Hackbat ford fucking suuuucks
14:35 CaptainNiobe morning ergsteve... and Hackbat, i coulda told you that :P
14:35 Hackbat Arg why do they have to change the color codes EVERY year?
14:37 CaptainNiobe my parents had a ford falcon once... they bought it new, and it was off the road more than it was on the road...
14:38 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
14:38 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
14:38 Ponko YOU LOSE
14:39 Ponko GOOD DAY SIR
14:39 Ponko lol Willy Wonka ftw
14:41 Hackbat
14:42 Hackbat it doesn't seem to FIT any other color codes
14:42 Hackbat I'm gonna pull it out ONE more time, see if it's correct
14:46 Hackbat okay had one wrong
14:46 Hackbat I'll have to check again
14:47 Hackbat too cold for this
14:51 druidicRifleman2 whats up
14:51 Hackbat trying to fix what my dad did wrong
15:02 druidicRifleman2 building a time machineand telling him to use a condom?
15:04 Hackbat no @_@
15:04 BitViper ouch
15:05 Hackbat fucker was lazy and only connected 3 speaker wires ont he car stereo
15:06 astro73|alice Which is worse: Comic Sans or Papyrus?
15:10 yNos both suck
15:11 Sgt_Lemming zapf dingbats ftw
15:16 Sgt_Lemming bleh, defragging 6 2TB drives... this is gonna take a while...
15:16 Sgt_Lemming thank god for defrag tools that can do more than one drive at a time
15:17 Sgt_Lemming anyways, on that note, I'm off to bed, night all
15:22 dbshortwave joined #thegeekgroup
15:25 dbshortwave wow
15:26 CaptainNiobe ???
15:26 dbshortwave we got snow
15:26 CaptainNiobe way cool :)
15:27 dbshortwave lol yeah im not going anywhere
15:28 Ponko1 joined #thegeekgroup
15:30 dbshortwave ROFLMAO
15:30 dbshortwave oh man
15:30 dbshortwave i need to take this to TGG:NSFW
15:33 dbshortwave wb ponko
15:34 Ponko good to be back
15:34 dbshortwave jah
15:35 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
15:35 Electricguy lol... just watched a seller video of a car subwoofer... and wow! he even says the bass port is specifically made for that box! wow!...... of course it is! otherwise it would sound like crap...
15:36 ajcc did he mention it contains unobtainium alloys?
15:38 ajcc I read about an old Philips speaker used in Siemens moive sound systems, for cinemas, that the cone was made out of the same material you make fine italian hats from, and that the dampening felt was made out from rabbit hair, and the glue were all natural ones :)
15:39 ajcc elegant!
15:39 Electricguy LOL
15:39 Electricguy hat speakers!
15:39 ajcc <-- DIY Astronaut Ice Cream :)
15:39 BotSteve Title: Making astronaut ice cream in my home shop - YouTube
15:43 Ponko time for some Highlander
15:46 mikey-t joined #thegeekgroup
15:50 Electricguy LOL!"
15:50 Electricguy loads of them XD
15:50 BotSteve Title: Riktigt härliga regplåtar! @
15:55 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
16:09 druidicRifleman2 ajcc
16:10 druidicRifleman2 Now i wanna make a freeze drying machine
16:11 ajcc go for it!
16:17 druidicRifleman2 teamspeaks back up to those who knpw
16:23 CaptainNiobe ty, druidic :)
16:26 Guardianzozo joined #thegeekgroup
16:30 yNos
16:30 BotSteve Title: Caffeine extraction from green coffee with supercritical CO2 - YouTube
16:30 yNos yarp
16:40 ajcc yNos: caffinated potato alcohol in the near future?
16:41 dbshortwave potatOS
16:46 Electricguy nom
16:46 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
16:56 egrsteve morning
16:59 SparkyProjects Hi Steve
17:07 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
17:07 wannabe1987 hi mashpriborintorg
17:07 Electricguy hey hey wannabe1987 :)
17:08 mashpriborintorg hi
17:08 mashpriborintorg yay I found a wii damaged 32 inch LCD tv in the junk
17:08 wannabe1987 hi Electricguy
17:09 wannabe1987 lol @ wii damage
17:09 Electricguy lol
17:09 mashpriborintorg made in 2009 and now junk :p
17:09 mashpriborintorg it does junky things in the cracked screen
17:09 wannabe1987 brb
17:11 MoxieMike k
17:15 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
17:17 wannabe1987 stupid bloody noses :/
17:18 ajcc hmm, doesn't zombbabes like blood?
17:18 wannabe1987 .define friggatriskaidekaphobia
17:18 BotSteve Couldn't get any definitions for friggatriskaidekaphobia.
17:18 wannabe1987 not out of my nose
17:19 wannabe1987 happy friday the 13th, everyone
17:19 ajcc thanks
17:19 wannabe1987 you're welcome
17:22 Ponko why is it when i watch Batman on ITV i think of tgg
17:22 MoxieMike is it all the gadgets?
17:22 Ponko probably
17:23 Ponko maybe it's zaney wackiness that you just love
17:23 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
17:24 wannabe1987 hi Ponko, Electronics
17:24 Ponko hey wannabe1987
17:25 Ponko maybe its because of Batman Harwood
17:26 wannabe1987 maybe
17:26 wannabe1987 .wa 5am to 12pm
17:26 Ponko lol
17:26 BotSteve 5:00 am CST  to  12:00 pm CST -> Friday, January 13, 2012;7 hours;0.2917 days
17:26 wannabe1987 7 hours, not bad on sleep :P
17:26 Ponko :P
17:26 Ponko lol
17:27 BitViper hey wannabe1987, i am currently planning to be at the lab on tuesday
17:27 MoxieMike .tfw 04101
17:27 BotSteve 29°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Portland, ME!  'Actually, a sharp-stick in the eye might not all be that bad right now.'
17:27 wannabe1987 what time?
17:27 BitViper probably around 11 ish, for the afternoon
17:28 wannabe1987 sounds good
17:28 wannabe1987 whenever i get there i'll have my violin along....
17:28 BitViper hope to be down there early enough for ppl to have chili for lunch :)
17:28 wannabe1987 i have orch from 7-9
17:28 BitViper ohhhh, you gonna entertain the workers ? =)
17:28 CaptainBoden joined #thegeekgroup
17:28 BotSteve ****Attention on deck!  Captain on the bridge!****
17:29 BitViper oh crap
17:29 BitViper everyone RUN
17:29 wannabe1987 i don't know....maybe the reubens tube is hooked up, i can make it do pretty things :)
17:29 CaptainBoden Was the Bluecherry system operational last night?
17:29 * BitViper points at wannabe1987 ... she ate the cherries
17:29 wannabe1987 i don't like cherries
17:30 Ponko if only you came on yesterday CaptainBoden
17:30 CaptainBoden Steve, Ynos, you in here?
17:30 druidicRifleman2 Hey captain
17:30 CaptainBoden Hi guys
17:30 druidicRifleman2 the minecraftmaps almostdone
17:30 azop CaptainBoden: I could look at it, but I don't have remote access to it yet
17:30 druidicRifleman2 that wannabe she's canabalistic i say i say
17:30 CaptainBoden Front door was left unlocked all night, I need to know if the system was operational yet.
17:31 druidicRifleman2 oooohfuck....
17:31 CaptainBoden It was brought down for the transfer to the new rack, I odn't know if it went life or not
17:31 SparkyProjects egrsteve: was here not long ago
17:31 CaptainNiobe where's cprossu when you need him? lol
17:31 CaptainBoden k
17:31 Cprossu just popped in
17:31 Cprossu and omg
17:31 CaptainBoden Someone check the footage from the front door overnight please.
17:31 CaptainNiobe lol... good timing... :D
17:31 druidicRifleman2 Is shit missing?????
17:31 wannabe1987 druid, theres so much stuff, how would you figure it out?
17:31 Cprossu CaptainBoden you serious?
17:32 CaptainBoden noting that we can see, but you could walk out of here with $50,000 in gear I we wouldn't notice it for days.
17:32 CaptainBoden yes
17:32 CaptainBoden someone do a check please, I als want to know who the last person was to leave and when
17:33 Ponko would you acceptant on that CaptainBoden?
17:33 BotSteve Title: Bedfordshire Flag | Buy Bedfordshire County Flags | Flag of Bedfordshire | Buy Flags
17:33 CaptainBoden sure, we'd fly it
17:33 CaptainBoden ok guys, back to handling this
17:34 CaptainBoden later
17:34 SparkyProjects I think the stream was on weathercam last night, so someone would have to check security footage when they get in
17:34 Ponko hmm
17:35 CaptainBoden Next person who puts the fucking weathercam on stream without asking me first is fired. I'm REALLY not happy about that.
17:35 CaptainBoden I've told EVERYONE to stop doing it, it's boring as hell.
17:36 SparkyProjects Disconnect weatercam and put it on another stream ?
17:36 CaptainNiobe police radio makes it less boring, chris...
17:36 MoxieMike but still wicked boring
17:36 Ponko but looking at the same for a prolonged period of time IS boring
17:36 MoxieMike i'd rather see security cameras
17:37 CaptainNiobe true...
17:37 azop CaptainBoden: you should hook up a cable from the display port on one of the 16 port cards in a quad view or something
17:37 MoxieMike i'd probably watch the stream more often
17:37 azop
17:37 BotSteve Title: Using the display port on Bluecherry hardware compression cards : Bluecherry
17:37 Ponko i'd rather be Sercurity Man Dan
17:38 Ponko crushing a Diet Coke Can
17:38 Ponko anyway
17:39 CaptainNiobe sparky, i think you've got the right idea though about putting the weathercam on a seperate stream... how many channels can one have on justintv?
17:39 druidicRifleman2 what did i miss???
17:39 tlockley joined #thegeekgroup
17:40 tlockley afternoon
17:40 wannabe1987 hi
17:40 tlockley hey wannabe1987
17:40 tlockley whats news?
17:40 Alex____ joined #thegeekgroup
17:41 tlockley .seen CaptainBoden
17:41 BotSteve tlockley: I last saw CaptainBoden 0.09 hours ago at 2012-01-13 17:35:42 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 17:41:07 UTC
17:41 Ponko;productId=215 ah yes just remembered would this be accepted or is that over stepping the mark CaptainBoden?
17:41 BotSteve Title: Luton Town FC - Carbrini Luton Town Home Shirt Men&#39;s 2011/13
17:41 Alex____ Hey...anybody?
17:41 wannabe1987 hi Alex____
17:41 SparkyProjects CaptainNiobe: as many as you want, though i guess a different account for each.
17:41 Ponko SparkyProjects: might aswell ask to be sure
17:41 tlockley hey Alex____
17:41 Alex____ what's up?
17:42 tlockley nothing too much.
17:42 tlockley you?
17:42 wannabe1987 just chillin here
17:42 Alex____ starts on of
17:42 tlockley high school?
17:43 MoxieMike my classes start on the 17th
17:43 Ponko someone needs the old Stihl?
17:43 tlockley going back the 30th
17:43 Alex____ Just got round to post a vid on YT...check it out(my mate's presented...kinda rubishlly)...thesakeofscience's channel
17:44 Ponko Alex____: you from England?
