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IRC log for #thegeekgroup, 2012-01-16

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00:00 dehve So you fell into an empty pool at the bottom, I'm guessing? :P
00:00 Seroster They should have let you suffer in fucking agony, hoping you would learn to not do retarded shit.
00:00 roadran422 ...^
00:00 Sgt_Lemming dehve, no the slide was level with the bottom of the pool
00:00 Sgt_Lemming skidded straight across the bottom of the empty pool, feet first into a concrete wall at like 30kmh
00:00 Seroster Seriously, if people that do idiotic stuff had to suffer a bit for the consecuenses they might learn
00:00 dehve Ouch o_O
00:01 Seroster Its the sole purpose of pain, do bad stuff and it hurts, and you will avoid doing so.
00:01 Sgt_Lemming believe me Seroster, I have suffered plenty of consequences from that one
00:01 Seroster Remove the pain and you just knocked evolution back a few million years.
00:01 Sgt_Lemming I am in pain from it on a regular basis
00:01 CaptainNiobe lemming, did you ever try that exact stunt again?
00:01 Seroster And you still do idiotic stuff?
00:02 Sgt_Lemming "Enjoy your body while you are young enough to do it, enjoy your mind when you are old enough to know better"
00:03 Seroster I live by the rule of "The purpose of life is not to arrive to your grave in mint condition, but rather skidding in sideways, falling out of the car you were driving and proclaiming 'WHOA, What a ride!'"  - but that doesn't mean that you should try driving on the left side on autobahn.
00:03 Sgt_Lemming rofl
00:04 CaptainNiobe says the man who plays with mots and sets them on fire :P
00:04 dbshortwave rofl
00:04 Seroster I haven't broken a single bone playing around wit hmots.
00:04 Seroster Just a few fingrs.
00:04 CaptainNiobe LOL!!!
00:04 CaptainNiobe and you haven't learned not to play with them, as you say pain should teach you, yet? :D
00:05 Seroster But I achieved my antievolution without painkillers!
00:05 Seroster I may be an idiot, but I am a manly idiot ;D
00:05 CaptainNiobe doesn't matter, you can't complain about lemming's adventures without lookng at your own... lol...
00:05 dbshortwave lol
00:06 Seroster I never did anything near as stupid as going down a waterslide on a trashcan lid.
00:06 eadthem ya i dont see whats so bad about that
00:06 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, if you break both heels and go through it without painkillers, I will find a way to give you a million dollars
00:06 eadthem as long as your feet and hands arnt sticking out
00:06 CaptainNiobe it's called "having fun"... lol...
00:06 Seroster Sgt_Lemming, Did you enjoy breaking your heels?
00:06 Sgt_Lemming no, I didn't
00:06 Seroster In that case I have to give you MAJOR BDSM cred.
00:07 eadthem what did you break your heals on anyhow
00:07 Seroster See, CaptainNiobe, he didnt have fun
00:07 Seroster On the ground.
00:07 Sgt_Lemming but I had fun right up to the moment I did seroster
00:07 Seroster He got fucked by Newton.
00:07 CaptainNiobe Seroster, he was having fun right up to the moment he injured himself, therefore, he was having fun :D
00:07 eadthem the pool was full wasnt it
00:07 Seroster 20seconds of fun followed by 4days of intense agony and months of medium agony? Great xD
00:07 Sgt_Lemming <---- the waterslide I did it on
00:07 BotSteve Title: Lesmurdie, Western Australia - Google Maps
00:07 Sgt_Lemming the multilane one in centre of the image
00:08 Seroster WTF
00:08 eadthem wtf  that dosent seam safe with water
00:08 Sgt_Lemming it's a speed slide
00:08 Sgt_Lemming they have basically a trough full of water at the bottom
00:08 eadthem oic  and there wasnt any water
00:08 Sgt_Lemming nope
00:09 Sgt_Lemming that park had been shut down for quite a while, and there were huge holes in the fence
00:09 Seroster eadthem, It was probably built by toads
00:09 Seroster For roos.
00:09 eadthem ya
00:09 * Seroster headdesks
00:09 Seroster Sgt_Lemming, next time you want to have fun - do drugs.
00:09 Sgt_Lemming like big enough that the ambos carried the stretcher out through one of the holes without having to stoop
00:09 * eadthem nolonger wonders why you broke something
00:09 Sgt_Lemming been there, done that, got the t-shirt
00:10 CaptainNiobe well, no matter what sero thinks, i'm with lemming... he was having fun, and he just happened to get hurt doing it. so what? he only hurt himself, no one else... lol...
00:10 Sgt_Lemming drugs are amusing, but I prefer adrenaline
00:10 Sgt_Lemming and still do
00:10 dehve bah drugs
00:10 eadthem thats a weard parking lot
00:10 eadthem anyone notice they only have lines at the corners?
00:11 Sgt_Lemming reasonably common here
00:11 Seroster How can you not see the outcome of that stunt?
00:11 Seroster I blame jackass.
00:11 Seroster And violent video games.
00:11 Seroster =>
00:11 CaptainNiobe lol
00:11 eadthem i blame dum enough to go down it without water at the bottom
00:11 eadthem and the fact that it didnt end in a resoanbly sized pool
00:12 Sgt_Lemming Seroster, I didn't think the coefficient of friction would be quite so infinitessimal as it was
00:12 Sgt_Lemming it fucking took off at a great speed
00:12 dbshortwave my opinions i like assholes... everyone has one and every once in a wile one speaks and it stinks
00:12 sndwrx wait a minute.
00:12 CaptainNiobe speed slides here are deep enough tta it provides enough friction to stop you... but not when empty...
00:12 Seroster dbshortwave, I have never seen a hairy opinion, nor have I ever fucked one.
00:12 sndwrx Sgt_Lemming: did you or someone else link a video of someone blasting down a dry water slide?
00:12 Seroster Your analogy fails.
00:12 dehve Yeah speed slides are fine with no pool at the bottom.
00:12 sndwrx just within the last few days.
00:13 dbshortwave lol
00:13 Sgt_Lemming the really amusing one, the people in the DEM at the hospital told me three guys about 12 months earlier did the same thing... on skateboards... one after the other
00:13 Sgt_Lemming the first guy ended up in ICU for a month
00:13 dehve You skip along the water at the bottom until you stop. Theoretically. I suppose the lack of water removes that source of friction. :P
00:13 Seroster ...
00:13 dehve Ok, skateboards is dumb...
00:13 Seroster Medical care for 4 idiots? About a million.
00:14 eadthem catching it on video  priceless
00:14 Seroster Making the slide unusable for riding? $1000.
00:14 Seroster Putting a fucking matress on the bottom? $1000
00:14 dbshortwave -i +is
00:14 eadthem leaving water in it   free
00:15 CaptainNiobe keeping the water in it clean? moolah (no idea how much lol)
00:15 Seroster "Hey we got leftovers from the foam factory, let's dump it there so the kids don't go all darwin on themselves!"
00:15 dehve I'm surprised there was no nasty water at the bottom.
00:15 Seroster CaptainNiobe, Shit happens
00:15 eadthem CaptainNiobe if it goes nasty then the kids wont go darwin
00:16 dehve You would hope, anyway. :P
00:16 dehve They might not notice until they land in it haha
00:16 Seroster Yeah, put garbage down there.
00:16 CaptainNiobe k. cleaning the slide prior to reopening because of all the skanky water leaving slime all over it? time. :D
00:16 Seroster Like medical waste =)
00:16 eadthem how hard is it to keep it clean
00:17 eadthem dump a gallon of bleach in it once a week
00:17 eadthem if its winter then thats a valid excuse
00:17 Seroster Great for the ducklings =)
00:18 Seroster Anyway
00:18 Seroster Goodnight
00:18 injektion If only more people knew about the Bleach, Bicarb, and Borax method
00:18 CaptainNiobe goodnight sero :)
00:18 dbshortwave good night Seroster
00:18 Seroster Sgt_Lemming, I love you. But I can't feel emphatic about when people do something stupid. Night mate =)
00:19 Seroster CaptainNiobe, Don't stay up all night petting the roos will ya?
00:19 Seroster Cya dbshortwave
00:19 CaptainNiobe lol... it's only afternoon here :D
00:19 CaptainNiobe morning* fail
00:20 dbshortwave i think im going to play sniper and take a few peoples heads off in TF2
00:20 * CaptainNiobe is already playing minecraft
00:21 dbshortwave hehe
00:22 dbshortwave left #thegeekgroup
00:28 MoxieMike good morning
00:30 ^Prophet^ hi
00:36 injektion My dad came into my room eating an apple very loudly
00:37 ^Prophet^ lol
00:38 Ponko1 NeWtoz: pack lose BIG and well that means i'm going to Dam
00:47 tonsofpcs Ponko: your football game better not make my primetime shows delayed
00:47 tonsofpcs CBS does it to me every week...
00:47 Ponko you watching FOX
00:47 tonsofpcs ya
00:47 Ponko well it won't matter
00:47 tonsofpcs it won't?
00:47 Ponko you'll probably see the tv show before it's scheduled
00:48 tonsofpcs huh?
00:48 tonsofpcs they don't do silly things like that here.  They run filler crap to the top or bottom of the hour.
00:48 Ponko dw lol
00:48 tonsofpcs if the game goes past 7:55, they'll probably run 5 minutes into the 8pm show
00:49 Ponko well you watching it now?
00:49 Ponko whats on FAUX at 8pm
00:50 tonsofpcs simpsons!
00:50 Ponko ah
00:50 Ponko new episodes?
00:50 tonsofpcs ya
00:50 Ponko you've got about 2mins tops
00:51 tonsofpcs play time or real world time?
00:51 tonsofpcs cus 2 min play time is often 40 min real world time
00:52 Ponko yeah.... not really
00:52 Ponko that's an exaggeration
00:53 Ponko NeWtoz: WHAT A LET DOWN
00:53 Ponko sooo crap
00:54 injektion I feel sorry for Tebow? NOT
00:57 tonsofpcs Ponko: not really.
00:59 Ponko yeah
00:59 Ponko 2 mins takes 40?
01:00 tonsofpcs with time outs and scorings and auto-reviews and ...
01:00 Ponko unless there's a serious injury but it never takes 40 to play 2 mins
01:00 tonsofpcs and TV time outs aand ...
01:00 tonsofpcs is it over yet?
01:00 Ponko yeah does that happen ALL the time
01:01 Ponko 3 hours to play 1 is a correct statement
01:01 tonsofpcs well, seeing as they're still in coveraage and the show hasn't started yet... YES
01:02 Ponko yeah i'm not buy that
01:02 tonsofpcs you're not buy what?
01:02 tonsofpcs ugh.. and I found a bug in my DVR software...
01:02 Ponko EVERY game i've watched this year last year and the past few games i've NEVER seen it take 40 to play 2
01:03 tonsofpcs that's because you've got the TV off for the last minute of play
01:03 Ponko o_O what
01:04 tonsofpcs 19:38:28 < Ponko1> NeWtoz: pack lose BIG and well that means i'm going to Dam
01:04 tonsofpcs there was 4 minutes of play left when you said that ^
01:04 Ponko yeah i'm not watching it on TV
01:04 Ponko if it was on TV in the UK i would be
01:06 tonsofpcs .tfw BGM
01:06 BotSteve IndexError: list index out of range (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/hg-botsteve/modules/", line 34, in tfw)
01:06 tonsofpcs I broke it :D
01:06 tonsofpcs also, I know your username now! hack time! :-p
01:06 Ponko right....
01:06 Ponko why
01:06 tonsofpcs why what?
01:06 Ponko why hack me
01:07 tonsofpcs huh?
01:07 tonsofpcs it was a joke @ batsteve about BotSteve
01:07 Ponko sorry bit tired
01:07 tonsofpcs also, there's totally a slingbox right here with its own cable feed that I don't use while I'm in the house and becausee I can bump any user, I don't care who uses it...
01:08 Ponko but i didn't notice botsteve said anything that's also why i said why hack me
01:08 tonsofpcs 20:06:13 <+BotSteve> IndexError: list index out of range (file "/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/hg-botsteve/modules/", line 34, in tfw)
01:08 tonsofpcs ^^ exposed user home path
01:08 Ponko i didn't see that :P
01:08 Ponko lol that's a fail
01:13 tonsofpcs yay! simpsons!
01:14 injektion Is it a new one?
01:14 ^Prophet^ *slams his head into his desk*
01:15 * injektion dances to german electronic music
01:19 ^Prophet^ GGAAAAAAHHH
01:21 Ponko something wrong ^Prophet^
01:21 ^Prophet^ yes
01:21 Ponko what's that then?
01:22 ^Prophet^ im playing metroid prime. and i am trying to get to the spiderball gaurdian without picking up the thermal visor
01:22 Ponko hmm i forgot how to get round that
01:22 ^Prophet^ and i have to do this scan-dash thing
01:22 ^Prophet^ but
01:22 ^Prophet^ i can do the jump in practice
01:22 ^Prophet^ but
01:22 ^Prophet^ ...
01:22 ^Prophet^ the minute i try the real thing i fail
01:27 ^Prophet^ ive died like 4 times
01:27 Cheezmo First world problems *thumbs up*
01:28 maglinvinn lol
01:29 Sgt_Lemming BotSteve: tell seroster I think you mean empathic not emphatic :-P
01:29 BotSteve Sgt_Lemming: I'll pass that on when seroster is around.
01:29 tonsofpcs metroid prime? eh, never seemed as fun as the original
01:30 ^Prophet^ metroid prime is the origanal
01:30 ^Prophet^ original*
01:30 ^Prophet^ imo
01:30 tonsofpcs erm... how old are you?
01:30 * sndwrx snickers.
01:31 sndwrx Yeah, definitely not the original.
01:31 ^Prophet^ metroid prime happens in between metroids 1 and 2 right?
01:33 sndwrx no.
01:33 ^Prophet^ o.0
01:33 sndwrx Metroid for NES in 1986, and Metroid II in 1991.
01:34 sndwrx Then Super Metroid in 1994.
01:34 ^Prophet^ i know
01:34 ^Prophet^ im not retarded
01:34 sndwrx ...
01:34 ^Prophet^ im not talking bout release date
01:34 ^Prophet^ im talking storyline
01:35 sndwrx That I haven't the faintest.
01:35 sndwrx But you didn't clarify.
01:35 * Cprossu finally it's done for now lol
01:35 Cprossu tonsofpcs I am freeee!!!!! yay
01:35 Ponko he said happens between not released between
01:36 sndwrx Then obviously I'm retarded.
01:36 sndwrx Thanks for pointing that out.
01:36 ^Prophet^ :3
01:36 * sndwrx shakes his head and goes back to idling.
01:37 ^Prophet^ grrrr
01:37 Cprossu hey CaptainNiobe what's up?
01:37 CaptainNiobe not much, Cprossu, you?
01:37 Cprossu lab's done for now, moved to zozo's server
01:38 Cprossu where more interesting things will happen, possibly
01:38 CaptainNiobe oh? address? (pm if needed)
01:38 Cprossu .minecraft
01:38 BotSteve Cprossu: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
01:38 BotSteve Cprossu: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
01:38 Cprossu ^first link
01:38 CaptainNiobe ty :)
01:38 Cprossu I am going to not look at it for a while now
01:38 ^Prophet^ I GOT IT!!!!!!
01:38 Cprossu done for now I say!
01:38 Cheezmo man, I need to get into these servers
01:39 Cprossu eh ^Prophet^?
01:39 ^Prophet^ the squence break to get to the spider ball gaurdian in Metroid Prime 1
01:39 ^Prophet^ i finally got it to work
01:39 Cprossu oh lol
01:39 Cprossu anyway I uploaded the map too so you can get it for single player as well
01:40 Cprossu
01:40 BotSteve Title: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
01:40 Cprossu it's up there
01:40 Cprossu simplify your life!?
01:40 * Cprossu dies
01:41 maglinvinn ?
01:42 Cheezmo Cprossu, what version is the legacy server on?
01:42 Cprossu 1.0 still until bukkit gets updated I think
01:42 Cheezmo ah
01:42 Cprossu hey maglinvinn lab's doneish
01:42 Cheezmo figures I get an outdated server bump
01:42 Cprossu doneish enough for release and relief
01:43 sndwrx Pretty sure Bukkit is updated.
01:43 Cprossu and perhaps a video production
01:43 dehve Hey Cprossu, how much do you know about height dimensions of the lab? :P
01:44 Cprossu not height. other things yes
01:44 dehve I've got the other things as well >_<
01:44 Cprossu in the minecraft lab everything that could be ended up in 1 1/3 : 1 scale
01:44 ^Prophet^ yay thardus! :D
01:44 Cprossu yeah you're doing the source map right dehve?
01:44 maglinvinn lol
01:44 dehve I'm trying to get mine in Source to be 1:1
01:44 dehve yeah
01:44 y007ghg7 ooh i might join the minecraft server
01:44 Cprossu wish I could get you gmod, it would make it a bit easier
01:45 dehve I'm probably being way more meticulous than necessary. I've got the PDF printed off and am measuring with a ruler.
01:45 Cheezmo lol
01:45 dehve What does gmod do?
01:45 Cprossu watch out, some of that stuff isn't to scale
01:45 dehve That makes it better?
01:45 dehve Yeah I'm noticing that. Chris's office and the NOC are off
01:45 Cprossu lets you go through it and measure it prop wise
01:46 Cprossu dehve yeah we don't have any official idea on a lot of things
01:46 Cprossu but if it helps
01:46 Cprossu on the racketball courts
01:46 dehve Hammer Editor has a thing for changing the units to feet/inches, and I'm just using a chunk of brush to measure distances out in the editor.
01:46 Cprossu steve thinks it's like 20ft high to the lowered ceiling
01:46 Cprossu the lowered ceiling being like 2-2 1/2 ft
01:47 Cprossu it really is an mc escher painting brought to life though
01:47 dehve So the rooms are 40x20x20?
01:47 Cprossu internally
01:47 dehve Yeah Batman was right on with his "jank Escher nightmare" comment haha
01:47 Cprossu and I can't remember how thick he said the walls between them were
01:47 Cprossu 2'?
01:47 dehve The walls look to be about 1'5" ish, if the thickless of the lines in the drawings are to be considered accurate
01:47 dehve Outside walls are 3'
01:49 Cprossu things you must consider, the gym and a portion of the building to the building attached part including the conference room and where radio is were additions
01:49 Cprossu added when the gym was
01:49 Cprossu I can get you something that might help you or it might not, give me a moment
01:49 dehve Ohh, that makes sense. I was wondering that, actually. Because the wall is like 6' thick at one spot between the MDH and studios.
01:50 Cprossu check your pm
01:50 dehve It wouldn't be surprised if the entire building was building in sections, judging by the ridiculous architecture.
01:50 dehve I*
01:50 Toastdude .seen wannabe1987
01:50 BotSteve Toastdude: I last saw wannabe1987 4.91 hours ago at 2012-01-15 20:56:12 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 01:50:59 UTC
01:52 KB3NZQ joined #thegeekgroup
01:54 SparkyProjects Cprossu, didn't you say that the ball coutts were outside areas before they built the current ones, now the studios ?
01:54 Cprossu more like there was a single handball court
01:54 Cprossu outside
01:55 Cprossu that they built after the 60's
01:55 Cprossu but tore down
01:55 Cprossu then built the track
01:55 ^Prophet^ srry if i dont say much for a bit... im busy :P
01:55 Cprossu then indoor courts ontop of that
01:56 Cprossu and an observation area anchored to the side of the gym
01:56 Cprossu which was previously outdoors
01:56 Cprossu to make it more confusing
01:56 leepod joined #thegeekgroup
01:57 leepod can i shut down a computer that is doing a scan
01:57 leepod like disk scan
01:58 leepod nvm
01:58 leepod its done
01:58 Ponko so yes
01:58 Ponko but normally leepod no
02:02 dehve So how old is that buliding, anyway? The original part.
02:03 ^Prophet^ YES I WIN AHAHAHA
02:06 leepod won wat?
02:09 ^Prophet^ against Thardus
02:09 ^Prophet^ :3
02:10 Fulsy TGG's YMCA Building is more random than a Stronghold in Minecraft
02:10 Sgt_Lemming maybe notch got the idea from the captains blog? :-P
02:10 Fulsy lol
02:11 Cprossu Fulsy: take my map and add some cobwebs to it =P
02:11 Fulsy xD
02:11 Fulsy I was actually taking the TGG lab file and sprucing it up with my MC architecture style
02:11 Cprossu did you get the one I just posted?
02:11 Fulsy Half-slab drop ceilings, etc
02:12 Fulsy no
02:12 Fulsy where is it?
02:12 Cprossu
02:12 BotSteve Title: Dropbox - - Simplify your life
02:12 Fulsy ah
02:12 Cprossu also in the forums
02:12 Cprossu just rl today.
02:12 Cprossu grab it, then crap bricks I bet
02:12 Cprossu scale is 1 1/3:1
02:13 Cprossu ish.
02:14 Cprossu also I hope your texture pack is closeish to what a default looks like
02:15 Fulsy I don't use a texture pack
02:15 tonsofpcs Cprossu: hmm? free from what?
02:15 Cprossu the horrors that is minecraft tonsofpcs
02:15 Cprossu logged out and happy
02:15 tonsofpcs oh
02:15 tonsofpcs lol
02:15 tonsofpcs why did you bother?
02:15 tonsofpcs also, are you on windows?
02:15 Fulsy alright, where is the LSL in relation to the spawn point
02:16 Cprossu this machine yes, why?
02:16 Cprossu (OS) Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Service Pack 2 (5.2.3790) running: 39 processes.
02:16 tonsofpcs sending a file, hold.
02:16 Cprossu don't dcc it, my firewall is set to kill those
02:18 Fulsy Cprossu, where is the building in relation to the spawn point
02:18 tonsofpcs kill kill? really?
02:18 Fulsy I spawned in a swamp biome
02:18 Cprossu check the readme file
02:18 Fulsy ah
02:18 Cprossu you shoulda spawned in a giant freaking dome
02:19 Cprossu x:366.88220489673853
02:19 Cprossu y:64.62000000476837
02:19 Cprossu z:381.77696554886234
02:19 Cprossu or there-abouts
02:19 Cprossu you can't miss it.
02:24 Fulsy at those coordinates there is a giant ravine
02:24 Fulsy with water pouring into it
02:25 egrsteve did somne smite lsl?
02:26 LeadHead joined #thegeekgroup
02:26 Fulsy an experiment went wrong and LSL ceased to exist
02:27 egrsteve people always add acid, never add the base
02:27 Fulsy lol
02:27 egrsteve or did stomper explode
02:28 Fulsy nah, Chris screamed
02:28 Cprossu Fulsy uh...
02:28 Fulsy a bit too loud
02:28 Cprossu o_o
02:28 Fulsy yes?
02:28 Cprossu did you put the map in the right place and load the right map?
02:29 Fulsy yea
02:29 Cprossu let me check
02:29 Fulsy alright, I'm gonna delete and Re/DL
02:29 Fulsy was it made in 1.1?
02:30 Cprossu it was made in 1.0
02:30 Fulsy Because I'm using 1.0 because of Bukkit
02:30 Fulsy oh
02:30 LeadHead How's it goin?
02:30 egrsteve thats like 1000 Victory Sirens all blaring at once
02:31 LeadHead Victory Sirens, as int he Chrysler Victory Sirens
02:31 LeadHead *as in the?
02:31 Cprossu ok werll I am at 340, 89, 383 right now on that map Fulsy extracted from the file I downloaded
02:32 Cprossu it's all there
02:32 Cprossu let me try again
02:32 egrsteve yes
02:33 LeadHead You know, there's a few of those still on the tops of buildings out of service
02:33 dehve I think the hardest part of remaking the lab is getting the basement and main floor to fit right.
02:33 Fulsy ah nvm I got it
02:33 egrsteve indeed, even one in ? washington that still works
02:33 Fulsy Re-extracting fixed it
02:34 LeadHead One of those would sure make an interesting discussion piece at the lab
02:34 egrsteve so no boden scream?
02:34 egrsteve 130+ db, it could be fun
02:34 Fulsy Joe Simon rebuilt it from the devastation
02:34 LeadHead It's like 130db @ 150 feet
02:35 egrsteve even better and from scrap metal
02:35 tonsofpcs 130dB what?
02:35 egrsteve and 30000 watts equiv
02:35 tonsofpcs dehve: remaking it?
02:35 Fulsy LOL
02:35 egrsteve c weighting
02:35 Fulsy "Danger cory farts danger"
02:35 LeadHead Victory Siren is 138db @ 100 feet sorry
02:35 tonsofpcs ah, SPL C-weighted
02:35 Fulsy and the "TAKE ME, FREE!" sign
02:36 tonsofpcs these things matter!
02:36 dehve yeah in Source. there's an outdated pic of what i'm doing on the forums
02:36 dbshortwave joined #thegeekgroup
02:36 tonsofpcs (the C-weighting, not so much)
02:36 egrsteve close enough
02:37 tonsofpcs 138dB SPL-C at 100 ft from the siren?
02:37 tonsofpcs where were they placed?
02:37 dehve Isn't the Victory Siren that one that was powered by a V6 engine?
02:37 LeadHead usually on huge towers or ontops of buidings
02:37 tonsofpcs I wonder how loud the nuclear blast sirens are back up aat school...
02:37 Cprossu tonsofpcs pm
02:37 tonsofpcs ...
02:37 LeadHead Victory Siren was powered by a 180HP V8
02:38 dehve Yeah V8. My bad.
02:39 LeadHead The effective range is ~4 miles
02:39 LeadHead Suposedly still aduible well beyond that
02:39 Fulsy Dammit keag's
02:40 tonsofpcs lol
02:40 tonsofpcs LeadHead: inverse distance falloff (approximately) in air
02:41 Fulsy Now I know about the pee hole o_O
02:41 LeadHead yeah, the sound power drops off rapidly the further you are away
02:41 LeadHead Thats why sirens usually have an "effective range"
02:41 Cprossu so I take it you got it working Fulsy
02:42 LeadHead in which you could still easily recognize it vs. background noise
02:42 Fulsy yep
02:42 LeadHead Of course trees, tall bulidings, etc..ruin any calculated range
02:45 LeadHead But you just know if this thing ever went off:;sid=c2a7e497db70e495b6b7f6e811b5dc67
02:45 BotSteve Title: The Siren Board :: View topic - Old Chrysler-Bell Victory Siren Photos
02:45 LeadHead that shit hit the fan
02:46 Fulsy Map is awesome!
02:47 Cprossu anything you can tell that we really fucked up?
02:48 Fulsy hmm
02:48 Fulsy The building sides on the parking lot need some working on
02:50 Fulsy Also, for the office, I was thinking about having half-step ceiling tiles
02:50 Fulsy I use those all the time for buildings I make
02:50 Fulsy Yes, I make Drop-ceilings in Minecraft. Don't judge me >_>
02:51 ^Prophet^ *judges*
02:52 tonsofpcs I make drop ceilings....
