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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2012-01-15

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00:01 ^Prophet^ im making mac and cheese
00:04 injektion I need a name of a demon
00:05 roadran422 Seroster
00:05 injektion LOL
00:06 roadran422 xD don't tell him I said that ;)
00:06 Seroster I sa.
00:06 roadran422|away Shit.
00:06 injektion I need something to call my domain controller
00:06 ^Prophet^ metastophilize
00:06 roadran422|away Your boss?
00:06 ^Prophet^ or the like 3rd nickname for the devil
00:07 ^Prophet^ from Ghost Rider
00:07 roadran422|away injektion: Just set your bosses name ;)
00:08 injektion David is a weak name
00:08 roadran422|away xD
00:08 ^Prophet^ i didnt know names had muscle
00:08 ^Prophet^ sorry that was a bad pun/play on words
00:09 injektion Belial, Leviathan, and Beelzebub are already used
00:09 ^Prophet^ Durza?
00:10 injektion Astaroth
00:11 ^Prophet^ Agol
00:11 ^Prophet^ Tabuu
00:11 dbshortwave joined #thegeekgroup
00:12 ^Prophet^ are we done naming thingS?
00:13 injektion For now
00:13 ^Prophet^ ok
00:15 ^Prophet^ well this is great fun isnt it
00:18 injektion Anubis is a demon O_O
00:18 roadran422|away I have one!
00:18 roadran422|away Injektion!
00:19 ^Prophet^ i r away eating
00:19 roadran422|away Well, preparing xD
00:19 injektion ?
00:19 tonsofpcs injektion: he may be weak, but he can take down goliath with a single stone
00:19 roadran422|away It's your name -_- headdesk
00:20 roadran422|away Thanks, even if you spelled my name wrong ;)
00:20 roadran422|away For anyone wondering my name is Hy(He)
00:20 tonsofpcs injektion: domain controller... hmm, home or business?
00:20 injektion Home :P
00:20 tonsofpcs and how about Loki or Bartlebe (however you spell it) ?
00:20 injektion Loki is probably going to be the WWW server
00:21 tonsofpcs hmm... domain controller... Thor?
00:22 tonsofpcs obviously the firewall must be Odin
00:23 injektion The firewall is Osiris
00:24 N_M Slaanesh domain controller
00:25 minimadness joined #thegeekgroup
00:25 * tonsofpcs is going to need an ftp server name soon... Marconi is the mail server, Armstrong is the streaming audio server, .... I'm thinking Sarnoff or DuMont, perhaps Paley....
00:26 minimadness and down come the old lights
00:27 tonsofpcs actually! better idea!  Arnaz! (or should I just call it Desi? Desilu? Freund?)
00:27 dbshortwave Tonsofpcs, ill be down in Chittenango this week for a few days to help out at the TV shop
00:28 minimadness how many flags have they now i wounder
00:28 dbshortwave brb]
00:28 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: where are you now if not there?
00:29 kallix_ joined #thegeekgroup
00:29 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
00:30 leepod wats happening on the atream
00:30 leepod stream
00:31 minimadness the old lights are geting the ol 86
00:31 tonsofpcs minimadness: what old lights?
00:32 N_M anyone here know a good USB-serial adapter thats works completely with cisco consoling?
00:32 tonsofpcs N_M: the radioshack one is actually a pretty good chipset
00:32 minimadness arent they dumping the old fluro tubes
00:33 N_M really tonsofpcs do you know the model?
00:33 tonsofpcs (brief history lesson for those wondering why "Arnaz": Desi Arnaz [yes, that Desi] wanted to shoot television shows in California, Sarnoff wanted them shot (live) in NY for ease of distribution; in order to make the shows and get them distributed, he shot on film on three cameras simultaneously and edited from those three reels down to one and developed a distribution method for them)
00:33 minimadness or am i behind the 8 ball
00:33 tonsofpcs minimadness: I don't know, that's  why I ask
00:33 tonsofpcs N_M: no, but I also have a gigaware at work that has similar settings, maybe even the same chip.  I haven't used either on a cisco console but I don't see it being an issue.
00:34 tonsofpcs also, I'm assuming you mean "USB<>RS232c"
00:34 tonsofpcs since USB is serial.
00:34 Katemonster joined #thegeekgroup
00:35 N_M ya because I've gone though 3 different makes and they have problems with breaks
00:35 ^Prophet^ ok im back
00:36 Katemonster our prophet has returned?
00:36 tonsofpcs if only our Profit had returned...
00:36 ^Prophet^ indeed
00:36 tonsofpcs N_M: with breaks?
00:36 kallix_ left #thegeekgroup
00:37 N_M the break command
00:37 minimadness they got a donation of new efficient fluro tubes
00:37 ^Prophet^ is a new video up?
00:37 tonsofpcs what do you mean "the break command" ?
00:37 ^Prophet^ lawl
00:38 dbshortwave \wait youre in NY arnt you tons?
00:38 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: I am.
00:38 dbshortwave ok
00:38 dbshortwave its what i thought
00:38 dbshortwave im in hamilton
00:39 tonsofpcs
00:39 BotSteve Title: Standard Break Key Sequence Combinations During Password Recovery - Cisco Systems
00:39 dbshortwave about 45 mins south of there
00:40 minimadness immmmm cisco
00:40 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: right, I'm next to binghamton...
00:40 dbshortwave oh wow south of here then lol
00:40 dbshortwave ok
00:40 tonsofpcs Noise_Marine: only thing I can see as being an issue is if you've got FIFO buffers enabled on a chip that reclocks signal
00:40 ^Prophet^ *confused*
00:40 Noise_Marine lol
00:41 roadran422|away back yall
00:41 tonsofpcs Noise_Marine: and any good converter (including the two I mentioned) lets you cahnge/disable the buffers
00:41 NeWtoz I know a guy in Binghamton
00:41 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: you might even get the station I work for....
00:41 ^Prophet^ welcome back
00:41 Noise_Marine kk
00:41 roadran422 What?
00:41 tonsofpcs NeWtoz: me too!
00:41 roadran422 THanks..
00:41 NeWtoz WEIRD!
00:41 roadran422 But NeWtoz what do you mean?
00:41 dbshortwave its possible
00:42 tonsofpcs NeWtoz: is this someone worth knowing?
00:42 tonsofpcs and there was someone in here that was in binghamton for a day a few months back....
00:42 ^Prophet^ Yes.
00:42 tonsofpcs (I'm sorry)
00:42 roadran422 Binghamton? Where the heck is that?
00:42 NeWtoz just a guy I know from another irc network
00:42 tonsofpcs roadran422: NY
00:42 minimadness reboot
00:42 tonsofpcs NeWtoz: and you're sure it isn't me?
00:43 roadran422 Oh...
00:43 tonsofpcs eww, webchat
00:43 roadran422 thx tonsofpcs
00:43 NeWtoz I dunno... is it?
00:43 tonsofpcs i dunno, is his nick "tonsofpcs" or does it start with "eric"?  If not, it probably isn't me
00:43 ^Prophet^ anyone wanna play Call of Duty with me?
00:43 NeWtoz then not you
00:43 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: hmm... I've never tried on the big screen
00:43 NeWtoz his name is jonathan
00:43 tonsofpcs gimme a minute to get updates applied?
00:44 ^Prophet^ you on 360?
00:44 tonsofpcs no
00:44 tonsofpcs Call of Duty is a counterstrike mod....
00:44 ^Prophet^ D:
00:44 tonsofpcs oh, wait
00:44 tonsofpcs wrong game
00:44 tonsofpcs which one do I have...
00:44 tonsofpcs I have the wii one
00:44 ^Prophet^ you sad child
00:44 ^Prophet^ D:
00:44 ^Prophet^ want to play SSBB?
00:44 ^Prophet^ OH WAIT
00:44 tonsofpcs sure
00:45 ^Prophet^ i have the new Wii
00:45 tonsofpcs the new wii?
00:45 ^Prophet^ the black one doesnt have ports for Gcube
00:45 ^Prophet^ ...
00:45 ^Prophet^ yeah
00:45 roadran422 Who has the wii!
00:45 ^Prophet^ it sucks
00:45 ^Prophet^ balls
00:45 tonsofpcs it doesn't?
00:45 roadran422 I homebrewed it!
00:45 ^Prophet^ i have a Wii and a 360
00:45 tonsofpcs I use the goldeneye controller for SSB
00:45 roadran422 I got a few games on to harddrive
00:45 ^Prophet^ ?
00:45 ^Prophet^ what controller?
00:45 ^Prophet^ is that
00:45 roadran422 I hacked the wii or homebrewed it.
00:46 tonsofpcs RVL-005(-02)
00:46 roadran422 I can run games off of my hd and a pirated games if I wanted too...
00:46 ^Prophet^ ,...
00:46 ^Prophet^ *smack*
00:46 tonsofpcs "Classic Controller Pro" per google
00:46 roadran422 ...
00:46 ^Prophet^ ohhh
00:47 tonsofpcs
00:47 tonsofpcs but in gold
00:47 ^Prophet^ lucky.,,
00:47 roadran422 Cool
00:47 roadran422 I have one in black for black ops for my bro
00:47 Ponko hmmm
00:47 ^Prophet^ i am tempted to pry the back off the black Wii (notracist) to see if it has gcube ports
00:47 tonsofpcs it came in the goldeneye pack for  like $15 more than just goldeneye
00:48 Seroster ^Prophet^, I hate your nick. =P
00:48 ^Prophet^ why
00:48 ^Prophet^ D:
00:48 Seroster Because I have to use odd symbols to highlight you =<
00:49 ^Prophet^ o.0
00:49 ^Prophet^ o.o
00:49 tonsofpcs Seroster: really? I can type Pro<tab> ^Prophet^
00:49 Seroster Prophet^^ would be far superior
00:49 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: from what I read, only the 'holiday bundle' didn't have GC support...
00:49 Seroster Nope
00:49 ^Prophet^ what is that?
00:49 tonsofpcs maybe you need a better irc client :-p
00:49 Seroster ^<tab> gives ^Prophet^
00:49 Seroster Wich one are you using, tonsofpcs?
00:49 ^Prophet^ the one that came with NSMBW?
00:50 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: ye
00:50 tonsofpcs Seroster: irssi
00:50 ^Prophet^ it does actually
00:50 ^Prophet^ you can play gamecube games in it
00:50 ^Prophet^ you just cant use a gcube controller
00:50 ^Prophet^ thats why i want to pry the back off of it
00:50 ^Prophet^ cuz my guess is it is just a reskin
00:51 roadran422 xD
00:51 roadran422 How can you do that? lol
00:51 roadran422 New software.
00:51 ^Prophet^ noo
00:51 ^Prophet^ on the disk screen
00:51 roadran422 ...
00:51 ^Prophet^ it still has a gcube on the right
00:51 roadran422 Homebrew rocks!
00:51 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: someone on yahoo answers with the bundle version said he pulled the top and the metal had holes in it but no ports
00:51 ^Prophet^ *smack* stay on topic
00:52 roadran422 That's a fail xD
00:52 tonsofpcs so maybe they arre there on the board... might need more parts though
00:52 roadran422 ^Prophet^:  :P
00:52 ^Prophet^ DAMN
00:52 tonsofpcs I'm guessinng they ran out of serial line drivers for it so they made a run without them
00:52 Seroster I think I might have bought a 22kv pole pig
00:52 tonsofpcs Seroster: you're not sure?  Were you drunk?
00:52 Seroster Shipping and bidding
00:53 tonsofpcs Ponko: this isn't good, I have $ on SF....
00:53 tonsofpcs nevermind that, TD!
00:54 Cprossu hello everyone
00:54 Cprossu wonder what I Should do
00:54 Seroster Holy crap.
00:54 ^Prophet^ hi
00:54 tonsofpcs Cprossu: you should help me decide on a server name
00:54 ^Prophet^ I will brb... i need to go get a screw driver...
00:54 roadran422 Don't jack it up ^Prophet^
00:54 Seroster SparkyProjects1, The transformer I linked you to earlier (The ABB one) is for measuring the voltage from a high voltage line, hence the 22kv primary.
00:55 ^Prophet^ yeah i can always claim warrenty
00:55 ^Prophet^ :3
00:55 SparkyProjects1 Ah, ok
00:55 Cprossu tonsofpcs hrmmm
00:55 Cprossu what's the current naming scheme?
00:55 tonsofpcs Cprossu: see notes above about desi
00:55 Cprossu greek gods?
00:55 Cprossu (reads)
00:56 tonsofpcs see PM
00:56 ^Prophet^ fuck me
00:56 tonsofpcs no thanks
00:56 Seroster SparkyProjects1, Wich means it will get an accurate volt metering down, but at milliams one the low voltage and pikoampere on the hv
00:56 ^Prophet^ i just want to play SSBB with a gamecube conrtoller!!!!!!!
00:57 ^Prophet^ i SHOULD be able to!
00:57 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: I wonder if they use the same protocol for the nunchuck and CCP....
00:57 Seroster And since 22kv primary gives 100secondary feeding it 230 on the secondary will give me 50+kv
00:57 Seroster I think... I'm scared.
00:57 ^Prophet^ *slams his face on his desk repeatedly*
00:57 injektion I'm going to need an XGI video card driver? crap
00:57 ^Prophet^ ccp???
00:57 tonsofpcs classic controller pro
00:58 tonsofpcs and anything else that plugs into the wiimote
00:58 ^Prophet^ wow i get retarded when i am pissed
00:58 roadran422 I have wii motion plus!
00:58 ^Prophet^ yeah who doesnt
00:58 tonsofpcs I don't
00:58 roadran422 :P
00:58 ^Prophet^ it is built in now
00:58 roadran422 I also have a few "free" games....
00:58 tonsofpcs roadran422: you should learn to pay for things.
00:59 roadran422 :(
00:59 roadran422 I need the money....
00:59 ^Prophet^ does anyone in here have a Wii that can use a gamecube controller that they would be willing to part with?
00:59 roadran422 And I will once I do. I solemly swear to that.
00:59 ^Prophet^ i hate to sound like a begger
01:00 ^Prophet^ my face hurts...
01:03 dbshortwave i know
01:03 dbshortwave its killin me
01:03 * dbshortwave snickers
01:04 dbshortwave off to play on steam pz
01:04 eadthem whats the highest number you can count with just your fingers
01:05 BitViper in which number system ?
01:10 Seroster SparkyProjects1, I think Ill remove my bid for that thing.
01:11 Seroster SparkyProjects1,  What the fuck is a galvanometer?
01:11 BotSteve Title: Antikt Galvanoskop K. Telegrafverkets verkstad i Nynäshamn på Tradera.
01:13 SparkyProjects1 Seroster, it's a bi-sexual meter, it swing both ways :P
01:13 Ponko to coin an 80's phrase
01:13 Seroster lol
01:13 ^Prophet^_ joined #thegeekgroup
01:13 tlockley hey Cprossu, do you have a moment to provide thoughts on a question?
01:13 Ponko TOUCHDOWN 49ers
01:14 Seroster ARGH
01:14 Seroster Why dont people EVER put if its AC or DC on their amperemeters?!
01:14 tlockley how so Seroster?
01:15 Seroster What?
01:15 Seroster I want to know if it is a usable thing or a paperweight im buying.
01:15 tlockley product listing without propper info?
01:16 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
01:17 Seroster No, people selling on ebay
01:17 SparkyProjects1 Seroster, a galvo is DC
01:17 Seroster Yeah, not talking about that. What does it do?
01:18 Ponko well well well NeWtoz 2nd year an NFC West team has stumped the saints in the playoffs
01:18 SparkyProjects1 Apply votage in one direction, it swings one way, apply it the other way round and it swings the other.
01:18 SparkyProjects1 Most common use way back was as a charge/discharge meter on a car
01:19 Ponko blimey that's how far back SparkyProjects1?
01:20 SparkyProjects1 before the 70's, basically before cars had alternators, they had dynamo's
01:21 Ponko yeah my dad just told me the same thing
01:22 Ponko lol
01:22 Seroster LOL
01:22 BotSteve Title: Google Översätt
01:22 Seroster Almost new.
01:22 Ponko where the Dynamos made in Kiev SparkyProjects1?
01:22 Ponko .w Dynamo Kiev
01:23 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: you figure out how to play yet?
01:23 BotSteve "FC Dynamo Kyiv (Ukrainian: ФК «Динамо» Київ) is a professional football club based in the Ukrainian capital city of Kyiv." -
01:23 SparkyProjects1 Made by Lucas on the cars i owned
01:23 Seroster Ooooo
01:23 SparkyProjects1 :P
01:23 Seroster "1500 tonnes of dirt free + shipping"
01:23 Ponko ahh good old Lucas
01:24 tonsofpcs 6562, eadthem.
01:24 eadthem k youle have to explain that one
01:24 eadthem 1024 is my answer
01:25 tonsofpcs but I have the issue where I can't bend my pointer and ring finger partway aand not have the pinky follow.... some people could easily do 59050
01:25 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
01:25 tonsofpcs eadthem: base 3.  Folded, partially extended/folded, fully extended
01:25 tonsofpcs and you add the one at the end by touching your hands together (alternatively, you touch your wrists together for negatives and double the available numbers)
01:27 Toastdude .seen wannabe1987
01:27 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw wannabe-afk 12.36 hours ago at 2012-01-14 13:05:54 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 01:27:17 UTC
01:27 tonsofpcs you can extrapolate further numbers by touching only certain fingers, etc.
01:27 tonsofpcs and is floating point style math (think resistor codes) allowed? like can I keep just 3 significant figures but float the figures around?
01:28 tonsofpcs because you can count to 999 (<1024) and touch certain parts together and rotate certain ways to show certain multipliers
01:29 Seroster Gnight SparkyProjects1
01:29 tonsofpcs also, if I poke my finger with a needle, I can count really high (writing with blood!)
01:29 injektion I've written with blood
01:30 tlockley can someone give me a hand with a annoying computer issue?
01:30 injektion What's the issue?
01:31 tlockley i have a dell powervault that refuses to turn on with the power button, the PSU is good. I can strike it over by grounding the power line, but I cant get it to boot without using the MOBO power button
01:32 Seroster If it's a Mac I can give you the only solution to your issue, running it over with a tank.
01:32 tlockley Seroster, my macs turn on fine, they just have fan noise issues
01:32 yNos hey grrls
01:32 Seroster Hey there noodleman =D
01:32 tlockley hey yNos
01:32 Ponko it's Tebow time
01:32 BitViper if youre only counting fingers than the answer is 255
01:32 BitViper or 1023 if you can use thumbs too
01:33 yNos wo what the fun in here?
01:33 tlockley yNos, you got any experience with dell powervault servers?
01:33 yNos nop
01:33 yNos whats up, you break one?
01:33 yNos or not booting?
01:33 tonsofpcs tlockley: can you test  the button itself?
01:33 yNos do the boot diag lights come on?
01:33 tlockley i tried once before and i remember it testing out okay, lemme try and dig up my POS meter
01:34 Seroster If you can make it boot by grounding the power wire - put a switch between the ground and the power wire. Problem solved :>
01:34 tlockley yNos, the sys info/indicator light is on and blinking normally
01:34 tlockley Seroster, i can only string the PS, not get it to boot
01:34 tlockley *strike
01:34 yNos sounds like it is time to break out the bfh.
01:35 Seroster =D
01:35 Seroster No, it's not a mac, its not time for BFH yet. If it was a mac I wouldnt even use something as weak as a BFH.
01:35 Seroster tlockley, Rule #1 of PSUs. If it is mean to you - check the caps.
01:36 Ponko NeWtoz if they score more it's time for tebow to leave
01:36 tlockley indeed, though the troubling bit is it worked a few months ago then I put it on a shelf and never tried to use it till today
01:36 tonsofpcs oh, so it isn't booting even with the direct start method?
01:36 tonsofpcs tlockley: caps.
01:37 tonsofpcs tlockley> indeed, though the troubling bit is it worked a few months ago then I put it on a shelf and never tried to use it till today
01:37 tonsofpcs dried up caps ^^
01:37 tlockley lemme take the PSU out after i put the button panel back in and try with direct start
01:37 tlockley again
01:37 tonsofpcs you may be able to power and drain them repeatedly to bring them back, but it's probably easier aand quicker to shotgun them all (or buy a new PSU)
01:38 tlockley alright, im gonna try and direct start one last time to see if i get post. BRB
01:38 roadran422 Hi Y
01:38 roadran422 Hi yNos
01:38 roadran422 Anything new/
01:39 yNos not really.
01:39 tonsofpcs tlockley: got a way to measure voltage in-line?
01:39 tonsofpcs yNos: did you talk to bill about weatherstuffs?
01:39 roadran422 yNos: ok lol
01:39 tlockley sorta-not really
01:39 yNos no, i was giving tours for a bit
01:39 tlockley i have some assorted bits and a POS mult meter
01:42 tlockley yah, no joy on direct start. the fans on the board spin up but that is it, no beep, not post, just a green light on the mobo and blinking green "hearbeat" light
01:43 tonsofpcs right, but you have no way of telling what voltages are present
01:43 tonsofpcs could just be certain lines are low
01:43 tonsofpcs (or dead or AC)
01:44 tlockley can i test that if i remove it from the PC?
01:44 tonsofpcs not unless you have a power supply tester (which provides a load)
01:44 tlockley yah, dont have one of those.
01:47 yNos i have been tasked by the family business to setup an online shopping cart..
01:47 Seroster A paperclip provides a great load.
01:49 tlockley why does one need to have load on the PSU to test it?
01:49 tlockley not really an EE major here
01:49 Seroster The PSU won't start unless it sense a load.
01:50 tlockley ok, well I opend the PSU and it looks to be fine after i blew about a pound of dust out of it
01:53 Seroster Try again
01:53 tonsofpcs oh, well dust could be shorting inside....
01:54 tlockley well imma put it back together in a min once my canned air warms back up again
01:58 tonsofpcs note: when there's more dust in a PSU frame than electronic components, you may have issues.
01:59 tlockley well there was a circuit card on one side that was covered in dust
02:01 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
02:01 tlockley button is no joy, same with direct start
02:02 lwq1996 HI
02:02 tlockley hey lee
02:09 tonsofpcs mmm, ice cream :D
02:09 tonsofpcs tlockley: are any off the caps bulging?
02:09 injektion That 1.8Ghz P4 with 256MB RAM is struggling so badly
02:10 tonsofpcs do the tabs at the top look like they're starting to separate?
02:10 tlockley no, none looked to be bulging
02:10 injektion I feel sorry for it >_<
02:10 tlockley or loose
02:11 tonsofpcs nothing looked zorch, no solder flack on the underside?
02:12 tlockley not that i could see, there is white glue shit everywhere but it looks to be non-conductive
02:15 lwq1996 anyone know where i can get into slot car racing
02:20 tonsofpcs lwq1996: any tracks or hobby shops nearby?
02:21 tonsofpcs I know of one on the part of NY 17 that goes N/S but that's quite a bit aways from you
02:23 lwq1996 tonsofpcs no
02:26 lwq1996 i wish thr was
02:29 n0therdummerikan joined #thegeekgroup
02:30 * n0ther watches the tumbleweed blow by..
02:31 lwq1996 lol
02:31 n0ther ok, so have another ? for the electrical wizards...
02:31 lwq1996 ok
02:32 n0ther assuming that it is an auto resetting circuit breaker,  how do i find out where the overload is...(asking only workman's wages), i mean, armed w/ only a multimeter?
02:33 lwq1996 probe it out
02:33 lwq1996 i litterally do not know
02:34 n0ther lwq1996, easier said than done...looking to learn how to do that..? primers on our good friend the internet...? books to buy?
02:35 lwq1996 how populated is the board?
02:35 tonsofpcs n0ther: assuming what is?
02:35 injektion_ joined #thegeekgroup
02:36 n0ther the only thing downstream from the CB is a pair of which drives the blade, and another that mechanizes the a bizerba se12, d-series....?
02:37 injektion_ Wtf
02:37 n0ther tonsofpcs, assuming that the reason that it runs fine, shuts itself off, and then is fine for another 5 mins the next time you restart it...
02:38 tonsofpcs n0ther: assuming what?
02:38 lwq1996 did you make this or did it come from a company?
02:39 n0ther lwq1996, from a company....bizerba... a german gmbh, i think
02:39 lwq1996 i would call their techs and complain
02:39 lwq1996 they should have a person that speaks engrish
02:41 Ponko hmmm
02:41 tonsofpcs n0ther: what is it? what is it attached to?
02:41 n0ther lwq1996, good advice, though the reason that i am involved in the first place, is that they don't wanna pay to do my boss is putting money on me fixing it
02:41 n0ther tonsofpcs, the CB?
02:42 tonsofpcs whatever you are on about
02:42 * n0ther is confused by tons
02:42 tonsofpcs you said "assuming it is an auto resetting CB"
02:42 tonsofpcs assuming what is?
02:42 Zugan joined #thegeekgroup
02:42 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
02:45 n0ther tonsofpcs, ok...have a machine...involving both controlling ic boars, motors and an automatic deli fine for 5 mins...then shuts off....restarts by itself, every time...SO.....IF it's doing that because of an auto-resetting do i  test to see which component is failing, and causing the high load, thereby cause that mechanism to reset itself?
02:46 lwq1996 is the right amount of volts and amps going into it
02:46 lwq1996 because germany has different power
02:49 n0ther lwq1996, please forgice my ability to articulate...that's kinda what i'm trying to figure out....i understand the concept, but have never been well taught how to prove/or disprove that theory...what is germany?..225, 250vac?
02:49 Ponko night peeps
02:49 tonsofpcs n0ther: sounds like the CB has a thermal breakpoint...
02:49 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
02:49 tonsofpcs is there a duty cycle listed in the manual?
02:50 injektion I think the LAN card in the firewall is dying
02:50 * tonsofpcs hands injektion a piece of 10GX32
02:50 SparkyProjects1 n0ther: as lwq1996 said, be sure the voltage and frequency is correct for the machine, read the rating plate to see how much power it should use.
02:50 SparkyProjects1 Then  remember that motors take a bit more power for a short time as they start, see if the breaker is above this rating.
02:50 SparkyProjects1 (Just a question, is it the breaker for the power circuit, or is it a breaker on the machine ? )
02:50 SparkyProjects1 Make sue the machine is not stiff, this can put more strain on the motor
02:51 Ponko left #thegeekgroup
02:51 n0ther tonsofpcs, have to buy the manual...that's why i'm involved, is cause the boss is a cheap bastard...but all components were cool to the touch...honestly think it's draw as opposed to thermal...
02:51 tonsofpcs also, can you put a volt meter on it?  can you watch it shut? can you meter before the breaker?  can you meter with just one motor attached?
02:51 BatSteve yo
02:51 tonsofpcs n0ther: there is no operating manual that came with it?