17:44 Alex____ nope
17:44 Alex____ :)
17:44 Alex____ Romania=))
17:44 Alex____ i'd wish
17:44 Ponko ah lol
17:45 wannabe1987 cool
17:45 Alex____ I was curious wether Captain Boden's on the IRC
17:45 Ponko you must of learned British English
17:45 Ponko he's here or here abouta
17:46 Ponko abouts*
17:46 Alex____ I went to Cambridge last got some accent
17:46 wannabe1987 hes slightly busy/preoccupied right now....
17:46 Alex____ great...
17:46 Ponko ah well yeah that'll be why
17:46 wannabe1987 normally he's not here, and you have to email him
17:46 Ponko went to Cambridge for work
17:46 Ponko Porsche Centre Cambridge
17:47 Ponko but;productId=215 that'll tell you were i'm from and what shirt i'm wearing right now lol
17:47 BotSteve Title: Luton Town FC - Carbrini Luton Town Home Shirt Men&#39;s 2011/13
17:47 Alex____ :)me...summer English Language school...(read place to fool around and get drunk=)))
17:48 Ponko yep that sounds like fun :P
17:48 Alex____ it was ssooooo brilliant
17:48 Alex____ I just proved Chris wrong today=))
17:48 Ponko was it in Cambridge
17:48 Alex____ yep
17:48 Alex____ Ridley college was my I miss that place...
17:49 Ponko lol Cambs is nice i'm going there in Feb
17:49 Alex____ I. ENVY. YOU
17:50 Ponko lol it's only for a Footy match
17:50 Alex____ ok...still...I love that city=))
17:50 Alex____ parker's peace=))
17:50 Ponko better than Luton
17:51 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
17:51 Alex____ hmm...
17:51 Alex____ what could I do with a flyback transformer and a 2n3055 transistor...
17:52 wannabe1987 do either of you want my snow?  you can has it
17:52 Ponko sure
17:52 Alex____ I can't be Marilli driver works too well already
17:52 Alex____ no snow in my country
17:53 Alex____ for this year
17:53 Alex____ al your snow are belong to us
17:53 wannabe1987 this is the first real snow we've gotten (in michigan)
17:53 tlockley how much did you get?
17:53 wannabe1987 4-5 inches :/
17:53 Alex____ last year we had like 3-4 feet...
17:54 Alex____ =)) gosh...this year...we've had like 50 degrees F in mid december all the way till today
17:54 wannabe1987 its been 40s and 50s thus far.
17:55 tlockley same here, I just walked the dog this morning in a t-shirt and jeans
17:55 MoxieMike i'll be back later...time to pick up my car
17:55 Alex____ my dog hates me
17:55 tlockley oh, guy or girl Alex____
17:56 Alex____ guy
17:56 wannabe1987 what kind of dog
17:56 Alex____ Cocker Spaniel
17:56 wannabe1987 color?
17:56 Alex____ 8 years old
17:56 Alex____ ...
17:57 Alex____ goldish-brownish
17:57 wannabe1987 ah.  we had a black one
17:57 Alex____ I can see Chris and Moose on the live feed
17:58 wannabe1987 yeah, they're checking the building.  it was left open accidentally overnight
17:58 tlockley what is he doing to that poor dog?
17:58 Alex____ well that was dumb=))...yeah
17:58 wannabe1987 i'm not watching
17:58 Alex____ omny the wonderpuppy
17:58 wannabe1987 omni*
17:59 Alex____ really? ...sorry>_<
17:59 wannabe1987 hhi niobe
17:59 wannabe1987 yeah,  its ok
18:00 Alex____ it seems that my 150 year old grandfather clock is running fast
18:00 CaptainNiobe hey there, wannabe :)
18:00 wannabe1987 hows stralia?
18:00 CaptainNiobe dark at 4am :P
18:01 CaptainNiobe how 'merica?
18:01 wannabe1987 snowy
18:01 wannabe1987 fucking snow
18:01 wannabe1987 well, parts are
18:01 wannabe1987 other parts are dry, i assume.
18:01 tlockley nope, just wet
18:01 CaptainNiobe you're complaining when i've never seen snow? :P
18:02 wannabe1987 yes.  shits hard to drive in
18:02 wannabe1987 come on over, i'll give you some
18:02 CaptainNiobe snowchains? :D
18:02 tlockley snow is a walk in the park compared to blackice
18:02 Cprossu we get flurries for 1 minute every 10 years @ CaptainNiobe
18:02 tlockley or ice in general
18:02 CaptainNiobe LOL!!! where are you, cprossu? what part of 'merica?
18:03 Alex____ Hey...Cprossu:D sup
18:03 Cprossu remember Phoenix, AZ
18:03 Cprossu the closest you can get to the weather where you live I suppose!
18:03 Cprossu hey Alex____
18:03 CaptainNiobe cprossu, you're wanted on teamspeak :P
18:03 Cprossu that's a rather long ____ you have
18:03 Alex____ ...damn the IRC
18:03 Alex____ =))
18:04 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
18:04 Seroster yNos!
18:04 JA12 CaptainNiobe: take something out from the freezer and imagine it's your car. then, go sit in the freezer for 15 minutes and you get the feeling of it =)
18:04 Electricguy type /nick Alex perhaps? :P
18:04 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
18:04 Electricguy toastie!
18:04 CaptainNiobe JA12, my ass is too big to fit in my freezer! LOL!!! :D
18:04 wannabe1987 TOAST!
18:04 CaptainNiobe hey toastie! :D
18:04 wannabe1987 you don't have a deep freezer?
18:05 CaptainNiobe no... lol...
18:05 Ponko TOASTY
18:05 wannabe1987 awww
18:05 Alex____ stick your ass on the funnel of a CO2 fire extinguisher
18:05 wannabe1987 mom'd fit in it...
18:05 Ponko Alex____: not cool
18:05 CaptainNiobe but now i has plans to move to the u.s., so maybe me and monkks can get one
18:05 Ponko well technically yes its cool but not in THAT sense
18:05 Alex____ =))
18:06 Alex____ Hey, Cprossu, could you use an IObridge to controll the weathercam?
18:07 Alex____ I mean...of course...but...would you need one?
18:07 Alex____ i won the darn thing in a contest...and...i have absolutely no use for it...
18:07 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 wannabe1987 wait
18:07 wannabe1987 you're flying?
18:08 wannabe1987 o.O
18:08 Cprossu Alex____ we've got rs232 control of that
18:08 maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
18:08 CaptainNiobe gonna have to... so that eithr means monks flies out then flis back with me, or, depending how bad the death phobia is by then, a sedetive for the duration of the flight (not what i want to do lol)
18:09 wannabe1987 hi maglinvinn :D
18:09 maglinvinn yar
18:09 Cprossu producerbill wrote the software, I figured out the protocol and built the computer, and egrsteve manually figured out the commands
18:09 Cprossu ^ @ Alex____
18:09 Alex____ I mean for like...internet users to controll it over the could technically move the camera to see whatever I want
18:09 wannabe1987 i want to fly to strailia!
18:09 Alex____ i'll send it anyways...maybe you'll put it to good use
18:09 Cprossu it's on the way we're 90% there, we need a web interface and system to hook it into
18:09 wannabe1987 alex - thats a bad idea
18:09 Cprossu we can always find use for stuff!
18:09 mashpriborintorg Hi Alex____, you'vr got mail
18:10 Alex____ yep
18:10 Alex____ want my mail?
18:10 Cprossu but we will have weathercam and an overhead cam control for the autopsy table in time
18:10 wannabe1987 the hackerspace in brisbane has that tho!
18:10 wannabe1987 its cool
18:10 CaptainNiobe lol... you wanna fly out here just to fly back to america with me while i get off to go to florida and you have to keep going to grand rapids? :P :P
18:10 wannabe1987 yes.
18:10 Cprossu anything worth doing is worth overdoing wannabe1987 with full motion video! xD
18:10 wannabe1987 and then you'll drive with mom to GR and we go out to eat sometime
18:10 maglinvinn the overhead camera on main set is arduino.  the pan/tilt of the spar camera is also arduino.  rs485 from a server accepting WWW commands tells the arduino to move the motor.
18:10 wannabe1987 :nods:
18:10 * CaptainNiobe hugs wannabe
18:11 Cprossu hey maglinvinn!
18:11 wannabe1987 what?  i need to see you people.  need to know if monks is actually a dark hooded monk or not :P
18:11 maglinvinn the pantilt has internal end of travel switches, keeps the WWW from crashing the device
18:11 maglinvinn heya crpo.
18:11 maglinvinn cpro.
18:11 maglinvinn even
18:11 maglinvinn heh
18:11 Cprossu btw did some work in the mc lab figured out our scale
18:11 Cprossu it's 1 1/3:1 or about that
18:12 Electricguy Cprossu, take a look at BDLCAM. it's a web based multim user camera control software
18:12 Cprossu that's not my dept anymore xD
18:12 CaptainNiobe he has a beard! :D
18:12 mashpriborintorg you did gave your mail previously Alex____
18:12 wannabe1987 o.O
18:12 Alex____;)
18:12 wannabe1987 that doesn't fit with my image tho!!!!!!!!!!!!
18:12 maglinvinn ah, yeah, i thought the hard measurements for the studios would help bring things in tighter.
18:12 CaptainNiobe lol... sorry wannabe, he does... :D
18:12 Electricguy that's the messiest email addy i have ever seen! XD
18:13 maglinvinn i also did a walk aroudn the lab while i was there yesterday so i could make some more comments about layout.
18:13 Alex____ it's my name=))
18:13 Cprossu though the deep is off though heh
18:13 Alex____ and a ranfom number
18:13 Cprossu in those, since the wall is 1meter wide
18:13 maglinvinn i haven't had a chance to log on.  have you been finding my signs around the lab then?
18:13 Cprossu so it's like 9M x 17M in the minecraft lab
18:13 Cprossu yeah we have and we've been really bloody busy
18:13 Cprossu trying to fit the puzzle pieces together
18:13 maglinvinn ah, yeah, close enough is good enough.  the only other method is to do 1block = 1 ft, and screw the minecraft standard
18:14 CaptainNiobe not that i've been much help on it lol
18:14 BitViper mag did you notice the void space at the back of the offices between the back office door and cap's office ?
18:14 maglinvinn yes, and i think i left a sign on that.
18:14 maglinvinn that corner isn't right.
18:14 Cprossu I am aware it's off in some way lol
18:14 BitViper i left a sign inside it too :)
18:14 maglinvinn the hallway between the main office and the kitchen
18:14 maglinvinn that hallway is there cause captains' office and the NOC are taking up that floor space
18:15 maglinvinn i THINK both of those rooms are additions, and were not part of the original load bearing wall system, but thats irrelvant, due to the fact they've been purposed.
18:15 Cprossu wow the staircase going up to the upstairs lockers is big enough for a washing machine
18:16 maglinvinn yup.  *painfully aware*
18:16 maglinvinn haha
18:16 Alex____ captain's blog]
18:16 Cprossu I can tell maglinvinn poor guy
18:16 Cprossu all the doors in the lab are bigger than mc doors by far
18:16 maglinvinn heh.  i just wanted to work on VSL, not play with copiers and heavy machinery like that
18:16 maglinvinn yes, the double door solution kinda captures that though
18:16 Cprossu it always works out like that, unless you are tangled in cabling
18:17 Alex____ tell me something fun I could do
18:17 Alex____ ...
18:17 maglinvinn i'm gonna log on real fast.  waiting for updates on my work project anyways.
18:17 SparkyProjects maglinvinn: someone needs to donate a stair dolly
18:17 SparkyProjects One method we used for that sort of thng was a long board as a ramp
18:17 Cprossu omg he thought they were handles?!