02:52 LeadHead Oh before I forget Cprossu, GM 4L60E , 183,000 miles. At medium throttle between ~2000-4000 RPM, there seems to be a light metallic scraping noise, gets louder with load. Goes away/not audible @ WOT. My buddy and I are feeling torque converter?
02:52 tonsofpcs well, I take them apart and put them back together
02:52 tonsofpcs WOT?
02:53 LeadHead Wide Open Throttle
02:53 LeadHead Noise goes away if you let off throttle or shift into nuetral
02:53 tonsofpcs ah
02:54 Ponko laters peeps
02:54 tonsofpcs you just said it was not audible at WOT...
02:54 dbshortwave later ponko
02:54 LeadHead later
02:54 tonsofpcs so it's only audible between off and on?
02:54 LeadHead Its audible at medium throttles
02:55 LeadHead and gets louder with more throttle and more revs until a certain point, where either engine noise covers it, or it stops making noise
02:56 threebuddies joined #thegeekgroup
02:56 Cprossu Fulsy if you liked dropped ceilings, you'd like looking at the studios
02:56 Cprossu rofl
02:56 dbshortwave that seems logical to assume torque converter
02:56 Cprossu LeadHead: that's a hell of a lot of use
02:57 Cprossu sounds like a sprag assembly
02:57 Cprossu if I were to place it
02:57 Cprossu what gears does it do it in?
02:58 dbshortwave first off
02:58 dbshortwave is it auto or manual
02:58 Cprossu audto
02:58 Cprossu *auto
02:58 Cprossu 4L60E is auto, with electronic control
02:58 Cprossu (aka solenoids)
02:58 dbshortwave check around where the engine could give thrust
02:59 Cprossu it has sprag assemblies that go bad in that amount of miles that are supposed to only allow one way travel
02:59 ^Prophet^ I fart in your general direction!
02:59 dbshortwave ah
02:59 Cprossu the sound I bet is it traveling in the opposite direction
02:59 LeadHead It'll do it in 1st if you lock it into 1st and give 'er
02:59 dbshortwave yeah well i waft a fart in yours
02:59 LeadHead doesn't seem to really do it that much in 2nd or 3rd
02:59 LeadHead defintely does it a lot in OD
02:59 LeadHead *OD
03:00 ^Prophet^ Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of ELDERBERRIES!
03:00 Cprossu at that point the tcc should be engaged
03:00 DxG_Dragon joined #thegeekgroup
03:00 Cprossu but still 183k, original build on that tranny?
03:00 Fulsy ah very nice
03:00 Fulsy @ the studios
03:00 LeadHead This thing shifts into 4th @ 30 mph and constantly unlocks/locks the converter
03:00 LeadHead to try and stay in 4th as long as possible.
03:00 Cprossu what year is it again LeadHead?
03:01 LeadHead I have no idea what GM was thinking it
03:01 Cprossu do you have access to a Tech 2?
03:01 LeadHead '03 Envoy. Original Tranny. Standard 4.2L I6
03:02 LeadHead A Tech 2? No. But I know someone with a Snap-On Solus
03:02 Cprossu that's a lot of miles on that tranny though
03:02 Cprossu the solus might not tell us shit
03:02 Cprossu what about an autoenginuity?
03:02 dbshortwave .tfw 13346
03:02 BotSteve 7°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Hamilton, NY!  'I'm not sure how you can stand it'
03:03 dbshortwave thats slightly off
03:03 LeadHead Negative.
03:03 Cprossu I suppose it's still worth a shot, plug the solus in see if you can bring up any codes at all
03:03 LeadHead I'm not sure what the Solus has for abilities though. I know the guy uses it for working on Diesels though
03:03 Cprossu with that engine and that mileage.....
03:03 LeadHead Does have a CEL for low coolant temperature
03:03 Cprossu does the exhaust smell like rotton eggs by any chance?
03:03 LeadHead thermostat won't let 'er get above 180*F
03:04 Cprossu get any codes that it has
03:04 LeadHead and the alternator has to come out to change it. No way thats happening with an ambient of 20*F
03:04 Cprossu this could be a case of the engine computer doing something to get you to take it to a dealer =P
03:04 Cprossu *doing something stupid*
03:04 LeadHead Making tranny noise?
03:04 Cprossu no, shifting that low
03:04 LeadHead They all do that
03:04 Cprossu still get any codes you can
03:05 tonsofpcs .tfw 13850
03:05 BotSteve 6°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Vestal, NY!  'Fantastic do-nothing weather.'
03:05 LeadHead They tried to make a case for the I6 over the V8 by getting better mileage
03:05 Cprossu my g1500 van sure as hell doesn't
03:05 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: hoow slightly off?
03:05 injektion My dad killed his 480LE by having it flushed :P
03:05 LeadHead The way they did that was to dog the I6 into shifting wy too earlier
03:05 LeadHead *way too early
03:05 Cprossu yuck.
03:05 dbshortwave my temp sensor reads -4°F
03:05 Cprossu which reminds me LeadHead
03:05 LeadHead So you're just constantly fighting the torque converter
03:06 Cprossu every envoy I see on the road from that year has a miss in it's engine
03:06 lwq1996 joined #thegeekgroup
03:06 BotSteve **whispers** Quick, hide!  Before he sees us!
03:06 LeadHead The coil packs are horrible. I did the valve cover gaskets on his envoy
03:06 roadran422|away Hey back! Watched war horse
03:06 LeadHead simply removing a coil was enough to kill it
03:06 Cprossu yeah you're lucky not to break any
03:06 Cprossu while removing them
03:06 tehdark45 joined #thegeekgroup
03:06 Cprossu and getting them back in place and working
03:06 tonsofpcs Cprossu: want to diagnose my Rav4 when you're done with that one? :)
03:06 Cprossu is fucking tricky
03:07 LeadHead Nope, one died!
03:07 tehdark45 Cprossu, the kindle give up? or did you?
03:07 Cprossu it did
03:07 LeadHead Completely dead, took it apart, no spark at all.
03:07 LeadHead Have no idea how GM developed something so fragile
03:07 Cprossu they're gm, that's how LeadHead
03:07 injektion tonsofpcs: What's wrong with your toyota according to my dad they are supposed to never have problems and when he comes across one with problems he ignores it
03:07 Cprossu just like ford invented an engine which was sure to blow head gaskets whenever possible =P twice.
03:08 tehdark45 go with proper Japanese or European cars
03:08 Cprossu ^ and don't modify them!
03:08 ^Prophet^ why not
03:08 ^Prophet^ :P
03:08 Cprossu especially honda's
03:08 tehdark45 no silly american plasiric bals
03:08 tehdark45 balls*
03:08 LeadHead European?
03:08 tehdark45 plastic*
03:08 Cprossu no what I mean is no fucking exhaust fart can
03:08 sndwrx I don't know.  The B22 Toyota is a pretty decent engine.
03:09 Cprossu and no giant spoilers on FWD cars =P
03:09 dbshortwave LOL
03:09 tehdark45 sndwrx, japanese
03:09 sndwrx And the older Toyota trucks were virtually indestructible.
03:09 ^Prophet^ drop them off a cliff
03:09 ^Prophet^ will fix that problem
03:09 dbshortwave i always wondered why someone would put a wing on the back of the car that made it look like someone walked up and kicked it
03:09 injektion Cprossu: Don't forget the ford cvh engine that liked to drop valve seats :P
03:09 LeadHead CVH engine
03:09 LeadHead oh lord
03:09 tehdark45 Have you guys seen the Hilux episode of Top Gear?
03:10 Cprossu of course we have tehdark45
03:10 tonsofpcs injektion: water or oil getting into the system somewhere, white/grey smoke coming out the back on very cold (<20 F?) days?
03:10 tonsofpcs at startup, that is
03:10 LeadHead Tonsofpcs , smell it
03:10 ^Prophet^ nipple4nipple anyone?
03:11 Cprossu if it's sickeningly sweet it won't be fun tonsofpcs
03:11 Cprossu then lead to coolant.
03:11 injektion My 25 year old BMW has less problems than my dad's toyota t100
03:11 tonsofpcs LeadHead: smell is inconclusive.
03:11 tonsofpcs Coolant isn't draining.
03:11 Cprossu good.
03:11 Cprossu what you got for mileage tonsofpcs?
03:11 LeadHead Then I wouldn't worry about it. Every gallon of gas you burn creates a gallon of water
03:11 LeadHead and it turns into vapor
03:11 Cprossu yeah that's normal
03:12 LeadHead Cold day, the vapor condenses as soon as it leaves the tailpipe
03:12 tonsofpcs Cprossu: 100k
03:12 sndwrx tehdark45: I've put the same model Toyota through the paces like Top Gear did.  Well, except putting it on top of a building about to be demolished.
03:12 tonsofpcs (well, 96.4)
03:12 Cprossu yeah tonsofpcs everything's good and healthy
03:12 ^Prophet^ *lost in spaccceeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*
03:12 dbshortwave should see the water dump out of the blazer i have
03:12 tehdark45 sndwrx, lived?
03:13 Cprossu I was always taught that you get more than a gallon of water for every gallon of gas you burn heh
03:13 injektion My dad also calls the BMW more exotic than his truck and I have no idea why and when I tried to use facts against him he called me self righteous
03:13 sndwrx tehdark45: Mine was even driven through a pond, without snorkel.  That truck was the jankiest thing with pennies for fuses but it just wouldn't give up the ghost.
03:13 LeadHead Obviously tons more in vapor, but everything I've read says that if you condensed it all
03:13 egrsteve stokeometry time!
03:13 dbshortwave makes sence Cprossu
03:13 LeadHead you'd get a about a gallon of water
03:13 tonsofpcs Cprossu: well, it's more than is normal.  Slightly reduced after the HEET, but not much...
03:13 egrsteve ?sp
03:14 LeadHead Stoichiometry
03:14 dbshortwave moisture int he air + what may be in the fuel
03:14 Cprossu either way tonsofpcs nothing to worry about
03:14 tonsofpcs although I did recently have the manifold and cat converter replaced.... possibly just condensation on fresh metal?
03:14 ^Prophet^ .-.
03:14 LeadHead What year is this Rav4?
03:14 Cprossu oh one other thing you can try tonsofpcs
03:14 tonsofpcs 03
03:14 Cprossu take a piece of paper to the exhaust,
03:14 LeadHead and it needed a manifold and cat already?
03:15 tonsofpcs was replaced just inside warranty
03:15 Cprossu if the exhaust pipe sucks the paper in you might have some issue
03:15 injektion LeadHead: Early 2000s toyotas are well known for needing their cats replaced
03:15 Cprossu but my guess is not
03:15 tonsofpcs interesting thought.
03:15 tonsofpcs doubtful though..
03:15 Cprossu everything sounds good to go
03:15 tonsofpcs (will try)
03:15 tonsofpcs LeadHead: 78k miles iirc
03:16 LeadHead Weird.
03:16 tonsofpcs got replaced a week after I had all the sparkplugs replaced...
03:16 LeadHead What made them condem the cat?
03:16 LeadHead ..and manifold
03:16 tonsofpcs cat + manifold is one unit
03:16 Cprossu my guess is they came up with a code
03:16 Cprossu and the cat is very close to the engine
03:16 tonsofpcs I forget which part failed.  One of them is covered by warranty, the other isn't
03:16 LeadHead "Catalyst Effeciency"
03:16 injektion Pre-Cat?
03:17 tonsofpcs but they have to replace both
03:17 injektion tonsofpcs: Did yours have a low emissions sticker anywhere on the vehicle?
03:17 Cprossu it was either the efficiency or the damn thing was plugged, of the two I bet the former.
03:17 LeadHead Interesting, all cars sold in the US required to have a 100,000 mile emissions warranty (or is it 60,000)
03:18 LeadHead The manifold should be part of the emissions system, and should have been replaced under warranty with the cat
03:18 Cprossu LeadHead: I thought it was 5 years
03:18 roadran422 Hey wannabe1987
03:18 Cprossu and I agree with LeadHead you got screwed by the dealer there
03:18 * LeadHead goes to google
03:18 tonsofpcs LeadHead: it was...
03:18 roadran422 LeadHead? Why such a name?
03:19 LeadHead You said one part was not covered though
03:19 Cprossu roadran422: leadfoot was taken
03:19 Cprossu hehehehe
03:19 roadran422 ...xD
03:19 tonsofpcs right, they only replace it under warranty if the covered part is broken; if the other one was teh broken one they would have charged
03:19 roadran422 It is not "right" to have the word nuts in your name?
03:19 LeadHead EPA says you need 5yr/100k mile emissions warranty
03:19 Cprossu fair enough so we were both right hahaha
03:19 ^Prophet^ *slams his head on his desk some more*
03:20 LeadHead if you want partial zero emissions vehicle rating or whatver
03:20 LeadHead you need a 150,000 mile warranty
03:20 LeadNuts :)
03:20 LeadNuts Is this nick allowed?
03:20 tonsofpcs (one plug was definitely misfiring, timing was thrown off, brought it in to the toyota dealership that is literally downhill, they didn't clear the code to check which was misfiring, just told me they all were; I didn't want to deal with their crap and I figured it needed a full retime anyway -- it's not like it's easy to get at the plugs)
03:20 LeadHead Excuse me
03:20 LeadHead tonsofpcs
03:21 tonsofpcs LeadHead
03:21 LeadHead Timing thrown off, and a missfiring plug?
03:21 Fulsy Well I'm heading out
03:21 Fulsy cya guys
03:21 tonsofpcs LeadHead: ever heard a 2 stroke where only one cylander was firing?
03:21 LeadNuts Adios Fulsy
03:21 ^Prophet^ bye
03:21 Cprossu uhhhh
03:21 ^Prophet^ and yes i have
03:22 Cprossu that sounds fucked up tonsofpcs o_o
03:22 tonsofpcs that's what it was like before I brought it in
03:22 ^Prophet^ and it sounds cool
03:22 tonsofpcs think "broken golf cart"
03:22 ^Prophet^ and like shit at the same time
03:22 tonsofpcs it had about the same power too.
03:22 dbshortwave lead nuts soft metal alloy in the form of machinery hardware that will strip at the sight of tourqe and melt at the sight of heat
03:22 dbshortwave lol
03:22 Cprossu broken golf cart doesn't have to be timing
03:22 mantere joined #thegeekgroup
03:22 Cprossu your engine will do that missing on one or more cylinders
03:22 tonsofpcs Cprossu: the noise.  And you know what I mean
03:22 LeadHead What im trying to say is that the enigne in your rav 4
03:22 tonsofpcs Cprossu: right.  It was missing on one.
03:22 LeadHead can't have the timing thrown off
03:22 LeadHead without something going horribly wrong
03:23 tonsofpcs then it was missing on another.  Then another.  One was left when I got it there :X
03:23 Cprossu yeah, your timing wasn't off tonsofpcs, just the engine was missing
03:23 Cprossu hahaha
03:23 dbshortwave its more then likely something in the fuel,
03:23 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: was.
03:23 tonsofpcs this was like a year ago.
03:23 dbshortwave water lack of octain
03:24 dbshortwave yeah almost anything
03:24 tonsofpcs octane
03:24 dbshortwave plugs, wires, coils
03:24 Cprossu hell I've seen cars do that with a corroded batt terminal =P
03:24 LeadHead no wires on a mid 2000s rav 4 engine
03:24 dbshortwave ah
03:25 dbshortwave indipendant coil packs?
03:25 dbshortwave err
03:25 LeadHead quite so
03:25 dbshortwave oh god
03:25 LeadHead coil-on-plugs
03:25 dbshortwave yeh dodge did something like that
03:25 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: you should come see it.
03:25 LeadHead not dodge
03:25 LeadHead Everyone
03:25 tonsofpcs I had to jumpstart it once :(
03:26 dbshortwave this is true i remember one on an I-6 chevy trail blazer
03:26 LeadHead yeah..............
03:26 tonsofpcs the battery is under the dash...
03:26 dbshortwave miss fire... i would look at your pick ups cam and crank
03:27 tonsofpcs dbshortwave: ... that was a year ago
03:27 tonsofpcs that was solved.
03:27 dbshortwave ah
03:27 tonsofpcs they re-plugged it
03:27 dbshortwave oh ok
03:27 tonsofpcs then it stalled a week later and needed the cat/manifold replaced
03:27 Cprossu weird
03:27 tonsofpcs whichevre one is under the warranty is the one that failed
03:28 * Cprossu would like to compare what work they did to what work they said they did rofl
03:28 LeadHead Yeah, the service writers or whatever
03:28 LeadHead often seem to not know what they're talking about
03:28 tonsofpcs Cprossu: I would too.  You have all the tools to tear apart a Rav4?
03:28 wannabe1987 LeadHead: haven't seen you in a while
03:28 LeadHead yeh
03:28 LeadHead been busy
03:28 tonsofpcs because you can't work on it while it's assembled.
03:28 Cprossu tonsofpcs I have enough to, but I don't feel like it
03:28 LeadHead Meh, my mum'
03:28 Cprossu also do you have a lift and a week to spend without your car =P
03:28 LeadHead mum's 04 Rav 4 isn't that bad to work on
03:29 tonsofpcs no.  Nor do I have an engine lift.
03:29 Cprossu we won't need that
03:29 tonsofpcs I have a friend with those drive-up wheel ramp thingies
03:29 dbshortwave now heres one for the books ... 97 chev blazer, randomly wouldnt start without the help of a shot of alcohol down the throttle body, once started warmed up and such ran fine started fine no check engine light
03:29 LeadHead plenty of room in the engine bay too. But she's got the 2.4, you have the 2.0
03:29 Cprossu just a few car jacks and some 4x4's =P
03:29 tonsofpcs Cprossu: you're in luck, there's a harbor freight in town :-p
03:29 LeadHead Sounds like a bad ECT sensor to me dbshortwave
03:29 dbshortwave nope
03:30 Cprossu just because it's a 97, I blame the fucking spider injectors =P
03:30 LeadHead Or a weak fuel pump, since those 97's had that crazy "Central
03:30 LeadHead yup
03:30 dbshortwave changed spider, plugs, wires, cap, coil, fuel psi reg.
03:30 LeadHead lol.
03:30 wannabe1987 spider?
03:30 Cprossu fucking plugged poppet valves
03:30 dbshortwave yeah
03:31 LemPhone joined #thegeekgroup
03:31 dbshortwave found it to be a dead fuel pump one night
03:31 Cprossu hahahaha... almost dead fuel pump
03:31 LeadHead I have no idea why GM thought poppet valves were a good idea. If your fuel pump or regulator is even slightly weak, the valves won't open at all
03:31 Cprossu didn't build enough pressure
03:31 dbshortwave it showed it had 60psi at start
03:31 Cprossu you need 65
03:31 Cprossu iirc
03:31 dbshortwave book said 60-65
03:31 tonsofpcs LeadHead: then they knew exactly what was wrong with that symptom
03:32 tehdark45 just go 9001
03:32 tonsofpcs easier to maintain!
03:32 tehdark45 problem solved
03:32 tehdark45 :P
03:32 dbshortwave now i need to replace the fenders on it
03:32 LeadHead GM Tried to reinvent a lot of things then, for really no good reason
03:32 dbshortwave all the times it would piss me off and not start lol
03:32 Cprossu wannabe1987: see
03:32 Cprossu spider.
03:32 LemPhone leadhead, vendor lock in
03:32 BotSteve lemphone: I have the following messages for you:
03:32 BotSteve At 15 Jan 23:30Z, roadran422 asked me to tell lemphone that he is a dumbass for killing him self. Almost.
03:32 Cprossu the lower intake manifold will leak like a siv on those too dbshortwave
03:32 LemPhone car companies love it
03:33 wannabe1987 o.o
03:33 dbshortwave yeah that was the other part i replaced lol
03:33 dbshortwave upper plenum gaskits
03:33 LeadHead the early "Central Fuel Injection" systems were batch fire too
03:33 LeadHead ghettooo
03:33 Cprossu you know what a bitch those are to work with dbshortwave
03:33 Cprossu think about that in a G1500 van
03:33 dbshortwave oh god dont remind me
03:33 Cprossu I said fuck it and brought it to someone else for the pain
03:34 Cprossu screwwwwwwwwww that
03:34 dbshortwave G-20 5.7 V8
03:34 dbshortwave convertion
03:34 Cprossu '95?
03:34 dbshortwave 94
03:34 dbshortwave wait no
03:34 dbshortwave 93
03:34 dbshortwave i think
03:34 Cprossu ok
03:35 Cprossu the engine was slightly easier to get at
03:35 tonsofpcs lol
03:35 Cprossu and I do mean slightly
03:35 LeadNuts A1 sauce.
03:35 LeadHead The funny thing is, even GM knew that the "spider" injection sucked.
03:35 Cprossu good luck trying to change plugs on a '97 g1500 without 2-3 ujoints
03:35 dbshortwave lol damn
03:36 LeadHead LT1 V8 used standard injectors, Typhoon/Scyclone 4.3 Vortecs used standard injectors as well
03:36 Cprossu I'd take the old TBI over the spider any day even though that's wet manifold
03:36 Cprossu it will always fire
03:36 dbshortwave i would be getting a plasma cutter and making new openings
03:36 LeadHead Go find yourself a late 90s Ford Ranger 2.3/2.5 with the 8 plug head
03:37 LeadHead and try changing the drivers side plugs with the upper intake manifold on
03:37 LeadHead then get back to me
03:37 * dbshortwave cringes
03:37 LeadHead That was my first (and last) 3 hour plug job.
03:38 dbshortwave ford Deathstar (windstar) change the Speed sensor
03:38 dbshortwave lol
03:38 Cprossu speaking of the windstar
03:38 dbshortwave NO
03:38 Cprossu Change fuel pump.
03:38 Cprossu then change lines going to fuel pump because that didn't work
03:39 Cprossu then replace electrical to fuel pump
03:39 dbshortwave then find it to be a dead gauge cluster
03:39 Cprossu then yell into the air as that doesn't work
03:39 LeadHead heh, you should have seen the garage at the ford dealership I was at
03:39 dbshortwave FUCK YOU BUS CAM SYSTEM
03:39 dbshortwave lol
03:39 LeadHead can-bus, not bus-cam
03:39 dbshortwave i was close
03:39 Cprossu ever see a 3.8 in a windstar backfire through it's intake?
03:39 Cprossu it's impressive
03:39 LeadHead they had crates of subframe repair kits
03:39 LeadHead for those ford minivans
03:40 Cprossu pieces of shitttttt
03:40 dbshortwave not to mention death traps
03:40 Cprossu let's make a chrysler minivan ford said
03:40 tehdark45 ugh windstars
03:40 Cprossu man did they fuck up
03:40 LeadHead Ford did funny things back then too
03:40 LeadHead 90s F-Series piped the VSS signal through the speedomter, then handed it off to the ECU
03:40 dbshortwave 2000 the BOO switch
03:41 LeadHead you blow your instrument cluster fuse( which also does dome light and brake lights)
03:41 LeadHead - your transmision stops shifting
03:41 Cprossu reminds me of something funny in older GM's
03:41 dbshortwave NSS plug
03:41 Cprossu if the alternator light goes out you don't charge anymore
03:42 Cprossu also in a '79 ...k blazer I think it is
03:42 Cprossu if the radio fuse pops
03:42 LeadHead Wasn't that the setup for the 1 wire alternator?
03:42 Cprossu the ecm doesn't get power
03:42 Cprossu my teacher's smart ass comment about that was 'no car wants to be without a radio!'
03:43 Cprossu as to why it wouldn't start
03:43 dbshortwave lol
03:43 Cprossu wiring diagram was one of the spagetti type too
03:43 Cprossu man those were aweful
03:43 LeadHead spahgetti is how i'd describe the wiring itself
03:43 LeadHead on those mid 80s gm EFI vehicles
03:44 LeadHead the electrical system on my '87 Ranger seemed years ahead of the system on my friends '89 TBI C/K 1500
03:44 Cprossu that reminds me
03:44 Cprossu vss was 'electronic passthrough mechanical'
03:44 Cprossu as in a mechanical cable ran to a box with a sensor in it and another mechanical cable that went to the speedometer
03:45 Cprossu through the said sensor box
03:45 LeadHead Ranger had  somehwhat similar setup
03:45 * dbshortwave runs out and hugs my 1979 El Camino
03:45 LeadHead The sensor was right on the end of the speedo cable though
03:45 dbshortwave no computers
03:45 Cprossu dbshortwave if it's 79 it has one
03:45 Cprossu unless you removed it
03:45 dbshortwave this one dont
03:45 dbshortwave never had one
03:45 LeadHead I'd rather have a computer then 70's vacuum logic....
03:45 Cprossu are you _sure_ dbshortwave
03:45 dbshortwave dead sure
03:46 dbshortwave ive looked for a firewall bung
03:46 dbshortwave none
03:46 wannabe1987
03:46 dbshortwave the kick panels are stock
03:47 LeadHead what motor
03:47 dbshortwave 4.4 V8
03:47 dbshortwave 297?
03:47 Cprossu
03:47 dehve New pic is up of TGG-Source in the forums. :)
03:47 dbshortwave vin J
03:47 Cprossu ^ you sure you don't have one of those hiding out?
03:47 * Cprossu checks his notes
03:47 wannabe1987 "feeling like a true nerd....typing on my kindle with one hand and my laptop with the other"  how is that nerdy?  you just have too many tech thingers
03:48 Cprossu dehve: looking now
03:48 tehdark45 wannabe1987, n kindle 4 u
03:48 tehdark45 no*
03:48 tehdark45 :P
03:48 wannabe1987 i have two computers.  i don't want a kindle
03:48 LeadHead heh yup, wikipedia says no electronic controls
03:48 dehve I should probably run a compile on it. It looks a lot nicer in-game rather than in the editor.
03:48 LeadHead all vacuum logic
03:49 Cprossu nice dehve
03:49 LeadHead Says 1980 got the electronic carb
03:49 wannabe1987 .seen Toastdude
03:49 BotSteve wannabe1987: I last saw Toastdude 1.98 hours ago at 2012-01-16 01:50:59 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 03:49:43 UTC
03:49 wannabe1987 TOAST.  get back here!
03:50 dehve I'm dreading beginning the basement. :P
03:50 ^Prophet^ im hungry toast some here
03:50 ^Prophet^ come*
03:50 wannabe1987 .cake ^Prophet^
03:50 BotSteve Here you go, ^Prophet^, I baked you a pumpkin and cinnamon cake!
03:50 ^Prophet^ YAY *noms eagerly*
03:50 ^Prophet^ thanks
03:51 LeadNuts wannabe1987: Are you stalking toast?