02:51 Cprossu wow one of the big cruise ships sunk
02:51 Cprossu errr rather hit ground
02:51 Cprossu and tipped over
02:51 tonsofpcs quite a bit different
02:51 SparkyProjects1 If it is belt driven, remove the belt and run it again, this will also help you determine if the motor or cutter is stiff
02:52 BatSteve I saw pictures of that earlier, Cprossu
02:52 Cprossu that's nuts looking
02:52 BatSteve I think you were correct with "sunk"
02:52 tonsofpcs oh, wow, itt did sunked
02:52 Toastdude BatSteve!
02:52 n0ther tonsofpcs, now we're getting where on the circuit do i put the multimeter on the circuit as i watch it run and shut off, and to what setting...voltage, right?
02:52 tonsofpcs
02:52 BotSteve Title: Two survivors rescued from grounded cruise ship -
02:52 BatSteve hi toast!
02:52 Cprossu
02:53 Cprossu yeah I guess I can call sunk
02:53 tonsofpcs n0ther: you shouldn't be probing AC mains if you aren't comfortable or trained.
02:53 Cprossu 50+% is in the drink
02:53 lwq1996 lol i would say screw it and do a solder job and do jumpers but this has to do with peoples lifes
02:53 n0ther SparkyProjects1, sage advice...that is the other component that never runs....thank you for that...
02:53 SparkyProjects1 What never runs ?
02:53 * egrsteve is happily back in the basement
02:54 lwq1996 lol
02:54 injektion If it's not the LAN card it's the WAN card
02:54 tonsofpcs hi steve!
02:54 egrsteve hi tons
02:54 n0ther SparkyProjects1, the motor that you wanted me to take offline to make sure that the physical resistance wasn't what was causing the excessive load?
02:55 lwq1996 no your not taking offline your just taking the belt off of it if it has one
02:55 tonsofpcs also, if you're working on the mechanics/electrics of a deli slicer, make sure the blade is either fully shrouded or removed
02:55 BatSteve I wonder if "grilled turkey, pepperoni, and tomato" is a .sandwich option
02:55 Cprossu yay, how happy are you though @ egrsteve
02:55 BatSteve if not, it should be
02:55 SparkyProjects1 Ah, if that's not turning, is it stiff ?
02:55 SparkyProjects1 If it's not stiff, it could be windiings, or the control citcuit for thaatt motor
02:55 Cprossu long day?
02:55 n0ther tonsofpcs, lol...removed, of course..
02:55 injektion tonsofpcs: Do you know why when the LAN card goes crazy it makes the switch that is connected to a wireless bridge go crazy?
02:56 BatSteve They're super delicious
02:56 tonsofpcs injektion: diagram (or explannation in one sentance) please?  I can't wrap my head around that as presentned
02:56 tonsofpcs egrsteve: TGG needs one of these systems:
02:56 tonsofpcs
02:57 BotSteve Title: SUNY - Brockport | InterAmerica Stage, Inc.
02:57 injektion tonsofpcs: I have a switch connected to a wireless bridge so I can ethernet in the computer room
02:57 tonsofpcs just walk out from MC on top of the studios and/or MDH to move lights and audio and such
02:57 injektion can have*
02:57 tonsofpcs ok, so wireless bridge > switch > stuff
02:57 lwq1996 n0ther you could call them back and bitch and complain and scream and yell till they wither send you a new part or come and fix the damn thing and if they dont mention the word sue
02:57 injektion When the LAN card whacks out I have to power cycle the switch
02:57 n0ther tonsofpcs, shouldnt be probing AC mains...i am NOT trained but totally comfortable on accounta i'm too stupid to know better...the question was, how do i reverse that situation?
02:58 tonsofpcs injektion: lan card on what?
02:58 injektion The firewall
02:58 tonsofpcs so where is the firewall in this diagram?
02:58 egrsteve tension grid would be nice in MDH and the studios
02:58 tonsofpcs egrsteve: exactly.  MDH is common-wall to MC, right?
02:59 injektion Internet ---> Firewall ---> 802.11n Bridge ----> Switch ---> stuff
02:59 egrsteve although the studios may have a upper floor built at the same as MC at some point
02:59 egrsteve yes
02:59 tonsofpcs why would you shorten the height of the studios?!?
02:59 injektion Wait
02:59 n0ther lwq1996, good advice, minus the litigation....problem is was purchased third-party from a court in the land would consider that a valid contract...
02:59 egrsteve to more NLE space
02:59 injektion Internet ---> Firewall ---> 802.11n AP ---> 802.11n Bridge ----> Switch ---> stuff
02:59 tonsofpcs eh, just do that over one of them and use that studio as the scene shop.
02:59 egrsteve if anything I would only do it to Girl geeks and half of Potagraphy
02:59 egrsteve maybe half of audio over the ooth
03:00 egrsteve *boot
03:00 egrsteve *booth
03:00 Cprossu *half of dead wood storage heh
03:00 egrsteve as it is there well be a lot of unused hight in girl geeks
03:00 egrsteve as there will never be tall stuff in there
03:01 injektion Does anyone know?
03:01 tonsofpcs so you turn audio around so it faces the studios, place it centered on studio #3 (numbering from the main entrance towards the west wall), build a second floor over studio #1 about 2' lower than MC and turn #1 into a scene shop, door from there to a tension grid over #2,3,4
03:01 SparkyProjects1 n0ther: if you aren't comfortable with a meter, or are not sure how to interpret the readings, then  just do the simple stuff, removing the belt, or disconnecting a motor.
03:01 tonsofpcs egrsteve: but you want all the height for lighting and rigging
03:01 egrsteve video is nice to have the height
03:02 egrsteve audio recording can do without over the control booth but make some studios taller in the back
03:02 tonsofpcs and you can also shoot through the grid
03:02 egrsteve I know, that would be nice over video too
03:02 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
03:02 tonsofpcs and slide video control down towards the east wall
03:02 SparkyProjects1 You would be better with an ammeter anyway to monitor the current
03:02 tonsofpcs open a door in the southeast corner to the wire mesh grid over MDH
03:02 n0ther SparkyProjects1, comfortable with using the meter...but yes, are not always sure how to interpret...looking to change that..but not sure where is a good place to start, exactly...
03:02 egrsteve agreed
03:02 egrsteve and a window to MDH
03:03 tonsofpcs yes, behind the audio board (which now faces north)
03:03 tonsofpcs two non-parallel panes of glass, glazed, etc.
03:03 egrsteve sitting at the wheat stone you are facing south
03:03 * n0ther trolling for suggestions as to how to reinvent himselves...
03:03 tonsofpcs currently,y es
03:03 tonsofpcs I just suggested turning it around so it faces the studios
03:03 egrsteve ah yes
03:03 egrsteve that could be fun 180 all of MC
03:04 tonsofpcs I wouldn't turn video around
03:04 tonsofpcs video console is too tall, you don't want to lean over to look and video doesn't need to look really, they just need to see the cameras
03:04 egrsteve there needs to be a clear aisle the full length
03:04 tonsofpcs audio needs as unobstructed a videw as possible
03:04 egrsteve that will be live audio not recording studio audio
03:04 tonsofpcs yes, you need 2' wide clear the whole length, so you lose a few feet of usable space between audio and video
03:04 egrsteve that will have it's own consoles down below
03:05 * tonsofpcs needs a whiteboard
03:05 egrsteve I get what your saying
03:05 SparkyProjects1 n0ther: there are videos about fault finding, but not sure how good they are, or if they cover what you want.
03:05 SparkyProjects1 As an electrician for over 30 years, it's often easier to do what you can without a meter, an overload may not show quick enough or clear enough to catch
03:05 SparkyProjects1 Isolation of possible faulty parts is way quicker
03:06 BatSteve .w laos
03:06 BotSteve "Laos (|i|/ˈlaʊs/, /ˈlɑː.oʊs/, or /ˈleɪ.ɒs/)[4]|[5]|[6]| Lao: ສາທາລະນະລັດ ປະຊາທິປະໄຕ ປະຊາຊົນລາວ Sathalanalat Paxathipatai Paxaxon Lao, officially the Lao People's Democratic Republic, is a landlocked [...]" -
03:06 BatSteve Toastdude: there you go
03:06 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
03:06 Experimentonomen guten morgen
03:06 Toastdude Ah..
03:06 Toastdude Hallo
03:06 tonsofpcs
03:07 injektion I guess no one knows why the switch does that lol
03:08 tonsofpcs injektion: can you communicate through the switch at all at that point?
03:08 tehdark45 joined #thegeekgroup
03:08 n0ther SparkyProjects1, thank you, i will start there...first to admit it last one to know...thank you for the patience and willingness to see past my apparent dickishness, into my wanting to learn and inability to properly express that...ty, once again
03:08 injektion tonsofpcs: No
03:09 tonsofpcs injektion: weird
03:09 tonsofpcs so you can't even have two nodes on the switch talk to each other?
03:09 SparkyProjects1 No probs n0ther, do those suggestions, then come back and let us know if you need more help
03:09 tehdark45 Hello fellow organisms
03:10 BatSteve howdy tehdark45
03:10 n0ther tehdark45, 'lo
03:11 tehdark45 Hey BatSteve, n0ther
03:11 injektion tonsofpcs: No
03:11 Cprossu you know I've been thinking egrsteve
03:11 Cprossu the lab really needs another staircase xD
03:11 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I just added one!
03:11 tonsofpcs click skrbl link ;)
03:12 Cprossu loading slow
03:13 Cprossu uh there's nothing there??
03:13 egrsteve where should the stairs go
03:13 egrsteve you know there is a stair to nowhere behind a wall in the basement
03:13 tonsofpcs *printscreens*
03:14 Cprossu shhhhh
03:14 Cprossu that one doesn't exist
03:14 egrsteve i know
03:14 egrsteve but it may someday
03:14 Cprossu (though it's in the minecraft map which also doesn't exist)
03:14 tonsofpcs Cprossu: lol
03:14 Cprossu hehehehehe
03:14 egrsteve although that may be turned into a ramp someday
03:14 Cprossu depends on the structual purpose of that concrete
03:15 egrsteve depending on how close floors line up
03:15 Cprossu it would fix the problem of needing to go upstairs to go downstairs though
03:15 egrsteve it would
03:15 egrsteve it would makes scense to connect it too
03:15 Cprossu but yeah I was joking that the lab doesn't have enough staircases
03:15 egrsteve load stuff in a boiler room and roll it across the basement
03:15 n0ther ne1 have experiance hacking a tablet to run major linux distro...specifically transformer prime?
03:16 tonsofpcs
03:16 Cprossu n0ther too new for me to have info on it. I wish I could afford toys like that
03:16 tonsofpcs egrsteve, Cprossu ^
03:16 egrsteve ok
03:16 tonsofpcs ignore dimensions :-p
03:16 tonsofpcs "this drawing not to scale"
03:16 Cprossu (deletes previous comment)
03:17 tonsofpcs ah, i see! noscript was blocking the updates
03:17 Cprossu the "studios" though if you need to know are 40ft deep 20ft wide
03:17 n0ther Cprossu, you and me both...but assuming that you did have the money to spend, what would you go for, and why?
03:17 egrsteve that could work, although the audio is for live not recording studios
03:17 Cprossu n0ther I probably wouldn't go for any tablet to be honest
03:18 Cprossu I dislike all of them
03:18 tonsofpcs egrsteve: eventually it should be good for both...
03:18 egrsteve so would it be of value even moving it across
03:18 Cprossu as far as doubles
03:18 tonsofpcs and why won't you do live things from those studios?
03:18 Cprossu the bionic looked nice until I thought about carrying it around
03:18 tonsofpcs I mean, there's no reason that the things chris and paul do at the set can't be switched 'live to tape' other than that you can't currently switch HD and don't want to do it SD
03:19 n0ther Cprossu, fair enough...i am in love my fedora you say "stick with that"?
03:19 Cprossu yeah netbooks are darn nice
03:19 Cprossu I remember buying a AOD150 instead of an ipod touch
03:19 Cprossu it was a good idea
03:19 Cprossu and $50 cheaper
03:19 tonsofpcs and it should prove rather easy to turn one of the studios into lecture space to do a live inperson and totheinternet lecture/presentation
03:20 SparkyProjects1 left #thegeekgroup
03:20 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: you figure this out yet so you can beat me in brawl?
03:20 egrsteve it could work for both, we need an SSL console donated for the recording studio
03:20 tonsofpcs you can probably beat me with the wiimote and nunchuck
03:20 tonsofpcs SSL console?
03:21 egrsteve solid state logic
03:21 tonsofpcs is there a problem with the wheatstone?  I was wiring both MicA and B on each mic channel for a reason...
03:21 egrsteve
03:21 BotSteve Title: Solid State Logic - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
03:21 tonsofpcs I know who they arre
03:21 Cprossu problem with the weatstone is not enough hours in the day
03:21 tonsofpcs Cprossu: sure there are, it only needs about a day's worth of work to be 100% complete
03:22 Cprossu which is tough to do when you constantly get pulled away from it =(
03:22 * n0ther hears the word "fight!"....tons vs...any and all takers...!
03:22 tonsofpcs I would have had it finished when I was there if I didn't have to make a video of everything....
03:22 Cprossu exactly!
03:22 egrsteve
03:22 BotSteve Title: File:SSL SL4000G+.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
03:22 egrsteve I want that^
03:23 egrsteve can we have 2
03:23 egrsteve maybe 3
03:23 tonsofpcs I have one of these
03:23 tlockley sexy
03:23 tonsofpcs only no phone-control console on ours
03:23 * n0ther drools over that console...really!?
03:24 tonsofpcs I elect dbshortwave to be the next one to work on the wheatstone.  He lives closer to Syracuse (its birthplace) than I do :-p
03:24 egrsteve nice
03:24 tonsofpcs notE: I totally didn't make the connection until I was home
03:25 n0ther not just slick, *Santorum slick...
03:25 tonsofpcs but I live like an hour away from where it was first assembled :-p
03:25 tonsofpcs (most likely, at least)
03:26 tlockley
03:26 egrsteve tons each studio is seperated with a block wall so you would need 3 grid enterences
03:27 tonsofpcs egrsteve: or a door between each... or to lower the block wall
03:27 egrsteve classic midas, looks like a rainbow
03:27 * n0ther had no idea that y'all were sound nerds
03:27 tlockley what can i say, im a succker for colored lights
03:27 egrsteve ya, there would need to be 3 acess doors for sound reasons
03:28 egrsteve it's ok they are eclecticly pretty
03:28 n0ther so what's our favorite song, then?
03:28 tlockley that and i find them to be great consoles for anything
03:29 Cprossu you can find all kinds of nerds here, some are nerds/geeks in multiple categories too
03:30 tonsofpcs lol tlockley
03:30 n0ther brian may, seaside rondezvouse..great mixing of the guitar parts///
03:30 tonsofpcs tlockley: you should go to NAB and see the demonstration mode on all the video switchers
03:31 tlockley what i wouldnt do to go to nab or any tech show in general
03:31 tonsofpcs egrsteve: just stick them all in-line there, and maybe add a half-height door at the west end as well
03:31 tonsofpcs well, NAB is in vegas, and how do you sell a video switcher (which has a bar you 'pull') in vegas?
03:31 tonsofpcs make it emulate a slot machine!
03:31 lwq1996 ok stupid joke, whats the difference between a piano and a fish
03:32 tonsofpcs one has gills?
03:32 lwq1996 you can tune a piano but you cant tuna fish
03:32 n0ther lwq1996, somethinhg to do with tuna?
03:34 wannabe1987 lol
03:34 * tonsofpcs is trying to find a download for the old version of intellicad
03:35 n0ther tonsofpcs, for what platform?
03:35 wannabe1987 Toastdude
03:36 tonsofpcs n0ther: the only one it was released for, windows
03:36 Toastdude WANNABE!!!
03:36 wannabe1987 o.o
03:36 wannabe1987 hi Toastdude!
03:36 tonsofpcs I have it around here somewhere
03:36 tonsofpcs but I don't want to dig
03:37 lwq1996 ok lets get doug to do it
03:37 tonsofpcs I still remember the zip/exe password....
03:37 lwq1996 lol
03:38 * Hackbat just watched "Meet the Feebles" for the first time
03:38 lwq1996 i have never watched that and dont think i want too
03:38 * n0ther is LAF...
03:38 Hackbat you should
03:39 Hackbat it's a peter jackson movie
03:39 Hackbat with puppets
03:39 lwq1996 PUPPETS
03:39 lwq1996 ok give me the link where i can get it :P
03:40 Hackbat[1989]_DvdRip_Xvid
03:40 BotSteve Title: Peter Jacksons Meet the Feebles [1989] DvdRip Xvid (download torrent) - TPB
03:40 wannabe1987 MY POWER CORD CAME!
03:40 lwq1996 lol
03:40 Hackbat must of been messy
03:40 Hackbat sorry...
03:41 * n0ther has dinner waiting...wishes all a good morning/day/evening. darlink....
03:41 Cprossu nsfw Hackbat =P
03:41 n0ther left #thegeekgroup
03:41 lwq1996
03:42 wannabe1987  my poor fluppy.....he has battle scar from chasing a boxer dog :/
03:42 wannabe1987 stupid dog.  DON"T RUN IN THE ROAD
03:43 lwq1996 lol boxer is scared of little dog
03:44 Hackbat oh wow
03:44 Hackbat they didn't have enough money to shoot one od the scenes so they made the scene a short movie and filmed it on a seperate budget and sliced it in
03:46 lwq1996 masterofmonks you here?
03:47 masterofmonks I am.
03:47 lwq1996 your content is from 9gag
03:47 lwq1996 idk i saw this thing and it said to say that to an op
03:48 lwq1996;set=a.10150274929894966.400808.167774004965&amp;type=1&amp;theater
03:48 BotSteve Title: Wall Photos | Facebook
03:48 masterofmonks I have no ideawhat the hell that is.
03:49 masterofmonks Also that is Original Post.
03:49 Hackbat si
03:49 lwq1996 idk what it means either
03:49 wannabe1987 lol
03:49 Hackbat not in this case
03:49 wannabe1987 lee, if you don't know what it is, why say/post it?
03:50 lwq1996 idk
03:53 lwq1996 hey egrsteve you lurking around here anywhere
03:55 egrsteve no
03:55 lwq1996 awe :(
03:56 lwq1996 well when you got time look at this
03:56 egrsteve why
03:56 lwq1996;set=a.10150274929894966.400808.167774004965&amp;type=1&amp;theater
03:56 BotSteve Title: Wall Photos | Facebook
03:56 egrsteve I saw that a few days ago
03:57 lwq1996 damn :(
03:57 egrsteve I heard a story once, a mason was traveling through a small town
03:57 injektion My DNS for AD isn't good enough :(
03:57 egrsteve there was a factory with a leaning chimany
03:57 egrsteve 100ft tall or so
03:58 egrsteve no one to figure out how to fix it
03:58 egrsteve he claimed he could get it back upright for a few grand
03:58 injektion Can Windows/Unix handle 2 dns domains per machine?
03:58 egrsteve needless to day he was hired to fix it
03:59 egrsteve so he cut out some blocks around the base fo the chimany and replaced them with wood
03:59 egrsteve then removed the block between them but only enough to take up the differenace needed to straighten it
04:00 egrsteve then burned the wood
04:00 egrsteve as it burned the tower settled onto the shortend blocks and tilted up right
04:00 egrsteve one the fire was out he replace the block where the wood was
04:00 egrsteve and the chimany was straight and fixed
04:01 lwq1996 damn
04:01 egrsteve so there a simple fix to an impossible problem
04:01 Cprossu wow
04:01 tonsofpcs yay cad
04:02 egrsteve I suppose similar could be done sutably huge bottle jacks
04:02 egrsteve but it would have cost a lot
04:02 tonsofpcs Cprossu: do you know how big the MC area is too?
04:03 Cprossu 20ft x 4 + 2ft? long?
04:03 egrsteve about 10 ft by 65
04:03 tonsofpcs thanks steve
04:03 egrsteve not 4*20 becasue last studio anly has a small window up there
04:03 Cprossu haha I was 3ft off of the steve estimate
04:03 tonsofpcs ah, true, how wide should I assume the walls?
04:04 egrsteve 8inch block
04:04 egrsteve approx
04:04 Cprossu approx. rofl.
04:04 egrsteve so you were 17 ft off
04:04 tonsofpcs k
04:04 Cprossu how high do you think the handball courts are to the lowered ceiling btw?
04:04 egrsteve hmm
04:04 tonsofpcs lowered ceiling?
04:05 tonsofpcs you mean the floor of MC?
04:05 egrsteve about 20ft
04:05 egrsteve no
04:05 Cprossu no tonsofpcs lol
04:05 injektion Can I have all of my machines know what and machine are?
04:05 egrsteve there is a drywall or plaster ceiling in them
04:05 Cprossu the ceiling where the lights of doom are installed
04:05 tonsofpcs injektion: yes.
04:05 egrsteve about 2ft below roof deck
04:05 tonsofpcs egrsteve: oh, right.
04:05 egrsteve MC is open to the deck
04:05 injektion tonsofpcs: Won't that confuse the DNS resolver on the machines?
04:06 tonsofpcs huh?
04:07 tlockley joined #thegeekgroup
04:07 injektion I really don't see how it's possible to have 2 different domains resolving to the same machine
04:07 lwq1996 ok my fan in my bathroom is fucked
04:07 lwq1996 its broke
04:08 lwq1996 all i hear is a humming sound
04:09 injektion tonsofpcs: that was a poorly phrased question
04:12 Experimentonomen lwq1996, atleast its not squealing like a pig ;)
04:12 lwq1996 it has been
04:13 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
04:13 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
04:13 lwq1996 it does it then shuts off
04:13 tonsofpcs hmmm
04:13 lwq1996 well it does it then quits
04:13 tonsofpcs cad is fighting me
04:13 lwq1996 its the motor
04:13 tonsofpcs oh, duh!
04:13 injektion I already have a working DNS and it's fucking awful AD says "it's not good enough for me because I am a prissy bitch"
04:15 astro73|alice hmm... i have a programming conundrum. Do I attempt to use libpurple (and glib) inside of a server app or do I see if I can track down individual protocol libraries?
04:15 tlockley injektion: IIRC there is a collection of scripts/programs that MS has for dealing with futzy DNS on AD boxes
04:15 tonsofpcs injektion: you can either add it to your hosts files or stick it into your local DNS server
04:15 injektion tlockley: I want AD to work in a root DNS zone
04:15 injektion Which it won't
04:16 tonsofpcs oh, AD
04:16 tonsofpcs have fun!
04:16 injektion I already have awesome.lan setup and I want AD to use it
04:16 tlockley yah, you lost me. I generally ignore ad machines
04:16 injektion I don't want activedir.awesome.lan either
04:17 injektion I want it working in the . zone
04:18 * Experimentonomen puts Live Free or Die Hard onto the download queue
04:19 injektion Fuck it I'll just have 2 domains then
04:19 wannabe1987 hi Experimentonomen
04:19 tonsofpcs QWRU(YJ@Q(#YJP(#JG
04:19 tonsofpcs crash :(
04:20 injektion I'll just make DHCP give out the stupid DC's IP for an extra DNS server
04:20 Experimentonomen guten morgen miss wannabe
04:20 wannabe1987 hows you?
04:20 injektion guten abend
04:21 Experimentonomen i think im a bit hungry or something :/
04:21 wannabe1987 i'm hungry but i can't move so i'm eating chips
04:21 wannabe1987 w/o salsa or cheese or somethin
04:25 * Experimentonomen puts some thai red curry chicken in the nukebox
04:25 roadran422 night all
04:25 wannabe1987 night roadran422
04:25 roadran422 600+ argument over schoolboard on fb. Was fun.
04:26 tonsofpcs injektion: adding a dns server doesn't solve the issue
04:26 BatSteve .seen Monkeh
04:26 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw Monkeh 8.47 hours ago at 2012-01-14 19:58:00 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 04:26:25 UTC
04:26 * injektion bangs head
04:26 BatSteve drat
04:26 tonsofpcs you'd have to replace it
04:26 BatSteve Anyone here want to play Payday: The Heist with us?
04:27 tonsofpcs multiple DNS servers are queried at different times as a crude load balancing mechanism (and sometimes a system can think enough to query one if the other doesn't know)
04:27 injektion That's going to require me to once again re-configure the Octane
04:28 tlockley BatSteve: what kind of game is that?
04:28 BatSteve tlockley: shooter
04:28 BatSteve *multiplayer shooter
04:28 injektion That's not something I am in the mood to do
04:28 tlockley free to play?
04:28 BatSteve like Left 4 Dead but with crime instead of zombies
04:29 BatSteve tlockley: sadly no
04:29 tlockley steam?
04:29 lwq1996 hey masterofmonks i found those weaver mounts for my rifle
04:29 injektion brb
04:29 masterofmonks Sweat.
04:29 tonsofpcs egrsteve: how much of a window would you say MC has to tthe last studio?
04:29 tehdark45 joined #thegeekgroup
04:30 wannabe1987 hi tehdark45
04:30 wannabe1987 hi masterofmonks
04:30 lwq1996 masterofmonks plus their only $4.00
04:30 egrsteve 3ft
04:30 tehdark45 hello wannabe1987
04:30 Hackbat soooo
04:30 tonsofpcs egrsteve: 3' exactly?
04:31 egrsteve give or take 6"
04:31 tlockley BatSteve: do you play often?
04:31 tonsofpcs ok
04:31 tonsofpcs well, with 65' MC and 8" wall offsets, I get 3' exactly there :)
04:31 egrsteve it's not very wide
04:31 masterofmonks hi wannabe1987
04:31 Experimentonomen wannabe1987, watcha mean w "cant move" ?
04:31 Hackbat When's the as/400 going online?
04:31 egrsteve that was the basis of my guess
04:31 wannabe1987 i moved a cord of wood and worked 8 hours.  my feet hurt
04:32 egrsteve the as/400 is running
04:32 egrsteve ask ynos
04:32 tonsofpcs and video console is about 16' long?
04:32 egrsteve something like that
04:32 egrsteve 8 units each about 2 ft
04:32 egrsteve i think 8
04:32 wannabe1987 8
04:33 * wannabe1987 helped de-assemle them
04:33 Experimentonomen im too fat to move, and proud of it :P
04:33 Hackbat yNos, what exactly did the captain mean by members only when reffering to the as/400?
04:34 wannabe1987 i took care of a 500+lb woman today
04:34 Hackbat The term has gotten fuzzy since they added paid members
04:34 wannabe1987 i doubt you're "fat"
04:34 tehdark45 lol
04:34 Hackbat He uses the term for both so I honestly have no idea.
04:34 Experimentonomen im swedens fattest person :P
04:34 wannabe1987 it was *the biggest!* black woman i've ever seen!