18:17 maglinvinn yeah, that lift and slap of how we were doing it was destroying the stairs.
18:17 maglinvinn lol yeah Cpro.
18:17 mashpriborintorg isn't there a (broken) elevator somewhere ?
18:18 Cprossu omg
18:18 Alex____ well...he's Chris...aferall
18:18 maglinvinn negative.
18:18 Cprossu is that color laser a canon clbp-360?!
18:18 Cprossu if it is throw it away and RUUUUUUUUUN
18:18 Cprossu (tires to look)
18:18 JA12 people send heavy stuff just to see maglinvinn suffer in the captains blog. "hey all, let's send big blocks of solid lead this time" =)
18:18 Alex____ why?
18:18 wannabe1987 no elevator
18:18 Cprossu Alex____: two words, fusor oil.
18:18 maglinvinn no elevator.  there was talks about a oversized dumb waiter in the big air shaft that runs from the downstairs NOC to the upstairs mechanical, but it was too big of a engineering nightmare
18:19 Cprossu no it looks like an HP
18:19 Alex____ whaat?>_<
18:19 Cprossu thank heavens
18:19 wannabe1987 will there be an elevator eventuall?
18:19 maglinvinn which remiends me Cpro, your MC doesn't incorporate the air handling tunnels.
18:19 Alex____ some stupid chemical
18:19 wannabe1987 eventually*?
18:19 Alex____ ?
18:19 Cprossu Alex____: that color laserjet uses oil on the paper to transfer the toner
18:19 maglinvinn i'm not sure wannabe, there is an issue with handicap access to the classrooms/basements, but there's not good way of solving that
18:19 Cprossu but thankfully they have a different one
18:19 Alex____ well...that's dumb
18:20 Cprossu you'd get oil all over the paper on those
18:20 maglinvinn apparnetly a MC update...
18:20 wannabe1987 i would hope they would, cuz otherwise students can't get to the robotics lab unless someone carries their chair
18:20 Cprossu DO NOT UPDATE maglinvinn
18:20 maglinvinn very true.  robotics is probably going to be the one 'unaccessible' area, there's simply no way to ramp to it
18:20 maglinvinn too late Cpro...
18:20 Cprossu fuck
18:20 maglinvinn i closed the window, did that save me?
18:20 maglinvinn it was still downloading
18:21 Cprossu uh I think you're screwed unless you have a backup of the jar
18:21 SparkyProjects maglinvinn: If they put a door at the end of HVL just for 'goods access' that would help with moving heavy stuff from MDH to the main floor (forklift)
18:21 Cprossu let me get you a snapshot 50
18:21 Alex____ what' s going on with the plasma cutter?
18:22 BotSteve Title: File:RUS-IC.JPG - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
18:22 Cprossu maglinvinn: blame guardianzozo
18:22 Alex____ beautifull
18:22 maglinvinn Sparky - there used to be a door in the room where the MMC arrais now, and they're going to poor concrete out there for the generator and other large transformers (with a fence cause when that stuff is live....)
18:22 Cprossu
18:22 Cprossu ^ get this, put it in your .minecraft/bin folder
18:22 Guardianzozo ?
18:22 wannabe1987 hi zozo
18:22 Guardianzozo yo
18:22 Cprossu because we can't run the current version because of you! @ Guardianzozo
18:22 Cprossu (also see bukkit)
18:22 maglinvinn the plasma cutter is on hold, but i promise you i'll get it to work when i get some free time.  i think it didn't power up cause the air pressure switch is derp in the controller.
18:23 Alex____ ...
18:23 Cprossu it'll be a simple fix maglinvinn
18:23 Cprossu from what I saw
18:23 Guardianzozo as soon as bukkit updates i can update
18:23 mashpriborintorg Alex____ check out and (you're busy for 3 months now :p )
18:23 Alex____ chris says it keeps blowing the fuse
18:23 Cprossu like I said it's a protection circuit
18:23 maglinvinn i'm stuck updating
18:23 Cprossu it'll probably be an easy fix
18:23 maglinvinn i'll download the replacement jar in a sec
18:23 SparkyProjects maglinvinn: Yeah, i saw the blocked up hole, what i meant is a new hole at the far end of the public area outside the cage.
18:24 maglinvinn *nods*  thats an engineering question, and probably maybe, in the distant future.  until then all heavy gear comes up the handicap ramp through the offices and into the space.
18:24 Cprossu maglinvinn when did we get the killer (sun vat-40 like) battery load tester?
18:24 Cprossu that looks killer
18:25 yNos hey yo
18:25 maglinvinn which?  sorry?  the only 'new' thing in VSL was a C02 tester
18:25 maglinvinn that i saw...
18:25 Monkeh maglinvinn: You should keep that stuff live all the time, teach the scrappers a lesson. :P
18:25 maglinvinn yo Ynos
18:25 Cprossu the big thing with the two meters
18:25 Cprossu blue with a cart
18:25 maglinvinn yeah, thats a CO2 emissions tester.
18:25 Cprossu wow
18:25 maglinvinn hook it up to the tailpipe, evaluate lean/rich and catalytic performance.
18:25 Cprossu must be an OLD
18:25 Cprossu one
18:26 Cprossu we call em exhaust gas analyzers
18:26 maglinvinn yeah, given how it looked... the buttons in it reminded me of 70's vintage gear.
18:26 maglinvinn maybe even older.
18:26 Alex____ I;ve got something's called a Naylor Spiralarm Type "S" Combustible Gas Detector
18:26 Alex____ that is just cool...
18:27 Alex____ it looks like a mining lamp and has a wick that burns and heats up a bimetal switch
18:27 Alex____ lemme see if I can find a picture on Google
18:29 Cprossu maglinvinn lol you picked the wrong day to drop by it seems
18:29 Cprossu yikes
18:29 maglinvinn lol how so
18:29 maglinvinn i got VSL cleaned, which was my goal.
18:29 Cprossu true, I just mean all the moving crap to clear the forklift
18:30 Sgt_Lemming
18:30 maglinvinn yeah, i got stuck on pathclearing for a bit.  got them outta VSL faster so i could work though, so its all good
18:31 Sgt_Lemming lo maglinvinn, how goes it?
18:31 maglinvinn i love that pic.  such a serious expression on that kid
18:31 maglinvinn not too bad Sgt.  nice 'day off' yesterday, back in the office building testers today.
18:31 wannabe1987 ....
18:31 Sgt_Lemming the day off was at the lab?
18:32 Sgt_Lemming maglinvinn
18:32 Coderjoe keeps blowing a fuse? here's another internet derp solution: "Why not just splice the wires, removing the fuse from the circuit?" (read in the idiot voice)
18:32 maglinvinn breaker, coderjoe, not an internal fuse
18:32 astro73|alice is it bad that my coworkers provide more stress than the callers?
18:32 maglinvinn lol.  yeah i had a day away from the office, so i spent it working at TGG instead
18:32 wannabe1987 good choice, maglinvinn
18:32 wannabe1987 sorry, astro :/
18:33 Sgt_Lemming <--- relevant, and so damned true
18:35 maglinvinn is it just me or is the stream really laggy today
18:35 Cprossu something is being uploaded
18:35 Cprossu I can't help it
18:36 Cprossu when someone saturates the upload, it throttles it to a shitty ass level
18:36 Cprossu and then we get 995ms to google
18:36 maglinvinn ah, they're uploading videos or something then?
18:36 Cprossu must be
18:36 Cprossu it's what it looks like from my remote end
18:37 Monkeh Lab needs an actual connection, badly.
18:37 Cprossu it's comcrapstic!
18:38 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
18:38 wannabe1987 hi injektion!
18:38 SparkyProjects Stream looks fine to me, no pauses like i've seen before
18:38 Coderjoe need smaller buffers and proper traffic queues.
18:38 Cprossu you'll see some jitter for a while
18:39 injektion hi
18:39 Cprossu Coderjoe: what I am saying is we pay for 5.5mbit upload
18:39 Cprossu but...
18:39 Cprossu we get that for all of 60 seconds
18:39 Cprossu then it throttles to 1.9mbit/sec
18:39 Cprossu that's how their traffic shaping does us in
18:40 Coderjoe effing comcrap
18:40 wannabe1987 how are you, injektion?
18:40 injektion Meh
18:40 Cprossu if it was just a simple case of QOS we'd have that licked Coderjoe heh
18:40 wannabe1987 yeah?  :/
18:40 Coderjoe I do not plan to ever give them a cent again. (I got the abrupt, no-notice disconnect a couple years ago)
18:41 Cprossu all I know is they suck worse than my cable company, and my company is namex [strike]cocks[/strike] cox!
18:42 maglinvinn yeah, comcast is a horrid organization.  sadly, they've kinda monopolized ISP services in the lower michigan region
18:42 injektion I wouldn't say charter is much better
18:42 Coderjoe the disconnect was annoying on its own, but the fact that I wasted a couple hours trying to get it back up and had to call them and specifically ask if there were any flags on the account (like a late payment or something) to find out
18:42 Cprossu once we run fiber to gh5 and get services there we'll be in a way better place
18:42 Cprossu but getting services there would be easier if it wasn't run down and smelling of cat piss
18:43 Cprossu and not top priority at this moment or even close
18:44 yNos there is nothing wrong with that building that a few gallons of gas and a careless smoker couldnt fix.
18:44 yNos we just want the shell, gut the rest.
18:45 tlockley heh, that bad huh
18:45 Cprossu though the city condemning it (again?) would be bad
18:45 Alex____ guys, I'll send you my country's flag and the IObridge....I'm of...i wanna sleep=))
18:46 wannabe1987 sleep well
18:46 Alex____ thank's:)
18:47 wannabe1987 Alex____:
18:47 wannabe1987 have a snowperson before you go to bed
18:49 Coderjoe what's with the pose?
18:50 tlockley its a super snowman
18:51 tlockley or a snow nazi, take your pick
18:51 wannabe1987 some meme thing, i guess....i haven't a clue.  my stepcousin made it while is wife is away
18:52 Coderjoe even more amusing... what's with the headdress?
18:53 wannabe1987 its a hat his sister made
19:03 druidicRifleman2 is the lab ok
19:03 maglinvinn why wouldn't the lab be ok
19:04 maglinvinn lol.
19:04 druidicRifleman2 the front door was left unlocked
19:06 devast8az joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 devast8a joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
19:06 Cprossu breakfast was good
19:06 Cprossu yay
19:06 maglinvinn when was the front door unlocked
19:06 Monkeh maglinvinn: Between you and Boden? ;)
19:06 maglinvinn where did you hear that
19:06 Cprossu this morning
19:07 Cprossu chris logged on and told us
19:07 Cprossu wanted to know the last guy who left via the security, yNos is on it now
19:07 maglinvinn jesus really?  ouch.  when i left ynos jeff jeremy batman and moose were still there.  i think dave was around somewhere with JT too, but i didn't see them before i left.
19:09 druidicRifleman2 yep
19:10 maglinvinn well.  things look liek they're running along normally in the stream...
19:10 druidicRifleman2 any one have the link to the stream?
19:10 Cprossu .stream
19:10 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
19:13 ajcc yay, people :D
19:13 * yNos yawn
19:14 wannabe1987 people?  where?
19:14 ajcc on the livestream
19:14 wannabe1987 there might be aperson on the couch out there *points* but idk
19:14 ajcc and hopefully on #thegeekgroup
19:14 wannabe1987 .cookie Seroster
19:14 BotSteve Here you go, Seroster, I baked you an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie!