03:51 LeadNuts .cake BotSteve
03:51 BotSteve For me?  Thank you!  *Looks at cake with a crazed look in his eyes*
03:51 Cprossu I came up with a Rochester M2MC
03:51 LeadNuts Cake Bomb.
03:51 wannabe1987 no...he did the same to me lol
03:51 LeadHead Wiki says it was a quadrajet
03:51 roadran422 Lol
03:51 LeadHead without the quad
03:52 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
03:53 roadran422 wannabe1987: That's one weird thing...
03:53 wannabe1987 ?
03:53 dbshortwave Cprossu im positive.
03:53 roadran422 Dracula
03:54 wannabe1987 lol yes
03:54 roadran422 xD
03:55 dbshortwave this is how i got it  and ive checked, fuse block states no ECM;current=SANY0028.jpg
03:55 BotSteve Title: 79 El Camino :: SANY0028.jpg picture by dbshortwave - Photobucket
03:57 roadran422 wannabe1987: Yo uso el bano para lavarse mi peolo.
03:57 LeadHead Ah, old decaying vacuum hoses and rusty steel vacuum tubes and an HEI distributor
03:57 roadran422 *pelo
03:57 LeadHead what could go wrong?
03:57 roadran422 A blackhole?'
03:57 dbshortwave im replacing all the hoses ASAP
03:58 wannabe1987 roadran422: congrats....?
03:58 LeadHead replace the distributor cap before it strands you too
03:58 LeadHead including coil
03:59 roadran422 wannabe1987: xD
03:59 wannabe1987 i wash other peoples hairs.  and unmentionalbles.  and other parts of their bodies
03:59 dbshortwave heh never had an HEI drop dead on me to be honest
03:59 dbshortwave power wire would pop out
04:00 dbshortwave but thats about it
04:00 dbshortwave lol
04:00 torpid joined #thegeekgroup
04:01 dbshortwave i need to put valve cover gaskets on it
04:02 dbshortwave had an 82 Olds, man i miss that car. with the Olds 4.2 lt V8
04:02 LeadHead hm
04:02 dbshortwave engine was out of a herse
04:03 dbshortwave the trans had this dip in the bell housing
04:03 dbshortwave the heads sat wider then a chevy V8
04:03 LeadHead weird
04:04 dbshortwave it looked like the 442 engine
04:04 dbshortwave but it was the smallest of the oldsmobile V8's
04:05 LemLap joined #thegeekgroup
04:05 LemLap mmmmm, happy lemming
04:05 LemLap got the music cranked so loud in the space my chest is vibrating in time to the bass :-D
04:05 dbshortwave 260 was olds
04:06 tehdark45 why is lemming happy?
04:06 LemLap tehdark45, cause I am in the space on my own
04:06 LemLap with the stereo on 11
04:06 tehdark45 ah
04:07 tehdark45 Justin Bieber?
04:07 tehdark45 :P
04:07 LemLap the stereo we have here atm is kinda respectable
04:07 LemLap La roux
04:07 tehdark45 Ah La rowx /american
04:07 tehdark45 olol
04:08 BatSteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:08 BatSteve .seen tonsofpcs
04:08 BotSteve batsteve: I have the following messages for you:
04:08 BotSteve At 15 Jan 16:50Z, Seroster asked me to tell batsteve Hey. We need a .yp (you know, common... adult... site) command for BotSteve. Lol.
04:08 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw tonsofpcs 0.52 hours ago at 2012-01-16 03:37:52 UTC on #TGG:NSFW.  Current time: 04:08:47 UTC
04:09 dbshortwave what it looked like
04:09 LemLap lo BatSteve
04:09 LemLap how goes it?
04:09 Toastdude BatSteve!
04:09 tehdark45 Toastdude!!!111ONE
04:09 BatSteve hey sarge!
04:09 Toastdude ...
04:09 BatSteve hey toast
04:09 LemLap enjoying myself atm BatSteve, in the hackerspace with amp turned all the way to 11
04:10 LemLap bass is so deep my chest is vibrating :-P
04:10 BatSteve BotSteve: ask tonsofpcs if the youtube video API provides video duration
04:10 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when tonsofpcs is around.
04:10 wannabe1987 BatSteve!!!!!!!!!!!
04:10 wannabe1987 tehdark45!  are you being less annoying tonight?
04:10 wannabe1987 .cookie BatSteve
04:10 BotSteve Here you go, BatSteve, I baked you a molasses cookie!
04:11 tehdark45 are you?
04:11 tehdark45 :P
04:11 wannabe1987 nope
04:11 wannabe1987 i'm still irritated
04:11 ^Prophet^ i would like a chocolate chip cookie :P
04:11 tehdark45 wannabe1987, howcome?
04:12 wannabe1987 work.  my feet.  other people not on tgg;irc
04:12 wannabe1987 life
04:12 wannabe1987 $$
04:12 wannabe1987 etc
04:12 BatSteve hey kelly!
04:12 BatSteve yay cookies!
04:12 dbshortwave one crazy ass engine was the 3800 with the supercharger
04:12 wannabe1987 i have peanut butter nutella cookies here...but you're not here
04:12 BatSteve ^Prophet^: Have you ever played a game called Evolution by Neondragon under that nick?
04:13 tehdark45 wannabe1987, ship em over here
04:13 tehdark45 :P
04:13 wannabe1987 no
04:13 wannabe1987 you gotta pay for cookies
04:13 wannabe1987 only lee got them for free
04:13 wannabe1987 toast does too if he wants but yeah
04:13 SparkyProjects left #thegeekgroup
04:14 Toastdude I want them....
04:14 sndwrx dbshortwave: I don't have much experience with the blown 3800, but as far as I'm concerned the 3800 series engines were some of the best GM has made in [relatively] modern models..
04:14 tehdark45 lee is like 4 hours away :P
04:14 wannabe1987 i told you, i need an address
04:14 wannabe1987 9 hours
04:14 wannabe1987 not 4
04:14 wannabe1987 and toast is 5 hrs away
04:14 tehdark45 yeah i'm 1d som hours away -_-
04:14 tehdark45 :P
04:15 sndwrx I'm like five minutes away and still have yet to receive a marvelous and scrumptious gift of cookies.  D=
04:15 dbshortwave sndwrx: small little engine, so much static, alot of spank for the package
04:15 wannabe1987 my siblings finished Harry Potter....all 7 books, from june 2009 to jan 2012, read outloud.  o.O
04:15 dbshortwave its funny to see a squad car scream down the highway in the new malibus
04:16 dbshortwave intake maifold gaskets suck in them though
04:16 dbshortwave lol
04:16 sndwrx er, what?
04:17 sndwrx They use Malibus in your area?
04:17 sndwrx Rockford used Impalas and Intrepids for a while.
04:17 dbshortwave yeah impala/malibu/monticarlos
04:17 sndwrx I found the Intrepid rather amuzing.
04:17 Cprossu 2.7 water pump location for the loss sndwrx
04:17 sndwrx County sheriff uses the newer body Impala now.
04:18 sndwrx Cprossu:  ?
04:18 dbshortwave the staties still use the crown vics
04:18 Cprossu let's stick a leaky water pump right above... THE OIL PAN! and hide it behind the cam cover
04:18 Cprossu that's a fucking great idea!
04:18 dbshortwave yeah
04:18 dbshortwave BRILLIANT
04:19 Cprossu ever wonder why intrepid's had oil congeiling problems?
04:19 tehdark45 cuse they are merican
04:19 Cprossu it was because coolant was getting in the oil and there was no obvious way to see it.
04:19 tonsofpcs because if they had water congeling problems it would be serious!
04:19 BotSteve tonsofpcs: I have the following messages for you:
04:19 BotSteve At 04:10Z, BatSteve asked me to ask tonsofpcs if the youtube video API provides video duration
04:19 sndwrx Cprossu: Never wondered; They're a shite car.
04:19 LeadHead You could also be like GM
04:19 tonsofpcs BatSteve: probably.
04:19 Cprossu if you had one with a 3.5 they were ok
04:19 LeadHead on the LT1 V8s and route the water pump wheephole to the top of the optspark dizzy
04:20 roadran422 night....
04:20 tonsofpcs BatSteve: I'm not a programmer :-p
04:20 Cprossu that fucked em over good.
04:20 injektion Don't forget about piston slap
04:20 lwq1996 hey tehdark45
04:20 Coderjoe i think you mean BRILLANT
04:20 sndwrx I've probably installed at least 500 remote starters on Intrepid/Concord/Vision.
04:20 BatSteve oh
04:20 BatSteve right
04:20 BatSteve haha
04:20 tehdark45 hello lee
04:20 BatSteve .g youtube api
04:20 tonsofpcs that said:
04:20 dbshortwave town sherif here uses a dodge charger
04:20 BotSteve BatSteve:
04:20 lwq1996 if we're mericans does that make you nadian
04:20 tonsofpcs
04:20 BotSteve Title: Reference Guide: Data API Protocol - YouTube APIs and Tools - Google Code
04:20 BatSteve cool!
04:20 tonsofpcs there's a button that says "duration"
04:20 BatSteve hurm.
04:20 tehdark45 lwq1996, wut?
04:20 tonsofpcs s/button/anchor element/
04:20 dbshortwave dont correct me im stupid aint ever gunna learn to spell right
04:20 BatSteve .g youtube python api
04:20 BotSteve BatSteve:
04:21 tonsofpcs
04:21 BotSteve Title: Reference Guide: Data API Protocol - YouTube APIs and Tools - Google Code
04:21 tehdark45 dbshortwave, your a hack, get off the internet
04:21 tehdark45 :P
04:21 lwq1996 tehdark your canadian right?
04:21 LeadHead Cprossu, turbo460 is on hold for ~5 months now
04:21 dbshortwave lol damn right
04:21 Coderjoe my a hack, what?
04:21 Cprossu what happened? =(
04:21 tonsofpcs now back to napping, gotta be in to work early to updatte my time sheet
04:21 tehdark45 lwq1996, I am in canada. but i am South African
04:22 LeadHead buddy went to basic training for air-force
04:22 sndwrx Holy shit.  I don't think anyone has any room to throw grammar around until at LEAST one person here learns appropriate usage of "your" versus "you're".
04:22 Coderjoe .g brillant
04:22 BotSteve Coderjoe:
04:22 LeadHead then he has air-force mechanics school after basic
04:22 LeadHead won't be back until june/july
04:22 Cprossu well I suppose that's a better reason that 'it blew up'
04:22 Cprossu *than
04:22 LeadHead yup
04:22 LeadHead motor is coming out when he comes back since he should have a pile of cash
04:22 wannabe1987 hi lwq1996
04:22 BatSteve Paula Bean is seriously the first result for "Brilliant"?!
04:22 BatSteve HAHAHAHA
04:22 Coderjoe no
04:23 tonsofpcs .g brilliant
04:23 Coderjoe for brillant. only one i
04:23 BotSteve tonsofpcs:
04:23 tonsofpcs oh, I broke google search the other day...
04:23 BatSteve oh!
04:23 BatSteve I see
04:23 tonsofpcs I forget how
04:23 wannabe1987  completely agree.
04:23 sndwrx BatSteve: It's misspelled.
04:23 BatSteve tonsofpcs: when you remember, let me know
04:23 tehdark45 your: you own it, you're: you are
04:23 tonsofpcs you're gonna regret dat.
04:23 * sndwrx applauds!
04:23 LeadHead Motor's is gonna get forged pistons and h-beam rods. Mild cam,  heads will be clenaed up. Maybe conver it to 4 bolt mains, we'll see.
04:23 LeadHead *cleaned
04:23 LeadHead *convert
04:23 tonsofpcs (I can mangle words, I can't make them stupid, sorry)
04:24 Coderjoe paula bean turned into a bit of a running joke on dwtf
04:25 LeadHead Here's the last video we made of it Cprossu before he shipped out:
04:25 BotSteve Title: Turbocharged 7.5L 460 Big Block '96 F250 0 - 85 - YouTube
04:25 Coderjoe not to be confused with the butter queen
04:25 Cprossu sounds better than it did last time LeadHead
04:25 LeadHead The air filter was so clogged in this video that we could actually fill it up with water, and it wouldn't even leak at all. It was an oil-foam filter too.
04:26 LeadHead No idea how it managed to start loosing traction like it did with the filter that bad
04:26 Cprossu the hesitation sounded like wheelslip
04:26 Cprossu yeah
04:26 LeadHead oh that "hesitation" at 30 mph was wheelhop
04:26 wannabe1987 sndwrx: do you fit in engine bays?
04:27 LeadHead I'm not sure what Ford did wrong on these generation F-series trucks
04:27 LeadHead but whether its F-150 or 350, if the rear wheels start to loose traction, they immidiately start hopping
04:27 Cprossu it probably saved them $1.30 a truck
04:28 LeadHead but yeah, it was running pretty good in that video. I had the shift points set to early though
04:28 Cprossu have I already told you to start worrying about the damn u-joints?
04:28 Cprossu because you should at this point
04:28 LeadHead 2-3 shift a little hard for you?
04:29 Cprossu no, the wheelhop was
04:29 LeadHead hah
04:29 dbshortwave
04:29 BotSteve Title: Ken's V8 Lawnmower - YouTube
04:29 Cprossu flail that thing around and 'ping!'
04:29 LeadHead two piece driveshaft, 3 ujoints
04:29 LeadHead what could go wrong
04:30 LeadHead We really should have done the ujoints when we replaced the center support bearing though...
04:31 Cprossu bthen again it would be funnier if you twist the driveshaft before you break the ujoints
04:31 LeadHead E4OD will probably be toast before that happens
04:31 LeadHead It's managing the boost pretty good right now, but when my buddy gets back and we build the engine
04:31 Cprossu I think you'll break something and the tranny will go shortly there after
04:31 LeadHead I doubt it will hold up for much longer
04:32 LeadHead The diesel guys seem to be fine with the stock driveshafts
04:32 LeadHead and them diesel guys are crazy
04:35 tehdark45 rip BotSteve
04:35 BotSteve joined #thegeekgroup
04:35 mantere .tfw tampere, finland
04:35 wannabe1987 hi BotSteve
04:35 BotSteve Salutations wannabe1987!
04:35 BotSteve 1°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Tampere/Pirkkala, FI!  'I'm not sure how you can stand it'
04:36 BatSteve I really oughta fix that ? in tfw while I'm at it.
04:36 Coderjoe .tfw Grand Rapids, MI
04:36 BotSteve 20°F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Where's a Tauntaun when you need one?'
04:36 lwq1996 .seen lwq1996
04:36 BotSteve lwq1996: I last saw lwq1996 839.93 hours ago at 2011-12-12 04:41:06 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 04:36:53 UTC
04:36 lwq1996 -.-
04:37 lwq1996 i would fix that for you but i dont know what is causing it
04:37 Coderjoe mantere: you win
04:38 BatSteve lwq1996: too late, handled it.
04:38 BatSteve BotSteve: reload tfw
04:38 BotSteve BatSteve: <module 'tfw' from '/home/steve/src/hg/tgg/hg-botsteve/modules/'> (version: 2012-01-16 04:38:40)
04:39 BatSteve .tfw
04:39 BotSteve 20 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Shrinkage's best friend.'
04:39 BatSteve Perfect.
04:39 lwq1996 im am amature and forgot the basics already
04:39 LeadHead At least the engine is pretty much bullet proof Cprossu. I've heard of these 460s making 1500HP without being too "exotic"
04:40 lwq1996 .tfw
04:40 BotSteve 20 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Should have gone south'
04:40 lwq1996 .tfw irvona
04:40 BotSteve 7 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Irvona, PA!  'THO Season.'
04:40 lwq1996 lol
04:40 MoxieMike .tfw 04101
04:40 BotSteve 2 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Portland, ME!  'Really?'
04:41 MoxieMike .tfw kingfield, ME
04:41 BotSteve 1 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Kingfield, ME!  'Nothing a few shots couldn't fix'
04:41 tehdark45 .tfwc surrey
04:42 BatSteve yeah yeah
04:43 BatSteve I didn't fix the S in degrees.
04:43 BatSteve bite me
04:43 * lwq1996 bites batsteve
04:43 * CaptainNiobe bites BatSteve
04:43 lwq1996 niobe you do that to monks
04:43 CaptainNiobe :D
04:43 CaptainNiobe i plan to
04:43 BatSteve bite bite bite
04:43 BatSteve :]
04:43 lwq1996 nsfw
04:44 CaptainNiobe lol
04:44 CaptainNiobe that wasn't nsfw, lee
04:44 lwq1996 where do you plan to bite him
04:44 CaptainNiobe *shrugs* could be anywhere, including nsfw areas... :D
04:44 dbshortwave my kinda bike!
04:44 dbshortwave
04:44 BotSteve Title: Boom V8 Jaguar Trike - YouTube
04:48 BatSteve Fun fact - my left knee is a nsfw area.  It is where I keep my charts.
04:48 BatSteve If I was bitten there, I would not be safe to go to work.
04:48 CaptainNiobe O.O
04:48 BatSteve Because there would be blood on my charts.
04:48 BatSteve (:
04:48 CaptainNiobe lol
04:48 lwq1996 charts?
04:48 BatSteve Yes.
04:48 lwq1996 like map charts?
04:48 BatSteve
04:48 BatSteve aw
04:48 BatSteve
04:48 BotSteve Title: SkyVector: Flight Planning / Aeronautical Charts
04:48 BatSteve like those charts
04:49 lwq1996 ah
04:50 BatSteve .yt war of 1812 three dead trolls
04:50 BotSteve BatSteve:
04:50 Cprossu and things were very historical @ BatSteve
04:51 BatSteve Cprossu: and the white house burned burned burned
04:51 Cprossu .yt three trolls ontario sucks
04:51 BotSteve Cprossu:
04:55 * BatSteve almost went to a concert in Sarnia
04:56 wannabe1987 my family visited friends in sarnia....
04:56 einball1 g morning
04:56 lwq1996 goodnight
04:56 einball1 lol :D
04:56 lwq1996 :P
04:56 einball1 05:40 over here
04:56 einball1 gotta go to university
04:56 dbshortwave yep im callin it
04:56 wannabe1987 how is it 5:40 there if its 23:56 here?
04:57 dbshortwave im out
04:57 dbshortwave pz
04:57 wannabe1987 night dbshortwave
04:58 ^Prophet^ ZZZZzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ
05:00 einball1 wannabe1987: germany<>us? ;)
05:00 einball1 the my clock is wrong
05:01 wannabe1987 where did the spare minutes come from ?  o lol
05:02 ^Prophet^ *watches suns of guns*
05:02 * wannabe1987 watches dr who
05:02 * CaptainNiobe watches youtube
05:04 * BatSteve watches CaptainNiobe watch youtube
05:04 * CaptainNiobe sets up camera and watches BatSteve watching self watching youtube
05:04 tehdark45 Youception
05:05 * BatSteve wonders who will watch the Watchmen
05:05 * wannabe1987 got a headache from that
05:06 tehdark45 aa
05:06 tehdark45 aa
05:06 tehdark45 umm
05:06 tehdark45 wrong chat
05:06 tehdark45 lol
05:07 wannabe1987 ..
05:07 wannabe1987 ..
05:07 wannabe1987 ..
05:08 tehdark45 wannabe1987, !!
05:08 lwq1996 me and my bro are watching 90's shows
05:08 lwq1996 i dont get any of it :/
05:09 tehdark45 wat you mean dont get any?
05:10 lwq1996 its all that
05:10 lwq1996 though its better than whats on today
05:10 tehdark45 And what dont you get?
05:10 einball1 wannabe1987: wrong settings
05:11 tehdark45 wannabe1987, I think 90s shows are too awesome for lee
05:11 tehdark45 lol
05:11 wannabe1987 apparently
05:11 lwq1996 tehdark45
05:11 lwq1996 shut up
05:12 tehdark45 no u
05:12 lwq1996 i just dont get it, whats the point its just so random
05:12 tehdark45 that is the point
05:12 lwq1996 i see that now
05:12 wannabe1987 i didn't watch 90s nick or what not....i watched pbs
05:13 Cprossu oh god.
05:13 ^Prophet^ *falls asleep*
05:13 lwq1996 pbs now i've watched that
05:13 Cprossu CaptainBoden: good save =P "@kiddy1992 Those are for the Foam Suppression System that fills the room with white foam in? the event of fire."
05:13 tehdark45 they are both better than the shit kids get now
05:13 Cprossu and bwahahahhahahahaahahahah too.
05:13 lwq1996 ik matt
05:14 ^Prophet^ *snores loudly*
05:14 tehdark45 ^Prophet^, are you overweight?
05:14 tehdark45 :P
05:14 ^Prophet^ maybe
05:15 wannabe1987 lwq1996: seen wishbone?
05:15 lwq1996 nope
05:15 wannabe1987 o.O
05:15 wannabe1987 arthur?
05:15 wannabe1987 reading rainbow?
05:15 wannabe1987 signing time?
05:15 tehdark45 art attack
05:16 einball1 DUBSTEP!!!!
05:16 einball1 waking my neighbours
05:16 lwq1996 arthur yes, never cared for reading rainbow, signing time yes, art attack yes
05:16 wannabe1987 tehdark45: was that where we learned to draw?
05:16 wannabe1987 sesame street!
05:16 tehdark45 wannabe1987, i can't draw for shit
05:16 tehdark45 :P
05:16 wannabe1987 (barney)
05:16 tehdark45 is a drinker
05:16 wannabe1987 lol
05:16 wannabe1987 who, barney?
05:16 wannabe1987 the "loveable" purple dino?
05:17 tehdark45 yep
05:19 tehdark45 wannabe1987, BotSteve?
05:20 wannabe1987
05:20 BotSteve Title: Perfect French Fries | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond
05:20 wannabe1987 no, daleks.  duh
05:21 ^Prophet^ im hungry again
05:21 ^Prophet^ ...
05:21 ^Prophet^ damnit
05:23 * wannabe1987 gives you a dalek
05:23 wannabe1987 here, nom this :P
05:23 wannabe1987 lol was it the food link?
05:24 lwq1996 is it true that elemental mercury is not posionous
05:24 wannabe1987 GR peeps: where in GR would one buy sashimi-grade ahi steak in GR?
05:24 sndwrx someone making sushi?
05:24 BatSteve That is an excellent question
05:24 BatSteve I want sushi
05:24 ^Prophet^ yes
05:24 sndwrx i've heard flying bridge fish market is hit or miss.
05:24 sndwrx there is somewhere else i've heard the same of, but can't recall
05:25 lwq1996 prophet you talking about the mercury or the fish
05:25 y007ghg7 i feel like i accomplished something today
05:25 y007ghg7 i managed to find the issue that was making my internet disconnect and the phone have crackling noises
05:26 tehdark45 y007ghg7, Dial-Up?
05:26 tehdark45 :P
05:26 y007ghg7 lolno
05:26 y007ghg7 DSL
05:27 y007ghg7 the little terminal that is in the phone box that lets customers add more phone jacks had somehow gotten partly disconnected
05:27 y007ghg7 so when it got cold the connection dropped
05:27 wannabe1987 possibly
05:27 wannabe1987 BatSteve, sndwrx:
05:27 BotSteve Title: Hawaiian Ahi Poke | Tasty Kitchen Blog
05:27 wannabe1987 that
05:30 sndwrx i'm hungry.
05:31 tehdark45 .cake sndwrx
05:31 BotSteve Here you go, sndwrx, I baked you a chocolate espresso cake!
05:31 MoxieMike i'm hungry too
05:31 tehdark45 .cookie MoxieMike
05:31 BotSteve Here you go, MoxieMike, I baked you an oatmeal raisin cookie!
05:31 MoxieMike if only that worked
05:31 tehdark45 MoxieMike, look at your printer
05:31 tehdark45 :P
05:32 MoxieMike nothing
05:33 tehdark45 wannabe1987 broke it
05:36 y007ghg7- joined #thegeekgroup
05:36 tehdark45 y007ghg7 has not fixed it
05:36 tehdark45 :P
05:38 ^Prophet^ *sleeps*
05:38 leepod prophet go to bed
05:38 ^Prophet^ no
05:38 ^Prophet^ im watching tv
05:38 leepod Toastdude, u herr
05:39 Toastdude Yup
05:39 leepod hi
05:39 leepod im bored
05:39 wannabe1987 watch dr who!
05:39 leepod know any good apps
05:39 leepod im on an ipod
05:39 wannabe1987 angry birds!
05:40 leepod angry birds sucks dick
05:40 wannabe1987 lol ik
05:40 tehdark45 leepod can't play angry birds
05:40 leepod i can its just boring
05:41 leepod now temple run ftw
05:41 tehdark45 you also have to pay for it lulz
05:41 leepod nope mo
05:41 leepod notbhe free version
05:42 tehdark45 im talking about angry birds
05:42 leepod cursid fat thumba
05:42 leepod no
05:42 leepod theres a free version
05:43 sndwrx yeah there are a couple free versions of angry birds.
05:43 sndwrx Pretty sure standard Angry Birds, plus Seasons and Rio.
05:43 tehdark45 android it's all free
05:43 sndwrx It's the same with Apple App Store.  There are free and paid versions.
05:44 tehdark45 except there is no paid version
05:44 tehdark45 on android
05:44 sndwrx Not on the Nook Color and Tablet though, at least on an unrooted device through B&N.
05:44 sndwrx yes there are.
05:45 exor674 ...
05:45 tesla4d Has anybody in here installed Linux on a system with a UEFI-only motherboard?
05:45 Toastdude BotSteve: Should I eat?
05:45 BotSteve Oh yeah!
05:46 Toastdude Thanks BotSteve!
05:46 BotSteve You're welcome, Toastdude
05:46 tesla4d It looks like there might be a bootstrapping problem. Linux can install to a UEFI environment easily... if it's already running there.
05:46 sndwrx hm.
05:46 sndwrx Seems like an Asus board I used was UEFI-only.
05:47 sndwrx I'll have to remember the model.
05:47 tesla4d What distro did you use?
05:47 tesla4d I mean, if you don't mind.
05:47 sndwrx Gentoo and Ubuntu on that machine, if it was UEFI.
05:47 * leepod hits toast with his sock
05:47 Toastdude Why?
05:47 tesla4d I just want to know so I can plan my assault tomorrow.
05:48 sndwrx Wonder if I still have the parts list in my documents.
05:48 leepod idk Toastdude
05:48 Toastdude Okay.
05:48 tesla4d sndwrx: I want to have a Linux system assembled and running tomorrow in the time between the UPS guy delivering the parts and midnight.
05:48 tesla4d So I'm trying to get a jump on this problem.
05:49 sndwrx Just a personal goal or some kind of deadline, to have it completed by midnight?
05:49 sndwrx What are the components you're using?
05:50 tesla4d Intel i5-2500K, ASUS P8Z68-V Pro motherboard.
05:50 leepod screw it. bed it is
05:50 tesla4d That motherboard doesn't seem to have a legacy BIOS mode.