04:35 tehdark45 wannabe1987, thats big
04:35 tehdark45 lol
04:35 wannabe1987 no shit
04:36 tehdark45 Experimentonomen, so you are 70KG?
04:36 tehdark45 :P
04:36 Experimentonomen nope
04:36 Experimentonomen atrleast 70 x 700 :P
04:36 tehdark45 14000KG?
04:37 tehdark45 140,000*
04:37 Experimentonomen more
04:37 tehdark45 rcalc
04:37 tehdark45 lol
04:38 Experimentonomen i weight more than Earth itself :P
04:39 tehdark45 Experimentonomen, I have a feeling you are not being truthful
04:39 tehdark45 :P
04:39 splint joined #thegeekgroup
04:39 Experimentonomen why?
04:39 ^Prophet^ hello all
04:40 splint Hi
04:40 ^Prophet^ wats up
04:40 Toastdude Hi splint and ^Prophet^
04:40 ^Prophet^ TOAST
04:41 Toastdude No. Not yet.
04:41 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: got it working?
04:41 tonsofpcs egrsteve: can you accept a dwg or dxf?
04:41 ^Prophet^ oh yeah
04:41 ^Prophet^ i fixed it
04:41 egrsteve not easily
04:41 egrsteve can you PDF it
04:41 tonsofpcs well, get trueview :-p
04:42 tonsofpcs idk if I can with layers *checks*
04:42 tonsofpcs nope
04:42 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
04:42 tehdark45 omg Druidic_Rifleman
04:42 wannabe1987 druid! :D
04:42 tonsofpcs I think dwgtrueview can toggle layers
04:42 tonsofpcs is free.
04:42 tehdark45 I think me and druid are the only Canadians in here
04:42 tehdark45 lol
04:43 ^Prophet^ does anyone here know how hard it is to play a game as one person with 2 controllers?
04:44 tonsofpcs ^Prophet^: if you're talking wiimote+nunchuck? yes.
04:44 tehdark45 lol wii
04:45 ^Prophet^ no i fixed my gcube
04:45 ^Prophet^ xD
04:45 ^Prophet^ so gcube controllers
04:47 tonsofpcs huh?
04:47 tonsofpcs anyway, brawl?
04:47 ^Prophet^ naw'
04:47 ^Prophet^ mario party 5 xD
04:47 tonsofpcs lol
04:51 ^Prophet^ i have 11 stars and 111 coins...
04:51 ^Prophet^ thats gotta be a sign
04:53 tonsofpcs no, unsigned
04:53 tonsofpcs 256 might be a sign :-p
04:53 ^Prophet^ why?
04:56 ^Prophet^ duh
04:56 ^Prophet^ :/
04:56 tehdark45 unsinged and singed variables
04:56 tehdark45 signed*
04:58 ^Prophet^ 13 stars o.O
05:01 maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
05:01 maglinvinn is cpro around
05:02 Cprossu I am now
05:03 tehdark45 It's freakin Dan Eakin
05:04 wannabe1987 lol
05:04 wannabe1987 hi maglinvinn
05:04 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
05:05 maglinvinn lol. yup
05:05 injektion Do they make DNS appliances just for active directory?
05:05 tehdark45 is  your ext 1337 yet?
05:05 wannabe1987 no, if you followed fb you'd find out that compu sci has that
05:07 tehdark45 wannabe1987, you follow twitter, not facebook
05:07 tehdark45 :P
05:07 * wannabe1987 has no energy to explain
05:08 Toastdude Hello maglinvinn
05:08 astro73|alice hm?
05:08 astro73|alice does someone need a stupidity removal
05:08 * astro73|alice pulls out his LART
05:09 tehdark45 wut?
05:09 astro73|alice .jargon LART
05:09 BotSteve astro73|alice:
05:09 wannabe1987 yes, astro73
05:09 wannabe1987 its not me....
05:10 astro73|alice wannabe1987: i gathered that
05:10 wannabe1987 kthx
05:10 wannabe1987 i'm just worn out, tis all
05:10 wannabe1987 bedtime soon
05:10 astro73|alice indeed it is
05:11 tehdark45 its only midnight
05:11 tehdark45 :p
05:11 wannabe1987 and church is at 9:30
05:11 wannabe1987 plus possibly working....
05:11 wannabe1987 i'm on one schedule but not the other :P
05:12 astro73|alice i have to ponder the design of mapping persistant libpurple instances to transient websockets
05:12 tehdark45 one of the reasons i dont do church
05:12 tehdark45 :P
05:12 astro73|alice or maybe just one libpurple? that would be easier...
05:12 wannabe1987 don't mess with me please, matt
05:13 wannabe1987 i'll sic Toastdude on you
05:13 tehdark45 lol
05:13 tehdark45 ill set lee on you
05:13 tehdark45 :P
05:13 wannabe1987 cool  i 'll feed him cookies, he'll be happy
05:13 Toastdude I'll punch you in the face! :P
05:14 wannabe1987 o.O
05:14 wannabe1987 don't punch me
05:14 wannabe1987 :/
05:14 wannabe1987 i'll go cry into my cookies
05:14 astro73|alice i'll butter you!
05:14 tehdark45 astro73|alice, ummm
05:14 tehdark45 lol
05:14 astro73|alice that's a threat, right?
05:14 astro73|alice buttering toast?
05:15 tehdark45 and wannabe1987 how am i messing with you?
05:15 tonsofpcs butter toast, tie it to a cat's back butter-side out, drop it, attach to a generator -- free energy!
05:16 wannabe1987 i am irrational as i am exhausted from work and work and not enough sleep.  by "mocking" my church or mocking the words i use for facebook = you messing with me
05:16 piku joined #thegeekgroup
05:16 tehdark45 tonsofpcs, don't let chris see you talking about that dirty stuff :P
05:16 tonsofpcs tehdark45: Chris would probably appreciate that one :-p
05:17 tehdark45 It's psudo-science
05:17 tehdark45 he dont like that
05:17 ^Prophet^ ladies cant we all get along?
05:17 tonsofpcs tehdark45: no, read it.
05:17 tehdark45 i did "{
05:17 tehdark45 :P*
05:17 tonsofpcs if a cat always lands on its feet and toast always lands butter-side down, by attaching the two together it should float mid-air, spinning :-p
05:17 tehdark45 and ^Prophet^, this is how we get along :P
05:18 wannabe1987 if you call this "getting along"...i don't want to see fighting/arguing
05:18 astro73|alice it reminds me a little of my coworkers...
05:19 ^Prophet^ lawl
05:20 egrsteve tons cats and low gravity is fun
05:20 tehdark45 lol
05:20 tehdark45 the 60s had real studies
05:20 tonsofpcs also, free energy does exist.  Ask anyone who steals cable :-p
05:21 ^Prophet^ lolz'
05:21 tehdark45 tonsofpcs, well I am African..... >.>
05:21 Cprossu
05:21 BotSteve Title: NASA's zero-gravity cat astronaut - YouTube
05:21 Cprossu poor cats
05:22 astro73|alice poor confused cat
05:22 tonsofpcs pobre sita
05:23 BatSteve meh
05:23 BatSteve The cat was never in any danger
05:23 BatSteve I will reserve my "poor cat" feelings for cats who are being chased by wolves.
05:24 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
05:24 KawaiiJess Lol that poor kitteh
05:24 KawaiiJess I was lollin heartily
05:25 ^Prophet^ right then
05:25 BatSteve I wonder if there's video of the dogs that the Soviets launched into space
05:25 BatSteve Do you suppose they handled it better than cats?
05:25 injektion How is AD deployed in the real world?
05:25 astro73|alice i think the dogs got strapped down
05:25 astro73|alice injektion: painfully
05:26 wannabe1987 *me makes irrelevant medical comment*
05:26 tehdark45 BatSteve, dogs are so chilled that they probably didnt notice
05:26 injektion astro73|alice: How do they do the DNS?
05:26 astro73|alice injektion: but they say that it'll be better in the long run
05:26 injektion Do they use MS's DNS server or is there a dedicated appliance?
05:27 astro73|alice injektion: afaik, we only use AD for authentication and workstation stuff. And I just started there 2 weeks ago on helpdesk
05:28 injektion So you don't know how AD's DNS is done?
05:28 astro73|alice injektion: i barely know how they connect PeopleSoft, AD, and Novell
05:29 astro73|alice other than "usually"
05:30 astro73|alice and from what i've heard, infrastructure doesn't like to talk about things. Apparently, they consider security through secrecy to be a viable tactic.
05:30 injektion Fuck me
05:30 injektion How I have it setup now it feels like I hacked it together
05:31 astro73|alice lol
05:31 astro73|alice let me see if i can get an image version of this diagram
05:31 injektion I have the DHCP server forwarding the IP of the DC/DNS server
05:31 injektion and the host name
05:33 injektion Active Directory is one giant steaming pile of shit
05:33 JA12 amen
05:33 injektion Oh you cannot use the root zone
05:34 injektion I trashed a perfectly good DNS config for it
05:34 wannabe1987 i'm being an ass, i'm going to bed....
05:34 JA12 night wannabe-zz
05:34 wannabe-zz night lwq1996, Toastdude, etc
05:34 wannabe-zz night JA12
05:34 Toastdude Aw.. night wannabe
05:34 JA12 I woke up 2 hours ago
05:34 astro73|alice
05:35 astro73|alice that's the diagram i've been working on for our system
05:35 wannabe-zz lol its 12:34 here. o.O
05:35 astro73|alice goodnight wannabe-zz
05:35 wannabe-zz night astro
05:35 wannabe-zz :hugs:
05:36 tehdark45 night wannabe-zz
05:36 astro73|alice injektion: that link is for you
05:36 injektion Looking at it
05:36 injektion I need someone to explain this better to me. It maybe because i only got 4 hours of sleep and no nap or AD is just so stupid my brain is blacking it out
05:37 Druidic_Rifleman what did i miss today
05:37 astro73|alice *shrug* heck if i know. i try to stay away from microsoft products
05:38 tehdark45 lol
05:38 JA12 astro73|alice: what's "rave alerts"? alerts just before hard house or gabber starts to play?
05:38 astro73|alice JA12: it's the system we use for campus alerts. like police events in progress or bad weather
05:39 JA12 oh ok. good name too =)
05:43 injektion That diagram doesn't help me too much
05:44 astro73|alice no, but does it give you some perspective on hackjobs?
05:44 injektion Yes
05:44 egrsteve night ttyl
05:44 injektion I've seen dedicated DNS/DHCP appliances on craigslist before that would of worked with AD
05:47 injektion should of snapped one up
05:48 astro73|alice there isn't a DNS daemon that can take updates at run time?
05:49 astro73|alice and then write yourself a little connector script?
05:50 injektion It didn't even work with pfsense's own dns server
05:51 * tonsofpcs uses the dns server in his mikrotik rb450g
05:52 injektion I don't think BIND or whatever it uses supports SRV records, etc.
05:52 maglinvinn hey egr, do we knoew where this dvr came from
05:53 astro73|alice ...
05:53 egrsteve no
05:53 astro73|alice really? that's lame
05:53 tonsofpcs what dvr?
05:54 astro73|alice it's amazing how many places haven't updated to support the easy stuff
05:54 astro73|alice lwq1996: the guy from the mexican mafia?
05:54 lwq1996 wow have i not been paying attention to the irc
05:54 lwq1996 no, maglinvinn
05:54 maglinvinn lol.
05:54 injektion I'm going to bed
05:54 maglinvinn nite
05:54 maglinvinn i should prolyl sleep myself..
05:55 tonsofpcs g'nite all
05:55 lwq1996 awe everyone going to bed :(
05:55 injektion I want to find out who thought this was a good idea and shove one of my chemical contaminated boots up their bum
05:56 lwq1996 i like how i actually believe him o.o
05:56 tehdark45 O_O
05:57 lwq1996 hey its maTThew
05:57 tehdark45 hey it's Lee
05:57 tehdark45 :P
05:57 lwq1996 i dont feel like being mean tonight
05:57 tehdark45 Lol sure
05:57 tehdark45 LO
05:57 tehdark45 L
05:58 lwq1996 o.o my band teacher watches tosh.o
05:59 tehdark45 Unless someone is in Hawaii, I am the most behind
05:59 tehdark45 lol
05:59 Druidic_Rifleman egrsteve?
06:00 Druidic_Rifleman ah dam missed him
06:00 tehdark45 I'm here
06:00 tehdark45 :P
06:00 tehdark45 is that close enough?
06:00 Druidic_Rifleman Nooo your not the guy i need
06:00 Monkeh|Lap tehdark45: Nobody wants you.
06:00 Druidic_Rifleman it needs to be Egrsteve
06:01 tehdark45 Monkeh|Lap, says the rather large brit
06:01 tehdark45 :P
06:01 Druidic_Rifleman though you should go to and sign up for a course with bill
06:01 lwq1996 druidic needs a big strong man like egrstegve
06:01 Monkeh|Lap tehdark45: Oi, I'll sit on you.
06:01 lwq1996 egrsteve*
06:01 Druidic_Rifleman nooo
06:01 tehdark45 Lol
06:01 Druidic_Rifleman i needsomeone crazy to clime into a cold air return
06:01 Druidic_Rifleman and take messurements
06:01 Druidic_Rifleman crazy enought to climb*
06:02 tehdark45 Monkeh|Lap, if you want to fly the extra 5 hours here, be my guest
06:02 tehdark45 :P
06:02 lwq1996 dont eat for a week and you could do it
06:02 lwq1996 i would if you give me snacks and a plane ticket
06:02 Druidic_Rifleman I could do it
06:03 Druidic_Rifleman If i am paying for travel fees i'll rent a car drive to the lab and do it my self
06:04 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, what are you measuring cold air for?
06:04 tehdark45 return*
06:04 Druidic_Rifleman Garys mod map
06:04 tehdark45 um standard size?
06:04 Druidic_Rifleman not sure
06:04 ^Prophet^ good night all
06:05 Druidic_Rifleman i am staging crew
06:05 Druidic_Rifleman Which means i has to buy garys mod
06:05 ^Prophet^ :D
06:05 tehdark45 night ^Prophet^
06:05 Cprossu fun fun
06:05 ^Prophet^ Gmod > minecraft
06:05 ^Prophet^ night :D
06:06 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, you no has gmod? :O
06:06 Druidic_Rifleman not yet
06:07 Druidic_Rifleman bbiab
06:13 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
06:14 Druidrifleipod Hey
06:14 lwq1996 OMG HE GOT AN IPOD
06:15 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
06:15 leepod hahahahahahahaha
06:17 Monkeh|Lap zomg so cool!
06:17 * Monkeh|Lap carries on with life
06:17 lwq1996 lol
06:19 tehdark45 he iThings are boring
06:19 tehdark45 yeah*
06:19 lwq1996 haha you dont have one
06:19 tehdark45 Yes I don't
06:20 tehdark45 And I think Monkeh|Lap will agree that Android is what real men use
06:20 tehdark45 lol
06:20 Monkeh|Lap :)
06:21 Monkeh|Lap Android's not perfect, but it's not crApple.
06:21 mantere maemo is what real men use :3
06:21 tehdark45 mantere, Symbian
06:21 tehdark45 lolloll
06:21 lwq1996 i bet tehdark wants a blackberry too
06:22 tehdark45 OMG NO
06:22 tehdark45 bergh
06:22 lwq1996 its not OMG its OH MY GOD
06:22 Monkeh|Lap lwq1996: If we want something from the 80s, we'll go buy a brick.
06:22 Monkeh|Lap It'll be cheaper and more useful.
06:23 tehdark45 Monkeh|Lap, bricks are milleniums old >.>
06:23 tehdark45 :P
06:23 Monkeh|Lap tehdark45: I meant an old school phone, you twat :P
06:23 tehdark45 You didn't spcify
06:23 tehdark45 :P
06:24 lwq1996 i had an old nokia, and i seriously broke it
06:24 * Monkeh|Lap specifies a large hole in front of tehdark45
06:24 tehdark45 lwq1996, WHAT IN THE NAME THAT HOLY
06:24 tehdark45 you broke an old Nokkia?
06:25 tehdark45 Nokia*
06:25 Monkeh|Lap tehdark45: Dude, he's a kid, he can break anything. :P
06:25 lwq1996 yes like an old school black white screen nokia
06:25 tehdark45 True
06:25 lwq1996 yes monkeh go ask your mom
06:25 tehdark45 if it is a 3310 it was a freak accident
06:26 Monkeh|Lap lwq1996: It's 0625, I don't want to die.
06:26 lwq1996 no its one of the ones that you see in the mem things on those sites
06:26 tehdark45 thats 6:25 am for you lee
06:27 lwq1996 its only 1:30
06:27 Monkeh|Lap Sun Jan 15 06:27:04 GMT 2012
06:27 Cprossu I wish I had a garage to hold a chapter in heh
06:27 Cprossu damnit
06:27 Cprossu stupid carport
06:27 Monkeh|Lap Yikes, I was 30 seconds off.
06:28 tehdark45 .t CAT
06:28 BotSteve Sat, 14 Jan 2012 20:28:01 CAT
06:28 Monkeh|Lap Note to self: Fix that.
06:28 lwq1996 i have a whole basement
06:28 tehdark45 .t PST
06:28 BotSteve Sat, 14 Jan 2012 22:28:17 PST
06:28 lwq1996 i could make a chemistry lab in it and everything
06:28 Cprossu I _had_ a 11x30 room but it's filled to the brim with computer equipment, and my bed
06:28 tehdark45 I have a crawl spcae
06:28 lwq1996 lol
06:28 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
06:28 lwq1996 tehdark dont you live in your moms out?
06:29 Cprossu anyway point is I can no start a tgg chapter out of that
06:29 Druidrifleipod Hey
06:29 tehdark45 a wild Druidrifleipod appears
06:29 tehdark45 my moms out?
06:29 Druidrifleipod Roll for initative
06:29 Monkeh|Lap tehdark45: Outhouse, obviously.
06:29 lwq1996 damnit -.-
06:29 Cprossu I think he meant to ask you if you lived in your mom's outhouse
06:29 Cprossu which is a total diss
06:29 tehdark45 lolol
06:29 Cprossu xD
06:29 tehdark45 My mother does not have one
06:30 tehdark45 you see
06:30 tehdark45 we upgraded
06:30 tehdark45 to indoor plumbing
06:30 Cprossu you're not helping your case tehdark45
06:30 tehdark45 Cprossu, it's Lee
06:30 tehdark45 :P
06:30 tehdark45 he is a lost cause
06:30 Cprossu yeah but t<tab> is quicker
06:31 Druidrifleipod What's up
06:31 Cprossu sooo
06:31 Cprossu uh
06:31 Cprossu stuff is up.
06:31 tehdark45 No Cprossu I am matt, lwq is lee >.>
06:31 Druidrifleipod Cprossu you have skype
06:31 Cprossu ok whatever I lost track again
06:31 Monkeh|Lap Cprossu: Good news! UEFI systems don't have Compufuck
06:31 Cprossu yeah I know that Monkeh|Lap
06:32 * Monkeh|Lap resolves not to purchase another legacy system ever
06:32 lwq1996 wow cprossu mixed up me and matt
06:32 Cprossu I built 3 systems that have uefi boards now heh
06:32 Cprossu hey I thought you two were different until
06:32 * Monkeh|Lap also resolves to get legacy BIOSes off every board he can manage
06:32 Cprossu "[23:30] <tehdark45> Cprossu, it's Lee"
06:32 Cprossu some legacy bios is cool though
06:32 lwq1996 lol
06:33 Cprossu like the awardbios on my 486 =P
06:33 tehdark45 Cprossu, i was saying it like what you expect, it's lee
06:33 Monkeh|Lap Cprossu: Yes, but legacy BIOS on remotely modern hardware is just failtastic.
06:33 Monkeh|Lap Cprossu: Has been for.. well, AGES.
06:33 Cprossu nah
06:33 lwq1996 i need this
06:33 BotSteve Title: juice pack air™ - iPod touch 2G
06:33 Cprossu legacy bios with windows 7 is failtastic
06:33 Cprossu another reason to ignore it
06:34 tehdark45 lwq1996, you have iPod 2G??
06:35 gjposnr joined #thegeekgroup
06:36 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
06:36 Cprossu failconnectivity there
06:36 Druidrifleipod Yeah
06:37 Cprossu I feel like failing too, brb
06:39 Cprossu_kindle joined #thegeekgroup
06:39 Cprossu_kindle there now i can fail 3g style
06:40 Druidrifleipod Lol
06:41 Cprossu_kindle now we're both on things that do irc shittily
06:41 lwq1996 hackbat and me are having fun
06:41 tehdark45 Hackbat and I*
06:41 Hackbat you're not 17 are you/
06:42 Hackbat ...
06:42 tehdark45 who Hackbat?
06:42 lwq1996 no, but its so fucking funny
06:42 Hackbat Thank god...
06:42 Cprossu_kindle you guys should join the unreliable irc'ing club!
06:42 Druidrifleipod Hack bat likes boys???
06:42 Hackbat yed
06:42 Hackbat *yes
06:43 Druidrifleipod Lees got a much older boy friend
06:44 Hackbat lol what?
06:44 Druidrifleipod What
06:45 tehdroid45 joined #thegeekgroup
06:45 Toastdude We got droids!
06:45 BatSteve Look sir, droids!
06:45 Cprossu_kindle yay more unreliable ic'ers!!!!
06:45 tehdroid45 Cprossu_kindle, happy?
06:46 Cprossu_kindle yes
06:46 tehdroid45 Lol
06:46 tehdroid45 No tab complete  (
06:46 tehdroid45 :(*
06:47 Cprossu_kindle makes it sucky...i dont even have a tab button
06:49 Hackbat Cprossu_kindle, my kindle doesn't even have a keyboard
06:50 Cprossu_kindle im glad mine does....
06:50 Monkeh|Lap I would join in but I use my bouncer so it wouldn't be in the least unreliable.. :P
06:51 Druidrifleipod My iPod sucks
06:52 Monkeh|Lap Druidrifleipod: Of course it does. It's an iPod.
06:52 Cprossu_kindle once i get this sshing from the 3g it will be nicer...havent had the drive to do so
06:52 tehdroid45 joined #thegeekgroup
06:52 Cprossu_kindle lol
06:54 tehdark451 joined #thegeekgroup
06:56 Cprossu_kindle it appears the droid fails and the ipod too
06:58 tehdark45 joined #thegeekgroup
06:58 Cprossu lol
06:58 Cprossu everything failed there
06:59 tehdark45 yep
06:59 tehdark45 lol
06:59 Experimentonomen *belch*
07:03 Cprossu_kindle Wow still working
07:05 lwq1996 what state is seatle in?
07:05 tehdark45 joined #thegeekgroup
07:06 MoxieMike washington
07:06 lwq1996 holy shit
07:06 tehdark45 wow Lee you didnt know that?
07:07 lwq1996 nope
07:07 tehdark45 F
07:07 tehdark45 in geo
07:07 tehdark45 LO
07:07 tehdark45 L
07:07 Cprossu don't do his geography homework for him MoxieMike
07:08 tehdark45 lwq1996, it's around 200 clicks from me
07:09 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
07:09 lwq1996 cprossu i dont have geogrophy, yet
07:09 Cprossu damn
07:10 Cprossu they used to teach that pretty early on I thought at least =/
07:10 lwq1996 they 7th grade
07:10 tehdark45 I probably have better geo of America than Americans
07:10 Cprossu they did for me when I was in 5th
07:10 MoxieMike i was learning the states in 4th
07:10 Druidrifleipod I am booting windows from a disk
07:10 Cprossu tehdark45 probably that's not hard to do
07:11 tehdark45 Yep lol
07:11 Cprossu by the first few months of 5th I was expected to know all the capitol cities. I could never remember nebraska
07:12 tehdark45 Omaha
07:12 tehdark45 I think
07:12 Cprossu Lincoln.
07:12 lwq1996 what a bitch she called me special -.- im ugly and fat, not special
07:12 tehdark45 meh close enough
07:13 tehdark45 whos she? wannabe-zz is zzzzing
07:13 Cprossu I kept on thinking it was bismarck (north dakota)
07:13 tehdark45 :P
07:13 Cprossu beats me why =P
07:13 lwq1996 no this chick from seattle
07:13 tehdark45 lol
07:14 * egrsteve|away suffers insomnia
07:14 Druidrifleipod Hmmmm
07:14 Cprossu_kindle we were having an unreliable irc contest... i lost
07:14 BatSteve sleepz
07:15 lwq1996 lol i just started talking to this guy, he told me hew was 18 i said i was 16 and female, and he disconnected
07:15 tehdark45 lwq1996, Omegle?
07:16 tehdark45 or chatroulette
07:17 lwq1996 yees
07:17 lwq1996 omegle
07:17 lwq1996 and htf didnt i know about omegle
07:19 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
07:20 tehdark45 wb Druidrifleipod
07:21 Druidrifleipod Sigh my comps not loading
07:21 lwq1996 .wiki asl
07:21 BotSteve "American Sign Language, or ASL, for a time also called Ameslan, is a complex form of manual communication in which hands, limbs, head, facial expression and body language are used to communicate a visual-spatial language without sound." -
07:21 lwq1996 FAIL
07:21 Druidrifleipod Age sex location
07:22 tehdark45 Druidrifleipod, 19 m Canda
07:22 tehdark45 :P
07:22 lwq1996 lol
07:22 MadManMarkAu Older than you/not with you/right behind you
07:23 Druidrifleipod Smart ass
07:23 MadManMarkAu :P
07:23 lwq1996 lol
07:39 Ycarene My nephews and nieces' father "speaks" ASL.
07:42 lwq1996 lol
07:43 BotSteve In the last hour, there have been 1 new YouTube videos posted by PhysicsDuck.  New videos:   Captain's Blog 1-14-12 Lift work, Shooting Videos, and Genius Kids
07:48 Cprossu ^ and there you go non-believers
07:49 lwq1996 what????? what have you been smoking?
07:50 tehdark45 lwq1996, it's Cprossu
07:50 tehdark45 :P
07:50 Cprossu read up =P
07:50 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
07:51 lwq1996 got a time?
07:51 Druidrifleipod Damn :(
07:51 Cprossu_kindle my unreliable irc hasnt failed yet :(
07:51 tehdark45 lol
07:51 Cprossu I feel left out
07:51 Druidrifleipod Why does my pc like to fuck up at the worst times
07:51 tehdark45 is that data unlimited?
07:52 Cprossu as far as I can tell
07:52 tehdark45 until you get the bill
07:52 tehdark45 :P
07:53 Druidrifleipod Can any one remotely fix a pc
07:53 tehdark45 Druidrifleipod, what is it doing?
07:54 Druidrifleipod Not booting
07:54 tehdark45 beeps?