19:15 ajcc .cookie ajcc
19:15 BotSteve Here you go, ajcc, I baked you a butter pecan cookie!
19:15 ajcc oh, nice!
19:15 ajcc thank you Steve :)
19:15 wannabe1987 .cake ajcc
19:15 wannabe1987 .shake ajcc
19:15 BotSteve Here you go, ajcc, I baked you a brownie cake!
19:15 wannabe1987 .pie ajcc
19:15 BotSteve Here you go, ajcc, I made you a reeses cup shake!
19:15 BotSteve Here you go, ajcc, I made you a chocolate pie!
19:15 MoxieMike .cookie Omni
19:15 BotSteve Here you go, Omni, I baked you a shortbread cookie!
19:15 wannabe1987 .sandwich ajcc
19:15 BotSteve Here you go, ajcc, I made you a peanut butter and jelly with crust cut off sandwich!
19:16 wannabe1987 there, lunch is served!
19:16 ajcc hehe
19:16 Seroster Stop abusing bottie
19:16 wannabe1987 no
19:16 wannabe1987 stop abusing nsfw :P
19:17 * ajcc is eating Digestive biscuits, which he always forget contains sooo much suger!
19:18 maglinvinn derp
19:18 ajcc it's like eating sugar cubes, which is a rather unpleasant thing
19:18 wannabe1987 digestive biscuits?
19:18 wannabe1987 sounds nasty
19:18 ajcc yep, maybe the only have them in UK land, they look healthy, but are just as unhealthy as ordinary biscuits
19:18 ajcc or cookies for US land people
19:20 ajcc Talking about biscuits :)
19:20 BotSteve Title: Ball and Biscuit by The White Stripes - YouTube
19:20 Sgt_Lemming they have the here as well
19:20 ajcc hmm, 240p... ugh
19:20 Sgt_Lemming them*
19:21 ajcc ah, 480p and crisp :)
19:21 BotSteve Title: The White Stripes - Ball and Biscuit (Live) Under Blackpool Lights - YouTube
19:22 ajcc Sgt_Lemming: are they just as gross in US?
19:22 Sgt_Lemming for the umpteen millionth time
19:22 ajcc children in Sweden often get to eat Digestive biscuits and fruits, because Digestive looks so healthy, so it kind of sux when you got a developed sense of taste :)
19:23 Sgt_Lemming I'M NOT IN THE US >_<
19:23 ajcc Sgt_Lemming: I know, I just love being that itch :)
19:24 * Sgt_Lemming scratches the itch with a 40gallon drum of ClF³
19:25 wannabe1987 .stream
19:25 BotSteve The Geek Group Live Web Stream can be found at:
19:25 wannabe1987 either the bot is slow or i'm lagging
19:25 ajcc I approve anything trifluoride
19:26 wannabe1987 you're right.....people!
19:26 wannabe1987 and a manlift!
19:26 ajcc whoo
19:26 ajcc with a batman on the end?
19:26 wannabe1987 driving end?  yeah
19:27 MoxieMike tip test
19:27 wannabe1987 lol  get the two heaviest guys on!
19:27 MoxieMike i just wish the stream cam had sound
19:28 wannabe1987 mhm
19:28 wannabe1987 agreed, when i'm not on there :P
19:28 wannabe1987 ohai steve
19:28 ajcc don't like your voice?
19:28 wannabe1987 apparently the roads were not that bad if he got there
19:28 wannabe1987 i don't like the cameras
19:28 MoxieMike i don't have the privelidge of being at the lab
19:29 wannabe1987 i'm like yNos
19:29 ajcc with two imaginary bald spots?
19:29 wannabe1987 lol no
19:29 ajcc ;P
19:29 wannabe1987 if he wants to see bald spots, he can come to work with me
19:31 ajcc hmm, many bald guys at your job?
19:33 mashpriborintorg well, that big LG lcd tv was damn easy and fast to take apart
19:34 * ajcc is slowly making progress on the tubes ("valves"), a high voltage supply is in the making :)
19:35 ajcc it's a good thing to have engineering friends to ask
19:39 wannabe1987 ajcc: i work in a nursing home.  we have balding women too
19:39 yNos ajcc: what kind of project are you working on?
19:39 yNos i <3 tubes
19:41 mashpriborintorg thanks to the know, it seems nobody was hanging outside last night and noticed the unlocked door ?
19:42 Sgt_Lemming one of the doors on the lab got left open?
19:42 wannabe1987 frony
19:42 wannabe1987 t*
19:42 Sgt_Lemming fun fun
19:42 Sgt_Lemming we had one with the space where our roller door controller went on the fritz, and it opened all by itself when no-one was there
19:43 Sgt_Lemming damned lucky no-one took advantage of it
19:43 wannabe1987 not
19:43 mashpriborintorg seems nothing's missing, as far we know
19:44 mashpriborintorg when the lab will have the cafe hopeened all night long, it will not be an issue any more
19:44 Sgt_Lemming eep, one of these hard drives is gonna take 2 days to defrag >_<
19:45 Coderjoe what is that handtowel of a flag to the right of that wood panel?
19:45 Sgt_Lemming alaska?
19:45 Sgt_Lemming blue background with yellow stars?
19:45 tlockley that is alaska
19:45 ajcc yNos: currently I'm trying to build supplys so that I can test my tubes (bought shoe boxes of them on flea markets), and learn something about them by doing so. When that stage is over, I can build things using the supply's :) First thing is either a Single Ended little mono amp (I got a lot of mono vinyl and 78's), with a PCL86 or other small power pentode. Or my crazy idea for a "RIAA" :), with an adjustable EQ curve.
19:45 Coderjoe i can't tell anything other than it is small and dark
19:46 Sgt_Lemming pretty sure it will be alaska, it's a thing :-P
19:46 tlockley it was is in yesterdays vid i think
19:46 tlockley chris made a point to put the alaska flag next to the texas flag
19:46 Sgt_Lemming heh, there are 5 files fragmented on one of the drives... and it's 5.2% fragmented
19:47 Sgt_Lemming there's 947GB on the drive
19:50 wannabe1987 the um door is open, i can't see anything on stream :
19:50 wannabe1987 :/*
19:51 ajcc yNos:;mode=view a view inside my little 5W amplifier, an AGA LF-5 (Low Frequency Amplifer á 5-watt)
19:51 BotSteve Title: Svenska ElektronikForumet • Information
19:52 eg_lappy joined #thegeekgroup
19:52 eg_lappy building a arduinoshield
19:54 yNos Cprossu:
19:54 BotSteve Title: Version 2 - Feature #88: HTTP streaming of past events from a web browser - Bluecherry Issue Tracker
19:54 yNos install che bluecherry client.
19:57 Cprossu will do
19:57 Cprossu uh
19:57 Cprossu no files there o_o
19:58 Cprossu @ yNos
19:59 yNos check the site.
20:00 yNos i think it is on the left hand side
20:00 Cprossu got it
20:01 Cprossu pm me then
20:02 wannabe1987 they called me to confirm my hours for feb, but i have info they clearly didn't know.  oops.  so i'm gonna get a call bac
20:04 wannabe1987 peanut butter bacon cookies?
20:04 wannabe1987 o.O
20:04 ajcc hmm
20:04 wannabe1987 today is cookie making day....
20:04 ajcc peanut butter jam with a baseball bat!
20:05 wannabe1987 maglinvinn: is this you?
20:11 yNos great request 'Revised log levels proposal: "fyi," "wtf," and "omg."'
20:11 tlockley lol
20:11 tlockley generally a good description of initial bug reactions
20:14 SparkyProjects They heard you yNos :D
20:15 wannabe1987 yes, we're melting that white stuff
20:15 * wannabe1987 wonders if sndwrx is happy with the snow
20:15 ajcc you guys should build a Dalek to accomidate your security system
20:15 ajcc or a few Daleks
20:15 wannabe1987 EXTERMINATE
20:16 wannabe1987 :D
20:16 wannabe1987 now i need to watch more dr who
20:16 mashpriborintorg a dalek autopsy should be pretty awesome
20:16 ajcc hehe
20:16 konstantin_ joined #thegeekgroup
20:16 wannabe1987 theres a "thing" in the dalek....what are they called?
20:16 wannabe1987 hi konstantin_
20:16 mashpriborintorg how will chris explain alien technology
20:16 mashpriborintorg a blob.
20:17 wannabe1987 EXTERMINATE
20:17 wannabe1987 its the doctor!
20:18 MoxieMike exterminate with a plunger and paint roller
20:18 wannabe1987 lol yes
20:20 SparkyProjects wannabe1987: they are 'Kaled mutants', the head honcho is Davros
20:21 wannabe1987 ahhh ok.  thanks.  i'm only in 2006 season.
20:21 ajcc <3
20:21 BotSteve Title: Doctor Who (1963) - Original Theme music video - YouTube
20:22 SparkyProjects They were introduced in 1963, and i'm old enough to remember that :P
20:22 SparkyProjects Watched the William Hartnel seies
20:22 ajcc every single litte ddddo is a string of magnetic tape, some rerecorded at a different speed to get a different pitch
20:24 wannabe1987 yes sparky
20:24 wannabe1987 i read that in the comments
20:24 ajcc the amazing woman that made the theme :)
20:24 BotSteve Title: Delia Derbyshire / how to make sounds (Japanese Sub) - YouTube
20:25 wannabe1987 also making today
20:25 BotSteve Title: Whole Wheat Banana Bread Snack Cake | How Sweet It Is
20:25 wannabe1987 with white flour
20:26 ajcc mmm buttery flour and bananas <3
20:29 wannabe1987 look!  its the dr!
20:29 wannabe1987 and rose
20:29 SparkyProjects ajcc, i have heard that the Dr Who theme was created using someone blowing into a shampoo bottle, and that line of tape recorders had one length of tape running rough all of them.
20:30 astro73|alice lol
20:30 astro73|alice unicorn poop cookies
20:30 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
20:31 wannabe1987 made them.  they were nasty :P
20:31 ajcc SparkyProjects: sounds like something Delia did on a daily basis, there's a wind noise in the theme, maybe it's a shampoo bottle :), I think there's some glass as well, but I don't know for sure
20:31 yNos g'night everyone.. meeting then home!
20:31 * yNos waves
20:31 maglinvinn wannabe - yes.
20:31 maglinvinn haha
20:31 ajcc I really miss the old Doctor, and Donna <3
20:32 Monkeh eg_lappy: Safety glasses man.
20:32 SparkyProjects I think they used shampoo bottle for the main tune, not just the wind.
20:32 SparkyProjects Running the tape through several recorders was like the old @Copycat' machines for echo
20:32 SparkyProjects note second pic
20:32 BotSteve Title:  Watkins Electric Music History
20:32 wannabe1987 maglinvinn, i figured it looked sorta like you....:/
20:32 Monkeh ajcc: DONNA?!
20:33 ajcc Monkeh: what?!
20:33 Monkeh ajcc: Nurgh.