05:51 tesla4d If only I had known before I ordered it. :(
05:52 tesla4d *The Price is Right failure music here*
05:52 wannabe1987 night leepod
05:52 sndwrx tesla4d: What's your preferred flavor?
05:53 ^Prophet^ dont worry guys im going to bed soon xD
05:53 tesla4d sndwrx: I want to end up with it running Arch, but it looks like the Arch installer can't handle UEFI automatically. Needs a lot of manual tweaking
05:53 Toastdude night leepod
05:53 tesla4d sndwrx: I mean, Ubuntu. That's my goal right now.
05:54 sndwrx Why start with Ubuntu if you want Arch?
05:54 sndwrx Go straight for Arch.  It's better than Ubuntu, in my opinion.
05:55 sndwrx Though I don't have a great deal of experience with Arch... I have a hard time taking Ubuntu seriously anymore when someone is interested in using anything except it.
05:55 tehdark45 unity ruined ubuntu
05:55 sndwrx It's not hard to replace the DE.
05:55 tehdark45 yeah
05:55 sndwrx I don't care for Unity, but it isn't Unity's fault that Ubuntu is beginning to suck.  :P
05:56 sndwrx tesla4d: Is this going to be a desktop or a server?
05:56 tesla4d Desktop
05:56 y007ghg7- tehdark45, i did i had to disconnect from my router and reconnect
05:57 Toastdude BotSteve: Should I eat?
05:57 BotSteve Absolutely
05:57 y007ghg7- windows 7 messed up and thought i still didnt have a connection
05:57 y007ghg7- so i couldnt use windowws media center
05:57 tesla4d I need, at the very least, to be able to creat the UEFI system partition, and that means having a liveCD environment at least.
05:58 Toastdude BotSteve: Should I have cinnamon toast?
05:58 BotSteve I don't think so
05:58 tesla4d Man, honestly, I don't know. I *think* I need a UEFI shell, but I'm not sure.
05:58 tehdark45 Plop boot loader
05:58 y007ghg7- BotSteve, should i go to sleep?
05:58 BotSteve No way
05:58 tehdark45 boot manager
06:03 egrsteve anyone know clony101?
06:03 egrsteve on youtube?
06:03 wannabe1987 clony101 is lee
06:03 wannabe1987 why?
06:03 wannabe1987 what'd he do now?
06:03 egrsteve just a humorious youtube comment
06:04 wannabe1987 ah.  ok
06:04 tehdark45 oh god a lee comment?
06:04 egrsteve he thinks a visit should be paid to radio on the wrong side of there window with the lift
06:04 egrsteve if I can get it close enough I might
06:04 wannabe1987 lol that'd be awesome
06:05 wannabe1987 :P
06:05 wannabe1987 i'm so behind on videos.....
06:05 egrsteve park just out of view and tap on there windows :)
06:05 Cprossu BotSteve: Should I think about what I should do with the next hour
06:05 BotSteve Nope
06:05 Cprossu damn
06:06 Cprossu I have to come up with something without thinking about it egrsteve
06:06 egrsteve roll a dice, generate a random number, ask cleverbot
06:06 Cprossu each would require some form of thinking
06:07 Cprossu in fact the act of me thinking about the method of which to find something that doesn't require thinking is thinking
06:07 egrsteve but not about the end task
06:07 tesla4d I still need to email Chris about how hard it  would be to become an intern up there for the summer
06:07 BatSteve .dice
06:07 BotSteve BatSteve: 5
06:07 tehdark45 tesla4d, i'd assume pretty easy
06:11 Experimentonomen guten morgen geeks und nerds :P
06:13 Toastdude Hallo
06:13 Toastdude Wie geht es ihnen?
06:13 tehdark45 Bonjour
06:14 wannabe1987 bonnuit
06:16 Experimentonomen just got outta bed
06:16 tehdark45 at 10pm?
06:16 tehdark45 :P
06:16 Experimentonomen 07:16AM here :P
06:16 tehdark45 ewwww
06:16 tehdark45 go back to sleep
06:16 tehdark45 :P
06:17 Experimentonomen already been sleepin since 10PM :P
06:18 wannabe1987 morning Experimentonomen
06:18 wannabe1987 its monday there, they gotta go to school/work
06:19 tehdark45 i dont have to wake up till tues ;)
06:24 Experimentonomen hm *belch*
06:29 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
06:31 wannabe1987 BitViper: still coming to the lab on tuesday?
06:38 Experimentonomen BitViper gonna halep with the IT stuff ?
06:42 wannabe1987 he's bringing food!
06:42 Experimentonomen oki
06:42 wannabe1987 i might bring cookies .... if i get a chance to make more....o.O
06:43 Experimentonomen sounds like theres gonna be an event @ the lab
06:44 wannabe1987 nah.  just those that like to make food :P
06:44 Experimentonomen hm
06:45 Seroster joined #thegeekgroup
06:45 wannabe1987 its seroster!  hi
06:45 Seroster Börk.
06:45 wannabe1987 Börk. to you too
06:46 tehdark45 Seroster, is it Börked?
06:46 tehdark45 :P
06:46 wannabe1987 lol
06:46 wannabe1987 lol Börk. means bork  :P
06:47 Seroster HEH
06:48 Seroster I got a guy who is like "Dont want the 22kv 22ma thing Im selling? Whatcha need? I got stuff that ranges into the tens of tonnes"
06:52 Seroster Sucker trying to sell me a pole pig :>
06:52 Seroster Anyway
06:52 Seroster cay
06:53 DeRaafMobile joined #thegeekgroup
06:53 BatSteve Whenever anyone says "Pole pig" I always think of "Hole Hawg"
06:53 BatSteve .g hole hawg
06:53 BotSteve BatSteve:
06:55 Cprossu hrmmmm
06:55 wannabe1987 .t spain
06:55 BotSteve wannabe1987: Sorry, I don't know about the 'spain' timezone.
06:56 wannabe1987 awwww
06:56 wannabe1987 .tfw madrid spain
06:56 BotSteve 37 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Madrid, SP!  'Wear a fucking jacket.'
06:56 wannabe1987 .tfw seville spain
06:56 BotSteve 45 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT AND WET IN Seville, SP!  'Listen, weather. We need to have a talk.'
06:56 wannabe1987 not bad
06:56 y007ghg7- .tfw 74965
06:56 BotSteve 54 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Westville, OK!  'I've seen better days'
06:57 BatSteve haha when you download the ebook of the Quran, the author metadata says "Allah"
06:57 BatSteve that's awesome
07:00 wannabe1987 noes!  not niobe!
07:01 MadManMarkAu1 joined #thegeekgroup
07:02 y007ghg7- joined #thegeekgroup
07:10 tehdark45 I am a alien
07:10 tehdark45 I want your brainz
07:10 wannabe1987 an*
07:10 wannabe1987 an alien*
07:10 tehdark45 Aliens don't believe in an
07:10 wannabe1987 i'm not an alien, so i do
07:20 CaptainNiobe joined #thegeekgroup
07:20 exor674 gah, I just spilt isopropyl all over my pants
07:21 Toastdude Lighter!
07:21 exor674 I'd rather not conflagrate, thanks
07:21 * CaptainNiobe curses Telstra and all its shitty equipment
07:22 wannabe1987 niobe!  you came back :D
07:22 CaptainNiobe i did. after restarting the modem to get back online. my phone's not working properly, i had to call them on my cellphone... :-\
07:25 CaptainNiobe i know for a fact my landline is outputting, as when i tried my cell (while i was on it, no less), the voicemail kicked in and did get what i was saying at the time. but i couldn't hear a thing on my end... :-\
07:31 tehdark45 CaptainNiobe, does aus even have a decent ISP?
07:31 CaptainNiobe tehdarl45: ask Sgt_Lemming. :D
07:32 wannabe1987 50,000 tesla?  whats that mean?
07:32 CaptainNiobe telstra/bigpond are generally a pita when things go wrong though
07:32 tehdark45 Sgt_Lemming, are there any decent ISP in aus?
07:33 Cprossu .tfw 12345
07:33 BotSteve 4 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Schenectady, NY!  'Should have gone south'
07:33 Cprossu fuck tonsofpcs it's COLD there
07:33 Cprossu wannabe1987: tesla is a measure of inductance
07:34 tehdark45 Cprossu, your in AZ, where it like never below 10C
07:34 tehdark45 :P
07:34 Cprossu .tfwc 85021
07:34 BotSteve 14 degrees C?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Phoenix, AZ!  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
07:34 tehdark45 see
07:34 tehdark45 :P
07:34 Cprossu it's cloudy out at leastr
07:34 tehdark45 middle of winter, 14C
07:34 wannabe1987 she was talking about an MRI....
07:35 Cprossu well it is technically magnetic flux
07:35 wannabe1987 stupid aliens
07:36 Cprossu I think Henry was what I was thinking of when you said that though
07:36 Cprossu either way 50,000 is a fuckton =P
07:36 wannabe1987 yeah....
07:37 wannabe1987 its gonna explode....
07:37 y007ghg7- joined #thegeekgroup
07:37 wannabe1987 they're running out of 02 :(
07:47 wannabe1987 bedtime!  work tomorrow, again.
07:47 tehdark45 byw wannabe-zz
07:47 tehdark45 bye
07:47 wannabe-zz bye BatSteve-Away!
08:12 Experimentonomen pphhhhhbbbbbbbbt
08:21 BitViper joined #thegeekgroup
08:24 BitViper joined #thegeekgroup
08:29 Experimentonomen Cprossu, tesla is not inductance, but magnetic field strenght, just like gauss
08:29 Experimentonomen inductance is measured in Henries :P
08:30 Druidic_Rifleman joined #thegeekgroup
08:34 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
08:35 Druidic_Rifleman any one awake
08:42 tehdark45 i r is
08:43 tehdark45 but i am in BC so it's only 1 here Druidic_Rifleman
08:46 Druidic_Rifleman ah
08:47 Cprossu Experimentonomen: hence the "[00:35] <Cprossu> well it is technically magnetic flux
08:47 Cprossu [00:36] <wannabe1987> stupid aliens
08:47 Cprossu [00:36] <Cprossu> I think Henry was what I was thinking of when you said that though"
08:47 Cprossu I corrected myself =P
08:53 tehdark45 wow CCNA is a joke
08:54 Druidic_Rifleman I see
08:54 tehdark45 you can google the final exam answers >.<
08:55 tehdark45 what you think of CCNA Cprossu?
08:55 Druidic_Rifleman LOL
08:55 Druidic_Rifleman CCNA?
08:55 tehdark45 Cisco Cert
08:55 Druidic_Rifleman ah
08:56 Druidic_Rifleman i passed my Firearms saftey test hungover with 2 hours sleep and nearly aced it
08:56 tehdark45 just as long as you are not hungover while using it
08:56 tehdark45 :P
08:56 Druidic_Rifleman i am tempted to order Some Sniper gear for this summer
08:57 * Druidic_Rifleman is fucking ninja
08:57 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, is the test even complicated?
08:57 Druidic_Rifleman ...
08:57 Druidic_Rifleman i don't know
08:57 tehdark45 How to use a gun: Point, shoot
08:57 tehdark45 lol
08:57 Druidic_Rifleman i've never failed a whms test
08:58 tehdark45 activate safety when not in use
08:58 Druidic_Rifleman bit more complex
08:58 tehdark45 dont look down the barrel of a loaded gun
08:58 tehdark45 use proper ammo
08:59 Druidic_Rifleman pretty mutch
08:59 Druidic_Rifleman tempted to go for my restricted
08:59 tehdark45 Rule 1a: No being a dumbass 1b: no shooting people
08:59 Druidic_Rifleman Lets just say a 5 year old Could pass
08:59 tehdark45 lol
09:00 tehdark45 is that what hungover and tired is?
09:00 tehdark45 equivilent of 5 year old?
09:00 Druidic_Rifleman I am not kidding my friends kid was so cute playing with her glock They sent him a hat and a tee shirt
09:00 Druidic_Rifleman Nope Part irish XD
09:00 tehdark45 :P
09:01 tehdark45 So i trust is was Guniess?
09:01 tehdark45 :P
09:02 Druidic_Rifleman noooo i forget what i drank
09:02 tehdark45 Fluid?
09:02 Druidic_Rifleman Is more of awiskey druid
09:03 tehdark45 lol
09:03 Druidic_Rifleman interestingly the irish word for whiskey means waters of life
09:04 tehdark45 that explains everything
09:06 Druidic_Rifleman hey...thats my heritage your insulting
09:07 tehdark45 1/2 of it
09:07 tehdark45 :P
09:09 tehdark45 are you uk irish?
09:13 angy morning everyone
09:14 tehdark45 Bonjour angy
09:14 tehdark45 :P
09:14 angy :)
09:14 tehdark45 sorry gotta say it american. Bone joor
09:15 tehdark45 you there Druidic_Rifleman ?
09:16 Druidic_Rifleman irish
09:16 Druidic_Rifleman french and italian
09:16 Druidic_Rifleman no red coat in me
09:17 tehdark45 So you are French Canadian :P
09:18 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, part of Ireland is in the UK
09:19 Druidic_Rifleman the illegally occupyed part
09:19 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, thats like the same arument as Alaska and Canada not having it
09:20 Druidic_Rifleman northern irelands differant
09:20 Druidic_Rifleman If canada tried to invade alaska it would be worse then the occupation during the 8's
09:20 Druidic_Rifleman 80's
09:21 Druidic_Rifleman for one thing alaskans really hate gun control
09:21 tehdark45 Bigger issue is US spends more than the world on defence
09:23 Druidic_Rifleman yeah the civilians would put up enough of a fight
09:23 Druidic_Rifleman every tree we walked past would have a rifleman waiting for us
09:24 tehdark45 Alaska has a lower density of people than canada
09:24 Druidic_Rifleman and they have allot of civilians with guns
09:24 tehdark45 well yeah it is america
09:24 tehdark45 lol
09:25 tehdark45 angy, you guys join Canada and take over Alaska for us K? :P
09:26 angy I lived in Canada for a while
09:26 tehdark45 angy, QC?
09:27 angy yep
09:27 tehdark45 ofc >.>
09:27 tehdark45 lol
09:27 Druidic_Rifleman don't send the quebeckers they are useless
09:27 Druidic_Rifleman the vandoos are Knobbs
09:27 tehdark45 lolol @ Druidic_Rifleman
09:28 Druidic_Rifleman seriously they have the lowest iq of any regiment
09:28 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, they will want to make a Bloc Alaska
09:28 Druidic_Rifleman yeah
09:28 Druidic_Rifleman gah damn evil seperatists
09:28 Druidic_Rifleman there have been three star warsfilmsabout howevil sepretists are
09:29 killakee joined #thegeekgroup
09:29 tehdark45 In case you guys dont know Bloc Quebecois is the separatist party of Canada
09:30 Druidic_Rifleman terrorist partys more like it
09:30 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, have you heard of the spacebar?
09:30 tehdark45 :P
09:30 Druidic_Rifleman See why would i trust a view he;d by a group I might end up at war with
09:30 Druidic_Rifleman The bloqis anti gun
09:30 Druidic_Rifleman Evil
09:30 Druidic_Rifleman they're trying to dis arm us i say
09:31 tehdark45 So that they can take over
09:31 Druidic_Rifleman Yep
09:31 tehdark45 angy, join the west side of canada
09:31 Druidic_Rifleman i mean
09:31 tehdark45 but stay away from the far east
09:31 Druidic_Rifleman Cops are afraid of me with out a gun
09:32 Druidic_Rifleman would you wanna try and kill me if armed with a sniper rifle
09:32 Druidic_Rifleman Or an assualt weapon
09:32 Hackfox the lab sooo needs one of these;feature=relmfu
09:32 BotSteve Title: Making astronaut ice cream in my home shop - YouTube
09:32 angy I have no preferences when I'm in north america (apart from not going to Mexico)
09:33 tehdark45 yeah, a nicely place headshot and you re Deadridic_Rifleman
09:33 tehdark45 :P
09:33 Hackfox Can you imagine having freeze dryed stuff in the cafe?
09:34 tehdark45 angy, dont you mean you prefer central NA (aka the lab) :P
09:34 Druidic_Rifleman No one goes to mexico
09:34 angy only because I like being with Chris and Lis
09:34 Druidic_Rifleman you couldn't pay me enough to visit mexico
09:35 Druidic_Rifleman OK well thats not true
09:35 Druidic_Rifleman 600 dollars a day unlimited ammo grenades and C4
09:35 Cprossu mexico is awesome =P
09:35 Druidic_Rifleman I might go as a mercinary
09:35 Cprossu it's not a complete war zone you know
09:35 Cprossu shit man.
09:35 Cprossu hell you think AZ is like machinegun war on the streets
09:35 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, go on a Royal Cariibian cruise LA -> Mexico, that is fun
09:35 tehdark45 :P
09:36 tehdark45 angy, only Chris and Lis? You don't like Kidwell??!? :O
09:36 tehdark45 :P
09:36 Druidic_Rifleman i won't go on any cruise other then MSC
09:36 Druidic_Rifleman Would not feel safe
09:36 Cprossu kidwell doesn't live at gh5 most of the same
09:37 Druidic_Rifleman Most cruise ships refuse to hire Armed gaurds
09:37 Druidic_Rifleman MSC hired EX mossaud officers
09:37 tehdark45 Cprossu, I know that
09:37 Druidic_Rifleman XD
09:37 angy tehdark45: I saw him like 2 hours, not enough to like him yet :)
09:37 Druidic_Rifleman i might have a femake mossaudofficer fetisg :P
09:37 Druidic_Rifleman I blame NCIS
09:37 Druidic_Rifleman female
09:37 Cprossu he's a lot of fun, we shrunk quarters all night when I was there
09:38 Cprossu good times
09:38 Druidic_Rifleman yeah
09:38 Druidic_Rifleman I wanna go to the lab
09:38 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, drive over here, pick me up and lets go :P
09:38 Druidic_Rifleman why would i drive past the lab
09:38 tehdark45 I duno
09:39 Druidic_Rifleman through 4 provencesand back
09:39 tehdark45 Road trip?
09:39 angy I might be again at the lab later this year, we'll see
09:39 Druidic_Rifleman though if you wantwed to split for a hotel
09:40 tehdark45 First I need monies
09:40 Druidic_Rifleman same
09:40 tehdark45 i cant work
09:40 tehdark45 because canadian immigration is a steaaming pile of shit
09:40 Druidic_Rifleman yeah
09:41 tehdark45 I am not a permanent resident
09:41 Druidic_Rifleman ah ouch
09:41 angy that's a pain
09:41 tehdark45 it's been 3 years in march
09:42 tehdark45 Hey look Cheezmo has returned
09:42 Druidic_Rifleman and if you we're a mexican who came inthrough quebec OR a refugee Who came in through un official means we'd give you a check thats better then Oldafe pension and you wouldn't need to work
09:42 tehdark45 Druidic_Rifleman, thats what my mom always says
09:42 Druidic_Rifleman I say any one comming to canada fleeing they're govenment should be given a job
09:43 tehdark45 come in as refugee
09:43 Druidic_Rifleman Making guns to over throw they're abusive government
09:43 Druidic_Rifleman HEY if harper had of lost that was my plan
09:43 tehdark45 UGH HARPER
09:43 tehdark45 He was here when I was first in canada
09:43 tehdark45 in 1998!
09:44 tehdark45 then i leave
09:44 tehdark45 come back in 2003
09:44 tehdark45 wait
09:44 Druidic_Rifleman "I Am here seaking political assylum do to my country being taking over by radical communist's who's policys pose iminant threat to my life"
09:44 tehdark45 i left in 03
09:44 tehdark45 come back in 09
09:44 tehdark45 still the prime minister
09:44 Druidic_Rifleman theres an election he wins
09:44 Druidic_Rifleman and in 2011 there's another ellection through a vote of non confidence
09:45 Druidic_Rifleman he's baselessly accuse of contemt of parlement by a party who did WAY worse last time it was in power and he comes back with a Majority!!!
09:47 tehdark45 yep
09:47 Druidic_Rifleman which means for the first time in my life
09:48 Druidic_Rifleman The majority of MP`s doesn`twanna treat me worse then a pedophile i don`t know WHY soooooo many people are bitching lifein canada is better then ever
09:48 Druidic_Rifleman it sucksdonkey dick BUT!!
09:48 Druidic_Rifleman it could be Way worse
09:48 tehdark45 we could be the US
09:49 tehdark45 LOL
09:56 Druidic_Rifleman nooooo we could be post world war 2 russia under iggy or layton
09:59 Druidic_Rifleman thing is if harper is SOOOOO much worse
09:59 Druidic_Rifleman why have none of the liberals Seaking political asylum in fear for they`re lives
09:59 Druidic_Rifleman ... oooh wait
10:02 einball joined #thegeekgroup
10:03 MoxieMike_ joined #thegeekgroup
10:03 Druidic_Rifleman I mean layton would of been HORRIBLY abbusive
10:04 Dougy_ joined #thegeekgroup
10:05 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
10:07 Nekoroms joined #thegeekgroup
10:07 Jessica joined #thegeekgroup
10:07 Druidic_Rifleman hmmm
10:07 Druidic_Rifleman hmm
10:08 Druidic_Rifleman and hack bat
10:08 Druidic_Rifleman YES the lab totally needs a comercial freeze dryer
10:08 exor674 joined #thegeekgroup
10:09 Sgt_Lemming sight
10:09 Sgt_Lemming sigh*
10:09 Sgt_Lemming tired and sore lemming
10:10 Monkeh joined #thegeekgroup
10:11 Druidic_Rifleman Like this little itty bitty unit
10:11 BotSteve Title: Freeze Dry Machine | Cuddon Freeze Dry
10:12 einball joined #thegeekgroup
10:13 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
10:14 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
10:22 einball joined #thegeekgroup
11:06 Monkeh joined #thegeekgroup
11:10 Coderjoe mmmmmm
11:11 Coderjoe
11:11 BotSteve Title: DigitalFilmTechnology - SCANITY
11:18 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
11:22 MadManMarkAu joined #thegeekgroup
12:00 Druidic_Rifleman Kick ass
12:01 Druidic_Rifleman #join #hacklabto
12:36 Druidic_Rifleman blue screan of death inbound FML
12:43 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
12:45 DruidicRifleman Wow blue screen of death found my D Drive
12:45 DruidicRifleman goood windows vista
12:48 Ponko joined #thegeekgroup
12:49 Ponko ahhh what fun
12:49 angy hello P'ky
12:50 Ponko hey angy
12:51 yNos mmm coffee
12:51 yNos hello all
12:51 Ponko hey yNos
12:51 angy hello yNos
12:56 DruidicRifleman morning yNos
12:56 DruidicRifleman yNos you in face crack
12:56 angy how is everyone doing today?
12:58 DruidicRifleman ok
12:59 yNos doing fine.. building an app server for our EMEA crew.. i swear, people in the gmt+1 timezone are goofy :P
12:59 yNos DruidicRifleman: yup..
12:59 angy import yourself in that TZ
13:00 producerBill joined #thegeekgroup
13:00 yNos nah, this crew seems nice.
13:00 producerBill .minecraft
13:00 BotSteve producerbill: I have the following messages for you:
13:00 BotSteve At 08 Jan 02:50Z, tonsofpcs asked me to tell producerbill Photon939 is looking for PTZ protocol documentation and/or software
13:00 BotSteve producerBill: Legacy TGG minecraft server: Server Status: UP
13:00 BotSteve producerBill: Cprossu's minecraft server: Server Status: UP
13:00 yNos the app is from Eastern Graphics.
13:00 DruidicRifleman I have an album you'll like
13:00 yNos yeah?
13:00 DruidicRifleman my knife making and blacksmithing work
13:00 angy the webapp I have to use currently is based on java and is horrible
13:01 angy both in ergonomy and uasbility
13:02 DruidicRifleman;type=3
13:02 BotSteve Title: Log In | Facebook
13:03 producerBill BotSteve tell Photon939: I would love to help you when are you around in IRC?
13:04 DruidicRifleman;feature=player_embedded
13:04 BotSteve Title: Crow roof tubing (Ворона катается с крыши) - YouTube
13:05 yNos DruidicRifleman: i like the look of rounded ferns more than square, but that is a personal pref.
13:05 DruidicRifleman talking about the pics?
13:08 yNos yup
13:09 DruidicRifleman BotSteve tell Katemonster whats your suggestion for a 16 inch Ar15 upper With Flip up Sight midlenth Modular handgaurd Bayontet lug
13:12 yNos
13:12 BotSteve Title: Chameleon was frightened by iphone (what he saw?) - YouTube
13:12 DruidicRifleman sigh... botsteve fail...
13:12 DruidicRifleman BotSteve tell: Katemonster whats your suggestion for a 16 inch Ar15 upper With Flip up Sight midlenth Modular handgaurd Bayontet lug
13:12 DruidicRifleman ???
13:12 DruidicRifleman Hey Captain boden
13:12 DruidicRifleman Hey CaptainBoden
13:13 yNos is he awake yet?
13:13 angy I would say maybe
13:22 DruidicRifleman I wanna know when work begins on GH5
13:22 DruidicRifleman OR the recording studio
13:23 DruidicRifleman Did i do the tell comand wrong...
13:23 RageRiot looks like it
13:23 RageRiot take out the :
13:24 RageRiot oh
13:24 RageRiot nm
13:24 DruidicRifleman .tfwc oshawa
13:24 BotSteve 3 degrees C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Oshawa, CA!  'Fuck this place.'
13:24 RageRiot even that didnt work lol I didnt read up properly
13:24 DruidicRifleman .tfwc grand rapids
13:24 BotSteve 3 degrees C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Where's the cat? Oh shit. Fluffy's frozen.'
13:24 RageRiot .tfwc uk
13:24 BotSteve 9 degrees C?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN East Setauket, NY!  'NOT FUCKING JOGGING WEATHER'
13:24 RageRiot .tfwc manchester uk
13:24 BotSteve 5 degrees C?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Manchester, Greater Manchester, !  'Everything's nice butter weather!'
13:25 RageRiot lol
13:25 roadran422|zZz morning all
13:26 DruidicRifleman hmmm
13:27 roadran422 ...
13:27 DruidicRifleman any one know where a list of botsteves comands are
13:28 RageRiot .help
13:28 DruidicRifleman .help
13:28 RageRiot .commands
13:28 RageRiot no :P
13:28 roadran422 lol
13:28 roadran422 here
13:29 roadran422 do this
13:29 roadran422 Wait...
13:29 RageRiot *tick tock*
13:29 RageRiot :P
13:29 DruidicRifleman BotSteve: tell Katemonster whats your suggestion for a 16 inch Ar15 upper With Flip up Sight midlenth Modular handgaurd Bayontet lug
13:29 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: I'll pass that on when CSMonster is around.