07:54 Druidrifleipod Nope
07:54 tehdark45 what does it do
07:55 Druidrifleipod Idols at the loading bar for an hour
07:55 tehdark45 OS?
07:56 Druidrifleipod Vista
07:56 * tehdark45 facepalmsreallyhard
07:56 Toastdude Has anything ever survived thumper intact?
07:57 Cprossu hahaahahah joe: you guys are hacks
07:58 tehdark45 Druidrifleipod, make a linux USB, Copy all your important shit to a safe location, then install 7 on i
07:58 tehdark45 it*
08:00 Cprossu HAHAHAHAHAH
08:01 Cprossu Wire 4 Chris 0
08:01 Cprossu so far
08:02 Cprossu we finally have a thumper fillament it seems hahahaha
08:02 Toastdude Haha :
08:02 Toastdude :D
08:02 Cprossu Wire 5 Chris 0
08:03 Druidrifleipod Gun
08:03 Druidrifleipod Chris needs to thumper a paintball gun
08:04 tehdark45 Druidrifleipod, you there?
08:05 Druidrifleipod Yeah
08:06 tehdark45 so you gona do that?
08:09 Cprossu BotSteve: tell maglinvinn footage from today is very useful thanks
08:09 BotSteve Cprossu: I'll pass that on when maglinvinn is around.
08:12 Hackfox joined #thegeekgroup
08:23 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
08:29 Electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
08:31 Electricguy morning
08:32 Experimentonomen guten morgen
08:32 * Experimentonomen wonders how much more he can use his sub before he gets evicted
08:32 * lwq1996 needs to saw 10dollars for his state flag
08:33 lwq1996 i would say fuck it and blast it
08:34 Experimentonomen lwq1996, the sub has been rumbling from around 10am to 8pm most of the week, neighbours only tolerate so much before they get fed up, i havent gotten any complaints yet though
08:34 Experimentonomen and the building i live in is so poorly insulated that u can hear someone fart in the basement
08:35 lwq1996 lol
08:35 lwq1996 i laughed at hear a fart in th basement
08:35 Experimentonomen and i've heard/read that subwoofers are actually banned in apartment buildings
08:35 lwq1996 ik how it is though i live in a house not an app
08:36 lwq1996 in the summer all i here is the same beat from 9pm to 5am from my neighbors
08:37 Experimentonomen when i can, im gonna get a house soewhere far away from any neighbours, get some monster PA speakers with like 4-8 18" subs per channel, some 3kW amplifiers and just jam out
08:38 Experimentonomen even if im 60+ once that day comes
08:38 MoxieMike you might not need that much power
08:38 lwq1996 lol
08:38 MoxieMike my friend's system that he built from scratch is only 7W and it'll shake his house
08:39 Experimentonomen 18" subs need ALOT of power to regain a somewhat controlled bass and not just a buncha uncontrolled flopping
08:40 Druidrifleipod joined #thegeekgroup
08:40 Druidrifleipod Hey
08:40 Experimentonomen its true that even a weak amp can shake the house, but thats not from the actual bass transient, but rather the aftershock of the sub at its natural resonant frequency beeing excited by the amplifier
08:41 Experimentonomen instead of BOOM BOOM its more like boWOOM booWOOM
08:41 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
08:41 Monkeh Anyone know where I might find the type of LCD used in cheap multimeters with a cable on it, rather than those weird pads?
08:41 Experimentonomen i have 250 watts of power on a 10" sub rated to 200W PMPO and even that amp has a hard time keeping cone movement under control
08:42 Experimentonomen Monkeh, i dont think u can, those that had actual legs were before the zebrastrip was invented
08:43 Monkeh Experimentonomen: Okay, so a PCB which will let me take a cable out then.
08:43 lwq1996 omegle is so fucking cool for trolling
08:44 Seroster You need a pcb with ZS pad that goes to a ribbon cable
08:45 Seroster It can be done, but you will need to make a custom fiddly PCB or just be extremely lucky while googling.,
08:45 Monkeh Seroster: Well, yes.
08:45 Monkeh Was hoping someone knew of one
08:45 Seroster Yer screwed.
08:45 Monkeh Cheap multimeters = easy way to get volt and amp display on a home made power supply. If I can get the screen where I want it.
08:46 Seroster Oooooor you just get a cheap ammeter and voltmeter on ebay
08:46 Experimentonomen i've thrown away some stuff that had the lcd display m ounted like a IC in a socket
08:46 Monkeh Seroster: .. yes, find me one I can panel mount which costs less than £5
08:46 Monkeh Seroster: Because that's what I can get two perfectly sufficient meters for.
08:47 lwq1996 lol should i freaking freak this guy out on omegle
08:49 Seroster Be nice, lee.
08:49 Seroster monkeh, look for one on ebay.
08:49 lwq1996 its so fucking fun to troll
08:50 Monkeh Seroster: You may have the patience to look through 3600 results to find one worthwhile one..
08:50 Seroster Time is money, not spending 15 hours on making an old multimeter work as a panel mount voltmeter is worth 5pounds
08:51 Monkeh Seroster: 15 hours?
08:51 Monkeh Seroster: If I can get a PCB for the LCD it's a 10 minute job.
08:51 Monkeh Seroster: And yes, time is money. And the only money I have is TIME.
08:51 Seroster .lmgtfy ammeter for sale £3
08:51 Seroster .lmgtfu ammeter for sale £3
08:51 * Seroster beats BotSteve
08:52 lwq1996 lol, seroster do you like trolling people on omegle
08:52 Seroster No
08:52 Seroster Its a boring way of trolling since you dont give a rats ass about whoever you are messing with.
08:52 lwq1996 lol
08:53 tehdark45 lwq1996, you lost the game
08:53 tehdark45 see
08:53 tehdark45 thats fun trolling
08:53 tehdark45 :P
08:53 Coderjoe argh
08:54 Coderjoe only finding this one flag in 2x3
08:54 tehdark45 Coderjoe, what you looking for?
08:54 Coderjoe UFP
08:55 lwq1996 .wiki UFP(flag)
08:55 BotSteve "The United Federation of Planets, also known as 'The Federation' is a fictional interplanetary federal republic depicted in the Star Trek television series and motion pictures." -
08:55 lwq1996 lol
08:55 Coderjoe i was already thinking of getting one before the UN one showed up today
08:58 lwq1996 i want to be an ass and get a nazi flag
08:59 tehdark45 yeah the chance of that being hung is 0
08:59 tehdark45 i dont think tgg wants to be assiociated with genocide
09:00 Coderjoe there go all the jolly rogers
09:02 Coderjoe is approximately 3x5 correct?
09:02 tehdark45 3*5 is standard
09:03 lwq1996 the size is 3x5 yes
09:03 lwq1996 but if you want to be a dick get a big ass one
09:06 tehdark45 wtf you doing in the living room?
09:06 lwq1996 to lazy to go to my bedroom
09:06 tehdark45 lol
09:07 lwq1996 im about to go to bed
09:07 lwq1996 im getting off later
09:08 lwq1996 later tehdark, coderjoe, any other poor sap thats up
09:08 tehdark45 bye lwq1996 USE TAB!!
09:08 lwq1996 to much work at 4am
09:09 lwq1996 ok well later, have fun. alone. in the dark, i mean teh dark
09:10 lwq1996 later bitch tits @ tehdark45
09:10 tehdark45 >..
09:10 tehdark45 lol
09:10 Electricguy o_O
09:10 Electricguy thanks, ass.
09:10 lwq1996 i put @ tehdark45
09:11 Cprossu_kindle holy crap this hasnt disconnected yet
09:11 lwq1996 hahahahaha
09:11 tehdark45 Cprossu_kindle, is here
09:11 tehdark45 lolol
09:11 lwq1996 maby they are getting better
09:11 lwq1996 gah im going
09:11 tehdark45 nope
09:11 lwq1996 damn computer
09:11 Cprossu_kindle this thing usually doesnt stay connected that long
09:11 lwq1996 masterofmonks if your around i give you permission to kick me to go to bed
09:12 Seroster .g UFP 5x3
09:12 BotSteve Seroster:
09:12 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
09:12 lwq1996 what kindle you have
09:12 Seroster .g UFP 5x3 for sale
09:12 BotSteve Seroster:
09:12 tehdark45 Seroster, you can kick lwq1996
09:12 tehdark45 :P
09:12 Seroster Yeah. I know.
09:12 lwq1996 i gave mom permission not seroster
09:12 Electricguy lwq1996, go to bed..
09:12 lwq1996 but who cares
09:12 tehdark45 why?
09:12 tehdark45 bed is so boring
09:12 tehdark45 :P
09:12 lwq1996 ok seroster heres your free kickeing
09:13 lwq1996 its better than counting the dead pixles on my screen
09:13 Cprossu it's a kindle 3, 3g btw ...with special offers, hacked to hell.
09:13 Coderjoe
09:13 Cprossu (aka the kindle 3 with a keyboard still)
09:13 lwq1996 lol
09:13 tehdark45 cprossu, how did you hack it?
09:13 Cprossu completely and totally.
09:13 lwq1996 HEY BITCH TITS @ SEROSTER, i said kick me
09:14 Electricguy .....
09:14 lwq1996 is it the ad free one?
09:14 Cprossu now it is =)
09:14 lwq1996 lol kinda figured
09:14 * lwq1996 kicks seroster in the shin
09:14 lwq1996 im giving him a free kicking for me and hes not taking it
09:15 Cprossu jailbreak for firmware 3.2.1 (despite it running 3.3), usb networking, screensaver hack, and kindleterm
09:15 Electricguy lwq1996, how hard is it to close a IRC client?
09:15 lwq1996 kindleterm?
09:15 Cprossu and I replaced the script that does the ads with a 0 byte file
09:15 tehdark45 lwq1996, its no fun if you tell him too
09:15 * lwq1996 slaps serosters boobs around
09:16 Cprossu lwq1996: you have google you can look it up yourself =P
09:16 lwq1996 electricguy he likes kicking me
09:16 Electricguy ....
09:16 lwq1996 its 4:30 where i live cprossu
09:16 Cprossu get some bloody sleep
09:17 Cprossu also HOW?!
09:17 Cprossu it's :17 here
09:17 Electricguy lol yeah'
09:17 Electricguy it's impossible that it can be :30
09:17 lwq1996 you live in az i live in pa, totally different coasts
09:17 tehdark451 joined #thegeekgroup
09:17 Cprossu do we have leap 15 minutes now that I don't know about?!
09:17 lwq1996 well thats and estimate
09:18 lwq1996 its actually 4:18
09:18 Cprossu good.
09:18 Electricguy it doesn't matter where on earth you live, the minutes doesn't differ
09:18 Cprossu you know Electricguy
09:18 Cprossu I totally want to live in gmt -7.5 now
09:18 lwq1996 ik
09:18 Cprossu hahahahahaha
09:19 Electricguy :P
09:19 Cprossu it'll be our invention, think of it
09:19 Cprossu half time zones
09:19 lwq1996 im going to bed, fuck you all -,-
09:19 Cprossu now jetlag will be double confusing
09:19 Electricguy FCUK YOU lwq1996
09:19 lwq1996 you can fuck me but not fcuk me
09:20 Electricguy i did they typo on purpose...
09:20 Cprossu_kindle plugging this in.....wasting bw....well see how long it lasts
09:20 lwq1996 kinda figured that :/
09:20 lwq1996 lol
09:20 Cprossu_kindle very surprised
09:20 lwq1996 we will need to check logs in the morning to see if it disconnects
09:21 Electricguy go to bed
09:21 lwq1996 does it have auto reconnect?
09:21 Cprossu not on this client.
09:21 lwq1996 i prob should :/
09:21 lwq1996 ah
09:21 Cprossu this is using jwebirc I think on
09:21 Druidic_Rifleman mu ddrive is missing
09:21 lwq1996 night botsteve
09:21 Cprossu it doesn't reconnect for shit on the kindle
09:21 lwq1996 that needs fixed
09:21 Cprossu thanks BotSteve
09:21 BotSteve You're welcome, Cprossu
09:21 Cprossu night lwq1996, get some damn sleep
09:22 Druidic_Rifleman ooook
09:22 lwq1996 no i mean there needs to be a night botsteve
09:22 lwq1996 lol
09:22 Druidic_Rifleman my Ddrivr
09:22 lwq1996 ok later
09:22 Druidic_Rifleman is missing
09:22 lwq1996 later
09:22 Druidic_Rifleman this is bad
09:22 Cprossu Electricguy let electronics know there's new video of the offices on the latest captain's blog.
09:22 Cprossu Druidic_Rifleman g.f.l.
09:22 Cprossu will help out tomorrow sometime.
09:23 Electricguy okey!
09:23 Electricguy can't botsteve do that? :P
09:23 Druidic_Rifleman go fuck leaphercauns???
09:24 Cprossu (If I can get you through powering up a nuclear reactor from initial hot standby to fully functioning with a generator properly synched on a grid I can do anything.) and it's close, 'Good Fucking Luck'.
09:25 Druidic_Rifleman LOL don't forget
09:25 Druidic_Rifleman i was drunk to XD!!!
09:25 DeRaaf joined #thegeekgroup
09:25 Cprossu next time we'll do a powerup from 0, and I'll show you new horrors you didn't know before =D
09:25 Druidic_Rifleman needed doenuts and i would of totally had a homer simpson moment
09:25 Druidic_Rifleman those nuclear techs
09:26 Druidic_Rifleman they have allot of stress
09:26 Cprossu Back in highschool I actually was so bored one day(had my laptop)
09:26 Cprossu started at 0 in my first hour
09:26 Cprossu had it all going by lunch
09:27 Cprossu simulated a loca in physics and disabled most of the safety systems and still pulled it out somehow
09:27 Cprossu good times.
09:27 Druidic_Rifleman hehehe
09:28 Cprossu I bet the next version of the software I showed you if they ever make it will have a new button
09:28 Cprossu :station blackout:
09:28 Cprossu that will suck
09:29 Cprossu there'll be a whole series of simulators based on decay heat removal and management
09:29 Cprossu aka the 9th circle of hell
09:29 * Cprossu wonders if you'll have a fixed amount of 'workers' that you can give 'x amount of dose' to
09:29 Cprossu hey Druidic_Rifleman you know that video game we want to make, I got an idea
09:30 Druidic_Rifleman what game the zero punctuation game
09:30 Cprossu damn you're right
09:30 Cprossu we have to make Mankind Has Yet to Recognize My Genius first
09:31 Cprossu granted if it's as good as yahtzee thinks it's going to be there'll be no point in making any other game
09:32 Cprossu so anyway we'll make a first person nuclear power simulator and name it "You're fucked"
09:32 Cprossu wait.... we can't get away with that
09:32 Cprossu damn
09:32 Cprossu what can we do so we can still get it rated T for Teen Druidic_Rifleman?
09:32 Cprossu well I'll let you ponder that
09:33 Cprossu niiiiiiightttttttttttttttttttt!!! already
09:35 Druidic_Rifleman we're all gunna die???
09:42 Druidic_Rifleman i wonder if there is a way to make a heated diamond plate floor
09:43 Electricguy of course! :P
09:43 Electricguy induction coils! :D
09:43 Electricguy then you can have floor lamps with coild in the base to power the lamp to ;)
09:45 Druidic_Rifleman Could you imagine Boden
09:45 Druidic_Rifleman Strolling into GH5
09:46 Druidic_Rifleman and seeing heated diamondplate floors in his room
09:48 Electricguy LOL XD
09:51 Druidic_Rifleman OMG THATS SEXY... hey moose go on line i need a hooker... i wanna have sex on that floor like now....
09:51 Druidic_Rifleman HOLY SHIT IT'S HEATED!!!!!
09:52 Electricguy o_O
09:52 * Electricguy walks away...
09:53 Druidic_Rifleman what
09:53 Druidic_Rifleman ...
09:56 Electricguy lucky you that Moose didn't see that
10:02 Electricguy but maybe she should....
10:04 Monkeh joined #thegeekgroup
10:06 piku joined #thegeekgroup
10:10 Seroster Kickass following:;feature=g-vrec&amp;context=G2795dbaRVAAAAAAAACA
10:10 BotSteve Title: 8-bit Tetris Theme on an Oscilloscope - YouTube
10:10 Seroster That speaks to two sides of my geekery xD
10:11 Electricguy not really breaking news that the tetris tune is built up with square and trianglewave :P
10:11 Electricguy but yeh, it's pretty funky
10:12 Electricguy LOL!
10:13 Seroster Because you have to add water once every 2 monthes. if it was left outside in the rain it is now a perpetual motion machine. Anything hooked to a solar panel or wind tower PROVES overunity happens everyday.
10:13 Seroster WHAT
10:13 Seroster THE
10:13 Seroster FUCK
10:13 Seroster Solar panels are now overunity
10:13 Electricguy lol
10:14 Seroster Then my fucking crabs are pets.
10:14 Seroster And a booger on the wall is a painting -.-
10:14 Electricguy it's like i saw some video of a dude hooking a motor and a generator together with a magnetic coupling. the motor ran off of a AC inverter. and the 70Ah battery was only acting as a capacitor... yeah right!
10:14 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, where are you seeing this?
10:15 * Experimentonomen is watching a crummy old movie
10:15 Seroster Prep motion machine
10:15 Seroster Great idea, Electricguy
10:16 Seroster .c 22000/500
10:16 BotSteve 44
10:16 Seroster .c 500/22000
10:16 BotSteve 0.0227272727
10:17 Electricguy Skyrim is obviously gay..
10:24 Seroster Electricguy, you hang around on elektronikforumet?
10:24 Electricguy yes
10:24 Electricguy you have asked me 2 times before :P
10:25 Seroster Blerg.
10:25 Seroster I confuse people with one another
10:25 Seroster Seen the hv xformer in the sell part?
10:27 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
10:27 Seroster Fffuuuu
10:28 Electricguy yes
10:45 Druidic_Rifleman Is bored
10:45 Druidic_Rifleman Fucking Insomnia is so damaging to productivity
10:49 Experimentonomen ok the fifth element was nowhere near as good as i remembered it
10:50 * einball wakes up from standby
10:50 Experimentonomen guten morgen ein
10:50 einball hi :)
10:54 Ycarene I always thought that the Fifth element was semi satirical.
10:55 einball Multipass! :D
10:57 Electricguy i need trafos for a ring modulator..
10:57 einball Ring modulators are done with diodes :o
10:58 Electricguy and a pair of trafos
10:58 Electricguy to not feed the carrier directly throught the input and output
11:01 einball oh okay
11:05 Cj1corbystarlet joined #thegeekgroup
11:06 Cj1corbystarlet Anybody alive in the land of txt ?
11:09 Ycarene I'm alive, just not awake.
11:11 Cj1corbystarlet :)
11:14 NeWtoz I just got up myself
11:18 MadManMarkAu My minecraft server is offline until CraftBukkit gets an update, and there are no updates available yet. Sorry guys.
11:20 Seroster Hello Cj1corbystarlet
11:20 Cj1corbystarlet yo hows everyone
11:21 MadManMarkAu Oh, wrong channel...
11:21 MadManMarkAu disregard :P
11:23 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
11:23 Cj1corbystarlet So when are we Aussies goning to have a get together ?
11:23 Cj1corbystarlet *going
11:24 einball I don't care, but I may visit the get2gether Cj1corbystarlet
11:24 einball :)
11:24 Cj1corbystarlet einball where are you ?
11:24 einball Germany ;)
11:25 Cj1corbystarlet Ohh thats going to be a loooong drive :)
11:25 einball Or does Aussie refer to australian?
11:25 einball Aussie in germany refers to austrians :P
11:26 Cj1corbystarlet Aussie = Australian = Australia
11:26 einball damn
11:26 Cj1corbystarlet The land where everyting can maim or kill you :)
11:26 einball I like that
11:26 einball Makes life exciting
11:34 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
11:35 einball meh
11:35 einball no music satisfies me at the moment ... Everything's crap :D
11:37 * MadManMarkAu plays chip tunes obnoxiously loudly
11:38 einball Lowfi? Hmm ...
11:39 Cj1corbystarlet Lowfi funeral ?
11:39 einball Lowfi<>Hifi
11:41 Cj1corbystarlet ahh
12:10 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
12:19 * Experimentonomen sticks his head into ein's sub and looks at the sticker on the magnet and takes note of brand and power ratings
12:20 einball
12:20 einball Sooo true ._.
12:20 * einball now knows what to listen to! HA :D
12:21 Electricguy lol
12:21 Electricguy i'm listeing to old CDs from when i was a horny little 12 year old boy :P
12:21 Electricguy oold memories :P
12:21 einball Well, you grew older ...
12:21 einball But you didn't change, eh? :D
12:21 Electricguy oh yes i did :P
12:22 Electricguy the mucis totally sucks balls :P
12:22 Electricguy it's just fun to listen to it again XD
12:22 einball By old CD's you mean what kind of music? :D
12:22 Electricguy 666, basshunter, sum 41, DJ Rankin... random crap XD
12:23 einball OMG
12:23 Electricguy i REALLY wonder how i could listen to DJ Rankin back then... it SUCKS! XD
12:23 * einball talks about those things:;feature=related
12:23 BotSteve Title: Rammstein - Feuer frei ! [HQ] English lyrics - YouTube
12:24 Electricguy lulz
12:24 einball AT INSANE VOLUMES :D
12:24 Electricguy lol
12:24 Electricguy yeah, there is a reason why i got half deaf on my right ear when i was 13.... XD
12:24 einball err ... yup :)
12:25 Electricguy dads old PA amp and 2 old car subs.. lol XD
12:25 einball But then I got headphones and threw the inears out ... more basss less volume more awesomeness ...
12:25 Electricguy lol... headphones.. :P
12:26 einball Well .. I built my sub last year so .. *gg*
12:26 Electricguy lol :P
12:26 einball enought time to get deaf
12:26 Electricguy i built my first one when i was 9.. XD it wasn't really pretty... :P
12:27 Electricguy with some shitty old 8" driver... XD
12:27 einball but it worked
12:27 Electricguy yes
12:27 einball and you were proud as hell
12:27 Electricguy and sounded like crap :P
12:27 einball :D
12:32 einball I used to kill amps back then. But then I got an arrow in the knee
12:32 tonsofpcs an arrow like the projectile or like the brand?
12:32 Electricguy *rim-shot*
12:32 tonsofpcs :-p
12:32 Electricguy outdated skyrim humor... :P
12:32 tonsofpcs oh, that
12:32 tonsofpcs yea, I haven't played yet
12:33 Electricguy me neither
12:33 einball I still like the joke.
12:33 einball It's a running gag in university
12:34 Electricguy it was fun like 2 months ago.. XD
12:34 Electricguy I NEED TO FIND MORE OLD CDS!
12:34 einball that is so true
12:34 einball Electricguy:
12:34 einball :D
12:34 BotSteve Title: BASSHUNTER Boten Anna - (The original 2006 Swedish video) - YouTube
12:34 Electricguy tl;dr
12:35 Electricguy einball, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!
12:35 Electricguy XD
12:35 tonsofpcs running gagg? like ?
12:35 BotSteve Title: RunningGAGG | SUNY Geneseo
12:36 einball o_O
12:36 einball Electricguy: Warned you ... Or no .. I didn't *trollface*
12:38 Electricguy UMAD, Bro?
12:40 einball :D
12:40 einball UMAD: Ultimative Mutual assured Destruction
12:42 Ponko lol
12:43 piku joined #thegeekgroup
12:44 einball I think I've trapped Electricguy in a spiral he will never escape
12:44 * Electricguy was just busy with other stuff
12:48 * einball needs his mornign coffee
12:51 Electricguy Electronics, there is a small tour of the office area in the latest captains blog. for the MC project
12:53 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
12:53 ajcc afternoon
12:53 tonsofpcs the MC project?
12:55 Ponko afternoon ajcc
12:56 BitViper tonsofpcs : the minecraft build
12:56 tonsofpcs oh
12:56 tonsofpcs why don't they just finish the CAD work and provide a copy of that?
12:58 BitViper tonsofpcs : who's taking all the measurements ? if i had good measurements id do a model. im actually hoping to get good external measurements when i [hopefully] come down to the lab tuesday if i can find a 100ft tape measure
12:58 BitViper and soemone to help
12:58 BitViper then i can build a model for google maps/earth
12:58 ajcc aftonnoon Ponko
12:58 Ponko :)
12:59 tonsofpcs BitViper: I have a rough plan of the studio space
13:00 BitViper how rough/accurate ?
13:01 BitViper to do a decent model would need a few inches resolution/accuracy
13:03 tonsofpcs few inches? go for 1/16"
13:03 tonsofpcs and I'd say within a foot, perhaps even within 4"
13:03 tonsofpcs I know that the stairwell is wrong, but meh.
13:04 tonsofpcs it's also just a plan view which is utterly useless
13:04 tonsofpcs I mean, you can extrude it and chop it up... but it would be easier to just type in fresh elements
13:05 ^Prophet^ joined #thegeekgroup
13:05 BitViper 4" or better is what ive been thinking, 1/16 would be great, but rather unrealistic. I couldnt even get my own apartment measured and modeled to better than 1" accuracy after about a week of measureing and remeasuring. I finally concluded that there isnt 2 parallel lines in the entire building.
13:05 ^Prophet^ morning all
13:05 tonsofpcs morning
13:05 ^Prophet^ your still on?
13:05 tonsofpcs still?
13:05 tonsofpcs it's 8am
13:06 tonsofpcs BitViper: you don't own a protractor?  or perhaps some string?  or perhaps some simple geometric math after measuring four walls?
13:06 BitViper tonsofpcs : i use google sketchup, in many cases the extrude and cut is actually the easiest, but ya still need good measurements to start with
13:06 tonsofpcs ugh....
13:06 BitViper tonsofpcs : i dont think geometry would even apply in this stupid place LOLOL
13:06 tonsofpcs *stares at BitViper until he s/google sketchup/AutoCAD/*
13:07 BitViper if someone feels like providing me a copy of autocad/etc id use it, i learned it once some 20 years ago
13:07 tonsofpcs also, depending on the purposes of the model, you can assume right angles.
13:08 BitViper yeah, that was the problem, there isnt any in this apartment, not unless I fudge pretty much every measurement I took.
13:08 tonsofpcs note: the building I work in has hexagonal construction.
13:08 Seroster FUCK
13:09 Seroster I need quick advice
13:09 Seroster Phone vs washing machine.
13:09 Seroster Suggestions
13:09 tonsofpcs and you're asking us?
13:09 einball let it dry
13:09 Seroster -.-
13:09 Seroster Compressed air? Heat? With or without battery? start it?
13:09 einball and then use destilled water
13:09 BitViper leave phone in rice for a day or so, the rice will suck out the water
13:09 Seroster I havent got any distilled.