20:33 maglinvinn haha
20:33 druidicRifleman2 he can never go back to donna
20:33 maglinvinn its all good
20:33 druidicRifleman2 she'd die otherwise
20:34 druidicRifleman2 Peeople looked at me wierd when i wair protective gear when doing fireworks
20:34 ajcc I know, but hey, life goes on with a new Dr :)
20:34 ajcc SparkyProjects: hmm, I thought they just put extra heads on the Studers, but I can imagine the Copicat being there as well :)
20:34 wannabe1987 hi Monkeh
20:35 eg_lappy monkeh, safety glasses? XD i'm soldering! :P
20:35 westmi left #thegeekgroup
20:36 SparkyProjects ajcc, nope, they just ran the tape through several recorders, they had speed control to change the tone
20:36 wannabe1987 this seems to be an odd episode....
20:36 SparkyProjects My brother visited the Radiophonic Workshops and told me about it
20:36 ajcc SparkyProjects: I see, do you know if they have published any details on the early Radiophonic Studio setups?, pre-computer/sample age
20:37 ajcc cool
20:37 SparkyProjects Not that i know of, might take a lot of searching, anything pre-computer may not be referenced/uploaded
20:38 SparkyProjects I actually have a floppy vinyl my brother got as a memento, one track is Deliia
20:39 ajcc SparkyProjects:
20:39 wannabe1987 exor674: listen here....this is where they're talking about it RIGHT NOW
20:40 ajcc SparkyProjects: BBC Engineering Divison - Monograph. Radiophonics in the BBC. And it's from 1963 :)
20:40 SparkyProjects fig 4 shows the multi recorder thing i mentioned ;)
20:40 wannabe1987 this guy on dr who looks like lord voldemort
20:40 Ponko SparkyProjects: did you ever have a Sobell radio?
20:41 SparkyProjects My parents may have done, can't remember
20:41 Ponko ah ok well my dad still has his from xmas 1963
20:41 Ponko lol
20:42 Monkeh eg_lappy: And flux can boil and spit.
20:42 SparkyProjects Would that be a Bakelite case ?
20:42 SparkyProjects We had one, but not sure of the make
20:43 Ponko yes a red 3 wave transisto i believe
20:43 Ponko he listens to the cricket with it
20:43 SparkyProjects I may have even taken one apart for the valves.
20:43 SparkyProjects I used to follow the dustcart around and drag old radios and tv's home as a young teen :P
20:44 Ponko funny thing my dads nickname at school was the flying dustcart
20:44 wannabe1987 dustcart?
20:44 Ponko garbage truck
20:44 wannabe1987 ah
20:45 Superphosphate joined #thegeekgroup
20:45 wannabe1987 hi Superphosphate
20:45 Superphosphate hi wannabe1987 :)
20:46 eg_lappy monkeh, i have been soldering for 13 years, never ever had that problem :P
20:47 eg_lappy i don't even use glasses when using the angle grinder.. XD
20:47 Ponko it's funny how that was 'top of the range' back in the day now it's kinda well not lol
20:47 Ponko it's a good radio but now it's an antique
20:48 roadran422|zZz hey all
20:48 wannabe1987 werewolves are beautiful?
20:49 wannabe1987 hi roadran422
20:49 roadran422 ...werewolves?
20:49 Ponko wannabe1987 is a twilight fan
20:49 roadran422 Oh xD
20:49 wannabe1987 no....i'm watching dr who, quoting david tennant
20:50 Ponko lol ;) i knew
20:50 wannabe1987 i might like twilight as a book series.....but not the movies
20:50 roadran422 .... then no... I don't watch dr. who xD
20:50 roadran422 lol ^
20:50 eg_lappy ok, LCD shield is working! :D
20:50 eg_lappy coffee time!
20:50 roadran422 Nice! ^
20:52 maglinvinn grats dude
20:52 Monkeh eg_lappy: .. Hokay, well, not my fault when you get hot metal shavings in the eye. :P
20:52 maglinvinn are you the one doing the stream?
20:53 wannabe1987 kidwell likes the link you gave me, ajcc, the original theme :D
20:53 roadran422 What's dr.who/
20:54 ajcc wannabe1987: oh, :) who doesn't? is mr. kidwell doing HV this weekend?
20:54 Electricguy monkeh, exactly! ;P
20:54 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
20:54 wannabe1987 i don't know.
20:54 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
20:54 wannabe1987 roadran422 - seriously?
20:54 Electricguy roadran422, maglinvinn thanks
20:54 Superphosphate Hi electricguy
20:54 Electricguy hi hi :)
20:54 Superphosphate and Hello hateball
20:54 roadran422 Electricguy: For what? xD
20:54 Monkeh Electricguy: Just don't let me catch you doing that in my presence. :P
20:54 roadran422 wannabe1987: yes.... really
20:55 wannabe1987 Ponko, wanna educate the uneducated?!
20:55 Electricguy roadran422, maybe you didn't respond to my post then.. :P
20:55 Ponko uh how?
20:55 Ponko sure but how
20:55 wannabe1987 he doesnt' know what dr who is
20:56 Ponko omg
20:56 wannabe1987 I KNOW
20:56 wannabe1987 roadran422 is not educated.  i know he's young....but still!
20:56 roadran422 wannabe1987:  What?
20:56 roadran422 Electricguy: What post? xD
20:56 Electricguy ... nvm.. :P
20:56 Superphosphate ah sorry, wrong room for hateball
20:56 Ponko .w Dr Who
20:56 BotSteve "Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC." -
20:57 Hackbat joined #thegeekgroup
20:57 Ponko roadran422 ^^^^
20:57 Electricguy British says it all...
20:57 roadran422 lol
20:57 roadran422 Electricguy: What post!??!?/
20:57 Ponko Electricguy how do you mean
20:57 wannabe1987 hi  Hackbat
20:57 roadran422 hey Hackbat
20:57 Electricguy ponko, use damn QUESTIONMARKS for questions! :P they were invented for a good reason you know! ;)
20:58 Ponko ok
20:58 Electricguy and, British stuff used to be packed with bad humor and have 80's movie quality :P
20:58 Superphosphate I grew up on Brittish comedy
20:58 Superphosphate in Australia
20:59 Ponko and that's my case stated for me
20:59 Electricguy WEIRD youtube poop :P;feature=g-vrec&amp;context=G2d3e4bcRVAAAAAAAAAA
20:59 Monkeh Complete ignorance of Dr. Who is unacceptable.
20:59 BotSteve Title: [YouTube Poop] Impact Clean by Billy Mays - YouTube
20:59 roadran422 Poop?
20:59 roadran422 Monkeh I ignore it xD
20:59 Electricguy yeah
20:59 Ponko bloody hell
20:59 Monkeh roadran422: Yes, but you're.. well, let's not go there.
20:59 wannabe1987 Monkeh: agree'd
20:59 Electricguy parody made with small clips and shits
20:59 roadran422 :P
20:59 Superphosphate We used to have the Goodies followed by the old Dr Who every weekday
21:00 Ponko Monkeh roadran422 most definately is
21:00 roadran422 Is a what huh?
21:00 Ponko you want me to say it?
21:00 ajcc Electricguy: is there any non-weird ytp?
21:00 Electricguy here is a poop of a MS-DOS 5 commercial.. XD hilarious if your'e tired :D
21:00 BotSteve Title: No PC should be without shit - YouTube
21:00 roadran422 lol
21:01 Electricguy and because i got very bad humor it's always fun XD
21:01 roadran422 I have bad humor too.'
21:01 Hackbat eyo
21:01 roadran422 But I can amaze and scare people at the same time with my weird voices :0
21:01 Ponko explains the disregard for British stuff
21:02 Cprossu U;d only find that funny if I was stoned and I was bashing my head into a wall Electricguy
21:02 Cprossu *I'd
21:02 Electricguy lol
21:02 Electricguy you have too good humor my friend ;)
21:04 roadran422 ....
21:04 * Electricguy dots back
21:05 roadran422 Is it bad if I didn't get it...
21:05 Coderjoe boop. where is the feed pointing
21:05 einball Reality is the worst nightmare of all! ._.
21:05 roadran422 xD ^
21:06 roadran422 Did you just realize that your lcd screen was just a lucky bug?
21:06 mashpriborintorg Well, I have to go, see ya
21:06 einball Just went back from the pre exam ... Roads slippy, stood 1hour in the cold wind because the train did not arrive, some fuckers triet to rob me ... So what? Fuck relaity
21:07 einball REALITY
21:07 maglinvinn concealed carry
21:07 einball Even my typos want to provoke me
21:07 maglinvinn pull gun
21:07 maglinvinn shoot muggers in face
21:07 wannabe1987 they didn't succeed, did they?
21:07 maglinvinn = no more muggers
21:07 roadran422 hi Ma
21:07 roadran422 Hi maglinvinn
21:07 maglinvinn :)
21:07 roadran422 A world without guns... We learn to fight with fists :P
21:08 Coderjoe are you really going to make me pull up the feed on my phone
21:08 Coderjoe :(
21:08 roadran422 ...
21:09 maglinvinn hey, i'm all for a world of guns,then we can get back to learning the really important things in life, like how to kill an attacke with your bare hands
21:09 * maglinvinn flexes
21:09 roadran422 ....
21:09 roadran422 Why guns? Why wars?
21:10 Electricguy Why not?
21:10 roadran422 That's a dumb answer :P ^
21:10 roadran422 Yet, due to adaption we would use fists.
21:10 roadran422 And legs.
21:10 roadran422 And shanks.
21:10 Coderjoe or how to decend yourself with fresh fruit
21:10 Coderjoe er, defend
21:10 * wannabe1987 runs
21:10 wannabe1987 i have tomatoes....will that work?
21:10 roadran422 xD
21:10 Electricguy sure
21:10 Electricguy :)
21:10 roadran422 Coderjoe: I want to decend from 500 feet with a fresh fruit!
21:10 einball maglinvinn: First: Iam in germany: no guns allowed
21:11 roadran422 einball: Jews or guns?
21:11 einball maglinvinn: second: One of them has a broken nose, the other guy .. dunno .. maybe cracked a rib
21:11 Toastdude Hello maglinvinn
21:11 maglinvinn oh yeah, heh.  i'm a horrid 'merican' i keep forgetting about that part
21:11 roadran422 xD I can speak spanish, welll earning to
21:11 maglinvinn haha, see, you clearly solved the problem with the proper application of force.
21:11 Electricguy lol, nothing is allowed in Germany it seems :P No guns, half the internet is banned... stores are not allowed to be open on sundays.. XD
21:11 einball Electricguy: bureaucracy is allowed
21:11 roadran422 lol, and china no time travel videos!
21:12 Electricguy lol
21:12 roadran422 "I killed a man with "THIS" thumb.
21:12 einball roadran422: Well ... You've had history, right? So oyu should know that the JEwhunting session is over, right?
21:12 Ponko hmm random Ratatouille quote
21:12 roadran422 Jewhunting? Wtf is that?
21:12 einball maglinvinn: Iam quite good at that. 11 years of serious martial arts.
21:12 roadran422 Here is evolution.
21:12 Electricguy now jews are used to make juice instead :)
21:13 roadran422 Back in the olden days, we used martial arts, now we draw guns.
21:13 Ponko we did in the 1800's
21:13 einball roadran422: like .. execution of jews by nazis?
21:13 roadran422 There is a season for that?
21:13 Ponko or by now you mean recently
21:13 roadran422 As in when gunpowder was developed along side firearms.
21:14 einball roadran422: the other way round
21:14 roadran422 What?
21:14 roadran422 How do oyu have firearms with out gunpowder/
21:14 Ponko gunpowder came first
21:14 einball firearms had been developed after gunpowder
21:14 Electricguy other types of explosives! ;)
21:15 einball Ponko: no, chinese ducks came first *yummy*
21:15 roadran422 Duh xD
21:15 * maglinvinn is starting to feel self conscious watching moose work all day
21:15 maglinvinn lol.