13:30 roadran422
13:30 BotSteve Title: Commands - GitHub
13:30 DruidicRifleman BotSteveL: tell Photon939 Producer bill would love to help you when are you around in IRC?
13:31 roadran422 no L
13:31 RageRiot shake
13:31 RageRiot .shake
13:31 BotSteve Here you go, RageRiot, I made you a coffee bean shake!
13:32 RageRiot O_o
13:32 roadran422 lol
13:34 RageRiot if anyone would have to guess, how many url requests should a teacher workstation have made in 16 days.
13:34 RageRiot we are talking 8 hours a day 5 days a week.. so say a few 1k ?
13:35 roadran422 .shake
13:35 BotSteve Here you go, roadran422, I made you a red cherry shake!
13:35 roadran422 thanks!
13:35 RageRiot I've got one workstation thats made 52,000 url request which seems quite excesive
13:40 DruidicRifleman BotSteve: tell Photon939 Producer bill would love to help you when are you around in IRC?
13:40 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: I'll pass that on when Photon939 is around.
13:42 DruidicRifleman BotSteve: tell CaptainBoden We totally need this at the lab for the cafe
13:42 BotSteve DruidicRifleman: I'll pass that on when CaptainBoden is around.
13:42 BotSteve Title: Freeze Dry Machine | Cuddon Freeze Dry
13:45 roadran422 What the
13:45 roadran422 If it was for food don't get a used one, "Used for a variety of biologicals, blood, plasma and pharmaceutical products."
13:46 DruidicRifleman would definantly want New
13:46 roadran422 xD
13:46 DruidicRifleman Unless it was used in a place like Generalmills cerial for developing New marshmellow cerial bits
13:47 Zugan joined #thegeekgroup
13:48 roadran422 True.... And nasa
13:52 ajcc joined #thegeekgroup
13:52 DruidicRifleman or the army's logistics devission
13:52 ajcc Good morning US land and good afternoon EU land
13:53 RageRiot :)
13:53 DruidicRifleman We'd then need alicence to make "starfleet Non replicated dry meal rations"
13:53 RageRiot where are you ajcc ?
13:53 ajcc GMT+1 :)
13:53 DruidicRifleman ewww a brit....
13:53 ajcc (or Sweden if it's not a time question)
13:53 angy a swede
13:54 RageRiot I was just going to say we are not in DST right now
13:54 ajcc The brits invented the time standard, so they are GMT
13:54 angy nope
13:54 angy it's more complicated than that
13:54 ajcc they didn't?, hmm
13:54 RageRiot but thanks for your honesty towards brits
13:54 ajcc my elementary school have once again told me a lie
13:54 angy the historical base for time is Paris Time
13:54 ajcc school teacher that is
13:55 angy I don't remember which war the brits won and move standard time from paris to greenwich
13:55 RageRiot wel
13:55 RageRiot Well GMT is london, GMT + 1 is summer time
13:55 ajcc or Sweden in vinter time :)
13:55 RageRiot unless your in a different country.. etc
13:56 RageRiot althought I'm in manchester
13:56 RageRiot ye
13:56 ajcc I love your fabric
13:57 RageRiot do I have fabric on my head ?
13:57 RageRiot lol
13:57 RageRiot you mean the club ?
13:57 DruidicRifleman my grade 1 teacher lied to me allot
13:57 RageRiot teachers always lie to you.
13:58 DruidicRifleman first she said we live in a free country and have right'snext year that wasproven a lie
13:58 ajcc
13:58 BotSteve Title: Corduroy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
13:58 RageRiot it's their job to make you beleive in somthing and they never get it quite righ.
13:58 RageRiot right*
13:59 RageRiot ahh right
13:59 RageRiot ye that fabric.
13:59 RageRiot my sister likes that stuff.
14:00 * angy is a teacher for a few classes
14:00 RageRiot lo l
14:00 RageRiot what do you teach ?
14:00 ajcc angy: what subjects?
14:01 Ponko hmm
14:01 angy industrial maintenance and dependability
14:01 ajcc hmm
14:03 angy I teach only to MSc level or above
14:05 RageRiot we dont have subjects like that here. or at least they are combined subjects.
14:05 angy where is here? if it's CA or US, you have that as well
14:06 RageRiot uk
14:06 angy UK as well
14:06 angy U. of Newcastle published a lot in that field
14:06 RageRiot ok is that high school or college ?
14:06 angy postgrad
14:07 RageRiot ahh
14:07 RageRiot well when you get out of high school then the subject names take a wild tangent and have all softs of names :P
14:08 Experimentonomen joined #thegeekgroup
14:10 angy undergrad is not that bad, graduate is starting to be wild
14:10 DruidicRifleman SOOO off to make another Shook and Maybe another Ninja throwing spike
14:16 yNos grrrraaaarrrg!
14:16 RageRiot I'm not acustomed to the work graduate and postgrad :P not a term used alot in the UK
14:17 angy I'm more familliar with US terminology than UK one
14:18 yNos out oracle DBA's can go smoke a pole.. "i dont want to know how it works, i just want to be able to do X Y and Z" me:"But you need to know how it works to be able to do that" dbaX:"Well, i shouldnt have to know that" me:"but you do, otherwise you break failover" dbaX:"well i dont want to know that" GRRRRR
14:19 yNos s/out\ ora/our\ ora/
14:19 yNos this is re auto-expanding filesystes...
14:20 ajcc what's a DBA? Dumb people Bringing you Angst?
14:20 angy it's how users wants to use DBA
14:20 RageRiot hello ynos
14:21 yNos so it looks like i need to write a script to grow filesystems for our DBAs.. because it takes too long to call one of us, have us call a storage guy to allocate disk, have us add the disk to the pool, have us grow the filesystem..
14:21 yNos hiya RageRiot
14:22 angy what underlying FS?
14:22 yNos vxfs
14:22 yNos on lvm
14:23 angy have fun!
14:23 roadran422 Hi yn
14:23 roadran422 Hi yNos
14:25 yNos hiya roadran422 - are you allowed to play irc at school?
14:25 roadran422 Anyone heard about this yet? And yNos it's MLK day, it's off for me....
14:25 roadran422
14:25 BotSteve Title: World's youngest Microsoft Certified Professional dies at 16 -
14:25 yNos you get school off for mlkday?
14:25 roadran422 Yes sir
14:25 roadran422 Don't kids in michigan?
14:26 yNos i guess only schools where mlk made a difference..
14:26 yNos not the country schools i went to..
14:26 roadran422 lol
14:26 dr_jkl DEATH BY UGU.
14:26 roadran422 ?^
14:26 yNos UGU?
14:26 yNos unix guru universe?
14:27 dr_jkl
14:27 BotSteve Title: Ugga Bugga Joke
14:27 yNos ah
14:27 roadran422 ...
14:28 roadran422 Dn't get it?
14:28 dr_jkl when i hear that joek it's always 'death by ugu' because 'ugga bugga' sounds weird.
14:28 yNos roadran422: you wont for a while ;)
14:28 roadran422 ... ^
14:29 Guardianzozo joined #thegeekgroup
14:29 dr_jkl hahaha, yNos
14:29 dr_jkl funny story
14:29 dr_jkl i'm awake b/c i'm having some pain issues atm
14:29 dr_jkl so i'm watching my wife sleep next to me
14:29 Guardianzozo that sucks dude
14:30 dr_jkl and in her sleep, she picks up her hand and points at something
14:30 dr_jkl and jams it right in my eye
14:30 yNos noice
14:30 Guardianzozo ow
14:30 dr_jkl and i was like AAAAAUGH and she was like zomg jess are you okay
14:30 angy she moves pain from your arm to your eye
14:30 yNos are you a creepy sleep watcher?
14:30 angy she's nice :p
14:30 dr_jkl and i'm like you poked me in the eye, what the fuck were you doing in your dream?
14:30 yNos poking you in the eye?
14:31 dr_jkl and she was apparently dreaming about showing my roomie that there was a packet sniffer on the network
14:31 Guardianzozo LOL
14:31 roadran422 dr_jkl: That's just weird.
14:31 dr_jkl yNos: creepy sleep watcher? idk. my wife is just damn cute when she sleeps.
14:31 roadran422 ...
14:32 dr_jkl i wonder if my bras shipped out yet
14:32 roadran422 ... nsfw
14:32 * dr_jkl peeks into amazon
14:32 dr_jkl roadran422: what's nsfw?
14:32 roadran422 Idk...
14:32 roadran422 xD
14:32 roadran422 Just derp
14:32 yNos underwear is.. if you are a 14 yo boy
14:32 roadran422 ...?
14:32 roadran422 I'm lost hahaha
14:33 yNos 09:32 <@dr_jkl> i wonder if my bras shipped out yet
14:33 yNos 09:32 < roadran422> ... nsfw
14:33 yNos assuming you meant that..
14:33 roadran422 Yes ^
14:33 dr_jkl bras are not nsfw
14:33 roadran422 lol
14:33 roadran422 It'd be odd if it was...
14:33 dr_jkl women have tits. and as long as mine are covered it's not nsfw
14:33 yNos If you are offended by underwear, i'd hate yo see your jeans..
14:33 roadran422 dr_jkl: Your a male!
14:34 roadran422 yNos: I don't wear boxers, but I wear undergarments of sorts
14:34 angy commando style!
14:34 dr_jkl roadran422: no, i'm not
14:34 roadran422 I know hahha
14:34 dr_jkl roadran422: are you high?
14:34 roadran422 No :P
14:34 yNos angy: i've tried it a couple times, the zipper hurts too much..
14:35 angy I'm with you on that one
14:35 roadran422 I can not wear anything without undergarments.
14:35 roadran422 It's impossible.
14:35 yNos time to go get some breakfast.. afka bit.
14:35 roadran422 have fun
14:35 einball_universi joined #thegeekgroup
14:36 einball_universi heyho :)
14:37 dr_jkl hi
14:37 roadran422 hey
14:37 roadran422 Hi Seroster
14:37 Seroster Brb, gotta go downtown to get a new phone and hammer drill -.-
14:37 * angy fondles Seroster
14:37 roadran422 ... cya Seroster
14:37 * roadran422 looks at angy weird o_O
14:38 Seroster He's french. That is how they say hello.
14:38 * Seroster refondles angy
14:38 roadran422 lol
14:38 roadran422 Seroster, I'm going to knock you up today.
14:38 dr_jkl ...
14:38 roadran422 dr_jkl: don't get it?
14:38 Seroster She's a lesbian. That is how they show that they hate straights.
14:39 roadran422 In england and british areas, it means to wake up in a hotel, a wake up call...
14:39 * dr_jkl hefts roadran422 over her shoulder and goes off to execute a 'swirly'
14:39 roadran422 xD
14:39 dr_jkl Seroster: i don't hate straight people. Some are a bit weird but I don't hate them.
14:39 roadran422 ...
14:40 roadran422 ..
14:41 einball_universi .
14:41 Seroster Now what
14:41 roadran422 Wtf seroster! "Received CTCP 'PING 2405092658' (to roadran422) from Seroster"
14:42 yNos just got stuck in the ele with the touchy 50something HR lady..
14:42 Seroster =>
14:42 Seroster brb
14:42 roadran422 ..?
14:43 yNos she did my interview 5ish years ago.. now whenever she sees me, she touches my arm, shouldger or whatever.. "Hi Craig, how are things going?"
14:43 yNos she is nice, bordering on creepy
14:43 roadran422 O_O UH...
14:44 yNos she knows the limits.. and gets very close to them..
14:44 roadran422 Hahaha, are you married? And the interview for what?
14:44 yNos some people are just touchy...
14:44 yNos not married...
14:44 roadran422 Ahhh
14:44 mantere mmm.... mochachino-banana milkshake :3
14:44 yNos just dont like being touched by people i dont know all that well
14:45 roadran422 I don't think many people do yNos
14:45 roadran422 Also, where did you get the name, "yNos"?
14:45 roadran422 and network operating servicer?
14:46 yNos .w Craig-y-Nos
14:46 BotSteve "Craig-y-Nos Castle, a country house in Powys" -
14:46 yNos it's where my great-grandfather was from
14:46 roadran422 Wow.... Oddly specific..
14:46 yNos he called me yNos growing up.. because my name is craig.
14:46 roadran422 Ahh, that's nice
14:48 * Experimentonomen feels his couch vibrating
14:48 yNos did you put a quarter in?
14:48 roadran422 Experimentonomen: Which part ;)
14:48 einball_universi 15:48 .. and still an hour to go
14:48 einball_universi -n
14:48 roadran422 einball_universi: Till what?
14:48 * einball_universi yawns
14:49 einball_universi <<< roadran422
14:49 roadran422 ?
14:49 roadran422 I don't know the origin of name..
14:49 einball_universi university
14:49 roadran422 You're going to college?
14:50 dr_jkl yNos: i don't know that Experimentonomen remembers magic fingers lol
14:50 roadran422 If someone would like to help me, where did this name "hy" stand for and come from?
14:51 einball_universi It's not college over here. you go to elementary, a secondary school (either haupt, real or gymnasium) and if you've been to the gymnasium you're able to go to university to study
14:51 roadran422 Oh...
14:52 einball_universi iam looking forward to the end of the english lessons (they give talks about some car stuff Iam not interested in ;))
14:53 roadran422 I hate english.
14:53 roadran422 I just hate it.
14:53 roadran422 .ety hy
14:53 BotSteve Can't find the etymology for "hy". Try
14:53 einball_universi I hate the lessons. I want to learn by myself :P
14:53 roadran422 Good luck :)
14:56 roadran422 Ok, here is a trick question. What is olive oil made of?
14:58 tlockley joined #thegeekgroup
14:59 tlockley morning
15:00 roadran422 Morning Mr/Mrs t
15:00 roadran422 Tlockey
15:02 ajcc bad olive oil is made from cold pressed olives, that made extra virgin oil before they got heated up and pressed once again
15:02 roadran422 Ok, then what is peanut oil made of.
15:03 angy ajcc: the best olive oil is made cold pressed
15:03 angy the worst is hot pressed
15:03 ajcc indeed
15:03 ajcc my gramar is a bit tacky, but I meant that the bad oil, is pressed from olives already used to make the good stuff
15:04 angy :)
15:04 roadran422 That's one part. How about peanut oil?
15:04 tlockley roadran422: im a Mr
15:04 roadran422 Ok, well morning Mr. Tlockey
15:05 tlockley though dont ever call me that in real life, Mr. Lockley is my grandfather
15:05 BitViper i just wonder about what virgin oil is made of O_o
15:05 ajcc roadran422: I'm not familiar with peanut oil, it's not something we use in Swedish kitchen
15:05 BitViper or is that why is so hard to find a virgin these days ? O_O
15:05 yNos;feature=autoplay&amp;list=PLD67246B694C46C1D&amp;lf=results_main&amp;playnext=2
15:05 BotSteve Title: Meat Beat Manifesto - No Purpose No Design (live) - YouTube
15:05 tlockley virgin and extra vergin olive oil has to do with the number of presses it has been though
15:05 angy it's super easy to find it in continental europe
15:05 ajcc I'm guessing there different cold, hot, roasted etc variants of peanut oil
15:06 ajcc tlockley: yep
15:06 tlockley oh, hey angy.
15:06 angy tlockley: it also depend on the treatments before pressing
15:06 angy hello tlockley
15:06 angy how's the island?
15:06 tlockley cold
15:06 tlockley .tfw 02554
15:06 BotSteve 23 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Nantucket, MA!  'Blue balls x 2'
15:06 ajcc .tfw Sweden
15:06 angy roadran422: it's only pressed peanuts
15:06 BotSteve 32 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD AND WET IN Stockholm, SW!  'Shrinkage's best friend.'
15:07 angy .tfw paris
15:07 BotSteve 41 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING ....ALRIGHT IN Paris, FR!  'OH NO. THE WEATHER MACHINE IS BROKEN.'
15:07 tlockley but besides that I just installed Ice Cream Sandwich on my phone
15:07 yNos .tfw tgg
15:07 BotSteve 28 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'Warmer than Hoth.'
15:07 ajcc .tfw malmö
15:07 BotSteve KeyError: u'\xf6' (file "/usr/lib64/python2.7/", line 1238, in quote)
15:07 roadran422 So, following logic, then baby oil is pressed babies!
15:07 roadran422 Wow, more ascii failiure
15:07 angy you got the coldest tlockley
15:07 angy :)
15:07 roadran422 botsteve: tell batsteve WORK ON ASCII CHARACHTERS. .tfw malmö
15:07 BotSteve roadran422: I'll pass that on when Batsteve is around.
15:07 ajcc hmm, can't python handle unicode characters?
15:07 * Experimentonomen fries roadran422's speakers to a crisp with 250 watts of power!
15:08 Experimentonomen :P
15:08 tlockley heh, i dont mind the cold. Its the wet thas sucks
15:08 roadran422 :)
15:08 tlockley ajcc: it can just not by default
15:08 ajcc tlockley: then it's broken by default
15:08 * roadran422 fries Experimentonomen brain with 1000 watt speakers, at 1000 decibels, at 1000 hz.
15:08 tlockley py3 has default unicode IIRC
15:08 ajcc :)
15:08 angy roadran422: check your power calculations
15:08 tlockley ajcc: no it just needs to be explicit in py2.x
15:09 roadran422 angy: :P
15:09 Experimentonomen fail kid, u dont have nor have access to anywhere near 1kW of power and 1000dB doesent exist
15:09 tlockley roadran422 thats nothing. Try 12kW of speaker just for the highs and mids
15:09 Experimentonomen the world record is around 175dB
15:10 roadran422 :P
15:10 roadran422 I'm from the future.
15:10 Experimentonomen o ur not
15:10 roadran422 :P
15:10 dr_jkl roadran422 has nikes that lace themselves
15:10 angy 1000dB would destroy quite a nice part of the planet
15:10 angy Back To the Future!
15:11 roadran422 YAY!
15:12 roadran422 I rock like that.
15:13 dbshortwave joined #thegeekgroup
15:15 mpex2006km joined #thegeekgroup
15:15 yNos
15:15 Experimentonomen roadran422 is nothing but a 13yo noob that shouldent even be allowed in here :P
15:15 BotSteve Title: 1000 dB | scot hacker's foobar blog
15:15 roadran422 Experimentonomen: :P
15:16 mpex2006km Hi
15:16 yNos Hello mpex2006km
15:17 mpex2006km Have a nice morning
15:17 ajcc haha, I'd like a millon of those 1kW amps with horns
15:18 * yNos is cold
15:19 * roadran422 gives yNos a blanket and a bowl of hot soup
15:20 * Monkeh gives yNos a Zippo
15:20 roadran422 Monkeh: You are so nice xD
15:20 DruidicRifleman mac products SUCK
15:20 yNos
15:20 BotSteve Title: Man shot & killed in car at red light |
15:20 roadran422 I like them all
15:20 yNos DruidicRifleman: why are you anti-apple?
15:20 DruidicRifleman i need away to put music on an ipod with out itunes
15:21 roadran422 xD
15:21 roadran422 There are other apps
15:21 Monkeh yNos: Possibly because they suck.
15:21 roadran422 I can't remember them exactly
15:21 DruidicRifleman cause itunes isn't working and i wanna listen to the blood of cuchullan off the Boon dock saints sound track
15:21 * yNos dislikes iOS
15:21 DruidicRifleman while i blacksmith
15:21 * yNos likes osX
15:21 Experimentonomen DruidicRifleman, u can change the os to rockbox nd such
15:21 roadran422 Ehh
15:21 Monkeh yNos: I dislike OS X. Strongly.
15:21 roadran422 Not on a ipod touch
15:21 tlockley DruidicRifleman: try songbird?
15:22 yNos osX is usable from the terminal.
15:22 tlockley its atleast decent
15:22 Monkeh yNos: Nope.
15:22 yNos no?
15:22 Monkeh Can't type. No good.
15:22 angy Monkeh: yes, it is
15:22 DruidicRifleman Mine is an ipod touch
15:22 Experimentonomen personally i dont pay more than 100 bucks for a mp3 player, anything more and its just overpriced
15:22 angy if you know what you're doing, all OsX is doable from terminal
15:22 yNos i used osX with a lot of gnu apps installed.
15:22 yNos luv'd it
15:23 DruidicRifleman experimentonomen it's multi use
15:23 DruidicRifleman I useit for Range soft ware Note's and a PDA
15:23 tlockley osx with either macports or homebrew should be a requirement
15:23 roadran422 homebrew is for wii
15:23 DruidicRifleman More IPda then IPod
15:24 Monkeh tlockley: There's always Gentoo prefix. ;)
15:24 tlockley roadran422: different homebrew
15:24 yNos i am too rough on things with screens.. drops, stabs from screwdrivers/keys etc..
15:24 roadran422 tlockley: ok..
15:24 tlockley Monkeh: yes ther is always prefix
15:24 DruidicRifleman Some how i have not fucked it up
15:24 tlockley .g homebrew
15:24 BotSteve tlockley:
15:24 mpex2006km the video shows this room from yesterday
15:24 tlockley roadran422: ^
15:24 Monkeh yNos: Yeah, tell me about it. I'm still consciously avoiding dropping my phone in with my keys.
15:24 ajcc yNos: you should develop and start selling the keypad only cellphone
15:25 yNos I could call it the jitterbug!
15:25 roadran422 Oh ok
15:25 yNos oh..
15:25 yNos wait
15:25 roadran422 xD
15:25 * Experimentonomen listens to Approaching Nirvana on loud enuf volume that his couch is vibrating
15:25 roadran422 Experimentonomen: Which part of the couch, and where?
15:25 roadran422 ;)
15:26 Experimentonomen stfu kid
15:26 roadran422 ;)
15:26 Experimentonomen be glad im not a mod/op, or u'd be long gone
15:26 roadran422 :(
15:27 ajcc :/
15:27 yNos Careful with that axe, eugene
15:29 BitViper joined #thegeekgroup
15:29 yNos anyone else ever listne to "floydian propulsion project"
15:29 tlockley link?
15:29 ajcc
15:29 ajcc I guess
15:29 BotSteve Title: Any colour you like - Pink Floyd remix - YouTube
15:30 yNos
15:30 BotSteve Title: Pigs on the Wing (Pigs in Space Version) - YouTube
15:30 Electricguy joined #thegeekgroup
15:30 yNos bunch of pink floyd remixes.
15:30 ajcc oh, that's one close up condencer microphone
15:32 roadran422 I like classical...
15:32 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
15:32 roadran422 Simple gifts...
15:32 yNos not sure i'd call simple gifts classical..
15:32 roadran422 ....
15:32 yNos a shaker song
15:32 DruidicRifleman for christmast i am making people dinner triangles on the forge for next year
15:32 roadran422 I like music like that, canon in d, nut cracker, 1812 overture, mozart...
15:33 DruidicRifleman I have 0 finished
15:33 roadran422 You have a long time to go DruidicRifleman it's not like it's tomorro
15:33 roadran422 w
15:33 DruidicRifleman 1812 overtureis rairly preformed properly
15:33 yNos starting with square stock, rerod or round stock?
15:33 roadran422 In a professional band, pisses me off when they take snippets of it.
15:33 DruidicRifleman the sheet music calls for an artillery company
15:33 roadran422 yNos: You actually know what simple gifts is?
15:34 roadran422 DruidicRifleman: Canons!
15:34 yNos roadran422: yes.
15:34 DruidicRifleman I'll do one in sqaure 1 in round see which sounds leastcrappy
15:34 ajcc Tchaikovsky made sooo epic symphonies, and people only know him for making the nut cracker suit.
15:34 yNos roadran422: have you ever listend to Wendy/Walter Carlos?
15:35 roadran422 yNos: No...
15:35 yNos you should
15:35 roadran422 ajcc: Yes he did
15:35 roadran422 And 1812..
15:35 * Experimentonomen listens classical music that contains ground shaking loq frequency effect like those large drums whatever their called that are like 2 meters in diameter4
15:35 Experimentonomen likes*
15:35 ajcc oh, and the swan lake ballet, people usually know that one too
15:35 roadran422
15:35 BotSteve Title: Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca - YouTube
15:36 roadran422 I like fast paced classical music, but sometimes a few slow ones..
15:36 ajcc oh come ON!
15:36 ajcc that's not even a human playing the piano
15:36 roadran422 :P
15:36 roadran422 WAIT.
15:36 roadran422 Caught this with my eye.;feature=related
15:36 BotSteve Title: Mozart - Rondo Alla Turca (Orchestra) - YouTube
15:38 ajcc this one you'll probably recognize
15:38 BotSteve Title: Mozart - Sinfonía 40 - Molto Allegro(1/4) - Karl Böhm - Filarmónica de Viena - YouTube
15:38 ajprog_laptop joined #thegeekgroup
15:38 yNos roadran422:
15:39 BotSteve Title: Blue Rondo A La Turk - Dave Brubeck - YouTube
15:39 DruidicRifleman My uncles have cottages sooo any rustic looking relik lookscool
15:42 roadran422 Ok
15:42 inteliwasp joined #thegeekgroup
15:42 roadran422 yNos: no.
15:43 inteliwasp i have a few questions on network/internet security
15:44 maglinvinn_work joined #thegeekgroup
15:44 ajcc yNos: that's one odd rythm, take five is a bit easier to follow :)
15:44 maglinvinn_work hey all
15:44 roadran422 Hi maglinvinn_work
15:44 maglinvinn_work cprossu you around?
15:44 roadran422 Irc at work?
15:44 maglinvinn_work yes
15:44 roadran422
15:44 inteliwasp my mother's email got hacked into the otherday and was sending out spam, then today my father is not able to log into his gmail account
15:45 Monkeh inteliwasp: I warn you, 'a few questions' on security subjects turns into a very long discussion.
15:45 maglinvinn_work do they use a same computer
15:45 roadran422 Wow, that sucks
15:46 roadran422 My gmail is impervious to hacks.
15:46 inteliwasp monkeh: true...
15:46 Monkeh roadran422: Oh, I doubt that.
15:46 roadran422 Try me ;)
15:46 inteliwasp diffrent computers, multiple including iphones
15:47 inteliwasp i fizxed the part about spam but gmail shows activity from serbia
15:47 Monkeh roadran422: Believing a system is inpenetrable is the first step to being penetrated.
15:47 roadran422 xD
15:47 Monkeh inteliwasp: Change the password and backup email addresses immediately.
15:47 NeWtoz teehee he said penetrated
15:47 roadran422 Stubborness kicks in
15:47 Monkeh NeWtoz: Quiet, you.
15:47 roadran422 NeWtoz: Wow.
15:47 NeWtoz :)
15:48 Monkeh inteliwasp: Check all settings, especially forwarding.
15:48 roadran422 Monkeh: You want to try?
15:48 Monkeh roadran422: Not paticularly.
15:48 roadran422 :)
15:48 yNos maglinvinn_work: hows it going?
15:48 inteliwasp good point monkeh
15:48 inteliwasp brb
15:48 Monkeh roadran422: What's in it for me?