13:09 einball take the battery apart
13:09 tonsofpcs get one of those vegetable zipper bags (the kind with hole in it), and put it in there then put that in rice
13:09 tonsofpcs battery and SIM out of the phone
13:09 einball let it dry at a warm place (above the heater)
13:09 tonsofpcs odds of success: 1/50
13:09 BitViper not too warm tho
13:09 einball and then buy some destilled water
13:09 Seroster Battery and rice yes.
13:10 Seroster I god sodium hydroxide, that attracts water :>
13:10 einball wash the phone with that to get rid of the tensides and other chemicals in the washing water
13:10 Monkeh Seroster: Got IPA?
13:10 tonsofpcs don't put it directly in rice unless you have 100% rinsed and dried rice (the added starches are not good)
13:10 einball and then repeat that procedure
13:10 Seroster Compressed air then rice.
13:10 tonsofpcs altrnatively: concentrate on cleaning the sim and buy a new/used phone.
13:11 Seroster Thing is I'm still paying off that phone
13:11 Seroster And I got fucked by the salesman, dont think I got warranty
13:11 tonsofpcs got insurance on it?
13:11 Monkeh If it's been through a full rinse cycle it'll probably work if you just let it dry, frankly.
13:11 Seroster It's a cheap fucking phone, nope.
13:11 tonsofpcs good luck.
13:11 BitViper so perfect for cheap phone sex ?
13:12 * BitViper runs for cover
13:12 Seroster Maybe I should just throw it in the tumbledryer
13:12 tonsofpcs lol
13:12 BitViper Seroster : thumper bait ?
13:12 ^Prophet^ the cheaper the phone... the more durable for some reaoon
13:12 Monkeh Seroster: No, generally not advisable.
13:12 tonsofpcs dryer will probably melt it
13:12 ^Prophet^ reason*
13:12 Monkeh ^Prophet^: Cheap phones = simple phones. Simple = durable.
13:12 ^Prophet^ yeah
13:12 ^Prophet^ my friend dropped hers in paint and it still worked
13:13 Monkeh Paint's pretty thick.
13:13 Seroster Fuck theres a lot of watrer in it
13:13 Seroster Disassemble completely? =D
13:14 Monkeh If you're confident you won't break it
13:14 Seroster Its already broken for all I care
13:14 tonsofpcs completely? likely not worth it.  Take the case into pieces so you expose most of it? sure
13:15 tonsofpcs I have an old nokia candybar that's basically 100% sealed, the case/cover just snaps over an inner plastic frame, only exposed parts are the electrical connections and buttons (which are just holes for membrane access to pins from outter shell).  that thing could probably survive a dunk in the ocean.
13:16 tonsofpcs BitViper: see PM
13:17 mpex2006km joined #thegeekgroup
13:18 Seroster Dareth I start it now?
13:18 tonsofpcs start immediately
13:18 mpex2006km is there anyone in the lab?
13:19 tonsofpcs probaably not
13:20 tonsofpcs it's 8am
13:20 Seroster FUCK
13:20 BitViper and its sunday
13:21 Druidic_Rifleman morning geeks
13:21 mpex2006km sorry. I am writing from Greece
13:22 mpex2006km The time here is 3:21 am
13:22 Seroster FUCK
13:22 Seroster I think I just released the blue smoke.
13:22 tonsofpcs blue?
13:22 Monkeh Seroster: The magic blue smoke?!
13:22 Seroster Yeah..
13:22 BitViper what, and you didnt get video of it ? shame on you !
13:22 Monkeh Speaking of which, I have some magic blue smoke to release in the near future but I need a non-contact thermometer first.
13:23 Seroster BitViper, guess what I record videos on dipshit =P
13:23 BitViper Seroster : derp LOL
13:23 Monkeh Router which mysteriously failed, replaced the IC which went up in flames (literally.) and now the CPU is the hot part.. :D
13:23 Seroster Freezer next?
13:23 mpex2006km And its my chatting for first time
13:24 mpex2006km here
13:24 Seroster Hey, you're greek?
13:24 mpex2006km Yes
13:25 * einball giggles
13:25 ^Prophet^ creepy
13:25 Seroster You are used to dealing with stuff that is truly fucked up, any suggestions on what I should do to my my phone who went for a washer ride?
13:25 Monkeh mpex2006km: Warning: The Seroster is dangerous to your mental health.
13:25 Electricguy lol
13:26 * Experimentonomen listens to 666
13:26 Monkeh And to his own health, but that's another matter.
13:26 * einball giggles again
13:26 * einball haz coffee
13:26 einball The morning coffee delayed to 14:25
13:27 Experimentonomen im goin to uncles around 18:00 to dinner
13:28 roadran422|zZz Hey yalll
13:28 Sgt_Lemming wow, gibroni is a little nuts :-P
13:29 Experimentonomen oh god not him :(
13:29 roadran422 Sgt_Lemming: What?
13:29 Sgt_Lemming latest captains blog
13:29 * tonsofpcs needs tea
13:29 roadran422 I saw...
13:29 roadran422 He's not that nuts compared 2 chris's brother xD
13:29 roadran422 Bananas and tomatos? WTF?
13:30 Monkeh Sgt_Lemming: A little?
13:30 Monkeh Sgt_Lemming: Did you see my message about the laptop?
13:30 Sgt_Lemming yeah, you fixed it
13:30 Monkeh Sgt_Lemming: It was a most annoying problem.
13:31 Sgt_Lemming I can imagine
13:31 Monkeh Sgt_Lemming: Computrace.
13:31 Monkeh Boycott.
13:31 roadran422 Kaspersky, spywareblaster and spybot = Virus be gone.
13:31 Monkeh roadran422: ... Not really, no.
13:31 roadran422 Monkeh: What am I missing?
13:31 roadran422 Kaspersky has a built in firewall
13:32 Monkeh roadran422: ...
13:32 Monkeh The plot?
13:32 roadran422 ...?
13:32 roadran422 What do you mean.... Am I missing something? xD
13:32 Monkeh Yes, the plot.
13:32 Sgt_Lemming roadran422, firewall on a network you trust with a NAT router between you an the internet == pointless
13:33 roadran422 ...
13:33 Sgt_Lemming the only thing it would stop, is viruses spreading internally
13:33 Monkeh Sgt_Lemming: Except for testing via blocking specific apps.
13:33 roadran422 That's all I care about
13:33 tonsofpcs Sgt_Lemming: huh?
13:33 roadran422 I help my family remove viruses and crap, yet I never get them.... Od..
13:33 tonsofpcs Sgt_Lemming: how  is that pointless?
13:33 mpex2006km BB guys see you later. I have to do my home work.
13:33 roadran422 Cya mpex2006km and don't you have mlk day off?
13:33 tonsofpcs you can have further and further militarized zones inside the fence...
13:34 Monkeh Most viruses don't spread in that matter these days anyway.
13:34 Sgt_Lemming yes, you can
13:34 roadran422 I might have a spare computer set up as a firewall...
13:34 Monkeh Thanks to NAT, exploiting holes in services remotely has become somewhat less effective.
13:34 roadran422 WIth an old laptop, run a generic firewall and reroute all trafic through that computer
13:34 Sgt_Lemming roadran422, that's not a bad idea
13:34 mpex2006km roadrab422- what mlk means
13:34 roadran422 Martin Luther King day...
13:35 * tonsofpcs has over 20 networks in the same building @ work... we figure we can vlan it as 73+-5 networks and force routing through firewalls to 'bridge' them
13:35 Sgt_Lemming use something like pfsense, smoothwall, ipcop etc
13:35 roadran422 Sgt_Lemming: I might, but I don't have a computer close enough
13:35 roadran422 to the router, nor do I have an extra wireless card
13:35 roadran422 If I can get something I might just to better ensure the network lol
13:35 mpex2006km ok BB
13:35 Druidic_Rifleman whays up
13:35 roadran422 ..?
13:36 roadran422 Many ways up...
13:37 tonsofpcs routeros is free...
13:37 Sgt_Lemming so are all three I listed tonsofpcs
13:37 roadran422 I just need a computer
13:37 Sgt_Lemming there is also monowall, clark connect, etc etc
13:38 einball
13:38 einball aww so sweet
13:38 roadran422 brb got to restart computer for updates
13:38 einball roadran422: you're doing it wrong
13:38 einball use linux. be happy :)
13:38 roadran422 :P
13:39 roadran422 I have linux disks, just don't know the commands
13:39 roadran422 Nor the software..
13:39 Sgt_Lemming einball, all the ones I listed except one are linux based
13:39 roadran422 I'd hope so
13:39 Sgt_Lemming smoothwall is about the easiest one to use IMHO
13:39 Monkeh I must wonder why you'd hope so when you know nothing of the platform or subject. :P
13:40 einball Sgt_Lemming: I referred it to roadran422's update reboot
13:40 roadran422 I'd think windows is more vulnerable than linux....
13:40 Monkeh roadran422: .. there are other OSes.
13:40 Monkeh Go reboot
13:40 Sgt_Lemming it's a lot better now
13:40 Sgt_Lemming it used to be crap
13:40 Monkeh Sgt_Lemming: Still a bit of a bad joke, though.
13:40 roadran422 lol
13:40 roadran422 I am working on something before I can xD
13:41 roadran422 I am immunizing my computer-spybot.
13:42 ^Prophet^ btw roadran my gcube still works :D
13:42 Sgt_Lemming sigh, I really need to clean my desk >_<
13:42 ^Prophet^ i could sic chris on you xD
13:42 roadran422 Nice!
13:42 Sgt_Lemming oh it's nowhere near that bad
13:42 einball :D
13:42 ^Prophet^ xD
13:44 ^Prophet^ can someone link me to the captains blog pl0x
13:45 einball;context=C37227ffADOEgsToPDskKTzt2eHW_C0rl-m2fzyuyE
13:45 BotSteve Title: Captain's Blog 1-14-12 Lift work, Shooting Videos, and Genius Kids - YouTube
13:45 ^Prophet^ ty
13:45 Sgt_Lemming .t tgg
13:45 BotSteve Sun, 15 Jan 2012 09:45:29 TGG
13:45 Sgt_Lemming yNos, you awake?
13:47 roadran422 left #thegeekgroup
13:48 tonsofpcs BatSteve-Away: BotSteve should tell us youtube video duration
13:48 tonsofpcs
13:48 BotSteve Title: Captain's Blog 1-14-12 Lift work, Shooting Videos, and Genius Kids - YouTube
13:51 Seroster MRGH
13:52 Sgt_Lemming BotSteve: tell yNos I'd like to setup a mumble/minecraft server on one of the new servers if I can have shell access to one of them...
13:52 BotSteve Sgt_Lemming: I'll pass that on when yNos is around.
13:53 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
13:54 roadran422 Hosts file?
13:54 BotSteve Title: Blocking Unwanted Parasites with a Hosts File
14:05 NeWtoz fyi Sgt_Lemming that .t tgg is off by an hour
14:05 tonsofpcs mumble?
14:06 Sgt_Lemming mumble = open source voice chat system
14:06 Sgt_Lemming like teamspeak or ventrilo but a hell of a lot better
14:06 Sgt_Lemming and completely open source, free and cross platform
14:06 Sgt_Lemming not to mention it uses certificates for identification, making it really secure in terms of nicks and administration
14:07 Sgt_Lemming .w mumble software
14:07 BotSteve "Mumble is a voice over IP application primarily designed for use by gamers, similar to programs such as TeamSpeak and Ventrilo." -
14:08 tonsofpcs ah
14:09 mpex2006km joined #thegeekgroup
14:10 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
14:12 mpex2006km HI I'm back again
14:13 injektion My dad doesn't like to use facts during an argument
14:13 dbshortwave joined #thegeekgroup
14:13 BitViper does any parent ?
14:14 dbshortwave i found something that needs to go in the robotics lab or on the doors to the lab
14:14 injektion We had an argument about how my dad thinks my 25 year old 5 series is exotic
14:15 injektion In reality the first generation Toyota Camry is more exotic because the 2.5L v6 makes 173 HP and my 3.5L I6 makes 180HP
14:16 injektion The Toyota engine is a liter smaller and almost makes the same amount of HP
14:17 ajcc hmm, is that a gif with a jpg extension?
14:17 ajcc nice robot though :)
14:17 mpex2006km Nice image
14:18 injektion What about this
14:29 mpex2006km Is anyone here
14:30 mpex2006km OR i am the one who want chat
14:32 Zugan joined #thegeekgroup
14:33 tonsofpcs How I know I'm getting older... it's sunday, it's before 10am, I've already made myself breakfast...
14:34 tonsofpcs dbshortwave!
14:34 tonsofpcs also, needs to be posted with the laws of robotics.
14:34 BitViper tonsofpcs : you should go to the hospital next, you're obviously suffering from some sort of severe illness
14:35 tonsofpcs anyway, I nominate you to go work on the Wheatstone TV600 next.  You live closer to where it was made than I :-p
14:35 injektion Inconsistent premises always make an argument valid.
14:35 tonsofpcs arguments don't have to be invalid to be unsound.
14:36 tonsofpcs Q.  if ~Q --> Q.
14:40 injektion I know
14:40 dbshortwave lol sup tonsofpcs
14:43 injektion I'm screwing around with my dad
14:44 tonsofpcs it's raining.  If it isn't raining then it is raining.
14:44 BitViper sounds like michigan, if you replace "raining" with "raining or snowing"
14:46 dbshortwave hey guys hi five!
14:57 dbshortwave we have sunshine here
14:58 tonsofpcs any snow left on the ground?
14:59 dbshortwave yeah
14:59 dbshortwave its like 1 F out side
15:00 dbshortwave we hit -9°F lastnight
15:01 Noise_Marine joined #thegeekgroup
15:01 tonsofpcs .tfw 12345
15:01 BotSteve 0°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Schenectady, NY!  'Keep track of your local old people.'
15:01 mantere .twf Tampere, Finland
15:01 mantere .tfw Tampere, Finland
15:01 BotSteve 5°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Tampere/Pirkkala, FI!  'Should have gone south'
15:02 dbshortwave lol
15:02 dbshortwave .tfw 13346
15:02 BotSteve 1°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Hamilton, NY!  'Fantastic do-nothing weather.'
15:03 tonsofpcs .tfw 13126
15:03 BotSteve 2°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Oswego, NY!  'My nipples could cut glass'
15:04 dbshortwave LOL
15:04 tonsofpcs .tfw 13850
15:04 BotSteve 1°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Vestal, NY!  'Put on some fucking socks.'
15:04 mantere i just came from a 2 hour walk. it was actually pretty nice weather out there
15:04 tonsofpcs at -15?
15:04 mantere yeh
15:04 BitViper .tfw 49304
15:04 BotSteve 17°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND SNOWING IN Baldwin, MI!  'My nipples could cut glass'
15:04 dbshortwave rome was -14 this morning
15:05 BitViper .tfw 49503
15:05 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: which one?
15:05 BotSteve 17°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Keep track of your local old people.'
15:05 dbshortwave NY
15:09 mpex2006km In Greece we have 61°F
15:11 tonsofpcs .tfw greece, ny
15:11 BotSteve 9°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Greece, NY!  'Shrinkage's best friend.'
15:11 tonsofpcs (we hhave places named after everywhere in NY :-p)
15:11 tonsofpcs .tfw athens
15:11 BotSteve 42°F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Athens, GA!  'Where life is mediocre'
15:11 tonsofpcs .tfw athens, gr
15:11 BotSteve 43°F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Athens, GR!  'An Eskimo would beat your ass to be here'
15:11 tonsofpcs heh
15:21 tonsofpcs ugh 9 hours til I can see Sherlock
15:30 Seroster Fucking phone -.-
15:30 Sgt_Lemming aww, poor Seroster :-P
15:31 Experimentonomen the end of die hard 4
15:32 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
15:32 roadran422 hola yall
15:32 roadran422 Funny, florida doesn't have much of a southern accent as I would htink'
15:32 Ponko go to the Everglades
15:33 roadran422 ....?
15:33 roadran422 Why therr?
15:33 Electricguy why not?
15:33 Ponko because they have thick southern accents
15:33 roadran422 The everglades? Where the rain forest and jugles are?
15:33 Ponko yes
15:34 Ponko in Florida
15:34 Ponko there are people down then
15:34 Ponko there*
15:34 roadran422 There are: o_O?
15:34 Ponko yes
15:34 roadran422 o_O # wtf? waffle. xD
15:34 dbshortwave
15:34 BotSteve Title: 5c7e9fd4f57a33900209f8a12e62ccf5.jpg » : I eat people like you
15:34 roadran422 Ok.... lol
15:34 Ponko not alot mind you but there's some
15:34 Electricguy roadran422, there are people on planet earth! now THAT'S something you didn't know! ;P
15:34 Ponko i've been there so i know :P
15:35 roadran422 Southern accened?
15:35 Ponko yes
15:35 roadran422 Ponko: Oh hahhaa
15:35 roadran422 Electricguy: :P
15:35 einball y0
15:35 einball GO LOW!
15:35 roadran422 ..
15:35 Ponko einball GO LONG
15:36 einball Ponko: Iam no longcat :)
15:36 Ponko lol
15:36 Ponko might play some madden
15:37 roadran422 Wii rules!
15:37 Experimentonomen *yaaaaaaawn*
15:37 einball get low bass, get low!
15:37 Ponko but i'm in a cbf mood
15:37 dbshortwave i love troll logic
15:37 Ponko what logic
15:37 Ponko that word isn't in there vocabulary
15:37 roadran422 xD
15:37 Ponko neither is vocabulary
15:38 Experimentonomen ein, low bass as in low frequency or low volume ? :P
15:38 einball Ponko: In troll logic: Fuck off logic. Vocabulary is for derps :D
15:38 einball Experimentonomen: LOW FREQ
15:39 Ponko einball: if you were a troll i'd of slapped you hard by now
15:39 einball Iam a troll :P
15:39 Ponko but i know what you mean
15:39 * einball is white and nerdy
15:39 Ponko einball: you're too intelligent to be one
15:40 einball Ponko: I behave like an idiot .. and you tell me Iam too intelligent to be one? That's like a punch in the face :D
15:40 * Experimentonomen disconnects ein's subwoofer and then waits to see how long it'll take before ein notices it :P
15:40 einball T_T
15:40 einball Experimentonomen: immediately :D
15:40 roadran422 ^Prophet^ what's up?
15:40 einball It's like taking Saurons ring :D
15:41 einball <3
15:41 Ponko einball: yeah but you're not annoying the hell out of people
15:41 BotSteve Title: "Weird Al" Yankovic - White & Nerdy
15:41 einball Ponko: Not ... yet :D
15:41 Ponko well not in the ways most trolls do
15:41 * einball giggles
15:42 Ponko and einball you seem too nice to be a douchebag troll
15:42 Experimentonomen aight its time for a shower, bbiab
15:42 einball Ponko: That's the first time this year somebody telling me that I'm nice :P
15:42 Ponko tbh idk you that well but from what you i've learned you're nice
15:43 einball Hmm .. Well, Iam suicidal, completely insane and an adrenaline junkie :)
15:44 Ponko ignore that "you"
15:44 einball Life would fade to grey if I'd do that :)
15:44 Ponko as i said idk you that well
15:44 Ponko no the you from my sentence
15:45 Ponko anyway
15:46 einball Do you talk about my two personalities in my head? lol :o)
15:47 einball Oh, my brother just took a picture of me ...
15:47 einball :d
15:47 Ponko lol
15:48 piku joined #thegeekgroup
15:49 einball That pic reflects my inner self ...
15:49 einball :D
15:49 einball Ponko: do oyu know Nick Farr? :P
15:49 Ponko hmm
15:49 Ponko i've heard of him
15:49 einball He once entiteled me "Hardcore" :D
15:50 einball Nick Farr is a legend in the makerscene
15:51 Ponko oh ok
15:51 dbshortwave MEHHH BBL
15:51 einball i THINK THAT WAS DURING THE ccc cAMP :p
15:51 einball grr caps
15:51 Ponko lol
15:51 einball you know the camp?
15:52 Ponko i'm right here no need to shout
15:52 Ponko lol
15:52 Ponko unfortunately i do not
15:52 einball
15:52 BotSteve Title: Chaos Communication Camp 2011 - YouTube
15:53 einball lovely .. I did a practical term in berlin during that camp. It was really nice :)
15:54 einball (But I couldn't afford the entrance fee of the camp :P)
15:54 Ponko hmm
15:55 Ponko ok brb
15:55 einball there's a cool documentation on the CCC Camp. I can't find it
15:55 einball but it's an awesome piece of video
16:06 eadthem joined #thegeekgroup
16:22 Seroster Now what lemmin
16:24 yNos Sgt_Lemming: am around now
16:24 BotSteve ynos: I have the following messages for you:
16:24 BotSteve At 13:52Z, Sgt_Lemming asked me to tell ynos I'd like to setup a mumble/minecraft server on one of the new servers if I can have shell access to one of them...
16:24 yNos whats up?
16:25 roadran422 Hey yNos
16:25 Sgt_Lemming are any of the servers available to set that up, or are they all spoken for?
16:25 Sgt_Lemming mumble can run on damn near anything
16:25 Sgt_Lemming minecraft on the other hand needs something reasonably beefy
16:25 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
16:25 yNos we can take a look and see, i am not sure what is spoken for
16:25 Sgt_Lemming kk
16:26 roadran422 A new "security camera" is coming in yNos. And by "security camera" I mean a laptop webcam I took apart from a laptop.... SHould be  funny
16:26 Sgt_Lemming if you can do a base debian install on it, I can do the rest, all I need is ssh access
16:26 Sgt_Lemming might need a port forward or two
16:26 Sgt_Lemming roadran422, you do realise it may be useless without the laptops mobo?
16:27 Experimentonomen Sgt_Lemming, laptop webcams are usually usb'
16:27 roadran422 Sgt_Lemming: It's for kicks xD
16:27 Sgt_Lemming yes, they are, but they sometimes have supporting hardware on the mobo
16:27 Experimentonomen all u need to do is figuring out the pinout on thne wires
16:27 roadran422 He could thump itt
16:28 Sgt_Lemming Experimentonomen, talking from experience, that is not always the case
16:28 Sgt_Lemming as I have tried to do that before, and had issues.
16:28 Experimentonomen Electricguy hooked up a laptop webcam to a stationary and had it working like a regular webcam
16:28 roadran422 lol
16:28 roadran422 I has I think 5 pins?
16:28 Experimentonomen he just added a usb cord to it
16:29 roadran422 I might just try.... I have a usb cord?
16:29 roadran422 But, I already packaged it lol
16:29 Sgt_Lemming yes Experimentonomen, I understand it works for some of them... I said it doesn't work for ALL of them
16:29 Sgt_Lemming 1 case of it working, doesn't mean it will always work!
16:29 Experimentonomen usb is usb
16:30 Experimentonomen only prollem i see is that there may not be drivers available, unless u can leach them from the install disk or hdd from the laptop
16:31 Experimentonomen bur most usb stuff nowdays have no drivers as the original purpose of usb was just plug and play
16:32 wannabe1987
16:32 wannabe1987 ...
16:32 BotSteve Title: Bad Joke Eel - can february march no but april may
16:33 yNos anyone familliar with git got a moment for a gitnoob?
16:34 Experimentonomen anyways im gonna take off, cya'll later
16:34 Experimentonomen bbl
16:34 yNos am trying to get
16:34 BotSteve Title: bluecherrydvr/solo6x10 - GitHub
16:34 yNos ls
16:34 yNos ermm..
16:35 roadran422 ...
16:35 tonsofpcs merr..
16:35 roadran422 Derp...
16:36 wannabe1987 wooo freezing drizzle coming our way ...
16:36 tonsofpcs yNos: do you just want to copy to a local tree or do you want to actaully be able to commit back?
16:36 Katemonster joined #thegeekgroup
16:36 tonsofpcs (note: I hate git. )
16:36 yNos i only have read only
16:37 tonsofpcs so you just want to pull?
16:37 yNos have only used cvs..
16:37 yNos yup
16:37 yNos just pull
16:37 tonsofpcs ok, so the way git works is (ready?)
16:37 tonsofpcs you have to create a local tree and local branch and pull in the main branch from the remote tree, that way your code is different......
16:37 Seroster I got theese bolts that are great for what I need them for
16:37 Seroster Except they lack 15mm.
16:38 tonsofpcs luckily, if you don't plan on commiting back, you don't really have to worry about that crap
16:38 maglinvinn joined #thegeekgroup
16:38 Seroster I got well over a meter of M10 threaded rod stock, with bolts
16:38 Seroster This is an M8 hole.
16:38 Seroster -.-
16:38 yNos fun
16:38 tonsofpcs mkdir whereyouwanttogo
16:38 tonsofpcs cd whereyouwanttogo
16:38 tonsofpcs git clone git://url/goes/here.git
16:38 tonsofpcs which would be git://
16:39 yNos done
16:39 yNos cool
16:39 yNos thanks
16:39 yNos i <3 anoncvs
16:39 Katemonster it's important to interpret this as: seroster's rod is inadequate.
16:39 yNos that was easier than i thogh.
16:39 Seroster Nope katemonster
16:39 Seroster My rod is too thick
16:40 yNos Katemonster: it is fairly well known.. nobody had to bring it up.
16:40 Katemonster it's inadequate for what you need it for though.  :p
16:40 Katemonster hi craig
16:40 tonsofpcs yNos: now, if you expect to make a diff patch or direct commit back, it aint gonna happen... at least not easily
16:40 roadran422 My teachers name is Gregg Bailey....
16:40 tonsofpcs would be cooler if it were Justin.
16:40 Seroster Too thick sounds better.
16:41 wannabe1987 is it possible to transfer money from my bank acct to my paypal acct?
16:41 roadran422 I think so?
16:41 tonsofpcs probably
16:41 tonsofpcs Seroster: just drill that hole.
16:41 Seroster Nope
16:41 wannabe1987 next question: how?
16:41 roadran422 lol
16:41 tonsofpcs no clue! I don't trust paypal.
16:42 Seroster Good thing is I have this mounting bracket for a parabolic antennae, kind of an U shape, wich is *drumroll* M8!
16:42 yNos tonsofpcs++
16:42 wannabe1987 i had to get it to get paid for doing surveys online.....
16:42 Seroster So I cut that in half, making two L shapes. The L will be the new head.
16:42 wannabe1987 i'll ask facebook
16:42 tonsofpcs wait, so you're replacing your head because your rod was too thick?
16:42 wannabe1987 oo i get my power cord today :D
16:42 tonsofpcs facebook is going kerblewy on my phone right now
16:42 roadran422 How the heck do you go pass a computer that is locked? I could use kondisk but computer doesn't have enough mem...
16:43 Sgt_Lemming go pass?
16:43 roadran422 No pass...
16:44 Sgt_Lemming reboot it, mash f8 at boot, use command line to change the password
16:44 roadran422 I can't I need a pass to get in to account and admin privillages
16:44 tonsofpcs huh?