21:15 Ponko mmm love Peking duck
21:15 roadran422 I like pecking ducks.
21:15 einball Ponko: +100
21:15 Ponko well least you aint asking her to clap her thighs like one guy did maglinvinn
21:15 roadran422 xD ^
21:16 roadran422 That was a weird guy....
21:16 Ponko yeah... no kidding
21:16 roadran422 lol
21:16 einball uhm .... I like to see Moose working
21:16 ajcc maglinvinn: you're such a creep
21:16 roadran422 lol
21:16 einball At least somebody using those mills excessivly ;)
21:16 Ponko einball i hope you know she's of your nationality
21:17 einball Ponko: Yup
21:17 Ponko good
21:17 wannabe1987 all you boys/men are creepy sometimes.....
21:17 roadran422 :P ^
21:17 Ponko that's why she's using the mills excessively and precisely
21:17 Ponko wannabe1987: that's what NSFW is for lol
21:17 Electricguy so, ok.. i got a LCD shield using the LiquidCrystal library... now i need to come up with projects for it.. :P
21:17 einball Well .. actually she's not german anymore .. She talks english, she acts very english, so ...
21:17 Electricguy the thermometer is neat and all that, but, yeh
21:17 wannabe1987 yes, i know...i was there earlier
21:17 einball Ponko: Prejudices!
21:17 Ponko einball you get my point though
21:18 einball >.<
21:18 einball I's love to join her! I need a mill and a sheet router!
21:18 einball (and a lathe!)
21:18 einball *I'd
21:19 Electricguy just take a trip to the lab then
21:19 pixl left #thegeekgroup
21:19 einball (And somebody that saves me, if I mill longer than 24h :D )
21:19 Ponko einball: this once was my flag
21:19 wannabe1987 :eye roll:
21:19 einball Ponko: maybe you were right bout germany :D
21:20 einball Ponko: Don't know what flag that is. I don't care about flags. They seperate people
21:20 Ponko it's Baden Wurttemberg
21:20 ajcc I always think of the tv series Crocodile Shoes whenever I hear someone mentioning lathe :)
21:21 einball Ponko: See? I don't care. I hate flags.
21:21 einball :P
21:22 Ponko lol
21:22 Ponko which county do you hail from
21:22 einball BaWue ..
21:23 einball I can't even identify half of the flags they unpack at the viewermail
21:23 Ponko lol i can somewhat
21:24 einball I only need to know some signs
21:24 Ponko but spent about 5 months in Stuttgart
21:25 Ponko anyway
21:25 einball Stuttgart sucks ... So bad
21:25 Cprossu lol einball
21:25 Cprossu i am just glad that the rendition of the AZ flag I bought ended up being accurate
21:25 wannabe1987 all the teachers are bats?
21:25 wannabe1987 odd
21:25 Ponko hey i liked it einball
21:26 Ponko i got the VfB shirt
21:26 Cprossu I was looking at flags for my state and noticed that a lot of them were wrong rofl
21:26 einball Ponko: Yeah, maybe you've been to the Wasen ... Lots of beer .. nothing more
21:26 Ponko ok it's last seasons but c'mon
21:26 einball The only thing that is great in germany is it's educational system
21:27 Ponko that's a fun place
21:27 wannabe1987 astro73|alice: unicorn poop cookies look nasty
21:27 astro73|alice wannabe1987: possibly
21:28 einball Well .. I know 2 signs exactly: The Open Hardware sign and the Geekgroup sing. Okay, maybe the c-base sign
21:28 Ponko lol
21:28 Ponko 3 signs
21:28 einball At all: Germany sucks and I want to get away from here as soon as Iam done studying
21:28 Ponko you gonna start doing the Spanish Inquisition bit soon
21:28 Ponko how old are you?
21:28 einball Of course I know more .. But I don't care about them
21:28 einball 19
21:28 Ponko ah well
21:29 Cprossu Ponko: nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
21:29 Ponko you're stuff till then
21:29 Ponko oh bugger
21:29 Ponko Cprossu i LOVE that bit
21:29 Cprossu Tie him to the rack!!
21:29 wannabe1987 is k9 the dog?
21:29 Ponko oh god
21:29 wannabe1987 seriously?
21:29 Ponko yes
21:29 wannabe1987 horrible name
21:29 wannabe1987 :P
21:29 Ponko hey Canine
21:30 Ponko K9
21:30 wannabe1987 ik
21:30 Ponko yep
21:30 Ponko i miss the original one
21:30 wannabe1987 what does k9 do?
21:30 Ponko i actually can't remember
21:30 Cprossu wannabe1987: sets the field of robotics back by 30 years
21:30 wannabe1987 i guess i'll find out :P
21:30 Ponko lol
21:31 Ponko c'mon Cprossu it was made in the 1970's
21:31 maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
21:31 wannabe1987 wb
21:31 Cprossu like I said Ponko
21:31 maglinvinn derp internet connection
21:31 Ponko ;) lol
21:31 Cprossu set the field of robotics back 30 years ;D
21:32 Ponko still love the amazing magnets vid with mag and chris that was fun
21:32 einball Ponko: 5 months in Stuttgart - what did you do there?
21:32 Ponko work for Porsche
21:33 wannabe1987 srsly?!
21:33 wannabe1987 doing WHAT?!
21:33 Ponko and watch VfB Stuttgart matches
21:33 Ponko uhh mechanics
21:33 einball Let me guess:
21:33 wannabe1987 ....
21:33 einball well, that was too late :D
21:33 Cprossu Ponko: I still love when he stuck them up his nose
21:33 Ponko hahahah yeah
21:33 Ponko ROFLMAO
21:34 Electricguy where did lwq1996 go btw?
21:34 Ponko bed
21:34 Cprossu that was a fair amount of bodens that that created
21:34 Ponko yeah
21:34 Electricguy haven't seen him around for a while
21:34 Ponko what's the scale again
21:34 wannabe1987 astro, i'd make them if i had disco dust, sparkle gel, rainbow dragees, star sprinkles, food coloring and a paintbrush :P
21:34 Ponko he's probably busy
21:34 wannabe1987 Electricguy: he has chores
21:34 Cprossu we were working on it fine until he made us change it to a linear scale Ponko
21:35 Electricguy wannabe1987, ahh ok :)
21:35 Ponko ah....
21:35 wannabe1987 where's masterofmonks, is my question.....o.....out shooting :/
21:35 Ponko so nobody knows
21:35 Cprossu chris wanted the sale named after him to be useful in some way
21:35 Ponko and einball what was your guess
21:35 Cprossu and that killed off the work on i
21:36 Ponko is it still a scale
21:36 Cprossu the orban 8282 is our official boden limiter though
21:36 einball Ponko: transmission
21:37 Ponko transmisson?
21:37 Ponko how do you mean?
21:37 einball Gearbox and clutch
21:38 einball we learned the word transmission for those two
21:38 Ponko ah yes
21:38 Ponko yeah technician covers that
21:40 Ponko i remember having to pretty much do a complete salvage of a wrecked Cayenne
21:40 einball The reason why I hate germany that bad is because almost everytime I had a great idea everyone was like "Huh? HE? Never"
21:40 einball and everybode seemed to have blinders on .. no look right or left or even behind
21:41 einball only MONEY MYSQLF AND I
21:41 einball Q->E
21:41 Ponko lol
21:41 Ponko i was treated really well when i was over there
21:42 einball yeah, because it is a big community of porsche developer and engineers and stuff
21:42 Ponko one guy said i've never heard the german language with a cockney twang
21:42 Seroster God damn it
21:42 azop Cprossu:
21:42 Seroster The handle of this c02 extinguisher is borked
21:43 Ponko einball by everyone i met not just at Porsche
21:43 einball Ponko: and another thing is: Everyone want to have money right away from the start
21:43 einball no "teamgeist"
21:43 einball ah, team spirit in english
21:44 Ponko yeah i kinda brought that
21:45 einball It's like being alone in a poisoned environment
21:45 Ponko yeah i understand that
21:45 Ponko money comes with time and hard work
21:45 wannabe1987 ...its snowing
21:45 wannabe1987 MAKE IT GO AWAY
21:45 Ponko and you need to work together to get the job done
21:45 * wannabe1987 uses flamethrower
21:46 einball Money? I don't care about money. Money limits people
21:46 ajt joined #thegeekgroup
21:46 einball Either I can afford things or I make them from scrap
21:46 Ponko yeah idc either but you understand my point
21:46 einball Yup
21:46 einball Teamwork and spirit is most important
21:47 Ponko yep that's what i was taught playing sports
21:48 Ponko funny thing i had friends in Stuttgart BEFORE going there
21:48 einball The American dream is also my dream. Be whatever you want if you just want (and work for) it enought. Money does not care. Americans have at least a little bit of that spirit. The germans have ... Well .. beer -.-
21:48 Ponko lol
21:48 Ponko and lederhosen
21:49 einball Ponko: Hm, it may be something else if you are a foreign visitor
21:50 Ponko lol i know how the germans love beer
21:50 einball Once I met someone cycling. A mexican guy. He did a trip throught Europe. I invited him to stay overnight, because he was like all wet :D
21:50 Ponko lol
21:50 einball So he stayed overnight. Next time I took him to the local festival we had on that day. Showed him the beer and the "Döner"
21:50 Ponko if a women is that i'd what to know in what she was
21:51 einball He told me a lot of things. One was that the germany had been the most unfriendly exept me.
21:51 Ponko lovely
21:52 Ponko well not all germans are horrible arseholes
21:52 einball Well, that's quite critical .. But well. I welcome everyone I can. I think Ireland has a proverb for that: Make yourself a living, but don't touch my whiskey. Or: Strangers are friends you don't know yet
21:52 Ponko my exs mum is a lovely woman :)
21:52 wannabe1987  sub woofers!
21:52 einball (Well, I love the word well. Maybe because it reminds me of the german word for wave.)
21:53 einball wannabe1987: :o)
21:53 einball like that
21:53 Ponko die Welle?
21:53 einball yup
21:54 einball There's also a movie on that called Die Welle.
21:54 Ponko lol
21:54 wannabe1987 einball: you get another sub woofer and you have "surround hound" :P
21:54 einball It's "The wave" in english. Thought they had assigned a different name
21:54 einball wannabe1987: Dont make me smile. I've had a bat day!
21:55 wannabe1987 but smilings good for you :D
21:55 Ponko i remember the love affair i had over in Germany her family where lovely but unfortunately she moved to the US and i moved back home to be let go :/
21:55 einball wannabe1987: Smiling just makes me more creepy
21:55 Ponko lol
21:55 wannabe1987 this is tgg.  who here isn't creepy?
21:55 einball Ponko: That really sucks.
21:55 Ponko yep
21:55 BitViper define creepy
21:56 einball BitViper: Well ... Iam like Chris to the power of 4 in real life ;)
21:56 BitViper O_o
21:56 wannabe1987 another episode!
21:57 Ponko that's a whole level of epicness
21:57 einball My life is binary. Either FUCKING AWESOME or FUCKING CRYING!
21:57 wannabe1987 "the girl in the fireplace"
21:57 wannabe1987 10110100  11101011  10100110
21:57 wannabe1987 i don't know what that says
21:58 einball ^^
21:58 einball Well, IRC mirrors a fraction of myself ;)
21:58 einball A tiny one :)
21:58 Bat-Mobile joined #thegeekgroup
21:58 wannabe1987 BATS!