15:49 roadran422 Fun :)
15:49 Monkeh No, not really. :P
15:49 maglinvinn_work not bad ynos
15:49 maglinvinn_work working the work thing.
15:49 maglinvinn_work lol.
15:50 yNos making the big $$
15:50 yNos same here ;)
15:50 maglinvinn_work lol.  thats what they tell me
15:50 tlockley maglinvinn_work: you work with kidwell no?
15:50 maglinvinn_work yup
15:50 tlockley thats what I thought.
15:50 roadran422 :P
15:51 maglinvinn_work and good times will be had by all
15:51 tlockley still working on matching handles to people
15:51 maglinvinn_work lol.  except when the big boss comes back after a week long vegas trip
15:51 roadran422 lol
15:51 roadran422 Don't get caught maglinvinn_work
15:51 maglinvinn_work then things are little 'iffy' this morning!
15:51 maglinvinn_work irc isn't a prlem really.
15:52 maglinvinn_work problem
15:52 roadran422 Oh
15:52 roadran422 How about fb?
15:52 maglinvinn_work i spend a lot of time in other channels talking software so i can build the next greatest tester GUI
15:52 maglinvinn_work lol.
15:52 maglinvinn_work fb is alittle mroe troublesome
15:52 yNos maglinvinn_work: so next hv weekend is the weekend following the 20th, or the weekend following feb 3rd?
15:52 roadran422 xD
15:52 roadran422 ah ok
15:52 roadran422 Just, what's the date? xD
15:52 maglinvinn_work oh, ynos, there's a board meeting for you guessed it, the week between.  paul's lumping that in with the hv weekend
15:53 yNos bah
15:53 maglinvinn_work but he knows whats up  and is willing to work with your availability for future visits.
15:53 yNos cool
15:53 maglinvinn_work sorry bro, i tried.
15:53 inteliwasp back, the first account has not had the forwarding messed with(it's yahoo mail)
15:53 yNos no worries
15:53 roadran422 How's the ethernet coming?
15:53 maglinvinn_work *nods*  i know, but i didn't want to seem like i was just tooling you off.  haha
15:53 Monkeh roadran422: I think the answer, as always, is MOAR CAT5E!
15:54 roadran422 Hahahaha
15:54 tlockley yNos: hows the phones?
15:54 yNos ringin
15:54 Monkeh We're still waiting on the big 18 box pull, egrsteve :P
15:54 roadran422 I just want to come down and splice like a major run with a light saber
15:54 tlockley sweet.
15:54 roadran422 But, then i'd be dead...
15:54 yNos quickly
15:54 roadran422 Hahaha, isn't bluecherry helping out?
15:54 yNos yup
15:54 Monkeh They're still asking like, $80 a box aren't they?
15:55 roadran422 That's nice, I'd buy a box yet I don't have any mula
15:55 Monkeh Best be good cable at that money.
15:55 roadran422 EIGHTY BUCKS? THAT'SNUTS.
15:55 yNos wha?
15:56 roadran422 Wait, if I bought a 500 ft cord of bnc you'd still use it? Also, where is the ethernet on bluecherry's site?
15:57 * Monkeh wonders why people still can't tell the difference between a connector and a cable
15:57 Monkeh Same for protocol.
15:57 yNos not sure.. If you use the geek group discount, the price comes down.
15:57 yNos for the cat5e that is
15:57 Monkeh yNos: Thought that was just for free delivery?
15:58 yNos nope, price diff too
15:58 yNos free delivery is flagged on anything going to 902 leonard
15:58 azop nope, just free shipping
15:58 roadran422 Monkeh: I know the difference... Conector is the end you plug in to a female/male outlet. A cable is a wire hooking those 2 ends up.
15:58 yNos oh
15:58 yNos i thought there was a price diff there..
15:58 yNos my bad
15:58 roadran422 There is, free shipping...
15:58 azop TGGDeals is for some clearance items with 35% off
15:58 Monkeh yNos: Yeah, it's just free delivery I'm sure.
15:59 Monkeh roadran422: Nope.
15:59 yNos azop is bluecherry ;) he gets final say.
15:59 roadran422 That is expensive.... 80 bucks for 1000ft...
15:59 Monkeh Not _that_ expensive.
15:59 roadran422 Monkeh: ...
15:59 angy it's not expensive, it's a fair price
15:59 roadran422 I'm checking amazon
15:59 wannabe-zz .c 80/1000
15:59 BotSteve 0.08
15:59 wannabe-zz its .08 cents a foot!
16:00 * BitViper dies laughing at chris' recent fb post
16:00 roadran422 True
16:00 dbshortwave O.O
16:00 * wannabe1987 cant see it :(
16:00 dbshortwave >.>
16:00 Monkeh angy: Well, I can get perfectly good cable for around $60 over here, but most places want closer to $100.. (note: conversions from UK prices with 20% value added rape on top, too)
16:00 roadran422 Wtf? I am confused
16:00 roadran422 Isn't cables to go or something like that a sponsor of them?
16:00 angy Monkeh: depend a lot of the cable you buy, and how good you want it
16:01 NeWtoz 80$ for a box of cat5 is reasonable
16:01 Monkeh angy: Ordinary boxed cat5e of the type you see everywhere.
16:01 azop there's a difference between cheap cable, and quality cable
16:01 NeWtoz I doubt you'll find one cheaper that isn't something like CCA Cat5e
16:01 roadran422 No duh
16:01 azop if you want cheap-o CCA cable, go find something for $50
16:01 angy I would have to convert euros and meters to US currenct
16:01 wannabe1987 hi angy
16:01 angy but my cable is rougly 500e/km
16:01 Monkeh angy: They're all the same size box. 305m/1000ft.
16:01 angy hello wannabe1987
16:02 wannabe1987 you've been MIA.  how goes school?
16:02 angy Monkeh: depend how you buy it
16:02 BitViper wannabe1987 : hey just fyi my trip for tomorow is up in the air now, my ride hasnt contacted me as planned =(
16:02 wannabe1987 awwww
16:02 NeWtoz I paid $100 including shipping a week ago
16:02 BitViper wannabe1987 : the gist of the post is as follows ... "My job is to firmly grasp the world by the ears and pull it's head out of it's ass."
16:02 wannabe1987 i'll still go.  its a good excuse to get out of the house
16:02 wannabe1987 sounds like a great job :P
16:03 Monkeh angy: cat5e, bought by the box, is 305m/1000ft. You _can_ get longer, but it's not standard. You can also get it in 10/25/50/100m coils, but they're normally really overpriced.
16:03 BitViper sounds like a big ass job, no pun intended
16:03 roadran422 I just hope, that no dipshit comes up and slices all the lines, i'm worried about that.
16:03 angy Monkeh: my cable come most of the time in 500m spools
16:03 Monkeh Most places, you can get a box for the same price as a 100m coil.
16:03 SparkyProjects joined #thegeekgroup
16:04 Monkeh roadran422: That's what security cameras are for. Trust me, anyone doing that would very quickly regret it.
16:04 angy I can have it in 305m boxes, same price
16:04 inteliwasp doesn't cat5e also come in 500ft boxes too?
16:04 roadran422 Monkeh: A few minutes in the HVL :)
16:04 BitViper make em into thumper food
16:04 roadran422 Exactly ^
16:04 Monkeh angy: You can get solid on 500m drums?
16:05 angy Yep
16:05 BitViper should be fun to watch, but hope there's good smoke/odour air handling there
16:05 Monkeh Not seen that myself..
16:05 Monkeh Seen plenty of stranded on drums, though.
16:05 roadran422 haha
16:05 Monkeh Solid's normally boxed for easy pulling without needing to handle drums.
16:06 angy if you already have the gears to handle drums, way esaier to go drums than boxes
16:06 angy it's also the only way to get cat6A, 7 & 7A from where I get my cable
16:07 Monkeh angy: Yep, true, enver seen 6a or 7 in boxes.
16:08 Monkeh It's not really cat7, though. ;)
16:08 angy depend what you define cat7
16:09 angy 6a is 500MHz, 7 is 600MHz and 7a 1GHz
16:10 angy but I think 7a was never standardize as a category
16:10 Monkeh angy: cat3/5e/6/6a are TIA/EIA definitions.
16:10 astro73|alice ... i'm helping a friend port a perl app.
16:10 Monkeh angy: 7 is actually ISO/IEC 11801 Class F.
16:10 angy ISO11801:2002
16:11 astro73|alice I just translated a line of perl to python so he can understand it and write php
16:11 angy cat 6/6a is also standardize in ISO
16:11 angy Ea & F respectively
16:12 Monkeh angy: I'm it's F and Fa for '7/7a'..
16:12 * Monkeh checks his library
16:13 angy you may be right
16:13 Monkeh Not sure I have 11801.
16:13 angy I have it on the intranet
16:13 Monkeh I do.
16:13 RedneckGeek joined #thegeekgroup
16:13 RedneckGeek Heylo All
16:13 angy you're correct, 6a is Eam 6 is E
16:13 Monkeh BS EN 61935-2
16:13 yNos Hello RedneckGeek
16:14 Monkeh angy: Jesus, that's an expensive book.
16:14 angy we have a lot of ISO, EU and AFNOR avalaible here
16:14 angy in fact, we have nearly all EU norms because we're a conservation center thing
16:14 angy and same with parts of the ISO
16:15 roadran422 Hi RedneckGeek
16:15 Monkeh angy: I get most anything BS via my library.
16:15 Monkeh angy: Nearly every ISO/IEC standard has a BS EN copy, so..
16:15 angy ISO are like CHF200- each or so
16:15 Monkeh angy: £156. Scary price.
16:16 angy nah, not that bad
16:16 angy no one buy them without buying in bulk
16:16 angy prices drop fast in bulk :)
16:17 Monkeh heh
16:18 wannabe1987 .in 45min do dishes
16:18 BotSteve wannabe1987: Okay, will remind at 17:03Z
16:18 Monkeh angy: Heh, there's a whole section on physical testing in this..
16:18 Monkeh angy: Half the cheap cords I've bought would fail these.
16:18 inteliwasp does botsteve tells me if i have any mesages?
16:19 wannabe1987 if you're talking, he will
16:19 inteliwasp thanks
16:19 wannabe1987 np
16:19 inteliwasp .w 44313
16:19 BotSteve "Our Lady of the Elms High School is a private, all-girls independent Catholic high school in Akron, Ohio." -
16:19 Nazca ok internets ... lets see if this works.
16:20 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
16:20 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
16:20 inteliwasp O.o   i thought w was for weather...
16:20 wannabe1987 .weather 44313
16:20 BotSteve Clear ☼, 33.8℉ (1℃), 30.10in (1016mb), Moderate breeze 12kt (↑) - KAKR 15:54Z
16:20 inteliwasp ah
16:20 wannabe1987 or .tfw
16:20 wannabe1987 .tfw tgg
16:20 Nazca * Your host is[2a01:270:0:666f::1/6667], running version ircd-seven-1.1.3
16:20 BotSteve 31 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Grand Rapids, MI!  'It's a tit-bit nipplie.'
16:20 Nazca this is interesting
16:20 Monkeh Nazca: IPv6 is go.
16:20 wannabe1987 .tfw boston
16:20 BotSteve 18 degrees F?! ITS FUCKING COLD IN Boston, MA!  'GREAT! If you're a penguin.'
16:20 yNos RedneckGeek: where you from?
16:21 Nazca Monkeh: indeed... did it show my ipv6 address on connect?
16:21 Monkeh Yes
16:21 Nazca well that's partial win at least
16:21 * Monkeh does a double take
16:22 Monkeh Nazca: I do believe we've met before.
16:22 tlockley Nazca: tunnel or native?
16:22 Nazca tlockley: native
16:22 Monkeh Tunnel. :{
16:22 tlockley whose your provider?
16:22 Nazca goscomb
16:22 tlockley foreign?
16:23 NeWtoz I wish they'd roll out ipv6 in Grand Rapids
16:23 Nazca UK :)  I've had the setup for 2 and a half years, I only just found out that "route -6 add default dev ppp0" actually works
16:23 Nazca there are so many reasons why it feels wrong
16:23 Nazca Monkeh: it is certainly possible ... I get around
16:24 yNos been running ipv6 at home since i worked at the ISP.. 8ish years ago.. dont remember when i got it going there...
16:24 RedneckGeek Wichita, KS.
16:24 yNos was native to i left there.. then i had to get a tunnel..
16:24 RedneckGeek Sorry, I was distracted
16:24 Nazca Monkeh: yes, I do know who you are :p
16:24 Monkeh Oh, okay.
16:25 Monkeh Nazca: Shame about the caps on Goscomb.
16:25 Nazca my atheme vhost is a dead give away, when my client bothers to wait for ident before joining
16:26 Nazca yeah, the caps are horrific
16:26 Nazca not so bad now, I'm on the 200gb one I think
16:26 Monkeh Nazca: I suffer a peak hours cap but otherwise I'm let loose on the internet with a vengeance. Approaching 900GB this month..
16:26 mpex2006km joined #thegeekgroup
16:27 Nazca used to be on something like 40gb/month which was insane
16:27 angy my usage is most of the time above 1TB
16:27 Nazca given I spend 70+ hours a week at work these days, I'm not really doing so much traffic at home
16:28 * Monkeh wants his VDSL
16:28 angy but I'm using 100M symetric line
16:28 tlockley Sweet! My Huey arrived. Time to color correct all the things
16:28 tlockley if i can get it out of the box
16:29 tlockley angy: I wish that was even an option here
16:29 angy at the office, we're 10G symetric
16:29 kamelbulle joined #thegeekgroup
16:29 tlockley no fair :(
16:30 tlockley my univ barely has 100/50
16:31 angy my school is running the research network in france, and well established part in DANTE and GÉANT2
16:31 wannabe1987 hi kamelbulle
16:31 Monkeh Nazca: How's your connection during daytime hours?
16:31 Monkeh Nazca: Because I'm becoming fed up with youtube not working in the early afternoon.
16:31 angy and it's time to go home!
16:31 angy see ya tomorrow
16:31 * tlockley throws hands up in disgust (in a good way)
16:32 kamelbulle Hi
16:32 yNos later angy
16:32 Monkeh what the fu-
16:32 wannabe1987 where do you hail from?
16:32 kamelbulle sweden
16:32 Monkeh
16:33 wannabe1987 cool.  How'd you find thegeekgroup?
16:34 kamelbulle i think a blog linked to the first DIY tesla video
16:36 Cprossu good morning everyone
16:36 wannabe1987 sweet
16:36 wannabe1987 hi Cprossu
16:36 tlockley morning cprossu
16:36 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
16:36 Nazca joined #thegeekgroup
16:36 Cprossu anything new or exciting today?
16:36 Nazca yay, my connection is so stable! </sarcasm>
16:37 Cprossu lol
16:37 yNos Cprossu: nop
16:37 Guardianzozo morning cpro
16:37 yNos more DBARAGE
16:37 wannabe1987 hi Guardianzozo
16:37 ajcc I love XHTML's self-ending things: <br/>, it's so cute!
16:37 Guardianzozo hey wannabe1987
16:37 Nazca yNos: how good are you with adsl?
16:37 Cprossu
16:37 BotSteve Title: House Kills SOPA - Denver Computers |
16:37 Cprossu wow that's interesting
16:38 Cprossu I hope it sticks
16:38 Monkeh Oi, Cprossu
16:38 tlockley o rly?
16:40 Monkeh Nazca: How good do you need? ;)
16:40 Nazca more specifically ... is there anything wrong with this:
16:40 BotSteve Title: > show status System Uptime:2214:1:46 LAN Status Primary DNS:194.x.x.x -
16:40 Nazca ignore the fact I have no WAN status... it's in bridge mode
16:41 Monkeh Nazca: Looks nomal.
16:41 Monkeh Er, normal
16:41 Nazca that's what I thought
16:41 Nazca my connection randomly drops to 0pps incoming... 10mbit rest of the time, but suddenly 0
16:41 Nazca and it stays there til I restart pppd
16:42 Monkeh Nazca: If a line fault was causing your disconnections you'd know about it.
16:42 Nazca goscomb says I need to replace my microfilter
16:42 Cprossu 32db snr might be a tiny bit low, but still within specs
16:42 Monkeh Nazca: Possible..
16:42 yNos Nazca: what do you mean? i use it at home if that is what you are asking...
16:42 Monkeh Cprossu: 32dB is attenuation.
16:42 Monkeh Cprossu: SNR is 6, which is standard.
16:43 roadran422 1001dB
16:43 yNos bah, i should read all the way before commenting ;)
16:43 Nazca a microfilter fault should be giving more continuous issues... slow connection, lots of block errors, stuff like that
16:44 Nazca not work fine for 72 hours then need reconnecting every 5 minutes for 2 hours
16:45 Monkeh Nazca: Could still be the filter, it never hurts to try.
16:45 Monkeh Cprossu: You have more printer experience than is healthy, yes?
16:46 Nazca true ... I can probably snag one from work ... but it doesn't make sense for it to simply stop dead
16:47 ajcc haha, I didn't now he used one of those Super-8 camera lights
16:47 BotSteve Title: Green Screen Lighting FAIL! - YouTube
16:47 wannabe1987 there was a harry potter reference in Dr Who.
16:48 Nazca yay, I managed to get them to actually bother running line tests
16:48 Nazca bitching at lazy isp does work :)
16:49 Monkeh Nazca: Heh
16:49 Monkeh Nazca: Try getting an engineer out. That takes effort.
16:49 Cprossu yeah Monkeh which printer?
16:50 Nazca yea... and guess who will have to pay the £100 fee if the problem isn't the line :p
16:50 Monkeh Cprossu: Are you filled with a sense of rage or disgust at the mention of a Samsung ML-1660?
16:50 Nazca considering this connection, by their own admission, shouldn't be working in the first place ... I'm not too convinced of their technical abilities
16:50 yNos ajprog_laptop: you in the lab right now?
16:50 Cprossu haven't torn one apart yet, but I am filled with a sense of rage and disgust over most printers made today
16:50 Monkeh Cprossu: heh.
16:51 ajprog_laptop yep
16:51 ajprog_laptop yep
16:51 Monkeh Nazca: And why shouldn't it be working?
16:51 Cprossu chipped carts are never fun.
16:51 Monkeh Cprossu: But you're not aware of them being horrible, inaccurate, unreliable, messy crap?
16:51 Cprossu I just don't see many Monkeh
16:51 Monkeh Because it's the cheapest laser I've seen in a long time.
16:51 Cprossu so I can't make it one way or another
16:51 yNos Cool, the new version of the bluecherry driver has a slick little app to output cameras out the display port on the card
16:52 Nazca basically the settings they give don't work ... the settings I'm using absolutely shouldn't
16:52 yNos ajprog_laptop: ^
16:52 yNos it should be outputting now.
16:52 Monkeh Nazca: Eh?
16:52 ajprog_laptop i will take a look
16:52 Monkeh Cprossu: I think I'll have to gamble on it then.
16:52 Cprossu what I can tell you is that it has a toner that's chipped to stop printing and to prevent remanufacturing
16:52 Cprossu and that it appears to come with a 1/2 filled toner stock
16:52 Monkeh Cprossu: I can live with that.
16:53 Monkeh Cprossu: What's the shelf life like?
16:53 Cprossu yNos that seems rather slick
16:53 yNos YES!
16:53 Cprossu Monkeh I cannot make a comment on a printer I haven't gotten the chance to tear apart/use
16:54 Monkeh Cprossu: I mean on toner in general.
16:54 Monkeh I don't usually use lasers.
16:54 yNos now we need to push it up the wire to MC
16:54 yNos maybe to a DA, to a monitor and to MC
16:54 Cprossu toner can last years, however the parts inside the cartridge are another story
16:54 maglinvinn_work Cprossu, when you get a sec, question for you
16:54 yNos not sure how to move the signal to multiple outs..
16:54 Cprossu the more disposible the printer the more likely they are to use crap rubber on the wiper which dries out
16:54 Monkeh Cprossu: I'll take a gamble, then. If you're really lucky I'll do an autopsy on it :P
16:55 Cprossu I have many seconds, shoot maglinvinn_work
16:55 Cprossu Monkeh: you mean if you're really unlucky you'll do an autopsy on it
16:55 Nazca Monkeh: exactly.  I should be using VPI 0, VCI 101, PPPoE, but that doesn't work... instead it has to be in MPoA mode
16:55 Monkeh Cprossu: Eh, true.
16:55 Monkeh Cprossu: Still, if you're lucky I'll open it up for you to see. ;)
16:55 Cprossu don't bother
16:56 Monkeh Cprossu: Basically I just want a cheap laser for masking PCBs.
16:56 Cprossu ahhhhh
16:56 Monkeh And while I can get second hand ones cheaper, they're almost impossible to get shipped.
16:56 Monkeh Nobody wants to ship a 10 year old laser printer. They're the size of cars.
16:56 Nazca Monkeh: goscomb went "well that shouldn't work... let me ask Be" and Be said "nope, that shouldn't work... wtf?"
16:56 Monkeh Nazca: Yeaaah... Be use MPoA. I know this for a fact.
16:56 Cprossu so why don't you go to the local electronics surplus place Monkeh?
16:56 Monkeh Cprossu: ... local electronics surplus place?
16:56 Cprossu pick you up like a laserjet 4050
16:56 Cprossu surely you have one
16:57 Monkeh Cprossu: You forget: I live in a smallish town in the middle of an empty county in a country which has fuck all in it.
16:57 Cprossu it should still have an electronics recycler right?
16:57 Monkeh .. Not here, no.
16:57 Monkeh Not open to the public either.
16:57 Nazca Monkeh: except that it's not a Be connection as such, just a Be tail ... everyone else they have setup is using pppoe fine
16:57 Cprossu craigslist?
16:57 ajprog_laptop yNos: nothing
16:58 Monkeh Nazca: Then Be have misconfigured it. MPoA is standard for Be connections.
16:58 yNos ajprog_laptop:
16:58 BotSteve Title: Using the display port on Bluecherry hardware compression cards : Bluecherry
16:58 Monkeh Cprossu: Basically doesn't exist.
16:58 yNos i have compiled it and run it
16:58 maglinvinn_work <- is at work and slightly distracted
16:58 Electronics joined #thegeekgroup
16:58 Monkeh Cprossu: And would have to be local: Again, small town, nothing here, most people are either too old to use computers or too dumb to consider doing anything but throwing things in the bin.
16:58 maglinvinn_work hehe.  so.  cprossu.  wasn't reviewing the hardware you and i discussed, there's a mountain of bad reviews on the amd motherboard
16:58 Cprossu well where the hell do you live again Monkeh?!
16:58 maglinvinn_work all dealing with memory issues and no boot issues
16:58 yNos ajprog_laptop: but cant test it because i am not on site  ;)
16:58 Monkeh Cprossu: A small town in Cornwall.
16:59 Monkeh As far as technology goes I live in the arse end of nowhere.
16:59 yNos Monkeh: that would be grand rapids.
16:59 Nazca Monkeh: Be tail, layer 2 tunnelled to goscomb's lns
16:59 Monkeh yNos: No, trust me, it's worse here.
16:59 Cprossu maglinvinn_work you know newegg and it's users
16:59 Monkeh Nazca: Either it isn't, or they've misconfigured it somehow.
17:00 Cprossu you'll find mountains of bad reviews on damn near anything good
17:00 ajprog_laptop yNos: we can wait till you come in
17:00 Cprossu especially if it needs configuring
17:00 yNos our highest end "computer store" is "Best Buy"
17:00 Nazca Monkeh: it's misconfigured, but no one wants to admit to how, so they've just left it alone
17:00 ajprog_laptop yNos: nope VC Tech
17:00 Monkeh yNos: And mine is a one-man operation where you pick up the cheapest of the cheap at 50% hiked prices.
17:00 Monkeh At least we have one, though.
17:01 Monkeh It's the only one within 15 miles of here
17:01 yNos if anyone has egrsteve's email, please pm it to me.
17:01 Cprossu but yeah maglinvinn_work, long story short, you'll find mountains of bad reviews on damn near anything at newegg
17:01 Monkeh Cprossu: What board did you recommend?
17:01 Cprossu especially from those who can't configure or read
17:01 ajprog_laptop I will check facebook
17:01 maglinvinn_work haha.  i assume most of them are just idiots who can't figure out how to plug stuff in
17:02 Cprossu Asus or Gigabyte are doing rather decent jobs at making boards right now
17:02 Nazca the trouble with working in the IT industry is that you know that it's a miracle anything works, rather than just imagine it
17:02 maglinvinn_work but if there's configuration issues i myself might have issues/
17:02 Cprossu nah, you can get ahold of me
17:02 Monkeh Cprossu: One thing to watch out for with Gigabyte.
17:02 Cprossu no big deal
17:02 maglinvinn_work oh, and i talked to boden about the dvr.  he said call bosch.
17:02 maglinvinn_work if we can't make it work, there's a blue cherry solution available.
17:02 Monkeh Cprossu: At least on some boards they have a bad habit of enabling the HPA on on the first connected HDD during BIOS updates.
17:02 Cprossu good deal maglinvinn_work
17:03 BotSteve wannabe1987: do dishes
17:03 tlockley maglinvinn_work whats up with the bosch DVRs?
17:03 yNos or did he mean jeff?
17:03 Cprossu Monkeh: never a problem if you don't enable bios passwords right?
17:04 wannabe1987 i don't want to.....when this ep is done.
17:04 Monkeh Cprossu: It's a problem when it's undocumented and wipes out your GPT backup.
17:04 Cprossu ahh. I've never run into it before
17:04 Cprossu and I've built many machines with gigabyte boards
17:04 Monkeh Cprossu: I've only seen it a few times but it's caused some issues. I rather dislike the practice.
17:05 Cprossu what chipset?
17:05 Monkeh Cprossu: 785G iirc.
17:05 Monkeh For the board I recall
17:05 Cprossu weird... well whatever
17:05 Cprossu hardware wise they are solid for the moment
17:05 Monkeh Cprossu: Just something to be aware of :)
17:05 Cprossu which is more that can be said of other boards
17:05 Monkeh Yep.
17:05 Monkeh RIP Abit.
17:06 Cprossu *cough*msi*cough*
17:06 maglinvinn_work tlockley  there's a donated Bosch DVR w/ admin user/pass on it.  i can't access the dvr to set up users and the enviroment needed
17:06 tlockley thoughts on supermicro?
17:06 Cprossu they suck. that's my thought.
17:06 tlockley dont know u and p? MV_work
17:06 Cprossu if you want a stable board for 3 years then poop
17:06 Cprossu get a supermicro
17:07 BitViper wheeeeeeeeee, chili is cooking to take to the lab tomorow, smells awsomeness in here :)
17:07 MV_work no, tlockley.   the DVR was donated in a bulk deal and came with no documentation, software, or instructions
17:07 Monkeh MV_work: Crack it open, look for some reset jumpers?