16:44 roadran422 I was going to format the computer anyways, so I might just use linux to see what data
16:45 tonsofpcs you type in the password...
16:45 roadran422 Idk the pass :P
16:45 Sgt_Lemming yNos, is there a list of the spec of the servers up anyhwere?
16:45 yNos nop
16:45 Sgt_Lemming bugger >_<
16:46 roadran422 3 certs 4 to go.
16:46 einball :o)
16:46 Sgt_Lemming don't suppose there is someone you can rope into grabbing machine type/serial off them for me?
16:46 roadran422 einball: what?
16:46 einball Ponko-Busy:
16:46 einball roadran422: Just dreaming about an open society ;)
16:47 roadran422 .....
16:47 roadran422 SHIT!
16:48 wannabe1987 ah shit
16:48 wannabe1987 i have to leave
16:48 roadran422 I can't even get in to fing bios!
16:48 wannabe1987 i'll be back online on my netbook soon!
16:48 roadran422 Keyboard works after it passes the splash.
16:49 roadran422 What is wrong!
16:50 piku joined #thegeekgroup
16:51 tonsofpcs lots.
16:51 roadran422 This is not good.
16:52 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
16:52 roadran422 The keyboard is not activated after the mother board's splash screen so I can't change bios settings, and this is a ps/2 keyboard not usb!
16:53 roadran422 Wow, I was lucky.
16:53 mashpriborintorg hiya
16:54 tonsofpcs roadran422: hold a key down to get it in 'keyboard failed' mode
16:55 roadran422 tonsofpcs: I got it in the lucky way.
16:55 roadran422 I removed the battery and it went after the splash screen, due to the battery out the date was reset and asked me to go in to setup...
16:55 roadran422 I then changed ps/2 in to enabled not auto
16:57 Electricguy roadran422, yes, you can just connect a internal webcam to USB. it's like any other webcam
16:57 Electricguy they tend to suck pretty hard though
16:57 roadran422 I wasn't starting that argument xD
16:58 Electricguy hrm okey :P well, i didn't read that carefully XD
16:58 einball haha :D
16:58 Electricguy oh, it was Sgt_Lemming
16:58 roadran422 lol
16:58 Electricguy yeah, laptop webcams are just a USB webcam connected directly to the mobo..
16:58 Electricguy usually no drivers needed
16:59 Sgt_Lemming Electricguy, I have seen ones that are not USB
16:59 Electricguy that's strange
16:59 Electricguy i have modded 4 different ones. all were USB
16:59 einball Experimentonomen: still bored?
16:59 einball Me too! :D
16:59 Electricguy all came from HP pavillion DC9000 series laptops though
17:00 Electricguy strangely enough the cameras were different...
17:00 roadran422 Mine came from the dv2910us
17:00 Electricguy might have been using the same chip. but different boards
17:00 Electricguy oki
17:00 roadran422 ...
17:00 Electricguy i can't remember the colors on the wires though...
17:00 roadran422 If you want to hack someone's windows account. Use konboot.
17:01 Electricguy red is ground if i remember correctly (yes totally fucked)
17:01 roadran422 lol
17:01 Electricguy measure between the groundplane on the camera PCB and the wire. if there is a connection it's the ground
17:01 roadran422 Green and White is data
17:01 Electricguy yes. in normal USB
17:01 roadran422 Yah lol
17:01 Electricguy the cameras i modded had yellow and blue as data
17:02 roadran422 ...
17:02 Electricguy i think brown was +5V
17:02 Electricguy most likely different on all cameras though
17:02 roadran422 Weird...
17:02 Electricguy yeah :P
17:02 Sgt_Lemming Red is VDD on usb
17:02 Sgt_Lemming black is ground
17:03 Electricguy no shit
17:03 Sgt_Lemming green is D+ and white is D-
17:03 Sgt_Lemming <Electricguy> red is ground if i remember correctly (yes totally fucked)
17:03 Electricguy but internal webcams aren't following the USB color codes
17:03 Electricguy cause if they were, data + and - shouldn't be blue and yellow
17:06 Cprossu_kindle holy crap its still connected?!?!
17:06 Electricguy yepp :P
17:06 Cprossu morning though
17:06 yNos hey there
17:06 Cprossu what's cookin yNos?
17:06 roadran422 Ejuice
17:07 Electricguy this is what the webcams i modded looked like. approx
17:07 Electricguy one looked like that at least
17:07 roadran422 THAT IS IT.
17:07 roadran422 THat's the board I have.
17:07 Electricguy :P
17:07 yNos not a whole lot, going to go to talk to my mom to find out what she wants for a domainname/site/shopping cart
17:07 Electricguy that one seem to have other colors though. cause mine didn't have any white wire
17:07 Sgt_Lemming Electricguy, see I have seen ones where all the supporting circuitry is part of the motherboard
17:07 Cprossu fun fun
17:07 Sgt_Lemming because it means the module in the screen a crap load smaller
17:08 yNos loads
17:08 Cprossu most of the laptop webcams I see
17:08 Cprossu are USB
17:08 yNos i hate webdesign btw
17:08 Cprossu to the motherboard
17:08 Sgt_Lemming yNos, you heading into the lab today?
17:08 roadran422 Electricguy:
17:08 BotSteve Title: DSC00304.JPG
17:08 Electricguy how come they work perfectly when connected directly to USB? :P
17:08 yNos maybe, but not for sure
17:08 Sgt_Lemming Cprossu, yes, I know a lot are, but I have seen ones that aren't
17:08 Sgt_Lemming ffs
17:08 Sgt_Lemming not saying they all aren't, just saying some aren't
17:09 yNos allrite, boots, socks(not in that order), hoodie, gloves, coat.. time to go
17:09 yNos later all
17:09 * yNos waves
17:09 Sgt_Lemming ynos, if you do can you please dispatch a minion with a camera, and get them to take pics of the faceplates on the IBM servers? I will look up the details on all the servers
17:09 Sgt_Lemming later
17:09 Electricguy the ones in HP pavillion laptops seem to be regular USB cams at least
17:09 yNos the ibm servers are junque
17:10 Sgt_Lemming I thought some of them looked pretty decent?
17:10 yNos missing drives and sleds.. memory was pitated...
17:10 Sgt_Lemming they had 2.5
17:10 yNos **pirated
17:10 Sgt_Lemming ah right
17:10 Sgt_Lemming damn
17:10 Sgt_Lemming so basically mobo's and cpu's left?
17:10 yNos yup
17:10 Sgt_Lemming crap >_<
17:11 * yNos hates when companies shred sleds along with the drives..
17:11 yNos anywy
17:11 yNos later
17:11 Sgt_Lemming later
17:11 roadran422 left #thegeekgroup
17:14 Seroster I think ponko is mad at us, yNos =P
17:14 Ponko eh?
17:18 tonsofpcs yNos: can you bypass the tray mechanism and just connect drives internally?
17:23 Sgt_Lemming tonsofpcs, you *can* but there is nowhere to mount the drives
17:23 Sgt_Lemming and the connectors are not designed to stay in...
17:25 tonsofpcs really?  I know some of them the whole tray mechanism just slides into 5.25" holes and you can replace them with brackets...
17:26 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
17:27 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
17:27 roadran422 Hi Rahlon
17:29 Zugan joined #thegeekgroup
17:31 Ponko Seroster?
17:32 Sgt_Lemming tonsofpcs, some of them sure
17:32 Sgt_Lemming but not most I have seen
17:32 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
17:32 Sgt_Lemming especially not 2u and 1u servers
17:37 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
17:40 tonsofpcs the 2U servers that I have seen that take 3.5" drives in caddies, if the caddy is front-locking (that is, there isn't extra space on the side for the lock), you can often just bolt the drive into the frame that takes the caddy, you just have to rip the circuit board that the caddy mounts to out and plug the drive right in
17:44 Sgt_Lemming tonsofpcs, the "circuit board" is normally a backplane, and in most servers in the last 6 or 7 years is an active component
17:45 Sgt_Lemming you can put scsi drives in there sure, but without a backplane they won't be hot swap, and not a lot of servers have proper power plugs for 68 pin drives
17:48 tonsofpcs you're not going to be hot-swaping drives that are bolted in...
17:49 Monkeh Kids, if you want the servers operational, go to fleabay and find some caddies :P
17:49 Monkeh They're cheap!
17:51 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
17:51 BotSteve Cookies, Sandwiches, Skittles, Oh my!
17:51 * wannabe1987 just ate a cookie :D
17:51 Ponko yay
17:51 wannabe1987 and MY POWER CORD WORKS
17:51 Ponko i has doughnuts
17:51 wannabe1987 :D  eeeeee
17:51 wannabe1987 yum
17:51 * wannabe1987 will continue to rpg on the bigger compoooper as its bigger
17:51 wannabe1987 it needs a new nick tho..  :thinks:
17:51 wannabe1987 o i know!
17:51 wannabe1987 sarahM!
17:52 wannabe1987 i think only niobe, bats, MoM and toast will understand
17:52 tonsofpcs M.... Haras?
17:53 wannabe1987 no, my rpg character is Sarah Miller, so SarahM works :P
17:53 wannabe1987 that way theres less for me to correct when making the script....
17:53 wannabe1987 yes.  i log *everything*
17:54 tonsofpcs what rpg?
17:54 wannabe1987 tgg:rpg
17:54 wannabe1987 #tgg:rpg
17:54 tonsofpcs i take it that it's working then, masterofmonks ?
17:55 wannabe1987 its on friday nights.....with MoM and toast and i.  you'd have to ask to join, according to BatSteve, "I didn't know you could go a game w/o killing anyone"
17:55 wannabe1987 lol <tonsofpcs> I attack the darkness
17:55 tonsofpcs friday night is board game night, not RPG night... silly wannabe1987 :-p
17:56 wannabe1987 i didn't set it up!
17:56 wannabe1987 how are we going to play monopoly on irc?
17:56 tonsofpcs who said anything about IRC?
17:57 tonsofpcs also, i'm sure there's a monopoly bot
17:57 wannabe1987 i don't live with my family and they don't do board games on friday nights.
17:57 wannabe1987 irc is my family i live with.
17:57 wannabe1987 astro73 has a uno bot
17:57 tonsofpcs I don't either.  I go to a friend's house and/or local game store
17:57 wannabe1987 interesting
17:58 tonsofpcs although I suppose they are my family
17:58 tonsofpcs if only we could get a hackspace here, I'd totally build a woodshop in it and use that to build a gaming space
17:59 tonsofpcs (well, I suppose there technically are hackspaces here; quite large ones too; they're just... well... closed?)
18:02 tonsofpcs (read: there's a building here that is large enough to hold a space shuttle)
18:03 NeWtoz I need someone to play board games with :(
18:03 tonsofpcs where?
18:03 NeWtoz ?
18:03 NeWtoz like where am I?
18:03 wannabe1987 NeWtoz: i'm sure you can find someone at grcc :P
18:03 wannabe1987 or at the lab :nods:
18:03 tonsofpcs yea, or where would you like to play board games
18:04 NeWtoz in the GR area
18:04 NeWtoz but definitely not on a boat
18:04 tonsofpcs go talk to the guy working the counter at the radioshack on whatever that street is with all the fast food joints along it.
18:05 NeWtoz Alpine?
18:05 tonsofpcs sounds right
18:05 tonsofpcs he should be able to tell you.  He was the only one there to pick up on my magic t-shirt.
18:05 wannabe1987 try out alpha players on division....
18:05 wannabe1987 define board/bored games...
18:06 tonsofpcs also:
18:06 tonsofpcs
18:06 BotSteve Title: Grand Rapids Area Boardgamers | Wiki | BoardGameGeek
18:06 tonsofpcs also see:
18:06 BotSteve Title: looking for board game stores in grand rapids, MI | BoardGameGeek | BoardGameGeek
18:07 NeWtoz yeah, I have looked it up before, just feel weird about it
18:08 tonsofpcs they seem to have held their "game days" at aquinas college in the past, so maybe people play games in a student union (or similar) there?
18:08 wannabe1987 .in 5min undo dvorak keyboard
18:08 BotSteve wannabe1987: Okay, will remind at 18:13Z
18:08 NeWtoz I guess I'll sign up to their yahoo groups page
18:09 tonsofpcs why wait 5min?
18:10 tonsofpcs why not undo it now?
18:10 wannabe1987 because i'm busy editiong something
18:10 tonsofpcs dvorak is weird.
18:10 wannabe1987 ctrl shift is my change keys for it, its really annoying
18:10 tonsofpcs eww
18:11 Seroster Fucking POS drill bit.
18:11 tonsofpcs my one netbook I have keyboard changes set as alt+alt and the order you press them in decides the 'direction' it goes through the (circular) listt
18:11 Seroster You shouldnt even be able to break a 8.5mm in half
18:11 tonsofpcs Seroster: buy a better one for 10c?
18:11 Seroster That was an expensive bit -.-
18:12 tonsofpcs buy a just-as-good one for 10c?  :)
18:12 Seroster And the other one I got is dull
18:12 tonsofpcs use the half that's embedded in your work piece, just chuck iton? :)
18:13 Seroster Nah
18:13 Seroster It didnt break inside
18:13 tonsofpcs clearly you don't know the proper way to cleaave a drill bit :-p
18:13 tonsofpcs you're supposed to lose at least half of it inside a piece of pine or balsa :-p
18:13 BotSteve wannabe1987: undo dvorak keyboard
18:14 wannabe1987 thx  bot
18:14 wannabe1987 thx  BotSteve
18:14 Seroster Gonna make some machinist twat angry now, but imma sharpen this drill with a dremel.
18:14 wannabe1987 yay
18:15 tonsofpcs why not just screw the dremel bit onto something solid and use the drill  to spin the bit against the dremel bit?  surely it's higher torque, no?
18:15 masterofmonks Seroster: At lease you aren't sharpening a knife with a dremel.
18:15 masterofmonks least*
18:16 wannabe1987 ok
18:16 wannabe1987 time to go wash my hair before work
18:16 wannabe1987 bbl
18:16 mashpriborintorg hey, found something wotrh to see
18:16 BotSteve Title: Canon Virtual Plant Tour
18:16 Seroster Not today, masterofmonks
18:16 Seroster I have thou.
18:16 Seroster =)
18:17 tonsofpcs masterofmonks: that reminds me... I have a brush grinder thingy (idk the proper term for it, looks like a shoe-shine brush setup with one on each side, both spin the same way) at work that needs some use to grind my knives ;)
18:17 masterofmonks A bench grinder
18:17 tonsofpcs that would imply it being attached to a bench or at bench height :-p
18:17 masterofmonks And do you mean to grind knives out of stock?
18:18 tonsofpcs (also, yes)
18:18 masterofmonks;hl=en&amp;source=hp&amp;biw=1024&amp;bih=635&amp;q=bench+grinder&amp;gbv=2&amp;oq=bench+grinder&amp;aq=f&amp;aqi=g10&amp;aql=&amp;gs_sm=e&amp;gs_upl=696l2895l0l3164l13l11l0l1l1l0l252l1756l0.7.3l10l0
18:18 BotSteve Title: bench grinder - Google Search
18:18 tonsofpcs masterofmonks: well, I have one that's dull enough it may as well be stock ;)
18:18 tonsofpcs next you're going to tell me that it's overkill for honing and I should just use 3 passes over a rough stone and a few passes each over finer stone
18:19 Seroster I need an actual drill sharpener
18:20 masterofmonks tonsofpcs:
18:20 masterofmonks No.
18:20 tonsofpcs no what?
18:20 masterofmonks For sharpening you should use 200, 400, 800, 1000, and 2000 grit wet/dry papers. Wet.
18:20 Sgt_Lemming I just bought 198 drill bits yesterday for $38
18:21 tonsofpcs masterofmonks: I don't have wet/dry papers, I have stones...
18:21 Sgt_Lemming my drill bit problems are solved for a while
18:21 tonsofpcs Let's see.... I have 150ish (not really graded)
18:21 masterofmonks I think the difference is, I charge for sharpening service.
18:22 Seroster What is the best angle for a general purpose hss bit?
18:22 Seroster 45*?
18:22 masterofmonks So if my edge does not have a mirror finish, I have done something wrong.
18:22 Sgt_Lemming 60° is normal I think
18:23 Seroster I need to get some 200, 400, 800, 1200 and 2000grit wetdry paper.
18:23 Seroster Because my swiss army knife looks like hell after I tried (and succeeded) cutting steel wire with it.
18:24 tonsofpcs I have a 120, 150, 240 stone set...
18:24 Ponko bbl
18:24 Ponko left #thegeekgroup
18:26 mashpriborintorg joined #thegeekgroup
18:26 tonsofpcs and I have a hand steel...
18:26 masterofmonks That is a hone.
18:26 tonsofpcs yes, yes it is.
18:26 tonsofpcs I thought I had a 400 and 800 'stone' (two stuck together) but I can't seem to find it
18:27 Seroster Aaaand I just borked the heat treating
18:27 tonsofpcs (I also can't find the 120/150/240 set...)
18:27 masterofmonks
18:27 BotSteve Title: Purgatory IronWorks: Sharpening a Knife Part 1 - YouTube
18:27 Seroster
18:27 BotSteve Title: Flow Drilling - Friction Drilling - Form Drilling - YouTube
18:27 tonsofpcs right, i don't have the right tools, that's why I'm going for overkill and using the bench grinder :D
18:28 Sashi__ joined #thegeekgroup
18:30 tonsofpcs this guy loves his new microphone....
18:33 masterofmonks Trent is good people, also very well educated.
18:35 tonsofpcs it would help if my eeepc could buffer more than 20s at a time....
18:36 ^Prophet^ pause it wait for it to buffer then resume :P
18:36 tonsofpcs no, I have to click away and click  back
18:37 tonsofpcs it's a caching issue
18:37 ^Prophet^ ah
18:37 tonsofpcs although I have 157M available... hmmm...
18:38 tonsofpcs *digs into his bandwidth allocation*
18:41 ^Prophet^ *pretends to understand that*
18:41 Monkeh Cprossu: Oi, printer geek, you around?
18:43 wannabe1987 football is on tv, wheres ponko?
18:43 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: watching it?
18:44 wannabe1987 no.  its on tv
18:44 wannabe1987 i'm going to work
18:44 wannabe1987 bye!
18:44 Seroster **********
18:45 Seroster Fucking thing is stuck in the chuck
18:45 Monkeh Seroster: You fail.
18:46 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
18:46 tonsofpcs Seroster: chuck is tool-less?
18:47 leepod hey
18:47 Seroster ... No, the damn chuck ate the drill
18:47 tonsofpcs we have a drill at work with a chuck that disconnects from the body and the bit can go straight through the chuck...
18:47 * tonsofpcs wonders what type of oil this guy is using
18:48 leepod lol
18:50 Seroster This day
18:50 Seroster Fucking sucked.
18:52 leepod lol isnt it always
18:54 Seroster Oh fuck you lee
18:54 Sgt_Lemming .cookie seroster
18:54 BotSteve Here you go, seroster, I baked you a christmas cookie!
18:54 * Seroster stabs BotSteve
18:55 * Sgt_Lemming hands seroster an eccy
18:56 Seroster Recap
18:56 Sgt_Lemming ...?
18:56 Seroster My phone went for a washing machine ride.
18:56 Sgt_Lemming ah
18:56 Seroster My other phone has died
18:56 Seroster Im still paying the fucker that died today
18:56 Seroster I snapped three drill bits trying to make a hole in 2mm sheet metal -.-
18:56 Sgt_Lemming not insured?
18:56 * leepod feels the urge to calls this lady a whore
18:56 Seroster And now the bit is stuck in the damn chuck
18:57 Sgt_Lemming waht size hole seroster?
18:57 * tonsofpcs points Seroster to the press
18:57 leepod got a vice and some channle locks seroster
18:57 Seroster So... Drill, $150, phone, $300 drills $10. snapped a pair of pliers getting it out $20
18:58 Seroster Sgt_Lemming, M5-7
18:58 Seroster Started at five.
18:58 leepod lol bad day
18:58 Seroster Yeah I'm 500 bucks down.
18:58 Sgt_Lemming 2mm steel?
18:58 Seroster FuckingIKEA crap.
18:58 Sgt_Lemming heh
18:59 tonsofpcs Ikea makes thtings out of something other than MDF and plastic?
18:59 mashpriborintorg I found neat destop led light, in sale at ikea for 7 euros
18:59 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
18:59 mashpriborintorg the model that looks like an alien eye
19:00 mashpriborintorg pretty happy took 3 of them
19:00 leepod .money Seroster
19:00 mashpriborintorg yeah it's metal
19:00 Toastdude Hello
19:00 ^Prophet^ TOAST!!!'
19:00 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, drilling sheel metal I normally start at 3mm and work up
19:01 Seroster 5 was the smallest I got
19:01 Sgt_Lemming ah ok
19:01 Sgt_Lemming I picked up 198 drill bits for $38 today, starting at 1.5mm and working up to 10mm
19:01 tonsofpcs I usually start at 1/8 or smallerr and work up...
19:02 Sgt_Lemming 1/8 is 3.5mm tonsofpcs
19:02 Sgt_Lemming or there abouts
19:02 Seroster I cant remove the chuck to get the drill out BECAUSE THERES A FUCKING DRILL STUCK IN THE CHUCK
19:02 Seroster I want to burn something.
19:03 Sgt_Lemming got a couple of pairs of big vice grips?
19:03 Seroster ...
19:03 Seroster How is that supposed to work?
19:03 Sgt_Lemming grab the chuck with one pair, grab the quill with another
19:03 Sgt_Lemming not ideal but it'll work
19:03 Seroster Not that kinda chuckl
19:03 Sgt_Lemming chuck that requires a key
19:04 Sgt_Lemming ?
19:04 Sgt_Lemming or collet chuck?
19:04 Seroster
19:04 BotSteve Title: KR554CRES Black & Decker Slagborrmaskin 550W 13mm
19:05 leepod seroster got a fixed vise?
19:05 Seroster Define fixed.
19:05 Seroster I got a beefy vise yes.
19:05 leepod that cant move
19:05 Seroster In that case yes and no
19:05 Seroster I can bolt it to my fucking wall
19:06 Sgt_Lemming I can't read swedish seroster...
19:06 Sgt_Lemming keyless chuck?
19:06 Seroster But you can look at pictures cant you
19:06 Seroster YEs
19:06 leepod if you want to do that, thats your solution
19:06 Sgt_Lemming two vise grips still works
19:07 Sgt_Lemming one to hold the shaft behind the chuck, one to provide more leverage on the chuck
19:07 Seroster
19:07 BotSteve Title: Black & Decker KR554CRES Type 1 Hammer Drill Spare Parts | Tools and Parts Direct
19:07 Seroster I got the #2 style
19:07 Seroster I can use a wrench on the shaft
19:07 Seroster And a variable wrench for the head
19:07 Seroster Its fucked anyway.
19:07 Sgt_Lemming yeah, that should work
19:07 leepod if you got time send it back to the company and they will take it out
19:08 Seroster Is it left hand or right hand?
19:08 Seroster leepod, It is a 150dollar drill.
19:08 Seroster Having someone fix it will be somewhere in the realm of $120 - without spare parts.
19:08 Sgt_Lemming still under warranty?
19:09 Seroster Nope, and even if it was it was bought in the other end of the country
19:09 Seroster Wich is a trip that costs about $100 by train =>
19:09 leepod left threads i would thank
19:10 Sgt_Lemming drill chucks are normally left hand thread
19:10 Sgt_Lemming but it will have a locking screw inside the chuck
19:10 Seroster So... "the other way"
19:10 Seroster Yeah, the locking screw is missing. The threads where it used to go is where the drill went.
19:10 Sgt_Lemming oh, lol
19:10 Sgt_Lemming I can't help but say you fucked yourself there
19:10 leepod brand?
19:11 Seroster ure did =)
19:11 leepod what brand is the drill
19:12 Seroster Black n decker
19:12 leepod they may take it out for u
19:13 Seroster For free? Bull.
19:13 Sgt_Lemming with the chuck screw missing his warranty is null and very fucking void
19:13 leepod i would call the company and ask
19:14 Sgt_Lemming doubt it leepod, doubt it very much
19:14 Seroster I think that any round piece of metal that went into a hole would come out of the very same hole.
19:14 Seroster Or if it didnt, it wouldt go in in the first fucking place.
19:15 Seroster Sgt_Lemming, Im turning this clockwise and got squat
19:15 Seroster *Except for ruining the nice exterior of the chuck, lol.
19:15 Sgt_Lemming oh... is it completely loose?
19:15 Seroster I expected a pop and then it would be hand unscrewing
19:16 Sgt_Lemming are you trying to unscrew the chuck completely?
19:16 Seroster This sucker gives more resistance than threading M20 in steel.
19:16 Seroster Im trying to do anyfucking thing to it.
19:16 leepod did u leave any damage on it besides the bit being stuck
19:16 Seroster I could make a video for you
19:16 Sgt_Lemming try just undoing the chuck seroster
19:16 Seroster FUCK
19:16 Sgt_Lemming if you can do that, then try and remove the bit
19:16 dbshortwave joined #thegeekgroup
19:17 Seroster Yeah I had it loose until I did as you told me xD
19:17 Sgt_Lemming I was talking about trying to undo the chuck, not remove it from the dril >_<
19:18 Sgt_Lemming I didn't realise the locking screw was gone
19:18 Seroster Well yeah the chuck moves no problem
19:18 Seroster But there is a hunk of metal stuck inside
19:18 Seroster And I have been trying to wiggle it out for a while
19:18 Sgt_Lemming so the drill snapped, and left part inside the locking thread?
19:19 Seroster Yes.
19:19 Seroster the drill snapped flush with the chuck opening
19:19 Sgt_Lemming ah, right
19:19 Sgt_Lemming that makes it more interesting
19:19 Seroster Then I broke off the tip while wiggling it around trying to open up the hole.
19:19 Sgt_Lemming oh, well done
19:19 Seroster thank you =)
19:19 Seroster I see myself as kind of an expert when it comes to fucking up powertools.
19:20 Sgt_Lemming have you got a pair of pliers with a thin enough nose to try and unscrew it from the hole?
19:20 Seroster SparkyProjects, Good news, I got a motor for my electric gocart now.
19:20 Seroster Yeah, I had until I snapped them trying to do just that =)
19:20 Sgt_Lemming what size motor?
19:20 Seroster Its the 550w drill motor
19:20 SparkyProjects Cool
19:21 Seroster No. Its not cool. I ruined shit for 500bucks todau.
19:21 Sgt_Lemming <--- me and a mate are hopefully picking this up this week.
19:21 BotSteve Title: Honda FL250 buggy | Motorcycles & Scooters | Gumtree Joyner
19:21 Seroster Know what I could do...