21:58 Bat-Mobile Heya
21:58 einball The bat day continues
21:59 einball ...
21:59 wannabe1987 anyone know how to get gum off a fake hardwood floor?
21:59 wannabe1987 bat day?!
21:59 Bat-Mobile hey, the boss is here
21:59 Bat-Mobile .seen CaptainBoden
21:59 BotSteve Bat-Mobile: I last saw CaptainBoden 4.39 hours ago at 2012-01-13 17:35:42 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 21:59:10 UTC
21:59 Bat-Mobile or the boss was here
21:59 wannabe1987 he was here, furious.  someone left the front door unlocked overnight
21:59 einball wannabe1987: (22:53:57) einball: wannabe1987: Dont make me smile. I've had a bat day!
21:59 wannabe1987 bat?
22:00 wannabe1987 i thought you meant bad
22:00 Bat-Mobile (yes, that is the joke, I think)
22:00 wannabe1987 i figured it was a typpo
22:00 Ponko and Bat-Mobile i've asked him if he'd what a Luton Town FC shirt
22:00 einball That was my original intention :D
22:00 wannabe1987 typo*
22:00 wannabe1987 ok
22:00 wannabe1987 i'm lost :P
22:00 Ponko aswell as the Beds flag
22:01 Ponko want*
22:01 wannabe1987 tea?
22:02 einball Ponko: Your decision to fall in lvoe with that girl was not rational
22:02 einball #fail
22:02 Ponko we didn't fall in love
22:03 wannabe1987 noone wants tea?  hm
22:03 einball I'd like alcohol better
22:03 wannabe1987 you can put some in your tea....
22:03 einball love affair is not the same?
22:03 einball wannabe1987: I could put some tea in ... :P
22:03 wannabe1987 i um don't have any alcohol....
22:04 einball That's bad
22:04 Ponko well i meant it to coin a phrase
22:04 einball okay, got the point :)
22:04 Ponko lol
22:04 Seroster MRRRGH
22:05 * einball is in sentry mode and "Meh" mood :P
22:05 Ponko hmm
22:05 * Bat-Mobile saps einball
22:05 Bat-Mobile oops
22:05 Seroster God damn it
22:05 Ponko so you're cancelling yourself out there einball
22:05 Bat-Mobile my disguised dropped
22:06 Spy-Mobile Spy sappin my einball
22:06 Ponko oh noes batty has go
22:06 Ponko oh what will we do without him
22:06 Seroster This damn extinguisher isnt airtight for shit.
22:06 einball Ponko: Er .. cancelling myself out?
22:07 Seroster Ill just fill it with gasoline, weld the damn thing shut and throw it on a bonfire -.-
22:07 Ponko Sentry and Meh
22:07 einball ah ^^
22:07 Ponko Sentry is to give a crap pretty much and meh opposite
22:07 wannabe1987 i got permission to use the oven :D
22:07 einball sentry as in sentinel
22:07 * wannabe1987 commences cookie making!
22:07 Ponko ah right
22:07 Ponko now that makes sense lol
22:10 Seroster ARGH
22:10 einball Ponko: oh well, there's another cool thing from germany: the blackforest ham
22:10 einball Ponko: Where are you from?
22:10 Seroster He's a fucking cockney
22:11 einball And: Why did Moose leave germany? I have her like 2 years in Yahoo Messenger but never managed to ask her :D
22:11 einball *added in
22:11 Ponko1 joined #thegeekgroup
22:11 Seroster The explosion disk is leaking
22:11 Seroster The handle is leaking
22:11 Seroster The threads that get the handle onto the body is leaking
22:11 Seroster The handle to hose connection will never be airtight and was never designed to be
22:12 Seroster It's a speciality thread that is impossible to get
22:12 einball Seroster: Duct tape :P
22:12 * astro73|alice just applied an xkcd password to his google account
22:12 wannabe1987 o.O
22:12 Seroster I want to see your 16bar duct tape in action
22:13 wannabe1987 congrats, astro
22:13 einball :P
22:13 astro73|alice which makes it my longest and probably my most secure password to date
22:13 Seroster "I find pizza to be quite delicious" is about a billion times safer and more memorable than gFn@2^5afRo0?
22:13 astro73|alice also, i need to set up scripts to back up the entirety of my google account on a regular basis
22:14 astro73|alice Seroster: true story. Except my school doesn't allow spaces in their passwords
22:14 Seroster Use dots
22:14 Seroster Or dashes
22:14 astro73|alice or nothing at all
22:14 Seroster Or don't use any, its still a far safer password than most
22:14 astro73|alice but i don't keep anything in that account
22:14 Seroster I bet 99% of your classmates got 123456
22:15 astro73|alice that's not actually allowed
22:15 Coderjoe I'm curious... did I show up on the stream at all during the 45 minutes I was there?
22:15 astro73|alice go on, ask me about my schools IT. I love discussing work!
22:15 einball (22:09:51) roadran422: Coderjoe: I want to decend from 500 feet with a fresh fruit!
22:15 einball (22:09:31) Coderjoe: or how to decend yourself with fresh fruit
22:15 einball (22:09:31) Coderjoe: er, defend
22:15 Seroster I was to this site that wanted a pass from me, it was supposed to be 6+ characters with at least two capital letters and two numbers -.-
22:16 astro73|alice we're 10char, 1 upper, 1 lower, 1 number
22:16 astro73|alice and no repeating
22:16 roadran422 How?
22:16 astro73|alice (repeats are fun: they silently fail)
22:16 einball a friend has a 64 char password (alphanumeric, no words in it) and he knows it by heart :o
22:17 Seroster You need new friends.
22:17 roadran422 No one is getting to my accounts.
22:17 astro73|alice a friend of mine used the quadratic equation for a mysql password
22:17 roadran422 xD
22:17 roadran422 I don't want to explain how hard it would be to get in to my email....
22:17 Seroster seriously, a sentence is the best password ever
22:17 Seroster Especially if you use made up or rare words
22:17 roadran422 Lol
22:17 roadran422 My pass is symbols, and randomly generated codes.
22:17 Seroster "Dewd this computer iz borked!"
22:18 roadran422 xD ^
22:18 Seroster You, sir, are stupid.
22:18 einball Seroster: New friends? The type of friends that take you to some weird kind of disco and try to convince you that those things are fun? err..
22:18 Coderjoe just as I was leaving, egrsteve got the cherrypicker stuck in the parking lot with a near-dead battery. and the ice on the ground didn't help
22:18 astro73|alice speaking of mysql, i want to figure out a way to secure passwords in such a way that an attacker with access to the box can't get them, but the application can. I'm not sure it's possible.
22:18 roadran422 It takes quite a bit to get in to my email...
22:18 einball astro73|alice: it is: Do oneway passwords like MD5
22:18 Seroster Symbols and randomly generated codes? You are an idiot.
22:18 Seroster
22:18 BotSteve Title: The Usability of Passwords (by @baekdal) #insights
22:19 roadran422 DANG.
22:19 astro73|alice einball: i mean, if someone gains access to your server box, how do you allow the application access to the DB without allowing the attacker access?
22:19 Seroster Yes it is
22:19 roadran422 If it is symbols only I am screwed....
22:19 Seroster EASILY brute forced
22:20 roadran422 I need a nother password.
22:20 roadran422 CRAP.
22:20 druidicRifleman2 .minecraft
22:20 BotSteve druidicRifleman2: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
22:20 BotSteve druidicRifleman2: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
22:20 einball astro73|alice: Well, if the cracker has access to your box he could do anything. One way to secure the passwords is to encrypt them and store them encrypted in a oneway encryption, so he can't read them
22:20 einball He had to do a bruteforce attack on each
22:20 astro73|alice einball: I mean, yes. passwords for code should be something like a pile of high-entropy random data fed through the list of visible characters.
22:21 Seroster "This sentence wich is like 80 characters is much safer since it is 27 lower case symbols in the alphabet."
22:21 Seroster .c 27^80
22:21 BotSteve 3.22924602 × 10^(114)
22:21 roadran422 I know my new password.
22:21 Seroster That is the ammount of possible combinations with that many letters
22:21 roadran422 A word, few symbols and another weird word with numbers.
22:21 astro73|alice einball: i mean access to the application server, not the database server
22:21 Seroster Its such a HUGE number WE DONT EVEN HAVE A WORD FOR IT
22:22 einball astro73|alice: There is no security then. The app server acts as a kind of proxy that handles the whole communication.
22:22 Seroster Screw that roadran, forget numbers, forget odd words, you just need some lenght
22:22 astro73|alice access to the database server mean he can just copy the DB files and go on his way
22:22 roadran422 Seroster: one second xD
22:22 Seroster "sometimes I rub oil on my feet" < safe for life.
22:22 Seroster "Holy crap that sternum is amazing" < safe for life /forever
22:22 roadran422 40 characters good enough?
22:22 astro73|alice einball: the best ideas i could come up with is some kind of password store, but as soon as an attacker figures out the API, it's over
22:23 einball astro73|alice: Same on the aplication server. The DB password is stored somewhere on that. He can find it, access the db box directly and go on his way .. you just delay that.
22:23 einball astro73|alice: there is a way. login by ssh and change the password on both servers everyday
22:24 roadran422 I have changed my lastpass and windows password.
22:24 einball so no script on the app or db server
22:24 astro73|alice i was figuring regular updates from a password server, signed by TPM or something
22:24 roadran422 Seroster, besides if someone does hack it, they need my other random codes from my phone.
22:24 Seroster You store codes on your phone?
22:24 Seroster I should kick you for being unworthy of the title of "geek"
22:25 einball Seroster: I have some of my transaction numbers in the cloud - so what? ;)
22:25 roadran422 Seroster: Good authenciatior.
22:25 roadran422 *Google authencicator.
22:25 einball astro73|alice: that may work. But if you really need something that is THAT secure then cut it of the internet and use a intranet
22:25 Seroster Sure. Go right ahead. Don't mind locking the doors of your ferarri while parking in harlem either.
22:25 roadran422 ....
22:26 roadran422 It takes 2 passwords to get to the google authenciator also.
22:26 einball No problem since I don't allow any online transactions :o)
22:26 roadran422 So, really passwords are secure for me.
22:27 astro73|alice einball: of course. this is in the context of a web app, though.
22:27 einball the funny thing is: The weakest point of security is the human itself
22:28 roadran422 einball: Yep.
22:28 astro73|alice einball: I'm just trying to think of some scheme to avoid "here's the password to access all the personal data I store in the clear"
22:28 roadran422 Think of it this way, you have the highest security lock in the world, and no one can pick it. Guy comes in with a pair of bolt cutters and gets in.
22:28 roadran422 astro73|alice: Lol
22:28 einball astro73|alice: I can't think of more ... Signed password server, vpn ssh update everyday, use different passwords on different functions like write read and such. But if someone cracks one of the two servers he has full control over the things you do
22:29 astro73|alice einball: or cracks the API you use. Which isn't hard if the app is in PHP, Python, Ruby, Java, ....
22:30 einball roadran422: not even bolt cutters are needed. Just a needle and some handcuffs
22:30 roadran422 einball: ... I said no one can pick it, yet they are blind to see you can cut it with bolt cutters.