17:07 tlockley i can handle that I am not planning in keeping the machine that long
17:07 ajprog_laptop MV_work: what bosch dvr are you talking about?
17:07 MV_work Monkeh - done, and sadly, no jumpers or battery
17:07 MV_work dvr6e1082
17:07 Monkeh MV_work: Well, that's a pain.
17:07 MV_work 6 channel 80gb unit
17:07 Monkeh MV_work: Means it's probably unwise to wipe the flash on it. :)
17:07 Cprossu Monkeh: I am betting vxworks.
17:08 Monkeh Cprossu: *shudder*
17:08 tlockley Cprossu: supermicro is the only mfr with a dual socket board for the cpus in my intel xserve
17:08 MV_work not flash - scsi 80gb hdd
17:08 Cprossu it's full of fpga's and is run by an embedded 68000 series
17:08 MV_work but the hdd prolly has firmware on it
17:08 Monkeh MV_work: Configuration is probably stored on a flash chip?
17:08 MV_work maybe.
17:08 Cprossu Monkeh: that was my guess
17:08 Cprossu I was waiting on hi res pics myselff
17:08 Monkeh I'd never build a unit like that with config and firmware on a mechanical drive
17:09 MV_work in theory.  i suppose, you could pull the flash, reset it by setting a pin hi/lo and reinstall it
17:09 Cprossu don't forget to snag your sd card MV_work heh
17:09 Monkeh It severely pisses the users off when they have to reconfigure it after a drive failure.
17:09 MV_work but thats epic level hackery.
17:09 MV_work oh, shit, right.  thanks cpro.
17:09 roadran422 Happy MLK Day!
17:09 Monkeh MV_work: You can reset it with it still on the board if you're clever. But you need to know you can reload the firmware.
17:09 MV_work well
17:09 MV_work right now its a doorstop
17:09 MV_work or a boat anchor for a tiny boat
17:09 MV_work haha
17:10 Cprossu Monkeh: unlikely, I am hoping to break in via serial or an open port
17:10 Cprossu or something
17:10 Monkeh A potentially recoverable doorstop if they happen to have a secret password.
17:10 Monkeh Cprossu: Yeah, serial headers are a good bet. Alternatively JTAG if there's a firmware image available.
17:10 roadran422 What's wrong? Lost password?
17:10 Cprossu Monkeh sadly it's all a custom.
17:10 Cprossu custom sbc, custom firmware
17:10 Cprossu and to make matters worse
17:10 Cprossu it was burle
17:10 Monkeh Cprossu: Yargh.
17:11 Cprossu that got bought by bosch
17:11 Monkeh Cprossu: Pray for serial header.
17:11 Cprossu believe me I am =P
17:11 Monkeh Serial header which isn't password protected.
17:11 Monkeh Otherwise.. Thumper food!
17:11 Cprossu even if it is it'll be different than the user pw
17:11 Monkeh Cprossu: You hope.
17:11 Cprossu it will be
17:12 Cprossu they used it for security, it's gotta have a backdoor for idiots who get in control of it so bosch/burle can profit thousands of dollars to recover the system =P
17:12 Monkeh Cprossu: As I said, they might have a secret password.
17:13 MV_work exactly.
17:13 Cprossu I highly doubt it will work on the web interface Monkeh
17:13 Cprossu that's just bad planning
17:13 Monkeh Cprossu: .. And bad planning is what software devs for major companies DO for a living.
17:13 MV_work i've been cleared to call Bosch and drop TGG name and 'active project to instruct in essential DVR operation'
17:13 Cprossu good luck MV_work!
17:14 Monkeh Cprossu: Never, ever underestimate their ability to be stupid. ;)
17:14 Cprossu if there truely is one accessible via it's webserver there are already thousands of systems being compromised as we speak.
17:14 Cprossu for a security firm to do that would be blazingly dumb
17:15 Monkeh Cprossu: And still, things like that happen.
17:15 Cprossu they do but this is specifically designed for the job, it's not like it's a freaking chinese designed dvr =P
17:15 Monkeh Cprossu: Not a security device as such, but I'm sure you're aware of how wide open early BT Homehubs (and the less-seen other OEM versions of their Thomson base) were?
17:22 MV_work i'd take wide open.  hahah.  i need a working DVR solution.
17:23 MV_work if nothing else, i'll put a blue cherry in the computer cpro designed for me.
17:23 MV_work oh, speaking of which, how many monitors do you think i could get that thing to support Cpro
17:24 Cprossu well with an nvidia card (and only one) just 2 is the limit
17:25 Cprossu the ATI card scales to 3 out of the box
17:25 Cprossu with non-existant hardware that would scale it to 6
17:25 Cprossu Monkeh, heck if you look at the damn router/cable modem combo the lab is stuck with all of them had a backdoor of 'D0nt4g3tme' and had a fucking telnet port wide open to the public =P
17:26 Cprossu but the last thing I'd do with a security DVR is just that.
17:30 * wannabe1987 has to go do the dishes....and then get ready for work. why doth the bank have to be closed?
17:31 BitViper wannabe1987 come do my dishes, i dirtied alot of them making the chili :)
17:32 wannabe1987 no.  i dirtied mine making cookies FRIDAY and never got to do the dishes....
17:32 MV_work i noticed that the mb had a second slot, but its not SLI/crossfire whatever
17:32 MV_work does that restrict my ability to toss in a second video card for extra monitors
17:33 MV_work whats the cons to having multiple monitors on a card, or, multiple monitors on multiple video cards
17:33 wannabe1987 BitViper: let me know (using BotSteve or a pm) if you'll be there....
17:34 Monkeh Cprossu: The Homehubs were fun, though.
17:34 BitViper wannabe1987 : sure thing
17:34 Monkeh Cprossu: No admin password. Serial number as WPA passphrase. Serial number could be obtained from the wifi interface.. by unauthenticated clients. ie. anyone.
17:37 Cprossu MV_work: nope
17:37 Cprossu SLI/Crossfire is only for using multiple video cards on one physical or 'virtual' monitor
17:38 Cprossu and for your purposes it's buggy as hell.
17:38 einball joined #thegeekgroup
17:38 einball eeeh back home
17:38 Monkeh You can get relatively affordable USB video cards these days iirc.
17:38 Cprossu well anyway I can't wait to see pics of inside of that dvr
17:38 Monkeh Cprossu: It's just so exciting!
17:39 MV_work yeah, i should have brought it to work today but it totally bailed in my memory so derp
17:39 MV_work haha
17:39 Cprossu but yeah I doubt anything that has as many fpga's as that does, and also had ultra wide scsi (68pin) would have an open backdoor on it's web interface
17:39 MV_work and i hve the uSD in my laptop where i can't forget it.
17:40 * einball slaps einball
17:40 Cprossu I'm hoping on a open backdoor with 'physical access' though
17:45 MV_work *nods*  i got a great macro setting on the camera, and i own a pair of halogen work lamps.  you'll see the card better than i can w/ the optical macro.
17:45 tesla4d Here's a laugh: I didn't read the fine print about the free DVD burner that was bundled with the hard drive I bought. It's not a SATA drive. I can't use it.
17:46 tesla4d That'll teach me to read the fine print.
17:46 Monkeh tesla4d: I'll take it
17:46 astro73|alice tesla4d: ebay the bugger?
17:46 tesla4d I'll probably end up donating it to the hackerspace if they want it.
17:46 Monkeh This one wants it. :P
17:47 tesla4d Which one? WHO ARE YOU?!?
17:48 Monkeh tesla4d: This one is Zathras
17:48 Monkeh And even here, so few will get that.
17:48 tesla4d And that one is also Zathras.
17:48 einball Monkeh THIS IS SPARTA
17:48 einball :P
17:48 Monkeh einball: See, you didn't get it.
17:48 tesla4d No, "Zath*raaaas*"
17:48 Monkeh tesla4d did though.
17:48 Monkeh .cookie tesla4d
17:48 BotSteve Here you go, tesla4d, I baked you a white chocolate cranberry cookie!
17:49 einball Didn't read the rest ;)
17:49 tesla4d I like that show far more than I probably should.
17:49 Monkeh tesla4d: No, it's perfectly healthy.
17:50 tesla4d I just wish I could remember Garibaldi's password now. I must have forgotten it. >.<
17:51 tesla4d Do you remember, Monkeh?
17:51 Nazca Peekaboo
17:51 Cprossu tesla4d of course you can use it haha
17:52 Monkeh tesla4d: Nazca beat me to it. :{
17:52 Cprossu it'll just cost you as much as a new sata burner to use it
17:52 tesla4d Yeah. I might have to make a special trip today.
17:52 tesla4d Or maybe scrounge the second drive out of this computer.
17:52 tesla4d But I don't like that idea. I love this computer too much. :<
17:53 Cprossu actually I take that back it'll actually cost you _more_ to use the ide drive rofl
17:53 Cprossu
17:53 BotSteve Title: - Rosewill RC-204 IDE to SATA Mini Vertical Bridge (for IDE device)
17:54 Cprossu as opposed to ->
17:54 BotSteve Title: - Sony Optiarc 24X DVD Burner, Bulk Package 24X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 12X DVD+R DL 24X DVD-R 6X DVD-RW 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-R 32X CD-RW 48X CD-ROM Black SATA Model AD-7280S-0B - CD / DV[...]
17:54 tesla4d Monkeh, Nazca: I have a friend who is a freelance IT consultant. At one of his client's sites, the computer that was having trouble had a Londo doll next to the monitor. Just for fun, he tried "Peekaboo". It worked. He then gave a bit of a lecture to that particular user.
17:55 Monkeh Cprossu: Ugh, dirty infidel.
17:55 Monkeh Cprossu: :P
17:55 BotSteve Title: - Pioneer CD/DVD Burner 24X DVD+R 12X DVD+R DL 24X DVD-R Black SATA Model DVR-219BK - CD / DVD Burners
17:55 tesla4d (I think it was a Londo doll. It might have been some other bit of Memorabilia)
17:55 Monkeh Although saying that, Optiarc is one of the less dodgy brands going.
17:56 Nazca tesla4d: but was the Londo doll anatomically correct? :p
17:57 Monkeh Nazca: Hey, that belongs in NSFW. :P
17:59 ^Prophet^ joined #thegeekgroup
18:00 ^Prophet^ good afternoonish
18:01 Nazca Monkeh: couldn't resist lol
18:02 ^Prophet^ ?
18:03 Nazca ^Prophet^: it would make no sense out of context lol
18:03 ^Prophet^ i figured as such
18:04 BatSteve .seen astro73
18:04 BotSteve batsteve: I have the following messages for you:
18:04 BotSteve At 15:07Z, roadran422 asked me to tell batsteve WORK ON ASCII CHARACHTERS. .tfw malmö
18:04 BotSteve BatSteve: I last saw astro73|alice 0.30 hours ago at 2012-01-16 17:46:12 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 18:04:13 UTC
18:04 BatSteve BotSteve: tell astro73|alice that I have no idea why it worked either.  I'm very confused.
18:04 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Astronouth7303 is around.
18:05 BatSteve BotSteve: tell astro73|alice but, apparently it works
18:05 BotSteve BatSteve: I'll pass that on when Astronouth7303 is around.
18:05 Monkeh roadran422: They're NON-ASCII characters, ffs
18:05 Monkeh BatSteve: Imma thump you soon. ;P
18:05 ^Prophet^ derp
18:06 egrsteve hello
18:06 Monkeh egrsteve: Evening
18:06 egrsteve morning
18:06 egrsteve anything interesting here
18:06 BatSteve No.
18:07 BatSteve (:
18:07 BitViper egrsteve : us ? interesting ? are you kidding ?
18:07 ^Prophet^ least not yet
18:07 Nazzy joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 ^Prophet^ anyone in the lab?
18:07 Nazzy joined #thegeekgroup
18:07 egrsteve id, I am at school;
18:07 ^Prophet^ or r they off fore mlk
18:07 ^Prophet^ im not xD
18:07 egrsteve no, there will be people there
18:07 BatSteve Monkeh: yeah yeah yeah...
18:07 Monkeh egrsteve: We demand 18-box pull!
18:08 Monkeh BatSteve: :)
18:08 egrsteve ger 18 boxes to tgg
18:08 BatSteve Here, this is for you:
18:08 egrsteve *get
18:08 ^Prophet^ lolz
18:08 Monkeh egrsteve: Would if I could
18:08 BatSteve also, where were you last night?  We needed someone to play Payday
18:08 Monkeh BatSteve: heh
18:08 BatSteve It was lonely
18:08 Monkeh BatSteve: Sleeping :/
18:08 BatSteve aw
18:08 Monkeh My hours got turned around and I'm stuck living like a normal person again
18:09 ^Prophet^ that blows
18:09 BitViper ugh, i feel sorry for you Monkeh, normal sucks
18:09 BatSteve I like being up in the mornings, but it's so much easier to have an 11am-3am schedule
18:09 BatSteve I feel you
18:09 * dbshortwave shakes head
18:10 roadran422 Batsteve you got my message?
18:10 Nazca
18:10 BitViper i like my schedule ... i dont have one, i sleep when i feel like it, wether its 2pm or 3am
18:10 BatSteve roadran422: yes, the bot sent it to me
18:10 BotSteve Title: Tom Smith - Five Years - YouTube
18:10 Monkeh BitViper: Yes, that works.
18:10 ^Prophet^ roadran: it still works :D
18:10 BitViper Monkeh : the advantage of freelance
18:11 BitViper now if only freelance paid decent =(
18:11 BatSteve roadran422: I'll work on fixing that tonight probably
18:12 egrsteve ok, class in 15min headed to the lab around 3, ttyl
18:12 egrsteve or 15est
18:13 Nazca I really do love that video... damned cancelling of good shows
18:13 ^Prophet^ ugh i totally shouldve picked up the gravity suit.... shit
18:13 exor674 joined #thegeekgroup
18:14 roadran422 THanks BatSteve
18:14 roadran422 xD
18:14 BatSteve no problem.
18:14 roadran422 And it wasn't ascii?
18:16 wannabe1987 hi BatSteve
18:16 MV_Lunch time to go get some Thai with the boss man.  peace out, bbiab
18:16 BatSteve hey kelly
18:16 Monkeh roadran422: .. no.
18:16 BotSteve monkeh: I have the following messages for you:
18:16 BotSteve At 18:12Z, BatSteve asked me to tell monkeh this is a test
18:16 * wannabe1987 has cat in room~
18:16 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
18:17 Monkeh BatSteve: Oi, go test on someone else :P
18:17 wannabe1987 my room is supposed to be cat free :P
18:17 wannabe1987 you can test on me o.O
18:17 wannabe1987 very vocal cat!
18:17 BatSteve Monkeh: sorry, you make such a good test subject.
18:17 Monkeh BatSteve: GLaDOS didn't think so.
18:17 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
18:18 wannabe1987 allergy pill time!  i cuddled the cat!
18:18 roadran422 Monkeh: What is ascii then?
18:18 BatSteve Monkeh: :]
18:19 BatSteve okay, time to go.
18:19 roadran422 Cya BatSteve-Away
18:19 roadran422 wannabe1987: Zyrtec?
18:19 Nazca Monkeh: it says here you were adopted
18:19 roadran422 Where is "here" Nazca?
18:19 Monkeh roadran422: Go look
18:19 wannabe1987 mhm
18:19 ^Prophet^ ... portal referance?
18:19 * Nazca gives ^Prophet^ the cookie
18:19 Monkeh ^Prophet^: roadran422 doesn't get references.
18:20 roadran422 Monkeh: For?
18:20 ^Prophet^ yay!!!
18:20 ^Prophet^ play portal 2
18:20 roadran422 ...
18:20 ^Prophet^ then u will get it
18:20 ^Prophet^ :3
18:20 roadran422 I played portal 1 xd
18:20 NeWtoz I'm going to make like a tree and get out of here
18:20 roadran422 ...
18:20 Monkeh roadran422: ..
18:20 Nazca how can you have played portal 1 and not get that?
18:21 Monkeh Nazca: As I said, he doesn't get references.
18:21 ^Prophet^ because portal 1 was about cake
18:21 ^Prophet^ portal 2 was about... other stuff
18:21 Nazca now if I were offering you fish shaped toxic waste or turbo needle injector needle injectors, I could understand you not getting the reference
18:22 roadran422 ...
18:22 roadran422 I failling
18:22 ^Prophet^ yes... you are
18:22 Nazca give me a moment to dig it out
18:23 ^Prophet^ Roadran, what was the most memorable line from Portal 1...
18:23 Nazca
18:23 BotSteve Title: Portal Cake Recipe - YouTube
18:23 einball joined #thegeekgroup
18:23 ^Prophet^ lol
18:23 ^Prophet^ and sediment based sediment
18:23 ^Prophet^ xD
18:24 Fulsy Cross-borehole electromagnetic imaging rhubarb
18:24 ^Prophet^ x3
18:24 Seroster mrgh
18:24 Nazca Fulsy: yes, I want one of those
18:24 Fulsy Chris should autopsy one
18:25 roadran422 Hmm...
18:25 roadran422 Most memorable line.
18:25 roadran422 You will get cake when you are done?
18:25 roadran422 I barely played that game
18:25 ^Prophet^ *smack*
18:25 BitViper the cake is still a lie
18:25 roadran422 xD
18:25 ^Prophet^ it was the cake is a line....
18:26 ^Prophet^ you fail
18:26 Monkeh ^Prophet^: Kids these days.
18:26 roadran422 I can't finish the last one, and I cheated once
18:26 Nazca heh, assume the party submission position
18:26 ^Prophet^ oh on the last level thingy
18:26 Monkeh roadran422: And that's not even a remotely difficult game!
18:26 ^Prophet^ yes
18:26 roadran422 xD
18:26 ^Prophet^ first run through it i did the same thing
18:26 tlockley i love 1GbE
18:26 ^Prophet^ please tell me though you didnt use :noclip?
18:26 wannabe1987 roadran422: i don't play portal and i *still*get most of the references.  you fail at being a geek
18:26 roadran422 I used the thing where I could portal anywhere.
18:26 Nazca oooh, there's another good line... "Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out"
18:26 wannabe1987 do you know what a jayne hat is?
18:27 roadran422 wannabe1987: SHUT IT :(
18:27 wannabe1987 no
18:27 BitViper jayne hat \o/
18:27 roadran422 :'(
18:27 ^Prophet^ something from team fortress 2?
18:27 wannabe1987 i'm leaving in a few, i'll shut it then
18:27 roadran422 :'(
18:27 Nazca wannabe1987: it's shiny?
18:27 wannabe1987 no?
18:27 Monkeh wannabe1987: Jayne hat :D
18:27 wannabe1987 thank you.  Monkeh and BitViper know whats going on
18:27 BitViper wannabe1987 : we should send some jayne hats to chris \o/
18:27 * BitViper runs for cover
18:28 Monkeh BitViper: Oh, hell yes.
18:28 roadran422 Stop stealling my bits!
18:28 BitViper hahaha
18:28 wannabe1987 eventually i'll make a jayne hat
18:28 Monkeh wannabe1987: DO IT!
18:28 Nazca see, you say Jayne hat and I think of the gorram ship ;)
18:28 wannabe1987 its firefly
18:28 BitViper Monkeh, wannabe1987, roadran422 : hey it worked for leo laporte
18:28 roadran422 ??
18:28 BitViper roadran422 : you dont know leo ? how'd you get geek creds ?
18:28 wannabe1987 today will suck
18:29 roadran422 BitViper: Shut it....
18:29 roadran422 What folder would "steam" be under?
18:29 BitViper lol good luck with that LOL
18:29 roadran422 In program files
18:29 roadran422 just steam or what?
18:29 ^Prophet^ umm let me check
18:30 wannabe1987 START LOOKING
18:30 wannabe1987 use search
18:30 roadran422 lool
18:30 roadran422 I did
18:30 wannabe1987 is it that hard?
18:30 roadran422 I think I removed it
18:30 ^Prophet^ no
18:30 wannabe1987 then put it back
18:30 roadran422 :P
18:30 ^Prophet^ are you looking for the main folder?
18:30 roadran422 Yah
18:30 Nazca Leo Laporte... the computer expert that managed to screencast "Hey boss, I'm naked and the door's unlocked" to a live audience
18:30 Nazca yeeeeaaaah
18:30 ^Prophet^ program files (x86) --> Steam
18:31 roadran422 I think I deleted the game
18:31 roadran422 I def did
18:31 roadran422 I will download it down, and if anyone wants to lend me portal 2, go right ahead ;)
18:31 Nazca roadran422: maybe if I delete you I'll stop feeling so bad
18:31 BitViper leo laporte video with jayne hat ... including some back story ...
18:31 BotSteve Title: Leo Laporte Jayne Hat 2.0 unboxing on TWiT live - YouTube
18:31 Nazca ( you walked riiiight in to that one :p)
18:31 roadran422 Nazca: What?
18:31 roadran422 ....
18:32 Nazca it's another well know portal reference
18:32 roadran422 lol
18:32 Cprossu if it makes you feel any better the sony drive is really a NEC.
18:33 Monkeh Cprossu: Well, it was.
18:33 Monkeh Cprossu: Still, they're actually decent enough drives and don't have the dumb faceplates of most drives.
18:34 roadran422 Installing steam and then redowloading portal 1
18:34 einball;t=18s
18:34 BotSteve Title: Contact - The scene where Jodie Foster hears the "First Contact" - YouTube
18:34 roadran422 I got it for free as a promotion thing
18:34 * einball still loves this scene
18:34 wannabe-afk time to go to work
18:34 wannabe-afk bye!
18:35 Nazca
18:35 BotSteve Title: Top 10 Funniest Portal Lines - YouTube
18:35 einball It gives me the creeps everytime I see that :D
18:36 ^Prophet^ yay!!
18:36 roadran422 Lets hope I remember my username and pass
18:37 ^Prophet^ lol
18:37 ^Prophet^ wow my connection is low
18:37 roadran422 lol
18:39 woyna joined #thegeekgroup
18:42 wannabe-afk cya and thanks for all the fish!  ( roadran422, do you get *that* reference?)
18:42 roadran422 No...
18:42 roadran422 well cya wannabe-afk
18:42 wannabe-afk someone shoot or eduate him.....i'm off to work
18:42 roadran422 xD ^
18:42 roadran422 Portal downloading at 1.2MB/s how long until it is done?
18:42 wannabe-afk forever
18:42 roadran422 And if someone wants to really educate me, I need portal 2...
18:42 wannabe-afk how big is the file?
18:42 roadran422 Idk...
18:43 einball wannabe-afk: I will
18:43 roadran422 xD
18:43 roadran422 It's not my fault I don't plaay the game..
18:43 wannabe-afk (hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.  watch it.  or read it.)
18:43 wannabe-afk what game?!
18:43 wannabe-afk thanks einball
18:43 wannabe-afk i'll be back on break
18:43 roadran422 Portal
18:43 roadran422 I only have portal 1 and it's been a while
18:44 Nazca wannabe-afk: normality has been restored.  I repeat normality has been restored.  Anything you still cannot cope with is your own problem.  Please relax, you will be sent for shortly.
18:44 Toastdude joined #thegeekgroup
18:44 ^Prophet^ TOAST! hi
18:45 Toastdude Hello
18:45 roadran422 Hi Toastdude
18:45 Nazca see also: Every time you operate one of these black buttons, labelled in black on a black background, a little black light lights up black to let you know you've done it.
18:45 Toastdude How are you two today?
18:46 ^Prophet^ retty good
18:46 ^Prophet^ pretty*
18:47 roadran422 Pretty good also, doing my charming stalk...
18:47 roadran422 *talk...
18:47 roadran422 Not stalk xD
18:48 Toastdude Stalker!
18:48 * Nazca thinks for a moment to remember some more obscure quotes
18:49 roadran422 Toastdude: :P
18:49 ^Prophet^ That is not a panel... that is a crusher... we sell them too
18:50 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
18:51 Nazca the attack fleet dove screaming on to the Earth, now positively identified as the source of the offending remark, where, due a terrible miscalculation of size, the entire fleet was swallowed by a small dog
18:52 roadran422 29%
18:52 ^Prophet^ lawl
18:52 roadran422 How can you change the reason you quit, i.e. toastdude's reason.
18:54 ^Prophet^ i see chris
18:54 ^Prophet^ o.0
18:54 roadran422 ...
18:54 Nazca roadran422: once upon a time I made a small mod to the source code of UnrealIRCd that intercepted the socket error quit message and outputed some more ... creative ....  messages in their place.  Those were fun times
18:54 roadran422 xD
18:55 roadran422 Was that "allowed?"?
18:55 Nazca I didn't distribute it to anyone, so there's not really anything wrong with it
18:57 roadran422 lol
18:57 roadran422 39%
18:57 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
18:57 Nazca then there was the time I wrote a script that impersonated a services link and changed the nicks of everyone on the server to Victim<number> and back ... except I didn't get it quite right and they ended up nick colliding with themselves
18:57 roadran422 I'm going to be mocked for my non-reference knoweldge of portal. I failed, the last thing I remember was you get cake if you finish xD
18:58 Nazca took out everyone on the server in under 5 seconds lol
18:58 roadran422 HAHAHAHHA
18:58 roadran422 Nazca: That's nice
18:58 roadran422 Can you still do it?
18:59 Nazca nah, for two reasons... 1/ I wrote it in mirc script and I don't have mirc anymore 2/ it talked unreal's server protocol and I don't use Unreal anymore
18:59 Nazca probably for the best really
18:59 NeWtoz roadran422, /quit your quit message
19:00 DruidicRifleman mmmmmm heavily buttered english muffins
19:00 roadran422 NeWtoz: Thanks!
19:00 Nazca an interesting detail of irc is that most server software has this crazy notion that anything a server says is true ... even if it's really dumb
19:00 NeWtoz some clients let you change it
19:00 roadran422 ok
19:01 Nazca since server issue mode changes and topic changes, the source lookups even on the token based protocols will correctly return the server name
19:01 Nazca so if one has the patience to dig out the right message format, you can actually make the server talk to people in a channel
19:02 Nazca and wow does that freak newbies out
19:02 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
19:02 roadran422 Did my client just crash?
19:02 NeWtoz nope
19:02 ^Prophet^ im getting so frustrated with this
19:03 roadran422 NeWtoz: What is this, "Received CTCP 'VERSION' (to roadran422) from NeWtoz"
19:03 roadran422 Seroster sent me almost the same like 10 times?
19:03 NeWtoz oh, I typed it to see what irc client you are using
19:03 piku joined #thegeekgroup
19:03 NeWtoz and you are using Purple IRC
19:04 NeWtoz which I think is Pidgin?
19:04 roadran422 Yah ...
19:04 Nazca yea
19:04 Nazca libpurple
19:04 roadran422 .... How and why...
19:04 roadran422 And did my quit message change?