19:22 Seroster I could take it to school where there is a proper three phase bigass drill
19:22 Sgt_Lemming and drill it out?
19:22 Seroster Put the chuck in the vise, and drill out the remains of this drill.
19:22 Sgt_Lemming good luck on not fucking that up
19:22 Seroster =)
19:22 Seroster No problem, I'll fuck up the school's brand new $10.000 drill =D
19:22 Seroster Btw, the industrial program got a water jet cutter. I want to take revenge on this fucking drill.
19:23 Sgt_Lemming yes, I am sure they will be pleased about that
19:23 Sgt_Lemming you fucking bitch!, I so badly want access to a water jet cutter
19:23 Sgt_Lemming got so much stuff I wanna do with one
19:23 Seroster Yeah, me too.
19:23 Seroster I had to hand file a piece from 25mm thick iron stock.
19:23 Sgt_Lemming heh
19:24 Sgt_Lemming I have some 25mm acrylic stock I want to cut atm
19:24 Seroster "Yeah... I could throw this in the water jet, learn some basic 2dimensional CAD and be done in about half an hour..."
19:24 Sgt_Lemming it weighs a fricking ton
19:24 Seroster Lol
19:24 Seroster How big?
19:24 Sgt_Lemming 300 x 900 x 25
19:24 Seroster Nice
19:24 Sgt_Lemming cost me $4 :-P
19:25 Seroster Get a plastic hacksaw and NiCr wire.
19:25 Sgt_Lemming or or or, and here's an idea
19:25 Sgt_Lemming the $2000 bandsaw we have :-P
19:25 Seroster ^
19:25 Seroster Get a plastic hacksaw and NiCr wire.
19:26 einball I have a printf("%i\n",(haeufigkeit/(anzahl*6))*100); and it will give me 0 :(
19:26 einball haeufigkeit and anzahl are both int
19:27 Sgt_Lemming mmm, I do like my new password system for machines
19:27 Sgt_Lemming Th1s1s<obfuscatedmachinename>
19:31 einball Nevermind. int sucks :D
19:32 roadran422 Hi
19:32 roadran422 Hey seroster.
19:35 CaptainNiobe morning, all... :)
19:38 dbshortwave morning niobie
19:38 dbshortwave -i
19:41 CaptainNiobe how you doing, db?
19:41 dbshortwave not bad
19:41 dbshortwave i need to fix my soldering station
19:42 CaptainNiobe oh?
19:42 dbshortwave yeah
19:42 dbshortwave damaged power plug
19:42 CaptainNiobe youch
19:43 mashpriborintorg and the problem is that you need to solder it :p
19:43 dbshortwave easy fix
19:43 dbshortwave nah
19:43 dbshortwave its got a termenal block and i can work around the soldering
19:43 * CaptainNiobe wouldn't be game enough to replace power plugs
19:45 dbshortwave its simple ;]
19:46 CaptainNiobe to someone with no experience? lol... most i've done is clean the dust out of my tv... lol...
19:46 dbshortwave im sure your power plugs use the same colors
19:46 dbshortwave just match them up ;]
19:47 CaptainNiobe negative, positive and ground...
19:48 tonsofpcs soldering power plugs for mains?
19:48 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: most mains plugs are designed to be screwed on, not soldered...
19:49 dbshortwave eh this one i need to replace wire and all
19:49 Sgt_Lemming soldering high wattage capable connections is a bad idea mmmk
19:49 tonsofpcs ^^^
19:49 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: what is it?
19:49 dbshortwave soldering station
19:50 tonsofpcs what part of it?
19:50 roadran422 morning Captain
19:50 roadran422 Niob
19:50 roadran422 e
19:50 dbshortwave power corde from wall to box
19:51 CaptainNiobe g'day, roadran422, how are you?
19:53 dbshortwave new cord + splice termenal's = cut splice crimp an be done
19:55 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
19:57 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
19:57 tonsofpcs how does cord connect inside?
19:57 astro73|alice monopole racing motors? nifty idea
19:57 BotSteve Title: Day 6 - Mini Rolling Motors - YouTube
19:57 dbshortwave termenal bus and solder
19:57 dbshortwave so the solder side is crimped down with a insulated crimp sleave
19:58 tonsofpcs huh?
19:58 * tonsofpcs wants to see pics
20:00 y007ghg7 well fuck.....
20:01 y007ghg7 i was doing good too
20:01 dbshortwave terminal buss strip is like this
20:01 st1y joined #thegeekgroup
20:01 tonsofpcs no, not of something similar.  of that.
20:02 dbshortwave this is the crimp sleeve
20:04 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
20:06 tonsofpcs *stare down*
20:07 Teshima joined #thegeekgroup
20:07 dbshortwave o.o
20:07 dbshortwave wha?
20:09 st1y hows everyone doing today?
20:10 LemPhone joined #thegeekgroup
20:10 LemPhone bleh
20:10 LemPhone fricking horrible day here
20:10 LemPhone pissing down and cold :-(
20:10 LemPhone .tfwc brisbane
20:10 BotSteve 21°C?! ITS FUCKING NICE AND WET IN Brisbane, AS!  'I approve of this message!'
20:10 st1y nice here, cold but clear and sunny
20:10 LemPhone bullshit it's 21!
20:11 st1y i love winter, so i'm glad it's finally here
20:12 LemPhone it's summer here
20:12 Hackfox Love my lift
20:12 Hackfox *life
20:12 st1y so the list on the right, are all those people logged into chat right now?
20:13 Hackfox Had steak and pork and bean salad for lunch
20:13 st1y veggie pizza here
20:13 Hackfox and yes thati is the list
20:14 LemPhone st1y, logged in, yes, concious, not necessarily
20:14 Hackfox and it's less logged in and more connected tot he server
20:14 st1y i see
20:14 LemPhone bbiab
20:14 Hackfox it's kinda like people sitting in a room, they're all there but they might not be paying attention
20:14 Hackfox
20:14 BotSteve Title: OpenVSP
20:15 Hackfox hell yes
20:16 tonsofpcs Hackfox: what? huh? where?
20:19 Seroster My drill is fucked.
20:19 Seroster My pliers are fucked
20:19 Seroster My drillbits are fucked
20:19 Seroster My phone is fucked.
20:19 Seroster Fuck.
20:20 Hackfox well atleast you can design a plane o.o
20:20 tonsofpcs then he'd snap the blade off into his workpiece :-p
20:21 dbshortwave crap
20:21 tonsofpcs crap?
20:21 tonsofpcs did you get a pic yet?
20:21 tonsofpcs .tfw syracuse, ny
20:21 dbshortwave yeah cant find my solder
20:22 BotSteve 14°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Syracuse, NY!  'I'm sorry.'
20:22 ubuntupokeoninc joined #thegeekgroup
20:22 tonsofpcs hmm, seems like a nice day for a drive....
20:22 st1y it's winter dude
20:22 st1y lol
20:22 ubuntupokeoninc I am building a big vttc and I need a pig
20:23 ubuntupokeoninc anyone know of a good place to get one
20:23 tonsofpcs ubuntupokeoninc: ?
20:23 tonsofpcs ebay?
20:24 ubuntupokeoninc I looked and they are all local pickups and shipping is crazy expensive
20:24 st1y fire mylar streamers into the nearest substation then quickly steal one before they turn the power back on. haha.
20:25 ubuntupokeoninc I see them in storage places at the power plant its really tempting
20:26 maglinvinn i'm obligated to point out the geek group does not condone theft.
20:26 BotSteve maglinvinn: I have the following messages for you:
20:26 BotSteve At 08:09Z, Cprossu asked me to tell maglinvinn footage from today is very useful thanks
20:26 maglinvinn lol.
20:26 st1y years ago the place i work sold air fired confetti that shot mylar ribbons... until someone shot one up and over a substation... now they are punched out confetti dots instead of ribbons.
20:26 st1y hey mag... did you ever get that price list from chris?
20:26 maglinvinn price for?
20:26 st1y fireworks
20:26 ubuntupokeoninc;hash=item3370724372 this one looks tempting but science knows if it works :P
20:26 BotSteve Title: Pole Mount Transformer | eBay
20:27 maglinvinn message me.  i'm not sure what you're talking about
20:28 st1y we spoke on youtube about fireworks
20:28 maglinvinn oh.  i remember now
20:28 st1y i sent a list to chris, if you want one i can send it your way
20:37 Cheezmo joined #thegeekgroup
20:37 Cheezmo shoopdaboop
20:37 Cheezmo I have not been in here for much too long
20:39 Cheezmo CaptainBoden, I still need to send thos dang diodes down there :V
20:40 Cheezmo also have some of those rubberish TO-220 heatsick/insulator pads
20:40 tonsofpcs ...
20:40 BotSteve Title: Federal Pacific S2T15FE FT0021 - Distribution Transformer 240x480 Primary 120/240 Secondary 15 kVA 60Hz 1 Phase NEMA 1 Aluminum
20:41 tonsofpcs oh, hey, chris is onn the irc!
20:41 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: picture?
20:41 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
20:42 wannabe1987 theres wifi at work.  but it wont let mirc connect
20:42 wannabe1987 wtf
20:42 tonsofpcs port blocking
20:42 wannabe1987 Toastdude!
20:42 wannabe1987 awwww
20:42 tonsofpcs what? where?
20:44 wannabe1987 i deleted dvorak form my computer but notepad is stuck in dvorak
20:44 wannabe1987 help?
20:44 Cheezmo alt+shit it?
20:44 Cheezmo shift*
20:44 Cheezmo christ what a typo
20:44 wannabe1987 no, my switcher was ctrl shift but that doesnt work
20:44 Cheezmo hm
20:44 wannabe1987 i'll save it, reopen
20:44 dbshortwave oh ive got it all together
20:45 wannabe1987 you've got it together?!  i want it together...damn
20:45 wannabe1987 stupid ducks won't get in a row
20:45 wannabe1987 15 min left
20:46 wannabe1987 yay that worked
20:47 dbshortwave what worked?
20:47 wannabe1987 saving and restarting the application/program
20:47 wannabe1987 its not stuck in dvorak anymore!
20:47 dbshortwave cool
20:47 wannabe1987 and Cheezmo that was an AWESOME typo!
20:48 Cheezmo :P
20:48 egrsteve|away hello
20:48 wannabe1987 hi
20:49 NeWtoz YELLOW
20:49 wannabe1987 purple
20:49 NeWtoz Orange
20:49 egrsteve|away hello
20:49 wannabe1987 cookie
20:49 wannabe1987 hi steve!
20:49 Electronics heya
20:50 Cheezmo it's the steve from the lift!
20:50 * wannabe1987 has cookies
20:50 wannabe1987 :D
20:50 Cheezmo or not lol
20:50 Cheezmo just watching the vid now :P
20:50 wannabe1987 i think he was having issues
20:51 wannabe1987 how do people get to the age of 40 or 50 and not use an ATM?!
20:52 egrsteve joined #thegeekgroup
20:52 Cheezmo by going into the bank at business hours mondy-friday 9-5?
20:52 Cheezmo wb steeeeve
20:52 wannabe1987 i dunno.  i use the atm cuz its quicker
20:52 egrsteve thanks
20:52 wannabe1987 steve!  you came back!
20:52 wannabe1987 .cookie Cheezmo
20:52 BotSteve Here you go, Cheezmo, I baked you a chocolate-covered cherry cookie!
20:52 NeWtoz ewww
20:53 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: guy I work with never used a credit card until he got a company card two years ago...
20:53 wannabe1987 my thoughts exactly
20:53 wannabe1987 tonsofpcs: i used to have 2 credit cards but they're dangerous
20:53 tonsofpcs I had to stand next to him at the register while the clerk explained to him how it worked
20:53 egrsteve hmm having ssh issues
20:53 tonsofpcs blame the transport.
20:53 wannabe1987 she also has to figure out what to do with her time now that her cable is shut off......people need a life!  tv isn't everything!
20:54 tonsofpcs hahaha
20:54 tonsofpcs Cheezmo: I miss living in a place where banks are open more than 9a - 3p
20:54 tonsofpcs when I moved here, my bank thought they were awesome because some of their branches were open until 5pm....
20:54 tonsofpcs guess what! I work from 9-5!
20:54 egrsteve so whats new
20:54 tonsofpcs gnu's not un... oh, you've heard that one before.
20:54 Cheezmo I do online banking mostly, but if I ever get a cheque over $200, I just use my other bank's ATM with no holds :P
20:55 wannabe1987 work has wifi with port blocking.  thanks to tgg for having irc online!
20:55 tonsofpcs bank back home is open 8 - 5 (or is it 7 -5 ? ) every day and at least once a week at every branch they're open til 8 or 9 pm.
20:55 egrsteve i use ssh for that
20:55 wannabe1987 time to go back to work!
20:55 wannabe1987 ssh?
20:55 tonsofpcs wannabe1987: yes, you tunnel all your traffic through a secure channel.
20:55 tonsofpcs ssh = secure shell
20:56 egrsteve my irc runs on a remote server
20:56 wannabe1987 ah  sounds fun.  tell wannabe-afk  how to do it, i'm going back to my old people
20:56 tonsofpcs mine too.  Although "remote" is about 17' away right now...
20:56 tonsofpcs which reminds me, I need to plug the external hdd into it andd dump irc logs because df -h says: 28M avail!
20:57 egrsteve that is why i only use one ident
20:57 NeWtoz mine is 3.5 hours away
20:57 KawaiiJess joined #thegeekgroup
20:57 tonsofpcs that is why I had so much trouble being tgg|tonsofpcs :-p
20:58 egrsteve and log into it even on my phone
20:58 tonsofpcs phone...
20:58 tonsofpcs netbook...
20:58 LemPhone joined #thegeekgroup
20:58 tonsofpcs server itself...
20:59 LemPhone so... I have a date for when I will be in michigan
21:00 LemPhone August 20th this year it looks like
21:00 egrsteve ttyl
21:00 LemPhone ynos, you about?
21:01 tonsofpcs silly away nicks
21:01 BitViper we should work to arrange a global tgg gettogether, geeks from around the world decend on tgg all at once
21:01 Obtuse tonsofpcs, i have a grouding issue with my preamp going into my mixer.
21:01 BitViper (grand rapids would never be the same)
21:01 LemPhone heh
21:01 tonsofpcs Obtuse: wiring diagram of everything?
21:01 Obtuse there's a balanced xlr out and an unbalanced 1/4 inch out
21:01 LemPhone bitviper, I am planning on coming for three months or more
21:01 Obtuse right now i'm trying to use the balanced xlr
21:01 BitViper LemPhone : cool
21:01 NeWtoz I'll go to the meet up
21:01 Obtuse into Chan 1 of the mixer
21:01 LemPhone yeah
21:02 Obtuse but i get all this extra ground hum
21:02 LemPhone come over and volunteer for a while
21:02 tonsofpcs BitViper: full wiring diagram of everything, including power, in graphical form, would be much helpful
21:02 Obtuse you mean obtuse?
21:02 tonsofpcs erm, Obtuse ^
21:02 BitViper LemPhone : i hope youre ready for michigan fall weather, we get it ALL
21:02 tonsofpcs o key sticks sometimes, b<tab> ;)
21:02 Obtuse is there like a website where i can draw and share with you?
21:02 tonsofpcs ?
21:02 LemPhone dude I live in queensland
21:03 LemPhone the place of 150mm of rain 22 minutes
21:03 LemPhone nothing beats that
21:03 tonsofpcs in august? ... I've seen 3' of snow in august
21:03 * BitViper looks at tonsofpcs, quite a typo, not sure how you got Obtuse and BitViper confused on your keyboard :p
21:03 tonsofpcs BitViper: I explained that.
21:03 LemPhone I've also lived in Tassi
21:03 tonsofpcs ob<tab> => b<tab> when the o key doesn't actuate properly
21:03 LemPhone and had a white christmas in the middle of summer
21:03 LemPhone Tassie*
21:04 BitViper tonsofpcs : sure sure, likely excuse, blame the keyboard =P =)
21:04 tonsofpcs Obtuse: just share the skrbl url before you finish because sometimes it doesn't like to update....
21:05 LemPhone so yeah, anyone in gr feel like housing/feeding me for three months in return for slave labour?
21:05 BitViper LemPhone : in michigan in august, pretty much if you can imagine it, we can get it. though the most common is severe thunderstorms that pop up out of nowhere in the blink of an eye
21:05 LemPhone yeah, we get thuderstorms that remove peoples roof bitviper
21:06 LemPhone nothing new on that one
21:06 BitViper sounds like you might be mostly ready then
21:06 LemPhone last year in january we had the river in the middle of the city break it's banks by 4.8m
21:06 BitViper the best (and worst) part of michigan weather ... if you dont like it, just wait 5 minutes
21:06 tonsofpcs BitViper: do you guys get thundersnow there?
21:06 LemPhone .w brisbane floods 2011
21:07 BotSteve "A series of floods hit Australia, beginning in December 2010, primarily in the state of Queensland including its capital city, Brisbane." -
21:07 BitViper tonsofpcs : yes
21:07 tonsofpcs :D
21:07 LemPhone not cold enough here for that tons
21:07 BitViper not often, but sometimes
21:07 LemPhone we do get thunderstorms at like 4am sometimes
21:07 tonsofpcs thundersnow doesn't really have to do with the temp (well, other than it needs to be cold enough to snow), you just need enough air circulation to dry everything out
21:07 * tonsofpcs lost Obtuse
21:08 Obtuse no i'm still here.
21:08 Obtuse i think i might know my problem.
21:08 Obtuse hmm, maybe not
21:09 LemPhone but yeah, I need to put the word out
21:09 LemPhone because I am gonna be broke as unless I win lotto between now and then
21:10 LemPhone wonder if boden would put me up in one of the geekhouses?
21:10 tonsofpcs I'd guess that depends on their completeness
21:11 tonsofpcs I know the plans for one of them included building guest quarters
21:11 * LemPhone nods
21:11 tonsofpcs CaptainBoden is in the chat and might actually be able to respond
21:11 NeWtoz he's not really here
21:11 * LemPhone knocks hopefully on captainbodens door
21:11 NeWtoz and someone will house you
21:11 tonsofpcs NeWtoz: he's here more than he normally is :-p
21:11 LemPhone methinks he is idling
21:12 tonsofpcs I'd offer my futon, but it's a 12 hour drive to the labs
21:12 LemPhone heh
21:12 NeWtoz if you can't find something, I do have a place
21:12 LemPhone considering I don't have my license, and won't have a car let alone gas money, methinks not
21:12 BitViper tonsofpcs : i was thinking the same thing, but im still 90 mins away
21:13 LemPhone NeWtoz, how far from the lab are you?
21:13 NeWtoz 1.5 miles :)
21:13 LemPhone purrrfect
21:13 BitViper NeWtoz : are you there regularly ?
21:13 NeWtoz not as much as I should be
21:13 LemPhone I will be bringing my pushie, so I can just ride to/from each day
21:13 SparkyProjects Chris logged in here last night asking about a security issue, i guess the account is logged on from that
21:13 BitViper i'll be there tuesday, or such is currently the plan
21:14 injektion joined #thegeekgroup
21:16 NeWtoz .c 159/2.54
21:16 BotSteve 62.5984252
21:16 Obtuse tonsofpcs well i narrowed my problem down to a audio cable or pedal
21:16 NeWtoz .c 159/2.54/12
21:16 BotSteve 5.21653543
21:16 tonsofpcs are they all plugged into the same ouutlet?
21:16 Obtuse yes.
21:17 LemPhone NeWtoz, I'll make a post on the forum tonight
21:17 Obtuse i have no grounding hum now, but unfortunately i am cutting out the sonic maximizer
21:17 LemPhone and keep you posted any other offers I get
21:18 tonsofpcs sonic maximizer? is this an aphex setup?
21:18 LemPhone but 1.5 miles is pretty hard to pass up :-D
21:18 Obtuse Bass guitar recording
21:18 tonsofpcs I'll take that as a no
21:18 Obtuse Sonic Maximizer does magic to bass guitar
21:18 tonsofpcs sonic maximizer sounds like something aphex would make :-p
21:18 Obtuse oh its made by BBE
21:19 tonsofpcs what mixer?
21:19 Obtuse mackie 802 vlz3
21:19 tonsofpcs and what preamp?
21:20 Obtuse Presonus Tube Pre
21:20 tonsofpcs doesn't that have a direct usb out?
21:20 Obtuse all going into a Lexicon alpha
21:20 Obtuse nope. no direct usb out on the mixer or preamp
21:21 tonsofpcs and all effects are disabled, bypassed and the knobs turned to 0 on the mackie?
21:21 Obtuse yep
21:21 tonsofpcs how is the 'maximizer' wired in?
21:21 Obtuse Bass Guitar -> maximizer-> preamp
21:22 tonsofpcs model?
21:22 Obtuse model of?
21:22 tonsofpcs
21:22 Obtuse i have the sonic stomp
21:23 LemPhone yay, looks like it might clear up here
21:23 Obtuse
21:24 tonsofpcs and your connections from bass > stomp and stomp > preamp are?
21:24 Obtuse 1/4 inch audio cables
21:25 tonsofpcs TRS or TS?
21:25 Obtuse TS
21:27 ajcc aren't Rickenbacker the only ones who use TRS connections on their basses? (Ricker Stereo or whatever it's called)
21:29 tonsofpcs and from the preamp to the mixer?
21:29 Obtuse unblanced XLR
21:29 tonsofpcs unbalanced XLR???
21:29 Obtuse the signal says unbalanced on the back of the preamp
21:30 Obtuse nvm
21:30 tonsofpcs it says balanced under the xlr and unbalanced under the 1/4" in the manual...
21:30 Obtuse meant balanced
21:30 tonsofpcs but you're going XLR > XLR ?
21:30 Obtuse read the panel wrong
21:31 tonsofpcs you have two preamps in-line if you're doing that... you should be going XLR from the preamp -> TRS (balanced) on the mixer.
21:31 ajcc Behringer :), XLR without balanced signal für alle
21:32 Obtuse i'm only using xlr out and then into the mixer
21:32 tonsofpcs ajcc: can we save the behringer bashing for when we're done talking about non-behirnger stuff? :)
21:32 Obtuse TRS in? why?
21:32 tonsofpcs alternatively, XLR from the preamp straight into the 1/4" on the alpha
21:32 ajcc tonsofpcs: does any other brand than Behringer have usch a thing as unbalanced XLR?, but yes, I'll shut the fuck up.
21:33 tonsofpcs because the preamp's output is line level, not mic level, and all the devices you have with XLR ins only take Mic level in on XLR so they run it through another preamp...
21:34 tonsofpcs ajcc: to answer your balancing question: yes.
21:34 Obtuse i see
21:34 Ponko1 joined #thegeekgroup
21:34 Obtuse is that cable that is sold anywhere?
21:35 tonsofpcs in fact, stereo XLRs were quite common for some time, wired as such:  1 = ground, 2 = Left, 3 = Right
21:35 tonsofpcs Obtuse: everywhere.
21:35 LemPhone back in a while guys
21:35 ajcc tonsofpcs: I forgot the winky face after the question...
21:35 tonsofpcs Obtuse: got a guitar center or radioshack or ?
21:35 Obtuse i guess i never payed attention. GC
21:35 tonsofpcs yea, walk in and tell the folks in pro audio that yuo need an XLR to 1/4" balanced, make sure the 1/4" connector is TRS when they hand it to you
21:36 tonsofpcs (and specify a length, otherwise they'll grab the longest one and charge you for it ;)
21:36 tonsofpcs actually!
21:36 tonsofpcs cheaper method!
21:37 tonsofpcs walk into GC and between pro audio and guitar/music stuff there's usually a display of silly dirt cheap sale items.  In there, look for a really crappy mic that they're trying to get rid of, check if it comes with an XLR > 1/4" TRS cable (I got an AmicV mic w/ boom stand and XLR > 1/4" TRS cable for cheaper than a bom stand once)
21:38 ajcc hmm, crappy mic's always come with XLR > 1/4" TS cables
21:39 ajcc TRS plugs are not used for microphones
21:39 tonsofpcs ajcc: really? this one is 1/4" TRS
21:39 Obtuse I bought a mixer for my radio show so i could have a stereo mic
21:39 tonsofpcs 1/4" plugs aren't used for microphones :-p
21:39 Obtuse signal
21:40 tonsofpcs anyway, you need an XLR female to 1/4" TRS male
21:40 Obtuse sucks having right side only audio
21:40 Coderjoe they are on consumer equipment
21:40 tonsofpcs length is up to you.
21:40 ajcc 1/4" plugs are used for microphones in practice spaces and junky PA's
21:40 ajcc from the 80's
21:40 Coderjoe or at least older consumer equipment.
21:40 tonsofpcs ajcc: in that case, mics come with P connectors too :-p
21:40 tonsofpcs Obtuse: NOTE: you want an actual cable, not an adapter.
21:41 Obtuse alright.
21:41 ajcc P connectors?
21:41 tonsofpcs ok, if you want stereo, you want 1x XLR F to TRS male and 2x TRS - TRS patches (to go from mixer into that alpha box)
21:42 Obtuse yea, i could have done that too. But having a mixer is just nice
21:42 tonsofpcs ajcc: an XLR scaled up about 400%
21:42 Obtuse for expaninding later.
21:42 tonsofpcs also, mics have hubbel twist-locks :)
21:42 tonsofpcs you could have done what too?
21:43 ajcc <- my favorite cable, which people never have.
21:43 tonsofpcs but yea, any mic with a 1/4" connector deserves to have it ripped off
21:43 tonsofpcs ajcc: is it a neutrik gender-bender to neutrik gender-bender?
21:43 Cheezmo well, hellow, Seroster
21:43 BitViper someone peed in Seroster's coffee
21:43 tonsofpcs oh, an insert patch
21:43 Seroster
21:43 BotSteve Title: My anus is bleeding! - YouTube
21:44 tonsofpcs I don't keep insert patches around at home.  I keep a ton of mini stereo <> dual 1/4" and a ton of mini <> 1/4" 'headphone adapters'
21:44 Seroster Really. No. But my hand is a bloody pulp.
21:44 Coderjoe Seroster: I feel fat and sassy.
21:44 * tonsofpcs feels like this conversation belongs in #TGG:NSFW
21:45 Seroster That clip is sfw. Its cartoons ffs
21:45 maglinvinn lol
21:45 tonsofpcs that isn't what I was talking about
21:45 egrsteve|away hello
21:46 Coderjoe my line was from a different segment of the same cartoon :P
21:46 tonsofpcs and, ajcc, I wouldn't need one of those insert cables at work :-p
21:46 Coderjoe except it should have been "I'm feeling" not "I feel"
21:46 Seroster Yeah. I know coderjoe. I love Don hertzfeldt
21:46 Seroster ...Tuesday's coming..