22:31 einball roadran422: treat the human. He open the lock for you if you stitch the needle long enought in his .. balls :D
22:31 roadran422 xD ^
22:31 N_M joined #thegeekgroup
22:31 einball astro73|alice: No more clues, sorry. Use different passwords and grant only read access to the db. that would be the thing I'd do
22:32 Seroster The odds of you being beaten with a wrench until you spit out your password is larger than someone spending even a day hacking your idiotic account
22:32 roadran422 lol
22:32 roadran422 Not if you got a needle, handcuffs and some other things...
22:33 einball Seroster: I like the thought of beating someone with a wrench ... :D
22:33 einball *whistles*
22:33 * roadran422 beats seroster with a wrench
22:33 Seroster /kick roadran422 nope
22:33 einball lol
22:33 roadran422 ..
22:33 einball Seroster just did a hard slam back to roadran422 D:
22:34 * roadran422 sticks a 30 gauge 1 feet long needle up seroster's uthera. and scrontum.
22:34 roadran422 was kicked by Seroster: You just don't get subtle hints, do you?
22:35 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
22:35 roadran422 :P
22:35 wannabe1987 roadran422. that goes in NSFW
22:35 wannabe1987 .....
22:35 Seroster I got VERY concerned how hot this extinguisher got when I let a lot of air into it very fast
22:35 Seroster wannabe1987, He's banned from nsfw.
22:35 roadran422 Seroster: xD
22:36 roadran422 Seroster: I am banner saddly.
22:36 Coderjoe btw, "1" is singular. "feet" is plural. you mean "foot"
22:36 roadran422 wannabe1987: I am banned sadly.
22:36 roadran422 Coderjoe: Yes, a one foot needle :
22:36 wannabe1987 LOL
22:36 wannabe1987 then you should say it in a PM
22:36 wannabe1987 not here
22:36 roadran422 Ok wannabe1987
22:36 einball o_O
22:36 einball #nsfw ?
22:36 wannabe1987 #tgg:NSFW
22:36 roadran422 No. tgg:nsfw
22:37 Seroster wannabe1987, has it.
22:37 roadran422 Well what wannabe1987 said
22:37 wannabe1987 or like my grandma said "if you can't say nothing nice, don't say anything at all!"
22:37 roadran422 ....
22:37 Coderjoe nice double negative
22:37 Coderjoe :D
22:37 roadran422 xD
22:37 roadran422 I seeit now!
22:37 einball Demorgan!
22:38 Seroster Lol Coderjoe
22:38 Seroster wannabe1987, Taking your grannys advice, you look awful today! =D
22:38 roadran422 lol
22:38 roadran422 Te ves feo!
22:39 roadran422 Well, Te ves feo hoy y manana!
22:41 wannabe1987 if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all*  happy now?
22:41 roadran422 :)
22:41 roadran422 wannabe1987: Did you understand my spanish?
22:42 wannabe1987 yes
22:42 wannabe1987 but i'm busy in the kitchen
22:42 roadran422 Ok xD
22:42 wannabe1987 so 'm semi afk
22:42 wannabe1987 :P
22:42 druidicRifleman2 wh
22:42 druidicRifleman2 y
22:43 roadran422 ....
22:43 druidicRifleman2 beat someone witha wrench as a methiod of torture...
22:43 roadran422 No waterboarding is.
22:43 druidicRifleman2 Sensory overload and then never damage
22:44 druidicRifleman2 water boardings torture now??? you mean it isn't foreplay??? J/K
22:45 wannabe1987 my body hates me
22:45 wannabe1987 not as bad as exor674's hates her, but still
22:46 wannabe1987 who broke the tardis?!  i blame mickey
22:46 * exor674 hugs wannabe1987 <3
22:46 einball err
22:46 einball I never get hugs If I say weird things
22:46 * wannabe1987 hugs einball
22:47 wannabe1987 happy now?
22:47 wannabe1987 for your bat day
22:47 BatSteve That wasn't a weird thing though
22:47 wannabe1987 i dunno.  it came out of my mouth
22:47 masterofmonks Rubber hose decryption.
22:48 einball Correction: I never get hugged by a girl :P
22:48 wannabe1987 I AM A GIRL
22:48 wannabe1987 goddamnit
22:48 Electricguy hehe :P
22:48 einball Correction: I never get hugged by a girl that wants to have sex with me
22:49 MoxieMike alright, everybody calm down and get along
22:49 wannabe1987 i'm not going there
22:49 einball Er .. AM radio station ...
22:49 einball wannabe1987: I know :P
22:49 Electricguy just to point out.. this whole conversation is totally fucked and very confusing :P
22:50 einball Electricguy: correction: You are totally fucked and confused.
22:50 einball Correction: I am totally ... blarg!
22:50 Electricguy oooh! german humor huh?
22:50 wannabe1987 Electricguy: what else is new?  normally i am confused in here when your'e talkking electronics
22:50 Electricguy :)
22:50 Toastdude BatSteve!
22:50 wannabe1987 Toastdude!
22:50 wannabe1987 you came out of hiding!
22:50 Toastdude Wannabe!
22:50 BatSteve einball went to a shrink to analyze his dreams...;v=NUTGr5t3MoY#t=62s
22:51 BotSteve Title: Green Day - Basket Case [Official Music Video] - YouTube
22:51 wannabe1987 BotSteve: should i have spagehtti for dinner?
22:51 BotSteve Not a chance
22:51 einball Dieses Video ist in Deutschland leider nicht verfügbar, da es möglicherweise Musik enthält, für die die erforderlichen Musikrechte von der GEMA nicht eingeräumt wurden.Das tut uns leid.
22:51 wannabe1987 BotSteve: should i have pasta and sauce for dinner?
22:51 BotSteve Nope
22:51 wannabe1987 botsteve!
22:51 Electricguy wannabe1987, i made a LCD display shield for my arduino... that's pretty much what's new from my side :P
22:51 wannabe1987 BotSteve: should i have pasta and sauce for dinner?
22:51 BatSteve aww
22:51 BotSteve Oh yeah!
22:51 wannabe1987 thanks bot!
22:51 einball THAT is why germany SUCKS!
22:51 BatSteve (:
22:51 einball :-(
22:51 BatSteve yt high school never ends
22:51 BatSteve oops
22:51 BatSteve .yt high school never ends
22:51 BotSteve BatSteve:
22:52 einball <<< a lot nicer
22:52 BotSteve Title: Experimental WebSDR at PA3FWM's home
22:52 Electricguy einball, do the pupils themself still have to pay for the food in school?
22:52 wannabe1987 OW
22:52 einball Electricguy: sure
22:52 Electricguy o_O
22:52 einball Electricguy: and thexy have to pay taxes for the taxes for the ...
22:53 Electricguy einball, picture dedicated to you :)
22:54 einball Electricguy: You CAN be sure. Iam never trolling. Iam just stupid :P
22:54 Electricguy ahh! phew :P
22:54 * ajcc just realized he has half a shoebox of used ECC83 tubes from an old organ
22:54 einball But that was serious. We have to pay for our food
22:54 wannabe1987 Electricguy: do you like the cookies or drwho or needing more pb?
22:54 einball ajcc: Hammond organ?
22:54 Electricguy that's insane..
22:55 MoxieMike what's the plan for those tubes and what does that particular tube do?
22:55 einball No. Thats germany
22:55 Electricguy wannabe1987, cookies! :P
22:55 wannabe1987 ok
22:55 Electricguy as i haven't seen Dr. Who yet.. :P
22:55 Tommy_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:56 * einball leaves sentry mode
22:56 ajcc einball: Bergman actually, it's not a tone-wheel organ but a tube tone generated thing, 12 tone boards with frequency dividers or multipliers for each octave
22:56 BatSteve hey Guest75447, you might need to pick a different nickname
22:56 Electricguy naah! :P
22:56 * wannabe1987 needs to drive to rockford tomorrow AM :/
22:56 Electricguy that's a lovely nick :D
22:56 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
22:56 einball1 Hmm. I still appreciate hammond for their tonewheels and for their very special smell :P
22:57 Guest75447 I put my nich in there is Tommy and it changed it on me. :(
22:57 Toastdude When did CaptainBoden get here?
22:57 wannabe1987 this am
22:57 Electricguy we should all change nick to Human1, human2, human3 and so on.. :P
22:57 wannabe1987 tommy, thats cuz somoene else is using that nick
22:57 Electricguy Tommy2.0 might work ;P
22:57 ajcc einball1: oh yeah, the warm oil in the tone wheel motor :), very nice!, and yes Hammonds are much much nicer than that Bergman was
22:58 Guest75447 its bee so long since I irc' to change a nick?
22:58 wannabe1987 to change nicks you do /nick <newnick> minus the <'s
22:58 einball1 ajcc: there is now a fpga implementation that spins virtual tonewheel, just like the real hammond
22:58 einball1 It's called HOAX II
22:58 ajcc does it smell?
22:58 einball1 The work on that :P
22:58 einball1 At the moment it only smells once ^^
22:58 ajcc unless it smells and have a beaten upp leslie hooked up to it, it's not a hammond
22:58 ajcc :P
22:59 Electricguy hmmm... i wonder why i even built this WiFi jammer...
22:59 einball1 2,435Ghz Wifi jammer !?
22:59 Electricguy yes
22:59 einball1 Easy to achieve! Just use a sparkgap :D
22:59 ajcc Electricguy: because you could, it's evil and you enjoy doing evil things?
23:00 Electricguy einball1, it's solid state and runs on a 9V battery :)
23:00 Electricguy ajcc, yeah, probably.. XD
23:00 ajcc I love that word, contraption.
23:00 Electricguy lol
23:00 Guest75447 did it work?
23:00 einball1 Today I plugged in my laptop wallwart (switched), there was a spark and everyones wifi got disconected :D
23:00 Guest75447 no
23:00 wannabe1987 awwww my mixer is dying.....
23:01 wannabe1987 the motor smells
23:01 Electricguy damn
23:01 tonsofpcs uh oh
23:01 ajcc einball1: did it send its last which over a make-shift spark-gap transmitter?
23:01 Guest75447 left #thegeekgroup
23:01 ajcc wannabe1987: what are you making?
23:01 * tonsofpcs wanted cookies :(
23:02 wannabe1987 cookies
23:02 tonsofpcs "make-shift spark gap transmitter" -- a bit redundant, no?
23:02 einball1 ajcc: no, it still works. I connected it to my netbook before plugging it in
23:02 wannabe1987 i must say my mixer is from the 80s
23:02 einball1 never did that before .. But I was amazed how everyone got disconnected
23:02 wannabe1987 it has 1 speed left of the original 5
23:02 einball1 wannabe1987: 2 speeds :)
23:03 Electricguy it's easier than most people might think to make a solid state wifi jammer.. :P just take about any analog 2.4GHz composite video transmitter :P
23:03 einball1 0 and 1
23:03 einball1 binary :P
23:03 ajcc wannabe1987: you should be very gentle with the cookie dough, preferably kneading it by hand
23:03 Electricguy works great... XD
23:03 einball1 Electricguy: huh?
23:03 tonsofpcs Electricguy: your muwave should do fine....
23:03 Electricguy just start the video transmitter and it totally rapes the wifi :P
23:03 einball1 Well it's really easy .. use a PA after a noisebridge and there you go
23:04 wannabe1987 ajcc: why?
23:04 Electricguy in what way is that easier than taking a simple analog transmitter? :P
23:04 tonsofpcs Electricguy: 2.4 GHz wireless phones
23:04 einball1 You might want to cut the sign