19:04 NeWtoz [ 2:01:45 pm] * roadran422 has quit (Quit: Coyote's back to it again!)
19:05 roadran422 Ok thanks lol
19:05 roadran422 Anyone get the reference :P
19:05 ^Prophet^ no sir!
19:05 Nazca I think I may do the really dumb thing of going to sleep
19:05 roadran422 ...
19:05 roadran422 No one? :(
19:05 roadran422 Roadrunner and the coyote?
19:05 roadran422 Looney tunes?
19:06 roadran422 62%
19:06 NeWtoz I was watching looney tunes before you were born
19:06 roadran422 lol
19:06 roadran422 So I'd reckon you get it then
19:07 ^Prophet^ FUCK! im stuck :<
19:07 roadran422 ?
19:07 NeWtoz yeah, but every reference I'd give was probably also before your time
19:07 NeWtoz would be before*
19:07 roadran422 lol
19:07 roadran422 Portal :P
19:07 ^Prophet^ nvm im not
19:07 einball1 ^Prophet^: in whom? *cough*
19:07 ^Prophet^ *smack*
19:08 einball1 :D
19:08 NeWtoz like: There's that word again, heavy. Is there something wrong with the Earths gravity in the future?
19:08 roadran422 ?
19:08 einball1 Yayy!! Delorians :D
19:08 einball1 -i
19:08 NeWtoz :)
19:08 einball1 +e
19:08 NeWtoz Far out
19:09 Nazca NeWtoz: the names Calvin
19:09 einball1 Far out? :o
19:09 NeWtoz Pie pan, Far out.
19:09 einball1 apple pie?
19:09 roadran422 Please tell me progress is save in steam online....
19:10 NeWtoz "I don't know what he is talking about, it's right in front of him"
19:10 einball1 I don't get it
19:10 NeWtoz Back to the Future III
19:10 Nazca einball1: back to the future 3
19:11 NeWtoz wait, I messed that all up
19:11 Nazca I always loved the fact they got him to play his ancestor and descendent... really cool
19:11 NeWtoz it's "Hey! Frisbee! Far out"
19:12 NeWtoz
19:12 BotSteve Title: Back to the Future III "Hey! Frisbee! Far out!" - YouTube
19:12 einball1 Nazca: Oh well ... I always forget there are three of them :)
19:12 Nazca bah, headache sucks! *goes and investigates bed*
19:12 ^Prophet^ *noms on some food*
19:12 einball1 Nazca: I watched the movie in german back then
19:13 einball1 So I didn't get that reference :)
19:13 Seroster Calm down roadran.
19:13 roadran422 Seroster: what?
19:13 roadran422 Seroster is spamming, someone kick him.
19:13 Seroster I said calm down.
19:14 Seroster No I'm not...
19:14 Seroster CaptainNiobe, am I spamming?
19:14 Seroster dr_jkl, am I spamming?
19:14 roadran422 "(2:13:20 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1564188474' (to roadran422) from Seroster
19:14 roadran422 (2:13:23 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1566575274' (to roadran422) from Seroster
19:14 roadran422 (2:13:23 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1566965274' (to roadran422) from Seroster
19:14 roadran422 (2:13:23 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1567261674' (to roadran422) from Seroster
19:14 roadran422 (2:13:24 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1567526874' (to roadran422) from Seroster
19:14 roadran422 (2:13:24 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1567823274' (to roadran422) from Seroster
19:14 roadran422 (2:13:25 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1568119674' (to roadran422) from Seroster
19:14 roadran422 (2:13:27 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1568431674' (to roadran422) from Seroster
19:14 roadran422 (2:13:29 PM) Seroster: Received CTCP 'PING 1568728074' (to roadran422) from Seroster"
19:14 roadran422 You tell me man.
19:14 Seroster THAT sir is spam!
19:14 roadran422 was kicked by Seroster: roadran422
19:14 NeWtoz Baited
19:14 ^Prophet^ lol?
19:14 Seroster Yep
19:14 roadran422 joined #thegeekgroup
19:14 ^Prophet^ derp xD
19:14 roadran422 You did that seroster.
19:14 ^Prophet^
19:14 BotSteve Title: nope.avi - YouTube
19:14 roadran422 Stop it.
19:14 Seroster No I didnt.
19:14 roadran422 What the heck is the pings!!!!!!!
19:15 roadran422 I'm getting them from you and einball! WTF!
19:15 Seroster No I didnt.
19:15 roadran422 I am getting confused.
19:15 roadran422 Seroster, I can tell captain niobe.
19:15 Seroster It means your client is damaged.
19:15 einball1 Why do you even dare to highlight me? :o
19:15 NeWtoz ...
19:15 roadran422 Sorry, but it's you and seroster...
19:16 NeWtoz nerds picking on nerds
19:16 NeWtoz what a world
19:16 einball1 NeWtoz: Well, nothing is as it seems. the space nazis will come back this year
19:16 ^Prophet^ ladies!
19:17 Seroster Yes sir?
19:17 ^Prophet^ wait
19:17 ^Prophet^ einball you lose this "arguement-thing"
19:17 roadran422 I'm getting ctcp shit
19:17 ^Prophet^ godwins law
19:17 roadran422 Pings, userinfo, and version
19:17 einball1 ah come on ^Prophet^
19:18 einball1 you won't play that card, will you?
19:18 MV_work lol.  what in the world is going on
19:18 Electricguy spelling is hard when you are young! :P
19:19 ^Prophet^ nope
19:19 ^Prophet^ *activates godwins law*
19:19 ^Prophet^ :3
19:19 roadran422 81%
19:19 einball joined #thegeekgroup
19:19 einball And in fact: The space nazis WILL come this year. To the cinemas! Iron sky! :D
19:19 ^Prophet^ *godwins law*
19:20 roadran422 .seen captainBoden
19:20 Electricguy remove the space maybe?
19:20 Seroster Jackass.
19:20 Seroster Now how do I make this USB headset work...
19:20 roadran422 .seen CaptainBoden
19:20 BotSteve roadran422: I last saw CaptainBoden 73.75 hours ago at 2012-01-13 17:35:42 UTC on #thegeekgroup.  Current time: 19:20:52 UTC
19:20 roadran422 lol thx
19:21 ^Prophet^ plug it in.
19:21 ^Prophet^ and it shouldwork
19:21 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
19:21 einball1 Electricguy:;v=JM5qv8CL0Sw ;)
19:21 BotSteve Title: Iron Sky On Tour 13.3. - 3.4. - YouTube
19:22 Electricguy lol
19:23 Electricguy mother fucking space nazis.. XD
19:23 roadran422 88%
19:23 MV_work roadran422, what do you need the captain for
19:23 roadran422 I was just curious
19:23 Electricguy no captains blog
19:23 Electricguy hrm
19:23 roadran422 Yah... Sadly :
19:23 roadran422 :(
19:24 yNos why are you picking on the kid?
19:24 MV_work rarely blogs from sundays...
19:24 roadran422 I know that....
19:24 einball1 Electricguy: Hilarous isn't it? ;P
19:24 Electricguy yeah XD
19:25 Electricguy oh snap! didn't think of that it's sunday there! monday here.. that kinda explains it :P
19:25 roadran422 Lol
19:25 roadran422 So, you guys rarely get them on mondays...
19:25 Electricguy correct, captains obvious! :P
19:26 KawaiiJess joined #thegeekgroup
19:26 MoxieMike_ it's monday here
19:26 yNos same here..
19:26 Electricguy very early then huh?
19:26 yNos i bet it is monday in florida too!
19:26 MoxieMike_ probably is
19:26 roadran422 yNos -_-
19:26 roadran422 Wait!
19:26 roadran422 I'm a idiot! I thought it was sunday!
19:26 yNos 14:26
19:27 yNos lololol
19:27 roadran422 Wow. I fail.
19:27 yNos 14:27 mon-16-Jan-12
19:27 roadran422 .time
19:27 yNos .date
19:27 yNos .insult
19:27 BotSteve Hey, yNos, i'd hit you, but I don't want to get stupid on my hands.
19:28 roadran422 xD
19:28 Electricguy lol
19:28 * yNos hangs head and cries
19:28 roadran422 ....
19:28 Electricguy .insult
19:28 BotSteve Hey, Electricguy, after talking to you, I now understand why animals eat their young.
19:28 roadran422 .insult
19:28 BotSteve Hey, roadran422, don't feel bad, I think your poor self-image is *completely* justified.
19:28 Electricguy .... XD
19:28 roadran422 So, ynos what are you doing?
19:28 ^Prophet^ sounds like GLaDos
19:29 yNos i got one to add.. "You are the product of 65 million years of human evoloution, ACT LIKE IT!!)
19:29 Cprossu .insult
19:29 BotSteve Hey, Cprossu, your mom is so old, she farts dust.
19:29 Cprossu wow nice.
19:30 Cprossu where it getting it's quotes from
19:30 Electricguy i want a GlaDos voice for my IRC speech bot... but it's going to be hard to find as GlaDos was a real human sounding like a computer.. so there are't any real computer speech files for it :/
19:30 roadran422 yNos hahahahaha
19:30 Electricguy are'nt
19:30 einball1 .insult
19:30 BotSteve Hey, einball1, after talking to you, I now understand why animals eat their young.
19:30 Cprossu hahaa
19:30 einball1 doh only 2
19:30 roadran422 .insults
19:30 roadran422 .insult
19:30 BotSteve Hey, roadran422, I would have been your father, but the other guy had exact change.
19:30 einball1 XD
19:30 roadran422 I don't get?
19:30 yNos and you wont for another 30 years.
19:30 ^Prophet^ it is calling ur mom a whore
19:30 roadran422 ...
19:30 ^Prophet^ >.>
19:30 Electricguy lulz XD
19:30 ^Prophet^ derpherpderp
19:30 roadran422 Launching portal
19:30 ^Prophet^ good boy
19:31 yNos .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, yNos, i'd hit you, but I don't want to get stupid on my hands.
19:31 roadran422 lol
19:31 yNos .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, yNos, i'd hit you, but I don't want to get stupid on my hands.
19:31 yNos .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, yNos, if you keep that up, I'll rip your arm off and beat you with the wet end.
19:31 yNos .insult
19:31 yNos .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, yNos, your mom is so old, she farts dust.
19:31 BotSteve Hey, yNos, I would have been your father, but the other guy had exact change.
19:31 yNos .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, yNos, i'd hit you, but I don't want to get stupid on my hands.
19:31 yNos .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, yNos, your mom is so old, she farts dust.
19:31 roadran422 Ynos stop, you'll get kicked xD
19:31 Cprossu .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, Cprossu, your mom is so fat, fat people run around her for exercise.
19:31 Cprossu .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, Cprossu, if you keep that up, I'll rip your arm off and beat you with the wet end.
19:31 Cprossu .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, Cprossu, if you keep that up, I'll rip your arm off and beat you with the wet end.
19:31 Cprossu .insult
19:31 BotSteve Hey, Cprossu, don't feel bad, I think your poor self-image is *completely* justified.
19:31 Electricguy ....
19:31 einball1 .insult einball1
19:31 BotSteve Hey, einball1, i'd hit you, but I don't want to get stupid on my hands.
19:31 yNos it kicks you for that?
19:31 Electricguy You are the product of 65 million years of human evoloution, ACT LIKE IT!!
19:31 roadran422 No, spamming
19:31 einball1 .insult Electricguy
19:31 BotSteve Hey, einball1, if you keep that up, I'll rip your arm off and beat you with the wet end.
19:31 einball1 That should be working!
19:31 roadran422 I did ilol
19:32 yNos .fortune
19:32 BotSteve With your bare hands?!?
19:32 yNos .fortune -o
19:32 BotSteve panic: kernel trap (ignored)
19:32 Cprossu Devolution is real, Electricguy.
19:32 Cprossu Are we not men?!
19:32 Electricguy nope :P
19:32 Electricguy we are geeks! ;)
19:32 ^Prophet^ indeed
19:33 roadran422 NO!
19:33 ^Prophet^ BWAHAHAHAHAHAH
19:33 roadran422 Damn it.
19:34 Electricguy LOL! fail
19:34 Electricguy how can you fail when saving a gameplay?
19:34 roadran422 I removed it... a while back
19:34 Electricguy oh
19:34 Electricguy ok
19:34 Electricguy well, NO SHIT the saves are gone then.. :P
19:35 roadran422 lol
19:35 roadran422 I'd think it be online... Well afk I can't really play and type, screen way to big
19:35 Electricguy they are gone for quite a long time if you delete them.. :P
19:36 ^Prophet^ ima eat some noms...
19:36 Electricguy enjoy
19:36 ^Prophet^ and when my dad gets him i have to go do my paper route
19:36 einball1 Electricguy:;v=kNDaOFQ6g2I :3
19:36 BotSteve Title: Iron Sky Teaser 3 - We Come In Peace! - YouTube
19:37 Electricguy XD
19:37 ^Prophet^ nah
19:37 ^Prophet^
19:37 BotSteve Title: Flobots - Stand Up - YouTube
19:38 Electricguy classic
19:38 BotSteve Title: Narwhals - YouTube
19:38 Sgt_Lemming mmmm, happy lemming
19:38 Sgt_Lemming went to sleep at 9ish last night
19:39 Sgt_Lemming woke upand lay in bed for an hour reading a booke
19:39 Electricguy amiga crack intro for Lemmings! :D
19:39 ^Prophet^ book*
19:39 BotSteve Title: Amiga Crack Intro Coding & Music For Lemmings - YouTube
19:39 Electricguy i LOVE that module!
19:40 Electricguy AND, played by Linus Åkesson on the chipohone! XD
19:40 BotSteve Title: LFF (Chipophone) - YouTube
19:40 Electricguy awesomeness is awesome
19:41 Hackfox joined #thegeekgroup
19:45 ^Prophet^ *eats a doughnut*
19:50 * yNos looks for a snack...
19:51 ^Prophet^ joined #thegeekgroup
19:53 ^Prophet^ how is everyone this afternoon
19:53 Sgt_Lemming it's 05:53 here
19:54 Sgt_Lemming yNos, how goes it?
19:54 ^Prophet^ evening
19:54 ^Prophet^ LO
19:54 ^Prophet^ :P*
19:54 yNos its 14:54 here
19:55 yNos am hateing on apache
19:55 * yNos is full of hate today
19:56 exor674 yNos: what is Apache doing to vex you?
19:56 yNos we have a wildcard cert for our domain, i cant get it to use it..
19:57 yNos no shit it doesnt match
19:57 DruidicRifleman joined #thegeekgroup
19:57 Ycarene joined #thegeekgroup
19:57 yNos who is Ycarene?
19:57 yNos have never seen this person talk.. but has been here since the dawn of my geek group existance.
19:58 Katemonster joined #thegeekgroup
19:59 NeWtoz I guess someone is even more introverted than I am
19:59 Jason|Laptop joined #thegeekgroup
20:00 Katemonster rawr.   :ᛒ
20:00 Sgt_Lemming yNos, any luck finding a server for me?
20:00 Jason|Laptop hello
20:00 Jason|Laptop so aparently this is the geek groups irc xD
20:00 yNos Sgt_Lemming: i havent been to the lab since saturday..
20:00 Sgt_Lemming ah ok
20:00 yNos and that was to do a tour.
20:00 Sgt_Lemming nm me then
20:00 yNos i likely wont get there till thurs...
20:00 Sgt_Lemming ah bugger
20:01 Sgt_Lemming busy week?
20:01 yNos ajprog_laptop is there though...
20:01 ^Prophet^ So stand up, and I'll copy you!
20:01 Sgt_Lemming kk, might bug him
20:01 yNos work shit, family shit, shitty shit..
20:01 yNos it is what it is, yo
20:01 Sgt_Lemming having a look at our new potential premises on friday
20:02 Sgt_Lemming quite excited about that
20:03 yNos nice
20:03 Sgt_Lemming yeah
20:03 yNos no moar rolling 1mo lease?
20:03 Sgt_Lemming indeed
20:03 einball joined #thegeekgroup
20:04 Sgt_Lemming but it will probably be a few months yet before we know if we get it
20:05 raven joined #thegeekgroup
20:07 ^Prophet^ gtg bye bye
20:07 BitViper gah! my chili has decided to try to climb out of the slightly full slow cooker
20:07 Jason|Laptop brb
20:07 Sgt_Lemming lol BitViper
20:08 Monkeh yNos: Why use Apache? :)
20:08 Sgt_Lemming because it's better than most of the other options
20:09 Sgt_Lemming and an industry standard
20:09 Monkeh Sgt_Lemming: Right, so.. why use it? ;)
20:09 Monkeh Lots of other servers are used for lots of other big projects
20:11 BitViper Sgt_Lemming : one of these days I'll get myself a proper sized slow cooker
20:11 Sgt_Lemming yeah
20:11 BitViper perhaps 2 pounds of venison is too much for this pot
20:12 Sgt_Lemming my housemate is building a Sous Vide immersion circulator atm
20:12 Sgt_Lemming a huge one
20:12 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
20:15 Monkeh yNos: You want some help with Apache?
20:16 einball joined #thegeekgroup
20:19 yNos Monkeh: sorry, am arguing with the devs.. well.. not arguing.
20:19 Monkeh yNos: What's it failing on, wildcard cert for *.domain.tld and giving you crap for domain.tld?
20:20 yNos the devs *require* apache 1.7.1
20:20 yNos Monkeh: yes
20:21 Monkeh yNos: ... 1.7?
20:21 yNos bah.. we are running 1.7.1 - they want 1.4.XXX
20:21 Monkeh yNos: Apache stopped at 1.3, moved to 2.0..
20:21 yNos hmm..
20:22 mpex2006km joined #thegeekgroup
20:22 yNos that is the version i get from redhat when i do a yum install | grep -i apache
20:22 Monkeh yNos: Ugh, Redhate, god knows what they've done.
20:22 BitViper there's your problem ... redhat
20:22 yNos required :(
20:23 Sgt_Lemming yNos, that sounds more like a redhat problem, than an apache one
20:23 Monkeh yNos: Gimme the version string?
20:24 yNos let me got over to that machine again.. am abt to /ragequit and go home.
20:24 yNos pour a drink.
20:24 yNos then another
20:24 yNos then another.
20:24 exor674 ( yum always makes me hungry! )
20:24 exor674 { I wonder what apache  tastes like! }
20:24 yNos feces
20:24 exor674 heh, that might be an accurate description!
20:25 yNos awwe, baby mice!
20:25 Sgt_Lemming lol
20:25 Sgt_Lemming nice yNos
20:25 Monkeh yNos: As for the wildcard, does the cert specify the alternative name?
20:25 Sgt_Lemming take it you're a donnie darko fan?
20:26 yNos just a little.
20:26 Sgt_Lemming heh
20:26 Sgt_Lemming awesome movie isn't it?
20:26 yNos its fun, i wouldnt say awesome
20:27 yNos in the same way fight club is fun.
20:27 Fulsy joined #thegeekgroup
20:28 yNos grr.. ldap is soooooo slooooowww out on the extranet
20:29 astro73|helpdesk joined #thegeekgroup
20:29 yNos bahhhh! my own damn fault.
20:30 yNos grrr.
20:30 Sgt_Lemming what'd you do?
20:30 yNos i was just looking at pkgs labeled apache..
20:30 yNos ant-apache-bcel.x86_64             1.7.1-13.el6            rhel-x86_64-server-6
20:30 yNos ant-apache-bsf.x86_64              1.7.1-13.el6            rhel-x86_64-server-6
20:30 yNos ant-apache-log4j.x86_64            1.7.1-13.el6            rhel-x86_64-server-6
20:30 yNos ant-apache-oro.x86_64              1.7.1-13.el6            rhel-x86_64-server-6
20:30 yNos ant-apache-regexp.x86_64           1.7.1-13.el6            rhel-x86_64-server-6
20:30 yNos ant-apache-resolver.x86_64         1.7.1-13.el6            rhel-x86_64-server-6
20:30 yNos apache-jasper.noarch               5.5.28-3.el6            rhel-x86_64-server-6
20:30 yNos apache-tomcat-apis.noarch          0.1-1.el6               rhel-x86_64-server-6
20:30 yNos httpd.x86_64                       2.2.15-5.el6            @anaconda-RedHatEnterpriseLinux-201009221801.x86_64/6.0
20:30 yNos is what i should be looking at..
20:31 * yNos is going home
20:31 Sgt_Lemming hehe
20:31 * yNos wasted a day
20:31 Monkeh yNos: hehe.
20:31 * Sgt_Lemming hands yNos a whiskey
20:31 yNos and this is what happens when you go to bed in a pissy mood...
20:31 Fulsy Damn michigan hogging all of New england's snow :c
20:32 BitViper michigan needs moar snow
20:33 Fulsy ffs I am sick of my computer's clock always being wrong
20:33 Photon939 joined #thegeekgroup
20:34 BitViper ntp
20:34 mpex2006km Are they making vindeo on Leinard Street Lab
20:34 mpex2006km ?
20:34 yNos always..
20:34 Sgt_Lemming vindeo?
20:35 Sgt_Lemming video...?
20:35 yNos ;)
20:35 yNos .cookie Sgt_Lemming
20:35 BotSteve Here you go, Sgt_Lemming, I baked you an oatmeal cookie!
20:35 * Sgt_Lemming noms
20:35 mpex2006km ***video
20:35 yNos i have to get going..
20:35 mpex2006km Sorry my fail!!!
20:35 yNos will catch y'all later
20:36 BitViper l8r yNos
20:36 * dbshortwave taps foot
20:37 einball1 joined #thegeekgroup
20:38 Cheezmo beep
20:39 * Cheezmo arises from bed
20:39 Cheezmo that I was awake in for 2-3 hours
20:39 Cheezmo ugh
20:40 Cheezmo and since nobody here will hire me in electronics, I'm waiting to see if I get to be accepted into Pharmacy Tech :U
20:43 wannabe1987 joined #thegeekgroup
20:44 wannabe1987 there
20:45 BitViper identity issues there wannabe1987
20:46 wannabe1987 yeah, i'm not on mirc, i'm on .  so i didn't see the other screen.
20:46 wannabe1987 my work does port blocking, according to tonsofpcs i have to do online chat
20:48 BitViper sucky
20:48 wannabe1987 mhm
20:51 astro73|helpdesk i just don't want to install an IRC client on a work computer
20:52 astro73|helpdesk and they have a version of firefox that doesn't have websockets
20:53 wannabe1987 websockets?
20:53 wannabe1987 astro: whats girls job gonna be?
20:54 astro73|helpdesk wannabe1987: some kind of secretary thing, we hope
20:54 wannabe1987 ....
20:54 wannabe1987 she just dissed all you all "my boyfriend is a nerd, i know this stuff...."
20:54 wannabe1987 is it A-SIS or A-SUS?
20:55 astro73|helpdesk websockets are a new protocol to help webapps do low-latency bi-directional communication. For things like chatting, real time collaboration, or other things
20:55 wannabe1987 "you can talk to my boyfriend, he'll tell you everything"  .....bitch
20:55 wannabe1987 i'm like....ALL MY FRIENDS ARE NERDS
20:55 Cheezmo lol
20:55 astro73|helpdesk wannabe1987: I think A-SUS is correct, but I usually say "ASIS"
20:55 sndwrx wannabe1987: Depends on your accent.
20:55 astro73|helpdesk wannabe1987: huh?
20:56 wannabe1987 "my boyfriend is a nerd and says its ASIS not ASUS"  ok hun.  whatever
20:56 wannabe1987 my coworker thinks she's SO COOL cuz her BOYFRIEND is the nerd.  I AM THE NERD.  i have the geek group!
20:56 astro73|helpdesk oh, not my girlfriend
20:57 wannabe1987 ?
20:57 wannabe1987 yeah, your girlfriends job.  she has an interview
20:58 astro73|helpdesk right, i answered that. And then you quoted a girl talking about her nerdy boyfriend.
20:58 astro73|helpdesk i thought you were still talking about my girl
20:59 wannabe1987 no, thats my freaking coworke
20:59 wannabe1987 r
20:59 astro73|helpdesk i gathered that afterwards
21:00 astro73|helpdesk you can tell her that dating a nerd just makes her a slightly more knowledgable non-nerd.
21:00 wannabe1987 nah.  i won't
21:01 astro73|helpdesk well, I am. in my head.
21:01 wannabe1987 "he does all this really cool computer stuff.  i don't know what he's talking about tho".  that does not mean you're a nerd.
21:01 astro73|helpdesk nope
21:01 wannabe1987 and there *is* a difference between android BASED phones and the android phone
21:02 wannabe1987 don't try to tell me theres not
21:02 astro73|helpdesk Android is a phone operating system. Droid is a verizon product line.
21:02 astro73|helpdesk It's the difference between Windows and Dell.
21:02 wannabe1987 exactly.  "well, it has the little green guy, so it must be an android"
21:02 wannabe1987 ....
21:03 astro73|helpdesk usually. that's a trademark for the android os.
21:03 RageRiot joined #thegeekgroup
21:03 astro73|helpdesk although her symantics leave something to be desired.
21:03 wannabe1987 yes, lady, think what you want, i can clearly see that you think your little young ass is clearly smarter than i am, as i'm older and have the entire geek group at my side....sure mess with me....
21:04 astro73|helpdesk don't worry. life will crush her pretentious spirit.
21:04 RageRiot can you not recover passwords from nickserv?
21:04 BitViper i like to play stupid, i learn more that way
21:05 astro73|helpdesk RageRiot: probably not, but I'm sure there's a way to reset them
21:05 BitViper RageRiot : if you know and still have access to the email with which you registered
21:05 RageRiot yeh thats what I ment
21:06 RageRiot I tried once before but I cant find out how
21:06 wannabe1987 BitViper: i'd rather not deal with know-it-all girlfriends of nerdy people :P
21:06 BitViper wannabe1987 : cant blame you, know-it-all's are annoying, even if they really do know it all
21:06 wannabe1987 lol yes
21:07 wannabe1987 and i have to get back to work now...:sigh:  they stuck me on a group i never trained with....
21:07 wannabe1987 wonder if know-it-alls boyfriend knows of tgg ....
21:08 BitViper dont tell her, it might take our collective iq down
21:08 tesla4d_ joined #thegeekgroup
21:13 Fulsy we've got Diodes en fuego
21:14 einball joined #thegeekgroup
21:17 BitViper wth ? a guy who has supposedly worked out most of his life, is complaining about carrying a couple 50 pound buckets ??? what did he work out with, kittens ?
21:21 MV_work ?
21:21 BitViper watching [stupid] tv
21:22 astro73|helpdesk RageRiot: Did you get it figured out? It's the SETPASS command on nickserv.
21:23 RageRiot ye sorted now
21:23 RageRiot I had to join #freenode
21:23 astro73|helpdesk not surprising
21:23 RageRiot then a ircop sent pasward reset to my email