21:47 Cheezmo I am a bananaaaa
21:47 tonsofpcs I'm a bannanan
21:47 ajcc tonsofpcs: if you have a patch pannel they are useless, if you're on a gig it's certain you'll never find them outside your own bag
21:48 tonsofpcs ajcc: I have a Wheatstone D9.
21:48 ajcc and digital mixers does not have a patch pannel?
21:48 egrsteve|away hi eakin
21:48 ajcc (in software and hardware)
21:48 tonsofpcs the processing is racked.  Anything else to be added needs to either hop onto the XLR patch panel or wired into the routing system
21:48 Coderjoe we've got a 4 channel insert snake for my convention gig
21:49 tonsofpcs mind you, I also have a fancy ass whirlwind splitter snake that I could rig up an insert bus through on the studio side
21:49 Coderjoe to add a 4 channel compressor into the path on the mixer
21:49 ajcc I love whirlwind DI-boxes
21:49 tonsofpcs it's so much easier to just use a mixer that has a compressor on each channel
21:50 Coderjoe only if you have such a thing at your disposal
21:50 tonsofpcs ajcc: 24 XLR input, 24 parallel XLR out, 24 isolated XLR out, 8 return XLRs that are wired parallel to 8 XLRs on one side and 4 XLR + 4 1/4" TRS on the other.  multipin cables so we can change which is which and which is longer (if either)
21:51 ajcc hmm, TV sound?
21:51 tonsofpcs lets us use a small mixer for house sound and the D9 for TV sound.
21:51 tonsofpcs :)
21:51 Seroster;set=a.1613384131409.2081280.1140476802&amp;type=1&amp;theater
21:51 BotSteve Title: Ivar Ryding's Photos | Facebook
21:52 egrsteve tonsofpcs: stage split for FOH/Mon?
21:52 tonsofpcs anyone have a quick (linux, bash) way to move all the files in a directory that were not modified today?
21:52 tonsofpcs egrsteve: monitor can be fed from either FOH or TV board, split is for FOH/TV
21:52 Toastdude What did you do to it?
21:52 tonsofpcs we've even done some monitors from one and some from the other
21:53 tonsofpcs Seroster: less typing, more bandaging
21:53 egrsteve ah, ok, but an ISO split like used for FOH/MON in live sound
21:53 Coderjoe been considering getting an 8 channel splitter and an 8 channel interface to record band gigs at the conventions that have them (while using the same mic signals for the live sound)
21:53 ajcc tonsofpcs: I think you can give ls conditions, and then feed that into mv
21:53 Seroster tonsofpcs, Bled through four bandaids
21:53 tonsofpcs ajcc: can you?
21:54 tonsofpcs I know you can do it with find (ctime -1, exec) but I'm too lazy to read through find's manual and get the syntax right and I'm also too lazy to pull up what I already wrote to do it :-p
21:54 tonsofpcs err, +1 sorry
21:54 tonsofpcs I think, maybe...
21:54 tonsofpcs bah, I guess I'll pull up the emails that talk about it...
21:54 tonsofpcs egrsteve: same concept, but TV matters a lot more than FOH
21:54 egrsteve in your buisness yes
21:55 tonsofpcs we used to do everything from the TV board.  Issue is TV board is a 200'+ walk away
21:55 tonsofpcs so the TV mix guy can't really do FOH sound and have it be decent
21:55 egrsteve agreed
21:55 tonsofpcs so we iso split the FOH board
21:55 Coderjoe foh?
21:55 tonsofpcs front of house
21:55 Coderjoe ah
21:56 ajcc it would be quite insane to not have one console for TV and one for FOH, and hopefully one for the monitors on the stage
21:56 tonsofpcs direct outs was too costly an option when we got this.  Although now it would only be a grand more for a MADI card and a MADI mixer...
21:57 tonsofpcs ajcc: not a big stage or venue and we don't do quick changes, so monitors are fine being handled through either FOH or TV board.
21:57 ajcc yep, when you're close enough to throw cans at the sound guy, it's alright to do monitors on FOH :)
21:57 egrsteve these are nice:
21:57 BotSteve Title: SUPER CONCERT SYSTEM - Catalog - Whirlwind
21:58 tonsofpcs egrsteve: I basically had them build me one in a box
21:58 tonsofpcs we sent autocad drawings back and forth for three months :)
21:58 egrsteve I have pulled snakes for that 56 channel one
21:58 egrsteve this one in a rolling rack
21:58 ajcc fighting snakes all day long
21:58 tonsofpcs figure one of their 24x8 medusas with two multipins on it and two 35' multipin fanouts and a 50' multipin extension
21:59 tonsofpcs we don't like racks on-stage.  TV and all ;)
21:59 egrsteve understandable
21:59 egrsteve this was next to the stage, concert config
21:59 tonsofpcs that said, I'm pushing to buy the presonus live 24 board.  If we get it, then if we want to move to a separate monitor board we can just tack on another one and bus all the inputs between the two, take the 8 outputs from the second one
21:59 egrsteve next to MON mixer amp racks ect
22:00 ajcc do you guys have little XLR boxes, 2-4 XLR connectors in a box, which you can hook up to a small snake or a group of XLRs, to keep things neat
22:00 tonsofpcs ajcc: no, but it's on my list of things to build.
22:00 tonsofpcs and/or buy
22:00 egrsteve the mini-6 is nice
22:00 tonsofpcs there's a company that makes XLR breakouts in a box with a neutrik ether-con in the center
22:00 tonsofpcs and since ethercon is grounded, you can run phantom over it
22:01 tonsofpcs could use UBNT's super-strong ground cat5 for the snake cable and make it whatever length I want
22:01 ajcc neat
22:01 tonsofpcs oh and yes, egrsteve, we have ground lifts on each channel.  and, decided per our sound guy, ROCKERS not bat swittches ;)
22:02 egrsteve nice
22:03 tonsofpcs oh, where is it... *greps logs*
22:04 egrsteve you ever play with the SI3
22:06 tonsofpcs SI3?
22:06 * tonsofpcs is busy grepping logs for the name of that snake
22:06 piku joined #thegeekgroup
22:08 tonsofpcs found the discussion around it but not the name, gotta dig further
22:09 tonsofpcs also, steve would probably appreciate TWiRT from Jan 4.
22:09 tonsofpcs it's about wire :)
22:09 tonsofpcs (and cable)
22:14 Cprossu_kindle probably so
22:15 tonsofpcs is > write and replace or write and append? (>> being the other)
22:15 Coderjoe >> is append
22:15 Coderjoe > will truncate
22:15 tonsofpcs thanks :)
22:15 tonsofpcs and >> will create non-existant files, right?
22:15 Coderjoe yes
22:17 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
22:17 tonsofpcs interesting the order that find finds things...
22:17 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
22:17 Fulsy I just learned how to solder :D
22:17 Coderjoe find goes in directory order, not sorted order.
22:17 leepod good Fulsy :D
22:17 Electricguy a photoduino prototype i just made :)
22:18 dbshortwave rasafrazen
22:18 Coderjoe and does depth-first, iirc
22:18 Fulsy And my parents are in on getting me into grand rapids after taking my core classes in college :D
22:18 leepod screw wires i do solder blobs :P
22:19 leepod lol
22:19 tonsofpcs photoduino? is that a photo of an arduio or an arduino taking a photo?
22:19 Electricguy
22:19 BotSteve Title: photoduino - The opensource camera controller - Google Project Hosting
22:19 Electricguy a input controller for a camera
22:19 Electricguy for lightning protography and such...
22:19 Fulsy also ALSO, we have an old spectrum broken spectrum analyzer we don't use. We're gonna donate it to TGG
22:19 Electricguy or just regular time lapse
22:20 Fulsy *old broken spectrum analyzer
22:20 leepod cool
22:20 Electricguy or any other sensor input camera trigger you can think of
22:20 Fulsy Tarded out there
22:20 leepod when u goin Fulsy
22:20 Fulsy well, gotta wait for 3 years :c
22:20 Fulsy Gotta get done with high school
22:20 Fulsy and take my core classes here in CT
22:21 leepod ah
22:21 tonsofpcs ct?
22:21 Fulsy Connecticut
22:21 leepod how old are u
22:21 Fulsy 16
22:21 tonsofpcs right, I got that.
22:21 leepod im 15
22:21 tonsofpcs that puts you halfway between me and tl
22:21 Fulsy But some day, man.
22:22 leepod ik :/
22:22 Fulsy Get out of this hell hole they call high school, and live my dream
22:22 Cprossu_kindle supply chain :D
22:22 leepod a
22:23 leepod lol ya
22:23 mpex2006km joined #thegeekgroup
22:23 mpex2006km have a nice evening
22:23 Cprossu hrmmmm
22:23 Cprossu you too mpex2006km
22:23 Fulsy Can't wait to stroll right into Leonard Street Labs, and do stuff.
22:24 leepod you got to sign forms
22:24 Fulsy I know
22:24 Fulsy After I sign the forms
22:25 leepod lol
22:25 Fulsy :>
22:25 tonsofpcs sign forms?
22:25 Fulsy And get a job
22:25 Fulsy to be able to sustain a membership
22:25 mpex2006km I want to be there but I live very far and i am so sad for this
22:26 tonsofpcs how far?
22:26 mpex2006km From Grecce
22:26 roadran422 Hi mpex2006km
22:26 Fulsy Don't let distance suppress your dreams
22:26 roadran422 ^ :)
22:26 Fulsy Work hard, get money, and move here
22:26 roadran422 Or stay for a bit...
22:26 Fulsy yeah
22:27 leepod i live in pa, not too far away
22:27 roadran422 That's what I plan on doing, summer jobs and getting money to..
22:27 Fulsy hopefully the US isn't in the shitter like it is now
22:27 Fulsy by then
22:27 tonsofpcs Fulsy: eh, we're doing better than greece.
22:27 roadran422 lol
22:27 Fulsy lol
22:27 * tonsofpcs wonders what roadran422 finds funny
22:28 roadran422 ...
22:28 roadran422 Greece is pulling along
22:28 roadran422 Idk.... :P
22:28 roadran422 MOZART!
22:28 mpex2006km It is one of my dreams to come there
22:28 roadran422 Mine too! ^
22:29 mpex2006km Whre do you live
22:29 roadran422 Not as far as you, florida
22:29 roadran422 And I'm 14
22:29 mpex2006km And I'm 14 , too
22:30 roadran422 Hahahaha
22:30 Fulsy Hope to go there to learn analog electronics
22:30 Fulsy and build my own synthesizer
22:30 roadran422 Why no digital?
22:31 Fulsy dunno
22:31 roadran422 ...
22:31 tonsofpcs found it!
22:31 roadran422 What did you find?
22:31 Fulsy Audiophile in me: It has a warmer sound duh derp
22:31 roadran422 Audiophile vs. Pedophile?
22:31 egrsteve I am not 14
22:31 tonsofpcs egrsteve: instasnake
22:31 BotSteve Title: Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. :: Audio Products
22:31 roadran422 .... egrsteve
22:32 tonsofpcs is their main page, check the pictures
22:32 mpex2006km tonsofpcs where do you live
22:32 BotSteve Title: Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. :: Contact Us
22:32 Fulsy I see Boden is logged into IRC
22:32 ^Prophet^ hi all
22:32 roadran422 Yo ^Prophet^
22:32 roadran422 .seen CaptainBoden
22:32 BotSteve roadran422: I last saw CaptainBoden 52.95 hours ago at 2012-01-13 17:35:42 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 22:32:43 UTC
22:32 Fulsy Hi, ^Prophet^
22:32 roadran422 He was on a while ago..
22:32 ^Prophet^ helloz "D
22:32 ^Prophet^ :D*
22:32 roadran422 Is it working?
22:33 ^Prophet^ yep
22:33 roadran422 The wii isn't?
22:34 Rahlon joined #thegeekgroup
22:34 tonsofpcs are we brawling?
22:34 roadran422 What?
22:34 tonsofpcs super smash bros brawl
22:34 roadran422 No... I don't have it
22:34 roadran422 I got mario party 8
22:34 roadran422 and mario kart and some other thing
22:34 tonsofpcs oo, i have mario kart i think
22:34 roadran422 lol
22:34 roadran422 I don't
22:35 roadran422 I don't "really" have it.....
22:35 tonsofpcs ...
22:35 roadran422 I will... Soon...
22:35 roadran422 Don't ask tonsofpcs
22:35 roadran422 "Ahoy! all!"
22:36 tonsofpcs egrsteve: $45 baluns annyone?
22:36 BotSteve Title: Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. :: Carrier Telcom Products
22:36 tonsofpcs yes, $45 EACH
22:36 roadran422 D
22:36 roadran422 xD
22:36 roadran422 I will get some!
22:36 ^Prophet^_ joined #thegeekgroup
22:36 egrsteve 45 thats cheap :)
22:36 ^Prophet^_ im back
22:36 roadran422 lol
22:36 ^Prophet^_ >.<
22:36 roadran422 ?^
22:37 egrsteve ok
22:37 tonsofpcs also, I find this hilarious:
22:37 BotSteve Title: Energy Transformation Systems, Inc. :: Security Products
22:37 tonsofpcs they're putting ethernet back over coax!
22:37 roadran422 No point!
22:37 mpex2006km Good night from Grecce (the time here is 12:30) . Have a nice experimental evening there in Michigan. BB
22:37 tonsofpcs good night :)
22:38 roadran422 Night mpex2006km!
22:38 tonsofpcs note: I'd say 80% of us on irc aren't in michigan
22:38 roadran422 Yep, i'm in fl
22:38 Fulsy Connecticut
22:38 ^Prophet^ ok so how is everyone?
22:38 Fulsy Pretty good
22:38 tonsofpcs hungry.
22:38 roadran422 I'm good, you?
22:38 Fulsy Just learned how to solder
22:38 roadran422 I learned it on the first time, just need helping hands, a stand, more solder..
22:38 ^Prophet^ goodish im trying to sequence break in metroid prime
22:39 tonsofpcs that said, the top part of that page, egrsteve, is exactly what TGG is designing
22:39 roadran422 Buena suerta!
22:39 ^Prophet^ '?
22:39 Fulsy Hopefully, guidance doesn't shoot down my plans of going to GR
22:39 tonsofpcs only $168 each!
22:39 roadran422 lol
22:40 dehve joined #thegeekgroup
22:40 tonsofpcs $218 if you want the spare pairs broken out for PTZ
22:40 roadran422 "T' perpetuatin' complexity o' this algorithm be surpassin' me ability t' crack it!"
22:40 tonsofpcs where's bill? we could make money with this !
22:41 roadran422 Why are they so much?
22:43 tonsofpcs probably designed on government contract
22:43 roadran422 Probably
22:43 Seroster Anyone wanna calculate the gigs on this HDD?
22:43 roadran422 Sure
22:43 tonsofpcs well, how many times a month do you record to it?
22:43 Seroster Cylinders 13328 Heads 15 Sectors 63
22:43 roadran422 One second.
22:43 tonsofpcs :-p
22:43 tonsofpcs tracks? SPT? :)
22:44 Coderjoe chs is not really used anymore
22:44 tonsofpcs (we do need the bytes per sector, Seroster )
22:44 Seroster Can you give me a guesstimate?
22:44 Coderjoe 512, really
22:44 roadran422 More than 1 gb.
22:44 tonsofpcs Coderjoe: not always!
22:44 tonsofpcs 6.44861952 if it is 512
22:44 Seroster Less than 100?
22:44 Seroster More than 10?
22:44 Coderjoe greater than 90% of the time
22:45 Seroster Yeah its 512 (for the sake of theory)
22:45 tonsofpcs
22:45 BotSteve Title: Media Size Calculator
22:45 roadran422 I GOT IT.
22:45 roadran422 Secondary Controller - Master drive (Mike - 6.4 GB drive)
22:45 roadran422 Drive Model Number________________: WDC AC36400L
22:45 roadran422 Drive Serial Number_______________: WD-WT4201793297
22:45 roadran422 Drive Controller Revision Number__: 09.09M08
22:45 roadran422 Controller Buffer Size on Drive___: 262144 bytes
22:45 roadran422 Drive Type________________________: Fixed
22:45 roadran422 Physical Geometry:     13328 Cylinders     15 Heads     63 Sectors per track
22:45 ^Prophet^ wow...
22:45 roadran422 xD
22:45 ^Prophet^ lol
22:45 Seroster So
22:45 roadran422 Seroster, google is your best friend.
22:45 Seroster How big is it?
22:45 ^Prophet^ looking at that makes my head hurt
22:45 roadran422 It is 6.4 gb
22:45 Seroster Ah, 6.4
22:45 roadran422 Google mate!
22:45 tonsofpcs 6.44861952 if it is 512 <<<<
22:45 tonsofpcs
22:45 BotSteve Title: Media Size Calculator
22:45 roadran422 xD
22:46 tonsofpcs Coderjoe: when drive geometries started getting past the ability of bioses that handled that, they often fudged the math to make it work out right and used different SPT and BPS sizes
22:47 roadran422 Seroster: Why?
22:49 Coderjoe I remember hitting bios limits, but I never saw different BPS. just oddball numbers like the large number of heads or sectors. (but he did give you both tracks and number of sectors per track)
22:49 dehve Super random question, but does anyone know how many steps there are from the front entrance up to the lobby?
22:50 roadran422 ...
22:50 roadran422 1-infinity. Or a Whole number.
22:50 roadran422 One number out of those sets.
22:50 dehve Indeed.
22:50 roadran422 Did I help ;)
22:50 dehve Well I'm in the ballpark. :P
22:50 Coderjoe recently they started making larger sectors, but that's less of a bios limitation and more of a drive firmware and efficiency thing
22:51 Seroster Today I got 3 HDDs. 80, 86 and 6 gb
22:51 dehve I'm doing a Source reproduction of the lab and I'm not sure on heights of things...
22:52 Electricguy bedtime! night all :)
22:53 Toastdude Night
22:53 Electricguy LOL!
22:53 BotSteve Title: endermen make terrible neighbors - YouTube
22:54 Fulsy Those silver things attatched to the rafters in the MDH..Are those new lights?
22:54 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
22:54 y007ghg7 joined #thegeekgroup
22:55 dehve I thought they were the old and busted original ones.
22:58 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
22:59 ^Prophet^ every1 left D:
22:59 ^Prophet^ well
22:59 tonsofpcs yup
22:59 tonsofpcs no one here but us chickens
22:59 Fulsy hmm
22:59 ^Prophet^ and im trying to sequence break so...
22:59 Fulsy maybe egrsteve would know
23:00 ^Prophet^ im basically afk
23:03 ^Prophet^ man this is annoying...
23:06 Fulsy ah
23:06 Fulsy had no idea those lights were even there
23:07 Synergist joined #thegeekgroup
23:15 LemPhone joined #thegeekgroup
23:15 LemPhone ok, weird feeling atm
23:16 LemPhone just been to the dentist and half my face is numb, the other half is not
23:16 LemPhone but it's split right down the centreline of  my face
23:16 Cheezmo try not to eat anything
23:16 LemPhone not planning to
23:16 Cheezmo I derped after I had that freezing and went right to fast food D:
23:16 LemPhone going home to sleep for a few hours
23:16 Seroster Yo ^Prophet^, I still hate your nick ;P
23:17 Cheezmo had to chew slowly as to not eat my cheek or tongue, lol
23:17 Monkeh|Lap LemPhone: Always fun, that.
23:17 LemPhone nicks with punctuation at the start shit me
23:17 Monkeh|Lap LemPhone: Last time, my lower lip was numb for hours longer than the rest.
23:17 LemPhone heh
23:18 LemPhone they said 2 - 3 hours for this one
23:18 LemPhone which works well
23:18 Monkeh|Lap LemPhone: Anything exciting done?
23:18 LemPhone nah, just some fillings :-(
23:18 Monkeh|Lap Ah, not much pain, then.
23:18 Cheezmo I need to get a job with a medical plan so I can afford fillings :(
23:18 LemPhone free healthcare ftw
23:18 Monkeh|Lap Sleeping after having three molars pulled, well, it didn't happen for a while.
23:19 LemPhone heh
23:19 LemPhone try sleeping after you've broken both heels monkeh
23:19 Cheezmo LemPhone, Canadian MSP, at least in BC doesn't cover much of any dental work
23:19 Monkeh|Lap LemPhone: I prefer not to break things.
23:19 LemPhone and then you dream you are running and your foot twitches
23:19 LemPhone that's agony
23:20 Monkeh|Lap Foot, hell, my entire leg twitches.
23:20 Monkeh|Lap Scare myself regularly.
23:20 LemPhone Lemming is a well earned nickname Monkeh
23:20 Monkeh|Lap LemPhone: You ran off a cliff?
23:21 LemPhone currently have 42 screws, 6 plates and an 8" pin holding various bones together
23:21 LemPhone and not all from one accident
23:21 Monkeh|Lap .. There's another name I use for people like you :P
23:21 LemPhone mmm?
23:21 Monkeh|Lap LemPhone: Stupid jackass :P
23:21 LemPhone terminator?
23:21 LemPhone heh
23:21 roadran422 What happened?
23:21 LemPhone so I like going fast a bit too much :-P
23:21 roadran422 Who's the jackass now?
23:21 Monkeh|Lap Stop breaking your body, it's the only one you'll get.
23:21 Monkeh|Lap roadran422: Forever you.
23:22 LemPhone roadran, on which occasiion?
23:22 roadran422 :P
23:22 roadran422 LemPhone: what the hell happened to you?!!?!?!?!?!
23:22 LemPhone monkeh, "enjoy your body while you are young enough to do it, enjoy your mind when you are old enough to know better"
23:23 roadran422 LemPhone: What the helll did ou do?
23:23 Monkeh|Lap LemPhone: Yes, enjoy. Not spend half your youth in agony. :P
23:23 LemPhone lots of things
23:23 LemPhone half?
23:23 LemPhone try like 1/50th
23:23 roadran422 xD more like ful
23:23 roadran422 Lets see my injuries.
23:23 LemPhone soon roadran, cbf typing it out on this keyboard
23:23 Monkeh|Lap LemPhone: I'm content to have minor accidents with chisels and hammers.
23:24 Monkeh|Lap Chisel one was close. I like using that thumb..
23:24 LemPhone oh I've had plenty of those
23:24 LemPhone nothing require hospital though
23:24 LemPhone requiring
23:24 Monkeh|Lap Hospital, bah.
23:24 roadran422 First time on a ramp, did a flip landed on concrete, in ymca I ran in to someone straight on and hit there head, fell back and hit the floor, I had 2 warts before, I accidently cut my self pretty deep once, I had sprite can hit on my face, and a chipped tooth.
23:24 LemPhone I've been airlifted one
23:24 Monkeh|Lap By the time you get seen you can do a perfectly reasonable job for yourself and get back to normality
23:24 NeWtoz I cut my finger once and had 5 stitches...
23:24 roadran422 xD
23:25 roadran422 i gtg eat brb
23:25 Monkeh|Lap NeWtoz: I stabbed myself with a chisel good enough for 10, wrapped it up and went back to work :P
23:25 LemPhone I broke my leg so bad my big toe was touching my knee
23:25 LemPhone back soon
23:25 ^Prophet^ i did it i finally did it!!!!!!!!!!!!
23:25 Monkeh|Lap Still think my brother has the best one, though.
23:25 dbshortwave joined #thegeekgroup
23:25 Monkeh|Lap He cut his finger off and just wrapped it up and waited patiently for the wife to arrive to take him to hospital.
23:26 dehve My cousin once knocked out his braces BMXing. Uncle was not impressed.
23:26 ^Prophet^ lolol
23:26 dbshortwave HAHAA
23:26 tonsofpcs knocked out his braces?
23:26 ^Prophet^ monkehs is the best
23:26 roadran422|zZz back
23:27 dehve I don't know the exact details, but it involved concrete -> teeth.
23:27 roadran422 LemPhone you are given the proper title of a dumbass.
23:28 tonsofpcs you missed a step
23:28 tonsofpcs concrete -> teeth -> no teeth
23:28 dehve Touche lol
23:28 roadran422 ...
23:28 roadran422 I don't know how you could huirt your self so badly.
23:30 roadran422 botsteve: tell lemphone that he is a dumbass for killing him self. Almost.
23:30 BotSteve roadran422: I'll pass that on when LemPhone is around.
23:33 sndwrx well.
23:34 ^Prophet^ lol
23:35 Hackfox joined #thegeekgroup
23:35 Seroster Cross your fingers that i wont stab one of my classmates in the face with a torx 25 screwdriver tomorrow.
23:36 roadran422 WHAT?
23:36 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
23:36 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
23:37 Sgt_Lemming home now
23:38 roadran422 Seroster. Don't kill anyone.
23:38 roadran422 Welcome home Sgt_Lemming ;)
23:38 Seroster How about seriously wounding?
23:38 roadran422 No battery/assault.
23:39 Sgt_Lemming mmmm, numb face
23:39 Sgt_Lemming feels so strange
23:40 roadran422 ...
23:40 roadran422 What do you mean? Cavities filled?
23:40 dbshortwave
23:46 Sgt_Lemming roadran422, in case you hadn't figured it out
23:46 Sgt_Lemming LemPhone == me out and about
23:47 Sgt_Lemming I've just been to the dentist, my face is ever so slightly numb on one side atm
23:48 roadran422 I know that.
23:48 roadran422 Hence I said, "Cavities filled?"
23:49 roadran422 But, what for?
23:49 Sgt_Lemming I said that when I was logged on before...
23:49 roadran422 I didn't see.
23:50 roadran422 I'm not on here for ever...
23:51 Sgt_Lemming dude it was like 2 minutes before you joined the convo, if that
23:51 roadran422 ... hmph...
23:53 Sgt_Lemming as for injuries I have done
23:53 Sgt_Lemming I've broken both heels at the same time
23:53 Sgt_Lemming broke my left forearm, clean through on both bones
23:53 roadran422 Ouch
23:53 Sgt_Lemming broke my lower right leg so badly that my big toe was touching my knee
23:54 Sgt_Lemming tibia was in 6 pieces, fibia was in 3
23:54 roadran422 Wait...
23:54 roadran422 I read that xD
23:54 Sgt_Lemming 2 plates, 8" pin and 16 screws to reassemble it
23:55 sndwrx HOLY CRAP
23:55 sndwrx what have you been doing to yourself, man?
23:55 roadran422 What happened?
23:55 Sgt_Lemming came off a trail bike doing about 60kmh and my leg hit a tree
23:56 Sgt_Lemming I've done lots and LOTS and LOTS of broken bones over the years
23:56 Sgt_Lemming broken a bone in every limb at least twice
23:56 sndwrx sounds like it.  you're going to be first candidate to become robocop.
23:56 Sgt_Lemming broken more ribs than I care to count
23:56 Sgt_Lemming broken both collar bones
23:56 roadran422 Damn